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dmeyer said on 18/Jul/11
high cut sneakers with a 1 in lifts is great you can get 1.8-2in up to 2 in its comfies over that you need elevators or 1.4 timbs with 1 in lifts you coud get 2.2 in , nike air force with 1.25 in lifts you could get 2.1 in 1.5-2.2 in is easy to get over that it gets complicated
Emman said on 11/Jul/11
I am 5.4ft ,i need to look 5.6ft...What type of shoes i have to wear? Cost ?
Leo said on 29/Jun/11
I have worn elevator shoes for years. At first they were so painful, but a conquered them and now I walk even better, its really helped my posture. I am a legit 6'0 foot. But I love to tower over everyone with lifts. I am a pro bodybuilder and 280 pounds so the extra height does wonders for my look. I wear 3.5" lifts, but am now thinking of getting me some 5" lifts. I have truly mastered the art of wearing elevated shoes. It took me about a year. But now they are so comfortable. Theres a certain way you have to walk. Theres vids on youtube. I look forward to standing to 6'5 with my five inch lifts. And btw NOBODY has ever noticed that I wear lifts. I lived at home with them for years and nobody noticed. Not my parents or brothers or sisters. So I recommend any guy that wants to be taller to get some lifts. I love my shoes....6'5 here I come!! -LEO
Maximus Meridius said on 26/Jun/11
Hey Rob how many pairs of shoes do you have.

[Editor Rob: at the moment I have about 3 boots, 3 shoes and 15 pairs of sneakers. This will get me through the next 20 years ;)]
Ken said on 12/Jun/11
Do not buy shoes from Don's - total rip off. I placed an order and my credit card was billed but the shoes were never sent - Allan/owner is a liar and claimed they were on the way, I would get them soon, total BS - now he will not repond to my inquires. Save yourself the time, money and aggrravation - STAY AWAY - TOTAL SCAM

[Editor Rob: if you never receive goods from any company, then go through your cc company to make a refund claim.]
onion said on 10/Jun/11
im going to go and buy me some of those bad boys, an extra 2 1/2 inches thats what im talking about .........
Johan said on 10/Jun/11
I am about 5ft 6 3/4 inch throughout the day.... Does anyone know of a shoe (preferably a cowboy boot styled shoe) that can increase my height to 5ft 10in? are there any custom shoe makers who could create a 3.5 inch increasing cowboy boot? Thanks
Drinky McDrinkalot said on 3/Jun/11
Would anyone be interested in a pair of (slightly) used elevator shoes? I have two pair which I've worn maybe three times each - one from Don's and one from Bugarri. I've decided they're not for me and would rather wear regular shoes.
Anon said on 3/Jun/11
Ed says on 27/Mar/11 I'm 6'3" and thinking of getting some... Everyone in my family is 6' 4" and up, however, so my situation is a bit different Yeah sure.
sean89 said on 2/Jun/11
hey rob do elevator shoes have slight tilt foot forward like womens high heel i had a pair a while ago and made my shins ache slightly. when walking up hills.

[Editor Rob: yes a bit of tilt, I can believe if you wear them a long enough time you will get some shin aches]
Shaun said on 31/May/11
Click Here you should buy a pair of these 7 inch heeled goth boots. I want to see just how much height gain you could get from these which would make even Downey's or Bono's look modest...
Shaun said on 31/May/11
I'm convinced that no celebrity gets over 2.5 inches from footwear unless they are disco platforms like Downey Junior. I doubt lifts would give any more height than say standard Caterpillar boots or Cuban heels. If the front part of the shoe is low than however raised the back is surely its not possible to gain more than this. If however the foot is level on a platform like platform shoes and the front part of the shoe is high like the goths like Marilyn Manson wear then massive height gains are possible. A strong 6'1"guy like myself could probably pull off looking close to 6'6" in those goth boots, I'm pretty sure Marilyn looks 6'5" in them.. Personally I think they are extremely ugly looking things and don't know how anybody normal could wear them. Rob I think you should try buying a pair of Manson goth boots and seeing if you can break 6'. Up for it?

[Editor Rob: if I could figure it as part of a business expense maybe I would! I know a guy who walks about in these goth boots he always looked like a 5ft 10 to me but in normal sneakers he was about my height.]
Rachel said on 22/May/11
I am a 5'7" girl and have been dating my 5'5" guy for over 3 years. I find him perfectly attractive, and would never think of leaving him becasue he is shorter than me, but it would be nice to be able to have him at eye level when we kiss or take pictures together. I felt kind of bad when I asked him about his opinion on useing lifts or elevator shoes to add 2", but he was fine with it! There are some cool styles out there, and I'm so excited I wont be a giant next to him in our wedding photos! :)
advice.. said on 7/May/11
dont wear anything that makes u over 1.5 inches tallers, you're entering ridiculous town population you and some other creeps, youll get found out.
rafa said on 15/Apr/11
Sarkozy, Medvedev, Putin, Hu JIntao these guys very PROBABLY wear lifts
Mr Yeah said on 10/Apr/11
Hey how long does it usually take to ship the shoes (Germany), I ordered on the first of April. ? But there was nothing happening, also not on the information ordering page ? Please tell me any experience you made, thank you in advance.....

