How tall is Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's Height

5ft 4.75in (164.5 cm)

American actress best known for playing Rachel on tv series Friends. In movies she can be seen in Horrible Bosses, Along came Polly, Office Space, Marley & Me and We're the Millers. She told Rolling Stone magazine in 1999 that she was "110 [pounds], I've been 130, and I'm five feet five". There was some silly rumour a while ago that Jennifer went on a special exercise program and gained 2 inches in height...I'd love to know where that rumour originated! She's also said in an interview she's '5ft 4 and 3/4'.
We [Vince Vaughn] had a ball making The Break-Up, though with him at 6-foot-5 and me at 5-foot-5, they had trouble keeping us in the same frame. I was constantly having to wear these incredibly high heels, which was like having a workout.
I would love to drop five pounds. That is just where I have always been really comfortable at about 110 to 113 pounds. But it is harder at this age [45].

How tall is Jennifer Aniston
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[Jennifer's] tiny! She’s so little, but then I’m like 5ft 9ins so I’m a giant compared to most people, but she’s so little and petite and the cutest thing. She has these giant eyes. They’re like big pools of blue, so beautiful, and I caught myself drooling a few times staring at her.
-- Brooklyn Decker (

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Average Guess (51 Votes)
5ft 4.44in (163.7cm)
anonheight said on 13/Sep/17
Honestly she and courteney cox looked to be about 5'6 in some episodes of Friends I watched. I'd put Jen at maybe 5'5? A weak 5'5.
Nik said on 25/Aug/17
I think you are about right Rob! She could perhaps be 5'4.5" - 5'4.75" but on the higher end.
Joshua said on 24/Aug/17
She looks 5'5
Shannon said on 16/Jul/17
Fillet said on 7/Jul/17
Rob change u plz change this to 5'4 1/4" please?
even said on 5/Jul/17
164 cm out of bed
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Honestly she looks 5'6 or 7 but that might just be the heals so she would probably be 5'4 or 3
Morris said on 15/Jun/17
160cm-165mx Brad Pitt should be 173-175 max.
anonheight said on 9/Jun/17
She looks a bit like 5'6, on the 5'5.5-side of 5'6
Hans Meiser said on 7/May/17
Such a gorgeous woman.
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Apr/17
I saw Jennifer the other day in the film 'Derailed'. It was a serious film and I was expecting her to be adequate but she wasn't. She was brilliant!
She starred with 6ft1.75 Clive Owen. Was there a 9 inch height difference? You bet!
For that reason, I shall knock a quarter of an inch from my last guess. Jen should do more serious films, if this is anything to judge by!
5ft4.75 = Today's Guess!
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
5,4 I think she's 114 pounds 43 years old
Megrace said on 14/Apr/17
Honestly I agree 5"4 but close to 5"5
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jan/17
5ft5 and 110 pounds is what I have consistently read for Jen over the years. I never watched 'Friends' very much, not because I don't like it! I quite liked what I've seen and my Dad assures me it's the dog's danglers...
I did absolutely love 'Marley and Me' though! I adore the way the Americans pronounce the word 'animal'!
Jennifer gets 5ft5 from me because that is what has been deeply instilled into my brain!
Hijopotamus said on 28/Jan/17
6'7", then Brad Pitt should be 5'8"ish
6'7'' said on 27/Jan/17
She looks quite short in movies.Probably around 5'3''
6'7'' said on 27/Jan/17
She looks quite short in movies.Probably around 5'3''
J.Lee said on 23/Sep/16
Rob how much taller do these wedges make her?

Click Here
Editor Rob: certainly if I met Aniston wearing those and I was in basic shoe, so 5ft 9 I think I'd be looking straight in her eyes...she should get an honest 4 inches in those heels
John said on 16/Sep/16
5ft 3 Rob
Mat said on 12/Jul/16
RoB, DO you consider her of above average height?
Editor Rob: not much
Adolfus said on 17/Jun/16
That maybe true, Chris, but the difference there is fairly significant. No matter how you slice or dice it, it does not add up to Jen being naturally taller than Mila.
hijopotamus said on 27/May/16
If Jennifer is 5'5 then Brad Pitt is 5'9...
Chris said on 18/May/16
Adolfus, Mila's heels have platforms while Jen's do not.
Bruce 5'11.5 said on 8/May/16
Just the average height for an American female Rob you're spot on again........
Adolfus said on 16/Mar/16
Note that Mila Kunis is clearly taller than Jennifer Aniston, who as listed as 3/4 taller than her on this site.
Click Here
J.Lee said on 6/Aug/15
Rob how high are these shoes Jenn is wearing in We are the Miller? Click Here
[Editor Rob: J.Lee, I studied that scene a lot...rewound, rewound and eventually saw she was wearing heels...

