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19 March
Ben Bell on Carl Weathers
Me at 6’0.25 with Carl.I’d say he had a very slight advantage on me in shoes.0.5” maybe. Click Here
Editor Rob
He could be 6ft 1/2 inch in 2019, although I'm still wondering about that Eddie Hall meeting - most folk think he's about 6ft 1, yet you thought over 6ft 2. Maybe when standing tall, he surprises people!
Peter175 on Vladimir Putin
He's not 5'7.

5'6-5'6.5. Wears modest shoes and stands around tall people
Andrea on Misha Collins
Even if you did it 5 or 10 times (and just with me, you did it more than once), that still goes to show that "you certainly have no room to criticize Someone's words, let alone as firmly as you did". And disagreeing with certain posters about their OBJECTIVELY, crazily low estimates doesn't mean call them out. It's not a coincidence that, despite you doing the exact opposite, you never accuse anyone of wanting celebs to be shorter, or call them "haters"...
And again, it's funny that you accuse me of picking and choosing what I wanna believe, when that's exactly what you're doing (and keep doing) here (and there). As I said, first of all, I didn't join Someone on attacking anyone. My answer to him concerned the fact that just because Misha looks more 5'10.5 than 5'11 with Rob, doesn't necessarily mean that he has to be that low, which is what Someone himself tried to say (in his latest comment). And second of all, if I should have criticized Someone for what he said to Greg, by the same logic, you should have criticized Greg for what he said to me, yet you didn't, proving once again how hypocritical and incoherent you are.
Rory on Sean Connery
Connery at 6ft2 1/8th and Caine at 6ft1.75 could be perfect.
VelikiSrbin on Colm Meaney

pretty good genes then, also his head is massive for his height
Abey B on Kieran Trippier
I've seen him walking alongside Raheem Sterling when coming out for England games, and he looks the same height. Maybe half an inch taller.
Crane on Randy Orton
He's one of the very few WWE wrestlers that are legit 6'4 tall.

Great job, Rob!
Crane on Brock Lesnar
It's great to know that most people in this site have finally realized that Brock Lesnar is not 6'2/6'3 but 6'1.5 - 6'1.75
Crane on Jason Momoa
This is 2019, Rob. Why on earth do you still have him as a full 6'4, lol. People including me have been saying this for nearly 6 years.

For Momoa's sake, let's clear the air with the proper 6'3.5" list.
Christian Almost 6'6" on Devon Larratt
@canson again that peak low is between a 1.25-1.5 inch drop, and I told you what I measured at my worst. On my feet for near 14 hours, and going into 25 reps of squats and dead’s @over 600lbs. I then measured myself at that low, but I don’t normally drop that low.
and @Christian 6’5 3/8” I have a long torso.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hey Rob!

My phone might be in need of servicing ASAP, because it's behaving erratically and has been doing so now for some weeks. Early this morning, I was nearing the end of a reply to Bobby when my battery ran out suddenly and consequently, I lost it! 😣 I wasn't very happy AT ALL!

I have to go and get ready now, but if I disappear for a couple of days, you know why....

Cheers Rob and my very best to you all!

Sandy xxx
Editor Rob
Well hope you sort your battery issues!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
* Bobby - I had just been writing to you in the early hours of the morning when my battery ran out - and I lost it! I was anything but happy, especially as I was nearing the end and my phone needs either a service today or a complete replacement.

I was about to end on the note that one of Richard the Lionheart's brothers, King John, who I facetiously call 'Popular King John', was only 5ft5!

I'll find out about the fate of my phone later today. I wrote about 'The Da Vinci Code' on Sir Ian McKellen's page and I am getting back-up information narrated by 'Blackadder' star Tony Robinson. I will have to fill you in on the rest of what I wrote when my phone is working properly.

Cheers Bobby!

Sandy xxx 😊👍
Nik on Laura Spencer
The average vote is through the roof!
Nik on Louisa Johnson
It's interesting that she typed "5'55" when a fan asked how tall she was!
3467 on Isaac Hempstead Wright
it's so weird to think that little cute bean from first season is now taller than jon, theon, robb etc...
Nik on Larry Wheels
Bwk on Tekashi 6ix9ine
Wow, I knew he was short but I didn't think he was this short.
JD on Don Johnson
I just watched an interview with him (seemed cool, not hating) but he gave a very Shatneresque impression to me. Something about the frame, the posture, something seeming kind of off when he sits down like his frame just isn't quite right for what it looked like standing up. Like *maybe* a 5'8 guy who's picking up a few inches in lifts and coming in 5'10 as an older man, probably 5'11 in lifts as a young man. Maybe a hair over and rounded up to 6'0 for a second helping of height for the stud status. 5'9 maybe was his peak height and 5'8 now? That quote seems pretty plausible to me.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman looks 6-2.5 MAX with 5-5.5 senior bowl measured Darren Sproles.
Click Here

Merriman has better posture.
Erik C. on Tekashi 6ix9ine
I'll give him roughly 5'4" max.
Frankie68 on Sylvester Stallone
If u use your iphone to measure the sotiris pic of Sly & Burt in the meat house , Burt’s body length is longer than Sly’s .. so any rebuttal is a joke - Burt is taller.. end of story - Sly is not 5’8 or 5’9 in his prime -cause Burt was 5’8 in his prime - Sly 5’7 — max —
edwards on Jeff Seid
@Arlennnn i agree with you dude but imho ideal male height is from 5'11-6'2 or simply 5'11 to 6'2 .
Parker on Kevin Hart
There's no doubting Kevin is short, but under 5' is nonsense.

With 5'3 listed Mugssy Bogues
Click Here
Ian C. on Michael Phelps
Not 6 foot four? That was a well-protected lie. I have read also that he has Marfan's syndrome, which is possible, except that Marfan's is associated with weakness and ill health.
Nik on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - My Mum, Steve, Karen, and I, really appreciate your cards and letters, you are helping us a lot and we won't forget how kind and supportive you have been to us all at such a terrible time.

You are so right, Greyhound racing is such a cruel sport and something should be done to ban it. Talking about it is no good, it's action that counts and the sooner the better. Greyhounds can suffer in the future as a result of taking part in racing and it is also so awful that many Greyhounds have ended up on the scrap heap once their racing careers are over.

Many many thanks, Nik
Kathy Torba on Dylan Baker
Looks 6 foot 4-5 in Spider-Man 2
billionaireslayer on Liam Neeson
6'4 peak, very tall
billionaireslayer on Jeff Goldblum
6'4 prime height, very tall
billionaireslayer on Mel Gibson
5'8 n half prime
Current 5'8
billionaireslayer on Russell Crowe
5'9 n half at prime
billionaireslayer on Hugh Jackman
billionaireslayer on Christian Bale
Great versatile actor 5'11 serves him well.
billionaireslayer on Dolph Lundgren
6'2 to 6'2 n half prime, saw interview with him and Conan and Conan was a bit taller to where
Dolph even mentioned Conan was a very tall guy. Same height as Eastwood in his prime around that 6'2 mark but muscular, great character in Rocky 4. Even the pic above with Rob shows 6ft with factors of hair and slouching and age no more than around strong 6'2 at prime. of course Stallone wants everyone to think he was 5'10 and needed this giant 6'6 guy. lol
billionaireslayer on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Peak height 6'1 n half, weak 6'2
billionaireslayer on Justin Bieber
5'7 n half
billionaireslayer on Sylvester Stallone
5'7, weak 5'8 prime, every actor thats worked with him describes him around 5'6, I believe he was a tad taller around weak 5'8 prime. When I read his book Sly moves he was only 155lbs in Rocky 3 playing a heavyweight. also first blood.
billionaireslayer on Jean Claude Van Damme
5'8 peak
Current 5'7.5

saw interview with him when they told him you are taller than what I expected and they guessed him at 5'8 he then goes on to say he is 5'9.
billionaireslayer on Tim Robbins
6'4 n half maybe 6'5, Very tall guy has always come across tall in all his movies even next to other actors who are decent to tall height. I think he would edge out Vince Vaughn both in their primes next to one another.
billionaireslayer on Sean Penn
5'6 tops always looked small, from Ridgemont High, Taps, Milk,... Him and Tom Cruise are about the same.
billionaireslayer on Robert De Niro
5'8 is spot on a little taller than Nicholson, currently around 5'7 or strong 5'6ish flat at 75yrs of age
Gaby Ball on Michael Crichton
Michael Crichton was 6'8" when he registered for basketball tryouts at Harvard, and 6'6.5" when he died of cancer. He himself never stated that he was 6'9", and spoke of standing 'a hair taller than Michael Jordan', though, in my opinion having men both men several times, this was an appreciable understatement.