[Editor Rob: I would expect if there is a backlog of orders for it to take a few weeks.]
SolidSnake said on 9/Apr/11
Hush puppies are basically elevator shoes- they have about 1.5 inch heel and a huge insole. At least 2.5 inch total gain.
G said on 3/Apr/11
As a tall Latin male at a real 6'2" I do see the advantages of being tall. I see that I am treated better in business and generally in public. I am a big guy too (around 225lbs) and I can tell that people are intimidated when they see me coming towards them. So I'm left alone so to speak. Sometimes it's an issue when I want to meet people. I don't want to be taller either. It's sad that society judges so much on height whether taller or shorter. I say if you need an extra few inches to make you happy go for it. Just remember you don't have to always "measure" yourself against others.
Ed said on 27/Mar/11
I'm 6'3" and thinking of getting some... Everyone in my family is 6' 4" and up, however, so my situation is a bit different
Ted Palen said on 23/Mar/11
Being above average height to begin with(6'3"), so I've never thought of lifts. I do however own a pair of Tony Lamma cowboy boots that give me a solid 2.5" or so, and I do admit it is fun to walk around at close to 6'6", plus lifter shoes usually look kinda goofy. Where as my boots are strictly utilitarian and not ornate or flashy, so simply pull my pant legs over the tops of the boots and they more like beatle boots and dont make you walk goofy.
Geoffrey said on 12/Mar/11
To Michael: A woman judges the height of a man not against herself, but relative to other men. It is for this reason you typically hear shorter women teasing men below average height. Women know they are the shorter sex. When a woman who is say 5'0 sees a man who is say 5'5, she is not thinking, "He is taller than me, so let's go", she is thinking, "Wow, he is short!" since most men are 5'9-5'11. Many women (regardless of their height) tune out shorter guys and these elevator shoes can really make that much of a difference when approaching women in the real world if you are below average. If you look at that above picture of Rob, you can easily see why a woman like that MAY totally tune him out in a nightclub setting. See how he can look down at her after he puts them on? That eye (her) to lip (him) advantage would help him score.
Veer said on 10/Mar/11
My height is 5'3" .bt i wnt 2 make my height 5'8".plz tell the shoes cost in indian curency .elevator modal xn 66024
Editor Rob said on 9/Mar/11
The picture is showing the height those dons give over barefoot, that's the purpose. My posture is no different, if it was then I should appear an inch shorter than Jenny in the first photo rather than the difference being the same as her sneakers. If you want to see a photo that is biased (the joke is about the exaggeration of Elevators), then do view this: - Click Here - I am wearing converse in the first and 2.3 inch junk elevators. Now I am dropping 3-4cm of posture on purpose to make the 'Stallone Effect' even more dramatic... maybe you can see why I'm wearing a suit with longer trousers when wearing an elevator for a photo...look at the the trousers on that Stallone Effect, they are like half masts.
someone said on 6/Mar/11
I'm 5ft 9 in the morning and 5ft 8.5 in the evening and I wear Nike Airforce 1's with a 0.6 inch lift inside, when I wear them I stand at 5 ft 10.5 / 5ft 11. and when I take my shoes off it isn't noticeable at all. for people of average height that want a little undetectable boost I would recommend getting a half inch lift.
Alex said on 3/Mar/11
@ Rob. The picture is biased, because normal shoes add height to you, and in the first picture your not wearing any footwear, so it's just your bare height against another person whose wearing footwear. Can you take this picture again, with normal footwear against Don's Elevator Shoes? Also, wear the same clothes and stand in the same stature/pose, because the stature and suit in the second picture creates automatic appeal, making your shoulders look bigger - adding an extra illusion of height and power
SolidSnake said on 2/Mar/11
Even George Bell who is 7 foot 8 wears size 19 shoes
SolidSnake said on 27/Feb/11
I saw a pair of size 18 elevator ish shoes in a shop today. In a years the same shoes will probably be there lol. The Big Show and Great Khali wear this size and they are 7'0 and 7'1 respectively
dmeyer said on 26/Feb/11
rob if you wear shoes that give 2.5 in you will go to 5 ft 10 5/8 you will look like a 5 ft 9.75 men wearing normal shoes with small lifts you will be 5 ft 9.5 and monsters 5 ft 10.25 range
dmeyer said on 26/Feb/11
rob elevor shoes thats are advetized 5.5 in how mush do they truly give
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
If you are 5 ft 9 or more you really don't need elevator shoes. They cripple your feet really bad. If you wear them everyday you probably won't even be able to walk when you get old
anonymous said on 24/Feb/11
Rob, you're right about needing to get a higher midpoint in the shoe to get 3 inches if the shoe measurement is 3 inches. Strange but true. I bought some elevating shoes and they do indeed measure 2.5" increase with the heel and inner mold insert. However, my true height increase is only around 2". Still, I am happy with the 2" increase. From your YouTube video it appears you are slightly taller than 5'8.5 and not .25.
Editor Rob said on 22/Feb/11
To Frankenstein, no way do they give 3 inches. I actually went up to my loft and found the shoes and redid the measurement! Click Here you look at the video and see the end of my thumb, that gives an idea of how high the lift has to be just to get 2 and 1/3rd inches. You also see the size of the heel compared to a heel which is like 0.8 inches, it looks really big up close!
L said on 18/Feb/11
I'm 5'8.5" and just bought a pair of Don's. This is my first time in elevators and lifts. It must feel great to stand at 5'11"!
sean89 said on 16/Feb/11
if your 6 ft go to large supermarket or whereever count how many men are shorter and how many you pass are taller the majority would be shorter by about 2-3 inches 3-4 inches since the average range for men hieght is 5'8 to 6'2.
peejay said on 14/Feb/11
Elevator shoes are definitely NOT indetectable. First, they make you walk funny, second your trouser bottoms 'snag' on the heightened part of your shoe, thirdly your knee appears to bend in the wrong place. Any increase of more than 1" looks wierd. And think what that unnatural posture is doing to your foot-joints, knees, spine, and just about everything else!
Sean said on 6/Feb/11
I've seen similar things before. Shoe lifts are definately the only option for people who need that extra height and they have stopped growing. I guess these inserts for shoes are the ones such as the ones at Click Here
Michael said on 3/Feb/11
personally I don't understand short guy's obsession with their height... I know I'm making a generalization but most short guy's I've met seem to like taller women... and some, the taller the better... like one guy about 5'7 I know would be chasing a girl that was 6'2". Obviously that is extreme, but basically the thing is that there are plenty of cute or beautiful short girls out there... so if someone is say 5'4, there are many 5'0 or 5'1 girls... so I just don't understand the shorter guys that write comments like they wear lifts to get girls. On the flip side, I do know that the shorter the girl is, the more she appreciates a tall guy - it has something to do with them feeling more safe and secure, but the important thing with most women is just that a guy is taller than them. So my advice is to forget about trying to catch women taller or as tall as you and find women shorter than you, unless you are 5'0 or shorter, there are plenty out there... my 2 cents
Frankstein said on 30/Jan/11
rob, in "how to measure a celeb height" you said that from eyelevel to top forehead it is about 4 inches, in these pics jenny is the same height as you before and at you eyelevel after. Those shoes give you at least 3 inches, at least... Jenny is a little bit over your eyelevel, being completely honest, but she is wearing shoes too and she is a quarter of an inch taller than you, so it comes that you are like 3 inches taller than her and not 4 in the second pic..
NeverSettleWithAverage said on 20/Jan/11
I may be 5'11" but I have a long neck, or low shoulder placement if that fits better. Wearing some insole boosting helps to offset the appearance of my longer neck by increasing my height from below the shoulders. If I actually was taller some more length would go to my neck. I use 1/2 inch insoles which may not seem like much but people noticed I got taller with them on but there is no obvious giveaway that it's insoles as my ankle placement is still fine in my shoes. But I do feel like I shrink too much when I take the shoes off which does suck. To one of the comments below, Brad Pitt is 5'11" so he might be wearing a very subtle small insole, Vin Diesel is 5'11" but I don't think he elevates himself because notice how he is eye level with people on his movies like Pitch Black.
Get Real said on 16/Jan/11
I really could care less about what people think with regards to me wearing Elevators. I'm 5'6 and with shoes like these can pull off a strong 5'8-5'9. These taller people who are saying "Be comfortable in your own skin", "Obsessing over height shows insecurity", "She's going to be disappointed when they come off". Go screw yourselves. Height doesn't mean jack to you because you are all average-tall. Us short guys know what time it is, and women GENERALLY don't like smaller guys. We can wait around and watch you have all of the fun, or jump in the ring too. Those two extra inches brings you eye level to all of the shorter women wearing heels and will allow you open your mouth or face immediate rejection because women subconsciously tune shorter men out. I proudly wear these and am honest and upfront about them with the women I date. This is survival of fittest and we have to do what we have to do. Sorry if it offends you all but who gives a damn!
steve said on 16/Jan/11
I'm like 5'11 and bought some elevator shoes that bring me to 6'1 and they're still very comfortable.. I actually feel better walking with them than walking with feet straight flat. I don't give a phuck if somebody thinks I'm a loser for using them. I do it for me, not for you. I'm gonna buy some shoes with 5,2 inch elevators next. o yeah and I might reach 6' naturally if I get lucky. Come at me, brahs.
Marc Shapiro said on 7/Jan/11
Maxaz, why are women allowed to wear lifts, but men no? A bit of a double standard? I also think that in "the sack" its not such a dissapointment at all. Also, you act as if height horizontally is very proportional to height vertical. The correlation is low. And I am wearing shoes. I talked to the owner at Richlee Shoes and he told me that his customers have expressed gratitude. None felt like they were lying. Their site is here: Click Here
JD said on 5/Jan/11
Actors like myself require lifts in a industry that Feeds on a strict syrupy diet of superficial vanity. I would be totally ok with being 5'7" but if you're not 5'10" or taller you get passed over for jobs. It sucks but that's Hollywood for you.
ReelGuy said on 1/Jan/11
Maxaz... women put on makeup, fix up their hair, wear high heels, rely on pushup bras, and you can't stand the thought of a man wearing an elevator shoe? With all due respect, you need a reality check. Allow me to enlighten you. You obviously have a preference for taller men, you're pretty tall for a woman. However, I seriously doubt you can spot the difference between 1.2 inches (a regular shoe heel) and a 3 inch shoe. I will admit, that the ridiculous 5 inch elevator shoes I've seen are painfully obvious. Every time you've slept with a guy, did you have him stand up to juxtapose your height with his? Didn't think so... Let me tell you, I'm 5'9, wear elevator shoes when I go out, and I've been with girls MUCH taller than me, and plenty of girls much shorter than me. Every time I've taken them to bed, the girl has NEVER been "disappointed" with my height, or my performance ;). It all balances out. You wear shoes out, we wear shoes out. Gain a couple inches here, gain a couple inches there... it really doesn't matter.
anonymous said on 22/Dec/10
I'm gonna let you in on a little secret; everyone every day is looking for an edge, whether it be the illusion of wealth, looks, intelligence, etc. Get over it.
Adawg said on 15/Dec/10
cmon people havent you seen surragtes or movies like it? this is just the beginning lol. people are not satisfied with their legit height so they resort to desperation, i can understand maybe if ur like 5'4 or like 5'6, but otherwise cmon shoe lifts are weakkkkkkkkkkkk...
Alex says on 30/Nov/10 said on 30/Nov/10
Rob, how many inches do you really get with a pair of elevators shoes that are advertised 4.8 Inches? Thanks and Regards.
maxaz said on 13/Nov/10
Hey, these shoes are a lie. What are you gonna do next, invest in a medieval rack?? Height is just as felt horizontally (if you get my drift), so once the lifts come off, it's just disappointing for us tall girls (me 5'10) who think we're getting 6'1 and we end up with 5'9 in the sack. I would say shoe lifts for men are the exact same thing as stuffing your bra, padding your butt or wearing serious body slimmers. Then the guy is just like... Hmmm... when he sees you naked. Just another disappointment about something that should be pretty straight-forward.
octopus paul said on 9/Nov/10
these shoes looks good.. it can add to one's height and so appearance.. but you can't wear it always.. good things come with some drawbacks.. if a person doesn't care he should go for this.. just good for short men..
star said on 23/Oct/10
hey! I'm 5'1 ! haha.. but I'm a female..... so bad ay?:( lol.... but just like to say I know how short guys feel! when I wear high heels I feel tall but I'm still short!hahaha so really I think it a mental thing. It's important to feel good about yourself. Don't let others tell you how u should look. Who caressss bout others~pls~.... these girls I know wear heaps of make up and have gorgeous bf's.. haa! ther all ugly wihout make up, yes:)) but they don't care! so what? ... go get 'em!!! be taller by whatever inches! you all tall people will never understant:((( it's like this with us; omg if only I was just 1 inch taller! to all you tall ones its like; whatever! 1 inch is nothing who cares!......... appreciate what u have b4 u lose it! haaaha! lol
Shaun said on 21/Oct/10
Brad Pitt is at least 5'10" and wears lifts. Telly Savalas, Burt Reynolds, Vin Diesel, all lift wears and 5'11" range. Are you suggesting they all have serious issues and are extremely ugly? Each has a height complex for sure but I guess it is a confidence booster for them looking 6' or 6'1".
Andrew said on 20/Oct/10
What about guys who intend to be entirely up front? Psychologically, height tends to seem to be rewarded with greater responsibility. I am not going to lie about the fact that I will wear these shoes. I've actually talked to several women about it and they seemed to think the idea of a guy who wore them but was honest about them was actually a pretty good idea.
Heights said on 5/Oct/10
In the photo of Rob with Socks, Rob looks 0.5 inch shorter than Jenny. In the photo with shoes on, Rob looks 2.5 inches taller than Jenny. Rob is 5' 8", Jenny is 5' 8" Jenny with Sneakers is 5' 8.5" (Sneakers are 0.5 inch heels even though they may be advertised as 0.7 inch brand new, the heels compress with usage and a used pair of sneakers have heels of just 0.5 inch) Rob with Elevators is 5' 11" (The elevators are probably 3 inch heels)
dmeyer said on 3/Oct/10
hey rob , shoes that are advertized at 5.5 in how mush do they give 3 to 3.25 ? maybe
Rocky89 said on 20/Sep/10
I REALLY want to buy these shoes, woman don't really want men who are smaller. These shoes could do the trick for men, and boast their conference.
