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27 November
aash on Channing Tatum
he is easily 184cm
Tim. on Mark Rutte

If I walk the streets for half an hour I would see plenty of guys taller than me for sure. It also depends on where you live. It might seem odd for such a tiny country, but in the north and west people are on average taller than in the south, where I grew up. It's not rare to meet girls that are my height or taller, but it doesn't happen on a daily basis either obviously.

When I think back at college for example, I would say in most classes 15% of the guys were shorter than me, 10% would be taller (in the 190cm), and 75% would be more or less my height. And this was in the south, in the north it might be different.

I feel pretty average here. The only time I sometimes feel tall is when I'm travelling, even in other western countries I notice that guys are often shorter than the average guy here. I can imagine you being really tall at 190cm in an Asian country.
184 dude on Jake Paul
This dude's height is really weird i think he's more of 5'11 ish like leo or brad Pitt looks tall but not that tall
Genau on Matthew McConaughey

Bradley Cooper 183
Brad Pitt 179
George Clooney 178.5
Matt Damon 176.5
Leonardo DiCaprio 180.5
Johny Depp 174.5
Tom Hardy 175
Mathew McConaughey 179


Bradley Cooper 184.5
Brad Pitt 180.5
George Clooney 180
Matt Damon 177.5
Leonardo DiCaprio 182
Johny Depp 176
Tom Hardy 176.5
Mathew McConuaghey 180.5
Genau on Brad Pitt
Peak 5ft11 now 5ft10 1/2 - 5ft10 3/4
Genau on George Clooney
Peak 5ft10.5 currently 5ft10
Genau on Leonardo DiCaprio
Miss Sandy Cowell on Donald Trump
I sometimes feel I was a trifle hard on Donald Trump Snr when he came into office - because of the overtly sexist comments he made.

When I see him pictured with his kids, I see a proud family man, and rightly so!

6ft today; 2" more peak.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ian Alexander
It doesn't matter if you're short, Ian - you have a lovely little face! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‰

5ft0.5 ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘
Editor Rob on Tom Selleck
Click Here

With Arnie back in the day
Spring on RM
I also agree that you should add the rest of the members. They are well known global superstars! :)
Miss Sandy Cowell on Kamala Harris
@ Christian - I remember your comment from the 12th of last month! That's exactly what I thought when I saw Donald Trump Junior's page filling up at an alarming rate. Interesting....๐Ÿ˜

5ft3.5 ๐Ÿ’
Miss Sandy Cowell on Donald Trump Jr.
@ Christian - Thanks - I'll check her out! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
El Alacran on Donald Trump
As for Donald, Sr., current height 5'10" to 5'11". Probably 6'2" in dress shoes when younger but he has lost at least 3 inches as you can tell from the dowager's hump. From his gait and the throw of his spine when he stands or walks sometimes he wears lifts for an extra 2-3" and has trouble walking down ramps as shown in video. None of the medical exam reports made public have accurate information as to height or weight. Weight from 275-300.
T K on Tyson Fury
This site is hilarious, as it basically puts everyone shorter than they are! It's not because it's run by a short Scot is it? Fury is clearly 6'9 if you compare photos with other tall celebs. Key things are: footwear AND position relative to the camera. Another thing that is never considered here is that the taller two people are, the smaller the gap looks. Wilder Vs Fury 2 in boxing boots clearly shows 2 inches (I know this site also claims Wilder is lying, but we see the pattern!).
Resurrection of Edward on The Undertaker

agreed with everything you said dude. guys like Flair and Hogan wrestled for different promotions after their "retirement" from WWE.taker is probably the most loyal guy vince/wwe universe has known.mark wouldnโ€™t wrestle in any promotion except wwe.i fully agree with everything you said. but he might come out of retirement for another match in WWE in the future.never say never.i personally think undertakerโ€™s deadman gimmick might have been retired but you still have the guy mark calaway.i think he might appear future as badass/big evil though.
RJT on Mark Rutte

At 188cm, do you see guys taller or much taller than you on daily basis? Do you feel average or tallish? Is it a safe height in a sense that you rarely see girls taller than you over there?

Yeah I guess that's why it's the average height, not median. You guys have a lot of over 195cm guys, but also plenty guys under 180cm guys, which after averaging it out, turn out to be just under 6ft (182cm).

Just curious cause I'm around 190cm and usually the tallest guys in everyday situations here. (South East Asia)
viper on Joel Embiid
Rob needs to change the title.

Measured 7-0 in shoes, not barefoot

Click Here
RJT on Jeb Bush
@Editor Rob

He didn't look that much taller than his dad who was 6'2 and changes guy.
Click Here

Pic was from 1979 when Jeb already 26.
RJT on Bill Clinton
Click Here (1992 election debate)
Click Here (taken in 1997)
Click Here

After looking all of these pics where older H.W Bush edged him out, shouldn't Clinton get downgrade or H.W Bush get upgrade?

Looking back at Clinton's history with his words E.G the claim he only lost half inch and his infamous scandal, not sure whether to take his words.
RJT on George H. W. Bush
@Editor Rob & Canson

Click Here
Either Clinton needs to be downgraded a quarter, or H.W Bush need to be upgraded quarter above

The pic was in 1997 when H.W Bush was even older at 73, while Clinton was 51 so should still be nearer his peak height.
Editor Rob
Bush certainly looked the more solid 6ft 2 than Bill.
viper on Shawne Merriman
I don't believe Wiley measured that imo

nflcombinestats has some errors
viper on Shawne Merriman
Deanthony Langston may only be 6-8

With 6-10 Patrick Ewing. Click Here

With 6-11 Deandre Ayton Click Here
Gifford on Rod Taylor
According to his official biography, he was actually 5 foot 6 and used to put newspaper in his shoes to make himself taller.
Whatever his height, he was a tremendous actor, a tough guy with the men and a gentleman with the ladies.
RJT on Rio Ferdinand
Rio along with Sacha Baron look like the most legit 6'3ers out of the guys in the 6'3 category.

I'd guess to be even quarter above at 6'3'25", taller than Liam Hemsworth and Gwendoline.
Click Here

Rio noticeably taller than 6'2 Van Nistelrooy, who in turn taller than young Ronaldo who was probably 184cm ish back in 2003.
RJT on Brendan Fraser
@Editor Rob

In this recent trailer of Fraser with Welling, he looked inch and change shorter than Welling. Maybe he has lost a bit of height or Welling wore boots? Seem to be both.
Editor Rob
half inch lost by 50 is possible for a guy like Fraser.
Szanki11 on The Undertaker
I watched this interview with Stone Cold three times, and he never said that Kevin Nash was over two inches taller than him, LOL. Only about HBK 5'10, and Kane little bit bigger than Him, and Kane was wearing platform Boots.
lydia1 on RM
I second the requests for you to add the rest of BTS!!!
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) on Rudy Giuliani
Good to know IMDB heights have never not been way off the mark :D
Hieronymus Bosch on Donald Trump Jr.
he looks exactly six feet to me
cmillz on Rickie Fowler
Being tall is not really an advantage in golf. If anything, it can be more of a disadvantage.
Jabba on KSI
Rob any argument for 5โ€™11?
Editor Rob
some have made an argument he could be that tall, it would be the highest I'd ever think possible.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Victor Mature
The way my Mum used to go on about him, I expected to find around 6ft4 for Mature when I first looked on his page.

If ever there was an example of a well-built man who gave the impression that he was taller, then this is he.

That he played the Biblical Samson most certainly helped. I think we were allowed to stay up to see 'Samson and Delilah' so that our Mum could show us (me in particular being a girl) what impeccable taste she had in men, but I didn't like him after he 'murdered the poor golden pussycat!' ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿฆ

Rich Paul on Sean Hannity
No more than 5-10 max. He and George Bush looked the same height. Bush is 5-10. Almost every famous person lies about their height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Zelina Vega
One of the most overlisted wrestlers on this site. Highly doubt she's 4'11".
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Donald Trump Jr.
Kamala Harris' page is another one.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Donald Trump Jr.
@ Rob - You can say that again! ๐Ÿ˜‚ He's American Skyscraper Height! That's the first picture I've studied of Eric from a height perspective. You wouldn't think the two other guys in the photo are tall specimens if you just had a fleeting glimpse and knew nothing about the famous family you're staring at! ๐Ÿ™„
Johnny 181-182 cm on Misty Rosas
@Rob how tall is the guy next to her? 5ft 6-7?
Editor Rob
she has a good 2 inches more footwear and he's a head and change taller there, so I wouldn't have thought less than 5ft 8
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rick Wakeman
On the front of my phone a few moments ago, I found an old photo of Rick Wakeman with his long blond hair, dressed pretty much like a racing driver or someone with a very similar interest, which hailed from, I'd say, the latter part of the 70s.

Along with the groovy picture, there was a selection of his favourite 70s songs. I'd sooner listen to his solo stuff or any random Yes song than the vast majority of his chosen tracks. The rather weak musical offerings included Status Quo's 'Rockin' All Over The World' and a Faces song. Give me the Small Faces over the Faces any day! I only like the more mellow/psychedelic Quo stuff, for instance 'Pictures of Matchstick Men' and then 19 years later, they had an Autumn hit with 'In The Army Now'. Rick's favourite Stones, Floyd, Deep Purple and Alice Cooper songs were the first tracks that would enter the average person's head for each band, but I was impressed with his choice of Moody Blues songs, which was 'Question' and Quentin Tarantino would doubtless approve of 'Stuck In The Middle With You', by Stealers Wheel.

