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14 August
Spencer on Val Kilmer
181 cm
RoelC on Big Show
JT said on 10/Aug/18
Dirk’s height is no great mystery. He’s 2 inches taller than Lamar Odom, who’s a solid 6’9” with 6’5” Kobe and 6’7” Vitali Klitschko. Click Here Odom supposedly measured 6’10” w/o shoes for the 1999 NBA draft but I have not seen anything official to confirm this.
Lamar Odom was listed 6'10" during the draft, but he was not measured at that height. He skipped the predraft camp in Chicago, so no physical data is available for him from the 1999 draft.

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Sandy Cowell on Adolf Hitler
@ Christian 6ft5 and 3/8 - At 6ft7 and a quarter, your cousin has no need to diddle his height by nearly 2 inches! I think it's quite funny really; there won't be many people tall enough to take a really good look at him, unless in pictures. He doesn't wear lifts surely... does he? 😂😂😂

I'm not sure how many of my German relatives are still alive. Three of my German cousins, two especially, were old enough to be my father! The two eldest ones' father was only called Adolf - honest! 😂😯😝😕😭

My Mum pronounced it 'Ar-dolf'. He was supposed to be a lovely man, but I never met him!

Enjoy your week, Christian! 😉👍
Lenad 5ft9.75in on Jim Carrey
Looked 186-187cm easily in Yes man.
Lenad 5ft9.75in on Jonathan Ross
186-187cm range peak. I wouldn't buy anything under 6'1 now except for maybe at night.
Sandy Cowell on Adam Gregory
Adam says he's 6ft2, Rob agrees so I will too.

6ft2 it shall be!
Sandy Cowell on Katie Piper
What a brave lady Katie is and she champions so many good causes. After surviving that outrageous and evil acid attack, she has gone on to make a success of her life, which gives encouragement to other victims.

She looks petite, so I will opt for 5ft2.
aknawkneemoose on Tom Welling
rob i don't know what it is about his posture nowadays. in smallville he always stood tall, enough to square up with john schneider. i know he beefed up a bit after smallville and it seemed like that's when he started looking a bit smaller. could have done one too many deadlifts? is it even possible for him to have lost height at 41?
Editor Rob
In person he still looks a tall guy, with good posture, just 25 pounds heavier.

If he had herniated discs or any serious back injury, that can always cause early loss, but I would be surprised if he really lost any height at all.
viper on Shawne Merriman
6-2.5 Etwaun Moore flat out looks taller than Merriman.

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MAD SAM on Vincent Kartheiser
Maybe Jenny is in flats, 173.5 cm or 5'8.25" seems perfect
MAD SAM on Christina Hendricks
Strong 5'7" or 170.5 cm
MAD SAM on Josh Holloway
I would say 6'1.25" at 186 cm
MAD SAM on Henry Cavill
Guys @jordan87 has made an error here, I was suggesting an upgrade from 6'0.5" to 6'0.75" and not 6'1.25", let's be honest he looks that much atleast.
Lapinux on Tom Cruise
At age 56 and doing stunts for decades I believe he might have lost 5 mm or so. 172 - 172.5 cm peak
171.5 - 172 cm nowadays
Ben on Sookie's Den
@camullz considering you'd be taller than 75% yeah, I'd say 5'11" is the start of tall while 6'0"-6'1" is solid tall.
MaryAnne on Katie Piper
What a nice addition! i love the strength of this woman
Jason.2 on Dan Bilzerian
Dan is 5'9 or even 5'9.5 as he claimed. Here is a pic of him with 5'11 ViperGq, a popular bodybuilding forum member and fitness influencer. I have met and talked to ViperGq multiple times at Vegas parties and fitness expo and he is exactly 180 or 5'11 on the dot. Though you can't see their footwears in this picture, I doubt Dan would be wearing lift or thick soles at his own house party.

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Frank R on The Undertaker
In the early 1990s Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine listed Mark Calloway’s height as 6’8”, and the heights they displayed were almost always ‘shorter’ and more accurate than the WWE’s “billed heights” which were often exaggerated by 2 or more inches. So, I’d say the Undertaker was a minimum 6’8” (peak).
Sotiris Gravas on Hulk Hogan
@Canson Hogan was born in 1953. That makes him 20 years old in 1973 and only 30 years old in 1983... and 40 years old by 1993. (He became a wrestler at the age of 24.) You suggested that Hogan was 6'5" but then lost it starting in the '90s. Here's a 6'3" Hogan in bigger footwear from the movie "Suburban Commando" (1991) next to 6'0" (NOT 6'1") Christopher Lloyd... Click Here I fail to see how a guy can lose 2 whole inches prior to turning 40 years of age.

Here's a 6'3" Hogan at the age of 44 (when ppl START to lose height) next to 6'1" Carl Weathers from the TV movie "Assault on Devil's Island" (1997)...
Click Here Even w/ the wear and tear of wrestling, losing 2" by the age of 40 seems very unlikely. Hogan is 6'2" now, NOT 6'3", (same height as The Rock) as can be seen next to Brock Lesnar who's maybe 6'1.5" now, or the other pics I've previously posted of Hogan next to 6'4" men. Check them out...

Let's not forget how Hogan looked around 6'2.25" next to 6'3.5" Troy Aikman back in 2010... Click Here , Click Here
How can Hogan possibly be 6'3" now if he wasn't 6'3" then? It doesn't make sense. It's just not possible.
MD on John David Washington
Honestly doesn't really look taller than Omari Hardwick, here:

Click Here

And, honestly, in his new film I see they often tried to downplay his average-ish height, but he still came across looking kind of short. He's definitely 5'9" at the absolute most, I'd estimate.
Sacred on Eminem
173 cm
13 August
Sacred on Peter Dinklage
4 feet 5 inchees
Sacred on Maisie Williams
155 cm
Sacred on Gwendoline Christie
191 cm
Sacred on Kit Harington
173 cm for me
Jrbowe42 on Kevin Durant
He’s taller than 6‘9“. He was easily 4 inches taller than LeBron James, who‘s 6‘8“. I‘d say he’s around 7ft flat.
Mister lennon on Sean Connery
Desagree here. Im with rampage. The most of the times, connery looked taller than caine the most of times. And im not a fanboy of connery or caine. I like them as great actors, nothing more. Im only guessing their heigths.
Maybe caine has looked taller sometimes, but sean looked the tallest one the most of the times.
Connery looked the same or mayne a little bit shorter than desmond. And in both you only live twice and diamonds are forever, gray looked taller sometimes and connery taller sometimes. It depends of the posture, camera angles, etc.
Sean was a true 6'2 guy. 188-189. Probably 190 out of bed or a strong 189.
And far from being a fanboy or something.
Rising - 174 cm on Matthew McConaughey
@Gracian: I agree that Matthew is taller. In fairness, Clooney looks to have lost height since turning 50 and looks about 5'10" to me now, but I doubt he was ever taller than 5'10.5"(which is what Rob use to list him) and Matthew could be either 5'10.5"(which Rob also listed him at one point) or the current 5'10.75". McConaughey doesn't look above 179 to me with Jared Leto, but I think it's likely Clooney's 5'11.5" claim came from a measurement in shoes while Matthew also once measured his famous 5'11.75" in shoes and has never forgotten that measurement! Russell Crowe also strikes me as very similar height and makes a similar claim, though if anything, I'd guess Clooney the shortest of the three.
Rising - 174 cm on Mel Gibson
@Robby Harris: Yeah, it really is a striking difference. Basically from slightly short to fairly tall and the difference feels pretty dramatic. My friends in the 5'3"-5'5" range seem to accept their height better and it's a good thing because lifts aren't as effective at that height. I'm a huge Pacino fan, but even being 5'5"-5'6" range and wearing big heels and even lifts for roles has never even made him look average. But as an elevator shoemaker said, once you get the height, it's hard to go back. I mentioned Mel as an example. I don't know how tall Oksana Grigorieva is other than her 5'8" internet listings and how she looks with Timothy Dalton, but look at Mel at this event: Click Here Pics aren't great, but Mel was looking pretty tall at that event and this one assuming she's wearing heels again: Click Here Mel easily looks his 5'10" claim, which is supported by his pics with Jeremy Renner at the first event. Same thing with 5'8" listed Rene Russo(in low to medium heels) at the Lethal Weapon 3 premiere: Click Here She's slouching a lot, but just compare that to how Mel looked in seemingly normal shoes with Rene at the Lethal Weapon 4 premiere when she was also slouching. It's a shame there aren't better pics, but I'd bet Mel was looking around 5'10.5" at the 3 premiere and some of these other events. His boots were bigger by the time of the 3rd film as well: Click Here He's a lot like Stallone in that he can actually look pretty tall at times with big footwear and good posture, but could give that shortish 5'8"-5'9" range impression at times, especially earlier in his career, though not exclusively. In fact, Gary Sinise apparently told Glenn Mel was 5'8" and as late as The Patriot(2000), Mel could oddly look near an inch shorter than Chris Cooper, who Rob lists 177 cm peak and 174 current. That's pretty difficult to believe looking at how tall he looks in those pics.

As for limb-lengthening, that's still crazy to me. It's not surprising considering what people do nowadays, but I'd never think of doing that. It doesn't make any sense at almost any height given the risks and limitations. If you're 5'8", that's a decent enough height to make it not worth it simply to be 5'10"-5'11" If you're say 5'2", would you really want to go through that and still be well below average? I wound up on the short end for my family, which also affected how I view my height and ideal male height is 6'2", imo, but anything between 6'0"-6'2" would be great.
ok on Zac Efron
@ Cmillzz - Nobody is "wanting him to be taller." He is 5'8. Explain to me how if he was below 5'8, how he was taller than Tom Cruise, who is a lift-wearer? Is Tom is 5'7 actually, and he is a lift-wearer, then why was Zac taller than Cruise on The Graham Norton show? Ed Sheeran is 5'7 & 3/4 according to CelebHeights and Zac was taller than Ed who was wearing his high-top sneakers while Zac was wearing a very flat shoe.

Then you have Amanda Crew who is listed as a strong 5'9 on CelebHeights and Zac wearing flip flops around here, yet he is the exact same height as her, check out the airport photos candids.

