How tall is Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films such as the Fast and the Furious series, Pitch Black, XXX, Boiler Room, The Iron Giant and Saving Private Ryan. Vin has been described at a mind-bogglingly optimistic "6ft 4ins". He has claimed "I'm 6ft 1" on a radio show, but wears thick heeled boots a lot of the time.

How tall is Vin Diesel
Vin and Katee Sackhoff / Photo by PRPhotos

How tall is Vin Diesel
Vin & Tyrese Gibson
Photo by s_bukley/

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Average Guess (763 Votes)
5ft 10.88in (180cm)
berta said on 25/Nov/23
impossibl to guess his height when he always have big heel or lifts. IF we dont think about his shoes then he looks bang on 6 feet. Ans lets say he have 2 cm lifts ( not 5 xm like many think) that puts him on 181 cm. I think 180-182 is possible.
crepo said on 27/Sep/23
I find this height 5ft 11 ½ to be completely hilarious for vin.
if you watch Ja rule - the cribs video where he appears, he looks no more than 5ft 8 next to 5ft 6 ja rule.
5'7 and a fraction said on 19/Sep/23
I just did and he's still no more than 5'11 flat.
Slamm said on 18/Sep/23
It’s crazy funny people are arguing his height while in that hilarious footwear. Google him and his wife together. He’s not a flat 5-11 guy. Period
5'7 and a fraction said on 13/Sep/23
Slim1.75m said on 11/Sep/23
@ 5'7 and a fraction
The Rock has lost a 1/2 before 50

Yes, but the rock was a wrestler, Vin isn't.
Average Capricorn said on 12/Sep/23
Hey Rob. How many added inches do you think his footwear plus lifts add to his height?
Editor Rob
His boots look like a style that gives almost 2 inches.

Whether he wears lifts or not is another matter.
Slim1.75m said on 11/Sep/23
@ 5'7 and a fraction
The Rock has lost a 1/2 before 50
5'7 and a fraction said on 10/Sep/23
I doubt a guy like Vin has already lost 1/2 an inch. Especially considering he's only 56 in which some guys by that point may only lose a fraction. He has never been over 5'11 flat.
The Height Guy said on 8/Sep/23
I think in the 90s & early 00s Vin was around the 5'11 1/2 mark, but now in his mid 50s he has shrunk half an inch and is now 5'11.
Jay37 said on 7/Sep/23
Needs a downgrade.. No more than 180cm..He's very insecure about his height. ALWAYS wearing lifts and thick soled boots. And looks ridiculous because he can barely walk properly in them.
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/23
180cm I reckon is closer. The average guess from 742 votes looks accurate to me!
Ben - 186cm said on 2/Sep/23

I don’t think he’s getting 4 inches from his boots; he never looks 6’2+.

I’d say the worst ones are around 3 inches, which is why he can sometimes pull off 6’-6’0.5.
?????? ????? said on 1/Sep/23
people make fun his shoes and lifts but he is famous successful multimillionaire actor and they are not
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Aug/23
Slim1.75m said on 26/Aug/23
A 5'11 guy that claims 6'4 WTH

He never claimed 6'4, it was some model who described him as such.
Slamm said on 29/Aug/23
Can’t be over 5-11 barefoot. Look at the pictures with his wife. I Cosplay and I’m 6-4. In my custom boots I’m 6-8 and it’s not hard to achieve 4”.
Weak5'11james said on 27/Aug/23
Vin seriously needs a half an inch downgrade to 5'11 or 5'10.75 at the lowest, he definitely isn't 5'11.5 in the afternoon, maybe out of bed yeah, but he's probably between 179.5-180.5cm most of the day...
Slim1.75m said on 26/Aug/23
A 5'11 guy that claims 6'4 WTH
Mark Lifman said on 9/Jun/23
Rob do you think 177cm (5ft9 2/3) is viable, seeing that Vin diesal wears lifts plus an additional heel height?
Editor Rob
I don't think I could ever argue 5ft 10 for Diesel. 5ft 11 yes, I can see that as a viable argument.
viper said on 5/Jun/23
I don't feel so bad originally thinking he was his 6-2 listed height when I believed in listed actor heights.

He flat out looks taller than Pratt
Duhon said on 3/Jun/23
Vin probably feels he has to live as his on-screen character. His character "Vin Diesel" is a guy who wants to be seen as someone the size of the Rock (who exaggerates his height himself) but is really 5'11" range.
5'7 and a fraction said on 2/Jun/23
Keith Collins said on 30/May/23
This guy wears boots with his pyjamas

That definitely wouldn't surprise me. Dude is insecure about his height for no reason.
Rising174cm said on 1/Jun/23
I'll stick with 5'11.5", but I don't think Vin could be any taller than that. This is still one of the few times I've seen Vin wear normal dress shoes: Click Here His girlfriend was listed 5'10" as a model so Vin honestly doesn't look more than 5'11" flat there assuming she is 5'10" without the heels. It's difficult to tell how tall he is because of his shoes. He almost always wears logger boots that appear to add a good 1.75", but Vin could still have extra lifts inside. This shot from a side angle shows that Vin appeared to wear actual elevator shoes on at least this occasion: Click Here That was taken from the same event above with Tyrese. That at least confirmed that Vin chooses his footwear in order to look taller, although his exaggerated posture often suggested this was the case. He wasn't going to wear normal dress shoes again like he did in the earlier picture. I suspect Tyrese is closer to 5'10" than 5'11". It's crazy that Tyrese also claimed 6'1". While we're only aware of Vin actually claiming to be 6'1" in that radio interview Rob mentions, it wouldn't surprise me if Vin has tried to claim 6'2". When Vin was initially popular before all of the Fast & Furious sequels, newspaper articles and magazine features from the early 2000s would regularly describe Vin as 6'2". He was described as 6'2" so frequently that it seems like he was probably officially listed at 6'2" for publicity.
Jtm said on 1/Jun/23
i don't get the big fuss about the pictures with tyrese. easy footwear advantage and tyrese legs ae spread apart. i would say they are both around the same height at 5'10ish. maybe diesel is half inch taller but no more.
Keith Collins said on 30/May/23
This guy wears boots with his pyjamas
viper said on 29/May/23
Yeah, I'm convinced he's taller than 5-10 seeing him taller than Pratt

But I think he's no more than 5-11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/23
Looks like Diesel started out here at 6ft1 or at least 6ft0½....bizarre coz he actually does look it with Tyrese in some of these photos!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/23
Seriously, if Vin is 5ft10 range then Tyrese is struggling with 5ft9!
littlelee1985 said on 27/May/23
No way even if he was in three inch lifts he would still be this listing barefoot as tyrese would be about six foot in his shoes and vin is still two inches taller. No way is he under 5ft 11 1/2
Leah Kims 02 said on 26/May/23
179 - 180
viper said on 26/May/23
A downgrade to 5-11 would be good
Maxhigh said on 26/May/23
He needs a downgrade, Rob, he's obviously a 5'10 or 5'11 guy without his "heels"
Kupo said on 21/May/23
This has got to be one of the most generous heights for anyone on this site.

