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16 January
Dezzie on Ladies Heel Heights Explained
I’m 5’11 and 1/4 how tall would I be in 4.25 inch heels?
Editor Rob
If the model was described and measured 4.25 to the highest point of the back of the heel, you might manage to get close to about 3.5 inches inches of actual height - it depends on how much of a platform there is, so you would measure probably over 6ft 2.5.
15 January
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Jacqueline King
5'6 5/8", she doesn't look any taller than Rob with her footwear advantage.
Camilla on Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have the same height, both are within the range 5'4-5'5
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Mark Henry

He was never 6'4". He was listed 6'3" when he was younger in his early weightlifting days. He was also described as 6'2" in 1992.
Peter175 on Christina Masterson
I don't know who she is but she is gorgeous. I think I will watch that Power Ranger series (I'm a long time fan) just to see her in motion. I want a girlfriend that looks like her 😭😭

Was she nice in person Rob?
Editor Rob
She seemed fine, though I was feeling like that 🀒 weekend.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Danielle Bregoli
@Duhon and Sandy

I've noticed that the same goes for boys too. Of course this isn't always the case and there are some exceptions.
Camilla on Demi Lovato
Demi lovato during her childhood was much taller than Selena (you can check it in google photos) Selena developed later than Demi and that helped her grow much more during her adolescence and that is why now in adulthood she is taller than Demi about 6 cms.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Andrew Rothenberg
@World Citizen

I gotta agree with you. 186cm is a joke of a listing.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Maimie McCoy
Looks more 164cm
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Will Sampson
Average American height has stagnated for decades. I'm sure there were as many 6'5" guys 20 years ago as there are today.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Michael Kingma
He and a current Kevin Nash could be the exact same height. Both 6'8.5"
Danimal 5'9 3/4 on Lance Henriksen
Rob, first of all, that picture of you and is from almost 13 years ago! He's also almost 80 years old now and the average 80 year old will have lost 2" in height. He's probably closer to 5'7" today. He was in his mid 60's in that pic with you and is in his late 70's now. BIG difference and a lot of height loss occurs between those years.
Editor Rob
He could be 5ft 7.5 now, I last saw him a few years ago and thought it possible.
ADD on Zelina Vega
Andrade looks way bigger than 5’9
Camilla on Selena Gomez
I was very close to her when she left the Pilates classes while I went in and I realized that she has the same height of mine! I was in sports shoes of approximately 2 centimeters very similar to those that Selena was wearing, my real height without shoes is 1.65 and with the sports shoes that I had on I'm 1.67 meters, wowww I have the same height as her, which means that Both Selena and I are neither tall nor short, we have average height.
Sotiris Gravas on L L Cool J
Here's Chris Klein (who Rob has at 6'1") looking the same height as 6'0.25" Freddie Prinze Jr.
Click Here

Here's Klein w/ Cool J looking very 5'11"... Click Here , Click Here ,
Click Here

No way in hell is Cool J 6'1.5", and if Klein is as low as 6'0", then Ron Simmons is only around 6'1", not his billed 6'2", which makes sense... Click Here

I actually engaged w/ him on Twitter where he immediately said he wasn't 5'11", even though I never mentioned that as a specific height for him...
Brett on Hugh Jackman
Sorry guys,

Just saw the questions re my height... I usually say 185cm... I can still hit around that at night, so maybe im technically more... but ive never done the full morning to evening measure-athon to try πŸ˜‚

The picture of Hugh and me is from maybe 3-4 years ago, so I think he has shrunk more since then - from what Rob says... I was looking at some older shots of him, and he defintely looked taller a few years ago... eg this shot with Ryan Reynolds, he actually looks taller than Ryan here, but in more recent years, he tends to look shorter.

Click Here
Sotiris Gravas on John Layfield
@Zampo Here's Chris Klein looking the same height as 6'0.25" Freddie Prinze Jr. Click Here

Here's Klein next to Ron Simmons, who has him by an inch... Click Here

So, looks like Simmons might only have been 6'1", just like you say. (Rob still has Klein at 6'1".)
Bradley on Nikki Sixx
Met him in '94, looks 6' 1" in a photo I took from 3 feet. G has this one right.
Bradley on Mick Jagger
Jones at 5' 5"? That's wild. I never realized he was that short.
Bradley on Bruce Springsteen
Is that G in the recent cover story of Esquire in a photo trying to get Bruce to sign a Born In The USA LP with the mass? He looks old. This 5' 9.5" listing is wrong, he's 2" shorter.
Sotiris Gravas on Dalip Singh
Here's a slouching 5'9.5" Adam Sandler w/ Khali... Click Here At only 6'7", a 5'9" dude reaches my chin. So, 7'1" for Khali...? No.
Sotiris Gravas on Sylvester Stallone
@THE REAL ANONYMOUS I'll answer that for you. The reason is Weathers (poor posture) has on sneaks with thin soles, whereas Tiny Sly has on flip-flops w/ THICK soles and GIGANTIC heels. Here's a close-up (Weathers is lifting up his left foot slightly)... Click Here

Fiction... Click Here vs. reality... Click Here
Nik on Sookie's Den
Myself on Sheamus
I think it's a fair downgrade
Pdoggy on Kevin Nash
Henry said on 13/Jan/19
Earthquake was measured at a PROVEN 6'5.95" Barefoot so it just proves that everyone on here reduces people's heights by 1.5 to 2 inches.

Pdoggy on Andre The Giant
Henry said on 13/Jan/19
Earthquake was measured at a PROVEN 6'5.95" Barefoot so it just proves that everyone on here reduces people's heights by 1.5 to 2 inches.

burnitdownhomies on Olivia Williams
She looks about the same height as you, with 1 inch more footwear. So I'm guessing somewhere around 5'7.
BT on Willem Dafoe
@Editor Rob: Here's a recent pic with Oscar Isaac: Click Here. That's quite a bit more than a half inch difference. I think Oscar is nearer 172 than 171 cm anyway, and perhaps Willem has lost a bit of height?
Editor Rob
He's at an age in which he could be half inch or so shorter than 5ft 7.
BT on Oscar Isaac
I'd say 172 cm is fair for him
Greg on Rob Paul
@Celebheights 6’1.5” so I don’t see the issue with that they claimed to be a shade under 6’0, and they where like 5’11.5-5’11.75” they likely wake up at or over 6’0, just as you probably hit 6’2 out of bed. As for if they don’t believe your claim they would have to be dilusional if they thought you where lying.
@edwards man I would take 6’0 or 6’1 or 6’2 the taller the better πŸ‘.
@Max Wyatt what in Air Maxes? I’m 5’10.5 in the noon and get guessed at 5’11-6’0 when I wear mine. In my boots I’m often called tall by some people.
Greg on Rob Paul
@Justforfun I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s absurd however I do see what you’re saying I’ve mentioned before that let’s say a guy wakes up at 180cm and ends the day at 178cm if he claims 178 I think he would be downgrading himself, 180 would be upgrading and the middle ground of 179 would be a fair claim. Although you can claim anything you measure throughout the day be it morning afternoon or evening. Most people will see you with footwear anyways and sometimes hairstyles, postures and other factors effect the height people perceive you. Not to mention the height inflations which are common amongst our generation. I’ve seen on this forum that even round ups of up to 2cm are fair anymore would be pushing it. If you wanted to claim 5’10 since you’re close to it for most of the day you may, nobody would really call you out infact many guys in your position would try to claim 5’11-6’0 as I see them do from time to time.
Peter 180cm on General Height
@Canson Could be that too as well.. I have a friend who is rake-thin with long metal hair xD and generally good posture and always in soid footwear who looks atleast around 180cm from a distance but up close he's like 177cm at most so a weak 5'10. So yeah, proportions play a big role on how tall you can look. I've had people tell me i look atleast 181-182cm but that's cause i have long limbs for my height, a longish neck and naturally broad and build shoulders. My armspan is a measured 194cm as well, around your height.
Vat on Tom Holland
The films of this spiderman are the worst of spider man in all history, but it is not the actor's fault, it is for the bad script.
Sandy Cowell on Lucy Pargeter
@ Gladstone Screwer - Ha ha ha! You've got them on the mind, haven't you?
πŸ₯πŸ₯ I've never really looked at them before - that is until now - and, yes, I agree they are an impressive size and shape! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

5ft6.5 for Madame Lucy.
Sandy Cowell on Eden Taylor Draper
How lovely that Sam bought Belle a new pretty pink piglet to cheer her up! "It always used to work when one of us was down!" said Belle.


