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14 September
Canson on Kobe Bryant
6'4'' Guy! said on 7/Sep/20
Rob, How tall Kobe looks here? Click Here
Editor Rob
Very close to Jordan, I think those guys may well be a toss up at times, both could pass for 6ft 5 range, other times 6ft 4.75

Jordan wears orthotics apparently but 6’4.75” would be a very fair listing for him imho. He definitely wasn’t taller than Kobe
Canson on Sid Eudy
@Christian: that puts the spotlight on these other listings such as Taker. I don’t see more than 1” between Taker and Sid and even then I struggle to see a full inch most of the time. A peak Taker now that I look at it was no taller than 6’7” imho. Sid May have been 6’6” flat
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
HADS185 on Hulk Hogan
As we have the height of the boots now, is anyone able to calculate Hogan´s height in boots then? I am not. JT maybe ?

Also we could use the Hogan-Andre picture, to pin André´s height down. At least roughly. But keep in mind Andre would sink in more, as he weighed nearly twice as much as Hogan in 1987.
Iman Ahmad on Teri Reeves
She Is About 170,2 cm Flat , She Is Slightly Shorter Than Big Nik , Big Nik Is About 170,8 cm , If I Do Not Wrong , BRAVO Nik ,
Pdoggy on Magic Johnson
Click Here

Magic is taller than Lebron.
Rajiv roy on Kevin Pietersen
Rob, how tall is stuart broad ?
Editor Rob
Here's his Tweet
Iman Ahmad on Navi Rawat
She Is About 167,6 cm Flat , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO Hakuna ,
Iman Ahmad on Gayle Rankin
She Is About 163,8 cm Flat , She Is Scottish Actress , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
Nik Ashton on Kathryn Wilder
I would love to compare her to Nik Ashton!
Iman Ahmad on Marisa Ramirez
She Is About 166,4 cm Flat , Tom Cruise Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
Nik Ashton on Catherine Bach
She could be Angelina Jolie’s height twin!
Leesheff85 on Kathryn Bigelow
Wow shes 68 that's hard to believe. She may have shrunk an inch and that's why she looks only 5 inches taller than Jeremy renner who is 5ft 9 in shoes. Her shoes look to add 3 inches she may just hit 6ft 2 in those heels making her a flat 5ft 11 now. 5ft 11 3/4 peak is certainly believable
Nik Ashton on Angelina Jolie
Look at these:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
In the one with Pfieffer, Michelle's heels look huge platforms
Hong on Anthony Quinn
Looking at it again the guy in the last pic looks more like Mel Ferrer than Heston,but Ferrer was in the same height range as Quinn.
cmillz on FaZe Banks
6’3 Sacha Baron Cohen looks way taller than Banks physically.
Canson on Hulk Hogan
So true.

I guess the inflators stick together here (aka fanboys)
Canson on Charles Barkley
@Editor Rob: I agree on Kellogg. But Barkley I doubt is 195cm. I’d give him maybe 194 today
Editor Rob
Barkley is reaching an age at which a little height loss might be knocking at the door.

If Chuck was a wrestler he'd be 6ft 2.5 today.
berta on Tyler Mane
is he really only 6´7 tall today? doesnt look like a guy that lost 1 inch. maybe half
dony on Alexandra Daddario
yess i guess she is 5'6 1/2
Willes190 on John Krasinski
Very similar to someone like Ashton Kutcher.
Willes190 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock

We know what you think by this point, you’ve been saying “6-2” for years.
Honest5'11" on General Height
Average I Germany is probably 179-180 cm range midday and 178-179 cm night. Add 2-3 cm for Holland. If people think it's higher then it's probably because they add a few cm to their height :) So 182-183 cm would be just above average in these countries.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Nik Ashton on Roland Moller
@ Sandy Cowell - Ain’t it just! I’ve seen better!

Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Miss Sandy Cowell on Scott Caan
Don Cheadle looks tall next to Scott!

5ft4.75 😁👍
Black Noir on Mark Ruffalo
How tall do you think his oldest son Is rob? 177 cm?
Nik Ashton on Aidan Gallagher
Miss Sandy Cowell on Geddy Lee
Geddy's life-long friend, drummer of Rush Neil Peart, should have been celebrating his 68th Birthday on Saturday just gone.

Geddy can have 5ft10, though he could well have been a little more back in his youth. The trio of Led Zeppelin fans got together to make similar music, but the music they made was totally individual. I got into them at 18 and one of the first albums I bought was 'Fly By Night'🦉, which was from 1975. I remember thinking "The guys were no older than me, and Geddy possibly a bit younger, when they made this!" Their album 'Rush' was released in 1974.

They were in their mid-teens when they had their hearts set on a musical career. Geddy has been voted the 13th most popular heavy rock singer out of a Top 💯 in an eminent American poll.

Iman Ahmad on Breanne Hill
She Is About 165,1 cm Flat , Big Rob Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
Pierre on Tom Cruise
Parker said on 13/Sep/20
Pierre said on 12/Sep/20
How can Tom be around 5"8' when Leonardo around 5"10'standing in poor posture still is looking 2 inches taller than him and his shoes looking around two time slimer than Tom's shoes.... Click HereClick Here

Leonardo is listed at 5'11 on the site, 6 foot in shoes. The average guess of over 500 votes concurs with that estimate,and as you correctly state, he looks 2 inches taller than Tom's 5'10 in shoes.

Here is Robert Knepper in 2007 Rob has seen and give him 5"8.75' = Click Here

Now same year 2007 Robert Knepper /Prince Albert = Click Here Click Here Click Here

By this comparisons Prince Albert isn't a complete 5"11',5"10.75' best case

Now Leonardo Prince Albert 8 years later(let's say Prince Albert has not lose height during this 8 years ) = Click Here Click Here Only Leonardo's hairs could be same height as Prince Albert top of head here to me .

Click Here =Leonardo and Arnold who looks under 5"11' since some years next to guys listed 5"10' (see old comments at his page)

Arnold /James Corden = Click Here James Corden type Airmax /Matthew Horne 5"6' little heel/so around same help= Click Here Click Here Click Here James 0.5 inches taller?

James Corden Justin Timberlake Click Here Click Here
Justin /Tom Hanks = Click Here
Tom /Barack 6"1' = Click Here Click Here
Jug on Gregory Peck
6'2.5 or a smidge more. Like Ted Danson, a big-framed man slightly less than 6'3 who could look taller at times.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Miss Sandy Cowell on Mollie Gallagher
"Well, technically, if she's never been on it, then everything's a record!"

That's what Mollie's character, Nina, has to say when an annoying Shona is bouncing relentlessly on a tiny trampoline and getting - understandably - on David's nerves, saying she's trying to break her record. She was even getting on my nerves, and I was the other side of the screen! 😂😂😂

How I appreciate Mollie's 'little extras' - no doubt done deliberately so that she's similar to her Uncle Roy, but very fetching in their own right.

5ft1 of brainy individualism. 👩💐
Jug on Gary Cooper
Cooper was a legit 6'3, possibly 6'3.25. A legit 6'3 guy can look quite massive around shorter people. He was often paired with petite women on film and looked huge next to them. Clint Walker and John Wayne were noticeably taller than him whereas he looked about the same height as Charlton Heston. So very strong 6'3 but not more.
Pierre on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6"0' max by good pics
Pierre on Anthony Joshua
Dream said on 13/Sep/20

Will’s shoes are certainly not converse sneakers. Truthfully, they seem to add more than Joshua’s footwear. Especially, going by their soles. It’s similar to the ones Tom Welling was wearing, when I met him.

There are other pictures were Joshua dwarf Will Smith.

