How tall is Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's Height

5ft 11in (180.3 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Films, Troy, Inglorious Bastards, Interview With The Vampire and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given. Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today that "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating."

How tall is Brad Pitt
Brad with Angelina Jolie, Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer
Photo by PR Photos

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5ft 10.53in (179.1cm)
Brad said on 20/Oct/17
In posture, Tonyx is correct.
Tonyx said on 20/Oct/17
Annnon, the only person who believes that Brad Pitt is 5ft11in is Rob. That's it.
Everyone else thinks he is shorter. I think Brad is 5ft10.25in tall.
Original said on 19/Oct/17
@Bego I agree with you. 177,5 at night (peak) with 179,5 out of bed, now 178,5 and 176,5 at night.
Annnon said on 19/Oct/17
In still not convinced that he's 5'11". He's 5'10" to me. He was shorter than Bruce willis in 12 MONKEYS with footwear advantage. He didn't look much taller than 5'7.5" peak Harvey keitel in THELMA AND LOUISE. much shorter than 6'1.5 peak Michael Madsen in that film.about 1-1.5 inches taller than 5'8.5"-5'9" Gwyneth paltrow. And he's a height conscious guy. Never see him in sandles or barefoot unless on a rare occasion with Gwyneth paltrow.
Tonyx said on 19/Oct/17
Christoph Waltz in lifts? Have you gone mad?
Show us the proof.
Hijopotamus said on 19/Oct/17
HonestSlovene, you agree Brad Pitt is 177?
Tonyx said on 19/Oct/17
Realtalk, no. I'm asking if you believe that Brad Pitt wears non-boot footwear in 2017 that gives him the full 3.5in of height. I know some elevators do, but that is irrelevant.

I think he doesn't even get the full 2in when he is wearing sneakers with lifts.
Realtalk said on 19/Oct/17
@tonyx search for elevator shoes
HonestSlovene said on 18/Oct/17
@Original Good point.
Bego said on 18/Oct/17
179 in morning, 177 at night is more likely. Or he's 1cm shorter.
Tonyx said on 17/Oct/17
Realtalk, do you really believe that Brad Pitt wears 3.5in lifts/elevators, as in 8.89cm? Really?
He wears lifts for sure and he isn't 5ft11in, but 3.5in lifts/elevators?

My last comment hasn't appeared. I made the links properly and didn't troll or swear... :(
Original said on 17/Oct/17
Christoph Waltz looks little taller than Rob (173,7 at 9pm) compared with Mikkelsen no doubt I would guess around 174,5 for Waltz compared with Mads. Lifts? I think so. IMO Waltz is 170, but looks ~174,5 with lifts (just search images of Waltz and DiCaprio or Waltz and Diane Kruger and Melanie Laurent), Pitt is similar way is around 177/177,5 barefoot (he did look 3cm taller than 174,5 Waltz and perhaps little taller than 176,5 Daniel Bruhl, but could be 181,5/182 in his lifts.

Or do you think Waltz looks flat 170 compared with 175,5/176 JamieFoxx and with 181 Leonardo DiCaprio?

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: Mads at times won't stand as tall as he can, I don't know if Waltz uses lifts, but he did say 170, but also claimed 5ft 8 in the 80's too.
Tonyx said on 16/Oct/17
Next to Bana and Bloom, while Pit having a slight advantage in footwear
Click Here
Can't find the photos someone had posted a while ago from the set of Troy, where you can see he has small lifts in his boots. Someone please post them. There was one for sure.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
On the set of Troy, preparing, wearing Nike Shox(1.41in as listed by Rob on this website) while sword fighting. Irrelevant for judging height, but relevant for understanding how he thinks.
Click Here

This has got to hurt...
Click Here
Click Here
On a yacht, with his family, everyone is barefoot, except Brad.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Has the body and the demeanor of a typical Italian-American man from New Jersey

I think, no, i feel, that Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and Orlando Bloom are the same height barefoot.
Realtalk said on 16/Oct/17
@tonyx you don't say any truth, you're trolling. Brad is 5'9 flat. Barefoot pic with gwyneth don't lie. Ankle height don't lie either. Brad with big elevator shoes don't lie either. It's very easy to find out how big the elevator shoes are, just look at the top of the shoelace but ofc it is covered with long pants many times.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Oct/17
@Hijopotamus: Pitt is wearing Palladium boots in that photo. It's one of the few times I've been able to recognize Pitt's boots because a lot of the time, he likely wears some sort of custom boot. Of course, he could fit an insert lift in them. Obviously, celebs don't only wear lifts in the form of custom made elevator shoes as evidenced by Stallone's Hogan sneakers, but it's difficult to know unless they sit down, or I recently noticed a conspicuous bulge in a pair of ordinary New Balance Mel Gibson was wearing. The exception is Robert Downey Jr., who usually wears designer high tops and stuffs the biggest insert lifts in them so I'd say the resulting bulge meets a reasonable burden of proof.

@Pierre: A lot of times I've said I don't know if he has something in his boot or not because it can be difficult to tell with an ankle boot. Plus, Pitt might have shoes slightly big and slip a half inch lift at times and that would be basically undetectable. I suspect Daniel Craig does that. So at times, it depends if you mean a big lift or any lift/extra insole. If you took his 1.5" Cuban heels and did that, you'd get a nice boost over anyone in normal dress shoes.

As for Bloom, I believe this is one of the better pics to show the difference between the two: Click Here Perhaps a bit of a tilt in Bloom's favor, though he also doesn't look to be standing as straight as Pitt. I believe Bloom is a flat 5'10" because he doesn't look that tall next to 5'7" guys like Jerry Bruckheimer or apparently, Christoph Waltz. Bloom was slouching terribly at the photocall, but he stands a bit better in this one: Click Here Pitt is still standing in front of him and you can see has the heeled boots to give him an advantage there. I'm not so sure about shoes on the red carpet, but I think that shows Pitt and Bloom might be much closer in height than you'd think from the photocall with Bana.
Pierre said on 16/Oct/17
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here In some pictures Orlando Bloom look lots of time just a little taller or same height than listed 5"7' Christoph Waltz and clearly shorter than Mads Mikkelsen(181 range next to Rob imo)(Madds and Christoph have a little advantage of shoes imo but).I ask me if Christoph is maybe more 5"8' range than 5"7'range(or maybe lifts here)
Pierre said on 16/Oct/17
@Rising=yes there is clearly a difference between one guy who see Brad with lifts even in the bed and one guy like you who see Brad almost all the time in classic shoes. The reality is maybe between this two cases.
Hijopotamus said on 16/Oct/17
@rising, you did say there was no proof he wore lifts which is true, I mean has anyone seen them? BUT if you have a look at this.........

Click Here

Watch the pic with Orlando
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Oct/17
I'd love to hear how I emphasize ankle position too much. It's simply an unavoidable fact that if you have more under your foot in the shoe, your ankle will be higher. It's physically impossible to avoid this, which is why it's the best way to tell if someone has a lift. I've always acknowledged there are other ways to tell such as a bulge around the lace area if the lift is big enough and if you're talking about elevator shoes specifically, then the cut of the shoe will often be recognizable as an elevator. They're all prone to confirmation bias, which I think is on display with anyone seeing Pitt's ankle high with Aniston. But I've never said Pitt never wears lifts. I've just said if he's as big a lift wearer as some make him out to be on this page then it shouldn't be a problem finding Pitt sitting down with his ankle looking conspicuously high. I've found shots like this for Cruise, Stallone, Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Douglas etc on talk shows, courtside at basketball games etc. So why not Pitt? Maybe he's not the guy who goes to bed in his lifts like some think. Doesn't mean he doesn't wear them at times, but even when he was promoting a film like Troy and appeared on a talk show with a very tall host Conan O'Brien, we finally get a shot like this and Pitt appeared to be in normal shoes with a normal ankle position. You'd think a constant lift wearer wouldn't appear in normal shoes with a near 6'3"-6'4" range host while promoting a blockbuster epic action film.
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
He is 5'10.5 at the TOP!!
Maybe 5'10.25 -_-
Next to reak 5'11 guys he look shorter!
Tonyx said on 14/Oct/17
Realtalk, i wrote that his footwear these days, while still giving him an advantage, is not as thick soled as it used to be. I think to say that he's wearing 3.5in sneakers is like saying that the Russians hacked the USA election or that the USA is actually fighting terrorism. It's just not true.
I think Brad is 5ft10.25in
Realtalk said on 14/Oct/17
@tonyx those white sneakers are big ass shoes lol. Just real talk elevator sneakers look just like that.
Flats are definitely not that and he never wears flats anyway.
3.5 inch sneakers.
Original said on 13/Oct/17
My bet is 177'5 peak, but looking at his pics in 1987/1991 when he wasn't famous he looked more in the 178/179 range more than anything.

For example isn't Helen Slater (listed as 171'5 here, pic w/ Rob) with Brad Pitt in Happy Together 1988?

Click Here

Click Here

Looks 178-79 here again.

I mean of course he uses lifts no doubt, but I'm 80% sure that he wasn't shorter than 177cm at his peak, possibly a little taller, could be 178, even 179 is possible to be honest, in fact he looked many times around 5'10. Today, at 54, he should be 1cm shorter, 176,5 would be my bet now. 177,5 peak.

If he was 173 he could look shorter than Gwyneth (174.5/75cm) when in fact he was taller (about 3cm imo), he would look shorter than Rick Schroeder (175) when he was about 3cm taller, he would look just a bit taller than Shalane McCall (listed as 169) when he was 10cm taller than her, he could look the same height as Cheryl Pollak (listed as 173) when he was considerably taller, I would say more than 5cm, maybe 6 or 7cm.

He is not as shorter as trolls here think like 173 for example, people here are in denial. Self-projection.
CDS said on 13/Oct/17
"Rising" said something that got me thinking

"He's tricky, though. It's almost as though there are two Brad Pitts! Maybe one is a shorter [or taller] double."

Is it possible...could it be...???... Is Brad Pitt actually.... TWINS????... MIND...BLOWN!!....
Justanotherguy said on 13/Oct/17
Tonyx, none of those pictures are obvious evidence of lifts. He could be wearing inserts in his boots but you cant tell. There is really nothing suspicious about any of that footwear. It doesn't look over bulky at all. Some of the styles are high cut, so what? That's not automatic evidence of lifts. I just don't see it.
Tonyx said on 12/Oct/17
Justanotherguy, say what now?
Click Here clearly lifts in those boots.
Click Here bulging vans, lifts inside. Staring at Jon Bernthals shoes/boots.
Click Here even with his family.
22 May 2017 Click Here i bet you'll be lazy to scroll down so
Click Here zoom in.

On the other hand, here Click Here his sneakers look normal. But then you zoom in on the laces Click Here and Click Here especially looking at his right sneaker. Still, after breaking up with Jolie he is getting way less height advantage from his shoes/sneakers/boots that much is clear.
Click Here look at his right foot, the laces area.
Long video of the interview in hd on youtube Click Here

I used to be open to Brad being 5ft9in, but now i just can't see that. I think Pitt, at 53 years old(he's turning 54 this December), even after the knee injury Click Here , is still a genuine 5ft10in-5ft10.5in tall guy. I'm going to go with 5ft10.25in. He can not be a full 5ft11in, because he is listed at 5ft11in on google and imdb. He most certainly has the option to influence those listings, but he doesn't. If he really is 5ft11in and wears lifts then he wouldn't want people to think he is only 5ft11in. That just doesn't make any sense. He would want to claim 6ft tall. Whats the point in wearing lifts/elevators/thick soled boots/small inserts/thick orthopedic insoles if people can just google "how tall is Brad Pitt" and look at that 1.8m listing. I have also noticed on several occasions that his right shoe was bulging more then the left one, so maybe after the knee injury and so many years wearing lifts the difference between his height on his left foot and on his right foot became more significant. I wonder...
Realtalk said on 12/Oct/17
5'8 or 5'9 flat is not a guess, it is the truth based on barefoot, regular footwear and ankle analysis. That has been provided here.

5'10 or 5'11 is a guess, a fallacy. Because the man is already proven to always wear elevator shoes. Just look at how high the shoelace part is how you know it is an elevator shoes. Although it can be hidden with long pants at times.