After having suffered as the result of being the object of killer Lachlan White's affection, Belle has at last had the closure she needed, after the monster, who isn't tall but very well-built, was terrifying the poor girl from behind bars by using his father to do the dirty deeds. πŸ˜πŸ–•

I think Eden has settled at 5ft2.
Randomdude9099 on Randy Couture
Cro Cop in my opinion has been very much overlisted, Mir is about 6'1 and he looked ATLEAST 2 inches shorter than Mir

I would estimate Mirko at about 5'11 could have been taller at his peak though during the pride era.
Undertaker Frank on Tatanka
I took a Picture With Tatanka and he was wearing Big Heeled Cowboy Boots and look alittle taller than me and im 5ft 11.5 i say hes about 5ft 10 to 5ft 10.5
Bradley on Sylvester Stallone
Gravas with a Telly lollipop out of the mouth smile kill shot with Burt. Catch Sly in the Chuck Taylors and he is dead on 5' 8.5" iced barefoot. Anthony Quinn Zorba dance after that one....lots of clapping and plate hits on the ground. Burby, chime in with a clap.
World Citizen on Gemma Whelan
165 166 cm
c-mo on Michael Owen
go to david beckhams page I posted some photos there where both stand together and also stand with other footballers . Michael Owen looks really short next to them all . I somehow doubt that he is 172cm at night as rob lists him . not that I am doubting robs eyes but why does michael owen look so short ?

I think the difference between rob and owen is pretty noticable . I think 170cm for owen might be closer to the truth tbh
Editor Rob
I wouldn't argue that low, he seems taller than 170cm people.
Sandy Cowell on Jenny Ryan
πŸ€£πŸ’¨ Correction Time! πŸ₯

Roland the Farter was an entertainer to HENRY the Second, and NOT Charles II. Sorry about that!

Charles II's reign 1660 (crowned in 1661) - 1685, was known as the Restoration period, after the English Civil War, which culminated in the execution of Charles II's father, Charles I, who was beheaded on 30th January 1649. Charles I was known to be a small sized King.

Charles II was known as 'The Merry Monarch', hence my daft mix-up!
World Citizen on Richard Dormer
Awesome listing.
World Citizen on Garrett Wang
Looks even taller than Josh, did he have more footwear?
Editor Rob
The camera is on the left side of the Spotlight I believe from that photoshoot area, so the person on the left could have a greater chance of looking taller. Similar with Michael Gambon, for me there is 3cm at least in person between how Josh looks and Gambon looks.
James Brett on Prince Charles
5ft10.25 peak rob?
Editor Rob
A chance...all that riding Horses he's been doing during his life has damaged his body a bit more than your average worker.

I wonder with Diana at times whether he was tempted to wear a small lift...he doesn't really seem the guy to do so, but then I've said this before - when my neighbour discovered I ran this site and then mentioned to me he used to wear lifts (and this is a guy who was over 5ft 10 and the least likely candidate I'd ever consider as a lift-wearer), I realised you just never know who might be wearing them...
Bobby 5'10 on David Nykl
One of my uncles from Greece has this listing on his military ID card but my eye level is at the top of his head. This guy can seem a 5'7ish guy next to Rob, but Rob is tilting his head down so I'm thinking maybe he's closer to 5'6.5?
Sandy Cowell on Jenny Ryan
Today on 'The Chase', Jenny was the Chaser. One of the questions asked was "Which is the most laughed-at joke since 19,000 years BC?"

There was an area in the world mentioned, which I can only assume was advanced for its time. The options were:

A) Mother-in-Law jokes,
B) Window-cleaning jokes or
C) Flatulence.

The contestant said A) Mother-in-Law jokes! She got it wrong, for the answer was C) Flatulence! Funny Jenny got it right, of course, as did I!

DID YOU KNOW that Charles II's favourite entertainer was a guy known as Roland the Farter? He was rewarded handsomely for his cheerful routine, with money, a house, the best food.....!


Jenny can have 5ft6.75.
Bobby 5'10 on Jimmy Jean Louis
I'm seeing more 5'10 than 5'11 for him. Maybe he's a weak 5'11 guy? Also, MySpace is still a thing?
Bobby 5'10 on Jason Statham

I doubt it, I'm 5'10 and I look taller than Statham proportionally.
Bobby 5'10 on Jason Statham
By the way he's a big 5'9ish guy, I would say at least 200lbs of lean muscle mass.
Mickie on Chris Cuomo
I believe he's more like 6'1.5"-ish than the full 6'2". Either way, taller than you might think just seeing him sitting in front of a camera.
kees on General Height
I've always been the shortest at school. I am now 16 and I am 5'7. I feel like that I've stopped growing as I haven't grown for a year or a year and a half now... I also got a lot of body hair - on my stomach there is also but not aaaa lot. I also have quite a bit of hair on my chin when I don't shave and a mustache. Do you think that I am still able to grow? Could I still get a growth spurt?
Sandy Cowell on Dolly Rose Campbell
@ Nik - I think Daniel Brocklebank has been a lovely addition to 'Coronation Street'. He's funny, forgiving and has a conscience, which is more than can be said about some of the Street's characters. Knowing that Dolly-Rose is 5ft, it should be comparatively easy to find out whether Daniel is a head shorter. I'd put him at 5ft8-9, and when I checked him out and found he was exactly 5ft8.5, I thought it was amazing and I felt like a bigheaded know-all! I have never seen him written up as 5ft10 yet, and there's no way he could pass for it, apart from when he stands with Gemma's (Dolly-Rose's) supposed screen brother, Paul. Then he could pass for that height, yes!

Cheers mate! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Canson on Jeff Goldblum
@Rising: actually you’re right. He does look lower. I would say peak 6’4.25 still looks ok though but today maybe less than 6’3.75
Canson on Carmelo Anthony
@Miller: if that size the guy would prob get 6’5 7/8 or 6’5 3/4”. I’m not sure on Pippen but I believe 6’7” prime height when he was first drafted. I would say

Wade 6’2.75 Lebron 6’7 Melo 6’6-6’6 1/4
Bobby 5'10 on Russell Tovey
Looks 5'10 to me, especially with Jenny.
Canson on Derek Theler
@Moe: they’re both you.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Nick E. Tarabay
No way he was under 5'10 1/2 probably 5'10 3/4 but look 5'11 in Death Valley.
Editor Rob
I believe Frankie Adams edged this guy out on Expanse.
Mincer on Callan Mulvey
Looks a similar height to Chris Pratt on Zero Dark Thirty.
Editor Rob
He had one scene (well 2) in Outlaw King with Chris Pine, the angles in one scene seemed to make Pine look taller.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Lochlyn Munro
Look abit taller than 5'10. In Death Valley 5'11 Nick E. Tarabay look about 3/4 taller than Munro.
Renato:) on Harry Treadaway
Arch Stanton on Jason Momoa
Looks an easy 6'4 with Kimmel!!
Sandy Cowell on Lily Allen
I couldn't believe my eyes yesterday when I was watching 'Elizabeth' with Cate Blanchett playing the first Monarch by that name; I noticed a familiar-faced small female among Elizabeth's ladies in waiting! The only other woman who came near to her in size was Kelly MacDonald. The others were much taller. Her brother, Alfie Allen, was also in the lavish production.

Lily gets 5ft2.
Renato:) on David Guetta
178-179 cm
James the real one on Damian Lillard
I agree with Canson that Lillard is about 1.84 (6' 0.5").

Picture with 1.87 Irving:
Click Here

In the picture with Irving he has a bad shoulders posture, his shoulders are a bit crouched down, while Irving has his shoulders perfectly firm.

About 1.84 seems fine.