He was unknown when I "met" him here in South Australia while filming Pitch Black. I was talking to Keith David who towered over Diesel who was standing next to us.

There is no way he is 5'11. I'm 178cm (5'10) and he was easily shorter than me. He is 175cm (5'9) max and that's being generous as I would say he is closer to 5'8. This was also before his boosters were as ridiculous as they are nowadays.

You can just look at his photos and see from how he is standing that he is practically tiptoeing all the time. Looking at the length of his legs it's almost as if he is always standing on top of his boots rather than wearing them.
sreesmith said on 11/May/23
Rob, how tall he looks with Jamie Foxx?
Editor Rob
Likely 5ft 11 at most
Duhon said on 9/May/23
@cookiecutter he's already well ahead of you Click Here
Original said on 9/May/23
Is Ludmilla 5'7 though? She claimed 5'10 in 2020 and she looks it with Rodrigo Faro (if he is 6'1 as listed, I'm not sure about the 6'1 for him, but he can be a legit 6' imo):

Faro with Ludmilla (he after looks around three inches taller than her imo with the same shoes): Click Here

to compare
Faro with Gisele Bundchen: Click Here

Now, do you really think Ludmilla's platforms are only of four inches with Vin Diesel? It should be around six inches imo and easily two inches taller than Vin Diesel's one.

Click Here

Just look how her knees are in higher position than Vin's one (for a significant margin, two inches? and he still can keep it up with her)

Click Here

So, how is Vin Diesel's 5'7 then? He is using 8" inches platforms to look taller than Chris Pratt too? Vin Diesel should be 5'11 or around it.
Ema said on 6/May/23
I truly believe this guy could actually be 5'7 struggling to look taller than Ludmilla who is listed at 5'7 with a poor posture while Vin looking like a pole and wearing about 4" platforms it's time for a downgrade
CookieCutter said on 6/May/23
5ft 10.5in Vin Diesel needs to be put in the Guinness World Records book for being the only man in his 50's that experienced a growth spurt. Seriously he must either read these comments or he is horribly insecure. This man will soon trade out his lifts for drywall stilts.
James (179cm) Jones said on 6/May/23
He needs to be downgraded to 5'10.75 or 5'11 at the max Rob.
Duhon said on 4/May/23
Look at these monsters he's wearing. I'm assuming these platforms have a built in wedge? Click Here That along with the military posture he's really trying to sell he's 6'2"+
viper said on 2/May/23
Tallest I've ever seen Vin look
:/ said on 1/May/23
Looked taller than Chris Pratt at the premiere of Guardians 3 in France. Ridiculous footwear and standing like a pole Click Here
Dnicol said on 30/Apr/23
Photo of him at euro Gala for Guardians looking 6ft4-5 with 6ft13/4 Chris Pratt. His footwear is a joke. I think he is 177-179 barefoot.
Qadar said on 28/Apr/23
178-179 max
pov said on 20/Apr/23
I don’t believe this guy is even 5”11 IMO, I think he’d be 179cm max. If he was 181cm, he could still look around the 6”1 mark just normal thick thick shoes. The fact that he’s barely 6”1 with gigantic elevator shoes, means he can’t be 181cm barefoot, I go for 179cm for vin.
Slamo said on 19/Apr/23
5-10.75 peak. Uses 2” heels with custom insoles. Jonathan Ross show confronted him on he’s height and Vin got mad at the question.
viper said on 16/Apr/23
A downgrade to 5-11 would be way closer to the truth. He isn't any taller than that
viper said on 16/Apr/23
I remember a pic of him barefoot on a beach with a woman
shoelifts said on 13/Apr/23
He is a taller version of Tom Cruise, has got the same height complex
He is f*cking always wearing huge shoes

Is there any picture of him barefoot ? Or is this guy also sleeping with his boots ?

Diesel ain't even on the short side. I suspect a 5ft9 3/4 for him.
Johan 185 cm said on 8/Apr/23
Its amazing how after all these years he still lives in boots everywhere he goes. He isnt even short and yet has minimum 4cm of footwear all the time. He looked around 5'11" barefoot with Tony Jaa in that old training clip. 181 cm at best and reaches 185 cm with regular thick boots. Thats counting he has no lifts and sometimes he is very suspect.
1285hammer said on 7/Apr/23
Rob, would vin be able to edge neil patrick harrsion, ik u list both of them at the same height (5"11½) but who is more likely to edge the other?
Editor Rob
It might turn out NPH has the edge on Vin barefoot.
Danimal said on 30/Mar/23
Stephen Smyer said on 11/Aug/22
I would say Vin Diesel was 5'9 at his peak height and his current height is 5'8.

Men don't lose 1" by 55 years old.
Danimal said on 30/Mar/23
Rob, have you given up on this page? It's almost unanimous in the comments section that Vin Diesel is under 5'11".
Editor Rob

Actually last week I saw a photo of Vin with somebody I met and he was over 6ft. It’s always a question of how exactly thick his boots are…but he’s been clinging onto this mark with the skin of his teeth for a good few years now.