I wear elevator shoes said on 17/Sep/10
First off let me address "Anonymous" being ok with my height doesnt mean I dont wish to be a little taller it just means I really dont give it much thought..ever. Questions about Airport Security well Ive flown a couple of times since Ive started wearin them and had zero problems problems with security. In light of the stupid ass shoe bomber I can see your point though
Editor Rob said on 14/Sep/10
meoww - Jenny in her sneakers that moment is between 5ft 8.6-8.7 range. When I put on the elevators I measured 5ft 10.75, so the difference is only like 2.1-2.2 at most!
Mike said on 8/Sep/10
Tall Tales, you're a woman. Unless you don't wear make up, don't even try to talk about us guys hiding something by wearing lifts. Guys have been putting up with all the make up nonsense for too long. Some of the most hideous women can look good with the right makeup.
Greg said on 7/Sep/10
angryshortguy I have much respect for you man. All these people who are 5'10 and taller have some serious issues if they're considering wearing lifts. They're probably extremely ugly lol.
meoww said on 30/Aug/10
wait, rob are you saying there is only a 2 inch difference between you and jenny in the photo on the right..? it looks closer to 3.5 inches to me
Brace said on 22/Aug/10
Can any elevator shoe wearers report on dealing with security at airports?
Brace said on 17/Aug/10
Question: What experience have any of you elevator wearers had with airline security. I'm about to travel and don't want any hassles. Thanks.
Anonymous said on 16/Aug/10
You know what..some (shorter)guys here said that they are happy with their height and blah blah..the truth is you guys want to be taller...at least 6'..just admit it and stop being in denial. It's like women with small boobs saying they are happy with their small boobs but in reality wanted bigger boobs. It's a fact. It's just that men and women want different thing.
I wear elevator shoes said on 13/Aug/10
Im 5.8 and 45 years old Ive heard about elevator shoes a long time ago but I really dont have a short guy complex and never gave them a serious thought. I also have flat feet, my feet have no arch what so ever. About two years ago I had a conversation with a guy who was about 6.3 and his flat feet were about as bad as mine. He knew what i meant when I said it fells like the meat on the front section of my foot is pulling apart when on long walks. He then shared a secret with me. He was wearing elevator shoes which transfer more of you body weight to your heels. This works! yeah it felt funny the first couple of days but I love them. No one has ever noticed Im a little taller, I even tell some people and they dont believe untill I take off my shoes. All you people claiming its obvious reall dont know what your talking about. I find the opposite is true often having to take off my shoes and show them when they dont believe me.
Jimmy said on 2/Aug/10
As far as staying unnoticable when wearing elevator shoes, I wouldn't buy anything that gives you over 2 inches. An increase of 1.5 inches is better than 2 inches. Normal shoes already give about 1 inch (more or less depending on the shoe). Plenty sneakers give more than 1 inch. So if you wear elevator shoes that give 1.5 inches height increase, the difference with a normale shoe is only 1/2 inch. Nobody will really notice 1/2 inch height difference. I think it's when going over 2 inches where it starts to become noticable. Also, the less increase, the more comfort for your legs when you walk. So my advice would be to keep the maximum at 2 inches. It's not a big difference but it's better than nothing right?
Anonymous said on 28/Jul/10
Standard deviation is 2.8 inches for height. The average being 5'9.5. This means that for every 5'3 male out there, there is one 6'4 male out there. The reason why you see more 6'4 people? Because they buy elevator shoes(or shoes in general that give them more lift)/ don't go out as much. TBH, It is OBVIOUS when someone is wearing elevator shoes. It just doesn't look right.
ano said on 24/Jul/10
Guys, women can definitely tell and it can get really embarrassing at work if people find and the info spreads. Don't waste you time and money!! Just embrace your height!
Editor Rob said on 23/Jul/10
sean, that photo is only about a 2.1-2.2 inch difference, no more.
Anonymous said on 15/Jul/10
If at 5'10 man feels short there must be something wrong with him. Average height for man in many countries is about 5'9 or so, and there is many tribes around the world where lives very short people, so worldwide average height can be only 5'7 to 5'8. It's just here in "wellbeing" countries where we are taller and make this height -thing so stupid important.
pete said on 13/Jul/10
thats so laughable :D how can wear a man shoes which lifts him up from 179 cm to 190 cm ??? I mean that must look like so bad cause they are fault Body proportions etc. sorry for my bad school english
Jimmy said on 11/Jul/10
@ Tall Tales. Do you really think that men who wear these shoes are trying to deceive people? They want to feel better about themselfs. And a woman dumping a man because he wears elevator shoes is a sad woman and has a bad attitude about life. If you're a woman, I'm sure you wear make-up. So aren't you trying to deceive men into believing that you're more beautiful than you really are? If you would ever get intimate with a man and he sees you without make-up, then what? Should the man then dump you!? How shallow is that? I would be more keen to believe that someone with this doesn't deserve the best life has to offer than a man who wears elevator shoes.
AngryShortGuy said on 9/Jul/10
You're all complaining that you feel short at 5"10 and above? I'm 5"4 and I'm a fully grown man. I made sure I was tested multiple times for any sign of a growth hormone deficiency or any growth related problems whatsoever, and I have none. None of my family are little people either. I was born prematurely so I guess that makes me the shortest one. But how rude of me to interrupt the 6ft+ people, I know they're seriously insecure about their height, the poor short-asses. Excuse me whilst I continue my pointless search to find a decent woman shorter than myself! Jesus christ...
sean89 said on 8/Jul/10
rob looks about 3 inches taller with the shoes good huh jennys head comes just above robs eyebrows so hes looks 3 inches taller.
Kyle said on 4/Jul/10
Honestly, guys wearing these shoes are no different than girls wearing makeup. What are you hiding?
PatB said on 12/Jun/10
"I cant' believe that people who are 6ft+ are even considering elevator shoes!" Why not? Being taller makes you feel better. I was recently cast as Bartolo in a production of The Marriage of Figaro. The Figaro was 6'5". I'm 6'4". I was uncomfortable sort of like the High Heels incident between Hines and Corelli at La Scala. I guess I won't be getting a pair of these. They only come in sizes up to 13. I wear size 15.
PatB said on 12/Jun/10
"I cant' believe that people who are 6ft+ are even considering elevator shoes!" Why not? Being taller makes you feel better. I was recently cast as Bartolo in a production of The Marriage of Figaro. The Figaro was 6'5". I'm 6'4". I was uncomfortable sort of like the High Heels incident between Hines and Corelli at La Scala. I guess I won't be getting a pair of these. They only come in sizes up to 13. I wear size 15.
FORLAN said on 10/Jun/10
this site caused me to buy elevator shoes... my height is 190 cm and the site shows as 190cm not tall and i will use extra givers that will show me as 190cm barefoot + 1.5cm shoes + 5cm lifts = 196.5cm... Iam n depression now!
Tall Tales said on 7/Jun/10
Guys, its really sad that the only people you are deluding is yourself. If you get as far getting intimate with a partner, the shoes, along with the rest of your kit comes off, ain't no way you can disguise the fact that you are short. Take if from me there's nothing more unattractive and embarassing than a man who is uncomfortable in his own skin and who lies about his height. Quickest way to get dumped is to deny what you really are. And sorry but its a matter of basic biology. Some women genuinely prefer tall muscular men who can protect them and give them strong off-spring. Although this may be a genetic imperative, for the majority it's not an issue. For me personally there is nothing more unnattractive than a man who lacks confidence and honesty and has done little to cultivate a personality and mature approach to life. Such obsessiveness about height is one big massive turn-off and if you can't think of anything other than your height perhaps you don't deserve to have the best that life has to offer.
Anonymous says on 19/May10 said on 19/May/10
I have a pair Calden lace boots providing 5,2 inches taller.But i have to take about 2cm off because i,m 179.6 cm barefoot and in that case i should be about 193cm with them on and i,m not.I,m just 190.8cm, rounded up 191cm. But it is pretty good anyway.
italiandude said on 19/May/10
i think the moderator of this site should delete comments that are trying to advertise sites that sell these shoes.c'mon,this is a place where people come for help not to be fooled
Don't be silly... said on 13/May/10
This guy in the office started wearing them and I did not even notice he had grown taller - I just noticed immediately that his shoes looked very weird. The minute I saw the shoes I knew what they were. Guys, don't be silly! It's better to be short than to be short and ridiculous :) I'd never wear those ghastly shoes and I am 5'3.
Mark said on 5/May/10
@Gazinder I know how you feel. I go to school where over 50% of students come from families making $300,000 per year or more. At 5'10" I feel very short.
sean225 said on 4/May/10
yeh i dont like elevator shoes whats point 3 inches taller and take ur shoes off u drop 3 inches shorter hey dude u shrunk hahaa well since im 6 ft i have no need i just wear regular trainers and i gt measured again to my suprise i am 6 ft i must grown but dont buy them unless ur 5 ft 3 or shorter and its not even real hieght
Martello said on 4/May/10
To reply to the anonymous post. The reason that men over 5'9 are using elevator shoes is to feel superior. 5'9 is the average height for a man and a man whom is 6'0 or 6'1 feels more confident. Men just want to appear taller
Anonymous said on 2/May/10
If you want to make a stronger presentation when meeting new people the extra couple inches do seem to make a difference. Look at the pictures above; I'm convinced; just don't get busted. Could be embarrassing.LOL
sean225 said on 25/Apr/10
the shoes i have are calden thre are comfy shoes and feel normal and give around 2.8 inch 7 cm over my barefoot hieght so i can to rougly 6 ft 2 in them and not loose comfort and 181 cm tall without shoes
sean225 said on 25/Apr/10
i have pair calden elevator shoes im 180.5 cm barefoot and 187 cm 6 ft 1.5 in them quite comfortable and dont hurt your feet if u use seperate insole its not as comfortable nd feet ache
Anonymous said on 23/Apr/10
Sarozi and Putin are both only about 5'5,5" (166 cm). I don't understand why over 5'9" men are using lifts! I'm 5'7,75 at the best and using 1,6 inch heels most of the time which makes only about 1 cm more to normal 1 inch shoes.
Neon10 said on 22/Apr/10
There's this girl from work, she claims to be around 6', but she's really 5'9.5-5'10 at most. This is because they are now making good thick-soled shoes with hidden lifts, including the standard type ones for both girls and guys. Believe me, where I work, they're selling em like crazy. I've also seen alot of people wearing them. That may have been the reason why others think the younger generation is getting taller, but they're actually downsizing due to poor nutrition. Some maybe getting taller, but many are not. I've also been hearing other people say that taller girls will downgrade their heights so they won't feel bad, but they can also exaggerate their heights. It's possible that many girls claiming to be like 6 feet and over aren't really that tall. People can get away with looking taller due to high shoes and splitting hair.
Me said on 17/Apr/10
@ Arie That's very interesting Arie, because I am in California and am a flat 5'11" in normal shoes and I fell short compared to other men. I am slightly below 5'10" barefoot, which is interesting because my shoes are not over 1" thick. They must improve my posture. Anyways, ever since I started looking at reflections when I passed people by, I noticed that people who I thought are my height are actually taller. I was pretty bummed out.
Editor Rob said on 13/Apr/10
J.J. - on the left Jenny has on like 0.4 inch sneakers, like old vans or something. So the actual difference on the right is only 2.1-2.2 inches, the shoes themselves give 2.5 inches. McFan - those shoes are ok to walk about in, but you probably would need a few days to get used to it and to have some trousers (pants) long enough aswell. But you definitely feel that your stance is 'firmer' than a pair of sneakers.
Big Bob said on 6/Apr/10
i have ones similar to this gives me about 2 and 1/4 inches and im 6 feet tall as it is and there kinda comfortable
Michael said on 30/Mar/10
@ someone 5'7 is better than 5'4. Just saying
Ziggy's back said on 7/Mar/10
I'm back from nearly a 3 year absence from this site. If any of you were around back then, I was very involved in having several custom boots made for me starting back in 2005. Since then, I have amassed about 20 pair, ranging from regular leather to alligator and ostrich skins. I wear about a size 9, but these are all customized to fit much larger inserts than anything you'd find commercially available. Since they were all prototype that I never wore because they were design studies, I am willing to off these at giveaway prices. I am currently trying to sell them on craigslist. If anyone is interested, please email me at finavest@aol.com.
johnno said on 5/Mar/10
I cant' believe that people who are 6ft+ are even considering elevator shoes! Clearly their problems are not with height! I'm considering buying my first pair, and at 20 years old and 5'2", I think I have a valid excuse!
LTU said on 2/Mar/10
The best way is to accept your height. And do not try to cheat. Height is never a problem. Vladimir Putin 171, Dimitri Medvedev - 166cm, Nicola Sarkozi- 169cm, Silvio Berlusconi - 167cm, Joseph Stalin - 165cm, Napoleon Bonaparte - 171cm, Iseec Newton - 168cm. Most of world leaders weren't tall. Changing shoes won't hide the fact that you are looser.
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/10
I bought shoes from internet company. They claimed lifts being 2'3 inches but they were about 1'6 inches.
S4L3 said on 23/Feb/10
t says on 14/May/08 gazinder: why do you care if girls are taller than you? any woman over about 5'9" looks terrible anyway... if you are 5'11 there is no way you are shorter than average lol. Maybe gazinder was just exaggerating. I agree that women over 5 feet 9 do look terrible, mannish and have almost deformed body structures. Some will pretend to be taller and tell their heights with heels or cause of the way they're built. There's this girl from work, she claims to be 5'9.5, but she's really about 5'6.5-5'7, it's cause she's bulky, it can make you appear taller than you are. I don't think a female body was built to be higher than 177cm maximum. Rob, you should do an article about body types, of how it can make you give off the deception of being taller or shorter than you are. I'm very petite, but built like a tall person, cause I'm stocky, but have short legs.
Eternael said on 15/Feb/10
You look way better in a costume!
The Riviera Kid said on 15/Feb/10