Needs a little downgrade in my opinion.
JustForFun on General Height
Rob 1 hour after bed I'm still 177 cm my lunch height is 176.2 cm and normal low 175.8 cm. My lowest height ever is 175.5 cm 20 hours no sleep party and gym workout
Editor Rob
You might get listed 176cm, but it also depends on how you are guessed.
HonestSlovene on Adolf Hitler
Young man in Germany in 1930s was probably 172-173 cm and today 179-180 cm (substract 1 cm for the general average), the height hasn't changed that much since the industrial revolution. Hitler always seemed slightly taller than most of his peers, even today he would be shortish at best.
Ashlion on Rob Paul
How tall do you think Kate upton's husband is he about 6'5"
Dream on Bo Burnham
Another weird comparison with Kobe Bryant and Jordan Peele.

Bo looks taller than Kobe Bryant with Jordan Peele.


Bo looks very massive with Jordan Peele at 0:12-0:13 seconds in the video linked bellow. You could also argue that Bo is looking massive with Jordan Peele at 1:47-1:48 seconds, even when Bo is looking down and he's walking. Bo seems to have 1/8ths less footwear, and Jordan has a hair advantage, by a lot.

At 1:47-1:48, Bo's ears looks solidly above the top of Jordan's head. That's also considering Jordan's wig advantage, Bo looking down, Bo walking while Jordan is standing, Bo walking away from the camera, and Bo (possibly or maybe) having 1/8ths less footwear than Jordan.

Click Here


Here's Kobe Bryant with Jordan Peele in a picture.

Click Here

Kobe is slouching, but he's look up to the camera. Jordan Peele is standing straight, but he's looking down. The top of Jordan's head look above Kobe's chin, weirdly. Kobe's ears look like they're barely above the top of Jordan's head.


Let's go by 1:47-1:48 seconds in Bo and Jordan's video and the picture of Kobe and Jordan.

Comparison, Bo still looks taller than Kobe. My reason is because Kobe's ears just barely come above Jordan's top head, even with Jordan looking down. Bo's ears are comfortably above the top of Jordan's head and giga-thick hair wig. That's also considering Bo looking down, being in walking position, and Bo walking away from the camera.

Either Bo could be argued as high as 6'5.375" or even 6'5.5", or Kobe looks 6'5" at most.
Haus Am See on Bob Geldof
any idea how big his head is?
Editor Rob
Seems in 10 inch range, enhanced at times by his hairstyle.
HarveyFinkelmatter on Andre The Giant
Thanks Gravas. You always post great pictures.
Sandy Cowell on Jeannie Mai
I've just commented on a girl with a similar brunette up-do, (Lianne La Havas) which is such a clever way of upping the height! Jeannie is around an inch taller, but as with Lianne, I figured she might be a little taller - say 5ft4.5.

I think a sensible guess for Jeannie would be 5ft3.75. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
xaoxio on General Height
Amazing site and job, Rob. Ive been following your site for years
Editor Rob
I won't disagree with you 😸 I know you have visited well over 10 years, that's a long time.
Sandy Cowell on Lianne La Havas
Oh dear, no! No,no,no,no,no - what's going on here then? No comments for this lovely lassie? Well, let's get the ball rolling then....

I inadvertently pressed this girl's page, and then this striking image came up and I had to see if she was a newly-added celebrity, but she isn't. I don't keep up with today's pop music, unless there's something particularly nice, in which case, I acknowledge it. But I do flick through celebrity magazines, so Dianne's name and presentation is familiar! She immediately comes over as the sort of young girl who dresses to emphasise her assets, and this adds to confidence - and height. That bow is a fashion statement, but it does give her a taller appearance, but no way when I was her age would that have occurred to me!

I will say "About 5ft2 xxx" too! In fact, that's exactly what she's getting.
Peter 180cm on Dan Yeager
Looks at most 6'5 with Rob, probably around 194cm at most. Definitely not 198cm,he's got less than a head difference on Rob.In all fairness, i don't see over 195cm even if he stretched.
Peter 180cm on Harry Lewis
That sort of claim means he's probably in-between those marks so i'm guessing around 179cm so 5'10.5 for me. It might also mean he measured in shoes and not sure what to claim.
Dream on Keegan Michael Key
He definitely looks this listing with Bo Burnham.
Vibram on Matt Le Blanc
Leblanc: 176cm / 5'9 1/4. He's a heavy well-fed looking guy, possibly 92kg+. May of been 177cm / 5'9 3/4 in his prime (age 27) and lighter built. That puts Chris Harris at about 171cm and Rory Reid about 179cm.
Vibram on David Beckham
I think A flat 5'11 (180cm) is spot on for him. 3/4 inch taller than Giggs, 2 inches taller than certified 5'9 wayne rooney.
Vibram on Ryan Giggs
Giggs and certified 175cm (5'9) Wayne Rooney both wearing similar studs. I think 179.1cm maybe too generous. More like 178.4cm, possibly 179cm out of bed. Click Here
JustForFun on Harrison Ford
Rob why do you think he was 3/4 over 6'0". The guy himself claim just a bit 6'. 1/4 Would be a better listing and If Harrison really was 3/4 over 6' he just would claim 6'1
Editor Rob
I don't know if he actually claimed the figure, it was a description of him without a quote...of course it may well have came from him, it did seem specific. A bit like Tommy Lee Jones - he had some specific figures and they were from his publicity/resume.
JustForFun on Arnold Schwarzenegger
ManKo weeks later said probably he has more shoe advantage because ManKo said he just has 0.5 inch casual sneaker. Arnold had shoes
JustForFun on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Please be serious everybody here knows your comment is a joke.. Just waiting. We know Arnold is not even 5'11 nowdays but in the 5'10.25- 5'10.5 range. Legit 5'11 guys met him and and said he was little shorter. Trump in the photo is clearly 1.25 taller than him and Arnold is closer to the camara. I see you don't even know how to judge heights. There's guy here who posted a photo with Arnold his name is ManKo. Read this:
ManKo said on 25/Mar/18
Hi Andy,
To be honest I met him briefly and I did not play any attention to his footwear, so I can't say who had the footwear advantage. I can also say that I am about 181.cm in the morning and 179.5cm at night(give or take a few mm) and on the picture he seems to be slightly shorter.

I think that at this point Arnold is 180.5cm in the morning and 178.5 at night. And at his peak he was probably around 184-185cm.

Pic with a legit 5'10.75 guy. Arnold on the left. The guy said Arnold had a litle advantage shoes. ManKo is 5'10.75 and Arnold having more shoe thick must be 5'10.5 tops
Click Here
Moheez on The Undertaker
Rob, would you say undertaker current height is 6"5.5-6"6.25? I agree he was 6"7.5 Mark during his younger days.
Editor Rob
Undertaker might look sub 6ft 6 now...what he measures though is one of the tougher guesses. Can he really stretch up still over 6ft 6? Or max out at that....
Miiiiiiighty_- on Michael Owen
I don't see 172cm here, more like 171 at best.

