How tall is Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone's Height

5ft 8 ¼ (173.4 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9 (175.3 cm)
American actor best known for The Rocky, Rambo and Expendable series, Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, Judge Dredd and Cobra. In a 1991 interview with Longevity magazine he said "I'm 5'10" and in a 1993 edition of the New York Times added a fraction, saying "I'm exactly 5 feet 10 1/2 inches", although he once pushed his luck in a 1978 Playboy article claiming to stand "Five feet ten and three quarters tall.", on meeting him, said "Sly, shorter than you expect at 5-foot-eight", which he even mentioned himself: "I'm shorter and skinnier than you Expected". His footwear has always been a source of contention and in a 1990 Chicago Times article, the journalist mentioned "The real-life Rambo is an official 5 foot 10 1/2 inches tall, but that is with the generous boost of what can only be described as elevator shoes". Indeed, a specialist Italian shoemaker once commented that he "made him 4.5 inches taller for 16 years!". Sly's penchant for lifts dates back to the 1970's, with fellow actor Kevin Conway remarking that Sly was only 5ft 9 and "wears lifts all the time". Sly himself even joked about it once, when commenting upon the size of Rocky IV co-star Dolph Lundgren:"I'm fighting with elevator shoes on, this is ridiculous." There are definitely several tricks to looking taller, one of which was highlighted by Expendables 3 co-star Kelsey Grammar, who said Sly was a great guy, "Except when he changed the camera angle a little bit to make me look shorter."

How tall is Stallone
Sly and Frank (claims 6ft 1) / Photo by PRPhotos

In the screenwriter William Goldman's book 'About Lies Stars Tell', he offered his own estimation of Sly's stature, saying "I had a hot lead that Sly was 67 inches," revealing his source to be a jogger of similar stature to Sly. Goldman described how he ventured into a swimming pool that Sly was in...and 10 minutes later, "He got out, grabbed a towel. I got out, grabbed a towel. He stood. I stood. Sixty-seven inches. Dripping wet." That estimate is shared by Hulk Hogan, who casually called Sly "Five Six/Five Seven" and also by an Amateur Boxer who worked on Rocky V, saying he was stunned at the shortness of Stallone and towered above him: "I always pictured him as being a big guy. But I'm 5-foot-9 and I was two-three inches taller than him."

An ex-partner of Sly - Supermodel Janice Dickenson - claimed in her book 'Everything about me is fake' that when Sly was trying to pick her up, she recalled "Who was this guy to go dissing me while he's standing there in his custom-made elevator shoes." and also that "I couldn't believe how short he was". Another actress, Melinda Dillon - from F.I.S.T - commented in The Chicago Tribune that "I'm taller than Sly and that bothers him and we kid about it so I take off my shoes in some scenes. I can't slouch or I wouldn't be Anna. She's very upright."

Fellow action stars have even chimed in on his hard-to-pin-down height, most notably Jean Claude Van Damme, who once said "I'm 5-foot-10, a good size for movies. If you're too big a guy, it's hard to find good villains. That's why Stallone always has good villains. He's short."

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Average Guess (422 Votes)
Peak: 5ft 8.89in (175cm)
Current: 5ft 8.04in (172.8cm)
Bradley said on 9/Aug/20
I haven't met Willis 20 times,however; I have met my astronaut....he has a Volvo but doesn't use it as bed to get some added height in the Great Scot measure. Meat locker with Chuck Taylor's on is a nice shot.
Pierre said on 8/Aug/20
again Sly /Pelé behind the scenes = Click Here Click Here each time Sly closer to the camera and generous hairs .Other = Click Here

Pelé / Eusebio 5"9' with short hairs = Click Here Click Here other = Click Here

Sly never close to Eusebio's height to me
Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
11-12cm between stallone and arnold is poo. more like 8cm and 6 cm with willis is foreseeable not 7

willis guess: 182
stallone: 176
arnold: 184
burby said on 7/Aug/20
I wonder where my last post went? Oh well. I'm going to be needing that astronaut suit to sell those pretzels if there is a second wave in NYC.
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Aug/20
It’s still not the worst height for males to be
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Aug/20
176 is confusing cuz in the 80s it was solid average now below average but not short
policia edwards said on 6/Aug/20
Jean-Claude Van Damme and Sylvester Stallone 5.9 TOM CLUISER 5.7 shoes makes them taller...
Alir?za said on 6/Aug/20
This guy's height exactly isn't known because of he has always weared elevator. I think his peak height was maximum 176-177 cm, minimum 174-175 cm. Probably not solid 178 cm
Bradley said on 6/Aug/20
How did I miss that Big G Super Tape vid from years ago? Easy 1.5" in the bull and another 1/2" in Portman. Available in the Bronx only. Works well outside hotels against NYC Stallone sandals. G approoved, er approved. As good as Burby Pretzels sold all over NYC.
Slim 6'1 said on 6/Aug/20
Editor rob what is likelier, 174 or 176?
Editor Rob
Peak stallone I'd probably say had better chance of near 176 than 174
Keith 5'10 said on 2/Aug/20
Another with Brigitte Nielsen:
Click Here
Maybe 176cm at peak is possible.
Slim 6'1" said on 1/Aug/20
176.8 physical prime
bernie said on 31/Jul/20
Take a Look at the pic at min. 1:00. So to all 5'9" / 5'10" Peak Claimers for Sly.. this pic must liquidate all doubts. Sly never has been near 5'10". Looks more like 5'7" in this pic with Mr. T., although he has camera advatage (stand close to it)looks significantly shorter. Guess this should clear it all.
Click Here
bernie said on 31/Jul/20
Take a Look at the pic at min. 1:00. So to all 5'9" / 5'10" Peak Claimers for Sly.. this pic must liquidate all doubts. Sly never has been near 5'10". Looks more like 5'7" in this pic with Mr. T., although he has camera advatage (stand close to it)looks significantly shorter. Guess this should clear it all.
Click Here
Keith Bacchus said on 30/Jul/20
He wasnt over 210 pounds in rambo he was 190 pounds max
Keith Bacchus said on 30/Jul/20
5 foot 10 max or 5 foot 9.5 no shoter than 5 foot 9 this was at his peak 25 to 35 or 30 to 40 how long can one maintain their height till age 50 genetics really
Bradley said on 30/Jul/20
The slaughtah (NYC accent) house scene with Burt is a beautiful shot of 5' 8.5".
bernie said on 26/Jul/20
@ Davidjr - thats why he is NOT taller than 5'8" Paulie (Burt Young) in for example Rocky I, slaughterhouse scence them walking together, Sly wearing normal shoes, sneakers.
Sly has never been over 5'8" at peak, i'd say 5'7.75" could be even more closer to the truth.
Looks short as well in Rambo I, everyone's taller than him in the police station, although he's wearing those Rambo boots....

Davidjr said on 18/Apr/20
Peak height 5foot 10inches 177.8cm and current height like 5foot 8.75inches 174.6cm
viper said on 23/Jul/20
Peak 5-7.5
Mr height said on 22/Jul/20
Hes way too height conscious 5’7.75
Bradley said on 22/Jul/20
Frank is as insecure as Sly when it comes to height. Those cowboy boots are loaded with wedge.
Nash said on 20/Jul/20
Hi Rob, solve this mystery plz.
There are many photos of him with his then wife , (6ft+ without heels)Brigitte Nielsen. Brigitte is a woman who made Arnold look short at his peak height(Red Sonja),

Click Here

and compared to how she practically dwarfs her current husband whenever she wears heels,

Click Here

it’s impossible to think that without being at least 5 ft 10, any amount of shoe elevation could have helped Sly look how he did next to her, because she was wearing heels too!

