How tall is Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson's Height

5ft 10 ¾ (179.7 cm)

American actor, best known for playing Roman in the Fast & Furious film series. He also appeared in Baby Boy, Black and Blue, Death Race and Four Brothers. In 2021 he claimed "I'm Six-One in height"

How tall is Tyrese Gibson
Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and Tyrese
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Average Guess (84 Votes)
5ft 10.57in (179.3cm)
FE3 said on 23/Apr/24
@Editor Rob,

5’11” Upgrade?

Same as Brody/S.Wonder, Good inch (or more) on Andre 3000/D.Wahlberg/Joe Taslim, 2in under Hedlund/Jay Z, Easy 3in on Wahlberg/Ludacris/Ice Cube, Easily edged A.Hall/Franco/Chasez/Chestnut, 2-3in under Fraser? 1-2in under Tyree Henry/B.Rhymes/M.Bay/Bauer, Barely 3in under C.Best/Walker/Vandross, Easy 5in on Cedric/Singleton/Lil Jon, 1in under Hauser, 8in on Dupri, Easy 2in (or more) on Legend/Statham/Mekhi?, 4in under Duhamel/Method, Same as Macy/Timberlake/Dicaprio? Still 4-5inches on Rudolph (In heels)!, Still 1in on Sims (In Heels)!, Taller than Oleg/K Brown!, Still 3in on Vergara (in heels), Easy 6in on Spike and 1in max under Howard.
You can look all this up on Getty images, He’s pulled off more Rock-Solid 5’11” than weak!

What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
Sometimes I can buy 5ft 11 flat.
kake said on 16/Sep/23
why do i still feel like he's 5'9.5 or 5'10 flat. He never gave this height impression before. wow im real life shocked rn
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/23
I guess Diesel is a solid 6ft3, Paul Walker was 6ft5-6 range and The Rock is actually approaching 6ft7....
viper said on 26/May/23
He's 5-10

It's wild how much taller Vin looks in that above pic
Weak5'11james said on 26/May/23
6'1... you have got to be joking. why the heck would he claim that? smh

Hes 5'10 1/2 or 5'10 3/4 at the absolute max...
sreesmith said on 24/May/23
Rob, Tyrese looks at least 2 inch shorter than John cena.
Editor Rob
Yet he claims to be taller than Cena.
viper said on 2/May/23
This is too much imo

He's 5-10-5-10.25
Johan 185 cm said on 2/May/23
pov said on 1/May/23
I can’t believe he claimed 6”1 LOL. Think he’s been spending too much time with his co-star Mr. Diesel. Always looked a solid 5”10. 179cm seems accurate.


Has the same claim as Vin too :) Learned to wear boots from the master but he doesnt realise Vin has those inner lifts too. Look at how he is standing there, so unnatural.

Tyrese would be around 183 cm there in Timberlands and Vin looks 188 cm in those boots. So he actually passes for his dodgy claim. Amazing.
pov said on 1/May/23
I can’t believe he claimed 6”1 LOL. Think he’s been spending too much time with his co-star Mr. Diesel. Always looked a solid 5”10. 179cm seems accurate.
Roger, the pirate said on 30/Jan/23
1,76cm max.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 5/Oct/22
The Rock is 188cms/ 6'2".
Walker is 186.5cms/ 6'1.5".
Vin is 180cms/ 5'11".
Tyrese is 179cms/ 5'10.5".
Ludacris is 172cms/ ~5'8".
heightchecker34 said on 27/Aug/22
Ben... you wouldn't tower someone who is only 2 inches shorter than you. Towering starts at 6 inch difference.
Nobleyute said on 18/Aug/22
absolutely no way he can be this tall next to strong 5'11 range Vin Diesel. 5'10.5 max.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 19/Jun/22
@5’7 and a bit

Except most people outside of this website believe Jake. He’s a 5’11 ish guy who fights against people who are over listed themselves making his billing look legit. It’s kind of annoying because guys like him are why the public has a distorted view of what’s considered tall/short. I’m around what Jake claims to be yet I’d almost tower him (assuming equal footwear).
5'7 and a bit said on 14/Jun/22
It's more ridiculous when 5'10 to 5'11 guys claim they are 6'1.
6'0 is tall and if you're nearly 2 inches under it and you're claiming inches over it, no one will take you seriously. Like Jake Paul and Vin diesel.
Noname456 said on 30/Apr/22
What is it with 5’10-5’11 guys claiming 6’1?? Not even 6 foot but 6’1 😂😂
QM6'1.5"QM said on 16/Apr/22
IceCold said on 14/Apr/22

Yeah, difference is anywhere from 1.75-2.0 to 2.5inches, but Ludacris closer to the camera and Tyrese always seems to me about 179cms range!
IceCold said on 14/Apr/22
QM6'1.5"QM said on 14/Apr/22
Ludacris and «6'1» Tyrese: Click Here

That's 6 cm difference
QM6'1.5"QM said on 14/Apr/22
Ludacris and «6'1» Tyrese: Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 29/Mar/22
If Tyrese Gibson is 6’1”, then Jamie Foxx is undercutting his height by several inches:

