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18 September
Dennis on Curtis Jackson 50 Cent
5'11? He's the most legit 6 foot ive ever seen. looks 183cm exactly his mugshot he was even over 6 ft
JJAK on Kim Basinger
Gorgeous woman aged quite well not at all on the tall side this may be a good peak.
By the late 90s she was looking shorter 2000s shorter still close to average.
Never looked 5 9 unless she had heels on also would have been same as most of la confidential which she wasn't.
Slim on David Tennant
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/17
Out of bed: 6ft1Β½(186.7cm)
Before bed: 6ft0ΒΎ(184.8cm)
I reckon he'd clear 6'1.75" out of bed tbh then shrink to 0.75" at nighttime.
JJAK on Tobey Maguire
Even with a slim build he is obviously short 5 7 .75 counting his hair.
He looks oddly small next to anyone over 5 10 which is said to be current average.
Was too small but was a good spiderman gave him a good root for the little guy spin.
The new kid is just bloody annoying and tiny.
grizz on Diana Lynn
LOL, back in the 1940s, when being 5'6 was "overdoing it"
JJAK on Elias Koteas
Good actor often very creepy but loved him as kc and in prophecy.
He is at least 5 10 and quite possibly the half actually appeared taller than viggo.
Weirdly walken seemed over 6 ft so maybe bad reference point..
He does look a solid average or higher in most movies hes in.
Forget where but he has looked about 6 ft in boots in something..
JJAK on Gennady Golovkin
Just watched ggg vs alvarez and the post interview, both are over listed.
GGG is maybe 5 9 flat to this listing alvarez is on the low side of 5 7.
Heck of a boxer and athlete in general no chance of 5 10 .5 thats a lot of crap.
I put khan at maybe 5 7.5 also phenomenal athlete.
Mayweather is very short likely no more than alvarez clearly never seen 5 8 out of boots.
Chase on Nicolas Sarkozy
Wears heels and tip toes and still looks short a f.

Give that phantom half inch to J Cole
17 September
Spencer on Bradley Cooper
Looks 6'1"
Canson on Scottie Pippen
Weak 6'7 at his lowest
Canson on Allen Iverson
Canson on Sam Rockwell
I think the average is more appropriate 5'7.75 or 5'7.5-5'8 range
Shell on Courteney Cox
She always looked shorter than Jennifer Aniston on Friends. Surprised she is average height. She looks short.
Slim on Benedict Cumberbatch
Tbh 5'11"/180 is where he'd land at, I used to think the (182/183) 6'+ is tall was just a rumour, buts it true this is an example that 5'11" men just don't give off a towering aura, And they're never complimented on the stature either tbh. No offence.
Slim on Justin Timberlake
5'11" flat is probably right on the money, his listing is reasonable, but not any higher.
Frost on Kodak Black
Fredo looks 5'9.5-5'10 next to drake and Donald Glover. Those aren't very conclusive photos though.
bill45 on Justin Moore
If 5'10 is average 5'6 is tiny.
Konan on Brooklyn Beckham
A good 5'9 definitely, looked almost as tall as his father who's about 5'11
Danimal on Jason Earles
Max 5'4".
Danimal on Arnold Schwarzenegger
newman said on 14/Sep/17
I think he was 6'1.25 with sneakers 6'0.5 barefoot in his peak 184-184.5 cm bareffot

You can think whatever you want, but the fact is that he was measured 6'1.5" barefoot at night in 1969.
MJKoP on Michael Jackson
Darryl said on 16/Sep/17

Wrong. His Billie Jean dance penny loafers were as flat as flat could be.

Doesn't seems 'Flat as flat could be' Click Here

Okay, so you're taking me literally....the heels on those seem barely one half of an inch, with no inner-compartment lifts obviously...contrast with most footwear yielding a good solid inch, if not more. You'd practically have to be walking around in socks to have any less of a footwear advantage.
MJKoP on Tom Cruise
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Sep/17
I think even 5ft10 is underselling him. I doubt he ever drops under 179-179.5cm at his low and 180cm is still a reasonable guess.

But good God 172cm?!

Is this some sort of non-sequitur joke? Tom could possibly be a legit 5'8"(173), but almost certainly no more than that. 172 is extremely reasonable- and in fact most likely- which is why Rob lists him as such, and has so for more than a decade.
Rising - 174 cm on Daniel Craig
98 votes and he's at exactly 5'10" and 177.8 cm!

Looks pretty much 5'10" here with Jackman: Click Here Click Here
and here with Liev Schreiber: Click Here
Frost on Jaden Smith
It's not rare to grow past 18 it's just rare to have that increased be something noticeable. We're talking a cm or two. A few lucky ones do see substantial growth after 18 but that is a true minority.
Ferdinand on Alex Jones
Alex is 5ft6.5 at least, standing next to Danny Baker in a clip I just watched she looks about an inch shorter than Danny who is 5'7.75" I think
John on Cindy Crawford
At New York Fashion week, I saw 2 things (bfa.com and wireimage.com). 1st she is 3 inches shorter than Petra Nemcova. Petra is listed here at 5-10.5 but comments say she is 5-8 or 5-9. 2nd, Helena Christensen is in flats next to Cindy in heels and they are the same size. Helena is listed at 5-9.5 but comments from a person who knows her say she is 5-8. Cindy is clearly NOT 5-9.
Animus on Patrick J. Adams
He is at the very beginning of "tall-range" in North America, in my view. In Northern Europe that would be 6'0Β½, but in the US 5'11Β½ starts to look somewhat tall.
Animus on Gabriel Macht
As solid a six-footer as they come. He probably doesn't drop below 183cm.
Animus on Joel Edgerton
Leo DiCaprio looks around 2cm taller than this guy. Edgerton could be more of a strong 179cm guy.
asdf on Bella Thorne
Amy Schumer, who is 5'6.5-7 is clearly taller than her, so, period.
5'6 for Bella
Click Here
Anonymous on Jason Earles
at 18 and 19 you can get a big big growth spurt i have chance even though I didnt grow from a year Im 5ft11.5 I could make it 6ft7 if im lucky
@HeightcrazyRed6ft on Andre The Giant
Click Here

Andre claimed 210cm at age 19, the interviewer claims 186cm
Sandy Cowell on Lake Bell
Her name sounds like a geographical feature you might find on a map! There must be loads of them in the world dotted about!
This Lake Bell will be the only one with a height, unless there are any other people called 'Lake'! (Bell is a common enough surname.) Most will have a depth, a length and a width!
This Lake can have 5ft7!
justn on James Franco
I'd be shocked I hes really this height. he is clearly shorter & smaller than McBride & rogen. Who easily edge him by an inch or more. He wears wedges. In photo hes wearing cowboy boots & other 2 are leaning. You can do better CH.
Johnny on Jack Black
5ft 6.25in . He seems always a bit over 5ft6 mark.
Willes188 on Ryan Reynolds
188.6 or 6'2.25 is right
Sam on Brad Pitt

Me, and probably a lot of other people considering the average guess is 5'10.5.
Truth on Seth MacFarlane
179cm tall
Jacob on Kodak Black
What's odd enough he always had a 5'8"-5'9" listing everywhere but really I was like thinking maybe but then again his build can make him look* taller
Arch Stanton on George Sanders
Looked 191 with John Wayne in Allegheny Uprising, barely shorter.
Guess on Nina Dobrev
She's about 5'5.25: not much taller than Victoria Justice, who is said to be around 5'5. You can see here: Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here , Click Here.
:) on Kim Kardashian
@charlene what is the definition of very short lol. not trying to defend kanye but 5'7 is not "very" short imo.
Canson on Derek Theler
Taking his hair into account he's actually 198 in the mugshot not 199. His scalp actually goes to exactly 6'6". Assuming he has shoes on like most do and if this is accurate he isn't quite 6'6" barefoot