Click Here

Also noting that she was at her peak height when with Sly, would you consider upgrading at least Sky’s peak?
Editor Rob
5ft 9 is probably the lowest I'd go for Stallone and I can see why 5ft 9 and change is arguable for him at times.
James B 172cm said on 20/Jul/20
rob i heard he was like over 210 lbs in the 80s rambo films
Editor Rob
I doubt he was that big
Dmeumyer said on 19/Jul/20
If you look at shoulder level ans take posture into account Iron Mike Will bé no shorter than Sly , but Mike is aleast 177cm today so Sly need 3-4cm extra shoes to look that , so Sly pulled off 5-10 at that even
Canson said on 19/Jul/20
@Viper: you mean today? Or in his prime? His peak was definitely at least 5’8” he wasn’t as low as 5’7.5 back then
Pierre said on 19/Jul/20
Sly/Franck Stallone =

There is a pic at Tom Sizemore's page Tom /Rob .Tom is listed 5"10.25' taht seems to me the max for him = Click Here

Now Franck Stallone wearing massive cow boy boots/Tom slim heels = Click Here Click Here

Franck's boots = Click Here Click Here

Tom's boots = Click Here same event same boots = Click Here

Franck imo had about an inch more shoe
viper said on 16/Jul/20
Yeah, the absolute most peak is 5-7.5
Hotpots said on 14/Jul/20
5-7.5 tops
Jeffrey Pedal? said on 12/Jul/20
Hi Rob, i have a question for you, how do you think of Stallone weight in the cult movie Cobra, in 1986.."? I think he is near the 175 lbs
Editor Rob
I'd say that was a reasonable guess, maybe pushing 180
Frankie68 said on 11/Jul/20
Recent pics of Sly & 5’9 Brother Frank has Sly looking very short (instagram pics) check them out - 5’7 max for me — I personally don’t think Sly lost any height - I simply think he doesn’t wear elevator shoes as much as he used to - He’s under 5’8 no doubt -
Bradley said on 10/Jul/20
Ms. Cowell must be G's press secretary. Chiny might be right.
Keith Bacchus said on 10/Jul/20
I'd give him 5 foot 9.5 5 foot 10
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/20
🎂🎁💪🎈 Happy Birthday Sly! 🎈🐇🎁🎊

A Very Happy Birthday to Sylvester Stallone, who turned 74 years old yesterday, the 6th July. 🥊

5ft9 peak and three quarters of an inch less today. XX 😁👍

Chinybobs said on 7/Jul/20
Doesn’t actually look even 5-8 next to 5-10 Frank stallone on his recent birthday. Imo he’s 5-7,75 now.
GrandRaw said on 1/Jul/20
I think Sly would be closer to 175 cm. Since in Wesley Snipes section on your site it seems Sly is taller than Statham. Around same height than Snipes in that photo. Though i can see Sly is wearing some thick shoes. Still if we take them away he is still Statham height in that photo. Just my opinion. What do you think? Also i love your site because it is most accurate and precise site about heights.
Gary Anderson said on 21/Jun/20
Ehi Rob, Sly today is 190 pounds about?
Editor Rob
He could be closer to 190 than 175-80
Bradley said on 11/Jun/20
The behind the scenes footage of Sly from the Rocky films are classic. At 5' 8.5" he's getting owned all over.
Frankie68 said on 9/Jun/20
In recent days ( on instagram) theres been rare footage of behind the scenes of ROCKY 1 and Sly is much shorter than Gazzo who is 5’10 & Rocky is in his famous boots & leather coat — He can’t be over 5’7 without those elevator boots on its mathematically impossible!! 5’7 for me !!
Chinybobs said on 4/Jun/20
I cannot imagine him over 5-8 peak. Looks 2” shorter than Mr T in the behind the scenes pictures of Rocky 3. 5-9 flat is too much.
Patrick McPhie said on 1/Jun/20
5’9 flat.
Bradley said on 31/May/20
Wish R & F & N were here in '06. Heapin' helpin' of G tirade. They met their astronauts. Sal, napkins and mustad, I'm due up with the Scot in 2 hours. Frank2, please come back.
Realist said on 30/May/20
Stallone was 5'8 max peak height a 5'11 Joe Frazier looked really tall compared to him when he was like 30 years old which is comical. He is 5'7 now
Nik Ashton said on 29/May/20
It’s amazing that William Goldman described Sylvester as “67 inches (5-feet-7), dripping wet.”!
Frankie68 said on 28/May/20
Eye see you is a perfect film to judge Sly’s height — He is shorter than Charles Dutton who is listed as 5’9 ( who knows how true that is ) and Sly is in boots & lifts — Clearly under 5’8 —
Yas said on 28/May/20
Carter Wong is listed at 5'7. Click Here
Nicholas 5'9.25 said on 14/May/20
Rob, what would you guess his wingspan is? I can't find it anywhere!
Editor Rob
I couldn't really give a guess on that.
Barry Fl said on 14/May/20
Click Here

John Rambo "RAMBO" 1/6 Scale Action Figure approx 12 inches tall - so Sly is approx 6 foot tall! :-D :-D :-D
Chinybobs said on 13/May/20
Hair system and plugs. 5-8.5 peak
JohnMoore-162cm said on 7/May/20
I think 5ft8 today and 5ft8 3/4" in his prime
Bradley said on 6/May/20
His hair is a mystery. Plugs? Weaves? 5 foot 8 and a 1/2 inch peak.
Frankie68 said on 6/May/20
@cockstride .. I agree with you & to note Sharon Stone is 5’7 (some say 5’6) not the listed height of 5’8 .. & Sly is right with her @ 5’7 ! Watched his movie Backtrace ( horrible) theres a seen of Sly walking down a hall with 5’8 Lydia Hull who is clearly taller than him .. she had a moderate heel on but im sure Sly did as well
Cockstride said on 4/May/20
Watched the specialist last night and then the last Rambo. Love both films. Odd thing not height related is the hairline!! It’s quite receding in the the specialist and then in Rambo it’s at least an inch lower lol. As for his height Sharon Stone and him are pretty close in height. Certainly wasn’t over 5-9 peak.
Nik said on 20/Apr/20
@ Nikkok - I like your name!

He is just an average dude!
Bradley said on 19/Apr/20
Sal, mustad and napkins, I'm due with a da Scot in 2 hours.....head back in Volvo.
burby said on 18/Apr/20
Let's hope Sal delivers N95 respirators like he does pizza. In all seriousness though, I hope Big G is doing okay.
Davidjr said on 18/Apr/20
Peak height 5foot 10inches 177.8cm and current height like 5foot 8.75inches 174.6cm
Bradley said on 16/Apr/20
I've never heard of the ditch method cept Allan Ladd. I've heard of Portmans and Volvo beds to get the needed height plus a bit of meeting celebs and not my postman and lots of fibbin' Burbs. He's 5 foot 8, down from Telly in '75 going "who loves ya baby" when he was 5' 8.5" peak in his built up boots added trying to get the added against the great late Greek.
Jtm said on 16/Apr/20
burby said on 14/Apr/20
Brad, don't forget about taller actors having to stand in ditches in a certain well known movie. How is everyone handling this virus, BTW?

except john wayne or clint eastwood.

as for the virus, i am just being careful and do anything as possible to avoid getting it. i go outside ride on my bike or take a walk for about 45 mins and stay a little busy during the day.
burby said on 14/Apr/20
Brad, don't forget about taller actors having to stand in ditches in a certain well known movie. How is everyone handling this virus, BTW?
Cockstride said on 14/Apr/20
@Bradley. Yeah couldn’t agree more. Been trying to project 5-10+ for years. Reality is 5-8 range.
Pierre said on 14/Apr/20
Cockstride said on 12/Apr/20
@pierre. Next Muhammad Ali and Seagal he looks near 6-0 which is bizarre. Obviously huge shoe heel and inserts. And other pictures looks barley 5-8. The guy is a wizard at height manipulation

that's why I think Steven Seagal was not as tall as his official height.i don't know for Muhammad 's real height.But I 'm sure Sly's peak height was nothing over 5"8'
Bradley said on 12/Apr/20
The only magic he uses, and for near 50 years, is built up footwear, angles, casting short people around him and lying through his teeth about his height.
Cockstride said on 12/Apr/20
@pierre. Next Muhammad Ali and Seagal he looks near 6-0 which is bizarre. Obviously huge shoe heel and inserts. And other pictures looks barley 5-8. The guy is a wizard at height manipulation
Spencer said on 11/Apr/20
No more than 5'9" peak. 5'8" today.
Pierre said on 11/Apr/20
@Cockstride=he does not look 6"0' imo, just some official heights of celebrities standing next to him are a bit rounded up imo plus Sly generally standing very straight plus sometimes angle of pics
Cockstride said on 11/Apr/20
Probably the hardest one to pin down. Crazy how he can look anything from near 6-0 to as low as 5-7 in some cases. The ultimate height magician
Bradley said on 5/Apr/20
RMH is correct. He'd say 5'10" today if asked.
Pierre said on 5/Apr/20
Frankie68 said on 3/Apr/20
Just for the record — Paulie (Burt Young) 5’7 in his prime ( Rocky 1 behind the scenes pics) is & was taller than Stallone - if you let your iphones measure them both in Rocky 1 behind the scenes pics .. Burt’s body length is longer .. E..O... S .. end of story !!

I give to Sly a bit less shoes than Burt Young that's why I buy 5"7.5' .

