Elevator Shoes

In the golden days of Hollywood, a variety of tricks were used in making shorter stars appear taller. From tailoring camera angles to reduce height differences, to having taller co-stars walk in a purpose built ditch, one of the most common techniques was having the actor don a pair of elevator shoes, designed to boost one's height without it being too obvious. Appearing taller is a confidence booster. Unfortunately, in today's society, stature plays more of a role than we might think.

There are numerous online retailers selling Elevator Shoes. Some claim to make you up to 5 inches taller, but the reality is that most give typically anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of actual height. This can mean appearing between 1.5 and 2 inches taller in comparison to when you are wearing a normal sneaker or shoe. It's a decent boost, and if you're concerned about your height, buying elevator shoes is one option worth considering.

The photo below illustrates the differing quality available online.

synthetic elevator shoes Dons Elevator Shoes

The black pair of Shoes retailed between $50 and $100. Many companies selling similar styles, also claim to make you 3-4 inches taller. Of course the reality is that they are measuring the very highest point on the back of the shoe's internal lift, which isn't how much height the shoe actually gives. The black shoe claimed to make you 3.5 inches taller, but it was at least an inch less. Due to the angle of your foot, you actually don't get as much height as the manufacturers claim.

The brown shoes on the right cost in the $200 range and claimed to make you 2.6 inches taller. They don't quite give that, but are near 2.3 inches, which is a notable amount.

Bergamo Elevator Shoes

If you're thinking about buying elevator shoes, it's better to spend a bit more money and go for a quality brand that will be comfortable to wear and last longer. The brown shoes are from Don's, and are the only elevator shoes I personally recommend. Their genuine quality shines through: the real leather used, the construction of the sole, the improvement to your posture and the overall fit. They are hand-made and not churned out cheaply with synthetic materials that will fall apart after a few months. The video below shows how much height this pair of Dons shoes gives me: Click Here

If I was to wear those shoes out and about in public, I would appear like a 5ft 10 man to people.

This photo says it all: 5ft 8 Rob and 5ft 8 Jenny...except when I'm wearing a pair of Don's Elevator's!

Elevator Shoes Large

If you want to 'Walk tall' like Rob Paul, do check out Don's Elevator Shoes for a large selection of quality elevator shoes. Use the EXCLUSIVE discount code TheAllies1944 at checkout for your 10% discount, courtesy of Celebheights.com

If the kind of elevation shown above isn't enough for you, then there are larger versions of these elevator boots available, ones that can give you nearly 4 inches of added height. You can see me trying out a pair of these Big Dons (3.8 inches) in the photo below...5ft 8 Jenny (wearing a 1/4 inch flat shoe) beside BIG ROB:

Example of Elevator Shoes

This video also compares myself wearing The Big Dons Elevator Boots beside Jenny, who wears a large platform heel: Click Here

If you are thinking about elevators or lifts but don't want to jump in at the high end, you could test the waters by either buying lifts for your existing shoes or going with a smaller elevator shoe/sneaker. For instance, Dons have a 1.5 inch model, which I demonstrate in This video.

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Matta said on 3/Aug/18
Rob How much do you think those boots add?

Click Here
Guanzo said on 16/Jul/18
Rob do you recommend logger soldier boots for me? 1.75-2" range height increase max.

in amazon.com
Editor Rob
For any logger boot, they certainly can add noticeable height. Whether they are comfortable is another matter. Ordering boots online is always tricky, I'd try to buy logger boots from a shop which you can find a model that feels ok.
Rjh said on 11/Jul/18
Hey Rob, I'm 5'9" and I'm considering buying some Don's elevators. How much of a lift would I need to order to appear to be 5'10" to 5'10.5"? I'm thinking 2 inches but I may be wrong.
Editor Rob
Any that say 2.3 or 2.5, they will get you looking around 5ft 10-10.25 to people.
Matta said on 8/Jul/18
Rob Can you link the MBT sneaker that give 2 inch of height?

Click Here

Thank you
Editor Rob
This style is close to it.
DanTheGuy said on 4/Jul/18
Hey Rob, have you tried the mid-sole tech Don's yet? On their site is says you can run in them but I kind of doubt that. I have never tried any of them to say for sure or not. At the very least, are they comfier? Thank you
Editor Rob
I only test them, but if the model was 1.75-2 inches you might be able to run ok. A 2.5 inch I would say needs a lot of practice!

If you can get the dimensions of your foot measured and then get the shoe custom made to those, it should be comfortable. I'd always say to send in the feet dimensions because with elevators, you need a good fit or else it will be hard to wear them for prolonged periods.
David M said on 3/Jul/18
Hello Rob,
I would like to purchase a pair of Don's that will give me 3 inches of true elevation. I purchased a 3.1 inch listed elevation which actuality gave me about 2.3-2.5 inches of increase from Don's. Considering shoe sellers overestimate the amount of elevation, which listed # inches of elevation should I choose? The 4 inch or 5 inch elevation?

Thank you
Editor Rob
I wouldn't recommend going above what you have. I think the range of 2.3-2.5 of actual elevation is enough.

But, if you really want to, look for the 3.5-3.75, they should get you closer to 3 inch.
Matta said on 1/Jul/18
Rob, How much do these give? MBT

Click Here
Editor Rob
Those are lower MBT styles, not much over 1 inch range, compared to the thicker ones nearer 2
Gracian said on 1/Jul/18
I was always interested in shoes from Marilyn Manson and Vin Diesel. Here are photos of their shoes: Click Here
Click Here
They do not hide in any way that they are trying to pretend tallers than they really are. Rob, is it possible that Manson and Diesel, despite being quite tall, have a complex about their own heights?
Editor Rob
In Manson's case, he has a goth-style, so sometimes those big heels are maybe part of the 'look'.

In Vin's case, I've never seen him wear low sneakers, something like converse. He loves boots and stands tall...I think he would like to be taller.
buu said on 26/Jun/18
Click Here rob are these the same as you measured in your youtube video? giving 3.3cm
Editor Rob
Yes those are similar sole thickness.
luop said on 24/Jun/18
rob can you link me the 3cm air force 1's you have, I got a pair but they are 1 inch
Editor Rob
Look for the 07 version, those are the ones near 1.25 inch.
Cdizz said on 24/Jun/18

What happened to the page that discussed all types of non elevator shoes?

Editor Rob
I had to stop the sneakers page. It's a long story, but basically google kept deindexing the page and replacing it with a spammers cloned version. The clones version didn't even exist, it merely redirected people to a scam site trying to get credit card details.

I can't understand Google - I thought they employed smart people and used intelligent algorithms.
Cdizz said on 24/Jun/18

What do you think these should be1+?

Click Here

Also, any non elevator, oXford brands that give the best boost.
Editor Rob
I believe the insole sits 3-5mm under the high part of the white outsole on those. Almost 1 inch.
Mercury said on 23/Jun/18
Two questions about two sneakers, Rob
1. How much does the Adidas Samba add? Click Here

2. And how much do you reckon the Adidas busenitz pure boost adds? Click Here

Thanks in advance :)
Editor Rob
I'm not sure about that version, but there is another samba which brand new gives near 1 inch, and after a few months loses near 0.2 inch.

I remember seeing those adidas, but only glance briefly, I am not sure they really give much over 1-1.1 inch.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 22/Jun/18
Rob, how much do you believe these give, about 1.75" range? Click Here
Editor Rob
Yes, no less than that...possibly a bit more depending how thick the insole is.
Matta said on 21/Jun/18
Rob, I got Nike shox(1.4 Inches).

Do you know any other Sneakers That boost height 1.4 and above? Like maybe 1.5, 1.6?

I know cowboy boots are 1.5,2 inch. But i dont want to wear Cowboy boots.

Sneakers or MidCut Lightweight boots That give 1.5, 1.6?

I know timberland trackhead are 1.6 But they are heavyboots.

In general im trying to find Regular Sneakers or Boots That give 1.5 inch or 1.6 more of height or more(Not cowboy boots or big timberlands).Not elevator shoes But regular shoes/boots that give 1.5, 1.6 more... Where should i look for?

Do you know any?
Editor Rob
1.4 is kind of the upper limit before you get into the MBT style of sneakers which are thick-soles nearer 2 inches.
Animus said on 14/Jun/18
Rob, how much would these give: Click Here

Thanks in advance!
Editor Rob
That version of Air Max looks a 1-1.1 style
XoX said on 13/Jun/18
Is there any difference in height between reebok classic leather clip ele and ordinary reebok classics?
Editor Rob
Both are reasonably thick, I'd be surprised if anything between them.
Artrem said on 12/Jun/18
Hi Rob, what is the most comfortable elevator shoe height gain and still is unnoticeable?
Editor Rob
I think a safe gain is buying an elevator that gives overall 2 inches. It is much easier to walk about doing daily business than 2.5-3 range.

Also, since you are boosting your relative height about 1 inch over a normal shoe, it's not going to be as obvious to many people. Of course some will notice, but will they even comment?
zatox said on 12/Jun/18
hey rob how much does adidas yeezy powerphase give? im about to buy one if it has decent amount of boost
Editor Rob
They don't look that thick, not over an inch.
Alex/R said on 11/Jun/18
How much for this?Click Here
Editor Rob
I did a video Here measuring reebok classics, they can give near 1.3 inches new...but after some wear might lose a few mm's.
Andrew said on 7/Jun/18
How much would these give Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
I am not so sure on the barricade, they feel just over 1 inch but that's rough with no measurement.
franck said on 2/Jun/18
Hi Rob, do those Nike Shox add 1.4 inches (3,5 cm) in stature as you said in a video ? Click Here Thank you
Editor Rob
Yes they look the larger size of shox.
Alex/R said on 30/May/18
Click Here how much for this Rob?
Editor Rob
They can give a fraction over 1 inch
YESSSS said on 29/May/18
Rob, how much do these give (from balenciaga)
Click Here ?
Editor Rob
Possibly near 1.5-1.6 inches
Matta said on 29/May/18
Rob, What others thing do Actors and Famous people do too appear Popular and Good in term of appearance?

I know they wear elevator shoes, or shoes with lift...

Do you know any other things they do?
Editor Rob
Many will have veneers or regular teeth whitenening, lots have little cosmetic surgeries, beauty routines for skin etc.

Also you have activities they do to improve image - like attending events for certain causes or charities
undercover said on 28/May/18
hey,I've worn ≈2.25" lifts inside my shoes/boots for the past 3 years or so. In total with regular heeled boots and shoes I gain about 3 inches of height. Do you have have any recommendations of footwear that will look normal with the added height inside?
Editor Rob
I think it's hard because to get 3 inches needs the foot at a high angle. The custom elevators from any company usually are made to be a bit more discreet looking, but the taller you get, the more obvious it can become.

Of course to many people, even if they looked at your footwear they might not even realise there was something different about it.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 24/May/18
Rob, do you think shoes like these (where the soles are curved) give less height than what it appears on the outside? Click Here
Editor Rob
They aren't that far under the grey outsole really...still give over an inch comfortably.
Artrem said on 22/May/18
Rob does having a 2.5 inch elevator shoe cause you to have problems walking, or can be spotted?
Editor Rob
Some folk will notice you walk a bit different, but with practice you might become natural and find a more confident walk from wearing them.

Personally if I was ever going to wear them I'd set the limit of 2 inch to start with and after a year and feeling like I can walk comfortable at the elevated height, then try 2.5 inch.

It might not seem much, but the angle of the foot increases more and it will add a bigger level of difficulty and more strain to ankles the higher you go.
Matta said on 16/May/18
Rob its me again, Matta.

Would a 1.25 Heel Leather shoe + 1 inch foam Shoe lift = 2.25 Be good?

Would it be confortable and Unoticeable to people? 2.25 of total height?

So its 1.25 inch of boost over 1 inch shoe.

Thank you.
Editor Rob
These 1 inch insoles will be measured from the high point at the back of the lift...the actual lift itself might give 0.6-0.7 inch so overall about 2 inch flat.

