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21 January
Arain on Liam Payne
5 foot 9 guy claiming 6 damn and i thought inflating my.height by 1 inch was bad enough
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Prince William
6ft1 would make Harry sub-6ft
MAD SAM on Elizabeth Debicki
This woman is tall ... 189 cm definitely and I would love dating her despite me being 182 cm
Massimo The Height God on Jake Paul
Tbh I believe he is a solid exactly 5ft11 not 5ft10 3/4 sure when he stands next to logan hes obviously shorter but by like 1.5 inches to 2.5 not anymore.
RP on Steve Borden
Rob, I think he needs a peak & current height.
Peak: 6'2" to 6'2.25"
Current: 6'1.25" to 6'1.5"
Looked 1.75" shorter than Hogan in most pics from a few days ago in Arizona.
And on Sonny Bill Williams
Here barefoot SBW with South African cricket player
Wayne Parnell who is 6'2.
I think he is 1 inch taller so my guess he is 6'3!

Click Here
Nick on Jared Leto
Click Here
Here is Jared without elevators. 173 cm
Lemina on Kylie Jenner
Yeah I would say 5'6-5'7. I remember an interview and she said a lot of people when they meet her say she isn't as tall as they thought she was.
Logan on Tacko Fall
I'm starting to think Tacko Fall is actually closer to 7'7" than 7'6". If he was only 7'5"-7'6" Kevin Nash would need a huge downgrade. I think Tacko Fall is actually 7'6" 1/2.
MJKoP on Tom Cruise
Parker said on 21/Jan/18
EthanCouch74 said on 20/Jan/18
He wears elevator shoes and shoe lifts to appear taller almost all the time I’d say his real height is 5’5.

If your correct, all I would say to this is he must be a magician as well as an actor. Looking 5'10 here against a 5'7 (in shoes) Ben Stiller, he'd have to have a hidden pair of stilts under his trousers to get from 5'5 to 5'10.
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Yeah, it baffles me that so many seriously think Cruise is shorter than Stiller...even some people here - and just chalk the condtradictory photographic evidence up 'lifts'.
Canson on Jake Paul
@Christian: 😂 wow that’s gotta be the worst excuse ever that everyone else lies about their height! What was his reaction to you? Did he try to get you to lie too? And in your case you even claim 6’5 1/2 which I do at work too sometimes but now I just say a little over 6’4 if someone gets specific. But you could even just say you’re a little 6’5 since you’re 5 1/4 at your low too.

When someone does this to me they try to convince me I’m taller or to induce me to lie. I have a coworker who is probably an inch shorter than me. I’d say he’s maybe a strong 6’3” best case. He pulls this all the time and when we worked in the same building before I got my promotion last year I told him that there is a nurse right downstairs and he was aware. He gave every excuse in the book why he couldn’t go down that day and fortunately enough someone else was nearby and also said they didn’t believe it if he didn’t go and measure.he knew he wasn’t 6’5”. The other guy told me that I looked about the same with his father who was 6’4. The only person because everyone else did believe him. That’s because we had other liars too. And I even claimed 6’4 1/2 like you do but then with the other coworker who was there said “almost 6’4 1/2” but not quite. Low and behold around noon one day he watched me measure and the nurse got me at about 6’4 3/8 (6+ hours out of bed close to 7). This is where my awareness has gone up since being on this site and I knew exactly or around what I would measure. My awareness with CM has also gone up as I try to gauge in CM more now if I see someone vs inches. And I don’t bring up time of day tho just measured. At that stage he even tried to tell her she didn’t do it right but someone else was standing there when she did it again and was the same. She wrote it down as well so he couldn’t lie. Needless to say he was then “almost 6’5 in shoes” then became about 6’4 1/2 in shoes. To this day he still lies. He came down to the building where I work now (different area) and told one of my employees (who coincidentally worked under me directly in the Building with him that I promoted) that he was 6’4/6’5”. My employee even looked and said well he (I) am 6’4 so how are you 6’5? I walked in around the same time or after and when he said something about his height I said he’s actually 6’3” and insecure about his height. He just stopped when I said that and finished his business with my employee and left
NotDMeyer on Dolores O'Riordan
I met her in 2004 at a concert in Derry after I finished my A levels, I think she actually said in a interview once she was 5'1.5, i know this is off topic, i read she has had a lot of issues with depression and anxiety, it appears the cause of death will not be known till april i think she might have taken an overdose, i know that is just a opinion she had confessed to suicide attempts in 2012
Canson on Jason Momoa
@Jordan87: I see two inch inflations or at least 1.5 very often. I’ve once seen a friend (who is honest about it at least) claim 6’0” and his license had 6’1”. I laughed hard and he said he’s 5’11 and change then told someone else that is friends with us he’s 5’10/5’11 right in front of me and he’s “almost 6’0” in shoes. I even saw a 6’1-6’2” guy claim 6’4. This guy was a tool and I even walked up to him and said he’s full of ****. And he tried hard to convince me I was taller until he saw another friend at 6’3 stand next to him and was taller. He changed the subject.
Animus on Chiwetel Ejiofor
This seems like a good upgrade based on how he looks next to Charlie Hunnam.
Animus on Jay Baruchel
He is at most 5'11½. 6'0 Charlie Hunnam visibly edges him out.
Pierric on Kei Nishikori
Hmmmm I see him near 1m79 on differents pics with Nadal and Federer...
Kevin on Vin Diesel
5'10 at best. Doesn't really give the impression of a tall guy, even when he's strapped up in full megalifts and boots he looks average height.
Animus on Neil Patrick Harris
He is supposed to weigh 156lbs. That’s quite trim for his height.
Canson on James Harden
@Rob: I wouldn’t put Russ being 6’2.5 out of the question but his was for sure an afternoon measurement in 2008 and he was almost 20 when drafted. I agree with Frost and Christian on Harden. Russ tho actually looks his listed height imho. Also given the absence of 1/8” measurements and looking at him with Carmelo Anthony looks a solid 4”. when I met Melo he looked around his draft height so I think Russ could be somewhat the same. I have more questions about Harden’s measurement but it was in the morning being he looks nowhere near 6’4” than Russ’s. Harden can only look 1” taller than Russ tbh. And looks at least an inch shorter than Barkley at least and about 1-1.5” shorter than Kobe. I Bring up 1/8” increments because Harden could only have been somewhere between 6’3 3/4-7/8 as well and been given 6’4. He doesn’t look more than about 191-192 max maybe even just 191.5ish next to Dwight Howard who is supposedly only 6’9”
Joeyb33 on Hulk Hogan
2 years ago I met sting. I'm 6 foot 2.25. He was built like a brick house!

Click Here

3 years ago I met Hulk - but looks like he leaned in a bit for the pic. I had Timberlands on and he had his classic Jordan's.

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littlesue on Nicole De Boer
They always made out she was such a shorter in Deep Space Nine, I suppose because she replaced Terry Farrell who was such a tall character
Christian-6'5 3/8 on The Undertaker

I also noticed that the majority of people who guess me way taller are women. I've only seen a few men say I'm 6'7" or 6'8". Part of the reason might be because women tend to be shorter than men so their perception is distorted when it comes to height. This is maybe why Greg's 5'10" and change but get guessed 6'2" by some girls but guessed no higher than 6'0" by guys. Also another poster here named Wolfy is 6'3"-6'4" but got guessed as 200cm by his friend's mom.
Andrea on Rob Paul
Glad to see that you reactivated this page and that you finally gave yourself that 1/8 inch that you always deserved, Rob. :)
I mean, I understood why you decided to retire the Users' Heights page at one point, but I never really understood why you decided to retire this page too and at the same time to keep a trash page like the General Height one. But again, maybe keeping that page isn't such a bad idea in a sense, meaning that people who like to troll and trash talk are mostly concentrated on that page and they don't "pollute" the other pages as much as they'd do if that page didn't exist...
Editor Rob

