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5ft 8.56in (174.2cm)
Lmeister said on 14/Jul/08
Click Here Here you can see Jason with guys like Chester Bennington and Jose Pablo Cantillo who is closer to 5ft9 than 5ft7. This pics make Jason look like 5ft8 - 5ft9...
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/08
He was one of the shortest actors in Crank, only Amy Smart (5'5.5) Efren Ramirez (5'5) Jose Pablo Cantillo (5'7) and Francis Capra (5'5.5) were shorter, and not by very much. No more than 5'9 but no less than 5'8 suits Statham.
GSP said on 6/Jul/08
looked 1 inch shorter than Walberg in Italian Job. 5'9 tops. Walbgerg must have had lifts in that film.
Lego said on 5/Jul/08
Statham can look 173 to 178 at times, he's mostly 174-175cm imo
little one said on 20/Jun/08
jason is around 5'9. i was an extra on the bank job. he took a pee next to me in the toilet. i was considering asking him for an autograph but decided he might not have appreciated that.
Lmeister said on 13/Jun/08
Jason next to Natalie Martinez listed 5ft6 by her agency Click Here I really have hard time seeing him taller than 5ft9. That is really maximum. You can also compare Jason standing next to Dexter Fletcher(5ft6) in Lock, Stock...kand Dexter stading next to Max Beesley (5ft10) in Hotel Babylon.
jay said on 11/Jun/08
5'9" seems about right... maybe 5'10" in shoes. he's a shortie ;)
great actor though
denvy said on 26/Apr/08
i met this guy in london not so long ago, and he can appear to look about 5'10 in shoes, and so do i, without doubt im 5'9 and so is statham.
afterlife said on 24/Apr/08
well I am 176 cm and I always thought that the average height its about 178-180cm
anon said on 23/Apr/08
i think he's closer to 5'8,look at him in snatch,he doesn't look more than 5'8.
Xander said on 20/Apr/08
I think he might be like 5ft8.5 to 5ft9 max!In the bank job he's the shortest actor in the set..
Reality Check said on 20/Apr/08
Well I'm 178.5cm which is a bit more than 5'10".
Reality Check said on 20/Apr/08
The ones who think he's small need to get some glasses and a brain, because at 5'9" he's of average height if not above it. Yes the average height is not as high as you may think, most people add 1 or 2 sometimes even 3 inches to their real height because they wanna be taller, because they don't know that there's 2.54cm in 1inch or because they don't mesure themselves properly. Personally I'm 5'10" barefoot and I don't go around saying I'm 5'11" or 6 foot even if people sometimes think I am around 6 ft tall 'cuz they keep lying about their own height or they are wrong about their own height so they have to make it believable and upgrade everyone else's height. Anyway as a 5'10" guy, I don't often see someone taller than me.

P.S. I live in Canada, know a lot of people who lie about their height, etc. and I travel a lot so I know what I'm talking about.

Have a nice day guys.
MD said on 19/Apr/08
How much do you guys think he weighed in his most recent movie "The Bank Job"? He looked to have been as thin as he's ever been.
rome said on 19/Apr/08
he look like 176m and 180 lb.
ed said on 11/Apr/08
a couple inches shorter than 6 foot Saffron Bellows in the Bank Job...great caper movie btw...go see it
afterlife said on 1/Apr/08
wow i always thought that this guy was like a 5'10
stoo said on 22/Mar/08
lol. just saw that scene now. a very funny and obvious platform he's standing on. meaning that scene is not a good judge if jasons height
jason said on 12/Mar/08
daniel saw that movie.remember the scene jet li was on a small platform, you can see it when strathom opens the shutters to the warehouse, the camera is behind him looking at li.bad editing.
bobo said on 11/Mar/08
Which pic?

Thats Justin Timberlake with Madonna........
TJ Caino said on 5/Mar/08
Click Here
He looks short in the above pic.