The Harvard figure comes from a conversation we had in person circa 1993, and the cancer figure comes from his autopsy, which I accessed as par the course of a legal procedure undertaken on behalf of the beneficiaries of his estate.
billionaireslayer on Jim Carrey
strong 6ft close to 6'1
Neelasish Send Roy on George Lazenby
I have seen all James Bond actors height. By all evidences Sean Connery is a legit 6'2" man. He looks an inch taller than Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby both might be same height 6'1.5" or Dalton was 6'1.5" and Lazenby would be 6'1.25". Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were legit 6'1" and Daniel cream is 5'10".
billionaireslayer on Brad Pitt
5'11 seems spot on for a barefoot measurement, can appear 6ft or 6'1 in Hollywood though at times
billionaireslayer on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6ft prime, very tall for a bodybuilder, but never came across as a 6'1 or 2 guy like James Cameron who always edges him out. Looks huge in Pumping Iron due to the fact most of the other BB in that film are around 5'3 - 5'9, outside of Lou who I believe was 6'2ish specially compared to Ralph Moeller. Being 6ft prime, Hollywood can easily make that 6'2 with shoes and effects. Currently around 5'10 or strong 5'9. Also I was in Mall of America when jingle all the way was filmed, I was only around 10 then but I knew a staff sergeant when I was in the Army who was around 6'1 who was also there and about 25 then who said Arnold was shorter then him prolly around 5'10.
18 March
edwards on Kane
@Ced sotiris is correct dude,love is 6'7
Neelasish Send Roy on George Lazenby
George Lazenby was taller than Timothy Dalton or both were 6'1.5" or Timothy Dalton was taller than George Lazenby,Rob?
Editor Rob
Lazenby losing 1.5 inches or so by now is likely.
billionaireslayer on Leonardo DiCaprio
5'11, maybe 5'10 n half never comes off as tall but average to taller height, never seems like he is wearing lifts in paparazzi photos. Can easily come off as 6ft in movies with certain shoes.
billionaireslayer on Mark Wahlberg
strong 5'6 weak 5'7, there is a pic from the early 90's at a charity basketball game with him and his brother Donnie who may me a 5'10, strong 5'9 looking 3 inches taller than Mark
billionaireslayer on Clint Eastwood
Peak 6'2 n quarter
Current weak 5'll/strong 5'10
billionaireslayer on Al Pacino
Strong 5'4 look at any pics of him from the Godfather he is tiny even though he is still wearing high heeled shoes, the same as Scarface, Carlitos Way, Him and Dustin Hoffman would be a very close call, Can appear as a decent 5'7ish with his heeled shoes.
billionaireslayer on Tom Cruise
5'6 he was shorter than Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, with Jack having 25yrs on him, and Jack maybe being a strong 5'7 or very weak 5'8 in his prime. Did not look much taller than a 5'4ish Dustin Hoffman.
billionaireslayer on Vin Diesel
5'9 n half at best, only reaches 6ft in boots with lifts, crazy to believe he is any taller, watch A Man Apart 2003, there is a scene where he pulls Timothy Olyphant who is around a believable 6ft out his car and Olyphant is in flats while Vin is in mega boots and Vin still looks shorter. Also Paul Walker autopsy list him at 5'11, while most list people taller than what they are due to toes pointing downward and spine decompression. Could have been a little over 6ft but due to the cause of his death maybe some height was lost on the table. If he was close to 6ft he would be coming off as 6'3 with his boots and lifts. 5'9 to 5'9 n half
Tall Sam on Angus Sampson
Yeah has a "bear of a man" kind of look about him back in Fargo but he's only a little taller than Patrick Wilson and Jeffrey Donovan.
Jakob on Christina Hendricks
Rob, you must have felt a bit smug during this picture. I remember watching her on Firefly and only hearing every other word of dialogue afterwards. Actually hugging her I would have fainted!
Editor Rob
I'm not one to really ask for hugs or anything, but on occasion you have to make an exception 😵
Heisenberg89 on Kane

Sorry man, but those are peak height barefoot or w/ shoes on?
Charlie on Martyn Ford
Martyn Ford and Eddie Hall, guy in middle is a conformed measured 180,5 cm(during live before his comp)
Editor Rob
There was a poster on here who is in 6ft range and also said Hall was 6ft 2 range, he does look quite tall there.
Aad on Timothy Dalton
Never ever commented in my life before, long time lurker though. At least 188 cm at his peak, at least!

His current peak height of 186.7 cm is ridiculous.

The tallest of all the Bonds out there.
Rick1 on Tekashi 6ix9ine
Not sure I agree here Rob , I’ve seen a few pictures of him including the one with Ribery someone mentioned and he doesn’t seem this small.
Editor Rob
Well, he was beside a Height Chart and his hair is at 5ft 4...prison shoes are at most about 1/2 inch. Click Here - that is indeed his prison id number.

Maybe 5ft 4 is possible if he's losing some height, but 5ft 5 to 6 I can't see it.
Thukk on Jeff Seid
Ye I met him and he is 5'9 I could go 5'9 1/8 range and 5'9 1/4 max. I'm 5'10 during the day and he was shorter than me.
Peter175 on Justin Bieber
Rob, I really don't think his wife is above 5'6.

With Justin sometimes he can dwarf her. Not really possible with just an inch difference.

IMO Hailey 5'6, Justin 5'7.75
Editor Rob
5ft 6 flat is a real possibility.
slc on Freddie Mercury
Freddie was slim (his partner, Jim Hutton, said that he had a 28" waist), which probably made him appear taller. I would agree with 5'9" - that would be my best guess - but look at the pictures from the British Awards in 1990. He's noticeably shorter than the rest of his bandmates on that stage. So it's hard to say.
Sotiris Gravas on Kane
@ced Dude, these guys wore HUGE boots... Click Here and internal lifts were also used when the situation presented itself...

Here's notorious lift-wearer, Matt Bloom , aka A-Train, around 6'5" (billed 6'7") w/ Taker:
Click Here

Bloom and Matt Morgan... Click Here

Bloom and Big Show... Click Here

This is Blooms's real height next to max 5'9" Finn Balor (2013)... Click Here

Keep in mind, this was Big Show's real height next to Shaq, both men in dress shoes: Click Here , Click Here , Click Here Show looks around 3" shorter than a legit 7-footer when he's deprived of footwear enhancement.

I recently posted this again on Show's page... Show and 5'11 Jarvis Landry:
Click Here I'm around Kevin Love's height of 6'7" and a height of 5'11" reaches my lip area, meaning Show is not as tall as ppl think.
Here's a slouching maybe 5'11.5" (not 6'0.5") The Miz w/ Love... Click Here

Now, look at what fellow poster JT recently submitted on Show's page... Show and Dion Dawkins, who has a listing of 6'4" and 6'5"... Click Here Show is now wearing elevator shoes or lifts out in public to compensate for his height loss.

Even slouching Shaq seems to have lost height. Here he is w/ 5'9.5" Adam Sandler (2019):
Click Here

Slouching Stephen Merchant (6'7" peak height) (2009) and Sandler... Click Here

Height-loss Kareem w/ height-loss Shaq (2019)... Click Here

One last thing, LOL... Here's Lebron (listed 6'7.25" w/o shoes morning height/6'8" w/ shoes, LISTED 6'8") next to Jordan Bell (6'7" w/o shoes/6'8.5" w/ shoes, LISTED 6'9"):
Click Here Jordan Bell is basically 6'6.5", and he and LeBron look the same height.

