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5ft 7.47in (171.4cm)
Agent S said on 1/Oct/20
Justin has pretty much the best proportions he could have to make him look a little taller, so sometimes he does look 5’8”. But Zen’s video of 5’6.5” DJ Khaled giving Justin that Rolex shoots that possibility down for me. Yes there’s a bit of an angle issue and DJ has a footwear advantage but even adjusting he actually looks like he edges out Justin. I’m 5’8” and with 5’6” brothers and they could be wearing thick dress shoes while I’m barefoot and still not be taller than me. This listing is fine but personally I think Justin is more like 5’7.25”
Tunman said on 30/Sep/20
Well Parker,he actually looked a little over 5'8 with Ellen Degeneres but the question is what were they wearing and surely back in 2016 he was often wearing some Bieber boosters with platforms though unfortunately I didn't see pics of their footwear.Let's put that it's almost a certainty he's not more than 5'8.But really I wish Rob meets him so that we can be fixed.I bet Rob would still edge him by a visible fraction if in same footwear
Lalalal777 said on 28/Sep/20
I have studied Justin's height for a long time and the result is, that he would measure at 172-173 cm range. He just never looks 5'7. Not anymore. That's my height and I imagine him being a bit taller than me. Interesting is, that I found and article, which says that Justin is 5'7 (when he was 18). As many other sources referred, he had a late growth spurt, so its explainable.

I would personally list him at 5'8 (172,7 cm), which is not very off from what I am thinking. Closer to 173 than 172.
Heightist999 said on 28/Sep/20
I have studied Justin's height for a long time and the result is, that he would measure at 172-173 cm range. He just never looks 5'7. Not anymore. That's my height and I imagine him being a bit taller than me. Interesting is, that I found and article, which says that Justin is 5'7 (when he was 18). As many other sources referred, he had a late growth spurt, so its explainable.

I would personally list him at 5'8 (172,7 cm), which is not very off from what I am thinking. Closer to 173 than 172.
Parker said on 27/Sep/20
@Tunman I agree with everything in your post.

Noticeably shorter than Jamie Foxx. Click Here
TheBat said on 25/Sep/20
I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin’s 5’7” flat. But I highly doubt he’s under that in the afternoon.
Tunman said on 25/Sep/20
I guess he must be similar to someone like Neymar although the latter has a chance of being 5'7.75 as well.I'm sure he would be clearly smaller than a guy like 5'9 Jamie Foxx but very close to dudes like Corden.Is Corden 5'8.25 though?The thing is,we indeed make estimates,even when comparing him to other people.Also if Baldwin is 5'6 flat,I suppose you can't rule out 5'7.5 but no less imo.5'7.5-8 is the likely range if you ask me
Nik Ashton said on 24/Sep/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Parker said on 24/Sep/20
Nik Ashton said on 20/Sep/20
Rob thinks that Tom is taller than Justin!

That's true Nik, but of course its an estimate like everyone else's. IMO Justin is close to 173, as listed on this spanish 'celebheights'
Click Here

What's more interesting than anyone's estimate is that if you scroll down the images you can see pictures of Justin at 16 years of age with Usher Raymond. He looks no more than 5ft in the pics.

When he was about 5'4 at 17/18 there was debate on whether he would ever be has tall as his father who was guessed by celebheights visitors at 5'8ish. Even the downgraders guessed him at 5'7. If you go towards the end of the montage there are barefoots pics of Justin with his father. Justin had significant growth after 17.
Pierre said on 21/Sep/20
Zen said on 19/Sep/20
@Pierre I know right? :D

In the end, it doesnt matter how tall he is because he’s a beautiful guy.

Yeah Zen.(I would say somewhere between 5"5'/5"6')
Nik Ashton said on 20/Sep/20
Rob thinks that Tom is taller than Justin!
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
Robs listing is good enough
Zen said on 19/Sep/20
@Pierre I know right? :D

In the end, it doesnt matter how tall he is because he’s a beautiful guy.
Pierre said on 17/Sep/20
@Zen= good find
Pierre said on 6/Sep/20
Parker said on 1/Sep/20
Hailey/Justin barefoot

Click Here

@Parker= Even if Hailey is a bit tiptoeing(on only one foot ?) her body clearly is never straight here
Tunman said on 6/Sep/20
Rob,in that Calvin Klein pic he looks a good inch taller than Hailey to which we could add 0.5 or 0.75 given that Hailey is slightly tiptoeing and JB's legs are slightly apart(although it might not give a significant disadvantage).Ultimately 5'7.75-8 is a genuine possibility but anything over is unlikely
Stark123 said on 4/Sep/20
I think he’s taller the 5’7 he looks 5’8.5-9 in drake’s latest video and he had regular air max’s on. He had the same height as king Bach
jb fan said on 4/Sep/20
editor rob could you be wrong about jb? could he be lower than 5'7.5?
Editor Rob
Of course there's a chance a celebrity could measure shorter or taller than an estimate. All listings are guesses after all.
Parker said on 1/Sep/20
Hailey/Justin barefoot

Click Here
Zen said on 1/Sep/20
Click Here

To finally end the debate.
Angelo.179cm said on 30/Aug/20
He is 176cm
Pierre said on 28/Aug/20
Click Here 2017 next to David Guetta 5"9.5' who slouch a bit imo

Click Here Click Here =Ireland Baldwin supposed 6"0' /Noah Schweizer listed 6"1'/186 in web

Click Here = Ireland Baldwin with shoes looking advantageous /Jared Eng listed 5"9'
.She slouch a bit in this second = Click Here

To me she 's around 5"11'

now Ireland /Hailey Baldwin supposed 5"6.25' Hailey with imo advantageous shoes = Click Here no less than 1.5 inches more than Ireland imo = Click Here

By this comparisons Hailey seems to me a lot under 5"6' range.

Hailey /Justin = Click Here here with imo around 2 cm more shoe(she's not really straight here)

