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12 November
Patrick|1.76m on Chris Benoit
Hard to guess the wrestlers. Keep the page up, rob. He was a good and well known one.

RIP Chris, i hope you will been forgiven.
Y07 on Tom Cassell
Somebody get this man a measuring tape and a aerosol can for Christmas. I think he needs to check again.
Jdubbz on Rob Paul
@Linke 6'4 men don't feel exceptionally tall in the US (at least in most areas). I'm slightly taller than that and I see people my height and above every single day. That being said, a 6'0 guy in India probably won't feel all that tall in more middle class areas where people aren't as affected by malnutrition.
Jdubbz on General Height
@Bobby what is your daily low and extreme low? I used to fall below the mark as well (I was 6'3.75-.875 at a low) but I still considered myself a decent 6'4 then.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Braun Strowman

Khali's 6'11.5" IMO. He was listed as 6'11.5" and 6'11 7/8" as a bodybuilder. That would put Big Show at max 6'10", and that was nearly like a decade ago. Nowadays, he probably dropped to 6'9.5", which would put Strowman at max 6'6.5". Even in the suit pic, they look 2.5" apart, so I have no reason to believe that Show wears lifts in the ring. He could've probably just had a footwear disadvantage in the suit pic.
Nik on Tamzin Merchant
She does look a convincing 5 ft 5 er!
Nik on General Height
@ Sakz - I totally agree! The things we control make us better and more interesting people, not the things we can't control! If there are people who don't prefer us the way we are then don't involve yourself with those people.

Jamie on Zac Efron
Rob, I think you should give him a 1/4 inch upgrade. He’s taller than now 5ft8 Robert DeNiro and he edges Corbin Bleu who’s the same height listing as Zac
Nik on General Height
@ Sakz - I totally agree! The things we control make us better and more interesting people, not the things we can't control! If there oeople who don't prefer us the way we are then don't involve yourself with those people.

alabamafr on Neil deGrasse Tyson
Rob, this site needs more scientists. Richard Dawkins would be a good person to add.
Nik on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - 👍🐦👍! 👍🐝👍! 🐝👍🐝! 🐦👍🐦!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Big Show

Khali was listed 6'11.5" and 6'11 7/8" in some sites and articles when he was a bodybuilder, and that was before he became a wrestler. A 7'1" person would not get 6'11.5" or 6'11 7/8" listings.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height

Maybe 2 out of 20, but I live in a below average area of US. The US average could be 3 out of 20.
Nik on Carl Frampton
I see nothing to dispute this listing!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height

One group earning less than another doesn't necessarily mean it's discrimination though. Women on average make less than men because of the type of careers they have. You can't expect an equal outcome unless if both sexes have the exact same type of jobs. Men get killed much more while on duty (such as military personnel, police officers, firefighters, construction workers etc.) than women, but that's not an example of sexism or discrimination. Rather it's because the vast majority of those careers are performed by men.
Nik on Jessica Paré
Christina is tall too, there is nothing wrong with that!
Dream(5'9.5") on Conan O'Brien
Conan would be closer to 6’3”. Holmes would be more a good 6’4.5”, and Burnham is more of a strong 6’5.25” as listed. (There’s good evidence Bo what he’s listed at.)

Josh Homme is someone I have to look at. I think Pete Holmes did visibly edge out Conan O’Brien even with a ‘footwear’ disadvantage. Not sure on Josh though he did edge out Conan too.
Nik on KeSha
@ Sweety - I like your name!

12 voters do agree with you!
Nik on Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
It's amazing that he once claimed 5'9"!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul



All the guys I've met who claimed 6'6" were at least 6'4", but I'm sure there are those below it who claim 6'6" as well, although very rare.


I wouldn't say that Andrea's estimates are terrible, but they're far from perfect. Many of his estimates seem to be alright, despite me disagreeing with some of them. He's arrogant and full of himself though.
Nik on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐!
Mickie on Jeff Seid
Natural body builder?? 🤐

Weak 5'10" maybe but 6 foot no way. Always looked too high.
Jackson on Lonzo Ball
Yeah he’s listed at 6’5” from when he played in Lithuania.... time has definitely passed since then and he’s grown quite a lot. His most recent roster height is at Spire institute where he’s playing his senior year of high school. They’ve listed Melo at 6’7” and I don’t have him that tall. But i do have him closing in on legit 6’5” range.
Nik on Terri Runnels
I love her comment "[I'm] A whoppin' 5ft. nothin' without my 5" stilettos on!"!
Nik on Julia Jones
5'6" is possible, but no more!
Nik on Tom Wopat
He looks 5'11" much more compared to Rob!
Nik on Tommy Tiny Lister
Most people called Tiny are anything but!
Nik on Ralph Macchio
Rob and Ralph could be height twins!
Canson on Ralf Moeller
I think he was 197ish peak and still 196 range today worst case.
Canson on Lou Ferrigno
@Rising: I gotcha. I have him as a peak 6’5” too
Nik on Eric Christian Olsen
Great pic!
Nik on Richard Hatch
R.I.P Richard Hatch.

The average vote is way too low.
Canson on Sylvester Stallone
@Frankie68: fair enough

@Rising: agreed. The site itself was intended for this. I’ve seen you post for several other celebs so it’s just in keeping with the customary on this site
Nik on Tyga
I like it that he said "I'm five eight, but six ten"!
Canson on Eric Trump
@Christian: I’ve seen 1 or 2 that claim 7’0” from 6’10”. Maybe at that stage they don’t think much of it
Canson on Bill Clinton
I think he’s still 6’ today
Canson on Donald Trump
@Rising: I saw the video some more and it may be even less than 2.5”. I would say 2.5” is max really. But that was later in the series where Avery had lost height so he was likely not more than maybe 6’4-6’4.5 by that stage. Trump honestly looks 6’2” in that video to me and he’s noticeably shorter in appearance and fatter today. He looked much thinner and more fit back then than today
Canson on Will Smith
@Christian: agreed. That’s what I meant a peak Trump
Canson on Eddie Murphy
@Rising: you said it well with regards to Tyson. He’s defintely a real 5’10” peak if not a hair over and likely still near enough 5’10” today if he goes under at all. I think Rob has Murphy pretty well pegged. Maybe he’s a flat 5’9”. I know seeing him with Martin Lawrence in both Life and in Boomerang, as well as David Alan Grier, 5’9” range looks pretty reasonable
Joeyb33 on Jack Swagger
I saw him Saturday and I was a little surprised. He’s definitely tall but I’d go maximum of 6 foot 4. I also met DDP (pic on DDPs page of the encounter) and would say they were about the same height. I’d guess closer to 6 foot 3.5 than 6 foot 4 and change. He was in very low soled sneakers though so that could be throwing it off a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t pony up the 20 bucks to take a pick with Swagger.
Editor Rob
20 bucks is cheap these days!
Canson on Wesley Snipes
@Rising: I agree that it’s about an inch between them. Probably nothing more. Perhaps it’s even 2cm at times. This pic may not be the best though. Woody’s height is weird because he claims 5’9”. I grossly underestimated Snipes before. I had 5’7.5-5’8 but I’d say 5’8 and change like you have him. Woody at 5’9.5 is possible although 5’9.25 is also possible and there may only be say a 2cm difference between he and Snipes. I’d say the following ranges are possible for both guys. Both could very well be at the top of the range as opposed to Lower end or middle

Woody 5’9-5’9.5
Wesley 5’8-5’8.5

Click Here
Canson on Wesley Snipes
@Rising: I agree that it’s about an inch between them. Probably nothing more. This pic may not be the best though. Woody’s height is weird because he claims 5’9”. I grossly underestimated Snipes before. I had 5’7.5-5’8 but I’d say 5’8 and change like you have him. Woody at 5’9.5 is possible although 5’9.25 is also possible and there may only be say a 2cm difference between he and Snipes. I’d say the following ranges are possible for both guys. Both could very well be at the top of the range as opposed to Lower end or middle

Woody 5’9-5’9.5
Wesley 5’8-5’8.5

Click Here
Joeyb33 on Diamond Dallas Page
Hello Rob!

