How tall is Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

Canadian Singer known for songs like Baby, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat. As of 2011 he said he was "5-8/5-7." and in a police report they put him down as 5ft 9. In 2015 he didn't appear certain of his height, saying he's now like "Five Nine, Five Ten".

How tall is Justin Bieber
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5ft 7.47in (171.4cm)
HonestSlovene said on 14/Nov/18
He's a strong 5'7" and about 5'8" in normal footwear. If he's 5'10" then I'm at least 6'1".
Jackson said on 13/Nov/18

Haha.. no. More like 5’10” in elevator shoes.
Lava said on 11/Nov/18
5ft 10 with shoes
Yasir said on 10/Nov/18
Hey Rob how tall does this guy anwar jibawi look next to Justin Bieber?

heres a link of them together in a pic: Click Here
Editor Rob
You'd think he was 5ft 4 at best there...but I think Bieber might have a bit looser posture, which would be negated by some camera tilt.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Nov/18

It's a 3.5cm growth after 16, not 1 inch. Look at the chart again. If you think that a 3.5cm growth isn't significant, then that's your opinion and I respect it, although I'd disagree.
MrTBlack said on 5/Nov/18

Yeah I guess you’re right. 1” isn’t a “huge” difference in growth but it’s notecable upclose.
TheBat said on 4/Nov/18

I agree, he's more in the 5'7" range. I never believed his 5'8" to 5'10" claims or the exact same from his fangirls. Justin's claims are just as bad as Harry Styles' claim of being 6'0" when he's actually around 5'9".
Zampo said on 4/Nov/18

Technically I don't disagree with much you have typed aside from your definitions personally. Disagree with your labeling of a 1 inch gain post-age 16 as "marginal growth" but I guess this may be more of a subjective matter. I actually don't think either you or Christian are stating much different but the conflict in opinions stem from both your understandings of what certain terms/phrases entail.
MrTBlack said on 4/Nov/18
@Slovene Nope. It’s still 16 usually. The growth after 16 (as that chart stated) is usually very minimal (like an inch tops). If you’re not done by 16 or 17, you’ll usually have a good idea iof what your final height will be.
HonestSlovene said on 3/Nov/18
@TheBat Yeah he isn't 5'8" let alone 5'10" though in fairness he can look a strong 5'7" with normal footwear.
HonestSlovene said on 3/Nov/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Exactly, now we can put the topic to rest.
MrTBlack said on 2/Nov/18

Thanks for the source. I looked at the curve and it significantly dropped after 15 and very slowly moved up after 16. So with that being said, finishing growth at around 16 is often the case and maybe something marginal like an inch at 17 or 18. Regardless, my comment still stands. Most will stop around 16-18. Rarely anything significant above 16.
TheBat said on 2/Nov/18
Justin trying get himself in the 5'10" clan (which I'm a true member of) is like me trying to get into the 6'1" clan. It's honestly BS that Justin thinks he's in that range.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Oct/18

So you're saying that 5'8.75" is short? "Below 5'9"" can mean 5'8.75"


When did I say that the average boy growing past 16 is my opinion? You want sources? Fine, I'll give you some. Here's an average growth chart for boys from ages 2-20 by CDC, which is one of the most accurate and reliable sources, and you can see that although growth for boys slows by age 16, they still grow by about a good 3.5cm on average, until around the age of 19-20. Click Here To say that boys usually completely stop at 16 is statistically wrong.
MrTBlack said on 29/Oct/18

Yes that’s true. Christian thinks I’m speaking in absolute terms and I’m not. What the articles and empirical knowledge is saying is that MOST boys will stop sometime when they are 16 whether it’s on their 16th birthday or the day before they turn 17. It’s not rare to finish at 17 or 18 but majority stop at around 16.
Tunman said on 27/Oct/18
Well,guys stopping at 16 isn't that uncommon,but still from what I see most guys stop growing by 3rd grade in secondary school that is generally 17 and change,or near 18.
Hijoputamos said on 26/Oct/18
@Christian, I said Below 5’9
MrTBlack said on 25/Oct/18

So we should ignore empirical data on when boys stop growing vs your own subjective opinion? Fair enough, can you at least give some sources for your claim on when they stop growing like I have? The majority of them (including Slovenes) say 16. Of course that’s not always the case but it usually is.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Oct/18

The average boy doesn't stop at 16. I don't where you got that from.


How is 5'9" short?
MrTBlack said on 23/Oct/18

Taken from your article

“Boys seem to grow at incredible rates, which may make any parent wonder: When do boys stop growing? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on average, boys complete their growth by the time they are 16-17 years old. Some boys may continue to grow another inch or so in the later teen years.”

It’s 16 usually dude (not always though). Just accept it.
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Oct/18
Obvious tip-toeing is so stupid. If you feel compelled to do that, you'd be much better off wearing lifts to begin with.
Hijoputamos said on 22/Oct/18
Men under 5ft9 are short. This guy is short like Tom Cruise. He is not battling the average and tall like Brad Pitt for example. Not an interesting debate. Just short short.
HonestSlovene said on 19/Oct/18
@MrTBlack It's 18 Click Here.
Arizona56 said on 18/Oct/18
Is there a reason why justin is standing on his tippy toes? (2nd photo)

Click Here
Editor Rob
To look taller in a photo...forgetting that most camera phones have a wide-angle lens, so will capture such 'Jeremy Piven' moments.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Oct/18
I've never seen the quote, but Hailey Baldwin is wrong if she claims to be as tall as Bieber. She's closer to 5'6" or certainly not even 5'7". I'd think most who do grow after 16 grow relatively small amounts, but there are exceptions with late bloomers like Bieber with Ralph Macchio being the most striking example. I agree Bieber tends to look pretty average to me the last few years. I was literally just gonna post I wouldn't expect Bieber to look much different nowadays than Hailey's father Stephen(whom I'm fairly certain is around 5'8.5"), but before I did, I decided to search and sure enough found a recent photo of them: Click Here
Greatman said on 17/Oct/18
You don't think of Bieber as tall because bis head is tiny even for his height. And his frame is small as well.
MrTBlack said on 16/Oct/18

Nope, it’s 16 usually (in terms of height at least).

