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Peak: 6ft 4.11in (193.3cm)
Current: 6ft 2.53in (189.3cm)
Martin said on 5/Sep/08
He told on the swedish radio show called "Sommar i P1", this summer, that he is 195 cm tall.
thekiddd said on 3/Sep/08
Stallone could pass for 5'10". Not 5'11". That would put Lundgren at 6'3" which I don't think is true but could possibly pass for it.
RisingForce said on 30/Aug/08
Sorry one of the Stallone and Lundgren pictures didn't work.
Click Here

I believe Sly to be 5'10.75" and Dolph is 6 inches taller so that puts him at 6'4.75" so his 195 cm sounds right.
thekiddd said on 30/Aug/08
He can appear like a 6'5" man but 6'6", no way Jose. He is possibly 6'4 1/2" but I think 6'4" solid is pretty much it since he looked about 7" taller than Stallone in Rocky IV
Ben said on 29/Aug/08
Daniel.. Ben stiller in tropic thunder is in better shape then lundgren now.... But back in the day there was no comparison (dont know if dolph was natural)
When i say it out loud though it does sound a little wrong.
Cobra said on 28/Aug/08
Dolph weighed 110 kg- 240 lbs for his role in Rocky IV. He said it himself, I think it`s true. Drago in the movie was advertised as 261 lbs.
Bobby said on 27/Aug/08
I realize this site concerns HEIGHT, however would anyone have the know on Dolph's WEIGHT at the time of rocky 4? I myself am the same height, around 6'4.5", and his look is my fitness goal. Any and all help in truly appreciated.
adam said on 27/Aug/08
Well this is again one of the very few things in this site that is a bit wrong -Lundgren wasn
Andrew said on 26/Aug/08
My brother saw him in a club in Geneva (switzerland), he was next to him. Dolph putted his hand on my bro's shoulder and smiled (because he knew he recognized him). My brother at that period (around 2003) was 190cm, he told me Dolph's shoulders level was a little higher than him, so Dolph's around 192-193cm.
BTW he was very friendly, not arrogant as some may be.
RisingForce said on 25/Aug/08
Dolph is about 6 inches taller than Stallone who I believe is 5'10.5"/5'10.75"

However he only has 2.5" or 3" max on Stallone when Sly has his lifts.
Click Here

So I think Dolph is 6'4.5" or 6'4.75". Maybe a weak 6'5" but probably slightly less. 195 cm sounds good.
King said on 21/Aug/08
Well, I saw the film The Man of War already yesterday and Dolph appeared to have the same height as Tiny Lister, maybe a half inch shorter. 6'5" sounds good for Lundgren but everything under 6'5" is underestimated, I think.
Djuro said on 18/Aug/08
I saw him out in NYC a few times - he is 6'2/6'3 tops.
1990boy said on 23/Jul/08
I'd say Dolph is no less than 6'3.5" and no more than 6'5".
Yaspaa said on 22/Jul/08
Johan,I love Dolph yet my opinion of Sweden being one of the worlds success stories and a wonderful place to live has not changed .
Yaspaa said on 21/Jul/08
How do you figure that Johan?
Johan Nilsson said on 20/Jul/08
Dolph Lundgren gives Sweden bad reputation.
Daniel said on 12/Jul/08
Ben says on 11/Jul/08: "Its amazing when i was 15yrs old i used to think he was a beast, now his physique isnt that special compared to what we see, even ben stiller seems to match it some of his films".

Ben Stiller? What the hell are you talking about? Are you nuts? Stop smoking that sh*t, man!
Ben said on 11/Jul/08
Dolph really looks to have lost height over the years, in rocky 4 his traps and neck looked far longer, maybe it was his hair that made him look that way, but now he seems to have really lost height in that area.

Its amazing when i was 15yrs old i used to think he was a beast, now his physique isnt that special compared to what we see, even ben stiller seems to match it some of his films.

He looks about 6'4 at most to me.
GabeMc said on 8/Jul/08
That pic is an example of clever camera work to make Sly seem more like David. Check a recent interview with Dolf on Click Here the article there claims he is 6'3"
Daniel said on 6/Jul/08
If Lundgren wasn't at least 6'5'' by the time Rocky IV was made, then Stallone wasn't more than 5'7'', which is obviously ridiculous.
tuga said on 3/Jul/08
Ola, please read my posts...I posted a video, did you see it??
tuga said on 3/Jul/08
Ola says on 2/Jul/08
tuga this is for you Click Here dolph must be 6'10 there!

Thanks for the pic, now everyone can see how biased you are.

Ola says on 30/Jun/08
lets say dolph is 5'11 then everyone is happy

Just that your best argument??

My estimate for dolph: 6'4, possible 6
thekiddd said on 3/Jul/08
Well I can guarantee you he isn't 6'10 or 5'10" lol.
Height Trackr said on 30/Jun/08
Riley so how tall did Dolph look to you? What would you estimate his height at?
tuga said on 26/Jun/08
Ola says on 25/Jun/08
tuga LOL, sly measures up good next to anyone these days becouse of his huge lifts... please! and sly was much closer to the camera in his pic with dolph, than he was with hogan

Stallone is not the point here...he
Riley said on 25/Jun/08
That's me in the pics with Dolph and Kevin Sorbo. I'm 5.10,5.11. As you can see in the pictures he wasn't towering over me.
glenn said on 24/Jun/08
whatever i grab to send to rob,i grab ola.the pics arnt though out or planned.i have 1000s the site has never seen.
Yaspaa said on 23/Jun/08
Stallone should be studied,he is the only person I have ever seen get taller as they get older.
Anonymous,Dolph looks 6' in that pic which is beyond the realms of sanity,making it VOID! You falty picture poster. Thanks for the pic,it is freaking me out.
tuga said on 20/Jun/08
Viper says on 7/Jun/08
Dolph cant be shorter than 6-4 today. Hogan being taller than him today doesnt make any sense.

