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Nolifts81 said on 6/Jun/06
Max tu sarai certamente di Milano. Dimostri appiaeno la tua invidia per chi nella vita è riuscito a creare qualcosa di veramente importante. Ti unisci a tutti coloro che non avendo validi argomenti o, valide critiche sull'operato di Silvio Berlusconi si attaccano a tematiche così stupide. Sicuramente Silvio Berlusconi indossa un leggero rialzo all'interno delle scarpe, ma credi che lo faccia solo lui in politica? Credo proprio di no. Il problema stà nel fatto che Silvio Berlusconi è senza dubbio la persona più in vista e , più invidiata d'Italia.Personalmente, non credo affatto che Silvio Berlusconi appaia ridicolo indossando quelle che sono, in realtà, normalissime calzature classiche con un leggero rialzo interno.Non ha mai camminato in modo goffo. Piuttosto io mi preoccuperei maggiormente dell'attuale nostro primo ministro Romano Prodi che, pur non indossando rialzi interni alle scarpe cammina e, si atteggia, da vero rincoglionito(scusa il termine). Ti ho risposto in italiano perchè mi sembrava giusto rivolgermi soltanto a te in quanto ciò che hai scritto non ha interessato proprio nessuno qui. Agli stranieri non interessa se Berlusconi porti i tacchi oppure no. Gli interessa la sua politica estera!!! Ah si riconoscono subito i comunisti: quando vedono qualcuno più ingamba di loro cercano di gettare fango du di lui in tutti i modi.Excuse me for the language that I've used but I was referring to an Italian comunist, I don't think you are interested about Italian politics. By The way I am Italian too, I live in Bari.P.S. Silvio Berlusconi wears only 1.25 inches lifts inside his shoes and he doesn't walk funny, he isn't ridiculous like Romano Prodi. Romano Prodi,actual Italian Prime minister doesn't wear lifts but walks funny and he is ridiculous!He appears like a catatonic man.
Max said on 31/May/06
I am am from northern Italy. I am 5.9, average for a southern guy, 2 inches below average for a northern guy over 25 of age (young kids are very tall nowadays). I got no problems with that, first of all because I am a bodybuilder and they tend to consider me taller than I am (don't know why, I always thought it was the opposite, that muscular guys looked shorter). The second reason is that you are what you are. If people like you, they will like you anyways. Plus it would be ridiculous in case you had to take off your shoes for any reason (like in a bedroom with a beautiful woman). C'mon it's just stupid. Plus it's an unnatural posture! You risk your spine and your ankles.

