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23 May
cmillzz on The Undertaker
6โ€™11 is obviously a joke for Shaq, though.
cmillzz on The Undertaker
Shaq isnโ€™t 7โ€™1 barefoot.
Johan 185 cm on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
viper said on 20/May/19
Paul Walker isn't more than 6-1


Can't see him my height, he was usually in vans or converse and still an easy 2 inches on Diesel in boots. He also came out with a 6'3" claim, take a morning measurement and then a thin shoe he probably was. Freddy Prince jnr isn't a flat 6' though he is more a 184 cm guy.

Click Here

Back before Vin started standing like something was rammed up his xxx.

Click Here Boots against normal dress shoe. Vin isn't any less than 185 cm in those I wouldn't put Walker under 6'2" in shoes could even be a fraction more as those are thin dress shoes. Solid 6'1" range guy.

Click Here

Paul and Dwayne, an inch at most between them so Dwayne 6'2.5" -Paul 6'1.5" , although I guess Viper is logical as he believes 6'2, 6'1".

Click Here

Just showing that ^ for the footwear, Dwayne and Paul were pretty equal. A pic that makes Vin Diesel very happy.

Click Here - This was an interesting one I came across as they are both leaning, Gibson can look very similar to Diesel when in equal footwear. Rob has him at 5'10.75". Very hard to argue under 6'2" range for Dwayne.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Chloe Sevigny
That poor girl in 'American Horror Story' season two 'Asylum', having those lovely legs removed at the knee and abandoned in the woods. Then some little children see her and screaming, they get their teacher. Understandably, she cries out in fear as well. ๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

This is isn't 18-rated for nothing!

Chloe gets 5ft7.25.
cmillzz on Jake Paul
Thereโ€™s no way Vitaly is 5โ€™11. He looks 5โ€™10 at most next to Logan.
tree on Eddie Hall
He was regulary listed 188cm in his early UK competitions Click Here Click Here
Glitch on General Height

Yep iโ€™m 178cms and My Head size is 8.5inches
Miss Sandy Cowell on Zachary Quinto
I was almost beginning to like this guy in 'American Horror Story' Season Two, 'Asylum'. He didn't seem as bad as some staff members, but when he started the aversion therapy on Sarah Paulson's character, Lana Winters, he didn't seem so nice! He was a bit of a cold and heartless rotter in the first Season, and this time round, I thought he might be different. Oh well, he has just offered to take Lana out of that sick asylum come the end of the week. I'll have to see if he's true to his word because then the episode ended most shockingly, when we see what James Cromwell has done to poor Chloe Sevigny.

In Season One, he looked like 'The Tall One', with his 6ft0.75, but James exceeds him quite considerably in Season Two, by around 4.5".

I think Zachary looks like Leonard Nimoy and Eli Roth all rolled into one! He is taller than the late Leonard by three-quarters of an inch and Eli by 1.75", if my memory serves me correctly.

I'll go with 6ft0.75.
ORPHEUS on Leonardo DiCaprio
5'11.25 for Leo and 5'11 for Brad is pretty accurate based on recent photos from Cannes.
Both wearing similar footwear.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
ORPHEUS on Brad Pitt
5'11 for Brad and 5'11.25 for Leo is pretty accurate based on recent photos from Cannes.
Both wearing similar footwear.
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Craig Fairbrass
Rob, are you gonna add that photo?
Editor Rob
he was too much money for a photo op, so I don't have one.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Johan, 6-7 Rudy Gay played a whole charity basketball game with Merriman and called him 6-2.
Miiiiiiighty_- on Charles Barkley
For what it's worth, here in France he was always listed at 194cm during his heydays ( 90's )
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman with 5-8 Joey Davis. Click Here

Davis looks 5-8 tops with 5-11.5 Rampage Jackson.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Franka Potente
Franka plays the part of Anne Frank.
Loeparn on Brad Pitt
There are now numerous pictures on the net of Brad and DiCpario beside each other. I think DiCaprio overall looks to be the taller of the two, but he also has camera advantage in many of the pictures. I think DiCaprio has 1-1.5 cm on Pitt.
viper on George Clooney
5-10 would surprise me

He looks 5-9 range
Miss Sandy Cowell on Joan Collins
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‚ Happy Birthday Joan! ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’

Wishing Joan a very Happy Birthday today. She looks amazing!


Nik on Paul Rudd
He is far from short!
Adrian 184 on General Height

Yes, youโ€™re right Iโ€™d easily pull off 185 lol! How tall do you feel amongst your local community. What is the average?
Miss Sandy Cowell on Naomi Grossman
Naomi wears really scary make-up in 'American Horror Story' and regardless of her small height, she sends shivers down my spine!

5ft. I've never seen her act before.๐Ÿ“บ
It's quite an introduction, I must say!
viper on Jason Momoa
Momoa doesn't even look as tall as 6-3 Bruce Smith comparing him to Miller
houss on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Clooney looks 180 cm next to O'Donnell ,
@sotiris hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‘ not funny at all 5'7" guy , I don't pay attention to wrestling ๐Ÿคži don't even know this Hitman or whatever his name is
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jamie Brewer
Huh! You are 'a pretty girl' Jamie! Don't take any notice of what you naughty, nasty Mum tells you! ๐Ÿ˜

I think she stars in the series 'Coven'! One thing about this 'American Horror Story' is that it covers so many horror subjects, that you could never get bored! I'm buying THE LOT! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Nik on Amazon Eve
@ Rob - What was Amazon previously listed as?

R-A-N-D-O-M C-E-L-E-B!
Editor Rob
Before 1/8th listings might have been 7.5
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman looks 6-1 Max with Manny

Click Here
mehran on Scott Adkins
He is no more than 176
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jamie Brewer
Hooray! It's little Jamie Brewer, the lass who plays younger because of her height. I think she was 26 when she played Jessica Lange's daughter in the first series of 'American Horror Story'. Last night I found out that Jamie will be in more, and I can't wait! She's a smashing actress and I agree with Rob's 4ft11.5. I read 5ft4 for her!

Thanks, Rob, for adding her!
viper on Brock Lesnar
6-1 Lesnar is only an inch taller than 6-0 Cena
Man in Black on Sylvester Stallone
Caught a rerun of the original Rocky movie and he's wearing a cuban heel style boot for a lot of the movie.
185cm on Boban Marjanoviฤ‡
Look more 7-7ft 1 in that picture
Brady Narbut on Boban Marjanoviฤ‡
Good listing here, Rob. I see that you used Click Here to find Bobanโ€™s height without shoes at the Eurocamp in 2009. At his height, itโ€™s almost impossible to dispute any other height numbers with the information we are given at hand.
viper on Roman Reigns
That's ridiculous. He measured 6-2 5/8 early morning in his early 20s.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Boban Marjanoviฤ‡
7'2 with a 11 inch head. Jordan didn't look too bad next to him. Can imagine average 5'9 guys in the US standing next to Boban would look like a kid.
viper on Keanu Reeves
You can always look "tall" at 6-0
viper on Keanu Reeves
J-Dog said on 21/May/19
Always looks no lower than a very solid 6'1". He always looks "tall"

People said the same thing about 6-0 Freddie Prinze
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Dora Madison
I liked this girl! 5'6 as listed.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Kelen Coleman
Shes more like a 5'9 1/2.
viper on Sylvester Stallone
He's not even that.

