Sneaker Heights

Welcome to CelebHeights Sneaker database, where we document how much height various models of footwear provide. Measurements are taken either using a stadiometer (barefoot, then in shoes) or our custom-made Shoe gauge.

Latest Sneaker Measurements

Height of Nike Flex RN 2017
Nike Flex RN 2017
2.2cm (0.87in)
Height of Adidas Dame 5
Adidas Dame 5
2.7cm (1.06in)
Height of Fila Disruptor 2
Fila Disruptor 2
4cm (1.57in)
Height of Nike Air Max 1
Nike Air Max 1
3.4cm (1.34in)
Height of Adidas Superstars
Adidas Superstars
2.1cm (0.81in)
Height of Nike Air Jordan 1
Nike Air Jordan 1
2.1cm (0.83in)
Height of Timberland Tackhead
Timberland Tackhead
4.1cm (1.61in)
Height of Levis Woods
Levis Woods
1.2cm (0.47in)
Height of Vans Era
Vans Era
1.8cm (0.71in)
Height of Puma Suede
Puma Suede
1.6cm (0.63in)
Height of Nike Court Borough
Nike Court Borough
2.2cm (0.87in)
Height of Puma RS-0
Puma RS-0
3.4cm (1.32in)

Sneaker Heights are estimates.

Measurements are either taken with a stadiometer (barefoot, then in shoes) or using CelebHeights custom-made Shoe Gauge.