Again Sly Pelé behind the scenes = Click Here Click Here

Pelé and Eusebio 5"9'= Click Here Click Here Click Here

Click Here = Eusebio and 5"11' Geoffrey Hurst Rob has seen Click Here

An example of Sly shoes in the movie with Pelé = Click Here
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 3/Apr/20
I'm sure he is just 5ft8 inch now
Frankie68 said on 3/Apr/20
Just for the record — Paulie (Burt Young) 5’7 in his prime ( Rocky 1 behind the scenes pics) is & was taller than Stallone - if you let your iphones measure them both in Rocky 1 behind the scenes pics .. Burt’s body length is longer .. E..O... S .. end of story !!
Pierre said on 2/Apr/20
@Frankie 68 =Peaks(my guess this moment) Eddie Murphy 5"9.25'/5"9.5' Robert De Niro 5"8' Robin williams 5"7.25' Burt Young 5"6.75' Sly 5"7.5' .Sly always in good shape has not lost really height imo. In Copland next to Robert De Niro he wear big high shoes too = Click Here Click Here (shoes).Eventually also go to Frank Stallone's page ,I posted a commment recently.
SlyGuy78 said on 2/Apr/20
He basically admitted to being under 5'9. If he were, he would have said 5'11 in the above quotes like everyone else... 5'8.5 -.75 peak...
Frankie68 said on 2/Apr/20
@pierre .. good pics but 2 things to add .. 1 .. I don’t think De’Niro was ever 5’9 but Eddie Murphy is a solid 5’9.. And Sly is 5’7 !!
Cockstride said on 29/Mar/20
Maximum peak 5-9.5. Now looks just about 5-8 barefoot
pov said on 28/Mar/20
Peak 5'8, 5'7 today
Pierre said on 26/Mar/20
Comparisons Sylvester/Burt=

Click Here = Here 1986 Burt Young billed 5"7.5' next to Robert De Niro billed 5"9'(like Sly 5"9' peak) both around same distance to the camera and around same posture.Others = Click Here Click Here

Click Here = Now Robert De Niro again and Robin Williams billed 5"7' 1990 = Click Here Click Here Click Here

2001 Robert De Niro again and Eddie Murphy billed 5"9.25' = Click Here Click Here = shoes other = Click Here
Pierre said on 26/Mar/20
Burt Young (listed 5"7.5') curiously always slouch in Rocky.Pic behind the scenes when straight this time = Click Here .I know Sylvester stand more distant to the camera but he does not look really 5"9' here .
Click Here = in both pics imagine Burt Young in same posture as Sly plus same big hairs = Click Here .
Frankie68 said on 24/Mar/20
Bradley , don’t count on 5’8 .. trust me !! Hijoputamos .. go look at pics from Rocky 5 boots Rhinestone elevators- Demolition Man ‘s are comical- Cobra are 4 incher’s — & than look early in his career at Kojak - Rocky 1 were he is shorter than Paulie (lol) in behind the scenes pics of the meat house !! And much more - I would provide pics here but I don’t know how to load them if someone could help I would appreciate it
Pierre said on 23/Mar/20
Click Here = Sly's shoes in "Over the Top"=if you do a big zoom you will see the sole above the heel is as thick as the heel (itself generous)
Bradley said on 20/Mar/20
Frankie, if you were here 10 years you'd get the wrath of The G. He was 5' 8.5" tops, still not under 5' 8".
Hijoputamos said on 20/Mar/20
@Frankie68, 4 inch elevators? That’s 10 cm. Is that possible? I don’t think anyone can walk on those abs especially a man over 70
Ethan Couch said on 20/Mar/20
Hey Rob, do you think he could possibly be 5’6 barefoot by any chance?! Maybe shorter than that?..
Editor Rob
I've never seen enough to think Sly was as short as 5ft 7.
Frankie68 said on 20/Mar/20
@bradley , I don’t think he was ever 5’8 1/2 or 5’8 .. He has 5’ 7 written all over him — A 5’7 man in 4 inch elevated shoes/boots (with long arms) can pull off the 5’10 appearance..
Bradley said on 9/Mar/20
You can never be let down on laughter with Sly saying the fibs decades ago when he was rockin' in monsters to add to his 5' 8.5" height.
Frankie68 said on 5/Mar/20
Sly got the big boy boots out for his next movie Samaritan !! Go check out the pics , you won’t be let down !!
Bradley said on 2/Mar/20
He'd be 5 foot 8 if measured today by an expert. The real mystery is what figure he'd throw out himself. He might do the 5' 10".
Bob da cob. said on 1/Mar/20
@ Bradley. Yeah I honestly believe sly if you measured him barefoot he would be 5-8 or more realistically under.
Bradley said on 25/Feb/20
That's right cob. I'd love to see somebody ask Vin or Marky what their height is. Stallone won't stop with the customs. They get exposed huge in beach shots.
Bob da cob. said on 20/Feb/20
@Bradley. Absolutely agree. The media angle on those height liars is now defunct. Too much photo evidence now exposing their silly claims.
Bradley said on 18/Feb/20
Hey cob, back in the day this site was buried in 5' 9" to 5' 10.5" lovers. He was only 5' 8.5" peak. Too many sites stay with the Vin and Sly figures posted by management and themselves. Vin and Marky Mark get exposed.
Bob da cob. said on 18/Feb/20
In his youth he claimed almost 5-11!!! The. 5-10 and so on going shorter lol. The reason he looks like he hasn’t lost much height is simply because he wasn’t that tall to start with. 5-8.5 peak imo. Social media has been a nightmare for these height lairs in recent years lol. Nowhere to hide now so they are getting exposed. Vin Diesel arnie etc etc.
Pierre said on 14/Feb/20
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Feb/20

Lol, dude. Kinda reminds me of this guy... Click Here

Check out an old pic of a maybe 5'7" guy like Robert Downey Jr. next to a maybe 5'9" guy like Mel Gibson -- but with NO lifts... Click Here

Yet I'm supposed to believe Editor Rob that Sly wore those woman's heels b/c he was as tall as 5'9"... Gimme a break.

Sly was never 5'9" peak height. No one gets pegged as a midget if they're of average height. The fact that ppl on this site can't understand this is laughable.

@Sotiris =I beleave Sly was very probably under 5"9' too.If you read all the comments with pics I posted recently or not,I personally buy a weak 5"8' peak .Sly beeing in good shape for a 73 years old guy ,with a good musculature,I think he just lost a fraction or maybe half an inch by the years.And so I guess him around 5"7.25'/5'7.5' actually.
He looks actually clearly a bit shorter than his brother Franck. Eventually watch the comment/pics I posted in Arnold's page on 7/feb/20 if you want an idea of the real height of Franck next to Tom Sizemore and next compare him to Sly(by considering shoes of course 😉) .Rob posted a pic of Tom next to him and guess him 5"10.25' that seems to me the max he can be by this pic.I personnally guess a weak 5"10' for Tom.
Sotiris,Good find this pic with Sly in massive heels in Nighthawks !
The passionate debate continues!
Barry Fl said on 14/Feb/20
Click Here

Some more mighty shoes for the mighty man.
Bradley said on 13/Feb/20
Sly has used Downey Jr. heel and wedge for years. There was an at a podium shot of him years ago where he had the same footwear. He's been doing this for decades. The people eat up his claims. He's a 5' 8.5" peak guy.
Bob da cob. said on 13/Feb/20
Imo he’s 5-9 peak. Now 5-8 or under
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Feb/20

Lol, dude. Kinda reminds me of this guy... Click Here

Check out an old pic of a maybe 5'7" guy like Robert Downey Jr. next to a maybe 5'9" guy like Mel Gibson -- but with NO lifts... Click Here

Yet I'm supposed to believe Editor Rob that Sly wore those woman's heels b/c he was as tall as 5'9"... Gimme a break.

Sly was never 5'9" peak height. No one gets pegged as a midget if they're of average height. The fact that ppl on this site can't understand this is laughable.
Bradley said on 11/Feb/20
Look at that Nighthawks shot! Wow! Classic heeled and wedged custom monsters. This is what he has used for years. Sotiris with a keeper shot! Keep looking Sotiris, that one is a top five.
Pierre said on 10/Feb/20
@Sotiris= First pic = Woaw this heels are looking the same as my mother's heels!
Sotiris Gravas said on 9/Feb/20
Was going to post this a good while ago, but forgot. I only got around to seeing "Nighthawks" (1981) last year. Sly had big heels on in this scene, very big... Click Here

Billy Dee Williams footwear... Click Here

This is them nowadays (2019)... Click Here (Sly is standing on something, giving him a little height boost; mere coincidence, I'm sure... :)

I remember some guys here talking about a Sly wig. This was his wig in "Nighthawks": Click Here
Pierre said on 8/Feb/20
Danimal 5'9 5/8" said on 29/Jan/20
Bradley said on 31/Dec/19
The animal is correct, however; 5' 8.5" was his peak. He's still hanging at 5" 8".