Click Here

Tyrese Gibson is barely even an inch taller than Jamie Foxx, who I believe is a flat 5’9”. I’m impressed by how Jamie Foxx doesn’t inflate his height like other celebrities would with his measurements.
Leanezza said on 16/Mar/22
I think he needs a serious downgrade. Look at this photo, Rob. Click Here
Editor Rob
One thing is certain with Tyrese. He ain't even 6ft, let alone the 6ft 1+ claim he came out with!
Wehrmacht180 said on 22/Jan/22
178 cm
berta said on 18/Nov/21
WOULD BE INTERESTING TO HEAR HIM AND VIN DIESEL TALK ABOUT HEIGHT :p a 179,5 guy and a 181 guy caliming 185 vs 185-188. really extreme.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Sep/21
So I guess Vin can claim at least 6ft3 going by that photo!
00 said on 7/Sep/21
He’s not 6’1 he’s lying
Roshan said on 26/Jun/21
@Rob He just claimed he's 6'1 in his mansion tour video with Architectural Digest.

Click Here

Editor Rob
thanks for pointing it out!
berta said on 13/Feb/21
i agrre on the lisitng. 179-180 cm guy. always looks a bit shorter than vin diesel in his huge lifts that make him have trouble walking.
1 man united said on 8/Sep/20
Definitely looks to be near 5'11 withe everyone except Paul Walker obvious due to Paul being 188cm tall.
Anthony B said on 8/Sep/20
I'll say tyrese is a weak 5ft 11 and vin diesel is 5ft 10 who wear shoe enhancers
Aldebaran said on 27/Jan/20
A weak 5'11 guy.
Nik said on 14/Dec/19
@ Rob - He may be like Derren Brown!
Editor Rob
Tyrese at times can seem a few inches shy of Vin Diesel, but I think barefoot those guys aren't really that far apart.
Nik Ashton said on 11/Dec/19
@ Rob - Why does Jordana Brewster look far more than five inches shorter than Vin Diesel?
Editor Rob
Vin has an ability at times to look 6ft to 6ft 1 range, he even managed it with katie sackhoff at times to make her look 5ft 4.5-5 range.
Dash67 said on 8/Dec/19
He looks 5'10.5 to 5'10.75 beside a 5'9 to 5'9.25 jamie foxx.
c-mo said on 14/May/19
honestly he looks 177cm
billionaireslayer said on 19/Mar/19
5'9 guy. probably very close to Vin Diesel height maybe an inch shorter, but Vin wears huge boots for his ego and bigger than life screen persona making him appear to be about 6ft. Paul Walker autopsy states him at 5'11. I think he was taller than that but not much maybe strong 6ft close to 6'1
TheBat said on 7/Feb/19
Nice listing for Tyrese! He's definitely in the 5'10.5" to 5'11.25 range.


Walker was a flat 6'2", look at the pictures with him and The Rock.
Canson said on 27/Jan/19
Walker wasn’t 6’2.
Mashell said on 25/Jan/19
Tyrese looks closer 6ft next to 6’2” Paul Walker
Canson said on 11/Oct/18
@Rob: he’s not as tall as Ving Rhames and Rhames being listed 5’11” is questionable to be honest. Tyrese would be shaky over 5’10 honestly

Click Here
Editor Rob
Tyrese has looked anywhere from 5ft 10 to 11, but I don't think I ever seen enough to think just 5ft 10 flat.
Canson said on 11/Oct/18
I agree with Height and Keaton. Definitely nowhere near this listing as Whalberg is even overlisted here. Tyrese didn’t look tall in Baby Boy or in 4 Brothers. Max 5’10” but perhaps could be 5’9.5. He’s at least .75 to 1” overlisted and would be around this listing in shoes

Click Here
MAD SAM said on 13/Dec/17
This guy does look 5’11 beside Paul in 2 fast 2 furious
Truth said on 18/Oct/17
He looks shorter than he is listed. I believe he is no more than 178cm
Height said on 17/Oct/17
Saw him in person at the watts summer festival that he used to host years ago. I'm 6'1 with shoes off he was much shorter, I would say 5'9 at best. Really average height.
Simon 181.5cm said on 10/Oct/17
I give him 176.5
Canson said on 25/Sep/17
@Bego: what makes it worse is The rock has thicker footwear his boots are much thicker than Tyrese's shoes. I don't see tyrese being more than 5'10 range next to Ving Rhames or snoop in Baby Boy
Bego said on 24/Sep/17
Looking at this pic, 178cm Tyrene completely destroys 6'4'' myth of The Rock and 6'2'' Paul.
Click Here
Sammy Derrick said on 4/Aug/17
Click Here This clip is from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious.
0:08=STATS for his character Roman Pearce
DOB: Apr 12,1973
DOB: AUG 29,1973
Clearly Paul Walker is TALLER and I don't think that he was ever 6'1(flat)but Tyrese 6'2!!!
5'11 that's final.
Editor Rob
sometimes the person entering data may not be that accurate, as is the case with Gibson!
Crnigruja said on 27/May/17
Rob, Tyrese 5'11 and Tupac listed 5'9?
Click Here
Editor Rob
if the photo is real, he certainly doesn't seem more than 3cm taller than Tupac.
phil said on 1/May/17
naw he 5.9 tops
grizz said on 17/Apr/17
@Heylo, he seemed to me a tiny bit taller than Scott in F8 of the Furious. Either way, they are very similar in height
Heylo said on 15/Apr/17
He looks very similar if not even a tad bit shorter than Kurt Russell on promo photos on the new Furious movie. Weird?
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 21/Mar/17
Maybe I should add that I talk about eveningheight, so he could of course measure 5´10.5 out of bed.

