How tall is Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as the Fast and the Furious series, Pitch Black, XXX, Boiler Room, The Iron Giant and Saving Private Ryan. Vin has been described at a mind-bogglingly optimistic "6ft 4ins". He has claimed "I'm 6ft 1" on a radio show, but wears thick heeled boots a lot of the time.

How tall is Vin Diesel
Vin and Katee Sackhoff / Photo by PRPhotos

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Average Guess (478 Votes)
5ft 10.91in (180.1cm)
berta said on 30/Mar/20
the funny thing with vin diesel is i would be shocked if he got measured anywhere from 178,5 - 183 he could really be anywhere in that range but probably somewhere in the middleand the middle is about 181 so thats what i give him.
pov said on 23/Mar/20
@Cokcstride, I couldn't agree with you more. I've been saying for years this man isn't even 5'11. He'd be claiming more than 6'1 if he was 182cm. I believe he is 179cm MAX
Cockstride said on 20/Mar/20
5-11.5 barefoot is way off imo. At least an inch shorter barefoot. His boots are 3” custom made.
Bob da cob. said on 9/Mar/20
Not sly even wears lifts as insane as vin does. 3” boots absolutely. Makes him around 5-10 barefoot.
Crab said on 5/Mar/20
5ft 11 1/2 is the highest I'd go for him. I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if he measured slightly under 5ft 11 honestly - but I think around this height is arguable. Under 6 foot, 100%. Maybe just brushes it right out of bed.
TheBat said on 4/Mar/20
Funny how the female model that said Vin was 6'4" also said The Rock was 6'6". Both of those guesses are just terribly way off.
Gunit said on 4/Mar/20
Between 1.79 - 1.80
Gaspergoo said on 2/Mar/20
I'm 5'10" even and I'm fine with that height ....never been called short....with shoes I'm 5'11 to hardly short....guess it depends on your desire to be tall
Bob da cob. said on 1/Mar/20
@bradley I agree. High time these celebrities come clean on their macho claims of height. Some celebrities out there who aren’t particularly tall but state legit heights these jokers should do the same and bin the Frankenstein boots lol.
Bradley said on 27/Feb/20
He's 5 foot 10 and nothing more....and he hates it.
Bob da cob. said on 25/Feb/20
Go watch him in the Johnathan Ross show. In some very suspicious footwear. Lol. Can’t be more that 5-10.5 barefoot
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Feb/20
Did he forget the lifts? He looked as I would expect a 5'11" guy to look with a 6'0.5" guy. Footwear advantage but around an inch shorter.
Bob da cob. said on 5/Feb/20
Look at the knee break in the picture above with Katee. It’s absolutely ridiculous!! Looks like those shoes are stacked to death boosting him.
Dmeyer said on 5/Feb/20
WE have to Wright to see the entire scène and see the premire pics to realy see the différence between vin and diesel , if Cena usualy wears 1-1,1in shoes and diesel 1.5-1.75in shoes if diesel IS 5-11=25 and Cena 6-0.25-0.5 they should look reasonably close
TheBat said on 3/Feb/20
5'10.75" would be a way better listing for Vin. He hasn't seen a 5'11.5" barefoot measurement any day, even out of bed.
183John said on 2/Feb/20
Honestly fast and furious 9 trailer shows him taller than Cena by an inch and then shorter by an inch so if he isn’t wearing boots in the scene where he’s shorter robs claim is right but if he is then Jesus he’s 5’9 1/2 barefoot
BB9 said on 1/Feb/20
In the trailer of fast 9, he is at least an inch shorter than Cena.
Bade said on 29/Jan/20
He could be 6'0 or a little above. But 6'1 is too much of a strech
Jkiller said on 25/Jan/20
Can't see more than 180cm max.
Bob da cob. said on 24/Jan/20
It’s shocking some believe he’s over 5-11. 100% never.
QM6'1QM said on 22/Jan/20
I have special Vin's (w/shoes) photo to you: Click Here.
Editor Rob
It's a rare sight.
Gusgiga said on 21/Jan/20
A weak 6ft guy.
Bob da cob. said on 18/Jan/20
Problem here is people posting pictures of him in boots. It’s impossible to say a legit height. His footwear is insane. Looks 6-1 in his boots so I’d say those boots are boosting him 3” approximately. So he’s under 5-11 flat. I’d say 5-10.5 barefoot.
5'8Bobby said on 18/Jan/20
Come on he is no where near 5’8 if he was those elevator shoes would make him 5’11 max
Bones said on 18/Jan/20
Click Here .From this image i can agree with Mr.Rob listing but he is not any less than that.
QM6'1QM said on 13/Jan/20
191 cm Jason said on 12/Jan/20

Jason, bro, that's impossible because Vin at least 5'10.5" and 5'11.25 max, i think.
Seriously he isn't so short next to Paul Walker (legit tall guy) or Dwayne Johnson (legit tall), but yeah you're right he's lift shoes wearing guy even on beach (lol), unfortunately.
191 cm Jason said on 12/Jan/20
Vin was standing in front of me in a elevator in Beverly hills at a hotel he didn't have his lifts on. I'm 6'3' and Vin looked no more than 5'7'-5'8' max to me.
Bob da cob. said on 12/Jan/20
5-10.5 flat. Big time buller on his height.
Bobby Brown said on 30/Dec/19
6’1 like he claims robs listed him too low those boots only give him 2 inches at most and looks the same as Paul Walker when Paul has a sneaker on
TheBat said on 25/Dec/19

Same, I used to believe The Rock was 6'5" until I saw him next to actors like Oliver Jackson-Cohen who's 6'3" and Dwayne looked at most .5 shorter than Oliver back in 2010.
Caldonio said on 24/Dec/19
Total bull claimer. Under 5-11.
Johan 185 cm said on 24/Dec/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

When Show was in WcW as The Giant they billed him even higher at 7'4". Kevin Nash was billed 7'1". I think they went with a solid 3"-4" increase for alot of guys.
jackyboy said on 23/Dec/19
Everybody know his real heigh is 178cm.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Dec/19
I've been watching wrestling on and off for nearly 2 decades, and I always knew subconsciously that Kane, Undertaker, and Nathan Jones, despite all 3 of them being called 7 feet tall at one point or another, were nowhere near Big Show's height, but it never came across my mind deep enough. I remember back in the day, they used to try to bill Big Show as high as 7'3", which I always knew was BS. If there's one thing I can't stand more than height inflation when it comes to wrestling, is inconsistency, in that some guys are inflated as high as 6 inches, while others are billed legit or even underlisted. If you're gonna inflate the wrestlers' heights by a certain amount, then apply the same standards to all of them. I'd rather all of them be inflated by 6 inches, then be inconsistent, tbh.
Johan 185 cm said on 23/Dec/19
Roderick said on 22/Dec/19
@Christian Same here. I used to believe Kane was a legit 7 footer just a few years ago. I remember I was watching an episode of Smackdown back in like 2011 and I seen Kane and Big Show standing on the ropes together and I noticed how Big Show looked noticeably taller than Kane by at least 3 inches. That's when I said "wait, something isn't right here" and used to go onto online forums where people said his real height was 6'8"-6'9", which I bought for a long time since I still believed Big Show was 7'0" at the time.


Its strange they used to say he was 7'0" at times on the events as in games back in the 90's/early 00's I remember him being listed 6'9". That was the moment I realised Undertaker wasn't 6'10".
Roderick said on 22/Dec/19
@Christian Same here. I used to believe Kane was a legit 7 footer just a few years ago. I remember I was watching an episode of Smackdown back in like 2011 and I seen Kane and Big Show standing on the ropes together and I noticed how Big Show looked noticeably taller than Kane by at least 3 inches. That's when I said "wait, something isn't right here" and used to go onto online forums where people said his real height was 6'8"-6'9", which I bought for a long time since I still believed Big Show was 7'0" at the time.