He's 5-7
Colberto on Bobby Lashley
Looks 6ft1in with rob but he has half an inch footwear advantage. I saw him live on raw the other night. I was on the floor about 20 feet away. He looked 184cm range. I am around 186.5cm and I felt he was about an inch smaller than me. Seemed smaller than seth rollins in person.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Winona Ryder
Some say she is only 5'0 1/4 in real and other say 5'1-5'2 and fans say 5'3. I'll stick with 5'2 1/2 with busting a gut measurement for a small lady like her.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Geena Davis
Near 183cm peak and 5'11 1/2 now. Shes in her mid 60s and should need a peak and current height like other famous aging hollywood bunch.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jeff Goldblum
Jeff could be as low as 6'3 1/2 now and as tall as 6'4 1/4 peak. 2cm lost at 66-67 is possible and he is still consider aging well on the positive side.
Y07 on Bruno Mars
Sounds like to me he could be a strong 5'4". He could probably clear 5'5" at his maximum during the morning.
Frost on Common
That picture with Biggie Smalls excludes anything below 5'11.5" in my opinion. 5'11.75" is as low as I would go.
Sotiris Gravas on Hulk Hogan
@Heisenberg I never gave Martyn Ford more than 6'6", max. If Rico Verhoeven is really only 6'5", then Ford's under 6'6". W/ Baron Corbin (who's max 6'6", maybe even 6'5.75"), the pic looks to have been taken at an angle... Here it is again, only straightened... Click Here I'm guessing Ford had a footwear advantage.
62B on Andre The Giant
Canson said on 21/May/19
He was peak 6โ€™11 range not 7โ€™
I have to agree when it comes to peak evening. I was always a pro 7" peak Andre. But 7'0" in the morning makes the most sense. My guess Is that He probably lost a solid inch from the time he woke up until the time he went to bed. Maybe even a fraction more. I will probably always stick to 6'11" in the morning of 1988 when I bumped into him. However I think most of the time in the mid to late 80's evening in video's and pictures he looks more in the 6'10 - 6'10.5" range. No doubts for me that his poor posture has a huge affect in his standing around height. @Sotiris and JT. That picture you guys like to circulate of Andre and Arnold in the ring is useless for height comparison, as the camera angle hugely favors Arnold. All things considered, I don't think Wilt had more than 1.5" on Andre during Conan.
22 May
Mickie on Tyson Fury
Anyone who is aware of Magic Johnson's height knows Larry Bird had him by an inch and a half back in the 80s for sure. So it's really weird to see Tyson essentially look like he's struggling hard to be even 6'6" there. I wouldn't blame someone for estimating Tyson as a 6'5.5" guy from those photos alone.

Lest we forget, Tyson standing decently can look like he has a significant height advantage over Deontay Wilder, who most people estimate to be at least 6'6" himself: Click Here

Tyson did have very thin shoes on the Magic Johnson day (seen in the first picture) and did look pretty tall next to 6'6" listed (is he really that tall though?) Noah Syndergaard (who probably has baseball cleats vs Tyson's thin shoes): Click Here

However even accounting for thin footwear, in the Magic Johnson photos he just undeniably looks the shorter guy for whatever reason. It doesn't seem to make sense, but it's there. We know Magic is closer to 6'7" than the 6'9" he was listed at, and he doesn't particularly strike me as a lift wearer (although you never know I guess).
cmillzz on Rob Paul
Rob, getting down near low height 4-5 hours out of bed isnโ€™t that unusual, right?
Editor Rob
If you are active you could get near it within 5 hours.
Damon Blank on Johnny Yong Bosch
5 ft 6 and three quarters, 5 ft 7 is more likely. 5 ft 9 is just pushing it.
Damon Blank on Patton Oswalt
How does he have the guts say he's 5 ft 7? I don't think he's anywhere near 5 ft 5 either. Very short dude. 5 ft 3 is more likely.
JessicaA on Blake Lively
A little shorter than 5โ€™8โ€ Karen Elson

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Leonardo DiCaprio
Rob, how tall do you think that Leonardo DiCaprio looks in recent photos by Brad Pitt? If heโ€™s not wearing lifts, then he looks somewhat taller than this listing by him; or it could be that Brad Pitt has shrunk.
Editor Rob
From all the photos I saw, I think they are reasonably close...
Doink on Karlie Kloss
From Express' Instagram account story, Kloss (in heels) & NBA star Victor Oladipo (measured 6'3.25" at NBA combine without shoes, 6'4.25" with shoes) go back to back.

Click Here
saltyfish177cm on Russell Tovey
Big Rob, if Russel and Mike Tyson stood next to eachother, would there really be any noticable difference?
Editor Rob
They'd be close, but I think Tyson might have the better chance of measuring slightly taller.
ggangsta on Matt Damon
I think its time to downgrade him to 176.5 cm that is his real height.
Nik on Jessica Lange
@ Sandy Cowell - Isn't she just? Jessica turned 70 on the 20th April but she does look to be much younger! Also it must be said that she is a real ๐ŸŒŸ, you are so right in saying this!

I like your use of the word "aplomb" in your last comment, your previous use of this word on celebheights was on the page of Vincent Price!

It is interesting that Jessica is down as being 5'8" on a number of sites!
179cm guy on Leonardo DiCaprio
Rob, have you seen Leo and Brad's pictures next to each other at Cannes this year? ( Click Here )
Nik on Kurt Fuller
@ Bobby - That's what I thought too!
James Brett 172cm on Patsy Palmer
Thrilled too hear sheโ€™s returning too eastenders. I have lost interest in the soap for many years but she has a special place in my heart as one of my favourite characters ever :-)
Nik on Dominique Swain
@ Sandy Cowell (autocorrect tried to change Sandy to a Sandy!) - I doubt that Dominique is the full 5'8" but I can tell you that she is down as being a five foot eighter on some internet sites (IMDb is one of them!), she is listed as 5'7" on a number of sites too!

It is also interesting that all the vowels are in her name!

The average vote stands at 5'6.5" after 6 votes, she does look close to 5'6.5" in the photograph above!
fabrizo on Leonardo DiCaprio
hello rob what do you think about photos of cannes of leonardo dicaprio and brad pitt?in my opinion they have the same height about 5'11' range i see many photos and both are less than 6'1.5 tarantino
Editor Rob
They are pretty close in height.
khaled taban on David Beckham
Also, I'd say Beckham looks weak 5'11" with Ander Herrera, that's a difference of inch~3cm not only 2cm
Guest66 on Kelen Coleman
She seems to be a bit concerned about height, judging by her tweets.
Terry on Oliver Reed
Hmmm, Oliver Reed is difficult to judge how tall. He was big and burly though and had to be at least 5'10.
jsdg on Sophie Turner
Is she exactly 5'9 or a little below it.. what do you think rob?
Editor Rob
I think you could argue her range as 5ft 8.75 to 9
Bobby 5ft 10 on Matt Ryan