I can move some comments to this page now, because people still leave questions on a random celebrity page, and it is off-topic.
John Hunter on Donald Trump
No way is he 6' 3". He's barely six feet, maybe 6' 0.5" at most. As far as weight, I'm 245 at 5 feet 10 and I'm built much like him, so he's probably a little heavier than me, maybe 260.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Shannon Sharpe
Rob, did you add this page recently? Why are there comments here that were posted over a decade ago?
Editor Rob
There were a set of pages with our old friend Glenn that were deleted, because most of the comments were about the photo, but I reactivated this one and a couple of others, and included at the bottom the photo the comments were referring to.
Razor on Adam Copeland
6ft3 Peak
6ft2 Today (barely)

What's interesting is that Edge was consistently taller, by 2 inches at least, than other wrestlers who are listed as 6ft3 on this site. (Batista, Rock, Lesnar).
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Boris Kodjoe
Boris looks about 6'3" next to 6'11" Dirk Nowitzki Click Here and 6'9.75" listed John Isner with visible footwear Click Here
Andrea on Grant Gustin
Isn't 5'11 7/8 a bit too "cheeky", Rob? I mean, I understand you listing some athletes to the 1/8 inch if they were measured around very precise marks, but "normal" celebrities? Hmm... I think it's already hard enough to guess them within quarter inches, to be honest. Speaking of Grant, he may well be as tall as his new listing, but the old 5'11.75 listing I think was already good enough. Last time I had a look at him I thought that anywhere between 5'11.5 and 6' was possible, so 5'11.75 perfectly covered that range, IMO.
Editor Rob
I think the odd exceptions are ok, but I'm not going to be using it that often.
Alan32080 on Hulk Hogan
I don’t see Bruno jealous of Hogan. I think he was just putting a number out there for people watching to get a idea of how big he was. In my opinion he was 6’6” prime there’s more out there that offers that conclusion from late 70’s early 80’s. Now he’s somewhere between 6’3.5” to 6’4” I guess depending on what time of day and what he’s done that day depends on which one it is.
Andrea on James Harden
Hard to say who looks taller between him and Pique there, but yeah... We don't know their footwear which could certainly make the difference. If they have similar footwear, it's funny that one guy managed to measure almost 195 and the other one 6'4, when there's barely any difference between them. That being said, I don't see how some people still think or ask if 6'5 is possible considering that he (Harden) got measured at 6'4 flat and that it was likely early in the morning, so he could even be more around 6'3.5 at his low, like Christian said.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Neymar

Especially for a soccer player, their leg muscles are very necessary.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Tom Brady
Strange that Tom can look a bit taller than Ben in some pics
Click Here Click Here Click Here
Andrea on Sonny Bill Williams
The picture with Ribery goes to show that you can't always trust every picture, especially when you can't see people's feet (or ground, though this doesn't seem the case). He does, in fact, look noticeably shorter than his listing next to him, but he easily looks somewhere in 6'4 range next to the other people. Do you think Franck might be standing on his tip toes there, Rob?
P.S. Well said about that picture with Valerie, although I'm sure that some people on here might think that you're just making an excuse and that Sonny really looks a couple inches shorter than Valerie there... 😜
Editor Rob
Sonny's height goes up and down at times, I think sometimes even he might stand poor and it won't be as obvious. I'm not sure whether Frank would tip-toe.
Johnson on Andy Murray
do you guys believe in Murray's Law??? A law that says: there are people who when standing tall being measured are taller of what you would expect, and some other guys (they meet Murray's law), who standing tall they are not so tall as you would expect when measured

my friends you did not count with that theory, in real life some guys by defect has some posture, and they don't gain much when they are measured, some other guys you will say: no way he lies, he is shorter!!! when he is measured he can gain and reach a height you would not expect
Dercos on Zac Efron
173 cm
Dercos on Corbin Bleu
He looks small with Zac Efron
Andrea on Boris Kodjoe
"And you still lie, Christian, even though the messages are there now, LOL. You did bring up the boyfriend thing on 6/Oct/2017, after over one month I came out with that, just like I said. Me, on the other hand, I never mentioned the prostitute thing because I never cared about it. The only reason why I brought it up was to show your hypocrisy when you started to play the victim. That's all!" What's not clear about that, Christian? The first time I mentioned the prostitute thing was on 29/Oct/17, so well after you first brought up the boyfriend thing (on 6/Oct/2017) and cried about it. How can you still lie? And how do you expect to be trusted when you lie about simple things like these?
And yeah, I'm gonna dismiss alleged meetings because there's nothing concrete in them. As I said, random people saying that they met this or that celebrity is not evidence to me. There was this guy on Jared Padalecki's page who insisted that he met Jared and the looked no more than 6'3 in person. Should I change my idea about Jared's height just because of that? I wouldn't say so. But, according to your logic, I should take that into consideration. I mean, what would he gain from lying? And just because things in life can't be proven doesn't necessarily mean that the only thing we can do is to take someone's word for it. Many people swear that they have seen ghosts or that they have been kidnapped by aliens. Am I supposed to take their words for it just because those facts can't be proven? I'm certainly not that kind of guy. Maybe you are, but I'm not...
And what I said is not an excuse. Funny how everything that you don't understand suddenly becomes an excuse, huh? And this is one of the many reasons why it is impossible to have a normal discussion with you. There are definitely some guys who naturally stand worse with shorter guys and better with taller guys. I can think of a guy like Alessandro Gassman. There's a good number of pictures where he can really look not much more than 6'1, especially with shorter guys, but when he stands at his tallest he looks easily somewhere in 6'3 range. And that's clearer when he stands next to guys nearer his height or taller.
And if you wanna call me arrogant for saying that I would bet all of my money that Boris would be comfortably over 6'3, go ahead. As I said, I call it confidence. I have certainly seen enough to completely rule it out. If you rule out the possibility of him wearing lifts or every other celebrity he appeared with being noticeably shorter than their listings, I would really bet all of my money on him being comfortably taller than 6'3. And I'm not just saying that. In any case, you shouldn't worry about it considering that it's my money I'm talking about. ;)
And another habit you have is putting words in my mouth. I never said (or implied) that Couchscout is a fake site, but a "fan site", which is a little bit different. And it's pretty clear if you take a look at it. As I said, I tried to contact the owner, but he still hasn't answered. It would certainly be interesting to know where he got those data about Shawne from...
And I don't see how you can call "BS" something that you don't completely rule out. I only call "BS" things that are impossible to me, like 100% impossible. Just like I don't see how me wondering if 6'5 was possible is contradictory or even a failure. You are contradictory when you say that Boris is somewhere around 6'3 and at the same time you say that 6'4 is still a slight possibility. Besides the fact that my comment was pretty clear: is Boris taller than 6'4 and nearer 6'5 or are those guys (Kevin Durand, Kim Coates and Dennis Haysbert) shorter than their listings? But of course you just mentioned the 6'5 thing and took it out of context. Another classic Christian!
And the only reason why I mentioned the fact that there's more than one poster that doesn't like you on here is because you tried to make that argument against me. Honestly? I couldn't care less if there are people that dislike you, just like I couldn't care less if there are people that dislike me. You can't be liked by everyone. Here, like in real life. There are many posters on here that I don't like as well and I'm not just talking about those posters that I've had a discussion with... I usually just ignore them and walk on by, unless they try to attack me or something, because me too, I don't take crap from anyone and don't let them walk over me. And I am the first one who didn't hope for this debate to be so long and heated, but apparently it's impossible to come to an end. Don't even try to pin it on me, though. You're the one who started it by saying that I just want Boris to be 6'4 (when I honestly couldn't give a fu*k if he was 6'4 or 5'4) and by calling my estimate "BS". The "you have no clue about height differences" thing was more directed to Canson, after he came out with certain statements, but I think we've already been there...
P.S. Lol at Canson "replying" and proving exactly everything I've said about him. 36 years down the drain! 😂😂😂
Editor Rob
I'm still none the wiser over Merriman.

I know 6ft 4 3/8th is out there in a lot of places...I did a little digging and found one other newspaper that had him as 6ft 2, same page had aaron rodgers 6ft 2 as well.

Click Here.

