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23 January
Vsquad on Harry Shum Jr
He looks like a lot of 5'11 guys I know. Lanky, sometimes barely distinguishable from 6 footers. Although seeing him on Glee, 6'3 Cory Monteith made him look 5'10 a lot of the time.
Emil on General Height

Yup, but he mentioned that he only had open growth plates in his c2 and c3, and these vertebrae are located in the cervical spine (the part of the spine that stabilizes the neck). The amount of growth occurring in these vertebrae are minimal, as they barely constitute a mentionable amount of one's total height. We are talking about two cervical vertebrae not the femurs
Canson on Rob Paul
@Christian: I use my afternoon height as well. 6’4.25” or a mm over on a normal day in the afternoon and around 193.1-193.2 is my normal extreme low on a demanding day equivalent to your 196cm. I got right at 6’4” once but it’s with me doing a quick and dirty measurement so it’s possible 193.1 was really it. But Rob’s listings are all mixed when it comes to time of the day. Many athletes are listed at morning heights then a guy like Cudmore is 6’6.5 when Rob initially had him 6’7”. I think the premise is supposed to be 5 hours out of bed but in reality it’s only 1/8” difference between the two. In my case I see it more as in your case you dip to 196.4 perhaps (1mm under 6’5 3/8) so if you wanted to claim 6’5.5 that would be accurate since it’s rounded to the nearest half. In someone’s case like CSimpson when he was here he would be 5’11 7/8 at an afternoon so he would round to 6’0”. As far as Rob I don’t see an issue with the 5’8.25 or with 5’8 1/8”. In my mind I just think of Rob as 5’8” but I always refer to him on here as 5’8 1/8” here when comparing him. But to rephrase what I said earlier to Reg, you mentioned that we always see people advocating Rob to list himself taller and not at just 5’8” when that’s essentially what he is.
Canson on Idris Elba
@Dream: that’s in addition to Rock having had more footwear Than Idris on occasion
Alison McCann on Andrew Scarborough
Oh no no cannot believe that the wonderful Graham Foster in Emmerdale had been killed. He sure was my favourite character in the series. And I always thought that the actor Andrew Scarborough is a really amazing actor. I would say his height is 5'10.
Willis Christian Macaraig on Ricky Tomlinson
5'8" sounds right to me for the height of Ricky Tomlinson.
Bob da cob. on Adam Driver
6-2,5. Legit over 6-2
Bob da cob. on Lee Van Cleef
Legit 6-2. 1” or more shorter than Eastwood
Martin 6'1" on Bernard Bresslaw
Watching him right now in Carry On Loving. Assuming the average doorway here in the UK is 6'6" then he's about 6'3"
The Ben on John Cena
I've checked to see if I can find the Undertaker article, it was early 2000's so I'm struggling.
ANother guy who was surprisingly fat is Dibiase. He said he hit 350lbs in his retirement.
Iman Ahmad on Georgia Henshaw
I Guess She Is 165,7 cm Barefoot , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
The Ben on John Cena
There was in anterview with taker in a non wrestling publication in the late 90's, early 200's. He said at is heaviset he was fat 350lbs due to being on the road drinking all the time.
I believe it was his late ministry days.
he had no reason to lie, he was saying it in a negattive way. He said he'd been helping Shaq lose weight at the time.
I think this was after hed lost weight, he said he was down to 270-280.
I think he weighs 260-ish now at the least. I have a freind who's 6'7.5 and 260 and he actually looks skinny on such a big frame.
Iman Ahmad on Ronni Hawk
I Guess She Is About 168,3 cm Barefoot , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Aiysha Hart
I Guess She Is About 172,8 cm Barefoot , She Is About 172,8 cm ,
Iman Ahmad on Hannah Stocking
I Guess She Is About 174,6 cm Barefoot , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Danneel Harris
I Guess She Is About 167,6 cm Flat , She Is Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Bob da cob. on Arnold Schwarzenegger
6-0.5 peak
Iman Ahmad on Zoe Hardman
I Guess She Is 162,6 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Dinah Jane Hansen
I Guess She Is 170,8 cm Barefoot , She Is About 170,8 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Uma Thurman
She Is Taller Than Taylor Swift , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Emma Hamilton
I Guess She Is 163,8 cm Barefoot ,
Iman Ahmad on Lzzy Hale
I Guess She Is About 173,4 cm Barefoot ,
Iman Ahmad on Georgina Haig
I Guess She Is 170,2 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Doctor Sleep on Logan Paul
I'd go for 6'1.25 and Mini at 6'1 flat
Miles Yeargain on Chuck Norris
He's 5'9 in a half or 5'10
Editor Rob
Chuck Norris approves this post.
Miles Yeargain on Ving Rhames
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hey Rob!

I've been watching Sookie's videos quite a few times and she had one of the nicest miaows that ever I have heard. I like the shape of her face when she did the act. She looked just like a kitten!
Editor Rob
I found another few clips I'd forgotten I even took of Sookie, I might put a montage of them up at one point. It's useful, having memories like that.

I have been digitising family history recently, scanning and organising media. I found an old tape of myself in fact from when I was young rambling about football and stuff, I was shocked, like listening to a different person.
Jean-Pierre Jaboulay on Lance Armstrong
I am 175cm and a few more millimeters out of bed and almost 174 in the evening. I met him and he stood right in front of me. He was definitely 2 to 3 cm taller than me. So 177 cm seems accurate. I don't know what it exactly represents in feet and inches though.
Jean-Pierre Jaboulay on Lance Armstrong
I am 175cm and a few more millimeters out of bed and almost 174 in the evening. I met him and he stood right in front of me. He was definitely 2 to 3 cm taller than me. So 177 cm seems accurate. I don't know what it exactly represents in feet and inches though.
tony t. on Height Request
I think it's about time that we had Bill Hicks on here. I guess he was like 6'0.5 maybe? Not quite sure.
thisismoe!! on Chris O'Dowd
I met him in West Hollywood. He's a little over 6'2 but I wouldn't give him 6'3
Miss Sandy Cowell on Lisa Snowdon
🎊🎂🎈💐 Happy Birthday Lisa! 💐🎈🎂🎊

Wishing Lisa Snowdon a Very Happy 48th Birthday today.

5ft9.5. 🎁😁👍

Miss Sandy Cowell on Doutzen Kroes
💐🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Doutzen! 🎈🎂💐

Many Happy Returns of the Day to Doutzen Kroes, who celebrates her 35th Birthday today. Let's hope she has a wonderful day!

5ft9.25. 😁🎁🎊

Miles Yeargain on Ben Kingsley
Miles Yeargain on Martin Luther King Jr
He was 5'7
Tyler 5'11.5" on Matt Damon
Matt Damon is literally the shortest looking 5’10” guy I’ve ever seen in my life, but I must say he fares extremely well against guys like Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio and George Clooney who are all near or legit 5’11 guys. I have to give him 5’10 morning height for sure.
Nik Ashton on Christina Applegate
She is a convincing five foot fiver!
179.5-180 on Conor McGregor
Conor- 174cm or 5’8.5
Cowboy- 177cm or 5’9.5
Miss Sandy Cowell on Joseph Gilgun
Joseph was unrecognisable in 'Harry Brown' yesterday, with his long, greasy hair and wild eyes!