Ok viper, I posted a comparison between the 2 with stallone...doesn
ed2 said on 19/Jun/08
He looks shorter than Kevin Sorbo and Kevin is slouching.
Anonymous said on 19/Jun/08
With Dolph - Click Here
With Kevin - Click Here

Not 6-5 Ever
thekiddd said on 18/Jun/08
4cm is 1.57 inch GF. If he lost height, I don't think it was that much.
GF said on 14/Jun/08
Keep in mind his age. He prob lost a good inch + (4 cm) since Rocky.
thekiddd said on 10/Jun/08
I do Agree Dolph Isn't above 6'4 1/2", but 6'3 1/2" is a bit low don't ya think?
Viper said on 7/Jun/08
Dolph cant be shorter than 6-4 today. Hogan being taller than him today doesnt make any sense.
thekiddd said on 7/Jun/08
Really Viper? I've never read any of them saying 6'6". But he definitely isn't that tall.
tuga said on 7/Jun/08
I posted this at hogan
Viper said on 6/Jun/08
I never questioned Dolph's 6-5 listing at all. He even has 6-6 listings.
King said on 6/Jun/08
supes78, is Lundgren on this photo in front of Hogan? And I also agree to give Lundgren 6'5". I dunno how they could note him as 6'6"?
Danimal said on 6/Jun/08
Viper says on 5/Jun/08
So did Dolph shrink?

I think he did. Anyways, he is no less than 6'4" today.
glenn said on 6/Jun/08
thats what im trying to figure out viper.
thekiddd said on 6/Jun/08
Like I said below. I don't really think it would make a difference. Rob would probably still keep him at 6'4.25"
supes78 said on 5/Jun/08
Ola, look at this pic of Hogan facing off against Stallone from 1983, the man was in now way "only 6ft 3in" tall;
Click Here
Viper said on 5/Jun/08
So did Dolph shrink?
Daniel said on 5/Jun/08
I take Glenn's word on this one. Anyway, it would be great to have a picture to convince the skeptics.
glenn said on 5/Jun/08
dolph lungren was 6-5 in 1994 and he lived a few blocks from me.i havnt seen the guy since 1995.
tuga said on 2/Jun/08
No need to bother Glenn...

Click Here
Click Here

Even today hogan is taller than dolph lundgren...

