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28 March
Mimi on Reba McEntire
Happy 65th birthday to Reba! πŸŽ‚ She's the same age as mamamia if she was still alive.
Nik Ashton on Coco Rocha
It’s great that she loves being tall! πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ
lemmuel on Nia Jax
she's 5'10 or 5'11 theirs no way she's 6'0
Nik Ashton on Taylor Swift
She is shorter than Liv Tyler but she is taller than Rob Paul and Nik Ashton!
Celebheights 6'1.5" on Chris Evans
He looked to be at least 6’0” by Bob Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth.
pov on Conan O'Brien
I don't see him measuring a full 6'4 barefoot. He is always height conscious when near taller people and likes to edge them out. He wears very thick boots a lot. I think he'd measure 6'3.25-6'3.5 Barefoot, definitley a touch over 6'3 not 6'4 IMO. He's shorter than legit 6'4 peak guys like Liam Neeson and Jeff Goldblum who were a touch over 6'4. Conan gets 6'3.5.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - I hope you and your bro enjoyed the pizza very much! I bet your cats flocked (autocorrect tried to change it to flicked!) round the pizza like a pack of Jasmins, I like it that Ottica (aka β€œThe Greed”!) ate some pepperoni pizza (she has good taste!) and that she went to sleep full up and all contented! Sweet dreams! She had a funny way of sleeping! πŸ˜†πŸ‘€πŸ’€πŸˆπŸ•πŸ˜‹πŸ•πŸ©πŸ˜‹!
pov on Jeff Goldblum
Saw his interview with conan in 1993. He was definitely a margin over 6'4 at his peak, I agree with this listing. As for Conan I think if he was measured barefoot I think he'd be 6'3.5.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Matt Lucas
Remember the scene in 'Little Britain' where he goes into a food shop dressed as an old woman and piddles all over the floor? So funny, and there was masses of it at that!


Matt gets 5ft5.5.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Quentin Tarantino
πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Quentin πŸŽŠπŸ’πŸŽ‚

A belated Happy Birthday to the wonderful, unique genius that is

⭐ Quentin Tarantino! ⭐

Quentin turned 57 yesterday. He's 6ft1 - his height and that of George Clooney were on prominent display for all to see in the horror comedy 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. Boy, is that a good film OR WHAT? πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ¦‡

Nik Ashton on Dakota Fanning
Her Dad Steven is about 6’3” and a former baseball player! πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ
Miss Sandy Cowell on William Roache
How can a small dog like Ken's 'Eccles' piddle copiously on the carpet of the retirement home? What a fuss over nothing! πŸΆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

William gets 5ft8.5 peak and 5ft6.5 now.
Canson on Rob Paul
@Sakz: that’s very true but then there are the cases where people are temporarily out of work and don’t have money in the bank. Now I know that it’s nowhere near as dire A case as someone else who is jobless or destitute to begin with; but even if they are anticipating collecting short term unemployment etc they still have to wait the time for the filing period and for the money itself. This is more pronounced with a family. Now I agree with what you said to a large extent because im sure that many people who live this way did so due to poor planning but then some had rough financial situations to no fault of their own prior to the COVID19 pandemic. But Much of the US and much of the world probably live paycheck to paycheck or with less than 1 month of reserves which won’t cut it in this situation with all of the extra resources needed such as disinfectant and other cleaning supplies that families and individuals are buying much more frequently. And The little bit of money that the Government is giving the residents of the US isn’t going to help either class as much as it should being many people may already be dangerously in the hole with no resources by the time the money finally comes. It’s even possible that people are back at work by then. Not to mention that it is very discriminatory as it covers people up to certain thresholds. Now it’s fitting being people in lower income brackets need the assistance more than someone who is better off. I also see it as being more of the essence for someone who has either a combination of being temporarily displaced and a lower income bracket or someone who was unemployed to begin with.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Michael Douglas
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I've just been laughing at the thought of the peeing scene in 'The War of the Roses', when he urinates in the specially prepared meal that his wife has prepared for her guests! Yes, Michael can turn his acting skills to humour as well as serious, AND he had a hand in the making of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'!

5ft9.5 peak;
5ft8.25 today. πŸ˜„πŸ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell on Kathleen Turner
My favourite of Kathleen's films just HAS to be 'The War of the Roses' - so funny, apart from the fate of their pets. I showed this film to my Dad - and he liked it too!

5ft7. πŸ˜„πŸ’
Half an inch more for her peak.

@ Duffer 5ft11 - I saw 'Body Heat' at the cinema! 🌞
Canson on Rob Paul
@Sakz: that’s very true but then there are the cases where people are temporarily out of work and don’t have tons of money in the bank. Much of the US and much of the world probably live paycheck to paycheck or with less than 1 month of reserves which won’t cut it in this situation with all of the extra resources needed such as disinfectant and other cleaning supplies that families and individuals are buying more frequently. And The little bit of money that the Government is giving the residents of the US isn’t going to help either class as much as it should being many people may already be dangerously in the hole with no resources by the time the money comes. It’s even possible that people are back at work by then
Sarai on Tyson Fury
Fury 200-201, 6'7 max (real height)
Canson on Rob Paul
@Sakz: that’s very true but then there are the cases where people are temporarily out of work and don’t have tons of money in the bank. The little bit of money that the Government is giving the residents of the US isn’t going to help either class as much as it should being many people may already be dangerously in the hole with no resources by the time the money comes. It’s even possible that people are back at work by then
Nippu on VΓ€inΓΆ Myllyrinne
Vaino was married 1942-44. Around 2 years. No kids. Vaino`s roots go to Paltamo. Same area have been also Daniel Cajanus and Louis Moilanen. Atleast Cajust is related from mothers side. There was also veveral others 220-228cm tall giant like srtongman Rauvan Jaakko (228cm). Myllyrinne` family are all normal size. I know that his later relatives is tested for gigastism. Do not know how many. I only have met one. Ville Myllyrinne. Famous actor/comedian in Finland.

Vaino was probably most strongest and mobile giants ever. Atleast over 7`7+ giants. He also speak around 6 languages. He was pretty rich also. People really pay to him that they could meet him. Even privatly. Other giants did not like to tour with him.Well they managers refuse when they had met Vaino. In that era 7ft+ humans mostly tell they are half over even full foot taller. If u are tall enough u don`t have to lie.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lacey Turner
πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸ’πŸ’ Happy Birthday Lacey! πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚

A Very Happy 32nd Birthday to the beautiful and talented actress Lacey Amelia Turner.

5ft3. πŸ˜„πŸ‘

Nik Ashton on Taylor Lautner
@ pov - How tall do you think he is?

The average guess is 5’8.18” (118 votes)!
cmillz on Howard Stern
Peak was def 197 cm imo.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Vince Vaughn
πŸŽ‚πŸŽ Happy 5️⃣0️⃣ th Birthday VV! πŸŽπŸŽ‚

Congratulations to Vince Vaughn who is today turning the Big 5️⃣-0️⃣! Have a great time Big Guy!