Click Here

Click Here
Marla Wolf said on 16/Oct/18
He's 5'6 1/2 that girl Hayley Baldwin is 5'4. Her modeling agency has list as that. Him and her are close to the same height. She looks taller because she has long legs and a short waist giving the allusion of being taller. I didn't even know a women could model at 5'4. Good for her.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Oct/18
When I see him I never think "wow he's short" any longer. I think he can pass for lower average range now, maybe 5'8 at some point in the day. Definitely took his Bieber juice as he could have easily ended up no more than 5'4. He used to have very good skin, looks terrible now, shouldn't have acne at 24, definitely on drugs. Is there any child or young star who escapes drugs and burn out? The pressure must be huge being a big star like that. Notice that a lot of stars like Mick Jagger and Sting power through is on natural drugs, keeping super fit, yoga, clean diet etc. I think at some stage they realise they're not going to live long with abuse so that's why a lot of them being fitness freaks. Sting's regime I'd say above anybody is the perfect role model for dealing with fame.
Editor Rob
It's hard for these guys to go out in public without cameras and people pestering them for photos/auto's or video shoutouts.

I think 5ft 7.5 is probably the lowest I'd guess him, it's hard to see him less.
James Keffer said on 15/Oct/18
MRTBlack well, he was a late bloomer.
HonestSlovene said on 15/Oct/18
@MrTBlack Most males stop growing between 18 and 19 years of age. He grew roughly 3 years after that. By the time you're 16, you have at least an inch of growth (I grew 2 inches and stopped at 19). He could measure 5'7.5" at his tallest at low, more I'm not buying, has looked 5'7" flat way too often.
James Keffer said on 14/Oct/18
Rob, I think Justin Bieber needs an upgrade to 5'8. I agree that 5'9 is ridiculous for Justin but 5'7.5 is too low. Click Here he appears the same height as (5'8) Paris Jackson. Click Here he apears more than an inch taller than (5'6.5) DJ Khaled. Click Here he's a good 3 inches taller than (5'5) Selena Gomez.
Janiksan said on 13/Oct/18
Stone 5-7, why so many argument?you guys can see the pic with DJ KHALED in the newest music vedio —— No brainer
MrTBlack said on 12/Oct/18
Agreed. Most boys have stopped growing by 16 and if not, they’ll usually gain something barely noticeable by 17 or 18 at the latest. The fact that Biebs grew several inches after 18 is extremely remarkable and rarely happens to the majority of boys.
HeyItsJenna said on 11/Oct/18
Justin is 5'7 & 1/2 confirmed by Hailey Baldwin herself. It was also leaked in DM's between Hailey and a fan when Hailey wasn't dating Justin at the time but had met him.

Hailey said Justin and her are the same height.

If you don't want to believe me than ok, but Justin is 5'7. It explains why Zac Efron was taller than him when they met up Zac is 5'8.
KH said on 10/Oct/18
People need to stop trying to add height to the Beib. The guy is 24 years old he almost certainly hasn't grown any in 6-8 years. Most people are done growing by about 16 but there are some who's growth plates stay open as last about 21 but its much rarer. This listing seems fair enough.
omg said on 3/Oct/18
he is over 5'8.5 for sure. I have a friend who has exactly the same build as him...
tony t. said on 28/Sep/18
My mistake

Click Here
tony t. said on 28/Sep/18
Click Here
Go to 0:34. Just doesn't look a 5'8 guy to me. Take the hat off and the hood and the sandals and I wouldn't go above Rob's listing..ever. ever ever ever lol
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Sep/18
If there's any difference between Bieber and Cruise then I'd guess Bieber is taller because Cruise always wears elevators now and has impeccable posture. Bieber does wear pretty flat shoes at times and doesn't always stand perfectly. Neither looks particularly short to me, but I'd guess Cruise is about 171.5 cm or 5'7.5" and often looks a solid 5'8" guy because of posture and footwear.
HonestSlovene said on 20/Sep/18
I think Cruise has at least 1 or 2 cm on him. He' s 172 cm.
Tifi said on 19/Sep/18

How tall would you average Justin is in that video Warren posted of him walking barefoot?
Would you say Justin is the same 174cm as you?

Honestly I don't see a clear 9 cm between him and Selena gomez. For me that settled his height at 170cm max
Editor Rob
Bieber I think many would guess around 5ft 8, but I can still see under 5ft 8...over it I'm never convinced of. In a video like that, it's harder to really surmise a height.
Dector said on 15/Sep/18
I think he is taller now, he seems to be on the lower end of "average height" for men. I'm sure he's taller than Tom Cruise.
Yee said on 15/Sep/18
What would you say Bieber’s morning and night heights are?
tony t. said on 15/Sep/18
In the Instagram video that Warren posted he looks 5'7. He's not 5'8.
MJKoP said on 7/Sep/18
Kinda surprised he still remains at 5'7.5", tbh.
xaxa said on 5/Sep/18
Petit said on 5/Sep/18
I think he is 5'7 and 3/4
JamesG said on 3/Sep/18
@Rob He’s taller than ed Sheeran in pics, so he’s 5’7.75”-5’8” minimum. Upgrade needed, no?
Tiemo said on 2/Sep/18
Peter, the average fully grown women in America is about 5’4, so even if he was 5’7 or 5’8 then he’d still be taller than most women in the states
Warren said on 1/Sep/18
But the looks like a 5'7"/170cm flat at worst with the most girls in this, do you have any thoughts sir?
I know he was a barefoot in this
Click Here
David Neill said on 31/Aug/18
Rob,i think you should upgrade justin to 174 (5 feet 8½) for now,Neymar is listed 173 (5 feet),and bieber was looking like maybe 1- 2centimeters taller than him in Barcelona's training camp last year.
Peter175 said on 26/Aug/18
Hmmm interesting thing is that Justin now looks to be taller than 90% of women I see him pictured with.

Rob, if Justin is 5'8, what percentage of women in the USA or UK would be taller than him?
Click Here

There are tons of photos of him with fans here and he's taller than all of them. Was not the case when he was younger
Mrs. Castro said on 25/Aug/18
In this video Hailey is 5'7 1/2 (5'6 1/2 + 1 inch running shoes).

Justin in flat Vans looks 2~3cm taller than Hailey at 2:26.

I guess he is 172cm~173cm without shoes.
Asdfssddddd said on 25/Aug/18
I really want to put this debate to rest.
Here is a picture where Justin is standing next to a brick wall. He stands 22 bricks high. Just about any carpenter could look at this picture and figure this out. Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Aug/18
She does have thicker sneakers than he does, but she's still shorter even when Justin is slouching at the beginning. Bieber could be 5'8" since he often wears shoes like that now and slouches.
Heyy said on 21/Aug/18
In the 5'7 range, no where near 5'8 here is him next to Hayley Baldwin who is 5'6 Click Here he's wearing flat vans and she's the same height of him because the heel on her sneaker bringing her to 5'7+
Memes said on 19/Aug/18
Looks closer to 5 foot 8 than 5 7 and he’s looked taller than 5 8 listed Neymar with similar footwear so I have no idea how he’s this low.
Mrs. Castro said on 16/Aug/18
I guess:

173.5~174.0cm morning
172.0~172.5cm afternoon
171.5~172.0cm before bed

He needs an upgrade to 5'7 3/4 (172.1cm).
Peter175 said on 16/Aug/18
Justin is 2-3 cm taller than Jordy given posture and footwear.