Lets not even speak of a peak hogan...that would just hurt your feelings Ola...but if you wish go to hogan
glenn said on 2/Jun/08
what the fuk are you talking about ola? your getting on my nerves.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/08
"My father is a childhood friend (acquaintance) of him and according to my dad, he was around 195 centimetres give or take, in his 20.s." As I said, over 195 cm is what my father told me. That's about 6'5". He was a little shorter when I met him, but still more than an inch taller than me so definetly around 6'4 if not taller. I am, for the record 6'2.75.
thekiddd said on 31/May/08
Well, I'm pretty sure we can argue to death on Dolph's Height. But as far as I'm concerned, Rob is going to keep him at a strong 6'4" forever.
glenn said on 31/May/08
it isnt as easy as it seems.have to dig it up,which luckily in this case i think i know where it is.then i have to find time and a place to scan it in my busy schedule.there are tons of cool pics the site has never seen.hopefully,we will get them all up over time.
thekiddd said on 29/May/08
Hey Glenn, when are you going to put your photo of dolph on this site? I read below that you were going to submit one but that was dated 2 years ago. When are you going to put it up?
thekiddd said on 27/May/08
Ola, he isn't taller or the same height as Lister and Moeller. He look a little bit shorter than them.
thekiddd said on 27/May/08
I have never read any source claiming he was 6'6' Razor. Half of them say 6'4", the other half say either 6'4 3/4" or 6'5".
RAZOR said on 24/May/08
Lundgren is one of the biggest jokers ever. His peak height is 6'5". I dunno why they come up to 6'6".
thekiddd said on 21/May/08
Yeah. Lundgren probably thought 6'4 1/4" was close enough to claim 6'4". A strong 6'4" is probably it 6'4 1/2" MAX.
Yaspaa said on 20/May/08
The shoulder height gives the best comparison,Dolph's wider stance wouldn't give that much. 6'4.25 seems correct ( I was blown away and gutted when I found that he wasn't at least 6'5),very close to 6'6 for Ralph.
Inturnitator said on 16/May/08
OK but that would put Lundgren to 6'4 1/2" if he's 193cm at least.
thekiddd said on 15/May/08
You know supes, you do have a point but if you also look again, you can see that Lundgren is a step ahead of the camera from Moeller and Lister. All and All, I would say he is a little bit shorter than list like maybe 1 or 1/2 inch shorter than the 6'5er.
Height Tracker said on 13/May/08
I agree with supes78
supes78 said on 12/May/08
But carefully look at that photo by ronyo98 and notice that Dolph's feet are placed very far apart in relation to everyone else and that his head is also tilted down. If he corrected this, I have no doubt that we could see a more accurate height assessment of him.
thekiddd said on 12/May/08
Lister looks just a small margin shorter than Moeller. As for Lundgren I agree, he can't be 6'5" next to them.
miki said on 11/May/08
he is 1.95 cm barefoot
ronyo98 said on 11/May/08
Well Rob has Ralph at 197cm and Lister at 196. But according to this picture Click Here they are the same height.. Dolph, if he would be standig straight, is 194cm.
Height Tracker said on 10/May/08
In that pic Bruce posted I would say that Ralph is just ever so slighly (about .5 inch) taller than Lister. And if Dolph were to put his legs together and stand straighter he would be about 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than Moeller. That puts him in the 6'4" range.
Bruce said on 9/May/08
Think it's tiny lister. Ralph and Tiny 6'5", Dolph 6'4".
ronyo98 said on 8/May/08
here's an interesting picture: Click Here
all the guys have the same military boots on.
Dolph is slouching a bit and he's legs are more apart. but if he was standig
straight I would say 2"(5cm) between him and ralph.
does anyone now who is the black dude on the far left?seems to be 2" taller then ralph
thekiddd said on 2/May/08
Like I said, maybe not quite 6'5" when he was younger. Do you think that's a possibility Glenn? Over 6'4" but not quite 6'5"?
jun said on 30/Apr/08
dolph lundgren 1,95cm, Ralph Moeller 1,97 cm, Hulk Hogan 1.92cm,
thekiddd said on 26/Apr/08
Dolph was definitely never 6'6", I'll tell you that much. If he told Glenn he was 6'5", he isn't 6'6" for sure. But the thing is, he did claim 6'4" and that is smaller than 6'5" and usually when actors/actresses quote their height of a smaller number, it is probably the correct answer.
Scott B said on 25/Apr/08
Dolph was between 6'5 and 6'6 at his peak. He had 4 inches on Carl 6'1 Weathers in Rocky. Stallone wears Huge Lifts.
thekiddd said on 23/Apr/08
He could have lost height. He is like 50.
Yaspaa said on 22/Apr/08
Dolph has said he is many different heights over the years. Your friend said he was 2-3 inches shorter so its not 6'3 it's 6'2-6'3. INSANE!!
Daniel said on 21/Apr/08
Ok, ok, die-hards! Lundgren is 6'3'', so Stallone is 5'6'', Schwarzenneger is 5'10'', Van Damme is 5'5'' and I am 4'11''.
tllgUK said on 21/Apr/08
Yaspaa> Go watch the film for yourself. It's called 'Retrograde'. And 6'3" is 'hilariously insane'? That's pretty funny considering that Dolph himself said he was 6'3" now in the tv4 thing. Guess he must be a liar or a nugget though too, huh?
thekiddd said on 15/Apr/08
I changed my mind. I am going to say..... more than 6'4", but not quite 6'5".
thekiddd said on 11/Apr/08
Carl Weathers isn't 6'2". And he was very tall no doubt but didn't even look close to seven feet.
JOSH said on 6/Apr/08
I thought he looked near 7ft in rocky 4. He dwarfed stallone and towered over 6ft 2 inch carl weathers.
Yaspaa said on 5/Apr/08
tllgUK,please,your friend is either a liar or a nugget,6'2 - 6'3 is hilariously insane
Daniel said on 28/Mar/08
Considering Dolph's height, it doesn't make any sense to me
Kid-Icarus said on 27/Mar/08
You know, when he said 6'5", he could have really been 6'4" 1/2" because if you tell someone your height plus a decimal, they will usually say your height without the fraction. Get what I mean?
Daniel said on 25/Mar/08
Time to upgrade the Swedish guy, Rob?
Chris175 said on 24/Mar/08
always seemed 6-5 to me
glenn said on 24/Mar/08
i know supes78.people here are ridiculous.
thekiddd said on 23/Mar/08
I think he is 6'4". Roger Ebert on his site described him as 6'4".
Click Here
supes78 said on 22/Mar/08
No way on earth he is 6'5"? Give me a break. There's no photographic proof of the guy being 6'3" tall. If there were, Rob would be the first to downgrade the man. And I think Glenn could tell the difference between 6'3" and 6'5" considering the tall celebs he's met. I think Dolph is 6'5" as he claims.