Currently I think Show is 6'9.5" and Kane is 6'6"
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/19
I'm guilty of believing in celebrities' listed heights as well. Heck, when I was younger and before taking interest in height. I used to believe that pro wrestling billed heights were legit, lol.
viper said on 20/Dec/19
I actually believed his 6-2 listing when he was getting famous right after fast and furious and seeing him in knock around guys. Back when I believed in some actors listed heights.

He can look well over 6-0
Bradley said on 20/Dec/19
Imagine claiming 6' 1" and in reality only 5' 10". Welcome to Vin World.
Alex 6'0 said on 20/Dec/19
Vin looks usually couple inches shorter than 6'2 Rock but hes gotta be in lifts or big boots. In reality 5'11 seems right. Any pics of him and 6'0 John Cena together to judge?
Editor Rob
Not seen any useful comparison, there is a few photos of Vin in front of John, but I think I can tell from that Vin looks at least an inch smaller
Caldonio said on 18/Dec/19
The tallest 5-10.5 guy in the world lol. Top 5 best bull claimers around.
truthteller25 said on 15/Dec/19
He is 5'11 out of bed and 5'10.5 throughout the day. Paul Walker always had him by almost 4 inches and he never seemed to be that much taller than 5'4 Michelle rodrigues unless he wore lifts so yep. Definitely needs to be listed at 5'11
TheBat said on 13/Dec/19

It's pretty easy to spot Vin wearing lifts. His knees break way higher than they normally would.
Caldonio said on 3/Dec/19
The leg break in the trousers is the give away. Looks so odd like it does with Ironman actor RDJ. Another notorious shoe enhancer lol. He’s 5-10,5 barefoot max. So insecure with his height. Got real touchy on the Jonathan Ross show when his height was mentioned.
TheBat said on 28/Nov/19

Same here. I'm 5'10.25"-5'10.5" and I'm totally fine with it.
Roderick said on 25/Nov/19
I'm 5'10" and it doesn't bug me at all.
Gaspergoo said on 23/Nov/19
5'10" minimum.....highly unlikely he is below this height.....I'm 5'10" after being up all day and I can tell he is at least my height and I have never been called short...I'm 5'11 to 6' with regular sneakers....
Bradley said on 12/Nov/19
Burt n Vin: kings of the I want to be 6 foot.
Gaspergoo said on 7/Nov/19
He really shouldn't worry about his height of probably 5'10"....that's not short and he is easily 5'11" to 6' with regular shoes....look I'm 5'10" and have never been called short
TheBat said on 1/Nov/19
He's definitely 5'10.5" to 5'11". I still believe he's 5'10.75" barefoot.
Bradley said on 30/Oct/19
Caldoni is 100% correct. If he were 5 11.5" plus those custom wedged monsters he wears all the time he'd be rockin' at 6-2 easy. He's 5-10 and hates it.
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Oct/19
Caldoni said on 25/Oct/19
I think this is robs worse calling on a height. 5-11.5 barefoot is just insane. If he was those boots would make him 6-2 minimum. It’s logic with that massive footwear barefooted he’s a 5-10 approx man. Looks practically the same as his wife barefoot.


He has pulled off before looking near The Rock in height and Paul walker. He can reach 6'2" in his big boots. The regular ones that he wears give 1.5-2 inches. He does look a 6 foot guy near others. I give him 5'11" but I can understand why Rob goes for the top end of whats possible at 5'11.5".
Caldoni said on 30/Oct/19
His 3” Frankenstein boots make him 6-1. Absolutely no pictures of him barefoot looking over 5-11. 5.10-5 barefoot max.
Gaspergoo said on 29/Oct/19
Most likely 5'10".....not short just slightly above average....he doesn't look short in movies because he is not on the short side like Al Pacino
Caldoni said on 28/Oct/19
He’s not 5-9. He’s a strong 5-10 guy in 3” boots.
Roderick said on 28/Oct/19
5'10.5" is better than 5'11.5".
Greg said on 25/Oct/19
@Paton you’re likely not 6’0 if you think 5’9 is “really short” it’s average height. 3 inches of difference isn’t a lot. And I don’t think he’s under a weak or flat 5’11, even 5’10.5 would be like a low for him. Or extreme low I think he can look 5’11 range But he is a massive lift wearer.
Caldoni said on 25/Oct/19
I think this is robs worse calling on a height. 5-11.5 barefoot is just insane. If he was those boots would make him 6-2 minimum. It’s logic with that massive footwear barefooted he’s a 5-10 approx man. Looks practically the same as his wife barefoot.
Tessa Van Nunen said on 21/Oct/19
I don't believe he is even 5'11. He looks 5'10.5 (179CM) to me MAXIMUM.
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Oct/19
Patton said on 12/Oct/19
True story. I ran into to him in SoHo after he finished his first real movie, Pitch Black. No one knew him at the time and he could walk around freely. I’m 6’0. I remember thinking he was really short like 5’ 9. There are rumors he pads his shoes and wear lifts. I think I saw him before he started doing this. This guy is short. Trust me.


The very lowest I would argue is 4.5" between him and 5'6.25" listed Tony jaa. They were barefoot.
Patton said on 12/Oct/19
True story. I ran into to him in SoHo after he finished his first real movie, Pitch Black. No one knew him at the time and he could walk around freely. I’m 6’0. I remember thinking he was really short like 5’ 9. There are rumors he pads his shoes and wear lifts. I think I saw him before he started doing this. This guy is short. Trust me.
Caldoni said on 11/Oct/19
The knee bend in his pants are ridiculous high. Probably is people think the Rock is 6-3 and he’s not. 6-2 is more realistic and vin loves to claim just under him at 6-3. Johnathan Ross asked him on the show and Vin was very sheepish about the answer.
TheBat said on 7/Oct/19

Very true. He's definitely one of the biggest lift wearers in Hollywood today. And most above average guys including me are perfectly fine with our height. I've been usually measured at 5'10.5" sometimes as low as 5'10.25".
pov said on 7/Oct/19
How much would you say his footwear adds then rob? His soles always seem to be ateast 2 inches (in filming they are more). And I know he has something inside of them. 2 inches or more internal lifts, you can tell by the composition of his stance, if it was 1 inch he’d still have a natural look. His knees are fully locked in all of his pictures. So that means he must have atleast a 4 inches in his overall footwear, and he wears very high boots covering his ankles, enough to add another inch. I would say he has 4 inch increase minimum, but I really think he has 5 inch footwear. He’s the biggest height fraud in history, even more so than stalone
Editor Rob
He can get near 2 inches in a fair amount of boots he has worn - some of the carolina lumberjack style. A few times he might only get 1.5 is rare to see him in dress shoes

Those 2-inch boots are always going to look big, but whether he puts anything in them...
pov said on 6/Oct/19
The average guess says it all really. I usually agree with your listings rob, and they are usually spot on. But on this one occasion I disagree. If vin diesel was 182cm (181.6) and wears boots which add 5 whole inches (2 inch heels and 3 inch lifts), of course they wouldn’t add exactly 5 inches to his height, but he would probably measure around 188-189cm in them easily. Would he really be humble enough to claim 6”1 if he measures around 188-189cm in them boots? He wants as much height he can get. I do think he may measure around 185cm in those 5 inch lifts but barefoot he has to be 179cm, 180cm max.
Editor Rob
He's not wearing boots that give him 5 inches.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Oct/19
He's especially height conscious for an above average guy. Most actors who wear lifts and thick footwear are short or at the most below average.
Public Enemy said on 6/Oct/19
Yes you are right. The side pic on Diesel’s boots looks about 4 cm and not 6 cm as I first thought when looking at the front. Walker’s heel looks 2 cm.
Johan 185 cm said on 6/Oct/19
Public Enemy said on 5/Oct/19
Nice pic of diesel and walker in their suits but if you check closely in the pic Vin’s boot heel is about three times the size of walker heel so Vin has a 4 cm heel advantage on walkers shoes which look 2 cm heel. I think walker is 187-188cm standing tall and diesel at 180.5 cm standing tall minus footwear.