If he's 169 bieber has to be at least a bit above 5'7
MAD SAM said on 13/Aug/18
@Robby Harris
You are totally right he’s over 5’7”, 171 cm or 172 cm that’s a different story but he’s definitely over 170 cm
Robby Harris said on 11/Aug/18
Anything from 5'7.5"-5'8" is an arguable range for Bieber. I can't see him any shorter than 171 cm, but neither above 173. Its pretty clear he's over 5'7". Some photos tend to have bad angles putting him at a disadvantage, same as for his modest footwear and relaxed posture. Some of the street pics of Bieber with Selena can be deceiving. Rob's listing is fine.
QK said on 11/Aug/18
Isn’t he 5’9(175cm)? The internet says so about his height
Jon78 said on 11/Aug/18
I think he is the same exact height as me. I wake up at 174.6cm and when i go to bed around 172.7cm during off days, goes down further to 172.0cm after work. So i think it's safe to say that he deserves an upgrade to 172cm or 5'7 3/4. not a bad height especially for a Canadian. Alot of guys my age(17) are just pretty much the same height as me or else just a little bit taller(1-2in) maybe comes down to diet, because in Canada we don't eat alot of meat pumped full of hormones unlike in other countries like America.
Paul Wood said on 8/Aug/18
I think he's 5ft 7.75in but maybe slightly over 5ft 8in in the morning.
tree said on 7/Aug/18
Good find with Yordy, its a proof that he is not 5ft8,171 is accurate.
Marcus m said on 5/Aug/18
Justin Bieber next to Yordy Reyna, an MLS soccer player who is 169cm(maybe even shorter)
Click Here What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
Bieber might have a bit less footwear, he is after all in slippers which could compress down a I think he is probably taller than the soccer player.
Lapinux said on 4/Aug/18
172 cm imo
HonestSlovene said on 2/Aug/18
@Mari Wolf Society isn't hard on short guys, just to short guys with Napoleon complex who act they have something to prove.
Yasir said on 1/Aug/18
Justin easily has 1.5-2 inches on DJ khaled whos 5"6.5. Nowadays hes looking around 5'8. He was just lucky that he was a late bloomer.
DingoTheDrongo said on 1/Aug/18
@Mari Wolf
You're tripping so bad, Justin was constantly taller than Dj Khaled in the video. Also, do you even know how big 2/3 inches are? Justin was wearing Vans (1cm lift) whereas DJ Khaled was wearing shoes that gave him around 1-1.5inch lift. Justin is still and will still be in the mid/strong 5'7 range.
Son Goku said on 30/Jul/18
5'6 to 5'6.5"? No he's easy 5'7/170cm.
Y07 said on 29/Jul/18
@For Real Yep, Vitaly definitely had a huge advantage over Bieber in height. If he is 5'10.5" (179cm) as Rob estimated him to be (he also claimed to be 5'11" on Twitter). Bieber certainly still looks to be in the 5'7" - 5'7.5" (170 - 171cm) area.
Y07 said on 29/Jul/18
@For Real Yep, Vitaly definitely had a huge advantage over Bieber in height. If he is 5'10.5" (179cm) as Rob estimated him to be (he also claimed to be 5'11" on Twitter). Bieber certainly still looks to be in the 5'7" - 5'7.5" area.
Mari Wolf said on 29/Jul/18
Justin is shorter than DJ Khalid in their new music vid by 2-3 inches.
I think his real height is 5’6 1/2. He only looks taller to some because he's super slim and wears lifts often.

Look at pix with his dad who is 5'5 (he's probably lost a half or whole inch since being older). Justin looks barely an inch taller than him.

Naturally Justin wouldn't have gotten pass his dad's height since his mom is 4'7. I think he did something to get as tall as he is. Hell I don't blame him. Society isn't very kind to short guys. I'm a 5'5 woman and I don't feel tall enough.
For Real said on 28/Jul/18
Guys, you can easily compare him with Vitaly. Look this video here. Click Here look at 1:50. Vitaly is 5'9/5'10. Theres about 3-4 inch different there and JB is wearing cap. Rob guess is spot on. 170-171 to me.
David Bontrager said on 27/Jul/18
I would say he's only slightly shorter than average, so about 5'9"
Littlelee168cm said on 23/Jul/18
He's not five eight just a bit below but not five eight barefoot
? ? said on 21/Jul/18
5'7" to 5'7.5".
Vexacus said on 20/Jul/18
Bieber is at least 5'8 . 5'10 with his special boots.
lee168cm said on 20/Jul/18
He's not 5ft 9. Maybe in 1.5" footware
Prashashu said on 20/Jul/18
He is 5'9.look at his pictures with hailey and fans.looks much taller nowdays
Robby Harris said on 18/Jul/18
Justin appeared to have at least an inch to perhaps more likely an 1.5" on Oprah back in 2012, aged 18, Video: Click Here

There are a couple of photos of the two from that particular setting where the difference actually looks to be at least 2" and oddly sometimes more...however they are only head shots and I therefore take them with a grain of salt, seeing the difference appears noticeably less in the "shopping spree" video. Anyhow, assuming Oprah hadn't lost any height by then, then Justin was easily arguably already more in the 170-171 cm zone by late 2012. I think he's definitely more 172-173 cm range now though. Remember, he appeared CLEARLY taller than 171 cm Ed Sheeran in full body pics back in 2015. Granted, some may argue that might rather suggest Sheeran shorter, but Sheeran never really looks much below his listing with other people. I can't quite pinpoint his growth stages in the last several years, but even if Oprah had lost noticeable height by then, Its still abundantly clear that Justin is very close to a solid 5'8" today.

@Zimi: I'll definitely have to disagree with you there. Here's a photo of Justin with DJ Khaled: Click Here

Note that Justin's barefoot, while Khaled has on fairly thick sneakers and better posture. They appear the same height there, and in fact, Justin still seems like he'd be marginally taller, considering the slight posture differences. 171 cm is the bare minimum for Justin in any case. 172-173 cm is very arguable.
Zimi said on 18/Jul/18
Click Here Here he is next to 5’6.5 listed DJ Khaled looking 5’7 at most. There’s no way he’s 5’8/5’9 as theres clearly no significant height difference between the two, what do you think Rob?
Warren said on 18/Jul/18
Read the description of below comments, 5'7" at 2011 means nothing
Aman said on 15/Jul/18
Justin Bieber was listed as 5'7 on his license and this was taken SO many years ago. And you only think he has only grown half an inch from his teens to his twenties? Naw, lol trust me he's at least 5'8. Rob you need to upgrade the guy. His recent pictures seriously do not look anything like 5'7.