I'd say those were a good example of actually giving in the 5-inch range of actual height.]
Bernard said on 17/Jun/15
Rob, how tall would you say she is in the heels from the picture you uploaded for her?
[Editor Rob: almost 5ft 8 in those heels.]
jackie said on 13/Jun/15
she looks 5'4 on screen, possibly 5'4.5
Miles said on 8/Apr/15
The length of her legs is short. I would say she's about 5'2", not even 5'3". But she has lied many times about her height and claimed she was 5'6" --- No way !!!
6'1" Joe said on 18/Mar/15
@chris: If you noticed carefully, Justin Theroux was wearing his favorite big black leather boots that day.
chris said on 14/Mar/15
look how short she doesn't 5'4 next to her husband who's 5'9, she looks ALOT a shorter when their both in slippers and she's still 2/3 inches off him when she's in 4 inch heels, i really think J anniston is just 5'3
Joe said on 16/Dec/14
@az: Okay.
az said on 12/Dec/14
She's 5'3" maximum. I met her. She is tiny. My friend who is 5'5 was with me. Jen is 5'3 max. Also, 5'5" 110 pounds would look A LOT skinnier. She's 5'2-3"
And 110. Prettier in person.
Joe said on 12/Dec/14
From where are all these 5'3" claims coming?? She has to 5'4" at least.
Joe said on 27/Nov/14
She looks more than an inch shorter than Courtney Cox.
Dan said on 22/Nov/14
I saw her in person walking down the theater at the egyptian and she is no taller than 5-3 or 5-4
J.Lee said on 15/Sep/14
rob how tall do you think she is in these?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: close to 5ft 9]
Clay said on 21/Aug/14
She was always staggeringly hot on TV Dmeyer, not sure why you would be surprised by her looks in person..
Az said on 7/Jun/14
I met her. She's really short. 5'3 maximum.
bunchee said on 30/Nov/13
jenn is about 5'4" in her stocking feet but them 5 to 6" heels make her about 5'9" to 5'10"!
Erin said on 2/Nov/13
Her wax figure at the NYC wax museum must be taller then, because I'm 5'3" and wore sneakers the day I went, and her mannequin there was about 6" taller than me in 4" heels, making her about 5'5". Although for what it's worth, she did seem closer to my height when I actually met her several years ago. My guess then was 5'4".
someone said on 1/Nov/13
in we're the millers she looks 2 inches taller than 5'2 emma roberts so id say jennifer is 5'4
Lalu said on 23/Sep/13
well if wax mannequins are true to height and size she must be under 5'3" and 95 lbs. I'm 5'5" and I was clearly 2 to 3 inches above her. Go to Hollywood wax museum and see for yourself!!
Len said on 9/Sep/13
>"Here, she looks as tall as Brooke shields, same heels Click Here"

Umm... no. In that pic Aniston is closer to the camera, which gives the illusion of height.

Also, in that pic, you really can't tell how tall both their heels are.

Aniston is nowhere near as tall as Brooke Shields, who is 5'11". If she was, she would've towered over not only Courtney Cox but also 5'8" Lisa Kudrow on Friends. She clearly did not.

If your intent was to be humorous though, then kudos. =]
Dmeyer said on 18/Aug/13
I met her she seemed about 5'8 heels on 5'4.75 seems right, better looking in person
Dmeyer said on 18/Aug/13
I met her she seemed about 5'8 heels on 5'4.75 seems right, better looking in person
Len said on 18/Aug/13
She looks 5'4" in most everything, maybe 5'4.5" at most.
J.Lee said on 5/Apr/13
Rob, how about these shoes? Are they as high? How tall is Jen in these heels? Click Here
J.Lee said on 5/Apr/13
Rob how tall is she in these platforms? Click Here
[Editor Rob: she'd probably have been about 5ft 9.5 in them. If I met her in say converse she'd look an inch taller than me...]
J.Lee said on 12/Mar/13
Here, she looks as tall as Brooke shields, same heels Click Here
MaskDeMasque said on 13/Oct/12
yeh, i'd say this height is about right. She looked hot as hell in horrible bosses. She was quite a bit taller than charlie day in heels in that film, makes me think charlie is less than 5'6.
Maximus Meridius said on 17/Aug/12
Rob is a 5ft 4in flat possible for her i never thought of her as 5ft 5in you looks more 5ft 4in than 5ft 5in.
weez said on 27/Jul/12
Saw a clip of her on the Ellen Show and Ellen Degeneres was noticeably taller than Jen though she was wearing tall wedge shoes and Ellen was in flats. I think she is about 5'3"
? said on 30/Jan/12
lol she is 1.64 m
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 22/Jan/12
Rare funny woman. Relatively tall woman by British standards, maybe average height in the US.
andie said on 21/Jan/12
Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses and I absolutely love her. Why you'd get the impression that I don't like her is a mystery to me.
I am talking about ancestry and how I don't consider people's ancestry unless they actually have some connection to it other than just saying I am Italian or whatever. People marry into other nationalities and it gets diluted.
I never referred Aniston as the person claiming to be Greek. Though I do believe she has Greek ancestry, she is not Greek.
That's all I am saying. And I believe her to be a firm 5f3 and looks beautiful. Adding inches to her height wouldn't make her any prettier to me.
Silent d said on 2/Dec/11
Courtney cox is slightly taller and she looks taller. On friends she looks 164cm. 164cm
Savanna Giannipoulos said on 29/Nov/11
Danimal is right. I know cause I'm Greek and my family lives in Greece right now.
Jupitar said on 24/Nov/11
I would think she had to be at least 5'4", probably nearer 5'5". Her legs are too long to be any shorther than that.
guyfrommars said on 7/Sep/11
Most sources listed her as 5'6" in her Friends days, but I guess she's slightly under. And she dated 5'6" Charlie Schlatter, I guess she had to be somewhat shorter than him.
Hansen said on 22/Aug/11
donnoe why sets in mind im thinking she was 5ft3 alot. maybe 5ft3.75(162)?
Danimal said on 21/Jul/11
andie says on 13/Apr/11
She is an American Greek and her family is not FROM Greece. She is decendant. in order for a person to be seriously considered a nationality without actually having been born there) is BOTH parents are decendants of that country. and/ or BOTH grandparents are from their. if only one grandparent (or parent) is greek, for example, that culture has to be strong and visible in their daily lives.
i can't stand when people try to say they are (for example Irish)....when the last person from Ireland was a great, great, grandparent. they have intermarried with itlainas, mexicans, germans in between. sorry, irish is stayed.
anyways...Jennifer aniston is 5f3.
She's watered down Greek by one side. Not very Greek to me.

