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5ft 6.66in (169.3cm)
Alex said on 3/May/09
Jolie getting skinny comments I can see, well at least before when she was more skinny. Petite and tiny dont fit her.
glenn said on 29/Apr/09
oh,and mimi,she was slightly above my height,in heels.not barefoot.but sometimes heels dont give 3,4 inches.even if it looks it.thats why i know im 5-8.and i saw her on the set of salt.still looked 5-6ish.
glenn said on 29/Apr/09
read the glenn page mimi.i mistook your post towards me.i respect you more now than ever.and your opinions.but i dont agree with you on jolie.
Mimi said on 29/Apr/09
glenn says on 28/Apr/09
"mimi is right about mid stream pics.but she is wrong about height on jolie and myself."

Not sure what you mean by saying that I'm wrong about your height, Glenn? Rob said you got measured from 5'6.75" to 5'7.25"....wouldn't it be safe to say that you're around 5'7" then??

If so, Jolie would've seemed pretty much your same height in flats to you. It's very hard to gauge a half inch with somebody walking next to you...she most probably just would've seemed your height to you.

Also, there have been comments from off the set of Salt and again, most of them mention that she is short or much shorter than expected. I just don't believe a woman that is close to 5'7" in height would get those comments.
Doug said on 29/Apr/09
Julia yes Pitt consistently gets around 2 inches or 6cm from lifts by the looks of it, occaisonally as much as 32 (in the Eastwood photo). Soemtimes he has been caught out when not wearing lifts anc barely looks 5'11" even with normal shoes on.
Doug said on 29/Apr/09
Yeah Julia you see how Pitt kids people into thinking he is his desired height of 6'1"? Damon looks 5'10" Pitt looks 6'1".
Julia said on 29/Apr/09
Click Here
Pitt towers over everyone. Looks like Matt Damon ist Angelinas height as well :)
Julia said on 29/Apr/09
Click Here She has not the best posture. But if Pitt wears lifts always, could they not give him 6cm extra? One thing you guys sometimes get wrong. 10cm heels dont give you 10cm extra. When I wear 10cm heels i
glenn said on 28/Apr/09
squirt76-thats about right.but i would put pitt at 5-10 the lowest.
glenn said on 28/Apr/09
mimi is right about mid stream pics.but she is wrong about height on jolie and myself.
Mimi said on 28/Apr/09
Oh my goodness, are you all really basing yourselves on those pictures?? They are terrible for this purpose, they are mid-walk!! Those are incredibly deceptive. I have pictures where I look close to my boyfriend's height in mid-stride in flats and I'm 6 inches shorter than him!

I really don't think Jolie would get the "she's so short, petite, tiny" comments if she were 5'6.5"...she might get the skinny comments at that height, but not the others. She looks like a 5'5.5" woman to me, who can look tall at times and small at others.
anon said on 28/Apr/09
she is 5'7 1/2 it's a well known fact!
squirt76 said on 28/Apr/09
I am reformed. Glenn, in light of Julia's photos, I think you are right--5 ft 6.5 for jolie--and I think it's Pitt who is a lot shorter than people think. I would say 5'9.5 for Pitt then.
Doug said on 28/Apr/09
She is only 5'2" too isn't she. I'd much a woman 5'2" and smoking like that rather than 5'11" Nicole Kidman. Kidman is attractive of course but a little too beanpole and pale for my liking. I'm sure you'll agree with me Alex that height with women is the last thing thats important and that hot women can range from 4'11" to 6'2"!
Doug said on 28/Apr/09
OMG Alex YES! Kim Kardashian is EXACTLY my type. Steaming hot or what? Sexy as hell!
Doug said on 28/Apr/09
In the second pic Brad is in lifts as normal, looking a good 6' to 6'1" there. Jolie's heels don't look massive but she looks like she'd be close to 5'7" without them. I would say 5'6.5" too. I'm glad to see some women on here like Julia and Anon seeing some sense as the 5'3" 5'4" claims were unbelievable. She is not under 5'6".
Doug said on 28/Apr/09
Wooahh yeah you're right Julia. Thats a rare pic when both seem to be wearing flats. Jolie looks in the 5'8"-5'9" range there in flats!! She looks taller there, have no idea how she pulled that off. Brad looks no more than 5'11" there in flatter shoes.
Doug said on 28/Apr/09
Julia, Brad is likely 5'10.5" without lifts. However he lives in lifts and mostly stands 6'0-6'1" as you see him. If you check out the pics with Eastwood it is obviously she is in the 5'6"-5'7" range as in heels she is 5'9"-5'10".
Alex said on 27/Apr/09
Doug, my type varies. Of course I like lean women but not too skinny where it sickly. If they're naturall skinny its ok. But I also like girls who are average framed or a bit thicker like Kim Kardashian too.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/09
5'6" is a good number.

She is always in 4 inch heels, usually with big hair, and still shorter than Brad. With 4 inch heels, she would come close to 5'10" and Brad is a solid 5"11' - I think. He is also wearing higher-than-usual heel-ed Tom Ford dress shoes on the red carpet nowadays, and looks about 3 inches taller than that goddess of a woman.

5'6" sounds about right.
Alex said on 26/Apr/09
Mimi, I am not saying you but random people who come onto this site and just claim Jolie at 5'3-5'5 and dont post again I think are trolls.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
mimi-she had heels bad at judging womens height in general.but i examined her for a week,and she seemed 5-6.5 to my probably 5-7.25,5-7.5.depending on when i woke.which was probably late.i know a girl thats 5-6.5,5-7.and thats what angie looked to me in heels.
Doug said on 24/Apr/09
Yep Jolie will never be plump for sure. She is a very athletic fit women, a female action hero. I'm not fond of fat women LOL but I prefer a women to be curvy and fuller looking. Beyonce in my view is a very sexy woman, she has an amazing body but is far from skinny.
Mimi said on 23/Apr/09
Glenn, so Jolie was a half inch close to your height in flats??
Alex said on 23/Apr/09
Doug, yea depends on the body type. Jolie just doesn't look good skinny like that. Shes never been plump at all but her more athetlic build is nicer. Girls like Alyssa Milano, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox can look good thinner.

Jane, thanx again. I am also on the Kurt Angle page and you may have seen me on Rob's page.
Akshay said on 23/Apr/09
Think 5-6.5 is pushing it a lot..she did not look this tall in changeling..may be she is in the 5-6 land
glenn said on 22/Apr/09
brad is right.
Doug said on 22/Apr/09
Yeah I much prefer a fuller looking Jolie. Not a fan of the skeleton look on any woman. In fact I'd rather Jolie to be more on the plump side than rake thin!
Jane said on 22/Apr/09
btw Alex i saw a pic of you on Alyssa Milano's page and you are hot!!!
Jane said on 22/Apr/09
There are many people posting on Brad Pitts height and there are a ton of pics with proof of him being totally in the 5'10 range and i am sure the posters making those assumptions are not trying to make them self's feel better. They are observing and trying to get down the right height. I have seen enough pics to feel confidant enough to say that Angelina Jolie may very well be in the 5'4.5 to 5'5 range. I know that celebrities lie about a lot of things but i am one of those kids growing up in the TMZ era and that just want to know the truth. And it makes fun for posting but, i just really find the negative comments about people here really distasteful so lets just be Switzerland about it! lol...
Mimi said on 22/Apr/09
No, Doug and Alex, it is not about downgrading Jolie to "feel better." Why would her being 5'5"ish make me feel better? Does it take away from her beauty, her success? No....she's just as beautiful and successful at 5'5" than 5'6". Your statement that people think she's shorter than 5'6" because they don't like her is so dull. How would me not liking her have anything to do with her being 5'5" instead of 5'6"?

Simply put, I have not seen any evidence that would lead me to believe that she is 5'6" or anove. After all the photos, videos, body size/appearance and comments following personal sightings re her looking much shorter than expected, small and petite lead me to believe she is not more than 5'5.5". At 5'6.5" I really don't think she would be getting those comments, no matter how thin. Believe it or not, there's actually a basis to my opinion on her height other than "I want to feel better about myself" or "I don't like Angelina Jolie."
Alex said on 22/Apr/09
Doug, not just to make themselves feel better. Some people just dont like certain celebs and will downgrade them on purpose and find any pics making them look shorter. I've seen people post pics with bad angles etc to show someone look shorter.

Lately Jolie has put a bit of weight back on which was good. Shes not like she was in Tomb Raider but at least shes not skinny like she was, still lean though but healthier looking.
Doug said on 22/Apr/09
I agree, even as low as 5'5" for Jolie is pushing it, 5'3" or 5'4" is beyond ridiculous. Yep Alex I think you're right about the extreme downgrading and making themselves feel better for sure.
Brad said on 22/Apr/09
Anything below 5' 6.5" is a joke.
Mimi said on 21/Apr/09
There is no way that a woman of 5'6.5" looks so short next to a 5'10ish man. She is probably not more than 5'5.5"
Alex said on 21/Apr/09
Doug, I know you were. I was just stating my opinion on her height again. I think some people come on here just downgrading certain celebs for whatever reason. Who knows who is on the other computer posting. Some will try to find pics making the person look shorter than they normally due.
Doug said on 21/Apr/09
Alex I know she is around 5'6" and that's minimum! I'm being sarcastic to those who think she is 5'3"!!
glenn said on 21/Apr/09
rob has this impressed on this one.
Alex said on 20/Apr/09
Jolie has passed for 5'8 which shes not. You'd have to be at least 5'6 in your barefeet to get away with 5'7-5'8. A 5'4-5'5 woman isn't getting away with as much as 5'8.