In the mid-70s I saw Rick at the cinema in 'Lisztomania', a Ken Russell film. His hair was far longer than it was in the picture I saw on my phone. Roger Daltrey made Rick look around 6ft3 in 'Lisztomania'. When I saw 6ft2.5 for him, I didn't doubt it at all, though he'll have shrunk a bit by now, of course.

Because there's just the one box, Rick gets 6ft2.5, but he does look rather less in the picture up top.

26 November
Nenninn on Eddie Hall
@Myself Those photos, and video with Martins are pretty revealing. I think Martins is super honest though. Measures around 189 cm midday. Novikov perhaps closer to 184cm then.
Progking on Donald Trump Jr.
5'11.75! 6'1 in dress shoes though.
Progking on Jim Sturgess
Looked around 6'0 in the Home Before Dark show, 6'0.5 max
Progking on Jim Kerr
He looks 5'8 when younger, as for the rest of Simple Minds Charlie looks 5'6, Derek 5'10, Mel 6'0-6'1 and Mick idk maybe 5'8 range as well
Hyper on Jackie Chan
Yao Ming is over two inches shorter than Sun Ming Ming, who was measured a mm under 7โ€™9โ€. So, 7โ€™8โ€ for Yao is ruled out. Also, Shawn Bradley is taller than Yao.
Jimmy Lee on Dalip Singh
@J2Frenzy I agree with those guesses, except for the one about Big Show, Big Show, standing straight is a very strong 6'10, Shaq's Son (one of them) is 6'10, or a little over by that, I mean a half inch. Big show was very eye to eye, with him. I feel as if Big show would be, or could be ranged from 6'9 - 6'10 range, or maybe he could be 6'9.75, But 6'10 is a much more better assumption for Big Show.
Canson on LiAngelo Ball
@Canson: I still have Lonzo at 6'4.5. I just can't see a man who claims 6'7, to be lying by three inches, that is absurd. I might as well be as tall as Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Shouldnโ€™t be a surprise

Click Here

Then youโ€™ve seen the pics with 6โ€™7 BI and 6โ€™7-6โ€™8 Kuzma although I do wonder if Kuzma may actually be say 6โ€™7.75 instead of 6โ€™7.5โ€ next to Magic. Heโ€™s taller than him. The 2017 measurements look close to afternoon than the 2016 do. Maybe they are afternoon. Josh Hart measured taller in 16 than 17. People here often diminish height differences with certain players but in reality lonzo never looks more than 6โ€™4-6โ€™4.5. As for Gelo anything beyond 6โ€™3 doesnโ€™t seem likely being Lonzo typically has around 1.5โ€ on him. The 6โ€™2 estimate the reporter gave may be low or eye to eye couldโ€™ve meant 1/2โ€-1โ€ taller. A guy who is 6โ€™5.5 wonโ€™t be eye to eye with me at 6โ€™4.25.

@Christian 6'5 3/8: Gelo at only 6'3 is hard to believe. I honestly have no idea how he got 6'5.25 with shoes on, hence, Rob keeps him at this height. I reckon he is around 6'3.5, he might be 6'3.25.
Canson on LaMelo Ball
@Christian: yea I could see the 6โ€™3.25 or .5 solely based off what he measured at the combine. However, after more research, over 6โ€™3 doesnโ€™t look likely imho. Iโ€™d have the weak 6โ€™3 over strong. The real problem stems from Lonzo being overlisted. Lonzo has about 1.5โ€ on LiAngelo. It looks more than what Junior is estimating. And JT met Lonzo and said he only looked 6โ€™4โ€ which is believable. Iโ€™d be surprised if heโ€™s any taller than I am (Iโ€™ll give him up to 6โ€™4.25) whereas Brandon Ingram I believed to be taller than he actually is. I expected Ingram to stay listed 6โ€™9โ€ or only go down to 6โ€™8โ€. Heโ€™s 6โ€™7 it turns out. Lonzo needs a downgrade to 6โ€™4.5โ€ (best case) imho even if I donโ€™t believe heโ€™s that tall.

Click Here

His measurement doesnโ€™t add up but in reality itโ€™s hard to see it accurately as itโ€™s distorted. Brandon Ingram looks taller against the chart than he really is.

Click Here

Click Here

Then thereโ€™s this one

Read the July 29th article at 414. Kuzma measured 6โ€™8 morning (likely 6โ€™7.5-.75) Tatum is around 6โ€™7 next to Jaylen Brown and Ingram was measured and looks a legit afternoon 6โ€™7โ€. Lonzo either has an uncanny ability to look shorter in pics or heโ€™s not close to his listed height of 6โ€™6โ€. He shouldโ€™ve received a 6โ€™5 listing by the NBA of its early morning.

Then thereโ€™s Josh Hart. Hart measured 6โ€™4 in 2016 and 6โ€™3.75 in 2017. My guess is heโ€™s either 6โ€™3.5 or 6โ€™3.5-.75 range being one was likely later in the day but not an afternoon measurement. Hart doesnโ€™t look that much shorter than Lonzo.

Click Here

In some pics it can look up to 1โ€ but others it can look like just half inch with Lonzo and Hart

Click Here
Canson on LaMelo Ball
@Christian: yea I could see the 6โ€™3.25 or .5 solely based off what he measured at the combine. However, after more research, over 6โ€™3 doesnโ€™t look likely imho. Iโ€™d have the weak 6โ€™3 over strong
Canson on David Letterman
@Vincent: I remember he told Ryan Reynolds that he looked taller than he Claimed. Likely he lost height and wasnโ€™t aware. But 6โ€™1.5 is the highest I could see. I could see 6โ€™1 for Arnold in his prime
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Nils2: I would say itโ€™s a morning measurement (the 6โ€™6.25). I have Gronk around 6โ€™5.75 with Brady. I think of it came to that range 6โ€™3.5 would be a good fit being he looks close to 6โ€™4 on occasion and edges a 6โ€™3 flat guy on occasion
Canson on Howard Stern
@Tall Sam: max 1cm. Maybe even just 1/8โ€.
Canson on Rob Gronkowski
@Vincent: Iโ€™m stumped. Iโ€™ve talked to someone who has seen him in person and said he was 6โ€™2โ€ range or at best 6โ€™2 and change. Then I saw him from a distance and can honestly say I wasnโ€™t close enough to gauge it and didnโ€™t really pay enough attention. But seeing the pics I would believe 6โ€™2-6โ€™3 or at least solid 6โ€™2โ€ like you have him over 6โ€™1-6โ€™2 or 6โ€™3-6โ€™4โ€.

See video below though. Whatโ€™s your estimate for the difference between Martellus Bennett and Merriman. Bennett measured 6โ€™6 1/8 combine and Viper posted his measurement with the Cowboys at 6โ€™5.75โ€ which is more believable. He certainly is not 6โ€™3.5 next to a 6โ€™5.75 measured guy. I think the only reason Rob leaves him at that height (a reduction from the 6โ€™4 flat he was listed) is due to his claims. Rob alluded to there being around 3โ€ there so if anything it warrants nothing higher than 6โ€™3โ€

Click Here
Canson on Brett Favre
He should get a 6โ€™2 flat being he measured the same as Terry Crews and he got 6โ€™2 flat
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: and the 6โ€™2.4 in his case meant 6โ€™2 3/8โ€ being all the other measurements had .8 and .9 next to them. It wasnโ€™t like others where it was 6โ€™2 4/8โ€ his was 6โ€™2.4 like Jason Whitten was 6โ€™5.8 (other sites show 6โ€™5.75). However, Whitten measured 6โ€™5โ€ flat on another occasion when you posted Martellus Bennettโ€™s measurement. His must have been a very early measurement to get that. But remember Marcellus Wiley had 6โ€™4.75 and has always been listed 6โ€™4โ€ throughout his career. His combine measurement was 6โ€™4.38 so likely 2 inches were added if he really is only 6โ€™2 3/8โ€. One thing is for certain. Heโ€™s not 3 inches let alone 4 taller than Trump even if the picture improved a bit.
c-mo 176.2cm on General Height

the average height for a young european male is 5'10 so I go by that

the "5'9 is the average" claim just doesnt hold any truth regarding data / statistics

I put 6'0 as perfect because at 6'0 you can "hold your own better" when very tall men are around compared to 5'11 and you can be more easily be seen as "tall" at 6'0 compared to 5'11 without it being too tall . it also depends on proportions though. for example 185cm with the perfect proportions is pretty much perfect but I have seen way more men at around 180cm looking aesthetic and having good proportions than 185cm .

my personal favorite height is something in the 179 - 184 zone . sometimes I like the lower end more sometimes the higher end but always around this parameters

and I dont understand why you are surprised that I would rather be 5'11.25 rather than my height of a weak 5'9.5 . my height is okay / decent but obviously I would rather choose the height of 5'11 - 6'0 that I think is ideal ....how is that surprising or nonsense ?
Zven on Carlos Santana
Why does Neal Schon list himself as 59"?

There are pictures of him with Carlos Santana and Carlos is definitely at least 2" taller than Neal.

