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21 February
Editor Rob on Chris Evans
Here was the early resume page:
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20 February
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Chris Evans
Falls a little below this at worst I’d say. Interesting how Chris Pine describes them as being the same height. I reckon there’s not far off a full inch in Pines favour
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hugo Weaving
Joel Edgerton, Mel Gibson, Errol Flynn, Geoffrey Rush, Bryan Brown and Anthony LaPaglia..list is endless.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Anthony Ray Parker
Crazy to think he’s the same height as Cena!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bob Golic
More than 3in on MPG, clearly 6ft2+
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bob Golic
Canson, Mike generally has a couple of inches at least on Bob. I wouldn’t rule out 6ft5 peak especially if Bob was a bit over 6ft2.

Bob could have gone from 189cm to 187-188cm range now though and Mike possibly 195-196cm peak to 194cm?
Steven Stinson on Mark Ruffalo
171.5-172 prime nowadays a 1/4 or 1/2 inch lower
Jimuel Rodriguez on Rick Gonzalez
how long his head was, it looked just right for his height
berta on Randy Orton
i can actually believe 1/4 over this on good days ore days he doesnt workout. he always look like a very legit 6´4 guy. i would never guess 6´3 3/4
berta on Adam Copeland
this guy always seemed to be " atleast" 6´3 back in the day. my guess is a fraction over 6´3 at peak. really close to 191 and today can walk and stand like a 188 man because of all the injuries but measure a little over that. This guy was falling down from ladders on regular basis.
Tunman on Alexei Navalny
Rather 14 to 14 and half stones (196 to 203 Lbs) in that pic imho.At near 6'3 he could look powerful without needing to put more weight if he's an athletic guy.
His hands are quite imposing,like he could knock out someone by slapping him,you wouldn't want to mess with a guy like this
Miss Sandy Cowell on Nakia Burrise
That's a cheeky little grin she's got there! 😄👌

Nakia can have 5ft4.5 in view of her heel height. 💐
Harry Sachs on The Undertaker
Click Here 2:35 Timestamp. It is funny how people keep saying Sid only looks taller because of his hair. Sid's whole body is higher than the Undertaker.

Mark looks taller as the Undertaker because of the thicker sole shoes. Kind of why Braun looks taller than he is. He wears thicker shoes because for the most part he is portrayed as a monster.
Tunman on Mark Rutte
Here's Vucic with Erdogan who won't be more than 182 these days
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Clearly a legit 13cm difference which will make him a true 195 although he surprisingly looked nowhere near it with Xi.Is Xi really a lift wearer though?Hmmm....Anyways once again 6'6.5 is clearly ruled out
Tunman on Mark Rutte
As shocking as it is Vucic doesn't look even 6'4 next to Xi Jinping who must be truly 179 like Rob said
Xi with 174 Viktor Orban Click Here
And Vucic with Xi Click Here at the very best I would have said 6'3.75-4.Even assuming that Xi wore lifts which I doubt he won't be more than 6'4.75-5 or around 195 simply nowhere near 6'6.5
recapa on Lonzo Ball
yeah,they are pretty obvious to me but i guess lavar,s is a bit of a mystery himself .he used to have a 6ft5 collegue listing but at the other hand he looks usually shorter than lonzo .maybe he shrank a bit. i have the ball pretty much like this: lamelo 6ft5.5-6ft5.75(197-197.5cm) ,lonzo (6ft4.25-6ft4 3/8)(193.5-194),liangello (6ft2.75-6ft3)(190-190.5cm).,lavar ball peak 6ft4.75-6ft5 (195-195.5cm),now 6ft3.75-6ft4 (192.5-193cm).
recapa on Jürgen Klopp
this listing is the lowest that he gets from me .anywhere between 6ft3.5-6ft3.75 is good for klopp.
Rapha on Rob Paul
@ slim 6’1
We have approximately the same height and same shrinkage throughout the day. My shrinkage is around 2.2 to 2.5 cm per day. Often, I have a shrinkage of 2.3 cm. Is your 2.5 cm shrinkage an average or is it only on a very busy day ?
Height exposed on Miniminter
Miniminter claimed to be 6’2 and a half on his latest podcast episode and he also said that Calfreezy was 1 and a half inch taller than him.
slim 6'1 on Pele
172 peak
169 current
slim 6'1 on Ronaldo
slim 6'1 on Robert Lewandowski
He’d edge rakitic, give him the solid 6ft upgrade already
slim 6'1 on Steven Gerrard
I think a solid 182cm like rakitic
slim 6'1 on Mario Mandžukić
Solid 6’2” maybe even 188.5
Public Enemy on Kane
@Chris n
Agree. I can see how he looks tall in the ring but his boots are always generous. Big guy today fir sure but cannot see him above 6’6.5 max tbh.
slim 6'1 on Karim Benzema
184 too high but 183.5 is a doer
slim 6'1 on Gareth Bale
He’ll edge benzema
Steven Stinson on Chris Evans
Agree with slim 6'1 182-182.5 is more likely than 182.5-183
Editor Rob
I noticed recently, on one of Evans early resumes, after he had done the Opposite of Sex pilot, he was down as 6ft and 160 lbs at age 19.
slim 6'1 on Ivan Rakitic
He looks a solid 182cm, I’d give him a grant gustin style listing at 182.5cm
berta on Iain Glen
funny he list himself at 180 cm. he really never look under 183 in movies and tv shows. i think legit 6 feet is good for his peak. today may be 182,5.
185vietnamese on Bo Burnham
That guy must be around Greg Davies range or even a bit taller i guess. It would be cool to see someone who is taller than people like Nicholas Braun or Greg Davies
Robbe on Spencer Wilding
Mark Labbett's head is enormous lol, but he seems to be closer to the camera in both pictures there, espesially on the left. But anyway, like said, Spencer admits Mark edges him out, so reckon Mark is really taller.

Spencer appears like 6'7.5 here with shoes on.

Click Here

Click Here

6'3 line is just under Spencer's eyeline, so he looks pretty tall there.
JohnnyBravo on Jessica Biel
Only 5’6” flat. But gorgeous
Steven Stinson on The Weeknd
Dred__ on Sheamus
He seems clearly over 2 inch shorter next to drew
Click Here
Mimi on Ivana Trump
Joyfully sending my birthday greetings to Ivank who's turning 72 this year!🎉🎂 Looks to have lost a bit height from her prime height of 5'9.5, she could play grandma to my dog who turns 3 today.
Nippu on Robert Wadlow
U can only measured height ”around”. Robert was so tall that even smallest error his position to stand drop easily 3-5cm off. Usually Robert is not standing at his best. I think he could stand 1940 easily 9ft with shoes if he wanted. I guess he never thought that in 2021 people try to measured him by pictures =)
Mimi on Ivana Trump
Joyfully sending my birthday greetings to Ivank who's turning 72 this year!🎉🎂 Looks to have lost a bit height from her prime height of 5'9.5, she could play grandma to my dog who turns 3 today.
Mimi on Cindy Crawford
A very jolly 55th birthday to this OG supermodel Cindy Crawford.🎉🎂 She is aging gracefully.
JohnnyBravo on Whitney Cummings
5’9” flat but no more.

