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19 September
Sandy Cowell on Barbara Rush
She is a beautiful and fresh-faced woman in this photo and if, like I have just read above, she is really so underweight, it would show in her face above anything else! Some people, and I rather think Barbara is one of them, were made to be that slim!
I have only seen her in 'It Came from Outer Space' from the above film selection, but I know that face very well indeed and I have seen her in plenty more! Arch - get your thinking cap on please!
I am going for 5ft7 for Barbara - a supremely tall and elegant height for a woman of her era!
Tallish89 on Scott Wolf

Noway man 5 feet? C'mon be a bit more accurate don't troll
Tallish89 on Zac Efron

He's same as Joe Jonas I posted enough pictures to prove it!
Ziggie on Matthew Willig
he's listed 199cm
Ian C. on Kris Kristofferson
Bob Dylan is five foot ten? Yeah, and he's a Nobel laureate too. Donald Trump is president of the United States. Second hand cigarette smoke is potentially lethal if you're standing fifty feet from the smoker. You get the right people to say something, no matter how ridiculous, and it becomes true.
Jake on Michael Keaton
I bet he was 5'10 playing batman. But shrunk to 5'9
Sandy Cowell on Jason Earles
Jason has a sweet and attractive face and to look at his thumbnail picture, I would have expected the guy to have a low-average sort of height of around 5ft6.7 - 5ft7.75.
I was a little surprised to see he has short legs, and they do rather give away that the little fellow is in the 5ft3 - 4 range. He certainly doesn't look 10 stone in weight either - 9 and-a-half, unless he's hiding rippling muscles underneath that shirt.
Jason can have 5ft3.5 from me - short but sweet!

🍭🍬🍯🍫🍰🍫 πŸ˜‹
KH on Katherine Heigl
5'8 I think is most likely based on the heights she has given herself personally. The vast majority of people exaggerate there height a little. If someone tells me three heights for themselves over time all in an inch range Im going to go with the lowest every time. She has looked significantly shorter then male co leads in films like Seth Rogen and Gerard Butler. Still noticeably shorter then Butler in heels that probably gave at least 3 inches of height. It's a shame she is pretty much universally disliked in Hollywood because to me she is one of the best looking women in the world today I'd like to think she was sweet lol.
Rising - 174 cm on Sylvester Stallone
@Anonymous: Statham had at least an inch on Tom Cruise in Collateral and I think Cruise is 5'7.5", plus, you can see Statham clearly taller than Ryan Phillippe, Antonio Banderas, Mark Wahlberg and Ludacris, all of whom I believe are around 5'8" or certainly no shorter than Cruise. Then there's Mario Lopez, who I have at 174 cm and I'm almost positive Statham is no shorter having seen them together several times and Statham is really close in height to Wesley Snipes as well, who I'd say is a weak 5'9" or 5'8.5" absolute minimum. I can see Statham looking 5'8" with a slouch, but I strongly believe he's no more or less than 5'8.5". I agree Jet Li isn't 5'6", but I think Chan is still close to, if not 5'8" and was probably 5'8.5"-5'9" before the injuries took some of his height. As for Jet Li, you can seem him at the Lethal Weapon 4 premiere really not looking more than 3.5" shorter than 5'9" Mel Gibson so I think Rob's 5'5.5" listing is about right for him. I think Sly was slightly taller than Statham and is now the same height, except for when he wears lifts of course.
Rising - 174 cm on Jack Nicholson
Yeah, he was at least a 5'9" guy. He's probably 5'8" max NOW at 80 years old, but back in the 70s? No way. Hell, even a 69-70 year old Jack could still oddly pass for 5'9" at times, though I'm sure he was not taller than 5'8.5" by that time. Imo, the question is whether Jack was just a 5'9" guy or whether he was 5'9.5". I've not seen much evidence to suggest a downgrade is in order. And while he did wear boots in The Shining and Cuckoo's Nest with taller leading ladies, I've also seen nothing to suggest they were anything more than normal 3 cm range boots, much less the rumor he had lifts. The 5'7"-5'8" stuff is the typical things you hear for any male superstar of merely average height.
Sandy Cowell on Ken Stott
So Ken is all of 5ft7, maybe a bit less even, according to the couple of comments I have just read! If the picture above is accurate, make it three - because I can't see him being the full 5ft7 either!
However, this has never hindered his hard-man image one iota, so good luck to him for that and two thumbs up to him and to the many others like him who maintain their manliness, and give two fingers up to those who think they're too short to play tough guy roles!
Ken can have 5ft6.75 from me, which is the height I reckon he is when he rolls out of bed in the morning!
KH on Matthew Fox
I feel like Matt Fox is basically 6'2. He ain't dropping under that until well into a day.
KH on Evangeline Lilly
Not sure what some people are talking about with the looks old for her age comments . She is 38 years old after all not 25. Thats pretty much the beginning of middle age I think she probably looks younger then about 90% of 38 year olds. She looks great for her age. 5'5 sounds about right. Have always found this woman stunning.
Chris on Cam Gigandet
A solid 180cm, a lean one too.
Imam on Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner with 5.8' Kit Harington..She is also looking the same height here..I think she is actually 5.8'..That's it.
Click Here:
Vexacus on Iker Casillas
Solid 6'1 , one of the best goalkeepers in history.
Lee168cm on Justin Moore
No bill 5'6" isn't tiny only 4 inches below average never have I felt tiny under 5'3 is when you head into tiny territory for a man
G 5'11 on Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
@Slim nah I don't see that. He clears 5'9, and im sure even 5'10. His current listing is fine
Wayne on Bill Skarsgard
how Alexander who claims to be 6'4" manages to look so much taller than his brothers and Joel Kinnaman ? his posture must be perfect
Jan on Doutzen Kroes
Adriana does edge her out by almost a half inch. However after watching wonder woman she was no less and maybe a hair taller than Gal Gadot. They looked identical in height. So I do believe Doutzen when she said years ago she was 5'9.5" or 177cm. She should be upgraded to 177cm.
Matthew Robinson on Justin Bieber
Right in between Danimal's estimate is what I'd pitch. He does wear lifts sometimes and can look 5'7.5" but barefoot he's still a bit shy of 5'7". Honestly he looks a weak 5'6" barefoot next to Lara Stone and at the very most I'd say a strong 5'6":