Click Here
Editor Rob on Kim Cattrall
Actually I found another quote, she claimed 5ft 6 in 1980 at a weight of 115!, then the 5ft 6.5 in 2002, then added another half inch by 2010...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on L L Cool J
In lifts he's more like 191cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Eric Christian Olsen
Lowest I'd argue is 184.5-185cm...
Anonymous on Zac Efron
zac 5ft8 its possibilty he could to 6ft by age 21
feez on Mark Eaton
He met 216 cm french basketball player Rudy Gobert. Nothing more than this listening
Richard on Blake Shelton
Why dont people believe him! If he says he is 6-4 then thats probably what he is. Give or take a quarter inch. Man ,most boots give you 1.5- 2 inches.
6-4 he is.
hardguy on Ice Cube
Sandy Cowell on Persia White
@ Nik - That has certainly cheered up my Sunday afternoon so thank you for that!
It doesn't matter how old you are or what you do, reassurance is always welcome, just the same as cruel comments and criticism are going to cause damage however far you are into life's journey.
How very kind of you to lift my spirits! For that you can have a big hug! πŸ™Œ
Jaffa will provide some yummy honey sandwiches for your tea:
🍺🐝 🍞🍯
And I will finish by saying "Thank you very much!", and that knowing you for nearly a year now has definitely enriched my life!
Cheers and once again, many thanks! πŸ‘
David on Vladimir Putin
If you compare him to Angela Merkel the german chancellor who is a legit 5'5 he sometimes appears to be equal height, sometimes an inch taller.
If you assume he wears small lifts, he probably is just 5'5 and i would say an absolute max is 5'6

Click Here
Sam on William Fichtner
Legit 6' (183 cm) in his prime..today probably closer to 5'11
His thin frame and small head perhaps made him look shorter than he really is
Matthew Robinson on Dalip Singh
Looks a couple cm shorter next to Shaq, not taller.
Del Mar on Alexander Siddig
Looks like an arabic Nick Stahl, and I'd say more 181ish
Duffer 5ft 11 on Humphrey Bogart
A perfect example of what a 5'8" gentleman looks like. Had about 2.5 inches on Cagney.
berta on Jake Paul
it seems like his 6Β΄2 claim was not really seroius they all laughed and stuff
Arch Stanton on Glenn Strange
Looked it, requested him a while back I think. Don't keep forgetting classic Hollywood actors categories though!
Marquis on Frank Sinatra
5'7" is claimed for him officially elsewhere. So, I doubt he was any taller than that.
Editor Rob: on Sinatra.com, the official site?
There is no other official source, apart from what the biographer mentioned - Frank claimed 5ft 9-11.

If you are trying to refer to imdb trivia sections, that is 100% unofficial.
berta on Stephen Amell
i dont believe this guy and kevin costner to be the same height when costner was in his 30Β΄s . i would say costner 186 and this guy barely 185 about 1,2 cm beetween them
Chris on Rosie Day
Nice beard rob. Looks mint here
Slim on Matt Damon
Okay 70% are listed spot on, my estimation was quite harsh.... great job.
Editor Rob: estimates are accuracy would vary from individual to individual.

It's just a personal estimate ultimately, some folk might agree with 20% or 90%.
David on Bruce Lee
5ft 6 max.
Nik on Persia White
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

You know Sandy, spending time in the company of animals and feeding them is one of the most rewarding things that a person can do with their life. My brother Mark came round to see us yesterday and he brought Jasmin with him and it was great to feed her, as always, and make a fuss of her! Jasmin has gone missing on a few occasions in the past too.
I like Esme as a name for a cat, or any animal for that matter, what is Dominic's and Tabby's other cat called?
I know that you do a lot in your locality for people whose cats have gone missing, I recollect you saying about carrying around written messages on large pieces of paper or card. I also know that you have taken pictures of different cats in your locality and this helped track down someone's lost cat.

MAN19 on Cher
Peak Height: 5ft 7in
Current Height: 5ft 6in
Slim on Tom Cruise
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Sep/17
I think even 5ft10 is underselling him. I doubt he ever drops under 179-179.5cm at his low and 180cm is still a reasonable guess.

But good God 172cm?!
Don't feed the trolls.
Philippe on Charlotte Gainsbourg
Serge Gainsbourg was born in France, from Russian refugees indeed. He wrote and sang in french, lived in Paris all his life and smoked Gitanes ... You can't be frenchier. (Charlotte was born in London, by the way. you got that wrong too,Roger)

Are you french, Roger ? What did you contribute to your country, compared to the Gainsbourg family ?

Oh, and from meeting her IRL, I would say Charlotte is closer to 175 cm.
Lol on Kendall Jenner
She's 174cm same as Gigi who is also 174cm with Zayn 170cm.
Lol on Cara Delevingne
Cara is 5'6.0 flat because margot is 5'5 1/2.. still is the average female height so she's no less beautiful than anything taller.
Lol on Gigi Hadid
She's 174cm because zayn is 170cm
Simple, no need to look futher.
Essex boy on Simon Cowell
Anyone see the pictures of Simon cowell walking barefoot along the street with Lauren Silverman? He's clearly shorter than her, I don't think she's short but looking at pictures of her with others, I can't see her being taller than 5'6/5'7 (look at her and tulisa- listed as a generous 5'6 on this site). I genuinely can't see anymore than 5'6 for him. Please have a look!!
Peter181cm on Jake Paul
Finally... :DD
Jake's height is 5'10.75 ;-)
Because if he is 5'11
Chance must be 6'1

- And.. Chance sutton Is not 6'1 guy..

So I think this:

Jake 5'10.75

Anthony 5'11.25

Chance 6'0.5
santgr on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Leo if that's the case then he was still no taller than 185-186 cm in his prime
Rising - 174 cm on Jensen Ackles
@Bobby: If that comment was to me then I must clarify I never said Jensen is insecure because he adds an inch to his height - though I think he adds a bit over an inch - I said he's height conscious because since it's obvious he's more than 3" shorter than Jared, Jensen says it's actually Jared who is lying about his height and saying he's shorter than he really is, which clearly isn't the case. Add in the fact he's usually wearing 1.5"-2" boots and look at my May 17th post and see him standing with his usual big boots and chest out closer to the camera than Jared who is slouching and it seems likely he'd rather be a big 6'1" guy then a guy struggling with 6 feet, especially always appearing with his 6'4" co-star. Hell, he's even going up on his toes here next to a slouching Jared! Click Here I'm not saying he's Robert Downey Jr. or Vin Diesel, but I don't think you can put him in that category of guys who could care less about their height. Many people instinctively lean when taking a photo with someone much shorter and Jensen's boots probably made him at least 4" taller than Rob that day.
Pete on Jason Earles
Guys can get a big big growth spurt in 20s its not that rare guys can get a big big growth spurt at 19
Danimal on Steve Carell
Next 6'1" Bennett Miller:
Click Here
Danimal on Steve Carell
Next to 5'11.5" Bill Irwin (the guy in the middle) and 6'1" Sam Waterston (the guy at the far end):
Click Here
Danimal on Steve Carell
With 5'11.75" Christian Bale:
Click Here
Danimal on Steve Carell
Everyone claiming he's 5'7" or even 5'8" are off. He's bare minimum 5'9" and very likely is over a flat 5'9".
With 6'0.25" Ryan Gosling:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Danimal on Kurt Cobain
He was nowhere near 5'9". Dave had easily 4" + on him.
:) on Jake Paul
his claim makes me laugh. he is clearly shorter than his brother.
:) on Jay Z
5'11 i a joke i can see 6'1 or 6'1 1/4
16 September
Peter175 on Justin Bieber
Don't really think Justin is any taller than Tom either, but I could see them being the same listing easily.