You are getting roughly 1 inch over normal 1inch shoes...some might notice, but many won't. Only when you get into 2.5-3 will the percentage of people being aware 'you look taller' increases
reterer said on 12/May/18
Hey Rob. How much for this? Click Here
Editor Rob
Close to 1.25 range
Guanzo said on 11/May/18
Hello Rob, how much "HAIX AirPower P9 Desert" add?

Click Here
cmillzz said on 10/May/18
Rob, does the 2.5 inch model actually give 2.5 inches, or does it give more like 2.2-2.3 inches?
Editor Rob
I think it would still give a little bit less than the 2.5.
Ali said on 8/May/18
Hello Rob, how much lift would these Adidas trainers give, the sole is described as chunky. Could be more around 1.5 inches when including inner sole possibly. Any ideas Rob, or anyone? Many thanks.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Don't think they are near 1.5, more 1-1.2 range.
Matta said on 8/May/18
Rob, What is the maximun Elevator shoe height that you should wear that Look Natural and uniticeable and that is confortable to wear in everyday life?

do you think its 2.5 inch of total height?

do you think its 2.0 inch of total height?

I think anymore than 2.5 and it start to become uncorfortable and noticeable to people.


Editor Rob
2-2.2 I think is a best option for anybody considering them. If you push it to 2.75 (at least a shoe giving that actual amount) then more people will notice the increase. With a 1-1.25 increase I think it's easier to handle.
Fouad El Yaouti said on 7/May/18
Rob is there any legitimacy in these shoes I've found on DonsElevator shoe website. They claim the shoes offer a comfortable flat fit while at the same time offering 3 inches of height.

Click Here
Editor Rob
The higher you go in height, the less comfort you will have...for 3 inch, its actually noticeable going from a 2-inch model.

Naturally 1-inch is more comfortable, 2 inch less comfortable, but enough to wear elevators regularly...when you push it higher, it's going to alter your foot position and ankle position, so naturally will be a bit less comfortable.

If I was wearing elevators on a day to day, I'd never wear any near 3-inch, I'd be content with a 2.2 inch model as it will give me a solid inch increase, while retaining an acceptable level of comfort.
cmillzz said on 3/May/18
Rob, do Don's elevator shoes run small or large? If I were to purchase a pair of Don's, should I size up or size down?
Editor Rob
I think the best thing is to do an exact foot measurement in length and include that in any order, because then they can match the closest shoe last.

But, since it's an expensive purchase, always give it good consideration first. I'd never recommend anybody to jump into owning 3-inch elevators. I'd start with low 2-2.25 style...
datguy said on 1/May/18
Click Here Hey Rob how much would you say these shoes give?
Editor Rob
Classic solid inch shoe.
Matta said on 29/Apr/18
Rob, Does wearing Big heel shoes(Like nike shox 1.4) Trow out body proportion when people look at you?

I got these converse all star(0.5 inches) , im 5foot10.5 When i wear them im 5foot11 with them. But I like wearing big heel shoe too feel taller againts other men. I wear them to feel taller than other men. But lately ive been thinking about body proportion.

When i wear Converse all star, I feel really on the ground, Its like i walk on the ground, i feel really Stable.

What do you think look better? Flat shoes(0.5) or kinda big heel shoe(Nike shox-1.4).

I must say that when i wear the converse all star its so confortable. I feel my spine line up straight. I feel really good, I feel stable when i wear them, But im only 5foot11 with them. Some men are taller than me, the 6foot+ Guys.

As when i wear nike shox im almost 6foot.

Is it better too Wear flat converse 0.5 or more heel. One thing im certain is that flat shoe is way better for the body, it doesnt put pressure on the spine. I feel like i walk barefeet on the ground with them.

What do you think?
Editor Rob
You should wear footwear that is comfortable, whether it's half inch styles or 1.3-1.5 inch.

A comfortable sneaker for one person can be an uncomfortable one for another, which is why I'd try on a lot of different sneakers to find the best fit.
HSom said on 18/Apr/18
Can you please clarify this Rob.
On Don's page if I select the 2.0" option for example, does it mean the height of the inside lift or the overall height increase? (insole 1"+heel 1")
I get the feeling 2.0" insole might already be too obvious.
Editor Rob
The Inches represent the overall amount the shoe will give (if measured at the back to the high point of the insole).
Lis said on 17/Apr/18
Rob how much height do you think these boots give Click Here thanks in advance!
Editor Rob
Could be 1.5 inch military style boots...would be surprised if less than that.
Eric R said on 15/Apr/18
Hi Rob,

How much do you think a pair of boots like these give?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Without looking at the description I would have said the sole was more 1.1-1.2, but it says 1.25...I'm not convinced it is quite that thick. Might be 3cm though and they rounded it to 1.25 inches.
reterer said on 15/Apr/18
Hey rob, is there any difference between reebok classic leather clip ele and ordinary reebok classics? They seem to have differet soles. Sorry for my english
Editor Rob
I'm not sure there looks much between them, I'd be surprised if there was anything noticeable..
NangaParbat said on 14/Apr/18
Hello Rob :) Thank you for your previous answer. I have another one: if I wear Nike Roshe Run instead of flatter shoes like Vans, will people notice I am taller? Or it is such small fraction that they will not even pay attention? I am having an "inner conflict" lol lately. I feel very comfy with vans and all stars (thin shoes in general) and sometimes I have the sensation that I look and walk taller (due to my trousers falling better on the shoes and better posture); on the other side, I know that actually I am taller with Roshe Run but when I look myself in the mirror I see my legs shorter and when I walk it's not so comfy. What's your opinion about this mess? Lol Thank you in advance!!
Editor Rob
Well, when I wear a thinner sneaker like a half inch style out and about I can notice the difference between a thicker 1.25 inch sneaker. It's not much, but some might notice it...I'd say the majority probably don't.

If it was a change of height by 1.5 inches, I think a far greater proportion might realise something was different and maybe that's the most they think about it!
Anthony089 said on 13/Apr/18
Hey Rob how Much height does regular Sandals giving you I'm 186cm with sandals on
Editor Rob
Under an inch, like 0.75 might be a common range
Rem said on 11/Apr/18
Rob, how much do work boots give? Do you think 4 cms sounds right?
Editor Rob
Yeah, that's a common range...
Thunderfin said on 7/Apr/18
I'm 5'11.5'' but always wanted to be 6'2''-6'3'' so I'm trying to find myself a pair, too. I'm 19 so hopefully I can grow a bit more and break 6'. The hard part is finding elevator shoes my size -- not too many websites sell them in size 12/12.5.
Mike59 said on 6/Apr/18
Hi, Rob. My wingspan is about 5'9.5''. Approximately what's the maximum amount of lift I could wear before it becomes noticeable to strangers that my arms are not proportionate? I know it depends on other factors, but since my wingspan and preparations are very similar to yours, what would you recommend to someone who wants to appear as tall as possible?
Editor Rob
People won't pay that much attention to your arms...they are more likely to spot a funny walk first, which is why I'd just stick to 1-1.5 lifts on top of a basic 1 inch shoe.
Moheez Iqbal said on 2/Apr/18
Rob, feels more than inch the shoes makes me about 177-178cm roughly stood next to my friend who's 6ft2 I'm up to his nose lol
rlvp85 said on 2/Apr/18
Hello Rob, thanks for your responses. I have another question for you. I recently bought these shoes online and they are about to be delivered to me: Click Here and Click Here Can you please give an estimate of how much they add?
Editor Rob
They both look under 3/4 inch...more towards a half inch range I'd say.
Moheez Iqbal said on 1/Apr/18
Hey,Rob how many inches does Nike air flight classic white give also size 10?
Editor Rob
I've seen that model but wasn't able to get a good idea, it felt roughly an inch...but I'd be surprised if it was over.
NangaParbat said on 1/Apr/18
Hello Rob :) I would like to ask you a thing: for you is it possible that wearing flatter shoes (Vans type) makes your legs appear taller? I noticed that when I wear this kind of shoes, my trousers/jeans fall better and lower on the ankles and give the appearance of longer legs, as opposed to when I wear AirMax or "higher" chunky sneakers. I am 172cm, good body proportions but slightly torso dominant. Thank you and Happy Easter !!
Editor Rob
I suppose if your trousers brush against the ground with some sneakers rather than ruffle up, it might actually help appearance of slightly longer legs. There are certain types of trousers/pants I've noticed which have low crotch and high ankle heights which are terrible for making a man look 2-3 inches shorter in photos.
NangaParbat said on 1/Apr/18
Hello Rob :) I would like to ask you a thing: for you is it possible that wearing flatter shoes (Vans type) makes your legs appear taller? I noticed that when I wear this kind of shoes, my trousers/jeans fall better and lower on the ankles and give the appearance of longer legs, as opposed to when I wear AirMax or "higher" chunky sneakers. I am 172cm, good body proportions but slightly torso dominant. Thank you and Happy Easter !!
rlvp85 said on 1/Apr/18
Following the previous question, your estimate is on point, because I measured myself with them on, I got 180.5-180.7, 12 hours out of bed. At that time, I was at my lowest height, i.e, 179-179.1. You are very good at estimating height and shoes height. Any tips for me to get good at estimating shoes height only by glancing at them?
Editor Rob
I have looked at a lot of sneakers and shoes and measured them, so it's easier to get an idea in person of what 1/2 inch or 1 inch looks like, or 1.25 inch...

I had to do this if I want to be fair for celebrities I meet, I wouldn't want to be estimating their footwear to be much less or more than they actually are.
Daley said on 1/Apr/18
Hey Rob.

Which shoes should guys below average height avoid in order to not make themselves even shorter? I'm 5ft7.5 myself in the morning and I was wondering if mid to high top shoes are actually good for me. I would like to not cover my legs that much and I thought that shoes like Nike Air Force 1's Hi aren't that good either. What do you think about Vans Sk8-hi? I like them but I usually cover them with pants so they dont take legs.
Editor Rob
The Air Force 1 Hi Tops will give a good 1/2 inch more than the vans hi-tops.
Adrjan said on 1/Apr/18
Hello Big Rob,
How much can Nike Air Max 90 give?
More than 3 cm (im from EU and don't use inch sorry :()

Best Regads.
Editor Rob
Some variations of the air max 90 can give 2.7 up to 3.2cm
rlvp85 said on 30/Mar/18
How much do you think this crocs sandals give? see: Click Here
Editor Rob
I doubt more than 0.7 inch, because of concave shape of heel part, maybe 0.6-0.7
Tran said on 29/Mar/18
Hey Rob, I noticed that Vans in size 41 EUR(8.5 US, 7.5 UK) give 2.5cm in height. I had them in size 40 but they were too narrow and the heel was 2cm. Do you think a size 40.5 give 2.5cm or do they make the heel a little thicker only after size 41 for better balance?
Editor Rob
The outsole of the traditional vans is thicker than the insole (which sits a fraction lower). It's always one of those sneakers that looks thicker on the outside but doesn't give that much height...
Bootking said on 23/Mar/18
These fashion army style boots give some serious height, im not sure exactly but im positive they seem like 1.75

Click Here
Editor Rob
All depends on how high the insole is...if thin then not much over 1.5, if a little 1/8th to 1/4 range, then possibly near 1.7 inch.
Ferdinand said on 22/Mar/18
Hi Rob,

How much height would you say 3.1 inch Dons give (without mid-sole tech)?

Editor Rob
They won't give 3.1, but a fraction under 3 inches.
zell said on 22/Mar/18
hey rob how much does adidas ultraboost add?
ajs1 said on 21/Mar/18
I have driven with them on, @kyle2729. Mine are about 4.5 inches.
kyle2729 said on 21/Mar/18
Hello, just curious is anybody here drives with elevator shoes on. Thanks.
Matta said on 20/Mar/18
Rob what shoes and boots give 1.5 inches and more? I know cowboy boots have alot of height.