Sounds like you personally don't like her, hence the reason you're chopping close to 2" off of her height.
Danimal said on 21/Jul/11
John says on 4/Jul/11
Look at pitchers with Aniston next to 5'6 Meryl Streep - No way in hell is Aniston 5'4.75! 5'4 or 5'3

John, the word is pictures, not pitchers (that's only for baseball) ;).
Wolfy said on 21/Jul/11
I think when we are slimmer we can look taller. Jen always looks lovely and keeps herself very well groomed and natural looking. JL0 is lovely too.
John said on 4/Jul/11
Look at pitchers with Aniston next to 5'6 Meryl Streep - No way in hell is Aniston 5'4.75! 5'4 or 5'3
Sammy said on 27/Jun/11
5'4'' according to this: Click Here
Stephanie said on 25/Jun/11
Most sites say 5' 6" but she does look slightly shorter than that. I think the height estimate on this site is closer to correct.
im 5'8 said on 15/Jun/11
5'5 seems ok too but im sure shes not shorter than 5' i'd say shes a solid 5'4 or 5'5
truth said on 8/Jun/11
5ft4, average girl, same as 5ft9 man.
ai said on 4/Jun/11
She said she was 5'4.75. I believe that to be accurate, Jennifer Connelly is 5'7, I'm quite sure
Heightgirl said on 2/Jun/11
If Jennifer Connolly is 5f6.5 then there is no way Aniston is almost 5f5 because she is more than 3 inches shorter than Connolly. I say J.A. is barely 5f3 Click Here
TruebloodFan said on 20/May/11
even 161cm would be borderline short. 164cm short? no way. it's best when everyone expects Aniston to be 5ft7, then they see 5ft5 and say 'wow, she's short!' lmao, NOT.
Dom said on 18/May/11
How on earth is 5'5" short?
Jake m said on 12/May/11
Never knew she was so short.
brad said on 14/Apr/11
Saw her in person everyone commented on how short she was. Always thought she was taller. I might down grade to at least 5-4. I honestly thought she was about 5-3. I was very supprised!
andie said on 13/Apr/11
She is an American Greek and her family is not FROM Greece. She is decendant. in order for a person to be seriously considered a nationality without actually having been born there) is BOTH parents are decendants of that country. and/ or BOTH grandparents are from their. if only one grandparent (or parent) is greek, for example, that culture has to be strong and visible in their daily lives.
i can't stand when people try to say they are (for example Irish)....when the last person from Ireland was a great, great, grandparent. they have intermarried with itlainas, mexicans, germans in between. sorry, irish is stayed.
anyways...Jennifer aniston is 5f3.
She's watered down Greek by one side. Not very Greek to me.
Vinayaka said on 9/Apr/11
I agree with josvy. But, I used to think she was 5'9 or 5'10. I was taken aback when I read this!
Java said on 6/Mar/11
Well her dad is Greek so she is Greek she is not really American is she? And for Greeks its normal for a women to be this hight. They are not tall anyway.
John said on 3/Mar/11
It's a typical Hollywood stunt add 2 inchs onto her real height, so that would make her 5'4
Dom said on 18/Feb/11
On what pictures or videos did she ever look that Linda? She always looks 5'5", next to celebrities whos heights are known.
linda said on 11/Feb/11
no way guys

she is OBVIOUSLY no more than 5'3" maybe MAXIMUM 5'3.5"
josvy said on 12/Jan/11
wow Jenn always looked 5'7 to me (no heels) I had no idea she was 5'5
kelly said on 11/Jan/11
funny i've read about her being 5'6...she looks a little taller than her real height sometimes, maybe because of her thin, narrow frame and long legs [and heels lol]...5'4-5'6 seems about right, definitely not shorter or taller than that.
SoLLoS said on 11/Jan/11
I spent my holidays in France at the Azure Coast and was a couple of time at Cannes due to the trips which lead there.
I met Brad Pitt at the film festival that summer, trust me, it was really hard to get close to the red carpet because of the crowds which were pushing and trying to get closer to him for an autograph.
Brad Pitt was accompanied by 2 bodyguards which didn't let you get too close to him.
I am 185 cm tall and was in sandals ; at the first look I estimated him at around 183 cm, he was a bit shorter then me although he tried to maintain his tallish posture, especially in photos.
After looking closely at his footwear I noticed he had big heels which gave him at least 4-5 cm in height and I am not joking, they were really big and covered by his long dress pants which made it unclear.
I know I posted some minor details but trust me, those details are gold.
All in all, from my point of view, after seeing him in person I say that he is around 178-(max)179 cm barefoot and above 180 cm depending on his footwear.
amy l. said on 19/Dec/10
what a liar she is SO small in picture

