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20 July
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Patrick Bergin
Peak: 191.2cm
Today: 189.6cm
Riccardo 5'7" on Kane
Canson, I agree
Riccardo 5'7" on The Undertaker
Ps: I also changed my mind on Strowman. He isn't taller then Undertaker, in my opinion they are identical in height.
Corbin give the impression to be really tall, and he is, but no taller then strowman and Undertaker. All 3 guys are in 0.5 of an inch. They are same height, between 6'5.5and 6'6.
When I read about strowman being 6'7.5 I lose hopes in this world
Oliver Marsh on Eddie Hall
Defiantly not 6ft3, 6ft2 at best.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
I think, Rob, that a big reason why your Celebheights has become such a success is the warmth in the way it is presented. When you reply to us, we now get what I call 'A Rob', that picture of you that appears whenever you give somebody a reply, and this adds to the friendliness of the site. It's part of human nature to want to know how people look and sound, and you do the both of these things with your enjoyable videos, and if anyone hasn't seen any yet, I cannot recommend them highly enough!

One of the most exciting things this site has to offer is your Comparison Pictures. So many of us are movie-mad and, in my case, rock star mad, and we pay good money to see these bands, and though they do lack the personal treatment, the memory of a good concert stays with us for ever.

Cheers Rob and carry on the excellent work with this very individual, warm and unique website. Wishing you and Jenny and all the visitors a great weekend!

Sandy xxx
Riccardo 5'7" on The Undertaker
Interesting the comparison with a 5'6 guy between Pippen and Taker.
I really think undertaker struggles for a 6'7 peak. Let's say he was 6'7, but in reality he looked 6'6.5 max.
Loosing one inch since then, being 6'5.5 today. It's really possible.
I'm reading that Undertaker is over 6'6 after the pics with Big Andy. No hopes he is going to be downgraded here.

I followed the wrestling only because of Undertaker. I was a fan and also im not tall enough for enter in a kind of jelousy or compatition. So I genuine start thinking he was far from 6'7.5 peak, actually i think it's impossible.

Probably he used to wear lifts but now he has to many knees problems and he did stop to wear them. Looking shorter of course.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Brandon Quinn
Brandon has extremely long, gangly arms, and until I scrolled down to access the rest of the picture, I expected nearer 6ft1.5-2. It IS quite a difference! Well, I won't give him and inch to an inch and a half more on the strength of his arm-length, attractive and strong-looking that it may be! πŸ’ͺ

Miss Sandy Cowell on Steve Hofstetter
Nice, friendly redheaded guy of 6ft4! I developed a penchant for redheaded guys when there was one in my class at 13. He had a particularly dirty mind for someone so young, and I thought he was great fun!

6ft4. πŸŒΉπŸŽπŸ·πŸŽ€ Blah! No emojis for redheads, so these will have to make do!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Chiara Ferragni
Look, MaryAnne! She's here, and as I'd expect, from a request from you, she's gorgeous! πŸ˜‰

I give her 5ft9.5, but have no doubt that she's at least the full 5ft10 when she gets up! πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈπŸ’
edwards on The Undertaker
@ sotiris gravas I saw that taker wore a similar kinds of shoes ,the shoes looks quite similar he had when he met kevin love and cavaliers.and still people are finding excuses by looking at shoulders.yes it is obvious that taker will be taller since he had such a big footwear advatage ,his shoes looked kinda similar with the shoes he wore when he met love and still people are finding excuses by looking shoulders of taker and mcintire.smh.
A nice photo bty dude,i dont know how tall is wade barett but he looked quite same as taker in the photos posted.both taker and wade barett seems similar with mcintire.it is so hard for some people to accept truth that taker is not 6'6.5 currently,some poster are insisting so hard for taker to be certain height which seems so laughable.in simple words,taker is not taller as listed.some people here dosent have any answar when you post photos where taker has good posture and still looking shorter .
@dan trojan and canson people keep talking about ali baba photo quite since that photos is now pretty old.the photo with baba is good but is a bit out dated .baba said taker is 6'6.5 since it was back in 2014,taker is visibly shorter now than in 2014.dan trojan dudes photos is quite good .trojan dude said taker is 6'6.not less and probably not more.trojan is quite accurate since trojan net taker not a long ago.baba's photo ia old.trojan is someone who met taker and peg him at 6'6 not less and more than 6'6.how can someone insist and say that he is over 6'6 .6'6 flat is best .good photo bty dan trojanπŸ‘people still talking about photos from 2014 but no one paying that intrest to dan trojan's photo.smh,baba's photo is out dated.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman with 5-7 Tyron Woodley.

Click Here
JJ777 on Andrew Schulz
This guy looks like legit 6'2
Johan 185 cm on Roman Reigns
Roderick said on 18/Jul/19
What's weird is when I use a ruler to measure myself, I typically only get 5'10" range, but on a legitimate scale at the doctor during the afternoon, I get 5'11". I trust that measurement more bc I am taller than my friends who are 5'10" range.


Use an Aerosol can that is 8 inches long, I have had Doctors measure me at 6'2", you are putting your trust in someone else and maybe a badly calibrated Stadiometer.

Like I said its simple, you tape a piece of paper against the wall ( to protect it) and then stand facing the wall. Rob has plenty of vids on YouTube showing how to do it properly. Its far more accurate than any other way I have found. Only my current GP ( who is interested in height) measures me properly otherwise. Its like 2mm difference I get at home and that can be down to many factors.
Greg on Tyler James Williams
@Christian Yeah I agree it tends to be the taller guys or perhaps it’s maybe just coincidental that taller guys tend to be more interested in height compared to shorter guys. I don’t know that many people who are interested. Yeah Reddit is different a bit.
Johan 185 cm on Jared Padalecki
Alex 6'3.25 said on 1/Jul/19
He looks have almost the same height of Zachary Levi or Tom Ellis, or slightly taller at best, not a real 6'4, my opinion.


Ah you're than Alex who thinks he is 6'3", I remember debating with you. So how tall do you think Jensen Ackles is then?
Johan 185 cm on Ryan Reynolds
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@Johan185: I used to think the shoes Denzel had on were thicker until Rising Force said something. If we look closely Denzel’s shoe isn’t over an inch. Those aren’t Jordan’s or anything they’re just a stylish shoe. Now Rob and Rising both said .7-.8. I on the other hand think it’s a solid 1”. Reynolds has a heel on his as they’re dress shoes so they’re an inch minimum too even if not the 1.25 you see in other dress shoes. Denzel does not appear to have a footwear advantage. I think both have a solid 1” or thereabouts. Reynolds May really be 6’1.5-.75 range bottom or upper end or middle. Denzel is probably weak 6’0” today


Ryan has 2cm shoes on. A 3cm dress shoe is pretty thick, I always find it weird how people overestimate how much they give. They are very flat at the front and barely any heel at all so Ryan had typical 0.75 inch shoes on.

The footwear advantage isn't that great but Ryan also does drop posture alot. Look at the other event where Denzel is still wearing those same shoes. He looks easily 2.5 inch on Denzel. I can see why some people think 189 cm for Reynolds at times.

I think he wakes at 6'2.75" and goes down to 6'2" flat at his lowest. He has said in the past I am 6'1-6'2" , he has also said that he is 6'3". He doesn't always stand well and doesn't seem to care about height at all.

Some things though, he is taller than Hugh Jackman and Hugh isn't under 6'1.5", he is taller than Will Smith who is also close to that range.

If anyone was to ask me an example of a legit 6'2" this is the first guy I think of.
Greg on Stuart Pearce
Looks 5’10.5-5’10.75” maybe 5’11 with hair but if you take that away and his footwear advantage you have a 5’10ish guy
Johan 185 cm on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Roderick said on 18/Jul/19
@Johan I don't see a 3" difference there. I spot a 1.5"-2" difference, meaning Stone Cold was never taller than 6'0".


Wasn't really that great a pic though, in some he had 4" on tyson but bad angles. I see you don't comment on him with Lundgren who Rob has also met. He doesn't look any more than 3-4cm shorter and Lundgren is a solid 189 cm.
Johan 185 cm on General Height
Yeah I disagree with the "too tall for women" idea. My mate is 6'10.5" and he is now together with a girl from Thailand ( they met on holiday) she is 5'2" max.
Johan 185 cm on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Joeyb33 said on 19/Jul/19
Click Here

The pictures don’t always tell the true story. Unless we can see the full posture and footwear. Here Roman reigns looks taller than the rock. Same premiere as the photos earlier.


There is obvious tilt in that pic Joey, look at the background. The man is 3" inches approx shorter than a legit 6'5.75" Anthony Joshua. I don't see Dwayne under 6'2.5", he was the same height as 6'2.5" Idris Elba at the Hobbs and Shaw premier ( both in dress shoes).

@ Viper

So Merriman being a weak 6'2" puts Stone Cold at a weak 5'11" or 5'11" flat at most.

Merriman at weak 6'2" makes Reigns 6'1.5" at most even although you first agreed that his measurement was a confirmation of minimum 6'2".

Reigns also didn't look much different than Joeyb33 certainly not 6'1.5" which would have been a solid 2 cm difference.

