How tall is Jason Statham

Jason Statham's Height

5ft 8 ¾ (174.6 cm)

British actor best known for roles in films such as The Transporter, The Meg, Crank, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, Snatch and The Expendables. During his diving career he was described as standing 5ft 11in tall with a weight of 12stones and 4lbs. As an actor, Statham officially claimed 5 feet 10 inches.

How tall is Jason Statham
Kelly Brook and Jason / Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (423 Votes)
5ft 8.56in (174.1cm)
Arch Stanton said on 12/Oct/21
174 is probably spot on for Statham. But oddly seems like a tougher guy at this height than he would be if he was 6'2 or over. Looks the real deal.
Nik Ashton said on 11/Oct/21
@ Johan 185 cm - You are spot on there!
Chadvi said on 10/Oct/21
No way is he 5ft10
Cjcjcj said on 8/Oct/21
@Slim I'm not interested in division for age group height average is general idiot
Cjcjcj said on 8/Oct/21
@Slim 5 ft 9 is average i think that staham is probably 5 ft 9
Ahan said on 3/Oct/21
Hey Rob do you list the morning height of these celebrities or their evening height? In my opinion morning height should be any person's real height. And on average how much do you think a person shrink during a day?
Anyway I'd say 5'8.75 to 5'9 is a pretty accurate height for Jason
Editor Rob
I'm not listing based on early morning height...more after being up several hours.

So in Statham's case, I think he will clear 5ft 9 out of bed easily enough.
Slim 6'1.75 said on 2/Oct/21
In between average and short

5’8.5-5’8.75 is right on the money
Johan 185 cm said on 27/Sep/21
Weak 5'9", just an average guy really height wise.
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
He’s more 5’ 8 1/2” than 5’ 10” he reminds me of myself I remember when I was 13 years old I used to think that I was 5’ 10” flat but when I measured myself with a tape measure that I found lying around in my grandfathers room I was 5’ 8 1/2” I didn’t reach 5’ 10” until I was 14 years old and even then I was a little over I was about 5’ 10 1/4” I grew 3 inches since then and now I’m slightly above 6’ 1 1/4” btw I think it’s ridiculous how he used to be listed 2.5 inches taller than his actual height at 5’ 11” which kinda reminds me of wrestling cause they exaggerate height way too much but anyway he’s about 5’ 8 1/2” in my book
Cjcjcj said on 27/Aug/21
@Canson @Khaled people are very crazy, your stupid quotes offend the statistics and do not deserve an answer
Djdjdjd said on 22/Jul/21
@Terry 5 ft 9 is not short
Djdjdjd said on 22/Jul/21
@ChaosControl Tipically American trolls I think that he look short for camera angles and short legs, not more 5 ft 9 for me
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 16/Jul/21
I’ve seen and heard people call him short, which is weird as he never seems particularly short unless he’s around guys who are a massive amount taller
Hong said on 9/Jul/21
Click Here Here's Statham with 6ft1 Ronaldo.
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 19/Jun/21
Around 174cm seems right
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Jun/21
Well said Harresh! Jason sets an excellent example to average heighted guys - and everyone else as well - that you should be happy the way you were made.

I'll go with Rob's 5ft8.75. 😁👍
Harresh Ceshava said on 18/Jun/21
His tough guy persona was always something amazing. Too sad to see badass men feeling inferior of their height.

5ft 8 for me.👍
Slim 6'1.5 said on 16/Jun/21
176-177 out of bed
Catherine roberts said on 15/Jun/21
Lol no way is he 5ft10
Anchimik said on 10/Jun/21
Please look at this photo with Rosie (which 5’9): Click Here and this Click Here. He doesn’t look shorter than her, and even taller in some cases. Hard to predict, maybe it’s all a camera angle, but I’d say that he looks like Tom Hardy, so about 174-175,5.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 3/Jun/21
Agree to disagree masque, there was no ideal scene for height comparison even at the ending. About 2.25-2.5 inches between Statham and Pitt
MaskDeMasque said on 2/Jun/21
He was 2 inches shorter than Brad Pitt in snatch. So around that 5'8.5 mark. He has good proportions though, can easily pull off 5'9 in a lot of his films.
Ian Vector said on 18/May/21
I'd say 5' 8" flat barefoot, maybe 5' 9" - 5' 10" with shoes.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/May/21
Similar height to Jonny Depp
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 11/May/21
He doesn’t look short in the Meg
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/21
Jason isn't short! Oftentimes enough on his films, he looks near to 5ft9. His girlfriend/wife (?) wears high heels and often looks far taller than he does, but that still doesn't make him short or undersized in any way whatsoever.

He's a good, confident actor. 😁👌
Cjcjcj said on 10/May/21
@Jason He l'ok short for camera anglesz
Cjcjcj said on 10/May/21
@Terry He's not short, he 's almost 5 ft 8 and 3-4, close to 5 ft 9 than 5 ft 8
The Height Guy said on 9/May/21
How Tall does he look with Chris Evans here Rob? 5'9 1/2? Click Here
Editor Rob
at that moment a comfortable 5ft 9
Puma said on 7/May/21
Jason is 174, maybe 175.

No short, no tall.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/May/21
I only found out today that Jason is a Martial artist. That makes his tendency in his films to be virtually infallible that much easier to believe!

His film 'Blitz', in which he stars alongside the greatly talented Paddy Considine, is my absolute favourite.

5ft9. 😉👍🥊☑️💪
OriginalAnon said on 31/Mar/21
I have a tough time seeing 5'8'' flat. I think it's safe to say he is closer to 5'9'' than 5'8'' but could be in the middle.
MaskDeMasque said on 27/Mar/21
@slim 6'1

I doubt it. Did you watch snatch? He looks 2 inches shorter.
Turkish said on 17/Mar/21
I saw his photos with R.T Erdoğan in Turkey
I think he’s looking like 1.78 at least
(Because R.T Erdoğan is like 1.84 )
Badar said on 13/Mar/21
It's kinda sad to see these otherwise badass dudes lie about their height. Strong 5'8.
Jade Aimers said on 9/Mar/21
Jade Aimers said on 7/Mar/21
abdou. said on 1/Mar/21
wow i thought he was 5.10
Rem said on 28/Feb/21
Rob next to the rock he looked a good 6 inches (15-16 cm) shorter. Isn't 174 cm a best listing for him? I would say if you took a picture with him you would be just some mms shorter.
Editor Rob
think if measured he could still be almost 5ft 9
JohnnyBravo said on 28/Feb/21
5’8” flat.
Jakey said on 21/Feb/21
Very similar to Mcgregor St's height I think 5'8 1/2 it plausible
Terry said on 12/Feb/21
He is short.
Genau said on 7/Feb/21
1. i think he was his listed height peak but maybe a 1/4 Inch loss by now

