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Chris (Shorter Than The Rest of You) said on 28/Apr/07

You guys are unbelievable...complaining about being 5'6" or 5'10, or 6'2". Seriously, what the hell? I am a 20 year old guy who is ON occasion 5'4" tall when I wake up in the morning, but for most of the day I am only 5'3.5". Yes that is right folks. I am a 20 year old white guy who is somewhere between 5'3"-5'4"! Now that is something to complain about. I am about 6-7 fricking inches below average height.


I would really like to be taller, even if it is by artificial means, such as wearing shoes that give me an increase in height--especially because I am going to be starting the next semester of college soon and I would really like to start it out with a little extra height, which will help me exude more confidence.

Currently, I wear cheap athletic shoes that give me about 1-1.25", which is pretty low. I am looking to purchase a new pair of shoes that will give me me about 1.5-2" from barefoot. If I could have a pair of shoes that gave me a 2" barefoot, I would be THRILLED beyond belief.

A long time ago I purchased actual elevator shoes from walktallshoes.com and they were uncomfortable as hell. They absolutely killed my feet. They cost $60. I decided to give elevator shoes one more attempt, so I purchased a super high quality pair jagoeurope.com for $200 and they weren't 'as' painful as the one's from walktallshoes.com, but DAMN, if I wore the shoes for more than one hour, they were unbearable.

So my question to you folks is, do you know of any regular shoes that are somewhat stylish (preferably really stylish, but that doesn't matter too much) that will give me about a 1.5-2" increase in height. Comfort is my main concern. I am willing to spend as much as $200.

If you guys could give me links to shoes you know of, or the brand/model of shoe, or pretty much just whatever information you can give me. I can't even begin to describe how much I would appreciate this.


Just to clear things up, when I say "gain" you might think I mean a 1.5-2" actual gain in addition to the shoes themselves. That is NOT what I mean. I

I simply just mean a shoe that will say if I am...

5'3.5" tall without shoes, then with the shoes I will be somewhere between 5'5" and 5'5.5". So really I am not asking for much of a gain at all.

Most shoes people wear are probably about 1-1.25" so I am just looking for a slight increase over that (1.5-2" from barefoot).

Thanks again!
ChaseMe said on 26/Apr/07
I am a 5" tall woman, which is relatively short even for the female gender. My problem is that I LOVE to ride motorcycles but have a safety issue when it comes to stopping. My toes barely touch and I don't have a steady flat foot on the ground. I saw some information on elevator shoes, but all I saw was those made for men and the sizes started at 5.5. If I were to wear a male shoe I'de need a "3". Does anyone know if a site sells women's elevator shoes. Please HELP!
smoking said on 21/Apr/07
how much will it stunt a teens growth, is it only smoking 2 paks a day that reall has a n effect or a cigarete or 2 a week have no diference.
E2 said on 19/Apr/07
AJ, IF ONLY YOU KNEW how lucky you are.... 5'10 is awesome man, be HAPPY. there are men (like me) that are only like 5'5 - 5'6 range, WE'RE the ones who should feel down. Come on man, you're A GOOD HEIGHT!!!
Stefan said on 17/Apr/07
Hello guys and Ladies, I'm 5''6 and weight 11.1 stone.This height really depresses me :( . I have been like this most of my teenage life. The thing that really depresses me about my height is the fact i want to be an armed police officer in London where i'm from. I see the police officers stand tall and this really makes me unhappy because i wish i was like them. With normal Black shoes i stand 171cm which makes me this little bit happier. The sad thing is and i'm the first to admit it, i watch a lot of police and military films which are my interests to persue a police or military career, and during the film i would check out the actors height. The thing that really puts a smile on my face is that one of the best police films ever Starsky and hutch stars Ben stiller a good actor with my height. As sad as this sounds its true. I'm 19 and of hispanic decent so there is no chance in the world i will grow again but with shoes on 171.cm makes me a lot happier. My mind is scared with all this feeling down about height. My mum is taller than me at 178cm and my dad is 165 cm i stand in between. Any body have any advise for me?
By the way . Kevin Pollak a U.S. Marshal in the film 3000 miles to graceland looks wicked in the end scene and hes only 5''5 . Maby police officers don't look to bad small but i will never know because i dont know how to forget this height thing .
Anonymous1 said on 17/Apr/07
my cousin of 5'11 say me he use this normal shoes http://www.timberland.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2622283&cp=1779791.1761081.2224173&parentPage=family with a lifts of 2 inch, he looks around 6'1-6'2.
happheight said on 13/Apr/07
taller people must be happier and more respected, did u ever sea this wave of business executive and u see the big 6 goot 3 guys standing tall with a smile in front whil the 5 foot 5 ones enfiorely behind them bent backwards frowning
not all $$$ comes form heigh but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
i feel fake wearing elevators and lifts with freinds but form money, great ideia, bodybuild, making you look better not scary, wear elevator and lifts, blazers make your shoulders look wider and stronger and add in a extra pad to make em even bigger.
Mr. mint said on 13/Apr/07

If your 5'11 then you are above average height. I have many friends that are 5'1 these guys are small! But they seem to have no problems dating and living a full life. Relax, if you feel like being tall one day, were your lifts, if not then relax and realize you are a fine size. Remember everyone uses appearance to get ahead in life. How do you think most women feel without makeup in the morning? Do you think they roll out of bed and go to work? No, they do all sorts of things to look their best and it’s been that way for thousands of years. Use your lifts like an extra edge if you feel the need that day, if not relax and be your self.

I am 5’10 and have a pair of boots that make me 6’0. If I feel like being extra tall I put on the boots. If not, I grab my sneakers. It’s all in your head and if you realize that you will have a happier life. I assume you are a guy from your height/weight and if that’s true, realize that women find smart/funny/secure men very attractive. Height doesn’t matter as much as you think, especially someone your height. Like I said Im 5’10 and when I was in the dating game, I could blow away any guy that wasn’t as charming as I. Life is like a game, and it’s not over quickly, it lasts a long time. Start believing in yourself and people will be drawn to you. Most people have poor self esteem and are looking for a strong person to be around. Be that person! I believe Hemingway was your height and I’m sure he didn’t mope around feeling sorry for himself! Well he had his own issues at the end, but you get my point.

