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23 June
Dream(5'9.5") on Matt Preston
He's quite honest.
Conan on Josh Herdman
In photo, he looks like 5'10"
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! on Braun Strowman
Lol now all of a sudden he's 6'10 he lost 2 inches in a week! 😯
Rourke on Frank Dillane
Another strong 5ft10 or very weak 5ft11 who thinks he can just claim 6ft Phaha jhheeeezzz
Sandy Cowell on XXXTentacion
@ MJKoP - I will reply to you in a while - just not on his page out of respect to those who loved him. Any death is tragic, especially such an early and violent one.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luke Bryan
I think he deserves the full 6ft1 at least. Too many photos of him out there appearing at least 6ft1½-2 and other times over 6ft2.

Out of bed: 187.3cm
Before bed: 185.4cm
MSJC on Ray Panthaki
I'm gonna be a little cagey here and guess him at just slightly under 5'10. I think Arch has a solid point about his head/hair inducing the appearance of extra height but it really comes down to a cm or so.
IDK on Travis Scott
I always thought he was over 6 feet. Didn't realize he was pretty average. Probably due to lanky build and that most big rappers are all tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Peter Crouch
To me he looks more 6ft7½-8 than 6ft7-7½
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Greg Grunberg
Looks 6ft0-0¼ in these photos. But I still think his official height is 6ft0¾(184.8cm)
Youtube123 on Xherdan Shaqiri
Could you add Dries Mertens from Belgium? He looks the same as Eden Hazard but has a smaller frame tbh.
Editor Rob
Mertens does give an impression of being shorter than Hazard, though he may not be by much really.
Nik on Rob Paul
@ Arch Stanton - Good to see your postings again and I hope that you sort out your problems with having to type out your name and email address
We're having some pretty good weather up North!
Mercury on Hart Denton
I always thought he’s closer to 5’9 because in Riverdale he looked shorter than KJ and Cole. Plus many 5’9ers have a tendency to claim 5’11

Oh well, good on him for being honest :)
Robbe on Tyson Fury
I know Wach has hair but he doesn't have square shaped head lol. In the pic he is about 2cm taller than Tyson Click Here

Also, don't let the eyelines fool you, Wach is tilting his head down, while Tyson is slightly bending his head back. That's why Tyson's eyeline is higher. Wach has also bigger head than Tyson. But then again, it's just a photo among other's, and it's true Wach is a bit closer to the camera. It's also debatable if Wach is really 202cm. He does't look taller than 200cm Gary Cornish Click Here

Tyson is for sure taller than 202,5cm out of bed. He shrinks easily a good inch during the day. I would say he is 204cm out of bed, and 201cm at lowest. Im 187cm out of bed, and 185cm late in the evening. Tyson shrinks for sure more than i do during the day.
Robbe on James Arness
Yeah, but he has also claimed 6'7 in many interviews. Like berta said earlier, i also remember Jim's height was quoted exactly 200cm when "How the west was won" aired in -70,s. And he looked that height in the serie. In one scene he edged out Michael Conrad by an inch, at least. He also had less footwear there. So he must have been more than just 198cm.
Ben on General Height
@Bego 180-181 is self reported, the average doesn't feel that high. I'd say it's closer to 179 like that time I saw a scale where it said the average height in Sweden is 179.4.

I'm from Malmö but I live an hour away. In Malmö the average tends to be around 5'7"-5'8" bcuz 60% of the people you'll ser are immigrants but amongst swedes it's closer to 5'10".
Renegader on George Foreman
I have done extensive research into George foreman, him being my favourite boxer of all time and idol.... So I have compared him to many other fighters and celebs and it would take to long to post everything here so you will have to take my word for it...( i was looking into his height years before this made) ... I have concluded that his height in the morning is extremely likely to be 6'3.75 inches and after a good long sleep on his bak he may just touch 6'4 but throughout the day his height would shrink to around 6'3.25-6'3.5 inches... Could i get everyone elses opinion on this statement....(also could we possibly discuss how Foreman got such incredible power)-:) My height vote will be the provided (6'3/4) - as I go by morning height as real/true height...Thanks all
Deven 5'9 on Kevin Nash
My guess is 6'8.5 today with 6'9.5 peak
Renegader on Daniel Dubois
possible but unlikely ...... i am 16 and 6'1.3 inches and my height drops around a cm after a minute of waking up and my height often hovers around 6'1/2 ... everyone is different
Demi on Diplo
Looks about the same height with Dua Lipa in her recent ig story. 5’9
berta on Nelson Mandela
i think 184 maybe 185 at peak. he looked 182 range when he was about 75 years old.
MAD SAM on Chris Hemsworth
Chris might go down to 189.5 cm before going to bed and would wake up at 192 cm
Tony L. on Steve McQueen
When I was 16 I worked at 555 California Street in San Francisco (The B of A building) and they were filming the movie "The Towering Inferno" I met Steve and Ali McGraw and I stood eye to eye with him and I was 5'6" at the time.
Sandy Cowell on Rumer Willis
I must add that, seeing her in 'Sorority Row', I was mega-stunned that she was as tall as she is! She looked tall next to the other girls too and I kept trying to see if she was wearing high heels!

And another thing: wasn't it Rumer inside that bump that Demi Moore made so famous, by appearing nude and pregnant on the cover of a magazine? 🤷😏
Sandy Cowell on Ray Panthaki
Ray is another example of a Soap actor who progressed to the film world from being a Soap star, proving the umpteenth time that these actors are worth their weight in gold! They are dedicated actors, who know the meaning of hard work, so is it surprising? I think not!

I KNEW I recognised Ray when last I saw '28 Days Later'! I just couldn't remember from where!

Ray is lean, and looks at least the listed 5ft10. That's what he gets from me!
Editor Rob
Ray is a guy I think with a loose posture at times...I think at worst he might fall just shy of 5ft 10, but generally looks close enough to what he has on his agency.
Sandy Cowell on Michelle Johnson
Fantastic outfit making the most of her super legs and height!

5ft9.25 is undeniable!

Now I have to take in her acting performances! I have seen 'The Jigsaw Murders' and 'Death Becomes Her' (was she a child in this film, as she doesn't look old enough to have been in the film as an adult?), yet I have never taken her in yet! More fool me!
Johnson on Vladimir Putin
In the pictures of Mourinho and Putin it looks less than 7 cm

Does Putin wear lifts?
Editor Rob
He has looked similar range most of the time, so I'm not sure he would wear them.
Sandy Cowell on Jeff Kober
Totally cool picture, Rob!

He looks the said height (5ft11.25) AT LEAST! In fact, I think he could well be 5ft11.5+, so that is what I will put for him!
Sandy Cowell on Prince William
@ Nik - How sweet of you to remember! You're good like that, I must say!