I saw another website that said 5'8.5"

Click Here
Daniel said on 4/Mar/08
In the movie War or also known as Rogue Jason Stratham only looks few centimetres taller than Jet li? If you watched the scene where he was walking around Jet Li, I don't know either Jet Li was wearing lifts in that scene or Jason shrunk, but from what I see in that movie he looks 173-4cm max, if you don't beleive me go watch the movie yourself.
leonari said on 27/Feb/08
gurliy: Then you have no clue how a 5'.7.5 guy looks barefoot. On google there are pics from the period when he was a more or less professional swimmer. Looks at least 5'9", if not almost 5'10"!! Very good proportions.
gurliy said on 26/Feb/08
he does look like 5'7 1/2 to me
leonari said on 20/Feb/08
I am totally on your side Dmeyer. 176 cm for this guy... It's a good height to be if you have the right body.
TNT said on 20/Feb/08
its hard to tell his heigh cuz he has kinda big slouch
and yeb he looks around 5"9.
leonari said on 19/Feb/08
Rico: I agree.
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/08
he is the proof that 5 ft 9 with the right built isnt short he looks a descent height in pics but he is more 176 cm to me
Leung said on 19/Feb/08
Is it just me or is Stratham look the same in every movie he does? You know suited up hitman style.
Rico said on 19/Feb/08
There's nothing wrong with 5'9", it makes him appear more realistic.
Leonari said on 19/Feb/08
Richie : you are wrong. The man is muscular and stocky. Taller than Wahlberg. At least 5'9, possibly 5'9.5". Great posture, amazing proportions. Cool actor .
zedrick said on 19/Feb/08
5' 9" really?! I would have guessed Jason to be more around the 5' 10.75" - 5' 11" range, he must have excellent posture.
Richie said on 18/Feb/08
Very well proportioned, gr8 posture

ive seen every movie he's been in!

the guys a weak 5'8" max! Watch lock stock an two smokin barrels, he's shorter than everybody else in the whole damn movie! I dont suppose everyone in GB is over 5'9", eh?

Doesent go with the action star image, but frankly, i still like him!
leonari said on 17/Feb/08
Russel: Every word you post is bull. No honestly. I especially like the part where you go:"Jason has a quick cameo at the beginning and looks taller than Jason. Nice...
Russell said on 16/Feb/08
Look at the movie COLLATERAL starring Tom Cruise, Jason has a quick cameo at the beginning and looks taller than Jason. Additionally I just saw a picutre of Cruise and Holmes from THE NEW YORK OBSERVER (Madonna's lawn Party). This site lists Katie at 5'09". Cruise looks 3-4 inches shorter and Cruise is either the same height or slightly taller than Jason ergo he's about 5'05". End of story.
GSP said on 15/Feb/08
"In see Statham as a very very soldi 5'9er. 176 fits him best...Possibly even 5'9.5" on a good day, after 10 hours of sleep. Good action star"

Leonari...just because someone hits 5'9.5 after 10 hours of sleep I would not consider them a "very solid" 5'9er. I personally can hit 5'9.5 right out of bed after a good long sleep yet I consider myself a weak 5'9er.

Why? Because im usually below 5'9 at bed..anywhere from 5'8.9-5'8.4

I would consider a strong 5'9er someone who NEVER drops below the 5'9 mark no matter what...jmo
dmeyer said on 15/Feb/08