6ft5 peak, 6ft4.5 today. πŸ˜„πŸŽˆ

cmillz on Tim Robbins
I can’t see Bo Burnham being taller than a peak Howard Stern tbh.
cmillz on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Strange that he was measured at 6’1.5” at one point. Honestly didn’t even think he was a full 6’1” at peak.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Julia Stiles
πŸ’πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Julia! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ’

Wishing Julia Stiles a Very Happy 39th Birthday! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

5ft7.5 for this beauty on her Birthday.

cmillz on Liam Neeson
He wasn’t over 193cm peak. Goldblum would have edged him out.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lady Gaga
πŸŒΉπŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸ’ Happy Birthday Gaga! πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸŒΉ

Lady Gaga is celebrating her 34th Birthday today. A year ago I had no idea what a brilliant little actress she is because I hadn't yet seen American Horror Story, but now I have, thanks to Littlelee's recommendation, and she was a real revelation, and so sexy! I can honestly say that I have great admiration for Lady Gaga and am now a staunch fan!

5ft1.25 πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸŽŠ

pov on Sylvester Stallone
Peak 5'8, 5'7 today
Nik Ashton on Grace VanderWaal
It is great that Grace is currently ranked as the second top celeb on celebheights!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ruth Langsford
Ruth is on the cover of my May magazine. It was sources like this that I used to find out the heights of stars, but now I don't have it necessary! πŸ˜ƒ

I have Celebheights! πŸŒžπŸ‘

I remember waiting in the hospital TV room watching Ruth on TV just before my hip operation. She had an amazing calming effect on me, and I have never forgotten that!

5ft7. 🌹
Canson on Chris Paul
@Jean214: Mitchell is more like 6’0.75” if going with an afternoon measurement. He looks 2” shorter than Clarkson. Both guys measured those marks early am
Cockstride on Robert Plant
6-1 peak min. No I’d say 6-0 if he stands totally straight up. Which he doesn’t oddly much.
Linke on Amitabh Bachchan
Rob, I think he should be downgraded to 183 cms now.
TheHawk on Ben Wallace
Big ben gets 6’7 and 1/2 from me
Bwk on General Height
@AndrewV I highly doubt that 178.2cm figure for the younger white demographic is the same for all over the United States. I think the average height probably varies from state to state for younger White Americans. That 178.2cm measurement might be true for people in the Midwest where there's a lot of German and Scandinavian ancestry, but for other parts of the country I don't know about that. I could be wrong though.
Nik Ashton on Daisy Edgar-Jones
Daisy does look on the tall side and it is very believable that she is 5’6”!
Miss Sandy Cowell on David Bowie
I'm listening to The Best of Bowie, given to me by my friend, Chris. He died of cancer at just 39/40. Chris played guitar in a band. God rest his soul.

David gets 5ft10. He looks taller than anyone else in 'The Man Who Fell to Earth'!
Hanov on Drew McIntyre
6'5" 0%
6'4.75" 10%
6'4.5" 50%
6'4 3/8 20%
6'4.25 20%
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jane Danson
Nah, no way Nik! I always thought she was a strong five three but five two - nah, no, not at all! πŸ™Š

Hanov on Rey Mysterio
The guy shorter than Kevin Hart
Tall In The Saddle on Rod Serling
Just goes to show that intellect, creativity and persona transcends all else. Terrific voice and presence.

I also feel like typing "Who cares if he was 5'4"?" but then that's an assumption of prejudice and after all, this is a discussion site re objective height estimation without connotation. I would only type "Who cares..?" if anyone tried to suggest Rod's height was somehow a detrimental feature to the man or even anyone else at the same height. Of course, no one has done that here. Twilight Zone was before my time though I've seen re-runs. Brilliant. I do however recall Night Gallery in real time as a child. Top shelf.

Apparently a shy man thus the super heavy smoking. Another taken away much too young.
Hanov on Viscera

The camera looks weird
Miss Sandy Cowell on Steve Tyler
@ Mimi - You have good taste! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Nik - The cats say meownk you!
I have Ottica sitting right next to me!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lolita Davidovich
Oh nice! We have another young lady of 5ft6 and it would appear that she stars in the sort of thing that appeals to me! I'll have to keep an eye out for her.

Until then, I'm going to stick with the expert and give her 5ft6! πŸŒžπŸ‘πŸ’
Miss Sandy Cowell on Paul Walter Hauser
Ha ha! I took a picture of my Pip pointing angrily at me, his long hair in a state of disarray - but I liked it! πŸ˜‰
viper on Brandon Routh
He doesn't look more than 6-2 with Rob
FriedChicken on Dave Bautista
He needs a downgrade. Why is no one talking about he looks identical to Terry Crews in height when they met.
rafael pereira oliveira rios on Jason Marsden
how did he end up so short?there is a photo of him on his 20s on google and he literally looked like a 12 year old,HGH deficiency?
rafael pereira oliveira rios on Greta Thunberg
did she had any health problem that is absurd small for a sweden.
Canson on Big Show
@Pierre: Boomer Esiaison? In his prime he was 6’4 range. Today he still looks it next to James Brown. Brown appeared to slightly edge me when I met him in person. Maybe footwear but I could believe he’s 6’4-6’5
Canson on Shaquille O'Neal
@Rob: so you aren’t buying 6’11.75? That’s near the 7ft line but I would say his footwear looked 1”? What would you say?
Editor Rob
He could have looked almost 7ft in the clip, but I don't know if he will measure that mark today.
Canson on Jon Jones
It’s similar Charles Barkley being 6’7” in his. When you’re taller than camera level and looking down you will appear taller than you are. So in essence pending footwear we could say Jones is close to an inch shorter than Barkley. That’s how they look in their pic. Barkley is 6’4 range

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27 March
Emm Bee on Adrien Brody
He looks quite tall next to everyone else in Darjeeling Limited. It's irrelevant if he may be fractionally shorter than he claims .... he looks a legit 6-1
viper on Matthew McConaughey
5-10 max
viper on Tom Brady
Paul Pierce looks 6-6 to me there.

He also looks it with Magic.

I think he's a straight up 6-6 guy
viper on Matt Damon
I think it's good evidence Clooney is

Damon is 5-9
viper on Ben Affleck
I have a better chance of winning 500 million Powerball lottery money right now than Caron shrinking
viper on Ben Affleck
Jackman has always been 6-1 IMO
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock looks like a NFL defensive end in that video.

He looks bigger than any 260 pound NFL linebacker imo
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock is looking really yoked in that video.

I can buy 277 with clothes and shoes possibly.

Last time He stepped on a scale and was a bit over 270
viper on Jon Jones
Magic looks nothing more than 6-7 with
6-6 Paul Pierce
viper on Jon Jones
He's looks nowhere close to a guy being 6-6 in shoes
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
My boyfriend reckons I speak like a six footer! Had it not been for the fact that we'd already discussed our heights over the phone, I think he'd have quite a shock when he met me!
Manon on Gisele Bundchen
In this video at 16:55, she says that at 13 she was 1.78 and playing volleyball.

Click Here
Space on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Hogan def over 6’2” but Rock isn’t over 6’2”.