Take care,

Mr. Mint
AJ said on 6/Apr/07
Im 17 years old and Im abput 5'11. For the past 2 years Ive worn homemade lifts in my shoes. The first year i did it, i wore reular sneakers with lifts then i switched to boots. Ur probably thinking that im weird wearing lifts at 5'11, but ill tell u why i do. When i started high school, i was 5'4.5" and weighted about 115lbs. I was very small and it never used to bother me. But, at the time, i had some friends who'd tell me i was small and i wouldnt amount to much. They'd tell me i was ugly. And i took it personally. Too personally. In fact, they were girls but now i realize they were saying that because they had insecurities of theyre own because they were overweight. But getting back to my story.Anyway, i started growning in 9th grade. i started at 5'4.5 and by the begining of 10th grade i was 5'9.5, plus i gained a lot of weight, about 50 lbs. Im between that time i started wearing lits because of what my friends said to me and the lifts did make me taller. so in 10th grade with my special shoes on i was 6'0. Well, i always wear lifts now and its starting to effect my life. Whenever i take them off to get a shower, i feel sad because i feel short. Im now 5'10.75 - 5'11 and weight around 185 lbs. Im not happy with my appearce at all and people are beliving that im really tall and i feel like im living a lie. I really want to stop waering lifts but at the same time i still like feeling tall. What do you think i should do?
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/07
I came across this site by accident but I felt compelled to respond to some of the postings. It really doesn't matter what height you are - if the people that surround you judge you by what height you are even if you were Goliath - they would just find something else to judge you by - it's thier problem not yours. Who decided you have to comply with a certain pattern - make a new one! It certainly hasn't stopped any of the 'celebs' on this site. There's a world full of people out there who will like you for you - if you like yourself. My friends and family range from 4'11 to 6'4 and it isn't an issue for anyone. I understand peer pressure for the younger blokes - it's exactly the same if you are a tall girl, but you will grow! You're in your early teens, by the time you get to fully grown at 18/20ish it won't be an issue anymore - by the time you're 30 you'll be more worried about you're waistline or receeding hairline (joke...)I know the above doesn't help when you're in the midst of feeling rubbish about yourself and it sounds like old hippy love yourself claptrap, but it is true...
SeaBlood said on 2/Apr/07
I never thought much about height . At 5'5" , I was happy and never felt inferior.Then I took up with a girl who was a few inches taller than me; she made our height difference an issue. That's when I got elevator shoes. They were uncomfortable and I still felt short ---even with the blasted shoes on I was shorter than the girl ! So I said "screw it! ; I am what I am ; I'm just as good as taller people." Then I went back to being happy with my own height again.
x14 said on 1/Apr/07
hi....im 14 years old, shall fish slash cod liver oil help me grow taller.
Editor Rob said on 1/Apr/07
derbie, really its too hard to say, I'd be suprised if it effected growth in any way, as I said it might have more chance of damaging muscles or causing a few creaks and pains...
GK said on 31/Mar/07
Is there a sneaker that gives you around the same as Air Force 1 without looking clumsy ??
5'11 guy said on 30/Mar/07
I can't help but find the idea of elevator shoes and height increasing insoles amusing. Such effort to achieve mere inches over ones barefoot height.
derbi said on 30/Mar/07
Rob, when i was 15 I walked around for like 4 months in elevator shoes which gave me like 3-3.5 inches over barefoot height. Is it possible that I got a bit more o legs because of that, and that i stunted my growth?
x13 said on 29/Mar/07
we have no scientific studies
elevator shoes are such a minor underground busines even the bigest internet surfers dont know them, if they were in every shop we would know everything. As im am 14 id really like to know, like heels, they say an exeptonally high heel is bad but a short one is harmless, like, so mayby a 5 cm one ocasioanly wont do much, but walking around in 12 cm ones everyday to work must ruin you. Rob maybe can tell us more, send an email to one o the sites and find out, gimme the answer, im dead curious to, how old are u derbi.
Editor Rob said on 29/Mar/07
It causes your body to adopt slightly different stance than normal flattish shoes, it could have potential for effecting muscles or tendons, and put strain on other parts of feet.
derbi said on 28/Mar/07
I would like to know if wearing elvator shoes during your growth can have an influence on the form of your legs? I really appreciate every answer...
romeo said on 26/Mar/07
youve got elevator shoes with thick soles
while my sole is heavier than my lifts
Editor Rob said on 25/Mar/07
The elevator shoes do work, but what the companies advertise them at, sometimes they don't give that amount. Tallmenshoes do look like some of their 2.4 or 2.6 inch elevators might give close to that in total height, which is still 1-1.5 over standard shoes.
Those who sell elevators should really take the measurement of the typical size 9 shoe they build and advertise the ACTUAL GAIN, not the measurement from the back of the heel up to the highest point where the lift ends.
Editor Rob said on 25/Mar/07
The elevator shoes do work, but what the companies advertise them at, sometimes they don't give that amount. Tallmenshoes do look like some of their 2.4 or 2.6 inch elevators might give close to that in total height, which is still 1-1.5 over standard shoes.
confused said on 25/Mar/07
...OK...so im looking to order a pair of these shoes from www.tallmenshoes.com...and im really confused after reading this article, does this mean that these shoes dont work???
x14 said on 24/Mar/07
flip flops range beetween a sole if 1 cm to 2 cm
i wanna by the ones of 2 cm to make the shock after taking off elevator shoes i the pool smaller, any suggestion of which brands ?
i want the sole as thick as possible before its a platform
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/07
Rob, can you please tell me how much over barefoot Nike Airmax 180 gives? Is it the full 1.4 inches you've stated for the airmax 95 and 360?
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
i have 1.2 inches boots and i weared 1.4 in lifts wish gave only 1 inch boost so 2.25 total and when somebody wears 0.75 to 1 inch heels it realy give you advantage but if someone wears 1.25 then you will get only 1 icg
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
there are some elevator that look good but they give no more than 2.6 that means 2.2 over bare
airman said on 12/Mar/07
heightman, you should wear clark wallabees. They're leather shoes with a gel like sole that gives a lot of height. Those along with good posture will make you look a couple inches taller man. Good luck! There kind of expensive though since they are trendy now...
derbi said on 11/Mar/07
x13, I'm sorry to say but you won't grow anymore because you did pushups. *lol*
heightman said on 11/Mar/07
Can anyone here (Maybe Rob) suggest normal men's dress and/or casual shoes (both would be cool) that are 1.25 inches. Because you have said that normal shoes are 1-1.25 inches so I want to know which ones to buy that are 1.25! Or can anyone give the height of some popular shoes in both dressy and casual styles. Liek Birkenstocks, Kenneth Cole etc so I could know what shoes are good to pick out of a selection.
x13 said on 9/Mar/07
body building
now in my last 4 days of 13
do ytou think lifting weights shall stunt my growth ?
not 20 kilos 6 hours a day
just 500 grams - 2 kilos
no steroids no nothing
today i have i huge muscle pain
i think i must hav hurt them doing push ups while playing basketball
yoyo said on 9/Mar/07
This id why you shouldnt wear elevator shoes
you cant invest alot on a company that seels shoes only over the net
you need a whole big factory to make shoes, so they wouldnt only reserve it for the internet. If you order and tey dont runaway with you money they just got any ceap second hand shoe they bought on the street and glue a lift in (lifts, also dont see them in stores, i think most if not a fraud a piece of cardboard). Like high heel shoes they must be horrible for your back, after a year of elevaotr shoes youer back must be completely crocked, then explain to your dock about your posture
i bet they must advertise the shoe as 3 inches but actually they must only be two and a half, plus the pivot only 2 inches, plus a regular 1 inch dress shoe, congrats, not only your walking in a cheap,ugly,unhealthy shoes your only geting 1 inch over the other people. Great sucess. If you desperatly want and inch wear elevators.
ManaTree said on 9/Mar/07
I'm 5'8, but I really don't like my height.

As crazy as it sounds I sometimes stuff two pairs of socks (total of 4) in each shoe, it gives me a nice height boost (I get up to just under 5'10 or on 5'10) -- of course in the beginning I couldn't fold them properly and I really felt odd walking, but after 3 years of doing this I've perfected several ways of doing it and some other small refinements of increasing my height. Of course, I've never told anyone about this except an old ex-girlfriend of mine who found it funny and cute haha.