I don't know if this info is post draft or not, but I thought I'd mention it.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Michael Jordan
Whether he's 6'4.5" or 6'4.75", one thing for sure is that he was measured 6'4 7/8" so he's not gonna be 6'5" let alone above.
tree on Big Show
Akebonos height is a tricky one sometimes he looks just over 6ft6 sometimes 6ft8.
Here next to Ginat Silva without shoes Click Here Click Here
Silvalooked the same height as Khali
Christian-6'5 3/8 on James Harden
@Editor Rob

Westbrook was measured 6'2.25" so he can't be taller than that. I can confidently say he's not 6'2.5"
Editor Rob
Well it's not impossible for some players to have gained a fraction or so, especially those under 21.
Dorleac on Stan Wawrinka
Wawrinka looks shorter due to his body proportions. See him next to Nadal and he is almost the same height, and Nadal has thicker footwear.
Jordan listin on Lonzo Ball
Looks 6’5
Charles-Guillaume on Andy Samberg
I remember thinking he looked 5'11 in Hot Rod. 5'9-5'9.5 is probably more like it judging by Brooklyn 99.
Dorleac on Kei Nishikori
But with other players he looks over 5'10. Maybe because of his perfect posture.
Myself on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I doubt he is over 6'2" 1/4.
Ben on Cristiano Ronaldo
Mars, I would say he was atleast 5ft 8-5ft 9 at 16.
Parker on Tom Cruise
EthanCouch74 said on 20/Jan/18
He wears elevator shoes and shoe lifts to appear taller almost all the time I’d say his real height is 5’5.

If your correct, all I would say to this is he must be a magician as well as an actor. Looking 5'10 here against a 5'7 (in shoes) Ben Stiller, he'd have to have a hidden pair of stilts under his trousers to get from 5'5 to 5'10.
Click Here
jo bastile on Harry Hill
He wears platform shoes
184.5 cm on Marc-André ter Stegen
German football player blood type

A: (Germay people's 43% - A type)
Ter Stegen, Kimmich, Niklas Sule, Howedes, Mertesacker

O : (Germany people's 41% - O type)
Ballack, Schweinsteiger, Boateng, Hummels, Kroos, Lahm

B : (Germany people's 11% - B type)

AB : (Germany people's 5% - AB type)
Mario Gotze, Schurrle

Not sure :
Gundogan (B or AB),

The same blood type has a Similar Feelings facial feature
They have Similar Feelings facial features

and I can guess your blood type Rob, You O or A
Editor Rob
Unfortunately I don't know it.
diavolo on Christopher Plummer
5'8" (or rather 5'7.5") Mark Wahlberg looked taller than Plummer in "All the Money in the World". Of course, it can be that Marky Mark wore elevator shoes in the movie, and also, Plummer is close to 90.
Jonas145 on Seth Rogen
Bulky dude with big sneakers on: I think barefoot he's below 5'11"
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Dillon: and Draymond is closer to 6’5 than 6’6. Steve Kerr Alvin Gentry and even Carmelo Anthony have all said he’s 6’5 not to mention the Warriors previous GM said in a podcast that I posted before that he was the third shortest player on that team last year behind Curry and Clark. I can see him maybe as a 6’5.25 guy at his lowest if he’s not a bit less 6’5.75 could be a morning height as could 6’5 5/8 rounded up since the NBA doesn’t do 1/8”. Draymond is only about a cm or half inch taller than 6’4.75 Kobe was at absolute best
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Bugs: Conan has long hair and long proportions. He’s likely at his peak a 191cm guy at best maybe just 6’3” flat. I don’t think he’s lost much if any height. He never measured up to Selleck or Lithgow and there’s debate as to whether either is a legit 6’4. Hoff and Neeson were tho and both clearly had an inch on him at worst 2cm. Goldblum is taller than all of them imho and possibly Haysbert at his peak. But I’d say both were likely 6’4.25 max Haysbert could’ve even been same as the other guys or 193.5 max. Conan next to Charles Barkley or Kobe Bryant never looked above a flat 6’3 taking into account hair. Kobe could look close to 2” taller and Barkley around 1.5”. But people here will desperately upgrade Barkley when he measured 6’4 5/8 at the Olympics and not to mention one of my best friends is 6’3 on the nose (only dips 1-2mm below at night in his late 50s) and said Barkley was about an inch and a half taller than him at most and that he’s around my height more or less. Not to mention Barkley today has had hip replacement done so may just be my height 6’4.25 at a low possibly esp being as obese as he is and the injuries he’s had during his career. That’s actually good if he’s still that all things considered because he doesn’t look good when he walks at least he didn’t for a while
Mars on Cristiano Ronaldo
Click Here How much was tall his father?
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Paul Walker
Paul, what about 187.5 like Andy Murray?
Editor Rob
That figure may well be closer
MIR on Sonny Bill Williams
@Rob @And. I have straightened that photo of SBW and Valerie Adams and they are pretty equal, despite Sonny standing slightly behind. Click Here
MD on Luke Evans
With 5'9.5" Daniel Bruhl, who is a co-star in his new show:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
SD(171CM) on Grant Gustin
A-lot of people think that he's 6'2 Click Here
In Season 4 Episode 10,he's character The Flash/Barry Allen has his mugshot taken...
Click Here Front side
Click Here Side view
Click Here Barry Allen's driving license...says 6'2
Click Here
Click Here
@Editor Rob is it possible that he measured his height with his hair hence the reason he thinks he's 6'2 but he's actually 6'0 flat...
Gmathew on Katrina Kaif
5 10" for sure.
MD on Trevante Rhodes
Some rather interesting pictures with 5'7.25" Jerry Bruckheimer and 5'7" Michael Pena:

Click Here

Click Here

Not the best - you have to factor in his closeness to the camera in the first one which disadvantages the other two, though, he also has a footwear advantage at least on Pena. And on the second one the tilt - but definitely something for reference.
MD on Jamie Dornan
Definitely closer to a flat 5'10" than anything else, though, I don't think he's shorter than that.
Johnson on James Harden
@Joao there are more pics with Felipe. It is not clear and plus the advantage of sneakers you can see

Click Here
MD on Russell Wilson
Rob, your official sports listing would at least be 5'10" since your a strong 5'8". Every 5'10" basketball player who ever played at my school was listed at least 6'0".
Editor Rob
I'd certainly be having a strong word with the roster creator if they ever dared to inflate me to 5ft 10 👽
Del Mar on Jim Carrey
I always thought he looked 6'2" to even 6'2.5".He has the tall look
Joshua on Gigi Hadid
She is definitely taller than 5’9
Dream(5'9.5") on James Franco
Ahem.... recent news explains why his movies aren’t good anymore. There is a saying. What you do in life, it will come back at you.

I’d say 5’10” flat based on what I’ve seen.
Click Here on David Hewlett
5'9 - 5'9.25"..
MJKoP on Donald Trump
The Shredder said on 21/Jan/18
What sad is that Cenk Uyger actually believes the 6'3" 239 lbs.

That just adds to my point when I surmised that Cenk really doesn't obsess over height or other superficial factors of a person, and instead focuses on what really matters. Which is also why I thought(and still think) that he could be a legit 5'9" or perhaps just a tiny fraction under, hence why his own claim seemed uncertain(he didn't want it to appear as though he was lying).
And on Sonny Bill Williams
And please Rob comment this picture with 6`4 Valerie Adams. He looks 6`2 in this picture! Thank you very much.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Valerie doesn't seem any taller than Sonny in that photo.

The background favours the left and puts anybody on the right at a disadvantage. It appears the camera is slightly to the left of Valerie, thus Sonny is further away.

We can't just draw a horizontal line: Click Here.

If I photograph a cabinet, the left and right edges are the same height, but if you stand slightly to the left of cabinet, the left side will appear a couple of inches taller than the right side Click Here.