Bradley, not too many 73 old men who have only lost 0.5". Most men by that age have lost up to 1.5". Even if he was 5'8.5" peak, he's under between at best 5'7.5" today. He might be worth $400 million, but he's not immune to father gravity.

But Sly has not the body of many 73 old men,he's very muscular for his age ...Imo he just lost a fraction or maybe half an inch= weak 5"8' peak now around 5"7.5'.
Danimal 5'9 5/8" said on 29/Jan/20
Bradley said on 31/Dec/19
The animal is correct, however; 5' 8.5" was his peak. He's still hanging at 5" 8".

Bradley, not too many 73 old men who have only lost 0.5". Most men by that age have lost up to 1.5". Even if he was 5'8.5" peak, he's under between at best 5'7.5" today. He might be worth $400 million, but he's not immune to father gravity.
Bradley said on 18/Jan/20
You think 5' 8 and 1/4" in 2020 is G approoved, er approved? Frank2 where are you?
Original said on 16/Jan/20
Peak: 5ft 8.75 Current: 5ft 7.75
Bradley said on 16/Jan/20
You mean da guy who says he is 6 feet one? Dat means Sly is 5 feet eleven in da photo. Da guy G must be 5 feet 8.
Mikey O' said on 15/Jan/20
And who's that handsome devil standing next to him? You guessed it.......Frank Stallone.
Bob da cob. said on 13/Jan/20
5-8 absolute max today. Under a tiny bit imo.
Michael tosch said on 12/Jan/20
Have any one ever met someone who is 5'7 or5'8 that has a build like his come on he would have to weigh 150lbs to look like he does
Jkiller said on 12/Jan/20
around 173cm now and 174.5cm peak
TheHawk said on 8/Jan/20
Pierre said on 7/Jan/20
weak 5"8' peak now strong 5"7' something like that.
Bradley said on 3/Jan/20
Still 5-8. Has cement in his body to stop going to under 5' 8". Sal, more napkins and another Nathan's dog, I'm due up with the Scot in an hour.
burby said on 2/Jan/20
5'7" is silly talk, weak 5'8" 2020.
anonymus pc9 said on 1/Jan/20
actionboy: lmao 176 cm is above average... where? just because in most of Europe and USA its a bang on average
miko said on 1/Jan/20
Ah I see Mr Heightloss is back on here.
Bradley said on 31/Dec/19
The animal is correct, however; 5' 8.5" was his peak. He's still hanging at 5" 8".
actionboy said on 31/Dec/19
RichardSpain said on 28/Dec/19
He was 176cm
lol 176 cm u must be kidding 176 cm barefoot is above average and can look talish at times lol. He was 174.5 cm max
Danimal said on 30/Dec/19
He was never 5'9" let alone 5'10" at his peak height. He was 5'8"-5'8.5" during his prime years. Today, he's lucky if he's 5'7" barefoot at 73 years old. He has you all fooled.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Dec/19
I wonder if he will ever be my height.
RichardSpain said on 28/Dec/19
He was 176cm

Today he is 174cm
Bradley said on 26/Dec/19
5-8 but wait, he might get to 5' 7 3/4" in 20-20. I wonder what he would say himself? 5-10 is my guess.
TheBat said on 25/Dec/19

I would agree with your estimate. 5'7.75" would be the lowest I see Sly at today.
Caldonio said on 23/Dec/19
He’s impossible to pin down. Wears crazy shoes at times like vin diesel so the real gauge of a flat height is impossible. Looks a lot shorter that Brian in first blood. And at that age he was peak. 5-9 maybe absolutely peak. Now could actually be under 5-8.
175cmandhappy said on 10/Dec/19
Somewhere between 5'9 and 5'10 peak, about 5'8 now.
Bradley said on 4/Dec/19
Escape to a monster heeled wedged victory.
Pierre said on 4/Dec/19
Max weak 5"8' peak now 5"7.25'/5"7.5'.Even young he had some helps in movies like here = Click Here
in this pics "behind the scenes" = Click Here Click Here Click Here inwhich he had probably only classic shoes you can see he never look as tall as 5"9'Eusebio next to Pelé = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Bradley said on 3/Dec/19
One more movie and his height will be 5' 7 and 3/4". He'll still say 5-10.
Caldonio said on 2/Dec/19
After watching the new Rambo film he looks 5-8 max. Definitely not over it. On a side note his hair looks like a hair system too. It’s so low compared to his 40s and 50s.
Caldonio said on 2/Dec/19
The butthurt for sly fans knowing deep down he was never 5-10 peak. Hilarious. 5-9 peak now struggling with 5-8.
Bradley said on 30/Nov/19
Leroy, you are like me, very correct. I've met him 20+ times in NYC. Most of the people on this site have only met their postman. G. Sal, napkins, I'm due upstairs with the Scot next hour.
Pierre said on 30/Nov/19
Bradley said on 29/Nov/19
Thank you Leroy. The G.

G. like grand heels
Bradley said on 29/Nov/19
Thank you Leroy. The G.
Hijoputamus said on 28/Nov/19
@LEREOY, people in here rate celebs barefoot
LEROY said on 25/Nov/19
Bradley said on 19/Nov/19
He must have stuff that makes the Rambo boot wedge look tame in that shot. They cast the guy on the right correct.
K.A said on 18/Nov/19
The height Magician...
Pierre said on 17/Nov/19
@Bradley = here are Sly's boots next to Henry winkler = Click Here = curiously when he walk fast his ankle(right ankle here) seems to be broken something like six or seven inches higher than the floor as if he had massive helps in his boots....
Caldonio said on 17/Nov/19
His hairline now compared to demolition man is 1” lower. Lol. He gets taller with age and his hair gets lower wtf hahahaha. He’s barefoot nearly 5-8.
Bradley said on 16/Nov/19
Winkler was and still is 5' 6". Sly had a duece and half on him.
Barber boy said on 15/Nov/19
Watch him in lords of Flatbush he’s about a inch taller than the tiny Henry Winkler! 5 8” tops
Bradley said on 14/Nov/19
Easy 3" added in Sly wedged whoppers with Mike. He just won't stop.
Caldonio said on 13/Nov/19
@Big T. Mikes probably south of 5-10 today. Sly with the magic footwear will easy be taller. Estimated help of 3” in those boots.
Jack Carter said on 13/Nov/19
I believe him at 5’10.5”...

Give him cowboy boots and a half inch of medium hair and he’ll pull it off
Bradley said on 12/Nov/19
Because he wore lifts with Iron Mike. At 5' 8" flat he'd be eaten up by Mike in socks.
Big T said on 11/Nov/19
Click Here has Sly managed to pull off still looking over 5'11" with Mike Tyson!
Greg said on 25/Oct/19
@caldoni lol you must have not heard about Jake Paul barely being 5’10 and claiming 6’2. Vin at least can pull off looking close to his claim with massive shoes/lifts 😂.
Pierre said on 11/Oct/19
Sly 5"9' peak means for example Eusebio was around 5"10.5' peak which is a non sense to me,Sly was a weak 5"8' and lost only a fraction by the years now he's something like 5"7.5' imo.
Bradley said on 10/Oct/19
Vin is the top clown. Vin wears monsters more than Sly. Sly is 5' 8" (weak) today and Vin a 5-10. Sly's hair is a mystery.
TheBat said on 9/Oct/19
Sly was 5'9" peak, now is 5'8" flat.
Caldoni said on 8/Oct/19
It’s actually comical to think he claimed 5-10.75 once. Him,arnie,vin Diesel are top tier height clowns.
Dmeyer said on 8/Oct/19
in the movie backtrace standing by himself he realy looks on the short side like 5'7-7,75 type guy
Caldoni said on 6/Oct/19
He’s 5-8 or under today absolutely. On a side note his hair line continues to get lower and lower. Some heavy transplant or some substantial hair system wig work.
Pierre said on 5/Oct/19
Comparisons Arnold /Sly = Click Here = here is a pic with Arnold at only 47 .Max 6"0' Tom Hanks slouching on him is always around Arnold's height.Arnold 6"2' barefoot means Arnold around 6"3' in shoes means Tom Cruise around 6"1' in shoes.....Sly was " 5"10' " like Arnold was " 6"2' ".....= Arnold peak a bit under 6"0' barefoot = Sly peak a bit under 5"8' barefoot.
Caldoni said on 5/Oct/19
@Bradley. No his peak claim was 6-2. Slys was 5-10. Both totally bull.
Bradley said on 4/Oct/19
Arnie says 6-2 in '19? Whatta fibber. Crenna was a solid 6 foot. Sly ramped his Rambo boots with Crenna. Sly would say 5-10 even today.
Caldoni said on 3/Oct/19
Too many people who are legit claim he’s 5-8 max. Probably under by 1/2 inch today. His shoes and boots have always given him anything from 2 to 3 inches. So he’s obviously going to use a 5-9 or 5-10 claim. Arnie also has been generous with his 6-2 claim which is also false.
Jtm said on 3/Oct/19
Frank2 and crenna's daughter both claimed crenna's was closer to 6'0.
Bradley said on 2/Oct/19
Imagine showing Sly the Duran footage 5 seconds after his 5' 10.75" laughter claim. Gee Sly, I didn't know Roberto was so tall, they need to change the program height for every fight.
FromSpain with love said on 30/Sep/19
More or less 175—176 cm in peak