Click Here

Side shot of the footwear. Laces are normal, foot position is normal. Thats only 3-4cm max boot. Looks smaller than a timberland. Absolute max difference in footwear is 0.75" but I think 0.5 inch is good. Which puts him 3" shorter than Walker footwear advantage included in that pic from before. Other pics show more 2" so putting him 2.5" shorter.

Walker at 6'2" puts him at 5'11"-5'11.5" max. Which is why I always had him at 5'11.25" ( 180.975cm).

So for me anything 5'11-5'11.25" is possible but not over or under. Outside chance of 5'10.75" or 5'11.5".
Editor Rob
if you went down to ground level and photographed it, I'm sure it would be no less than 4cm. He's worn thicker than that on occasions, like those Carolina logger style boots near 2 inches in some films.
Public Enemy said on 5/Oct/19
Nice pic of diesel and walker in their suits but if you check closely in the pic Vin’s boot heel is about three times the size of walker heel so Vin has a 4 cm heel advantage on walkers shoes which look 2 cm heel. I think walker is 187-188cm standing tall and diesel at 180.5 cm standing tall minus footwear.
Johan 185 cm said on 4/Oct/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Oct/19
It's certainly not too low. 5'11.5" is a joke for Diesel, to be honest. If he was as tall as 5'11.5", then Paul Walker's 6'2.5". I've always put Diesel at around the 5'10.5"-5'11" range, even when I first came here. 5'11" is the best case for him.


5'11.5" is too high but still better than his former listing of 5'11.75". Took a long time to convince Rob that he was lower. I have always argued 5'11-5'11.25", when he does wear lifts he gets up to 6'2" in boots. For a 5'10.5" guy that is 3.5" of a boost. Rob has tried elevator boots, 4 inchers and I don't see Diesel in that size of footwear. He is too mobile for that kind of lift.

Then there is now a clip of him barefoot with 5'6" Tony jaa training so at their lows and he looks easily 5 inches taller.

Walker to me was 6'1.75" tops. He didn't look the full 6'2" but also tended to wear vans and so maybe was only 6'2.25" max in footwear.

Click Here

That is one of the only times I have seen him 1) wear a regular 3-4cm boot and 2) Walker stand with good posture and have a dress shoe. He probably only has 1/4-1/2 max more footwear and is 2.5" approx shorter than a guy who is almost 6'2".

So if Walker stays 6'2" than Vin needs to be down to 5'11-5'11.25"...

IF Walker is less I would think more 5'10.75"-5'11".

How he could look with big boosters

Click Here

Look at how his jeans fall on his boots. Having Walker at 6'2" not many would doubt his 6'1" claim from that pic.

Or this

Click Here
Caldoni said on 4/Oct/19
Strong 5-10 guy barefoot and absolutely. Uses 3” inserts on footwear.
TheBat said on 4/Oct/19

I agree anywhere from 5'10.5" to 5'11" is what I see as well. Easily one of the most height conscious actors I've seen.
pov said on 2/Oct/19
I think he is a very solid 5”10, 179cm, or 180cm max. I think if he stood barefoot with leonardo di caprio and drake, they would both edge him by a few cm noticeably.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Oct/19
It's certainly not too low. 5'11.5" is a joke for Diesel, to be honest. If he was as tall as 5'11.5", then Paul Walker's 6'2.5". I've always put Diesel at around the 5'10.5"-5'11" range, even when I first came here. 5'11" is the best case for him.
pov said on 30/Sep/19
I couldn’t agree more withv you @Dhrew Ghelani. @Johan185cm he defo wears 5 inch lifts. 2 inch boots and 3 inch lifts inside them. If he was 5”11.5 wearing that he’d look well over 6”1 with those big boots including lifts. If he was a legit 5”11.5 he wouldn’t really need to wear those big ass boots with lifts on top to look his 6”1 claim. 2 inch boots on his own would make him look like a solid 6”0, and in many cases he’d get away with 6”1 as most people over their height. he can’t fool me with those his claims with his ridiculous shoes. I think he’s 179cm nothing more.
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Sep/19
Dhrew Ghelani said on 25/Sep/19
He struggles to even look his '6'1' claim even with lifts, noticeably a few inches shorter than the late Paul walker, as well as Dwayne Johnson, and Chris Pratt .

A) If he was a 5'11.5 guy, wearing 5 inch lifts he could be easily mistaken for a solid 6'1 if not 6'2.


People overestimate lifts even elevator boots. Rob tried a pair of huge boots from Don's and they gave 4 inches of height. I don't think Vin wears ones that big they look more like common elevators that are 2.5-3 inches. 5 inches is huge we are talking about platform heels or some rare designer models that gave more height for women with bigger feet. Does that even exist Rob? 5 inches for men?
Editor Rob
The Dons boots are massive and because of the high angle of internal lift the boot needs reduced 2 sizes.

To get an actual 5 inches is really hard - the front section needs to be more 1.5 inch high to get anywhere near it.
Abdullah ass said on 29/Sep/19
@Caldoni he looks 6’2 with those boots meaning y’all are suggesting he’s a 5’10 guy
Dhrew Ghelani said on 25/Sep/19
He struggles to even look his '6'1' claim even with lifts, noticeably a few inches shorter than the late Paul walker, as well as Dwayne Johnson, and Chris Pratt .

A) If he was a 5'11.5 guy, wearing 5 inch lifts he could be easily mistaken for a solid 6'1 if not 6'2.
B) If he was 5'11.5 he would look 6'1 in normal boots. For Drake for example who is 182cm, but would probably measure around 6'1 in timbs or airforces.

Rob, I feel it's time you downgraded his height. He looks to me a solid 5'10 max. 179cm for me.
Caldoni said on 24/Sep/19
The knee break in his trousers is the tell tale sign of massive lifts. His legs look short but his knee breaks are way too high. RDJ wears ridiculously huge boots and you see it the same with him. Vin is not over 5-11.
pov said on 21/Sep/19
I actually agree with you for once lol.

