The Big Grapple

A real tale from New York...

I've never been one for travelling, which might surprise you, given that running CelebHeights has meant taking around 20 flights per year to conventions. Given the choice between entering a competition to win a trip to Broadway or winning a ticket to a West End show, I'd take the latter any day of the week. The idea of spending 7-8 hours on a plane, in cramped claustrophobic conditions, is about as appealing to me as a visit to the Dentist. You've all seen my teeth, so you know how appealing that is! I can barely manage the 90 minute Glasgow to London trips as it is, let alone even consider signing myself up to fly across the Atlantic as anything but a punishment.

That all changed, thanks to A regular in my bookmarks, and indirectly responsible for creating cataclysmic sized holes in my bank balance, I've always kept an eye on the site in the hope that any flight bargains of interest might pop up. In late August, 2008, my eyes nearly popped out of my skull when I spotted an entry for dirt cheap flights to America. To this day, I'm still not sure which company screwed up, or how they let us travel on their mistake, but quite remarkably, the flights worked out at approximately £150 each for a return from Glasgow to New York. An absolute steal. On the one hand though, my mind was telling me 'you can't handle 8 hours on a plane', whilst on the other, a Jenny-like voice in my head was screaming at me: 'Buy, buy, buy'. That voice won the battle quite easily.

My impending trip created another opportunity, one which I thought would prove beneficial and give finality for a large aspect of the site. That being, New York was the home of the biggest Celebrity photograph contributor and Bigfoot enthusiast to the site, and offered me the chance to meet, measure and reveal to visitors, exactly what his real barefoot height really was. Once and for all, years of speculation would be quashed when Glenn stood under the stadiometer of justice.

Much debate was made over the years as to his actual height, and it created heaps of drama and petty bickering, which at times I should have curtailed, more than I actually did. It was one reason amongst many that he was banned. And that was my problem! I'd kicked this New Yorker to the kerb and at that stage in my life had absolutely no intention or wish to let him back on the site. We weren't exactly on speaking terms, but this was an opportunity too good to pass up. Incidentally, I chose the date of our trip as 1st April 2009, since the joke was either going to be on me or him.

Our flights were booked on the 27th August and I set my plan in motion on the 29th, by re-initiating contact with him:

"Glenn, I've been thinking although there's been a lot of jibber on celebheights now that you are gone - I have let people have their free say - I wanted to try offering one finger towards discussion..."

I never mentioned which finger I was giving him, but the one in the middle of my hand might give you an idea. He never replied and I thought that was that, and my trip would simply be a vacation, and Glenn's height would go down in the annals of history as an unquestionable and impenetrable 5ft 8 - Here lies G, born 5ft 8, died 5ft 8, but buried 6ft under. In late September though, I tried once again and I got him back on side. On his return to the site he was towing the line far better than before. He'd toned down his passionate language and wasn't flying off the handle at any questioning of his stature. I too was doing my best to lessen the drama, by handling his enemies more vigorously. If I was going to pull off The Sting, this meant having to put up with him and placate to his needs for 6 more months. The thought of this depressed me. After all, here was a man who would regularly post such comments as:

"you are all losers. any of you ever met a celeb? i think not. me and my friends all laugh at you, youre so pathetic. all my friends agree with me at 5-8, and several at the site have met me and say that im 5-8. some even say i can look 5-9. also, me and my peers had a discussion about nas' height and we all agreed on 5-10. 5-10.5 on stallone. he stood right in front of me, not you guys. the morons of this place, i dare some of you to come down to NYC and say these things to my face. i can model my 5-8 physique for you while youre here"

Just wait till I came to NY buddy, we can both model our 5ft 8 physiques together.

I had long held my own suspicions that he was nearer 5ft 7 than 8 and was itching to show everybody the truth, including himself. Dealing with someone who flew off the handle at any questioning of his stature was truly something to behold. At times I shut the comment page down simply to get a break from it all. But, with all of his friends and even people from the site agreeing he was 5ft 8, or could even look a mindbogglingly statuesque 5ft 9, maybe, just maybe I was in the wrong and I'd be the one who ended up looking a right April Fool and having to look up to Glenn, not down at him. That thought did cross my mind...for a nanosecond. My belief was that the general website consensus was right; he was shorter than he believed.

A nagging doubt always persisted in my mind as to whether he would actually bother turning up for our meeting. I was reasonably confident in the fact that for 6 months I'd managed to keep him on side, but deep down feared it would all fall apart at the last moment and he'd simply make excuses and do a no-show. His own belief, after I assured him that "I am only exactly what I have claimed, 5ft 8", was that "yes,we need to take a barefoot pic together.wouldnt shock me if you were a hair or half inch taller.then you can have me at any height you want on the"

But what if he wasn't a fraction smaller, what if he was an inch smaller, how would he cope with that? When I created CelebHeights I made damn well sure I knew my own height. If people can't trust the Editor's height, then how can you expect them to have any trust in your opinions or experiences of meeting celebrities? Can't get the fundamentals right and the whole deck of cards will fall to pieces. Ultimately, the site is about trying to guess heights. Personal opinion of said actors has no bearing whatsoever on what they are listed at. To me, my job is to offer visitors - if available - the celebrities own claim regarding their height, in addition to my own guess. It's up to the visitors whether they wish to believe the celebrity, or take my guess as possibly being nearer the truth. A lot of the time my estimates differ, but a large proportion of them don't. Not everybody lies about height. It might be more common in the image conscious and fame driven world of Hollywood, but a surprising number of celebrities speak the truth when it comes to their vital statistics.

If anybody was going to contribute to the site, by means of submitting photos with celebrities, I had to trust they were on the level, in more ways than one. I must have measured my own height two dozen times before launching the site in 2004. Standing against different walls, at different times of the day, facing the wall, standing with my back against it etc. Ok, I may have taken it too far by using spirit levels and whatnot, but at least I was sure that if I was ever challenged on it, I would measure around the 5ft 8 flat mark, the height I'd always claimed to be.

Glenn's own height claim began when he arrived on the site in 2006 - "Im 5-8 as of 1994 or so,and can tell height pretty good" - but as more people questioned it, the mention of 'morning height' arose a few times, and excuses started to surface about his own measurements, like wobbly apartment floors. There was a permanent tension and anger that seemed to fester around this topic. But, surely measuring your own height isn't that complicated a task? Find a flat wall and floor, stand against it, put a book or aerosol can on your head and mark the height with a pencil. Busting out the tape measure is the easy part. It ain't rocket science, but for some, it seemed that way! Over time it became clearer to myself and the majority of contributors that he might not be 5ft 8, but you never know, the minority can sometimes turn out to be right.

As time went by and the April Fool trip approached, tension built as to what he might measure in at. Eager height enthusiasts sat behind their computers, counting down the days and fervently discussing stature till all would be revealed. Some believed he might be as tall as me, the majority didn't, whilst a small band of his supporters truly hoped he'd be a hair taller and that their support would be justified. The thought of seeing Glenn standing side by side with myself, and looking taller, was probably their ultimate Celebheights fantasy.

At one stage I wanted people to offer their guesses on his height to the mm. I figured it would let the visitors state what they truly thought one last time, and at the end of the trip give whoever was closest some bragging rights. This proved popular with the visitors, but very unpopular with Glenn. Since all the guesses were 5ft 8 and under, it's not that surprising. It did though, reinforce my idea about introducing a guessing game to the site in the future, which subsequently turned out to be known as the 'Height Challenge' and subsequently, 7 years later I introduced user guessing for any celebrity.

Come late March, I wasn't particularly looking forward to the trip. I was trying to get over a kidney infection and didn't feel that great. I was also unhappy I'd jumped the gun and purchased an apartment, when it was a house I really wanted. I'd bought when the market was at a peak and ploughed nearly all my savings into a deposit.

April 1st came along and the most important item at my disposal was wrapped and packed away in our suitcase - the Stadiometer, the tool on which rested Glenn's fate. The trip itself was uneventful, a flight to Amsterdam, followed by 8 hours on a plane to The Big Apple, but it was a tediously long 8 hours, more than I am normally willing to endure. I vowed to myself after this trip that I wouldn't take another long haul flight ever again unless someone paid me, or I won the lottery and could fly first class. I'd exchanged contact information with Glenn beforehand, so he knew were we stayed and how to get in touch. That he did, on the first day of arrival, and we arranged a time for the meet up that evening. On our first day in New York, Jenny and I had booked a sightseeing tour, so we managed to see a lot of the landmarks the city had to offer. As an aside, this tour was free, courtesy of our 'penny hunting' exploits back home. Yes, I am a penny picker upper. If I see a coin on the ground, I'm on it faster than Usain Bolt. After a year we had enough for 2 tour tickets. Old habits die hard, and on that tour I couldn't help scanning the pavements in front of me hoping for the odd quarter or dime to reveal itself...alas, the streets of New York aren't as fruitful as my home towne, or maybe my eyes are trained towards spotting British pennies and American currency evades my gaze.

Anyway, after a long day on our feet we went back to our hotel room in preparation for the meeting. The stadiometer was gingerly unpacked, setup and naturally of course I checked my own height, just to make sure I didn't lose any whilst flying over the Atlantic. 5ft 8.25, phew. I must admit to being a little apprehensive about meeting someone, who whilst known online for several years, was still an unknown quantity in the real world. What if this man was crazy and turned up with a chip on his shoulder or wanted some form of revenge. You read about these horror stories and hope you're never the news: 'Scottish Man found bludgeoned to death in hotel by Stadiometer.'

In the couple of hours preceding our meeting I was doing my best not to lie down on the bed, as I wanted my height to be as accurate as possible. This was mainly about trying to show our heights with photographic proof. Jenny, however, didn't give a damn and she cross stitched and laid back on the king sized bed with not a care in the world, whilst waiting for my 'interesting friend' to arrive. I left Jenny lying on the bed watching a film whilst I went downstairs to await his arrival. Seeing as she was in a bit of pain from sciatica, asking her to sit or stand up like I was doing didn't even cross my mind, but, seeing as recovering on a bed will add some height, this actually would make the subsequent meeting even more interesting.

Having now spoken on the phone to him, I was a bit more calmer since he sounded different than his online persona had suggested. Much more reasoned and calm. I sat waiting patiently on a sofa and noticed there was a thick carpet. I figured when I met him I would ensure he was on the carpet and I would stand off it. My eyes were on and off the door, contemplating how this might go down. After what seemed like an eternity, my eyes focused on an unmistakable pony-tailed figure, clutching a heavy bag, wandering through the doors like a character from a Tim Burton film and waving towards me with a beaming smile. Everything was going to be OK. I would be wrong. He'd be 5ft 8 and CelebHeights would be back on track. The past would be forgotten and Rob and Glenn would stand tall together, ushering in a new era for the site. I kept myself off the carpet while he came over and gave me a little hug. If only he knew...

My impression wasn't one of shock at his height, but one of realization. The realization that when he once let slip on the site that he was measured a fraction under 5ft 7, that it really wasn't a fluke as he so vehemently thought, nor was it a wonky wooden floor that gave this detestable measurement. In all honestly, it might just have been an accurate reading. At the time it was dismissed nonchalantly as it didn't fit with the 5ft 8 physique he wanted the world to see him as.

Some words of greeting were exchanged, although I kept some height up my sleeve. In the elevator going up to our 8th floor room, I purposely kept poor posture and held a little back. I didn't want to scare him off, although having a sore back didn't actually help the situation. It was an uncomfortable minute or so and then a thought crossed my mind, 'Christ almighty, I've left Jenny lying prostrate on the bed. God knows how much height she's regained. If she's over 5ft 8.5 he might jump out the window in despair!'

We entered the room and Jenny, like a well rested model, rose up on her feet - in her socks - and greeted Glenn. Her slender figure was a contrast to Glenn's more rotund build, but right in front of me, it was as clear as day she was taller, even though Glenn still had a 1-inch sneaker advantage. "This isn't good," I thought as I watched the color drain from Glenn's face. Jenny's typical low is actually around 5ft 8, in fact she can dip a couple mm below it as shown below or measurement videos I posted on youtube:

Jenny's low (when not resting) is 5ft 8

'You're 5ft 9!!,' he was saying with bewildering bemusement. She had to be, else his own glimmer of hope at reaching even 5ft 7.25, let alone 5ft 8, was vanishing before his very own eyes. I unhinged my own spine and revealed my full height, whilst at the same time noticing Glenn raising his eye-level upwards, in an attempt to enforce in his mind that we were 'eye to eye'. Maybe he thought he really was very close to my height. We all had a sit down on the bed to ease the tension and got to know each other a bit more. To help keep him on side I rummaged around in my suitcase and gave him a gift, a Celtic Football Top, size Large. All the time as we sat and spoke I was thinking to myself : 'This guy might not even hit 5ft 7, how the hell is he going to handle it? How am I going to deal with the situation?'

Then, after a short while, it came time to measure up and take photos.

Jenny (a real 5ft 8er) with Glenn

My own measurement at 5ft 8.25 came as no surprise, and Jenny, thanks to her power nap, measured in at a statuesque 5ft 8.5 on the stadiometer. Glenn was up next. It was literally now or never, his moment under the bright lights of the Stadiometer, his chance to walk as tall as Rob Paul. I had setup the device in the bathroom as the carpet wasn't so good a surface and wanted to give him every possible chance of hitting his maximum height. The device glimmered, a bright white rod that seemed to extend upwards into the ceiling, the 6ft mark looking a distant dream to both of us. 'Those inches look big,' he remarked. And they did. The difference between 5ft 8 and 7 probably looked even bigger than normal. It looked as though you could stack 'War and Peace' in the gap between those two marks. 4 years had passed since Glenn made his first comment Celebheights. Now, came the moment that would determine his future. In the next minute the device would reveal the truth to all of us. There would be no second guessing, no ifs or buts, this was going to be an end to the question once and for all: Just how tall is Glenn Cunningham?