I would like to join in now and wish Wills a belated Happy Birthday! 🎂

Six foot two and three-quarters.
Dejavu on Ryan Reynolds
I think 6'2 is fair thats what he looks next to TJ Miller. He could look shorter than this listing next to Rob Delaney.
Dejavu on Rob Delaney
He looked taller than Ryan Reynolds.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Basil Rathbone
Fred Mcmurray and Basil Rathbone had same height 6'2.75"/190cm.George Sanders have same height with basil rathbone.C Aubrey Smith was 6'4" at that time.But in 1915 Sir Rathbone was measured 6'3.25" and 14.3 stones in british army or even 6'3" after a great struggle in was he shrinks 1/2- 1 inch shorter that was 6'2"-6'2.5".
Sue Chilcote on Pernell Roberts
Wrong. Landon was 5'9" but started wearing boots w/ lifts so he would look taller next to his co-stars. Roberts btw 6' & 6'1". Blocker 6'4" & Greene btw 6' & 6'1". All heights approx depending on what footwear they had on.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Victor McLaglen
He is solid 6'3" with john wayne who was 6'4" at that time or even below.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on John Wayne
He never looks solid 6'4".
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Robert Donat
Robert Donat is solid 6' tall
Rabindra sankar sen roy on David Niven
He is solid 6' or even 6'1".
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Fredric March
Fredric March is below 6'. He is 5'11.5".
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Laurence Olivier
He is an inch shorter than 5'11" Ronald Colman and 2 inches with 6' David Niven. He is solid 5'10" tall.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Ronald Colman
He was 5'11" tall and 165lbs in weight. He is 3-4 inches shorter than 6'2.5"basil rathone. He looks 6' with C aubrey smith and 5'11" with david niven and basil rathbone.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Spencer Tracy
Spencer Tracy was solid 5'10" or 5'11" with clark gable who was 6'1".
Big T on Reuben Milner
Rob you seem to have a surprising amount of fairly ‘minor’ NZ actors on here. I’m from NZ and have never heard of most of the Kiwis you put on here. We don’t even watch Shortland Street lol. Is this because some NZ shows are shown in the UK?
Editor Rob
Yeah, there will be more Aus/NZ I am adding. Some may not be well-known, but they might be searched enough (with minimal existing data on the web) for me to consider.

In terms of value, America, Canada, AUS/NZ traffic is now the top 3 regions I have to focus on.

If you have suggestions for any NZ actors do let me know as I've had to drop UK focus a bit, which is a shame. That was the second best region for me too, but EU regulations is an underlying reason behind it!
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Humphrey Bogart
I Casablanca it was stated that Ingrid Bergman was 5'9" and Bogart was 5'8" tall. Bogart wore 3 inches lift to become 5'11" with bergman. 5'11" height is most attractive height for a male.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Christopher Lee
I would say Lee will be 194cm-195cm not 196cm at peak.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Basil Rathbone
Fred Mcmurray and Basil Rathbone had same height 6'2.75"/190cm.C Aubrey Smith was 6'4" at that time.
Jenn on Nicole Richie
I think Nicole is 5'4.
Here she is towering over Mary Kate Olsen who is 5'1

Click Here
22 June
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman has looked 6-1 quite a bit with Marcus Allen, Omar Benson, Stephen Jackson, Mario, Jamaal Wilkes just off the top of my head. All of those I have shown except Jamaal Wilkes where I can't find the pic.

You can show examples where he looks taller than 6-2 and shorter.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Not true Andrea. Merriman has looked shorter than Gates and Shaun Phillips.

He has looked the same height as English
Jackson on Ben Affleck
“Look right” really? lol guess what? Nike Air Force ones are the shoe Ray was wearing... they are indeed a footwear advantage over regular men’s dress shoes.... rays always standing as straight as humanly possible and Ben slouches a lot. I trust robs listing of John Krasinski at 6’2.5”.

Are we really going to ignore him looking an easy 2 inches taller than 6’0.75” Jon Hamm?

And 6’2.5” John Krasinski with the footwear advantage....

Towers over 5’9.75” Matt Damon

Next to Henry Cavil and Will Smith

Bens a solid 6’2” guy. Which is exactly why he’s listed as that. Especially his young days he could be easily look 6’3”.
Darkpower72 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lol why’s Arnold’s picture here showing him to be so small haha. In his bodybuilding days, he definitely cleared 6’1”. He was a very tall guy and would be taller than almost anyone around. I noticed how he’d always stoop his head down and slightly forward and was always very relaxed about his posture. Judging by how confident he was and how he looked, he wasn’t concerned about his height and knew he was tall.

However, since acting until today he’s been standing up very straight and trying to be as tall as possible lol. He probably was an actual 6’1.5” (maybe 6’1 5/8th” in the morning) in his younger years but he’s certainly nowhere near that mark now. He was never the 6’2” he claimed though later on. Even though he’s lost a lot of height and isn’t as imposing, I personally think he still looks like a tallish guy so I wouldn’t put him under 5’11.5” today.
Dream(5'9.5") on Logan Paul
6'1" is tall. It's just the number of shorter guys claiming it, and they don't know what a real 6'1" guy will look.

Again, I despise the paul bros, but Logan's closer 6'2" than 6'1". He's not claiming something absurd. At best, he's only rounding up by a half inch.
Dream(5'9.5") on Jake Paul
I won't go ranting here. I'll try to be a bit more civil. I apologize.

Only thing here is that I don't follow the logic of people believing JP's ridiculous height claim.
Dream(5'9.5 on Jamie Campbell Bower
Would you say Pilou Asbaek would be taller than Jamie Campbell Bower?
Editor Rob
In person I would say they seemed similar, but then Jamie has a fraction more compared to Pilou, so I'd say Pilou was taller.
Dude 173cm on Tom Selleck
He was 6'4 in Friends
Dude 173cm on David Hasselhoff
6'6 when he was younger , 6'4.75 now.
Justice on Charles Bronson
Hi Rob, If Charles Bronson was 5'9ish. Then earnest Borgnine would have to be upgraded to about 6'1. In the photo Steve posted from Vera Cruz

(Steve said on 12/Jan/15
Bronson never looked any taller than 5'8". He could have been even shorter.)

I couldn't download the photo here but it is still on the forum further down.

The photo clearly shows Bronson as only up to Borgnine's jawline if you were to remove the hat from Bronson,even shorter. They seem to have the same heeled boots. So if Borgnine is listed as 5'9.5. then how can Bronson be around 5'8.5 or 5'9 and have that much height difference in the photo with Borgnine. I know some might state that Bronson is standing with his leg bent a bit, but even straight he wouldn't gain 3-4 inch's in height. the photo is indisputable in showing the height difference between Borgnine and Bronson. Bronson is about the same height as the man on the far left who looks short.

If Bronson is the stated 5'8.5 and Borgnine 5'9.5. Then there should only be a 1" height difference. There is no argument that there is much more than a 1' height difference between the Bronson and Borgnine in Vera Cruz.
Easterwood 6'3 on Jake Paul
My brother is in the same height range, and claims 6'1 as well. Eventually the custom will be to add a good four inches to your height, and it all happens because people think they can get away with it. Celebheights is the only place where any amount of scrutiny is applied.
Kevin on General Height
"Ummm, women who measure 6ft barefoot are incredibly uncommon in the US. Like, only 1 in 600 women would be that height."

Yeah, maybe not even that, 1 in 1000 could more like it. I'm a strong 6ft (6'1 out of bed) and most of the time I go anywhere (vacation, airports, theme parks, the mall, etc.) I never see any women my height or taller. I mean it happens once in a while, but it's rare and definitely not something I expect. I mean for instance, I've been to Vegas a few times and don't remember ever seeing any women taller than me in any of those trips, and believe me the strip and casinos are crowded and I spent hours walking around. Even when I was in high school there weren't any female students taller than me and I was only 5'11.5 at most back then. Point is, 6ft+ women are rare.

One time, though, I did spend a few days in Cannon Beach, Oregon and saw a middle aged woman working at one of the pizza shops (I think she was the owner) who had to be 6'4. I couldn't believe it. I've never seen a woman that tall but like I said it's incredibly rare.
Hijoputamus on Brad Pitt
Lads, If Brad was 179 he would clearly be taller than 5’8 ish Gwyneth and both would stand as Rob beside Trevor Francis (go check his listing pic with Rob)

...and clearly Brad wasn’t this tall beside Gwyneth as Trevor with Rob.

