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17 November
HeightMan on Jason Momoa
I think he is "just" 190cm. He is close to falling out of his lifts in most photos. Also, in Baywatch he was quite shorter than 6'4'' Hasselhoff.
Johnson on Football Soccer
@jjj it does not matter training morning of afternoon

If he is on his feet and walk he is on evening low. Plus everyone else around is in the same situation

Plus, the punch measuring is what one losses. Everybody appear always the same height once it is minutes after waking up but discs are compressed and standing tall you can gain a little more

But in real life you appear same height
Sandy Cowell on Charlene Tilton
@ Nik - Hi! Yes, We are still thinking about Manelia and Peelio a great deal. It has been a particularly bad week for me, but I do try to keep as much to myself as possible. I know it's not ideal, but that's how I am at the moment. Christopher is more the sort to let it all out, so I am here for him. He wants more kittens but I said that a great deal of thought and preparation will be required first. Manelia was a replacement cat and from that point of view, if we were to have said no last time and missed out on over 8 years of love and cat perfection, which was truly a good summary of her, and we risk missing out on an equally beautiful cat experience, then the answer is a resounding 'yes', and we will get new kittens. I know it would make him happy, but I want to be fitter first, so that means after my operation!

Enjoy your weekend! 😉 🐈🐩🐈
Mel on Kit Harington
Rob how tall do you think his head is? Looks around 9.5”
Editor Rob: maybe a little less than that...
Josh on Hartley Sawyer
Yeah this seems right for him. He looks a little taller than Teddy Sears did next Grant. If he's not 6'4, he's just right under it. Great listing. Also he is awesome as Elongated Man!
Sandy Cowell on Charlene Tilton
@ Ben: 😄😁😊 🙋!
Sandy Cowell on Charlene Tilton
@ Ben - Yes, it's all happening on various pages and this is just one of them!
Always feel free to join in, of course. How are things with you? Have a lovely time this weekend, won't you? You're only young once!

Cheers Ben!
Really great to hear from you!
ANDY on Terry Wogan
Six Feet Tall. GOT IT?
Anonymous on Amitabh Bachchan
Still looked 186-187cm w/h DiCaprio
Nik on Mallika Sherawat
Spot on Rob!
Nik on Isabeli Fontana
Not a penny more though!
Nik on Isabeli Fontana
The average vote is probably right!
Anonymous on Alfie Allen
Looks 5ft6 tops
Legend on Patrick Fugit
Looks around 3/4 to an inch taller than Phillip glenister in outcast.
6 ft minimum maybe even 1.84
Nik on Tom Holland
5'6.75" at lowest, probably 5'7" though.
Nik on Bridget Moynahan
Anywhere from 5'9.5" - 5'9.75" is OK for Bridget!
Nik on John De Lancie
6'2.75" at most, probably 6'2.25" - 6'2.5"!
Joe on Natalie Dormer
Lucky guy
6'2.5 wanna be 6'6 on Deontay Wilder
Solid 200 cm at average I'd say
Nik on Adolf Hitler
@ Sandy Cowell @ Rajz

You came up with a great point Rajz in that neither Hitler nor Napoleon were short for their eras. I don't even think Hitler would be short nowadays! Not in height anyway! I have seen many sites on the Internet listing famous short men from the past and incredibly these sites typically list men who were 5'8", which was probably never short at any time in previous centuries throughout any country in the world. Even now 5'8" is only short in some Eastern European countries really. Listen to this, a few sites even classify famous men of 5'9" from previous centuries as short!

Have a great weekend both of you!
Jeremy on Randall Batinkoff
He’s 6’5” not 6’4” because Brendan Fraser is 6’3”
Jeremy on Ryan McPartlin
Looks closer to 6’5”
Frost on Paul Joseph Watson
By and large a blithering sychophant

But yeah had no idea he was this tall. Like profoundly shocked tbh...
TJE on Paul Joseph Watson
Well he's clearly taller than Alex Jones. At least 6'0, but my intuiton wouldn't have said 6'2.
Jeremy on Matthew McConaughey
Jimmy Fallon is taller than him, and Justin Timberlake is taller than Fallon. This is what I see

Timberlake: 182-183 in shoes 185 why he claims 6’1”
Fallon: 180-181 in shoes 183 why he claims 6’0”
McConaughey: 178-179

He’s 5’10”-5’10.5.”
Jeremy on Leonardo DiCaprio
Weak six footer
Chaz on Andre The Giant
aaronious said on 15/Nov/17
RoelC, next time i am at my storage unit, I'll try and dig up the guiness record book...i know whats in it, having read it about 100 times when i was a kid,.

You are talking rubish,I have every GBR except the first one,there is no mention of them measureing him.he is just listed has having the most points scared in NBA matches at the time of 31,419 between 1960 and 1973.the only NBA players I can find in there that they say they measured are Gheorghe Muresan at 7'7'' and Manute Bol at 7'6.75''.both claimed to be taller than Muhammed Channa.but in the end were just shorter than he's average 7'7.33''.
Brad on Ja Rule
Pretty good record hosing down the streets and only one summons, most restrooms are locked in NYC cause of the junkies. My brother and I hosed down Harlem from the elevated section on the New Haven line in '74.....123rd to 120th got a shower, plus Burger King cups and French fries. Ja Rule? Same height as the G.
Stuart on Sam Neill
As listed.
Boba Fett on CM Punk
Punk can look about 6'1" in shoes sometimes, he definitely isn't under 5'11". 6 feet on the dot is possible, but just under the mark is fine for him.
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Too many meals with Meal Chaskey in Canarsie. Stallone's slush fund for buy-outs on potential lawsuits was/is massive. The legendary dragging through the hotel kitchen tale was a 500G meal. He can't use Zito as one, hiring a federal felon is really ugly if one pops up. That spiked stuff Sly has used has kept his height at 5-8, must be cement in it.
Boba Fett on Paul Joseph Watson
PJW is deceptively tall, I remember seeing him standing next to Alex 'meme machine' Jones in a video and being surprised at how much taller he was. Looks like an angry short guy in his ranting videos.
Ray on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Always looked g Niobe 6’4 back in the 90’s as Mamion picture clearly shows. He has lost a bit in the last few year and is as Rob has him at 189.2 today.
Canson on David Letterman
Well Harry Sachs that was made in response to the comment you made about me downplaying Letterman.
Stuart on Randy Orton
You make some very valid pinpoints. Agreed!
Stuart on Roman Reigns
Agreed Xpac!
Canson on Jake Gyllenhaal
@Anonymous: doesn’t surprise me. Conan also inflates everyone else he has on his show. And thinks he himself is taller than life like saying he can’t fit into a 7 series bmw that he was in once
Canson on Donald Trump
@Christian: agreed

Click Here
Bunty on Brock Lesnar
Was described as 6’3 on Smackdown today.
Canson on Snoop Dogg
@Christian: you’re right. Neither of them is 6’5. Vince is likely no higher than a 6’4” guy (6’4-6’4.25) at least imho. Lewis id say at best could be 195cm but he can look the same size as Barkley as well or even just 194 at times too
Stuart on Dave Bautista
Doesn’t look much taller than Chris Pratt imho.
Stuart on Bill Goldberg
Agree with Anonymous.
Stuart on John De Lancie
Definitely looked 6’3 in Trekkies and now 6’2
Canson on Ray Fisher
@Andrea: so here you are telling me about the Idris Elba pic saying it is useless (of course it is to you because it make Boris look under 6’4). Yet with Dennis Haysbert, you swear by that picture although it is absolutely no different. Hmm, let’s take a look. How is the Haysbert pic any better? However, I have never once heard you mention that it isn’t a good pic because you think it proves your point that Boris is 6’4. But I’ll take a bet on one of the 4 being your response. 1. you will make an excuse as to why it is a better pic, 2. You will say that you never said it was a good pic (you don’t have to flat out say it. The fact you didn’t say it but call out the pic with Elba is enough said), 3. You will say “well Elba is taller in the video”, or 4. You won’t provide a direct response to me you will change the subject and look for something else to “insult about”.