glenn said on 21/Mar/08
he told me 6-5,looked it,and lived a few blocks from me in 1994.maybe he shrunk a bit.a have a photo i never have time to post.
tllgUK said on 20/Mar/08
Dolph is a big guy for sure - BUT, there is no way on earth that he is 6'5". I know somebody very well that starred in a certain b-movie with him back in 2004. They are a true 6'5" themselves, and Dolph was clearly between 2 to 3" shorter than them in the one scene that they appear together in. Dolph therefore CANNOT be more than 6'3" - absolute maximum.
thekiddd said on 18/Mar/08
194 cm could be either 6'4 1/2" or 6'4 1/4". Unless you count the small decimal you won't know for sure.
leah said on 15/Mar/08
Well, whatever Dolph Lundgren's height is (and he looks all of 194cm, Helmut Kohl is 189cm and Kohl looks way way shorter than Lundgren despite Kohl's big girth) . . .. he is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggg and he is beautiful!
thekiddd said on 13/Mar/08
Just a tiny margin over 6'4"? he could have been rounding off since 6'4 1/4" is closer to 6'4" than 6'5".
dmeyer said on 3/Mar/08
i think 195 peak 193 now a 2 cm loss by 50 is possible for someone that tall i think 1 cm loss at 50 is for people 5'8 to 6 ft ,rob is the height loss more sever when you are 6'5 than when you are 5'7
ed2 said on 2/Mar/08
Here he is next to 5'10''- 6' Hal Holbrook:
Click Here
maximus said on 1/Mar/08
yes, I believe that true. A lot of people would like to believe others are shorter than claimed...and in some cases its true..but in other cases they truly are tall. From what I can tell, Dolph is at least 6'5" as other people on this web site who are in the 6'4 to 6'5" range and have actually met him claim that he really is very tall.
ed2 said on 26/Jan/08
I have found this clip from one of Dolph Lundgrens movie. Watch the last scene at 1:16. The guy who is taller than Dolph is Brad Imes and listed at 6ft7. He looks 3-4 inches taller than Dolph.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/08
I am from Sweden and have met this guy in Stockholm. He was probably 1.5 inches taller taller than me at that time(I am 190,2 cm or 6'2,78" according to a laser measurement from the technical museum in Gothenburg (Universeum) and I was measured in the middle of the day). My father is a childhood friend (acquaintance) of him and according to my dad, he was around 195 centimetres give or take, in his 20.s. When me, my brother and my dad met him in Stockholm in spring last year, he looked like he had shrunked a bit.
supes78 said on 22/Jan/08
He was on a local Dallas radio station this morning talking about his new movie Missionary Man, which he filmed in Dallas several months ago. He recounted the story about how he got his big break in Rocky IV and that he was 6'5" and deemed too tall for the part. I've always felt Dolph was 6'5" because he looks it and that's what I've always heard the man say in any interview.
glenn said on 22/Jan/08
danimal-cause you repost what you just said about sly on the sly page.even rob is doubting me he can look 6-1 in the street.
Danimal said on 21/Jan/08
Wow, to think that Stallone looks pretty much the same height as 6'3" Michael Rappaport is amazing! How does Stallone pull off 6'2"+??
Yaspaa said on 20/Jan/08
Ed2,there is a picture on that link you provided showing Dolph with (listed on this site as 6'3") Michael Rappaport standing together. Dolph seems to have around 2" on him. Click Here
rachid said on 12/Jan/08
Iheard dolph my self said in an intervew that in rocky 4 he used to be 195 cm (6'5).
the website is Click Here
Danimal said on 11/Jan/08
Actually when was he listed in Rocky IV at all?? They don't call out boxers heights. You're imagining things Scott. I have the official Rocky IV VHS tape and in the back it says that Drago is a 6'4" 261 pounds Beast from the East, who has to go up against the Italian Stallion (circa 1985).
Scott B said on 10/Jan/08
He looks 6'5 to me. Was listed in Rocky IV at 6'6.
rob neal said on 9/Jan/08
rachid said on 30/Dec/07
Iheard dolph my self said in an intervew that in rocky 4 he used tobe 195 cm
the website is :Click Here lundgren
ed2 said on 29/Dec/07
I found some photos of Dolph next to other people.
With Jack LaLanne don't know his height:
Click Here
With Roger Moore and past Bond girls:
Click Here
I dont know if this is an actor:
Click Here
Danimal said on 28/Dec/07
I believe both the 6'4" and the 6'5" claim. He may have been measured once first thing in the morning and once at night. As for Ralph Moeller, Rob has him too low. Whatever Dolph is, Ralph is taller. AT LEAST 6'6" BARE MINIMUM. Some say 6'7" and 6'8" too for him.
Gago said on 28/Dec/07
I met Dolph in LA when he was trying to release his movie The Mechanik, he's 50 now and seems like he lost about 0'5, so he's between 191-192.
Minstrel Man said on 27/Dec/07
I agree with the 6'5". He towers over everybody in crowds.
Brock said on 23/Dec/07
I played pro football for the Solna Chiefs (Stockholm) in 2001 and had the opportunity to meet Dolph. He was an honorary captain and did the coin toss at one of our games. I'm 6'1 and he dwarfed me by a good 4-5 inches. I'd say he's at LEAST 6'5. He's lost a lot of his muscle mass but he's still pretty cut and he is a tall fella.
glenn said on 19/Dec/07
exactly ar.thank you.
AR said on 19/Dec/07
I walked past Dolph on the river walk in San Antonio, Texas. I am 6'4'' tall and he was taller than I. I have no doubt that he is 6'5". With shoes he may have been 6'6". I agree with other peoples' posts on other celebs when they say that you need to see them in person. Also, I think people tend to want to believe others are shorter than they really are.
glenn said on 16/Dec/07
dolph has told me himself he is 6-5.
supes78 said on 16/Dec/07
I've always heard Dolph refer to himself as 6'5" tall and he looks it. And it's been well established on this site that Stallone is not a good gauge for measuring people's heights since he wears monster lifts in all of his shoes. Not to metion the guy has impeccable posture when he tries to strain every last morsel of height he can in photos. A guy Dolph's size is always more natural in photos and even slouched at times to compensate for much smaller people.
Danimal said on 16/Dec/07
If Dolph is 6'5", the Sylvester Stallone is 6'2" nowadays.
Socom said on 8/Dec/07
Dolph is 6'5 seems to be the popular opinion so far on this page. I believe its upgrade time.
dmeyer said on 27/Nov/07
since he is taller than average he might loose more than 0.5 in at 50
Dave said on 18/Nov/07
1 inch footwear advantage?!?!?!?!.....are you serious mate?