Another note. Our EX (thank-God!) prime minister Berlusconi, is a billionaire and he is short, very short! He wears his elevator shoes and all the people are teasing him for that! Because he isn't simply able to accept his height.
So he's a clear example of how a short person can become a successfull manager and at the same time being so ridiculous trying to look taller.
Jay said on 28/May/06
In my career, as an operatic stage performer, it is a necessity for me to wear lifts. I am only about 5'5" without shoes and because of the bias that men need to be noticeably taller than women, or at least the same height, it is hard for me to get cast in non-character roles because of my height. The amazing thing is even men who are 5'9" or 5'10" wear lifts. That's the busines...
Executive said on 23/May/06
DP -- I hear what you are saying. Believe me when I say that I work at a 'big' organization that everybody here would know about. It's true that I work with some giants. But I think it's easy to pay too much attention to those people when you become obsessed with your height. Especially in the U.S. and probably in major metropolitan areas overseas, we are increasingly becoming these success-driven people who learn that we can do whatever we are willing to work hard enough to do, and we can get what we want if we are willing to make the sacrifices, even if it means not seeing our kids, wives, etc. This turns us into these machines, and rarely does something come along that is absolutely unattainable. Even if we never attain it, we find some solemnity in the fact that we know, if we really wanted to, we could get that too, whatever 'that' is. I think that for some of us, since there is nothing you can do about (realistically) about your height, it's easy to get obsessed with it, and have it always beating down on you, when in reality, other people out there are not even thinking about it most of the time. And when they do, it's not with the same ridicule or condemnation that we bestow upon ourselves. If you look a little harder, you will see your share of shorter CEO's and upper management in large corporations. They are there. It may be true that there are sometimes more tall people than there should be if you are going by the percentage of the population that share their height, and figuring out how many should respectively be in that level of the workforce. And I do believe that heightism does exist. But I also believe it is usually subconsciously executed, especially in the workforce. And it can be subconsciously defeated with things that make people see you as 'taller,' such as a booming-confidence. There is no easy way to attain that. As everyone hss heard, the first step is to really just start liking yourself for who you are. Short people are just as likeable as anyone else, given a cooperative personality. Nobody is going to point at a short guy who is smiling and friendly and funny and enjoyable company, and say, "look at that short little man." If they did, they would be one of a seldom few, who probably is jealous that they aren't getting any attention because they are a bitter asshole, and they are saying it to themselves, as they have no friends. I'm not kidding here. Start looking around, and you'll see your fellow peers-in-height playing for the same team as the tall guys. Maybe Tyco chose an idiot for a CEO, or whatever it was that you were saying. Maybe just maybe it wasn't solely decided on his height. There are idiots in business though, and if his height played a considerable role in his promotion, then what are you gonna do? There are plenty of good looking women in business too. Somewhere out there, there is a message board where ugly women are complaining. But in a recent is
Jeremy Green said on 21/May/06
I stuck a pile of Kleenex (still folded) about three quarters of an inch thick in each of my shoes. My shoe size is 10 and a half and the Kleenex couldn't quite reach the toes, so I cut some kleenex into a smaller pile and put that in the toe section. I haven't worn my shoes to school (I'm about a week away from graduating from high school) yet but I wore them around my house and it felt pretty fine and I was definitely noticeably taller. I'm 5'11 without shoes on and my goal is to look like I'm naturally six feet tall.
DP said on 21/May/06
I wear both elevator shoes and lifts and I find no shame in wearing them mostly because heightism is the last bastion of legal prejudice allowed in our society. If you don't think heightism exist, visit the Yahoo personal ads and look at all the women profiles with height preferences of 5'10" and above. Secondly, visit any fortune 500 company and notice how many 6' and over executive dominate those positions even though they represent less than 13% of the population. Fortunately, societies do progress albeit slowly. I see more websites addressing the problem of heightism and I'm encouraged that bullying finally got national prominence although it took a tragedy like Columbine to make it take center stage. Usually bullies like to pick on people smaller than themselves so in some subtle way, heightism was addressed withing the bully issue.

Things do get better!

Dominic said on 20/May/06
I don't see how anybody would want to wear these. I would never resort to wearing elevator shoes. Usually when your invited into peoples houses they expect you to take your shoes off. Well, what are they going to say when you take off your shoes and your about 3 inches less than when you wear them. That's gotta be pretty damn embarassing....
kyle said on 18/May/06
FOR REALS? these can give you 3 inches more in height by wearing them? HELL YEAH I'm getting some
ForensicNYC said on 15/May/06
Amazing as it may seem, some SANDALS can give almost 3" height. Those sandals with this height booster can be purchased commonly in department stores or online.

YaoMing said on 28/Apr/06
one funny thing that i have expierienced is that when i'm wearing my "big style shoes" (example see here: http://extremecostumes.com/IMPACT-224.jpg ) that even though it is very obvious that i'm much shorter without my shoes people don't push you around as much as when your head is lower. you know, everybody living in a big city knows that when in a crowded street the short persons get pushed the most. but wearing big shoes seems to help you in this area and more people walk around you instead of just pushing you.
DP said on 27/Apr/06
I don't disagree that you can't let obstacles get in the way of advancing but.... Look very closely at the senior management level of ANY company and tell me how many men are 6' and over and how many are 5'9" and under? Case closed. Heightism is the most blatant discrimination in business today hands down. Unfortunately, dipshit companies like Tyko promote CEO's like Kozlowsky who lacked the brains and made it only because of their tall stature of "looking" lilke a CEO. In some ways, the dipshit stockholders who hired this incompentent moron to drain their company of funds deserved what they got.

Executive said on 26/Apr/06
"Too short for management" -- makes me laugh. If you are on the short side, all it means, at the most, is a simple hurdle that you must get past in advancing your career or your own life in whatever you are going for.