The Rock looks about 3” shorter than 6’4.5” Mangelliano who I’ve met multiple times now.

There’s nothing 6’2”+ about the rock.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Daisy Edgar-Jones
Her agency say that she's five foot six.

Who am I to quibble?

5ft6 it is! πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ’
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
We'll all be walking about like this soon! 😷

I'm not just talking about when our animals fart!

Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Tall In The Saddle: You've just me laugh my whattsits off! What else can we do at times like these?

I am listening to the Stranglers and my, aren't they rude? Ha ha ha! I remember when they first came to fame. They were actually really great and musical, yet we haven't got any members of the Stranglers on Celebheights!

To be continued....
Canson on Magic Johnson
@Mickie: agreed. I look at Magic’s claim too. He said he grew to 6’8.5 which is likely in shoes but not knowing time of the day, it’s possible he was even less than 6’7.5.

Btw I know you’re from Boston area, have you ever met Danny Ainge? Or other Celtics, etc from those days?
Canson on James Harden
With Wade, I’d go with 6’3 For Wade and 6’3.5” For Harden. If 2cm diff 6’2 7/8 and 6’3 5/8
Canson on Tacko Fall
@Viper: maybe he believes he’s that height from being told that.
Canson on Tacko Fall
@Rob: he only measured 7’5” flat before the season. We aren’t even sure if it’s a low for him. Maybe 7’5 instead of 7’5.25”? What are your thoughts?
Editor Rob
It may well be 7ft 5 flat.
Canson on Ben Affleck
@Pierre: this is Butler with Antwaun Jamison (6’7.75” pre draft) and Gilbert Arenas (6’2.5” pre draft). Jamison looks at least 6’7.5 while Arenas Looks at least 6’2”. Butler doesn’t look less than 6’5” there

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Canson on Ben Affleck
@Pierre: his pre draft measurement was 6’5.25”. I believe it’s closer to his low than a morning measurement. Some players in earlier years prior to 2009 did get afternoon measurements.It’s believable in person that he’s at minimum 6’5” but perhaps up to that amount. As for Shaq that’s not a good picture. He’s behind him. Look at Caron with Kobe and in some Kobe is taller or theyre the same but one Caron looks around half inch taller. I doubt Caron has lost any height. If you see him on NBA TV he looks pretty tall. Maybe a strong 6’5” range guy. And that’s a 3” difference or so with Affleck. Not 4”. Affleck looks around what Rob lists him here. If anything maybe he’s 6’2” flat

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Sonnecker on Hulk Hogan
The peak height of Hulk Hogan should be considered not over his 45 years, because of his heavy body damage. Peak between 196 and 198, but I don't think he's less than 6'3" by now.
Canson on Tyson Fury
@Robbe and Pierre:

So this is what the camera can do and the confusion it can cause. You see below that Wilder looks taller than Fury when in reality he is shorter as we saw on video. Wilder himself is probably around 6’6” having measured 6’6.5 at some point In the day unless that was immediately after waking up. Even 6’6.5 around an hour after waking I’d still guess him to be something like 6’5 3/4 at worst case if he loses height slowly and we saw in the ring that he’s around 3 cm shorter than Fury. Wilder really looks no less than 6’6” flat more often than not. Fury is not under 6’7”

Click Here

We can see all of the pics with Magic where the camera angle is similar.
c-mo 176.2cm on General Height

yep . thats what I am saying the whole time . average for non elderly caucasian men is 5'10 . it is also the average height for europe as a whole

the link that you gave . are the measurements taken in the morning or later in the day ? do you know ?
Sonnecker on Leonardo DiCaprio
Considering posture (not the greater one), Leo could be more 182 than 181.
He's clearly not known for being a lift wearer, and he doesn't seem to care too much about "height image".
182 cm is spot on for me. But 5'11" 1/2 or 3/4, I'm more in doubt....
Intevel on Peyton List
Rob how high do these heels look and how many inches do they add to her height?
Editor Rob
The old link you posted before now no longer shows the heels you asked about.
TheHawk on Jesse Eisenberg
Hes shorter than you atleast 1,5 inch rob and that is lowest i can say. He gets 5’6 from me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Colin Kaepernick
Canson, that range is possible. A very strong 6ft4 though
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mitch Pileggi
I don’t think less than 6ft1 peak
Celebheights 6'1.5" on Ben Affleck

To be fair, both Shaq and Canon are both slouching within that photo.
Big T on Ellen DeGeneres
I just saw Ellen on Kelly Clarkson’s show and Ellen was shorter than 5’ 3.5” (at best) Clarkson. Yes there was a footwear difference but it was still really hard to see Ellen being even 5’6”. She really can look shorter a lot of the time.
184guy2 on Jon Jones
6'4 it's still arguably
here's the footwear
Click Here
1inch from footwear plus 1 inch from camera angle
Roland on John F Kennedy
Hello Rob, what is your opinion of John F. Kennedy JR. ?

In "American Son" a biography by Richard Blow he was described as being only 6 feet and apparently he listed his own height once as 6 feet when he was around 17 or 18.

I found an interesting people magazine article where his wife stated he was sensitive about his height and got upset when a nurse asked what his height was by saying "you're 5 what?" I can link it if wanted. In the article, Kennedy JR. himself claims his height as 6'1 and says he is 191 pounds.

In pictures, I would say he looks between 6 foot and 6 foot 1.

Is it possible he was as low as a strong 6'0, something like 6'0.25 evening height?
c-mo 176.2cm on General Height
@ Progking


for afternoon/evening heights this seems to be how it is :

161 and below very short
162 - 165cm = strongly short
166 - 171cm = short
172 - 174cm = below average
175 - 181cm = average
182 - 184cm = above average
185 - 191cm = tall
192 - 194cm = getting rather very tall
195+ definitely very tall

however this is just a rough categorization . there are heights in these same height groups I did who will be rather different despite being both in the same category . like 175cm and 181cm for example . at 175cm you are weak average and can feel a bit shortish even at times while at 181cm you are strong average and can feel tallish at times . both are still in the average range in the grand scheme of things but still different

also 185cm vs 191cm . at 185cm you are tall but you will still encounter some men taller than you on a daily basis and you wont dwarf the average person but at 191cm you are taller than majority of men you encounter and you will dwarf many women and some men

179 - 184/185cm is the best height range
Dbrunny on Woody Allen
Rob, what do you think of the accusations that Ronan Farrow got limb lengthening surgery? He grew 5” after he turned 18 but during this time he got a leg infection in Sudan which required multiple surgeries and confined him to crutches for years. There is a picture of him next to Mia Farrow a few years apart.
Editor Rob
Yeah there was a photo on this Blog.