And I think he is 173 cm nowadays

He is a bit shorter than Richard Crenna ( 185 cm)in Rambo Movies when sly was young.
pov said on 30/Sep/19
He wore heeled boots and elevator shoes consistently always had the footwear advantage, I cant see him being 5”9 peak. Maybe 5”8. Realistically I think he was 5”8 on the nose peak, I dont think he’s lost much height. His posture is good for a man his age.
viper said on 29/Sep/19
Sly is 5-7
Pierre said on 28/Sep/19
@BBZ8800 = But in the video with Roberto Duran =by considering postures Sly is not looking really taller than Roberto here.And next to Kurt Russell Sly is always closer to the camera then you have to take this parameter in consideration.Kurt Russel is clearly not in 5"11' range to me.Read old comments i posted here with pics ,maybe you will get an idea on the real peak height of Sly .
BBZ8800 said on 28/Sep/19
@Pierre, yes I agree that with Sly, shoes can make it difficult to guess. This vid should help! It's an extra from Rocky II in which he's sparring with 5'7 Roberto Duran and they're both wearing boxing shoes Click Here That's at least a 10cm advantage to Sly.

And then, there's also the Tango & Cash shower scene where he is at least 1 full inch taller than 5ft 9 ¼ listed Kurt Russel Click Here You don't see it in the clip but they were both bare feet! You could see it as there was a full butt shot a minute earlier but YT wouldn't allow the up.

And bare in mind, Kurt himself who played a 5ft 11 ¾ Elvis claims he is 1.80m or 5feet 11inches. Tbh, he's probably over-claiming as this would put sly in the 6' club.

Point is, many people think Sly is small because his built like a tank and it adds to his stockiness. Kinda like the Matt Damon effect (but also worse with Damon due to his really really really short arms and legs and a torso that goes on forever till the end of time OMG!!! _ I mean he's got like T-Rex appendages )

Anyways, like I was saying, once they meet the Stallion in person, they're actually quite surprised of how tall he is!!! oh my dayz! He looked like the Storbergsmasten next to Dolly Parton in Rhinestone!!!
Canson said on 27/Sep/19
I doubt he’s under 5’8”
Frankie68 said on 27/Sep/19
There is a pic of Scarlet & Sly on the Stallonegirls instagram- Sly in a black suit & Scarlet in a black dress & she is much taller than him - she is listed at 5’7 but probably closer to 5’6 - Scarlet is in heels & Sly’s shoes are not shown ,but what can be taken from the pic is she is probably 5’9 -5’9 1/2 with heels & Sly does not look 5’8 -5’9 range at all , infact he looks very short with his dress shoes on that are probably boosted to some degree - can some please find the pic & post it - it’s excellent proof he is not 5’8 or 5’9 or his famous (lol) 5’10 claim —
Pierre said on 27/Sep/19
@BBZ8800 = I think you overestimate Sylvester's height because you don't take in consideration his

advantageous shoes.Young Sly was probably a weak 5"8' and now about a strong 5"7' imo
Bradley said on 26/Sep/19
In 15 years he'll be 5' 7". He's 5' 8" right now. I hope he doesn't go the Wayne Newton way of stopping aging.
BBZ8800 said on 26/Sep/19
Sly looks different facially to his brother and uncle and he's been able to maintain his youthful complexion, muscle tone and dark hair instead of the more commonplace sagging pecs and wrinkles men his age typically show. But he certainly has lost a great deal of his height!
In Cobra, he was King! So confident he wasn't even intimated by the tall statuesque Nielsen.
I haven't seen him look that tall in any movie other than Judge Dredd where he was listed as 202cm and he actually made it believable.
Though it's possible he might still lose a bit more height due to his numerous injuries, years of horse back riding and bull fighting, in my opinion, he will be able to maintain a 5'10" vibe for at least the next 15 years. At which point, he will probably switch from pure action top dog to romcoms or drama. I know for a fact he's keen on doing a serie noire True Detective type project but spanning multiple years.
About his facial characteristics, he's opted to steer clear from lifts and fillers, he prefers acupuncture and ear kindling. This way, he stays a looker and gets to keep his expressiveness.

He's also doing more yoga and Tai Chi these days. Jacky introduced him to a grand master a few years back. Combined with his intermittent fasting, juicing programs and eating only veggies and fruits during the Ramadhan, I can see him easily surpassing Schwarzie and perhaps even Dolph in a few years time.

I go along with 5'10" for now as the consensus here seems much lower otherwise, I'd have guessed 5'11"

A lot of you guys underestimate his height because of the pics with Brigitte, Sly fighting Hulk, Sly fighting Draco, etc. but you forget these were giants and for the purpose of the plot, it was necessary for his character to look smaller than he really is. Even in Cobra, he could've been taller but the director estimated it would make Nielsen seem even hotter if she appeared as an extra tall stiletto wearing damsel in mistress!

And it worked! She was the hottest thing since slice bread O.M.G.!!!
Caldoni said on 25/Sep/19
Looks 5-7.5 in Rocky 3.
Bradley said on 22/Sep/19
I did. All those liberal left-wing reviewers hated it. I've been to Juarez...Rambo needs to set up shop there. Bring it on with arrows,knives and guns.
Caldoni said on 21/Sep/19
Realistically I struggle to see him over 5-8. Peak might be 1/2 over it
burby said on 20/Sep/19
Anyone see Home I mean Last Blood yet? Geez, that rocking chair....
Pierre said on 16/Sep/19
Nice shoes!I didn't know Hogan's sneakers.

It's very difficult to guess the real height of people sometimes.
Andrea said on 15/Sep/19
Is that what classic Hogans generally add or just a particularly thick model? I mean, I knew that Hogans were quite thick, but 2 inches??? That's a hell of a boost!
Do you think that Bova could be wearing a similar model in that famous pic with Butler? Click Here
Editor Rob
It's hard to tell exactly, but I think they might be an older interactive from 2005.

The Interactive's are the biggest (mens) model Hogan have. You can see The old photo of Sly wearing them.

The insoles are 1.1-1.2cm. Hogan themselves describe it as 2cm, but they are measuring the high point - it's concave, so the actual gain from the insole is basically near half inch.
Editor Rob said on 15/Sep/19
Some folk might remember Sly wearing Hogan Interactive's years ago.

I did a video showing how much height they add:
Click Here
Caldoni said on 14/Sep/19
Rambo 2 is the smoking gun on his height. 2” under 6-0 crenna with smart boots. You them both full body walking together. Definitely not over 5-8.5 peak.
Canson said on 14/Sep/19
@Rising: I feel he’s around that mark too. Prob minimum Rob’s listing for him
Pierre said on 13/Sep/19
@Rising =
i have answer you in Dolph's page your comparisons is false if my memory is good = it's not me who repeatedly attempted to mislead people .... = your comparison with lines is false=

Barack is more distant to the camera than Stephen Colbert and slouch /Dolph is standing in an exaggerated military posture then of course with this comparison you can always argue Dolph is easily taller than Barack....Good try...
Bradley said on 13/Sep/19
Pathetic. Still saying 5' 10".....even the G would laugh.
Barry Fl said on 13/Sep/19
At a recent event in Manchester, Stallone (after an introductory montage of his films) made a joke about watching his hairline recede. Was he watching it in reverse?? And later on he made a passing comment about being 5'10. Bless him.
Bradley said on 12/Sep/19
His custom boots with Crenna were ramped big time.....even 6 foots like Crenna needed to be addressed by the Slyster. Looked 5' 11" ramped with him.
Caldoni said on 12/Sep/19
Doubt he’s over 5-8 now. Peak 5-8.5. Massive boot enhancement.
Rising174cm said on 11/Sep/19
@Rob: I obviously agree Jamie is taller since he's at least 5'9", possibly 176 cm, while I have Sly at 174 cm currently and he could be your listing as well, but it's definitely interesting to see Sly looking as tall in a series of full pics and video with sneakers you thought looked comparable. I think this suggests a full 174 cm is still a good possibility. Much like the Pitt comparisons or Statham last year, Sly seems to be holding on to his height quite well.