I love this site lol. As a recent convert to height obsession (after a 5'5" girlfriend said "you're quite short really aren't you?", it's an eye opener seeing which actors are indeed tall, which are average and faking it, and which have a careful PR agenda involving never being seen around tall people. I'd never even heard of lifts or elevator shoes before stumbling across this site (interesting work Rob), but oddly enough I'm now semi considering buying a pair for nights out on the town. I mean, I'm not small at a hair under 5'10", but I really have noticed recently how average height girls in mad high heels are almost at eye level with me. If they can wear high heels for a night out, why the hell can't us boys? I think a 2.5" increase would be the most I'd consider, that's not too much above the 1.0-1.5" heels on my trainers and boots, anything bigger than that and I'd probably feel a bit self conscieous. Women want equality - so do us lads. The Kid. ;-)
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/10
Being somewhat short at about 5'6'' to 5'7'', I can't say that I'm super proud of that, but I have definitely learned to accept. The whole thing about tall people having this significant advantage is like the whole thing about needing a foot long penis. Being tall is more of a bonus, though not something that you could count on. If a girl tells you that her "man" needs to be at least 6'4'' and have a 10-inch penis, you could tell her good luck because she'll definitely need it. And like someone already said here, there's a heck of a lot more to a person than height. Appearance? Intelligence or Wisdom? Oh and how about the most important part, IMHO, personality? Oh well, it IS true that there will always be people who care so much about height.
Anonymous said on 8/Feb/10
I bought shoes from Bugarri. Thay claimed 2,5 inch (6 cm) heels in their website, but they were only 1,6 inches (4 cm). Despite that I can reach to 5'9" - 5'9,25" with those shoes and that's enough for me, and they are good shoes.
Shaun said on 6/Feb/10
It really is amazing what these shoes can accomplish. Rob literally looklike he has grown 3 inches taller on the right and with the jacket also creates a much taller illusion. His torso literally looks longer on the right and he looks like a 5'11" guy!! It is not that obvious in the footwear too. Now when people claim that Matt Damon and Brad Pitt are near 6' that can only be in such shoes and in "effect".
Pete said on 5/Feb/10
I'm about 5'4", I usually wear boots with a lift inside for around 1.5" to 2" more. This is for maybe 8 months now. No one has ever commented on my shoes to me - I suppose it's possible that some have noticed but been too polite. Regardless, people don't continually keep tabs on other people's height - they size you up, then go along with that estimate. You have little to fear from wearing lifts or elevator shoes, unless they're truly outrageous.
mcfan said on 29/Jan/10
Rob, do these elevator shoes make it difficult to walk? I notice Cruise has an odd gait, but it might be his natural walk or due to his special shoes.
Taz said on 27/Jan/10
@Ritchie Oh, and you can't just base the estimate from ya' kid's age solely. It depends on the pubertal progress, nutrition and environmental factors. If a kid started puberty at 8, he'd be relatively tall when reaching the age of 12/13, but his epiphyseal plates would soon close and cut off his vertical growth. If you are 5'11 and his Mum is 5'8, his estimated height is 6'0. He has a 68% chance of being within 2 inches of this height, and a 95% of being within 4 (healthy growth, not due to pituitary disorders etc). Of course, he could reach a great height such as 6'6, or even stay at 5'8. If he's later than his peers, I would definitely say he'll be over 6'1 (due to a higher base height before pubertal growth spurt).
Taz said on 27/Jan/10
@Ritchie Ritchie, there's no way your height would have changed from 5'8.5 to 5'11, if you performed the comparison fairly. It clearly wasn't a fair test. You shrink during the day, especially if you have more weight on you. Stretches would have temporarily given you half an inch, straight out of bed. So, if you measured yourself just before bed when you were overweight, then it makes sense that after stretches, straight from a long period of horizontal rest, you'd be 1-2 inches taller. Some people shrink a lot (like myself, I shrink 1-1.25). Once the epiphyseal plates have closed, the only way to permanently increase your height is limb lengthening, or by stretching your trunk to the extent of breaking your spine, then inserting metal rods to keep the height. If you try to do this to your torso, you'll snap your spinal cord.
Alex said on 26/Jan/10
Elevator Shoes a gift from heaven
Bugarri said on 26/Jan/10
I ordered shoes from Bugarri. In their webpages my elevators were listed in 6 cm heels, but the truth was they were only about 4 to 4,5 cm thick. They claim up to 10 cm lifts in some shoes but I don't believe that, maybe 7-8 cm MAX.
michael said on 24/Jan/10
hi rob..i have bought 4 times elevators from a company in the past and i am satisfied..but i saw dons and i like some models..i have some questions and i hope to help me..i read that don's company is in scotland and i live in a country of western europe..but ups shiping i read is about 100$ ..is too much..and i want to tell me if is safety E.M.S ?? with this the parcel arrive in my house or i must go take it from somewhere(airport?)..last but not least..don's says that make some models 4 inches..these models will give me 4 inches or lower? and is with 4 inches comfortable? please answer to me..thanks..and i am sorry for my english..
anonymous from Nov. 4 said on 23/Jan/10
After reading all the many posts on this site, I have come away with a few observations. First, obviously height does matter. I'm about as tall as Rob and looking at the comparisons of different people next to him, I must really look short next to a lot of people, although I don't feel short. Also, I notice where the bottom of the chins are in the pictures. Even when two people are the same height, the person with the shorter head always looks taller. People usually will look at your face when meeting you and compare those features with others around them. I don't think most people are looking at the tops of heads or the footwear either. I think the average person is making a snap analysis when meeting you; if you have shoes with 2 or 3 inch elevation that make you appear taller to them, that's all they are going to remember, the height and not the shoes. As I have posted before at this site, the only real concern, if it does concern you, would be getting busted. Airport (shoes off), new girlfriend who suddenly notices you're 3 inches shorter, gatherings at friends house (new carpeting), locker room, poolside, meeting a new business client at their home and taking the shoes off (ouch), you get the idea.
Dave said on 20/Jan/10
I just bought a new motorcycle and my feet are about 3" shy of touching the ground in a safe way. Ya think Elivators will help?
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/10
like the photo of u and Jen Rob. One day when I get my height measured on a stadiometer I'll be glad to post a nick to post uner lol! Cute couple u guys make and love the sight bro...I ever become famous I better be real, ur the man when it comes to "tellin the tale of the tape." take care Rob
J.J. said on 13/Jan/10
rob' is that 2.5" difference. It looks like nearer 3" to me
Locket said on 9/Jan/10
As many people seem to have commented, the shoes give too much of a noticeable increase. I wouldn't want to be 2.5" taller in shoes than my barefoot height, it would be far too obvious. Ideally I would be looking for shoes with a slightly more subtle increase - I am about 5"8 (side point - Rob if you read this, what height would you say I can legitimately call myself - fully extended I am exactly 173cm (5"8.1) in the morning and between 171.5 - 172cm (5"7.5 - 5"7.5) in the evening) and would like to be around 5"9 - 5"9.5 maximum in dress shoes - just a slight countermeasure to the 1 - 2 inch heels girls wear on nights out. Do you have any suggestions for any nice-looking dress shoes that offer this height increase (and if it's not too much trouble, at a low price!) - the site you recommend looks very good Rob, but very expensive!
Editor Rob said on 3/Jan/10
Austrian - lifts are not as comfortable as a shoe designed with the lift as part of it. But as a cheap option they would suffice. anonymous - I'm in socks and jenny's got converse in the left shot, and same shoes on the right!
J Dog said on 30/Dec/09
The only use I have for elevators, is as a back up. Like a few have mentioned, some women are tall. I'm 5'11 in shoes, and if i date a 5'7 or 5'8 girl,and she decided to wear 3 inch heels when we go out, it kind of evens up the height, if I wear an extra inch or two myself, as this puts me at 6ft... do i worry about losing the extra height? no, as when she takes off her bigass heels, the she'll be much smaller anyway. I suppose they aren't bad to add an inch and a bit to your height, it's pretty easy to get away with that, if anyway calls you on it when your without them, just make up your hair is flatter, or your slouching etc etc... but i couldnt go above 2inches with shoes, unless i really needed them, job interview etc and i was a shorter guy. I just couldnt imagine my girl kissing me outside, then when we're inside her saying "why have you shrunk two inches???" I think there are more subtle ways to add inches, i.e. my shorter friend used to have a hairstyle similar to JD in scrubs, and would wear chunky slippers a lot in the house, his gf was 5'8, he was 5'6, but doing this levelled the playing field. But if they work for you, and you pull them off, then keep on trucking brutha, as with any clothing, it will work for some, and not for others... my advice, stay within around 2inches in situations that could prove intimate.
someone said on 27/Dec/09
At 5'4", a two or three inch increase would still make me short. I dont see the point in buying elevator shoes. Also, I never found them in any stores at all, only online.
Anonymous said on 21/Dec/09
jenny looks a bit taller than rob
austrianguy said on 13/Dec/09
Hey Rob, did you try lifts too? What would you say is the better choice overall, lifts or elevator shoes?
shortboy said on 11/Dec/09
rob looks solid 5'11 on right pic
Anonymous says on 5/Dec/09 said on 5/Dec/09
I only have a question,what is the tallest a 5,10 - 5,10.5 guy could be in elevator shoes?
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/09
Shaq would be 7'3.5" in them, and Big Show, 7'2". His originally billed WWE height. I think Big Show wore lifts in 1999 when he was billed 7-2
Aleks said on 21/Nov/09
The difference in the picture is amazing. I didn't know elevator shoes could make you appear THAT MUCH taller. Is it me or most small guys wear those?
Matthiew_- said on 19/Nov/09
Lol I'm 5'11 ( 180cm ) yet I'm very broad and muscular with short legs and long torso ... One of my friendds is 181 cm and people comment at him being tall while the same people usually comment at me being small ... So frustrating ! When people are telling my height most girls think of me as as low as 5'9 low yet they are surprised when I stand striaght next to them ( I have bad posture due to years of boxing my shoulders are going forward ) But I guess you cannot beat the people's misperception :( Maybe I will try a pair of Don's sometimes , to make my self longer legs and a strong 6footer so people will stop commenting about my shortness , f--- 180cm isn't short !!!! Problem is 2.5 inches seems to be a bit too much to go away with it without being busted ! :p
Wish I was a little bit taller.. said on 15/Nov/09
It is fun being taller...I happened to get a pair of shoes that were too big and needed insoles to get them to fit, the insoles lifted me up and the rest is history. I am married not looking for women, I am taller than my wife, above average height, I just think it is a cool feeling to be a little taller that's all. I wouldn't spend big bucks for it though..
Editor Rob said on 15/Nov/09
They are a gift.
Lmeister said on 13/Nov/09
Rob, did you really buy elevator shoes?
aramx said on 5/Nov/09
I am guessing Stadnik wears boots that raise his height by as much as 2 inches from barefoot. Those shoes look like real monsters in terms of height boosting!
Brian said on 5/Nov/09
Personally, I think that lifts are only really helpful if you're in high school or college and are getting measured for a sport. Other than that, if I see someone with really thick footwear on, I don't say, "Oh, look at that tall guy". I say, "Oh, look at that self-conscious wanna-be tall guy". That's just me. "Invisible" lifts crammed inside your shoes are probably pretty uncomfortable anyway. Maybe elevator shoes are at least helpful with convincing yourself that you're taller than you actually are, but I like to think of myself in barefoot height. If anyone on this page decides that really need lifts, I would agree with 5\'8 beast that Nike Air Force Ones are probably your best bet. Any type of basketball sneakers, really. If you where something like that, instead of admitting that you're just trying to look taller, you can just say, "These shoes are for athletic purposes", "They are really comfortable on my feet", or "I love the style". Just never get caught without an excuse for wearing shoes that add over an inch, if you really need them.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/09
That's quite a difference in the picture; I was in the clothing business awhile back and would suggest a long and wide enough pant bottom to accommodate the height increase. I'm 5ft.8.25 also; I think friends and family would notice I grew overnight with these shoes. Right now I wear Kenneth Cole Reaction with the thick soles which are good for 1.5 inch increase. The thing I'm having trouble taking in is the cost of the Don's; they aren't cheap. I may consider them in the future. One last thing which has to be considered is if you ever need to take them off such as someones home or even at the airport. Kind of funny, but I was thinking if the pants are long enough one might be able to stand on their toes without anyone noticing.
Naz said on 3/Nov/09
Being a woman and only 4'9 is really really frustrating, a day dont go by where i dont think about my height, but luckily i have come across heel lifts and now i can wear flats with these in, the only down fall is, when i wear heels i dont look any taller and i feel silly, i am sure people around me are thinking it is strange i look the same in flats and heels!!!! lol
The Dutchguy said on 3/Nov/09
The father of a mate of mine always used to be 6'4.5'', but he is in his mid 60's now so he has lost some centimetres, but he still looks about my height, 6'4,or even taller, in dress shoes, but one day when we were standing next to eachother, both in nothing but socks, i was about 1.5,2 inches taller then him..i personally find wearing dress shoes ''cheating'' though ;)
5'8 beast said on 2/Nov/09
"NIKE AIR FORCE ONE'S" are good for a extra inch or two... and still look ultra stylish. AND NON SUSPICIOUS. :p
Mike said on 2/Nov/09
I'm just over 5'7" and wifey is lovely 5'4"....She adores high heels as much i as i adore her wearing them and her wardrobe is full of Dior and Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes. Her smallest heel is 10cm (4") and highest 14cm (5.5")....I found Don's Range (Tallshoes4men.com) which were hand-made-to-measure with a 2-3" raise. Cutting to the essentials - the only person i want to look good for is my wife so i am very happy to maintain a few inches above her. She's happy, I'm confident and it's a win win situation. Not sure about the cheap Chinese crap that I have seen around which have the quality and style of a plastic bin liner stuffed with paper Mache, but i can recommend Dons and their shoes are of a high-end high street quality with the benefit of being made to order and customised - think something like Hugo Boss bespoke. As with most things, you get what you pay for and if you are looking to maintain a few inches above your lady, then these are a blessing in disguise.
Math said on 23/Oct/09