He has aged well though.
Dhouser on Joaquin Phoenix
He got pretty skinny to play the Joker and doesn't seem to have bad proportions, he never really looks short in his movies either.
World Citizen on Tom Mison
Looks 182 183 with the footwear disadvantage.
At times he didn't look a whole lot taller than solid 6'0" John Cena in a workout video. I wouldn't be surprised if he barely scraped 6'2" in a measurement.
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Areyoureallytellingmwthisishaplening = picture on 13/Jan/19 = Arnold looks around the same height as Donald when he's standing closer to the camera than Donald.And Sylvester looks around the same height as Donald when he's standing closer to the camera than Donald = Click Here Click Here
Arch Stanton on Ryan Giggs
Me and Giggsy were born in the same hospital!
@edwards Yeah he doesn't stand at his best either. Seems to slouch down as he appears to be in the picture. I can see him being a weak 6'7" today.
Nik on Mia Sara
@ Sara sara - I like your "anyways"! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mia Sara does look 5'3.5" in the photograph above, it is possible that she is slightly taller!
Barry Fl on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Even Arnold himself wouldn't try to say that he was 6'2 nowadays.
Rising - 174 cm on Sylvester Stallone
@Sotiris: If you watch the film, Burt Young was standing on a higher step in that scene outside Shamrock Meats before Rocky goes in to punch the meat. There's a wide shot at about 1 minute: Click Here Sly has about half an inch less footwear with Converse compared to Burt's boots yet still looks an inch taller. Also, I think Burt may have been 5'8" back then. He was taller than Ralph Macchio in 1986: Click Here He also wasn't that much shorter than 5'9.5" listed Jack Nicholson in Chinatown despite bad posture as usual: Click Here and here's Burt with wore posture, further from the camera and less footwear looking no more than 3 cm shorter than 5'9" De Niro: Click Here and he didn't look more than about 5" shorter than 6'1" Carl Weathers in Rocky 3: Click Here If Burt corrected his posture back then, he might have been 5'8", but he was always shorter than Sly regardless.
Rising - 174 cm on Burt Young
With 5'9.5" listed Jack Nicholson from Chinatown: Click Here I didn't see 2" between them, especially considering Burt's posture.
Littlelee168cm on AJ Michalka
Looks 5ft 6 in the goldbergs
Sandy Cowell on Charlotte Bellamy
Such a likeable girl in 'Emmerdale', I actually thought she was around 5ft3! She has been through some humiliating experiences while her drinking was out of control, but she seized the help on offer and is now helping Graham the best way she knows how - by being honest with himself and coming clean with Megan, his girlfriend.

I think I am still affected by the first time I saw Charlotte, which was playing the best friend of a tall and beautiful 'victim' girl, whose life was in danger due to her looks in an episode of 'A Touch of Frost'. She was a supportive friend in that as well. Isn't that what life is all about?

5ft7SithLord on Olivia Munn
Rob, you should add The Predator on her credits.
ConorFan. on Khabib Nurmagomedov
@Ali183 - @Ola - @Okidoki

I agree with you guys, Khabib is definitely a little shorter than this listing. Daniel Cormier is taller than him by at least 3cm, 1cm doesnt seem logical considering the height difference in pictures. Imo Khabib is around 174cm - 175cm flat. Conor is around 172cm - 173cm flat these days. Daniel Cormier seems to be closer to 178cm.
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hey, Rob!
I can't imagine going through that painful hip operation only to find out that I was still 5ft at the most, with legs of different lengths! I think I would have cried, and not with laughter!
Editor Rob
With Osteoperosis, it definitely can cause height loss through fractures. As I mentioned on here before, Jenny's dad had it and just fell from standing up in his living room and busted his upper femur/hip. As a result he had to have (like Dave Prowse) an external shoe lift so his legs were the same height.
Sandy Cowell on Jack P Shepherd
On Friday night's second showing, Jack did a burp as loud as any 16 stone lumberjack! I had taken my eyes of the screen, buy that noise certainly made me look up!

After that, I'm not going to lower his height from the 5ft6 I gave him last time. He might creep up behind me and burp in my ear! πŸ™ŠπŸ˜ 
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jamie Clayton
Honest 5'10 maybe 1/8 more.
World Citizen on Ronnie O'Sullivan
Looks under 5'10"
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Brigitte Nielsen
At worst shes 6'0 1/4 peak and 5'11 3/4 now or i"ll rule out 182.5cm now.
Sandy Cowell on Jeff Hordley
@ Sakz - Hi! Nearly three months later, I have popped over to Jeff's page to find your comment! Whether or not Joe is dead, and if he is, was it really that one punch that killed him, remains to be seen. Joe Tate has twice appeared on the front of my telly mag since his theatrical death, and that has made me wonder if there will be a surprise revelation. I do remember rightly, they made sure that the camera focused on Joe's moving hand as he was bundled into the boot, so I suspected that Graham 'finished him off' - but that was then!

Oh no! Believe it or not, I'm watching yesterday's 'Emmerdale' for the first time and Cain's just told daughter Debbie that he killed Joe. But has he really, Sakz? I smell a very pungent rat here and I have this feeling we'll be in for a shock when the truth comes out. The two were brought in to identify a male body, and Cain took it upon himself to spare Debbie's feelings. He is not a bad man, like that sociopathic Lachlan, and no one can accuse him of being an uncaring, unloving father.

There have been many chances over the past weeks to compare Cain to loads of people, and with the exception of Ryan Hawley's character, Robert, who can look Cain straight in the face, and the obvious Mark Charnock, 6ft4.5, Cain still stands out as one of the tallest of the tall men in 'Emmerdale'.

I think that this time, I will go with 5ft11.5 again, though I had considered giving him back that quarter-inch!

Cheers Sakz!
Littlelee168cm on Susan Tully
Yeah nik I guessed Jenna russell at around 5ft 4 too
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Sasha Luss
Pauline Hoarau is listed at 181cm so Sasha Luss is lies about her 5'10 1/2 claim, Rob probably listed her correct or 1/4 too much.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Magic Johnson
I don't think Magic Drop under 6'7 if anything lower. He still could be an inch taller than Carmelo. Click Here Well 5years ago in this clip but Magic look 3cm close up taller.
Bwk on Michael Berryman
He was probably 6'2'' in his prime, but he looks 6'1.75'' here to me.
Sandy Cowell on Height Request
Hey Rob! Would you consider Harry Redknapp and SANDRA Redknapp? I turned my TV on this morning, to what I don't know, and they were both being interviewed, probably on the morning breakfast show. Then the other day, they were on 'This Morning' - together - talking to Holly and Phil. Their closeness has touched the nation and as for Sandra, she's GORGEOUS! 71 years old? Pah! She's still incredibly beautiful and has found star status through last year's 'I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here', by being talked about as Harry's third arm and confidente. Then we met her on the programme, and she danced with Fleur, and joined in and got on with everybody!
Please, Rob, could they both have a page?
Editor Rob
I would only really give Harry one, I would place him under 5ft 11 today.
burnitdownhomies on Billie Piper
Greg on RiceGum
@Matt99 Agreed but he strikes me as a strong 6’0er maybe 6’1 right out of bed but ends the day say 6’0.25” or a touch over.
height check on Kristine Leahy
She's easily 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than 5'9" Jeff Van Gundy (and he might even be exaggerated at 5'9."

So 5'7" to 5'7.5" in socks.