@Parker: Thank you. This sort of thing gets repetitive, but there's full video for anyone to see with Sly in 0.6" Converse clearly about an inch taller than Burt yet this is repeatedly overlooked. It's impossible for me to think that's all in good faith.

@Robby Harris: Yeah, that is pretty funny that merely posting a few pics and video with comments directed at nothing other than the heights of the two actors being compared qualifies as "drama." I really have no desire whatsoever to talk to Frankie so I'll leave it at that.

@Pierre: You've repeatedly attempted to mislead people by cherrypicking a shot of Dolph slouching even though you've been corrected repeatedly. Dolph had 4"+ on Colbert while Obama was close to 2" shorter than Dolph was next to Colbert: Click Here Dolph is anywhere from 6'2.5" to 6'3" nowadays, but was at least a solid 6'4" peak and I've literally posted dozens of pics and videos to demonstrate this. Obama is nowhere near as tall as even a current shrunken Dolph and it's a mystery to me why you destroy your own argument by bringing it up.

@Hopping hopper: Crenna is listed here at 6'1". I agree Sly was never over 5'9", but I do think he was closer to 5'9" than 5'8" and he still looks about 5'8.5" to me.

@burby: You get a lot of variation, but interestingly, I asked First Blood author David Morrell about 10 years ago and Morrell told me that Sly struck me as being his height(5'9.5" at the time), but that Sly's "sturdy" Rambo boots made him look taller in their picture: Click Here Brigitte Nielsen has said 5'9" and I think she's by far the best source we have, but in fairness, she said 174-175 cm when she said Sly's height in metric so you could just as easily say 5'8.5" and say that indicates more of a weak 5'9". Imo, he looks more 5'9" than 5'8.5", but I think his peak had to be somewhere in that range with very little chance he was even somewhat shorter or taller.
Pierre said on 11/Sep/19
Sly never looks as tall as 5"9' Eusebio next to Pelé even with his long hairs.5"8' peak is even probably a little bit rounded up .
Johan 185 cm said on 11/Sep/19
5'9 peak and 5'8" today give or take a 1/4.
Hopping hopper said on 11/Sep/19
The problem here he looked 2” shorter than Richard crenna in Rambo 2. And his boots are using wedges as confirmed. So with those boots he’s still 2” shorter than 6-0 crenna. 5-8 guy never over 5-9 peak.
burby said on 10/Sep/19
The people I asked who worked on the First Blood set with Sly never said 5'9".
Dmeyer said on 10/Sep/19
sly at 5'8,5-9,25 peak now 5'8-8,25 is more realistic
Bradley said on 9/Sep/19
5' 9.5" peak is off by 1/2", best wishes, the way today at 5' 9" is correct.
Shubhang Sharma said on 8/Sep/19
Sly stands 5'9 now. 5'9.5 in his peak
Bradley said on 6/Sep/19
Peak 5' 8.5"/Now 5' 8". G '06 astronaut/postman Sly peak 5' 10", now 5' 9.5". Sal, mo mustad, I'm due with the Scot in an hour.
Pierre said on 5/Sep/19
peak around 5"7.75' now 5"7.5'
Hopping hopper said on 1/Sep/19
Yeah I’m totally seeing him under 5-8. The wig and 3” enhancement in footwear is definitely a factor.
Frankie68 said on 30/Aug/19
@Johan , I got him at 5’7 as well / with his footwear he can still appear 5’9 5’10 depending on how high his shoes are LOL !! & now how high the wig is !!
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Aug/19
Looks 5'8" next to 5'9" Foxx in the 3rd and 4th pics Rising posted. He is still a master in knowing where the camera is and how to get advantage. Still not under 5'8" though, finally lost an inch in his 70's.
Pierre said on 29/Aug/19
@Franckie = David Soul listed 6"0.5' and Dolph Lundgren = Click Here =do pauses /very low speed at around 9:45 =by this comparison Dolph is never 6"5' and even maybe closer to 6"3' than to 6"4' to my eyes.

Dolph this days next to Stephen Colbert = Click Here Click Here

6"0.75' Barack and Stephen Colbert = Click Here Click Here To my eyes Dolph is probably not even an inch taller than Barack by this comparisons
Frankie68 said on 28/Aug/19
There’s a pic of Dolph Lundgren with Carl Weathers on Dolph’s instagram where he only appears 1 inch taller than Carl who is a solid 6 footer , which brings me to 2 points - 1 Dolph is a liar of his height as well as Sly as Dolph always claimed he is 6’5 6’6 & 2 - if Dolph is only 6’2 according to this pic ,, ( both look to be standing straight) leads me to wonder if Sly is even 5’7 as I always claim ,, maybe he’s shorter lol— u never know — Dolph looks nowhere near 6’5 6’6 or even 6’4 !!!
Hopping hopper said on 28/Aug/19
I actually think he might be under 5-8 now. Next to harrison ford last year and he’s at least 3 inches shorter. Could be under 5-8.
Pierre said on 27/Aug/19
@Parker = Burt constantly slouch in your video he has one of the badest posture that i ever seen as if wanted constantly watch his own boots(maybe the productor asked him...) and maybe Sly is hiding something in his sneakers.... He can play football in giant heels ,then he can eventually walk with something in his sneakers....
Click Here= when this time Sylvester slouch then Burt looks taller than him ....
Click Here =here apparently onather pic behind the scenes then this time too no special angle of cameras= Burt slouch Sly standing relatively straighter than him = by counting Sly has long hairs, is Sly really taller than Burt.....Hum...i wouldn't bet one dollar....
Bradley said on 26/Aug/19
He's 5' 8.5" in the high-top Chuck Taylors with Burt. Rare "catch me if you can" shot, like Vin or Bieber on their boards, you can get kill shots if you search.
Parker said on 26/Aug/19
Pierre said on 24/Aug/19
Here probably the only pic Burt Young is standing straight,it's a pic "behind the scènes"

Better watching the video clip Pierre - with pics the angles can be deceptive
Click Here

Stallone has about an inch on Burt even though Burt has more footwear as you can see from your pic.
Pierre said on 25/Aug/19
@Parker= but in your pic "Escape to Victory" Sly wear very probably lifts!
Even when he was playing football with his partners he was wearing massive heels = Click Here = watch with very slow speed since 18:17 you will understand .... Imagine =Sly was playing with this type of shoes in hard scenes for his ankles,the probability he wear only classic shoes in sweeter scenes....and in a group photo.... = Probability 5"9' = 0% and nothing over 5"8' .
Watch again the pics out of scenes i posted recently Pelé /Sly and compare with Pelé/5"9' Eusebio (who has short hairs in all the pics and Sly long hairs over his head)= never 5"9' for Sly and nothing over 5"8'
Pierre said on 24/Aug/19
he was not 5"9' more a very weak 5"8' at his peak how can he touch the 5"8.5' mark now?Probably some little helps in his shoes.

Here probably the only pic Burt Young is standing straight,it's a pic "behind the scènes",i don't know if this time Sly has some help with his sneakers but here very hard to me to see him 5"9' = Click Here
Bradley said on 24/Aug/19
He's never seen 5-9 in his life. G's measure was hours after sleeping the back of a Volvo. Sal, napkins for the Nathan's, bitta mustad too, I'm due upstairs soon.
Parker said on 24/Aug/19
Pierre said on 22/Aug/19
Remember this pic = for one time,in this pic Burt Young is standing straight=i know the angle of the camera etc but= how can Sly touch the 5"9' mark here ?How many probabilities?For me 0% .
We can all dig out photographs to prove a point Pierre.How about the team photograph from ETV with solid 5'10 Mike Summerbee stood on Stallone's right? Click Here

Mike with 5'9 Denis Law.Click Here
Denis with Rob Click Here

How can Sly touch the 5"9' mark in the team photo? How many probabilities?For me 100%
Canson said on 23/Aug/19
@Rising: did Rob downgrade him? I thought he was listed 5’8.5 before for his current
Editor Rob
Quite a few months ago.
Parker said on 23/Aug/19
Frankie68 said on 20/Aug/19
Oh please !! Sly’s shoes are so chunky looking compared to Foxx & he still shorter !!

I think these sort of comments make this site so interesting to me - makes me realise how we all of our own opinions. On the contrary to yours Frankie, I think Rising is one of the best posters on this site. I think his comments are always constructive and balanced with photographic, evidence, but have to confess his estimate for Sly's height is one I don't agree with. IMO, I still believe Sly could hold 5'9 at midday. In those photo's with Jamie Foxx their heights look equivalent, and again contrary to your opinion Frankie, Jamie looks to have a slight footwear advantage to me.

