How tall is Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie's Height

5ft 6.5in (168.9 cm)

American actress best known roles in films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Girl Interrupted, The Bone Collector, Gone in 60 Seconds, Hackers, Salt, Mr & Mrs Smith and Changeling.

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Average Guess (92 Votes)
5ft 6.44in (168.8cm)
elijah said on 20/Oct/17
Sam said on 17/Oct/17
You can tell she is taller than the 1.68 you got her. I think in the past five years you've downgraded her at least 3 cm. Why that? You can tell she is between 1.72-1.70 compared to other actors. She has the same height as Cameron Diaz does next to Paltrow. She has the same height as Julia Roberts next to Brad Pitt both comparissons with same heels. She has the same height as that actor from her unbroken movie in flats and he is claimed to be 1.75!
Editor Rob: no, in 2012 she was 5ft 6.5...
Joshua said on 6/Oct/17
hardguy said on 29/Sep/17
anonheight said on 14/Sep/17
She looks 5'6, 5'7 to me. Low 5'7.
Rose said on 7/Sep/17
She looks to be about 5'5". Sorry Rob, but this is one I am going to have to disagree with you on. She is not that much taller that 5'3" Gillian Anderson. Couple that with the stories of people who have seen her in real life, and I would put her at 5'5" at the most.
Peter175 said on 6/Sep/17
Rob, has she ever claimed a height before?
Editor Rob: I haven't read one.
Everly said on 5/Sep/17
Here is the link interestingly they have similar faces although different colouring and builds
Click Here
Everly said on 5/Sep/17
Only a few inches bigger then Natalie Portman at Film festival. Forehead bigger but Natalie has flats on and Angelina has 2 inch heels on. Natalie is around 5'1 - 5'2 which would put Angelina around 5'4. Which was the height on an early modelling card, modelling agencies never understate a height.
Richardspain said on 9/Aug/17
Around 169 cm barefoot

177cm with her heels
Tom said on 7/Aug/17
169, morning 170
Katie said on 29/Jul/17
She has a wide flat frame and tiny arms and legs- gives the appearance of a taller person. Charlize Theron has the same build that's why she too looks so tall but she's only 5"9
Slim 182 cm said on 28/Jul/17
Strong 5'6
Spencer said on 26/Jul/17
Aaron said on 19/Jul/17
Just about 5'7"
Molly said on 12/Jul/17
She can't possibly be taller than 5'5 1/2''?! Standing next to Jack Black in flats they are exactly the same height. (Premiere of Shark Tale)
even said on 5/Jul/17
Spencer said on 20/Jun/17
andre said on 23/May/17
i think she is 165cm barefoot at night
Deeznuts said on 22/May/17
Jenn y'all got some bigass feet. My gf is just under 5'6" and wears 7.5 and my mom 5'4" wears 7. Jolie looks 169-170 to me, would be 167 with average sized head
Emma said on 17/May/17
Like some people mention below, comparing Julia to Angelina when they attend the same events, even next to the people (Brad or Clooney) and the advertising posters behind them, AJ is taller by two cm or they're the same height. It's just that Julia is thicker. Like the normal heart movie event. If you check the logo on their back, or them next to Brad Pitt, you can tell she's taller.
Milka said on 8/May/17
@Mike lol you must bei tiny if you think that 5'7 is giant..hahaha
Angelina looks 5'5 she just hast very thin Arms and legs..this makes her look taller. The picks with black proof she can't be anywear near 5'7 flat.
ok said on 4/May/17
I saw her in person, I find her 173 on my meter tape..
Mike said on 17/Apr/17
My mom is 5'7 exactly and Angelina's the same like my mom. My mom's huge and so as Angelina. Big giant girls out there! I like a woman 5'1 1/2-5'2.
Peter175 said on 16/Apr/17
Rob, how about that average guess!
Editor Rob: one of the few with 50+ votes that would be an exact match!
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/17
I've just pressed the wrong button and lost my original comment on Angelina, so without leaving it too long, I'm going to do my best to reiterate!
I have read that Angelina is 5ft6, 5ft6.5, 5ft7, 5ft8 - and 5ft4! That's a mighty lot of opinions for one person! I have only ever believed that she's 5ft6, though 5ft6.5 could well be her true height now that I think about it!
In the film 'Girl Interrupted', Angelina looks positively tall, but that is because the other cast members, which include Winona Ryder and Brittany Murphy, are petite!
In 'Changeling', she came over as above average without being tall. I can see how she can be taken for taller because, unlike in her early career when she was slim but shapely, she is now far slimmer than is healthy for her. She shouldn't work so hard; I've heard she forgets to eat and that it worries Brad Pitt, her other half, which isn't surprising.
I will go with 5ft6.5 then! I have 10 of her films, though I have seen more, and I have enjoyed them all.
I once had a phone call from a breast cancer charity asking for my support and when they mentioned Angelina Jolie's name, how could I possibly refuse?
RisingForce said on 1/Apr/17
She typically looks more 5'6" flat to me and you can see why here in heels with 5'6" Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman, who surprisingly still seems near enough 5'5" going on 74 years old: Click Here Hoffman is going up on one foot, but I think 169 cm is going to look taller in heels next to 2 short guys than Jolie does. She looks taller standing by herself.
Adijos said on 21/Mar/17
5'7" in 170 cm.
Keira said on 19/Mar/17
I agree with Justine below- Angelina Jolie could possibly be taller than Julia Roberts, especially if you compare their heights against George Clooney.
ana said on 5/Mar/17
i think she has always looked taller because she was that thin! i reckon 168 now and 169 when younger
Naz said on 27/Feb/17
Remember that she was clearly taller than Anne Hathaway at the Critics Choice Awards a few years ago- Anne Hathaway had platform heels. Of Angelina Jolie is under 5'6, then Anne Hathaway is under 5'5.
stefano said on 27/Feb/17
About 5 feet 5.75, no more
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17
@oscar 5'9

Yes 5'5.5 is possible and 5'6 in the morning, maybe.
oscar 5'9 said on 18/Feb/17
lol she is 5' 6" max. 5'5.5"
S.J.H said on 2/Feb/17
@Justine said on 30/Dec/16

LOL. In fact the truth might fall into this range:

Julia Roberts - 170cm
Kate Hudson - 165.5cm
Miranda Kerr - 171.5cm
Anne Hathaway - 167.5cm
Angelina Jolie - 165cm

There is a korean threat/blogs some fans stated when 5'6 jack black visit korea he doesnt look over 5'5 on a game show and angelina jolie had very less chance taller than him so how could jolie be 172cm? At most she can be 166cm
Justine said on 30/Dec/16
Kate Hudson stood 1 inch taller than Julia Roberts. Miranda Kerr is around half an inch taller than Kate Hudson. Anne Hathaway is taller than Kate Hudson by 1 inch. Angelina Jolie is taller than Anne Hathaway by 1 inch. Elle Fanning is taller than Angelina Jolie by 1 inch.

Julia Roberts - 166cm
Kate Hudson - 168cm
Miranda Kerr - 169cm
Anne Hathaway - 170cm
Angelina Jolie - 172cm

Rob, do you agree with the logic here
Editor Rob: Justine, I just can't see 172 for Jolie and 166 for Roberts.
Justine said on 22/Dec/16
Angelina was taller than Anne Hathaway when standing together at a Critics Choice Awards a few years back- Anne's heels were slightly higher. Angelina actually may be taller than Julia Roberts when comparing each to Brad Pitt.
Anne Hathaway- 169cm
Julia Roberts- 169cm
Angelina Jolie- 171cm
Evan said on 25/Nov/16
@Mark Tsipras, prime minister of Greece, is 1,78. His ID had gone public during the elections. So not 5,4...
Angelina was the same height as him during their meeting and she's wearing short heels. Like maybe 6inches?
It is a pity this Rob downgrades people he doesn't like and makes taller small people.
S.J.H said on 11/Nov/16
I hardly believe jack black is shorter than Jolie. In small heels 2.5-3" she doesn't look much above jack balck in some kind of 2cm sneakers. Max 5'6 for her
truth said on 12/Aug/16
@Laura LOL sure and Brad is 5'8, right?
truth said on 12/Aug/16
@Laura LOL sure, and Brad is 5'8, right?
Laura said on 5/Jul/16
@TJE neither can I. She looks way shorter than 5'6.
TJE said on 19/Jun/16
I can't see her just being 5'6 flat
Arch Stanton said on 31/May/16
elisentia said on 11/Feb/16
Did you see Angelina Jolie and Wyona Ryder in "Girl, interrupted"? She is much taller than Wyona, who is 5.3 inches plus. She towers over her. Angelina is TALL. I believe the people on here do not truly know their measurements because if they did they would not be claiming Angelina is 5.5. Beyonece is 5.6 and she does not even look tall, but Angelina does.