'Tilt your head down a bit Glenn. Great, now stand tall', I encouraged. Slowly, I started edging the stadiometer bar downwards, millimetre by millimetre, starting from the 5ft 11 mark. I brought it lower, ever so slowly until it reached 5ft 9. Nothing. "We can definitely rule out 5ft 9," I joked.

After a dramatic pause, I started moving the bar down once more, slower and slower until it reached the 5ft 8 mark and stopped. Was it hair or just thin air?

'We're nearly there,' I told him as I watched his eyes look upwards, trying to catch a glimpse of that elusive 5ft 8 mark. Every mm probably seemed like an inch as I gently eased it down, the device giving off the odd wobble of amusement.

Then, as I approached the 5ft 7.5 mark it suddenly creaked to a halt. Glenn had a 'This is it' look in his eyes, but alas we were still resting on thin air.

'Ok, give your back everything you've got, imagine you're Stallone being measured. The bar is just about there,' I enthusiastically told him. But it wasn't, with every more mm I brought it down, it was another mm lost, and the safe zone of 5ft 8 was becoming achingly far away. I reached the 5ft 7 mark and the bar stopped.

Surely that was it. It had to be touching his hair at the very least? What seemed like an age had passed since he stood on the platform, but the bar was still sitting on thin air. At this point, even 5ft 7 was out of the window. What was he going to think when the bar finally stopped? Why did he agree to this silly meeting. This could be the end of him.

I tried to add humour to the situation as I edged the bar downwards once more, but the tension on his brow, the defeat on his eyes, he knew deep down that he'd been living on borrowed height. This time though, the bar started touching his hair. He could feel it, his eyes lit up a little and I pushed it a few more mm until I felt it flatten his hair. This was in all honesty the most fair and accurate measurement I've probably given someone. Glenn's eyes were still gazing upwards, dreaming of what ifs, maybe he really was near that safe haven he had just saw myself measure at, the 5ft 8 range, and his own eyes were playing tricks on him, enforcing his belief that both Jenny and I were taller. I hadn't hinted at the height I was looking at and about to reveal, as maybe there was a slight element of disbelief, but it simply had to come out. There was no other way of saying it:

'Just under 5ft 6 and ¾'.

'What? Serious?' he said. Immediately he had to have a look himself. With intense scrutiny in his eyes and utter shock coursing through his body, he had faced the stadiometer and been measured 1 and 1/3rd inch shy of 5ft 8. The word devastated was brought up, and no wonder. Nobody wants to be measured smaller than they think they are. A fraction maybe, but over an inch? Unbelievable.

Glenn Cunningham, New York. Measured and verified Height: solid 5ft 6 and 5/8ths.

Afterwards, it dawned on me that I'd better keep making light of the situation, for fear he may walk out. Coming all this way and having no photographic proof apart from hearsay was something I dared not contemplate.

I decided at first to take a photo of Glenn and Jenny. Glenn was doing his best to stand at his tallest, but the look on his face was utter dejection and shock (this is the photo of Jenny/Glenn seen above). The camera didn't lie, Jenny looked about 2 inches taller, even more with the hair advantage. Glenn, on seeing the photo in the viewfinder, thought 'bloody hell, she's about 3 inches taller'. This was not fair! I couldn't help looking at Glenn's face in the viewfinder. The word 'Miserable' only tells half the story.

The photos of me and Glenn seemed an afterthought, though I tried to offer words of assurance that the revelation really wasn't that big of a deal. It was just a height after all. I had simply caught him at his very low, maybe even lower than he would ever have measured previously. Just a really really bad day, one with no sleep, and the weight of a bag full of 8x10's and Sharpies compressing him down. But then, I had just been up 20 hours, had a kidney infection, never got much sleep myself yet still managed to be 5ft 8. If I had measured 5ft 7 myself I'd have been calling for a steward's enquiry. I even gave him a trophy photo, one in which he looked an inch taller and I was the one with utter shock on my face. Maybe today he has that one framed on his wall.

What would the visitors to the site say? How would it be broken to them. His enemies would revel in the knowledge that they were right all along. Deep down, he probably knew he was finished on the site. How would he be able to say he was 5ft 8 when he'd been measured under 5ft 6.75? I offered him another chance to get measured. We discussed the situation probably for an hour or so, but he was in a state of shock. Later that night we visited an internet cafe where I copied a bunch of his celebrity photos to my memory stick. I'd no real intention of ever using them, but I wanted to keep him interested enough to do another measurement, one that would be taller. I believed the height I'd first measured him at, really was his lowest.

I revealed to him that Jenny, prior to our meeting, was laying down on the bed relaxing, and that even half an hour in such a position can help rehydrate your discs and add another 4-5mm to your height. This gave him an idea. Maybe if he changed his habits the following day, he would measure much taller. The meeting was setup, take two was now on the cards.

The following day I received a phone call from Glenn, telling me he was finishing up a bit of business near the hotel and was going to pop round for a short visit and believed he would measure taller. That evening I waited patiently, wondering if he had miraculously managed to pull of a height close to his morning one. I'd read stories in the past of men who had missed the police cut off mark by half an inch and subsequently had friends help wheel themselves to the police station so they'd measure near their tallest height. A vision of Glenn on a gurney being wheeled down 5th avenue brought mild amusement to my mind.

As I watched New York pass by from my 8th level window, I suddenly spotted a short, cloaked figure shuffling quickly across the road, dodging a bin man, a Volvo and what looked like a snarling dog. It was like a live version of Frogger. What was unmistakable though, was the figure dressed in dark clothing with a ponytail flailing in the wind. "Jenny, be prepared, Glenn has entered the building."

I got the stadiometer setup, and stood waiting for the knock on the door. 5 minutes went by and nothing. 10 minutes. Nothing. I must have made a mistake, and that mysterious figure was Glenn's twin. After over an hour, finally a rat-a-tat-tat on the door signalled the second coming of Glenn.

Opening the door, I immediately noticed sweat lashing off his brow, but his demeanour was definitely more upbeat since our last revelatory encounter. Was he taller? It was a definite possibly.

"Better make this quick Rob, before I lose any height. I managed to borrow a Volvo to have a short nap in today."

We preceded to get Glenn under the device and I started to bring the bar down once more, starting at 5ft 10. Slowly it was lowered, going past 5ft 9, past 5ft 8, but I then slowed it down even more.

"You look taller tonight, I can safely say we won't be seeing the bar at 5ft 6.5," I joked. The bar went past 5ft 7.5 although it was still sitting on thin air. The 5ft 7 mark, however, was in sight. Under no circumstances would Glenn let it have the better of him. He'd done his preparation and was stepping up to the plate. He would beat it into submission and emerge topside of 5ft 7.

Ever so slowly it began to touch Glenn's hair and with a gentle 2mm nudge, it flattened his already thin hairstyle and sat resting on his head.

"Good news Glenn," I remarked, "You are a couple of mm over 5ft 7."

His eyes lit up with amusement. This was proof that I'd previously caught him at a freakishly low height, and today he was a good third of an inch taller. He was now, like The Rock, Walking Tall. I thought for a moment, what if I ever actually caught him out of bed, maybe on a good day, with the wind behind him? Maybe he'd squeeze near 5ft 8. An inch height loss from rising till the evening is a lot as it is - slightly more than the average height loss - so 1.4 inches seemed like a push. Let's not get carried away though, nobody at 5ft 8 is really going to shrink to nearly 5ft 6.5.

We had another chat about his height and the site, and he seemed a bit more relaxed and open. He was still a mile away from 5ft 8, but at least he was not under that blasted 5ft 7 mark. He wasn't staying long that night, so 15 minutes later before he was about to leave I asked if we could check his height again. I wondered just exactly what he had done that day and to this day I don't know. In my last ever communication with Glenn he said the following:

"I really am 5-7.5(at worse) to 5-8 when I wake.and I made the whole laying down in the car thing up,and you ran away with it,like I thought you would,when I was gone.I somehow in the back of my mind suspected you would turn on me eventually.I was surprised myself I even measured 5-7.25 or near that the second time,cause I never laid down.there was different habits that day,but,I did wake early,just not as early."

I did measure him 15 minutes later and he had shrunk several mm and was now a tad below 5ft 7. Same posture, stance and position of the stadiometer. To lose that height over a span of 15 minutes suggested a real possibility that some form of rest had to have played a part in it.

That was the last time I ever saw Glenn. He went on his way, although I tried to offer him the chance of a third meeting and possible earlier measurement but he never seemed interested in that, or gave the impression that he would be too busy chasing autographs. But would a 3rd measurement have proven anything anyway? He still wouldn't be anywhere near 5ft 8, and that ultimately was the fact of the matter.

The following day I met another visitor from the site - Alex - and we had a pleasant meeting and took some height photos for the site. Not everybody lies about their height, and Alex was very much in the honest height category. Others I've met from the site like Glenn have lied. I revealed to Alex the facts about Glenn's stature and he was surprised like many on the site would be.

I hadn't done much maintenance with the site whilst on holiday. Maybe approved a few comments and mentioned a few sentences about meeting Glenn. I even threw a joke about him not being as short as people thought, but kept the reveal hidden.

After coming back from America, I gave it a couple of days and revealed to the baying crowds what his measurements were. Glenn was not happy, and probably submitted a thousand comments over the span of a few weeks, defending, arguing and offering explanations. The fallout was quite spectacular. He was finished on the site. How could people take his height seriously when he was barely over 5ft 6.5? Whilst his photos were undoubtedly a very good collection, for height purposes they were mostly street shots with too many variables. I knew kicking him from the site would not be the fall of CelebHeights, as some of Glenn's supporters truly wished. They were his fans, and clearly wanted his presence on the site as it generated interest and discussion, more than I could provide with my own collection.

After a few weeks I blocked him and emailed him that it was over. He pretty much knew it was coming, as his position was untenable. When I started the site in 2004, I put a lot of time and effort into long term planning and using my experience with other sites I have created, had a plan to grow it. The site was already on an upward trend in 2005-6 when Glenn arrived on the scene. He, and others, believed the site would die or be a pathetic imitation of its former self without his contribution. Glenn, to his supporters, was a vital cog, an integral part of the site. As the Webmaster though, I knew the site wasn't dependent on photos. Sure it can help, but in the long run, I would continue getting some and over time grow my own collection.

Naturally, many of the long term visitors lost interest with his departure. Did the site suffer though? Not really, because in 2011 visitor numbers were a bit larger than in the peak year (2009) of Glenn's tenure as 'main photographic contributor'. The amount of comments might have decreased from the 2009 days, but it made the site more manageable for myself. Whilst I sometimes had to shut off comments whilst Glenn was on the site to get a break, I no longer felt the need to do that.

Is he missed? Of course people miss him, and many on the site harbour resentment at his claims and continually have little digs and actually keep his name living on. In a way he is a legend, more so for his rise and subsequent fall from the site. He still claims 5ft 8 to people, so maybe he has wiped our meeting from his mind and erased it from his friends. Those friends after all think the site and it's visitors are pathetic.

Unfortunately for him, the photos of this meeting still exist and are available to anybody who wishes to see them. Two years on from our New York adventure I discovered something about the stadiometer. It unbelievably adds 2mm of height. There was an error in the base of the device. My own height is really 5ft 8 and 1/8th whenever I'm 5ft 8.25 on the device. Glenn's lowest height therefore is a solid 5ft 6.5 in socks.

He once mentioned on the site that somebody had crazily measured him at 5ft 6.5 and it was a joke measurement as he'd never be that low. Funny, the wacky Cannonball Run Doctor who done the measurement, maybe wasn't so wacky after all.

............THE END.............

Update (2014). Glenn is still telling people he is 5ft 8, "I'm 5-8 for some Trolls that still wag their tongues". I want to remind him, as he seems to have forgotten: He was measured in 2009:

Glenn Cunningham, Bronx, New York.
Measured at just over 5ft 6 and 5/8ths.

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J2Frenzy said on 9/Nov/20
So would you list Glenn as 5’6.75 if he had a proper listing here?
Editor Rob
It seems hard to believe late 30's losing a fraction, but maybe he did...

5ft 6.75 or 5ft 7 if he really did somehow lose a fraction.
Bradley said on 18/Sep/20
Quit picking on the G's 48 he must look a tad older and heavier.
6'3 Julian said on 13/Sep/20
@Editor Rob it’s not too much of a compliment. He has the face a of a guy who just soiled himself and really hopes his friends won’t laugh
Editor Rob
We all take bad photos!
6'3 Julian said on 10/Sep/20
Hey Rob why does he look so young in those photos? The way I see it he’s got the face of a guy kid in his early teens
Editor Rob
He'll be pleased to hear that, Glenn is 4-5 years older than myself! I'm sure he had celebrity photos from about age 19-20, so he'll have almost 30 years worth.
Bradley said on 23/Jul/20
Does he still live across from the Bronx Zoo? Does he still sit in front of hotels with his satchel of drum heads and photos? Hey Blanc, you should have been here when he said he was 5' 8" 300 times. He was only 5' 6.5" in reality at 8 P.M..
Jordan87 said on 22/Jul/20
@ Bradley,

You are subhuman.
Blanc said on 9/Jul/20
Very interesting and humorous read
C Brady said on 18/Jun/20
importer said glenn's eye level was only 5-2 1/4? It seems higher than that to me... more like 5-2.75.
Editor Rob
It depends which Glenn, the 5ft 6 5/8th or 5ft 7 version.
Bradley said on 13/Feb/20
You mean he's depressed? I wonder what his 401K looks like?
Jordan87 said on 22/Jan/20
Xeon 5'8",

I saw him on the subways on 2 occasions. I never spoke with him however.I think you need to stop telling people about his personal Business about depression. Even if its true, I wouldn't be throwing the guys business around. If the things your saying about him are not true and I were him, I would personally smack you up side your head if we ever met.
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
If he write all that is because he want return to Celebheights, im sure, this dude change his perspective of you if some day had a bad perspective
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
He told me about his life
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
I mean, he is unstable
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
I never told him that he is back to celebheights. I told him :
Please , return to celebheights

I told him 2 years ago a little but he block me because he has depression
Editor Rob
Ok, well send me the email he sent you again and I might give it some consideration and maybe clear up some of the misconceptions.
Bradley said on 6/Dec/19
"The Circuit"? All those autograph hounds that pester celebs to put on their eBay sites? "Life issues"? Money?
Obama Phone said on 30/Nov/19
This site was a whole lot funnier when Glenn was around... BRING HIM BACK NOW!!!!!
Johan 185 cm said on 19/Nov/19
Bradley said on 10/Sep/19
He claims 5' 8" in '19? That's sick. He's 5' 6.5" wake-up now...probably a flat 5-6 after 6 hours of lugging the swag down from the Bronx on the elevated to the hotels and venues.