Just real talk bro
Harris said on 12/Oct/17
The comments have been appearing very slow recently. Keeping up a website like Celebheights seems really difficult with the flood of comments, we should probably take the time out to thank Rob for the time he's taken to try and answer as many user's questions as he can.

As for Pitt, I'm convinced he's near 180 cm, I'd be surprised if he's under 5'10.5" personally. He doesn't really look below this listing. He most likely didn't even finish growing when he (supposedly) put down 5'10" on his resume.
Matt179 said on 11/Oct/17
The reason pitt look tall also because of his build.

He so slim, Its like age never even affect him, He didnt gain any weight at all.

After all these years, he still look young, has all his hair. His diet must be very affective.

Clooney also lost weight alot over the years. Being slim will make you look taller, Add regular dress shoes with 1.25 inch heel + 1.25 lift inside the shoe for lift 2.5 if hes 5foot10.5, He reach 6foot1, for a 6foot image barefeet. Its easy to make him look taller.
Pierre said on 10/Oct/17
@Hijopotamus=yes there is something here imo :) his ankles are very high!
Justanotherguy said on 10/Oct/17
No way hes wearing lifts in that picture with Aniston. This guy isn't short and hes never looked short. Hes in the 5'10-5'11 range. He doesn't really have any need to walk around everywhere he goes wearing lifts. He wears alot of boots that can can give him up to a extra CM of height. He also has good posture for pictures. He has a small body frame that makes him look lean and a little taller. He weighs in the 160 range. At special events he might wears lifts. If he does he isn't rocking huge shoes like Robert Downy Jr. He knows better than that. I really don't believe hes that insecure about his height. But his image is his livelihood so he has to always look the best he can.
Hijopotamus said on 10/Oct/17
Anal176, I've posted all over this site and the heel thing was a requirement rising74 has put too much emphasis on. Next time do your homework before you vomit.
handsome guy said on 10/Oct/17
brad pitt’s height is really mysterious. i think his height is 176~180 range.
Jack The Smackhead said on 10/Oct/17
Anyone guessing he is 5'8/5'9 needs to get their eyes checked I think. You can just tell he doesn't look that short by pictures, he is 5'10 minimum. And besides, if 5'10 George Clooney described him at 6'1, which we know he's not, how could he be around 5'8/5'9? Think logically..
anon176 said on 9/Oct/17
Hijopotamus. Idiot. Look at his ankles uhuhuhu

Serious. what is your problem with this celeb? Its the only page youre posting. Crush on Pitt?
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Oct/17
@Hijopotamus: I meant the surest way to judge lifts -- especially more modest lifts -- is when you can see the ankle so you can judge if it's higher than it should be or not. Outside of boots and high tops, you can see most people's ankles when they're not covered by pants. I don't own any shoes like that so I don't know what kind of insole they usually have, but it doesn't look like there's room for much and Pitt's feet look pretty flat in them to me. I'm sure they add more than Jen's sandals, but I wasn't even commenting on whether that pic showed Pitt was over or under 5'10". I was only pointing out Lol's erroneous claim that in the photo there was only 3.5" between them and that's clearly not the case. Whether Pitt is getting much of an advantage is beyond the scope of what I'm saying because Lol claimed even with the footwear advantage, Pitt only had 3.5" on her as you can see from his post:

Lol said on 7/Oct/17
Brad has a difference of 3.5 inches with jennifer aniston who is 5'4.5. Jennifer even had tiny slippers and brad had regular shoes.
Jim Hopper said on 9/Oct/17
5-10 to 5-11. No lower or taller.
HonestSlovene said on 9/Oct/17
@Simon I'd say above average, but not tall for a young caucasian of his generation. Height hasn't changed much, 176 cm was average during the 80s-90s now it's 178 cm. Talking exclusively about caucasians, for other races he is tall.
Simon said on 9/Oct/17
If if turns he was 5'11 in his college days, would that be considered tall for his time and location? That would be Missouri, mid-80s.
Hijopotamus said on 9/Oct/17
@rising, in that pic you can see Brads ankle. Why you ignore it? You have been insisting too much on that particular thing and now you ignore it lol
Pitt is wearing vibrams insoles lifts whatever but has shoe advantage while Jen is in flats.
Good job Pierre!
Pierre said on 8/Oct/17
@ Rising = Click Here look at the height of Brad's ankles ,(you compare to the height of Jennifer's ankles) and imagine at what height are his feet in this shoes.He has a good advantage of shoes here imo.Jennifer has poor heels like half an inch.
Mister lennon said on 8/Oct/17
The 5'8-5'9 stuff for pitt is just absurd. He is a strong 5'10 minimun.
Charles said on 8/Oct/17
Brad could possibly be 5'10 but that's a low guess, I think he would measure between 5'10.5 and 5'11 barefoot. The 5'9.5 and down claims are just ridiculous, there's no way he's that short.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/17
And Pitt has not lost height. If anything, he looks taller than he did in 1995. Obviously, that's impossible, but it suggests he certainly hasn't lost 1 cm. Again, see him next to actual 5'9" men like Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins(Hopkins may have shrunk to 5'8.5" by then) and anyone can see Brad is not around the same height.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/17
Much more than 3.5": Click Here At least a 5" difference. Gwyneth is taller than Corden, imo, but not a lot taller.
Pierre said on 7/Oct/17
@Lol=Sorry i made a mistake in my comment on 05/Sep/17 =not "average height" but "current height"
Lol said on 7/Oct/17
Gwyneth paltrow is 173cm because she had an excercise session with Corden with multiple pictutes. That don't lie.
Brad would be 5'8.5 max and with the average 3.6 inch lift, that makes him 6 feet which is a 5'11 with regular shoes.

Brad has a difference of 3.5 inches with jennifer aniston who is 5'4.5. Jennifer even had tiny slippers and brad had regular shoes.

No, Brad did not get limb lengthening surgery.
However he could claim 5'9 and he likely could reach that height if he hangs on the monkey bar but that height gain from the monkey bar decompresses during the day.

He is 5'8 but he could claim 5'9.

Definitely not 5'10, but it's not a surprise that many celebs are exaggerating their height.
Pierre said on 6/Oct/17
Brad/Gwyneth=the different pictures barefoot or in around same shoes prove one thing imo =there is not a very big difference of height between their shoulders(when we can see all the body -and so not eventually a little on tiptoe-,with flat floor,in around the same postures),and not a very big difference of general height.Gwyneth for me is clearly the same height as James Corden to the centimeter,and James look max the same height as Rob next to Samuel Anderson but James is on tiptoe.With Rob strong 5"8',my guess is=James or Gwyneth around 171/172 (and then could explain why sometimes a probably real 5"11' or around this height like Luke Wilson can tower her like here = Click Here ) , Brad in 1995 around 176.5 (and so one hair taller than my guess= 174.5/175 Rick Schroder),Brad in 2017 around 175.5/176.
Pierre said on 6/Oct/17
I agree with Johno,James Corden and Gwyneth are looking the same height in the video and James is shorter than Rob
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Oct/17
I know of no credible source that suggests Sly Stallone considered limb-lengthened surgery. A few posters here SPECULATED he had it done because he looked conspicuously taller from around 2003-2008, but this was likely due to wearing some sort of lift or thick footwear in virtually every public appearance during that time while maintaining military posture. I doubt Sly would have considered it much, if at all considering it would imperil his ability to stay in shape and require him to be a recluse for many months to recover. Sly obviously wanted to be taller, but I doubt he has that sort of psychological problem with his normal height. Lifts are in the category of things a normal person might do to improve their appearance, but limb-lengthening surgery is for someone with a rather severe psychological issue regarding their height.

As for Pitt, there's two dominant schools of thought. One is that he's no more than 5'10" and has constantly worn lifts for the past 20 years. The other is that he's actually 5'11" and likes Cuban-type heels and boots, but doesn't actually wear lifts and doesn't need them. Personally, I believe the truth is somewhere between. Seeing Pitt shorter than a 5'11" max Bernthal at multiple events makes me conclude he is shorter at 5'10.5"-5'10.75" and this lines up well with Brad in the early to mid 90's, but then he looks too tall recently with Yeun as well as in Meet Joe Black with Anthony Hopkins and The Devil's Own with Harrison Ford. So he's among the trickiest. I think he's probably dabbled in lifts, but is more of a boot guy who prefers a bit extra heel. But I've had a hard time believing Pitt at exactly 5'11" would have claimed that height in the same questionnaire he shaved 2 years off his actual age despite being the ripe old age of 23-24. And Pitt continued to be listed that height even after his career breakthrough. As far as I know, that's still what his PR people claim he is. I have a feeling almost anyone who gets to the full 5'11" is going to claim 6', especially in Hollywood. Of course, most honest 5'10.75" and many 5'10.5" are going to claim 5'11". We tend to think in terms of round numbers, especially since far less people claim fractions, but there's no reason anyone will be more likely to be an exact inch than a 1/4" under or over. He's tricky, though. It's almost as though there are two Brad Pitts! Maybe one is a shorter [or taller] double.

@Lol: Your name is appropriate as it's the reaction most will have reading Brad is 5'8", much less max. ALL pics can "lie". Removing shoes does not magically make the camera angle ideal for comparing height. And who defines "regular shoes"? If we could all agree on what regular shoes are, this wouldn't be nearly as contentious.
Johno said on 5/Oct/17
Paltrow has no height on Corden and Rob has Corden at 5'8.25 although, those of us who have been fans of Corden way before he became American Primetime, know that he falls in to the 5'7-range as well.
Original said on 5/Oct/17
All about Aniston angles... this image means nothing, there is other much better and Pitt looked more or less 5.5" taller.

Regarding Paltrow She's 175 not "5-8" and better photo here both barefoot and Pitt losing more height and he is easily the taller guy, remember that Brad has longer torso too.

Click Here

and he is really taller... look at eye level.

Click Here

Click Here

Probably around 2" difference since Paltrow is closer to the camera and they are at the same level, I have other pics to prove it, so Brad is really taller than Gwyneth and please Gwyneth is at least 175, imo legit 5'9" since she is clearly taller than Corden listed as 173.
Pierre said on 5/Oct/17
@Lol=Maybe not exactly 5"8 but around 5"9' could be a good guess ,like his average height.I think he was a little taller at his peak like in the movie next to Rick Schroder and could measure around 176.5.And now with big shoes he can look around 5"11.75'/6"0' imo and 5"11' or 181 in classic lifts.I think Georges has lost height too,about 5"10' peak and now more 5"9.25'.
Lol said on 5/Oct/17
Too bad barefoot pics and regular shoes pics dont lie

Click Here

 Click Here

5'8 max
5'10-11 only with elevator shoes which he has sticked with.
Jeremy Pivin said on 4/Oct/17
Slim said on 3/Oct/17
Pitt edging 5'10.75" listed Matthew McConaughey.:

mmmmhhhh, I appreciate your intentions amigo but you'd make a better case if the pics you post actually show footwear '_' and not start at the nipple area, ya know? ok now, you made me thirsty, where's my double moka latte?
CDS said on 4/Oct/17
"Rob has got Pitt and Clooney each about half an inch too high."

With all due respect, Rob -- I bow to you as one of the best height estimateurs in the world. However, I do think in THIS particular case, particularly of Brad Pitt, you have a "height in shoes" height. Everything I'm seeing -- from THIS thread I've been viewing the past 8 years or so, is telling me so. It has really been eye-opening. I really think it's time for a downgrade.

One question I don't think any have posed so far for Mr. Pitt.. Is that risky leg-lengthening surgery out of the question? Stallone was rumored to have looked into it...??
Editor Rob: I don't know, I would probably be a bit more surprised if he measured 5ft 10.5 than 11. I have felt that way for a while now.
Matthew Robinson said on 4/Oct/17
Rob has got Pitt and Clooney each about half an inch too high.
Slim said on 3/Oct/17
Pitt edging 5'10.75" listed Matthew McConaughey.:

Click Here
Original. said on 2/Oct/17
Pitt 177-178 (looking around 180 to 183 w/ his lifts)
Corden 173 and Paltrow solid 175.
My final guess for these guys.
Jeremy Pivin said on 2/Oct/17
ok something's afoot: 176 cm Luke Perry towers over Claudia Shiffer (and she's standing straight) whereas 180.3 cm Pitt doesn't (and she uses that trick with her legs tall girls often use to make themselves shorter). Unless Claudia gained like 15cm in her 20s ... xD
Lol said on 2/Oct/17
Gwyneth and Brad have the same height on the barefoot photo.
Jennifer aniston with slippers and Brad pitt on regular sneakers have a 3.5 inch gap.