NO more than 5-4 for her
even 5-3 looks dead-on accurate
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/10
she is greek.she seems to be the average greek 5 ft 3 max
Kai said on 4/Nov/10
She's telling the truth. I'm 5'5". I was an extra in both Marley & Me and in the Bounty Hunter and she and I are exactly the same height.
Ali020202 said on 27/Oct/10
She always looked 5ft4
ash said on 12/Oct/07
come on guys she was always taller than monica by a couple of inches barefoot even taller than christina applegate when she appeared as her sister she is 5'5 atleast.she towered over winona ryder and had to bend to kiss her.
Anonymous said on 15/Aug/07
I stood next to her at the Oscars and I am a shade under 5'8" and she was around 5'3". My sister was with me (5'4 3/4") and Aniston was still smaller. She's pretty short. Adorable. Perfect actually.
dmeyer said on 13/Aug/07
i dont know about 166 cm but she didnt look under 165 when i met her
Franco said on 12/Aug/07
she doesnt look short at all tbh.

actually id put her 166cm minimum
Jon Doe said on 1/Aug/07
wow she's taller than Tim Blake Nelson.I thought he was 5'5?
Nothingatall said on 28/May/07
Isn't it pretty well known that hollywood stars lie about their height? They always add 2 inches or sometimes more (if they look taller in pics or in movies). And ALWAYS people say that when i saw him/her in person he/she was shorter than i thought. Or tv makes you taller.

Rob don't you agree with that?!?!?
ice said on 18/May/07
Actually anonymous, Rob has Jolie at 5'6.75", so he doesn't think she's 5'7 or more either. Even using Rob's listing, Aniston would be 5'3.75, at most 5'4.25"
Alex said on 14/May/07
Jolie is 3 inches taller than Aniston. 5'7 and 5'4 for both of them I think.
Anonymous said on 6/May/07
ice-jolie is way more than 5'6, she's close to 5'8, solid. so aniston is about 5'5. geto ver it. she is nowhere near 5'3. can't u tell by looking at pople there roundabout height> it's not that hard.
cb said on 30/Apr/07
have met her. i used to be 6 foot 5 at 20. then i grew to 6-7. she was like a dwarf next to me but most are.
X said on 19/Apr/07
She's always appeared close to 5 ft. 5 to me too.
ice said on 17/Apr/07
Wow Rob, you're not budging on this 5'4.75" for Aniston! LOL. In comparisons to Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has her by about three inches. I believe Jolie is 5'6, so 5'3 for Aniston, possibly 5'3.5". I can't see this height for her.
Cara said on 22/Feb/07
as it turns out TJ, when she and I were at Kiston, I walked behind her while she was standing in front of a mirror, and that's when i noticed that she was almost exactly my height, maybe just a hair shorter. i know enough about height judgement that i would not have based my assumption on just standing next to her.
TJ said on 20/Feb/07
Cara, it's almost impossible to judge whether someone is one quarter inch taller or shorter by standing next to them. You don't see where the top of your head ends and don't have a spirit level between your eyes. I have a friend who is maybe 1.5 inches shorter than me and he was convinced we were the same height until we stood together in front of a mirror. Regardless of what anyone says on here, no one can stand face to face with someone and be that accurate.
Cara said on 19/Feb/07
I saw her at kitson, and from far away she looked very tiny. but then when I was stadnign behind her i realied that shes definitely the height she claims to be (5'4.75") because we were both wearing flats and she was just a hair shorter than me, and im exactly 5'5".
Tappy said on 19/Feb/07
Um - the picture with Cameron Diaz is not really evidence as you can't see their shoes and Aniston is often wearing like 4inch shoes!
kat said on 31/Jan/07
you wont "grow" but pilates can strengthen your core muscles, and improve your posture and straighten your spine.... and increase your height of up to 1inch
anonymous said on 16/Jan/07
quote:niyah says on 18/Aug/06
she could have gained height from excercising, i've been doing excercises for six months and now im 5'5"- i was 5'2" i wish i was 5'3" that way i could have stretched to 5'6"