But he was no match for Michael Caine's Harry Brown, who shot him!

Ellis on General Height
@Christian 6'5 3/8: How tall are your parents? I'm much taller then both my parents, my mom is 5'5 at a low, and I'm 6'8 when I get up. I'm the second tallest of people I know in my circles, I'm not going to reveal that, but including elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. The funny thing is that, when I started high school I was seven inches shorter than the tallest guy who is 6'9 (currently), and I definitely wasn't one of the tallest guys.
@Greg: When I'm barefoot, or with socks on, I look huge, but I wouldn't consider myself a giant, my feet are really long too lol. It's when I put sneakers on is when I get really insecure about it, also having a lanky walk doesn't help. I rival my doorframe barefoot, with shoes on I'm over it. My frame is a lot like Jack Skellington, when it comes to my shape, not muscle wise, I'm not a skeleton lol, I'm 193 pounds at the moment and bulking. When I go out I'm always the center of attention, I don't know if it is for my looks or my height. To put it in perspective, it feels like I'm walking a tightrope in public, because I get anxiety. Anyways, I think the word you are looking for is extremely tall, to get more technical, I believe a giant is a human ranging from 7 to 9 feet, perhaps for a female that range could be lowered, an argument can definitely be made there. This is just my opinion, I'm not taking a jab at you, if you think 6'6 is a giant I respect that. In my opinion 'giant' starts at around 7 feet, I remember when my dad got us seats to a knicks game in the 2017-18 season, and I got to see Kristaps Porzingis up close, mans was huge, he made me feel short, it was a row behind the court-side seats but before the game started I got to stand near the court, and saw all the players on the same level as them.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sarah Paulson
Last night, I received a text from my boyfriend telling me to watch 'Split'. I wrote back assuring him that I'd seen it and have my own personal copy.

Somehow, I went on to find out that the follow-up, named 'Glass', has Sarah Paulson in it, and she would be enough for me to buy it, but it has James McAvoy, Samuel L and Bruce Willis too. I will be seeing it, no doubt, some time today. (Yup - my copy's on its way!)

5ft6. 👩💐
22 January
Gigs on Beyonce Knowles
She looks average height or slightly above that. She doesn’t look tall, but she also doesn’t look small or short at all, she looks normal and average sized. 5’6 (168cm) sounds right for her.
Gigs on Katy Perry
My guess is 5’7, no less and no more. That picture of her with pregnant Miranda Kerr (5’8), Miranda wasn’t standing straight, her body was tilted forward and her head was tilted down, while Katy was holding up her head high and standing up straight, that’s why Katy looked slightly taller.
Christian 6'5" 3/8" on Big Show
Sotiris might just be taking a break from CH, but he might be back soon or later. I've taken a break a few times myself, although not as long as Sotiris.
Christian 6'5" 3/8" on Stevie Richards
Sure, wrestling gear in Kane lifts. No way is this guy 6'3" in normal wrestling boots.
Christian 6'5" 3/8" on Sookie's Den
Do you mean 6'1" weaing shoes and lifts, or a 6'1" appearance?

@Deep Purple
Rougly 197cm, but it can vary a couple of mm's, depending on my physcial activity level.
MD on Michael Wildman
Is that 5'10.75" Aaron Eckhart in the middle of that photo posted above? What's going on, there?
MD on Neymar
I mean, obviously Andre Felipe is not 184cm...
Tall In The Saddle on John Wayne
Agreed. I wouldn't "shrink" Wayne down to 6'2". No way. Perhaps not the full 6'4" but at least very close.

At least from my POV, talk of Wayne enhancing his height isn't necessarily to suggest he wasn't around 6'4". Rather, it's to suggest that even though tall, it seemed that Wayne's height was sometimes given some boost amongst comparably sized co stars so as to ensure Wayne's edge. There is also the reasoning that Wayne might've worn lifts with age onset height loss.
Tall In The Saddle on Robert Wadlow

I agree. A kind, intelligent, gentle guy, particularly so given his obstacles.

I'm pretty sure you would've listened to this before as I have done but I am linking a radio interview described as being from 1937 which gives a deeper insight into Robert the man/boy. The interviewer apparently knew Robert on a personal level and it translates in his highly respectful treatment.

Of course he mentions the unique stats on Robert at the start but he doesn't accent on that thereafter, he simply treats him like a normal human being and asks questions as you would of any normal person. Great interview.

Not to be nit picky but he announces Robert to be 8'7" at age 19. Most growth charts indicate that Robert was 8'5" at 19 and 8'7" at age 20. Perhaps the year given for the interview is wrong. Also, the uploader has considerately typed out a tele-script of the conversation. Robert's voice is heavy as you would expect and that combined with the old audio he can be difficult to understand at times though I will say I've heard Robert speak on other recordings and he is articulate and clear. IMO it's more about the age of the recording and not coping with such a heavy voice.

Click Here
Roderick on Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan is 5'7" IMO
Roderick on Randy Orton
@Canson Kane can't be over 6'6". He looked max 6'5" with Vince Vaughn and with 6'6" LISTED Lee Smith, he actually only looked 6'4.5"... so best case scenario he hits 6'6" with perfect posture.
Joseph175 on Khabib Nurmagomedov
I watched the Khabib McGregor fight again. On second thought 176cm for Khabib is reasonable. My guess for Khabib is 5'10 flat out of bed or around high 177cm. 176ish throughout the day and may be dip to 175.5 cm at his extreme low.
Dan Trojan on John Cena
When i met the undertaker i can say that i can't guess an exact weight for him i would guess around 260 definitely not close to 300 he may have been at one point but not today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ben Affleck
In late 90's-early 2000's could look like a 6ft3 guy at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Toby Kebbell
At least 6ft0¾(184.8cm) for him. Only a little shorter than Mark Strong and edged out Tom Wilkinson.
Easily wakes up 186-187cm and an easy 188cm in shoes which he claims.
Eric W. Tam on Christina Masterson
Well if she's 5'5 I'm 6'3-6'4. Ridiculous. Like Dwayne The Rock Johnson claiming 6'5, no one really bats an eye until he started shrinking, for he's so huge muscles wise. However, it shouldn't work in this case, a 5'5 woman is considerably taller than some of her fellow lassies, 5'2, however, would basically make you the cutest one in the room nowadays. But she is taller than 5'2 by 3/4 of an inch pedantically.
Eric W. Tam on Noah Wyle
Ok, come on now Wyle, you know damn well you are only 6'1 max and at least 160 lbs.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on J.G. Hertzler
Tallest looking 6ft guy I've seen...
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sean Harris
I couldn't help but notice that the drug addled character Sean played in 'Harry Brown' was scarred up all over his body, probably from self-harming.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Ville Valo
This guy really can look 6ft to 6ft4!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Terence Cooper
Weak 6ft1 I think.
Eric W. Tam on Ivanka Trump
Lol, Does Trump just give everyone he knows, especially himself, an extra couple inches? 6'0 my a**. 5'10.25 seems alright though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Adam Godley
Colberto, at least C for me if not B range. Looked 186-187cm range on Breaking Bad w/h Cranston
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Eugene Lipinski
One of those guys who you wouldn't initially believe was this tall
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Paul O'Grady
I think currently 184/185cm range and maybe just maybe 186cm peak. Looked a decent 6ft1 range in the past
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sean Harris
I can't tell you that, Nik, until I've seen it again, but I have just watched him in 'Harry Brown', and 5ft10.5 looks about right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Wretch 32
186cm is possible.
Tom123 on John Cena
Cena is easily 183 cm 6 ft 0.5 inches, but guys seriously ? Undertaker max 280 pounds?
Do you guys even saw him during Ministry days? he was around 290-300 easily back then, and he was even heavier 2000-2002, as American Bad Ass he was really out of shape, easily over 300 pounds, in some magazine he claimed he was almost 350 in 2000.
Click Here Easily 290-300 range, at his height 6'7-6'7.5.
Tom123 on The Undertaker
Undertaker looked 6'6.5 with Alibaba in 2014, when he was 49 years old, after hips and knee problems for 20 years, so that's only your dreams. he was over 2.5 inches taller than Hogan easily in 1991-1992. And Hogan was like 6'4.5-6'5 still in 1991.
Roberto1 on Tyson Fury
Click Here