Now logically you could say Reigns is 6'2" and Merriman 6'2.5"-6'2.75" minimum but carry on buddy. You make me laugh as usual.
sebby on Gina Stiebitz
How tall would you say the other girl is? Her IMBD says 5'8
Editor Rob
177cm was her talent page listing.
Ian C. on Ronald Reagan
About an inch shorter than Errol Flynn, which would make his listing here correct.
edwards on The Undertaker
@Xpac99 said on 19/Jul/19 yes i admit,i mistakenly said 3 inches damn,i was going to tell 2.5 inches,even the video you posted strowman looks quite taller next to mcintire than taker did,i respect you as a poster but dude,you are pushing it a bit.mr xpac99 go and watch sotiris dude's picture of wade barett with mcintire and you or any one can see that barett looked similar to taker with drew mcintire,i said it already and i will tell it now that you are on a serious mission on proving peak taker as 6'8 and current taker at 6'6.5 in which mostly no one agrees on your estimation.you are free to express your opinion like everybody else .but dont insist in making taller than he really is,go and watch sotiris photos about taker,barett looked similar to taker,taker has bigger footwear advantages over mcintire.if you still believe taker is 6'8 at peak and 6'6.5,thats upto you and good for you,c'mon i aint saying anything,then show photos of taker who according to guy like you is 6'8,show where taker is only 1 inch shorter than 6'9 kevin nash,any solid 6'7 guys can be guessed as 6;8 and taker is no exception.and bty i am not saying taker is not 6'6,i always told that and i always will.i am only saying he aint anything over flat 6'6.i would recommend you to see photos posted by sotiris between mcintire and barett.if taker was really 6'6.5 then kevin love should be 6'8 because these dudes are easily 1.5 inch apart,most of folks are saying there is 2 inch difference between taker and love but i dont agree with them because taker dosent stand straight and difference is more like 1.5 inches,so really either taker isnt over 6'6 flat or love is over 6'7 ?
Chris Chen on George Clooney
178cm no more, perhaps 178.5 in his prime,today 177.5
MalcomStreet on Matty Cardarople
I think he is 6'5" I think he rounds down to 6ft 4 bcuz 6ft 5 which I could understand
Myself on Rob Paul
That's pretty nice, I wish I could reach that age without having white hair, but I doubt it will happen!
I don't see anymore those 3-4 white eyebrows that I had, weird...but anyway, since men are more likely to get white/grey hair than women, and my mother got it so early, it probably means that I'm very likely to get it soon either way.
I wonder if there is a correlation between blonde/dark hair and either grey or white hair; maybe if you are blonde you tend more to the white, and vice versa?
19 July
texluh on Arnold Schwarzenegger
The thing about Arnold, and what makes him more interesting than the average 'politician', is that he will regularly tell little lies, but occasionally be full on with honest, self effacing detail. Much like Muhammad Ali. I wish I could find the Internet interview again. But at some point in the last couple of decades, he said... 'I was never 6 ft 2. I see that written down, but I'm 6 ft 1 or a little over. I've measured myself many times in the morning and on a good day I'm 6 ft 1 and a 1/2 and on another day I'm barely 6 ft 1. But one day i measured myself and, unbelievably, I was 6 ft 2'. (he may have said this happened twice in his life). I hope to find the interview again. It's interesting to me as my height works on the exact same parameters ie I achieved 6 ft 2 once or twice, inexplicably. I didn't imagine the interview either! It's much like a magazine interview once in the 90s where he told a tale about being out for drinks with his bodybuilder mates in the late 60s or early 70s, and Mike Katz slept on the sofa with his super-wide shoulders, and Arnold and his other friend were still awake in hysterics, because Mike was sleeping on his side and 'his head was just hanging there'.
meezemaker on Guillaume Canet
Gille lellouche is 176-177 and looks towering Canet.

175 dor canet, 177 for lellouche and 179 for Dujardin
Easterwood on Alec Utgoff
Hes definitely above average, but I find it hard to see him as a solid 6.
MD on Tiger Woods
He honestly looks slightly shorter than Brooks Koepka, who is listed at 6'0".
meezemaker on Jean Dujardin
179 for Dujardin is my last choice.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Mariska Hargitay
Yeah, it goes to show you that more people who voted thought that she was taller her claim. Not saying that 5'7.75" is impossible for her, but most people who measure that just round up to 5'8", so the chances are slim.
184guy2 on Jack Swagger
@Christian @Canson @Jordan

I have friend who is taller than me , about 6'1.5 and went as far to only claim ''about 5'11'' .... that was ridiculous . My brother in law is near 6'3 and only claims 6'2 . There is also a guy that one time I asked his height, he said that he was 192-193 cm and I immediatly retort him because I knew he was wrong , he was more like 194-195 .

But in opposite way , I have met a few guys who are slightly shorter than me ( they were about 6' ) and they claimed 6'2.5 , I started to laugh
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Tom Hopper
@Paul Wood
No such thing as too tall? Go ask Sultan Kosen that and see if he agrees with that statement. The poor guy has to use a cane everytime he walks for goodness sake.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Toby Stephens
5'9.25" is the worst case for him but no less.
Mimi on Beatrice Arthur
Thanks Rob for the answer. But too bad I've never seen her in heels not in one single episode of The Golden Girls. In award shows and TV interviews she's always wearing flats too.
Arslan 6'10 210 CM on Ming Yao
224cm on the dot
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Luke Hemsworth
I've noticed too that the younger brother is taller than the older more times than not, but obviously it's not always the case. One of my cousins is 6'3.5-6'4" but his younger brother's around 6'0".
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Angelica Ross
Flats don't add an inch of height.
CDS on Jerry Seinfeld
Watching the new season of the terrific Netflix series, "comedians in cars getting coffee", and jerry's first guest other than legendary Eddie Murphy, listed here as 5'9.25", and I must say, I'm a bit surprised. Jerry looks barely taller than Eddie, in fact most shots of the 2 of them, they pretty much look the same height. I honestly would've expected jerry to look a good 1.5 to 2" taller. Has jerry lost height? I thought his youthfulness, he's held up well. But watching this show, I don't see how he could be any higher than 5'9.5" to 5'10"? And Tbh, prior to now, I actually would've pegged Eddie as under this site's listing, more like 5'8.5" to 5'9"??
184guy2 on Derek Theler
Lauren Cox ( far left ) is a basketball player and is listed 6'4 at web ( I don't know veracity but she looks very tall in almost every pic ) and she is in heels ...

Click Here
184guy2 on Derek Theler
Not the best pics but beside NFL player Isaiah Stanback , who was measured at 6'2 3/8 in 2007 Draft
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He can look anywhere from 6'5 up to 6'6 but I won't rule out the idea of him being a full 6'6 guy . Under 6'5 looks delusional IMO
edwards on The Undertaker
Its so funny that people are saying taker’s shoulders are taller than mcintire,lol it obviously is taller because takers boot is far bigger than that of drew’s.
Piers on Henry Cavill

Yeah a lot of people don't like talking about it, but his arm length compared to his leg length does have me suspicious about him getting surgery. I really don't know anyone with a difference in ratio like that.

I don't think its as simple as "different people have different proportions" like some people say whenever the topic is brought up. He could have easily had something done when he was younger.
Nik on Antony Cotton
He is down as being 5'9.75" on some sites and I have to admit that he appeared to edge out Andrew Whyment on "Coronation Street" recently, however Rob is in the know so I have have no hesitation in this Bury lad Berry!) 5'9"!
Roderick on Honky Tonk Man
He looks a bit shorter than this
Roderick on Hulk Hogan
Troy Aikman (srry if I mispelled that) is 6'3.5" max and he TOWERED Hogan. Hulk Hogan is not taller than 6'3"! He is 6'2" barefoot and at his max I guess 6'2.5" but I don't even think he's that tall.

He was probably more like just 6'5" flat peak or even only 6'4.5"-6'4.75" (similar to Drew Mcintyre in height).

I don't understand how you guys can even say he's still over 6'3", lol. I respect all opinions but please show me where he still looks 6'3"..?
c-mo on General Height
Greg said on 18/Jul/19

like I know the question was 5’10 or 6’10, I would hate to standout but I guess if it came down to being like 5’2 or 6’2 I would pick 6’1 or 6’2.


how is this even a question ? who the f*** would pick to be 5'2 over 6'2 ? that is almost as weird as taking 6'10 over 5'10

btw. I want to say something regarding my own height again . yesterday when I was outside I gave attention to my height and how I feel next to other people and judged the height of men I saw from an aesthetic point of view etc. . sometimes I do that . I am not obsessed or anything lol but I do sometimes observe height .

I know I already said these things quite a few time but it cant hurt to say it again . as you guys know I am roughly 5'9.25 in the evening . I have to say that my height is definitely a very decent height to be . even here in germany I can "hold my own" at least to a decent degree and am not short . I feel very okay and pretty solid

if I would have to give a school mark for my height it would be C+ . there are some situations where you feel a bit "eclipsed" at my height and will wish to be taller . especially when there are situations with an usual amount of tall people (both men and women) around you . this would already be improved a lot when you are 5'10 at night especially when you prefer thicker sneakers on top of it . when you are 5'11 at night these kind of situations or "feelings" of beign eclipsed will be close to zero

5'11 - 6'0 is definitely the best height from what I can tell . even though it depends on the person and their personal preference and personal ideas ....from what I have seen around 180 - 184cm at night is the sweet spot to fall in . it is a very aesthetic height and looks very proportionate . it is a little above average in the western world but in a modest sense . you will never be too tall at this height . I have never seen a man who is in this height range who will look or feel too tall ever . the only exception is a 181cm friend of mine who has oddly enough lanky proportions for his height and many years ago he once implied if he might be a little too tall (which he obviously isnt lol) . and one guy who was 182cm or so I saw on the internet saying he would take 176cm if he could and that 176cm is the best height ever to him . but I have never seen a man in the 180-184cm looking too tall ....but at that height you are not too short either . as I said at 176cm I am already feeling pretty solid heightwise .....if I was 4cm taller .....there is no way I would feel "too short" ever except in some odd very rare extreme situations

if I could pick my exact height then I would like to be 184cm out of bed and 182cm in the evening with my current body proportions and frame . I am mesomorphic with a little endomorphic influence and have a heavy build but pretty good proportions . I just wish I didnt have any endomorphic influence and would be pure mesomorph and I would like to have a little longer legs ....which I guess would be already covered/given if I was 182-183cm

that would be perfection

in general there are several thresholds when it comes to height


when you hit 173cm you will not be a "short man" anymore imo . you are a couple of centimeters below average but you will look average often . actual short men who are lets say 165-170cm would love to be your height

when you hit 175cm you are even more "safe" . you are definitely not short at all anymore in my opinion

when you hit 178cm there is no "need" to be any taller . of course ideally it would be better to be a little taller than this but at this height you are ZERO percent short . you are AT LEAST average in 99% of the countries in the world . this is an aeshtetic and healthy height . definitely a good height

when you hit 180cm you are in the ideal height range for sure

when you hit 183cm you will be taller than the average man in most of the world

when you hit 185cm ....you will be tall in most of the world . and there is ZERO need to be any taller than this for daily life . if you dont have any special goals like a specific basketball position or whatever ( I dont know) then there is no reason to be any taller . if anything being taller than this will have some drawbacks coming with it
Roderick on Andre The Giant
@Importer When did I call 6'9" short?
Roderick on Big Show
A 1995 Paul White, unhinged neck, straight back and legs, would easily clear 7'0" in a staredown.

A present day Big Show stills look all of 6'10" when standing next to other giants like Oliver Ritchers, Shaq, Big Cass, Braun Strowman, etc. I wouldn't even rule out 6'10.25"-6'10.5" but to be safe, I just go with 6'10". Worse case he's 6'9.75". Definitely not below that. I don't think he is taller than 6'10.5". That's his max IMO. His minimum is 6'9.75".

