Sneaker Heights

Reebok Classic Leather

Height: 3.3cm (1.3in)

How much height do Reebok Classic add
Classic Leather Clip III Neo version

Reebok Classics are an athletic sneaker that launched in 1983. It's simple design, padded interior, thick sole and comfort factor have made it one of Reebok's best selling models.

The sole itself has a flat and uniform look, which is around 1 1/8th inch (near 3cm). When you account for the insole, the Classic Leathers give the wearer a decent boost in height. I Measured a brand new pair of Classics as boosting me around 3.3cm, which is a comfortable 1.3 inches of height.

Reebok Classic

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Sneaker Heights are estimates.

Measurements are either taken with a stadiometer (barefoot, then in shoes) or using CelebHeights custom-made Shoe Gauge.