So yeah, sometimes when I've been hanging out with some friends or something and I've forgotten about the sock thing I've had to told them that I had to visit the bathroom or go home and fix something and thus throwing away the socks in some garbage can or just laying them there in the public bathroom. As it would be slightly embarrassing to show that I've my shoes stuffed with shit. Hahaha.

Oh man, it sounds crazy but it's pretty funny to me. It's hard to describe it.
Enjoy this crazy story. I might go into some other details or whatever later.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/07
True Luke. Old footballers trick was for goalies to hang from the bar by their arms to encourage arm lengthening and spine lengthening , goalies claimed to have gotten as much as 2 inches by doing this.
x13 said on 5/Mar/07
which one is better for growth, b ball or swiming, probably must be diferent stuff, maybe doin obth is a good combination
derbi said on 5/Mar/07
luke, if you believe that, then do it, but everyone who knows a bit something about biology and medicine would just laugh about you and your comment...
luke said on 4/Mar/07
derbi im sorry but you seem to be totally insane, your bones strenghten with exercise,playing sports does somewhat help, i mean most basketball players are not tall simply because they played basketball, but it may have given them 2 inches
derbi said on 4/Mar/07
G-unit, who told you that? Are are you just teling it is like that, because you think so?
derbi said on 3/Mar/07
G-unit, I'm sorry but thats bullshit.
G-unit said on 3/Mar/07
You grow taller by playing basketball or swimming, because those two sports/exercises will stretch your back. It's even known that you will be taller if you stretch your bodyparts daily.
And by growing taller I mean that you will grow taller if you start playing basketball in an early age, not in the age of 25 of course.
Fro girl said on 26/Feb/07
It's stupid to fake your height.
Unless you're danny di vito height theres really no need to!
derbi said on 26/Feb/07
x13, I don't think that mick90 said that he didn't grew because the elevaotrs.... He asked if that was possible. He can't know if he would have grown taller or not. But I'm kind of interested at this topic too.
dmeyer said on 25/Feb/07
i guess elevator will give you a max of 2.75 to 3 inches over barefeet if they are advertise 4.25 inmost will give you 2.25 to 2.75 over barefeet but if the guy next to you wears 1 inch heels or 0.6 converse then it give you 2 inches advantage
x13 said on 24/Feb/07
i do beleive basketball makes you grow taller, but 2 inches maximun
but i doubt it is much more than swimming
which i do every day
i do basket ball twice a week
would more be better ?

G-unit, who told u about elevator shoes damage on people who are still growing ? dont wanna end u as mick90
is it ok just to wear it on a special occasion ?
i drink loads of milk to.
wanna add on those inches now
so when im 16,17,18 i wont have to panic
derbi said on 23/Feb/07
G-unit, with due all the respect man, but you are talking shit. Basetball players don't get tall because they play basketball, they play basketball because they are tall.
But to the other subject: why are you so shore that elevator shoes stunt growth/height?
G-unit said on 23/Feb/07
x13, YES it will stunt your height. If you scroll down I have written how and why.
And kid, seriously? You're 13 years old, why do you care about height? You will grow more, don't worry. If you wanna grow more, start playing basketball, it'll give you 2-3 extra inches at least
Start using elvators when you're atleast 18.
x13 said on 22/Feb/07
Can't rob or somebody who's an expert in this answer me ?
derbi said on 21/Feb/07
I'm also thinking about x13's question, but i don't have a clue. So if someone knows something about it, i'd like to know it too...
murko said on 20/Feb/07
x13 if your a male you have still got quite a few inches left in all likelyhood so dont worry about height until till your around 18
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/07
i have seen tom look 5'8.5 to 5'9 in hight cut shoes so he is gotta be 5'7.25 to 5'7.5
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/07
so 4 inches heels for woman give then only about 2.75 over bare and compare to 1.1 in men shoes will give her 1.7 advantage so id a woman looks 6 ft when she wears 3.5 in heels it means she is 5'10 mandy moore looked 6 ft 1 total in her heels so minus the heels she is gotta be close to 5'10 also at night i am about 5'11 and when i wear 1.25 lifts in 1.2 in heels so 2.45 in it brings me to 6'1.25 to 6'1.5 so 2.5 give you 2.25 to 2.4 inches over barefeet but over that you feet pivot to mush like when i weared 2 inches lifts in 1.2 combat boots so thats 3.2 inches it was giving me only 2.5 to 2.6 in over barefeet i guess elevator are better than lifts you put because even with 1 in lifts you will walk funny but but if you put 0.5 in lift in converse you will get 1.1 to 1.2 over barefeet so the same as sneakers or casual 1.25 in heels and people think you are wearing 0.6 in heels with normal lifts you wil get from 0.5 to 1.2 extra height if you want more you need elevators boots are the best because they wont look weird so most elevators will give you 1 to 1.5 and monster 2 in so brad cant be under 5'11 if he looks nearly 6'1 on accasions
tall guy said on 18/Feb/07
touching the ceiling franco i say where were you with like 6 and a half foot ceilings im 6'8" and cant say i ever touch ceilings maybe doorways but not ceilings as lowest i generally see in buildings is 7 foot
x13 said on 17/Feb/07
answer me this question
im 13 years old
im really taking into consideration wearing elevator shoes and lifts
will they really stunt my growth
i want to be sure if they do or don`t
Franco said on 14/Feb/07
LOL! yesterday i went with a friend to a shop he wanted to buy some elevator shoes and i tried one of the supposed 2.45 inch shoes yesterday with him, i'm 6 foot 4 inch (1.93cm) barefooted, but when i wore the ELEVATORS i looked 6'7 tall HAHAHAHAHAHA it was an unbelievable experience and i swear i thanked god i'm not born 6'7 barefooted i felt the floor like far and felt almost dizzy, the shoes however were strange, you feel as if you're leaning forward but still comfortable.

i was laughing like a maniac in the shop HAHAHAHA, everyone inside the shop staring at my head touching the ceiling ROFL. :D

i will never wear this crap, but for those in the 5'6 to 5'11 area, elevator shoes can be interesitng. :D

i wear 24/7 my NIKE SHOX, at the end of the day i am 6'4.5 rather than 6'4, i dont know why but i dont lose as much height with the SHOX shoes. they're awesome and recommended especially if you're growing up, they absorb shocks like no other shoes. ;)
Antron said on 5/Feb/07
micheal has Jon Wayne syndrome
gigolo joe said on 2/Feb/07
yeah damn i wish i was 6 foot 2 I'm only about 5'8 and 1/2" with elevator shoes on
derbi said on 2/Feb/07
michael, whats your problem man? you are 6'2" and wanna buy lifts?
micheal said on 1/Feb/07
i want lifts im only 6 foot 2 which makes me tall, but not tall enough but very few lifts reach (US) size 14 anyone know where to get big shoe size lifts
gigolo joe said on 30/Jan/07
Be careful when walking in elevator shoes when you're drunk... I stumbled off a curb one night and one of my feet went really hard against the material in the back of the shoe and now that one fits really loose... it sucks

hooah to elevator shoes, though... sure beats being 5'5"
derbi said on 23/Jan/07
what do you others think about mick90's problem?
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/07
mick90: It was a very long time ago I read it, can't find it, sorry.
kkyz said on 21/Jan/07
im 160 cm (est. 5ft 3), 15, and i wonder if it would REALLY stunt yr growth using elevator shoes. and on the topics on dating taller girls, im lucky im taller than most girls here in my school (singaporean girls are on average 158 to 160 cm) and i think height doesnt matter in relationships. i had a girlfriend she was taller than me by a couple of inches.
smith said on 20/Jan/07
I do believe when wearing shows that give you more height like elevator shoes puts more pressureo n your back during the day. I know when I put my boots one it gives me 1.5inches, but end of the day my back hurts then again when im up for 24 hours straight my back hurts even more LOL.
mick90 said on 19/Jan/07
G-unit: Do you think you could find this article? I rhought that the shrinking during the day is caused by the gravitation, so I don't really understand the thing with the pressure... Damn, so I would really have grown another inch or o if I haven't worn those elevators?
G-unit said on 19/Jan/07
Mick90: Because your body will have more pressure on it. For example, you feel difference after a day of using regular shoes and heightgiving shoes.