As I said to Rob, Winona is below 5 ft 3 and as a result she was downgraded to 5'2.5, but I agree Jolie could look near 5 ft 7 in that film.
Arch Stanton said on 31/May/16
oliver said on 23/Dec/15
Rob, how much does she weigh now? An article said she is 83 lbs recently and i think it's nonsense. If she is 83 lbs, her BMI will be 13.2 and she will die. She doesn't look that thin. She may weigh 120 lbs.
Editor Rob: this isn't the National Enquirer per chance ;)

Sometimes magazines or gossip sites do like to exaggarate things and use 'close sources' to confirm/deny rumours etc...

She doesn't look extra-thin or anything, I mean quite thin and how much over 100 pounds could be hard to say.

She's very thin but 83 pounds is utter BS. I'd say around 7 and a quarter to half stone, 105 pounds something like that. I do think she'd looks miles better if she gained 20 or 30 pounds, much like Kate Middleton would. She looks a bit malnourished, like she doesn't eat proper meals and get a good mineral intake. Victoria Beckham the same. Jolie and Kate Middleton at nearer 140 pounds would look incredible IMO.
realheight said on 24/May/16
i'm sure, she isn't shorter than 5'3". but she looks like not taller than 5'5". I think her height 5'4.5"(+/- 0.5 inch)
truth said on 9/May/16
@Mark You are clearly ignorant or something. Alexis Tsipras is listed 5ft10/178cm everywhere and he clearly looks about the same height as most guys (1 inch shorter than 5ft11/180cm Yanis Varoufakis). In shoes he is probably 5ft11 and if you say that Angelina is less than 1 inch taller than him that means that she is at least 5ft11-6ft0 in standard 4.5 inch hells which would make her around 5ft7/170cm barefoot. Maybe she could be 5ft6.5/169cm, but I could not possibly buy anything lower than that. She is Justin Bieber range.
Peter175 said on 28/Apr/16
Rob, one thing, a bit of topic how tall do you think the actor Miyavi is? He was in her film unbroken.

With 169 Jolie and 171 Jack o'connel
Click Here

with 180 brad pitt (Pitt seems to be wearing his classic cuban heels tho)
Click Here

With the entire cast of unbroken
Click Here

He's listed everywhere as being 185-186 a strong 6ft1 guy but I'd think he'd start off as a 5'11.25 or 181 guy. Thoughts?
Jenn said on 7/Apr/16
Fray.... you can not judge a girls shoe size based on her frame height. Give you 3 examples. Im 5'4 110lbs, small fram size 9-9.5 US shoe size. My cousin is 5'10 120 lbs small frame size 9.5 shoe size. Then her sister is 5'3 170 lbs large frame and 9-9.5.
Jenn said on 7/Apr/16
Always thought she was taller like around 5'8
Mark said on 17/Mar/16
Rob, check out the photos including Alexis Tsipras and Angelina Jolie standing right next to each other. Tsipras is well known for being very short. He's 5ft4 max. Jolie is wearing high heels and she's less than an inch taller than him. Jolie couldn't reach 5ft7 even in stilts. Time to downgrade her, Rob, or at least add 5-7 inches to those who are truly tall.
ganggreen said on 12/Feb/16
Why the reluctance to drop her height Rob?
Photographic proof and numerous comments from people who have met her all indicate that she is at the most 5'5 and probably shorter. Long time visitor to your site, and have noticed a tendency to overestimate heights in spite of consensus based on face to face meetings and photographic evidence. You can't list Jack Black at 5'6 and have Angelina in 3 inch heels standing next to him and say she is 5'6.5 when clearly she is not.........
Editor Rob: I wouldn't guess her under 5ft 6, but 5ft 6 on the button has always been possible for her as a guess.
Melisentia said on 11/Feb/16
Did you see Angelina Jolie and Wyona Ryder in "Girl, interrupted"? She is much taller than Wyona, who is 5.3 inches plus. She towers over her. Angelina is TALL. I believe the people on here do not truly know their measurements because if they did they would not be claiming Angelina is 5.5. Beyonece is 5.6 and she does not even look tall, but Angelina does.
HeightObsession said on 12/Jan/16
Definitely 5'6.5. I am the exact height as her - I am definitely 169cm. Saw her wax figure at the London Eye ticket area and measured our heights by going on my toes to match her heel height.
Fray said on 28/Dec/15
shut my window..don't know if post went through...

Anyway, if heels are @3" and Jack's shoes are 1.25" (maybe even 1/5" - can't tell clearly. I know heels - not sneakers), then height difference between them starts at 1.75" or 1.50".
I don't know either one's height, but maybe that helps.

Also - if she is tiny, then she just has some large feet on her for such a small frame/height. I didn't fit her, but had to get shoes for a shoot (I think it was @ the time of Salt) in sizes 40-41EU (US size 10 or 11).
oliver said on 23/Dec/15
Rob, how much does she weigh now? An article said she is 83 lbs recently and i think it's nonsense. If she is 83 lbs, her BMI will be 13.2 and she will die. She doesn't look that thin. She may weigh 120 lbs.
Editor Rob: this isn't the National Enquirer per chance ;)

Sometimes magazines or gossip sites do like to exaggarate things and use 'close sources' to confirm/deny rumours etc...

She doesn't look extra-thin or anything, I mean quite thin and how much over 100 pounds could be hard to say.
andre said on 2/Dec/15
5ft5 barefoot
BC said on 27/Nov/15
She's about 5'3, because in several photos with Jack Black (5'6) she's tall like him... wearing heels.
lol said on 6/Nov/15
I think she is a little over 5'6. She was about the same height as me maybe a little taller, though I was only wearing toms and I have bad posture.
Pipa said on 28/Sep/15 5'7? She isn't even the height that is listed here.

I saw her and i'm 5'7 in flats and she is WAY shorter than me. She has a pretty face even without make up (or little make up) but her face looks a little creepy at the same time( maybe plastic surgery?) her cheeckbones are very prominent and this looks a bit weird in real life.
However i was very disappointed...again, yes her face is pretty..but overall she has no "movie-star" appeal as i expected. Her hair is thin and frizzy..she clearly has an eating disorder..because she looks anorexic and malnutritioned (her vains are SOOO visible on her arms it's really disgusting). If she wouldn't be Angelina Jolie and you would se her on the street in regular clothes and with little make up you'd think she might be a herion addict or something. However sorry, but she is NO WAY even 5'5 and definitley not above it. Maybe 5'4.
MaryAnne said on 10/Sep/15
Rob can you add Gia Carangi? Angelina J. starred in a film named Gia devoted to her. She is for sure 5'7
bernie said on 7/Sep/15
Great post, pizzaman..same height as 5'6" J.Black with, i'd say, at least 3" advantage from her heels...and just 1" over 5'4" D.Hoffmann...
She not even close to 5'6.5"/ 5'7"....more like 5'4" and a little...
Needs a downgrade def.
Pizzaman said on 4/Sep/15
Click Here
Pizzaman said on 4/Sep/15
I think this is the most obvious photo to show she is 5'5" max. Everyone is in a straight line and Jack Black even has his legs crossed maybe losing 1", yet she is excactly the same heigh with nearly 3" footwear advantage.
dave said on 30/Aug/15
she isn't so tall. In his prime he was 165-166 5ft5. and his husband bredd solid 5ft 11
bernie said on 28/Aug/15
5'4"-5'5" max. she is taller than that..far away from the listing 5'6.5"...
blue said on 23/Aug/15
What do you think her inseam is?
Click Here
I would say 82/83cm its ok?
And for her weight (as lara C.) 60kg?
Thank you.
[Editor Rob: 81-2 might be possible. She isn't as thin in that photo as she has looked in more recent years. 59-60kg could be possible at her peak weight days, but she's several kilo's lighter now.]
Andrea said on 16/Jul/15
Rob, this has probably been already discussed, but how can she look barely taller than Jack Black IN HEELS? She can look not much more than 5'5 with him! What about 5'6 flat to begin with, which is still very conservative if you look at her with Jack?
[Editor Rob: I think she does (when standing tall) have a good2-2.5 inch on black while wearing heels which may well give her also 2-2.25 inch more than 5ft 6-6.5 range, anywhere in that is arguable.]
cuppo said on 30/Jun/15
seems equal in height to james mcavory with heels (in wanted)... what you think rob?
[Editor Rob: maybe mcavoy isn't in as flat a shoe as you'd expect? I wouldn't rule out not making James look taller in that film.]
Anon said on 26/Jun/15
@ Prada:

When did you meet her? And what did you mean by "average"?
the man said on 18/Jun/15
we just see her beauty and her behavior and her Scientific level.
jackie said on 13/Jun/15
she doesnt strike me as being very tall, though i can't imagine her being less than 5'6. still, i think she needs a downgrade here. not 5'6.5 in my opinion.
an anonymous peach said on 5/Jun/15
Why is Angeline only marginally taller than Jack Black when she's wearing heels? Either Jack Black is 5' 9-10" (lol) or Angelina is is 5' 4" or Jack Black wears lifts (which he's not known to do)
Prada said on 13/May/15
Saw her once, i am 5'7 and she was way way shorter than me..both of us in flats in New Orleans, i would say 5'4 or 5'5 max, no way taller than that. Suprisingly average, and her body is so little..she is way too thin, even thinner in real life, she does not look good. I was so disapointed.
bernie said on 30/Mar/15
She's in the 5'4"-5'5" range. Definately no more than 5'5" flatfooded!
Who thinks she taller like 5'6" or even 5'7" is living in a Dreamworld for sure....
Arch Stanton said on 28/Jan/15
Well that's utter BS Zee, as that would make Clint Eastwood a weak 5'9!!
Zee said on 26/Jan/15
I met her at a priemere and she was no lie about my height WITH heels on. I'm 5'6. I deffinetly think she's shorter, which comes as a surprise because she has long legs. Beautiful nonetheless and had surprisingly delicate features.
jamie179cm said on 16/Jan/15
@charlie lol lmao what made you think that?
Charlie said on 13/Jan/15
I thought she was 180cm...
Mel said on 30/Dec/14
Yeah I saw the pic of Angelina with Jack Black and she's about his height in heels. Brad Pitt is listed at 5'11" and in Mr and Mrs Smith when they are standing together she looks significantly shorter than him.
jamie179cm said on 3/Dec/14
sorry i wasn't ment to put my name in the comment lol
jamie179cm said on 2/Dec/14
jamie179cm ok 5ft5 is the max she definitely isn't taller than due to jack black being taller
jamie179cm said on 25/Nov/14
shes not over 5ft4 the pictures of jack black proof that jack is taller than her when shes in heels and hes in flats
Arch Stanton said on 29/Oct/14
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 28/Oct/14
Angelina at her prime, age 26 was 5 ft 7 and about 130 pounds in Tomb Raider, and her measurements were 36C - 26" or 27" waist - 36" Hips --these circumferential measurements agree volumetrically with 130-135 lbs. Some listings have her at 5 ft 8, but I think her peak was maybe a strong 5 ft 7, because all the early listings from the 90's have her at 5'7".

You do realise that she's still not even 40 LOL? I hardly think she's lost height.
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 28/Oct/14
Angelina at her prime, age 26 was 5 ft 7 and about 130 pounds in Tomb Raider, and her measurements were 36C - 26" or 27" waist - 36" Hips --these circumferential measurements agree volumetrically with 130-135 lbs. Some listings have her at 5 ft 8, but I think her peak was maybe a strong 5 ft 7, because all the early listings from the 90's have her at 5'7".
Arch Stanton said on 11/Oct/14
It's just Changeling rather that The Changeling too :-)
Arch Stanton said on 11/Oct/14
Rob can you add some photos like the Brad page, cheers.
[Editor Rob: one day, but most of her pics (well ones I can host) are with brad]
jamie179cm said on 6/Sep/14
look she is about 5ft4 i saw a picture some were of her being shorter than jack black in heels jack was in flats btw so rob how can she be 5ft6.5?
lalala said on 4/Sep/14
tomb says on 6/Jan/14
Hey Rob how much do you think she weighed in the first tomb raider?

I'm not Rob so I prob shouldn't be answering this, but I think 130-135 is closer to the truth. She carries her weight in her torso+appeared to be on the muscular side in that movie.
queenie said on 21/Aug/14
I always thought she was quite tall but was reading Jennifer Saunders' autobiography this week and she said she couldn't believe how 'titchy' she was when she met her in Cannes. Also referred to her as 'very small'.
Tom said on 17/Aug/14
Dear Rob I noticed you changed Angelina Jolie's height. You used to have her at 1.73. Why is that? You haven't met her in person else we would have a photograph. I also noticed (ang LOLed) that you have Jack O'Connell at 5.8 how is he 5.8? On heels? There are several photos of him on their new movie Unbroken and Jolie is in flats even Ballarina and she is the same height as him when he wears military boots. What's going on?
[Editor Rob: she's never been 173cm on here, but she was 170cm back at the start and then changed to 169 which she's sat at for a good number of years. I think 168-9cm is quite an arguable range for her.]
Spiderman said on 10/Aug/14
5'7" the most
Lara said on 7/Aug/14
Oh... Gerard Butler and Angelina (ignore the title :D )

Click Here

Jennifer and Gerard

Click Here
Lara said on 7/Aug/14
Jennifer A. and Jack Black
Click Here

Angelina and Jack

Click Here

Unrelated... But here's allegedly 5'7 Monica with Jack. However, keep in mind that Monica ALWAYS wears gigantic heels.

Click Here
Chris said on 2/Aug/14
Angodlina Jolie is 5ft 8 tall.
Jemma said on 17/Jul/14
Colleen Atwood, costume designer for The Tourist, would know her height better than anyone else. According to Colleen, "She's very, very, very small, quite fine boned and refined. She's probably 5'7 or 5'8, but she was six feet in heels."
jamieorr4 said on 7/Jun/14
come on guys shes no more than 55
Realist said on 6/Jun/14
@Arch Stanton: Schreibers figure is deceiving, he is flabby which makes him look shorter, he looks max 6'1.5 with 5'6.75 Jamie Bell in Defiance premier. If you compare him to 189 guys like Nicholas Hoult or Ashton Kutcher,you'd never think they are the same height. Angelina is 5'6.25.
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/14
She actually looked 5 ft 8 next to Schreiber in Salt, I mean no way did he look 8-9 inches taller, more like 6-7 inches, but in her barefoot scenes and chase scenes in her beanie hat she looked no more than 5 ft 6.
lorely said on 23/May/14
5 7.5 i guess...
SAK said on 16/May/14
Rob how tall is Jolie with those heels on? (The pics with Fanning).
[Editor Rob: I looked for side on Here...from side on I'd say they were close to giving actual 3 inches.]
Lara said on 15/May/14
She seems around 5'4 if you compare both her and J. Aniston next to Jack Black, keeping in mind the size of their heels. AJ and JA are aprox. the same height.
littlesue said on 14/May/14
Interesting pic with Ellie Fanning, Angie looks a fraction taller, similar heels on
[Editor Rob: there is some tilt in that one, you can see other ones In this gallery]
Arch Stanton said on 13/May/14
Rob can you add Girl, Interrupted? She won the Oscar for it. Looks a legit 5'7" in that film.
Pedro said on 11/May/14
Here is Angelina standing next to Elle Fanning: Click Here
Michele said on 9/May/14
I'm exactly 5'5" and I stood in line with her at an airport terminal. We were both wearing flat sandals and I'm absolutely sure she was spot on my height exactly. I was actually very surprised since I had envisioned her as being pretty statuesque and lanky, but she's on the slightly outer range of being petite like me.
Dean said on 9/May/14
Shorter! Make it.
jamieorr4 said on 31/Mar/14
theres no way she 5ft6.5 jack black was taller than her and she was in heels jack seem to be in flats she no more than 5ft4
StopHijackingMyNick said on 2/Mar/14
130 pounds at 5ft11.5? No offence Emily but that is almost dangerously skinny. For a girl your height 160 pounds would be ideal, most of us guys love love love curvy girls lol.
Dan said on 7/Jan/14
I think she claimed (or was listed as) 5'8" a few years back (around the release of the first Tomb Raider film). At the time I was willing to accept that, but now that I think about it, she doesn't seem to hit that height when standing next to other people.