Maybe at age 50 Big Show will see 6'9", but today he still clears 6'10" easily in staredowns.
SeanR on Big Show
Chronology of Big Show (Paul Wight) over the years:
1995-2000: 7’0”
2001-2005: 6’11.5”
2006-2008: 6’11”
2009-2012: 6’10.5”
2013-2015: 6’10” (Shorter than 6’11” Dirk Nowitski during this period). Plus before weight loss.
2016-present: 6’10.75”
alexandermiranda on Mario Lopez
@Rob I'm saying this because 177.5 cm or 5'9 7/8 measurement might be more is more of a solid 5'9.25 guy or 176sh
alexandermiranda on Mario Lopez
@Rob I was surprised reading what you replied on 2/Jun/19 "I doubt he's sub 5ft 10 out of bed" ,
because I'm taller than Mario Lopez at 5'9.25 before bed and 5'9 and 7/8 out of bed. To be exact 177.5 cm right after bed and that's sub 5'10.
Mario is 5'9 so probably is 5'9 and 5/8 right after bed or 176.8 cm max 5'9.75
Editor Rob
of course some people could shrink 1.5, others nearer to 3cm, so it's just based on an average shrinkage.
SeanR on Sid Eudy
Hard to believe that a peak taker was .75” taller than a peak Sid.

I’m gonna guess:
Taker peak: 6’7.25”
Sid peak: 6’7”
ReturnofG on Big Show
Sotiris, I am not trying to be mean but you use some of the worst pics to try and prove your point. Your pics with Shaq and Big Show aren't that great. I mean you take pics from several years ago where you can see from head to toe of both men and clearly there's about an inch between them, maybe an inch and a half. Also your Khali and Santam pics are not that great either. You can simply type in to Google their names together and find both men standing straight, with barely an inch between them.

Not trying to argue but fair is fair and did my research on all four men
Josue on Jay Cutler
Jay is 5'9, I'm 5'9.
Click Here
Lazar99 on Gina Stiebitz
How tall is that girl next to Gina? Definitely not below 5 ft 8.
Editor Rob
Given the other girl has maybe 2 inches less footwear, that's a significant difference.

No surprise the other girl lists herself as 177cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Betty Who
Hey, Christian! It's great to have you back! You have been missed SO much...πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
texluh on Professor Brian Cox
In the Stargazing Moon Landing Special 50th Anniversary with Dara O'Briain, he has casual clothes next to Dara in a suit. Dara, naturally, has more formal shoes with a 1/4 inch extra heel. Let's say equal heels to each other, at worst. It's a 2.5 inch difference, and that's allowing for Dara's poorer posture. Cox stands up straight. Dara's posture is decent really. He's not kyphotic or a sideways leaner - he just tilts or bows his head often. Maybe 3 inches difference between them tops. So either Cox is 6 ft 1 and Dara remains 6 ft 4, or Dara is downgraded, or something in between. Not forgetting I've ignored Dara's possible shoe advantage. Rob - watch it on Iplayer if you get a chance.
Editor Rob
He could look over 6ft, 184 could be closer as he was taller than an ageing eric idle too, though when hannah waddingham was in about 3-inch heel, she was taller: click here
texluh on Professor Brian Cox
He's looking a maximum of 2 inches less that Dara O'Briain on most shots with him in the Stargazing Moon Landing Special - 50 Year Anniversary this evening. The shots aren't side by side confirmed and shoe heights aren't known, but I'll update if I get any more information during the show. I'm half way through.
Canson on Liam Neeson
@Bobby3342: he was definitely a legit 6’4. Conan was around 6’3.25 and Liam was always taller in his prime
randomdude9991 on Robert Oberst

And 187 Eddie Hall Click Here

the first image surely the guy in the middle of Shaw and Eddie is photoshopped is head looks funnily disproportioned
Canson on Liam Neeson
He was for sure taller than Clint Eastwood peak. Liam was a legit 6’4” peak afternoon height. Clint was a 6’3” range guy barefoot peak
Canson on Taylor Swift
5’9” flat at a low
Canson on Jon Jones
This guy would prob not even be 6’4 out of bed. 6’3.75 out of bed 6’3 at a low
Canson on Usain Bolt
@Tunman: I have Ibra being the taller of the two. Bolt doesn’t look nearly that tall with kobe. He looks 192-193. I don’t question Ibra’s listed height other than to say that he’s 194cm range whether it be 6’4 1/2 or 6’4 3/8 so Rob has him close enough
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Viper: I don’t rule out the full 6’2” and even a hair over the mark like 6’2.25. It could be 3.5-4” between them
K.A 188 on Rio Ferdinand
He was being way to modest...
I mean he is obviously in the strong 6ft3 range yet claiming 6ft2, anyways it shows that he is not height awared.
Editor Rob
Always a chance the 6ft 2 claim was a journalistic mistake.

Some typo's will creap through now and again. 😏
K.A 188 on Adrien Brody
He is very skinny and i would thought he was taller than 6ft...
Miss Sandy Cowell on Angelica Ross
As Angelica is lined up to star in American Horror Story Season Nine, that means it only a matter of time before I 'meet' her, so to speak and I really look forward to that!

At this present time, she can have 5ft6 from me.
K.A 188 on Brittany Murphy
I remember her from a movie i watched some years ago,i can't remember the name of the film but she had red hair then and was very beautiful.
Miss Sandy Cowell on General Height
@ Greg - I didn't expect a reply from you because I was only stating a fact, but you did so anyway, so thanks for that. It really has helped to cheer up. I am on day six of an illness, with a temperature and a massive headache. I haven't been able to get out to the doctor's, and because I am an adult, they think I should be able get there under my own steam, but the pains in my back and my filthy great headache would mean I'd need transport. I think I recognize this to be a kidney infection. I have had the symptoms and, like a fool, I've overlooked them. I'm flushing my system through with water. 🀞

Furthermore, my telly packed up on Monday, and I haven't been able to order a new one until today. It comes next Tuesday or Wednesday, and if I could take a pill that would allow for me to zonk out until it arrives, I'd be sorely tempted! I know of course, that my lovely cats are dependant on me. They need so much more than just feeding. They need love as well, and anyone who says that a cat's love is conditional is simply wrong. I have never had that with any of mine - ever!

I have been listening to music to get by and lift my spirits. The dulcet tones of music that agrees with you is a powerful tonic. I've found this since I was 5-and-a-half.

Thanks, Greg, for your cheerful message. It couldn't have come at a better time.

All the best,

Sandy XXX πŸ˜‰ 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Click Here = 2006 Tom Arnold and Randy Jackson(the left guy ) listed 5"8.5' here/5"8' in web, Tom Arnold closer to the camera. Click Here =here Tom Arnold in advantageous posture .Click Here = here slouching a little bit =max 5"11' by this comparisons .Another tom Arnold a lot closer to the camera = Click Here ...Tom arnold was only 47 years old here
K.A 188 on Drake
He often wears timbs but slouches all the time... never has a good posture but still looks tallish and somewhat muscular. So a strong 5ft11 seems right.
Miss Sandy Cowell on General Height
@ Greg - I didn't expect a reply from you because I was only stating a fact, but you did so anyway, so thanks for that. It really has helped to cheer up. I am on day six of an illness, with a temperature and a massive headache. I haven't been able to get out to the doctor's, and because I am an adult, they think I should be able get there under my own steam, but the pains in my back and my filthy great headache would mean I'd need transport. I think I recognize this to be a kidney infection. I have had the symptoms and, like a fool, I've overlooked them. I'm flushing my system through with water. 🀞

Furthermore, my telly packed up on Monday, and I haven't been able to order a new one until today. It comes next Tuesday or Wednesday, and if I could take a pill that would allow for me to zonk out until it arrives, I'd be sorely tempted! I know of course, that my lovely cats are dependant on me. They need so much more than just feeding. They need love as well, and anyone who says that a cat's love is conditional is simply wrong. I have never had that with any of mine - ever!

I have been listening to music to get by and lift my spirits. The dulcet tones of music that agrees with you is a powerful tonic. I've found this since I was 5-and-a-half.

Thanks, Greg, for your cheerful message. It couldn't have come at a better time.

All the best,

Sandy XXX πŸ˜‰ 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
K.A 188 on Kevin Hart
5ft2 as listed
Daycringeothon on Neil Fingleton
In one of the Docs on Neil Fingleton he says his father was just 5’10”. I guess he meant with some shrinkage getting older. I would guess his father was a solid 6 foot at his peak. His mother definitely appears an even 6 foot tall in the documentary. I vaguely remember him saying to some people in the Show sitting down at a pub that he was 7’6”. I guess Neil really didn’t care saying an inch under his height.
K.A 188 on Alan Ritchson
188 as listed looked almost identical to welling who always wore timbs while he was on flip flops
Johan 185 cm on General Height
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@Johan185: I slightly disagree. I think the body proportions make more of a difference as far as them taking notice. So someone who is very tall and thin at 6’3” or 6’4 could even give off a taller appearance. I think people would really take notice around 6’4 or 6’5 though especially if the person is well proportioned


We were talking about my country The Netherlands Canson, average height is 2 inches taller than the US believe me a guy who is 6'4" range like yourself wouldn't get a second glance, its very normal.

You would be called the tall guy but noone would be like hey that guys super tall, thats more for guys near 2 meters.
K.A 188 on Giannis Antetokounmpo
@CANSON,i suspect that some of this NBA players are being given some sort of growth hormone injections or supplements i mean the fact that most of them grow some few inches past 18 is really suspicious .Look at a guy like Anthony Davis he grew from 6ft2 to 6ft10 in his sophomore year, there are several articles talking about is weird growth.
Denise Rodman that odd guy had crazy growth spurt.
And Michael Jordan who admitted that he was doing hanging excercise to grow taller had a crazy growth spurt of 7 inches and according to him no one in his family from both sides was over 6ft,his father was 173 5ft8 while is mom 5ft5.Really weird how genetics work.lol that is if they weren't taking anything...
Andrea on Boris Kodjoe
Well, Junior, at least that's a more believable guess than your "cousin"'s one for Reynolds... 😊
Andrea on David Harbour
Here he claims 6'3-6'3.5: Click Here
6'2-6'3 isn't impossible, but no more than that.
Bear in mind this other guy with him is 5'7 MAX: Click Here
Editor Rob
It's strange how he says people hate the Metric system, from the Internet?

I hope at least from those visiting the site over the years, that some who were unfamiliar with metric, might have gained a little insight into it.