If he gets a nap in the back of the Volvo, solid 5'6.5" still Brad.
Frank Whiten said on 18/Nov/19
I know Glenn from the circuit and he’s a total egomaniac. He thinks he’s always right and belittles whoever disagrees with him and this is pissing off a lot of people who hang around the circuit. He also has serious life issues. Apparently all he really does is troll celebrities and insults them if they don’t take a photo with him.
Bradley said on 10/Sep/19
He claims 5' 8" in '19? That's sick. He's 5' 6.5" wake-up now...probably a flat 5-6 after 6 hours of lugging the swag down from the Bronx on the elevated to the hotels and venues.
EAS said on 2/Sep/19
... When you met him Rob wasn’t he sort of pathetic? Continue your good work and don’t let some loser on welfare bring you down which you haven’t. He eventually be exposed for the fraud he is.
Editor Rob
I can't publish the first part, but he wasn't pathetic in person, he was reasonable though deflated after being measured shorter than he probably expected.
Mimi said on 29/Aug/19
@Rob maybe he has got some kind of ego problem that's why after all these many years he still claims 5ft8.
Editor Rob
A major case of denialism. Accepting truth is a stepping stone to a better state of mind.
Mimi said on 24/Aug/19
I can't believe this happened 10 years ago. My, my! 2009 seemed only a few years ago but it's been a decade.
Editor Rob
Yeah over 10 years ago. It's been easier for me to moderate a site without having to deal with a guy like G who couldn't (and still can't) accept his real height.
Importer said on 10/Aug/19
His eye-level seems to be 158cm. Claiming 5'8" was a stretch. A real 5'8" would have around 162cm eyelevel. Not joking I myself used to think I was 186cm a good while ago before visiting celebheights. When I measured i got so mad lol, it really hit me like a truck and took a while as well to accept that. Not a good feeling I tell you..
One thing I had in common with this guy's experience was that he really thought is 4cm taller. I also think the average inflated height value given is roughly 4cm as well.
Matt 6'5 said on 3/Aug/19
Sorry rob, not sure where to put my question. I awake to about 6' 5.25. At 3-4 pm I generally see 6'4.5 to 6'4.25 depending on my level of activity. My night height (11 pm ) is generally about 6'4.25 or a bit more, although on days where I exercise heavily I occasionally see 193cm flat. What should I claim? Thanks so much!!
Editor Rob
6ft 4.5 might be a fair figure to tell people.
FiveEightJake said on 31/Jul/19
Rob I just asked about the Big G legend on your height page and now I’ve enlightened myself and will understand the references.

Truly loved this story hahahaa was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Your humour is amazing.

5’6.5 for big G!
Editor Rob
I am glad people still occasionally read this page and see the humour in it 🤗

Definitely an interesting meeting, which is hard to believe was 10 years ago now...
kkyk said on 13/Jul/19
Claiming to be an inch, inch and a half taller than you really are is wrong, but not so bad. It's the guys that add 3 to 4 inches (or more) to their height that make me go: What in the world are you thinking?!
sefeoij said on 20/May/19
This is no surprise. I know many people (including my own brother) claiming to be 5'8", 5'9", when they're really 5'6", 5'7" (the same height as I am). I have a friend and a cousin who are both 3 inches shorter than me that each claim to be 5'5".
edwards said on 2/May/19
this dudes's topic got quite controversial,the dude is quite desperate in claiming himself as 5' dude is clearly shorter than 5'8 jenny.he dont even have a proportion of legit 5'8 guys.
Orlando said on 30/Apr/19
If Glenn is 1.694 m for sure (or about that... more reliable way to measure someone's height is back to the ruler, not facing the ruler, otherwise one risks having a shorter height reading...), why not keeping in this site his photos with celebrities? That would be a fine way to evaluate their heights. Wearing regular 2 cm heeled shoes he would come out as 1.714 m tall.

And no way someone 1.694 m tall would ever be 1.7272 m in the morning... Never!
Editor Rob
He was standing tall so it was a fair measurement. Photos on the street are harder to guess height from, but since he was never going to accept he measured under 5ft 7 (today he still tells people he's 5ft 8), it was never going to work out.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 20/Apr/19

Do you think Glenn would have lost anything substantive since his measurement? It's been over 10 years after all. Considering how aggressively he responded to my trolling at his stature by claiming 6'1 to feed his delusional claims of 5'8, I am assuming that he has lost a fraction since then. I think nearer 5'6 might be the case for him.
Editor Rob
He's now age 47. By that age could he have lost anything...a few mm's maybe.

A question for him would have been if by age 37 he lost any height at all, because he seemed to genuinely believe he measured 5ft 8 out of bed - if he did, then he might have lost a fraction by mid 30's, because you don't come in barely above 5ft 6.5 and wake at 5ft 8...
Bradley said on 16/Apr/19
At 5' 6.5" the G still wants the world to think 5-8.
Greg said on 16/Apr/19
Rob he’s on to us, he figured out I was part of the celeb heights Rob army I tried sending him a friend request not even a second after he blocked me. 😂 I wonder what here he’s seen my name before.. hmm I haven’t been here as long as him!
Editor Rob
G is probably wary of adding anybody who looks over 5ft 10, so he spotted you a mile off! 🤔
Shawn said on 3/Apr/19
Rob, I left this same comment earlier this month and it never got approvedh, but I was just commenting, can you believe it's now been a decade since this infamous meeting? How the time flies!!
Editor Rob
Yes, it's a long time since Glenn was on the site and we visited New York - of course we were going to visit the city anyway, it just happened to also provide an opportunity to let Glenn and the visitors know his real height.

Most folk will have forgotten him, as how many people from 10 years ago are still visiting or posting - very few.
Bradley said on 1/Mar/19
Catch the G without his Portmans and he's 5' 6.5" looking with ease.
Mimi said on 20/Feb/19
Hahaha I think he'll still be saying he's 5ft8 at age 80 Rob.(assuming he'll even reach 60)
Editor Rob
Many elderly men do still claim their youthful heights.

I noticed, quite naturally, that older people who discover they have lost height aren't exactly happy.

I think I'd take shrinking to 5ft 6 if it meant living to age 85!
Mimi said on 17/Feb/19
How old is Glenn now like 47?
Editor Rob
Yes he must be that age now. Still 5ft 8 I'm sure if you ask him his height 😆
Bobby said on 3/Aug/18
By the way, why does Jenny look 3 inches taller than him? He may be closer to 5'5, is that possible today? Could he be sub 5'6 now? It doesn't help that he's short and on the overweight side.
Editor Rob

It certainly is useful seeing that sometimes 1.85 difference in actual height can be bigger in photos than you'd imagine.

I think Glenn is 46 now, but whether he has shrunk I don't know, it's not impossible he lost a small fraction.
JeffAbe said on 2/Jun/18
SO he falls in the 5'6 3/4 category ?
Editor Rob
You could give him that if you want.
Bobby said on 25/Apr/18
Haha, I remember thinking I hit 6ft back when I grew at 17, and the reality was that I was really more 5'9, maybe a weak 5'9. In hindsight, I can't go around condemning him since I also unknowingly thought I was taller than I was.
Junior said on 13/Aug/17
This page is hilarious rob. LOL a big time.. Poor Glenn.
MJKoP said on 7/Aug/17
Well, he seems to be doing pretty well for himself as of late:

Click Here
dead said on 1/Aug/17
looks like glenn's eye level is at 5'3 and 5/8ths. why did he claim 5'8''? he could've claimed 5'10''!
[Editor Rob: it is a little lower, he (like most people) has a tendency to raise eyelevel a bit when measuring, but I think it was still close to 4 inches.]
MJKoP said on 23/Jul/17
Well they're said to be seven foot plus, so photographic proof of Bigfoot *and* a height to (almost)match his unparalleled level of delusion?!?!? Not even in his WILDEST of dreams, Rob. :P
MJKoP said on 22/Jul/17
Rob is actually Bigfoot in disguise. The whole thing has been a clever ploy orchestrated by Alex Jones and the illuminati(yeah they've secretly been in cahoots from day one, in a major false flag operation). Recite a few lines, Glenn, and we'll let you reveal this exclusive to the entire world, allowing you to attain the fame and fortune you've always sought after. If Chris Rock's quote is accurate, you may even clear 5'9"(in the morning)! Of course we can't guarantee your full protection from the ensuing mob of flamboyant frog-loving lizards, but that's a very small price to pay for being advertised on the interwebs as almost average height!
[Editor Rob: well, I've not shaved (or trimmed) in 5 weeks so I'm beginning to look like one of the Bigfeet!

this may well be Glenn's dream Photo op Click Here.
MJKoP said on 20/Jul/17
[Editor Rob: maybe we should play ourselves!]

That actually might be a stronger possibility than you'd imagine. As you just told me, he replied to the Buzzfeed staffer when approached, somehow thinking his own words would vindicate him....a very limited mind doesn't understand how speaking out at the wrong place and time(or as G's track record shows, practically ANY given place and time) only digs oneself deeper.

Let *him* write the script, call the shots and have full creative control, tell him the proceeds will go towards protecting endangered Bigfeet(is that even the correct plural form, like anyone gives a crap)....and then link to the video in THIS ARTICLE. It might very well end up being the greatest thing ever.
[Editor Rob:

well they just made a film about 'The Room', so you never know...throw a bigfoot or two into the Big Grapple plot and we have have a blockbuster on our hands.
Johan said on 20/Jul/17
Remember he can give a 5'10" impression to some of his friends :)
Blake said on 19/Jul/17
Rob, why would you not want a filmmaker to pick this story up? Who would you cast as Glenn and yourself?
[Editor Rob: maybe we should play ourselves!
MJKoP said on 18/Jul/17
It's funny that as recent as the buzzfeed article, Glenn insisted that he never really had any interest in height to begin with. For someone trying to hold that position he sure reminds his vast fb and instagram audience of that "fact" at every given opportunity - and then some. If he became any blunter he'd write:

"I know bigfoot is real. I met him and he prooved to me through the faultless science of astrology that I'm 5-8. I bet Rob feels like a f**king idiot now."
[Editor Rob: The buzzfeed article brought this story to a much wider audience, probably 200-300,000 readers.

Far greater than how many actually read it on here!

I'm still surprised Glenn answered the buzzfeed reporter because if he simply ignored her, I doubt the article would have been written...

I once got Glenn mentioned in a newspaper at 5ft 8, I sent him a copy in fact, I wonder if he kept and framed it...maybe it's his ultimate 'Proof' to people: "Look, I told you, NOT Fake News - I am indeed, as this paper and Rob say, clearly 5ft 8!" 😏 🤥 ]
MJKoP said on 17/Jul/17
Rob: Yeah, when many people started suspecting something, he vainly tried to overcompensate for that previous 5'6.5" admission blunder, musing out loud laughable nonsense such as "sometimes I wonder if I am actually 5-9".
[Editor Rob: sometimes I wonder if I'm 5ft 10...then I wake up!

The tale from New York is also a wake-up call about Truth. Sometimes you can't escape from a lie 🤥've already built an empire on it and start believing it wholeheartedly.

When it's challenged, you dig in further and lash out at people for reminding you of the truth that you seek to hide from.

One day, maybe years later, your lie gets exposed and explodes in your face.

You have a choice - accept you aren't the height you thought, or claimed to be, and move on. Admit what you are - folk can be quite forgiving.

Alternatively, pretend you are still 5ft 8 and remind people at every opportunity of this 'fact'. You'll go through life with a massive chip on your shoulder and it will show in your actions and interactions with others...

Just hope one day a filmmaker doesn't think this story would make a good movie! 😲😲
Ben 5'11" said on 17/Jul/17
All this drama because of something as trivial as height? Jesus....
Slim 181 cm said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, would you say I'm a liar or truthful? I won't take offence either way. In fact ignore this if you must.

Back to this guy. I've heard what mjkop said... f****n rude, this guy, not mjkop.
So, by what I've heard this man isn't a saint. Nor a giant!
[Editor Rob: I've said you are reasonable, although like many visitors, I don't know you personally, just what I've read...which can sometimes be quite different than in person.]
big g presents said on 12/Jul/17
the big gamble
MJKoP said on 12/Jul/17
Rob: Recently I was looking through this site and found where he "confirmed" that 5'8" was actually his right-before-bed height. I believe this was circa late 2008.
[Editor Rob: funnily, I remember at the start of 2008 he did bring up that he measured less than 5ft was like an early red warning sign, but it vanished quickly and was forgotten...even I thought that maybe this didn't exist, that there was more chance of Bigfoot being discovered than Glenn actually measuring 5ft 6.5...but no, I checked my own email and from February 2008 he did confirm:

"as for the 5-6.5 comment,that was my point that i couldnt measure myself properly on bumpy wooden floors,3am,on little sleep"

so he definitely did one time get a low of 5ft 6.5 and it was nonchalantly dismissed.