And what’s up with her stand-up lately? Very self-indulgent/has really lost a step.
Mimi on Rihanna
A wonderful 33rd birthday to RiRi on this day!🎉🎂 A little Barbadian girl who is now a worldwide superstar. Good to know she shares the same birthday as my dog baby.
Editor Rob on Ryan Reynolds
At age 19-20 (his last credit was X-Files) on his resume he used to be listed 6'0" and 160 lbs...
Click Here
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Rob Paul
Hey Rob what’s your favourite page here?
Editor Rob
Why, my own page of course 😺
Chris n on Kane
Pierre it’s the same difference because they are both equally tilting there head! 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

You’re a pest
Lukic on LaMelo Ball
Definitely 195 cm, 6'4" 185 lbs guard.
Ravina Rane on Disha Patani
Kriti 6'0
Disha 5'11
Ian C. on Sigourney Weaver
Weaver's character (Ripley) in Alien is allowed to be courageous and authoritative, but also feminine. When the alien surprises her in the movie's climax, she screams. Nowadays female heroes are so tough that they could all be played by Charles Bronson, just by changing the name and sex of the character, which is pretty unrealistic, in my sexist view.

Princess Leia in Star Wars, for example, is wholly masculine. She could have been called Prince Leia and played by Harrison Ford, without changing any of her lines (except for that awkward bit where she kisses Luke, whom she immediately dumps as a romantic partner.) Luke seems to be sexless. Darth Vader sired Luke in his Annakin Skywalker days, but after his transformation to Darth, lost all interest in sex. The only characters in Star Wars that are sexed are Luke's Aunt and Uncle, who are elderly and childless. Everybody else is celibate. Jabba the Hut dresses Leia up as a slave girl, but since he is a being of different species, it is not clear why he wants to see her in a bikini.
19 February
Ian C. on Geena Davis
Interesting. Davis's character in Thelma and Louise is explicitly described as being five foot ten. A fictional character who is female cannot be described as six feet tall, even if that is the height of the actress who plays her?
Louis Green on Matt Dillon
On Mondern Family he stand head to head [ they back up to each other to see who is taller] with TY who is listed at 6 ft. Ed O Neil who is listed at 6 1 and believe he was 6 2 at youth .
He also stands eye to eye with O Neil who I still think is closer to 6 2 just from guests appearances on Modern Family who have stood next to him . Eric Stone Stonestreet is listed as 6 1 and he an Ed Oniel stand eye to eye.
I have to belive Matt was 6 ft.
YeahMe on Oscar Isaac
I think Isaac is a solid actor and he'll make a good Snake if he's given decent material to work with. I'm not troubled about his somehow short height overall taking into account that in the mid 00's there were rumors about a Metal Gear movie starring Tom Cruise as Snake and most people were ok with this, even when he's only about 1,72.
BT on Christopher Meloni
Here's the full shot with Pantoliano that KellyL4 posted Click Here. Meloni has appeared 6'0.5 at times, but overall I think he looks like a typical 6 footer. Not impossible he measured slightly over the mark in his prime though, and maybe dips just below it today.
Puneet on Sasha Calle
Our new Supergirl
Lawbay11 on Cesaro
Does not look 6.5" taller than you in this pic. He looks about 6'2"
joe ### on Rob Archer
6'5 with tyle mane
Leonari on Sasha Calle
The new Supergirl... looks that height
slim 6'1 on Brock Lesnar
Good build probably makes him look even taller
slim 6'1 on Brock Lesnar
Strong 6’1”
slim 6'1 on Terry Crews
188cm range
slim 6'1 on Channing Tatum
Yeah rob 183.5-183.8 would be the better listing
slim 6'1 on Kevin Costner
How I organise this;
184cm = strong 6ft
185cm = solid 6’1
186-187cm = strong 6’1
slim 6'1 on General Height
You shouldn’t worry about how tall you are. It’s all out of your control
Jakepailssmall on Miniminter
Rob, what’s the absolute tallest you could guess mini at ?
Editor Rob
6ft 1.5 range
Vincent Caleb on Jack Charlton
I would give that award to Matthew fox.
Domi on Channing Tatum
Hey Rob, how much do you think this guy would have on someone like Rafael Nadal at the same time of day and hydration?

I'm guessing around 5mm edge for Tatum.
JohnnyBravo on Olivia Munn
Could give her 5’4.5”.
SpittinFax on Vikkstar123
I think he's 166cm, clearly shorter than Ethan who's 170cm,and also shorter than tobi who's like 168
Deni on RiceGum
Bruh he’s not even 5’10 he’s around 5’8 or something
Average Heighted Male on Famke Janssen
Famke is a solid 5ft11½(182cm) woman. She had about an inch and half over Paul Rudd.

Long legs and slender physique Famke has.
Average Heighted Male on Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd looked a solid 5ft10 next to Famke Janssen in many pics and in 'The Ten'. She's listed as 5ft11½ here and was about an inch and a half over Paul.

So Paul is more a solid 5ft10 max.
Poster on General Height
@Olympian: I just scroll past the feuds. It's easy and fast to do. On the topic, I just measured myself, for the first time in literally years, and found out that I'm 5'11! I doubt that I grew in my thirties.
Rory on Eddie Hearn
I think his Dad Barry was around 6ft1 peak.
Tizwaxxx on Ted DiBiase
6-2 peak
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Rob Paul
If someone was my height at about 15 and of a muscular build, how tall would they be likely to get? Just curious
Tizwaxxx on Hulk Hogan
With Andre in the early eighties he never looked over 6-6. And in the nineties with Dennis Rodman. Looked 6-4.5 then. WWF bull. 6-6 absolute maximum peak. Probably under.
Riky on The Undertaker