What kind of exercices were those if I may ask? If you stop doing them, do you shrink back? I'm intrested! thanks in advance.
Lucy said on 8/Jan/07
Or Paul Rudd is more like 5'6" which I think he is.
Joe said on 31/Dec/06
In her film ''the object of my affection'' shes in one scene barefoot with 5'9 Paul Rudd. Paul is about 2'' taller. This either means that Jennifer is 5'7 or Paul is 5'7.
Alexa said on 13/Dec/06
The growing in height is somewhat accurate. With proper stretching you can stretch your spine out. You don't get anymore than an inch taller, but it is common with daily yoga and/or palates.
Brad said on 19/Nov/06
5' 4" is about right....she, wearing heels, boots, holds her own with her latest flame who is tall.
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/06
Why would someone lie that they are 5'4 3/4? I think she is the height she says and probably usually says 5'5" because who says 5'4 3/4 unless people are being explicit in talking about height. How many people are actually exactly 5'5 that say they are that height. Most people round up (if they know their accurate height, so many people I have known have been way off about their own height and honestly didn't know it.)
anonymous said on 14/Nov/06
i would say 5'4" or 5'5" she seems short but not as short as 5'2" or 5'3" XxX
Lindsey said on 8/Nov/06
Maybe she is 5'3". I was looking at her next to Rosie Perez and Rachel Dratch who are both around five feet. And I was way back in the mezzanine of the show.
Erin said on 6/Nov/06
re: Ann's story, I do find it somewhat curious, seeing as for most public appearances (such as Oprah) she travels with her hairdresser Chris McMillan. What salon was this? Not that I'm disagreeing with the real point of your story, I have encountered Jen on several occasions myself (I too live in Chicago and worked on one of her films) and I believe her to be no taller than my own 5'3.25".
Lindsey said on 26/Oct/06
I saw her at the 24 hour plays. She looked at least 5'4" to me, and I was expecting her to be really tiny.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/06
Ann - I saw the Oprah show with Aniston. She stood right next to Oprah who is 5'6 1/2" according to this site. Jennifer was just slightly shorter than Oprah. About an 1.5 inches shorter. Both women were wearing killer high heels. If Jennifer was 5'3", she would look a lot shorter next to Oprah.
Ann said on 19/Oct/06
All right,I saw Aniston again in Chicago when she came for Oprah. Like I've said, I am 5'1 and was in flip flops - we were getting our hair trimmed at a salon. We got done at the same time and walked out together, she trying to be incognito with her bodyhguard... Anyway, I held the door open for her and she walked right past me . Aniston is 5'3 at the very most, perhaps 5'2 1/2. I've met her on 3 occasions now and she definitely seems 5'3.
Kerrie said on 4/Oct/06
Msg for Jessica who posted on 19th July! You said you have the same boots? Pls let me know where they are from, I thought maybe Ugg? $250 - im in UK and would like some!! Thx
greatness said on 17/Sep/06
i'd say 5'4 - 5'6, no taller no shorter
sf said on 10/Sep/06
yea, I agree with many that the woman is not 5'5" or even 5'4".
Brad said on 9/Sep/06
She's 5' 7" 24/7 if she's in public with wedges/heels.
Annie said on 9/Sep/06
Jennifer was wearing heeled boots in the pic with Mena from Rumor Has It while Mena was wearing sneakers. She was supposed to be playing tennis. Jen is petite, 5'3". Mena is pint-size, 5'2" if that. Take it from someone who works as a stand-in. You look taller on camera, very few people see you in person, so most actresses have 1-2 inches added to her height. Jen has prob been saying she is 5'5" since she was 18.
L. said on 8/Sep/06
I saw her in a restaurant in Chicago last summer and she was about 3 or 4 feet away from me. 5'4" is even a stretch, that's my height. She looked to be more around 5'1 or 5'2 the tallest! She is adorable though, tiny.
theheightguru said on 7/Sep/06
I have to agree with 'Jessi'. There are some 'problems' with the pic posted by 'Cluedin' and 'Kelsey'. #1-Jennifer appears to be closer to the camera. #2-You can't see her heels. #3-The photo looks to have a slope in Mena's favor, and assuming that Mena is 5'3, that would put Jennifer in the 5'7-5'8 range, and that just isn't the truth.