One thing is certain - there will always be imperial/metric listings together for as long as I am here.
Andrea on Alec Utgoff
Yeah, if anything, he can look taller than 6' compared to a 6'2.75 David Harbour on the show, but I guess that speaks more about Harbour's height than Alec's...
Andrea on Chiara Ferragni
Not sure about her, but her husband Fedez I think is a weak 5'8 himself. Is she really that much taller than him? Hmm...
Editor Rob
She wouldn't be the first to be 175 and claim 177.
Mincer on Brandon Quinn
I used to love Big Wolf on Campus. 184cm sounds about right.
tajaun gibbison on Terrell Owens
I meant he claims 6'7, sorry for the error.
tajaun gibbison on General Height
Canson is such a funny guy. I also respect him as a poster. I am 6'1.5 and I think this is a great height, but I'd want to be 6'2, being that I am 18 and just a half inch from that height.
Canson on General Height
@Jdubbz: the only one that said 6’2” was the 6’7” friend. The 6’6 and 6’5 and change both said 6’3”. As a matter of fact, the 6’5 and change said 6’4” is fine for him but he said ideal 6’3”. I don’t go to that extreme other than to say universally 6’3” is perfect for everyone whereas for myself an inch taller
cmillzz on Tacko Fall
I heard his younger brother was 5’9 at age 7, which kinda seems hard to believe. Robert Wadlow wasn’t much taller at the same age.
Prog King on General Height
@Greg i'm 6'0 or a little over and it is perfect. It is tallish and a nice height, and legit tall at 6'1 isnt far away. .
Sjsj on Lance Reddick
He is much taller than Keanu.
Gary910 on David Silva
Rob, this post on insta contains many pictures of Raheem next to David Silva. Click Here

What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
Could say 5ft 6.5 beside Raheem looks very possible there.
Dan Trojan on The Undertaker
Riccardo it's called opinion which everyone's entitled too btw i've actually met the undertaker and in my opinion he's still 6'6" of course i could be wrong he could be slightly under but not by much
Bobby 178cm on Sookie's Den
@Sandy Cowell

I only think that way because other people in their 20s are working full-time jobs or interning for positions suited to their studies and I haven't done any of that. The reason why is because all my attempt to apply myself elsewhere have been met with resistance. All my life people have been shutting the door in my face. Sure, I'm entering my 3rd year of university and that's probably better than what some people have done with their lives, but I feel like I've been tied to a tree so when I'm in motion, I am not going anywhere. I'm just moving in place. That's what my life feels like right now. I'm moving, but I don't seem to be going anywhere. If someone asked me what my greatest legacy was, I couldn't give them an honest answer because the truth is, I haven't done anything worthwhile with my life.

I used to subscribe to the Zodiac stuff, but not anywhere. I'm supposed to be a Leo, but don't feel like one. Leos are supposed to be flamboyant and outgoing, and I am the complete opposite of that. Well, I am prone to underestimating myself because no one has ever praised me once in my life. I've always been criticized. I've never once been given a compliment or a praiseful comment about my abilities, it's always about what mistakes I've made. So, I have extremely low self-esteem as a result and just try to put on a brave face for everyone else, but they don't know the damaged person inside. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a downer, but I'm not in a good emotional place in the moment and no one else I talk to seems to care enough to talk me through it. I try to look at funny things or watch funny cartoons, but it only helps to take my mind off of things temporarily. What I need is a serious makeover of my life, like a good job so I can keep busy.

Ah, yeah. In the Netherlands, their health care systems enables doctors to do checkups of patients in the comfort of their own homes. I'm sorry about your headache, I had another one yesterday myself and I think all this overthinking I do is what causes it. I was also nauseated. So, I wasn't having a good day. Nowadays everything is so impersonal and cold, people used to care about their community once, but I feel not anymore.

It's a shame about your TV breaking. I'd probably suffer an existential crisis if I had to go without a form of entertainment for a prolonged amount of time. But if I had pets and they wanted to play around, I'd make them do it outdoors so nothing gets broken inside the house.

The hot weather wouldn't be an issue if there was zero humidity, but it's definitely humidity that I hate the most. If the climate were drier, you could find relief indoors and in cool places right away. The moisture in the air just traps everything and doesn't allow the heat to dissipate in the air properly. But Germany must have been nice, I'd like to go to Germany someday.

Music is nice, I always listen to that when on the go. It's mostly to drown out everyone else and keep strangers from engaging me in conversation but the music itself is nice to listen too.

Thank you for your kind words, Sandy. At this point, I am remised to simply let life play out as it does and hope a good opportunity comes my way.

Until next time.
Tunman on Rob Paul
Actually it's true that testosterone plays a major role for hair loss,but genetics also do,I guess it's like for heart problems,when a gene is running in the family although of course the two things can't have a further comparison since the first doesn't involve complications.
Another unlucky dude about hair loss was one whose hair receding was extremely advanced as early as 23 although still not bald and looking roughly 25-27.The luckiest dude on this matter was a 62 year old who despite having a pony tail since over 40 years (I brought the hair subject with him) has still all his hair and the ponytail itself and not that much grey hair.
The worst aging indicator remains wrinkles if you ask me,that's probably what's noticed first on a face along with hair.I once saw a 13 year old boy who had already 2 visible lines on his forehead (expression wrinkles though) while there was a woman who managed to have no visible wrinkle by 43.Obviously there are natural changes on the face as we age that we can hardly change like skin losing elasticity,having hairy ears and so on.Still I would say that the best thing is to age well on the health level
Jdubbz on Rob Paul

I had a similar growth pattern to you (6’2.5 at 18, 6’3-6’3.25 at 19, 6’3.75-6’4 at 20), but I somehow gained 2 inches after 21. Late growth definitely seems to be more common in taller people.
Laws on Keith Urban
Just google Nicole Kidman keith urban beach hahaha he is 3'' shorter than her all day. 5'7
Jdubbz on Betty Who

Good to see you again Christian! And I agree. That kind of growth is very rare among men, let alone women.
Importer on Amir Arison
Well this listing is solid as you have a pic next to Amir. However I'd go with 6ft 3/4 for Damian Lewis rather than 6ft 1/2.
Importer on Chris Zylka
I guessed 6ft during his appearance in the Spider-Man movie.
Roderick on Big Show
Or 6'11.5", not 6'11" flat, sorry
Barry Fl on Mackenzie Davis
Yes... gotta say... as a 5'10 (genuine!!) man... she doesn't strike me as 5'10. She strikes me as someone who'd be a good deal above me even in flat shoes. And my first wife was 6 foot, so I'm not out of my depth my tall women!
Paul Wood on Joan Crawford
Let's just say with so much uncertainty about her year of birth (1905, 1906 or 1908??), I'd take her height claim with a huge pinch of salt. I think she was probably up to half an inch below 5ft 4in.
MaryAnne on Chiara Ferragni
She is also a blogger under the name of Blonde Salad. She is also a couple of inches taller than her husband. Can you add her to Female Models? She models too
Editor Rob
The fashion niche is definitely a lucrative one.

I'm in the wrong niche 🀩
Importer on Dylan Baker
@Kathy Torba That's a first
Spencer Dobkin on Donald Trump
Stern was about 6'6" peak. Trump looks over 6'2" there
anca on Zendaya
Laws on Jake Gyllenhaal
Saw him with Ryan Seacrest today, only 2" taller than RS ... 5'9
Importer on Christian Bale
Nothing below 182cm in his peak
Importer on General Height
I meant @Johan 185cm not @Jordon 185cm...
Icehole on Kane
There is actually a match between Kane and Matt Morgan on line from 2003. It was an OVW match.
Xpac99 on Kevin Love
Click Here
Rob how is the difference in height between love and taker in this pic
Editor Rob
Love seemed to be a couple of inches taller minimum and in some shots was around 3 inches taller than him, or it looked near that much.
Dream on Bo Burnham
Rob, this is strange.

Click Here

Bo Burnham did meet 6'8" Greg Davies, back in the day. There are only pictures of them sitting down, so I can't make a judgement. I'm hoping there are a few videos of Bo and Greg, standing next to each other, together.
Editor Rob
That's a shame they didn't seem to have a face-off or standing photograph.
ffer3 on Jared Harris
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/12

Sorry dude, but that's not how it works.... just because his father was 6'0 doesn't mean he will be 3 inches taller. What kind of stupid that is? if that was true, than it means the french(for example) should be already 220cm since in 1800 years the average was 5'6 in france. Now it's 5'8 and a half. So only around 2 and a half inches has the french grow since 1800.
edwards on Ice Cube
rob's listing is quite the spot for ice cube,i was lucky to see him back in 1989-1990s at his prime and nwa at his heydays.cube was around 5'8-5'8.5 and i saw him along with legendary hiphop artist eazy e,may his soul rest in peace,eazy e was along with him.eazy e was around 5'2 atleast imho but didnt pay my attention towards him.i saw them dudes aling with mc ren"ruthless villian and andre.andre aka dr dre was around 6'0 and was same height as me.it looked like dre had full head on eazy e.i saw them dude's in downtown los angeles near boarders of south central la.rob's listing is quite the spot and quite accurate for cube.
Hijoputamus on Jack Nicklaus
Click Here

Please scroll down and see Jack looking as tall as Seve who was a 6 footer

I believe Jack was 5ft11
MalcomStreet on Ashton Kutcher
Topjer Grace who is listed at 5'10.5" in this website and whenever him and Kutcher are in a picture Kutcher never looks 6ft2 and looking at more pictures between the 2 of them Kutcher only looks 6ft1
Final Verdict on Kutchers height: 6' 1"
Paul Wood on Britney Spears
5ft 4in isn't 'short' for a woman in the USA, as some people seem to think. It's average.
Joeyb33 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
And another. This shoes posture and footwear.

Click Here
Paul Wood on Simon Cowell
He's only an inch and half below average UK male height but I think he's quite sensitive about it. I've always thought he might wear lifts sometimes.
Joeyb33 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Click Here

The pictures don’t always tell the true story. Unless we can see the full posture and footwear. Here Roman reigns looks taller than the rock. Same premiere as the photos earlier.
Paul Wood on David Hewlett
If Canada is the same as UK and USA, he's right at the average male height!
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - Huh! πŸ₯“πŸ–πŸ’¨πŸ’©!

Wouldn’t it put you off your bacon if you saw the above spectacle or if you happened to be just behind that bacon eating pig?

Just look at the poodle below (🐩!), it wouldn’t put him off his bacon!


