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21 September
Importer on Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm looks 6’2” in lifts the way I look 6’1” in mine. So really this is his evening low, I’d class him 185cm which is 6ft 7/8th of an inch :))
Importer on Jon Hamm
I mean David Tennant thought Jon Hamm was 6’1”. Also next to Gerald Butler whose 186.1, Jon might as well be 185.1cm which is 6foot 7/8th of an inch xd
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Importer on Timothy Olyphant
@noelgally In the photo Rossdale looks 3inch taller due to footwear+camera advantage. In person I doubt 3inch, the difference was 2inch on that day.
avi on General Height
@Glitch said on 19/Sep/19

Yep. At 15 I wasn't even thinking about my height.

When I was 16 I became more aware.

I think as humans we are all naturally a little greedy and never 100% satisfied.

We always think more is better or compare ourselves to others.

If you look here the guys who are 6'4+ have mentioned it's not all it'd cracked up to be which I realize.


West of NYC.
joe### on LeBron James
Lebron 6'8 in sneakers?
Anthony brown measured 6'5.25 barefoot and 6'8.5 in shoes
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miko on Braun Strowman
Rowan looks a bit over 6'6 to me, so 6'6.25 range and Strowman 6'6.5/75

Half an inch in Brauns favour, a Corbin/Rowan staredown would be VERY close.
joe### on Tom Brady
I think maybe 6'4.75 for cam newtoniana.
Iman Ahmad on Riley Keough
I Guess She Is 166,4 cm Barefoot , She Is 166,4 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Rising174cm on Colin Farrell
@Chris: That's entirely possible for all three, although I wouldn't say Foxx and Leto are listed incorrectly. Rather, it's basically 50/50 between a solid 175 and 176 cm for them. Back when the Miami Vice film came out in the mid 2000s, Jamie didn't really look above 5'9" flat and occasionally even looked shorter, but the more I see Jamie the last 5 years, he really does generally look taller than 5'9" flat and can sometimes even pass for a 5'10" guy now. Whether that's because Jamie began wearing lifts as his star was rising or because he was always a 5'9.25" guy is the question, but either way, Colin is not as much as 2 cm taller than Jamie, much less an inch. As you can see, Foxx and Farrell look the same height when both wore dress shoes at both the UK premiere and the Hollywood premiere in full pics from a straight angle and no noticeable camera advantages. As for Leto, sometimes he measures up better than a 5'9" flat guy typically would to 5'10"-5'11" range guys, but other times, he looks 5'9" flat such as with Christoph Waltz because I don't buy for a second that Waltz is 171 cm because he claimed 170 cm himself. But again, Colin and Jared look more or less the same height in a full pic from a straight angle and Jared's boots have a small heel no bigger than those on Colin's dress shoes. So even if Jamie and Jared are 176 cm, you're right to put Colin no taller than 177 because looking the same height in those full photos suggests maybe 1 cm between them, but not 2, much less an inch.

Pearce definitely seems taller than Farrell and again there's probably a 50/50 chance between 5'10" and 5'10.25" for Pearce since he claimed 178 cm and iirc, he was slightly shorter than 179 cm Russell Crowe. I'm not as familiar with Jane, though I would say Pearce seems a bit taller proportionately and can give a taller impression. Your point still remains though in that those guys are what honest 5'10" guys look like while Colin is clearly not that tall. I stand by 5'9.5" for Colin, but 5'9.75" is probably the safest listing for now. But an honest 5'10" man will stand out like Pearce or Jane because most actors who claim 5'10" are 5'8"-5'9" range or at best 176-177 cm range. Hell, some like Jeremy Piven and arguably Justin Bieber aren't even 5'8"! On the other hand a solid 5'10" will usually claim 5'11" like Patrick Swayze and Daniel Craig, 6'0" or even extremes like 5'10" flat Dean Martin claiming 6'1" or you have 5'8.5"-5'9" range actors such as Mario Lopez, Johnny Depp and Wesley Snipes claiming 5'11" or more commonly a solid 5'9" like Leto. A solid 5'10" can look tallish at times so if the solid 5'10" man is also honest then people will regularly insist the 5'10" man is taller than they claim. Similarly, regardless of whether Foxx is 5'9" flat or 1/8" to 1/4" over like Rob, what really makes him seem taller is that he's honest and claims 5'9". Now does Colin really seem like a similar case? Literally nobody outside of Glenn thinks Colin is even a fraction over like Jamie possibly is, much less 5'11"+ with the single exception of Glenn and funny enough, Glenn claims to be exactly 1.5" taller than he really is and if you subtract 1.5" from his estimate for Colin, you get 5'9.5", which actually still means he's pretty honest, especially since many don't bother with half inches and simply round, though Colin has apparently started with that recent 5'10.75" claim, which is most likely in shoes and when was the last time we saw Colin wear shoes less than an inch? More on that later.
Iman Ahmad on Riley Keough
I Guess She Is 166,4 cm Barefoot , She Is 166,4 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Doubt on Liam Payne
In a recent Wired interview he said that he’s exactly 1.85 m and that it’s accurate since he gets measured for suits. Now, how is that possible that they could lie to him so evidently since I don’t even think he reaches 1.80 m?
Iman Ahmad on Tina Fey
I Guess She Is 163,2 cm Barefoot , She Has 163,2 cm Body , A Lovely Woman , Tina Is Left Handed Woman , She Is Also Screenwriter Of Mean Girls A 2004 Movie ,
Littlelee5ft6 on Azura Skye
She could be a strong 5ft 6 or 5ft 6.5 tops very little height gap between her and sandra bullock and several inches taller than sarah Michelle gellar in heeled boots
Andrea on Riccardo Scamarcio
Nice, Rob!
To be honest, I wouldn't have ruled out 5'10ish, but the more I look at him, the more 5'9.5 really seems closer to the truth... especially with Keanu!
Editor Rob
5ft 10 I think is probably a fraction too much...given Keanu himself isn't really a proper 6ft 1.
Xpac99 on Kane
What do you think peak height kane near 6ft8? With viscera he looks near 6ft8, for sure over 6ft7 1/2, at least 6ft7 3/4.
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With 7ft the big show.
An upgrade it’s reasonible
Demon87 on Kane
Who do you think is taller today, strowman or kane?
Iman Ahmad on Arielle Kebbel
I Guess She Is 171,5 cm Barefoot , She Is 171,5 cm Barefoot , A Pretty Woman ,
NM on Kane
Here’s R-Truth with Sheamus outside of the ring... Click Here
no way he’s only 5’10.

Kane looks 8 inches taller when his head is in the same position and a lot more when his neck heads tilted up very high Click Here Click Here
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Christian and Viper: this is interesting. See the last section where it says the guy measured 6’2 3/8 and the coach said maybe his hair wasn’t included
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Christian: you’re probably right. Average is prob 6’1-6’2” in reality. After what Viper pointed out, I openly question the measurements for some of these other players. If a guy got “measured” 6’2.5” and is listed 6’1”. That’s not the first time either
Canson on General Height
@Greg: it’s hilarious. He always claims 6’3 3/4” when someone asks how tall he is. He’s said before “I just say 6’4”. He has to say 6’3 3/4” because he always gets called out for not being 6’4”. Anyone with a brain would know that if you don’t look remotely close to 6’4” to others then why do you claim it? It’s sad if you ask me especially inflating others. Most say he looks 6’3” and that’s fair for him. But that should go to show you that he may be weak 6’3” since a legit 6’3” at a low or even a strong 6’3” may look close to 6’4” at times. Not the case for this dude. He had another 6’3” probably also weak 6’3” coworker who claims 6’3” and he was at best the same height as him. He even called him on it in front of everyone once
Canson on Sookie's Den
@Christian: it’s expensive on the East coast in many areas
Andrea on A. J. Buckley
Rob, your average eyelevel has always been one of the few certainties in my life... Is it true that it's actually below average, like Christian says? o.O
Editor Rob
it's within average range.

Although in this photo with AJ I am looking straight ahead and the camera is a few inches below our eyelevel. The majority of the time I would look down a fraction towards the camera, which is why in those mugshots I am basically giving myself a 10 inch head a lot of the time.
Myself on Žydrūnas Savickas
He's considered a legend in the Strongman world. I'm not an expert, but he was dominating when the WSM had a decent amount of heavy static feats of strength and prior to his injuries. He's also a quite humble and genuine guy I believe.
He's saying he wants to come back very soon...would be interesting to see if he managed to recover from those injuries! I hope he doesn't hurt himself even more now.
Myself on General Height
@Canson @Greg
Actually a 6'3 guy rounding to 6'4 is nothing surprising tbh...it's common, and I'm surprised that he would even get called out (Other than by Canson and his friends) for that!
Andrea on Boris Kodjoe
And just as I feared, Christian, you're really using that clip to "prove" that Neeson was 0.75 inches taller than Conan, LOL. Again. I don't know whether you have memory problems or something else, but here's what I have already told you about that on Conan's page:
"Considering that the camera is clearly on Liam's side, that's a pretty bad clip to draw any conclusion from, Christian, but if anything, I would say that Conan doesn't look much different than him when Liam isn't raising his eyelevel, DESPITE the camera disadvantage: Click Here "
As for Johnson, again, by the same logic, you have no evidence to show that he really "inflates" measured athletes, considering that he can always say that they have grown (if measured around a certain age) or they were mismeasured (like you did with certain athletes). As I said, things can't be facts or opinions at your convenience!
pov on Vin Diesel
I actually agree with you for once lol.