Tom with help of shoes has looked a towering 5'9.5 inches tall. Justin at his adult height has yet to do something so extreme, but I suspect Justin in an elevator could pull off a similar look to Tom Cruise
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
could be true. I don't think bobby would have a reason to lie being he also met Brady and Fox and guessed them around their actual heights. He's closer in height with Boris Fox and Brady than with Kim Coates but it isn't just Bobby that met Boris. 6'3 also did and put Boris 6'2" range. So that makes 2.
Dejavu on Jake Gyllenhaal
He looks 3 inches shorter than Ryan Reynolds.
Dejavu on Joel Kinnaman
I failed to see how Ryan Reynolds is taller than Joel Kinnman.
Slim on Kevin Costner
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/17
Slim, I suggest you watch Field of Dreams and Bull Durham
Allen on Terrence Howard
Ice-T's height is listed as 5'11". Terrence Howard looks a lot taller than him on a Law & Order episode.
Dejavu on Will Smith
Joel Kinnaman had a small edge on Will Smith but the difference is 2cm max and they could appear similar height
Peter175 on Justin Moore
Yeah, it's short, not tiny. It's a very common and standard height and will blend into all crowds. It's when you get in 5'3 range you become tiny(at least height wise, you can still be physically large and wide horizontally)

But I don't think Justin is 5'6. Looks 5'5"
Dejavu on Ryan Gosling
6'0 is fair he only looked 3 inches taller than Steve Carrell and at times it felt less
juansito on Kit Harington
rob could you please downgrade kit to 5ft6 its not that hard to notice he is shorter than richard madden who is no taller than 5ft8 if you ask me
Leandro on Michael Keaton
Google lists him as 5'9. Probably 5'9 with shoes these days (174 cm without). 5'10 with shoes was peak (176 cm without).
Johns on Ryan Reynolds
I find it strange that Reynolds said Jackman needed lifts in the first Wolverine movie to appear taller than him. Back then (2008), those guys were exactly the same height. Would it really matter? Gee.
Realist on Leah Remini
Height isn't everything I see ok looking black women at my job who are 6 foot or 5'10 or 6'2 and they want to be short so just love yourself. I am a short guy only 5'9 and these women are ALWAYS taller someone tower me by 4 or 5 inches but I am average height.
Realist on John Travolta
He was like 6' with Uma Thurman and she was like 5'11.5 they were about same height in Pulp Fiction. Ving Rhames looks obviously shorter than Uma Thurman and John Travolta
RP on Hulk Hogan
1984 Hulk Hogan: 6'5.75"
1989 Hulk Hogan: 6'5.5"
1994 Hulk Hogan: 6'5"
1997 Hulk Hogan: 6'4.5"
2000 Hulk Hogan: 6'4"
2003 Hulk Hogan: 6'3.5"
2013 Hulk Hogan: 6'3"
Lucio on George Peppard
George Peppard tall 183 cm? But since Rob?
I've been looking for him on the internet years ago, and he seems to me that there was 5'9" as his height, not surely 6 ft.
But where from come out six feet?
Come on, he would have been no more than 176 cm at best, look at him near to 173 cm Patricia Neal in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", there will been no more than 3 cm of difference.
Click Here
Editor Rob: he definitely looked taller than Mr. T and Dirk Benedict in A-Team, so I think he could look close to 6ft.
Nona on Maria Sharapova
From her book it's clear that she likes being tall and towering over people. So it's no wonder she claims 6'2" which I feel is true but not a lot of others here share that feeling. Like the part where she says she wanted to become taller and bigger after seeing Serena for the first time. Unfortunately she did not put on weight to match her height and the bigger serena whips her skinny butt every time they meet. Maria weighs about 165 lbs but needs to be atleast 180 to compete with serena or Sloane
nfsw on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
@Cnrom89: let's think smart Ronaldo phenomenon in the world cup of 2006 weighed 96kg here a photo of him
Click Here did he seem to weigh it? no, but he weighed, he is not so muscular but he weighed and here the site where Fabio Capello says that when Ronaldo arrived at Real Madrid he weighed 96kg Click Here Ronaldo does not seem to have a big structure he has a height of 183cm and 13kg overweight at that time, now tell me why ibrahimovic being a giant would weigh 91kg? Ibrahimovic himself said in an interview when he played at Internazionale Milano that he was 196cm tall and weighed 90kg and now that he looks heavier he continues with 90kg? here the site where he says he weighs 100kg Click Here and here is a photo of him in pre season on psg probably weighing 100kg
Click Here
Keemstar on Archie Kao
Kenji, from Need For Speed Carbon, he did look familiar
Lol on Brad Pitt
Search "brad pitt barefoot" on google and scroll down until you will see a photo with gwyneth paltron who is 174cm. Both are barefoot.

Brad Pitt is 174cm or 5'8 1/2 and that's the truth.

Brad wears 3.6 inch shoes all the time and that makes him 6 feet which is a 5'11 guy's height with normal shoes. 3.6 inch shoes are stealthy and looks the same as normal shoes so we have thought Brad was 5'10 haha.

5'8 is not bad, 2 inches below average.
Paul on Denis Leary
Heightster, you really think he is always wearing 5-inch lifts? That seems hard to believe, but I suppose crazier things in the world have happened.
Lee168cm on Pamela Anderson
5'6.5" peak and 5'5" now sounds about right yes
Travis on Miltos Yerolemou
In his shots with Masie Williams he really does look 5'3" range. This listing sounds right.
Quoter86 on Michael Owen
That Carlos guy is a real piece of work. I wonder if he was heightist towards Messi too? Not gonna say rip to such people...
Guanzo on Hulk Hogan
KH said on 15/Sep/17
Don't doubt that Hulk's body has been ravaged over the years and has lost quite a bit of height. He looked gigantic in Rock IV. Stallone looked smaller next to Hogan then he did compared to Dolph Lundgren. Probably very close to 6'6 for Thunderlips in the flesh baby.


Click Here
Rising - 174 cm on Ryan Reynolds
@Celebheights 6'1.5: Side angles can be deceptive and Ryan appears closer to the camera there. Ryan was slouching in my pic, but not that bad, he's slouching here worse as he slouches down to only a half inch or so taller than Gosling: Click Here But here's the one full pic of the two from that I've seen so far and then a better one, which shows footwear on stage: Click Here Ryan seems at least an inch taller in both - perhaps 3 cm - despite worse posture in the first and a noticeable footwear disadvantage in the second as he's in 0.6" Converse and Gosling in what look to be pretty thick shoes, though I don't know how much they add in the 1.25" to 1.5" range. I'm not so sure about that stage though as there's a [grainy] video and it seems that height changes depending on where they stand. As for Fillion, his shoes aren't at all what I'd call suspicious. They're not less than an inch, but there's no reason to think he'd have some sort of lift. In fact, they don't look much different than Ryan's, perhaps 1/4" more if anything. He did look taller, but Fillion only claims 6'1.5". I've said Ryan is much more likely a full 6'2" than 6'1.5". So aside from Ryan probably being a half inch taller in reality, there's also a low angle for a lot of those photos(which tend to favor the taller man) and the camera is also on Ryan's side for some of them.

@Christian: I pretty much agree, although I'm not so sure off the top of my head who needs a downgrade.

@Dejavu: True. He only looks 3" taller than Kitsch, imo and Kitsch is listed here 5'10.5". But you can see in this photo, Taylor's boots likely give him an advantage: Click Here Ryan's footwear does not look more than 1" to me while Taylor's look at least 1.25" to me. But then, if anything, Ryan has thicker footwear than 182 cm range Denzel, who has 0.7" range sneakers.