Rob, even with his ridiculous looking man heels, he claims 6”1 and im pretty sure thats his height in a shoe measurement. He looks 179cm to me.
Johan 185 cm said on 17/Sep/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Sep/19
I think you're underestimating the amount of lifts he wears. He could be more 5'10.5", not 5'11.5"


5'10.5" is too low Christian. He was barefoot next to 5'6" Tony jaa and looked 5'11" easily.
Importer said on 16/Sep/19
Listed 182cm.,,IMO Vin’s footwear looks too chunky and big in my eyes to get only an inch boost from footwear, but can look his 185cm claim here next to
Micheal Caine Click Here
He’s most likely around 180cm and gets a full 2inch advantage from footwear next to others.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Sep/19
I think you're underestimating the amount of lifts he wears. He could be more 5'10.5", not 5'11.5"
Bradley said on 14/Sep/19
He's 5 foot 10. He wears massive built up custom boots. At 5' 11.5" in those custom whoppers he'd never need Vin boards and he'd be 6' 2".
Bobby Brown said on 13/Sep/19
Diesel could be 6’1 on a good day he looked 5’11 at least with a 5’6 Tony Ja and they were barefoot he also had tilt so it wasn’t his full height so he’s at least a six footer maybe 5’11 1/2
cmillz said on 12/Sep/19
5’10.5” at most
Caldoni said on 12/Sep/19
You’re never going to see him barefoot next to a legit 6-0 person. He’s a great big liar. 5-10 approx
Hopping hopper said on 9/Sep/19
People need to look closely at his footwear. A 5-10 guy with professional made height increase footwear can gain 2” to 5” inches. He’s definitely wearing some massive boots.
Hopping hopper said on 1/Sep/19
Isn’t any taller than his wife really barefoot. 5-10 guy in socks.
Alma Barnes said on 27/Aug/19
Diesel isn’t below 5’11 I truly believe he’s 6’1 no shoes are flat of course he’s not going to tower over Paul Walker his boots aren’t even that thick they give him around an inch to an inch and a half plus in most of their Paul has a heel and celeb heights has him as 6’2 there’s no way Vin Diesel is lifting that badly he probably just has good posture granted there’s a good chance he could be around the 6’0-6’1 range at times but his elevator boots don’t give him 2+ inches I’ll give him 6’1 maybe he’s lost some height because he’s in his 50’s but no way is he below 5’11
Dmeyer said on 26/Aug/19
Click Here , for exemple the foot pose IS very normal and he gets no More than 2cm extra compare to the other and looks about 6'0,25 Guy will look in normal shoes he has to be 181cm 5'11-11,5 is the zone under 180 or over 181,5 IS unlikely
Dmeyer said on 26/Aug/19
People seem to forget that its very likely his Boots just give 1,75in plus exelent posture he could look about 3cm taller than his Real height , that will make him solid 181cm or maybe but i doubt its the case he has a 1in lifts inside so so another 1,5cm extra and that will make him 180ish
Public Enemy said on 18/Aug/19
Current 180 .5 cm
James G. said on 16/Aug/19
Rob, I think he needs a major downgrade. He barely looks 6’1” in massive boots. This guy’s between 5’10.25” and 5’10.5.” A barefoot 5’11” gives off a very different vibe. I’m very surprised you think he’s this tall!
Johan 185 cm said on 15/Aug/19
Click Here

5" on 5'6" Tony jaa while barefoot.

Click Here
Greg said on 13/Aug/19
@Importer I don’t see him as low as 5’9, but I think 5’10.5 is also a possibility apart from 5’11. I just think 5’11.5 is too high hell he could even be 5’10.75”.
Importer said on 11/Aug/19
Respectfully, I’d say those who peg him at 5’9” range exaggerate the amount of boost he gets from elevator shoes.
Dom5'11.5 said on 10/Aug/19
Rob, I really think vin needs a downgrade. Even with thick soles he looks 2inches shorter than Paul walker who I reckon is 187.7cm-187.9cm. I bet his insoles add at least 5.5cm to his height. I think 179.8cm-180.2cm is good gauge for his height
Ethyn said on 10/Aug/19
6 foot
Nothing more
K.A 188 ! said on 9/Aug/19
Very ,very very height awared guy never wears normal shoes if he is not wearing some boots he is on nike shox or any shoe that gives 3 cm. Just look at how ridiculous he looks in some pictures with the rock or on Paul walker's page.
He is 179 MAX..because i have seen a picture of him with his wife who i think is 177 and he did not look more than 4 cm taller than despite his big shoes while she wore some flat flip flops.

@ROB i just don't know why you have him as high as this have you not seen that famous picture he took with Chuck Norris??
Jonas Henrikssen, said on 8/Aug/19
Looks 6"1 with the Rock but probably boots
pov said on 4/Aug/19
Rob if he claims 6”1 in his big ass elevator boots there is no way he’s 181cm barefoot. You wouldnt need elevator boots to look 6”1, good example is drake who is probably 182cm barefeet, but in timberlands and his airforces which he loves wearing he’d easily measure 6”1 as they add around 4cm. Vin wears elevator shoes and he always looked atleast 2 inches shorter than paul walker. I think he’s 176cm MAX.
Lamont Cranston said on 4/Aug/19
Anyone who thinks Vin is anywhere close to 6’ refuses to look at any picture where you can see his footwear.

In some ways, at least Vin is open about it, with the 1” soles being visible, and who knows how much ‘lift’ built into the hidden heel.
J-Dog said on 2/Aug/19
Vin Diesel looks 5'10.5" maximum.
TheBat said on 30/Jul/19
Honestly Rob needs to put Vin Diesel at 5'10.75". I can't see him hit 5'11" barefoot in the majority of the day.
berta said on 21/Jul/19
it will be interesting to see him beside john cena in the new fast and the furious
cmillzz said on 14/Jul/19
He’s not as low as 5’9, but maybe somewhere in the 5’10.5 range.
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Jul/19
Click Here

Barefoot proof.
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Jul/19
Click Here

This is one of the images from that clip when he is barefoot with Tony Jaa (5'6"), look at the top of their heads its more than 4 inches more a solid 5 inches. Hard to say from the pic to the cm because of Jaa not standing at his best but throughout I saw 5 inches in the clip..

So I can't see him under 5'11" anymore. It makes sense as he can sometimes look near guys who are 6'1" because of having an inch or more footwear advantage.
TheBat said on 12/Jul/19
@Simon James

Agreed. Vin's an obvious lift wearer and he's insecure, but I can't see him below 5'10.5". 5'9" is just a ludicrous under-guess.
Importer said on 11/Jul/19
@Simon James interesting, but I don't think he's below 180cm.
Simon James said on 9/Jul/19
This guy has one of the worst little man complexes in Hollywood. You don’t have to be a genius to see how extreme his lifts are. In long pants his knees are either 2/3rds of the way up his legs, or he’s adding about 3-4 inches in lifts. No one is that insecure about their height unless they are way shorter than advertised. And no guy who is 5’11” is wearing lifts that ridiculous. Vin looks utterly preposterous in about every photo he takes, because he’s so desperate to be seen as taller. He’s 5’9”, and I know this for as close to fact as you can get. I was in NYC a couple of years ago and we were in the same restaurant. I am 6’0” barefoot, and that day was in espadrilles - so no added height - Vin was wearing his customary gigantic boots, and we were the same height, if I’m being generous. I was probably a shade taller in truth. Without the boots, he’s losing 2-3 inches minimum. And that’s being kind. The things have huge soles, and obviously elevators inside. The man is 5’9”.
Importer said on 9/Jul/19
He would measure 181.5cm midday.
Johan 185 cm said on 3/Jul/19
Looked a solid 5 inches on Tony Jaa who looks and claims 5'6". They were training barefoot so no funny business. 5'11" -180-181cm.
TheBat said on 28/Jun/19
Funny how defensive he got with his height on Johnathan Ross's show. Vin would be lucky to scrape 5'11".
John wilson s. said on 20/Jun/19
I'll pay to see a picture of him and dicaprio(listed 1.81) standing barefoot on a level ground next to each other.