Correct I saw him slightly shorter than Randy Orton and about 6 foot 3.5. He has impeccable posture, probably all the yoga!
Editor Rob
I think his Yoga has probably helped him lose less than some other wrestlers.
Nik on Liam Payne
It would be interesting to see him compared to Taylor Swift! Liam is average in height, there ain't owt wrong with being average or short!
Sandy Cowell on David Walliams
Next to his comedy partner, Matt Lucas, David Walliams is a very much taller example of a 'large' when I think of all the classic 'Little and Large' couplings
through the decades of comical duos!

Canson on Steven Seagal
192 looks a bit low for his peak. He honestly looked a genuine 6’4” at his peak. If under 193, it’s maybe something like 6’3 7/8 but today he looks 6’3” with Rob all things considered. 6’2 is too low for him today as is anything south of 6’3 really
Canson on Ryan Reynolds
@Rising: I would say maybe 7/8” is a worst case but to me at least they look like they would be a full inch. I do agree tho with your estimate for the height difference between them. It’s for sure not anything near 3”. It could even be a solid 2” once all details are ironed out. You’re right that it could be just very similar footwear. Reynolds may just have 1” as well and could be 1/8” like you said. You brought up a very solid point! Reynolds’s hair is longer and may be what added to Junior’s perception of closer to 3”. Reynolds can strike me as a 6’2” guy most of the time but I would say if he’s under it is somewhere between 6’1.5 and 6’2” 6’1.5 is about as low as I could buy. I too doubt he’s only a flat 6’1” though.
Nik on David Nykl
He looks a tad under 5'6.75"!
Sandy Cowell on Matt Lucas
2 and-a-half inches difference? Matt looks more like half a head, and even if Rob is 5ft8.5 in this picture, that wouldn't mean half a head!

I think it's a possibility that Matt could be under 5ft5, to the tune of half-an-inch. What do you think, Rob? I feel compelled to give him 5ft4.5, but will opt for the slightly higher option of 5ft4.75 - this time!
Editor Rob
I personally wouldn't vote him that low, though I can see how many would guess him as 5ft 5 flat. I mean that would be the absolute lowest I'd go.
Nik on Kristen Bell
Kristen 🔔 does look a solid 5'1"!
Nik on Shania Twain
She is not very short either, not that there is anything wrong with that!
Gracian on Mick Mars
It's terrifying, so much loss of heights! He has even more lose height than David Prowse, he lost at least 5 and a half inches! When he was young in the 70's and 80's, he looked comfortable over 5'8" but I saw his photos and recordings from 2015 alongside Alice Cooper and Tommy Lee, it really looks disturbing! Rob, how is such a large loss height possible?
Editor Rob
He has Ankylosing Spondylitis, which can cause some people to lose big amounts over a period of time.
Nik on Kellie Pickler
I love her comment "I'm short, I'm like 5-foot, 5'1"!
Nik on General Height
@ Sandy Cowell - Everyone should celebrate the fact that some people tower over others, a lot of people tower over a lot of other people as well as being towered over a lot by others too! We should all celebrate the diversity of human height!

Have a great week Sandy!
Colberto on Russell Brand
Hey rob could me and him be height twins?
For the last few months I’ve been measured at 6ft 1.5in at doctors. Decent 186.5cm ranger. The two best figures for me are 6ft1.25in and 6ft1.5in
My average measurement for this year is 186.29cm.
Last month I was measured 6ft1.5in by the doctor.
Editor Rob
Yes you might find you are in a similar range to Brand.
Canson on Tom Brady
@Bobby: what would you give Gronk? I would say he’s probably 6’5.5-.75 at a low. Maybe 6’5 5/8?
Canson on Tom Brady
@Bobby: I would say he’s 6’4” as well. My only reasoning for 6’3 7/8 is that he could see that at night if he measures 6’4 3/8 early morning. If you didn’t see a difference then he’s likely at least flat 6’4” at a low since that would be about 1/4” between you/him and me/him which isn’t noticeable
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Christian: to clarify, I would probably say it’s 3-3.5cm difference between them. 3.5 is very possible with the knee and the angle of the camera. So going off that and accounting for footwear that would take it to 190.3-190.8. Absolute max I would say is 190.8-191.3 if we go with the 3cm diff accounting for Kobe’s knee. Otherwise maybe 191-191.3 is an absolute. While 191 is very possible for him 190.5 is just as good an estimate. Rising mentioned 192 as did Andrea and we have seen in many pics of other celebs where one is suspected to be the listed height and they end up a CM or two shorter when rob meets them
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Christian: to clarify, I would probably say it’s 3-3.5cm difference between them. 3.5 is very possible with the knee and the angle of the camera. So going off that and accounting for footwear that would take it to 190.3-190.8. Absolute max I would say is 190.8-191.3 if we go with the 3cm diff accounting for Kobe’s knee. While 191 is possible for him 190.5 is just as good an estimate. Rising mentioned 192 as did Andrea and we have seen in many pics of other celebs where one is suspected to be the listed height and they end up a CM or two shorter when rob meets them
Nik on Olga Kurylenko
She's the same height as Rob!
Nik on Elodie Yung
5'4" is so right for her!
Nik on Shaquille O'Neal
@ Yusuf b - I would have thought that there were more than 2800 seven footers in the world, but not many more!
Pierre on Brad Pitt
Brad is taller than Georges here but i don't know the shoes Click Here
Nik on Jeff Seid
@ axel44 - Telling the truth is much better because we should all be open and proud about how tall we are, if other people don't like the truth then it is their loss!

Canson on LeBron James
@Ellis: that actually isn’t unheard of for a 3. But it’s more ideal for a 2. Or maybe slightly above average. Remember that Caron Butler was a 3 during his career and he was 6’5” as well. That’s probably just a whisker taller than Kobe is. But I look at Draymond Green on the court as a 4 and a 5 at times with durant and klay etc (Iggy as well) and he looks what Steve Kerr says (6’5). Kerr and Gentry both said he’s that as did Carmelo Anthony. Draymond is small. Wes Unseld was very small for a center even in that era. Unseld admitted himself that he was only measured at 6’5.75 not 6’7 1/2 like he was listed. I would say a peak Unseld is a touch taller than Draymond
Pierre on William Sadler
I remember him in "Die Hard",he's a very good actor.Around 5"7' seems to me good by this pic
Nik on Matt Lucas
@ James Keffer - I don't know what's so funny.
Gman39 on Tyson Fury
It is possible Wilder is in boxing shoes in the photo with Kelvin Price, he could be at a footwear disadvantage there. I would believe up to a two inch difference between Joe Joyce and Fury but I think it is slightly less than that. I am not sure how tall Joyce is yet but he looks about 3.5 inches taller than Haye.
Nik on Lance Reddick
It's good that he is height honest!
Canson on General Height
@Zampo: I think at 5’10.25 they could round down if they desire but I’m sure a large portion will measure around 5’10 3/8 or a hair over (early afternoon) and could be told by the doctor or nurse that they’re 5’10 1/2. In that case, they’d likely round up. To me, half is improperly used. People see 1/2” as rounding up to the nearest inch. ...
Canson on Joel Embiid
@Junior: I think 7’0 flat afternoon height
Nik on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - Tell him not to worry, it was that pig four doors away!!!! Yes, that nasty red fella is responsible too, so Jaffa has not wasted his hard earned pocket money on after shave and expensive soaps! Hey, it's poor Twitty that is suffering most, she has her nose too near the pigs **** and the poodle ain't far away either! Poor ghost, inbetween two smelly red emojis!

That geezer looks rather like a dentist!
Pierre on Martin Klebba
Nice picture
Pdoggy on Andre The Giant
Click Here

This is the kind of pic that needs to be posted. Back to back.

Now tell me again how is Shaq is not over 7ft compare him to Wilt and Andre there you have it.