Thank you all
Canson on Hulk Hogan
190-191 today
195-196 peak
Canson on The Undertaker
@Christian: my wife had no idea how tall I was when we met and she would ask me. She doesn’t have great perception of height but it’s not bad. She is 5’8 (5’7.75) and she refers to me as 6’4” when someone asks which is another reason I claim it but also because she’s seen me next to my father who’s a hair Under 6’4 at 69 years old and next to my taller friends 6’5.25 6’6 1/8 and 6’7”
Canson on The Undertaker
@Christian: I also notice with some women that they will rather inflate someone (unknowingly) than tell someone that they’re not as tall as they are. I have a friend more of an acquaintance that has a brother who is max 6’5”. He claims 6’6 once even 6’7”. The guy is slow to say the least too. When I first met her she insisted I was more than 6’4 because I was “at least as tall as her “6’6” brother”. I met him and he’s 6’5 tops and still claimed 6’6” to me that time. Then when some other friends were there he told one in front of me he was 6’7”. I called him on it as did someone else. Yet she still insists that he’s 6’6” and she herself is honest about her height but a little slow to say the least herself
Canson on Steve Nash
184 range
Canson on Chris Paul
@Height: agreed
Canson on LeBron James
@Height: agreed he’s slightly taller than Melo who’s 6’6” maybe 6’6.25 max
Canson on Blake Griffin
@Junior: Blake has thicker hair than DJ In the videos. That’s minimum 2” on Blake that DJ has. Maybe not more but a full 2” easy. Kevin Love is said to be closer to 6’7” than 6’8” and with Blake that’s hardly any difference. I’d be hard pressed to believe Blake is more than maybe 202cm range maybe 6’7.75. I can agree that DJ is 6’9.5 at a low maybe 6’9.75

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Rising - 174 cm on James Harden
Of course, anyone could have measured 1/8" under and they'd round it, but I don't think there's any proof of Barkley measuring 6'4 5/8". We don't have proof of the '92 players being measured at all during the Olympics, just one SI article saying they learned during that time Barkley was "more like 6-4 5/8", which doesn't say he was exactly that height and the writer also doesn't specify how he learned Barkley and Magic were those heights. The only heights listed for Dream Team players were listings that literally knocked 2" off everyone's NBA listing with the one exception being John Stockton, whom they listed at a believable 6'0" for some reason. Other than that, I've not seen any measurements for that team.

As for with Harden and Barkley, I'm only trying to judge what the difference looks like between the two, not the heights I believe the two players to be. But as I said, an angle could exaggerate a 3 cm difference to more like 5 cm. I believe low angles like that typically favor the taller person and Barkley might be positioned closer.

On a side note, whenever I see Harden drive into the lane and throw his arms up looking for a whistle, I miss the NBA from 20 years ago!
Canson on Marlon Wayans
@Andrea: Christian actually didn’t start a discussion about Boris on this page. You did on 11 May 18 to me
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Andrea: the pics with Vernon Davis are no good. Davis is leaning in the one pic where we can see their full bodies.
MAD SAM on Sean Bean
180-180.5 cm, definitely 5’11” when he was young
Rising - 174 cm on Shaquille O'Neal
@Christian: But Shaq didn't claim 6'11.75" either and if that was what he meant, I'm almost certain he would have claimed that height once and he never has. Yes, Durant's claim is even less believable, but my point is 6'11" isn't believable for Shaq either. They're both one-off claims almost certainly made as jokes. I think Shaq is or was likely a solid 7'0" or basically somewhere in the 7'0"-7'0.5" range as listed, but Shaq has definitely looked taller than that on quite a few occasions. Whether due to thick footwear and orthotics or something else, I don't know, but I bet if Shaq and Durant were pictured together, it'd put an end to most of the claims people make about Durant being 7' tall.
MAD SAM on Viggo Mortensen
180 cm seems legit
MAD SAM on Liv Tyler
She’s 178 cm she always looked 5’10” maybe quarter inch more
MAD SAM on Nicole Kidman
Gigi comes close to almost 180 cm Nicole Kidman, Rob Gigi deserves an upgrade to 178 cm
Canson on Shaquille O'Neal
@Christian: the other thing is that a lot of players are wildly overlisted so it throws people off. Example Patrick Ewing has said he’s 6’9” range and a poster here Robert Broome himself was his neighbor. Broome is 6’5” and he said Ewing is 6’9” and change in person not 7’0”. Coincidentally he looks 6’9-6’10” next to Dwight Howard. I’m from the Washington DC area and know some guys that went to Georgetown when Ewing was there and said he’s at most 6’10”. One guy played pickup ball with him. Also if you see Ewing with Mutombo or Alonzo Mourning he looks 6’9-6’10. Zo is listed 6’10 but was 6’8” range and always has been even going as far as admitting it himself. Maybe 6’8.5. There’s no way when other centers were overlisted that Mourning wouldn’t also be and if he were really 6’9.5 barefoot he would be listed at 6’11 at least. That’s a shoe height for him. Shaq next to Mutombo or Olajuwon who was 6’9” does look max 7’0” maybe 6’11.5-7’ really
MAD SAM on Charlize Theron
Wow she’s close to 191 cm Hemsworth, she’s gotta be 178-178.5 cm
MAD SAM on Sharon Stone
171-171.5 cm seems legit
MAD SAM on Demi Moore
I think she’s 163 cm max
Rhianna on Skye McCole Bartusiak
MAD SAM on Ashton Kutcher
He held good against 184.5-185 cm Sam Elliot, Ashton gets a legit 189-189.5 cm form me
MAD SAM on Sam Elliott
He peaked at 188 cm, right now he’s 184.5-185 cm
Bobby on Sookie's Den
@Sandy Cowell, please don't take offence to this... but why do you always end your sentences with an exclamation mark? It's just... I don't know, a little scary.
MAD SAM on Mila Kunis
Mila is definitely 5’4” maybe a bit more at 163.5 cm
MAD SAM on Natalie Portman
She ain’t 160 cm, more like 155 cm equal/shorter to Kat Dennings
Nik on Ethan Suplee
I like his name! He looks tall!
MAD SAM on Kat Dennings
She’s very beautiful, 156 cm seems legit
Mack on Melinda Culea
Might be good reference for her time on Brotherly love comparing to Joey lawrence who doesn't have a pade yet.
Nik on Madelaine Petsch
I have no problem believing she is this height!
MAD SAM on Dalip Singh
He seems 216 cm alright, definitely 7’1” most of the day
Dar on Alfie Allen
Looking at their photos, there can't be more than half an inch difference between him and Kit Harrington...any this difference is basically the hairline...Richard Madden is no more than 2 inches taller than both of them
MAD SAM on Big Show
I guess he peaked at 215 cm, right now perhaps he’s 211 cm
Normal tall guy on Billy Bob Thornton
He looks around 5'8 tops, his feet are tiny in this pic you have, looks weird
MAD SAM on Andre The Giant
Over 7’ perhaps in 214-215 cm range
Nik on Michelle Rodriguez
She looks taller!
Suzanne Moogan on Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan is 5ft 8 he said so on a video with the Irish presenter Ray D'Arcy years ago .
Mara his wife is around 5 inches smaller than him in flats,and she is tiny around 5ft3
I can tell he isn't 5ft9 as I am just over 5ft9 barefoot .
Jonathan is the spitting image of my first love also called John he was 6ft3 ,intense and a heavy drinker when he was 17.
back in 1990
MAD SAM on Kane
Probably peaked at 204 cm, right now he’s 201 cm ; dealing with people 2 metre + tall seems odd lol
khaled taban on Taylor Schilling
Dream(5'9.5") on Dan Stevens
He did look taller than Luke Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I do think he's probably 6'0 1/8th" like Hayden Christensen.
Mr S on Roberto Durán
Thanks for adding Duran. Roberto is one of my favourite fighters and in my opinion a top 10 all time P4p great. 5'7" is the height he claims in his autobiography "I am Duran"- which is a great read by the way. Duran really lived his life to the full! How tall would you estimate Marvin Hagler to be Rob? He was usually listed as 5'9.5" but looked barely taler than Duran, in this picture below I'd doubt he was even 5'8"

Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 9.5 is too high for Hagler, I think 5ft 8 range could be likelier.
MAD SAM on Hulk Hogan
Still seems a 6’3”+ guy at 192cm probably, peak would had been 198 cm and he would had been 2 metre + when he would wake up back in the day ... damn
Suzanne Moogan on Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan is 5ft 8 he said so on a video with the Irish presenter Ray D'Arcy years ago .
Mara his wife is around 5 inches smaller than him in flats,and she is tiny around 5ft3
I can tell he isn't 5ft9 as I am just over 5ft9 barefoot .
Nik on Simon Callow
certainly looks at least 5'6.5" for his current height!
MAD SAM on Sean O'Pry
181.5-182 cm guy, but his height can be rounded off to 6’
MAD SAM on Zendaya
177-178 cm Gigi makes her look really short by 6 cm, also she’s taller to Tom by 1-2 cm so this brings her height to 171-172 cm range, I don’t get it why would she claim herself at 179 cm
Karen Pittman on Karen Pittman
I’m 5”6.
MAD SAM on Tom Holland
Agreed 170 cm Tom fits well in the role cause he’s equally honest as his character
MAD SAM on Andrew Garfield
He’s slightly (0.5-1cm) taller to Mel Gibson, he awkwardly looks tall cause he’s really skinny, 179 cm seems right
MAD SAM on Emma Stone
Emma stone is definitely 168 cm, she’s one of my favourite actresses ; also the photo proves Taylor is no more than 5’8”
MAD SAM on Kate McKinnon
Gonna give her 161 cm
Myself on David Haye
Rob, do you think he has lost, retained or gained height because of the operation?
Editor Rob
I think some loss is possible, as is regaining through stabilising the discs that were effected.

But an inch? More like a 1/2 to 1 cm range.
Ferry5foot8 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dingus said on 20/Jun/18
I see you dont have idea to guess height. Big lol at your 5'11.5 guess for Arnold in 2018 lol. He is 5'10.5 today standing tall and a strong 5'10 in his relax posture. So many evidences. Arnold is closer to the Camera next to Ronald Reagan and next to Stallone is also standing taller than him. Arnold has 2 inches on him no more. He was 6'0.5 prime
Nik on Trevor Francis
It's great that Trevor Francis has got a page, he's such a big name in the world of football! - And it's good to find out his height!
Canson on Kobe Bryant
@Junior: if those were morning heights Brady could be 6’3 7/8 or 6’4 at a low while Strahan could be 6’3.75 or 7/8 at a low. I doubt either is any lower however and I’d say peak both are flat 6’4” guys. You have to remember at an inch vs 2cm it’s hard to tell the difference to a T. Strahan May have lost some height as well
Canson on Stephen Curry
@Dingus: he is below the mark as he measured in the morning. Probably 6’1.5 at a low. Remember the NBA doesn’t do 1/8” so he could’ve actually been slightly over 6’1 3/4 as well

Mike Greenberg says here that he’s 5’11.5 and that curry is no more than 2” taller than him

Click Here
Canson on Stephen Curry
@Dingus: he is below the mark as he measured in the morning. Probably 6’1.5 at a low. Remember the NBA doesn’t do 1/8” so he could’ve actually been slightly over 6’1 3/4 as well

Mike Greenberg says here that he’s 5’11.5 and that curry is no more than 2” taller than him
Robby Harris on Sylvester Stallone
Never looked below a solid 5'9 with Harrison Ford, while seemingly liftless. He was very close to Ford's height in "Extendables 3" in 2014, if memory serves correct. Anything below 174 is a joke, and anything above 175 I just can't buy, though I can understand why some might see him at more 176 cm.
Canson on Charles Barkley
Danny ainge says how tall Barkley is here

Click Here
Justice on Charles Bronson
Again no clue why Walter Hill made the comment. I've researched Bronson since I was 15 years old. Tried to find out his workouts and diet. Not much there. Walter Hill also said Bronson's Cardio was terrible for a man who looked in such great shape, but he smoked a lot. In the fight scenes, he said Bronson would throw a few punch's and have to stop due to breathing to hard so he started running after shooting to build his cardio up. Maybe he's lying about that too.

No one lies about their height in Hollywood LOl. I've read in a biography on Bronson that his father was also 5'7. Read the biography's about the man? I suspect even if someone came out with a new biography about Bronson's height someone would still dispute it. My opinion come's from all my research on Bronson. Like Sylvester Stallone trying to claim 5'11 or 6" at times completely laughable. But he can LOOK that height in the movies. Another thing Walter Hill said was Tessier was told to crouch low in the fight scene with Bronson due to the noticeable height difference. Walter Hill was talking about the making of Hard times and the Challenge's that came with it. Originally in the book Hard Times Chaney was a farmer who lost his farm and family and was a Killer. I'll keep my opinion on the research I've done. Not even on Walter Hills opinion.

Tessier is 6'1, how did they make Bronson look the same height in Hard times? Somehow they made Bronson look evenly matched to Tessier and Dinitri. Bronson is clearly shorter than Tessier in real life. But in the movies he looks comparable in Height. How is that? In the fight with Dimitri, Dimitri is also crouched down while Bronson is standing straight up Dimitri is in Flats compared to Bronson's enhanced shoes. Somehow Even if Bronson was 5'9, how is it he looks to be the same height as someone who is 4-5 inch's taller?
miko on Michael Owen
Rob have you considered adding Alan Shearer? His height is all over the place, certainly not the 6 foot he was regularly listed at.

He can look anywhere from 5'10 to 5'11, if you look at pictures of him on Google with 5'9 Ian Wright he can at times look barely taller, and sometimes 2 inches.
Editor Rob
Shearer is 5ft 11 at most I'd have said.
Theboyyy on Tyler James Williams
@Zampo, consider that Rob itself is like 173.5-173.6 in the late afternoon; this means Tyler can be easily over 174 by a few millimeters by the same moment of the day (maybe even 5'8 3/4")
Sandy Cowell on Stefanie Scott
I will go for 5ft3.75 for Stefanie.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jeff Goldblum
James I think it’s arguable.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Donald Trump
Can’t see this guy measuring under 6ft0½
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul Walker
186cm is too low, IMO. I think there’s a better chance he was closer to 6ft2 than 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Nathan Fillion
There is close to 1in between him and Reynolds in those photos
Fabrizio on Ben Gazzara
Ben gazzara was 175/176 cm
Bobby on Jess Conte
Her proportions make her look even taller though. I can definitely buy a solid 5'8 for her.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dennis Haskins
He’s gotten quite heavy over the years and it may have affected his posture. But next to Mark Paul in that recent photo the difference is more than what it was 25-30 years ago
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Tom Mison
6ft1 on the nose is likely if Jackson is a weak 6f1
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Wes Anderson
112 pounds at 6'1? No way for that. He look very skinny and narrow shoulders but look at least a 135-138 pounds hippie director.
Bobby on Matt Smith
His eye level is pretty off for his height though, if he straigned up, his eyes would be level with the 5'6 line. Wouldn't that make him more 5'10.5 than 5'11.5? Or am I missing something?
Editor Rob
I think he is a guy with a nearer 5 inch eyelevel. But 5ft 11.5 range is what I'd still guess him at, almost 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Daniel Dubois
6ft4½ is a late morning range probably
Bobby on Sookie's Den
I thought my debate with Canson was bad, somehow, this is worse.
Sandy Cowell on Rumer Willis
I've seen Bruce Willis's and Demi Moore's little girl in 'Sorority Row' and also in an episode of - I think! - 'Law and Order'. It was definitely an American series, and I'm 90 per cent sure it was one of the 'Law and Order' showings.

I won't argue with 5ft6 for her!

