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Ben said on 4/Aug/17
Hahahaha, you must've been looking all around you like, "What the f-?!".

But I'm crossing my fingers for meeting you one day! :)

I think it's likely to happen while I'm in London with my class cuz I'll graduate high school in 2019 so it will likely be May or June 2019 and if I'm lucky there will be a convention taking place which makes it likely for you to be there.

IF that would happen, perhaps we could meet up. :)
Shredder said on 4/Aug/17
Rob how much do vans add? I'm asking because I measured a friend at night in them with a pen on a wall on and he was between 5'7 7/8 and 5 '8 in them , how tall do you think he'd be midday?
[Editor Rob: the last time I measured a classic pair of vans they were right in the 0.5-0.6 range]
Blake said on 3/Aug/17
I can't see the height challenge page anywhere
[Editor Rob: it's got a link to it in the faq again, but Here is a link]
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Aug/17
@Rob: That's certainly true on all counts. Your neighbor you were surprised to learn tried them is a good example. They are quite well known so anyone who wants to look taller may look into it. I'm sure this is even more true in Hollywood where I'd be surprised to find an actor who doesn't know about them. I've even seen commercials for insert lifts. The basic idea can be seen in the 30s and 40s going back to the days of Bogart and Boris Karloff or even Stalin. I have no doubt it's common among political leaders outside of the few obvious ones. On one Criminal Minds episode, Hotchner profiles a defense attorney cross-examining him and reveals the attorney was wearing lifts and in another episode, it's revealed a bank robber's height varies on surveillance footage because he wears lifts.

That's true about spotting smaller lifts, but most of the time when trying to determine if an actor wears lifts, I check their appearances on a talk show first as it provides a good chance to see their ankle. The same thing holds true for courtside seats at basketball games and pretty much anywhere while sitting down provided the boot isn't higher than the ankle. I do think people can get carried away thinking lifts are everywhere when it's still undoubtedly a relatively small percentage even in Hollywood who wear them, but anyone who appears conscious of their height could potentially wear them and it's certainly a better alternative than what Milo Ventimiglia is doing now!
Ben said on 2/Aug/17
Hmm...camera angles are tricky. Does it look like I tower him?

Oh and by the way I'm really hoping that we will cross paths one day. Perhaps when I'm in London in May or June 2019.

I have this funny thought yet creepy thought of me seeing you at a comic con in 2019 and I'm going behind you and say "Big Rob from Celebheights here" and you look behind you like "What in the...." 😂
[Editor Rob: not really a 'towering' effect.

I've heard people on the odd occasion say 'Hey rob' in public, but it's very rare!]
Blake said on 2/Aug/17
Rob, any chance of a return for the sneaker page by next year? Btw I asked this question several times but I guess you didn't want to answer it why would you completely eliminate the height challenge and user heights I think the pages without new comments are still interesting and useful for height comparisons and looking at the history of the site.
[Editor Rob: yeah, the Height Challenge page is working, but the User Heights is best permanently retired. I'm not sure about sneakers, it caused a lot of issues with Google, but never say never!]
Airmax said on 2/Aug/17
Hey Rob!

Nike Air Max 90 give 3.5 cm, but what about Nike Air Max Zero? They both look similar, but it looks air max 90 is abit thicker, what do you think?
Nike Air Max 90 Click Here
Nike Air Max Zero Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'd need to look inside the zero again, but the origianl 90's can give 1.1 or 1.3 if the bigger size like 10-12]
JeffSeid said on 1/Aug/17
Hey Rob, are the midsole tech in Dons removable so I can also put it in regular high top shoes?
[Editor Rob: no, they are glued into the shoe.]
Ben said on 1/Aug/17
Hey Rob!

How tall do I look here next to my 5'6.25" friend?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: being closer adds some a bit of height, so it's not like a side by side posed shot.]
TallerMan said on 31/Jul/17
Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I looked on this forum, and was a little bit skeptical about ordering a pair of shoes from halfway across the world, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I've ordered 3 pairs of Dons in the past few years. They're all very high quality shoes, they look much more expensive than he charges you. Also he's very accommodating, so if you have a specific request or requirement, he'll be able to do that as well. My first two weren't mid sole tech, but my latest one was. Mid sole tech makes a huge difference, you can actually wear them the whole day, and they'll look like really nice dress shoes. For the price he charges, they're a steal. You won't be disappointed.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/17
Wow, found another DiFabrizio, an Australian-based shoemaker naming names: Click Here

I have spotted Jeremy Piven in elevator shoes, which should surprise no one. Considering Kevin Connolly makes Piven seem tall, that's not a shocker either. The big reveal is George Clooney, but I did read elsewhere that he got lifts for red carpets with Stacy Keibler. That sounds plausible to me, but I don't think he'd wear them much otherwise. I owe an apology to Brad though about Mark Wahlberg since I had seen him wearing elevators for the Italian Job, but I thought he was content with no more than 1.5" Timberlands off screen. Finally, there's "Jacob Black" from the Twilight films, who I'm now informed is Taylor Lautner.
[Editor Rob: certain actors will buy under friends or even an agent's name I'm sure...but there is certainly a lot of people in the entertainment world who will have worn them that we may never know...the small half or 3/4 inch lifts are really too hard to tell unless you can photograph them sitting down and figure out their ankle position is too high.]
Ben said on 30/Jul/17
Rob, if you are in converse and you see someone edges you out but he's wearing Nike Airmax. Who would you say is taller?
[Editor Rob: they might be so close barefoot that it would need a measurement to check who edged it.]
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/17
That's also true, Rob. Not to mention a simple raised eye with a lowered one, uneven ground(which will be the norm on a NYC sidewalk for instance) and the celeb walking by fast, perhaps even with their head down trying to go unnoticed. There are a number of things that can make someone seem several inches shorter than they are, especially if you were expecting them to be taller, which will leave an impression over time, regardless of how well you remember how they look.
Jack said on 26/Jul/17
Hi rob, I've heard that adidas Stan smiths give around 3cm, is that true?
[Editor Rob: no, they aren't more than 2cm]
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Jul/17
The funny thing is people actually have noticed my fluctuating height, although mostly family. I was wearing 2.75" Cuban heel boots recently and a 5'4"-5'5" cousin said to me "I don't remember you being this tall." Then an uncle of mine who is probably still near 5'8" and usually about eye to eye with me looked down at my feet a few years back when I was wearing 2" heeled Cubans with either a 1" or 2" lifts inside. Then there were a few more occasions that spring to mind. One was my height was remarked on when I was wearing 1.75" heeled cowboy boots with a 1" lift inside and another time recently when I was just wearing 1.75" cowboy boots.

But you're 100% right about eye witness reports. It's known to be the least reliable testimony and as you mention, there's data to back it up. I've tried to convince a few people on this site that someone estimating someone at or around a certain height, doesn't mean they are. Even when I haven't worn lifts or heeled boots, I've been estimated anywhere from as short as 5'6" up to at least 5'10".
[Editor Rob: also, sometimes with actors, the person might see the actor walking by and they can look shorter when you are standing and they are walking.]
RobV said on 23/Jul/17
Editor Rob, I think you would be astonished at how people are not actually that observant and would not usually notice a 'sudden 1.5" jump' in height, even in someone fairly close. That amount is just too small to alter the perceptions in a way that makes someone think "added height". My mother is a psychologist and works for the police in the Uk. She has done countless tests and studies showing why witnesses get almost everything wrong in terms of their descriptions of those alleged to have committed a crime. She also says that the reason people think others will notice comparatively minor things about themselves that are different is that they themselves notice (of course) and are self conscious about changes, while almost everyone else is not interested: in one test she had 20 people who were planning to stop wearing glasses and go for contacts sign up for a study - 'don't tell anyone you are dumping your specs' - and not one of their colleagues noticed they had stopped wearing specs. Not one. A fairly major thing involving the face and no-one noticed.

From my own long experience of lifts and elevators, a gradual increase in height is for sure best. And much depends upon lifestyle or existing height - you cannot play soccer with mates as a 5'8" guy and then climb onto 4" elevators in the changing room without someone noticing (but even then you would be surprised how few actually would). But if your lifestyle fits it, and you do not constantly run around with no footwear, I think you would be amazed how much added height you can get away with in the medium to long term. I add 4" every day and have never been rumbled. But it DID take time. In this area too, women seem surprisingly unobservant, which I suspect is to do with the degree to which so many wear heels and go up and down in height themselves.

Over the years I have made my e-mail address available to guys on here and you would be amazed at how many say they cannot believe how no-one noticed once they had added height, even those close to them, after trying lifts and/or buying elevators of varying heights. One guy actually did it to overtake his older brother and he still can barely believe that he gets away with the extra few inches. It's similar to the airport business and detection. I have had guys who have never worn elevators write to me and say they know, for a fact, that "no way can you wear them through security", I reply that I travel dozens of times a year on business always wearing my elevators, and it may appear counter-intuitive, but no-one has ever noticed. I take them off, put them in the tray if asked and still no issue. But because it seems counter-intuitive, guys who have NOT been in that position will not believe that this actually is how it is in the real world. It seems like it cannot be the case, ergo it cannot be.

A good idea with this would be to do some sort of a test - getting someone without an issue to wear a couple of inches of added height in day-to-day situations and see if in fact anyone says anything or notices. A genuine test, not a cod one with nods and winks ("don't you notice anything love?"). Including wife/partner and best mates. I think you would be astonished by the results.
[Editor Rob: yes, certainly eye witness testimonies show humans can struggle with details at times.

I would certainly increase gradually, at each half inch upgrade people would be used to you at that height for a while, then the next half inch after a while probably won't be noticed much.]
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Jul/17
Thanks, Rob. 1.25" is what I was thinking as well. They're a fairly popular sneaker.
Dan said on 23/Jul/17
Hi Rob and everyone, what have you found gives the most height as far as sneakers (trainers)? The sole not looking too thick and obvious would be a plus as well, but either way...thanks!
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Hey Rob, since the sneaker page is no more, can you estimate how much these New Balance sneakers Kurt Russell and Mel Gibson are wearing add?

Click Here Click Here

They look bulky enough to potentially be 1.2" range, but then I also suspected they might be a sneaker that looks bulkier than it is and is actually just about an inch.
[Editor Rob: they do have a lot of padding in them, I've seen a similar model that feels over an inch, but certainly not like 1.4 high, maybe 1.2-3 zone. ]
toby said on 20/Jul/17
rob can you do a meet and greet
[Editor Rob: if you ever go to any big convention in UK, like mcm expo/lfcc/collectormania I have met some visitors of celebheights at these events.]
Sean5 said on 16/Jul/17
3 weeks ago I flew with Ryanair from Liverpool airport to Barcerlona and in the security point they made everyone to take their shoes off. I was wearing 2" style Dons Samba, thankfully they didnt think it was suspicious that I was hiding anything in the shoes. And funnily on the return home they didn't make everyone take their shoes off so walked through the scanner with the shoes on with no problem.
Ben said on 16/Jul/17
When I used to wear crocs it felt more, like an inch or just about 3cm. I mean a pair of new crocs. Old ones might be 0.9-1 inch range in my opinion.

I currently only wear converse with an insole that gives me about 2-4mm boost.
[Editor Rob: I'd measured crocs years ago for the sneaker page, they gave just under 0.9 inch.]
Ben said on 16/Jul/17
Rob, how much does a pair of crocs give you?

Click Here

My 5'6.25" friend wears them all the time and when I'm not wearing any shoes and he's wearing crocs my eyelevel is a bit above his hairline.
[Editor Rob: under an inch, but more like 0.8-0.9 range]
Darius said on 16/Jul/17
Rob, if I, as a 5'7" man wear the 3.8" Dons elevator shoes, what height will I appear to others. 5'10"? I know they are extreme versions, but just wanted to know. Will wearing those shoes easily give away the fact to a person who I meet when wearing those shoes?
[Editor Rob: he could pull off looking a 5ft 10 range guy.

If I wear the 3.8 dons I'd look a decent 5ft 11 to people...]
RobV said on 15/Jul/17
I have to dispute the claim that "everybody notices you are wearing lifts, once you are at 2.5 inches". I have been wearing lifts and elevators for 17 years and provided you do it right you are never rumbled. I currently wear 4" GuidoMaggi boots, and also have a 4" pair of Dons and a 5" pair and I am careful with what I wear in terms of pants, but they all work fine. If everyone is noticing then you are doing something seriously wrong.

Yes, walking for long distances in higher elevators is something you have to get used to and I would never advise gong straight from flat to my 5" biggies! But they are WAY better than stand-alone lifts in footwear not designed for them, which can be v uncomfortable above an inch-and-a-half. All experiences are different and you have to ease yourself into height addition...and it may not be for you. But that does not speak for all.
[Editor Rob: to the people who know you...at 2.5 inches it's a 1.5 inch jump over a dress shoe...it's enough that most would realise the sudden height increase.
Ben said on 15/Jul/17
I measured myself at 180.7 with my converse plus I have put in a sole to make them more comfortable.

I'm 179, how much height does Converse add?
[Editor Rob: usually around 1.5cm]
Ian said on 13/Jul/17
rob which brand of insoles would you recommend for max comfort, I am just looking for a solid 1cm boost
[Editor Rob: for a small fraction one of the gel comfort insoles might be useful from Scholl ]
paulie said on 3/Jul/17
What is the best height for lifts?

Is 1.5-2.0 the best range?

I do own a pair of 2.5 inch lifts by Don's and I find them really difficult to walk in. Plus everybody notices that you're wearing lifts once you're at 2.5 because its obvious walking is difficult and cumbersome. They also hurt your feet. Now I know how women feel.

Does anyone have experience with 2 inch heels by Dons. Are they more manageable?
[Editor Rob: the higher you go above 2 inches, the more it might take to get used to. 2.5 inch for one person might be bearable, but for another like yourself just too much unfortunately.
Shin-hau Khoo said on 30/Jun/17
I recently made an order on a 6cm height increasing Vercelli model with Allan Donnelly and am satisfied with the work. It is a beautiful shoe.

I want to list out the things I like and really appreciated, namely:

1. the construction is good, he used full grain leather which made my shoe soft and easy to wear, easily comparable to higher priced shoes I have owned

2. the colour is perfect, the matt black is very classy

3. there is a noticeable height increase of exactly 6cm to my overall height which is a great help for me

4. the fit is spot on and accommodated my wide feet nicely - Allan was helpful in analysing the profile pictures of both of my feet which I sent him and crafting my shoe to fit my feet

5. I received my order in 14 days, which is exactly the amount of waiting time Allan advertised. I am lucky to live in South East Asia near Allan's home and workplace in Thailand.

Last but not least, Allan's prices for high quality Made To Order leather shoes are unbeatable, hands down! His ordering webpage at Click Here is also very easy to use and I appreciate that he allowed customers to write down details of special requests in the comment box which he actually follows to his best ability and shoe making skill.

I have chatted with Allan on his website before ordering and after ordering and have decided to be a returning customer. I am glad to have found Don's elevator shoes. I also used Rob's EXCLUSIVE discount code TheAllies1944 at checkout for my 10% discount, courtesy of Celebheights.com

Thank you again, Allan and Rob.

Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 29/Jun/17

Nike Air Maxes are another model of shoes where it gives you less actual height than it looks on the outside. Other examples are skate/canvas shoes which have soft soles.


I wouldn't worry about it. I've worn gel insoles at airports in the past, and not once have I ever been told by officials to remove them or throw them away when they pass through the security machine.
Jeff said on 28/Jun/17
Stephan, I've been flying around the world since January wearing lifts. I flew out of London in January into America, and since then have flown all across the US, Canada, Mexico and will soon head to another part of the world. Half the time, if not more, I've been wearing heavy lifts and have never had any issues whatsoever, though I do take my shoes off for the scanners.
RisingForce said on 28/Jun/17
Thanks, Rob. 1.3" range is a bit thicker than most men's shoes, though I believe Gibson has something extra in those boots as well. Btw, I've noticed when I put 1" inserts in my high tops or work boots, the shoe really looks different to me, at least on my foot. Maybe it's because these shoes are only slightly big on me.
Bobby said on 28/Jun/17
Hey Rob, where do you get most of the height with shoes, on the side or the very back where your heel and achilles tendon will be? I just got a new pair of Nike Air Max because I'm going on vacation next month and I measured the side of the shoe's heel at 1.5 inches and when wearing them, I measured myself at 5'11.25 but I was around 5'10.25 at the time of measuring. I figured I would get up to 5'11.5 or a touch over. So I'm guessing you get most of the height from the back of the shoe? Based on my measurements, I think I'm only getting an inch out of that 1.5 inches, so not quite the full amount.
[Editor Rob: Many shoes have a slope just after the ankle point, so the heel area is quite flat. But these are typically shoes in 0.5-1.25 range.

When you get over 1.25, usually the heel area will slope a bit.

Some sneakers have thicker soles on the outside, than on the inside. Many air max styles can give 1-1.4 inch range.]
Stephan said on 27/Jun/17
Hi rob, Ive been wearing 3cm inserts in my trainers for almost a year now, I'm from London and have not flown out of the country for around 2/3 years now. I'm flying with family out to Vienna in a few days and was worried about the security at the airport, that being whether we have to take our shoes off and also whether scanners detect the lifts inside the trainers (whilst stepping through security detectors) which could cause some sort of alarm or something, which would be pretty embarrassing. The inserts are memory foam/carbon fibre by a company called happystep. I purchased them on amazon.
[Editor Rob: I used to wear sneakers for flying and rarely took my sneakers off at any airport, only a few times out of 100+ flights.