5'6.5" might be a bit off in either direction - her frame makes me think she's taller, but standing next to others makes me think she's smaller.
tomb said on 6/Jan/14
Hey Rob how much do you think she weighed in the first tomb raider?
[Editor Rob: possibly between 120-25]
mouse said on 2/Jan/14
I saw Angelina and she was not tall at all!
Spock said on 30/Dec/13
Rob, please say something about those Jack Black pics, 169? theres no way :/
[Editor Rob: 168 could be nearer the mark]
Emily said on 22/Dec/13
I have almost no body fat, and i'm very skinny too. I weigh about 130-135 pounds at almost 6 ft height. I think this is another factor which makes my head appear big.
jordydecke said on 21/Dec/13
@emily do you have a pic of your head? I would say she has quite a wide face, although maybe looks more so due to her low body fat percentage.
Emily said on 20/Dec/13
I wonder how wide (cm/inches) her face is. Her cheekbones are obviously the widest part of her face. I guess my head isn't big at all (in length), but i have the same face type as Angie (my cheekbones are the widest part of my face, and they're about 14 cm). Guess that's what makes me think my head is so big.
The Jez said on 17/Dec/13
I have met both of them in person, I was shocked by how tiny she seemed because I thought she would be way taller. I wouldn't put her any taller than 5'5" either. Maybe even 5'4". He seemed average height of 5'10-6'.0.
Nadya said on 27/Nov/13
5"5 is correct in my opinion
little sue said on 2/Nov/13
I have one of those of Daniel Craig from Casino Royale and its about 6ft 2. They can make them as big or short as they want, probably because they both action hero#s in these films they make them appear taller
Sotos said on 1/Nov/13
Okay I have a life size Standee from her Tomb Raider movies and they are both 1.75 cm. They do add a couple of cm from the buttom plus another 1.5 cm if you count the boot heel but she is 1.72 at least. And it is a life size standee. I have the first one from this link Click Here
John95 said on 1/Nov/13
Jolie: 165 cm
Pitt: 175.5 cm
(both evening height)
I'm 100 percent sure that Jolie is max 166 cm, and that means Pitt is around 176-177 cm.
He is NOT 5 inches taller than her.
Sarah said on 30/Oct/13
I think her head is long(Oval shaped) and she has a skinny frame, giving her the illusion of a bigger head. I noticed women with an oval face shape look like they have larger heads. Mine is a diamond (the face shape with the highest cheekbones- think Native American) and my face looks quite small. I also have a 17.5 bmi so I'm in the slim side. It's just women with oval face shapes (supposedly the perfect face shape like Mona Lisa)- I think it's called the golden ration.
Emily said on 29/Oct/13
@Arch Stanton Now that you mention it, i see it too. I have very wide cheekbones too, they're actually the widest part of my face, but i'm not sure this can create the illusion of having a big head.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Oct/13
@Emily. Yes her head doeslook large, it's a mixture if her ultra skinny frame and the fact that she has very broad cheekbones, a strait which she inherits from her father which can make her head seem bigger.
Mony said on 9/Oct/13
Do you mean inches or cm?
Imetangelinajolie said on 6/Oct/13
I've seen angelina I'm 166cm she a couple of inches taller than me and she was wearing flats
johnny said on 27/Sep/13
This site has a lot heights pretty spot on but 169cm is 5 cm taller than she really is. Don't know why you keep her at that height. 5'8'' Jonny Lee Miller (who you have wrongly listed as 5'10'') has 4 inches on her.
SK said on 1/Sep/13
Kik, just because she played a model in a movie doesn't mean she's at least 5'8". Naomi Watts is only 5'4", but she's playing Princess Diana, who was at least 5'9".
truth said on 26/Aug/13
She is 166cm and Brad Pitt is 179cm, He is 5 inches taller.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jul/13
There is a barefoot scene in the nuthouse in Changeling where it's really hard to buy that she's over 5'6".
Sal said on 19/Jul/13
I am 5.7 and. I saw her and have pictures with her and she is half a head taller than me. She wore heels but she must be like me. She wore short heels
julie said on 18/Jul/13
I've actually stood next to her and worked on a project for her and she's about 5'4", maybe 5'5" max -- I'm 5'9" and I was far taller than she was. (Very nice person by the way.)
Emily said on 28/May/13
Rob, do you think she has a big head? I noticed it is pretty big, even enhanced by her very skinny frame. 9,25 inches long?
[Editor Rob: maybe 9 inch, I don't think it looks huge, although with her ultra skinny frame at times, maybe there is a sense of her head being bigger than you think?]
little sue said on 17/May/13
The heels she has on with Hague would only give her about 1.75 inches at the most, they are only about 3 inches high with no platform
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/13
Obviously I'm assuming flats because she'd hardly wear heels to such a place and she's suddenly shrunk 3.5-4 inches from the photo further up and showing her real height!
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/13
I hadn't noticed the lower pictures but on location they're both in flats and you can see how much height Jolie is getting from those heels. The photos are right at the bottom. Hague is 5'10 ish I think so I think 5'6" and a bit is what she is, almost 4 inches.
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/13
William Hague is about 5 ft 10 I think and Jolie is fractionally shorter than him in heels, I think he'd be about 5'10.5" in those low dress shoes and might be a bit under 5'10" but he's near that mark you can tell. Click Here scroll down. I think the heels would give her 3.5 inches maybe. If she is reaching about 5 ft 10 in those sort of heels (she looked it next to Eastwood) then I'd say she is somewhere between 5 ft 6 and 7 barefoot. I think this is spot on actually.
perry said on 13/May/13
5' 5"
Claudia said on 7/May/13
Well, what about this? Oliver Martinez is stated 174 cm here, and here are two photos from Taking Lives premiere and Jolie is in heels and she is SHORTER than Oliver even in heels.
Click Here

Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 8/Apr/13
LOL, 160 cm. She's within 3 inches of Clint Eastwood's height in sizeable heels, a woman that short wouldn't come close. The lowest she could possibly be is 5'5.5" and I rarely see her look that short. Yes she looks shorter next to Jack Black but look at the majority of photos where she is reaching near 5'10" in heels. She's around 5'6".
Average Joe said on 4/Apr/13
Click Here Zack Black minus 2-3 inches is Jolie's height, so she is no taller than 5'4 if Jack Black is 5-6.
truth178cm said on 31/Mar/13
She seems average height; 5ft5 without shoes 5ft6 with them, 5ft8 in heels. Pitt is 5ft10, 5ft11 in shoes.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/13
Stop lying about height in Hollywood. She is not 5.7 she is 5.6 flat so she is average.Is time to downgrade.
lara girl said on 20/Mar/13
And how tall for you does she look here?