Vegas, i usually agree with you on most things, but this is simply not true, ask rob.... its a known fact that sports sneakers like the ones worn on the second pic can give MORE height that those dolph is wearing.... infact, when i wear my sneakers im taller than when i wear my boots similar to those dolph is wearing in the 2nd pic. (and look closely man, they arent big boots)

The footwear is near even, and a one inch advantage is silly.
supes78 said on 7/Nov/07
I don't see why you're taking Dolph at the lowest height he's given for himself when he's stated more frequently that he is 6'5" tall. Yet, stars like Lynda Carter have claimed anywhere from 5'8.5" to 5'10" tall and yet you take the highest height claim there. What gives?
derek said on 27/Oct/07
Glenn wheres the pic?
Viper said on 18/Oct/07
I dont think hes lost any height at all.
Vegas said on 17/Oct/07
rob has scott schwartz at 6'8 and had him lower yet he has a clear four inches on lundgren Click Here and here with dolph having a major footwear advantage over scott in those boots Click Here
Daniel said on 16/Oct/07
Anyway, 6'4'' sounds too little for Lundgren, at least in his prime. I guess you should upgrade him to 6'5'', Rob.
Darkman said on 14/Oct/07
He did place himself as 6'5" on his myspace so he was probably never 6'6". But I think that 6'4" remark on that site is probably it. He wore big boots in little Tokyo so It was kind of hard to tell if he was above 6'4". Definitly was never 6'6" is what I think.
Daniel said on 12/Oct/07
I thought the same as you, Ray, until I came into this forum and read all these comments about people's height. Maybe 4 cm is too much height loss for a 50 years man in normal circumstances, but the fact is that Lundgren was at least 1.96 cm when younger. I don't know how tall he is right now. Rob, doesn't anybody have a photo with Dolph?
Ray said on 12/Oct/07
Who's gonna lose 4 cm in height ??? That's ridiculous. I am very suspect about people who claim to have lost this much height. You might lose 1 cm when you reach 50. Lundgren is 50 years old... btw.
Daniel said on 11/Oct/07
Yes, Lundgren could be 1.94m nowadays, but closer to 1.98m (6'6'') in his prime
Dave said on 8/Oct/07
Dont laugh please, but i think that dolph is an underrated action actor.... he just never got the good movies and scripts like his counterparts... quite an unlucky guy in my book, and he was always a fave of mine....

Back in the 80's 90's he was 6'5 no doubt, but he has lost some height, thats for sure.... but looking back to rocky and then to showdown in little tokyo hes a 6'5 legit, no questions.... but nowadays i think hes lost an inch
Martin said on 12/Sep/07
I have seen him at the Metro Station in Stockholm a year ago. I think he was 194-195. He was alot taller than my 188 friend. If he would have been 198-200 cm he would have stood out in the crowd like some sort of "freak", which he didn't to be honest. He looked very tall. Taller than almost everyone at the station, yes, but he was not a giant. I think this have alot to do with everybody exaggerating about there heights. And when a "superhuman" like Dolph turns out to be only 194 cm, you are disappointed, because people have a wrong image about what's tall and not.
Daniel said on 10/Sep/07
Lundgren isn't less than 6'5''. Probably even 6'6'' in his prime. Period!
rob neal said on 23/Aug/07
someone has to know dolphs real height..........i am 6'3.5 and he does not look taller than me standing by other actors......
ted said on 19/Aug/07
A very tall man for sure.I think he is 6-4,5
richard said on 18/Aug/07
there's no way in hell Dolph is 6-4 or 6-5? I say he is 6-7. I read somewhere years ago he was 6-7. He must be lying about his height.mAYBE JUST TO PLEASE THE PRODUCERS AND THE DIRECTORS. hIS THE size and height shouldn't be a hinderence to him in Hollywood. If it is the directors they are just stupid!
Everardo said on 3/Aug/07
Click Here
And here (03:28), when they are very close warming up for the scene.
Ben said on 2/Aug/07
Ive just watcheg lundgren against taktaroff on youtube and his height is listed at 198' and weight at 108kg..
Everardo said on 30/Jul/07
If you pay attention to the behind the scenes section in Universal Soldier, Van Damme is walking beside Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude doesn't look so short in comparison. I think the difference looks greater in the film due to the camera angle to make the hero more "heroic".
Alex said on 4/Jul/07
This guy looked a legit 6'5, 6'6 in shoes in Rocky 4. He could be like 6'4 now though but def taller when he was younger.
brad said on 1/Jul/07
he is 6 ft 5 in my opinion
dmeyer said on 3/Jun/07
6 ft 4.5 at peak 6'4 now
Fox said on 29/May/07
6'5 in his prime maybe a little shorter now
ed said on 23/May/07
Here is a photo of him with Daniele Liotti (who is 6'2'' according to a posting) and Giulio Base. Giulios height is unknown to me but I've read 6'0.5''. Dolph looks at least 6'4'' in this picture.
Click Here
Height Tracker said on 21/Apr/07
I don't know sam, I think he's actually a pretty good actor; he just never got great movie scripts like his counterparts such as Arnold, Stallone, etc.
sam said on 20/Apr/07
Superhuman acting talent is one of the few things he doesn't have.
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
Dolph has a 160 IQ? You gotta be kidding me.
Ted said on 4/Apr/07
I remember when he was training in Golds Gym London beginning 86, I was with some other bouncers. One was 6'2" and Dolph dwarfed him. I was suprised Dolph didn't look very heavily built in person, but he was really tall 6'5".
Mauser said on 30/Mar/07
Speaking of nothing... Isn't time to put up big Matthias Hues on the site, Rob?
J-Dog said on 15/Mar/07
On top of that Dolph speaks 5 languages, yeah superhuman sounds fitting for this guy.
J-Dog said on 15/Mar/07
Not to mention Dolph Lundgren has a 160 IQ.