Click Here
lnk555 said on 11/Jul/18
Justin is like 170cm. Look at him near Jared Leto who is about 176/177 Click Here
Warren said on 10/Jul/18
I'd say Justin is 171cm and Hailey is 167cm at them minimum height, and they are same inseam 79cm
Warren said on 10/Jul/18
I agreed with Peter175, and as you can see them details on this
Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 9/Jul/18
I'd say he's still insecure about his height, however not so much when he was 5'5" because 5'7"-5'8" is more upper short/lower average range than just short. 171 cm.
Mapache said on 9/Jul/18
He needs an upgrade. He looks 2.5 incges (6 or 7 cm) taller than Hailey in this vide, both in flip flops.

Click Here
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 8/Jul/18
spainmen192cm said on 30/Apr/18
Rob, I think its pretty clear Justin has not height complex anymore! He wears flat shoes like Vans and Converse a lot and even he manage to walk barefoot around the street!

I think he is 5ft8 nowdays and very secure with his height

How is he secure with his height when he claims he's 5'9"-5'10"?
otrebor18 said on 8/Jul/18
The evidence is incontestable, Rob. UPGRADE. This guy is 5.8 or 5.8 1/2
Testament said on 5/Jul/18
Click Here
Rob,can you explain why Justin looked super short in this video? Thanks
Editor Rob
The big baggy clothes probably contribute to looking shorter.
Peter175 said on 5/Jul/18
Click Here

At least 3-4cm taller than Hailey Baldwin
Original said on 3/Jul/18
Something around 172.
Robby Harris said on 30/Jun/18
Bieber's closer to 5'8" than he is 5'7". 171 cm is the absolute minimum. He doesn't seem to have any insecurity in regards to his height, considering he's always in flat footwear (vans/converse), but what DOES make it seem like he does is his 5'9"-5'10" claim from 2015. I think an upgrade to 172 cm would be reasonable, considering he's looked more that than what's listed above. He's not always in the best posture either...
Kai said on 29/Jun/18
He is 5'8
Belieber said on 26/Jun/18
Rob,how much do you think a pair of Nike air max can add to his height?
Editor Rob
There are several variations of air max, but overall at least 1 inch sometimes up to 1.3
Paul Wood said on 26/Jun/18
I wish more shorter people would be honest about their height, that way people below medium height wouldn't be made to feel 'abnormal'. There is an adult height range of at least a foot and provided someone is within that range, then they are 'normal'. Shorter people exaggerating their heights are just feeding into the whole 'short is bad' thing.
Prince. Late-bloomer said on 25/Jun/18
To me Justin grew taller. Let me say 177cm at most
Peter175 said on 25/Jun/18
Our boy Justin is about 5'7.75. Just wears low shoes because he isn't insecure and has weird stance at times.

I've been saying Justin is near 5'8 since 2015 when he was listed at a flat 5'7.

Zero chance justin is under this listing, even after his worst evenings
Lenny said on 24/Jun/18
No. Justin Bieber was just very lucky in this case. He hadn’t properly started puberty when he was at least 16 years old, take a look at his old songs. His voice dropped properly when he was around his 17th birthday. He just inherited a growth spurt because he was a late bloomer which was down to his genetics. I highly doubt he did that weird leg lengthening surgery thing. That it just overkill (and sad) even for someone who’s short.
AP said on 22/Jun/18
I still don't think the listing makes sense...
Like this picture. Swae lee is listed as 5/8 but Justin Bieber seems to be the same height.
Click Here:
Also this picture with post Malone doesn't look like the biggest difference ever if Post is 6'0 feet. I still think you guys should upgrade him
Click Here:
Tunman said on 22/Jun/18
To those who want to argue he's 5'9,take a look at this
Click Here:
Hailey isn't even standing at her best and Justin doesn't look over 5'8 in fact more like 5'7.75.I doubt there will be more than 1"between them had she stood perfectly.171 is still possible though I can very well see a chance for 172 I reckon.
Trying to say he's 5'7 is something debatable,5'8 is also arguable but with 5'9 one is nothing more than a Belieber.He could look 5'9 at times either because camera sometimes is at his favour or because he has some of his booster shoes.Btw you can argue he looked the same as 5'7.75-8 Neymar but no way an inch taller
I think Rob should reduce the gap between highest and lowest estimates.Seriously how can people think he's 5'5.5 idk,and the same goes for the 5'9.5 option
Mack said on 20/Jun/18
Some of the best reference is barefoot images. which is why i like the Dj khaled argument.
Louis W said on 20/Jun/18
@Maz? Morningstar Well he’s defo up to something his mom is 4”8 which is about 8” below average and his dad is 5”6 or 3-4” below average. It would be extremely rare to get to his fathers height let alone get past that. I think both seem plausible but I think his growth plates closed so growth hormone wouldn’t do much. The 2-3 inch he gained is the amount gained in LL surgery and you can do internal with a metal rod instead of the outside of the leg so scars may not be visable.
Robby Harris said on 19/Jun/18
171 minimum. 173 max. He's slightly taller than Ed Sheeran, so a flat 5'7" is highly unlikely. Hes surely in the mid to upper 5'7" range, at least. No more than a flat 5'8" at best. I'd like to see him beside Zac Efron and a liftless Tom Cruise in the future. All never really look below 171 or above 173. Bieber pretty much looks 171-172 cm with almost everyone he stands next to, so this listing is fair, but LOL claiming 5'10" at that height has got to be a crime! The 2" rule will never die out. Chris Rock even alludes to there being a jaw-dropping 4" rule! Well, there's only a handful of celebrities I can count on having ever tried that!
Maz? Morningstar said on 19/Jun/18
@ Louis W I always assumed he had growth hormone shots. Which would have explained his late growth and mood swings but Limb-Lengthening surgery due to his fake retirement in 2013 makes since too. I think he's really 5'6 1/2 barefoot.
bandology568 said on 19/Jun/18
If Hailey is a strong 5'6, then JB looks awfully close to a strong 5'9. They both have around the same footware height advantages, and Justin looks about 3 inches taller. Click Here I dunno man, you should upgrade him to a flat or strong 5'8-5'9...
Maz? Morningstar said on 18/Jun/18
Bieber's mom is 4'8 and his dad is 5'5. He is 5'6. Mother nature screwed him. He's with a 5'3 girl Haley Baldwin who claims to be 5'6 when Kylie Jenner is taller than her at 5'6 lol. Haley's old modeling agency listed her at 5'4. Modeling agencies usually add on 1-2 inches to short models actual height.
Louis W said on 17/Jun/18
I think justin had Limb-Lengthening surgery due to his fake retirement in 2013 when he was 19 years old on twitter and the rumor said that he did that for doing leg lengthening surgery which is need some months to recover. His photos with Selena Gomez that were taken in 2013 and 2015 show are difference in his height.