How is he a weak 5'10? Rob's eyes are looking at the tip of Matt's nose. That's a solid 2 inches.
AAK on Jeremy Corbyn
I've stood next to him. I'm 5'11.5" and was wearing boots with an inch-thick sole, and he wasn't much shorter than me - he's 5'10", not buying anything less.
6james94 on Paul Rudd
At ringo
Justin Theroux is standing in area where he would appear taller then what he is the sidewalk isn't even though they did seem even when theroux was barfeet and Rudd was in shoes.
Dmeyer on Wade Williams
Keach was not less than 5'10,75 in prison break as rob Saw him 10-15 years back , even counting footwear Wade and Stacy look near enaugh 5'11 with 184 Miller and near 185 Peak Purcell
Lava on Football Soccer
Lamela - 185 cm
Dele Alli - 188,5 cm
NCL on The Undertaker
Here are my currents/peaks. Going to go into more detail later:

Giant Gonzalez: 7'7.25"
Great Khali: 7'1"
Andre the Giant: 6'10" (7' peak)
Big Show: 6'9.5" (7' peak)
Kevin Nash: 6'9" (6'10" peak)
Big Cass: 6'7.5"
Kane: 6'6.5" (6'7.5" peak)
Braun Strowman: 6'6.5"
Baron Corban: 6'6.25"
Undertaker: 6'6" (6'8" peak)
Drew McIntyre: 6'4.5"
Hulk Hogan: 6'4" (6'6", down to 6'3" for a while prior to back surgery)
Randy Orton: 6'4"
The Rock: 6'3"
Brock Lesnar: 6'2.5"
Roman Reigns: 6'2.25"
Edge: 6'2" (6'3" peak)
HHH: 6'2"
Miss Sandy Cowell on Annie Corley
Oh, nice! I'm almost certain that I have a copy of 'Law Abiding Citizen' upstairs, though at the moment I am so absorbed in 'American Horror Story' that I cannot be bothered with anything else! I ordered Season Three this morning at about 4am....

Yup, you're right about it being an excellent watch! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ“บ
Miss Sandy Cowell on Christine Adams
@ Nik - Ha ha ha! Christine just popped up as a Random Celeb and when I saw that she was wearing a big, bold hat, I was fairly certain that you'd written something about it, and you have - exactly 11 months ago to the day!

I see 5ft8 before me. And a misleading hat!
MaryAnne on Height Request
I love you Sandy!!! What are you up to?
I request Liya Kebede who is a famous model and actress. She is known for leading role in ''Desert Flower''.
Darron kenta on Ryan Thomas
I feel bad for him. Imagine being below average and having your 2 younger brothers be so much taller than you. Especially Scott towers over him and makes him look tiny.
Onabill Choudhury on Boban Marjanoviฤ‡
Rob what category are you going to put him in! He just bagged himself a part in John Wick 3, can he be considered a Hollywood actor ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚ 7 ft 2 1/4 for the current Tallest basketball player which is a good shout for this talented giant
Editor Rob
Well he's a basketball player, but maybe he will do more acting in the future?
Miss Sandy Cowell on Kim Wilde
๐ŸŒž Correction Time! ๐ŸŒž

That should have been Pete Townshend. It was the freakin' autoincorrectus!
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Georges Clooney/6"0.75'Barack = Click Here Click Here
miko on Martyn Ford
The more I've seen of Ford, I think Rob's 6'6.75 listing is actually pretty much spot on. 6'8 in footwear.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Bradley Walsh
Braddles has been creasing up again! ๐Ÿคฃ

There was a question on today's Chase, which went, "What 1993 film is concerned with activities around the place Gobbler's Knob?"

The contestant, a bloke called Ashley, was laughing as well, and Anne had difficulty keeping a straight face. Then when Ashley kept saying Gobbler's Knob, Bradley was laughing so much, he had to ask the guy not to say it anymore!

The answer, in case you're interested, was 'Groundhog Day'.

Today Bradley can have 5ft8.5. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Greg on General Height
@Canson I am suprised people challenge a 6'4 guy on their height, I guess maybe to inflate but not sure how you got guessed shorter unless you where slouching or someone had a footwear advantage and didn't realize it.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Hayley Lovitt
Mrs Lovitt's meat pies! URGHH! (From Sweeney Todd). ๐Ÿฎ
Greg on General Height
@Bobby I believe the average headsize is approx 9.5 inches mine is probably between 9.5-9.7

@avi that is absolute nonsense lmao, nobody is going to say you are not 6'0 if you are close, why are you saying 5'11.5 if you are actually 6'0 or taller? That is ridicolous there's always going to be someone who disputes any claim it's best to ignore them and move on because you truly know your height.
ken6-3 on Conan O'Brien
Terrible angle and Lewis could be wearing Timbs for all we know

"Canson said on 27/Apr/19
Lennox Lewis towers Conan here. If Lewis is 6โ€™4.75 at a low (I donโ€™t go below 6โ€™4.5 for him) Conan doesnโ€™t look that much over 6โ€™3โ€

Click Here
ken6-3 on Karen Gillan
Definitely 5'10" and damn is she hot!!
Space on Brock Lesnar
Look at pics of 6โ€™1.5โ€ StephCurry and Shaq together, thereโ€™s less of a height difference between them than compared to The Rock and Shaq. I personally look more of Steph Curryโ€™s height next to a 7footer.
Also, the picture of 6โ€™2โ€ Lesnar and Shaq has more of a height difference than Curry and Shaq together.

If you think curry is taller than 6โ€™1.5โ€ look at pictures of him with 6โ€™1โ€ Obama.
c-mo on General Height

this is what I look next to my friend who is around 180.6 at night . you will probably look similar next to your friend

Click Here

but it's odd . the difference looks more on the photo

here I am with a 184cm friend ....this is actually I how look next to my 181cm friend from above in real life

Click Here

its pretty funny xD in real life the difference between friend 1 is the same as friend 2 on the photo and vice versa . so take pic 2 and thats how I look next to my 181cm friend actually and take pic 1 to see how I look to my 184cm friend

@Johan 185 cm

am I really a "regular" 176cm guy though ? several hours of the day I am over 176cm . and I bet a lot of guys who are 175cm at night will say they are

as I told you I live in germany with an average height of 5'11 for young men and I dont feel short here even . but it is definitely lower than the average for young ethnic german men

what is your guess on the average night height for young european (all europe) men ? my guess is 177cm at night
Akash// 182 CM on Jake Paul
Logan himself said in his podcast that Jake is 3 inches shorter than him. Case closed. He's 5'10.75" at most.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rhea Bailey
I think Rhea looks a bit more than 5ft3. I'll give her half-an-inch more, a nice cup of tea and a cookie!
Sean william Winter on General Height
avi my dad is 5 ft 10/. mom is 5ft 2 at age 62. my dad is 68. so i guess i took my dads hieght??
Miss Sandy Cowell on Kelen Coleman
ONLY 5ft10? It's just as if a guy said he's ONLY 6ft3!

Dark-haired Kelen can have 5ft9.75.

Miss Sandy Cowell on Susannah Flood
I do like Susannah's dress and shoes! She can have 5ft7.

๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘›
Miss Sandy Cowell on Boban Marjanoviฤ‡
He's huge! It makes sense that Boban is a basketball player...


cmillzz on General Height
What one person might think is a โ€œspecialโ€ height might not be so special to the next person. But generally, I think most guys probably would want to be at least Robโ€™s height at lowest. At highest, that will vary considerably. Seems like a lot of guys on here would say around Viperโ€™s height though, so about 6โ€™3.
Vtec on Brad Pitt
Looks 5'10 next to leo
cmillzz on Rupert Grint
@Paul Wood
yep. I think once a guy hits 173cm, heโ€™s in the average range.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Dora Madison
I don't know who she is, so I will have to agree with Rob's 5ft6 for Dora.
Dream on Tom Hopper
Rob, even though itโ€™s already talked about, would you say Nonso Anozie was still taller than someone like Tom Hopper?
Editor Rob
They don't look an inch apart in person...but then I'd still say nonso had the better chance of measuring over 6ft 5
cmillzz on General Height
lol, your life wouldnโ€™t be any different if you were 178 at a low.
cmillzz on General Height
yeah, I have a habit of overestimating peopleโ€™s heights in real life to be honest, and also selective memory issues with noticing taller people. Average canโ€™t be higher than 5โ€™9 in the USA, even for the younger generation.
edwards on Kane
@heisenberg89 dont know about boots or other but kane is clearly taller than taker,look isaac yankem as kane and undertaker staredown kane is taller than taker,also there are mid 90s matches and staredown which shows kane wasnt wearing any lifts and you can easily see kane is taller,yes he may be barely taller but personally i am sure he is taller than taker.my bet is peak taker at 6'7.5 and peak kane at 6'7.75 or even 6'8
cmillzz on General Height
c-mo would be taller than Tom Hardy imo. Better chance of Hardy being a weak 5โ€™9 than strong 5โ€™9, just my opinion. Not that thereโ€™s a huge difference between the two.

And thereโ€™s plenty of European countries with a 5โ€™8 range average too. Iโ€™d be surprised if thereโ€™s many third world countries with an average that high.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Height Request
That was aimed at you MaryAnne! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’
Sakz on General Height
@avi I'd say it's the start of tall in a lot of places, which is why people consider it tall as a result because it is comfortably taller than the average person. 6'4 you can argue is definitely very tall, especially if 5'9 is the average like it is reported to be where I live. It's not a rare height but definitely not common either.
edwards on The Undertaker
Looko10 said on 21/May/19. oh dude,gimme a break you mean kane aint no taller than taker.damn,watch the staredown between kane as isaac yankem and undertaker,kane as fake diesel and unabomb.in all of those staredowns and confrontation,you or anyone can see and say that kane is clearly taller than taker,damn gimme a break,sorry dude,not buying it.ofcource kane wasnt wearing those wrestling boots and is easily half inch taller than taker,it has often been revealed that taker too wore inner lifts.are you saying this for real?watch those staredowns in early 90s when both were wearing same shoes without lift and you can easily see that kane is easily taller.
grizz on Keanu Reeves
He seemed considerably shorter than Lance Reddick in John Wick 3. He had me fooled all these years. He's nowadays a strong 6 footer, but certainly 6'0.5 at his prime.
Vegas' on Dalip Singh
@ MelvinJones, Khali was listed 7'3 most of his run in WWE

2007 Click Here
2011 Click Here

He was listed 230cm in Japan which is 7'6.5 @ 2 minute mark Click Here

As said before there is no logic in wrestling billings. Just because Andre was listed 7'4/7'5 doesn't mean he was 4/5 inches taller than Big show who has been billed 7 foot for 15+ years in WWE. Kane and Show were billed same height in WWE and Show easily 3.5-4 inches taller
Mickie on Tyson Fury
Another thing that's confusing about the Magic pics. The way each stacks up next to Carmelo.

Click Here
Click Here

Pretty confusing lol.
Mickie on Tyson Fury
Fury looks shockingly short next to Magic. Don't know how to explain that, unless some of these other boxers like Wladimir and Wiilder are shorter than we all thought. Could David Allen have been on to something thinking Wlad was 6'4" range without lifts?
FBI on Kevin Hart
@Parker (5 ' 5 '') - (3 inches) =
5.16666667 feet (5 feet 2 inches)

Forgive my wording if any errors occur. You can't edit posts, to correct wording.

@Junior Hernandez 1990 This was exactly the video I was referring to, glad you caught up to that. All it takes is a quick google search, you can compare heights with celebs and generally will come to a good and honest conclusion.
James Keffer (185 cm) on Hailee Steinfeld
Click Here 3:54 . She's almost as tall as 5'10 Shawn Hook when wearing heels. Maybe your 5'6.75 listing was better Rob.
Pierre on Dolph Lundgren
@Rising=Lol Of course Rising, if you take an example with Dolph perfectly straight and Barack slouching and more distant to the camera than Stephen Colbert......Plus the camera is low in Barack's pic and high in Dolph's pic....Then your lines will always prove Dolph is easily taller than Barack ...Dolph and David Soul are very close one to the other in my example and even if David is standing a little bit closer to the camera you can see the difference,and David is not always standing perfectly straight and Dolph does not really slouch here...
Jack Daniels on Leonardo DiCaprio
Hi! Yesterday we saw Mr Pitt and Mr Dicaprio beside each other at the Festival of Cannes. They looked approximatively the same height, maybe one inch at the very max for Leo. I think that Brad could shrink a little at the age of 55, perhaps 1 cm? 5'10,5" for Brad and a strong 5'11" for Leo is what I think.
Arch Stanton on Clint Eastwood
6'3.5 as his low is believable peak but I thought he edged Donald Sutherland. I don't know why people think he looked 6'3 flat tops, he stood noticably taller than guys like Charlton Heston.
Arch Stanton on Laird Hamilton
Laird is in flip flops though and in some of the others with Sacha looks taller. I think nearer 6'2 flat, maybe 6'2.25 would work for now.
Arch Stanton on Laird Hamilton
I think he'd probably measure something very similar to Andy Murray on the stadio.
Arch Stanton on Laird Hamilton
Rob I'm not sure he is as high as 6'2.5, see him with Baron Cohen Click Here From what I've seen if anything he can look 187. If Gabby Reece is 190 he can look 188 but not sure he'd be as high as 189.2.
Editor Rob
Yeah it's probably likely he wasn't over 6ft 2.
Nik on Emma Dumont
It would be great to see her pictured with Rob!
Nik on Jane Espenson
Her claim is very believable!
Blake on Sookie's Den
Rob, I was just on YouTube looking at some clips of Howard sternโ€™s late show appearance and I think this might be big g in the background. Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah it looks like he's still out and about getting autographs. It can be a very lucrative business!
Deng on John Cho
I've met him. Very nice guy and even insisted on taking a photo with me. He's definitley at the very least a quarter inch away from 5'10". I'm a solid 5'7 and he was a solid 2" taller than me in flats.
6footTom on General Height

I don't know if it's common but it definitely happens. I once met a girl who claimed to be 5'11" even though I was about an inch taller than her when she was wearing 3-inch heels, which would make her around 5'9" barefoot.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sheree Murphy
So Sheree was in the soap 20 years ago, long before I watched it. She hasn't accrued any comments so far, so she can have this one!๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜

Plus a guess of 5ft5.25.
Nik on Sookie's Den
MikeV10 on Kevin Nash
Taker and Nash face to face

Click Here
5'9guy on Fidel Castro
Che Guevara was 172 cm
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Gladstone Screwer - You DID come back! I hope you're in good health.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rachel Riley
I watched Friday's Countdown this morning, and there's a young fellow on there who has been getting record-breaking scores. What got to me was the good sense of humour of the other contestant. He knew he wouldn't beat the boy, but was so very humorous about it! I took more to him than I did the brain box. At one point, he said "I'll make it easy and say nought!"