Rob, even with his ridiculous looking man heels, he claims 6”1 and im pretty sure thats his height in a shoe measurement. He looks 179cm to me.
Sakz on Sookie's Den
@Sandy I'm glad it made you feel that way. I admire people who are open minded and abstract. I didn't grow up watching many films and still don't but I did watching tv shows and soap operas, so I agree it's quite impressive how certain actors and actresses can master different accents to portray their characters. There were times where I genuinely thought someone was born with an accent only to find out they're putting it on. I am familiar with some of the examples you gave. Their accents just come off so natural and are really well perfected. I know you watch Emmerdale and there's even characters in there who put on a Yorkshire accent since a lot of them are actually from Manchester or the Midlands. I find it quite intriguing how diverse the British accents sound depending on which region you are from. It's like some of them are from different countries because the pronunciations and dialect are completely different. Take care Sandy.
Randomdude2020 on Brock Lesnar
@Johan also that picture with Lesnar and Overeem is not a good basis to go by, Lesnar is much closer to the camera than Overeem which will give a taller illusion, the weigh ins had a better one, Overeem was standing flat footed and Lesnar was posting on one foot ( which gives about 1/2 inch) and Overeem still edged him. Cain and Brock seem to be about the same distance to the camera so that is probably a better one to go by( but still not great as one could still closer )
frank burjan on Donald Trump
Are you americans watching donald trump standing next to scott morrison? Morrison is taller now than their last meeting. Which means either donald trump is wearing lifts or donald trump has shrunk. Scott morrison is reported to be 5'11.5 and that looks highly accurate next to other australian politicians. He now edges donald trump in height
Importer on Christopher Judge
C.J is losing height in all 3 photos. He actually did a small role in Nolan’s 3rd batman trilogy, playing the role of a merc and was obvious 6’2” in my eyes because he stood out. 6’1 3/4” the lowest he could look in reality.
Importer on Shawne Merriman
Importer on Andy Ruiz Jr
@Johan 185 cm
Technique Size
Randomdude2020 on Brock Lesnar
@creeper Lesnar was measured at 6'2 1/4 by the NFL and is probably 6'1.75 (lowest ) - 6'2 at night

Anon11 on Piers Morgan
5'11'' max. I can't believe this guy is claiming 6'1''
Sotiris Gravas on Kane
@Roderick and Editor Rob and everyone else...

R-Truth and 6'4.5" Cam Newton (2018)... Click Here

Video footage of R-Truth w/ Kane... Click Here
Here they are in ring gear... Click Here

W/ Bobby Mitchell fan and maybe 6'3" Goldust (2018)... Click Here

W/ Goldust... Click Here , Click Here

W/ listed 6'2.75" Wiz Khalifa (2015)... Click Here , Click Here (Khalifa claimed he was only 6'2" in 2014)

W/ 6'2" Dr. Phil (2016)... Click Here

W/ max 6'0" Michael Cudlitz... Click Here

W/ 5'11" Rick Ross (2016)... Click Here

W/ listed 5'9.25" Tupac... Click Here

W/ maybe 5'11.5" The Miz next to ring ropes that are 4'6" off the mat... Click Here

Roderick, R-Truth is billed as 6'2", so I doubt he's as low as 5'10".

Goldust w/ R.A. Mihailoff... Click Here
Mihailoff and 6'7" Tyler Mane... (2013) Click Here , (2011) Click Here ,
Click Here
W/ 6'4" Tony Todd (2012)... Click Here
Caldoni on Sylvester Stallone
Realistically I struggle to see him over 5-8. Peak might be 1/2 over it
Caldoni on Dolph Lundgren
Peak a weak 6-4 just maybe. Probably more 6-3.75. Now looks a strong 6-2.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Liv Tyler
What are the chances of one's hairdresser giving you a copy of a magazine with your favourite girl on the cover? Well, I was given three magazines upon asking, and the third one I looked at had LIV TYLER on the front! I will, of course, be buying my own copy and reading every word of the interview. Liv went to Glastonbury this year! If only I had gone.....🎸🎧🎵🎶🎹

I think I'd have passed clean out! 😍

LDS on Harry Styles
The biggest thing that shows his claims are nonsense is the shoes he wears. Guys 6ft + don't wear what are basically heels for men nearly all the time, we don't need to.

All the 1D guys have massive amounts of money, fame etc but they still all lie about their heights and massively over inflate them. I guess it shows just how preferable people think it is to be deemed as tall(er).
Caldoni on Christopher Eccleston
Looks legit. 5-11.75
6'1 dude 2004 on Justin Bieber
Worst height 5'7.25-5'7.5!
tall1 on Rob Paul
Hey Rob
Do you know sneakers 4 or 5 + cm add? Nike, adidas, reebok, puma, nb or other brand shoes ?
Editor Rob
I can name you some:

Hogan Interactive - Measured 5.1cm

Air Max 720 - Measured 4.1cm.

Ed Hardy Scale Runner

There's a few in the Air Max series that are 3.4-3.8 like Air Max 200, Tailwind IV for example.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Kota Eberhardt
Hmm! Model agencies seem to be quite notorious for rounding up because it's very much to the advantage of their models!

I'll give Kota five foot six-and-a-half.
Tunman on Amber Benson
Hmmm,she looks a strong 4" smaller despite advantage,so maybe 5'4 with Doc Martin advantage and a little under without it.On the upper one I think she could look 4.75"smaller so maybe more 4.5"if she wears converse.She could be like 5'3.75" or maybe 5'3 5/8",just a fraction under 5'4.
Hansion on Liam Payne
He just claimed to be "exactly 185 centimeters or 6 feet 0.7 something" in a new wired autocomplete interview.
Nik Ashton on Christa Miller
It would be great to see how tall she is compared to Rob!
ajax509 on Ava Michelle Cota
@Editor You spread fake news, if Ava's 6ft 1, Luke's 6ft 3. Makes no sense at all!
Dirk on Liam Payne
In this WEIRD-Autocomplete-Challenge, Liam is asked how tall he is and he answers with "Excactly 185cm, so 6'0""... I am pretty sure someone has to know their own height: why would he add nearly 10cm in the public when everybody is able to watch him lying?

Click Here (9:10)
Nik Ashton on Christian Pulisic
The average guess is 5’8.27” (11 votes!)!
Nik Ashton on Lynn Collins
The average guess is 5’6.5” (4 votes!)!
Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
Emil on Andy Ruiz Jr

Andy could look a bit under 6'0 next to 5'8 Crawford, but Crawford also seems to have a significant footwear advantage in that picture. Like 0.75 inch or so
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Edwards - Thank you for that! I'm off to the hairdresser and will feel better afterwards!

Have a great weekend one and all! XXX 😁👍

I'm in the cab! I'll write later!
Editor Rob
I hope you start to feel better after your fall.
Rising174cm on Tom Selleck
I agree there's no chance Selleck was 6'3" flat peak, but there's also no chance he was a full 6'4" peak since he was claiming 6'3.5". That just makes no sense unless he was about 6'3.5" peak and there's enough evidence of him looking that peak as both myself and Sotiris has shown. Also, Selleck is pretty clear not a full 6'3" anymore. Look at the picture above, he might have still been able to straighten up to 6'3" then, but that pic is now 8 years old! His posture was already making him look 6'2" range next to Bridget Moynihan at 66 and Selleck didn't start shrinking noticeably until probably his early 60s so it stands to reason that he lost more height between age 66 and his current 74.

Look at Selleck over 15 years ago with 5'11"-5'11.5" range Prince Albert: Click Here Click Here He honestly doesn't look over 6'3" there, if that. I don't doubt he still was, but again, it's pretty clear Selleck wasn't telling some nonsensical lie when he said he was 6'3.5" multiple times 6 years apart.

By the way, the 6'3" quote in context doesn't even suggest he's referring to his current height. Notice he's talking about his potential as a leading man and even referring to his Magnum days. It's fairly likely the 6'3" claim was just rounding down his peak height of 6'3.5" instead of his usual round up. Especially since men(particularly celebrities), tend to continue claiming their peak height even long after they've began shrinking. The main exception is when their height loss becomes too noticeable to ignore such as with Arnold and Hulk Hogan, but even then we saw Clint Eastwood claim 6'4" as recent as 2004.