Click Here Justin closer to the camera plus cap

other= Click Here Click Here
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 18/Aug/20
@The French Dude, It's hard to believe this guy is 5'8" , he looks closer to 5'7" than 5'8".
Maybe you think 5'8" is quite short because of 5'6"-5'7" guys who claim 5'8" and lie.
Anyway I wouldn't be surprised if JB measuring only 170cm !
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 18/Aug/20
@Honest5'11" , In the US the average height is 5'9.3" based on 2014 growth charts , so JB techincally is on the short side but not THAT short.
Honest5'11" said on 14/Aug/20
He's small, but I wouldn't call him very short, just common short height. Around 5'10" is the actual average in most white countries (5'9"-5'11"). I'm 5'11" max and feel just above average.
The French Dude said on 13/Aug/20
@Nate i consider 5'8 or less men too short actually!, i mean he is average in some countries but still quite short in my eyes
Bradley said on 13/Aug/20
His mother is a 4' 8" dwarf.
Nate said on 12/Aug/20
@The French dude 5'8" or 173 cm is actually lowest average in most places in the world, including some countries in Europe like Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. If you ask me, me being 182 cm, I would objectively consider anything below 165 cm in a man, very short. In Miami, where I live there are lots of indigenous blooded latino men that measure 155-160 cm, now that's really really short.
howlett said on 12/Aug/20
Click Here in this video he is in the same height as tom hanks whose (5ft 11). He might be wearing lifts but I'd he's taller than (5ft 7) mostly in the (5ft 9) range
Warren said on 8/Aug/20
Average height is start at 5'9"/175cm Like Michael Jackson. Bieber is basically about 171cm.
The French Dude said on 7/Aug/20
5'8, a very short man.
Sher said on 7/Aug/20
I saw him out and about with his posse the other day. I am a bit shocked how short he actually is. He seems 5ft 6 to me. I'm 5ft 9.
6'5 manlet said on 6/Aug/20
The beibs is 5'7.
Bradley said on 5/Aug/20
Looks like he just found Jesus. You think Jesus will tell him to tell his real height?
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Aug/20
Top of short, he’s no dwarf but in my eyes average starts at 5’8”
Eagleeye said on 2/Aug/20
Yeah, he looks a lot between 170 to 172 in perfect photos.
Eagleeye said on 2/Aug/20
5'7 3/8 at most, not surprised me the average votes because he has a giant fan club of girls and he looks taller than 171 cm.
I hope Rob make him a downgrade at worst in a exact 171 flat
Slim 6'1" said on 31/Jul/20
Solid 5’7” range should be getting 170-172 guesses
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 29/Jul/20
@Rob- I think there is no way Justin is taller than 171cm based on this photo : Click Here. Post Malone is 184cm and he looks like 13-14cm taller than Justin Bieber and plus he had less footwear and didn't stand well !
Editor Rob
Malone could pass for a 184-5 range guy easy enough, considering the big footwear advantage Justin has.
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 29/Jul/20
I agree with @Original , 173 is too much for him , it seems like he is somewhere between 171 and 172cm. I would not even give him the full 172cm let alone 173 !!
Rob gave him the midium solution and It's spot on in my opinion
Original said on 18/Jul/20
Maybe Hailey is only 5'6 then Bieber is 5'7.5". I think someone can argue 172 for Bieber, but 173 is out of the question imo. 171-172 is his area.
Brian Thomas said on 16/Jul/20
If you guys check out Casey Neistat's video where he's with Justin before the met gala, you can see the significant difference in height between Casey Neistat (who's listed as 5'9) and Justin. there's about a 1.5-2" height difference so I would put him around the 5'7-5'7.5 mark.
Kebapsever said on 14/Jul/20
If Hailey Baldwin 5’7 he’s 5’8,5 but hailey is like 5’6,5 so Bieber is like 5’8 in my opinion.
Pain Killa said on 14/Jul/20
Justin Bieber with 5'8 Neymar Click Here

Justin looks an inch shorter than Neymar and Neymar's posture wasn't good compared to Bieber

Justin Bieber is maximum 5'7, that's it
Blanc said on 14/Jul/20
Rob what was he first listed on here?
Editor Rob
nearer 5ft 6 I believe, with a few 1/4 inch upgrades till age 22.
ty$on da 5'11 said on 14/Jul/20
a weak 5'7 seems more accurate imo, iv seen 5'8 guys edge him by about atleast an inch
Mj7 said on 9/Jul/20
Looks 171cm max with Pete Wentz and James Corden
GTB172cm said on 7/Jul/20
JB will get 172cm for me.
Jaaaay said on 1/Jul/20
Here's Justin next to Pete Wentz (5ft 6 / 167.6 cm) from 2017 Click Here

He doesn't look much taller than Pete
JohnMoore-162cm said on 28/Jun/20
@Rob-I'm really surprised as you said that you might list JB at 5ft8 and upgrade him , Actually there is no evidence that JB is as tall as 172 or 173 cm. Just look at this picture : Click Here , It's very clear, obvious and evident he is sub 5ft8 with James Corden !
Editor Rob
I've said I can see how 5ft 8 is possible for him, he's sat on his listing for a good few years now because I still think that figure could also be very possible.
Andy5'91/2 said on 15/Jun/20
Why is ed sheeran listed being taller than him? This site is 9/10 times great but not a chance ed is 5’7.75

Justin gets 5’7.5 (171 1/2CM)
maaldovaz said on 14/Jun/20
He seems to be 5'8" nowadays.
Mary Dowd said on 10/Jun/20
His real height is 5'6. He appears taller because he's thin and sometimes wears lifts in his shoes. He was 5'2 at 16 years old and his mom is 4'7 and dad is 5'4.
zinnia said on 6/Jun/20
not 5"10...
Mickey.5"11 said on 5/Jun/20
Justin is 5"9.7 is like 176cm 177cm he is 5"9 5"10, he look tall
Mickey.5"11 said on 5/Jun/20
Justin is 5"9.7 is like 176cm 177cm he is 5"9 5"10, he look tall
Jam Cherry said on 27/May/20
171.5 cm seems to fit right
berta said on 24/May/20
u think he could be close to 173. stallone, justin bieber and john cena are guys that could look over their listed height at times.
Pierre said on 20/May/20
@Parker = I can understand you don't agree with me ....You guess Justin 173 by your guess 164 Hailey ?!Woaw!.... = 9 cm ?! not even sure 3 cm here! Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here But of course if you chose pics in events he has maybe some helps....

James Corden 173 ?! Woaw! Watch again my comparisons at Tom Cruises's page ! Lot's of time he looks easily under 5"7' !
Pierre said on 20/May/20
@Parker = I can understand you don't agree with me ....You guess Justin 173 by your guess 164 Hailey ?!Woaw!.... = 9 cm ?! not even sure 3 cm here! Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here But of course if you chose pics in events he has maybe some helps....
Parker said on 18/May/20
Pierre said on 14/May/20
Hayley is not as tall as 5"6.5' to me = Click Here

For once I agree with you. That video is good for heig,ht estimations as all are standing close to the same height.

My guess/estimate of barefoot heighjts based on the video and other stuff I've seen posted
Hayley 164, Justin 173, James 173, Matt 173, William Macy 172.
tom willis said on 15/May/20
realistically i think he is a around 174.5 cm in morning and 172.5 at night
Pierre said on 14/May/20
Hayley is not as tall as 5"6.5' to me = Click Here here at 0:37 you can see she's in massive heels and at 0:25 you can see she's just a bit taller than James Corden,himself max 5"7' to me

See eventually my comparisons James Corden/other celebrities this page on 23/April or my comparisons on James's page.
To me she's not even close to 5"6' range.
Big T said on 13/May/20
There is so much video content of Justin and Hailey out there and he is clearly noticeably taller than her.