Doug, 5'6 is the bare minimum I can see Jolie at which may be her barefoot height.
Doug said on 20/Apr/09
Basically you're trying to compare a photo of Madonna where you can't see her feet (yet she has always lived in huge heels) but somehow assume she is absolutely barefoot next to Penn. You then use this as justification of how Penn looks compared to a 78 year old slouching Eastwood where he is stood at a very odd angle in relation to Penn and the camera and try to claim that Eastwood is probably not more than 5'9" and Jolie therefore is 5'3". OK then Madonna is 5'3", Penn is 5'5", Eastwood is 5'9" and Jolie is same height as Madonna at 5'3". Yep I'm sure you have this spot on. Keep up the good posts! All just to fight the cause of Jolie being a short woman. Does it really hurt so much that Jolie is just 5'6", thats really little above average for a woman, kind of like 5'10 or 5'11" for a guy, not tall but a decent height. If we were claiming 5'8" or 5'9" barefoot then I could understand. It seems you must be 5'1" or 5'2" and somehow feel threatened that Jolie is anything above 5'4".
Doug said on 20/Apr/09
Groan are you stupid or something? 5'3" Madge is clearly in heels (as always), otherwise she would not be as tall as that. That puts her around 5'6" in heels compared to Penn's likely 5'7.5".
Doug said on 20/Apr/09
Sean Penn is a weak 5'8" certainly not 5'6". Clint has about 5 inches on him as he's 6'1". Glad you see sense Liss.
Liss said on 18/Apr/09
KK doug we get it. shes 5"6
Mimi said on 17/Apr/09
It's not anything to me aside from the basis of my saying you need a just seem bent on proving my point.
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/09
Mimi ... you're a genius. I hope you milk that for what it's worth. What's it to you if someone insults someone else? That gives you the right to be a smart ass? Doug is a fool if he falls for trick photography.
Mimi said on 16/Apr/09
Anonymous says on 14/Apr/09
Quote from Cat - "And Mimi, as I said, give or take an inch wherever you like, you cannot dispute the obvious height difference of (quite often) 4" between Brad and Ange even with her 4" heels. I am well aware that 4" does not give you 4" but more like 3", it doesn't change the fact that AJ cannot be more than 5'5". Before you start insulting people Mimi, saying they need a relaxer, actually read what's being written. Cat AGREED with you that 4" doesn't give 3" in height."

My comment regarding Cat needing a relaxer was due to her insulting Doug on Apr/7/09 comment. Maybe you should take your own advice about reading before commenting. Yeaaaaa....right back at ya.
Doug said on 15/Apr/09
For the record in the third world picture we were discussing take away Pitt's cap and I see roughly a 6 inch difference. If Pitt is around 6' there in good footwear and Jolie is in her flats (which she wears in places like this) that still puts her around 5'6" possibly 5'7". I think 5'6" flat makes sense maybe slightly under or slightly above. She is never a hair under 5'5".
Doug said on 15/Apr/09
If Jolie however is wearing flats and Pitt is in workmens boots (as normal) it is fairly easy for Pitt to look 6-7 inches taller than her as he did in the photo in some third world country you showed before as he is likely around 6'.0.5" there and Jolie little more than 5'6" in flat shoes. If Jolie was even 5'4" Pitt would have had 8-9 inches on her in that picture which is a full head taller. He wasn't.
glenn said on 15/Apr/09
i saw clint many times in the early 90s and he was indeed 6-4 peak.towered over hundreds at a party i snuck into.not one person was taller.ok,maybe it was 100 men.not hundreds.clint has also shocked me by looking 6ft between 2003 and 2007.lately,he has been looking 6-1,and i was obviously wrong about the 6ft estimate.rob has jolie right.5-6.5 min.5-7 max.yet i dont even believe she is that tall myself.the 5-7 that is.ive read 5-8 for her too.and believed it.until i examined her more in person.
Doug said on 15/Apr/09
Take away the shoes and Jolie is 5'5.5-5'6" and Pitt 5'10-5'10.5".
Doug said on 15/Apr/09
In their footwear Jolie stands around 5'9" and Pitt stands around 6'0.5". This is why he is 3.5 inches taller.
Doug said on 15/Apr/09
Groan groan. Brad Pitt lives in lifts or big boots. He is 5'10.5 barefoot and regularly wears 2 inch boots to boost him up to 6'-6'1". Angie is around 5'6" barefoot and in 4 inch heels (which supposedly give 3 inches in height) this boosts her up to around 5'9". This is why she appears as 3-4 inches shorter than Pitt because he is way taller than 5'10" in footwear, For the love of God.
Doug said on 15/Apr/09
Clint at just 6'0-1 at his peak? LMAO. Have you no idea what CLint Eastwood looked like in his younger years? He was measured at 6'4" possibly in sneakers at aged 15 and the man towered above people in his younger years. I have at a strong 6'3" barefoot peak, Rob and practically everybody else list if at the full 6'4". If you think Eastwood was only 6 foot peak and only 5'10" now there really is no point arguing and that is just silly. I have sene lots of pictures of Jolie next to Clint and she is hitting the 5'9" range. Glenn has met Jolie and said at times she can even give a 5'10" illusion in big heels. Have you ever met Jolie personally like Glenn?
Anon said on 15/Apr/09
You people are ridiculous with your half inch here and there. If Ange is 5'6", why is she so often to referred to as petite and short by interviewers?
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
Click Here ... I'm lovin' this. Hope I don't get addicted :) lol

This is a better pic of Sean and Clint. Clint can't be more than 6' and even shorter if it's true Sean is shorter than 5'7". How tall is Madge? She's listed here I think about 5'3.5". Yep I just checked. And many say she's prob 5'2" or even 5'. In this pic below, Sean does not look that much taller than her. So it is sounding like Sean can't be more than 5'7" and claims of 5'5-6" are probably not far off the mark! So again, Clint does not look like a 6' plus guy next to Sean. I s'pose that really busts the Dirty Harry image for you all.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
Click Here ... here is a photo that might cast a shadow of a doubt on Clint Eastwood's height. Sean Penn is listed here at 5'8.5" or something like that from memory. A lot of people argue 5'7", some have gone as low as 5'5"!. The point being, is that Clint does not seem to be that much taller than Sean here, ie. 4-5" taller, which he would have to be if he were 6'1", more if he's 6'2" as Doug, you claim. Again, even if you think of camera angles and stuff like that, there is not enough of a height diff for Clint to be 5" taller than Sean, even at 5'8", which he probably isn't and more like 5'6-7". This is making Angelina Jolie's possible height of 5'4" more possible.

I do have a question for you all who believe Angie is more than 5'5", why do you think it is so impossible for her to be shorter? Why are you so convinced that the other actors are so tall? I wouldn't be surprised if Brad Pitt is only 5'8. LOL!

BTW LOVE THIS SITE, it's so much fun! Wouldn't it be great if we could prove all the heights wrong that the stars claim? Is that what you Glenn and Rob are trying to do? Is that what this site is actually for? Because I don't see any other site like it.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
Quote from Cat - "And Mimi, as I said, give or take an inch wherever you like, you cannot dispute the obvious height difference of (quite often) 4" between Brad and Ange even with her 4" heels. I am well aware that 4" does not give you 4" but more like 3", it doesn't change the fact that AJ cannot be more than 5'5".