Different opinions make the site what it is. I remember Glenn getting measured by Rob and visitors could still not agree on his height.......brilliant!
Pierre said on 22/Aug/19
Remember this pic = for one time,in this pic Burt Young is standing straight=i know the angle of the camera etc but= how can Sly touch the 5"9' mark here ?How many probabilities?For me 0% .

Sly and Pelé = around the same posture,Pelé flex his knee = Click Here
5"9' Eusebio with short hairs and Pelé = Click Here
Eusebio next to 5"11' Geoff hurst Click Here Geoff Hurst and Rob = Click Here
Others Sly Pelé Eusebio Eusebio always with short hairs Sly long hairs = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here this last doesn't really count Eusebio is very probably in classic sneakers and Pelé in football shoes = Click Here some guys will explain the ground isn't regular,let's say Sly is never lucky then...This pics Sly Pelé are pics out of the scenes,in the movie Sly was wearing massive heels even when he was playing football(the scene =training with his partners) he had this = Click Here .
Robby Harris said on 22/Aug/19
@Frankie68: LOL, Rising isn't starting any drama. He posted some good evidence Sly can still look a weak 5'9" today. His footwear doesn't look particularly big, but it's not impossible he has a small lift. He's definitely in the 5'8" range, but 5'8.5" would be the absolute max for today. It's not an unreasonable estimate. 5'8.25" is very realistic. Jamie's footwear looks to give about the same as Sly's. And 2-3 inch inserts??? What an exaggeration.

Here's Sly looking no more than 2" shorter than 5'10.5" Matthew Morrison in 2016:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

His shoes look pretty normal and there's no indication he's wearing lifts here, much less big ones. Sly was still able to pull off near 5'9" with Morrison making below 5'8.5" unlikely back then. It's not unreasonable to think Sly could still currently be nearer 174. 173-174 today and 174-175 peak is the most realistic.
Barry Fl said on 21/Aug/19
Bigwig up top, lifts in his shoes. The answer to the riddle of his height lies between those two extremes.
Frankie68 said on 20/Aug/19
Oh please !! Sly’s shoes are so chunky looking compared to Foxx & he still shorter !! Gimme a break on 5’8 1/2 — Sly getting 2-3 inches outta those bad boy inserts !! 5’7 if he’s lucky !! There’s been no drama here lately, let’s keep it that way !
Bradley said on 20/Aug/19
The hopping one is correct.
Hopping hopper said on 20/Aug/19
5-8.5 in his hair piece. Without it 5-8.
Greg said on 18/Aug/19
He looked about 2.5-3 inches shorter than Michael b jordan so if he’s 5’8.5 then Michael is 5’10.5-5’11
Rising174cm said on 18/Aug/19
I can still buy 5'8.5" since Sly was still looking about the same height as solid 5'9" Jamie Foxx a few days ago: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Sometimes I have to try the tinyurl links 2 or 3 times before they work so just in case, I'll use a different source for a couple of those photos: Click Here Click Here

And there's pretty good video footage as well that shows them close at this premiere: Click Here

Sly's shoes look like fairly normal sneakers so while he could have small lifts, I doubt we're talking about anything major. Remember, Sly in Hogan sneakers or something similar was pulling off almost as tall as Brad Pitt this year and exactly a year ago, Sly pulled off around 1.5" taller than Statham at The Meg premiere so I have a hard time believing Sly is shorter than Statham. His height loss has really been pretty slow and minimal the last 5 years so he's holding up quite well at this point.
Editor Rob
Most folk agree Foxx is a decent 5ft 9, I would still say Sly is a bit smaller. Both their sneakers might be similar.
Bradley said on 9/Aug/19
G had Willis at 6 feet and Sly at 5-10. "I met them many times...who have you met, your postman?". Lovitz: "Yea, dats right". Head up and down like Angus onstage. Miss S had to act barefoot with Bruce on Moonlighting, at 6-1 and a 2" add she'd be in shoes.
Barry Fl said on 9/Aug/19
Trouble with Sly is he takes himself waaaay too seriously - he's not just satisfied with all the fame and fans and riches. He wants critical praise, he wants an Oscar, he wants the world to believe he's a serious actor, great director, renowned painter, and significant writer. He wants the world to believe he's 5'10. Every so often he'll say 'no more Rambo, no more Rocky, no more action movies', and then he tries to do something serious and fails, so rushes back to Rocky and Rambo and the action movies. I think he should just know what he's good at, what the fans want, and stick to it. And lighten up, for heaven's sake.
burby said on 8/Aug/19
If it's 20 mill each, the Sly one REALLY needs to lower those photo costs. The real Willis stinker: 6'1" barefoot official site. You can almost see the Lovitz face smiling, nodding up and down...
Barry Fl said on 8/Aug/19
@ Hopping hopper

No way, that wig is minimum 3.125".
Bradley said on 7/Aug/19
He complains about poor pictures he made in the 90's but doesn't admit he has a 100% confirmed 20 million deal on each like all of his pictures. I'd be like Willis and make the stinkers and pocket the loot.
Hopping hopper said on 7/Aug/19
Wig is around 3 inches. He’s around 5-8 now. Not over.
Barry Fl said on 6/Aug/19
That wig is so big, it needs its own page here.
Bradley said on 5/Aug/19
He'll not own it to...he's lied about his height for decades. 5' 10.75".
Barry Fl said on 4/Aug/19
There's no way he'd own up to that mighty helmet not being real.
burby said on 2/Aug/19
With Instagram posts like that, you gotta wonder if the Sly one has/had paid trolls/shills on this site....
Bradley said on 2/Aug/19
I wonder if he'd pull a Playboy 1978 5' 10.75" fib and do the hair thing "All mine" in 2019?. I met my astronaut.
Barry Fl said on 2/Aug/19
Anybody else see the pictures that were leaked from the original 'Creed' set, where Rocky lost all his hair? I often wonder if they were Sly without the wig, and that's why the scene never appeared in the film. Either that or it was too close for comfort and his vanity wouldn't allow it.
Hopping hopper said on 1/Aug/19
No way over 5-9 peak. Now 5-8. And what is he using on his head? Wig? Transplant?? In demolition man his hair was receding badly!! Now it’s an inch lower!! What the hell?
Barry Fl said on 1/Aug/19
Sly's getting out of hand. The lifts, the superwig, the cries of poverty... Now he's out to prove he's actually taller than Arnold. I can actually imagine he's semi-serious about this.

Click Here
Bradley said on 31/Jul/19
Gravas with some ice cold meat lockah facts, however; peak was 5' 8.5". 20019: still not under 5-8. I wonder why he flipped his wig.
triplemagnum said on 31/Jul/19
@Rob I agree Sotiris Gravas said on 30/Jul/19
Sly would never have been stigmatized as being a super tiny pygmy if he were really 5'9" peak height. A lot of actors has told quotes like: "Is easy to be taller and bigger than Stallone". "Stallone is 5'6" but he says he is 5'10.5". " Everyone is taller than Stallone"
The truth is Stallone wa about 5'8.25- 5'8.5 and he has been a lift user. Nowdays he is 5'8 on the nose.
triplemagnum said on 31/Jul/19
@Rob I agree Sotiris Gravas said on 30/Jul/19
Sly would never have been stigmatized as being a super tiny pygmy if he were really 5'9" peak height. A lot of actors has told quotes like: "Is easy to be taller and bigger than Stallone". "Stallone is 5'6" but he says he is 5'10.5". " Everyone is taller tha allone"
The truth is Stallone wa about 5'8.25- 5'8.5 and he has been a lift user. Nowdays he is 5'8 on the nose.
Editor Rob
Knowing how much lifts and elevators really give, Sly did well during his career at times to appear comfortably over 5ft 10 range in some situations, but I just can't see him less than 5ft 9 peak.
Pierre said on 31/Jul/19
Behind the scènes,exceptionally Burt does not slouch here ... = Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 30/Jul/19
Just a reminder:

Sly w/ 5'7.5" Burt Young in "Rocky"... Click Here , Click Here

Shoulder level of both men the same... Click Here ,
Click Here Keep in mind, Young leans forward and slouches, making him look shorter.

Seen here, they are exactly the same height... Click Here , Click Here

While I give Sly max 5'8" peak height, he may have only been 5'7.5".

No way he was ever 5'9" barefoot peak. ZERO chance.

Young and Talia Shire... Click Here
Sly and Shire... Click Here

Sly would never have been stigmatized as being a super tiny pygmy if he were really 5'9" peak height. Think about it.

