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10 August
Iman Ahmad on Jessica Shears
She is about 175,7 cm , HAKUNA MATATA ,
Iman Ahmad on Nichole Hiltz
SHE IS about 170,2 cm flat , Big Rob is Taller than her , Bravo ,
Iman Ahmad on Annes Elwy
SHE IS about 168,3 cm barefoot , HAKUNA MATATA ,
Nino S. on Roy Jones Jr
Have you seen the recent picture of him with Chris Eubank Jr? He looks under 5'10 in that photo. It's on Eubanks Instagram.
Sinclair on Walter Matthau
Matthau seemed to own 6’2.5” in the earlier stages of his career, I’d go with that. Gregory Peck was basically the same height as Matthau in Mirage. In The Kentuckian, Matthau looked close to 6’3” and easily edged out Burt Lancaster. In Charade, The Fortune Cookie, The Odd Couple, Charley Varrick and The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three, I thought Matthau gave a strong 6’2” impression. By the time of Grumpy Old Men, Matthau had shrunk, as 6’2.25” Ossie Davis was taller than Matthau by then.
Sinclair on Gregory Peck
I’d put Gregory Peck at a 6’2.5” for his peak height, I wouldn’t discount 6’2.75” either. In Mirage, Peck is almost identical in height to 6’2.5” Walter Matthau. In their first scene together in that film, they are practically eye level. Rob, who do you think was taller at peak, Gregory Peck or Walter Matthau? I would estimate Peck as the slightly taller man, even when taking Matthau’s slouchy posture and possible height loss following his back injury into consideration. Peck and Matthau could have both been 190cm tall in their 20s, many sites list Peck as 190cm tall.
Sinclair on Louis Jourdan
I’d agree with a flat 5’11” for Louis Jourdan, who played my favourite main James Bond villain. Jourdan was over sixty years old in Octopussy and still held his 5’11” height rather well, he was roughly two inches shorter than Roger Moore.
Sinclair on George Kennedy
In my opinion, Kennedy was taller than Clint Eastwood in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and in The Eiger Sanction. I think Eastwood could have been as tall as 6’3.75”, so Kennedy definitely gets the full 6’4” from me. In Mirage, I see Kennedy as a taller man than 6’3.5” listed Leif Erickson and even if Kennedy wore lifts in Charade, I feel he still would have been able to get over the 6’4” mark barefoot, at that time.
Sinclair on Leif Erickson
Erickson was around 53 years old when he acted in Mirage and still looked a strong 6’3” compared to 6’4” George Kennedy. 6’3.5” for Erickson at peak sounds correct.
Sebastian Cooke on Colin Morgan
5’11.5 ft or something like 181.5 cm. Hair is deceiving and makes him look taller at 6 ft in Merlin series. Besides, his eye line it's like half an inch above Bradley James that stands with a strong 5’11 ft. Is this accurate Rob?
JH on Rafael Nadal
Rafa's more like 1/2 inch shorter than Fed.
JH on Jason Bateman
This is a good listing for Bateman, because he looks around 1.5 inches shorter than Sudeikis.
Carlos Santana on Lil Uzi Vert
5'3.75 for me..
JH on Chris Evans
He's in the 71 3/4 to 71 7/8 inches range during the afternoon, but probably is a 6 footer in the morning.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul
I see where you're coming from, but nearly all average height stats only cover either 18+ or 20+ year olds (meaning adults), and not children. The true average heights of countries would be a lot shorter, if we include people of all ages, including children and babies.
JH on Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam is looks around 71 3/4 - 71 7/8 range in the afternoon. Also looks like 1/4 inch shorter than Robert Kazinksy, who's a 6 footer. Although, in the morning Charlie is probably 72 inches tall.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul
RIP Ulercy, I personally don't know how it feels like to have a pet cat pass away, but I've heard that it can be as hard as losing a human family member.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Aleister Black
No, they're not. Dutch are more like 5'11", if you include the older population.
JimM on Audie Murphy
I could agree with 5'6" or even a fraction more. His Army height of 5' 5" was when he was only a few days past his 17th birthday and he could have grown an inch or more as he aged. I found this recently which seems valid. He certainly was not a person to be easily intimidated by anyone. He is credited at being 5' 7" in this post of altercation with a 6' 1" 190 lb man.