[Editor Rob: was that full body shot of them?]
leonari said on 15/Feb/08
In see Statham as a very very soldi 5'9er. 176 fits him best...Possibly even 5'9.5" on a good day, after 10 hours of sleep. Good action star
dmeyer said on 14/Feb/08
i think he is solid 5'9er to me he could be 5'9.25
leonari said on 13/Feb/08
strong 176 guy...
Lmeister said on 23/Jan/08
In this screen cap Jason looks taller, but taking account Amber Vallettas posture and Jasons flip-flops he might actually be a bit shorter.
Click Here
Gago said on 14/Jan/08
I was watching Transporter 2, and the scene where he's walking with Amber Valetta and then they talk for like 30 seconds, you could see there both are in flip flops and shockingly Jason looks shorter, so I think Amber is possibly her self claimed 5'9, what do you think Rob?
the unknown said on 27/Dec/07
I always used to think he was 5'11 !!! but now that i watch his movies, 5'9 does seem right, even though in some scenes he looks as short as 5'7 and as tall as 5'10
dmeyer said on 27/Dec/07
thanks gago 176 is very possible for him but no les than 175
Gago said on 26/Dec/07
Agree DMeyer, i met him and played soccer with him in LA, he's 176cm or 5'9.25.
dmeyer said on 25/Dec/07
i met statham he is between 5'9 to 5'9.5 not as tall as 5'10 not as short as 5'8
Socom said on 25/Dec/07
looks 5'8 sometimes, but I give him 5'9.
Lmeister said on 25/Dec/07
I've said this quite a few times, but before his Hollywood success he looked 5ft8 - 5ft9. In Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels he never looked the same height as Nick Moran(5ft10). In all of the earlier pics he looks short. There is a lot of pics of him next to his mate Vinnie Jones(6ft2) and he does look short everytime.
AshnarLynx said on 19/Dec/07
He was estimated as 6 feet at first, then downgraded to 5'11 and now he's been even further downgraded...that IS confusing. But to me he looks like 5'10, 177-178 cm solid.
Lmeister said on 22/Nov/07
He is really confusing guy I mean Glenn says that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is 5ft8 and Jason looks the same height or even shorter than Chester Click Here
Not the best pic to judge heights, but look at the shoulder levels. In Crank Chester appeared in one scene and he looked shorter than Jason, but he was slouching big time.
peli said on 20/Nov/07
he was on a french tv show called "la methode cauet" whose host is a solid 180cms and he looked a genuine 178cms with both wearing flat soles.
Nathan said on 22/Oct/07
He should be the one on the Hitman movie. A lot better and fits the character.
dmeyer said on 17/Oct/07
is 5'9.25 possible for him rob he looked a good 5'9 to me in person
Lmeister said on 17/Oct/07
Based on all of the movies and the pics that I've seen of Jason I'd give him a bit over 5'9'' maybe 5'9.5'' like HeightMaster said. I used to think that he is 5'8''ish, but it is his hunch which makes him look shorter.
HeightMaster said on 15/Oct/07
He definitely doesn't look short at all on screen. He's got a good build and good height, I'd say around 5'9.5"
Viper said on 1/Oct/07
Correct Lmeister. Hell 5-9 can actually look tallish from a distance with the right build.
leonari said on 1/Oct/07
Rob: you dongraded Statham? Good Job. Average guy who tends to look short on occasion. Typical 5'9".
Lmeister said on 1/Oct/07
a legit 5'9'' is over 5'10''- 5'11'' in normal shoes. That is the reason why he doesn't look short. There is a lot of guys who measure their height in shoes thats why ppl tend to overestimate quite often. He is average height.
Gin said on 28/Aug/07
this guy is the typical action man who's at 5'9 but can definitley give a synoymous illusion of a 5'10 or 5'11 guy just like snipes and van damne. at first i thought he was 6'0 on screen. the thing is, men who have medium or broad shoulders with slim lower body projects a balance built therefore making them look tall.
dmeyer said on 10/Aug/07
to me 175 cm to 178 cm is normal men not not tall some will over 5'10 is a descent height 5'11 to 6'1 tall over 6'1 is literaly tall
dmeyer said on 10/Aug/07
i was driving my bike to work and i saw jason get into his car in the starbocks parking on la ciniega he wasnt close enaugh so i can judge height but i met him 3 years ago and he was about 2 in smaler than me ithaught he was 177 considering mysef 182 at the times so 175 no less
Gago said on 19/Jul/07
He plays soccer in santa monica in a Hollywood United F.C., and about 2 weeks ago my team played against his, i wish i had a camera so i could proove u that this guy is 178 cm, he just doesn't stand straight.
Die Hard said on 13/Jul/07
Rob, i heared that Statham was born in 1966 is it true or not ?