I don't know the truth.
Bego on General Height
Avg may be 177/178cm in US (but not every state measures like that, in fact most of states are 175 to 176.5cm). Theres a data on each states avg heights but take away 2 to 2.5cm because its self reported.
guythinkingaboutheight on General Height
Rob, if I'm about 185.6cm 9.5 hours after bed, and I have spend pretty much the entire day on a chair, what approximately could be my lowest possible measurement?
Editor Rob
On a bad day being a bit dehydrated you might flatten at 185cm by 10pm.
Pamela on Gisele Bundchen
In this video at 0:50 she says 5'11 "Why do models lie their heights Rob? What would be the reason for that? She is already tall, 1.77 is for the catwalk model if that was the reason. If the company wants a model with 1.80 and the agency sends one with 1.77, is that right?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I think some round up a bit, or tack on half inch in some cases.
6ftsomething on General Height
Good evening Rob. I'm kinda confused I don't know my height. When I measure with a floppy book I get 184.8. When I measure with a cylinder container I get 186.5. I don't know which one is right or wrong. What height do you think I am?
Editor Rob
Floppy books might not be he most accurate...the container sounds a more robust measurement! If you have a solid block of wood and do another measurement and get near 186 I'd say that's your range.
El Dorado on Staz Nair
People saying no way 6'1 are mad. This guy looks very close to 6'1, maybe is. Anything under 6'0.75 is a joke.
Greg on General Height
@ProgKing no 6’0.75 is decent tall range, tallish would be like 5’10.5-5’11 range. After 5’11.5 I think you’re already tall because 5’11.5-6’0.5 is more than just tallish.
Greg on General Height
@mrfunnyguy Yeah you tested positive for Troll-Vid19 the only cure is restarting your brain device manually and enlisting in Rob Pauls Height Academy Courses they are offered free here in Glasgow Scotland. Professor Rob is a strict but helpful teacher and will show you how to properly calibrate your stadiometer and use it without error. He also shows you how to measure your height correctly and strongly encourages not to troll celeb forums. He also gives lessons on growing an amazing Scotsman beard! You should check them out I heard Big G taught a course and he know walks Tall at 5’9 with a massive beard straight out of Beard land.
Gladstone Screwer on Robert Redford
Just watched Three Days Of The Condor, he looked about 5'10, not ridiculously dwarfed by von Sydow, who was over 6'3". Mind you, Redford's hair gave him 2 inches !! Terrific film that.
Greg on General Height
Hey Rob Bobby tried posting again and although it said submitted he says his stuff still isn’t showing up. He’s tried using different browsers and device still the same issue. What do you suggest for him to do?
Editor Rob
It should work if the cookies are all cleared, please ask him to try to clear cookies.
Celebheights 6'1.5" on Jon Hamm
He clearly looks taller than Chris Evans does in this photo:

Click Here

Click Here

He also holds his own by Tim Tebow:

Click Here

With Roger Federer:

Click Here

With Gerard Butler:

Click Here

He could very well be the full 6’1”. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Jon Hamm was actually 6’1 1/4”, either.
Paulo on Big Show
did rob the big show use internal elevators?
Editor Rob
I would never accuse Big Show of wearing lifts 😏
Gladstone Screwer on Max Von Sydow
Just watched 1975 film Three Days Of The Condor, with Max as the nasty. Pretty menacing he was, looked about 6'3".
And on Sonny Bill Williams
Official player profile from the rugby world cup 2019 in Japan

Click Here
Pierre on Tyson Fury
Robbe said on 26/Mar/20
197cm listed Tom Schwarz with Wach and Tyson. Tom is though probably 195-196cm range. Even a blind man can see Tyson is more than just 2-3cm taller than Tom Click Here

I can see in the left pic Mariusz slouch and in the middle pic Tom Schwarz stand closer to the camera that is very low and so advantage him a lot plus the fact he wear a helmet that give him a big additional advantage
I can also see in the video that correspond to the right pic lots of time the difference between both guys is slimer than in the pic = Click Here .I have to say it's a good video to guess their real difference because imo both are wearing regular sneakers here

Well...Now here is Dereck Chisora 6"1.5' /6"2' next to Senad Gashi Click Here at 3:10 low angle of camera and so Senad a bit closer to the camera,Dereck looking the very low camera of course slouching

And Tom Schwarz /Senad Gashi start at 0:33 .... Click Here

Tom Schwarz 6"5.5' here?!Maybe the same height gauge that has measured Tyson Fury 6"9'....not sure Tom is 6"3 by this comparisons...
Keith 5'10 on Paul Walter Hauser
An inch shorter than Xolo
Keith 5'10 on Charli D'Amelio
How tall looks Noah Schnapp in this photo Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be 5 inches taller
Elias on Patrick Schwarzenegger
Patrick must be a solid 184 cm, pushing 6'1" range. Look at him next to Miles Robbins who is listed at 6ft ΒΌ (183,5 cm): Click Here
We can't see the floor and their shoes unfortunately but they seem to wear the same clothes. In the pic Patrick seems almost one inch taller Miles. Maybe Miles is more on the 182 cm range or Patrick is nearer to the 6'1" than his actual listing. 6ft Β½ (184,2 cm) is definitely the minimum for Patrick as he often looks taller than this listing.
Celebheights 6'1.5" on Ben Affleck
Here is Caron Butler by Tony Romo, who is listed as 6’2”


Here is Tony Romo standing by Donavon McNabb, who was measured at 6’2 1/4”:

Click Here

Canon Butler looks every bit of the 6’5 1/4” that he was measured at, even if Tony Romp may be 187 CM tall.
Comment95 on General Height
@Bwk but can you prove it with any statistic or study? because Andrew could
@Canson yes you are right. 5'9 is the overall average with all ages and races
Nearly 180cm guy on Jimmy Carter
@Rob: In the years 1976–1979 Carter was 52-55 years old so he could not lose anything noticeable yet. I hope you looked at his photos next to James Brown, Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher. I saw in another comment that you once said that 5ft 9.5 in his prime is not impossible. I would really give him at least 176 cm. Rob, maybe at least 5ft 9.25?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Joel Embiid
He isn't over 1" shorter than a current weak 7'1 Kareem and with Robbe posted 7'0 1/4 morning drafted height Rudy Gobbert have some movement on the upper body screenshots look over one inch on Joel which is more like 1/2" between them not 1" or over. I do believe he is what Rob given as listed but a morning height. A good 6'11 1/2 thought. Ben Simmons is probably 6'8 3/4 a low not more.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ben Simmons
Joel Embiid tilt up head to gain 3/4 inch from perception. There isn't over 2.75" between them you can found on many google image.
Canson on Baron Corbin
@Roderick: the difference could’ve gone either way. Gronk didn’t look taller in the video I posted. Gronk next to Brady doesn’t look 6’6.25. I could easily see a case for a weak 6’6 with him. I have always had Gronk at Around 6’5.75. See with Jimmy Graham he is shorter. Maybe the angle because both supposedly measured the same. But I’ve seen Gronk measured 6’6 flat somewhere else.

Click Here
Canson on Baron Corbin
@Roderick: the difference could’ve gone either way. Gronk didn’t look taller in the video I posted
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: Interesting. Vasquez looks shorter than that to me. I wouldn’t peg him above 6’4”
James B 172cm on Prince Charles
rob how tall was charles 10 years ago? 5ft9.25 maybe?
Editor Rob
He might have been that range, today he can look a bit under 5ft 9 now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Stone Cold Steve Austin
184-185cm currently and 186-187cm peak
Vsquad on Jared Padalecki

That's true, but for Supernatural fans I think they just get more "excited" as long as they believe that their favorite actors (Misha and Jensen more specifically) are as tall, dark and handsome as they say they are.