Whether he’s due another revision, we’ll see!
yip said on 18/Mar/23
He looks like 2 to 3cm taller than tyresse gibson, I would say he's taller than him by 2.5cm so that would make Vin Diesel 182cm tall
He could be a weak 181cm range to a max 183cm
What do you think rob?
Slamo said on 14/Mar/23
With those incredible lifts in his boots can’t be more than 5-10.5 barefoot. Massive insecurity with his height.
Slim Weisel said on 12/Mar/23
Din Viesel is 5'7". Get over it😆
Duhon said on 19/Feb/23
These are some Herman Munsters Vin has on Click Here
Ema said on 10/Feb/23
5'9 struggling to look barely the same if not looking 1.5 inches shorter than Cena which is not even a solid 6'1 wearing only god knows how many inches in his custom boots
berta said on 20/Jan/23
i have to agrree on the last video posted. He really look like he walking in heels. I have no evidense but vin diesel may be the biggest lift wearer in hollywood. Stallone always looks to wear normal shoes these days on the other hand.
Slamo said on 11/Jan/23
@CookieCutter. 100 percent definitely correct. He’s no more than 5-10.5 barefoot. That video is a perfect way to show this.
James G said on 4/Jan/23
I don’t think there’s any way he’s over 5’10 3/4” barefoot. I think 179-179.5 range.
CookieCutter said on 31/Dec/22
I want the people who claim this man is 6'0 or that he doesn't wear lifts to somehow explain this weird phenomenon that I am seeing In this video. As I stated long time ago this man's footwear is dangerous. He looks like he is going to keel over.

Click Here

Skip to the 0:34 second mark to see him in his stilts.

That was a young Vin Diesel. No way this man has ever been over 5'10.5 at any point in his life.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 30/Dec/22
Needs at least a quarter inch downgrade. I can't see him more than a flat 5'11 tbh.
Duhon said on 29/Dec/22
Vin might wear lifts but wearing bulky boots everywhere like he does is likely more comfortable for him.
5'7 and a fraction said on 27/Dec/22
Still waiting on the downgrade. The 5'11 1/2 barefoot for Vin Diesel has been here for far too long now.
berta said on 23/Dec/22
this must be the hardest guy on the site to guess his height. Have he ever been without lifts. Or do he even use lifts, maybe jut normal shoes with maximum heel.Overall he looks right around 6 foot in his movies. But if he have nommal shoes on but just thicker than average heel then he is the listed height. But if he uses lifts, then he could really be at best 5´11. I gues i give him the middleground 181 cm flat. There was an old clip of him when he was maybe 18 years old breakdacning and in that he did not look over 5´10.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 18/Dec/22
5'11" barefoot max. He's at least good 3cms (elevator shoes on) shorter than John Cena.
Vin knows that he's big guy, but not that big if we talking about height... about real barefoot height.

I don't believe Vin is under 179cm, but 5'11" is a my guess!
Dpnysi said on 12/Dec/22
Think I've said it on here before he's the typical New York steroided up Guido who's 5'9.5. but claims to be 6 ft tall I grew up with tons of them right outside of New York City where he's from. And just so everyone knows the amount of guys who claim to be 6 ft tall is statistically impossible heights are randomly spread out more towards the average less towards the extremes. I laugh cuz I'm 6'1 and a half barefoot and I see tons of guys claim to be 6 ft tall and I'm towering over them.
Slamo said on 11/Dec/22
Looks 6-1 in the Herman Munster shoes so barefoot around 5-10.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Dec/22
Lol Vin looks a solid 6ft1 in that photo with Tyrese!
Abdul-DK said on 4/Dec/22
179.5 cm.
Original said on 23/Nov/22
He can measure 6'2 in his best boots imo. Now, you need to downgrade his special boots. Is it a four inches heels? Could be, maybe it is, but really not sure.

I see more 5'10.5 or 5'10.75 than 5'10, let alone 5'9 range. For me: 5'10.5 - 5'11.
Underworld said on 20/Nov/22
179 cm to 178 cm Max Not Much More Than That
He Looks.
Abdul-177DK said on 5/Oct/22
179 cm max.
1984here said on 30/Sep/22
5-10. Look at the beach pictures with his 5-9 wife on flat ground. He’s 1” above. 3” enhancements with boot/insole.
New-One said on 23/Sep/22
I don't really think he's 5'11.5" (which is almost 182 cm), but he could be around 5'10.5" (179.1 cm) or 5'10.75" (179.7 cm) barefoot.
Kevin said on 5/Sep/22
180cm MAX 180cm MAX 180cm MAX 180cm MAX
Becheese said on 26/Aug/22
Robs 5-11.5 barefoot is imo the worse estimation on this site. Sorry Rob,you do a great job overall though thanks.
Overrated 6'2.5 said on 24/Aug/22
This guy is not above 5'10.5 barefoot. He struggles in every pic he's in (where he's not wearing elevators or big heeled dress shoes) to get to 6'1 as he claims. The tallest he's ever looked is 6'1 in his maximum footwear. Thats an easy 2-2.5 inch boost excluding interior lifts. I give this guy 178 cm.
Becheese said on 21/Aug/22
5-10.5 absolutely maximum. Might be a bit under. Look above with Katee. His knees look abnormal to his leg length because of his wedges on the shoe. I’m 6-3.5 and I use wedges in my cosplay costumes people believe I’m a 6-6/6/7 type guy. He’s like Sly etc. Can’t live with being shorter than their mental image of themselves
Most Legit 6'3 said on 12/Aug/22
He’s a 5’10.5 guy. No more and no less. If he was over 5’11 he wouldn’t have looked two inches shorter than Cena, and if he’s only 5’9 then he’d look the same height as Jason Statham.
Stephen Smyer said on 11/Aug/22
I would say Vin Diesel was 5'9 at his peak height and his current height is 5'8.

Also in Fast Five Vin Diesel was listed at 5'9 and 185 pounds.
All Time Blockbuster said on 19/Jul/22
5'10.5 Most Probably He Is
Alphonse said on 17/Jul/22
181cm barefoot is the highest I can see for him
Voorhees Myers said on 12/Jul/22
Barefoot 5-10 maximum. Using 3” boots. The boots look like Herman Munsters lol.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 8/Jul/22