Kevin Love's morning height is only 0.5" more than LeBron, yet he's listed 2 WHOLE INCHES MORE than LeBron. NBA heights are fake... The same goes for WWE heights.
Shane on Kevin Garnett
As for Ray Allen, 6'3 1/4" to 6'3 1/2" max for a regular low. 6'4" range out of bed. I've never felt he looked like one of those guys who is close to his listed height barefoot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Carl Weathers
No Arnold edged Weathers I’m sure
Shane on Kevin Garnett
@Duhon I think KG has an inch and a half on Greek Freak there, especially considering he has hair advantage, is slightly closer to camera and may have footwear advantage.
Nate on Tekashi 6ix9ine
Hey Rob! Nice add! His first name is Daniel :-)
Greg on Misha Collins
@Andrea I didn’t read all of what you said you are trying to hard lol no I didn’t run out of points to make I just gave up trying to argue with stupid aka you.. good luck out there. Assume that he’s taller than me I’m sure him and I most likely look the same in person at least not with a noticeable difference between us and hey we might even measure similarly but I know that would upset you poor thing. 🤯
Greg on Jeff Seid
@Edwards 6’0 is absurd for Joff but he’s actually managed to look around 5’11 recently in India. I think he would have to be a minimum of 5’10 to pull that off. I can even see a possibility of 5’10 and change. Click Here I don’t think he’d only be 5’9 however I haven’t met him so can’t say for sure.
@Matty223 where did you see Freezma standing next to Igor? Vitruvian claims 5’11.75 and 6’0. Also Freezma had him under an electronic stadio when doing a video for his BMI but he never showed the height measurement I wonder why 🤔. He might be a 5’10ish guy or weak 5’11, he did look similar to Jeff in a posing video and I can’t see Freezma as 5’9 that would make Igor like 5’10 range and he is def taller than that.
Greg on Mathew Baynton
Maybe a strong 5’10 seems an easy 6’0 in boots.
Greg on Tekashi 6ix9ine
My friend who’s like 6’2 range met him and towered over him in a photo. I thought he could have been 5’5-5’6 but this may very well be a mark he measures.
Greg on General Height
@Cmillzz that’s what I’m saying, generally speaking if I was a stronger 5’11 I would be much more happier, I know it’s just a measurement which wouldn’t change anything other than my appearance to others but it’s a decent height range. Not saying my heights worse by much as I’m about a half inch-.75 shorter than him however you want to look at it but it seems no matter the height everyone almost always wants to be taller.
@bwk yeah same I don’t understand, I would kill for a half inch. I’ve been doing stretches and taking glucascomine and performing yoga in hopes to gain some height because my posture is horrible and my physical therapist told me that my left shoulder blade is a bit uneven to my right. I kind of have a tilt in my spine so maybe with some exercises and posture correction I could measure a little taller.. doubt it would be as much as an inch but maybe between 1/4-3/4th at least I dream of that.
Greg on General Height
@Rob update still not able to access celeb heights, I did what you told me to do and copy pasted it in the comments maybe it didn’t register? I tried calling my internet provider and asked them they checked my settings and said I didn’t have any parental controls up or anything blocking it. They tried restarting my router, still nothing. This is just annoying. I’ve had this issue before but only where I was not able to access it for a few days, but after that it would resolve itself. I’m not sure what to do. I tried different browsers, manually resetting my router etc.. do you have any ideas on why this may be? Kind of miss being able to access celeb heights outside of other WiFi networks. It’s acrually funny because at one point it would allow me to access it without being connected to WiFi then all of a sudden it required me to use WiFi and now it doesn’t work at all..
Editor Rob
I had another look and couldn't see anything immediate, but with a fine toothcomb, I think I spotted the issue - please try again and let me know if access via wifi works.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sean Harris
My 'Possum' didn't come! 😝😭😢😟🐹

It's running late!

Hopefully tomorrow, but I really don't want to fill in Sean's height box until I've seen it! It's bang up-to-date!
Bobby 178cm on Maria Borges
That awkward moment when a woman is taller than I am... *feelsbadman*
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Rawdshaq: maybe 6’2.5 at his peak which is believable. Today 6’2” max. Taker peak 6’7.25 maybe 6’7” flat but not below
Bradley on Kanye West
As listed.
Canson on Dwyane Wade
@Jdubbz: I’m wondering if that was a shoe height and was moved into the wrong column. Wade has even admitted that he’s 6’4” on a really good day. We see that Lebron measures only .75 taller in shoes at the combine so wade could be the same. I have wade at 6’2.75 as well. 6’3” tops. Next to Goran Dragic that’s maybe 1/2” difference if really a cm. Dragic shows 6’2.75 but not sure if that’s early in the day. I have seen players from 03 and the ones I saw didn’t look much like Morning heights maybe late morning but probably around 1/4”. TJ ford however only looked 5’10” not 5’11”

Click Here
Bradley on Tekashi 6ix9ine
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@Jdubbz: I could see like 194.7 maybe every day but not 6’4 5/8. I think really 194.8-195 and extreme low 6’4.5. I would say that Jordan is 6’4.5 at a low. Next to 6’9” Larry Bird he’s over 4” shorter. Bird doesn’t even look that tall today either. I’d be surprised if he’s over 6’8” but he has back issues
Canson on Charles Barkley
Mullin only has 6’4” Latrell Sprewell by around half inch and is around the same size as 6’4.5 Michael Jordan. He could be 6’5” possibly but the pic appears off. Not to mention, look who is standing right behind Barkley. 6’7” range Magic Johnson who also appears Around 3.5” taller than he is. Magic could make Barkley look under 6’4” which we know that he isn’t. If Barkley really is taller than Mullin and Magic is even the height he’s listed here 6’7.5, it means both guys are max 6’4 and a weak 6’4”
Canson on Charles Barkley
Mullin only has 6’4” Latrell Sprewell by around half inch and is the same size as 6’4.5 Michael Jordan
Canson on Charles Barkley
While I don’t see him next to ceballos at all, He’s def an inch shorter than 196-197 Dan Majerle in the same clip.
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Rob; I meant the video with 6’6 1/8 (morning) measured Martellus Bennett. Viper provided a source of Bennett measuring 6’5.75 later in the day but since you said Merriman is around 3” shorter, to avoid a drastic downgrade, 6’3” is fair. 6’3 1/2” puts him at 2.25” shorter which he’s obviously not. There’s at least 3” there between them
Editor Rob
Well I am giving him 6ft 3.5 overall just now, because it could be closer to the truth...
Canson on General Height
@Christian: lol I was joking too! I’ve seen someone measure in boots with a helmet on tho!
Mimi on Iggy Azalea
Is her claiming 5ft10 reasonable for someone who's really a strong 5ft9?
Editor Rob
It's not far away, imagine she was 5ft 9.5 at 10am, many would round up their height to 10, but some would not even care about the fraction.
viper on Charles Barkley
If he was 6-6, why would he get mentioned at 6-4 so much, by people saying he looked it.

Not the people trying to make his stats seem more impressive.

He's certainly shorter than 6-6. Dan Majerle played with him for years and says 6-4-6-5.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Rob, he looks SHORTER than 6-2.5 barefoot with Bennett.

6-2.5 is a compromise
viper on Shawne Merriman
6-3.5-6-3.75 is pure fantasy, especially when he was listed at 6-3.

Miko hasn't seen the Merriman-Bennett video where he looks 6-2 barefoot
Editor Rob
His posture with Bennett wasn't great, but then 6ft 3.5 is a figure that I can buy for him, for now.
Crane on Sonoya Mizuno
@Rob She was listed 5'6 here @Click Here and 5'5 here @Click Here

She was also given 5'7.5 and 5'7.

What do you think her real Height is, Mr.Rob?
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 5-6 seems too low, the 5ft 7.5 modelling claim seems a bit high, 5ft 6.5 or 7 might be more reasonable.
Crane on Joe Naufahu
@rawdshaq Yeah, I too wonder how the hell did they listed him 6'3?!
Leah on Ariana Grande
I honestly think she’s 5’0, I wouldn’t give her 4’9 as I’m a 4’9 and she’s definitely somewhat taller but I think 5’0 would be the best guess for her.
Crane on Dave Bautista
Many of you guys might curious about Big Dave's real Height. Let me explain.

Batista has been given 6'8 at WCW training facility in 1997-1999, when he was wrestled as an amateur.

6'7 at OVW (WWE's promotion member) around 1999-2001.

6'6 - 6'5 in WWE during 2002-2010.

Later changed to 6'4 at his return in 2014-2015 (Might be because nonsense WWE finally realized they can't have Batista at 6'6 and Randy Orton at an honest 6'4, LMAO) and then finally... down to 6'3 around 2017 to present day, thanks to this website.

So, let's judge him at his Peak during his 2002-2008 WWE run, since he was born in 1968 that would make him around 30 to 40 years old during that period and it would be the proper period to use the word "Peak".

He was always inch and a half taller than a legit 6'4 Randy Orton, that made him 6'2.5 in his peak. As for today, due to heavy steroid using and lifting 300 lbs for over 20 years+, his height has shrink down to 6'1.5 and that's what he looked with Chris Pratt in their photo shoot together back in 2014. Who knows, today he might fall as low as 6'1.25 or even 6'1 flat.