If you have boots/shoes with metal, then take them off.

Saying that, I've not flown in over a year now, so I don't know if they have upped security a bit more...]
The shredder said on 26/Jun/17
Rob how much do these add? I just got them :)

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the outside looks like it would give more than they might do...I'd have thought under an inch for those, like nearer 0.75 range.]
Ferdinand said on 26/Jun/17
Hi Rob,

I've just ordered a pair of 3.1" Dons, do you reckon they'll give me 3 inches? And do you reckon that's too far or believable?
[Editor Rob: if they are a model using 'midsole' technology, i.e. there is more height at the point below the ankle, they might be giving not much under 3 inches.

I'd still take time to get used to a near 3 inch shoe, wearing them for shorter periods and building up the different feel of walking taller.]
RisingForce said on 24/Jun/17
Rob, have you ever seen these shoes before and can you give an estimate of how much height they could add? Click Here They're really unusually bulky, have a thick sole and it looks like he's getting a good boost.
[Editor Rob: look like a hiking style of boot, probably 1.3ish range, but that's just a a guess, I've seen some look thicker than 1 inch, like 1.5, but they only gave 1.1-1.2 ]
Mimi said on 24/Jun/17
Rob that 3.8 inch model of elevator shoes, does it feel like wearing high heels? If so, feels like a 3 inch heel?
[Editor Rob: it actually gives 3.8 inches in height, I measure about 6ft or tiny bit over in them.

It's like buying a 4.5-5 inch heel.

Because your foot is at such a high angle, it also means you have to reduce the length of the shoe so your toes don't slip...so what might be a size 9 now looks a size 7 length-wise.]
RisingForce said on 23/Jun/17
Thanks, Rob. I'd like a style like the D'Etna, but getting an elevator boot, I'd want the extra height as well.

That's true in many instances, Christian. In the case of Timberlands and Cat boots, they add near 1.5" because of the thicker insole, while you can see some boots that look similar on the outside and only add 1.25" range.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 21/Jun/17
Rob, these pair of shoes look like they could give around 1.25" of height, but in reality it only gives 0.75" (1.9cm) I know this because I own a pair of these and I measured 6'6.13" in the afternoon with them Click Here Do you think it's because the insoles are compressed much more than the outsole? This is why guessing footwear difference between people in photos can be difficult because some shoes actually give less height than it superficially suggests.
[Editor Rob: yes, there are many models in which the insole sits a 1/4 or even more under what appears to be the sole (on the outside).]
RisingForce said on 20/Jun/17
Thanks, Rob. So then you get perhaps 1 cm more than you would from a 2" Cuban heel. Interestingly, I did also see another brand, also in the UK, Club Cubano advertising a few boots with 2.5" heels. It's interesting that both have been UK with nothing over 2" made in the US. Though it is still rare anywhere, while these would have been pretty common 40 years ago. Btw, on the subject of elevators, if I were to switch from insert lifts, from the ones I've seen, I really like the Dons 5" D'etna.
[Editor Rob: in the model you mentioned, the angle was quite high, because there was no thickness to the front.

In a few Dons models I've seen Allan make the front a bit thicker, like 1/2 inch compared to a 1/4, which helps achieve a bit more thickness at the ankle, thus more height.]
RisingForce said on 18/Jun/17
Rob, the subject of men's heels a while back got me thinking. 2 inches really seems to be the cutoff these days, except I found this one boot claiming to have a 2.75" heel. Do you think it looks that big? Click Here It does look bigger than a flat 2" to me. But if that really is 2.75" then I was certainly right that RDJ has a full 3" heel: Click Here
[Editor Rob: it will be near 2.75 at the very back, but won't really give more than 2 inches itself, maybe 2.1 range.]
shippendales said on 17/Jun/17
Hey Rob,

would you say 2.5 inch Dons give around 1.5 inches additonal height gain over average shoes? Furthermore do you have any experience in regards of walking comfortable between 2 and 2.5 inch Dons. Thanks for your help!
[Editor Rob: I haven't tested any for a few years.

From reviewing different heights of elevators, I would always say that 3 inches is a level which becomes much harder to get used too - although they are only 3/4 inch more than a 2.2-2.3 model, the higher angle really makes a difference and I feel you'd need a week to get used to the new style of walk with the much higher angle of foot.

The 3.8 inch model I showed in the photo on this page - these are extreme and I really can't recommend them for daily use, I think 95% of folk would struggle with elevators over 3 inch.

I'll reiterate to anybody thinking about any elevators - don't jump in at the deep end, and by that I mean buying a pair over 2.5 inches to begin with...you'll probably end up frustrated.]
John said on 13/Jun/17
hey rob how much height do you think these give (shame about the sneaker page)


Click Here
[Editor Rob: can't remember seeing that one up close, but it definitely looks over 1 inch near 1.25]
Josh said on 10/Jun/17
LOL Rob! Cheers for taking it in good spirit. I'm in the home of Glenn.
Josh said on 9/Jun/17
im sick of your scottish bs rob
[Editor Rob: from New York City I see... 😏

you asked about sneakers, I had to remove the page all about Sneakers unfortunately, it's something that pisses me off how Google forced me to remove it. Sorry I can't give you an answer...]
Ian said on 7/Jun/17
Click Here hey rob how much height do these give?
[Editor Rob: roughly near 1.2 inch range]
Chris said on 6/Jun/17
The 2.5 inch elevator looks believable. The 4inch rockets look laughable. I wouldn't recommend anyone getting elevators to go beyond 2.5-3 inches.
Duncan said on 31/May/17
Women in their minds unconsciously always add the heels height to their perceived own height, being short is like being fat for women. If you are not above the height of the average women with heels by at least 4 inches you are mostly considered a manlet. Also Women are terrible at calculating height, because of that a lot of 5´9 and 5´10 lie about being 6ft so the reality is that 6 is not the magic number, women demand a 6ft tall and raise the bar to higher expectation and put a lot of pressure on guys above average but not above the magic number, and women are becoming more and more picky about it in recent years, we can find 5´3 women expecting a 6´5 guy, it´s ridiculous so women are competing for like less than 10% of the population of men. Good luck with that, So for the modern women above average is not enough. Also I notice that the majority of women who are extremely picky about height demanding 1ft taller than them with heels are usually overweight, I think because a bigger taller dude will make them look small.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/May/17
Rob, is 1.5" the most amount of lift you can fit inside a typical low-cut shoe without your foot slipping out? (Not that I'm planning to wear lifts or anything, but I just want your opinion.)
[Editor Rob: it depends on the amount of leather from the heel to the ankle area. 1-inch is sometimes enough or you will slip out with any more.

The shoes are designed with the ankle cut a bit lower so it doesn't rub into the ankle bone...you usually can spot elevators because the ankle section is suddenly much thicker than you'd expect, because it has to be to accommodate the lift inside.]
Johnson said on 19/May/17
@Rob can you tell me if this guy is wearing elevator shoes or regular shoes?

Guy on the left
Click Here

Guy on the right
Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't say they were elevators, but more like a bit over 1 inch heel...the other guy in second photo has basically very flat shoe, like half inch at most!]
John said on 19/May/17
hey rob can you please get the sneaker page back? I found it really helpful. Thanks
Bobby said on 13/May/17
@Amy, you do know that 5'10 is above average height in most countries... forget about the Netherlands, and also, the average height for women in the Netherlands is not 5'9, it's 5'6. Only Latvia has the tallest female average at 5'7, I'm still three inches taller than that. I'm not shorter than 5'10 but calling 5'10 for a man short, is just odd. You won't think a 5'10 man is short seeing him up close.

@Editor Rob, ah, would you say that 2.75 inches are difficult to walk on?
[Editor Rob: 3.75-4 are simply impractical for long lengths...2.75 are more manageable, but still it might take a long while to get used to that amount of lift.

I think it's always best if anybody ever wears lifts or elevators to not overdo it, 2-2.5 inch range elevators are far easier than when you get to 3 inch range.]
Josh said on 10/May/17
Hey Rob,

Would you have any idea how much the Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit gives?

Click Here

It is difficult for me to tell if it would give similar to a Nike Free like 1.1 or more like 1.35 like the other air maxes.
Johnson said on 9/May/17
I have never been called short in my life with 5'9 (not solid 5'9, just plain 1.75). And I have been called tall from time to time, especially by women. My slim frame helps too and I appear a little taller of what I am actually
Amy said on 8/May/17
@Bobby if you go to the Netherlands and meet some of the Dutch people where the average height for a man is 6"0 (184cm) and the average height for a woman is 5"9 (176cm) then you will stick out like a sore thumb. Also being shorter than 5"10 is kinda like a handicap for most men and it is a big turn off for women but just be a nice person and have a sense of humour and that will go a long way and make up for your lack of height.
Judd said on 8/May/17
Rob in your opinion how many inche in thick the sole of Adidas ZX700 Click Here ? Thanks
[Editor Rob: new they feel in 1.25 range.]
Bobby said on 8/May/17
@Amy, as a 5'10 man, I take personal offence to that. How tall are you Amy? If you're 5'3 calling a 5'10 man short, then that's not right. A 5'10 man is close to 6ft tall, only off by two inches. That's not a short man. I've never been called short in my life, even by a 6'5 man.
Bobby said on 8/May/17
Rob, how much height insoles would a 5'10 man need to appear 6ft to others in reality? 3 inches?
[Editor Rob: well, with a 2.75 inch elevator (one that gives that mount) he could certainly pull it off...]
Amy said on 7/May/17
Rob would you recommend this site as being good for buying Cuban heel boots. Sixtiesbeatwear.co.uk
[Editor Rob: certainly seems expensive, but then if it's premium quality, sometimes you are better investing in a good pair rather than cheap ones that fall apart after a year.]
Johnson said on 7/May/17
It would be more interesting to buy some midsole technology lifts to lay on some normal boots

Midsole tech elevator shoes are really expensive
[Editor Rob: yes I agree that the lift only option would be a far cheaper alternative, but so far I've not heard anything about them being sold separately...]
175 said on 5/May/17
Hey rob what happened to the sneaker page?
[Editor Rob: Google kept messing around with it, removing it from their search index and replacing it with a chinese spammers 'cloaked' version.

Despicable behaviour from Google really...]
Johnson said on 4/May/17
@Rob I tried these shoes of 6 cm (4.5 real cms). It feels uncomfortable it is like walking on your toes. Heavy and hard material. I think the key to wear elevators is to have some kind of platform for the toes for not feeling steep

Picture of my shoes
Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes, in some elevator shoes, the angle is too much.

the shape of the lift shouldn't be a big slope, it should support the middle of the shoe. The dons try to do that, but I still feel a 2-inch elevator is the kind of range that many people should stick with.]
Amy said on 4/May/17
Rob is it okay for a guy to wear 3 inch Cuban heels and over? I just wondered if I got my husband a pair that he may be perceived as being gay as wearing thick heel boots I said kind of a feminine thing.
[Editor Rob: 2-inch cuban heels are big, 3 inch are like monsters. In the 70's there was a period where big 2-3 inch heels were common and in fashion...nowadays I don't see men in over 2 inch heels at all...]
RisingForce said on 1/May/17
Johnson, I've had these Cuban heel boots for years: Click Here The heel is advertised as 2" and I confirmed this with a tape measure a while back. If it's any less, it's only 1/16". Good to know I gain 1.7" from them. I've only measured myself in them when I had 1" lifts inside them several years ago and I measured near 5'10.75". For reference, I measured around 5'9" on a stadiometer last year with Converse and to be precise, I had my hoodie up during that measurement. I don't know if I measured myself with those Cuban heels and 2 inch lifts inside, which was my regular for a while, but I know I easily cleared 5'11". I'll be interested now to measure myself with those boots and no lifts and then with the 2" lift. Even without the lifts I add inside, that style is a good boost equal to some elevators. I believe both my cowboy boots(Dan Post and Tony Lama) give me 1.6" with a heel that I recall being 1.75" or so. Other shoes that give similar boosts without lifts are Timberlands, which probably add roughly what a cowboy boot does and Caterpillar boots. All these shoes can serve the same purpose as elevator shoes. You'll have an extra inch advantage over someone wearing thinner shoes and at least half, sometimes three quarters of an inch advantage over someone wearing normal shoes. The thicker basketball sneakers don't quite give what the boots I mentioned do, but they're not far off either. Nike Shox for instance add 1.4", iirc.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 30/Apr/17
Amy said on 25/Apr/17
@ Jack any guy who is 5"10 (178cm)and under is what I consider to be short. 5"11(180cm) is the average And what I consider tall for a guy is 6"3 (190cm) that is when you really stand out from the crowd and people start calling you names like Lanky.


It's women like you are part of the reason why some 5'9" or 5'10" guys are going around telling people that they're 6 feet tall. Sorry but any person who considers a 5'10" guy short is moronic. It's above average height in most countries you know.
Johnson said on 29/Apr/17
@Rob I bought silicone lifts advertised as 5 extra centimetres. The 5 layers of lifts are giving you only 1.4 real centimetres and not 3, 4 or 5 cms... it is important to know about silicone lifts.
Johnson said on 28/Apr/17
So then the theorical 2 inch cuban heels are giving you 1.6-1.7 inches of real height
[Editor Rob: around 1.7 inch if they advertise the heel when measuring the highest part at the back of the heel.]
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 26/Apr/17
Amy said on 25/Apr/17
@ Jack any guy who is 5"10 (178cm)and under is what I consider to be short. 5"11(180cm) is the average And what I consider tall for a guy is 6"3 (190cm) that is when you really stand out from the crowd and people start calling you names like Lanky.


5'10" being short.... Lol. Typical superficial woman.
Amy said on 25/Apr/17
@ Jack any guy who is 5"10 (178cm)and under is what I consider to be short. 5"11(180cm) is the average And what I consider tall for a guy is 6"3 (190cm) that is when you really stand out from the crowd and people start calling you names like Lanky.
Johnson said on 20/Apr/17
How much height does Dcsquare shoes give?
[Editor Rob: 0.5 - 0.6 range]
Bobby said on 20/Apr/17
@Jack, in my personal opinion, 5'6 is quite short for a man, but generally, around the average height of a woman is when I would really consider a man short, so 5'4. This is generally the height of women, on average.
Bobby said on 20/Apr/17
@Editor Rob, Does a total lift of 2.5 inches from my standing height of 5'10 mean, that I'd give off a big 5'11 impression to people? I did the math, and in the morning, I'd measure nearly 6'1 at 184.92cm and will measure 183.55cm at night. I subtracted 2.54cm because the idea is that the elevators boost your barefoot height by an inch, in my case, it'd be boosting my barefoot height by 1.5 inches, but the idea is that without my shoes on, I'd be almost 6ft at 5'11.5 in the afternoon, and pretty much 6ft in the morning (difference of 5mm), and I'd have the look of still being 5'11 at night, at just over 5'11.25. Does that sound about right?
[Editor Rob: if you think of the average footwear as being almost an inch, then you may well pull off 5ft 11.5 to people.
Peter175 said on 19/Apr/17
Jack, I'd say under 5'7 is what I consider short. 5'7-8 are below average and some might argue that 5'7 is the start of short or that 5'8 is "tall short" but they seem like normal heights relative to the population imo.
Timothy said on 19/Apr/17
Rob I had a look on Dons footwear website an found a pair of shoes like your wearing in the photo above but they give 5 inches of height and I'am wondering wheater this is true I thought most of these companies do boots/shoes give 2/3 inches, 5 inches seems hard to believe?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't touch anything over 3 inches, it's for those accustomed to wearing elevators a while.

I think 2-2.3 inches is an ideal height for elevators. You could get nearly 2 with a decent cowboy boot on it's own, and that gives you an idea of how a slightly thicker elevator might feel when walking about.]
jack said on 18/Apr/17
I am asking to everyone , in which height do you consider a guy short ?
jack said on 18/Apr/17
I am asking to everyone , in which height do you consider a guy short ?
Sneakerhead said on 17/Apr/17
I've got two questions :)

1. How much do a pair of brand new Adidas Stan Smiths add to my height?

2. I know a pair of Chucks add about 1.6 cm. Does that change over time?
[Editor Rob: about 3/4 inch

the chuck's can hold up not too badly...maybe 1-2mm lost after a couple of years.]
Johnson said on 17/Apr/17
Anybody knows the brand Chamaripas?? It is very popular on the net, it is cheap and they have lots of stuff and they look good
Nick said on 15/Apr/17
Rob where do you think I find a pair of Cuban heels like these Click Here
[Editor Rob: Nick, about 1.6-1.7 inches]
Johnson said on 15/Apr/17
@Rob can you tell me if the man on the left is wearing normal shoes or elevator shoes?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: they seem quite normal]
Joanna said on 14/Apr/17
Rob I'am looking to buy some Cuban Heel boots for my Son who has just recently turned 16 and he is really obsessed about getting his hands on a pair of fashionable but reasonable priced boots. Where do I shop I'am from the UK and not a lot of shops sell these kinds of boots but if they do it's not to a good price as a much as I'am wear like £250 and their not like Dons boots!
[Editor Rob: a cheaper option from Amazon might be worth looking at.