Jessi said on 6/Sep/06
Can I just ask kelsey to look again at her haven't you ever heard of high heels? And also - have you actually met her. Because I have - and she is surprisingly small. She wears 4 inch heels most of the time...and when I met her, she was wearing at LEAST 3 inch heels and she was STILL smaller then me, (i'm 5"6) when you've seen her in person you can easily see shes about 5"2. Just look at BOTH the pictures you've got Kelsey - NEITHER of them show any feet!
Jossica said on 6/Sep/06
Yep, she looks a good 2 inches taller than Mena Suvari. 5'5 Seems definantley right...
cluedin said on 5/Sep/06
Click Here
honey said on 18/Aug/06
Come on niyah, if that was as easy as that, there wouldn't be short people in the world. Sport and stretching do help you grow up but only in your teens, and not loooong after the growth period had finished (which would be Jen's case).
To me she looks 5'3" max.
niyah said on 18/Aug/06
she could have gained height from excercising, i've been doing excercises for six months and now im 5'5"- i was 5'2" i wish i was 5'3" that way i could have stretched to 5'6"
honey said on 15/Aug/06
just found a funny description of her in a recent interview with Vaughan, here's the link: Click Here
and here is the quote:
"But, goodness, she is tiny. Even in her heels and bouffed-up hair, she's just a wee slip of a thing, about five inches shorter than she looks on screen, with the kind of micro bone structure that makes you think she might have been shrunk in the wash."
also, Vince is described as 6'5". respect
Brad said on 6/Aug/06
I got the same height as Vaughn....that's a 5' 3" gal. Poor thing has to wear those wedges all the time with him. That's gotta hurt.
Azzurri said on 22/Jul/06
i was watching friends the other day and saw jennifer aniston standing in 3-4 inch heels next to david schwimmer and he had at least 5 inches on her. he's 6'1 so i'd say she is around 5'3.5 - 5'4.75.
leonari said on 19/Jul/06
Jessica: great pic...Vaughn is either way over 6'6" or anniston is indeed 5'2"...she looks like a kid next to him.
Editor Rob said on 16/Jul/06
"We had a ball making The Break-Up, though with him at 6-foot-5 and me at 5-foot-5, they had trouble keeping us in the same frame. I was constantly having to wear these incredibly high heels, which was like having a workout"
Melissa said on 30/Jun/06
I've read in various People Magazine articles and other magazines that Jennifer Aniston is 5'6 or 5'7.
Rebecca said on 28/Jun/06
In an article in the February 2006 issue of Australian In Style magazine Aniston was described as having a 1.6m frame. In feet/inches this is exactly 5"3'
Dani said on 24/Jun/06
Shannon have u ever met her? Because the people who say she is about 5"2 have met her...have u? I wanna hear from people who have met her and think shes 5"6????
Meg said on 23/Jun/06
Shannon - can I just ask have u ever met her? Because if you HAVE I want to know how you can justify that...she is 5"2 - I've stood next to her, and I'm 5"4, and she was AT LEAST 2 inches smaller than me - this was after she had taken off her 4" wedges cos they were hurting her feet. I don't understand how anyone can justify claiming someone elses height based on pictures! Its a joke!
Shannon said on 18/Jun/06
OMG you people always make them seem so short..she is definately NOT 5'2 or not even 5'3..the min. height for her would be 5'4 ..maybe 5'5
gg said on 10/Jun/06
She came into our bookstore--Chicago--and boy she is a slight, 5'-3", woman. Didn't say too much trying to be incognito with her bodyguard.
the shredder said on 2/Jun/06
my cuzin has a photo with jennifer , denzel , and steven seagal. ive yet to see them . ive have talked on the phone with him and i asked him about jen and stevens height . he said about 5'5 and steven about 6'4 -6'5 . denzel , will i was there on the set of his new film da juvo ( someting like that ) denzel to me looked atleast 5'11.
element said on 30/May/06
She said she's 5'5" on Conan when she was there for her movie with Vince Vaughn.
A said on 29/May/06
The stats never lie. People who have actually met her have consistently estimated 5'3". There's no other way to explain this, unless all those people are under-estimating their own the same amount (coincidence?).