If you want to say LeBron is 6 ft 7 6 foot 8 makes no difference Shaq is definitely over 7ft in this picture no doubt about it there is at least six or 7in between the two of them
Sakz on Richard Rankin
@Bobby Well because he has a low eyelevel. I can tell by looking at him in the picture.
Sakz on Doug Jones
As he's taller than Rob he's understandably losing more height. Standing straight I can see him measuring anywhere from 6'2.75-6'3.
Editor Rob
It can be a hit or miss how somebody stands if you ask for a pose...6ft 3 rangers like Alastair Petrie or Lars Mikkelsen weren't standing great with the other people which is why I asked them (and they ended up in a good pose) but I shouldn't really have asked for a pose with Doug.
Pierre on Ben Affleck
What were his shoes in this pics?
Nik on Tom Cassell
@ Rob - 😂!😂!😂!😂!😂!😂!
Randomdude991 on Rob Paul
Rob this site claims you are 5'11 and used your pictures lol also your name is niko

Click Here

(sorry if I posted twice I forgot the link first time)
Editor Rob
Yeah, that's my real name 😅 And I went from 5ft 9 to 5ft 11 😮

That's the first I've heard about it 😊

You know, this is about the 3rd 'company' that has used my photo to try to sell some height program.

The sad thing is there are gullible people who will fork out money to scammers like that. I'll have a word with paypal about that site and see if they do anything.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Rob Paul
Rob, what exactly is the maximum measurement that you can receive out of bed? I do recall you saying something that you could potentially measure up at 5’8.9”, but could you measure up at 5’9” in optimal conditions?
Editor Rob
A true busting a gut with good condition might get me near 5ft 9, but normally it is a fraction less.
Zampo on Tom Walker
Looks like he would measure in the 182-183 cm range, off the photo.
King serph on Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
@Greg dont let the hair confuse you plus paul is leaning a bit, if not 4 then I wouldn't agree with any thing under 3.5 inch difference, to me vitaly looks more like 178-178.4 just like ksi nothing more, moreover we don't know about their footwear so we can't be certain.
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@Rising and RP: one thing that often makes Hulk difficult to gauge may be the fact that it’s heavily debated as to when he began losing his height as well as whether or not he lost and regained like people say. I could see that at one point as Danimal and others have said he was 6’2” at points. I also keyed in on what Alan32080 mentioned about the vertebrae having been removed.
Canson on Brock Lesnar
@Rising: we’ve all gotten heated at times! Lol we have on Barkley’s page but the more I’ve gotten to know you, I can tell your character and that you’re a very classy guy in general which is why a lot of people here respect you. That includes Viper Christian and me as well as others who we don’t get along with. And I’m also passionate and opinionated myself at times so It’s not hard for me to digress at times
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Well said Christian!
Scandinavian on Nicole Aniston
In my opinion with that weight she has a high chance being a little taller, like 162cm. For instance she could have measured herself without military posture and at night.
Canson on Big Show
@Erik C: I do not always agree with Sotiris’s listings.but I can say the same for almost any poster and they can say the same for me at times or even often. However that said, I do agree with some of his. And he has also provided some very good estimates that many people criticize him for. Meaning he’s guessed a few guys consistent with how they actually look and I agree with his estimates more so than many others. The “others” are the ones who are quick to call him out or get sour when someone downgrades the celebrity which is hilarious. And These same people that criticize him are wrong themselves at least on some celebrities. But truthfully, Sotiris unjustly takes a lot of heat for his guesses because he bucks the norms on this site. Most people here simply take Rob’s listings and don’t consider that they could be slightly off especially if the person has lost height or if the measurement were earlier in the day or if it’s just a claim. And if something is off, meaning another celebrity “outs” the one who is possibly overlisted. They revert to inflating the one who is properly listed. And While Rob is truly amazing at what he does, he is human just like you or I. But Through all of it, Sotiris is a stand up guy and someone that I respect a lot and will always defend because it’s just not right how he’s treated here. Not to mention he is respectful toward others. And to me, It’s hilarious when other posters inflate every celebrity they comment on, sometimes egregiously and deliberately as fanboys yet their comments roll through uncontested and they don’t get the type of criticism he gets when his guesses are no worse than theirs.
Canson on Triple H
@Christian: I think 250-260 is the most I could see for him too
Canson on The Undertaker
@Xavier: I don’t think it’s to that extreme “gimmicks to annoy others” but some guesses that people make are a bit odd or even off the wall to say the least. As far as Taker being guessed 6’4”, he obviously hasn’t been that height since high school (most likely). Even 6’5” is probably a bit low but at least there’s a conceivable chance that he is somewhere in the 6’5” range. I’d lean toward a weak 6’6” if anything. I think the chances of much exceeding 6’6” at his low aren’t very good today but he may still measure right at the mark or 6’5 7/8” to tell the truth. But notice what you said about the gimmicks to annoy others. I see the opposite with some posters where they provide the same outlandish guesses just in the opposite direction (making celebs taller than Rob lists them or taller than they claim or ever measured). Or that a select few downplay their height such as Stern or Tim Robbins. I’ve seen both on this site to tell you the truth but generally more in the upward direction than downward
Pierre on Brad Pitt
@Rising=hum,i'm not as sure as you about his shoes in the promo Conan's show
Pierre on Brad Pitt
@Canson=by some pics Lou/Ralf Moeller or Dick Durock listed 6"5.5'/6"6' i don't see him as tall as 192 peak =with Dick Click Here with Ralph= Click Here Click Here with Manny Perry listed 6"2' = Click Here
edwards on The Undertaker
is this poster michael loughrie s troll?lol
Nik on Lauren Alaina
I love it that she said "Most cheerleaders are really petite and I'm 5 feet 6 inches and I was taller than everyone else. and I have big hips and a big*ol' booty"!

* autocorrect tried to change ol' to OK' and oil!
Zampo on Idris Elba
Hmmm...whilst I think this is a better listing. What actually prompted you to take action? was it something always on the list of things to do or did you just read this 6'2.5 claim recently?
Editor Rob
there's always listings which sit on a fence, sometimes for a long while, but I think ultimately for Elba, I am certain it was 6ft 2.5 he went with...and it makes sense.
Pierre on Sylvester Stallone
@Rising=About Carl/Rob= The camera is about the same angle and they have about the same postures,and imo can not explain this difference.I can not explain to me otherwise than Carl wear sometimes advantageous shoes with a classic external heel.
Nik on Adrianne Curry
It's interesting to find out that her Dad is 6'6"!
Kerem on General Height
I am 195-196cm out of bed but I tell my height as 193cm. Is it accurate? In hospital they measured my height as 182cm. they put the measurement on my hair line but they had to put it on my top of head, am I wrong? Is it possible to mismeasure our height? I have an exact method which gives accurate result. I wish I could show it to you, guys... I came accross with two athletes at the airport. They were Volkan Demirel goalkeeper of fenerbahce soccer team and a basketball player who was Kerem Tunceri. They were classified both as 191cm. I was a bit taller than them. May be same or 2cm taller. Our shoes were same which gave 2-3 cm.

There is one option that the athletes were not 191cm or in the hospital they mismeasured my height as 182cm barefoot as I told before. Is there anybody who has faced situation like me?
6footTom on Dakota Johnson
Looked about 5'7.5" next to Tilda Swinton in Suspiria.
axel44 on Jeff Seid
The problem comes when a 5'8 guy claims 5'9 or a 5'10 guy claim 6'0. Some people think 5'9 is short but you are wrong. A real 5'9 is pretty average actually a really good height in terms of proportions etc.
If people would have never lied on heights.
Most people's perceptions are screwed up when it comes to height. Jeff probably hits 5'10-5'10.25 after bed with luck.
A correct measurement is barefoot not counting your hair at a medical check.
6footTom on General Height

The fact that women on average make less than men isn't proof of widespread discrimination. Men on average are more likely to pursue higher paying careers and jobs as well as working longer hours. Men are also more competitive on average and surveys have shown that men are also more likely to ask for promotions and raises compared to women. I encourage you to do more research on the subject instead of following the feminist rhetoric that it's due to discrimination. Studies and statistics do not back up this claim.
tree on Andre The Giant
michael loughrie said on 11/Nov/18
Andre was 7' 4" at peak, he had some really bad back problems which lower him to 7' 0".

