How tall is Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren's Height

6ft 2 ¾ (189.9 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 4 ¼ (193.7 cm)
Swedish actor best known for roles in films such as Rocky 4, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Masters of the Universe, Red Scorpion, Dark Angel and The Expendables. In Impact magazine, he revealed that initially in his career, his domineering stature caused him some problems, saying that he "Was turned down at my first audition for Rocky 4 for being too tall. I was 6ft 5in and you were supposed to be 6ft 3in maximum. I didn't know what the casting call was for and I just showed up, they asked me how tall I was, I said 6ft 5in and they said "Next!". In the Mid 1980's he also stated "I'm about 195cm" and "6ft5 and a half", although more recently on tv4's website, it mentioned: "Du är 198 cm lĺng." - "Nej, 193 tror jag att det ska vara", which basically asked him if he was 1.98m, to which Dolph said "no, 193cm".
His action oriented film roles over the last 25 years has contributed to at least an inch of height loss by 2016, a year in which I managed to meet him at the London Film Con event (I had a 1/4 inch more sneaker). In 2012 he mentioned his weight: "I'm 6ft 5, weigh about 17 and a half stone [245 pounds] and take size 12 shoes"

How tall is Dolph Lundgren
172cm Big Jay and 5ft 8⅛ Big Rob with Dolph

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Average Guess (133 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 4.14in (193.4cm)
Current: 6ft 2.64in (189.6cm)
Jordan87 said on 22/Jan/18
Sykes, Alan Ladd's Lifts,

Only fanboys can look at the two pictures above with Rob and Jay and still think/hope/pray Dolph Was 6'5.
Sykes said on 21/Jan/18
I'm 5'5, and I've stood next to Dolph Lundgren. No way on this planet is he 6'5! He also stood on a step below me on an escalator, and was shorter than me. If he really was 6'5 he would still have stood taller than me.
JonathanRet said on 19/Jan/18
Funny people here stimate he was 6'4 but also 6'4 Clint Eastwood. I agree Dolph Lundgren was 6'4 but if he was 6'4 Clint was 6'3 max.
Alan Ladd's Lifts said on 12/Jan/18
Why do people keep waffling on that he is "6ft 5" or "6ft 4"? Look at the picture with 5ft 8 inch Rob. Lundgren is barely taller than 6 feet. I attended the same London Comic Con that this picture was taken at and I can confirm having stood next to him -I am 5ft 9.5 - he was less that 6ft 1. In my view he was never anything but 6ft 1 "peak height" -a term that is so misused on here. He was the exact same height as Carl Weathers who was at the same convention. Yet look at Rocky IV where they try to create the impression that he towers over Apollo Creed. Watch the actual fight between the two and the game is up and they look the same height. Stallone is only 5ft 7 and so there is 6 inches between them in the ring in Rocky with Stallone, for once dispensing the lifts, and camera angles, creating the illusion that "Drago" was "nearly 7 feet". How long to wait before the next post swearing he is 6ft 5 despite having never met him and basing it on what movies want you to believe..?
emre turk said on 12/Jan/18
hey rob dolph lundgren is on your side and looks 187 cm next to the man upstairs
Jordan87 said on 9/Jan/18

6'5? Never
berta said on 9/Jan/18
i really gonna try to get a photo with dolph when he coming to sweden on a event. it will be easy to see current height because my brother is 6 foot 3 . and if he looks 189 range when i meet him then i cant reqally se him taller than 193 peak no way a person can lose 5 cm at this age when they do yoga and traing easy weight training.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 9/Jan/18

Wrong on both.
CR7 said on 2/Jan/18
Peak: 190 cm
Today: 187 cm
Jann said on 1/Jan/18
6'1" next to rob 6'1 and half next to big Jay so he was about 6'2" peak
Canson said on 15/Dec/17
@Danimal: I agree Dolph was a legit 6’4” peak however you seem to believe certain people over others and are very inconsistent and selective. Why is it that you “believe” Conan being 6’4.5 or that someone said he’s 6’5? Yet you insist on Charles Barkley being 6’5 1/2 when most people who have met him say he’s 6’4 range and he measured 6’4 5/8? Conan was never a legit 6’4 the 6’4-6’4.5 was a shoe height. He wasn’t even as tall as Selleck or Lithgow the former claimed 6’3 1/2 nor was he as tall as Hasselhoff or Neeson who were legit 6’4” guys.
Danimal said on 14/Dec/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Sep/17

6'4" is fine, but anything under it is ridiculous. Watch him fighting Carl Weathers in Rocky 4 and tell me there's not at least a 3" difference.

I like you Rising, but how do you explain a mid 40's Conan O'Brien who was still probably 6'4" (he's also claimed to be 6'4.5" and others used to call him 6'5" in the 90's) looking close to 2" taller than Dolph in 2009? Are you saying that Dolph at his peak would have been at least Conan's height if not taller than him? Highly doubtful:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Here's an old David Hasselhoff who I'm sure has lost height since his prime looking at least 1.5" taller than Dolph in 2012. You're saying Dolph was Hasselhoff's peak height?: Click Here
Danimal said on 14/Dec/17
Caaq said on 9/Dec/17
In the photo with rob, i think u will agree Rob that he looks about 6 inches taller than you which would make him 6'2.5". Maybe 6'3" if he stood straighter. Given his age and over exertion he may actually have been about 6 foot 5 when he did rocky . Very accurate listing.

He was never over a flat 6'4" at his peak and probably not even that.
berta said on 9/Dec/17
it will be very intresting to meet dolph in mars. it will be easy to see what height he is because my brother is 190,5 ore 191 on a vetry good day so he and dolph would look about the same height if this height is right. i think he can be closer to 189 when i meet him. if we lucky i will get a photo with him
Caaq said on 9/Dec/17
In the photo with rob, i think u will agree Rob that he looks about 6 inches taller than you which would make him 6'2.5". Maybe 6'3" if he stood straighter. Given his age and over exertion he may actually have been about 6 foot 5 when he did rocky . Very accurate listing.
Myself said on 6/Dec/17
I Think he might be under 170 cm.
Myself said on 5/Dec/17
Rob, How tall do you think this man on his left is? Click Here
Editor Rob: tough to tell, it's a very close up photo which might reduce the difference by a couple of inches.
berta said on 4/Dec/17
dolpgh is coming to sweden in mars and i am going to try to meet him. it will be intresting to see him in person
Bego said on 2/Dec/17
No more than 188/190 today. He was born in 1957 so he lost some inches
Canson said on 29/Nov/17
@5’11.25: agreed he was. And he was a legit 6’4” at his peak and probably didn’t dip to the point he is now until within the last 5 Years maybe today he’s 6’2 1/2 or so
5'11.25 at noon. said on 27/Nov/17
@ Anon nobody takes you seriously this guy was clearly over 6’3 in Rocky 4 could be around 6’2.5 nowadays
Jordan87 said on 27/Nov/17
Jim Hopper,

That estimate is Possible to me. 6'3.5, Maybe 6'4. Not over it though.
Jim Hopper said on 26/Nov/17
He was never 6-5 peak hence why he is now around 6-2 to 6-2.75 . 6-3.5 peak imo.
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Nov/17
@Pierre: I never said Rob was standing his full height either, but if anything that only shows more that we can't assume the photo shows the precise height difference and it looks to me like Dolph is dropping more, especially considering his longer spine. As I said, look at Dolph standing better with Rob's 6'2" friend Big Dale. Dolph is still easily over 6'2" and you can see this every time he's with someone else over 6 feet tall.

As for Dolph's height loss, yeah, if he was a flat 6'4" then his height loss wouldn't be so shocking. He's 60 now and somewhere from 6'2.5" minimum to 6'3" max while a survey on height loss showed an average loss of 0.8" by age 60. More than an average loss to be sure, but Dolph has always been well over average height and we can point to bigger losses by that age.

But yeah, he was definitely under 6'5" peak. How much under is the question, but he could have measured 6'5.5" in some kind of footwear and then rounded that at some times, hence claiming 6'5.5" and 6'6" in the 80's.
berta said on 18/Nov/17
if he woujld have lost almost 4 cm he would look diffrent than he does in the back. he must have lost 1,5 from hips and maybe 2 from back not more. if all was from the back he would walk like a 75 year old man. i personally think he is like all the action stars. we thought he was bigger than he was. barely 193 cm peak and 189,5 today.
James B said on 15/Nov/17
His height loss might not be as extreme as we think if he was 6'4 peak as opposed too 6'4.25
anon176 said on 11/Nov/17
If we had a chart for height-liars on CH he would be a Top Ten guy

Peak 189 / Current 185
Slim 185 said on 10/Nov/17
Very impressive for a tall old man to lose only 4 CM. 😮
Luke said on 9/Nov/17
Heavy weightlifting can compress the spine over time and even noticeably just after a workout. With that being said, I think in most circumstances when an injury hasn't been experienced, more than the average inch or so lost during ageing is mostly down to genetics. Also, from what I have gathered, Dolph only trained heavy during the lead up to certain roles that required muscle mass and other than that stuck to a more fighter oriented training regime (since that is his background) with calisthenics, cardio and lots of stretching. This style is usually far more gentle on the body.
Jordan87 said on 8/Nov/17

COrrect about him having Wider then normal shoulders, look at him in the picture, as a 60 year old man he is still a force to be reckoned with. He was never over 6'5". He did not Shrink 2-1/2" though, C'mon man.
anon said on 5/Nov/17
i met dolph in 1995. when he walked up to me i was shocked how big the guy is. i am 6'3.5" (no shoes) and was wearing flat healed shoes. dolph was wearing shoes that gave him 2" extra at best. here's the deal with dolph. he not only towered over me, but he has a larger cranium and larger shoulders than normal. he's an actor that downplays his height. my estimate is what he states 6"5ish meaning probably 6"5.5 or more.
anon said on 5/Nov/17
i met dolph in 1995. when he walked up to me i was shocked how big the guy is. i am 6'3.5" (no shoes) and was wearing flat healed shoes. dolph was wearing shoes that gave him 2" extra at best. here's the deal with dolph. he not only towered over me, but he has a larger cranium and larger shoulders than normal. he's an actor that downplays his height. my estimate is what he states 6"5ish meaning probably 6"5.5 or more.
Pierre said on 2/Nov/17
@Rising =Rob too isn't straight next to Dolph,and his head look downward compared to Dolph's head
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/17
Stunts I think are much deadlier on height than weight lifting. Weight lifting done properly with other exercises can be good for you. But doing it daily for years without giving the body enough and without stretching is pretty detrimental.
John Cena said on 29/Oct/17
Rob who is can pull of atleat over 6'4 peak Dolph Lundgren or Jack Swagger.
Editor Rob: both can be argued to fall into that range.
spainmen192cm said on 29/Oct/17
Rob, Hasselhoff is 6 years older than Dolph, and hadnt lost anything noticable. But Dolph has lost a good 1.25 inch. How could be possible? Maybe genetics, and also that Dolph has during his career a lot of heavy lifting that could had a negative impact on his spine?
Editor Rob: whilst the Hoff was doing Knight Rider and Baywatch, Dolph was doing all sorts of physical roles through 80's and 90's, including more stunts, plus a lot more weight-lifting than The Hoff.

Genetics might play some role too.

Hoff today I think has now lost a little, but not as much as Dolph.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Oct/17
@Canson: Thanks, I'd agree that can't be far wrong. It's certainly in the possible range, imo, so I can agree to either yours or Rampage's estimates as well as Rob's listing.

@Pierre: Dolph is slouching there so it's impossible to say how much he loses. Compare how taller Dolph is than Michael Madsen next to 6'2" Big Dale. The closer two people are in height, the more accurate comparison.
James B said on 26/Oct/17
Rob could you tell apart jack swagger from a prime dolp?
Editor Rob: they both could be similar...
Pierre said on 26/Oct/17
Compare also Dolph/Rob/Big Jay with jack Coleman listed 6"2.25' next to Rob=Dolph don't look taller imo,he look shorter even by considering the postures
Canson said on 25/Oct/17
@Rising: I like your estimate a lot more than others. I’d prob say similar like 193-193.5 peak and today 189-190
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Oct/17
@Dmeyer: Absolutely no way Dolph was a mere 6'3.5" peak. He could still look that at times during the first 2 Expendables when you see him with other tall men like Crews and Hasselhoff. As for Weathers, he can be anywhere from 184-185 cm today. If his recent co-star Philip Winchester is really 6'1" then Carl probably is as well, though I'd guess 6'0.75" to be safest especially as Carl generally looks about 4" taller than Sly these days, who I do believe is 5'8.5", but no more. I'd say Rampage's estimates are pretty much spot on.
Pierre said on 25/Oct/17
By compared listed 6"2.5' Ray Fisher next to Rob Ray seem to be a little taller than Dolph.Of course it's only one picture but...
kurtz said on 21/Oct/17
187 cm.peak
Barry Fl said on 20/Oct/17
James B said on 15/Oct/17
Rob i think some people don't always think of 6ft4 as being that large because 6ft2 guys claim it would you not agree?

I'd nod along with this. I have a genuine 6'4 friend and the guy is huge. I'm 5'10 but he makes me look so small when we're pictured together, it's almost embarrassing.
Dmeyer said on 18/Oct/17
Peak Dolph 6'3,5 now 6'2,5
Dmeyer said on 18/Oct/17
If weathers is 184cm today it means dolpf is 5cm taller , while looks almost same height
Slim 6' said on 17/Oct/17
As listed.
KH said on 16/Oct/17
I don't know if I buy the full 6'4 plus and change as peak. He was huge (musclewise) in Rocky V which made him look even taller but I don't think he was a full three inches taller then Carl Weathers. More likely his peak was 6'4 or possibly a fraction under that. of course Stallone looked like a midget next to him.
James B said on 15/Oct/17
Rob i think some people don't always think of 6ft4 as being that large because 6ft2 guys claim it would you not agree?
Editor Rob: heights can certainly get distorted by those who lie about it.