Taylor Schilling is 5'8 according to celebheights - Their airport candids, she is barely taller than Zac and that's because she is wearing a thick heeled boot giving her extra inches on him.

Explain Justin Bieber the photos of him and Zac together and Zac was taller than Justin, who is 5/7 and a half who was also wearing boots while Zac wasn't.

There are photos of Kanye and Zac Efron out there together standing up with Kim with them, and Zac is taller than Kanye and Kim, Kanye is listed at 5'8 on CelebHeights.

Explain Hugh Jackman's wife being 5'7 and Zac was way taller than her, despite wearing a thick heeled shoe?

Every picture of Priyanka together she is wearing a 2-3 inch heel, even bigger and she still wasn't taller than him unless she was wearing a super big heel.

Explain strong 5'9 Taylor not being able to pass Zac in height and she was wearing flats, explain the photos of them together the behind the scenes shot of Taylor and Zac and Zac is taller than Taylor. While Taylor and him were holding hands, Taylor wasn't taller than him, maybe by a tiny bit? Since she is a solid 5'9+

He is 5'8, people lying and saying he's 5'7 are hilarious. Zendaya is a solid 5'8 and there is proof of Zac being the exact same height as her and they're both wearing flat footwear, he is also taller than James Corden who was wearing a thick heel while Zac wasn't, are you going to explain that? Most of the time Zac bends his knees in photos also.

His best friend is 6'2 - Ryan (which he claims), maybe 5'11 Zac was wearing flip-flops right next to him, and wasn't looking 5'7 at all. TCA's 2018 Zac was looking 5'8.

Sorry but people who are saying he's 5'7 are saying so out of spite. Even his brother is a 6 fter, and Zac does not look anything below 5'8 right next to him.

Zac was also in flat converse on the red carpet of the Lorax and Taylor was wearing a shorter heel, and she was BARELY taller than Zac who is in converse and is 5'8. When she met Zac in 2009 she was barely taller than him also for someone who is 5'9 it was her heels which made her taller.

It's safe to say he's 5'8. Don't lie.
viper on Big Show
A poster named Jason thought Show was
6-7-6-8 at a wrestling event. Lol he would be pretty vindicated
viper on Ryan Reynolds
If Reynolds is a solid 6-2, why would he say 6-1.

And why was he listed at 6-1 on several sites back in the day.

The conclusion I see is that he's 6-1.5
viper on Sean Connery
6-1.5 peak, same as Ryan Reynolds
viper on General Height
I see plenty of guys under 5-5 in North Carolina
viper on Rob Paul
Rob is a 34 inseam dead on average at
Editor Rob
You'd expect somewhere in that range. 32 would be short on a 6ft 3 guy, 36 a bit long, 38 very long.
viper on Brock Lesnar
Much more likely he was measured at
6-1.25, If he was even measured at all. The 6-2.25 stuff is laughable since nobody can reference a source
viper on Hulk Hogan
So Hogan hasnt shrunk at all. Hard to believe
viper on Shawne Merriman
6-2 measured Charles Johnson looks 6-5 with 6-0 Dan Ackroyd. Click Here
viper on Donald Trump
Paul Manafort looks 6-1 to me.

He looks taller than Reagan and shorter than Bush.

As I later check he is listed at 6-1
viper on Josh Brolin
How tall is this guy. 5-8 or 5-9. Doubt the 5-9.5
RP on Andre The Giant
Wasn’t DR J 6’6-1/2” ???
Dan Trojan on The Undertaker
You know what I've noticed with you people it seems like whenever you see the undertaker with someone who is apparently shorter it means he must be shorter than he actually is it seems like you don't even stop to think that the other person May be taller than you think like Kevin love for example yeah he may have been measured at 6'73/4" when he was 19 but it's not impossible that he grew after that and you say there's 3 inches between them lol there's no more than 2 even one looked liked there was only an inch and with Braun strowman he is taller he's not looking up at him they're looking straight at each other their eye level is the same but undertaker's huge head makes him taller and that basketball player that was measured at legitimately 6'10" there didn't look to be more than 2 inches between them but it seems you people seem to ignore that and say oh it's camera angles it's this and that no the fact is undertaker is still 6'7" and you people just can't seem to accept that
Mr95 on Dan Osborne
Rob, how tall do you think the tall guy is? Given he looks like he’s leaning in and still dwarfs 6’4”+ Dan.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Seems a very tall guy, maybe 6ft 9 range.
Paula on Bella Hadid
Next to Hailey Baldwin, who has at least 3 inches in heels: Click Here
Bella's definitely 171.5, or maybe, just maybe, 172.
Retoranb on Richard Madden
Wow. Always reckoned he was taller, more towards 5ft 11.
Nik on Adriana Lima
She is very honest!
Nik on Georgia Henshaw
I like her comment "5"5 n a fart"!
Bazza on Hulk Hogan
Seen footage of Jake Roberts and Hogan face to face in an 87 promo vid on youtube and they are eye to eye pretty much bang on same height. Rob has Roberts at around 6'5 peak so no way Hogan was over 6'5.5
Nik on Christine Elise
Nice photograph, one voter went very high!
Nik on Michelle Wie
Michelle Wie can be proud of each and every one of her 73 inches!
Nik on Ashley Benson
@ Sandy Cowell - A liar is the one thing she definitely is not and pretty the one thing she definitely is! Well pointed out!
Bobby on Rob Paul
@Arthur, yeah, but I don't really lie when I round up and he rounds down, and he says by his own admission that he's 5'8 and 1/8th at a normal low, and I'm 5'9 3/4 at my normal low. So lets do the math together, you and me, we're in it together my friend, to end. Let's go!

177.2cm - 173cm = 4.2cm

4.2cm / (divided) 2.54cm = 1.65 inches, but I'll round up and say 1.7 inches. So, that's roughly 2 inches, wouldn't you say? Please, pretty please, let's no start crap again, okay?

@Sakz, yeah, I still think it's weird, because even outside of CH (And the internet in general) we don't even use fractions with heights. A guy who measures... something like 6'10.5 will most likely say he's 6'11, doubly so at 6'10.75. So, with ages, it's really not necessary.
The Ben on Randy Savage
Dick Sock
The video or Rude and Steve Austin was at a bad angle.
Robert (Fuller) Parker was taller than both so they had to use angles to make him seem shorter. Looks like the camera was off to the left making Austin look smaller also.
Saying that I’d say there’s 3” between them
Nik on General Height
6'0" is not a rare height nationally in any western country but it is not average in any country either! However in some parts of the UK for instance and at certain times of the day it can be normal not to see a guy of 6'0" for a considerable period of time, despite coming across countless guys! It certainly does not feel like 1 in 6 guys are over 6'0" in those instances, in fact it looks like there are no more than 1 in 60! You can come across countless older men before finding a 6 footer and in certain areas of the country this can be true!
Bobby on General Height
@Conner Simpson, well, not rare, but definitely uncommon as I don't see 6ft that often. I can see the occasional 6footer on my campus, but I mostly 5'9ners and 5'10ners, alongside 5'11ners but that's usually the Caucasian population. I don't mean to speak ill of other ethnicities, but they don't tend to be tall. I think that might be more nutritional and perhaps environmental than biological.
@Nik, you'd feel around average in Canada for sure, but in Europe you'd feel below average but I don't know what the U.K average is like, but I reckon I'd feel solidly average there.
Sakz on General Height
@Matt99 To that point I can see why some may argue 6'0 isn't tall. I think it was Jason I made that point to when he said he didn't consider it tall. I said assuming 5'9 is the average, 6'0 is only 3 inches above it which is not enough for some to consider 'tall'. Personally I think once you hit 6'1 you enter solid tall range.
Rising - 174 cm on Charles Barkley
@Canson: It's always possible someone didn't hit their low when measured so I can't argue between 6'5.25" and 6'5.5" for Artest. 6'4.75" and 6'5" are also close enough. Vanessa could easily make a 1/4" error measuring someone over a foot taller than she is or the wall/floor level could easily do that in a home measurement. And I'm not convinced Barkley or anyone else was actually measured at the Olympics. Nor do I know what exactly he was measured. We have one writer claiming Barkley was "officially" measured 6'4 7/8" and Barkley claiming he's been measured 6'5" and 6'4.75", but we don't know when this is supposed to have happened. Barkley looks a bit taller next to Jordan than Kobe did: Click Here Click Here They could be the same too as they look with Conan, but I'd guess Barkley taller if anything. At least in their primes. Jordan is the shortest of the 3, imo, but just barely.
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
🌈 I started using fractions, ie every extra month, when I was 14 and I came to the conclusion that I didn't have enough Birthdays! 😝
Greg on General Height
@Matt99 what do you mean by people “using their height as a defense mechanism” you mean when people try to Brag about being tall?
@Depressed Schizophrenic Well to be honest any height can get you laid but yes taller heights have access to a larger dating pool, thus their odds increase. But you shouldn’t use your height to brag or as a crutch.
MAD SAM on Sean Connery
If anyone says he’s under 6’2” he would be a fool, he’s easily 188 cm guy
Rising - 174 cm on Steven Seagal
@Christian: Barkley's head is only slightly bigger. It's tough to tell exactly because Barkley doesn't have a goatee or anything on his head, but it looks like a 2-3 pixel difference to me. If we assume they actually have the same head size then that'd be a 0.5 to 1 cm advantage, but that could be partially or entirely the actual head size difference. It's not a big difference either way. I'd think Barkley could straighten up at least that much.
phd in heightology on General Height
Yeah, going by what people say online, one would think the average German/Scandinavian is 6'1 or something. Wrong. It's 5'11 (180cm) and is based on one of the most accurate data when it comes to height: military conscription data.

Germany 180.0cm

Click Here

Sweden 180.9cm (This is not a conscription data, but comes from Sweden's Bureau of Statistics)

Click Here

Norway 180.3cm (Self-reported data)

Click Here

Denmark 180.7cm

Click Here

Please save your anecdotes ("but my friends are all above 6'2!"), because this data is based on every single 19 & 20 year old males in the whole country, which leaves no room for any discussion. I get the same response from South Koreans where they say there are so many 6ft Koreans these days, when their conscription data says they are 5'8 1/2 (174cm) on average.