Click Here
Anna said on 3/Mar/13
She's definitely 5.5. I saw her when she was shaking hands with the crowd at TIFF September 2011.
Kik said on 21/Feb/13
She played a model, so she has to be 5.8 at least.
lady said on 3/Feb/13
modeling height stats are 90% of the time total BS. Just look up any model in one agency, then compare those stats to other agencies she's listed at.Jennifer A is 5'4ish. Angie is between 5'5.5 to 5'6.5. She is extremely skinny, and has long legs to a short torso making her look taller.Look at pics of AJ in flats compared to Brad, heels can be pretty deceiving since you can never be sure how tall they really are.
EAS said on 1/Feb/13
Angelina Jolie is 5'8 people NOT 5'6 nor is she 5'6.5. 5'7 and a half would be acceptable, but she is clocked at 5'8 on her modeling stats. With 3-4" heels she's darn near 6ft tall. You can see that when she's satnding next to Brad Pitt. Jennifer A is 5'6 for future reference.
JHL said on 25/Jan/13
She is 5'7" same height as Jane Fonda, Pamela Anderson and Oprah .....5'7" is not is average height
john said on 19/Jan/13
angelina jolie is so thin....seriously she is not made for action movies..she can't even beat a normal are far apart..
Joliepitt said on 14/Jan/13
Look at this photo:

Click Here

Angelina and Natalie look like they were standing together side by side, Portman is 160cm so how high is Jolie????
Charles said on 13/Jan/13
Could you update her height? We all know she's far below 169, rather 165, wanna more proofs?
little sue said on 11/Jan/13
Gillian's shoes would give more height than Angelina's though it proves she can't be much over 5ft 6.
Guest said on 11/Jan/13
Hey check out this photos with Gillian Anderson, according to your site she's 159cm, so I think Angelina has 165cm. Notice they are both in heels

Click Here

Click Here
Original said on 2/Jan/13
Jolie heights is 164, 165 or 166
Pitt can be 12 or 13 taller.
Spock said on 29/Dec/12
Theres no way that she is 1.69, Angelina has admitted that she is short, and 1.69 is the height of a "tall" woman. Rob, what do you say about that pic with Jack Black? Jolie is more like 1.60 and Pitt 1.77, i think.
[Editor Rob: jolie can certainly look 5ft 6 flat]
Peyman said on 28/Dec/12
@ Joey ,
165_166 is not short my friend , It's well above average .
Angelina is 167cm with full posture & above average but she's skinny & has longish legs that makes her appear tallish.
Calling her short just makes me laugh.
Also pitt seems like a 6footer with his lifts on
176 is just too short for him , solid 178 is spot on IMO
Joey said on 27/Dec/12
i go with 165-166cm without heels she is short...and pitt is only 176cm-176cm without his hidden heel lift shoes
Peyman said on 27/Dec/12
I think in Tourist she was taller than johny depp with heels on , not sure though.
I'm pretty sure that he doesn't measure under 5'9'' even at lowest .
So maybe 5'7'' for angelina jolie
but the pics sent by the visitors destroys any 5ft 6in+ chance for her.
So , I'll say 167cm end of the story
& pitt is still 5ft 10.25in in my book
little sue said on 26/Dec/12
So is Kate Moss and she barely 5ft 6!
anonangel said on 24/Dec/12
She was a model. She is at least 5'8"
johnny said on 10/Dec/12
wolfgang puck the famous hollywood restaurant chef says that everyone has the perception that angelina jolie is a really tall and strong but she's actually tiny. he said that in a documentary about his life on austrian tv (she often comes to his restaurant). also her ex-husband johnny lee miller who is barely 5'9 towers over her. she can't be more than 5'5.
zz said on 6/Dec/12
with macgregor...she is wearing heels.
Click Here
kiki said on 29/Nov/12
I have seen her up close she is Tiny I am 5'2 and A.J. can't be more than 5'4- 5'5
its true , she has unrealistic body proportions she is very slender hence tiny , delicate in person. First thing I noticed how tiny she is and how much prettier she is in person and shes got incrediable energy.
yasdnil said on 25/Nov/12
I came face to face with her at a wildlife park in Kent a couple of weeks ago and was surprised she wasn't taller. I am 5'3" and she was a couple of inches taller - no more.
zz said on 21/Nov/12
its so clear next to Jack black and alpacino!! she is 5,3 or 5,4 max!!
jamieorr4 said on 5/Nov/12
rob why do you ignore the proof of Angelina Jolie being under 56.5 look at her next to jack black shes the same height but she has heels on and we don't even know if jack really is 56
[Editor Rob: for sure she could be no more than 5ft 6, 5ft 5 I'm not as sure she'd measure just that height.]
kevin said on 4/Nov/12
with jack black its obvious shes not 169 cm.
worked closely said on 2/Nov/12
5'6.5 ? Are you kidding me? Yeah! Angelina Jolie looks tall but she is not that tall, trust me she's def 5'5"
Davidp said on 1/Nov/12
5'6 or 5'5 1/2"
DanMan said on 27/Oct/12
She looks 5'8" with heels on. Great example is when standing next to his 6'1" brother.
Pinky said on 21/Oct/12
I thought she was 5'7, but after seeing these pictures:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I think the people who knew her(lucky you!)and says 5'5, they are right.
Anyway, for me it's great that she doesn't always wear high heels with platform and that she's not afraid to go with flat shoes like the people who are not celebrities.
sabot said on 27/Sep/12
I think this will proof that she is under 5 ft 6...
She is the same height as Jack Black who is listed 5'6 here, WITH high heels.
Click Here
little sue said on 7/Sep/12
Well 5ft 4 is the average height for someone over 30 in Britain, I would put 5ft 3 as under average and 5ft 5 as over. 5ft 6 to me would be a fairly tall. If you say 5ft 6 is average then you have to say the same about someone 5ft 2.
Kristy said on 6/Sep/12
How is five foot six short? I thought five foot three was average? Wouldn't that make Angelina tall? Um
@Editor Rob, Is five foot three considered average for a female?
heya said on 23/Aug/12
I always thought she was taller than that, probably 1.75-1.77. Disappointed. She is still beautiful though!!
Rach said on 9/Aug/12
She's tall.5 7 or 5 8
amela said on 2/Aug/12
i saw her in sarajevo, i can tell you that she has almost unrealistic figure proportions and i think she's probably shorter than average girl in sarajevo (or close to average). she was shorter than most average girls on the streets where she went, but she's really underweight! her bra size isn't that big like people think although it could be the dress that i couldn't see it well, but her waist is so tiny, it's like she wears corset or something, her hips look bigger because she has tiny waist!
my guess of her height is about 165cm because i was wearing flats and was close where she went, so i did the calc and removed her estimated heel height and that should be it, i could be wrong in one cm up or down though. that is about 5'5" by american measures or maybe a cm more if i did a conversion well, thank you.
oh and just to say that she's really a great person, and she's very kind!
Celia said on 31/Jul/12
I've met her, she was standing right next to my friend & me and she was really short. I'd say well below 169 cm.
India said on 23/Jul/12
Met her! I'm 5'6' and she seemed about an inch shorter. I'd say she's a solid 5'5' but no more. Both my friends and I were surprised at how petite she actually was.
Really great woman!
Shaun said on 12/Jun/12
Ellen Degeneres is a weak 5'7" more 5'6.5" probably. Jolie looks as if she'd be 5'6"-5'6.5" as in her biggest heels she comes close to 5'10".
Yessir said on 12/Jun/12
She's 5'7 the same height as Ellen degenerous
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Feb/12
5'6 is closer...
Justin said on 15/Oct/07
well i still think shes looks good no matter if she is short. but i dont believe that she is 5.6 or 5.7
Oh nd lady was Ellen on heels?
Lady said on 30/Sep/07
She looks a lot shorter than 169. Ellen is listed here as 5'6" (or something like that). Angelina Jolie was on her show, in heels, and looked round about the same height as Ellen.