2. slim 6'1 yes there would be more than 2 inches between them more around 2 1/4 inches maybe even 2 3/8 inches now
slim 6'1 said on 4/Feb/21
There would be more than 2 inches between statham & Pitt
Sneha Pahadi said on 20/Jan/21
5'8¾ peak but now no more than 5'8.5.
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 14/Jan/21
174 cm max.
Rising174cm said on 7/Jan/21
He did measure up better than expected to Brad - both on screen and off - but he looked a good 1.5" shorter than Nick Moran whom Rob has confirmed is an honest 5'10".
MaskDeMasque said on 3/Jan/21
Looked two inches shorter than Brad Pitt in Snatch. 5'8.5
Rising174cm said on 2/Jan/21
@Slim: I don't think he'd be taller. I can't believe a 47 year old Jason was less than 2" shorter than 5'10.25" Jude Law at this event: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Also, a 72 year old Sly in lifts pulled off about 2" taller than Statham: Click Here Click Here I'm willing to believe Sly was still 5'8.5" at this time because he was still that height into 2017, but it's a stretch to say Sly's footwear advantage was even more than 2", especially with Statham up on one foot. If Sly was down to 5'8.25" as listed? Well, Statham would be more 5'8" than 5'9"!
slim 6'1 said on 1/Jan/21
174 range, @Rising he’d be similar to you not sure who’s taller by the mm!
Rising174cm said on 27/Dec/20
Statham looks about 5'8" a lot more than I realized. He's about 40 here and consistently shorter than Robert Knepper, whom Rob estimated at 5'8.75" in person: Click Here Click Here Click Here Simply being shorter than Knepper tells us 5'8.5" is the most Statham ever was. Look up Statham and Jude Law at the Spy premiere. Jude is listed at 5'10.25" and has even admitted to being 5'10" meaning Statham is struggling with 5'8" next to him! Also, Statham still doesn't seem taller than Sly even recently and Sly probably is down to just 5'8.25" or so.
Slim 6'1" said on 19/Dec/20
174-174.5cm now at middle age he probably has shrunk a tad bit
Tides said on 28/Nov/20
Close to 5’8” now 5’9” is a joke
Genau said on 26/Nov/20
Weak 5ft9 the listing is pretty much on the nose
Heightist999 said on 2/Nov/20
No more than 174. Looking at him, I'd say he is 173-173.5 cm.
TheBat said on 2/Nov/20
5'8.75"-5'9" range.
Eric W Tam said on 1/Nov/20
LMAO, 5'11 I should claim 6' then for I am a solid nearly a solid 5'10 in the morning (rounding up here obviously) and like around 174-5 at night. 5'8.75 MORNING
Xxxxx said on 18/Oct/20
@Barry FI piece of , 5 ft 10 is not short, the people that call short 5 ft 10 are beggers pezzenti
Slim 6'1" said on 10/Oct/20
Slim 6'1" said on 30/Sep/20
174cm, robs listing is fine, no need for a change
TheDon1528 said on 25/Sep/20
5'8.5" tops
Lanson said on 22/Sep/20
5 foot 8 flat for Statham
Nik Ashton said on 15/Sep/20
It’s interesting that he is shorter than his partner Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley! 😀👌
Thomas12231 said on 9/Sep/20
A below average guy, but by no means short.
-5'8 5/8
Sinclair said on 25/Aug/20
Google does seem to like inflating celebrity heights, including Statham’s. Google could be adding 5cm to Maurice Ronet’s height as well. I would guess Ronet was more likely 182cm than 187cm. What do others think about Ronet’s peak height?

Jason Statham can sometimes pull off 5’10” in The Mechanic: Resurrection and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. However, I cannot say Statham’s cameo in The Pink Panther (2006) does his 5’10” claim much justice. For Statham’s peak, 5’9” or even lower seems more realistic than 5’10”. These days, I feel Statham could be struggling to clear a flat 5’9”, I would not rule out Statham having lost a very small bit of height by now.
Ebibs said on 22/Aug/20
I think Google is adding 5 cm to everyone
Johnny Depp is exactly 173, but in Google 178, Jason is 173, but in Google it is 5 cm more.
Min Jun Choi said on 20/Aug/20
He is tall than scott eastwood Maybe he is 181cm
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
80kg great weight
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Aug/20
174.5 bang on below average but not short
Giuseppe Rodei said on 3/Aug/20
Rob, Jason's weight average? I think 175 range
Editor Rob
That could be a fair figure, above and below that at times
Keith Bacchus said on 30/Jul/20
I dont think 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 11 but I'd say at best in his peak 5 foot 8.5 to 5 foot 9.5
FriedChicken said on 26/Jul/20
5'9 when he was young, probably leaning towards 5'8 1/2 now
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jul/20
🎁🍻🎈🎂 Happy Birthday Jason 🎂🎈🍻🎁

A Very Happy Birthday to Jason Statham, who celebrates his 53rd Birthday today! His great sense of humour shows through in his heavy-duty films.

5ft8.75 😁👍 XXX

QM6'1QM said on 3/Jul/20
Chinybobs said on 18/Jun/20

Lol, even 5'8.5" max on spot around CR7/ 185.4 cm :)
Chinybobs said on 18/Jun/20
5-11?? Lol 5-9 max
NvrPaysAttention said on 10/Jun/20
I could see him at 5’9 THE MOST maybe even with shoes on. Especially comparing that photo of him and Kelly (who probably isn’t a full 5’6 herself). I think he tends to look even shorter than he is because he has short legs.
Jam Cherry said on 10/Jun/20
@JohnMoore yes in his 20s he could be close to 174 cm
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jun/20
A guy like Statham is a prime candidate for early height lose, the early diving career and all the action work he's done in films, he's put his body through the mill. I've never thought diving safe, jumping off the highest board into the pool repeatedly I've always thought would cause brain damage or weaken the bones etc.
Dumar Gorrez said on 31/May/20
Rob what would you say is the typical low height and extreme low height of 5’8 3/4 listed person like Statham?
Editor Rob
From looking at Statham 20 years ago compared to now, I'm starting to think he has lost a I can see how 5ft 8.5-8.75 range low is possible.
Leo Vazquez said on 24/May/20
I have seen him at LAX airport and he’s really about 5 feet 4 inches. I am 5 feet 9 inches and he’s a lot smaller than me.
Lamont Cranston said on 20/May/20
I like Statham, great sense of humor, etc...but check out his WIX commercials with Gal Gadot, and ask if he is much more than 5'8"...which is within range of the current estimates...
Mark Allan said on 19/May/20
Rob How much difference do you see between him and Ronaldo maybe a 5 inch difference?