Take a look at this page @rob
Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 17/Jun/18
Biebers dad is 5'7" max, maybe even 5'6" range.
HonestSlovene said on 16/Jun/18
I'd say between 170 cm and 172 cm is fair. Doesn't look under 5'7" now but he isn't close to 5'8".
Bradley said on 14/Jun/18
His mother is dwarf height, his father is the same as Biebs: short.
Eyad said on 13/Jun/18
Rob what do you think of justin bieber recent photo with Heily Beldwin?
Editor Rob
I think he can seem 5ft 8
Mack said on 13/Jun/18
Idk 5ft7.5 is still fair to me. I'm pretty sure Jb's dad is about five six he also doesn't look 5ft10 in the image and Hayley Baldwin is about 5ft6 1/2 and isn't standing to her fullest potential in that photo and are already similar height in bare foot. The Jamie Foxx clip Jb has camera advantage. other clips from that same period from different angles reveals a height difference to me. It's not likely he has grown at twenty four even in his late bloom but, that's already been a considerable amount of time ago. The barefoot James corden argument I think is a pretty good one. I think 5ft7.5 is pretty accurate I think Rob has a good eye and guess.
Emil said on 13/Jun/18

his dad is 5'6 range lmao. he's nowhere near 5'10
AP said on 12/Jun/18
Guys I'm gonna be honest. I'm pretty sure JB is 5'9. Look at the recent pics with him and Hailey Baldwin. He is pretty much her height and he is in vans. I think he recently grew too. Here is some evidence...
Click Here
Also here's JB with his 5'10 dad.
Click Here
Here is JB with Jamie foxx at the basketball game. They do look the same height tbh..
Click Here

Guys seriously just upgrade the guy already...
Emil said on 11/Jun/18
Justin is living proof that 5'7.5-5'8 isn't short at all
Lucky Silver said on 10/Jun/18
His proportions definitely elongate him. He is naturally slim; most people that have more muscle on them tend to look shorter. He knows how to dress to look taller aswell. Slim pants make you look longer than baggy pants. When on stage he’ll sometimes wear longer T’s with skinnier pants gives the illusion to make someone look taller. But I’m sure he still has a little bit of an insole in his shoes (most of the time). I noticed back in the day he’d wear Supra high tops to wear he could fit insoles in them. Air max’s etc have a thick sole.
When he does interviews or is in a public scene (award settings) he puts on shoes that make him taller. I’d say 5-7 barefoot, can be 5”9 with shoes. Depending on the shoe
Son Goku said on 9/Jun/18
He's 5'7".
liam kilty said on 9/Jun/18
i think justins 5'9" now
jeff12453#_ said on 6/Jun/18
I think a strong 5'8 to a flat 5'9 is a good height for him. He doesn't look as low as 5'8, but doesn't look any taller than 5'9. Also, that range Rover looked like it was only about an inch to an inch and a quarter taller than him. So I conclude his height at about 5'8.75 to a flat 5'9
Mason Noel Ledbetter said on 4/Jun/18
Justin Bieber is somewhere like 5'9'' or 5'10'' I think I'm saying that Justin Bieber is 5ft 9.5in tall.
Tunman said on 3/Jun/18
Rob,do you rule out a 5'7 flat for him?
Click Here:
He seems roughly an inch taller and I'm almost sure he doesn't have shoe disadvantage and Ellen is 5'6 flat tops these days.
Editor Rob
Overall, I'd go above 5ft 7 for him
Laz said on 2/Jun/18
Definitely at least somewhere around 5ft 7. Not above 5ft8
Sean176m night said on 28/May/18
Rob do you think a solid 5'9 would be comfortably taller than Justin?
Editor Rob
Remember not long ago that Jamie Foxx and Justin were at that celebrity basketball tournament...I think a decent 5ft 9 guy like Jamie looked comfortably taller than Bieber, so the most I'd go is 5ft 8 for him.
Robby Harris said on 24/May/18
Bieber definitely isn't 5'9"! But a flat 5'8" figure isn't impossible considering he's comfortably pulled it off at times. However, 171-172 cm is pretty much on the money for him, imo. Anything below a strong 5'7" is highly unlikely. Rob's listing is fine, but I'd consider it the low figure for Bieber.
Emil said on 22/May/18
He and Neymar look identical in height and I think they hit 5'7.75 both of them
Dove said on 21/May/18
@Ffs I don't think so mate. That range rover svr is around 178cm as stated on the their website and Bieber's head doesn't go past the rooftop and you haven't even discount the nearly 2 inches shoe sole he had on at the time. I think Rob is correct with the height. JB is roughly around 172cm max.
Warren said on 21/May/18
You @CC aren't you? May we have you post compared one please
Gsssssss said on 20/May/18
Hopefully this will put this controversy to rest. He's standing next to 9 cinder blocks. Speak to a carpenter and any of them could tell you with reasonably certainty how tall he is. I've also posted a picture of him standing next to a tape measure. Apparently that was not good enough. Click Here
averagedude said on 19/May/18
I'm exactly 175cm and have seen Bieber, he was quite shorter than me. I would definitely say 170cm. In morning he may be around 171cm or 172cm.
Ffs said on 18/May/18
Click Here

I duno, he looks awfully closer to 177.8 in this video lol.
Hunter said on 18/May/18

171 is too short for Bieber. He isnt 5'9 though. At least he deserves 172 cm
Khaled Taban said on 16/May/18
5'8.5" maximum or at morning , 5'8" during day
HI894958475 said on 15/May/18
The Range Rover SvR height is 177,8cm,and in this video Justin with shoes is a lot smaller than the Range, so Rob's listing is accurate
Click Here
Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 15/May/18
Bieber is 171 cm maximum, more like 170 cm range tbh.
HonestSlovene said on 15/May/18
@John (180 cm) lol ok then you're 5'9" range at best.
Shaq said on 12/May/18
@Ffs LOL at appealing to truth and then mentioning his 'emotional maturity' as if that had anything to do with his physical stature. sounds like your emotional liking for bieber is clouding your already out-of-touch judgement of height.
M.E said on 12/May/18
Well the reason he has this listing is just that. Pictures and references.
John (180 cm) said on 12/May/18
Yes I agree Bieber is 5'8.5 minium. People always underestimate.
Ffs said on 12/May/18
Click Here

This is the build of someone over 5'8.5... he looks over 173 here...
Ffs said on 10/May/18
Beiber deserves an upgrade on this site if this site cares about truth at all. His height grew an so did his emotional maturity... He is over 5'8. Look at any pictures, and give me one where he looks below 5'8. Most cases I think he is slightly over 5'8.5, occasionally might look 5'9 depending on what he's wearing
Khaled Taban said on 10/May/18
He isn't shorter than 5'8"
Bri said on 9/May/18
Hunter said on 7/May/18
I think Bieber is over 5ft 7 easily.