Of course, Selleck could also be rounding up his current height or even not referring to one or the other, but the most I can buy for him currently is 190 cm.
Litenko on Rob Paul
Bobby 5ft 10in (178cm)
but that site says that (second one) Canada average is 178 what is not true as you said
185 on Luke Eisner
About 6’2 and i think the girl is under 6’1 could be just 6’.
About this guy i think he look like Dylan Brosnan, probably because of his long hair and lanky body. Not really impressed me much. New gen model look kinda gay for me, just my opinion.
Iman Ahmad on Iggy Azalea
I Guess She Is 176,5 cm Barefoot , She Has 176,5 cm Body , A Quiet Pretty Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Gemma Atkinson
I Guess She Is 176,5 cm Barefoot , She Is 176,5 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
185 on Bo Burnham
You alway say Bo is slouching but from most picture i see from you, he’s not slouching and if there is a full picture with MCW i think you will see he’s standing really straight. That little head tilts is not affect his 6’5 and a bit more height and can’t be count as slouching.
I didn’t say they’re sitting. They are standing, that’s no brainer. But what if Bo lift one foot up. What if MCW can look as tall or even taller in a different angle. Pretty easy to point out that Bo might standing closer to the camera. You can see Bo’s head is bigger.
For Kobe and MCW, they’re listed as the same height so they should be equal but i think Kobe might be taller MCW in that picture. But though Bo should be taller than both of them because he is listed at a taller height.
Christopher Weatherill on Liam Payne
Rob, Liam just gave an interview where he categorically claims to have been measured by professionals at 185cm, while getting his suits tailored. What do you reckon?
Click Here (it's towards the very end of the interview, the last question he answers).
Editor Rob
It's a very generous tailor he's got.

I am sure many celebrities will be asking for his name 😎
Iman Ahmad on Jamie Anne Allman
I Guess She Is 169,5 cm Barefoot , She Is 169,5 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Christa B Allen
I Guess She Is 165,1 cm Barefoot , She Is 165,1 cm Barefoot , A Pretty Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Anabelle Acosta
I Guess She Is 170,2 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Henri_Plonk on Chris Evans
I guess that explains the pictures with Pattinson then, as he has a habit of standing very loose.
Voltaire on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Creeper - Paul Walker was more 6'1. Dwayne's height in that Instagram post looks exactly the same as it's listed on here.
Drew Jackson on G Eazy
Ummmmmmmm he’s not 6’4 lol Gordon Ramsey is only 6’1.5 and next to each other he’s barely an inch taller Click Here
Sotiris Gravas on Andre The Giant
Here's Shaq getting into the ring to compare w/ Andre... Click Here Again, Andre was never 7 feet tall.

Here's max 6'4" Barry Windham w/ Mike Graham... Click Here , Click Here

Superimposed Andre pic w/ 5'3" (5'6" in heels) Debbie Harry & Mike Graham... Click Here

While true that my comparison pic w/ Andre wasn't 100% to scale, saying that it was "totally out of proportion" is nonsense. Part of the reason I look big next to Andre is b/c I am big. Currently at 285 lbs, I'm not exactly a lightweight. That said, we're agreed that Andre was probably 6'10.5". Wilt's heels were 0.5" BTW. Also agree that Andre's height came more from a long torso, not crazy long Conan O'Brien legs...

I sent a post where I basically agreed w/ you that comparison pics can't be 100% accurate if they have a different camera height/angle... but it never went through for some reason.

I differ w/ you on Pippen being 6'7.5". I doubt he was ever more than 6'7" and looks to be under it now. Pippen next to a bald 6'7" Magic... Click Here Also, my head isn't exactly small... it's around 10.5" long and part of the reason it looks bigger is b/c my mouth is open, causing my chin to obviously hang lower.

Going back on old posts, I saw that you thought Bob Backlund might have been as low as 5'10", something I also agreed w/. This was your superimposed pic of Backlund/Debbie/Andre Click Here

Here's your pic of Backlund w/ mabye 5'10.5" Jerry Lawler... Click Here
In these pics, Backlund looks much shorter... Click Here , Click Here Both Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich were billed as 6'0", whereas Backlund was billed as 6'1". Here's a recent pic of Backlund w/ 6'1" Ryback in a "Battle of the Backs" pic... Click Here Video footage of Lawler w/ max 5'11" Ric Flair... Click Here

Barefoot Andre w/ max 5'11" peak height (currently max 5'10") Bret Hart... Click Here
Bret w/ a height boost of max 1.25" puts Andre at max 6'10.5", even w/ a max 12-inch-long head... never Rob's listing of 7 feet.
Roderick on Kane
Kevin Love IMO is 6'7.25"-6'7.5". Not 6'7.75". Undertaker can look as low as 6'5" flat and even 6'4.5" in some of the pics with guys like Tristan Thompson.

There is zero chance he's 6'6.5". And no, he didn't "regain" height but I can respect your opinion.

Undertaker is max 6'5.75" now, probably just 6'5.5". I wouldn't be surprised if he was 6'5.25", but 6'5" flat might be too low. He edges out legitimate 6'5" guys BARELY, I mean .25"-.5"... which means he couldn't be just 6'5".
Roderick on The Undertaker
I would be surprised if Undertaker measured 6'6" honestly. He could be as low as 6'5.25" and even 6'5.75" seems hopeful at times. There is definitely a good chance he's just 6'5.5".
184guy2 on Luke Hemmings
why the heck he is still listed at 6'4 on google ..... this makes Rock 6'5 claim not so bad
Nitro on About Celebheights - FAQ
Hi Rob.I am just wondering if the all of the heights listed on this website are morning or evening ones.
Editor Rob
Not morning, more towards lunch early afternoon.
Alex231214 on Shoe Lifts
Click Here
How much for this Rob?
Editor Rob
Without knowing how thick the insole is, I feel it should still give 1.5 range
20 September
edwards on The Undertaker

In 2010 Kane and Undertaker had the exact same footwear, Taker's might have even be a small fraction bigger and Kane was still taller (even when he's bald and Taker has hair),kane snt even standing straight and still very tall next to undertaker. Click Here kane is for sure taller than taker,both has similar footwear.now dont always believe what you hear that only kane has footwear.
kane and taker at peak with similar footwear Click Here ,Click Here ,Click Here

another photo with taker Click Here sorry pal,i cant agree with you.

undertaker and kane both at peak ,undertaker has footwear advantages over kane as yankem and still kane is taller Click Here

taker with same dude Click Here
kane with same dude Click Here

dude,i have answar for your question hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah,pardon me.in the photo you posted kane is tilting his down and taker is tilting his head off,sorry there is no chance of kane being similar to taker. taker and kane at knoxville,taker is closer to camera.Click Here

kane and taker 2009 with same footwear in same year,some guys here thinks only kane were lifts which is funny asf.lol hahhahahaha Click Here ,Click Here

sorry to disappoint some of the fanboy.buahahahahahahahahahaha
Sean on Height Request
Rick Ocasek
Kyler Murray (measured 5'10 1/8" at combine but dan patrick suspected tampering, Kyler looks 5'8")
184guy2 on Zachary Levi
The only time Zach looked under 6'3 was with Conan . With others tall guys like Chris Hemsworth , Ray Stevenson , McPartlin , Baldwin , Jared , Momoa he looked a solid 6'3er . BTW , Rob is pretty relutant to put him under 6'3 . And Conan had a SOLID 1.5 inches on Zach , but had about half inch more footwear . I used to think Conan was 6'4 but he might be 6'3.75 albeit under 6'3.5 it's pretty unrealistic . He is taller than Liam Hemsworth who is a textbook of 191cmguy
viper on Kevin Costner
He's finally honest about his 6-0 height.

He was never 6-1
viper on Paul Walker
I'm surprised Rob hasn't downgraded him
Sotiris Gravas on Diamond Dallas Page

I don't doubt he looked the height Rob pegged him at when meeting him, but I'm of the belief it was thanks to footwear. Rob had Bret Hart at 6'0", and just downgraded him to 5'11", thanks in part to pics I provided. The thing is, Hart is max 5'10".

Rob is great at guessing height, but there's no way of guessing accurately when guys fool us w/ footwear. Maybe I'm wrong and DDP is closer to 6'2.5"...

Sheamus is a max 6'2" guy that used to fool ppl into thinking he was closer to 6'4". On that, I think we're in total agreement...

Titus looked max 6'2.5" next to 6'3.5" (listed 6'4) Jameis Winston... Roman Reigns looked max 6'1.5" next to Titus... DDP/Reigns Click Here

Here he is looking nice and tall (thanks to footwear) w/ Joe Manganiello (2015): Click Here
viper on Chris Rock
Chris is 5-9
viper on Aaron Carter
This is a surprise.

He gave me a 5-9-5-10 impression
viper on Hulk Hogan
Tito is shorter than 6-2 IMO.

I think Hogan is 6-2
viper on Boris Kodjoe
The Fox-Levi pic is one of the oddest things.

Fox looking 3 inches taller with a terrible slouch.
CDS on Jerry Seinfeld
I can't believe what I'm seeing. I'm watching, "comedians in cars", the last open interview show with jerry and Eddie Murphy, and Murphy actually looks TALLER!!
viper on Andy Ruiz Jr
He's 5-11.