Click Here
Editor Rob
There could be nearer 5 than 4.

A question about Statham, he's not an old guy, but look at his film roles...transporter, crank etc...these take a toll on your body. Maybe he has suffered a fraction loss over the 20 years he's been a star...sometimes he even looked taller than 5ft 9, albeit it wasn't that often!
Pierre said on 19/May/20
By Robert Knepper 174.6 / 5"8.75' Click Here Jason Statham is a bit shorter than him = Click Here Click Here .Around 5"7.5' to me
dddff said on 9/May/20
5'8.5 - 5'9 can look the full 5'9 at times looks very average
JohnMoore-162cm said on 7/May/20
@Jam Cherry- Maybe 174 cm in his peak ?
Jam Cherry said on 4/May/20
I don’t see Statham over 173 cm
Rich137 said on 29/Apr/20
Jason doesn't really appear to be much taller than average heigh. Around 5.9ft barefooted. Possibly 5.10 or 5.11 with a heel or lifts?
JohnMoore-162cm said on 18/Apr/20
174 cm is more like it
Davidjr said on 18/Apr/20
Like 178cm 5foot 10inches
cmillz said on 12/Apr/20
I can’t really see Statham being taller than Rob tbh.
SAK said on 12/Apr/20
He is average height(5'8.5"), but looks more in the shortish range imo. Maybe due to his proportions guess.
191 cm Jason said on 3/Mar/20
Could pull off looking 6 feet in the movies but then when you see paparazzi photos of him he looks really short.
Bade said on 29/Jan/20
He's average height
Statham said on 27/Jan/20
I think 5’8. What do u think he weighs rob? Maybe 160-165?
Jkiller said on 17/Jan/20
174cm, 5'8 1/2.
Caldonio said on 24/Dec/19
How the hell can he claim 5-11 lol. Under 5-9 5-8 sounds more realistic
Beej said on 22/Nov/19
5'8 and lifts (Hollywood height - 5' 10 ;)
c-mo said on 11/Nov/19
5'8.75 Robert Knepper is taller than him . look them both up and see
QM6'1QM said on 3/Nov/19
My guess is something around 5'8.25- 5'8.5", because this guy not looks taller on photos with CR7.
Maybe he's brother of Rob's height.
SD172 said on 26/Oct/19
According to this picture from Hobbs and Shaw,Click Here 178cm...He consistently is listed as 5'10 in every movie...I'd say 5'9 flat.
Hijoputamus said on 17/Oct/19
@Chk23, that’s so true but has a reason. The more inches involved the less you can see a difference.
Is it more noticeable ONE INCHE in a 5 inch distance or in a 100 inches distance. The taller the easier to lie adding one inch. The % of distance of the total is smaller the taller you are.
c-mo said on 2/Oct/19
Fabrizio said on 24/Aug/19
Jason is 176, 8 cm


thats impossible . he looks 173-174cm max
Caldoni said on 22/Sep/19
Struggling with 5-8.5.
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Sep/19
Maybe 5'8.5" Statham w/ maybe 5'8.5" Kurt Angle... Click Here
Shubhang Sharma said on 8/Sep/19
He's an inch shorter than Sly Stallone. Weak 5'8
Johan 185 cm said on 3/Sep/19
Chk23 said on 1/Sep/19
I’d say he’s a full 5’9. I don’t know what the obsession with making fun of average or short height men claiming an inch taller. You see guys like The Rock claiming 6’5 but no one makes fun of him for it even though he’s 3 inches shorter. Then you have a guy claiming 5’10 when he’s 5’9.5 in the afternoon and he’s just some joke.


I am pretty sure many posters here take a jab at the Rock's claim of 6'5". The general public just isn't aware of the fact.

Its been already documented that most people overestimate their own height by 1 inch. Plenty of journals report this. It doesn't make Jason a bad person but the site is for guessing heights.
Chk23 said on 1/Sep/19
I’d say he’s a full 5’9. I don’t know what the obsession with making fun of average or short height men claiming an inch taller. You see guys like The Rock claiming 6’5 but no one makes fun of him for it even though he’s 3 inches shorter. Then you have a guy claiming 5’10 when he’s 5’9.5 in the afternoon and he’s just some joke.
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Aug/19
Click Here

With 6'2.5" MAX The Rock. Noway is Jason over 5'9", this listing is the highest he could be.
Fabrizio said on 24/Aug/19
Jason is 176, 8 cm
Dmeyer said on 22/Aug/19
He IS relax but standing tall Closer to 5'9 than 8
Dmeyer said on 22/Aug/19
In person looked about 5'9 WE had same shoes at a coffee shop the floor was even
okbymeman said on 21/Aug/19
I think he looks a solid 5’9 with The Rock there. His current listed height is the absolute lowest I can see him at.
Johan 185 cm said on 15/Aug/19
Myself said on 13/Aug/19
Dwayne raises his eyelevel; I think those could very well be 4.5" (or 4.75") between them.