I think his height goes like this from morning to night

179cm - 5%
178cm - 35%
177cm - 55%
176cm - 5% after lifting heavey weights over head
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 21/Mar/17
Can´t see him taller than 177cm/ 5´9.5"
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 20/Mar/17
Tyrese: 178 cm - night, 180 cm - morning (5'10.25 - 5'11).
Vin: 179 cm - night, 181 cm - morning (5'10.5 - 5'11.25).
Paul Walker: 187 cm - night, 189 cm - morning (6'1.75 - 6'2.5).
berta said on 27/Jan/17
179 is my guess
Keaton said on 24/Oct/16
Met him in California, I'm a shade under 5'10. No way is he 5'10. We were eye to eye and that's giving him the benefit of the doubt as he was in boots. I'd say 5'9.75-5'10 in the morning.
Sam said on 28/Sep/16
Funny. Rob you have Tyrese and Trey songz both at 5'10.75 but both are really 5'9-5'9.5 guys shoes off who wear lifts sometimes to get them to 5'10.5 to 5'11 range. Just like I said on Trey songz page rob please downgrade Tyrese at least one inch. Here is the picture with Singer Tank, Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, and Trey Songz. Most likely everybody is under 5'10 with shoes off. maybe Trey songz at 5'9.5-5.9.75 max. Tyrese at 5'9-5.9.25.
Click Here
Richard said on 10/Sep/16
He came to speak to the kids at my job and I had to escort him. I'm only 5'8" and we were head and shoulder the same, if he had and inch you couldn't tell. For sure he's not 5'11" and 5'10" is a stretch as well.
Phil said on 31/Jul/16
180 cm is too much. He is not that tall.
He looks like a 5 foot 9.5 or 5 foot 10 guy.
Jeff said on 21/Jun/16
Perfect listing Rob!
MD said on 24/Feb/16
Terrible angle, but something else to add to the pile. You can still make out the difference between the top of their heads.

With 5'6.75" Tyrese Gibson:

Click Here
Rich Hall said on 17/Feb/16
In Annapolis, he looks a good inch lower than James Franco. 5'9.5" should do it. Unless Franco is taller than listed...
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 4/Aug/15
He appears to be no more than 5'10"-5'10.5" by Michael Vick, so is around 6 feet even.
Chandler said on 22/Apr/15
He looks 5'9 on every movie he appears in
And I would like to see your reply on @grizz pics, Rob
Editor Rob
I think the perspective has made him short in one of them, but generally he can look anywhere in 5ft 10-11 range
grizz said on 15/Apr/15
He's a tough call. I believe Rob's estimate on Vin is correct (5'11.75) while for Paul I'd downgrade him to 6'1,5. Here Tyrese looks like a weak 5ft9 guy Click Here
While here Click Here he looks 5'10.75, as estimated by Rob.
Jake said on 12/Apr/15
rob , I know that this guy is 180cm, but every time i see him alone with no other celeb around him he looks nothing more than 174-175cm. Is it weird, maybe bcs of his body proportions?
Dmeyer said on 31/Mar/15
When tyrese stands well and counting footwear , he can look barely smaller than vin so 5'10.75 is right and diesel 5'11.5-11.75
Tim1.79 said on 28/Jan/15
I mean 180cm for both
Tim1.79 said on 28/Jan/15
I'm fairly sure hes exactly same height as Vin, and Paul is 6'1" as he claimed himself.
james said on 30/Dec/14
Yeah 5'10 with shoes on is accurate in the movie "legion" 5'11 Adrienne paliki looked taller than him outside the diner when he walk up to her asking for directions ..also 6'0 Omar gooding had about 3 solid inch on these in "baby boy"
Bran said on 18/Oct/14
Looks 5'9 in most pics with other celebs. Looks taller on film, but that's no surprise.
Van said on 9/Oct/14
Am I the only one who thinks this guy is nothing more than 5'9?
TJE said on 2/Sep/14
Tyrese: 5'10.5
Vin: 5'11.25
Paul: 6'1.5
cobra said on 30/Aug/14
Sometimes he looks close to this height and other times shorter. Seems like a guy who doesn't care about height so maybe he slouches a lot.
M.P. said on 3/Jul/14
Man. I thought he was tall. He's short as hell!
cole said on 2/Jun/14
Actually looking at him a bit more he can look between 5'10 and 5'11 a lot.
guest said on 22/May/14
A friend and I ran into him in San Diego at a local mall years ago. I remember we were surprised because he was much shorter than we expected. I would have said 5'8, 5'9 max.
Yves said on 19/Dec/13
I think maybe Ludacris is 5'9" but Tyrese is at least 5'11,75"
Iceman said on 1/Oct/13
Doesn't look any taller then Shia or Patrick Dempsey in the Transformers premiere photos. More likely he's 5'9.5", a man of average height. I don't know how anyone could think he was 5'11", or how he got listed so high. What is this listing based on.
Balrog said on 7/Aug/13
Ludacris is shorter. This guy looked 6-7 cm shorter than Paul Walker so if Walker is 185-186 then he is 179-180 cm. Good listing.
cole said on 2/Aug/13
Seeing him next to 6'1 Kassem G from youtube I'd say he's more 5'9 range. He wears big footwear most of the time so he will look taller than he really is. Not buying the 180 cm.
Dman1528 said on 10/Jul/13
5'9.5" max
Mr. R said on 19/Jun/13
I will mention my story again. A few years ago I was called to the studio as a stand in for the film he was making. (waist deep?) I met with the assistant directors and they measured me and said I was too tall at 5-11.5 and let me go for being too tall. (I did get paid tho".lol
Gaz said on 4/Jun/13
Lol in Fast and the Furious 2 theres a part when Cole Hauser is checking there records on a computer and it had Tyrese listed at 6'2'' and paul 6'1'' lol
Dirty Pitts said on 23/May/13
5'11" for Tyrese "Angry black scowler" Gibson is laughable. There are some good photos of 5'9.5" Patrick Dempsey who looks like he's the same height as Tyrese. I would say 5'10" max, and that 5'9.5" is possible. He's definitley closer to 5'9" than 5'11". Vin Diesel and Tyrese both seem to be listed about 1 inch too high for some reason.
penguinboy25 said on 19/May/13
Agree with below listing. He seems 5'9 - 5'10 at best especially next to 185 Paul Walker, and 184-185 Will Smith.
............. said on 20/Feb/13
saw him today in LB Ca, Im 5'11 barefoot with shoes about 6 foot...he was about 2-3 inches shorter than me...he looks big on camera cus he's ripped and the appearance of looking huge...
Derek said on 2/Jan/13
Looks 5'11" in the Transformers movies. 5'10.5"-5'11" range is about right.
Dmeyer said on 15/Oct/12
At worst 179 and likely 180
Phil said on 4/Oct/12
I met Paul Walker in 2004 and he's 6'1" or 6'2", so Tyrese can't be more than 5'9 or 5'10', especially considering he was wearing big boots during 2fast2furious and appeared a good 3 inches shorter than Walker with those boots on
Johnnyfive said on 1/Sep/12
Im sorry Rob but this listing is too high. I saw Tyrese twice ir three times back when he was just a singer and host on MTV and I got close enough to notice that he was considerably shorter than me (i'm 184cms or 6'0.5) he was at least three inches shorter if not a bit more which put hus real height at 5'9 (175cms)
the shredder said on 24/Aug/12
It looks 5 inches and his head is down .
T said on 23/Aug/12
6'3" Josh Duhamel