Honestly it’s annoyingly when people throw around red herrings like ‘Justin is the same height as his wife’ when it’s demonstrably and blatantly not true. Just sidetracks the discussion.
Parker said on 13/May/20
Showta Ito said on 10/May/20
Click H
His wife is 5’6” 1/2 and they’re wearing about the same thickness shoes here...?

He's a couple of inches taller than his wife. Listed 5'6 but average vote is 5'5.5 so that range
Walking pics are notoriously difficult to judge height
Showta Ito said on 10/May/20
Click Here
His wife is 5’6” 1/2 and they’re wearing about the same thickness shoes here...?
5'8 1/4 17 years said on 10/May/20
Googles 1.75m is way off i bet if i can get him with a tape measure i place him at a strong 112CMs! :)
Pierre said on 9/May/20
He's "around" 5"8' if James Corden is around 5"8' ....= slim probabilities to me
JohnMoore-162cm said on 8/May/20
He's potentially very weak 5ft8 or very strong 5ft7 , slightly shorter than 172 cm but above 171 cm for sure , This 5ft7 1/2" listing awesome I am sure Rob has looked up in Justin photos for a long time to give him this listing.
Mike O said on 5/May/20
Bieber's height is such a weird topic. He was small for his age as a kid growing up, has short parents and was a late and slow bloomer physically. He looked like a child until he was 16 or 17. He also has a slender build which makes him look smaller despite whatever lifts he might wear in his shoes.

He seems to be about the same height as his wife, who seems to be a solid 5'7". I don't think he's 5'5" anymore like he likely was even into his late teens. I'm glad he finally pushed into the low normal range of average height. I think a 5'2" or 5'3" Bieber would've been a self-destructive one that had difficulty ever finding his way out of personal, professional and legal trouble. I think his very short height as a worldwide teenage pop star was another layer of pressure and hard for him to deal with.
Pierre said on 29/Apr/20
Comparisons Justin Bieber/Hockey players

About Adam Sandler's height = here is Adam and Henry Winkler Rob has seen Click Here and give him 5"5.5' = Adam wearing comfortable soles as you can see here while Henry wear very classic heels = Click Here

Click Here = to me Adam is nothing above 5"9.75'

Click Here =Other event Henry wearing apparently again very classic shoes

Click Here Adam Sandler probably with more classic heels ,slouching a bit but... Click Here is he finally 4 full inches taller than Henry...
Pierre said on 29/Apr/20
@Parker= Justin is a weak 5"8' like Tom Cruise is a weak 5"8'...=zero probabilities.
Pierre said on 28/Apr/20
Click Here Here is Adam Sandler listed 5"9.75' here ,with the right guy Auston Matthews ,the tallest hockey player standing behind Justin Bieber and who imo shrunk a bit in the famous pic of Concluder.Justin stand a good head closer to the camera than him opposite to the pic with Adam Sandler .(Auston Matthews is listed 6"3' ... )
Pierre said on 27/Apr/20
@Concluder= Yeah....or the official heights of this sportmen are maybe a " bit" rounded up...or official heights by including their ice skates...I ask myself if Tyson Fury and other were hockey players before their boxer careers...
Roongoon said on 26/Apr/20
Click Here What do u think about this pic?.Rob
Editor Rob
The clothes can make both of them look much smaller than they really are!
Parker said on 26/Apr/20
Looking at the pics of James Corden with Matthew Horne and the video of Justin with James, IMO a weak 5'8 is a good fit for Justin.
Sweden said on 25/Apr/20
Perfect listing Rob. If anything, he seems a bit shorter. But generally a perfect listing.
Concluder said on 24/Apr/20
Justin Bieber is at 174 - 176 cm range. Probably 174 and it's been pretty much confirmed by this photo:

Click Here

He is standing next to Mitch Marner on the left (181 cm) and Tyson Barrie on the right who is 178 cm.
They are standing at the same distance and line to the camera. No chance to cheat with any footwear. They are all wearing skates. He looks just a bit shorter than Barrie here. Also at his page, Bieber is listed at 174 cm (5'9)
Bieberfive7 said on 23/Apr/20
Looks at least 1.5 inch shorter than James Corden, which makes him this height or slightly shorter. Maybe right under 5’7 mark. But this height can also be spot on.
Pierre said on 23/Apr/20
@Nam Vo = James Corden 5"8' ? and Gisele Bundchen ? nearly 6"0'? = Click Here Justin Timberlake? around 6"1'?= Click Here
James Corden and Matthew horne listed 5"6' = Click Here ...

here = Click Here = here even if he slouch I really doubt Justin is finally taller than James...

Click Here = here closer to the camera plus wearing a big cap Click Here

Zero probability he's 5"9' or 5"8' to me .He maybe touch the 5"7' mark first hour in the morning.5"6' range.
Nik said on 20/Apr/20
@ Rob - That's interesting, I don't!

He may be as tall as you on occasions!
Nam Vo said on 19/Apr/20
There is no way this guys is 5'7. Comparing him with james corden who is 5'8, we always see bieber equal in height with Corden. Why do I think he is taller than Corden? Corden always wear high heeled sneakers, while bieber's footwear barely gives any footwear. Also, about The one photo where corden looks taller than bieber ( the one where corden has arm around him).. well if u put around over someone shoulder, u will appear taller as ur pushing the other person down and lifting urself up. Next to usher? I dont get it, bieber looks taller (unless u photos before 2013). Next to hailey in the tiktok dance? well Hailey was standing closer to the camera. In any other photos, he is taller. Next to Neymar who is 5'8? Bieber is visibly one incher taller. Next to sly? He is 1-2 inches taller than sly.
5'7 is a ridiculous claim, cmon guys. Bieber could possible be 5'9. He is 5'9 on his license. If he was measure with shoes, well subtract 1 in and you get 5'8.So I think he is in the 5'8-5'9 range. You always need to consider when the photo was taken, the shoes, the posture, and the angle.
BieberFan said on 16/Apr/20
Rob, how tall would you guess Bieber is within 1 minute of waking up? Is this (171.5) an evening height or morning height? Are all heights on celeb heights evening heights
Editor Rob
I'm a firm believer that he comfortably clears 5ft 8 out of bed.
Mj7 said on 9/Apr/20