[Editor Rob: Statham was a diver, he participated in the 1990 commonwealth games in auckland. If he was born 1972 he'd be barely 18 going into them...

Statham said Vinnie Jones was the same age as himself when he started getting into acting.

In other words...Statham is no 35 year old ;)]
KillingJOK3 said on 12/Jun/07
Saw Crank, wicked movie. In the movie he looked like around 5'8-5'8.5 cause he was with Amy Smart and shes suppossedly 5'5 and she had like 2-3' heels on and they were basically the same he could be said height.
dmeyer said on 12/Jun/07
i met this guy he is strong 175 like 177 morning
Lmeister said on 24/May/07
He isn't even 4 inches taller than Qi Shu. They both are barefoot in this scene. Click Here
MD said on 21/May/07
A telling picture, as Jason is even up-deck of her, too, and still shorter.
Lmeister said on 21/May/07
Great picture Lance. Jason is clearly 3 inches shorter than Saffron Burrows (6'0''). I think 5'10''- 5'11'' are really out of question...
lance said on 21/May/07
Saffron Burrows and Jason Statham promote The Bank Job; what height is she?
Link to BBC Radio 1;
Click Here
MD said on 18/May/07
Tybor, Qi Shu is listed at 5'5", here.
Tybor said on 18/May/07
He certainly didn't have more than an inch or two over Qi Shu in Transporter 1. She's listed at 5'6.
Lmeister said on 18/May/07
He is athletic build bulked up for the Transporter 2 nowadays maybe 170 lb...
Leung said on 17/May/07
Statham at 5’9” and his athletic build I would estimate him to be approximately 165-170lb.
mitch said on 17/May/07
Good build, wonder what he weighs in at? I reckon he is about 5'8" if you look at him against Kelly Brook, both walking in flip flops.
moi said on 14/May/07
I think that he is very strong and stocky, and that makes his shorter. 175cm looks good for me, not more.
Bobbe said on 9/May/07
He lookes 175 - 178 cm. He is quite average. I have talked to him many times.
Gago said on 24/Apr/07
I saw him yesterday at the coffee bean, he surprisingly looked 178 even, he just doesn't walk straight, may be that's why he looks shorter, or unless he wearing lifts in his Nike sneakers
Lmeister said on 23/Apr/07
Here with Kelly Brook. He looks like a really weak 5'9'' or a strong 5'8'', but now I'm really convinced that he isn't even close to 5'11''...
1)Click Here
2)Click Here
Lmeister said on 23/Apr/07
In the Pink Panther he looks clearly taller than Beyoncé maybe 5'10''- 5'11'' range. On the other hand in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Collateral he looks average around 5'8''- 5'9'' range.
dmeyer said on 22/Apr/07
in person i met hin he looked solid 5'9er like 175 176 cm not short just not tall
brazilian guy said on 21/Mar/07
looks 177 compared with ryan philippe in caos, who looks 172-173
he is not shorty, has a large body, but dosen´t look any shorty
horacle said on 8/Mar/07
He looked a solid 5'9(176 cm) with regular shoes beside the tv host Cauet (5'11) on french tv tonight.
anon said on 7/Mar/07
wow i always thought he looked 5''11, lookign at the kelly brook pics 5''8 to 5''9
Lmeister said on 7/Mar/07
He clearly is only 2 inches taller than Kelly Brook(5'6''). Jason falls into 5'8.5'' category. 5'8.5'' guys look average on screen, but shortish in real life...
MD said on 6/Mar/07
With 5'6" Kelly Brook:

Click Here

Click Here
Lmeister said on 6/Mar/07
The more I see pics of him the shorter he looks. Especially in the old pics. Nowadays I think he is more 5'8''ish compared to his mate Vinnie Jones(6'2'') he looks rather short. Could be partly because he huntches a lot.
Dan said on 24/Feb/07
Seriously though, 5'11 is a pretty tall height, and nobody can bs me about this guy being 5'11.
Doesnt matter if you dont have anything to compare him with, he simply doesnt look anyway near 5'11. Maybee with lifts he scratches 5'11. but bare feet - No Chance!!
dmeyer said on 26/Jan/07
he is a evening 5'9 he was about 2 inches shorter than me maybe 1.75 to me he didnt look under 175 176 range similar height with farrell and foxx
Lmeister said on 25/Jan/07
Don't know about the ground leves, but he is looking shorter than Mark Wahlberg
Click Here
Lmeister said on 25/Jan/07
Jason looking 6'0''-6'1'' next to Vinnie Jones. Jason is clearly standing on a box Click Here
Lmeister said on 25/Jan/07
Jason standing next to 5'10'' and 6'1'' guy without lifts. He looks rather shortish. No matter, if the angle is favouring the other guys...
Click Here
Scott said on 1/Dec/06
Statham is not 5'9! I'm 6'1 and my brother is 5'8, we work doors - Statham was over filming and we met him and spent a whole a night at the same party adn chatted with him - bloody nice guy - I would say he was 5'6 or just over to be honest but from a distance he has prescence and appears taller.
Lmeister said on 3/Oct/06
In late 90s he didn't wear lifts, but maybe he realized that in Hollywood a lot of guys wear them, 'cause Jason looks shorter in pics from 90s than in recent photos...
MD said on 2/Oct/06
Yeah, he definitely wears lifts at premieres, I've noticed.
Lmeister said on 2/Oct/06
Could be that U are right MD...Weird thing is that Jason looks at least 3 inches taller than Kelly in premier/galapics eventhough Kelly is always wearing heels and in candid pics while both wearing sneakers Jason looks only 5'8''ish...
MD said on 1/Oct/06
I'm thinking he's somewhere between 5'8" and 5'9" but closer to the 5'8" end of things. Look at the pics of him with 5'5.5" Kelly Brook.
Lmeister said on 29/Sep/06
Here he is with Mark W. at Tribeca Filmfestival:
Click Here
He looks a tad shorter than Mark, but we gotta remember Marks dodgy shoes...He clearly is 5'8''-5'9'' range...not 5'6'' and def. not 5'11''
Lmeister said on 29/Sep/06
I wathched both of the Transporter movies yesterday. I noticed that in first one Jason looks taller than in the second. In the Transporter 2 he looks really short in some scenes maybe due to the fact that the other actors are rather tall. One scene was pretty interesting: he is walking barefooted in his front lawn and he appears at least 2 inches shorter than Amber(5'8.5'')Valletta who is wearing high heels. Ok Valletta is wearing heels and Jason without shoes, but the ground is sloping to Jasons favour. There is no way that he'd be 5'10''. He might even be 5'8.5'', but 5'9'' is really accurate...
martin said on 21/Sep/06
I've seen him, he's a right shortarse, 5 foot 6 at the best
Drew said on 16/Sep/06
No way is he only 5'9". In "The Transporter" he appeared to be 3 inches (at the very most - probably 2.5 inches) shorter than Matt Schulze, who is 6'1". That would make him 5'10", which I think it his correct height.
TNTinCA said on 14/Sep/06
I agree with this height. Jason always struck me as someone around the 5'9" range. Definately not 5'10" and most certainly not 5'11". He does appear to have roughly a half inch on Marky Mark in The Italian Job. Hard to say though since he also seemed taller than Mos Def in that movie. But it could be footwear. In general though, from the Transporter movies and such, he looked right around 5'9".
Leung said on 13/Sep/06
I agree with 5
MD said on 13/Sep/06
Thanks for the correction, Anonymous. My mind wasn't working, because I knew that was Ice-T. lol
Rob2 said on 13/Sep/06
He was on Carson Daly's talk show last night and he looked like the top of his head was eye level Daly. Daly's supoosed to be around 6'1, so take 2.5-3 inches off, and we have 5'9-5'10. As well, he was on Jimmy Kimmel's (reported 6') a couple of night before, and he was considerably shorter.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/06
MD. That would 5'11 Ice-T with Jason, not ice Cube
MD said on 13/Sep/06
One more photo post, and probably the more telling. Here he is with former girlfriend Kelly Brook, who's 5'5.5":