When we don't have real-life estimates, we can only use pictures to gauge heights; but when we have nearly 10 sitings, why still stubbornly rely on vague photos? (and worry about things like: how high are her heels? how high are the heels of other people in the picture? who is standing closer to the camera? is she leaning in this picture? etc.)
Britainy said on 29/May/06
At the wax museum in london,she looks pretty short. Pretty but short
nj said on 19/May/06
Rick said: "Here's Aniston with Mena Suvari (5'3.5") and she doesn't seem any taller". Rick, did you notice the heels on the shoes Mena was wearing? I think 5'5" sounds right.

Rebecca said on 17/May/06
In Harpers Bazaar this month she is quoted as saying she is 5'5", which is consistent with her past interviews and which means she is 5'3" if you subtract the Hollywood buffer.
Anonymous said on 5/May/06
So far, these are the sitings:
-1 siting claims she is 5'2"
-at least 6 sitings claim she is 5'3"
-2 sitings claim she is 5'4"
-1 siting claims she is 5'5"
I think 5'3" to 5'3.5" is reasonable.
Anonymous said on 5/May/06
Everybody who's actually met her so far says she's 5'3". Considering that people usually over-estimate their own heights, I think it's safe to push her down to 5'3". Trying to gauge her height from photos, TV, movies, etc. certainly doesn't compare to estimates based on real encounters. (And these estimates are REALLY consistent too! You hear 5'3" over and over again!)
heightfan said on 4/May/06
george, check out the link minime posted on 10.24. They are both barefoot and imo it proves that cox is taller. it was mentioned that jen was in a "dodgy stance" which i agee with, but i still think cox is taller.
george said on 2/May/06
anyone got pics of her and courtney barefoot of in flat shoes?.
Dilnawazh said on 25/Apr/06
i think ainston is about 5.4" since she usually wears about 3.5" heels. and she still appears to be about 3" shorter to brad pitt who i believe is 6'0 tall
heightfan said on 9/Apr/06
I just got a chance to watch her appearance on Ellen. Ellen had her walk backstage for a suprise and you could really tell how much she was struggling to walk in her heels. She had to take small steps and keep looking down and had trouble keeping up with Ellen (in sneaks of course).
Ann said on 5/Apr/06
ok, so... if leno is 5'10, (and he also had shoes on) and aniston wears 4 to 4 1/2 heels regularly and she came to his nose i think, when she hugged him, that means she is exactly 5'3 ish or so.
heightfan said on 5/Apr/06
I just saw her on Leno with stiletto heeled boots the top of her head was just below eye level on Leno. Also, when did she say she was 5'4 3/4"?
heightfan said on 3/Apr/06
She is going to be on Leno tommorow night, if anyone gets a chance try to check it out. Taking into account her normal 4 1/2 inch heels and her stated 5'5", she should be only slightly shorter than the 5'10" Leno.
Ann said on 2/Apr/06
she is 5'3". i met her at the chicago airport couple weeks ago. she was alone so i went to get her autograph, unforuntalely my digicam was in my luggage so no pics. she had on flip flops (in february in the midwest, go figure!) and i had on 1 inch boots. I am 5'1 and she was at the most, an inch taller.
ice said on 29/Mar/06
Hey Rob, here goes another celeb with the three quarters thing. I told you this is the new thing to do. LOL. In my opinion 162cm.
Haylie said on 29/Mar/06
I think your right I watched the episode last night and would put Jen at 5ft 3.5ins or 5ft 4ins
heightfan said on 29/Mar/06
She was slightly taller than Reese and slightly shorter than Christina. IMO Reese-5'2 Jen-5'3" 1/2 and Christina-5'5"
Haylie said on 26/Mar/06
How much taller was Jen when Reese Witherspoon was on the show? Because Reese is 5'2" and that should give us an idea bearing in mind their footwear. And was she the same height as Christina Applegate who is 5'5"?
Erin said on 18/Mar/06
That's weird, my comment never went up . . . Anyway, when I extraed in one of Jen's movies, she appeared to be about 5'3". I'm 5'3" and was wearing shoes that gave me about 2 inches. She was wearing giant wedges that put her on demi-pointe and gave her at least 4 inches, and even then she didn't seem to have more than an inch or two on me.
Rebecca said on 18/Mar/06
Several friends who've run into her in LA have all said that she's about 5'3". Make sense since she is way over a foot shorter than Vince.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/06
I just shook hands with Jen at the Vanity Fair after party last night at Morton's steakhouse on Melrose in L.A. She was 5'3", and about 200 others can confirm that. She had the most beautiful hair and skin and was very very petite and short. Really much more delicate features in person too.
heightfan said on 26/Feb/06
Hmm. A visual on Jen, that agrees with my 5'3. Thanks ak.
ak said on 18/Feb/06
i saw aniston at an airport, she was standing right next to me and i have to say, i am 5'2" and aniston was a shade taller. no more than a shade. seriously. she is very petite. 5'4" with shoes on. she had on like one-inch boots. she is probably 5'3 barefoot. seriously.
mcfan said on 26/Jan/06
I think Scott Caan is just a hair taller than Aniston.
gyllenhaalic823 said on 6/Jan/06
Meh, I'll buy 5'4.5", nothing more, nothing less.
heightfan said on 2/Jan/06
kelsey, check my post from 10.24 i said that she was a head smaller in the picture, barefoot and kudrow in chunky heels. hence 4-5 inches shorter. as far as the book, you cant believe everything you read, especially propaganda about superstar celebrity's who are self confident about being below average height.
niug said on 31/Dec/05
this girl really looks about 5'5.....cant buy anything under that.
Kelsey said on 30/Dec/05
I have the official friends book. it says she is 5'5 - 5'6. besides she looks no smaller than kudrow or cox. and whoever said kudrow was at least a head taller needs their eyes checked.
surfergirl said on 30/Dec/05
she is 5 4. not any taller. i stood by her in an elevator in san diego. no shoes on, and while i had heels on (i stood about 5 11), she was def not 5 6.
gyllenhaalic823 said on 30/Dec/05
so you're saying that all women under 5'5" are not well-proportioned??
LOGAN5 said on 27/Dec/05
She's a very well proportioned girl and the cut-off point for that is about 5'5" so I seriously doubt she's below that. She looks a classic 5'6", but if she admits to being 5'5" then it's probably a safe bet she's telling the truth.
gyllenhaalic823 said on 21/Dec/05
a lot of places say that she is 5'6", and I seriously doubt that!!
gyllenhaalic823 said on 9/Dec/05
I COMPLETELY agree with Wicked Kid - plus the doctor says that I'll only be 5'3" at full height ='(( aww well. Too bad.
Jen does look a little tiny in some photos but in others looks average height. (Heels make ALL the difference!) I would say she's somewhere between 5'3-5", because it is hard to accurately measure women's heights when they wear heels.
of course i wear heels . . .
lol =))
*question: WHY am I so obsessed with height?? i'm not tall so JUST GET OVER IT!*
Wicked Kid said on 4/Dec/05
I thought the average height of women in the US is 5'4". How can you call a woman of average height short and tiny?
heightfan said on 27/Nov/05
I saw the trailer for Jen's new movie, Rumor Has It, she is beside Shirley Maclaine and appears to be 2-3 inches shorter. I wonder how it felt for her, a modern sex symbol, to be shorter than a 71 year old woman.
TJ said on 23/Nov/05
This quote from ;What' is bizarre - "Met Anniston at Sundance. She is 5'4", not even 5'4 3/4". A very short, tiny girl. "