I agree
Demetrius said on 7/Apr/20
Hello Rob.
5 feet 7 1/8, how many in cm?
thanks for the answer :)
Editor Rob
It's near 170.5cm, which I think is a little less than Bieber's range.
Jemok mok mok said on 5/Apr/20
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 10/Mar/20
Yeah, willis you are taller than justin, but your face is ugly
Pierre said on 5/Apr/20
Click Here = At the start of the video when both are talking eyes in eyes you can see James Corden has to looking down to talk to Justin(10 first seconds of the video),James Corden is logically taller than him.James Corden by many comparisons is around 5"7' maybe 5"7.5' then Justin is mathematically shorter than him.Later in the video when they dance James looks sometimes same height or shorter than Justin but you have to take in consideration Justin has a generous cap and big hairs under it plus he's stand closer to the camera sometimes that logically advantage him too.Justin imo wear sometimes lifts that explain why he can look so tall next to James barefoot like here = Click Here (plus the fact of course James is barefoot).but in this video Justin has to dance then he's in classic sneakers like James.Then the comparison is better imo.Justin around 5"6' to me no more.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 3/Apr/20
Justin bieber is 5ft7.5 inch figure broe,
You know 5ft8 inch (173 cm) figure is usher raymond.
I agree with rob paul, bieber is 171.5cm in normal condition.
Rock Bottom said on 2/Apr/20
In at least one photo with Usher, who's listed at 5ft 8, Justin appears to be the same height range.
Nik said on 28/Mar/20
He is 1.25" taller than his wife Hailey Baldwin! 😀👌
JohnMoore-162cm said on 25/Mar/20
JB is 171 cm to 171.5 cm (max), his proportions make him looks taller
andre oliveira said on 19/Mar/20
Click Here

hey rob here justin looks shorter then his wife

please see the video and tell me about it
Editor Rob
I think Hailey looked a bit further towards the camera there.
Shoaib99 said on 19/Mar/20
Justin Bieber with Hailey Bieber Click Here
They both are standing barefoot and they booth look equal there
Justin is a weak 5'7
5'7 at best
TheBat said on 17/Mar/20
Justin is one of the most notorious height fibbers. These days, I think he's 5'7" flat at best from what I can tell.
Pierre said on 14/Mar/20
Click Here = with James Corden(James wearing more advantageous sole)

Click Here =to me he's clearly not taller than James Corden and even probably a bit shorter(cap give an advantage).

Remember James Corden = here next to Michael Douglas listed 5"8' = Click Here
James Corden and Matthew horne listed 5"6' = Click Here Click Here
James wearing sneakers type Air max then no less than Matthew's shoes imo.

Comparison James Corden /Samuel Anderson/Rob = Click Here = here James Corden tiptoeing Samuel Anderson slouching a bit

Click Here = Rob not particularly straight Samuel Anderson in better posture than in the pic next to James Corden = without even counting this parameters Rob looks again at least the same height as James...James to me is max 5"7' and Justin probably a bit less.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 10/Mar/20
Justin Bieber is 172 centimeters tall without his shoes and he is 177 centimeters tall with shoes. Justin Bieber looks between 5'9" and 5'10".
He looks 177 cm to me because i am 191 cm with shoes and i am 186 cm without shoes. Also i am 14 centimeters taller than Justin Bieber.
Mrs. Castro said on 7/Mar/20
Camera angles, hours without lying down, shoes and posture make all the difference.

Examples (2016 vs 2020):

2016 (looking 173cm):
Click Here#
Click Here#

2020 (looking 169cm):
Click Here#
Click Here#
Peter175 said on 6/Mar/20
He doesn't look much at all under Usher in that video. Maybe 2cm at most
Pierre said on 6/Mar/20
@Peter 175 =

Imo Jamie Foxx and Sly are lifts wearer(like lots of celebrities) then in fact Jamie Foxx is not exactly 175....and Sly not exactly 5"8.5' ....Plus Justin Bieber wear sometimes lifts Imo....

example of variations of heights = Jamie Foxx and Leonardo = Click Here Click Here ....

Leonardo and 5"10' range now Arnold = Click Here ....
(Arnold and daughter lister 5"9' ) = Click Here
Then Jamie Foxx 5"9' ...I honestly doubt

Sly = here is a young Sly next to Pelé = Click Here Click Here

Pelé and 5"9' Eusebio = Click Here Click Here
Ash1 said on 4/Mar/20
Hmm in the latest Ellen's video he looks more than an inch shorter than usher. So he is no taller than 5'7
Belieber3302 said on 4/Mar/20
Click Here
Rob, he looks shorter than Usher in the video. What the hell ?
Editor Rob
Yeah, he doesn't look as tall as Usher there.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
🎶🎈🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Justin 🎁🎂🎈🎶

Happy 26th Birthday to singer Justin! Have a lovely, memorable, musical day! 👱
I will give him 5ft7.5 and try my best to see the young singer perform on TV this year. I haven't yet - not even once!

Str8facts said on 27/Feb/20
5’6-5’6.5 and always has been.
Zacharian said on 26/Feb/20
@rob what time of the day do you think Justin would measure 171.5 if you had to guess. I measure 171.5 around 3pm during the day and Id like to know if you think I could consider him to be my height twin?
Evil Samaritan said on 25/Feb/20
I checked page after seeing how small he was next to Casey Neistat(and he is only 175cm). I say he might even be shorter.
Zimi said on 20/Feb/20
It’s clear he’s no taller than 5’7 after seeing him next to James Corden, the question is he any shorter than 5’7. Personally I’d give him 5’6.75 barefoot.
Pierre said on 15/Feb/20
Comparison James Corden/Justin on 13/Feb/20

Now James Corden and 5"6' Matthew Horne = Click Here
James Corden and 5"8' Mickael Douglas = Click Here
Allan alv said on 15/Feb/20
Yah I think he’s no more than 5’6, if you look at the “I’m the one” music video with DJ Khaled (5’5-6 with shoes) bieber was barefooted and they were the same or bieber height even shorter
5ft10Belieber said on 13/Feb/20
Click Here
Rob how tall is bieber in this photo next to James Corden ?
Editor Rob
Under 5ft 8,maybe an inch smaller
Pierre said on 13/Feb/20
He's under 5"7'to me,something around 5"6'/5"6.5' = Jimmy Fallon tower him by around four inches and Jimmy Fallon is about the same range height as Stephen Colbert ,himself looking around 5"10' next to Barack.
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
babyjackjack said on 12/Feb/20
Justin Bieber is 5'5. With a 4'8 mother (Google Pattie Mallette Height), the fact that he is even as tall as 5'5 is impressive. Rob, you have Selena Gomez listed as 5'4.5. Selena has been quoted saying Justin is short, and that she isn't allowed to wear heels around him. Any picture you look at where the two are both in flat footwear, there are almost identical in height.

Click Here
Click Here

You have Billie Eilish listed as 5'3. Here she is, standing flat on her feet, hugging Justin, with their heads lining up. Click Here

Finally, and this is what caused me to make this post, here is Justin Bieber on MTV with Sway Calloway. Sway Calloway describes his own height as 5'7, meaning he could be shorter. Watch this video and skip to the 2:30 mark, when Justin comes out. (Click Here) He stares at his feet for a long time, making sure to line up his heels with Sway's toes, a trick all short men are familiar with in order to not be dwarfed on camera. Sway is in flat shoes, and even while standing in front of him, Justin is still shorter.