If Jensen and Misha say they're 6'1 and 6'0, fans will eat it up and refuse to hear otherwise unfortunately. It really goes to show the obsession with the 6ft cutoff mark. Misha never even looks 6ft yet they still believe he is just because he said he was. Sigh.
Vick on Nick Castle
Do you think it’s more likely he was 5’11.25 rather then .5?
Editor Rob
I'm not so sure.
Greg on General Height
@Canson Yeah it’s more of an ego thing I know Bruck O’Hurn claims 6’7 at about 6’4-6’5ish or whatever. And like there’s might be an occasional 6’5-6’6 guy who wants too sound bigger and might inflate but there’s no point beyond that. I mean I feel like guys like to sound more masculine and they associate height with masculinity. Also I agree, I mean there’s guys like Ellis who are supposedly 6’7 claim 6’8-6’9 and wish they where 7’0. That is a bit over the top would say. I mean I wouldn’t want to be anything close to 7’0 I can’t imagine living my life like that.
John Paul Agriam on Whitney Houston
Whitney was 5'9 in 80's-90's especially she was Modeling (and 5'11-6'0 if she is wearing heels).Whitney wore 2-4 inches heels but not 5 inch like what Mariah Carey wears. During 2000's, Whitney became 5'8 because she is 30+ years old. It is also written in her drivers license that she is 5'8 in 2006. Bobby Brown was 5'11 and Whitney was 5'11 or more if she is wearing heels. But Whitney's real height is 5'8 and 5'9. I don't know why is she saying she is 5'7 in Diane Sawyer clip.
Greg on General Height
@Canson I don’t believe everything C-Mo says because I know for a fact Germany doesn’t average 5’11, the mainly average like a strong 5’9, the younger generation could probably average 5’10, but those are usually ethnic Germans mixed with other Dutch or Nordic roots and yeah exactly here the average is more 5’8.5-5’9.5
Greg on General Height
@Pov 6’0 is tall dude just because you don’t feel tall at that height doesn’t mean it’s not, the average is 5’9, 3 inches above average is definitely tall you don’t have to tower average height people to feel tall plus not everyone is average so you will have multiple + inches on the majority I know I would love to be 6’0.
Vsquad on Eric Dane
Eric had a scene with 6'4 Jacob Elordi in Euphoria, where they're barefoot and face-to-face in front of the camera. He only looked 3 inches shorter max, held up better than I thought he would considering how much of a giant Jacob looks on the show.

Definitely 6'1.
AndrewV on General Height
It really depends on how you want to measure tallness, 7cm is roughly a standard deviation from average, so 183cm would be objectively tall at the 84th percentile by that metric. If tallness to you means always standing out from the crowd in a noticeable way, you'd probably have to be a strong 6'2" in that case.

We're specifically talking about non-elderly white men. The average is 5'9" when all age groups and backgrounds are accounted for, so it would make sense that diverse cities like LA or Philly have that average. I grew up in LA and the average is probably around 5'9", if not closer to 5'8" if you're in an area that leans more Hispanic or Asian.
Mark O'Connor on General Height
@AndrewV I agree that the average is around 5'10 for young guys, but I also think that most measurements are taken in the morning, so if you go by evening heights the average is more in the 177 cm range.
Mary H on Maria Sharapova
Marat Safin 6'4" 193 cm is 10 cm 4 inches taller than her
Vsquad on Noah Centineo
I don't know about that... Noah wears converse/vans a lot yet he still manages to look taller than so many people, even if they have footwear advantage. He's gotta be close to 6'1 IMO.
Rudy on James Charles
Hanna, Mark is more likely 5'9 instead of 5'10 and Look at the shoes James is wearing
Matt(182cm) on Height Request
Hey Big Rob. Ex-UFC fighter and current youtuber/analyst Chael Sonnen claims 6 feet in this joke Click Here
(Though he could just say 6ft to make it smoother). He was listed as 6'1 in his fighting days. I'd say he's fairly similar to Bisping
Mark O'Connor on General Height
@Rob Do you think that most footballers heights that are in the club's official sites are based on morning measurement like 10-11 am?
Editor Rob
I would say between 9-12 range for most.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Avery
I think he cleared 300lbs at his heaviest
pov on General Height
@Glitch he's 21 now turning 22. So he's grown 4cm in last 3 years, which is bizarre compared to how I grew. But I think he's got more of my mums family genetic make up and I have my Dad's. My Dad's family all my male cousins all grew quite early and were somewhat 'tall' in school, and their adult body and structure was already developed at 16/17 to what they are today. Whereas the guys on my mums side they were small/average and had that slim/puppy fat stage for a while and ended up being average/tall and filling out by their early late teens or early twenties.

@sakz true, but I've read a few articles and the general rule of thumb is those who start going through puberty earlier tend to reach their full adult height earlier
The destroyer on Rob Paul
Hi Rob, at a typical day of being active let say walking a lot, at 4 hours Out of bed are you few mm’s from your low let’s say at your low you are 173cm, could you be around 173.4cm at lunch time at 12 if you wake up around 7:30,7:45? Do you lose much after 4 hours of being awake and fairly active no rest?
Editor Rob
4-5 hours I'd still be 173.4-5 range, but 6-7 173.3-4, if I'm doing say a few hours of walking, which I do most of the time.

I'm doing 10 miles a day walking, well not the last week though with lockdown. But through February jenny and myself done many hours a day of walking.
pov on Patrick Schwarzenegger
Exact same height as me :D
JohnMoore-162cm on General Height
@Greg- I think you are slightly taller than James Franco , since I've seen him as 178.5 cm more than 179 cm or 180 cm .
JDB on General Height
@c-mo 176.2cm: Jesus you're negative. Haven't been on this site since like 2018 and i remember you still saying about how you're below average etc. Mate i don't mean to sound rude or anything, but just get on with it. I'm 173cm and yeah of course i would love to be taller, but there comes a point where you just stop caring. I think for the majority of people who visit this site frequently (we all know) it really doesn't help the insecurity of your height (if you have one). People constantly needing validation by other people that their height is good enough like it's a choice we have on how tall we are or can be. I said this before but, it's literally a matter of someone who happens to have longer or shorter bones than you. That's it. Doesn't make them superior, nor better in any way. I know the majority of people on here are okay with just discussing height as a general, hence the name of the forum, but i just wanted to let people know that it's probably better just to stop caring (don't think Rob will mind me saying). There are really a lot more things to life.