Im trying to find shoes online that give 1.5 inches and up but not elevator shoe.
Editor Rob
A lot of Caterpillar/Timberland styles might get you near 1.5, just shy of it. There are thicker models of these boots, like a 'tackhead' model which is 1.6 inches.
Walter said on 20/Mar/18
People must have realistic expectations for mens elevator shoes, I mean even women high heels need a giant platform for them to be able to give an actual 3 inches, so most elevator shoes in fact only give around 2.3-2.5, and a lot of that height comes from the actual heel and not the insert,(so theoretically you would appear an inch taller than normal since people would see the heel on the shoe). So buying elevator shoes that advertise ridiculous height boosts(3+) won't even give anywhere near that. So I advise to get them around 2.5 so you can actually walk in them and not look like you have a weird sliding gait where it looks like you have a broken foot since the distance between your actual leg and the bottom of the shoe would look ridiculous. And an extra tip for those cheap Chinese inserts, they are pointless since they measure from the back and greatly depress when you wear so they barely give an inch and with every step you take if feels like your sinking in the ground because they squish so much.
Animus said on 19/Mar/18
After a decent amount of usage, how much do you think these Reebok Classics will lose? (I assume they give about 1.3in, as you have stated.)

Click Here

I wear a size 12US or 11½UK.
Editor Rob
Most insoles will thin or flatten, some bases of shoes also seems to become more concave. The last pair of Classics I wore for a while still gave a bit over 1 inch when I threw them out.
Guanzo said on 19/Mar/18
Rob, how much "Under Armour Jung Rat boots" add?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Would expect them to give near 1.4 inches
Rem said on 11/Mar/18
Rob, how much do the most common New Balance shoes (i dont know the name of them really) add?
Editor Rob
1.25 is a typical range for many of the new balance popular models.
Walter said on 8/Mar/18
What do you think is more ideal, elevator shoes with higher heel and a smaller insert that have a slim profile of a regular shoe (Dons), or elevator shoes with a small heel but a big insert and the shoe looks unnatural?
Editor Rob
I'd say to go with a heel that is between 1-1.25 inch and then have a smaller insert.
jeja said on 7/Mar/18
Hi Rob, what do you think is the most comfortable to wear : 2.5 inches elevator shoes o shoes with 4 cm heels and lifts close to 1 inch inside ?
Editor Rob
Elevators are designed with the shape of the lift as part of it, so I'd always say those might be a better fit...but to test the waters and see if you think elevators might be worthwhile, I'd recommend buying cheaper lifts like 10 dollars and just using with the most comfortable sneaker/shoe you already have.
Myself said on 7/Mar/18
Hey Rob, recently i bought new shoes, but considering i couldn't find the right size, which i think would be 13,5 (US) for me, i chose a pair of size 14 and also bought a pair of elevator insoles to fit it well. So now my shoes (+insoles) give me about 3,5 cm, compared to the 1,5 cm of my previous shoes, that would hurt my feet after some time of walking, because of my weight (103/106 kg). Do you think that's much more than the average person wears? If so, do you think that it would alter the perception of my height too much? (I'm 193,7-194 cm morning, 191,7-192,3 cm evening usually) I wouldn't want to deceive people too much (On the other hand i don't want my feet to hurt aswell ;)...and if it's a bonus of 1 cm that's actually not too bad after all), i personally dislike the whole aspect of elevator shoes and heels (am i contradicting myself?)...but i don't mind too much if people that weren't so lucky with height may wear some.
Editor Rob
On average, footwear might be about 2cm or so. Adding an extra 2-3cm isn't a huge step-up, but some people will notice it, others won't. When it gets to 4cm extra I think a far greater proportion will begin to notice an increase in that person's height.
Nolifts81 said on 7/Mar/18
Rob do you think that the D'Etna 5.5 by don's can give neArly 4.5 like 11 cm? Hope so. ThAt is my goal. Thank you Rob
Editor Rob
It's pushing it, I think 4-4.25 is a huge lift to achieve.
Andrew said on 4/Mar/18
Rob,how much would the 5 inchers give?Like these one:
Click Here
Editor Rob
They won't give a full 5-inches, probably between 3.5-4 zone.
nolifts81 said on 3/Mar/18
Yes I ordered and paid only the lifts. Allan said that was possible. I've paid 100 usd. They are also on what's up. I've talked to them , but they, don't tell me when they will ship them to me. The last message say that they will do a good work for me. Paid with paypal. I want to know if it's normal to wait all this time from Don's. Thank you Rob
Editor Rob
I think it still takes a few weeks to get orders.
Nolifts81 said on 3/Mar/18
Hi Rob. I've ordered and pair from Don's footwear only the lift inserts of the D'Etna 5.5 Boots. I pair with paypal but still they did not ship the Lifts. In the receipt they write custom order. What this mean? That i Have to wait more for a custom order? Thank you in Advance
Editor Rob
I'm not sure what you mean. They don't sell just the inserts, but you ordered them?

All orders are basically custom as they don't just grab them from a shelf.
Walter said on 28/Feb/18
The funny thing about elevator shoes is that i think a taller skinny person would look better in them and could get away with wearing them, for example a person who is 6'1 and wants to be 6'2-6'3 would look more natural than a man for example who is 5'5 and wants to be 5'6-5'7. I just think that body proportions won't be thrown out of wack if you are already tall and wearing elevator shoes. Another sad twist in life if you are short i guess. Anyway if you want quality and a decent amount of height Dons are perfect. They won't make you into a giant but they are comfortable
Editor Rob
If your inseam is disproportional, I suppose wearing 2.5 inch elevators won't throw off proportions.
Mikey said on 27/Feb/18
Hi rob
I would like to reply to one of the comments on here about dons footwear and I promise it will be my last on dons his shoe sizes don’t make sense I’m a uk 8 and my first pair were too tight length and breadth so my 2nd pair I got a uk 9 still length and breadth were too tight now any pair of shoes I have bought online have always been a uk 8 and have all fitted and I still buy normal shoes again uk 8 and they fit fine so he does have a problem with sizes and my feet are far from fat and I also think dons shoes look so normal is because the heel is so high and the insert is just over a inch so could fit in most normal shoes also cheaper USA companies sneakers are no Herman munsters but do agree they’re not as good quality as dons
Thanks rob
Walter said on 26/Feb/18
The biggest plus of dons shoes is the they are really invisible, they all look like normal shoes since they have a slim profile, this can be a pro and a con, if you have fat feet then his shoes will be tight for you, but if your feet are on the skinnier side its pretty much looks like you are wearing normal shoes because there will be no bulge. cheap elevator shoes look like you are wearing herman munster boots.
Ali said on 25/Feb/18
Click Here

Hello Rob, just wondering how much lift these new Adidas trainers give? They look at least over an inch lift from heel and maybe from a little from the sole. 1.1 inches before they ware out maybe. Many thanks mate.
Editor Rob
Not yet seen this model in a shop, but from it's profile, surely has to be near 1.4 inches range.
sean89 said on 25/Feb/18
HEY ROB nike airmax 180 give 3.5 plus a thick gel insole like dunlop of those thick ones will make the shoes give 4 cm? those thick gel insoles can give a 1/4 inch to 10 mm.
Editor Rob
A lot of insoles squish to 1/8th inch, but some can give 1/4 or so, taking you to 1.5 inches
Mikey said on 24/Feb/18
Hi rob
Just want to add my opinion on dons footwear I’ve bought 2 pairs of 3.1 inch midsole tech shoes and although I don’t like being mean to people I’ve got to say I wasn’t impressed the quality is without doubt top class the shoes are well made the problem I had was the height increase which is not surprisingly why I buy elevator shoes you get 2.5 inch from them but the heel on my shoes was 1.4 inch which in my opinion too high and also found they were too tight I even got a size bigger for my 2nd pair but still didn’t fit right and they’re not cheap around $300 dollars or £240 I won’t mention the site but I get cheaper shoes from the USA for less than half the price and they aren’t as well made as dons but they give me 2.5 inches and fit well a also get shoes which give 3.1 inch and they’re good for formal occasions
Thanks rob
Editor Rob
It's unfortunate they weren't a good fit for you.

If the other models are good from the cheaper company, at least you are getting a more affordable model.

Like with sneakers, I've tried many styles and finding the perfect fit is hard.

I dropped a weight on my left Cuneiform bone years ago and it damaged it, so I try to find softer sneakers.
Josh9 said on 24/Feb/18
Rob, one question about Don’s shoes. Which sole material is the best: hybrid, full leather, or full rubber? I’m not sure which one to pick.
Editor Rob
Personally I like the hybrid one, as the grip feels a bit better than full leather.
Walter said on 23/Feb/18
I knew they felt suspiciously a little too comfortable to be giving 3.1 inches. The heel and insert is each around 1.2 inches so the height i got form them was around 2.5
Walter said on 23/Feb/18
Follow up from my last comment, so i measured by height in the dons 3.1 and they don't give as much as i expected, they are more like around 2.5 inches, idk im guessing since theres not really of a slope and its flatter so it doesn't give as much, in fact the insert and heel seems like the same size as the brown dress shoes on this page that you said gave you 2.3 inches,
Editor Rob
If you measure the shoe from the very back of the heel to the highest point (within it), I'd suspect it was near 3 inches as advertised, but the higher you go the less you can actually benefit from 'midsole tech'.
Iauren said on 23/Feb/18
how much height do the adidas pureboost give?
Editor Rob
I've seen them up close and 1.2 seems possible.
Walter said on 21/Feb/18
The midsole tech shoes from Dons are genius, the 3.1 inch ones feel like your wearing normal shoes even though they don't really give a full 3 inches, good enough. They don't feel like you're walking on your toes or feel like your about to fall over. but they are expensive, are you surprised that no one has thought of making lifts with midsole tech or did Don copyright his design?
Josh9 said on 19/Feb/18
Thank you Rob.

Also, do you think wearing 2.5 inch elevator shoes will be bad for your body if you wear it daily? Will it be bad for you if you keep wearing them in the long run?
Editor Rob
They are more comfortable than heels, but the very nature of putting our feet at high angles, places strains and stresses on feet/ankles/joints that a normal flatter (natural) sneaker/shoe won't. Women put up with it, and heels are certainly not as stable as an elevator shoe, probably not as comfortable either.

If I was wearing elevators, I'd stick to probably 2-2.5 at most. 2.5-3 suddenly puts your foot at a much higher angle.
jeja said on 19/Feb/18
Rob, is it possible to put 1 cm lift in a pair of Reebook Classics without the foot coming out too noticeably ? Thanks
Editor Rob
Up to about 1/2 inch is reasonable for most sneakers...it's when you get to 1 inch your foot will be dangerously close to slipping out...unless it's a high-top style!
Josh9 said on 19/Feb/18
hi Big Rob. I just want to ask you.

Do you think tallmenshoes.com has good elevator shoes? Are they as good as Don’s elevator shoes? Thank you.
Editor Rob
If you are on a budget, then 80-90 for an elevator is an option to consider versus something like 200 for more expensive dons.

But I haven't tested them recently. I did see a pair from years ago, they were a very basic model, synthetic material, but of course they gave you an extra 1.3-1.4 inches so they worked...and weren't too bad a fit.
Bradly said on 17/Feb/18
Now I know how Vin gets tall: Big Dons, custom made.
Matta said on 16/Feb/18
Hi Rob, Do you know how much those reebok could give? They look thick. How much do you estimate?

Click Here

Thank you.
Editor Rob
They might be 1.3 inch range.
zell said on 16/Feb/18
hey rob, do u know how much does gucci ace sneakers add? imma buy one if it has decent amount of height boost
Editor Rob
They don't give a great amount, well under an inch.
Nolifts81 said on 12/Feb/18
Hi Rob i am gong to buy the don's D'Etna 5.5 inches. I need to know how much is the front inside lift. I Have a lot of experience and i know that the front inside lift is everything for gain height for real. I want a gain from barefoot of 4 and a half . For to Have that gain you need a platform of about 2 inches at the front (inside front lift and external front heel and an increase at the back of 5.5/6inches. I want to know if the D'Etna has a combinations (from inside plus outside front heel) of about 2 inch. If not i Have to make a modification on the boot. Greetings from Italy. I wait your answer.
Editor Rob
Unfortunately I don't know exactly how big it is, I'd try asking via facebook the dons to see if they will know exactly.