Rachel still comes over as taller than her 5ft7, which goes to prove that if you're in excellent shape, that can apply to ANYONE!



Sotiris Gravas on Nathan Jones
@Junior Hernandez Not that one pic proves anything, but here's an interesting pic of White w/ maybe 6'1.25" Djimon Hounsou (2008)... Click Here
Nik on Kimora Lee
She comes from a tall family!
184guy2 on Tyson Fury
The truth is that Magic has never been just 6'7 , always a fraction over and maybe wears some questionable footwear
Miss Sandy Cowell on Glen Campbell
I remember 'Rhinestone Cowboy' very well indeed! ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽง

I never knew Glen was 6ft.

RIP Glen xxx
Miss Sandy Cowell on Naomi Campbell
๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ Happy Birthday Naomi! ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’

That's a nice outfit you're wearing! Well, as they say, if you've got it....

I wish you a smashing time today!๐Ÿ˜


Jammes on Jon Cryer
Gene Hackman is the only Lex Luthor thats accurate in height at 6'2? Rosenbaum is almost 6'0.
Spacey is in the 5'9 range and Cryer is 5'8 range. Eisenberg is the shortest.
Rosenbaum is my favorite but dang,wish we could get a tall intimidating Lex like Billy Zane or Mark Strong. SMH Hollywood you never fail to amaze me
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ginnifer Goodwin
๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’ Happy Birthday Ginnifer! ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’

Have a wonderful time today, girlie!


Miss Sandy Cowell on Morrissey
๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ˜ Happy Birthday Morrissey! ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ˜

Is it 60 today? I think so! Have a great time Mr M. and talking about time, doesn't it just fly by? โœˆ๏ธ


Y07 on Kevin Hart
@Junior Hernandez 1990 Judging by this. Lil Duval may be somewhere between 1/2" (half inch) to 3/4" (three-quarter inch) taller than Kevin Hart. Then again, i have no idea what footwear they were wearing that day.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Katie Price
๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽˆ Happy Birthday Katie! ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚

Have a great time with your lovely family, you gorgeous, talented Mum!


Miss Sandy Cowell on Franka Potente
There are so many faces popping up in 'American Horror Story', and in episode 4 of Season Two, Franka Potenta has joined the cast. She isn't playing her normal glamorous part. She is playing the part of a German girl who was in Auschwitz and she has recognised James Cromwell as one of the torturers.

She was utterly gorgeous in the film 'Creep' but this role is showing us what a serious actress she can be, not that her part in 'Creep' wasn't excellent, because it was. She looks model-girl tall, so I will agree with Rob's 5ft8. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜
Daniel reynolds on Anthony Joshua
Anthony is a solid 6,6. No disputing that. Anthony isn,t any less.
Nik on Deepika Padukone
All the vowels are in her name!
Miss Sandy Cowell on James Cromwell
He might be all smiles in the picture above, but he's scaring the cr@p out of me in 'American Horror Story', Season Two. It is called 'Asylum' and I think he belongs there himself!

James has just amputated the legs from poor Chloe Sevigny - for trying to escape; what a horrible monster! He didn't even make a neat job of it! ๐Ÿ–• She, at 5ft7, looks tiny next to him. I've never hung out with a guy over 6ft4, and I've known two of them. Boy, did they give me neck-ache! To encounter a fellow of 6ft5.5 would be even worse, especially if he's as unhinged as this one!

Ha ha! To think he was in the 'Little House on the Prairie' and the 'Babe' films, and now I see him in THIS! I've just ordered the third season!

Am I a glutton for punishment or what? Littlelee - you're right! It has captured my interest in no uncertain terms...๐Ÿ˜‰

6ft6.5 for his optimum height and I'll chop off an inch for his height today.
21 May
Nik on Amazon Eve
Nice pic!
Nik on Daisy Waterstone
She does look about 5'2.5"!
Nik on Alexis Georgoulis
Thanks, it is always interesting to discover things like this!

I have recently discovered that each vowel appears once and only once within the seven letter French word Moineau! I can tell you that Moineau is the French word for Sparrow and that it is also a French surname!

I think that one voter could have offered Alexis 5'9"! That's you that is, not!
Antonia111 on Brad Pitt
All of Brad's shoes are really good elevators because it's made with his exact dimensions to make it as sleek as possible.

Brad is only barefoot 175.0-176.0cm or solid 5'9. Based on with gwyneth paltrow barefoot too.

Although it is highly possible for him to have gone and stretched his body with monkey bar or that japanese height increasing machine. He could be solid 178cm 5'10 today.

In hollywood 5cm bump is a normal thing and with Brad wearing sleek lifted shoes, he's simply rated 180cm.

I would rate him today 178cm 5'10 barefoot. Although he was 5'9 for sure with gwyneth paltrow.
Spencer on Mark Paul Gosselaar
182 cm
Jammes on Neve Campbell
I remember she wore boots in the first Scream movie while Courtney Cox were heels,she looked a bit taller than Courtney there. I need to watch Scream 2 to see her footwear she looks much taller than Court here
Click Here
Nik on Alyson Stoner
It's incredible how tall some of the commenters think she is!
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
With that being said, that makes his cousin Roman Reigns shorter than people realize, along with everyone else in the wwe Roman Reigns height range.

Nah, Reigns measured 6-2 5/8.

He's 6-2 at least.
Intevel on Hayley Lovitt
How tall in those heels Rob?
Editor Rob
I would doubt less than 3.5 range
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Rock has never been taller than 6-2.

6-2 Eddie George looked a bit taller than him in 2004
viper on Giannis Antetokounmpo
How tall is Marc Gasol, 7-0?
afzal on Anushka Sharma
Just because ur fan of Salman khan that's why ur not listing her 5.6and half because Salman is 5.6 in reality
viper on Giannis Antetokounmpo
How tall is Serge Ibaka?