I remember when I was starting CelebHeights, I really made sure I knew what I measured first thing in the morning, then at night. If you start from a base of honesty about your own height, you'll never need to worry that one day the house of cards - or in this case the stadiometer - comes crashing down...
Mimi said on 11/Jul/17
Funny story that happened 2 years ago. My friends and I went to the mall and then my friend who's 5ft said that her boyfriend told her he's 5ft9. Then she asked me my height and I said almost 5ft8. She then looked at her boyfriend and teasingly told him "She is taller than you. You must only be 5ft7."

Indeed I am a bit taller than him. So another height untruthful person uncovered hahaha.
[Editor Rob: 2 inch height boost claims aren't that uncommon.]
Mark(5'9.5 said on 5/Jul/17
His 5'8" claim would make Rob 5'11"-6'0".
[Editor Rob:
People can shrink a full inch, some even 1.3-1.4 under extreme conditions, so I suppose we can never say Glenn never measured 5ft 8 out of bed, maybe in his 20's, and did shrink a fraction by the time I met him....]
Mark(5'9.5 said on 5/Jul/17
So this is the Big G everyone has been talking about.

Rob, out of curiosity, would you identify me as a liar or an honest person? Just wanted your opinion. I won't judge you for either answer.
[Editor Rob: well 99.99% of visitors or commenter I'll never meet.

From what I've read, I'd say you weren't aggressive and seem reasonable with guessing.]
Brad said on 27/Jun/17
Stallone can spot autograph dealers in an instant. Hey Mimi, don't forget the Volvo bed in the third line.
Mimi said on 22/Jun/17
When I see Glenn, I'm gonna sing my 5ft6.5 Song to him. 😅
RisingForce said on 21/Jun/17
Yeah, when Glenn says fight in that context, he always means verbal. Similar incidents with Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix and Tom Selleck were verbal altercations. I remember the stories, but I figure that's best left for Glenn to tell as they're his stories.
CD said on 15/Jun/17
Rob what was that about Glenn having a 'fight' with Stallone before having a picture together? Is here any truth behind that lol?
[Editor Rob: maybe more a verbal fight than a physical one.]
Editor Rob said on 11/Jun/17
World Citizen, I had placed some trust in him and for a few years allowed him to be a 'face' of the site, so in a way he was representing it.

The site *is* a form of income, but if you are being unreasonable to the visitors by bending the truth (even just by an inch!), it can have an impact in terms of reliability, visitor numbers, references by other sites and revenue.
World Citizen said on 9/Jun/17
"Glenn did have some impact on the trust that visitors placed in the site."

Are you angry at Glenn by that Rob?
DelusionsofGrandeur said on 8/Jun/17
At school we had to be measured for sport class to know our abilities in terms of athletic performances.
Out of the 4 students I spotted measuring themselves including me, none were the height they claimed last year.
One was absolutely convinced he was bigger one year ago, He said 5'8.5 but was in reality 5'7.75.
The second said 5'10 but was 5'9. He played Basketball.
The third was pretentious, he wasn't there these day but shouted that he was 5'11.5 when he got a 5'10.5 measurement last time. It was pretty clear that I edged him without his air max type shoes.
And when went my time to get on the stadiometer I was convinced I was 6'1 when I reached just 5'11 although at least one inch can be excused due to the floor who's not level in my room but i'm ashamed.
Sam said on 5/Jun/17
Rob did it come as a surprise to you when Glenn measured a weak 5'7 under the stadiometer? What was your initial thought of his height when you first met him before he was measured? Did 5'8 or even near 5'8 seem too good to be true?
[Editor Rob: I didn't think he's be 5ft 8 because of what he had said (specifically the best he measured out of bed was 5ft 8), one time he even got a sub 5ft 7 and put it down to wonky floorboards...]
MJKoP said on 2/Jun/17
Jordan87 said on 1/Jun/17
A Guys like Glenn at around 5'7 would actually not feel like a Dwarf. Id Say White and Black Males are still the tallest around here. Not Sure of Glenn's Ethnicity.

1/2 Irish, 1/2 Latino(Puerto Rican, iirc)
Jordan87 said on 1/Jun/17

Just actually found this part of the website after 10 years of contributing ( Yes......Better late than Never) But I have seen Glenn on the trains at least 2 times. I live in Queens FYI. Not close enough to really judge height, he was always around 20 feet away. In New York do to the many different races and ethnicities height varies a great deal.

A Guys like Glenn at around 5'7 would actually not feel like a Dwarf. Id Say White and Black Males are still the tallest around here. Not Sure of Glenn's Ethnicity.
Average height and slim said on 28/May/17
Read it all... not surprised... a lot of men exaggerate their height by 1-4 cm. but him still believing he's 5"8 after being proven wrong is funny.
MJKoP said on 27/May/17
I just finally saw the BuzzFeed article.

"There's a certain type of person who downplays a celeb's height to make themselves feel better about whatever shortcomings they may have."

Rob: Did you tell him that there's also another type of person who lies about his own height, and even jeopardizes the integrity of a reputable website by blatantly boosting celebs' heights in order to compensate for his own shortcomings?

Not saying I necessarily agree with that sentiment, but I'm sure it's what you were thinking.
[Editor Rob: Adam, I try to distance myself from personal opinion of actors and guessing can be a hard task, because I'm sure people think I'm being favourable at times.

And certain people will be thinking I'm downgrading/upgrading actors based on liking or disliking...sometimes you can't win!

As for Glenn's words, well he's entitled to his belief and I would agree that there is a proportion of visitors who will fit the mould he described...

Does he think I fit the mould? Well, I started the site from a basis of being honest. I checked my height several times before starting the site in 2004 (which seems an eternity now) and so knew I wasn't dropping under 5ft 8, and always maintained I was a solid 5ft 8.

Glenn did have some impact on the trust that visitors placed in the site...I still don't know if he did lose a fraction of height, there are definitely those who reach 40's and aren't quite as tall as they were in mid 20's!]
World Citizen said on 25/May/17
And what kind of personality did big G have? Was he a friendly guy?
[Editor Rob: I think if you avoided talking about his height, maybe you would get on well with him.]
World Citizen said on 23/May/17
The only way for him to be 5 ft 8 barefoot is to do leg strenghtening.

En does he really have a twin brother?
[Editor Rob: no twin brother.]
World Citizen said on 18/May/17
I think the reason why he wants so much to be taller then he is, is maybe because he stopped growing on a very young age like you and me.

I can understand you Rob, stopping growing on a young age could be very annoying for some people.
World Citizen said on 18/May/17
I think the reason why he wants so much to be taller then he is, is maybe because he stopped growing on a very young age like you and me.

I can understand you Rob, stopping growing on a young age could be very annoying for some people.
[Editor Rob: no matter what height someone is, being honest and accepting of it, will certainly ease your mind.]
Chex Lemeneux said on 18/May/17
One of the funniest pieces I have ever read!
Re: flying - I feel your pain. I detest flying.
[Editor Rob: I haven't taken a flight for a while now, I travel mainly by train.

In the UK, it still takes about 5 hours to travel from Glasgow to London, maybe around 4 hours to Birmingham, but it is so so much easier for me and far less stressful.]
Mimi said on 30/Apr/17
Rob what do you think of the best way to tell someone you are 5'9 3/4 but find that measurement to much of a tongue twister? Is saying 5'10 is your height okay.
[Editor Rob: personally I'd say about or almost 5ft 10...though many people at 5ft 9.75 would probably just say 5ft 10 as 1/4 isn't exactly much.]
Mimi said on 30/Apr/17
Rob what do you think of the best way to tell someone you are 5'9 3/4 but find that measurement to much of a tongue twister? Is saying 5'10 is your height okay.
RisingForce said on 21/Apr/17
That's a good point, Rob, I hadn't thought of that. I do remember Glenn saying his father was 5'8", it is possible that's where Glenn first got the idea he was 5'8" from. His father may have been Glenn's height, but claimed 5'8". There are a lot of people who seem to assume they're one height or another. I'm 5'8" range and I was talking to someone some years ago and it stood about because they didn't have good posture, but we were always eye to eye. He was at most, a half inch taller than me, if at all. Granted sometimes people surprise you and stretch up when you compare, which we didn't do, but he said he was 5'11"! You'd have thought that even me rounding up as I claimed 5'9" that night would have made him either insist I was taller than I claimed or make him question his 5'11", but neither happened. Again, he was 5'8" or 5'9" max. Another friend of mine once claimed 6'1", I tried to be diplomatic and asked if that was in shoes, but he insisted no. I measured him around 11 AM after a 1 on 1 basketball game and he was only 5'10.75" but he was the one who challenged me to measure him! It's funny though, he seemed to forget the measurement as I remember him claiming 6 feet or so, some time after. It's hard to say how people get certain ideas. In Glenn's case, I think it was reinforced in his mind by some pictures where he looked taller, like with Robert De Niro.
RisingForce said on 19/Apr/17
As far as Glenn's private life away from the site, I think it's fine for him to tell people he's whatever height he pleases since it's a pretty innocuous thing. But it's important to know for certain someone on a height site that's being used as a reference point for obvious reasons. It is a reasonable question in a respectful tone, though it can get awkward. Glenn was never meticulous about his height as Rob has been in terms of proper measurements, which is really essential for a site like this. I don't know if he had some doubts about his own height going into the measurement, but I don't think he was consciously lying beforehand either, otherwise, why even go for the measurement? I think he was expecting to measure somewhere in the 5'7" range and was surprised he dropped as low as he did. The 5'7.5" he's given himself as a minimum morning height several times sounds more like a max, but isn't impossible since Jenny herself could shrink an inch and was also half an inch from her morning height after lying on the bed for a while. Certainly, having measured as high as 5'7", he must be at least 5'7.25" out of bed. But a 1.5" height loss sounds more like something I expect from Shaq. Though I haven't spoken to Glenn in probably 3 years, my impression was that he thinks of the low measurement as an anomaly so I don't think he's thinking in those terms.
[Editor Rob: I actually think some people get confused with tape measures that put a litte '5-8' sitting in a space between the 67 and 68 inches mark, then if they see that, they might think they are 5ft 8 when they were 5ft 7.5.]
Blake said on 15/Apr/17
Rob, did you go to conventions before you started celebheights? I can see how people liked Glenn's photos it is a bit more edgy and interesting than a paid for photo when he is meeting them in the street randomly. However not the best for height comparisons like the convention photos you get
[Editor Rob: Blake, I only started going to Cons for this site. If actors go to an event then they are being paid and are willingly wanting to meet fans. A lot easier trying to guess height on reasonably flat interior surfaces ;) On the street it's much harder.

I will never hog stage doors or stop actors on street begging for a photo or auto...]
Bobby said on 13/Apr/17
@Editor Rob, Rob, would you have been more likely to believe Glenn if he claimed to be 5'7? Most round up at a half inch increment.
[Editor Rob: claiming 5ft 7 is reasonable enough, I think he should at least be honest and admit he measures that mark or under shame in being truthful.

In fact, there is always time to admit the truth.]
RisingForce said on 7/Apr/17
I always liked Glenn personally so I'll never badmouth him or join in on the jokes, though I'd never tell Rob what to do on his own site or how he should feel given his own experience with Glenn. With that said, I don't understand why Glenn never thought he may have overestimated someone when he ends up claiming they're taller than the person themselves claimed. Saying Stallone is 5'11" not 5'10" is arguing with Sly himself who has said 5'10" many times, but never a full 5'11". Same with Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell. At least in Cruise's case, he's giving him his claim, but Glenn in the past had thought Cruise was about his height. In the one photo, Cruise looked simular eye level, but near an inch taller top of head, iirc. The Bruce Willis at 6'1" instead of the 6 feet he claimed himself is a bit different as some 6 footers do round down, but even back when I typically went with Glenn's estimates instead, I found it awfully difficult making Willis at 6'1" fit with Glenn's 5'11" Arnold sighting since Arnold was still always looking noticeably taller than Bruce at this time. It'd be logical to assume either that they merely gave a taller impression or that there could be occasions like when he told Gary Sinise he looked taller than his claimed 5'8", since in fairness to Glenn, Sinise wore big elevators on CSI NY, so I'm sure he would look 5'9"-10" range in them and Stallone and Gibson can look 5'10.5"-11" in thick footwear while Cruise can look near 5'9" in lifts. But the general point being that it gets a bit silly to argue with the actor themselves that they're taller than they claim. That's the main reason I abandoned morning height.
Blake said on 27/Mar/17
Rob, if you get the time you should do a video of you describing your trip to New York. I would definitely enjoy listening to it.
[Editor Rob: yeah maybe one day I'll do some big long series about running a website like this.]
Sam said on 24/Mar/17
The Big G Supertape is good and a worthy bargain, but I'd like the idea of having a Big G Stadiometer, 2+ inch height gain like the supertape but with an added 2mm of height, only for an extra dollar, with Big G's face plastered all over.
[Editor Rob: I was thinking of having an actual celebheights tape measure, but looked at the price and thought I'd have to charge £6 plus shipping just to really cover costs/time!