Shuperb have a good collection and mostly under 100...many of those give 2 inches (or very near).]
Johnson said on 14/Apr/17
@Rob I think you should do the sneakers page with another name or other tricks. The old link I had saved is deleted, so it is not anymore on the net
Mark Underwood 183cm said on 8/Apr/17
Rob these platform shoes you talk about are they all Dons footwear and if so how do I get myself a pair I 'am not an American and from the UK I don't imagine they make these sorts of shoes.
[Editor Rob: loads of companies sell elevator shoes. Can be expensive, so sometimes it's best to test a pair of lifts from ebay/amazon in your shoes to see if you think they might be for you!]
Bobby said on 6/Apr/17

Both parents are 5'8 flat? Hmm, interesting, I would need to know what your family height across all relatives are like but it's possible you can grow into 5'10 but it's more realistic that you get 5'9.5 to 5'9.75, intuitively however, men tend to grow to be as tall as their father, or taller... usually within one to two inches. So 5'10 would be the high end of things, with 5'8 being low. It also depends on when your parents stopped growing, because chances are, you'll follow suit, if one or both of your parents had a late growth spurt.
JayDen said on 4/Apr/17

Im 20 y/o both parents are 5'8 flat.

I'm 5'9.25 is it possible i can still grow in your opinion?
John said on 3/Apr/17
Rob, sometimes I measure 5'8, sometimes 5'7.75, and sometimes 5'7.5. How tall should I say I am?
[Editor Rob: you might be better saying 'almost 5ft 8']
John said on 2/Apr/17
If I'm actually 5'7.75 but claim 5'9, will people know I'm lying?
[Editor Rob: many will, many won't even give it a second thought.]
Puma said on 29/Mar/17
Hi, Big Rob.I have one question for you.
How much heel height does Nike son of force shoe add?I know, air force one give 3 cm to me.Well, son of force?
I guess, they are similar shoes.Do you think?
In Rob, we trust...
[Editor Rob: the son of force are a bit under 1 inch.]
Preston said on 29/Mar/17
Rob, how much do you reckon these Nike Presto Fly's give? I searched far and wide on your site and was unable to find any info! Thanks.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: these should give in 1.3-1.4 inch range.]
John said on 28/Mar/17
Rob, Is 5'7.4" considered 5'7.5" or 5'7.25"?
[Editor Rob: I'd say round it to nearest half inch, so 7.5]
Bobby said on 28/Mar/17
@Joradox, as Rob said, you'd be delighted with 5'9.5 but take heart that there is still hope, I was around 5'7 of sorts in 2010-2011, and didn't shoot up to 5'9 or so until after I turned 17, and I gradually grew into 5'10 by the time I turned 19-20. I also grew a little bit more than a quarter inch this past year. Your growth patterns might well be different however.
Bobby said on 28/Mar/17
@Editor Rob, so if I insert these insoles into my running shoes that has a physical heel of 1 inch, people wouldn't notice I was wearing lifts? I've got above average proportions for my height regardless but it's always nice to know when others can't tell if you're lifts or not.
[Editor Rob: if it's a 2cm lift, most aren't going to notice...only those very perceptive might think something was off, but I doubt it really.]
Joradox said on 24/Mar/17
Hi Bob, i'am a 17 years old boy(i just turned 17 this month) most men in my family are 5'7-5'10,i'am 5'8-5'8.5 depending of the day(that is my night height, i'am 5'9-5'9.5 in the morning).My dad is 5'6.5 and my mom is 5'2. I have short parents but i'am so close of the ideal normal height(5'10) and at this point i have had a lot of luck, because i don't even like or do sports.I was 5'7 in 2016, 5'6 in 2015, 5'4 in 2014 and 5'1 in 2013. Do you think i will reach 5'10?
[Editor Rob: if you reached 5ft 9.5 you should be delighted, because many with 5ft 6/2 parents might end up 5ft 6-8 range, some even 5ft 5, more rarer would get 5ft 10-6ft]
Bobby said on 24/Mar/17
@Editor Rob, Rob, these are the height insoles I'm planning to get: Click Here

They're reasonably priced, and have good reviews. Do you think I'll have 2.5 inches based on the curvature of the insoles?
[Editor Rob: yeah, the concave style of the insole plus the sharp angle means the 2.5 inch is maybe only getting 1.5 inches...still a noticeable boost and if you put them in a boot most people probably wouldn't be able to tell you were wearing anything like lifts.
Bobby said on 23/Mar/17
@Editor Rob, what about hereditary Rob? If your father stops growing at a certain age, like say, 26... Would you think it's reasonable for his son to follow that trend of growth?
[Editor Rob: well Bobby, we get a combination of genes from parents...sometimes there is random elements, but generally if your father had early growth you might have a good chance of following suit.]
Bobby said on 23/Mar/17
@Editor Rob, despite being 5'10, I seem to have 6ft proportions. My shoulder level is close to being 5ft at 4'11.5, and my legs measure 41 inches, while my inseam is 34 inches. Normally guys 6ft and over tend to have these proportions, so I can at times appear to be taller than 5'10 to others. So I think I'd stick to 2.5 inches, I at least have a chance to appear 6ft in them in the eyes of others for a whole day. I'd be 184.92cm in them in the morning, and since I only lose 1.2cm, I'd still be 183.65cm, so I'd appear a strong 6ft to others.
[Editor Rob: sometimes one man's proportions can help him seem taller...his perceived height is greater than the measured height.

Of course, your own measured height is ultimately what you are, but some get advantages or disadvantages with body shapes, head sizes which can make each individual appear taller or shorter than they really are.]
Gideon15 said on 23/Mar/17
Hi, Rob, how much do you think long, thick Fox River socks add to your barefoot height? A few milimetres? Maybe 0.5 Inch? Please, excuse my poor level of English.
[Editor Rob: most socks are barely anything, you need ribbed or very tightly knitted soles to even give a couple of mm...]
Namor said on 20/Mar/17
Hi rob, was wondering if you could est how much cm would "Nike Mens Tanjun Lifestyle give??
Bobby said on 18/Mar/17
I have another Rob, would you recommend elevators that give off 2-2.5 inches that is still enough to be comfortable but also give off a noticeable height increase?
[Editor Rob: having test elevators from 1.5 up to 4, I honestly think anybody who is thinking of them should stick to 2-2.5 range. You can function for hours in them, whilst 3-3.5 are much much harder on your feet/legs...]
Bobby said on 17/Mar/17
Editor Rob: Bobby, to other people you will probably look a big 5ft 11 guy, maybe 5ft 11.5 if you have generally good posture.

I should mention, I'm not sure if I've grown but my morning height has gone from 178.47 to 178.57. So I am 5mm off the half inch mark in the morning at 5'10.30, and 177.3 at night. Would this change people's perception of me while having that in mind? Maybe I'd appear a weak or somewhat decent 6ft to people throughout the day? As with one inch shoes, I am well over 5'11 in the morning, and it takes about 2-3 hours for me to begin losing my morning height, so I'd still 5'11 range well into the afternoon. Do you think my chances are good though, at 22 years old, to grow to 5'11?
[Editor Rob: at 22, any type of growth is rare, so I wouldn't be expecting anything more...if you did gain something, treat it as a wee bonus.

Posture, thickness of shoes, head size, eyelevel, shoulder height, personality, status (job type etc), clothing choices...all these factors can effect how others perceive us.]
Namor said on 10/Mar/17
Hi rob, how much cm would "Nike Mens Tanjun Lifestyle Shoes" give? As I don't like wearing shoes that make me big because I like appearing as my height.
Bobby said on 7/Mar/17
Hey, Rob, I wake up a bit past 5'10.25 at 5'10.26, how tall would you expect me to be with a decent pair of elevator shoes that measured in at 2inches, and keeping in mind that I'm a fraction under that height at late evenings at 5'9.75. Would you say I'd still appear to be a decent 6ft with 2inch height insoles for the whole day? I've experimented and wearing 7mm shoes, I always measure in at 5'10 range no matter what time of day it is. So bearing in mind that I'm a comfortable or decent 5'10, would you say people would more or less perceive me as being 6ft range with the height advantage that the insoles provide?
[Editor Rob: Bobby, to other people you will probably look a big 5ft 11 guy, maybe 5ft 11.5 if you have generally good posture.]
John said on 3/Mar/17
Rob, if my eyeline is 5'2.5, how tall am I?
[Editor Rob: John, you are very likely somewhere around 5ft 7ish]
Arthur said on 23/Feb/17
Rob If a person has a eyelevel in 1.65 but with little pushing of his head. Not too much tilt. But with a little tilt he has a eyevelel in 1.65. What will be his height in stadiometer ? I really wonder and asking you because of you have stadiometer in videos and house. It is possilbe for him to measured 1.74-1.74.3 cm ?

For exaple ıf he tilt too much eyelevel goes to 166.5 but he tilt it a little and has a eyelevel of 1.65. So I think 1.74 is quiete possibe ? What is your guess ?
[Editor Rob: many people naturally tilt heads up slightly when measuring, I've noticed this. It doesn't really change your height at all, but can make the eyelevel seem a bit shorter.

I'd expect you to be 175 range if slight uptilt. ]
Skhilling said on 18/Feb/17
My advice is if it truly makes you feel better about yourself go for it. It is a vanity just like makeup etc. Why not. I am a fairly tall woman and see eye to eye or very close to that with most men I see. When I wear heels I am taller than most. I don't let that stop me from wearing heels.
Darius said on 17/Feb/17
Rob,as a 5'7" man, is it a possibility to appear a 5'10" man using any of these elevator shoes?
[Editor Rob: Darius, with excellent posture and really big elevators yes...but realistically, pulling off 5ft 9-9.5 is more likely with a big 3 inch elevator (which is quite big in reality)]
Mimi said on 13/Feb/17
Rob, I mean how tall are the physical heel in those Big Don's. 😊😊😊
[Editor Rob: I believe around 1.3 inch range for the heel part.]
John V. said on 9/Feb/17
John V. said on 7/Feb/17

Hey Rob, if i measure 183 cm (little over 6 ft i'm assuming) in these, what would my barefoot height be?

[Editor Rob: they look pretty thick, you could be over 5ft 10, maybe just below 5ft 10.5.]

I measured the thickest part of the heel (furthest back) 3 cm on the dot actually. So does it give 3 cm or more or less than that?
[Editor Rob: it might have a slight slope to the part that falls just below your ankle, but with a few mm's insole it may still give about 3cm.]
Mimi said on 7/Feb/17
Rob those Dons that gave you 3.8 inches of height, how tall exactly are the heels of those shoes?
[Editor Rob: Mimi, I typically measured around 6ft flat, or if earlier in the day a little over 6ft in them.

But, they are the extreme version of elevators, I would never recommend anybody who hasn't worn elevators for a few years to jump in and buy anything over 3 inches. It takes a lot of practice to be able to function properly in extreme shoes like that.]
John V. said on 7/Feb/17
Hey Rob, if i measure 183 cm (little over 6 ft i'm assuming) in these Click Here , what would my barefoot height be?
[Editor Rob: they look pretty thick, you could be over 5ft 10, maybe just below 5ft 10.5.]
Sean5 said on 2/Feb/17
Hey Rob, I was wondering on the Dons midsole tech do you think there's a decent difference with a 2.5" style compared to the 2"? Was looking at these shoes and do you think the 2.5" style could give 2" of height? Thanks for your help Rob Click Here
[Editor Rob: yes Sean, there should be at least 1/3rd possibly a bit more of a real difference when using that midsole tech.]
John said on 1/Feb/17
Hey Rob, I've measured out that I'm 6' 1.25" out of bed and about 6' 0.7" before bed. (Flat foot without shoes) - How tall would I be at lunchtime in those dons?
[Editor Rob: in massive dons you could measure 6ft 4.5, in your normal type dons (2.5 inchers) about 6ft 3, at least a solid 6ft 3.]
James-6 ft 2 said on 1/Feb/17
Hey rob, do u know how much heel height does a typical Nike shoe add?
[Editor Rob: some Nike are 3/4, many are 1-1.3 range]
Sally (5'11.5 said on 31/Jan/17
I am knew to CelebHeight. I am fascinated by all of these detailed height discussions. I used your link to look at Don shoes. I am totally impressed. Does anyone know of a quality shoe company for women that is comparable? I like how Don's is able to give a great fit by looking at 3 different foot measurements as I am hard to fit. I also like how you can customize your color. I would appreciate any response.
[Editor Rob: I am not aware of a female specific shoe company, not really looked into it.]
John said on 25/Jan/17
Awesome. I used to be 5'10, but now I'm 6'0.5. Thanks rob.
Josh said on 23/Jan/17
Rob, what is the hardest wearing sneaker over an inch that you know of? (In other words, loses minimum height, takes a long time to lose the height etc) Is it a version of the airmax? What about the Puma TX?

Thanks :)
[Editor Rob: Josh, all sneakers wear through eventually, but actually see something like a converse - I found the sole on those quite good.

The old Puma, I can't remember but it didn't last more than 2 years...]
Jas96 said on 21/Jan/17
Hey rob another quick shoe enquiry could these give 2 inches? They look fairly fashionable too! Click Here thanks again rob :)
[Editor Rob: Jas, they should give nearly 2 inches, possibly a little bit under it.]
OuterCreek said on 17/Jan/17
Thanks for answering my question, Rob. As a follow up, what would you say is appropriate to claim for my height? (185cm out of bed / 182.5-183cm before bed). I feel like "6 foot and a half" is a bit of a mouthful, but 6 feet is also selling myself a bit short. Maybe, just over 6 feet, or just under 6 foot 1? I have good posture and in shoes am always walking around taller than 6 foot 1. Thanks.
[Editor Rob: personally I'd just stick with saying 6ft...nobody is ever going to think you are shorter.

Well, 1 in a 100 might!]
Jeff said on 14/Jan/17
Rob, as You stated in an old Youtube video , You said that the actual increase that a pair of elevator shoes can offer is less than the amount claimed on the website where they are sold ;although,i found that many people observed an increase equal to that stated on the site where they purchased their pair.Perhaps a different manufacture and brands is the answer to this ?
[Editor Rob: I don't know if any brands have changed over the years, but some may well do an actual measurement in recent years. It is the most sensible way of doing it, and gives people a realistic expectation as to the actual height the shoe will give.]
Jas96 said on 14/Jan/17
Hey rob!, Any ideas how much this Reebok trainer would give quite a nice looking trainer that I have a feeling gives more than it looks Click Here thanks again rob
[Editor Rob: new they should give a solid inch, but after a couple months I'm not sure how much the insole will compress.]
mtttrrr said on 13/Jan/17
Hey Rob, I have a curiosity. I measured myself out of bed and I'm 6ft. Then I notice that during the day my height doesn't go down as the common 2 cm but even worst. I mean, if I do keep a right posture and I keep my back straight I do measure 180 cm but I notice that walking when I pass near an object that I know it's 185m I feel like I'm 5.7 but If I stretch next that object I do realize I kept my height. You need to know I'm really thin, I weight 56kg, I don't have any shoulder height cause it's just bones. My posture can't determinate that? or my weight? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: some people do shrink a good 3cm, it's less common than between 1.5-2cm. You are still a decent enough 5ft 11 guy.]
krx32 said on 11/Jan/17
Hey, same problem with the sneakers page, it s a shame.

How about the adidas superstar sneakers ?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: krx, the superstars can start off nearly an inch, but after a few weeks I found they went closer to 0.75 inch. Insole seemed to compress a lot.]
OuterCreek said on 6/Jan/17
Rob, I wake up at right around 6ft .75in barefoot and typically and bang on 6ft before bed, maybe a few mm below. In my daily walking around shoes, I typically walk around anywhere from 6ft 1 to 6ft 1.5, sometimes even closer to 6 ft 2 in boots. My question is, would you consider this "tall"? In most places I feel pretty tall, but then there are other times when I feel shorter. I know that this can be as a result of only noticing when people are taller than me. I'm pretty content with my height, ideally I would like to be probably 6ft 1 evening height but I can live with what I have.

My question is, would you consider my height tall, or above average? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: I'd say it's at the start of the tall range...sometimes people filter out the shorter people a bit more than the taller and it seems there is a greater proportion of taller than shorter.]
Jas96 said on 3/Jan/17
Hi Rob can't get onto the celebheights sneaker page so this is the next closest could I get 1.5" inches from these boots Click Here
[Editor Rob: Jas, I have removed the sneakers page for now...it's an ongoing problem with Google keeping removing the page from it's index and putting a spammers page instead (which copies the page entirely).

Depending on the insole I feel the boot should be very close to 1.5 inches, maybe 1.4ish.

Darius said on 3/Jan/17
Rob, if I'm 5'7", which elevator shoes can make me appear taller without it being too obvious?. How tall will I appear to the public if I wear those? What is the max. height a guy of my height can appear to the public by wearing elevator shoes or lifts? Is it possible to achieve 5'10" range?
[Editor Rob: Darius, depending on the hem of the trousers/pants, you could wear a full 3 inch boot and appear like a 5ft 9-9.25 guy to people (others who wear 0.75-1 inch sneakers or shoes).