I think that dicaprio would have a solid 1 cm on him if not close to 2.

but hey, that's just guess.
TheBat said on 20/Jun/19
Honestly I believe Vin Diesel is 5’10.75” than my previous 5’11” guess. People saying he’s 5’9” is a completely in need of an eye appointment.
MarcusTheSwede said on 3/Jun/19
Ratman: Agree with Ratman 5”9 without his massive boots and prob insoles. Not anything above that.
James E said on 24/May/19
I know someone with his exact build and frame, I can believe a little over 5'11 WITH shoes on.
Jimbo hopper said on 19/May/19
His wife is 5-9 barefoot. He’s an inch max taller barefoot. Johnathan Ross even pulled him up on his bogus height claim and he got defensive
Jamie said on 13/May/19
Ratman - Fast 8 he was listed as 6’1”
Johan 185 cm said on 13/May/19
Jimbo hopper said on 6/May/19
He’s an inch taller than his wife barefoot. Make what you will be his absolutely not 5-11.5 barefoot. 100% definitely not. Rob needs to re investigate his claim.


Any pics Jimbo? His wife is listed elsewhere by her agency as 5'10".
Ratman said on 11/May/19
He is 5'9 because in fast five when the whole team got caught, his height was listed at 5'9 and Paul's was 6'2, so that's that, leave the man alone and let him do what he wants
Jimbo hopper said on 6/May/19
He’s an inch taller than his wife barefoot. Make what you will be his absolutely not 5-11.5 barefoot. 100% definitely not. Rob needs to re investigate his claim.
Shane Gray said on 5/May/19
Some forget that even when wearing a normal shoe like Nike Shox he could have another inch or more in lifts inside.
'Annonymous' said on 30/Apr/19
From all I've seen for years, I don't think I'll give Vin a flat 5'11". However, I often see the argument that 5'11.25" could be the perfect listing for Vin. Rob, how likely is 181 cm for him?
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Apr/19
He did look 5'11" with Tony Jaa barefoot so 180-181cm is reliable. I don't see him as low as 5'10" range.
Terry said on 27/Apr/19
He looks similar in height to Daniel Craig.
John wilson s. said on 25/Apr/19
If he is 1.81, then I am 1.81 too, but I aint
I am 1.79

Seriously. He might be 1.80 but only immediately after bed
Logan M Barringer said on 21/Apr/19
@ Rob what do you think would be his max height? 5'11" flat?
Editor Rob
I feel for me the lowest I'd argue is 5ft 11.
viper said on 10/Apr/19
"I really can't see over 5'10" oddly......"

Shocking I know
K.A 188 said on 10/Apr/19
@J-Dog, LMAO! Lol am sure Vin won't like to take off those. ...
J-Dog said on 9/Apr/19
I really can't see over 5'10" oddly......

Here is a picture of Vin Diesel's current lifts.

Click Here
Rance said on 9/Apr/19
if vin was 5ft 11 why wear lifts ? and he clearly does. 5ft 11 isnt a bad height at all but personally i think he is actually 5ft 9, in 2 inch boots that takes him to 5ft 11, if a lift inside the boots he can easily reach 6ft, take note when in a pic with another celeb and hes standing straight both his legs are always very straight and close together. he stands like he has little stilts on,
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Apr/19
Rob, how tall do you think his brothers are?

They both look very similar to Paul. Oddly enough his parents look on the shorter side
Editor Rob
They do look close in height, maybe within about an inch.
Johan 185 cm said on 8/Apr/19
Paul walker at 6 ft is silly, he was taller than Freddy Prince Jnr (6'0.25). I have Paul at 6'1.5" and Vin could look near him when in his huge boots.

Paul wearing a 0.5/0.75 in sneaker so around 6'2" and Vin at 5'11" wearing 2 inch boots getting him to 6'1".
Jimhopper said on 21/Mar/19
5-10 flat. His boots are ridiculous. Adds 3+ inches on lol.
billionaireslayer said on 18/Mar/19
5'9 n half at best, only reaches 6ft in boots with lifts, crazy to believe he is any taller, watch A Man Apart 2003, there is a scene where he pulls Timothy Olyphant who is around a believable 6ft out his car and Olyphant is in flats while Vin is in mega boots and Vin still looks shorter. Also Paul Walker autopsy list him at 5'11, while most list people taller than what they are due to toes pointing downward and spine decompression. Could have been a little over 6ft but due to the cause of his death maybe some height was lost on the table. If he was close to 6ft he would be coming off as 6'3 with his boots and lifts. 5'9 to 5'9 n half
Lara said on 18/Mar/19
I would say he is 1.80 m.
TheBat said on 14/Mar/19
The only way Vin Diesel could be 6'1" is in the 2 inch shoes he always wears. I will put him at exactly 5'11" barefoot.
George Kaufman said on 13/Mar/19
This guy claimed 6'4?!? LMAO
Editor Rob
He's not claimed that, but another actress once described him as that.
Akash// 181.8CM said on 10/Mar/19
Also, you should take a look at this video Rob.
Click Here
Akash// 181.8CM said on 10/Mar/19
This man is not 5'11"!! He wears thick soles shoes and stuffs lifts inside all of them.
I agree with the other guy. All you need to do is take a look at him with his wife in that pic and he's barely a fraction taller and that as well it's because he's wearing Nike Shox that he's stuffed with lifts to hide with his baggy jeans.

He probably saw your video on Nike Shox as sneakers to make you taller and decoded to use them lol.
Editor Rob
Diesel rarely wears anything but boots, Shox are too small for him 😎

The funny thing is, I have Nike shox and air max...I've yet to wear them out and about. I'm waiting till I have lost a fraction of an inch in height before sizing up 😄
Bradley said on 28/Feb/19
Vin is 5' 10" barefoot. He wears custom wedge probably greater than the video.....of course with The Rock he needs a Bieber Board with mustard.
Rance said on 28/Feb/19
i think vin is 5ft 10 at the most maybe even 5ft 9 n half, even if if your 5,9 it wouldnt take alot to look 6ft, you wear boots with 2 inch heals and then inside those boots you have another 2 inch lifts lifting your heals, your then 5,11 - 6ft i put the rock at 6ft 1 not his often stated 6ft 3, the rock has a good 4- 5 inches on vin
maa said on 27/Feb/19
The lifts king....Probably only a 5 ft 11 guy that tries to be 6 ft 1...Around 2 in advantage compared to regular shoes...
Editor Rob said on 23/Feb/19
I did this video the other day and was going to put it up in March but thought since I've been promising for many years to do one on lifts, that it was best just to get the damn thing up...Better late than never! 😚

It just shows the actual lifts used and what height they give you. I think when folk talk about getting 3 inches of height just from lifts themselves, I'm not sure they've measured what lifts actually measure... 🤔

I have and show exactly what you get.

Click Here
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 23/Feb/19
TW8 ss: tbf, that photo may be an outlier as, as RisingForce once noted, Vin once looked close to as tall as a heeled Jimenez once on a rare occasion where he wore normal dress shoes. This to me implies he can't be below 5'11". Click Here
TW8 ss said on 21/Feb/19
I think 5'10" is fair. His footwear is so suspicious.

Click Here

His wife is wearing flats and has similar posture to Vin. Vin is wearing Nike Shox which adds about 1.5"-1.7" of height and he barely clears his wife's listed 5'10" height. I do not believe his wife is 5'10" since even for females models are given an inch or two in most cases.

His arms are short too...they don't fit someone who is over 6' unless they have T-Rex arms.
Bradley said on 20/Feb/19
His monster boots get him 4" easy. He hates being 5 foot 10.
Editor Rob

To get 4 inches of height needs a massive amount of lift. 1.5 + 1.5 is possible to get around 3.