I hope you all have a great day.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ross Kemp
.... but I still like you, because you care about people! ❀️
Boris313 on Martyn Ford
Seen him next guys that are 6’4 1/2 and 6’5. He is in that range somewhere.
Doinks in amish on Jon Jones
Jon Jones is definitely 6'4 or above. I'd even say he's 6'4.5-6'5. In his most recent mugshot he reaches 6'6, hes likely wearing shoes and the perspective could be slightly off, but I don't see how he could be under 6'4.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Colin Hanks
I think Colin would be simiar to Barack
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Diamond Dallas Page
Peak: 6ft4β…‘
Current: 6ft3β…œ
Greg on Height Request
Rob can you add Eric kanevsky with a Kanevsky fitness his channel on you Tube is getting really popular. He claimed 6’1 and 6’0 but looks around 5’10-5’11 in his videos?
Big ed on Andre The Giant
Your eyes are about the middle of your head people have this conception that there way up your face there not so if Hogan came up to jus below Andre eyes an you think this is a 4" difference then Andres head would have been only 7 or 8" where in reality it was about 12 or 13"
viper on Ben Affleck
Zero chance he has shrunk any.

He really didn't look 6-2 with Cole Houser in Dazed and Confused.

But, that video with 6-5 measured Caron Butler is the best evidence I've ever seen for Affleck being a legit 6-2
Lalala on Rob Paul
i've see many videos of you measuring over 175cm in morning and aroung 174cm at night.

In your case, 173cm is so unrealistic as 176cm. You are a legit 174cm in my opinion
John Lee on Height Request
Rob, can u please list park seo-joon and other korean actors like u already did lee min-ho? Thanks, Rob!
Yao Ming is 7-7 on Jet Li
I have seen Jet Li in person, he is about 5-5 w shoes on but very wide and stocky, especially at the shoulders, definitely not someone you want to get into a fight with on the street even if you don't know him. I thought he would be skinny but nooo, he looks like a weightlifter.
191outofbed on Jon Jones
Click Here

looking 6'6 in shoes, huh?
Editor Rob
Looks a very low camera there, easily adding a couple of extra inches.
Yao Ming is 7-7 on Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan (Chan Long in Chinese, surname is first in China, Russia, and other countries) is below average height even for a Chinese male, which I believe is 5-7. In all of his movies, even those filmed when he was a young man, Jackie was usually a bit shorter than the other Chinese actors. The shorter stature definitely helps in performing acrobatic movements. I would say that Jackie is about 5-6 wo shoes even at his peak.
MrFish on Joe Biden
Rob, how tall does Pete Buttigieg look with Biden? Also, Buttigieg and Patrick Stewart were on Jimmy Fallon togetherβ€”how would you say they stack up to one another? Thanks.
Editor Rob
Pete might be around 5ft 8, didn't seem much different than Patrick
26 March
Sean on Richard Lewis
With Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, both 5'11"
Click Here
Mimi on Mariah Carey
Happiest anniversary to the 🎢Queen of Music🎢 and the Greatest Vocalist of all time🎀 Mariah Carey!!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
I will forever be one of your lambs and vocal childrenπŸ‘πŸ‘

Note: she doesn't have birthdays only anniversaries daahhhlinggs

2nd note: as for her height I think she's 5ft7 max.
Vexacus on Ron Donachie
Funny thing , bald men are more easy to get listed . He looks 5'10 considering big Rob looks 5'8.5 most part of the day.
Vexacus on Chris Pine
When you're a six footer , fractions doesn't bother you so much . So there's a good chance he's a weak 6'1.
Vexacus on Gal Gadot
I think she's more a 5'9 1/2 girl . Good proportions btw
Vexacus on Gabriel Luna
6ft with cool shoes obviously. Tall guy for being Mexican.
Vexacus on Mackenzie Davis
Tall lady . She looked 5'11 on Terminator Dark Fate.
AndrewV on Rob Paul

At what weight range would people generally describe a 6'0"-6'1" man as "skinny"? In your case, what would be skinny 5'8" with your build?
Editor Rob
It can vary depending on body types, but I know if I was 140 I'd look quite skinny, if a 6ft man was 155-160 they'd look quite trim.
Spencer on The Notorious B.I.G.
6'2.5" min
Dream on Tom Welling

I'm curious. What do you think of the pictures with Tom Welling and Charles Martinet? I honestly think those are one of the best pictures taken, on my phone. I'm sure there are pictures, but I do like them, a lot.
6footTom on Ben Barnes

Bernthal himself is on the opposite end though. He's got a big head and stocky proportions. On his own, Bernthal would look about 5'10".
6footTom on Robert Pattinson
I used to think he was at least this height, but the more I look at him, I don't think he can be anything over this listing.
6footTom on Ryan Reynolds
Can look very tall in some of his films like Definitely Maybe. I think this listing is fine.
6footTom on Ryan Gosling

Honestly, he's never looked taller than 6'0" flat onscreen to me.
6footTom on Robert Downey Jr

I have a friend whose parents were 5'6"(Dad) and 5'5"(Mom) respectively and grew to be only 5'1". I asked how was that possible and he just jokes that he got screwed in the height department. He's not wrong, I mean my parents were actually about the same height as his, but I still ended up way taller.
Tall In The Saddle on Tommy Lee Jones
The listings for Kevin Costner 6'1" and Tommy Lee Jones 6'1/4" pretty much match how I see those two.

TLJ, at least to me, is one of those guys that, in his own right, doesn't give off as tall an impression as he actually is. Perhaps because his head is bit larger than average and his build is pretty solid. Measure him up though against other celebs of reasonably understood height and he reconciles to a shade over 6 feet pretty much every time. Another + 1/4" is not impossible for 6'1/2" but 6'1/4" seems good.

He seems like one of those celebs who presents as a very reliable measuring stick to judge other celebs by.

Some interviews, TLJ comes across a bit surly and reticent, like his character Agent K in MIB. Art imitating life? Very economical in his responses and seems he doesn't suffer fools gladly. Whatever he does say makes simple sense and I always had the impression that he that he is probably very intelligent and more footloose and fancy free than he lets on. Internet credits him with an IQ of 135 - can't vouch for its veracity though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jim Carrey
@Celebheights 6’1.5”: I wouldn’t list him here at 6ft2 but I don’t think he was actually too far from it. The current mark is the lowest I’d go for him peak and a fraction more wouldn’t hurt.