Well I see Adidas with comfortable thick soles while Will's shoes are looking very flat .In your second pic Will slouch a lot again then no difficult for Anthony to dwarf him in this pic too.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Linda Thorson
I never knew that pretty-faced Linda starred in 'Emmerdale'! It must have been before I watched it....

5ft8 🌞😁💐
Miss Sandy Cowell on Diana Rigg
@ Sinclair - That's terrible, and your comment was the first I'd heard of her passing. That's really thrown me. Now Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg both gone from this world - but never forgotten.

RIP Diana XXX 🕯️💐
Zober on General Height
@c-mo you seem like a very reasonable poster unlike this greg guy, the average for croatia is 180 cm which he agrees with for some reason but he doesnt agree with 180 cm german average which are both measured and proven. He is funny. Even i dont feel really tall and i cant imagine shrinking 12 cm to his height and start screaming on a forum that i am above average in these countries. I am pretty sure if he came to visit the balkans he will start saying that he is above average here to and that the average is 5'8".
Yao is 7-8 on Shawn Bradley
Van Halen said on 12/Sep/20
You dont have a view of the reality when we speak about yao's height. Yao is 7'5.5" and all the world know that.

Response: You are wrong. Bradley was officially measured by NBA at 7-5 1/2, and Yao was last officially measured at 7-5 3/4, age 23. Take a look at the Yao/Muresan photo below taken in 2009 when Yao was 29. Do you still think Yao is just 7-5 1/2 or 7-6? Don't think so. ROCK ON!!

Click Here
Yao is 7-8 on LeBron James
Canson said on 11/Sep/20
Shaq claimed to be 6’11”. Do you believe that?

Response: Actually, Shaq is 6-11, and 3/4, just shy of 7 feet flat, but I'd give Shaq 7 flat, if he just stretched out a little more.

Yao claimed to be 7’6”. Do you believe that?

Response: Yes, but he was under-stating his height out of modesty. Yao is actually 7-7+.

Shawn Bradley claimed Yao is 2” shorter than him. Do you believe that?

Response: Are you stupid or wha? Statements should be weighed differently depending on context. Was it said out of anger, jest, drunkenness, or seriousness? Boban twittered the statement the same day he was officially measured, why would he lie? If he were lying and got measured in shoes, then it would have leaked already. Boban is 7-3 1/2.
cmillz on Sala Baker
Looks under 6’1 here
Leesheff85 on Alexa Bliss
As opposed to you, knee high to a giraffe and 250lbs I'm guessing 😀
Leesheff85 on Zelina Vega
Julian,Eddie Guerrero was not underbilled he was listed 5ft 8 and I dont think he even looked that tall.
Yao is 7-8 on Ming Yao
Canson said on 12/Sep/20
So how is he 7-7+/7-8 barefoot? What’s your excuse for it? Is it your paranoid delusion kicking in? You like to believe others’ proclamations when they support your narratives. Good luck convincing anyone that Yao is 7-7/7-8. That includes Rob.

Response: Proof? Muresan is the tallest NBA player in history at 7-7. Yao is noticeably taller than Muresan in a photo taken in China in 2009. Therefore, Yao is 7-7+/7-8. You can hate all you want, but you won't be able to produce a photo post-2009 that showed Yao to be shorter than Bradley/Muresan. THAT IS SOMETHING YOU JUST CANNOT DO. And speaking of Bradley, the last official NBA measurement of Bradley was 7-5 1/2, and for Yao 7-5 3/4. So either way, Yao is officially taller than Bradley despite the back to back in 2002.
Cancel Twattter on Donald Trump
Trump never appears shorter than Obama.

Here he is next to Melania on stage:

Click Here

and here are Melania's huge heels at that event:

Click Here
6'3 Julian on Arie Dekker
We clearly run with different circles. Most of the girls I know average about 5’5-6. Because of that I think of 5’4 as below average
Nik Ashton on Rachel Griffiths
I would love to see a photograph of Rachel and Nik Ashton!
Nik Ashton on Danielle Bregoli
@ Madi - Interesting!
Nik Ashton on Max McMurdo
He’s Rob’s height twin!
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Nik Ashton on Christian
Rob is a height cop!
Nik Ashton on Kathryn Wilder
I would love to compare her to Chris Wilder! 🤪
Nik Ashton on Kathryn Wilder
The other girl must be mega tall! 😜
Jackson Roberson on KSI
Rob, who do you think would be taller ksi or harry W2s?
Editor Rob
they do seem very close
Sinclair on Geoffrey Bayldon
In an episode of The Avengers, I got the impression that Patrick MacNee (who I believe was 6'0" at that time) was a fraction taller than Bayldon. Therefore, I'd put Bayldon's peak height at 5'11.75", Bayldon was definitely close to 6 feet tall and he could pull it off in the 1967 Casino Royale.
13 September
aym6ft on Deji Olatunji
rob, he looks 5'8 next to ksi who is 5'10-5'11 while floyd mayweather looks 5'7 next to jj.
rob deji and ksi need an inch upgrade or jake paul, logan paul and floyd mayweather need an inch downgrade.
aym6ft on KSI
rob, who do you think is taller behzinga or tobjizzle they both look 5'7
Editor Rob
Ethan did claim 5ft 8 in sneakers, so he seems quite honest saying that, 5ft 7 barefoot.
cmillz on Tom Cruise
5’8 is a pipe dream for Cruise, barely 5’7 is more like it.
Andres Hdz on Joel Courtney
maybe it's one of those kids who grew up a lot at 15 and stopped and they didn't get over it
Aaron Rosales on Julian Edelman
Click Here Rob please check his pic with OBJ if Odell is 181 this guy must be 175
Editor Rob
He has struggled to look his measured height or claim, there was another Version like that one. Whether Julian managed to slip something into his socks to get 5ft 10 is another matter, I don't rule it out.
Paul Marsden on Xolo Maridueña
Looks smaller than rob here, rob looks like he’s hunched over a little bit and Xolo has a small head so looks taller but I think if they stood straight they would be the same or big rob would be a bit taller
Carlos Santana on Brett Dalton
Why does he look like 6'1 in this photo?
Editor Rob
Less sneaker for a start, and in photos you can exaggerate/reduce difference with camera height. For once, this is a camera that is as tall as the top of my head.

If you photographed from a 5ft 4 person's perspective I'm sure he'd have looked taller.
Aaron Rosales on George W Bush
Rob does he uses lifts?
Editor Rob
Not likely, but then stranger things have happened with President's.
CDS on Robert Pattinson
I'm sorry but if he is truly only 154 lbs, at 6'1" , or even the 6'0.25" he's listed at here, he would look sickly thin. He is slender, don't get me wrong, but a healthy slender. Id say the 5'11" zone is probably more likely, as the poster below mentions... 6'0.25" in shoes maybe?
Miss Sandy Cowell on Kathryn Wilder
If Kathryn is 5ft7.5, then how tall is the girl next standing to her? 🤭

That's what Kath gets from me then: 5ft7.5. 😄💐👍🌞
Editor Rob
The other girl has 5ft 9 on her imdb.Resume page, though of course has a bigger heel.
James B 172cm on Big Show
In all seriousness though rob maybe 2000 was the year big show lost his first half inch?
Editor Rob
I think near age 30 is a possibility. In Wrestling, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and the more shrinkage they suffer.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Robert Carlyle
I've just caught the end of 'Trainspotting', and it reminded me just why I didn't used to like Mr Carlyle, glassing some guy in the face for rubbing him up the wrong way indeed! 👅 I saw the 'Cracker' episode 'To Be A Somebody' recently too, but I had, perhaps, a little bit more sympathy for him this time round. He'd never missed a day off work and he was educated, but would his fellow accept his answer as to the correct spelling of Rottweiler for his crossword? No! 👅 Robert hadn't been to university....