I wouldn't recommend jumping in that high but would build up from starting with a 2-2.25 inch elevator to see if it's something you could wear on a daily basis.

Some people buy a 3-inch, try it a few days and realise it's hard...if they went for a 2-inch, they'd find it much easier and to get used to the different angle and muscles being used.

Most people won't be able to tell a 2-inch up to 2.5 inch elevator, but if it is 3-inch, it might be a bit more obvious as it will be a higher angle at the front.]
Nick said on 3/Jan/17
Rob, the sneaker article seems to have disappeared again
Fog5'11 said on 2/Jan/17
Hi Rob. Would putting a 4-5cm lift in a 1.6 inch work boot get me to look 6'1 in public? I remember you saying that the bigger the heel from the back the less height it gives as your foot slopes, but i was thinking the big heel of the work boot would compensate for this. Thanks.
Adam said on 30/Dec/16
Just some info for anyone thinking of purchasing some Dons: the quality is excellent. I got the Potenza suede boots with 3.1 inch lift. If you are new to "liftage" in any way do as Rob advises and start lower. However, if you're used to wearing say 1 inch or 1.25 lifts in boots then the 3.1 inch dons will be no problem: they give about 2.8 and are comfortable for everyday use. Midsole tech is a must by the way.
stev said on 16/Dec/16
Hi Rob, what happened to the sneaker height page? Thanks
[Editor Rob: stev, it is still Here.

Google removed the page from their search index and replaced it with a spammers cloaked version of the page.

They've done it several times with that page over the years...removed mine from the index and put the spammers page up instead.

Really embarrassing stuff from Google. It's why they are in my eyes a totally discredited and shameful company.

Clear example of why Google is absolutely useless in fighting spam...they simply don't care or seem to want to help spammers.

Google is a supporter of spam sites.]
Jas96 said on 16/Dec/16
Hey rob, didn't know where to post this comment as the section "sneakers" you used to have with the height on high street shoes has gone, my question is have you seen the new doc martens light range where instead of the heel on the sole it's now all joined into one like a wedge will the new light boots give the same amount of height and if so how much height do they give thanks! :)
[Editor Rob: I've not seen the Doc Martens up close to be able to give an idea on them. They don't seem to give much difference, from looking at photos though.]
Judd said on 14/Dec/16
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure how thick the insole on the Hogan is, but it could be a fraction, and give overall a 3cm range.]

You think might be just 3cms? keep in mind that the outside sole is something like 1''/2,5cm...
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure they really look more than an inch outsole, it all depends on how thick insole is, which can be harder to tell. Some are 1-2mm, others might be 1/4-3/8th in thickness.]
Judd said on 9/Dec/16
rob how many cms give these Hogans Traditional Click Here ?
maybe 3-3,5 cms? it's what it seems...what do you think about?
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure how thick the insole on the Hogan is, but it could be a fraction, and give overall a 3cm range.]
sully said on 9/Dec/16
Wow Rob , you look a decent 6'0" with those Big Dons.
[Editor Rob: sully, the Big Dons are really big...nobody should ever jump straight in and buy such a pair, because you need to start lower and get used to walking with higher shoes.

I have tested the big dons about the house and believe me, they would take getting used to.

The 2.3 Dons are the kind of level most people can wear and function comfortably. 3 inch range becomes much more trickier I feel, I wouldn't recommend going much above a 2 incher if ever thinking of starting to wear elevator shoes!]
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Nov/16
Ha ha ha! I appear to have been spelling 'heel' the wrong way, altering the entire meaning of the word! Ha ha ha!
Don't worry about altering it Rob! I think it's funny and I don't mind a giggle at my expense! You can print this as well!
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Nov/16
Yes Rob! I remember the glam-rock era! I was only a kid but it still met with my approval that blokes could wear heals and platforms! It was downright honest as well as a great fashion statement! They weren't too uncomfortable to wear either when you got used to them! I used to walk miles in mine!
[Editor Rob: Some fashion styles return, but I would be surprised if the platform 70's style heels for men ever returned.]
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Nov/16
Why is it considered cool and fashionable for women to wear towering great heals, yet if a bloke tries to increase his height by using his footwear, it is bordering on laughable?
It is so unfair!
[Editor Rob: it is viewed as a more feminine pursuit, although if you go back to the 70's or even much further back, there was periods in time where platform style heels for men were the norm and not thought of in a negative sense.]
tinydancer said on 8/Nov/16
ROB how likely is it for people to make a comment about if i take off my 2.5inch dons and go barefeet

i mean surely that is a drastic difference
[Editor Rob: Tiny, it is quite likely someone would recognise the drop in height.
How you deal with any comment is something that is harder to comment on, because some might just be curious, while another person might be more negative in attitude.
Tunechi said on 8/Nov/16

I am planing on purchasing many 2.5inch shoes from Don's. At home I am always in slippers, they are pretty thick...give exactly 1.2inches of height. Reason being, my feet hurt when I walk on our wooden floors. My actual height is 171cm. Do you think people that come over to my house would realise the height difference in shoes when we got out? At home ive never been questioned about my slippers, but the extra inch added when i am in my dons, would it be noticeable to the people that see me in my slippers at home?
I mean i am literally ALWAYS wearing slippers at home.

Thank you very much Rob
[Editor Rob: Tunechi, some people might notice it...a half inch extra to nearly everybody wouldn't be anything that would make them think 'is this guy in lifts', but 1-1.5 might mean a small percentage of people will notice your height.

How you deal with the few people who ever even bring it up? You could just say it's thicker shoes, better posture in a manner that deems it unimportant.]
DAVEEAST said on 6/Nov/16
Hey Rob,
In the morning I am 171.8 but at night i creep down to 170cm. How tall would i be in 2.5 midsole tech elevator shoes from Dons?

Thanks rob
[Editor Rob: Dave, you would probably measure in the 176cm range at lunchtime in those dons.]
Greg said on 27/Oct/16
@Rob, I watched some videos from you on youtube. I come to realize, your height is not 173cm, but between 174cm and 175cm. Why do you claim 173cm? It distorts all your photos with celebrities. You are a solid 174cm and maybe a weak 175cm guy, so please change it. Thanks. Greetings.
[Editor Rob: my low is 173cm. The stadiometer adds 1/8th inch extra height. Being on feet for many hours at conventions (when meeting actors) means I get to my low height quicker than at home, where some days I might not hit my low.]
Lucas said on 12/Oct/16
if i already have great posture elevator sneakers will not improve my posture?
[Editor Rob: the angle means you might hold a consistant posture - maybe be less likely to slouch.]
Hardi said on 1/Oct/16
How much height these KISS boots give? Click Here
[Editor Rob: 6 inch range]
Gideon15 said on 21/Sep/16
Hi, Rob. It is possible to grow 1 - 2 inches by doing stretching exercises? I,m 26. If so, can you recommend some of the best stretching exercises? On the other hand, I believe you said that you are comfortably with your height, but if you could, what barefoot height would you choose? 6ft or 6ft5? And, what do you think about a lift wearer like myself? I mean, do you find lousy that a 5ft11.75ft - 6ft guy wears 2 - 2.5 inches lifts? Please, excuse my poor level of English. Thank you in advance.
[Editor Rob: some claim to have gained 2cm through a few years of efforts...but if your plates are closed, your posture is good, there's nothing much more to do.

You could hang from a bar for years and your height won't increase.]
champagnepa said on 18/Sep/16
Hey there Rob

So currently I am 5'7.6 in my sneakers when i am out

i plan on purchasing elevators that will take my height up to 5'9.6

will this be a strong noticeable change to people? Im not talking about people i already knew, but to a stranger would i look significantly taller? I mean being 5'7.6 in shoes is kind of short but being 5.9.6 is surely a good difference?

how would most people in the UK see my height? average?
also what about friends and family..surely they would notice it?

I guess what im trying to get at is that will my height difference be strong for me positively or will it be barely noticeable?

cheers rob
[Editor Rob: a 1 inch boost in height isn't as noticeable as say 1.5...I think the percentage who will notice the difference from your usual to 1.5 is much higher than your usual to just 1 inch above with a lift.

You could always get people used to seeing you 1 inch taller than usual....then further down the line increase to a 1.5 inch lift.

Staged increasing is something if I was wearing lifts I'd do.]
Chris said on 17/Sep/16
About a year and a bit ago, I bought my first and currently only pair of Don's shoes. They claimed to give me 3.5 inches. I never really measured myself in them. At the time, with little knowledge about height increase, I just took the site as gospel.
As soon as I got them, I realised they fit big... really big. Almost what I'd say 2-3 sizes bigger than my actual foot, despite having my foot measured. I just attempted to put some tight laces on and overtime, dealt with it.
The heels have really worn through. I honestly am at the point where I don't feel much difference between my elevator height and my actual height. I've used these boots a lot. But today I measured myself at 166.5cm (evening after a full day of walking).
Then I re-measured with the elevator shoes on and I gained just a 4cm increase to just over 170cm -- barely 1.5inches of height.
I decided to test this and made a mark on my door where my eye level was flat, and then with the elevators. The distance between the two marks was, again 4cm.
Now, the reason behind this - I'm not really aware. That's why I'm messaging you. Could it be because the shoes are such a big fit on my feet that I'm losing so much height, or were they simply made with less height than advertised on the site?
I measured the boot, like you did in your videos - and the 4cm mark was past the heel and into the interior lift itself.
I imagine, that before I wore the heel out so much, the shoes maximum height was most likely around 6-6.5cm but again, I could have lost that additional height due to the size of the shoe on my feet?
I've never really felt above 171cm wearing them - (or a 5'6-5'6.5 guy in public, due to the fact everyone else would be wearing shoes as well)

I guess if this all seems accurate to you, (I assure you all these measurements are 100% correct) - then are there better elevator shoes either on Don's or on the market that I can get? Something which will give me a legitimate 3+ inch gain. I guess I'd be looking at something imbeteen your 2.5 inch shoe and the massive 4inch one (which I have to say, do look quite obvious and are probably terrible to walk in) - If you can recommend any shoes in particular, I'd really appreciate it.
Or, alternatively is it worth taking these boots to the local shoe clerk and getting the heel built up by an extra 3-4cm ;)

Any advice, greatly appreciate it
[Editor Rob: it might be an option to have a local shoemaker redo the sole of the heel which might regain you a cm if they really have worn a fair amount.

I'd definitely email Dons and tell them about the wear and tear and see what they say...for over a years use I would expect the outer sole to have held up better, so maybe the pair you got wasn't up to scratch.

You could have lost height in both the insole and the outer sole. If it was a 3.5 inch model I'd have expected them to start with nearer to 3 inches overall height...but if the model had a higher angle internal lift, then it might have been under 3 inches.

They did introduce 'midsole tech' which means the lift doesn't slope as much, hence you should gain more than the older styles of lifts gave you.]
Ryan said on 15/Sep/16
I just purchased my first pair of Don's a few months back and recently ran into this article. These shoes are amazing - not only in terms of its height enhancement, but in that they are beautiful. I'm really glad to see a very well written article recommending Don's.
RobV said on 12/Sep/16
A few posters have asked about how elevators at different heights will look with skinny jeans. As someone who really likes skinny jeans, and wears elevators all the time now, I can tell you that there are many factors with this but it can easily be pulled off - it's not simple at the higher levels but there ARE some simple rules. A lot depends upon the style of boot, what is fashionable in your area right now, the colour and length of the jeans, the material, even the time of year/weather. I myself can and do wear the bigger 4" elevators (in black) with superskinny black jeans, but this is because i have worked it out carefully in style terms and would not do it all the time everywhere.

First the simple bit - there is just no way that anyone will call you out if you were to buy the lower elevators (3" or less), but always make sure that the style of elevator and pants go together from a fashion point of view. Look at sites with guys wearing skinnies and what they are wearing (I have always found Topman in the Uk to be a great guide). You will see that it varies - some guys are wearing boots that frankly LOOK like they might be elevators because most boots look big and heavy under skinnies. They are not elevators but they look big and thick. That's a plus for you and when the look is like that (specially in winter in colder countries) then it's a real doubleplus and you can get away with way more. When boots like that are really fashionable I wear my 4" boots (d'Etnas from Dons or Ischias from GuidoMaggi) and it's a perfect perfect look.

Unless you are making the classic statement of drawing attention to your boots (and I suggest lower ones in that event - like brown boots with black jeans or something - then black and black allows you way more latitude as it all follows in a line. I can even get the longest length in skinnies and roll them up slightly. But I stress that this look needs to be checked and re-checked in the mirror and I would say not too much of the boot should be exposed. Try if possible to keep that line at the back so no clumpy boot shows. Also always always make sure that when the boots are done up that they fit closely at the top - this is a must, otherwise it can look a bit like the boots are lost on you, too roomy. The cool look is when they fit close and tight at the top. I have said it also before - when you buy elevators, buy them in at least one size larger than you normally buy (2 sizes up if you are wearing them SOLELY under more bootcut style jeans, but not with skinnies).

I've given my e-mail address here before for anyone wanting advice and haven't done it for some time, but I have been wearing lifts and elevators successfully since I was late teens and have kinda worked out all the stuff on this kinda front. I'm on robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk if ever you need advice.
KDfor3 said on 7/Sep/16
Hey there Rob

just a though on my mind today. i know elevators help a lot with your posture which is a good thing. i was wondering about the average male/female. Lets not kid ourselves, a lot of people nowadays have poor posture. when walking, standing etc, people tend to be slouching. So when someone declares their height, for example a woman, and she says that she is 5'4. Being logical, she probably measured that height when standing her absolute tallest. Would it be safe to presume that when walking around and standing normal, she would actually measure at 5'3 because of the fact that A LOT of people slouch? is that a safe assumption? i mean if ur posture is great (not a lot of people) then you are not really losing any height when standing/walking, but most the majority of us that have poor posture, is it safe to presume that we are actually around 1 inch smaller than our measured height, as we are standing our tallest with good posture, but on a normal everyday basis we are slouching which brings down our normal height?

let me know if you understand what im saying and I'd love to hear back

[Editor Rob: a proportion of the population have poor posture, but a lot actually are standing about 1/4 to 1/2 inch less than their measured height. A lesser proportion within 1/4 inch, but those are usually people who are fit and healthy.]
paulpierce said on 7/Sep/16
Rob I can see you mentioned that the 2.5 Mid-sole shoes from Dons will look chunky and people will notice them if worn with skinny jeans. I am in the same predicament as the fellow poster who asked that. How noticeable will it be? Do you have any pictures of people wearing them?

Also u suggested to purchase the 2.2/2.3 inch version shoes. If the 2.5 versions give around 2.3inches of height, how much would a 2.3 inch SHOE give?

[Editor Rob: it will still give a solid 2 inches and even that fraction difference might mean wearing them is easier on a day to day basis. Once you get used to a 2-2.2 inch, it might be easier later on to move to something like a 2.75.

I think some people jump in too high with elevators, buying the 2.75 or 3 inch. Those will be more noticeable with skinny jeans. The 2 -2.3 inch won't be quite, I think you can get away with it more.

Also with elevators you have to think about what you will say to other people if they notice your extra height - I suppose you could be honest and say thicker shoes! Or fixed your posture or something.]
KDfor3 said on 6/Sep/16
Rob how many inches would 2.5 midsole tech version of DONS shoes give in actual height?

2.3 inches?
[Editor Rob: they should give closer than the old style of lift, I'd expect near that 2.3 inch zone yes because the insole doesn't slope harshly at first, it is a gradual curve meaning you get a little bit more height compared to old style of insoles in the Dons.]
KDfor3 said on 6/Sep/16
Hi there Rob!

Hope you are well. I wanted to ask to something about morning and evening height. When i wake up i measure at 172cm with good posture (standing my tallest)
but at night it creeps down to 170cm with good posture (standing my tallest)

Now, i am going to be completely honest. I weigh 85 KG (overweight for my height), never do any sort of exercise or stretches, lay in bed all day, eat terribly (cant remember the last time i drank water) and generally have awful posture too.

Now i am planing to make big changes in my life. I want to start working out, losing weight, mastering perfect posture to stand the tallest I can, do daily stretches everyday that will help my spine to hydrate, drink loads of water and have a great, clean, healthy diet. also thinking about taking glucosamine pills as I heard they help with height (could you please confirm this)

What I am trying to ask is that can my maximum morning height (172) and max evening height (170) increase? Please note that when taking these measurements, I am standing my absolute tallest. With all the things i mentioned I am willing to change, is it possible for either of those figures to go up and by how much? where would that extra height be coming from?

I am 20 years old so im hoping i still have time to grow. i havent really grown in the past 5 years. my brothers are 6'2 and 5'11. father is 5'7 mum is 5'2. asked my father about any late growth, he said he cant remember. Do u think there is some time left? should i get my growth plates checked?

sorry for the long message, but i hope you can get back to me with as much info as possible

p.s im also planning on purchasing 2.5 version of DONS boots.

thanks a lot ROB!
CP3 said on 5/Sep/16
Hey Rob.