Supes I agree I think it's a logically fallacy that people tend to always want to take the lowest height possible, I doubt a guy like Dolph needs to heighten his height, guys 6' and above tend not to care at all.
J-Dog said on 15/Mar/07
I believe Glenn I think Dolph needs a definite upgrade.
AAAA said on 1/Mar/07
He was probably a hair under if not 6'5 and has shrunk a bit. It has been about 20 years since Rocky 4 was filmed. About an inch isn't that much to lose, especially with a frame like his
thomi said on 20/Feb/07
I think that it doesn't really matter wheter this man is 193 or 195 or even 198 cm tall - he looks frightingly "perfect" - god thank Adolf Hitler did not win - he wanted only men like this to reproduce. Lundren is a very friendly and smart person. He answers questions of fans himself on his personal website.
ed said on 9/Feb/07
I think Dolph Lundgren is 195 cm tall which is 6'5''.
dmeyer said on 9/Feb/07
some actor wear lifts but pitt and sly must wear monster ones
supes78 said on 7/Feb/07
I don't know why there's a tendency to take the shortest height a celebrity gives for himself as being the most accurate when almost all of us will downgrade our heights occasionally. I've stated that I'm 5'8" in conversations before when I'm actually an inch taller just to emphasize that I'm not tall. The only difference is that I wasn't quoted in an interview that later touts that as my true height. I think the height a celebrity gives for himself the most often should be the most credible until significant evidence shows otherwise. In Dolph's case, no one has shown verifiable proof that he's not 6'5".
anonymous said on 7/Feb/07
so why isn't 6'5 peak height listed here like for arnold and hogan?
supes78 said on 6/Feb/07
Comparison of pics next to Stallone should be automatically disqualified on the grounds that the guy always wears lifts of variable sizes and has excellent military posture to scrape out even more height from his small frame. In every interview I've ever seen with Dolph, he's never wavered from the 6'5" claim so if nothing else, I'd say his peak prime height had to be atleast 6'4.5".
Viper said on 6/Feb/07
Well, he looked just 6-4 next to Sly in that one picture.
Glenn said on 6/Feb/07
One or 2 people thought he was 6-4 on the Stallone page.
Glenn said on 5/Feb/07
Your right.there were rumors of him being a hair taller than 6-5.
Glenn said on 4/Feb/07 last time.are you blind Felix? I posted he looked and told me 6-5.
Anonymous2 said on 4/Feb/07
Dolph isn't any shorter than 6'5" just as Stallone isn't any shorter than 5'9". Period.
D. Ray Morton said on 3/Feb/07
"IS 6'4 and was 6'4"

And apparently comes in peace.
Felix said on 2/Feb/07
IS 6'4 and was 6'4
dmeyer said on 2/Feb/07
i aint sure he is as tall as 6'5.5 and as short as 6'4 i think 6'4.5 like 194 cm make sens thats whi he says 193 or 195 if dolph is 193 then sly is under 5'9 he might be 6'4 nowadays but 6'5 then
supes78 said on 26/Jan/07
I really have a hard time believing that Dolph is 6'4" when he looks easily 6'5" in so many places. He's got to be a tad over 6'4" but he's just downplaying his height these days since he has his own production company now and he hardly does the action movie roles any more.
thelasttiger said on 18/Oct/06
I agree with Jim. I think we should put either 6'5" at his peak, 6'4" today or
6'5 1/2 at his peak 6'4" today. That sounds like a good solution for now at least.
Jim said on 11/Oct/06
Dolph is a strong 6'4" and may have been about 6'5" at his prime-- filming in Rocky IV, he's a veritable giant next to Stallone.
venus said on 9/Oct/06
Dolph is such a tough guy, his legs are quite wobbly, his knees look bad too. I believe he may be 6'4.5 now, but several years ago, he was 6'5, the guy is huge!
Viper652 said on 4/Oct/06
Hes stated 6-4, and he only looked 6-4 next to 6-7 Magic Johnson. Id go with 6-4.
Derek said on 2/Oct/06
supes78- Dolph isn't even 50 today. He's not a wrestler and has no back issues that we know of so he shouldn't be shrinking.
supes78 said on 30/Sep/06
Even though Dolph's hunched over, he absolutely towers over Van Damme;

Click Here

Dolph was easily 6'5" at his peak and maybe only a shade under that today.
316 said on 3/Sep/06
One of my Swedish friend in class has taken a snap with Dolph, n my frnd is arnd 6'4(193cms) himself...When I saw the pic, there was hardly ne height difference betn them. I wud still presume Dolph is 6'4-6'4.5, nothing more than tht.
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/06
They say he's a shade under 6' 6" in some articles and the Rocky anthology set. I think he's more like 197cm tbh.
Ola said on 25/Aug/06
He is 6'5. He was telling that in the swedish talkshow "sen kv
Paco said on 3/Jul/06
Lundgren looks 6'4" to me, he looked about 4 or 5 inches taller than Bradon Lee who is 5'11 1/2"
supes78 said on 5/Jun/06
There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Lundgren or Stallone stood on different platforms to exaggerate their height difference. How can a guy who was deemed too tall for the part of Ivan Drago suddenly need to be even taller? It's nonsense. Here's a pic of the exact height difference between Stallone and Doplh and it is indeed several inches;

Click Here

On a sidenote, I had no idea that they trained together for the film, or maybe it's just a publicity shot;

Click Here
Height Tracker said on 4/May/06
Rob, don't you list Tiny Ron at 7 foot though?

Editor Rob
I get the Tiny's mixed up, the other guy...Tiny Lister ;-)
Baroness said on 16/Apr/06
I sincerely doubt he's shrunk since the 1980s. He's only 40-something. It's a very Swedish thing to be modest and Dolph is, well, very Swedish. I'll bet he's around 195 - he always looks like a total giant in any film he's in.
316 said on 14/Apr/06
@Ronal Dostay- Dude maybe u need to ask that question to a 6'3 I guess with the opinions and pic evidences provided by so many wise ppl on this forum, i guess we can draw a conclusion that DOLPH is tall(6'4-6'5) and not lying abt his height like a lot of other celebrities.
Ronal Dostay said on 5/Apr/06
Is 6'3" tall?
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/06
This height is an under estimate. I have the Rocky anthology DVD collection and in the booklet in there it says Dolph was measured ' just a shade under 6' 6" . Most people here agree he's a huge guy and no less than 6' 5" at all. He consistently is seen in the 6' 5" - 6' 6" range and he is considerably taller than people of 6' 3".