At least Rumer has a comment now! 🙆
Bobby on General Height
@Canson, let's assume that these figures are self-reported, and there is an error value of at least 2 inches. I want to say that tentatively, most people tend to be honest about their heights and only have an error value of within, let's say, 3/4s of an inch at max. Adjusting for the average, the estimated global height would be: around 5'5.5, which doesn't sound right to me. I think 5'8 might be pretty accurate as an international average. If we want to knock off an inch from every measurement, then 5'7 is at least a better figure than 5'5.5.
Rising - 174 cm on Mel Gibson
@Rob: Yeah, if Kurt was 176 cm peak then I'd still guess him no shorter than 175. That's one of the reasons I suspect Sly didn't lose anything until around 2013 or 2014 and nothing noticeable until 2015. He'd definitely be the type to do exercises like that. Actually, Mel has seemed to adopt a much healthier lifestyle the last 5 years. He regularly lifts weights and works out as you can tell by the size of his arms and he apparently uses growth hormone. He seems to have his alcoholism more under control as well. You notice none of these guys slouched either and still stand well past 60+ so whether it's a case of not slouching because you've avoided back problems or minimizing back problems because you don't slouch (I think it's a combination), this is undoubtedly beneficial as you age.
Editor Rob
Sly held up well till last 5 years...that's an age range 65-70 in which many men will suffer a noticeable bit of height loss.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Dan Stevens
Could mean at age 11 he was 5'11 3/4 with certain shoes on and might be stop growing at 12. But this is so rare that a boy stop growing this young. I have see guys stop growing at 14 or 15 but never see one at 12 stopped. Most of my friend stop growing at 16 and even girls stop at 14 the earliest.
Nik on Christine Adams
I like her hat! - This random celeb looks 5'8"!
Sandy Cowell on Height Request
Now I find out that Leigh Whannell has written ALL the 'Insidious' films, which is utterly fantastic!

A page for him would be great!
movieguy12 on Sergio Leone
Eli Wallach has said he was expecting Leone to be a stereotypical dark haired not overly tall Italian. He was surprised upon meeting him that he was tall and blond. I think the 5'8'' estimates are wrong.
Sean Winter on General Height
HonestSlovene 5;9.5 isnt 40th percentile 5'10 is 63 3rd percentile in enggland according to am i tall.online thing you can check. i am taller than 60 out of 100 men.shorter than 40 men. 5'8 is like 33 rd percentile. 6ft is 80th centile.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Carmelo Anthony
@Canson Thanks for your info. It's strange that Lebron and Melo wear the same size but was report to be 2 size difference more bizarre that Durant wear 19 but from the internet it show size 16.
Sean Winter on General Height
@greg well i guess it depends on activity level but but just now measured 178,2 cm sometimes i can be a flat 178 cm. i guess your a fraction taller. out of bed prob around 180 cm flat.ideally id like to not drop under 179 cm. your normal low is 178.5 cm 5'10.25 so were very close.@NIK good observation most guys i walk past are within 2 inches of me some 3 inches shorter or taller.
Nik on Sarah Snook
Good listing - I like her name!
Nik on Stefflon Don
@ Sandy Cowell - Many thanks! She can feel very honoured to have "London" in her name and the name Stefflon Don is very quaint, as is Steffie London, and Steff London! There ain't anything wrong with Stephanie Victoria Allen either!

You have to spot that hidden "London" in her name, thankfully I did! Wanna know a coincidence, London was just mentioned right now on "Emmerdale"! - Just as I am writing this! Not the most staggering coincidence ever but still a reasonable one!

I agree that the wearing of dresses down to the ground makes it impossible for us to judge height, and the fact that she is full-figured can make people think that she is shorter than what she is so I dunno! Maybe we just have to just trust Uncle Rob! - He is rarely more than 1/4 of an inch out!

Cheers Sandy!
Carry on Isabeli Fontana
In this video at 4:50 she says she is 1.77.
Click Here
Carry on Gigi Hadid
She appears to be at least 1.76. It's very long-legged and with long legs different from Kendall's Gigi is higher in my view.
Click Here
Sandy Cowell on Sally Ann Matthews
I must admit, Sally Ann does look considerably taller than just over 5ft1! I have been thinking this for a fair old while now - so I am going with 5ft2!
Sandy Cowell on Emily Head
On tonight's 'Emmerdale', naughty Rebecca asked the hunky new bronzed addition to the locality, "Well how old are you then? Not too young for some cheeky fun, eh?"

Spoilsport Fiona Wade's character bitched, "Oh, take no notice of her - she's got brain damage!"

Rebecca, Emily's character, bounced back, adding, "But I'm perfectly alright from the waist down!" 😋

mister_lennon on Arnold Schwarzenegger
ferryfoot, arnold was a true 6´1 and a half at peak. cameron was a solid 6'2 guy at peak. arnold was only 1 inch shorter tan cameron. never 1'5 inches or more.
Dream(5'9.5 on Tom Hopper
Rob, he could've been cast as 'Jack Reacher.'
Editor Rob
Physically he might have the right shape and height, but I'm not sure if he could carry a movie.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Basil Rathbone
I am sorry but see the picture with gary cooper and gary cooper with gregory peck you will see both gregory peck and basil rathbone were half- an inch shorter than than cooper. I think cooper would be 6'3" or even 6'3.5" at peak. By seeing these two photos in my my opinion rathbone or peck were under 6'3". There heights were 6'2.5" solid. Nigel bruce was solid 6'1.5" same as grant and an inch shorter than rathbone.He is solid 6'2.5"/189cm.errol flynn is 6'2.25" with rathbone in dawn patrol and niven would be 6'1" same as clark gable.
Caaq on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
I see him looking 6 5 with shoes in front of a height scale n he also wasn't standing very straight. So he may have gained .5 inch standing better n max take out 1.5 for shoes. That makes him 6 4. N maybe with bad posture would be like a good 6 3 guy.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Casper Van Dien
@Randomer U met the wrong guy. 5'10 out of bed for sure and rest down 5'9 1/4.
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Basil Rathbone
I am sorry but see the picture with gary cooper and gary cooper with gregory peck you will see both gregory peck and basil rathbone were half- an inch shorter than than cooper. I think cooper would be 6'3" or even 6'3.5" at peak. By seeing these two photos in my my opinion rathbone or peck were under 6'3". There heights were 6'2.5" solid. Nigel bruce was solid 6'1.5" same as grant and an inch shorter than rathbone.He is solid 6'2.5"/189cm.
Tunman on Vitali Klitschko
Yeah,in fact very possibly 3cm max.I know for a thing that Vitali had 201 and 202 listings and Wladimir 198 and 199.Of course we can only speculate about the method and time but knowing the close relationship between them I wouldn't be surprised if they were measured together.Anyways I think Vitali could dip a little under 6'7 like 200cm while Wlad is more like 6'5.5 or 197.I think his 6'5 claim is definitely a rounding downClick Here:
If Tyson Fury is 6'7.5"I see 2"difference but no more.Maybe a slight upgrade for Wlad ,Rob?
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Marnix Van Den Broeke
Might be 200cm and round up 6'7.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ashton Kutcher
@62B He look like 6'1 7/8 with 6'6 1/4 Carmelo Anthony. But i'm giving him 6'2 at best.
Hacker on Katy Perry
Katy Perry did use pink and black flats to the Stella McCartney Autumn Collection Launch event, however, they were not completely flat (1 inch height advantage). Miranda Kerr did use heels that would give her in the region of 2.5 inches of height. Barefoot/ similar footwear, Miranda may find herself looking up to Katy.
Canson on Rick Fox
@Christian: he surely doesn’t look 6’6” with Kobe either or Devean George who was measured 6’6.5 (and not sure what time of the day it was when he was measured). Fox looks 6’5 and change similar to you and max maybe 197
Sandy Cowell on Robert Carlyle
@ MAD SAM - Yes! Bobby was a little on the short side to play Hitler, but didn't I love it?
Yo on General Height
Whats the rule of thumb for someone that wakes up at 6”.5”? Is that legit 6” zone?
Dream(5'9.5 on Jason Douglas
Who would you say would be taller, Jack Swagger or Jason Douglas?
Editor Rob
Swagger seems the more solid 6ft 4 range guy
Caaq on Paul Newman
He is looking 6 feet in shoes. So 5 10 should be the height. Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Shawne Merriman
He looks too short to say he measured 6'4 3/8". If the measurement was 6'4" flat then just maybe I can believe it to be legit since most NFL players are about 1/4"-1/2" shorter than their measurements since the most he has looked is 6'3.5", along with 6'3", 6'2.5" and 6'2" in pics. I can confidently rule out the 6'4 3/8" as an error.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Miniminter
Really this tall Rob?

