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21 June
burby on Sylvester Stallone
Weak 5'8" 2018. The question is, are we going to get an indictment and booking photo? Better call Sal....
Tamara Martinez on Luke Hemmings
@mercury he claimed 6ft2 in a video in these comments I never once said he claimed 6ft4.
Nik on Petra Kvitova
The average vote is too high! I trust Rob!
Susie on Elle Macpherson
Im sure that the ones griping and offended about Allys smoothie drink replacment are all the fat girls trying to fit in again...take her advice and drink those drinks big girls or, stay fat and and quit hating the thin beauties...
Agent Orange on Paul Pogba
I can see him at this listing of 191 as he’s definitely taller than Lukaku.
Agent Orange on Romelu Lukaku
I would say 189.9 is the max I can see him.
Agent Orange on Olivier Giroud
Solid 6’3 . Big guy with a good physique. Am I jealous? Yes.
QM6'1QM on Tom Mison
It's a good 4 inches taller than Rob, my opinion = 6'0.25"/ 183.5 cm for Tom (yes, he's looks like Ryan Gosling, 6-6'0.25").
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Howard Stern
@Canson Stern still don't look flat 6'5 yet. I can tell you 6'5 1/2 peak is possible how he make a solid 201cm peak Magic look 6'6.5" when he put words that he is 6'5. There is only 1.5" between both their peak range. That is impossible because Magic still look at least 6'7 now so peak could be really close to 6'7.5"
QM6'1QM on Gert Frobe
I have been watching "Goldfinger" film closely and I can confidently state that it is 1.5inch / 4 cm shorter than Sean Connery.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Rob Delaney
Solid 191cm like Liam Hemsworth.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Owen Benjamin
If Owen is truely 6'6 i would give Bo Burnham 6'5.75" max and 6'5.5" min. I initially think that Owen is more like 6'5.5" maybe a few mm over.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Kobe Bryant
False measurement took place sometimes we should not denied it. Vanessa Bryant may have measure him just once and it is possible a casual posture Kobe stand so a false measurement happens, btw just a 1/4 inch more so i don't see why not happen and he does say to be 6'5 and claim it on Jay Leno show. Kobe look a proper full inch taller than 6'4 1/4 Michael Strahan and there is a picture at Nickelodeon award look 1.5" between them as Kobe had a 1/3 more sneakers. I still think Kobe could be a proper 6'5 than just 6'4 3/4. Strahan was measure 6'4 1/4 in the morning so not a proper 6'4 1/4 much like close to 6'4 at his low. I initially thought 6'5 before i start comment in this site and i still think a true 6'5 for Kobe by looking at those 6'5 claim actors its awful that most of them look 1/2 inch lower than Kobe when make comparison with actors that have took picture with Kobe. It's not that hard to believe it.
Sandy Cowell on Russell Brand
@ Nik - In my recent dream, Russell's hair wasn't short, just shortER and light brown in colour! His hair is very long in real life, so a few inches off the length would still denote long hair!
It's his HEIGHT that was notably shorter! Other than that, it was him all over, and as cheeky as ever! 💇
Junior Hernandez 1990 on James Harden
@Ace Kobe must be 6'5 3/8 then and Russell Westbrook 6'2 5/8. There is 3-4cm between Kobe and Harden and there is 3-4cm between Westbrook and Harden.
Sandy Cowell on Stephen Peacocke
I haven't seen any episodes of 'Home and Away' for years, so I will just have to agree with the 6ft!

He does look it in this full length picture!
Sandy Cowell on Tana Mongeau
Hmm..! So she still grew three-quarters of an inch after she turned 15, which isn't bad for a girl! 👧
Nik on XXXTentacion
R.I..P Jahseh
khaled taban on Jacksepticeye
173.5-174cm not 5'9"
khaled taban on PewDiePie
5'9" is too low . He looks around 5'9.5"
khaled taban on Jake Paul
Looks 5'10.5" to me
khaled taban on Deji Olatunji
He isn't 5'10" or even 5'7" !
khaled taban on Jaime Murray
5'7" and no more
khaled taban on Tony Curran
Strong 5'10"
khaled taban on Keir O'Donnell
khaled taban on Stephen Peacocke
183 cm
khaled taban on Tana Mongeau
She looks between 5'5" and 5'6" so 5'5.25" is fair
khaled taban on Trevor Jackson
183 cm , typical 6 feet guy !
khaled taban on Roberto Durán
Peak : 5'7"
Current : 5'6.25"
khaled taban on Esme Bianco
5'8" or 173cm
khaled taban on Sophie Turner
She is 174cm in my opinion
Voltaire on Romelu Lukaku
6'6 and 6'7?!?! What on earth is happening here?!
Vlad_Fyodorov on Vikkstar123
This my guess for all the sidemen and their friends.
Vikkstar 5'6
TBJZL 5'6.5 He might look taller sometimes since he wears thick shoes on occasions.
Behzinga 5'7
Deji 5'7
KSI 5'10.25
W2S 5'10.5
Zerkaa 5'11.25
Callux 5'11.75
Miniminter 6'1.5
Calfreezy 6'1.75 maybe 6'2
chrisnope on Nikki Sixx
I met Nikki at SXSW Music Conference-very nice guy. I am certain he's at least 5ft.11'. In fact I'd guess a few inches taller. I am almost 5 ft. 9' flat footed and was wearing shoes with half inch heel-he had on converse all stars-I would put him at an even 6ft. to 6ft 1' to be honest.
Canson on Dennis Haskins
His posture may be poor in other pics
Canson on Dennis Haskins
He looks at least 6’1” with MPG in the pic I posted.
Canson on Peter Facinelli
I find it hard to believe that he’s anything over Rob’s listing especially being Rob and Jenny both met him in person
asd on Vikkstar123
Looked about the same height as 5'5-5'6 DANTDM.
Vlad_Fyodorov on Miniminter
I actually thought he was a solid 6'2, i don't know how he manages to look taller than he actually is, maybe his slender build and long limbs.
MAD SAM on Lewis Hamilton
171 cm, he can’t go more
MAD SAM on Markiplier
174.5-175 cm most of the time
6'2_inshallah on Vikkstar123
Rob he looks 5’5.25 next to KSI here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Certainly he doesn't look over 5ft 6, but could he be as short as 5ft 5 and claiming an extra 3 inches!
MAD SAM on Luke Kleintank
He looks exactly 6’ tall in MITHC, he gets 182.5 cm from me
6'2_inshallah on Miniminter
With 5’9 listed Kieran Richardson looks 6 foot
Click Here
6'2_inshallah on Vikkstar123
I thought he was more 5’5 range to be honest
6'2_inshallah on Miniminter
6’1 flat max anywhere between 6’0.25-6’1
Ferry5foot8 on Andy Murray
Amazing how people fail to accept and honest claim from himself. This is the proof how people lives with a wrong perception of legit real heights. Murray claimed 187'5 cm. I don't believe is his worst. Why he was going to claim his lowest height? He is probably honest but is possible too he is 187 cm. So beteween 187- 187'5 cm is Murray 6'1.5 to 6'1.75. His appereance makes people guess he isis 6'2 and some fake height claimers even 6'3 but clearly is 6'1.5 range. Novak is 6'1.25, Federer is 6'0.75 and Rada Nadal 6'00.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dennis Rodman

I suppose you could argue 200cm peak
Sandy Cowell on Doug Bradley
@ baja74 - Hi, my friend from across the pond!