Before you start insulting people Mimi, saying they need a relaxer, actually read what's being written. Cat AGREED with you that 4" doesn't give 3" in height. What she DID say, and I agree, is that "give or take an inch wherever you like", AJ can't be MORE than 5'5". I also believe Clint Eastwood is probably not 6'. Angelina probably is more like 5'4". I wasn't so convinced until I saw the pics with Mary J Blige and Renee and Christina. That photo is amazing and more damning than the one with Clint. Everybody is fixated on believing that actors are so tall and you are all gullible, but I guess that's what the media and the movie stars want! I'm 5'6" and Angelina looks smaller than me. When I wear my 5" (4" Mimi) heels I am the SAME height as my 5'10" boyfriend (he's secure enough not to need lifts LOL). So why is Ange always about 3-4" shorter than a supposedly 5'10" Brad Pitt, even when he is in his lifts (6') and Ange in 5" (4") heels? The point being is that she can't be 5'6" and even 5'5" is pushing it. Why isn't she only an inch or two shorter? The point is guys is that I see Cat's point and you guys are not really looking at it logically. If Ange is 5'6" she would be 5'9-10" in the heels she usually wears, so why doesn't she tower over other shorter ladies and why isn't she the SAME height as Brad, he doesn't always wear lifts. Don't you people think that something is definitely going on here? Angelina Jolie, though very beautiful, is starting to look like quite a petite woman and a lot of people who have interviewed her have said so.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
You people are unbelievable!!! You find one pic of Ange with Clint and that's it, that's proof because Clint is at least 6'1"!!!! Despite all the pics and evidence of AJ with the likes of Renee Zellweger, Mary J Blige, Christina, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black (who she was only taller than by a couple of inches in 3" heels). But you don't believe any of those that could easily make her as small as 5'3-4" but you believe one pic that could put her up to 5'6"! How do we know Clint wasn't 6'0-1" in his peak and is only 5'10-11" now???? Which less 5" heels (which AJ could be wearing Doug!) and the 3" difference, would put AJ at about 5'3-4"! Why are you people so convinced that these celebrities are so tall? It is a well known fact that movie starts are much shorter than they are perceived in films and in photographs! Get over it!
Doug said on 14/Apr/09
Remember though Clint is around 6'1" barefoot today, in shoes he is 6'2" so in that clip he was a likely 6 ft 2.
Doug said on 14/Apr/09
I see about a 3.5-4 inch height difference there between her and Clint. If Clint is 6'1" (some still claim he is 6'2"), then that means Jolie is reaching the 5'9"-5'9.5" range in heels. If you people think she is gaining a whopping 4 inches in heels that would put her in the 5'5"-5'5.5" range barefoot. If she is getting 3 inches from heels then she is a sure 5'6". But she sure could have fooled me into thinking she was a taller lady. To me she gives a taller impression for a woman and I've never once looked at her and thought average height lady (not that its my first thought or anything though!). Maybe she is 5'5.5" barefoot but like Alex I'd say she is roughly a 5'6 girl which is not particularly tall but a little above average. I know a fair number of 5'6" women and the height difference between Jolie and Clint when they are in 4 inch heels is pretty similar to how they look compared to me and I'm around 6'2" they come near 4 inches of me.
Doug said on 14/Apr/09
Rebecca, Eastwood used to be near 6'4" and we list him at 6'42 peak height he was very tall. he has however lost near 3 inches in height apparently so is now roughly 6'1". Keeping in mind Eastwood is still a tall man over six foot can you honestly see how it is possible Jolie could only be 5'3" or 5'4" barefooted? She's have to be around 5'6" to pull that sort of height off in heels right?. Could a 5'3" lady pull off 5'9" as she clearly looks in three inch heels?
Rebecca said on 13/Apr/09
Not sure how tall Clint Eastwood is now - used to be 6.3 but has reportedly dropped a few inches now - here is a clip of him with AJ.
Click Here
Elisha said on 10/Apr/09
really? All I wanted to know was if she was 5'6 or taller? I didn't know I was going to start reading the school yard bickerings of 7 year olds. WOW
Alex said on 10/Apr/09
I know the picture of her on the chair gives her a shorter impression but no way does that prove she is shorter. Yes 5'7-5'8 is too much for her but 5'4-5'5 is too low, now I hear 5'3, come on lol. Shes roughly a 5'6 girl.
Rebecca said on 10/Apr/09
Just looking at film AJ did in 2002 - Foxfire - and here is a link to a pic of AJ and Jenny Shimizu (listed as 5.7) and Sarah Rosenberg, listed as 5.10. I cant imagine these girls are wearing heels in this pic either? I just cannot see AJ as smaller than 5.6, personally.
Click Here
Doug said on 9/Apr/09
OK Angelina Jolie is 5'3".
Cat said on 8/Apr/09
I noticed that the last 4 postings of mine came up "Anonymous", but they were in fact from me "Cat". I accidentally posted one twice ... sorry.
jayko said on 8/Apr/09
those picture of shark tale is a very good proof,if mary j is realy around 5feetand 4,5inch then angleina is max 5,5(if maybe mary is wearing slightly bigger heels,because they look same height there..that would mean that in 4 inch heels,she reaches max 5,9 more like 5,8,while brad has 4 inches advantge in his 2 inch shoes,which would make him 6ft and there is the 4 inches difference between them when theyre both in shoes,that would make brad a solid 5feet 10 inch guy!
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/09
Click Here and here the short torso and broad shoulders I was referring to earlier. But I love this photo too she's so stunning here, what a great photo of her.
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/09
Click Here her legs do not look long here either. You have to take into consideration the thinness of her legs giving the appearance of length in contrast to the width (as in no hips), and also the nude heels elongated her legs even further. I studied photography and am currently studying drawing at university and these are the things you learn about, especially in photography.
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/09
Click Here again, tiny, and definitely no "long legs" here.
Click Here and also does not appear to have "long legs" here.
Click Here - and this one, isn't she stunning, absolutely beautiful. I love this photo of her, but take a look at her shockingly thin legs and "no hips" she looks like a 12 yo boy. She's kind of top heavy, if you know what I mean. But she is truly beautiful, I love her in every photo. There's only two things I don't like about AJ, her tattoos, when they show in photos, and all her gothic, emo photos.
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/09
Doug, as for the photo of AJ on that cafeguaguau, I've seen that before and indeed her legs do look long here. But seriously man, you have no idea about photography and camera angles. Not only does AJ have thin, thin legs and virtually no hips (already an advantage in looking taller), the photo is shot directly in front and from the ground, therefore looking up Ange's legs. Thus giving the illusion that she has long legs. As I said, you are a fool! If she has such long legs as appears in this photo, why doesn't she always have long legs? ie. when she's standing upright in a below the knee length dress. You seriously have no idea. I don't want to insult you Doug, I respect your opinions, but some of the comments you make and the "evidence" you have are all touched up photos with photography tricks and camera tricks. Take another look at those natural poses I found of AJ, her legs do not look long in those natural photos where no touch ups appear to have occurred, then tell me she has long legs. You don't seem to get that legs can appear long when they are really thin and you have no hips. AJ's legs are proportionally spot on for her height, ie. 5'3-4". And YES, I've dropped an inch for AJ the more I analyse her photos. Obsessed yes, intimidated no. As I said, I happen to be a very attractive and very sexy, 5'2" woman (though I'll admit I am not thin, not like AJ thin, I am much more shapely). I am confident in my own physique. If I could post a pic of myself here, I would!!! And shots where my legs look long. When I was 14, had no hips, skinny and my legs went up to my armpits! And probably 5'1" before I reached my full-grown height. But this site isn't about me it's about discussing celebrity heights and if necessary, disputing them.
Cat said on 8/Apr/09
BTW Doug, no you didn't say AJ is anywhere near as tall as PItt, but if you look at the poster, she actually is just about as tall as Pitt. Funny why doesn't she naturally look this tall standing next to Pitt???
Cat said on 7/Apr/09
Click Here

looks tiny here, doesn't even look 5'5". I'm starting to head towards a possible 5'3-4" for Ange. But I would not go lower than 5'3".
Jane said on 7/Apr/09
Oh and there is a pic of Mary J. Blige with Glenn I just noticed! So Mary is 5'4.5 so then Angelina Jolie is definitely in the 5'4.5 range.
Mimi said on 7/Apr/09
Cat needs a relaxer...

I agree that she is probably not in the 5'6" range but most likely is in the 5'5" range. 5'4" is WAAAY too short for her. Cat, you claim all these things and say that you know that 4in heels don't give you 4 inches in height, yet, you still use 4in boost in height for Angelina in heels to get her down to 5'4." I have seen absolutely NO evidence that would make her that short. 5'5" yes, 5'4" no!
Jane said on 7/Apr/09
This pic is the pudding and the proof is in it, Angie and her female co-stars for the premier of a
Doug said on 7/Apr/09
Did I say she was actually anywhere near as tall as Pitt? I said given that shes only 5 ft 3 according to you. they seem to have performed a miracle to make her almost as tall as Brad thats all. And yes Jolie does look on the taller side for a woman, whether this is heels or an illusion I don't know but many people who have seen Jolie including Glenn say she is tallish for a woman.
Doug said on 7/Apr/09
I am a fool? I wonder what that makes you for being intimidated or obsessed by some media figure? Google Jolie at and if you think her legs are not long you are seriously kidding yourself. OK Jolie in your own little world is 5'2.5" End of.
Cat said on 7/Apr/09
Doug, AJ DOES NOT HAVE LONG LEGS!!!! Long arms yes, short torso and shortish legs, normal for her height of 5'4" (5'5" tops). She DOES NOT LOOK TALL EVER!!!! And as for the poster of Mr & Mrs Smith, are you really that naive as to think that there is no touching up in that shot? Do you really think that they have been shot like that together, giving the appearance that AJ is as tall as Brad. You have seen PLENTY of photographs to suggest that she is NOT as tall as Brad, not even with 4" heels. You really are unbelievable! And Mimi, as I said, give or take an inch wherever you like, you cannot dispute the obvious height difference of (quite often) 4" between Brad and Ange even with her 4" heels. I am well aware that 4" does not give you 4" but more like 3", it doesn't change the fact that AJ cannot be more than 5'5". I am really starting to give up on you people. Doug you have absolutely no evidence to support your claim. I still can't get over your stupid, gullible claim of the fact that she is as tall as Pitt because of a PROMOTIONAL POSTER of a movie in which she is portraying her character. You are a fool.
Doug said on 5/Apr/09
I therefore think Jolie is 5'6" flat or a shade below or above, exactly as mcfan says below. I think 5'6.75" is too high but 5'6" flat certainly isn't.
Doug said on 5/Apr/09
Sorry Elizabeth Mitchell IS a tall woman and is close to 5'9" legit just look at pictures of the woman. I've seen her stand next to a 6'1" director and she is virtually the same height in high heels.. She is listed at 5'9" but she claims 5'8.5" exactly she really looks every inch of it, she is noticeably taller than other ladies in general. If she is 5'8.5" and Jolie was 2-2.5 inches shorter again it shows Jolie is in the 5'6" range which most people would agree she is.
Doug said on 5/Apr/09
Interesting. Have you seen the poster of Mr. and Mrs Smith? She is almost as tall as Pitt! Does Jolie really only look like she'd be 5'4" in reality? She looks noticeably tall and looks like she'd still be tallish without heels I guess she has very long legs and is very slim so can give a taller illusion. With such long legs she must be minimum 5'6" otherwise it would be pretty freaky.
mimi said on 5/Apr/09
Cat, 4 in. heels don't give you 4 inches in height...more like 3" inches.
Cat said on 4/Apr/09
Click Here