Tyson Fury with 5 foot 10 George Lockhart
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
Miss Sandy Cowell on Michael Caine
This fantastic guy, as seen in 'Harry Brown', has just about had all he can take. First he loses his wife to illness and then his best friend is brutally murdered by the local hoodlums.

I don't blame him for taking the law into his own hands, after hearing that his mate had been to the police and they'd done nothing about the harassment he'd been suffering, leading him to ask Harry (Michael) whether he'd ever killed anyone, and then producing a weapon for his own self-protection.

This is a serious, humourless watch.

I give Michael 6ft2 for his peak and 6ft0.75 now.
viper on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lowest Arnold could dip down to is maybe 6-0.75 from his 6-1.5 measurement

Still think he's 6-1 minimum
Miss Sandy Cowell on David Bradley
Ah! I've just seen that I've already been on David's page to sound off about his starring in the excellent and hard hitting film 'Harry Brown'. Well, I'm watching it right now, and the local hooligans have just tried to burn him to death in his own home. He goes out and curses at them over the balcony - and who can blame him?

I remember only too well what happens next. His mate, ex-Marine Michael Caine, or Harry Brown, towers over him, so I'm off to Michael's page now.

As I said, this is a hard film to watch, with open drug-dealing and far, far worse. These youngsters are so evil that any mind altering substances make them even worse.

Today - 5ft10.5
Yesteryear - 5ft11.5
Lakheswar Saikia on Tony Jaa
He is solid 5'6" (168cm) barefoot and 62kg
pacenik on Jake Gyllenhaal
hello rob. have you seen his movie Donnie Darko? i mean i guess you have. the movie came out in 2001 when he was 21 but he was probably around 19 or 20 when it was filming. i wanted to ask you what do you think of his height in that movie? when i look at him now, he does look like he is 181cm tall. but in that movie he seemed a bit shorter. honestly he didn't look more than 5'10'' there. what are your thoughts? could he have grown an inch or so after that movie?
Editor Rob
I have, but not for many years.
Roberto1 on Tyson Fury

You just linked an image of Fury having the height advantage over Wilder. Is your bizarre agenda finally falling apart? LOL

Look how much space is left from the top of the image and their heads. Click Here
Canson on Rob Paul
@Bobby: of course some believe he’s 6’5”. I’ve seen ridiculous arguments on sites though where they say that Lebron James’ height is 6’9” just because he’s is listed at that now. Little do they know he “supposedly” measured 6’8.5. And the logic always is “well Kevin Durant is probably 6’11” or 7’0” when he measured 6’9.5”. Now anyone can tell that Lebron doesn’t look more than 6’7” next to Durant or anyone else. Yet they want to call out the official measurement for Durant which is close to accurate and not Lebron’s which is false
Canson on Conor McGregor
@Joseph175: yea if you’re guessing 5’8 1/8-1/4 extreme low then an afternoon height of 5’8 3/8-1/2 is possible meaning out of bed he would be 5’9 1/8-1/4”.
Canson on Tom Selleck
@Berta: that’s because Conan is not 193. Max 192 and Selleck has Slightly more footwear that time
Canson on Tyson Fury
Fury is still taller than Wilder by at least 1/2”
Canson on Todd Williams
@Rampage: before the footwear advantage
Peter175 on Isaiah Mustafa
The height is believable, the weight maybe, but no way is he 7 percent bodyfat
Littlelee5ft6 on Eva Longoria
Her current husband looks closer to 5ft 6 range looking at the two of them together definitely not 5ft 4 or below
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Peter Mayhew
Not sure why he keep claiming 7'3 when obviously a shrunk 6'10 Peter daring to claim a foot over 6'3 Gwendoline Christie when it's only 7" apart between them.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on King Felipe VI
Canson say James Harden is nothing over 6'3 1/2 from 6'4 drafted morning height could make some sencse so King Felipe is def below Kobe Bryant. Kobe had solid 3cm on Harden and King Felipe look a plain inch on Harden. Kobe should be listed 6'5.25". But i personally still think Harden is 6'3.75", King Felipe 6'4.75" and Kobe 6'5.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Prince William
Peak Obama + Harry = 185.5cm and William 189.5cm before bed.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Prince Harry
@Jean Capadouze

Check out full body here and Harry had 1/4 less sneakers still edge him by solid 2" Click Here
Sean william Winter on General Height
rob there a guy on youtube who whos parents mother 5'4 dad 5'8 hes 5'11 but think hed be much taller if he eat better as a teenager. does eating 3-4 meal day vs eating 1 meal day as teen has a huge impact on your maximum hieght?
Editor Rob
He's already reached above what a Doctor might have predicted.
There is such a thing as catch up growth, where the body - when it is being fueled well - goes through catch up growth.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on David Duchovny
182.5-.6cm today is possible. 5'11.75" ( 182.2cm ) seem abit low. 6'0 1/4 for David peak higher chance than only 6'0 1/8.
Lakheswar Saikia on Ava Michelle Cota
6'1 🤤
Miss Sandy Cowell on Mark Labbett
Hooray! There was a contestant on just now who thought that Henry VII was the monarch out of Henrys the V, VI and VII who reigned for the least time adding that son Henry VIII MARRIED HIS WIDOW! No! Thank goodness Mark stepped in and corrected her. Henry VIII married the widow of his brother, Arthur, who was Catherine of Aragon.

The King who ruled for the least time was Henry V. She should read more Shakespeare! He was killed in battle, at the Battle of Agincourt, in 1415, to be precise.

Mark gets a King Sized 6ft6.5! 👑 😉👍
Vikram Sood on Kurt Angle
Doesn't look to be more than 5'8" today. Looked shorter than paul Heyman. Have you checked out his posture lately?? His knees are all screwed up.maybe 5'10" in his prime.
kostas dim on Jürgen Klopp
if van dijk is 194cm klopp is 190-192 cm.6 foot 3.25 my
Victor Lions on Charlotte Flair
Charlotte for sure isn't 5ft9 or 5ft10. I can see her being in the range of 5ft7 7/8-5ft8. Like she appears shorter than Andrade.
miko on Hulk Hogan
Hogan at 6'3/6'4 prime puts Andre the Giant at 6'8 range...