He was measured at 6-10.25 in shoes but we know that doesn't mean anything
Stephen Ronald on Wilt Chamberlain
We met him in 1982. He was no way less than 7 foot 2.
Stephen Ronald on Jeremy Lin
Rob, I respectfully agree. He is 6 ft 2.25. I met him at a fair and he was about 2 inches taller than me. (Afternoon height 6 ft 0.25 in.)
Stephen Ronald on LeBron James
Hey Rob, A big NBA fan here. In my experience, I met King Lebron about 5 months ago at a Lakers game. I am 6 ft 0 and went to the game with a 6 ft 6 friend. We met Lebron at the end of the game and took a selfie with him. Lebron was about 10 inches taller than me and 4 inches taller than my friend. He had to be 6 ft 10. I asked him how tall he was and he said 6 9 without shoes and 6 10.5 in shoes. So my guess is 6 ft 9. Also, my friend who is 6 11 met him and he was right about the same height with shoes. So Rob any possibility of 6 9? Nice website btw...
Editor Rob
That figure of 6ft 9 seems hard to believe, though I can see how he is guessed 6ft 8 range or 8.5 by people.
Stephen Ronald on Isaiah Thomas
I think Isaiah is 6 foot 0. I met him at a basketball camp that I attended and he was talking to me. It was cool to meet him in person and he said I had true skills. I am 6 foot 0 as well and he was at my height, at most 0.5 inches shorter. I say 5 foot 11.5- 6 foot 0. Probably 6 ft 0.5 in the morning. Isaiah told me he was 5 foot 11 but he was measured at the camp at 6 foot 0 and I was measured at 6 foot 0.25. He said that he thought he was 5 foot 11 but in reality might be taller. My friend who is 5 foot 9 was there and he was measured at 5 foot 9.5. Isaiah was clearly 2.5 inches taller. Isaiah said he wanted to seem short and be a star player. Also, my other friend is 5 foot 11.75 and Isaiah was just a hair taller. There is no option to guess 6 ft. So going with max 5 foot 10.5. What do you think Rob?
184guy2 on Anthony Joshua
Clearly taller than Wlad :
Click Here
thejeanli on James Charles
Rob plz add Jeffree Star!!!!!!!!โ€™

plz plz plz ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
James E on Isaiah Thomas
yeah he's under 5'9... I'm a true 5'9er barefoot like EXACTLY on the dot and I met him in person, he's shorter by an inch. I'll give him 5'8 but hes probably even a little shorter without shoes. I'm a little over 5'10 with regular sneakers on and he seemed almost 3 inches shorter honestly.
Joshua C on Kane
The Matt Morgan vs Kane match, kane had his small boots on and you can obviously tell, if you actually look, that Matt has his HUGE internal lifts on.
Jay on Willow Smith
Iโ€™m going with 5โ€™6 minimum, since she towers over her mom in flats.
Adrian 184 on Martyn Ford
How does Eddie manage to make the difference between him and Martyn Ford so small in the pic that @sotiris posted? Eddie is 6โ€™1.5โ€ and Ford 6โ€™6.75โ€ yet the difference looks 2โ€
Hong on Clint Eastwood
Just finished watching The Mule, his posture is pretty bad, but still looks like he could be in the 6ft range, the movie was very enjoyable, Clint was very good in it, a quite underrated movie IMO, got a lot of bad reviews by the PC brigade.
Kristian 5'11 on Jeff Cavaliere
Might be fake though, not gonna lie
QM6'1QM on General Height
Recently i spoke with with one guy which claimed about own height as 6'1 ... And i reply him: "No, bro, i'm authentic 6'1 without shoes". And i got his new claim - no-no, man, you're taller than 190 cm, you should be 193 cm ... I threw challenge with using look of us in the mirror .. He only was little bit taller than line of brows. Between us was view of strongest 8 cm (maybe to 8 from 9 cm) difference (i think he's equals 177 cm/5'9.75 of legit average young man). I dont kidding here, guys, it's real life with trutly stories. I had only one thing: shock and fast heartbeat!
Kristian 5'11 on Jeff Cavaliere
Jeff's measurements are actually now official: Click Here

His height is recorded at 5'10 1/2, so I think it is time to update this one Rob ;)
khaled taban on Seamus Dever
He looks taller than 173cm but shorter than 174cm, so he gets 5'8.25" from me.
khaled taban on Stana Katic
I'd say she looks between 5'8"-5'9", I'd give her 5'8.75" though!
khaled taban on Monet Mazur
khaled taban on Hayley Lovitt
Well, I guess she is more like 5'5.5"
Nik on Lisa Haydon
There are some interesting comments on this page!
Gabretva on Height Request
Rob, how about Ayrton Senna, for me the best formula 1 racing rider, he's listed at 175 cm
Nik on Camille Guaty
She's very precise!
Gabrieltva on Height Request
Rob, you should do a article about Raphaรซl Varane, his height in google is 191, but i really think he is taller than that, like 191,5 almost 192.
Nik on Bill Goldberg
I like it that he said his weight was: "270 man"!
RichardSpain on Laurence Fishburne
In my opinion he is 181 now maybe 182 young. But not six footer like he said...and claimed
Nik on General Height
Nik on Catherine Tyldesley
She doesn't look 5'8" in the photograph on Paula Lane's page!
khaled taban on Zayn Malik
Rob, How could you list Gigi as 175cm and Zayn Malik as 172cm when the difference is much more than 3cm.
I think this guy wears big lifts
khaled taban on Taylor Swift
Weak 5'9" woman trying to claim 5'11", so ridiculous!
Canson on The Undertaker
RJ is probably only 6โ€™6โ€ like he once Said. Looks the same with Love as it does with Lebron
Dream on Dan Snow
Oh look, Dan looks over 6โ€™5โ€ with 6โ€™3.75โ€ Andrew Freddie Flintoff at 4:45-4:50 seconds. โ€” Click Here

Hereโ€™s Anthony Joshua with Andrew Freddie Flintoff (Yes, they have the same posture). โ€” Click Here

Dan even looks taller than Anthony Joshua, by comparison, and he still had the lower eye level.

At this point, I have 99.3% confidence Dan Snow is easily this listing.
Nik on Robbie Williams
@ Wine Berry - I like your name!

Robbie Williams is a great singer!
Nik on Bayley
Carmella knows her stuff!
Nik on Alexa Bliss
She is nice and honest!
Nik on Baron Corbin
44 voters have total faith in our Rob!
Greg on Alexis Georgoulis
Iโ€™m not too familiar with this guy I think he would be taller than flat 5โ€™10 but maybe a weak 5โ€™11 guy
Nik on Grace Jones
Sarah Douglas would not want to see the average votes on this page and her own page!
Nik on Paul Sinha
@ Rob - Then we would know you know, whether you or 3 other voters know!
Dream on Dan Snow

In that photo with Dan Snow, Prince Harry is lifting his foot up, gaining more height.

Hereโ€™s another shot of Dan Snow and Prince Harry, who has super thick hair.

Click Here

Dan definitely looks over 6โ€™5โ€ there.

Dan looks almost two inches taller than Dan Walker and comparison, looks taller than 6โ€™5.25โ€ listed Ashley Banjo.

I highly doubt Dan is under 6โ€™5โ€.
Nik on Andrea Gabriel
@ Sandy Cowell - Join the club!
Lamont Cranston on John Slattery
At about the 2:40 mark on this video:

Click Here

You see that "Roger Stone" appears to wear lifts, as he comes down a lot more than "Don Draper" does when he takes off his shoes...it looks like around a 3 inch difference, at the minimum..
Editor Rob
That definitely was the intention, to show the character wears them.
Nik on Hayley Lovitt
5'6" is fair enough!
Dann D?az on Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy is a very solid 5ยด9"... Rob, how much do you think Tom's height is out of bed?
Editor Rob
probably in 5ft 9.75-10 zone, it is doubtful he falls under 5ft 9.
Nik on Sookie's Den
Greg on General Height
@175guy yeah it does if your discs arenโ€™t fully hydrated and you didnโ€™t get a proper amount of sleep you might wake up a fraction lower or maybe say hit your low quicker than usual. Also to answer what you asked Rob yes youโ€™re a legit 5โ€™9 if youโ€™re back 174.7 at your absolute lowest nobody is going to call you out if you claimed 175/5โ€™9 no height police is going to stadiometer you and tell you youโ€™re 0.03 off youโ€™re a height fraud some guys with your stats would claim 5โ€™10 ๐Ÿ˜‚.