I wear skinny jeans like these every single day
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

i am looking to purchase some low top shoes from DONS such as adidas samba, vans, ralph lauren and even some bigger ones such as the HULK and chelsea boots all at the 2.5 inch raise

I am scared that they will be noticeable to people especially since i wear jeans such as those.. what do you reckon Rob?

would people be able to tell im wearing elevators especially since they will be 2.5 inch raise

Thanks a lot Rob
[Editor Rob: 2.5 will look a bit more chunkier. I think 2 is a very safe mark to buy, or 2.2/2.3 inch.

Remember most people who look downwards are seeing the boot at a different angle than if they were lying on the floor looking directly at it - the extra bulkiness gets masked easier.

I think the chelsea type boot is a good one to try out.]
RobV said on 4/Sep/16
@ Phil I have to agree with your comment about the trite and meaningless comment by 'Jan' dissing and flaming people who wear elevators or care for their appearance in other ways. Frankly, who cares if she witters on about being 'attractive' and scattering cliches about 'personality'. Good for you love, get over yourself and have a lie down. This section of the site is about elevators, not homilies and low grade cant.

The fact is that the vast majority of people do NOT know you are wearing elevators if you do it properly - the higher you go the more stuff you have to take into account, so for an average guy an extra couple of inches is only really detectable to you yourself - and it makes you feel better being just that bit taller. Sure a short person wearing 5" elevators will find it difficult to finesse, but that really is not the whole story in regard to adding height.
Hardi said on 4/Sep/16
Rob, I have a question about elevator shoes and shoe lifts. If you look elevator shoes or shoe lifts, then you see that all the lifts and elevators have that tilt which in my opinion may make person to lean forward if he wears them on a daily basis and therefore it will affect your posture and you will not be able to "stand tall" anymore. I think better solution would be Cuban heel or just very thick outsole, like 1.5-2 inch, some military boots (or these "Robert Smith boots" Click Here). It may feel more wierd, because your whole foot is like 2 inches off the ground. Some people would rather want their toes to be close to floor. Also it can give a look like KISS boots if wearing more than 2 inches.
For the conclusion I§d say Cuban heels or thicker outsole will make your feet more comfortable, but other people can notice that easily AND wearing insole lifts, it makes your feet hurt more, but people won§t notice it.

What do you think about that? Thanks for reading the whole text too!
[Editor Rob: Goth style boots are an alternative, ones with 1 inch thick section at front and near 2 at the back, means the angle isn't too harsh like on an elevator.]
Phil said on 31/Aug/16

who cares who you are attracted to or not. The world is very superficial and you will be judged. All that garbage about
personality is ridiculous. If someone finds out that I am wearing lifts, i will just admit it straight up. There is no need to be
embarrassed about enhancing your image.
Hardi said on 25/Aug/16
If you say you would recommend elevator shoes max 2-2.5 inch then do you mean the real height that they give so they would be described like 3 inch or described as 2-2.5 inch and actually give little less?
[Editor Rob: yes, I mean the ones advertised at 2.5, 2.75 range. These will give you a solid 2 inches and change.

If you choose to wear elevators, I think that level of actual height (2.3 inches) is enough, for daily wear. The bigger versions I'd say might be more suited to occasional wear.

Saying that, there are users who wear bigger versions, but for comfort sake I'd always recommend a more modest size.]
svk said on 17/Aug/16
hey rob
I watched almost all videos of your youtube channel, and i found everybody is scamming, wheather it is GT4I or REINIS. So is there any program which is really effective? i`am 19 and 5ft 6inch. i dont find any way to communicate with you, so why i write in your website. please help
[Editor Rob: the best you can do is try your own program for a year to maximise posture.

Hanging, daily stretching, inversion - they might add a bit.]
Sam said on 10/Aug/16
Height isn't all its cracked up to be if you're self-confident. For others its just a matter of interest.
Colin H. Wright said on 7/Aug/16
Two days ago I was 81 and about 5ft 6. at my tallest I was something under 5ft 8. Doesn't bother me now didn't bother me then. Didn't seem to bother anyone else either. Save your money and spend it on a nice girl who doesn't care how tall//short you are!
LukeSimp said on 7/Aug/16
Hello ROB

i think we are all familiar with the amazing work of DONS. they create some fantastic shoes.

However, i came across another site called guidomaggi. Italian based, also make elevator shoes.

some of there designs i fell in love with such as these...
Click Here
Click Here

The 2.4inch model, how much height do you think they would give? we all know it will not be 2.4 exactly, but around?

also have you got any knowledge of this company?

or do you think I am better off asking DONS to replicate these designs

[Editor Rob: I don't believe the Guido use the higher midsole tech that Dons uses to gain a little bit more height. From what I've seen, the inserts can be taken out in some models, but with Dons they are more fixed.

The Guido certainly appear from their site and instagram to be a very well made brand, with a price reflecting it.

I would ask Dons if they could get a similar model, they do custom styles for people.]
LukeSimp said on 5/Aug/16
hello everyone

just waned to ask if any of you guys own a pair of dons elevator shoes. if so do people notice them and ask you about them?
JAN said on 27/Jul/16
There's nothing more unattractive and off-putting than an insecure man pretending to be something that he is not - in every department. It's false advertising. Personally I prefer taller slender athletic men, that is my taste. I am small dark and petite, that is my husband's taste. I know I am attractive person, but not to every man's taste. Some like blonde and curvy, others slender and petite. I don't take this personally it's just how we are. My confidence comes from within. If you focus on finding someone who is attracted to you for your real qualities rather than pretending to project this false image you'll have more luck finding someone. I used to shudder meeting an online date in person only to find someone claiming they were 6' tall and toned to be short (5' 8) and pudgy. It's a massive turn-off to fake it. Same for women wearing 10lbs of makeup and spanks. It's fraudulent and a turn-off. Those elevator shoes are gonna have to come off sometime, so spare yourself the embarrassment and your partner the disappointment of the charade. Be your best, be confident and accepting of yourself and most of all be real.
LukeSimp said on 3/Jul/16
Hey Rob

considering dons shoes dont give exactly the height that they may advertise, i realsied that in elevators, i will be a good 5'9.25. Now i wanted to see how tall i would look if i was to ever take a picture with you aha, so im guessing i cant be the same as celebs that are noted as 5'9.25 on this site that you have taken pictures with since that is a barefoot height, and in shoes they would be taller.

so could you please let me know what height pictures should i be looking at? 5'8.75? 5'8.5?

it would be great if you could throw some specific names out

thanks rob
[Editor Rob: yes, probably 5ft 8.75 range]
paulpierce said on 25/Jun/16

i wanted to ask you if getting the 2.5inch versions of the Vans and Samba will be noticeable to people when they look at your shoes? I always wear skinny jeans, but super skinny, but fairly skinny, the types Bieber wears. But yeah, how noticeable will it be that I am wearing elevators to people, with the 2.5 versions?

[Editor Rob: if you sit down and they see the whole shoe, a few might think it looks different or thicker...but will they probe/question you about it? I doubt it, so wouldn't worry because most of the time your trouser might cover a portion of the shoe, so nobody will really notice it.

Most people are thinking about themselves more than others...]
ajs said on 20/Jun/16
This question is for Jedi Master 5'11: I'm wondering if you ever started a blog? Oh, and by the way, I'm a legitimate 6'0". Maybe a fraction of an inch taller.
If I buy 4 inches said on 19/Jun/16

I think Gordon Ramsay wears big elevators but can't confirm. That's just one picture
Luke said on 23/May/16
Hey Rob,

I I were to buy a 2.5" 'midsole tech' elevator shoe (any shoe) from Don's, what would you say the expected increase in actual height will be? Would it be around 2.25" or so?

[Editor Rob: yes I'd expect a bit over 2 inches, the 3 inches might get you more 2.5-2.7 range.]
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 16/May/16
From what I've seen lately, there are not many people who are legitimate 6'0". Not in my neck of the woods at least.
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 16/May/16
From what I've seen lately, there are not many people who are legitimate 6'0". Not in my neck of the woods at least.
5'7 said on 26/Apr/16
How much realistic height do you believe someone gets from a 4" Don 's elevator shoe?
[Editor Rob: could be in 3 inch range]
paulpierce said on 21/Apr/16
so you reckon some extra cm's can be gained? [Editor Rob: I'd definitely do this. Just some simple exercise daily, use a hanging bar for decompressing the spine. Also sometimes it is a mental correction needed to remember when you start slouching to try to adjust posture and walk/stand tall.]
[Editor Rob: it depends on the state of your body/posture - an athlete doing this won't really have much benefit....but some people might gain an improvement through months of regular stretch/exercise/hanging...in effect maximising their height and untapping a little tiny bit extra.]
174ish dude said on 20/Apr/16
Hey Rob, if you would be so kind I was wondering how much height you think would be gained with these? Click Here I'm guessing not the full 3 inches
[Editor Rob: more like 2.3 inches]
paulpierce said on 14/Apr/16
hey rob might be in the wrong section but hey ahah so im 168.5cm when im standing (terrible posture). when i stand up straight i am 170.5cm. good posture. I am in terrible shape, never really went to the gym. if i start going, work on my back, posture, do hanging exercises, can that 170.5 go any higher or is that the max?
[Editor Rob: I'd definitely do this. Just some simple exercise daily, use a hanging bar for decompressing the spine. Also sometimes it is a mental correction needed to remember when you start slouching to try to adjust posture and walk/stand tall.]
trilln4real said on 11/Apr/16
hello rob i am going to buy the 2inch vans from dons. i wear skinny jeans, Not skin tight, but the types that justin bieber wears. will it be visible to people that i am wearing elevators
[Editor Rob: the 2-inch will look thicker than a standard vans...but when people are near you and looking down at your feet, most wouldn't even realise or think 'that's a bit thicker than normal']
Peter said on 10/Apr/16
Hello Rob ! Which one gives you a greater boost? New Balance 574 or Nike Air Force 1 ? In both how many centimeters you can get ? Thanks :)
[Editor Rob: both are a bit over an inch new, I don't think you would notice much difference between them really.]
Matrix said on 31/Mar/16
Hey Rob, how much height do you think these shoes are gonna give me? (~ Size 41 European, which is normally 8 or 7.5 US). Click Here Thx in advance!
[Editor Rob: could be 1.3-1.5 zone. It's a bulky looking basketball shoe, so I'd expect that range.]
RobV said on 20/Mar/16
@ Jedi Master You say you've noticed a problem with elevators in terms of comfort after a lot of wear, but I think it really DOES depend upon whether you have bought cheap ones or not. Which ones are they? I have had no problems in comfort with either my GuidoMaggis or my Don's and these generally are the best two on the market. And I wear 5" elevators for much of the time, and even add a little to get the full effect by buying my boots a bit bigger than normal. It's been two years since I wore elevators pretty much full time, before that I wore lifts and now THAT is where you have to be careful in terms of comfort and raw heels - I still do wear lifts in some things (like trainers) as well as in elevators. You really DO have to try things out a lot, but all my long experience with both tells me that discomfort is less and less likely with time (rather than the other way round).

Many guys at first find that the very act of wearing the extra height feels odd, even if it's just a couple of inches - the pluses very quickly kill that feeling though!
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 13/Mar/16

I think I noticed a problem with elevators. I find after a couple months of wearing them, my heel starts to feel raw.
I don't quite get this sensation when wearing a lift in my shoe, but I'm starting to think that it's putting to much strain on my bones.

Like Matt179cm below said, he wears a 1 inch lift in his Nike Shox.
So he should be pushing 6' 1", for a fair 6' 0" claim. I do the same for my Nikes,
and its actually pretty legit even if you wear shorts.

Pretty unnoticeable even, and other men will flinch at the gym.

Lol, I'm probably annoying but I love this subject so I don't care. I'm going to yap about it.

Matt, if you wake up late in the day then you have 1 inch on everyone + the shoe without the heel then you can say 6' 1" without needing the heel.
5' 10.5" is basically 5' 11.5"

I don't really think I'm going to be growing much more. I wear 30 x 32, 31 x 32 slim jeans, tried getting 31 x 34 and they were way too long even with my boots.
We can probably both get 30 x 33 and have a more slimming effect with the right shoe.

For us 5' 10.5" and 5' 11" men, claiming 6' 0" even is quite easy and agreeable when we're nightowls and wear at minimum 1 inch heel on the bottom of the shoe. We really don't need a lift, and the average population already thinks we're in the ideal-average-tall group.

If I wake up at 5 PM on the weekend, go out, I can technically say I've gained an inch.

So, if I were 5' 10.5" the moment I wake up, that's the height I'll go with. Everyone else who's normally 5' 10.5" in the morning is now 5' 9.5" or 5' 9.75" or 5' 10". They're shorter than you when you're taller. Now you can say 5' 11.5". I'm about 5'11.25 - 5'11.75" when I wake up and sometimes just 5' 11" if I sleep all hunched up. So if I wake up at the end of the day instead of the morning, all 5' 11" men become 5' 10". I have an inch on them, so I become 6' 0.25 - 6' 0.75" in appearance — add shoes with regular 0.5 or 1 inch, 1.4 inch heel — 6' 1", 6' 1.5" — add 1 inch more in lift and you have 6' 2", 6'2.5" range. If you're lucky and the math adds up with the right shoe: 6' 3" maybe. It'd be an interesting claim but when the shoes come off it's pretty much defeated.

Of course, all barely 6' 3" men become 6' 2" - 6' 2.5" at the end of their days, 6' 2.5" - 6' 2" men become 6'1.5" minimum, maybe even 6'0.75". In theory, the math checks out but the way you carry yourself (posture and other ****) will reinforce whatever tricks you use.

Or you can go to space for a couple months and gain a couple inches: Click Here

Jedi Master 5'11 said on 13/Mar/16

I think I noticed a problem with elevators. I find after a couple months of wearing them, my heel starts to feel raw.
I don't quite get this sensation when wearing a lift in my shoe, but I'm starting to think that it's putting to much strain on my bones.

Like Matt179cm below said, he wears a 1 inch lift in his Nike Shox.
So he should be pushing 6' 1", for a fair 6' 0" claim. I do the same for my Nikes,
and its actually pretty legit even if you wear shorts.
Pretty unnoticeable even, and other men will flinch at the gym.

Matt, if you wake up late in the day then you have 1 inch on everyone + the shoe without the heel then you can say 6' 1" without needing the heel.
5' 10.5" is basically 5' 11" lol.

I don't really think I'm going to be growing much more. I wear 30 x 32, 31 x 32 slim jeans, tried getting 31 x 34 and they were way too long even with my boots.
We can probably both get
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 3/Mar/16
Tried an experiment today. It was my first day without wearing any elevators or lifts. I put on my regular white Nike tennis shoes and stood up against my height wall, corrected my posture and then measured. 6' 0.25" in regular tennis shoes, 6' 0" even second time I measured.

Went to go grab a cup of coffee, and felt seemingly shorter than everyone I normally see that frequents or works there. (I'm not really a fan of buying coffee in a shop but it's good to get out of the house for little minute reasons I guess? I prefer to buy the Tastier's choice that you find on the coffee isle in a grocery store xD. Saves you alot.) These shoes have about an inch of a gel heel to them, or whatever the standard is for regular tennis shoes. So I know I'm about 5' 11" minimum if I take them off.

I feel short lately, as if I haven't been trying. I'm not even 21 yet, and I'm projecting to gain at least another inch before I stop growing, which I think would be fair. If I stop at 6' 0" or 6' 1" that'd be great, and then I can add elevators and tower.

Here's a good comparison chart I came up with:

5' 2" - 5' 3" Very Short for Men, Around Average for Women
5' 4" - 5' 5.5" Short for Men, Slightly Above Average for Women
5' 6" - 5' 7" Shorter than Average for Men, Average and Ideal, on the Tall Side for Women
5' 8 - 5' 9" Average for Men, Tall for Female
5' 10" Taller than you'd think for men(like really though, a lot of 5' 10''ers actually come off a lot taller (hell my mom thought i was like 6 feet when i was 5' 10 a year or two ago), Amazon for Female
5' 11" Perfect for literally everything except dating a taller female if you're insecure about it like most average tall men, on the Taller Side for both Men and Women. For Women, it's Goddess-Amazon level. It is normally the minimum height a man will put on his dating profile. It can be considered tall to a degree, and many men who can get away with saying they're 5'11 when they're 5'10 can also easily get away with 6' 0".
6' 0", the Ideal Height. The standard, the checkpoint, the average height for a male model. It is not short, and it is considered tall.
6' 1" The cringe height for both men and women, typically when they're afraid someone is going to grill them if they don't want to admit they're 6' 2". It is tall, and can often get confused with 6' 2" if you don't have an eye for height. Good for club bouncers, security & henchmen, and male models
6' 2" The natural panty-dropper if you aren't ugly. If you can become 6' 2" with a simply change of shoes then do it! You are lucky! If you're 6'1-"6' 2" flat then you might have problems with the seats on planes. 6' 2" is the unspoken cut off point for male models.
6' 3"- 6'5" Really anything above 6' 2" is kind of unnecessary unless 6' 2" is the average height in your country or place of residence. Then being 6' 6" or more is great
6' 6" Thor

Really though, anything over 6' 2" is more of a power statement. It's not a bad thing to be taller than that, and in fact it can be quite appealing to a lot of people. I think I'd be content with a fair 6' 2" - 6' 3" in boots.. 6' 3" is the magic height if you have the shoulders to defend it.