And just one final note, Justin wore 3-inch lifts in his shoes during the entire duration of his childhood career. That's why he wore those ridiculously chunky shoes. Watch any video of him as a teenager and look at how far the end of his legs are from the bottom of his shoes. You can tell he is on his tiptoes inside his shoes. (Click Here)

There is no denying Bieber is more than a few inches shorter than average for a man and doesn't want the world to know.
Kanov said on 12/Feb/20
Hi Rob,Click Here in this video justin seem taller than neymar(173cm) what you say about it?
Editor Rob
Yeah, I remember the clip, he could look 5ft 8 with good posture there.
Jaerka said on 9/Feb/20
Also Rob, If he is 5'7 how he seem taller than that? I mean what things that you think make him look taller?
Editor Rob
Well 7.5, I think it helps he doesn't have that big a head and relatively well proportioned as a result.
Jaerka said on 9/Feb/20
Is there any possibility that he is actually 175cm?
Editor Rob
Some believe it, but I would be very surprised if he was anywhere near it barefoot.
Nearaverage5'9morningheightguy said on 8/Feb/20
Unless he had really thick shoes, that police report means he must have been 5'7.5- 5'7.75 at the time of his arrest (unless he wore lifts). All most all of my sneakers with regular sized heals give me another 1.25 inches in height. I know he likes to wear thick healed shoes so his may give him more. I'm guessing he may be 5'7.7 fresh out of bed and 5'7.1 by night time.
Nearaverage5'9morningheightguy said on 8/Feb/20
Unless he had really thick shoes, that police report means he must have been 5'7.5- 5'7.75 at the time of his arrest (unless he wore lifts). All most all of my sneakers with regular sized heals give me another 1.25 inches in height. I know he likes to wear thick healed shoes so his may give him more. I'm guessing he may be 5'7.7 fresh out of bed and 5'7.1 by night time.
Banga_ said on 8/Feb/20
Bieber looking shorter than Sway - Click Here

Sway around the same height as Kanye who’s a legit 5’8, maybe Sway is slightly shorter if you take into account his hat making Sway a strong 5’7/5’8 - Click Here

Bieber is 5’7 AT MOST, I seriously think you should slightly downgrade him Rob!
Danimal 5'9 5/8" said on 6/Feb/20
5'6.5" barefoot
Eyad said on 29/Jan/20
Look at Justinn bieber at Ellen show
he seems the same height as Ellen
Shoaib9 said on 29/Jan/20
His 5'9 and 5'10 claim is laughable 😂

Looks 5'6.85-5'7 while standing next to 5'6 Ellen Degeneres Click Here
This is enough proof that Justin Bieber is no taller than 5'7 unless and until he wears elevator shoes

Needs a downgrade
5'7 is absolute maximum
JadenS12 said on 28/Jan/20
Click Here
Rob look at the video, Justin is looking 1 inch taller than Ellen or 1.25 inches at most.
What do you think Rob ?
Editor Rob
Could be a comfortable inch taller there.
emi said on 27/Jan/20
with J Balvin who is 170cm Bieber looks even shorter. 1 cm at least.
emi said on 27/Jan/20
he may be even 169cm. There is huge difference between him and James Corden. It is very noticeable.
emi said on 27/Jan/20
Click Here play from second 32. he is shorter than james corden who is 5 8. justin bieber is maximum 170cm. people who say the opposite are delusional.
Peter175 said on 27/Jan/20
Well Fidus, if we take Bieber at 5'8 and Haley at around 5'6.5, I think their could technically end up being around 5'10 for a male or 5'5-6 for a female just going by generalities or predicted height calculators. But then again, off the head I remembered that Justin's mom is very short(under 5ft) and his Dad is around his height. Stephen, hailey's dad is around 5'9-10 going off memory, so that may impact the height of the child. That said, I don't think they would turn out short as bieber is hardly short himself and Hailey a slice above average for a woman.
Belieber32 said on 22/Jan/20
Click Here
Rob, how much difference is there between Bieber and the guy next to him ?
I cannot determine how much considering that Bieber’s shoulder are very low and his neck is tall.
What do you think Big Rob
Editor Rob
For a moment I thought Bieber's head looked lighting-wise a bit 'off' and that it was a photoshop, but assuming it's genuine, I don't think the other guy is taller because he might be on the higher side of the sidewalk.
Fidus said on 22/Jan/20
@Peter175 If those are their heights, it's unlikely the kids would end up above average. More likely average or below average.
Peter175 said on 13/Jan/20
Yep. Max 5'8/173 but not less than 5'7.5
Mrs. Castro said on 12/Jan/20
174.0cm immediately out of bed and 172.0cm before bed.

171.5cm before bed on a bad day.

An upgrade to 5'7 ⅝ (171.8cm) is possible, Rob?
Editor Rob
I'm ok with Bieber on 7.5, but I would agree with those who say there may be a greater chance on a stadiometer he hits 5/8th than 3/8th.
TheHawk said on 11/Jan/20
172 max 171 min
Alexandra Russia Girl said on 9/Jan/20
1. what would I be 170.2 tall, should I be 171.0 in the morning? 171.2? or 171.5? 2. Why is there no growth of 170.5 on the site? thanks for the answers guys and rob)
Nik Ashton said on 5/Jan/20
@ Tom.180cm - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Jxvlb said on 4/Jan/20
He has to be 173cm. Pretty sure he reaches 175cm with most shoes. Look at him next to 173cm James Corden. James is barefoot and Justin is wearing dress shoes. Justin is 2-3 cm taller than James. As much centimeters as the dress shoes give him. So without shoes they must have the same height. Therefore the 175 is not so far fetched cause he well assured reach it with shoes.
Damo (178.5cm) said on 1/Jan/20
You only have to compare him next to his wife Baldwin who is 1.69m tall. Imagining they are in flip flops or low rise sneakers he is the same height as her at times.
Keith 5'10 said on 1/Jan/20
Weak 5'8"
why2 said on 24/Dec/19
i commented because i was still in shock as to why hes in the celebheights top 50, there are a lot of other notable celebs in the spotlight these days. people need to get over the fact that biebers not 5'6 anymore, same with tom cruise and assumptions that he is 5'5" or some random guess thats out of line.
Editor Rob
Over last few years he's always been in top 3 for the year, though in 2019 he was in position 4, so there are less people as interested as there used to be. For years, his height was the most searched celeb on the web.
why said on 20/Dec/19
why do people still care about this guy, just why? I honestly dont care if he is 4ft or 8 ft
Editor Rob
Yet you commented on his height 🤔 I think people are still rather interested in Justin's height, although the interest isn't as big as it once was.
In last 3 months folk still search on Google twice as much for Tom Cruise's Height as Justin's, who is about same level as Shawn Mendes.
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
Never say never, Bieber can get 170 again
Lad67in said on 17/Dec/19
Or maybe Jaden has gained some height ;)
Editor Rob
BoxinfFan said on 17/Dec/19
Rob, it is not only in that picture, justin has been looking short lately, check all the photos with Kylie and Jaden Smith in that charity event. Also, in the boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul, he walked in with logan he looked no more than 5ft7.5 max. However he may measure 5ft8 who knows, his posture is so bad lately.
Editor Rob
I did see the clip of them singing, and yeah I think Jaden didn't seem any different, certainly not smaller.