Then when the shopkeeper doesn't trust him with 4 measly pennies, 👅 all hell breaks loose and he goes on a sick spree of revenge.

Then along came 'The Full Monty' and we saw a really nice side to him. 😁👍

Fantastic actor Robert Carlyle gets 5ft6.75.
CDS on Jason Bateman
See the 1992 (actually filmed in 1989) little seen film from Neal Israel (police academy, bachelor party, etc..), "sketches", AKA "breaking the rules", and the height situation with 3 listings on this site get adjusted. Jonathan Silverman, listed here at 6', which I think is correct, a rare solid, honest 6 footer for a change vs the norm: a guy who's probably 5'10" at best, claiming 6' (see Billy Bob Thornton 😂). But if you watch the film, this adjusts the heights for costars, Jason Bateman to about 5'10"-5'10.5", which I previously estimated, and c. Thomas Howell, about 5'9.5", which if you check out the pic of him next to 5'8" sitemaster , Rob, that seems about spot on...
6'4'' Guy! on Ashton Kutcher
Rob, He looks 6 feet next to Conan O'Brien! Click Here
Editor Rob
He might be losing an inch in posture there.
Poster on General Height
@Sakz: I think that both nature and nurture play roles in determining height. For instance, I think that the shorter girls, in my town, just have shorter parents. It's pretty basic in that way. Of course, it could be that their parents were more products of their environments, so it's hard to make a definitive statement.

@Zober: You write quite well. In fact, you write better than many American and British people. Not to sound like "that person", but you confuse "than" with "then", which is sadly common among native speakers, so it's definitely forgivable in your case. "I showed that I was taller THAN Amy, and I THEN measured her."
JustJohnny on Melania Trump
JustJohnny on Ivanka Trump
5’9” at most.
6'3 Julian on Daniel Bonjour
“Hi, what’s your name?”
“Daniel Bonjour”
“Oh yeah, hello to you too”
DarkPower729 on Jay Cutler
He looks like someone who’s in the average height range- which I cast at around 5’8.5”-5’10.5” (174cm-179cm) for morning height. I think Jay would measure 175.3cm (5’9”) right out of bed and drop down to 173.3cm (5’8.25”) at night. 5’8.5” might be a better claim to make.
6'3 Julian on Zelina Vega
Similar persona to Guerrero, who was short for a wrestler. So they underbilled him to fit that character better maybe?
6'3 Julian on Boris Johnson
Yeah @Sandy I used my dad (5’8.5, personally measured him at 174cm, 213 pounds) as a baseline. Boris has more chest fat than my dad who’d be in decent shape if he didn’t have a big gut. 220 isn’t too hard to believe
6'3 Julian on Ming Yao
@Canson I think it’s working
Hyper on General Height

I might just change my name to Hyper from Dream. Dream is starting to become a big YouTuber and I rather not take his name.

Sorry for the late decision, rob!
Editor Rob
That's ok. Just don't change it too much or it might trigger the algorithm.
Dream on Anthony Joshua

Will’s shoes are certainly not converse sneakers. Truthfully, they seem to add more than Joshua’s footwear. Especially, going by their soles. It’s similar to the ones Tom Welling was wearing, when I met him.

There are other pictures were Joshua dwarf Will Smith.

Click Here
Hong on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Click Here Arnold and the rock.
Van Halen on General Height

Glucosamine and stretch excersises don't recover height. I reed recently in a medical site this... slight scoliosis doesn't recover height. (Search if you don't believe me). You need to be clearly a type of hunchback.

Greg you know!, i claim 5'7.75" 5 hours out of bed, but you said you are 3 inches taller than me... lol, at most 2 5/8 inches taller than me.
I sometimes claimed a solid 5'7 5/8 because the private group chat had members where they always claimed their lowest height.

Solid* means lowest height i think.
AndrewV on General Height
We have to remember that the 5'9" average in places like the US and UK is the average among men of all age groups and backgrounds. If we're narrowing it town to young people, the average is closer to 5'9.5" and a solid 5'10" for white and black men specifically.
Shayz on Gustaf Skarsgard
1cm taller than bill
Matt Evans on Philip Glenister
5'11.5-6'0 for me. Nowhere near 6'2 and looks clearly below 6'1 but also clearly above 5'11.
GTB173cm on Jake Paul
6ft-6ft2 is crazily hard to believe. 5’11 in the morning, 5’10.25 at night.
Bora on Keanu Reeves
Solid 6'1" and maybe a weak 6'1.50"
GTB173cm on Wiley
5’11 1/2
Pierre on Kane
Click Here Here is again Hafthor 6"7.5' with probably around 1 cm more shoe(Braun has 2 cm vans) but Braun wear a cap ,not Hafthor.Hafthor's feet are a bit closer to the camera but Hafthor slouch to the opposite side of the camera then both heads are around same distance to the camera to me.Braun stands a lot straighter than Hafthor here and Hafthor still is easily taller than Braun's cap

Click Here Now Wrestlers without very probably their special shoes = Braun Strowman standing a bit closer to the camera but Big Show's head imo looking a bit more upward,Big Show imo has the better posture,not a lot but a bit.Also you can try to compare their shoulders with the first pic,Braun's left shoulder and Big Show's right shouder are same distance to the camera.

Even if very probably Big Show has a bigger head than Hafthor I doubt there is finally a lot more than an inch difference between Big Show's overall height and Hafthor's overall height here.

If Big Show'head is an inch bigger than Hafthor's head this does not means Big Show systematically has an inch advantage of head on their overall heights,it depend how much the highest part of his head is higher than his neck and how much the lower part of his head is lower than his neck.

Another pic I found Big Show/Taker Click Here Taker with a big advantage of camera , this time both in classic shoes
Eric W. Tam on Baby Ariel
I just really wanna know if Jacob is like 6'0+ now or if he's still stuck at 5'8 for whatever reason. AS for BA I can give her 5'2.
Leesheff85 on Judy Davis
Good guess Nik the sheff is short for Sheffield where I love now
Eric W. Tam on Tessa Brooks
It's so cringy how Jake and Tessa overinflated their heights by more than a couple inches.
Hong on Anthony Quinn
Click Here Heston and Quinn in 1961,the angle is not great but it's a good photo.Quinn was probably 6ft1 max in my opinion.
Hong on Anthony Quinn
Click Here Here's Quinn with 6ft2.5 listed Charlton Heston,note Heston's loose posture.
Sean95 on Jeff Seid
@Greg It would be safe to rule out 6'1 haha. Yeah I hope he does add him and a lot of other Youtubers like Rich Piana who I think was around 5'11.5? Could've been 6'0 peak not sure if he lost anything. Would also like to see Scott Herman, Brad Castleberry, Greg Doucette, Mike o'Tren I mean o'Hearn and a few others. Yeah 6'2 for Connor, he always looked decently tall, never shorter than any of the girls in his videos. It's funny in videos of Connor Murphy with Jon Skywalker and another in Kenny Ko he calls them giants even though there's only like a 1" in it. I guess when you're taller than most people at 6'2, being any amount shorter will make you not use to it. Okay I might've been a bit harsh, 6'2.5 would be the lowest i'd estimate Kenny, but he could be a solid 6'3, I wish he got measured facing a wall barefeet, I use to believe his 6'4 claim when he was new. Had a little look on Dom I'd have guessed 5'11.5 with decent posture. It's interesting guessing Bradley's height, when he's with Kenny Ko he looks only about a inch shorter but that could be his hat and camera angles, but with Vitaly he only seemed to look 6'1? Yeah he's definitely not 6'3 , looks similar to Logan who I think is also 6'1.5. At least no one above is doing a Jake Paul claiming 6'2 at 5'10.5-.75 lol
Miss Sandy Cowell on Asa Butterfield
It's unusual for a child star to grow so tall.