Heres the link on you tube. Click Here
Evanna said on 30/Sep/07
Kay, Casey Affleck ain't barefoot there, you know...
Justin said on 29/Sep/07
no way she looks much taller that that
Kay said on 28/Sep/07
Okay let’s use Brad Pitt as a gauge. Here is a picture of Brad Pitt with Casey Affleck who is listed at 5 ft 8.25 reaches the middle of Pitt's forehead. Click Here .
And now a picture of Brad Pitt with AJ who is listed at 5 ft 6.75 and wearing at least a 2’ heel and reaches around Pitt's eyebrows Click Here She can’t be 5’7 wearing 2’ heels and still be like 4-5 inches shorter than a 5’11 Pitt. AJ is around 5’5.
Arun1 said on 27/Sep/07
What a load of BS. She was never an athlete....she wanted to be a mortician...she was weird even as a young one. And this is to ed Rob...I have met her personally on set of Good Shepard and I can confirm that her height is 5'6 and that is being GENEROUS...more like 5'5 1/2!!!! Please do post this for all those who doubt her real height
Chris said on 25/Sep/07
ANgelina Jolie is descrbied in articel I read as:

"A childhood athlete, her body, at five foot seven, is slender, shapely, long-limbed"
chloe said on 22/Sep/07
I know this is a delayed reaction but, I saw Angelina for the First time this past week, entering a Borders Bookstore in NYC with Zahara and brother Pax. As soon as she got out of her Escalade-I was surprised at how petite and smaller she was in person(as most celebs are when you see them in person-Tom Cruise was another shocker). I was about 4 ft. from her-there were only about 7 Paparazzi there, so I had a good up -close look at her. I have many girlfriends who are 5"7 and 5"8 and she's just not. I am 5"3 and she was barely 2.5 inches taller than me. My taller friens slightly tower over me and she didn't. I was expecting this statuesque bombshell-but she was much smaller and fragile looking than I imagined-she is very pretty though and super, super skinny!And just for the record, I have seen Brad twice, up close and he is barely 6ft. tall..later..
Evanna said on 13/Sep/07
Weren't you and Frodo supposed to travel to Mount Doom to destroy that ring? Oh no, now you're possessed forever! :)
Evanna said on 13/Sep/07
Rob you are the coolest! Too bad I'm married.

[Editor Rob: all the good ones usually are... As you can see with that 'mysterious' hand, which may or may not be mine ;)]
Evanna said on 13/Sep/07
No need for petition Oscar, Rob will never downgrade Angie to 5'6", the quarter he knocked off her height is the best you'd ever get. Nor he will ever downgrade Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria... I'm not sure if that's got to do with them being really hot, or Rob just feels sorry for them ;)

[Editor Rob: I've been fully aware for 2 years that angie in decent heels is for instance shorter than greg itzin who is a 176 man.

Maybe folk should keep checking back every month or so, one day another 1/4 could vanish into thin air!]
oscar said on 12/Sep/07
Rob, should all in favor or Ms. Jolie being downgraded by an inch petition to you? It's a joke so do not take it personally. I thought it would be funny to write it dow. It seems like too many people have seen her and looked at the pictures and even Glenn in his comment on Sept 9th admitted that it is a possibility that Ms. Jolie is at most 5'6. Even if her height posted by you is only an approximation I would like to suggest that 5'6 would make a much better quess or an estimate. What do you think ;-)
she aint tall said on 12/Sep/07
i just saw her saturday night with brad. She is MUCH shorter than him. And much shorter than me and I'm 5'8". She is AT THE MOST 5'5". END OF STORY.
glenn said on 10/Sep/07
you met her brad? if not,dont be so sure.
brad1 said on 9/Sep/07 make a very good argument. I have been trying to tell people couple of times she is TOPS 5'51/2 (Ellen Degeneres video the best example) but you really do give an even more convinsicng argument. Why then ed Rob is she given the extra inch when clearly she is rather short???
glenn said on 9/Sep/07
you could be right oscar.i dont know.i still dont know why she gave me the illusion of 5-10,3 years ago in doc martin type boots.i thought she had to be 5-8.saw her recently and she seemed 5-6.5 to 5-7.
oscar said on 9/Sep/07
Glenn on all of the pictures of Angie and Brad and there are 100s of them with different angles different poses the top of her head on average always reaches Brad eyebrow level and that is at the highest. This is 4" difference according to Rob calculation on Orlando Bloom on this site then add 4" heels which she always wears which add to her height 3" also according to Rob calculations on this site and this makes at most 7" difference between them. Since Brad is between 5'11 and with heals/lifts so at most 6'1 she cannot be more than 5'6. I know that a few pictures don't count but a 100 that show consistenty the same difference need to be taken into consideration. Please respond Glenn I am curious what you think.
glenn said on 8/Sep/07
she is between 5-6 and 5-7.i also thought and saw 5-8.there is no way she would be 5-11,6ft in heels anyway.thats ludicrous.heels dont do that.
glenn said on 8/Sep/07
lisa-no.when nobody cared about her.i was semi she turns me down nicely with 20 photogs chasing her in my way.its tough.
oscar aka o said on 7/Sep/07
Lisa, Angie is super skinny. A woman of 5'7 - 5'8 with legs like hers would look anorexic and Angie does not. She is no taller than 5'5 - max 5'5.5. Looking at all of the pictures of her standing next to Brad she cannot be 5'7 because with 4" heels she would be 5'11-6" and look almost equal in height to him. She usually looks 4" shorter then Brad, even is he has 2" heals/lifts.
Lisa said on 30/Aug/07
hey glenn, do you have any picture of you with angie jolie?
I think she's around 5'8 or 5'9, she has these freaking tall legs , she is definitely no shorter than 5'8.
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
She's 5'6. I'm sure of it coz I met her twice in Sierra leone and I'm 5'5 so there's no way in hell that she's taller than 5'6
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/07
She's 5'6. I'm sure of it coz I met her twice in Sierra leone and I'm 5'5 so there's no way in hell that she's taller than 5'6
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/07
hey if shes 5'6, then brad pitt in mr an ms smith, he presents as 5'8 5'9
Bad Radio said on 24/Aug/07
I still say 5'6.
anonymous said on 19/Aug/07
Here: Click Here in the pictres she looks kind of tall but notice how she wears her pants or should I say trousers ;-) , they drag on the ground. She is wearing flats here but because her pants are slim and super long they make her look TALLER than she really is. I am sure that in time Glenn/Rob will downgrade here, they just need THE PROOF. P.S. Check out her forehead it screams BOTOX!!! LOL
one said on 19/Aug/07
"So 5’5 sounds about right for AJ"

that's true, she's very thin and looks like tall, in real she looks tiny , because she's not very tall. i would say she is more 5.5~ than 5.6