I have a black friend that is around 6' 2", and he's definitely 6' 3" in whatever shoes he wears or is just being modest. It has to be true if my shoes push me up to 6' 1.75"- 6' 2". Either that or I have no concept of measurement.

You have to consider your proportions when wearing bigger boots or shoes, which also sparks this idea:

We should totally get the word out on socks that make you taller and get someone to start making them.

A thicker sock that adds about 0.5 inches to your foot all around, increasing your foot size and forcing you to wear a bigger shoe. It would have to be made out of a breathable, but comfortable rigid gel material with inner paddin to avoid odor and stockpiling of sweat. Essentially it would be a foot impant in simplest terms, but in reality it is a sock, walks and talks like a sock, and therefore it is perceived as a sock. It would add a full 0.5 inch on the bottom and around the front, cover your toes and would thin out before it hits the ankle. Combine this with any elevator boot and you will probably get around the advertised height and not the amount taken away from your posture and what not.

Instead of hitting 6'2'' in elevator boots, I would hit 6'2.5" and then I'd be able to fairly say I'm over 6' 1" or state fairly that I am 6' 2" or 6' 1".

Most of the 6' 1, 6' 2"ers that I know are roughly in the same ballpark, and not really much less so it's kind of tough to distinguish on certain days and time of day. Don't forget that we lose an inch throughout the day from gravity compressing our spine. Knowing that would make you sleep throughout the day and only go out at night when everyone has already lost an inch :)

I wear some regular Sperry Top-Siders with an added boost in them of about 1 inch as well. They kind of compress my foot, but hug it perfectly so they don't fly off my feet if I'm not wearing socks. This ensures that I'm in the 6' 0", 6'1" range. Wear the right kind of pant or short with the right haircut and you can look even taller. Shorter hairstyles can also make your shoulders appear a bit more broaden, which is naturally in relation to height as well. A 5' 5" guy could easily come off as 5' 8" or 5' 9" with effective 'tampering'. Grow a beard on your face, and trim it under your neck. Just keep it off your neck. If you're tall, a longer beard won't really change much. It might even push you down an inch or more in appearance if you're not already like 6'3+. I will probably be looking down your beard more while talking to you if it's well groomed or such. a Russell Brand 5 o'clock shadow on the other hand will avert the eyes more on your jawline—(Which can also be accentuated by trimming your beard a certain way. And can majorly affect your appearance.) A Howard Stern Afro can make you taller, but in other cases won't work unless you are already tallish I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was like 6' 2" with his sherlock hair. His face shape also contributed to that belief.

//Taller tricks for average d00dz

1) A nice monochrome suit = streamline = taller
2) The suit hangs off your shoulders, but is tailored for the right fit = streamline = taller
3) Your hairline begins above the collar of your shirt(if it isn't already) = streamline = taller
4) Hairstyle, in conjunction with your hairline accentuates longer neck. Taller hairstyle no more than 2 inches above your head. = = taller
5) Beard is optional, results may vary = typically makes you taller depending how it relates in conjunction with your hairstyle as well apparently
6) Your suit pants have no break at the end, are slim and hug your legs. Same goes for regular jeans. They give off a visual streamline = spider legs = taller
7) 3 inch black dress shoes or boots build on the spider legs = streamline = taller. (Make sure they are a size bigger)
8) Sleep without a pillow, flat on your stomach & return yourself 1.5 inches~ when you begin your day.
9) Wear a hat. (This is like peacocking, where you essentially place a wearable conversation piece on your body. In this case, you're just placing something "visually pulling" on your head to draw attention. A cowboy hat is a good example.)
10) Round up if you're a half inch or more than the mark. (Example, if you're 5'11.5" just say 6' 0"., or 5'8.75, just say 5' 9". Avoid getting specific with people. It's kinda obvious that you care to the decimal and this sometimes draws negative vibes)
11) Wear visually appealing, but mildly interesting clothing that hugs your body or draws attention above. (I.e., Henley shirt, Leather jacket,) //A side note—There are alot of shorter guys starting to wear Henley shirts. It's a stylish shirt that every man should have in his wardrobe if he's interested in becoming visually appealing.) Long sleeve shirts in general also help. Jackets can also accentuate a slightly bigger torso, which build on the streamline effect of the spider legs.
12) If you're in work clothing, make sure your tie meets your belt buckle and that your clothes fit you and do not hang off the sides. They should be comfortable but also slimming. Be aware of wear your arse is in conjunction with your waist. Ladies love the ass if it's in proportion with your back (good posture). Also, ditch the tie & unbutton the top button but keep the shirt tucked in. Your legs will decide the rest = streamline = taller
13) Look up every placebo/magic pill out there on how to win at life and then implement them. A little faith in yourself will improve your posture without you consciously being aware of it until someone notices. And then humbly show some hubris once you're aware. = Taller

So I'm pretty positive that those tricks would turn someone who's 5' 11" to 6' 2.5" or more. 5' 10" to 6' 1.5", and 5' 9" to 6' 0.5". I still have yet to get the haircut. It definitely plays a mind game on your friends if you get the right cut. Keep it short and off your shoulders. Hell... a taper fade would even work. Or a military crew cut, where you leave a patch on top. It normally gives off the same illusion as wearing a hat. But always be mindful of who you are and who you look like. Categorizing yourself will help you narrow down where you stand physically.But at the end of the day, you must realize that you are not the height you falsely advertise yourself as. None of these methods will make your bones longer. And those are what decides your height. How you sit in in a chair and how you carry yourself can also give off the false impression you want. Don't let this get you down (pun).

Mom commented on my appearance the other day, after my dad measured my height. My dad is insecure about it though, barely hitting 5' 10" now-a-days, kinda moved his finger down on my height wall. I caught him, and thank my lucky stars t was 6' 0". (If you haven't guessed already, I measure myself almost everyday. My parents just happened to be in the room this time and we were congregating something when they noticed my wall.)

My dad acted surprised, even though I come off as a foot taller than him sometimes.(according to mom) She said, "He's tall, you can see it in his neck." //Which is not where its coming from usually. I was wearing regular shoes too, so I wasn't getting my full boost. If you guys want any tips or tricks, I've been talking with the other Rob through email about the ways he boosts himself from 6' 2 to 6' 7". Pretty wicked. I might start a men's blog or something if anyone here would be interested in reading or contributing to our efforts to become taller. I love seeing that other people are actively looking for the secrets.

May the force be with you Rob, Jenny, & Celebheights :D
Matt179cm said on 3/Mar/16
The best Sport shoes that give the max lift is the Nike R4 Shox. They give 1.4 inch lift, I stuff a 1 Inch lift inside the shoe. It really give 2.4 Inch lift, im 5Feet10.5 inch. With those shoes it boost me up too 6feet1. But the thing you need to remember is that too look taller you gotta wear Proper clothes. Tight fitting clothes help. As wear the same color , like a dark jeans with a black t-shirt. Not being overweight help with Looking taller/slimmer. All those actors are healthy weights. You gotta remember that Height Only matter when your standing or Far Appart from people. When your sitting or near people Height matter less.
newdude said on 28/Feb/16
haha, noo rob, i meant the actual height of the shoe. If i measured the shoe from the outside from the back, top to bottom how high is the SHOE not the height i increase by ahha thanks [Editor Rob: at the very back it will give 2 inches in height. The 'pivot point' might be a slightly bit below this (where your ankle pivots), but you should still get nearly 2 inches from them.]
[Editor Rob: I don't know the overall height, but Dons will have made the back of the lift so that if you took away the back section it would measure around 2 inches - the actual part that covers your heel I don't know how much that gives.]
Jedi Master 5' 11 said on 28/Feb/16
@Simone I kinda notice them. How big are they
newdude said on 23/Feb/16
rob, how high do you think the 2inch vans model are that dons sell. from top to bottom, what is the height of the shoe from the back?
[Editor Rob: at the very back it will give 2 inches in height. The 'pivot point' might be a slightly bit below this (where your ankle pivots), but you should still get nearly 2 inches from them.]
Simone said on 21/Feb/16
@Rob : what do you think about those boots I buyed? How tall would you guess me here? Click Here I'm scared because I think people might notice shoe lifts Click Here
[Editor Rob: you can pull off looking at least 5ft 10 with them, they aren't really that big - I doubt people would think 'that guy is wearing lifts!']
Simone said on 18/Feb/16
@Rob: how tall would you guess me here? Click Here look at the shoes! :)
[Editor Rob: well because both of you are not slim, but look to have some bulk it can be harder to say...above average I'd have thought but not 6ft+]
Jedi Master 5' 11 said on 17/Feb/16
I will probably have an arsenal of Don's accumulated within the next few years. I'll be sticking with my Calden boot for a while. It's going well for me, and no one really has noticed the secret inside! Hope everyone else is doing well
@RobV I emailed you!
SNS said on 9/Feb/16
I have been buying Don's shoes for a while. They are awesome, in terms of the quality of the design and the customization choices. Plus Allan is tremendous with the personalized support (I asked him if he can make certain golf shoes based on a set design, and he came through with great results !!!). I am a customer for life. Thank you Don shoes :)
Question said on 9/Feb/16
Hi Rob. For a pair of shoes like these: Click Here or any other dress elevator - is the increase you select based from bare feet? What increase would you recommend to be about 1 to 1.5 taller than regular dress shoes?
[Editor Rob: for those I'd buy 2.5 or 2.75 as they have 'midsole tech' so that the amount of actual height you gain is much closer to the advertised height.]
Luke Simp said on 9/Feb/16
Hmm ok. I think the zip jeans could work wonders..they hide the extra thickness of the shoe. its something bieber has been doing a lot recently. Click Here Click Here Click Here I'm looking to gain an extra 1.8ish inches therefore buying the 2inch vans will be perfect. If I go for the 1.5style, then I would only be getting around 1.3 inches, which isnt enough. any further comments? also, what do you reckon would be the height for the 2inch style? [Editor Rob: the 2 inch style will look thicker...the 1.5 inch nobody will really be able to tell even with those zip jeans...but the extra half inch I think can make it look a bit thicker. When people look down at your shoes though (who are beside you) they won't notice it as much compared to if they were standing further back and could view you more side on. Looking down at your shoes they really won't notice much difference because of the angle they are viewing at.]
[Editor Rob: the 2 inch might be worth going for as it will be getting you that extra cm which visually might help you look just that bit taller to people around you.]
Average Height person said on 6/Feb/16
This may be off topic a bit but i was wondering I am a big guy obese. Does that mean that i will shrink more during the day than if i was average weight?
RobV said on 6/Feb/16
@ Jedi Master Wear the elevators you have for a while and see how you go with them. You clearly wanna get even taller, as I did! I am 6'2.5" and regularly hit 6'6" or even a tad more. I do indeed wear the 4" and 5" elevators, as Editor Rob mentioned in his reply to you and I have done it with great success but you have to stick to good quality and very very standard styles if you go that high. Until a few years ago I was bothered about elevators as they all seemed crap but then I reviewed my opinion looking at some better stuff that has come on the market. Until then i wore a lot of lifts etc in boots that could take the max.

I say this endlessly to guys on here, but women do not greatly notice because they themselves wear heels of all types and so have a different perspective on height. If ever you want more advice contact me on robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk
Luke Simp said on 5/Feb/16
Rob. Will it be visible to people that I have elevator shoes on when I wear these elevator vans, 2 inch style? Click Here I always wear these jeans (notice the zip at the bottom), and joggers like these. Click Here Click Here Also, what about the samba and ralph lauren style shoes that Dons sell, 2 inch style?
[Editor Rob: the 2 inch style will look thicker...the 1.5 inch nobody will really be able to tell even with those zip jeans...but the extra half inch I think can make it look a bit thicker. When people look down at your shoes though (who are beside you) they won't notice it as much compared to if they were standing further back and could view you more side on. Looking down at your shoes they really won't notice much difference because of the angle they are viewing at.]
Dion said on 2/Feb/16
Do elevator shoes actually make a difference compared to just putting insoles in a pair of shoes or high tops visually wise? If so, what's the cutting point for elevator shoes/boots before they start to become noticeable.
[Editor Rob: lifts are the cheapest and easiest option to test out. Elevator shoes are designed with the lift built in so the whole shoe might have a better feel/fit...of course they are more expensive. Most people won't notice elevator boots up to 2.5-3 range, but some might be able to tell. Once over 3 inch, they might start looking a bit thicker or different looking to more people.]
Simone said on 1/Feb/16
@Rob : Hi Rob I buyed this kind of boots and it looks like they can hide the lifts pretty well...but I think I can't use this lifts on summer. Are there some boots I can use on summer too? How would you guess me in this pic? I'm next to a chevrolet spark ( 152cm tall ). Click Here Thank you for all the help and I hope for your reply
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure about summer boots. Hiking style boots can also hide lifts quite well, and some type of Supra high tops sneakers. In the photo you could pass for 177-8cm type man.]
Jedi Master 5' 11" said on 31/Jan/16
@Editor Rob

Surprisingly, wearing the same pants I have now show not that much of a difference, if not better look around the ankle of my boots. The pants I bought are two inches too long so I have to return them in the next few days.

Here's another tip for looking taller: Longer neck, slightly taller hairstyle. (Not huge Howard Stern afro, but just about a 1.5" to 2" above your head. No more than 2" off your head.)

When you're getting a trim (a haircut), have your stylist take about 0.5" off the back above your neckline or a full 1" if you're brave. It's a trick I've used before, and it actually raises some people's eyebrows. My father is 5'9-5'10" and whenever he wears a baseball hat, I'm always looking towards the top of his head. It's basically the item placement principle. But keeping your hair off of your shoulders is probably the best idea. Remember this though: the higher you take it off your shoulders, the more you have to bring it up in the top. Also be wary of your where your jawline ends and where the hair begins. This could easily give 1-2 inches in appearance, especially from behind and often can be very intimidating for anyone who notices. No one is gonna tap on your shoulder and ask you if you have a problem when they see your long-arse neck. The idea is to make people LOOK UP. I recommend sticking to 1.25-1.5" hair on the top of your head. I had a friend who spiked it up 3 inches and it just looked like he was overcompensating for something. And when it comes to that, always calculate the difference regarding your face shape and such, so you don't look like you're overcompensating either. (This might not work for black people now that I think about it. I'm thinking from a white man's perspective.) Try to stick with a less blocky or thick hairstyle, and keep the cut short around but more vertical. It's about streamlining, so keep it really short around the sides.

Obviously, the hairline trick isn't as good as standing on stilts but if you combine the two you can easily say you're a certain height as long as you have an inch over it. The best part about the hairline trick is that not everyone knows it. The idea is to keep people looking up. Wear jackets and shirts with interesting collars and streamline your appearance. In the summer—wear shorter shorts and wear nice sunglasses. People like looking at sunglasses. In the winter—you can get away with a lot more with different kinds of boots and styles.

Obviously this won't work for everyone but if you ask me—I've seen 5' 9" men who can easily pass for 5' 11"- 6' 0". Bones are what make you tall so that's also a major thing. Start slouching in seats. Tall guys do it, and they take up more space because they need more room. Someone who is genuinely 6' 2" will be when barefoot, when someone wears elevators to hit 6' 2" they can be 6' 0" or 6' 1" flat in words. Having a beard won't make a difference, so thinking you're going to grow one and it will make people look up at your beard won't solve your height situation. Bottom line is 6' 1.5" — 6' 2" is where "obviously tall" begins. Many people who claim 6' 1" or 6' 2" are often 6' 2" to 6' 3" in shoes.

The truth is, when you're at 5' 10.5" or more, that's when the average aggregate of people start kinda looking up without you having to try much. You can say you're 6'0" until you becoming a celebrity and celebheights tells the world you're really 5'10.5624 xD. There are more 6' 0" guys in sports leagues because many of them are really 5'11" and just add that extra inch.

The Jedi Code: (How to effectively make yourself look taller—and feel free to add more ideas if you have any—I'll start a forum or a blog in the near future if the ideas are good or anyone feels like chiming in. (I hope It's okay if I share this here Rob? Just my 2 cents))

1. Get 3 inch boots a full size larger to streamline foot to ankle ratio, and make sure the right pants hug the boot shaft. Walk with your head 25 degrees above parallel and get used to walking in the boots—good for your calf muscles but your feet might hurt depending on the shoe. ( + 2.5"—3" increase )

2. Get back hairline shortened / elongate your neck. Raise hairstyle a bit and keep it short on the sides and in the front, and even on the top. ( + 0.5"—1" increase if it stays in place lol +1 Notice)

3. Wear interesting shirts that streamline appearance. If you're a skinny person, make sure the clothes hug your body. If you have a skinny frame, you can easily pass for a taller person if you're average height. If you're a fan of long sleeve shirts, these can help provide a ''lankier'' appearance over a stubby one. You get man points if you wear a long-sleeve henley. (+1 Lankiness +1 Redirection of Other People's Eyes +4 Man points)

4. See #1, for pants or jeans try something that hugs your waist and legs. I'm not telling you to get skinny jeans, but rather something along the lines of a slim fit or a boot cut. If you're wearing a long sleeve white henley, wearing a darker color jean with a slightly brighter or darker boot will look streamlined.