Click Here

Josh has about 6.5" in on the guy. 5'9" is the absolute tops for sure.
Tomi said on 18/Jan/12
Click Here

Everyone knows Tom Cruise´s height. Tyrese and Tom are about same height in this picture. Tyrese is no more than few cm taller. I would say 5'9. Check this link out...
Vinn said on 1/Dec/11
please people dont forget this guy wear most time boots..
LAN Jiao said on 4/Nov/11
strange when i look at 5'10 omar epps im thinking tyrese look like 5'10 as well.
Silent d said on 23/Oct/11
He looks huge onscreen. I couldn't believe he's only listed as 177cm on some sites. Next to paul walker, he is 180cm. In death race next to statham, he is 180cm. He looks huge next to 6 foot 3 josh duhmal.
tyresebabymum said on 23/Oct/11
He is definately not 6 ft like some reports I thought more 5ft 8 but he could be 5 ft 10 I guess as I was a bit away from him bt he did not strike me as even that tall. I'm 5ft 9 and 2ft away he seem shorter
Vinn said on 13/Oct/11
this guy is 5'9 defintly.
Dmeyer said on 2/Oct/11
Rob when you list someone 5'10.75 you méan 180 cm just that they are not strong 180cm l'í®ke 180.3-4 cm because 5'10.75 is 179.7 wish just 3mm away from 180cm and nearly 6.5 MM. Over 179 cm
Editor Rob
sometimes 10.75 could cover possibility they are 10.5-11, somewhere in that range.
LAN Jiao said on 30/Sep/11
i remember paul walker looks 5-6cm taller than tyrese in fast and furious 2. walker claim 6'3 which is fraud. he can look 6'1 flat , but at least a solid 6'1.25(186) that makes tyrese 180-181 but account for shoe advantage than walker in fast and furious 2 took away roughly 0.8inch boots than walker's 0.5 converse so result tyrese should be 179cm.
Erica said on 16/Sep/11
He looks tallerthen that on tv, im taller than him. I dont care im still in love with him
Jed said on 25/Jul/11
He's listed at 6'2 in fast and furious 2, 1 inch taller than walker's character despite clearly being shorter.
Big "B" said on 14/Jun/11
My wife took a piture with him after a concert. She is 5-5 and he might have been 5-10 with Tim boots on. So figure 5-8
Candyman said on 15/May/11
I believe you were fooled by Hollywood camera tricks Dean. In addition to that many of his female co-stars are quite short, usually 5'4" or less.
Dean said on 10/May/11
I thought he was like 6-6'1! I swear every guy who has a big frame looks taller...everyone who thinks slim people look taller is not true in my opinion..its the big frame guys that appear alot bigger than they are..
dmeyer said on 3/May/11
rob list people 5 ft 10.75 when there is a chance they are 5 ft 10.5
Harry said on 30/Apr/11
Just saw Fast Five and I would guess he is 177cm. I think his big build helps his posture like Vin Diesel.
josef said on 14/Apr/11
True height of Tyrese Gibson is 5'9 is not 5'10.75 in (180 cm)
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/11
5'11 stfu everyone, i'm 5'10 no way hes as short as me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Dec/10
5"10 more or less
ELI said on 16/Dec/10
I saw him at Vegas last year and he is about 5'10 exact or an inch more.
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/09
He has always looked average height on tv to me. i would buy anything between 5'10-5'11. i dont think he weighs anything over 175 either.
Clay said on 19/Jun/09
5'9'' is ludacris. The guy is at least 5'10.5.
Leah said on 11/Jun/09
I've seen him in person. I'm 5'6', and he looked like he was about 5'10, but definetly nothing more.
craps playa said on 31/May/09
I always see him at the craps table. I'm 5'7" 160lbs and he is slightly taller than me. He is no taller than 5'9" and no bigger than 170lbs.
unknown said on 26/May/09
Boo I wish you had pics, as Mel is being a smart ass...Tyrese never looked taller than Ving at all...go watch the movie and eat an apple,lol! Your 5'10.25 sighting is probably on the dot. Under 5 feet 11 but not under 5 feet 10!
BOO said on 24/May/09
Mel said on 9/May/09
Shorter than Ving? Its called an apple box. Look it up.
unknown said on 3/Apr/09
Tyrese is shorter than Ving Rhames in "Baby boy" by really a tad more than an inch. You need to down grade him or upgrade Ving to 5 feet ll even!
JD said on 28/Mar/09
looks a good 3-4 inches shorter than Walker in 2fast2furious
Random Person said on 25/Mar/09
He does seem 5'11.
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/09
tyrese is at least 6.1 about the same hgt as 50 cent on screen he actually looks short
The Horse of FUNK said on 29/Jan/09
Not to say they're right, but I wonder why intarweb movie data base suddenly has Tyrese at 6'.05". Did he recently state his height in an interview?