Can u back it up with evidence?Of course not.
tree on Braun Strowman
Almost as tall as Corbin??
Braun is clearly taller
Canson on LeBron James
@Jackson: that’s Ellis’s opinion that he does but I agree with you that he doesn’t. Ellis is entitled to his opinion however. But yes he spends $1M per year just on taking care of his body
Canson on Carmelo Anthony
@Ellis: at least a 15. In person his feet are large as well
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: check out Bennett’s combine listing. What does the note about 6065 before the combine mean? Just curious. I wonder if that’s a Pro Day or Senior Bowl listing but the combine is usually held early morning so surprised he has a higher measurment elsewhere. I would’ve thought he would measure out around 6’5.75 or 6’5 5/8 if he measured that at the combine

Click Here

@Rising and Christian: how much height difference do you see in the video here? This is good when both are hitting the bag because they close to each other and both are standing barefoot.

Click Here
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Rising: I can narrow it to :24-:26.
Nik on Asia Argento
She does look a solid 5'5"!
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
⭐️ Rob! You have lost a cool 16lbs since I wrote that Limerick of you, which I came across this morning, so WELL DONE!
Editor Rob
Well I'm not quite shrinking away, I still am a few pounds above my ideal.
Canson on The Undertaker
@Dan Trojan and Xavier: 6’4” is way too low for Taker. I would almost say the same about 6’5” but that can be attributed to his poor posture. 6’5.5-6’6 is the absolute lowest I buy for Taker even today
Canson on Steven Seagal
@Berta: they also showed his license or profile in one of his movies. Maybe Under Seige 2 perhaps??? It read that he was 6’5” as well
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: I’ve almost never seen where it’s a 2” difference between Russ and harden. It usually looks about 1-1.5” I easily buy 6’2/6’2.25 for Russ and 6’3/6’3.5 for Harden

@Rising: I agree with what you said! I would like to see Gay with Merriman as well. I think Viper posted one of Merriman and Shawn Kemp though and Kemp is said to be something like 6’8.5.
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Rising: I’d say around :20-:26 when the two are having the conversation about the basketball coach and player walking down the steps
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Christian: Thanks! And you definitely just as much as well
Sandy Cowell on Guy Henry
Now THAT'S what I call a towering!


Guy can have 6ft3.5.
Nik on Dennis Rodman
5'7" looks too high for Brande Roderick!
@michael loughrie Generally a wrestler tends to be overbilled by 2 inches but sometimes it can be more. It all depends on how tall they want that wrestler to be viewed as by the public. Lesnar, Orton, Cena and Reigns are the few off the top of my head currently who aren't overbilled by much.
Nik on Felicity Jones
I love it that she mentioned about the "Burberry shoot" above! She dosen't look 5'3" in the photograph above!
Zampo on General Height

Ok I see. Yes, I would have expected you to measure lower than 5'10 at that point. Height can be weird like that though, I have had days similar where I would expect to measure lower but I haven't and at the other extreme I have hit my low after 2 hours. What it does show is that 99% of people will see you as a 5'10 guy (which is what you are more or less).


I wouldn't disagree with you. Indeed, a proportion will claim 5'11 with his stats. It all depends on the individual. On this forum there is huge emphasis on being "honest". Personally, I could careless about that. I just think one should just claim to the nearest inch e.g. in this case 5'10.25 maybe a "5'10 or 5'10 and change" claim but if someone is not comfortable claiming a lower height than they technically measure, then maybe use the cm metric. I'm not particularly bothered though.
Sandy Cowell on Emma Myles
I notice that Emma, star of 'Orange is the New Black', is posing for her photo in an ORANGE dress! Bravo to her for that!

She looks a 5ft2 girl to me, though it would be easier to judge if the photograph was a full-length one.

Is this an orange? 🍊 Well, probably not, but it'll have to do! Mind you, this carrot is! 🥕
Nik on Jeff Seid
@ axel44 - 5'9.25" is bang on average in the USA!
Nik on Ashley Greene
These are lovely pictures of Ashley, Rob, and Jenny, in Northampton!
Sandy Cowell on General Height
@ Nik - Too right about everyone having a different definition of a 'towering'!
I experience it every time I go out, even though I am back to 5ft1.75, but to actually tower over people only happens when I see young kids, not even the older ones! Mind you, when I was 5ft2.5 and I knew my friend Kate, who was 4ft10, I felt like I towered over her, and I probably still would today...

Have a great week, Nik! 😀👍
Nik on Alessandro Juliani
He is Rob's height, me thinks!
Zampo on General Height
Christian 6'5 3/8":

Personally, I believe regardless of the socioeconomic system in place (even communism) equality will most likely never be achieved, unfortunately discrimination is part of human nature. I think with regards to equity, in accordance to law, I would agree with what you have stated. However this does not hide the fact that "Equity" cannot stop prejudice, which affects one's ability to maximise their potential. For example, despite the Equal Pay Act being introduced in 1970, the Gender pay gap still (significantly) exists or it hasn't stopped the fact that women are paid (bonuses) 35% less than men on average in the UK. Because equity exists doesn't mean it's effective in it's objective.
Dan Trojan on The Undertaker
I so agree with you Xavier like it's one thing to say 6'5" but 6'3" LMFAO that's absolutely absurd I think they're just trolls and with regards to the big show like I said before I was standing pretty close to him and he was definitely around the 7'0" mark saying he's 6'9" makes me ****ing laugh because I know the truth
Nik on Ariana Grande
I like it that Ariana said "Petite or curvy tall*or short, we've gotta*work with and love what god gives us!"! This message should be heartwarming to all of us!

* autocorrect tried to change tall to talk and gotta to got a!
Gracian on Height Request
Rob, I sent yesterday a clip from Samuel L. Jackson from 2013, where he again said 6'3". I also asked you to start it from 0:20.
Here is clip with Samuel: Click Here
I would like you to mention it in the description of Samuel. Did you seen this clip?
Editor Rob
Yes, though I still don't agree with Samuel claiming 6ft 3.
Bwk on Jeff Seid
Wow, this is quite a surprise. I always thought this guy was between 5'11.25'' - weak 6'0''.
Nik on Kane Brown
He is generally down as being 6'2" on the internet!
Nik on Greer Grammer
It's great that three members of the Grammer family are on celebheights!
HonestSlovene on Brad Pitt
I case could be made for a strong 5'10", anything less isn't worth entertaining.
HonestSlovene on General Height
@Bobby Again, that is my ideal as well, but anything from 5'8" to 6'4" is decent in my opinion. Under a solid 5'8" is considered short in Europe and a solid 6'0" or more is considered tall (not a strong 5'11" claiming 6'0" or 6'1" like I know many people do).
Nik on Adetokumboh M'Cormack
I think that Adetokumboh is at least 5'10.5", he's slouching!
Sandy Cowell on Robert Morley
I know his face SO WELL, but I never remember him as a young man, as depicted above. It's interesting to find out that he just tops 6ft, so 6ft0.25 it is then! I knew he wasn't small....
Oliver on Kriti Sanon
I think some users should be careful with the words they have written in their comments. I see some comments stating that Kriti Sanon towered over Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif,etc. Does it make sense? Even being 4-5 inches taller than somebody doesn't mean that you tower over that person. I mean,only when you're like 8-9 inches taller, you should say you tower over that person.
Sandy Cowell on Jeffrey Dean Morgan
⭐️ Jeffrey always reminds me of the guy who played Blake in 'Blake's Seven', but I reckon he's a taller version! ⭐️
Nik on Andrea Lowe
@ Sandy Cowell - This is very interesting to know, thanks!

Andrea Lowe can have 5'6" from me too, 5'7" does seem a tad too high for her!
Nik on Tom Cassell
@ Rob - 😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!
Bwk on General Height
@Greg Seems like no matter what I'm doing whether it be exercising, on my feet for long periods of time, doing manual labor, etc I always manage to measure a tad over 5'10'' at the end of the day. I suppose under extreme conditions my absolute max low would probably be 5'10'' flat.
Nik on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - Many thanks for that, I am sure she will!
Nik on Honey Cocaine
@ Sandy Cowell - Too true!
Tunman on Kathryn Morris
Rob,it's a huge downgrade.I'm not convinced there's as much as 6"between her and Danny Pino.
Click Here: more like 3" and 5 without heels unless Kathryn wears very high heels?
Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Nik - Re: 🐦🐝😷👹

Jaffa is rather concerned that the geezer next to him is covering his mouth and nose, and would be exceptionally offended if it's because he thinks he smells. Jaffa is a very clean bee and spends a large percentage of his pocket money on aftershave and expensive soaps. Please reassure him by telling him that it is because the red horned emoji stinks to high Heaven that is causing the yellowy geezer to protect his nose and mouth. Jaffa is so upset that he can't eat his honey pops!