2 inches is definitely a huge amount, I know they have to go over 1 inch to get 4-4.5 inch, really 1.5-1.75 for that range.
Jug said on 7/Feb/18
Where do you think celebs get their height-increasing footwear? Like Tom Cruise, etc? I guess they have private shoemakers make them.
Editor Rob
I believe some of them will get a specialist to make them, but I would say they also would buy them online under a pseudo-name.
Sam132 said on 4/Feb/18
Do you know how much height a Nike Cortez gives you? Do you think that air max are deceiving when it comes to thickness?
Editor Rob
Cortez when new give over an inch, like 1.25
Mikey said on 2/Feb/18
Hi rob I would like to say to get 6 inches from a elevator shoe is impossible I’ve worn elevator shoes for 20 years and to get 2-2.5 inches height increase is easily achieved to get 3 inches is more difficult the best I get is about 3.1 inches and you can still walk fine but it is a big shoe and you must wear bootcut jeans or trousers with it and it actually looks a normal shoe as long as you wear the bootcut trouser and that shoe is advertised as a 4.4 inch shoe but of course you don’t get that so I’m guessing a 6 inch increase would get you around 4 inches whether you can walk ok is a different matter
Cheers rob
Editor Rob
Because of the nature of 'tip-toe height', we can only get about 3 inches or so from going on our tip-toes. So the front of a heel or elevator needs to be 1 inch to get at least near 4, 2 inches to get near 5, 3 inches to get near 6.
SearchingForShoes said on 1/Feb/18
Hey Rob, what shoes add the least height? Im currently wearing some Vans, how much height do they add? Theyre just regular Vans. I dont like increasing my height but dont want a weird looking shoe or those foot glove things
Editor Rob
Vans are usually no more than 0.6 inch, unless it's one of the thicker typeof models, but there are many skate shoes that give half inch at most, and plimsole that give 0.5 or under.
Andrew said on 31/Jan/18
Rob,how much do the Nike Air Max 90 shoes give?
Editor Rob
Anywhere in 1.1 to 1.3 range, I think the bigger size (10-12) has a slightly thicker sole than the 6-9 size.
Jug said on 30/Jan/18
Has anyone tried the GuidoMaggi 6-inch boots? Do they give you anywhere near a legit 6 inches? I have my doubts...
Editor Rob
There's no chance they give anywhere close to it.

Getting to nearly 4 inches takes a lot, getting to 5 actual inches means a platform at the front of the shoe being nearly 2 inches thick.
NangaParbat said on 27/Jan/18
Hey Rob :) how much do the Nike Huarache and the Nike AirMax 2017 give? Which one would you recommend? Thanks a lot!!! Cheers!
Editor Rob
Huarache can give near 1 and 1/3rd inch, airmax 2017 aren't that much less.
Iauren said on 27/Jan/18
which type of dr scholls insoles gives the most height?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure, but they don't give huge amounts, most are a fraction of an inch...
jeja said on 26/Jan/18
Rob, do you think elevator shoes visually elongate the legs ? I mean they do help to give a taller impression beside others, but are the centimeters hidden in the shoes mentally associated with the legs' lenght ? May seem an odd question but I was seriously wondering about it
Editor Rob
Yes, naturally because you are on your toes a bit, your legs will appear a bit longer to other people.
Mahu said on 26/Jan/18
Hi Rob.
I have a question about Don's 5 inch boots.
Do you wearing them?
If so, they are comfortable or not.
I hear that Don use insoles called "Midsole Tech" which (acording to Don's offical site) are far more comfortable than many standard elewator 5-inchers.
Editor Rob
I don't wear elevators, only to test them out.

I feel 5-inch is too much, even the ones giving near 4 inches is very hard to walk about in and be comfortable. Your feet are at a very high angle....I only recommend 2-2.5 inch elevators for anybody starting to consider wearing them.
Matta said on 26/Jan/18
Rob, What shoes apart from Nike shox(1.4) give the biggest boost, Do you know any sneakers that give 1.5 inch of height?
Editor Rob
There are some types of 'MBT' sneakers that give more than 1.5 inches, also Reebok do a similar thick wedge sneaker, I have forgotten the name though, but it is a running/jogging style similar to the mbt.
Tevin said on 22/Jan/18
Which shoes provide greater height without insoles, Air Max 90's or Reeboks Classics?
Editor Rob
I feel the Air Max 90's have 1.1 or 1.3 thick soles...the bigger size 10-12 having the slightly thicker sole.

The Reebocks (thick classic model) are brand new near 1.3 inch.
NangaParbat said on 20/Jan/18
Hey Rob how are you? I would like your opinion about something peculiar happening to me. I apologize for the lenght of the message. I am a mid 20 guy, nice body proportions, muscular, standing 172cm. I have always had a bit of obsession for my height and in fact I used to be a lift wearer in the past. I was trying to make my legs longer and gaining some cm using lift inside Timberland (sometimes very thick) or airMax and so on, reaching the point of having my shoes so weird looking and walking very uncomfy that I finally decided to get rid of lifts and focus on stretching, yoga and building a nice body. I just use now comfort thin insoles (about few millimetres). Here's when the magic happened: the point is that nobody noticed that I was shorter after removing the lifts but INCREDIBLY many people asked me if somehow I did grow because I was looking taller to them!!!!! Do you think that actually I walk much better without lifts and I can be straighter and eventually taller this way? I can't explain it. Also another intersting fact is that when I use now big chunky shoes (Airmax or boots for example) my overall look appears shorter despite I am probably taller some cm due to the sole, while when I use Vans or flat shoes, I look taller, with longer legs despite I am probably shorter with those kind of shoes. I am freaking out because it's really strange to me. Could you please give me your opinion about this ? Much appreciated Rob. Thanks. Greets from Italy!
Editor Rob
Sounds a bit bizarre how people would think you looked taller. Can't explain that, unless you had a weird posture with the lifts or a funny walk!

With any footwear, it is best choosing ones that are comfortable. The higher the angle of the foot, the less comfort it will be...which is why I say if anybody ever thinks of elevators, just go with 2-2.5 at most. 3-3.5 is like big high heels and won't be comfortable compared to a normal shoe or sneaker.
Animus said on 15/Jan/18
Are these Reebok Classics with brown soles 1.3 inches like the ones you measured in your video?

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
They Look like they are the same thickness.
Max_12 said on 12/Jan/18
How much give in height these men boots? Maybe like 4 cm?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Yes, they look like a solid 4cm, maybe even 4.2-4.3cm range.
Mike said on 10/Jan/18
Which pair of casual black sneakers have you found to be the thickest. (i.e. reebok, nike air)
[Editor Rob: I did a video on Reebok classics...those are near 1.3 inch and quite thick when you see them in person.]
Dave said on 9/Jan/18

How many inches does 2 inch Mst from Dons give?
Editor Rob
those that are lower usually give quite close the actual claim, so I wouldn't think those are much under 2 inches.
Animus said on 8/Jan/18
How much do these give? Is there a quarter inch of difference or slightly more?

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: there should be a 1/4 inch or so...the black one is closer to 1 inch, and the white isn't that much over 0.6 inches]
ezmanage said on 8/Jan/18
Rob, where can i find the height article with all the sneaker heights and heel heights? I was wondering how much height vans give?
[Editor Rob: typical vans aren't that thick, at most 0.6...although some styles may give more.]
Kee said on 6/Jan/18
Hello Rob, just wondering do these Adidas hi tops give a a little over an inch lift when including the inner soles? Many thanks my friend.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: under an inch actually.]
North said on 4/Jan/18
Hi Rob, how much do you think Adidas duramo lites give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: a fraction over 1 inch, not as thick as the outsole suggests...the insole seems to (at least from looking in sports shop) sits about 1/4 inch underneath the outsole.]
Wolf said on 3/Jan/18
Rob any idea how much Clarks Original Desert Boots add?
[Editor Rob: the insole takes those boots just over an inch.]
zell said on 3/Jan/18
hey rob happy new year! hope youre doing good. can u tell how much does air jordan 1 retro og give? cause i really need to know, i'm about to buy one if it has decent amount of boost
[Editor Rob: not over an inch, but more like 0.75 after some wearing in.]
zell said on 3/Jan/18
hey rob happy new year! hope youre doing good. can u tell how much does air jordan 1 retro og give? cause i really need to know, i'm about to buy one if it has decent amount of boost
Ian said on 1/Jan/18
hey rob what do you think these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: a fraction over 1 inch]
The Rock said on 26/Dec/17
Click Here Here is the picture of the Kyrie 3. How much is the heel of it??
[Editor Rob: unfortunately never seen that model in a store yet, certainly think it could be over an inch.]
Tonyx said on 20/Dec/17
Rob, do you think that Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot Click Here gives the same amount of height as the Nike Air Force 1 High 07 Click Here ? How much does it give? Is there a difference when it comes to size?
How much height does the modern Nike Air Max 90 Essential give Click Here ? And if you say 1.1in-1.35in range that's a pretty big difference in my humble opinion. Do you think it gives more then your average standard Nike Air Force 1 High 07?

Thank you.
[Editor Rob: don't know if smaller size of the lunar force 1 boot is slightly thinner than 10+ sizes, but I've seen the latest model, I'd roughly estimate 1 and 1/3rd inch range, which is a bit more than the thickest nike air force]
Jason said on 17/Dec/17
Rob, I was looking at some shoes on donsfootwear and I was curious as to how many actual inches would be added to height through the "3.1 increase" shoe? Im 6.05 tall and would these shoes make me close to 6'3?
[Editor Rob: they changed the insole a bit, the slope isn't as harsh as it used to be, so a 3.1 might get you a bit under 3 inches.]
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/17
Hi Rob,how much height would the Nike Air Max 90 give?
[Editor Rob: some 1.1, but a big size like 10-11uk seemed slightly thicker like 1.3 inch ]
Boi said on 17/Dec/17
Hey Rob. How many inches would these crocs give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: under an inch, like 0.8 inches.]
Ian said on 15/Dec/17
hey rob what do you think these give Click Here
[Editor Rob: bit over an inch]
Blake said on 14/Dec/17
Rob, how do you just by glancing at a celebs shoes know exactly how much they give? I can tell some models of trainers and heels when walking around but many other styles of footwear I can't figure out how much they give on the spot.
[Editor Rob: well by measuring a lot of styles you get an idea of the types of thickness, but sometimes you don't know if there is a built up insole, I've seen shoes that looked 2cm but ended up near 3cm because of a solid thick insole.

Of course when I am guessing I'm just going with a normal insole assumption.]
kev said on 14/Dec/17
hey rob...hope you doing good, how much do adidas superstar give? I want to buy one
[Editor Rob: brand new they can give close to an inch, but the insoles compress a fair bit I found, the last pair I had after a few months were about 0.7 inch range.]
kev said on 14/Dec/17
hey rob...hope you doing good, how much do adidas superstar give? I want to buy one
Boy said on 9/Dec/17
Hey rob . How many inches does the adidas energy cloud give ? Couldnt find the link.pls google it and tell me. Its urgent
[Editor Rob: I've only had a look at one in a shop, it seemed to be roughly 1.1-1.2 but I think it might squash down a bit.]
Kario Prkaj said on 4/Dec/17
As far as Rajesh Khanna's and SRK's height is concerned, check this video, and look at the shoes. Click Here. Skip to 4 minutes.
Max___11 said on 2/Dec/17
Rob, how much give these pair of Adidas yeezy? I've read 1.5 in ? It is possible?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they can give in 1.3-1.5 zone]
AJAX_177 said on 2/Dec/17
I would enjoy to be taller or at least appear taller. In my country I feel well under average :(

Do you, as a height expert, have a general tip? I actually don't like the idea of lifts. To me personally it's a bit strange.

[Editor Rob: yeah, lifts aren't for everybody...but it's an option for those who want to look taller on occasions.

I don't judge anybody who wears them, especially if it improves their confidence a bit.