I really wouldn’t have had the heart to have killed the pig that your Mum had been friends with, and I couldn’t kill any other animal for that matter. I know that you wouldn’t have the heart to kill an animal either.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Millie Bobby Brown
I saw a picture of Millie the other day on my phone. She hasn't half grown up lately. I'm wondering if she exceeds 5ft2.5; she's quite a young lady now!

5ft2.75. πŸ˜πŸ’
RP on Hulk Hogan
@ Vegas! 100% accurate on Hulk Hogan & Sid Eudy!
Dream on Metta World Peace
@Canson I met him at GalaxyCon. That was a month ago. I think around 6'7", still. He looked 6'8", but he had bigger shoes than me for sure. They weren't small shoes though, but they weren't boots either. I can't say what the brand was, but the soles were big.
Paul Wood on Susan Tully
I think this is spot on for Susan Tully. Only seemed a bit shorter than Sharon in Eastenders when Sharon wore higher shoes, so I think Susan is about an inch taller than Letitia Dean (Sharon).
K.A 188 on Ntare Mwine
I remember this guy from heroes. 5ft9 he looks
Dream on Owen Benjamin

even with that, I still wouldn't put Bo Burnham under a strong 6'5". There's a lot of great evidence that he's more just over 6'5" than under 6'5".

Honestly, if I'm looking at the picture again, Bo looks like he's kinda leaning onto Owen, who is standing with military posture.

The other photo, Bo looks taller and Owen was slightly loose. However, Bo was further away from the camera.
K.A 188 on Greg Grunberg
He is 188 in his DREAMS....
Just another solid 6footer claiming to be 6ft2.
Paul Wood on Johnny Briggs
I think 5ft 5.5in or 5ft 5.75in peak. I'm watching Classic Coronation Street from the early 90s at the moment and he always looks a fraction shorter standing next to 5ft 6in Michael Le Vell or 5ft 6in Bill Waddington (who played Percy Sugden).
Pierre on Sylvester Stallone
@Sandy Ok then you live at the opposite of Rob,you're more in the South of England and he's more in the North if my memory is good.The taxi driver was friendly.
Sakz on General Height
@HonestSlovene Lol interesting way of putting it but I get your point.

@Ellis Well yes because you're extremely tall you'll attract tall women. What I'm saying is if a woman is short then she may find 6'2 'very tall' but then again some may not. Keep in mind a lot of women aren't very good at judging height especially if the difference between them and a man is big. Also, I've seen men around your height with short women who aren't much above 5'0 so that's what I'm saying it varies for everyone. Height is a very subjective topic and everyone has their preference.

@Greg Thanks I appreciate that. Yeah if someone is outright insulting someone's height that's one thing but pointing out drawbacks or saying you wouldn't want to be a certain height isn't doing that. That's where opinions come in and that's where I think avi was misinterpreted. It is a fact after all that someone who is say 6'0 isn't going to face the problems a 6'4 guy may face.
Mimi on Betty Who
Not another cm over 185
Miss Sandy Cowell on Height Request
Thanks for adding Antony Cotton, Rob. He is such a good sport and deserves his page!
Sotiris Gravas on The Undertaker
@Roderick On this page (16/Jul/19), you said that Khali was 7'1" peak and now 7'0"... yet over on Khali's page (11/Jul/19) you said you were being "generous" by giving him 6'11" now and 7'0" peak. You sure do change your mind pretty quick.
maa on Israel Adesanya

I agree with you, after seeing more of Whittaker I guess he is around 5 ft 11...
Miss Sandy Cowell on Antony Cotton
Mmm - interesting! I'd have expected another inch for him, I must admit. But he has his page, so thank you Rob! πŸ˜πŸ‘

Antony's always a willing contestant when it comes to Celebrity reality shows. He's been in 'I'm A Celebrity...
Get Me Out Of Here!' and I saw him in a Celebrity edition of 'The Chase' over Christmas, which was on again only recently. Yes, he's a great sport and was very funny in the jungle.

I will opt for 5ft9.75.
Editor Rob
As I say on the request page, when he stands beside a 6ft 4 guy, his 5ft 11 claim looks 2 inches too much. I would be surprised if he was almost 5ft 10 though, though 5ft 9 and change isn't exactly ruled out.
maa on Jon Jones

Usman looked shorter than Mike Tyson in a recent pic on his instagram...HE also looks a little midget with Nagnnou and Adasanya...More than just 13cm...I would be really surprised if he was 5 ft 10 and over
Sotiris Gravas on The Undertaker

Here's Bret Hart w/ max 5'10" Ted Cruz... Click Here

Hart and Cena... Click Here

Hart was 100% max 5'11" peak and is now 5'10". When he looks taller, it's 100% thanks to footwear. And no, I'm not wrong. Not even slightly.
Sotiris Gravas on Lindsay Kay Hayward
Fan w/ Hayward (2010)... Click Here

Same fan w/ 6'7" Tyler Mane... Click Here

W/ 5'5.5" Danny Trejo Click Here

These are the heels she wore, as seen w/ another fan... Click Here
Said fan w/ maybe 6'6" Viscera (2009)... Click Here

In other words, no way in hell is she really 6'8.25" barefoot.

@Rob Time for that downgrade, Rob, and maybe a call to Guinness asking them to explain themselves...
Miss Sandy Cowell on Gina Stiebitz
Gina's surname sounds very similar to one which is used by Quentin Tarantino in 'Inglourious Basterds'. The 'Basterds', led by Brad Pitt, so admired his hatred for the average Nazi that they got him to join them in their 'work'!

There was a very kind, decent Nazi in real life - Oskar Schindler.

I can't see Gina being over 5ft2.5. 😁
Sotiris Gravas on The Undertaker
@Vegas Dude, you say there's maybe an inch or so footwear advantage between Hayward and Apter...
I already posted a full-body pic that gives a better look at her footwear than your video. She could have easily been wearing 3-inch heels, and Apter could have been in loafers for all we know... Also, she's closer to the camera, making her look much bigger.

The pics I supplied were perfect full-body pics w/ footwear visible on an even surface. Full stop. To even insinuate that what I posted might not be good enough is LAUGHABLE.

A fan and Hayward at same event as Apter (2010)... Click Here
Same guy w/ 6'7" Tyler Mane... Click Here
Fan w/ 5'5.5" Danny Trejo... Click Here

Take a good look at how tall she is in maybe 3-inch heels w/ that fan and compare said fan w/ Tyler Mane. Allow it to be burned into your memory and know that NO WAY in hell is this chick really 6'8.25" barefoot, regardless of what a scam like Guinness World Records has to say.

Another look at those heels w/ another fan... Click Here
Same guy w/ Viscera (2009)... Click Here


Again, Taker and 5'6" Regis Philbin (1991)... Click Here

6'7" Scottie Pippen w/ 5'6" Henry Winkler (1997)... Click Here

Pippen isn't even standing straight and he TOWERS OVER a 5'6" man... MORE than Undertaker.

Oh, no, maybe an annoying fanboy like ken6-3 will try and get me banned from here b/c I don't try and inflate everyone... Pathetic!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Patricia Heaton
Patty's shoes are so pointed that they almost look amusing! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

5ft2! She needn't call herself a runt, but I know the feeling! When I went to physiotherapy quite a few years ago, I realised I 'had problems' when I found myself looking UP to my physiotherapist - and she told me she was 5ft3! 😯
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Other comparison = Arnold and Roger Walker Click Here Roger is the middle man in the pic.i can think his list is good because he's the same height as Mike Mentzer who is himself listed 5"8' and i think his list is good.They are standing in about the same posture here How much taller is Arnold than him here?Around one forehead= 4 inches= =Arnold = around 6"0' .Arnold and 5"8' Mike Mentzer = always 6"0' max here= Click Here .Arnold and Roger Walker who is the one who has the poorer posture here but...even without this consideration = Click Here always max 4 inches(a complete forehead).
Click Here = here Sergio Oliva and Arnold about one forehead taller than him(4 inches).Sergio was listed 5"10' but i think his list was generous = read this page = Click Here (in this pic apparently the right guy who wrote the article is 6"0',he's in sneakers but the floor is clearly in favour to Sergio)=he guess Sergio 5"8'range.
Kartikeya Mishra on Sylvester Stallone
I am 5.10 inchs tall . And my favourite bodybuilder Sylvester Stallone is 5.10 inch
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Topher Grace
Click Here Taller than 5'10 1/2 Stephen Colbert. 5'11 tops and 5'10.75" lowest.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul
Prescription medications can definitely stunt growth unfortunately. I have a cousin who's around 11 who has taken Ritalin for years due to ADHD, and he's very small for his age, even though both of his parents are around average height. (5'4" mom and 5'8" dad)
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul
I find it insane that some men start to go gray in their 20's. I know one guy who was 28 at the time and partially had gray hair, but that's the only 20's guy that I've seen with gray hair as far as I can remember.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Hulk Hogan
It doesn't take a genius to know that Hogan took steroids during his career, but to call Hogan fake just because of steroids is going overboard, especially since back then, wrestling promotions were more lenient on steroid use and so it wasn't illegal to use them.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
But in this pic Merriman's barely taller than 6'1" billed wrestler Montez Ford (who's most likely shorter than that since wrestling heights are usually inflated). And Merriman even has a slight camera advantage over Ford. Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell on Michelle Heaton
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Michelle! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Many Happy Returns Michelle, on this, your 40th Birthday!


Johan 185 cm on Dacre Montgomery
Looks nowhere near 5'11" no idea why people think that he looks just average height. Listing is solid.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Owen Benjamin
He says that 5'10" is the ideal height, yet has zero respect for guys under 6'5", lol. Probably just tongue in cheek though.
Johan 185 cm on Eric Lange
Deniz said on 17/Jul/19
Americans are pretty small for a western state. 176cm (5'9) is pretty small here in Northern and Central Europe. Maybe in the US 5'11 is tall but here being tall is 190+cm (6'3+). My evening height is 186cm (6'1) and there are days where I feel quite small


6'3" + is more the start of very tall so you get comments on your height. You should feel tall most of the time Deniz if you're legit 186 cm barefoot. Ofc if you have a group of young guys maybe you don't feel tall as they might be all 5'11-6'2" or more.
Sotiris Gravas on Henry Winkler
Here's the pic of Winkler w/ Shaq that I goofed up and didn't post (2018) Click Here
As well as this... Click Here

Another look at Nathan Jones w/ Winkler (2018)... Click Here

Another look at Big Show w/ Winkler from 1990 (not 1998)... Click Here
From 2003... Click Here

Winkler w/ maybe 6'8" Ben Davidson (1978)... Click Here

W/ 6'8" Richard Moll (1979)... Click Here

W/ listed 6'7" Happy Hairston (1981)... Click Here

W/ 6'7" Scottie Pippen (1997)... Click Here

And lastly... Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Rob - Software and technology is still fairly new to me, but I can't help but notice that practically every site I poke my nose into suggests that you update now, or perhaps put it off for a bit, which is usually the option I take! Running your own website leaves the responsibility all down to you. I remember it happening just once before, and as it was when I was bed ridden, I was chronically bored that day! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Editor Rob
Sometimes I like the idea of being more anonymous online, and pre 2005 I am not sure there are any photos of myself online. On a site like this, people are generally anonymous, unless they willingly reveal information. I still don't know much about some long-term visitors, beyond a name and location and maybe self-declared height.