Click Here

Before anyone tries to say he's grown, he was already close to 21. He'd be lucky to eek out another cm max at such an age, so I'll give him the absolute benefit of the doubt and say he was a strong 5'6" and crept up a cm even though it's super rare at the age he was. Comes out to a weak 5'7".
Clay on Drake
Saw him at the concert tbh he looks 6ft, so if he is below then I'd agree with 5'11.75
Kane on Penn Jillette
S3 E1 of fear factor celebrity edition he says he's over 6'6
Fred84 on Benjamin Bratt
I have found a picture from Movie "Demolition Man". There are Sandra Bullock (170cm), Sylvester Stallone (174cm) and B. Bratt (187cm). What do you think, Rob? Are Sly and B.B. wearing the same kind of shoes? Because - look, Stallone seems to have a huge amount of height compared to Sandra ... and he looks almost same height as B.B. Click Here
GP on Tom Cruise
@Rising, its funny that you are telling me to work on my reading comprehension and alleging that I was typing the message with an obnoxious and insolent manner. You should follow your own advice and don't read too much into it. You're applying too much emotion to this, since you should know that's pretty silly being here for 10 years. As you said, it's supposed to be light-hearted. And we are not trying to solve complicated formulas, it's just discussing other people's heights. This is why I barely post anything nowadays. Everyone wants to be right, I guess that was always the case, ha!!
KH on Sophie Turner
She doesn't look two inches taller then Jonas in those pics with the one beach pick it looks to be about an inch. This listing seems about right to me with a chance to be more like 5'8.5. Game of Thrones has a lot of tall men and short men there aren't a lot of average sized guys to compare her too. She is consntaly being shown with weak 5'7 guys like Theon, Jon Snow, and Ramsey.
MarcusTheSwede on Enrique Iglesias
Joe: Are you mad...you seem mad. Lol Well Enrique is between 183-185cm without his huge heels or and lift he could even be 183cm flat. Ok Joe you can Stop crying now there there. Its just an opinion Dont be afraid. Thanks
berta on Tom Noonan
this guy have bad posture like most guys this tall and skinny have. i think 197 peak is about right. today he can be down to 195. he was probably measutred early in the day at 198 so i dont think he really lie about his height he just say his morning height
joji on Jake Paul
Click Here Can someone explain this to me? 9:26 jake and anthony standing straight next to each other, if jake is 1.79 and anthony is 1.81 why jake looks like 3 inches shorter??
Arch Stanton on Frank Sinatra
5'7.5 honestly works out as the best overall guess, if anything he edged out Gene Kelly. A downgrade to 5'7 for Frankie would mean Kelly was lose to G height and Joey Bishop 5'7 range etc.
Arch Stanton on Zachary Scott
Not impossible he once got measured near 6'1 in dress shoes.
Han on Rebecca Romijn
She is 5 , 9 I was a clear 3 inches taller when I saw her
sumdude on Tom Hiddleston
Proper 187cm man.. no doubt in my mind. 189cm morning height. 187.3-187.5cm 7 hours into his day.
sumdude on David Tennant
186.5cm out of bed. 184.7cm 7 hours into his day, I personally consider "7 hours into a day" a man or womans true height. Probably drops 1.5-2cm at the most throughout the day considering what he does for a living. Doubt he drops 2-3cm.. considering his work and physique.
Richardspain on Sigourney Weaver
We must understand she is nearly seventy years old for this reason she has lost any inch.But how height she has lost??? Is difficult know it!

But in my opinion she was a strong 181/182 cm younger and her agent, articles 80's said she was 6 foot.

Nowadays looks 179 cm. Still taller to be a woman.

Sigourner weaver's height :

Young 181/182cm

Nowadays 179cm
Sandy Cowell on Kate Nelligan
I know this name very well, mainly from the 70's/80's when Kate was at her peak! I still see her name pop up in various things which were probably made a couple of decades later.
I remember Kate as fairly tall, elegant and beautiful and 5ft6.5 seems very likely for her at her peak.
Levi on KSI
Joe Weller is 5'7" , KSI easily had 2 inches on him.
Anonymous on The Undertaker
In his prime he was a bit tall from 6'9" and used to refer himself as 6'10"
This is a normal thing,people who are a bit more than 5'9" refer themselves as 5'10" so its fine!!!!

He was 2 inches taller than 6'7" tall Sycho Sid and Razor Ramon and he was a bit short from 6'9.5" tall Diesel(Kevin Nash)

Now he's 6'7.5" tall due to aging and a number of injuries in his wrestling career

But trust me what I mentioned in 1000% true!!!!

He is not 6'6.5",he's 6'7.5"!!!
He is a bit shorter than 6'8" Erick Rowan at present

In his prime he was 6'9"+ but not 6'10"!!
Arch Stanton on Kim Basinger
5'6.5 is really borderline upper average and tall for a woman, sort of like 5'11.5 for a guy, a lot of people would consider her tall. Audrey hepburn would have been considered tall for her generation.
KH on Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I don't know about 5'9 either. If he is he is the shortest looking 5'9 guy in existence. Anybody know this guys weight? I wouldn't guess over 140.
Animus on Bradley Cooper
I think he can look 6ft at times because he makes a conscious effort to look as tall as possible, wearing thick footwear and maintaining excellent posture. I think we have seen enough to know that he is not neither 6'1 nor 6'0ΒΎ. Pegging him at 6'0 would underestimate him.

6'0Β½ is the best listing for Cooper and a tremendous height for a leading man in Hollywood.
sumdude on Henry Cavill
186cm morning height. 184.3cm 7 hours into his day. Probably dips slightly below 184cm right before bed.
Rising - 174 cm on Mel Gibson
Does anyone think Mel looks like a man who would have lost anything more than perhaps a 1/4" in his torso here? Click Here Mel still seems to hold himself well and when wearing normal shoes, he looks still like a guy with a longer torso and shorter legs. Off topic, but Mel also looks much better there clean shaven.
Sandy Cowell on Lake Bell
@ Nik - Oh thank you! I was being a bit silly, but I quite enjoy being silly! Watching Frank Spencer must be rubbing off on me!
Quote: "the heights of lakes!" If I am being silly, then I think you have joined me! That sounds hilarious - the sort of thing you would hear a small kid come out with instead of depth!
I can't see myself standing at the bottom of a lake EVER as it is far too dangerous for someone who cannot swim a stroke! I would love to have learnt, but I had quite a serious fear* of getting water in my ears when I was a youngster! Hence, I never learnt!
So we both agree that Lake is either side of 5ft7, which tallies up with the 'average guess' on Lake's page! I'd like to think that after nearly a whole year of having height at the forefront of our minds, our guesses are becoming that much more accurate, wouldn't you? πŸ˜‰

* My autocorrect tried to change the word 'fear', and one of the alternatives I was given was 'fart'!
sumdude on Ralf Little
Hard to tell if he's truly 6ft. He doesn't look it, but that might be because of his great proportions. Most people, when they pass or stand at 6ft tall start having weird proportions, either long legs or a very long upper body. This man has great proportions, kind of like Mads Mikkelsen(6ft)
. He's probably somewhere between 179-182cm. I don't see 183cm.
Nora on Lena Waithe
Truly, I think she's more than 5ft 9 because her girlfriend much shorter than her in high heels.
I think she 5'11 or 6'
burby on Sylvester Stallone
newman said on 18/Sep/17
He is 5'8 today and 5'8.5 in his peak

Well hello newman...(Seinfeld voice). Weak 5'8" next to Serena in flats, no NBA stuffed shoes that day.
Bobby on Eric Roberts
Looks more 5'8.75 to 5'9 next to Rob. I'd say he was close to 5'10 at peak height.
Jamie on Bill Cosby
Wow, this is surprising.
tony t. on Dean Ambrose

Brock's got 1.25-1.5 on him.

Click Here
Sonny Black on Michael Bisping
I met Bisping and I'm 6'0 flat but I had at least half an inch on him, we were standing on a flat floor in the airport, definitely suprised how small he was.
miko on John Cena
I've stood right to next to him twice, I'm 6'0.25 and he was 100% at least as tall as me, and I had footwear advantage as I was in Nike Shox.

He's somewhere in the 6'0.5/6'0.75 range at full height, not a full 6'1 but no way is he a flat 6'0.