Exact same thing is going on in that Sonny photo.
And on Sonny Bill Williams
And here another photo with South african cricket player Wayne Parnell who is listed everywhere 6`2.
Both looks very similar. Could be he not 6`2 or max. 6`3 Rob?
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Steve Borden
6´2" peak, always worked with big soles.
about 6´1" today, usually looks 3-4" taller than 5´9-9.5" Flair and 2" shorter than Hogan today
Click Here
Click Here
And on Sonny Bill Williams
Rob what do you thing about this picture Sonny Bill Williams with his close friend Quade Cooper who is listed everywhere as 6`1

Click Here
MrTBlack on Chris Pratt

6’2” is definitely the most he is. Not saying it’s impossible but I think under 6’2” is more likely than over it from the shots and movies I’ve seen him in.
And on Sonny Bill Williams
Rob what do you thing about this picture Sonny Bill Williams with his close friend Quade Cooper who is listed everywhere as 6`1
Editor Rob
There wasn't a link, but if you plug those 2 names into image search I think he does look more than 2 inches taller than Quade
MrTBlack on Chris Pratt

Bautista is listed as just under 6’3” on this site.
Big T on Sonny Bill Williams
Here are all of his boxing weights in kgs

Click Here

Every fight he has been between 104.2 and 108.5 and 5 times out of 7 he was 107kg or more.

I reiterate again that due to the more cardio-intensive nature of boxing training versus the bulk-building focus of rugby, if anything he would be a fraction heavier for rugby.
Big T on Sonny Bill Williams
Gerry said on 20/Jan/18
I’d say 6-4 isn’t out of the question but he’s nowhere near 108kgs! He’s 95kgs max. He’s not broad enough and his legs are t big enough to pull that weight off even at 6-4.

Gerry, he has had to officially weigh in for all of his pro boxing matches and was always around 108kg. He would in all likelihood be slightly lighter for boxing than rugby.
The Shredder on Ricky Hatton
just under 5'6. 5'5 7/8
The Shredder on Michael Biehn
Rob , 5'11 5/8?
Editor Rob
As a peak I think 5ft 11 ¾ is still probably very reasonable, but nowadays you could say he might be 5ft 11 ¼ to ½
The Shredder on Donald Trump
What sad is that Cenk Uyger actually believes the 6'3" 239 lbs.
ana on Halsey
Looks even shorter than that. More like 157-160 cms. Still has the prettiest face ever.
HIMANSHU on Kendall Jenner
Kendall is actually 5'11 without shoes (bare feet).
20 January
Pierric on Elina Svitolina
Agree with 173 cms !
MrTBlack on Brock O'Hurn

6’4.5”? Im 6’2” barefoot and honestly it’s a damn good height, in most circumstances stances im the tallest amongst my peers and in most social situations (not so much at airports, colleges and concerts though) there’s only 1 maybe 2 guys taller than me and it’s usually an inch tops if they are. Even Obama at 6’1” towers over almost every man in his videos.
Mouse22 on Jennifer Lawrence
I watched a golden globe tv footage of her with Katy Perry (5’7”), they seem approximately the same height with perhaps a very small height advantage on Jennifer’s side, so her height here seems about right to me. Thinking back how they looked together, the 5-9 claim is a bit high.
Fisticuffs on 21 Savage
In the music video "Rockstar" by Post Malone, 21 Savage and Post stand together and if you pause the video at 12 seconds with the right timing, you can see the top of 21's hair is about level with the top of Post's head. So I'm thinking he's 5'11"- 5'11.25" depending of how thick that hairdo is.
Canson on Gene Snitsky
Doesn’t quite look a legit 6’6” with Arnold but not less than maybe 6’5.5 (196–97 range)
lolo on Pippa Middleton
5 4
Canson on The Undertaker
@Christian: I’ve noticed when someone is much shorter if I’ve been on my feet a lot like near an extreme low of just a hair above 6’4” at night in flats I’ve gotten 6’3 a few times. Actually also happened when I had been moving someone once I wasn’t standing straight and got 6’3 too but probably because I was sore in my back from it. I typically get 6’5 or 6’4/6’5 or 6’5/6’6 or if honest 6’4 but then got 6’7 before and 6’8 once but that’s because that person was short
Canson on Ray Fisher
@Jordan87: yea there’s a good shot at a full 6’2” for Ray but I’d be hard pressed to see any taller
Canson on Drew Brees
@Jake: not always. Colin Kapernick was given 6’4 when he measured 6’4 5/8. Kap being a morning measurement if accurate is likely my height 193.7 at night and 6’5 out of bed
Canson on Brock O'Hurn
@MrTBlack: 1.5” is a bit high on a dress shoe. More like 3cm or maybe 1.25 and a sneak that could be right. I didn’t realize it was 2” tho. The Jordan 10s I have are around 1 and a quarter I think. I’m 197 even at night in them
Canson on Dennis Rodman
@Star69: that’s not weight that’s his height that would cause that. I’m 2” or so shorter and I lose 3/4” to 2cm in a day and I’m 218lbs for a guy who is 6’4 and change which is not a lot. Maybe an inch is a lot but not less than 3/4”. He’s at worst a full 6’7” upon waking if not higher
Canson on Russell Wilson
@Bobby: probably a morning height and more like 5’10.25 or so
Canson on Lonzo Ball
@Derrifk: I don’t think less than 6’1.25-.5. I saw pics with him next to Melo and can look 5” smaller max maybe 4.5-5” at times
Canson on Peyton Manning
@Bobby: I’ve noticed a lot of the nfl combine heights of players I’ve seen look pretty close. I’ve stood next to Vernon Davis before and he’s def a legit 6’3. Combine was 6’3.25 but that could be morning. I saw that 06 was. He is prob anywhere from 1-1.5” less than we are in person. I have a 6’3 buddy that’s 190.3-.4 at night and he looked exactly how he did next to me. So maybe Davis dips to 6’3 or 6’2 7/8 but he gave off a legit 6’3 impression so I can’t see him below 190.5ish afternoon. I’ve also met Terrell Suggs and he looked about an inch shorter than us so while his reads 603 3/8 i can say he’s prob somewhere around that like 6’3.25 perhaps. I didn’t pay attention to shoes I don’t think tho with him. Can’t remember but he’s prob close to what he measured imho. Same with Jared Gaither stood right next to my 6’7 friend and is listed 6’8 5/8 but he looked closer to 6’8” imho looked about an inch or so taller imho. strong 6’8 is more like it for him at best
DashRiprock on Big Show
Basketball players usually add 11/2 inches to their height so if Show was listed at 7'1" as a basketball player chances are he is really 6'11 1/2 inches tall.My two cents.
Canson on Tom Brady
@Tony T: Ben is taller than Brady. Brady is shorter than Eli in some pics and Ben is taller than Eli. It’s weird that Ben and Eli are almost the same on their combine. Ben looks a legit 195cm guy where Eli looks 194 imho max
Canson on Brock O'Hurn
@Mr T Black: I’ve never bought either being much higher than 6’4.5. Robbins said before he was 6’4.5. There’s a chance that he can be like 6’4 5/8 or so and rounded down but over is a stretch when he was clearly shorter than Howard stern who is around 6’5. Stern may have been a strong 6’5” peak tho. I actually believe he was a guy who may hit 6’6” out of bed peak and he 6’5.25 or maybe right where Christian is some days 6’5.25-.375 today tho next to Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson looks 6’5” like Bobby3342 described him when he met him
Canson on Justin Bieber
As listed
Canson on Michael Jordan
@Tunman: I don’t know. Barkley has said many times he was 6’4.75 and 6’4.5 both and came out 6’4 5/8. Barkley is shorter than Kobe these days and was said to be 6’4-6’5 during his playing days by teammates and coaches and even measured 6’4 5/8 at the Olympics. Knowing people who’ve met both Jordan and Barkley and Kobe too Kobe appears the tallest as they put him around 6’5. But only one person I know has met him. Jordan I know two that have both say 6’4 and change or about my height same with Barkley. 195cm is a bit high for someone to be 6’4-6’5 as they would look more 6’5 like Kobe does. As for pat riley I don’t see why he would undermine him in that way. He’s met him and interviewed him when he called games too. Magic at 6’7.5 is high for a peak height imho. See him next to Kurt Rambis who is listed 6’8 he is shorter than he is and only about an inch taller than Jamaal Wilkes assuming Wilkes really is 6’6 and not less like 6’5.5. My guesses are below:

Jordan 6’4.5
Barkley approximately 6’4.5-5/8
Kobe 6’4.75-6’5 peak
Magic 6’7-6’7.25 peak

Keep in mind for Jordan that 6’4.5 barefoot would get him 6’5.75 min in sneaks so that makes him like he claims “a little under 6’6”. I know myself as I can come to about 197 or slightly over it in a pair of sneaks and my low is 6’4 1/4 at night.But to your credit he would easily clear 6’5” out of bed and would don’t see him under the 6’4.5 peak
dicksock on Hulk Hogan
RONSTER said on 20/Jan/18
Sammartino has always been jealous of Hogan, and he tries his best to belittle Hogan every chance he gets. So him saying Hogan was shorter than he really was is just typical of his envious and jealousy towards Hulk.