5. If you can hit 5'11", chances are you can get away with saying you're 6 feet tall. So many 5' 11" guys do it because it's only an inch away from being even and 'i'm five eleven' can be a mouthful for some versus saying I'm 'six foot'. The guy who plays Captain America has a
5'11" build, but no one complains when he says he's 6'0". Your build can say a lot about you, pay attention to it when it opens its mouth and then feed it lies and false hope. (I think we're going more in the Sith direction here)

6. Hang from a pull up bar for however long you feel it takes to decompress your spine. Do it before you go to bed. (+ 0.5")

7. Go to sleep an hour early and wake up an hour later. Sleep without a pillow. ( + Whatever inch you lost during the day is restored the next morning)

8. Avoid going to hospitals as much as you possibly can, unless you're tall or actually in bad health. The majority of the male doctors there are over 6 feet. (This isn't a joke lol, I've been back and forth to the hospital for relatives over the last few years, so I can attest to this. If you google 'why doctors are so tall' you wouldn't be surprised at why I made this claim here. )

9. Hang out with your short friends more than you do with your tall friends.

10. If you feel like going out during the weekend, then it's optimal for you to be at your tallest. Sleep in during the day or go to bed at the crack of dawn and wake up at 5 PM, put your boots on, comb your hair and go out and use the force and kick some stormtrooper ass

lol, i was bored there you go
Editor Rob said on 31/Jan/16

I do recommend also sticking with between 2-3 inch types of elevators.

I think RobV seems to have spent years wearing bigger elevators so has probably tried various types of trousers/jeans with them.

Personally, the more that is covered, the less people would notice anything suspcious, even if that.

That mine mean considering bigger hem widths.
Jedi Master 5'11" said on 29/Jan/16
Hey Rob. I just received my first pair of elevators today. I'm the Seemingly Tall guy from down below in the earlier comments. I should probably stick to a name but I wanted to come in with an obvious approach. I want to regale you all with a little tale from the market. I as a young lad, have never been told that I was tall or been asked to reach something on the top shelf before. I'm turning 21 this year, so I'm still a young lad to many. Well, I was wearing some typical top-sider shoes with a small 1 inch insole in them. It boosted me up from my 5'11" height to around 6' 0.5". Anyway, I already said all of that below in the comments from before. An older lady told me that I was tall and asked me to reach something off the top shelf. This was the first time in my entire life that someone has said that and asked that of me. I had no idea that it would come from boosting myself by a half inch though. Now I want to be taller, but I don't need to be 6' 5".

It's really cool how well made these boots are. I showed my dad, who inspected them, felt his hand around inside the shoe and I was surprised that he was fooled into thinking they were "JUST BOOTS!" LMAO! Supposedly they were supposed to add 3 inches to my height too. I put them on, and they're tough to walk in. I told my dad that, and he said "well yeah, they're boots you have to break them in." Again, fooled. I'm thinking about buying another pair now.

I measured my height in these. I'm roughly in the 6' 1.75", 6' 1.5", barely 6 '2", range with these awesome boots on. (Probably 6' 2" at the very peak of my morning. I might invest in a stadiometer at some point) I thought it would be a good idea to buy longer pants but I didn't take into consideration how long they would actually be. So I have to get them hemmed down an inch and a half. I went two inches up—bad idea. I want more. I feel like Bruce Wayne in these. According to all of the men's internet forums 5'11-6'2 is the sweet spot for where most men want to be.

So anyway, my recommendation for elevator boots is get 3 inches max. No enormous 5 or 4 inchers. Buy insoles if you want that extra inch. I have some and I'm not sure if I'm going to wear them with these though. If I do, I'll definitely be pushing 6'3", allowing me to say Hi, I'm 6'2". But it's not really worth the extra effort if I'm already taller than average. In fact, it would have been in my better interest not to even buy these. The average height in the USA for men is approximately between 5'8.5" and 5'9". And around the world, 5'7" but from a man's perspective, 6'0"-6'1" is ideal. And with these, I can probably say I'm 6' 1" and get away with it. So if you're 5'7" and are considering buying some elevator boots you're making a good investment. 5'11-5'10 is great and above average is where you want to be. Don't get anything over 3 inches though, as it's really obvious and can really get you rekt. Just buy an insole if you want to get another inch out of it.

These are the ones I bought.

Click Here

If you look in the review section, there's a girl saying she bought them for her 5' 10.5" boyfriend and that she's 6' 1", and he's taller than her with them on. That isn't me, but I bought the same exact shoe and size and I'm roughly around that same height. She isn't lying, that's all I can say. I recommend buying a size bigger. Always. The longer your feet look, the less of an elevator shoe it looks like as long as your pants blend in well. I made the mistake of getting a pant with an inseam 2 inches longer, so I have to get them hemmed down a bit so they hug the ankle. The shoes add about 2.5-3 inches. Guys if you want to be taller, get a good 10 hour rest Your height fluctuates between a full inch throughout the day. And if you ask me, I think sleeping late into the weekends will benefit you if you go out on a Saturday. Wake up, shower, and go straight to happy hour. You have that full inch + your boots and you're already well advertised. Sleep without a pillow if you have some higher power promising you that it will work. Straighter back, better posture.

I'd be careful when it's time to take them off and you have "company" over. Avoid talking to women who are eye level with you flat. Personally, I like tall, long legged girls but for anyone who isn't at least eye level with them, stick with the average and below girls if you're not so far from that yourself. Unless you're really open about this ''elevator'' secret. You'd be surprised at how many girls can't actually tell the difference when you take your shoes off. 2 inches is very easy to convince, but 3 might be obvious enough for her to be a jerk about it and leave. 4 inches is basically a deathwish and 5 inches is a Randy Orton RKO. But of course, if the chick doesn't care she's cool. There are alot of girls who really don't give a derp about height but still fantasize about what they would see as an ideal man. I'd say at this point about 60-70% of the male population have invested in some sort of extra heel for their shoes and if you haven't, it's about time to get on the bandwagon. If you know how to streamline it, that's even better. The illusion of longer legs and flatter /longer feet = looking taller proportionally. What do you think Rob? What's your best advice on streamlining this kind of fashion to make these sorts of items less "clunkier" or "baggier" looking?
Simone said on 27/Jan/16
@Rob : Hi Rob, how tall do you think Am I with no lifts? here: Click Here and here with shoe lifts: Click Here Rob,,,it's so important because I want to know if my lifts are noticeable. Thank you so much.
[Editor Rob: proportionally you could pass for around 5ft 7 without shoes in that one photo. I would say the vast majority of people won't ever even think of the idea of lifts, let alone examine your boots. Only thing is if the trousers/jeans don't cover the boot then the thicker angle might seem slightly strange to a very small minority of people.]
Yeah right. said on 25/Jan/16
Taller people can get away with wearing elevators as it just makes them taller, and its easy to spot someone shorter wearing them if you have a trained eye like Rob I bet. Have you ever noticed someone wearing 3 inch increase before? is it easy to spot? or are like 4-5 inches the ones that are the obvious ones? I imagine in 3 inch boots it would be right on the edge of spotting. but for something like 3.8 inches or what have ye, it would be really obvious. I think 3 inches is the cut off limit for dress or stylish elevators, and then when it comes to boots there really isn't a limit until it looks like you're standing on the opening of the shoe lol
Seemingly tall said on 22/Jan/16
What does Russel Brand wear? He always seems to have some sort of heel on when he's out and about. Roughly between the 2-3 inches I'd bed
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure it's quite that much, but at times maybe near 2 inch style of boots]
Seemingly tall said on 22/Jan/16
See, one day I was 5'10.5" and my mother looked at me and thought I was 6'0". This is coming from a 5'3-5'4 woman. I gained maybe a half inch since, finishing growing at 5'11" maybe. I'm turning 21 this year so I'm counting for maybe another inch unless I have one of those sub-20's growth spurts that people tend to purport. Typically any shoe that I wear gives me maybe an inch minimum. So saying I'm 5'11.5", 5'11" is about the fairest I've been, or the closest I've been to 6'0". So I bought some insoles to place in my top siders. It was hard to get used to, and is a pain in the ass to hide. I'm surprised that no one has ever found out, but then again no one is looking into people's shoes. So with those, I reach about 6'0", 6'0.5", maybe 6'1" if you consider hairstyle and posture and other nonsense, clothes and other crap. Using that, standing around a teacher of mine and the subject of height came up, and he said that he was six feet flat and said that I looked taller. Now I have myself thinking I'm 6'1", even though I'm not. At the end of the day, when the shoes come off, I'm your typical, textbook 5'11 guy.

So I'm considering purchasing some shoes like this to become a giant. Just to try them out and see if I can handle it, and if I can, I'll keep wearing them. I would avoid purchasing any shoe with a visible heel bigger than 1 1/4th inch because it's not exactly inconspicuous from what I've noticed. Longer pants can't hide everything either, but they can do the trick if you match the length added, and have the pant flow properly into the break. But like I said, longer pants can't hide everything and this won't work all the time. Thankfully my legs are long. It's about a natural look, not an Iron Man Repulsor boot. I think the most I'll go for in an elevator shoe if I ever cave and get one is a 3 inch height increase. Nothing over. The visible heel is 1 1/4th inch maximum. This would put me around 6'2", and like Rob says it wouldn't be the exact I would LOVE to be 6'2", like my grandfather. I read on his army dossier that he was 5'11" or 71 inches tall at 19 years of age, and he was about 3 inches taller during my father's wedding and maybe an inch shorter later when he died, because of the whole 'we lose height when we age' thing—compression of the spine in old age and other old-people stuff. But the shoes would show me out as a 6'1.25"-6'1.5" flat guy with the right pant combination. Could be painful, but worth it if you're always on the prowl or just really tired of being shorter than the aggregate of the people you work, study, and socialize with. It helps with other people's subconscious impressions of you. I say, men should wear heeled shoes if they choose to. Know your limits though and don't dress like a woman unless you plan on going all the way. (Implants, organ replacement, etc.)

Also, if a partner asks why you have insoles, just tell her they're to correct your scoliosis problem and that they help align your back correctly. Best excuse in the book. Always works unless she has scoliosis too and knows you're full of ****.
Smith said on 18/Jan/16
I will be living with some friends who do not know about my insecurities with height. If you peer into one of Don's shoes, will it be obvious from the inside that they are elevator shoes?
[Editor Rob: in some cases like sneakers or low-cut shoes yes, in other cases like boots it might be harder to tell. ]
RobV said on 15/Jan/16
@ Tim Yes I have the GuidoMaggi 4" Ischia and 5" Shanghai. I don't post photographs of myself online anywhere for the simple reason that the idea about elevators is that no-one notices. One slight and tiny slip and you can find that someone somewhere spots it. I have had well over 15 years of no-one ever noticing that I add height - it's not something I want to take a risk over just to post shots online.

As I have said often, no-one has ever noticed and is unlikely to with fairly standard styles. I would never take a risk with boots that were obviously very different or quirky/style statements - they could easily be found online if they were that different (people might even say "wow like the boots' and try to locate them. That's why for years all I did was add height through lifts to standard boots/shoes/trainers.
Johno said on 12/Jan/16
I am not lift wearer but a pair of these shoes might come in handy on special occasions such as weddings and parties, nothing extreme but something in the order of 2-inches or 2.5-inches.
Johno said on 12/Jan/16
This is what a difference of 3.5 inches looks like.
Smith said on 11/Jan/16
Hi Rob. I'm 5'7.5 at night. If I purchased shoes that are advertised as 2.5", will I look 5'10 to people?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately not. On average people might have 0.75-1 inch footwear, so when you are in your shoes you would appear more like a 5ft 9-9.25 guy in public. If you had great posture though you may well appear 5ft 9.5 to most people in those shoes though...]
Luke Simp said on 10/Jan/16
are any of the 2inch dons noticeable with skinny jeans?
[Editor Rob: most people won't even notice...a few might give it a passing glance and think it appears thicker, but I doubt it really, especially 2-inch styles.]
Luke Simp said on 9/Jan/16
Rob, How large are the back of Zayn's heels here? Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's pretty thick, got to be pretty close to the 2 inch mark.]
josh said on 9/Jan/16
Hey Rob I'm thinking about buying the slender monk don's shoes that have mid-sole tech 3.1". How much actual height do u think it gives? And do you think it would be noticeable/uncomfortable? Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'd expect it a fraction under 3 inches. Even with midsole tech, there is still a little angle to the point of the lift where your ankle bone is...the bigger the lift the more the angle. If you have a 2 inch shoe, the midsole lift might mean you get very close to the 2 inch because the angle doesn't need to be as high. Personally if I was going for that shoe I'd stick with 2.5 at most. I think jumping in at 3 inch range is a lot, I've known some people who bought big and ended up frustrated and not wearing them. It was too much of an increase to get used to. Go in at 2-2.5 and you might find the boost is decent and getting used to the higher angle is easier than coming in at 3 inch.]
CODY said on 8/Jan/16
Hello rob, how many inches will i gain from barefoot if I purchase the 2 inch Vans from dons?
[Editor Rob: I've not measured them, but I would expect a little under 2 inches]
Luke Simp said on 8/Jan/16
Rob In your opinion, don't you think buying insole lifts are better than heel lifts? such as these here:Click Here i feel like they would give closer to the advertised height than heel lifts, and would be much more comfortable. You could also Super-glue them to the sole of the shoe, to make them unnoticeable
[Editor Rob: they still give a big fraction less than advertised because of the angle of the lift...but ones like that are ok to use. ]
Tim said on 6/Jan/16
RobV, I noticed you claim to have 5 and 4 inch dons and Guadomaggi. I was hoping if you could post a picture of you wearing your elevator shoes to see how they look. I would appreciate it very much.
Luke Simp said on 6/Jan/16
Thanks for the response Rob. How much would I be given ? I contacted Dons's and asked if they could include the midsole tech for the shoes that I mentioned and they said sure. So without the midsole tech how much approx height would I be gaining, compared to with the midsole tech? Im thinking 1.6 inches without mid sole, and with mid-sole, around 1.9? Would these estimations be correct?
[Editor Rob: around 0.2-0.3 might be the difference, but the lower the overall height, the less difference it will make. A midsole tech on a 3 inch boot vs original model may well get 1/3rd inch difference. I'd always look at various elevators before deciding. They are expensive and nobody wants to buy an item they end up wearing a few times and then binning out of frustration, which can happen the higher a boot/shoe you try to start off with.]
SportsHeight said on 4/Jan/16
Rob, if a celebrity was very meticulous and convincing with their lift-wearing, how much taller could they realistically fool you, the height expert, into thinking they were? No more than an inch or two, I assume?
[Editor Rob: probably about an inch, once you get over that the shoes bulge more noticeably.]
Luke Simp said on 2/Jan/16
Dear Rob, I am thinking about buying some casual dons shoes, ralph, samba and vans. I noticed that none of them have the Mid-Sole tech. As I have never bought a pair of elevators, could you please explain the difference between midsole elevators and elevators that do not have midsole tech. Are they comfortable? Can you run around in them? Also, I am looking to buy the 2" models for each of the three. How much height would they give me ? Luke
[Editor Rob: many lifts are designed with a slope from the heel to the toe. A lot of elevator shoes use that form with their internal lifts. The midsole tech basically means there is less slope from the back through the ankle area. It is more built up meaning you can gain a little bit more height. Generally speaking the lower the elevator the closer to the actual advertised height you may get out of them. ]
Jeremiah said on 31/Dec/15
Man.. It sucks beeing a manlet. I'm 172cm (I guess that's 5 ft 8 inches?) and it's like we smaller guys got something to prove. I mean we have pretty much everything proportial, it's not like shorter guys have smaller penises or something(statistically taller guys have a chance of beeing bigger down there, but I'm blessed), however I hate my height. I'm thinking of using some elevator shoes or hell knows what I'm gonna do. I'm 20 years old and I want find an attractive girl who's around 5'6" but I guess I don't have big chances. What's your opinion Rob? Should I use some 1 inch sneakers and put something inside them aswell(like Bieber does)because I don't want it look awkward. I'm srs...
[Editor Rob: most good women won't bother about your height. The kind who will be around a long time will be far more interested in your personality, how you treat others etc.]
Donthateme said on 31/Dec/15
Is it wrong that I want elevator shoes even though I'm 6'5"?
RobV said on 24/Dec/15
@ Powerhouse I don't really understand your post. You say that your d'Etnas have a 2" heel but I have 2 pairs, one with about an inch, the second with a tiny bit more. I have 4" elevators from Dons and GuidoMaggi and I gain 3" without any additional lift and 4" when I add an inch of lifts. My Adidas trainers without lifts have what amounts to a 1" 'heel' as do other non-elevator workboots. All footwear has a certain amount of heel, without it they would look odd.
FatehL said on 22/Dec/15
A follow up to your response Rob, the shoes which I had mentioned I was interested in purchasing in my previous comment, if I buy the 2inch versions of each, how much height increase would I gain? Around 1.7-1.8 ish? Also, is it 2inch from bare foot, or 2inch extra height from a normal pair of shoes.
[Editor Rob: Dons has changed their insoles a bit. The slope from the back to the front follows more of the actual foot shape so the shoes that are called 2 inches might give a bit under 2, but nothing major.]
FatehL said on 22/Dec/15
Hey Rob, I am extremely interested in purchasing a few shoes from Don's. I am looking to buy a few chelsea style boots, samba, ralph lauren, and vans. I measure at 5'7 1/2 barefoot in evening, and want to add around 1.5 inches of height. I am aware of the fact that buying 1.5 inch shoes may only give 1.2/1.3 inches, so I might end up buying the 2inch shoes for, to gain 1.6/1.7 inches. However, i absolute hate wearing boot cut or loose trousers, and will still wear skinny jeans, not extreme skinny, but something along the lines of what Justin Bieber wears or the one direction fellas. I really dont want the shoes to be noticeable, and will ask Dons. to make the heel as small as possible, and give the majority of the height by insole tech. Do you think with my style of clothing, the shoes will be noticeable? thank you very much Rob
[Editor Rob: the ones like the Samba's actually do give close to the 1.5 they are advertised...from the outside they really just look normal samba style, nothing big or anything. It's the kind of level I think anybody thinking of elevators should maybe consider at first. If I was going to consider wearing elevators, the lower style I would go with, those in 1.5-2 inch and get my body used to the extra height. Then maybe after a while I'd go for a 2-2.5 inch style if I wanted a bigger boost, and it would be easier to adjust. I know some people jump in and buy 3 inchers and it is a big step to take...some might give up on them and feel they wasted money!]
SportsHeight said on 21/Dec/15
Rob, are you aware of any elevator cowboy boots? They seem like a good type of shoe for someone trying to get a little extra boost without anyone noticing, as they are already associated with adding height. Thus, no one would bat an eye if the heels looked particularly large. Have you ever heard of a cowboy boot adding 2.5+ inches?
[Editor Rob: there are definitely cowboy boots giving 2 inches range of actual heel height. If you get a half-1 inch lift inside, that's a healthy boost overall.]
Arthur said on 18/Dec/15
Rob what is the maximum height we can get with shoes lifts ? Not with elevators.
[Editor Rob: once you get to 2 inches that is a very high angle inside the boot. Maybe 2.5-3 is a kind of limit before the angle becomes too much]
Powerhouse said on 17/Dec/15
I've always kind thought of lifts and elevator shoes as being for insecure people. I avoided them, but than i got curious and thought lets get one pair if i like them cool, if not thats cool also. So I got the D'ETNA's from Don's and ordered a 4 inch height increase (because i figured no matter what it'd be less than the claimed boost). I got em they were good quality, but i stand 5'7.5 and these boost me to a hair over 5'10 shy of 5'10.25 (with a soft gel insert i put in) which would've been fine but the heel on the boot is 2 INCHES! Its a 2 inch heel with an insert that doesn't even give .75 of a inch. That's not cool at all. I rarely ever wear them and it cost over 300$.
Max said on 15/Dec/15
I am seriously thinking about buying a pair of dons, but what height should I choose to get so can gain a FULL three inches? how much would the 4 inch actually give?
[Editor Rob: to get that high you really need a boot...but I wouldn't recommend trying to go that high to begin with. Get used to a 2-2.3 inch style because they aren't for everybody. No point buying a 3.5 inch boot (to get near 3 inches) and finding it just too high to walk in. Get used to a 2 inch boot maybe.]
Arthur said on 14/Dec/15
Rob do you agree with me that boots with smoother insoles and heels like cat colorado are more easy walk with ıf we put lifts in them? For example walking is hard when I put lifts in a big heeled logger boot because ıt has a harder heel material and a more hard insole.(I dont wear any lifts or elevator shoes in my daily life but I sometimes try things about height at home because I find height an interesting subject.)More comfortable the shoe and heel more comfortable to put lifts in!Do you agree with me ?
[Editor Rob: many boots already have a good amount of heel, so another half inch might be an easy way to boost nearly 1.75-2 inch range. Just maybe need to loosen the lace are a little so it doesn't become too tight if you put a 1 inch lift in them.]
Smith said on 13/Dec/15
@Max Isn't that a good think though? It's as if your height with lifts has become your new height. Just another question but when I tried lifts I felt them to be very uncomfortable and I was unable to walk properly despite using for 2 weeks. How should I use them so that I prevent that?
[Editor Rob: sometimes buying lifts on their own might not be the best option. An elevator shoe with the lift carefully moulded and built within it might be the better option. Albeit, that is more expensive!]
Riley said on 7/Dec/15
Hi Rob. Do you thin I can perhaps get away with adding 2.5" of insert into these boots Click Here I was hoping to buy these boots for suit so the pants could be quite long in order to hide most of the boot
RobV said on 5/Dec/15
@Max. Yes it is strange that after a very short while, and once you are used to wearing elevators, you do get both incredibly used to your new height and also to regard it as the norm. I have said elsewhere that I still wear lifts in some things like sneakers/trainers (and I am almost always aware of wearing lifts, it's not a major issue but you are just aware of them), but mostly now I wear elevators and i just totally forget that my height is due to them - in part I think it is the comfort factor, which is not so easy with lifts. But I think as well you have to be really comfortable with the style that you have bought. I always say to people don't go straight for 5" elevators (unless, perversely you are like me very tall and wanna be really really tall!), and don't go for anything too 'statement'. Classic and flat, specially in summer - in winter in the colder places you can get away with the bigger lift heavier workboot styles.
Max said on 4/Dec/15
Something strange that I noticed when wearing lifts, the first week you wear them you "feel" taller, but the more you wear them the more you get used to them, and when you get used to them it feels like you're not wearing lifts anymore and it creates an illusion in your head that you're not taller anymore because you can't feel the lifts since you're used to wearing them...just a strong feeling.
RobV said on 30/Nov/15
@ Max on 2" lifts For way over a decade I wore just lifts (not elevators) and regularly got over 2" of added height. But only in certain types of footwear - and if you want to stay fashionable that can suddenly get limited by new trends. Right now, it's really about heavier bigger boots and hi top trainers if you want to get that level of added height. Always bought in at least one size (and for me, two sizes) larger than I would normally wear.