His staredown with Lesnar back in 2003 was a big piece of evidence that he's around that height, Lesnar is the full 6'2 (nothing under) and it wasn't much more than an inch between them.
Hijopotamus on Brad Pitt
@pierre, wow and Pitt is hiding something inside those shoes! Look at his feet? Theyr gonna explode
I wonder how Rising is going to explain that in those Pics Pitt is 2 inches taller than her. Guys, lets get ready for the Bible, Don Quijote and War and Peace post from Rising ;)
miko on Brooklyn Beckham
With both in good posture it's still near a 2 inch gap between David and Brooklyn. 5'9.5 and 5'11 is fair.
Sweet potato on Beyonce Knowles
How can people say BeyoncΓ© and Rihanna are about the same height, when Riri looks OBVIOUSLY TALLER THAN SHE IS
Buddy Stelth on Yngwie Malmsteen
Two weeks ago I met Goran Edman, who worked with Yngwie in 90-92. So, Goran seemed to me as a person 195-196 cm with boots. Barefoot he may be 193-194 cm. As I remember Yngwie and Goran on videos and photos - Goran was taller than Yngwie on 7-8 cm with his high heels. It means that Yngwie is 188-189 cm with heels and 184-185 cm barefoot. Joe Lynn Turner is 165 cm barefoot, I met him last spring in Germany. When they worked together Joe weared very high heels 7-8 cm and he seemed 172-173 cm, that equals he was shorter than Yngwie on 16 cm.
Animus on Theo James
Just from looking at his proportions, you can tell he's at least 182cm range. 182-183cm seems fine for this guy.
Editor Rob: I think it's probably fair to say there is a chance he is a little shy of 6ft.
Reece on Anthony Joshua
@Scott. The Camera angle was weird. At times AJ looks taller and so does Wlad sometimes is taller. I think both are at least 197cm.
Tallish89 on Seth Green
Looks a lot shorter than Wilmer in that 70s show

I'll say 5'3 max
Richard on Trace Adkins
He looks alot taller than blake shelton.
Sweet potato on Kylie Jenner
Kylie looks big but is actually short. She and Kris are about the same height. So I guess this is pretty accurate.
berta on John Travolta
i think his current height is no taller than 181 he never looks tall anymore. peak i think he could have been over 6 foot early in the day but maybe fall down to 6 foot flat in the late afternon. in movies he could look 184-185 sometimes but thats is in the movies. he is probably honest with his claim but this is max.
berta on Nicolas Cage
cage is a hard one sometimes lately he can look 182 but when he was young he gave of 184 impression alot of the time. The only problem is that jim carrey looked almost 2 inches taller in some photos. I dont know if peak he can have been anything under 183
Slim on Dylan Sprayberry
Nothing above 5'4.75" tbh, he's very short that his female costar has to lean when shooting scenes with him. And he's got the proportions of a 5'4"range guy. Please take a quarter inch.
berta on Edward Norton
he look like a 6 footer but i dont think he was a guy that was 3 mm over it. could be more chanse that he is 3 mm under it. a guy like adrien brody is taller
Slim on Josh Hutcherson
Somewhere in the 5'4" range, needs a downgrade, very short for a man, let alone an actor...
berta on Ethan Suplee
i agree with S.J.H that there is about 2 cm beetween them this guy could be 1/4 under this listing. On the show it can look like 3 cm but i think lee have a slight edge in the shoes if i remember right.
berta on Jason Lee
i can beleive this guy be this height legit. and will smith could fall a little under.
Slim on Glenn Strange
A weak 6'4".
Sandra Regina Rissoni Horita on Nicholas Rowe
He's really very tall!! I'm only 5'3"... 😨
Claudio on Mike Tyson
Mike looks atleast 2" - 2 1/2" inches taller here and Rob would be around 5' 8 1/4" here? So there's no more way he is just 5' 10" flat. I think 5' 10 1/2".
Original on Brad Pitt
@Pierre Here in the same night, BP seems to look taller than Paltrow,

Click Here
berta on Amanda Seyfried
she is very short. i think she could be 5Β΄2 flat. this seems a little to tall
Rising - 174 cm on Sylvester Stallone
@newman: Look at this pic: Click Here

If Serena straightens up her knee, they'll be about the same height, but she does only have roughly 1/4" flats while Sly looks to have about 2 cm shoes to me(they look flat with little to no angle and a small heel). But while I agree with you on Sly's peak height - 5'8.75" or a weak 5'9" - it seems Serena is at least 5'9" and many on her page think she's a bit over it, if anything as the average guess on her page is just over 176 cm. But if we assume she's listed correctly then she'll be 5'9.25" with her flats making Sly about the same, but I'm not sure his shoes are a full inch so it could still put him around 174 cm, or at worst 5'8.25", imo. Either one is fine for his current height, but if anything that just shows to me that Sly will still clear 5'9" in just about any shoe.

@bernie: Look at my video of Sly and Burt. It's a much better reference and you see Sly clearly taller with at least 1 cm less footwear.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Sterling Hayden
Too low
Peter175 on Taylor Marie Hill
I'm laughing at the jealous women in this section saying she's below this listing. She's taller than most of the VS girls. She's between 176.5-177.8
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6"1.5' is 6.5 inches over 5"7'=then a good 2/3 of a 9 inches head and a weak 2/3 of a 10 inches head =Robby Robinson(the guy next to Arnold) is listed 5"7' and is very probably barefoot like the others bodybuilders and Arnold is probably in shoes =then barefoot he look max 1/2 head over Robby no 2/3 head= Click Here .
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Elizabeth Debicki
@Who Cares Tom Hiddleston is on significantally higher ground in that photo. Here's the exact same photo:

Click Here

With Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire:

Click Here

Leo obviously has more footwear, but appears to be standing up with looser posture.
Arch Stanton on June Haver
See 31:38 with Marilyn.
Arch Stanton on June Haver
Click Here

See 59:43, the guy is about 6 ft 1 I think, she's in heels and still looks over a head shorter. If you really look at her you'll see why I initially thought 4'11.5-5! Watch the whole film, it's a good one!
alex on John Travolta
In Goddard's defence, Rob, on Imdb John Travolta is listed as 6'2.
Editor Rob: Travolta claimed 6ft or just over. There's no mystery, he only looked 6ft 2 when wearing big heels in the 70's.
Arch Stanton on Catherine Schell
Nice one, took for granted we had her! Didn't I request her once, rings a bell I think I mentioned how she looked with Sellers in Pink Panther. Looked quite tall for a woman I think. Can you squeeze in On Her Majesy's Secret Service? One of the girls in Savalas's clinic!
Editor Rob: in a heel with Sellers I don't think she was any shorter, could seem to edge him out even.
Slim on Pilou Asbaek
Rob, does any part of you think you've underlisted Pilou?

I think he's in 184 territory.
Editor Rob: I think he would measure very close to this estimate.
Arch Stanton on June Haver
If June claimed 5 ft 2 chances are she was going by the 2 inch rule!! My first thought on her was I noticed how short she was, when you notice that about women of that era it usually means closer to 5 ft flat or under. My first thought was 4'11 range, but maybe 5 ft range is possible.
Editor Rob: she holds up pretty well with Betty Grable looking only a good 2 inch range shorter I feel, but then she isn't a certainly to be her current listing either.
Arch Stanton on June Haver
Thanks Rob but I think this is honestly too high, watching her she really looked more June Allyson/Judy Garland sort of size, tiny. I think you'd be more accurate in 152-53 cm range, honestly. Maybe 5 ft .025 is possible, but I wouldn't have gone over 5 ft flat.
Slim on Nicole Kidman
Matched up to brad pitt, I predict a 180(5'11)" upgrade.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Arnold Schwarzenegger
santgr said on 13/Sep/17
Here is Arnold with famous Greek bodybuilder Spyros Bournazos who was a true 6ft 1.5 (187 cm). Click Here
He was 6ft 0.5 (184 cm).


Arnie claimed 1,85m before he got famous and started using the standard system, if Spyros is 1,87m then Arnie is 1,85m max evening peak.
That also fits with Arnie looking 1,84-85m next to 1,88m George H. W. Bush
Tonyx on Brad Pitt
So most people here agree that Brad Pitt is not 5ft11in.
Right? 5ft10.5in you say. Same as the average guess.
Still listed at 5ft11in isn't he.

Lol, nice joke buddy.
Slim on Sigourney Weaver
Rob, can we please give 181 for peak?
Slim on Josh Brolin
I predict a quarter inch upgrade.
Slim on Sam Worthington
The full 5'8", anything more or less is wrong.
Slim on Sam Trammell
He's the full 5'8", nothing more.
Slim on Sam Smith
186(6'1.5") robs listing is spot on guys.
MD on Mike Pence
Jack, where are you seeing photos where Pence looks six inches shorter and Reibus four to five? This is non-sensical.
Barry Fl on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Matt179 said on 17/Sep/17
He didnt look like a 6foot2 guy. But more of a 6foot1,6foot1.5 guy. 6foot2 was too tall, When you reach 6foot2 you become to look too lanky.