Now you may need to allow for camera angles here, but come on, this is a pretty good indication that her arms do not seem in proportion to her body (or at least that there is something going on with her arms, ie. they are extraordinarily long) and her legs don't look that long in relation to her torso. But here you can see the short torso too. Her extraordinarily long arms and her very thin body gives the illusion that she is taller. But she is a small woman, and about 5'4".
Cat said on 4/Apr/09
Sophie, I agree, short torso, not overly long legs, probably normal for 5'4" height but she has unusually long arms. I personally don't think, as beautiful as she is, that her arms are in proportion to her legs. Though her legs are in proportion to her torso for her height. I'll try and find a pic as an example.
Sophie said on 4/Apr/09
As it has been said, Angie has a short torso and very long legs (for her height) so she appears much taller than she is.
Cat said on 3/Apr/09
Olga, even though you are basically saying that AJ can't be more than 5'5", movies are not a true indication of a person's height. There are too many variables like camera angles and one actor made to look shorter/taller than another. Just because an actor states their height doesn't mean they're telling the truth. Elizabeth might only be 5'6"-5'6.5", which would make AJ 5'4" (my estimation).
olga said on 3/Apr/09
just watched "Gia". have a look guys, seriosly. there was a scene where angelina and elizabeth mitchell were standidng next to each other, naked and barefoot. elizabeth was al least 2 inches taller. and elizabeth is 5'8 1/2 (as she states by herself, and to me she looks like one in 'lost').
Cat said on 1/Apr/09
Jayko ... I estimate about 10cm (4") between them. 2" dress shoes for Brad would make him about 6', less the 4" difference makes Jolie about 5'8", less her (most likely) 4" heels, makes her 5'4". You can give or take an inch wherever you want but the bottom line is, AJ cannot possibly be 5'6" and certainly not the claim here of 5'6.75" and possibly not even 5'5" (as I am actually starting to believe Brad is only 5'9" which, given my calculations, would make AJ 5'3"). I do appreciate that 5'3" might be getting a bit too low, so 5'4" seems reasonable and possible. Why are we assuming Brad Pitt is any taller than 5'9"? Why would a 5'10" or even taller guy need 2-3" lifts? He wears them and still has inches over his lovely Angie and she is often in 4-5" heels. I would go as low as 3" heels for AJ here because she is pregnant, but I am also thinking that wouldn't stop a Hollywood A-lister at an important red carpet event from looking her "tallest". Definitely wearing 4" heels.
jayko said on 31/Mar/09
Click Here

in this picture brad is wearing dress shoes whihc clearly are minimum 2 inches heel,she is probably wearing heels as well,but the question is how high..anyway she reaches to his eyebrows,now you tell me how many inches taller he looks in this photo
mcfan said on 30/Mar/09
I see comments that people think she is 5'4. That is ridiculous. I do agree that she isn't 5'6.75, but still think she is about 5'6. I wouldn't put her any lower than 5'5 3/4 and no higher than 5'6.25.
Cat said on 25/Mar/09
Doug, I would love to go back to your comment about the picture of AJ (most likely) in flats and BP in "workman boots giving him 2" heels" Click Here

If BP is 5'10", which, according to his profile on this site, most people agree with and I certainly do, his workboots would make him 6', there is about 6-8 inches difference between the two in this pic, which makes AJ 5'4" and that is assuming he has such boots. I think we can safely assume she's not wearing heels at what most definitely looks like one of their "humanitarian" visits. You talk so much about celeb heights being "downgraded excessively", when it makes far more sense that their heights would be upgraded excessively, given that their industry relies heavily on public image and perception.

I am officially and respectfully now asking for a downgrade to 5'4" for Miss Jolie.

I apologise for my obsession with AJ's height on this site, but I thought this site was about listing the celebs REAL height, as in a site to bust the myth so to speak and am disappointed that it's not.
Cat said on 25/Mar/09
Mimi, if they're 4 inchers, then it proves my point even more, but I was thinking more that 4 inchers probably only give you about 3" in height. I think she's 5'4", which is not short, correct, but I was merely pointing out that she is not as tall as she and so many others have lead the public to believe, including this website. Whilst I'm flexible enough to accept that she may be 5'5", it is still closer to the short side than to the tall side.
Cat said on 25/Mar/09
Doug, you seem to be under the misguided notion that AJ is any less hotter if she were 5'1". Shame on you. She's hot at any height, because she's simply hot. This is about celebrities lying about their height not diminishing their looks. Surely you're not saying a woman needs to be tall to be hot or at least average height to be hot? Therefore AJ couldn't possibly be short because that would make her not hot. How ridiculous. That's really what this is about, isn't it, for you? Like I said before the thought of AJ being 5'4" just shatters your fantasies. I still wouldn't put her any taller than 5'5". For the record, I am a HUGE FAN of AJ and think she is stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, hot, whatever you want to call her and I'm straight! You can't have a tiny frame AND be tall (for a girl), Doug. It just doesn't work. How about we agree to disagree?
Mimi said on 25/Mar/09
Doug says on 25/Mar/09
Wrong. Dustin Hoffman is 5'5" I've met the man. Jack Black is 5'6". Jolie looks as if she'd still be a little taller than him without heels. That photo proves she is around 5'6" to 5'7". Thanks.

NO WAY would a woman that is taller than a 5'6" man without heels look only a 1.5 to 2 inches (at most) taller than him when she's wearing 4 in. heels. She is definitely smaller than Jack Black without the heels.
Doug said on 25/Mar/09
There is a weak possibility she is as low as 5'5" Cat barefoot judging by some of the pictures but she CERTAINLY isn't short for a woman. Tiny framed yes but NOT short. Rob can you say kindly say something here to explain why you have Jolie near 5'7" and to explain she is not 5'4".
Doug said on 25/Mar/09
And for the record Jolie would still be hot if she was 5'1".
Doug said on 25/Mar/09
Wrong. Dustin Hoffman is 5'5" I've met the man. Jack Black is 5'6". Jolie looks as if she'd still be a little taller than him without heels. That photo proves she is around 5'6" to 5'7". Thanks.
Cat said on 24/Mar/09
Sorry, for some reason the link is not working ... just search any photo of AJ and her father when she wore that beautiful white suit a few years ago.
Cat said on 24/Mar/09
Doug, just on your comment about AJ having a tall father. In this photo he clearly has about 8 inches on AJ. At 5'4" plus 3" heels (which she is most likely at the very least to be wearing when you look at other photos of this outfit) gives her 5'7", plus the 8" difference, gives her father his 6'3", if he is indeed that tall, he could be wearing lifts/shoes with a heel too. It's not rocket science, it's simple math. Celebs bull**** about their height all the time.
Cat said on 24/Mar/09
I spend more time on AJ than anyone else, as after all I am a huge fan. Just want to correct my mistake. No they're not wearing the same clothes and AJ does have shoes on but if you look at the next shot on the link below, she's got about 1" boots on. I still rest my case.
Cat said on 24/Mar/09
Doug, take a look at this with all three of them again ...

Click Here

There clearly appears to be a foot between Noyce and AJ and Liev must be 6'6". Let's research his height? Because there is definitely a foot between AJ and Liev. We know AJ is barefoot here because they are in the same clothes as that shot below where she's barefoot.
Cat said on 24/Mar/09
Doug, granted the "white-haired" man is Phillip Noyce, even if he is 6'4", he clearly looks about a foot taller than AJ, given that he is slouching down a bit, whereas she isn't really. The other guy must be 6'6" then because he's taller than Noyce. This proves she can't be more than 5'5". Who is the other guy? Is that Liev Schrieber. I have no idea.
Cat said on 24/Mar/09
Someone said earlier that AJ has great proportions. As much as she is stunning in every way possible, if you really look at her, she actually doesn't. She has a small torso, shortish legs and very long arms and big hands. I think her long arms and high heels give her the appearance of being tall, especially given how thin she is.
Mimi said on 24/Mar/09
Cat says on 23/Mar/09
Doug, explain the photos of AJ with Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black? Dustin listed as 5'5" here and Jack as 5'6", AJ is wearing 3" heels and she's only a couple of inches taller.