Hulk was 6'5/6'5.25 at his tallest, and is 6'3/6'3.25 today when he stands fully straight.

Sid was close to 6'7, Hulk mostly looked 1.5' shorter than him. Sid was Undertaker range and not that much shorter (maybe 2 inches) than 6'9/6'9.5 Kevin Nash.
Halb on Olivier Richters
Yeah, I was thinking, he couldn't be 6 inches taller than Thor.
Greg on Height Request
Hey Rob, could we possibly see a page for Bradly Martyn and Dom Mazzetti aka Mike Tornaberne the more I see them the more I am inclined to believe 6’1 range for Brad and Dom between 5’10.5-5’11 as he always gives an above average/tallish impression. What do you think?
Dr JJ on Robert Pattinson
Six footer and very slim. On the nose.
the thing on Donald Trump
Click Here hes says he is 6'3
Editor Rob
Trump says a lot of things he later regrets.

He's said 6ft 3 on Twitter too

"No, large man 6'3". Large ego!"
dit5500 on Conor McGregor
@notorius rogan taller than Conor in the interview ? I can't see that at all , there are also plenty of times during the interview where Conor actually looks taller than Rogan Click Here for example go to 0.32 of the video and they are almost standing beside each other at a straight angle and conor looks around 1.5 inches taller

Also if you go to 0.50 of this video Click Here when Rogan interviews conor after he beat Alvarez there is a clear 1.5-2 inch difference between a barefoot Mcgregor and Rogan who is presumably wearing thick shoes

Based on all of this I think there's no way Mcregor falls much below 5'9 at night , he might just about drop to the 5'8.75 mark on a bad day
Joe brandani on Tupac Shakur
Tupac was 5ft 11 100% facts .. smh..5'7 5 8 not even Cube is 5'8,ice T is 5'11 ,there's video of them three in the studio working and clearly shows cube was shorter then the two smh
Peter175 on Morgan Freeman
He towers brad pitt it looks a minimum of 3.5 inches in Se7en. Sometimes 4 inches
Jordan87 on David Prowse
Click Here

Prowse is leaning but I know for a Fact Prince Charles is not 6'2". He would have to be 6'2 to Stand up to 6'6" Dave Prowse here.

Some doubt even 5'10 for Charles, but assume he is his 5'10 Claim, there is no way Prowse was even over 6'5 there.

Take into account Dave's lean and he has him by no More than 6" of height. 6'4" was His peak IMO
Aldebaran on Michael Wildman
A solid 6'2 for, maybe 6'1.75
Christian 6'5 on Brock Lesnar
BTW, that maxpavlak98 guy claimed 6'5" on two separate occasions, so it's pretty much confirmed that's he's not over that.
Editor Rob
Those were file://desktop links you tried to include.
QM6'1QM on Vin Diesel
I have special Vin's (w/shoes) photo to you: Click Here.
Editor Rob
It's a rare sight.
Lucas3456 on General Height
Hi Rob, could the average male height be a bit shorter than 5ft 9 in London as it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. I say this because at 6ft 3 inches are feel very tall but just solid tall.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Brock Lesnar
That guy doesn't even quite look a solid 5" taller than Cena. He could be around 6'5" max. A lot of 6'5" guys add an inch or so to their height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Seth Rollins
I don't think that Rollins is any shorter than Ambrose either, although not by much.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Triple H
I doubt that Lee is 6'2". Mind you that he had a footwear advantage over Triple H, (wrestling boots vs dress shoes) and Lee's standing a bit closer to the camera. He could be roughly HHH's height like 186, or maybe even 185.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul
In many cases, yes, but it depends on the person. Some people already hit their low quick, like at noon, while others drop steadily all the way to nighttime. You're the type to lose it rapidly, while I'm a bit slower, but even I pretty much hit my low by 4-5PM.

It's funny how those who believe that Tom Cruise's a lot shorter than he is, like 5'4" or 5'3", are often the same people who also believe that Dwayne Johnson's 6'4" or 6'5". It goes to show you how powerful the media affects the perception of people. The media paints Cruise as a midget, and Dwayne as a freakish giant.
Friederich Feldmeier on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold looks easily 6ft 1/2 184cm in his youth Now a days i think he is 5ft 10 1/4 179cm look at the movie Stay Hungry with Jeff Bridges who used to be 6ft 1 barefoot in the movie Bridges is wearing shoes so i think hes 6ft 1.5 with shoes and Arnold is 6ft 1/2 and with shoes hes 6ft 1.5 só he Just says hes 6ft 2 Just because hes really close with shoes on but his height bare foot is 6ft 1/2
Raveen on Donald Trump
Trump is 100% below 6,1 because in most recent picture with nechirvan barzani who my father 6ft max morning height took a picture with him they were both close and in their conference photo they look about the same despite nechirvan barzani standing a little further behind.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height
There's no way that the 17th percentile is 5'0", especially not in America and the west. It'd be more like 5'5"-5'6".

@ Myself
It's common to lose around 0.5cm at your extreme low, compared to your normal low. Even I lose around that, maybe even more (196.5 normal low, and 196 max extreme low, sometimes 195.9), but some lose less, like Rob at only 0.3cm. And even if you were 192.5 at your normal low, I still wouldn't hesitate claiming 193, as it's only 0.5cm. Even I claim 197 to people whenever I'm using metric, but at times also 196.
Animus on Benedict Cumberbatch
There's been some discussion as to what Cumberbatch's eye level is. Could it be low as 5'6½? It's certainly below 5'7, I'd say, but is as low as 5'6½ possible, Rob?
Editor Rob
Potentially 5ft 6.5-6.6 range.
Fidus on Justin Bieber
@Peter175 If those are their heights, it's unlikely the kids would end up above average. More likely average or below average.
Bob da cob. on Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
Doesn’t look over 6-7 here.
Bob da cob. on Clint Eastwood
Genuine 6-3 min peak. Probably 6.3.25. Now just under 6-0
Bob da cob. on Eddie Hall
Looks 6-1 flat. Certainly not 6-3
Rem on Hilary Shepard
Rob, you are not even stretching out and you are the same height! Why the 174 mark?
Editor Rob
It is very possible the photograph could be adding a bit of height to my side, because I feel she appeared a bit taller than she looked in the photo.
Iman Ahmad on Sharon Maughan
I Guess She Is About 175,3 cm Barefoot ,
ConorFan. on Conor McGregor

Don't know about you guys but i saw a legit 3.5inch minimum difference between Conor and Donald at the Octagon final face off. BT sport just uploaded the whole fight on their YouTube MMA channel, you can have a look there.

Conor cant be any taller than 5ft 8 flat. Considering Donald is 5'11.5 minimum this makes perfect sense.