There are also pics of Neal and Eddie Van Halen (who is 5'8" and Eddie is taller than Neal by at least and inch or two
Hyper on Bo Burnham
And a slouching Bo with Nicholas Braun -- Click Here
Eric W Tam on Alex Morgan
Long overdue Rob, but are you gonna add Hope Solo anytime soon? Also, what about Thomas Muller?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure, there's not as much searches for some players
Eric W Tam on Burn Gorman
FiveEightJake hey bro I bust a gut 24/7, hey not my fault when I'm going to loom over you and take them birds home.
Eric W Tam on Joe Calzaghe
It's amazing how short a hat can make someone look.
Eric W Tam on Rudy Giuliani
Shapiro has a serious complex. First he adamantly inflates his 5'6-7 (if we are being generous) to 5'9 then he calls someone almost half a head taller than him in his prime a "hardly imposing specimen" (lol "specimen", he's a human being not an unknown microscopic organism dear Ben, pseduointellectual much?) Like I think Shapiro is a skilled debater but I feel like he's unwell at times xd. I digress, well I ceratainly didn't expect Giuliani to be around my stature during his prime. On account it looks like he slouches a lot nowadays (maybe that's why he lost a full couple inches) and that he's played by 5'3 Kate Mckinnon on SNL. 5'10 peak, 5'8 now...... hope he doesn't lose more, anymore and he would really need to stretch his neck to look at someone like me, a guy just under his once peak height!
Duhon on Joe Rogan
Looks 5'6.5" next to 5'8" Kanye.
Eric W Tam on Shannon Woodward
Wow, she sure looks the 5'6 she's listed on Google at hindsight, but in reality she's a tiny thing isn't she? Wow that radiates creepy vibes. (ok folks I'm a stupid 18 year old if that softens the blow) 5'1. Actually she's 5'3 on the Interweb, don't know where you got 5'6 from, was she actually listed 5'6 not long ago? If so wow.
fddf on PewDiePie
Click Here
Next to 173cm Joji bending down. He is clearly 180cm+.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Vince McMahon
Nah, I'd put him 6'1" peak, assuming he's even lost height. If not, I'd just go with 6'0.5". At times, he can look very similar to Cena. Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Adam Copeland
You gotta take into consideration that Cena doesn't have a history of neck issues like Edge does, though. And the fact that Cena's younger.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Jordan Omogbehin
Not a good comparsion. Omogobehin has a much bigger head and proportions than a typical 6'2" guy would.
Vincent Caleb on Simon Pegg
Hey Rob, is this dude the Ultimate A$$hole?
Editor Rob
cagethecuestick on Tom Hopper
So is he 6'5 barefoot or 6'5 with shoes on
Editor Rob
barefoot I expect he'd measure 6ft 5
Vincent Caleb on Sookie's Den
Whatโ€™s the lightest you have been at your height?
Iโ€™m currently 200 pounds at 10% body fat during my winter cut, I was once 280 28%, but I donโ€™t talk about that time anymore lol. At one point I was 185 10% at my lowest.
Vincent Caleb on Donald Trump
Barron will be 6โ€™6-6-8 if he is 6โ€™4.75 like I think he is. I bet his dad will call him 6โ€™10, being the inflator he is. If Barron is โ€œnear 6โ€™4โ€ then Eric Trump is at most โ€œnear 6โ€™3โ€.
big8ball on Kano
I personally think heโ€™s just over 6 foot because of him standing next to chip.
Vincent Caleb on Barack Obama
Obama is a very healthy 59 year old man. He hasnโ€™t lost height. He maintained a healthy weight, good posture, and takes great care of himself, so there isnโ€™t any reason he should have lost height. Looks the same 6โ€™1โ€ he always did.
James B 172c, on Rob Paul
Mike Tyson vs a large male chimpanzee might be more interesting though
vastlybetter566 on General Height
Hey Rob, do taller people on average have lower hairlines than shorter people? If yes, what would the average hairline of a really tall 6'4+ guy be? Around 2 inches?
Poster on General Height
@Big King: I disagree with the short height classifications. They might be fitting for Guatemala and Indonesia, but your categories are wrong for most countries. For instance, 5'0 is at the fourth percentile for younger American women. Another thing is that 4'10" is considered the start of dwarfism by an organization for dwarfs, but I think that's a bit too tall and that 4'8" is more like the real start of dwarfism (5'0 for guys).
FriedChicken on Ian Somerhalder
I wouldn't consider 5'9" below average. At least IMO it's perfectly average. 5'8" - 5'11" to me is average.
Heightist999 on Katy Perry
That "And if you're taller than 5 foot 7" screams that she is only 5'7 and she knows it.
Hong on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Cb91 Boyd's hair is very high,from the top of his hair it's about 4 inches but from the top of his head it more like 5 inches.Rob what is your opinion.
Duhon on Ben Shapiro
@heightist who is more foolish then those who believe him to be 5'6" or he who claims he stands 5'9"?
Human Height on John David Washington
Fully agree with Rob's listing on this one. 5'9" (1.753 m) seems spot on. If there was a good photo of him and Bieber in similar footwear, than we'd know for sure whether Bieber's also 5'9".
Soda machine on Bradley Cooper
6-2 lol. Heโ€™s a strong 6-0 guy. Liam in the A team looked far taller.
Soda machine on Leonardo DiCaprio
Weak 6-0 imo. Close Iโ€™d say.
Soda machine on George Clooney
Looks 5-10. Not a 5-11 barefoot guy ever.
Tim. on Mark Rutte
I would say it's still tall, but probably not as tall as in many other countries. I am 188cm (6'2), and even though I know plenty of really tall but also really short guys here, I would say most of my friends and guys I know, are around my height, give or take a few cms. Whenever you find yourself in a group of guys here, there are usually always a bunch of guys who are taller than 190cm.
Soda machine on Brad Pitt
Anything from 5.10.5 to 5-11.
Boyg on General Height
Took measurements with a can of raid and a doorframe.

Morning: 183.5cm

Noon: 182.5cm

Night: 182cm/181.5cm

Does this sound accurate?
Also I donโ€™t feel particularly tall, more tallish!
I notice most of the time people claim an inch taller than normal, like someone who says their 6โ€™ is usually 5โ€™10.5โ€-5โ€™11โ€ and someone who claims 6โ€™2โ€ are usually around my height. I like that most people on this website are honest about their heights because itโ€™s all relative and every height has its own benefits and flaws!
Vincent Caleb on Tom Cruise
Yeah these low-ballers are pretty annoying. There seems to be an excess of them on this page for some reason. In the pic I posted if you take into account the fact that Tom isnโ€™t wearing footwear and Katie is in sandals, and the fact that his posture is definitely worse, you could argue there really was barely over an inch there if at all. I think this listing is legit.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Tina Turner
๐ŸŒน๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ Happy Birthday Tina! ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŒน

Congratulations to Tina Turner, who turns 8๏ธโƒฃ1๏ธโƒฃ fabulous years of age today. When I was nearly 15, about half my class went to see the movie 'Tommy' after school. One of the girls, a blonde called Sally, who was 5ft5, very attractive and trendy, remarked on Tina's appearance, saying she was really pretty. Coming from Sally, that meant something! Thinking back, we were all outspoken like that. It seems like just the other day....

5ft4. ๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿ’

Hyper on Chuck Connors
Happy Thanksgiving, Rob!

Click Here

Also, found another picture of Chuck and Larry Bird. What do you think? The difference looks more accurate but he still holds up well with Bird.
Editor Rob
he can look over 6ft 5 with Bird and Robert Urich.

Interestinly I saw a stuntman once say "Chuck was six-foot-four, and I'm only six-foot even".

That's hard to imagine!
recapa on Wladimir Klitschko
@Vincent,dont take him seriously,he has many inconsistent guesses on the website to be taken seriously.
Duhon on Donald Trump
If Baron is already 6'5" at 14 and doesn't look particularly physically developed aside from height, I don't see why he'd be "lucky" to hit only a 6'6" adult height? I believe most boys grow beyond 14 and it's the minority that don't grow beyond that.

I think 6'6" would be his baseline regardless of his final height.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rita Ora
๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽ‚Happy 3๏ธโƒฃ0๏ธโƒฃth Birthday Rita!๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

Many Happy Returns of the Day to Rita Ora, who turns the BIG 3๏ธโƒฃ-0๏ธโƒฃ today. This thoughtful young lady, and I believe her mother too, were helpers in the big lockdown this year. What heroic people they are; in fact, every helper is, of course! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜

5ft5.5 ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿ‘ฑโ€โ™€๏ธ๐ŸŽˆ

Duhon on Hulk Hogan
Can't see footwear in that photo but if Trump was at his peak height of 6'2" there, I can't see how Hogan can be below 6'5" and he looks somewhat over that in the photo. 6'4" Eric Trump stands at about the same height advantage next to his dad who has shrunk a couple inches by this point from his peak. Click Here
Ronaldo 185.4cm on Diego Maradona
Rest In Peace, Maradona. One of football's absolute Greats. The eternal football legend.