And if nobody wanted any, I'm stuck with 100 tape measures!]
DruceLee said on 23/Feb/17
A lot of people lie about their heights. Maybe on purpose, maybe not...or maybe my prognoze is bad....don't know...
Blake said on 13/Jan/17
You should get a custom made big g puppet somewhere Rob!
roy said on 19/Dec/16
@Rob. You still should do a big grapple video. You could simulate being at the 8th floor and just talk through seeing him walk across the road. All you would need is a man or woman about 5'6 1/2 that would agree to wear a ponytail wig. You could also have a scene where Glen is laying at your door for 30 minutes before knocking. Haha
Blake said on 12/Dec/16
Do you ever wonder what would have happened to this site had Glenn reached 5 foot 8?
[Editor Rob: I don't think anybody really thought he would measure 5ft 8. I mean I don't actually care what height he is, but if you are meeting celebs, just be honest about your height, admit you fall to 5ft 6.5.]
Johnny said on 29/Nov/16
@Rob read Glenn's comments.....he thinks Tom Cruise is 5 ft 9 and Stallone 5 ft 11!!! Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes Johnny, that was Big G's estimate. The 5ft 11 for Stallone would help support his own 5ft 8 claim for sure.

I would say the actress who worked with Tom who is 5ft 7.75 and said he was a smidgen taller is more reliable, she won't be claiming her out of bed height.]
Miller said on 14/Nov/16
Gah! Shame. The banter in the comments was hilarious. That had to be the funniest comment section here easily.
Miller said on 13/Nov/16
Hey Rob, has G's page been taken down? It just redirects for me now, all the old content is gone.
[Editor Rob: I removed a bunch of dead pages recently.]
AlexItaly said on 1/Nov/16
I do not understand this sentence at the beginning of the narration:
" In late September though, I tried once again and I got him back on side."
Didn't you Rob try to contact him in late October? So how is it possibile you tried once again in late September?
[Editor Rob: at that time he wasn't really on that friendly terms, but I emailed him in late September and he became more friendly about being on the site.

It's a long-time ago now.

Before meeting Glenn I wanted to do an average guess for visitors and I started accepting estimates, but Glenn wasn't happy.

Now, I figure with the voting I will let anybody add an estimate to his old page he used to have here.]
king said on 11/Oct/16
Wow I have just stumbled upon this article now and its hilarious how even though there is absolute proof hes 5'6 he still made a huge deal out of it and seemed to deny reality, that is very immature for a man of his age. I understand height is a big deal in this society we live, I get the struggles of being the same height as Glenn but its rarely mentioned that im short. It does bother me being this short, however I would never lie about height like that and twist reality.
Brad said on 28/Sep/16
When G was listed 5' 8" Glenn with whomever and he was 8 hours out of the Bronx coming in at 5' 6.5" in the photos.....that made the site not accurate. I saw this 2 days in upon my arrival and pounded it for years.
[Editor Rob: actually for Glenn's own health maybe being banned was a blessing in disguise.
Danimal said on 22/Sep/16
I was 27 when I first started posting on your site. I will be 39 next month. It's amazing how fast time flies by.
Have you seen recent pics of Glenn Rob? If not, it would be quite the shocker. In case you haven't, this is him today: Click Here & Click Here. He turned 44 in April. He's still a cool guy and could chat with you for hours online. Very friendly guy. I will be heading down to New York over Christmas/New Years with my girlfriend and will try and see if he's around when I'm there. Btw, when I joined your site, I used to wake up at 5'10 1/8", but after years of lifting heavy weights and poor posture habits I wake up now at between 5'9 1/4"-5'9 3/8". It's been a gradual loss since I was 28 years old. I have since stopped lifting weights over head, as well as squats.
If I ever do see Glenn, should I tell him that you say hello?
[Editor Rob: that's near enough my age range, although I am surprised I haven't lost anything given how often I'm sitting in this computer chair, although I never lift heavy weights.

Glenn does look about 30 pounds heavier today. I'm sure he is still friendly enough, but I haven't spoke to him since December 2009.

He did maintain he was 5ft 7.5-8 out of bed and couldn't trust me anymore...I don't think he realised the site is a business and if we are telling people '5ft 8 Glenn with Celeb' and it turns out he's an inch shorter, that does effect some of the trust in the site itself from visitors.

I doubt he's measured his out of bed for years though, although it would be interesting if you met and got some photos to see how he looked beside a near 5ft 9 guy. Maybe he did shrink from late 20's to late 30's like yourself.

Although, I wouldn't really bring me/the site up much, there's still ill-feelings...
Jordan87 said on 21/Sep/16

I remember Glenn. Whatever happened to Mamun ?
[Editor Rob: he is still out there on facebook under Magnificent Mamun if you want to seek him out.
Danimal said on 21/Sep/16
Rob, the truth is, I am friends with Glenn. We're facebook friends and I chat with him often enough. He wants me to look him up with I'm in NY and we even exchanged phone #'s. I think I'm one of the longest term posters on your site Rob. I came along in December 2004 and have been on here ever since. My question to you regarding Glenn is what do you think his straight out of bed height measurement would have been in 2009? You caught him at a low of 5'6.5" and the following day at 5'7". If he had a full night sleep in your hotel and stumbled out of bed onto your stadiometer, objectively speaking what do you truthfully believe he would have measured back then? Today, he is in his mid-40's and has gained a lot of bodyweight to the point that he is almost unrecognizable, but in 2009 he was still in relatively okay shape. So, what do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: there's not many still around from late 2004, I launched the site a few days after buying the domain in late September 2004.

It will be 12 years old at the end of this month.
I had just turned 28, now I'm a 40 year old.

Glenn is what, 44 now? So was turning 37 that April in 2009. I really doubt he'd lost height by then, although some guys by that age can lose a tiny amount, so I suppose you couldn't rule out entirely a little bit taller at 20's.

if I caught him at what was his absolute low of just over 5ft 6.5, I would expect the most he could measure first thing would be 5ft 7.5.

the fact that within 20 minutes he lost 3mm's after a second measurement on his taller night suggested a good possibility of a temporary boost via lying down. Ultimately only he knows the truth.

if you ever meet him, you'll be able to see for yourself how tall he looks nowadays.
Blake said on 1/Sep/16
Do you ever worry about having your face all over the internet?
[Editor Rob: in the last few years I'm not as bothered as I might have been 10 years ago.]
Miller said on 23/Aug/16
This is my favourite Celebheights article. I have to revisit it once or twice a year, every year.
[Editor Rob: I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to read it again.

It's about 7 years or so since I wrote it!]
MC said on 22/Aug/16
There is this person at my school who says he's just 5'7 or 5'7.5 and he makes people who claim 5'8-5'9 like they're lying.
Gregor said on 11/Jul/16
I haven't been here since March so was sad to hear the news as I grew up with a similiar cat. RIP.
Gregor said on 9/Jul/16
Do you know what caused sookies death Rob? Was there no warning signs? Lovely gentle cat. She was with two good people anyway.
[Editor Rob: unfortunately not, as I had mentioned on here, she seemed fine during the morning...

she did have a hairball the previous week, but was still eating fine and running about!]
Brad said on 5/Jul/16
5 foot 6 if he were posing today after his 3 P.M. wake-up. G merchandise: his mug and "Rob I'm 5 foot 8, tell them to stop or I'll leave" shirts. or his mug and "5 foot 8 STR8!" shirts. His mug and "Still 5 feet 8 Belieb it" shirt. His autobiography: "Five Foot Eight Can't Ya Tell" another shirt: "Celebrity Heights: Frank2 Quit Cause Of Me"...."Sly In NYC Sandals, See I'm 5 Foot 8, He's 5 Foot 10 And A Half"....using the early G at 5-6 and Sly in custom monster NYC footwear. Article in a height journal: "Volvo beds before measuring"
PhysicsEnemy said on 14/Jun/16
Just because the 1st measure was 5' 6.5", before he cheated for the 2nd measure at 5' 7", doesn't mean 5' 6.5" is lowest. He could've lost a 1/4" at age 44 and/or dip under 5' 6.5" on a worse day (less sleep, carrying stuff, on his feet for ages, etc).

5' 6.5" is his fair and correct height as of 2009 though.
[Editor Rob: it would not surprise me if big G did work on his posture over the years to improve how he stands, which is no bad thing, it may help him appear taller and feel taller.]
Leo said on 14/Jun/16
Rob, How tall is Snookie with Big G Supertape?
[Editor Rob: she was an easy 5ft 10 with the Supertape....sadly wee Sookie passed away 2 months ago.]
PhysicsEnemy said on 13/Jun/16
"Two years on from our New York adventure I discovered something about the stadiometer. It unbelievably adds 2mm of height. There was an error in the base of the device. My own height is really 5ft 8 and 1/8th whenever I'm 5ft 8.25 on the device. Glenn's lowest height therefore is a legit 5ft 6.5 in socks."

This is the key part, fab read though. It was generous for anyone to round his height up above the actual 5' 6.5". Perhaps make this figure clearer on this page and the inactive Glenn page.
[Editor Rob: I can't edit the inactive Glenn page as the id was recycled for another page, so it's just a page caught in time...]
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/16
Just had a physical yesterday. At around 3:00 in the afternoon, came it at 6'4". So 6'5" is out of the question these days. I'm still in my 20s, but, I'm a pianist and all the bending at the keyboard has effected my neck, spine, and back in a bad way. You said G dreams of being 5'8". Me too. Rob is very fortunate.
Blake said on 1/Jun/16
Wow if you wanted to you could start selling Big G merchandise you have a shirt with him on, a bottle and a tape measure!
[Editor Rob: he would make a good character in a film.]
Leo said on 30/May/16
Rob, he had a page here, he is listed 5'7 (170 cm). You are generous
Mat said on 20/May/16
[Editor Rob: if he said 5ft 7 that is fine because it's not a huge roundup, and most people naturally would go with the easier full inch than saying stuff like 1/4 or 3/4...but G added an extra inch. Now if he said 'in sneakers' then fine, but he was speaking as if he was 5ft 8 barefoot. I know nowadays he still says 5ft 8 and at least added 'morning' on a couple of occasions, even though he probably isn't over 5ft 7.5 out of bed.]

I've seen old comments of Glenn on same pages back in 2006 where he was claiming that he was 5'8 in the morning... So he wasn't lying back then either
[Editor Rob: he only mentioned morning after many people had questioned his height.]
Brad said on 14/Apr/16
"I'm 5 foot 6 and a half at 9 P.M. in photos" should have been his line. He's 5 foot 6 at age 44 at 9 P.M.. Bieber would own him.
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure he would have shrunk another half inch.]
179cm said on 3/Apr/16
Rob, I was wondering how come there were people arguing that G was 5'6" or less even after his height was confirmed? He clearly wasn't as tall as he claimed but I think on the other hand the people who didn't like him would have just loved it if he turned out to be 5'4" or something. It's almost as if people upgrade or downgrade someone based on personal opinion of that person. Tom Cruise seems to be a prime example. People like to think he's really short, but in reality he's probably only a few inches below average height.
[Editor Rob: the absolute lowest G is would be 5ft 6.5, arguing less is pointless because he had another measurement of 5ft 7 showing the first one definitely wasn't an 'earlier in the day' style measurement. He still claims 5ft 8, but there's nothing wrong with saying 'almost 5ft 7' - in fact people will respect you more if you tell the honest truth about such simple matters as a physical measurement. When you lie about the little things, it becomes easier to lie about the larger things... speaking of Tom, I was checking some stats the other day and someone had searched for 'tom cruise is 5'4', so some probably believe he is that short.]
Brad said on 20/Mar/16
I was 5' 6.5" when I was 11, it was cool at 11, uh, now, you might be right.
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/16
I hear you! I'm just going with 6'2" now. I have been consistently hunching in that range for some time, and only scrape 6'5" when I stretch for a measurement. Wouldn't it be great to be 5'8"? Rob never looks like a small guy, yet he doesn't have to suffer tall people problems.
179cm said on 18/Mar/16
Rob, would you have considered G honest if he had told everybody he was 5'7" rather than 5'8"? It sounds like if he claimed 5'7" he would have just been rounding to the nearest inch, but clearly adding another inch after rounding up or claiming your height with shoes is a false height.
[Editor Rob: if he said 5ft 7 that is fine because it's not a huge roundup, and most people naturally would go with the easier full inch than saying stuff like 1/4 or 3/4...but G added an extra inch. Now if he said 'in sneakers' then fine, but he was speaking as if he was 5ft 8 barefoot. I know nowadays he still says 5ft 8 and at least added 'morning' on a couple of occasions, even though he probably isn't over 5ft 7.5 out of bed.]
Brad said on 10/Mar/16
I hate being tall, my posture is bad on purpose, like Stern. We don't know how many tip-toe or Portman photos there were for the G...probably mucho mucho.
[Editor Rob: swap heights with G for a day...then you might not think 6ft 5 -6 is all that bad ;)]
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/16