I will do a video next month showing how much lifts in boots can give.
berta said on 6/Feb/19
yeah i Believe his shoes give him 4-5,5
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Jan/19
No, his boots aren't 4"-5". Likely close to 2", possibly closer to 3" if he has lifts. I doubt he's under 5'11", but he's definitely taller than 5'10".
rawdshaq said on 10/Jan/19
His boots are so thick, like I'm talking 4 - 5 inches. No way he is anywhere near 6' 1", he's 5' 10".
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 9/Jan/19
Oh Vin, just another guy who adds like 2 inches to his height. Him and Telly Savalas both were like 5'10"-5'11" guys who tried to convince the world that they're over 6 foot. I get claiming 6'0", but 6'1"? Really? He was definitely quite a bit shorter than the late 6'2" Paul Walker in the Fast and the Furious movies. Luckily, most of the movies I've seen him in are him playing gentle giant cartoonish looking or CGI characters. He's like 5'11".
K.A 188 said on 6/Jan/19
ROB look at this content://media/external/file/82671 Vin is the P👢rince of elevator shoe wearers .I still don't know why you hawe him at 181.5, he is 178 barefoot .
Editor Rob
You would need to upload an image to something like or find the site that it's already on to link there's no upload facility on this site.
Averageman from Crapton said on 5/Jan/19
5'11 flat seems like a safe bet for him.
Bang said on 2/Jan/19
I think he needs a downgrade Rob, 5 feet 11 suits much better for him.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 29/Dec/18
@Bradley and Simon James

IMO, Vin is definitely up there for worst height insecurity in Hollywood. He and Bono are a close competitor for the #1 slot but I might give Vin the edge because at least Bono actually is well under average heightwise, which makes his blatant huge lifts easier to understand. Vin is just being greedy with a solid height that a lot of people would kill to be, and he doesn't even have a sense of humor about it like Burt Reynolds.
Bradley said on 27/Dec/18
Simon nailed it. Huge complex with Sly second. He's 5-10. He needed a board with The Rock....kill shot for a 5-10er.
Timson.. said on 27/Dec/18
Click Here His wife is stated as 5-9.5 to 5-10. Here she is in flats. He is in a nice big sports sole trainer. Utterly no chance hes over 5-10.5 barefoot. He needs big big shoes to look tall.
Simon James said on 24/Dec/18
Vin has one of the worst short man complexes in Hollywood. I walked past him in the street once in NYC, and he was way shorter than I had imagined. I'm 6'0", and I was significantly taller. I was wearing low profile espadrilles, and he was in thick soled trainers. In so many pictures you can see the extent of the lifts he is wearing, because his knees are way too high up his legs; giving him the longest lower legs in the world. Having seen him in shorts, we know that isn't the case. This guy is in the 5'9" to 5'10" range. Max.
PAN BERRY said on 23/Dec/18
He’s got 5’10” written all over him when you see him in first xXx
berta said on 22/Dec/18
Click Here: Til LIndermann from Rammstein ( listed as 184 cm) have easy 2 cm on Vin when Vin is standing in his regular military posture and Of course lifts. Although i think Till Could be 185 cm guy. His very big build and large head can make him look shorter. I think Vin Could be a 181 cm flat guy, probably what he would measure.
Timson said on 20/Dec/18
Does look much taller than his 5-9 wife. He’s not over 5-11 flat definitely. 5-10.45 probably bare feet.
Heraffe said on 16/Nov/18
5’ 9’’

Look at the first scene in pitch black where he’s standing by his lonesome in his high heels, after finishing that poor chaps booze.
(A little after the 39m mark).
Canson said on 4/Nov/18
@Christian: he’s definitely a lift wearer. He could appear taller due to it I’ll say that much
Agent Orange said on 4/Nov/18
I think he is 5"11.25 . Wakes up over 6ft. I think the fact that he wears lifts moderates people's perceptions negatively that he is much shorter than he actually is. I mean why would someone who is 5'11.25 wear lifts?
berta said on 3/Nov/18
the average guess seems a fraction to low. weak 182 could be to high. Paul walker was always mutch taller at about 187 and vince had maybe 3 cm fotwear advantage. Than means that it would only look 2 cm beetween them but was more.I think 5 `11 1/8- 1/4 but if his shoes are not as thick as we think, then he could be the listed height.
Kyuss101 said on 13/Oct/18
5-10 bare feet
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/18

Bradley said on 10/Oct/18
If we believed "the average guess" he'd be 6' 1.5" in motion pictures ramped hard in his Vin boots.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Oct/18
The average guess is ridiculous
Bradley said on 4/Sep/18
The duffster is correct.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 1/Sep/18
Vin's 5'10" in his bare feet........ Everybody knows.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/18
Or make a 5'11.5" guy look 6'1". Hypothetically, of course! ;)
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Aug/18
These are also close to what Vin wears: Click Here Ether that or an all black version of the Cascades with black laces. Click Here He probably has a pretty extensive collection of black boots, but almost all with a big logger heel.
Editor Rob
They are pretty much one of the bigger styles he wore on some films, it could turn a 5ft 8 guy into looking 5ft 9.5 to people.
Bradley said on 20/Aug/18
His boots will always be ramped cept in long distance action run shots...we can't have the Vinster falling forward and breaking his noggin.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Aug/18
Regardless of Vin's height, that video is really sloppy work. The person who made the video didn't come particularly close to matching Vin's famous black boots. This closeup at the 2016 People's Choice Awards looks to reveal a Skechers logo: Click Here We know Vin has worn Skecher Cascade Logger boots so that's a good possibility. Good shot back at the '03 MTV Europe Music Awards: Click Here You could probably say for sure if you could just zoom in a bit more to the logo on the tongue without reducing quality, but these are a pretty close match: Click Here They both have that red logo at the bottom: Click Here Either way, searching for black leather combat bats with a 4-5 cm logger heel and 2-2.5 cm platform will get you close. Then the uploader completely ignores Vin virtually pulling himself up to his maximum height while pushing down a leaning Rock, who is STILL taller and probably not above 6'2.5" himself. Vin is lucky if he even pulled off 6'1" at that event. Finally, one photo with Chuck Norris should be taken with a grain of salt when their feet and the ground aren't shown and footwear is unknown.
Hijoputamus said on 13/Aug/18
@187guy, I fully agree with you.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Aug/18

We can't give the Rock a pass either. His claim is no better than Vin's, if not even worse.
Bradley said on 31/Jul/18
Again, no board needed with the Rock if we believe his fibbin'. His 6-1 is laughing gas.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Jul/18
Well, he's not 6 feet or 182-183 cm minimum. If his girlfriend is her listed 5'10" then she'd be 6'1" in heels: Click Here You can argue those pics favor her a bit and exaggerate the difference, but it's still obvious Vin is shorter or 184 cm max in normal dress shoes. And Rock was only 6'2.5" by the time he was 40, then Vin struggles with 5'11" in this video: Click Here Some of that could be Rock on higher ground, but the size difference between them is striking and this assumes their boots cancel each other out, which usually isn't the case. Then if you look up the video of Vin break dancing with 5'11.5" Jimmy Fallon, it's tough to say their exact heights, but Vin definitely doesn't seem taller. He did actually wear normal shoes for once that night: Click Here You can see his ankles look in a pretty normal place there.