So, surely, to Rob, you should upgrade this guy's height by half to 3/4 of an inch?
316 said on 3/Apr/06
What abt this pic where Lundgren and Stallone r standin together. Click Here Dont see that much height difference there between them as one saw in Rocky4. Maybe Dolph was indeed made to stand on a box to look imposingly taller than Stallone. Neways, box or not, he does look in that 6'4-6'5 range.
Big Show said on 31/Mar/06
I doubt they made him look taller in Rocky 4. When he went to the casting they said he was too tall for the role, so why do they make him even taller than he already is.
Glenn said on 31/Mar/06
Yes, tgri.I did hear that they had stallone stand in a ditch or Dolph stand on a box.or both.cant remember which.
tgri said on 30/Mar/06
rob, did they make him look taller in rocky 4 ? in that movie he looks atleast 6'7.
Viper652 said on 12/Mar/06
I can beleive that Dolph might actually be in the 6-4 range now, and was 6-5 years ago.
Glenn said on 11/Mar/06
Dolph is indeed coming.
Anshelm said on 10/Mar/06 also lists Triple H at 6'4" and The Undertaker at 6'10"
316 said on 2/Mar/06
Maybe we have reached to a final conclusion about Dolph's height, after the innumerable evidences provided by people here. It will be now fair to say that Dolph Lundgren indeed is 6'5. So I guess the case is closed.
supes78 said on 26/Feb/06
My bad, the obsessed with wrestling site lists Kurt Angle as 5'10" tall, which really is his true height, and I think that Lister really is 6'6" like the site lists.
supes78 said on 26/Feb/06
That pic of Lister and Hogan was from the late 80's when Hogan was in his prime and would have stood around 6'5" tall. This would indeed make Lister around the 6'6" height where I put him at, which would still put Lundgren at 6'5". By the way, 6'6" was not the height Lister was billed at in the WWF. That's just the height the site lists him at based on a compilation of other sources. Notice that they list Kevin Nash at 6'11", when he's been billed at 7 foot or over for most of his career;

And they have Kurt Angle listed as 5'11" tall, when he has NEVER been listed by the WWE as anything under 6 foot, usually around 6'2" tall.
316 said on 24/Feb/06
Does anyone still have a doubt about this guy being under 6'5??
supes78 said on 23/Feb/06
Check out Lundgren with 6'3" Lou Gossett Jr. Lundgren definitely looks 6'5";
Jason said on 23/Feb/06
Lister is listed as short as 6'5''.
316 said on 23/Feb/06
There is, without a shade of a doubt that this guy is 6'5. I guess the case should be closed since we have all the evidence needed to prove it.
ray said on 22/Feb/06
the guy looks more like 6'5 to me.....
supes78 said on 18/Feb/06
Lundgren with 6'6" to 6'7" Tommy 'Tiny' Lister on the set of "Universal Soldier". Lundgren looks just a shade shorter to me;
supes78 said on 18/Feb/06
I used to have a magazine pic of Lundgren standing with Frank Langella in a behind-the-scenes moment from the "Masters of the Universe" movie. They were standing side by side and it looked like Lundgren had an inch or more on 6'4" Langella. Lundgren is just a huge guy and I don't doubt at all that he's 6'5" since he looks it no matter where I see him. Once again, check out this pic of him with 6'3" Michael Michael Rapaport;
Viper652 said on 15/Feb/06
Magic Johnson is no taller then 6-7. That would put Dolph at aropund 6-4 in that pic.
dix said on 14/Feb/06
i met him in 1998,i was about 180cm that time,the thing is that he towered me by good 6 inches,so he is at least 195cm.
316 said on 11/Jan/06
Gr8 Chris, I think dolph got his height correct that However maybe he has lost a cm or so today, still cant confirm that.
Chris said on 10/Jan/06
Ths is from an swedish artical from:

Below I
316 said on 5/Jan/06
Jason dude, even though u n I might think this guy is 193cms, Dolph himself is confused about his height. However, i was searching for a few more pics of this guy on the net to convince myself about his actual height, and saw this 1 pic of him and Michael johnson(6'9 i presume) together. Though this pic shows a young dolph, I guess he would have been arnd tht 195-196cms mark in his prime as editor Rob has already pointed out.
Jason said on 5/Jan/06
I still believe this guy is 193cm.
Gotxo said on 5/Jan/06
Rob i do not speak swedish nevertheles there are fabulous online translators on the web, and they translate his own words phrase to a thing like this:
"No, i belive 193" So he's stating a thing that he doesn't know for sure.
I remeber a film in that he gets in a 1st gen BMW 3 series, he had to fold his body in such a way...i think he's over 6'4"
316 said on 4/Jan/06
What amazes me is that how can a guy not know what his actual height is, and goes around giving 5 different measurements on TV and websites. Maybe he has left that for celebheights members to find
I.D. said on 2/Jan/06
Tall guy.He was 198cm tall in Rocky 4.Now he is 196cm tall.
Cobra said on 24/Dec/05
@ 316: lundgren is an action star who for sure need NO LIFTS or any special cameraman to look tall.
He is tall. 196 cm. For sure. (and 195 in the evening. ;) )
Lee said on 23/Dec/05
What!?This guy only 193?This is impossible,because I'm 191 and I see Dolph before 4 years and he was taller by two inch than me.He is 6'5 or 6'6''.No way
Dolph only 193cm.He is tall,strong,big fella.More than 193 for sure,my guess is
197cm.He was taller than Frank Langella(1.93m-6'4''),little shorter than Moeller(1.98m-6'6'')much taller than Brion James(1.91m-6'3'')in Red Scorpio,and 5-6cm taller than Rapaport(191).197cm seems realistic.He said once
pragmatist said on 25/Nov/05
I've met Dolph at my gym a few times, in Stockholm. 196cm seems excessive. My brother-in-law is 195cm and Dolph is probably shorter by a few centimeters (I'm 185 cm myself and didn't feel dwarfed by him in any way). So I would place him at barely 6'4.