I don't think Ryan needs an upgrade, but if he does get it, I hope he at least starts standing up straighter first and earns it!
Sean on Kevin Nash
Nash is in Dallas (according to his twitter) on 9/16 and 9/17. Alibaba, any chance you can meet up with him then?
Original on Brad Pitt
I also think Pitt is 177 (in fact somewhere between 176,5 and 178).
O.J. on Evander Holyfield
6'1 peak, possibly 6' today. Holyfield was NEVER 6'2! I'd stake a large sum of money on that.
Jordan on John Isner
he doesn't look 238 pounds because hes so tall, that is why people guess me at like 10-15 kilos less than I actually am, taller people hold weight differently.
Sandy Cowell on Jake Paul
@ Peter181cm - Re: Your comment 'I take it back'!
The times I've had to swallow my pride and do just what you did!

@ Midget Stomper - Funny name! I'll join you!

@ PPPeter - Hello! I hope you are well and enjoying the weekend! πŸ™‹
Leo on Brooklyn Beckham
What do u think Rob?
Click Here
Click Here
CC on Justin Bieber
Bieber is 5'8 - 5'9.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Freddie Prinze Jr
He's probably more 6'0 3/4" than 6'0 1/2". I do get a taller impression from Henry Cavill, but that might be because of the fact that Henry typically has better posture than FPJ does. He was almost the same as Chris Klein, who could be 186 CM tall.
Celebheights 6'1.5 on Chris Klein
I get a 186 CM impression from this guy. He looked as if he was 6" inches taller than Matthew Broderick in the late 1990s, and even appeared to be 6'2" in American Pie.
Ferdinand on Lucy DeVito
@Lee What!!?? How can someone get a height wrong by 9.5"?! I might start calling myself 6'8" then..
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jack Swagger
Really wouldn't have batted an eyelid at 6ft5. I think the 6ft6 claim was in boots though
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mark Henry
Yeah, James I think he might've been that.

Certainly would rule out 6ft1 and 6ft4!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jim Caviezel
6ft1Β½ is definitely more reasonable for him and maybe did get measured 6ft2 mid-morning
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on George Reeves
There was something more appealing about this guy as Superman than the others for some reason He had a very All-American, rubbery featured look about him. Like a real life action figure that broke out of it's box...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dave Matthews
186cm worst case scenario...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Bob Gunton
They Robbins look much taller in Shawshank...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Challis
Rob, how old was this episode of Dr. Who?
Editor Rob: early Tom Baker years, mid 70's I believe, but he did have more heel in the episode...Tom at times has really poor posture on that show, I would have said he rarely seemed to look 6ft 3, because he rarely seemed to stand fully erect.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kevin Kline
He looks 184-185cm w/h Elwes...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kurtwood Smith
He had a fairly significant role in A Time To Kill as a head Klansman. Towered over Kiefer Sutherland, would have been in his mid 50's by then...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paddy McGuinness
184/185cm zone. I vote 6ft0ΒΎ. Looks a fair amount over 6ft generally...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Will Tudor
I get a slightly taller impression from this guy than Tom.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on John Levene
Yeah, clearly down 1in or more from his peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Walker
Near enough this...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Charles Grodin
6ft1 peak is arguable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luca Argentero
Good chance he's been measured both 183cm and 184cm. Does look in that solid/strong 6ft range. 6ft1 is slightly rounded up
Nik on Michael Crawford
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Thanks for that! This is a rather interesting piece of poetry and I think it graces this page very well! I would imagine that you will have a written down copy of it at home, it would be something to look at when you want to have a ROFL moment! I also remember yourself and Rob exchanging some cracking poetry on a celebrities page earlier this year, I cannot remember whose page it was on though!
I am pleased to hear that you have now got all the "Some Mother's Do 'av 'em" episodes on DVD, and from Amazon too, Mr Jeff Bezos would also be pleased to hear this as it is a classic sitcom! I do remember you mentioning about our chats on this page to Sally on the "General Height" page.
The actress who played Jessica is also called Jessica in real life, in fact her name is Jessica Forte and she is indeed in my age group, she is about 10 months my junior. I also like it when actors and actresses retain their real life names when they are playing the part of a character on TV! I am now off to do some research to find out if the actress who plays Betty has got a page on here and have a gander on the Internet as to her height. I am also interesting in finding out how tall Jessica Forte is!

Have a great Saturday night Sandy!
Pierre on Brad Pitt
@Tonyx=what?!You want to say Ben Affleck wear elevator shoes?!And so lots of time is easily taller than Georges and others?!No,it's impossible,Ben wear the same classic shoes as Brad.Or maybe...
Rising - 174 cm on Johnny Depp
Donnie Brasco is my favorite, but then Al Pacino is the greatest actor to me and is the outstanding performance of the film, imo, but Depp is great as well with a more subtle performance and less eccentric character than many of his others. Blow was very good as well and Edward Scissorhands is a classic. While it's certainly one of Depp's least challenging roles and not among his best performances, if we're speaking more of the film than his acting, Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the true classics of its genre so he can at least stake claim to a big role in another great film. The most recent Depp film I've seen was The Tourist, which from what I hear is more indicative of where his career has gone as opposed to a pretty stellar career prior. Other than that, the only other of the films he starred in during the last decade I've seen was Public Enemies, which I saw once in theaters. That was certainly much better than The Tourist. I only saw the first Pirates film and I enjoyed Sleepy Hollow, but in general, I'd say he had a solid first 20-25 years with the occasional turkey.

As for height, 5'8.75" is more the higher end I'd guess him at. Between platforms like this: Click Here and boots like this: Click Here Depp is fond of footwear in the 1.5"-1.75" range, which could account for him looking a more solid 5'9" or even 5'9.5" at times. But when you see him looking not even 3" taller than a weak 5'6" Al Pacino at times, it's difficult to rule out 5'8.5", imo: Click Here
Height Professor on Jason Earles
5'5 is a joke
Reece on Anthony Joshua
Scott. AJ isn't standing properly and the Camara angle isn't the best. I think AJ is at least 6-5.5. How tall do you think Wlad is then? He looks similar to AJ. AJ is taller than Lennox Lewis by at least a inch if not a bit more.
Bl4nk_Space on Zac Efron
Peter175 this might surprise you but I grew 3 inches at 20-21. still short tho (5'7) and it wasn't naturally I had to stretch, sleep more and keep a healthy nutrition.
Rising - 174 cm on Brad Pitt
That is surprising. We finally get Pitt in low cut shoes as opposed to boots yet he looks to me like he'd measure about 6'0"-6'0.25" in them or a solid 5'11" barefoot: Click Here Of course, this is based on the fact I believe Yeun is a 172 cm guy and I'm less sure of Giancarlo, but I'm assuming he's 171 cm, but has the most footwear as far as we can see. Obviously, a half inch lift isn't impossible and I still think he's a weak 5'11" or 5'10.75" at most regardless of why he looks taller there. Makes it tough to argue less than 5'10" or even a flat 5'10" there.
Nik on The Weeknd
I could offer him a flat 5'6", but no more!
anon176 on Ekaterina Lisina
I thought she's the tallest Russian woman and I guess Russia is quite developed so there might be rather a chance of under than over 50. But I may be wrong and you'll find persons who just don't care about height and we'll never hear about them...
angel hernandez on Jennifer Stone
well jennifer is not the only one that is short i,am also short but hay people say mean things about short people ariel winter is 5-1 5 feet 4 inches tall i angel i,am 5 feet 4 inches tall so back off short people haters
FE on Ralph Fiennes
@Editor Rob,

I agree with Rampage 5’11” was better!

He looks it in his prime..
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I could even argue as high as 181 even, so maybe he’s under 5’11 now, but peak he looks a good 5’11” guy.