Average Americans are not that tall compared to Germans/Scandinavians, which means at best young Americans males are 5'10 on average, but more likely 5'9 1/2, due to mass immigration from Hispanics and Asians (which is confirmed by CDC data.)
phd in heightology on General Height
Many people here claiming evening height is the real height, which is ridiculous. Nobody measures their height in the evenings or at night, outside of few height obsessed ones. Most official physical measurements take place during morning/afternoon, so the norm should be to measure yourself few hours after waking up. Besides, what's the point of reporting your lowest height, when pretty much all people inflate and add one or two inches to their height? The least you can do is to use morning/afternoon height.
MJKoP on Paul McGann
What's with the quote at the bottom? Is it a typo, on the wrong page, or did he actually claim 5'7"??? :O
Editor Rob
It was how the quote originated, but that's not to say the person transcribing typed 7 instead of 9...I would be surprised if it wasn't a mistake!
CDS on Joe Mantegna
Thanks, rising. Again, now I'm really wondering more has Leo grown since then?? I'd really think if you paired him and Joe today, there'd be more of a difference, and not just that Joe may have lost height??
Tiemo on Ben Affleck
He’s tall but not 6’4 tall
CDS on Mel Gibson
@Robbie Harris: I've worn lifts regularly myself over the years. I'm barefoot out of bed height, 5'11.5", end of day, 5'10.75", can dip as low as 5'10.5" after heavy activity. I've found the footwear with the lifts built in to be much more effective than the inserted lifts or wedge. Have been surprised actually when seen myself in photos looking taller than my legitimate 6' father, or as tall as my 6'2.5" cousin. I didn't realize I was getting THAT much benefit from them, but they do work! Lol
CDS on Mel Gibson
@rising: thanks for the video, I see what you mean. The earlier video there is a greater gap between Glover and Mel, 6 or 7 inches, while maybe 4.5 to 5 in the later videos. I noticed this myself when Mel and Danny appeared on Rosie O'Donnell s show, I think the same year as your latter video, 1998, the year lw4 came out. I recall thinking there was less of a height difference than the earlier lw films, and was thinking Mel might be wearing lifts, but his shoes looked normal. But I've learned since then, they can be made undetectable.
Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Robby Harris - I have been reading your comments with interest for the time you've been coming here and I won't beat about the bush: I like you. What happened to me was many years ago and I have long got over it. It has helped me to understand what victims go through and how rarely the people who commit these horrors actually feel repentant. They do tend to be victims of tough upbringings in the main, and that is what makes them the way they are. What I did find ultimately disturbing was hearing how MJKoP's abuser's friends spoke to him. I don't believe for a minute that they didn't have any idea of what was going on. Of course they knew, and they must have been very sadistic not to intervene.

Animals, in my experience, are much nicer! 😉

MAD SAM on Nikolaj Coster Waldau
6’1.5” at 186.5 cm
Nastaran on Cara Delevingne
She is 169 cm
Nik on Paul Blackthorne
@ Sandy Cowell - Then your cats, you, me, and Rob, will all have our tails between our legs if we all find out!

I certainly will, and so will Paul Blackthorne's agency! 😂😡😹🐈😂😡😹🐈😂😡😹🐈!
Rising - 174 cm on Sylvester Stallone
@Robby Harris: Yeah, I think it's more a case of Douglas being shorter than people thought(many bought him as a legit 5'10") and not realizing Douglas was a lift guy too and in fact, a DiFabrizio client just like Sly. I remember those 2010 Guys Choice Awards pics and could swear I saw video too and I also remember Arnie being taller, but by less than usual. I'd agree Arnie was still at least 5'11.5" in 2010 and Sly had peak height of a weak to flat 5'9". I think it's a moderate lift plus posture and camera advantage with Brody because I actually think Sly had more of a dress shoe than boot. It's probably similar to Sly pulling off a good height at the 2010 Arnold classic: Click Here Click Here You can see footwear in the second video and it's subtle, but from the side, I can see enough of an angle to believe there's a lift. I learned a long time ago to take with a grain of salt photos where Sly looks taller than he should if we can't see their feet. The best example is Sly looking eye to eye with 6'1" Tom Arnold! In reality, he was about the same height as Bruce Willis at that event. Speaking of Bruce, if he was ever 5'11.5", I think he was 5'11" flat by around 2004 or 2006-2007 at the latest, but Mickey was still the full 5'11" until around 2011-2013 judging by how he looked with Joe Calzaghe. Imo, Sly has normal 2.5 to 3 cm dress shoes at the Expendables premiere while Bruce and Mickey look to not much heel and maybe no more than 2 cm. I think a fraction more footwear and posture was enough. Here's video: Click Here The angle gets better around 28 seconds.

@Rich Paul: Sly was definitely never 5'10", but it's not true that only short guys rely on elevators. Burt Reynolds was definitely not short, but wore huge lifts almost 24/7. In fact, he still wears them! People don't expect a 5'8.5"-5'9" Rambo and with a roughly 5'9" wife who wears heels, much less a 6 foot ex-wife, it's easy to see why he'd wear them. Kane Hodder is a 6 footer, but wears the most ridiculous platform boots and that's probably to live up to his image as Jason. I use to see a commercial for lifts and the example they used was a 5'9" man becoming only 6'. I also saw an elevator shoemaker say in an article that many men who aren't short buy elevators because of women wearing heels and the ideal image of a man being comfortably taller than his wife/girlfriend. I wear lifts and cowboy/cuban boots with heels between 1.75" to 2.75" myself and am similar to Sly's height.
tree on Andre The Giant
And this is a 2 INCH difference but Andre has his legs bent so it would be more with same posture as Manes
Click Here
Can u just admit that andre was minimum 6ft10 past 40?
QM6'1QM on General Height
depressed schizophrenic said on 12/Aug/18
@cmillzz everything was well said brother . Im glad there is at least one guy on this site who has a correct , none delusional view on height , wich is that 6 foot simply isn't a tall height .

I think you and french guy are the same person. You are probably unhappy with your height (which is not taller than average/ 5'9 range) and envy the taller guys.
It's bad for you, friend!
Bego on General Height
@under6'1" Where you from?
tree on Andre The Giant
Sotiris Gravas U realize that with Mane he was over 40?And even there he looks 6ft10,
and with Wepner in the first pic he looks 6ft11,he had a looong head.
And if Wepner sad 6ft9 doesent mean sh/it.did he measure him?He looks much shorter than him, might be a bad height guesser.
there are tons of evidence that Andre was over 6ft9 even when he dies.
U are really bad at guessing heights but i think its just trolling.

And with Duggan when andre has good psture he is under his nose thats atleast an 8 inch long difference cuz of his huge head lenght. Click Here
Andre had a very long spine and even a little bending makes him loose more than a normal person

AND Cant u see Hogan has 2 inch on Dibiase? Click Here
I smell TROLL here.
And in the first pic Abdul is closer to that cam with trump making him bigger.

Arnold may have thicker soles,and Andre is slouching a little even if he was only And arnie was over 6ft1 with 5ft9.5 Robert Englund without shoes Click Here

And DON leon ahs the higher ground alot HIGHER.

CONGRATULASIONS with the Bill Russel pic u just proved he was over 6ft10,he is slouching but still doesnt looks shorter than 6ft10 Bill.
MAD SAM on DJ Khaled
K I would take 169 cm at 5’6.5” but would love to know what he claims too
MAD SAM on Justin Bieber
@Robby Harris
You are totally right he’s over 5’7”, 171 cm or 172 cm that’s a different story but he’s definitely over 170 cm
MAD SAM on Pierce Brosnan
Has anyone seen his pics with Roger Federer ? I don’t understand he just looks 5’10” in those ?
juggernaut on Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar with Cain Velasquez. How much is Cain? 6'0'5 or 6'1' Lesnar looks 1.5 inches taller
Click Here
MAD SAM on Disha Patani
Claims under 5’5” and over 5’8” are foolish, she’s 169.5 cm at 5’6.75”
MAD SAM on Isaiah Mustafa
191 cm at 6’3.25”
Connor Simpson on Emma Glover
@Sandy Cowell since Emma has black hair then her sister most likely does as well, it would make sense since they are sisters but I'm not sure though because I haven't seen what she looks like but it's probable, yeah Emma is a bit under 5ft 7 so 5ft 6.5 seems likely and very hot on top of that :), anyway i hope you're ok and enjoying your week Sandy, bye for now!
Miles on Rob Paul
Rob, I have measured myself multiple times on a measuring tape and it has said 6ft1 all the time. i would literally place the book on my head and force it down to the top of my head and it would always say 6ft1. my lowest on the measuring tape is exactly 6ft1 185.4cm at night. or maybe if I have had a very working hard day, 185cm. I have had plumbers, engineers use my measuring tape and (i dont even ask them) they tell me my measuring tape is very good and accurate. The problem I have is when i use the stadiometer it says 184.2cm!!! why is this?! I have the marsden HM-250P stadiometer. Do you think the stadiometer is off a tiny bit over 1cm?
Editor Rob
The marsden model is just rebranded from seca leicester which has near 1/8th error from what I've seen of a few of them. 1cm sounds too much error, what I would do is put the stadiometer in the middle of your kitchen or a surface which looks quite flat so the bar looks vertical and set it at 6ft 1, then hold your tape measure up to the part that measures from the base and see if it really is 1cm off.
Sandy Cowell on Randy Newman
Oh, so it was him was it? He was the one who sang, "You have to pick them up just to say 'hello'!"

Yes, I remember it well, and never thought it was aimed at someone of my grand height! It was a funny little song, but I didn't buy it; I was already into hard rock by then!