Bieber's losing height 😮
Tom.180cm said on 17/Dec/19
I think Justin is 175-177
5ft9Omar said on 14/Dec/19
Click Here
Rob, How the hell Bieber is looking shorter than Jaden Smith ??
Either Bieber is 5ft7-5ft7.25 or Jaden has gained some height
Editor Rob
Could be a moment he's caught looking a bit shorter than he usually does.
Peter175 said on 12/Dec/19
172 Justin and 168 Haily makes the most sense to me.
How about you Rob?
Their children have a good chance of being above average height
weasd said on 6/Dec/19
Rob you should consider making a video for Bieber similar to the Cruise/Stallone videos. His height seems to be up in the air.

5'7.5-5'8 IMO
Editor Rob
You could easily make a case for 5ft 8 range for Bieber, there's enough out there that you could support the argument.

But then the same could be said for a 6ft 1/2 inch Vin Diesel!
John22 said on 30/Nov/19
He’s probably wearing lifting socks most of the time.
That’s the new trend. And he has often been caught wearing socks with flip flops or at the fashion event where he got in underwear
Alex92 said on 29/Nov/19
Click Here
Either bieber is 5ft8.5 or hailey is 5ft5.5 or 5ft6
There is more than 3/4cm difference between the two
Jxvlbv said on 20/Nov/19
I think he has to be 1,73, look at the pictures with James Corden. James height is estimated at 173 here, when he was barefoot and Justin stood next to him with dress shoes and was 2-3 cm taller then him, so he’s probably 173 barefoot, exactly like James and 175 when wearing shoes
TheBat said on 14/Nov/19
No denying he's one of the biggest height fibbers today.
Mango lover said on 12/Nov/19
If he really is 5.7 how is he the same height next to katty perry who is 5.7 plus she was wearing heels in this video : Click Here
Tunman said on 10/Nov/19
Well 5'8.5 is rather the max you could argue but I can see how he looks near 5'8 often.In fact 5'8 isn't impossible although I wouldn't rule out Hailey at 5'6 flat.5'7.5-8 is perhaps the most likely range.
Also it would be very helpful if we knew exactly Scooter's height
JusticeForJB said on 9/Nov/19
Zero chance this guy is this low. If Hailey is 5'6.5, he is minimum 5'8.5 and he looks this next to multiple celebrities, but I think Hailey is shorter. He wears slippers and vans and still manages to look 5'8+ often. He might've been this height in like 2015 but I think he grew a fraction more and is a solid 5'8 now.If he can look 5'7.5+ wearing vans, I don't think sub 5'8 is possible anymore. 173-174 is his range and I think 5'8.25 is what he is now.
Eyad said on 5/Nov/19
Rob what do you think of the photo shared by @Min Tran
Click Here
Min Tran said on 1/Nov/19
Hey Rob,look at this picture. I don't think JB is that short tho
Click Here
Xpac99 said on 30/Oct/19
Click Here
In this pic triple h looks over 6ft2 or maybe justin is under 5ft7 1/2
heightdude said on 30/Oct/19
Hey Rob, his official elite hockey prospects website listing has him at 174cm and 143 lbs: Click Here
Jxvlbv said on 30/Oct/19
When he stood next to James Corden who is 173 and was barefoot, Justin was approximately 2-3 cm taller when wearing dress shoes so 173 without shoes is imaginable i guess. Certainly he reaches 175 cm with shoes.
Mark Berney said on 27/Oct/19
I’d say this is a fair listing. But he’s really lanky and has a pretty skinny and tall frame which makes an illusion to look a few inches taller than he actually is.
Nik said on 16/Oct/19
He could 🐝 my height twin!
Nik said on 16/Oct/19
@ 6'1 dude 2004 - Nope, it's ordinary to be under 5'8"!
Nik said on 16/Oct/19
He is taller than about 31-32% of Canadian men!
TheBat said on 9/Oct/19
I still stand by Rob's 5'7.5" listing.
Pierre said on 4/Oct/19
@Jay C = he looks even MAXIMUM the same height as J Blavin here,not surprised if he was an inch shorter
Jay_C said on 29/Sep/19
Look at these pictures with 170 cm J Blavin, They are at the same height Click Here Click Here People who say he is 5'9 or 5'10 are you lying to yourselves
2toes said on 28/Sep/19
Maybe 172 cms 2 hours after waking up.
j19 said on 23/Sep/19
Explain how he can be 172cm if he isn't taller than James Corden 173cm barefoot while wearing dress shoes?
Click Here

Or the fact that he is shorter than Floyd Mayweather at age 20!
Click Here
Paul Wood said on 22/Sep/19
I think this is spot on for him. A little below average height, but still quite a common height for males (at the 23rd percentile for a 20 year old, so almost one in four will be this height or shorter).
6'1 dude 2004 said on 21/Sep/19
Worst height 5'7.25-5'7.5!
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 17/Sep/19
Skeletor Mode said on 5/Aug/19
He's 171.5 cm case closed; the listing is correct.

Case closed because YOU said so? No, that's not how things work. The world doesn't revolve around YOUR OPINION, not fact.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 17/Sep/19
6'1 dude 2004 said on 11/Sep/19

Man who's under 5'8 are pitifully short lol.