i like her, but for me she's not beautiful, she's just tiny pretty woman
anonymous said on 15/Aug/07
fan. no matter what you write or show. take for instance the mug shot of jolie with exact height marked people will still claim otherwise. i used to get existed about what i though was "the true" height being posted on this site. now i am just disappointed. i still check the site out of curiosity. everyone is entitled to an opinion. as robert heinleini said "never underestimate power of human stupidity." p.s. the last sentence is a metaphor. if it offended anyone, it means it was misunderstood.
Fan said on 15/Aug/07
Alex have you met her??????? I have, and also shook hands with her!!!!!!!! So, LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN ......HER HEIGHT IS 5'6 MAXIMUM.Are you and Glenn going to argue with those of us who have actually interacted with her. Do explain yourselves please because it seems you are getting away with giving inaccurate information to the readers!
Alex said on 14/Aug/07
Glenn I think you're very correct on her height. 5'6 minimum, 5'7 at the most. 5'6.5 most likely.
Francois said on 14/Aug/07
To Freya! Are you aware that the wax figures ARE NOT ACCURATE HEIGHT!!!!!!!!!
Some are shorter others taller. Also, I can honestly claim that Madame Jolie IS NOT 5'7 but close to 5'6. For purposes of discretion I can not give more detail but to editor Rob please do believe me when I say that your site OVER ESTIMATES this nice lady's height by an inch. 5'5 1/2 is indeed her EXACT height!!!!Merci
glenn said on 14/Aug/07
thank you freya.i admit she was shorter than i saw in the past,but she is still 5-6 to 5-7.more closer on the 5-6.5.
Freya said on 13/Aug/07
I have never met Angelina in person, but I recently went to London's Madame Tussauds were her waxwork is the same height as me - 5ft7. Hope this helps, p.s. glenn i believe you!! xx
glenn said on 13/Aug/07
i sincerly hope you have a lovely comments applies to drama queens.and male drame queens too.i guess it didnt apply to you.much love to you too :-)
HRH said on 12/Aug/07
Aaaah people I am not mean. Did I or did I not say that I was a fan of shorties(short is cute,average is nice & tall is elegant) Anonymous I was not launching a personal attack, it is just not my style sweetie and I never would. My humour is a little tongue in cheek, I am sure I read that Glenn was 5'8. The problem is, is that you all get so serious and think that everybody has an angle. To answer your other question, how am I qualified to judge a celebs height. I have a great deal of experience in portrait drawing, proportions are a very important part of this. People of certain heights have similar proportions, for example most tall women have fairly long necks, pear shaped women often have longer torsos, long necks and shorter legs (before any of you start this does not make them any less beautiful!), apple shaped women are the opposite. By the way I have a lovely life thanks :o) Glenn & Anon sending you both hugs xxxxx
glenn said on 10/Aug/07
thank you might be right.what i mean by get a life is when fans of any celebs dont like what i say and get on my case when 95 percent of the time they never met their idol or any my peers and friends who have met celebs say,"they dont know cause they never met them".ball of some people.
anonymous said on 10/Aug/07
HRH don't be mean and say that Glenn is not 5'8". That is a personal attack and why even bother to post here if that is what you are all about. Glenn to answer your question she can look 5'7" depending on what she is wearing, etc... there are other clebs. who look taller because of their body build and the clothes they are wearing. But I did just meet her and really she is not above 5'6". I saw our reflections in a mirror on the wall and unless I am 5'6.75" and I am not because I measured myself after I got home because I thought that I miraculously grew taller, she must be around 5'5", the same height as me. We stood arm in arm with no heals, well she had maybe .5" heals on and I had .25" on my flip-flops. I have never met her before so I was actually surprised when I saw that we were about the same height. And there could have been .5" difference one way or another so I would not be suprised if she was 5'6". But 5 ft 6.75 is not correct. Also, 5'5" - 5' 6" is not short and not petite. The petite line of clothes is made for women 5'3" and under. Sooo having said that her height on this site is incorrect but as Glenn says "get a life everyone" :-)
glenn said on 10/Aug/07
your right im 5-6.if you dont know how tall i am,you shouldnt even judge a celebrities.jolie was shorter than i remembered recently,but still gave a 5-6ish impression.for the record,i know people that know yes,i have talked to her.she gave me a 5-10 impression once in doc marten type boots thats mustve had heels on it.get a life everyone.she never looks 5-7? please.
HRH said on 10/Aug/07
If Angelina was 5'7 then why is she 4 inches shorter then Val Kilmer (6') in 3.5 - 4 inch heels? Also if you look at the height difference between Jen & Brad, and then Angelina & Brad it is about the same. There is barely anything between Gwen and Brad in flats so how can he be 5'11? I reckon that original model card was right 5'4. By the way by 16 women have usually stopped growing, men usually carry on to 21. I am sorry Glenn but there is no way you are 5'8 you look like a shortie, don't worry though short guys are cute.
anonymous said on 10/Aug/07
I live in Chicago and I have seen at her a Penisula Hotel two days ago (108 E Superior St) where her family is staying. My friend is the liquor manager there so I was able to get it and "wait" for him in the lobby. I walked up to Angie as she was leaving and said hello, she was SUPER NICE and SWEET and she looked great. Too bad she has her sunglassed on almost all the time. It is hard to see her face. I agree with Fan she as at most 5.6". She does have really skinny legs, almost no calf muscles which makes them look long, hence her seeming taller than she really is. I am not sure if Glenn ( given his profession and from what he says that he is always around her with a crowd of paparazzis) had a chance to stand next to her and talk to her. Glenn for you being 5'8" it would be easy to see that she is shorter than you with flats, and about your height when she has 3-4" heels. She was wearing a skirt and black flats with about 1" heal at most. I am 5'5.5" and I was wearing flip-flops and I fetl stupid because for a few seconds I checked our reflexions and we were the same height. Take it as you want but her heigh on this site is wrong. To be fair and not make a stupid claim about how tall she exactly is I will say that she is anywhere between 5'5"-5'6".
Fan said on 10/Aug/07
Glenn! I am sorry to break it to you. I have met Miss Jolie on several occasions in New Orleans and I can HONESTLY tell you she DEFINiTELY NOT TALLER THAN 5'6. Please STOP arguing with those of us who have met her, talked with her, and shaken her hand especially since YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE BEFOE BY CLAIMINg 5'8 ONLY TO TAKE BACK THAT COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!.
azz said on 10/Aug/07
i think she is 5.55,just look at the picture with pitt,if he is 5.10 why she is still a few inches smaller than him while she is with 3 inches heels?she should be downgraded
glenn said on 9/Aug/07
no way in hell is she shorter than 5-6.i say she is close to 5-7.

[Editor Rob: someone was talking about condoleeza...she actually claimed herself to be 5ft 8, jolie isn't really shorter, but she is tricky, sometimes I can see how people think 5ft 5...]
anonymous said on 8/Aug/07
Angie is 5'5" on a good day. People are very naive to believe she is any taller. It's Hollywood, after all! Everyone should know by know that heights in Hollywood are grossly exaggerated. She's obviously very thin and you never see her without at least 3 inch heals on, which gives the illusion of height, explaining why people think she is tall.
anonymous said on 8/Aug/07
On the picture with Ms. Rice, Angie is wearing about 2 inches higher shoes, look at their heel size. Ms. Rice is listed 5'8" on "internet movie database" where Angie is also listed 5'8". Most people on that site have their height listed about 2” higher then what Rob posts. If Angie is 5'8" she would look as tall as Brad in their pictures since she is always wearing 3-4” heals: 6". Brad listed here at 5'11" with heals is also 6". Also, look at pictures the post from 5/Aug/07; she does looks petite compared to the man next to her who is probably around 6'1"- 6'2" with shoes and she has at least 2” heels (pic with Mad).
Anonymous said on 8/Aug/07
Condi Rice is listed as 5'8" and so is Angelina, but the latter is noticeably taller in this picture:

Click Here

I think Angie is a legit 5'8". There's no way she's "petite". She's really tall.
coco said on 7/Aug/07
Last weekend, a friend of mine, who is a policeman, saw Brad and Angie on the beach at Malibu with their kids. My friend said that Angie was "very petite". I asked him what that translated into as far as height and he said "about 5'3" or so" and "really thin" but that she's just as beautiful in person. He said that when Brad Pitt took off his shirt, it put any other man to shame because he's "really ripped".
anonymous said on 5/Aug/07
Here: Click Here she looks quite short compared the guy in a red thirt who can't be is wearing heals with his shorts. She wearing about 2' heals and her head reaches to the bottom of his ears give or take an inch . Her heals with the same outfit: Click Here Gleen, you said that she looks "tall" and maybe she does next to 5'10, 5'11 an average height guys. Next to a men who is 6'2 she does not appear more than 5'5. I was suprised that K. Dunst in only 5'5.5 She has REALY long legs and she looks at least 5'7. I think it is the same case with Jolie.
Queen of Sheba said on 1/Aug/07
What is this handbags at dawn? For goodness sakes it is only a meisurement!!! Rule of thumb, take two inches off of a star's "official" height and you have their true height! Now put your handbags away and chill. Peace xx
Glenn said on 1/Aug/07
Well said Sophia.I get defensive cause I get attacked on the site alot.sorry that I dont examine peoples posts.dont have time.again,thank you for clarifying your words.sorry for my backlash.Ive been meeting celebs for 17 years.not for watching.
anonymous/Sophia said on 1/Aug/07
Rob, where is the "bolded" word "estimation"? I am sorry but I have never seen it. This is the only information about Angie you posted" US Actress from Tomb Raider. There is possiblity she is 169cm." I use Firefox so maybe it does not show. Still, if there is such note, you may want to make it more visible. Thanks to responding to my posting! I really appreciate it.