I think in Dead Pool beside an older Eastwood he pulled off 6ft2 quite well.
aidan 5'10 1/4" on Rob Paul
glady i’m 5’11 1/8th in the morning and 5’10 1/4 at night and my foot is a size 8 so you never know
Danb on Woody Allen
Rob, can you do one on Ronan Farrow? Both Woody and Ronan's brother say he got leg surgery in his late late teens. Plus Ronan's story makes no sense
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Adam Sandler
The original 5ft10 was fair I thought. One of those who can appear both a little over and a little under it at times
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on George Hertzberg
Maybe it’s his smaller head, but I get a taller vibe from him than I do from Joe Manganiello, especially in the older photo. He looks similar to 6ft5 guys that Rob has met. I think he’d certainly edge Padalecki, Salmon and Skarsgaard back to back.
Danb on Woody Allen
Rob, can you do one on Ronan Farrow? Both Woody and Ronan's brother say he got leg surgery in his late late teens. Plus Ronan's story makes no sense
Joseph175 on Ludi Lin
Ludi Lin looks more 176.5 cm to 177 cm than 178. His night height is probably a bit over 176.
TwelveTER on Andre Agassi
He claims five foot eleven in his autobiography OPEN.
Yas on Pete Davidson
He looked shorter than Nate Fillion in The Rookie. 183-184 going from that. Certainly not 6'1.5 though.
De Larente on Marilyn Manson
LOLing at a 5’ 11 Twiggy Ramirez (bassist Jeordie White), he’s a head shorter than Manson who is 6’ 1 barefoot.
Dmeyer on Matt Damon
Has a hard Time looking less than 2-2,5in under 181 kimmel , i that wideo looks 5-8,75
6'1guy on Anderson Silva
Honestly Rob he looks like a 6'2 guy to me, Upgrade needed imo.
Canson on Lonzo Ball
6’7 claim was way off but he probably claimed that as a shoe height and then some. The NBA only lists him 6’6 which is a stretch
Canson on Kevin Garnett
@Tall Sam: maybe 6’11 flat but I doubt less. Only because Shaq came clean with 6’11.75
Canson on Michael Kingma
@Junior: 6’9” would fit him next to Rob
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
6’4 is just as bad. If he claimed 6’3 it’d Even be a shoe height
Canson on Trey Songz
Next to someone like Chris Brown it’s probably a 4-5 cm difference. 5’10.5
Canson on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
@Junavideo1: Pique doesn’t give the impression of a legit 6’4. Weak 6’4 yea
Canson on Peter Crouch
I would say 6’7.25 is his best case
Canson on Jeremy Renner
Wasn’t he in SWAT too?
Canson on Braun Strowman
@Christian: lower 6’6 range is as low as I could see
Canson on Kane
@Ced: I agree on Orton. 6’3.5 and Kane may be 6’6-6’6.5. Strowman on the other Hand 6’6”-6’6.5. Hes not as low as 6’5.5” I doubt. I’d be surprised if he were
Canson on Jimmy Stewart
@Rampage: that’s certainly possible in his prime
Pierre on Kane
@ced = And I believe if you guess Randy was clearly shorter than you I doubt it was only by 0.5 inch but more by an inch....0.5 inch when you stand next to another guy is not really detectable in my opinion (don't get me wrong ,I do myself generally the same thing when I play to guess the height of some friends who ask me, standing next to me .I'm 5"11.25' and when I guess 5"10.75' for a friend because he's clearly a bit shorter than me ,in reality he's generally more 5"10.25'). Here is Randy closer to the camera than Shaquille O'Neil listed 7"0.25' plus camera very low that logically advantage him too = Click Here
miko on John Cena
Peak Shane was taller than peak Vince although obviously Vince's peak is debatable. If Vince was 6'1.25/6'1.5 at his tallest then Shane could have been near 6'2 (although today he seems more 6'1/6'1.25 range).

Click Here
Click Here

Cena looking that tall next to Shane is no surprise as he's a solid 6'0.5/6'0.75 in his best posture. I've seen it first hand.
Vick on Mike Tyson
Tbh he looks 3 inches taller than Eminem. Maybe he had footwear advantage and Em is leaning a little bit.
miko on Brock Lesnar
With 6'0.75 Michael Cudlitz

Click Here
Hanov on Larry Wheels
He is the strongest bodybouilder
Hanov on Jeff Seid
More natural than Rich Piana
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Hanks
Rob, how tall do you think director John Lee Hancock is?

Click Here w/h Hanks
Click Here w/h Costner
Click Here w/h Dennis Quaid

He’s listed 6ft on the web but honestly looks more like 6ft2!
Editor Rob
Looks not less than 6ft 1, just from a glance!
Hanov on Braun Strowman
He looks the same height or at most 1/2 inch taller than Corbin.

6'6 3/8 Strowman
6'6 Corbin
Canson on Rob Gronkowski
Click Here

Is there a footwear difference here? It actually doesn’t look like Gronk is taller
Editor Rob
I am not sure on what Corbin's model, but in this Still, I doubt there's much difference between them.
Canson on The Undertaker
@Roderick: maybe in the 90s. A peak Hogan was minimum 6’5”.
6'1guy on General Height
Guys lets have a little height question since i'm so bored in quarantine.

You can only be one height, pick these options:

A: 198cm or 6'6
B: 180cm or 5'11
C: 190cm or 6'3
Canson on Dee Snider
@Viper: if he did it’s prob not much. Look at Michael Jordan. I doubt he’s lost much, if anything
Vat on Tom Holland
Canson on Aretha Franklin
@Sandy: hard to believe it’ll be two years since she passed pretty soon
Greg on General Height
@Jonus lol it doesn’t matter I’ve claimed both 5’11 and 5’10, I don’t really care here I say 179cm just because I go with my mid point technically I would be a very weak 5’11 and a very strong 5’10 if we are getting super technical but it doesn’t matter all that much. James Franco is a bit tricky he can seem 5’11-6’0 at times but he can also look barely 5’10 other times. He’s usually close to Rogen in height and I believe Rogen edged him just a small fraction. Also Andrew Garfield looks really tall for a 5’10.5 listed guy. Macklemore used to claim 6’0 I think? But he doesn’t look that tall to me might be just his skinny frame. I think he’s within a fraction of 5’10. Jake Gyllenhaal can look tallish too, but standing next to celebs he doesn’t look anything over 5’10 range, but standing alone I can see why Rob gave him the 5’11.25 listing. There’s a few others. Justin Prentice can even look tallish despite having a heavy frame. I think it all just depends on the situation and person.
Canson on Rob Paul
@Miss Sandy Cowell: I think the Pandemic is bringing out the worst in people these days. Lot more tense encounters and things that ordinarily wouldn’t occur. Of course that is no excuse
Pierre on Sylvester Stallone
Comparisons Sylvester/Burt=

Click Here = Here 1986 Burt Young billed 5"7.5' next to Robert De Niro billed 5"9'(like Sly 5"9' peak) both around same distance to the camera and around same posture.Others = Click Here Click Here

Click Here = Now Robert De Niro again and Robin Williams billed 5"7' 1990 = Click Here Click Here Click Here

2001 Robert De Niro again and Eddie Murphy billed 5"9.25' = Click Here Click Here = shoes other = Click Here
James B 172cm on Kane
but orton could be just shy of 6ft4 these days
Canson on James Avery
@Jordan87: LOL. I sure wouldn’t either! That was actually a running theme/joke with them. Once Uncle Phil threw him in the house when he needed information from him on something lol. The other guy was Jazz. He’s DJ Jazzy Jeff, Wil’s rap partner and DJ on most hits such as Summertime
Shaka12 on Kevin Nash
6'8 or bit taller at best right now.
Lanky on Jon Jones
Jones at bang on the 6’6” mark for mug shot this week.

Presumably in footwear, obviously.