I hope you are well! I just popped over to Doug Bradley's page to see if I had mentioned the name of the 'Inspector Morse' episode that he'd been in, (for another comment I wish to write), and I came across your comment from last October, the 21st, to be exact. Sorry I have not replied; a great deal has happened since then; I lost my beloved cat Maneliah to a stinking wreckless driver the day before, so I was desperately sad at that time, and numb. She was the second cat I lost in just over four months, as my dear little Peelio was run over and killed on the 11th June. Then my big gorgeous Tom Cat, Cordercy, died suddenly, presumably of natural causes,on the 28th December, and just recently, on 3rd June, a very ill Barleenie lost his life. These events have really shaken me up.

I had my hip replacement surgery on the 19th February, and the pain was unbelievable, but I would go through it all again to bring them back.

On a brighter note, I am seriously into the 'Insidious' horror franchise at the moment. I really rate the actress Lin Shaye, and she has recently been put up on Celebheights and then even added to the 'Horror Actors' page by Rob, at my request! Two days ago, I saw 'Insidious - the Last Key', and it is brilliant! Then yesterday I gave the third 'Insidious' film another watch and really enjoyed it. It is amazing how all these films link up. There are no mistakes made with the facts as you go from movie to movie, and the more in this series that you see, the more sense they make. In the fourth film, you even notice the little boy, Ty Simpkins, loitering about in the dark chasms of the 'further' when Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) ends up there herself! I read via Google that he is now 175cm, in other words, all grown up!

Are you into the 'Insidious' films, Baja? I think they are awesome, and I am sure you do too, and if, which I consider doubtful, you haven't seen them yet, I thoroughly recommend them.

I hope you and your family are keeping well.

Kind regards,

Doug's peak height looks to be a strong 5ft11 and now, I think he has gone down a bit to 5ft9.5!
Original on Wayne Rooney
Original on David Beckham
Original on Michael Owen
198TravelLife on Trevor Jackson
I think he's 183 flat, 183.5 at the most. He's been listed at 183 for years and his imdb page just bumped him up to 188 after grown-ish. It's probably his hair. He looked about 2-2.5cm taller than 181 Ross Lynch on an episode of Austin and Ally
RP on Michael B Jordan
5’10.75” barefoot & 6’0” in shoes.
Ian C on Mick Fleetwood
Interesting that such an absurdly thin young man could have become so stout. On the cover of Rumours album, he was so thin that he looked deformed. Now he could play Falstaff.
20 June
Rabindra sankar sen roy on Ray Milland
He is 6'2"/188cm at peak. He is 6'1.5" in 1950's and 6'1" at last days.
Peter175 on Yandel
Seems about right. About an inch shorter than Yankee and close to 4 less than Wisin
Peter175 on Morena Baccarin
less 5'6 with rob (barely) and 5'7 with Jenny.

Conclusion? 5'6.5
Mack on Justin Bieber
Some of the best reference is barefoot images. which is why i like the Dj khaled argument.
Canson on Mike Tyson
@Emil: legit would mean he doesn’t dip below. But I actually give the benefit of the doubt at 5’9 7/8 as legit but to be technical dipping under means it isn’t. My definition of legit though is 7/8-1/8. I think saying “about 5’10” for Tyson suffices as he could still be 5’10” flat or hair over or less. He’s not much less than that though I agree and in person he still looked 5’10 next to my wife who is around 5’7 3/4. The worst case was 2” diff between them but with Rob he looks a comfortable 5’10”.
JJL29 on Robert Carlyle
Is 5ft 7 flat possible for Robert?
Editor Rob
From all I've seen and friends who met him, I can't see it, somewhere around 169 seems more likely
6'2_inshallah on Deji Olatunji
Weak 5’6
Jamie3557 on DJ Khaled
H3H3 is no where near 180 cm.
Rourke on Donald Trump
I’ll give him 6’0.75” to 6’1” now, absolutely no more than that. He was at least an inch shorter than Justin Trudeau and doesn’t look particularly tall amongst his peers on TV or during diplomacy abroad. 6’2” at very peak in his youth, absolutely fair. Claiming 6’3” is just too ridiculous, and is clearly him bigging himself up for Presidency.
MAD SAM on Salman Khan
Nothing over 166 cm
MAD SAM on Michelle Williams
Very pretty woman but she’s tiny, always looked 157-158 cm alongside Heath
Canson on Shawne Merriman
Merriman with a weak 6’1” Ray Lewis. That’s not a 3.5” difference in height