Wow are you insecure.
Username2527 said on 12/Sep/19
His legs look kind of long for a 5'7ish guy.
6'1 dude 2004 said on 11/Sep/19

Man who's under 5'8 are pitifully short lol.
Pierre said on 5/Sep/19
To my eyes with recent comparisons with other guys probability he's 5"7' or more = 0 %
Todd A said on 4/Sep/19
Perfect listing rob, he could be close to 5 foot 8 on his best day though.
Evan93 said on 3/Sep/19
I don't know why it is so hard for people to accept he isn't as tall as he claims. It's like people are so Obsessed With Height that celebrities can't be below average. I truly believe Bieber is 5 ft 7 max. There is way more evidence to support this height than him being any taller. Once you are past a certain age you don just magically gain height lol. Also his new wife probably just exaggerates her height since she is in the modeling industry.
Nik Ashton said on 26/Aug/19
He’s my height folks!
Paycho said on 26/Aug/19
Hey rob,
Is someone his height considered in the average range (below average) in the USA and Canada?
Editor Rob
I would say bottom of that range...
CD said on 11/Aug/19
Rob do you think Justin will hold this listing or would you not rule out a 1/4 inch upgrade at some point?
Editor Rob
There would be a greater chance of over than under this mark I feel, so never rule it out entirely.
Warren Walker said on 7/Aug/19
Literally this range.(170cm-171.5cm) He's not 172cm. 171cm or 171.5cm is his maximum.
Click Here
Pierre said on 6/Aug/19
174 cm means Jimmy Fallon( when classic shoes) is about 184/185 ,and to my eyes Jimmy is clearly not this height,he's max 180(very probably a little bit less in my opinion).And Justin is a good forehead shorter than him...(see my comment on 18/Juil);imo Justin over 170 = 0% probability
Skeletor Mode said on 5/Aug/19
He's 171.5 cm case closed; the listing is correct.
Johan 185 cm said on 4/Aug/19
Randomgirl said on 2/Aug/19
He looks about 174cm
My boyfriend is 172cm (5’7.7) and looks a little shorter than Justin.
Y’all really need to stop making people seem shorter than they are! I saw people claiming Taylor Swift was freaking 5’6
Come on y’all, let be their real heights and just accept some people aren’t that short


If justin is 174 cm then why is he not taller than a 170-171 cm Floyd mayweather Jnr?

Click Here Even with dress shoes v boxing shoes. Hair doesn't count.

Click Here

Click Here

Your friend is more 5'6.5" not even 5'7" judging by the comment. So yes lets stick to the real heights.
Randomgirl said on 2/Aug/19
He looks about 174cm
My boyfriend is 172cm (5’7.7) and looks a little shorter than Justin.
Y’all really need to stop making people seem shorter than they are! I saw people claiming Taylor Swift was freaking 5’6
Come on y’all, let be their real heights and just accept some people aren’t that short
Tunman said on 31/Jul/19
How tall is Scooter?He's listed at 5'11 but I would have thought 5'10 was more likely.Maybe even a fraction under
Editor Rob
I remember him once claiming 5ft 11, though I was never so sure he looked quite that tall.
TheBat said on 31/Jul/19
I'll say this, Bieber is one of the biggest height frauds here. You can't look 5'10" when you're very close to 5'7" Jaden Smith in height. He'd probably would guess me at 6'1" if we were to meet each other.
edwards said on 30/Jul/19
this kid cant be over max 5'7.5 barefoot.he uses tricks like tip toeing,shoe lifts and wears jordan's.noway over 5'7.5 .the listing is quite fine.
Brawn said on 28/Jul/19
Rob here’s a picture of Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith next to Scooter Braun Click Here
I think they are both the same height, what do you think Rob ?
Editor Rob
They might be reasonably close
Warren Walker said on 25/Jul/19
admittedly 170cm at worst but 169cm.
Mj7 said on 25/Jul/19
Definitely not 173cm during the day he is nothing more than 171cm.

Enough photo's of him and Selena Gomez 164cm

Enough photo's of him and Ryan Seacrest 171cm

Nothing more than 5'7
jriggs said on 25/Jul/19
Then why is his socks so bulgy by the heel?
Click Here
Ach said on 24/Jul/19
Rob do you think justin bieber could edge out tom holland if they standed side by side
Editor Rob
I think Justin is taller than Tom, at least half inch
Zeus178 said on 23/Jul/19

you must be really crazy huh? insock height insoles? This guy hasn’t wore lifts since he was a kid. He is 173.0-173.5cm in morning and 171-172cm by evening. He doesn’t care about his height now he even roam around with no shoes.
jriggs said on 22/Jul/19

Totally agree... Every photo with guys around 5'7 he has footwear advantage. I feel like his fans don't look at that fact!

Personally can't seem him at 172cm barefoot his lowest is 169/170cm

Seems to wearing insock height insoles with his hotel slippers.
Shalini Srivastava said on 20/Jul/19
This is your height Justin. I don't believe.
Pierre said on 18/Jul/19
Click Here = here is a recent video Justin Bieber /Jimmy Fallon.Make very low speed(0.25) at 2:04 /2:05.You can see the difference of height between us .Now Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert = Click Here Click Here Click Here =according they are looking very similar no?(by considering the postures of course).And now Stephen Colbert and 6"0.75' Barack = Click Here Click Here Click Here that give Stephen and Jimmy around the 5"10' mark imo(Jimmy seems to me sometimes wearing advantageous shoes when his guest star is tall and his official height seems to me a little bit generous)).And then Justin clearly a little bit under 5"7' in my opinion(around 4 inches shorter than Jimmy Fallon in the video)
M.E said on 18/Jul/19
that photo is photo-shopped. The individual photos can be found.
Bradley said on 17/Jul/19
Photo-shopped with Ed. Both are near the same height. "Could be a lift wearer?"
Zack. said on 16/Jul/19
He sometimes look much taller than his real height, like 5'9-5'9.5. Could be a lift wearer
Peter175 said on 16/Jul/19
Cheesy I believe that photo is altered or photo shopped

In person I think Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran look very similar in height and you could flip a coin on who is the taller
Cheesy said on 13/Jul/19
How tall can Justin look in this new pic with Ed Sheeran? I know it looks weird but it’s from an actual shoot.
Click Here
Fisher1010 said on 12/Jul/19
Hey rob
What height do u think Justin Bieber would be measured at if he went to a medical at 11 in the morning
Cheers rob
Editor Rob
Probably over 5ft 7.5
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Jul/19
Average Guess (1006 Votes), this is a massive vote. Wow..
Warren said on 10/Jul/19
I think you gotta go to see her small thumbnail or same height as her with 5'4.5" celebrities.
5'4.5" is counting among 164cm. Thank you.
khaled taban said on 8/Jul/19
1005 voters agreed with Rob 😊
jriggs said on 8/Jul/19
@Warren Ron has Selena just under 164
Boris said on 7/Jul/19
Hi Rob. If my height in the morning is 5ft. 7in 1/2 (171.5), then the average (-1cm after 5-6 hours) will be 5ft. 7in 1/8 (170.5cm)? or 5ft. 7in 2/8 (170.5cm)? Is there such a list? Thanks for the answer :)
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 4/Jul/19
Mayweather looks slightly taller tbh
Johan 185 cm said on 28/Jun/19
Click Here

Same size as Floyd Mayweather jnr. Rob is generous with the 1/2. He is around 170-171 tops.