Hell 5-11 Beckham looks like he would be taller than him in the above pic wearing sandals no less
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) on Clint Eastwood
@Hong, Yes. Harrison Ford looks more like 5ft 10ish than 5ft 11... you probably read my comments on Harrison Ford height page with pic of Daniel Craig Casino Royale actor took back in 2011. From 2011 pics, he looks more like 5ft 10 quarter range with Craig as Craig is either 5ft 10 and weak 5ft 10... But it's safe for me to guess Harrison Ford is either 5ft 10 and weak 5ft 10.. Yes, You guessed his future height correctly as long as he is alive as healthy grandpa 10 years later on so and so...yes, rapid height loss is even more common in elderly people aged 80 or so..
PS. So sorry for late response to your comment cause this week has been really busy and my hectic schedules this week from the works....
Sotiris Gravas on Bret Hart
Good to see that Editor Rob pulled the metaphorical trigger (befitting smoking-gun pics), delivering a reasonable and requisite downgrade for The Hitman. I fear for other wrestlers who might suffer the wrath of Rob's diligent downgrading...


Feel free to give us some clues as to any potential future victims...
Editor Rob
It is a large site with a lot of maintenance.
Iman Ahmad on Laura Brent
I Guess She Is 167,6 cm Barefoot , She Is 167,6 cm Barefoot , A Pretty Woman ,
Zeke on Ewan McGregor
@Philip S I do it to be a bit shallow of Eva to consider him short, though. Now I know she’s full of BS if she consider Ewan (who mind you, towers over her) “short”.
Greg on Rob Paul
@TripleScrew I agree with some things that you said but disagree with other things, firstly no C-mo never claimed to be anything over 5’9, he said he’s claimed he’s morning height a few times or to some girls but said 177 which isn’t a bad claim honestly compared to what I’ve seen. 5’10.25 at night would be above average maybe going into the tallish range as those guys likely wake up at or close to 5’11, some of them might even wake up a bit over. Not every guy who claims to be 5’9-5’10-5’11 is inflating but it’s not uncommon, some people will claim shoes + morning height rounded up or even adding an additional inch to that.
Tom Zou on Donald Trump
I think he is shrinks a lot, he is an inch taller than me
Greg on Rob Paul
@cmillzz well in the west Europe it’s different also a flat 5’10 is above average at best, 5’10.5-5’10.75”+ though you could make a case for tallish.
Greg on Rob Paul
@Ajax Brad looks around 2 inches taller than sly with thin footwear and relaxed posture while Sly is straightened up and in lifts getting edged.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Martyn Ford
Maybe. 6'6.25" at most.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Sookie's Den
I've never been to Nebraska, but I've been to Texas plenty of times. I will say that Texas is a lot cheaper than Cali on pretty much everything. I have some extended family members who live in Texas.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul
I wouldn't worry about it too much. My true measured foot size is 13.5, but I'm almost always forced to wear 14's because 13.5's are very rare. I can wear 13's if I want to, but I prefer a looser fit over a tight one.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height
You do have a point. I don't know if it's as low as 5'8.5", but certainly not over 5'9". It feels more 5'8" where I live in LA though.

I doubt it, since the younger generation isn't getting any taller anymore, for the most part. Even the Dutch average has stagnated or even decreased, as the tallest age group is 30-50, not 20-30. Inflation seems to be getting worse though, so you may be right that 6'7" may be seen as the new 6'5" later.

How is 200cm perfect? I guess I see it differently because I'm not 200cm.
184guy2 on Andre The Giant
Well Done !!! Andre looks no less than 3-4 inches taller than Taker , in 1991 when he was already broken Down . He also had good inches on Jake the Snake .
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Christian Pulisic
5'9" may be too high of a listing.
Iman Ahmad on Elizabeth Olsen
I Guess She Is 162,6 cm Barefoot , She Has 162,6 cm Body , A Lovely Woman , One Of Most Beautiful Actress In Hollywood Today ,
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Braun Strowman
@Wrestling Fan
Rowan looked under 6'6" with Daniel Bryan though.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Boris Kodjoe
I will say that Conan at times can look 191 flat, but I have him at 191.5.192 at the max but no more.
K.A 188 ! on Frank Bruno
Damn even though he is leaning he still looks BIG honestly he probably was 6ft3 at his peak.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Shawne Merriman
What would you say Merriman's weight is nowadays?
62B on Hulk Hogan
I found these two old photo's of my Grandfather and Grandmother the other day. Click Here Click Here They aren't perfect but right now they are all I have. My Grandfather would be early to mid 20's and should be more 6'5" than 6'4". My Grandmother was around 5'7". In the first photo it looks like my Grandfather might be on slightly higher ground. The second photo I'm sure my Grandmother would have been in a heel. Hulk was barely taller than my Grandfather in 1980. I'm nor so sure he would have been any taller than my Grandfather of 1942.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Simone Biles
She has tallish proportions for a woman her height IMO.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Christopher Eccleston
Sonnecker on Alexander Skarsgard
Closer to 195 than 193 in my opinion,also considering the good posture. He's really tall...
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Andre The Giant
I believe that some of the dimensions are exaggerated in order to make the wrestlers seem bigger. For example, in the WWE, they say that their ring's perimeter is 20" x 20", but it could be more 19" x 19". And also I've heard rumors that the WWE ropes are 5'0" tall, but that's BS. More like 4'6" max.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Kane
It's hilarious how some people come up with crazy theories to justify inflating heights of celebs.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on The Undertaker
I think the whole "bad posture" argument has been blown out of proportion. Undertaker does have slightly bad posture compared to the average guy his height, but it's not like he's walking around 1-2" shorter than his true height. The same argument is made for Kane, even though Kane has even better posture than Undertaker does.
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
pov on General Height
For UK men:
Below 5”6 - Very short
5”6-5”7 - Short
5”8 - Below average
5”9 - Average ish
5”10 - Solid average
5”11 - Slightly above average
6”0 - solid above average / tallish
6”1 - quite tall
6”2 - Solid tall
6”3 - Undisputed tall man
6”4 - Very tall
6”5 - Very tall
6”6 - Very tall
6”7 - Extremely tall
6”8 + - Giant
DarkPower729 on Benedict Wong
I think 5’10.25” is a very low listing for him. He’s close in stature to near 6ft Benedict Cumberbatch- 5’11.5” being his official listing here. He’s maybe 5’10.25” in his absolute lowest low with 5’10.375” most likely being his usual low and a strong 5’11” out of bed.

If he claimed 5’11”, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.
Editor Rob
I just checked and he did once have a listing in Spotlight at 5ft 11.
Sonnecker on Stellan Skarsgård
I remember an interview of some years ago when he told he was 191 cm.... I'd bet it was his prime stature.188 cm/6'2" clean now.
Estirpe Divina on Sierra McCormick
160 cm
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Stone Cold Steve Austin
@Viper and Roderick
It's obvious that he's lost at least a bit of height. He once broke his neck so bad that it almost ended his career. In fact, there's a better chance of him losing more height than the Rock did. BTW, Rock at 187 peak is too low. Nothing less than 189 IMO.
Estirpe Divina on G. Hannelius
160 cm
Estirpe Divina on Ciara Bravo
160 cm
Estirpe Divina on Annasophia Robb
155 cm
Vegas' on Kane
Canson, that's a photoshop with Joakim Noah.

Love was measured 6'9.5 in shoes but that could be rounded up from 6'9.38 at the lowest. ~1.6 inches for a basketball boot isn't out of the realms of possiblity especially how well he measured up to Dwight Howard in boots.

6'7 3/4 is still 6'7 not 6'8 range so Majerle is technically right. But isn't Majerle same guy who states Barkley is 6'4 while claiming 6'6 for himself yet Barkley edges him out Click Here

Creeper, relax :)
Daycringeothon on Lauren Ambrose
On her shoe size alone she can fit into most men’s shoe sizes. A 10-10.5 woman’s size is practically a men’s 10.5 shoe. Charlize Theron wears a 10 as well.
Sakz on General Height
@Jdubbz Yeah because society leads them to believe 'taller is better' so being a towering presence looks cool from the outside. I can understand wanting to be tall but very tall I just don't see the benefit. Once you actually become those heights then you realise the drawbacks as you said.
Canson on Sookie's Den
@Sandy: you said it well! Your Dad but you still deal with the pain as a child. Fortunately I still have mine too and healthy. But anytime something happens it makes you worry
Canson on Piers Morgan
@K.A.188: lol doesn’t surprise me. He was on The Apprentice! Trump also claims 6’3” when he’s 6’0” and change today (probably was a legit 6’2” peak or at least 187 cm range)
saltyfish177cm on KSI
He looked very similar to Dana White (who edges Mike Tyson ever so slightly). maybe slightly more then dana. I'd put him at at 179cm
Canson on Andre The Giant
RoelC said on 19/Sep/19
JT said on 15/Sep/19
Here are a few comparison photos with Andre/Hogan and others from close camera angles
Click Here Pippen measured 6’7.5” w/o shoes so that’s basically how Undertaker or Kane would have looked next to a 1987 Andre
Although we have yet to find any footage of Andre & Undertaker together, both men did appear at a WWF event in MSG in 1991. They were both interviewed seperately by Sean Mooney on the same spot.
Click Here

With the aid of PS you can blend the 2 images together.
Click Here
And get something like this
Click Here

Andre is on crutches there, so he's probably unable to extend to his full height. Undertaker isn't standing straight either.