The PLUS of using lifts is that you can put them into stuff that you just buy in the store, current trends and brands, and they are not special elevators (which in the past were really limiting). But it is for me THREE inches that used to be the very difficult to achieve, not 2 inches.

Over the past two years, with the exception of my trainers (I still wear certain brand trainers with loads of lifts) I have almost always used elevators from firms like GuidoMaggi and Don's. I am not sure there are any others I would go for right now, but I always keep my eyes open. Until these two firms came up, really there was NOTHING on the market at all. I have always found the cheaper far east products really old fashioned and old mannish. And in the past they also came only in small sizes. But it is worth keeping your eyes open because stuff like this can change in an instant and you carry on not realising what's available.
LeLe said on 30/Nov/15
Hey Rob, are you wearing the actual 2.5 inchers in that pic or something higher? Thanks.
[Editor Rob: the top photo are Dons Bergamo that give actual height 2.3, I think Dons had called them 2.5. The bottom one is the bigger Dons that give in the 3.8 inches of actual height range. Those are much harder to walk about on a daily basis without a lot of practice. Stuff like 2-2.5 inches is much easier to get used to walking in.]
Smith said on 28/Nov/15
I'm curious but what is your opinion on wearing 2.5 inch shoes from Don's on a daily basis? I am mostly worried about the physical "side effects" of wearing heightened shoes if any.
[Editor Rob: many women wear far more uncomfortable heels on a daily basis. Elevators in 2-2.5 range are designed to be comfortable for day to day wear. I think the 2.5 styles are a good choice for a noticeable boost in your height in public...the insoles are quite comfortable. But I do think to get to the stage of daily wear you still need to spend maybe a month building up...sometimes wear them to the shops or an hour a day the first week and each week maybe on more occasions so you get used to the slightly altered walk that the higher foot angle means you have. ]
Max said on 27/Nov/15
Are there any lift inserts that actually give a full two inches of height? Most of the lifts compress significantly when you have them on, and get nowhere near the two inch height that they claim. Even though lift kits are really expensive, they have more of a less angle than the cheaper lifts, but I'm not sure even they give the full two inches.
[Editor Rob: not really lifts that give that much, they really need to be custom built into a boot to get that much.]
RobV said on 22/Nov/15
@ Chuck O on whether wearing lifts regularly has side effects. Well I have been doing so for 15/16 years, and much higher than the amounts you are talking about, and I have had no effects at all. I think people overdo this idea of the effects of wearing lifts/elevators and even heels, because the odd media report sensationalises some basically unscientific research (the media wants sensation not facts) and before you know where you are. plain bad info becomes "fact, I read it online". Once on here some time ago, I asked others to give me proof of some other unscientific assertions...and their 'proof' was all website comments. "Anon" saying how his mate "lost both legs after wearing lifts once", which is "statistical proof that they are not good for you".

My mother is a scientific researcher and she says that one of the interesting things that has emerged over the past 30 years is that people almost want there to be something wrong with anything that you either like to do or feel a bit guilty about doing - and I guess adding secret height must be one such thing! So it is easy to get people to believe bad things about doing it. Which is why so much effort goes into telling you how bad almost everything you like is - but then it all fades to the next fad. Which is why in many countries that ultimate baddie butter is now on the rise because the old research was shoddy and reported in extremis.
RobV said on 22/Nov/15
@ Nick - you ask 'can you wear 3" insoles and still look fashionable?' adding 3" with insoles/lifts into standard shoes/boots is a lot and is very difficult to do even when looking NOT fashionable! I know because for 15 years i wore lifts and insoles constantly before using elevators more often. The issue of fashion with footwear and height addition arises basically with trends and what is in and not in. When very wide flares were in in the Uk a decade+ back, I wore a huge amount of lift in low chelsea type boots (bought in a larger size than my real size) with the flare sat over the boot, and got away with 3"+ easily. But with skinnies and slimmer cut jeans it's way more difficult which is why I have turned to elevators more often (but I still wear lifts in my trainers). If ever you need advice, please feel free to contact me on robfranklin980 @ yahoo.co.uk.

I think you are restricted to winter workwear type boots and high top traIners frankly - get stuff that is very fashionable and clearly a trendy brand, buy it in 2 sizes larger than your own and you will get to the 2". But you have to first also decide what sort of jeans/pants you wanna wear.
Ace56 said on 22/Nov/15
I've been wearing 3.1" elevator shoes. I'm thinking of getting a pair of dons or guidomaggi that are 4" but I'm worried they'll be too noticeable. Rob, in your opinion are 4" elevator shoes too noticeable. And if possible can you recommend me a pair if they're not. Thank you.
[Editor Rob: personally I would start smaller and go for something that is advertised as 2.5 or even 2. That is still going to give you a decent boost but you will find wearing a 2-2.5 easier than trying to get used to a 3. the higher you go, the more someone might take note...but most people are so preoccupied with themselves, that you'd find only a small percentage will actually comment on them. I don't believe guidomaggi use the 'midsole tech', so your 4 inch guido might give the same as a 3-inch dons with the newer type of insole (that has more height and doesn't slope as much at the ankle point).]
Sean5 said on 19/Nov/15
Hiya Rob, I'm going to a wedding in a few months, If I wore a black suit and the d'etna shoes in the above photo but in black would it be okay? just unsure if I'll be allowed to wear them
[Editor Rob: who would stop you wearing them? I think if you bought a 2.5 style it would be fine, but you'd need to have your trousers an inch or so longer than usual.]
Nick said on 15/Nov/15
I've been wearing about 3 inches of insoles in a pair of high top sneakers for like a half a year now. My question is, Can you wear 3 inch insoles and still look fashionable? If so, what type of footwear would you recommend that permits me to be able to use the 3" insoles and still wear decent pair of pants.
Chuck O said on 8/Nov/15
What is ,if any side effects to useing 1"-2" lift. Can I still where flat Sneakers or shoes? Like bad arches?
[Editor Rob: personally I can't say, but there are many people who wear lifts long-term...it's not as bad as high heels though because they don't raise you up as much and have flat soles so the foot/ankle/ligaments aren't put under as much strain as high heels can do to a women.]
ebo said on 6/Nov/15
Click Here Rob these shoes claim they add 5'5 inches in height? how much would you say this would add to someone's height?
[Editor Rob: 3.5 might be possible]
RobV said on 1/Nov/15
PS my caveat on standard type suit wearers being able to 'buy any of the 4" boots' to wear with a suit is to 'buy any EXCEPT those with the chunkier workwear sole'. Some of the workwear soles come in heights lower than 5" andn they are best avoided if you are a 'standard type suit wearer'!
RobV said on 30/Oct/15
@ Todd You ask about elevators giving 3"+, and suitable for wearing with a suit. I am someone who has worn lifts and elevators daily for over 15 years and can tell you that that is the kinda cut-off point for AVERAGE type of suit wearers. In many careers in, say London or in other European cities, you are freer to wear stuff that might give you more leeway in a suit (provide that the style was in fashion of course), but for your average standard suit wearer in an office, then anything advertised as more than 4" (the 4" elevators give you about 3" real height addition) will have too thick/chunky a sole for most situations.

18 months ago I bought the GuidoMaggi 5" Shanghais, which have a v chunky workwear type sole, and for my own particular work - I run clubs - I can get away with wearing them in all situations. But I would feel uneasy about wearing them if I had to wear a standard suit. I recently bought some 4" Ischias from GuidoMaggi and they are perfect for such a situation - if you google them, you'll see they have a thinner more shoe-like front part of the sole (vital for a suit imho, unless a chunky Doc style workwear sole is fashionable at the time with a suit). But they are boots so you can easily get the 4" elevator. Even though they are boots, they go with a suit because they basically look like a bit of a hybrid - part boot part shoe, which is very current and has been for some time under a suit - when they are showing under a pair of trousers. I know Don's do boots like this as well.

Any of the 4" boots would do the trick, and as I say, they tend to give about an extra 3" on top of the height you would get from any other pair of boots.
Ben said on 30/Oct/15
What kind of height shoe wouldn't be noticeable in the height
[Editor Rob: a lot of elevator shoes that give 1.5-2 inch range are hard to spot, most people won't be able to tell, especially if your trousers/pants cover a good amount of the shoe. With a boot I think you can get away with it a bit easier than a shoe, because the amount of leather you need to get between 2 and 2.5 inches out of a shoe means the shoe itself starts to look quite big and I think more people would think it looked a little funnier...that's if they see it, as I said, if you aint' wearing skinny jeans your trouser/jeans should be able to cover a lot of the height the shoe gives.]
Todd said on 28/Oct/15
Hi, do you have any recommendations for elevator boots from Guidomaggi or Don's that give 3 inches or more of height but also go well with a suit?
[Editor Rob: if you get a suit that is 2 inches longer than your normal trousers but with a slightly wider width then really you could choose from any of the classic models like the dons bergamo, terni aren't boots but they do have big versions that basically start to look like a boot because of the size of lift inside. Actual boot versions like di vico versions or colleta I think are the type I'd look at. For Guido it is worth checking out their Instagram page as they do show men with suits and how they look.]
Carl said on 23/Oct/15
Rob, how much height increase do you think the biggest 5 inch boots from Dons really give (like D'Etna) Really 5 inches increase from barefoot height or a little bit less?
[Editor Rob: if you measure the highest point at the back (highest point of lift), you are never going to get that much because the foot pivots at the ankle. ]
cf said on 17/Oct/15
Rob, do you think that it would be insecure on the part of a man who isn't short but average height to want to be at least a couple inches taller? In other words, for my whole adult life I wanted to be 6'0" barefoot but am only 5'10" barefoot after standing for 8 hours. It's only been in the last maybe 15 years that I didn't feel the need to stretch the truth about my height and actually don't mind my height now.In your opinion, is 5'10" a good height for a man?
[Editor Rob: it's a standard average range. There's nothing wrong with having a desire to be taller, but unfortunately for bare-feet height, the option available is limb-lengthening, which rules out nearly everybody. But nobody walks about bare-feet, they are in shoes of various heights. Lifts/elevators are able to alter men's (or women's) perceived height.]
ManKo said on 12/Oct/15
Hi Rob, do you know the "masaltos" and "hiplus" elevator shoes. If so, what do you think about them? They are both from spain, and "masaltos" seens to be very popular on amazon.co.uk.
[Editor Rob: I don't know the quality, but they don't look that bad in photos...expense wise, they are certainly a bit cheaper than some of the other companies like dons or guido maggi.]
182 cm evening height said on 3/Oct/15
Yeah exactly Rob, lifts are better for one-off use while elevators are better for discrete long term use. I just read Dan's comment below and he said that those European Summer shoes made him 3 inches taller. Do you think that's realistic? Because I've seen you mention elsewhere that the advertised lift isn't actually the same as the height boost you get. To be honest, since my 6 ft 0.75" measurement at the doctor's office, I'm not even sure about elevators. I guess I need to try and get measured under a stadiometer again. Do you think the wall stadiometers are even reliable?
[Editor Rob: yeah if they are advertised as 3 inches they won't really give that, although when you put them on you probably think it feels significant, and at 2.3-2.4 inches of actual height gain (from those described in the 3 inch range), that is still a big amount. ]

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