Conor's been called 5'8 by many people and MMA organisations in the past. Soon as anyone gets to the UFC they magically get taller. I also noticed a whole bunch of discrepancies between fighters and the tale of the tape on that card.
Iman Ahmad on Maeve Quinlan
I Guess She Is 172,8 cm Barefoot , A Quiet Lovely Woman , This Is 1 st Comment since 2007 Maybe ,
Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
@ Rob - I did once go about 43 hours without sleep! I bet you pulled out after 36 hours! 🤜 💼!
Editor Rob
I'm not one to pull out easily, but I think when you start going do-lally, it's time to recharge your batteries.
Iman Ahmad on Caterina Murino
I Guess She Is 167 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Kimblemur on Jude Law
@Steven T
Well then I don't think you're anywhere near as tall as you think you are mate! He's just over 5'10 in reality.
John Paul Agriam on Whitney Houston
I believe she is 5'8 and 6 foot if she is wearing heels
Iman Ahmad on Catherine Tyldesley
I Guess She Is 170,8 cm , She Is About 170,8 cm Flat ,
Iman Ahmad on Karis Cameron
I Guess She Is 172,8 cm , She Is About 172,8 cm , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Jennifer Calvert
I Guess She Is 163,4 cm Barefoot , She Is About 163,4 cm Flat ,
Bob da cob. on Dave Bautista
6-2. Another lying claim. Never near 6-4 lol
Miss Sandy Cowell on Andrew Scarborough
I like the playing of Blue Oyster Cult's song 'Don't Fear The Reaper' at the beginning of each of this week's episodes - how very appropriate! I recall playing the opening scenes of 'The Stand' five times in succession just for the pleasure of listening to that track!

The confrontation between Chris Bisson's coked out Jai and Graham yesterday showed there was a slight difference in their heights, but only a small one. This time, I'm saying 5ft9.75 for Andrew Scarborough, who's MUCH stronger than Chris. It's just a shame that he doesn't have eyes at the back of his head!
Lakheswar Saikia on Sushmita Sen
She is taller than Katrina Kaif ok 😡
Miss Sandy Cowell on Chris Bisson
Sorry - make that Jai!

Of the two culprits in the Graham Murder Mystery, Jai has gone right to the top of my list!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rosanna Arquette
I should think, Nik, that they mix in different circles. Liv Tyler, on the other hand, has got to know VB! Lucky VB!
Vsquad on Charlie Hunnam
Charlie looks so short for a 6ft guy... but he's always been surrounded by way taller cast members. At this point I wonder if he even believes he's 6ft anymore lol.

On Sons of Anarchy, most of his castmates were also 6ft (Ron Perlman, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, etc), but they were always wearing big biker boots while he just wore Air Force 1s throughout the entire show.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Michael Hutchence
Michael Hutchence would have been 60 today. How sad.

5ft10.5. 🎶🕯️
Miss Sandy Cowell on Linda Blair
💐🎈🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Linda! 🎁🎂🎈💐

Wishing Linda Blair a Very Happy 61st Birthday today.

5ft2. 😁👍

Miss Sandy Cowell on John Hurt
Today John Hurt would have turned 80 years of age. What a shame he didn't make it.

Miss Sandy Cowell on Steve Perry
🎂🎁🎈🎊 Happy Birthday Steve! 🎊🎈🎁🎂

Happy Birthday to Steve Perry, who today celebrates his 71st Birthday. Let's hope it's a good one. 😁👍

5ft7. 🎉🎶

Vsquad on Henry Golding
Ah, nice to see that quote of Henry saying he's "6ft, 6'1" - usually when people say things like that they are obviously the former.

That's always the case with guys who say that they're "6'1 or 6'2". It's like they're trying to trick you into thinking of them as taller lol.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Gillian Anderson
I noticed yesterday that above, there was a picture of Rob with Gillian and below, there was the picture of Rob with David Duchovny!

How 'X' Files is that?

5ft2.25. 👻
Miss Sandy Cowell on Julie Goodyear
Bet's lorry-driving boyfriend is very tall indeed. He's even taller than that huge bun she wears, and that's saying something! It always threw me of the scent that she wasn't, in fact, very tall at all!

5ft3.75. 😁💐
Miss Sandy Cowell on Michael Wildman
So Michael was in 'The Sweeney' as well! How incredible, and a greater reason than ever to buy myself a copy. I saw that film with my boyfriend and we both rated it! 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell on Sookie's Den
@ Nik - 20/2/20 will be a special date too, especially at 20 o'clock in the evening!

If I find my lazy, lying down 8 then so be it, but if I don't, I won't waste any more time hunting for it. Time is precious! 😁👍
edgeso on David Dobrik
Looked 5’9 with 5’11.5 jimmy fallon
6'1WhiteGuy on Shawn Mendes
yeah honestly I agree , He gives a very tall impression due to the fact that his girlfriend is 5’2 and most of the pictures he is in is with people of below average height. But when he is next to people of average height like Ryan Tedder (OneRebuplic) who is listed at 5’10 here on celeb heights , he would look maybe 1 inch taller if he was standing up straight. I’m a nice guy though so I would say anywhere between 6’ — 6’ 1/2
Tony Cao on Rob Paul
Hey Rob, i measured my height again by placing a ruler on top of my head and standing facing a wall. Is this method accurate? I used a mirror to make sure one end of the ruler is near the top of my head while the other end is touching the wall without tilting the ruler.
Editor Rob
A rule held horizontally might still give a wee error.
21 January
Gin Samuel on Ange Kagame
So if LeBron James is 6’9” and as pictured his nose is just over the forehead of Obama...

Click Here

then perhaps we should assume that her height (minus a few inches for possibly wearing a low-heeled shoe) is closer to 6’7” or so seeing that her nose is just about the same place as LeBron’s!

Click Here


Very impressive woman.
Roderick on Big Show
@Canson It's funny because his estimates were really good. I used to think Kane was 6'6.5", but when I seen stuff Sotiris was posting, I quickly went down to 6'6". He was good at guessing heights.
Editor Rob
You could always follow Gravas on Twitter, although I would caution he might be more than PG-13.
Tall Sam on Arnold Schwarzenegger
The pictures that Pierre posted of Jeff Bridges, he has super loose posture a lot of the time and kind of crouches into folks when he's posing with them. There's another one out there where looks barely taller than Kurt Russell. I think a little height loss is possible, though not as much as Arnold, but Jeff never seems to care about how tall he looks in photos.
Gusgiga on Vin Diesel
A weak 6ft guy.
184guy2 on Charles Barkley
Steve Harvey and 6'5.25 listed Brock O'hurn:
Click Here
Steve and Charles :
Click Here
184guy2 on James Harden
6'3 5/8 pretty good for Harden
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Liam Neeson
James, I think Neeson was a guy that could've hit 194cm earlier in the day but dropped to 193cm range before bed (never below though) while Goldblum held that mark a little it longer. So I agree with you
Personally, if we were gonna get real technical I think Neeson at 6ft4⅛ and Goldblum at 6ft4⅜ could be argued with 6ft4⅞ for Tim Robbins also (Still unsure on the full 6ft5 given that he's claimed 6ft4½ a few times)