Click Here
burnitdownhomies on RiceGum
Barely even 6ft and claiming 6ft 3?
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) on Geoff Pierson
MrTBlack, I would expect him to still be near his peak on Unhappily Ever After and Grace Under Fire.
Connordee on Jake Paul
Rob,in Jake Paul's new video he looks taller than 6'0 listed ricegum ??
14 January
Greg on Ryan Giggs
Looks around my height/similar proportions I would get him almost 5’11”.
Greg on Harry Lewis
I’m also intrigued by Robs listing because in a photo of him and KSI they just appeared to edge 5’8.5” Mcgregor, also Rob has Faze Censor at 5’10. When Censor only claimed 5’10 once and always claims 5’11 when asked his height, Harry Lewis claimed 5’10-5’11 but more recently 5’10 and received a 5’10.75” listing. I would Argue Censor is 5’10 and change and so is Harry. But that’s just my opinion.
burnitdownhomies on Chuck Norris
Has to be around 5'7.5 range these days. Probably 5'8.5 peak.
Nik on Sarah Colonna
I'm shrinking as I type this!
burnitdownhomies on Michael Kingma
His hair is just touching the 6'10 mark. He looks more like 6'8.
Nik on Mr T
It's great to find out his height!
Nik on Amy Hargreaves
Defo 5'2"!
Nik on Sookie's Den
Nik on Peter Crouch
Greg on Harry Lewis
At first I thought maybe 5’11 he has good proportions to his advantage but in a video where he was going to box ricegum he mentions his height as 5’10, he is listed as 5’11 on google through I’ll give him 5’10.5” just to be safe.
Tkazi on Amitabh Bachchan
6’2.25” Prime now 6’0.25”
Greg on General Height
@William Davies on this forum people claim and afternoon height lows or morning but Rob lists celebrities at their noon guessed height I believe.
@Houss yeah I know because you always post here and your proportions make you seem shorter hence why some people guessed you as low as 5’10.
@Banzai that’s a textbook 5’11 guy he likely would wake up at 6’0 or close to it. Some guys in that situation might even claim 6’0...
@Sakz Right but it’s annoying and Canson will agree with me on this that when someone’s inflating themselves they will likely try to inflate you to match their lies. Sure it doesn’t change their barefoot height but they still are going to continue with the inflation.
Timothy Andrew Sarkar on Rob Paul
@edwards i live in Canada. Average is around 5'9-5'10. Yes 6'0 is taller than at least 8/10 men i feel when walking around. Its a nice height
viper on Boris Kodjoe
6-3.5 is the absolute most I could buy for Boris
Coolmane on Randy Orton
He’s definitely 6’4”. Like a strong 6’4” even.
Monkey knees on Shawn Michaels
Peak 5ft 10in. 5ft 11.5in in boots. Now, easily 5ft 9in. Just watch ANY recent WWE programming.
Monkey knees on Chris Jericho
5ft 9.5in 15 years ago. Dropping to 5ft 9in nowadays. WWE stay in the marriott hotel i work in, in SELondon, when playing The 02. Have drunk with chris more than once. Wears boots when not performing, but clear 2.5 inches shorter than 182cm, me.
Monkey knees on Finn Balor
5ft 9in dead on. Looks it. Says it. No reason to lie. Taller than Bryan Danielson, same height as Styles.
c-mo on Ken Jenkins
rob do you think he was 172 or already down to 170 while on scrubs ?
Editor Rob
Anywhere in that range he could look I felt during early Scrubs.
Sotiris Gravas on Nathan Jones
@184guy2 Here's rawdshaq's pic of 6'1" Bryan Rosser and Kane in HUGE heels, looking all of 6'5", NOT 6'7"... Click Here Which puts Jones at WAY shorter than you think he is.
Sotiris Gravas on Carl Weathers
Looks like 5'10.5" Michael B. Jordan borrowed some of Sly's elevator shoes... Seen here w/ now 6'0.5" Carl Weathers... Click Here LOL
Sotiris Gravas on Hulk Hogan
@Greg B Great pics, dude. Here's a better view of them...

5'11" Pete Rose and Hogan, I'm assuming in cowboy boots... Click Here

Rose and 6'6" Darryl Strawberry... Click Here

It should be noted that Hogan is closer to the camera and Strawberry is leaning back on one foot.

Recent pic of a now-6'6" Dennis Rodman and Rose... Click Here
Mickie on Jeff Garlin
He's got bunny ears in the photo. I think he looked taller than Larry David on Curb, but I'm not sure he looked the full 6'1"...?
Emil on Michael B Jordan

5'10.5 is very tall for a woman and above average for a man. "Damn he's short" lol okay
Sotiris Gravas on Michael B Jordan
Here he is trying to look as tall as now 6'0.5" Carl Weathers... Click Here Did Sly lend him some elevator shoes...?
Mickie on Larry David
I think Bob Einstein was 6'3" - 6'4" range. Maybe a weak 6'4" prime and more like a strong 6'3" in his 60s. Larry David on the other hand I could see perhaps a little over 5'11" his prime. By the time Curb started I'd say he was 5'11" flat, so possible he could've been a little over that in his 20s/30s.
c-mo on Stephen Amell
Thunderfin said on 20/Apr/18
c-mo said on 17/Apr/18
in the perfect height range for a man (180-185cm)

Girls are that tall these days. Perfect height for a guy is 6'3.5 in the morning, 6'2.5 by the evening. Would love to be that height.


nonsense . most girls are NOT nearly that tall . and even if they were it wouldnt change anything

ideal height for a man is right around 6'0
Sotiris Gravas on Dennis Rodman
Recent pic of 6'6" (not 6'6.5")Rodman and Pete Rose... Click Here

Old pic of Hogan (cowboy boots?) and 5'11" peak height Rose... Click Here

Old pic of 6'6" Stawberry and Rose... Click Here Stawberry was not as close to the camera as Hogan, and was also leaning back on one foot...

How tall is Rose now...?

Rodman and Hogan... Click Here
c-mo on David Beckham
rob you have met michael owen and listed him as 172cm

david beckham seems to be rather 182-183cm standing next to michael owen . what do you think ? it looks more than 8cm difference to me personally

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

also whats the height of the footballer on far left ?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Beckham at times has looked 181. Owen is what you could say is a 171-2 range guy, with 172 being the most I'd estimate him as.
Monkey knees on Stephen Curry
@canson; cool... I'll give you 6ft 1.5in on Steph and Irving. Dame 6ft flat is dead on, morning height. Just look at him against Nurk etc... Clearly correct. Huge portland fan, fyi...
Quiet on Rob Paul
Rob is Jenny you're wife? Awesome site btw
Editor Rob
We have been together since 2007.
Monkey knees on Damian Lillard
@ canson; you talk sense, dude. Thank you. I worked at the moda for over a year. I'm 5ft 11.5in, wear Nike Maxs more often than not. Dame, in his... Yep, Dames barely topped me and my manager, height wise. Trailblazers have 3 awesome guards/PGs in Dame, CJ and Curry, but none of them are above 6ft 1in. As an English/Irish guy from across the pond, I don't understand the NBA inflation of heights!? Its like WWE or something...
Phenom89 on The Undertaker
My opinion is that undertaker never saw 6'7.5 peak. A hair over 6'6.5 is the max i buy for him. And this fits with 6'9.5 Big show. With 6'1.5 peak Hhh. With 6'11 khali ecc. ecc.
Phenom89 on The Undertaker
One more thing i want say is that Undertaker's bad posture has become the only Undertaker's posture. Opposite to the ministry era, 1999, he has completely changed his posture. He does not standing straight and you can see it in every step he takes.

Yeah height loss...but how can a man lose 2-3 inches like that?
Lose 2-3 inches means become an other person, completely.
I should belive he was same height of Love now?? Looking at their picture?? Come on is not possible.
Canson on Deobia Oparei
He looks like he would edge Barkley
Canson on Liam Neeson
@Dream: he did look taller. In the pic with Rob Nonso looks at least 6’5”
Rick1 on Lionel Messi
@Miller i think lahm is consistently taller than 5'7 - hes slightly taller than ribery. I think lahm is 171cm and Messi 170
Sotiris Gravas on Andre The Giant
@Undertaker Frank I agree w/ you about Ladd being 6'7" flat, no way 6'9"... Here's Ladd w/ another Ernie, billed 5'7" Ernie Roth... Click Here

5'5" Takahashi and Ladd... Click Here
Takahashi and Hogan... Click Here , Click Here

@Danimal 5'7" Mad Dog Vachon puts Verne Gagne (tiptoes) at around 5'9"... Click Here

Nice pic of Verne (thin soles) and Andre (cowboy boots/BIG heels) and Arnold Skaaland 1974: Click Here At 6'7", a 5'9" person reaches my chin level.
Phenom89 on The Undertaker
Talking about joshua, he is 0.5/0.25 inch shorter than Vladimir Klitschko. So now i dont know how much taker can be taller.

About taker shape...when you are so big, and "old"(wrestling age) and you stop training the result is obviously that one.
I think he is training less than half of the times he used to train before(until 6-7 year ago), so its normal that he does not look huge as before.
If you look at his interview with pastor Young, hoe can you say tha he still hige as before? Come on , he looks retired.
Canson on Rob Paul
LOL!! I know someone with his stats that tends to wear basketball shoes and dress shoes and gets guessed 6’4” all the time and even told he’s that. Other guys will say they’re 6’2 so he’s 6’4 when he’s 6’2.5 at a low. He also is fit and has always had good posture as long as I’ve known him since we’ve worked together. It’s sad to say but people accept inflation more than telling the truth so he prob could pull off 6’5”
Ehsan J on Harry Lewis
Cannot be this much taller then ksi. I think he's 5'10 and a quarter standing next to 6'1 and three quarters calfreezy
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show
Here's another pic of Show (closer to camera) w/ only 5'8" Lenny Kravitz... Click Here
FYI, a 5'8" guy is around 1" under my chin and I'm only 6'7". Which means Show is not 6'10", LOL.