5'4 1/2.
OriginalAnon on Christopher Walken
183cm minimum at his peak. I would lean toward 184cm.
elvis on Ben McKenzie
174.5 cm mornig 172.5 cm night thats spot on !!
viper on Shawne Merriman
Deanthony Langston was listed 6-10 in college, which means 95 percent chance he's 6-9 tops
Miss Sandy Cowell on Misty Rosas
Misty is tiny, but looks so happy and contented, which is just the way she should feel. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

4ft9 ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ“+9๏ธโƒฃ"
elvis on Tom Cruise
195.5 cm mormig and 170cm night he shrunks that much because he is also a stuntman so hes mostly very hard day at the set of a movie that puts a lot of pressure in the spine
jibjab on Blu del Barrio
Just to pick up on a point made by Rob in the thread, height can be influenced by gender transition if the person in question has not finished growing. I am trans (mtf) - I transitioned young - and thanks to puberty blockers and HRT I topped out at a nice 5'6 1/2". I would have been taller otherwise.
Alphabetaomega on General Height
@181guy, You said 6'0 is 3 standard deviations above average. I think you mean 6'0 is 3 inches (not 3 standard deviations) above 5'9. 6'0 is ONE standard deviation from 5'9 (1 SD being 3 inches). 5'10 is average height for a white man in the USA/UK/Australia.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lalisa Manoban
Lalisa's slenderness enables her to pass for taller - by as much as an inch even. She'll work very hard to keep her weight that low, so she should reep the rewards!

She can have 5ft5.75. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฅ€
elvis on Bruce Lee
I think Bruce was about 172.5 cm mornig and 170.5 cm night so definitely 5โ€œ7 range
elvis on Zac Efron
i think zac could be my height so 174.5 cm mornig and can maybe drop to 172.5 cm at night like i do on a bad day he has kind of similar
porportion like me

so a flat 5โ€œ8 i guess or is that a weak 5โ€œ8 ?
Editor Rob
if you dropped to 172 flat, that's starting to get into weak territory.
I can't really see Zac much under 5ft 8 at all.
Jdubbz on Alison Tyler

Honestly I thought she was a legit 6 footer just based on how she looks in her *cough* films. She does tend to wear big heels though, mainly to exaggerate the height difference next to shorter dudes. But I agree, she's at least a strong 5'11.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Ving Rhames
Ving probably was nearing 6ft at the time 'Pulp Fiction' was made.

I'll have to check out his performance in 'Con Air'; it's only a few feet away, and the last time I saw it, I wasn't at the stage of knowing 'Pulp Fiction' the way I do now.

5ft11.75. โœˆ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ˜›
CuriousPeachie on Queen Elizabeth II
5'3.5 Peak. 5'1 Now.
elvis on Shia LaBeouf
173 cm - 173.5 cm as low height somewhere 175 cm range at mornig i dont believe he would measure taller than that at this times
Rojas on Chris Hemsworth
Hi rob, how tall do you think Chris looks in this photo?

Click Here
Editor Rob
tall...but specifically it is much harder to pinpoint height from single photos.
FriedChicken on Lonzo Ball
Lebron doesn't look like he's standing as straight as he can in that photo either.
Vincent Caleb on Shawn Mendes
He looks 183.5 to me maybe 184, not 6โ€™1โ€.
Vincent Caleb on Hulk Hogan
He struggles to look much over 6โ€™5โ€ there. Overall I think 6โ€™5.25โ€ Bare minimum. Tall dude, but the chance of him being 6โ€™8/6โ€™9โ€ is about as likely as Bigfoot walking on the moon in a Speedo.
Paul 5' 10" on Lleyton Hewitt
Spot on, Rob.

I'm 5' 9.75" and we were level when I met him at Wimbledon in 2017, with similar footwear.
Dingdong da 5'5 on Manny Pacquiao
Pacquiao is about 166.4, looked tall next to Keanu reeves I bet he was wearing lifts. Pacquiao isnโ€™t a short guy a lot of people made fun of his height. I think his height average. Helps poor people and builds schools for them as a senator
Chilling on Steven Crowder
Rob, do herniated discs cause immediate height loss? Or does it take some time?
Editor Rob
we are talking small fractions, but if the bulging became more pronounced with time, maybe it can become a more measurable amount.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Hulk Hogan
Rob, how arguable is 6ft5ยฝ peak?
Vincent Caleb on Big Show
@Resurrection of Edward:
Big show holds up very well next to Joe Manganiello, as pointed out by Robbe. Here is another picture that I donโ€™t think Robbe has posted yet:
Click Here
Taking into account head size of Big Show, he looks very tall there. Show may even have a small camera disadvantage with a little tilt. Manganiello is no way any less than 6โ€™4.5โ€, and in the double shot with Rob and Jenny he easily looks it. There are even more shots of them where Show can hold up even better. The pic with Kevin Nash is a bad picture, typical of Pierre. I have Show at 6โ€™9.5โ€ minimum, possibly 6โ€™10โ€.
Vincent Caleb on LiAngelo Ball
Canson said on 25/Nov/20
@Fried Chicken: Iโ€™m not convinced Lavar didnโ€™t slip a couple crisp hundred dollar bills someoneโ€™s way

Gelo can look a big 6โ€™3โ€, I am not convinced he is over listed by a full inch, maybe he is over listed by 3/4. Lamelo still has a chance at 6โ€™6โ€ flat, at very worst 197 cm. He might be edged by Carmelo. I still donโ€™t think Zo is 6โ€™4โ€ flat. 6โ€™4 1/2โ€ is possible. 1.5 inches between Zo and Melo, and 1.25 between Zo and Gelo,
Linke on Lalisa Manoban
Is she the crab dance girl? She gives much taller impression!
Editor Rob
she does have a very slim frame and weighing under 100 pounds at 5ft 5.5 is going to help look taller.
Gabriel93 on Diego Maradona
Best player ever, the Shortest Legend
Swat on Madison Pettis
Her build makes her appear to be average or even over average height. Can't see it in the picture on this site but if you see more current ones on her IG, she looks like a leggy 5'7" or 5'8".
Jdubbz on General Height

5'10 really isn't far off the average height of men in most western countries. C'mo's comment makes perfect sense to me. He's a strong 5'9 so of course he's close enough to average where he lives. That doesn't mean he wouldn't like to be taller. As far as 5'11-6'0 being ideal but 6'0 being "perfect" in his height chart, I think he means that 5'11-6'0 is ideal for *him*, but 6'0 is probably more ideal, objectively speaking, for most men. In another comment I mentioned that 6'2-6'3 is the ideal "tall guy" height for most men, but that doesn't mean that I would want to shrink 3.25 inches from my current stature.

Also, 6'0 is nowhere near 3 standard deviations above average. Did you mean 3" above average? 3 standard deviations above average would be 6'6/198cm in the US, or 6'7/200.6cm in a country with a 5'10 average. That's around 99.8th percentile, while 6'0 is around 75-82nd percentile. Huge difference.
QM6'1QM on Adam Copeland
Chinedu said on 26/Nov/20

Nope, it isn't miracle.
He's man of great posture.
I mean his strong body and genetics is a way and answer to be young and healthy man through the years :)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Lalisa Manoban
As listed. She could even pass for her claim height 5'5 3/4.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Nathan Jones
NJ look more 6'9 1/4 with some 5'9 actors comparison. If he did not lost any height i did go with solid 6'9 1/2 if he get measure not less but not over.
ced on Big Show
Time for a downgrade.. here is a backstage photo of Kevin Nash, Show, and Taker.

Kevin Nash is now obviously taller than Big Show.

Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Conan Stevens
He only look 2cm taller than Nathan Jones not more. NJ peak is closer to 6'9 3/4 also possible just a solid 6'9 1/2, so Conan is 6'10 1/2 max and a minimum 6'10 1/4. He was probably measure 210cm in the morning and round up 6'11. Conan Stevens def edge out Winston James Francis who look more a flat 6'10.
QM6'1QM on Brock Lesnar
J2Frenzy said on 25/Nov/20

He's taller than Triple H 6'1.25".
He's taller than Seth Rollins 6'0.75-1".
He's taller than John Cena 6'0.25 (6'0 ??!).
He's about the same height as The Rock;
They're too tall to be under 6'2.
They're too short to be over 6'3 (right now).

Current list by Rob at 6'2.25" is honest thing to be!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Diego Maradona
So sorry to hear that Diego has passed on at just turned 60. He leaves behind five 'known' children.

Let's wish them and all who knew and loved him every comfort at this terribly sad time.

5ft4.5. The poor guy never grew old enough to lose any appreciable amount of height.

RIP Diego Maradona ๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ XX
(30/10/1960 - 25/11/2020)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
I find out alot of people fraud height from IG judging a comparable picture with Hafthor and hashtag Hafthor as 6'9. Caught quite a few tall guys who claim between 6'7-6'11, one who claim 6'8 and look an inch below Hafthor which is 6'6 3/4 since Hafthor is 6'7 3/4, second guy insist a few time he is 6'10 and look an inch on Hafthor but we knew that indicated he is only 6'8 3/4 and the last one who claim 6'10 and also 6'11 look nothing over 1.25" above Hafthor which we know all these people are claiming solid thick sneakers with height and worst is the taller guy who is 6'9 trying to claim 6'11 ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on David Thewlis
David is 57 and might be going to be 6'2 flat soon if he did start to lost height.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jason Isaacs
5'10 1/2 in person i'll believe it but not 5'10 3/4 not flat 5'10.
Paul 5' 10" on Dave Grohl
Hey Rob,

This is too low.

I met him in June 2018 in London, on the day of their show at the London Stadium.

I'm 5' 9.75" and had 1" trainers on, so was stood at 5' 10.75".

Dave Grohl was wearing red Converse and was comfortably over 2 inches taller than me. He looked 6' 1" in footwear - Converse don't give a full inch either!