Not quite that simple, Matt. You find short lanky people and you also find very tall stocky people. It's a huge and misleading generalisation to say that all tall people look lanky, or you can tell their height from their proportions or build.
Slim on Luke Hemmings
Fan, it's more likely Calum is overlisted a fraction. No offence to rob who decided.
Peter181cm on Jake Paul
OK, when I saw this pic..
I'm pretty sure Jake is 5'11 (180.3cm)
Click Here

- I think Anthony had Yeezy (in pic)
And Jake had some low boots!

Jake 5'11 (180.3cm)

Anthony 5'11.25 (181.1cm)

Maybe is Anthony 5'11 too
- Because they both claim 6'2 ! ;)

And Jake can look shorter..
1. Because he doesn't get much sleep..
2. And Jakey have bad posture..

I have question for you guys ;)
Can Chance Sutton have 6'1 ? (185,1cm)
Chance Sutton claim 6'3 :DD
But he is minimum 1in shorter than Logan
And Logan is 6'1.5 ;-)


Jake: 5'11 (180.3cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 (181,1cm)

Chance: 6'0.5 (184,1cm)

Logan: 6'1.5 (186.7cm)
Reiner on Roman Atwood
Rob can you please do a Miniminter and Comedyshortsgamer page, i would love to see that
MD on Brooklyn Beckham

Come on. David is clearly losing height in those shots both from him hunching a bit and the weird angle of the photo.
MD on Justin Moore

Between the 5'6" coming from him, and already photo evidence pointing to something different, do you think you might want to take an early look at this?
Editor Rob: he could be a 5ft 6 in shoes guy.
Willes188 on Tom Cruise
Lol give them a taste of their own medicine Rampage πŸ‘πŸ»
MD on Gennady Golovkin
I honestly was expecting him to look quite a bit taller than Canelo, but it was actually less of a height advantage than I thought. He's not voer 5'9", that's for sure.
Mimi on Jimmy Fallon
Happy birthday to the sometimes hilarious Jimmy Fallon πŸŽ‰πŸ°
Mimi on Jimmy Fallon
Happy birthday to the sometimes hilarious Jimmy Fallon πŸŽ‰πŸ°
Mimi on Danielle Panabaker
Happy birthday to the lovely Danielle Panabaker!! 🍰🎊
Mimi on Danielle Panabaker
Happy birthday to the lovely Danielle Panabaker!! 🍰🎊
Gladstone Screwer on Sandi Toksvig
@Sandy Cowell. Nice dog comment, Sandy ! I don't see Sandi at 5', I'd even say 4'11" is a stretch. No sweetcorn from me..........😳
Gladstone Screwer on Caroline Quentin
I see her at 5'1", but it could be her portly body making her look shorter. A ghastly woman, she really is.
Gladstone Screwer on Kevin McCloud
Kevin I always put around six three. I do find him terribly smug on Grand Designs.
Slim on Wai Ching Ho
Tbh rob, she's just as much over the 5'0" mark as you are over the 5'8" mark.

Not sure about shoes though.
Original on Brad Pitt
Lol at Pitt being 5'8, he just can't be shorter than 5'9.5" even in his shortest apparitions like he did in Across the Tracks (1' taller than Rick Shoereder), Venice 2008 and some apparitions in Inglorious Basterds where he still look little taller than 5'9.25/5 Daniel Bruhl (listed here) even without lifts.

In fact the pictures with Quentin Tarantino say a lot about Pitt, Tarantino is a solid 6'1, always looked like that (even compared with already mencioned Daniel Bruhl) and with him, Pitt always varies between 5'9.5/5'10 to 6'0 /6'0.5". That's the height he gets with his footwear means that he is 5'10.5/5'11 with normal shoes - and that's why he looked in Venice back 2008 - and around 6'1/6'1.5" with his big boots Click Here, usually and most of time he looks about 5'10.5" to 5'11.25 to me, around 5'11.5 to 6'0.25" in shoes, means that he uses 2' boots as average or normal shoes with 1' lifts.

For me he is between 5'9.5" to 5'10" and I can see argument for both here. 5'9.25" and 5'10.25" are unlikely imo. He is just a average american guy IMO. 5'8 is just as unrealistic as 6'0+ is.
Heightster on Norm Macdonald
6' 1 1/2" perfect height, bare foot.
Heightster on Chris Hemsworth
Chris "Thor" Hemsworth remains an awesome, decent man. Hemsworth stands at 6' 1" to 6' 2" max. in bare feet. Met him at Captain America, he looked sharp in a navy blue suit. Understandably, perfect hair loft and shoes take him into 6' 3" range.
Pierre on Brad Pitt
Rising say on 16/sep/17="we finally get Pitt in low cut shoes".Hum,imo they are more "low high cut shoes" Click Here a little like this Click Here and then = Click Here .Georges had this shoes this famous event = Click Here.
Original on Daniel Craig
9.25" at night.
Original on Pierce Brosnan
Peak at 6'1, now about 6'0.25".
jervis on Arnold Schwarzenegger
In the pic with Moore from 88,I have know doubt believing he was 6ft1.5,infact he looks more 6ft3 range,but that's probably down to camara Angeles.
MrTBlack on Idris Elba
The textbook example of 6'2.75" imho!
Slim on Dolph Lundgren
Hi rob, what do you think is his head length is?
Editor Rob: 10-10.25 range I'd have said. 99.9 percentile.
MrTBlack on Ryan Hurst
Yeah I always thought 6'5" so I believe the 6'4.5" listing
Slim on Nicolas Cage
Rob, can we please list nick 6'0.25" glory days?
In the 80's he would of just about scraped it.
Slim on Pilou Asbaek
@canson, where do you pin Pilou at now?
Robbe on Anthony Joshua
199cm Thibaut Courtois edges A.J. out quite easily with poor posture Click Here
Bard on Ralph Sampson
Rob, could you add a page for Dikembe? I think's he's around 7'1 like Ralph.
Anonymous on Jenna Louise Coleman
I'd say it's the blue contacts she wears in 'Victoria' not her height.
Mightyman on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Has Arnold shrunk? Yes he has. It's obvious he was tall and above 6 foot in his prime. But you are all forgetting a few things. He's 70 now so his spine most definately has shrunk and compressed. He has also had hip replacements, and it quite common to lose a few inches in some cases. This happened to Lou Feriggno also, he shrunk a couple of inches after surgery.
Slim on Joe Calzaghe
Rob, even 5'11.75" would be closer to the truth.i doubt this guy would be eye to eye with bale, Norton and hanks.
Editor Rob: 1/4 inch shy isn't far from his claim, but I'd rule out 5ft 11-11.5 completely for him.
Travis on Andrew Lincoln
18 September
Slim on Alex Kingston
Give the full 5'7.5" please.
Slim on River Phoenix
I'm fine with 5'9"-9.75" for river, his classic film sucked.
Slim on Adele
5ft7.75" tbh.
Slim on Jessie J
5'7.75"-5'8" is right on the money.
Slim on Iggy Azalea
A predict a 5'9.75" upgrade.
Slim on George W Bush
5'10.75" peak, those weight/height measurements are in clothes/shoes FYI.
6'2 on Brock Lesnar
Lesnar in his prime would destroy Braun Strowman. Watch him lift around a 520lb Big Show in 2003.
Slim on Bill Clinton
Danimal said on 13/Sep/17
Clinton being dwarfed by Morgan Freeman today:
Click Here

Clinton PRE-height loss with Morgan Freeman:
Click Here
Click Here
No Morgan didn't dwarf bill, he edged him out.
2 inches isn't towering, let alone dwarfing, it's edging.