Other than that, working on optimal posture might help you stand naturally taller]
Jimmy said on 2/Dec/17
Rob, how much height does the Adidas advantage clean VS black give?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: between 0.5 and 0.75...after a while they aren't much more than 1/2 inch]
SportsHeight said on 12/Nov/17
Rob, how much do standard TOMS shoes add?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: about 1cm]
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/Nov/17
Rob, I heard that Nike canvas sneakers give 7/8", but visually they look like they would give the same as 5/8" Converse and Vans. How much do you think these give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: ones like that usually aren't much different than converse, I have a pair of nike similar and they aren't that much over half inch.]
zell said on 1/Nov/17
rob, how much does adidas campus give? i really need to know, cause im about to buy one
[Editor Rob: just under an inch]
MikeFlorida said on 28/Oct/17
Earlier this week I received from Don's Shoes, the RL classic with 2.5 inch total boost. The leather is exceptional, the MST makes them comfortable combined with the softer sole. These shoes are excellent.
Blake said on 20/Oct/17
Rob, an idea for a youtube video if you ever have spare time for it try and complete everyday tasks in elevator shoes. You could show the difference between 2 inch boost and 4 inch boost and showing how you need to gradually adapt rather than chuck them on care free
184man said on 20/Oct/17
If I wore a sneaker similar to this Click Here how much would they give? Also and in general rob and how much sneakers give especially designer ones?
[Editor Rob: no more than 0.6 inch, slightly under it in fact...

a low sneaker is 0.5, a thick one is 1.3-1.4]
Unsure (Now I'm sure I'm 174 cm) said on 17/Oct/17
If I'm reading this right, you get 1.8 cm of height increase inside your sock? Any thoughts on this or any brand you recommend for this? One could conceivably wear this indoors under two pairs of socks to appear taller. One could even go to the doctor and get measured taller!

Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes, you could put them in your socks, there are some insoles like that which are designed as lifts for inside socks.]
Charles said on 11/Oct/17
Hey Rob, I have a couple of height-related questions if you don't mind. Used to think I was 5'10, but it turned out that I had really, really bad spine and shoulder mobility, preventing me from standing straight. After just a short period of stretching, I have measured a comfortable 5'11, and I think that it is possible that my lumbar and upper thoracic spine may conceal an additional 0.5-1 inch. Do you think that I am an unusual case (I have been tense and hunched over since my preteens), or is it possible that a lot of people could "grow" up to an inch or two by simply fixing their posture? Before, even if I really, really tried to stand tall, I could only manage a strong 5'10 to 5'10.5 at best--and I'm in my mid 20s, so I doubt that there has been actual growth.

Now, for the second question. I'm no longer obsessed with being tall (my father is a very tall man and I used to feel very insecure in his presence before I realized that confidence can't be rooted in size), but I am still interested in determining if the height "gained" could be socially beneficial. I have a fairly large wingspan of 6'3 and a slightly longer than average torso (my legs are indeed those of an average strong 5'10 guy). If I wear thick boots (say Timberlands or cuban-heeled such) with a discreet lift (0.5-1 inch perhaps) and brush my hair up, how tall do you think that I could look to people, and do you think that people who already know me from the past will notice that I look taller?
[Editor Rob: there's definitely a proportion who could benefit from exercises to recover hidden height.

Some people 5ft 11 range could fool others into thinking they were 6ft 1-2 with cowboy boots, great posture and tall hair.]
RobV said on 10/Oct/17
Indeed, Editor Rob there is a limit on how high you can go from the heel - the strain on the calf and toes can't wear it above a certain height. But you hit on the right point when you refer to the need for a bit of a platform INSIDE (made to look like a thinner sole but with a wedge inside the boot). That in fact is the key to why these 6" boots are a success - totally hidden extra height.

And interestingly I assure you I have never had any problems with height adding at that level. As long as the boot is designed to function at 4", 5" or now 6", they are really walkable. I always test anything new for several hours by firstly short walks (just in case it's "aaargh, no way, get me home") and then longer ones. You are right about the need to graduate and get used to height addition, no doubt, but three or four eyars ago i went from regular lifts (always a bit tricky to finese but any port in a storm), onto the 4" Don's and Guido Maggi, then a 5" pair and now the 6" Hong Kong style. I would say that there is no greater difficult walking in the 6" than in the 4". I think it is simply design and an understanding of those specific points about the need for balance between front and back, heel and toe
RobV said on 9/Oct/17
I finally got my 6" elevators from GuidoMaggi recently, having previously bought 5" or 4" elevators from both GuidoMaggi and Don's. The biggest thing I had been concerned about beforehand was walkability - having seen the idea of what they might look like (v similar to the 5" styles really) I wasn't bothered about them looking too 'blocky'. They looked fine. But now I have them and have walked a fair way in them, I can tell you that they are v v comfortable (like all the other elevators I have bought from the two companies).

It begs the question of course as to the limit (6" now so where next?!), and my advice to anyone with these is to take it easy and go for a lower level first. But they absolutely do not look like you are adding height and for me they are genuinely a stunning added weapon to my height addition armoury - in fact, with the stitching (I got the Hong Kong style) they remind me a bit of Docs or a kind of workwear boot with a bit of fashion to them.

If anyone has any questions about them, please feel free to ask.
[Editor Rob: we have the limit of how much our feet can go on tip toes.

So the platform needs to keep increasing, I suppose the front of the shoe can be made to look like it has a thinner sole, but the insole at the front sits 1-2cm higher up.

Even just walking about indoors on the 5-inch Dons, I think I would struggle outside...though for special occasions or a film/tv show, I could see it being an option for some actors!

Would need a few years of practice and incremental increases to get up to 5-6 inch elevators.]
brandonknight said on 7/Oct/17
What ever happened to the sneakers page? It was very useful.
[Editor Rob: worth repeating to show how silly Google are.

Several times this occurred:

On another website (that were hacked) Chinese spammers simply cloaked the sneaker page and Google thought 'hey, this cloaked version must be the original' so removed my sneakers page from the search engine and replaced the Chinese spammers 'cloaked' version instead.

They were notified of this numerous times and said 'nothing is wrong'...unbelievable really, absolute idiots.

What's worse is, if a user in the search engine clicked this cloaked sneaker page link, they were redirected to a dummy/fake page selling imaginary nike sneakers. The spammers were trying to trick users to get credit card info and defraud them.

And Google seemed happy to promote these spammers who were copying/cloaking a page from here and then redirecting people to a fake sneaker site to defraud customers. You cannot make this up!

I had to take it into my own hands and spent a lot of time researching domains these scammers used and got a lot of their domains delisted as they used fake information in the domain registry to hide who they were.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 6/Oct/17
Rob, how much do you think these types of classic sneakers give? It says "heel measures approximately 1.25" in the description below, but I'm not sure if it actually gives you that much Click Here
[Editor Rob: new they will definitely give in that range, but after a bit of wear might soften down nearer 1 inch flat]
datguy said on 28/Sep/17
Hey rob how much can the insoles of a boot compress?
[Editor Rob: some insoles hold up well, but most will compress a bit, a couple of mm up to even 1/3rd inch in some models of footwear.]
Bobby said on 28/Sep/17
@Jug, so you're like 6'2.25 and you don't feel tall? You're four inches taller than I am, try being 5'10. Not that I feel short but I'd definitely would love to be your height.
Alex said on 27/Sep/17
Hi rob, was wondering how much height these reebok classics give? Like 3cm maybe?

Link: Click Here
[Editor Rob: I done a Video measuring a pair of Classics, they give a decent thickness!]
RobV said on 22/Sep/17
@ jug as someone who has worn elevators and lifts for years, I am not sure I agree with you when you say: "Shoes that claim to make you four inches taller will give you about two inches max". They will not give you the full 4 inches more (because of course normal shoes give you a certain amount
anyway, and there is always a bit of a loss through the angle of your feet in them) but I reckon they can give you about 3 inches. It does of course depend upon what you normally wear. But it is an important point to understand - wearing a normal pair of workboots gives you an "elevator" of well over an inch over your normal height so the actual addition to your normal height as seen in 4" elevators might indeed be around 2". But that goes with the territory - bottom line is that a 4" boots will give you up to 3 real inches as perceived by others.
Unsure (Now I'm sure I'm 174 cm) said on 21/Sep/17
How tall would I appear to most people in the "Midsole Tech" Don's that give 3.1 inches of total height increase?

A big thank you for being a great resource. I'm really trying to present the best me to the world possible.
[Editor Rob: you will be appearing 2 inches taller than normal, that is compared to if you were wearing a 1-inch shoe regularly.

Also with elevators of any kind, I think like heels and women, it helps you stand straighter.]
Jug said on 19/Sep/17
Thank you, RobV. I figured that was probably the way to go. I'm glad someone was able to confirm it for me.
Jug said on 17/Sep/17
I am a little over 6'2 barefoot. In cowboy boots I am about 6'4. I honestly don't feel that tall when out in public. It sounds tall but it isn't that tall. I wouldn't stand out in a crowd really. I have tried elevator shoes and there isn't that much of a difference. Shoes that claim to make you four inches taller will give you about two inches max. The only real solution is to accept yourself for who you are.
ajs said on 16/Sep/17
Dear @Christensen, he tends to use generic boxes or whatever he has on hand. The return address on the shipping label is for a T-Shirt shop, so there's no reference to shoes or boots or anything like that. In case you don't know, although Allan ("Don") is Scottish by birth, he's living and doing business out of Thailand, so the packaging and return address will be from there....that might raise a few questions about why you're getting packages from Thailand!
Dude said on 14/Sep/17
Rob how much extra height would a pair of Clarks original desert boots add? Click Here
Christensen said on 11/Sep/17
Rob do you know what the packaging for Don's shoe deliveries is like? Does it say Don's on it? Asking because I wouldn't want a family member to see the package and Google Don's + find out, haha.
[Editor Rob: well it came wrapped, at least the last time I checked and the box was inside, though the box itself says Don's on it.]
Yanis Khamsi said on 8/Sep/17
I love the D'Etna style from Don's Footwear. So comfortable, I wish the 5 inch model was taller. Highly recommended, though they may not be for everyone.
Jim said on 6/Sep/17
So who has the edge barefoot - you or Jenny?
[Editor Rob: Jenny has shrunk now, 10 years ago our evening heights were near identical, now hers is nearly half inch lower.]
sean5 said on 4/Sep/17
Do you know how much 2.75" or 3.1" MST Dons shoe could give? thanks
[Editor Rob: not much less than those figures, like a small fraction.]
Ben said on 31/Aug/17
@176.2 The shorts are a bit too big and makes me appear stocky. With jeans I have long legs. I can see if I can get a hold of a photo.

My legs are quite long people usually say, haha.
RobV said on 24/Aug/17
@ Jug. As a long time user of elevators and lifts, then I have worked out that if you want to add a bit of additional lift (through insoles or an extra lift) to elevators you must buy a bigger size. It works perfectly. If you don't do that, it is more difficult to add more height and the boots will pinch.
James said on 20/Aug/17
Hi Rob, big fan of this site for years. I was just wondering why the "Sneakers" page is not accessible any more. The page with the list of sneakers that shows how much height the regular shoes give. Is there a reason why it's not up any more?
[Editor Rob: there was an issue with Google indexing a spammer who 'cloaked' the page and removing the real one from the index.

The spammers cloaked page redirected anybody who clicked to a fake Nike site.