Giving Neeson the full 6ft4½ would be a little bit of a stretch even though he could look it a fair bit in the 80's-90's (and would have measured at an earlier time of the day) whereas Goldblum was probably closer to it overall. Alternatively, you could also just give Liam 6ft4¼ which is what Jeff is at currently. Interesting that they're aren't any photos of them together
CDS on Leonardo DiCaprio
That teletext UK report does actually make sense IF that report was prior to say, 1997-ish? Didn't Leo have a bit of a late growth spurt? He grew a few inches, as it very visibly showed, AND used in the plotline, of the '93 film, "what's eating Gilbert grape"...
CDS on Brad Pitt
@original: that is exactly what I've pegged brad at as well. I was about exactly that height my senior year in high school!
Lawrence099 on Taylor Swift
Would measure exactly the same as foxx, leto, and hardy imo.
Johan123 on Damon Wayans
Doesn’t really look over 6 ft.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Gareth Thomas
@ Nik - It's nice to see you joining in! Yes, I had heard of another Gareth Thomas, but I had not the vaguest idea of what he did! Cheers Nik and Alverna!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Joseph Stalin
That's rather funny, Jabob! I like it!
Eric W. Tam on Ludi Lin
This guy shall play a young me in a movie when I become NWO leader one day. Though for today the only thing I can pass is giving him the heigh tof 176 cm. I'm 185 cm though.
Zane on Rob Paul
Im 6ft3.3 out of bed then shrink to 6ft.2.9 in evening what height can i claim and when js the best time to measure height
Editor Rob
That's barely any shrinkage, you should just say 6ft 3
Aldebaran on Calum von Moger
Rob, please change it. Calum is a strong 6'2 guy. 😧
Canson on Tyson Fury
So for everyone saying Magic is that much taller than Fury look at him with Peyton Manning. Magic doesn’t look more than 6’7-6’7.25 next to Manning and with other players today. I doubt Fury has the footwear Magic has on is what the issue is along with camera angle. We can’t see the footwear. And furthermore, I highly doubt Fury is really under 6’7” and being billed at 6’9”. Maybe 6’7.5 is too high but 6’6” is ridiculous. He was clearly taller than a 6’5 range Klitschko by nearly 2”. It won’t surprise me if you put them back to back that they’re very close

Click Here
Canson on Hulk Hogan
Jackson Rogers said on 16/Jan/20
@Harry Sachs

Hogan was losing height in 1980. All the pictures where Hulk is compared to guys like Sid and the Undertaker are in the late 80s and early 90s. Hulk wrestled André the Giant in 1979 in Shea Stadium so was already putting his body through wear and tear and suffered from scoliosis. He already lost an inch from 6’6 at his peak in the 70s to 6’5 in the mid 80s. Then the leg drop and two dozen knee, hip and back surgeries to now puts him at 6’3 today. I wonder if the latest fusion surgery will restore an inch of his height as it has the potential maybe.

Hogan was never 6’6” afternoon height. 6’5-6’5.5 range max. I do agree he was around 6’5 flat max in the mid to late 80s maybe even dipping under later in the day by late 80s. By the 90s he was 6’4 range and even today I doubt he dips much under 6’3 if even that low. Possibly 6’2.75-6’3.25 range afternoon and 6’3.5-6’4 out of bed
Canson on Draymond Green
@Junior: it’s too close to call. Footwear is another factor between them
yeaboi on RM
rob I think he's a rapper technically speaking (rm = rap monster)
viper on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Roderick how tall do you think Merriman looks with Logan. The same?
bg on Karlie Kloss
IMG models listed her as 180
Click Here
Littlelee5ft6 on Sam Raimi
Yes I agree gillian must be about 5ft 6 as next to fran kranz in sizeable heels they look the same height they did have a couple of inches platform on the front though so must give her about 4 inches do u agree rob?
Jtm on Jack Nicholson
MikeW said on 24/Feb/07
I would evisit the 5'-7" height. Look at him in Goin' South with Nary Steenburgen (listed as 5'-8"). Assume he is wearing cowboy boots and they are still the same height.
When they are seated together on the wagon he is clearly shorter. Women usually have shorter upper bodies, longer legs. I saw the movie and was surprised at how short he appeared. Click Here

rob have you seen goin south? I didn't take the comment seriously till I watched it a couple days ago and that poster had a point. I still wouldn't go as low as 5'7 peak but I would at least downgrade his height to 5'8.5.
Editor Rob
I could see how he looked 5ft 9 (which is always a figure that is possible peak), but I believe he looked taller than how I did beside an ageing Christpher lloyd.
Vitto on Youtubers
I think Jeffree Star should be added to this list and the site as well since I think he has been very popular in the US for years, but I can't find a video where he claims his height.
Jtm on Mary Steenburgen
what's really confusing is that she was same height or taller than jack Nicholson in goin' south. I know there is so much debate about Nicholson's height but I think the peak height listing might be a little low.
Ian C. on Greta Thunberg
Yes, Rob, Google claims to be balanced and uncensored, but is often heavily politicized. If you type in a simple declarative sentence that someone at Google might find offensive, the search options you get will all be the obverse of what you typed. I'd give you examples of this sort of thing, except that that would be a discussion well beyond the protocols of this site.

The top search you get on Google for Greta Thunberg's height claims that she is five foot four. That is the only site outside of Celebrity Heights that expressly addresses Greta's height. Ask Google how tall Danny DeVito is and you'll get hundreds of entries telling you that he's four foot ten. And none claiming that he's five foot four.
Editor Rob
They don't have an Infobox yet...personally I benefit when they don't, but at one point I'm sure they'll make one...

I am aware and agree that certain search suggestions are suppressed. I'm sure if you searched for many things in the past to do with some topics or famous people, you wouldn't be offered the true most searched terms in the suggestion bar.

With Thunberg, her height appears to me as one of the ten main suggestions.

Now Search Results themselves are not uniform.

Your own region, search history, what sites you visit etc play a role in what Google delivers you.

Here is a quick video showing an Incognito/Inprivate search on her Height.
Bradley on David Duchovny
Gillian at 5-2.....they must have had her on box with DD. Missing limbs the picture.
toots on Brock Lesnar
6'1 - every height in the WWE or UFC is wrong or manipulated freely
Progking on Alex Russell
Yeah im seeing 5'11 for him, 5'11.5 max. Good downgrade. Proof that his height is tallish though, he appeared a bit tall in Chronicle
joe### on Giannis Antetokounmpo
I agree with Junior I think the difference between him and Garnett is really 1.5 hinches.
Progking on General Height
@Greg yeah i was on a percentile calculator just now and considering the 5'9 average for canada/u.s 6'0 is near 86th percentile, which is plenty tall enough. I think 5'6 is near the 17th percentile, thats generally where i consider a guy start of short. If the young adult average is really 5'10 then you would have to be 6'0.75 or near 6'1 to be in the 83rd percentile. I think 6'0.5, or close to 6'2 in shoes, is the golden height.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Kerry Bishé
She look over 5'8 with 5'11 1/2 Zach Braff. Zach might be lower than listed.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Michael Wildman
Yip yip yippety McYow - here's here! That's a very believable height for him too. I saw him on 'Emmerdale' today (when don't I?) and he does look quite a bit over 6ft, so 6ft1.25 looks ideal for him.

I don't think he murdered Graham at all. I think he arrived at the scene and it had already been done; he's just claiming Kim Tate's money! She'll find out and won't be pleased.