Personally I don't think he was ever 6'7.5.
Now honestly I don't think Sid was taller than what he claimed recently. We will never really know what kind of footwear they had back at their stare down but it's safe and reasonable assume that Taker was never ever above 6'7" peak and I never ruled out a hair less.
Sid once also claimed his height as a 6'8". Well that was obviously his height is shoes (6'7.25/5) rounded up since he really was 6'6.25.
Taker did something similar, actually he still claiming he's 6'8" opposite to Sid but that's his prime height in shoes.
Sidney on Alexa Davalos
Alexa Davalos and Sarah Michelle Gellar together at this zimbio link. Click Here I think Alexa has about 1” on SMG in the first picture. Further down the page you can see a side view of the heels they’re wearing. I think SMG has a 1-2” heel advantage. If SMG is around 5’2”, then my money is on Alexa being around 5’5”. I’d say she’s definitely under 5’7”.
MaskDeMasque on Leslie Nielsen
Watched Naked gun 2.5 other day, a 65 year old nielsen looked around 5'11.25. He would have shrunk a bit by then but I doubt 4cm. 6'0.25 maybe 6'0.5 peak.
G Suave on General Height
@Canson Exactly, well said. I think people should just keep their mouths shut here if they have no idea what’s going on in matters that don’t concern them. Obviously you’re doing the right thing and I appreciate you standing up for me. A lot of things here are basically escalated in a “whisper-down-the-lane” fashion and by the time it gets to the last person, it becomes almost even more destructive and about something completely different. Like as you said, c-mo twisted it around and tried to make it be about him and playing the role as a victim. Which is annoying and as you said a lot of people dislike me because of my extreme views. And I don’t care, I stand by my beliefs as other posters here have many times and where under fire. The issue I have with Tajuan is the way he’s hypocritically calling me out for things that he has no idea about. It would have been completely different if he just said “ I’m not sure why you guys are talking about this and c-mo isn’t right “ etc” just an example. And even if he believed c-mo was right, I’m just saying hypothetically it wouldn’t matter than he could just say “ well I think x “ etc. But here he claims he isn’t taking sides; yet he is antagonizing me about supposedly “being childish” for standing up for myself. Now by that same account I could say the same thing about him for responding to me. Which again, I’m not blaming him for responding; but he can’t blame me for responding to him. Honestly this whole argument is taking out of context and I wish people would stop attacking me for doing nothing wrong. People simply can’t handle constructive criticism and getting defensive when you fire back. Which I find super funny, along with Bobby saying that I was “belittling “ him for giving honest feedback. And it’s also funny that I never ever stated that I had the best diction in the world. Most of the errors I make are because of my phones predictive text, as I stated many times before. But obviously it’s not that bad if people are interpreting it and responding back. Yeah, Zober just kind of chimed in because he didn’t like me and he thought he was being slick. In addition, yes Viper has gotten heat for his estimates and so have I before. I remember Andrea came at my neck when I said Misha Collins wasn’t a flat 5’11, he looks 5’10 and change in that photo, and Andrea just wouldn’t accept that.
Canson on General Height
@Winkler91: you’re similar to how I would fall. 193.5-194 range in the afternoon. Some days I’m closer to 194 others 193.5 or at an extreme low 193. If I used metric I would claim 194 since I’m 193.6-193.8 range on average
Bensim1993 on Dean Ambrose
Rhea ripley is either 5ft7or 5ft8 and indi hartwell is 5ft9 looks like a skinny Charlotte figure
Carolyn Collinge on Michael Landon
I loved him on Little House and don't mean to put him down. But in 1983 while in Maui with my mom who was 5 ft 2 we saw him and his wife sitting at a bar with their backs to us. I was shocked at how tiny they were. I'm 5 ft 5. He was 5 ct 2 or 3 tops unless he has unusually long legs. The real heights of actors should be transparent so shorter people might feel a little taller.
Zaratustraelsabio on General Height
pov said on 19/Feb/21

And about girls?
MaskDeMasque on Simon Cowell
5'8 or 5'7.75 at worst. Not short enough to justify his massive heels to be honest.
joe ### on Rob Gronkowski
look 1.5 more than kobe more than 3 cm
MaskDeMasque on Declan Donnelly
Shorter I mean lol
MaskDeMasque on Declan Donnelly
Flat 5'5 I think. He always looks 3 inches taller than 5'8 Ant.
Deandro on Jack Grealish
premier league profile stated he is 175 cm
tajaun gibbison on General Height
@Greg "A’s in writing and reading". Pretty cool bro. My name is not Tajuan though, it's Tajaun, so much for your "reading". That's not a typo either, that's literally you not being able to read since you constantly misspell that name.

Fandom-the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something. You stated explicitly that you are not a fan of me, so I said I don't care for your fandom. In other words, I am not bothered by you not liking me, that's on you. Based on that statement alone, I see you are the one losing sleep at night since you are "not a fan", so stop projecting. Otherwise, you would have let this go rather than trying constantly to bring up your "educational" prowess. By referencing your school performance, you're trying to prove something which we can't even prove. Let this go man.

I'm not even African-American, I'm a Jamaican who attends college in America. Did you not read that? "Keep on trying to blame me for your personal issues and insecurities". You're reaching badly, I have never blamed anyone on Celebheights for anything personal. If anything, you're the one insecure about how others view your grammar to such an extent that you repeatedly mention how educated you are, as well as your grades in college and high school. Seriously, let this go man. You're coming off as really needy.

"You’re just running out of things to say at this point." This is really what's happening to you. What is commonsense about my question? You expect me to use common sense for a measurement given how precisely height is perceived at Celebheights? "No one is perfect all of the time." Nice realization, now apply that same logic when dealing with others who aren't yourself. You're coming off as a real narcissist here since you only believe "no one is perfect" when YOU make mistakes.
Costa on Chuck Norris
Something is really suspicious about Chuck’s height. I’m watching Silent Rage right now and Stephen Furst (who you have a picture with) is listed at 5’9” and onscreen Norris is shorter than he is, even with his cowboy boots on. I’m thinking people are still off on the height and he may actually be closer to 5’7”.
Jakepailssmall on Logan Paul
@jasonwarren no he’s not even Mike said on impaulsive he’s taller than Logan
Christopher Mooney on Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee is 6’2 minimum. Every picture I see of him, he’s gigantic. I’d say he’s more like 6’3
John Moore-162cm on Mandell Maughan
She looks 5'6", or maybe a fraction over
Olympian on Harrison Ford
Why did you downgrade Harrison Ford's height, Rob? This may be due to my biased view towards Ford as being one of my favourite actors of all time, but I think he was taller than 6'0.5 in his youth.

If you measured Harrison Ford in the morning when he was starring in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, then I think he'd have measured somewhere between 6'2.25 and 6'2.5. I think Ford is a candidate for either a weak 6'1 or a textbook 6'1 in his youth.