Btw, you mentioning the BFF etc with Christian and bringing him up? So why are you all of a sudden trying to butter him up to get him on your side after you have burned any type of currency with him( if you ever had any)? Are you that desperate that you have embarrassed yourself to the extent that you have? I mean it’s one thing to lose the argument but then to go and now belittle people just in an attempt to try to make them look as bad or get others to jump in? It is clear that that is what you are doing.

As far as hobbies or posting. Why don’t you make yours YouTubing or Facebooking. You are a hell of a lot better at that then you are at assessing heights and debating them seeing you know where all of the clown stuff and jokes are. Probably because people have attributed those to you in the past knowing how sorry you are and how much of a joke you are and you are just regurgitating to me what someone said about you or sent you to insult you lol. Great job.

Click Here

Click Here
Don on Vinnie Jones
As listed
John on Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid official website upgraded Ronaldo to 187 ,bale to 185 Ramos to 184 and Asensio to 182. And they downgraded benzema to 185..
What do you think about asensio’s height rob?
Hudeki on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Lol. Canson always arguing .She is so funny!
Peter181cm on Hilary Jones
Yeah, I agree with 6'
- I don't why people claim to him 6'1
Maybe he is nowadays is 5'11.5 - 5'11.75
Hijopotamus on Cristiano Ronaldo
anal176, just because you feel attracted to Cristiano doesn’t mean he is good in aesthetics. He would never win a Mickey Mouse competition not even in men’s physique category, fanboy.
Anonymous on Robert Taylor
Brandon if he's only 6ft1-2 then Hugo Weaving is 5ft11-6ft!
anon176 on Adolf Hitler
In that pic Hitler appears 7cms taller (Mussolins Eyes at 88 mouth). I can buy the 192 figure for de Gaulle, 6ft 5 range is a myth.

I think you should keep silent about the history, neither we nor historians have a real plan.
Canson on Ray Fisher
@Andrea: the picture with Idris Elba he also looks “noticeably” below 6’4 as Idris is taller. And no i don’t care about “other” occurrences with Elba where he may appear taller because again you made a very specific statement saying “you don’t see any pics where he looks below 6’4”. He does in the Elba pic but of course as Christian and i and probably most of the posters here were anticipating some sort of excuse out of your mouth as to why that pic was no good. You didn’t let us down. It became well in the video or the other pic. Then the Jamie Foxx pic you proved us right. You are mentioning Foxx of wearing lifts and don’t come back and say you didn’t. You didn’t come out and say he does but you have to question it and that is an excuse. That’s no different than you basically accusing him of it. That’s any picture of it where Boris is under 6’4”. Remember the Michael Jordan picture of course where you bring up the “big four excuses you did” when you knew the difference in height there yet now it is that Jordan only has Boris by an inch and that he’s shorter than Boris in another pic.

So you want to talk about not having credibility to begin with. You all but accused Christian and me of being Bennett then say you “thought Christian and I were the same person”. Then accuse someone of wearing lifts. Then tell people they “can not assess heights properly” or that you don’t believe they met Boris in person. Then even told a poster who you don’t even know (flat out called him out) about his estimate when you called out 6’3” saying how poor of an estimator he was just because it didn’t align with yours. Then, of course, Rob threw you a lifeline with Bennett because he told us that Bennett was under multiple usernames. That just gave you more ammunition to find something and attack him as well yet had he said Boris was 6’4 you wouldn’t have bothered to. You would’ve believed him. So you should only expect someone calling you out in response to all of these things you said to everyone including us. Like me calling you a prostitute when you call us boyfriends because you did say all of this before either of us. Not to mention all along you have been making sarcastic remarks back to Christian and me in an attempt to belittle us or to try to make us look bad, hoping someone would jump in and join in on the loser party because you are on the losing side of the argument. Lol you honestly believe that “energizing” the other posters with that is going to have them jump in and attack Christian and me too. Justto provide yourself with some type of reassurance that you are justified or right. It ain’t that serious Andrea. Maybe think about all of this next time you want to begin attacking people because they disagree with you. And How many people (outsiders) during this argument have jumped in and against you? None to us though. Oh and don’t let me mention trying to win Christian over and get him on your side (like he said yes, driving a wedge)? You honestly believe that you even have enough credibility to have someone believe in you after all of the snide and rude, belittling remarks you have made to him as well and the lying and making excuses you have made when someone throws it right back in your face? So don’t even go there about never having credibility or not having any now because if anything you have relentlessly shown since this debate began that you have never had any and don’t seem to have a way to even begin to earn any.
Anonymous on Chris Penn
He's got bare minimum 3in on Sean in At Close Range...the only movie they were in together
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Andrea: #1 quit saying someone is lying just because they don’t see the same as you. And quit saying someone can’t assess height because they don’t agree with you. If you want to go down that path you are pretty bad yourself at it. That is not a 2cm difference. That’s at very most a cm.also Take into account also that Boris has his head tilted downward which is adding height actually and there is likely no difference at all. Anyway if you want to talk about ground level etc then this isn’t a good pic. But Since you say that Kobe and Boris are 2cm apart at first are you really trying to tell us that then how is this only 2cm? Kobe had more of an advantage on Boris than Boris has on Haysbert. And not just 1cm like you’re making it out to be. And i don’t think anyone here is gonna to challenge that other than you.

As far as you saying it was a 2cm difference we have posted so long about this that i can’t see back that far. You def did tho because you made the differences exactly how rob has them listed here before you moved it to a full 1”. Then now you say max 3cm. So even if that is 3cm diff between Kobe and Boris this is not anything remotely close to that between Haysbert and Boris. That’s gonna be no more than a cm before we address the head being tilted then it is nothing at all
Anonymous on Paul Joseph Watson
TheReel is right...the 2010s has on average been an extremely dull, depressing and uneventful decade. Really pales in comparison to the 1990s and 2000s. Internet stars are insufferable to say the least.
dude on Mariano Di Vaio
@Editor Rob

Click Here he looks 5'10 with 5'8.5 Pharrell Williams. This listing is too much
Nik on Georgia Toffolo
I think 5'4" - 5'4.25" Is on the money!
Canson on The Undertaker
@Phenom: i see sort of the same. 6’7” peak minimum maybe 6’7.25. As far as today it’s rrally hard to say other than that i see him measuring between 6’6-6’7. Really would just be a strong 6’6” like 6’6-6’6.5. One thing to take into account is his posture prob isn’t very good. My guess would be right around 199 or 198.5-199 worst case maybe similar in height with Carmelo Anthony
Johnson on Football Soccer
@show the nurse does not say anything

He just said he shrank because Salah claimed 1.75
Nik on David de Gea
@ Sandy Cowell! - Hi!

I thought I would join in the fun on this page! Well, being a Leeds United fan n' all you could say that Man Utd are not my cup of tea like Tottenham are not Jim's cup of tea and Rangers aren't Rob's cup of tea. However I decided to come on here after seeing my friend make a comment on this page!
Despite being a long suffering Leeds fan I have nothing personal against Manchester United in any way other than the harmless banter I have towards the club, in other words it haas its limits and really is just friendly banter, which sadly is not always the case with football fans. I am going to put in a page request for a Manchester United player, Juani Mata, who is a smashing guy and footballer, like David De Gea is too. The reason why I want to put in a page request for Mata though is because he has come up with the innovative idea of footballers giving up 1% of their wages to charity! Plus I want to know his height, which is around 5'7"! Also I am going to put in a request for a mystery Manchester City player, I am not saying just yet to keep up the excitement. In terms of David's height I am going to plump for 6'2.75", and I must also say that he is perhaps the finest goalkeeper in the world!
Finally,I know Greg's height and I have asked him this too, but it is not for me to say and I will leave that to Greg when he gets back to you'

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!
tree on Kane
U folks need a glass?Kane is not taller than strowman xdd
And Strowman is much larger than Kane ever was in his life.
Dany5 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
swayze was 5'9 range max .25
SD-5'8(172CM) on Ben Affleck
I just watched Justice League,and I'm inclined to believe that Ben Affleck could be closer to 6'3 than to 6'2,he was consistently taller than Ray Fisher both in the Batman costume and as Bruce Wayne...
With Ray Fisher(6'2.25)= Click Here Click Here
With Jason Momoa (6'4)= Click Here
With Henry Cavill(6'0.5)= Click Here Click Here
With Gal Gadot(5'9.5)= Click Here
With Ezra Miller(5'11)= Click Here
Stephen Colbert whose claims 5'11 (Click Here surprised by Ben's stature Click Here (from 2:11 to around 2:25) to which Ben Affleck quickly dodges something that mostly tall men do...
6'2.25(REST OF THE DAY)due to his age and job.
Rajz on Adolf Hitler
de Gaulle and Churchill,I think de Gaulle is wearing those army style boots....don't know about Churchill's footwear...