Everybody has a hurdle or two, where it can feel like it is working against them. For some, it's their weight, their intelligence, their baldness, vocabulary, level of attractiveness, sociability, flatulence problem, pointy nose, freckles, or what have you. For some of us, it's our height. You might say, "well nobody is going to be passed over for promotion due to their freckles or the size of their butt." Yes, I have read the studies that say you make more average salary per year for every inch in your height. Let me tell you, if there is any truth to that study, it is only because the average shorter man may feel inferior due to his own demons and self-image problems, and therefore he lacks the confidence and command for attention and respect that is necessary for 'management' or promotions. I certainly advocate the use of elevator shoes or lifts if they will make you feel more confident. With any luck, they will, and maybe you can stop using them when you have restored some of that self-confidence.

In the hope that I can provide a little inspiration for some of you that might be coming on here and are a little frustrated with their height...do not ever let yourself feel defeated! Don't make the 'too short for management' thing into a self fulfilling prophecy. If the guy below was told that, and if he believes it, then he is a fool. Fine -- those of us not blessed with perfect height may not have the same impact on others with our physical presence due to our height alone. But we can have the same or an even greater impact through our confidence in what we are saying and doing, and the demand for respect in our demeanor, and if you know your shit -- you will get where you are going. If you feel that you are being passed over for promotion due to your height, then you are full of excuses. Perhaps it is time to demand more from yourself and your life, stop being so defeatist, and look into reasons for being passed over that likely do not have anything to do with your height. A tall man's presence doesn't do him any good with zero personality or shit-for-brains. Often, when you see tall men that are successful, they are not lacking in these traits. It is ridiculous to assume that their height alone carried them where they went. Their secret is that they are fortunate enough to never be preoccupied with their height, so they feel and act more confident. I am a young man, but not a tall one. There was a time when I felt jealous contempt for taller guys. But tall guys are nice guys too, and I appreciate both my tall and short compatriots. Everyone can see eye to eye on the daily issues of life much more often than you think when you free yourself of the self-loathing
Dactr Íbol said on 25/Apr/06
WHAT ABOUT COOL ELEVATOR SHOES????????? I mean, like trainers; I heard some rappers wear it, I dunno if they're called "gangsta shoes"............But no...... think those are not that..........
shay said on 24/Apr/06
wanted 2 ask ya guys, how much do these shoes cost.....?
YaoMing said on 22/Apr/06
a way to look taller is getting yourself one of these:

and combine it with a wayne static-haircut (on the right):

could be obvious but at least you gain an extra-foot ;)
From Turkey said on 22/Apr/06
mike what you mean with " i'm to short for getting into management... " .
YaoMing said on 22/Apr/06
UNK wrote:
"Let me ask a question. When you meet a women while wearing your elevator shoes, finally get her to bed, take your shoes off.... do you feel like a GOD DAMN CLOWN??"

well i don't think that this does make you a clown. women use push up-bras, fake eyelashes, make up to hide skin flaws...

just because you're male doesn't mean you're not allowed to "help" some areas of your body. if you're male and not comfortable about your height then in my opinion there's nothing wrong about wearing lifts/elevator boots.
Mike said on 20/Apr/06
heightism in europe is even worse, i'm 5'11 when i stand up straight and i was told that i'm to short for getting into management...
jj said on 11/Apr/06
People are Selfconcious about the height and its Normal I know People who are 6'2 that have Insecurities but damn If your Under 5'10 your Short No MAtter what people say.
Im 5'9 and Im proud of it I dont see nothin Wrong i guess its because its a Big Mans World.Would Elevator Shoes Interest me only if Im going on a Date and the Girl is Taller then me? But You are what are nothing is gonna Change.
Mayra said on 9/Apr/06
I wish i had sneakers like that.Most people say height doesn't matter.Would they say so if they were 4'11 like me, i don't think so.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/06
Just for the novelty of it when I had an extra load of cash, I decided to try these elevator shoes and purchased one two years ago. I am 6'1" bare foot and with the special shoes it made me 6'4". In my own experience it really made no difference. My friends and collegues treated me as normal without much fuss. Now the shoes just gather dust in the closet, because it is just too awkward and dangerous to walk in them. (I never got used to high heels). I guess if you are a Superstar Celebrity you need them, but for normal guys (and gals) like the rest of us, as Donnie Brasco (Johhny Depp) would say..."Forget About It!"
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
UNK: my guess is you really would, woman or not. I've read some msgs here in which ppl don't like to wear lifts b/c at the end of the day its really depressing to have to take them off. I usually wear gel insoles w/ sneakers or doc martens and usually get 2in from my shoes making me 5'11. Don't really need the insoles; but the added comfort is a necessity if you work more than 6hrs a day on your feet
trueheight said on 14/Mar/06
Question: this is important. for those who wear lifts of 1in or more, can you tell if someone is wearing one by the way they walk? Do you walk differently, have to adjust, or walk normaly w/ practice. b/c i see alot of celebs w/ obvious lifts but they appear to walk normally
UNK said on 14/Mar/06
Let me ask a question. When you meet a women while wearing your elevator shoes, finally get her to bed, take your shoes off.... do you feel like a GOD DAMN CLOWN??