I think he pulls off looking more or less 5'11 today, so he hasn't shrunk much since his prime.
Editor Rob
from watching most of his early stuff now overall 184 range I feel he would measure.
Vincent Caleb on Tom Cruise
How is anything lower than 170 ridiculous to you, but you guess him at 171.5-172 out of bed? Doesn’t make sense. If he was 171.5 out of bed, he could quite possibly dip down below 170 if he loses 3/4 of an inch.
To me, Tom often looks 5’8”- 5’9” because of his lifts, but he doesn’t wear the biggest lifts. Maybe 2 inches elevators, but not 3.5 like Downey. That could put him in the 5’7.5-5’8” range. I’m not really sure where this “Tom Cruise is 5’4” he just wears 5 inch heels all the time” thing came from. Also, why do you have RDJ an inch higher than Cruise? He wears much bigger footwear.
Nik Ashton on Brie Larson
It would be great to see her photographed with Rob Paul and Nik Ashton!
Editor Rob
Since she done convention in US, you never know in the future...I would definitely be surprised if she was (in same footwear) as tall as myself.
Sakz on General Height
@Progking Just came across your response now. That's interesting. My eyelevel is usually in the 173-174cm range depending on the time of day. As for my head, I was quite surprised to find out it was below average as I thought it would be bigger. However since I've now seen someone like Rob who has a big head for his height, mine is definitely smaller in comparison. I've had regular tall comments and also got a 6'2 comment, though my friend who is about 8-9" shorter than me thought I was 5'11. It's all in perception. Rounding is always the simpler option. I've typically just gone with whatever comes out whether that's 6'1 or 'about 6'1'. I once went with 'slightly over 6'0' too.
Vincent Caleb on Robert Downey Jr
Who would you bet on between Downey and Cruise?
Nik Ashton on Denise Bidot
5’7” ain’t super short for modelling standards!
Vincent Caleb on Morgan Freeman
Good update for current. It is still the most I would give him though as he has looked a bit shorter recently.
Vincent Caleb on Tim Robbins
The Cromwell picture isn’t a poor picture though, although Cromwell is slightly closer to the camera. Not sure if Stern has lost any height from his peak.
Harry Tom on Macaulay Culkin
I think this guy is exactly my height with a very similar build. Culkin is around 165cm late afternoon / evening and probably wakes up just under 168cm. With his hair up and with shoes, he will look a very weak 5’7. Although you can get away with claiming your out of bed morning height, as you will look it most of the time...
M.H on David Henrie
He looks all of 5'11 with Eduardo Verastegui who is listed as 6 foot and a half, I think he is close enough to 5'11 to be called 5'11. If he is under then I would say the height he is, is the reasonable height to claim the next inch. Creds go to @Fe
ajax509 on General Height
@pov agree on this height chart! At least if you consider young men in say Germany.
Mike Sui on Vincent D'Onofrio
I think he would dwarf the Rock but by only 2cms (peak).
Mike Sui on Charlie Cox
He actually just said the truth but i think he's 180cms out of bed.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jeff Daniels
🎂🎁🎊6️⃣ Happy Birthday Jeff! 6️⃣🎊🎁🎂

A Very Happy Birthday to Jeff Daniels, who today celebrates his 6️⃣6️⃣th Birthday. 😁👍

Peak height - 6ft2.75; today - 6ft2

AndrewV on General Height

I think this would be a pretty solid chart for Northern and Central Europe where 180cm is generally the average for young guys. For young (white) Americans, French, Australians, Brits, etc. I would subtract maybe 2cm.
Nik Ashton on General Height
@ Steven Stinson - How tall are you?
Miss Sandy Cowell on Julia Bradbury
I saw an old edition of 'All Star Family Fortunes' just now on the Challenge channel and Julia appeared with members of her clan.

I couldn't help but notice that her Mum is well over a head shorter than her Dad. She doesn't even come up to her husband's shoulders! Julia, with her 5ft9, clearly gets her height from her Dad.
G Suave on General Height
@Cbrady Yes and bearing in mind I have damaged discs in my back, spinal issues including scoliosis and in addition a pelvic tilt, they told me I need to correct them so I could gain a fraction. Not to mention they gave me specific exercises I should be doing in order to attempt to fix my issue so maybe I’ll gain like a half inch when this is all done.
Rapha on Rob Paul
Hi Rob

Do you think that the sleeping position has an influence on the morning height ?
Editor Rob
I think a few mm variation is possible going from 1 pillow and on back versus elevated pillow and twisted spine.
G Suave on General Height
@Steven Stinson C-Mo is no longer posting here; but he brought up a “fake argument”/strawman argument trying to convince people that I told him he doesn’t measure 177cm 2 hours after waking up. C-Mo has made several claim before saying he was 178.4 or something out of bed and like 176cm range at a low. Now that being said he himself never claimed 177cm much he had 176.2cm in his name. He got upset when I shut him down and proved him right, then Zober stepped in. Because him and I have had a bout in the past and a few other posters started ganging up on me. Now it’s funny because this is like “whisper down the lane” with these nonsense arguments, that aren’t even true. Canson and I where also involved with another argument a few months ago in which C-Mo tried to make it seem like he’s the victim and we are attacking him. I used to have no problems with him as a poster; but he acts way too childish and has some sort of weird complex. I don’t know I’m trying to drop this all and move on but they aren’t allowing it.
Steven Stinson on General Height
@rafael proulx

i would go with 5ft8 5/8 or 5ft8 3/4
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Megan Fox
Why’s her average guess so low?
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Velvet Sky
The adult actress type names are cause of out of touch Attitude Era promoters
MaskDeMasque on Martin Freeman
He looked an inch shorter than Gervais in office. 5'6.25.
Jonus on General Height
Average: 175cm-178cm
Above Average: 179-182cm
Tall: 183cm -188cm
Very tall: 189cm-194cm
Extremely tall: 195cm+


This is how I feel it is in London as I live there.
MaskDeMasque on Johnny Depp
He generally looks 5'9 in films. 5'9 or 5'8.75 at the worst.
George89 on General Height

I spent a month in the Netherlands and I have no idea what all the fuss is about their height. Yeah on average they look a couple of inches taller than your average Brit. Which is 176cm night time height. I lived in London for years. You could argue young, white and black guys average at 178cm night time height in rich areas but that's not the full picture of the human race.

In reality I think if you were to balance your perceptions the dutch average what they were measured at 182cm. Now if you consider the majority of which would be measured earlier in the day and we're not talking absolute low, you'd be closer to 181cm night height on average for a dutch guy. Where on earth are you getting an average of 185cm for a dutch guy!?! Hahah.

Your chart is off by several cm in every country you've listed. Thanks.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Cynthia Geary
We can't exactly see Cynthia's height from the photo so I'm trusting Rob's 5ft7! 😉👌💐
Miss Sandy Cowell on Matthew Marsden
I never really took in what a nice guy Matthew played in 'Coronation Street', as Chris, the first time round. He is very kind, sympathetic and a good, faithful friend into the bargain!

6ft2.5. 😁👍
Fierce on Kendall Jenner
What do you think Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
given ellen footwear advantage, she still seemed quite tall in comparison
recapa on Zion Williamson
he is probably around a inch taller than lonzo and around an inch and a half shorter than ingram .so i ,mma guess that he is anything between 6ft5.25 and 6ft5.5.
viper on LeBron James
Bam Adebeyo measured 6-9 at the Kentucky basketball pro day.