5'8.0 That is honest and generous.
Although 6'0.5 with elevator shoes which he sticked with at all times except that barefoot photo with gwyneth and regular shoes with jenifer.

Pierre said on 1/Oct/17
@Original then if i resume,when we can not see the feet of Brad in some pictures his shoulders are easily higher than Gwyneth's shoulders ,and when we can see the feet both have around the same height of shoulders...:)
Pierre said on 1/Oct/17
@Original= Click Here Imo she flex her knees later in the video at around 0:17 and so you can see she start to lose height,at 0:13 i think they'are in around the same posture and same height,her knees are only very close one of the other,James isn't very straight,but this time don't incline his head like the picture you posted, he lose height in your picture his head is around the horizontal !
Hijopotamus said on 1/Oct/17
Corden 175
Paltrow 175,5
Pitt 177
Slim said on 1/Oct/17
Rob, could he hit 182.9 after a 12 hour sleep?
Lol said on 1/Oct/17
174cm brad pitt max.
Proven by gwyneth, corden and aniston. Barefoot, slippers or regular shoes only.
Pierre said on 30/Sep/17
@Rising=the "external heel" of Brad's beige shoes is short.where are their ankles? =over his shoes ,it's logical if not=very uncomfortable shoes.And imo his beige shoes are higher than classic shoes.
Original said on 30/Sep/17
@Pierre LFMAO Of course Gwyneth is taller than Corden, Corden is losing NOTHING there, he stands very well... Corden is the best proof that Gywneth is a legit 5'9 bro...

They are on the same postures just in this moment of the video, both tilting:

Click Here

Compare with Paltrow flexing her knees.

Click Here

Just take a close look at the eye level of both, I measured myself today flexing my knees like Paltrow did and I measured ~2.5cm less, there is very probably the difference between Gwyneth and James, so news they're not of the same height, they are atleast 2cm apart.

Click Here

Click Here

Just accept the fact and then we can move up.

Corden 173 and Paltrow 175/175,5.

@ About Pitt and Paltrow, nothing better than a face-to-face pic, there is no camera effect here:

She is slouching something but there is no less than 3cm between both.

Click Here

And bro she is legit 5'9" imo she is a tall girl compare 175 Gwneth with 181 listed Luke Wilson.

Click Here

She can appear very tall depending on angle. Pitt appears more and more legit 178 range imo.
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Sep/17
@Pierre: Brad isn't slouching anywhere near like Clooney is, but Brad standing more casually is a better comparison next to a slouching Clooney than Brad with military posture and Clooney with a slouch, plus a full pic is better than one from the waist up and a straight angle better than a high angle.

To answer your question, I think Pitt has about 2 cm shoes at Venice and THAT is a good pic, imo. But Clooney had 3 to 3.5 cm boots. At most, Pitt's shoes might have been 1" there, but the heel is small and his knees are noticeably lower than Clooney's. Brad wearing heeled boots looks different proportionately: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

That's just one event where he wore his Cuban heel-type dress boots, but you see his knees are noticeably higher, his legs longer and he looks taller overall. Based on the first pic, he looks almost 3" taller than Jolie in heels. I believe she's 5'6", but probably slightly over 5'9" in those heels. Although that's secondary as nobody questions Pitt can reach 6 feet in footwear.

As for the New York premiere with Yeun, I think Rob is correct that Brad has 3 cm footwear. The handprint ceremony may be different. I've said before that I think it's possible Pitt had elevator shoes there: Click Here Click Here But I'd probably defer to Rob's opinion on that anyway.
Pierre said on 30/Sep/17
@Original=your picture Gwyneth /James (Corden) isn't good =James lose lots of height with his head tilting a lot,in the video when they are in same posture they are looking the same height
Slim said on 30/Sep/17
Pierre said on 29/Sep/17
Picture Slim on 29/sept/2017. It seems to me Brad's crotch is lower than the others even if he's closer to the camera ;but maybe he flex his knees i don't know...
Rofl, perry.
Loeparn said on 30/Sep/17
Looking at the pictures of Brad and Clooney, posted by Rising, it is unlikely Pitt is wearing lifts. Brad, who seems to have the longer torso of the two, stands slightly taller. I mean, how short can Pitt's legs really be? 179 cm for Pitt.
Original said on 30/Sep/17
@Rising - 174 cm Btw, he looked 179/180 compared to listed 169 Shalane McCall and the same 179/180 compared to Cheryl Pollak listed as 173. Thats the point. He didn't looked 5'11 or 6'0 with one and 5'9 - 5'10 with other. He looked the same height according with the correct reference (not oficial though).
Original said on 30/Sep/17
@Rising - 174 cm Read all my comments here. They are all parts of the same argumentation.

@Lol Corden is 5'8", Gwyneth is clearly taller than 5'8", probably around 5'9". Brad is taller than Gwyneth, the question is how much. I think 5'10 is fine for him (he just can't be much shorter than that, 5'9.5" is just the min of min, still acceptable though). Of course he is not 5'8". The attempt to use bad pictures of Paltrow and Corden and then bad pictures of Paltrow and Pitt, to say that they are all the same height is old. When Corden and Pitt stay on the same side we'll see that.
Pierre said on 30/Sep/17
And= Click Here = James Corden on tiptoe next to Samuel Anderson(Samuel's head looking downward) compared to strong 5"8' Rob next to Samuel (Samuel's head looking upward and a hat) = Click Here
Pierre said on 30/Sep/17
@Original=yes,or the question is= how many is Brad a on tiptoe or how is the floor,because in others pics inwhich we can see the feet(and the floor) their shoulders are curiously the same height= Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Strange no?
Pierre said on 30/Sep/17
@Rising= because you don't take the good pics,Brad slouch too here.I say again this is not only parameters of postures and camera angle here= Click Here compared to Click Here .You can see in the second pic Georges is slouching too and probably more than in the first pic but...(compare the height of their shoulders too)And i say again Georges is always looking the same height in all the pictures i see of him in web just comfortable external heels sometimes but this times his shoes are not discreet they are big shoes like in the second pic,not curious shoes very slim like classic shoes but with vertical angle toward the laces and very high only over the external heels.At what height do you think are Brad's ankles in his beige shoes(second pic) or here = probably very high imo =if not good bye the comfort... Click Here
Lol said on 30/Sep/17
Stop comparing brad with other men who also use elevator.

Brad being 5'8 proven by gwyneth and corden and aniston when barefoot or regular shoes.

Clooney must be like 5'6.5 if you keep comparing the guy to Brad Pitt 5'8
Lol said on 30/Sep/17
Corden is 5'8
Gwyneth is 5'8
Brad is 5'8.5

The barefoot photos are already shown so stop denying.

brad always wears min 3.6 inch to 4.5 inch elevator shoes.

Is 5'8 small? For an american it is 2 inches below the average.
For the tallest average height in europe or africa, 5'8 is tiny.

But to lie and say 5'11 because you always on elevator shoes is a joke.
Original said on 29/Sep/17

You think for example that he is 3,5cm taller than Gwyneth, point is that you was thinking that Paltrow was about the same height as Corden (173), but news she is not, she is clearly taller than James, she is around 175 very probably.

Pierre said on 20/Aug/17
Brad 176.5 Gwyneth 173 Georges 178
Pierre said on 29/Sep/17
Picture Slim on 29/sept/2017. It seems to me Brad's crotch is lower than the others even if he's closer to the camera ;but maybe he flex his knees i don't know...
Original said on 29/Sep/17

Click Here

He looks taller than 175 Paltrow, the question is how much between 2cm and 4cm.
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Sep/17
@Pierre: Those pics from that day of Pitt and Clooney with the hand/footprints are terrible. Those photos really don't tell us anything.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Even some of these photos I'm posting aren't great since most pics that day are dodgy, but at least they're all full and you can see that Clooney is slouching in all of them, but looks less than 1.5" shortwer in all of them and can look almost as tall. Since you re-post your photos, I'll post this once again since I think it is one of the few decent photos from that day: Click Here Clooney is only 1.5 to 2 cm shorter max, which is also what the video shows. You can't prove someone is wearing lifts by posting dodgy photos to that make them look tall and assume that's how tall they looked that day. I wouldn't read much into any photos of Pitt that aren't full.

As for Schroder, good catch about his Converse -- which add 5/8" -- though I don't know about Pitt's sneakers. As I've said, I see Pitt about an inch taller. I think that's how it looks in the scene I took these stills from: Click Here Being face to face indoors makes it one of the best times to compare their height, imo.

@CDS: Forget about 3.6" elevators. During Sly's most height-obsessed period from around 2003-2008, his favorite shoes weren't even elevators, but thick sneakers by a brand called Hogan. He looked to put insert lifts in them, but they were too low cut to get much more than 2.5", maybe 2.75" max. Sly may have worn 3"-3.5" range on occasion, but it wasn't typical even for him. Burt may wear even bigger elevator boots and may be most likely on this site to actually wear boots that give 3.5", but even that's speculation. They could be 3" for all I know and whatever they were, the angle was intense. Far beyond anything Pitt has worn. Look at the angle of the 3.8" Don's elevator boots Rob wore. Both Sly and Burt wore bigger footwear than Pitt as well.

@Original: He looks near 4" taller, but we have no idea how tall she actually is. IMDB listings are not reliable whether as an accurate guess or even as an actor's official height. I believe they should implement a policy like Wikipedia where a reference is needed for any height. Otherwise, some heights add are just guesses by random anonymous users. A claim by her in an interview and/or her CV would be of some interest, but it'd still have to be confirmed by comparisons to others of ]relatively] known heights.
Original said on 29/Sep/17
@Lol Ok "lover", Brad is 5'8" while Rick and Gwyneth are 5'9", makes all sense and you're a tall guy as well.
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
Rob, do you think he's closer to 6' or 5'10"?
promise not to judge.
Editor Rob: I think at times he has pulled off looking comfortably over 5ft 11, but overall from all the years of this site, I feel the 5ft 11 mark is still believable.
hardguy said on 29/Sep/17
178 visibly shorter than adam levine imo
HonestSlovene said on 29/Sep/17
@Maren I could care less about his height, I'm against dishonesty from certain users here and claiming something without providing goes far beyond height.

@Pierre TBH it doesn't matter how tall do you think he would get measured I think he must be at least 5'10". Although based on picture evidence he isn't outside of the 178-180 cm range. As always, I'm not 100% and I could very well be wrong on how tall he really is, but the evidence is quite overwhelming that he's not more or less.
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
Fincher, Norton and Pitt, uncertain of shoes or event, I think off set fight club. Norton may be barefoot.
Click Here
Pierre said on 29/Sep/17
@Original= Click Here =Now Brad more distant of the camera and the angle seem to be favorable for Gwyneth...
Original said on 29/Sep/17
@Maren lol I'm here at 10+ years, very old CelebHeights user.

@Pierre As you can clearly see Paltrow is taller than Corden. She is around 5'9 probably and Brad Pitt is taller than her. Probably around 5'10.
Lol said on 28/Sep/17
@Maren Brad pitt is a small guy and you're envious of him that is why you can't accept the fact and truth that gwyneth is just as tall as him barefoot or with normal shoes, pictures already shown in the comments. Just saying facts.
He sticks with elevator shoes, I do respect his choice to wear elevator shoes but to tell people he's 5'11 is a joke lol.
Lol said on 28/Sep/17
Just look at Pierre's photo links with gwyneth and Lol's photo links with gwyneth and aniston.
Brad pitt is 5'8.5 max.
But he does wear elevator shoes from 3.6 inches to 5 inches. He sticks with them on all events.

The pics of pierre and lol are consistent, barefoot or non elevator shoes.