LeBron (SLOUCHING like his life depends on it) and Show... Click Here

LeBron (NOT slouching) and 6'9" Kevin Durant... Click Here

A 6'10" Big Show...? No. "No" as in no way. Sorry, fanboys.
Okidoki on Khabib Nurmagomedov
Sorry for the grammatical errors down there Rob, heheh. Ali183, i still believe that if Khabib raises his posture to the max without busting a gut, he would look around 6 cm shorter than you're brother. If what you are saying is right about you're brother being a strong 181 in that moment, Khabib does seem about 175.3-175.5 centimetres from that picture, with a tiny margin in footwear possible, i see atleast a flat 175. In my opinion, he has always looked sometimes 175 range or weak 176 range. That makes me think that he is either a few mm above 175 or between 175 and 176. I think he is likely around a flat 5-9, watching from videos and pictures with Cormier and with Mcgregor. I can't see Cormier under atleast 177 personally and from almost every single picture or video, he regularly looks more than a centimetre taller than Khabib (atleast juding from their eye levels and also often heads).
Nik on Jasmyn Banks
I like her name! Her agency is very honest!
Canson on Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan was never 6’7” whether it was late 70s or 80s. That was his boot claim. The most he could’ve been is 6’5.5 but really he fits best as a strong 6’5 in the 6’5.25 area. 6’5.25 at a low will get someone listed at 6’7 all day in sports
Canson on The Undertaker
@Edwards: I think we can all agree he is one of the greatest but I agree with you. This site is about determining his height
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: Byron Houston was an example I believe. He was listed 6’7” until he came to the Pros from what I remember and only measured 6’4 range at the combine
Canson on General Height
@Christian and Sakz: agreed! I’ve just never viewed it as a compliment in my life but from that perspective I do see where you’re coming from
Mimi on Jim Parsons
He looks like a flat 185cm person to me.
Canson on General Height
@Greg: when I mentioned that half isn’t used properly that’s precisely what I meant. A lot of people throw half on to legitimize the claim or as a reason to round up to the next number. Half to me means that the person’s low falls into a range of say 3/8-5/8 or even 1/3-5/8. Christian also mentioned 1/4-5/8 range at a low
Sotiris Gravas on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ronald Reagan w/ 100% 5'11" John McEnroe (1981)... Click Here
Reagan and 6'0.5" Joe Montana (1981) Click Here
Reagan and 6'2" Sandy Koufax (1981)... Click Here

Again, Arnie and 5'11" Reagan... Click Here How tall was Arnie in that pic, you might ask...? Answer: 5'11".

Just for fun, this is Tiny Sly Stallone sans elevator shoes w/ 5'7.5" peak height Burt Young (1976):
Click Here :)

Here's another lift-wearer(another Burt), maybe 5'11"? Burt Reynolds with supposedly 5'10" Joe Weider:
Click Here
Canson on General Height
@Sakz: that’s the point I’ve been getting at for over a year! A claim doesn’t matter because it won’t change your actual height.
Canson on Rob Paul
@Christian: agreed as always! Of course your coworker wouldn’t. He would feel the need to keep up lol!
Nik on Gil Gerard
I can't see less than 6'0" for Gil Gerard!
Myself on Steven Seagal
Not sure he's over 6'3 today
James the real one on Stephen Curry
Why are people trolling with 6.1.5" comments?

Curry is the most solid 6' 2" in the history of Celebheights. He even loks 1.89 (6' 2.5").

Curry next to 6' 2" listed (6' 1.5" in real life) Novak Djokovic:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

And Djokovic is clearly taller than Will Smith, so at the very worst Djokovic is 6' 1.25" which makes Curry a very solid 6' 2":

Click Here

Curry looks 3 cm taller than Novak. That is, more than an inch taller than Djokovic.
Sotiris Gravas on Sylvester Stallone
Here's Tiny Sly w/ 5'7.5" peak height Burt Young (1976)... Click Here Guess he forgot to wear his lifts that day... LOL.
Sotiris Gravas on Burt Young
How tall does that make Tiny Sly...? Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 Dimash is more 6'2 there's a picture with Nicole Kidman they are using similar footwear. Click Here
Guru Guy on General Height
@Thomas6'1.5, Yes that is an ideal tall height for sure. I think its somehwere near the middle of the normal tall range. 6'0 is the lowest rung of the tall ladder, while once you are around 6'3, that would be very tall. So you are perfect!
@Ali183, you can claim 6'0.25 for sure, good height. How tall are you usually in the afternoon?
Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Nik - Yes, '!' is cool as well, as long as it isn't overused. Just ask Bobby! πŸ™Š!!!!!!!πŸ–•πŸ˜£
Canson on General Height
@Greg: yea that was straight shoes. I doubt he was overneasured although it may happen. I only say that because I’ve seen other guys that size claim that same thing that were frauding and weren’t over 6’1.5 prob
Canson on Rob Paul
@Bobby: difference is you’re closest to 5’10” at a low as well so that is reasonable
kr0t0n on Braun Strowman
Flat 6'6. No more. Shorter than Kane, equal to Eric Rowan, Baron Corbin and Undertaker. Though Undertaker is an old man with many unjuries and his posture is not good these days.
Hans Meiser on Mark Dice
Don't really like him, some of his Videos were alright though. Looks like an Alpha, 6'2 or 6'2.5 for him.
Hans Meiser on Jessica Hayes
Perfect height in my opinion!
viper on Shawne Merriman
6-0 Damien Wilson was listed 6-3 in college. Click Here
burnitdownhomies on Robert Patrick
Looks around 5'10.75 in the pic with Josh.
Sotiris Gravas on Kane
@rawdshaq Nice pic w/ Rosser. If he's 6'1", then Kane definitely isn't more than 6'5". Also, the heels Kane's wearing are quite big.
Bryan Stamp on Chris Pratt
In 2013... I was doing background acting work for movies and television. I was booked on Parks and Recreation. The scene in which I was took place in a pub. I was behind the bar as the server. I stand around 6'1" [legit] with impeccable posture, and was wearing my Vans sneakers. Chris Pratt was on set, around 10 feet from me. I had also read that he was listed at around 6'3". Whilst I got a brief glimpse of his footwear, which appeared to be work boots, he did not seem 6'3", but was at least as tall as myself. I suppose his boots also had more heel than my Vans. Considering all factors, I'd estimate Mr Pratt to stand around 6'2". Though... that is merely my thought.
burnitdownhomies on Brandon Routh
burnitdownhomies on Jeff Ricketts
Looks more like 5'9.25 here.
Bradley on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Never over 6 foot. Another height liar. 6-2 is laughable.
Littlelee168cm on Pink
If she's 5ft 3 then Carey isn't the listed 5ft 11 he's maybe 2 or so inches taller than her in heels 5ft 9 or so for him
Sandy Cowell on Natalie Robb
@ Gladstone Screwer - Thanks for the reply, and yes, I'm fully aware that you're extremely fond of a fulsome chest! I hope you're feeling much better than you did in November. I've noticed you're popping in a lot more often, probably taking in who's exploding out of her bra, you cheeky monkey, you! Have a happy and healthy new year! Cheers, Sandy xxx πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ 🌽
Dream on Kevin Durand

When you met him, what kind of footwear was Kevin wearing?
Bryan Stamp on Chris Pratt
In 2013... I was doing background acting work for movies and television. I was booked on Parks and Recreation. The scene in which I was took place in a pub. I was behind the bar as the server. I stand around 6'1" [legit] with impeccable posture, and was wearing my Vans sneakers. Chris Pratt was on set, around 10 feet from me. I had also read that he was listed at around 6'3". Whilst I got a brief glimpse of his footwear, which appeared to be work boots, he did not seem 6'3", but was at least as tall as myself. I suppose his boots also had more heel than my Vans. Considering all factors, I'd estimate Mr Pratt to stand around 6'2". Though... that is merely my thought.
Marie Michelle on Rami Malek
Rami Malek looks like he's about 5'5". I think they should have used someone else to play Freddie Mercury, this guy looks nothing like him and he's too small, there is nothing that looks like F.M to me..UGH!! I think he made the movie look somewhat like a cartoon because he looks nothing like F.M, he's way to short! he has a different shaped smaller head face, etc, i'm tired of reading that Malek looks so much like Freddie, when he definitely DOES NOT!!! you can't brainwash me, I see things how they really are!!
Matt Shannon on Michael Keaton
Did Michael Keaten actually cliam 5’10 are was the article guessing how tall he is?
Editor Rob
I don't know, but it isn't unbelievable to think in his Gucci's that Keaton would be near 5ft 10.
Sandy Cowell on Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz
I am in the throws of watching a film called 'Revenge', which has been likened to 'I Spit On Your Grave'. Before deciding to try it, I read four reviews written by Amazon customers, all giving it a thoroughly good synopsis.