So he's around that I think
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I just don't see any real hard evidence that he has shrunk any.

6-2 peak imo

I remember on SNL in 2000 when 6-3 Will Ferrell clearly looked taller, and I'm not even sure he was a legit 6-3 either
recapa on LeBron James
@Canson, yeah he looks about about what you said i ven read in a reddit thread that he,s been described as a 6ft4-6ft5 person and he barely looked taller than 6ft4.25 van djik too next to tacko fall.
Sakz on General Height
@Christian 6'5 3/8"  I agree. I said 'more than 5"' as 5'5.5"-5'5.75" could also perhaps cover it if I'm being technical. In general though it would be 6" as 6'3 is the start of 'very tall' for me.

@pov If 5'9-5'10 is average, I don't see how 6'0 can be 'a little above average'. 2-3" is quite a significant gap in height. There's also no way 6'1 is just 'above average' in the majority of countries, but each to their own.
Mickie on Lou Ferrigno
I'm not sure about his prime height, but his current height is over listed by at least a half inch. He's 6'2.5" max today, maybe trending more towards 6'2" flat.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Tall In The Saddle - Firstly, thanks for making me laugh!

Actually we had TWO smelly teachers, and the really disgusting thing about it is that our parents paid good money to send us there. 😒💷🔥 As well as the science teacher, who was married some years later and cleaned up his act - I know because I met him and he was really quite a nice guy - we had a stinking maths teacher, who gawped at the girls in the swimming baths, for which I pulled him up about some years later when I was 18 and in the commercial department. I seized the opportunity when I saw him looking at the legs of a bunch of girls who were walking up the school staircase, and simply couldn't hold back. Once our headmaster came in after a double maths lesson and said, "Poo! It stinks in here!" Then he opened all the largest windows, and we kids were laughing like drains. Rather an appropriate term, considering the subject, and not done with any forethought on my part....😉

So you had a dentist who had vile breath, did you? Ha ha ha - so did my brother and I! My brother called her, and still refers to her today as, 'The- Dentist-Who-Stank-From-Her-Mouth'. I reckon somebody must have complained because when I turned up for a visit one afternoon, having braced myself for torture of two different kinds, she was wearing a face covering, resembling the type we see today. I thought, "Thank **** for that!"

Yup, Einstein went in for the wild hair look, and I prefer guys like that to guys who look as though they spend half their lives in front of the mirror. I went out with a bloke rather befitting of that description, and he had a mirror in his KITCHEN even! 😂🤣😂 The funniest mirror usage I ever came across though was a couple of male flat-sharers who had a full-length mirror in their toilet, and an ashtray fixed to the wall next to the toilet seat!

Have a great weekend, Tall!

Sandy XXX 😄👍
OriginalAnon on Bill Paxton
Always looked 181cm to me. One of my favourite actors - seems like that for many people. Very likeable.
184guy2 on Roger Federer
Lol Celebheights 6'1.5

Jackman is clearly taller ... wtf you smoking ??
Stefa on Alessandra Ambrosio
Amazing, how much lies about the height of models!
In agencies, they are all credited with a height 178 cm (some kind of bewitched, ideal number). Many of them are 174-175 tall, but they are still credited with 178! Why?! :D
OriginalAnon on Cory Michael Smith
I don't see 4 inches between Rob and him. More like just over 3.
Al KW Tan on Lee Pace
At least 6'4".
Canson on General Height
@GSuave: I’m going to end my portion since they’re gone now but I felt compelled to stand up for you so no problem! It was unjust and both guys appear to be cut from the same cloth which is why I made that comment insinuating that they could be the same. C-Mo had to resort to lying and making up stuff that you didn’t even say which is what Zober did with me, making up straw man arguments and lies. They backed down when I showed proof of the lies and the bs
mande2013 on Mike Tyson
Rob, how tall do you think the guy on the left is: Click Here

That's Major League Baseball player Pete Alonso by the way.
Editor Rob
at that moment I could see him 6ft 2-2.5, if he has lost say 1cm more in posture than Mike.
Canson on Tom Brady
@Avatar: in my case I usually don’t hit my extreme low under those conditions. Usually under extreme. In my case I only fall below 6’4.25 if I’ve reached those conditions and 6’4 flat would be my extreme low. In Brady’s case I see him being about 1/4” shorter than me at most or maybe 1/8”. 6’3 7:8 is remotely possible for an afternoon but not likely

These are my guesses

6’4.75 or 6’4 7/8 out of bed
6’4 flat or 6’4 1/8

Extreme lows would be 6’3.75 or 7/8 depending.

So in this case we’re both on the same page it sounds
Canson on General Height
@Celebheights 6’1.5: I like Viper very much as a poster too. Another person who has gotten criticism (not nearly as much but in the opposite direction) is Rampage who I also feel is a really good poster and I also like him as a poster
QM6'1QM on General Height
pov said on 19/Feb/21

I just don't buy 186 cm as аbove average. Do you think a guy like James Hetfield is above average ??
I mean, the average man person height in the UK and the US is between 5'8.5 and 5'10.5 inches (for youth you can put 1/2 inch). But I don't know why ...
Yes, maybe I'm defending it, because this is literally my height, but you can argue 3-4 cm below the mark.
Maybe I have some kind of dissonance, but good eyesight.
carlospe on Leonardo DiCaprio
Antoine said on 10/Feb/21
HA low of 5'10.5 yes and 5'10.75 during the day 100%
Miss Sandy Cowell on Seal
🎊🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Seal! 🎈🎂🎁🎊

Sealy-boy turns 58 years old today. Many Happy Returns to him, and here's wishing him a great day with Heidi and the four kids. 😆👌

6ft3.5. XXX 🎶😁🍻👱‍♀️🎶

stefkat on Sarah Jessica Parker
Rob could you please tell me how is it possible that Sarah looks taller than 170 cm Cynthia ? Click Here
I mean Cynthia wouldn’t be at least 172 cm in her foot wear? and Sarah’s heels don’t look that big
Editor Rob
the sidewalk looks to be helping her a few inches, plus maybe caught in the optimal stride on one leg.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Rob - I was awake for well over 100 hours after my painful hip replacement operation three years ago to the day 😖 and when I came home and turned the TV on, I was still busily at it! Once you start eyeing up people's heights, it becomes second nature, and I was doing it long before I discovered Celebheights, except that now I have to admit I've improved considerably! 😉
Editor Rob
I was watching some NCIS show and the cameraman was doing a 360 round the actor's and height definitely can be tricky and differences can vary a fair bit.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Test
@Rampage I’m gonna trust your weak 6’5 guess considering you’ve seen him. He may have lost a tiny bit by then so I’ll put 6’5 as my vote
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Jensen Ackles
@Mikester in my case I was clearly joking because he and many of his fan girls adamantly believe him to be 6’1
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on General Height
@Christian I begin to dip under 6’3 around 9am. I usually wake up around 6-7 am

@Winkler yeah If be about half a centimetre taller than you, it would take very keen eyes to notice the difference
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin was born 97 years ago today. As a kid, I remember trying to sing along to his chart hit Wandrin' Star from his film Paint Your Wagon and failing miserably - because his voice was simply TOO DEEP!