That’s more than a 3 inch difference pal. Lol.
Ara said on 6/Jul/22
For those who believe Vin Diesel is 5 10 & 5 11, here is a pic of Tony Jaa 5 6, both barefoot.
Vin Diesel is barely 5 9 if...
Click Here
Shamarr said on 2/Jul/22
He’s a 5’11 lie I think he’s 5’9 at the most wears severe lifts to appear 5’11 but anything over that is not true
Johno said on 1/Jul/22
Did he look more than 2-inches taller than Corden, when he had his Air Max on? Not to me.
CookieCutter said on 28/Jun/22
I will continue to come back here and insist this man is 5'10.5 and wears 3 inch lifts. He doesn't bulk up like the Rock because Hollywood can't give him the "big guy" roles because he is too short. So instead he plays the "tough guy" roles.
pattinsonfan2022 said on 19/Jun/22
No way he's 5'11, why would someone above average height wear elevator shoes?
Bradley said on 16/Jun/22
5-10. Stealth and wedge for many years. The on the elevating board behind the scenes shot with The Rock is the killer shot.
5'7 and a bit said on 15/Jun/22
He's barely any taller than 6'0 ½ Michael Caine in his 2inch (and possibly slightly over) boots. And that's with Caine's slouchy posture vs Vin's upright good posture.
He needs to be downgraded.
5'7 and a bit said on 14/Jun/22
This listing terribly way off, sorry. Vin is the master at lift wearing and looks 6'0 - 6'1 in 2-3 lifts.
But without them, he's clearly 5'10 - 5'11 range. To list him half an inch away from 6'0 barefoot is extremely generous.
He's 5'10 3/4.
Dima said on 12/Jun/22
5’10” flat without magic lifts, in the Russian heights site he’s 5’9.25-5’10 with other celeb comparisons.
Uday Singh said on 5/Jun/22
For Me He Is 181 cm In Decent
Duhon said on 3/Jun/22
The silly boots and platforms tell me 5'11" at most. He wouldn't need that if he really were near 6'.
ChristianAnthonyPerkins said on 3/Jun/22
Voorhees Myers said on 29/May/22
Looking at more pictures of him not in that ridiculous footwear and nothing to suggest he’s over 5-11 barefoot. Sub that definitely.
Tech noir said on 28/May/22
Looking at more pictures of him not in that ridiculous footwear and nothing to suggest he’s over 5-11 barefoot. Sub that definitely.
Stacks420 said on 26/May/22
He looks to be around 5’10 3/4
Yanis said on 20/May/22
He is probably a 5ft 11 guy. He has a good buld thoug, which makes him look taller.
viper said on 18/May/22
5-11 is the very, very max I could buy for him
Carlos Santana said on 17/May/22
5'11" max
QM6'1.5"QM said on 13/May/22
I can't believe anything under 5'10.75" and no chances to be over 5'11.25" ...I think there was about 2.5inches (barefoot) between Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.
Walker is def tall guy, let's say strong 186cms, but Diesel ... he's a big guy with huge frame and chest, but not over 6'0" like John Cena.

He's well height-minded and always wear "Timberland" thick 2" boots!
Ian Vector said on 12/May/22
Lol. This guy's no taller than 5' 10.5".
ChristianPerkins said on 11/May/22
Agreed. Maybe even 5'10.5" at worst but absolutely no less.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 10/May/22
Huge boots or not, I can't see 5'10 for vin. 5'11 or 5'10.75 at very worst.
uddipta saikia said on 8/May/22
Looking Good At 55 Years Of Age
The Height Guy said on 1/May/22
Fast 4 has a police database scene and it shows vin as dominic toretto at 5'9 on the record.
Swede2 said on 1/May/22
I'm about 181cm (182,5 out of bed) in the afternoon and stood next to Vin Diesels wax figure in madame tussauds in Prague. They had made him like 6'2 or maybe more and of course even the wax figure had boots/timberlands :)
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 28/Apr/22
He can look “a little tall in his boots” but only like 6ft 1
Gaspergoo said on 25/Apr/22
Vin Diesel could be anywhere from 5'10" to 6'......the fact that he wears very large healed shoes, points to him being closer to the 5'10 to 5'11" range. Most likely he is 5'11" which is still a good height for a male actor being almost 6'
Antonio B said on 24/Apr/22
I’m surprised no downgrade haven’t been made again yet
Mvk said on 18/Apr/22
He is an actor I'm slightly more in height, the guesses are bit tough on him in my opinion, he is likely 6'1 in male footwears aswell but bit weaker.
Alex 6'0 said on 6/Apr/22
5'11 i would go with. I really doubt as low as 5'10 claiming 6'1.
Tech noir said on 6/Apr/22
Watch him on the Jonathan Ross show. He’s obviously anxious when asked about his height. His boots look ridiculous. Impossible he’s over 5-11 in socks. 5-10.75 max
Hungpc said on 5/Apr/22
Rob, do you think he could measure 182 cm at 10am and closer to 181 cm in the evening ?
Editor Rob
That might turn out to be closer for Vin.
viper said on 4/Apr/22
Not sure why 5-10-5-10.5 is that hard to believe
dreus23 said on 3/Apr/22
I get that people would want to make Vin Diesel out to be shorter than he is simply because it would make more sense for him to be shorter than almost 6ft tall, but it just seems like he's very insecure about his height for some weird, incomprehensible reason. In every picture I've seen with Vin with other people, he's stretching his neck out so much he receives a double chin, and does the pose that would make him look as tall as possible. He's obviously someone who thinks a lot about his height, a bit too much. He's already clearly a big guy, why couldn't he just accept that and move on with his life without those awkward horse hooves on his feet?

Is he doing this just to be taller than Tyrese Gibson? Because he wanted to be as cool as Paul Walker? I don't think anyone knows
FE said on 30/Mar/22
@Editor Rob,

Is 181cm possible?

I do tend to think 5’11.5” is possible, but because of his footwear & you can never know how exactly tall he is? IMO It’s hard to pin his height down which is why I think a Solid 181cm wouldn’t surprise me really, tho not 5’11” flat or under!