However, I will give him the extra 2014 sauce that would put him exactly as 6'2.5 in his Prime (1997-2010)and 6'1.5 from 2014-today.
c-mo on General Height
@ Lell

I am 5'9.25 and even though I am not unhappy with my height ...ideally I would wish to be 5'11

trust me your height is in the perfect range

scroll down so see my post where I am linking a website that says that "experts" about body aesthetics consider 180 to 185cm the ideal height range for a man . and you are in that height range

in my personal observation in life (I am 33 years old now) I can tell you that 5'11 is one of the best if not the best height a man can be . you should consider yourself lucky
Crane on Vitali Klitschko
@184guy2 Vitali is taller than Wilder.

Vitali is a legit 200 cm tall guy, while Wilder is 6'6 or 198 cm.
Tomy K on Luke Hemmings
We're all talking about Luke but his drummer, Ashton Irwin, uploaded some pics hitting 6'2" and all of the girls are saying "OMG YOU'RE 6'5" WITH YOUR HAIR".
Also this guy was measured by google as 6' foot, and you guys said he was between 5'11 and 5'10.

Click Here
Xpac99 on Baron Corbin
Rob is possible corbin to have the same height of peak sycho sid?
Editor Rob
Many would estimate Sid as being taller than even the figure I give him, I think Corbin is probably a fraction or so less than peak sid.
Littlelee5ft6 on Mathew Baynton
How tall would his yonderland co star jim howick be Rob? He's listed 5ft 8 but looks tiny next to mathew baynton and Samuel Anderson and says "I'm so small" on Twitter can't see him being over 5ft 5
Editor Rob
He did once mention 5'9, but the tweet that asked him the question is gone, so maybe it was a joke like high heels!
With Michael Socha, also I think 5ft 5 is the most I'd go with.
Rory on Tony Robinson
I like his quote, it's a good positive outlook.
stephen conn on Paul Rudd
Yeah, I was an extra on his film Ideal Home and he's 5'10" and 1/2.
JD1996 on Brian Shaw
6'7" barefoot and 6'8" with shoes on seems around what he could be.
Rising174cm on Michael Douglas
I'm surprised that Michael's current listing has stayed at 5'8" with current heights being updated more the last few years since he's looked clearly under 5'8" to me for since at least Last Vegas. Here's an 84 year old Alan Arkin, who is listed at 5'8" himself with a 74 year old Michael a few months ago: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Michael looks 5'7" flat at this event! I don't think he's 5'7" flat, but I certainly stand by my 5'7.5" guess and am more certain that 172 cm is the most he's been for 5-6 years now. Funny enough, Arkin has the same peak and current listings of 5'9.5" and 5'8", respectively, though I find it more plausible in his case. Having seen Michael in the 80's and 90's with many listed at 5'9" flat such as Stallone, Van Damme, Charlie Sheen, Andy Garcia, his father and others, I still think 5'9" flat was probably all he ever was.

What also surprised me is Michael is back to wearing elevators and lifts. One example being the Golden Globes 2 months ago: Click Here Click Here Click Here This is after quite a few years where Michael's shoes regularly looked normal and he consistently looked 5'7.5" range so I know he hadn't been wearing lifts a lot, but these not only look like clear elevators to me, but identical to the kind Michael wore in the early 2000's as you can see in my post on 20/Oct/18.
Editor Rob
5ft 7.5 today is a real possibility now, a 2 inch height loss.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Cory Booker
Christian, no doubt that he is...it’s just I’ve only seen him talking in the senate when he’s usually sitting down..never standing with others
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luke Wilson
Andrews listed 6ft1 but might in fact be around 6ft2, no less than 187cm. I think strong 5ft11 for Luke, weak 5ft11 for Owen is about right
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Skeet Ulrich
Could fall into weak 6ft range
madd5 d4e on Loren Gray
she doesn't look 5ft 8!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Kenneth Mitchell
186cm at worst
Dream on Douglas Adams
He must’ve been at least 6’5.5”. If Stephen Fry (who is an easy 6’4.5”) really did say Douglas Adams was 3 inches taller, Douglas Adams must’ve been too big to be just 6’5” flat.
mdda lii on Jojo Siwa
jojo looks like 5ft 5
Vegas' on Matt Morgan
He was noticeably taller in person compared to say Baron Corbin when I met him between 2004-08 so 6'6 barefoot is extremely unlikely unless he was wearing shoes giving him 3+ inches over barefoot...

A 6'6 barefoot white guy is not going to play center for a division 1 college team, just no chance.

Morgan measured up better next to Big Show in gear than ~6'8 Big Cass and Show is 12 years younger there 6 minutes 28 seconds Click Here
ced on Kane
Click Here

Nash and Hogan 2002 ^^

Click Here

Kane and Hogan 2002 ^^
Nik on Renee Zellweger
⭐️ Apart from the six e's there are no other vowels in her name! ⭐️
Littlelee5ft6 on Mathew Baynton
Thought 5ft 9 at first but he looks about 3 inches taller than Jenna fischer and she's in 3 inch heels if she's roughly 5ft 8 in heels and he's 3 inches taller he must be 5ft 11 in shoes so this listing barefoot makes sense
Editor Rob
He can actually look taller than Nick Moran.
JoeRick on Lionel Messi
5'6 or 5'7, really doesn't matter, it's amazing what he has achieved as one of the best footballer at either of those heights. You have to wonder if he would not have achieved more if he were 6'1 like Ronaldo, but even that question is unfair. He probably learned and created advantages in his play from his height that may not have been possible at other heights, like precise, close contact dribbling and striking. His skills in those areas cannot be disputed.
ced on Kane
@Sotiris.. Here, Kane and Big Show '99 (Both at their peaks)

Click Here

Here's Nash and Big Show in '98, (peak heights):

Click Here

Now, if Kane wasn't at least 6'8 at his peak, please explain to me how could he have looked closer to Show's height than Kevin Nash?

The top of Kane's head comes up halfway to Show's forehead.. The Top of Nash's head comes to the top of Nash's head comes to Show's eyebrow..
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) on General Height

5'6 is bordering on short for a guy, but given the average is closer to 5'9, it's not surprising that more guys measure 5'8 more than 5'6, but yeah, 10% sounds small.
Felipe on Zachary Levi
He's claiming 6'4" on Twitter: Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah Click Here, I included that in a short video.

But really in person, I cannot imagine Zachary taller than gwendoline christie...both are arguably very close though.
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) on Saïd Taghmaoui
Next to a solid 5'8 Rob, his 5'7 claim is laughable. There's another Big G claim there.
179cm guy on Burt Reynolds
5'11 is a fine listing for Burt although I think that it's the highest that I'd go for him.
His peak height is still debatable I feel, sometimes 5'10.5 looks as possible as 5'11.
JD1996 on Per Mertesacker
@canson I'm 6'7.25" out of bed and 6'6 3/8-1/2" at my low yeah I think they would be very close in height and probably very similar to me.
Dream on Bo Burnham
@Canson @Junior @184guy2

Actually, the more I look into it, the more I think Bo might have close to 1 inch on Pete.

Click Here

Here me out. Bo’s ears are higher and look at the screenshot from above. The top of Bo’s head is clearly higher, even when Bo is looking down, hunchback and and lax in posture. Pete is standing a bolt, with near-perfect posture.

I think Junior has a point. I can be wrong.

Yeah, this is a great listing for Bo.


With measured 6’4.75” Michael Carter-Williams (who could be 6’4.5”), Bo looks taller than Kobe Bryant.

Click Here (Bo with MCW)

Click Here (Kobe with MCW)


Bo also demolished Owen Benjamin’s 6’7” and 6’8” claims like a bare, somehow managing to look taller than Owen. (Yes. Owen is kinda loose in posture, but Bo is further away from the camera, slightly.) Having that said, Owen doesn’t look anywhere near 6’8” with Burnham.

Click Here


Finally, Bo also looks to edge out Puddles Pool Party (who also claims 6’8”, but Puddles looks more 6’5” range with Kevin Costner).

Click Here
Click Here


I think there’s a bigger chance of Burnham being 6’5 3/8ths”
Space on Hulk Hogan
Hogan was 6’4.5” 275-280lbs in his hay day. He was not 6’6” at all, and wasn’t 300+ lbs.

he’s only a strong 6’2” today despite popular belief
Dream on Bo Burnham
@Canson @Junior @184guy2

Actually, the more I look into it, the more I think Bo might have close to 1 inch on Pete.

Click Here

Here me out. Bo’s ears are higher and look at the screenshot from above. The top of Bo’s head is clearly higher, even when Bo is looking down, hunchback and and lax in posture. Pete is standing a bolt, with near-perfect posture.

I think Junior has a point. I can be wrong.

Yeah, this is a great listing for Bo.


With measured 6’4.75” Michael Carter-Williams (who could be 6’4.5”), Bo looks taller than Kobe Bryant.