Click Here
Sandy Cowell on E.T.
@ Nik:- Hi there! (2nd attempt!)
I used to have these merciless great clear-outs and anything this didn't have some use to it got chucked away so no, I very much doubt that I still have the empty bottle ET!

Although I haven't seen the movie for years now, I do remember that ET was a lot smaller than the ones who came to collect him at the end, so he must have been a child ET. Ergo, he MUST have grown!!!!!
Nik on Shaunie O'Neal
I think she could be 5'7" flat but no more!
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 on Paul Joseph Watson
I thought he’d be about 5 ft. 8. or something, but 6 ft. 2 is a lot taller than I guessed!
show on Mark Wahlberg
Wahlberg shorter then Gibson with full 4 centimeters Click Here 0:18
Nik on Adolf Hitler
@ Sandy Cowelll - Hi!

The name "Hitters" would have drove Hitler absolutely bananas, I could imagine him shouting "shut the * up" in German and then throwing a tantrum! As for *hitters, I too like that one! You know what? I was just about to ask Rajz how tall he is but he has sent a message earlier confirming this! I don't need to ask then, which is a shame because I was itching to do so.

Have a great weekend! Take care,
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Mike Tyson

Yeah, legit 5'10" is above average, may even be low end of tall depending on some parts of the country, but proper "tall" in my definition starts at about 6'0"
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 on Paul Joseph Watson
Whoah! I always wondered how tall Paul Joseph Watson was! I thought he would be short for some reason but it turns out he’s tall!
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 on Oscar Isaac
I thought he looked close to Boyega in height in The Force Awakens. I thought he really was close to five ft. 9.
Anon on Ross Kemp
When he was measured on the 'Behind Bars' programme the profile view shows the top of his head, the portrait view doesn't. His head was tilted back and chin tilted up which may have exaggerated his height slightly. Even so, the measurement in shoes showed 5'10.5
Here is the link: Click Here (profile view at 0:47).

If indeed he was wearing shoes with a 3 centimeter heel he would be 5'9.25 barefoot or a millimeter or two over. Assuming his heel was 2/2.5cm it still wouldn't make him more than 5'9.5 which is what he was listed as on here for a long time. I think 5'9.5 is his true barefoot height.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 on John Boyega
Since John Boyega is just under 5 ft. 9, would that mean he would be just a hair taller than you, Rob?
Editor Rob: that reply is directed at the user Blake, who was in the 5ft 8.5 range, so John won't look much taller.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 on Domhnall Gleeson
Weird, I thought General Hux, KylobRen, and Capatain Phasma were all the same height. It turns out Gwendoline Christie is the tallest, then Adam Driver and then Domhnall Gleeson.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Boris Kodjoe

If you think that the difference between Boris and Kobe was 3cm, then why didn't you simply say "3cm" instead of "closer to 2cm than 2 inches"? You make no sense at all.
macfan on George Harrison

Glad you pointed out the salute here:

Click Here

John is clearly taller than George in this shot. Even when I paused that video which was from a far distance, it made virtually no difference.
bubbles on James Dean
5'7 for james dean ? oh no he is over 5'9
Paul NS (6ft0.5) on Paul Joseph Watson
Seems about correct, might be a bit less but he seems closer to 6ft2 than say 6ft1.5. I've never bought his 6ft3 claims, but I guess they aren't the most outrageous things he says :P
Anonymous on Ian Whyte
I would say 7'5"
Rajz on Adolf Hitler

Interesting insight on de Gaulle.

I took the Wikipedia reference of 196 cm on de Gaulle. French army wasn't very professional in those days so a inaccurate reading could be expected :P

Maybe we need some photographs on de Gaulle.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Bill Goldberg

Reigns was listed 6'2 5/8" by NFL, not Lesnar. And I believe it's a morning measurement. Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8" on Marcus Stroman
A lot of MLB players are listed about 1.5-2" taller than their actual heights similar to NBA I think. Good to see players like Strowman being honest.
Sandy Cowell on Becca Dudley
@ Nik - Oh, and so do I wish for many, many people to live good, long and enjoyable lives!

As for age, I was only larking about! I'm grateful to be alive and getting older is just part of it! I think it's fun to joke about myself - I can take it!

At the moment, I have my white cat, Erramius, sitting on my lap! First of all she sat on my phone, so I had to take her off, so then she curled up on me instead! My phone hasn't been behaving lately! A couple of days a go, I couldn't get any online service or even make calls! Well, I sorted it out, but it hasn't been the same since! I had two grand attempts to reply to your message on Connor McIntyre's page but both disappeared just before I finished them. I was not very happy, I can tell you! I know I have a long way to go before I am properly efficient with the internet, if ever I get there, but I shall try to persevere. As with life, as long as we are alive and at whatever age we are, we are always capable of learning and the day I don't have the yearning to pick up new things is a long, long way away! Even if I end up in a wheelchair, I'll still be able to learn, to write - and to WATCH TV! That was a truly marvellous invention, and it offers ways of learning as well as entertainment. The things I've found out from historical programmes! I'd say it must be on par with what I've read, or certainly heading that way!

Okay then, it's Friday afternoon and the weekend is nearly here again! I bet you have some good matches to look forward to; for me, it will be the TV, though I haven't even planned what to watch because I still need to get hold of next week's telly guide!

I'll check this comment for mistakes then and send it before it disappears!

Have a great weekend, my good friend! 😊😁😄
Send my best to your Mum!

(Today would have been my Mum's Birthday!)
juggernaut on Kane
Kane is taller than Strowman if not an inch atleast by half an inch..in every recent faceoffs Strowman has looked up to Kane standing as upright as possible..Strowman imo is 6'6'5 if Kane measures nothing more over 6'7' I'd say a little over 6'7'for Kane..6'8' absolute prime..Man is a true monster size wise not just height..
Jordan87 on Emmett Skilton
He does look a good 6'3" there with Rob.
Jordan87 on Ray Fisher
Dreampurre ( 5'9.5,

Ray is a hug man, weighed 223 pounds of solid muscle for his Role in Justice League. He may Hit 6'2, but he certainly not over that mark. This means of course Affleck and Cavill are lower than I thought. Celebheights posted a Pic on the Cavill page with Fisher looking a sOLID 2" OVER Cavill while dropping Posture making Henry a 6 footer now, and Affleck Shorter than 6'2. Thats just the way it is my man, Fisher's pic here proves alot of things.
juggernaut on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The worst thing about Dwayne johnson is not actually his laughable claim of 6'5' but the way he keeps bragging about his physique like he has a big head,huge guy and such..absolute showboat,similar to his character in the WWE..Dwayne was in his absolute peak a 6'3' it's hilarious how he came with the 6'4' 6'5' claims..doesnt he know how to measure correctly,most probably because he believes the WWE height listings,I bet he also believes Undertaker is 6'10' and that Andre was 7'4' which is hilarious..This guy might just suffer from superiority complex being successful in both sports entertainment and Hollywood lmao..
IMO he is exactly the height at what Rob has estimated him to be..I think Dwayne should learn something called honesty from his once real-life rival John Cena..
Jordan87 on Henry Cavill
@ Celebheights 6'1.5",

Are you kidding with that Picture?