What an absolutely idiotic comment. Sammartino is a real hero and role model who survived Nazi persecution, came to the US as a weak and skinny kid on the brink of death, and went on to become one of the world's strongest men and most successful wrestlers ever. He has a statue made of him where he lived in Italy, and you think he's jealous of someone like Hogan? Hogan has destroyed his legacy because he got caught having sex with his best friend's wife while using the N Word and lied repeatedly to his fans about abusing steriods, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. One of Hulk's friends, the 6'5" Tiny Lister, said Hogan was 6'5" and 300 lbs in the late 80s. Was he jealous as well? I'm not saying Hogan is the worst person ever, but to say that a genuine hero like Bruno is jealous of Hogan is beyond ignorant.
dicksock on Andre The Giant
Logic said on 17/Jan/18
Akebono is probably no more than 6'7".

A stare down between Akebono and Viscera/Mable. Viscera is listed here at 6'6.5".

Click Here


Viscera actually looks a little taller than him. I think Akebono could have been 6'8" in his prime in the morning. But, he was no more than 6'6.5" with Viscera in the evening. I don't see how Akebono's evening height with Big Show could have been 6'8". Big Show's evening height was probably no more than 6'10.5" and 7' in his boots at that time.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Professor Green
Editor Rob
🔧🔧Thanks for pointing it out, I gave him his British passport back 😺

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Chris Pratt
Surprising quote...most def a shoe claim
Edwin on James Harden
Rob. Is 6'5 possible. NBA lists him as 6'5
Editor Rob
He was measured 6ft 5.25 in sneakers and 6ft 4 in socks, so it's a bit unlikely.
Edwin on Adam Copeland
Rob. When you first met him how tall did he look? Is a bit over 6'2 possible?
Editor Rob
The first time I seen him up close was 2012, he comfortably cleared 6ft 2...then 4 years later in 2016 he seemed to be not quite as tall, as if he had lost a half inch!
Gerry on Sonny Bill Williams
I’d say 6-4 isn’t out of the question but he’s nowhere near 108kgs! He’s 95kgs max. He’s not broad enough and his legs are t big enough to pull that weight off even at 6-4.
Curious Gael Garcia Bernal is taller than him and looks smaller than him ???
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Xander Berkeley
Really doesn't look tall in the slightest...
just because on Eddie Hall
weighing 30 stone and deadlifting 80 stone must have a negative effect on the spine i would guess hes 6ft2
jonas henriks on Harold Lloyd
this guy looked 5 feet with Aasen, but it has to be high heels on Aasen. Because it was not just camera,this guy looked 4"6 if Aasen was just 7"2, I believe Aasen was a solid 7"4 guy when he was young, and this guy has to be atleast 5"8 because of all the records saying he was 5"10. And then heels and camera made Aasen look 2-2.5 feet taller but in reality was 1"8 taller. AAsen was def not over 8 feet
Quixote on Conor McGregor
I would say strong 5'8.25 - 5'8.75". And for Floyd, i'd say 5'6 - 5'7.5".
Canson on Scottie Pippen
Looking at this pic I’d put him at about 200cm up to 200.5 next to Horace Grant who could be anywhere 205-205.5. Jordan looks 194-195 with both. Pip has had back surgeries even early in his career in the late 80s tho so could’ve been a full 6’7 when he was younger.

Click Here" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here
Redwing on Sonny Bill Williams
Nah it's ok rob, I feel really bad for asking all these questions on here like many others do so I won't ask as much. Just want to say thank you for all my questions that you've answered from me. Godspeed bro
Canson on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
This is right On the nose. He looks 7’2” peak so he likely isn’t too much lower than his claim. Low would’ve have been under maybe 7’1.75 at his peak and would likely be 7’3” out of bed
Canson on Ming Yao
@Bard: it’s at least an inch imho. Maybe not two but 1.5” or min 3cm. I also see Yao with 6’9” Dwight Howard and that’s not an 8” difference. Yao has a larger forehead but still. I wouldn’t put it past Howard to have gained maybe 1/2” and be 6’9.5 possibly. Yao still looks 7’4” range with him.

Click Here
Frost on James Harden
@Rob The NBA still hasn't received the backlash the NFL received in the 2000s for strange combine disparities. A 14 man squad with strange height fluctuations is vastly different to a 53 man roster where half of the players are either under-listed or over-listed.

Kind of tired of weird height regulations. Height is an objective. Wake your players up at 8AM have them run their early drills and measure them around noon. Accuracy at its finest right there.

Also Harden isn't much taller than Westbrook. Like an inch, maybe an inch and a quarter. Coupled with the Ansel Elgor pics he needs an upgrade tbh.

To keep Westbrook at 6'2.25 Harden can't be anything more than 6'3.5
Editor Rob
Westbrook at 6ft 2.5 may well be closer.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Roger Federer
I think he's a fairly firm 6ft1er.
Justin Simonsen on Kevin Owens
I met him once an i’m taller than him. I’m 6ft tall so him being 5ft 10 sounds more accurate.
Quixote on Wale
Lmao, Google has his height listed as 5'10". You can tell they're inconsistent and inaccurate with their height measurements because they had Rick Ross listed as 5'11" and their was a picture with Wale and Rick Ross and Rick Ross seemed to have more than an inch on Wale.
Ian Forsyth on Paul McCartney
I met Paul in 1984 in Liverpool and I am 6"3 and would estimate Paul at 5"9.
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Alexander Siddig
182.5 not impossible.
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Jon Hamm
Underlisted by about half an inch.....

What’s taking so long? Just upgrade already.
MJKoP on Donald Trump
The Shredder said on 19/Jan/18
LOL there is a " Girther Movement " going on now and the internet is comparing him to guys of 6'3 with the same weight.

Yeah, Trump is unquestionably horrible in almost if not every way imaginable, but it's not remotely fair to use athletes/body builders to draw a fair comparison...due to the tired, old - but very true - muscle outweighing fat to skewer the BMI results argument.

That being said, the 6'1/270 guy Rob posted below proves that the 6'3/239 is a big, (morbidly?)obese lie....but you can of course still weigh less than someone of the same height and be unanimously seen as 'fatter', if the heavier person's muscle index eclipses their body fat percentage.
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Jasmine Sanders
@MaryAnne, spot on. Her mother is german, her father is African-American.
Wayne Bortner on Ralf Moeller
Seen this recent photo of Ralf together with Rocky and Schwarzenegger? Click Here
Canson on Colin Kaepernick
I’d say If the combine is in the 6 o’clock hour then Kap is 6’4.25 at a low and Cam prob 6’4.75 or 6’4 5/8. Always has looked around 195cm weak 195 while Kap looks “about weak 194.
Lil Man on Kristen Schaal
Idk, there are times when she even looks taller than 5'9 Will Forte. She also never wears heels, so I think her tall height is legit. I think she needs an upgrade. At least 5'7