Do u agree Rob?
Editor Rob
5ft 11.5 today is probably highest I can argue, 5ft 11 would be lowest I'd attempt to argue.
Ismail said on 27/Mar/22
I think he's only 5'10 berly 179cm i'have looked through his photos he always wears those high boots or whatever they call them , and what's interesting is tyrese he's standing 5'10 next to vin who claims 6'1 with elevator shoes on , i think he's 5'10 flat 179cm
Simon Horwell said on 26/Mar/22
The most height insecure person in Hollywood I’d say. A prodigious wearer of lifts. Wears the most awkward looking boots with almost every outfit to hide the huge elevators he has inside. That and his body stretching contorsionista act. Like Beeswax I am putting him in the 5’9”-5’9”1/2 range.
Beeswax said on 23/Mar/22
5'9 3/4 flat and that's being generous he's not a 6'0 guy, John Cena who claims 6'1 towered over diesal in fast 9 and Cena to me is 5'11.5 5'11 3/4.
Kevin said on 20/Mar/22
5'11 flat
Original said on 18/Mar/22
5'11 guy.. but with his mega boots he probably can reach 6'2 or something.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 15/Mar/22
Who would be taller barefoot,David beckham or vin diesel?
Editor Rob
Although I give Vin the edge, the majority seem to believe Vin might be just 5ft 11 flat, which I think Beckham can measure.
Dmeyer said on 12/Mar/22
Tyrese has to bé 3cm under diesel who could bé 181cm so solid 5-10 might be Closer on the other hand he Can look 7cm over ludacris, so 179ish max , wath botters Me IS that diesel looks smaller than Cena who could bé 183.5cm while in bigger shoes
Mike voorhees said on 12/Mar/22
2.5” boots in. He’s 5-10.75 barefoot
Slim 6'0.25 said on 7/Mar/22
He’s closer to 5’11 than 6ft

Give a quarter inch downgrade
viper said on 24/Feb/22
Can't see Tyrese anymore than 5-10.25
Public Enemy said on 22/Feb/22
In the pic above if Tyrese Gibson is 5’10 3/4 then yes Vin looks at least 5’11 in what looks like normal footwear. Maybe he is 5’11.5 based on the pic above.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 14/Feb/22

Measures 182-183 out of bed

5’10 is too low for vin
Duhon said on 13/Feb/22
Vin Diesel thinks his competition is a guy like Dwayne Johnson who claims to be 6'5", so Vin feels like he has to at least claim to stand well over 6'. His whole image and persona is based on him being much bigger than an average man despite his real height.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 12/Feb/22
How much more height does his boots give compared to a classic pair of timbs? Anyone?
Editor Rob
Some of the heels can be close to 2 inches
Darksol64 said on 11/Feb/22
Can't understand why this guy is so obsessed with faking height. I mean he's not some nobody with a dead-end job trying to crack the 6ft mark to up his chances of attracting a decent girl. I can get understand someone trying to use every trick in the book to increase attractiveness if they don't have much else going for them...but not a rich famous dude. I mean he's free to do so if he wishes, but it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Not to mention a 5'10-5'11 with wide shoulders is imposing. A full sized man already anyway. You don't need to fake 6'1 with a body like yours dude. Come on!

Looks like a solid dead-on 5'11 to me. I think Rob may underestimate how much he has shoved in his boots, I'm not seeing near 6' here.
Mike voorhees said on 6/Feb/22
This one definitely needs to downgraded to 5-10.5.
Bradley said on 5/Feb/22
Those chunky bricks he wears are 3" adds. Ramp inside.
Duhon said on 31/Jan/22
Looks 2"-3" taller than 5'10.25" Guy Pierce in the 2020 Movie Bloodshot but he's wearing clunker boots again in that film.
Omar174cm said on 30/Jan/22
Pretty much 179-181cm range
CookieCutter said on 30/Jan/22
As another poster stated his footwear is dangerous. Imagine a 5'10 man wearing 3 inch heels. Well that's Vin Diesel. It looks like he's gonna fall out of his shoes in some pictures.
uddipta saikia said on 30/Jan/22
I can guess Vin Diesel Height As
5'10.5 (179 cm)
Mike voorhees said on 29/Jan/22
Basically walks around on his top toes. 5-10.5 barefoot. Inch taller than his wife.
V for 1984 said on 18/Jan/22
I’m gonna say he’s not a full 5-11 flat. The boots are so huge it’s crazy. Imo he’s 5-10.75 max. Boots increase a persons high dramatically. I’m just under 6-4 and when I wear my Cuban heels I’m over 6-6.
Original said on 17/Jan/22
The Height Guy said on 16/Jan/22
181 cm or 5'11 1/4 i have down for Vin
Wehrmacht180 said on 9/Jan/22
180 cm
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 5/Jan/22
@AverageSlovene well he's not a honest one when it comes to height since he's never even claim as low as 6'0,but i understand what you mean, because even in normal dress shoes he can still towers over 5'4 lupita nyong'o in heels, so over 5'11 is a good estimation for Vin
AverageSlovene said on 1/Jan/22
He wears 4-5 cm thick boots and generally looks about 184-5 range, so i think he is a honest/strong 5’11. Five ten and five nine guesses are way too low.
Bradley said on 30/Dec/21
Frankenstein boots and walking diagonally down the stairs....hilarious. He's 5 foot 10 with custom boots added to fool everybody. The shots of him on a board to get near The Rock's height are enough evidence.
Billthetreesurgeon said on 19/Dec/21
I’m about 5ft 11.5 worst case after a hard day at work but a tree surgeon so most days are like a killer workout, but on my days off or not lifting all dayI’m 6ft flat, in timberland classics almost 6ft 2, it’s easy to see how this chap can look taller than he is with regards to footwear
Rising174cm said on 15/Dec/21
This rare photo of Vin in dress shoes is still one of the best references: Click Here He looks an inch shorter than his girlfriend in heels and she was listed at 5'10" in her modeling days so that's the most she is. Vin looks like he might be 6'0" in shoes there or 5'11" barefoot max.

I've guessed 5'11.5" for him for years, but it's clear that's the most he is. He usually wears logger boots that add 1.75" even without lifts, but we can't rule out the possibility of additional lifts. He was wearing 2" type elevator shoes in the photo above with Tyrese: Click Here He often looks closer to 6'0.5", but that's with thick boots and forced posture.
Truthteller27 said on 12/Dec/21
I think he is 5'11 on the money
SpookySpartan47 said on 4/Dec/21
So lemme get this straight….. Vin Diesel is 5’11” 1/2, and Dwayne Johnson is 6’2” 1/2. So there is only three inches between them? I call bull. The FF movies do SERIOUS work to minimize their height difference. I think this site nails most celeb heights, but it’s awful generous to Vin, and somewhat hard on Dwayne.

Dwayne was a solid 6’4” in his prime, 6’3” now, maybe 6’2” 1/2 on a bad day. Vin is 5’10”, 5’10” 1/2 MAX. Vin was clearly shorter than Paul Walker in earlier movies. I also dated a girl who worked with him on a project who said he was my height (solid 6’1”) but with Frankenstein boots. Boots so big he had to walk diagonally down the stairs.