Especially when you have 6ft 2 guys claiming 6ft 4.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Oct/17
Peak: 6ft4⅜(193.9cm)
Today: 6ft2⅞(190.1cm)
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Oct/17
@Jordan87: I can agree that there's some stuff to enjoy in Rocky 5. It is the worst of them, imo, but not as bad as many think. And yes, he's much more intelligent than people believe. More talented as well. He knows how to get people invested in a character.

@Slim: Well, we can all agree he sure wasn't 6'6"! Personally, all I feel comfortable guessing is he's around 6'3" today or as listed and was at least 6'4" in his prime, but under 6'5".
Slim 6' said on 13/Oct/17
Today's listing is spot on! I'm not sure how much taller he was in physical prime though.
Jordan87 said on 10/Oct/17
RIsing- 174cm,

THere actually has not been one rocky movie I have not enjoyed. Even Rocky 5, which I hear people hate, I enjoyed. Sly Is smarter than people think.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/17
@Jordan87: Same. I won't comment on Trump's politics either way as it's irrelevant and bound to start an argument no matter what either of us say, but nobody would question his vanity. He was never 6'3" even when he was young, but the fact he still uses that as a current height shows he not only wants to be tall, but doesn't want to admit he's shrunk significantly as that's a sign of aging. Seeing a 6'3" Trump next to a 6'3" Jeb Bush should have ended this as even with Jeb's low self-esteem slouch, he still had a good 2" on Trump. Dolph seems a bit more humble these days than during his heyday so I wonder if he'll admit to shrinking. I mean it seems he hasn't gone the plastic surgery route many other action stars like Sly, JCVD, Arnie, Chuck Norris etc. have gone.

As for Creed 2, that rumor is out there. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but when I first heard of Rocky Balboa a few years before it came out, I didn't think Sly could pull it off and he did, so we'll see. I'll certainly watch it. It will be good to see Dolph in a big time film again, just like the Expendables.
Jordan87 said on 5/Oct/17
@ Rising- 174 cm,

Yeah I mean a guy like Trump ( Not saying if I politically agree with him or not) is the type to inflate his height. He is lucky to get 6'1 now.

I hear Lundgren is playing Drago again in Creed 2 but i'm not sure how secure that Rumor is yet.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Oct/17
@Jordan87: I agree. I wish we could see footwear with Sheen, though. The way Dolph is dressed suggests he did not have much, but who knows what Sheen wore? I agree with you on casting. When I was a kid, I was actually a bit frightened when you see Dolph's shadow. I thought he made a good villain in Universal Soldier as well and I enjoyed The Punisher with him. Rob does appear pretty certain Brandon Lee was at least 5'11" and to me, the difference looked a solid 5" throughout the film and it could even seem more in the club scene I took these 2 stills from: Click Here I'm not certain on Brandon's height, but that was a film Dolph really looked massive to me in and probably one of Dolph's better films as well. Nowadays, Dolph doesn't look that towering although watching "Dolph Lundgren is the Killing Machine" a while back, I did think he seemed quite tall in it. He's still a fit guy so I can understand some skepticism about how much he'd lose so maybe he was just 193 cm, but I have to say he did seem taller to me than a guy like Seagal, especially when I consider Seagal wore cowboy boots and Cuban heels regularly.

As for Hodder, now his peak height is one I really wonder about after learning he's stuffed his boots ever since he played Jason, especially since legit 6'5" Ken Kirzinger seemed to have at least 3" on Kane in costume back in the late 80's. I think the similarity is that Dolph became so synonymous with the Drago/He-Man type image that he felt compelled to claim 6'5.5" and 6'6" just like Kane clearly identifies with his Jason character, but Kane takes it a step further with the platform boots so I think The Rock might be more like Dolph as neither seem concerned with their posture or footwear, but both pad their already impressive heights.

As for Prowse, I almost feel pain just reading those surgeries! But yeah, 5" seems a lot, especially for a man still standing. It's like Hulk Hogan still insisting he was 6'7" and magically claiming he's back to 6'5". There wasn't much difference between Hulk and a then 6'3" Rock in early 00's when Hulk was in his late 40's. Hulk's surgeries did start a bit before that so I don't doubt he had lost real height, but I had thought Hulk may have peaked 6'5.5" and now I'm not even so sure considering Hulk wore cowboy boots a lot. But I believe the psychology is similar with all these guys, their image and their heights. Plus, I think some men are reluctant to admit they've shrunk because it's a sign of aging. Donald Trump is a perfect example claiming 6'3" when he's lucky if he's still 6'1" and was never more than 6'2".
Jordan87 said on 3/Oct/17
@ RIsing-174 cm,

The SHeen Pic is good to state a Case for Dolph Being over 6'4. He looks enormous in that pic. Another thing about Dolph is he has very WIDE shoulders for an Ectomorph type guy. Again, He really knocked the role of Drago out of the park. The series needed Someone Different than Mr. T as Lang as its Antagonist and they got it.

Yes Dolph and Hodder are two different Cases. Kane Hodder for whatever reason as a 6'1 Guy has a complex about his height which i'm sure is why he wears very visible custom made thick boots, possibly b/c he lost his role too taller men.

As Far as celebs reporting exaggerations of their heights, I think Dave Prowse is one to name. He reports 6'5, 6'6, and 6'7. Yes he has shrunk due to surgeries but not 5". He is 6'1 with Rob. Points is with Prowse, those 6'5, 6'6, and 6'7 claims are all from when he was in his prime so it makes no sense.
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Oct/17
@Jordan87: Fair enough and I agree with you on Affleck. As I said, I think 6'4" flat for Dolph is fine, though I suspect he may have been taller. Either that or a few of his co-stars from back then need significant downgrades. I'm not saying which one is the case, but just that it has to be one as with Dolph looking 5", even 6" taller than Brandon Lee at times, Brandon could not be 182 cm if Dolph is 193 cm. Same thing with Louis Gossett Jr. at 6'3", or probably even 6'2" for that matter. But there's two possibilities with Dolph claiming 6'6" and 6'5.5". One is his ego back then as evidenced by his claims he could beat Mike Tyson. The other is that while promoting Rocky 4, he thought it prudent to live up to the image of Drago and his subsequent roles in Masters of the Universe, Red Scorpion etc. fit with this as well. I've seen you post on the Kane Hodder page and he's the perfect example of this as we all know he wasn't 6'3", much less 6'4" or 6'5", but takes this a step further than Dolph wearing boots with 2.5" to 3" heels and 1.75" to 2" platforms. Rock is also a good example claiming 6'4", 6'4.5" and 6'5" when he's not even 6'3" anymore. And he really doesn't need to do that considering all the success he's having, though I have a sneaking suspicion Vin Diesel is paying him to inflate his height to match his own!

Dolph and 5'9" Charlie Sheen in the 90's: Click Here Dolph does look at least 7" taller as even with a cap, Charlie only reaches around the bottom of Dolph's nose.

Dolph and 5'10" listed Gary Daniels on set of The Expendables in 2009-2010:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Oddly, this is one of the few times the last 10 years where you can really see Dolph's height standing with someone under 6 feet. If Dolph was a flat 6'3" at this time then Daniels looks shorter than 5'10" as there's a minimum 5" in every pic, even when Dolph is slouching. I do think Dolph has shrunk a bit more since the first 2 Expendables, but I hadn't seen this posted before.
Jordan87 said on 2/Oct/17
@ Rising-174cm

The Thing here is I Wasn't referring to you as a Fanboy, it was a general statement and I do think It Exists on Multiple Boards here which is actually fairly normal for a site like this.

As I said I think there are times Dolph Didn't hit 6'4, and I have also Stated I thought he was 6'4 even, and not over it. The Thing is what Makes me think strange on Dolph is the fact that he has Stated 6'5 and even 6'6"! At over 6'3 he is already taller than a Sh!ton of Men from all eras so I find it rather odd a man as intelligent as Dolph would give himself 2" Of Height.

Its Like Ben Affleck, a solid 6'2 guy saying he is 6'3.5". I do not understand that trait in a lot of men.

Think about it, Dolph and Ben would get alot more Female attention than Most regular men , assuming say they were not celebrities......So why would they bump themselves up 1.5"-2" in height? Nothing to be insecure about.

THen there is a reverse case where Fanboys despite having evidence from Celebes themselves, still crank on inches for their Desired heros.

Example being John Cena has Clearly said his height as 6' and said he is " 6'1" with Boots On" Something like that, yet people still claim he is 6'1" Barefoot. That is a Fanboy Problem there.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
The reason I can't believe he wasn't at least 6'4" is Dolph's big head and particularly long eye level to head alone would make him prone to looking shorter if anything and he always looked a good 6'4"+ in his prime as it is. Here's Dolph in the 90's with 6'2.5" Michael Rapaport: Click Here Certainly looks a good deal taller, no? Even if Rapaport were only 6'2" -- which would be bad news for Brad Pitt who was dwarfed in cowboy boots -- Dolph looks to easily clear the 6'4" mark. It's amazing since Dolph probably wouldn't look much different next to Rapaport today.
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Sep/17
@Jordan: Hearns looks to be slouching more in the second photo and Evander is a bit closer. I said the first photo favored Hearns, but your photos favored Evander. Maybe Hearns was always a flat 6', I don't know, but he looks a bare minimum 3" taller than Sugar Ray in the 80's. Maybe Dolph was a flat 6'4", I don't know, I've said that's possible, but anything under is ridiculous. Dolph has a longer spine than Hearns so even a proportional lean/slouch would cause him to drop more in total height and like I said, Hearns is closer to the camera.

6'4" is fine, but anything under it is ridiculous. Watch him fighting Carl Weathers in Rocky 4 and tell me there's not at least a 3" difference. Ignore the closeups as Dolph admitted to standing on a box even with Sly so we know he did it with a much taller Carl, but there's no box in the boxing scenes. Carl is still 6'0.5"-6'1" range at 69 as Rob will confirm so there's not much doubt he was a strong 6'1" during Rocky 4. Actually, using heights from this site as a reference, Dolph looks more 6'5" than 6'4" back in the 80s, but I'm willing to concede there's as good a chance of those celebs being overlisted and Dolph being a flat 6'4" as opposed to Dolph being 195 cm.

And like I said, you don't have to explain your motivations to me as I didn't assume you dislike Dolph and are guessing to spite him, but I'm just asking you show me the same respect. The fanboy/hater stuff is tired and irrelevant anyway. Someone's motivations really don't matter as we ultimately have to support our positions.
Jordan87 said on 29/Sep/17
Rising- 174cm,

Nah in your second Holyfield Photo, ( First one is bad since it clearly shows Hearns Standing in such a Way to purposely be taller than Evander) Evander has more than an Inch On Hearns. Even With Hearn's Hair Holyfield has him by 2" ( In your second Photo)

Hearns Was an extremely tall, long guy for the division but he is not over 6 feet If Evander is 6'1.25".

Lundgren is not Leaning as Much as Hearns dude, stop. I'm not trying to jip Dolph out of 1/2" and not make him 6'4.

He was perfect for the role of Drago, Literally perfect.....but he isn't over 6'4.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Sep/17
@Jordan: Can we please stop with this fanboy stuff and just discuss height? I am a Lundgren fan, but that has nothing to do with my estimate. I estimate what I honestly think and although I think your estimate is unrealistically low, I'll assume you believe it honestly as well instead of resorting to the equivalent by calling you a "hater" or something like that. Those photos favor Holyfield and Holyfield is 6'1.25". Dolph is leaning himself with Hearns and Hearns is closer to the camera.

The photo with Dolph is from the 80s, so it's more important how tall Hearns looked back then and we have a good back to back with Sugar Ray Leonard who was probably 5'9" or close to it back then: Click Here Hearns can look as tall as 184 cm there. I'd guess he's 6'0.25"-6'0.5" range, or at least was in his prime.

Hearns with Sugar Ray Leonard in 2012: Click Here Rob met Sugar Ray the following year and seemed to think he was a weak 5'9" at the time, which looks about right in Rob's photo so imo, we should consider Sugar Ray 5'8.75" here and with that in mind, Hearns looks a strong six footer at worst.

More photos with Holyfield: Click Here Click Here (First one favors Hearns, but 2nd one still favors Holyfield) I agree Holyfield is taller, but how much taller is what I'm not sure of. Holyfield at 6'1.25" could mean Hearns is still 6'0.25" for instance.

It's not just "fanboys" who think Dolph was a legit 6'4" prime, almost everyone thinks that. As I said, 6'4" flat may very well have been his peak height, but no shorter and if Dolph was just 6'4" flat then a lot of people need downgrades and 6'3.5" peak? Forget about it. That would make Louis Gossett Jr. maybe 6'1" in the 80's/early 90's, which is what Rob estimated Gossett when he met him 15+ years later when Gossett was 70. Ultimate Bad Guy would be struggling with 6'7", which would make Steven Seagal in his prime 6'3" max even assuming Seagal wasn't wearing his boots. I could go on and on with what a 6'3.5" prime Dolph would mean for many others. Dolph could have still been as tall as 6'3.5" when he did the first two Expendables and he was clearly not near his peak height at the time. An inch height loss by 60 is not unheard of by any means, especially not for a man taller than 99% like Dolph. Consider his injury doing Missionary Man when he was pushing 50 in addition to everything else mentioned and an inch as the absolute least he's lost makes sense. Your estimate for Dolph currently is reasonable. It's the least I'd consider personally, but I think you have to look at how Dolph looked in his prime rather than stick to this rigid height loss possibility. Arnold looked like he'd lost more than 1" at Dolph's age and in fact, Rob had him with a 1.5" height loss when he was Dolph's current age. The Rock looked like he'd lost a half inch by the time he was about 40.
Bobby said on 28/Sep/17
I guessed 6'0 or 6'1 when seeing him, surprised he's a shade under 6'3 actually.
Anthony said on 27/Sep/17
Can someone explain how his action films shorten him? Sorry I'm a bit of a novice lol. Does excessive exercise shorten you or something? Insane how much he's shrunk
Jordan87 said on 26/Sep/17
Rising - 174 cm ,

Great Find!

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Hearns is 2.5" Smaller than 6'1 Proven Holyfield ( Rob has a Picture with Holyfield). Hearns is 5'11.5", Dolph is at most 4" On 5'11.5" Hearns and that's even with Hearns leaning. Stand Hearns up straight and Dolph Has him by 3".