6ft1.25 😉👍
Editor Rob
I probably wouldn't guess him under this mark
Nearly 180cm guy on Saddam Hussein
Well, in 1990 Saddam Hussein met Muhammad Ali. I recently saw their photos together and it was hard for me to see 2 inches between them. At that time Saddam was 53 years old and Ali 48, so they both couldn't lose anything noticeable yet. Besides, their footwear could have been similar. Finally, I think 184 cm looks a little low for him. Rob, do you think that next to Ali he could look like 6'1" or at least 6'0.75"?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Blake Griffin

Click Here Official height change to 6'9 now from 6'10. But 6'7.75" is def too low for him. 6'8 is the lowest he get from me.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Tess Haubrich
I doubt it if they're women, Nik. Wanting to be 6ft is more a male thing. 📏📏📏📏📏📏😍
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Andrew Steel
Andrew Steel def look as tall as Brendan Fraser and Brandon Routh.
Ignacio on Catherine Sutherland
She sems like 4cm shorter than rob
QM6'1QM on General Height
Myself said on 20/Jan/20

Yes, it's possible at your hardest day, how tall is your common morning height ? For example, my highest mark after bed is a 187.8-9 cm and i've never been under 6'1/185.4 cm.
P.S. But to be an honest guy - claim 6'2 to people :))
Miss Sandy Cowell on Mark Labbett
I've just watched an advert with Mark and Bradley Walsh appealing for people's votes in the up-and-coming TV awards. Bradley offered every voter a biscuit but The Beast had eaten them all! You could see from the wrappers that they were the huge, old-style wagon wheel type, which contained 200 calories a pop!

Bradley didn't even come up to Mark's shoulders.

6ft6.5. 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪😋
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Michael Strahan
Click Here Strahan does look 2.25" max with 6'2.25" listed Tim Tebow who is arguable 6'2 but Tim look to have 1/4 less sneakers compare to Strahan. Strahan might be right on the nose at 6'3.75" a low
QM6'1QM on James Root
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18

Wow! Guys, i find amazing picture Mick Thomson and David DeGea (who's legit 189-190 cm) and ... yep, Jim is right 100% - he's about 6'2 with boots on/ 184-185 cm off, i think: Click Here.
c-mo on Rob Paul
@ Canson

you are talking about me . I am not insecure about my height nor do I feel short

you for sure are an ....lets say interesting poster
Iman Ahmad on Jenni Baird
I Guess She Is About 168,3 cm Barefoot , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
edwards on John Cena
@ christian

agreed with everything you’ve said.i doubt peak taker was ever 300 lbs let alone over it.

@ gonzo

even a 6” guy like cena looked bigger than taker.though,taker is taller than cena.
Iman Ahmad on Jenni Baird
I Guess She Is About 168,3 cm Barefoot , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jake Gyllenhaal
5'11 with a 5'10 proportion on Conan show.
edwards on The Undertaker
@ canson

at that time,i feel love was 6’7.5 and taker looked 1.5 inch shorter so i have taker at flat 6’6 and love at 6’7.5 at that time.
J-Dog on Eddie Hall
Thanks for the replies Rob & Caldonio.

I have to say you guys are correct and I've noticed with Eddie Hall recently in the last ~1.5 years he has looked unnaturally close to legit 6'3-4" guys. I think he has been supplementing with lifts of some kind. I think Rob has him listed correctly. ~186cm seems more likely.
Greg on General Height
@mrfunnyguy don’t always trust the internet that goes for anything. Also I just don’t buy that you say you feel barely average at 6’1 around Sweden that’s why a lot of people doubt your height claim because it doesn’t add up with how legit 6’1 guys feel walking around. There’s a guy who trains with me who might be a weak 6’1, he’s definitely over 6’0 but by how much is debatable he might be 6’0.75 but he’s easily the tallest in my class on most days. Despite the U.S being like an inch or so under Sweden even there I can’t imagine 6’1 being remotely close to average.
Reg5ft8 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
viper said on 18/Jan/20
We don't even know how Arnold was measured. There was an stadiometer? Does Arnold busted a gut?. The bar was touching Arnold head? If Rob had measured Arnold probably would be at 6ft.075 in the 70's.
Arnold never looked over 6'2 with shoes If he really was 6'1.5!. The most he could ever looked is a weak 6'2 with big boots or footwer.
Reg5ft8 on Rob Paul
Canson said on 20/Jan/20
Yes I know.. but having 3 options, a high(morning), medium (lunch) and low (night) why choosing thw low one at night? I just dont get it. I'd claim my lunch being an average measurement and very fair..
Bryant on Allen Iverson
To all the folks debating LeBrons weight, it really is impossible to know how much someone weighs off a photo. Simply because muscle weighs more than fat and people can look muscular and not actually have dense muscles.

It's like if you had identical vases, and one was filled with water and the other was filled with lead. Both vases look full but one would be heavier and you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking.

I suspect LeBron has a muscular body type but doesn't have the type of heavier muscles you'd get from weight training. If anything, he probably avoids anything that'll unnecessarily add weight(stress) to his joints. (Zion's ppl should be calling LeBron's ppl yesterday for tips on this)

He's a solid 6'8, and is wide. Which is why he never looks small no matter who he's standing next to. I bet he's been 260-270 the majority of his career. He'll probably stay healthy after his retirement, but even still, he'll probably jump up to 280 without the daily grind of competing to be the best in the world at a sport.
Sean william Winter on General Height
@mr funny how tall are your parents?
Sean william Winter on General Height
mrfunny guy lucky for some ini8t being 6'1/.............
Diogenes on Phillip Schofield
He has quite a low sitting height, so seeing him on This Morning next to the woman, made me think he was about 5'6.
Nik Ashton on Lisa Marie
@ Rob - Do you know what she claims?
Editor Rob
I never seen a claim from her.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) on General Height

I also grew an inch and change after 18. I was a flat 5'9 and grew to 5'10 range, so I don't think it's impossible.


You'd have more credibility if we saw your whole body in the frame compared to your fridge. I don't know if you're shy or not but think about these things first before putting yourself out there on the internet like that.
Reg5ft8 on Arnold Schwarzenegger
@Rob. In what movie does Arnold looked over 6'2 with shoes? Because If he was 6'1.5 barefoot means he was easily over 6'2 with any kind of shoe and being honest he has never looked over 6'2
Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
@ Rob - Yes, Sookie was measured to be taller than Jenny and your good self!
Blake on Demi Moore
Yh good luck finding the audio, it wasn’t in any of the highlights from her interview on the official Howard stern YouTube channel.
Iman Ahmad on LauraLee Bell
I Guess She Is About 167,6 cm Barefoot ,
Nik Ashton on Sookie's Den
@ Sandy Cowell - Yes and now I am going to do it too, it had crossed my mind!

🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽! Here’s the toilet room, 5 more chances if you break a seat or get one bunged up with .................! Or alternatively there is one each for six lucky people, a line of 6 loos!
The mind bog-gles!