Click Here
MAD SAM on Jake Gyllenhaal
Unfortunately he didn’t hold up well against 188 cm Ryan Reynolds at LIFE premiers, gonna give him 180.5 cm
Elohel on Anthony Joshua
He seems the same height as Vladimir. Here in the UK we always seem to inflate the size and quality of our athletes (like the americans) he looks 6ft5.5 in boxing shoes. Amusingly enough I feel people will notice it more when the hype dies down. Still like him though...reckon him and wilder will be a good fight.
MAD SAM on Jake Gyllenhaal
Unfortunately he didn’t hold up well against 188 cm Ryan Reynolds at LIFE premiers, gonna give him 180.5 cm
Nik on Justine Wachsberger
It is wonderful to give this pretty random celeb her first comment! I like her name as well as the photo! I think Justine may be slightly under her listed height but the 7 voters (excluding Rob) have gone too low!
Allie on Olivier Giroud
Always thought he was 6'4 but the 192/191 cm measurements I've seen did make wonder.
Bobby on Ronnie O'Sullivan
It's funny how the average guess would peg this guy around my height but based on his eye level, I think that's low balling him, he's easily 5'10.5.
Allie on Olivier Giroud
Always thought he was 6'4 but the 192/191 cm measurements I've seen did make wonder.
Nick B on Leon White
RIP, Leon. On his weight, Melter said he ranged from 340 to 430 over his wrestling career, which so can believe
;) on Deji Olatunji
Yes jake said he was 5'8 he really needs to stop being so delusional i mean he's brother is obviously taller than him and he is 6'1
MrTBlack on Trevor Jackson
That was quick! Yeah still sticking to my 5’11.5” guess. Thanks for the add!
Editor Rob
I think the guy did grow from looking at him. Would really be surprised if sub 6ft.
MAD SAM on Ewan McGregor
Evan always looked in the 176-177 cm range in Star Wars prequels and held up really well against the odds of 193 cm Liam and 183 cm Hayden, he gets a respectable 5’9.5” from me
MAD SAM on Robert Carlyle
He looked really short to play The Fuhrer’s role in that Hitler movie, looked 5’6”ish but gonna give him 169 cm
MAD SAM on Colin O'Donoghue
Google lists him at 189 cm lol, seems typical 178 cm guy
MAD SAM on Jamie Dornan
He’s definitely shorter to 180 cm Fassbender, my guess is he wakes up at 179.5 cm and goes down to 178 cm after workout he might go down to 177 cm and recover to 177.5 cm in 1/2-1 hr, he gets 5’ 10 1/8” from me
MAD SAM on Charlie Hunnam
He might be 185 cm when he wakes up, 183 cm most of the time and if he really works out or lifts he might be 182 cm which would go to 182.5 cm after 1/2-1hr he gets a 6’ 1/8” from me
Nik on Mira Furlan
I trust her agency! 😀!
ArjunaKorale on Roberto Durán
Awrr, thanks Rob, for adding this Panamanian Diablo! I’ve met Roberto too (in the food court of the Trafford Centre of all places - he had come over on an invite from Ricky Hatton) & I have a pic with him from around Sept 2013. Yes, I too pegged Roberto at around 5 ft 6.5 inches tall (169 cm) at the time of meeting. Given that Duran was around 62 yrs old in Sept 2013, then a peak height of 5 ft 7 (170 cm) is more than believable for Duran. In real life, the guy is adorable. Duran spoke with me v cordially for almost half an hour & never ever indicated to me that he was bored or that he found me an irritation. Do you think that Sugar Ray Leonard (another boxer I love for his fighting skills & heart) would have behaved in a similar way (to Duran) if I too had met him in similar circumstances? NO WAY, JOSE! Now you have added Leonard & Duran, you really need to add the other three welterweight/middleweight legends of the 1980s....Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns & Wilfredo Benitez all need entries on your wonderful sight. And you can start with Hagler coz I believe he was the next most accomplished after Duran & Leonard. If poss, could you also do an entry on the Argentine Monster, Carlos Monzon...he was possibly the greatest middleweight in recorded history and he was a ‘giant’ of around 181/182 cm in ht! In temperament, Carlos made Roberto look like a pussycat. Anyway, THANKS FOR ADDING ROBERTO.
Editor Rob
In hindsight, I should have got Hearns but as I mentioned in the past I didn't.
Duran is roughly 5ft 6.5, I do think he has lost at least half inch.
Certainly Stallone was a couple of inches taller than Duran 30 years ago.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liam Neeson
Neeson still looked 6ft4 a few years ago. In 2005 he was only 53.

In Deadpool he looked 6ft4½ and Clint was probably still at least 6ft3. Had about 2in on Jim Carrey
Sandy Cowell on Lisa Wilcox
Aha! I knew there was a new addition to the 'Horror Actors', and this is she! I haven't seen the relevant Nightmare films for ages, but there were clips on a copy of the original one, which I saw recently!

Linda gets 5ft5. She doesn't look old enough to have starred in films from 'Last Century'!
Adam Scherr on Roberto Durán
Rob 1.80 cm height is eye level ?
Editor Rob
If you are 180cm your eyelevel might be actually around Duran's height, 169cm, plus or minus a little bit
lee168cm on Keir O'Donnell
If he's 5ft 6 Kevin James must be 5ft 7 max as there's hardly a height gap between them and Michael stahl-David must be 5ft 8 not the often listed 5ft 10
Canson on Michael Irvin
@Christian and V:

He looked about 6’2 in person. Maybe 6’1.75 is possible but he’s over 6’1” imho
Sandy Cowell on Emily Head
@ Nik - The family pictures I have yet to see, but I will get round to it!

Actually, in yesterday's 'Emmerdale', I copped a fantastic opportunity to compare her to the tallest member of the cast, the 6ft4.5 cook fellow who is a zombie fanatic in real life, you know who I mean! That put the lid on things for me! No more than 5ft5! I know from experience what an 11 and-a-half inch height gap looks like! 😉
Canson on Idris Elba
I would say 6’3 out of bed 6’2.25 at a low. Melo has 4” on him
Canson on George Foreman
@Harry Sachs: not sure if Foreman had lost height by then. I believe he was a legit 6’3-6’3 1/8 peak but Conan I never believed 6’4” for him. I always thought 6’3.25-.5 peak tops perhaps just 6’3.25 and a morning measurement of close to 6’4 which he rounded
Canson on Anthony Joshua
@Rob: my apologies. I meant for Klitschko that he’s 6’5-6’5.25 at a low, not Joshua. I agree that AJ is near 6’6 like 197cm (6’5.5-.75) which is weak 6’6” but Klitschko looks closer to 6’5”.

AJ would be more like 6’6.5-.75 out of bed and 6’5.5-.75 at a low
Sandy Cowell on Tana Mongeau
So Tana enjoys having fun with her height, and kid people! Let's face it, the lady belongs on this website! I like her openness about the matter and also her Neapolitan ice-cream coloured hair!

She can have 5ft5.25.
Editor Rob
Well even though she said she doesn't know, I believe at 15 she was 5ft 4.5
Sandy Cowell on Topher Grace
I have always wondered, well, you know, ever since I was aware of Topher's existence, whether that is his real name or if he has used a unique and original way to shorten the name 'Christopher'!
Today I actually got round to Googling him and yes it is indeed his own take on a short form for 'Christopher'!

I think he looks at least 5ft10.5 from this picture and also in 'Predators', which was the last film I saw him in, and very good he was too!

In fact Topher's going to get 5ft10.75 out of me! For originality? Well, perhaps!
Sandy Cowell on Lin Shaye
I've just been watching the 'extras' from Lin's super-scary kick-ass fourth 'Insidious' offering! Among the goodies there is an alternative ending. It goes not unlike this:

Elise Rainier is stuck in the 'further' when she is faced with a demon known as 'Key Face'. He looks as though someone has tried to yank his face off using an upward motion, and given up trying, exposing the skeletal part of his nose and his rotten gnashers! Not very pretty, I assure you!
While condemning the demon and assuring it that, eh.. he will never be getting any more misery out of her, for it's upon this that he thrives, she stabs him through his excuse for a mouth and says, "Get a breath mint, @rsehole!"
viper on Pete Davidson
Lol 160. Again, I looked bigger than him in the above photo when I was 6-0 120. He looks 130 in the above pic imo.
Ian555 on Paul Ryan
Hey Rob I actually saw Paul Ryan in Washington DC a few days ago in the capital. He seemed to be as tall or almost as tall as me and I’m 189 measured. Could 6’2 flat be a possibility?
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if that tall, but then stranger things have occurred.
Mahesh jayan on Anthony Joshua
Good video rob..near 2 inches difference b/w Anthony and Kevin..Kevin 192-93 and Joshua 197 is a real possibility..
Sandy Cowell on Stephen Bishop
@ Myself - Now that was FUNNY! I gave the video it's 69th 'like'...

I thought the music at the end was a lovely touch, and if someone was watching it by mistake, the music would have been a wonderful reminder that that compilation was created FOR A LAUGH!