He looked 2.25"-2.5" taller than me. I was surprised! When he stands upright he looks his true height, but often stands with loose rock 'n' roll posture.

6' 0" bare minimum and could well measure 6' 0.25"!

Paul 5' 10" on Gary Lineker
Hi Rob,

Again, sorry to be picky.

Can he have 5' 9.75" as his peak height? Doubt he's shrunk much yet, he stands with very loose posture like Shearer does.

I met him in April 2011 (see below) and he was no shorter than me (I'm 5' 9.75").

QM6'1QM on Brad Pitt
Hey, Rob, take a look on this: Click Here

Unfortunately he's a real lift wearer.
So my opinion, as always, is about 179 cm range.
Paul 5' 10" on Boris Johnson
Hi Rob,

I hope you're keeping well.

Sorry to be picky, but can you give Boris 176 cm - at least as his peak height? Doubt he's lost much though at only 56.

I'm 5' 9.75" at night and he wasn't as much as 0.75" shorter than me (see my detailed response below).

5' 9.25" / 5' 9 and 3 Eighths" was more accurate when I him in person. Don't be fooled by his slouchy posture!

I last met him in 2016 and he still looked 176 cm. His 5' 10" claim is his morning height.

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Ange Kagame
Click Here Paul Kagame standing on a much lower ground but Ange husband look very huge probably a big 6'9 guy. Paul is probably 6'1.75" now.
Click Here the top picture not sure if Ange wear heels but she look 4-5" lower than her husband.
Lolita on Eva Longoria
Eva is 150
Tunman on Donald Trump
A big chunk will definitely stop growing by 15-16.In fact it could also happen as early as 14 but that's less common.However the largest number will stop by 17-18 although many from 16 to 18 will only squeeze a little fraction further.In fact once in the second grade in high school(basically 16 years old boys and girls) I noticed that some didn't gain anything from that point but also that some still had potential in the tank and thus gained a little.I'm still encountering that same situation as I'm seeing young customers in my shop these days
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ultimate Warrior
@Christian 6'5 3/8": Again, they're just my personal preferences. McIntyre, Reigns and Wyatt get a pass. They look like wrestlers and Wyatt is better than what he's doing. But there's a reason Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens didn't break into the WWE 12-15 years ago...they didn't meet Vince McMahon's criteria. In my opinion, WWE have let the bar drop. Nothing wrong with smaller guys...but they need to stand out from the crowd. Bryan, Owens and Styles don't stand out as special...Rey Mysterio, Ricky Steamboat, HBK and Owen Hart stood out. Omogobehin is new but none of the 7fters were really known for their mic skills including Andre, Khali and Big Show...their presence alone said so much...that's their appeal. Orton, Cena and Lesnar are the last marquee names in WWE....no one since then has really done it. Reigns and McIntyre have the potential to go there but WWE have put the kibosh on that
Mary H on Maria Sharapova
Karlie Kloss 188 62"
Sharapova 183 60"
winkler91 on Ben Affleck
I think Ben gets out of bed at 189,8 and at 12am wont measure more than 188,3 (6'2 1/8)
I think he might be 1cm below me.

I am myself 190,8 out of bed 7am
Holding 189,9 the first hour.
12am lunch time around 189,2
On an active day I am slightly below 189 on afternoon and fall to 188 flat before bed. Evetually 187,8 when I even hit the gym.
I consider myself 189cm or 6'2.4 or 6'2 1/2

I often wear Nike Airmax. Probably could say 190 if someone asks.
James B 172c, on Rob Paul
Rob how tall would you feel at a legit 6โ€™6 in the UK?
Editor Rob
it is a height at which you could walk about your local small town and not see a man taller than you for a good while.
Big city though, you will spot taller people more frequently, but still should feell huge walking about
Big Lul on The Undertaker
@Resurrection of Edward,@vincent Caleb, @christian

Hereโ€™s a picture of undertaker with big show and Kevin Nash, but mainly big show. If taker today is 6โ€™5.5-6โ€™5.75, then big show looks no taller than a 6โ€™9 max here. Also show and Nash look identical nowadays, and I have Nash at 6โ€™8-6โ€™8.25 nowadays peak 6โ€™9. So yet again another alarming picture of big show.

Click Here
Robbe on Giannis Antetokounmpo
Gia is also closer to the camera with LeBron and struggles to look 3in taller there. He isn't over 6'10, really.
Soda machine on Dolph Lundgren
6-4 peak. Now 6-2
Soda machine on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6-0.5 peak. Now weak 5-11.
Canson on Rob Paul
@J2Frenzy: I weighed myself yesterday and was 218. I range from 215-220 generally
G Suave on General Height
@Black Noir English please?
Hyper on Pete Holmes

6'4.5" would be the worst I see of Pete. He holds up quite well with Shaq, when tip-toeing. Generally, I don't know how much height we gain from standing on our toes, but assuming it's 4 inches or 3 inches, it's impossible for Pete to be at 6'4.25".

I definitely believe he beats out Armie Hammer and Alexander Skarsgard.
berta on Rocky Johnson
i think peak 187 and maybe 182 before he died.
berta on Randy Savage
maybe closer to 6 foot flat
Vincent Caleb on Kobe Bryant
To be fair, in his later years he was very honest with his height, even downgrading by a quarter at least. I say his later years, but sadly he never really got his later years. RIP
david lauregui on Diego Maradona
RIP legend
Cliff on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Looking at the pictures of him standing next to Mackenzie Davis during the promo junctions for the last Terminator film, he's either exactly her height or she's slightly taller in the photos with them together. They were wearing comparable footwear (heeled boots) in many of those shots.
Vincent Caleb on Shawne Merriman
In the picture with Trump, Donald was probably 6โ€™0.25โ€ at least at the time. I could see Merriman pulling off 6โ€™ 2.75โ€ max, but I would also list him at 6โ€™2 3/8โ€.
Canson on Shaquille O'Neal
@Editor Rob: you should add where he claimed 6โ€™11.75 on TNT
Editor Rob
I'll try to add a condensed quote
Linke on Rudy Giuliani
Looks easy 5'10 with McCartney
Arch Stanton on Diego Maradona
Wouldn't be surprised if they give him a state funeral in Argentina even with COVID, he will be immortalised as a God in Argentina forever!
Arch Stanton on Diego Maradona
RIP indeed. 60 given his lifestyle was an achievement, must have snorted half of Peru, he was like a character from the Bond film License to Kill, could have been an associate of Sanchez's! Looked shorter than this in his latter years, more like 5 ft 3 and change at times.
Editor Rob
arguably GOAT...

story my Mother still reminds me of...when I was a wee nipper, My Mother said to me "Does Maradona suck his thumb" and that stopped me sucking my thumb...
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rey Mysterio
I can't see him at 5'10.5" either, but neither at 6'0". No one can convince me that there's only an inch difference between him and Rollins.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on LaMelo Ball
Of course, a strong 6'3" is still possible for him. I just think that the flat 6'3" is likelier, after seeing more pics of him. I had him at 6'3.25" or even 6'3.5" initially. But I always felt that the 6'4" listing was too high.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Bray Wyatt
Agreed. Either that or after that match he had with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. He made it look like a retirement with the way he left the ring, but it was apparently a ruse.
Alphabetaomega on General Height
@G Suave, 5โ€™10.5 isnโ€™t tallish at all (for white guys). Iโ€™m that height and itโ€™s very, very 50th percentile in white majority areas. White guys arenโ€™t tallish until 6โ€™0. Yes 5โ€™10 is average among white guys in America. 5โ€™10 is only above average if you include every race.

Average height by race:
Hispanic 5โ€™7-5โ€™8
Asian 5โ€™7-5โ€™8
White 5โ€™10
Black 5โ€™10
Every race combined: 5โ€™9
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Bobby Lashley
He's been announced as 260 ever since his WWE return. The 273 was probably just some random listing from an unofficial website that made its way to Google.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Louisa Krause
I've only this minute noticed the extra height Louisa's shoes are piling on! Had I taken that in before, I'd have agreed with Rob's 5ft4.5.
Editor Rob
I don't dimiss the 5ft 5 for her, sometimes I think maybe that is possible!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Charles Barkley
Hard to disagree with that.
Resurrection of Edward on The Undertaker
iโ€™m surprised.in the latest podcast,taker describes shawn michaels as 5โ€™10/5โ€™11 guy.he also said kevin nash was over 2 inch taller than him.he also said โ€œkane,he wasnโ€™t much taller than meโ€.i think this opens much of height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Donald Trump Jr.
That pic with Jericho and Trump Jr. was tilted in Jericho's favor, so more like 2" IMO. That still wouldn't put him at over 5'11.5", assuming Jericho's the 5'9.5" he's listed at.
Nik Ashton on Tara Lee
๐Ÿ—ฃ โ€œ5 6โ€!
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Adam Copeland
But if Edge's taller than Reigns, and Rob met Edge and guessed him at max 6'2", what does that say about Reigns' height?
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Brock Lesnar
So did you meet Lesnar in person?

He actually has a short torso for his height.
Alphabetaomega on General Height
@Olympian, maybe you do live in the wrong part of the city. Toronto is almost 50% white people. Statistics count for more than anecdotes. Youโ€™re above average among minorities, but thatโ€™s not the point. Youโ€™re average for your race. White guys donโ€™t average 5โ€™9 - that would mean most white guys are 5โ€™8-5โ€™10, when itโ€™s clear theyโ€™re closer to 5โ€™9-5โ€™11. (5โ€™10 being smack dab in the middle of 5'9-5'11, aka average).