I have a very hard time believing Pippen was ever that tall. He’s not even as tall as Magic who measured around that mark. I wonder if he was really close to half and not just over 7 and they didn’t round him up. Also don’t know what time of the day. I think Rob’s 6’7” listing is an absolute best case seeing as how Michael jordan was only 6’4.5”. Magic may be closer to the camera and Scottie very well having had a longer career than Magic and several back and knee surgeries could’ve lost height today but Pippen is still shorter even with that. Pippen is 6’6” range at best today at least. I don’t disagree with JT about them being similar in height because Taker may have just been 6’7” peak too or a hair over (201)

Click Here
Paul89 on Mindy Robinson
Here's a pic of Mindy Robinson with Randy Couture and they're in similar footwear:

Click Here

If Randy Couture is barely 5ft 11 (as listed here at your site), then Mindy Robinson is way below her inflated 5ft 5 height claim. She's 5ft 2-5ft 3 max.
texluh on John McEnroe
I think John McEnroe was 5 ft 11 1/2 or a tad more in his playing days, and hasn't shrunk at all yet. I think Borg was always, always slightly shorter - about an inch. So Borg was 5 ft 10 1/2 most likely, and they rounded up to 5 ft 11, and rounded John down to 5 ft 11. Don't forget - McEnroe turned pro when he was 19 and reached the Wimbledon semi final at 18. So it's possible he had another half inch to grow in from 19 and into his 20s.
David Curtin on George Clooney
Looks 5,9 here Click Here
KOLINSpol on Donatella Versace
I thought that she is taller, maybe around 5'3-5'3.5 but on the last Versace fashion show, she has around 2 inches more heels than 5'4 Jennifer Lopez, and still 2.5 inches shorter, maybe 3. I think Donatella is little bit under 5'1. Click Here
Bijou on Jason Momoa
I saw him at a convention recently and there was a very tall lady in front of me in the photo queue, when she stood next to Jason he said to her, are you the same height as me 6-3? (he did say 3) She never said her height but they stood next to each other measuring their height and she was actually taller and considering she was wearing thin ballet style pumps and he was in flip flops with a good 1"-1.5" sole, she would have been taller again if they were both barefoot. I would say this lady was at least 6'4, that's if Jason was the 6'3 he said he was to her.

The expression his face when she walked away was a mixture of awe and disbelief!
Nik Ashton on Christopher Eccleston
The average guess is 6’0.55” (49 votes!)!
Pierre on Brad Pitt
ajax509 said on 19/Sep/19
In this one Click Here you can spot Albert II is closer to the cam, I'm pretty sure he's half inch taller shorter than Leo.

the camera is very distant to each guy and the angle is neutral so even if Albert is just a little bit closer than Leonardo(how many centimeters more closer?4/5 cm....),then Leonardo is clearly shorter than him here.Then i think you can agree Prince Albert is closer than 182cm 50 cent in one of my pic i posted on 17/Sept.too = but 50 cent looks always easily taller than him...Leonardo clearly does not look around this height. Click Here .here = Click Here Leonardo and Prince Albert are about the same distance too but the difference is always the same = Prince Albert looks nearly an inch taller than Leonardo(by considering Prince albert has no hairs of course)

Other comparison=

Click Here Click Here = here Prince Albert is a bit closer to the camera than Robbie Williams (Robbie is around a strong 5"11' imo he's one hair taller or same height than weak 5"11' David Beckham in the famous pics barefeet-i have post this pics in Leonardo's page here very recently you can watch them eventually-) but...Robbie looks always easily taller than Leonardo ...
David Wolberg on Stephen Curry
6'2 height for Stephen Curry seems accurate. Although he does appear the same height as 6'1 former President Barack Obama in their picture, it looks like the former President had an edge with footwear. Stephen Curry is clearly taller than 6'1.5 tennis star Novak Djokovic.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
Hey Bobby! My phone literally ran out of 'space' and I couldn't say goodbye properly!

Wishing you a great weekend!

All the Best!

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Bobby - I think you had plenty to say, indeed I do! My memories date back to when I was younger than three, and vividly from three years onwards. I would wreck my brain as how I came into being and I enjoyed the solitude of my own company. When I was having my immunisations from various childhood diseases, a great many kids would be screaming their heads off and I'd be thinking, "Shut up! You're making it worse for all the kids who are pulling themselves together!"

I had just turned 4 and remember the little blue dress that I was wearing that day, with two pockets in the skirt of the dress and an arrangement of lace and buttons as decorations on the front and the pockets. Yes, that day I snuffled a few extra sweets into those convenient pockets because, I thought, that I bloody well deserved them! All the kids would get a sweetie afterwards as a 'reward', and yes, it was something to look forward to because we only ever had sweets on Sundays - very German, and very war deprivation-like!

My Mum was 38 when she had me, my brother being two years my senior, and that was considered late in that day and age. She fell pregnant the very first time she was intimate with my Dad, and her mother was horrified and shunned her. The baby, Georgie, died at just 8 weeks of age. They said it was pneumonia, but I think it might have been a cot death. They weren't exactly well versed in that sort of thing in 1948. That same year, my Mum left with my Dad for England, where they had no choice but to stay with my Dad's Mum. My Mum experienced prejudice from numerous people, even though she'd refused to join the Hitler Youth at 16 and was beaten up by a cowardly older boy and had her nose broken. A man, you could say a gentleman, oversaw the incident and turned on the young bully and beat the hell out of him. The youth broke her nose with her own school hat, which she loved. Then, of course, she stood up to that SS Officer, but she could hardly display any medals of gallantry and at that time the Germans were loathed, as they were for many years to come. Even my brother and I were met with narrow-mindedness by some at school, definitely through their parents. Some daft kids said that I didn't have a Dad, and that will hardly have been dreamt up by him and his younger brother, who then rabbited off to their friends.

My Mum's Dad died when she was only 4, and she remembered that just before he died, he held his arms out and spoke to his dead Mum, (in a different language) who was there to guide him on. He was a Viennese diamond merchant and had enough money to, and I quote, 'buy all the houses in Hamburg.' Consequently, his young wife, my grandmother, never had to work, and my Mum remembered servants from when she was tiny. All that had to go after he died. I think he was 48 to my grandmother's 28/29, and they met when she was about 22 and married. She had three children in three years and was told by the doctor after my Mum, the youngest, was born, "If you don't leave that woman alone, next time they'll be one big coffin and a tiny one for the infant." So he must have done because no more kids were conceived.

He had had a previous marriage and my two Uncles, Felix and Booby, were my Mum's half-brothers. I didn't find that out until I was grown up.

Both my Mum and Dad worked their way to what they achieved. My Mum could put her language skills to good use and my Dad worked his way up. I wouldn't say that they were well-off, just hard workers. My Mum skimped and scraped to send me to the same school as my brother, whose education was funded by my Dad. I recall my Mum darning her tights and 'looking after the pennies because then the pounds will look after themselves.' Our Dad's fortnightly visit was always something to look forward to. If I'd seen a toy I wanted, he would buy it for me, and occasionally I got into trouble because I should have taken the money and put it towards household expenses. At 11, when we were on holiday, I bought myself a 40p 'Magic Roundabout' character. My Mum hit the roof and threw it across the holiday caravan. I was crying my eyes out and apologizing. This had a deep effect on me, and is probably why I am still partial to toys now.

When I was 31 and a week, my boyfriend died. I took to the comfort of toys to help myself cope. I fully understand that it's a form of escapism, but I am not hurting anyone! I have all sorts of dolls, including historical ones, and then I like big (and small) fluffy cats. My favourite bears are of the tiny variety. Ha ha! What a contrast to the things I like to read about and the DVDs I watch! I have an impressive collection of historical DVDs, my favourites of which are those by Tony Robinson. Oh, he is deadly serious about his stuff, but every so often, his comical side comes to the fore! I thoroughly recommend him; he's so entertaining.

I find music a great inspiration and mood enhancer. At school, I didn't dig the same music as the other kids. It was too sugary and repetitive! I was into proper rock just before I turned 15. I borrowed loads of records from the library and the ones I liked the most would go on my Christmas and Birthday lists.

That's it for now, Bobby! I, too, at your age liked to associate with older people because they have so much more of life's experiences. I met a fellow who travelled on his Astral planes, only to find out that my Dad did the very same thing!

Cheers Bobby!