Eric said on 9/Mar/06
Been wearing the Ronin from jagoeurope.com for a few days - the look is quite dsigner. Comfort factor is ace. I get about an instant 2 1/2 inch lift,without shoes my girls 5ft8 and I'm 5ft6 so do the math.
Lore said on 6/Mar/06
I bought the Jaspa; the claim says it gives you +6.5 cm, while actually it gives about 4,5 cm, it means 2 cm more than a normal shoe.

Do you know a site selling elevator shoes that give you more than 2 cm?? I mean, 4-5 cm more than a normal shoe?
Editor Rob said on 5/Mar/06
Eric, the jagoeurope shoes actually look like they have been crafted well. Better than quite a few elevator style shoes! Pricey though...the Ronin gives you about 1.5 inches 'lift' I take it?
Eric said on 5/Mar/06
received my shoes from the UK site I mentioned below, (not sure if i'm allowed to mention the name again) I went for the Ronin....they are awesome.
Anon said on 3/Mar/06
has anyone ordered from jaspa? they have stylish shoes, if so what are they like? and is the site reliable?
cl said on 1/Mar/06
Does anyone know if they have elevator shoes for women? Obviously a woman can just wear a regular pair of heels, but I like that elevator shoes conceal the fact that they are giving you a boost.
SJ said on 26/Feb/06
try air force 1s for sneakers if u cant find these height shoes
Eric said on 2/Feb/06
I've been wearing height increasing shoes for years and recently found a UK company on the net, shoes look pretty stylish and not like the stuffy old dude styles you usually get, gonna be ordering a pair soon once my jan paycheck comes thru, they mention about 7cm which is just under 3inches.

luigi ribo said on 12/Jan/06
i love my elevator shoes ive been using them for years..
Gossip said on 10/Jan/06
Luckily for me I am not short so I dont have to resort to wearing elevator shoes and platforms etc. :)
mad user said on 30/Dec/05
where the hell is my story! i posted up a perfectly good solution to all your height problems! I put up a way that is discrete and confy that can make you people that are 5'6 like me 5 '10! but guess what since it isn't posted then i guess you can't now HA! put up a story in 12 hours my a$$!!!I have an afro and i show 6feet tall and thats all your getting!!!!!!
Zach said on 25/Dec/05
Sylvester Stallone has gotta be the king of elevator shoes/boots...

Jonah said on 25/Dec/05
Women don't need elevator shoes. They can get away with wearing 5 inch platforms and guys will think they're cool and trendy.

A guy so much as wear shoes like the ones shown above and you get the Herman Munster jokes coming out of the woodwork.
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/05
Hi does anyone know where to dfind stylish shoes for women elevator shoes that is. something with 3.5 inches. I chekecked some of the websites and all the shoes are ugly. thanks
John said on 9/Dec/05
Hi Pookie, you may find size 12 Elevators at Walktallshoes.com - check it out:)
Pookie said on 6/Dec/05
I'm 5'10" and I wear a size 12 in shoes. I can't find shoe lifts in my size.
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Dec/05
Yes Ziggy, this is correct. The shoe above is advertised as '3.5 inches'. I've just used 3 inches in the picture...the actual height you gain is a bit under 3-inches when they're brand new...
Ziggy said on 3/Dec/05
Those assembly-line shoes will not get you any more height than 2.5", maybe 3" tops. Plus the styles are so limited. In my experience, if you want it done right and to your specs, the only way to do to go is CUSTOM!

And Sasha, thanks for the response, but tell me specifically what's "ugly" about my boots. I welcome all criticism, positive AND negative.
SASHA said on 1/Dec/05

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