Rob, Maybe the original 5’11” listing was closer?
Konan on Amir Khan
I'd say a solid 5'8, can't really see him as 5'9-5'10
Rising - 174 cm on David Hasselhoff
At least 6'4" prime. He hasn't lost much, but 6'3.75" now may be likely seeing him with 6'2.5" Rock. Actually, as Rob said due to a bit more footwear, 6'3.75" may have even been possible back then as Hoff didn't look much taller than Dolph a year before Rob met Hoff: Click Here Click Here I think Dolph was still at least a solid 6'3" in 2012, possibly 191 cm, so Hoff is looking around 6'3.75" to me in comparison. Possibly the full 6'4" since Hoff has pretty thin shoes, though Dolph doesn't have thick sneakers by any stretch either.
Ferdinand on Christian Navarro
For Christ's sake, no one deserves to be called a "manlet". Anyone spouting that utter rubbish needs to get back to pre-school
Rising - 174 cm on Dolph Lundgren
@Anonymous: Nonsense, Dolph never wore elevator boots with a possible exception of some scenes in Rocky 4 since he admitted to standing on a box. But he's barefoot at times in Showdown in Little Tokyo and you can see him in some of the films he's wearing sneakers no more than 1". Dolph wasn't like Seagal, who does wear cowboy boots and other thick-heeled boots despite being 6'4". He is likely a solid 190 cm, maybe 190.5 standing for a measurement. A solid 189 cm would be the absolute minimum. Why are comparisons of Dolph with other 6 foot+ men like Chuck Liddell, Terry Crews, Michael Jai White and Big Dale ignored?

193 cm morning is a joke for Dolph. 193 cm evening at worst. He's not the 6'5.5"-6'6" giant he used to claim to be, but he was an impressive legitimate 6'4". He could pretty much rest his chin on 173 cm Grace Jones in bare feet.
Jim on Trent Reznor
More like 5'6.5"
Rising - 174 cm on Tom Selleck
I'm not sure Rob thinks Selleck is still 6'3.5" or if he just hasn't updated this as iirc, Rob had Selleck at a current height of 6'3.5" quite a few years ago now. Imo, 6'3.5" was more his peak height, which he held into his 60s, but I'd guess him 6'3" max now at 72, probably about 190 cm. He could have been a bit taller than 6'3.5" peak, though. Perhaps a 1/4" to 1/8" above so I think 192 cm to 190 so a 2 cm loss, possibly even a full inch. Still not bad height loss as well, especially for a big man with a tendency to slouch.
Rising - 174 cm on Vin Diesel
While I don't THINK Vin had extra lifts with those black boots on that occasion in 2003, those boots are still going to make him look taller than he is regardless, but this photo of Vin in dress shoes and his 5'10" listed girlfriend in heels is what first made me guess 5'11.5": Click Here If she's 6'1" in those heels then Vin looks about 6'0.5" or so in shoes, though he looks shorter in these other full photos from that event: Click Here They look closer again in the last 2 photos, though.

Admittedly, he doesn't look 5'11.5" here barefoot with 5'6.25" Tony Jaa: Click Here but perhaps there's a better pic or photo of them available that day. I haven't had time to look through all the footage yet.

Btw, Vin did look to wear dress type shoes to at least two events this year.

Vanity Fair Oscar Party: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Fast 8 Paris premiere: Click Here Click Here

Not many height comparisons from those events, though. At least from what I've seen thus far.
Mickey on Brad Pitt
5'10.75 ft... i'll still say it
Rising - 174 cm on Edward Furlong
@Rob: That's pretty wild. I guess doubles aren't always as close in height to the actor as I had thought. Maybe they had Eddie in lifts and were shooting him to look bigger on screen?
Editor Rob: might have come from Edward himself!
Kelsea Fan on Brooke Baldwin
Really tall. Towered over me when I met her. Very close to 6ft. Leggy, sensual lady.
Cool dude on Justin Bieber
5'8 max but most likely is an elevator shoe/lift wearer, 5'10 is not short at all it's only 2inches off of 6ft which is approximately only a 5cm difference, their is no way in the existence of everything that is holy that justin is 5'10 barefoot it's impossible just like time travelling( heck even that's more possible than him being 5'10 barefoot) do you guys even know the proportions of solid 5'10ers? They're not small as justin Bieber that's for sure
Jack on Mike Pence
I’m hoping people here could shed some light on something for me:

Sean Spicer is constantly listed as 5’8’’. I find this impossible to believe for a few reasons.

1) When standing to Mike Pence, who has been listed as ranging anywhere from 5’8’’ to 5’10’’, Spicer looks a good 6 inches shorter
2) If John McCain is 5’9’’ and Pence is a 5’10’’; I can find that more believable than Sean Spicer being a 5’8’’ given that he consistently appears shorter than every man and woman he’s pictured with, whereas there is a minimal height difference between McCain and Pence.

I also struggle with Reince Preibus being listed as a 5’8’’ online when he clearly has an inch or two on Sean when they stand on even ground next to each other, but still comes in several inches shorter than Mike Pence (like, at least 4-5 inches).

I just saw Spicer on Kimmel yesterday and if Jimmy is believed to be around 6ft, he looked like he had a good foot over Spicer.

Rob, what say you?
Rising - 174 cm on Sylvester Stallone
@burby: One trick that Kane Hodder(Jason Voorhees in 4 Friday the 13th movies) apparently used was rolling up socks and placing them above the heel of the boot. I don't know how many options there were for the average person back in '75, though. I don't think you're going to quite get 3" out of those Hogan sneakers without falling out of them, though. Maybe if they were high tops. Of course, I could be wrong. I think he may get close enough at 2.5" to 2.75" anyway. I'm pretty curious what kind of insole those sneakers come with off the rack.

Of course, there were times the Hogan sneakers wouldn't do. I can imagine Sly being told he was booked on this show and discovering the host was supposed to be 192 cm. "Hmmm, that's about 6-foot-3 and 5/8ths of an inch...time to break out the big guns" *Takes off Hogan sneakers and substitutes for them elevator boots in a sequence similar to that in Rambo 2 after the half Vietnamese girl dies in his arms*: Click Here He wore these thick dress boots, likely custom: Click Here Something similar at Rocky Balboa premiere: Click Here Some of those types may have been 3" custom elevator boots. These may have had the potential for 3.5" range: Click Here but I'd have to see how he actually looked in them to see what they actually added. I've seen Sly wear black boots that look like they may have been from the same shoemaker.
Seysey on Taylor Swift
1.78, she looks as tall as Martha which is 1.79
179 on Jake Paul
Mark(5'9.5 on Henry Cavill
Here's a video with Henry Cavill and Bradley Cooper together.

Click Here

At 1:26 in the video, Henry Cavill has a higher eye level than Bradley Cooper despite his feet splitting slightly with Cooper having both feet together. (To be fair, Cooper does have a low eye level, so people who think that's a solid inch. It's not.)

I can understand that Cooper is slanting sideways with his knees bent, so he's not standing at his best either. At the same time, Cavill is also hunch back with his feet splitting slightly.