That would mean that Jason is at his eyelevel when his head is straight like here

Click Here

Jason is the one here raising his eyelevel but it doesn't matter the top of his head is still under Dwayne's eyes. If anything Dwayne could squeeze more out there as Jason is standing as straight as possible and still looking over 5 inches shorter.
Shaun McCreary said on 14/Aug/19
Rob, does statham seem to wear lifts ever? I never really seen him questionably get taller (Like sly you see go up and down in height) he seems to stand comfortable at his height?
Editor Rob
I don't think he seems a guy who does, nor have I seen shoes which would suggest he's raising his heels inside them...though that is something which is quite tricky to tell!
Myself said on 13/Aug/19
Dwayne raises his eyelevel; I think those could very well be 4.5" (or 4.75") between them.
Marcelo said on 8/Aug/19
5ft 8sh, in my opinion.
Big dave said on 8/Aug/19
There seems to be a solid 6 inches between him and the rock in most of their photos

174-175 cm for Statham
189- 190 cm for the rock

Props to him for being secure about his height , the rock and Vin Diesel did 4 fast movies together, not a single good picture of them together
Kyushin said on 5/Aug/19
Did a movie with the guy in 2017. He's 5'8" tops. No way he weighs 185, buck 65 at best. He is small, small arms and chest. They use lifts in his shoes and forced perspective when filming.
Johan 185 cm said on 4/Aug/19
Click Here

Click Here

If he was 5'9", Dwayne would still be 6'3" or close enough to not matter. Dwayne is 6'2.5" tops today so this is max for Jason. I would even put him at 5'8.5".
Hopping hopper said on 3/Aug/19
5.8-5 peak.
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Aug/19
Looking-all-of-5-8 Statham w/ 5'5" Jet Li... Click Here , Click Here

W/ 5'2" Kevin Hart... Click Here

W/ 6'1" Cristiano Ronaldo... Click Here

W/ 6'2" The Rock... Click Here , Click Here Rock looks closer to 6'1" than 6'2" here. Maybe Statham has a footwear advantage or Rock is shrinking...
Roderick said on 1/Aug/19
I can see 5'9" for him very easily.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jul/19
🎂🤸‍♂️🎁 Happy Birthday Jason! 🎁🤸‍♂️🎂

Jason turns 52 today, and I think most blokes would be turning cartwheels if they had Rosie on their arms! 🤸‍♂️

My favourite of his films has to be 'Blitz', in which he stars with Paddy Considine and Aiden Gillan. I've seen plenty more, and, although violent, they are full of humour.

Have a great day Jason!


Johan 185 cm said on 17/Jul/19
Looks more 5'8.5" nest to The Rock at the Hobbs and Shaw premier. A very solid 6 inches between them and they both had similar dress shoes.
Tides said on 15/Jul/19
My guess 5’ 8”
TheBat said on 26/Jun/19
Anywhere from 5'8.5" to 5'9".
khaled taban said on 20/Jun/19
RichardSpain said on 5/May/19
Sometimes tall sometimes short this actor. But around 175cm or a bit over 175cm.

I agree with you that he sometimes tall sometimes short, but he isn't 175cm or even 174.6cm as Rob listed him. I think he is 174cm at most, not short by any means but a bit below average.
James E said on 24/May/19
He looks a tiny bit under 5'9 - you guys are funny though, 5'8.5 is NOT much different from 5'10 lol He's def in that range (5'8-5'10).
RichardSpain said on 5/May/19
Sometimes tall sometimes short this actor. But around 175cm or a bit over 175cm.

I agree with the answer of Rob to MATA176. depends on where you put the camera an actor is taller than other actor or very similar, the position and angle is important ..for example in terminator movies James Cameron made to Arnold taller by using "contrapicado"plane.
Terry said on 21/Apr/19
Why is he lying about his height? He must be the shortest looking '5'10' guy around! Try 5'8.5. 5'10? Who is he kidding?
MATA176 said on 7/Apr/19
Hello Rob
what do you think about this photo?
Click Here
Editor Rob
With photos like that, you can sometimes end up looking taller than you should because of the camera position. Even on occasion (if a high camera) you might look shorter, but with Jason I think the camera is lower than his eyes, so could add height.
Bobby 178cm said on 23/Mar/19

The difference between 172 and 176 is a full 4cm. A guy who is 176cm/5'9.25 is going to look about 1.5 inches taller than a 172/5'7.75 guy.

This would be the difference you'd expect of a 172 vs 176: Click Here

I don't know about you, but that's a pretty noticeable difference, don't you think? So, I definitely wouldn't lump in a weak 5'8 with a solid 5'9.
Lara said on 18/Mar/19
He looks 1.75 m.
Jull 5'9.75 uberboy said on 28/Feb/19
Saw a photo of him and Dwayne on his instagram, where the two is standing with similair posture and smiliair shoes, (whole body is revealed) there is no way Statham is 5’8/172.5cm if Johnsson is 6’2.5/6’3.25 which he is. Statham is a strong 175 cm.
c-mo said on 13/Feb/19
cmillzz said on 11/Jun/18
No C-mo, the difference between 172 cm and 176 cm really isn’t that striking. You just have insecurities, that’s why you’re bothered that he grouped the two.


ok so then there isnt much difference between 176cm and 180cm either . you cant have it both ways

whats your height btw. ? maybe 172cm ? ;)
Marko said on 6/Feb/19
Just to reiterate again l'm 5ft 10" and have actually stood next to him he is 5ft 8" max probably smaller so don't guess by pictures. Yes he is a short ****.
Jdubbz said on 26/Jan/19
@Christian and Canson: it would certainly not make you appear taller up close, but from a distance it could. Smaller head and all.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 21/Jan/19
@Rob How long would you estimate that his head and eye level are? While his hairline certainly adds a good inch to the perception of it, his eye level looks close to being 5” inches long to me compared to other actors.
Editor Rob
He could have 4.7-4.8 range for both.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Jan/19
I doubt Statham is 200+ pounds. I'd say he's 185-190 when bulked up and closer to 170ish at his most shredded. And definitely not 5'9"+, much less 5'10". He can even struggle with 5'8.5" next to Stallone, Jude Law, Robert Knepper and others, though he's certainly not shorter than Mario Lopez and seems to edge him if anything so no less than 5'8.5", possibly 5'8.75" as listed.
Bobby 5'10 said on 15/Jan/19

I doubt it, I'm 5'10 and I look taller than Statham proportionally.
Bobby 5'10 said on 15/Jan/19
By the way he's a big 5'9ish guy, I would say at least 200lbs of lean muscle mass.
Bobby said on 13/Jan/19
I figured he looked around average height in The Meg, maybe like 5'9. He doesn't look particularly imposing in height, but he makes up for it as an actor.
Areyoureallytellingmwthisishaplening said on 13/Jan/19
Definitely 5’9” or possibly 5’10”. Look at the photo him and kelly brook. She’s wearing heels and he’s wearing flats. She’s probably like 5’8” with them heels and Jason is like 2 inches taller.
rawdshaq said on 10/Jan/19
I actually shaved my head and it actually does make me look taller
Areyoureallytellingmwthisishaplening said on 2/Jan/19
@Jake the snake
It’s ironic and weird you would say that because hair is the exact same that makes you appear taller
Canson said on 7/Nov/18
@Christian: I would think the exact opposite
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 31/Oct/18
@Jake The Snake