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Christian 6'5 3/8" on Lance Archer
I appreciate that! But Jdubbz and Junior are cool guys as well. I must admit that I haven't always been particularly friendly to everyone on this site in the past, especially those that have rubbed me the wrong way, but I've never had a single issue with posters like you. In fact, I've never seen you argue or had a heated disagreement with anyone here, which is incredible. It must take a lot of patience and kindness to do that.
9 August
Mone Kamishiraishi on Ivan Rakitic
He is exactly as tall as me. Out of bed height is normally about 183.5cm, but my max is 183.9cm after a good night sleep. I am exactly 182.9 cm (6 ft) after about 2 hours waking up. My normal low is about 182cm. I just round up and claim 6 ft (183cm for metric).
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Re: Ule-Ule

Thank you very much Rob. I had four cats in attendance when I buried him.
Five Eye on Danny Pino
Woaw he is 6'0. His face give a impression of a shorter height, like 5'10.
Sinclair on Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan edges out 6’1” listed Robbie Coltrane in The World Is Not Enough. Therefore, unless Brosnan was wearing lifts in that film, he would have been at least a solid 6’1”. 6’2” listed James Read gave a taller impression than Brosnan did in Remington Steele. The difference between their heights was probably close to an inch. I agree with the 6’1.25” listing for Brosnan, it seems very logical.

Rampage, Brosnan may have edged out Roger Moore when both men were at their peak heights, it is not out of the question. In any case, it would have been a close call. Both men exercised brilliant posture, but I thought Brosnan’s posture was slightly superior to Moore’s. I feel Brosnan was probably taller than Moore if we go by their heights when they played James Bond. Moore was not much over 6’1” by the time of Live and Let Die. I know Brosnan eventually overtook Moore in height.
Sinclair on Timothy Dalton
According to the Bond tailors, Dalton was the tallest James Bond, they gave him 6’2”. I suspect they measured Dalton at the full 6’2” in the morning. 6’1.75” seems a decent call for Dalton, he and George Lazenby were nearly inseparable in height, at their peaks. However, I feel 6’2” listed Benicio Del Toro oddly seemed a tad shorter than Dalton in Licence To Kill, even though Dalton rarely struck me as a solid 6’2” James Bond.
Sinclair on George Lazenby
Lazenby did look almost identical in height to Michael Caine. Lazenby struck me as a solid 6’2” James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service but I think 6’1.75” is the best fit for Lazenby. His measurement from the Bond tailors was 6’1.5”, so it could have been rounded down from 6’1.75”. Of all the Eon Production Bonds, I think Sean Connery was the tallest and arguably, the best. Timothy Dalton could have been the second tallest, George Lazenby the third tallest (although he and Dalton were practically equal in height), Pierce Brosnan the fourth tallest, Roger Moore the fifth tallest, if we are going by heights they were when they were Bond, and Daniel Craig the sixth tallest.
The French Dude on John F Kennedy
6ft sounds right to me
Jay Tu on Tom Cruise
I think I he's shorter than me and I'm 5'7 ¾.
Duhon on Magic Johnson
Magic was listed initially at 6'8" by the NBA before switching him to 6'9" like Larry. I think 6'8" was a round up height for Magic at that time.
Duhon on Olivier Richters
@Roelc that comment about the appearances between "genetic giants" and "acromgalic giants" is interesting. Most of the centuries or millennia old stereotypes and stories about giants with the giant hands, and exaggerated "scary" facial features were likely based on people who had Acromegaly not naturally tall people.

Shaq is taller than Big Show and Andre was but he doesn't have that "intimidation" factor the two acrom giants do.
1 man united on Eminem
This listing is truly shocking. I always thought I was taller than Eminem but apparently were the same height. His small frame is deciptive.
The French Dude on Marilyn Monroe
Without mentioning the fact that her autopsy says she was 65.5 inches(5'5.5 or 166 cm),they obviously had to meausure her BAREFOOT,IS A AUTOPSY they can't meausure her with shoes/heels on, so she was at least that height barefoot not less, and looked a lot taller than Queen Isabel that have a lot of proofs being almost 5'4 at her peak height.
Triplescrew on General Height
You know, I think a lot of this hand-wringing would go away if c-mo and greg just switched the metrics through which they claim their height.