Conclusion: It's close, but going by their eye level, posture, and top of their heads, Cavill looks slightly taller than Cooper. Keep in mind Cooper has more footwear in the same video.
Max on Jake Paul
Rob jake needs an upgrade in that picture where he looked atleest 3 inches shorter than logan he was still growing an even in his videos he claims he started puberty very late i think he should be upgraded to either 5ft11 or 5ft11.25 because you saw that video with post mallone jake was wearing yeezys that make you 1.18 in taller and an post mallone is 6ft.05 and he wasnt wearing any shoes and if you look there are no angles and they were exactly the same height and in one video called yoga with neels visser in the beginning they are both standing straight and both wearing yeezys and no angles neels was measured at exactly 6ft and looked 1inch taller than jake so he looked 5ft11 with neels and 5ft11.25 next to post mallone
Wtf on Lil Uzi Vert
You trippin if you think lil uzi is a beast
Peter181cm on Yousef Erakat
He is 5'9.5 (176.5cm) max.!
More like 5'9.25 (1.76m)
Maybe 5'9 (1.75m)

But not over 5'9.5 -_-
Peter181cm on Rob Schneider
Click Here

On google he is 5'9 (1.75m)
Animus on Benedict Cumberbatch
He can look above six feet on film because of his long torso. His long face also adds to an illusion of greater height than the actuality.
Fred84 on Nick Nolte
I have seen movie Three Fugitives with him and Martin Short. Rob, I would ask - his height 180 cm - do you mean that this is his height in his young ages or the height of today? Because if I shall compare him to Martin Short (here claimed 169cm), he looks much taller (like 185 cm+-) So that is the reason I ask - "is Martin Short smaller than 169 or Nick taller than 180 here:"? Click Here
Editor Rob: Nolte has shrunk by an inch at least, but in his prime I think he is an honest actor, could wake up near 6ft 1 and shrink to 6ft.
Peter181cm on Jake Paul
The difference between Jake and Anthony:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Jake: 5'10.75 - 5'11
(179.6cm - 180.3cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5
(181.1cm - 181.6cm)

Chance: 6'0.25 - 6'0.5
(183.6cm - 184.1cm)
dicksock on Big Show
tree said on 14/Sep/17
Comparing Haystack with Pat Roach from that video is hard and i can't find any pic or video with Haystacks and John Tenta,it would be cool if somebody could post it.

Another way to tell Haystacks was about 6'6" in WCW is compare him with Mean Gene, who was 5'8" at the absolute most by the mid 90s and probably less. Haystacks was only a tiny bit more than a head taller than him. Now let's assume Haystack's head was a little bigger than the average mans. That would have made him about 10.5" taller than a 5'7.5"-5'8" man. That puts Haystacks at 6'6"-6'6.5" in WCW. So either way, he was around 6'6".
Click Here
Corey on Emma Watson
Taller than you think
Mike on Will Smith
Definitely not 6'2". Saw him at LAX and he walked pass me. I'm only 5'8" but my friend that was with me is a legit 6'3" and Will was considerably shorter than him. Even my friend said, hm...thought he was taller.
Mike on Jamie Foxx
He's 5'8". Met him at LAX once and talked to him, well not talked but maybe just like hi. I'm 5'8" with shoes and I was staring at him eyes to eyes.
Arch Stanton on Fred Astaire
Definitely not 5ft 10 but near enough 5 ft 9. With Peter Laeford in Royal Wedding though he could look 5'8 range at times, which he can sometimes in other films. 5'8.5-5'9 is arguable I think.
Arch Stanton on Mariette Hartley
Beautiful lady, more accurate that 5 ft 10 anyway.
girl23 on Nina Dobrev
I just met Nina the other day
Animus on Michael Shannon
Wow, he has a very large head! From the photo above, due to his massive head, I wouldn't have been surprised if he was 6'0-6'1. Obviously he's much taller. I think he's slightly closer to 6'3 than 6'4. I imagine he'd be similar to Sacha Baron Cohen, although his massive melon might mean he's slightly taller. Terrific actor, by the way.
Johns on Channing Tatum
Gotta say, 1.84 for Channing seems pretty accurate. His photos with Hugh Jackman have solidifed that he never steps over 185. Just not possible, at least during the day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Cruise
I think even 5ft10 is underselling him. I doubt he ever drops under 179-179.5cm at his low and 180cm is still a reasonable guess.

But good God 172cm?!
Anonymous on Jennifer Lawrence
emma stone 168cm.jlaw maximum 170cm.
Click Here
Kevin on Justin Bieber
He looks bit taller than neymar, luis fonsi, mayweather, rafinha, IΒ΄d put him 1,76 (5Β΄9.25")
5'9.75" out of bed
5'9 at night
Accept it, the guy grow
Animus on Jimmy Kimmel
He's a strong 5'11 - he's either this or 5'11Β½. Proportionally speaking, you can tell he's close to six feet. He could measure something like 181Β½cm in the afternoon.
Tonyx on Andrew Garfield
With Joshua Jackson 6ft1in(185.4cm)
Click Here
With Eddie Redmayne 5ft11.25in(181cm)
Click Here
With Jimmy Fallon
Click Here
Click Here
With Justin Timberlake
Click Here
Andrew is wearing New Balance sneakers while standing properly. Justin Timberlake is wearing boots and leaning to the left, putting his weight on his longer left leg, feet closer together.

I don't know what height Andrew is, but he looks the same height as Justin Timberlake when Justin isn't standing closer to the camera, isn't stretching his neck like a giraffe and is not wearing thicker soled shoes/boots/sneakers.
I would guess Garfield at 5ft10.75in-5ft11in. Long neck and not enough muscle mass up top. Could appear way bigger if he wanted to.
Please, do post pictures of Andrew wearing lifts/elevators as i haven't found any. As far as I know, he wears thin soled shoes and sneakers.
Animus on Jerry Seinfeld
Seinfeld gave a solid 5'11 impression back in the 90s. Today he might be 5'10Β½, but I would be quite surprised if he didn't measure a strong 180cm during his physical prime.
clayson on David Haye
Very solid 6'2, spot on
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kevin Sorbo
Rob, could shoes have been the reason he looked taller the second time?
Editor Rob: well it didn't seem much different, a normal shoe and then last time just a running sneaker.
Animus on Larry David
Virtually identical to Seinfeld in height. Not sure I see a case for 5'11Β½, although he certainly looks lankier than Seinfeld and thus can seem taller. I think 5'11 range for Larry David is a sensible listing - he is probably a 180-181cm guy with a lanky frame.
Caleb on Gisele Bundchen
Gisele and a brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo that has 5'9.5" for me Gisele maybe really 5'10.5".

Click Here
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Andrea:yes an idiot like you evades pure evidence that the guy is 2" shorter than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Again you know that MJ is much taller but you made an excuse for it???? And then you say that the pic was no good. And every time we bring it up you ignore it because you know that you have no leg to stand on and that you're wrong. Really you sound dumber and dumber with all of your arguments and now you are going and justifying your existence with your degrees? Ok you just said Boris looks 6'5 with Haysbert? Then your pic you used was to justify why both are the same height as you once again used Rob's listing of 6'4" (once again no mind of your own you're just Rob's little puppet). You obviously don't realize Haysbert is actually taller and isn't standing 100% straight right? And is older than Boris? Yet still a bit taller even not standing straight? Right? His head is slightly above Boris. So much for those degrees you have because that would make Dennis over 6'5 if you think Boris is too. i too have degrees myself. But I won't go there I don't bring my personal credentials up. Nothing to do with height. And to go further, You obviously don't act like it when again you tell me "Canson if after all this evidence you still believe Boris is 6'3" I give up". That right there showed you were biased from the start. "Oh I thought you were reasonable but I guess I was wrong". Then you have to run to Rob to try to take your side against Christian and me again showing you have no mind of your own and no confidence in yourself. You don't see either of us doing that but it's understandable because you, again, are a puppet and don't have a mind of your own.

And the only reason I brought up a damn thing about education or anything about that is because you called me retarded etc because I don't change my estimate. You make snide insulting comments to anyone who doesn't agree with Rob's listings (I say that because you don't form your own opinion for anything you use Robs's for everything).