Vin Diesel is 5’10”
Walter White said on 21/Nov/21
I think he is about 5'10 1/2 flat, because in this pic with The Rock who is 6'2 1/2 wearing flat shoes he looks about 6'1 with his massive boots.
K.A188 said on 9/Nov/21

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

You can clearly see in from these pictures that vin is probably 179 to 180cm MAX he is barely tall that 6foot Sung kang who often has a relaxed posture and wears normal dress shoes unlike Vin who in all this pictures above was wearing combat boots and is always desperately trying to look imposing ,you listed vin at 181.6 while Kang at 183 so Sung should be 1.5cm taller.
Imo Vin is and as always been 179max the picture with Chuck Norris proves that .

Anyways what do you think of the pictures above??
Editor Rob
I don't think he looks much smaller than him, because Sung's hair adds to his height...but how much advantage in footwear is another matter.
Myers Haddonfield said on 4/Nov/21
Only the same as Jonathan Ross even in his crazy lifts. 5-10 range guy. Seriously his footwear is dangerous lol. 2-5 /3” boost.
Shamarr said on 1/Nov/21
Can’t see him being a 6 footer. He just looks like a average height guy he wears lifts in his shoes has a real height complex
Myers Haddonfield said on 27/Oct/21
Since reading all these comments when I watch him now I can’t stop looking at his footwear. It’s like Herman Munster s lol. Barefoot I seriously think he like 5-10.5
viper said on 24/Oct/21
Walker isn't 6-2
K.A188 said on 23/Oct/21
179 max,he was barely taller than Chuck Norris.
Vin his one of the most height aware celebrities I have ever seen,always wearing combat boots.
berta said on 23/Oct/21
i ao ed wrong hhaha very hard math :P it makes him 180,5-181
berta said on 23/Oct/21
john cena had 2 cm in him and vin diesel probably had 1,5 cm more shoe on. thats 3,5 cm. I believe cena is 184 or 184,5 that makes vin diesel 181-181,5
Crixus said on 21/Oct/21
Controversial guy about his height. The 6'1 claim is absurd since he barely passes as 5'11 next to a 6'2 Paul Walker.
Stefff said on 20/Oct/21
His bulky frame makes him look like 5'10 or shorter, but in truth he is at least 5'11 and very insecure about his height too (which is ridiculous at a very strong 5'11 like he is).
Slim 6'1.75 said on 11/Oct/21
I don’t think vin would wear 8cm high shoes

He does love boots though

He pulls off 184-185 with boots so he must be in the 5’11 range

If you wanna see magic tricks check out rdj and Tom cruise!
Westbound on Olympic said on 7/Oct/21
5-10.5. Add his 3” boots and hey presto.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 4/Oct/21
I can’t see sub 5’11 for vin
Slim 6'1.75 said on 21/Sep/21
183 too high for vin

Out of bed it’s possible tho

180-182 is where Vin is at

Maybe shrunk just a little bit these days
MichaelMyers said on 12/Sep/21
6'0" peak, 5'11.25" current. Of coarse with thick heeled boots which he likes to wear at times, he can look a good deal taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/21
Slim, at least that out of bed

I still think he could be a solid 182cm guy
viper said on 1/Sep/21
Vin reminds me of Telly Savales a little

Also the same height imo
Slim 6'1.5" said on 1/Sep/21
He’s gotta be 6ft range in the morning
Westbound on Olympic said on 31/Aug/21
He’s not over 5-11. No way. Needs a downgrade massively b
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
Honestly this guy reminds me a lot of my father he had a deep voice, he was bald, and they were literally like twins I swear lol I know I said in the past he was 5’ 11 3/4” but now I changed my mind he’s a solid 5’ 11”
Ian Vector said on 29/Aug/21
5’ 10.5” minimum. Wouldn’t go above 5’ 11”.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Aug/21
Slim, if you look closely...those shoes that Vin is wearing are massive and could add more than 2in! I wouldn't be all that surprised if he did actually arrive at 6ft2 with the help of those while Walker in thinner footwear from a barefoot range of 6ft1½-2 could hit 6ft3!

So, technically the exaggerated heights that both of these guys have given in the person they probably would pull it off...
Stinky 186 cm said on 27/Aug/21
This guy is a mess when it comes to height because he’s a relatively decent sized person I personally think he’s 5’ 11 3/4” but because he wears boots with a relatively big heel a lot of the time he can look 6’ 1” - 6’ 2” in boots (well at least the boots that he wears) there are times where He can look 5’ 11” and even shorter he can look as low as 5’ 10” but in reality I’d say he’s a little over 5’ 11”
Slim 6'1.5" said on 27/Aug/21
Rampage, if let’s say Vin was 182 max he would be 186-187 in thick shoes and Paul being 187 would be 189-190 in his normal shoes

But yeah at times the difference looked 1-1.5 inches even tho Paul was about 5-6 taller than Vin

Like Leo Vin can actually pull off 181-182cm

Alex 6'0 said on 21/Aug/21
Cena is a solid inch plus vins bigger footwear. Vin prob 5'10.75
berta said on 18/Aug/21
he is the impossible to hguess the right height. I know he was listed here at 184 in the begining then 6 feet then 5´11 3/4 and now this. I totally understand how Rob have ben thinking. In the beginning he looked at him beside pau wALKER that is listed 188 ( but in reality was 186,5) and he really could pull of 184 if we thought paul was 188 ( he was listed here 189 in the beginning) I think it was when rob realised that he wore huge shoes that he put him down to under 6 feet.If i hade to bet money on his height then i would say possible height is possible 179,5-182 i go with the middle as usual nd that means almost 181.
berta said on 18/Aug/21
john cena had 1 inch on him and we all know that vin have bigger footwear. that means this is the highest possible height for him and he is probably closer to 180,5-181,5 in reality
Mikewaffle79 said on 12/Aug/21
It’s comical watching him in F9. I couldn’t take my eyes off his feet. His shoes all have ridiculously big heels and he waddled around like a penguin
Editor Rob
If they awarded gongs for best footwear in movies, Vin would have a cabinet full by now.