Poor Lee lived only 63 years.


RIP Lee Marvin 🕯️ XX
19th February 1924 - 29th August 1987
Italian guy on General Height
@Jdubbz Well I am already 6 inches above average and for sure I stand out. Call it tall or very tall is debatable though...
Miss Sandy Cowell on Benicio Del Toro
🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Benicio! 🎈🎂🎁

Wishing Benicio Del Toro a fantastic 54th Birthday today.

Original height - 6ft2 and three quarters of an inch lower for nowadays.
XXX 😁🍻😆👌🎊

Steven Stinson on Cameron Monaghan
Steven Stinson on Christopher Lee
6ft5 or a 1/4 inch below at his Peak and maybe 6ft2 range before his Death
Steven Stinson on Ian McKellen
out of Bed at his Peak 183 cm, current 5ft10 - 5ft10 1/4
Steven Stinson on Keanu Reeves
Peak 6ft0 3/4, half inch loss by now
Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
@ Sandy Cowell - Yes, I agree that all animals should be able to have as much space as possible to do the things in life which come naturally to them but it is great if as many people as possible are able to see all the different types of animals that share our planet with us. I’m all for there more and more zoos being opened and their should be more wildlife programmes on our telly too. It would be great if their were more zoos but animals should spend plenty of time in surroundings that they would choose to be in.

When covid is over it would be nice for you and your boyfriend to visit a zoo, you would both have a wonderful day!
Steven Stinson on Ryan Gosling
Rob whats his inseam, 33 ?
Editor Rob
that might be likely for him.
Harris on Daniel Craig
If you look on James bond wardrobe on Instagram they give pictures and description of what outfits the bonds played.
Majority of Craig's footwear was boots. He was probably wearing lifts all the time and there is a snl clip of with Kenan Thompson and he looks quite short there.
Even with jude laws photos there who knows if Jude had lifts in them.
I think craig I'd between 176.5cm to 177.5cm
Canson on Hillary Rodham Clinton
@Editor Rob: perhaps 6’2.5 out of bed 6’1.75 afternoon height or maybe he was never 6’2.5 out of bed and only 6’2.25 dipping to 6’1.5”. There was a noticeable difference with HW Bush and him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Terry O'Quinn
Yeah I still think that looks more believable than the current listing
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Josh Holloway
I don’t know Slim, I feel overall Walker was close to 6ft2. It was definitely a mistake to downgrade Fox though
Leesheff85 on Goldie Hawn
She was easily 5ft 6 at her peak. Theres a photo of her and Davy Jones and she looks at least 3 inches taller than him in flats so 5ft 6 back then and maybe 1 to 2 inches shorter at 75
pov on General Height
I think as British and Americans we need to stop using feet and inches. Heights get distorted, and also people are more likely to be inaccurate when stating their height compared to people who use the metric system. There is also this obsession with '6 foot' being the start of 'tall', when in reality it's a little above average. Not enough to be considered 'tall' in my book.

In Europe (Excluding Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands):

Small - 170cm +/- 3cm (167cm-173cm)

174-176cm - below average

Medium 180cm +/- 3cm (177cm - 183cm)

184cm-186cm - above average

Tall - 190cm +/- 3cm (187cm-193cm)

194cm+ very tall

Only outliers are the Netherlands where I lived almost 2 years, I'd say average is around 184-185cm. And there is an argument that Scandinavian countries, average around 182cm, however I haven't seen enough data or visited to come with a conclusion. As for Spain, Portugal, Italy - they have a slightly lower average than the rest of Europe.
Nik Ashton on Robbie Williams
@ Willie James - 75 voters think he is 5’11.5”!
Nik Ashton on Mandell Maughan
5’8” is a bit of a push!
Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
berta on Tony Hawk
hm i think like this. 188,5-190,5 is possible. i would go withc 189,5
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Gronkowski
Rob's a giant next to the 5ft4 Stevie Nelson in the above picture, but then 6ft6 is huge next to most of us!

I don't think he's big-headed about it, as he doesn't include our Rob's quarter inch; he says he's a flat 6ft6. I'm of the opinion that the very tall can often omit little fractions. Let's face it - they don't really need them, do they? 😆

Miss Sandy Cowell on Burt Reynolds
"I'm the only actor under 6ft tall who admits to it..." said Burt back in 1972. I can't see the likes of Paul Newman saying he was 6ft, but as for saying he's ONLY 5ft11, that sounds a bit funny to people around my height. It's quite a tall height by any standards, and neck strain territory for me! 🙄
Miss Sandy Cowell on Mandell Maughan
Mandell has a nice, slim figure and I can believe that she's been both weights, as she'll diet just like the majority of the female population!

I'm going with 5ft6.75. 😁💐
asdl30555 on Robert Wadlow

An interesting topic! Did the doctor include hair when measuring Robert's height
Pierre on Big Show
Click Here Mark Henry (probably wearing wrestler shoes but...) closer to the camera than Shaquille

Click Here Mark Henry max same distance to the camera as big Show.Low camera angle.
Steven Stinson on Jim Parsons
Rob what about these ranges:

Kunal Nayar around 171 cm
Rauch 149-149.5 cm
Galecki 164.5 - 165 cm
Cuoco around 167.5 cm
Jim Parsons nearer 186 than 185 cm
Hellberg around 164 cm
Bialik around 162 cm
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go over 6ft 1 for Jim, the more I've seen, the greater I think just 185 is likely. Helberg at times has seemed 164-5, but overall 164 could be close for him.
Black Noir on Jonny Wilkinson
Hi rob, would u say this was an accurate representation of. Ith the rugby players heights? In the pic above?
Editor Rob
I think it looks reasonably close to the actual difference
stefkat on Rob Paul
Rob could you please tell me how much taller is the guy from the girl ? Click Here
The girl claims she is 176 cm and she is wearing those Click Here heels and the guy was wearing adidas stan smith
Thank you so much
Editor Rob
Guy might be 5ft 10.5-11
Clif booth on Brad Pitt
@rob , recent photo with clint Eastwood Click Here
viper on Matthew Fox
He can look a good 6-2.