How does shaving your head bald make you appear taller?
Jake the Snake said on 29/Oct/18
Always thought he was a 176 guy. Hey Rob do you think shaving your head can make you appear taller and if so how much ?
JamesGrossman said on 29/Sep/18
Guys, I think you’re quite off. Guys in the 5’8” range have a very recognizable body type. Statham is 5’9.75” minimum, perhaps even 5’10” as he claims. 5’9.75” seems pretty close to the mark. Rob???
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Sep/18
While I can't say a director has never had Statham wear lifts for a role such as The Fate of the Furious, I seriously doubt he wears them on his own. Lifts are fairly common, but the number of men who do wear them is much smaller than the number who don't. For example, here's Statham posing barefoot with 5'11.75" listed Saffron Burrows: Click Here Click Here As someone about the same height as Statham, I give him credit for being comfortable with his height and he looks good there because he's confident. If she's 182 cm then Statham actually looks 175-176 in the first pic and 177 in the second and while he has a slight camera advantage and seemingly better posture, I think it'd be hard to argue he's under 174 with her. Robert Downey Jr. is also a bad example because his lifts are visible! As I've said, I'd guess Statham around 5'8.5", but no lower and he could be a little taller as Rob lists him.
Malik said on 25/Sep/18
Parker - guys around stathams height wear lifts commonly, especially when their fiance is the same height if not taller than him. This has been seen with celebs like robert downey jr and others. And in the majority of photos that have rosie and statham in equal footwesr, rosie comes out taller than him. Sometimes he can look taller because of camera angle or because of lifts which arent visible.
Parker said on 7/Sep/18
Some pics of him and Rosie barefoot - I'm not convinced she is taller
Click Here
Parker said on 6/Sep/18
Malik said on 15/Aug/18
Just driving home the fact that rosie is easily the taller of her and statham.

Depends on your definition of 'easily'

Click Here
Rance said on 27/Aug/18
i have always put statham at 5ft 8, he is only average height, the hollywood thing is whatever height their star is they put another 2 inches on him, you can notice jasons height when you see him next to other very average height guys, hes either level heading them or below them,
its the same with danial craig he is listed at 5ft 10 but in no way is that guy 5ft 10 again he too is around the 5ft 8 mark.
Matt99 said on 25/Aug/18
5’8 5/8 listing would be perfect rob I mean you do like the 1/8 listings right? 😉
Editor Rob
They are used sparingly :)
Connor Simpson said on 23/Aug/18
Rob have you seen The Meg? I thought it was a decent shark film but maybe not as great as Jaws imo, I think its worth a watch you should add The Meg on here Jason was in it, 5ft 8.75 is still a decent listing but do you think 5ft 8.5 is possible for him?
Editor Rob
If they give me the time the actual film starts and not the 10 adverts and 5 trailers, I might go back again. Statham certainly can look 5ft 8.5 at times with people.
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Aug/18
Rob already has Statham listed shorter than Rosie, but walking photos aren't good for comparing height and ground isn't reliable on sand or often pavement. She can often look at least 2" taller in heels than Jason in dress shoes/boots: Click Here Though it looks even more here: Click Here Not sure if that's the ground? I really can't see Jason a half inch taller than Stallone, though.

Pics: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Video: Click Here

I'm not certain of Sly's exact shoes there, but they're at least 2" range, though Statham is going up on one foot for the photos. I'd guess both are 174 barefoot as Sly winds up looking at least 1.5" taller at the premiere.
Malik said on 15/Aug/18
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Just driving home the fact that rosie is easily the taller of her and statham.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/18
@Florin: Sly has at least 2" footwear so that's why he looks noticeably taller at that event When Sly had dress shoes and Jason had about 3 cm boots about a year ago, they looked virtually the same height. It does look more and more like Statham isn't above 174 himself.
nas said on 9/Aug/18
about 173 cm
Florin said on 9/Aug/18
I just saw this: Click Here
Stallone is listed at around 174 cm. Statham looks somehow smaller than him.
Canson said on 6/Aug/18
Aspiring 6’6? Lol that height is no good unless you play pro sports
5'8 16yo asprin 6'6 said on 5/Aug/18
but how tall is The rock then... it doesn't look more than 4 inches between them, and only 2 between vin and Dwayne.
tree said on 13/Jul/18
I think we can all agree Statham is not taller than 5ft8.75,especially after seeing him with Kneper.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Jul/18
@tree: I use to think Jason was a solid 5'9" or 175-176 cm guy who might look shorter due to posture, but yeah he does look shorter than Knepper so he's looking closer to 5'8" there. He could also look surprisingly short with 5'10" Jude Law. Normally, I'd guess he was maybe 5'8.75" and shrunk to 5'8.5" at age 50, but he was only 40 with Knepper so height loss seems improbable.

As for Sly, well they can look closer than that, but here's photos with both in similar dress shoes from four different Expendables events in 2010 when I think both were still more or less peak height: Click Here Sly tends to look taller, but usually has better posture so I'd think they'd be within 1 cm of each other.

But if anything, Sly still looked to edge out Statham with both in dress shoes even promoting the Expendables 3 in 2014: Click Here Click Here Sly might have dropped 1/4" by then, but look at them when Sly wears probably a 1" lift in an otherwise normal boot: Click Here Sly suddenly looks near 2" taller and their posture doesn't even look that different. It was the same thing at the Cannes press conference as well. You can see Statham with a 70 year old Sly in dress shoes in my post on 29/Jul/17 and Jason's boots would have added at least as much. I think both men could be 174 cm nowadays, but if Sly is down to 5'8.25" then Statham couldn't be any more than 5'8.5", imo.

Snipes is more of a weak 5'9" or 5'8.75" guy, imo, but you can see him wearing Converse with Statham at several different events: Click Here So I think guessing Snipes is slightly taller is fair. Van Damme also looked to just edge out Statham back in 2012 when JCVD was probably in the same weak to flat 5'9" range as Stallone.