@Barry That "superwig" comment had me dying of laughter.
Barry Fl said on 25/Jul/19
Yeah, those 'Rocky' money rants sit badly. Much as Sly likes to portray himself as an everyman, he's got a dark side and an endlessly egotistical one. Obviously that lucky break 40-something years ago that led to fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams just isn't enough anymore. Still, what do we know? When you get to that point, you're not even in the real world anymore - hence the superwig.
Bradley said on 24/Jul/19
Why would he wear such a bad wig? Fonz: "Woah!". His recent rants about Rocky money are priceless. He's worth a few hundred million and he has to "look out for his family". Tell that to a net worth $80Ker.
BarryFl said on 22/Jul/19
Frankie68 said on 15/Jul/19
Anyone see Escape Plan 3 !!Besides that the movie is horrible, Sly’s wig is getting worse

I spotted that, Frankie. Could hardly miss it, though I did wonder if I'd had one too many drinks and was hallucinating. The wig is crazy there. And then the very next week I read a review of the movie that went on about how weird his face and hairline looked, and I felt reassured.
Pierre said on 19/Jul/19
@Sandy Ok then you live at the opposite of Rob,you're more in the South of England and he's more in the North if my memory is good.The taxi driver was friendly.
Kartikeya Mishra said on 19/Jul/19
I am 5.10 inchs tall . And my favourite bodybuilder Sylvester Stallone is 5.10 inch
Sotiris Gravas said on 16/Jul/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell Just so you know, 8 has almost always been my favorite number. Thanks for the heads-up on "Videodrome." I remember hearing about it a long time ago, but never actually saw it. Growing up, I was madly in love w/ Debbie Harry. Despite James Woods' political leanings being diametrically opposed to my own, I can separate the artist from the art and always thought he had some good acting chops. Should watch "Against All Odds" again. A shame Phil Collins isn't on the radio all the time like he used to (loved that song). Woods is even a voice actor who lent his talents to animation -- where he played Lex Luthor -- Superman's archnemesis, which gets a thumbs-up from this comic-book nerd. When I was young, I liked wearing suits for fancy occasions so that I could look more like Clark Kent. Boy, was I surprised when I saw Christopher Reeve passionately kissing Michael Caine and not Lois Lane in "Death Trap" (1982). My younger self thought it might be similar to "Superman." It wasn't. Good movie, though. Being a fan of time travel (and Superman), I always loved the movie "Somewhere in Time" (1980). This time, Reeve didn't have to resort to turning back time the hard way... Click Here

I'm sure Stallone fans are thrilled we've hijacked the conversation away from Sly's height. Editor Rob might not be overly enthused, either.

Anyways, take care, and be on the lookout for time travelers. They're a sneaky bunch. (So is Sly, hence the name.)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jul/19
@ Sotiris Gravas - I have around 8 nationalities in me myself! I was born looking Chinese, but then my hair turned blonde and curly!

I saw Sylvester's 'Cobra' at the cinema when it first came out. It's a really good watch, even to this day. As for the 'Superman' movies, I didn't see them at the pictures, but come Christmas, they were being shown on TV - and still are. I can't help but remember loads of kids 'flying around' like Superman when it first came out, and for many years to follow. When I say kids, I mean proper kids and even people of my own age! (I was in my early 20's and I DIDN'T join in!) 😂😂😂

Oh, yes - the 'Death Wish' movies! I JUST HAD to see the second one because one of my musical heroes Jimmy Page wrote the music to it. I believe he did for the third one too. I saw Led Zeppelin in 1979, the week after I left school, and then I saw Page and Plant at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in 1998. They were brilliant!

I didn't see 'The Exorcist' until I was grown up. Only one kid in my class managed to get in, and we were all trying desperately! May I recommend that you see the Stellan Skarsgard movie 'Exorcist - The Beginning'. I always love to watch Stellan and he doesn't disappoint in this one either!

I must admit that I have laughed my way through 'The Exorcist', probably because it was Christmas and the drink was flowing. One moment, I was screaming and the next, I was laughing, but I was watching it with two big burly geezers, who were laughing too! It's probably just as well that I didn't see it in my youth. Many of the films I did see gave me nightmares, so this would have been most unsuitable. I even read about a person who had PTSD from seeing this film for many years to come. Now that is not even remotely funny.

I liked 'The Fly' as well! Given the David Cronenberg treatment, it was unbeatable! I'd love to see Sylvester star in one of his films some day. I also have 'Dead Ringers' and many more of David's films. Have you tried 'Videodrome'? I saw it at the pictures and sat through it twice. Those days, they didn't chuck you out! 😁

Well, it's been lovely chatting to you Sotiris Gravas. All of 6ft7? Well, I had a hairdresser who was that height! Even when he sat down, he had to bend down to speak to me....

All the very best!

Sandy xxx 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jul/19
@ Pierre - You are doing very well! By associating yourself with the English language, your grasp on the subject will only get better.

I live about 10 miles from London. I remember one Christmas having to walk from the East End of London (almost) all the way home, or my Mum wouldn't have got any presents! They were all wrapped up in two bags either side of me. By the time I arrived in Bromley, I went to a cab office. The cab driver was so touched that he gave me a free journey home, which was about three miles.

My Mum, God rest her soul, never forgot that Boxing Day either.

Cheers Pierre! xxx 😁👍
Frankie68 said on 15/Jul/19
Anyone see Escape Plan 3 !!Besides that the movie is horrible, Sly’s wig is getting worse & he is owned by 5,8 1/2 Lydia Hull !!
Nik said on 14/Jul/19
@ Sandy Cowell - I like your emojis! (🎁💪🎂 ........ 🎂💪🎁!)

😁🙃😂 .......... 😂🙃😁!

The average guess for his current height is 5'8.05" (346 votes!) and the average guess for his peak height is 5'8.9"! (346 votes!)
Pierre said on 12/Jul/19
@Sandy=And you where do you live if this is not indiscreet ?At Bordeaux we have red and white wine(i personnaly drink rarely wine only when family meeting i prefer fruit juice!).Sorry but my english is very approximative and i have to use "reverso traduction" lots of time to "try" to understand the other comments and myself to write comments
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Jul/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell I love movies, new and old, but for whatever reason, don't watch as many as I should. My favorite movie of all time is "Superman: The Movie" (1978), which I saw in a theater when it came out, at the age of 6. Also saw "Star Wars: A New Hope" when it hit theaters a year earlier, that being my 3rd fave.

I'm actually in the mood to see Sly again in the shoot-'em-up action film "Cobra" (1986), which was written by Stallone, co-starring Brigitte Nielsen. I recommend you see it anew, too, or see it for the first time if you missed it. I always looked up to Sly, metaphorically speaking (I'm 6'7"), still do. (Should probably check out Charles Bronson "Death Wish" movies again. It's been a long while.)

I enjoy all movie genres, horror included, but don't scare easy as an adult. I remember thinking a psychological horror film like David Cronenberg's "Dead Ringers" was disturbing when I first saw it. Loved "The Fly" -- in my Top 10. That said, "The Exorcist" scared the hell out of my younger self.

While Cronenberg is a Canadian filmmaker, I was born close to where he was-- though I'm of Greek descent. As for my current whereabouts, let's just say it's "Parts Unknown," akin to The Ultimate Warrior.

Nice chatting w/ you, Sandy.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jul/19
@ Pierre - Thanks for getting back! So you're from Bordeaux, are you, famous for its wine-growing - I think it's mainly red, but I could be wrong. You might be able to correct me...

I did French at school and enjoyed it. We went for a day trip to Bologne with the school, but it hardly improved our French. That was down to hard slog!

To think that Sylvester was even making films when I was at school in the 70's! I left in 79 and started seeking out rock bands, while continuing - ALWAYS! - to keep an eye open for any good films that were going round the cinemas.

How very pleasant to meet you Pierre!

Sandy 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jul/19
@ Sotiris Gravas - I read on the General Height page that you are extremely tall. How tall exactly, if you don't mind my asking? 😁
Pierre said on 10/Jul/19
@Sandy = I'm french and live next to Bordeaux ,and you? Yes it was his anniversary and i think he was shorter than 5"9' peak probably a little bit closer to 5"7' mark than to 5"9' mark 😉,i think he has not lost lots of height by the years,something like a fraction.I think he's a very good actor.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jul/19
@ Pierre - Well, possibly, but it was his Birthday! 😉

By the way, I was just wondering where are you from, Pierre? Is it France or possibly Canada? Perhaps I am completely out, but I am genuinely interested because you have a French name. Thanks, Pierre! 😁👍
Sotiris Gravas said on 7/Jul/19
@Miss Sandy Cowell I gather you're somewhat of a cinephile. My 2nd favorite movie of all time is "Rocky," and am very much looking forward to the 5th installment of the Rambo franchise, which is pretty much a very bloody version of "Home Alone" for grown-ups.

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