By the way, Rob, the Dr. Luv picture isn't working.
TELLEM said on 18/Jan/09
hehe that must mean tyres is 5'10
Mr. R. said on 18/Jan/09
Several years ago I was asked to step in as a body double for Tyrese for a movie. I got to the production office and they measured me and said that I was too tall. I am 5-11.5 They sent me away I did not get the job.
Tachna said on 17/Jan/09
The following link proves that he defenatly isn't the height listed.
He's just a tad taller than 5ft9 (if that!) Jason Statham. Check out the following link!

Click Here
Zach #2 said on 16/Jan/09
Tyrese looks no taller than 5'10", and he deffo wears lifts.
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/09
looks a good 5-6 inches shorter than josh duhamel
leonari said on 27/Dec/08
Tyrese is a 5'11 guy and he looks it. Great physique.
anonymous said on 27/Dec/08
He looks tall in death race. He was taller than jason statham by 2inches. He is a strong 5 foot 10-11. He is ripped.
Viper said on 17/Nov/08
Hes closer to 5-9 than 5-11.
Clay said on 17/Nov/08


Dude is buff...
Marcustheswede said on 10/Nov/08
180Cm spot right.Not a mm more.Have seen many photos both with or without shoes and I think this guy really is 180cm.Not 183 not 185 not 182 180 not more.Thanks for great site.
Viper said on 19/Sep/08
He looked 5-9 at the Transformers premiere.
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/08
Matt says on 17/Sep/08
180 to 185?
185 is 6'1

So if you are NEARLY 6' and you are taller than him, i doubt thats the case, I'd go with Glen.

He is talking about his weight at 180-185
Matt said on 17/Sep/08
180 to 185?
185 is 6'1

So if you are NEARLY 6' and you are taller than him, i doubt thats the case, I'd go with Glen.
Csigns said on 1/Jul/08
I just saw Tyrese in my hotel in Chicago and I stood right next to him about three or four times. He is 5'10" as I was taller than him and I am almost 6'. I'd put him at about 180 to 185.
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/08
Yeah, I was wondering what he weighed. I'd say close to 5'11 and 175-180.
Adam said on 13/Jun/08
Seemed fractionally shorter than Ving Rhames in 'Baby Boy'.
The dude said on 11/Jun/08
I think he is 5ft11 and is around 180.
dmeyer said on 9/Apr/08
hedoes seem a weak 5 ft 11
Viper said on 8/Apr/08
He looked 5-10 in the fast and furious movie.
Chris175 said on 7/Apr/08
def no shorter than 180 in my eyes, they must have had him wear bigger boots beside paul walker in the 2 fast 2 furious because he looked 6-1
Nell said on 7/Apr/08
I thought he was at least 5'11" too
Jason A. said on 5/Apr/08
About 5'11" seems right
Gary said on 6/Mar/08
with shoes my eye level is 5'10.75 so i would say hes about 5'11
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/08
5'10.75. Now we're getting somewhere. How come the slight downgrade? He does look 5'10-5'11. Unbelievable that he was once listed at 6'2.
TNTinCA said on 18/Dec/07
I would guess around 5'11". Never pegged him to be that tall. Oddly enough, in Transformers and 2 Fast 2 Furious, he honestly looked around 5'10-ish next to the co-stars. Mind you, Paul Walker is kinda tall.
brother_h said on 14/Nov/07
i always believed him to be 5'10, and i still do, he looks 2 inches over rob and super short to that 6'3 guy on transformers.
Ed said on 19/Aug/07
Strangely he looked the same height as Mark Wahlberg in Four Brothers? He's a big boot wearer(not lifts necessarily), but big heeld boots like Lugz and Timberlands. I wouldn't rule out 5ft10!
dmeyer said on 15/Aug/07
there is about 8 cm over glenn so no less than 5'11
Mr. R said on 20/Jul/07
My guess is that he is somewhere between 5-9 and 5-10. Closer to 5-10.
Annonymous said on 19/Jul/07
so how tall do you think he is Mr. R?
Mr. R said on 10/Jun/07
As I said before, I was one of the two finalists to be his body double for "Waist Deep". At 5'11 and a half, I was sent home by the assistant director because I was "too tall" and I would throw off the camera shots.
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/07
Hey Rob, what did Tyrese start out at? The highest I saw him was 5'11.75". Who has fallen the most on this site too? I saw that Pitt went from 6'0.25" down to 5'11...