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Jason25th on Nikolaj Coster Waldau
He always gave me a 6'1 feeling, but he never seems to me smaller than Gerard Butler in their photos. In fact with a proper posture, he seems to be at least 0.25 inch taller
ConorFan on Francis Ngannou
Also Rob can we have some more MMA guys, like Tyron Woodley for example, he has claimed to be 5'9 in an interview prior to the Damian Maia fight, but he looks significantly shorter than his "5'9" claim at around 5'6 or 5'7 in my opinion.
ConorFan on Francis Ngannou
Rob i think he's closer to 6'5, because he looks an inch or so taller than legit 6'4 Stipe. But we'll see in the final staredown in the octagon who is taller i guess.
ConorFan on Conor McGregor
@Jb - 5'9 Yeah, a lot of people think Conor is taller than his listed height, but its only because he's fought shorter guy's who claim 5'9 or 5'10 but in reality are only 5'6 or 5'7. Conor is also quite slim but top heavy muscular with long arms which gives a taller look especially on pictures.
Hamza on Dave Bautista
Batista 05’ = 193.5cm
Batista 08’ = 191cm
Batista 14’ = 190.75cm
Currently = 189.5cm
John Stannard on Judd Trump
id say he's no taller than Ding and he claims 5'9
EthanCouch74 on Tom Cruise
He wears elevator shoes and shoe lifts to appear taller almost all the time I’d say his real height is 5’5.
John Stannard on Mark Selby
definatley looks a little over 6ft
blazer on Chris Pratt
Seeing Pratt next to Vince Vaughn in "delivery man" I find it hard to believe he's anything over 6 foot. Also looked under 6 foot with Andrew luck. I think he may wear boots or small lifts in his action roles to look bigger. Some of the guesses at 6'3 are incredible..he's not close to that.
sk55 on Jensen Ackles
Met him a few times. MY height is 6'1.25 and we were the same eye to eye height. He's a legit 6'1.
Mr S on Paul Anderson
I guessed him as a solid 5'10". He looks a good two inches taller than 5'8" listed Cillian Murphy and seems taller than Tom Hardy. Although Hardy's posture isn't great in Peaky Blinders. Do you think there is more chance of Murphy being under 5'8" or Anderson being over 5'9"?
Editor Rob
Just under 5ft 8 for Cillian has always been possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Daniel Majstorovic
Rob, could Glenn Loovens get his own page?

Daniel could be 189cm but no less...
Editor Rob
I don't know about giving Glenn his own page.
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Kei Nishikori
Dorleac on Kei Nishikori
177 might be a rounded-down conversion of 5'10. Doesn't look that short alongside other players.
Editor Rob

I'd say it's the other way around - 5ft 10 is a round up from his 177cm claim. Japanese are by default using metric.
Uncle Cabbage on Mike Cernovich
I swear Molyenux specifically mentioned 6'2" as his height on a show within the last year.
DruceLee on Rob Paul
Some people didnt bothered with height for example my friend guess me as 173-4 (im 179), for my friend (180) says that he is little shorter than me and foe another friend (183) says that he is 187.. for himself he claiming that's 193 but he is little bit shorter than my 190 friend..even though he is basketball player and has master degree he is a little bit delusional.because of that type of people i dont have true reference to guessing heights..and asking to measuring them would .Rob do you have some degree or something?
Editor Rob
Yes, I studied at University, though even a well-educated man may simply not be that interested or care about height to be accurate with it like others.
:) on Offset
Take off is left out :(
andre oliveira on Lil Wayne
5ft5 with shoes not barefoot

rob likes to add extra height on the famous :(
Editor Rob
Wait...usually it's the opposite - 'Rob is downgrading celebrities'. 🤔
Codfather on KSI
Rob,the guy next to KSI(FaZe Sensei) claims to be 5'11".I think a 5'9.75-10 listing would be more fitting.
Click Here
:) on Lil Pump
@growtallerguru Yea they really doesnt eat much nutritious food. I doubt thy do any sorts of of exercising besides performing? Maybe the reason they are tnds to be shorter than average.
Codfather on KSI
Rob,the guy next to KSI(FaZe Sensei) claims to be 5'11".I think a 5'9.75-10 listing would be more fitting.
Marquis de Chard on Ronnie O'Sullivan
I think Ronnie is probably a weak 5ft10 barefeet. His thin body type can be deceptive.

Other tall famous snooker players you can check up on & my estimates:

Ricky Walden (191 cm), Ryan Day (188 cm), David Grace (195 cm). The snooker referee Jan Verhaas is a beast – looks a weak 6ft6!
Johnson on Kei Nishikori
with Roger Federer
Click Here
Chase on Wale
Looks right. Generally looks on the higher end of short, but still edges out DJ Khalid in pics.
Duhon on Shaquille O'Neal
Looks just shy of 7'3" in shoes next to this height ruler Click Here
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Checker: that’s likely a morning height for Calhoun as well. That’s his combine measurement meaning probably a flat 6’4”
travis on French Montana
i could have sworn that he was 186cm on his ig page he look tall in all his pictures
Jason25th on Alexander Ludwig
It's difficult to estimate the height of this guy. He is certainly 0.5 inches smaller than Gustaf, however, there are times when he doesn't seem to be as smaller as Matthew Daddario, who in turn is similar to the legitimate 6'3 Isaiah Mustafa. Maybe it's a matter of posture or footwear. Matthew has a bad posture, while Gustav always positions himself in a way that looks taller, as in some photos with his brother Bill, in which the second seems smaller (although not to be). Anyway, I think this list is spot on.
travis on David Warner
he loss 1cm/1inch not bad
JT on Andre The Giant
star69 said on 19/Jan/18
Akebono never looked 6'8 to me; I think he is 6'6-6'6 1/2.

Akebono in small heel boots was taller next to Matt Bloom than Taker was in decent size heels Click Here So what's your estimate for Taker's height then?
Johnson on Will Ferrell
With Roger Federer

Extract your own conclusions guys

Click Here
Paul NS (6ft0.5) on Paul Walker
No it isn't. He'd edge out 6'1.5 guys by more than an 8th.
joel on Tom Cruise
where there's smoke, there's fire. he's 5'7.
Smiles03 on Matt Damon
He could had been 5'10 or 5'11 when he was younger
Logan on Big Show
Thank you Undertaker Frank and how tall do you think Typhoon is' I'm a little confused because the Internet say he is 6'3" but beside Earthquake who is about 6'6" or 6'5" Typhoon looks only 1/2 shorter.
Koreanorigin188cm on Kei Nishikori
Strong 5 foot 9 for Kei Nishikori.
Joao on James Harden
Clearly taller than Felipe VI
Click Here
So, one of them should be reviewed.
star69 on Brian Shaw
6'7-6'7 1/4
star69 on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
6'7 1/2
Cameron on Rob Paul
Rob do you know why some people shrink more than others during the day? I shrink usually a full inch from right when I wake up to before I go to bed. Usually 5'11.5 right out of bed and 5'10.6 before bed or even a little lower. I seem to drop down to 5'11.25 almost immediately after waking up and usually am below 5'11 by noon at latest depending on how much I've been standing.

This also makes me not entirely sure what height I should claim. I usually just say I'm 5'11 because it's in between the morning and evening height but after noon I'm usually below 5'11 so maybe 5'10.75. What do you think?
Editor Rob
Different people will have slight variances in the structure and overall thickness of their discs.
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Checker: the worst case scenario for Vernon and Shawne is that Vernon is half inch taller. Best case is an inch. I only say that because of where both measured. If Shawne is somehow 6’2.5 or 6’2 3/8 at a low and Vernon is about 6’3. When I met Vernon it looked about 3cm (1-1.5”). I would say he looked solid 6’3 but seeing as how he measured 6’3.25 in the AM maybe 6’2 7/8 as a worst case as that won’t look any different really. But I would say Vernon is 6’3 since it’s close enough like my friend who looked the same standing next to me and dips to 190.3-.4. Shawne according to a friend who met him said 6’2ish. Not as tall as the 6’3 friend
Juanmtz on Russell Wilson
He needs a downgrade to 5’10
Juanmtz on Ana Patricia Gámez
How tall is alan tacher her co star? He has taken pictures with a couple of celebrities including jake gyllenhall
Editor Rob
He doesn't look like he's much different from Jake, very close.
Juanmtz on Juan Luis Guerra
That translates to “Six foot five, less than 2 meters but close.” He needs an upgrade
Juanmtz on Sebastián Yatra
Can you add bad bunny hes in the 6 foot range for sure. Wisin would be a good add as well.
Juanmtz on Natalia Jiménez
How tall would that make luis coronel?
Juanmtz on Sebastián Yatra
Easily 6 foot this listing is wrong
Greg on Wale
Always thought he was 5'10. Shiet
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Rex Smith
Maybe a weak 6ft today and a strong 6ft peak Rob?
Editor Rob
It's possible, I think physically he still looked close to 6ft in person, but possibly a little bit under it now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sonny Bill Williams
Rob, maybe he's 194cm out of bed?
Editor Rob
I'd say 6ft 3 ¾ would be the lowest I'd argue, so 6ft 4 &34; out of bed is believable.
andre oliveira on Nick Jonas
168cm barefoot
kash on Grant Gustin
What's difficult is that Grant so often leans while Stephen Amell stands up totally straight; although I will say that the leaning is a habit of people used to being taller than those around them (Click Here)