It would not surprise me if Vin had a no-converse clause in his film contract
Dr Decker said on 26/Jul/21
5-10.5 barefoot. He’s not as tall as you think.
Alex 6'0 said on 22/Jul/21
Needs downgrade to 5'11.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jul/21
Vin coul seem an inch below Paul at his boots he was maybe 187-188cm while Paul in thinner shoes maybe 190cm?
Morningheight 182cm said on 19/Jul/21
It’s hard to tell Diesel is one of the celebrities who would wear heely shoes to the beach kind of like Miss Swift.
I’d say he’s somewhere around 181.7cm tall
Dr Decker said on 10/Jul/21
His footwear is 3” with heel + inserts. 5-10 barefoot
Alex 6'0 said on 8/Jul/21
Yet cena and rock are just 2 inches apart. Cena has over an inch on vin really
SD172 said on 6/Jul/21
Article about Vin Diesel's and John Cena's height:Click Here
Editor Rob
I'm not sure there's many folk on here who would agree Dwayne Johnson is "around six inches taller than Diesel"!
Alex 6'0 said on 26/Jun/21
Its also a big reason why i get guessed 6'1-6'2. In footwear I'm in the 6'1-6'1.5 range
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 22/Jun/21
@Hotspots to pass for 6’1 he’d need to make 6’2 in footwear, as ideally you should look like you’re about an inch shorter than your footwear measurement (else it’ll look like you’re lying) because people will think to take off an inch or so for shoes.
Hotspots said on 22/Jun/21
I think people need to realise how easy it’ is get 3” in footwear. I’m 6-3 barefoot and do cosplay acts. Some of my characters are 6-7 and it’s actually quite easy to achieve this simply with a 1.25” boot which are easy to find and add the insoles. After an hour in them you hardly notice and walk around naturally. He’s 5-10 barefoot
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 20/Jun/21
BalticGuy said on 19/Jun/21
Vin's not a tall guy. I've seen the guy in person - I'm a hair under 6'2" without shoes, MAYBE 6'2" on a very good day early in the morning, and on level ground, even WITH what looked to be chunky bottom shoes, I could clearly see that my eye level was about even with the top of Vin's head. My eye level is enough to look over the head of your average 5'9" guy and is about even with the top of the head of a 5'10.5" to 5'11" guy - so if Vin's wearing 1.5" shoes - likely - in that scenario, he would at best be 5'9.5". So yeah. I have him at MOST 5'10", at worst 5'9". I have a good sense of what an average height guy looks like to me - they're between the bridge of my nose and eye level in terms of the top of their head when wearing normal tennis shoes - so yeah. Vin being 6'0" is absurd. He's not. Not even close. 5'10" would be generous without shoes but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say 5'10" generously, less generously 5'9".

Wait so if he’s 5’9-10 and had thick shoes, and you’re just under 6’2 (I’ll assume 6’1.75 for simplicity) how were you looking over his head?
BalticGuy said on 19/Jun/21
Vin's not a tall guy. I've seen the guy in person - I'm a hair under 6'2" without shoes, MAYBE 6'2" on a very good day early in the morning, and on level ground, even WITH what looked to be chunky bottom shoes, I could clearly see that my eye level was about even with the top of Vin's head. My eye level is enough to look over the head of your average 5'9" guy and is about even with the top of the head of a 5'10.5" to 5'11" guy - so if Vin's wearing 1.5" shoes - likely - in that scenario, he would at best be 5'9.5". So yeah. I have him at MOST 5'10", at worst 5'9". I have a good sense of what an average height guy looks like to me - they're between the bridge of my nose and eye level in terms of the top of their head when wearing normal tennis shoes - so yeah. Vin being 6'0" is absurd. He's not. Not even close. 5'10" would be generous without shoes but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say 5'10" generously, less generously 5'9".
Nathan Joshua Wood said on 18/Jun/21
I think 🤔 he probably measures around 5’11 mark flat feet
177cm said on 16/Jun/21
5’10.5” without his boots
TheDon91 said on 2/Jun/21
Dom5'11.5 said on 29/May/21
Unless his boots can add 4-5 inches in height, I don’t see how he is under 5’11 or 5’10.75cm. 180cm seems about just right for him, because he looks 6’2 or just under (187-188cm)with his boots on and looks on par with actors who are in the 6’1 range barefoot with his boots
MaskDeMasque said on 28/May/21
He always looks above average but 6'1 is a crazy claim. 5'11.
Alex 6'0 said on 28/May/21
5'11 in typical thick boots puts you at least 6'0.5. Bigger ones 6'1.
viper said on 28/May/21
Nah, he's not 5-11

He's 5-10 getting 3 inches from his boots
miko said on 28/May/21
I can see why there are 5'10/5'10.5 guesses but remember his boots are only so thick. He's not getting 4 inches from his boots to get up to the 6'1 looking range.

He's 5'11.25/5'11.5 and his 2.5/2.75 inch monsters can push him to look near 6'1 on occasion.
Broussard077 said on 28/May/21
I'm surprised he's still listed at this height..its time for another downgrade rob or atleast look at more pics with him with other people like John cena for example and his foot wear...its hes 6'1 with huge elevator shoes I'll give him 5'10 3/4 max
Lava said on 27/May/21
179-180 cm.
Alex 6'0 said on 26/May/21
The 5'11.5 is too much but 5'10 range seems bit low. 5'10.5 min. 5'11 max
Alex 6'0 said on 25/May/21
Vin looks 5'11 or just under with Cena but footwear unknown.
Hotspots said on 25/May/21
Barefoot 5-10 imo.
Shayz said on 20/May/21
When walking on film set with Sandler on YouTube video 10cm shorter than the Rock top of head was below his eyes , 8cm boots with lifts 90% of time.
lemon said on 19/May/21
Hi, Rob. What's the difference in height between John Cena and Vin Diesel in this photo? Click Here
Editor Rob
from what I've seen, John can look comfortably taller, just how much is the question
Ethan Wolf said on 18/May/21
From what I get by comparing him with the likes of Dwayne the Rock without him wearing the lifts, I'd say 178 cm.
viper said on 16/May/21
The average guess is closer to the truth
Impartial Judge said on 14/May/21
He's 5'9.75 and he always looks unnatural like he's standing on something. It's a dead giveaway of stuffing your shoes or using some trick to look taller.
pov said on 14/May/21
Rob why would he claim only 6'1 in his megaboots if he's 182cm barefoot?

If you think about the lifts he wears (2 inch heels 3 inch insoles) He should look like 6'3/6'4. But he barely looks 6'1 even in his megaboots, always was shorter than Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, and Chris Pratt, Jonathon ross. I've always thought of him as a 179cm guy barefoot, from his earlier movies.