The heels she's wearing are 4 inchers, not 3. However, I wouldn't call her "SHORT," Cat, she's just not tall...she's of average height at around 5'5" (or a bit above average I should say).
Cat said on 24/Mar/09
Doug, everyone's 6'+ to you just to justify your burning desire not to have your fantasies crushed that AJ may actually be short, at least shorter than she or websites claim. What evidence do you actually have that she's this tall, when there is so much evidence, photos, sightings, comments about her by interviewers and fellow actors that SHE IS SHORT!!!! Get over it.
Cat said on 23/Mar/09
Doug, explain the photos of AJ with Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black? Dustin listed as 5'5" here and Jack as 5'6", AJ is wearing 3" heels and she's only a couple of inches taller. The photos are about half way down the page. In fact, here you go:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I hope those worked. If AJ is 5'6" nearly 5'7", she would be 5'9-10" in those heels, making Jack 5'8-9" and Dustin 5'7-8", next you'll be telling me that this is correct for Jack and Dustin, despite what it says on this site for them. Dustin it has been said may only be 5'4" these days and jack 5'5". Come on, Doug, get over it. She's 5'4", possibly, possibly 5'5".
Doug said on 23/Mar/09
The white haired man (Noyce) is/was four inches above 6 foot according to listings. Maybe that was his peak height but he still looks 6'2" ish when standing up straight.
Doug said on 23/Mar/09
The guy with the white hair not over 6'? He looks a big old guy to me and he isn't standing up straight. It does seem to be director Phillip Noyce who is listed at a huge 6'4" and the other guy looks tall too. Even a 5'8" woman barefoot is going to look small next to such men. If you think Phillip Noyce is below 6'...
glenn said on 22/Mar/09
and pitt could be 5-11.most likely 5-10.
xyz said on 22/Mar/09
I think the guy with white hair might be the director Phillip Noyce who is listed as 6'4". There are other pictures where the difference between them appears greater...Still very puzzling to him (if it is the director and if his height is correct) she might be 5'7 but i am pretty sure that in the clip with Lopez she is wearing standard 4 inch ( i saw it somewhere but cannot find anylonger) while Lopez is definitely not wearing platforms...interesting ...Jolie with Lopez appears the same hight if not shorter... in other words around 5'5...puzzling
Doug said on 22/Mar/09
Also Jane remember that Jolie has relative tall parents. Her father was 6'3" at peak did you see Midnight Cowboy? He is still around 6'2" now and her mother was a little above average too I think.
Doug said on 22/Mar/09
I think a lot of people who do think Pitt is only 5'9" are jealous actually. He is 5'10" minimum, 6' in his regular two inch boots, 6'1" in 3 inch munsters. I agree that both Pitt and Jolie are in reality shorter as with most other celebs than people think they are or claim to be but not as much as by 4 inches. Many celebrities add 1-2 inches on their actual height, it is difficult to claim anything more although it is easier for women who can wear 4-5 inch heels and deceive people into thinking they are taller. I saw that picture of Jolie barefoot I agree she looks petite but it is difficult to judge her height without anything in comparison. Personally I think she looks in the 5'5" range in that picture but I'm sure I've seen other pics of her barefoot standing around 5'6" which I think she is.
Cat said on 22/Mar/09
Click Here - Doug, take a look at this photo. Yep, that really looks like a5'6"-7" woman to me ... NOT. If AJ is 5'6", the white haired man must be over 6' ... and he does not look over 6'.
Cat said on 22/Mar/09
Doug, Jane's comments are spot on. Why is it that women are jealous when we dispute a woman's height but men can dispute men's heights without being jealous????

For the record I am a HUGE fan of AJ, she is absolutely stunning and just because I dispute that her height is unlikely to be more than 5'4-5", does not make me jealous. I have issues with ALL celebrities, male or female BS'ing about their height. Yes of course it would make an attractive, sexy 5'2" woman like myself feel better about myself if the likes of AJ are not in fact as tall as they claim, and in fact are petite. And it's not just AJ, but JLo and Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner. So there's no need for insults.
mimi said on 21/Mar/09
The more I look at her and pics with Brad and others and read about sightings...the more I think she's 5'5.5" MAX. I actually think she might be in the 5'5" range with long legs, giving her the appearance of a taller woman; that, and the huge 4"-5" heels she tends to wear at events.
Jane said on 20/Mar/09
mg- thanks for checking out the dimensions on the northface coat.

xyz- wow amazing, this is evidence enough that angie is not 5'6. She and JLo are the same height and JLo is wearing average heels!!! cool video.

Doug- I do not appreciate being called jealous, I have seen your posts on Brad Pitt's height and although you disagree with posters you don't call them jealous,perhaps its because they're men posting on another mans height but i don't like your spam like comment. I like Angie, she is the beauty of our time and a very interesting personality I don't agree with the height listed here for her so I post opinions and pictures supporting my opinion. This site is meant for this sort of discussion, no need for ad hominem comments.
Brad said on 20/Mar/09
She holds her height with Brad in lifts and herself in heels. She'd be owned by Brad on the red carpets if she was 5' 4"-5". No man cares about a woman's height....try face/figure.
glenn said on 19/Mar/09
lots more to pay attention to than a woman height.
Gordon Freeman said on 19/Mar/09
Surprisingly, she looks shorter than Jennifer Lopez on that particular occasion. Still, not enough known about both women's heels, though.
Jane said on 19/Mar/09
mg- thanks for looking the north face coat dimensions.

xyz- amazing, JLo and Angie appear to be the same height and it looks as though
JLo is wearing average heels. wow indisputable evidence, great post.

Doug- why is it that men can debate over a mans height but when women dispute another woman's height it's considered jealousy...i do not agree with your spam.
I admire Angie she is the beauty of our time, I just don't believe her height is what it says it is on this site, and that is why this site was created for, discussion.
Doug said on 19/Mar/09
I think 5'6" flat would also make sense but anything lower really is starting to be too low. Nothing below 5'5.5 surely. Yeah I agree Glenn womens height really isn't important to me, I think Eva Longoria is good looking and she is barely over 5 flat. The most attractive women in my view seem to be on the slightly taller side, average height or on the smaller side between 5'3" and 5'8". Personally me ideal height for a women is around 5'6 but it really depends on how a woman looks and their personality. There is a belief amongst women that men are obsessed with tall leggy 6 foot blondes. Sure a lot of tall blond women are hot, Heidi Klum even Gabrielle Reece at an extreme 6'3" is good looking but the research shows that actually a lot of men, particularly shorter men feel intimidated by such women and find average to shorter women ideal partners. Most men do not really care about height when looking at women unless they are are noticeable extremes. Even if Angie was 5'4" thats average, who cares?
xyz said on 19/Mar/09
Hi, can anybody please comment on Jolie's comparison to Lopez Click Here at 0:23 seconds. i think it is a very good reference point. Please have a look at it , i'm so curious what you think- thanks
glenn said on 19/Mar/09
thanks for backing me brad.
Brad said on 18/Mar/09
5' 6.75" is accurate. Who are these people kidding?
Jane said on 18/Mar/09
Here is a pic of her wearing the coat barefoot, she clearly looks small in it:

Click Here

downgrade petition.
Jane said on 18/Mar/09
mg thanks for checking that out and your estimation about her height, the coat it is 54 inches here is a link:

Click Here
glenn said on 18/Mar/09
the first time i saw angelina she gave me a 5-10 illusion with goth or doc martin like boots,that seemed to have no i thought she was 5-8 for sure.she is mentioned at 5-8 and 5-7 alot in the past.her official height is one of the 2 actually.i examined her in heels alot last year and she appeared 5-6.5 to me.and was alot smaller and petite than i,im horrible at judgeing womens height,and i always stated that.for one,i dont find it women are hot from 4-11 to 5-11.its not accepted for a man to be get my point anyway.women through me off with their footwear.but i made it a point to examine angelina closely and i put her at 5-6.5 min.5-7 tops.more on the 5-6ish.
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
K, Pitt is taller than 5'11" in shoes!! Pitt reaches around 6' in shoes depending on the lifts and can reach around 6'1" in munsters. The lowest possible height I can see for her is 5'5" barefoot. Its the 5'4" MAX claims I was doubting, which indicates you think she is even shorter than 5'4" and more like 5'3".
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
Glenn, you've met Jolie. Do you find the claims that she is only 5'4" silly?
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
In heels Jolie can reach 3-4 inches shorter than Eastwood. A 5'4" woman would find that very difficult and would require her to be wearing 5-6 inch heels.
Doug said on 18/Mar/09
No I am neither of the two I just see people clearly trying to downgrade those excessively. People try to claim Pitt is 5'9" and Stallone 5'7" too when it just isn't true. me thinks that certain women who post here, Cat and Jane are jealous of Miss Jolie and want to think of her as shorter to make themsevles feel better. Please look at photos of Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood. If you think she is only 5'4" in reality yet comes close to 2-3 inches shorter than a man who stood at 6'4! peak, who now stands around 6'1"-6'2" then that is ridiculous. A 5 ft 4 women in the biggest heels in the world could not pull that off or come anywhere nearer a tall man like Clint Eastwood. My mum is 5'4.5" and could never come as tall as Jolie looked next to Clint Eastwood. She is around 5'6" minimum anything below 5'5" is ridiculous.
Cat said on 18/Mar/09
K, that's right, she is beautiful no matter how tall she is! So why is she BS'ing about her height? Doug, you have no idea about judging height, sweetheart. You sound like one of two things: someone in the industry in some way "paid" or get some kickback to perpetuate lies about celebrity heights OR you just can't stand your fantasies being crushed believing that AJ is so petite because you have a thing for tall women. 5'4" max.
mg said on 17/Mar/09
Jane: Jolie's NorthFace coat is 52 inches long according to their website. Looks like she has an additional 12 inches of bare leg from the coat to the sidewalk .....That could mean Jolie is 5 foot 4 to 5 foot 5 inches. H
K. said on 17/Mar/09
There's no way she is 5'7, look at this:

Click Here

If Brad is about 5'11, and I believe he is, and it seems she is wearing 4 inches heels, than there's no way she is 5'7, because she is still a bit shorter. I think she is maximum 5'5, maybe even shorter.