Iman Ahmad on Kristin Minter
I Guess She Is 172,8 cm Barefoot , She Is 172,8 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Henri_Plonk on Chris Evans
When a person stands pretty loose how much height do you guys suppose they can lose? An inch, inch and a half?
Editor Rob
It could be within that range, it depends if somebody drops height through hip and/or back. Some folk could be 1.5-2 inches off their measured height with rather loose stances
K.A 188 ! on Malcolm X
80kg is a normal weight for a 6ft3 man ,not skinny just normal sized.
Between from the few pictures i have seen of him, he seemed to have edged Ali a bit so definitely a solid 6ft3 .
Iman Ahmad on Laura Mennell
I Guess She Is 173,4 cm Barefoot , She Is 173,4 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Public Enemy on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Looks 189-190cm with Straham
Greg on General Height
@Jddubz you misinterpreted what he said, he didn’t mean that a 186cm guy doesn’t exist, he says that he probably hasn’t seen legit 6’1.25 guys because he thinks that is average. I agree with You Emil 100%, some guys think of 186cm as like 182-184 due to inflation.
Bobby184cm on General Height
Rob whats the average range for women? And what is considered tall for women?
Editor Rob
In the country you are from it seems 5ft to 5ft 1 is the average, so a 5ft 4-5 women would be tall. That's within average range here in the UK for young females.
Dhrew Ghelani on Marcus Rashford
Click Here

Problem solved, Rashford is 6'1. In this recent video at 5 mins 30 seconds, Carragher states "Centre back all these years I'm UNDER 6ft". Carragher has just admitted he's not even 6ft... Yet for some reason he's listed as 6'1 lol
Greg on General Height
@Glitch I always wanted to become 6’0 probably since middle school I was thinking I would at least reach 6’0 through highschool I even convinced myself that if I hung out with taller people that would increase my chances and make me grow 😂. Would have been funny if that was the case, my friend even made a joke about that, he’s 6’3 with average height parents and said “ keep hanging out with me you’ll grow” unfortunately I didn’t 😒.
Iman Ahmad on Jessica Paré
I Guess She Is 173,2 cm Barefoot , She Has 173,2 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Greg on General Height
@Avi it’s definitely where you live, I’m assuming somewhere in a urban part of Europe or a Nordic country? Because I can’t tell you the last time I saw a 6’5+ guy who was 80 years old or even over 60, the last time I saw an older gentleman who was like 6’2+ was years ago. 6’2 isn’t common at all man, that’s why it’s 93rd percentile, you’re literally taller than most guys at that height at 6’0 in the majority of countries you will feel tall. I mean it is 83rd percentile after all.
Iman Ahmad on Megan McKenna
I Guess She Is 167,6 cm Barefoot , She Has 167,6 cm Body , A Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Megan McKenna
I Guess She Is 167,6 cm Barefoot , She Has 167,6 cm Body , A Lovely Woman ,
mrfunnyguy on General Height
@avi Just wanted to say that I agree a lot with you about your observations.
Xpac99 on Tom Welling
Who Do you think could be taller, peak goldberg or tom welling?
Editor Rob
At the moment I would have given Bill the edge, but now he's probably going to be looking up a bit at Welling. He didn't have a huge amount on Gustin in Flash from what I remember. His posture though isn't that great, never was.
Iman Ahmad on Kelly Rohrbach
I Guess She Is 175 cm Barefoot , She Has 175 cm Body , A Lovely Woman ,
edwards on The Undertaker
Agreed dude.i personally feel that strowman has 3/4 or 0.75 inch on taker today.same way corbin has 1/4 or 0.25 on taker today but i could be wrong.but i personally feel that.
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Jackson said on 19/Sep/19
I seriously can’t belive he still claims 6’5” !
Just a month or two ago he claimed it again on Instagram.

I can believe it
Canson on Eli Manning
@Junior: that or 6’4.25. He’s around my height which could mean between 193.6-194
Canson on Tom Brady
@Joe: a peak Manning would’ve been a legit 6’5” and had Brady by an inch. Cam Newton didn’t appear quite as tall but did look taller than Brady. Cam looks more 195 or 194.5-195 range since his combine measurement was early morning. Drew Bledsoe is a reason why Bobby thought that but it’s likely Bledsoe was 6’5” and change and that the difference was embellished in the pics with Drew and Peyton and Brady. Drew was often said to be closer to 6’6” than 6’5”
Miss Sandy Cowell on Luke Eisner
@ K.A 188 and Chris Junior Hernandez - Why shouldn't a guy compliment another chap about his looks? It's a great thing to do and you're just stating facts. It's the 21st Century and men as well as women should be able to speak their minds when they see a good-looking specimen of manhood, just the same as women relish looking at beautiful women!

Good on you for that! 😁
Goel175cm on Rob Paul
That human height website itself shows that average height of young men is 171cm and for young men it is 159cm.
Canson on The Undertaker
edwards said on 19/Sep/19
@canson and christian
I want you guys to look this clip,Rob has made a great decision in downgrading taker.6’6.5 was fantasy for him.taker was 6’6.5 only till 2015.

Here is taker with 6’5 listed wade barett.barett can be low as 6’4.75 .taker dosent look more than half inch taller maybe even equal to barrett.taker is tilting his head up. Click Here Pause at 5:52

Another clip.pause at 0:44 Click Here

You and I called it! We both said 6’6 1/4”. That’s still too high imho because at times he can look weak 6’6”. I think 6’6” was the perfect start but 6’6.25 is better than 6’6.5
Canson on General Height
Greg said on 19/Sep/19
@Canson it’s just absurd, like I want to measure some of my friends that make their claims to show how much under they are, so not even claiming morning heights we are talking claiming figures they couldn’t even measure in shoes haha. Yeah that’s stupid if he’s trying to round up to 6’4 if he’s sub 6’3, that’s something else. The most common I’ve seen is guys no taller than me possibly a bit shorter claiming to be 6’0 and when I call them out they try to say no way they where measured at exactly that mark.

It’s absurd for sure. He is on his feet a lot so maybe he could still be a solid 6’3” or close but times I’ve seen him I’m sure I’ve been on mine too. I don’t know if it’s that he wants to be 6’4 so he throws change on the end or if he was mismeasured or claims his footwear. I do know that if that were me and I was constantly being questioned or called out and constantly telling people that they’re taller than they claim and not shorter, that the light bulb would turn on to maybe I’m not what I claim. It’s far less likely for a guy to lie down than up. I’ve seen him tell a guy who is 6’1” before that he’s 6’2” and a 5’11 and 1/2 model citizen lol claims 5’11 1/2” and he told him he’s 6’1” once when they guy told him he was 6’2”. You said it about morning height. At least it’s a valid measurement but I’ll be honest with you. I never even bring that up. If the guy claims 6’2” or 6’1” etc he needs to be near enough 6’2” or 6’1” at a low. Of course rounding is cool. If someone is 6’0.75 or even 6’0 5/8 if I measured them I would point it out to them but I wouldn’t discredit their claim. It’s the same as you claiming 5’10.5. If you’re a hair under the mark like around 1/3” I wouldn’t discredit that. I’m honest though when it comes to someone else asking I tell them I am 6’4” and if it goes further I tell them a hair over 6’4 or precisely 6’4.25”. So if someone is 6’3.75 and appears half inch shorter I’d tell them that. A normal 6’4” is not as likely to see a difference between themselves and me unless footwear is off. Sometimes if I’m a hair over the 1/4” I’ll see it. But also That of course depends on whether or not I’m at an extreme low which I hit on occasion then I just say 6’4” flat. I can tell when I’m at the extreme low in many cases
Boss on Andre The Giant
Regarding Andre's head size.

Here with Hogan face to face Andre's head comes out 13.05".
Click Here

Here is Maurice Tillet head mold measured at 13.5". The head mold itself measures 13.5" as any of you can verify by going to Maurice Tillet website and the guy who owns the mold will give you any details. Maurice's actual head would be 12" range.
Click Here
Click Here

Andre's head was longer than Maurice's head.
Click Here
edwards on The Undertaker
Sorry dude,taker is taller than kane only for you but we aint buying it.i agree at times either seems to edge other but jacobs was always taller one.sorry in the photo you posted taker is tilting his head up and kane isnt standing straight.sorry buddy,sorry pal not buying it
ajax509 on Brad Pitt
It meant to be shorter!
ajax509 said on 19/Sep/19
In this one Click Here you can spot Albert II is closer to the cam, I'm pretty sure he's half inch taller shorter than Leo.
edwards on Kane
I’m sorry dude.its your opinion but we are not buying it.we dont see that and we dont think taker is that tall now
edwards on The Undertaker
Sorry dude,dont pick one or two beneficial photo to back your claim.everybody knows jacobs was always taller than calaway at peak.not by much but maybe 1/4 or 2/4
I am sorry
Bego on General Height
@avi Where you from?
Dream on Bo Burnham