All the best!

Sandy and Jaffa 😀🐝🐦

PS Regards from Twitty the Bird!
ArjunaKorale on Mathilde Ollivier
I’ve only seen Mathilde in Overlord but was impressed with her in that (I’ll have to catch her in her French films, when I have time). She is v good at doing feisty sexiness. Height wise, maybe around 5 ft 6 to 5 ft 6 and a half inches tall. Mathilde & the kind-hearted soldier were my favourite characters from the film. By the way, Rob, have you seen Overlord? It is one insane film & though gory films usually turn me off, I felt that it was one of the best films I’ve seen all year.
Editor Rob
I haven't seen it yet, though it seems the kind of film that is out to entertain you.
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Christian 6ft5 3/8

I know I am fortunate to have been offered the cancellation, and I was mighty grateful. The shoes would have been a waste of money as I was virtually bed-ridden, and the times I ended up a heap of nothingness on the floor when I scrambled out of bed I simply lost count of!

The Queen Mother had a hip replacement operation at 95, but that was at the recommendation of her doctor. It wasn't
an emergency, but to enable her to walk with greater ease. Therefore some operations are less urgent than others, and mine fell in the urgent category.

Cheers Christian and enjoy the week ahead! 😁👍
MD on Leon Bridges
With 5'11"ish Jimmy Kimmel:

Click Here
Tunman on Greer Grammer
unfortunately,it's something over our control in most cases
Well,actually with the progress of science,people can now "improve"the genes of the future child,I'm not sure but I heard that a condition to donate to the sperm bank is to be at least 180cm.If that's true,it could be easily explained as we assume most mothers don't want their child to be short.
The sad thing about height (and weight equally)is that it often determines perception people have from someone as you said.Do tall people realize that if the short and average people were not existing they wouldn't feel so dominating?You need everything to build a world.
Btw do you know that in the Roman empire the average man was only 5'3?Today's average Joe would have felt very tall same as he would feel very short the next centuries provided human height gets continuously optimized.
VelikiSrbinn on Alexander Koch
Looks 6ft flat to me
Sandy Cowell on Chris Penn
Chris looks considerably more than 200lbs in the above picture.

I always thought he was taller than the listed 5ft11. He didn't look much less than Quentin Tarantino and Michael Madsen in 'Reservoir Dogs', so yes, I thought he was at least 6ft or a fraction over. It's high time I dig out my DVD!⁴

Remember the thunderous great noise that the two scrapping friends made when they were having a fun fight in the above film? (Chris, who played Nice Guy Eddie and Michael Madsen, who played Mr White)
So funny, as was their slanging match!

Today, I will go for 5ft11 for the late, and much-missed Chris Penn.
tree on Big Show
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Nov/18

I've never had Khali at legit 7'1" either. Even 7'0" is too high for him, but on the other hand 6'10" is too low. Maybe 6'11.5" range.

I hope ur talking about current Khali cuz Peak was over 7ft and u can't argue against it.
MD on Kane Brown
He's a bit shorter than this, I think.
Editor Rob
A bit under 6ft is possible, though I wouldn't go less than 182.
Sandy Cowell on Simon Pegg
@ Rob - Oh I see! Maybe he's telling everybody who reckons he's under 5ft10 to GUF OFF!

Silly really, as what's one-and-a-quarter inches when he's got what girls want in abundance - good humour. Making a fuss about a bit of height ISN'T so funny to womankind...

Most women accept guys as they are, and those who don't aren't worth battling for! Anyway, I have yet to meet a woman who think height is THAT important; certainly not important enough to turn somebody they like down because he is too short or too tall. 😀
Editor Rob
That is something many people unfortunately forget. Society (and the Internet especially) makes height seem far more important than it actually is.
aleatorio on Zooey Deschanel
164cm stunning brunette.
Sandy Cowell on Kane Brown
I can't see any of his country music CD's finding their way into my music collection, but nonetheless, Kane does look a convincing enough 6ft, so that's what he gets!
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Tom Cassell
@Littlelee168cm Tom look to have drop an inch not much over. 6'9 just a guess for the boy height with shoes on. Boy at least 6'7 or more if Tom's height listing here gets pretty much nailed by Rob.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) on Gabriel Iglesias
He doesnt even look like 5ft 7 at all due to his weight... Overweight and fat people always seem shorter than skinny and athletic people with similar height range IMO. One of My 5ft 7 friend named Dave whom met him years ago befotr even told me that "he is even shorter than me." PS. I haven't met him b4 in a person... But I would say he is less than inch taller than Jonah Hill who lost tons of weight years ago and now looks bit skinner than ever....
Sandy Cowell on Sophia Myles
I doubt if Sophia is a flat 5ft5 at her average height of the day. She is starring in a lovely festive edition of 'Heartbeat', which originally went out on 30th December, 2001. As soon as I saw her face, right at the beginning and buying a rail ticket to the Heartbeat village, Aidensfield, I said, "I know that face! Isn't she the girl who played Agnes in my favourite ever version of 'Oliver Twist'?"

Indeed it was that girl, Sophia Myles, and she looks quite a good height in this, though doubtless she is wearing shoes with reasonably high heels, for she plays 'A Cracker', in Geoff Hughes's own words! Well, I doubt he's going to pull her, Christmas time or not! 🎄

I will put 5ft5.25 again for Sophia. Now I'd better continue watching to see if the missing guide dog turns up and if the nasty piece of work who's hunting for Sophia's character, Heather, actually finds her...
Mike from Wirral on Big Show
6ft 4 for Paul wight barefeet! All this 7ft crap is non sense!
Zach on Sylvester Stallone
5'8 1/4? Interesting...
Zach on Jürgen Klopp
Posting after many years as a die hard Liverpool fan...

This guy is a solid 6'4 minimum. He's not the type to lie. If Wenger is 6.3 as widely reported, then Klopp is 6'4 at least as the pictures in a post below clearly demonstrate.

Additionally, Ibrahimovic is listed on this site as 6'4.5

Watch the clip below.

There's no difference in height between them, and certainly not an inch: Click Here
Linke on Rob Paul
Would a 183cm/6ft man feel exceptionally tall in India, like the equivalent of a 6'4"/193cm guy in the West?

In Rural India yes. In Urban areas, not quite. Considering how huge and diverse the population is, 6'0 is definitely tall but not out and out tall. More like 6'2 guy in the West.
MarcusTheSwede on David Beckham
He is 177-178cm look at video with James Corden 173.4cm and see it doesnt differ more then maximum 3-4cm. Just look for gods sake. Beckham is 177-178cm without boots. Click Here
Jdubbz on Anthony Davis

XL's? That's crazy man. I mainly wear medium/medium tall or large if I'm packing some extra fat.
Rising - 174 cm on Sylvester Stallone
I don't remember this being posted, but interesting recent comparison with Matthew Morrison(listed at 5'11" here) Full pics: Click Here Click Here Click Here Short video: Click Here Imo, Sly's dress shoes don't look any more suspicious than Leno's or Morrison's: Click Here Granted, the average guess for Morrison is 5'10.55" and Rob said 5'10.5"-5'11" range is possible, but even if Morrison is just 5'10.5", I struggle to see Sly below 5'8.5".