Thanks! You just solved my problem. I shall say "I'm the same height as Howard Stern." In all seriousness, I am a "big hunch." I have been trying to improve my posture but it's very difficult. My posture is very bad.
mikey said on 21/Feb/16
Hi rob great story it got me thinking, I wake up at 5.8.5 and drop to 5.8inch by late afternoon for the last 20 years or so I've always wore elevator shoes usually 2 or 3 inch height gain that includes the heel I always say I'm 5.9 if anyone asks and some folk say you look taller my point is if Glenn sent you a private message years ago telling you the truth about his height but added that he wore 2 inch elevator shoes would you have let him continue to be a big part of your site love the site rob many thanks
[Editor Rob: I think you need to be transparent to visitors and if he did say he wore lifts I'd have said it absolutely needs to be known how much your shoes are giving. It's not really an issue to me whether someone wears lifts or elevators, but if you were getting photos with celebrities I think people need to know your barefoot height and then what kind of footwear you have on.]
Brad said on 10/Feb/16
6-5 to 6-1.5? Howard Stern said that once, the big hunch. G needed an ego boost, he's owned by everybody including Bieber.
za said on 1/Feb/16
Glenn's a piece of **** and everyone else that lies about their height like him and then being stubborn.
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/16
I'm 6'5" and some change in the AM, and 6'4.5" or 6'4.25" evening with good posture. However, I have a terrible back and posture that often leads to being 6'1.5"-6'2" range unless I press my back against a flat surface to straighten my posture. So I have no idea what height to claim. 6'2"?
Editor Rob said on 19/Jan/16
Never underestimate Big G... (watch till end ;) )
Click Here
Mimi said on 15/Jan/16
Rob why do you think a guy who's barely 5ft6 claims to be 5'8?
[Editor Rob: could be any number of reasons. Some people like to claim something they are not for an ego boost, to seemingly impress others, or in rare cases have convinced themselves they are taller than they really are. It's as though they've given themselves a memory wipe.]
176.2 said on 11/Jan/16
I think I could move Glenn to suicide.
After a marathon I would measure him 5ft 5 7/8 (without the silly 1/8 benefit).
Brad said on 18/Dec/15
The Big Grapple in The Big Apple.
Sam said on 28/Nov/15
I guess more importantly to Rob he just didn't want it to damage the site's credibility, but to be fair, had it not been for celebheights, G would have just been any other typical person that seems to add 1-2 inches (knowingly or unknowingly) I don't agree with it but ask anyone their height and that seems to be the standard, even though you still have a fair few that are honest.
[Editor Rob: Trying to build a credible site and having a big photo contributor be economical with the truth with regards to his own stature, did do some damage the site... He can claim whatever he wants, but if you take part in a site in which people are putting trust/faith in your estimates/encounters and are telling people you are 5ft 8 when you are really in 5ft 6.5-7 zone, it is a big matter of importance ;) It is though, a helluva lot easier to answer to myself and focus on my own photos/encounters. ]
Brad said on 30/Oct/15
The 2016 Webster's came out, yes, it still says his name under it and 5' 6.5" morning height.
Holly said on 26/Oct/15
My ex-father in law used to insist I had to be 5'9". He claimed to be 5'7", but I knew he must have been about around 5'4", but he wouldn't take the tape measure test. I was 5'6" 3/4 back then. (maybe a smidgen more). I am a lot older now and I've lost a lot of height due to back surgeries. I fear I am under 5'5" now. I always close my eyes when they measure me at the doctors office! Love the site! Celeb heights has always been a curiosity to me.
[Editor Rob: unfortunately ladies seem to lose more height, but there are ways for people to help their bodies reduce shrinkage...especially with food, keeping active and doing the odd stretch routine, even 5 minutes every other day will help.]
MNM said on 19/Oct/15
When did this take place Rob?, (like the year & the month you were in NY).
[Editor Rob: it was back in April 2009]
Jmorris said on 15/Oct/15
He seems a bit of an a$$hole Rob?
[Editor Rob: look him up in the dictionary and his name appears under it ;)]
beej said on 20/Sep/15
Almost everyone in my family and my friends are the same way. My brother is the same height as me (5' 6"), yet he claims 5' 8". My cousin and a friend are significantly shorter than me by at least 3 inches, yet they each claim 5' 5".

People have a tendency to inflate their heights by 2-3" which is why it's never surprising when a celebrity seems shorter than he/she really is when you meet the in person.
daegon said on 25/Aug/15
I have a situation where this guy I know says he is 168cm but is barely 164 cm .. How much worse is that than glenn
[Editor Rob: maybe not much, big G adds about 3cm to his height, although maybe he is kind of trying to go with 5ft 8 out of bed.]
Brad said on 11/Aug/15
"The Real 5' 8"er" photo is the one he regrets.
Brad said on 6/Aug/15
His new nickname: The Big G-ulp.
[Editor Rob: Big G is actively trying to forget this site, he has blocked me from every service.]
Crypto139 said on 24/Jul/15
Though I wonder does Glenn still actually visit this site you think? Have you spoken with him at all since this big um event happened. I wasn't around in 2008 as I was a big video gamer back then and I was still a little young to worry about my height I guess. So I really wouldn't know his full story or full impact. I do remember you having other people mostly Mamum having pictures when I first came to the site in 2011 to 2012. To be honest I actually thought Mamun worked for you as I guess a right hand for when I first came to the site. Then sadly he just vanished it seemed :(
[Editor Rob: I've no idea if he ever visits. I would say I'd be surprised if he did.]
CD said on 23/Jul/15
Rob, this is something that's never been quite clear to me, did Glenn claim 5ft 8 out of bed or did he claim to be a legit 5ft 8? If it's out of bed I don't think he was lying by all that much, just a little bit. You might have noticed, on the tape measure the 5-8 (this is the terminology Glenn uses) appears just before the 68 inch mark -- on most tape measures it is either at 5ft 7.5 or 7.75. So since Glenn is around 5ft 7.25 out of bed he would be "5-7.5(at worse) to 5-8", if that makes sense. What do you think? Not that I'm trying to defend him, if he was to contribute to the site he should have been more precise with his measurements and claims. But I think this was the reason he thought you would measure him over 5ft 7. I have met several people who give themselves an extra half inch for the same reasons, simply because they don't realize where each inch mark actually sits.
[Editor Rob: at one point he might have got near to 5ft 7.5 out of bed...and yeah the 5-8 is shown on the half to help people know the next even mark (68) is the 5ft 8 mark. It is possible G had seen that and thought he was near 5ft 8...]
Crypto139 said on 21/Jul/15
I actually found his IG page and I foolishly followed him while following celebheight. I talk with him a little bit but as soon as I said some thing like why does he have so many pictures with celebs he wanted to know who I was as I followed a few of his friends( has nearly 8000) and I just said I always looking for new friends to follow. Then he claim I am following someone he knows that he is not following and then after than wanted to know if they are "spying" on him again. He then blocked me. Rob did you ever do anything that would have made him say that? The comments are all on his most recent picture.
[Editor Rob: I think we mentioned on celebheights a while ago some quotes from G on his facebook/instagram. Remember I am like his 'Enemy No 1', if he found anybody following me (not that I really use instagram as you'd see) he might not like it!]
Johemoth the dog said on 17/Jun/15
He's definitely in denial and very insecure about his height. Im fairly insecure about my height at times, but i would never attempt to claim 2 inches over my height. Its crazy how obsessed people can be about their height and appearance, i mean im no exception, i have an ego like everyone else, but i dont feel the need to ask people how tall i look, brag about my height, or lie about it to the extent this guy does.
an anonymous peach said on 16/Jun/15
I could just picture Glenn's heart completely sinking when he realises he doesn't even measure a full 5-7, he was probably crushed at that point. I'm glad he's gone, although if he were still here, it would be quite amusing to see how he would react to all of this "Oh it was just a bad day" "The ground wasn't flat, making me measure lower than my actual height" He still claims to be 5ft 8 on social media which just goes to show how deep in denial the man really is. Claiming 5ft 7 wouldn't be to absurd but he has never meaured 5ft 8 barefoot in his entire life and never will. His 5ft 8 claim damaged the integrity of this website when he was still around.
[Editor Rob: exactly, if you put someone's face with celebrities and they say they are 5ft 8 and guessing from that height but it turns out they are 5ft 6.6 range, then it does damage the site.]
Locc said on 7/Jun/15
LOL at the idea of someone who is 5-6.5 "giving off" a 5-10 look. Only way he looks that big is if he's standing next to 5-3 guys and they're claiming "I'm 5-6.5!!"

Seriously, 5-10... so there are people out there who see him and think he's just two inches down from the Magic Six Feet? Get outa here...
Shawn said on 7/Jun/15
LoL!! That's some funny stuff Rob... G would have to stuff 3 or 4 shoe inserts into his Portman's to pull off looking 5'10". G needs to start finding friends that are more honest with him.
[Editor Rob: G has strict criteria for friendship. He lines them all up and asks each of them a tall do I look? Those who say 5ft 5,6 or 7 do not become his friend. Those who say 5ft 9 become lifetime friends!]
MrTBlack said on 20/May/15

He probably finished growing between 15-18. That's the normal range which boys stop growing with 16 being the most frequent.
Editor Rob said on 19/May/15
The latest wise words from Big G "I'm assuming I was 5'7'' then [at 20] for many reasons.think I snuck in an inch at 22 or so.which isn't common.but not rare.some people around me,claim to see me taller even today.strange.luckily I give off a 5'9" impression.sometimes 5'10"" Sorry G, you give off an under 5ft 7 impression in person...the height you actually were measured at.
MrTBlack said on 14/May/15
Hey Rob, if Glenn said "5'8" in shoes" that probably would sound fine since most shoes give about 1-1.5" of height increase what do you think?
[Editor Rob: well in sneakers yeah he can be nearer 5ft 8. Some people do claim that, maybe he is calling his height in sneakers now and he's just not saying 'in sneakers'.]
5'9.5'' said on 29/Apr/15
What is the actual point in lying about your height? if you feel insecure just don't talk about it or if people ask you just say you don’t know and they'll estimate you as being taller.
Brad said on 8/Apr/15
April 2015 is he still fibbing 5 foot 8? He's seen 5 foot 8 in Portmans or Priestly boots.
Shawn said on 26/Mar/15
Brad's 100% correct. Glenn has never seen 5'8" in his life, not barefoot at least. Aside from his height, it also seems like he attempts to hide his male pattern baldness with that receding, combover ponytail hairstyle he's got going on.
Panda said on 19/Mar/15
It could also be that Glenn was mismeasured by his doctor or something. Apparently doctors don't always measure accurately. In October 2012 I was measured at 5'8.5" (174 cm) so I thought I was almost 5'9" for nearly two years until I get measured again at the same doctor's place at 5'7.25" (171 cm). Clearly the doctor's measurements aren't to be trusted. Oh and I decided to measure myself, I come out to be 5'7.5" (171 cm). Sometimes I may measure closer to 5'8" (and if I'm straight out of bed I hit 5'8" on the dot. At worst I'm 5'7.375") but the point is I am not more than 5'8" (but at least 5'7") so I just go with 5'8". Then again I'm pretty Glenn knew his height (considering how he agreed to be measured...maybe he legit thought he was 5'8"? If he knew he was frauding he could have said no to being measured even though that would expose him as a faker too). Either way the point is he's not 5'8".
Brad said on 3/Mar/15
5' 7" tops peak. Loaded down hours later criss-crossing NYC carrying 200 is near 5' 6" now in photos, he's like 43 years str8 he ain't 5 feet 8.
Panda said on 20/Feb/15
Well it seems like Glenn was just using a standard exaggeration like most people too. Most people life about their height by an inch. Except for the "and-a-halfers", people like glenn who are between two heights (Like Glenn being 5'6.5"). I think the logic is they round up an inch (5'7.5" for Glenn, and since most people don't like fractions they round that up further to the next half inch, hence Glenn's 5'8" claim). So the 1.5" lie isn't that bad, however he shouldn't have lied, especially on a site where the point is to ACCURATELY gauge a celebrity's height. If he was accepting his height he should have claimed 5'7" instead (come on that's reasonable and IMO being really close to honest) and here 5'6.5" will have to be used since the measured are to the 0.25 inch. However 1.5" isn't as bad as one of my friends who takes it to a whole new level. My friend is a girl, 19 years old, and she claims to be 5'11" (she has claimed 5'10.5" and 5'10.75" before). She has claimed this since 2009, when she was 12 (I think she hit puberty early). I called BS on her claim even back then, even though I was over half a foot shorter back then (I was 12 so I was just starting puberty) and so one day in the summer of 2009 I busted out my tape measure and measured her. Her height came out to be 5'7.5" (171 cm). Just to be sure I double checked about 2-3 days later and yup still 5'7.5". But she denies it STILL claims 5'11", keep in mid I measured her to be 5'7.5" SIX years ago. Looking at her know she has not grown much at all (I mean she still looks the same height, I doubt she's taller than 5'8"). 3" is ridiculous, she doesn't even wear heels or anything so that fact that she tries to play us for fools (me and my 5'8.25" friend do not break 5'9.5" and so if she's shorter than us how can she be 5'11"). It kind of annoys me because she's 5'8", that's 4" inches taller than average yet she still claims a ridiculous height like 5'11". Funnily enough another guy in my neighborhood once thought he was 6'4" because he was "taller than his 6'3" friend". The truth: The guy was 6'1" (185 cm), hell I'd even go so far as to bet that he was 6'0.5" (184 cm). Thankfully, he eventually claimed a closer to accurate height of 6'2" but my female friend still claims 5'11" despite having been measured 5'7.5". Looks like I have my own Glenn(da) in my life :)
YTL said on 19/Feb/15

