Sneakers: 1.25 - 1.5 inches

Height of Caterpillar Colorado
3.8cm (1.48in)
Height of Dr. Martens 3 Eye
3 Eye
3.7cm (1.46in)
Height of Nike Turbo Shox
Turbo Shox
3.6cm (1.42in)
Height of Nike Air Max 180 Plus
Air Max 180 Plus
3.5cm (1.38in)
Height of Converse All Star Lift Hi
All Star Lift Hi
3.5cm (1.38in)
Height of Nike Air Max 270
Air Max 270
3.4cm (1.34in)
Height of Nike Air Max Ltd
Air Max Ltd
3.4cm (1.34in)
Height of Nike Air Max 1
Air Max 1
3.4cm (1.34in)
Height of Puma RS-0
3.4cm (1.32in)
Height of Reebok Classic Leather
Classic Leather
3.3cm (1.3in)
Height of Nike Vapormax
3.3cm (1.3in)
Height of Adidas Ultra Boost
Ultra Boost
3.2cm (1.26in)
Height of Saucony Jazz
3.2cm (1.26in)

Sneaker Heights are estimates.

Measurements are either taken with a stadiometer (barefoot, then in shoes) or using CelebHeights custom-made Shoe Gauge.