And you seriously just sunk yourself once again with the average guesses comment. As far as average guesses go look at Christians post and look at what you just wrote? Common theme with the guy you mentioned and the 3 he mentioned? All are guessed above (on average) what they are listed. The posters here aren't guessing below rob's listing. That is common across this site, so if Boris is being guessed below 6'4" it at least means that other posters, at least, here don't believe he is. I mean look at all of the people who say he is 6'3"? We aren't the only two saying that. And again two or three people met him in person here on the site. frankly you are the only one saying he's 6'4" and because Rob has him listed that way or others and you are using comparisons to them including biased pics.

And we don't want to go to your evidence you provide. It is very subjective. You said to Christian that you can't see Jordan and Boris's footwear ground posture etc but that seems to be the same issue with all of your pics. Then when we bring it up you ignore and evade it and keep referring back to your pics and the difference he has with the celebs in them. It's like you know you're biased and have no argument but don't wanna admit it. Not only do you ignore all of that but when Christian and I both challenged you about that as well as Christian with the pic with the guy who is 6'9 range you don't respond back with an answer. It's because you don't have one. You know that too. You got so damn bent out of shape here that two people don't agree with you that you had to run to your master (Rob) hoping he would tell Christian and I to go sit in the corner because we don't agree with you or his listing for Boris. You have lost the arguments here with Christian and me and are just making a complete retard out of yourself at this junction.

You're predictable now. I already anticipate your next post. It will say Canson you lost the argument you are a moron etc or will be something referring to your "awesome" evidence (biased evidence) you provided us and reaffirming your weak points you made all along. That's all you do. You will, again, evade the point with Jordan being taller in the pic clearly or why your pics are any different than that one that Christian posted. You're gonna continue to go in circles to bash us because we do not agree with you that Boris is 6'4" and will likely continue to do this until we finally crack and change our estimates which will never happen so you will just continue to argue Just to justify your existence.
Sandy Cowell on Ralph Sampson
@ Nik - What I find useful in such cases as this one are the maps you can find often in newspapers, where they tend to compare celebrities, and science books, frequently used in schools, where they compare an enormous variety of people, from ones from the different ages of Man and people in the countries all over the globe. They are as easy as pie to master and would be an interesting way of passing the time to make your own, especially for kids, wishing to compare ape man to iron age man, and man from the start of this Royal lineage, when William the Conqueror came over from France, fought for, and won, the English throne in 1066, then 500 years later at the beginning of the House of Tudor's time on the throne and then the First World War, when records were kept, right up until now! There would be call for checking out each century's average.
I wonder if it would be possible to make such a chart as records weren't kept until comparatively recently. Things like that are always niggling away at me! Is it true that just skeletal remains are our only guidelines or can we find other ways of tracing Man's historical height progress! 'Blackadder' actor and archeology expert Tony Robinson OBE would be the man to ask!
Finally, it wouldn't surprise me to find out whether extremely tall people like Ralph here have difficulty guessing the heights of people around 2ft or more smaller than they are. I would think the answer is "probably not!"
They don't have to strain their heads looking up! We don't have that trouble judging kids' heights, and that's about the same difference!

Have a terrific weekend Nik!
Darryl on Michael Jackson

Wrong. His Billie Jean dance penny loafers were as flat as flat could be.

Doesn't seems 'Flat as flat could be' Click Here
Greg on Jon Bernthal
It's odd he's listed as 5'10 on google but 5'11 on here.In Bernthals case anything between 5'10.5-5'11" might be possible.
Editor Rob: well I have seen him numerous times and at worse he might be a fraction under 5ft 11, but he's about an inch taller in person than Mike Tyson...
Dejavu on Jerome Flynn
He looks only 5'10 above
Mat 5'10.25 on Jennifer Coolidge
Now that's a TALL MILF
Juggernaut on Triple H
@Christian- 6'5 3/8 Man I don't know why but it seems no matter what you love to downgrade the heights so bad,Lesnar was measured 6'2'25 so at night he would go down to 6'1'75? that's almost half an inch Reigns measured at 6'2'5 doesn't look more than 6'2' so he too lost half an inch and the most hilarious part that Lesnar looks no more than an inch taller than 6'0'5 Cena ..Triple H was never even 6'2'..and today he is 6'1'25 I just got one thing to say.. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? or do you just troll..Lesnar who still looks 6'2'+ in every wwe segment till date isn't even 6'2' for you..and Lesnar wears thin runners..A guy loses half an inch overnight wow..Cena used to wear huge soled sneakers in the early of 2003 when he confronted Brock he looked 1.5 inch shorter even w footwear advantage and based on that you say Cena is only an inch shorter and also Triple H in his prime was closer to 6'3' so ya at one point he might've been taller than Brock..
Let me tell you

Brock- 6'2'-6'2'25
Triple H-6'1'75-6'2'
Brad on Sylvester Stallone
Those Denzel's are whoppers. Burbs knows face first goin down the Laker steps if not in shape wedged. No railings.
Animus on Kristofer Hivju
I think he'd measure shorter than someone like Mads Mikkelsen. Hivju seems closer to 182cm than 181cm, but he's probably a weak 182cm.
Slim on Michael J Fox
"I'm 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. Don't forget the one-half inch."

That's his morning height. Weak 5'4" confirmed, and who knows if shoe measurement, might be even shorter.
Warren on Miley Cyrus
It was sorry bro.. 5'5" on her
Warren on Michael Jackson
I'm the same with u MJKoP, and I also think his Billie Jean loafers give only 2cm or an inch imo, which is flat
Click Here
the Slav on Football Soccer
I think Eriksen was measured early morning in football boots hence the 182 cm. Barefoot he's 178-179 at the most
the Slav on Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
He's 5'10 range for sure.
Lee168cm on Jason Earles
Whats so funny about him being this height g 5'11 you sound like an idiot. Yes id have guessed 5'3 range for him
Anonymous on Charles Hanson
it's possible he's more 6'0 than 6'2. lots seem to think 6' is short or something and because like Charles who is very lean and lanky Must be well over it. I have a friend who is 6' and he is very similar body wise to Charles very lean and people always guess at 6'2, I mean when I see him on bargain hunt for example he never looks to me to be over 6'0, but I am only guessing I don't think he is over 6'1
Lee168cm on Justin Moore
Hmm wouldn't call 5'6" tiny 5' for a man is tiny 5'6" is short yes not tiny
Lee168cm on Lucy DeVito
Only by a quarter inch sue
Lee168cm on Lucy DeVito
I laughed at the five foot two listing on imdb. Look at her next to Melissa joan hart whose just shy of 5'2" herself. Really makes you laugh at how bad imdb are at guessing heihhts like listing 5'1" Jaime Winston at 5'10 and a half
Nik on Lucy DeVito
I never knew Danny had a daughter until I visited this page! It's great to welcome this lovely young lady aboard'
Slim on Eddie Redmayne
Yeah I'd like to see this guy again in the fantastic beasts 2, he'll be quite a lot taller than Johnny Depp and who knows he might pull a miles Teller and brag about how he "towered" Johnny Depp πŸ˜‚
Slim on Eddie Redmayne
Mark(5'9.5 said on 10/Sep/17
Actually, he can look 183 cm in Fantastic Beasts. He some times looks taller than Cumberbatch. Maybe 5'11.5" would be better.

184 cm would be a bit insane as that would put Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Chris Pine, Henry Cavill, and John Cena at 6'1.5"-6'1.75".

I'm sure Eddie would clear 6'0" in the morning without question.