But with this website, becoming the face of it means giving up anonymity. I don't mind it now, I actively get my face out there ;)

I do recommend being cautious about information you reveal to websites. People divulge far too much, sometimes unintentionally.
Johan 185 cm on Serena Williams
180-185 pounds, damn people giving her over 210 pounds give her a break. I am 210 and 6'1" and look bigger, she is well built for a woman but still has more fat % than average healthy guy.

5'9" 180 pounds is pretty solid.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Brooke Kinsella
If anyone deserves a Birthday Mention, then it has to be brave Brooke. 😿

πŸŽˆπŸ’πŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Brooke! πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽˆ

She has tirelessly campaigned against knife crime since she lost her dear brother. I have even seen her on TV talking about the dreadful subject. If she hasn't been already, she deserves to be decorated for her devotion, all done out of love.

She deserves the best 36th Birthday ever! XXX

5ft for this little diamond. πŸ’Ž

MD on Russell Tovey

With 5'9" Liam Payne who has a footwear advantage, though nothing ridiculous:

Click Here

With 5'8.75" Olly Murs:

Click Here

Honestly, he strikes me as closer to 5'9" than to 5'10".
Editor Rob
In person he looks much closer to 5ft 10 than 9.
Johan 185 cm on Donald Trump
Robby Harris said on 17/Jul/19
Trump pulled off looking arguably over 6'2" in some pics with 5'10" range Sean Combs in 1998:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

But a year earlier, the difference did not look more than 3.5" to me:
Click Here
Click Here

This has got me thinking either Trump wore lifts at times or Diddy might have...


Well first series is angles and camera advantage. Your second series is far better for height as they are equal distance. Thats some great pics showing him 6'2" next to a 5'10" guy.

I think give or take a 1/4 that Rob's listings are spot on.
Sotiris Gravas on Kevin Nash
Nash w/ 5'10.5" Jay Leno (1999)... Click Here

Show w/ Leno (1998)... Click Here Footwear: Click Here

I can't see him being more than 6'8" today. Peak was 6'9" IMHO.
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show

1) I'd really like it if ppl paid attention to what I actually post, not what others think I said. In other words, I believe Shaq is 6'11.5" now. He's 100% not over 7 feet. Shaq wears custom-made sneaks that give him a good height boost. Not the same when he's in dress shoes. I already posted the pic of him w/ 7'0.5" height-loss Kareem, so there's your proof. Just for fun, here's video footage of Shaq in sneaks w/ 6'5.75" Gronk, having perhaps a little too much fun (2018)... Click Here

2) The match w/ Lesnar is proof that Big Show is around 6'9" now. I understand that you think he's 6'10", but it doesn't change the fact that he's not.

This is Triple H (currently 6'1") w/ Big Show (2010)... Click Here
HHH w/ Show (2018)... Click Here (Rob has him at 6'2"; Rob's wrong.)

Now, compare that w/ HHH and around 6'9" Dwight Howard (2015)... Click Here Howard isn't even standing straight, unlike Show who is, and Howard looks taller than Show. Yes, TALLER. Zero chance that Show is 6'10" today. ZERO.

Just for fun, here's Show w/ 5'10.5" Jay Leno (1998)... Click Here
Footwear... Click Here

Leno and Kevin Nash (1999)... Click Here

Show and 5'6" Henry Winkler (1990)... Click Here Does Show look HUGE (!!!) there next to that little guy...? He should look taller, yet doesn't.

Another pic of Show w/ Winkler (2003)... Click Here

Andre and around 5'6" Mike Graham... Click Here

Winkler w/ Shaq (2018)... Click Here , Click Here

W/ 6'10" Joonas Suotamo (2018)... Click Here

W/ maybe 6'8" Nathan Jones (2018)... Click Here , Click Here (Rob lists Jones as 6'10", which is a joke. In other words, Rob's wrong, just like he's wrong w/ Big Show. And no, I'm not wrong.)

W/ maybe 6'8" Ben Davidson (1978)... Click Here

W/ 6'8" Richard Moll (1979)... Click Here

W/ listed 6'7" Happy Hairston (1981)... Click Here

W/ 6'7" Scottie Pippen (1997)... Click Here
Johan 185 cm on Hulk Hogan
Max Cherry Jesus said on 17/Jul/19
The guy was an absolute fake, billed a monstrous 6’8” at one point, and regularly being billed at 6’7” when he was never even 6’5”, You look at him next to sid viscous, he looks like everything Hogan should have been, Sid was everything Hogan was amped up to be, taller, bigger, wider, just without the charisma. It’s a shame how fakes like Hogan get ahead in this world, the dude was a douchebag, just a lucky drunken yes man who was max 195cm and rail thin until he took steroids early in his career


The vast majority of wrestlers are overbilled, its about making big guys even bigger to make them seem monstrous to the average viewer. Tony "tiny" Lister a 6'5" guy thought Hogan was the same size so I don't see him being less than that peak.

Sid was definetly the bigger guy I see him as a weak 6'7", I saw him claim 6'8" a few times. He didn't have a good gimmick though and couldn't work the crowd and thats what really matters. Look at The Rock or Steve Austin, absolute garbage technical wrestlers but they had a good gimmick and could work the crowd really well.

I wouldn't call him lazy or any of those guys lazy, they just understood the business and worked hard to make that part of their character stronger.

Btw nowadays Hogan is still in good shape and Sid sadly looks a shadow of himself.
Johan 185 cm on The Undertaker
From Rob's pic with Big Andy I would have said Mark was between 6'4.5"-6'5" but then he is again dropping posture and so over 6'6" is still possible. Not sure about 6'6.5" but I still say he is min 6'6".
Johan 185 cm on The Undertaker
Here's a guy who runs some cons in the UK, Big Andy, who is taller than someone like Tyson: Click Here.

How much Undertaker might drop in some poses is hard to tell, he could easily lose 2 inches in the pose above. You can see Andy with a few other people on his Site.


How tall is Andy in person Rob? I wouldn't have guessed more than 5'11.25" from those pics.
Editor Rob
I'd have guessed around 5ft 11 range.

Here's another shot of Andy and Undertaker leaning: Click Here.

But then Undertaker standing better with the belt: Click Here.

No less than 6ft 6, and I still think the guy can measure over it if pushed for a measurement and stood at his very tallest.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Antoine Griezmann
Taller doesn't necessarily mean better. I'm around 6'5" but I'd rather be shorter if I had to choose.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Alec Utgoff
Rob, maybe 182cm is closer?
Editor Rob
He could look near enough 6ft I thought on SThings
Johan 185 cm on General Height
Kellan said on 16/Jul/19
I'm 6'0".
I'd take 5'10" over anything 6'2" plus
and 5'7" over anything 6'3"+


Why though? At 6' you're not that much different than 6'2", you would end up as average at best or short taking those heights. I understand guys who are shorter saying that but sometimes we forget how society favours taller men and all the benefits we get from it.

I think people are going overboard saying 6'4"-6'5" are too tall, I have plenty of friends/relatives that range and they have never had issues.

My friends who are 6'6 + thats a different matter but still they manage.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Luther Vandross
I could be wrong, but it might have to do with making them seem more "legit". Same reason why some people claim halves or even quarters.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Benedict Cumberbatch
🎁😁🎈 Happy Birthday Benedict 🎈😁🎁

Many Happy Returns to the delightful Mr Cumberbatch! Wasn't he brilliant in 'The Imitation Game'?

This lovely man gets 5ft11.5 on his 43rd Birthday. XXX

Christian 6'5 3/8" on Owen Benjamin
So apparently he's now claiming 6'8"? And I thought the 6'7" claim was bad.
viper on Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake is a measured 5-10

Just more evidence Ryan Reynolds is 6-1
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Tony Robinson
Should be lowered to a weak 5'4", judging by the pics.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Betty Who
She admitted to being 6'1" at the age of 22 in 2013. I'm not buying her claim that she grew an inch from 22 to 24, especially not when it comes to females since they stop growing at a younger age.
Warren on Betty Who
She is just a singer and around 6'2"? Damn tall.. (good meaning)
Miss Sandy Cowell on Brian May
πŸŽπŸ•―οΈπŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Brian May πŸŽ‚πŸ•―οΈπŸŽ

Queen's guitarist Brian May turns 72 today. He often did lead vocals and backing vocals came as standard. Perhaps he could be added to the Rock Singers Page, Rob, because sing he can! It would make a nice little Birthday present! All the members of Queen were, in fact, vocalists, but next to Freddie, Brian came a close second. I remember the 1974 song 'Now I'm Here' written by Brian, but Freddie sang the vocals. It came from 'Sheer Heart Attack'. Brian wrote it when he was suffering from hepatitis and ill in hospital. I remember reading about that in one of my teen mags. He did look very ill and thin at the time, but fortunately, he made a complete recovery.

Have a great Birthday, Brian! πŸ˜πŸ‘ XX


Mercury on Donald Trump
Click Here

Do you think 6ft is reasonable for Erdogan?
Editor Rob
Trump seems like he's the taller of the two, maybe an inch or so
Mon on Doris Day
Like a lot of photogenic people she had a really large head giving her the proportions of a short person.
dewie 5ft9 175cm on The Undertaker
Mcintire 6ft4 1/2 taker 2inches taller 6ft6 1/2 peak 6ft7 1/2
Dream on Nonso Anozie
Rob, this is a strange comparison. I understand you met Anthony Joshua and Nonso Anozie, but here.


Nonso Anozie with Cara Delevingne (Who is very extremely big high heels) -- Click Here

Anthony Joshua with Cara Delevinge (Who was only wearing boots) -- Click Here


It's weird that Nonso looks taller, by comparison, but I think the best comparison is with you Rob. You have met both of them, and I do trust your judgement. At the same time, I just wanted to point this weird comparison out.