With that said, I don't see the 178-179 cm max 5'10" guesses either and Vin doesn't wear anywhere near 5" footwear. Those would be some of Mariah Carey's biggest heels! He wears combat/logger boots that add 1.5"-2" range along with the occasional 2" elevator shoe and even 1" dress shoes once in a while. He could add lifts to some of his boots, but probably not more than an inch or it'd be noticeable in the lace area. Vin can look his 6'1" claim at times and pretty regularly looks to hit 186-187 cm in boots so he'd need a 3.5"-4" boost to be 5'10".
Robinson said on 12/Jul/18
Definetly.This guy is 5"10 TOP.Guy is just wearing thick boots and lifts and getting himself like 5 inches up.
Vin is no way more than 179cm.
187guy said on 8/Jul/18
Click Here.
ROB,this video explains it all Vin is 178 without shoes which is kind of average but not short i don't know why he likes wearing does elevator shoes anyways he realy has height issues despite being a big gay.
Leko said on 4/Jul/18
Clearly 183 cm, minimum 182 cm. Alot of ppl tend to make ppl shorter on this site. I don't know why.
MAD SAM said on 3/Jul/18
Yeah 2000th comment !
tree said on 2/Jul/18
Nah,i dont think he gives the impression of being under 5ft11.
Agent Orange said on 27/Jun/18
Think he’s a 5’11 guy. His muscularity may make him appear smaller. Don’t think he wears lifts but yes some of his boots look to give a couple of inched. His forced posture does look a bit ridiculous tbh and us probably not good for his neck.
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Jun/18
Even Vin wouldn't dare claim 6'4", but I'm sure the actress who estimated him at that height will never find herself out of work as long as Vin has anything to say about it. Outside of the 6'1" claim, it wouldn't surprise me if Vin has even tried claiming 6'2" because he actually use to get listed at that height regularly.

A typical pair of combat/logger boots for Vin come with a 1.5" to 1.75" heel and a 0.75" to 1" platform so that's an easy 4 cm gain without knowing what kind of insole or even lift he might have in there. This listing or 181-181.5 cm range is pretty safe because he looks to reach about 186-187 cm in a lot of his boots, but his posture will be at least 1 cm advantage over someone with more relaxed posture and some of his boots probably have a heel as big as 2". We've also seen Vin in what appear to be 2" elevator shoes, but he has looked to hit 6'2" in some of his footwear and pass for his 6'1" claim so even if he does occasionally supplement his thick boots with a lift, it'd still be difficult so see him shorter than 5'11".
tree said on 31/May/18
I don't hate him but his crazy imo to claim 6ft4
With a real 6ft4 guy Click Here i bet he would still claim 6ft1 even if he is asked next to a real 6ft4 man.

I bet he would go crazy if he would be short lol
tree said on 31/May/18
Win Diesel real height(without lifts)good one Rob
Robinson said on 28/May/18
This guy for sure has biggest height issues among all actors.
I just can't see him standing at 5"11.He can top 179.5cm in morning.
179cm for him.Just look this boots Click Here:
This boots+lifts can give u legit 4-5 inches.U can even do double lift up to max.And can get 6 inches.Watch YT about it.Unbeliveble for sure.Strongest height issue for sure in this one.
5"11 impossible mission for this guy
QM6'1QM said on 28/May/18
Friends, tell me, please, at least someone thinks he is above 180 cm ? :)

Photo: Click Here.
Artrem said on 26/May/18
Lol he's wearing elevator shoes.
QM6'1QM said on 26/May/18
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18
Worst case 5'10" and best case 5'11". He's anywhere between the two figures.

Absolutely, Christian.
I would be shocked to learn that this person is taller than 5'11.5" in the morning, I do not see him above 180 cm (in the evening, barefoot). Only with all the tricks, in elevators (with insoles), excellent posture, he is 6'1". Barefoot ... I think 179 cm range!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18
Worst case 5'10" and best case 5'11". He's anywhere between the two figures.
Dmeyer said on 18/May/18
For those who say he is 5'10 in recent pics while wearing low cut dress shoe with barely 3cm heels and his foot pose totaly normal he looks similar height to irons and 4-5in over deniro so atleast à Lidl over 5'11 barefeet
Editor Rob
Yeah, his shoes look pretty normal and still holds up well with DeNiro and Irons!
Robinson said on 15/May/18
No disrespect but yeh.This guy is 178-179cm guy.
Some serious height issues definetly.
Please stop with 5"8 and 5"9 numbers.Hes legit 5"10 guy.As I said previous with other actors.No reason to lower actors height to make u feel ur self better guys.Be srsly if ure tryning to figure real actors height.
Cheers to everyone
Bradly said on 4/May/18
If he were 6' 1" he wouldn't have been on a height increasing board with The Rock. He's 5-10.
Chrstian-6'5 3/8" said on 3/May/18

He's only 6'1" in lifts. Barefoot he's nowhere close to that.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/May/18
Lol 6'1.. People keep forgotten Vin is a lift wearer. 5'11.25" tops.
185.4cm- 6'1 said on 2/May/18
A solid 6'1 if you look at him and bisping
185.4cm- 6'1 said on 2/May/18
Confused,how people guess he's 5'10 when he's clearly taller than at least 6'0 Michael bisping in the xxx photos? And bispings a couple incharge shorter than 6'3 rockhold?
Smiles03 said on 1/May/18
He's close to 6'0 maybe with shoes on 6'0
berta said on 22/Apr/18
i think he looks to tall (with lifts) to be only 178-179 i think anywhere from 180-182 is likely. 180,5 ish guy
Isaac Hamilton said on 21/Apr/18
Vin is like 179cm, 180 at the most. Always wears lifts and big boots and its very noticable too.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 19/Apr/18
It's difficult to give an exact number for guys like Diesel because we don't exactly know the amount of lift they stuff inside their shoes/boots. My estimate for him is 5'10"-5'11" range.
Jim Hopper said on 17/Apr/18
5-10 peak. BS again
joe joe said on 8/Apr/18
Rob look at this pic with Vin Diesel. Man this is uncomfortable to look at. The pose, the shoes. He has some real height issues. Do your think he has lifts in those boot Rob? For me it's a dead cert.

A man exhibiting this many symptoms of height issues is sure to have lifts in his boots

He's also giving himself and extra boost by putting his arms around the people next to him there by making sure he's getting full lift. he's got about an inch on 6ft Micheal Bisping in this pic haha. What makes it even more weird is that he probably isn't that short without the silly boots posing and lifts

Click Here
Editor Rob
he wears solid boots to enhance his stature...he likes to look a bit taller in public. I don't know if he has a lift in or not, half to 3/4 inch lifts are tricky to ever spot properly. Once you have 1-1.5 inch lifts, suddenly the laces area can bulge more than normal.

He wears logger boots at times which give him almost 2 inches, so he's looking an inch taller than normal and if he stands impecabbly, possibly an extra half inch compared to those around who aren't at military stance.
Smiles03 said on 6/Apr/18
He problay was 6'0 but lost an inch
Agent Orange said on 3/Apr/18
As listed.
Smiles03 said on 31/Mar/18
Between 5'11 and 6'1
Dracula said on 28/Mar/18
@176cm guy
First of all, they had him listed at 5'9 in previous films, somebody mentioned that. Secondly, you can google those lifts, and see how much they add.
Heels on logger boots give you 2 inches of height. That's 5cm of height. Now, everybody has shoes, so deduct 2-3cm and you have 2-3cm height increase. Additionally, he has 7cm insoles.
Now 176cm+5cm(heel)+7cm insole=188cm 188cm-3cm(everybody has shoes)=185cm
Now, height addition doesn't equal highest point of his lift. You can see that on the picture below. You can deduct another 1-2cm loss. So in the end you have somebody who is 183-184cm tall in lifts (perceived height). He can sometimes seem taller depending on lifts, foot placement, other people shoes etc. But that doesn't matter, cause we are calculating his real height here, without lifts.