I will always wear my 3 inch lift from now on,never will i go a day in my lift without them.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/09
I believe there is a way to get taller; I think I read somewhere and I'm not making this up, your thigh bones are both broken and stretched a bit and pins and a brace are worn for an extended period of time. The idea is that the space between the break grows new bone and thus the increase in height. I think there is a limit to how far you could go with this.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/09
I'm considering lifts for the future. I'm 5'8" on the dot. I don't really care about height that much, I just think that they would be nice to have for clubbing or going out on weekends. Height is obviously an advantage in meeting women and if you can attain an advantage by simply purchasing a pair of shoes, why not?
Guy said on 7/Oct/09
I don't understand people who wear these, do you refuse to go swimming? Conning people is pretty lame, but if you're going to do it at least pick something that people won't notice after knowing you for an hour.
LT said on 4/Oct/09
im about 5'11" throughout the day (almost 6' in the morning) but i do find my height commented on occasionally, it may have somthing to do with the fact i wear work boots (havent worn sneakers in 5 years) or if im going to the city (i live in the country) i wear my cowboy boots with homemade cork lifts in them, in which case im about 6'2.5", i do this to look more intimidating and hopefully wont get attacked, my brother on the other hand is 6'6" and has weighed over 320 lbs (hes down to 285 now though), i made him a pair of lifts as well that he wore in his work boots from time to time which brought him up to over 6'9", we searched high and low but couldent find lifts any bigger than size 12 (he wears size 15-16 boots, 16-18 sneakers) i guess people with feet that big dont really need lifts, but he loves drawing attention to his size and scaring people.
Mike said on 1/Oct/09
Rob, what are your own personal views on wearing elevator shoes or height increasing insoles? Would you, or have you ever, worn them?
l0ck n l0ad said on 17/Sep/09
Just a quick question, are shoes or sneakers like Timberland & Nike (just generalising) that give 1.5" over barefoot are considered elevator shoes or just normal shoes with relatively high heel? I need new shoes and I'd like to buy ones that give decent height but nothing over the top, and I think 1.5" would be perfect for me.
billybob said on 15/Sep/09
I have lifts in my shoes. It's my dirty little secret heheh. I'm not really sure what % of males wear concealed lifts though... i imagine it's higher than i would expect. Anyways, i am naturally very tall; about 6'5" in the morning and a little under 6'5" in the evening. I guess in my shoes i'm about 6'7"... it seems that i'm nearing the tops of doorways. I always wish I could have been a little taller naturally... which may sound selfish to some that are short and really do need lifts. I am half dutch... my father's side is very tall; almost every male over 6'1" and going up to 6'11". If I decide to have a kid I would definitely prefer to have it with a tall women, like 5'11" or more. I would like to give the natural advantage that being very tall can provide in everyday life.
Will said on 7/Sep/09
I'm 5'9.5, I have been looking for some comfortable elevator shoes that only give me a .5-1 inch lift, however I am having trouble finding them. I know lifts are a good alternative, but most of the shoes that I have are casual dress shoes that are low cut and barely have enough room for my ankles as is. I want to be able to take off my shoes without anyone noticing I am gaining a inch from a insole. Most elevator shoes come with at least a 2 inch lift, and I think if I took my shoes off people would notice.
Leo said on 3/Sep/09
And having even a 1" Lift added into your shoe can be annoying...You have to make sure your pants legs are long...I mean it does look alittle odd/funny when you're foot/heel is slightly higher up out of your shoe when your pant leg is pulled up...running is alittle more difficult and maybe dangerous even . Proper Dress shoes with lifts would feel more comfortable....but i hate wearing dress shoes. Also i hit 5'9 at night, so i lose half an inch compare to my height in the morning. Anyways I just wish i were an Inch taller ;p My height is obviously one of the insicurites of mine...If ONLY there was a way to get taller ;p Everything is a scam out there...and seriously who's crazy enough to get the Bone braking knee surgery unless you're a midget?
Leo said on 2/Sep/09
I stand bare foot at 5'9.5 in the morning, and i still feel sorta short...It really' does depend on what shape you're in though. If you're Lean and fit, and even have broad shoulders it gives you the apperance/feeling of looking taller. I know this for a fact, because its how i feel and even look when i get like that... I still wear a lift in my shoes. So with a total I get 1.75 inches...My shoes are normally 0.75 for a lift(they're Adidas Euro shoes) and i stick an Inch in them hehe. I dont know how people could ever go over 2" ;p...Especially when you take your shoes off at somebodies house...People would be like wtf happened to u?lol
Tony said on 1/Sep/09
I'm considering these type of shoes. I'm 5'9, and looking for a 2-3 inch lift. Why? Well, I'm happilly married...so, no not looking for a women. I have a good job...not needed there. Self-Esteem? All good. I say why not men!!!! It's fun thing to do... Hey, for those of you that think we are kinding ourselves, our lying...bs I say. I'm not altering by body with Botox or Plastic Surgery...I anticipate wearing them infrequently...weddings, dances, formal get togethers...and if people ask...well, I'm simply wearing shoes with a higher heel...big deal. You know...my dad is 5'4 and my mom is 5'0...I really got lucky at 5'9, and I appreciate that...but I can always remember my dad wearing "platform" shoes...why not.... he was the average than...I'm the average today, and just want to be above average from time-to-time...I want to see the clouds :)
Aleks said on 1/Sep/09
I really don't see the point in wearing elevator shoes. It doesn't make you taller, it only makes you APPEAR taller. I can hardly understand how it can make you feel better. I'm short myself, but I don't think I'd ever want to wear those.
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/09
I think people need to relax a little. There are gorgeous women out there who are smart and succesful who have married to men who are not tall at all. Take my boss. She's maybe 5'4? 5'3? her surgeon husband is 5'5. She's absolutely beautiful. I mean she's much older than me (39, I'm 23) but still, drop dead beautiful. Take Malin Akerman, her husband in all the pics is shorter than her. doesnt matter her height...he's SHORTER THAN HER. Tom cruise- again, married to tall women I myself have dated taller women. Not because I wanted to but because women are mostly taller than me. I stand 5'5. I wear boots regularly that give me a 5'6 look. I have dated a lot of women who are either my height with shoes-5'6 or taller in the 5'7 range. I have no problem attracting women. The only girls who would really avoid me because of height are those women who are absolutely insecure about their own lives. I can assure you that after years of talking to such girls I know they are insecuer about themselves and want to be with the stereotypical male. The tall, white, blue eyed type guys. If you go into shallower professions, it will become an issue-models, college sorirty girls etc. But the reality is, there is a beautiful girl out there for every type of guy. Whether your short, or dumb, or poor...theres a girl who's going to be attracted to your positive qualities. What are mine even thoug I'm only 5'5? Well, I know I'm very attractive, very intelligent, and very succesful. Any one of those is enough to pick up an attractive girl. Don't worry about your looks or your heigt...its one of the most irrelevant aspects of our lives. If anything shallow is really important its how good you are in bed. Even that is not a top 5 issue for most women.
mee said on 18/Aug/09
I agree with themaster, woman cant judge height well. I am 182 cm tall, and my friend who is 165 cm tall said that I am not that much taller than she, she thought that I am 170 cm tall :S :S :S
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/09
I'm 5'8.25 evening height. I dont think elevator shoes and height increasing insoles should be worn on a regular basis, but wearing them from time to time for things like dates, job interviews, going out clubbing etc is fine and gives you that extra bit confidence. I wear regular shoes which add 1" to my height, aswell as insoles which are just under 1.5". So I usually stand at just over 5'10.5. Wearing lifts is also very good for building up your calf muscles!
Brian said on 15/Aug/09
NathanX, this might be a topic for the general height forum, but I couldn't agree more. Some short guys who can't attract women blame all their problems on height, but there's always someone shorter than them with a better social life. It's because those people downplay their height and never try to inflate or exxagerate it. It's when someone short makes a big deal about their height that really hurts them. I'm not saying that being tall does not help, for it certainly does, but that just doesn't change the facts- Some people got it, some people don't.
yoyo said on 10/Aug/09
at 6ft1 wear 3inch lift, that was out of confident to me.. NathanX, you should just accept your real height as 6ft2 in shoes(normal lift) better than a fake 6ft4ish with shoe that is better to push your confident level. At over 6ft you are still a lucky guy. im sure walk out the street you often see guys who are most at 5ft9 to 5ft11 at most. 6ft1 you are taller than 6.5 out of 10 rates.
Ritchie said on 2/Aug/09
Number one issue must be, please all of you telling other people it is wrong for them that to use any means (such as elevator shoes) is unfair. Its like telling women NOT to use makeup because its not reality. Ive definitely slept with women who turned otto be uglier than I realised and it was'n just alcohol to blame it was makeup. But I have no right to tell a women not to use it. Look at how hot Nicole Kidman looks but look at her original movies pre- hair straightening and covering those yucky freckles. For myself I can tell you at 23 I was 5'10.5. But I got fat and at 28 I was 5'8.5 Two inches. I lost all the weight without useing stuipd miracle height programs by scam artists but I also did alot of stretching, and I am 5'11 at 31. I wear shoes that give me 2 inches which is slightly more than an average shoe and I hit 6'1 which I think is respe table. There is one element that many of you have not considered and that is that there is a 'CRITICAL POINT' with height. In most western countries I think it is 5'10, an inch below this then a high percentage of people think you are 'not tall', 5'10 to 5'11 is average. 6'0 to 6'1 is a bit above average, and 6'2 and up is 'tall'. These are just my own sentiments. For the record, if I wear normal shoes I don't care and because my elevator shoes aren't huge it does not create a vast difference in my day to day height. My son is 13 and a half and is 5'8 and his mum (we are not together anymore) is 5'6. So I charted my sons height and he should be 6'3 to 6'5. What we are seeing is a higher protein diet making us both taller and fatter (we have mostly the same genetic potential from generation to generation by the way)
JJ said on 31/Jul/09
Uh also guy down there said no U.S pResident is below 5'11 in 20th century umm Teddy Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, Carter, umm all 20th century all under 5'11. Besides who cares just proves America is getting more superficial perhaps besides some of our best presidents were under 5'10 and I don't think America picks presidents on height it just happens that Bush was elected twice and was shorter then both his opponents.
JJ said on 31/Jul/09
Nathan I couldn't agree more I see all these pity party members here their are people with real problems in life get over yourself most women find far more in personality. I am 5'7 and never had a problem be it in work or regular life. I have never gottten turned down for a job or by a women thus far in life and I am told I am an attractive guy I never let my height bother me and you know what it never effected me. There may be some cases were it does for people but usually I think it comes down to low confidence. Get over it your short there are far worse problems you could have. Stop dwelling on your physical apprence and do something I know plenty of successful men tall, short, and average. Fat, skinny, or built. Ugly, average, or good looking. It really shouldn't matter unless you let it and if some one judges you on your height in such a manner then it's their loss and no different then juding by race or religion.
kyle said on 26/Jul/09
Remember people, just because you think it's weird for guys to do this, doesn't mean they suffer from low confidence. If that's the case than you buying that brand new expensive car that you will NEVER see yourself in as you are driving, or buying that really expensive suit that makes you look "good", or women putting on makeup to "hide" their real skin. It's all the same...
Leito said on 19/Jul/09
My height is 5'10 and i am 18 years old i am also wearing elevator shoes because i love 6 feet.I have no problem i have elevator sandals and boots.I wear them properly and i have no problem at all.I suggest if anyone have posture problems just doing posture exercises.I said again i have no problem with these shoes and i am looking 6 feet tall cool guy.Its all scam about elevator shoes i just want to say that elevator shoes are best for males.
Bill said on 15/Jul/09
To be honest with you short guys are actually pretty hard (they are tough) im roughly 6'1 and back in high school I knew a guy who was only 5'9 he acted all tough and everything and made a joke about people being tall and made tall people look bad so yeahh.... just cause someone is short doesnt mean they are different or weaker then a tall guy
Sammy Barr said on 12/Jul/09
I am 5'6" which is a little short. I used to use elevator shoe to give me an extra couple inches to be closer to normal height and they worked but now I have been using levitator shoe lifts out of ohio. They go up to 2.5 inches and when I put them in boots or my high top tennis shoes I am 5'10 inches with the shoe and lift on. They are very comfortable as far as lifts go and they seem to keep their shape(height) but I have only been using them for a month or so. When I talked to the guy on the telephone he was really helpful and mad sure my stuff went right out. The lifts pop right out of your shoes and your other footwear. The website is Click Here if you are interested.
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/09
Hey everyone i just wanted to say that height does matter, and for me i have experienced insecurities even though im 5'9, yes i know i must be really insecure about myself. But its not our fault, we were born like this there is nothing we could do about it. Societys standards are that if you are tall or above average then for sure you are going to be picked first than the shorter guy, and for girls too, they love taller men. Sometimes life isnt fair, and that is why i know that your lying to yourself when you wear these lifts but also think about it, people dont give a damn if you wear lifts, in a job interview they are not going to ask you to take off your shoes to see if you have lifts or not, so if society treats you less then how come we dont have the right to wear these? i am above average for my ethnicity (mexican) but being here in the west is hard. God i wish i was a lil bit taller lol
Dustin said on 9/Jul/09
I really do not understand why people are so obsessed with height OR why people bitch about being 5'8" or 5'9".