And I'm kind of sure about this, because I read an article long time ago about girls using heels constantly, what negative effects it'll have.
mick90 said on 16/Jan/07
G-unit, but why shouldn't my body stretch out if I'm wearing elvators? And why would i have lost more height during the day, when using elevators? Please explain it to me... And are you really shore about that?
And about the o legs: I'm not shore about it, it's just a feeling... because my ankles and legs got loaded a bit more when in weared elevators.
G-unit said on 16/Jan/07
Lift helps you a lot, my brother is 20 years old and 5'9½ he uses 0.5inch sneakers with 2.5 inch insoles, which'll give him 3 inches over his barefeet height. That make him 6'½ (184cm) with his shoes and insoles. Without his sneakers people will think him as a 182-183cm guy.
This heightgiving doesn't make him look only taller, but it gives him taller and nicer legs too.

Mick90: The reason why you shouldn't have used elevator shoes before you'd finished growing is because your body wont stretch out as it normally does. And body stretching gives you height, for example when you are sleeping, your body is stretched out and you'll have your height growth at that moment.
But in your case, when you use highheeled your body will lose more height everyday than it normally does. For example if you're 175cm in the morning your height will become 173 at night instead och 174. Then during night, your height will stretch back to your normalheight every morning, instead of growing.
About the O-legs I'm not sure, but there are usually soccerplayers who get the O-legs.

I hope you understood my explaining. But you should know, what you have done haven't made you much shorter, you might have lost 1 inch due to what you have done, not much more.
mick90 said on 13/Jan/07
what is the difference between wearing elevator shoes when you are still growing and when you don't grow anymore?
Rafael Araujo (not the utah jazz player) said on 8/Jan/07
LoL , that happens to me , Im 6´1 ( 1.86 ) without shoes , and i putt some Nike shox basketball and i stand 6´2 ( 1.88 / 1.89 ) look biggger yeah LoL

im 15 , hope more height :D
mick90 said on 8/Jan/07
I don't know if I didn't grew much because of the elevators I weared. But is that possible I lost height because of them? G-unit, wht do you think, could you explin it to me?
x13 said on 7/Jan/07
As what happened to mick90
we shouldnt wear elevator shoes while were still growing?
ziggy said on 7/Jan/07
My latest line of custom-made men's elevated footwear for those who want some real style with a "boost". These will give you a true net increase of 3.25":


Will ship anywhere.
G-unit said on 1/Jan/07
mick90: Sorry to say, but yes. You shouldn't have done that while you're still growing. I started using 2extra inch lifts at the age of 19, and it hasn't harmed me anything,
Dan said on 1/Jan/07
I'm 5'8'' and I can asure you that you don't need special shoes to look taller.
I just buy shoes and trainers UK size 12 (I am size 10.5) and I made a single pair rubber build in lifts. I gained 3.5'' and it looks natural.
I date taller women and they don't care when they find out (especially after sharing an "horizontal experience" together).
What they want is to look OK when they go out with you (Yes, most beautiful women are shallow!). They use all sort of tricks on us men like boob jobs, nose jobs ,etc. so Why we, as men can't use tricks too?
Since I started doing this 5 years ago I've had a lot of fun and I can tell from experience that people in general, in every day life, treat you differently. In this society being tall and slim is an advantage, no doubt about it!.
Franco said on 31/Dec/06
wanna laugh? LOL

a friend of mine who's 5'6 brought to me his Elevator shoes similar to the black one in the picture above, i wore them just to see what happends....i tell you i was 2.00m tall! ahahahahah, amazing, my head was touching the ceiling (scary experience).

they are comfortable though, no wonder Tom Cruise love em :D

seriously though, if you feel that wearing elevators will make you happier then wear them, to hell with the world. :)
DB Cooper said on 30/Dec/06

This is a bunch of baloney concocted by a woman no less who doesn't want to be fooled by a guy who's wearing either lifts or elevator shoes. She would respect the short guy for not wearing lifts but she would NEVER EVER date him PERIOD because he's too short. What a crock!

What's comical about these same women is how it's OKAY for them to wear 5" heels when THEY go out but somehow you're lying if you're wearing lifts or elevator shoes. Talk about a double-standard. While you're at it, why doesn't she remove the makeup and let's see what you look like. You don't want to be lying right?
mick90 said on 29/Dec/06
hi, I have a question and please answer to it because it's very important to me: I was wearing lifts and elevator shoes for a couple of months, also runing around in them sometimes, when I was 15 because I'm am only about 5'5. Now since then and I'm almost 17 now I haven't grown much(not even an inch) and my legs are a bitt more like "o-legs". Is it possible that the elevators have influenc my growth and the form of my legs?
Stevo said on 29/Dec/06
Imran, Please explain how you made your own lifts?
Dave said on 28/Dec/06

It's not about lying to yourself. I'm 5'7 very happy with my height, and I know I have other attributes that are more important and that I am proud of. However I work in a City Law Firm, and not coming from an expensive public school (read private school if you are an American) already puts me at a disadvantage to some other solicitors in the firm, if I went around in my natural height there is no way I would have even got the job at interview (certainly not without being a member of the old boys network, which does still exist unfortunately). It's no good talking about being confident, I am but I'm competing against other reasonably competent guys and girls (again not as many as should or could be competing) as well. Until you have been discriminated against for being Black or Homosexual or Short or a Woman or not being educated at a public/private school, in the workplace. Other people disguise or deceive by changing their accents (the number of Northerners who sound like they come from the Home Counties when two years before they had thick regional accents is laughable). I'd love for the system to change, but until it does, I'm not going to make a token stand at the expense of bettering my career prospects, just to gain 'your respect'. Until you have faced a particular type of discrimination, you can't even understand it, and attempting to do so is narrow-minded and bigotted.