Definitely not the 6'2" he claims, but if Amell is near 6'1", I can see Grant being an even 6'. For example, Amell's footwear looks to have the height advantage here (Click Here) but they're near matched at the shoulders.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sebastián Yatra
Hair brings him to 6ft
Ali183 on Chris Evans
182 cm is closer to the truth
Smiles03 on Bryan Cranston
He's like 5'11
HonestSlovene on Richard Chaves
I agree on 5'9.5", seems average-ish.
Arain on Aston Merrygold
Rob how tall would you say the guy to the right of aston is?
Editor Rob
He might be somewhere in 5ft 8-9 range.
Fireee on XXXTentacion
Yeah I say 165 tbh proportion wise
kash on Oscar Isaac
Height is not a question of "superiority" or "inferiority." Just as skin color had advantages and disadvantages for our ancestors' climates and regions, height can be an advantage/disadvantage depending on what people encounter. Nutrition does have an impact, as well as womb conditions before birth, but none of it indicates whether a person is "superior" to another. For example, someone incredibly tall might have a genetic condition that causes discomfort throughout life.

That being said, my guess for Oscar Isaac is a little less than 5'8", but it doesn't hurt his looks at all.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Pablo Schreiber
Schreiber/Manganiello 6'4.5"
Skarsgard/Perry 6'4.25"
Padalecki/Strahan 6'4"
Bobby on Merrin Dungey
How tall did she appear in the footwear? 5'10?
Editor Rob
I'd have thought she seemed a bit more than 5ft 10 flat standing there, I believe she looked a little taller than Drew Roy that day.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Brock O'Hurn
It's pretty rare that 6'5"+ guys inflate their height, but there's cousin of mine who's around 6'7"-6'7.5" (has approx 2" on me) but claims 6'9" and our family brags to other people that he's 6'9". And the funny thing is that I have another cousin who's 6'3.75" but is honest and claims 6'4", but as expected my taller cousin calls him 6'5"-6'6" and calls me 6'7". But I saw him most recently at a family reunion years ago, and that was before I took intrest in heights and became "height conscious" so I haven't called out on his lie yet. I know my 6'7" and change cousin played basketball so 6'9" is probably the height he was listed at. But what you said about ex-ball players claiming their listed heights instead of their actual heights is true. Although I didn't play ball at university myself, I've known some classmates who did and they inflated about an inch or two.

Some basketball shoes give as high as 1.5" but I've never heard of any footwear giving nearly 2" other than work boots. And Air Maxes give about 1.4" but not 2".
kash on Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt seems to be really close in height to Dave Bautista. If Dave is a strong 6'2", approaching 6'3" as Rob listed, I could buy Chris Pratt at 6'2" Click Here
kash on Chris Evans
People referencing "Not Another Teen" movie as proof that he is shorter than 6', but I think it's worth mentioning that he was 19 when NATM came out, possibly 18 when it filmed; men are known to grow until they reach 22 - some sites even suggest 25. So it's entirely possible that if he were around 5'11" then, he could've filled in to a flat 6'0" or so.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on James Harden
6'3.5" at most
tree on Ntare Mwine
He has exactly the same stance,facial expression with Jenny and Rob kinda funny.
Rob did he had this same look on his face with the others who took a pic with him?
Editor Rob
I think he was standing pretty static, some guests move around a lot and seem to look different.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Russell Wilson
@Editor Rob

I think 5083 or 5084 would be more realistic for you since many players are measured 1/4"-3/8" higher than their lowest.
Tunman on Diego Schwartzman
Maradona looks 2"smaller than him so like 5'3.5"for today and likely a full 5'4 at peak perhaps even 5'4.25".Nadal seems near 7" taller perhaps slightly less.A legit 166
Tunman on Michael Jordan
I don't know,Canson.He could often look the full 6'5 imo.Certainly 6'4.5" is arguable but here he is with Federer Click Here
If anything he's closer to 6'5 than 4 assuming footwear.I think there is always a chance for him to be 6'4.75".I know that Riley called him 6'4.5" but maybe he's trying to undermine him.The 1992 listing of the Olympics had him at 6'4 7/8" and Barkley at 6'4 5/8".I wouldn't argue anything less for Charles as he looks taller than most people listed at 6'5 on this site,so maybe that source was fair as even Magic Johnson at 6'7.5" is probably the lowest he was.
Rory on Paul Weller
I think seeing as he looks 5ft10.75-5ft11 today aged 59 next to Johnny Harris who is a solid 5ft10 guy next to Noel Clarke or Barry Mcguigan you'd have to say there is a solid argument to be made for 5ft11+ range in the 80s and 90s. Only looked 2 inches shorter than Geldof in the 1985 live aid and most people who've met him describe him as tall. 11.25-11.5 peak and maybe 10.75 this year at 60.
ouz selek on Rob Paul
rob what are you think about (1.81 cm) height is that cool for man living in turkey ?
Editor Rob
In Turkey it is above average height, so you should never really feel short walking about the city.
Don't know what to claim(5'11) on Thierry Henry
Hahaha no way he is 187cm. Look at kobe, completely dwarfs him. This guy is 183-184cm.

Click Here
emy on Jasmine Sanders
she looks like rihanna before gaining weight
emy on Jasmine Sanders
thanks rob
MaryAnne on Jasmine Sanders
I expected her to be shorter lik 5'7 but she can appear 5'8 as you suggest Rob. She looks exotic. I suppose one of her parents is german,the other one is african-american. Not sure.
Editor Rob
She's certainly not a model who is too thin, I think her proportions can make her seem shorter than she might be.
Johnson on Football Soccer
Manchester United squad 2018

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How tall is goalkeeper Sergio Romero? He almost towers De Gea
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Princess Diana
I think this is too low.
Connor Simpson on Shelton Benjamin
Yeah if this guy was taller than Cena then I guess Cena really is more 6'0 flat as he claims or 6'0.25 at the most, maybe its time to downgrade Cena Rob?, its hard to judge how tall Shelton looks with you though because he isn't standing straight but was both your footwear the same?
Editor Rob
Roughly same I thought, but he did look taller than in this photo.
62B on Hulk Hogan
dicksock said on 19/Jan/18
62B said on 19/Jan/18

Another poster on here. I believe JoeyB has pictures with him. Sing looks maybe 6' with him, but Joey said he though he might be 6'1"


Sting was definitely about 6'2" in his prime. He may be down to 6'1.5" or something now. He was barely shorter than 6'3" guys like Vader and was very very close in height with 6'2.5" minimum Lex Luger. Click Here

Speaking of Luger, here is a video I had never seen of him in Memphis with Jerry Lawler. Click Here

Lawler actually asks him about his height and measures his arms and chest. When asked about his height, Luger says 6'5", and to be honest he is about 6" taller than Lawler when he stretches to his full height. Lawler was at least 5'10". Luger does have a little footwear advantage though. I think it's possible Luger was 6'3" and Sting was 6'2.5" in their primes. Sting usually wore big heels though, so it's hard to tell. By the way, I definitely think those were his legit measurements in that video. He was huge at that time.