Click Here (Bo with MCW)

Click Here (Kobe with MCW)


Bo also demolished Owen Benjamin’s 6’7” and 6’8” claims like a bare, somehow managing to look taller than Owen. (Yes. Owen is kinda loose in posture, but Bo is further away from the camera, slightly.) Having that said, Owen doesn’t look anywhere near 6’8” with Burnham.

Click Here


Finally, Bo also looks to edge out Puddles Pool Party (who also claims 6’8”).

Click Here
Click Here


I think there’s a bigger chance of Burnham being 6’5 3/8ths”
JD 5'9" on Ryan Seacrest
If this is his real height, then he's one of the few celebs who isn't as short as most expect. 5'7.5" isn't that short. I always figured he was 5'6" flat.
Easterwood on Tyler Blevins
Not a 6'2 guy in my opinion.
179cm guy on Thomas Brodie Sangster
Hey Rob, how long would you say his head is? It looks rather small to me.
Editor Rob
Maybe just under 9 inches.
Heisenberg89 on The Undertaker
Leave alone the pictures one moment...can undertaker be so much short than a 6'7" guy?

Or can he really be only 5" over Fallon?

Because in the end you say Taker is 6'5", but all your thoughts seems bring you to 6'4" range not 6'5".
If Kevin love has 2.5 on him means he is 6'4.5 right? 6'4.75...

But I don't see him so much shorter than guys like Corbin, I don't see only an inch with brosofdestruction and sure he isn't shorter than 6'5.75 Ali Baba.

6'6.75 Peak
6'5.5 Current

Sure 6'6.5 now is high, definitely.

I think he wakes up at 6'6.25 now going down to 6'5.5 later in the day.
'Annonymous' on Till Lindemann
Hi Rob! I think that the time has come for updates for Till. Please, add him to the rock singers category and add a picture of it, propose this picture:
Click Here
Today, Till is 56 years old, I think that it's time for the peak height and the current height. You can look at Till's photos next to Vin Diesel from 2002:
Click Here Click Here
Unfortunately, their shoes are not visible, but I would not be surprised if Vin had thicker shoes than Till. I think that the peak height 6'0.75" and the current height 6'0.25" would be good for Till, because it used to look close to 6'1" and in recent years he may look a little shorter, although in 2012 he looked taller than Jonathan Davis:
Click Here
Remember, however, that Davis often holds a loose posture. Till met Jared Leto in 2014, here are their photos:
Click Here Click Here
I think Leto in 176 cm range would be closer to the truth than a flat 5'9". You can also look at the photo of Till next to Marilyn Manson in 2018:
Click Here
Rob, please give Till the updates and the peak height and current height.
Jayo on Height Request
Rob, can you add Liverpool FC fullbacks Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson? They're listed elsewhere online as 5'9" and 5'10", respectively.

This is how they look beside 6'4.5" Virgil Van Dijk:


Click Here


Click Here
Editor Rob
Jenny made a couple of birthday cards for Andrew Robertson in the past, well on behalf of a relation of his who asked her...I wonder if he liked them! He could be 5ft 9 at most.
cmillzz on Kenneth Mitchell
Doesn’t look over 6’1 here, but he may be dropping a bit in height.
cmillzz on Ed Balls
His name made me chuckle a bit
cmillzz on Shaquille O'Neal
7’0 is fine
cmillzz on Michael Jordan
Lol, there was actually a time where I thought he was 6’6 when I was more naive about height.
cmillzz on General Height
I see plenty of 5’6 guys honestly, although most of them tend to be Hispanic.
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) on John Simm
If he levelled his head, his eye level should be 5'4. I'm guessing his level is closer to 5 inches?
Jayo on General Height
Rob, what would a 5'9.5" guy like Ewan McGregor or Josh Brolin measure first thing in the morning?
Editor Rob
On average you'd expect them both to be over 5ft 10, maybe on a good day not far off 10.5.
cmillzz on Min-ho Lee
average in North Korea is closer to 5’6 though.
cmillzz on Min-ho Lee
Pretty Ignorant to label South Koreans as short, no offense Sandy.
stephen conn on John Lennon
If Paul's 5'9 1/2 I'd put John at upper end of 5'8". Footage of him walking up to Paul in the studio circa 1963 (that one of Paul playing paddy-cake) and he's peering up at him. He just looked super-tall standing next to Yoko, who's dinky.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Boris Kodjoe
I don't bother what people think of Boris height. To me he look at least 6'3 1/2. Maybe not 6'4 but had a chance being 6'3 3/4.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Pierson Fodé
@Ben Valdem You serious? Then Thorsten Kaye would be 5'11 1/2 and Kellan Lutz will be 5'10 3/4 and lastly Victoria Justice not more than 5'3 1/2.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Chaske Spencer
He look 6'1.75" with Joe Manganiello. I did go with 6'1.5" at worst.

@Christian Rob's head was slightly closer to camera than Chaske stand compare with the picture Rob with 6'1.5" guy in red T-shirt. Chaske can be the around the same height as the other 6'1.5" guy.
Celebheights 6'1.5" on Shane Dawson
There are photos of him with Josh Peck, and he looks to be approximately 1/2” of an inch shorter than him. I’d say that he’s about 5’10 1/2”-5’10 3/4”.
Nichole on Rob Halford
You loss 15 pounds that's great keep up good work rob i loss pound two rob
Neelasish Send Roy on Rajesh Khanna
He looks an inch shorter than Mahanayak (Bengali Superstar) Uttam Kumar. Rajesh was 5'8". Uttam Kumar was listed as 5'11" but he would be 5'9". What do you think,Rob?
Ellis on Jimmy Butler
@Canson: Agreed
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Gabrielle Reece
@Mimi If you look at her with Charles Barkley at the golf game she don't even make it over 6'2. I'll be generous to give her 6'2.25" and her husband Laird would have being always 6'1.75" or less.
Ellis on Giannis Antetokounmpo
@Myself: Yeah just very tall
@Viper: I'd give him 6'10.25, Robs 6'10.75 is pushing it but it is still possible, he almost has an inch on 6'9.5 Kevin Durant, some would say that he does and it is in the realm of possibility.
@Walkingtall: Yeah I agree, but the same could be said for the picture above, he has 6 inches on 6'4.75 Kobe Bryant, if we put him at say 6'9.5-75, that just doesn't add up when he is with Kobe Bryant, a person with a 5 inch difference should barely be able to see over the person if not at eye level with the persons top of his head.
Taking all things in consideration, I'd give Giannis 6'10 or 6'10.25.
Philip McMullin on Dalip Singh
@Sotiris Gravas Why do you downgrade EVERY large wrestler!? Do YOU wanna appear taller than them all!?!? I doubt youre even 6ft7 yourself...i bet youre 6ft1 who thinks hes the biggest bloke on the planet!!
Philip McMullin on The Undertaker
@Sotiris Gravas Khali at 6ft10 is friggin preposterous!
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Craig Fairbrass
6'2 now is still fine and 6'2 at most for his peak. But legit 6'0 guy Martin Kemp still manage to make Craig look 6'1.75" max.
Editor Rob
It depends on how much Craig managed to stretch up for a measurement - in person I think I could see signs of rounded shoulders.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Craig T Nelson
@Rampage He still doesn't look under 6'3 with 6'1 Samuel L.Jackson. Could be closer to 6'3.75" peak and 6'3 1/4 now Click Here
Bradley on Sylvester Stallone
Those things Sly has on with Pitt are sick. Pitt is just over 5' 10" and he's getting owned by Sly in wedged customs.
Ehsan on KSI
Rob you need to do chunkz and Niko omilana. Chunkz for starters has come out and said he's 6'3 which is an outrageous claim in my opinion when he's about an inch taller than 5'10 KSI and around an inch shorter than giggs whose 6'1 (even on this website). What makes matters worse is that he's claiming he's an inch shorter than Niko omilana when you look at all the times they are together the eye level difference is 2-3 inches which makes his 6'3 claim ridiculous. In addition to this Niko omilana is a slightly taller than 6'1 and a half Logan Paul( from the time he did a video on him and Jake Paul when they fought in the boxing match). I think chunkz is the most insecure out of their like YouTube group about their height because it's obvious he's 5'11 or 6'.
Editor Rob
Chunkz looks reasonably tall with the public, I checked and saw he claimed 6ft 1, 2 then 3...he could be 6ft 1 range.
James Brett on Rob Paul
rob so your not interested of being 13 and a half stone of muscle?
Editor Rob
It would be more costly in terms of diet (and I am on a budget as it stands!), and the efforts involved in getting a great physique is something I don't think I could manage.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Carter Wong
What a thoroughly hypnotic picture!