With that said, I also think Rob's listing is pretty likely. Rob lists Mario Lopez at 5'9" and while I think Lopez is 5'8.5", you can see from multiple appearances here with known footwear, Jason seems slightly taller or certainly no shorter: Click Here Statham was also at least an inch taller than Tom Cruise in Collateral and I think Cruise is about 5'7.5" or most will agree he's somewhere in the range of 171-172 cm.
tree said on 30/Jun/18
Rob dont u think he is 174?He always looked 1 inch shorter than Stallone and i dont this slys lifts give 1 inch,probably only half as the flatten under weight.
Editor Rob
Of course there's been a chance of 174cm
tree said on 30/Jun/18
with 5ft9 Wesely Snipes
I think 174 would be better for Statham Click Here Click Here Click Here
tree said on 17/Jun/18
He looked shorter than Robert Knepper who is a weak 5ft9
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Jun/18
Statham wife needed a downgrade too.
cmillzz said on 11/Jun/18
No C-mo, the difference between 172 cm and 176 cm really isn’t that striking. You just have insecurities, that’s why you’re bothered that he grouped the two.
Conan said on 26/May/18
I think Jason Statham's height is 5'9" (175.3 cm). Out of bed, I'm 5'9.9" (177.5 cm). He is shorter than me 0.9" (2.2 cm)
Warren said on 5/May/18
Wow, I thought he is at least 5'9"
haxxx said on 4/May/18
Statham is 5'10 like he said Rob, look at this: Click Here
5'9 dude said on 26/Apr/18
Rob , from being such a fit and healthy guy, I wouldn't of thought he'd lost anything really at 50 ?
Editor Rob
Always a chance with lots of action roles to injure joints and lose a small fraction by 50.
Jonathon1 said on 22/Apr/18
Statham has wide shoulders and a stocky mesomorph build so he is always going to look shorter than he actually is
Isaac Hamilton said on 21/Apr/18
To be honest, I always saw Statham at 177cm minimum. He just looks tall on the camera Imo. 174cm? Very surprising, I say more like 175cm.
Dracula said on 16/Apr/18
173cm seems like a spot on height for him. Don't see him more than that.
Tomm said on 10/Apr/18
strong 173cm guy
Terry said on 30/Mar/18
I don't understand why some people lie about their height. I'm 5'10 but even if i was 5'7 or 6'2 i wouldnt give a crap.
fed5'9 said on 27/Mar/18
I don't know why some people get so detailed about a CM of difference, i don't see a difference between 174 and 175, even les with 174.5. This guy is closer to 5'9 than 5'8. Stop downgrading to feel better.
Rico 5'8.75 said on 19/Mar/18
If she's 5'6", then Jason has to be atleast 5'9" because those are at least 3" heels there
c-mo said on 4/Feb/18
Psychedelic Earth said on 3/Feb/18
C-mo, I put 5’8” and 5’9” together because they are both below average(5’10”) but they are also too close to average to be considered short.


I understand but there is a somewhat striking difference from 172cm vs 176cm as I said . I am waking just above 178cm and am 177cm early in the day and 176cm in the evening so I dont see the point in getting put in the same category as a 172cm guy . a 172cm guy is a full 3 centimeters below 175cm while I am above 175cm . and when I stand with 172cm guys I look noticably taller . as I said I have been guessed as 178-180cm by people often while a 172cm will never look similar to 178-180cm

176cm is 1-2cm below average of young men in the western world while 172cm is 5-6cm below it . it is not a drastic difference of course and it is not an insane thing what you did haha but imo when a guy hits 175cm or more in the evening he shouldnt be put in the same category as men below 175cm
Psychedelic Earth said on 3/Feb/18
C-mo, I put 5’8” and 5’9” together because they are both below average(5’10”) but they are also too close to average to be considered short.
c-mo said on 2/Feb/18
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 17/Jan/18
If it makes any 172-176 men feel any better. All height conscious men 171 and below wish they were your height.


why do you put 172cm and 176cm in the same category ? I am 176cm and I get very often guessed as 178-180cm but never as 172cm . and I am clearly taller than 172cm guys . 172cm often looks shortish but 176cm doesnt and 176cm is above 175cm while 172cm is below 175cm so there is a difference . my out of bed height is 178.3cm and 2-3 hours out of bed I am 177cm . I dont see much sense in getting placed in the same category as men below 175cm to be honest
Matt99 said on 28/Jan/18
Excuse my typo on the previous comment, well if he sometimes looks 5’8 1/2 then maybe he should get the 174.3cm listing?
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 26/Jan/18
Agree with Matt99 actually
Matt99 said on 25/Jan/18
Rob do you think 5’8 5/8 would be the a fair listing?
Editor Rob
I think the 8 ¾ is still fair, although i can see at times he looks 5ft 8 ½
Barry Fl said on 19/Jan/18
I;m 5'10 and in the UK. It's a funny height, sure enough because some people will call you tall, once in a while you'll even get called short. And even travelling around this country there are areas I go to where I'm much taller than the people there, and other areas where I'm on the shorter side. But - similar to what Psychedelic Earth says - it's not a bad height to be. It's the height that all short celebrities pretend to be, and the height that all tall ones really are!!
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 17/Jan/18
If it makes any 172-176 men feel any better. All height conscious men 171 and below wish they were your height.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 15/Jan/18
I think average-ish sounds better.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 14/Jan/18
Editorob, if 5’11” and 6’ is “tallish”, then is 5’8” and 5’9” “shortish” or “averageish”?

Please I need help on this one.
Editor Rob
Well only speaking from the UK perspective, the average is still 5ft 9. If you went with 5ft 11 as tallish, then 5ft 7 is shortish in comparison.

If anybody went with 5ft 8 as a short height, then 5ft 10 in comparison has to be a tall height surely...of course people will ignore that and still call 5ft 8 short and never say 5ft 10 is tall 😝 Not that you should lose any sleep over it!
Michael said on 10/Jan/18
Wow, I didn't know he was this short. He looks more like 178 cm?? (5' 10"). Man, he must on some serious lifts in the movies.
Lil Reggie said on 10/Jan/18
I'm 5'9 and I can promise you this dude is strong 5'7, weak 5'8. Moreso 5'7. Add two inches to the picture above, and that's about 5'8.5.
Letorgi said on 4/Jan/18
He looks 174 cm
Darius said on 3/Jan/18
I totally agree with you. Statham is more likely a 5'8.5" than 5'8.75 especially after seeing that he is shorter than Robert Kneeper.