Randy gets 5ft11 peak and 5ft9 for today's height.
MAD SAM on Rana Daggubati
I would say 6’2.25” at 188.5 cm, he might be over 6’2” guy but i think he’s under 189 cm
Matt99 on Leonardo DiCaprio
Listing is fine, if he was in the strong 5’10 range then Tom Hardy would be in the strong 5’8 range which I really don’t see at all.
MrFish on Sookie's Den
@Ben for the average across all age groups, 5ft 10 is still hardly above average, only at the 60th percentile or so. For young men, it's very average, although the Caucasian male average seems between 178 and 179. I can't see someone as tall or "seeming tall" under 5ft 11 in Western countries. If one was 5ft 11 with a lean frame, they could seem tallish at times. I would say short as 5ft 6 and under, tall as 6ft and over, and "average" as in between that. I think "very tall" would start near 190cm mark. Just my perspective. Living in the USA, I feel on the shorter side at about 5ft 9, especially with those my age (20s).
Matt99 on Mark Wahlberg
On his Instagram story he still puts 5’10 on his scales, surely it’d skew his targets for weight loss/gain? And rob do you think he genuinely believes he’s 5’10?
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Christian: lol him saying he’s 6’5” is an insult to you and being listed 6’4 here is an insult to both of us and Viper when Viper is taller than he is lol. 6’3.5 seems too high for him imho. I used to be able to say he may be 6’3” but that looks very shaky next to Melo or Seagal
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Rising: I wonder about that video. It almost appeared staged imho. It was almost too convenient but you mentioned the variable that we don’t know which is footwear. I would say Seagal can look 6’3” maybe 6’3.25 and Merriman is maybe an inch shorter maybe even 2cm. I can certainly say that a 6’2.5 is a good start for him. Maybe 6’2.25 even
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Rising: yea that wasn’t intended for you. There is another poster who always uses the excuse that the measurement didn’t occur and throws that out when comparing Barkley to others and subsequently upgrades half the celebs he comments on. I don’t think you do that at all. Your estimates for the most are very good estimates even if we can disagree on the basketball players some
Animus on Pauly D
From the Jersey Shore I would have thought at least 5'11 and possibly 6'0 for this guy. It must be his shorter castmates and good proportions that make him come across taller than he his.
Animus on Height Request
Bo Jackson is long overdue for a listing. Widely recognized as the greatest pure athlete of all time, having played at an All-Star level in both the NFL and the MLB, he would be a phenomenal addition to the site. He is listed at 6'1", 230lbs, and that sounds accurate for his prime.
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show
@RP A likely story... I smell a possible troll... hmmm... Just kidding, dude. It's all good.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Karlie Kloss
@Mike 6'2

And she's also claimed 5'12.5" which would equate to 6'0.5". The fact is, she's claimed different heights throughout the years. Just because she claimed 6'2" doesn't mean she is. While I doubt she's as low as 6'0.5", I wouldn't completely rule it out, and she's has a better chance of being that than 6'2" IMO.
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Visitor: I’m 36 years old and have been roughly the same size since about 16. Maybe 1/4” or a centimeter gain but that’s all. I typically buy 36/36 and have to get them tailored both waist and Inseam. When measured I’m around 35 waste and inseam about 35/36 but closer to 35 in reality. I myself am 6’4.25” barefoot (193.7cm at my normal low in the afternoon)
Bradley on Steven Seagal
Potential mug shot from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department soon?
Sotiris Gravas on Hulk Hogan
@RP I love how your post--in contrast to my hurricane of proof--is tantamount to whispering sweet nothings into someone's ear. Your commitment to your 6'5" Hogan delusion is almost endearing. If Hogan was EVER 3+ inches taller than Ali--or ANYONE for that matter--you can bet your Life Savers that the illusion was carried out via cowboy boots. I offer up a deluge of proof that Hogan was NEVER more than 6'3"... you offer something akin to spitting on the sidewalk. I don't mean to be condescending, but from what I've seen on this forum, you offer a frame of reference that's not in keeping w/ reality, and you do so very resolutely at that. Your posts are entertaining, though, I'll give you that... You'll undoubtedly go to your grave entrenched in your kayfabe beliefs a very content man.

Let's be honest, it doesn't really matter how tall any of these wrestlers really were. Knowing their genuine measurements is of no great import, not really, but I made a game of it, and it was fun. Trying to convince someone that 2 + 1 doesn't equal 5 becomes less fun, all too quickly, I'm afraid. Again... agree to disagree.

Always remember, Hogan did more than just lie about the size of his manhood. "
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Brock Lesnar

And you saying Brock's 6'2.5" doesn't mean he is either. In fact, that's impossible since he measured 6'2.25" in the NFL. He's much more likely to be 6'1.75" than 6'2.5"
Bradley on Sylvester Stallone
Correct about Stern. He doesn't like being at Hampton functions etc. getting gawked at. I laughed my ass off when he once said he felt like being a "Sesame Street Jewish Big Bird" walking into high profile get togethers.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Justin Hartley
I think Justin being 6'2 3/8 have being destroy by Rob given Tom Welling a 1/4 downgrade.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Tom Welling
Surprise with Welling downgrade 1/4 by Rob. He can really look 1/2 inch taller than Justin Hartley in Smallville.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on John Schneider
Need a peak and current height. Guessing he look more 6'2 1/2 recently.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Mike The Miz Mizanin

Yeah, he's clearly shorter than Cena. If Cena's 6'0" that puts Miz at around 5'11.5" max.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Charles Barkley

Barkley's head was closer than Seagal's, even though their bodies were about equal. That alone gives one a camera advantage.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Hulk Hogan

Even Viper of all people is calling you out on your low estimates. And Viper has a reputation of being a "downgrader" on this site (not that I'm calling him one myself). I think you mean well and you're a good poster, and don't listen to haters like Joey700, but some of your estimates are rather poor. I can't roll with Andre being 6'9" peak or Hogan 6'3" peak. There are other estimates that I agree with you on though.
Monkey knees on Andy Dick
Watching Workaholics now; appears to be almost as tall as 5'9.75 Blake Anderson.
Lapinux on Jean Claude Van Damme
Well I'm not sure how tall Blackwood is, he is just listed 5'11" on Google which might be wrong obviously.
Editor Rob
Blackwood had 6 foot on his Spotlight page, but I don't know if he ever really was that tall...certainly could seem near 3 inches over van damme.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Adolf Hitler

The tallest relative currently I'm aware of is a 6'7.25" cousin of mine, who claims 6'9" for some odd reason. I was told that I have a 6'6" granduncle but I've never met him and I'm not sure if he's still alive or not so I can't confirm it.
Shane on Evander Holyfield
Boxing always used to say Holyfield was 6'2 1/2" and Tyson 5'11 1/2". Both were quite obviously either shoe heights or boosted heights by 1 to 1.5 inches.
MAD SAM on Jorja Smith
Maybe 5’3.25” at 161 cm Rob ?
Editor Rob
I suppose it is possible
lelman on Paul Weller
Looking at the pictures below I'm surprised he hasn't been upgraded to 5'11". This is definitely his absolute minimum, he seems a solid 5'11" to me.
MAD SAM on Dax Shepard
6’2.5” at 189 cm there’s no edging both Dax and Will are kinda equal
Shane on Mike Tyson
@Canson: lol bro. Any height a person can stand up and measure barefoot is legit! How is not legit if you stand up and measure it? If you measure it you are that tall. The tape dont lie my friend.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Brian Shaw
I agree with Shane. Shaw has 1/2" footwear advantage and still looks no taller than Thor.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Sara Sampaio

Not only does VS has her at 5'9", but even worse she claimed 5'9" herself.
juggernaut on Brock Lesnar
@Christian 6'5 3/8 I actually thought Cena was closer to 6'1' back in 2003 but I don't think he is anything below 6'0'25 probably 6'0'5 in his prime.. Lesnar can't be below 6'2' may dip down to 6'1'75 in the future.
Shane on Brad Garrett
Who knows if his physical was in shoes or out. Many American doctors dont ask you to take your shoes off.
Shane on Ray Romano
Would be shocked if his 6'1 1/2" claim is barefoot. Got to be a shoe height. I'm surprised Rob took his own claim as for most people he doesnt necessarily do that. Must have more proof than I've seen. And is there proof of rule being cut off for his measurement on the show? Kind of a major assumption in my opinion. He could be over 6 foot barefoot early in day and then 5'11 3/4" by taping which over 6 foot like 6'0 1/4" would get him right to his 6'1 1/2 claim in shoes. I dont buy him at over 6'1" barefoot.
MAD SAM on Ranbir Kapoor
Rob downgrade this guy to 5’10”
MAD SAM on Anushka Sharma
Clearly Salman is wearing lifts in that photo
Hijoputamus on Vin Diesel
@187guy, I fully agree with you.
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show
@Canson My bad, I thought Bill Russell had passed away, don't ask me why... LOL. Sorry about that. Glad the dude is still around.

As for Tim Duncan being 6'10", I have to respectfully disagree... As you can see, both Duncan an Kevin Durant are the same height, 6'9"... Click Here , Click Here It always made me laugh when ppl thought Durant was really 6'11".

Here w/ now 6'8" (still alive) Bill Russell... Click Here

I guess I'll just chalk up thinking Russell had passed to the Mandela Effect...
Robby Harris on Sylvester Stallone
I forgot to add; I doubt Sly's lifts gave him much more than an 1" with Willis and Rourke. 1.5" would be pushing it based on how his footwear looks. 2" doesn't seem plausible at all. There's clearly a lift in there regardless.
Sotiris Gravas on Andre The Giant
@Rob Thanks for responding so quickly, Rob, I appreciate it. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. That being said, I 100% believe that I proved Andre was NEVER more than 6'9".

I had forgotten to include pics of Andre in cowboy boots next to 6'4" Don Lane (also in cowboy boots) from back in 1978... Click Here , Click Here. No offense to you or anyone who feels Andre is 7 feet tall based on these pics, but to me such a listing has no basis in reality. I always wanted to air my views on this matter, and it was nice to be able to do it on a forum where there's actual interest. If I post something on Twitter, NO ONE seems to care. Maybe that's why you never post anything on @celebheights. Oh, well. It's been fun...
Editor Rob
Johnson with 5ft 8 Mamoon Kabir, Johnson with Andre Click Here.