With that being said, I'd probably give my left nut to be 5'9"... probably both to be 6'0", lol.
guyfrommars said on 30/Jun/09
Bob: Sorry, but F.D. Roosevelt, H.S. Truman and Jimmy Carter were all 5ft9. So YES, there's been US Presidents shorter than 5ft11 in the 20th century.

Sarkozy and Berlusconi are both notorious for wearing elevator shoes. I don't know about Putin, but he's another short guy with power, so I can imagine him using lifts or elevators.
Dago Red said on 8/Jun/09
Don't worry about being short, EVER. There comes a point to where your lack of height becomes "boyish charm. And if that doesn't work for you, buy a motorcycle, and suddenly the six footers are standing alone while you ride off with the women.
Short guy said on 26/May/09
Just my 2cents, I'm 5'4 and have never let it bother me. I get plenty of attention from women even ones taller than me. I do understand the pain though, because there is definately bias towards us shorter guys. I don't care what peoople say, it's there.

I've thought about getting a set of eleveators just to see how people react. As far as false advertising, is it any different from breast implants or padded bras? Just my answer to those women who have made those comments about lying.

Be confident in your self and who you are. That will mean more than your height, trust me. At 5'4 I'm below what most consider short. There a women who just want taller guys, accept it and move on. Lots of fish in the sea. No different from guys wanting to date the perfect 10 and not the big girls.

The bottom line, if you want to wear them go for it. Anyone here that claims people don't care about height are lying. Just be above that, and only then will it no longer matter.
PinkPanther said on 15/May/09
Okay, I'm sorry to all who oppose to Sienna but I agree with her. It's true. Just open yours eyes, taller men get treated differently. My fiance stand 5'9" and I stand 5'7" which is way too close for me, but love came knocking and I had to get over the difference in height, but still whenever he's wearing a pair of shoes that bumps him up an inch or 2...Good Lord...I love it...

I dont think there is anything wrong with wearing lifts especially when we women wear just about every sort of lift available on the market without any ridicule...
Jenny said on 13/May/09
My boyfriend's height is only 5'5", I worry about taking him to see my families. My mother won't allow me to get married with him if she see him. So I bought two pairs height increasing shoes for him from Elevator Shoes store Click Here .My boyfriend looks like 5'5"when he wear the shoes. Thank you very much.
Csmall said on 12/May/09
I'm going to keep this as short as possible:

I'm a guy and 5'4" on the dot when I wake up in the morning.

I get a dead 2" boost when I wear my boots, so that takes me up to 5'6".

I joined a dating website and I'm a pretty darn good-looking guy and I initially used 5'7" as my height and I got an almost 100% success rate with my messages.

Even though I'm 5'4" without my shoes, I am still legitimately 5'6" when I'm out and about, so I have no qualms at all putting 5'6" as my height because it technically is to a certain extent.

For some reason I got really sick and tired of putting 5'7" and lowered it to 5'6". When I started messaging with my new height, my success rate nearly dropped from 100% to somewhat close to 0% percent.

In actuality, 5'6" isn't a horrible height. It's still taller than most girls, but the closer to average height the better of course.

So two things come to mind:

1) 5'6" just doesn't sound good on paper. It just sounds short. 5'7" on the other hand doesn't sound that bad on paper. It just doesn't seem that short and quite frankly either on paper or in real life it isn't. It's only 2-3" below average.

2) Girls will likely think a guy who lists his height as 5'6" is probably at least 2-3 inches shorter than that with shoes on in person.


So, what do I do. Keep my height listed as 5'6" or change it to 5'7"? Do I want girls to just accept my height for what it is at the time or add an inch or so to give myself a chance to let myself slide in the door easier so that can see what the great guy I am?

Heck, even if I'm walking barefeet at 5'4", I'm still going to say I'm a 5'6" guy and with 2", no one really questions otherwise. No one can be SURE about something as small as a 2" difference. 5'8" guys easily pass as 5'10" guys and 5'10" guys easily pass as 6'0" guys. Likely a combination of to it being such a small difference and guys lying about their heights.

Now if I say I'm 5'7" and am 5'6" in shoes, but 5'4" in barefeet, I feel like claiming 3" above my barefoot height is just too much.

Of course I could just always say that I thought I was 5'5" which 5'4" is close enough to and that I thought I was about 5'7" with my shoes on, so I just listed it as that.

I know this is all stupid as heck, but I was just curious as to what some of your guys thoughts were on this matter.

I either just want to fully embrace my short stature or fake it a bit. I'm not sure which one at this point.
jf said on 11/May/09
I'm 5'11.5" tall and have never considered buying elevator shoes but if all the 5'9" guys start doing it (adding 2-1/2") I will appear less superior, and might consider buying elevators so that I'm at a height of 6'2". It will be weird one day if all guys wear elevator shoes like women wear heels. Yao Ming would be 7'9"!
J.R said on 7/May/09
short stack dont take it hard im 6'3 but and love it but still mah man, look at big G eazy e.... he was only like from 5'4-5'6 and that dudes one of my heros
The Dutchguy said on 5/May/09
I don't know why people are wearing lifts in their shoes? just because you are short doesnt mean that you are less then tall people, and i think women dont really care wether you are 5'7 or 6 feet tall, i am 6'4, but some of my mates are 5'7 or slightely shorter, and nobody treats them diffirently, be positive about yourselfs :)
Russell_G said on 4/May/09
I'm in the UK & decided to buy some height boosting shoes, my girlfriends 5ft8 and likes wearing heels, I'm 5ft7,looking for a company in the UK I went to standtaller and the shoes were not very good quality, the service was terrible as you speak to a call centre & they make their shoes in China, nothing wrong there of course but you could see the Quality Control failed miserably.

After a few visits to google I found the celebheights site and then in the end went to secretshoes.co.uk , The shoes really work and they arrived speedily.The guy I spoke to was the owner and knew everything about his product and even wore them himself.

Height increasing shoes are all about personal & lifestyle preference and its your money & your life - so do whatever makes you happy!
NathanX said on 27/Apr/09
Im 6'1 and wear lifts of about 3 inches. Im also a body builder. That extra high does get me a lot more attention from women. I wear them for work as i work in as an escort. It makes a difference. I always sit on the bed first to take my shoes off and slide them under the bed.

Sienna is right in many ways BUT the truth is that shorter guys can represent strength, confidence and traits that height represents through behavior. The problem is most guys who are short and not confident dont behave in the right ways to show these qualities and are therefore judge too much on height. Trust me I know many short men who can attract top quality women. Seen it over and over again. Anyone can learn these skills short, tall thin, fat and ugly!

themaster said on 24/Apr/09
Shep you must be smaller than 5'7" to feel the way you do. Being eye to eye with most women would have you at 5'5".

Most women cant tell the difference between 5'7" to 5'10".
StraightToThePoint said on 19/Apr/09
Rob, Tom,
I don't need no sociology course - let alone a philosophic debate with good boys mechanically reciting their lesson ("Height doesn't matter, it's all about personality." Yeah, right, time to come back from Wonderland, people). All I need is just a straight answer from competent people like yourselves: Rob and Tom (and not Hicham or Simon, just R-o-b and T-o-m). What do you KNOW is the best brand of elevator shoes? What do you recommend, please. Thank you to you both.
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/09
Here's my experience with elevator shoes:

I am a 5'8.5 in morning U.S. man, in my late 20's and I just recently purchased elevator boots advertised as giving 4" in height. Indeed, this is misleading as your body weight will push you down into the shoe, so technically the elevator boots only made me 5'10.5, when I measured. Nevertheless, I did see positive results:

1.) Although 5'10.5 is only slightly over average for an American Caucasian male, I actually towered over many men and women during the day.
2.) I was treated more cordially, whether I was shopping or just talking to strangers.
3.) Accessing items from high up (i.e. cabinets) was much easier, and
4.) Before the elevator shoes I had a painful case of Plantar fasciitis, which miraculously disappeared a few days after wearing the elevator shoes

Nevertheless, the elevators are not without negatives:

1.) You will walk slower, and until you learn how to "go with the flow" of the elevators, you may walk a little funny.
2.) Your toes will be slanted downward in similar effect to women's high-heel shoes, not quite that steep, but this may cause discomfort in the tendon, calf or knees (so far, I've only noticed a minor case of the latter.)
3.) As you will tell from pictures, the shoes are strange-looking unless you wear pants that hide the protruding "arch" on the back. After that, if people aren't paying attention to the fact your legs are longer and your arm/torso lengths are incongruent to your legs, no one will think twice.
4.) No elevator shoes are made for exercise or running! REMEMBER THAT!

Overall, it's about balancing the benefits with the negatives. If I was going to make a verdict right now, I'd say they would be good to wear occasionally to moderation (work, job interviews, lecturing, performance, dates, concerts, etc.) but I wouldn't recommend on a daily basis. As for those who claim wearing elevators would be "lying", always remember there's the "personal/health conveniences" that could be used as a rebuttal should the "lie" accusation ever arise. Again, if you want to be taller for whatever reason, they WILL make you taller - no question about that. Make your own judgment beyond that. Best of luck!

short stack said on 29/Mar/09
What is the best elevator shoe out right now,I want it to be comfortable also I'm desperate to be taller!! Please help me
short stack said on 29/Mar/09
sunny why are you complaining about being 5'9" I would love to be 5'9
sodapop said on 29/Mar/09
Why would a 5'9" guy buy lifts?? Your 5'10" plus with normal shoes! I'm 5'9 and I don't feel short at all. And there is never a girl taller than me or even with me. 90% of girls are like 3 or 4 inches shorter than me.
sodapop said on 29/Mar/09
Why are girls posting here, its hilarious. Noone cares how tall a girl is! It doesn't matter!! Girls can wear high heels. Guys are screwed!!! Cuz noone makes a good looking elevator shoe for us!!
short stack said on 29/Mar/09
short guy where did you get your elevator shoes? I'm only 5'5" I need help desperately.
sodapop said on 19/Mar/09
Who makes the best looking and most comfortable lift shoes? Thanks I'm 5'10" and feel pretty tall when walking around in public, but I wouldn't mind an extra 1.5 to 2 inches
sodapop said on 18/Mar/09
This is my own height chart for american males
5'7" and under = short
5'8" - 5'9" = average
5'9" - 5'11" = above average
6'0" - 6'2" = tall
6'2" and over = very tall
Arie said on 17/Mar/09
Ok, I'm a little over 5'9", with regular shoes around 5'10" or 5'10 and a half and when I'm in public I'm usually one of the taller guys around me. I live in Texas. I'd say the average height in for a man in America is about 5'7" to 5'9". And for girls its 5'3" to 5'6". So all you guys thinking your short at 5'7" or 5'8", your average height. And everyone always wants to be 2 inches taller. I would like to be around 5'11" but 2 inches is not gonna make a noticeable difference. And I wouldn't want to be over 6feet tall, that seems too tall. I would actually hate being over 6'1" you would tower over everyone around you and stand out like a freak. Why would you want that???
Tommy said on 7/Mar/09
"eight does matter, for people who think it doesn't. I believe most men feel more comfortable if they are a bit taller then average. I think towering over somebody is a bit too much. If the average height is about 5'9, I bet that people would rather be 5'11/6'0 then 6'3/6'4. Here in Holland average is 6'0, I'm 6'2 which is a bit above average but there are a lot of people who tower over me.. I wouldn't want to trade with them. My girlfriend is 5'7, she could've been 1 or 1,5 inch shorter. More would make the difference too much. So if you are 6'5, you're probably looking for someone who is at least 5'9. Good luck finding one. I'd rather be average and have more possibilities.
(In my opinion, I'd rather have a 2 or 3 inches taller girlfriend then towering a foot over her!)Anyway, to stay on topic.. There's nothing wrong with lifts, you should try and be who you want to be.. If you vision yourself to be more perfect with 2 inches extra, do it! People who ridicule people who wear lifts are sad!"