Honestly, I didn't even know who Morrison was before I stumbled on these pics so I don't have a strong opinion on his height, but he did look slightly taller than 5'10.5" listed Jay Leno: Click Here Personally, I think Leno is closer to a flat 5'10" now, maybe 1/4" over.
Sharie Zuluaga on Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney looks a little more than 5’0
alabamafr on Dean Norris
Seeing that you met Giancarlo in the past, is there also a possibility to stumble across Dean anytime soon?
Editor Rob
You never know!
Chris2309 on David Morrissey
Add a height chart Rob ?
Editor Rob
One has been added now.
Greg on Jeff Seid
@Big D there’s a lot of fitness models Rob should add, I think Laid is around 6’2.25 maybe 6’2.5”, Justin Martinelli claims 5’11 but looked the same as 5’10 maxx chewning who might even be 5’9.5-5’9.75”. Christian Guzman claims 6’0 but seems more 5’10 range. Chase Chewning claims 5’11 but seems to have a half inch on maxx. The Dutch aesthetics guy merjlin honest 6’1, Callum Von moger could be 6’1.5-6’1.75”. Freezma might be 5’10-5’11 he looked similar to Seid but I wouldn’t go for 5’9.5 for either of them.
Greg on Jeff Seid
@yamako I can see 5’8.75-5’9 range for chesty but he seems maybe 5’9-5’10 personally I think Chest is 5’9.5 and Seid 5’10.5, just can’t see him at 5’9.5. Zyzz would have to be around 6’1ish that’s what he looks in photos. Maybe 6’0.5 at a worst which isn’t that far off his claim.
11 November
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Shaquille O'Neal

You would have a better chance of seeing a 7 footer if you visit taller countries, or in a big international airport. But still, it's extremely super rare.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Liam Payne
I'd respect him more even if he claims 5'10", but no, he had to go further and claim 5'11" and even nearly 6 foot. What a joke.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Boris Kodjoe

I guess "logic" and "sense" only applies when you agree with it. Canson has just as much logic and sense as Rising, but you treat him like crap.
Micke on Tyson Fury
I think Fury looked to have Joyce by at least a solid duece. It was hard to tell exactly due to Joyce's high hair, but Fury's eye line was mighty far above Joyce's. Even accounting for their subtle head tilts it seemed impossible to imagine a difference of less than 2" unless Joyce has an extremely tall forehead. I could see an argument for just over 2" or right around it.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Lonzo Ball

That doesn't mean anything. There are some players who're listed 3 or more inches taller. Being called 6'7" doesn't mean that he must be 6'5" range. Besides he's still listed 6'5", not 6'7". Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Sam Neill
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul

You're pretty fortunate. A lot of people in your situation would've had to walk around with one leg being shorter than the other. I've known some people who had hip replacements had leg discrepancies.
Lava on Football Soccer
Mertesacker: 199-200 cm
Courtois: 198 cm
Pique: 193 cm
Dzeko: 193 cm
Pogba: 191 cm
Crouch: 202 cm
Jan Koller: 202 cm
Joe Hart: 194 cm
Smalling: 194 cm
Matic: 194-195 cm
Fellaini: 195 cm
Petr Cech: 193-194 cm
Van Der Sar: 199-200 cm
Buffon: 192 cm
Rio Ferdinand: 192 cm
Vincent Kompany: 193 cm
Ellis on Yung Gravy
@Canson: Yeah I agree anything is possible pictures can be deceiving at times. I have to look into Jimmy Butler, I have never really given his height a look before to be honest.
@Junior Hernandez: Yeah man, in this picture I completely agree, If I were to be honest this picture implies 6'9.5 to me as well, but something about 6'9.5 seems to low considering his 6'10.25 measurement. 6'9.75 is were I'm at, I would peg KAT at 6'9.75 if he is lucky 6'10.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height

Here's where I have a problem with that. "Equality" can never be achieved unless if we live under a complete Communist system. That means that all genders, races etc., would be given the same, regardless of how much or how hard they work. What we already have, especially in the western world, is equity. Equity means that everyone's given an opportunity to succeed and thrive. A lot of people tend to think that "equality" and "equity" mean the same thing, but they don't.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Chris Long might only be 6-2
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@Rising: I will say that he could be the full 6’5.25 at his peak. I think today with normal posture he may be closer to what Alan32080 suggested. While I don’t think 6’3.5 at a low a good 6’3 is as low as I could argue. 6’3.25 is actually arguable still but that’s as much as I could
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Mickie: you said you dip to 191 at a low? It’s possible Conan is dead even with you?
Canson on Shaquille O'Neal
@Yusuf: I’ve met some in my lifetime but not a significant amount. I can go days without seeing someone taller than me as is unless I see three friends of mine who I see weekly or biweekly
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@Junior: I think Barnes is what you said. You said you met him right? And 6’6-6’6.5? I can agree on that
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Christian: for Wade, it wouldn’t surprise me if he measured in shoes honestly and it was moved over. Shane alluded to that as well. The measurements from that year appear afternoon imho. Keith Bogans measured 6’4.5 in 2002 and 6’4.25 in 03. Melo was 6’6.25 but I will say in Melo’s case it’s not entirely impossible for him to have been a morning measurement and have grown a small fraction since the draft since he was 18. He looks a very legit 6’6”. Maybe strong. Wade just looks small imho like other 6’2.5-6’3 guards look in the league
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Christian: he has said both about Rampage before. He said “you love making people taller” as well and even said to me that I “love making people shorter”. I respect him myself but when you see the inconsistencies with his comments it doesn’t help And that isn’t just him that’s a lot of the posters here who claim that Barkley’s measurement didn’t take place. Common sense would say the NBA isn’t gonna make a player shorter. They just won’t do that. That’s a very lazy silly cop out. Especially when someone trusts what Conan says out of his mouth relative to his own height but not Barkley. So we’re going to make Barkley taller just to make Conan the height he claims is what I gather here when in reality it’s known that many men lie about their height. Barkley has even gone on to say before that he’s 6’5” so it isn’t him doing that because he did measure 6’4 5/8. Wouldn’t surprise me if he were just 6’4.5 peak barefoot
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Christian: agreed. With the small footwear advantage, Kobe would have that. 0.7-.8 is too little. That shoe that Boris has on is a full inch and Kobe has on a canvas shoe which is 5/8 maybe 3/4”. Best case is it’s a 1/4” worst case 3/8. I think he looks 6’3” as well. I just think it’s hilarious that you and I were lectured a couple weeks ago about “respecting the opinions of others” when you read the contents of the hypocritical comment below the one you just made.
Erik C. on Big Show
Click Here


I mean look at these pics of shaq and kobe. Prime Kobe who might be 6'6 in bball sneakers doesnt even make it to prime shaq's EYES. I seriously doubt in any of thw pics ive published there would've been a significant shaq footwear advantage that wouldve been the deciding/determining factor. Also take into account that Kobe is closer to the camera on both pics meaning if shaq was closer he'd be even taller. = shaq is a hella legit 7 footer. Even now.
Lava on Justin Bieber
5ft 10 with shoes
Erik C. on Big Show
@Sotiris Gravas