It's not about trying to convince myself that I'm 5'10, it's not my insecurity, it's the fact that other people feel threatened and insecure working under or getting paid less than a colleague whose more than a few inches smaller than them. Pathetic but true.
van said on 28/Dec/06
Many people are saying to me: "Van you're not short, please don't care about the height, etc.". Actually I'm trying not to care . . . however I am always wearing big shoes (basketball sneakers, big boots) so I can be 1-2 inches taller. I'm 5'8 and half (17 years old) and when I appear to be 5'11 with boots I feel much comfortible, so soon I'll buy myself elevator shoes, or 3-4 cm lifts.
Mike said on 27/Dec/06
For guys under 5'8 it makes a big diffrence! I know Ive been told at least 15 times "if you were only taller" or "your to short for me". Sometime you need a little boost just to get your foot in the door and if you can get them home then hopfully youve made enough of an impression where your height wont make a diffrence.
Alex said on 24/Dec/06
I really don't think shoe lifts should matter unless your under 5'6". I'm 5'10" and I don't care what other people think. I'm about average, and I don't really particularly care about being any taller, either.
Imran said on 4/Dec/06
i have made my personal shoe lifts at home ....it was damn cheap it cost me Rs 50...that is just 1 $ dollar........ask me for more
Kelvin said on 20/Nov/06
A good site http://www.bugarrishoes.com/index.php?language=en&linkk=bestsel&PHPSESSID=76f0bcb85b68d5002c5000a8b55e33f3#eh_buf_0064

Heightism is pretty prevalent in society, and yeah it sucks. I'm 5'10" barefoot and still in uni, plus I'm asian so thats actually pretty good as most asian chicks struggle to get 5'8". But if I start working in my field (banking & economics) then I might seriously consider getting some of the more stylish shoes here.

The worst celeb is Tom Cruise when it comes to shoe lifts, and I read even John Wayne who was 6'2" natrually worse shoe lifts. One of my friends who works in the fashion industry was dating a model, who was slightly taller than him, so he wore some shoe lifts he had borrowed. But when he told her, she came out and said she was bullemic, so he stops wearing them. Each gender has their image secrets.
Jon said on 14/Nov/06
ok..seriously....do these elevator shoes really work? im geeting all sorts of mixed comments..and now imm confused. Ive looked at some websites and they claim to make you taller, but the thing is i dont want thoes shoes to be like PLATFORMS...so some websites are claiming that they actually make the shoe so it doesnt look like they are platform shoes..?...so are they lying or do theey really work?
Anonymous86 said on 8/Nov/06
If you wear elevator shoes, you are only lying to yourself. Sure, people might think you're taller, but when you get home and take off your lifts, you aren't a tall guy anymore. Seriously, I would respect a guy who is short and wears normal shoes much, much more than someone wearing lifts.
Mack said on 7/Nov/06
The average height for a male in america now a days is 5`10.1. In the Ntherlands, it is 6`0 even.
anon said on 26/Oct/06
5'8 isn't short. the average height for a male in the u.s today is inbetween 5'8 and 5'10. i have no idea where 6 came from. however, the netherlands who are the tallest nation in the world are at a male average height of 6'1, and females 5'8.
the u.s used to be the tallest. however after ww2, we grew more in width than in height.
africans would be the tallest if it wern't for the french and english. during th slave trade, groups such as watosies and pygmies were mixed because of the two superpowers resulting in uneven height between nations such as the congo, the sudan and somalia. if these tribes stayed to themselves and later formed thier own nations, many african countries would have the tallest average height.
i'm not trying to stick up for shorties. i'm 6'4!!!!!!!!
Lmeister said on 25/Oct/06
Guys stop thinking about elevator shoes. For instance last weekend I was in this one night club. This 6'0'' sporty blonde came to me and started hitting on me. It really isn't that much about the height.
David said on 19/Oct/06
What is a good reliable website to get elevator shoes from, I am 5'7 but always feel pretty short compared to most guys, and a few girls
dave said on 19/Oct/06
Jack, Matt, Lmeister, agreed. im 5'8" and i am not bothered, and no one should be. and anyway, if you're in the 5'7" 5'8" area you're not actually that short seeing as it is marginally under average male height so stop crying about it.
Emily said on 18/Oct/06
haha go matt!
bob said on 17/Oct/06
hi, i've been walking around in elevator shoes for about 3 months because I'm only 5'7. But my legs began to hurt and I think my legs got a bit deformed, and so I've lost something like a half inch of height... Is that possible?
Lmeister said on 10/Oct/06
U girlymen, I agree with U Matt I'm also 5'8'' and it doesn't bother me. I rather wear classy low heeled shoes and look good than bulky shoes that make U look ridiculous...
Jack said on 5/Oct/06
I am 5'7 and satified with whatever i have :). !
Matt said on 3/Oct/06
I'm 5'8'' and I have no problem walking around barefoot. If you're short, my advice is to get the hell over it.
jayb said on 1/Oct/06
I wear lifts in my shoes. I fit 3 of them in there and i go from being 5'8 to a solid 5'10. I wish that i was a good 5'9" barefoot so i can get to that perfect 5'11 .5" height. The lifts are fantastic, i fit them in regular medium height sneakers and in my boots. I dont find them hard to walk in at all, unless im walking on rocks. The lift was made by PowerFlo and sharper image used to carry them in their catalogues. However, i recently tried to purchase more of them so i wouldnt need to take them out of my sneakers if i wanted to put them in my boots, and they have been discontinued. That SUCKS.
Blueboy said on 23/Sep/06
I am a 22 year old who has just got a good London job in a very image based industry. In the mornings I measure around 184-85cm which changes to just 183 by the evening :-(. I am writing to say that on weekends in my trainers I wear heels about 1.5 plus 1inch lifts to boost my height into the 6'2" range. I know it sounds strange to some people that a sold 6 footer would want to wear elevator shoes/lifts but if you take a look around London's businees class areas you will see why. At my height whilst there are clearly a fair bunch shorter in my game there are also a heck of a lot of big guys (I look and feel small by comparision with natural solid 6'2 1/2 + guys in the office. I am going to get some proper elevator shoes with a 2.5 lift soon. But seriously height gives you status and people who call you the "big man" for a joke do have greater respect for you. In my game it will help me to look well over 6 foot- otherwise the bosses often just look over you.
Bender said on 19/Sep/06
Don't you think 12 inches at 27 years old is kinda pushin it?
The short guy said on 18/Sep/06
I always thought I was about 5'5" because most of my friends are taller than me, I just measured myself and it turns out I'm 5'7" which still makes me short but a little taller than I thought. I'm 27 years old and I honestly think there's no hope for me, I was reading some articles a few days ago and one of them said something about some people growing taller through Hypnosis, I read of one guy in particular that grew 12 inches taller in one year of hypnotherapy, I checked on eBay and I found some guy that sells "grow taller hypnosis CD's" and I was wondering if any one of you have tried that method, and have you seen any results?
KYLE said on 14/Sep/06
DAMN, I seen the website for those...I gotta get the ones with the 3.5 inch heel...lol
toziggy said on 11/Sep/06
need to contact u man please i need help
MissEricSzmanda said on 14/Aug/06
Who wears thoses Ugly shoes?
Henry said on 13/Aug/06
what about sneakers with thick soles ? which brand/model´s got the most elevation in them ?
Sabrina Jackson said on 9/Aug/06
Hi I am looking for help in getting my daughters hight up she is 2 1/2 we are going to disneyland and need her to be 2 inches taller do you make shoes or lifts for children?
Ziggy said on 9/Aug/06
I have my boots custom-made. You can't get enough from lace-up shoes. You have to do dress boots or cowboy boots. It's the only way to go if you're really serious. I've been able to get a net boost of 4", twice as much as all the co-called elevator, cheap, assembly-line footwear. You want to do it right or not do it at all is my attitude.
toziggy said on 8/Aug/06
yo ziggy where did u buy those shoes from?
Warren said on 3/Aug/06
amendment to 1st aug posting :
'As for inserting shoe lifts, I tried a pair but my back heel kept slipping out and they were very uncomfortable to walk in.'
Warren said on 1/Aug/06
Overall I get 2.25 inches East, very comfortable and well crafted as most people have metioned here, most importantly they conceal the lift.
I agree with 'Anon'about these websites originating from the far east, the customer service is dreadful and the shoes look cheap.
As for inserting shoe lifts, I tried a pair but my back heel slipping out and they were very comfortable to walk in.
East said on 24/Jul/06
Warren, did you mean Jaspa giving 2" increase in overall or 2" to normal shoes?
YaoMing said on 22/Jul/06
@GAIL: you might wanna try your luck with manute bol?
trueheight said on 21/Jul/06
you can always get Lugz boots which pretty much all come standard w/ a 1.75 in heel. I haven't worn mine in yrs due to its heaviness though. at first it feels like wearing ankle weights. Timberlands are about 1.5in
Warren said on 19/Jul/06
Hey East, just recently purchased the Jaspa casual sports shoe from jagoeurope.cm and I get about a 2 inch lift no problem
Zach said on 18/Jul/06
I got Ronin from Jago, to be honest its nothing like the 2.75inches they're claiming. Also had serious bleeding on the inside of my uncle, letting that heel then will try wearing them again.