1. Ray Fisher is actually leaning in on one knee with Henry if you look again at your Picture while Henry is standing straight. I am not sure what you mean by " If Henry straightened up in the photo"

2. Ray Fisher is certainly not 6'2-1/2", He really is 6'2 tops with Rob ( Rob has a great picture with him, Fisher looks 6'1.75" in it actually with some slight footwear advantage, clear as day, the man isn't over 6'2, )

3. Therefore Henry is about 6'0. Fisher has Cavill ( In your Picture you Posted ) already by 2" and Fisher himself is dropping Posture. Your picture actually makes me Think Cavill is even Shorter than 6'0.25", where are you getting 6'0.75" from still?

4. I will use your Picture you posted to actually make a Case now for Henry being shorter than 6'0.25 b/c if FIsher stood straight he would be 2.5" Taller than Henry lol.
TheReel on Paul Joseph Watson
I so loathe the twenty tens you know it's bad when what was once strictly internet slang such as "triggered" become slang in real life, this guy is very political and controversial talking about issues such as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc etc however instead of making a positive change to society by actually DOING he chooses to sit and talk and do nothing other "than get his message out", IMHO, pathetic.
Editor Rob: as for his height, he certainly is taller than I had imagined as I only ever seen the guy sitting behind a map of the world!
Amie on Gisele Bundchen
In this video Alessandra's friend Matheus Mazzafera and other models say that Gisele is 1.77, 1.78 and not 1.80. Anyone who speaks Portuguese will understand.

Click Here
Anonymous on RiceGum
I'm 6'1 and I can easily say that he's 6'2 since he was a bit taller than me irl. He sure gives 6'0 - 6'0.75 vibes in his vids and stuff but I can confirm that he easily is the 6'2 he claims :)
Sam on Jeffrey Tambor
Out of all the accused sexual predators in Hollywood, this may get under my skin the most, maybe even more so than Dustin Hoffman because it's more unexpected (it's been known I think that Hoffman can be be alternately prickly or overly touchy in awkward ways). He just seems like a friendly, down-to-earth guy who was a television pillar after being in at least 2 of the greatest TV shows of the last 25 years. I mean creeps like Harvey Weinstein, James Toback or Brett Ratner the predatory behavior was right there near the surface the whole time and there's long been rumors about Louis CK. As a jew, I'm quite dismayed that so many of these guys are, uh, members of my tribe.
Anonymous on Kevin Durant
Joel Embiid is 7'2'' many arcticle says,

Click Here

Click Here

Joel Embiid with KG,

Click Here

Joel Embiid with 6'11'' Noel,

Click Here
juggernaut on Brock Lesnar
@Christian-6'5'3/8 well Strowman would be best 4'5' taller but he did look nothing more than 4 inches taller than Lesnar to me,hell when he stood w Kane he even looked a good inch shorter like 6'6' though i would say Kane is half an inch taller..6'7'for Kane if Strowman actually does measure 6'7' then I'll be convinced Kane was absolutely 6'8' in his prime and 6'10' in boots..I'll post a pic later to show you why i think Strowman looked only 4inches taller than Lesnar who I still think is 6'2'
zak on Paul Joseph Watson
I'm shocked. I thought he would be around 5'8-5'10.
spainmen192cm on BigDawsTV
I would say his friend Juan Gonzalez is around 6ft2, he tower everybody in his chanel videos but it is true that almost all of them are girls. Could you add him to the page Rob?
Mimi on Sophie Turner
Rob now that you met Natalie Dormer, how big is the possibility of you meeting Sophie?
Editor Rob: there's always hope, believe me the organisers in the UK have been trying to get as many GOT names as they could over the last 6 years, but some names unfortunately may never appear.
Andrea on Ray Fisher
Don't put words in my mouth, Canson. I never said that you lost credibility. I said that you never had one. Let's not forget that you are the guy who goes on pages of celebrities you don't even know, you comment about their height and you probably even submit a vote (like you did with Zachary and Wayne Brady, the same Wayne Brady who suddenly became shorter than your "as listed" estimate when everybody, except for you of course, agreed that he looked at least 5 inches shorter than Boris). You are the guy who posts random sites with random listings/descriptions as some kind of evidence that a celebrity is this or that height. You are the guy who totally buys what random visitors on here say (only when it's convenient for you though, see what happened with moe), like how tall they are or how tall the celebrities they say they have met looked "in person", and even try to compare them to Rob, by saying that Rob is not any different. Oh, and you are the guy who has no clue about height differences and/or has to lie about them to make his "estimates" believable.
Again, the only reason why I asked Rob his opinion about those photos is because you said that I am the only one who sees those differences and that I am biased because it's clearly more than that. But apparently this is not the case... It's funny that you say that I have to run to him when you yourself are not able to have a single discussion on your own without bringing your bff Christian up. Just like it's funny that you say that I don't have a mind of my own and just agree with every listing on here... Do you have any idea of how many times I have challenged Rob's listings? LOL Fortunately, I can think with my head because, unlike you, I have a brain. And guess what? Basically all celebrities that I challenged in the past turned out to be as tall as I said when Rob eventually met them.
That picture with Jamie is the only occasion where Boris looks noticeably shorter than 6'4 and I have no problem to "admit" that he doesn't look much over 6'2 there. You know, unlike you, I don't need to lie about height differences to make my estimates believable. I never said that Jamie wears lifts for sure because I haven't seen anything of him, but anything is possible. I mean, how do you explain him looking so close to Channing in those photos? According to your logic, Channing should be listed at 5'10-5'11 because that's how tall he looks in those pictures with Jamie. And in Channing's case, there are several pictures where he looks that low, if Jamie is only 5'9... As for Idris, are you really trying to use that picture as some kind of evidence? I'm sure that even Christian would agree that it is a quite useless picture. As I said, if I were as biased as you are, I would use the dude's video to say that Boris is over 2 inches taller than Idris, but I don't because I'm well aware that he has some camera advantage in that clip. This is the difference between me and you!
Trust me, Canson. Don't embarrass yourself more than you have already done and find another hobby! 👍 Or maybe just stick to calling your friends' height claims out and sharing those amazing experiences with us! 😁
Andrea on Boris Kodjoe
That picture with Jamie is the only occasion where Boris looks noticeably shorter than 6'4 and I have no problem to "admit" that he doesn't look much over 6'2 there. You know, unlike you, I don't need to lie about height differences to make my estimates believable. I never said that Jamie wears lifts for sure because I haven't seen anything of him, but anything is possible. I mean, how do you explain him looking so close to Channing in those photos? According to your logic, Channing should be listed at 5'10-5'11 because that's how tall he looks in those pictures with Jamie. And in Channing's case, there are several pictures where he looks that low, if Jamie is only 5'9... In Boris' case, he looks noticeably taller than how he looks there in the other picture and NOT "still a 6’” difference": Click Here Jamie's top of head is around Boris's mouth, so I don't see how you can see only 6 inches between them, but I'm kinda used to that... Funny thing is that you complain if I say that you lie. How do you call this? As for Wayne, which reason did you give? LOL You said that Wayne's top of head was "clearly above Boris' eyebrows" and you even gave the exact moment in which you thought it looked that way. Truth is, even in that moment Wayne's top of head was CLEARLY below Boris' eyebrows and right around his eyelevel. If this isn't lying, I don't know what it is. As for Idris, are you really trying to use that picture as some kind of evidence? I'm sure that even Christian would agree that it is a quite useless picture. As I said, if I were as biased as you are, I would use the dude's video to say that Boris is over 2 inches taller than Idris, but I don't because I'm well aware that he has some camera advantage in that clip. This is the difference between me and you!
spainmen192cm on Liam Hemsworth
Rob, its a possibility for 6ft3.5? He always wears very thin shoes, even at events where everybody wears boots or dress shoes he is in Vans or that type of footwear and he still looks 6ft3
Editor Rob: sure, at times 6ft 3.5 has seemed possible. He likely falls into that 191ish range, hence I give him a fraction over 6ft 3
Starlo on Alexander Ludwig
Doesn't look anything less than half an inch shorter at most when standing next to Liam Hemsworth. I say he's closer to 6'3 than 6'2.
Ben on Katherine Webb
Trump's comment about her height doesn't make any sense. Is he trying to make himself taller? He looks the same height as her in heels. Why would he exaggerate his height by 4-5 inches?