Alot of things you've posted and pointed out seem at least to me to be arguable, good points. And unlike some ppl, i dont really believe you're trolling whatsoever. However, that being said, i totally disagree and think its crazy to put Shaq sub-7 footer. You didnt even really elaborate to whether you think shaq is only sub-7foot now or whether referring to PRIME. Like he was never 7 foot. That's crazy. If shaq was never 7 foot sooooo many ppl listed have to be downgraded and get some of their height removed. Firstly, sane thing goes with khali being 6'10 or however low you pegged him. If khali was 6'10, shaq might not even be SIX TEN! Bc in that pc they look pretty much totally level and the same or khali might edge him out by the slighest bit or shaq might but even if shaq edged him out he still wouldn't be 1.5 inches taller at the 6'11.5 you're putting him at. And even if it was that thats way too low for him. Especially prime. Than you have to TREMENDOUSLY down grade Big show. And also super legit 7'3 Bol Bol and his son shareef. Link - Click Here link- Click Here
If you look at these pics The camera angle seems fine on both of them and excluding bol bol's extra hair in the pic and accounting that shaq is NOT in his prime and he's slouching AND shareef has extra hair, there's BARELY a difference between them. If shaq was 6'11.5 or even 7'0, then bol bol needs a huge downgrade and is like 7'0-7'0.5 range. Now, i think shareef might've been a little younger in the pic with shaq so he might've grown a tad bit. But it would only be a tad bit at best and shareefs been listed the same for a long time now. And thats assuming that the pics are from separate times and shareef grew. And even then with the advantages stacked against shaq he still comes out on top. Let alone in his prime. Then shareef needs a huge downgrade, 7'3 bol bol needs a huge downgrade. And Kobe bryant would need a HUGEE downgrade. In conclusion, shaq really cant be less then 7'0 and khali either has to be the same, the slightest bit more or less, so hes def not 6'10, let alon prime bc wrestling really punishes a persons back. And shaq very well couldve been 7'1 ft peak.
AnonymousMe on James Garner
-James Luisi (Lt Chapman on Rockford); 6'2 (always edges out Garner in height)
-Isaac Hayes; (Gandy on Rockford); 5'11 (shorter than Garner, but no way by 3 or 4 inches)
-Chuck Connors; (Co star with Garner in Move Over Darling); 6'5 or 6'6, depending on source (towers over Garner, particularly in the courtroom scenes where they are side by side in front of the judge. No way just 2 or 3 inches taller)
-Tom Selleck (Lance White on Rockford); 6'3 or 6'4, depending on sources (despite a common photo of the two men from filming which gets around, most scenes from "both" eps they are in together show Selleck with a good 2 inch lead over Garner. Sometimes more like 3 inches.
-Johnny Carson (Garner appears with him on Laugh-In); 5'10 to 5'11, depending on source (Unlike on The Tonight Show, where garner would always come out and walk in front of Johnny's desk...distorting any height comparison, on Laugh-In Garner is right next to Carson, and looks no more than 2 inches taller)
-Milt Kogan (Guest star on Rockford/No Cut Contract, etc) Listed as 6'4, but personally told me he was/is 6'5 via email, several years ago. He's in more than one ep, and is EASILY 3 to 4 inches taller than Garner.
.....I'm sorry, mine is not to run the discussion on this page. In fact, I'm done after this, because even I am getting tired of reading my own posts. And I'm fully aware that not all listings for heights are correct, by any stretch. But there are just too many actors Garner worked with in the 60's or 70's, who's heights are either known or those actors worked with other actors who's heights are known, for Garner to have been a towering 6 foot 3, barefoot. I could be 100% wrong, and Garner himself will correct me someday in the hereafter. But 6'3 is just too much of a stretch, no pun intended.
Rising - 174 cm on Michael Jackson
@James Keffer: As far as the still with Naomi, I wouldn't guess Cuban heels like that any less than 1.5" to be conservative, but it looks to me like the ground might be slightly higher in Naomi's favor and it's difficult to tell how much height they're dropping so it's not impossible they're both the same height, which is how Rob lists them. I didn't think Liberace was taller than 5'8", but I've heard a number of heights for him so I agree he'd be a good page to add. Funny thing is by the time of Michael's arrest and later years, I thought he was fairly tall, which may have been his build or maybe I took the 5'11" listings at face value, but I did have the perception of younger Michael as small.
viper on Shawne Merriman
6-6 Martellus Bennet towering over 6-2 Merriman. Click Here
Rising - 174 cm on Dean Martin
Dean may have looked 5'11", but look at the type of shoes he wore: Click Here You can zoom in if you click on the image.
Nik on Iain Glen
It's fascinating that he got listed as being 5'11" in the Spotlight Directory!
Nik on Sala Baker
He doesn't look 6'0"!
Nik on Tess Daly
She is very honest!
Nik on Britney Spears
She is average in height!
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
@canson —- no you dont think so —— I do
Nik on Rihanna
@ sweetie (1/Oct/05) - I like your name!

It looks like the popular consensus is that Rihanna is 5'8"!
Animus on Adam Driver
His character in "Girls" says he is 6'3 when asked. Presumably they based that on Adam Driver's actual height claim. So, it seems likely that Driver thinks he is 6'3. With rampant inflation in height claims he most certainly can be a convincing 6'3 guy to most people. Next to Michael Shannon it's clear he's closer to 6'2.
Nik on Kerri Medders
She is the same age as my niece Lucy but a good inch taller!
Nik on General Height
@ Sandy Cowell - What you have said demonstrates that everyone's definition of towering is different! Although taller people are towered over less frequently than smaller people it is fascinating that most of the tallest people in society are towered over by others from time to time! Hey, if you want to see Peter Crouch towered over by someone then visit his page and click on the link provided by James B!
JamesB172cm on Rob Paul
Rob is it not impossible that 6ft3-6ft4 guys exzzagerate and claim 6ft6?
Editor Rob
Of course it is a possibility. Being tall, doesn't exempt you from inflating your own height to make yourself feel better and sound more impressive to others.
Nik on Antonia Prebble
@ Sandy Cowell - Yes, I think that 5'7" is a good call! It looks like one of the voters disagrees though, someone thinks that she is a tad taller!

Antonia is a very nice name and it's ironic that there was a dark-haired girl in your class called Antonia, a PE lesson would have been an ideal opportunity to judge her height and the heights of any of the other girls, this is because everyone would have had a similar amount of heel on their trainers or pumps! The dinner queue also offers good opportunities to judge heights at a school or college, but footwear advantage would have to be considered!
ReallyShortRussianDude on Joe Rogan
Click Here

Rob, how tall is Rogan looking with Fury?
Editor Rob
I think he'd be (if posing) over a head taller comfortably than Joe.
Sandy Cowell on Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeff was excellent in 'The Possession', but I didn't know he was in 'Supernatural' and 'The Walking Dead'. Well, they're all of the Horror genre, so it makes sense!

He can have 6ft1.
Sandy Cowell on Jeff Seid
@ Rob - 2006-2009 is long before I was even visiting the library to make comments! It was an hour's course at my local library where I learnt the internet - and I kept coming back!
Editor Rob
Only a small percentage are still around from that era. This site hasn't changed that much really, considering we are now into the 14th year of CelebHeights.com - Small changes happen now and again.
Sandy Cowell on Andrea Lowe
@ Nik - The gentleman in the picture is Stephen Tompkinson and he is 6ft2.

Andrea Lowe can have 5ft6 from me.
Sotiris Gravas on Viscera
Here's a nice pic of a Viscera/Kane... staredown... Click Here
Annonymous on Braun Strowman
Christian...I believe big show may pack lifts in his boots in the wrestl
Ing ring, that would explain the barely 1.5 inch height difference between him and the 7'0.5ish Great Khali, that also makes sense as he looks taller next to braun in the ring than in their suits there and dress shoes. Wight 6'10 nowadays, Strowman a few mm's over 6'7.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman needs to be downgraded to 6-2.5 badly.

Hell, 6-1 linebacker Samson Ebukam physically looks taller than Merriman ever did on the football field.
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show
I see that I goofed and wrote that I posted more pics on Studd's page rather than that of Andre, as well as posting a wrong pic. Oh, well.

1) I may be wrong about Khali's height, but check out this pic of a 6'3.75" Jinder Mahal (closer to camera) and let's say 6'9.25" barefoot Enes Kanter (not NBA listed 6'11" LOL): Click Here

2) Now, compare that w/ Jinder and Khali... Click Here There's not a big difference between Khali and Kanter. I may be wrong, but I really think Khali is 6'10".

3) For Comparison, here's 6'11" David Robinson w/ 6'4.5" Michael Jordan... Click Here

Just for fun, here's Robinson w/ 6'10" Vladimir Cuk and 6'2" Mark Cuban... Click Here

IMPORTANT: Look at 6'10" (listed 7'0") Cuk and 6'2" Cuban... Click Here

IMPORTANT: Again, as compared to Khali and 6'2" Edge... Click Here
Khali looks SHORTER than Cuk.

Cuk and 7'1" Dikembe Mutombo for comparison... Click Here

Here's a fun pic of Khali showing his height in a group shot... Click Here

Khali and Kane... Click Here
Keep in mind that Kane looks shorter than Lee Smith... Click Here (and NFL measurements are not always legit).

@Canson Here's DeAndre Ayton w/ Mo Bamba (leaning in)... Click Here

And Ayton w/ 6'11.25" Tyson Chandler for comparison... Click Here

@Christian Thanks, dude.