Just to correct this guy from the netherlands. The average height for men in Holland is 5"11(180.60cm)according to the last study done by professor Komlos of the University of Munich. 6"0 is only for younger men.
Chad Clement said on 17/Feb/09
I got some boots with lifts in them from richlee shoe company . I'm 5'8 1/2 and with the boots on i'm almost 3 inches taller (about 5'11 1/4) well worth the money i paid .
Jim said on 16/Feb/09
Sounds like some people have had some success with lifts but in my experience the ones I had were awful. They were $120, claimed 2 and a half inch increase and looked nice and trendy on the website. I'm 5'7 and for the past 10 years or so have worn comfy pumps or flat smart shoes which only give about a quarter of an inch additional height when I measured myself with them on. The lifts I bought took me up to nearly 5'9 and a half. Unfortuantely that was as good as it got.

Firstly, they looked nothing like they did on the website. They were almost big and bulky and as high as they were long. Although this bulk is hidden by your trousers legs the angle you are walking at with them on means your foot length virtually halves. It looked like I had the feet size of a child. I have a friend who has specially made shoes as he has a walking disability. My lifts looked like his specially made shoes.

If that wasn't bad enough they were the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned! Walking with my feet at a funny angle meant I walked funny (I felt a bit off balance) and the arches of my feet would ache during and after wearing them. They were too heavy. Tie some bricks to the bottom of your shoes and then go for a walk and then you'll see what I mean. After spending all day at a football match I went to a party in the evening wearing the lifts. My feet hurt so much I couldn't wait to leave the party so I could go home and take my shoes off! Even wearing three pairs of socks at once didn't really help. My feet always hurt after wearing them.

I have very good posture as I am very fit and stand up straight. The lifts have you standing at such an angle that you spend half the time actually fighting to stand up straight. I was also worried that if someone bumped into me I might actually fall over because my balance was now much worse than when I wore normal shoes.

I only wore those lifts 7 or 8 times and then decided enough was enough. I went and bought some nice dress shoes at a quarter of the price. They take me up to 5'8 and a quarter and I am more than happy with that. I really feel sorry for girls wearing high heels all the time. I don't know how they do it!
Samuel said on 15/Feb/09
Honestly this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Look I am 5 foot 7 okay and yeh sure it sucks to be short but to be honest loads of short guys i know have np trouble getting a hot gf. Infact alot of girls I know only want their guy to be taller than them, it doesnt matter how much taller just aslong as they are taller and there are only a few shallow ones I have seen. Just learn to love yourself and dont listen to people like that sienna who say stupid shallow things like that.
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/09
I used to fold up a couple pairs of socks and put them inside my shoes until I bought my lifts. You can easily add 1 to 2 inches with socks, you just have to change them out every couple of weeks.
Jack Jin said on 19/Jan/09
TO Elio,

I bought one pair of shoes from Click Here . It's pretty good. I would like to recommend their products and services.

Jack Jin
Strife said on 18/Jan/09
How could you wear these? Don't you feel like you're lying not only to everyone else, but to yourself as well? And how depressing is it when you take them off..
Doug said on 15/Jan/09
What exactly do you mean lifts are the only way to go? I'm 5'7 and have never worn lifts in my life, you learn to accept.
Billybob said on 12/Jan/09
I think I have height issues because i'm insecure about my height and feel uncomfortable around people taller than me- and i'm 6'5"! I always wanted to be around 6'8" to be unique. I'm considering getting insoles to feel taller. However if i'm with people I know that are quite short I feel like bending downwards and making myself shorter, it's pretty weird. With my family as well, even though my brother is taller than I, I will slouch so I can look up to him. I don't want to seem huge and intimidating in public but I think it's true that taller in stature will garnish some more attention (some good, some bad!)
Dan 5'10 said on 8/Jan/09
lifts don't work...
your shoes are not made for itand because of that...it hurts
Elevetor shoes are specially redesigned and that make them a lot better.
I buy at bugarrishoes.com and I'm happy about it
AG said on 6/Jan/09
I think it is not good to fool people with your height. Lets say you wear elevator shoes all the time and get a boost of 2 inches or more, for example. Lets imagine that you went to some friend's house and needed to take them out. What would your friend tell you when he/she saw your shoes ? Did you ever think of that ? Probably he/she would make fun of you, isn't it right ? What would you feel at that time ?
I say this to everyone, tall or short doesn't matter, just be yourself and trust in yourself, be confident and accept yourself like the way you are. There are more important things in life than height.
deryck said on 5/Jan/09
Sienna, wow. I think, that, er, your are the same age as i am, but ... i never really believed that someone could have that sort of primitive opinions. dont know who do you consider short, but i can tell im a 177 guy and this was never a problem to none of the girls, i dont feel short or something like that. as a matter of fact, the girls like me even more than those 190guys. thats why im pretty as hell:D well, and for that self-confidence and ancestor crap - yes, women are used to look for tAller machos, but the fact that you consider someone short and it stands a big deal/ problem for you, is your nature. you are a model, id say your opinions are predestinated by what you do. in other words, talkin to you is a waste of time:D
Sneaks said on 3/Jan/09
My question about these kinds of shoes is what happens when you take them off? If you walk around a bar or club looking like you are 5'8 then wake up with a woman at only 5'4, dont you think they are going to find it just a bit peculiar? Reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where George refuses to take off his timberlands the entire episode so that his new gf wont know his real height.
Dale Lewis said on 27/Dec/08
Lifts are the only way to go. I bought some from some company in ohio and they really work well. Made me a good two inches taller as advertised and were pretty inexpensive for what they do. Company is levitator lifts or Click Here
Ranger Rick said on 19/Dec/08
i'm a longtime letterman fan and he seems closer to 6-1 of recent vintage, but yeah, good point, that's still a big diffarential, always thought stallone was closer to 5-6 than 6-ft, wouldn't rule out some serious lifting action (3-4"?)
5ft 8 guy said on 15/Dec/08
i'm 5'8" and feel quite short around most people, would i need to consider wearing any lifts at this height?
Nic said on 12/Dec/08
What are Elevator Shoes?
Elevator shoes are also known as height increasing shoes, lift shoes or shoe lift shoes. They are specially designed to invisibly increase the height of the wearer. The basic idea is to put thick insoles (lifts) in the shoes, so that the wearer can get taller. (See “Inside Elevator Shoes” for more information.) Elevator shoes look normal from outside. Well designed elevator shoes are as comfortable as normal shoes. It may take several days for wears to get used to it. Normally, elevator shoes increase 2.5-4 inches in height. There are 5 inches extra-height elevator shoes, but it will loose comfort and is more noticeable.read more:Click Here
theman said on 6/Dec/08
The post from Sienna was funny, she is like the lifts spokesperson.
Bob said on 30/Nov/08
I found nice Elevator shoes store Click Here . The price and quality are very good. I bought 2 pairs from the store 3 months ago. After i make the payment by paypal, they made the new shoes for me, then shipped out within 48 hours. I felt happy when i received the shoes ...
Tom said on 25/Nov/08
-Ian says on 3/Oct/08
If height translates into money in your world just wear some stilts. Imagine the money could make then eh? Get real. Bill Gates isn't that tall. Tom cruise - small and earns possibly the most in hollywood.
Hey, You are totally right but it's not the best example... Tom Cruise is small but make a lot of money... While wearing his favourite 3to4" extra height elevator shoes!!!
-MR.RICO187 says on 17/Sep/08
To that I answer: OF course you don't see it! Have you ever visited a height increase online store? have you ever wear some yourself? It's invisible or you didn't choose the good company (nothing to do with the shoes you see in the image above that are pretty obvious). They don't start to walk funny either because of the shoes so don't waste your time trying to spot them, you won't be able to do it in most of the case (maybe if they wear the shoes from the image above with shorts you will notice it)
el toppo said on 22/Nov/08
hey friends, If it makes you feel better about your height, go for it. I'm 190cm in the morning and get to about 188cm by night and out of my circle of 7 buddies, I'm the 2nd shortest. My buddy who is shorter than me is 5 foot 7 and he says he gets a real confidence boost when he wears his lifts (bringing him up to a tall 5 foot 9).
RisingForce said on 7/Nov/08
letterman fan says on 8/Oct/08
Did you see Stallone on letterman. They looked the same height when they shook hands. Stallone's listed at 5'9 and Letterman at 6'2, so that must meen he was wearing 5 inch lifts. How's that possible? Check out the clip on youtube, they seriously look the same height

Letterman is listed here at 6'1.5" and David was an inch taller. Regardless since David was wearing normal dress shoes(about 1") he'd be 6'2.5" in shoes making Sly 6'1.5" in his shoes. Take away about 3" for Sly's lifts/elevator shoes and you've got Sly at 5'10.5" which is what I've been saying he is.
Vibram said on 6/Nov/08
I say where lifts or chunky soles at interviews if your 176cm or below (white guys that is). Aim for 181cm+ in your footwear and you'll be considered tallish.

I say this because it's been proven the jobs are nearly always handed to the taller male if all other things being equal like educational grades. I know several -174cm (below 5ft8.5 ish) guys that have it hard finding decent employment even though they are as educated as 5ft11+ guys. It's as clear as ice the cut off is 5ft10 for mutual decency, with ideals of 6ft+ for business-like jobs such as banks, investors, retail.
Serk said on 25/Oct/08
man thats ugly how they try to sell their elevator shoes here with their stupid comments. dont let u tell something if you are small thats not important enjoy your life as far as you can...who needs **** like elevator shoes. I'm 5'7 and I have everything i want girls money everything you just have to believe in you.
Barry said on 22/Oct/08
I just looked at that picture of Sly and that guy at the Lakers game... Wow! His shoes are freaky compared to the other guy. The visible heel is big enough and its pretty obvious that his foot is raised inside the shoe aswell!
Barry said on 22/Oct/08
Ok, so these things really exist? I dont know why people would use them useless they are deeply insecure... Shortguy, being 5'7 is no big deal. Im around 5'8 and my best friend is 6'5, but a big personality goes a long way. That s.o.b would never pick a fight with me lol
LT said on 21/Oct/08
does anybody know where i can get shoe lifts in size 16? my brother is 6'5", 310 pounds and he wants to look even taller for halloween, but its hard enough just finding shoes for him.
Ian said on 18/Oct/08
It's not possible letterman fan. Stallone is 5ft10.5
letterman fan said on 8/Oct/08
Did you see Stallone on letterman. They looked the same height when they shook hands. Stallone's listed at 5'9 and Letterman at 6'2, so that must meen he was wearing 5 inch lifts. How's that possible? Check out the clip on youtube, they seriously look the same height
Mrs.R said on 7/Oct/08
To all the guys out there worried about how tall you are, i give you credit for speaking up about it. I am 5'10" (i do not look strange, I am not fat nor am i ugly)My husband is 5'6" and i make more money than him. So do not give up and do not pay attintion to the idiotic coments on the blog. If the elevator shoes gives you that extra little confidence i say go for it.
Tom said on 4/Oct/08
That's 100% true.
Being taller with the help of elevator shoes do have a psychological on you (you feel stronger and more comfident) BUT it also have a positive effect on the people you are dealing with. It's not a secret that people try to analyse you by your height, your stature, your clothes(and specially your shoes and even your socks), the car you drive and how clean it is,... So Using nice elevator shoes (nice I said!!!) gives you better height, better stature, more confidence, Good looking shoes (if you choose them correctly and from the correct brands of course!! I personally go on bugarrishoes.com)
And if it's true that taller people earn more money, don't worry... the nice car will probably follow!!!
Ian said on 3/Oct/08
If height translates into money in your world just wear some stilts. Imagine the money could make then eh? Get real. Bill Gates isn't that tall. Tom cruise - small and earns possibly the most in hollywood.
zack said on 26/Sep/08
I bought shoes from Richlee Shoe co Click Here and they were very comfortable. I got about 2.5" as advertised and am as happy as a clam. The 2nd pair I got from them, I had to return, but got another pair of casuals and I love them. They have been in business since 1939 so I have no worries about getting what I ordered.
Captain Spaulding said on 20/Sep/08
Anonymous/robbie h, your 6'0.25" which means its impossible for you to be 6'4" in elevator shoes, your prob 6'2" max in them.
ShortGuy said on 20/Sep/08
you know I'm only 5'7 but I wear elevator shoes that are pretty comfortable and I also wear insoles and I look 5'10, at first it was a little uncomfortable but I got used to it and now im comfortable and am pretty happy.I'm also very confident when I meet girls or when I meet new people because now I'm not the shortest of the group,well I just wanted to share my story