I wouldnโ€™t put too much credence into percentiles. 65-66th percentile isnโ€™t saying much when that number includes significant number of minorities. After all, all it takes is 1 inch above 50th percentile to be 63ish percentile. Conversely, it only takes 1 inch below average to be 38th percentile. And no, at 5โ€™10, youโ€™d be on the low end of average in many European countries.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Hard to say. It looked more than a 1/4" difference between them visually, but it could've been due to footwear.
Lalala on George H. W. Bush
Rob, do you think tha George H. W. Bush would have a edge over Bill Clinton?

He looks at least 6'2 (could pull almost 6'3 in some pics)
Editor Rob
better chance of 6ft 2 and a bit than Clinton
Christian 6'5 3/8" on The Undertaker
Mind you that guys like Flair and Hogan wrestled for different promotions after their "retirement" from WWE. Not saying that Taker will do the same, but he might come out of retirement for another match in WWE in the future, similar to what HBK did in 2018 after he "retired" in 2010.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Drew McIntyre
That's the absolute max. Probably either 2" or 2.25". I'd put Reigns 6'2" and 6'4.25" for Drew.
Alphabetaomega on Donald Trump Jr.
@G Suave, I didn't say he's short. I said he's short for how tall his family is. All his male relatives are 6'2+, and his mom and sister (5'9+) are female equivalents of 6'2+ men. His brother Eric is 6'4, his dad was 6'2 in his prime, and he ended up 6'0 - shorter than expected. The Trump family is a very tall family, so to end up 6'0 is short for his very tall family. He should have been 6'2+.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Ultimate Warrior
But even some higher tier stars today like Mcintyre, Reigns, Wyatt, and Keith Lee don't fit that "skinny" or "indy" mold that you described guys like Bryan and Styles do. While it's true that wrestlers on average have gotten smaller, not all are small. Nothing wrong with having a preference for giants and big men, but Omogobehin has barely gotten his feet wet in wrestling, has zero charisma or personality, and hasn't even cut a promo except for a couple of words. He's currently only there as Styles' bodyguard, and hasn't even wrestled a single match on the Main Roster. To even put him in the top 100 right now is crazy talk IMO. We need to give him a few years before putting him in any "top" lists, or at the very least when he eventually breaks away from Styles and gets his singles run.

My top 5 in the last 10 years are: 1.Lesnar 2.Orton 3.Cena 4.Bryan 5.Punk. If we narrow it down and only say 5 years, I'd remove Bryan and Punk and add Rollins and Reigns. But it's safe to say that no one in the last 10 years had a bigger influence in changing the landscape of wrestling than Lesnar, that's why he's my #1.
J2Frenzy on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@houss regardless of whether itโ€™s fat or muscle you are heavy for your height. Thatโ€™s probably why you lose a lot. Iโ€™m 189cm afternoon 95kg 11.5%bf as of Sunday morning (so not exactly a small light guy myself) and lose 2cm, or 2.5cm for extreme low
Pdoggy on Charles Barkley
Too many pics exist where Charles is with people of agreed height on celebheights Conan strong 6'4, Rock 6'2.5 etc.to say he was not over 6'5 IMO
Soda machine on Sylvester Stallone
5-9 is too ambitious. 5-8.5 max
Canson on General Height
Happy Thanksgiving Rob Paul and to all of my fellow compadres here on CH!
Editor Rob
Yes, I wish all visitors to have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Donald Crisp
There was a question on 'The Chase' last night as to who or what Saint Crispin was the Patron Saint of. I immediately said, "Potatoes!' ๐Ÿฅ”๐ŸŸ๐Ÿฅ” as one of my spontaneous silly answers which I can't resist from time to time.

The answer was "Shoemakers." Yes, it sounds odd, but there's a Patron Saint for most things.

Donald Crisp's lifetime is going back some time now, having been born in 1882, so when he starred in 'National Velvet', he was an adult to Elizabeth Taylor's young girl. He'll have been 17-and-a-half at the turn of the 20th Century so either nearly fully grown or properly grown, height-wise anyway! His stature of 5ft9.5 was quite a tall one for a chap born in the early 1880s.

Donald Crisp died in his 92nd year, in 1974. ๐ŸŽฌ๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ
Canson on LaMelo Ball
@Dillon Rice; that isnโ€™t surprising. Iโ€™ve been saying for a while now that Lonzoโ€™s best case is 6โ€™4.5 not a worst case. I really believe JTโ€™s assessment now a days after the pics Iโ€™ve seen. Maybe heโ€™s my height when itโ€™s said and done but that would explain 6โ€™5 out of bed and 6โ€™6.25 or more in shoes with the hair. I can see All 3 being 1/4โ€ over the mark and being bumped up to the next inch. Gelo 6โ€™6 Lonzo 6โ€™7 Melo 6โ€™8. But Thatโ€™s how Lonzo got his 6โ€™7โ€. But the 3โ€ inflation seems consistent across the board. Itโ€™s at least 3 for Gelo.

I know physically he doesnโ€™t look like a 6โ€™5 guy

Click Here

Looking closely the top of his head is in the 6โ€™6 range. Thatโ€™s below 6โ€™7โ€ clearly. Heโ€™s in shoes too. And thatโ€™s likely in the morning. If Rob reduced to 6โ€™4.5 it would be a good start
Canson on LaMelo Ball
@Duhon: it could be Lavarโ€™s weight and proportions that influence it. I wonder if he actually was his listed height however. Something is up with the Ballโ€™s heights. I remember JT saying Lonzo is only 6โ€™4 in person which is how he often looks in pics. Maybe max could be argued at 194cm but JT saying that was an eye opener, Iโ€™ve noticed the only one who has a pre draft on record is LiAngelo and his doesnโ€™t quite add up. LaMelo is the tallest and his closely resembles his supposed measurement from his coach. The 6โ€™7.25 I believe being a shoe height but I donโ€™t rule out that being a morning measurement. Could he out of bed or an hour out or could be closer to a low. Meaning I donโ€™t rule out 6โ€™5 range for LaMelo (6โ€™5-6โ€™6 range) but also see the 6โ€™6 as his max case. Lonzo and LiAngelo have been called 6โ€™4 and 6โ€™2 before by people whoโ€™ve met them. While I donโ€™t believe Gelo is only 6โ€™2, I wouldnโ€™t be surprised if he only ended up at 189-190 range and maximum 6โ€™3
Canson on George H. W. Bush
@RJT: Iโ€™m wondering if thatโ€™s due mostly to posture. I also wonder if Clinton was a solid 6โ€™2. He mentioned he wakes up to 6โ€™2.5 so maybe 6โ€™1.75 for him. But oddly we wouldโ€™ve expected Bush to lose height in his 60s versus maintaining it
Canson on Milo Manheim
@RJT: Iโ€™ve noticed his large head and long can influence perception of his height in either direction. The โ€œIโ€™m like 6โ€™3โ€ could mean heโ€™s under and likely means it
Canson on Barack Obama
@Vincent Caleb: well said and very true. However, you have to consider the sources. One of which (you know who Iโ€™m talking about) doesnโ€™t even live in the US and it wouldnโ€™t surprise me if theyโ€™ve never been to the US. Thatโ€™s the case with the majority of people who make those types of comments here on this site. They arenโ€™t even US citizens and either have never been or only been fewer times than you can count on one of your hands.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Tom Skerritt
I saw my brand new copy of 'The Dead Zone' twice this week, and Tom Skeritt's difficult to miss - he's the Sheriff! He's not far off Christopher Walken's height of a strong 6ft, but it does notice. (Chris has to limp, but still looks tall).

He gets 5ft11 for his peak and 5ft9.5 for today.

Tom gave an excellent performance and complemented Mr Walken's psychic coma victim, Johnny Smith, perfectly.
Canson on Donald Trump
@184guy2: true facts. I donโ€™t consider 6โ€™6 to be an ideal height but itโ€™s much better than 7โ€™0โ€.
JD1996 on General Height
@Jdubbz I do very much like being 6โ€™7โ€ itโ€™s great for seeing over crowds and over peoples head and not having an obstructed view but can be a pain with things like buses, cars, planes, and some doorways of course these arenโ€™t my fault just the way stuff is designed I.e not for people my size or yours.