Brad pitt is 5'8.5 max. Maybe 5'9.0 in his 30's.
Pierre said on 28/Sep/17
@Original=Gwyneth is maybe not very straight but James Corden too,in the video (i have posted another day and you can easily show in web) i don't see a difference between them.In your picture James head tilt a lot with his head so...The pictures Brad/Gwyneth you posted are showing Brad taller but not always a good angle and good postures,and curiously when the floor seem to be regular and they have about the same postures and better angle of the camera their shoulders are at the same height(like in the picture when both barefoot in around the same posture...) and in your pictures Brad's shoulders are very high.Hum,he's maybe a little on tiptoe here no?...In others pictures he has maybe the same type of shoes as next to Georges and Matt when Brad tower Georges and Matt both together,who knows...
Pierre said on 28/Sep/17
@ Hijopotamus =thanks
Pierre said on 28/Sep/17
When i read some very derisive comments in this site ,i think i will one of the first one to laugh the day when some celebrities will be measured barefoot with an height gauge :)
Pierre said on 28/Sep/17
Maren said on 28/Sep/17
Guys, I'm amusing myself very much about your comments. Are you all so short boys, that you count on every centimeter/inch? Or why is it so important to you whether Brad Pitt is now 5.10 or 5.9 or even 5.11? It does not matter to you how big he really is - you will never even approach at him and I do not mean his height. ;-)
Lol said on 28/Sep/17
Gwyneth and Brad are the same height which is 5'8.5 max.
I also posted a picture with them barefoot if you scroll down below.
On your picture gwyneth has slippers while brad has big shoes but not elevator ones.

As I said once a particular celebrity like Brad Pitt uses elevator shoes, they stick with it so he will rarely be seen barefoot or with normal shoes.

Brad is 5'8 and it's okay.
HonestSlovene said on 28/Sep/17
@Pierre He looks at least 5'10" next to her, Luke Wilson is 5'11" and Corden 5'8".
Original said on 27/Sep/17
Good angle from 5'8 Corden compared to Paltrow

Click Here

B-but she is 5'8ish....
Original said on 27/Sep/17
In fact I can see 2cm between Corden and Paltrow in fact.

Click Here
Original said on 27/Sep/17
Why not this pic, Pierre?

Click Here


Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Best pic Pierre both face to face he looks 2" taller than Gwyneth

Click Here

Both slouching probably the same (very honest pic) Pitt wearing 0.6" converse and Paltrow closer to the camera, I would bet if both had good posture in this pic Pitt would hardly looks less than 2" taller than her.

Click Here

Also Paltrow is 174/174,5 compared to 173 Corden, best posture of Paltrow is at start of the video and not in this pic, and Corden with his hair of course.


Click Here


Click Here

small difference you know...
Hijopotamus said on 27/Sep/17
@HonestSlovene, I agree, it's getting tiring to check pics of Brad barefoot. Nothing like a good pic of Brad with who knows the exact measure of his heel plus the exact measure of the lift! This is way more interesting and easy so to guess his height, right?? (Sarcasm)

@Pierre, brilliant Job!! Even the biggest fanboys can understand and get it. Rising should learn from you. (no sarcasm)

Pitt 177cm
Pierre said on 27/Sep/17
@Willes188="this could be the worst camera angle in history for judging height""NORTON IS A SOLID 6"0 COULD BE 6.025 ".
Only claim he's 6"0' or 6"0.25' could be the worst argument in history to support his claims...
Pierre said on 27/Sep/17
Luke Wilson listed 5"11.25' next to Gwyneth listed 5"9' = Click Here Click Here
James Corden listed 5"8' next to Gwyneth = Click Here Click Here
Brad next to Gwyneth = Click Here Click Here
Slim said on 26/Sep/17
HonestSlovene, don't pay attention to the French guy , he's been trolling for quite a while now, according to g5'11".
Willes188 said on 26/Sep/17
That could be the worst camera angle in history for judging height Norton is a solid 6ft man could be 6ft 0.25
HonestSlovene said on 26/Sep/17
Looks at least a decent 178 cm if Schroder was 175 cm at that time. If he is more 176-177 cm, then Pitt is about 179-180 cm no question. "B-but the Paltrow pics!"'s getting tiring now.
Original said on 25/Sep/17
Peak Brad was 177/177,5 at night imo, but back 1988 with Shalane McCall listed as 5'6.5" BP looked around 4" or 4.5" taller than her.

Click Here

Click Here

Shalane McCall Listed as 5'6.5"

Click Here

Click Here

in 1988 in The Dark side of the Sun he looks ~2.5"/3" taller imo than Cheryl Pollak listed as 5'8".

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Already considering that most people usually lie about their height in ~2 centimeters, I'd say Brad Pitt looked like a 177/8 guy compared to these actresses.
CDS said on 25/Sep/17
"Also, I don't think he wears 3.6" inches elevators, he couldn't even walk with this type of shoes."

@ Original: Sly & Burt have done so for years...
Animus said on 25/Sep/17
Brad Pitt is at least 5'10¾. This seems to me to be a fact. Does Brad Pitt, like many other celebrities, occasionally wear thick footwear to maximize his physical appearance? Of course he does. That is a far cry from being lift wearer, let alone a regular one. Pitt has good posture and a long torso, perhaps that of a 6'0-6'1 guy, which means in boots or otherwise thick footwear, he proportionally appears taller than 5'11 range.

In reality, seeing him beside Edward Norton, David Fincher, Ryan Gosling, Bruce Willis and many others, it's clear he's 5'10¾-5'11. A 5'11 listing for Brad Pitt is unadulteratedly a good listing.
Pierre said on 24/Sep/17
@Anonymous=read the old comments in Jennifer Aniston's page=some people who wrote they were standing next to her give her 5"3'.
Pierre said on 24/Sep/17
Pictures Original 23/Sep/17 Brad is certainly a little taller than Rick but not a lot imo.In the pictures 1 and 2,look at the floor before them and you will understand where is the camera = Brad seem to be always closer to the camera which give him very probably a little advantage.Rick has a good posture but not perfectly straight.In my memory Brad is the older brother in this movie and then must maybe look taller than Rick,which can explain the position of the camera sometimes,Rick lots of time slouching a little,and Rick's shoes type 0.6 inch converse sometimes.curiously Brad never wear Converse in this movie in my memory,but it's maybe the random...I don't know if Rick was taller in his 20 than in his 17.If the mugshot is good he was under 5"9' in his 17 imo,only his long hairs are as high as the 5"9' graduation
Tonyx said on 24/Sep/17
Click Here
LIFTS in Brad's boots.
Small feet.
Pierre said on 24/Sep/17
Comparisons Brad/Edward Norton=Edward Norton next to Tom Hiddleston listed 187 = Click Here =he never look 183 imo
Original said on 23/Sep/17
Brad Pitt with Rick Schroder measured as 5'9" at 17 years, same angle, same footwear, Brad Pitt is losing more height with his leg open:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

and many others...

In fact is hard to say that Pitt looked the same height of Rick in this film, both with good posture and face to face and Pitt always was the bigger guy in the history.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Sep/17
@Pierre: It says that video is not available. As for the mugshot, my point is that we have no way of knowing if it's a real or not. That is a made for TV film so it might be real, but then Schroder was 17 when he filmed it, but 20 when he filmed Across the Tracks. Some can still grow a bit after 17, especially if we're talking about fractions.

@Original: I don't know about Fincher, but Pitt pulled off similar to Norton there, but had boots: Click Here I believe Norton is about 182 cm, but slouches so Pitt can pull off near 182 cm there wearing what look like just 1.25" boots. As I've mentioned, Pitt also pulled off about 2" taller than Mel Gibson that night and I think Gibson is 5'9", but Gibson looked to have a 1 cm or so footwear advantage since he was wearing cowboy boots. So if we consider Gibson looking closer to 5'10" wearing cowboy boots then Pitt seems to pull off at least 5'11.5" that night.
Pierre said on 23/Sep/17
@Rising=i can doubt the mugshot in this movie is disadvantageous,in my memory the movie "Too young for hero" tell the story of a very young man who look older than his real age,so who is tall for his âge,and then can join the army.
HonestSlovene said on 23/Sep/17
Pitt is 5'10.5".
Original said on 23/Sep/17
One more question, how could Brad Pittb e only have 182cm (or even 184cm) with his highest sneakers (just assuming he is "5'8" with 3.6" boots) if he often, at his highest appearances, looks like a real 6-footer guy (if he was only 5'11.5" in his bigger shoes he could look much more like a 5'10.5" guy and not a 6'0), he has to be at least 6'1" in his red carpet shoes. An example is these photos with David Fincher (listed as 6'0.5" and some people here even think he's 6'1" actually) and Edward Norton (legit 6' barefoot) if Brad Pitt seems to be about the same height as Norton and is about the same height than Fincher? This is just one example of many others where Brad Pitt could pass as a legitimate 6'0 guy and is looking too tall to be less than 5'9". Also, I don't think he wears 3.6" inches elevators, he couldn't even walk with this type of shoes.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Sep/17
Rick might be no more than 5'9", but I wouldn't even consider a movie mugshot unless it's a TV movie. Frank2 spoke about this. For theatrical releases or weekly television shows, they usually just use props, while for television movies - due to costs - they often actually film in real police stations. But either way, it's often impossible to know if a height chart used is real/accurate so it's not even close to proof. Pitt looked about an inch taller than Schroder throughout that film.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/17
@Pierre Rick (5'9") needed to stay on tip-toes to reach the same height as Brad here, I can see that. 1' difference atleast.

Click Here

32:30-33:30 Pitt seems to be atleast 1' taller than Rick in the run again.

and then you again have this pic

Click Here

Pitt seems to be atleast 1" taller again here also bigger frame and he is also losing more height with his open legs, if Rick is 5'9 (with 17 years), BP can't be lower than that.

In fact in all the scenes BP is looking ~1.25" taller than Rick imho. I can give you more examples if you want. They never looked about the same height in fact.

@lol I think Jennifer Aniston is a legit 5'4.5" while Jolie is ~5'5.25".

You just talk about this pic and that BP is only 4' taller than Aniston:

Click Here

Why not this pic? That is much better...

Click Here

They imho look 5.5 inches apart in fact, not 4 inches.

I just can't see Pitt - with all the evidences - being less than 5'9.5" and I can see he being 5'9.5" to 5'10", I agree that he use lifts though and imo he could be measured as 6'1 in them, not only 5'11.6" in them. I have so much evidence that he can pass as legit 6' guy in them, a 5'8 'midget' guy would need 5' inch shoes to pass as 6' guy not only 3.6", so if you think BP is only 5'8 is better to you claim he uses 5' inches boots from now to ever.
Pierre said on 22/Sep/17
@Rising picture on 22/Sep/17(Click Here has a posture like he go to fall forward here and his head is tilting! this is not a good picture to show the differences of height imo! Here= Click Here Click Here = even if Georges slouch a little(hum! not a lot imo!he look straight!) his eyes are the same height as Brad's mouth!about 3 inches! i can understand the angle of the picture and posture is a little advantageous but i think there are others parameters to take in consideration here!
Pierre said on 22/Sep/17
@Tonyx pictures 19/Sept/17= Tonyx,look at all the shoes= Brad is on a bump of sand here
Pierre said on 22/Sep/17
@Rising = In your video the angle isn't very good and Brad seem to slouch lots of time, look at this video since around 0:50 = Click Here .(Lol My pictures are not more dodgy than some pictures you post...)
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Sep/17
@Pierre: By low cut, I mean not a boot and as Rob said, doesn't conceal enough to fit a big lift. Those don't look like the same shoes either. I don't know what's the point of that dodgy low angle pic where we can't see feet. Seeing how much taller Matt Damon looks to the right of the pic should have made it abundantly clear that's not an accurate representation of how they looked. I posted video from that event before and Clooney was slouching more than usual that day, but Pitt seemed maybe an inch taller overall. Here's a different video that shows basically the same thing: Click Here The difference certainly isn't big in this pic either: Click Here I'm not even convinced Pitt had big shoes that day. Sure, it's possible those are custom 2" elevators, but they may just be 3 cm shoes as well.

On a completely different note, one thing that struck me as interesting was a newspaper in 1995 or 1996 -- I think the Atlanta Journal Constitution -- writing "Brad Pitt is 5-foot-10 in his bare feet." Unfortunately, it doesn't show up on Google anymore, but it made me wonder what their source was and I thought it was interesting Pitt's height was a topic of discussion so far back when others like Oprah were saying Pitt was 6' tall back then.
Lol said on 21/Sep/17
Click Here
Jennifer aniston 5'4 with tiny slippers.