@Slim you'd likely edge out Eddie though

I agree, eddies skinny body makes him look 6'1"+
Slim on Henry Cavill
Anyone notice all the superman actors are underlisted?
Hoechlin, routh, Cavill, all by a quarter inch, what a coincidence!
Slim on John Cena
Honestly guys, he may be a weak 6'1". He matched up to Anthony ray Parker in "the marine" who had 3 inches on 5'10" listed Manu Bennett, not sure about footwear though , doubt there was boots/lifts as there were a sh1tload of stunts. I'm sure heavy lifting and performance enhancing drugs have taken a toll on his length. The guys beyond ripped.
Slim on Joe Manganiello
The guys a beast!!!! Don't know where to place him.....
Arch Stanton on Steven Seagal
Rob, perhaps you could tweak to 6'4.25 peak, it's the average here, like Goldblum and Dolph I don't think it's hard to believe if you measured him in the 80s he'd have measured a tad over 6'4 flat.
Peter181cm on Jake Paul
Logan: (6'1.5)

Jake: (5'11)

Anthony: (5'11.5)

Chance: (6'0.5)

I don't know why people says that difference between Jake and Logan is minimum 3inches O_o
Yeah, I know Jake wearing Yeezy (1.5in)
But with Jake's Yeezy and Logan boots is difference shorter..
But without boots I see 2-2.5in difference..
Minimum is 2in
Max is 2.75in
Normal difference without boots is 2.5in

Second thing..
you all say Jake is an idiot because he claims 6'1 or 6'2
But Anthony claim 6'2 !
And Chance claim 6'3 !!

- all of Youtubers are adding up to 2 - 3 inches to height..

Probably only Logan added only half a inch..
Mat 5'10.25 on Ian Whyte
Editor Rob: he's been reserrected after folk 'told Google' he was alive πŸ˜‚
Gianmario on Braun Strowman
just short of 6'7'', just enough to be in the 6'8'' range with both regular shoes (3 cm) and wrestling boots (5 cm). that explains his billed height as both a wrestler and strongmen.
2.00 m is a safe bet imo.
hardguy on KSI
Animus on Steve Carell
He looks like a solid 5'9 man. He is not towered by Ryan Gosling (6'0ΒΌ).
Slim on Justin Bieber
Examining his proportions above he's wearing boots and maybe a lift. Anyone else feel it?
Guest66 on Kurt Russell
Got the impression of him being no less than 5'10 watching The Thing. Same impression gave me Mel Gibson in his Mad Max, I guess both of them are (or were) 5'9.5 at least.
Bell on James Franco
A women in earls would tower over Franco. His brother is only 166.
Tunman on Ekaterina Lisina
your comment didn't appear at first,but yeah 50 women that tall is also believable,it's very rare anyways.Let's say that 100 is still possible because there are probably some women we don't hear about in Asia and Africa.Manute Bol's mother was allegedly 6'10.
I'm surprised though that 6'7-9 is often reached in basketball and volleyball by some women.Just thinking about Stepanova,Gamova,Taylor,Alminaite and several others,must be some kind of limit to natural growth much like 7'1-2 for men,actually many 7'1-2 men like Kiel suffer from growth disease
Anonymous on Uma Thurman
She looks really tall for a woman and a person in general. Always holds a weak posture however, as she hunches a little. I believe she is above 5 11
Shjaj on John Abraham
Hey John is seriously 6ft1 only I have seen from a near I am exactly 6ft and John was taller than me only
Editor Rob on Yul Brynner
Unbelievably he claimed taller than even what he had on his immigration form...a very 'modest' man!
Dejavu on Hugo Weaving
If Hugo Weaving is 6'2, Keanu reeves is 184cm and Lawrence Fishburne is 182cm. That was how they looked in the premiere of the Marrix.
Dejavu on Keanu Reeves
I don't think Fishburne is a legit 6 foot in his prime. Keanu reeves looks over an inch shorter than Hugo Weaving. If Keanu is 6'1, that would make Hugo Weaving a 6'2.5.
Slim on Ireland Baldwin
Very tall for a woman, she's 6' or a bit more tbh.
Mark(5'9.5 on Dylan O'Brien
Rob... did Ki Hong's page get deleted?
Editor Rob: no, Click Here.
I'll repeat what I said on another page, on moving from http to s protocol, Google 'lost' a proportion of pages from their index. Can't do anything about them removing this proportion from their search engine...maybe their engine will eventually index those missing pages again, here's hoping πŸ˜„
Mark(5'9.5 on SSSniperWolf
I'm not talking about her height. (Sorry if I didn't make it clear earlier, Rob.)

She basically did send nude pictures of herself over the internet illegally (in private of course) and even hooked up with taken guys. She basically does pranks that cross the line (another youtuber does it.)
Editor Rob: I understand, but the site is about height ultimately πŸ‘

I'm not a judge of the celebrities behaviours, merely trying to give what I think is reasonable guesses for height.
Kat on Andrew Garfield
Saw him at TIFF recently and he has the appearance of someone over 6 feet in person. Surprised to see him well below 6.
Mark(5'9.5 on Luciana Carro
She looks 10% percent like my mother.
Mark(5'9.5 on Tamara Dobson
Dobson is easily tall, and so is her family.
Mark(5'9.5 on John Boyega
He's only rounding up by a quarter of an inch and at best, nearly half an inch.
Mark(5'9.5 on Adam Driver
Well, I know Driver isn't 6'3". What I'm trying to say is that he does have a powerful presence that 'a lot' of people would mistaken him for 6'3" first glance. Of course he isn't 6'3", but again. He'll get mistaken for being taller than he is.

Duffer 5ft 11 on Audie Murphy
Appears around 5'6" in his movies. His on and off screen bravery is legendary.
Nolan on Oscar Isaac
Flat 5'8" fresh out of bed. Slightly below that most of the day.
Mark(5'9.5 on Ryan Reynolds
True. In the past, I remember Rob 'indirectly' mentioned that Will Poulter and Adam Driver could measure taller than Ryan Reynolds out of bed. Not sure if he does think that. He did say that Poulter could stretch up to '6'2.5" on a good day while Adam Driver would also be a decent 6'2"er.
Mark(5'9.5 on Luke Mitchell
What was he like in person, Rob?
Editor Rob: didn't speak to him much, so couldn't say beyond that he seemed friendly with people from what I did see.
Mark(5'9.5 on Mark Gatiss
This guy has to be the strongest 6'1" person Rob met (other than Luke Mitchell and Roger Cross, both who are also strong 6'1"ers like Mark Gatiss.)
Oanh on Sun Ming Ming
I remember when I first heard of Sun, and he was listed as being 7'8"
Mark(5'9.5 on Mark Eaton
That is some giant...
15 September
RP on Dan Marino
6'4" prime/peak
Dejavu on Channing Tatum
He looks 2 inches under adam driver but driver could be 6'2.5
Anonymous on Lee Pace
@Canson I do have scoliosis, from a young age. It runs in my family. Never really did anything about it. I also have extensive forward-head posture. By the end of the day, I can't make my head and spine fully straight. I might be a similar height to you if I was in good shape. But I regularly dip into 6'3.5". I don't really care about my height much to want to be taller, so that's not a motivation for me to stretch and try and improve. But for my health I probably should. Do you have difficulty standing straight, being so tall yourself?
MJKoP on Harry Dean Stanton
RIP, big fella....back to 5'8" you for eternity.
John on Ben Affleck
Ben really towers over Matt Damon who has boots on.
Click Here
Original on Cristiano Ronaldo
I do think Ronaldo is a legit 6'1 and could be measured as 6'1.5/75" out of bed.

All of his measurements are with legs open, which could result in at least 1cm less, so we could say that his height would be 186.1 and 186.8 in these tests. About all those photos I would say that he looks more between 185.5 and 186 than 185 and 185.5.

And I don't know with you guys but I don't lose any fraction of cm after 11 AM till the end of the night.
Wayne on Kobe Bryant
how comes he is taller than 6'5 measured Cam Newton ? something wrong here
RennyD on Sofia Carson
She is actually shorter than 5'4 my sister met her and they were both not wearing shoes(lol don't know why) and my sister is 5'2.5 and she said she was the perfect height with Sofia

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