Having said that the shoes themselves do look like quality. But I'd say you'd get the same out of a regular pair if you could slip an inch lift in there.

Comes nowhere near to comparing with for example a solid 2+ lift inside caterpillar work boots.

On the subject of Nike shox - you'd be surprised how much lift you get from them, I personally was a little shocked (tempted to write shoxed but lets not get too lame now). I realised after examining the absorbers...they not only go upto whats visibly apparent, but under the heel they go up even further.

Put a one inch full sole lift (such as http://www.inchups.com/17.html ) in a pair of nike air shox and you'll seriously get a 2-3" lift overall...and the best thing is its absolutely comfortable, I go around in them all the time, nobody suspects, they look great and because they're trainers, they're more comfortable than regular leather shoes/boots.

Puts you at quite an advantage since most pepz are going around in paper thin trainers such as these http://www.sportymiss.co.uk/uploads/products/std/12_Adidas_zerin_white_womens_trainers.jpeg
Gabriel said on 10/Jul/06
He's definetly 5.5 . I met him several times here in rome.
East said on 10/Jul/06
Guys, have seen posting re Jaspa shoes from Jagoeurope.com giving only 4.5cm increase. Do you think Nike Shox give more?
DPS said on 9/Jul/06
Gail - It is a fact of life that women like men taller than themselves. That's fact that may be hard to swallow but it is reality. It's also reality that men like thinner younger women and you will age one day yourself watching those body parts sag. I just want to warn you that Mr. 6' tall, dark and handsome trophy man that you seem to be attracted too might be perusing elsewhere trying to find Miss YOUNG perky breast hour glass secretary babe to be his next trophy wife so be wary of limiting yourself just to height as a criteria.
Men age better than women.

You sound a bit shallow and superficial from your post.

Don't forget that as you age, you start to sag and you're not always on the "A" list when your body starts to sag. You're going to start finding Mr. 6' tall, dark and handsome perusing the younger perky babes.
GAIL; said on 7/Jul/06
Mike said on 28/Jun/06
I am the elected President of a 100 man jocky fraternity. I'm 5'5". If ever there were a place where you'd think height would make a big deal it'd be a jocky college fraternity haha. I can name tons of tall guys who don't get any girls or good jobs or anything of the sort. It's so ridiculous to assert that a tall guy gets a big corporate job just because he's tall, etc. He must have other skills and talents for the job. I guarantee no one gets a real world job JUST because they're tall.
I just feel bad because I see guys here acting like their life is over because they're short. In every job I have taken, I have quickly become "the best" employee. I've had gorgeous girlfriends. I have great friends and a great family. I found this site because I was looking up Tom Cruise's height since there's always so much speculation about it. I didn't even know elevator shoes existed for non-hollywood people until I read this article! I really am surprised some individuals here think it's such a terrible disadvantage to be short. Yes I admit I don't like dating tall girls or playing basketball, but is that really such a thing to be so depressed about?
I just hope everyone can accept how big they are and run with it. I know I wouldn't trade my life for an average tall guy. If you're really so concerned about your height you should try to move on because remember this: big or small, we only have so much time on the earth and big or small, we all end up dead.
Ajax said on 22/Jun/06
I personally think being average height (5'9half - 5'10) is pretty perfect. Your taller than 95% of women out there without looking ridiculously towering over them. I'm barely 5'8" and would hope that the early 20's grants me some increases in height. But after then, whatever. Your born the way you are. I'd never want to wear anything so abnormal like elevator shoes and I have all the insecurities that comes with being below average height. Its just about integrity for me.
Wobble said on 21/Jun/06
Ha ha ha, Nolifts81. Sono completamente d'accordo con te. Il professore non e un playboy! Do you really mean "catatonic" or rather ataxic? ;-) Ok I won't talk your language further on. That's not exactly what I'd call polite, if I were one of our english-only reading friends. What do you think is the kind of shoes Berlusconi usually wears? And, BTW, what are the classiest Italian ES shoes, according to you?
Nolifts81 said on 6/Jun/06
Max tu sarai certamente di Milano. Dimostri appiaeno la tua invidia per chi nella vita è riuscito a creare qualcosa di veramente importante. Ti unisci a tutti coloro che non avendo validi argomenti o, valide critiche sull'operato di Silvio Berlusconi si attaccano a tematiche così stupide. Sicuramente Silvio Berlusconi indossa un leggero rialzo all'interno delle scarpe, ma credi che lo faccia solo lui in politica? Credo proprio di no. Il problema stà nel fatto che Silvio Berlusconi è senza dubbio la persona più in vista e , più invidiata d'Italia.Personalmente, non credo affatto che Silvio Berlusconi appaia ridicolo indossando quelle che sono, in realtà, normalissime calzature classiche con un leggero rialzo interno.Non ha mai camminato in modo goffo. Piuttosto io mi preoccuperei maggiormente dell'attuale nostro primo ministro Romano Prodi che, pur non indossando rialzi interni alle scarpe cammina e, si atteggia, da vero rincoglionito(scusa il termine). Ti ho risposto in italiano perchè mi sembrava giusto rivolgermi soltanto a te in quanto ciò che hai scritto non ha interessato proprio nessuno qui. Agli stranieri non interessa se Berlusconi porti i tacchi oppure no. Gli interessa la sua politica estera!!! Ah si riconoscono subito i comunisti: quando vedono qualcuno più ingamba di loro cercano di gettare fango du di lui in tutti i modi.Excuse me for the language that I've used but I was referring to an Italian comunist, I don't think you are interested about Italian politics. By The way I am Italian too, I live in Bari.P.S. Silvio Berlusconi wears only 1.25 inches lifts inside his shoes and he doesn't walk funny, he isn't ridiculous like Romano Prodi. Romano Prodi,actual Italian Prime minister doesn't wear lifts but walks funny and he is ridiculous!He appears like a catatonic man.
Max said on 31/May/06
I am am from northern Italy. I am 5.9, average for a southern guy, 2 inches below average for a northern guy over 25 of age (young kids are very tall nowadays). I got no problems with that, first of all because I am a bodybuilder and they tend to consider me taller than I am (don't know why, I always thought it was the opposite, that muscular guys looked shorter). The second reason is that you are what you are. If people like you, they will like you anyways. Plus it would be ridiculous in case you had to take off your shoes for any reason (like in a bedroom with a beautiful woman). C'mon it's just stupid. Plus it's an unnatural posture! You risk your spine and your ankles.