Editor Rob
hmm, march 2005 he was 5ft 11.5. I didn't have him in my first db backup in november 2004.

There's lots were over a 2 year period lots of 1/4 inches have came off, like 3 or 4 decrements. Guys like billy bob thornton, elisha cuthbert, 1.5 inch dropped, but in like 1/4 inches over time.
17,181* said on 8/Jun/07
Click Here - this is no way how I look next to a 192cm guy and I'm 181 most of the day.I'd give him 5'9,and seeing shia the same height,when he could be 5'8.well,that just keeps me wondering how can he still stand at 5.11.25
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Shortest Tyrese could be is 5'10 I think.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/07
wow. nice pic MD. Tyrese looks like he's wearing flatter shoes than Shia, so he might be a hair taller. 5'10 looks more possible. How in the world did this guy ever get listed at 6'1-6'2"? That's a joke!
MD said on 4/Jun/07
Yeah, I personally don't think Shia is anything over 5'9", but I'd give him 5'9.5" to be generous.

Anway, here's a picture of Shia, Josh and Tyrese:

Click Here

I've said it all along, but 5'-11.25" is a ridiculous estimate.
Viper said on 4/Jun/07
No, Shia is 5-9 at his tallest. Could be as short as 5-8. Hes somewhere between there. There has been many rumors of Tyrese being in the 5-9 region. Wouldnt shock me If he wears lifts at times. Nothing shocks me about celebs anymore.
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/07
You're right Viper. I noticed that too, only I thought Shia was close to 5'10. I think Tyrese is more in the neighborhood of 5'10.5.
Viper said on 4/Jun/07
He looked similar in height to Shia Lebeauf who is 5-9 max. Does he wear lifts?
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/07
Looked about 5 inches shorter than Josh Duhamel last night at the MTV movie awards.
buckeye_girl said on 17/May/07
Tyrese is so not 5'11". I met him at a concert and I am 5'9". In my 2" heels I towered over him.
b-rad 6`2 said on 13/May/07
he his 6 feet
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Mar/07
Tyrese is 5 feet 11 for sure and walker is 6 feet 2 at the very least, maybe even 6 feet 2.5 or even 6 feet 3 but no less than 6 feet 2
Alex said on 3/Jan/07
Tyrese at 5'11 which I can believe puts Paul Walker at 6'1. Walker needs a downgrade.
Glenn said on 30/Dec/06
He is 5-11ish.5-11 min.
G-unit said on 29/Dec/06
c'mon guys, how can you put him in the 5'9-5'10 area? He must be atleast 5'10½. Just look at him beside glenn. I'm sure he's atleast 2½ inches taller than glenn
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/06
He looks the listed height in the pic with Glenn although I think he can appear shorter in movies...
dmeyer said on 30/Oct/06
180 looks closer
Smack A Hoe said on 12/Oct/06
Has any one seen that past episode of 106 & park when tyrese was promoting his movie waist deep Then, chingy came out afterwards. did u notice how tall tyrese was looking next to chingy? now i'm not to sure on chingy's height but if i had to guesstimate on tyrese i'd say 6ft.
Height Detective said on 4/Oct/06
Tyrese and Josh Duhamel
Click Here
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Actually,I taught many!
dmeyer said on 3/Oct/06
looks about 180 181 in the the pic with 172 glenn
Chris said on 3/Oct/06
You taught HIM how to do the fingers, didn't you Glenn?
MD said on 18/Sep/06
Not the best photo, but with 6'3" Method Man:

1. Click Here
dmeyer said on 15/Sep/06
181 semmes right since he is like 3 inches shorter than and a hair taller than franco
MD said on 13/Sep/06
Rob, what about the photos I showed of him with Colin and Foxx?

Editor Rob
no doubt he can come off 5ft 10, although in those 3 pics, angle might slightly against gibson
Glenn said on 6/Sep/06
VERY COCKY.never knew anything about him.except Four Brothers.
Viper652 said on 5/Sep/06
He comes off as a little cocky to me Glenn.
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
Really J? yeah Rob,especially for white folks.we finally made him laugh after he looked at me and this chinese autograph dealer and said "I know you guys,you do something with these photos".and we replied that the chinese guy "be selling bootleg copies of Four Brothers for 3$ in chinatown".he almost fell over in traffic dying of laughter.the asian guy is our friend and was loving it too yelling out "2 for 5","2 for 5".classic.everyone crying in laughter.sometimes,I have alot of fun doing this.the Wayan Bros say the same line about the photos.another unfriendly bunch I finally broke down.
Glenn said on 3/Sep/06
correct height on this guy.just got him.serious attitude problem.