At the same time, I'm beginning to have a difficult time seeing Nonso under a strong 6'5".
al001 on Andy Milonakis
@Matt (182cm)
I'm not nearly as experienced as Rob at this but he looks 5'8-5'9 range to me.
Xpac99 on The Undertaker
Braun strowman has 3 inches on mcintyre? Came on you said that peak taker wasn’t 6ft 8 and in this moment you say strowman looks 6 ft 7 1/2 with drew πŸ˜‚ if you listed strowman that height, undertaker was 6 ft 8 1/2 peak height.
Click Here
Puase: 0:55
If you see 3 inches go buy some new glasses
larry donaldson on William Smith
I remember over 30 years ago Tom Selleck saying that he wasn't actually 6ft 4 but was 6 ft 3 I think that was a TV guide interview? Also I remember, big William Smith, was in the pilot episode of The Rockford files. in that famous scene with James Garner in the bathroom when he tripped up William Smith,and knocked him out with a roll quarters he took his ID out of his wallet and William Smith's height was listed at 6 ft 1 and 210 lb look it up.p.s. that bathroom scene it's still one of the funniest moments I've ever seen on television.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) on Miley Cyrus
164. Similar height with Emma Watson from Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast from Disney.
Dream on Owen Benjamin

Weirdly enough, Owen supposedly said the same thing about Bo being taller than him (Owen), on his deleted Twitter. Actually, there is a photo where Bo did look taller than Owen. There are two pictures of them, unfortunately. I would love to see more of them.
Original on Brad Pitt
Solid 5'10 at his peak (5'10.25")
Dream on Owen Benjamin

Doubt he’s shorter than Vince Vaughn.

Click Here
18 July
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) on Betty Who
She is just similar range with Korean American Hawaii born Golfstar named Michelle Wie who is solid 6ft 1.... One of the tallest women other than famous chef Julia Child.
6ft 1 is the best guess for her height...
edwards on The Undertaker
Taker’s picture with dan trojan dude says it all.taker isnt undertaker 6’6 and that’s for sure and same way he isnt above 6’6.actually dan trojan was accurate and he said taker isnt undertaker 6’6 and isnt above 6’6.flat 6’6 is best bet today
@dan trojan again it was a great pic bty,both of you dudes looks cool and greatπŸ‘
kkyk on Taylor Swift
She's certainly closer to 5-5 than 5-9.
edwards on The Undertaker
He cant be under 6’6 and that for sure.and sameway he cant be over it.flat 6’6 is best bet considering today atleast i personally think that.
Luca on General Height
Dear Rob these days I've been standing on my feet for about 11-12 hours, walking for 11-12 km a day, drinking maximum 2 litres of water a day and sweating a lot for the hot weather.
Before bed I'm usually measuring a bit above 188.8 cm : because of these conditions can I consider this as my absolute lowest height?
Editor Rob
You can safely say you are a 189cm range person without worry, hesitation or fear.
viper on Jacksepticeye
5-9.7 is hard to believe.

Seems more like 5-8.7
Canson on Owen Benjamin
@Dream and Junior: people who’ve met Owen in person across the internet say that he’s 6’5-6’6” range. That probably lines up with about 6’5.5 and he claims 6’7.5 adding 2” like others do. I bet Bo is really 6’5.25 like Rob lists him maybe 6’5 1/3 which is why there is no apparent difference between them. Owen May be like 197 or 6’5 5/8 but doubt any higher. The guy makes some stupid outlandish comments and lies about everything else. Don’t see why his height is any different. Bo likely is closer to 6’5 than anything else at least at a low and he’s being guessed taller than he is due to the lying by others.
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Arnold and Richard Pryor (5"10' and look this height next to Eddie Murphy),Tom slouching a little bit but closer to the camera = Click Here Tom Arnold and 6"0' Phil Donahue ,Phil closer to the camera but slouching a little bit = Click Here here completely falling on Roseanne = Click Here .
Keith 5'10 on Sadie Sink
At least 5'2 now
Canson on Sinbad
@Viper: I know a couple people that have lost 2-3” and aren’t even 70 yet
Roderick on Charles Barkley
Honestly Im not gonna sit here and pretend that Barkley didn't make The Rock look 6'1" but Barkleys mugshot showed him at 6'6" which is a shoe height. Barkley had a footwear advantage over the Rock in those pics.

6'2" vs 6'4 7/8"
Canson on Sinbad
@Viper: he did lose height I’m sure but he was not 6’4” or 6’5 to begin with. He claimed his shoes just like anyone else in Hollywood. I’m willing to bet that he wasn’t more than a 6’3” range guy peak. He even says β€œabout” meaning he was probably more like 6’4 and change with shoes tops
Roderick on Shaquille O'Neal
Shaq did say he was 6'11" on the Howard Stern Show but he might have been trolling.

Howard asked Shaq how tall his girlfriend is, Shaq replied "5'8", 5'9"" and Howard told him thats a good size for him.

Howard asked Shaq if he hated being tall and Shaq said "I used to, but not anymore." And Howard said how dispite not being anywhere as tall as Shaq was, he hated being tall.

The black girl said how Shaq is probably the only person who doesnt lie about their height in the NBA and then they brought up a joke how Magic Johnson was one of them who did lie.

Shaq came to Magics defense by saying Magic was 6'9", but they of course laughed and Howard told Shaq that he was taller than Magic and he's only 6'5".

Shaq said "that means you're 6'9" then." And Howard kept insisting he was 6'5". Shaq asked Howard to stand up and Shaq said, "youre about 6'6 or 6'7" and Howard again said he was 6'5" and Shaq kept insisting Howard was 6'7" (in a laughing matter) and the girl said they were going to measure Shaq now bc they believed he might be lying about his height and then Shaq said "Alright, im 6'11".

They laughed and Howard asked him why so many people lied about their height in the NBA, and Shaq explained that the 7'0 mark is so desired for everyone and that everybody wanted to be that tall.

Also Howard was lying about being taller than Magic, bc in the clip of the two together, Magic clearly edged out Howard.
Pierre on Justin Bieber
Click Here = here is a recent video Justin Bieber /Jimmy Fallon.Make very low speed(0.25) at 2:04 /2:05.You can see the difference of height between us .Now Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert = Click Here Click Here Click Here =according they are looking very similar no?(by considering the postures of course).And now Stephen Colbert and 6"0.75' Barack = Click Here Click Here Click Here that give Stephen and Jimmy around the 5"10' mark imo(Jimmy seems to me sometimes wearing advantageous shoes when his guest star is tall and his official height seems to me a little bit generous)).And then Justin clearly a little bit under 5"7' in my opinion(around 4 inches shorter than Jimmy Fallon in the video)
Keith 5'10 on Alec Utgoff
He looks like a solid 6ft in Stranger Things 3. 183-184 cm range for me.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) on Conleth Hill
He is just 5ft 8 half inch tall similar range with Harry Potter actor Tom Felton who played antagonist Draco Malfoy in all of HP films!!!
PS. I like the way you did pose with him in this pic and If I ever have a chance to meet similar height actor, I would love to do that pose and I alwayd do this pose with my male friends whose height is similar to mine to post it in instagram and facebook.
Editor Rob
Conleth falls in the ever-growing list of actors who I think have implemented a 2-inch rule on their casting pages/resumes.

I am not sure he's only 5ft 8.5 though, but near to 5ft 9 if measured.
Keith 5'10 on Gina Stiebitz
Yeah, around 5ft 2
Ian on Lauren Bacall
There are more than plenty of attractive celebrities. Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock still look good.

Many of the younger models of today who are immensely popular have had botox, plastic surgery and other injections to try to conform to the "fake" look. But looks do not equate to talent or hard work.

Actors have it much easier today than people like Lauren Bacall did back then. I still think Bacall was one of the most attractive and talented actresses of all time. It's no wonder why a lot of would be actors and actresses looked up to her.
Canson on Chris Hemsworth
@Johan185: I think Elba is about as tall as Rob lists him. See the pics with Carmelo Anthony. He also claimed 6’2 1/2 and 6’2 before as well as 6’3”. Wouldn’t surprise me if he dipped to 189 flat honestly
Canson on Alexander Zverev
Looks more weak 6’6” than full
Canson on Ralf Moeller
@Rising: I agree probably 197 peak and 196 now
Canson on The Undertaker
@Vegas: I’ve never heard Cena claim 6’1”. Only 6’0”. He said he’s 6’1” with shoes
Canson on Rob Paul
@Zober: you’d be 6’2 7/8 which is good for 6’3”
Canson on Giannis Antetokounmpo
@KA188: I agree it’s harder to gauge but he doesn’t look more than 6’11” in shoes. He’s not as tall as Kevin Garnett and I see him with Khris Middleton and that’s another example. Middleton is probably barely over 6’6” if he even is being he measures 6’6.75 (assuming no round up) in the morning. I don’t believe Giannis grew two inches after being drafted. Maybe around 1”
Pierre on Brad Pitt
@CDS =CDS, Watch again eventually my comments/pics on Rick Schroder's height on 21/June.Imo 5"9' for him is even probably always a list a little bit generous.Brad in the movie Across The Tracks is the older brother of Rick.Random?=he wear nearly always comfortable sneakers and Rick always Converse so poor heels (except when he run of course and even sometimes he wear converse to run = Click Here )= Click Here = here at around 18:09 you can see Brad's heels that give him a good advantage on Rick's Converses.Rick a long time in the movie break more or less his neck and his back like he had to make Brad a taller man than him (remember Brad is the older brother in the movie) like here = Click Here (inwhich you can see the shoes too in this) or again here = Click Here Click Here Click Here You can see lots of time Rick break more or less his neck/back like he had to look smaller than his real height ,but in short times in the video he's sometimes standing really straight= example at around 17:21 in the movie(remember he's always in converse here...).And then the difference(if there is a difference...)is very slim.The rest of the time the different angles of the camera make the rest...
Canson on Idris Elba
@MalcolmStreet: I get what you’re saying but to say Viper is doing that or the only one who does it is grossly understated. There are a lot of others out there who insist that a celeb is an inch taller than they’re listed or than the vote on the page or popular belief, yet nothing is ever said to them. It always occurs when someone estimates them below Rob’s listing not above. They get off scot free all the time
Canson on Metta World Peace
@Dream: is Kane really still 6’7-6’7.25 today? I would’ve guessed him weak 6’7” at this stage. Unless you met him years ago.
Canson on Ben Wallace
@Shane: with Russell, he looks probably a weak 6’7”. Russell was probably closer to 6’9” at that stage
Canson on Ben Wallace
@Shane: that’s very true. And Some don’t even know that they’re claiming a shoe height either at times now a days since nurses and doctors measure in shoes today. They may forget that they didn’t take them off especially if they don’t pay attention to height or think about it. And doctors and nurses do it because they’re lazy now a days. They did it with my wife twice now. She went once in the morning when I took her and then once again in the afternoon recently when she went by herself where she was measured in shoes. She’s a tick under 5’7.75 barefoot when she’s been measured at a normal low (5’7.5 at extreme low) but the nurse measured her in her Sneakers she had on got 5’8.5 I believe. Chances are it was close to normal low but maybe slightly over as she was wearing Canvas shoes which are about 5/8”. The 5’8.5 may have been rounded up as well. She doesn’t bother to take her shoes off when they tell her not to. Her physical read 5’9 and the last one said 5’8” since it was barefoot and then the one before I think 5’9” since it was in the morning in shoes. She still claims β€œabout 5’8” as she is aware of how tall she is and she even gets specific and says she’s 5’7 3/4” sometimes. But long story short, They probably just go with what the doctor measures them when they visit. As far as Wallace, he claimed 6’6/6’7” once too. I’m not sure how he measured 6’7.75 when he was drafted. That’s kind of like Dwayne Wade who Rob still had 6’3.75 until recently. He should at least reduce Wade to 6’3” flat as a start. He’s probably still at a low a weak 6’3”. My guess on Wallace for a normal low (afternoon) would be 6’6.5. Maybe at an extreme low 6’6.25. I don’t believe in claiming an extreme low myself. For example if someone is 6’1.75 out of bed and 6’1 at a normal low but goes to 6’0.75- 6’0 7/8 at an extreme low, I would still consider the flat 6’1” their true height for an afternoon height.
Frost on Chuck Liddell
This is definitely peak and even then I can't quite see him this tall.