Looks 184cm w/h Deli Alli
Editor Rob
6ft 1.25 is possible, but would be surprised if he was sub 6ft 1.
Matt99 on Miniminter
@Johnson he’s been pulled in slightly by Alli, so Alli has the height advantage.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Vikkstar123
Rob, how tall is the other guy in that photo?
Editor Rob
Afro claimed 6ft 8 though I think 6ft 7 -7.5 is more what he looks with people.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Dwayne Johnson The Rock

Conan doesn't have 2" on the Rock, more like 1.5" tops. If Rock's 6'2" that would put Conan 6'3.5" at most.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Chi McBride

He's only 260 though. I think tall guys over 300 lose an inch but maybe not Chi.
Totigno on General Height
James B 171.5cm said on 19/Jun/18
There seems too be a difference between 6ft1 and 6ft2. i think 6ft1 still looks 'normal tall' but when you get too 6ft2 thats i would classify as 'strong tall'.

Remember 6ft2 isnt really that far of the start of very tall which is 6ft3-6ft4 range.

i agree 6ft2 is far more impressive than 6ft1 . 6Ft1 is classic tall whereas 6ft2 is approachin very tall range
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Ryan Hurst
Andrea may be right. Ryan's maybe 6'4" but often wears thick footwear.
Gian92 on Chevy Chase
If De Niro nowadays is 5'7, for me it's impossible that he is 6'3 , near De Niro for me ne is max 6'1 and an half .
Adri on Jennifer Lawrence
If she's 5'7 or 5'7.5, I wonder how tall her new boyfriend Cooke Maroney is? It looks like she might come up to his chin....
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Ange Kagame
@Sandy Cowell

It's not that common for daughters to be taller than their fathers, but I'm surprised that you never heard of that before. It sometimes happen when the father's shorter than the mother, although it's not the case for Ange (she has a 6'0" mother). If I was a woman, I would've outgrown my 5'10.5" dad since my female equivalent would be about 6'0".
Dream(5'9.5") on Tom Cruise
Jack Reacher (in the books) was supposedly 1.96 cm (or possibly 6'5.25"). I'm surprised they casted Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.

The only actor who seems like the right size for Jack Reacher, would be 'Tom Hopper.'
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height

It's pretty difficult to figure out how exactly tall someone is just by looking at their body proportions, you can only guess a range.
QM6'1QM on Paul Walker
MAD SAM said on 21/Jun/18
He always seems like 186 cm guy, maybe on a good day he would had touched 187 cm but he was definitely over 6’1”.

Very good comment, Mad Sam.
He was very much like me physique and hands, only I was much smaller (only 145 pounds). Overall, I think Paul Walker was 0.25 inches taller than me and was about 6'1.5 "(186.5 cm).
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul

No offense, but that's kinda ridiculous, and even a bit hypocritical tbh. 5'11.7" is close enough to 6'0". You're 5'11.88" and claim 6'0" and then you got mad when people told you to not claim it, so why is it wrong for Mad Sam who's 5'11.7" to claim 6'0"?
Sandy Cowell on Michelle Williams
@ MAD SAM - I agree with you! I was quite surprised myself when I discovered Michelle was all of 5ft4!

I will go with 5ft3.5!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on James Arness

Jim himself said he was 6'6" in the 1970's, and that was before he started to lose height. He was never 6'7".
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@Layla Conan had 3/8 more footwear than Rock.
Sandy Cowell on Height Request
Hey Rob!

I have just made an amazing discovery! Not long ago, I asked for 'Coronation Street' actor Tristan Gemmill to have a page, but today I have found that he has his fingers in many other acting pies, including films!

The thing that prompted me to check out his acting history was that I noticed him starring in an episode of 'Poirot' just now! I took down the name of the story ('Cards On The Table'), and Googled the cast. Sure enough, it's him, and he is starring alongside Zoe Wanamaker and Lesley Manville as a meticulously spoken heart-throb of a man called Major Despard.

I also saw some of his acting credits, and they include 'The Jacket', with Adrien Brodie, Keira Knightley and Christopher Walken! How cool is that? He has also been in a film called 'The Gospel of John', playing St Andrew! That has really impressed me, and I think that, knowing he is a film star as well as a Soap star, he deserves a page more than ever!

My original request was done on the page of the tallest actor in 'Coronation Street', Jimmi H's page, because I wrote in disputing that he was still the tallest of the bunch! In my comment, I included Tristan and other tall members of the cast who do not have pages.

I have seen Tristan written up as 6ft, 6ft and 5ft11!

Please could you give him a page as I think he deserves one after my exciting findings about him! 😁 Thanks!
Junior Hernandez 1990 on David Hasselhoff
Hoff can still look 6'4 range.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ben Barrington
Look to be slightly edge out most of 6'4 NZ actors. Possibly 6'4 1/4 and ignore 1/4 inch claim. Look as tall as peak Goldblum and Hasselhoff.
Nik on Ryan Gage
Maybe over his listing!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Shawn Mendes
@Susan Davis

He already inflated his height when he claimed 6'2".
Christian 6'5 3/8" on John Wayne
A peak John Wayne was taller than a peak Clint Eastwood.
Nik on Charlie Bewley
At a push 5'10", but probably slightly less!
Dream(5'9.5 on Gabrielle Reece
Rob, would you say J August Richards would be taller than this lady?
Editor Rob
Probably more chance he is a little over 6ft 3 and Gabrielle a little under.
Christian 6'5 3/8 on Bella Thorne

Maybe Bella and Trump share the same doctor, lol.
Editor Rob
I'm sure he's got a long waiting list. The go-to Doctor for 'honest' height measurements, with a 5-year waiting list of new patients!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Daniel Sharman
Honest 6'1"
Sean95 on Chance
"I am 6'0" which isn't really that tall"... Yeah not with phonies like you who claim it, making an illusion to others what 6'0" looks like.
Caaq on Bruce Willis
Rob..please answer a very important question.
If an actor has a mug shot picture with average shoes on and standing pretty straight, then the mark he covers minus 2 inches will give pretty much his accurate height? And if bald then maybe minus one inch?

But Nicholas cage looks 6 feet in a mug shot and is also called 6 feet. Once he looked 6 1 in a mug shot, where he had shoes. And mostly he calls himself 6 1. Can u please explain?

Also..do u know if the statues in Madame tussaud are made larger than real life? I think they add 2 inches or more on some.of them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is much smaller than his wax figures for.sure...

Please post my comment and please reply...really need to know..