MR.RICO187 said on 17/Sep/08
Tom said on 12/Sep/08
Yeah... sad but true!!!
height do matter. i think is more about self confidence... but it's true that the taller you are the easiest it is to have a lot of self comfidence.
It's good that we can cheat now with elevetor shoes... since I wear those a gain a little bit height but a lot of confidence (the effect is even greater as you are used to see everything from 3 or 4 inches closer to the ground)
Jeremy said on 9/Sep/08
Wooooooooooow Sienna those are some pretty retarded views. If height mattered as much as u think than explain how anyone under 6 feet tall has accomplished anything in life. You make it seem like you mind as well shoot yourself if ur not tall. I have plenty of tall friends who can't get a girl and are low lifes and friends who are shorter than me that get laid every night by gorgeus woman. You need to figure out was is important in life and stop saying stupid ****. I cant help if thats what you think but, at least keep it to yourself. Your not helping anyone by expressing your shallow views on the world. btw if it mattered so much to you im surprised u married a guy whos 5-8. Oh also about the evolution thing. I think you should take a couple anthro classes because humans were actually shorter and more robust, and being a good hunter had more to do with having the ability to use tools. That why humans over millions of years have become less robust and humans have now become more reliant on our brains instead of strength. I mean if height mattered so much with strength and the ability to protect Than explain why chimpanzees who stand 4 feet tall can tear our weak frail human bodies into pieces. Thankfully we have the ability to use weapons and therefore are on top of the food chain. Im not saying height doesn't matter. In some things(certain sports, in buisness, confidence, intimidation) it def gives an advantage but thats it. Just like being smart is an advantage height is to a smaller degree.
Anonymous said on 28/Aug/08
robbie H,

for my profession (I am 5'11.75'' LATE in the night and about 6'1'' when I wake, I have worn elevator shoes. in the mergers&a world, international meetings have a lot of people around 6'5'' and height matters- it translates in to money in my world. I can get up around 6'4'' in elevator shoes.,
BC88 said on 19/Aug/08
The only downside about the elevator shoes I have(mine are sneakers)or any is that you can't run as fast in them in sports(of course)and and a lot more liable to twist an ankle.And I already wore mine to school but I think I might go back to my normal shoes, but just for school, though. But the thing that stinks is now that everyone has seen me wearing them around and noticed my height, they would see a difference in that I'm slightly shorter, but still noticebly shorter. So I don't know. I am a male, just thought I'd say.
Tom said on 30/Jul/08
did you check bugarrishoes.com already? The shoes are comfortable and don't really seems "different". For the design it's just a question of personal taste but I think they have some pretty good models.
tom said on 23/Jul/08
I don´t agree at all!
Shoes lifts are not working because shoes are not made for it. You loose all the ankle support. You don´t have this problem whith the elevator shoes becouse they are specially designed for it. And if you bought them from a good company you can barely see it and they have lots of different styles like sneakers, dress, men and women casual so you don´t have to wear ugly shoes like several years ago...
shorty said on 20/Jul/08
I really would love using elevator shoes, since im only 172cm male.
I hate being this short, but i always use my converse all-stars. And they dont give me any height more. I havent found any goodlooking elevators yet.. too sad :(
B said on 20/Jul/08
All I have to say is this to everyone complaining about their height, you all could have been born shorter, so just except your selfs the way you are, your going to have to sooner or later.
B said on 19/Jul/08
Robbie H to answer your question, I am 5' 9.25 and I have worn lifts before and the tallest I ever was in lifts was 6' 0.5 so the tallest a 5' 11'' guy could be in lifts is a little over 6' 2'' depending on the shoes.
Greg said on 18/Jul/08
Are you serious???
Come on!
Everybody know that shoes do have a specific profile to help lock your heel in the back of the shoes. If you don't have that instead of comfort you will get some nice blisters! The problem whith lifts is that your shoes are not designed for them. It you put those in your shoes your heel will be higher than normal... which means out out the "heel locking area"... which means... you already guessed it... BLISTERS!
Elevator shoes are specially designed to avoid that problem...plus the lift inside them is glued inside the shoes to help it stay in place.
Seems to me that there is 2 logical explanation:
- You have funny feet
- You have special interest in this shoe lift company
I hope nothing is wrong whith your feet!!!
BC88 said on 15/Jul/08
I recently bought some athletic elevator shoes online and am fairly pleased but not entirely because the the site said they would make you 3.2 inches taller if that was true I would be around 6'1".(I'm 5'10" barefoot, at least in the morning) But I'm not and I only barely make it to 6'0" in them. But it is still pretty nice though because they do make you stand straighter and they are pretty comfortable and look nice. I just wish they could actually give you what they advertise.
Shep said on 13/Jul/08
I'm 5'7" and have thought about trying lifts several times. I typically wear Sketchers that have an inche sole. I've been wearing them for about five years. They're falling apart, but whenever I try on anything thinner my trouser legs hit the floor.

It's easy to make fun of short celebrities, but trust me, if you're short the world looks at you in a much different way. I can totally forgive them. However, I have to say it's got to be much worse being a regular guy who's short. No woman wants a guy who is eye to eye with her. And short women resent flirtation from short guys. And no boss wants a 35 year old man who looks like a teenager to represent the company. It's like the song says, 'short people (men, anyway) got no reason to live.'
mee said on 12/Jul/08
I have one pare of shoes, that are very good and elegant, but they only give 1-1,5 cm boost. I am 180 cm tall and in it I am 181-181,5 cm... I hate to see my friends who are the same height as I or little shorter to be taller than me just beacause I have flat shoes... So I would like to have 0,5-1 inch lift in shoes-just for that pair of shoes...
Sienna said on 11/Jul/08
All you people who think height in men doesn't matter are delusional. Height means a lot in western society and it does nothing to ignore it and say you're fine as a short guy. Girls are lucky because it doesn't matter for them-- I am 5'3" and have been professionally modeling since I was 16 (I am now 23). ALL the boys in my industry are at least 5' 11". When I first met my (now) husband, I thought he was ridiculously short at 5'8" and it was hard for me to see past it. He now wears elevator shoes and stands at 5'11". People very much treat him differently when he is wearing his lifts as opposed to not. He is extremely handsome with an incredible body, but that height thing just kills it. He is a business owner and his elevator shoes make all the difference in how people perceive him professionally.
Let's face it-- women want a man who is big and strong so she can feel protected and provided for. The bigger and stronger our ancestors were, the more able they were to hunt/gather food and protect the women from predators. That evolutionary link has survived through thousands of years and it will not die any time soon. A guy could be drop dead gorgeous with the best personality and the hottest body but if he is 5'6" his girl options are going to be very limited. That's the dismal reality. So, all you short guys out there, go get elevator shoes and see how people treat you. Mark my words: people will treat you better when you have those extra inches. Quit living in denial and do something about it. I mean, if a girl is fat and has crooked teeth, she is going to be treated worse than if she got those teeth straightened and lost weight. It's the reality of western society, so instead of living in denial, take charge of your life and present yourself so people don't get hung up on your "flaws" (anything society sees as different) so that you won't have any barriers. Living in denial is not going to open any doors for you. Get elevator shoes and get on with your life.
Jeff Krause said on 17/Jun/08
I have tried several shoes from various elevator shoe companies and have found them all to be very uncomfortable. I Have also tried almost all the shoe lift sellers out there. The only company I have found that sold comforable and fairly inexpensive lifts for shoes is levitator lifts. I belive they only sell them on line at Click Here Hope this helps.
A_P said on 16/Jun/08
I love my Doc Martin boots, but they definitely add a lot of height. So much that I don't really wear them out anymore; I'm 6'8" and even one additional inch is too much.
Ben said on 9/Jun/08
oooo yeah!
That's right... but unfortunately they will see your height before your wallet! except if you really show the money when you go at a party. So even if it is right that if you are small but show the money you can have girls easily... A good pair of elevator shoes only cost you around $100 and are easy to find online
The Truth said on 28/May/08
As far as getting women is concerned, height can help but what matters most to a women is how much money the guy is worth.
Ben said on 23/May/08
No idea... Inches don't really matter... extra confidence given by those elevator shoes is. And they make you walk more straight. And everyone know that a bad back posture make you look less comfident! So add 2.5" and a straight upper back and you will feel like a complete new guy!!!
Last time I took my measurement was about 10 years ago and I honestly don't care about figures... I am just average (maybe 5'11 or so) or a little bit more if I wear my +2.5" Bugarri Shoes.
This forum is funny... looks like we're all mid school students arguing about who can pee furter than the other ones...It's a shame but that's just being human! Always compare what we are, do or have with other people and hoping that we beat them!!! ; )
Robbie H said on 20/May/08
just out of interest,what is the maximum height a guy of 5'11 could be in lifts?
t said on 14/May/08
gazinder: why do you care if girls are taller than you? any woman over about 5'9" looks terrible anyway... if you are 5'11 there is no way you are shorter than average lol
Todd said on 11/May/08
Hey guys, quick question.

I'm 5'7.5 and want a slight boost but also want something to help my flat feet. Do you guys know of any shoe inserts/cushios/etc that can add 1.5-2 inches in height and help flat feet?

Thank you.
quebecker said on 11/May/08
Hmmm, are these shoes really comfortable to wear? They look so bulky :S
Gazinder said on 10/May/08
ben I go to uni in London in outh Kensington, it's a very rich area, I am 5' 11" and feel short here, average height must be 6' 1", maybe in outer london with the immigrants it's not like that. But I understand how you feel because I'm 5' 11" and feel short. There are girls taller than me here in flats ... plenty of them. :-(
Tony G. said on 30/Apr/08
Robbie H,

I own two types of elevator shoes... a 3" lift formal and a 2" lift sneaker-type. The formal one is not a good choice for walking a lot. The sneaker one is actually kind of comfortable. Not as comfortable as regular sneakers, but I wouldn't hesitate to walk 1/4 or 1/2 mile in it.

I think the 3" one is actually more like a 2.5". The 2" one seems accurate.
ben said on 17/Apr/08
echo i feel u completly man. im origianally from london, UK where the average height is lower tha the rest of the UK due to huge immigration, and height never occured to me. However, i now go to university in hampshire, UK where the average height is one of the heighest in the world and 5"10 is seen as short for a guy, im 5"8.

However, thank god i have my good looks although, not only 99.9%(literally only met one guy shorter than me) of guys are taller than me, 60% of girls are too. oh well, just need to rely on personality
Yaspaa said on 15/Apr/08
She sounds really nice!
BC88 said on 12/Apr/08
Man I should get some of these! I would get one that adds 4 inches to my height. That would make me about 6' 0 1/2" to 6' 1". That would be awesome. Although I am still growing anyways,(I'm almost 16)it would still be cool to have them.
echo said on 31/Mar/08
Wow, i must say, i just spent 20 minutes reading through all of these comments, ha. I'm a 22 year old 5'7 guy and, by the graces of God, is extremely good looking. I find a gal who is eye level or a bit taller very sexy. I have only once been told I am too short by a girl, and that was in this month. It totally threw me, I felt totally crushed and pissed, but the truth is, I am what I am and I have a million things going for me. If a women can't see past a one inch diffence, and just enjoy your amazing personality, well, I'm sorry, screw her, ha. Live life, guys and be happy for your health and all that you have. In the words of my dearest mentor, 'JUST DON'T GIVE A F@#K,' ha. Peace and God bless., I'm out.
Josh said on 29/Mar/08
Height Fiend what shoes were they? I'm curious.

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