I think the heavy weight + age thing is probably the culprit. He has pretty bad posture even when he's making a conscious effort to stand up straight. I could see him being measured at around 5'7.5 maybe even 5'7.75 early in the morning back when he was younger and closer to "fighting form". I bet once he got the idea that he was ~5'8, even subsequent measurements couldn't get it out of his head.
b-mint1994 said on 19/Feb/15
I think I could have a Big G situation on my hands if I pushed for it. I have a friend who claims to be 6'5" but I know someone else who claims 6'5" and he easily loks taller than him. Also when comparing his height to another one of my friends who's probably around 5'11 the top of his head came up to the top of his eyebrows. How much of a height difference is that? 2-3 inches? I think he's 6'2 max.
[Editor Rob: that sounds worse than big G, 1.5 is a lot to claim extra, but 2-3 inches is an even greater lie.]
Shawn said on 18/Feb/15
This man is truly pathetic on all counts. Six years later, still insisting he's 5'8", and insulting people that question his claim, calling them trolls? Rob, I bet to this day he still has nightmares about his '09 meeting with you, waking in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, the "5'6.75" figure dancing around in his mind. I'm surprised no one from this website has called him out for it on his Instragram page.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't really want him to have nightmares, but just to be accepting of what he measured at. No shame in that, but blocking people (on instagram/facebook) who mention celebheights or remind him that he was measured in the 5ft 6.6 range is a sign he wants to continue telling people he is 5ft 8 and hide the fact. ]
Brad said on 15/Feb/15
The Volvo bed didn't help. The 5' 8" listing of the "young G" getting destroyed by a 5' 8.5" Sly got me on this site. The height expert was 5' 6" in that photo and Sly in NYC "sandals". He still claims 5' 8" while he's 5' 6.5" tops now (heavy weight with age). He might come near 5' 6" loaded down 7 hours out from the Bronx, bagged out with drum heads etc.. John's post from '13 is priceless.
CD said on 6/Feb/15
I agree claiming 5ft 8 for Glenn isn't that farfetched to the general public, in fact height lying is getting worse than like 1.4 inches. One thing is it seems people tend to underestimate difference in height. For example I'm a short guy around 5ft 4.25/.5 and someone guessed I was 5ft 6 or 7, but thought another guy who looks 5ft 8ish is just 5ft 9. So in other words they imagine an almost 4 inch difference to be just 2-3 inches. Therefore it is easy to be fooled into thinking Glenn is a good inch taller than he really is, especially when he has a high eyelevel and has lots of "looking taller" tricks up his sleeve. You could be forgiven for believing Glenn's 5ft 8 claim.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 25/Jan/15
While he should've been forthright on what his height was, 5'8" wasn't that farfetched as I've seen people who are like 5'4"-5'5" claim that height. He could've just rounded up to 5'7" if he didn't want to say '5'6.5"' (which isn't farfetched since he could wake up past 5'7").
Rez said on 9/Jan/15
I have the same issue with a friend which becomes awkward at times. Personally I was measured at 172cm at work but I measured myself at home 9 hours after I woke up at 170, I'm more comfortable with a smaller height either way. My ex-gf was 175ish and convinced I was 72-73. Weird how that works... Anyway one of my best friends is shorter than me and it becomes really awkward to me if we're out partying, because on two occasions (unknown to us) girls have been like (to him) how tall are you? And he says 170. I'm there like wait, what the hell should I say now? Since I've had the question thrown at me too afterwards or something. I've told him like no, man I'm 170 and not a centimeter taller (in my eyes and comfort haha) but he's like no you're taller, I'm the one who's 170.
Connor183 said on 5/Dec/14
Rob you said you have a friend who looks like G why don't you have him star in the video on The Big Grapple that is if you are making a video about it we would like to see it, are you going to do it one day?
[Editor Rob: I'd need to think about it, the time to do it is the question]
Connor183 said on 30/Nov/14
I disagree Rob i think you do have the skills for a novel, the article was well presented and like badboy said it was funny aswell, and i think it was interesting to read and the way you written it and the spaces between the paragraphs and how it was laid out really did look like something you would see in a novel, book or a diary, you've got talent in English Rob you're even better than me infact and i thought i was good at writing, you'd make a great author/illustrator too.
Connor183 said on 30/Nov/14
Rob you should really do a video on The Big Grapple, maybe at least this year or next year? i hope you do make the video soon.
badboy said on 31/Oct/14
Just read the whole article rob. You presented the whole scene so vividly & it was pretty humorous. I couldnt resist laughing . U got great writing skills man . Ever thought about writing a novel rob ?
[Editor Rob: thanks, but I don't quite have the skills for a novel :) ]
184.3cm said on 9/Oct/14
That was a really good read Rob, although i find it disturbing that Glenn still is in denial. Its not the end of the world to be 4cm shorter than you thought. It seems like he had a nap and then came to get measured so a solid 5'7 out of bed and 5'6.5 at low.
[Editor Rob: it's a pretty accurate story of what happened and I think worth documenting as a part of the websites history. His actual height, be it 5ft 6.5, 5ft 8 or 6ft 3 isn't really an issue. It's that if you are going to become a big part of a site that wants to try to document actors heights, don't come on it without telling the truth. I think he knew his height and just kept pretending to be near 5ft 8 or that he couldn't get a good measurement... the fact he still actively tells people he is 5ft 8 - having been measured barely even 5ft 6.75 - leads me to believe his real intentions. He damaged the site. You have people believing this guy is 5ft 8 and can estimate based on being that height. If he can't get his own height right, how do we know he isn't wearing lifts or standing on high ground or tip toes...the credibility goes out the window. He becomes a bit of a joke figure to me.]
GI Jose said on 7/Oct/14
This intrigued me very much. I would like to see how many people that post on the General Height discussion are really the height that they claim. I find it very disproportionate to the observations I have made in real life. Also, if I made a video measuring myself, is there somewhere I could have it verified or something?
[Editor Rob: I got a video from dmeyer once on this site and put it on youtube for him, it's still there, his measurement video. I can do that for anyone really...or just open a youtube account and upload it yourself?]
Height181 said on 29/Sep/14
LOL, Jenny just OWNS Big G in that picture
cd said on 23/Sep/14
Rob, do you think Glenn has a BIG insecurity about his height? It sounds like to him, that being 5ft 8 is somehow an achievement and that believing he is that height somehow makes him happy. What do you think? I can relate to this in a way, because I hoped I would reach 5ft 6 as a doctor guessed and thought I would be happy at that height. At 18 I'm still growing (having had a rather late puberty), but rather slowly and am not tracking toward 5ft 6. But unlike Glenn, I try to accept that I am not as tall as I wish, and am even reluctant to claim 5ft 4.5 because I'm actually about 5ft 4 and 3/8ths. Hmm.
[Editor Rob:Being banned from this site I thought would have helped him reduce insecurity, but the fact he went on and started kidding people on about being 5ft 8 after 2010 said it all to me - he cannot say he is 5ft 6 5/8ths, because he feels shame about it. I mean there's no shame about being any height really, but there is shame in lying about it and deceiving visitors who are comparing your height to that of celebrities. I suppose if he wore Portman's a lot in photos, then saying nearly 5ft 8 wouldn't be that off because he would essentially be walking about with an inch more footwear than normal, so could appear nearer 5ft 8.]
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/14
Yeah I know, you couldn't generally really give a rat's ass even if he was 5 ft 1, but it's that he claimed 5 ft 8 and even when formally measured continued to lie and then make you feel like some sort of conspirator or criminal which is pretty pathetic. And yes, I always took it for granted like yourself that he was a proper 5 ft 8 and always used him as a gauge, assuming he'd been formally measured so that really did damage the site and tamper with perceptions of the heights of celebs, especially as we now know he often resorted to toe tricks and dodgy footwear. At the end of the day it's just a measurement and any casual observer of seeing him with Jenny without dodgy footwear can see he's in short range. I'd guess in person he very much gives a chubby 5'6" range impression rather than the "people say I can look 5ft 9" claim. A funny video you could make it Sookie lying down on the back seat of a Volvo and then measuring 5 ft 8!!
[Editor Rob: there's no way someone who spent more than a minute on flat ground with G would think he was 5ft 8 let alone 9 :) Unless they too were embellishing their own height. But I don't think he looked as short as 5ft 6, he has the benefit of a slightly above average eyelevel, and he naturally raises it up from what I remember. So his viewpoint is 5ft 7ish rather than 5ft 6.6. All he needs is Portman boots and then his eyes are nearly that of a 5ft 8 man!]
Arch Stanton said on 15/Sep/14
Haha I'd not seen this before but this is a quite wonderful count of the escapade Rob. You're a talented writer!!! I especially loved the 'Scottish Man found bludgeoned to death in hotel by Stadiometer' and "ponytail flapping in the wind". LMAO!! Yeah his photos and comments did add to the site but I definitely prefer the site currently than those days. I did take it for granted he was the same height as you though as in some photos he could look it. I just don't get why he still claims 5 ft 8. I mean it's not as if he's a 5'10.5-5'11 guy who really wants to be 6 ft. That at least would be more understandable but it's amusing that he considers 5 ft 8 tall or something. His ego must be super fragile to still claim 5 ft 8! With Jenny he does actually look nearer 5 ft 6 flat but she has hair advantage!
[Editor Rob: thanks for the compliment! Look, I don't have a problem with G being the height he is, or any height of anybody. He damaged the site a bit by not really telling the truth. He would have known he was sub 5ft 7, but I think he hid it as long as he could. He's never accepted it though, which is why he has become a joke figure. Telling people he's 5ft 8 barefoot is enforcing his lie and maybe the more he says it the more he beleives it...he won't mention this site anywhere now, as of course people would find this article...but he does get called Big G here, so maybe he can take that as a positive!]
Clay said on 4/Sep/14
That was one of the best read's I've had in a long time! I remember that 2009 Glenn chaos like it was yesterday lmao. I always liked Glenn, and his photos were awesome but I did kind of think he was a little shorter than 5'8. Not a low of 5'6 and 5/8's, that shocked me a little.
Orc said on 3/Sep/14
People like Glenn piss me off so much. Good think you banned this idiot, Rob. What a delusional troll.
Jed said on 29/Aug/14
Rob, I presume you've almost certainly done this with your stadiometer, but have you had any experience with them being significantly off? I ask because 3 years ago our entire Uni rowing squad were measured by one and we were all consistently far shorter than we thought. I was measured at 6' flat and left feeling like Glenn probably did, questioning whether it was accurate. Prior to that, and since then, I've been measured 20+ times by electric stadiometers, wall charts, tape measures etc and I'm clearly an inch taller than that measurement. I even measured 6' on the wall, put a solid book on it and tried to stand under it and was clearly above it.
[Editor Rob: I know mine gives 2mm more than it should...I mean the actual bars themselves with the mm divisions are all perfect and precise, it is just somewhere in manufacturing the base of the device has been moulded 2mm off. I checked another version of my stadiometer and it was the same, about 1/8th out, so it seemed all the blue models would be like that - since they are created from moulds. Of course many stadiometers will be precise, if it was an inch off like yours, it might be the way it was mounted (assuming it was against a wall?). If it was freestanding like mine and an inch off, that would be awful design. I'd fire the people putting it out with such a big error. 1-2mm is within acceptability, 1 inch isn't.]
Sean said on 29/Aug/14
Glenn's on Insragram? Do you know what his username is, Rob?
[Editor Rob: unlike G's inability to mention, I don't mind sending him a few visits: ok, that was a joke, it really is ]
the shredder said on 9/Jul/14
I noticed the most about Glenn getting banned is that after a while I started to notice how much hes height varied in pics and now think that his pics are not good to judge from no matter if he was 5'8 or 5'5 . For a height site judging on pics , sure 5'8 was extreme for him , but they have a lot of people that lie about their height , Mark walhberg is worst than G as far as height
[Editor Rob: it is hard enough in photoshoots trying to get good photos, but on the street even harder!]
Robby D said on 3/Jul/14
Although I always doubted Glenn's 5'8" claims, I got on well with him on here at first but that all changed after he got his own page and I posted on it asking him if he were absolutely sure he was 5'8". He got really abusive calling me a loser and demanded my post be deleted from his page, I never mentioned his height again. Then Rob, when I learned that you and Jenny were visiting the USA and he agreed to being measured on your stadiometer, I thought that maybe I was wrong and he was 5'8" after all, why else would he agree to be measured? When he measured between 5'6.5" and 5'7" I was surprised that he was surprised because surely someone who took the interest in height that Glenn did would have made sure he was measured properly at some stage before he met up with you. I could not help feeling a little sorry for him as I thought he was sure to post on his page admitting he was wrong about his height, however, when he persisted with his 5'8" claims after we had all seen the photos of him on the stadiometer, I was amazed. I still find it incredible that someone could be in so much denial about his height after being measured three times. Did he think you had rigged the stadiometer to make him an April Fool on April 2nd or something?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he thought it was rigged, but coming in at 5ft 6.75 was a harsh reality for him. He couldn't accept it and still doesn't. To be fair, he did show up so he must have thought he'd measure over 5ft 7, he thought I might be a half inch at best taller... Since he spent a few years here under the false guise of being 5ft 8 on here and continued to claim it to people on the web (on his facebook many times), this page is being left as a bit of a testament to that era on the site and it's climax.]
Damon said on 17/May/14
Wow Rob, been visiting this site for a while and never really read this story all the way through. Do you know if G has found a new place to post pictures?
[Editor Rob: G is on instagram these days, it is probably the ideal place with no stress that this site brought!]
shorty said on 6/May/14
Great read, thanks for sharing Rob! I have a similar story in regards to my own brother who claims he's at least 5'8" when in reality he's the exact same height as me (a mere 5'6"). When we stand together, we're prety much the exact same height and in fact, when we work out together and are barefoot, I feel even taller than him. We once measured and it came as a shock to him that he wasn't 5'8", but shortly after he erased that painful memory from his mind and continues to claim that he is. When he stands next to legit 5'7"-5'8" people, he's visibly shorter.
Flick said on 28/Apr/14
But at least he wouldn't be a liar only claiming his morning height, am i understanding you well?
[Editor Rob: you can claim your morning height if you want, it is a valid measurement, as is standing on your tip-toes - if you qualify your height by saying '5ft 8 straight out of bed' then I'd have a better idea of what height you are during the day. Remember morning height is lost pretty fast. If you get measured at a Doctor's, on average you are going to be up for several hours, so people are getting measured much nearer their lowest height than their highest height.]
Flick said on 28/Apr/14
If you would have measured Glenn out of bed and somehow you would have measured him at 5'8 then it would have been OK? Or still you would said that's morning height and G is a liar?
[Editor Rob: not really because we don't really go with morning heights on here.]
Flick said on 27/Apr/14
Is it possible for Glenn to be 5'8" out of bed? If that's the case he wasn't lying!
[Editor Rob: I don't think you'd find anybody shrinking from 5ft 8 to 5ft 6.6]
the shredder said on 22/Apr/14
Rob ,I notice something , If G was really 5'7 that means you would have measure him 5'6 7/8 at the very lowest , Going from midday of 5'7 or 5'7 1/8 to 5'6.5 or 5'6 5/8 is extreme. The most G could be 5 hours up is 5'6.75.
[Editor Rob: he did claim that he made up the whole 'lying down in the car' thing as his own 'trick' or something...but I'd explained to him about how Jenny was lying on the bed and it adds height because the discs have a chance to rehydrate a bit...for him to get 3/8ths difference suggested he did lie down. Whether in a volvo or actually in a room in the hotel, who knows! He might have been only up a few hours aswell. ]
the shredder said on 5/Apr/14
Rob , you think he shrunk?
[Editor Rob: nah, he was late 30's so unlikely to have lost anything noticeable. Unless his discs were damaged somehow, then a little bit is possible.]
the shredder said on 29/Mar/14
Rob lol Glenn blocked me for showing he is not 5'8.
[Editor Rob: that was daft, I hope you didn't link to a photo of him on the stadiometer :) That's the thing, he has anybody over a barrel - if they brought up his old measurement, well you will get the chop from his facebook, if you merely questioned his height you might also get the chop!]
Orlando said on 19/Mar/14
Sorry Rob, but the correct way of measuring someone's height is with the subject's BACK leaning AGAINST the stadiometer's rule (and also not standing against a wall as it makes the height 1 cm shorter), not with one's front like you have in the photo... Nevertheless, one can see that Glenn was not the 1.7277 m he claimed to be. As for one's actual height being morning height or night height I think the later (minimal) should prevail... What matters is the standing measurement not the laying one...
[Editor Rob: correct according to who? as you can see In this video I can do back against measurements and of course there is no difference...jenny even gave that platter a good bash on my head lol :) without the plastic stabilisers and a flat wall then a freestanding measurement facing the device is fine and accurate - if I put someone with their back against the stadiometer when I don't have the stabilisers and a flat wall, then it will bend and not really give quite as accurate a measurement! So you can see why I'm not measuring G like that! ]
Chris 182 cm said on 10/Feb/14
While this story was definitely funny to read, it's actually kind of scary how worked up people can get on such a trivial topic like height.
(S)aint 185 said on 16/Jan/14
Another one of Glenn's distant Canadian cousins was up to no good again today! Him and I went to give our height for our grad gown measurements and the secretary called him out on his lie. He said 5'11" and she hit him with "cannot be, my friend I am 5'5"- 5'6". My friend looked maybe 2" taller with poor posture. She asked how tall I was and I said 6'1" and she said the same thing till I straightened out and then she laughed and said she believed me. She proceded to measure us with a pre made duct tape measure of truth on the wall. I was 6'1 and a little (9 in the morning) and my pal came in at 5'9 1/2". Couldn't help but laugh at him. Atleast his gown won't be too long.
Daniel said on 11/Jan/14
why so much drama about people's height?... I really don't understand why would 58 make a huge difference from 56 to someone's psychological health...
Shawn said on 11/Jan/14
Rob, whatever happened to Mamun anyway, and how come all his photos were taken down? Did you have a falling out with him similar to Glenn?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately photos of other people can open the site up to some problems that I won't go into detail about.