5ft 8 is more accurate, but he looks sometimes 5'8-5'9 range.
haxxx said on 6/May/18
Justin seems to edge out 173 cm Neymar in this video from 2016. I think Justin needs an upgrade: Click Here
Leonari said on 6/May/18
He has an incredibly long neck. I say 1 inch above average. He is below 5’8” at all times. Closer to 5’7” but 100% above it.
Tallish89 said on 4/May/18
@spainmen192cm If he's secure being 5'8 why does he claim 5'10? lol
Shaq said on 3/May/18

Just like bigger bones do. Look up Maurice Tillet who had Acromegaly. You would not believe that man was 5'7 if you didn't know it.
Son Goku said on 3/May/18
Worst case 170cm. I'd put him 171cm.
Tallish89 said on 3/May/18
Are we going to upgrade Vitaly in order to upgrade Bieber now smh
Yht said on 3/May/18
@Ffs 5'9? Are you kidding me in 2015 he said he was 5'10 and three years passed now he is 6 ft
He is soo tall and proud of his height, we love him.
Ahh downgraders everywhere
Ffs said on 2/May/18
He's 5'9. Look at recent pic
Yht said on 2/May/18
He is not insecure or maybe he is reluctant to wear lifts/bigger footwears because everyone would immediately notice.And he cannot be 5'8 barefoot as if you watch his videos or see him in person you would notice he is shorter than almost everyone if not same
Yasir said on 2/May/18

I dont really think he ever did have a height complex tbh
Mark182 said on 2/May/18
5'7.25 is spot on.
spainmen192cm said on 30/Apr/18
Rob, I think its pretty clear Justin has not height complex anymore! He wears flat shoes like Vans and Converse a lot and even he manage to walk barefoot around the street!

I think he is 5ft8 nowdays and very secure with his height
Editor Rob
Yeah, he's not that bothered since he wears sub 1 inch sneakers a lot, although might still like to look taller in some photos with people.
Tallish89 said on 30/Apr/18

Well he looked really short there! Almost everyone was taller
Maz? Morningstar said on 29/Apr/18
I think Justin is 5'6. He doesn't look 5'7 1/2 and definitely not 5'9 like he claims.
Warren said on 27/Apr/18
How does big a head make a person appear taller?
Yht said on 27/Apr/18
He doesnt look 173 not even 171 He is shorter than most people in some videos
He is 170-171
berta said on 26/Apr/18
justin is one o the few i wanna upgrade a whole half inch. the guy isnt tall but he is way taller than ellen degeneres and similar height as current stallone . in all photos he looks about 173 today.he grew his last half inch in eartly 20s
Yasir said on 24/Apr/18
How does Justin bieber “trick” peopl that he’s 5”7? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? LOL his head is kinda big does that make him look taller and he’s sort of skinny is it that? I’m so confused.
Shawn said on 24/Apr/18
I'd really like to see how he stacks up to other guys that are in the 5'7"-5'8" range, see how he compares. Cruise, Wahlberg, Efron, etc. I think this is a good listing Rob, especially after seeing the video Truestuff posted. Reluctant to give him the full 5'8".
176cm guy said on 22/Apr/18
At this point, i don't think he's gonna grow anymore since he is 24 now. He was definitely a late bloomer like Ralph Macchio was (who also had a high pitch voice in his 20s). 5'7 1/2" is definitely the area where he could most likely measure at (5'8" or almost 5'8" is pretty arguable as well). He is definitely not 5'9", people like to think he is, his appearance and physique will definitely trick people into thinking that. But either way, he is pretty darn close. No question about it.
176cm guy said on 22/Apr/18
At this point, i don't think he's gonna grow anymore since he is 24 now. He was definitely a late bloomer like Ralph Macchio was (who also had a high pitch voice in his 20s). 5'7 1/2" is definitely the area where he could most likely measure at (5'8" or almost 5'8" is pretty arguable as well). He is definitely not 5'9" people like to think he is, his appearance and physique will definitely trick people into thinking that. But either way, he is pretty darn close. No question about it.
Yasir said on 21/Apr/18
He’s got to be 5”8. Honestly looks that tall to me. But wow he must have had a MASSIVE growth spurt when he was 17. Hope the same happens to me!
Isaac Hamilton said on 21/Apr/18
Bieber is no lower than 169cm and 171cm at the absolute max. And the people comparing bieber to Vitaly, that was taken in like 2016 so he could have grown after that. Anyway I'd give him a solid 169.5cm
Carolyn said on 21/Apr/18
5'9 dude said on 17/Apr/18
Rob , do you feel like you'd be noticeably taller than Justin if you met?
Editor Rob
I don't think he'd look much different to the casual eye, but he's one of the most arguable heights on here. I can see how some still would guess him as barely over 5ft 7, while others say he has to be 5ft 8!
Maz? Morningstar said on 17/Apr/18
I saw a video of him talking to Youtube prankers Vitaly. Who's suppose to be 5'9 - 5'10 and Justin looks about 4 - 5 inches shorter.
I think he's really 5'6 because Vitaly had sneakers on while he had flip flops.
Truestuff said on 17/Apr/18
Walking around in socks, looks shorter than the majority of females he encounters

Click Here
jonas said on 17/Apr/18
Looked mad short with 5"9.25 Vitaly
Dector said on 16/Apr/18
I accept Bieber has grown late and he must be at least 5.75" today.
M.E said on 16/Apr/18
In defence of the Ed Sheeran Photos in almost of the photos he has one leg kicked out in front which would cause him to lose a bit of height.With beiber and Ed being already close in height he would appear shorter but, i do believe they're pretty close in height. The bare feet Corden photos still make me believe Robs listing is fair.
Peter175 said on 15/Apr/18
Vitaly looks 3 inches taller but has a shoeware advantage.