Just shortly after the film was fully underway, I had already come to my own conclusion about Matilda's height. She is wearing trainers and shorts, and looks a far cry from the sort of 'dumpy' effect than such attire would have on a shorter girl, or even a girl of her height, but with different proportions. I reckoned on Matilda being 'small model-girl' height, and by that I mean 5ft6.75, which, with catwalk heels and her long legs in proportion to her body, would indeed qualify for being signed up by any self-respecting model agency.

Now onto the film! I can understand the comparisons to 'I Spit...', but this girl lacks the innocence of the virginal Jennifer from the 1978 film. She is also a Jennifer, but to say she is worldly-wise would be ridiculous. I worked out that she was 24/25 at the time of the making of the film, but she seems to have a hell of a lot to learn about trusting people she has just met, so maybe she's supposed to be playing younger, though I can relate to the same trusting traits she shows from when I was her age myself. She has arrived in a European or French-speaking country, and her only company are three strange men. Alas, not only does she flirt with the one who is passable in the looks department, she goes the whole way, first performing the kind of sexual act that this married bloke is not likely to refuse. I was saying, "You silly girl! You can't do THAT on someone you barely know!"

Thereafter, the three blokes and Jennifer have a drinking session, during which Jennifer flirts and dances erotically. I was yelling at my TV, "If you took off your beer goggles, you'd NEVER flirt with HIM!"

During the so-called party, you notice a polythene bagful of some kind of root. Jennifer picks it up and one of the men tells her to leave it alone, saying that it causes hallucinations, and one experimenting fellow carved off one of his legs while under its influence - and bled to death, but felt no pain at all. I knew that this would play a part in the film!

While the guy she thinks is her new boyfriend is out of sight, the one she was dancing with tried it on. When she responds with "No!" he can't accept it and retorts, "What is it about me? Why him and not me?"

She replies, "You're not my type!" He says, "In what way aren't I your type?"

To the viewer it is blatantly obvious, but she tells him, "You're TOO SHORT!"

He is only a little bit taller than her, but you can tell what a SHORT short man looks like without needing comparisons to anybody. That gives the audience another massive great clue as to actress Matilda's height.

He goes on to force himself onto the screaming girl, while the other, even fatter man turns a blind eye, and ups the volume on the TV to drown out her pitiful noises of protest.

By now the viewer is realising the evil attitude of all three, but worse is to come. Far, far worse, for when the emotional girl says to the one she actually consented to, that she'll tell his wife, whom he has been speaking to over the phone, the man tells the others that drastic action is required, and insinuates to the girl that she isn't fit to say his wife's name. What follows is attempted murder, as the poor girl is pushed off a cliff and impaled through the branch of a tree. The three swine think they are rid of her, but miraculously, she lives.

It is then that you realise that this girl isn't at all as stupid as she's naΓ―ve. When she regains consciousness, blood pouring from her mouth like a tap, she manages to break free from the tree and start walking, still with the branch sticking through her fragile torso. Then when she manages to sit down, she opens up a little heart locket, wherein the viewer sees that she's taken some of the hallucinogen come painkiller with her! You think, "Clever girl! That's going to come in handy now!"

At her age, I'd never even heard about qaterisation to seal veins, let alone known how to set about it, but she knew! She ate the root and started seeing things almost immediately, but she couldn't feel pain anymore, so she takes out the branch and proceeds, also carving a design into her belly, which probably had some kind of mystical meaning of revenge - I don't know!

Now the girl is ready to get her own back....

I haven't seen this to an end yet, and I noticed earlier today that Matilda is going to be on Film 4 at 9 o'clock in a movie called 'Rings', which, from what I've read, is a remake of the Japanese horror film 'The Ring'. I am really looking forward to it, as this time, she - hopefully - will be starring alongside some well-known names, making for far easier assessment of her height.

Matilda is a real find, and an extremely promising young actress. She is 26 years old, and I can see her going far in her career. I don't think I've ever found myself getting so carried away while talking about a film before.

Right now, I'm going with Rob's and everyone else's guess of 5ft6.5. I am vote number 8! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
movieguy12 on Billy Murray
Somebody at work said that Chris Ellison who played Frank Burnside on the Bill came into my workplace years ago, it's a supermarket btw. He said he was a big tall fellow. This surprised as I thought he was a short stocky guy. The guy who told me this was over 6ft so he must have been right about him being tall.
Bobby 5'10 on Rob Paul

We'll break out the wine, and the champagne for dear Rob.
JD1996 on Tyson Fury
Could be fury 6'7.75" if wilder is 6'6" flat I guess, and yeah wilder is probably a touch smaller than melo in the picture even if there is a slight advantage in his favour I suppose.
Bobby 5'10 on Charles Malik Whitfield
Is Jenny a big fan of Supernatural, Rob? I notice she's the only one in the pic and not you. Also, who would you give the edge on measuring a stronger 6'0, Jensen or Charles? Charles looks like he has more a chance of measuring a fraction over 6'0 than Jensen does.
Editor Rob
I have been unable to find my photo with Charles. Both I think are very close in height in person.
Peter 180cm on Richard Madden
Not over 174cm as he's the same height with Rob with less shoe.
Bobby 5'10 on Robert Patrick
Doesn't look much taller than Josh even with the advantage that he had in footwear but maybe it's loose posture. Plus he's got his head bent down too. He's also strangely superimposed compared to Josh. He's got all the photographic advantages and still doesn't look almost an inch taller.
Peter 180cm on Donald Sumpter
Looks 170 here but he's leaning so i'm going with 172cm.
Peter 180cm on Kris Holden Reid
Looks at most 184cm here.I'm guessing just a solid 6'1 or 186cm is closer.
Peter 180cm on Rachel Skarsten
Somewhere in the 175-176cm range,definitely not 178!A stunning presence,though!
Peter 180cm on Zoie Palmer
Looks around 167cm.
Peter 180cm on Melissa O'Neil
I think she might be closer to 165cm flat,due to her knee bending there.5'5 flat for me.
miller on Mesut Ozil
Erdogan is not 185 cm Click Here
Γ–zil is 176cm
with 185 cm damian lillard Click Here
Peter 180cm on Jemma Redgrave
Peter 180cm on Christian
About 182cm.A weak 6'0.
Peter 180cm on Stephen Walters
Looks 172cm here but 5'8 works too,he might measure it in an army-type measurement.But boy,how the hell didn't he grow taller if he has such tall parents?Makes you wonder..
Peter 180cm on Kurt Angle
Looks 174 in the pic with Alex but is leaning alot.176-177cm is what he could pass i guess,certainly not 5'11 or close to it.
Peter 180cm on Christian
About 182cm.A weak 6'0.
Peter 180cm on Ciara Renee
Around 171cm looks fine.She might hit "5'9ish" with boots,though.. :P
Peter 180cm on Kae Alexander
She looks at most 157cm here but she's leaning abit..
JustForFun on Jeff Seid
@MD said on 14/Jan/19
When we judge heights thare are a lot of things to watch:
Avantage shoes, posture, closer to camara hair,etc. Rob could say all. Just on shoe advantage there is 1 inch difference, Jeff is standing taller better posture. The guy has 2 incches easily
James Brett on Rob Paul
Hard to believe rob it’s been 10 years since you visited New York. Feels like only yesterday.
Editor Rob
Yeah, a decade ago nearly. Probably not many nowadays who remember 2009, was an interesting year on this site 😺
JustForFun on Rob Paul
Rob at worst is a weak 5'8.25 guy but he claims 5'8 1/8. He is an example and nobody could do it better on heights and of course in this page!
Peter 180cm on Ciara Renee
Around 171cm looks fine.She might hit "5'9ish" with boots,though.. :P
JustForFun on Rob Paul
@Bobby so you are 1.3 cm taller than me.
I wake up at 177.5-7 cm lunch 176.2 cm. Normal low 175.8cm. Absolute low ever after party and working 175.5 cm
Peter 180cm on Carlos Valdes
No more than 168cm.
Peter 180cm on Danielle Panabaker
Yeah about 169cm looks fine,at worst 168.5 range.
JustForFun on Rob Paul
@Rob on 13/Jan/19
Amazing Rob!
I checked my height right after bed after asking you what would you guess and you just hit the match. It was 177.3 relax and 177.7 standing a gut
Peter 180cm on Sarah Wayne Callies
About 174cm.
Peter 180cm on Amanda Righetti
Looks about 177 in heels but she's dropping some height,so barefoot she's in the 171-172 range,at most 172cm.Listing is about fine.
Ben on General Height
@Lelll - I live in the tallest part of Sweden (the south) and the average is nowhere near 5'11.5". 5'10" range would be a better fit for native swedes. If people at your school are usually taller than you at 5'11" you might want to check that tape or stadiometer.