175 cm for him is a joke.
Warren said on 26/Jun/19
Respect you guys comments but vans are not even an inch heel. It gives only 1.5cm heel to him walking with Selena.
Warren said on 26/Jun/19
I'd give for them Justin is 171cm and Selena's like 164-165cm. I think that judging their height by barefoot are not full 3 inches difference. but close to it.
Fetch said on 26/Jun/19
I'd say between 5'7.5" and 5'8.5". I know that unless someone is wearing shoe lifts, they don't have to take their shoes off in a mug shot. Knowing this, I would say he's 5'7.5" barefoot and 5'8.5" in shoes.
jriggs said on 24/Jun/19
@Zeus 178

Explanation: Justin Bieber is also wearing a couple inches
Pierre said on 23/Jun/19
Click Here Click Here Click Here =I doubt Mark Wahlberg is even a real 5"8',here next to James Corden (listed 5"8.5' i see James a little bit under 5"8' see eventually my comments at James Corden's page).
Bradley said on 22/Jun/19
Biebs and Whalberg Mark have hit 5' 8" in their lives.
Zeus 178 said on 22/Jun/19
How do you explain this pic Rob?
Click Here

Selena is clearly wearing 3-4 inches heels
And JB is still towering over her
Editor Rob
Sometimes he has pulled off looking 5ft 8-9range.
Johan 185 cm said on 20/Jun/19
Click Here

Now you can't tell exactly but its obvious that he isn't taller than 5'8" Mark Whalberg.

Click Here

So sub 5'8" Bieber v Sub 5'8" Cruise. Maybe a hair difference, people would be shocked if Bieber met Cruise.
Warren said on 17/Jun/19
He's kinda small head but his longer face and lowish shoulders are making him look sometimes shorter than I think tobehonest.
shortgreek said on 15/Jun/19
I think he is a real skinny and he look like taller
viper said on 14/Jun/19
I looked bigger than him when I was just 6-0 120 early in high school
cmillzz said on 14/Jun/19
Might be his proportions and build that are throwing me off and making me overestimate him slightly. 5’7 flat is the most he might be.
jriggs said on 13/Jun/19
Barely 1.5-2 inches taller than Selena Gomez (163.5cm)
Click Here

I won't be surprised if he can't hold up to the 171cm he is listed on this page
khaled taban said on 12/Jun/19
Anywhere between 171.5-172cm is possible, taller than 172cm is very unlikely for Justin.
HonestSlovene said on 12/Jun/19
He's 130-140 pound range, 140 when he's well fed. I mean, I'm roughly 160-165 pounds and look way bigger than him, was probably his weight in 9th grade or freshmen year of HS.
viper said on 11/Jun/19
I'd be shocked If he weighed more than 130.

The 145.5 is as fake as Trump's 239
James E said on 10/Jun/19
A close friend of mine who is 5’6 (claims 5’7) posted an IG video with him recently and JB was just about an inch taller than him. So I’d say JB is about 5’7....
viper said on 10/Jun/19
Cruise stands at 5’ 7 and weighs 170 pounds. He is famous for doing most of his own stunts and maintaining an enviable physique. He appears ready and willing to fight on screen and often does so while falling from a plane.

Bieber reportedly has two inches on Cruise but weighs 145.5 pounds, according to reports.

HonestSlovene said on 6/Jun/19
I really can't see him over 172 cm at his very tallest barefoot in the afternoon. But less than 170 cm is also not a possibility.
soccer said on 3/Jun/19
171 m no more
MDC97 said on 1/Jun/19
Hi @Rob. I'm 172.8 cm at the morning (barefoot) and 171.3 at night. Can I say that I'm as tall as Bieber? Thanks!
Editor Rob
You might look pretty close in a photo with him, unless he pulls a trick like tip-toeing. I think bieber around 5ft 7.5 or 8 guys looks that range, but next to genuine 5ft 9 men doesn't look as tall as them.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 30/May/19
His proportions aren't much different than a 5ft 6 guy. Hmmm cmillz u seem to have a problem with men of 5ft 6 for some reason
jriggs said on 29/May/19
The only time he ever reaches 174cm is with lifts
Rickthesizzle said on 28/May/19
I have meet Justin Bieber and I’m 5ft 8in and he is a bit taller then me so he has to be 5th 9in
cmillzz said on 27/May/19
He was a late bloomer and stopped growing late as well. probably one of the rare few who grew past 20.
cmillzz said on 27/May/19
Proportionally, he doesn’t look 5’6 at all. 5’7 at minimum.
viper said on 23/May/19
Not sure he's as low as 5-6.

Think he's 5-7
Rob Parkers said on 20/May/19
So hilarious this guy is no more than 5'6" on his best day he has been lying about his height for years...check out his lifts he always wears on stage. Girls want to believe that he is taller because no chick likes having a short man around them. They all want six footer or as close to that range. I believe that JB's insecurity lends to him adding several inches to his height.
Mj7 said on 20/May/19
@rob Do you think you're taller than him?
Editor Rob
I would estimate that as being possible. I'd be surprised if he managed say 5ft 8.5 barefoot.
Gyrahs123 said on 19/May/19
Who do you think out of Ed or Bieber, has a better chance of measuring 5’8?
Editor Rob
I'd say Justin can seem more like a 5ft 8 guy than Ed
Hellorob said on 18/May/19
I'm 175.5 cm. Do you think I am taller than him Rob?
Editor Rob
I think with near certainty
jriggs said on 17/May/19
He is wearing heels in the I don't care video with Ed Sheeran
Truthsayer said on 16/May/19
Has anyone noticed that child stars (actors/singers) seem not to grow as tall as most others? I'm not really talking Bieber mostly but they tend to be even shorter.
xa said on 15/May/19
I know this guy for a fact is at least 5'8.5. I have a friend with the same build.
Impo said on 12/May/19
Rob, do you think justin has a small frame with this height?
Editor Rob
He has a frame which actually makes him look taller than he is.
JB real said on 12/May/19
He’s 5’9 in the morning and 5’8.5 in the evening
Le said on 10/May/19
What do you think about this Rob? Justin is listed 171cm, but in this picture, he looks about 2cm taller than 172cm Ed Sheeran

Click Here
Editor Rob
Justin can appear more 172 and ed 171
Y07 said on 9/May/19
A 8.8" head for someone who's 5'7½" would come down to a 7.67 head to body ratio (you can round to 7.7 if you want, i suppose if you want). Overall, i don't think that is small for someone his height.
Fay?al said on 7/May/19
Rob in which category would you set his head size? Small medium large,and what do you think about his hat size
Editor Rob
It seems in the small range
HonestSlovene said on 3/May/19
I'd say he's 140 pounds.
Roselynn Thompson said on 2/May/19
Wow I didn't know Justin Bieber was only 5'7" I thought he was 6'0"
SnerhagAip7777 said on 2/May/19
He is known for his small head. How small is it, Rob?
Editor Rob
8.8 inches maybe
Heightguy said on 29/Apr/19
For those who argue Bieber is over 5’7.5... here is a pic of when he was 20 with 5’11.5 Cody Simpson. His frame just proves his height is 5’7 range, but also shows why in solo pics he can look taller.

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