6'1.75" glory days with 6'2.25"-6'2.5" out of bed
5'11.75" these days.
blazer on Ansel Elgort
Not nearly as tall as Conan. Id guess 6'1 1/2. No where near his 6'4 claim.
RennyD on Danica McKellar
Actually she stood next to another actress who is 5'2 and they were both the same height and the both were wearing black flats
Slim on Mark Strong
Guys, if mark was really 6'2", why would his agency list him at 6'1(185)!? 6'2" is the ideal height and it shouldn't be downplayed imo, I guess I'm convinced this guy is 6'1.25"-6'2". As he looked really similar to Ryan Reynolds.
Slim on Ewan McGregor
Im fine with strong 5'9" for Ewan.
Rising - 174 cm on Charles Bronson
I haven't seen Breakout in years, but I think it's perhaps the ground though I do remember thinking Bronson was shorter the last time I saw that film. I still think 5'9" flat is the best guess since that's not only what Michael Winner said, but considering Rob gives Winner his claimed 5'9", if you see a 63 year old Bronson and a 49 year old Winner on the set of Death Wish 3, if anything, I'd guess Bronson was the taller of the two. Plus, you and I as well as Rob have all agreed that Bronson can look 5'9" in scenes where he's barefoot. Then you see a 65 year old Bronson next to a 46 year old 5'8.5" Chuck Norris and I can't help but think Bronson was the taller of the two. I do think 174 cm is a pretty good guess as the older stars are more difficult to pinpoint, imo. If I had to guess something other than 5'9" on the nose, I'd guess under rather than over 5'9". But I do think seeing Bronson in his mid to late 60s with more recent stars, particularly ones in that 5'8"-5'8.5" range helped me make up my mind.

Btw, here's a decent shot of shoes he wore in the first Death Wish: Click Here Could those have lifts? If so, that would at least explain why he could look 5'10" at times. But I will agree he's quite enigmatic, even as a huge fan who has seen tons of his movies.
dicksock on Andre The Giant
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 17/Sep/17
Click Here

Andre claimed 210cm at age 19, the interviewer claims 186cm


If the interviewer was really just over 6'1", then I'm seeing about 6'8.5" tops for Andre at age 19. He looked like he was on higher ground and still only looked about 7"/8" taller. I'll say he was about 6'8"/6'8.5" 260 lbs at age 19, which would have been 1965. He was much closer in size and height with Giant Baba at that point. It's crazy how much Acromegaly affected his appearance.

Here is Andre with 6'1"+ Antonio Inoki at his biggest: Click Here
I could see him looking 6'11" next to Inoki if he straightened up his posture.
Slim on Jimmy Kimmel
Animus said on 16/Sep/17
He's a strong 5'11 - he's either this or 5'11Β½. Proportionally speaking, you can tell he's close to six feet. He could measure something like 181Β½cm in the afternoon.
He's 179-181 upper average/start of tall.
Slim on Luke Hemmings
Guys, he isn't 6' or more, robs listing is fine, no need for an unnecessary upgrade like Harry styles.
Canson on Kevin Durant
@Luca: galinari looks about 6'9 imho
Slim on Pamela Anderson
5'4.75" is probably right on the money, rob is close enough.
Slim on SSSniperWolf
Mark(5'9.5 said on 16/Sep/17
I'm not talking about her height. (Sorry if I didn't make it clear earlier, Rob.)

She basically did send nude pictures of herself over the internet illegally (in private of course) and even hooked up with taken guys. She basically does pranks that cross the line (another youtuber does it.)
Editor Rob: I understand, but the site is about height ultimately πŸ‘

I'm not a judge of the celebrities behaviours, merely trying to give what I think is reasonable guesses for height.
sniper leaked her own videos onto the web.
IMMA say sniper is 5'2.5".
Shredder on Yul Brynner
I have not payed attention to his height , but I don't think he was taller than brando.
Editor Rob: would love to see Chris Pine transported back to meet Yul brynner, both saying 6 feet!
Canson on Mike Tyson
@Kad Tyzon: no chance. He looks 5'10 with rob and looked about that next to my wife when we met him. Worst case he's 5'9.75 maybe best 5'10 solid
Shredder on Kim Basinger
Batman was right , she weighed a little more than 108.
Canson on Tim Robbins

Out of bed 196-196.5
Before bed 194-194.5


193-194 at his lowest
rk on Ranbir Kapoor
at least 5'11.5
Danimal on Justin Bieber
Look at those heels on his shoes in the above pic. I bet he has lifts in them as well. He has you all fooled. He is max 5'6" barefoot and that's being very generous.
newman on Sylvester Stallone
Hi Rob. Stallone today is 173 cm max or 5'8.2 take a look to this photos: I'm just tired that everyone is trying to inflated all these actors height. I'm here to open everyones mind and to say the truth. Most of all actors and famous people are at least 1 inch shorter than they claim

Serena Williams is a legit 174.5 cm woman or 5'9 max. Listed on ATP 5'9 and for sure for everything I have watched she is anyway in the 174-175 cm range or 5'8.75-5'9
Click Here:

Click Here:

Is just hilarous how people say Stallone is 175 cm today! He is 173 max and in my opinion he is 172,5 cm or 5'8 max. Take a look to his shoes higher than Serena. Stallone was a weak 5'8.75 in his peak and with the best luck in his best peak day a weak 5.8.75 - 5'9 max. Hope this info could change somebody's opinion. 5'9 for Stallone is just disrespect for honest 5'9 guys! He is 5'8 today and 5'8.5 in his peak
newman on Sylvester Stallone
Hi Rob. Stallone today is 173 cm max or 5'8.2 take a look to this photos: I'm just tired that everyone is traying to inflated all these actors height. I'm here to open everyones mind and to say the truth. Most of all actors and famous people are at least 1 inch shorter than they claim

Serena Williams is a legit 174.5 cm woman or 5'9 max. Listed on ATP 5'9 and for sure for everything I have watched she is anyway in the 174-175 cm range or 5'8.75-5'9
Click Here:

Click Here:

Is just hilarous how people say Stallone is 175 cm today! He is 173 max and in my opinion he is 172,5 cm or 5'8 max. Take a look to his shoes higher than Serena. Stallone was a weak 5'8.5 in his peak and with the best luck in his best peak day a weak 5'9. Hope this info could change somebody's opinion. 5'9 for Stallone is just disrespect for honest 5'9 guys! He is 5'8 today and 5'8.5 in his peak
Danimal on Andre The Giant
Somewhere between 6'10.5" and 6'11.5".
Anonymous on Ted Danson
Have these tall men got the tall genes from one of there parents' ?
Anonymous on Tom Selleck
He is like david hasselhoff in some sense he hasn't even lost any of his height as he has become older.All these tall men become leading actors in films! There never ugly looking.
Anonymous on David Hasselhoff
This is what most men are like today they grow up to be 6.4.
Jacqueline B on Grant O'Rourke
Love outlander the character are great! aLL of them!!!
BT on Benedict Cumberbatch
@Slim: Well, that just depends on how tall the people you hang out with are. Body type, posture, head/hair size and footwear is also a big factor. Most people wouldn't know if someone was 5'11 and change or 6ft, and to be fair, two people measuring around those marks (let's say 181 and 183 cm) standing next to each other wouldn't look much different, unless you are talking about someone who's really good at gauging height differences. For a 5'11 guy with a 5'3 girlfriend - he's towering her. That same 5'11 guy next to his 6'1 friend looks shorter, but isn't even remotely towered. The same logic applies to all heights.