Nice one, if you don't mind me saying so, Myself!
Louis W on Deji Olatunji
Looks similar frame to 5’7 maywether, I would give him 5’7 for sure but not 5’8, Looked a solid 3” smaller than jake paul and Jake is 5’10-11
PD 123 on Khalid
Jack The Smackhead

Coming on this page after quite a while. I have viewed your suggestions in the past, but didn't reply. Now I have correctly measured my height a couple of times and I come at 178 cm. I was shocked at first. But then I measured it each morning and I came 178 each time. I really don't know what's happening. Either I was in shoes each time I measured myself at 182 cm, or I really just had a height decrease!
Sandy Cowell on Charlotte Gainsbourg
@ Ian C - What a thought-provoking comment! 🤓👍

Charlotte gets 5ft7.5! I expressed my surprise, having thought she was around 5ft6 at the most, in my original comment on her, from October 2016!
khaled taban on Manuel Neuer
Strong 6'4"
khaled taban on David de Gea
De Gea is 189.5-190cm but I think he is not above 6'3"
Nik on Bodie Olmos
@ Sandy Cowell - Possibly so! I did type out 5'6.5" before sending my comment late on Monday night, but I changed my mind and gave him 5'6.75"! I was torn between the two!
Mel on Olivier Giroud
189 for him. Pogba had a good 3cm on him.
Mel on Deji Olatunji
He actually claimed 5’10 in one of his fortnite streams on twitch LOL
Nik on Carmen Electra
I like her name!
Tunman on Justin Timberlake
RobClick Here:
I think he's definitely closer to 5'11 than 6'.He looks roughly 4" perhaps 4.25"taller than Mila Kunis maybe a solid 7-7.25"when counting footwear
AlsoClick Here:
You can see from the other pics that the heels are maybe 3.25"at the very max.I see maybe 4.75-5"difference at best so solid 7"difference.Again a legit 5'11 but not much over that.
I think there is a very serious chance for him to be 180,5-81.At least I would bring him to 5'11.25"as the safest estimate.Your thoughts?
Editor Rob
At times Justin has looked 181 to 183, which is why I go with 182 range.
Lamont Cranston on Donald Trump
I am new to this (although I have been a reading, not commenting fan for years) and I have noticed somethings particularly on this thread...(but also on others).

Those that try to "downgrade" a celebs' height, more often use pictures/age, and other "evidence" to back up with facts, what they are stating.

Those who try to support/maintain/upgrade a celebs' height more often (but not always) simply state their impression and leave it at that .. as seen here:

Chaplin Ng said on 31/May/18
He's definitely more than 190cm.

Thats' it?

If they use evidence, old pictures are trotted out, avoiding the fact that 20 years (particularly if it spans "middle age") can see someone lose some serious height.

There is also a poor debating technique, of deflecting to the poster they disagree with, and saying that they are "degrading" their subject, simply because they disagree with what they feel is the celebrity's true height...Still, that does not address the evidence that is in front of us via current pictures. etc.

The fact is, without a barefoot measurement, using a calibrated scale, everything from where their eyes are (relative to the nearby observer), hair height, etc., can cause a 2-3 inch difference in estimate. And that is without taking into account shoes.

Another thing - in looking at the G-7 pictures of the leaders, one is reminded of the different proportions people have. Trump and Trudeau's shoulders are about level, but Trudeau's head/neck length is easily 1/4 to 1/3 longer than Trumps'...
grizz on Chris Evans
MAD SAM, you might check your eye sight. Joseph Schooling is nowhere near 5'11, let alone 6'0.5
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Daniel Sharman
6ft1½ would be lowest I’d argue for him
Height revealer on Bella Thorne
In 2014 Tana said she was measured at 5’4” 1/2. She was 15-16 At that time, Not sure shes added height since then. Click Here
Sandy Cowell on Elliott Gould
I know that voice anywhere!

I just heard him in an episode of 'Poirot' called 'The Mystery of the Blue Train'!

I looked up and, sure enough, it IS the very dude, still looking tall, hair a bit greyer, and voice every bit as distinctive!

So from creepy Stephen King parts, famous comedy roles and Hollywood parts galore, he still has time for an episode of 'Poirot'! That is more than I can say for myself, as I can't stand David Suchet's French accent! Or his physique, for that matter! Ooh la la NOT!

I agree with 6ft2 for Elliott's peak and 6ft1 for how tall he stands today!

Now I am going to find something else to watch!
Nik on Catherine Bell
We should all be proud of our height! Catherine Bell is tall and she can be proud of it!
Sid 186.1cm on John Wayne
6'4 peak.
Later days 6'2 3/4
Nik on Kristanna Loken
After much thought she can have 5'10.75" - 5'11"!
MAD SAM on Tao Okamoto
She seems 178 cm range with Hugh in wolverine
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Mad Sam: that’s a lot better than 6’4 I’d say. He could be 191 imho but no higher from how he looks with Kobe
Sandy Cowell on XXXTentacion
So, so tragic to hear of this young boy's terrible passing. I read how it happened via 189Night's comment.


RIP Jahseh xxx
Tirth on Deji Olatunji
Deji looked 3.5 inches shorter than jake paul in the press conference
So I will give him around 5'7
Tunman on Neymar
I think he has a chance to dip to 172 but that's the minimum arguable imo,he still looks comfortably over 1"taller than someone like Messi.
Tall Sam on Pete Davidson
Yes, hard to tell his height due to his poor posture.
Tall Sam on Cate Blanchett
She looks a little shorter than this with Nicole Kidman and Toni Collette.
Tall Sam on Liev Schreiber
Yes, 189 cm is likely for Schreiber and 187-188 cm for peak Jackman. Schreiber usually edges Jackman but not by a lot.
Tall Sam on Jonathan Pryce
I recall him looking weird tall in Ronin, which is not unexpected with De Niro who was a few inches shorter but they filmed in such a way where he looked close to the taller Stellan Skarsgard, maybe due to the hidden menacing nature of Pryce's character.
Tall Sam on Ben Affleck
@Jackson, I think you had it right before, Affleck from appearances was cheating in footwear boosting, unless he suddenly grew an inch taller based on how he looks with the other celebrities pictured, at an older event Krasinski and he looked looked more or less the same height.
Renegader on Daniel Dubois
Hey Rob I think you should down grade him to 193cm... the average guess is 6ft3.97 .. i have also done a lot of research into this looking at his previous fight weigh ins and face offs... and if you look at him and dl jones.. he is slightly hunched over while this makes it look like dubois is 6'4.5 .. dl jones is not standing straight so if he was he would take a possible 1/2inch+ away from him leaving him around 6'3.75-6'4... I think Dubois morning maximum height is 6'4.25 inches.. I think he needs a downgrade to (193cm) anyone else agree?
Editor Rob
6ft 4 on the nose is quite possible
Tunman on Luis Suarez
Click Here:
I think 180 is fair.If Fernando Muslera is a true 190 then Suarez looks 180,a good 10cm smaller.
As to Diego Forlan,he looks nowhere near his 180 listing,at least from this pic,much more likely 176 and 4cm smaller than Suarez.
Sandy Cowell on Stefflon Don
@ Nik - That is incredibly well observed! I am most impressed! (The hidden 'London' in her name!)

