Sneaker Heights

Hogan Olympia

Height: 2cm (0.79in)

How much height do Hogan Olympia add
Beige version

Hogan Olympia are a model of fashion shoe which were released in 2004. With a much slender and sleaker profile when compared to Hogan's premier model - the Interactive - these shoes provide a superior level of comfort and style.

The outsole of the Olympias measure around 1.5cm, and the insole adds another fraction. On measuring a pair of Olympians that had a few months of usage, I discovered they gave around 2cm in total. When brand new, they give a little bit more than that.

Hogan Olympia
Rob in Hogans with Afshan Azad

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Sneaker Heights are estimates.

Measurements are either taken with a stadiometer (barefoot, then in shoes) or using CelebHeights custom-made Shoe Gauge.