Lundgren was 6'4" at best in his prime, likely a little bit shorter.

Fanboys who have to have him over 6'4" and say he shrank more than 2" should look at these posted pics.

Again, If Lundgren srank do to steroids an all the other reasons I have heard from Posters here, he didn't drink that much. He was around 6'3.5" tops in his hey day and is 6'2.5ish now. He didn't shrink more than 1", and honestly either way I don't think he gets a full 6'4 in his prime. May be close to it, but not over it.
Canson said on 26/Sep/17
@Dmeyer: agreed today. Dolph 6'2.5 hoff prob 192 range peak both legit 6'4" tho
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Sep/17
@Dmeyer: Rob met Hasselhoff back in 2013, so I'd guess Hasselhoff 6'3.75"-6'4" then, but it's possible he's lost a fraction since. Though I'd guess Dolph more 6'2.75"-6'3" even today.
Dmeyer said on 24/Sep/17
dolph is 6'2.5-2.75 and hasselhoff is 6 ft 3.5-3.75 so whi you say david is over 1in taller
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/17
I really think many would have less doubt about Dolph's standing straight if they see him with Big Dale. Certainly, nobody is going to doubt he clears 6'2" in that photo and he seems to be standing straight.

Regarding Dolph's prime, he does look near 4" taller than Tommy Hearns back in the 80s: Click Here Don't know how close Hearns is or was to his listed 6'1", though.
MisterManletMick said on 23/Sep/17
Rob how come you are just under Dolphs eye in that picture where on the otherhand when you are with Gwendoline Christie who is supposed to be nearly the same height as him at 6 ft 3.5 you are up to her nose? shouldn't that make Dolph a little over 6 feet ( 184-185) because there seems to be more than a inch height gap between him and Gwendoline.
Editor Rob: maybe though when measured he can still stretch up and breath in taller. Gwendoline in person has great posture generally.
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Sep/17
Well, Dolph was only the second head size I've really tried guessing and my guess was at least 10" so maybe I'm a natural! In general, head sizes only interest me as a means to an end. In Dolph's case, he looks to have a big eye level to top of head as well, which I'd guess at least 5". That alone may make people guess him at least a half inch shorter than he really is, but I also think that outside of his blatant slouching and leaning, he also bends his back or may adopt a stance that drops height in a more subtle way, similar to Hugh Jackman.

Btw, here's video of Dolph and Terry Crews at the first Expendables premiere: Click Here It confirms pictures I've previously posted of the two from that event such as this one: Click Here It's difficult for me to see Dolph as less than an inch shorter than Terry from 2010-2012, though I think 6'2.25" is more likely for Terry than 6'2.5".
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
Hi rob, what do you think is his head length is?
Editor Rob: 10-10.25 range I'd have said. 99.9 percentile.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Sep/17
@Anonymous: Nonsense, Dolph never wore elevator boots with a possible exception of some scenes in Rocky 4 since he admitted to standing on a box. But he's barefoot at times in Showdown in Little Tokyo and you can see him in some of the films he's wearing sneakers no more than 1". Dolph wasn't like Seagal, who does wear cowboy boots and other thick-heeled boots despite being 6'4". He is likely a solid 190 cm, maybe 190.5 standing for a measurement. A solid 189 cm would be the absolute minimum. Why are comparisons of Dolph with other 6 foot+ men like Chuck Liddell, Terry Crews, Michael Jai White and Big Dale ignored?

193 cm morning is a joke for Dolph. 193 cm evening at worst. He's not the 6'5.5"-6'6" giant he used to claim to be, but he was an impressive legitimate 6'4". He could pretty much rest his chin on 173 cm Grace Jones in bare feet.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Sep/17
@DRK: That's not a valid analogy because for teens who are still growing, Rob sometimes does list them at present heights as he did with Bieber. Rob gives them just a peak height when they retire or pass away, but if they're still active and visibly shorter then it'd be deceptive if he only listed them at their peak height, lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion and not only make them worthless as a reference for other celebs, but make them do more harm than good as a reference. It'd be inaccurate for someone to say they ARE a height an inch above what they are at the moment. My father used to be about 6'0.25", but is now around 5'11" and doesn't say he's 6' anymore because he isn't and if you measured him, he'd look like a liar saying 6'. If you ask, he'll say he WAS over 6', but is now under it. Your analogy of a growing kid would only be accurate if Rob kept an outdated shrunken height.

@Canson: Probably angle and definitely posture favored Conan, as well as his hair. I'm sure if you shaved both their heads, stood them back to bacK(so that we weren't as prejudiced by eye level) and had them stand as straight as they could, the difference wouldn't have been minimal. But then Dolph measured up better to Hasselhoff 3 years later than I remember measuring up to Conan. In fact, that obviously shrunken Dolph was less than an inch shorter in late 2012 if you look at the pics in my post on 6/Sep/17. Outside of that Conan appearance, Dolph has measured up much better to tall men in recent years than you'd think. Not just Hasselhoff, but at Arnold's book release in late 2012, he looked an inch or more taller than a 6'2" Terry Crews on video and 2 years earlier both on video and in full pics at the 1st Expendables premiere in LA. In the few stills available, Dolph's posture is horrendous with Conan so I really have to see the actual video again before I can state a more definitive opinion on it, but I do remember thinking Dolph was definitely shorter, but based on comparisons like with Crews and Hasselhoff, I think Dolph had to still be a legit 6'3" from 2010-2012 and he still looked a couple inches taller than Jonathan Ross in 2013. I think Dolph has shrunk more, but just check him out recently with Big Dale, who Rob seems pretty sure is the 6'2" he claims: Click Here Notice Dolph is standing straight unlike the pics above and a man that height is a much better reference for Dolph than 172-173 cm guys. In the photo at least, Dolph seems at least an inch taller to me. Even if the difference looks bigger in the photo than reality for whatever reason, don't you think it'd be certain that 6'2.5" would still be more of a minimum assuming Big Dale is 6'2"? You may very well be right about 193-193.5 cm, but these days, Dolph often looks shorter than he is and only some of that is due to posture with the other factor being his unusually big head and eye to head. So if Dolph is taller than he often looks today, I'm not sure he was really shorter than he looked in his prime. But like I said, he may have been just a 6'4"-6'4.25", but if that's the case then all those reference heights need real downgrades.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/17
He isn't a solid 190 cm nowadays.

I think he is 189cm MAX today and when he was young 193 cm in the morning.

He looked taller in his movies because sometimes was wearing boots or elevator boots and lifts.

If you are a 193 cm guy and you wear boots you look in screen taller and almost a giant. You would be 2 m

This is the case our friend Dolph.
Canson said on 13/Sep/17
@Rising: I don't know how much of that had to do with posture or angle against Conan tho because he looked a lot taller. Conan is edged out by every legit 6'4" on this site when they're on his show. So I find it hard to see more than maybe a half inch or 2cm diff in reality between the two of them. I can buy a full 6'4" for dolph similar to Hasselhoff at his peak 193cm and won't completely rule out 193.5 but he just looked an honest 6'4" really. He had a build which made him appear taller when he was bodybuilding
Quirky said on 13/Sep/17
Does it matter, he is much more than the optimum height of 5' 9".
Tonyx said on 12/Sep/17
DRK, because some might just start claiming that Daniel Craig is the same exact height as Harrison Ford and his peak height was 6ft 0.75in (184.8 cm). Daniel Craig isn't a 1/4in away from 6ft1in tall isn't he?
DRK said on 12/Sep/17
Why do we include anything other than peak height? That is your real height. If you are shorter due to age / posture your full height is still the only valid choice.

We wouldn't list height at 6 years old, or height with a spiked up haircut. Everyone has 1 height once they have finished growing.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
@Jordan87: Actually, steroid use can lead to bone loss, osteoporosis and similar problems so it stands to reason, those can accelerate height loss. Now if it doesn't lead to bone loss in an individual's case then there wouldn't be any reason to assume it'd lead to height loss so you can say it's more indirect.

@Canson: I do remember him shorter than Conan as well, but that was back in around 2009 and I've shown Dolph later than that looking easily an inch taller than Terry Crews and less than an inch shorter than David Hasselhoff so there's no doubt in my mind Dolph was still at least 6'3" then. His posture was terrible with Conan so I'd have to see the clip again, but since I have Conan about 6'3.5", it could mean Dolph was 6'3"-6'3.25" max by then and I give Conan a possible range of 6'3.25" minimum to 6'3.75" max. I see 6'2.5" as an absolute minimum today for Dolph and I personally wouldn't guess him that short seeing him with the taller men I've mentioned. But I understand 6'2.5" guesses. I still think he's closer to 6'3" and think it's evident when you stand him next to other tall men. I put much less stock into how Dolph looks with men well under 6 feet.
Jordan87 said on 11/Sep/17
Rising - 174cm,

Steroids do not Reduce height. They are however known to Reduce other parts of your Anatomy if you know what I mean.
Canson said on 10/Sep/17
@Rising: tough to tell. He has poor posture but I remember him being shorter noticeably than Conan but again poor posture could be it. I'd put him at 6'2 1/2 today max imho
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Sep/17
He could still be 6'3" NOW. Just look at him with Rob's 6'2" friend Big Dale and another legit 6'2" guy Terry Crews or other legit 6 footers like Chuck Liddell and Michael Jai White.

Imo, it's silly to suggest Dolph couldn't have lost more than an inch of height at that age. A survey showed an average 60 year old man lost 0.8". But Dolph is not an average man, not even remotely close to average height in his prime. If we increase that a mere 10% to account for how far above average height Dolph is, we're already at 0.9". That doesn't account for all the slouching that often comes at that height such as you see in the pics above or see with Dolph at events even when he was a young man yet we're already near an inch before accounting for that or the ligaments he tore filming Missionary Man(which seemed to accelerate his height loss) or the decades of heavy weights and stunts as well as the near certainty he took steroids iun his prime.

Btw, Rob looks much closer to a current Dolph than Alan Light did to Dolph in 1990. That should show that Dolph has lost a lot of height and that pics can be unreliable showing large differences. For Dolph to be 6'3" prime, Brandon Lee would have been maybe 177 cm max, Louis Gossett Jr. maybe 184 cm, Ultimate Bad Guy about 6'6", Alan Light 5'8", Grace Jones 5'6"-5'7" range, Van Damme 5'7"-5'8" etc. Imo, doubting Dolph was at least 6'4" based on how he appears now is like doubting Clint Eastwood was 6'3" based on how he's appeared the last 15-20 years.
Jordan87 said on 8/Sep/17
He doesn't look much over 6'2" in the bottom pic and is lucky to get 6'1.5" in the top pic. I hard a hard time seeing a 6'4 man in his prime. 6'3 is a case. He is 60, not 80. He didn't loose over an inch of height people he isn't Hulk Hogan or Dave Prowse.
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Sep/17
I've noticed that about Dolph's head as well. Dolph actually looks to have a bigger head to me than Hoff when they're side by side: Click Here Click Here Look at where their chins are and then look at how the top of Hoff's head ends up not much taller. I'd say Dolph probably has a good 10" head. Combine that with his posture and he's definitely going to look a good inch shorter than he is at times. Definitely not a guy whose height you can judge by eye level. His eye to head looks particularly big. Of course, the fact Dolph looks over an inch shorter in person in 2016 than Hoff in 2013 shows he's lost height since 2012 since they were still pretty close then, unless Dolph is on favorable ground. I still say he'd surprise people under a stadiometer. There are always people like that who look shorter or taller than they actually measure.
James B said on 3/Sep/17
Rob I have 2 friends one who is 6'1.75 and and the other 5'8 and the difference between them looks similar to you and dolph.
Editor Rob: you'd probably meet Dolph and think of him as a 6ft 2 guy.
For an actor, he has a genuinely big head, which you can see in person doesn't make him look that tall actually...I think that's why at least a few people said to me that weekend, "he ain't very tall is he!"

someone like Hoff, he too has a decent sized head, but he has a slimmer frame and is of course over an inch taller in person too.
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Sep/17
A comparison of 4 full pics with Stone Cold Steve Austin(who Rob lists 186 cm) from the Vegas screening of the 1st Expendables back in 2010: Click Here Dolph is at least 2 inches taller in every pic, even with terrible posture in the first two. A big reason for this is his head is clearly bigger, particularly from eye level to the top. You can see when Dolph turns to the side, he doesn't even have that much extra hair.

Here's a couple of pics that aren't full, but show quite a difference: Click Here Click Here

I'm always seeing a 5-6 cm difference, but Dolph is not standing like he did with say Big D in any of the pictures.
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Sep/17
@Canson: As I've said, it seems likely he was a strong 6'4" or closer to 6'4" than 6'5" and others merely have to be adjusted down and I just said I think he was near 195 cm at some point, probably not after 2 hours out of bed, though. I doubt Neeson was over 6'4" at his low. He seemed to me a full 6'4" afternoon while Goldblum might have been a more solid 6'4" who held 193 cm at night and was maybe "a touch" over 6'4" in the afternoon, imo. Goldblum might have been as tall as Dolph, though Dolph in his prime did seem more massive to me. I do think Dolph would have edged out Steven Seagal in his prime as well. He could look about a head taller than 173 cm Grace Jones when they didn't have footwear:

Click Here

But if we took Brandon Lee's 182 cm claim at face value then I'd say Dolph was absolutely 195, same thing with Louis Gossett Jr. at 6'3", although I'm doubtful about that one as well seeing him look about an inch shorter than 6'3.5" max Christopher Reeve. If we just think of a prime Dolph Lundgren in a vacuum without the current late 50s Dolph struggling with 6'3" then I'd have guessed him taller without knowing better. Like seeing how tiny a weak 5'9" Van Damme looks walking side by side with Dolph even with Lundgren's head down most of the time: Click Here I do think Dolph's unusually larger eye to head means he's probably going to look shorter to some, except for those who focus only the difference between the top of heads.