While I think in some photos Andre can look only 6ft 9-10, in those in which he's closer to his peak, I personally wouldn't argue he was as short as 6ft 10.
Goel174.4cm on Rob Paul
Rob , what is average in us? I have seen the health survey of us. It was like 176-77 cm for younger generation, if you consider all Asians, Hispanics and non Hispanics white. For non Hispanic white it was more in 178 range
Editor Rob
For 20-30 year old you are looking at almost 5ft 9.5 average for all ethnicities.
Shane on Brian Shaw
@Duhon likely a half inch difference in those sneaker types for sure as Bjornsson ha a flat sole powerlifting shoe on and Shaw has a tall Nike basketball type shoe on. Bjornsson is also slightly closer to a high camera as well which makes more difference than one would think.
Dream(5'9.5 on Donald Trump
Rob, would you be surprised if Barron Trump hits 6'5" when he stops growing?
Editor Rob
He's in extremely tall height range for his age, so has a good chance of being that tall at least...I suppose in 6 years or so we'll see how tall he ended up.
Connor Simpson on Rob Paul
@Sandy Cowell I'm sure Rob would be happy with the 5/8ths Sandy that's very generous of you! but yeah rob does downgrade himself a bit by going with just bang on 5ft 8, I think he could say he is 5ft 8.25 as he doesn't go below 173cm at night, I'd also say that's more than fair!
Jordan87 on David Prowse
@ Joey700,

What would you have figured Prowse to Weigh when he played Vader say in A New hope at age 41? 240ish?

@ Rob,

Do you buy the 280 pound Claim for Prowse during Star Wars?
Editor Rob
I'm sure at some periods he has weighed that range, but maybe that was his prime weight.
Gracian on Cee Lo
Please Rob, add him to the American rappers category.
Sotiris Gravas on Big John Studd
@tree I like your post, and agree. Ppl think that football measurements are 100% gospel truth, but that isn't the case. Ernie Ladd wasn't really 6'9". He was at most 6'6". Here he is w/ 6'2.5 Ali:
Click Here

He appeared on "That '70s Show" alongside 6'2.5" The Rock back in 1999. Next to The Rock and 6'1" peak height Kurtwood Smith, Ladd only looked 6'6"... Click Here , Click Here

Here's 6'5" Studd next to footballer Bill Fralic, listed as 6'5" by the NFL... Click Here
Click Here , Click Here

Studd next to 6'3.5" Christopher Reeve... Click Here

Studd next to 6'9" Andre the Giant... Click Here As you can see Studd was 6'5",MAX.

How many ppl have seen this pic...? Here's 6'5" Studd next to 5'11" peak height George W. Bush:
Click Here

Here's a nice pic of 6'9" Andre w/ 6'5" Studd... Click Here

Studd w/ Rick Barry (listed as 6'7" by NBA, really 6'6" peak height)... Click Here
Rick Barry on far left, stands taller than Julius Erving who was around 6'5" peak height:
Click Here
Recent pic of Dr. J w/ 6'7.25" Magic... Click Here

Just for fun, here's a before and after of Studd... Click Here
callum on Olivia Buckland
Hey rob is there any chance you could make a page for Alex Bowen? His height is really hard to gage and could be anywhere between 6ft2-6ft3.25?
James B 172cm on General Height
Canson said on 11/Aug/18
@JamesB172: he definitely looks at least 6’5”. He may be one of those guys that claims his shoes or someone who has been conned into claiming 6’6 because some 6’3/6’4 guy had to claim 6’5”

how tall would you guess him exactley?
RP on Hulk Hogan
Also, let’s not forget how Hogan towered over 6’2.5” Ali @ Wrestlemania in 1985...always had 3+ inches on Ali in 1985. At the match & all the promo events & photo shoots.
SD(172cm) on Matt McGorry
He seems to have average guy body proportions only in better shape...(like a true Irishman).
I'd have guessed 5'10 solid.
SD(172cm) on General Height
Yesternight,I was at an International airport...what struck me was that as a guy who is 5'8,I actually didn't feel short...I felt pretty average...comparing myself to other grown men from all around the world was actually very insightful.It doesn't mean that I'm tall cause I saw women much taller me,but GENERALLY,I'm of average height GLOBALLY!!!
Afka9 on Bill Clinton
Why did this man lost height so hard? I agree he was strong 6'2 maybe 6'2.5 in early 2000's. But now he look max 6 ft
SD(172cm) on Nicky Campbell
I'm a huge fan of his show 'The Big Questions' and he always looks like a tall fellow...he could claim 6'1 and I would buy it.@Editor Rob He's actually an Irishman,he was just adopted by a Scottish couple.
MAD SAM on Kendrick Lamar
”All the stars” is one of my fav songs ! 5’4.5” at 164 cm this listing is accurate !
MAD SAM on Chance
6’ wth .... also telling “I’m not that tall” if he were a real 6’ he would had known how tall it actually is .... this guy is 5’9.25” max at 176 cm
MAD SAM on Macklemore
His body proportions match to that of a 6’1.5”-6’2” guy but actually he’s 5’10.25” at 178.5 cm
Shane on Brian Shaw
@Duhon likely a half inch difference in those sneaker types for sure as Bjornsson ha a flat sole powerlifting shoe on and Shaw has a tall Nike basketball type shoe on. Bjornsson is also slightly closer to a high camera as well which makes more difference than one would think.
Sandy Cowell on Adolf Hitler
@ Christian 6ft5 3/8 - I had a tall English Uncle who was 6ft1 or 2, probably 6ft2. He was the tallest of the ones I'm aware of!

He was the tallest of my Dad's brothers.
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show
@Rob This is me, a pic taken earlier this year (around 6'7", 275 lbs) next to my mom (5'5.5", 200 lbs) as compared to Big Show and Kelly Kelly (5'4, 5'8" in big heels at the top of this page)... Click Here Remind me again how Show is supposed to be a whopping 6'10.5". Yeah, NO WAY. Show is 6'8.5, MAX.

This is my brother (around 6'4", 230 lbs) next to a wax statue of 6'2" Morgan: FreemaClick Here

This is me (around 6'7", 305 lbs from about 5/6 years ago) next to my brother as a height confirmation:
Click Here

That's me (around 275 lbs) next to a door that I ALWAYS(!!!) thought was a standard 6'8", only to recently learn that it's, in fact, 6'9", w/ an additional 0.25" added for the door threshold plate:
Click Here

Another pic (280 lbs) next to a 6'9" door (barefoot, not standing at attention)... Click Here

And one more from back when I weighed 305 lbs (looking like a defensive lineman who'll have a heart attack when wolfing down his next cheeseburger) next to my 5'9.25", 200 lbs dad and 5'5.75", 200 lbs mom. Click Here How tall do I look next to a supposed 6'10.5" Big Show...? If you don't want to post this 'cause I'm not a celebrity, I totally understand, but feel free to tell ppl on this forum that I'm not a troll (LOL) who lies about his height. I'm more ogre, i.e., Shrek.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! on Randy Orton
@Common Yeah he used to give off a lankier impression back then. Now that he's packed on some pounds that's not the case. As for his height yeah he doesn't look like he's lost anything and he still walks around with decent posture aswell.
Matt99 on General Height
@Bobby you must live in a short area if you don’t see regular 6footers around your city or whatever.
Connor Simpson on Rob Paul
When do you think my beard will be thick as yours Rob?
Editor Rob
Sometimes it can take a few more years...but the longer you leave it, the more it will start filling in patchier areas.
Sakz on Rob Paul
@184guy2 Yeah I'm around the 6'1 mark and 'solid tall' is how I would describe it. You'll be taller than the average person comfortably but you won't always feel like you're towering them. Towering tall starts at around 6'4 (although 6'3 range can also be argued in some situations).
Estelle on Emily Ratajkowski
She might be 170cm with shoes, but I saw her at a GnR gig a couple of years ago. Small venue. Invitation only. She was wearing killer high heels.
I'm 5ft3 & was wearing 10cm heels...and as she stood right next to me, we were exactly the same height.
She's striking photogenic.
cmillzz on Sookie's Den
@Ben, 5’6.5” is out of the average range and is creeping towards legit short range.
Ryan P on Rob Paul
Hey Rob,

If my girlfriend in the middle claims 170-171cm, what would you put her sisters at assuming footwear is equal? I'm 179cm and think the sister in the cream coat may be taller than me but haven't had a chance to compare yet in person!

Click Here
Editor Rob
That ground may not be the best for comparing, but they both seem 1 and 2-3 inches taller.
Sotiris Gravas on Hulk Hogan
@Vegas' "Brother," even if Hulk Hogan whispered into your ear that he was only 6'3"... you'd still go to your grave believing he was 6'5". Lewis' peak height was NEVER more than 5'10". He still looks 5'10" here (at the age of 61) thanks to a footwear advantage. Hogan has about 5" on him. That leaves us w/ 6'3". I know, I know, you don't accept that... it's okay... Also, Lewis is slouching throughout this whole video clip. Not once does he ever stand up straight w/ his shoulders back; not once. At least you don't believe he was 6'8" like 90% of the population.
Vegas' on Big Show
Kaman and Dirk look very close in height Click Here

Gasol looked at least 1.5 inches than Bosh in an interview that has disappeared from YouTube. Just a screenshot remains Click Here

If Howard is 6'10 then Russell can't really be 6'8 Click Here

Shiw looked 4 inches taller than Battier and photo was taken from low angle
Sotiris Gravas on Andre The Giant
@Gretz Thanks for the emotional support, friendo.
Lapinux on Rob Paul
Rob you were 179.5 cm peak werent you? :P
Editor Rob
Of course!
Jed on Trevor Donovan
A friend of mine (6'4) got a picture with this guy years ago (back when he was on 90210). He had 4"+ on him, I recall one of the girls made a comment about it underneath. I can't buy 6'1, let alone 6'1.5.
Ven on Kylian Mbappé
Rob, could he have grown to 5’11+ by now? He looks like a really tall dude for some reason
Editor Rob
Still seems a solid enough 5ft 10 range
RP on Big Show
@ Sotiris ...I was laughing at you when you once referred to “all” cowboy boots giving anyone a 3” height boost in one of your post. You later went on to correct the statement that it was only Andre’s custom made boots that had 3” heels. Which IMO would give a person a 2.75” measured height boost.
RP on Andre The Giant
Old broken down Andre looks 6’10” (when standing erect) with 6’8” Mane.
TheAlien on Conor McGregor
Click Here

Barefoot with Eddie Bravo (5;8") and Geo Martinez (5.7.5" I think)

I think Conor is 5'8" - 5'8.5"
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman looks the same height as this 6-2 interviewer. Click Here
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show
@viper and EVERYONE Here's Battier w/ LeBron... Translation: Battier is 6'6"... Click Here
Here's Battier w/ 6'4.75 Kobe Bryant... Click Here
Here's Battier w/ 6'8" Alonzo Mourning... Click Here
Here w/ 6'8.5" Bam Adebayo... Click Here
Now, compare Big Show w/ them... Click Here

Here's Big Show w/ 6'10" Dirk Nowitzki:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here Big show is looking UP for a REASON.
Here's Show and Dirk superimposed w/ Show and a guy who claims 6'11" (for good reason):
Click Here

Here's Show back in 2004 when he did look 6'9" next to legit 6'8" Scott L. Schwartz, on the set of a Star Trek episode... Click Here

Compare 6'9" Big Show back in the day w/ 6/4.75" Charles Barkley relative to Mean Gene Okerlund. Note that Show has BIG footwear:
Click Here Don't forget that a 6'4.75" Barkley is a BENCHMARK height, not open to interpretation.