I have extremely long thighs as well so they can get stuck behind things lol and your overall leg length sounds similar to me, mine is 37 1/4 inside leg last time I measured I wear 36 trousers and they mostly a tad short but still fine and have a couple of 38 trousers which are good with my timberland boots! I suppose if I wanted to be a bit taller I wouldnโ€™t mind 6โ€™8โ€ maybe but not taller than that lol! Your only about an inch shorter than me it really isnโ€™t that different at all from being 6โ€™7โ€ you still have probably the same issues as me especially with your leg length is very long you might struggle just a little less with doorways thatโ€™s all, that said 6โ€™7โ€ is great and I wouldnโ€™t wanna be shorter really.
Tall In The Saddle on Robert Wadlow
Sure, completely understand your point. Photos of Carroll are curiously limited. One would think there would be a photo of Carroll at his highest claimed standing height but it's yet to be found if it exists. Here's some more detail on Carroll with two photos which show him as tall as I've ever seen him captured on film.Click Here

Re Koehler. I agree he would've believably been 8'2" at peak just not quite that perhaps on the available film with Frost. Here's a sequence that includes some older photos when he wasn't compromised but perhaps still not yet at peak. He bears some resemblance to Wadlow and his photos have sometimes in fact been misidentified as being that of Wadlow. Click Here

Re Myllyrinne. Yeah, slim shoes and it appears not a lot of heel to speak of. Vaino definitely didn't lift and I wouldn't have begrudged him a bit more heel than that. LOL.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Jess Plummer
Having watched Jessica walk down some steps with three other women from 'I'm A Celebrity...', I couldn't help but notice that she's the tallest by quite a noticeable margin. The ladies are going to be treated to an 'INSECT MASSAGE',
๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿฆ€๐Ÿฆ‚๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ•ท๏ธ๐Ÿฆ—๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿœ๐Ÿ and include Giovanna, Ruthie and 'Coronation Street' actress Beverley Callard, 5ft5.5. ๐Ÿ“บ

I'd already decided that the lovely Jessica has to be a strong 5ft8+, but did I take into account her massive hair? Sometimes it's easy to overlook the fact that it ISN'T height.

Well, seeing that Jessie has an entry for 5ft8, that means she'll wake at nearer 5ft9. I LOVED her caring, maternal character in 'EastEnders', and was truly hacked off when she was written out in a way in which she cannot return. ๐Ÿ˜ Not everyone is given a couple more chances like Les Grantham's Dirty Den character, God rest his soul.

Jessica made some very funny squealing noises with all those insects in her hair - and everybody else involved as well. One thing I found out when I looked for information on the young lady is that she's already tackled a successful singing career in a girl band and then she decided to go into acting, winning my heart insodoing and goodness knows how many others, and she continues to enchant and entertain the Nation by appearing in 'I'm A Celebrity....', this year taking place in a 200-year-old castle, which passes for much older and definitely looks haunted by ghostly entities. ๐Ÿ‘ป

The poor girl is wretching now as she is up for the challenge of drinking some revolting cocktails which sound impossible to keep down - and clearly are. She's drinking them with Shane Richie, who is close to vomitting the horrific concoctions up himself. ๐Ÿ˜ Ant and Dec are in hysterics. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ There's loads of burping and pitiful faces being pulled and you can't help but feel sorry for them. Revolting stuff....! ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ

The brave Jessica gets 5ft8.25. She's standing with the near-to-6ft Shane and doesn't have to look up to him. I think her shoes may be chunkier. Aha, Shane's kissed her head now that the task is over and you CAN see 3.25", and maybe even 3.5" difference.

Canson on Blu del Barrio
@Christian: I found it odd at first but now I understand
Editor Rob
I will give Ian a page. I noticed on twitter 'they/he' was in his bio...

however I read a recent quote: "i do not wish to be seen as a man or a woman. i wish i could choose how i am perceived, thank you very much"
Canson on Tyson Fury
@JD1996: your case may be a bit different though. It may be because you grew an inch recently. Didnโ€™t you grow to that in the last year? Also Iโ€™m surprised you donโ€™t lose a lot for someone your size. If the avg is 6โ€™7 5/8-3/4 and you end up 6โ€™6 3/4-7/8 youโ€™re not much more than J2Frenzy, Christian, Vincent or me. Then again Viper said he only loses about 1/2โ€ at 6โ€™3 afternoon height which is odd
Canson on Stephen Curry
@RJT: I wonder about Beal. I used to think strong 6โ€™3โ€ or weak 6โ€™4โ€ but now not sure. He only got listed 6โ€™3โ€. A friend of mine who was 6โ€™3 (6โ€™2.75 or maybe 190cm afternoon height in his 60s) thought Beal was slightly taller but then he shouldโ€™ve been listed 6โ€™4โ€ if he got measured in the morning. I have a feeling he may not have really been or it couldโ€™ve been the footwear
Tall In The Saddle on Donald Trump
Canson said on 23/Nov/20
@Tall in the Saddle: I hear Putin is going to replace her lol

Hahaha. Funny. Whoa, hang on, you're joking right? I mean, thinking about it, could they, would they? I wouldn't put it past them. :)

I'm just as concerned that Mr T. and Mr P. might collaborate for a 2021 Presidential Calendar, each month depicting them both gleefully participating in different leisure activities together, like say, Jan: fishing, Feb: horse riding, March: golfing, April: toasting marsh mellows by a camp fire, etc. Both inexplicably and disturbingly shirtless in each and every shot, of course. The perfect gift for your worst enemy.
Canson on Donald Trump Jr.
@Editor Rob: I didnโ€™t think she was as tall as Melania. I didnโ€™t think what the poster below me said was completely accurate about her being 5โ€™9
Blanc (1.69 m) on General Height
@Greg Dude you deadass remind me of Vitaly, look like him, talk like him and are the same height
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@J2Frenzy: the Average guess has dropped on this page too
185vietnamese on Donald Trump
Often boy when they in their 15, most of them already hit their adult height (Especially the tall one), when i was in high school. Most of my friends (Boy) stay the same height through out high school. Only me (at 15, i'm like 170cm) growing, and another friend of mine also grow at that time, but he's only grow in his first year (which is early 16 at that time i think) and done (he's very short). Me and that dude come to class after a 3 months summer break and the whole class can tell that we're taller. I'm growing until like late 17 i think, so i'm the latest guy that growing until 18 that i know. I never seen someone growing until early 18 like me.
It could be the case that Barron will stop growing by next year or he's already done. He's very tall for someone who's 14.
Tall In The Saddle on Rob Paul
I'd guess barefoot but, in all seriousness, residing in the deep dark Congo or not, info and vision on the BILI Apes is curiously limited and somewhat indefinite.

@Tall Sam
Likewise. I've prev. mused on someone like 8'11.1" Robert Wadlow standing alongside a bear the height of Bart. Bart was HUGE, near 1800 lbs himself. It's not easy to judge but I wouldn't argue against over 9 ft either, Bart's bulk might take away from the impression of his true height. I've seen a video of Polars alongside Kodiaks feeding on the same carcass'. The Polars look appreciably bigger and taller. Always a bigger and perhaps stronger animal around the corner but on this occasion, these two bear types gave each other a wide berth.

Tyson v Gorilla? Tyson might be crazy at times but he isn't stupid. A tall tale IMO though Mike used to own and play with his 3 Bengal Tigers. However, if he and the Gorilla did engage and Mike tried on an ear bite, well, Magilla just might bite his whole head off in return.
Tunman on Adolf Hitler
Well,I didn't know the 5'9 listing was Hess measured corpse,which,should it be a correct measurement,is quite remarkable in itself since he died at the age of 93.Anyways it was too obvious he was taller than Hitler by at least 0.75-1".Still the main mystery is:What figure can we rely on?I mean we had 3 listings for Hitler the supposed 173 measurement of the Austrian army,the 175 Landsberg measurement and many sources give 174 although can't say if they stem from an actual measurement.But certainly if Hess was in that 5'9.5-9.75 range then 5'8.5-9 for Hitler is definitely more likely than 173
Editor Rob
maybe with some corpses, there are measurement errors. Losing only 2cm at that age would have been incredibly little.
vastlybetter566 on Donald Trump
184guy2, you are absolutely right, why would you be lucky to be 6'8? Sure, in some cases you might look good being that tall, but you'll easily look too tall. Even 6'6 is already seen as a crazy height by many people.
Mimi on Ivana Trump
I think she was 5ft9 or a bit more peak and 5ft8 today
vastlybetter566 on Rudy Giuliani
Shapiro - a below average height guy - mocking the height of Rudy - an average height guy.

Removing half an inch from Rudy, while adding more than 2 inches to his own height in his claim.
BT on Oscar Nunez
I thought he mostly looked a little over 5'8 on The Office, near 5'8.5 at times, edging Novak and not much shorter than Carell.
Ricky84q0 on General Height
@G Suave i think at least 6'0.5 is the REAL start of tall nowdays honestly and 5'10 is dead average in america and europe by far.
Genau on Bruce Willis
Peak 5ft11.5 - 5ft11.75
Currently 5ft10.75ยด- 5ft11
Robbe on Joonas Suotamo
Watch this 10min documentary. It says Joonas was 6'9 at the age of 14, and nearly 7ft in the high school Click Here
tajaun gibbison on Tom Cavanagh
Definite 6-footer. Looks like he's leaning back a good bit more than Rob and Rob has the camera advantage.
Chinedu on Adam Copeland
He's just 47 and he's already lost at least an inch. It pains me to see wrestlers loose height so quickly.

That John Cena is still holding 6ft+ is a miracle.
Chinedu on Rob Paul
Good morning Rob,

You measure 5 โ…› at night and yet it's the same thing you measure whenever you take a picture with a celebrity.

Does that mean you reach your low very quickly and if true, why is that?
Editor Rob
I would be 5ft 8 1/8th to 1/4 range in many photos. At a lot of those events I'm working with Jenny so am up early and at the event early so would get closer to my low range earlier than say at home.
tajaun gibbison on Stephen Curry
@Duhon They actually do wear shoes that give close to 1.5". If you compare their barefoot height and height with shoes, you'll see. Some even have 2" difference, though they might just be wearing padded socks.
Karl McD on Ivana Trump
Im guessing peak height 5'10.. I saw her stand next to Leno (with heels) and she towers over him. Of course that was in '95. Online it says 6' and imdb once reported 5'11.5 until it recently got updated to 5'9.
Editor Rob
With her hairstyles she could look quite tall at times.