@Shredder: Yeah, a 6'4" Dolph has Light looking maybe 5'9" there. But from what I did see of Light, I had serious doubts he was 5'10.5". My best guess is he was more like 5'10.5" in shoes, so taller than 5'9", but maybe not even 5'10".
tree said on 1/Sep/17
Rob you have any explanation why he looks only 186-187cm with you and Big Jay,how can a guy over 6ft2 look so 'short'with you?
Editor Rob: he does have a fraction less footwear, of course he may still stretch up tall when measured.

I think some people did guess him about 6ft 2-2.5 from that event though!
Shredder said on 1/Sep/17
I agree Rising , He looks over 6'5 if that Alan Light guy really is 5'10.5.
Canson said on 1/Sep/17
@Rising: I can't see 195 peak but maybe he was by a long shot similar with me 193.7-194 min. I actually see the same kind of height as Neeson or Goldblum 193.5 at his lowest
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Aug/17
Btw, I think the comparison with Ultimate Bad Guy(Scott Schwartz) warrants some attention again. He actually claims 6'10"! Click Here But he can't be that tall and if I'm not mistaken, Rob once had a page for him since I think Mamun had a photo with him. I believe he was listed 6'8"? Seeing him with 6'4" Steven Seagal: Click Here and 6'2.5" Bernie Mac: Click Here I don't doubt he's 6'8" range. But Dolph then does pull off at least 195 cm or around 6'5" with him: Click Here Especially since it's likely Seagal had boots

Btw, does anyone have an idea how tall Alan Light actually was? 5'10.5" looks impossible with Dolph in 1990: Click Here If that were accurate then Dolph's 6'6" claim would look plausible as even with a pronounced slouch, Dolph looks a good 6.5" or so taller, but even conservatively, it'd look maybe 7" minimum standing straight. All I know about Alan Light is he was clearly taller than Michael Jackson.

Let nobody doubt again how massive a strong 6'4" really is.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Aug/17
This 1985 interview refers to him as 6'6" at 1:38: Click Here

It doesn't come out of Dolph's mouth, but it's highly possible Dolph told the interviewer or else came from his bio so I doubt the newspaper interview was a one off claim or misquote. He's also referred to as 240 pounds at 1:29 so we can safely say Dolph referred to peak size with that recent 245 claim. I believe he was between 240-248 during the filming of Rocky 4(after being 215 before he got the role) and was 250ish during Masters of the Universe. Dolph was usually described as 6'6" in Masters of the Universe era articles so there's a good chance he claimed that for a while.

However, this Sports Illustrated article has Dolph referring to himself as 6'4" when speaking about the Rocky 4 auditions: Click Here Yet every other time Dolph has mentioned that story, he says he claimed 6'5". So I think Barry Fl is correct. I do think there's a better chance the metric figures he's given are more accurate since I have no doubt he could have measured "about" 195 cm back in 1985, I just don't know how early he'd have measured that and depending on how recent the 193 claim was, it sounds believable as well. I believe his torn ligaments during Missionary Man knocked some extra height off in addition to at least a half inch loss by age 50 and now almost an extra decade of weight training and stunts. It shouldn't surprise anyone Dolph has lost an inch or more, especially given his long time habit of slouching with much shorter men. You can see him doing this back in the 90s with Sly, Ice-T and Alan Light.
Barry Fl said on 29/Aug/17
In his autobiography/exercise manual Dolph claimed his height to be 6'5 and then later on in the same book 6'4. I'm pretty sure that both times he was just talking about himself generally so he didn't downgrade himself for height loss with age! So I'd be inclined to take any of his claims with a pinch of salt. Maybe the taller you get, the less specific you feel you need to be??
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Aug/17
@Johan: Here's Dolph's 6'6" claim:

Click Here

This particular source is The Baytown Sun January 26th, 1986, but it was printed in other papers going back to around November 1985.
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Aug/17
Yes, Dolph did claim that in late 1985. I've posted the link multiple times. And he got a lot of 6'6" listings from 1985-1987 so it wasn't a one off thing. He was always listed/described either 6'6" or 6'5.5" back then from what I saw. But it's possible he converted incorrectly and then rounded the 6'5.5" to 6'6" at times. He referred to Stallone as 5'10" in the same interview so he seemed to regularly use feet/inches in American interviews. The interviewer who asked him recently if he was 198 cm probably asked because of the 6'6" listings. You can see on The Rock and Kane Hodder pages multiple claims by each that vary similarly to Dolph and both are American so your theory is possible, but it's also possible Dolph just exaggerated.

@Rob: Have you seen the 6'6" claim when I've posted it? It'd be good, imo to add the 6'6" claim to the top and Dolph saying he stood on a box for the Rocky 4 glove touch in the same interview as this would explain why people told you they expected him taller at the convention.
Johan said on 25/Aug/17
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/17
But then why did Dolph claim 6'6" too? I do think he was more honest claiming 195 cm and 193 cm, but Dolph is intelligent guy so I'd think he'd have figured it out within a few years.


Did Dolph actually claim that though? Or was that just a marketing stunt for Rocky IV? A giant against the underdog stereotype.

On live tv he claimed 6'5.5" which to me would have been what he actually thought was right since he was being so precise.
Ofc in Euro speak that is 193.75 cm not a guy who is 197 cm.

And I think that his 193 cm claim lately was probably legit but from his younger years he definetly isn't over 190 today.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Aug/17
A couple of stills with Louis Gossett Jr., who Rob lists at 6'3" peak from Cover Up(1991): Click Here

Like I've said, I do believe 193-194 cm range is the most likely guess overall with 195 cm being approximately his height within an hour or two of waking up, but to fit that, there are some other listings that would really need to be looked at closely again such as Gossett and Brandon Lee. Dolph always looks over 2" taller than Gossett and certainly there was far more than 3 cm between the two. As for Dolph's current height, I actually would have guessed him more 191 cm than 190 with 6'2" Big D who himself makes Michael Madsen look short, but overall, I'd still say 6'3" is probably the most he is nowadays.
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/17
But then why did Dolph claim 6'6" too? I do think he was more honest claiming 195 cm and 193 cm, but Dolph is intelligent guy so I'd think he'd have figured it out within a few years.
Johan said on 21/Aug/17
Guys you need to understand that Dolph used the wrong conversion back then. I believe he was 194 cm tops now at peak after looking through alot of pics . Now most people in Europe don't use 2.54cm to the inch they use 2.5 cm.

Try the conversion, lets take his 6'5.5" claim.
6' x 12") + 5.5" = 77.5"
77.5" x 2.54 = 196.9 cm . That would be the correct method.

Now most folk in Europe - 77.5" x 2.5 = 193.75 cm.

Do you see? This is also backed up by him claiming 193 cm a few years ago in his native tongue.

Exact same thing happens with 6 foot. So many people think 180 cm is 6 foot because of incorrect conversion here in Europe.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Aug/17
Dolph claimed the 6'6" for probably the same reason Kane Hodder claimed 6'5" - to live up to the image of their most famous characters. Kane takes it a step further of course with those huge platform boots. I'm sure to some men around my height he looked close enough. I'm open to anything in the 193-195 range peak, but he wasn't 6'5", let alone 6'6". I think we can all agree on that. I do think he's a bit taller today standing straight than many think. I'd still love to hear how tall Brigitte Nielsen would guess Dolph at peak. So far she's been spot on, imo with Sly and Eddie Murphy so her impression would be interesting.
Canson said on 19/Aug/17
@Rising: you said that post very eloquently and was a lot of thought that you put into that! Well done! You made some very strong points and you made a lot of sense to what a lot don't think of often something I try to do but don't always come across like I'm doing.

With Dolph he for sure would be no lower imho out of bed at his peak than 6'4.75 which is practically 195 (194.945). Yea like you and Arch both said he may have been a 6'5" who got down to 6'4.25. It's tough to tell. Him claiming 6'5.5 likely was a shoe height of sorts probably something he measured earlier in the day or could've been in a pair of boots later. But yes that's exactly what Jensen Did to Padalecki says he's 6'5" and won't admit it just to make himself a more desireable height in his mind. lol I have seen that one too many times in my life. I was in college and had this idiot troll who went to school with us who did that. He told another friend of mine from college (neither of these guys played ball on the team) who is 6'4-6'5 that he was 6'6 because I was listed 6'6" and he was about my height and that he's 6'5 because he's the same height as one of the other guys on our team. He even asked me how tall I was and I had him by maybe 1.5" (he wasn't over 6'3 max). I told him my 6'6" was a listed height and he questioned me because the other guy listed 6'5 was his height in his eyes (in reality the player was 6'3.5 and not but "maybe" 1" shorter than me tops). People like that just make me laugh. Wasn't until the other guy told him that same thing I did that he is 6'3-6'4 that he actually said well why do they list you like that lol
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/17
They made Van Damme look closer to Dolph's height in the film and promo pics. They always put Van Damme in front and/or have them stand far apart and in that case, have Dolph put his head down. If you want to see how Dolph looked next to Van Damme, look at the videos in my Jul/22 post where they almost fight at the premiere in '92 and the Universal Soldiers Behind the Scenes clip where they're walking side by side. Dolph at a strong 6'4" towers a weak Van Damme by more than 7 inches as you expect. But on the other hand, you see Ralf Moeller is a real 6'5.5" guy as opposed to Dolph who would only be near his claimed 6'5.5"-6'6" in shoes.
Canson said on 18/Aug/17
Yea with the pic Pierre posted with Mueller he isn't over solid 6'4". I'm willing to bet Moeller is that height or within 1/4" at his lowest based on what the poster Max said when he met him.

As for what MrTBlack said him claiming 6'5/6'6 is not unheard of but not something most guys this height do (I'm around his height not even a full cm taller than him at his peak) that's unless they have a reason. Maybe 6'5" but 6'6" not so much. Most 6'4 guys don't want to be 6'6" unless they need the height for sports etc. I'm 6'4.25-6'4.5 and would choose lose the 1.5-1.75" before I gained it lol). He did it because he was a body builder and has an ego.
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Aug/17
@Pierre: He's definitely shorter than Ralf, but they're standing on a hill, that's why solid 6'5" Tiny Lister looks shorter than Dolph as well. In reality, I believe Dolph was shorter than both at that time.

@Arch: I agree. He did look more 6'5" than 6'4" in Showdown in Little Tokyo as well if Brandon Lee is 182 cm.

Dolph looked taller than a flat 6'4" in Masters of the Universe if Jon Cypher was 6'2", the difference was at least this big in the film: Click Here Click Here
Pierre said on 18/Aug/17
Another pic Dolph next to Ralph Moeller listed 6"5.5' in this site(1992 movie Universal Soldier) and next to Jean Claude Vandamme listed 5"9' = Click Here
Pierre said on 18/Aug/17
Click Here = 1992 Universal soldier movie=Dolph next to Ralph Moeller listed 6"5.5' in this site
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Aug/17
@MrTBlack: Go on any legit 6'4" page and you'll see 6'5" claims. The 6'5" and 6'6" stuff came from Dolph and his PR back in the 80s, so it got repeated often enough to stick. Dolph at least could have fallen into the 6'4" and change range as you say, plus, they used tricks to make him even more towering in Rocky 4 and you consider his physique and it's understandable, imo.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Aug/17
MrTBlack said on 16/Aug/17
I still don't understand how so many fans and sites list him as 6'5" and 6'6" at peak. I do think 6'4" or possibly 6'4.5" but that's the absolute most he was then

In fairness he could look near 6'5 in the 80s and early 90s. I think his box tricks and camera angles in Rocky IV might have fuelled the 6'6 myth as he could look it in that film. I think a strong 6'4 peak fits best, possibly a guy who was 6'5 out of bed and low 6'4 at his low.
MrTBlack said on 16/Aug/17
I still don't understand how so many fans and sites list him as 6'5" and 6'6" at peak. I do think 6'4" or possibly 6'4.5" but that's the absolute most he was then
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Aug/17
@Canson: In fairness to Dolph, when he was asked about his 80s quote where he said he could beat Tyson, he asked if he was sober when he said it, so I think his ego has come a bit more down to earth again. The 6'6" and 6'5.5" he was claiming in the mid to late 80s was probably hype to sell himself as Drago, He-Man, The Punisher etc. It is interesting he claimed a much more believable 195 cm when asked in metric back then. I'm sure he'd at least be that out of bed in his prime. I'd be surprised if Dolph couldn't convert metric back then, but to this day, he always claims a more believable height when asked in metric. He's now saying he is or was 6'5" when Rocky 4 came out, yet within the last 10 years, he said he 193 cm as Rob quotes him above. Maybe the high figures mean more in feet/inches. But I know what you mean and some of the claims for guys below 6 feet are much worse. Whether it's a friend of mine who was closer to 5'10.5" and claiming 6'1", or another friend not much different than me claiming 5'11". I admit I sometimes exaggerate slightly and say 5'9" if I think I'll pass for it, but I never inflate my height much, unless I have lifts and/or cuban heel or cowboy boots. If you wear lifts, you have to inflate your height, otherwise, you'll basically tell people you're wearing lifts. But if I'm out wearing sneakers, I'll usually say 5'8.5" or 5'9" if it comes up. Most guys around my height do seem to claim at least 5'10", though. To me, it's silly to be walking around like a 5'8"-5'9" guy and claim 5'11", almost 6' or something, I mean, at least try to look your claim! It's like all the blatantly short guys who try 5'8" because people's perception of 5'8" is warped and they don't realize it's a pretty average height and not the height of some short, stubby guy who is regularly the same height as women and noticeably shorter than most other guys around them. The same is true even with 5'7". Guys closer to 5'5" claim it all the time. A legit 5'7" isn't all that short. In Dolph's case, he was tall and imposing enough that how many people are going to know the difference back then? People tend to exaggerate as well when a height is unusual. Even women who are only unusually tall for women. For instance, Eddie Murphy is probably 176 cm yet inflates Brigitte Nielsen from 183-184 range to 6'2" just to boost himself to 5'10"? Saying she was 6'1" would have sufficed. Similarly, Mel Gibson is probably 5'9" yet inflated Sigourney Weaver from 5'11" to 6'1" also to boost himself to 5'10" when saying she was 6' would have been more appropriate. People like to engage in hyperbole regardless of what they're talking about. There are a lot of pretty big guys who become synonymous with an even bigger impression. Kane Hodder is a perfect example, though he actually does wear huge platform boots to get him closer to his claims and having lost height like Dolph, isn't that much above 6' these days without his boots. Once you get below the 6' range, you'll see a few more guys who are basically solid heights, but want to be solid 6 footers and wear the boots to get there(Vin Diesel, Burt Reynolds). Hulk Hogan is an obvious example of someone closer to 6'5" peak than 6'7". Rock as you mention was a big guy, I believe 6'3" when younger and now 6'2" range with a very imposing build, but clearly uses the 2 inch rule. I don't know if Dolph ever added a full 2 inches to his height, but was probably close with that 6'6" claim.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Aug/17
Thanks, Rob. The difference between Dolph and Terry is actually more consistent than you'd think. I'd guess 191 cm for Dolph during the first 2 Expendables from all I've seen. Basically 6'3" minimum and 6'3.5" max at that time. Terry's range would be about an inch less, imo so maybe a 6'2.25" listing would be better for him as he was put at 6'2" in his football career.