They done this several times with the page over a few years. Google aren't as smart as they think, spammers can easily fool them, and they don't seem to care...]
176.2 said on 16/Aug/17
You seem to have very short legs or in other words an exceptionally long torso for 5'9+ guy (pic with 168 friend). Giving the fact legs/arms stop growing first you should start a career as a swimmer if torso's still gaining.
Bobby said on 15/Aug/17
Hey Rob, quick question. I have a morning barefoot height of 5'10.5 or 179.1cm, I checked the previous night's and given my average 4.5 inch eye level, I had an eye level of 167.75cm in the morning. In 2.5 inch lifts, I would measure 6'1 on the nose. Do I have the chance of appearing a solid to weak 6ft throughout the day? Would people think of me as a six footer?
[Editor Rob: eyelevel isn't low, so if you wore 2.5 inch elevators you would probably make many think you were six foot.]
theL4st said on 12/Aug/17
rob when you recommend a 2 inch elevator do you mean 2 inches including the heel or just the actual lift ? also are there any comfort insoles (not lifts) that give 0.75-1 inch range ?
[Editor Rob: I mean a shoe that gives in total 2 inches.]
Ben said on 9/Aug/17
Jug, I would suggest a size smaller or the same size. If it's too big then it might not fit into the shoe.
Chilean said on 9/Aug/17
Rob if i decide to wear elevator plataforms in healthy terms how much height you recomend for dont have knee or back problems
[Editor Rob: I recommend starting with 2 inch and then later move to 2.5 if you feel an extra half inch is needed or desired.

the higher the angle our feet are at, the more strains and risks we take, hence I wouldn't go too high.]
Unsure (Now I'm sure I'm 174 cm) said on 8/Aug/17
How much height increase are in the Don's 5 inch elevator boots I just purchased?
How much in the 3 inch elevator shoes with midsole tech?
[Editor Rob: it's such a high angle that you won't really get more than 4 inches.]
Jug said on 8/Aug/17
Question for anyone: If I wanted to add my own increasing insoles to a shoe that was already an elevator shoe, should I order the shoe a size larger, or what?
Mighty said on 4/Aug/17
Rob, are you 5'8 with or without shoes?
[Editor Rob: my low height is 5ft 8 1/8th without shoes]
Ben said on 4/Aug/17
Hahahaha, you must've been looking all around you like, "What the f-?!".

But I'm crossing my fingers for meeting you one day! :)

I think it's likely to happen while I'm in London with my class cuz I'll graduate high school in 2019 so it will likely be May or June 2019 and if I'm lucky there will be a convention taking place which makes it likely for you to be there.

IF that would happen, perhaps we could meet up. :)
Shredder said on 4/Aug/17
Rob how much do vans add? I'm asking because I measured a friend at night in them with a pen on a wall on and he was between 5'7 7/8 and 5 '8 in them , how tall do you think he'd be midday?
[Editor Rob: the last time I measured a classic pair of vans they were right in the 0.5-0.6 range]
Blake said on 3/Aug/17
I can't see the height challenge page anywhere
[Editor Rob: it's got a link to it in the faq again, but Here is a link]
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Aug/17
@Rob: That's certainly true on all counts. Your neighbor you were surprised to learn tried them is a good example. They are quite well known so anyone who wants to look taller may look into it. I'm sure this is even more true in Hollywood where I'd be surprised to find an actor who doesn't know about them. I've even seen commercials for insert lifts. The basic idea can be seen in the 30s and 40s going back to the days of Bogart and Boris Karloff or even Stalin. I have no doubt it's common among political leaders outside of the few obvious ones. On one Criminal Minds episode, Hotchner profiles a defense attorney cross-examining him and reveals the attorney was wearing lifts and in another episode, it's revealed a bank robber's height varies on surveillance footage because he wears lifts.

That's true about spotting smaller lifts, but most of the time when trying to determine if an actor wears lifts, I check their appearances on a talk show first as it provides a good chance to see their ankle. The same thing holds true for courtside seats at basketball games and pretty much anywhere while sitting down provided the boot isn't higher than the ankle. I do think people can get carried away thinking lifts are everywhere when it's still undoubtedly a relatively small percentage even in Hollywood who wear them, but anyone who appears conscious of their height could potentially wear them and it's certainly a better alternative than what Milo Ventimiglia is doing now!
Ben said on 2/Aug/17
Hmm...camera angles are tricky. Does it look like I tower him?

Oh and by the way I'm really hoping that we will cross paths one day. Perhaps when I'm in London in May or June 2019.

I have this funny thought yet creepy thought of me seeing you at a comic con in 2019 and I'm going behind you and say "Big Rob from Celebheights here" and you look behind you like "What in the...." 😂
[Editor Rob: not really a 'towering' effect.

I've heard people on the odd occasion say 'Hey rob' in public, but it's very rare!]
Blake said on 2/Aug/17
Rob, any chance of a return for the sneaker page by next year? Btw I asked this question several times but I guess you didn't want to answer it why would you completely eliminate the height challenge and user heights I think the pages without new comments are still interesting and useful for height comparisons and looking at the history of the site.
[Editor Rob: yeah, the Height Challenge page is working, but the User Heights is best permanently retired. I'm not sure about sneakers, it caused a lot of issues with Google, but never say never!]
Airmax said on 2/Aug/17
Hey Rob!

Nike Air Max 90 give 3.5 cm, but what about Nike Air Max Zero? They both look similar, but it looks air max 90 is abit thicker, what do you think?
Nike Air Max 90 Click Here
Nike Air Max Zero Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'd need to look inside the zero again, but the origianl 90's can give 1.1 or 1.3 if the bigger size like 10-12]
JeffSeid said on 1/Aug/17
Hey Rob, are the midsole tech in Dons removable so I can also put it in regular high top shoes?
[Editor Rob: no, they are glued into the shoe.]
Ben said on 1/Aug/17
Hey Rob!

How tall do I look here next to my 5'6.25" friend?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: being closer adds some a bit of height, so it's not like a side by side posed shot.]
TallerMan said on 31/Jul/17
Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I looked on this forum, and was a little bit skeptical about ordering a pair of shoes from halfway across the world, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I've ordered 3 pairs of Dons in the past few years. They're all very high quality shoes, they look much more expensive than he charges you. Also he's very accommodating, so if you have a specific request or requirement, he'll be able to do that as well. My first two weren't mid sole tech, but my latest one was. Mid sole tech makes a huge difference, you can actually wear them the whole day, and they'll look like really nice dress shoes. For the price he charges, they're a steal. You won't be disappointed.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/17
Wow, found another DiFabrizio, an Australian-based shoemaker naming names: Click Here

I have spotted Jeremy Piven in elevator shoes, which should surprise no one. Considering Kevin Connolly makes Piven seem tall, that's not a shocker either. The big reveal is George Clooney, but I did read elsewhere that he got lifts for red carpets with Stacy Keibler. That sounds plausible to me, but I don't think he'd wear them much otherwise. I owe an apology to Brad though about Mark Wahlberg since I had seen him wearing elevators for the Italian Job, but I thought he was content with no more than 1.5" Timberlands off screen. Finally, there's "Jacob Black" from the Twilight films, who I'm now informed is Taylor Lautner.
[Editor Rob: certain actors will buy under friends or even an agent's name I'm sure...but there is certainly a lot of people in the entertainment world who will have worn them that we may never know...the small half or 3/4 inch lifts are really too hard to tell unless you can photograph them sitting down and figure out their ankle position is too high.]
Ben said on 30/Jul/17
Rob, if you are in converse and you see someone edges you out but he's wearing Nike Airmax. Who would you say is taller?
[Editor Rob: they might be so close barefoot that it would need a measurement to check who edged it.]
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/17
That's also true, Rob. Not to mention a simple raised eye with a lowered one, uneven ground(which will be the norm on a NYC sidewalk for instance) and the celeb walking by fast, perhaps even with their head down trying to go unnoticed. There are a number of things that can make someone seem several inches shorter than they are, especially if you were expecting them to be taller, which will leave an impression over time, regardless of how well you remember how they look.
Jack said on 26/Jul/17
Hi rob, I've heard that adidas Stan smiths give around 3cm, is that true?
[Editor Rob: no, they aren't more than 2cm]
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Jul/17
The funny thing is people actually have noticed my fluctuating height, although mostly family. I was wearing 2.75" Cuban heel boots recently and a 5'4"-5'5" cousin said to me "I don't remember you being this tall." Then an uncle of mine who is probably still near 5'8" and usually about eye to eye with me looked down at my feet a few years back when I was wearing 2" heeled Cubans with either a 1" or 2" lifts inside. Then there were a few more occasions that spring to mind. One was my height was remarked on when I was wearing 1.75" heeled cowboy boots with a 1" lift inside and another time recently when I was just wearing 1.75" cowboy boots.

But you're 100% right about eye witness reports. It's known to be the least reliable testimony and as you mention, there's data to back it up. I've tried to convince a few people on this site that someone estimating someone at or around a certain height, doesn't mean they are. Even when I haven't worn lifts or heeled boots, I've been estimated anywhere from as short as 5'6" up to at least 5'10".
[Editor Rob: also, sometimes with actors, the person might see the actor walking by and they can look shorter when you are standing and they are walking.]
RobV said on 23/Jul/17
Editor Rob, I think you would be astonished at how people are not actually that observant and would not usually notice a 'sudden 1.5" jump' in height, even in someone fairly close. That amount is just too small to alter the perceptions in a way that makes someone think "added height". My mother is a psychologist and works for the police in the Uk. She has done countless tests and studies showing why witnesses get almost everything wrong in terms of their descriptions of those alleged to have committed a crime. She also says that the reason people think others will notice comparatively minor things about themselves that are different is that they themselves notice (of course) and are self conscious about changes, while almost everyone else is not interested: in one test she had 20 people who were planning to stop wearing glasses and go for contacts sign up for a study - 'don't tell anyone you are dumping your specs' - and not one of their colleagues noticed they had stopped wearing specs. Not one. A fairly major thing involving the face and no-one noticed.

From my own long experience of lifts and elevators, a gradual increase in height is for sure best. And much depends upon lifestyle or existing height - you cannot play soccer with mates as a 5'8" guy and then climb onto 4" elevators in the changing room without someone noticing (but even then you would be surprised how few actually would). But if your lifestyle fits it, and you do not constantly run around with no footwear, I think you would be amazed how much added height you can get away with in the medium to long term. I add 4" every day and have never been rumbled. But it DID take time. In this area too, women seem surprisingly unobservant, which I suspect is to do with the degree to which so many wear heels and go up and down in height themselves.

Over the years I have made my e-mail address available to guys on here and you would be amazed at how many say they cannot believe how no-one noticed once they had added height, even those close to them, after trying lifts and/or buying elevators of varying heights. One guy actually did it to overtake his older brother and he still can barely believe that he gets away with the extra few inches. It's similar to the airport business and detection. I have had guys who have never worn elevators write to me and say they know, for a fact, that "no way can you wear them through security", I reply that I travel dozens of times a year on business always wearing my elevators, and it may appear counter-intuitive, but no-one has ever noticed. I take them off, put them in the tray if asked and still no issue. But because it seems counter-intuitive, guys who have NOT been in that position will not believe that this actually is how it is in the real world. It seems like it cannot be the case, ergo it cannot be.

A good idea with this would be to do some sort of a test - getting someone without an issue to wear a couple of inches of added height in day-to-day situations and see if in fact anyone says anything or notices. A genuine test, not a cod one with nods and winks ("don't you notice anything love?"). Including wife/partner and best mates. I think you would be astonished by the results.
[Editor Rob: yes, certainly eye witness testimonies show humans can struggle with details at times.

I would certainly increase gradually, at each half inch upgrade people would be used to you at that height for a while, then the next half inch after a while probably won't be noticed much.]
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Jul/17
Thanks, Rob. 1.25" is what I was thinking as well. They're a fairly popular sneaker.
Dan said on 23/Jul/17
Hi Rob and everyone, what have you found gives the most height as far as sneakers (trainers)? The sole not looking too thick and obvious would be a plus as well, but either way...thanks!
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Hey Rob, since the sneaker page is no more, can you estimate how much these New Balance sneakers Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson are wearing add?

Click Here Click Here

They look bulky enough to potentially be 1.2" range, but then I also suspected they might be a sneaker that looks bulkier than it is and is actually just about an inch.
[Editor Rob: they do have a lot of padding in them, I've seen a similar model that feels over an inch, but certainly not like 1.4 high, maybe 1.2-3 zone. ]
toby said on 20/Jul/17
rob can you do a meet and greet
[Editor Rob: if you ever go to any big convention in UK, like mcm expo/lfcc/collectormania I have met some visitors of celebheights at these events.]
Sean5 said on 16/Jul/17
3 weeks ago I flew with Ryanair from Liverpool airport to Barcerlona and in the security point they made everyone to take their shoes off. I was wearing 2" style Dons Samba, thankfully they didnt think it was suspicious that I was hiding anything in the shoes. And funnily on the return home they didn't make everyone take their shoes off so walked through the scanner with the shoes on with no problem.
Ben said on 16/Jul/17
When I used to wear crocs it felt more, like an inch or just about 3cm. I mean a pair of new crocs. Old ones might be 0.9-1 inch range in my opinion.