In 1995 she had written her book, in which she described herself as 5ft 8. Here is the quote.
Genau on Sylvester Stallone
5ft9 Peak
5ft7.75 - 5ft8 Currently
Genau on Jason Statham
Weak 5ft9 the listing is pretty much on the nose
Genau on Chadwick Boseman
5ft11 1/4
Miss Sandy Cowell on Donald Trump Jr.
You're a popular celebrity, Donald Junior. I don't think I've ever seen a page fill up so quickly!
Editor Rob
I do think Donald Senior has the edge on Junior, but sometimes Eric Trump can look quite towering beside them.
J2Frenzy on General Height
Since everyone is doing them, hereโ€™s my height chart
Under 140/4โ€™7: severe dwarfism (both sexes)
140-150/4โ€™7-4โ€™11: mild dwarfism (both sexes)
150-160/4โ€™11-5โ€™3: extremely short (men) short (women)
160-170/5โ€™3-5โ€™7: short (men) average (women)
170-180/5โ€™7-5โ€™11: average (men) tall (women)
180-190/5โ€™11-6โ€™3; tall (men) very tall (women)
190-200/6โ€™3-6โ€™7: very tall (men) extremely tall (women)
200-210/6โ€™7-6โ€™11: extremely tall (men) giantess (women)
210-220/6โ€™11-7โ€™3: giant (men)
220+/7โ€™3+: supergiant (both sexes)
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Punching an animal, even one the size of a gorilla, could wreak havoc. Animals are supposed to trust us. If Tyson steamed into him, his problems, which are doubtless down to his own personal insecurity, would get even further out of hand.

Leave nature alone, Tyson, and help them through kindness. As the superior race, we should be setting them an example.
Jdubbz on General Height

I completely agree that 6'3 or maybe 6'2-6'3 is the ideal "tall height" in the sense that you get most of the benefits of being tall without the majority of the drawbacks. That said, I much prefer my current height to that range. Is it the same for you? Objectively 6'2-6'3 is better than our heights for the average joe who isn't a pro baller or some kind of elite athlete, but I still wouldn't want to shrink to that height. Like you I'm just used to being very tall, and I think there are some underrated/lesser known perks to being taller than the normal tall guy. I'm not saying that we don't face several disadvantages that normal tall peeps don't, but being above 6'4 can be pretty advantageous in certain social situations. Especially if you have the right build for it. There are many physical advantages to being moderately tall, but many psychological benefits to being very tall, IMO.
J2Frenzy on Rob Paul
@Canson whatโ€™s your current weight cause that might come into it. Iโ€™m around 210 with a big upper body and legs
Jdubbz on General Height
@Big King:

It's definitely possible that you've actually lost a half inch. Probably has to do with the disks in your back getting thinner or something like that. I'd go to a doctor and make sure you don't have early onset osteoporosis or something like that.

BTW as far as your height list goes, I agree with your categories. I would make one minor change though. Incredibly short men in the 4'5-4'8 range likely do suffer from dwarfism, but most 6'10-7'1 men and even those in the lower 7 foot range don't suffer from gigantism. If we're talking about the worlds tallest men who are 7'6+, it becomes much more common. But I'd generally describe men in that 6'10-7'1ish range as gigantic rather than suffering from gigantism. One is a description, the other is an actual condition.


Lol I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'd love to be like double the height of the average human. Unfortunately the square-cube law would shut that down real quick.
MarcusTheSwede on Channing Tatum
No way Channing this tall.Look at him standing next to Jonah Hill 168/3/4cm Channing is without hos boots max 181-182cm.Thanks
Miss Sandy Cowell on Louisa Krause
Louisa was by far the sweetest character in 'The Babysitters'. She's the girl I called 'middle-sized'; a noticeable chunk between 5ft11 Katherine Waterston and a similar one again when comparing her to 5ft Lauren Birkell.


I've decided on 5ft5. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell on Katherine Waterston
Katherine's 'The Babysitters' was far from my normal taste in films. In fact, it wasn't to my liking at all. There was a non-existent plot, and it gave me plenty of scope to height-watch. I saw that Katherine was a very tall girl, and I'm not going below 5ft11. Her Dad was played by AHS actor Denis O'Hare, 50% of the reason I bought this. He made two measley appearances, but that was enough to make it abundantly clear that his 'daughter' was around 3" above his 5ft8.
I preferred her in 'Boardwalk Empire'.
simon L on John C Reilly
Rob, check this out.
Click Here
he claims "6'2, used to claim 6'1.5 so that I wouldn't seem too tall."
Editor Rob
2 years ago he'd mentioned 1.5 on one of those videos, so it's interesting he said he was dropping half inch...

it has happened with some guys lowering their height on resumes before, or simply dropping a fraction.
Resurrection of Edward on Victoria Beckham
a flat 5โ€™4 to miss beckham.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lauren Birkell
โญ I wrote before that 'The Babysitters' is, and I quote, "also a horror."

It isn't. It's a chaotic comedy!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lauren Birkell
Well, nearly two and a half years after I wrote my first comments on Lauren, I have 'The Babysitters', which I bought because it stars two actors from AHS: Alexandra Daddario and Denis O'Hare. So far into the film, the two have barely figured, but Lauren has - BIG time, and she looks weeny in comparison to Katherine Waterston, there's no denying that, Rob!

There's a middle-sized girl called Brenda in the movie, and the three look really comical when they walk along together.

I wouldn't have dismissed under 5ft for Lauren, but having checked out Katherine's height, which is 5ft11, I agree that 5ft0 is pretty bang on!

leon K on Donald Trump Jr.
Looks at least full inch shorter than trump so he cant be more than 5'11.5
25 November
Vincent Caleb on Rob Gronkowski
How tall do you think Merriman is?
Mimi on Gal Gadot
Gal has been a role model to me about being a strong woman since I saw her as Wonder Woman and also happy anniversary to me. ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฅณ
Resurrection of Edward on Big Show
i personally think he need a downgrade.he looked similar to nash,maybe barely taller than nash.he also didnโ€™t looked much taller than kane.
LatinMix on Chris Hemsworth
Sorry in my last comment i make a mistake bc i put 6'3.75 than 6'2.75

btw ... in this video he still looking like a bit under 6'3 Click Here, he have all things to look "visual taller", small skull, small face, atletic body, slim body and monocromatic clothes color AAAAND.. it still doesn't look like a real full 6'3.

He still before 40ยดs so heยดs on his peak height, 6'2.75 sounds right as his normal low night height!
Michael187BarefootInTheMornimg on Donald Trump Jr.
I remember a pic he was in with Chris Jericho, he only looked about an inch to 1.5 inches taller than Chris, and Chris is about 5โ€™9.5.

I think 5โ€™11 is more accurate.
Mimi on Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey is one my if not the greatest of my inspirations and for that I'm greeting my self a happy anniversary. ๐Ÿฅณ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿฐ
Resurrection of Edward on Diego Maradona
Rest in peace one of the greatest ever soccer player in history.imbued with seemingly natural abilities and preternatural soccer skill, The name โ€œDiego Maradona โ€œname will permanently etched like an epitaph on the history books of soccer/football/Fifa . maradona was a soccer great in a class by himself, and no list of legends would be complete without him.rest in peace diego.
(30 October 1960-25 november 2020)
184guy2 on Donald Trump
lol Barron wont be lucky if he hits 7' . He will be lucky if he hit 6'6 and stops.
5'10 Dude on Rudy Giuliani
At his peak I would say he was at least 5'9ยฝ. A full 5'10 could be possible too. I feel like his proportions make him look strangely short, but he definitely isn't. Would you say he has a large head Rob? A strong 5'8 for his current height seems reasonable next to Trump.
Editor Rob
now that he's shrunk a bit, his head does look bigger...wasn't small to begin with!
Choupie on Eva Longoria
She seems smaller than america ferrera who is 153cm i say eva is 151 cm
Tall Sam on Rob Paul
Punching a gorilla, Tyson, really? He'd presumably regret messing with a gorilla in actuality, their sheer strength is far greater than even the most powerful athletes, but I hate animal abuse in all forms.

@Tall in the Saddle, the standing height of bears is always a subject of fascination for me. I think its possible that he stood over 9 feet and it was maybe rounded up or estimated. Allegedly the largest mounted polar bear has a standing height of 11'1" and it weighed 2,210 pounds, Tyson might think he could fight that too lol.
Realist on Ling Bai
She is good looking 5'3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Donald Trump
Average Heighted Male, here's Gary Hart w/h 6ft3 listed Jesse Jackson (over 6ft2 for definite, needs a page)

Click Here

I would say 6ft2 range...Rob, what do you think?
Human Height on Justin Bieber
Grew significantly after 17. My guess would be 5'9 (1.76 m). His proportions can even make him look slightly taller than that in stand alone pics where no one is standing next to him.
181guy on General Height
@c-mo 176.2cm You make no sense, i hate to say it. 6'1 is typical tall, not 6'2. 6'0 is tall in countries that average 5'9, it's 3 standard deviations above average. 5'10 is not the average height for a man, never mind globally. You say the perfect height for a man is between 5'11- 6'0 even though you put 6'0 as perfect in your height chart. If you're taller than a good chunk of men you encounter everyday then how come you want to be 5'11.25 so bad?

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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