Another note. Our EX (thank-God!) prime minister Berlusconi, is a billionaire and he is short, very short! He wears his elevator shoes and all the people are teasing him for that! Because he isn't simply able to accept his height.
So he's a clear example of how a short person can become a successfull manager and at the same time being so ridiculous trying to look taller.
Jay said on 28/May/06
In my career, as an operatic stage performer, it is a necessity for me to wear lifts. I am only about 5'5" without shoes and because of the bias that men need to be noticeably taller than women, or at least the same height, it is hard for me to get cast in non-character roles because of my height. The amazing thing is even men who are 5'9" or 5'10" wear lifts. That's the busines...
Executive said on 23/May/06
DP -- I hear what you are saying. Believe me when I say that I work at a 'big' organization that everybody here would know about. It's true that I work with some giants. But I think it's easy to pay too much attention to those people when you become obsessed with your height. Especially in the U.S. and probably in major metropolitan areas overseas, we are increasingly becoming these success-driven people who learn that we can do whatever we are willing to work hard enough to do, and we can get what we want if we are willing to make the sacrifices, even if it means not seeing our kids, wives, etc. This turns us into these machines, and rarely does something come along that is absolutely unattainable. Even if we never attain it, we find some solemnity in the fact that we know, if we really wanted to, we could get that too, whatever 'that' is. I think that for some of us, since there is nothing you can do about (realistically) about your height, it's easy to get obsessed with it, and have it always beating down on you, when in reality, other people out there are not even thinking about it most of the time. And when they do, it's not with the same ridicule or condemnation that we bestow upon ourselves. If you look a little harder, you will see your share of shorter CEO's and upper management in large corporations. They are there. It may be true that there are sometimes more tall people than there should be if you are going by the percentage of the population that share their height, and figuring out how many should respectively be in that level of the workforce. And I do believe that heightism does exist. But I also believe it is usually subconsciously executed, especially in the workforce. And it can be subconsciously defeated with things that make people see you as 'taller,' such as a booming-confidence. There is no easy way to attain that. As everyone hss heard, the first step is to really just start liking yourself for who you are. Short people are just as likeable as anyone else, given a cooperative personality. Nobody is going to point at a short guy who is smiling and friendly and funny and enjoyable company, and say, "look at that short little man." If they did, they would be one of a seldom few, who probably is jealous that they aren't getting any attention because they are a bitter asshole, and they are saying it to themselves, as they have no friends. I'm not kidding here. Start looking around, and you'll see your fellow peers-in-height playing for the same team as the tall guys. Maybe Tyco chose an idiot for a CEO, or whatever it was that you were saying. Maybe just maybe it wasn't solely decided on his height. There are idiots in business though, and if his height played a considerable role in his promotion, then what are you gonna do? There are plenty of good looking women in business too. Somewhere out there, there is a message board where ugly women are complaining. But in a recent is
Jeremy Green said on 21/May/06
I stuck a pile of Kleenex (still folded) about three quarters of an inch thick in each of my shoes. My shoe size is 10 and a half and the Kleenex couldn't quite reach the toes, so I cut some kleenex into a smaller pile and put that in the toe section. I haven't worn my shoes to school (I'm about a week away from graduating from high school) yet but I wore them around my house and it felt pretty fine and I was definitely noticeably taller. I'm 5'11 without shoes on and my goal is to look like I'm naturally six feet tall.
DP said on 21/May/06
I wear both elevator shoes and lifts and I find no shame in wearing them mostly because heightism is the last bastion of legal prejudice allowed in our society. If you don't think heightism exist, visit the Yahoo personal ads and look at all the women profiles with height preferences of 5'10" and above. Secondly, visit any fortune 500 company and notice how many 6' and over executive dominate those positions even though they represent less than 13% of the population. Fortunately, societies do progress albeit slowly. I see more websites addressing the problem of heightism and I'm encouraged that bullying finally got national prominence although it took a tragedy like Columbine to make it take center stage. Usually bullies like to pick on people smaller than themselves so in some subtle way, heightism was addressed withing the bully issue.

Things do get better!

Dominic said on 20/May/06
I don't see how anybody would want to wear these. I would never resort to wearing elevator shoes. Usually when your invited into peoples houses they expect you to take your shoes off. Well, what are they going to say when you take off your shoes and your about 3 inches less than when you wear them. That's gotta be pretty damn embarassing....
kyle said on 18/May/06
FOR REALS? these can give you 3 inches more in height by wearing them? HELL YEAH I'm getting some
ForensicNYC said on 15/May/06
Amazing as it may seem, some SANDALS can give almost 3" height. Those sandals with this height booster can be purchased commonly in department stores or online.

YaoMing said on 28/Apr/06
one funny thing that i have expierienced is that when i'm wearing my "big style shoes" (example see here: http://extremecostumes.com/IMPACT-224.jpg ) that even though it is very obvious that i'm much shorter without my shoes people don't push you around as much as when your head is lower. you know, everybody living in a big city knows that when in a crowded street the short persons get pushed the most. but wearing big shoes seems to help you in this area and more people walk around you instead of just pushing you.
DP said on 27/Apr/06
I don't disagree that you can't let obstacles get in the way of advancing but.... Look very closely at the senior management level of ANY company and tell me how many men are 6' and over and how many are 5'9" and under? Case closed. Heightism is the most blatant discrimination in business today hands down. Unfortunately, dipshit companies like Tyko promote CEO's like Kozlowsky who lacked the brains and made it only because of their tall stature of "looking" lilke a CEO. In some ways, the dipshit stockholders who hired this incompentent moron to drain their company of funds deserved what they got.

Executive said on 26/Apr/06
"Too short for management" -- makes me laugh. If you are on the short side, all it means, at the most, is a simple hurdle that you must get past in advancing your career or your own life in whatever you are going for.

Everybody has a hurdle or two, where it can feel like it is working against them. For some, it's their weight, their intelligence, their baldness, vocabulary, level of attractiveness, sociability, flatulence problem, pointy nose, freckles, or what have you. For some of us, it's our height. You might say, "well nobody is going to be passed over for promotion due to their freckles or the size of their butt." Yes, I have read the studies that say you make more average salary per year for every inch in your height. Let me tell you, if there is any truth to that study, it is only because the average shorter man may feel inferior due to his own demons and self-image problems, and therefore he lacks the confidence and command for attention and respect that is necessary for 'management' or promotions. I certainly advocate the use of elevator shoes or lifts if they will make you feel more confident. With any luck, they will, and maybe you can stop using them when you have restored some of that self-confidence.