 Click Here
Gwyneth 5'8 barefoot flat

Brad pitt is a small guy, he always wears elevator shoes 3.6 inches. He sticks with it to create an illusion he's 5'11 lol.
Dem custom made high heels.

I'm 5'11 and I know Brad Pitt is surely 5'8 because I have 5'8 and 5'4 friends.
5'8.5 is very generous.
I also know 5'8 guys who use elevator shoes.

Brad pitt is a small guy, robert downey is even smaller who also wears high heels.
Pierre said on 21/Sep/17
@Original =Click Here = Rick Schroder had sometimes flat shoes like 0.6 inch Converse in the movie and Brad seem to wear a little more advantagous shoes.In a mugshot in the movie "too young the hero" Rick is 5"9' at the peak of his hairs= Click Here
Johan said on 21/Sep/17
I don't understand the logic behind saying that Pitt is average height in the US. A guy who is average can't wear 1.5 inch footwear and look tall, he has to be 5'10.5" at least to accomplish that. Thats above average, maybe just a bit but still above.
Willes188 said on 21/Sep/17
Solid 5ft 11
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Sep/17
@Hijopotamus: I don't have to explain that because I've never said Pitt is 2" taller. I can't bother with every dodgy photo Pierre posts, but that last one shows Paltrow closer to the camera and her eye level around the bottom of Pitt's nose. Btw, pavement is seldom level. And if Pitt has lifts there then he must have had his shins blown off like Cotton from King of the Hill. But I am surprised you know those books despite the high probability you Googled "long books." You forgot Atlas Shrugged. No explanation of the pics with Yeun & Giancarlo either.

@Original: I doubt Pitt hits 6'1"-6'1.5" -- that's Vin Diesel territory. Maybe he reaches about 6'0.5" in his big footwear. Tarantino's slouch makes him a terrible reference. 5'9" Kurt Russell looks nearly as tall as him here: Click Here
Lol said on 21/Sep/17
With jennifer aniston 5'4 wearing tiny slippers.
Click Here

With Gwyneth 5'8 barefoot flat.
 Click Here

Brad pitt is 5'8.5 max but he could possibly be 5'9.0 if he hangs on a monkey bar which he probably does because he has to.

He wears 3.6 inch heels all the time, or wears inserts.

Stop being ignorant and saying he's not 5'10 and he's not even a solid 5'9 but just under it.

5'8.5 is what it is, a lot of these classic celebs wear elevator shoes and they stick with it so you guys are fooled.
Lol said on 21/Sep/17
Check brad pitt barefoot picture on google images, scroll down and you'll see him barefoot with gwyneth who is 5'8

You can also look at brad pitt with jennifer aniston. He's wearing sneakers so no added height, he is 5'8.5 max.
He is only 5'11 with elevator shoes he always uses.
Pierre said on 20/Sep/17
@Original= Click Here =Another picture Quentin Tarentino/Cristoph Waltz/Jamie Foxx =Quentin in around the same posture like in the picture you posted look 5"11' max next to them
Pierre said on 20/Sep/17
@Original=Quentin Tarentino is in a poor posture imo in the picture you post.
In around the same posture Quentin is looking max a weak 5"11' next to Christoph Waltz listed 5"7'
Click Here.
Pierre said on 20/Sep/17
@Original 19/sep/2017=Imo the floor is not flat because in all the others pictures i posted their shoulders are the same height and the floor seem to be flat
KH said on 20/Sep/17
I think this is fair for Brad Pitt. That's why its sad he feels the need to wear big heels all the time. He should be comfortable being 5'11.
HonestSlovene said on 20/Sep/17
@Lol Very strongly doubt he would measure anything less than around 5'10.25" at most evidence suggest that he is a strong 5'10.5" or 179-180 cm range. With lifts he looks tall, like 184-185 cm range.
MisterManletMick said on 20/Sep/17
he is almost certainly somewhere between 175-181 cm tall, my mother thinks she saw him at one point when he was in Australia when he was promoting World War Z and I asked her how tall he was because the rumours always interested me and she says that he wasn't far off my height (obviously I wasn't standing side by side to compare) and according to a metal "hardware store" style tape I am 177.5 in the morning when my anterior pelvic tilt isn't bothering me.
Tonyx said on 19/Sep/17
Guys, i have problems with math.
Can you please help me?
Click Here
How much is 5ft10in+1.25in+0.75in=?
Click Here
How much is 5ft10in+0.75in+0.75in=?
And that's me being open minded and most of all, fair.
Tonyx said on 19/Sep/17
Zoom in on the boots. The to the right(his left boot).
Click Here
Tonyx said on 19/Sep/17
Click Here
Click Here
Tonyx said on 19/Sep/17
Pierre, awesome pics man.
Hijopotamus said on 19/Sep/17
@pierre, wow and Pitt is hiding something inside those shoes! Look at his feet? Theyr gonna explode
I wonder how Rising is going to explain that in those Pics Pitt is 2 inches taller than her. Guys, lets get ready for the Bible, Don Quijote and War and Peace post from Rising ;)
Original said on 19/Sep/17
@Pierre Here in the same night, BP seems to look taller than Paltrow,

Click Here
Tonyx said on 19/Sep/17
So most people here agree that Brad Pitt is not 5ft11in.
Right? 5ft10.5in you say. Same as the average guess.
Still listed at 5ft11in isn't he.

Lol, nice joke buddy.
Hijopotamus said on 19/Sep/17
@original, Brads using tricks in that pic. Why we know?
He is waaay shorter in some other day beside that lady.
You keep dreaming
Original said on 19/Sep/17
Lol at Pitt being 5'8, he just can't be shorter than 5'9.5" even in his shortest apparitions like he did in Across the Tracks (1' taller than Rick Shoereder), Venice 2008 and some apparitions in Inglorious Basterds where he still look little taller than 5'9.25/5 Daniel Bruhl (listed here) even without lifts.

In fact the pictures with Quentin Tarantino say a lot about Pitt, Tarantino is a solid 6'1, always looked like that (even compared with already mencioned Daniel Bruhl) and with him, Pitt always varies between 5'9.5/5'10 to 6'0 /6'0.5". That's the height he gets with his footwear means that he is 5'10.5/5'11 with normal shoes - and that's why he looked in Venice back 2008 - and around 6'1/6'1.5" with his big boots Click Here, usually and most of time he looks about 5'10.5" to 5'11.25 to me, around 5'11.5 to 6'0.25" in shoes, means that he uses 2' boots as average or normal shoes with 1' lifts.

For me he is between 5'9.5" to 5'10" and I can see argument for both here. 5'9.25" and 5'10.25" are unlikely imo. He is just a average american guy IMO. 5'8 is just as unrealistic as 6'0+ is.
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
Click Here
Next to 5'11" listed Craig Schiffer he looks his listing, the film was made in 89/90 way before pitt wore lifts, not sure about footwear though.
Pierre said on 19/Sep/17
Rising say on 16/sep/17="we finally get Pitt in low cut shoes".Hum,imo they are more "low high cut shoes" Click Here a little like this Click Here and then = Click Here .Georges had this shoes this famous event = Click Here.
HonestSlovene said on 18/Sep/17
@Lol he isn't 5'8".
Pierre said on 18/Sep/17
Sorry i made a mistake
Click Here Click Here Click Here
Here are the shoes= Click Here
Pierre said on 18/Sep/17
Click Here Click Here Click Here and shoes= Click Here
Sam said on 17/Sep/17

Me, and probably a lot of other people considering the average guess is 5'10.5.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Sep/17
I think Pitt has a bigger heel with Gosling at the Golden Globes than with Yeun: Click Here But he was still at least an inch shorter than Gosling: Click Here Of course in either this case or the case with Yeun, differences can always look bigger or smaller than they are.

@Hijopotamus: 180 doesn't make sense because at the end of the post, you acknowledge I think Pitt is 179. It should go without saying I didn't think you meant 289 literally. I knew it was either a typo as you now confirm or you were using an excessively high number as your way of saying I upgrade Pitt ridiculously so I was messing with you as that seems to be the only way you communicate. Pitt looking taller than he is due to better than average posture and larger than average footwear is a given as Rob says at the top of the page: "At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given." This is my criticism of you - that you play dumb or misrepresent my position at times - not that you think Pitt is 2 cm shorter than I do.

@Dmeyer: Nobody should hate you for any comment. I personally suspect Pitt may have worn lifts on occasion, but I've made the point that I've seen no definitive proof of it. As for Vin Diesel, I think he sometimes just wears boots with 1.5"-1.75" heels and up to a 1" platform and forces his posture like Stallone did a decade ago. I don't think most of his boots are actual elevator boots and sometimes, I'm sure he doesn't even have lifts inside, but other times, he may have used insert lifts in those. But I suspect he does have some elevator boots among the many pairs you see him in as well. Typically Vin will look in the 6'0"-6'0.5" range when wearing them, but sometimes he manages to pass for as tall as a legit 6'1".

But in Pitt's case, the fact we also get a good look at Pitt's footwear on Conan when he was promoting Troy and they turn out completely normal 1" range: Click Here and it should at least tell people he's not Robert Downey Jr. Pitt in footwear was still much shorter than Conan when Conan was barefoot. I think Conan is more 6'3.5" than 6'4" as well and the difference was tough to pinpoint, but I wouldn't guess less than a 4" difference.
John said on 17/Sep/17
@Original I agree 100%
Lol said on 16/Sep/17
Search "brad pitt barefoot" on google and scroll down until you will see a photo with gwyneth paltron who is 174cm. Both are barefoot.

Brad Pitt is 174cm or 5'8 1/2 and that's the truth.

Brad wears 3.6 inch shoes all the time and that makes him 6 feet which is a 5'11 guy's height with normal shoes. 3.6 inch shoes are stealthy and looks the same as normal shoes so we have thought Brad was 5'10 haha.

5'8 is not bad, 2 inches below average.
Original said on 16/Sep/17
I also think Pitt is 177 (in fact somewhere between 176,5 and 178).
Pierre said on 16/Sep/17
@Tonyx=what?!You want to say Ben Affleck wear elevator shoes?!And so lots of time is easily taller than Georges and others?!No,it's impossible,Ben wear the same classic shoes as Brad.Or maybe...
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Sep/17
That is surprising. We finally get Pitt in low cut shoes as opposed to boots yet he looks to me like he'd measure about 6'0"-6'0.25" in them or a solid 5'11" barefoot: Click Here Of course, this is based on the fact I believe Yeun is a 172 cm guy and I'm less sure of Giancarlo, but I'm assuming he's 171 cm, but has the most footwear as far as we can see. Obviously, a half inch lift isn't impossible and I still think he's a weak 5'11" or 5'10.75" at most regardless of why he looks taller there. Makes it tough to argue less than 5'10" or even a flat 5'10" there.
Mickey said on 16/Sep/17
5'10.75 ft... i'll still say it
Pierre said on 15/Sep/17
@Tonyx= Click Here And Georges is shorter than Brad with same shoes :).I must say Georges is slouching a little and lose a little height...But Brad isn't very straight...then...maybe... :)
Pierre said on 15/Sep/17
@Tonyx :)
Hijopotamus said on 15/Sep/17
@original, spot on
Pierre said on 15/Sep/17
And if Giancarlo had discreet lifts the day of the picture with you,Rob,then he would be not taller in his Cowboy heels the day of the pictures next to Brad;it is only a supposition of course :)
Tonyx said on 15/Sep/17
Who here thinks that Brad Pitt is 5ft11in? I mean besides Rob himself.
I think he is 5ft10in.
Dmeyer said on 15/Sep/17
Rob do you agree Brad at events like with Gosling or with Steven yeun were Pitt has à low cut dress shoe that shouldnt give him over 1,3in like à solid 3cm wich is near 1cm over à 0,8-0,9in normal dress shoe he manages to look à confortable 181cm Guy even flirting with 182cm with exelant posture or angle favoring , à Guy under 179,5-180cm couldnt do that and considering the foot pose it indicates that there isnt even 0,5in lifts , people here will probably hate me for this comment , it took 5-6cm to understand that Pitt dosnt wear lifts After seing millions of pics and trying lifts myself same for diesel i think he just like Nike shox and boots that give 1,8in , while Pitt wears more classy shoes anywere 1-1,5 in on rare occasion near 2in like with Redford or some première
Editor Rob: with Yeun I don't think his heel is much over 1 inch, it might be 3cm total including insole. Pitt sometimes does wear those cuban heels which look 1.4-1.5.
Hijopotamus said on 15/Sep/17
Pierre, thank you! From the back you can see those shoes are tricky.
@rob, lets see another one, please
Hijopotamus said on 14/Sep/17
Rising 289 was a typo, I meant 180
Anyone with a one single brain cell ON would get it.
No, I still don't understand what you mean. Maybe if you present an econometric model I would, but thanks for your efforts and time, really (not sarcastic)
You claim 179cm for Brad and I say 177cm
Big deal.
Pierre said on 14/Sep/17
@Slim don't poke the elephant
Tonyx said on 14/Sep/17
Pierre, oh wait, i think i was wrong. George Clooney is an inch shorter then Ben Affleck.
Click Here
Ben is listed by Rob at 6ft 2.25in (188.6 cm). So George must be a strong 6ft1in guy.
Thats it, I've nailed it. George Clooney is 6ft1in.
Original said on 14/Sep/17
I think Brad and Clooney are more or less of the same height (Clooney is 5'10) and in Venice I think there is much more chance of Clooney using lifts than Pitt and I don't agree with all those pics, clearly a good angle for George and the bad for Pitt. There is no more than 0.5' diference between these guys back to Venice.