@Kevin extreme common, think Taylor swift and a few others canโ€™t think of any from the top of my head but Iโ€™m sure if you browse on celeb heights youโ€™ll find plenty of height frauds women included. I remember this girl who I edged out claimed to be 5โ€™11 and Iโ€™m 5โ€™10.5 she first said 5โ€™10.5 even though I think she was more 5โ€™9.75-5โ€™10 flat she might dip below it by a fraction but definetly not how a legit 5โ€™11 woman would appear. I think in your case she thinks because sheโ€™s taller than most men she can get away with it maybe she hasnโ€™t come across a proper 6โ€™1 guy! Let alone 6โ€™0 you should call her out lol claim 5โ€™11 and see what she says just to get a kick out of her ๐Ÿ˜‚.
Nik on Andrew Whyment
He did look a tad shorter than Antony Cotton on Corrie this week!
Nik on Height Request
@ Rob - Please add David Silva, he is probably the best player in the world not to have a page! He plays for what may well be the world's best team!
Nik on Height Request
@ Sandy Cowell & Rob - It would be amazing to see Jamie Brewer on celebheights! She is a model and actress so she has many strings to her bow, quite a few sites list her as 5'4" but you both believe she is clearly shorter! I haven't seen her down as being anything other than 5'4"!
Editor Rob
If there are sites listing her 5ft 4, I think it's worth getting a more realistic figure out there, I think close to 5ft might be more believable.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ryan Gosling
@CDS Remember The Titans was release in 2000 and Ryan turns 20 so he shouldn't have grown since then. But there is a problem with some movie production delayed and would turn out releasing out to theatre or vhs/dvd/blueray a few years later. To me i suspect that movie was filmed in 1997 because Ryan look very young like he was only 17 and he does look near 2" shorter than 6'0.75" Ethan Suplee there and great chances Ryan had grown a bit over 1" and stop at 6'0. I'm not so sure if he look 6'0.25" as listed. I always sees him a flat 6'0 guy since before he was famous.
nUb on Height Request
Hi Rob, any idea of how tall are the other girls (haim sisters) now that you can see them here(link of the video down below) close to Emma Stone, the tallest girl Este Haim said she was 6ยด0ยดยด but Im not sure. here the link:
Thanks, btw I love your page :)
Sakz on General Height
@Kevin Probably not as common as men, but not uncommon either. There's more of an expectation on men to be taller rather than women.
Sean william Winter on General Height
if you think about it hieght really is irelevant. say after age 18. might aswell focus on things you can control. body fitness successs wealth. money. if your under 6ft then take up bodybuilding. no one cares that much if your 5'9 6ft 2. but why care about something that isnt gona change ?? but bobby wishing your were bit taller is fine i wish i was a bit taller. but wishing isnt going to change it.unless you get risky surgery. even without many complications prob. be in wheelchair for 3 months 4 months with internal rod in your femur. 50000 dollars for 2 inches. if there was no guarantee if complications. if done slowly. then you have to strengthen the bones. but 2 inches is prob the most. a guy went from 5/7 to 6'2 in an extrmeme case. inches over few years. but your arm spam is roughly same as your hieght so your body proportions will looks odd.
Nikokk on Sylvester Stallone
is he really 5'8 to 5'9?? What the hell man, he always looked like 6 foot in his movies. That's crazy, I'm 5'8 and I'd be the same height as him if I met him? Of course he's lost a little height but still.
Rob Parkers on Kit Harington
Yeah I think that 5'7" is about right even though he looks a litter taller on GOT. But still a good deal shorter than many of the other actors on the show.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Dominique Swain
I'm pretty sure she look a full 168cm not quite 5'6 flat but i am not sure if she could be as tall as the average guess at 5'6.5". Def taller than Emma Stone.
guythinkingaboutheight on General Height
Perhaps a weird question, but am I a weak, solid or strong 6'1 if I am about 186.8-186.9 cm one hour after bed?
Mambo on Vladimir Putin
Rob, is 6ft8 possible for the guy next to Putin? And what would his headsize be?
Click Here
Editor Rob
His head is potentially 10.5 inches, although he has at least 1 inch worth of spiky hair at his crown. I would say close to 6ft 7-8 is possible for him.
Heisenberg89 on Kane

Kane was and maybe is taller, but barely. I never meet both together side by side barefoot, so I can't be sure like you are.
The only thing I saw, as everyone, is that Kane appeared always a lot taller then he really is.

Pichard said " no no, Kane didn't wore lifts because he was actually bigger".
Well he was drunk, or it was a lie.
Kane wears lifts since he was born maybe.

But my point is... You saw or not his boots and his legs posture? Of course you did. So I don't understand your point..
Kane was maxxx 6'7 at his peak, taker probably barely shorter like 6'6'75.

And guys... Kane, as almost all wrestlers, can't absolutely be judged inside a wwe ring.
So has no sense talk about his WWE staredown
Space on Brock Lesnar
I have a friend whoโ€™s legit 7โ€™0โ€ barefoot, as tall as Shaquille Oโ€™Neal (maybe a half inch shorter than Shaq). When I stand next to my 7โ€™0โ€ friend I come up to the bottom of his chin. Iโ€™m only 6โ€™1.5โ€.

When The Rock stands next to legit 7โ€™0.5โ€ Shaq in that picture, The Rock only comes up to Shaqโ€™s shoulder. Rock only looks 6โ€™0โ€ at the most in that photo, as does he in a lot of recent photos/videos. Iโ€™ll give the Rock the benefit of the doubt and say heโ€™s 6โ€™1.5โ€, which would make Lesnar and Reigns 6โ€™1.25โ€...
Ellie mae Newman on Camila Mendes
Ellie-Mae Iโ€™m a lot younger than her but a lot taller then her lol:)
Blake on Football Soccer
Rob, how tall is Scotlandโ€™s new manager Steve Clarke?
Editor Rob
In his younger years was listed 5ft 10, definitely looked taller than mourinho when back at chelsea.
Bobby 5ft 10 on Rob Paul

Actually, since we lose on average about 3/4s of an inch or 2cm throughout the day. A morning height of 5'10 means you will measure 5'9.25 at your low. Also, evening and night are the same thing, so I don't know why you were listing two different heights there unless you meant you measure 5'9.25 in the afternoon which means you lose more than average.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Danny Huston
This is seriously interesting! He has been married to Virginia Madsen and is related to Angelica. When I just spotted how tall he is, I thought, "Are you related to Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston? You've certainly got the height!"

I believe Danny is the half-sister of Angelica. I have to do a bit more research, but what I have found so far is extremely fascinating. I have a massive fondness for Jack, and if he's in a film, I'll buy it! Now I have a new one from the Huston family, and I look forward to finding out what he plays in 'American Horror Story'.