I agree that her height isn't easy to gauge at all! Stefflon is fairly full-figured, and that alone can cause the illusion of a shorter height. Not only that - she wears a dress that comes right down to the ground, so we cannot she her shoe heels' height!

Cheers Nik!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jude Law
I think 5ft10½
FE on Jake Weary
@Editor Rob,

Well, he still looks taller than 5'10" flat, more like 5'10.25"-10.75" range.

Do u Agree Rob?
Editor Rob
5ft 10.25-10.5 would be the highest I'd estimate, it is still a possibility.
Jesse on Robert Wadlow
No one will ever take this record from robert with easy diagnosis of his condition in western world where of course its easier for a giant like himself to live a "healthy" life.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dennis Haskins
I think he looked Bill Murray type range at peak, very strong 6ft1 at least
an184 on Shawn Mendes
actually he said -I describe myself as tall,extremely tall 😂 😂 Click Here at 0:08

im around the same height as him ,I feel tall but I would never describe myself as extremely tall
AndrewV on General Height
@DanielTsun The average for Western European countries (excluding the tall ones like Germany and the Netherlands) ranges from around 5'9" in Spain, Portugal, and Italy to 5'10" in Belgium (could be higher in Flanders) and the UK. I think you'd definitely fall in the low end of the tall range, probably like the 80th to 90th percentile depending on which country you're in. I'm 183.5 cm at night and I was considered a tall guy when I lived in Belgium (in Wallonia, not sure if the Flemish are taller).
AndrewV on General Height
Rob, do people of a certain height tend to have certain proportions. It seems like you can guess someone's height from a distance or in a photo based on their physical proportions ie people around 5'11" or taller tend to have longer limbs while people below that range tend to be more proportionate or have short limbs.
Editor Rob
Well, you can estimate a range, but pinpointing a height from single photo is far more difficult because head sizes, leg length can effect things.
Connor Simpson on General Height
@wondering you're 6ft 2
5H on Normani Kordei Hamilton
Much taller than that. At least 165 cm
agb on Ariana Grande
I think her feet is bigger than a 6 lol, in pics they are pretty big if she is so small lol. And no I don’t think she is 5’0, at least 5’2 or 5’3 not smaker sorry. But I do believe she will be that small even if she isn’t
Robby Harris on XXXTentacion
Tunman on Thomas Gibson
He's taller than Gubler but the latter wears Converse shoes most of the time.I think both are equal in height.Interesting how the show brought mostly upper average to tall men and women.AJ Cook seems the shortest despite her high heels.Vangsness could be more like 5'5-6 but she's quite massive
Tunman on Madeline Zima
I love those half moon eyes,there's something attracting in them.5'8.The 3 sisters seem very close in height.
khaled taban on N'Golo Kante
5'5.1/2" no less no more
khaled taban on Kylian Mbappé
I don't know why Mbappe looks tall especially with 6 feet men , I doubt that he is 5'10" only !
khaled taban on Laëtitia Eïdo
I don't think she is 5'8.5" but 5'8" looks possible
Robbe on Joseph Parker
I did'nt spot their footwear, anyone? Whyte was dressed more relaxed, maybe Parker had shoe advantage there?
MSJC on Sookie's Den
Hello everyone.

Anyone been enjoying the World Cup so far then?
Never thought i'd Russia playing so well in all fairness.
Editor Rob
It's been decent so far, I wouldn't call it great, but I think a lot of first round matches can be cagey affairs at times.
Strange how they use VAR, yet still lots of pulling players is missed.
Robbe on James Arness
I think Jim should be upgraded back to 6'7. He was taller than legit 198cm actors like Walker, Parker, Megowan, and Conrad. I used to read regulary Jim's "Gunsmoke"site, where he stated he was 6,7 in his prime. Of course he shrunk when he got old, but was taller than just 198cm peak.
Sandy Cowell on Dennis Haskins
@ Arch Stanton - Great to be reading your comments again! 😃
Rober on Olivier Giroud
Arsenal described him as 191,8 and 91,8 kg and Chelsea 1,92 and 93 kg
Sandy Cowell on SoCal Val
Ooh! This poor girl hasn't had a comment for over two years!

Well, I saw her name and thought, "That's only one letter away from the name of a dieting guru!"

LoCal Val sounds as though she's an authority on all things diet-related! So Socal Val can have 5ft6.75, in view of the shoes she wears making her look Rob's height! LoCal Val would be a bit shorter, of course! 😉
Editor Rob
Last time I seen this girl she had on a flat shoe that wasn't that thick and didn't look much over 5ft 6, so I will still say close to 5ft 7 barefoot.
bigd on Deji Olatunji
uhh... he looks really short. definetly shorter than his claim of 5'10. hey rob do since you're the pro in this height guessing and listing business, though it has no relation, do you have any good tips that helps grow taller?im 16 so i can stil grow. :)
Editor Rob
Any youngster should follow the 3 main areas: getting enough sleep, eating healthy meals and keeping up exercise.
tree on General Height
Jdubbz said on 18/Jun/18
What height do you guys think I should claim? I am 195cm out of bed and usually 193cm at night, though on very stressful days I can fall to 192.7cm. I think I'm a decent 6'4 so that's what I claim, but do you guys agree?
Yeah,claim 6ft4
Connor Simpson on General Height
@Jdubbz claiming 6ft 4 as your height is perfectly fine.
Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Rob - re: Your reply saying, "I haven't seen any of these wandering about!"

Very funny indeed! Jim seems to get all the luck! He even saw Stephen Fry when he looked out of his window one day - making a TV programme!

If only I'd been there! I would have been out there like a rocket!
Sandy Cowell on Linda Phan
She does not look 5ft2 in this photo!

Nor 5ft!