1. Click Here

2. Click Here
MD said on 13/Sep/06
With 5'10" Andre Benjamin:

1. Click Here

With 5'4" Seth Green and 5'8" Mark Wahlberg:

2. Click Here

With 5'8" Ice Cube, and wife:

3. Click Here

4. Click Here

With 5'8" Mark Wahlberg (lifts)?

5. Click Here

6. Click Here

With 5'10" Ethan Zohn (Suvivor: Outback contestant) at a celebrity soccer/football match:

7. Click Here

Hopefully, these work.
Russell said on 29/Aug/06
I agree with "CelebHeights Editor says on 22/Mar/05". Watch the beginning of COLLATERAL. Jason is the same height as Cruise or less. I am a big fan of his and if you watch THE TRANSPORTER it is obvious he is inches smaller than everyone else. I believe that camera angles are use extensively to cover this fact. We may not like it but end of story.
dmeyer said on 9/Aug/06
5 ft 9.25 might be closer i met him he did look almost 2 inches taller than philipe
Lmeister said on 31/Jul/06 about this one = ) 5'9'' no doubt

Click Here
Lmeister said on 31/Jul/06
...and here is some more proof that Jason truly is 5'9''

Click Here
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
Good work lmeister.
Roadrunner said on 28/Jul/06
When i noticed he was 5'11" ant watched transporter too i started to think 5'11" must be short and most of those people in the movie most of been giants, but now i know.
Lmeister said on 28/Jul/06
Ok here is Jason with Dexter Fletcher 5'6'' and Guy Ritchie 5'11''- 6'. He clearly is 5'9''.
Click Here
Lmeister said on 28/Jul/06
Hey guys just take a look at the pics I've sent like million years ago + that one Ice Cube pic. He is 2-3 inches shorter than Brad Pitt in Snatch, but actually looks already a lot taller than in Lock, stock...In Lock, Stock ...he is only 2-3 inches taller than Dexter Fletcher(5'6'').5'6''+ 3''= 5'9''
Glenn said on 27/Jul/06
Funny,I couldve sworn he was the same height as Brad Pitt in Snatch.
dmeyer said on 27/Jul/06
there is a barefeet scene were he apears taller than philipe in shoes
dmeyer said on 27/Jul/06
i met him he looked more 176-7 range
Anonymous said on 26/Jul/06
In The Transporter 2 model / actress Kate Nauta towers over Statham. She is listed as 5'9.5 and does wear big heels in that movie.
Lmeister said on 25/Jul/06
Finally Rob = )
Zen Yieh said on 21/Jul/06
I saw him at San-Diego Comic Con today and stood right next to him. I am 5'11 and I was much taller than him. If I had to guess 5'8", 5'9 tops.
Marcus said on 12/Jul/06
I've seen a couple of his films recently and he really looks like a 5'10'' guy...although he's slouching quite often, but still appears to be under 5'11''

PS. Wahlberg wears lifts obviously!
Anonymous said on 9/Jul/06
he has to be around 5'11.. i know he doesnt look 5'11,but he was a model.. and hes not that good looking so... he had to atleast have the height