In the hope that I can provide a little inspiration for some of you that might be coming on here and are a little frustrated with their height...do not ever let yourself feel defeated! Don't make the 'too short for management' thing into a self fulfilling prophecy. If the guy below was told that, and if he believes it, then he is a fool. Fine -- those of us not blessed with perfect height may not have the same impact on others with our physical presence due to our height alone. But we can have the same or an even greater impact through our confidence in what we are saying and doing, and the demand for respect in our demeanor, and if you know your shit -- you will get where you are going. If you feel that you are being passed over for promotion due to your height, then you are full of excuses. Perhaps it is time to demand more from yourself and your life, stop being so defeatist, and look into reasons for being passed over that likely do not have anything to do with your height. A tall man's presence doesn't do him any good with zero personality or shit-for-brains. Often, when you see tall men that are successful, they are not lacking in these traits. It is ridiculous to assume that their height alone carried them where they went. Their secret is that they are fortunate enough to never be preoccupied with their height, so they feel and act more confident. I am a young man, but not a tall one. There was a time when I felt jealous contempt for taller guys. But tall guys are nice guys too, and I appreciate both my tall and short compatriots. Everyone can see eye to eye on the daily issues of life much more often than you think when you free yourself of the self-loathing
Dactr Íbol said on 25/Apr/06
WHAT ABOUT COOL ELEVATOR SHOES????????? I mean, like trainers; I heard some rappers wear it, I dunno if they're called "gangsta shoes"............But no...... think those are not that..........
shay said on 24/Apr/06
wanted 2 ask ya guys, how much do these shoes cost.....?
YaoMing said on 22/Apr/06
a way to look taller is getting yourself one of these:

and combine it with a wayne static-haircut (on the right):

could be obvious but at least you gain an extra-foot ;)
From Turkey said on 22/Apr/06
mike what you mean with " i'm to short for getting into management... " .
YaoMing said on 22/Apr/06
UNK wrote:
"Let me ask a question. When you meet a women while wearing your elevator shoes, finally get her to bed, take your shoes off.... do you feel like a GOD DAMN CLOWN??"

well i don't think that this does make you a clown. women use push up-bras, fake eyelashes, make up to hide skin flaws...

just because you're male doesn't mean you're not allowed to "help" some areas of your body. if you're male and not comfortable about your height then in my opinion there's nothing wrong about wearing lifts/elevator boots.
Mike said on 20/Apr/06
heightism in europe is even worse, i'm 5'11 when i stand up straight and i was told that i'm to short for getting into management...
jj said on 11/Apr/06
People are Selfconcious about the height and its Normal I know People who are 6'2 that have Insecurities but damn If your Under 5'10 your Short No MAtter what people say.
Im 5'9 and Im proud of it I dont see nothin Wrong i guess its because its a Big Mans World.Would Elevator Shoes Interest me only if Im going on a Date and the Girl is Taller then me? But You are what are nothing is gonna Change.
Mayra said on 9/Apr/06
I wish i had sneakers like that.Most people say height doesn't matter.Would they say so if they were 4'11 like me, i don't think so.
Anonymous said on 23/Mar/06
Just for the novelty of it when I had an extra load of cash, I decided to try these elevator shoes and purchased one two years ago. I am 6'1" bare foot and with the special shoes it made me 6'4". In my own experience it really made no difference. My friends and collegues treated me as normal without much fuss. Now the shoes just gather dust in the closet, because it is just too awkward and dangerous to walk in them. (I never got used to high heels). I guess if you are a Superstar Celebrity you need them, but for normal guys (and gals) like the rest of us, as Donnie Brasco (Johhny Depp) would say..."Forget About It!"
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
UNK: my guess is you really would, woman or not. I've read some msgs here in which ppl don't like to wear lifts b/c at the end of the day its really depressing to have to take them off. I usually wear gel insoles w/ sneakers or doc martens and usually get 2in from my shoes making me 5'11. Don't really need the insoles; but the added comfort is a necessity if you work more than 6hrs a day on your feet
trueheight said on 14/Mar/06
Question: this is important. for those who wear lifts of 1in or more, can you tell if someone is wearing one by the way they walk? Do you walk differently, have to adjust, or walk normaly w/ practice. b/c i see alot of celebs w/ obvious lifts but they appear to walk normally
UNK said on 14/Mar/06
Let me ask a question. When you meet a women while wearing your elevator shoes, finally get her to bed, take your shoes off.... do you feel like a GOD DAMN CLOWN??

Eric said on 9/Mar/06
Been wearing the Ronin from jagoeurope.com for a few days - the look is quite dsigner. Comfort factor is ace. I get about an instant 2 1/2 inch lift,without shoes my girls 5ft8 and I'm 5ft6 so do the math.
Lore said on 6/Mar/06
I bought the Jaspa; the claim says it gives you +6.5 cm, while actually it gives about 4,5 cm, it means 2 cm more than a normal shoe.

Do you know a site selling elevator shoes that give you more than 2 cm?? I mean, 4-5 cm more than a normal shoe?
Editor Rob said on 5/Mar/06
Eric, the jagoeurope shoes actually look like they have been crafted well. Better than quite a few elevator style shoes! Pricey though...the Ronin gives you about 1.5 inches 'lift' I take it?
Eric said on 5/Mar/06
received my shoes from the UK site I mentioned below, (not sure if i'm allowed to mention the name again) I went for the Ronin....they are awesome.
Anon said on 3/Mar/06
has anyone ordered from jaspa? they have stylish shoes, if so what are they like? and is the site reliable?
cl said on 1/Mar/06
Does anyone know if they have elevator shoes for women? Obviously a woman can just wear a regular pair of heels, but I like that elevator shoes conceal the fact that they are giving you a boost.
SJ said on 26/Feb/06
try air force 1s for sneakers if u cant find these height shoes
Eric said on 2/Feb/06
I've been wearing height increasing shoes for years and recently found a UK company on the net, shoes look pretty stylish and not like the stuffy old dude styles you usually get, gonna be ordering a pair soon once my jan paycheck comes thru, they mention about 7cm which is just under 3inches.

luigi ribo said on 12/Jan/06
i love my elevator shoes ive been using them for years..
Gossip said on 10/Jan/06
Luckily for me I am not short so I dont have to resort to wearing elevator shoes and platforms etc. :)
mad user said on 30/Dec/05
where the hell is my story! i posted up a perfectly good solution to all your height problems! I put up a way that is discrete and confy that can make you people that are 5'6 like me 5 '10! but guess what since it isn't posted then i guess you can't now HA! put up a story in 12 hours my a$$!!!I have an afro and i show 6feet tall and thats all your getting!!!!!!
Zach said on 25/Dec/05
Sylvester Stallone has gotta be the king of elevator shoes/boots...

Jonah said on 25/Dec/05
Women don't need elevator shoes. They can get away with wearing 5 inch platforms and guys will think they're cool and trendy.

A guy so much as wear shoes like the ones shown above and you get the Herman Munster jokes coming out of the woodwork.
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/05
Hi does anyone know where to dfind stylish shoes for women elevator shoes that is. something with 3.5 inches. I chekecked some of the websites and all the shoes are ugly. thanks
John said on 9/Dec/05
Hi Pookie, you may find size 12 Elevators at Walktallshoes.com - check it out:)
Pookie said on 6/Dec/05
I'm 5'10" and I wear a size 12 in shoes. I can't find shoe lifts in my size.
CelebHeights Editor said on 4/Dec/05
Yes Ziggy, this is correct. The shoe above is advertised as '3.5 inches'. I've just used 3 inches in the picture...the actual height you gain is a bit under 3-inches when they're brand new...
Ziggy said on 3/Dec/05
Those assembly-line shoes will not get you any more height than 2.5", maybe 3" tops. Plus the styles are so limited. In my experience, if you want it done right and to your specs, the only way to do to go is CUSTOM!

And Sasha, thanks for the response, but tell me specifically what's "ugly" about my boots. I welcome all criticism, positive AND negative.

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