She can have 4ft11!
Vlad_Fyodorov on Deji Olatunji
Lol perfect, i just thought about his height, looks about right.
Rob, what do you think about Miniminter? he looks around 6'2
Editor Rob
I think Mini might be shy of his claim.
Tao on Justin Bartha
I met him today, he is about 5’8.5”. I’ve always had a good gauge on heights.
Myself on Stephen Bishop
@Sandy Cowell
Look at Vitaly Klitschko...he went in politics but is known for not being able to say a sentence with much sense and has created a huge amount of memes because what he often says is complete nonsense that is fun to listen to...at least until you remind yourself of his power role as city ambassador of Ukraine...
Some of them (enable subtitles).... Click Here
Xdan75 on Ethan Hawke
I saw him at Rome airport (Fiumicino) some year ago. I'm 179 cm and he was shorter than me, about 2/3 centimetres, both with pretty similar shoes (sneakers). In my opion is a weak 177 cm.
MD on Pete Davidson
While still very thin, he's visibly larger than he was even two or three years ago, which is to be expected given how young he was when he started. This looks about right. I'd have even believed 6'3", honestly. He is always shrinking himself down when he stands.
priya on Aishwarya Rai
Aish with pooja batra
Click Here
B.T. Stomp on Peter Facinelli
I work in a Hollywood CVS. I see celebrities stop by from time to time. The other day Peter Facinelli came in. I remember his IMDB stating him at around 5'11", but when I stood right in from of him he seemed almost as tall as me. I stand around 6'1"(185cm) without shoes. So... unless he was wearing lifts, he should be around 6'0".
Boob on Kylian Mbappé
Same height as Tyson, but theres like an 80 pounds difference lol.
B.T. Stomp on Greg Kinnear
I have worked on the tv series "Rake" twice. The first time potraying a minister at their father's funeral. The second time portraying a lawyer with a DUI. During the latter... I was on this court set with him and he was standing around eight feet from me. Wearing a business suit with what seemed like standard Oxford dress shoes. Perhaps his hair was styled a certain way. Perhaps there could have been lifts in his shoes. I stand around 6'1" without shoes. That day I was wearing my own dress shoes (around 1 1/4"). Mr. Kinnear seemed to be at least 5'10", but not quite 5'11". So... perhaps he is around 5' 10 1/2"?
Editor Rob
It certainly would be rare for an actor to round down to claiming 5ft 10, assuming he was 5ft 10.5
;) on RiceGum
I think his claim on 6'3 should be erased since he was obviously joking. I mean kid said he half black lol..
viper on Pete Davidson
I looked bigger than him when I was 6-0 120.
Jakob on Rachel Weisz
In my opinion possibly the most naturally beautiful woman I can think of, who seems to age gracefully and confidently. Circa The Mummy 2 she was my celeb crush for sure.
19 June
B.T. Stomp on Bill Pullman
As an occasional visitor and contributor to CelebHeights, I work in a Hollywood CVS and see celebrities from time to time. I have seen Mr. Pullman in the store several times. Usually dressed in a botton-up shirt and slacks with some sort of leisure shoes (around 1" to 1 1/2"). I usually wear high-top sneakers, with insoles for comfort (around 1 3/4"). He is always really friendly. He also seems to be on a first name basis with some of my colleagues. Every time he comes in he always seems the same height. Even at around age 65, Mr. Pullman seems around as tall as me. I stand around 6'1"(185cm) without shoes. So... perhaps around 6' 1 1/2" at peak and around 6' 1" currently?
Layla on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
6’2” would seem accurate. I was watching Conan O’Brien and he was visiting The Rock on set, and there looked to be about a good 2 inches between them.
Height revealer on Bella Thorne
Rob, what do you think of this? Could she be below 5’6”? Tana only claims 5’5” and Bella looks shorter than her barefoot! Check out 15-30 seconds! Click Here
Editor Rob
Bear in mind Tana said this "Every time someone asks how tall I am I say a random number between 5'4 and 5'6 cause really idk", so she may well be 5ft 5-6 range herself.
MrTBlack on Thomas Ian Griffith
He’s generally looked more than just 6’4” to me but I think him being a weak 6’5” is more likely than a solid or strong one.
Jakob on Olivier Giroud
Big lad, he's well proportioned and an honest 6ft 3.
B.T. Stomp on Billy Burke
I work with CVS in one of their Hollywood locations. I see celebrities stop by rather frequently. I try to make it seem like I do not recognize them. It seems to give them a more comfortable experience. Sometimes though, they will ask me something and that can lead to brief conversations. After several such interactions, I've come to be on a first name basis with some of them. Billy Burke stops by sometimes. He is usually wearing motorcycle gear; i.e. boots and helmet. I stand around 6'1"(185cm) without shoes. In my high-top sneakers (which including both gel and foam insoles add around 1 3/4") I am around 6'2 3/4". Burke's boots seem to be around 1 1/2" thick. When I cash him out his eye level seems slightly above mine. So... I would ascertain that Mr. Burke [unless he wears lifted motorcycle boots] is around 6'2". Rob, sir... I have been visiting CelebHeights for several years. Quite the interesting site.
Editor Rob
It is possible he could be 6ft 1.5 range, a full 6ft 2 I'm not sure about.
James B 171.5cm on General Height
There seems too be a difference between 6ft1 and 6ft2. i think 6ft1 still looks 'normal tall' but when you get too 6ft2 thats i would classify as 'strong tall'.

Remember 6ft2 isnt really that far of the start of very tall which is 6ft3-6ft4 range.
viper on Shawne Merriman
Kemp is leaning in as well
viper on Shawne Merriman
With 6-8.5 Shawn Kemp Click Here
Zineddine on General Height
hey rob its pride month ...
I think you should include more gender in height search in your site because there more than 2 gender ♁⚤⚥⚧⚧⚨⚩⚭⚮⚯
alanandre78 on Carl Weathers
Hes really very elegant and class man !!!no just in Screen !!!! An athletic medium tall man ! Easy 3 inch taller than Mr T a solid 6'1" at his peak now half inch in less . Hes never was a little man !! But never a true tall men like Foreman/ Ali .P.S for a man born in 1948 he is in tall category (all fusioned generation is a little bite upper average of men... but for ney generation hes just intermediary. (A 6 feet man use NYC metropolitan on afternoon ans meet 1000 other men in 4 hours...hes certain to cross 500 under his tall and 500 upper)....for James comey Son (7'1")...he must use 1000 times metropolitan for meet a man upper him.!!! Its funny and real
daniel77777 on Height Request
hi rob it would be awesome if you add the height of russian singer Elena Temnikova
i think she is between 162cm 164cm
viper on Shawne Merriman
dubbadoughWell, I guess Trumpito is a legit 6’3” if he’s almost as tall as Lights Out.

Canson on David Beckham
Zamp, they’re close. Maybe within 1/2”. Beckham could dip slightly under the mark as well and only be cm or 1/4” taller. AI o would estimate at a weak 5’11” not a solid 5’10 like some say or a strong 5’10
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dennis Haskins
Rob, maybe 6ft1½ peak?