@Canson and @Christian 6'5 3/8" Overjoyed that you guys agree w/ me on that... Thanks. Having ppl actually agree w/ me on something rather than call me a troll feels amazing.

@JT Here's the same photo shoot of the pic you showed me , only we see footwear. Looks to me like the other two men have an advantage over Kobe's sneaks...
Click Here

Another view of Kobe and Dirk where Kobe looks less short... Click Here
Here's proof that 6'11" Kevin Garnett is taller than 6'10" Dirk: Click Here

@Rob Not that I think I'll get it, but I do think I've shown ample evidence here that warrants a downgrade. Will you downgrade Show, yes or no...?

Big Show--when not wearing GIGANTIC WWE footwear--uesd to measure 6'9" daytime height and is currently 6'8.5" barefoot, IMHO.

Here's a barefoot 6'8.5" Show w/ a barefoot 6'6" Akebono... Click Here
Here's Akebono w/ 6'4.24" Bob Sapp... Click Here Looks taller here: Click Here

Show w/ Mark Henry (currently 6'1.5")... Click Here

Show with BIG(!!!) footwear next to 6'6" Braun Strowman... Click Here

Hope you guys like the pics... Tell me what you think...
NightHeight on Barack Obama
Always thought Obama had a pretty long head, but it actually looks only slightly longer than Trump's head, so i guess it's in the 9.5 inch range with a longer eye-chin than eye-head. It also looked a lot smaller in width and circumference compared to Donald Trump.
canisvy on RiceGum
You guys seriously think that Logan is only an inch taller than RiceGum?
5'11 1/2 no more
Zampo on Jamie Kennedy
5'11.75 would be a better fit I feel.
Zampo on Tom Welling
Zampo on Michael Ensign
182 cm. He is a flat 6'0 in this photo. Taking into account footwear, he's a weak six footer today.
Sandy Cowell on Trey Parker
He's 6ft tall!

🎼 It's easy Mmkay! 🎵🎶
Zampo on Sookie's Den

If your height chart is reflective of the world in general, I agree. If it's based on the western world then I would personally increase figures by 0.5 inch or so.
MaryAnne on Fashion Model Heights
Rob. i insist trish goff :) i will appreciate it
berta on Rafe Spall
i saw the new jurassic park movie yesterday and thought. this guy is somwhere beetween 185-186.5
Sotiris Gravas on Andre The Giant
@Pdoggy Show me the proof and I'll gladly believe you.

@Tree Yeah, thanks for that; I've seen this before... great stuff. Andre is 6'9" here, same height Chuck Wepner said he was: Click Here
Here's 6'5" Wepner next to 6'9" Andre, a pic that I don't think many have seen before:
Click Here
This one everyone has seen: Click Here
Here's the quote from Wepner saying Andre is only 6'9": Click Here

Just for fun, here's Hacksaw Jim Duggan (6'2" peak height) next to a 6'9" Andre: Click Here

Duggan and Ted Dibiase were the SAME HEIGHT: Click Here
Still are: Click Here
Which explains why Hogan was always 6'3": Click Here

Compare the pic of Hogan (6'3" in cowboy boots now 6'5") next to Trump and Andre as compared to legit 7'2" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar next to Trump and around 6'5" Julius Erving. Pretty sure most of you have never seen this pic: Click Here
Here's the same pic superimposed:
Click Here As you can see, Hogan is 6'5" thanks to cowboy boots, and Andre is NOWHERE NEAR 7-feet-tall.

@Rob, based on what I've shown, the 7-foot listing for Andre is BEYOND LAUGHABLE. No offense to you or anyone who thought he might have been 7 feet tall, but to continue believing it is crazy. ANDRE NEEDS A DOWNGRADE. He was 6'9", the same height Chuck Wepner said he was. Who should I believe, guys on this forum who remember seeing him in the '80s, sometimes from 10, maybe 20 feet away, or a guy who actually FOUGHT HIM UP CLOSE? Sorry, but I think I'll take the word of Chuck Wepner over anyone else. If that makes me a "troll" according to some guys on this forum, so be it. Here's the photo of Andre (in CUSTOM-MADE cowboy boots that gave him more than the close to 2" standard heel, more like 3", sometimes more) next to benchmark height 4'11" Bill Shoemaker... as compared to LEGIT 7'2" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar next to Shoemaker... There's NO WAY ANYONE can say w/ a straight face that Andre the Giant was 7 feet tall, let alone the ludicrous 7'4"... Andre is EXPOSED here 100%:
Click Here

Based on this evidence I'd like a response from you... Will you downgrade Andre's height, yes or no...?
If you don't, there won't be any hard feelings on my part, but for the life of me, I just don't understand why you wouldn't downgrade him based on what I've presented.

Here's 6'2.5 Ali vs. Andre vs. Bill Russell vs. 7'2" Kareem... Andre looks SMALL here:Click Here I once thought Andre wasn't in his cowboys , but OF COURSE he's wearing them, which makes a 7'0" listing for him even more laughable.

Look at Andre (NO COWBOY BOOTS) next to peak height Arnie (6'1")... Click Here... Saying Andre is 7'0" from this pic is wrong/crazy.
If Andre was ever 7 FEET TALL, all of these kids would be GIANTS... Click Here

Here's Andre (BAREFOOT) w/ 6'4" Don Leo Jonathan back in 1972: Click Here
And here: Click Here w/ shoes.

Rob, will you give Andre a downgrade...? I'd really appreciate a detailed response, please.

Here's an example of the type of custom-made cowboy boots w/ a HUGE heel that Andre would wear... Click Here
Click Here

I'll end this post w/ my favorite Andre the Giant pic... Enjoy!
Click Here
Editor Rob
The discussion on Andre I don't think is ever complete, but over last 13 years of reading, I think on a bad day he might look a couple of inches under 7ft, but at his peak I wouldn't estimate him as short as 6ft 9-10.
Sandy Cowell on Tyler Blackburn
To look at Tyler, one gets the immediate impression that he is tall! I was quite surprised to find that he wasn't around the 5ft11 mark.

He's an attractive fellow with a pleasing face and slightly wild hair! I don't know if that has encouraged me into thinking he was that bit taller. Yes, it could be the hair...

I give him 5ft10.
cmillzz on Sacha Baron Cohen
yeah he is stand out tall imo. I think he’s over 6’3 flat and might be 6’3.5.
Sandy Cowell on Ashley Benson
Tee hee! So Ashley is in 'Pretty Little Liars', is she? Well, at 5ft3.5, she is borderline petite, she is DEFINITELY pretty, but a liar? Of course not! 😁
cmillzz on General Height
I wonder what the average height is in France today? My dad took a trip to France in the 1980s and he said he felt like a completely average sized guy there, and he was 5’7.25” in his prime.
Gracian on Orlando Bloom
Here's a picture of Bloom and Pitt, Brad looks taller than Orlando but has an advantage of shoes above him: Click Here
Here are photos from the 2004 event, where you can see Bloom, Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Bloom sometimes looks a maximum of 5'10 ", but at other times he may look at least 5'11", which can be seen in these pictures. I think the lowest point we can argue for him is 5'10.25" and the highest is 5'10.75". Generally, it seems to me that Bloom is somewhere between 5'10 "and 5'11". Rob, I can understand why you give him 179 cm, I think that your list can be good for him for those moments.
Sandy Cowell on Tom Hiddleston
Typographical Errors and Cuddly Names:

If someone typed his name as 'Huddleston' that would sound rather pleasing, but not quite so smirk-worthy as Cuddleston!

Tom can have the average vote, not to mention Rob's estimate, of 6ft1.75.
cmillzz on General Height
I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how 5’7 can feel tall or tallish in a normal situation...
Appe on Cristiano Ronaldo
As I told in the past I know personally Giorgio Chiellini who is a perfect example of 187cm guy. I will easily compare him with Ronaldo. From what I have seen till now there is about 1cm between them.
cmillzz on Sookie's Den
@Ben, you really think as low as 5’11 could be considered the start of tall in the western world? Come on...
cmillzz on General Height
@Bobby I live just south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border. You wouldn’t believe how many tall women I see. It’s almost bizarre tbh. The other day I saw two women that were 6’0-6’1 at my local target, and numerous other women that were well above what the average height is supposed to be for a woman (5’4 or so).
Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Connor - Thanks very much and have a great and productive, wonderful week!