171-172 for Justin is still right
Original said on 15/Apr/18
Looks 173 with Vitaly.
Fisticuffs said on 14/Apr/18
@Nate actually looks a good 3 inches not at first but when the camera zooms out as they're shaking hands at 1:45 you can see a pretty big difference. Although Vitaly has a little extra footwear. I'd say 5'7.5" is still fair for Bieber.
bieb said on 14/Apr/18
@Rob why do you say he can look near 5'8 but keep his listing short
Editor Rob
Well he might still measure under 5ft 8, but I never discount chance he could be close to 5ft 8 either.
Jonathon1 said on 14/Apr/18
Look at Vitalys footwear too, looks like the Yeezy style sneaker that give 1+ inch while Justin is in flat flipflops. In October 2015 we learnt that Beiber is taller than Ed Sheeran without lifts as we could see his ankle:

Click Here
Click Here

And yet Beiber is still listed as shorter 5'7.5 than Ed 5'7.75 because people refuse to accept that Beiber grew late and those same people don't ever want to see him around the 5'8 mark were he can be considered in the average height bracket. Rob to restore some order we either need a downgrade on Ed or an upgrade on Beiber. Based on that Fact that Beiber has held up strong in every recent encounter with another celeb when we can A) See his footwear(usually has a disadvantage) and B) See his posture and standing surface I think we know which one it needs to be.
Christopher said on 13/Apr/18
Hey Rob,

What are your thoughts on this video with Justin next to 5'10.5 listed Youtuber VitalyzdTV? Click Here

I'd say looks as listed.
Editor Rob
He can look near to 5ft 8...
Nate said on 13/Apr/18
Rob, watch this video of Bieber meeting Vitaly Zdorovetskiy in LA. If Vitaly is 179 cm there is no way Justin is below 173 cm.

Click Here

Let us know what you think.
Editor Rob
he can certainly pull off 5ft 8 at times like that.
Gracian said on 11/Apr/18
Rob, please look at the photos of Bieber with Sylvester Stallone: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Bieber really needs an upgrade! His photos with Stallone show that he can not be lower than 172 cm! Please, Rob, give him an upgrade to 5'7.75".
Warren said on 11/Apr/18
At least 171 but max 172, 1cm is a huge diference here and to me
no chances him being 170 and 173

Yes he was, but was under 5'6" in the photo
Tallish89 said on 10/Apr/18
He step on that scale with 2 inch heels...


If he's 5'9.7 then that would make Selena Gomez 5'7

Be real..
Yasir said on 9/Apr/18
@lol89 that photo was back when bieber was 16/17, he grew slightly after that.
Lol99 said on 8/Apr/18
Click Here
5ft 6 3/4 ??
Gsadfgh said on 8/Apr/18
If there's a video of this, post a link
Eyad AW said on 6/Apr/18
@megan.kalu where is the video please!!!
Tallish89 said on 6/Apr/18
I guess people who claiming 173cm for Bieber thinks Casey Neistat is 180cm
megan.kalu said on 5/Apr/18
Justin Bieber, as of Feb.2018, stepped on the scales and height track for Celeb Basketball in LA, height documented for all to see (there's video of this) at 5'9.7 inches.
arth said on 5/Apr/18
Yeah for sure his body construction make him look taller than he is
I think in real life it's not that shocking but he's clearly 100% between 170 and 173 barefoot, maybe less at night
jonas said on 5/Apr/18
He didnt grow at 20. He Max 5"8 little under 5"8
Christopher said on 1/Apr/18
Honestly I think this whole "he looks so much taller" thing is a little bit overplayed.

Walking in public he looks 5'7 range.
His proportions elongate him a bit, but he still doesn't look much over this listed mark.
He's definitely a strong 5'7, but I wouldn't put him over 5'8. He looks consistently shorter than "short' celebs (Ed Sheeran, James Corden)
Next to Casey Neistat, he even looked a weak 5'7 back in 2015.

If I looked at him, I maybe would think average range - and not below average, but it's not crazy unheard of. Being slender/fit helps with that.
Billy Bobby said on 1/Apr/18
I honestly think Justin is more of a 173 cm figure. He is definetly not a 5'10 figure, because my father says he is 5'10 and he seems a couple inches taller than Justin -- especially in photos. If you look at this photo, Usher is a 5'8 figure, and Justin seems around that height, if not maybe a 1/4 of an inch taller

Click Here:
Peter175 said on 31/Mar/18
I can't see Justin being shorter than the 1D boys (Exception being Harry and Liam of course) I'm certain Justin would match Louis and Niall and be taller than Zayn if they were barefoot
arth said on 30/Mar/18
Take a look at this video at 4:45 Click Here
You can see Bieber barefoot with Casey Neistat and Olivier Rousteing. Neistat is listed at 175/177, he seems clearly 5-10cm more than Justin. With the shoes he wore, it makes Justin clearly around 170cm.
HonestSlovene said on 30/Mar/18
If we're talking during the day then sure Bieber could be 172 cm at the very most even but he seems as a guy that would be a solid 170 cm in the evening, hardly more.
QM6'1QM said on 30/Mar/18
Yeah, good listing, 170.5-171.5 cms range, nothing more. Bieber is a strong 5'7", it's so easy.
Editor Rob
I hadn't looked at this page but now see 800 guesses and close to 5ft 7.5 overall...I think he generally looks minimum this mark, and he benefits from a frame and head size that makes him look taller than he is.
Borats Chicken said on 29/Mar/18
Rob, would you put your money on justin being near 5'7 3/8?
Editor Rob
No, I would offer higher odds on 3/8th and lower odds on 5/8ths.
Warren said on 29/Mar/18
@Rob T
I don't hate that your cheap trolls, Bieber is 5'7.25" today
Parker said on 28/Mar/18
Lionel Messi with 5'8 listed Julia Roberts
Click Here
Messi with Justin
Click Here
berta said on 28/Mar/18
i think bieber is a little underlisted. beside stallone, ellen degeneres and his girlfriend he really looks 173. i think he is a guy like stallone and tom cruise who people tell roumurs that he is shorter than he is. 1/4 upgrade seems better
Rob T said on 27/Mar/18
If Selena Gomez is only 5'4" - 5'5", then if Bieber grew a couple inches I would put him at about 5'6" flat today.