Here's Dolph a bit more recently with Kellan Lutz: Click Here (Also around 4:05)

Dolph looks noticeably bigger to me and I wouldn't guess him less than 190 there. Dolph didn't look to have any real footwear advantage to me either. Probably more or less similar: Click Here

Btw, I read an interview with Dolph where he talks about torn ligaments filming Missionary Man, which he made when he was 49. That could have contributed to his significant height loss. I could have sworn there was an interview where Dolph even mentioned height loss, but I can't find it so maybe I'm mistaken.
Canson said on 14/Aug/17
@Rising: I believe solid 6'4" peak too. However if he were a bit inside of 193cm like maybe 6'4 1/8 or even maybe halfway between that and a solid 6'4" I prob wouldn't tell a diff with him standing next to him as it would be less than 1/4". Guys my size (6'4 and change) if pro athletes or some former college even will claim their listed heights. I was measured 6'4 1/2 in socks in college and I think also 6'4 3/4 once but had some early morning measurements (thought I had grown but likely did not really). I was listed 6'6" on the roster and have almost always measured 6'4 1/2 or been rounded to that as I mostly had afternoon physicals outside of that. Think my one a year ago or so was 6'4 3/8 may have been because I had cut my hair or that they rounded up the mm since it was around 3pm I believe I would be 193.9.

A guy like Dolph tho has an ego just like The Rock does!! Most common guys outside of pro athletes or former college athletes in some cases will say 6'4 or maybe 6'5" if my height as a morning height will be closer to the latter. Heck in my case I have only measured myself around the solid 193 mark twice or three times since high school probably and they were experiments this year where I was in my feet and got to 193.1 and .2. I still claim 6'4" more often than not (almost never 6'5) unless I'm in maybe a pair of Timbs or maybe Jordan's that give me a bit and someone will ask am I 6'5? Even then my response is 6'4/6'5 sometimes or 6'4 1/2 more commonly In that case. I list myself 6'4" on paper for the most (used to list myself 6'5 on paper when I played ball lol). But then again I do have a former teammate in college that is roughly 3cm taller than I am. He's prob a legit 197 at his lowest based on how he looks with my legit 6'6" friend and another friend Christian's height. I'd put this 197 at 6'5 5/8 at his lowest a weak 6'6" yet he still claims 6'7" to this day as he was listed that way in college. In addition to the 6'5.25 and 6'6" friend I have a 6'7" ex teammate who is still one of my best friends today (I am his daughters godfather as a matter of fact). He was my roommate in clllege along with the 197 friend who claims 6'7. The legit 6'7" is older than me by a couple years and he puts the other dude in his place when he claims 6'7". My legit 6'6" friend does the same to him like "bro you're shorter than me how in the hell are you 6'7"? He didn't go to college with us but got to know him through us. It's quite comical. Yet this dude says he's 6'7" and that I'm 6'6" and that the other guy is 6'8" (was listed 6'9 initially but was brought down). Those were our listed heights in college.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Aug/17
How tall do you guys see Dolph in these videos from Arnold's book release in late 2012?

With 6'2.5" Terry Crews: Click Here
With Crews and 5'11.5" Arnold: Click Here

Maybe Terry is more 6'2"-6'2.25", but I can't see less than an inch minimum between Dolph and Terry there. Dolph looks much taller than Arnold in that second video even with worse posture and is taller than Terry again despite being farther from the camera. Iirc, Rob was listing Dolph either 6'3.25" or 6'3.5" at this time and it looks like he was spot on even though I remember insisting he was a flat 6'3" at the time. I'm sure he's lost more height 5 years later and is about what Rob lists him, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if he still measured the full 6'3".
Editor Rob: Terry can look at most 6ft 2 there, I think dolph about 6ft 3 range at that moment is believable.
Tyson said on 1/Aug/17
Dolph Lundgren is about:

Peak 193.0 cm
Now 189.5 cm
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/17
Check out how much bigger Dolph was than 182 cm Arnold five years ago: Click Here

Dolph has lost more height since then, but not THAT much. Maybe 1 cm. He was probably 191 then and 190 now. Incidentally, when Arnold was Dolph's age, Rob listed him at 6'0" with a peak of 6'1.5". There's no reason Dolph couldn't have lost a similar amount.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/17
He's definitely taller than 6'2" now regardless of looking it in a photo with someone half a foot shorter. He always looks taller than 6'2" with men close to his height. Looked more like 6'3" with 6'2" Big D in a photo and Big D looked noticeably taller than Michael Madsen. 6'4" peak is right, though, but no shorter. If he has lost near 2" then he'd have been the 195 cm he once claimed, or at least close.
Canson said on 31/Jul/17
Peak 6'4" maybe 6'4-4.25 range
Today 6'2.5 tops
Peterson188cm said on 30/Jul/17
Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone:

Photo- Click Here
Anonymous said on 29/Jul/17
6'2.5"-6'2.75" is my father's height, and he looks more like this next to someone 5'9". Maybe it's posture, but my dad usually has worse posture than looks like in this photo.
Original said on 29/Jul/17
Looks 6'2 w/ Rob that is my opinion, peak he was def. taller, probably around 6'4.
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Jul/17
What's amazing is back in 1991, Brandon Lee, who claims 182 cm could look similar to how Rob looks with a current Dolph Lundgren: Click Here

Keep in mind, Brandon is closer to the camera in all but one of those shots and in that shot, Dolph is tilting his head. Of course, I'm sure Brandon was closer to a peak Dolph Lundgren's height than Rob is to a current Dolph, but if Dolph was closer to 193 than 195 cm then Brandon was shorter than 182 cm range. It's amazing that even while seeing how Dolph dwarfs a man who was apparently just a fraction from 6 feet, people still doubt he was a legit 6'4" peak. Dolph didn't even wear big heels or thick boots like Steven Seagal either.

@Richard: Rob said he thinks Dolph is 6'2.5"-6'2.75" at his low and that the absolute lowest he thought he'd measure would be 189 cm.

If you see Dolph in a crowd at a premiere even today he looks very tall, usually the tallest person. 6'3" flat wouldn't surprise me, though I'd bet he drops below it in the evening and he probably does lose an additional 1/4" from noon until his low.
Richardspain said on 26/Jul/17
Hey are you? please! Can you add a mugshot in your photo next to Dolph?

This way we'll have a idea more exactly about the Dolph's height.

I advance he isn't more than 187/188cm in his relaxed posture.Max 6'2
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/17
Dolph looks to be leaning more to me, but his spine is also much longer than Rob's so even a similar stance could make him drop more height. Don't forget, Rob said below that Dolph had a fraction less shoe than him as well. But all this focus on one picture is moot anyway. Remember, Glenn had pictures where he looked 5'9"! Don't believe me? Well, I'm sure you can still find them framed on the walls of his apartment.
Richardspain said on 25/Jul/17
189 cm barefoot nowadays
193cm barefoot in peak

Sometimes stars hollywood are marketing like Arnold 188 cm Eastwood 192 cm they weren't that.
Pierre said on 23/Jul/17
Dolph isn't very straight in the picture but Rob isn't very straight too
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Jul/17
I do think 6'3.5" was still possible as late as 2012, but now I say 6'3" tops. If Dolph is really 6'2.5" these days, then terry Crews can't be more than a flat 6'2" since Dolph is taller even when bending his knees: Click Here Rob lists Terry at 6'2.5". I'd probably go right between at 6'2.25" for Terry.

He was still significantly taller than 6'1" Jonathan Ross in 2013: Click Here Unfortunately, the camera switches from the side view when Dolph gets close, but it's still obvious he's noticeably taller.

Here's Dolph in his prime back in 1992: Click Here Van Damme, who I'd give 5'8.75"-5'9" back then or 5'8.5" absolute minimum looks like he's looking up at a skyscraper! I'm a fan of both, but once Dolph gives him the one-armed Rocky 4 shove back, you can see JCVD wants no part of Dolph! Difficult to say for sure from the angle, but even with his head tilted up, it looks like his head would, at best, reach Dolph's nose. You can see how small Van Damme looks in this Behind the Scenes clip when he's walking next to Dolph: Click Here In the film and the promo, a lot of care was taken to minimize the difference between these two.
Canson said on 22/Jul/17
Meant to say 6'2.5 tops today
Canson said on 21/Jul/17
@Even: dolph was 6'4" at his peak. I agree 6'6" not tho today 6'3.5 is tops
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Jul/17
Under 6'4" = impossible
6'4"= probable
6'4.25" = probable
6'4.5" = possible, but not as likely
6'4.75" = possible, but not likely except in the morning

Under 6'2.25" = impossible
Under 6'2.5" = Very unlikely
6'2.5" = Fairly probable
6'2.75" = probable
6'3" = fairly probable
Over 6'3" = pretty much impossible except in the morning

The probabilities I'm referring to are typical noon to afternoon height.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Jul/17
He's clearly leaning with Rob. Sometimes it's deceptive how much height one drops and with a man as big as Lundgren, that can easily make him look an inch shorter, or even a camera can do that. How many times do we see Rob say a person wasn't as short or tall as they looked in a photo? See Rob's comment about Dolph and 6'2" Big D, then check the pic for yourself. That's how Dolph looks standing straight. This can still be seen with Terry Crews and Chuck Liddell as well. If Dolph were a weak 6'2" in person, surely Rob wouldn't list him an inch higher. Less than 5 years ago, Dolph could almost still stretch up to Hasselhoff's height(see my June 6th post) yet look at how much shorter he looks with Statham and JCVD on JCVD's page earlier that same year. Dolph is shorter now than 2012, but not THAT much shorter.
even said on 20/Jul/17
6'6" = impossible , 6'5" = impossible , 6'4" = almost impossible , 6'3" = most probable , 6'2" = probable
S.J.H said on 19/Jul/17
I believe Big Jay being 5'7.75" from the video i just watch on User's height page but Dolph Lundgren still look nearly 6'2 or right on the nose not 189-190cm. See him with Rob bottom pic he look weak 6'2" and he look to be standing a good posture with rob
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Jul/17
I agree with you. Probably held 6'4" at night as his low, so a rock solid 6'4". I believe a guy like Steven Seagal was more likely to drop below 6'4" at his low. As I said, nowadays, anything from 6'2.5" to 6'3" is something I could believe. His posture makes it trickier. I won't argue anything in that range, but I just can't see him below that seeing how he still looks with six footers. From the way he stands, I wouldn't be surprised if he has back problems and I think I remember hearing he had back surgery years ago. Basically, I think both the average guesses and Rob's listings are so likely, there's not much sense in disputing them. Now I'm not one of those head size fetishists, but in Dolph's case I think it's relevant to say I wouldn't be surprised if his head was at least 10 inches. That could make him appear shorter to people.
Canson said on 16/Jul/17
@Rising 174: 6'4.25 is possible as well but I'd go a low height of not dipping under the 6'4" mark. Today tho maybe posture is just bad but looks 6'2.5ish with Rob or others
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Jul/17
I agree Canson, no doubt he was a legit 6'4", but under 6'5". His peak height is tougher to gauge as we mostly have movies to go by, but strong 6'4" is the best guess.

Dolph with a slouch looks between 5" and 5.5" taller than Rob to me.
Shredder said on 15/Jul/17
Rob give him a mugshot so we can see what he looks with you.
RisingForce said on 15/Jul/17
A full 6'3" today still wouldn't surprise me seeing him with some taller men, especially if Terry Crews really is 6'2.5", but I agree with 190 cm as most likely. Looked easily 6'4"+ in Masters of the Universe since Rob lists Jon Cypher as 6'2" and Dolph was quite a bit taller and Courtney Cox is listed at 5'5", but seriously only reached Dolph's shoulders! Also, if Dolph peaked at 248 during Rocky 4, he had to be 250 minimum during Masters of the Universe.

I'd still say around 6'4" is most likely, but if Rob's listings of 6'3" and 182 cm are accurate for Louis Gossett Jr. and Brandon Lee, respectively among other listings on this site then Dolph's 195 cm claim isn't impossible.
Johan said on 15/Jul/17
Yeah I saw those pics with Big D, he still looks close to 6'2.75" in those, he seems to be a guy who does drop height a fair bit with shorter guys.
Big D also made Michael Madsen look 5'11" ish.
Canson said on 15/Jul/17
@Rising Force: 6'4" definitely though at his peak but for sure not 6'5"
Nils said on 14/Jul/17
Maybe he is 6'2..
Arnold and Sylvester forced him to claim 6'9
but they settled with 6'5
Jokes aside i didn't see much of this guy but in those pictures he doesn't even look 6'2! is there any explanation
to that Rob? or am i just mistaken.
Editor Rob: he was taller in his photo with 'Big D', a con friend who claims 6ft 2...