@Bego - How right you are hahaha.

@Greg - Ye I have a few very tall friends but those are extremely rare and I never find amyone taller than them. They are measured 6'4.75", 6'2", 6'2", 6'0.5". I rarely spot someone in the legit 6'2" range, let alone over 6'4" (those are like 1 in a trillion lol).
mike cutchshaw on Elliott Gould
I met him in Las Vegas about 20 years ago. I'm 6'1" barefoot and he had an inch on me. Solid 6" 2" at that time.
dewie 5ft9 175cm on Andre The Giant
Andre the giant at age 17 was 6ft10 140 pounds age 20 7ft0.25 214cm 475 pounds.
Areyoureallytellingmwthisishaplening on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I actually think arnold is 6'0" today because ashton kutcher looks around 2 inches at most taller than arnold. That said, heres my verdict for arnold, 6'2" back in his prime and 6'0" today. The nonbelieving haters try to ruin his image by putting him as a midget
Click Here:
Bradley on Sylvester Stallone
That's right Real A, 4-4.5" inches then the legendary doorway height in F-F's, a divion of G NYC Sandals Inc.
Areyoureallytellingmwthisishaplening on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@JustForFun how is that laughable?? there cleary the same height and trump is atleast 6'1". Arnold wasnt even wearing lifts at that time. Arnold is 6'1" atleast these days and was a very strong 6'2" in the 70's and 80's
Click Here:
there is barley any difference between 6'4" christopher reeve and trump back in the mid 80's which i believe this photo was taken in
Bobby on Colin Ford
Looking back on this, I think I would edge him out by a 1/4-1/2. I would place his range more in the 176 range than 177 range. Could just be his proportions though. Rob has had pictures with other celebs with the same listing who appear taller next to him than he does. Such as Elden Henson for instance.
Gladstone Screwer on Lucy Pargeter
Rob, I see you've got her Emmerdale character as 'Chasting', it's actually 'Chastity'. Or Chas - titty !! πŸŒ½πŸ’¦πŸ†
Editor Rob
That was a weird spelling mistake.

A couple of titbits about Lucy, she says she's a size 7 shoe and "I'm a 8-10 , big boobs !!!!!".
Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Nik - Re: Your recent arrangement of emojis, especially 🐺🍌 and πŸ””πŸ’¨:

In my experience, wolves don't eat bananas and bells don't let rip! Wolves do though, and what with their meat-rich diet, they must really pen 'n' ink!


Wolves don't use their heads to let off, just in case this causes any unnecessary confusion.
Nik on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - You have made a number of very good points, violence and cruelty are not preached by any religious figure, and no individual person should be violent or cruel for that matter. The whole idea of being religious is to be kind with people and reasonable with people at all times, all religions preach that people communicate with others in a respectful way, and never resort to persecuting anyone for anything. People should reason with others and if someone is to be punished they should be punished in a non barbaric way and in a way that is not excessive, the young girls in the Magdalene Laundries shouldn't have been punished in ANY way and I know that you think this too. Ultimately religious groups have always rightfully preached forgiveness too, like you said.
Any nun who is unforgiving or cruel with others shouldn't be in the job, the nuns in the Magdalene Laundries went against all the values we have mentioned, ones which all religions truly value. The world would be better if we were all reasonable, non violent to others at all times, and forgiving of people if we think they have done something wrong.
Ellis 6'7.25 on Carmelo Anthony
@miller and @Christian 6'5 3/8: Okay cool thanks for the clarification, I was just a little confused.
@Canson: Yeah man!, he should definitely get a page! I'm also surprised that Giannis is not on here, I feel like he would be a great addition to the basketball players page. I understand Porzingis because he is injured, but Giannis is making a case for the league MVP, very popular in recent media
Sandy Cowell on Danielle Bregoli
@ Duhon - You are so right that girls who enter puberty at a very young age cease growing much, much earlier. I wrote about one the other day who grew to 4ft9, but I didn't mention that she was an early developer - just how tiny she was.

Cheers Duhon! πŸ˜πŸ‘
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ryan Giggs
There is always a strong 1/4 inch between Ryan Giggs and Beckham.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Xiaoming Huang
Click Here Takeshi Kaneshiro listed 5'10 1/4 here look to be 2 inches taller than Huang. Maybe Takeshi standing closer to the camera but Huang is still no way over 5'9 3/4.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Chris Cuomo
Look a tap under 6'2.
Gman39 on Tyson Fury
I can see Wilder 6'6 flat and Fury 6'7.25. I still believe 1.5 inches represents their max height difference. There are still numerous photographic examples of a 1 to 1.25 inch height difference.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Neal McDonough
I think Neal wife is more like 6'2 1/2 and he round up her as 6'3.
TallAn on Barack Obama
A classmate of mine who’s like 186-7 cm met him when he came to Greece because he was in the Presidential guard
He said that Obama looked tallish and he was around my height 184-185
TallAn on Taylor Swift
Rob look at Taylor in heels with Idris Elba Click Here
She was wearing those heels
Click Here
I don’t think she looks more than 176 cm tall with him
Editor Rob
I would still stick with somewhere around 5ft 9-9.5 zone and Elba at least 189cm.
RichardSpain on Dustin Hoffman
If he said 5 foot 6, I believe him. To me he is a honest and sincere person also in screen he looks short too.

Not more than that but not less than 5'5foot nowadays

5'6 young barefoot around 167cm
5'5 nowadays barefoot around 164/165cm

Short? of course yes! But excellent actor mr Hoffman.
HonestSlovene on General Height
@banzai I'd say claiming your height measured at least 3-4 hours awake is pretty much legit. After that point I loose only 0.8 cm for example. I'm just over 180 cm (like 180.1 cm) first thing in the morning and a weak 179 cm 3.5 hours awake, 178 cm flat in the evening. When I have physical labour I can drop to as low as 177.6 cm, nothing under that though.
TallAn on Rob Paul
Hi Rob , a friend of mine tried those boots
Click Here
15 cm heel with a 4 cm platform
She was around my eye level while I was in 1 inch sneakers (I am 6 ft 1/2 barefoot )
How tall you think she was in those if she is around 167 cm barefoot
Editor Rob
I'd expect her to measure maybe between 177 and 178 in those boots.
miko on Andre The Giant
The same Danimal that is obsessed with Hogan losing 5 inches and Will Smith being 6 foot tall? Haha.
J.R. on Lucy Lawless
She was on a step on xena they even said it in an interview the true telling was the horse in xena when she was walking it she is actually shorter then renee watch the dvd outtakes
F97 on General Height
Can thinking about height too much be negative? If you constantly Think about height. Measure yourself every day. Talking about height all the time.Can this have a negative impact on Ones mental Health? Thanks for Answers
Nik on Danielle Bregoli
It's interesting that the average vote is 4'11.92"! This suggests that Rob could be spot on!

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