[Editor Rob: bottom of every page on the site in the footer, its just there as a small reminder that everything is an estimation.]
anonymous/Sophia said on 1/Aug/07
P.S. I just re-read what I wrote and nowhere in my post I said, "you never met these celebs". I just asked you" Did you stand next to Angie the last time she went to the doctor and had her height measured?" Again, you made me bad enough to go back and re-examine over and over again my post ;-) It may be helpful if you read the posts more carefully before getting so defensive. Again I am SORRY if I offended YOU.
anonymous/Sophia said on 1/Aug/07
Dear Glenn: it was not my intention to cause havoc on your/Rob's website. Also I called you claim "rather ignorant" which does not imply that YOU ARE IGNORANT. We all make claims that are ignorant at different points in our lives so I do not understand why you are upset. As I said: " I apologize for the choice of words, this is not a personal attack on you." Perhaps it would be better to use "unknowledgeable." Again I am sorry if I was out of line. I am a software developer and to take my mind off of boggling programming I browse the Internet for blogs because I find them very entertaining. Still, I am a scientist and if I see make people's claims that have no scientific basis I cannot help myself but to react to them. No matter how much experience you have meeting these people; based on the principles of science you cannot claim their exact height unless you measure it. These are the facts of the universe. Furthermore you give people like Alex to make claims that also have no basis in factual evidence. On the other hand, what about people on this site who include links to hundreds of pictures where Angie again "only looks" shorter then 5'7 people. A hundred pictures showing the same thing is at least some evidence and still you and Rob decide to completely ignore them. You never even bother to respond to them, which I find very interesting. This is my last post on this site. Enjoy your discussions and good luck with you profession of "celebrity-watching" (again no sarcasm here). I think your job is a lot of fun!

[Editor Rob: you are correct on not being able to say with absolute certainty someone's height unless measured. You can guess to a range, with varying degrees of certainty in your own mind. Although every page here has the words estimation bolded.

the probability of Jolie being 5ft 6.75 to you might be slimmer compared to 5ft 6, which is fine.]
Glenn said on 1/Aug/07
YOUR ignorant cause you never met these celebs.I see them in heels,sandals,boots,shoes and even slippers! you judge by watcing DVDs,yet Im ignorant by meeting them in the flesh? what gives? its people like you that start trouble on site.I await your rebuttle.make it constructive.not obnoxious.
Glenn said on 1/Aug/07
Anonymous,if you had posted a name,that would be nice.unlike most here,as opossed to alike,I achieved alot in 17 years of meeting celebs.maybe its bogus,maybe Im a bum,and its not fruitfully monetary,but unlike sharp talkers,I MET these celebs repeatedly.reading posts and emails and not being able to understand ones tone and phrasing is a normal and common mistake.and rude comments hiding behind a computer is commonplace too.Brad and Vaj are banned from the site for life now cause of Im not accusing you of wrongdoing,just realise we all make mistakes.I can make alot.but construtive criticism from a no name is futile at best to far your a gentleman.
Kay said on 1/Aug/07
If AJ is 5’7 then she should be the same height as Rosario Dawson who is listed at 5’7, but if you look at this pic Click Here Rosario Dawson looks at least 1’ taller, and AJ heels are higher. So 5’5 sounds about right for AJ.
Here are pic of both their shoes
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Felix said on 31/Jul/07
I actually agree with you anonymous although Im sure Glenn does his best to keep it accurate and objective. Your right though I mean a person shrinks a little at night. I wish they published a book having everyones height by a doctor it buy it lol.
anonymous said on 31/Jul/07
ALEX, if you read my post carefully you would see the statement: "Glenn, I DO NOT disagree with you" but alike Glenn you make just as ridiculous claim based on your perception: "I just can't see her under the 5'6 mark" How do you "see" that? You also must be clairvoyant when it comes to telling people's height in which case I rest my case. All I want to do is bring some logic into people's claims about someone's height. You should visit Brad's section on the site OMG that is just free for all, I could not stop laughing when I kept reading some of the comments. And also you seem to contradict yourself in your post because on 28/Jul/07 you complain about people infalting their height, what makes you think that celebrities are any different? They are only human despite what America wants them to be: demigods.
Alex said on 31/Jul/07
I agree with Glenn. I just can't see her under the 5'6 mark. Thats bare minimum height for her.
anonymous said on 30/Jul/07
Glenn, I DO NOT disagree with you but the way you assert your claim makes you look rather ignorant ( I apologize for the choice of words, this is not a personal attact on you). Did you stand next to Angie the last time she went to the doctor and had her heignt measured? Perhaps you are clairvoyant when it comes to telling people's height? All I know is that from the simple standpoint of probability theory unless you make the measurement and show the prove only then you can present it as a fact i.e. the truth. There is nothing certain about what you say so your words "no way" are plain silly. If people who argue about inches on this site just sat down and thought for a moment they would realize that no one in reality knows how tall most of the celebrities posted on this site are. But then this site would not exist in this particular form. Honestly, how do you know that she is not 5ft 5.75in. That would make her not much but still "way" under 5'6 ;-) Do you know what I am try to say? UNLESS it is your stategy to incourage people like jacke kiloski to make crazy claims based on "bumping" into one of the most pursued celebrity at this time, I applode you and it is different case all together and that is how you and Rob keep this site going and you probably have many good laughts readying the posts. Whatever rocks you boat boys!!!
Glenn said on 30/Jul/07
Jolie is no way smaller than 5-6.
anonymous said on 29/Jul/07
jackie kiloski, just by comparing how tall, on average, she stands next to Brad (~5'11) in all of their pictures, with both of them wearing heals, her 3'-4' , him 1'-1/1/2' , the top of her head in most pictures reaches the top of his ears making the difference between them around 7'-7'1/2 which adds up to Angie being around 5'5. This is calculating their height with their heals on. Also, she does not look 5'2 -5'3 in any of the pictures and there are thousands of them. If you compare Angie's pictures to pictures of other actresses who are 5'2-5'3 take for example Reese Witherspoon, Lucy Liu or Kelly Ripa, the last one also very tiny Angie just looks plain taller. I would not put her above 5'6 like she is listed here and since none of us (not even Rob and Glenn) really knows how tall she really is, anywhere between 5'4 -5'6 is a possibility. Finally given paparazzi's insane hunt for anywhere Angie goes and anything she does I find it very difficult to believe that you just "bumped" into her w/o noticing her.
Alex said on 28/Jul/07
Also, one of my friends who claim 6'4 is more 6'3. Another claims to be 5'9.5-5'10 while he's about 5'8. But at least those are off 1-2 inches, those 3-5 inch inflations kill me.
jackie kiloski said on 28/Jul/07
I actually bumped into Angie on Montana Ave in Santa Monica as our streets joined.I said excuse me and realized it was her. I'm 5'9, She's probably not exaggerating 5'2-5'3.Tiny/Petite/But Gorgeous!
Glenn said on 28/Jul/07
Funny,but possibly the old man was that height once.or close to it.look at eastwood.
Alex said on 27/Jul/07
Glenn, the funniest exaggertation was a couple years ago when this guy who was 5'8-5'9 legit and claimed 6'0 while I was 6'0 and he said no and thought I was 6'3-6'4. He was an old guy in his late 60's so he was maybe closer to 6'0 in his younger days though, but still it was def the funniest one I've came about.
glenn said on 26/Jul/07
true alex.

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