Editor Rob
this is mtv week in NY I take it?, a problem with posing/autos?
Height Detective said on 1/Sep/06
Tyrese and Ving Rhames , who is listed here at 5.11 and a half ,
Click Here
Click Here

mous said on 15/Aug/06
MD: good pics #1 and #2
the first one is a bit hard, since he seems taller than both, but notice Jamie's face is looking down at something, so that explains the difference in the imaginary "eye level" line (why tyrese looks taller)
#2 is harder since the picture is taken at a slant/angle, but it shows their shoes
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/06
hey rob he dosnt look as tall as you say
MD said on 13/Aug/06
The nail in the coffin. Here he is with Colin and Jamie Foxx:

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

With 5'9.5" Slash:

3. Click Here

4. Click Here

5'10"-5'10.5" TOPS
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/06
I completely agree. look at that picture of him and 6'3" T.O. further down the page.
Viper652 said on 11/Aug/06
He looks 5-10 at best.
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/06
could be 180
0kuma said on 6/Jul/06
if you check that basketball line-up pic, there is donald faison, who is 6'. tyrese is _NOTICEABLY_ much shorter than faison.

Editor Rob
harder to compare faison since he's closer to camera, only worth comparing cube and tyrese since they are similar distance
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
Yep, could be as short as 5-9 1/2.
Mr. R said on 29/Jun/06
Actually Viper, I was told when called to the audition that I was at least 2 inches taller than Tyrese, me being 182 cm. The assistant director told me this, and I did not get the job. If Tyrese is at least 2 inches shorter than I, then that would put him in the 5-9 to 5-10 range.
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/06
I've seen that listing too. What a joke. 5'11" is the absolute max!
Viper652 said on 27/Jun/06
Ive actually seen a 6-2 listing for Tyrese before.
TNTinCA said on 26/Jun/06
Tyrese never struck me as that tall. I always guessed him to be in the 5'10" area. I could be wrong but from his scenes in The Fast and the Furious with Paul Walker and Cole Hauser, he just did not appear to be a 5'11.5" individual in comparison.

Editor Rob
remember him with Ice Tube, I might turn him into one of the 181cm guys
D.J. said on 26/Jun/06
I was watching BET this morning and Tyrese was only a fraction taller than Chingy, who is listed at 5'10 1/2". Tyrese is 5'11" max.
Viper652 said on 26/Jun/06
Mr R, didnt you say Tyrese is no more then in the 5-9 range?? I think hes 5-10 at best.
Mr. R said on 25/Jun/06
By the way, Tyrese's new film "Waist Deep" premiered Friday. If you recall, this is the film that I was initially hired to be his stand-in during the shoot, but at 182 cm, I was "too tall"! Think about it!
Viper652 said on 23/Jun/06
I think hes 5-9 1/2,maybe 5-10.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/06
182 Is awfully generous for this guy. I see him more in 5'10.5- 5'11 range. How'd he ever get away with claiming 6' plus?
smoke said on 25/May/06
looking at all the pics on this page it looks like he is 5"10.
Viper652 said on 7/May/06
Actually Ving looked taller then Tyrese in Baby boy, and Ving is 5-10.5 to 5-11. Id say Tyrese is 5-9.5 to 5-10.
Truth said on 5/May/06
Another Celeb another dreamer !!!! How this guy can think he is 6"1 is beyond me. Is that the magic height or some thing lol. 5"11 tops. He is about the same height as Ving Rhymes.
Alex said on 1/May/06
In the pic with Eva he only looks about 4 inches taller, no more but you can bet she has some heels on while he's in normal shoes. Depending on your estimate on her height, add about 5 inches to get his height.
Height Detective said on 1/May/06
please rob ,erase my last post , I still think this guy is more 180 than 182 ... may be close to 181 :)

Editor Rob
181 could be closest to truth....
Height Detective said on 1/May/06
tyrese and eva mendez Click Here

Look this photo with Diddy Click Here

Tyrese with mario Click Here

Tyrese looks more close to 1.80 than 182 rob...
Alex said on 8/Apr/06
My estimate is Tyrese is 5'11 and Paul Walker is 6'1. My opinion.
Height Detective said on 7/Apr/06
Confirmed : Tyrese is 5.11" tops. Look at this photos:

Click Here

Before ,I tought James Franko was in some lifts to be eye level with tyerese , but this photos confirm that tyrese is no more than 5.11" tops look the galleries see for yourself , really surprising ...
smokeblower said on 23/Mar/06
In regards to Tyrese being a model, he did print not runway. Fortunately for the naysayers there is a difference between the two. The height of a model is less of an issue when you are dealing with pring. Besides, look how much taller Tyson Beckford is than Tyrese. And we all know that Tyson is a tall 5'11" on a good day.
Alex said on 28/Feb/06
He looks about 5'11 in the picture with Dr Luv.
trueheight said on 23/Feb/06
sorry, walker's 6'1", my 6-0 friend had met hem and remarked that he was marginally taller, both in trainers. Maybe even 6-2
Viper652 said on 16/Feb/06
demeyer, your eyes are a joke,LOL. Tyrese looks no taller then 5-10 Max, probably 5-9.5 exactly. Paul Walker is a solid 6-0.
brazilian guy said on 15/Feb/06
he looks 180cms e walker looks 186-187 cms in fast and furious 2
182 is ok
dmeyer said on 5/Feb/06
i think thats a good guess he looks 3' inches shorter than walker so 6 feet at best in 2 fast 2 furius they had him at 6'2" and walker at 6'1" wath a joke
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/06
Saw annapolis last night. this guy's definitely not taller than 5'11" james franco although itsclose._i'd say 5'10.5 is spot on
smokeblower said on 24/Jan/06

cmon how the heel do you figure that TO is onyl 6'2" when he was a good inch or two taller then Maria Sharapova in heels.

He is only 6'2" because that was his official height at the NFL combine. NOt Hollywood height, not desired height, not bulls*** height.....but his real height.
Monty said on 23/Jan/06
Rob its Tyrese that you pointed out. The guy behind Tyrese in the white shirt is NBA player Shaun Livingston listed at 6'7.
cantstop25 said on 22/Jan/06
"Is Tyrese really 5'11"? Here is a pic of him next to the 6'2" Terrelll Owens leaning to the side."

cmon how the heel do you figure that TO is onyl 6'2" when he was a good inch or two taller then Maria Sharapova in heels.
smokeblower said on 12/Jan/06
Is Tyrese really 5'11"? Here is a pic of him next to the 6'2" Terrelll Owens leaning to the side.

As you can see, Terrell is a head taller than Tyrese. And judging by Tyrese's outfit he probably has the timberlands on with the high heels. And he still looks short.
dmeyer said on 10/Jan/06
he looks shorter than 6feet quaid
Viper652 said on 29/Dec/05
Mr. R, he sure didnt look 5-10-5-11 next to Wahlberg in 4 brothers. Your 5-9 estimate is probably spot on I think. I thought he was taller as well. He has the perfect height on screen though.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/05
whats hilarious is in 2f2f the cops profile of Brian o'connor ( walker) shows him to be 6'1 ( which is obviously fictional) but the listing for Roman pearce ( tyreses character) is 6'2. I thought this was flipping hilarious considering tyrese is considerably shorter then Paul walker
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/05
Is say hes 5'11 - 6'0", he was a model for god sake, he cant be any shorter otherwise they wouldnt want him. plus in the 2f2f movie hes not more then an inch shorter then cole hauser
Tuco said on 23/Sep/05
5'11 max. He's looking about a half an inch shorter than Ving in this pic
CoolJ said on 22/Aug/05
Jackal.. I'd give him 5'10.5" based on that picture.. but 5'11.75" is looking very shaky at this point.
Mr. R said on 3/Aug/05
The other way to possibly tell about Tyrese is this new movie coming out this week with Marky Mark and others called The Four Brothers I think. Tyrese is one of the brothers, and I am sure that he was cast because we know that Markei Mark is around 5-7 to 5-8, so they would only cast him with actors who are near his height. The hard part will be figuring out who wears big boots with lifts!
Mr. R said on 3/Aug/05
All I'm saying is that the director told me, I mean my "friend" that he was about 2 inches too tall to be Tyrese' stand in. The director would know how tall he is. Tyrese may be 5-10 max, but based upon this incident, he may be a little below that. By the way, it seems that my "friend" did not get the job!
Viper652 said on 19/Jun/05
Both of them are slouching big time in that pic. But you can still tell Tyrese is a good deal shorter. Tyrese has never looked tall to me on TV or on the big Screen. Always Looked like he was An average, 5-10 guy.
Gotxo said on 12/Jun/05
Viper: Dunno if that counts or not, but in the fast & the furious 2 whe Walker's character is summoned to police head quarters we can see a screen with some supects photo with their respective heights.
There he's listed at 6'1" (as you guessed) , maybe he's taller than his fictional ego but he's indeed a couple of inches taller than tyrese. Does it helps to clear things or just embroider them more? :P
Viper652 said on 12/Jun/05
I think Walker is about 6-1 honestly. Tyrese always looks 5-10.5 to 5-11 to me.
Trueheight said on 11/Jun/05
I truly believe Paul Walker's 6'3 status. He's got such a long body.
Tyrese looked kinda stocky actually compared to Walker who towers; i'd say the Editor's estimate is accurate minus the .75 part.
J. said on 6/Apr/05
Ya know, Rob, I think you may actually be downgrading a celeb. Tyrese truly does look 6'0"-6'1" everytime I see him. I'm looking for some pics of him where he could look under 6 feet and I've come unfounded so far. That Morgan Freedom pic is possibly deceiving because Tyrese isn't standing up straight in it. Also, a friend of mine met him at a concert some time back and remarked that he was tall. So, is Ty-Ty fooling up with the use of elevator shoes or is he truly 6'1"?
(Okay, found some pics of him looking 5'11" as he's barely taller than Cedric the Entertainer and 5'8"-5'9"-ish Keenan Thompson) ...He's tricker than I thought.

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