But yes, Benedict looks closer 180-181 cm than 181-182 or 182-183. I believe he'd measure around 180,5 cm going by Rob and Josh b's pics.
MSJC on Noel Edmonds
@Sandy - Did you see that new gameshow he did recently? Very odd it was to, i didn't care much for it.
James on Lee Van Cleef
He didn't look over 6'1" in earlier films. After he became a star in 1965 he began wearing lifts to look 6'3" in westerns.
Ted on Ryan Gosling
184cm in the morning.
Ilan on Peter Graves
Peter was a solid 6'4 in his youth, even by the time of AIRPLANE! he still towered over 6'1 Leslie Nielsen
Football fan on Wayne Rooney
Look at pics vardy and rooney are both 5ft 10
Fisticuffs on Justin Bieber
5'7.5" is fair. He can look just 5'7" and as high as 5'8" at tkmes.
Ted on George Clooney
5' 11'' is believable.
Gladstone Screwer on Lele Pons
Haha you two. I don't know this performer sadly, but nice of you to think of me !
The photo suggests 5'6". Oohh, me poor sweetcorn...........😳
Alex on Rami Malek
There are pictures with him and Riz Ahmed who is listed at 1, 72 m and looks about 4cm taller possibly 5.
Im 171CM on Anthony Bourdain
Kinda tall lookin thought he was around or looked around 6'6"
HonestSlovene on Brad Pitt
@Lol he isn't 5'8".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Domhnall Gleeson
He towers over Cruise in American Made. No reason to doubt 6ft1, in fact I thought he pulled off 186cm...
Rising - 174 cm on Al Pacino
Honestly, a 49-50 year old Pacino looked shorter than a 74 year old Eli Wallach to me in the 3rd Godfather. Pacino did look at least 5'6" to me with 5'11" Joe Mantegna, but how tall was Wallach in the film? Wallach seems like he could have been 5'7" peak and when I met him closer to two decades after the film, he looked closer to 5'3" in person with a cane and then in my photo, he's around my eye level, though I'm leaning. I don't know if that gives ua any indication of his height in Godfather 3, but I'd be surprised if he was above 5'6".

Imo, Pacino likely topped out as more of a weak 5'6" guy and was probably no more than 5'5" a decade ago. I imagine he and Dustin Hoffman have always been close in size.
Hannah on Leigh Anne Pinnock
She is 5'4 for me
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jay Z
186-186.5cm lowest
MaskDeMasque on James Franco
He looks the same height as Bryan Cranston who isn't more than 5'10 nowadays.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Brian Van Holt
Agreed. He looks this bare minimum, I dare say even 6ft2 isn't out of the question for him watching Cougar Town
John on Greg Davies
definatley looks taller than Richard Osman's 6'7
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Steven Seagal
Arch, I honestly think Neeson and Hasselhoff are as deserving of that billing as Seagal
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Will Smith
6ft1 flat is unlikely...
John on Jodie Kidd
6'2 definatley
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Challis
There's a chance Baker wasn't quite 6ft3...
Rising - 174 cm on Tom Cruise
@GP: First of all, I have watched the film, which is why I brought it up and should have been obvious based on all the details I knew such as Cruise's Cuban heels - which on another glance, look the same size as my 2" Cubans - as well as Newman's shoes, which I also mentioned were shown to be normal when he's lying on the bed in the hotel, the fact I mentioned that after those first couple of scenes, Newman seemed taller most of the rest of the film and I mentioned Cruise didn't seem that much taller than Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. I didn't think of the leaning as it's easy enough to see before Cruise walks over and shakes Newman's hand, but from the angle where they're face to face, it's tough to tell, especially if you didn't take cognizance of that fact before Cruise approached Newman so I actually appreciate that information, but certainly not the obnoxious, insolent way you said it. As I said, it was a mystery to me why he looked that tall, but now finding the scene online to rewatch, I can see more of their heights when Newman moves around a bit and I can see the camera angle was advantageous to Cruise. In fact, looking at those early scenes again right now, I see Newman leaning on another occasion when they're packing as well as another angle that favors Cruise. They shoot it in a way that makes Cruise seem as tall the first 45 minutes or so, but even if you can tell the early scenes are the result of clever camera angles when watching closely, Cruise can still look closer than he should to Newman's height at times. I never include someone's hair in my judgement, but considering 2" Cubans will add maybe 1.75" in actual height, Cruise's footwear as far as we know will only give him about a 2 cm advantage over Newman unless Cruise had an extra lift inside. Though in other scenes, he does look noticeably shorter.

This isn't the first time you've done this sort of thing so why don't you work on your reading comprehension? More helpful advice would be to remember the light-hearted tone this site is meant to have and maintain.

As for Cruise, I haven't even been arguing he's as tall as 172 cm. I believe he's most likely 5'7.5" seeing him with men in the 5'7.25"-5'7.5" range like Spielberg, Bruckheimer and Lewis Hamilton, perhaps even 171 cm if that's how tall Hamilton is. He does sometimes give a genuinely taller impression, though so I can see why Rob has him 172 cm, but like I said, my guess has been consistently 5'7.5" for a while. I personally don't see much chance of a 5'7" flat Cruise, but that's just me. As for Newman, I've thought for a while he was more 5'9" than 5'10", especially seeing him about Spielberg's height at age 77 when Road to Perdition was released and then 5'7" at best by age 80, maybe even 169-170 range by the end of his life. But I'm open to Rob's 5'9.5" listing seeing him look so close to Redford and Robert Shaw in The Sting(who I think are both about 5'10" or 177-178 cm) and at least as tall as McQueen in The Towering Inferno(who I'm convinced was 5'9.5" barefoot). Plus, I believe Newman claimed 5'10.5" to an interviewer in 1986 so that could have been a shoe height, which implies either 5'9.25" or 5'9.5". So I can see a good chance of anything from 5'9" to 5'9.5" as I think the older actors can be tougher to nail down since we're more dependent on films. Though considering how much Newman must have shrunk in his 70s and 80s, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he had lost a fraction by age 60.
John on Jerry Hall
I thought she would be around 5'11 and doesn't seem to have lost that much height, with reference to height she looked nearly the same as Anton Du Beke who is 5'11 so I would've definatley put Jerry there
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on George Peppard
He might have been 183-184cm range when they filmed Breakfast At Tiffany's and down to 182cm by the The A-Team years
Mat 5'10.25 on Kevin Smith
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Look at that ***** claiming 5'10 !!!!! What a disgrace he is to real 5'10ers!!!!! He is even shorter than 5'8!!!!

See, guys like him are the reason people think 5'10 is small. Hate those guys.
Anonymous on LeBron James
NBA veteran Richard Jefferson was recently a guest on popular sports podcast. Jefferson is legitimately 6'7" and one of the few players in the NBA that lists his barefoot height. He stated during the interview that when he played with Lebron on the 2004 Olympic team they were the same height, but he was surprised that when he joined the Cavs in 2015 Lebron was now visibly taller. I can see Lebron being a legit 6'8" now as the 6'7.25" measurement was when he was 18, and it is not uncommon for men to keep growing after that age.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on George Sanders
Looked every bit of this
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Cruise
Guys, I was talking about Brad Pitt who someone below called 172cm max....not Cruise! Just clearing that up
Lee168cm on Lucy DeVito
And I can say I'm 6'3.5" but I think they could of mistook her for her sister Lois winston who I heard is about 5'10"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on June Haver
Rob, howabout 5ft1ΒΌ?
Editor Rob: that seems to be what her claim would be, although 1/8th or 1/16th is a fraction too!
As I mentioned though, one person typing the same article out into another newspaper either ommitted 'one' or added it...but I think it was meant to be 5ft 1.
Johnson on Shaun Robinson
@Rob don't you think she looks shorter than 5'6 here??