Ooh! Look what I can see! It's time to vote for Rob again and this time round, he gets 5ft8.5/8ths. I think he short changes himself!
cmillzz on General Height
@Matt99, 5’8.5 why?
cmillzz on Sookie's Den

Nah man, go to Wisconsin or Minnesota. Many tall people in those states. Honestly though, pretty much any state that’s in the Midwest will probably have a higher average. The Germanic population is quite high in the midwest. I have a legit 6’0 friend and he doesn’t stand out as “tall” where I live.
MAD SAM on Sabrina Carpenter
Little girl is 149 cm or 4’10.75”, she’s very pretty btw
JacosAb on Ralph Macchio
How tall do you think Steve Cardines(Red Ranger) is with Ralph ?.IMDB lists him at 169 cm Click Here
Editor Rob
I seen that guy in person, but didn't really pay much attention except he was an inch shorter, and walter jones was even shorter than steve
Sotiris Gravas on Hulk Hogan
Hey, guys. Here's a pic of Dan Florek (6'0")... which makes Christopher Meloni around 5'11" and Richard Belzer around 5'10.5" here: Click Here

Here's Belzer looking a lot shorter than Meloni, even though he's closer to the camera:
Click Here

Here's Belzer next to Richard Gere (5'10" peak height/currently 5'9"):
Click Here

Here's Belzer and Hogan where the Hulkster only has Belzer by about 3":
Click Here

Here's Belzer up front from 2016... Jeff Ross (5'10") at the far left and Jim Carrey (6'1.5") in the back. Belzer looks around 5'9" here:
Click Here

Final thoughts: I don't think Belzer was ever more than 5'11"... Translation: Hogan was around 6'3".

Big Van Vader (R.I.P.) was billed as 6'5", but he was NEVER that height; he was around 6'2.5". That being said, that means next to Vader puts Hogan at 6'3", the height I ALWAYS said he was:
Click Here
Click Here

Here's 6'3.5" Snoop Dogg next to Vader (looking VERY short):
Click Here

Here's 6'3" Hogan next to 6'6.5" Dennis Rodman:
Click Here

Here's now 6'6" Dennis Rodman next to 6'7.5" Kevin Nash:
Click Here

Here's 6'3" Hulk Hogan (footwear advantage) next to 6'0" Christopher Lloyd at the end of the movie "Suburban Commando" (1991):
Click Here

Here's Hogan w/ 5'10" Jerry Lewis:
Click Here

Here's Hogan w/ 5'10" Mr. T:
Click Here

Hogan w/ 6'3.5" Troy Aikman:
Click Here
Click Here

Recent pic w/ 6'4" peak height (now 74) Charlie Manuel: Click Here
Recent pic w/ 6'4" Dusty Wathan: Click Here

Here's 6'3" Hogan w/ 6'3" George Foreman from back in the day: Click Here

Hacksaw Jim Duggan's peak height is listed as 6'2", whereas Ted Dibiase is listed as 6'3"... Problem is, they were the same height... 6'2", MAX: Click Here
They were the same height then and are about the same height now: Click Here
Guess that explains why Hogan looks 6'3" here next to Dibiase, given that Hogan was ALWAYS 6'3":
Click Here

Bottom line: Hogan was 6'3".
Omarzamzam99 on Kevin Owens
If randy Orton is 193cm kevin Owens must be not less than 178cm Click Here: here is the link
Sandy Cowell on Paul Blackthorne
@ Nik - My cats have tails you know, and they might find out!

MrFish on Rob Paul
Rob, I went to a US baseball game (crowd of 40,000) and was walking around the stadium, and felt rather short (I measured myself as bang on 5ft 9 after the game). Do you think I was just prone to notice the tall fellows more than those at or below my height?
Editor Rob
I think taller stands out more, so it could be a bit of subconscious height-awareness of just those taller people.
Sandy Cowell on Emily Lloyd
So the very tall Roger Lloyd Pack has a 5ft7 daughter - hardly surprising that she's that sort of height really. What did rather knock me out is that Emily has starred with Brad Pitt, the lucky girl, in 'The River Runs Through It'. I do remember her looking all Summery and golden in 'Wish You Were Here' back in the 80's though, that's for sure!

Firstly, Emily gets a guess of 5ft7, her second comment - and her third vote!
Editor Rob
I wasn't aware she was roger's daughter until adding her, I don't know how tall her Mother was.
Neelasish Sen Roy on Errol Flynn
He is 6'2" (188cm) tall and weighs 180lbs
Neelasish Sen Roy on Nigel Bruce
Nigel Bruce and Cary Grant both are 6'1" tall. Where Sir Basil Rathbone would be 6'2" or 6'2.5".
Neelasish Sen Roy on Basil Rathbone
He looks not more than 2 cm shorter than 6'3" Gary Cooper. Am I right rob?
Kim on Ramon Rodriguez
I thought he was taller than this. He’s in “ The Affair” and seems a few inches taller than Ruth Wilson and that’s obviously not true.
AnonymousMe on Clint Eastwood
...another "for what it's worth" comment; I just watched Coogan's Bluff again, and this time I noticed during one scene they show a chart Eastwood is holding, of Ringerman's (Stroud's) stats. You'd think, only 24 hours later, I'd remember which scene this was because I did pause on it. I "think" it may have been when Eastwood goes to the hospital to try and get Ringerman (Stroud) out, by bluffing his way through. Anyway, it has Stroud's character listed as 6', and, I think, 156 lbs (the weight was harder to read). Accurate info? Who knows. Eastwood sure looked tall, but also super skinny....which is hard to do when photographed on film...unless you really are super skinny. But this was 1968, and guys weren't as tall as now, generally. My own "opinion" is that Eastwood...in this film, with boots, was not 6 feet 6 inches tall. With that hat he'd be like 6'8 or 6'9! 6'3 plus, sure. But a full 6'4? I always have my doubts.
AnonymousMe on Don Stroud
...at some point, during Coogan's Bluff, Eastwood looks at an official report on Stroud's character, and I paused on that report. It may mean zilch, but it lists Stroud (Ringerman)as 6' and, if I could read it because it was harder to see, roughly 156 lbs.
12 August
Rich Paul on Clint Eastwood
I don’t know if this has been linked, but here’s very interesting as well as revealing photo showing Clint standing next to Leonard Nimoy.

Click Here
Greg99 on Bernie Mac
Bernie really looked tall, clearly over 6'2" on stage.
Rising - 174 cm on Mark Wahlberg
Mark wears Timberlands or thick Nikes that add a good 1 3/8". He rarely looks over 5'8" without them so his 5'10" claim is a bad joke, but he has worn lifts in some movies and I believe he's done it occasionally for talk shows and premieres. I think Donnie is slightly under 5'10", but I doubt Mark looked taller without a camera advantage. Donnie likes tip-toeing for photos so maybe Mark gave him a taste of his own medicine?
JJL29 on Height Request
I was also wondering what height high-wire artist Philippe Petit is? He's listed as being 5ft 7 on some sites, but when standing next to 5ft 9 Joseph Gordon-Levitt he looks shorter than that even though their footwear isn't visible.

Click Here
Editor Rob
A chance Petit may have lost some height and been over 5ft 6
RP on Hulk Hogan
Belzer was 6’0” Barefoot in his prime. Never 6’1” (only with his is shoes) but, you trying to pass him off as 5’10” ?? Cmon! Go watch the years of Law & Order, SUV, countless movies from the 1985-2015! And you’ll see that without a doubt he was a legit 6 footer! Now that he’s an old man, he is more like 5’11” at best. But...he held on to 6’0” up until at least 2005. Just one quick example ...was always at least one inch taller than a legit 5’11” Ice-T...sometimes looked even more than one inch taller. I can respect most of your estimates. However, your peak 6’3” Hulk Hogan is simply wrong, Mate! Peak 6’9” Andre is also a little extreme. IMO...his peak was never below 6’11”...was he closer to 6’9” by the end of his life? Say, 1991-1993?? Possibly? I won’t argue that. But, peak...I’m going 6’11” + plus...in my opinion 7’0” also very possible.
Bobby on Nora Zehetner
Weak 5'3
Chase on Robin Williams
5’7.25 is possible but 171.5 is a stretch
Complimentary on Robbie Amell
I think he can hover around 179.5 at his low. He seems way shorter than Amell sometimes for it to just be a 1.75 inch difference.
Big T on Sam Coleman
Maybe it’s just an unflattering photo but he looks a lot more than 280lb

I had a friend who was 5’10” and 300lb at his peak. He was a fat guy, this guy looks more like a ‘huge’ guy.
Michael Thatcher on Simon Pegg
Click Here

Obvious floor advantage, but here's Pegg looking essentially Cruise's height, with a 6'1 Henry Cavill disadvantaged by the flooring. Pegg doesn't even get 5'8.5 from me
Greg on Tyler James Williams
@Canson@Christian@TheBoyyy damn whys everyone so tall?😂 must be something in the food and milk jk. It’s dem genetics. I swear every other person I come across is like well over 6’0.
Canson on Ronnie O'Sullivan
@Bobby: that’s true. You wouldn’t see a difference between you and a solid 5’10 at a low unless you came below 5’9.75 that day by chance. 1/4” is not easy to spot even back to back. The shorter person could even have longer hair and appear taller as a result
Canson on Bruce Lee
@Rising: he’s put a lot of weight on since Above the Law I agree
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@Viper and Sotiris: a peak Hogan was every bit of a full 6’5”. But we are talking in the 70s and 80s. He lost height prob early 90s
viper on Jason Momoa
Interesting that Kam looked up to Taylor.

Chancellor has said that he attempts to emulate the former Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, and said, "[He was a] big safety, the prototype guy for the position. I'm a big safety, too, and I've just always wanted to be just like him. I don't necessarily say I can be Sean Taylor before it's over, but I think I can be just as good."[9] Also, before games and when he needs motivation, Chancellor says he watched the highlights of Sean Taylor on YouTube. He says it motivated him to do better, strive for greater things, and took him to a darker place which makes him play better.
Canson on Big Show
@Sotiris: Duncan is a legit 6’10”. He’s taller than KD who is really 6’9” range barefoot. Now as far as Bill Russell he’s still alive. You’re prob thinking of Wilt Chamberlain. Russell may be 6’8 range now a days. Dirk is probably 6’10-6’11
viper on Jason Momoa
Kam Chancellor is 6-3 230.