Those arm and chest measurements are probably accurate. One of my friends in the group that was there when we saw Luger was a big weight lifter. He had 17" arms that were definitely smaller than Lugers.
Borats Chicken on Jasmine Sanders
wow rob, she looks amazing balls like really 10/10
Ben on Rob Paul
Nice to see you got this page back up and running again Rob! :)

By the way, I gotta tell you about something funny that happened yesterday;

So I was sitting next to my friend before class and we were for some reason watching a video of yours, I don't know why, he just tought it was funny. Then when you measured yourself at 173.5 (If I'm correct) he said:

Him: "He's taller than me"
Me: "Hm, cool, how tall are you?"
Him: "172, or 172.4 to be exact. How tall are you?"
Me: "Guess"

(We both stood up and keep in mind that his 172.4 measurement is legit and he was in socks under a stadiometer)

Him: "You well over 180 for sure"
Me: "Haha nah, I'm like, 179"
Him: "Whoa what? Thought you were taller!"

So Rob, how could a legit 172.4 person (As close as you can get to 5'8" without being 5'8") misstake me for being like 6'0"? We were in equal 0.5-0.75inch isch footwear. He's studying science and math, he should be better at this! Now, I might've grown, I don't know but I sure don't think I'm 6'0" and I would be very suprised to even get 5'11".

This also kind of brings me to a follow up question, would you say my final adult height is 182 in the morning and 180 at night? I remember my brother grew an inch after 19 from 6'1.5" to 6'2.5". My biological dad was also a late one, he's 6'0" today (But I've never met him so I don't know for sure!) and my biological mom is 5'2".
Editor Rob
Yes, it's very possible for people to be fooled into thinking someone is taller.

Some people aren't as attentive towards heights as others, so they may just be underestimating or overestimating what 2 or 4 inches actually looks like.

If your brother had a late addition, don't rule out the odds being more in your favour you may have inherited a gene for some growth between 19 and 21.
Ali183 on Benedict Cumberbatch
Rob do you think he could drop to 180-180.5 cm at night?
Editor Rob
Maybe 181, but under it? I'm not so sure...

His current listing I believe is still fair.
Ben on Neymar
Oh yeah that's true Rob, many sport players legs are a lot bigger than the average man.
RONSTER on Hulk Hogan
Sammartino has always been jealous of Hogan, and he tries his best to belittle Hogan every chance he gets. So him saying Hogan was shorter than he really was is just typical of his envious and jealousy towards Hulk.
Connor Simpson on Gene Snitsky
Looks a legit 6ft 6, Arnie here looks closer to 6ft than 5ft 11 here though, how old is this pic Rob or is it recent?
Editor Rob
I think Arnie might have thinner sneakers, it's a few years old I believe, early 2015 maybe.
Jess on Katy Perry
A quater of an inch uprgrade Rob?She seems taller than Cara
5'10 lad on Taron Egerton
Rob if you won’t do the full 5’8.75 maybe 5’8 7/8ths? He’s shorter than Tom hardy
Interval on Jen Halley
Rob, can some people think that there's only a one inch difference in this pic? For some reason you appear closer than 2 inches. When you compare Cameron Diaz and Steve Carrell's difference in her heels, they look like a far greater difference than you and her in this pic.
Editor Rob
Well I wouldn't say it was 1, but not quite as much as 2 either.
Johnson on Justin Bieber
I am always very honest

Back on the day I thought Bieber was 1.74

Not anymore

Bieber is not over 1.73 and in any case shorter. I am sure Rob would edge him out
Cameron Brown on PewDiePie
In this video, Click Here at about 5:12 Jacksepticeye looks at least about 4cm smaller than PewDiePie, as Jacksepticeye is listed at 174cm surely PewDiePie would be more like 178cm?
Canson on Kevin Durant
Oden measured 6’11” barefoot at the pre draft and Durant 6’9”. Here is a better pic of them where it’s a clear 2” difference

Click Here
Dude 173 cm on Ryan Reynolds
With that claimed he can't be a fraction over 6'2
Johnson on Karim Benzema
@Rob if Benzema is 183.8 how tall is Carmelo Anthony?

Click Here
Editor Rob
he can pull off over 6ft 7 there.
Shell on Irina Shayk
Bra size isn’t 34. That’s the bust measurement. When measurements are given that way for a woman, that’s the over-bust at the fullest point, not the bra band size.
Dude 173 cm on Simone Simons
Really need a upgrade to 5'6 3/8
Editor Rob
It's rare to find a 168.5 mention by a celebrity, so 5ft 6 3/8th is closer than .25
MrTBlack on Brock O'Hurn
@Canson and Christian

I think Vaughn was a legit 6’5” at peak (maybe 6’4 3/4” at worst) since he always towered over 6’0.5” listed Favreau. Robbins is 6’5” and I’d say if anything he’s slightly over 6’5” rather than below it.
HighLiderZ on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hey Rob, in this picture Arnold is like a 184.5-185 near Jai Courtney
Click Here
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed he looked over six feet with Jai.
raju on Nathan Jones
How tall is chris benoit?Click Here
Mars on Cristiano Ronaldo
Ben Homewever He was tall than most Of his friends back in that time i always think that He was like 5 ft 7 at 16.
MaryAnne on Miranda Kerr
Obviously, she was not 1.74
Smiles03 on Martin Lawrence
He could be 5'7, 5'8
tony t. on Tom Brady
He's very close in height to Ben Roethlisberger. Almost identical. Even though Ben is listed taller they appear to be the exact same height.
The Shredder on Sarah Wayne Callies
5'8 3/8
Agent Orange on Grant Gustin
He’s so close to 6’ft he could honestly claim it .... anything above would be contentious .
19 January
Agent Orange on Nemanja Matić
I can believe this listing. I have pretty much the same build as him but he’s much taller! He probabaky wakes up over 196cm.
bobbyh33432 on Russell Wilson
i agree with rob on this one... hey rob what do you think they would list you at if you played pro ball? rob paul measured 5 feet 10 inches at the nba combine this summer...
Editor Rob
If I attended the combine I'm sure I'd be in their database as 5082, and listed 5ft 8 actually!

Then I'd be on the other end...actually I probably am, I'm sure my height has been mentioned on other sites!
bobbyh33432 on Peyton Manning
funny i have seen tom brady in person i have seen teddy bruskie, nate solder but never drew bledsoe? i guess he never hung out with the team after wards, i'll tell you what though nate solder is huge he had at least 3 inches on me, but bledsoe i never bought the 6'5 flat listing and his team mates at the time always said he was bigger than he was listed,,,,,
bobbyh33432 on Randy Quaid
this guy was always tough to get a read on because of his horrible posture i'd say he is a tweener not 6'5 but bigger than 6 '4 flat'194 range but who knows? his posture is horrible. did you ever meet him rob?
Editor Rob
Never seen him, seems he has had a hard time last decade. Probably has lost an inch by now.
Derrik on Stephen Curry
He looks 6’2 tho cause if that’s the case then novak must be 184cm fam
Derrik on Lonzo Ball
Kyrie is probably 6’1.5 I can maybe by 6’1.25 but it would be as 186.4-5 range
189Night on Professor Green
Rob, Why is Pro Green under the American Rappers category?
Editor Rob
🔧🔧Thanks for pointing it out, I gave him his British passport back 😺
Canson on Derrick Rose
@Johnson: to what you said about Rubio I watched the Jazz Knicks game and they said in the first quarter that Rubio told them he is only 6’1”. That makes sense with D Rose now
Marc on Daisy Ridley
Watched the newest star wars movie and she never looked a full 5'7 to me. But no less than 5'6 either. Something in between so robs listening is perfect! Beautiful and very natural girl!
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Finn Den Hertog
slimeball on Arnold Schwarzenegger
juby: A person dont lose height through aging before 40-45, at 50 many people have lost maximum 1 centimater and 1-1.5 inches at 70, why dont you go read medical litterature on google on this subject before you spread your nonsense?

I am 35,about 6.3 now just as i were at 20 even though i lifted since then.
Jason J on Rob Paul
Rob, how tall are you when measured against wall with ruler?
Editor Rob
At my lowest height against a wall, around 5ft 8 1/8th.
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Taylor Kitsch
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Travis Fimmel
I reckon 7/8ths is arguable for him.
Psychedelic Earth 187 on Robbie Amell
179cm at his low.

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