BTW .................! means bog roll!
Iman Ahmad on Vanessa Bayer
I Guess She Is 166,4 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Peri Baumeister
I Guess She Is 170,2 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Peri Baumeister
I Guess She Is 170,2 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Johhh on Norman Reedus
Met him in NY. He looked taller than this. At least one inch more.
Iman Ahmad on Melissa Barrera
I Guess She Is About 170,2 cm Flat. , Uma Thurman Is Taller Than Her ,
Animus on Alex Russell
That was a quick downgrade; I like the decisiveness. I think it's safe to say that he's not 185lbs. He looks like a 160-165lbs guy, maybe 170lbs on his heaviest day.
Iman Ahmad on Monica Barbaro
I Guess She Is About 170,2 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
tree on Donald Trump
Looks 6ft4 now and he is not even 14 years old Click Here
Iman Ahmad on Jodi Balfour
I Guess She Is 170,2 cm , She Is About 170,2 cm Flat , A Quiet Lovely Woman ,
Iman Ahmad on Mollie Gallagher
I Guess She Is 155 cm Flat , Jennifer Garner Is Taller Than Her , Semper Fidelis ,
185vietnamese on Michael Wildman
He can't be as tall as Gerard Butler compare to Aaron Eckhart
62B on Billy Gunn
Mikey97 said on 19/Jan/20
@62B I have my photo to back it up. Go to Mark Henry's page and scroll down to around early-October. In the photo Billy looks a solid 6'4" but he was in wrestling boots while I was in Vans.

I did end up running into him again after the show and he looked a little shorter, like max 6'3".

So you don't think JoeyB33 would have noticed footwear? And that barefoot Billy would actually be shorter than Joey's brother? I think Joey being closer to Billy's height and having his brother next to him with a known height is going to have the more accurate estimate. Going off of Joey's picture I really doubt Billy would come out shorter than Joey's brother barefoot. Also on Mark Henry's page I couldn't find any October listings. For me it jumped from September to December, so I didn't spend a lot of time looking for your picture. Rob also estimated Billy at 6'4" in 2012. I am about the same age and height as Billy. I have back and neck problems and it has taken me about 16 years from when I started noticing that I was loosing height to loose an inch. And really I have not even lost a full inch, more like 7/8". So to me it doesn't seem likely that Billy would have lost a whole inch in 8 years at his age. Again, your and Joey estimates are pretty close. I just think Joey's is a little more accurate.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
@ Nik - I prefer to watch that sort of comment ('It stinks!') on my television. I have enough piles of poop 💩 to clear up from my cats 😹😹😹 each day, and I can't wear a permanent gas mask!
Littlelee5ft6 on Michael Wildman
I remember him from an episode of miranda and from what I recall he seemed a bit taller than her. I guess she could of had less footwear than him though
Nik Ashton on Kate Lyn Sheil
I would love to see a photograph of her with my good self!
Nik Ashton on Todd Williams
@ Zampo - I fully agree! The average guess of 5’10.92” may be spot on!
Miss Sandy Cowell on Height Request
@ Rob - Too right! Michael is very tall next to Kim Tate and Graham Foster. He's TALL full stop! AND he's met the fantastic Samuel L! 😃👍😉👍
Nik Ashton on Jet Li
5’5.5” is a reasonable shout!
Mickie on Tyson Fury
Rob has weighed in on the footwear, it sounds like Tyson might have had a 0.3 - 0.4 inch advantage wearing the Yeezy shoes in this photo: Click Here

Tyson will slouch a lot of times and be more eye to eye with Wilder, like here: Click Here Wilder isn't standing perfectly straight there, but Tyson is obviously dropping more height to look at him eye to eye. At some camera angles like this one, you can see how slumped over he often stands.
Canson on Andy Murray
187.5 is closer to 6’1.75. Not even sure if the 187.5 is his afternoon height. 6’1.75 is the fairer listing imho
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@Roderick: possible Sid was 6’6.5-.75 and that Hogan was 6’5 or 6’4.75 when that was taken. Hogan likely wasn’t peak. I remember Hogan and Barkley and Barkley at 6’4 5/8 was taller
Canson on Hulk Hogan
@Jackson Adams: Hogan was 6’5-6’5.5 at his peak height. Sid the more I see it was 199-200 range. He could even look his listing at times. I underestimated him at times
Canson on Tyson Fury
@Pierre: their postures aren’t that different and Magic is even favored at times with him. If you see Magic with Mitch Kupchak or with Lakers players it’s clear he’s 6’7” range. Fury next to most guys looks 6’7” range too. Again we don’t see footwear. I doubt Fury is really that much shorter than Magic as those pics suggest
Canson on Braun Strowman
How does someone “deserve” a height?
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: his height looks all over the map
Canson on Rob Paul
Reg5ft8 said on 20/Jan/20
@Rob so claiming a height being 6 hours on feet is more than acceptable and honest. why do you decide to claim a night height or a bedore bed height? when you are 5ft8 1/4 even at 2pm being on your feet 6 hours you still manage to be easilty 5ft8 1/4
Editor Rob
Meeting actors I will be closer to my low because I am more active than at home (in which I am not as active).

I’d imagine Rob has claimed that height for years. If that’s what he wants to claim that’s what he is going to claim. There are several guys here that claim their morning height or near it and very little is said to them. Not like it changes who he is as a person
dit5500 on Conor McGregor
@notorius rogan taller than Conor in the interview ? I can't see that at all , there are also plenty of times during the interview where Conor actually looks taller than Rogan Click Here for example go to 0.32 of the video and they are almost standing beside each other at a straight angle and conor looks around 1.5 inches taller

Also if you go to 0.50 of this video Click Here when Rogan interviews conor after he beat Alvarez there is a clear 1.5-2 inch difference between a barefoot Mcgregor and Rogan who is presumably wearing thick shoes

Based on all of this I think there's no way Mcregor falls much below 5'9 at night , he might just about drop to the 5'8.75 mark on a bad day
Nik Ashton on Karlie Kloss
Miss Sandy Cowell on Christopher Lee
I saw a film about 'The Mad Monk', Grigori Rasputin, when I was still in my teens. Today I found out that Rasputin was born 151 years ago today, so I checked out his height. He was all of 6ft4, so it's entirely justified that Sir Christopher Lee should have played him.

The film showed the Politician at his most violent - and I was quite disgusted! 😃👍

The late, great Christopher gets 6ft4.5.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Historical Heights
Grigori Rasputin, 1869-1916, was born on this day 151 years ago. He was an amazing 193cm, or 6ft4, which was very tall for the 19th century.

Could he please have a mention on the Historical Heights Page please Rob?
Miss Sandy Cowell on Emma Bunton
💐🎂🎊🎶 Happy Birthday Emma! 🎶🎊🎂💐

Here's wishing Emma Bunton a very Happy Birthday! She turns all the fours, 4️⃣4️⃣, today.


Nik Ashton on Rob Paul
Nik Ashton on Andy Allo
Absolutely, it would be a fantastic idea for her to have an appointment at Victoria’s so that she can be measured up for a nice skirt suit!

There probably wouldn’t be much difference between the two girls, I never knew that Victoria was described as 5’6” in so many magazines! The things is you kinda believe it, that is until you come to celebheights and find out what Rob has to say!

They could always pop round to Rob’s kitchen, to be measured!

Andy and Victoria are both about as average as you can get in terms of height!
QM6'1QM on Ed Westwick
Wow! I was shocked, 5'8 body and 6ft head ... Interesting :)
Miss Sandy Cowell on Geena Davis
💐🎂🎊🎈 Happy Birthday Geena! 🎈🎊🎂💐

Many Happy Returns to Geena Davis, who is today turning 64. Here's wishing her a very exciting day!

6ft. 😁👍🎁

Betterunknown on Marisa Tomei
She is 5'2, I've met her and she's my height

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