Bruce Willis my guess... about 6 foot .5 inch in shoes standing with good posture.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Manny Pacquiao
I believe Manny is 166cm but not sure about the exact feet inch given 166.4cm i think most of the boxer listing is fair bit fraction under.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Al Pacino
5'7 wasn't short. The describe of Al peak being about 5'7 was def a shoes height. 5'6 or a tap below is the start of being short for a men. Despite my shortest friend was 5'4.5" and nothing having the confidence like a 6'0 guy. Lol..
AP on Justin Bieber
I still don't think the listing makes sense...
Like this picture. Swae lee is listed as 5/8 but Justin Bieber seems to be the same height.
Click Here:
Also this picture with post Malone doesn't look like the biggest difference ever if Post is 6'0 feet. I still think you guys should upgrade him
Click Here:
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Michael Owen
Aspected he look this tall next to his peer Beckham.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Michael Irvin

Yeah, 6'1" is too low for him. Worst case maybe 187 today if he lost height.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Sharlto Copley
sharlto copley posture wise isn't at best most of time. He can look 3-4cm shorter than Bradley Cooper but when catch back posture seem like 3/4-1" between them.
NCL on Andre The Giant
I may have found a gem. Thoughts on Ron Fuller's height? Here he is next to Andre Click Here

I'm not familiar with him. He apparently was a wrestler and a basketball player. Wrestling has him at 6'9" on a google search. I found this which says he was 6'8" (basketball stats) My guess is the Basketball Stats are probably accurate: Click Here
Editor Rob
he could be over 3 inches smaller, maybe almost 4
Nik on Cerina Vincent
5 foot 4, and change!
World Citizen on Roberto Durán
He certainly looks it.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Ronnie O'Sullivan

He doesn't look as tall as 5'10.5"
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jennifer Lawrence
She can look 172cm sometime but its matter a time of the day and fell flat impression like shes just a 171ish girl.
NCL on Andre The Giant
Andre the Giant and Bob Euker: Click Here

I think the biggest thing that's deceiving about Andrew height-wise is his large features. His head was ENORMOUS. Look how much height he appears to lose at 44 seconds just because he bent down his head. Not sure of anyone's footwear here. Regardless of whatever anyone thinks Andre's height is, I think Andre could seem shorter than he actually was because his build was unusual. He had relatively short legs for his height, a very large head, and he rarely stood straight.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Owen Benjamin
196-197 range
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Liam Hemsworth
I could be wrong. Liam could pull on a strong impression of 6'3 1/2 the more i look at him, Chris might be 6'3 and Luke sometimes don't look under 5'9 1/4.
Sandy Cowell on Mick Fleetwood
@ Rampage Clover - Yes, it could well have been Lindsay's peak height, I agree! I had a brilliant VHS video a while back of the band, and he sure did steal the show, so much so that I didn't really take in his height, other than that he isn't small or unduly tall. Of course, it would have helped if it had been possible to see Mick standing beside him, but that didn't happen if I recollect correctly. I would love to get the concert again on DVD, because I can't play videos anymore! It would be well worth tracking down!
Jardel on Miniminter
We can't quite see the footwear in the pic above, but Dele Alli looks 1-1.5 inches taller than him. I would guess him between 6'0.5 and 6'1.5
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Michael Owen
Looks more 171 than 172.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Anthony Joshua

Joshua's taller than Wladimir.
Bean on Kevin Pietersen
Thnx rob for adding KP hope you will add more cricketers in future like virat kohli,Steve smith,alastier cook some major players
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Luke Hemmings

Probably because he's rumored to be 6'4" by some fans. (which we know it's false obviously)
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Morena Baccarin
Taking her footwear into account, she looks 5'6" with Rob honestly.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Norman Reedus
Rob, but you had Norman Reedus buddy Sean Patrick Flanery at 5'11 i can agree him at solid 180cm but there isn't over 3cm between them let alone 1.5" so i wonder Reedus might deserved 1/4 upgrade from you.
Editor Rob
In person there seems a bigger difference, moreso than I'd say some photos suggest.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Kobe Bryant

At most I can see Kobe at 6'4 7/8" and she might've rounded down to 6'4.75" but I doubt she measured him at 6'5". I agree with you that Kobe can easily look 6'5"+ if you base it on other celebs' listings because more than likely they're slightly overlisted.
Sandy Cowell on Alexandra Paul
Oh yes, there must be many ways of having fun as a twin, some nice, some not so nice! As I will never be in on that bandwagon, I have fun by pretending to mishear words when watching TV! Jim knows I'm only having him on, but not all have been so quick on the uptake!

Once I pretended to a friend that I thought the character 'Nosferatu' was pronounced 'NosFARTeru' - and he claimed to believe me, telling many people! He thought it was hilarious, and, as he wasn't exactly stupid, I think he simply WANTED to believe that it was a genuine mistake!
6'2_inshallah on Ruben Loftus Cheek
Rob what’s more likely 6’2 flat or 6’2.5
Editor Rob
I think he is a bit over 6ft 2, but not sure he'd be above 2.5, so 2.25-2.5 range is possible.
Gracian on David Beckham
Rob, I think Beckham really should get an upgrade. I found a lot of evidence for this.
Next to John Travolta: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
He looked much taller than George Clooney 10 years ago: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Next to Viktoria Beckham: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
He did not look much shorter than Will Smith: Click Here
Click Here
Next to Zac Efron: Click Here
Next to Prince Harry and Prince William: Click Here
With Will Ferrell: Click Here
With Hugh Jackman: Click Here
With 5'11.5" Ronaldo: Click Here
With 5'11.75" Robbie Williams: Click Here
I could argue about 5'11.25" because he really looks closer to 181 cm than 180. Rob, can you give him at least 5'11" and 1/8 inch? Please, Rob, answer me.
Editor Rob
Beckham could be argued to be a little over 5ft 11, I think many people would also estimate that he might measure just over 5ft 11 flat.
QM6'1QM on Trevor Jackson
No-no-no, holy **** ... Sorry, he's just 6ft. He just does not look tall as I do, for example.
Michael Liftroysen on Yousef Erakat
Just under 6ft, I measured his height myself since I am a tailor.
Sandy Cowell on General Height
@ Nik - Isn't there a lot of traffic on this page? Do you like the term 'traffic'? I do! I also like the internet term 'cookies'!
🚌🚐🚗🚚🚛 🍪🍪🍪

@ Connor - Hi! I do hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine! I saw you in your Darth Vader suit - very realistic!
Sandy Cowell on Trevor Jackson
Well, at least he used a tongue emoji after saying that he was 6ft2!

I agree with Rob's 6ft1, a great height for a bloke, innit? (he he he - I can't usually stand the 'i' word!)
Editor Rob
It's an easier ride the taller you are...up until a point - as Stephen Merchant said, 6ft 4 was his ideal height, he isn't a fan of 6ft 7.
Sandy Cowell on Mick Fleetwood
@ Ian C - So is he really 'as fat as butter'?
(Shakespearean quote from Henry IV Part I!)

Mick can have six six!
Sandy Cowell on Rachel Hurd Wood
I have just found out that Rachel was 14 or 15 when she made the film 'An American Haunting'! She was born in August 1990. A kid of 14 has an enormous capacity to grow, and even one of 15. I was wearing age 9-10 clothes on my 14th Birthday, but admittedly, I did grow a lot that year!

⭐️ 'An American Haunting' was from 2005. ⭐️
MJKoP on Sugar Ray Robinson
Arch Stanton said on 29/Aug/14
First time I realized there was actually two Sugar Rays :-)

Three, if you count Mark McGrath. :P
Howtallcouldwadlowgrowhadhelivedlonger on Robert Wadlow
A lot of interesting finds and brain storming here
But have any of you ever wonder how tall could wadlow have reached had he lived into his 30s ?? Could early hyperpituitarism permanently halt his bone maturation process thus result in his continue growth in adulthood where it should have resulted in acromegaly ..... a stage where epiphyseal plate was closed and bone increase in thickness instead of length

How come none of the doctors ever predict his final full grown height ?? What is his final height and how tall do you guys think he could have potentially reached ?? I say he could have reach close to 10 feet tall or close to it taken his growth rate and human structure limitation ..... what do you guys think (how about you editor rob ??)
Sandy Cowell on Rachel Hurd Wood
I recognised Rachel from 'An American Haunting', and I am rather surprised to see that she is as tall as this! I reckon that she can't have been fully grown in that film, but looking back, I rather think that's blatantly obvious! She WAS a little girl in it! I really will have to find out her age in that film, which shouldn't be difficult! I'll go the same route as I did to find the age Heather Langenkamp was in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street', which was 20!