6ft0.5 😁👍
Hong on Anthony Quinn
Click Here Here's Quinn and Costner,I think you will find 6 ft1 Costner was taller at that stage.
Iman Ahmad on Tina Stinnes
She Is About 165,1 cm Flat , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO Hakuna Matata ,
Iman Ahmad on Carly Steel
She Is About 169,5 cm Flat , Big Rob Is Taller Than Her , Hakuna Matata ,
Iman Ahmad on Carrie Stevens
She Is About 167,6 cm Flat , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
Iman Ahmad on Amanda Setton
She Is About 164,5 cm Flat , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , Hakuna Matata ,
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ricci Harnett
@ Rob - As regards Danny Trejo, I couldn't agree more! I don't think he'd welcome me to the 'Titty Twister' night club. I wouldn't be able to talk way out of things like Harvey Keitel did!

Ricci gets 5ft6.
Iman Ahmad on Carmen Ejogo
She Is About 167 cm Flat , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO
Ehsan Jabar on Karim Benzema
What time was the 184.1cm measurement
Editor Rob
A lot of those measurements would be after heading out in the morning to do a physical at the medical complex, so likely 9-12 range.
Tunman on Usain Bolt
Van Niekerk was listed at 180 and that's exactly what he looks next to Sonny Bill Williams
Iman Ahmad on Christiane Seidel
She Is About 172,8 cm , Her Face Is Very Similar To Amy Adams ,
Iman Ahmad on Wrenn Schmidt
She Is About 163,8 cm Flat , Big Rob Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
FriedChicken on Giannis Antetokounmpo
My message was cut off i meant to say he'd be 6'10 3/4 or 6'11 in the morning.
Mickie on Tyson Fury
I go back to the Otto Wallin stare down where he may have claimed 6'7" to Otto. Otto clearly claimed 6'6" and Fury looked 2" taller at least when they stood straight. I think Fury is a strong 6'7" guy like 6'7.25" who can look up to an inch shorter when slouching. Otto Wallin may be claiming his first thing in the morning height and is really closer to 6'5" by celeb height standards, although in the ring, Tyson could look close to 3" taller so even 6'4.5" is possible.
Canson on Charles Barkley
Sorry Kellogg is listed at 6’7” too. That’s believable for a barefoot height and 6’8 with shoes. Barkley isn’t over 6’4” next to him if he’s 6’7”.
Canson on Charles Barkley
@Editor Rob:

How much height difference do you see between Clark Kellog and Barkley? Kellog was only listed at 6’8” meaning he likely is that with shoes on max. Kellog is also aged

Click Here
Editor Rob
Looked at worse 6ft 7 there with Chuck
Tunman on Rob Paul
It seems reasonable 4-4.25"smaller than Dumoulin more likely 5'9.Froome can be 6'0.75 a solid 0.5" less than Dumoulin.
What about other famous names?In my opinion
Bernal 5'8.5 Thomas 5'11.75 Cavendish 5'9 Kittel 6'2 Greipel 6' Valverde 5'9.25 Nibali 5'10.5 and young champion Pogacar 5'9.25
And former cyclists post Armstrong era: Contador 5'9(175 was his 2007 listing before moving to 176,he seemed fractionally shorter than Valverde)Wiggins 6'2.5 Sastre 5'7 Andy Schleck 6'1 Evans 5'8.5
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Rob - A 3-4lb weight gain during the lock down is excellent going. I've managed 2 or 3 myself, but I'll soon have them off. Because of the height-loss, they seem badly magnified! Cheers Rob! 😁👍
Editor Rob
I'm sure you'll manage it, I like being 155-160 range, I aim to stick around it 👍
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
bobbyh3342 said on 5/Sep/20
if you guys want boris to be 6'4 barefoot you can wish and hope and pray all you want but the fact is if measured this guy wont be over 6'3 , ive seen him several times and hes tall but not 6'4 tall,,, guys that are a legit 6'4 will be told they are 6'6 all day or at least 6'5ish this guy is the classic case of a fake 6'4 guy in shoes he will be 6'4 but shoes are not part of the body are they. stop with the lies its time for truth

I have him in the 6’3 range. I agree with Viper that 6’3.5 is possible but he’s not any higher than that. I don’t think under 6’3” anymore though
Canson on Andre The Giant
Thinking Yao Ming is 7’7” or 7’8” is indicative of a mind made of cinder blocks
Nik Ashton on Paola Turbay
She reminds me of Lucy Pargeter!
Canson on Andre The Giant
Yao is 7-8 said on 10/Sep/20
@Pdoggy, @JT, etc.

LMAO I think yall brains are made of cinder blocks. Why are yall debating how high a cinder block wall is when there are photos of Dre standing next to known exact 7 footer Wilt Chamberlain? Yall seem more concerned with how high a cinder block wall is than how tall Andre the Giant is.

Wilt was taller than 7’0” flat. You said yourself that he claimed 7’.5”
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Canson on The Undertaker
I’d say the possibilities are:


A) 6’8.5 out of bed/ 6’7.5 afternoon
B) 6’8.25 out of bed/ 6’7.25 afternoon
C) 6’8” out of bed/ 6’7 afternoon


A) 6’7 out of bed/ 6’6 afternoon
B) 6’6.75/ 6’5.75
C) 6’6.5/6’5.5
Greg on General Height
@Zober And if I where to make you a super hero it would be called " CelebHeights Delusion King of Logical Phallacies" I am very well aware of my estimates and just because we don't look eye to eye on things doesn't give you the right to bash me and my opinions. And wonder why I shut you down. You're calling me a liar yet you have no idea who I am you're being extremely bias in your information in order to try and take away crediability in mine. How are you going to try and tell me how I feel in my Country. And why am I all of a sudden not allowed to give an opinion in other countries? But I still will nice try Pal. Glenns said hi to you little jimmy.
Greg on General Height
@181Guy "The Truth Hurts" what truth? and what hurts? Rob said it's near 5'10 so that's likely 5'9.5 and if I am being more accurate the average for American men is probably 5'9.25 for young guys and 5'8.5-5'9 for males all groups. 5'10 is not really within the average, within the average is anything close to 5'10, 5'10 is 60th percentile in America so above average. Same way you wouldn't say 5'11 is within average even though some people try to throw it out truth is 5'10.5-5'10.75 is 70th percentile and 5'11 is 73rd percentile in U.S not sure about U.K since I don't live there.
Chaitanya Sinha on Joseph Morgan
he is 177.2cms or 5foot 9 3/4 inches ...he is little shorter than paul wesley who is 177.8cms or 5'10 inches. What is your take on this Big Rob?
Editor Rob
I never thought he looked shorter than Paul on the show, in some photos he can sometimes seem barely 5ft 10 though.
Greg on General Height
@Zober "I am the biggest troll and Liar on this forum" Lol what exactly have I lied and how am I a troll here? Go on, tell me one thing I lied about poor little Jimmy is struggling and can't name anything. So there's something wrong with that or yourself assuming you're a legit 6'3 you should be the tallest out of 10. Even in Sweden maybe occasionaly you'll meet guys that are taller than you but it's super rare 6'3 is still 99.9% go check a height percentile chart if you don't believe me. You sound like a lunatic right now. As for Mrfunnyguy he's a troll and I don't believe a single thing that comes out of his mouth, he never admitted he was above average. He always said he was "barely average" and said he doesn't feel tall. How can you believe someone who claims to be about 6'1 but feels shorter than most people. If anything your views are skewed especially about height and you're projecting heavy. "are you smoking pot?" That's an odd conclusion to draw, no I'll have you know I can pass any drug test and I am a Intern at a Police Department; so if I was smoking pot would I have gotten in? Now you on the other hand I am not so sure about ;). That Research isn't reliable sure you could use it for reference; but since neither you or I where present during the time it was conducted you can't 100% rely on it. The average in Sweden is approximately 179cm for men I never said it was 177cm unless you include all generations then maybe. However, for young guys it's 178-179cm and I have many people from Sweden who agree with me. You literally just said " I get looks from people" so obviously that's suppopsed to be a subtle indicator that you think you're some sort of giant or freak of nature. Nobody is looking at 6'3 guys differently, especially since you're trying to say the average is higher there so wouldn't that make them less likely to look at you? I think you have some serious issues and are contradicting yourself in everything that you say lol.