Sean Taylor his rookie year was 6-2 230
Monkey knees on Blake Anderson
Dont quite see the full 5'10. 5'9.75 is more accurate.
Llama on Tom Hiddleston
Recent pic with Benedict Cumberbatch, both in dress shoes
Click Here

Slightly more than two inches?
Bobby on Michael Biehn
Wouldn't he have a 5'7.25 eye level if he's a weak 6ft? His eye level looks to be above 5'6, but probably not 5'6.5 range, but more 5'6.25, so he's gotta have a low eye level, right?
Editor Rob
If you tilt your eyes down a bit, your eyelevel could become 5-5.5 range quite easily.
viper on Jake Gyllenhaal
I've watched that video a few times.

He's no taller than 5-10
Bobby on Scott Adkins
@Canson, that makes sense, but I was confused about why he says he's such and such but mucks up on the metric values. I saw Conan on another post say something like (1cm) in describing a 1/4 one time. I was like, "What?" Confusing stuff, and while I use the imperial stuff for saying my height and weight, I've only just now figured out the fraction values. So, you mean to say by 5/8 as being 1/8 * 5, so 177cm range, I think, more or less.
Celebheights 6'1.5" on Jason Momoa
@Jordan I’m confused as to why people think that Jason is as light as a safety is, as his waist is clearly decently sized (along with his frame). His chest has quite a bit of definition, and his biceps look as if he would swing Thor’s magical hammer underwater with King Neptune’s face on it really hard if he had to. Clearly he is a big guy.
Ben on Rob Paul
Yeah my foster father wore size 34 and he was measured at 6'2.75" back in 2009. He was probably around 6'2.25"-.5" last year before his death.

Here's me wearing 34: Click Here

These feel a bit smaller, pants with size 34 usually end south of my ankle, right where it ends.
Editor Rob
I'd take them back to the shop, unless that is a style intention of wearing them higher than your typical trouser/jean.
Gracian on Adam Levine
Rob, 181 cm is still possible for him? He looks at least 3 and a half inches taller than Ne-Yo: Click Here
Click Here
He looks much taller in many photographs than Behati Prinsloo: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
You can also see him next to Gwen Stefani, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly and Christina Aguilera: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rob, you said that sometimes he can look a little over 5'11". Is 5'11.25" still possible for him?
Editor Rob
11.25 is an arguable figure, but 6ft I would say is harder to argue for him.
Bradley on Mariah Carey
Over 6' in person in heels. 5-8 easy as I saw at Caesars years ago. Strange slouch walk.
Logan L Barringer on Cillian Murphy
@Rob Tom Hardy who seems to be universally accepted as a classic 5'9" flat looks exactly one inch taller than Cillian when they stand up straight next to each other. Based on what I've seen 5'8" flat seems logical.
cade on Tom Welling
I saw Tom welling up here in Vancouver while shooting smallville. I saw him up close, I'm 5'10 he didn't look that tall to me, my guess he's 6'2
Sandy Cowell on Susan Tully
@ Gladstone Screwer - Yes, it's all about 'popping up', isn't it?!!!!!🌽

You naughty boy!
Sandy Cowell on Eliza Scanlen
@ Nik - Thank you very much!

Pink is always nice on a girl!

💩✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️ NO!!!!
Milos on Mark Cuban
Saw him last night at the casino I work at playing craps. He stood next to mike ( another dealer) whos is 188cm and was 2.5 cm shorter than him.
depressed schizophrenic on General Height
@cmillzz everything was well said brother . Im glad there is at least one guy on this site who has a correct , none delusional view on height , wich is that 6 foot simply isn't a tall height .
Abdul Quodous on Shahrukh Khan
I think Srk between 5.6 abd 5.7 no more
Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ MJKoP - What a disgusting excuse for a human being to make you suffer like that. If I truly wrote down the outrage I feel on hearing this, there would be too many swear words for it to be printed. Besides, why should I stoop so low because of a wicked, scheming piece of work like that? They aren't worth it. None of them. Yes, she really spun a number on you and I reckon that the only people who said that you were lucky to have her were her equally warped associates, or those who didn't have the foggiest idea of what she was truly about.

Females who violate the way she did are hard to comprehend by others of the same gender. Woman, and I quote from an episode of 'Inspector Morse', are supposed to have 'cuddly qualities', or the sort that guarantee the survival of the human race. When we hear of women such as this one, we understandably get very angry.

The quotation of 'cuddly qualities' came from a highly intelligent man. The series, 'Inspector Morse', was successful for so many reasons, and I was particularly fond of the character because he had really good ethics, and he wasn't religious at all. He was a mine of educational wealth, and in the episode from which this quotation came, he showed outrage that a woman was cajoled into capturing a fellow woman for unspeakable abuse. The episode is called 'The Day of the Devil', and is the only episode that is shown strictly after the watershed. Yes, women should retain their 'cuddly qualities' and those who don't are an insult to womankind.

I am outranged that you were manipulated like this. I have never heard of anything quite so hateful. You have a very good brain and don't need me to tell you that you are very intelligent, yet this specimen went to work on you and did God knows what. I am familiar with what the Bible preaches, but in some cases, though I don't practice them myself, I think the old testament has the edge. Some crimes are bloody well unforgivable, and for someone like this to still have the freedom to walk about and victimise others is a disgrace.

I hope and pray - and I do pray - that you have received the help you deserve.
What happened to me was long enough ago to have got over it, but I'll tell you one thing: I never blamed myself or went out of my way to cover my blackened eyes with make-up, even though I could have done. I sported my injuries for everyone to see. People like this say, "she/he presses all the wrong buttons" etc etc, but we know that the buttons are those which exist in their corrupt and vengeful little brains which are dead set on making others suffer.

Here's to forgetting these nasty, evil pieces of cr@p and to living life to the full again, able and willing to take in all its beauty and positivity.

All the Best to you!

Sandy xx
Bego on General Height
@cmillz Avg where i live is 182/183 cm and guess what, ammount of guys over 190cm i see daily especialy when its well crowded is very common meanwhile being 190cm is still a tall height just because you still tower over majority. Where do you live?
Zineddine on Sookie's Den
rob is there anyway we can help this site and you for running it or to intend convention! because i wouldnt imagine my life without celebeheight 🤤
Editor Rob
Visiting the site or mentioning the name always helps!
Robby Harris on Sookie's Den
@Sandy Cowell & MJKoP: I must say, after having read both of your posts regarding your experiences with domestic abuse, I can fully understand and appreciate why you'd feel the way you did when it came to "XXXT". I probably came off as a little sensitive in my XXXT post a couple months back. Humans are, imo, mostly nasty creatures in general, but I always like to give folks the benefit of doubt, as I feel I wouldn't be able to function well in society if I were too cynical. Its certainly hard to forgive certain type of people, and despite the unceasing redundant religious doctrine regarding making peace with enemies, I'd agree that not every one is deserving of forgiveness, as some people are borderline animals! You seem like very thoughtful, sensitive people with a great capacity for introspection which I absolutely admire! I hope you guys have found peace and I wish for the best!

Are you still near 110 lbs or have you put on weight since then? That seems extremely thin for a 5'7" guy...
Nik on Troian Bellisario
I love her comment "I'm like 5'7""!
SHANTANU SANJAY on Anushka Sharma
Bruno Motta on Paul Joseph Watson
I thought he was a very short guy due the camera angle he records.
Connor Simpson on General Height
@Bobby 6'0 is definitely not a rare height, it's fairly uncommon maybe but rare? I wouldn't say so, rare is more like 6'8 and 7'0 as you wouldn't see many people in that range in everyday life, i guess it depends on where you live as 6'0 could be rare in some countries or continents, it probably is in Vietnam, the average height for men there is probably 5'6 or near it.
Nik on Susan Tully
@ lee168cm - I believe about 5'4"!
Sandy Cowell on Jessica Keenan Wynn
I do like the red hair! It does something to me, maybe it arouses passion or perhaps it's because I had a serious crush on a boy in my class when I was 13 years old, who had red hair!

Well, sure enough, it enticed me along to the page of the lovely Jessica, whose heels are so high that it does kind of throw one off her actual shoeless height! Well, there's only one thing to do in a situation such as this and that is to take Rob's word for it: Jessica is 5ft5!
MJKoP on Brad Pitt
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Aug/18
He looks a bit like Robert Redford to me in costume for the new Tarantino film.

You could've just ended that sentence after 'Redford', if you were to ask me. :D
MJKoP on Sylvester Stallone
Bradley said on 10/Aug/18
Stern hates being 6' 5", he's always rants about it. "I don't wanna stand out, especially in places I don't wanna be".

Lots of men are 6'5" or taller. I'll see plenty of dudes in that range on a daily basis, and nobody's gawking at them. Howard's always been self-conscious and at this point people stare because he's Howard Stern...not because of his height.
Monkey knees on Taron Egerton
Doesn't quite hit 5'9. Wears dress shoes/heels most of the time.
Rising - 174 cm on Kane
Rand is about 5'6.5", though he sometimes wears boots so that could be slightly off, though Kane doesn't look a foot taller. With that said, I'd caution against estimating based on one photo with two people not even close in height.

@Sotiris Gravas: I wouldn't say I believe you might be a troll. I know you are one. Leave your Russian conspiracy theories and war-mongering out of this HEIGHT forum. Rand has consistently supported peace and diplomacy. The fact this enrages you so much you can't help but bring it up on an unrelated topic and try to spin it as a bad thing says more about you. People like you know absolutely nothing about Russia and it's an embarrassment to hear you attempt to speak on the topic.
Animus on Russell Westbrook
Odell Beckham can get up there and dunk with the best of them--he's 181cm and his (standing) vert at the NFL combine was 38½ inches.

There are plenty of guys substantially shorter than Westbrook that can dunk in impressive fashion. I do know what you mean, though. Westbrook does dunk with unusual ferocity. Having just watched a few of his dunks, he seems to sling his arm from way back and the ball therefore travels a tremendous distance at high speed before it's dunked. Michael Jordan didn't tend to do this, although he was every bit the leaper that Russ is. Dominique Wilkins was famous for slamming the ball with the same kind of power, but he was about 4in taller than Russ and it's a very different visual when a 6'2½ guy does it.
Finn on Alex Hogh Andersen
Jasper Pääkkönen is somewhere near 178cm I think.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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