Looked at least 2in taller than MPG who some still argue is a bit over 5ft11
Editor Rob
186cm maybe is possible
Canson on Zlatan Ibrahimovic
@Christian: lol! Right. I was saying it nicely!
Canson on Paul Pogba
I can buy 191 as a morning height or maybe a few hours out of bed at best. At a low a solid 6’3” maybe even 190cm
Canson on Chi McBride
@Dream: it’s possible with his weight that he may lose close to if not an inch during a given day. Meaning 6’5” out of bed possible for him
Canson on Ryan Hurst
@MrTBlack: I can see 6’4.5 for sure but not 6’5.5. He would measure 6’4.5 even if it’s not a low. Even a low I would say 6’4.25 is probably about it. Probably no shorter than I am. I’m 6’4.25 some days 6’4.3 at a low (6’5-6’5 1/8 out of bed)
Mayfield on Pete Davidson
He kinda looks like a younger Clancy Brown, both guys similar in height...
Canson on Dennis Haysbert
I think he was closer to 6’4” all along as opposed to 6’4.5. He would measure 6’4.5 or close to it early morning however
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
I think being objective here we can see that there are pics where Boris looks over 6’4 like Christian pointed out then a solid 6’4. However, on that same token, there are pics where he looks 6’3 or even in a couple a little less
Canson on John Cena
@Andrea: yes sometimes people get very passionate but to say that you don’t like people who force their opinions on others, you are just as guilty of that as the next person
viper on Anthony Davis
Tallest guy I have seen in recent memory was a 6-11 waiter at a restaurant. People said he was 7-0, but the guy himself said he was really 6-11.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Shaun Murphy
No respect for guys like this who claim 6ft1.
viper on Anthony Davis
Maryland's Kevin Huerter just grew from 6-5 to 6-6 during the season. A few times I even thought man, he's one tall looking 6-5 guy. Plus he's pretty lean. As it turns out he's really 6-6.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Danny Dyer
Possibly a weak 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Leslie Grantham
Rob, maybe a bit over 6ft is arguable in the 80’s?
Editor Rob
Not impossible, though 6ft 1/2 inch would be too much for him.
saltyfish on Deji Olatunji
He looked really tiny next to Jake Paul. I could even see him at 5'6.5.

Jake was trying to insult him by calling him 5'8, he was actually giving him an extra couple of cm's. Probably to legitimize his 6'1 claim LOL
Canson on Marnix Van Den Broeke
He’s got a long head. 199-200. Not a full 6’7”. Weak 6’7” is likely however
Ace on Michael Jordan
NeYo is 5'7 Michael B Jordan is 5'9 Michael Jordan is 6'5
Ace on LeBron James
LeBron is 6'7 which is 10 inches taller than me so I can't say anything
Ace on James Harden
I say Harden is just over 6'4 people online always height jacking but no way is he 6'6 I will say 6'4.2 morning in socks
Canson on Paul Pierce
@Micky: maybe 6’5 3/4-6’6” for Pierce. He can look close with MWP in height at one point and taller at others. He also looks a tiny hair shorter than Melo. However once inside 6’5 3/4-6’6 range you pretty much are 6’6”

Click Here
Nik on Katie Holmes
Yeah, taller than Taylor Swift!
Canson on Michael Jordan
@Height: my opinion on the three:

MJ: 194.3-194.5
Kobe: 195 approximately
Carter: 195-195.5

I would give Ron Harper something like 196-196.5 as he looks closer in height with MWP than those two.

I base mine off lows for the day so I would say MWP is probably 6’5 and change. 196-196.5 at a low and would likely be 6’5.5 or near it for a while during the day
Ace on Metta World Peace
I am just over 5'9 so 6'5.5 is huge my coworker is about his same exact height
Ace on Alex Wolff
He looked 5'10 in Jumanji next to 6'4.5 Serdanoius Blain
Ace on Ray Wise
I am only 5'9.25 so height is unimportant
Canson on Kareem Abdul Jabbar
As listed at his peak. Maybe 7’1.75 at a low but genuinely looked 7’2” so the 7/8 is possible
Nik on Emily Head
@ Sandy Cowell - I can see where you are coming from because Emily gives a tall lean impression and can look a tad over her listed height at times, I have not seen enough to be convinced she is likely to be very much over it but I have been looking at a lot of pictures of her on-line!

It's great to see her pictured with her sister Daisy, and her Dad Anthony! Emily's Dad will be very proud of her and her sister!
Canson on Anthony Joshua
@Rob: possible but my guess is 6’6-6’6.25 out of bed and 6’5-6’5.25 at a low.
Editor Rob
Towards end of this video CLick Here - Anthony and big Kevin Pietersen.

I mean in person I think Anthony is close to 6ft 6 and Kevin can't really be much less than 6ft 4 flat.
Canson on Michael Jordan
@Height: I agree that Carter is likely the tallest of the 3.
Canson on Anthony Davis
@Editor Rob and Jason 193: here is Aldridge with Marcus Camby who is also around 6’10” barefoot. Not sure what Camby would measure to a T or if he is a morning height etc but I would say 6’9.75 is a worst case. If these two are “around the same height” (I won’t put Aldridge below a flat 6’10 at a low), I have a hard time seeing Davis as 6’10”. I would have a hard time seeing Camby over 6’10 flat esp being he’s listed 6’11 in the pros and played Center his entire career unlike Kevin Garnett who asked to be listed barefoot because he didn’t want to play center.

Click Here
Nik on Cecily Strong
Well, someone has voted high for Cecily Strong! I can't see the full 5'8"!
Canson on Kevin Durant
No way Durant is more thanmaybe 6’9.25

Click Here
Canson on Lennox Lewis
Peak 6’5.25-.5
6’4.5-.75 before bed
Same height as Barkley maybe 1/8” taller best case
Canson on Anthony Davis
@Jason193: Durant likes to play around with his height. I firmly believe 6’10.75 is in shoes or else he would not be still listed 6’9”. His 6’9” may be 6’9 and change but he imho is closer to 6’9” than 6’10”. Davis Drummond and Aldridge are all taller than he is

I can believe a weak 6’10 for AD as he measured 6’9.25 (morning height) when drafted. Meaning 6’8.75-7/8. An inch means he could be where you said today or perhaps 6’9.5-.75 which is a better shout to me. I can’t trust Kimmel with anything “height related” lol. A guy who was likely never more than 5’11at his peak (5’10.5-.75 today) claiming 6’1” and measuring him in shoes I can’t take seriously. If Aldridge is 6’10” which he looks almost all the time, Davis can’t be a full 6’10”. Even if LA is slightly over 6’10” Davis isn’t more than a weak 6’10”
Nik on Sophie Wu
5'4" - 5'4.5"!
Canson on Anthony Davis
@Junior: I didn’t see how high or far it went above 6’11”. I cant trust Kimmel when He measured him in shoes and kimmel himself lies about his own height. Now I’m not saying Kimmel is wrong because maybe AD is 6’11 in his thick shoes he was wearing. My honest opinion is that he may measure 6’9.5 or .75 barefoot. I wouldn’t give him less than weak 6’10” and I also have a hard time at 6’10 or above as he’s not as tall as Lamarcus Aldridge and appears shorter than Drummond in the pic. Even if there is some camera angle or advantage Drummond has or shoes, it would not make AD that much taller than Drummond. He would be about the same height. Drummond measures 6’9.75 morning height and him saying 6’9/6’10 is indicative of maybe 6’9.5 or 6’9.25
Canson on Marlon Wayans
@Andrea: to be fair Charles Barkley is often mistaken for being 6’5 1/2 or 6’6” when he’s at best a weak 6’5”. The same could go for Boris in pics
Peter175 on Kim Jong Un
Wait I just took that video at face value and thought he didn't have lifts. He looks near 5'7 there and if he had more than 0.5-75 footwear over donald then I cannot see how he is much above 5'6.