[Editor Rob: he's been struggling to hold this 5ft 9.5 for a year, so 5ft 11 has never been in the equation.]
Gotxo said on 8/Jul/06
Ahem! 5'8" sounds too small to me, 5'11" too high, but he might be closer to 5'9" than to his listed height. If you watch the Transporter 1, Matt Schulze looks near 4" taller than him, i was surprised when i read "only" 6'1" for him as i was expecting him being near 6'3" if Jason was true 5'11".
BTW that's my height and my 6'1" friends don't tower over me as Matt did over Jason.
MD said on 6/Jul/06
I'm completely baffled, by why'd you think that Jason is anything over 5'9", Rob.

Here he is with Mark Wahlberg, who is 5'8". I really don't think he's taller than Mark, or if so, by half and inch. Jason is 5'8.5" tops, not 5'9.5"

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

3. Click Here

Now, he can look nearly 5'10" in thickly heeled shoes, of course, and from other premieres he looks to wear them.
Bruce Lee said on 5/Jul/06
I have just seen the film "the one". Statham with Jet Li. He was standing next to jet li and was a couple of inches taller than him about. Jet Li is 5ft 6inches. So i would say Jason is about 5 ft 8 inches maybe.
MD said on 5/Jul/06
Rob, what do you think on this one?

[Editor Rob: yes could be 1cm less than what currently given, maybe]

vienna said on 30/Jun/06
I met Jason at a party, and I stand 5'9" with shoes and he was my height if he was lucky. I'd say at most he's 5'9", I wouldn't be surprised if he was 5'8" though.
TNTinCA said on 31/May/06
Interesting pictures. I am beginning to wonder about footwear in the various photographs.
I really don't think Jason is shorter than 5'9" but he clearly is not 5'11". Maybe 5'10" with shoes, 5'9-ish flat footed.
carlito said on 14/May/06
i saw transporter 2 and Amber Valletta (Audrie) in a scene almost as tall as Jason. in imdb recs. she's listed as 173cm. probably wearing high heels, or not. just a info. from me.
jon said on 17/Apr/06
i know his stunt double, who has to be matched in looks, build and height. He is no taller than 5 foot 8, slightly shorter.He then says that Jason is slightly shorter than him So that should put 5foot 11 out of the picture for him
MD said on 9/Apr/06
I think Stratham may be shorter than what he's given at the moment. Not the best pictures, but they may help:

With Guy Ritchie (how tall is he?) Ray Liotta (5'11.5"), and Andre "3000" Benjamin (5'10"):

1.Click Here

2. Click Here

3. Click Here

Shoes (regular from the looks of it). I think Ray Liotta may be listed too high, too:

4. Click Here

With 5'8" Mark Wahlberg

5. Click Here

Jason really is more in the 5'8" range than the 5'9" range.
Glenn said on 8/Apr/06
Hmm. Interesting.
Jesse said on 8/Apr/06
My buddy was on set with him and he is actually about 5'7"-5'8".
Glenn said on 24/Mar/06
Yeah,jason can look shorter than 5-11.
TNTinCA said on 7/Mar/06
He was taller than Mos Def and Mark Wahlberg in The Italian Job. But not by much. Although celebheights has Mos Def and 5'9.5", I actually think he is closer to 5'9". Add a little extra for the height difference and I think 5'9.5 is feasible for Jason.
John R said on 6/Mar/06
Way shorter than Pitt in Snatch.
Norwegian guy said on 12/Feb/06
Guy Ritchie is 1.80 cm, and jason to if we shall believe internet movie data base(IMDB). On a picture were Guy and Jason is standing next to each other Jason stadtham looks at least 5 cm shorter.I would say he is about 1.74;)
Lisa said on 5/Feb/06
I want to thank you all for clearing this up for me. I just met Jason in Miami and I'l 6'0" and I was so shocked to find myself looknng down on him. I was in shocked to find myself tower over him as I shoock his hand. He was in regular flat shows and stood 5'9" for sure. Maybe 5'8" but he's no where near 5.11. Not even close.
dmeyer said on 19/Jan/06
i met him he was wearing normal shoes 1" heels he looked close to 5'10 for sure 177 cm
Soph said on 9/Jan/06
He's definitely not 5'11"... I saw Ghosts of Mars last night and he was always, always, always shorter than Natasha Henstridge (5'10" and not in heels).