But who cares? She is beautiful no matter how tall she actually is
Jane said on 17/Mar/09
Doug I believe you are wrong. She is 5'5 or less, there are many pictures that have been posted on this site indicate she is shorter. Here is another pic from the set of her new pic Salt. She is barefoot and doesnt look 5'6-5'7 to me.
Oh Has anyone seen her in the northface jacket, i wonder what are the dimensions in length on the coat.

Click Here
Mimi said on 17/Mar/09
After seeing her in pics with Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan and her countless pics with Pitt, I would say 5'6" MAX. She does seem like a petite woman and I have ready many comments regarding how tiny and small she is. I don't think a 5'7" woman, even if very thin and with small bone structure, would come across as "tiny and small."
xyz said on 17/Mar/09
there is a very good picture from the distance of Angelina Jolie and Jenifer Lopez Click Here @ 0:23 seconds. Later you can see that Lopez is not wearing platforms but appear the same hight as Jolie or even higher?
Doug said on 17/Mar/09
People who think she is just 5'4" really can't judge height properly. You can tell that she is a 5'6-5'7" woman barefoot by her body proportions.
Doug said on 17/Mar/09
Jolie pulls off a close 5'10" occasionally at premieres, Glenn has even wintessed this. She is definately not below 5'6" barefoot.
Doug said on 17/Mar/09
Whats more likely Cat is that Jolies is in flat shoes here and is around 5'7", then its likely that 5'10.5" barefoot Pitt is wearing a good pair of boots, making him nearer 6'0.5". If you can't see their footwear how can you tell? Pitt normally wears workman type boots casually which give him near 2 inches in height.
Cat said on 14/Mar/09
Click Here ... everyone look at this photo, especially those that claim AJ is at least 5'5" and above ... there is approximately 6 inches between AJ and BP, even at 5'5", that makes Brad Pitt 5'11", which is possible, but at 5'6" or 5'7" for AJ, would make BP 6'0" or 6'1", which I truly believe he is not. I believe BP to be 5'10" barefoot, making AJ 5'4". If this photo isn't proof enough, or at least enough to cast a shadow of a doubt, I don't know what would. And I think we can safely say in this pic neither are wearing heels or lifts, even so you cannot deny the incredible difference in their heights here.
Cat said on 14/Mar/09
These people, even after the mounting evidence that AJ cannot be more than 5'4", who still insist she's 5'7" or even 5'6", are unbelievable! What is the matter with you people??? I don't mean to insult anyone, but why are you all so determined to believe that she is 5'7", despite reading about people who have actually seen her and met her, barefoot even, and continuously mention how short she is. If she's 5'7" or even 5'5", why would she be referred to so often as "short"? And why does she not tower of the likes of Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black, especially with her 3-4" heels???? Again, it's not brain surgery people, it's logic and simple math.
Cat said on 14/Mar/09
Jane, thank you for your comments (5/3). I meant to say though "it's NOT brain surgery" ha ha ha. And it really isn't. I'm sticking with 5'4". All logic points to AJ being pretty close to that height, meeting her in person would just verify it.
Rebecca said on 10/Mar/09
also interesting, this picture of AJ with Evan Rachel Wood (listed between 5.5-5.7) and Mickey Rourke, (listed between 5.9-5.11)
Click Here
Rebecca said on 10/Mar/09
If you go over to Click Here there are pics of AJ taken shooting her new film. I had to smile at one of the comments made by an onlooker - 'I was so surprised at how short she is'!! I am 5.6, and I must admit I always thought Angelina was around the same height (well I guess she is) but I think she is a little smaller, I must admit. But I do think she looks painfully thin in these pictures, although her hands are huge! Great actress.
5ft 2 1/2 said on 10/Mar/09
5ft 7 is correct.
Lilbit said on 10/Mar/09
I just filming a scene with her on the set of SALT in DC, in the scene she is running BAREFOOT next to me. I am five foot three, and about 115 lbs and a size 2-4 depending on what it is. Angelina is like 100 lbs, and 5'4" MAX, EVERYONE was talking about how tiny she was and how skinny and short she was. HOWEVER- her stunt, and body double IS 5'8" and has a much more muscular build-which is why i even was under the impression she was bigger. Thats the magic of movie making people.
squirt76 said on 6/Mar/09
I have said this before, I my sister's co-worker saw her in Seattle and said that she was short, 5'4" or less. This site (as well as every other site) is incorrect in assuming she is taller than 5'5."
Mimi said on 5/Mar/09
I wouldn't go as low as 5'4" for Angelina...she looks above avg. when she's by herself and with others. I estimate 5'5" to 5'5.5".
Mari said on 5/Mar/09
1.70 seems right for her height.
Jane said on 5/Mar/09
Cat I totally agree with you and your statement is very well put. I found that at the BAFTA's the dress she wore totally proves the point you made, "The more I look at AJ the more I see the small woman." I love Angie too but she is no way 5'6. The dimorphism between Brad and Angie is pronounced in many pictures.
Here is a pic of her lovely, but not flattering for her height, dress:

Click Here
Cat said on 5/Mar/09
If Ange typically wears 4-5" heels then a barefoot height of 5'5" would give her a total height of 5'8"-5'9" (allowing for the approx 1" loss in heel height). Even in such heels, she is still 4-5 inches shorter than Brad and he is no way 6' or 6'1". He is 5'10" max bare-foot and 5'11" with his "lifts". A more accurate height for Jolie would be 5'4" barefoot plus 4" heels (3"), giving her a total height of 5'7" (which is why she probably says she's 5'7" by the way) and giving the very common height differenc of 4" between them even in heels, this would give Brad his 5'11" with "lifts". It is brain surgery people ... it's common sense and a lot of logic. The more I look at AJ the more I see the small woman. I am a huge fan of AJ and think she is absolutely beautiful so there's no jealousy or issues here, I just seriously think she's been overestimated in terms of her height and it does give us short people (I'm 5'2") some hope!
Maria said on 4/Mar/09
A friend visited Maddam Tussauds museum and saw Angelina's wax model.
Comparing to her height (168-169 cm), Angelina was shorter.
So, I agree, I wouldn't give her more than 165 cm.
mimi said on 4/Mar/09
totally agree with squirt76 below in the WHAT?!! SMALL HEELS? statement. Jolie has 4-5 in. most of the time. She looooves those Louboutin heels.

Also agree that she's 5'5" to 5'5.5".
squirt76 said on 3/Mar/09
what????!!!!?? Small heels? She most often wears Christian Laboutin heals which give a height advantage of way more than 2 inches! When she is in flats she is way shorter than 5'10" Brad Pitt. Jolie is at most 5'5" MAYBE 5'5.5"
Anonymous said on 2/Mar/09
angelina is 5'6.5.its just she wears small heels with only a 2 inch height advantage.when she rarely wears tall heels she is only like 1-1.5 inches shorter than 5'11 brad
Alex said on 28/Feb/09
I read this article saying that the lady she wore a dress from to the Oscars thought Angelina would be taller in person. So even though she looks so tall on camera she's really not. I think the fact her legs and head are big makes her look taller then she really is. I think she's 5'6" 1/2
mcfan said on 26/Feb/09
No way! Jolie isn't this tall. More like 5'5 3/4 to 5'6. I never looked this up before and was shocked to see her listed so tall.
Debbie said on 23/Feb/09
Look at this picture Brad is listed at 5'11 on this site and I am sure Angelina is wearing heels and she is a lot shorter than Brad. Imagine if she were barefoot. I doubt she is truly 5'6. A slim and lanky 5'4-5'5 perhaps.

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KidPancake said on 16/Feb/09
Squirt76 - I know, that's like totally proof. Also the video of her on Ellen:
Click Here
She's like an inch taller than Ellen, in 2-3 inch heels.
Ellen is 5'7 on celebheights.
So, if they were both wearing flats, ELlen would be 5'7, and Angie would be 5'5.
Maybe 5'6. But no taller than 5'6.

So here are the three proofs- Ellen, Regis and Kelly, and Hoffman/Black.
squirt76 said on 15/Feb/09
UHHGGG!! This is so frustrating! Everyone, please look at the youtube video of Jolie on Regis and Kelly--this is proof that she is no more than 5'5.5"!!!!
Alex said on 15/Feb/09
I meant to say Angie, not Angle. LOL
Mimi said on 15/Feb/09
She's not bending enough to lose height and it's not more than 2 inches between them.
Ken said on 14/Feb/09
Saw her up close in a store in west Hollywood. She was wearing flats but still taller than my friend, who stood right behind her (also in flats that day) and is 5ft 5inches. She's atleast 5'6 and a half. (170cm) The "Amazon" label fits her, she appears tall, even if she's not super model tall, busty and athletic in reality (this was before she became rail thin) just like she did in the Tomb Raider movie. She was stunning.
Alex said on 14/Feb/09
Thats more than 2 inches. Angle was bending and still was taller.
someone said on 13/Feb/09
PROOF she's 5'5.5":Click Here
She's in heels standing next to Jack Black(listed here as 5'6) and is only an inch taller. The only people here who refuse to believe she's 5'5 - 5'6 are the MEN. Get the hell over it, she's barely 5'6.
squirt76 said on 12/Feb/09
OMG! That Kelly Rippa video is proof enough! Their heels are almost identical in height (Jolie's might even be taller) and AT MOST Jolie is 2 inches taller! If Kelly Rippa is 5'3" barefoot, that would make Jolie 5'5" barefoot. I am even starting to believ she is shorter than 5'5". I mean come on! For years she claimed to be 5'7", now she is claiming 5'6", I bet she's not even 5'5"!
KidPancake said on 10/Feb/09
Kelly Ripa is listed as 5'2.5.
They are both wearing heels.
Angelina is like 1-2 inches taller.