Colleen 'Coco' Smith 6'6, Lindsay Hayward 6'8, Shaun Robinson, Nancy Mulkey 6'9, Haleigh Hampton 6'7

Click Here
CDS on Kevin Costner
I posted this in the Bruce Greenwood thread, but perhaps it's just as relevant in this one. A pic from the 2000 film, "Thirteen Days", with Costner on the left, 5'11.5" (listed) Bruce Greenwood in the center, and the actor to the right (Steven Culp) is listed as 5'10.5":

Click Here
Lee168cm on George Stephanopoulos
Michael j fox has probably shrunk a bit maybe 5'3" now. But George could be in a bit of a lift there. Though George could be 5'5.5" maybe even 5'6"
PPPeter on Jake Paul

Yeah, I think too ;-)

Logan - 6'1.5
Jake - 5'10.75
Anthony - 5'11.25
Chance - 6'0.5

I think it's a real daytime height..

if I should make a range:

Jake: 5'10.5 - 5'10.75
(179cm - 179.5cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5
(181cm - 181.6cm)

Chance: 6'0.5 - 6'0.75
(184cm - 184.5cm)

Its between their height!
No more, No less.
Nik on Lake Bell
@ Sandy Cowell - Hey!

What a great comment to find on this new comments page! True, geographical lakes have a depth, a length and a width! However if you are standing at the bottom of a lake wouldn't it have a height then? Perhaps I am the only person silly enough to have thought this, nobody else talks about the heights of lakes. But I will talk about Lake Bell's height,, and like you, I think that she is shy of the 5'7.5" mark and she certainly looks more likely to be 5'7" than 5'8". I reckon that she hovers around the 5'7" mark barefooted, maybe a little bit below, a little bit above, or bang on 5'7"! I think your call is a good one but I could see anywhere from 5'6.75" - 5'7.25" as her most likely height!

Pierre on Brad Pitt
Sorry i made a mistake
Click Here Click Here Click Here
Here are the shoes= Click Here
KH on Beyonce Knowles
Whats with all the people flipping out. Posting about Beyonce towering over a bunch of women that are midgets isn't exactly proof of anything. Beyonce is a little taller then average for a woman 5'5-5'6 range. Yes a 5'5 or 5'6 woman would tower over a midget like lil' Kim but that doesn't make her tall. Hurry up someone get Vern Troyer so I can feel like a giant next to him! But that doesn't make me a giant.
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Bet he practiced walking down those steps in those MONSTER edged up customs. The Balboa premiere Munsters take the cake. The big guns come out when's looking for trouble.
PPPeter on Jake Paul
@Sandy Cowell

Ooh.. thank you! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

- I hope you enjoying your life! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

Love you! 😘
KH on Usher Raymond
Usher is one of these guys that is almost always wearing thick shoes. Has he every given his height? I would take an inch or two off whatever that is if he has. Weak 5'8 range with a possibility to be a little shorter then that. I mean look at the picture above I don't know a person with shoes like that a sneaker with a two inch sole.
Nik on Jake Paul
@ :)

I like your name!
Nik on Ralph Sampson
@ Sandy Cowell

Comparisons between people, whether it be celebrities or members of the public, are fascinating and is great for adults, and children alike, in order to enhance their own knowledge on how members of the public or celebrities differ from each other, and in many different areas. As far as children are concerned things like this really add to a pleasurable and informative learning experience as it teaches children about some important aspects of history and about the ever changing human being over time.
I would love to see some accurate material displaying the average heights from the different ages of man and from all the different countries across the globe, as well as how people's clothing and hairstyles have changed throughout history, plus how people have changed in other areas, and to have all this information pooled together in one book or on one poster for example really would be fantastic!
If records on people's height weren't kept until fairly recently then it may be difficult to make such a chart, although like you said Tony Robinson may be the man to ask about this. Examining skeletal remains may be a method of providing rough estimates on the average height of people over time, and there may be other things experts could explore to work out some estimates, if that is all that can be provided.
Too true Sandy, people like Ralph do not have the neck strain, that the likes of us have in looking up at taller people! The amazing thing is that people who are 6'0" are only up to this guys shoulders and people of 6'3" are only hovering just above his shoulders! My Mum and I like to joke about where we would come up to on people of Ralph's height, whether it would only be up to the chest, or even stomach level!

Cheers Sandy!
berta on Joe Mantegna
in babys day out he is describing himself " 5 foot 10 inches" but he looks taller at around 180 cm
Mat 5'10.25 on Brooklyn Beckham

What is there to think? David has less footwear, worst posture, yet still looks a little taller than Brooklyn, maybe 2 cm. Too bad for Brooklyn, it appears his growth stunted at 5'9 and change range, such a weak height for a young man these days... ;-)

@Celebheights 6'1.5
Their difference in the photos you posted looks exactly the same. This guy ain't over 5'9.5 and looks like he's stuck there for good! lol!
Anonymous on Lee Majors
I too is a big fan of the six million man and i love Lee Majors and the way he used to dress in the six million dollar man. I can't get enough of his bionic powers and the show. Honestly i thought he was around 6ft with those long and sexy legs in the six million dollar man.
Crypto139 on Emma Watson
Hey Rob I have tw friends. One says Daniel is shorter than Emma and another says they are the same height. The one th!t says they are the same height is usually right about everything or atleast thinks he is. So who is right?
Editor Rob: I feel you need to measure Daniel and Emma to really tell if Emma is a smidge taller, I tend to think she would edge Daniel out, but by no means would I rule out exactly the same.
Lee168cm on Mark Labbett
I met him recently and I was just below his Shoulders 6'6" or just over sounds right
KH on John Bradley
Shoulders don't lie he is at least 5'8. Looks like your typical heavy guy with poor posture.
KH on Kit Harington
I thought it was silly when Daenarys called Jon Snow small. He really is no shorter then the average man is then she is shorter then the average woman and really she is probably more shorter on average for her gender because to me she is 5'1 not 5'2. My experience in life is that short women have the most clueless concept of how tall other people are. 5'7 range for Kit maybe a quarter to half inch more.
Willes188 on Ryan Reynolds

No Reynolds easily had 0.5cm on Jackman 2009
KH on Alfie Allen
Lets not argue quarter inches again. He is dropping a little height with a head tilt. He is very very close to 5'7. I don't see anything less then 5'6.75 and if Rob, who has met him, wants to give him 5'7 I won't argue Im sure Rob knows what an inch a change shorter then he is looks like.
James B on Steven Seagal
Arch-Dolph seemed like a guy who was slightly taller.
James B on Tom Cruise
Rob an American friend of mine back in 2004 or 2005 said to me he saw Tom cruise at supermarket in LA and commented he was really short like around my height and I was only 5'6-5'7 back then.
Editor Rob: I'm sure Tom has been estimated in person from 5ft 4 to 5ft 10
Johnson on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
@nfsw so he said he was 1.96? Do you have the link?
James B on Will Smith
Rob with idris Elba he doesn't look 6'1.5
ana on Alesha Dixon
movieguy on John Wayne
jervis, I'm skeptical this tailors site ever existed. If it was genuine then my apologies to the guy that mentioned it in his post.
Anonymous on Taliana Vargas
Rob, any idea about the other actors from the show? Which ones are worth adding?
- DamiΓ‘n AlcΓ‘zar: he looks quite short, he could be somewhere in 5'5-5'5.5 range but no more than that.
- Alberto Ammann: he could be somewhere in 6' range?
- Francisco Denis: he gets described as 5'7 on his imdb Resume and he can look around that range, I think.
- Matias Varela: he can look anywhere from 5'9 up to almost 5'10 at times. I think he looks taller than Taliana on the show, although she seemed to wear quite flat shoes at times.
- Matt Whelan: he's down at 194 on his (?) agency, Click Here . He can certainly look pretty tall next to the other actors but I'm not sure he really looks as tall as 194. Do you think it could be a shoe height?
Editor Rob: will look at them in the future.
Paul on Jimmy Fallon
Average height in the US is not even close to 6'! It's 5'9 for men and 5'3.5 for women. I'm pretty sure it's almost exactly the same in similar countries like Canada and the UK
Chad on The Undertaker
Tane, I agree. Glen had .5 on Taker back then, but I don't know if Nash would be roughly 2 inches taller than Glen. I think in his prime, Glen on a good day was 6'8.25, on a bad day 6'7.75. Nash on a good day 6'9.25, on a bad day 6'9.