I could see though how people who meet Dolph are surprised, they expect him to be taller. He's certainly shrunk, although it's not as obvious, he must have had several discs damaged because his spine doesn't look curved too much in person...
RisingForce said on 14/Jul/17
He wasn't 6'5" and I don't think anyone on this page thinks he was that tall. He was somewhere from 6'4" minimum to under 6'5" and I'm sure weights, stunts, steroids and slouching for years with much shorter people all contributed to height loss. Arnold at 59 had lost somewhere near 1.5". Hulk Hogan had lost much more than that by his early 50s as well. I don't know why people read so much into what they see in a picture, especially when we have Rob's own in person estimate that he wasn't under 6'2.5". To show how silly these 6'1.5" type estimates are again, here's Dolph with Chuck Liddell, who is listed here at 6'1.5" himself: Click Here Dolph doesn't even have good posture there either, which is typical, just as it's typical for Dolph to still look at least 6'2.5"-6'3" when he stands next to men about Liddell's height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/17
Rob could 6ft4 peak and 6ft3 today be more feasible?

No doubt he's lost height but 1½in looks extreme
Editor Rob: I think weak 6ft 3 range is more suitable from all I've seen.
Jordan87 said on 13/Jul/17
Big Jay Has Better posture Than Dolph It would Appear. Dolph doesn't pass over 6'1 with Big jay, so Straigten him out and he could be A bit over 6'2. Not Much though.

If he is about 6'2.5, He must have beaten himself up a lot to Loose 1.5" By 59 yo. 6'5 for a peak height is retarded lookin at it now.
RisingForce said on 11/Jul/17
0% chance Dolph is below 6'2". What Dolph looks in photos(with bad posture) isn't what he looked at the events. If Dolph was under 6'2" at the event, Rob wouldn't be listing him at almost 6'3". Remember, Dolph was still taller than Rob's 6'2" friend. Better chance of Dolph still being 6'3" than a flat 6'2", much less under it.
Nik said on 11/Jul/17
@ Puerre

Yes, he could easily be below 6'2"!
Shredder said on 9/Jul/17
S.J.H said on 29/Jun/17
Understand the tilting head down from Lundgren. I take another look if Big Jay is 172cm i don't buy Lundgren over 6'2 he just don't look it like his movies nowadays and honestly sometimes he even look don't even look over 187cm now.

Big Jay was measured in a video , he is still over 5'7.5 at his very lowest , so 5'7.75 is right for him.
Pierre said on 9/Jul/17
between 6"1' and 6"2' by this two pictures
RisingForce said on 7/Jul/17
As for Dolph's peak, I believe Ultimate Bad Guy use to have a page here and was given 6'8" and if that's the case, Dolph looked nearer 6'5" than 6'4" with him. I don't remember a scene where Dolph stood next to Louis Gossett Jr. in The Punisher, but in this promotional still, Dolph looks more than 2 inches taller: Click Here and you can compare them in this scene from Cover Up(1991): Click Here Either Gossett wasn't 6'3" or Dolph was taller than 6'4". I think 195 cm is the most he could have been peak while 193 was the least he could have been.

But I'd like to know how recently that 193 cm claim was. Often, men still claim their peak height so that could suggest Dolph was always a solid 193 guy. It seems he's more honest when he claims a metric height. Think about, he was claiming 6'6" and 6'5.5" in the mid 80s at the same time he also claimed 195 cm and now he's claiming 193 cm, but then also claiming 6'5" in 2012.

Nowadays, I still say 6'2.5" minimum and 6'3" max. Looking an inch shorter than he is with bad posture isn't a stretch. When you see Dolph with Terry Crews, Chuck Liddell and Michael Jai White, Dolph still looks no less than what he's listed here, as well as with Rob's 6'2" friend. That's why I give 6'2.5" as the least he could be even now. It's better to compare Dolph with men over 6 feet as opposed to guys around 5'8".
berta said on 7/Jul/17
i think its safe to say peak was somewhere in the range of 192,5-193,5 and today he is somwhere in the range of 189-190
berta said on 7/Jul/17
6'5"Quinn yes thats exactly what i think to. all the guys that have taken steroids have lost extremely mutch height
Dmeyer said on 7/Jul/17
Looks 187cm at most in the pic even considering leaning but 189cm IS believable
Cameron said on 6/Jul/17
Seems accurate to me
6'5"Quinn said on 6/Jul/17
Obviously one doesn't want to accuse anyone without evidence, but I believe steroid use can affect bone density. Dolph is too young and seems in too good a shape to have lost this much. He's only what, like 60 ish?
Richardspain said on 4/Jul/17
Next to Rob he seems 188 cm now but I give him 189cm.

193 cm young and not more.

Anyway he has good height. He's taller than many people.
even said on 3/Jul/17
in this picture this guy is at least 6 feet 2 inches tall . im sorry to say but 6 foot 6 is not the same as 6 foot 2!
S.J.H said on 29/Jun/17
Understand the tilting head down from Lundgren. I take another look if Big Jay is 172cm i don't buy Lundgren over 6'2 he just don't look it like his movies nowadays and honestly sometimes he even look don't even look over 187cm now.
Lee said on 28/Jun/17
Gee. They are shorter than I am
And lighter than me
Ted said on 26/Jun/17
He's barely 6' 2.5'' here. Shocking.
Canson said on 24/Jun/17
@Rising force: my bad! I didn't see your question on my height. I don't even get down as low as 6'4. Normal for me (rounded up 1mm on both ends) is 6'5 1/8 and 6'4 3/8. More specific 195.8/193.9. But my absolute low on a day when I worked out and was on my feet and awake for like 26 hours I think or 28 hours was 193.2cm. Dolph was close in height to me but I'd say prob either within a cm. I think peak he was the same a guy who maybe was 193 at his lowest. He's just lost height today tho as he doesn't have good posture either. The heavy weights I bet had a lot to do with it
PLB said on 21/Jun/17
I got my undergraduate degree in psychology. Let me save you some time. I'll explain everything important that I learned in psychology.

Girls want to be pretty, boys want to be tall.

That's it. So how tall is Dolph Lundren? Tall enough that he hasn't been tortured by feelings of inadequacy. Girls who are not pretty are never completely comfortable. Nor are short guys. But Dolph is smart and tall. That's about all a man can ask for in life.

There are a couple related issues. It seems to matter when you get your growth spurt. Boys who get their full height when relatively young seem to have a better result in their feelings of self confidence. Some research seems to indicate that those who become tall early are more likely to achieve more prominent positions in society. I'm approximately the same size as Lundgren but I developed relatively late. When I was 21 I was only 6'3.5" and unhappy. I desperately wanted to be 6'4". I got there only at age 24.

The other issue I would like to address is the loss of height with age. I was 6'4" when I was 24 and I was still 6'4" when I was 64. I hadn't lost a single millimeter.

Then I fell off the cliff. When I could move around again after about a year sitting immobile in a chair I had lost maybe two inches - maybe more. The graph of my height was dead flat until I went over the edge. I lost my height all at once. Many commenters here seem to assume that height loss with age is a phenomenon that occurs at a steady rate in all people. I think that's wrong. But I don't have a medical reference. I'll look for one and post a comment here if I can find one.
5'11.25 at noon. said on 20/Jun/17
This guy could have pushed 6'4 and change in his early twenties
Canson said on 15/Jun/17
@Dan: agree that people don't always lose height. However I believe Arnold has and Lou 1". I can't see Lou above maybe 6'3.5 and that's absolute most peak. He looks 191-192 at peak really
Dan said on 15/Jun/17
@Canson...Ferrigno was at least 4" taller than Schwarzenegger at their peak, and there's no reason to believe Schwarzenegger lost 2" of height from his peak. The notion that people lose height automatically over time is a myth.
Canson said on 7/Jun/17
@Rising force: remember the life he lived all of the body builders like Ferrigno Arnold and him all lied about their heights and all took roids and lifted very heavy in their day. Losing 1.5 or so for him actually isn't all too bad for dolph. They all appear to have lost some height and similar amounts Lou was 6'3 maybe 6'3 1/4" peak now 6'2" Arnold 6'1" now is 5'11 range. DL 6'4 peak 6'2-6'2.5 today. All except maybe Moeller who was legit 6'5 1/2" guy (197cm) may be just a strong 6'5 196 at worst but still close. Not sure to what degree he engaged in the same tho. He doesn't look as Big but prob because a taller guy with longer arms and legs (he's well proportioned for 6'5-6'6) is harder to put muscle on so may be just as strong but not look as bulky even tho he weighs more than all three do
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jun/17
@ Jordan87 - Hi! I've just found your reply! Nice one!
RisingForce said on 6/Jun/17
Canson, I do believe that is the case with Dolph and I think 189 is in the reasonable guess range for Dolph today. I think he slumps down a lot and then stands a bit better with taller guys. You may have seen this already, but check out these photos from late 2012 with David Hasselhoff: Click Here Click Here I believe Dolph has lost noticeable height in the 4 1/2 years since, but I think this is most important for showing Dolph could already lose at least an inch in posture because he definitely looked shorter than that at times back then. I think 191 was still pretty likely for 2010-2012 Dolph standing for a measurement. I'd be fine with 6'3" for that time period as well. At peak, my guess is that he was your exact height(you're someone who never drops below 6'4", right?). It's unfortunate we don't have more good comparisons outside of movies for Dolph's peak, here's one photo of Dolph in the 90s with Michael Rapaport: Click Here Not great, but it's something at least. I do buy Rapaport at his 6'2"-6'2.5" claim. In fact, I think he's a good example of how tall someone legitimately that height can look because he was mistaken for 6'3" before. As for Dolph, I think even the Hasselhoff photos show he has a big head. There you have two men who were 6'4" in their primes, but Dolph's head is noticeably bigger in both pics. The difference between their chins is obviously bigger than the difference between the top of their heads. I've said before that I think it can now add to the illusion that Dolph is shorter than he is nowadays along with posture.
James B said on 6/Jun/17
RisingForce said on 5/Jun/17
I don't think it's even so much of a matter of a large build or not, but how lean and cut others get at a certain size, particularly in short periods of time. Dolph went from 215 to 248 for Rocky 4 in about 3 months and seeing how lean he was, as a fan of Dolph, I'll just say he may have had something in common with his characters like Drago or the err, "muscle enhancers" in Universal Soldiers. In fairness, Dolph was only 27 so it's much more plausible at that age than some of these guys, but there are limits. Dolph's workout regime was incredibly tough regardless, there's no escaping that fact, but just look at how common it is for lifting and bodybuilding today with much more of a stigma attached, now think back to the 80s culture.

I do wonder though does having a naturally large, small or medium build even exist? I am guessing it does because I used to know a guy who was 5'9 and weighed 120-130 pounds because that's just the way he naturally was. It's funny too because at college I knew one guy who was 5'9.5 and the other 6'0. My friend who was 6ft weighed 220 pounds and my friend who was 5'9.5 weighed barely 140 pounds.

Funny thing is my friend who weighed 138-140 pounds ate more than my heavier friend lol
Canson said on 5/Jun/17
@Rising Force: agreed and 6'2.5 isn't much higher than I have him. I'm at 189 for him today which is 6'2.5 range pretty much (said no lower than maybe 188) but I can see him still where you have him if his situation is similar to Liam neeson who I still believe is 6'4" if he stands his tallest. A lot of guys develop horrendous posture later in life
RisingForce said on 5/Jun/17
I don't think it's even so much of a matter of a large build or not, but how lean and cut others get at a certain size, particularly in short periods of time. Dolph went from 215 to 248 for Rocky 4 in about 3 months and seeing how lean he was, as a fan of Dolph, I'll just say he may have had something in common with his characters like Drago or the err, "muscle enhancers" in Universal Soldiers. In fairness, Dolph was only 27 so it's much more plausible at that age than some of these guys, but there are limits. Dolph's workout regime was incredibly tough regardless, there's no escaping that fact, but just look at how common it is for lifting and bodybuilding today with much more of a stigma attached, now think back to the 80s culture.
Johno said on 4/Jun/17
I would say he is 5-inches taller than Rob at the most.
Canson said on 4/Jun/17
@Jordan87: I'd buy the full 6'4" as well. A lot of guys my size are listed 6'6" (strong 6'4 in my case).
Josey wales said on 4/Jun/17
Im not one to downgrade but im.puzzeled at the pic of dolph with rob.. he looks 6 foot there.. i actually do beleive he is 6'2" plus..
James B said on 3/Jun/17
Rob do you think Dolph took steriouds since he was not large built naturally?
Editor Rob: I don't read into whether actors do...I understand some of them will, because building a body can take a few years effort.
RisingForce said on 3/Jun/17
I agree, Bazza and Rampage. Canson, we're in the same ball park on Dolph at least, though I think he's a bit taller. Basically, I'd say there's no reason for Rob to change either listing. I think we're making 2 mistakes on this page. One is reading too much into how Dolph looks slouching with guys half a foot or so shorter than him as opposed to other big guys who clear the 6 foot mark. When you look at those comparisons, he almost always looks 6'2.5" or taller to me. The other mistake is basing his peak height too much on how Dolph looks today without knowing his injury and surgery history rather than how tall the man actually looked in his prime. I do see Dolph in his prime as probably taller than Seagal and definitely no shorter. Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of them together even now, much less in their prime, but we do have them both posing with Scott L. Schwartz(Ultimate Bad Guy)

Dolph: Click Here
Seagal: Click Here

Dolph looks about 3 inches shorter to me and Seagal looks more like 4. Unfortunately, the Seagal pic isn't full so we can't read too much into it, but the result isn't surprising to me. Schwartz is listed different places online at 6'8", 6'9", 6'9.5" an 6'10". He's obviously huge, but I think we can safely throw out the higher listings, otherwise Dolph might have been the 6'6" he once claimed!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/17
I'd be stunned if he measured as low as 6ft2 today…
Canson said on 1/Jun/17
Agree with everything you said Rising Force. Many of the bigger body builders did that maybe except Moeller. He's really 197 so him saying 6'6" is rounding up. Lou at 6'5" was a joke he's 191 range peak and Arnold maybe was 6'1". My mom's cousin was eye level with him when they met and also claimed 6'1" not sure if he rounded but I'll give him the benny there. But look at Moeller and look at Barkley in two separate pics as they don't have any together. He looks taller than stern does more so Barkley Jordan or Kobe
Jordan87 said on 1/Jun/17

Yes Nice to have a fan, of course the 6'6" is bs. He can "crank" on all he wants , he isn't getting the 6'6, not even 6'5!
RisingForce said on 1/Jun/17
And we quibble about half or three quarters of an inch here on celebheights, it's what we do. :)
RisingForce said on 1/Jun/17
Yeah the 6'6" claim was a stretch, I said that was arrogant a while back and compared it to when Dolph said he could beat Mike Tyson back when he was claiming it. But the man was very tall, I can't see him dropping 1 mm below 6'4" even at night in the 80s/early 90s. Brandon Lee would have struggled with 5'10" then. Steven Seagal never seemed taller than a prime Dolph to me despite wearing big heeled cowboy type boots. I also can't see him below 6'2" today or even 6'2" flat. Look at the pic with Rob's 6'2" friend or with 6'1.5" Chuck Liddell, which was around the same time as the pics above. Dolph looks at least 2" taller than Chuck, albeit with probably around 1 cm footwear advantage. Even if Chuck is only 6'1" flat that still puts Dolph at 190 cm, which he has to be if Terry Crews is 6'2.5", but I could see Terry slightly under that, but not under 6'2" himself.
Canson said on 31/May/17
Naw he's not 6'1" even today. Still looks a 6'2" and change guy at worst like Christian has him a full 188cm maybe more like 189cm and his peak is closer to 6'4". 193 maybe 192.5 worst case but 193 is good the weightlifting etc took its toll
Sandy Cowell said on 31/May/17
@ Jordan187 - Your expression 'to crank on' extra inches to one's height is wonderful! 😂😂😂
It's got to be the funniest expression of height-bungling EVER!
Sandy Cowell said on 31/May/17
In the picture with Rob, I can't see over 6 inches difference, I see about 5!
Yes, why do tall men so often slap a couple of inches onto their height?* Do they think that 'the people down there' won't notice? Well, they bloody well do, you know!