I currently only wear converse with an insole that gives me about 2-4mm boost.
[Editor Rob: I'd measured crocs years ago for the sneaker page, they gave just under 0.9 inch.]
Ben said on 16/Jul/17
Rob, how much does a pair of crocs give you?

Click Here

My 5'6.25" friend wears them all the time and when I'm not wearing any shoes and he's wearing crocs my eyelevel is a bit above his hairline.
[Editor Rob: under an inch, but more like 0.8-0.9 range]
Darius said on 16/Jul/17
Rob, if I, as a 5'7" man wear the 3.8" Dons elevator shoes, what height will I appear to others. 5'10"? I know they are extreme versions, but just wanted to know. Will wearing those shoes easily give away the fact to a person who I meet when wearing those shoes?
[Editor Rob: he could pull off looking a 5ft 10 range guy.

If I wear the 3.8 dons I'd look a decent 5ft 11 to people...]
RobV said on 15/Jul/17
I have to dispute the claim that "everybody notices you are wearing lifts, once you are at 2.5 inches". I have been wearing lifts and elevators for 17 years and provided you do it right you are never rumbled. I currently wear 4" GuidoMaggi boots, and also have a 4" pair of Dons and a 5" pair and I am careful with what I wear in terms of pants, but they all work fine. If everyone is noticing then you are doing something seriously wrong.

Yes, walking for long distances in higher elevators is something you have to get used to and I would never advise gong straight from flat to my 5" biggies! But they are WAY better than stand-alone lifts in footwear not designed for them, which can be v uncomfortable above an inch-and-a-half. All experiences are different and you have to ease yourself into height addition...and it may not be for you. But that does not speak for all.
[Editor Rob: to the people who know you...at 2.5 inches it's a 1.5 inch jump over a dress shoe...it's enough that most would realise the sudden height increase.
Ben said on 15/Jul/17
I measured myself at 180.7 with my converse plus I have put in a sole to make them more comfortable.

I'm 179, how much height does Converse add?
[Editor Rob: usually around 1.5cm]
Ian said on 13/Jul/17
rob which brand of insoles would you recommend for max comfort, I am just looking for a solid 1cm boost
[Editor Rob: for a small fraction one of the gel comfort insoles might be useful from Scholl ]
paulie said on 3/Jul/17
What is the best height for lifts?

Is 1.5-2.0 the best range?

I do own a pair of 2.5 inch lifts by Don's and I find them really difficult to walk in. Plus everybody notices that you're wearing lifts once you're at 2.5 because its obvious walking is difficult and cumbersome. They also hurt your feet. Now I know how women feel.

Does anyone have experience with 2 inch heels by Dons. Are they more manageable?
[Editor Rob: the higher you go above 2 inches, the more it might take to get used to. 2.5 inch for one person might be bearable, but for another like yourself just too much unfortunately.
Shin-hau Khoo said on 30/Jun/17
I recently made an order on a 6cm height increasing Vercelli model with Allan Donnelly and am satisfied with the work. It is a beautiful shoe.

I want to list out the things I like and really appreciated, namely:

1. the construction is good, he used full grain leather which made my shoe soft and easy to wear, easily comparable to higher priced shoes I have owned

2. the colour is perfect, the matt black is very classy

3. there is a noticeable height increase of exactly 6cm to my overall height which is a great help for me

4. the fit is spot on and accommodated my wide feet nicely - Allan was helpful in analysing the profile pictures of both of my feet which I sent him and crafting my shoe to fit my feet

5. I received my order in 14 days, which is exactly the amount of waiting time Allan advertised. I am lucky to live in South East Asia near Allan's home and workplace in Thailand.

Last but not least, Allan's prices for high quality Made To Order leather shoes are unbeatable, hands down! His ordering webpage at Click Here is also very easy to use and I appreciate that he allowed customers to write down details of special requests in the comment box which he actually follows to his best ability and shoe making skill.

I have chatted with Allan on his website before ordering and after ordering and have decided to be a returning customer. I am glad to have found Don's elevator shoes. I also used Rob's EXCLUSIVE discount code TheAllies1944 at checkout for my 10% discount, courtesy of Celebheights.com

Thank you again, Allan and Rob.

Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 29/Jun/17

Nike Air Maxes are another model of shoes where it gives you less actual height than it looks on the outside. Other examples are skate/canvas shoes which have soft soles.


I wouldn't worry about it. I've worn gel insoles at airports in the past, and not once have I ever been told by officials to remove them or throw them away when they pass through the security machine.
Jeff said on 28/Jun/17
Stephan, I've been flying around the world since January wearing lifts. I flew out of London in January into America, and since then have flown all across the US, Canada, Mexico and will soon head to another part of the world. Half the time, if not more, I've been wearing heavy lifts and have never had any issues whatsoever, though I do take my shoes off for the scanners.
RisingForce said on 28/Jun/17
Thanks, Rob. 1.3" range is a bit thicker than most men's shoes, though I believe Gibson has something extra in those boots as well. Btw, I've noticed when I put 1" inserts in my high tops or work boots, the shoe really looks different to me, at least on my foot. Maybe it's because these shoes are only slightly big on me.
Bobby said on 28/Jun/17
Hey Rob, where do you get most of the height with shoes, on the side or the very back where your heel and achilles tendon will be? I just got a new pair of Nike Air Max because I'm going on vacation next month and I measured the side of the shoe's heel at 1.5 inches and when wearing them, I measured myself at 5'11.25 but I was around 5'10.25 at the time of measuring. I figured I would get up to 5'11.5 or a touch over. So I'm guessing you get most of the height from the back of the shoe? Based on my measurements, I think I'm only getting an inch out of that 1.5 inches, so not quite the full amount.
[Editor Rob: Many shoes have a slope just after the ankle point, so the heel area is quite flat. But these are typically shoes in 0.5-1.25 range.

When you get over 1.25, usually the heel area will slope a bit.

Some sneakers have thicker soles on the outside, than on the inside. Many air max styles can give 1-1.4 inch range.]
Stephan said on 27/Jun/17
Hi rob, Ive been wearing 3cm inserts in my trainers for almost a year now, I'm from London and have not flown out of the country for around 2/3 years now. I'm flying with family out to Vienna in a few days and was worried about the security at the airport, that being whether we have to take our shoes off and also whether scanners detect the lifts inside the trainers (whilst stepping through security detectors) which could cause some sort of alarm or something, which would be pretty embarrassing. The inserts are memory foam/carbon fibre by a company called happystep. I purchased them on amazon.
[Editor Rob: I used to wear sneakers for flying and rarely took my sneakers off at any airport, only a few times out of 100+ flights.

If you have boots/shoes with metal, then take them off.

Saying that, I've not flown in over a year now, so I don't know if they have upped security a bit more...]
The shredder said on 26/Jun/17
Rob how much do these add? I just got them :)

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the outside looks like it would give more than they might do...I'd have thought under an inch for those, like nearer 0.75 range.]
Ferdinand said on 26/Jun/17
Hi Rob,

I've just ordered a pair of 3.1" Dons, do you reckon they'll give me 3 inches? And do you reckon that's too far or believable?
[Editor Rob: if they are a model using 'midsole' technology, i.e. there is more height at the point below the ankle, they might be giving not much under 3 inches.

I'd still take time to get used to a near 3 inch shoe, wearing them for shorter periods and building up the different feel of walking taller.]
RisingForce said on 24/Jun/17
Rob, have you ever seen these shoes before and can you give an estimate of how much height they could add? Click Here They're really unusually bulky, have a thick sole and it looks like he's getting a good boost.
[Editor Rob: look like a hiking style of boot, probably 1.3ish range, but that's just a a guess, I've seen some look thicker than 1 inch, like 1.5, but they only gave 1.1-1.2 ]
Mimi said on 24/Jun/17
Rob that 3.8 inch model of elevator shoes, does it feel like wearing high heels? If so, feels like a 3 inch heel?
[Editor Rob: it actually gives 3.8 inches in height, I measure about 6ft or tiny bit over in them.

It's like buying a 4.5-5 inch heel.

Because your foot is at such a high angle, it also means you have to reduce the length of the shoe so your toes don't slip...so what might be a size 9 now looks a size 7 length-wise.]
RisingForce said on 23/Jun/17
Thanks, Rob. I'd like a style like the D'Etna, but getting an elevator boot, I'd want the extra height as well.

That's true in many instances, Christian. In the case of Timberlands and Cat boots, they add near 1.5" because of the thicker insole, while you can see some boots that look similar on the outside and only add 1.25" range.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 21/Jun/17
Rob, these pair of shoes look like they could give around 1.25" of height, but in reality it only gives 0.75" (1.9cm) I know this because I own a pair of these and I measured 6'6.13" in the afternoon with them Click Here Do you think it's because the insoles are compressed much more than the outsole? This is why guessing footwear difference between people in photos can be difficult because some shoes actually give less height than it superficially suggests.
[Editor Rob: yes, there are many models in which the insole sits a 1/4 or even more under what appears to be the sole (on the outside).]
RisingForce said on 20/Jun/17
Thanks, Rob. So then you get perhaps 1 cm more than you would from a 2" Cuban heel. Interestingly, I did also see another brand, also in the UK, Club Cubano advertising a few boots with 2.5" heels. It's interesting that both have been UK with nothing over 2" made in the US. Though it is still rare anywhere, while these would have been pretty common 40 years ago. Btw, on the subject of elevators, if I were to switch from insert lifts, from the ones I've seen, I really like the Dons 5" D'etna.
[Editor Rob: in the model you mentioned, the angle was quite high, because there was no thickness to the front.

In a few Dons models I've seen Allan make the front a bit thicker, like 1/2 inch compared to a 1/4, which helps achieve a bit more thickness at the ankle, thus more height.]
RisingForce said on 18/Jun/17
Rob, the subject of men's heels a while back got me thinking. 2 inches really seems to be the cutoff these days, except I found this one boot claiming to have a 2.75" heel. Do you think it looks that big? Click Here It does look bigger than a flat 2" to me. But if that really is 2.75" then I was certainly right that RDJ has a full 3" heel: Click Here
[Editor Rob: it will be near 2.75 at the very back, but won't really give more than 2 inches itself, maybe 2.1 range.]
shippendales said on 17/Jun/17
Hey Rob,

would you say 2.5 inch Dons give around 1.5 inches additonal height gain over average shoes? Furthermore do you have any experience in regards of walking comfortable between 2 and 2.5 inch Dons. Thanks for your help!
[Editor Rob: I haven't tested any for a few years.

From reviewing different heights of elevators, I would always say that 3 inches is a level which becomes much harder to get used too - although they are only 3/4 inch more than a 2.2-2.3 model, the higher angle really makes a difference and I feel you'd need a week to get used to the new style of walk with the much higher angle of foot.

The 3.8 inch model I showed in the photo on this page - these are extreme and I really can't recommend them for daily use, I think 95% of folk would struggle with elevators over 3 inch.