Click Here

6'0" today would honestly be generous.
JayL on John Lennon
Salvador Dali has been put at 5’8”.
Then look at the photos of him meeting John Lennon.
They’re practically eye to eye.
So I’m putting John at that height as well.
Canson on Donald Trump
@Robbe: I agree with both of Rob’s listings for him. If they’re off it’s by about 1/4” max. He was about 6’2” peak height or very close maybe 187-188. Today if he’s not 6’0.5 he’s about 6’0.25-.5 range probably. 73 years old 1.5” height loss or even two for someone with his body doesn’t surprise me
Canson on Dwyane Wade
@Shane: lol my bad. That’s me using both. He looks taller because Wade isn’t as tall as he is listed. Wade is a weak 6’3” at a low (6’2.5-6’3 range). He may be 6’3.5 out of bed perhaps but I doubt higher than that. He doesn’t look as tall as Harden who measures 6’4” in the morning (assuming it’s full and not rounded up).
Canson on Alan Napier
Weak 6’6” not a full one.
Canson on Rhett McLaughlin
@Dream: he’s def at least 1.5” taller than Kobe. Not sure about 6’6.5 but maybe 6’6.25. Btw Strahan looks shorter next to him than Rob lists him. I honestly don’t believe he’s even 6’4 today. Probably 6’3.75 as he looks about that next to him at times like he did with Kobe. He may have lost height as he used to be 6’4”
Alex 6'3.25 on Post Malone
6'2 lol, he's around 6'0 cm
Canson on Owen Benjamin
@Easterwood: Benjamin is full of it. He’s probably barely 6’7” with shoes the more I see of him. Meaning maybe not even a full 6’6 maybe just a weak 6’6” (6’5 1/2 guy). He gets furious when people think he’s 6’6”? Meaning he probably is only that at best
Canson on The Undertaker
@Edwards: I agree for all of them
Canson on The Undertaker
@Johan: he maybe could still stretch to 6’6” flat but doubt he’s over that mark
Roderick on Kane
It's not easy to guess someones weight. Im not an expert, but I think it has something to do with the amount of musclefat percentages in the persons body.

I would guess Kane carried around 10% body fat into his career but maybe I'm wrong. Nowadays I'm sure it's a lot higher.

Kane was pretty big and he visibly outweighed the Undertaker, at least in my eyes.

Originally I said 280 for Kane, but maybe he was bigger. He was definitely not smaller than Batista and Batista was a legitimate 300lb steroid freak. The slim, cut down version of Batista was still 265lb in MMA. Batista was billed at 318lb and claimed 310 in an interview with Sheamus. Batista looked massive, too. Nowadays Batistas 270 claim seems legit.

Kane might have been 300lb especially during 2000-2001 when he was huge.

When he made his remasked return, he did look small. Cut down arms and smaller chest. He was still a big, strong guy compared to everyone else, but not to his own 2000 self. He wasn't able to lift Big Show anymore and couldn't do the legitimate one handed chokeslam, but he wasn't young anymore so that major cut-down in size was probably a good decision. I would say Kane wasnt bigger than 280 pounds then, bc even a slim, cut down Kane, is still stronger than everyone in this forum by miles.

Now that Kane is a little fatter, he might be back up to 290 like he claims. Undertaker might only be 260 max now, but he is still strong enough to lift ppl up for the tombstone, which is all that matters, lol.
c-mo on General Height
Johan 185 cm said on 17/Jul/19

I do think that if you're 5'11" flat its possible you might feel under average at times.


sure if you live in giantville ...

I live in germany which has one of the highest averages for the world at 5'11 - 180/181cm for young men and especially ethnic germans are a rather high grown people ....and even here I feel pretty average often at 5'9.25 and solid enough

180cm will be "under average at times" only in parts of the balkans and maybe netherlands ....even though regarding netherlands I think a lot of it is based on internet myths ....my brother is 174cm at night and he was in amsterdam for a few days and he didnt notice dutch being taller than germans and he told me he didnt feel short ...at least nothing worth noticing . then again amsterdam is most likely multiethnic and maybe it is also because my brother doesnt care much about height ....but I think the "dutch are giants" is a bit exeggerated . dutch average height is 183cm or so while for germans it is 180-181cm ....the difference is not THAT big . but yeah maybe in netherlands and parts of the balkan area you will be under average at times at 180cm but thats it .....180cm will never be under average anywhere else (except the odd rare situation here and there).

also lol at taking 6'10 over 5'10 . I mean to each their own and everybody has the right for his/her opinion but ....just lol .....I already feel decent at a strong 5'9 range...I wouldnt take 6'10 over my height no way . I would take a legit 5'10 - 178cm at night over anything above 185cm . in fact I would wish to be just a couple of centimeters taller ....
Carls110 on The Undertaker
Undertaker is still 6'6 even maybe more, but he has awful posture, remember that he got long neck but his posture this days is awful.

Click Here with 6'4.5-6'5 Mcintyre, Mcintryre was standing almost on his tip-toes, to be at his tallest.
Click Here
Mcintryre with 6'6.75 Strowman, Strowman posture is great, i think he isn't much taller than Undertaker right now, maybe .25 to 0.5 half inch max
K.A 188 on Future
avi on Rob Paul
@cmillzz said on 16/Jul/19

Because of the foods. More hormones in it and fortification in terms of vitamins and nutrients.
The age of menarche for girls declined tremendously which means they mature faster in height as well.

I call some of this "unnatural" growth or genetically engineered growth.
viper on Idris Elba
Rock edges him there.

But we have too much evidence of Rock being 6-2 max the other way.
viper on Idris Elba
When he says nearly 6-3 I think that's out of bed.

He also says he's 6-2
viper on Idris Elba
Elba doesn't even claim 6-3
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
6-2 Rock edges Reigns the same as
6-2 Merriman.

Reigns was really measured at 6-1 5/8
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Disagree Canson. Both Rock and Merriman are weak 6-2 guys.

The barefoot video on Merriman is better than anything we have on Rock.
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Merriman was measured 6-2 at his pro day, so he isn't a weak 6-3.

Merriman is a weak 6-2. Best evidence we have is him looking over 4 inches shorter barefoot next to 6-5.75 Martellus Bennet.

And I've see him up close in person looking a weak 6-2. That video absolutely backs me up.

Sorry bro, you are always going to be wrong on this.
tree on Robert Oberst
Here they are without shoes, looks 198 next to Eddie and Brian Click Here
Roderick on Nathan Jones
I don't think he would be listed at 6'9" if he was really 6'10" in MMA. Probably 6'9" flat honestly.
Matt 6'5 on Pete Holmes
Is it possible we could be looking at more of a 6'4.5 for Peter and a 6'5.75 or 6'6 for Bo?
Editor Rob
That isn't impossible, well 6ft 5.5 for Bo
Monkey knees on Chris Jericho
When WWE show at The 02 Arena Greenwich, London, they stay at The Marriott Hotel in nearby Bexleyheath. Many of us fans meet them in the bar, and Jericho was always a regular. Always wears cuban heels/boots but just under 5ft 10in is spot on. Average height (like Finn, AJ, KO nowadays) but looks small against the 6ft 4in plus guys (Orton etc)
Roderick on Stone Cold Steve Austin
@Johan I don't see a 3" difference there. I spot a 1.5"-2" difference, meaning Stone Cold was never taller than 6'0".
Roderick on Big Show
Shaq is still a strong 7 footer. He could even be 7'0.25"-7'0.5". I doubt he has lost much height at all. So with a solid 7'0" Shaq, you get a solid 6'10" Big Show. Simple math. If Shaq was 6'11", then yes, Big Show would be in the 6'9" range, but that isn't the case for either man..

Sotiris, if you would like to prove that Shaq is 6'11", go ahead. Im not mocking or being cocky with you, Im being serious. Can you show me some evidence of Shaq being 6'11"? I have a hard time seeing him that short.
K.A 188 on Tobey Maguire
Never seemed short he is just the definition of a normal statured man. Still the best spidey for me.
meezemaker on Vanessa Paradis
Elle mesure 1,55 voire 1,56.
Jdubbz on General Height
@Canson: Thanks man, I feel exactly the same about you. Some of these guys irritate me to no end, but I suppose it’s better to ignore them and let them say what they want. Perhaps I am biased towards tall heights, but this is a height forum, and it’s really nice to talk to guys like you who are around my size and understand the major and minor lifestyle impacts involved. Maybe Sakz and Avi are right, and that Ellis and I were taking objective information too personally, but Greg is just insufferable, I think it’s best to ignore him from here on out before he spikes my blood pressure.
K.A 188 on Alfred Molina
His weight and stocky built make him appear shorter but in reality he is a tall big man.

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