And again you are with the strawman arguements, I think you need to get a formal education first. Before you attempt to try and insult be because everyone here can tell you are not properly educated and your rhetoric is even a far worse indicator than that. You try to say that I learned english by "hearing Americans talk". Uh, no I learned it in school by practicing and learning how to read and write. The same way you did, you're just jealous and projecting because your english isn't as good as mine (Not that it matters) But since you're trying to bring me below you on some imaginary totem pole I will call that out. Secondly, I learned Russian by the same way at home with my family but practicing reading and writing. How else do you learn foreign languages? Do you think a magical fairy goes into your ear while you sleep at night and whispers secrets that make you learn? Don't kid yourself, because you sound really ignorant right about now.
Now that we got that out of the way, where did you formulate that the average in Russia for men was 5'10? That's funny, the average even in America where most guys will be a little taller than Russian people is 5'9, so how could it be 5'10 over there? Go on find me a legitmate source that's not you looking up some nonsense that Russians average 5'10, and even if they did I would still be above average then. However Russian Men average 5'8-5'9 so it's safe to say that I am comfortably above average there ;). Okay now you are making stuff up to try and make your 'points' work. First of all when did I say that Croatians average 5'8? I think you must be getting me confused with someone else. I've said plenty of times that Croatians average about 5'11 more or less. The Balkans have an average higher than Swedens. But for the record I have met plenty of people from Bosnia that I was taller than, now do I tower everyone there?no. Do I tower everyone everywhere?No and I don't want to, I think if your goal is to be some sort of 7'0 freak that towers everyone you have issues. Sounds like you have a personal complex as well. Work on it. People don't just 'measure' in shoes only in "America". Stop trying to put 'Americans' down with your superiority complex especially when you're poorly educated and ignorant it's not going to back up your points of reference. Nice try though. I am sure all around the world people can measure/claim an in shoe height. Is it part of your body? No, does that make people all of a sudden from claiming it? no.. How is 5'10/5'11 average height? Average where in 2 out of 50 cities in Europe or something? 5'10 and 5'11 is above average in more countries than it is average or below, and I am telling you straight up of what you're trying to say I am above average and a tallish guy which in my case is 5'10.5+ in the afternoon in America I will be using that as my reference point; but I have included many other places. So stop trying to strawman argue this it will not work. I am 179.7cm or almost 5'11 and I have never looked short next to anyone who's 6'2-6'3. Like I said I am usually referred to as a tall guy even though I don't consider myself a tall guy. Usually people will say " oh he's kind of tall or something" And most of those people are like my height and taller not just shorter. So nice try, a 5'10/5'11 will never look short unless they are taking a photo in which they had bad posture and are over weight. I am fairly lean and muscular for my height and have good proportions, I am workin on posture.
Chaitanya Sinha on Paul Wesley
flat 5ft 10inches
Miss Sandy Cowell on Pat Benatar
How fantastic to have Pat's 1983 song 'Love Is A Battlefield' as part of the '13 Going On 30' soundtrack. The film even played out to it.

How I loved the video to that, and once I was privileged enough to see it performed on a super-large screen in a pub I used to go in to drink...

Well, I was looking after two little girls at the time, and the pub would be a stop gap on our way home from our visits to the park, to feed the ducks and geese. The girls once completely covered me in newly-mown grass while I pretended to be napping and the smell was divine!

Petite Pat gets 5ft.

viper on Arnold Schwarzenegger
He was 6-1.25
viper on Roman Reigns
He now looks like a linebacker
viper on Bill Murray
Arnold was 186cm as well IMO
viper on Paul Walker
6-1 is perfect for him when he admits it.

He was 186cm, not 188cm
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Brock isn't 6-2

At most 6-1.5

Really 6-1.25

Rock has always been 6-2
viper on James Harden
Depends on your physical type.

I'm lean at 6-3 and I'm well proportioned

I usually get guessed at 6-3. Sometimes just 6-2. Occasionally 6-4.

I got guessed as low as 6-1 once.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Billy Gunn
Even 6'3.5" is a bit generous. Looks more 6'3", like Sotiris pointed out, but I doubt he's that low in actuality. Rob said that he looked over 6'3" in person, and I believe him.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Diamond Dallas Page
Yeah, his 267 listing seems legit as well. I still don't get why AEW only bills him at 6'2" though. He could be built up to be AEW's Lesnar, if they book him right. He has pretty much all the tools to be a huge success.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Brock Lesnar
Agreed, 187-188 may be the sweet spot. Worst case is 187 flat.

My prediction though, is that he re-signs with WWE, for more money than ever before. He could reappear on WWE programming as early as Royal RUmble 2021 or even Wrestlemania 37. But I don't really see him coming back for the remainder of this year.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Ange Kagame
But she's around your height, and you only lose 3/4". Or maybe it's a gender thing, in that women lose more than men?
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Shelton Benjamin
Not necessarily. Cena's listing wasn't that far off. In fact, Eddie Guerrero and Randy Orton were both accurately billed at 5'8" and 6'4" respectively. I'm sure there were more wrestlers in the Ruthless Aggression era (early-mid 2000's) whose billed heights weren't that insane. But you're right that wrestlers back in the day were on average bigger than they are now. Like just about any other sport, wrestling has evolved.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Per Mertesacker
@Van Halen
I wouldn't go as far as calling it sick, but it's certainly meticulous. "Sick" would be claiming something like 199.99cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jennifer Garner
This movie '30 Going On 30' is so charming and funny. 😄🤗 It's about a hacked off 13-year-old who wishes she's a successful 'Flirty Thirty' and the wishing dust grants her deepest desire.

So Jennifer Garner's character is 'born', yet she maintains the same childish mannerisms of a 13-year-old - fantastic!

5ft7.5 👩💐
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Tyga
He may be honest, but it's weird how he described a weak 6'3" Wiz as 6'5".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on David Tennant
David should easily hit 6ft2 range in most shoes
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Judy Davis
I almost didn't recognize that it was Keifer Sutherland, lol. Never knew that he dyed his hair blond.
Christian 6'5 3/8 on Paola Turbay
Do you think she weighs more than 128lbs in the pic? Her upper body's a bit thin, but her legs are pretty thick and muscular.
Editor Rob
I think if she was closer to 5ft 6 then 128 looks a reasonable weight to claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Colin Firth
Can struggle with 6ft1 today
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Paola Lázaro
Yeah, Daryl seems to be the most fitting for a leading character. I actually liked him more so than Rick TBH.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Mark Moses
Looked 186-187cm range on Desperate Housewives next to James Denton.
Eric W. Tam on Dan Stevens
Sorry Dan you probably weren't about 6'0 tall at 11, if you were you would probably be like 6'8 today. Well be happy you ARE 6'0 today.
Eric W. Tam on Ewan McGregor
What a world we live in when a 5'0 woman can call a near 5'10 man short, while a guy as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo would be called the "N" word if he even suggests that a 600 lb cow should hit the gym. Now where was I? Oh right, giving Ewan 5'9.5 no more no less, not 6'0 smh. Not even 5'10
Wang on James Harden
Half inch on Westbrook, closer to 6’3
Infalible on Jane Levy
156 cm
The big lul on The Undertaker
Also to note that if undertaker was still 6’6.5 which his not he would look taller next to someone like drew mcintyre who I think is 6’4.5 and 6’1.5 - 6’1.75 Goldberg. But does look 3-3.25 inches shorter than big show.