Click Here
Click Here
Renegade on Natalie Dormer
She looks 171 so I'd put her between 5'5 ¼ and 5'5 ½
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sam Smith
Christian, they're ridiculous claims alright but I think it's most likely those didn't come directly from him.

As for his real height, I think 186-187cm range is fair. Sometimes can pull off 188cm
Warren on Selena Gomez
Yeah excluded thier shoe advantage that will make more like 2.5 inches difference between 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Taylor Swift
Not under 5ft9
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Shawn Mendes
I can't stand this guy or his music but I think he's at least 6ft1 now...
Slim 185 on Anthony Ray Parker
Nearer 6’1” than 6’0”, thanks for the request, but he did look taller than this in “the marine”.
Slim 185 on Adam Levine
He’s between 180-181, tallish I guess, I was unhappy at this height and now I feel like a long freak...
Nev on Heather Graham
When Heather isn't wearing heals she is shorter than 5'7" Zach Galifianakis and maybe an inch taller than Ken Jeong, so she is most likely 5'5".
MaryAnne on Vanessa Redgrave
In Italy the fashion press would call her “il trampoliere” (the wading bird), but Veruschka used to highlight how she was “only” 1.8 m tall, exactly the same height as Vanessa Redgrave.
I used to think that Veruschka was a strong 6'3, but I render that she has lost a few inches after a certain age and she has started to proclaim that she is 5'11. Could be?
MJKoP on Sylvester Stallone
LOL, I totally see Lovitz there...poor John! At a currently-listed 5'8.5", G can be his Mini-Me.

And @Rob: Well, at 80, Stallone may end up under 5'7" but G will be in his mid-late 50s, so he'll definitely have shrunk more by then, as well....especially since G is hardly the epitome of physical fitness. Perhaps forfeiting a few hundred deluxe cheese steaks annually could yield him enough dough to visit some mystical shaman in South America who could then increase his height...after all, it's all one hundred percent real - to hell with all those quack doctors and scientists. :D
Editor Rob: I'm thinking of starting a line in Height Potions and will certainly need some Guinea Pigs. I'm certain our old friend G would be first in line to offer to test out my 'Bigfoot Vitality', 'YetiMax' and 'Captain Caveman' pills 💪

actually that reminds me Will Ferrell once mentioned he had a bully who he thought was going to shrink him by throwing 'shrinking powder' on him!
Tallish89 on Justin Bieber

If he's 172 that will make Selena Gomez around 166-167cm.

He's isn't more than 5-6cm taller than Selena

Accept it. Bieber is 171 max
James on Adolf Hitler
Since Mussolini often appeared barefoot in public we can safely discount the possibility of him wearing lifts. If he had fought a limited war in the Mediterranean he might have succeeded. Instead of invading Greece he should have focused on taking Malta, as that would have dealt a crippling blow to the British Empire and encouraged Spain to officially join the conflict. Mussolini's main mistake was not joining the war when it began, because then the Germans would have been more willing to help him.
Han on Brad Pitt
@James1234 or he could have shorter arms than you. There is no good evidence putting him under a weak 5'10", so i dont know where you guys get this. He's between 5'9,75" and 5'11,5", and i don't see how you can argue anything else. For the record, my guess is 5'10,75 to 5'11"
Vegas on Charles Barkley
There is nothing wrong with the camera angle of that clip with Barkley and Nirvana on snl. The camera switches to straight on at 47 seconds Click Here

Barkley easily 7+ inches taller than grohl and 10+ taller than Cobain
Vegas on Jason Sudeikis
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/17
Check on my link. Now i know why 6'0 claim chris pine look 6'1 and look about an inch taller than sudeikis.

Click Here 5'11 maybe the truth. Big barkley is 195/194cm

Thats easily 6 inches difference.

If Barkley is 194cm (which he isn't) that would put Sudeikis in the max 5'10 range. I am a measured 5'11 and look taller than that next to people 6'4.
Bard on Louis Lombardi
Since Rob is a little over 5'8, this is fair enough.
Slim 185 on Ryan Reynolds
Sorry junior, he is actually closer to 6’2” than 6’3”, anywhere inbetween 6’2”-6’2.5” is arguable.
Slim 185 on RJ Mitte
Rajz on Adolf Hitler
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi, this page is the first one on which I made a comment, though I had visited this site before.

I am slightly below 193 cm, though I am excercising to close the gap :P
Slim 185 on Robert Pattinson
Lmao @randomuser, who is @europe, and what did he post on this page?
Anonymous on Miley Cyrus
Welp, I guess it's time to go on a downgrading spree. Miley's real height exposes so many celebs for what they are.
anon176 on Football Soccer
show said on 16/Nov/17
@аanon176. Does the nurse say 171?
No, I only guessed him that mark. But he's def. sub 5'9.
anon176 on Brad Pitt
Pippi Longstocking said on 15/Nov/17
anon176, how big is your hat?
Today we scroll through "Hijoptamus" height lexicon :)

Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 29/Apr/17
Met him, 183 cm big humble great guy.

Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 1/Nov/17
@Appe, my estimation is 184 cm 77kg
He is 186-187 with shoes.

Click Here
Hijopotamus said on 6/Nov/17
Damon- 175 cm
Brad Pitt- 177
George Clooney- 177

Click Here
steven on Mickey Rourke
Most people lie about their height,that's for sure.I'm 5'9 and this guy at work told me he's 5'10 while standing right next to me and we were literally at eye level,go figure...This happens a lot,I guess many guys feel ashamed or a bit insecure.

I still insist that Rourke was never a 5'10 ,pictures are not a realistic standard since you can't know if they're wearing lifts or not.Boxing licences and fight licences in general are total bs...

P.S. Bruce Willis a 5'10 ? ? No way man...
MD on Alexander Ludwig
He began on the show a bit over three years ago; he's now 25. It's not likely he few throughout the filiming of this series.
Slim 185 on Donald Trump
187-188 young
183-184 today.... and that height will be even less in 6 months 😂.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Henry Cavill
A recent photo of Henry Cavill with Ben Affleck and Ray Fisher:

Click Here

In this photo:

Jason Mamoa-6'4"
Ben Affleck-6'2 1/4-1/2"-He's just dropping a bit of height, as you can see with how his legs are positioned. No, he's not 185-187 CM tall like a lot of people on Celebheights believe now.
Ray Fisher-6'2 1/2"-He's definitely not 6'2" flat or under it.
Henry Cavill-6'0 3/4" if he straightened up in the photo.
Ezra Miller-5'11"-He does have a footwear advantage, so I'm just guessing this. I'm not familiar with him, but he did look the same as Eddie Redmayne if I recall correctly.
Gal Gadot-5'9 1/2"
Anonymous on Sarah Palin
I seen her when I was a 5'7 tren she was like 5'4 max because my sister was 5'4 and no way shorter than her.
Anonymous on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The Rock maxed at 6'3.5 now he's 6'2.5 max since
Slim 185 on Tom Hardy
I have a feeling this mark is too low and 5’9.5”-5’10” can be argued. I wish I had the motivation tbh, if so he’d have a new listing within a week.
Anonymous on Shaunie O'Neal
She gave herself an increase. When shock was still active and playing, everybody made reference to her 5'5 height vs his. She just gave herself 2 inches. Kevin Hart comes to her lips at his height of 5'3 (in shoes), but look at that platform! That thing is at least 1.5 (likely more inches) tall. She's getting at least 4 inches from those shoes, putting her at 5'9+.
Slim 185 on Elvis Presley
TBH I see more 180-181 for him 179sub and 182plus should be ruled out, he’s just a solid 5’11” guy.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Ben Affleck
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5" : Do you think Ben Affleck as tall as Brandon Routh??? Please answer. And yes Affleck is 186 cm barefoot max . 185 at his low in my opinion People please stop upgrading these celebrities... it’s isn’t right.