I have heard of Carter Wong and seen 'Big Trouble in Little China', so the puzzle fits together with ease!

Carter can have 5ft7.
Lara on Pixie Lott
She looks 1.68 m.
Lara on Adam Levine
I think he is 1.80 m.
Lara on Jason Statham
He looks 1.75 m.
Dmeyer on Brad Pitt
More realistic IS that Sly IS solid 173cm plus his shoes give 5.5cm so near 179cm shoes on busting a gut has 1cm posture avantage so looking how a 5'9,75-10 will look wearing normal shoes Pitt could have Lost a fraction and be 5'10,5-10,75 179-179.5cm wearing a 2-2,5cm shoes so 181-181,5ccm
Lara on Joe Jonas
I think he is 1.70 m.
Lara on Vin Diesel
I would say he is 1.80 m.
Lara on Leonardo DiCaprio
He seems to be 1.80 m.
Lara on Jennifer Aniston
She is about average I would say she is 1.64 m.
Lara on Angelina Jolie
I guess she is 1.69 m.
Lara on Mariah Carey
I guess she is 1.69 m.
Lara on Beyonce Knowles
I think she is 1.65 m.
Lara on Rihanna
She seems to be 1.72 m.
Nik on Tiffany Thornton
5'4" is pretty average in my eyes!
Voltaire on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Look at the first sentence in the caption of his Instagram post here. Just seems unnecessary and insecure: Click Here
miko on Andre The Giant
If Andre ever saw 7'0 it was straight out of bed.

He looked 6'10/6'10.5 range in the 70/80's, could only look taller with cowboy boots or a box.

From around 1988/89 onwards when his health starting failing at times he could look under 6'10.
Sotiris Gravas on Roberto Durán
5'8" peak height Sly Stallone and 5'7" Duran (1979)... Click Here , Click Here
Timothy Andrew Sarkar on Angourie Rice
She looks almost a foot shorter than 5'11 1/2 Owen Teague in Every Day, I think 5'0 1/4 is more accurate, at least back in 2017
Sotiris Gravas on Sylvester Stallone
5'8" Sly w/ 5'7" Roberto Duran (1979)... Click Here , Click Here

W/ max 5'4" Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini (1983)... Click Here

W/ around 5'8", (not 5'9" or 5'10") Alexis Arguello (1978)... Click Here

Mancini and Arguello (1981)... Click Here

Boxers are not always listed by their real height...
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Tori Black
I think there are a few more famous adult actress worth to be added like Bibi Jones, Jenny Hendrix, Gianna Michaels and Alexis Texas.
HeightMythsBreaker on Jake Gyllenhaal
I'd go for 5'9.5.
Jake was measured exactly 5'10.5 by Conor O'Brien on TV even though the latter politely rounded up to 5'11. The problem is that the measuring tape was already severely bended.
He stands slightly shorter than his girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu who is 5'10 (178cm).
Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lily Collins
🎂🎈 Happy 30th Birthday Lily!🎈🎂

So Phil Collins' little girl turns 30 today - a very attractive age. She's young enough to be at her physical best yet old enough to feel comfortable in her own skin! In a survey, women felt at their confident and physical best at 32. Lily should be feeling at her blissful, beautiful best. 👸😁👍🎁😊

When Lily was born, I'd been a keen Genesis fan for years!


Lily gets a Birthday 5ft4.5.
185 on Michiel Huisman
He got downgrade to 6 ft even on google
Sotiris Gravas on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@houss Saying Arnie looks 3" taller b/c of bad angles and poor posture is one thing... saying he's actually 3" taller than Orlando Bloom is tantamount to wasting everyone's time.

Arnie is not more than 5'10" now, ppl have already posted evidence proving this; anything over that is due to bad angles... poor posture... and lifts.

@Rising You can doubt all you want till the cows come home... he's still not more than 5'10" now. Deal w/ it. If you thought 5'11.5" in recent years, then clearly you thought wrong. Perhaps an eye exam is in order. Or perhaps your cognitive faculties are failing you. I'd look into that. Does it sound like I'm annoyed w/ you, Rising...? Think yes.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Tony Robinson
There's so much more than meets the eye to this guy!

I just tried to see whether his series 'Catastrophe' was available to buy on Amazon or eBay, but eBay didn't have it and Amazon had exhausted its supplies. As Melchett would say, "Baaaahhhhh!"

To make up for the disappointment, I bought 4 hour's worth of Tony's excellent 'Crime and Punishment' series, which will be full of facts about the nastier side of history. What I've so far seen on TV has had me gripped, and all his offerings are beautifully narrated by him as well. It will arrive later in the week. 📀

It's great that Tony has a genuine fascination for all things historical and starred in the hysterical take on history that came in the form of 'Blackadder'.

If I taught at a school, I'd have the kids watch it, and then we would discuss each episode afterwards and examine how true to the facts it was. It would teach them good English as well, which seems to be a forgotten art. 😊👍
syro on Brock Lesnar
I think Brock Lesnar is 6'2" 3/4 in the morning, and in the evening he is spot on 6'2". IMO good listing Rob.
Vegas' on Big Show
There is zero chance HHH comes that close to big shows eyeline, remember Show has full head on 5'11 1/2 Dean Cain so HHH is 6 inches taller than Cain....

That's closer to reality from same night Click Here

Heisenberg89, Enes Kanter is about 208cm barefoot yet Big Show was taller next to the same people last year (Strowman and Curt Hawkins)
Sotiris Gravas on Sylvester Stallone
@Rising The pics I posted of Stallone w/ Franco Columbu is just further proof that Stallone was not as tall as you think. Everything I've posted here proves that you're wrong. Obviously Stallone looked taller than Bruckheimer -- he's wearing elevator shoes, or haven't you noticed that...? Obviously Flavin is taller than Bruckheimer -- she's wearing heels, or haven't you noticed that either? You point out nonsensical things that don't mean anything... just like the pic of Stallone and Burt Young on those stairs... where you felt you had to point out that they were on stairs, even though that didn't matter b/c they were both standing on the same step. I could get a sworn statement from Stallone himself stating that you're wrong and you'd still say otherwise. To reiterate: you're wrong. Is it beginning to sink in? If not, give it time. As for Weathers, I forgot to add on that 0.5" to his height... but I wouldn't be surprised if he's not that tall anymore. What exactly were you trying to prove w/ those Pitt pics? Say Pitt is around 5'10.5" now, who's clearly taller than another guy in elevator shoes... So what? And another thing, your tired excuse for Pele always being on higher ground to justify him looking taller than Stallone is very annoying. Try harder next time, dude. Or better yet, don't.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Tom Hiddleston
Ha ha! Tom is exactly a foot taller than my new, improved height! Well, fancy that!

6ft1.75! 😊👍😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell on Janine Andrews
It's amazing how many models go on to become actresses, but being on show to earn their money gives them an instant head start! Confidence comes into it enormously, and you can't be a model without at least pretending to be happy, even when you're having an 'off day'!

Janine gets 5ft11.5.
Daniel reynolds on Hulk Hogan
He was ft6,7.5 in the late 70,s early 80,s. Muhammad ali was ft6,3 no less and terry was 4.5 ins taller than ali. Fact.!!
Jdubbz 6'4 3/4" on Kevin Pietersen

I wouldn't even go that low. I think worst case is 6'3 7/8 - 6'4 flat, best case is 6'4.25.
Raymond KIm on Randy Orton
definitely 6'4
Cloudy on Sofia Vergara
I am sorry. I just do not see her as 170cm. She is by no means "short" but average in height at about 163 to 165 cm. Google pics of her with Reece witherspoon as well as clips of them together on spanish talk shows to promote their Hot Pursuit movie... you can tell the difference in height is not as large as you would expect between a 157cm actress and a 170cm actress wearing massive heels. Reece's footwear is always more modest...as she is marketed as a short cute actress I assume she feels that she has nothing to prove really.
Sofia is an attractive women, her height neither adds or takes away from her appeal. To me her listed height does not make sense and I just wanted to figure it out. Also there is an old interview with Raquel Welch where she says people are always surprised when they meet her and see how tiny she really is..as she was marketed as a curvy bombshell. I feel it is the same with Ms Vergara. Probably tinier / skinnier in real life than on "Tell lies vision"
Dr JJ on Joe Jonas
Maybe it all comes down to her real height, but this type of picture is so frequent that I have to say 5’ 6.5” as a maximum for him. He also does not have very good proportions, so that does not help his case -

Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 on 2 Chainz
Click Here
Click Here This is not half inch shorter than Kobe Bryant. One picture shook hand look 1.5" and side by side picture Kobe slouch a little still doesn't match 1/2 inch. 6'4 at best for Chainz. 6'5 in dream.
Dann D?az on Rob Paul
Rob, you have 1.73 m. + 6 mm. You're right?
Editor Rob
I fall to 173cm, but wake almost 175cm.
viper on Dave Bautista
He was never 6-3.