Drew McIntyre: 6’4.5-6’4.75 maybe With perfect posture
Undertaker: 6’5.5-6’6 max
Baron Corbin: 6’5.75-6’6
Kane and Braun Strowman: 6’6-6’6.5 max
Kevin Nash: 6’8-6’8.5 max
Big show: 6’9-6’9.25 max now
The big lul on The Undertaker
@Riky also that’s I good observation maybe Sid was just a 6’6 flat who wore lifts in his wrestling gear to closer in height with people like undertaker and Kevin Nash. But I do think that taker was a legit 6’7 max at his peak seeing how he was 2-2.25 inches shorter than 6’9-6’9.25 max Kevin Nash and was obviously 4 inches shorter than the big show who was about 6’11- maybe 6’11.5 max. Nowadays he could anywhere from 6’5.5 to 6’6 max seeing him with people like Drew, Strowman, Ike catcher, Kane, and Goldberg even. But I do think that taker and Corbin are very similar in height with each other.
Parker on Tom Cruise
Pierre said on 12/Sep/20
How can Tom be around 5"8' when Leonardo around 5"10'standing in poor posture still is looking 2 inches taller than him and his shoes looking around two time slimer than Tom's shoes.... Click HereClick Here

Leonardo is listed at 5'11 on the site, 6 foot in shoes. The average guess of over 500 votes concurs with that estimate,and as you correctly state, he looks 2 inches taller than Tom's 5'10 in shoes.
cmillz on FaZe Banks
All three of those guys would measure taller than Banks IMO. Liam Hemsworth could potentially be an inch taller than Banks.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Nathan Fillion
Lol Rob 😁😁😁
Editor Rob
I included Fillion's bio in the short Mugshot clip.
Pdoggy on Hulk Hogan

So true.
6'3 Julian on Belinda Stewart Wilson
She was in Primeval, probably belongs in that category. She played Christine Johnson, described as like velociraptor but better dressed
6'3 Julian on Conan Stevens
It’s possible that with the 6’11 210cm quote they measured him in metric and rounded it up 0.25 inches
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Arie Dekker
Rob, do you think 6'10 Ross could have gain another 1/2 inch from corrected posture? I check out his facebook for awhile thought that he look a very strong 6'10 than flat 6'10.
Editor Rob
I think Ross could have hidden height, that if he went on a 6 month course for yoga/pilates might uncover that extra cm.
6'3 Julian on Peter Mayhew
Could’ve been 7’1.5 out of bed at his peak
6'3 Julian on Tacko Fall
@Yao is 7-8 the pot calls the kettle black I see
6'3 Julian on Tacko Fall
@Yao is 7-8 the pot calls the kettle black I see
6'3 Julian on Robert Wadlow
Imagine how powerful he’d have got if he was more active and lifted weights! He’d be benching cars!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Martin Kove
Kove and 5'11 Zabka look tha same height in and out of screen from Cobra Kai. Kove need a peak and current height.
Editor Rob
In the 80's Kove was being called 6ft 1 and 195 lbs in articles, so that likely is what was on his bio sheet that gets given to press for interviews/articles.
6'3 Julian on Matthew McGrory
Why is his neck like that?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Patrick Swayze
Very bad estimate from Dennis Hayden claiming Swayze at 5'8. I doubt Dennis Hayden is 6'4. Doesn't make sense if Rob list him 2.25" taller.
Sinclair on James Villiers
Villiers gave such a towering impression. He was roughly three inches taller than Roger Moore in an episode of The Saint and For Your Eyes Only. 6'4" seems accurate for this British gentleman's peak height.
Alex V. (5ft10) on Tim Robbins
Plus, their shoulders seem to be at the same level...
RJT on Ben Affleck
A proper 6'2 or 6'2.25"'s eyelevel is at least 5ft 9 to 5ft 9 3/8" Rob? If higher then that then 6'2.5"-6'3 range?
Broclewa on Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis is a legit 6’10, the 6’9/75 was also given to Dwight Howard and Demarcus cousins who Davis is clearly and comfortably taller than. I think that height was given to Davis because he doesn’t want to seem bigger than true centres as he prefers to play power forward and not Centre.
Pierre on Tyson Fury
Mickie said on 11/Sep/20
Pierre you have the best excuses. Parker is standing straight on one leg and Fury is clearly dropping more height but that doesn't matter. My favorite one was the thicker grass excuse next to Wladimir. Maybe you can say Fury is levitating, next time.

All the parameters I 'm presenting would be bad while your parameters would be good each time .I go to post again some pics inwhich Tyson isn't probably " levitating" ,pics with guys about same distance of camera this time and not exagerated low angle ,regular floor etc = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here = Deontay flat sneakers Tyson little heels Click Here =Magic (maybe a fraction more heel) leaning his bust
Click Here Click Here = Hafthor a 6"7.5' guy with around 1cm more shoe than Vans but who does not wear cap,slouching a lot at the opposite side of the camera and who still looks comfortably taller than Braun's cap.
Click Here = as we can see here Braun not perfectly straight on his legs
Braun / Georges W Bush probably max 5"10' now Braun standing closer to the camera = Click Here

@JD1996 in your pic on 09/Sep Tyson stand a bit closer to the camera and the camera is low ,in direction to the ceiling that give an advantage to the closest man.David Price isn't straight,legs etc
Blanc on General Height
@Greg I'm 168 cm range (max 170 cm) and my true inseam is 32.25 inches although I wear a 30 and wingspan is about 5'11" give or take, perfect to be an MMA fighter lol. LL is a risk I'm willing to undertake and just be done with it so I don't think much about my height anymore and feel so weird, and the pain is temporary and it's a much better experience considering the latest tech - which is weight bearing and you can literally walk during the procedure.

Interestingly enough, wearing lifts to 171-1.5 cm I felt completely normal and not short in the slightest which just 3 cm, so an 8 cm gain + some stretching, glucosamine sulphate + potential natural growth of few mm since I'm 17 + core strengthening + posture improvement and following the Alexandra technique would put me at about 5'10" which is a height I would be very happy with - although I think my posture is already good, I don't wanna be 5'9" though, but 10 cm would be really pushing it for my torso so I should stick with 8 which looks perfectly fine visually.

The problem is my sitting height, I sit lower than most guys of average height and sometimes my own height and mostly on level with women who are about 5'3" so that's something I have to live with. Mine is 86 cm and a 5'10 guy's is on average apparently 92 cm but I have met exceptions where an average sized guy sat similar or even LOWER than me so hopefully it isn't a big issue.
RJT on Karen Gillan
Is she considered tall in the UK for women Rob?

Equivalent of 6'3 men?
Editor Rob
Quite tall for a women in Scotland, about 6-6.5 inches above average.
RJT on Sacha Baron Cohen
@Editor Rob

Here's how he stacks up to guys taller than him at least on CH

With 6'4 listed Momoa Click Here

With 6'3.5" current Goldblum Click Here

Maybe Momoa and/or Goldblum posture weren't as good, but even then if Sacha's "only" 6'3, don't you think he'll appear shorter?

Here's how Sacha looks compared to 6'2.5" range Elba Click Here look easily an inch taller there

I really think he deserves the 0.25" upgrade Rob, if photographed together I'm sure he won't look much different from Conan, and he'll appear taller than Gwendoline or Liam Hemsworth. Can give off 6'4 impression at times, but that may be due to his proportion but I think strong 191cm who can creep up to 192 range is fair for him.
Editor Rob
He had the upgrade for years, then he made The Brother's Grimsby and I had to reevaluate.