Brandon Routh could very well be 190 CM tall (and likely is), and Rob has agreed that it's possible before on the Brandon Routh page. Ben Affleck would likely measure within 1 CM of Brandon Routh if the measurement was done barefoot, at the same time of day (with the same posture). Ben Affleck even appeared to be 189 CM tall in person, and that's typically what he appears to be on screen. Ben Affleck is type of guy that hides at least an inch of his height in photos with his abysmal posture.
Barry Fl on Sylvester Stallone
I don't think Sly's doing himself any favours by putting out a statement that he's never even heard this accusation before. Even I heard it some years back. It's not exactly new.
Slim 185 on Tom Hardy
Matt said on 20/Oct/17
@Slim 6’ I think you overestimate yourself as a tall person, you’re only 2 inches off 5’10.
3 actually, lol.
PB on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Click Here

The Rock with 6'1 jeffrey dean morgan
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Sandra Oh
Rowan Atkinson at 6'2", lol. And what's funny is that she's pretty honest with her own height yet inflated Rowan's like crazy.
Luker on Jon Bernthal

No way. You can argue Ben Barnes' own cases against guys like Redmayne, yes, but Jon Bernthal has barely if at all been able to edge 178-Andrew Lincoln, Charlie Cox and other 5'10 guys. He's the bare minimum of 5'11" at 180, maybe even drops to 179 before bed. Even with his new photos with Barnes, I still can't see him over it.
Editor Rob on Natalie Dormer
In person that day at film con I thought Natalie looked above 5ft 7, but under 5ft 8, so with near 2 inches more footwear would put her a bit shy of 5ft 6, somewhere in 5ft 5.5-.75 range is quite likely.
Don on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Spencer . Agee he was a weak 6’4 peak. Today with good posture still almost 6’3 today.
Theo on Hartley Sawyer
Believable listing, makes Grant look much smaller in comparison.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Bill Goldberg
Goldberg and Triple H my opinion are both around 186 today.
Christian-6'5 3/8" on Hartley Sawyer

I think it's reasonable for Hartley round up and claim 6'4", if he's really 6'3.5" like he's listed.
The Shredder on Jeremy Jordan
His listing is fine , I explained the reason why he looks 5'7.5 max though , Rob's head is WAY closer than his and This guy is slouching , He is easily losing about 3/4 here.
Editor Rob: the camera girl looked slightly more on my side, so that can account for a fraction, although we are actually within about half inch of each other.
Anonymous on Jon Hamm
In pics standing beside 5’8 Vincent kartheiser (proven by Rob) Jon looks to be 2-3 inches taller making him only 5’10-5’11. I’d give him a strong 5’11. Decent height but nowhere near 6’2 as he claims.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) on Misha Collins
How would Misha be a 5'9 guy? It's not like his forehead ends where his hair starts. I think the average guess for him is about right.

(Making my comment name less vague starting now, since I've seen a couple other Pauls floating around.)
The Shredder on Michael Rooker
From a few away he looked about same height as a solid 5'7 guy I measured , but when I got closer I thought he was taller but still less than Reedus , but his shoes were 0.5 and he had a cap on ... Hard to say honestly , but He's not 5'10 or 5'8 flat.
Anonymous on Rand Paul
Lol. His face doesn't look like a face of a 5'6" guy. More like a face of 6ft guy.
The Shredder on Emilio Estevez
Yeah I think Rob should look at this guy again , He is short , but as low as this?
Tunman on Adolf Hitler
De Gaulle was measured at 192 in Saint Cyr.He was also described in a documentary as the tallest person to have ruled in France along with King François 1er.Most french sources give him 193 though.
The Shredder on Jon Bernthal
He walks around like a 5'9 guy in person actually , but than stands better for a pic and boom 5'11 ish.
Adamz on Christian Slater
Jaoquin pheonix who is also a legit 68 inches would edge him out too. Gut feeling.
Adamz on Christian Slater
honestly I think guys like renner, big rob and myself (174cm) would edge him out by a half inch or so. He may be like 67.8 iches.
Frost on Caspar Zafer
Looks like his inseam isn't much more than yours. Very long torso it seems.
Slim 185 on Jon Voight
Willes188 said on 28/Mar/17
He hates his height just like myself, 189cm is too awkward and tall
Lol, you can’t claim your emptiness and loneliness on your body, harden up.
Slim 185 on Cardi B
Strong 5’2”.
Slim 185 on Camila Cabello
Lmao 🤣 @peter175.

Strong 5’2”.
Bard on Charlize Theron
Accurate listing. People saying this isn't tall for a woman are delusional. Probably the same people who say 6'3 isn't tall for a man.
Adamz on Robert Downey Jr
Wasn't he the full 5-8 before, what happened rob?
Editor Rob: there's enough out there I think to say Downey is a weak 5ft 8, especially in the 80's when he wasn't into elevator shoes.
Slim 185 on Elvis Presley
MJKoP, he was on meth....
Bard on Liam Hemsworth
Legit 6'3 tbh, honest guy.
Bard on Kristen Stewart
5'6 is definitely a heel height. She looks average height at best. Very attractive anyways.
Adamz on Jeremy Renner
How much edge in footwear would you suspect, Rob?
Editor Rob: well I would say at most a smaller fraction like 1/4, not more.
Slim 185 on Will Smith
He hasn’t lost any noticeable height yet, but by next year I’d definitely give a quarter inch loss.
Slim 185 on Natalie Dormer
She’s defiantly a strong 5’6”/ 168 CM.
AllyN on George Harrison
Mcfan, I took a closer look at the Mother Should Know video again. When they line up on the stairs and "saluting". George is taller than John, slightly. Pause it and you will see. You have to be quick. George standing without slouch for a moment. So, Paul gets his stature from his long legs, George from his long neck and John is in proportion. The funny thing is the Stones are all totally different heights. I would guess Ringo and Bill Wyman close in height.
Travis on Danny Strong
I’d say he’s 5’0.75”. Jenny towers over him.
Anonymous on Dele Alli
Fair estimate he seems to have 1.5 inch over Shawn Mendez atthe ceremony in London
Koreanorigin188cm on Goran Visnjic
@Roger: It's amazing how tall the males from the Dinaric Alps are. 185 cm for males is just crazy. I think the dutch average is actually 182 cm not 184 cm though. There were other cdc studies showing that number but if you have any more info, I'd appreciate it.
Deathstroke on Hartley Sawyer
I knew IMDb's 6'5" listing was incorrect :D He looks 6'3" range in The Flash and similar in height as Teddy Sears who played Hunter Zolomon/Zoom in Season 2
GV on Sara Sampaio
CM, what makes you think everyone who thinks Sara is 5’5-5’6 is short? Some people here are taller than Sara and have no need to downplay her height to “feel good” Yes, 5’4 is downright ridiculous but saying she is a very strong 5’7 because of one hairdresser, sure okay. Let’s just agree to disagree
Canson on Charles Barkley
Barkley with 6’8/6’9 Chris Webber. If you look closely enough at Webber with draft listed 6’6 Jalen Rose or draft listed 6’9.75 Rasheed Wallace it’s clear he isn’t a full 6’9”. Which makes sense because NBA pre drafts back then only consisted of 1/2 or full inch so he could’ve been 6’8 5/8 or 3/4 and at his lowest even be 6’8.5 at a low

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Will Poulter
Will Poulter's height by age (on each birthday):
16: 5'4 1/2"
17: 5'8"
18: 6'0"
19: 6'1 1/4"-6'1 1/2" (he looked 186-187 CM in We Are the Millers, as he wasn't much taller than Jason Sudeikis at that time)
20: 6'2"
21+: 6'2 1/4"-6'2 1/2"
Adamz on Norman Reedus
that damn hat and plus funky shoe benefit! I would lobve to see rob and reedus no hat and no shoes!!!! i am around this range (174/175) would like to see what id look like ont he walking dead
Adamz on Andrew Lincoln
16 November
Vegas on Kane
Yes practically same height.