About the Gwyneth pic this doesn't prove much of course, of course all non-fan boys know that Pitt is not 5'11 but also can not deny that this doesn't mean he is 5'9, everyone has good and bad pics, good and bad angles. I've seen many guys that personally are 5'11 looking 5'9.5/5'10 in some pics.

While there is a tendency for some users to be guess the less, Ryan Gosling with Tom Felton seemed to be easily 10cm taller than the last one, and Rob actually met Tom Felton and put him at 174cm, Rob was measured five hundred times and he is more than 173 at night. Yet some users here placed Gosling as 182.

I've seen all the photos of Brad Pitt and I'm convinced he's bigger than 5'9 and smaller than 5'11, there's no f.. way to look like almost 6'1 guy - even with all the lifts - being a flat 5'9.

In my opinion he is pretty close to 5'10 and not much smaller or bigger than that.
Slim said on 14/Sep/17
Beefy brad actually looks robs listing here, examining his proportions:
Slim said on 14/Sep/17
Hijopotamus, correct if wrong, aren't you over 6' now?
Tonyx said on 14/Sep/17
Perre, George Clooney is 5ft tall without his lifts.
Click Here
Tonyx said on 14/Sep/17
Click Here
:) said on 14/Sep/17
just give him 5'11/5'10.5 end of discussion.
Johno said on 13/Sep/17
I say Pitt looks 5'10, 5'11 a lot of the time with many celebs, with Paltrow he looks nothing more than 5'9.

He has a huge height variance when it comes to his estimation
Pierre said on 13/Sep/17
Click Here =And i think Giancarlo is a little shorter than 5"7.5'=i see a difference of a complete inch at the peak of your heads and you are slouching more than him imo.He had a little advantage of shoes too.He's 5"7' at the best of the best imo
Editor Rob: Giancarlo could be anywhere in 5ft 7-7.5 zone.
Pierre said on 13/Sep/17
@Rob @Hijopotamus
Click Here =The reason is maybe = comfortable external heel and shoes very high over the external heel then there is the place for a comfortable internal heel.Imo only the front of this shoes is looking very classic.
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Sep/17
@Hijopotamus: Perhaps I have to dumb down my posts a little more for you. I mean Pitt often stands like he would to be measured while most people don't. If you watch somebody being measured, you'll usually see them straighten from how they were standing and would naturally measure somewhat lower had they not straightened up. My point is guys like Pitt often already stand like that. 1 cm is just a rough guess and rather arbitrary figure on my part for how much of a difference that will probably make and next to a guy like Clooney, it will often be more. How can I elucidate that any further? It's not even bad posture, it'd be more appropriate to call it casual posture for the average person, though someone like Clooney has bad posture. Anyone with an IQ over 100 will understand what I'm saying. I don't care about semantics whether you call it a disadvantage for those around Pitt or an advantage for Pitt.

And where on earth did you get "289"? We're not talking about Robert Wadlow. "Regular shoes" aren't 4 cm. That's what a cowboy boot will add. And because you're either an immature troll or you lack the most rudimentary understanding, you don't seem to grasp that I'm referring to what someone looks they'd measure barefoot compared to others. Almost everyone wears shoes. If we assume for arguments sake Pitt is even 5'10" flat then in 1" shoes standing casually, he's still going to look like a 5'10" man when out and about, though he'd obviously measure 5'11" barefoot. If he puts on a pair of Timberland type boots that add 1.5" over barefoot height then he'll look like a 5'10.5" man using a 5'10" man in typical 1" shoes as a reference - assuming you're guessing based on barefoot heights - and if that other 5'10" man is wearing thin shoes like Converse, which only add 0.6" over barefoot then Pitt would look more like 5'11" in comparison if we use the other man's barefoot height as a reference.

I hate wasting my time I explaining such simple things that should need no explanation so I suspect you're trolling to specifically waste my time. The whole "Pitt would look x if he were y" is tired, not to mention fallacious. If you mean he looks like a 183 cm man would in normal shoes then that certainly doesn't help your Pitt is under 5'10" fantasy. You act as though it's conceded by everyone that Pitt not only wears elevators all the time, but that he wears elevators that add over 3". I've not seen Pitt once in anything that looked potentially like a 3"-3.5" elevator. Once you get into that territory, there's no disguising it, except to those completely ignorant of elevator shoes and lifts. But again, I really don't know why I'm even bothering. Any fool can see Pitt at under 5'9" is nonsense when you see him with an actual 5'9" man like Mel Gibson(who even appears to have more footwear) or a formerly 5'9" man Anthony Hopkins, who was previously 5'8.5". Only those blinded by a desire for Pitt to be a certain height will see Pitt's shoes in Meet Joe Black as big enough to make a 5'9.5" man look 5'11.5".

@Pierre: No. My opinion didn't change, you simply didn't read my post or quote it properly. I said often has a 1 cm footwear ADVANTAGE meaning Pitt often wearing 1.4"-1.5" heeled dress boots will often have an advantage over others who were around 1" shoes making Pitt look as though he's 1 cm taller than he otherwise would in comparison. 0.5" shoes aren't typical outside of stuff like sandals. Converse are among the thinnest popular shoes and even they add 0.6". When Rob commented on that comparison, he assumed roughly 1" shoes as well since he said Englund would be appearing as more a 5'10.5" man compared to a barefoot Arnold. Of course, that's because he lists Englund at 5'9.5" peak, though I don't think Englund was ever taller than 5'9", but the point remains. 1" sneakers are much more common than 0.5".

Tonyx: I highly doubt either Pitt or Clooney have lifts there. Clooney did apparently wear lifts at times when he was with Stacy Keibler, but I don't know about before or since. Clooney does have thick motorcycle boots, but ones that might add 1.5". Pitt on the other hand looks to have less than 1" shoes, imo.

@Slim: That is an interesting pic as it seems to confirm what most of us thought - that Willis was taller than Pitt in the film - and as you'll recall, Pitt had a footwear advantage. Bruce was almost certainly a strong 5'11" or 5'11" and change guy in his prime, imo. Pitt falling more into that weak 5'11" or even 5'10.5" range makes more sense with Bruce, imo.
Johan said on 13/Sep/17
Yeah near Steven Yeun there you wouldn't think twice about him being 6'0" if he was a less wellknown actor. He really can look a 6 footer at times because of footwear/good posture .
Slim said on 13/Sep/17
Brad pitt and Barry Levinson on sleepers, 1996:
Not sure about footwear though.

@Pierre, don't poke the bear.
Hijopotamus said on 13/Sep/17
Rob, Pitt? Normal shoes? I don't think so!

@anon176, I always said I was 182 but at night I recently measured myself 181 but in the mornings I'm 183 and believe me I never say I'm 6ft. My gf is 5'9" as some upgraders claim for Gwyneth Paltrow and this is why I'm so sure Pitt is nowhere my height. I have to many pics with my gf both barefoot and not a single one she is even close to my height no matter how my head is tilting or my posture. This is why I insisted so much with those pics.
Editor Rob: Pitt at that event looked like he was wearing pretty Standard shoes....

Click Here

Rather normal shoes with no room for any noticeable lift...he's baffling.
Pierre said on 12/Sep/17
@Tonyx=Georges wasn't shorter than Brad imo and was probably a little taller than him(maybe not this last years).Georges had only advantageous external heel imo ,Brad in his beige shoes at the Venise event had probably advantageous shoes,which were looking very high over the external heels Click Here Click Here =try to guess at what height are his ankles to the minimum with this shoes=the logical is that the ankles are a little higher than this shoes with this type of shoes if not= good bye the comfort imo!But his shoes are looking more discreet than classic shoes like Georges because they have only a little external heel this time.You can see in lots of pictures the height of Georges is always ~the same.He wear only shoes with comfortable heels like 1.25 or 1.5 inches imo.And less than 2 inches here imo.
Rich simons said on 12/Sep/17
Well, you can't say he is 5'11 after seeing him with guys like Matt Damon, George Clooney and Jonah Hill

5'10-5'10.5 maybe, but not 5'11 that's for sure
Editor Rob: Brad is a tall guy

Like Clooney says, it's bloody annoying 😅 Especially when Pitt is in normal shoes and Giancarlo is in a little cowboy 🤠 heel...
Pierre said on 12/Sep/17
@Slim say on 10/Sep/17 and 11 /Sep/17="Interesting shot on 12 monkeys""Brad and David Bowie" =less interesting than mine imo.
anon176 said on 12/Sep/17
I wonder how tall Hijopotamus is .
Pierre said on 12/Sep/17
@Rising to @ Arch on 10/Sept/17="A man who has OFTEN 1 cm footwear":)=the other day in Arnold's page you corrected me when i wrote Robert Englund had very probably only 0.5 inch advantage in his flat sneakers on Arnold barefoot,you wrote" flat sneakers are 1 inch not 0.5".Your opinion on sneakers is changing since the other day,then i must finally conclude you agree with me Rising :)
Hijopotamus said on 12/Sep/17
@rising, what do you mean by:
" Imo, a 179 guy who often has a 1 cm footwear and 1 cm posture advantage, sometimes up to 2 cm in either category and naturally, can look 182 at times"

1cm posture advantage???? Dude, that posture advantage means the people around him loose a 1 cm because of their bad posture and not that Pitt GAINS 1 can!
You are hilarious....
Ok so Pitt is 179 but with his posture he becomes 289?

In any case, a 179 guy with regular shoes reaches the 6ft mark no problem which is not Pitts case.
And also with the custom elevators or massive lifts he wears he would be over 185 and it's not the case.
Pitt is under 5'10 and with all his tricks he can reach 183cm
Pierre said on 11/Sep/17
@Slim=Then we doesn't see the same things in the pictures i posted
@Rising= lol where are your better proofs please?
Anthony said on 11/Sep/17
Do lean guys tend to look shorter?
Anthony said on 11/Sep/17
@marquis what did you mean despite being very lean? I'm sorry I'm a bit of a layman or not a bit, alot lol. Do lean people tend to look shorter?
Marquis said on 11/Sep/17
5'10" guy, and looks it, despite being very lean.
Tonyx said on 11/Sep/17
Original, awesome pictures man, thank you. I agree that Brad is 5ft10in.
John Malkovich is listed at 5ft 11in (180.3 cm) by Rob.