But seriously, he has always had a chance of 6ft 3 and change, I can see why some would even give him 6ft 3.5, since he has a physique which lends itself to a towering presence.
Nathan J Wood on David Hasselhoff
6ft 4 and change at peak, a possibility Rob?
Editor Rob
In 80's, a chance of holding 6ft 4 through the day, so arguably like Liam Neeson, a solid 6ft 4, or fraction over before mid-day
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Joe Biden
Here’s Joe with a President Reagan in 1987

Click Here

Rob, what do you think?
Editor Rob
The link didn't work, but I presume This one, he could edge out Reagan (who at that time might be 6ft).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Joe Biden
Rob, I reckon there’s hardly anything between them, 2cm tops maybe. But it’s a question of is Trump now closer to 6ft flat or could Biden still measure close to 6ft?
Rising174cm on Mel Gibson
@Rob: I remember his style being an obviously thick elevator boot with a pretty thick external heel - perhaps 1.5" - here's a shot that shows them: Click Here. But if Mel was getting near 3" then even my 5'9" flat peak guess is looking questionable. In addition to that scene I posted, here's a still from another scene: Click Here Surely, Sigourney in flats wouldn't measure taller than the 5'11.4" you measured in cat boots + 3" lifts and Mel managed about the same height as her. This makes sense as Mel suggested Sigourney was 3" taller than he was. If Mel was only 1.5" shorter then a simple pair of cowboy boots would have evened him up with her in flats as opposed to 3" elevators, let alone 3" lifts.

There really are multiple times in the 80s when he could seem 5'8" range or sub-5'9". For instance, Rob estimated Mel at 7" shorter than Glover in this pic: Click Here Granted, I thought the difference was more like 6" in the video, but the pic is not totally worth dismissing because it's rare to see Glover stand that tall, it's equally rare to see Mel without heeled boots next to Danny and it's also rare to see wide shots.
Editor Rob
It might actually have been a custom made shoe for the film. In some scenes it was obvious he looked taller than he should. The most I do go for Mel is about 5ft 9.5, it would not be a shock if he came in just shy of it, but I was never so sure just a flat 5ft 9.
berta on Brendan Fraser
i think he was close to 190 but weak one. 189,7 ish. and now after surgeries and injuries have lost couple of mm and is just over 189.
berta on Sala Baker
beside other cast memebers from lord of the rings he doesnt look taller than 184 and in many photos barely 6 feet. maybe the guy is no taller than 184
6'3 Julian on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I mean my guess would’ve been 6’0-6’0.5, 225-230 pounds peak, shorter and lighter now (maybe 5’11, 210 pounds)
davelmusic on Jen Selter
Saw her on some Insta-dudes vid...when asked how tall she was, she claimed 5’6”. He immediately asked are you really that tall? And she said more like 5’5.5”. She doesn’t look anything over 5’4” to me.
6'3 Julian on Arnold Schwarzenegger
I mean my guess would’ve been 6’0-6’0.5, 225-230 pounds peak, shorter and lighter now (maybe 5’11, 210 pounds)
6'3 Julian on Roman Reigns
I did some research. He had 265-280 listings. Also I was just clarifying that I didn’t want to wind anybody up because I know there are people out there who would murder me over getting it wrong
grizz on General Height
@John124, an interesting assessment technique, but agree with you on the results.
berta on Liam Hemsworth
i have always thought he looked closer to 192. not a legit 192 but 192 at lunch and 191,5 in the afternoon.
Iman Ahmad on Kaya Jones
She Is About 177,2 cm Flat , She Is Taller Than Big Rob , BRAVO Hakuna Matata ,
Slim 6'1" on Lucy Lawless
Edged viva Bianca
Slim 6'1" on Daniel Feuerriegel
One of the tallest guys in Spartacus
Slim 6'1" on Daniel Feuerriegel
Slim 6'1" on Anthony Ray Parker
I take that back spot on or overlisted a quarter inch
Slim 6'1" on Keanu Reeves
Slim 6'1" on Patrick Swayze
Robs listing is spot on, 178.5cm
Slim 6'1" on Rob Lowe
Slim 6'1" on Rob Paul
5’8,25” 173.5
Danimal 176.7cm on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Guanzo said on 17/Oct/16
With 7ft Andrew Bynum

Click Here

First of all, this post was from 4 years ago, but I wanted to let the original poster know that Kareem was wearing very flat dress shoes and leaning his, while Andrew was wearing thick basketball shoes (giving him at least a 1" shoe advantage) and he's standing straighter than Kareem. We also don't know what year this picture was taken.
Danimal 176.7cm on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
K.A 188 said on 13/Jan/19
Damn 218 cm tall he is probably the tallest 70 years old man

The 218 cm was his PEAK height, not his current height.
Danimal 176.7cm on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
He was easily this height 7’1 7/8, at his normal low peak. Rob could easily give him 7’2” flat as that is easily his lunchtime height. Today, he’s clearly lost height. He mentioned that he had on Keeping up with the Kardashians. How much is debatable. I’d say he is 7’0-7’1 today. Could mean 7’0.5-7’1 range now

I don't give him over a flat 7'0" today. His posture has gotten pretty bad.
Danimal 176.7cm on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
FriedChicken said on 3/Jul/20
He needs a current and peak listing now. He's pretty old. This listing for peak is pretty accurate because that's literally what he measured at. But nowadays I say he's 7'0.5 - 7'0.75

He's well into his 70's now. He's lost more than only 1". He also has a bit of a hunched/curved upper back/neck. I'd say he's lost about 2" since his prime.
Danimal 176.7cm on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
6'4'' Guy! said on 19/Aug/20
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal in 2004. Click Here

Shaq was never over a flat 7'0" barefoot.
Iman Ahmad on Yulia Snigir
She Is About 167 cm Flat , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO Hakuna Matata ,
ajax509 on General Height
@Greg You won't be 1.25in taller than c-mo after 2h. I don't know how often he should repeat himself, he is exactly 177cm at that stage.
c-mo176.2cm on General Height

2 hours out of bed I am 5'9.7 ...not 5'9.5

and at night I am 5'9.3

@Zober he doesnt accept any data or any other values other than the made up averages in his head making him think he is "above average"