Jacobs footwear is about 1.5 inches Click Here

Strowmans is quite flat with very little heel Click Here
Adamz on Ben Shapiro
I am 69.0000 inches out of bed and 174.1cm mid-day. so my 69 inch claim isn't a lie, technically. Wanted to add that.
Adamz on Ben Shapiro
randomuser said on 27/Oct/17
Needs a downgrade. Here he is with 5'8 Ted Cruz Click Here

He wears lifts to look taller but doesn't have the frame or typical head size of a 5'6.5 guy
Editor Rob: not sure Ted is a 5ft 8 guy...

With Mike Pence he is usually a couple of inches taller, and Pence was measured 5ft 10 in shoes.

I once again agree with Big Rob. I have also seen the ted cruz/ ben pic on google images. I do not think Cruz is 68 icnhes. 70 inches seems more likely than 68.
Adamz on Ben Shapiro
Look, I don’t think Shapiro really cares about his height that much, but you have people like Milo Yiannopoulos, mentioning his height. Ben probably just googled average height and saw 69 inches is close enough to it and went with that without really caring. Just to mitigate the ridicule during the flame war. I am 174cm 68.5 inches myself and I always just say 69.0 inches because it's frequently regarded as baseline average (or near it) in white western countries like the US, UK and Canada.
Rory on Clint Eastwood
Yh it's strange to look at pictures of Clint today. He's now got the torso of a 5ft7-8 guy and the legs of a 6ft4 guy.
Adamz on Ben Shapiro
Editor Rob: Shapiro doesn't seem like a kind of guy who is wearing anything but normal shoes.

I agree with you, Big Rob.
Tessa on Julia Roberts
Barefoot back-to-back, Angelina Jolie will be taller.
Tessa on Megan Fox
People like Julianne Hough and Scarlett Johansson will edge her out.
Tessa on Miranda Kerr
Miranda is around 2 inches taller than 5'4.5 Selena Gomez. Perfect body, perfect height.
Wayne on Gerard Butler
Looks at least 1,5 inches taller than legit 6' 50cent
CR7 on John F Kennedy
182.5 cm
The Shredder on C. Thomas Howell
He looks close to 5'10 next to Rob and Rob has the slightly better posture
Mimi on Natalie Dormer
She looks so much younger than her actual age of 35
Canson on Rick Fox
@Rob: yea I’m not seeing 6’6” at all. Max 6’5 1/2 with Kobe as that can look near 2cm. Really anywhere from 196-197 like KROC mentioned once which could mean 6’5 1/4-1/2

Click Here
Editor Rob: 6ft 5.5 is always a possibility, I mean he is a very tall guy, but a bit like Rory, his proportions don't make him seem as tall.

A guy like Anthony Joshua gives off a taller vibe when walking around than Fox.
Greg on Diplo
Just seen a picture of him standing next to 5'11 claiming Dillon Francis. Diplo looked almost identical to him with the exceptiom that Francis was dropping some height by leaning. I would give Diplo 5'10.5-.75" I don't agree with the average estimate.
Bruce Wayne on Jimmy Fallon
Big Rob,

Jimmy and Gigi Click Here

What do you think? She kinda looks a bit shorter (like a 5ft 8in) but they’re not standing straight.
Editor Rob: still seems 5ft 9 range there, given little less posture
CR7 on Jose Mourinho
176 cm
Levi on Conor McGregor
Conor being 172.5 is a stretch. Look at him next to Ronaldo.
Slim 185 on Keanu Reeves
Honestly he’s only 1-2 Cm taller than Laurence Fishburne, who can appear shorter due to being bald.
Slim 185 on Nigel Davenport
More 180-181 imho, lol 😂 @ “the face of a 5’11.75” guy”.
James B on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The rock meeting Jack Swagger

"The rock"

"Wow jabroni your taller than me. I am 6'5 you must be like what 6'7? 6'8? right?"


"Nah bro 6'4"

The Rock

(Shouting angrily) "it doesn't matter how tall you are, the rock says your 6'8 and that's the bottom line"
TJE on Mike Pence
Ehh, idk about Cruz at 179; he's only about 2 cm taller than Rubio who may be shorter than his 175 listing.
EM on Ben Shapiro
Same guy Dennis Prager next to Kareem: Click Here

As for Ben, I know he's going to be the sort of guy who has fan boys overstating his height and haters understating it. Objectively, I haven't seen enough of him to be sure, but I suspect he could be more 5'7" than 5'6.5". Obviously not the 5'9" he's mentioned though.
travis on John Wesley Shipp
6'1seems about right
travis on Hartley Sawyer
aloofer 190cm is 6'2.75 he is alot taller than that
Kane on The Undertaker
My branch manager use to wrestle with Jerry Lawler in Memphis and knew Mark. We have a guy that works with us, who claims 6’7 and is every bit of it bc he has to duck to walk through the door. I asked my boss how tall Mark was and he said about the same height as our 6’7 guy.
Kane on Kane
Anyone seen the April 22 match of 2016 main event??? Kane looks damn near the same height as big show!
Starlo on Bono
Still a couple of inches shorter than Sean Penn, despite wearing those huge ass boat-shoes that prolly give him 3-4 inches. My guess is 5'3-5'4 range... can appear 5'2 at times.
blazer on Natalie Dormer
5'5" 3/4 is perfect. That's exactly my guess looking at the pic if she had 3 inch heels.
The Shredder on Robert Downey Jr
He was always listed 5'9 in the 80's and 90's , Had 5'9 on his police report and he was 5'9 in his mugshot. He most likely is around 5'9 in shoes and most likely claims that which = about 5'7.75 barefoot.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on The Undertaker

You're right, I'd put Taker 6'7.25" peak and 6'6" or 6'6.25" today.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Anthony Joshua

I agree
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Deontay Wilder

Call him a downgrader all you want, but at least he isn't an inflating fanboy like you are.
Null on Grant Gustin
This is his minimum height. He's a little under 6 feet average. Maybe 6 feet and a half in the mornings but I don't know. Stephen Amell is a little under 6ft 1 but not by a lot. Gustin has thinner shoes usually
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 on Ray Fisher
Saw the justice league. Fisher looked huge. He was literally wearing converse.

He isn’t under 6’2”
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") on Henry Cavill
He edged out Kellan Lutz, Dominic Purcell, and even Bradley Cooper.
Someguy on Dylan O'Brien
Would have made a pitch-perfect Peter Parker in Spider-man: Homecoming. Props to Tom Holland.
Zen on Stephen Amell
185 EXACT. I watched all Arrow episodes he looks almost 6'1 but 185 is spot on.
Bard on Hartley Sawyer
Really hope he isn't inflating, would be kinda hypocritical given his statement. Def a tall guy though.
Usmor on Hartley Sawyer
I think he is a solid 6ft 3. Possibly 6ft 4 in the morning. Grant Gustin looked only 3 inches shorter. Gustin might need an upgrade because he probably is a weak 6 foot. I think he will be on the Flash for at least the rest of the season so we will see him more if you watch it.
Christian-6'5 3/8" on Brock Lesnar

I didn't call you a liar because you didn't say it was a 5" difference, I called you a liar because you said it was a 4" difference. I agree with you, accounting for Strowman's footwear advantage the difference isn't quite a full 5", but worst case it can't be less than 4.5" either. Btw, going by Lesnar's 6'2" listing and him being only 4" shorter than Strowman you say, would put Strowman at 6'6" and that doesn't sound right. Every wrestler has to be downgraded then.
And I wouldn't get pissed over someone calling you a liar if I were you. I've been called worse things here and it doesn't bother me one bit.
James B on Sting
WOW 10 stone 7 at 5ft11
Anonymous on Al Franken
5ft 7.5 peak. Now like 5ft 6 something. He might be in Top 50 because of what is happening right now that's why I got on his page
Afnan on Michael B Jordan
He's more like a 5 foot 9.75, he came to my middle school last year when I was 8th grade and he was like 3 inches taller than me. I'm 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 6.5 on a good day.
vtec on Tom Welling
with tom ellis, looks to have a slight edge