I can't see Rachel being anywhere near that age for 'An American Haunting', because a 5ft6 girl has greater difficulty passing for a kiddie than a 5ft3 one (Heather), even if she does star with the well-in-access-of-6ft Donald Sutherland!

I will settle for 5ft6 then!
Arch Stanton on Leslie Grantham
RIP indeed!
Arch Stanton on Olivier Giroud
To be honest I thought he could look an honest 192 at times. Genuine big guy and what I'd call "annoyingly handsome", got very lucky.
Sandy Cowell on Rachel Skarsten
I don't think I've seen Rachel act yet, but I had to drop by to see this 'Random Celeb' in her entirety, as this picture is magnificent, and I could tell that from the little bitty piece of it that drew me to this page!

I will go with 5ft9.25! What a gorgeous girl!
Editor Rob
What you don't ever see in these photos is that there is a queue of people and many eyes watching you.

For myself, that is a strange experience! I'm usually the one through life who liked being behind the camera taking photos....evidenced by the fact I barely have any photos in my teens or early to mid 20's. It's as though I vanished.

Since doing this site, there are probably thousands of photos scattered about the web with my mug staring back at folk 😼
Tunman on Justin Bieber
To those who want to argue he's 5'9,take a look at this
Click Here:
Hailey isn't even standing at her best and Justin doesn't look over 5'8 in fact more like 5'7.75.I doubt there will be more than 1"between them had she stood perfectly.171 is still possible though I can very well see a chance for 172 I reckon.
Trying to say he's 5'7 is something debatable,5'8 is also arguable but with 5'9 one is nothing more than a Belieber.He could look 5'9 at times either because camera sometimes is at his favour or because he has some of his booster shoes.Btw you can argue he looked the same as 5'7.75-8 Neymar but no way an inch taller
I think Rob should reduce the gap between highest and lowest estimates.Seriously how can people think he's 5'5.5 idk,and the same goes for the 5'9.5 option
5' 9.5 on Jensen Ackles
"[Jarad Padalecki] about 6 feet 5 inches - of course he won't admit it" == Yeah of course he won't, because he is 6' 4". Height conscious guy because of his very tall co-star. He shouldn't, he is about 6 feet so he has a decent height ! Plus he is good looking.
Arch Stanton on Ray Panthaki
Has a head and hairstyle where you could imagine him being taller.
Richie56789 on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, would you agree that in general society outside of sports and acting that 6ft 1-3 is considered tall. I very rarely see people over 6ft 2 day to day. What do u think?
Editor Rob
Yes, it is a quite tall height range in public. You are taller than 90+ percent of men and nearly 99.whatever of women.
Arch Stanton on Miniminter
How do these people amass so many followers?? I know some super talented musicians on there who only have a few hundred thousand subscribers at best!
Johnny Rockets on Madison Beer
She looks about 5'4" but in some videos she looks like she'd be taller. If I had to guess i'd say about 5'4".5

Can you do Jack Gilinsky next please? He's listed as 5'10" but who knows?

What do you think?
Editor Rob
At age 15 he claimed 5ft 9 so 5ft 10 may well be possible,I think with madison he can look it.
Arch Stanton on Rob Paul
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jun/18
Click Here

Click the album cover. How tall did he really look?
Editor Rob
Proportionally at least 6ft 5 maybe more.

He was supposedly 6 ft 8 peak. The camera angle of course exaggerates his height. Sitting at the piano his legs always looked abnormally big, he may have well been close to his claim.
Editor Rob
It's not impossible 6ft 7-8, but I'm sure his height beside other people would reveal just how towering he could look.
Myself on Stephen Bishop
@Sandy Cowell
Haha, yeah. Although if you understand russian and watch that video you most probably already know who Vitaly is and if not, the trolling nature of the video is quite obvious when you are listening to what he says, instead of just reading subtitles ;)
I wonder if that's because of the possible damage that he sustained during fights, or he is just not confident enough to formulate a meaningful talk...Because his brother on the other hand is completely the opposide and a pretty charismatic person!
QM6'1QM on Michael Fassbender
Yeah, great listing, Rob. I think also, my opinion is about 180 cms.
Myself on Lennox Lewis
@Kiwi Bloke
You can't be 193.5 for most of the day if you wake up at 194.5...I wake up at 194.3 and am between 192 and 192.7 for most of the day, depending on the activity.
QM6'1QM on Tom Hardy
He deserves respect only because of his honesty! Yes, he looks so, 5'9 he is great!
QM6'1QM on Christian Bale
Never in his life was he taller than 5'11.5". It's a fact, sorry!
Just nobody wants to be 5'11.5" ... It's boring. Everyone wants 6 feet! This is also a fact!
I could not find a single photo where Bale looks 183-183.5 cm ... I'm just tired of searching :)
He's about the same height as Benedict Cumberbatch.

P.S. Only when Christian Bale is in the shoes, I think of him as a legitimate strong six foot guy. These are the facts, sorry!
QM6'1QM on Cristiano Ronaldo
- 184.8-185.2 cm is the height range of Ronaldo in the evenings.
He is not taller! His height in the morning is 186.5-187 cm, no more.
After about 3 hours from bed, it will measure 185.2-3 cm. About 185-185.1 cm it is normal low level. He is very close to 6'1" mark.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Charles Barkley
@Canson Barkley doesn't look this low at 6'4.5" really still look the 194.6-195cm. If we count for a few years more he could jolly be 6'4 1/2 but not now yet.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Kobe Bryant
@Canson Really no way Strahan look 6'4 with Kobe if Mamba is only 195cm. Lets just say Brady and Strahan is 192.5cm at their low it is possible and since Kobe is proper inch taller. Really not 1/2 not 3/4 that little and we can't just trust Vanessa Bryant words just because she claim him under 6'5. According to Kobe lakers former teammates all say he was 6'5-6'6 ofcos the 6'6 got to be a sneakers height and Wade call Kobe 6'6 we know Wade himself claim 6'4 but his not. So my point is Strahan could also be a low 6'4 but Kobe possibly was under measure by 1/4 no big deal that 6'5 also a low for him. I watch a clip on youtube some while ago Kobe on a morning american show with Strahan that look about 3cm also an inch but someone remove the video away. So there is no way flat 195cm could edge a 6'4 guy this way and they both had leveled footwear.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Blake Griffin
@Canson Not that much atually. Some disadvantage camera angle play tricks make Griffin over 2" shorter and more like a 1.25"-1.5" solid difference in fact and DeAndre had better posture most of time and beware that DJ had a higher eye level like Anthony Davis that give illusion being taller. DJ low 6'9 1/2 and Blake 6'8-6'8.25" is fair. Click Here Click Here Can look 3cm and also 4cm but looks like Griffin did not stand up that well.
Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ MSJC - Hi there! I am watching only the England matches. My boyfriend watches the whole perishing lot of them! My 'little brother' Dominic, (16 years my junior), recently got married and his wife Tabitha is in Moscow, having access to every match, but she isn't interested! To her it is just a job! When I told my boyfriend yesterday, he couldn't believe it! He thinks it should be him out there, working (she has a TV career), and he WOULD go to every match!
If I was out there, I'd certainly see the England matches, but I'd have to have a good seat with no tall people in front of me, or I'd miss the goals because of my short height! I have never been to a football match, but I have been to rock concerts galore! I think there's a guaranteed good atmosphere, which is more than can be said for a football match!
I do hope you enjoy the football and the Summer months ahead! Cheers!
lee168cm on Michelle Johnson
This is roughly what I'd have guessed next to Meryl Streep in death becomes her definitely not 5ft 10 or 11

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