I live in germany since 30 years and told him he will not be above average here among young ethnic german men but he doesnt understand
Iman Ahmad on Anna Skellern
She Is About 168,3 cm Flat , Big Rob Is Taller Than Her , She Is About 168,3 cm Flat , BRAVO ,
cmillz on Tim Robbins
It’s funny though, in some pictures, Robbins looks taller standing next to Morgan Freeman than Cromwell does.
Iman Ahmad on Kate Siegel
She Is About 172,1 cm Flat , She Is About 172,1 cm , Big Rob Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
Iman Ahmad on Jessy Schram
She Is About 169,5 cm Flat , She Is About 169,5 cm Flat , Big Rob Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
Iman Ahmad on Amaia Salamanca
She Is About 165,7 cm Flat , Big Nik Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO Hakuna Matata ,
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) on Claudia Schiffer
5ft 10 3/4. What a beautiful women she is.....
Iman Ahmad on Kathryn Wilder
She Is About 171,5 cm Flat , She Is Taller Than Demi Lovato , BRAVO Hakuna Matata ,
Iman Ahmad on Paola Turbay
She Is About 168,3 cm Flat , She Is About 168,3 cm , Big Rob Is Taller Than Her , BRAVO ,
Linke on Bear Grylls
Bollywood legend Akshay Kumar is going to be in a Man vs Wild special with Bear. Akshay I would have guessed 5'11 in past and 5'10.75 today, however, in the trailer he appears to be bit taller that Bear.
Thomas asd on Will Smith
It's refreshing to hear that he stopped growing in 8th grade. So many people lie and say they're growing in their 20s to further feed the narrative that men typically grow that late. It happens but it's much more common to stop growing during high school. I know many tall and exceptionally tall guys that stopped growing during the summer after 8th grade or shortly after. I stopped before grade 9 was over.
6'3 Julian on Sarah Wayne Callies
She looks like she’s about to yell at someone “He’s mine, back off!”
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Cesaro
I'd say 6'0.75". I doubt he's anything over 6'1", as he looked noticeably shorter than a current Triple H.
6'3 Julian on Brian Blessed
He looks compressed. 5’9 and like 18 stone
6'3 Julian on Victoria Justice
No idea who she is but I like her name!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Arie Dekker
By "healthiest", you mean without gigantism or acromegaly?
6'3 Julian on Ariana Grande
Hey Rob, 5’1 for her, is that likely? Or is she definitely 5’0.5
Editor Rob
Look at what she claimed age 18, a bit over 5ft...however, I wouldn't rule out 5ft 1, sometimes she could seem around that.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Stone Cold Steve Austin
The 186 peak listing here is off, but so is 183. I'd go with the middle of the road of 184.5 peak.
Abel Camacho on Brock Lesnar
Hey Rob, How tall is Paul Heyman?
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Big Cass
I'm not the biggest Cass fan, but he could've been a breakout star in WWE had he not been fired years ago.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Sid Eudy
That happens with other celebs too, not just Sid. Even after Rob gives a celeb a major downgrade, the average guess remains the same or very similar.
Greg on Chris Rock
@Howtallisiversonimeanreally I think he is probably 5’10.5ish maybe he edged Rock by half inch which isn’t noticeable at all. Yeah I don’t think Iverson is 5’11-6’0 maybe 5’11 out of bed.
RJT on Height Loss
@ 6'3 Julian & @Nicholas Graham

You measured in stadiometer or with measurement tape with object on tophead against wall or just estimation based on pic?

Y'all got over 177cm (5ft 9 3/4) eyelevel at afternoon or night? I feel like we're similar height.
6'3 Julian on The Big Grapple
@Editor Rob it’s not too much of a compliment. He has the face a of a guy who just soiled himself and really hopes his friends won’t laugh
Editor Rob
We all take bad photos!
12 September
Greg on Jason Isaacs
@Cathy Wu Generally speaking a 5’10-5’11 guy will have a 5’6 eye level. I suspect that if I where to meet Jason isaacs we would look about the same height I am 5’10.5-5’10.75” and my eye level is usually just over 5’6.
Hacker on Jennette McCurdy
Ariana Grande is taller than Jennette Mccurdy, but is only listed at 154cm.
Hacker on Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba measured up against her 12 year old daughter, and no surprise that Honor was taller than her mum. Either Honor is around 170cm tall, or Jessica is relatively shorter than expected... Maybe around 165cm?
Nik Ashton on Naomi Osaka
Look at this:

Click Here

Congratulations to Naomi Osaka for winning the US Open in 2020!
Black Noir on William Zabka
Hey rob, what changed ur mind to Ralph being 5’9? And how tf can Ralph or others like him keep growing lol.. Cause I think my brother who’s 20 had grown a little more despite having a few sleeping disorders
Editor Rob
against other celebs he could pass for 5ft 9 and with Zabka who is near 5ft 11 he can seem near it. I'm not convinced in person he is a full 5ft 9 though, so almost that mark might be a fair figure. The 8.5 as mentioned comes from his biography at age 24, it's the figure he'd have on his bio sheet.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Rory on Art Malik
Didn't look any less than 6ft peak and could often look a bit over it. I think 6ft0.25 peak is definitely feasible. In an episode of the professionals he could look near 4 inches taller than Martin Shaw. In upstairs downstairs at 57 looked not too dissimilar to Neil Jackson.

Peak- 6ft0.25
Now- 5ft11.75
Slim 6'1" on Ronda Rousey
Greg on General Height
@Blanc Also I would extremely advise against limb lengthening because of the pain and suffering. I think you should just stretch maybe try to take Glucosamine and use an inversion table. You might not gain a whole not depending on your posture but maybe a little bit.
Alex87 on General Height
Hey Rob! Just wanted to ask when is the perfect time to measure? The height that you want to claim it. Let's say when you have a normal routine, waking up, walking a bit,shopping, PC, etc. 5 hours after you wake up is accurate to claim your height? Or yo need to wait more until night time? Thank you!
Editor Rob
5 hours always seems a fair mark to go with and whether you go with a fraction or round to nearest figure, it's really up to yourself.
Olympian on General Height
@Sandy Cowell

I am prone to producing humour even when I am writing a sincere comment. Either that is a component of my wit or my tendency to make dry comments. I guess everybody has their moments, so I have mine too. I'm glad my comment was able to lighten your day up after so much gloom and doom the past year.
SD172 on General Height
Hi guys, quick question,I'm very insecure of my height I'm 172cm/171cm(5'8/5'7.5).I live in Kenya, where I'm statistically average height but every time someone says I'm 5'6 or 5'5 something I bellow out to correct them. How do I overcome this? Occasionally I met tall attractive women and I can't help but feel uncertain especially when they point it out(MY height).
Second, I sometimes find it to be a bit strange that we can argue over a centimeter/half an inch that can be changed by posture/hairstyle and footwear.
Nik Ashton on Tyga
He is like 5’7” and he can have a 70th comment!
Nik Ashton on Tyga
Look at this:

Click Here
SD172 on Chris Pine
Here is the SNL VIDEO:Click Here at 2:43-2:49 is where he sings,"I'm 6 Feet Tall and Chris Evans....Chris Evans is 6 Feet as well." and in the same video at 1:23-1:40 he stands next to Leslie Jones a 6'0 tall lady and holds up pretty well.He could easily claim 6'1 and get away with it.
SD172 on Leslie Jones
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say she's the full 6'0...and why would I say that???In this video:Click Here at 1:23 to 1:40 we can easily see that she sizes up pretty well with Chris Pine who says/sings at 2:43-2:49:"I'm 6 Feet Tall and Chris Evans....Chris Evans is 6 Feet as well."Chris Pine could easily say 6'1 and very few people would be skeptical.One could agrue that she has a footwear advantage or her hair style gives the illusion of her being taller but I doubt that she would claim 6 foot when most tall women downgrade their height.

When it comes to her weight i.e 233lbs,I also don't doubt it...Guessing/estimating someone's weight isn't as straightforward as most people imagine:Click Here I suggest this video.And again probably not the best comaparsion:Click Here she has the bigger proportions especailly her thighs(which are very attractive)than Chris Pine(I know comparing a 36year old Caucasian man and a 49 year old African American isn't the most ideal but hey as long as it gets the point across)

Lastly,when I joined TitTok there so many videos of girls who are 6'4 to 6'8 constatlty trending...keep in mind we are 7.8 BILLION people,don't be surpised if a million girls are 6'5
Nik Ashton on Height Request
@ Sandy Cowell - That is very interesting, I will go and hunt out your comment now! Hopefully Rob will add the Neal part to his surname soon.
Nik Ashton on Arie Dekker
@ 6'3 Julian - The average for women in the west could be 5’4.75” but in the UK it is 5’4”.
Nik Ashton on Diana Rigg
R.I.P Diana Rigg.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Nik Ashton on Lance Guest
6’1” is impossible but 6’2” ain’t!
Nik Ashton on Hannah James
@ Iman Ahmad - He is indeed, Big Nik is 2! 🔨🏠


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