The average guess is right at 6-1.75 and I would have him listed as that at the minimum
Resurrection of Edwards on David Beckham
beckham has looked anywhere from 179-181 but 180 cm would be best bet.
stefkat on Gal Gadot
Rob how would Gal and Taylor since you list them as the same height compare to a 185-186 cm person? If they stood together at the mirror where would their eye levels be and where would the top of their head be compared to the guy? Thank you
Editor Rob
you'd expect them to be just above the eyes of the 6ft 1 man, more top of eyebrow...
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Emma Dumont
Weak 5’9 or it’s her morning height
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Chyna
She can’t have been just 5’9 flat
Steven Stinson on Jim Beaver
Looks 5ft10 3/4 - 5ft11 based on this photo
Steven Stinson on General Height
Can someone explain me why Greg and cmo are arguing
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Ming Yao
@Canson given Yao probably loses 1.5” at least then strong 7’5 range is a good compromise. I’d say strong 7’6 out of bed abs weak 7’5 evening
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Wilt Chamberlain
@Arch you might need a wee bit more than basketball shorts to conceal that
Jean J. on Millie Bobby Brown
5’3” - 5’3.5” seems about right, I seriously don’t know why she is even adding another extra inches :b
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Shawne Merriman
@Viper yeah at least one of those is wrong. Give it a couple of years and he’ll be claiming 6’6
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Robert Pattinson
@Viper thing is there’s a larger range of healthy weights than people realise. Obviously anywhere in the average range is healthy, but there’s plenty of cases where you can be into the overweight range because of having high amounts of muscle, and that’s usually fine too I was certainly overweight when I was over 250lbs cause I had high muscle percentages but also about 27% body fat. Now I’m 208 at 11-12% and though I’m healthy and very athletic, I’m technically overweight
5'10 Dude on Ronald Reagan
I agree with your listing of 6'0½. As president, especially in his second term he could not have been over a flat 6'0. With a young solid 5'11 George W Bush he's hunched over, but doesn't really have a huge height advantage: Click Here
I know it's not necessary for the listing since it's only peak height.I just found it interesting.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Robert Pattinson
@Viper thing is there’s a larger range of healthy weights than people realise. Obviously anywhere in the average range is healthy, but there’s plenty of cases where you can be into the overweight range because of having high amounts of muscle, and that’s usually fine too I was certainly overweight when I was over 250lbs cause I had high muscle percentages but also about 27% body fat. Now I’m 208 at 11-12% and though I’m healthy and very athletic, I’m technically overweight
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Amy Schumer
No way she’s 180. Highest I can see her being is like 165 and she rounded down to 160
JohnnyBravo on Tom Cruise
5’7” dude is 5’7”.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Dolph Lundgren
6’4 flat peak
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Alex E Jones
@Meltdown yeah I know a guy with similar proportions. He’s about 5’9.5, but he’s overweight and has a massive head so he looks a lot shorter. Standing alone he looks about 5’7-8 max but standing next to someone he looks taller
5'10 Dude on Bob Hope
I think that Bob Hope's peak height may have been 5'9½ rather than 5'10. He just strikes me as more around that area while Dean Martin would have been a solid 5'10. It appears that Hope just wore regular dress shoes while Dean wore lifts. Dean can look noticeably taller than Hope in photos because of his lifts. They were above average for their time, but I wouldn't call them tall per say.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 on Burt Reynolds
Yeah Brad’s about 179cm I guess
Leesheff85 on Russell T Davies
Could russell be shrinking rob? Theres an actor called Nathaniel curtis who stars in its a sin who is listed 6ft 5 and looks at least an inch taller than russell I guess Nathaniel is 6ft 6 personally but 6ft 5 at the very least
Editor Rob
there is a chance he's lost half inch now, plus coupled with middle age poorer posture, maybe he's looking sub 6ft 5 at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jacob Rees-Mogg
6ft2 and change is possible
Resurrection of Edwards on Kane
damian priest is described as 6’5 range.he looks similar to guy’s like randy orton.kane looks 3 inch taller than priest lasttimes.kane still seems to pull near 6’7.
Matheus merino dias on Lil Yachty
how tall are youtuber Baylen Levine, look at this photo of him next to Lil Yachty
Click Here
Editor Rob
he looks to have some gain with footwear of an inch, so he might be under 3 inches taller...
Renato1 on The Weeknd
169 cm
juggernaut on Dave Bautista
I agree that Bautista should have a peak and current height listed, He was easily 6'3' in his peak and today a little above 6'2', he always edged out Goldberg, Triple H and Lesnar too.. he was same as the Rock & Edge..he looked bigger than Dwayne in their 2004 WrestleMania match but not taller.. easy 190cm peak for Batista
Vincent Caleb on Andre The Giant
He had giant hands even for his height. Freakish size. Definitely not in proportion to a 6’10-7’0” guy.
Renato1 on Axl Rose
173 cm
Iman Baihaqi81 on Mandell Maughan
SHE IS ABOUT 169 cm flat , BIG ROB IS taller than Her ,
Renato1 on Liv Tyler
She said , her oldest child is around 6ft2 at 16
Iman Baihaqi81 on Lara Peake
SHE IS ABOUT 167 cm flat , BRAVO ,
Renato1 on Mariel Hemingway
How tall are her daughters? 5ft7 and 5ft8 My guess
Miss Sandy Cowell on Kevin Dillon
Kevin is quite a bit shorter than actor brother Matt, and one of SIX children! He has two daughters, Ava and Amy.

He can have 5ft8.75.
Urueh on Lil Wayne
I thought he was like 5’8
Iman Baihaqi81 on Rosa Gilmore
SHE IS about 178,4 cm flat , BRAVO ,
Miss Sandy Cowell on Matt Dillon
🎁🎂🎈 Belated Birthday Wishes to Matt Dillon, who turned 57 yesterday. I hope he had a great time. 🎈🎂🎁

5ft11. 😁👍🍻😄👌
Miss Sandy Cowell on Molly Ringwald
💐🎂🎈 Many Happy Returns to Molly Ringwald, who celebrated her 53rd Birthday yesterday. 🎈🎂💐

My favourite of her films is far and away Stephen King's 'The Stand', which comes in two parts. They were shown on two consecutive days when it was first on our UK TVs. I simply HAD to buy it, so that I could feast my eyes on the entire extravaganza in one go, and then one day, as well as watching 'The Stand' with my friend, we followed it up with Stephen King's elongated version of 'The Shining', also a two-parter, but one which doesn't star Miss Ringwald.

Molly looked a tall, model-girl height, so I have no qualms about giving her 5ft8.
Miss Sandy Cowell on John Travolta
🎂🎁🎈 A Belated Happy Birthday to John Travolta, who celebrated his 67th yesterday.