[Editor Rob: at least someone else notices this!]
175cm16andgrowing said on 1/Jan/06
No, I don't think so... has anyone read something else than 180/185lbs about this guy? He's more skinny in THE TRANSPORTER so I can't believe he's just 177cm... I'd really give him 5'11'' because he's listed as 5'11'' everywhere else...
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/05
everyone in hollywood claims to be huuge, but 5'9" or alittle more looks about right, specially when he is about the same as mos def in the italian job
Lmeister said on 17/Sep/05
Rob take a look at the pic I sent earlier. We can see that Jason isn't that much taller than Dexter 5'6'' Dexter. Mr. Statham is clearly in 5'8''-5'9'' range. BTW I watched Lock, Stock...for the millionth time and Jason is around 2-3 inches taller than Dexter not more...
Boxing Fighter said on 17/Jun/05
How tall is Guy Ritchie? I saw him in IMDB photos with Jason Statham. IMDB says 5ft11. Well, Jason would be 5ft8 or less by the photo.
stevie said on 29/May/05
yo i met jason about 6 years ago he was about 1 inch smaller than me and i am 5"10. and then i met him in 2004 and he was about 2 inchs taller than me
hhmmm ????????.
Lmeister said on 10/Apr/05
If Dexter Fletcher is barely 5'7'' then Jason is in fact 5'9'' I really don't see the 2.5 inch difference there. Jason is more muscular than Dexter and standing closer to the camera so he appears taller...Damn this is sweet...It is time for downgrading Mr. Statham. Bring the hatchet Rob and chop off 0.5 an inch.
dmeyer said on 23/Mar/05
i saw him at urth cafe he was 177 cm
Lmeister said on 22/Mar/05
Yeah he was barely taller than Tom, but when Tom was standing next to Jamie 5'9.5'' Fox U could see the height difference. My conclusion is that Jason is not the same height as Jamie Foxx, but bit shorter...
Jason said on 9/Mar/05
Here is a link to the pic I mentioned in my previous message. Click Here
Jason said on 7/Mar/05
Nick Moran from Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels is around 178 cm, cause when he is standing next to Mackenzie Crook (176 cm ) U can see a small difference and on the other hand he is a little bit shorter than Ioan Gruffudd (180 cm). So my guess for Morans height is 178 cm. Take a look at a pic a Image #50905337 titled Tom, Eddie & Bacon and U will see that standing next to Jason Flemyng (185 cm), Nick (178 cm) Jason seems to be around 175 cm maybe even a bit shorter.
Jas said on 4/Mar/05
I always thought that Jason is a tall guy, but take a look at the pics at Kelly Brook And Jason Statham in sandals he is barely taller than Kelly Brook...
Jason Statham said on 24/Feb/05
I dont think he is 5'10 inches. i think he is more around 5'8 at most 5'9. the reason for this is because if you watch the movie the cellular with him in it. You will see one of the Charactors who jason statham kid napps who is the husband of the lady they kidnapped who his wife in the movie describes as being 6' feet. this character who is supose to be 6 feet is taller then Jason stathem by at least a good 2-3 inches. IN the movie jason stathem wears boots that look like they add a good 2-3 inches to his hieght and he is still another good 2-3 inches shorter then someone at 6'feet who is wearing running shoes that may add the most add an inch to his hieght. so in my mind jason stathem there is no way in hell he is 5'10 i would give him around 5'8 inches.

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