It's shame Vin is bald. He could add another 3 inches with hair :)

Click Here
Editor Rob
The boots Vin is wearing Skechers Cascades Logger Boots, Click Here.
176cm guy said on 26/Mar/18
@KillerFrame I could see the 5'10" or 5'10.5" guesses seem reasonable, but i can't really see him being around my height. I would honestly be surprised if he did measure that tall. But i don't think the shoes he's wearing is going to give that much of a boost. Possibly the shoes he's wearing could give him around 2" of height advantage (including the lifts). If he's really the 5'11.5" that Rob guessed him to be. That means with my estimation, he is 6'1.5" with the shoes and lifts on. Since the average sneaker gives off about half an inch. He would look 6'1" to the guys that are wearing Vans or Converse. If there are guys wearing regular boots or dress shoes that might give out an inch in height. Then he would look 6'0.5" to them. If someone is wearing 1.5" thick boots or something, then he would look 6'0" to them. Pretty simple, if you ask me. But don't take my 2" shoe advantage guess literally, it's just a guess.
KillerFrame said on 27/Feb/18
@176cm guy
He competes with Rock (both are bald guys with huge muscles). Vin doesn't want to look small near him, that's why he is doing it. It's his job to play big bad boy. If you talk about insecurity, look at Rock. He has to abuse steroids to look the way he does, which are far more harmful than lifts. He even frauds his height by 3 inches. And yet nobody talks about his insecurities.

Have sympathy for this guy, he was playing bald buffed guy for years, and now is basically being challenged by Dwayne in fight that he cannot win.

And Rob's listing being 5'11 1/2 and him claiming 6'1, is basically frauding 1.5in. But in my opinion Vin is 176-177cm (5'9 1/2). Here is the proof that he has insoles inside his boots. Those boots can give him 2in and insoles 2-2.5in. I think:
1) 5'9 1/2 - barefoot.
2) 6'1 - in lifts.
3) 6' - perceived height barefoot.

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176cm guy said on 25/Feb/18
Hey Rob, what can we do to tell Vinny to stop being so insecure about his height? Some people would die to be his height.
Editor Rob
I don't think he is going to suddenly switch to converse anytime soon, but I think let him be...he enjoys his style of boots which boost his height a little bit taller.

Everybody enhances their look to differing degrees. Be it styling your hair, the clothes you wear, the shoes/heels, the makeup, the eyebrow shaping, waxing, cosmetic surgery, bodybuilding etc.
JBieb said on 11/Feb/18
Rob, what do you think how tall the guy on the right side next to Diesel is?

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Editor Rob
Vin is probably gaining 2-3 inches by being significantly closer to the camera, maybe even 3 at least.
Gracian said on 10/Feb/18
Rob, now I'm going to ask a difficult question... Who do you think might turn out to be taller? Vin Diesel or Benedict Cumberbatch?
Editor Rob
It is hard to tell, as Cumberbatch has looked progressively shorter from the first time I seen him to last year, when I thought...this bloke doesn't look much over 5ft 11!

Diesel would beat him at premier's due to big boots and great posture, but barefoot, you might be tossing a coin.
Smiles03 said on 9/Feb/18
Vin diesel like 6'0
Canson said on 30/Jan/18
@Awkward: Russell was actually measured at 6’3” flat barefoot and that was as is the case with all NBA measurements since 09 an early morning measurement. Not to mention he had a bush when he was drafted so chances are he wasn’t even that. A 6’3”ish early Am less than an hour out of bed would make him 6’2.5 at a norm but my guess is he’s 6’2” flat. He looks about an inch shorter than 6’3 commissioner Silver
awkward said on 26/Jan/18
How can D'Angelo Russell have been measured 6'3.5 without shoes and 6'5.5 in shoes ?????
Editor Rob
You'd think the guy was wearing elevator shoes 🤔 😸
Tallish89 said on 26/Jan/18
Lol ok well this one funny!

Claiming 6'1 whn you look 5'9/5'10 in earlier movies
MAD SAM said on 21/Jan/18
How can he claim 6’1” (186 cm) he doesn’t look anything over 178 cm in xxx and he upgrades himself by 8 cm
Kevin said on 21/Jan/18
5'10 at best. Doesn't really give the impression of a tall guy, even when he's strapped up in full megalifts and boots he looks average height.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 16/Jan/18

Suspected? Don’t you mean 100% sure case closed lift wearer? 😂
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 16/Jan/18

I don't really trust pics that don't show Vin's footwear because guys like him are suspected lift wearers.
raju said on 14/Jan/18
Looks an inch taller than mike tyson.Click Here
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 6/Jan/18
Rob mate, who would you you be the edge between Willis and Diesel?
Editor Rob: peak Willis I would say had a better chance of edging Diesel out...though not on the red chance of that. Barefoot in the afternoon though!
andre said on 2/Jan/18
177cm barefoot at night
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 30/Dec/17
colberto, im not editorob, but 181.5 is spot on.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/17
5ft 11.5in highest
5ft 10 in lowest
179/180 cm at day
Colberto said on 28/Dec/17
Hey rob what do you see for him
A 184 182
B 183.5 181.5
C 183 181
D 182.5 180.5
E 182 180
Brad said on 26/Dec/17
1 3/4" heel with a massive custom 2" wedge inside his Diesel boots do 6 foot and change with ease. Top 5 height hater listing.
Im 171CM said on 26/Dec/17
Looks no more than 5'11" IMO...
Logan said on 22/Dec/17
5-11.75 or 6-0
Dickson said on 16/Dec/17
I would say he is 5'10.75-5'11
MAD SAM said on 13/Dec/17
He doesn’t look more than 5’10 in xxx
Tonyx said on 11/Dec/17
Now i know it's a bad angle an Vin is closer to the camera, but still.
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Anonymous said on 9/Dec/17
this page says hes only 5 foot 9 is that true Click Here
Editor Rob: I would say 5ft 9 might be a bit unlikely for Vin.
Dom said on 4/Dec/17
Down grade time.. srry vin, your 5’10 buddy
sumdude said on 4/Dec/17
Falling below 180cm in his mid-late 60's is going to be rough on him, no doubt, if he does ofcourse.. I believe he will though. 5ft 11.25 is my current guess considering his age(50).
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/17
strong 178 cm imho
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/17
181.5 cm in the morning MAX, nothing more.
5'11.25 at noon. said on 27/Nov/17
It seems that there’s constantly 1.5’ between him and walker taking into account his boots I’d say he’s between 5’11.5 and 5’11.25 not less than that though
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Nov/17
@Rob: I think these might actually be one of his pairs of boots: Click Here Either that or very similar.

Prada also makes a very similar one. Looking at both, the heel is anywhere from 1.5" to 1.75" and the platform from 0.75" to 1". All of which makes sense as that'll give you a nice boost. I also watched Fast 7 recently and Vin really doesn't look that much taller than 5'9" Kurt Russell in it. Perhaps 2" or so.
Editor Rob: yes, he favours boots like that, with a 1 and 3/4 inch heel, some pushing close to 2 inch.

the question is whether he puts anything inside them...
5.11'25 at noon said on 18/Nov/17
Compared to Paul walker Diesel is 5’11.5 tops no more
Randolph said on 18/Nov/17
He looks 5’11
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/17
lol he's 5'9" and wears thick heeled boots with 2 inch insoles in them to look 6'1"
Editor Rob: Diesel likes Logger Boots and wears models like this regularly: Click Here.
Sam said on 13/Nov/17
He's around 5'10, he wears elevator shoes all the time to make him look at most 6'.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/17
179-181 cm.

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