The picture with Bo and Michael? they're likely standing because a picture of them sitting down would be different. Like you wouldn't really see their arm level nor their shoulder levels. Also, a picture of them sitting down, the camera would have to be at such an angle, it would be impossible to see their shoulder levels and arm level lined up, together.
Demon87 on Braun Strowman
Harper i think is 6ft4 1/2 not shorter than that. Rowan doesn’t look as tall as braun strowman so in my opinion he is 6ft6 1/4 like corbin.
Rob what do you think?
Vat on Josh Hutcherson
I was wrong, 167 cm for Josh,like Dave Franco, maybe (Dave) 168cm

Click Here
Nik Ashton on Teri Hatcher
The average guess is 5’5.86” (7 votes!)! I am so delighted to give her her 50th comment!
Jonas Henrikssen, on Luke Eisner
If she is 6"1 then he is 6"3.5. But she is 6 fot max
Nik Ashton on Luke Benward
He may even be taller than over 98% of the world!
Iman Ahmad on Alyssa McClelland
I Guess She Is 170,2 cm Barefoot , She Has 170,2 cm Body , A Lovely Woman ,
Jonas Henrikssen, on Žydrūnas Savickas
Eddie calls this man like 6"6. He is not that. Just Eddie exagerating but compared to Eddie height liar, he is close to 2 inches taller
Mon on Omar Sharif
Watch Juggernaut and marvel that there was only an inch between Omar Sharif and Richard Harris.
Paul Wood on Josef Altin
Clearly not 5ft 7in. Most people can probably get away with adding half an inch to their height without it being obvious to too many people, but once people start adding an inch or more, it does become apparent that they're exaggerating.
Paul Wood on Andrew Hayden Smith
I think 5ft 7.5in is spot on for him.
Paul Wood on Catherine Tyldesley
I've never thought she was the full 5ft 8in. I think 5ft 7.5in tops.
Paul Wood on Julie Goodyear
Over the years I've seen her listed anywhere between 5ft 2in and 5ft 5in. On Coronation Street, I always thought she was a bit shorter than 5ft 5in Beverley Callard, even allowing for the complicating factor that they would both nearly always be in high heels.
Zampo on Piers Morgan
I don't know if he has indeed lost height but 5'11.5 range is where I feel he would measure today.
World Citizen on Christopher Eccleston
Looks 181 cm, but I don't rule out 182 either.
HEIGHTAN on Elvis Costello
Met Elvis in Nashville last week. 5'9" is spot on
Editor Rob
I was about to delete this comment before I looked at the page it was being submitted on ☺️
Sonnecker on Michael Shannon
I agree with Rob about his height... he's got an imposing body and a big head, but a poor posture. That's why sometimes he could appear just 188/89, but he's clearly taller. Solid 191 cm.
Riccardo 5'7" on Hulk Hogan
So, at his peak, hulk Hogan was just 7 mm shorter then current Undertaker when would be at least 1 inch between peak Hogan and Undertaker today. Sorry but I'm confuse
avi on Rob Paul
@Editor Rob

"Her hair could be near the eyelevel of the 173-4 guy..."

My sister is exactly that height. Measured at doctor's multiple times and at home.

Is the expectation that top of her head would fall between my chin and lips (me being almost 6'0)?
My head size is similar to yours. 9.5-9.6
The difference between my dad and my sister seems a touch more than that pic so maybe my dad is still close to 5'9...
Iman Ahmad on Millie Mackintosh
I Guess She Is 171 cm Barefoot , She Has 171cm Body , A Pretty Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Francesca Newman-Young
I Guess She Is 173,4 cm Barefoot , She Is 173,4 cm Barefoot , A Lovely Woman ,
Canson on Ryan Reynolds
Questioner said on 3/Sep/19
@canson im sorry but I cant tell if your deliberately avoiding juniors other pics with denzel when you keep adamantly claiming there is 2 inches tops dont get me wrong I dont even think its 2 inches in that pic above but that pic has a fishbowl effect where denzel is on the outside and and the tilt is giving him an ever so slight camera advantage. in the other pics junior linked that looks at least 3 inches tbh. im telling you this as a guy who is starting to think he may be slightly under 6'2" now though I also dont discount a hair over 6'2". ryan has a long torso and because of that I feel his height can variate a lot it seems he is a bit over 6'2" on his good height days max 6'2.25" but more likely 6'2 1/8" and on his bad height days 6'1.75-6'1 7/8" but his normal height is a flat 6'2" to me. I saw detective pikachu and at the end when he meets 9.75 justice smith he actually didnt look above 6'1.5" there and he seemed to have a footwear advantage on him to thats the only time ive ever seen him look anywhere near that short though

@Questioner: no I’m not deliberately ignoring anything. I simply stated what I thought Reynolds was based on how he looks with Denzel above and with some other celebs. He also claims 6’1/6’2”. Junior also “believes” that he’s 6’2.5-6’3” which is fine too but he also criticized my thoughts and Christian’s on Conan as being ridiculous and I feel the same about his estimate on Reynolds. No disrespect to Junior because I like him as a poster but he indirectly called out our estimates. And Admittedly I didn’t see his pics until now and if you don’t recall, I was absent for a week around the time you responded to me, so there was no way for me to respond and I wasn’t really paying attention while I was out. And another observation, It can appear that sometimes with your tone toward people, that you are a bit of an instigator when you aren’t involved in comments In the first place. Like with Viper Johan me etc being as how you’ve jumped on pages and into conversations and made comments that to you (are harmless but the tone suggests otherwise). I don’t think you are doing that intentionally, but you appear to be at least, is the perception. And I say that because I also like you as a poster. Lastly, in only one of the pics Junior posted, is he 3” taller (when Reynolds is looking down) and we can’t see ground level or footwear. In the pic below, that would obviously would not be a 3” difference if both have the same camera angle etc. Denzel is too far above the eyebrows for that to be 3”. Maybe it’s 2.5 but not any higher. It looks more due to the angle of the camera and Junior likely selected that pic to support his argument which many people here will do. I’m sure everyone here has done it if they’ve found a pic of that nature. And I’ve said all along that 6’2” is fair for Reynolds but it’s the highest I would go. I don’t see any harm in 187cm either. Maybe 6’1.75. That may explain why he claims 6’1/6’2” because he falls slightly under. 6’1.5? Maybe not that low. But Denzel likely is not as tall as he once was being in his 60s. But realistically he could’ve been something like 6’2.5 out of bed 6’1.75 at a low or even like Johan185 said 6’2 at a low but him being 6’3+ out of bed? No chance

Click Here
Nik Ashton on Jade Pettyjohn
5’ is a cool height for both men and women and 6’ is a cool height for both men and women too, all heights are cool.

It’s great that Jade Pettyjohn has been given a page on celebheights, she is a smashing lady and she can have 5 cool feet!
Gyro on Ryan Gosling
There's a video on YouTube of Ryan breaking up a fight in NYC, and I was surprised at how solidly tall he looked among a bunch of other guys.

On-screen, Ryan looks like the shortest 6ft guy I've seen.
edwards on Kane
To christian defense,dude now upgrading kevin love height to fit the agenda lol.taker isnt tall as you think.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jade Pettyjohn
Jade Petitejohn would be more to the point, bless her!

5ft. 😁👍💐
Importer on Stone Cold Steve Austin
Click Here Steve Austin in grownups 2
Littlelee5ft6 on Yvonne Zima
If Yvonne is 5ft 8 then vanessa is 5ft 10 at least judging by photos of them. Do you agree rob?
Editor Rob
Vanessa might be in 5ft 9-10 range
Littlelee5ft6 on Jon Bernthal
Mad how much taller he looks than rob in one photo and barely taller than him in the other. He didn't appear smaller than rob at all he still edges rob out just not like in the first photo still think hes a strong 5ft 11
Ian C. on Gene Hackman
Come to think of it, Eddie Egan, who was the police detective who cracked the French Connection case in real life, was in the movie The French Connection. (He played Walt Simonson, Popeye's boss.) Egan was kind of short. Gene Hackman looked more like a policeman (as I imagine they must look) than Egan.

Hmm. Suppose you wanted to make a movie about a German chancellor who set out to conquer Europe. Would you hire an actor who was five foot nine and stout, and had a silly moustache? Well no.
Littlelee5ft6 on Rick Warden
He actually seemed shorter than maddy hill in a recent episode of casualty but still believe he's this height maddy could of had thicker shoes
Tunman on Gal Gadot
175guy said on 15/May/19
I'm 175 cm. Would there be a noticable difference if she and I stood next to each other?