Looked barely 6-2 with 6-4.5 measured David Noel in 2006.
Jake Warren on Kane
@Sotiris my friend you are unable to read nor see outside the box. Your pictures are awful examples to judge height from. Kane is 6’7
222 on Tom Hiddleston
186 cm
Miss Sandy Cowell on Maria Borges
I have a doll who looks like Maria actually, AND she wears a similar dress! She's one of those 'collectors dolls', complete with certificate of authenticity.

Maria Borges gets 5ft11.75.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sean Harris
I was wondering only the other day what Sean has been getting up to lately, and I inadvertently found out while on a film exploration exercise on Amazon that he has made a film called 'Possom', which is ironic really because I had a cat called just that, a ginger-and-white long-haired boy, back in the nineties. Needless to say, I pounced on a copy and it should be arriving later today.

When I have seen it, I will decide on which height I think he should have. I went through a stage of checking out and buying Sean's films after feeling guilty for hating him for playing Ian Brady! I actually found him to be an adaptable and very good actor and I asked Rob for him to be given a page. This is it!

Back later guys 'n' girls! 😊👍
Miss Sandy Cowell on Stephen Fry
BTW, Dream, I forgot to say thank you. "Thank you!" 👍
Miss Sandy Cowell on Stephen Fry
@ Dream - That was a rather enjoyable find at just gone 7 in the morning, I must say! Stephen Fry starring with Tim Robbins in the film 'IQ' - well, I never knew that...

Hugh Laurie held up well in comparison to John Cheese too, there's no denying that, but towered over him while he was a snivelling mess on the floor! I love watching Fry and Laurie together - their shared sense of humour and years of friendship shines through every time you see them. 😊😄

Stephen gets 6ft5. I measured him with my beady little measuring eye in my dream last week! 👁️😁👍📏

Thanks for sending those videos in. I can't think of a b
Miss Sandy Cowell on Tony Robinson
I have just ordered a DVD of Tony's called 'The Real Da Vinci Code'. It is from the mid-noughties so it'll show Tony smaller than in his 'Blackadder' days. Yes, it's a sad fact of life that even the short have the ability to shrink!

I was knocked sideways by the Tom Cruise/Audrey Tautou 'The Da Vinci Code' that I have bought the two follow-ups and then I noticed that Tony Robinson had made his own version - and whether he acts in it or simply explains it, I know it'll be well worth seeing!
Sath Verdik on Russell Westbrook
He looks like 6'5 bruh. If you see his picture besides Lillard. Now I'm thinking this website is a joke
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jocelyn Hudon
I wonder, could this be a case of adding a bit of height to her portfolio so that she is more readily accepted into the modelling world?

That really shouldn't be necessary! She has the looks and the measurements...

5ft5.5, being one of them!

Editor Rob
In heels I think if she is 5ft 7 she should look much closer to ewan than she does.
Fisticuffs on Jujimufu
@James Brett, yeah that does seem quite suspect. Always his weight is quite high for his height. Anything over 85 kg seems hard to achieve at that height. I'm surprised Jujimufu weighs 230/40 pounds. Kinda makes me wonder if he's juicing. Don't know if he claims Natty or not.
Fisticuffs on Jujimufu
@Miss Sandy Cowell, lol nice. I would love to own a kitten too. They're my favourite animals. Can really change your mood in an instance.

I just lift weights to keep fit. Don't do much cardio unless I'm trying to lose weight.

My diet used to be quite strict but now I'm eating a bit of junk here and there. 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell on Mathew Baynton
I keep meaning to track down 'Horrible Histories'. I've caught it on a couple of occasions, and was most impressed! I think it's a superb way of getting youngsters interested in how fascinating history is.

Maybe seeing Mathew here on Celebheights will provide me with the push that I need....

He looks a strong 5ft10.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Misha Collins
"Often"? How "often" do you really see me accusing someone that they want celebs to be taller? Give me the number of times that I've done that. 5 or 10 examples out of thousands of comments isn't "often". Btw, I do call out people who lower celebs too. But obviously either you don't pay attention, or you pick and choose what you wanna believe.
As for the arguement between Greg and Someone, I'm not saying that you shouldn't have gotten involved. I've gotten involved too, so obviously I'm not gonna condemn you for doing the same thing I did. It's a free site, so anyone can say what they want, unless it's violating the Terms & Conditions on CH. What I had a problem with you, is that you didn't criticize Someone for what he said to Greg, or at least call him out. Instead, you just joined him on attacking Greg.
And why are you suddenly so concerned about me getting "hated" on this site? First off, it's not a popularity contest. Second, there a few posters who hate me, I won't deny that, especially the ones that I had heated arguments with in the past, but the majority of my conversations here with people, I get along with them fine. Again, you pick and choose what you wanna believe, to fit your narrative.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Shawne Merriman
Then why not? If 6'2.5" or even 6'3" is too offensive of a listing, then 6'3.5" is a good start. A downgrade for him is long overdue.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Devon Larratt
@Christian Almost 6'6"
Do you have a long or short torso?

That's one of the reasons why I'm skeptical of Christian Almost 6'6"'s claims. It's not adding up. Maybe he's either mismeasuring himself, or he's miscalculating the time of day.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ian McKellen
The quotation 'It depends whether I'm standing up straight' is more applicable than ever in 'The Da Vinci Code'. Sir Ian walks with a stick and is disabled.

BUT as for his mind, it is 100% agile and, though the film has so far been about as gripping as a film can get, when we meet Ian's character, Sir Leigh Teabing, the jaw-dropping stuff comes pouring out and I'm afraid in my case, a no-holds-barred swearing fest; I just couldn't help myself! This man is so fascinating, and the way he explains the meaning of Da Vinci's painting of The Last Supper and the symbolic relevance is genuinely easy to grasp and understand.

Ian's character is also very funny! He owns his own plane, and while flying Tom Hanks's Robert Langdon and Audrey Tautou's cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, to safety, or so he thinks, he is 'greeted' by a huge bunch of untrustworthy Police officers and members of the Church. He opens his beautifully spoken mouth and enquires, "Has that old cannabis charge finally caught up with me?" 🤡😂😖

Well, that's where I am up to in the film right now! That line was so funny and unexpected that I had to pause the film for a tea-break and a write-up!

Definitely not an ideal film by which to judge Ian's height today, because the 'standing up straight' bit applies in this because he plays a disabled man.

I will stick with almost the same statistics as I decided upon the last time, but I really do have to take Ian's current height down a bit, so I shall settle for 5ft10.5 and stay with the 6ft I gave him for his peak height last time.

@ Bobby - This film is terrific, and guess who's going to be ordering the two follow-ups post haste? I can't thank you enough for getting me into this mind-expanding subject! 😁👍
Christian 6'5 3/8 on Kane
You're really using Google of all websites to find out the heights of celebrities? Lol, you're clearly a rookie.
Editor Rob
Unfortunately the huge majority of people who search for a celebrities height, actually never venture beyond the infobox, so they are reading whatever is displayed in it by Google. It's quite natural for Google to want to keep searchers on their property and not venture away onto other sites. That's why they introduced them many years ago, to the detriment of websites really.

Say someone like Tom Cruise, every month on google he might get around 150,000 people asking about his height.

The massive majority are simply not going beyond the infobox. My estimate (based on data for my site from google itself) is that 90% or more get their answer from google for heights and never bother to venture any further.

The remaining 10% might actually click through to one of the many sites that competes for the term (not all people get shown the same sites in the same order, so one person might see my site at position 1, another at position 4 etc), or onto youtube, because they also cross promote videos a lot more - it makes sense, they own youtube and want to keep people on their properties for as long as possible.

Their tactics work, because just look at Google's quarterly revenue reports Click Here 😲
Oliver on Maria Borges
Rob,isn't it intersting that Maria Borges claimed 5'11 and Frida Gustavsson claimed 6'0 whilst they can obviously look taller than their claims? Some other instances are Tyra Bank claiming 5'9 once and Hailey Clauson claiming 5'10 once.
Some exaggerate so much, like Sara Sampaio claiming 5'9 or Erin Heatherton 6'.
I hope every model can accept themselves, be more confident and proudly say their body measurements truthfully and accurately.
Editor Rob
There will be some genuine cases of people not realising they grew, but when you are a model, you do get measured by agencies and then whether the true height or an inflation/deflation is decided upon.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Paul Young
Looks max 6'0.25" in the photo.
Jet Hancock on Shane Dawson
Hi Rob!