I'll reiterate to anybody thinking about any elevators - don't jump in at the deep end, and by that I mean buying a pair over 2.5 inches to begin with...you'll probably end up frustrated.]
John said on 13/Jun/17
hey rob how much height do you think these give (shame about the sneaker page)


Click Here
[Editor Rob: can't remember seeing that one up close, but it definitely looks over 1 inch near 1.25]
Josh said on 10/Jun/17
LOL Rob! Cheers for taking it in good spirit. I'm in the home of Glenn.
Josh said on 9/Jun/17
im sick of your scottish bs rob
[Editor Rob: from New York City I see... 😏

you asked about sneakers, I had to remove the page all about Sneakers unfortunately, it's something that pisses me off how Google forced me to remove it. Sorry I can't give you an answer...]
Ian said on 7/Jun/17
Click Here hey rob how much height do these give?
[Editor Rob: roughly near 1.2 inch range]
Chris said on 6/Jun/17
The 2.5 inch elevator looks believable. The 4inch rockets look laughable. I wouldn't recommend anyone getting elevators to go beyond 2.5-3 inches.
Duncan said on 31/May/17
Women in their minds unconsciously always add the heels height to their perceived own height, being short is like being fat for women. If you are not above the height of the average women with heels by at least 4 inches you are mostly considered a manlet. Also Women are terrible at calculating height, because of that a lot of 5´9 and 5´10 lie about being 6ft so the reality is that 6 is not the magic number, women demand a 6ft tall and raise the bar to higher expectation and put a lot of pressure on guys above average but not above the magic number, and women are becoming more and more picky about it in recent years, we can find 5´3 women expecting a 6´5 guy, it´s ridiculous so women are competing for like less than 10% of the population of men. Good luck with that, So for the modern women above average is not enough. Also I notice that the majority of women who are extremely picky about height demanding 1ft taller than them with heels are usually overweight, I think because a bigger taller dude will make them look small.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
Rob, is 1.5" the most amount of lift you can fit inside a typical low-cut shoe without your foot slipping out? (Not that I'm planning to wear lifts or anything, but I just want your opinion.)
[Editor Rob: it depends on the amount of leather from the heel to the ankle area. 1-inch is sometimes enough or you will slip out with any more.

The shoes are designed with the ankle cut a bit lower so it doesn't rub into the ankle bone...you usually can spot elevators because the ankle section is suddenly much thicker than you'd expect, because it has to be to accommodate the lift inside.]
Johnson said on 19/May/17
@Rob can you tell me if this guy is wearing elevator shoes or regular shoes?

Guy on the left
Click Here

Guy on the right
Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't say they were elevators, but more like a bit over 1 inch heel...the other guy in second photo has basically very flat shoe, like half inch at most!]
John said on 19/May/17
hey rob can you please get the sneaker page back? I found it really helpful. Thanks
Bobby said on 13/May/17
@Amy, you do know that 5'10 is above average height in most countries... forget about the Netherlands, and also, the average height for women in the Netherlands is not 5'9, it's 5'6. Only Latvia has the tallest female average at 5'7, I'm still three inches taller than that. I'm not shorter than 5'10 but calling 5'10 for a man short, is just odd. You won't think a 5'10 man is short seeing him up close.

@Editor Rob, ah, would you say that 2.75 inches are difficult to walk on?
[Editor Rob: 3.75-4 are simply impractical for long lengths...2.75 are more manageable, but still it might take a long while to get used to that amount of lift.

I think it's always best if anybody ever wears lifts or elevators to not overdo it, 2-2.5 inch range elevators are far easier than when you get to 3 inch range.]
Josh said on 10/May/17
Hey Rob,

Would you have any idea how much the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit gives?

Click Here

It is difficult for me to tell if it would give similar to a Nike Free like 1.1 or more like 1.35 like the other air maxes.
Johnson said on 9/May/17
I have never been called short in my life with 5'9 (not solid 5'9, just plain 1.75). And I have been called tall from time to time, especially by women. My slim frame helps too and I appear a little taller of what I am actually
Amy said on 8/May/17
@Bobby if you go to the Netherlands and meet some of the Dutch people where the average height for a man is 6"0 (184cm) and the average height for a woman is 5"9 (176cm) then you will stick out like a sore thumb. Also being shorter than 5"10 is kinda like a handicap for most men and it is a big turn off for women but just be a nice person and have a sense of humour and that will go a long way and make up for your lack of height.
Judd said on 8/May/17
Rob in your opinion how many inche in thick the sole of Adidas ZX700 Click Here ? Thanks
[Editor Rob: new they feel in 1.25 range.]
Bobby said on 8/May/17
@Amy, as a 5'10 man, I take personal offence to that. How tall are you Amy? If you're 5'3 calling a 5'10 man short, then that's not right. A 5'10 man is close to 6ft tall, only off by two inches. That's not a short man. I've never been called short in my life, even by a 6'5 man.
Bobby said on 8/May/17
Rob, how much height insoles would a 5'10 man need to appear 6ft to others in reality? 3 inches?
[Editor Rob: well, with a 2.75 inch elevator (one that gives that mount) he could certainly pull it off...]
Amy said on 7/May/17
Rob would you recommend this site as being good for buying Cuban heel boots. Sixtiesbeatwear.co.uk
[Editor Rob: certainly seems expensive, but then if it's premium quality, sometimes you are better investing in a good pair rather than cheap ones that fall apart after a year.]
Johnson said on 7/May/17
It would be more interesting to buy some midsole technology lifts to lay on some normal boots

Midsole tech elevator shoes are really expensive
[Editor Rob: yes I agree that the lift only option would be a far cheaper alternative, but so far I've not heard anything about them being sold separately...]
175 said on 5/May/17
Hey rob what happened to the sneaker page?
[Editor Rob: Google kept messing around with it, removing it from their search index and replacing it with a chinese spammers 'cloaked' version.

Despicable behaviour from Google really...]
Johnson said on 4/May/17
@Rob I tried these shoes of 6 cm (4.5 real cms). It feels uncomfortable it is like walking on your toes. Heavy and hard material. I think the key to wear elevators is to have some kind of platform for the toes for not feeling steep

Picture of my shoes
Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes, in some elevator shoes, the angle is too much.

the shape of the lift shouldn't be a big slope, it should support the middle of the shoe. The dons try to do that, but I still feel a 2-inch elevator is the kind of range that many people should stick with.]
Amy said on 4/May/17
Rob is it okay for a guy to wear 3 inch Cuban heels and over? I just wondered if I got my husband a pair that he may be perceived as being gay as wearing thick heel boots I said kind of a feminine thing.
[Editor Rob: 2-inch cuban heels are big, 3 inch are like monsters. In the 70's there was a period where big 2-3 inch heels were common and in fashion...nowadays I don't see men in over 2 inch heels at all...]
RisingForce said on 1/May/17
Johnson, I've had these Cuban heel boots for years: Click Here The heel is advertised as 2" and I confirmed this with a tape measure a while back. If it's any less, it's only 1/16". Good to know I gain 1.7" from them. I've only measured myself in them when I had 1" lifts inside them several years ago and I measured near 5'10.75". For reference, I measured around 5'9" on a stadiometer last year with Converse and to be precise, I had my hoodie up during that measurement. I don't know if I measured myself with those Cuban heels and 2 inch lifts inside, which was my regular for a while, but I know I easily cleared 5'11". I'll be interested now to measure myself with those boots and no lifts and then with the 2" lift. Even without the lifts I add inside, that style is a good boost equal to some elevators. I believe both my cowboy boots(Dan Post and Tony Lama) give me 1.6" with a heel that I recall being 1.75" or so. Other shoes that give similar boosts without lifts are Timberlands, which probably add roughly what a cowboy boot does and Caterpillar boots. All these shoes can serve the same purpose as elevator shoes. You'll have an extra inch advantage over someone wearing thinner shoes and at least half, sometimes three quarters of an inch advantage over someone wearing normal shoes. The thicker basketball sneakers don't quite give what the boots I mentioned do, but they're not far off either. Nike Shox for instance add 1.4", iirc.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 30/Apr/17
Amy said on 25/Apr/17
@ Jack any guy who is 5"10 (178cm)and under is what I consider to be short. 5"11(180cm) is the average And what I consider tall for a guy is 6"3 (190cm) that is when you really stand out from the crowd and people start calling you names like Lanky.


It's women like you are part of the reason why some 5'9" or 5'10" guys are going around telling people that they're 6 feet tall. Sorry but any person who considers a 5'10" guy short is moronic. It's above average height in most countries you know.
Johnson said on 29/Apr/17
@Rob I bought silicone lifts advertised as 5 extra centimetres. The 5 layers of lifts are giving you only 1.4 real centimetres and not 3, 4 or 5 cms... it is important to know about silicone lifts.
Johnson said on 28/Apr/17
So then the theorical 2 inch cuban heels are giving you 1.6-1.7 inches of real height
[Editor Rob: around 1.7 inch if they advertise the heel when measuring the highest part at the back of the heel.]
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 26/Apr/17
Amy said on 25/Apr/17
@ Jack any guy who is 5"10 (178cm)and under is what I consider to be short. 5"11(180cm) is the average And what I consider tall for a guy is 6"3 (190cm) that is when you really stand out from the crowd and people start calling you names like Lanky.


5'10" being short.... Lol. Typical superficial woman.
Amy said on 25/Apr/17
@ Jack any guy who is 5"10 (178cm)and under is what I consider to be short. 5"11(180cm) is the average And what I consider tall for a guy is 6"3 (190cm) that is when you really stand out from the crowd and people start calling you names like Lanky.
Johnson said on 20/Apr/17
How much height does Dcsquare shoes give?
[Editor Rob: 0.5 - 0.6 range]
Bobby said on 20/Apr/17
@Jack, in my personal opinion, 5'6 is quite short for a man, but generally, around the average height of a woman is when I would really consider a man short, so 5'4. This is generally the height of women, on average.
Bobby said on 20/Apr/17
@Editor Rob, Does a total lift of 2.5 inches from my standing height of 5'10 mean, that I'd give off a big 5'11 impression to people? I did the math, and in the morning, I'd measure nearly 6'1 at 184.92cm and will measure 183.55cm at night. I subtracted 2.54cm because the idea is that the elevators boost your barefoot height by an inch, in my case, it'd be boosting my barefoot height by 1.5 inches, but the idea is that without my shoes on, I'd be almost 6ft at 5'11.5 in the afternoon, and pretty much 6ft in the morning (difference of 5mm), and I'd have the look of still being 5'11 at night, at just over 5'11.25. Does that sound about right?
[Editor Rob: if you think of the average footwear as being almost an inch, then you may well pull off 5ft 11.5 to people.
Peter175 said on 19/Apr/17
Jack, I'd say under 5'7 is what I consider short. 5'7-8 are below average and some might argue that 5'7 is the start of short or that 5'8 is "tall short" but they seem like normal heights relative to the population imo.
Timothy said on 19/Apr/17
Rob I had a look on Dons footwear website an found a pair of shoes like your wearing in the photo above but they give 5 inches of height and I'am wondering wheater this is true I thought most of these companies do boots/shoes give 2/3 inches, 5 inches seems hard to believe?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't touch anything over 3 inches, it's for those accustomed to wearing elevators a while.

I think 2-2.3 inches is an ideal height for elevators. You could get nearly 2 with a decent cowboy boot on it's own, and that gives you an idea of how a slightly thicker elevator might feel when walking about.]
jack said on 18/Apr/17
I am asking to everyone , in which height do you consider a guy short ?
jack said on 18/Apr/17
I am asking to everyone , in which height do you consider a guy short ?
Sneakerhead said on 17/Apr/17
I've got two questions :)

1. How much do a pair of brand new Adidas Stan Smiths add to my height?

2. I know a pair of Chucks add about 1.6 cm. Does that change over time?
[Editor Rob: about 3/4 inch

the chuck's can hold up not too badly...maybe 1-2mm lost after a couple of years.]
Johnson said on 17/Apr/17
Anybody knows the brand Chamaripas?? It is very popular on the net, it is cheap and they have lots of stuff and they look good
Nick said on 15/Apr/17
Rob where do you think I find a pair of Cuban heels like these Click Here
[Editor Rob: Nick, about 1.6-1.7 inches]
Johnson said on 15/Apr/17
@Rob can you tell me if the man on the left is wearing normal shoes or elevator shoes?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they seem quite normal]
Joanna said on 14/Apr/17
Rob I'am looking to buy some Cuban Heel boots for my Son who has just recently turned 16 and he is really obsessed about getting his hands on a pair of fashionable but reasonable priced boots. Where do I shop I'am from the UK and not a lot of shops sell these kinds of boots but if they do it's not to a good price as a much as I'am wear like £250 and their not like Dons boots!
[Editor Rob: a cheaper option from Amazon might be worth looking at.

Shuperb have a good collection and mostly under 100...many of those give 2 inches (or very near).]
Johnson said on 14/Apr/17
@Rob I think you should do the sneakers page with another name or other tricks. The old link I had saved is deleted, so it is not anymore on the net

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