I would say Max height as listed above.
Although I would go with the min and the most arguable height of 5'8.5" for Statham. Btw, I think that a flat 5'8" and also flat 5'9" can ruled out without a doubt.
andre said on 1/Jan/18
170cm barefoot at night no more no less
tree said on 30/Dec/17
There are soe mughsots of him dunnno if they are from moveis or somebody maked them online,anyway he is 6ft+on them
This one is from a movie i think Click Here
Of course girls say they won't date anybody under 6feet if they think this guy is 6feet tall,through u have to be pretty clueless to think this guy is around 6ft.
5'11 will be peak height said on 29/Dec/17
without a doubt A strong 5'9' 175cm.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/17
172 cm lowest
175 cm highest height
173/4 cm at day
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
173 cm tbh
Anonymous said on 12/Dec/17
173-5 cm range man, always looks that.
Tonyx said on 11/Dec/17
Click Here
C-MO said on 3/Dec/17
compare him to 175cm robert knepper . knepper is a little taller than statham

my guess for statham is 173cm and I wouldnt even rule out 172cm especially if we would be talking about an absolute low measurement

in any case 174cm MAX
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/17
5'8.25 min, 5'8.75 max.
John said on 22/Nov/17
And in this picture he looks exactly the same as Kelly Brooks, 5ft 6, Click Here:
John said on 22/Nov/17
Rosie Huntington is 5ft 9 tops, and in this photo Jason is easily 2 inches shorter Click Here:
Rising - 174 cm said on 18/Nov/17
Good to know his claim. 5'10" is much more reasonable and while it's 1.5" above his barefoot height, imo, it's typical for a man Statham's height to claim 5'10". Remember, Mario Lopez has looked SHORTER than Jason more than once yet repeatedly claims 5'11"!

@andre: Wrong. Sly nowadays is about Statham's height and most agree somewhere from 5'8" to 5'8.5" and seemed a bit taller than Jason when they did the Expendables so likely weak 5'9" range or at least a consensus of somewhere from 5'8.5" to 5'9". Those two are very similar in height, same with Van Damme and Wesley Snipes.
181cm said on 18/Nov/17
He's average height, 175 cm is right on
andre said on 4/Nov/17
this guy without lifts is from 169cm to 171cm
stallone is from 169cm to 170cm all barefoot
Anonymous said on 24/Oct/17
He is 5'8" guy.
JJAK said on 23/Oct/17
Based on stallone "5 11 in big lifts" Van damme "5 10 in boots+ lifts" and dolph "hunched over like a drunken frenchman 6 2" jason is 5 8 .5 to 5 9.5.
He seems to claim a laughable 5 11 to 5 10 most think hes 5 9 I feel this listing is as close as you can guess without taking his shoes and measuring him.
Joshua said on 22/Oct/17
I think 5’9.5
Alex said on 16/Oct/17
You guys go about it like +/- 1/2 inch is so detectable and such a big difference from 5'8" really isnt. 5-8" 5-81/2 is hard to distingish
Jeremy Pivin said on 5/Oct/17
Editor Rob [said]: you're 5ft 10...but only on your tip toes!

lol how did you know? thanks to years of diligent ballet training, I can tip toe my way in this crazy town without breaking any eggs, yet I can get my omelettes al magico funguy whenever I want. That's quite an exploit :-)
Jeremy Pivin said on 4/Oct/17
He was ordering coffee in Malibu. I slowly moved my body right behind his and my eyelevel were above his cranium. In fact, had I tilted my head 1 cm forward, my lips would've touched the top of his head.
I'm a solid 5'10" and was wearing blue sandals with flower embroidery. He was in adidas sneakers so not sure what to make of it. His shoulders were incredibly wide and his voice was smoldering. The crowd stood at a stand-still as he elegantly made his way to the exit.
I don't know why but as he grabbed his coffee and turned, his eyes dived into mine like he was performing a perfect 10 summersault. It felt like he gazed straight into my soul. I almost fainted. Thank god my double moka latte was ready!
Editor Rob
you're 5ft 10...but only on your tip toes!
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/17
173/174 centimeters
Puma said on 24/Sep/17
Rob, did you downgrade from 5 ft 9?
Second question for you
How much cm did a normal adult man lost at 50 years?
In Rob, we trust
MisterManletMick said on 23/Sep/17
5 ft 9 seems likely since he is roughly his wife's height when she is not wearing her heels (she is also rumoured to be 5 ft 9), also he is bald and that can make him look marginally shorter than his true height.
MisterManletMick said on 23/Sep/17
he is almost the exact same height as his wife so I'd say around 5 ft 9.5.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
I agree with Darius. The one reason I don't think Statham has lost anything is the fact he looked clearly shorter than 5'8.75" Robert Knepper a decade ago, which suggests he wasn't taller than 5'8.5" back then. That means if he lost anything, he'd be 5'8.25" today and I haven't seen anything to suggest he's that short. Obviously, such a minimal loss is possible, but it's so minimal, a 1/4" can be accounted for with different sleep/activity schedules/habits and/or a normal variation in footwear.
Slim said on 11/Sep/17
I genuinely believe he's lost 5 mms at 50 years old.
Darius said on 10/Sep/17
174cm or 5'8.5" seems the most likely for Jason Stathams height. 5'8.75" is quite arguable but I don't count on it. 5'8" is impossible btw, he looks taller than that. My initial guess was 5'9" for Statham but after seeing all the supporting evidences , 5'8.5" is the most realistic option.
Slim said on 9/Sep/17
Rob, would you say he's lost a quarter inch at 50 years old?
Editor Rob
adam said on 4/Sep/17
strong 5'8 guy,
evening: 173,5cm
afternoon: 174,5cm (good measure of the day given by Rob)
out of bed: 175,5cm (176cm in best case)
hardguy said on 2/Sep/17
peak 5'10 at worst imo.. has a big face length though girls really like that
Anonymous said on 30/Aug/17
I honestly think he looks at least 5'10"
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Aug/17
@Slim: Funny enough, Kelly Brook expressed disappointment Pitt was shorter than she expected, yet Statham's height didn't bother her(at least as far as I know). Statham did look more of a 5'8" guy than 5'9" at the Killer Elite premiere, but had his usual slouch. He is at worst, as tall as Mario Lopez and a bit taller than Ludacris so no less than 174. But 174 is bad news for Cruise who would look maybe 171 in comparison.