Might be even shorter than Putin
Nik on John Barnes
He looks at least his listed height!
Canson on Charles Barkley
@Height: I think Vince is a legit 6’5” or at worst maybe 195-195.5 range
Canson on Scottie Pippen
@Height: Magic’s height looks a bit hard to pin down too. He can look 6’7” at times then others 6’6.5.
Canson on Ryan Reynolds
@Mad Sam: well to Viper’s credit, the man did say that he’s 6’1/6’2” out of his own mouth so it is debatable to say the least. While I do see him at 6’2 myself as well, maybe he measured that at another time and the others are off. Being height varies throughout the day he could Very well measure 6’1.75 at a low in the afternoon or even an extreme low or even 6’1.5 and not know any better. You don’t provide anything here that makes it “not negotiable”. Only an opinion as this is an opinion based site.
blazer on Richard Madden
Looks 1/4 to a 1/2 inch shorter than big Rob in this photo.
HiRob on Rob Paul
Do you consider 171cm on a guy short?
Editor Rob
Society will view somebody at 170-171 as being a bit short. It's only 2 inches under the average, but that's enough for many to view it as being 'short'.
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper @Andrea:

The measurement for Brown or Merriman in 05 are the measurements that they were given during the combine. That doesn’t make it more official simply because they read it on TV when they announced either of the two as picks. If they screwed up the measurement in the combine then they would once again screw it up there on TV. Not saying either of the two is accurate or not but in Merriman’s case he has a 6’2 1/2” measurement as well as the 6’4 3/8 measurement so we are not sure which of the two is accurate. It could very well be that the former is or the latter. The problem is at times he doesn’t look as low as 6’2 or 6’2.5 in pics but he never looks 6’4” as he would if he really measured that in the morning. Even if that were a morning height, he should still be a solid 6’4 or 6’3 7/8 at a normal low which he clearly isn’t. I’d be hard pressed to say he’s taller than Vernon Davis
Zineddine on Liam Payne
rob is liam payne and all one direction members below average for UK teen
Editor Rob
Within average range with Harry, but niall/zayne are more low average range.
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper @Andrea:

The measurement for Brown or Merriman in 05 are the measurements that they were given during the combine. That doesn’t make it more official simply because they read it on TV when they announced either of the two as picks. Not saying either of the two is accurate or not but in Merriman’s case he has a 6’2 1/2” measurement as well as the 6’4 3/8 measurement so we are not sure which of the two is accurate. It could very well be that the former is or the latter. The problem is at times he doesn’t look as low as 6’2 or 6’2.5 in pics but he never looks 6’4” as he would if he really measured that in the morning. Even if that were a morning height, he should still be a solid 6’4 or 6’3 7/8 at a normal low.
Nik on Erin Gray
Said height is fair for Erin Gray!
Zineddine on Height Request
hey rob how tall do you think is the Spanish footballer Isco ? Google listed him as 176 cm ?
Editor Rob
176 is on the Madrid site, I think at most 5ft 9, I wouldn't go a full 176 for him.
Duhon on Steve Harvey
Is absolutely dwarfed next to Shaq Click Here
lee168cm on Height Request
Maybe actress Michelle johnson from death becomes her, waxwork, blame it on rio and the glimmer man should be added. I've seen 5ft 10 and 11 listings but think 5ft 9 is probably more likely
Editor Rob
Yeah, I think 5ft 9 is more likelier than 10-11, I mean with Michael Caine in that film she seemed closer to 9 range.
jessman on George North
193cm is probably correct. The lowest I could see is 192cm.
Gracian on Kim Jong Un
Kim even with his "elevator shoes" looks very short next to Trump: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
His shoes were a long secret, they gave him 3/4 inch bigger impression, but it was just an illusion, I think he will probably measure 5'7.25" out of bed. As for Trump, I think that if we measure him, he will look closer 185 cm than 184. Rob, does Trump still have a chance of 6'0.75" today, yet?
Editor Rob
Maybe on his best day he might well measure a bit over 184 flat.
AndrewV on Daniel Dubois
A strong 6'3", I could see him near 6'4" in the morning.
cmillzz on General Height
@Connor a weak 5’8 is what I’d call “shortish”. A strong 5’8 guy like Rob Paul, I really wouldn’t call him shortish tbh. He doesn’t give off that impression to me. 5’9 is without a doubt completely average though and calling it shortish would be a joke.
AndrewV on Laëtitia Eïdo
Always gave off a tall impression, solid 5'8". Wakes up close to 175 cm and shrinks down to 173 cm.
ReallyShortRussianDude on Conor McGregor
Click Here

Rob, how many inches would say Mcgregor has on Paddy Barnes?
Editor Rob
Can look 5 inches taller, Paddy claimed 5ft 4.
viper on Shawne Merriman
I'm sure the tv had Andre Rison at 6-1 getting drafted when he's 5-10
Nik on Camilla Luddington
Nice pic!
Editor Rob
So nice she even got the privilege of a 1/8th like she basically claimed.
Redwing on General Height
Hey rob, if one woke up yet stayed in bed lying down for abit over an hour would they lose some morning height?
Editor Rob
They shouldn't lose anything.
Justice on Charles Bronson
Watch hard times proof is all there and the boots are enhanced. You'll have to take your case up with Walter Hill, whom I will believe over anyone else. Since the man actually met and worked with him. It's plain to see in many of the photo's and movies. Also check him out standing next to Norman fell, same height. There are way too many instance's where it is plain to see he's a small man. In hard times when he is sitting on the balcony with James Colburn he has his foot up. Look at the heel he's wearing,no one can say they look normal. Again don't have a clue why Walter Hill would make the comments he made. If Bronson was average Walter Hill wouldn't have had any reason to say anything. I'm 5'8 with two inch heels I'm now 5'10. Hollywood has way too many tricks and ways to make someone appear different than they really are. In Hard times when he is standing next to Strother Martin. He's about 2 inch's taller, watch the fight with Tessier and look at Bronson's feet it's so obvious. Remove Bronson's boots and stand him next to Strother Martin, same height.

Walter Hill also wasn't thinking of Using Bronson for Hard times originally because of his Short Stature. Originally Jan Michael Vincent was suppose to play the role of Chaney.
Robby Harris on Justin Bieber
171 minimum. 173 max. He's slightly taller than Ed Sheeran, so a flat 5'7" is highly unlikely. Hes surely in the mid to upper 5'7" range, at least. No more than a flat 5'8" at best. I'd like to see him beside Zac Efron and a liftless Tom Cruise in the future. All never really look below 171 or above 173. Bieber pretty much looks 171-172 cm with almost everyone he stands next to, so this listing is fair, but LOL claiming 5'10" at that height has got to be a crime! The 2" rule will never die out. Chris Rock even alludes to there being a jaw-dropping 4" rule! Well, there's only a handful of celebrities I can count on having ever tried that!
Nik on Pauline Quirke
Well, I never! I always thought 5'5" until now!
mohammed ltyf on Diego Costa
diego is 186 please create page marcelo
HarrySachs on George Foreman
Click Here Here is Foreman with Conan O'Brien
Normal tall guy on Gil Bellows
Looks 5'7 and no taller, 5'10 is way wrong for him

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