Click Here
Progking on General Height
@BWK that makes sense for afternoon/evening measurements, so around 185 cm+(6'0.75) is definite tall and 182-184 cm is in general tall/tallish around young guys
viper on Jon Jones
His new mug shot is interesting
mrfunnyguy on General Height
To everyone speaking about the correlation between height and growing a beard: I stopped growing at 17, now I'm 20 and still can't grow a beard and look like I'm 16. Is there something wrong with me?
Vegas' on John Cena
I think Cena might be even shorter than Stephanie, closer to camera too Click Here
Nik Ashton on Emily Deschanel
It’s interesting that she is 3.5” taller than her sister Zooey! πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ
OriginalAnon on Christopher Lambert
Always thought this guy would be like 6'2'' seeing him on the front of those Highlander VHS back in the day
OriginalAnon on Mark Selby
One time Dennis Taylor described him as "well over 6 feet". That made me laugh. He is a classic 6' guy.
OriginalAnon on Shaun Murphy
6'1'' claim is ludicrous. Despite the relatively large forehead, I think he is indeed 5'11'' or just over.
James B 172cm on Arnold Schwarzenegger
rob was the 2013 6ft 1/2 measurement in shoes probably?
Editor Rob
He never mentioned about shoes or barefoot, so don't rule it out.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Peter Capaldi
Eccleston peak I think would have the edge over Capaldi
OriginalAnon on Ronnie O'Sullivan
He could be 5'9.5". However, I think he is probably 5'9.75". You have to take into consideration that he does not have the best posture and that will certainly affect him now as he's getting older.
OriginalAnon on Jewel Staite
What a beauty! lucky Rob!
OriginalAnon on Neil Ruddock
Still looks 188cm. Definitely no lower than 187cm. 6'4'' what a laugh. He's nowhere near that.
OriginalAnon on John Barnes
He definitely doesn't look the listen height in this photo.
OriginalAnon on Brandon Routh
Is this guy kidding? He looks like a 6'2.5" max. It's funny how many celebrities add an inch or more on to their height and are inconsistent with their claims.
Nik Ashton on Eugene Byrd
Look at this:

Click Here
Greg on Christian Guzman
@Bobbycurls Lol it has nothing to do with Josue I don’t believe most of anyone’s claims unless they prove it. I could say I’m a certain height and lie it’s not that hard. Yes a photo with them with someone who has been legitimately measured or them being measured would suffice.

And yeah you’re not wrong there, I do agree with you on that part as sometimes that can throw off a measurement or if someone is being measured in shoes.

And no I am not πŸ˜‚ you’re funny, if anything it seems like that can be said about you. You seem to trust Josue all too much, funny enough I wasn’t the only who called him out on his inconsistencies, refer to the comments below if needed. Bumstead measured 6’1 using that method in shoes, I’m not sure where you say 6’0.5. But Bumsteads around 6’0 infact he would probably measure just under that at a low or extreme low. Plus many people get different results if probably measured under a stadiometer.
Levi on RM
Seeing him next to Fallon, Corden and Mendes I'd say 5'10" at a push, can look 5'11" in the elevated boots though. 6'0.5" Mendes was quite a bit taller than all of BTS, to the point where they commented on him being tall (why would they if Mendes was at a stretch 2" taller than RM, that's not a large difference).
Shaka12 on Kane
Ced: I can tell for 100%, that Orton wears Lifts in his boots, since 2016.
Greg on Shane Dawson
@macps in that video Shane looks the same as Jeffree if not a bit taller.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Harry Goaz
He can still pull off 6'3 a few years ago. Maybe dipping into 6'2 1/2 now.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Carel Struycken
I atually suspected he was more like 6'11 1/2 peak and should be lower like 6'10 1/2 now.
Tall In The Saddle on George Foreman

Thanks for your reply.

GF and Evander Click Here
2"+ for GF.
Lakheswar Saikia on Tom Holland
For him 5'7 always upto 2080 ☺️
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Big ed on Andre The Giant
How do ya know the camera is at the same angleπŸ˜‚
AndrewV on General Height

That's not true, 177cm would be the average for non-Hispanic whites of all ages, including those over 60. The average for those in the 20-39 and 40-59 age group is measured at 177.5cm-178.2cm, so pretty much a solid 5'10": Click Here (page 15)
pov on General Height
Dear anyone who thinks 6 foot is 'tall' in the West,

176cm is average in the UK/US.

183cm is 6 foot.

Measure 7cm down from the top of your scalp.

Tell me do you feel "tall" next to that height?

That proves 6 foot isn't tall enough to be considered 'tall'.

Btw The UK and US are infact one of the shorter countries than many of the other developed countries. Many North, Central, Eastern Europen countries marginally under or a little over 6 foot.
pov on Jay Z
6'1 Johnathon ross has even said he was suprised how tall he was, and he is taller than 6'1 obama, and will smith. He gets a 6'2 in my book
pov on Michael B Jordan
He has a very good posture, one of the only people that can get away with standing the way he does without looking like a t**t. He is very height conscious but I think he'd measure 177cm at most. 5'9 3/4 for me, he probably measures around 5'11 in his big shoes, therefore claims 6 foot.
Nik Ashton on Taylor Swift
She is taller than Taylor Lautner! πŸ˜€πŸ‘Œ
Nik Ashton on Dalip Singh
It seems that people of all heights claim to be taller than what they are!
Nik Ashton on Grace VanderWaal
@ Big Big (autocorrect tried to change it to Bigwig!) - There may be a 1, a 6, and a 3, in her height but she ain’t 163 cm! The average guess (5’6.13”) is more likely to be spots!
Sakz on Rob Paul
@Sandy You know the poor themselves are saying 'If the coronavirus doesn't kill us, the hunger will'. These people are who I really feel for since they can't even afford to feed themselves, yet you have working class people complaining about their jobs, not taking into account that they don't have it as bad as they think. It's important to remember these people can afford to feed themselves even though they may be out of a job temporarily, however the poor simply don't have that luxury. Also, I've not even heard anything about the homeless and what's being done to help them at a time like this.

As for certain charities, I see their point. However if everybody had that mindset then nobody would donate, therefore the issue would become even worse. All you can do is hope your money is making a difference and I'm sure yours is.

I hope you are keeping well. Stay safe and that goes for everyone.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mitch Pileggi
Rob, how likely is a fraction over 6ft1 peak?
Editor Rob
Against the other guys on X-Files I think around 6ft 1...I wouldn't go with 1.25 though, although he could look taller in person because he had a cowboy boot on - but still, michael madsen had a cowboy boot on and looked taller than Mitch comfortably...before he then lost height. Mitch I think has held up reasonably well.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Nik Ashton on Keri Russell
@ Sandy Cowell - Yes, some people are always saying it and the word β€œlike” seems to have developed another meaning! Anyway, Rob thinks she looks 5’4” and he will have had a good honest look at the full length photograph of her! I think she looks 5’4” too!
Paulo on Shaquille O'Neal
Click Here
Rob, what exact measure did you give here?
Editor Rob
Well I don't think his sneakers looked big, and given he's in front of the board I could see him near that 7ft line if actually standing tallest and measured. I think he likes the idea of 6ft 11 and 3/4.

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