I can tell you probably watched the series he did with Jake Paul and are making an assumption based off that.

I've always thought of Shane Dawson as 5'11. However, this would contradict Jake Paul's listed height of 5'10.75. But you must explore the possibilities Jake wears basketball sneakers. He noticeably looks smaller when he's wearing suits and shoes compared to casual wear.

A shane and jake pic:
Click Here

However, Shane does have the ability to tower over a lot of people, even when hunching:
Click Here

I would give Shane a strong 5'10.75 at minimum, and Jake a 5'11.25~

What do you think?
Editor Rob
A chance of 5ft 10.5 range for Shane, but a full 5ft 11 I can't buy that.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Paul Young
I doubt that his head's that much longer than your's.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Roman Reigns
True, but not only it's an opinion, but it's also a fact. Reigns measured 6'2 5/8" in the morning so there's zero chance of him being 6'2.75"-6'3" at afternoon or evening.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on John Cena
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Brock Lesnar
6'5 3/8" is my evening height, not morning. That would be 6'6 1/8". But yes, people have guessed me at 6'7" plenty of times.
17 March
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Dalip Singh
Don't let people claiming fractions fool you into thinking they're legit. It's no more legit than claiming whole inches, to be honest. The Rock claimed to be 6'4.5" once but obviously that doesn't mean that he is. I've known someone personally who claimed 5'10.75" but didn't look anything over 5'9.5"
Jackson on Zion Williamson
Not more than 6’5” they list him at 6’7” to increase his draft interest. He’s also constantly getting Lebron James comparisons and people think they’re the same size. Not true at all. I think Lebron has a solid 2 inches on him. I remember hearing he measured at 6’5” flat about a year ago... and Lebron measured 6’7.25”

Also he’s listed at 285lbs... that just seems absurd.. 6’5” 285??? I’m not buying it.
Tasha on Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson can’t possibly be 6’2” if Ryan Reynolds is 6’2”.
Click Here
Caroline on Tekashi 6ix9ine
WOW!So short, i thinked he was exactly 5'6. He dont look too short
Sotiris Gravas on Big Show
Here's 5'11" Jarvis Landry w/ Big Show... Click Here

6'1" HHH (clearly 2" taller than Landry) w/ Show... Click Here

While I enjoyed that pic w/ Dion Dawkins, it looks like Show now resorts to footwear enhancement to compensate for height loss. How the mighty have fallen.
James Brett 172cm on Rob Paul
Rob your not a skinny fella by any means but has building a lot of muscle something that doesn’t interest you? You did say at one stage you weighed 13 stone I guess you could have converted that weight into pure muscle if you lifted heavy weights at the gym,

Sorry if I come across as offensive
Editor Rob
Yeah I'm not really one for hitting weights or anything. I'm still holding right around 160 pounds, but 154 / 11 stones is probably my goal weight...
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ed Balls
@ JD 5'9" - LOL! Has he got any sons.....? 😂🤔😏
Miss Sandy Cowell on General Height
@ jayp - I think the vast majority of those who come here would appreciate at least a little bit more height!

Although I am a woman, however, I am still smaller than you, given the 5" male to female automatic difference. You, at 5ft9, are equivalent to a 5ft4 woman, and I am 5ft1.75, having just REGAINED over 2"+ after my hip replacement op of just over a year ago!

Cheer up jayp! You are a fine average male height! 😁👍
ced on Kane
@Sotiris.. i get what you’re saying.. but, if Kane was only 6’7 peak, how could have he been even remotely close to Big Show’s peak height in all their staredowns? King of the Ring 1999, just look at their staredown, and then Royal Rumble 2002, they were very close in height, more than a peak Kevin Nash ever was with Show. (Of which you think Nash was 6’9.25.

Let’s say Kane was 6’7 in 1999, with his 1.5 inch lifts, he would have been 6’8.5 in them.. now take a peak Show, which i believe was 6’11, add another inch if boots on him, he is 7 foot in his boots.. Kane only looked 2.25 inches smaller than Show then.. (In both staredowns).
Shane on Damian Lillard
@Rob and @Canson again: at bottom of thread Rob mentioned lifts under socks could allow one like Lillard to get an absurd measurement. I found some online that go in socks and would easily be hidden and add an inch. Not speaking of lifts or insoles to go in shoes. These are designed to go in the socks. Had no idea. I bet this type thing has been used more than we think with money on the line. Only way to avoid it is to do a pure barefoot measurement with no socks on.
Shane on Damian Lillard
Also @Canson Maurice Cheeks has likely shrunk at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch by now as well.
Canson on Kane
@Ced: Sotiris is correct. Love is 6’7”. He only measured 6’7.75 at the combine and that was likely equivalent to a morning measurement as people who have seen him such as Dan Majerle even say he’s 6’7”. Love isn’t much taller than Lebron if even
Shane on Damian Lillard
@Canson well said my friend. Agree on your comments. And when I said using your extreme low, I didnt mean you use that in listings here I was just referring to you using the term to differentiate between a normal low and an extreme low.
Brynn on Loren Gray
Guys stop saying max... SHE POSTED ON HER IG STORIES SHE IS 5’8 omg
Shashank 6'3 3/8 on Liam Hemsworth
@Tall in the saddle
Agree with you about conan being 6'3 1/4 .Max he could be 6'3.5. But liam tends to look taller than him and he has good chance of being a weak 192
Littlelee5ft6 on Dave Grohl
Mike5 it's shawn whose bending down in the photo not dave the guy looks 5ft 9 there
184guy2 on Kenneth Mitchell
Under 6'1 for him is ridiculous
Kavi Singh Gill on Brad Kavanagh
@R, Burkely who plays Eddie is 5ft 10, Eugene who plays Jerome is 5ft 11 1/4 so Kavanaugh is definitely 5ft 7 plus he looks shorter than Alex Sawyer(who plays Alfie) who looks to be between 5ft 9 and 10.
DFens on Kane
@Lyle, the guy's facebook page is locked, couldn't find the picture.
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
6-3.5? Thats nuts

6-2.5 measured Eddie George was taller than him in early 2000s.

Rock has never been taller than 6-2.
JD on Cirroc Lofton
Best campaign shirt in history.
Nike69 on Tekashi 6ix9ine

Explain this? Look closer to 5'6
Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be near 5ft 5 there.
Abu on Lionel Messi
Hello me again. Is a few mm more noticeable ?
Editor Rob
It won't be...but half inches can be spotted. Sometimes they appear smaller or greater. Just camera angles, different head sizes or posture can turn a half inch into a 'barely anything' or seemingly 1-2 inch difference.
slc on William H Macy
I would go with 5'9" bare minimum for Bill. Had my picture taken with him years ago, maybe '09 or '10, after a performance in New York. I was 5'8.5" at the time (so said my doctor) and was wearing shoes which would have made me an inch taller. He was still a good 2"-2'5" taller than me in the photo. I had always guessed 5'8" for him until I actually saw myself next to him in a photo.
Monkey knees on James Corden
5ft 7.5in barefoot. Obvious on screen etc.
Monkey knees on Jack Whitehall
6ft 1in is spot on. Seen him live on intimate "test" tours often. Wears dress shoes, but 6ft 1in is perfect!
slc on Michaela Conlin
Her character described herself as 5'8". That was a character. I actually knew her back in the day (before she moved to LA) and can tell you that the estimate at the top of the page is still off by an inch. She was a solid 5'10", if not a little taller. She even advertised herself at that height (5'10") in her earlier headshot CVs, one of which I still have from back when she was auditioning around town here in New York.
Bobby 178cm on General Height

I don't know how much I weigh right now, but I've slimmed down somewhat over the past month or so. I'm probably around 180-190lbs. I don't get much exercise at the moment, I'm just careful with my diet at the moment. Plus, I drink lots of water, which helps the body flush out fats and stuff.
TheBat on Misha Collins

A lot of 5'11" guys claim 6'0" which isn't anything new. It's more of an inflation if some random or famous man is 5'10.75" or lower claims 6'0".
TheBat on Michael B Jordan

Chill out, no reason to be rude towards me at all lol. That's the only picture I could find with both of them standing. How about you just leave the site as a whole and take your hostility elsewhere.

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