I did ban Glenn for his own good - after his height was found to be under 5ft 7 he didn't really have much credibility left and it would have been ongoing arguments with him and others.

Mamun I didn't ban, but removing photos obviously meant he didn't want to post.]
gsbr said on 15/Dec/13
I'm guessing Glenn is listed at 5'7" on his page because his entry hasn't been updated since 2009. Considering the base error with the stadiometer, it wouldn't surprise me if he was never over 5'7" when he was measured.
MrTBlack said on 29/Nov/13
In all fairness, he's closer to 5,7" than 5'6" so if he says 5'8" with shoes on, that'd probably sound fine to me.
Hola said on 27/Nov/13
Oh and out of curiousity, chance of allowing visitors photos?
[Editor Rob: you mean putting photos at top of pages again like glenn/mamun?

Only if I know the person and their height well and they are at a convention with me might I do that, but then one day who knows.]
Hola said on 27/Nov/13

very little as opposed to genetics.

@Rob, this was a great read. Very fun, you have a way with words.
cd said on 19/Nov/13
Rob if Glenn was a celeb and you were listing his height, what would you list him as? 5ft 6.5 or 5ft 6.75?
[Editor Rob: probably give him 5ft 6.75, although I'm sure he'd be argued anywhere from 5ft 6 to 7]
(S)aint said on 16/Nov/13
I have Glenn of my own who claims to be 6 feet when I have personally measured him at 177cm at his lowest. His highest is likely 179cm.
[Editor Rob: maybe they are distant cousins!]
(S)aint said on 11/Nov/13
Haha Rob you can't blame him he is wheeling that Anne girl lol. He has to tall lol
Editor Rob said on 11/Nov/13
Unbelievably he's still peddling the claim that he's 5ft 8 as recent as a few months ago :)
Evidence: Click Here
In his own words "I'm 5-8" and "If I was below 5-7....[I'd] be in trouble". I
guess he's forgot about being measured 1/3rd inch under 5ft 7, of which there is of course nothing wrong, it's for the most part a genetic luck of the draw the height you end up...but why still lie about it to people?
MrTBlack said on 10/Nov/13

Our diet and exercise can have an effect on how tall well become.
Rusty said on 3/Nov/13
I think had Glenn been honest about his height from day one it wouldn't have been such an issue. There is nothing wrong with him being short. We are all given a height and have to accept it. I didn't choose to be a 6'3" flat guy thats neither strong nor weak that is typically exactly on that mark. It just happened. I am not upset with Glenn for measuring under 5'7" but rather for lying and saying for years he was 5'8" when he was nowhere near it. I think he enjoyed fooling people to thinking he was that tall since he knew he was under 5'7". I think he got a huge thrill out of lying to you all that time. He never thought hed be called out on it is what i imagine

I have a friend who says he is a 6 footer but i tink hes 5'10.5" and i told him i think thats his height and he admitted that he lies and is 6 with shoes on. I would not be shocked if he didn't even hit 5'11" barefoot
cuatre said on 30/Oct/13
Rob how can i find out if my wall if under measuring or over measuring me?
[Editor Rob: try to find different walls and test them? Or use a friends house]
Rusty said on 22/Oct/13
Great writing Rob, but why would Glenn lie to all of us about his height? He knew he wasn't 5'8" and if he wanted to lie to his friends and such that's one thing but to lie to a site dedicated to guessing height is flat out wrong.
[Editor Rob: one thing the site gave was exposure to his photos, and attention that I think he loved...even when a lot of negative comments were aimed his way, he still stayed around.

maybe he just didn't want to say 'I'm 5ft 7' and went with 5ft 8 because he thought he could look it in a lot of his photos and who would ever actually measure him? It sounds better saying 5ft 8 than's one inch closer to the average mark.]
cuatre said on 16/Oct/13
Rob how the hell do you think glen measured himself to get 5'8 in the first place?he oviously didnt use a aerosol can or video tape,box ect.
[Editor Rob: it is possible at age 20 he got an out of bed measurement 5ft 7.5ish and thought 'near enough 5ft 8', or had a wall/floor that actually added's quite possible to find walls that take away height and others that add them - an old room in my parents house would take away half inch of height quite easily from anybody who dared measure against it...]
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 2/Oct/13
I feel sorry for those who feel they need to lie over 1 inch about their height... Maybe he was talking about his height in over sized boots lol

Why did Glenn even agree to fly over to you and to have this meeting, in all seriousness he must have known his height and that this night would end horribly for him...
[Editor Rob: I was flying to NY for a holiday, Glenn didn't really have to go out of his way for meeting us as he lived in the Bronx.]
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 2/Oct/13
I feel sorry for those who feel they need to lie over 1 inch about their height... Maybe he was talking about his height in over sized boots lol

Why did Glenn even agree to fly over to you and to have this meeting, in all seriousness he must have known his height and that this night would end horribly for him...
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 2/Oct/13
Hahahah! the way you wrote this really made me laugh! like cole said, you do have great writing skills!
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 2/Oct/13
Hahahah! the way you wrote this really made me laugh! like cole said, you do have great writing skills!
(S)aint said on 20/Sep/13
What was Glenn's last post? haha. Good story Rob.
[Editor Rob: his last email to me? I think it's long deleted...]
cole said on 8/Sep/13
Some good writing skills you've got there, Rob! It was truly a great late-night read, one that probably made me laugh way too hard (think I startled my cat).
[Editor Rob: and the funny thing's the truth!]
Rusty said on 24/Aug/13
I think he knew he was nowhere near 5'8" all along but hated his height and wanted to claim this height. That's why he was wearing those big combat boots in one of those photos. I am in a similar position, I maybe hit 6'3.5" on a good day out of bed if im lucky but more usually along the 6'3 3/8" mark and measured myself with an aerosol can after a long day of standing and sitting upright in chairs at a baseball game and standing drinking beer with my father. I got 6'2.75" at a couple locations in my home (i did on wood floor on a wall that looked pretty straight as Rob said to do in a video) and close to 6'2 7/8" on another wall. This was after being awake for 15 hours so this is most likely what i dip down to. It did seem my measurements were slightly more facing the wall than when i had my mother measure me with my back to the wall thus maybe this is the reason doctors measure you with your face toward the wall.

Anyway, back to my point (i like to write stories as does Rob with this masterpiece he wrote). I say Glenn is in a similar position to me because he is a weak 5'7" at best just as Rob would call me a weak 6'3". Yet my main question for you Rob is why did he claim 5'8" when I have never and never will claim 6'4" (6'3" is my claim when i state my height, which i feel is a fair claim for me to make). His claiming 5'8" would be the equivalent of me claiming 6'4" so why does he do it?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he ever thought he would have been measured by me, so lying a little or claiming to be 5ft 8 morning probably seemed 'not much of a problem' for him..]
Ras said on 10/Aug/13
Ajax says on 15/Feb/13
The irony of this story is, if Glenn were to be listed on a sports team, they'd put 5'6" flat since
They round down when your a height plus a half inch.

Don't they round up? I've seen many athletes being given half an inch over their barefeet height, some are given 1 or 2 inches.
Emil said on 16/Jul/13
"Better make this quick Rob, before I lose any height. I managed to borrow a Volvo to have a short nap in today."

I couldnt breathe in 2 minutes after reading this
Emil said on 16/Jul/13
I think we should stick to that 'extra-1.5 inch rule'. Then you'd be 5'9.5 1/8 and Id be 6'1 :P
cd said on 12/Jun/13
One good thing came out of this... Since Glenn put Stallone at 5'10 while himself claiming 5'8, maybe Stallone really is 2 inches taller than Glenn making him 5'8.5-5'9 (Glenn being 5'6.5-5'7). It all adds up!
Mr. R said on 22/May/13
Rob, this is helpful. Your sense of humor is great. But if you recall, I called out Glenn for being closer to 5-6 a long time ago. I saw his pics with celebs I have measured with (George Clooney who is still 5-9.5), and I knew that he was lying. Do I win a prize?

When are you coming to LA and you can measure me?
[Editor Rob: Glenn took up a lot of my time and was an interesting period for the site, but I have much less to worry about without his presence.

If I could visit America again I would, I really have no idea when that will happen.]
Boxing Fighter said on 19/May/13
Funny story. I am maybe one of the earlier visitors of this site, and used to come a lot back in 08-09. I always liked the idea of a photo reference from an independent third party, and Glenn seamed to be the perfect person for the job. But I've always found him very disrespectful and rude person. It is totally bizarre that the reference person lied his own height in a height investigation website. What was he thinking?! That he is some sort of a celebrity that is risking his own job in case truth is revealed? That in a freaking height investigation website, nobody would dare to doubt his height? How stupid is that? I congratulate your for the courage to ban this moron. Not only your website does not depend on him, but if you had kept him, it would surely be the end. Also congratulations for the good work. I keep watching the website as the most reliable source on the internet. Wish you success. Cheers mate!
[Editor Rob: if you take photos with celebs and are used by visitors as a visual reference, it is absolutely imperative that you be 100% honest about your height, because as Glenn found out, one day you might just end up getting measured!

a portion loved G of course, and probably never visited the site after he was banned, but the site never died. It has held relatively steady , even with more 'celeb heights' sites that have appeared since 2009 and for the last 2 years the real BIG G(oogle) ended up taking the top position on a ton of searches by putting their guess to visitors before any other sites like mine...meaning any height site would get less search visitors overall compared to maybe 3-4 years ago...]
Tom said on 28/Mar/13
Good work, Rob. Out of interest, what do you think the average difference is between the real height of celebrities and their listed heights? My view is that most men (or their agents) add on 1 to 2 inches.
[Editor Rob: I'd say it was 1 inch on average]
Ajax said on 15/Feb/13
The irony of this story is, if Glenn were to be listed on a sports team, they'd put 5'6" flat since
They round down when your a height plus a half inch.
Connor 183cm said on 29/Jan/13
Rob this question might sound silly but do you believe me about my height? always measured my height on kitchen floor and got 6ft 0.
John said on 9/Jan/13
The youtube video was hilarious. I live in NYC and saw Glenn on an N train awhile was the and time I saw him on that train. He got off at 8th St NYU. He looked really down in the dumps and weird. I was laughing hard internally but was too afraid to approach him (he had a weird aura.) He looked like a noticeably short guy in a thick sweatshirt. If I had to guess I would have said appears 5'7ish but noted he was wearing thick boots. I always look at someones shoes as a height investigator. Visisbly obviously not 5'8, I have a friend who is exactly 5'8 and is noticeably taller. The fact that he claimed 5'8 for so long and refused to be measured was inexcusable for a site based on height. Rob did the right thing here.
[Editor Rob: yeah, when a site is based around height and a component of that is somebody meeting celebrities and guessing how tall they are, it's vital that person goes by their measured height.

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