And with human beings this tall, it's not uncommon for their height to fluctuate around. I have a friend who is 6'6. I am 6'4. Sometimes he looks like a good 2 inches taller, other times he looks maybe .75 of an inch taller.
Ziggie on Mike Tyson
by 5'9" Michael Jackson Click Here I don't see an inch
Ziggie on Mike Tyson
could be more like 5'9" 1/2 as someone mentioned
Chad on Kane
Dewie, I don't think that Sid or Taker were ever 6'8. Even Bruce Prichard said that Taker was 6'7 on his podcast. Although, I have heard several people refer to Kane as 6'8, I think that Kane is just a smidge under 6'8, thus the 6'7.75 that I always thought he was.

Sid is a difficult one. In some staredowns with Taker, he looks taller, in others he looks shorter, and in most of them, they look the same height.

Then in WCW, Sid and Nash had a stare down, Nash looked 2 inches taller, but when Taker fought Nash at WM12, Nash looked taller than Taker by 1.5 inches.
Cameron on David Miscavige
In his mind he's 6'2" :P
Cameron on John Simm
Looks 176 in the above pic.
berta on Hillbilly Jim
if i remember right wasnt this guy 1 cm taller than hogan? i believe this guy to have been strong 197 guy and hogan weak 197 guy
berta on Dean Ambrose
even with the slouch he doesnt look shorter than 184. i am 100 procent shore that he is atleast half inch taller than peak ford. i would say a full 6 foot 1 seems more realistic.
Bowie Super Fan on David Bowie
David Bowie got 1,73 (5'8")
In a book a girl tell us that he was a small and skinny guy. But was a giant man, who supported too many people around the world. My respect forever!
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LG69 on Angus Young
5'2" for Angus. Rob, how tall do you think Bon Scott was? I've read anywhere from 5'7-5'8"
Johnson on Football Soccer
@ma I told you about Matuidi... Juventus web updated at last! He is 180 and 75 kg. I guessed right my prediction was 179-180
berta on Justin Bieber
i think he can be strong 172 guy
Loka on Ultimate Warrior
In his fight against triple h in 1996, he was taller with 2 inches. Watch, it's on youtube.
Mike 2 on Elvis Presley
Hi Tom,
Did you know that Col Parker's widow described him as being 6 ft tall!
Elvis with his large heels would have made him a good 6ft 2in in these types of boots, so I don't get the point you are trying to make. On stage Elvis stood around this same height, it's never really been disputed.
Like I said it was the fashion, even though Elvis liked wearing low heeled loafers.
My point is that you can't argue with barefoot comparisons, and surely you have to agree with this?
It's up to you if you don't accept my view about Ed Parkrt's height,
but I am telling you he was six foot tall, and yes I believe that Elvis had a slight edge which would bring him in just over 6 ft, just like Linda Thompson has said!!
Ed Parker is described on the internet as being 6 ft tall and surely from your observations of these photos you have viewed you could tell that he was definitely over 5 ft 10 ins!!
Even in the 50's Elvis was described as being tall and lanky and referred to as being taller than imagined by journalists when they met him. How tall did they think he was- 5 ft 7ins??
When Elvis says that he is six foot it is not disputed, and one journalist has him down as 6ft 2ins, so Elvis was not it appears exaggerating.
I am pleased that you think that Ed Parker was the same if not shorter than Elvis as this confirms to me that Elvis was indeed 6ft tall. I have met other friends of Elvis, and looked at photos of these people with Elvis, but the difference is that they have shoes or boots on. So I disregarded these photos, just like Berle and Allen.
Have a look at the New Gladiators film on YouTube and look at the film of Elvis doing Karate both in boots and bare feet , and see him next to 5ft 10 in Bill superfoot Wallace, and 5 ft 10 in Dave Hebler.
At least we are discussing the height of Elvis instead of talking aboutGlen whoever and other ' Mumbo jumbo'
All the best Tom.
Shredder on Pamela Anderson
" Arch Stanton said on 14/Sep/17
Yes, social media has become a nightmare for many celebs with trolls and bodyshamers. In fairness a lot of them deserve some stick for being so self obsessed, but there's plenty of decent celebs who don't deserve what they get thrown at them. A lot of celebs are insecure and vulnerable to trolls, they want to be loved and when they see the opposite it can be hard to live with I'm sure! "

Couldn't have said it better myself!

" social media has become a nightmare for many celebs with trolls and bodyshamers. "

You just described half of this site ;)!
Rising - 174 cm on Sylvester Stallone
Nolifts81 said on 7/Sep/17
Guys I've met in Milan the famous Pr of Sly Stallone when He come in Italy.Her name is Tiziana Rocca and She is 181 cm barefoot.She says that Sly is Not so Short and was only a couple of inches shorter than her. In The hotels He was often barefoot so She and her stuff know well His height. She said To me 176 cm barefoot when He was young. A Hair over 5'9". I believe her! I've always thought He was 176cm.

But don't you think if Sly was near 175 cm then he'd still not look so short to her? It's not a big difference, but certainly Brigitte saw him barefoot a lot and said 174-175 as opposed to 176. Imo, this makes sense seeing some of the 70s films. He can easily look 176 cm, but if Armand Assante is 5'9.5" then Sly looks maybe 5'9" in Paradise Alley, just as co-star from that film Kevin Conway says. I don't really believe Assante would be taller than that. I hate to repeat myself, but Gazzara also looked at least an inch taller to me and he may have only been 177 cm range based on his own words. I see 174.5-175 cm as most likely and his good posture alone could make him look 176 cm at times compared to someone with looser posture like Statham.
newman on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Danimal said on 17/Sep/17

Have you been that night in 1969? Have you seen the measuremnt with your eyes? No matter what peopel say. Are you just a sheep in this society where everyone just say or believe what they're told? Wake up and learn what is marketing or what benefits or real height can be. You can't believe aanythinh 100% exceot you were there to see it! Wake up sheep
Canson on Dennis Rodman
@Alexander alves: that's possible. He does have very long legs. Then again pippen does as does Jordan so they can all appear taller at times. My guesses are:

Rodman 199cm (6'6 plus)
MJ 194-194.5 (6'4.5ish)
Pippen 200cm (weak 6'7)
Dejavu on Hugh Jackman
He looked closer to 189cm next to John Travolta.
BT on Justin Bieber
5'7 or 5'7.25
Jackie on Mario Lopez
I met Mario in his prime. I am 5'10".. he was easy 2 inches shorter. He's only 5'7- maybe 5'8".
Sam on Glenn Strange
I thought at times he could look at least a strong 6'4" but James Arness I think could seem right around 3 inches taller. Don't really remember how he compared to John Wayne in Red River and he co-starred with Sterling Hayden in a film I've never seen, so it would interesting to see how he compares to those guys.
Warren on Tom Cruise
Almost the same height as James Corden without lifts I'd think
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Del Mar on Sam Heughan
For the most part he does look quite much taller than 6'1 Tobias Menzies, I'd say. I would put him at least at 6'2.5", could be even 6'2.75" I reckon
Slim on Corey Feldman
Really? A 5'4.75"-5'5" guy claiming 5'8"?!!!
Slim on Henry Ian Cusick
Rob, he probably lists his morning height, can we please give him 5'10.75" at least?
Editor Rob: I didn't think he would be that tall barefoot.
Slim on Francois Chau
Doubt he's the full 5'8" let alone a strong one.
CDS on Seth MacFarlane
Was watching "The Orville" over the weekend, and it's hard to tell from the angles to compare him with others. However, he in the pics someone below posted, he looks taller than 6'1" Christopher Lloyed, and no more than 3 inches shorter than 6'4" Liam Neeson!?? WTF?? Rob, do you think he's a lift-wearer??

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