Hope he had a good time and enjoys a happy and healthy year ahead.

Peak height - 6ft0.5; Today - 5ft11.5. XXX 🤗
18 February
6e on Russell Westbrook
Canson I see it as 1.5 inches honestly.Westbrook wears a thick sneaker and it makes him look taller with harden.I have Harden at 6'3.5 and Westbrook around 6'2-.25 at low. The average guess makes me go laugh.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Christian - You taught me the meaning of macroevolution indirectly because I had to go and look it up! No, I don't believe in that, but I do believe in the words of the Bible. Much of the Old Testament has to be interpreted as it was written so long ago. I believe that people used to be closer to God, and that human greed and vanity has turned many far too material-minded. A simple life, where one is grateful for the basics of food, clothes, shelter and friendship should be enough.

Having said that, I'd be lost without my TV, DVDs and music. What a wonderful luxury! I can honestly say that, thanks to the intelligence of invention, I never feel bored! I remember the times before the internet only too well. That is knowledge at our fingertips, for which I'm delighted to have access to. God gave us our brains and we used them well.

All the very best, Christian! XXX

Sandy 😁🍞👍🏠🧥
Mickie on Colin Salmon
People talking about tallest names on the site, Bill has to be up there. I read: Average Bill: 6ft 0.49in (184.1cm)
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hey Rob and all,

After a night and a half of staying awake, at last I've slept. 🛌💤
I woke up just before 2am and was most amused that I'd dreamt of a Mr Bottomland! 😂😂😂

What is it about surnames that can be so funny? Even if they aren't outright amusing, they can always be swivelled around to make them funny - it starts for many of us in childhood. Now I'm gripped at the end of a film or programme to read the credits, and I've found some real BRAHMAS!

Cheers everybody! 😆👌
Editor Rob
Would have been interesting measuring height after staying up a long time like that!
M.H on Paul Walker
id say it is perfectly fine for him to say he is 6'2
VitoCheng on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Although Arnold may shrink, the height of GMC Yukon next to him is 6'4.5", which makes Arnold look close to 6'3'.
Click Here
This photo may be a posture problem that makes Arnold look less than 6'0'
Click Here
Canson on Kevin Love
@Grey V: Love could be 6’7.5. As for Ingram I agree. Same as Lebron in pics. They likely boosted him to accommodate Zion and Lonzo Ball both. All three are overlisted
stiggles on Nancy Sinatra
5ft 2 max for Nancy..
stiggles on Elvis Presley
Elvis at he's peak was 5ft 10.5 flat feet. could easily look 6ft in heeled shoes / boots of the period..
stiggles on Elvis Presley
Elvis at he's peak was 5ft 10.5 flat feet. could easily look 6ft in heeled shoes / boots of the period..
BB9 on Noah Centineo
6ft 3/4 max. Im 6ft, I can see him being 6ft 1/2. 6ft 1/4 is the absolute lowest I’d have guessed. What do you think is his weight rob?
Canson on Bradley Beal
@Nik: he may be. ESP if he goes under 6’3”. Gwen if she does is at an extreme low imho. She to put it plainly looks a legit 6’3” whereas he does sometimes
Canson on Quinton Aaron
@Vincent and Editor Rob: not that I believe a full 6’8” but do you think he could lose maybe 1.5” being as obese as he is? Maybe he wakes up over 6’8” or near and dips to or even under 6’7” later
Canson on Rob Gronkowski
@Editor Rob: I’ve seen 6’6 flat for him too in a few other places. Likely that he got a different measurement from the combine than the Pro Day. 6’6 flat may be a better listing

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Layfield
Seen JBL and Test in the flesh...both looked around 6ft5. If I had to place a bet on who’d measure taller I might give JBL the edge...Test was far more jacked though...JBL had a dad bod and wasn’t really in good shape, wasn’t imposing at all
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: Bailey is likely 5’11 3/8”
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Test
@Chaos Control 6’2.5: I saw him at a TNA house show about a year before his death. Was in front of me for a couple of minutes. He was in wrestling boots, I was in work boots with a similar sort of heel...he seemed a little taller, like an inch tops
winkler91 on General Height

Well, I wouldn't claim 191cm ever. The highest I said was 190cm even though I am definitely nothing over 189cm in metric. 190.5 out of bed. From lunch to early evening I am in the 189 - 188.5 zone on normal active days.


Yes it seems to be very ver small difference between you and me
Daniel Wells on Robert Conrad
Click Here

Rob, how tall does Mobster Tony Spilotro look with Conrad? listed at 5'2 but looks a bit short-changed to me.
Editor Rob
only seems about 3 inches between them.
QM6'1QM on Jonathan Davis
He has the worst posture in the metal (nu-metal... ?!) world ever!!!
Tys da 5'10 7/8 on Steve Carell
I just can't see him as 5'9 not even because of his proportions but because iv seen him next to 5'10 co stars who don't have great posture that look more than an inch taller, I'm gonna have to give him 5'8 1/2 as I can't see him as being the same height as Tom Hardy or Jared Leto. Needs a downgrade Rob!
Monkey knees on Andy Samberg
I am 5ft 11.75in. I saw him on set when doing costume running for an older film of his, on a placement in The Us (Hot Rod), he is 5ft 9in flat. He even says it in b99 etc. Has 2 inches on 5ft 7in ian mcshane in the film.
Iman Baihaqi81 on Mandell Maughan
SHE IS about 169 cm flat , BRAVO ,
Monkey knees on Allen Iverson
5ft 11in dead on. Same range as kemba, kyle lowry etc. Not quite a 6ft solid like Lillard.
Iman Baihaqi81 on Cynthia Geary
SHE IS about 170,2 cm flat , BRAVO ,
slim 6'1 on Rob Paul
I shrink 2.5cm throughout the day
viper on Tom Brady
Geno Smith measured 6-2 3/8 and looks absolutely nothing below 6-2
Ali on Cesaro
225 - 235lbs max would be his weight, anything less than 220 would've been in his early days when he was breaking into the business.
slim 6'1 on Vikkstar123
Looks more 166cm
slim 6'1 on Gisele Bundchen
Looks at least 177cm
slim 6'1 on Chris Evans
Give him a 182.5 listing like grant gustin
slim 6'1 on Tim Robbins
I’d have no problem giving him the full 6’5”
slim 6'1 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
He was never the full 6’3” imho
slim 6'1 on Novak Djokovic
Looks a solid 186cm
slim 6'1 on Rafael Nadal
Robs listing is perfect
Ali on Roman Reigns
Adam Pearce should have a page on here, he's been featured on TV alot as an authority figure. Pearce is listed as 6'2.

In front of Roman, he looks at least an inch and a bit shorter.

That would put AP in the 6'0.5 to 6'1 range. Maybe even 6'0.75.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.