Danny can have 6ft2. ๐Ÿ˜
Nik on Amazon Eve
Maybe Rob and Guiness are spots!
Greg on General Height
@175guy yeah it does if your discs arenโ€™t fully hydrated and you didnโ€™t get a proper amount of sleep you might wake up a fraction lower or maybe say hit your low quicker than usual. Also to answer what you asked Rob yes youโ€™re a legit 5โ€™9 if youโ€™re back 174.7 at your absolute lowest nobody is going to call you out if you claimed 175/5โ€™9 no height police is going to stadiometer you and tell you youโ€™re 0.03 off youโ€™re a height fraud some guys with your stats would claim 5โ€™10 ๐Ÿ˜‚.

@Kevin extreme common, think Taylor swift and a few others canโ€™t think of any from the top of my head but Iโ€™m sure if you browse on celeb heights youโ€™ll find plenty of height frauds women included. I remember this girl who I edged out claimed to be 5โ€™11 and Iโ€™m 5โ€™10.5 she first said 5โ€™10.5 even though I think she was more 5โ€™9.75-5โ€™10 flat she might dip below it by a fraction but definetly not how a legit 5โ€™11 woman would appear. I think in your case she thinks because sheโ€™s taller than most men she can get away with it maybe she hasnโ€™t come across a proper 6โ€™1 guy! Let alone 6โ€™0 you should call her out lol claim 5โ€™11 and see what she says just to get a kick out of her ๐Ÿ˜‚.
@Canson yeah most guys wonโ€™t grow past 18 I donโ€™t think I gained anything after my 18th birthday I grew 1.5 inches from 17-18. Guess I was unlucky.
Nik on Keeley Hawes
There's nowt wrong with her being bigger than all of the guys in the film! She is bigger than a lot of guys when she doesn't have anything on her feet!
Beqa on Jake Paul
Here is a new video, u can see how much difference are between logan and jake, check it Rob.
Click Here
Robby G on Lilimar Hernandez
At imdb she's listed at 5'7
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lady Gaga
Take that nasty meat-dress off, Madame Gaga!

I have just received my Season Two of 'American Horror Story'. I'm going to have to work my way through the lot of them to meat your part. (ouch!)

I remember when you starred in this series! It made the papers in no uncertain terms! Having just seen the first season, I am very excited to see you! It's brilliant. It's complex. It's got me well and truly hooked!

Thanks Littlelee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can have 5ft1.25. Your personally makes you much taller! You prove that you don't need to be tall to be BIG! I think you're great! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜˜
Stiffelio on Height Request
Hi Rob,
How tall do you think was Niki Lauda, F1 car racer who just died?
Editor Rob
he seemed average height range
Nik on Angela Sarafyan
Average vote = Rob's vote! (10 votes!)
Dream on Jimmy Butler
Rob, maybe 6โ€™5 5/8โ€ or 6โ€™5.5โ€ for Butler?


Jimmy Butler with MCW โ€” Click Here

Bo Burnham with MCW โ€” Click Here


Bo looks taller in comparison. Iโ€™m also counting Boโ€™s slouch and Jimmy having thicker hair.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Hayley Lovitt
Whenever I see her name, I hope she hasn't been baking any pies!

Miss Sandy Cowell on Kim Wilde
No she wasn't, Gladstone! How come she was chosen to play Nora Walker by Pete Towmsend?

I think Kim's 5ft5! ๐Ÿ˜

PS I love you really! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Nowayjose on Hailey Baldwin
She's clearer shorter than Bieber by 2" and Kylie Jenner by 0.5 - 1". "Just got measured, 5'6" is such a shameless, pitiful lie, lol! But she's a pretty girl. Why lie about height when your hubby is 5'7.5???
Miss Sandy Cowell on Shawnee Smith
I quite agree with you Nik!

Shawnee can have 5ft3.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jerry Trainor
As i say it on March that Jerry is not flat 6'2 or even 6'2.5" not enough. Now people starting to come up one by one and claim he is 6'2.75-6'3.5". I certainly see him max 6'3 but more like solid 6'2.75" like Mhasset03 said. I'm daring to say he is the same height as Chris Hemsworth.
K.A 188 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Littlelee5ft6 on Cecily Strong
Heidi gardner is listed 5ft 7 is this accurate
Miss Sandy Cowell on Brent Spiner
Yes definitely! He isn't a shortie like me!

5ft9.5 now
5ft10 then!
Junior Hernandez 1990 on John Krasinski
It's like how Joe Manganiello exaggerated his brother height as 6'8 and turn out his brother was not over 6'6 1/4. I have see before some old FB or twitter several pictures of John described of 6'8 and 6'9 brother turn out to be 6'6.5-.75" and other one 6'7.5-.75" next to him. Here is his "6'9" brother Paul Click Here Paul is closer to camera and lean a little front i know and he struggle to look 6'7.5" with John. What i can say he can only be 6'9 in shoes and a weak 6'8 if measured.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Pablo Schreiber
@Rampage Good estimate. The two brothers were 2" apart. Pablo could be as low as 6'4 1/2.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on David Thewlis
There is no way he is a single mm taller than solid 189cm Liev Schreiber.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Doug Jones
Click Here 6'5.5" google listed Javier Botet and Doug Jones. Interesting to see two super skinny tall stunt actors taking picture together. Rob should give Javier a page as he had too many credits on horror movies over europe and america.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Zachary Levi
@Ian555 @Editor Rob Click Here look carefully that Momoa head is closer to camera and this picture is disadvantage toward Levi's side which is tilted down. If the photo adjusted it will not be a wonder 1" difference, it will turn out to be a surprise 0.5".
Editor Rob
It's a possibility there isn't a full inch between them...in person I do think Jason seems much closer to 6ft 4 than Zachary does, though he may well be 6ft 3 and change.
Littlelee5ft6 on Josh Hutcherson
How much shorter does he look than Jennifer here Rob? 5.5 or 6 inches? She's got to be around 6 foot there
Space on Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones was 6โ€™9.5โ€ 350lbs in wwe. He was bigger than 6โ€™8.5โ€ 340lb Matt Morgan and 6โ€™7โ€ 355lb A-Train. If you could pick a guy to paint purple and play Thanos in the Avengers, it would be Nathan Jones from back in the day.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ryan McPartlin
Armie Hammer and McPartlin at worst is equal to Alexander Skarsgard height a strong 6'4 1/4.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Robert Kazinsky
Click Here Charlie Hunnam could be more 6'0 than Kazinsky look. I suspect for a long time that Kazinsky is more like solid 182cm guy.
Bobby 5ft 10 on General Height
Just curious, is there anyone here like within 5'10 range who has a head size under 9 inches? Like around 8.5 inches? I'm trying to get an idea of how common certain head sizes are for certain heights.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Reid Carolin
Matthew McConaughey 6'0 a joke more like 5'10.5". Reid is def 6'6 1/4.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Henry Cavill
Cavill is def stronger 6'0.5" than Bradley Cooper, Michael Jai White and Channing Tatum.
cmillzz on Matt Damon
I was honestly shocked to see how โ€œshortโ€ he looked in that video with Brady and Kimmel. 5โ€™9 flat is the most he might be.
Littlelee5ft6 on Zoie Palmer
How much thicker are your shoes than her flip flops here Rob? From this angle she only looks 2 inches shorter than you
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have said her sandal was much less, a couple of mm maybe.

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