* See Jordan87's comment from 30th May!
Jordan87 said on 31/May/17

So you are saying 6'4 Peak, I am saying 6'3.5 Peak. My Point was Dolph is full of Crap when he says 6'6. Yes A Liar.
Bazza said on 31/May/17
I have no doubt were Dolph to stand tall for a measurement he would hit 190/191 mark afternoon even today so Robs listing is pretty good. He has bad posture so looks more 6'2 walking around. Probably lost 3-4cm down the years from his 6'4-6'5 peak.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 30/May/17
Wouldn't put him anything below 188 today. Probably not quite 190 though.
RisingForce said on 30/May/17
Jordan, I think you're going a bit too far. He's not 6'1"-6'2" now, that's Chuck Liddell's height and Dolph even with bad posture is still quite a bit taller: Click Here. He can look 6'1.5" with bad posture, but when he stands decently enough, he's still clearly taller than a legit 6'2"+ guy like Terry Crews as recent as last year. Or, with Rob's 6'2" friend last year, Dolph is clearly taller: Click Here It seems Dolph is standing better there when posing with another big guy. Comparing Dolph to guys closer to his height is the best reference, imo. 6'3.5" for his peak is basically impossible for me to imagine. The only reason I doubt 195 cm is because he's struggling with 6'3" at 59 and was under 6'4" by his early 50s, but Dolph was still a 191 cm guy as recent as 4-5 years ago, possibly as tall as 6'3.5" that recently since he looked it when he stood better with 6'4" Hasselhoff and was barely shorter. You can see in 2010 that Dolph was still an easy couple of inches taller than 6'1" Carl Weathers when the angle straightens out at 2:40 here: Click Here Still 6'2.5" minimum guy and a minimum 6'4" peak.
Jordan87 said on 30/May/17
Funny dolph claiming 6'6". Not sure why tall men need to crank on 2 more inches or more.

If people think he was still 6'5" in his prime after seeing him at 6'1-6'2 now , they have some serous fanboy issues they should deal with. I personally don't think he was over 6'3.5. He didn't loose 3 inches of height people, he is not Dave Prowse.
RisingForce said on 28/May/17
I'm also skeptical about losing so much, otherwise I'd say 195 cm peak. But I would say I'd throw most Rocky 4 comparisons out the window because of Dolph's admission in the interview I just posted that he stood on a box. I do think height lost varies greatly from individuals. berta, my father, who was a broad shouldered, muscular 200 pounds until his early 60s doing hard physical labor and smoking dropped from about 6'0.25" peak to just 5'11" at age 65 so 3 cm loss. Dolph went from 215 to a lean 248 in a very short period of time for Rocky 4 so I don't think we can doubt steroid use, plus heavy lifting and stunts and Dolph has really bad posture the last decade or so. I know he smoked too, though I don't know for how long. Bad posture seems to go hand in hand with height loss, but I think it also causes height loss to seem quite a bit bigger than what it actually is. Dolph probably lost height early like The Rock. I actually still think Dolph's range is what he looked with Rob's 6'2" friend. 6'2.5" minimum and 6'3" max. I'd be tempted to give him 193 cm peak since he gave that in the one interview(funny he denies being 198 cm when he's the one who claimed it in the first place!) but we don't know if he's referring to peak or current and I just can't see 80s and early 90s Dolph dropping even a hair below 6'4" at any time. 194 cm is technically right between 6'4.25" and 6'4.5" so maybe Dolph was more the former in the afternoon, roughly 193.5 cm, just what you'd call a solid 6'4". We need to go over his injury history more and I think look at Dolph's height between his heyday and the recent Expendables period.
World Citizen said on 27/May/17
He looks 6 ft 1.25 with big Jay, but a flat 6 ft 1 compared to you.
berta said on 27/May/17
if i would have guessed how tall he was by llooking at rocky and red skorpion. showdownr in little tokyo and more then i would have guessed 194 but i dont think he can have lost this mutch height at his early age.( i personelly believe he is no taller than 189,5 max and probably 189 flat today in the evening. that is almost 5 cm to loose. One of my grandfathers had a back injury and went from 187-188 to 186 by the age of 70 and had worked hard with his body.But he had extremely big bones , biggest hands i have ever seen, i mean bigger than john cena, maybe that mad him stay almost at his peak at 70. My uncle was little under 187 and still is at 65 so i guess he will be 185-86 at 70 and my other grandfather died early at 68 and hadnt lost any height but he was shorter only 178 cm so i guess its easier to not loose height if your short. What im trying to say is at 65-70 the most people have lost in my family at that age is barely 1,5 cm and they have worked real hard except from my uncle the last 20 years. I believe Dolphg my have bad genetict when it comes to height loss. So he have lost almolst 3 cm at 58 yeasrs old. (this is extreme) And was close to 193 and is now little under 190. Could look 194 but real height was probably 192,7 and good posture with boots on can make you look 194
RisingForce said on 27/May/17
Here's a screenshot from an interview Dolph did where he talks about his height and what they did with it in Rocky 4 printed in a number of papers, including The Baytown Sun 26 Jan 1986: Click Here

"I'm 6-foot-6," he says.
And Stallone?
"He's 5-foot-10. I don't know exactly, but around there."
No quite 5-foot-10?
"That's what you say. I didn't say it, did I? Whatever it is, there's a big difference between us. But still, to make the difference seem even greater, he had me stand on a box sometimes. There's one shot at the end where we touch gloves, and I say a line to him. I'm on a box for that shot."

Dolph only mentions standing on the box for the "I must break you" line and glove touch with Stallone, but he must have been on a box with Weathers as well: Click Here They made the difference look about the same as with Sly in that shot! I'm gonna have to go back and watch Dolph's other late 80s/early 90s films again and see how he looked next to Louis Gossett Jr. in The Punisher for instance.
RisingForce said on 26/May/17
Yeah, it could look 6 inches at times in that club scene. Maybe Lee was 182 cm in shoes? I don't know, I've seen at least 3 of his movies, but never compared his height outside of that one. As for current height, I think 6'2.25" is too low. 6'2.5" minimum and 6'3" max, imo, though he can look 6'2" max.

Here's an event from last year, I'll use Rob's listings for reference heights. 184 cm Michael Jai White, 5'11.5" Randy Couture and 189 cm Terry Crews: Click Here Click Here

Terry is closer so we can't compare him to Dolph, but we can here and Dolph is still taller in 2016 even with very loose posture: Click Here just as he was for the Expendables 3 in 2014.
Here's another with Michael Jai White: Click Here Dolph is at least 2" taller, even with looser posture and he looks to be standing on lower ground. Back in 2012, it looked closer to 3" when Dolph was also bending his knee: Click Here May have also had lower ground there as well.

Here's video of Dolph and Terry Crews in late 2012, Dolph was at least an inch taller: Click Here Same day and Dolph has more than 3" on 182 cm Arnold: Click Here This is no surprise since during the Expendables 2 events they both attended, Dolph was always 3" taller, even when Arnie had a cowboy type heel.

Finally, here's 6'0.25" Kellan Lutz in 2014 who had heeled boots and is still over 2" shorter than Dolph in sneakers that don't add that much: Click Here Btw, Lutz was on his toes again in another photo I saw!

Dolph was still probably 191 cm during the first 2 Expendables. 6'3" minimum, possibly 6'3.5". He's definitely lost height since, but you always have to keep in mind his posture and judge by the top of his head, not eye level.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/May/17
@ Nik - Yes, 6ft2-and-a-quarter could well be his height now!
jervis said on 26/May/17
If Lee was even 5ft11 flat Dolph looks 6ft5 next to him.
RisingForce said on 25/May/17
Arch, I agree Dolph looked at least 5 inches taller than Brandon Lee throughout that film since Dolph looks like he can just about see over Brandon's head, which is an easy 5 inches with Dolph's head. If Brandon really was the 182 cm(5'11.5"-5'11.75") he claimed to be then Dolph looked a good 195 cm to me in the film.

Look how massive Dolph looks when they walk in together at 17:37 Click Here Especially standing together at 18:14 and 19:49. Dolph's shoes look flat too, but in any event, he looks massive barefoot at 46:29. Footwear back on at 50:54, but look at how huge Dolph looks going through the doorway with Brandon considering he's not standing straight at all.

I actually have to say Rob has Dolph perfect. He's probably 6'4" peak, but a legit 6'4" who never dropped anything under it. Remember how much Dolph dwarfed Van Damme when they almost got into the fight in 1992. It was almost comical how JCVD had to tilt his head up as if he were looking at a tall building while Dolph was looking down at him. If I had to guess who was taller peak between Dolph and Seagal, I'd say Dolph. Surprising how much better Seagal has maintained his height.
Nik said on 25/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

He certainly looks totally different to my Mum and I with him being tall, blue eyed, and having blond haiir!

Seeing Dolph Lundgren with Matt Lucas will be useful in terms of working out Dolph's height as you know that Matt Lucas is 5'6"'! So what do you think then? Do you reckon he is 6'2.75"?

I would guess Dolph to be 6'2.25", that is a compromise with Rob's quote of 6'2.75" and my previous guess that he was an inch shy of that mark!
Sandy Cowell said on 24/May/17
@ Nik - He looked dark-haired, brooding and leathery in the film I just saw him in with Matt Lucas, called 'Small Apartments'. He looked like a fish out of water! It was on the verge of being amusing!
The film was - of course! It would be with Matt Lucas in it! Matt looked 5ft6 at the most! Dolph is still well in access of 6ft!
Nik said on 23/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

How tall do you think Dolph is then Sandy? I get the impression he could certainly be an inch less than what he is down as!

Also you are absolutely right in saying that Matt Lucas sometimes looks like a big blubbery baby!

It will be interesting to see what you make of Matt Lucas' height, I get the impression he is slightly under 5'6"''!

Sandy Cowell said on 23/May/17
@ Nik - Doesn't he just? 😂🙊😂Tall, blond and blue-eyed! He looks very Swedish indeed!
He is in a film called 'Small Apartments', which is on my 'must watch soon' list. It is a comedy and has loads upon loads of famous names - Matt Lucas, Johnny Knoxville, James Caan, Amanda Plummer and Juno Temple, to name but a few! The only one of that lot I haven't commented on is Matt Lucas, so he'll be under close observation so that I can take in his height! He's also on the front cover and he looks like a big, blubbery baby!
James B said on 22/May/17
His muscular build/strong Swedish features probably made him seem taller than he was in his prime.

A 6'4 range guy like goldblum probably didn't look as massive in his movies because he was scrawny and didn't have very strong features
Nik said on 22/May/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Yes I agree, he looks more Swedish than most other Swedes!
Random McGuy said on 21/May/17
I have met dolph and he is at least 6'2", I would say 6'3"-6'4" He was taller than my friend who is exactly 6', but slightly shorter or about the same as me at 6'4"

I saw him at a function with Tim Burton, who claims 6', and he was taller than burton's crazy hair, so he's up there.