In Venice Pitt wore custom-made loafers with mini-lifts inside and a light weight suit, while Clooney clearly wore boots(with who knows what inside), flared pants/jeans, a heavy suit jacket and was aware of his own posture. George looked only half an inch taller then Brad, while standing straight(yes it depends on the angles and I'm sure we can fins photos where Clooney looks 3in taller then Pitt).
My point is that Brad Pitt is clearly taller then George Clooney and George is taller then Matt Damon.
In my humble opinion:
Brad Pitt is 5ft10in.
George Clooney is 5ft9.25in(Peak was 5ft9.75in in the 1980's).
Matt Damon is 5ft9in flat.
These days Matt Damon and George Clooney still want to look taller and they might wear boots or thick soled dress shoes, stand with military posture closer to the camera, but i haven't seen any new photos of them wearing elevators/lifts. Brad Pitt on the other hand, sleeps in his elevators, goes to the beach in them, takes his kids to school in them, wears them on all the movies sets and you bet your sweet a** he wore them to the 2016 Golden Globes with Ryan Gosling. If you can't see that Pitt was wearing lifts that gave at least 1.5in and had better posture at the 2016 Golden Globes there must be something wrong with you.
George's boots from Venice 1.
Click Here
George's boots from Venice 2.
Click Here
Slim said on 11/Sep/17
Pierre said on 9/Sep/17
A good vertical push of the heels = Click Here Click Here .Georges seem amused in the second picture,i ask me why :)
We've already seen the oceans 13 premiere, throw those pictures out the window, "georges" has not only broken his back but he stands further from the camera and slouches badly.

Try googling "brad pitt Casey Affleck" or "brad pitt guy Ritchie" the guys a magician at looking taller, I wouldent be surprised if he visited this site tbh.
Slim said on 11/Sep/17
Click Here

Brad and David Bowie talking backstage at the second annual Audi and conde Nast never follow campaign on 3rd of may 2004 in NYC.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Sep/17
Hijopotamus: I see roughly 3" there. Difficult to say due to not knowing how much extra hair Bana has and the high angle, but roughly 3" give or take. And one pic has nothing to do with the other, but in the barefoot pic with Paltrow, as I've said, it's necessarily impossible to judge the exact height difference as measured by the top of their head, but based on eye level, it looked about 2 cm apart. I'm tired of talking about that dodgy pic. I think I even drew lines to prove Pitt's eyes are higher so how is that unbelievable? As for your next pic, using exceptionally dodgy pics that are advantageous to Pitt and thus show a varying height do not prove lifts. Pitt's height does genuinely vary enough to warrant suspicion, but not nearly as much as dodgy pics can make it seem.

@Salty: He's never as tall as Bernthal in that video. Tell me the time in the video you're referring to and I'll take a still to prove my point. This is a decent pic showing Bernthal taller: Click Here Here's another: Click Here neither standing their tallest, but Bernthal is taller by a clear enough margin that Pitt won't lose enough in posture to make up for that. Pitt is shorter in almost every pic from that event and more importantly, shorter on the video. Pitt was shorter at this event as well: Click Here And at the latter event, Pitt looked nothing over 5'10.5" compared to Rob's listings for Logan Lerman and Shia Labeouf at 5'7.5" and 5'8.75", respectively. I'm not claiming there's a big difference between the two. I just think there's sufficient evidence Bernthal edges Pitt by 1/4" to 1/2".

@Pierre: No. I posted FIVE pics, all better than the Pitt/Paltrow ones and I've at least provided evidence of her being closer to her 5'9"-5'9.5" listing than 5'8" or the ridiculous 5'7" you pull out of nowhere. 5'9" is a joke. I showed Pitt looking at least 3" taller than Anthony Hopkins in Meet joe Black and Hopkins actually was 5'9" peak and maybe 5'8.5" at 59 years old. Here's Pitt and another 5'9" man Mel Gibson: Click Here Looks about a 2" difference, no? Certainly 1.5" at the very least as you can see Mel literally looks up to Pitt when he walks over to him and as far as footwear is concerned, both are in boots, but as far as we can tell, Mel's cowboy boots give him the advantage: Click Here Pitt's type of boot would typically add 1.2"-1.3" and cowboy boots will add 1.6"-1.7". As for lifts, it's possible, but if anything, it's more likely Gibson would have the lifts. So we should assume either both or neither have lifts making them negligible. Here's a few stills: Click Here This explodes the ad hominem fanboy accusations as I'm actually a huge fan of Mel while I like Pitt to some extent but wouldn't really call myself a fan yet I've argued much more that Gibson needs a half inch downgrade than Pitt. It also shows that while I respect him and think he does an outstanding job overall, I disagree with Rob sometimes myself as I think both Gibson and Pitt are listed a bit too high, but even with my 5'9" flat estimate for Gibson, I do have to admit Pitt looks a full 5'11" here, especially factoring in footwear. And on the subject of Pitt and 5'9" men, look at even a young, pre-A-list shorter looking Pitt and 5'9"-5'9.5" Rick Schroder: Click Here I'll be the first to argue Pitt doesn't look 5'11" in that film, but he does look about 1" taller than Schroder.

@Arch: I agree with you. Pitt has pulled off that strong 5'11" or weak 6 foot range quite regularly the last 20 years. There are the odd exceptions where he struggles with even 5'10.5", but they're not as often as the occasions he looks his claim or taller. Imo, a 179 guy who often has a 1 cm footwear and 1 cm posture advantage, sometimes up to 2 cm in either category and naturally, can look 182 at times. I could easily see 5'10.75" for Pitt, though I hesitate to go higher.
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
Interesting shot from 12 monkeys.....
Click Here
Dmeyer said on 10/Sep/17
With dano i see 3cm but Pitt has about 1cm more shoes
Perri said on 10/Sep/17
Dear Rob what do you think about Brad Pitt height next to Alex Wurz (6ft 1.25in or 186cm)? Here's a picture in racing shoes Click Here and a picture in normal shoes Click Here According to this photos I think Brad is 5ft 9.25in or 176cm barefoot and 5ft 11in or 180cm with shoes on. I hope you can reply.
Editor Rob: Wurz does claim 187cm, I've not seen enough side by side of them to tell exact difference.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Sep/17
If Pitt measured 5'10.5 on the stat at his low I wouldn't be surprised but if he measured 5'10 or under I would be!! In fairness Pitt is a guy who can pull off 181-2 far more than he looks 179 or lower.
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
He was 1.79m or 5'10.5 at the top!!
Now he look like 1.78m or 5'10 ;)
I never see him more than 1.79 :/
Hijopotamus said on 10/Sep/17
@leo, and take into account Pitt is wearing some kind of trick to boost his height. I mean, he even wears lifts in the beach!
Pierre said on 9/Sep/17
A good vertical push of the heels = Click Here Click Here .Georges seem amused in the second picture,i ask me why :)
Pierre said on 9/Sep/17
Click Here =Try to guess who can have the most advantageous shoes here(you can click zoom mode).a litte clue=the most advantageous shoes can look more vertical and higher than the others shoes to give a vertical push to your heels
Original said on 9/Sep/17
Peak at 5'9 and 3/4 to 5'10 and with lifts 5'10 3/4, megalifts and he looks 6'0 to 6'1. Point. Now he could be. He is almost 54.

Here is Venice with Tilda Swinton (imo about 5'9.75", but listed here as 5'10) around 6'1.5" to 6'2 in the pic, Joel Coen listed as 6' in IMDb and 6'1 in shoes and BP in Venice looks about 5'10.5" to 5'11 w/ shoes (Clooney about 5'11.25 imo) and that is the shorter Pitt ever probably barefoot.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He does not look 4' inches shorter than Tilda, but around 3' inches imo.

And Tilda does looks 6'1.5" - 6'2" with her 4' heels, just look at Edward Norton (6'1 in shoes) and Bruce Willis probably 5'11.75 in shoes.

Click Here

And looks with even with 2.5" to 3" heels she is still of almost the same height of Norton (6'1 w/ shoes) and taller than Ralph Fiennes (6' w/ shoes, listed as 5'11),

but with Hollywood Pitt she looks shorter.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

More other example John Malkovich (listed as 5'11.5", imo about 5'11.25" probably 6'0 in shoes) with Tilda and BP, BP seems to be the bigger guy

Click Here

Click Here

So with all these photos there is two facts: 1) Pitt uses big lifts 2) Pitt could pass for strong 6'/6'1 in them. Conclusion: I don't think he is a flat 5'9 guy. Maybe he is a 5'10 guy.
Hijopotamus said on 9/Sep/17
@Rob, LOL
Tonyx said on 9/Sep/17
Rising - 174 cm, Pitt is wearing lifts in his boots in that picture u posted. And a hat.
Leo said on 8/Sep/17
Paul Dano(184cm)looks 5cm taller than Pitt to me.
Click Here
Salty said on 8/Sep/17
@Rising he looks 5'11ish there to me. On the timecode you linked they're both standing very loose, but if you fast forward a bit when they're both standing straight he appears taller than Berthnal.
Pierre said on 8/Sep/17
@Rising=Brad with a cap can have lifts too...
Slim said on 8/Sep/17
Willes188 said on 6/Sep/17
Well, Norton could be 6ft 0.25-6'0.5 he looks well over 6ft flat, I always see him as a strong 6fter. He is 2-3cm taller than Pitt
generous, but kinda reasonable.
Slim said on 8/Sep/17
Hi rob, I hope you're well.

Where do you think brad would stadiometre these days?

A: 5'10"
B: 5'10.5"
C: 5'11"
D: 5'11.5"
Editor Rob: if he only measured 5ft-10.5, I would be as surprised as a Dog with his first porcupine.
Hijopotamus said on 8/Sep/17
@rising, please have a look at this.

Click Here

if the pics of Brad and Gwyneth you see Pitt a few cm taller than her (unbelievable) how many inches do you see in here??? If I see no difference with Paltrow in those nude pics and in this pic I see 3 inches then you should see at least 4, right??? I mean if you were coherent...
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Sep/17
Pitt did look relatively short at that Berlin photocall -- no more than 5'10" -- but it's funny how he almost always wears a hat when he leaves his heels at home. It's as though he can sometimes go without one, but is not willing to take the chance of appearing without both. This is true of the Venice Film Festival with Clooney and here with Bernthal: Click Here
Pierre said on 7/Sep/17
@Rising=this picture is very bad to gauge height.And 5"9' is only a number on a paper,she can be 5"8' or 5"7' too.Brad 5"9' is a joke?He's maybe more 5"9' than the 5"10.5' or 5"11' you seem to claim.The pictures i post recently are showing Brad in the same range height as Gwyneth in sneakers (01/sept/17).
Tonyx said on 7/Sep/17
Christoph Waltz listed by Rob at 5ft 7in (170.2 cm).
Average Guess (11 Votes) is 5ft 6.59in (169.1cm).
I think Brad Pitt is 5ft10in.
Slim said on 7/Sep/17
Willes188 said on 6/Sep/17
Well, Norton could be 6ft 0.25-6'0.5 he looks well over 6ft flat, I always see him as a strong 6fter. He is 2-3cm taller than Pitt
Buddy, pitt can look 180-185 with his shoe and running close to the camera but I wouldent argue above 5'10.7"
After watching se7en and fight club I was convinced brad was 181 range, but he can only look it in lifts as seen next to Eric bana.

He looks 5'11"-6' next to Jonah hill above, only achieved with lifts.
Slim said on 7/Sep/17
Hijopotamus said on 6/Sep/17
Click Here

How tall is Waltz?

5'7" max omg
Waltz is 5'6.5", give or take a quarter inch.
Hijopotamus said on 6/Sep/17
Click Here

How tall is Waltz?

5'7" max omg
Rising - 174 cm said on 6/Sep/17
@Pierre: Problem is Sly was 5'8.5" minimum in 2013. He's still 5'8" minimum, not max. Since you worship at the altar of barefoot pics, here's 5 of Sly and his 5'9"-5'9.5" listed wife from 2013(the same year the Liotta pic) was taken: Click Here I thought Pitt might have lifts there, I don't know(and neither do you), but Liotta only has 2 cm max shoes, so lifts are not the only reason for footwear advantages. Even if Pitt has normal range 3 cm footwear, that would account for it.

@Truth: You must have chosen your name ironically. I'm the first to point out Pitt's early film appearance as a reason he's not a full 5'11". I'll watch LotF again when I have time, but I seriously doubt they're the same height.