Too many variables are to be taken into account to judge but I would tend to say you could look an inch smaller than her(though actually only 0.5").As a man,your head is likely bigger(thus lower eyelevel),your hair likely thinner, your legs likely shorter and so on...all things that give the impression that a person is shorter than another,especially when a man is compared to a woman.
AJO on General Height
Hi Rob,

Is it possible that the average height for men in the US is actually closer to 5’8” 1/2 in the evening? The reason I’m asking is because many people get measured during the morning and/or have their shoes on when they get measured at the doctor’s office in the US. This might be inflating the average.
Editor Rob
The night average may well fall a little under 5ft 9.
Henri_Plonk on Andrew Garfield
Rob, could you add the British actor Tom Sturridge please? I believe he is friends with folk like Garfield, Redmayne, Pattinson ect and was in movies like on the read and the boat that rocked. Thanks!
Tunman on Eugene Brave Rock
Rob,maybe 17cm taller than you if he stood perfectly straight?6'3 is fair but always a chance for 190cm,and still taller than Welling.
Editor Rob
In person I think around 6ft 3 range, not as tall as 6ft 4 nor say 6ft 2.5.
Littlelee5ft6 on Maggie Grace
She's fantastic in fear the walking dead one of my current favourite characters and is definitely 5ft 9 clearly a tall lady. I like jenna elfman as June too and garett dilahunt as John dorie my favourite characters along with alycia Clark and other than alycia they are a tall bunch
Iman Ahmad on Ana de Armas
I Guess She Is 168,3 cm Barefoot , She Is 168,3 cm Barefoot , A Beautiful Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Julienne Davis
I Guess She Is 171 cm Barefoot , She Has 171 cm Body , A Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Merle Dandridge
I Guess She Is 174 cm Barefoot , She Has 174 cm Body , A Lovely Woman ,
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jason Bateman
@c-mo I use to think it too but looking at him with a strong 189cm guy like Will Arnett, more chance he is close to what Rob have him not under 179.5cm at a low with Arnett.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ava Michelle Cota
Possibly she could be someone 6'1 1/2 w sneakers and 6'0 1/2 barefoot. Luke Eisner might be 6'2 1/2 not flat 6'2.
houss on Kevin Costner
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I'm confused ! Who's the taller Kevin or Chris pine
Editor Rob
They could be very similar, Costner at 184 today is likely.
Kimblemur on Santan Dave
@pov He’s not clearly taller, roughly about the same height, Kano looks slightly taller. Kano’s 5’11, Dave’s 5’10.5
Riccardo 5'7" on Andre The Giant
Sotiris Gravas

I think this one is a better comparison ropes/wrestlers Click Here
Jscksongkashow on KSI
Click Here Rob 16:25 what's the height difference between Jake and Ksi here do you think ?
Editor Rob
It was hard to tell unfortunately.
Jscksongkashow on Jake Paul
Rob on Jake Paul's recent video there's an interaction at the end with him and Ksi and I'm not going to lie Ksi looks taller ?
Iman Ahmad on Jade Pettyjohn
I Guess She Is 152,4 cm Barefoot , She Has 152,4 cm Body , A Lovely Woman , Iman Ahmad Was Born In 1981 , Cheers For All Mankind ,
Iman Ahmad on Jade Pettyjohn
I Guess She Is 152,4 cm Barefoot , She Has 152,4 cm Body , A Lovely Woman , Iman Ahmad Was Born In 1981 , Cheers For All Mankind ,
DarkPower729 on Aidan Turner
I’d say 179cm- wakes up at 5’10.875” (180cm) and ends the day at 5’10.25” (178.4cm). 5’10.5” is a more accurate claim but I’m not opposed to him saying he’s almost 5’11”.
Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Randy Orton
@Wrestling Fan
Not always, 6'0"-ish Cena's buff and muscular yet he's billed 6'1". And 6'2"-ish Reigns is only billed at 6'3". WWE could've easily billed them at least to 6'2" or 6'4" respectively, especially being that they are/were the top stars of the company. Then you have slender guys like CM Punk billed at 6'2" or Dean Ambrose billed at 6'4".
But to answer your question, I'm 225-230lbs with around 15% body fat ,so I'm not really buff or slender, more like in the middle.
Nik Ashton on Kim Dickens
The average guess is 5’7.04” (6 votes!)!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Diamond Dallas Page
Sorry but 6'2" for DDP is too hard to swallow. Rob wouldn't have listed him at 6'3.25" if he was as low as 6'2". Rob's too good of a height guesser to mistake a 6'2" guy for 6'3.25", being that he personally met him.
Sorjonen on Kenny Johnson
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Mike The Miz Mizanin
Sorry, not Crane, it was Space.
cmillz on Faye Marsay
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 2/Sep/16
I might sound shallow and picky here, but I only prefer women who are at least 166cm or taller (no less than the top of her head reaching my shoulder level. A height gap of more than 30cm on a couple would look awkward, but that's just my opinion

Do you still feel that way, Christian? Just wondering.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Mike The Miz Mizanin
Yeah, I believe Crane is the one who guesses Rock at 6'1".
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Seth Rollins
Wyatt and Rollins could be the exact same, both 184-185 range.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Brock Lesnar
Lol, when did I ever say that Lesnar's only 6'0.5"? I only said that he can LOOK 6'0.5" in the pic with Billy Gunn, assuming Gunn's 6'3.5", since there's a 3 inch difference in the pic. Pay attention to my comment and try not to jump to conclusions.

@Wrestling Fan
True, but the difference shouldn't be looking that big, regardless. No way should Lesnar be looking 3" shorter than Gunn.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Boris Kodjoe
It's a fact, because Johnson showed that he's not knowledgeable enough, otherwise he wouldn't have inflated nearly every measured athlete here. I've even seen a few posters here before say that shoes should be included as part of your height, which is even worse than Johnson. Obviously people like them aren't knowledgeable either. What Joe and Junior said about you wasn't a fact, but rather just an opinion. Neither you or they have no evidence to show that you're one of the best estimators on this site.
Sorjonen on Freddie Highmore
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Shawne Merriman
Is the average NFL QB that tall? 6'2"-6'3" may be the average listed height, but probably not the average combine measured height. And even then, it's not quite accurate since combine takes place very early in the day.
Sorjonen on Andrew Divoff
Christian 6'5 3/8" on The Undertaker
I wished that it would've been downgraded to at most 6'6", but at least it's better than no downgrade at all.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
The 6'4" estimate is just as ridiculous as the 6'0" ones.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Dan Snow
Clark Kent (the character that turns into Superman) is listed at 6'5", so I don't see why a 6'5" actor is too tall to portray Superman. But the DC Fandom site lists him at 6'3" though, so I'm confused. Click Here)
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Jon Jones
@Canson and Myself
Both could be 6'3.25" range, or best case Snoop at 6'3.5" and Jones at 6'3.25". I'm not seeing Snoop being 1.5cm taller though.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Sookie's Den
Most of the major tech companies are concentrated in the Bay Area, so LA isn't as bad. That's one of the reasons why I decided to move to LA. But it's still expensive when compared to the entirety of the country.
Nik Ashton on Greg O'Gallagher
The average guess is 5’9.5” (10 votes!) and he has 15 comments!
Wrestling Fan on Chuck Palumbo
Yeah for sure
He's not shorter than Billy Gunn
Sotiris Gravas on The Undertaker
Editor Rob also downgraded Michael Cudlitz by 0.25" recently. He's on a roll!
Gyro on Jake Paul
Rob, do you think that considering Jake was announced as 5'11 at his weighin (for the boxing match), that it more than confirms your listing?

I think that was the one opportunity where Jake wasn't in charge of measuring his height and being able to say whatever height he wants.
Editor Rob
I think that's a believable enough listing for him compared to the 6ft to 6ft 1 he tried to claim in the past.
ASG on Cole Sprouse
Rob, do you think the twins hit puberty exceptionally late? To me personally they didn’t look like they hit puberty until they were 15 1/2
or 16. They also seemed to be no more than 5’3 until they were 16 1/2. And judging by their heights now, they seemed to have grown a solid 1.5-2 inches after 17-18
Editor Rob
Yeah they seemed to gain in late teens and mature a bit later.
Christian 6'5 3/8 on About Celebheights - FAQ
I'm not all that familiar when it comes to Youtube, but isn't there a minimum number of subscribers you need to have before you're eligible for monetization? 9,400 subscribers doesn't seem like it's enough.
Editor Rob
1000 subs and 4000 hrs watchtime in 12 months to qualify. For very small creators that's a fair amount.
19 September
al001 on Ava Michelle Cota
Assuming Luke Eisner is just a strong 6'2, she's probably 6'0. Usually tall women don't inflate their height, especially when they're over 6'0 so its a bit weird that she's saying 6'1.
Nik Ashton on Bradley Walsh
His son Barney is listed as 5’7” on several sites!
Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
@ Goel175cm - Interesting!
Nik Ashton on Patrick Stewart
It would be great to see him pictured with Rob!
Naven on Zac Efron
Rob how tall? Zac next to 5'11 John Gaines Jr. He only looks 5'9 here? Click Here
Editor Rob
There didn't seem much more than 2 inches in the brief clip of them.
Nik Ashton on Mark Hamill
I take my 🎩 off to him!
Nik Ashton on Harrison Ford
The average guess for his current height is 5’11” (241 votes!)!
Nik Ashton on Gemma Collins
Gemma is listed as 5’9” and Mark Wright is listed as 5’9.75” however the average guess for them both is identical right now!
Nik Ashton on Mark Wright
The average guess is 5’9.35” (15 votes!)!

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