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just me said on 10/Feb/09
Sh is 5'6". I heard her say it in an interview.
Alex said on 10/Feb/09
Glenn really needs to get a picture with Jolie to put on here.
squirt76 said on 7/Feb/09
Alex--OK then, she's 5'5.5". But NO WAY IS SHE OVER 5'6"!
C. said on 5/Feb/09
She's 5'5"-ish, definitely. And she typically wears 3-4" heels. 173-- even 170 cm is too high for her.
Cali said on 4/Feb/09
My 5'3 friend saw her at LAX and met her eye to eye while she passed by in flats. Her body guards were everywhere apparently! No way she is 5 6.75. Very few people are that petit and tall. I don't see why she tries to hard to cover up her actual height, because she has everything going for her! Team Angie:)
sam said on 4/Feb/09
She is not smaller 1/2 head than Brad in this picture!
Brad has lift shoes with 2 inches at least. The Camera makes Brad's height taller but not too much! Angie is 5 ft 11 at least in this pic.
So, i would like to say, 5 ft 7 at least for Jolie or we shall believe that she said she was 5 ft 8!
Alex said on 4/Feb/09
3 inch heels will not give you 3 inches unless its a platform shoe. 3 inch heels will give 2 inches, maybe 2.5 inches tops.
squirt76 said on 4/Feb/09
Brad Pitt is 5'10" and Jolie is 5'5" tops! Wearing 3 inch heels she is 2 inches shorter than Pitt, making her 5'8" with heels. Take the heels away and she is 5'5". Please down grade her already!!
xyz said on 4/Feb/09
If she is 173 why is she shorter with 1/2 head than Brad in a 10cm heel...
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according to your comments Brad is around 180...I think that Angelina is max. 165
Anonymous said on 3/Feb/09
wanted1011, thin people don't appear shorter than they really are because they are thin, they appear taller than they really are because they are thin. That's a well know fact.

Angelina looks 5'6'' to me.
alan clerk said on 3/Feb/09
see i have seen here in one fuction in NY that time i saw here nearby , that time she wear a 2 inc" heel footwear and she was up to my height and i'm 5' ft 8" in .... so she may be around 5'6.5" to 5'7" !!
wanted1011 said on 3/Feb/09
She is 5'8. She just seems shorter because she is so thin.
thebestorganics said on 30/Jan/09
I was next to her at a Barnes and Noble in Austin. I'm 5'5" and was looking her right in the eye. She's 5'5" and probably weighs about 105-110 lbs. So funny, so looks so domineering as Lara Croft, she's really tiny and feminine but even more beautiful in person.
lala said on 30/Jan/09
I say about 5'6. She's so beautiful, regardless of her height.
Gwendolyn said on 30/Jan/09
Angelina is under 5'7"? I've heard so many people saying that she's over 5'7". Maybe it's because of the heels she always wears in public events. lol
mimi said on 28/Jan/09
I don't think Angelina looks like a 5'8" woman at all. Look at how Emma Thompson and Anne Hathaway (who is not a very tall woman) make Angelina look so small. I think Angelina's proportions make her look tall when she's by herself or other average-sized women, but I've never seen her look a full 5'8" without heels. Now, with heels, totally different story. a 5'5.5"-5'6" woman can EASILY look 5'8" in heels, and much more depending on the heel. Angelina always wears very high heels to events, 4-5 inchers...and she can easily reach 5'9ish in them. In the pic with Anthony Hopkins, she's wearing a platform plus 5 in. heels, which can definitely boost her up to around 5'10". I am a woman, I LIVE in heels..i know exactly how much height certain heels/platforms can give you. :)
squirt76 said on 27/Jan/09
Alex--I am 5'5" and with the right heels I can pass for 5'8" (obviously some pretty high heels, kinda like the ones Jolie wears at EVERY event.) Looking at her wearing flats, she certainly does not appear 5'8", no way!! She is a small woman and is probably (most likely) under 5'6".
Alex said on 27/Jan/09
Ice, I am with you. I can settle for 5'6 which I can def see her at now but 5'5 or below is just too short. A girl 5'4-5'5 would not be able to even pass for 5'8 sometimes.
James2 said on 27/Jan/09
Ed Rob...I don't understand why AJ is still listed with an additional .75 since there is an unsurmountable amount of evidence she is lucky to be considered 5'6.Many of us said ...starting with the Ellen De Generas video...she is no more that 5'5.5 and now you have pics of her and Anne and Emma, who do tower over her, proving our estimates were correct. Why are we hesitating to make the heigth accurate?
mimi said on 25/Jan/09
I say 5'5.5" for Angelina....
Donatello said on 25/Jan/09
5'7" morning height for Jolie.
ice said on 25/Jan/09
Okay, I'm all for the 5'6, but I refuse to believe she is only 5'3 or 5'4. She's clearly over average. Besides, she never looks THAT short next to Brad. What's next, Jennifer Aniston at 5'1? LOL
Jane said on 23/Jan/09
I tried to post a pic that showed Angie is really tiny looking next to Anne Hathaway at the Critics Choice but it wont go through. Anonymous I believe your friend from Paris because the pic I tried to post here really shows her body frame up against Anne and she looks minuscule compared to Anne, downgrade time.
Click Here|1&axs=0|84218360%2c84408257%2c84222637%2c84218044%2c84218442%2c84218438%2c84239168|0
Alex said on 23/Jan/09
Shes one of those girls who can look a few inches taller than she really is at times.
miles said on 23/Jan/09
Realy,if Brad Pitt is 5'11 why she always seems at least 5 inc shorter then he even with her extream high heels?
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/09
She definitely needs to be downgraded. A friend of mine saw her at a public event in Paris the other night. My friend is five six and was wearing sensible shoes. She was in the front and looked Angelina right in the face. (She has a cellphone pic to prove it!) Photos from the event make it clear Angelina was wearing her usual heels, three to four inchers, and my friend checked that out herself at the time and agrees. And, Angelina was barely as tall as my friend; maybe even a little shorter. So, for me at least, the case is closed. Angelina is no more than five three or four. Tops. I finally have a personal witness, lol. So yes, another vote for a downgrade. BTW, my friend also said she is incredibly tiny overall in person, with very very thin arms/wrists. I think that Angelina sometimes seems taller in person because her legs are disproportionately long for her torso. With heels, the illusion is even more potent. You really have to see her in person to catch on.
Alex said on 21/Jan/09
That picture of Angelina and Anne is on a slight angle but Anne still looks a little taller. She looks no more than 5'6 if Anne is 5'7 which I do believe she is.
Anonymous said on 13/Jan/09
I have a cousin. I am 5ft 7,5. She always looked 5 ft6 to me. One day, somehow, I have measured her height exactly and before that, she sticked up her body! She was 5 ft 8 yes 173 cm, wow she is taller than me!
I think and I know Angie's height is a bit like that.
And I want to say, Emma Thompson is definitely 5 ft 8,5 at least.
squirt76 said on 13/Jan/09
She was wearing 3 inch heels too. Check out the Golden Globe 2009 photos on just She is no taller than 5'5"!!
mimi said on 13/Jan/09
I agree she needs to be downgraded. Here she is with Anne Hathaway, listed at 5'7.25" and sighted by Glenn between 5'6"-5'7" max. Anne is bending down a bit and it's clear Anne is significantly taller. Angelina's body size also just looks smaller lengthwise than Anne's.