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Click Here
Ty on Balthazar Getty
WHAT?! UPGRADE!! I have seen like 3 movies that he is in and he is at least a strong 5'10
Canson on Michael Jordan
@Bard: i think around 6’4.5 that he measured when drafted is fair for MJ. Maybe pat riley was assessing a few mm under but today he still looks around 6’4.5 at his lowest which in almost anyone’s eyes even a more honest person will say he looks 6’5 because he edges out a 192cm guy who maybclaim 6’4. Most will give the benefit of the doubt although we folks here look to the cm lol. People don’t realize how tall that actually is. I know because I’m about that size myself at 6’4 and 1/4-3/8
Ian on Tyler Perry
6’ 5”
Canson on John Cena
@Christian: yea Idris is worst case a stronger 6’2
Xpac on Daniel Bryan
Click Here 1:40
If Kevin owens is 178 cm Daniel bryan is 169 cm
DrayB on Rita Ora
I believe she is 5'7. She was the same height as most of the models on ANTM cycle 23.
Canson on Randy Orton
If this guy is below 6’4 it’s not very much maybe 6’3.75 is really as low as he could potentially be on probably an absolute low. He’s one of the more legit 6’4”s here on this site.
Canson on Brock Lesnar
6’2.25 Poster joeyb33 and reigns. Joey admitted he potentially didn’t even have as good a posture as Reigns

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Canson on Brock Lesnar
Reigns is not 6’2.5. First take into account his thick hair and the fact that was a combine measurement along with the fact a poster showed a pic of him (6’2.25) being no taller than him below. And Christian is right Brock is not as tall as Reigns. Brock doesn’t look anything over 187cm today honestly
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Anonymous: Barkley has never been 6’5 1/2. That was his height in shoes (approximately).

@Christian: you have it totally right when you gave your estimate a few months back where he had a 6-7cm diff once footwear was addressed. 188 range vs 194-195 for Chuck
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Green
185lbs is a joke, try 230lbs
Cole on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Johan if swayze was 5,10 them i must be 6,4 I'm
5,10 he was no way 5,10 5,8 tops
Andrea on Ray Fisher
Desperate? Why should I be desperate? LOL I just act according to how Canson acts: like a big joke. As for your beautiful and inspiring friendship with him, don't worry about it. I'm not gonna destroy it. If anything, I'm sure all this discussion has reinforced it. 😉👍
GV on Sara Sampaio
She even admitted to being short on her latest Instagram post. She even admitted to being around the same height as Kate Moss who is a weak 5’6. When she was auditioning for VS fashion show, a few agents said that she was quite small and petite but they liked her walk and confidence. She seems to be similar height to Emily Ratajkowski and other shorter models when you look at photos. Yes, they do hire 5’6 models like Georgia May Jagger, Laetitia Casta
and Hailey Baldwin, who do walk in runway shows.

@CM you really need to take a closer look at legit 5’7 models like Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne, Selita Ebanks, Barbara Palvin, Lily Aldridge on the runway. They don’t stand out as much as Sara does.

While I agree some people on this page like to think people are smaller than they really just to boost their own confidence. But if you gather up all the evidence, she just doesn’t add up to 5’7. She has good body proportions that make her seem taller than she really is.

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Legit 5’7 models next to 5’9 and up models

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Tom Nook on Elyse Levesque
The Exorcist on Tyson Fury
He looked about 2" taller than Wlad in the ring. So if Wlad gets a 6'5.25" listing, I'd say it's pretty fair for Rob to give Fury 6'7.25".
Imp?rter on Hartley Sawyer
Yo Rob, thinking of adding the cast for the new TV series of S.W.A.T (2017) ?
Editor Rob: there's already a fair few of them on here, a couple missing.
Tom on Justin Bieber
You know what's funny to me? That some of you guys here argue over a quarter of an inch. Seriously, who got time for this? I can understand inches.

Arguing even over a cm is a waste of time. In real life nobody can notice such a minimal difference. Bieber is between 170 and 172 maybe close to 173 if you push it. But honestly, you won't notice 170 and 172 irl, especially on the street. The only way would be to put the two stand next to each other, or back to back and barefoot. I notice a lot of people from far that seem to appear in the tallish range but when you get closer they could be 5'7-5'9

So really, he could be anywhere in this range. No chance of 169. He was 5'5 to 5'6 back in 2014 when he ran "bad boy" game and had law problems. He grew about 3 to 5 cms since then.
Andrea on Boris Kodjoe
Again with this "saying this thing is more insulting than that" story? Saying that someone wants to see their celebs taller is pretty stupid and juvenile and you often do that when people don't agree with you. Saying that someone has no clue about height differences is stating a fact. If you tell me that Boris looks 2.25 inches shorter than Rick Fox in that picture, I'm sorry but I call it "having no clue about height differences", considering that the difference in that moment doesn't look more than an inch. Sure, you can say that Rick is dropping more height than Boris, which is the reason why I can believe there is a bit more than what it looks like there... But 2.25 inches? How the hell did you calculate such a precise number? Maybe because it fits with your idea of Boris being somewhere around 6'3? 😊
randomuser on Bill de Blasio
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/16
Some of these NYC corporate CEO/mayor/Bloomberg types are quite intimidating physically. Over 6'3" is pretty common for CEOs, in fact I'd be interested if they worked out the average height of an NYC based CEO. I always think that guys like this almost resemble the NYC buildings they work in in a way! You can just tell the guy is super wealthy by looking at him, even if you didn't know who he was. So there's a case to be argued about height in the workplace, and taller guys might get the higher jobs.
lol De Blasio is not "super wealthy" in the slightest. Nor was he ever a CEO. Also most of the people on the Forbes Billionaires List are not giant at all: 5'8 Bezos, 5'9.5 Gates, 5'7.5 Zuckerberg, etc.
Tom on Lionel Messi
Rob, he gets a lot of names like dwarf, shrimp, little man etc. I get it that some are haters jelous of his success(also some fans of Ronaldo) but even some of his fans call him names. Certainly he's not that short to be called a dwarf. I think he's definitely lower 5'6" range. Iniesta is around 5'7" and doesn't get called these names. I didn't hear of Scholes, Owen or even Sanchez who's shorter than Messi to get these names(or as often).

Seriously maybe it's me but 5'6-5'7" doesnt seem that short to be pointed out. I guess being the best footballer could bring haters too.
Editor Rob: it certainly will annoy some people, that a short man turned out to be arguably the best footballer over the last decade.

they might aim this negativity towards him because they simply wish they had 1/100th the talent or success as a guy like Messi has had.
Lony on Marcus Stroman
Hello Rob, what is your weight on November of 2017?
Editor Rob: I hadn't weighed for a while, but just checked this moment and sitting on 176.5ish pounds.

as for Stroman, being short hasn't effected his ability to be a good player.

In america there definitely seems to be an emphasis on height/weight.
nfsw on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
to be more precise Ibrahimovic is 196 cm tall and 100kg Ibrahimovic himself said.
SD-5'8(172CM) on Carlos Valdes
In the Season 4 Episode 6,he points out that he is 5'7... Click Here
Which isn't bad cause inflating with just an inch is forgivable...
Mimi on Laura Dern
@Junior well in most photo Nicole is looking about an inch taller so 5ft9.5 is plausible for Laura
Anonymous on Michael Rapaport
On an episode of collider today he specfically said he was 6.3.Mark Ellis directly asked him.
FE on Jack Lowden
Mark(5'9.5 said on 24/Jul/17
Gives a slightly taller impression than Justin Timberlake.

I Agree! He does and also gives of that 6'3"-6'4" impression in that PR photo. I would definitely buy the 182 listing as he does look more 5'11.5"-11.75" range rather than 5'11"-11.5".
BTW i saw an interview that he claims 6ft.....

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