I believe solid 5'11 guys like Leo, Drake, and Jimmy Kimmel would all be taller than him barefoot.
viper said on 11/May/21
Did any of you guys see Vin in the 3rd XXX movie

He couldn't have been any more than 190. I was really surprised how much smaller his arms looked
viper said on 11/May/21
How in the hell is Kyler Murray 205-207 at 5-8-5-9?
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 11/May/21
From pictures I’ve seen Vin at his biggest looks like Dan Carter, who’s 5’10(.5?) 207
viper said on 10/May/21
I remember Vin being listed at 190
viper said on 10/May/21
Kyler Murray weighs 207 pounds at 5-8-5-9

He looks like he could fit inside Vin
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 10/May/21
I’d agree with your weight estimate Alex. Somethings Vin looks over 200 but rarely
Arch Stanton said on 10/May/21
Yes I think leg muscle development goes a long way to overall body weight. Well put it this way, Vin looks a lot more like a 217 pound guy than Gethin Jones does LOL.
Alex 6'0 said on 10/May/21
Chaos, vin physically could looked more than he was. 210 just a guess. You think 190-200 in his fast and furious days?
viper said on 10/May/21
I can buy 215 at his biggest
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 10/May/21
@Alex I don’t think he’s that heavy either. Buddy Murphy is in the 5’10-5’11 range and by his own admission, was 225 before cutting to join 205 Live. He’s was bigger then than Vin will ever be
Alex 6'0 said on 9/May/21
No way 225 even at his biggest. He never had big legs. Arm dominated. Pic with cena few days ago on ig he was dwarfed by cena size wise.
I can agree on 190 nowadays and maybe 210 his biggest regardless of if hes 5'10 or 5'11.
Public Enemy said on 9/May/21
Vin is at least 180 cm. Probably 181cm. Is 6’0 first thing in the morning. Vin’s tallish and wants to look solid tall hence the boots.
viper said on 8/May/21
Seeing him with the 6-1 admitted Paul Walker he's really no more than 5-10
BB9 said on 8/May/21
Look at his knee-level hmm
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 6/May/21
@Alex interestingly it says he’s 225 on Google
Slim 6'1.5 said on 5/May/21
Probably same height as DiCaprio, between 180-181cm
Under 180 is way too low for vin
viper said on 5/May/21
Vin didnt look any more than maybe 190 in the 2nd XXX movie he was in.

Even his arms looked considerably smaller
Alex 6'0 said on 4/May/21
Chaos yea 200 to 210 range likely. Weight is hard to guess. 195-210 anywhere in there. Big arms but thats his dominant part. Cena is pretty big all around. Cena has been 250s his biggest. Nowadays he claims about 240. Possibly 230s
Alex 6'0 said on 4/May/21
In pics with cena he looks a solid inch shorter but who knows if hes in thicker boots. 5'11 i still feel is fair but bit under is possible
Roby Italy said on 4/May/21
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm ,I think he Is on the 215 lbs today?
viper said on 2/May/21
Thought he only looked 5-10 range in 2nd XXX movie. Also the smallest I've ever seen him look
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 2/May/21
I’d guess 200-ish pounds for Vin
Alex 6'0 said on 2/May/21
What is vins weight I'm curious? Big upper body but his legs always looked average.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/May/21
Haven't seen him and Cena face to face yet. Would give good idea on Vin but footwear unknown. 5'10 range seems bit too low but he doesn't look just under 6'0. 5'11 is fair
Hotspots said on 29/Apr/21
I think Robs worse call on a celebs height. 5-10 imo barely. His boots are without a doubt 3”
viper said on 17/Apr/21
Rising, I'm really surprised you think Vin is as high as 5-11.5

I think at the very, very most 5-10.5
Bradley said on 16/Apr/21
His built up custom Chunkies can put him over 6 easy. Munster "clunk" each step.
Leonardo Rodriguez said on 15/Apr/21
Rob vin diesel looks no more than 5'8 because when I saw him walking with dwayne johnson on the (fast and furious 6 vin diesel y the rock en tenerife, octubre 2012) he looked really short next to the rock?
Editor Rob
that would be a surprise if Vin was a 5ft 8-9 guy!
Covvvid1984. said on 14/Apr/21
Just over 5-10 barefoot. Add those ridiculous boots and hey hey presto. Close to 6-1
OriginalAnon said on 1/Apr/21
I would say 180cm max. I think he is likely 179cm and possibly 177cm/178cm. One of the funniest heights to gauge because of his notorious use of lifts and massive heeled shoes. If somebody told me this guy 160cm and wore stilts I wouldn't be shocked - he's that height conscious. But 177/178/179/180 is my guess. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and go for 179cm. The 6'4'' description someone gave him might be one of the funniest overestimations ever. I can only think of David Diamente being pegged at 6'9'' which is comparable (another big ego guy).
Alex 6'0 said on 28/Mar/21
5'11 is prob fair but no taller. 5'11 in chunky footwear or boots will pass for 6'1 to some.
Broussard077 said on 28/Mar/21
Rob vin needs a 3/4 inch downgrade the votes are in
Patm said on 25/Mar/21
Vin diesel has never been over 5ft11 in his life, he's clearly 5ft10.5 and wears 2.5 boots to make him look over 6ft, even in his boots he doesn't look that much taller than 5ft10.75 tyrese gibson
Eusebiu (185 cm) said on 22/Mar/21
Vin Diesel's height is a tough nut to crack because he always wears his massive boots which give around 5 cm in height.

He does look above average height and can reach 185-186 cm in boots and by standing perfectly straight, so my guess is that his height must be in the 180-181 cm range.

The funny thing is that he claims 6ft 1 and in reality he is below 6 ft, so clearly his 6ft 1 claim is in boots.

After analyzing a lot of photos of him with different celebrities I noticed that he stands more relaxed with people under his height in boots and tends to stand perfectly straight and sometimes tiptoeing when standing next to people taller then him, only to give the impression that he is taller.

To be honest, I see him at 180 cm.
Covvvid1984. said on 21/Mar/21
He’s under 5-11 barefoot. That’s a fact
Covvvid1984. said on 1/Mar/21
5-10.75 max. Barefoot. No way he’s over that. Boots are utterly insane
JohnnyBravo said on 28/Feb/21
Not much above 5’10”.

Gotta give him credit, he fools a lot of ppl.

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