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Jane said on 12/Jan/09
Its time for a downgrade, AJ next to Emma Thompson at the Golden Globes. Emma is listed as 5'7.75
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diana said on 11/Jan/09
oh haha, that picture of jolie in flats with pitt is good
that's where i come to on my dad and i'm 5'1.5 and he's 5'7
and pitt has probably close to an inch in those shoes in height
so they're minimum 5 inches apart so at best jolie is 5'6 if pitt is 5'11
big face so she could pass for 5'7 or 5'8...lucky girl
m said on 9/Jan/09
who cares how tall is she...seems about 5'6" though, they usually list height with heels to make people seem taller, so she we'll pass for 5'8"
Alex said on 6/Jan/09
Ice, I agree with that.
ice said on 5/Jan/09
I don't know what's going on with a bunch of my comments not going through, but it's irritating. Anyway, I give Angelina 5'6, Pitt 5'10.5, or at the absolute lowest, 5'10 flat. This will put Jennifer Aniston at 5'3.5
ice said on 3/Jan/09
I, too, believe that Angelina is 5'6. As for Pitt, I'd say 5'10.5, and at the bare minimum, 5'10 flat. Of course, this puts Aniston around 5'3.5"
Anonymous21 said on 2/Jan/09
She is more 5ft6. Her face is so huge, though. As for Brad, I can't imagine him being over 5ft11, at the most he is that tall.
Alex said on 31/Dec/08
Jolie was def her hottest in the Tomb Raiders and Mr and Mrs Smith before she lost weight. Still I am not huge fan on her. I like girls like Alyssa Milano and Megan Fox the most. Though Megan Fox does resemble Jolie a bit.
Alex said on 29/Dec/08
Ice, you could be right. She may have been as low as 100lbs. Also depends on her height which I believe is no less than 5'6. I have no problem with a girl being skinny but its fine if the girl is naturally skinny or skinny with muscle tone, not just skinny with no tone or anything like Jolie was at some point, same goes for girls like Nicole Richie.
leonari said on 29/Dec/08
Agreed ice. She was way hotter in her Tom Raider days.
ice said on 28/Dec/08
Alex: Honestly, I may even push for 100ish at her lowest. One of the photos I had seen made her look like skeletor. I don't know if that was paparazzi enhanced, but it was scary. She really did look better when she was bigger. It softened her face a lot. She has a lot of sharp angles, so the extra weight kept her more feminine. Unfortunately, Hollywood is all about the skinnier the better, which is nuts if you ask me.
Alex said on 28/Dec/08
Ice, know what you're right. She probably was at least 130lbs thinking about it but she looked her best then. She had some muscle but wasn't jacked though. Thing with girls who have muscle tend to look less than they really weigh while with guys who have muscle they look more than they weigh. Today I could see 115-120lbs but at some point she got down to 105lbs.
ice said on 27/Dec/08
Alex: During her more muscular days, I would have put her at atleast 130 pounds. Today, I would estimate 115ish.
Alex said on 26/Dec/08
I wonder what her weight is today. She isn't as heavy as her Tomb Raider days which were her best with her toned athletic body. I think she weighed a good 120-125lbs there, got down to around 105-110lbs and today is slightly more.
light said on 26/Dec/08
Hope THIS comment goes through *growls*...

Mimi, read the posts again. squirt76 stated that 3 inch heels add a literal 3 inches in height, and 4 inchers add 4 inches in height. Adrienne stated (correctly) that Jolie, being a little shy of 5'9" in presumably 3 inch heels, is probably around 5'6". I was agreeing with her.
squirt76 said on 26/Dec/08
Comparing Pitt to Angelina is tricky because Pitt's height could be anywhere from 5'9" to 5'11". I believe he is 5'9.5" due to pictures I have seen of him and 5'9" Gwyneth Paltrow standing together. I truly feel Jolie is shorter than 5'6".
anonymous said on 24/Dec/08
Anna there is a difference of 14 cm between ang and pit. She is 5 foot 6 maximum.
mary said on 24/Dec/08
5"7 definitely. There's a photo of her n nicole kidman who's like 5"11 and they are no way alike in height
Anna said on 23/Dec/08
I've just come across some pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Both wearing flat shoes. Not quite sure how many inches difference there is but maybe someone can give a accurate guess?

Click Here
mimi said on 19/Dec/08
I would believe anywhere from 5'5" - 5'6"
Alex said on 18/Dec/08
5'6 barefoot. 5'8-5'9 in heels depending on the type and size.
Meeeee said on 18/Dec/08
She's bout 5'6" my mate had his photo taken with her posted it on f/book and he's 5'7" she is slightly shorter than him in the pic.
mimi said on 14/Dec/08
Light, 4-in. heels add around 3 inches in height..not less than that.
light said on 13/Dec/08
squirt76, 3-4 inch heels do not actually add 3-4 inches in height. Adrienne's estimation was more accurate.
Alex said on 11/Dec/08
People can underestimate people as well, especially females getting underestimated in terms of height.
squirt76 said on 10/Dec/08
Adrienne--if you were roughly 5'9" in heels and Jolie was a bit shorter than you (let's say 5'8.5"), assuming she was wearing her usual 3-4 inch heels, that would make her between 5'4.5"--5'5.5". If she is 5'6", I'd be very surprised. I know people who have met her and swear she is 5'4.
Adrienne said on 9/Dec/08
When I met her, I was in heels, she was in heels and she was just the tiniest bit shorter than me. I'm only 5 ft 6.5 in-I was wearing roughly 3 inch heels, making me 5 ft. 9 or so. Hence, I think she's closer to 5'6'' in bare feet. Still, 5'6.75'' isn't TOO far off.

I will say that she definitely has the appearance of being taller, because she is so so so THIN! Her height didn't surprise me in person, but her weight definitely did. She was beautiful-very beautiful-but fragile looking.
Alex said on 5/Dec/08
I gotta check out Wanted still. I dont think shes as tall as 5'7-5'8 anymore but 5'5 still seems a bit too low. I am going to stick with 5'6.
squirt76 said on 4/Dec/08
OK, I just watched Wanted, and my feelings on her height have been confirmed once and for all--SHE IS NO TALLER THAN 5'5"! She is small boned and has long limbs which is why she appears taller. PLUS, she wears 2.5-3.5 inch heels most of the time. If an actress, who's actual height is questionable, claims she is 5'7" like Jolie does, then you can bet she is only 5'4"-5'6." Jolie doesn't even look 5'6" to me anymore, not after seeing Wanted.
light said on 4/Dec/08
Given those Dustin Hoffman pics, I really cannot comprehend why she is still listed here as 5' 6.75". Editor Rob, what gives?
anon5 said on 3/Dec/08
AA, what gives you the impression she's 5'8"? And why is it envy if people don't think she's smaller than that?
In all the photos and films I've seen her in she gives the impression of a tall, but not too tall woman. Agree with everybody who are saying she's 5'6".
C. said on 2/Dec/08
She's nowhere near 5'8". And I don't see any "envy" in any of these posts. This is a height site-- celebs are overlisted all the time.
AA said on 29/Nov/08
She's 5'8 peeps, come on. I sense envy in some of these posts.
Alex said on 29/Nov/08
Thing is Pitt likely isn't 5'11. A weak 5'11, more like 5'10 1/2 he looks.
anonymous said on 29/Nov/08
El, brad pitt is 5 foot 11. She looks 5 foot 6.
ice said on 27/Nov/08
Alex: Thanks, I was off on an internship, so I wasn't around much. But, as for Jolie, I saw her in a pretty leveled picture with Gena Rowlands. They were the exact same height, and she is listed as 5'6. In a separate pic, I saw Jolie at the same event, but this time it revealed her feet, and she was wearing standard size heels. So, that's why I assumed they must be the same height. I seriouslt doubt a 70+ plus year old lady had bigger shoes.

I posted the pic on the site a while ago, but people were too busy arguing to pay attention to it, before my comment got archived. Maybe I can find it again...
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/08
Famous girls that are 5'5 get listed at 5'8 all the time. I still think Angie is more like 5'6.5 though.
Alex said on 26/Nov/08
Ice, welcome back. I haven't seen you post in several months. I can agree with 5'6 for Jolie. She physically just doesn't look under that to me. And I wouldnt be suprised if she was about 5'6.5-5'7 either, just my opinion.
ice said on 26/Nov/08
Alex: I've seen quotes of her claiming 5'7" in the past. So, I seriously doubt she's anything over that. I think she's 5'6 (168cm).
Catherine said on 26/Nov/08
I'm really surprised to hear she's the same height as or shorter than me. I always thought of Angelina as being really tall. Mind you I am sure she is in heels a lot more often than I am. Still at least I can be less scared of her now.
Alex said on 26/Nov/08
If shes 5'5 then its crazy how she gets listed at 5'8. 5'5 can't really pass for 5'8. Now a legit 5'6-5'7 can get away with 5'8 at times. What does Angie claim as her height?
C. said on 25/Nov/08
I can believe 5'5" since there is such a substantial difference in height between her and Brad. Even giving him the benefit of a doubt that he's 5'11", Angelina still cannot be pushing 5'7". 165-168 range, not 170.
squirt76 said on 24/Nov/08
Why do you people find it so hard to believe that she is around 5'5"??? EVERYONE who has met her says the same thing--that they were surprised at how small she is. She is thin and thin people often appear taller, but she is DEFINITELY under 5'6".
me said on 24/Nov/08
i'd say 1.66, cos on heels she looks just like an inch taller than jack black, who i deeply think is no more than 5'5.1/2
Alex said on 17/Nov/08
The estimates under 5'6 I dont take seriously.
Eden said on 15/Nov/08
These estimates of below 165cm are ridiculous. There is no way.

I think at shortest she could be is 166cm, no shorter. Closer to 169cm though.
El said on 14/Nov/08
she is about 5ft 4 met her and Brad who is about 5ft7 i was shocked how short she was!
Dina said on 12/Nov/08
She's no taller than 5.5-5.6 Tops!
anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
She was taller than jack black on the red carpet premiere of kungfu panda in cannes. She was in 3 inch heels though. She is 5 foot 6 max no taller. Dustin hoffman is short. I think he's 5 foot 4 max.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
The next time anyone looks at the picture of Angelina Jolie with Dustin Hoffman: Look at the length of her arms,her neck, head, and torso, and then compare to the size of Dustin Hoffman. They are the same size!!! They are very similar in height. Rob, please, atleast downgrade her to 5'6". I don't think she is even that tall, but almost 5'7" is utterly ridiculous

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