A very short, tiny girl at 5'4? Anyone would think she was 4'10 from that description. The average height of women in the US is around 5'5, so that's totally overstating it. I think Courtney Cox is 5'5, as she was always a little taller than Michael J Fox in Family Ties. The barefoot pic of Jennifer Anistone and Courtney Cox shows them to be very close in height, as Jennifer has a relaxed stance and her head down. I think Rob has it spot on.
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/05
i met her she 5'5" aleast
Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
I think that Jen's 5'3" too. But anything under 5'2" is unreasonable.
heightfan said on 13/Nov/05
I just saw her on Ellen, she was wearing her normal super high heels (4-5 inches) and Ellen was wearing loafers, and they were the same height. Hmmm.
heightfan said on 24/Oct/05
If anyone has an image of Aniston and Kudrow in flats or even better shoeless, please post a link. In the picture minime refered to on 10.15, Aniston is barefoot and Kudrow has on chunky heels, Kudrow is a full head taller. Hence Kudrow is at least 4-5 inches taller than Aniston. My call is Kudrow 5'7" 1/2 and Aniston 5'3".
minime said on 24/Oct/05
omg I'm posting here way to much but whatever: I found some more pictures from that shoot. two that are kind of different poses from the other one. The thing that bothers me though, is that courtney seems really tall, taller than normal anyway.

[Editor Rob: yeah That Picture was better than the first one as the leaning isn't as bad. Actually I think courtney is a little bit closer to camera. How much this effects height difference is debatable, but one thing is clear...Matthew Perry ain't no 6ft 1 ;)]
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/05
if aniston is only 5'3 then lisa kudrow must only be about 5'6 because kudrow doesent look anymore than 3 inches taller when her and aniston are in flat shoes .
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/05
For what it's worth, I met her at Sundance in 2004. I thought she was 5'2" but 5'3" is probably more accurate ( I am 5'8" rounding up a uarter inch). We were both wearing boots and hers actually had a bit of heal. She is no 5'6" for sure.
heightfan said on 19/Oct/05
Thanks for posting the link to the picture I was describing, minime. I invite anyone who thinks she is 5'5 to take a look. In my opinion this picture puts her at 5'3. Who else thinks little Jen needs a downgrade?
Eggplant said on 19/Oct/05
I don't even know if she's 5'5... at Madame Tussaud's, even with heels, her statue was actually pretty tiny. I mean she looks great but she was much smaller than I expected.
minime said on 17/Oct/05
I was just looking at oprah's page, and there's just no way oprah is only 1.5" taller than jennifer! I was just watching oprah (yeah I watch a lot of oprah :p) where jen is alone on the show (first show of the 10th season or something) And I don't know if it is that jennifer is smaller or that oprah is taller than listed, but they have about the same size heals on and there is at least 2'5" difference between them.
heightfan said on 14/Oct/05
I wasn't able to connect to your link, minime. I stand by my contention that Cox is 2-3 inches taller from the TV Guide pic. The misconception that Aniston is taller could come from her ability to wear higher heels. Cox's tiny feet (5 1/2) hinders her to in being able to wear higher heels.
heightfan said on 13/Oct/05
The curerent TV Guide has a picture of the Friends cast, Aniston and Cox are barefoot and Aniston is clearly 2-3 inches shorter. There is no way she is 5'5", more like 5'3".
minime said on 9/Oct/05
I know no one said she was really taller than 5'5", but just as some more proof: when they were on oprah with friends for the last time (may 7th 2004?) jen is wearing about 3.5" heals, oprah 1.5" if not less and Jen is just a tad smaller (in the final picture she looks taller, but oprah slouches (legs crossed) and in the beginning and just before the picture oprah really is taller)

So lets say oprah is 5'7" at the most, that would make her about 5'8.5" with shoes which would mean Jennifer really is no taller than 5'5".

I'm just under de 5'4" mark (162cm) and she looks taller than that, only judging from pictures though so I might be completely wrong. I'd say 5'4.5" to 5'5".
What said on 28/Sep/05
Met Anniston at Sundance. She is 5'4", not even 5'4 3/4". A very short, tiny girl.
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/05
How could you have thought that aniston was 5'7 when lisa kudrow is 5'9 and looks about 3 or 4 inches taller than aniston
WOw! said on 15/Sep/05
WOW! I'm really surprised about knowing that Jennifer Aniston is only 5ft5in or better (164cm), because I thought she was tall as she appears to be on TV... like about 5ft7in(170cm). But so how come she is the only actress that on TV appears to be tall,if she is only 164cm?
CelebHeights Editor said on 21/Aug/05
From a gossip newsgroup, "She stated in an interview about a year ago (1998) that she's exactly 5'4 and 3/4" (a shade under 5'5")"
pixel said on 14/Jul/05
The episode of Friends where she walks around nude supposedly...well she is in her bare feet and looks very small, no taller than 5'5" without a doubt. And compare her to Schwimmer when he comes in, he's at least a head taller.
Living Shoe Lift said on 9/May/05
Her right leg is shorter than her left leg...that's how that rumour originated.

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