Editor Rob
I think the centimetre listing he gave himself of 194 might be closer...
Anshelm said on 21/Oct/05
Found the Swedish article (B&K Sports Magazine #4/1986) I mentioned earlier:

"Jag är cirka 195 centimeter lång och väger i filmen 245 pounds (110 kilo). Nu har jag minskat till 104 kilo. Men längden är densamma."

Which roughly translates to:
"I'm about 195 cm [6'4¾"] tall, and weighed 245 pounds (110 kg [actually 111]) in the film [Rocky IV]. Now I'm down to 104 kg [230 lbs]. But the height remains."
AA said on 16/Oct/05
6' 6" totally!
supes78 said on 14/Oct/05
There's a pic of Lundgren with 6'3" Michael Rapaport at the following URL and Dolph clearly has a good 2 inches on him.
konan said on 3/Oct/05
Explain this:Dolph said that he is 193cm(6'4'').OK.-Louis Gossett jr. is 193cm,and Dolph looks taller than him in Punisher and Cover Up about 5cm(2 inchs).So I think Dolph is strong 198cm(6'6'').But Ralph Moeller is 198cm and looks taller about 2cm.
Viper452 said on 27/Sep/05
6-4 or 6-5. Either way this guy is huge.
supes78 said on 26/Sep/05
Dolph is 6'5" tall and he's verified it in interviews he's given in print and on TV shows like Entertainment Tonight. The guy is a legitimately big action star who never uses lifts or strategic camera angles to alter the perception of his height on film. There are a few scenes in Universal Soldier where he can be seen standing side by side with 6'6" bodybuilder Ralph Moeller and they are pretty much the same height. Action stars worthy of closer height scrutiny are Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Van Damme.
Charles said on 26/Sep/05
Another page stating the same fact from the swedish interview.
316 said on 5/Sep/05
Met him at Marks and Spencer a few weeks ago. Looked exactly somewhere around 6-5(was wearing leather shoes with around 1 inch heel).i am myself 6-2 and I had to look up a bit to make eye contact with him. A nice guy though
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From a weights newsgroup: "Dolf Lundgren is pretty big. Both height and size. I saw him 4 or 5 years ago, and he was bigger than I am (especially muscles at the time). I'd guess he was 6'4 and a solid 245lbs"
blackbelt said on 4/Aug/05
He is definitly approx 6ft6 tall.
My karate trainer who is 6ft4 met him and said that dolph was at lest 2 inches taller than him
Hani said on 2/Aug/05
Just yesterday i read in a swedish magazine that he is 196cm
Anonymous said on 24/Jul/05
Dolph is most probably 6ft6. In universal soldier, he bends his head a bit compared to moeller and standing next to Van damme who is 5ft10, he is definately 7-8 inches taller.
Anshelm said on 10/Jul/05
I saw a quote of an interview in Swedish, where he said he was 195 cm (6'4
Anonymous said on 4/Jul/05
About Universal Soldier, didn't Lundgren looked taller than Moeller in the scene where Dolph was talking to the people in the supermarket and Moeller was standing beside him.
Anonymous said on 3/Jul/05
99 kg is after Rocky IV. In Rocky IV he weight about 110 kg. He loosed the muscle mass to gain speed, he said.
In Rocky IV it really seems he is 6ft6, but in Universal Soldier against Ralf M
P said on 16/Jun/05
Dolph Lundgren is swedish and he speaks swedish as well. I know many people who have met him (Sweden is a small country you see) and they all say that he is very tall and big, they also say that he is a very nice gentleman.
He stated in an "swedish" interview that when he travel to his hometown (Stockholm)almost everyone is as tall as he is.
In an other interview just a couple of weeks ago he was asked how much he weighed and he weighed 99 kilo whitch is equal to 217.8 pounds.
If he rally was 6'5" or 6'6" he would probably weigh more if you concider that he still is a very muscular guy.
Sing said on 9/Jun/05
Wasn't Dolph an ex-NFL player or professional athlete of some kind. If so there should be height stats about him.

I thought Dolph was American of Swedish descent, or am I wrong? He's actually a Swedish national? His English sounds perfect though.
Jason said on 5/Jun/05
I'd agree with 194cm (6'4 1/2'') for Dolph.
Ball-A-Hallic said on 31/May/05
Dolph's I think is bigger than 6'5 he's no smaller even if Carl Weathers is 6'0 or 6'1 Dolph still towered over him by more than 4 or 5 inches in Rocky 4
cantstop25 said on 15/May/05
there is no way this guy can be under 6'5". 6'6" was always quite believable. I have seen many of his movies
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/05
Meet him at a Kyokushin Karate stage ...
Told to me he was 194cm tall ...
P said on 19/Apr/05
In an swedish interview with Anna Manheimer he said that he was 193 cm which is more like 6 ft 4 in

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