I probably drop to at least 173.7 cm. Although I've measured myself at 174.3. I thought calling myself 174 was fair, but I've done more measurements in various footwear than without. The 174ish would be without footwear of course. I can't say whether I've lost anything and I don't know quite what my max is. Definitely not 177, though. I hope and don't think I've lost anything, but I have arthritic knees and lower back pain so I have to watch out as minor height loss can start around my age.
Slim said on 29/Aug/17
Yeah, his downgrade would perfectly explain why he looked 2 inches shorter than pitt in snatch.
So he's 174 and he'd wake up 175,176 or 177, I guess below average, but not short.

Btw @rising174 are u 174.0 or 174.5? I reckon you'd of reached 175 in your 20's on a good day.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/17
With solid 5'6" Tony Jaa, Statham really can look like more of a 5'8" guy: Click Here
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Aug/17
I do believe Sly was 1/4" up to 1 cm taller during the Expendables films: Click Here But the difference is posture exaggerates the difference. Nowadays, I think they're identical as I said, but I do not think Sly was ever more than 175 himself.
5'9 said on 27/Aug/17
Honestly always thought he was like 5'7". He just seemed like that typical short stocky guy who you don't want to **** with. Seeing him now I think I agree with the consensus of 5'8.5". His 5'11" claim is pretty silly.
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Aug/17
@Slim: I agree, but Rob just downgraded him not too long ago so it will probably be a while before he gets another 1/4" downgrade, if he does at all. I would at least say Jason's listing is between the range you could argue for him(5'8.5" minimum and 5'9" max) even though I think he's exactly 174 cm myself. I believe Snipes edges him: Click Here Click Here

Though I do think Rob has the height difference correct between Snipes and Statham, but I think Snipes falls into that weak 5'9" or 5'8.75" range.
Slim183 said on 26/Aug/17
5'8.5" downgrade necessary.
Rising - 174 cm said on 25/Aug/17
@RichardSpain: I have to disagree. We agree Sly is 174 cm today so look at my July 29th post. You can see Statham is still no taller than Sly on video and his boots add at least as much as Sly's dress shoes. This is further confirmed by the pics I showed in those same post, which show Robert Knepper is clearly taller than Jason. You can see Rob got a picture with Knepper and guessed him 5'8.75" or 174.6 cm. This narrows Statham down to a most likely height of 174 cm, imo. He doesn't look above this at the Killer Elite premiere either compared to 3 other people. But no shorter either as he looked about 3 cm taller than Tom Cruise in Collateral and Cruise is 171 cm minimum, imo.
RichardSpain said on 25/Aug/17
174 cm is low for him.

Seeing picture that Rob has here my conclusion is if Kelly Brooks is around 168 cm barely and around 174cm/175cm with her shoes Jason isn't less 175cm

I think he is a strong 175cm. Maybe 176cm in the morning. Say 5'9 for him is OK. 5'10 with footwear and 5'11 with boots.
Junior said on 22/Aug/17
I hardly see Rosie Huntington really look taller than Statham when they had similar footwear. They literally look the same height. Rosie Huntington need a downgrade too.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/17
Definitely a good downgrade, though I think even dropping 1/4" more would eventually be most accurate since I agree with Rob's listings of Knepper at 5'8.75" and Stallone at 5'8.5" today, but as I showed in my July 29th post, Statham was clearly shorter than Knepper in a series of full pics and still no taller than Stallone in recent video. 5'8.75" was probably what Van Damme and Snipes were in Expendables 2 and 3, respectively and I think both may have just edged Statham, though all could have been 5'8.5" as well.
Praneeth said on 19/Aug/17
5'8" barefoot??
Arch Stanton said on 17/Aug/17
Good call as with Brando I think.
Elliot78 said on 9/Aug/17
Hi Rob so I was watching crank 2 and Corey Haim was in it and Jason Statham looks the same heigt?
adam said on 8/Aug/17
173/4 cm it's ok for him
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Aug/17
Nah 174 cm is fair. He'd be more like 5'9.5" in shoes. He'll look 5'8" with a slouch.
Praneeth said on 5/Aug/17
5' 8" with shoes??????
Van said on 2/Aug/17
5'9 spot on. Maybe 5'8.5 late at night. And he's quite comfortable with his height. He never wears lifts or boots.
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Jul/17
It's possible, he looks it with Rourke, but Sly Stallone is still the same height as Statham in the video of them leaving lunch recently: Click Here You can compare them for a few seconds around the 13 second mark when they seem to be pretty much side by side before they get too far down the ramp and the angle gets too low and then again around the 45 second mark when they're off the ramp. Here's their footwear: Click Here Click Here Sly's shoes will not add more than Statham's boots. I can't see Statham a half inch, much less more taller than Sly today as Sly isn't above 174 cm these days.

But since Sly is a bit enigmatic to use as a reference point, here's Statham with Robert Knepper, who Rob estimated at 5'8.75": Click Here Click Here Click Here One could be forgiven for thinking Statham was 5'8" there, but 5'8.5" is certainly the most he looks at the premiere and a series of full pics can't be dismissed that easily. Ultimately, this is why I settled on 174 for Statham. I can't explain why he sometimes looks a solid 5'9" guy, but comparing him to a weak 5'9" guy is about as good a reference you could ask for. Rob actually looks taller than Statham did with Knepper!

Statham can look both a bit shorter and a bit taller than Wesley Snipes who is almost surely in the 174-175 cm range himself. It wouldn't surprise me to see Rob give Snipes a 5'8.75" listing and I think it's possible he edges Statham seeing them together a number of times in the Expendables 3 and then at the numerous events.
Slim 182 cm said on 28/Jul/17
I'd consider the full 5'9 upgrade, but no more.
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Jul/17
I agree with you on his height, Richard, but I don't recall him wearing lifts. He's worn cowboy boots in a few movies - perhaps to make him taller - but I don't remember seeing proof of lifts and he doesn't seem to care about his height off screen. Some have mentioned him looking taller for the Fast & Furious films, so maybe in those, but I haven't seen them yet.
RichardSpain said on 27/Jul/17
176cm in the morning
174/175 cm afternoon

He isn't more than that.

I see that sometimes he wears lifts like our great friend STALLONE
Tom said on 27/Jul/17
@even Most people lose close to 2cm over a day.
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Jul/17
I considered the possibility of height loss, but then remembered Statham with Robert Knepper 10 years ago and thought there's no real evidence of it.

Btw, average guess is what I'd currently guess at exactly 5'8.5" and 174 cm!

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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