He is def NOT QUITE 6'5" or 6'6" as billed in rocky but is very tall by Hollywood standards

Also, VERY nice and grateful guy, charming and educated beyond what the movies he's in would indicate.
Sandy Cowell said on 20/May/17
He's a very Swedish-looking Swede, if ever there was one!
Oanh said on 19/May/17
Looks more like 6'2" in the photos, but I could see 6'4" peak.
Arch Stanton said on 19/May/17
5 inches on 5'11.5 Brnadon Lee in Showdown in Little Tokyo, looked a legit 194 peak.
Sandy Cowell said on 19/May/17
Dolph must have been his full 6ft4.25 when he starred in Rocky IV! I was completely unaware that Sylvester was under 6ft at the time, so I thought that Dolph was about 6ft7 for ages!
He gets 6ft2.75 for today's height and 6ft4.25 for peak.
James B said on 17/May/17
Yeah they defnintly did a good job at making him look over 6'4 in Rocky

saw showdown in Tokyo a year ago on TV and didn't think he looked over 6'4 in it.
RisingForce said on 17/May/17
He even made Brandon Lee look more 5'10" at times, such as the club scene. Dolph may have use to be a guy that could look taller than he is, but now he's probably a guy who looks shorter than he is. I think he'd still surprise some people standing tall for a measurement.
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/17
No Berta, see Showdown in Little Tokyo, clearly taller than 6'4 flat. Yes as Drago Dolph could look a strong 6'6 in some scenes.
RisingForce said on 16/May/17
I tend to think the same, berta, 6'4" flat peak or 193 cm seems the best bet, though he could look taller as I have trouble with Brandon Lee's 182 cm with Dolph at 193. Brandon at 182 made Dolph look 195 so it's probably more likely Lee was around 5'11" flat. 189.5 cm seems quite likely, but I think Rob's current listing is good as well since it came after Rob saw Lundgren in person. I could swear I read Dolph had back surgery, which could explain a possibly 1.5" height loss. As for weight, Dolph bulked up to 248 for Rocky 4, though I'd bet that was his peak during filming and he probably fluctuated down closer to 240. He was 215 before he started training for that film. James, they made Dolph taller in that film at times. Dolph even said in 1985 that he stood on a box when he touched gloves with Stallone so I'm certain he did with Weathers since Weathers is STILL 6'1" or at worst, a quarter inch under at 69 years old so there's a strong chance Carl was 186 cm peak with even a chance of 6'1.5"(The Oakland Raiders listed him 6'2") Carl on his toes wouldn't still look short face to face with Lundgren like he did I'm the film.
berta said on 16/May/17
i think we should go with 193 flat at peak. Dant really been taller than that. the strange thinkg is that he clearly looks shorter today than at his peak but by looking at his upper body you cant really see that he lost 3-4 cm if he is 189,5 today.i mean when you loose that mutch you start to look more like arnold upperbody, where you clearly can see its compressed
James B said on 15/May/17
Arch- dolph could look anywhere from 6'4-6'8 as Ivan Drago in Rocky couldn't he?
RisingForce said on 15/May/17
Danimal, why would you pick the one pic where he's slouching badly with Hasselhoff as if that somehow is the better than the 2 I posted where Dolph is standing better, I even posted a full pic, which is always better. He's dropping height to put his arm around a much shorter woman, probably bending his knees, but we can't see for sure, which alone demonstrates pics like that don't prove anything. Here's the full pic and it doesn't even look a full inch: Click Here And here Dolph seems to be standing well and it looks like a half inch difference with Hasselhoff even closer to the camera: Click Here Clearly, these show the real difference between the two men in 2012 better as there's no shorter woman for Dolph to drop height putting his arm around, just Hasselhoff and Dolph. 1" difference max, probably less. As for Conan, yes, the difference looks bigger, which just proves my point that Dolph's posture can make him look an inch shorter than he is, since I've posted him looking an easy 6'3"+ the following year with Crews and an easy 6'3"+ with Hasselhoff 3 years later. All the video with Conan proves is that Dolph was shorter than him by 2009, neither was standing to be measured so it doesn't prove definitely how much shorter he was, besides, it looks only an inch in that second pic with Conan's arm around Dolph's shoulder, but Dolph's posture is visibly loose. Differences can always look bigger or smaller than they are. One more example is Dolph looking taller than Rob's 6'2" friend last year. He's still 6'2.5" minimum standing straight, but can look weak 6'2" or even strong 6'1" range with bad posture. Anyone can drop an inch in posture.
Jordan87 said on 15/May/17
Arch Stanton,

I think Dolph Was Referring to his He-Man Role where he said he was 250 ( Still didnt look like 250). As Drago he looked 230 If Joshua is 250. Anthony Joshua is taller ( fact) and Thicker Built than Dolph when he played Drago.

Actually, Dave Prowse said he was 280 Pounds when he Played Darth Vader and I never saw that either. Seems like some actors pump up their heights and Weights at times I guess.
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/17
If Anthony Joshua weighs 250 pounds at 6'6, the guy is massive with 19 inch biceps, a ton of muscle, there's no way Dolph is 245. Perhaps he was referring to his peak size.
Sonnecker said on 13/May/17
He's very probably about 6'3" nowaday, but not less... 191 cm or similar, but I agree about his peak height at 193-194 cm.
James B said on 12/May/17
Rob maybe he was one of those guys who could look taller than he was?
Editor Rob: definitely in person he is miles from 6ft 5 today...but it wasn't quite as clear that he had lost say 3cm of height in his upper body, but he surely must have!
Peaky Blinder said on 11/May/17
Yes 6ft and 2.75 inches is correct.

6ft and an additional 2.75 inches for his thing, equals a total of 6ft 2.75 inches.
Danimal said on 11/May/17
When Dolph stood a full 6'4":
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Danimal said on 11/May/17
Sorry, but he does not look over a flat 6'2" at best with the HASS here:
Click Here
Danimal said on 11/May/17
RisingForce said on 6/May/17
Here's an example showing Dolph was at least 6'3" in 2010 as he could look 6'3.5" with a strong 6'2" range Terry Crews: Click Here Just compare the size of their heads and you'll see why Dolph can often look shorter if you go by his eye level.

Yet 6'4" Conan had at least 1.5" on him in November 2009?
Click Here
Click Here
James B said on 10/May/17
Rob could he have just been 193cm peak?
Editor Rob: yeah a flat 6ft 4 is entirely possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/May/17
I don't think he was under 6ft4
Jordan87 said on 8/May/17

You Do have a point about Dolph's eye Level being low in comparison to his head. He has a high Forehead. ( Think Opposite of Adam Driver).
RisingForce said on 6/May/17
Here's an example showing Dolph was at least 6'3" in 2010 as he could look 6'3.5" with a strong 6'2" range Terry Crews: Click Here Just compare the size of their heads and you'll see why Dolph can often look shorter if you go by his eye level.
Bazza said on 6/May/17
I think solid 188cm guy right now maybe 193/6'4 back in his rocky prime, he did look it.
RisingForce said on 6/May/17
188 is too low, imo, but I think 189 is a possible minimum. I think the fact that Dolph still has the big head of a 6'4"+ man can make him look shorter, plus Dolph can lose a lot of height with his posture. For example, look at Dolph on Conan O'Brien back in 2009. Dolph was still a minimum 6'3", possibly 6'3.5" when he stood straight, as you can see with David Hasselhoff even 3 years later in 2012 as Dolph is just a bit shorter when he stands well, yet the difference between Dolph and Conan was pretty noticeable. I think Dolph can still look a good 190 cm at times. I don't believe yet that he's closer to 6'2" than 6'3", though he probably will be soon as he seems to be losing height faster the last few years.
berta said on 5/May/17
i really think 190 today could be to mutch he overall looks like my 188 cm father but lets say he is 189. peak cant really been taller than weak 193 guy. He could really look 193-194 but maybe it was camera angles and reality he probably was 192,5 in the evening. cant really have lost more than 3-4 cm in that age.
Richardspain said on 29/Apr/17
He looks 189cm now. He never was 194cm, maybe 192 cm in peak.
James B said on 23/Apr/17
Off topic but doesn't Dolph look like Cameron Diaz's twin brother? Lol
Jordan87 said on 22/Apr/17
Rob with the rib shot on Glen !!! Funny enough I live and work in queens ny And have seen Glenn twice in my life since 2008 on the 7 train, never close enough to judge height though.
Editor Rob: I'd always recommend anybody in NY who sees Glenn, never to talk about height, keep to Music or Bigfoot 👍👍

I keep hoping I can return to America one day, maybe in 2019 😏
Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/17
A guy like The Rock to me looks like he'd weigh easily 40 pounds heavier than Dolph at a very similar height. Never only 15 pounds difference between them.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Apr/17
spainmen191cm said on 21/Apr/17
Rob, do you think he is concious that he has shrunk? Or probably he hadnt measured himself and had not notice it?
Editor Rob: he's a reasonably smart guy, I'm sure he is aware that he's lost a bit of height, but probably not as much as he thinks...until he goes under the stadiometer, then he'll be wanting a Height Mind-Wipe.

I think he did get measured in the gym a year or two back as he came up with a figure like 191.5cm. I'm sure he did measure it as it seemd too precise, but Dolph always works out in the early morning..
RisingForce said on 22/Apr/17
It's funny though that Dolph was giving himself an extra 1.5" claiming 6'5" in 2012 when he was really 6'3.5" max. But hey, that's better than giving himself an extra 2" like he did at times in the 80s. 195 cm would have made the 6'6" claim at least make sense in shoes, though I suppose if he was the height Rob gives him, he could have been 6'5.5" in some shoes, hence that claim and then decided to round that up to 6'6" at other times. A lot of men who lose height don't adjust their clains. Look at Clint Eastwood claiming 6'4" in 2003!
RisingForce said on 22/Apr/17
I'm not at all convinced on a full 2" height loss either since I believe he's gone from 193 cm to 189-190 so 1.25" or 1.5" loss, but I must say he really could look a towering 195 cm, such as Showdown in Little Tokyo, which is what I use to think he was until I saw that he had dropped below 6'4" by his early 50s, which makes 195 unlikely, imo. He was 6'3.5" from about age 52-55 so losing over an inch by that age is improbable.
spainmen191cm said on 21/Apr/17
Rob, do you think he is concious that he has shrunk? Or probably he hadnt measured himself and had not notice it?
Editor Rob: he's a reasonably smart guy, I'm sure he is aware that he's lost a bit of height, but probably not as much as he thinks...until he goes under the stadiometer, then he'll be wanting a Height Mind-Wipe.

I heard they are very popular with Bronx Residents!
Jordan87 said on 20/Apr/17
James B,

Tyson could punch harder than Lesnar I'm Sure despite being outweighed by 60 pounds. Lesnar however is alot stronger than Both Dolph and Tyson as far as the ability to lift people up and slam them around ( Functional Strength).

Tyson however would punch much better then Lesnar do to a combo of speed, Power, and Technique.

Dolph Maxed out his Bench at 300lbs ( he Admitted this). Lesnar did 475 pounds.

Lesnar is lot Physically stronger than Dolph, there is no contest there my dude.
Thomas Veil said on 20/Apr/17
Looks 6'2 in the pic with Rob. I'd give Dolph 6'3 prime easily
Arch Stanton said on 20/Apr/17
A few years back James Dolph did look more 215-220 range. But as he approaches 60 he is carrying a bit more body fat than he did, which is natural as he ages and testosterone lowers. Still in great shape though. As Rob says, I think he looks more in the 230s range now, 245 is more than I'd have thought. Naturally he has a more athletic frame than bulky frame typical of a bodybuilder, his muscle mass is the product of years of hard training most days.
James B said on 19/Apr/17
Jordan87 said on 19/Apr/17
James B,

You mean in an MMA match with rules? Dolph would prolly have better striking as Lesnar was never a GREAT Striker but once Lesnar got a feel for MMA he beat Mir. Mir is a decent striker and would have much better Submissions than Dolph.

As Far as strength and Functional Power, Dolph comes no where close to Lesnar. If Lesnar Grabbed Dolph he would throw him around. Lesnar weighed in at 265 but on Fight Night he would come in at 280 pounds usually. Dolph was 245 at his biggest. Lesnar would Cream him.

Dolph has martial arts Skills no Doubt, but Once a Guy like Lesnar grabs you, your done.

Dolph would have a slight height advantage over Brock, and Possible a Longer reach. Dolph has Long arms ( So Does Lesnar)

My Bet would be On Lesnar though.

Tyson in his prime only weighed 218 pounds at 5ft10 and I don't think Brock lesner could have won against him in term of strength
Jordan87 said on 19/Apr/17
James B,

You mean in an MMA match with rules? Dolph would prolly have better striking as Lesnar was never a GREAT Striker but once Lesnar got a feel for MMA he beat Mir. Mir is a decent striker and would have much better Submissions than Dolph.

As Far as strength and Functional Power, Dolph comes no where close to Lesnar. If Lesnar Grabbed Dolph he would throw him around. Lesnar weighed in at 265 but on Fight Night he would come in at 280 pounds usually. Dolph was 245 at his biggest. Lesnar would Cream him.

Dolph has martial arts Skills no Doubt, but Once a Guy like Lesnar grabs you, your done.

Dolph would have a slight height advantage over Brock, and Possible a Longer reach. Dolph has Long arms ( So Does Lesnar)

My Bet would be On Lesnar though.
James B said on 18/Apr/17
I wonder if this guy could win against Brock lesner in a fight in his prime?
James B said on 18/Apr/17
Arch Stanton said on 17/Apr/17
Click Here He does still look pretty big actually, near 240 perhaps isn't impossible but I wouldn't have guessed him over that. If you look at the distance between his jaw and bottom of chest though he must have an enormous lung capacity!!!

Arch on celeb weights he's listed 215 pounds and in fact here's your comment from 2013

Arch Stanton says on 18/Apr/13
Yes currently around 215-220 pounds. Peak was 240-250 pounds. He's naturally thin build and has to work very hard to maintain muscle mass like Jackman does. He deceived everybody in his prime into thinking he was a classic mesomorph.
PLB said on 18/Apr/17
Well Dolph is a little taller than I am (or I should say than I was before the accident). I'm only six four. But Dolph only wears a size 12 shoe? I wear size fifteen and in some brands size sixteen. I have big feet. Dolph seems to have little baby feet.

I also doubt if his IQ is really 160. I have no doubt that he is smart but 160 is four standard deviations above the mean. The average Nobel Prize winner in the sciences only has an IQ of about 140 or 145. This sounds like a fabrication of his publicist.

There are of course many movie players who are taller than he is, but the really tall guys play monsters not characters. Six four - as he says in his anecdote - is pretty much the ceiling for major stars. Paul Bethany and Alexander Skarsgarde seem to lie about their heights so as to appear to be shorter.
James B said on 17/Apr/17
Rob a 5ft8 man maybe does not look that short next to a 190cm man?
Editor Rob: it can depend on body proportions, width...a skinnier 6ft 2.5-2.75 guy with a small head might look taller than a guy like dolph does.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Apr/17
Click Here He does still look pretty big actually, near 240 perhaps isn't impossible but I wouldn't have guessed him over that. If you look at the distance between his jaw and bottom of chest though he must have an enormous lung capacity!!!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Apr/17
Dolph 245 and The Rock 260 pounds? No way that's accurate.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Apr/17
Rob do you think he looks 17 and a half stone nowadays too? Peak in the 80s, yes he looked it but can't see it now. He looks at least 20 pounds lighter than he did fully beefed up in the 80s. Klitchko looks a lot bigger than Dolph now and weighs about 245.
Editor Rob: yeah that range is quite possible today, maybe pushing 235-40.

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