Before I go, more proof that Dwight Howard (seen here in sandals) grew to 6'10" from his previous 6'9", next to 6'4.75" Kobe Bryant... Click Here

@Rob I can see Charles Barkley as 6'4.75"... taller than MJ.
michael loughrie on Daniel Cormier
He is 5' 11", seems tall next to most fighters.
michael loughrie on Andre The Giant
Andre was 7' 4" at peak, he had some really bad back problems which lower him to 7' 0".
michael loughrie on Kane
Kane is 6' 7", Undetaker is as low as 6' 4" now.
Bobby on Daniel Portman

If he's 5'9.5, then I'm 5'11.
Bobby on Daniel Portman
He can look 5'9 next to Rob. At least 175cm.
Nik on Iyari Limon
The hat is no good for working out her height!
Editor Rob
It's not a big hat, probably about 2cm from top to her head at most I'd have said.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) on Rob Delaney
He does look over an inch taller than Ryan Reynolds Click Here Click Here. Even if Reynolds is below 6'2" like some say he is, there's still a very decent chance this guy is 6'3" and a fraction.
Word1234 on Nick Jonas
This is definitely nicks morning height.
I could see him dropping to as low a 5’6.25 evening height.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) on Carl Froch
Mel, 2.5-3 inch is too low, the old height chart on this image proved he was very close to 6ft if he wasn't exactly that.
Luca on Gabriel Garko
@Andrea I invite you to look at staffelli next to footballers like barzagli and chiellini, both listed at 187 : they look almost the same! In addition to That I suggest you to watch the last time staffelli gave garko a "tapiro d 'oro":garko looked a bit taller even if he had a shoes disadvantage! However, sorry if I ask you, what is your morning/night height range? Which height do you usually claim?
Matt99 on Tom Cassell
Such a shame that he claimed 5’9, so many strong 5’6/ weak 5’7 guys claiming 5’9...
Sean95 on Jeff Seid
Oh my god, this listing has actually shocked me. I use to think 5'11-6'0. Was there anything like photos/videos next to celebrities that made you believe he was around 5'9.5?
Nik on Esther Garrel
Her listing is fine!
Nik on Georgia Moffett
Nice pictures!
Nik on Mark Christopher Lawrence
I can't see him being so tall when his sneaker advantage is taken into account, I love the word sneaker!
Editor Rob
I mean we never really use that word in Scotland, I'm sure you use word 'Trainers' like many Brits...but since this site's main body of visitors is from America, even I use it a lot more.

I still stick mostly to English spelling though.
Xavier on The Undertaker
If Undertaker is 6ft 3 then Triple H is 5ft 10 and Shawn Michaels is 5ft 6 Click Here

The downgrading on this site has got completely out of hand. I think certain individuals here and on Big Show's page are not bring serious though and playing gimmicks to annoy others.
Nik on Anna Chancellor
It's interesting that Anna said "I'm tall [almost 5ft 9in]" when she is nearly 5'10"!
Rising - 174 cm on Hulk Hogan
@RP: Thanks, I saw the A-Team episodes years ago, but didn't remember if he had cowboy boots the entire episodes, but every shot I see his footwear in that seems to be the case: Click Here but I would say they look more like 1.75" heels than 2": Click Here I had thought Belzer looked 6'0"-6'0.5" during his time on Homicide and even Law & Order SVU, but even keeping in mind I have an easier time seeing Peppard a full 6'0" by 1985-86 than most, it's difficult to imagine Belzer taller with the difference in footwear you mention.

@PekaHauhner: I don't think he looks bigger than that moving around the ring and certainly not while taking the polaroid after the match, but if he does, it wouldn't be such a surprise if they used camera angles to make Hulk look more like the nearly 7' Andre the Giant-size character he was supposed to be. But I think it's more that a minimum 6'5" guy, 295 pound guy will look enormous next to a 5'9" max, 163 pound guy.
Xavier on Big Show
Sotiris Gravas, it's not hyperbolic. You seem to intentionally pick the photos with the worst angles or where someone is further from camera and looks smaller to prove a point.

The Shaq and Wilder photo is a good example because the full length photo shows the true height difference between the two Click Here that's a 7-8 inch height difference so if Wilder is 6ft 6 like you claim then Shaq is clearly over 7 foot which is what he was measured at.

Barry has at least 3 inches on DDP so how can both be 6ft 4?

DDP only came to Big Show's mouth at peak Click Here

How is Strowman closer to the camera with Kanter? And their footwear heelsize is similar. Strowman at 6ft 6 is your opinion. People estimating him that low are still just estimates not reality.

There is no way Undertaker is as low as 6ft 5. That's crazy talk.

Can you post a link to the actual 6ft 8 listing for Babatunde, NFL official site has him at 6ft 9
Click Here that photo you linked looks fan made
Nik on Lucy Boynton
I like her dress and footwear! 5'5"!
Jackson on Ray Fisher
The reason I feel Ben Affleck is legit 6’2” range is I just don’t trust Rays footwear when he’s with cast mates. Look at him standing just as tall as 6’4” Jason Momoa... how’s that possible? I feel like Ben is taller than ray. Barely. But ray seems to magically appear taller sometimes.

Click Here

Click Here
Bobby on Karl Urban
He can pass for a solid 6'1.
Nik on Annie Murphy
She looks like a taller version of Emma Atkins!
Jackson on Ben Affleck
Ben and Ray Fisher look the exact same height next to these fans.

Click Here
Greg on Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
@King Serph where do you see 3-4 inches. Logan has terrible posture and I don’t think he is much over 6’1, 6’1.5 is generous there looks to be about 2.5-3 inches or so of difference and that’s taking account the fact we aren’t sure about footwear. But I think Vitaly is a weak 5’11 and Logan probably a decent 6’1, Jake Paul and Vitaly would Measure similarly. Also Vitaly held up well with Faze banks who Rob has at almost 6’4, but there wasn’t more than 5 inches between them in a video.
Nik on Ben Browder
He does look under 6'0" in the photograph above!
Greg on KSI
@Guest66 morning arm span measurement of course 😂 nah I know I have really long arms shame I couldn’t get some inches from their to my height and ah interesting so we are around the same height.
Jackson on Ben Affleck
Ben next to fan.

Click Here

Chris Evans next to exact same fan.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Ben probably is losing an inch in posture compared to Chris there. $250 for a photo is a fair whack for Ben!

Well worth having a look through that guys photos, he got a few good names and also useful to see how heights can vary tremendously.
Nik on Charlotte Flair
I like her comment above!
Greg on Tom Cassell
The guy next to him must be 6’6-6’7 then?
Editor Rob
He looks at least that range.
Littlelee168cm on Tom Cassell
Junior Tom isn't stood as tall as he could be in this photo I'd guess the other guy is about 6ft 7 and Tom would be around a foot shorter if stood up straight
Greg on General Height
@Bwk at almost 5’11 that’s probably your low. An extreme low might be 5’10 flat.
@Jonah Ellis well how tall are you? You haven’t mentioned your height and what are your parents heights? That might give you an idea of your adult height. I probably grew like 3.5 inches from 16 or so until 18.
@Guru guy well the best way to measure yourself would be can against the wall or under the stadiometer granted it’s properly attached. You’re telling me you don’t feel tall as a 6’1.75-6’2 guy? I would feel tall. But it’s all depends where you live. Yeah I mean a 5’9 guy would be noticeably shorter than you I’m a weak 5’11, and when I see 5’3-5’4 guy I feel like they are much shorter than me and of course you would dwarf them.
@Zampo agreed but most guys would round up in his postition and say 5’11 if not 6’0 which as ridiculous as it may sounds seems to be the norm especially from what I witness.
joe### on Jared Padalecki
Rob met him and said he is a 6'4
Littlelee168cm on Mathilde Ollivier
Wow she looks really tall in this photo those heels must add a lot. Would she be about 5ft 10 in those Rob
Editor Rob
I think she would be 5ft 9.75-10 possibly.
Nik on Sookie's Den
Nik on Roger Cross
I think he is at least 6'1.25" in bare feet!
Nik on Laura Mennell
It would be interesting to see her pictured with Rob!

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