Click Here

Click Here
Jonathon said on 26/Mar/18
If Ed is 5'7.75 Bieber looking 5'8 there, nice that we can see the top of Biebers ankle so we know he's not wearing lifts. How people can still say he's 'not even 5'7..he is more like strong 5'6' like our friend @lolzshortie when he's taller than Ed Sheeran is just mind boggling.
World Citizen said on 23/Mar/18
Hey Rob I wonder when you will upgrade Bieber to 172 cm he has really much chance for that.
Editor Rob
Bieber might be the height twin of Tom Cruise.
M.E said on 23/Mar/18
Some of the ED Sheeran photos his stance has one leg a little out in front of him. He has a slight disadvantage I think but only a very slight
Warren said on 22/Mar/18
I agree Bieber(171-172) is taller than Ed Sheeran, and he is just a flat 5'7"/170 to me
M58 said on 22/Mar/18
5'7.5" minimum, *maybe* 5'8" max. Most of the evidence suggests 171-172 cm for Mr. Bieber. That range pretty much blends in to the average, of course on the shorter side. A flat 5'7" is definitely highly unlikely, remember Bieber is often in flat converse. I doubt he’s insecure about his height like some on here are trying to imply. He’d surely be a big-boot-wearer if that were the case, imo. His build can help him look taller in a lone shot.

Easily looks taller than 172 cm listed Ed Sheeran in these particular shots, which makes me question Sheeran’s height: Click Here Click Here
MJKoP said on 21/Mar/18
The 7-11 marking is only to know that a suspect isn't 6'4" or 5'0". If the Biebs was an unknown assailant the APB would likely read 'approx 5'7"-5'9" Caucasian or possibly light-skinned Hispanic male' They're rough estimates, inferred from surveillance footage.
nya said on 18/Mar/18
yeah that tape on the convenience store door has said im 5’0 flat before lmao
176cm guy said on 18/Mar/18
@Gfffddds he is wearing sneakers and the placement is off. So you really can't tell how tall he is really.
176cm guy said on 18/Mar/18
@Gfffddds that's great and all. But it's all on the camera angle and it's not really a great estimate to see how tall he is. Hell, I could measure 6ft in some of those convenience store height measurements.
Zim said on 18/Mar/18
He was clearly an inch or so shorter than King Bach when they met at the 2018 NBA All Star Celebrity Game, King Bach has said multiple times he’s 5’8 so I just can’t see Bieber being anything over 5’7.
Warren said on 18/Mar/18
Probably worst case would be like 170.5cm
Bradly said on 17/Mar/18
Less the shoes, the 7-11 figure is 5-7. He dun be caught but I'll say 5-9 if I can ride in his Lambo.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 17/Mar/18
You can never fully trust measuring tape that’s on the corner of a convenient store door though. Most of them
just slap it on the door without even using accurate measuring tape:
Gfffddds said on 14/Mar/18
When he stands next to a tape measure the numbers don't lie Click Here
johnyd55 said on 14/Mar/18
how the hell can people lie about their height so drastically? 5'7 to 5'10, really justin??
Johntest said on 14/Mar/18
@Sandra1998 I'm 5'7 and my shoe size is 8.5 as well so I think that's pretty normal. At least he's not trying to act macho and wear shoes that are 3 sizes too big like he does with shirts, pants, etc. I knew a guy who was my height as well and for some reason he insisted on wearing size Medium in shirt, jackets, etc. when a US size small would even be too big.
Tallish89 said on 12/Mar/18
Doesn't look more than 5-7cm taller than Selena Gomez yet people saying 175cm smh

This 171.5cm is fine it is an accurate guess for JB 172cm is absolute max
ice said on 12/Mar/18
Kfkd said on 8/Mar/18
173 to 175
Peter175 said on 8/Mar/18
169 for justin? You're having a laugh/

lolzshortie said on 7/Mar/18
@Leo2001 sorry but Khaled is listed 168cm he isn't 170 cm
And how do you know justin's height wasnt increased on purpose in this scene ? Like Video Edit ? Lets say Khaled is 170 cm with those trainers. Justin is max 170 cm
M58 said on 7/Mar/18
Bieber’s over 5'7" easy. Rob’s listing is as reasonable as it gets.
Warren said on 6/Mar/18
he was surely like 5'6" in 2012-2014 with his dad, I acknowledge it that range
Sandra1998 said on 6/Mar/18
Rob, whats your take on Justin's shoe size? He gave away size 7.5 shoes in 2011 and 8.5 in 2017 but which is right? Are these small, average or large for his height?
Editor Rob
Probably 8.5 for him
Leo2001 said on 5/Mar/18
@lolzshortie Khaled is almost 170cm and JB was barefoot in that pic.
HonestSlovene said on 5/Mar/18
I'd say anywhere between 170 cm and 173 cm during the day, 169-172 cm afternoon/night. With straight posture, gelled up hair and a small lift can appear solid 5'8" ish.
lolzshortie said on 4/Mar/18
Click Here short b???..he is not even 5'7..he is more like strong 5'6
Warren said on 3/Mar/18
Yes I'm aware of that, but if Bieber takes his shoes off too, Bieber would be at least 1cm shorter than bathrobe Corden u know
Ali183 said on 3/Mar/18
172 cm during the day
Warren said on 2/Mar/18
I'm aware of that, but if take his shoes off next to bathrobe bf Corden, Bieber would be at least 1cm shorter than him
Elysiaan said on 2/Mar/18
Justin Bieber is a strong 171, anybody saying otherwise is either coping or in denial.
JJJ said on 2/Mar/18
@Warren: Did you not acknowledge Justin is in his shoes and James is barefoot? They're probably the same height.
Tallish89 said on 1/Mar/18

His head is above 5'6 by 1.5 - 2 inch

That picture leaves Justin somewhere between 5'7.5-5'7.75 barefoot


Like I said safe to say he's no longer 5'6
Gfffddds said on 28/Feb/18
Click Here

I'm going to keep posting this link until people start acknowledging that estimating someone's height against a tape measure is more reliable than measuring it against a celebrity which at best is an estimate (unknown).
Warren said on 28/Feb/18
Maybe. He could've been a small fraction, he was shorter than his dad in 2014 for sure
But the looks same height now, my guess he's done growing in 2015
Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 27/Feb/18
He is between this listing and 5'7", really.
M58 said on 27/Feb/18
5'7.5"-5'8" is pretty much Bieber’s range and much more likely than 5'7"-5'7.5" imo. 172 cm would be on the money to me. When did Bieber stop growing exactly? I could recall it being circa 2015??
Tallish89 said on 27/Feb/18

He does not look 5 inches taller than Selena to be 5'9
Warren said on 27/Feb/18
Click Here
Bieber edged him out easy

Solved the problem
Gfffddds said on 27/Feb/18

I agree that he is 5'7.75. I'm 5'6 and he looks taller than me but I think that he's less than 5'8
Dercos said on 27/Feb/18
He is 5'9"
Shaq said on 27/Feb/18

that looks exactly like how tall I am when walking past one of these. i'm 172. bieber is 172, 5'7.75 done deal.
Gfffddds said on 26/Feb/18
Click Here

Hello. He's standing next to a tape measure. Case closed

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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