The Pitt at 5'9" stuff is pathetic. You can see Pitt with 5'9" men and it's obvious he's taller. Even the shorter looking younger Pitt still had an inch on Rick Schroder.
Slim said on 6/Sep/17
Rob, please add "you may be interested" on Pitts page,
Willes188 said on 6/Sep/17
Well, Norton could be 6ft 0.25-6'0.5 he looks well over 6ft flat, I always see him as a strong 6fter. He is 2-3cm taller than Pitt
Slim said on 6/Sep/17
Hijopotamus said on 4/Sep/17
Slim, Pitt with his lifts and thick shoes he wore in Fight Club he pretty much reached Nortons terrible posture height. If Pitt was 5'11" and with his military posture he woulda been taller than Sloucher Norton.
Remember when in cowboy boots he was shorter than Sheena Easton in flats. That would only be possible if you are under 5'10.

Interesting they had Geena at 6'1.5 (187 cm) so to make believable 5'11" but Genna is 183 at her peak.

Click Here
Throw that website out the window, anyone can edit celeb heights on there much as imdb.
Dillinger said on 5/Sep/17
Yeah, Rising, keep going.
Brad is lucky if he touches 5'11 just out of bed.
Slim said on 5/Sep/17
Hi rob, if you don't mind sharing, what are the top 3 most common guesses?
Editor Rob: 5ft 10.5-11 is very common for Pitt.
Truth said on 4/Sep/17
Pitt in LotF was same height as Hopkins & was towering him in Meet Joe Black. Rising would claim Pitt had a late growth spurt or maybe the California sun stretched out his limbs... lol

Also, don't forget the promo pics where he's the same height as Christoph Waltz. One of those rare days where he forgot to wear megalifts.

Those claiming 5'7 for Pitt are clearly deluded. Those claiming 5'11 are equally deluded. Pitt is 5'9.75 in the morning barefoot and that's the plain Truth.
Original said on 4/Sep/17
Edward Norton is a legit 6'0 imo means that there is no way BP is less than 5'9.5". I think he is 5'9.5" to 5'10.
Pierre said on 4/Sep/17
@Rising=Comparison Brad /ray Liotta on 03/Sep/17=Shoes make the difference=Ray Liotta and 5"8' max Sylvester=Click Here =Sylvester is looking just a good inch shorter than Ray.Brad seem to have lifts in his white shoes which are looking clearly higher than Ray's shoes, even with this shoes he look max the same height as Ray at the peak of their heads in your picture
Pierre said on 4/Sep/17
See the pictures i posted on 01/sept/2017
Hijopotamus said on 4/Sep/17
Slim, Pitt with his lifts and thick shoes he wore in Fight Club he pretty much reached Nortons terrible posture height. If Pitt was 5'11" and with his military posture he woulda been taller than Sloucher Norton.
Remember when in cowboy boots he was shorter than Sheena Easton in flats. That would only be possible if you are under 5'10.

Interesting they had Geena at 6'1.5 (187 cm) so to make believable 5'11" but Genna is 183 at her peak.

Click Here
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
Willes188 said on 3/Sep/17
Rob is spot on like almost always 5'11.75 out of bed and 5'10.75-5'11 at his absolute lowest
Sorry buddy, its most likely pitts 5'10"range, in fight club he wore about 2 in of shoe(Timberlands/dr martens which look ugly af) and he stuffed a 1 inch lift in them to look the same height As Edward Norton....
It wouldn't surprise me if those 2 guys were 2 inches apart....
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Sep/17
Back in 2012, Pitt could look as tall as Ray Liotta: Click Here Of course, Liotta is a sloucher and was wearing 0.7" max type shoes while Pitt's shoes have enough of a heel to be in the 1" range: Click Here Click Here I'd say Liotta is closer to 5'11" these days. I'm not quite sure about when he was 57, but I wouldn't think the full 5'11.5" still as he was looking shorter the following year. He could easily have still been 181 cm, though, in which case you see Pitt with maybe a 1 cm footwear advantage and a bit better posture can also look that tall.
Slim said on 3/Sep/17
Joshua said on 2/Sep/17
He looks more than 5'11!!

Don't be fooled buddy, he does admire his thick shoes.
Willes188 said on 3/Sep/17
Rob is spot on like almost always 5'11.75 out of bed and 5'10.75-5'11 at his absolute lowest
Slim said on 2/Sep/17
When norton corrected his terrible posture....
Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 2/Sep/17
@Hijopotamus: Actually, that IS a problem with determining lifts for someone who wears cowboy boots a lot. I've brought up that very problem with someone like Mel Gibson who wears cowboy boots a lot. Pitt is actually somewhat similar in that he wears boots all the time himself so his ankle will be more concealed, which makes it more difficult to tell. That's why I want to stress again, I'm not claiming absence of evidence is evidence of absence. Only that something needs to be proven before it can be assumed. Socks however, have nothing to do with the point. I'm talking about unusually high ankles. The ankle bone is often visible as well. Socks don't smooth over an ankle bone as though they're spackle. But that's the clearest way to spot lifts short of recognizing a shoe as an elevator shoe. But in the Stallone case, those sneakers are Hogan sneakers and not technically elevator shoes, but he does supplement them with lifts as we can see from the unusually high ankle: Click Here He gets a 2.5"-2.7" boost total in all likelihood from those, but no off the rack men's sneaker like that -- even one priced at a few hundred $ -- will give you that much. Robert Downey Jr. similar usually wears even more expensive designer sneakers, but I've found some of the models and outside of the odd pair of wedge sneakers, most don't come with lifts -- he puts in his own lifts. Although RDJ wears high tops, which can serve the same purpose as boots in concealing more, except in Downey's case since he hides it so poorly you can a bulge in his sneakers nobody could ever argue about and to his credit, he doesn't try to deny.
Joshua said on 2/Sep/17
He looks more than 5'11!!
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Sep/17
I'm glad Meet Joe Black was mentioned because that's a film Pitt looks surprisingly tall in. I thought he could look 3" taller than Anthony Hopkins. Here's a photo taken on set where footwear is visible: Click Here

I use to think Hopkins was about 5'8", maybe 5'8.5" peak, especially because of this film. But then I go back and watch The Bounty again from 1984, this time with more of an eye on height and see Hopkins in early middle age at least as tall as a 5'9" Mel Gibson and clear as day, the two men face to face with Hopkins looking down at Gibson! Then I see Hopkins in his late 70's still looking pretty much 5'8" or close to it and no shorter than a 5'8" Mark Wahlberg except for when Marky Mark is getting a 1.5" boost from his Timberlands. So while reserving the right to change my mind once I have a chance to go back and watch more 70s and 80s films, it'd seem reasonable to conclude that if Hopkins was a full 5'9" peak and is still near 5'8" at 79 years old, then he'd be at least 5'8.5" when he filmed Meet Joe Black at 59 years old. In fact, even losing 2 cm tops going from 174 to 172 minimum in 20 years isn't bad at all. Pitt really did make a pretty average man look short and did so with footwear that on the surface, doesn't look out of the ordinary. Whether Pitt has a lift inside and is getting a 2" boost, I can't say.
Pierre said on 1/Sep/17
Click Here Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Sep/17
@Filippo: Yes, because Brad is so obsessed with height that he hires people who contradict his own height claims.

@Hijopotamus: Thank you for finally obliging. What am I "finished" doing? Certainly not posting on this site. I'll continue to do that for the foreseeable future. Brad's sneakers look a bit funny there, but inconclusive. RDJ is a clear example of a bulge in sneakers. I can use Mel Gibson as an example again as well to show the difference between what a pair of sneakers will look with and without lifts. I've never denied the possibility of Pitt wearing lifts and I don't deny the possibility there, but if you look at how they look funny in that first pic and then scroll down to the last full size pic below the thumbnails, in that pic, I could pretty easily imagine Pitt's feet being flat in those sneakers, so again, inconclusive. I don't know what's funny about me agreeing Pitt isn't a full 5'11". I'm not hoping to prove or disprove that with our side argument. I'm merely questioning one of the common assumptions made and questioning whether the assumption is justified. Btw, even if you could prove Pitt put insert lifts in sneakers, it doesn't follow that he'd necessarily do it with 1.5" heels as the heels would already give a comparable amount of height to normal sneakers with a typical lift.

@anon176: That's fine. All I can do is post the images, say what I think and people will view them with their own eyes, but I see a clear case of their ankles being higher than they would be in the absence of an extra lift inside those boots. The only difference between Douglas and Gibson compared to Cruise and Stallone is the former are wearing boots which conceal more so it's less noticeable. I'm more limited when it comes to Douglas since that appearance was from 1992 so there's not as many photos, but the ankle bone is at the top of the boot: Click Here Look at the bend in the Gibson pic from my previous post. The usual part of the leg which would be there doesn't bend at that type of angle and if you think of the boot if it had a normal sole, his foot would have to be abnormally long to reach. Then at the foot on the ground, you can not only see a high ankle bone, but you can also see an angle that wouldn't be there if the foot were actually flat, but one you would see if you went up on your toes slightly. You can see this in Gibson's 2000 appearances on the Tonight Show as well and in one of them, he's wearing the same boots. In Douglas' case, I know Rob said he thought there was a good chance I was right, but if you don't see it then we'll just have to agree to disagree.
Hijopotamus said on 1/Sep/17
If someone hides big lifts on his cowboy boots nobody can say that person is wearing lifts looool

...because nobody can see the ankle.

Hey, can you guys see the ankle if someone is wearing socks?
Slim said on 1/Sep/17
Hi rob, you say 179 is the lowest brad would potentially measure, what what be the highest? We promise we won't judge your opinion.
Editor Rob: out of bed I wouldn't be surprised if he made 5ft 11.75 range, but by afternoon I still think he drops to around the 5ft 11 mark.
Slim said on 31/Aug/17
Hijopotamus said on 31/Aug/17
Click Here

If those aren't lifts then Brad has elephant feet

@rising, you are finished dude, and the funny thing is that you agree he is not 5'11
Rising has pegged brad at 179 range as far as I know,
No he is not "finished", he's actually helping you find a way to find brad pitts lifts, Still no ankle shots=no lifts.
anon176 said on 31/Aug/17
Sorry "Rising - 174 cm" but I fail to see Douglas/Gibson in lifts there.
Hijopotamus said on 31/Aug/17
Click Here

If those aren't lifts then Brad has elephant feet

@rising, you are finished dude, and the funny thing is that you agree he is not 5'11
CDS said on 30/Aug/17
I first noticed Brad's "heightening" in the trailer for "Meet Joe Black" in 1998 (although like many have said on here, it probably started sooner). Pitt is standing next to screen legend, Anthony Hopkins, looking about a half head taller, and I remember their previous film together, "Legends of the Fall", and thinking to myself, was he THAT much taller than him?? But this is a flat surface, and of course in that earlier film, a lot of it was outdoors, on rugged, uneven terrain, etc.. Well, anyway, jump ahead a few years, one morning I happen to be watching that earlier film LOTF on TBS or whatever, and I see another shot of Pitt and Hopkins facing each other, and they are almost dead even! LOL FTR Rob, all the evidence I'm seeing between the past and future Pitt, is that he's no more than around 5'9.75" barefeet, end of day height. Which of course is close to 5'11" in shoes, but with his "special" shoes he wears, he easily passes 6 foot.
Brad said on 30/Aug/17
"He's tall, he's like 6' 1", it's irritating". George builds up his own height with Brad fibbing. Brad is 5' 10". I saw him from way away In Palm Springs in monster dress boots that had to be ramped 3" with heel and wedge in the images from the red carpet. The guy likes to be a 6 foot or above much like Burt and Sly. Which is his coolest doo? Troy? The Mexican? Fight Club? He looks uncool in short doo.
Truth said on 30/Aug/17
Pitt always has impeccable posture. He also knows every trick in the book. There is that scene in Moneyball where he is seated in the empty stadium with his legs stretched long. Thanks to his lifts resting on the top of the seats 3 rows below him, his legs look like they're longer than a stretched limo lol
Gotta give him credit though. For a celeb like him to be able to pull this off, it must have taken incredible dedication. Wearing lifts 24/7 for the past 3 decades, even when at the beach. That's just insane. Guess one day, he'll come out with the big reveal but it'll probably be at the end of his career or when he's really old and doesn't give a damn anymore.

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