c-mo should just say he's a strong 5'9". I mean that pretty much covers all variations of his height claims

greg should just say he's around 179cm, and that too covers pretty much all variations of his height claims

all this arguing, and correct me if I'm wrong, seems to be about c-mo not liking the sound of "176cm" and greg preferring to be perceived as close to 5'11" as possible

if anything all this debate shows is how much people can base their identity around being seen as having an optimal height. c-mo wakes up at above 5'10" and greg wakes up at 5'11" on the dot, so it's not like they are even that different in height. And yet you see in their posts just how important quarter inches are in dividing up men who are in the "average range" of 5'8" to 5'11". It's an interesting phenomenon, and I think part of the reason why Rob allows their duel to continue is to provide a case study on how much height in the form of fractions of inches can influence one's mindset and perception of reality

(this is only a semi-serious post, so don't get too riled up about it)
The French Dude on Barbara Palvin
A weak 5'8 to me in barefoot.
The French Dude on Kendall Jenner
5'10 barefoot to me!, she's the prettiest in her whole family for me.
The French Dude on Kylie Jenner
That 5'7 claims sounds funny ngl, 5'6 sounds right, maybe even 5'6 1/2, but i still thinking 5'6 is her height.
Kellamy on Jim Parsons
I met Jim in NYC and stood face to face about 2 feet away. I was kind of surprised that he wasn’t as tall as I’d imagined him to be. I’m 5’ 6” and he didn’t seem that much taller than me. Of course I was having a star struck moment so I could be remembering wrong.
Ken Managbanag on Brock Lesnar
He's 6'1"! I've seen him in person and I'm a little taller than him, probably half an inch. I'm 6'1" myself wearing flip-flops with little to no lift while Brock is wearing shoes when I saw him. He's the same height as Bobby Lashley, they're both 6'1" 'cause I've seen them in person. Roman Reigns is 6'2", he's a little taller than me. This site is lying sometimes 🤦
Mridul on Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik is a 6ft guy for sure
Battery6565 on The Undertaker
No the situation is NOT different in the documentary. They barely stand together in the documentary and when they do, Undertaker looks taller. Find me a single frame where Braun looks taller. The fact of the matter that NOBODY is willing to admit is that UNDERTAKER is TALLER than BRAUN STROWMAN. There is proof to suggest this, like this video right here.
Click Here

Stop being in denial that Undertaker is taller than Strowman.
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And there is 0 EVIDENCE to suggest otherwise.

I have done some research and it's just so blatantly clear that he's most likely STILL 6'6.5" to 6'7" range, and in his prime was at the bare minimum 6'7.5".

Do you even think about what you're saying before you type things out? So Rob has listed Sycho Sid at 6'6" "for a reason", but when it comes to John Cena being listed half inch above his claim, then there's "no evidence"? Yes there is evidence. Plenty actually. Just go compare him to Vin Diesel or The Rock. You haven't proven anything. Sid said he is about 6'6" and Rob also agrees that he looked taller than that, so chances are he is a fraction higher and doesn't bother claiming it. Anyone could tell he didn't really care about his height from that interview. Do you really think he couldn't just say "yeah i'm ABOUT 6'6" if he measured around 6'6.375"". Jesus, dude...

Goldberg is listed at 6'2.5", meaning Taker is 6'6.5". You don't believe me? Measure the pixels yourself and you will get the same result.

Click Here

You want more evidence?

Click Here

Big Show is 6'10" and Undertaker is 6'6"? Yeah right. Anyone can see this is NOT a 4" difference.

Still not convinced? Okay. Here's more.
Click Here

Undertaker looking the same height as Dr Disrespect.
"Oh but he's wearing a hat" - Well if you look at their chin heights, they are clearly level. And if anyone knows Undertaker, they know he has a GIGANTIC forehead. So if anything the hat is favouring Dr Disrespect.

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Yao is 7-8 on Hulk Hogan
RoelC said on 7/Aug/20
One could easily say the same thing about your fanboy fantasy of Yao Ming growing another 3 inches past the age of 22. That's a lot more ludicrous than claiming a 3-inch height loss for Hulk Hogan! If a prime Hogan is only 6'3" all of those guys are much shorter than what they're listed at or claiming to be.

Response: Roel, Yao was documented by the NBA to have grown from 7-5 to 7-5 3/4 from age 22 to 23, and I posted a photo of 29 yr old Yao looking clearly taller than 7-7 Muresan, so that's not the same as wildly claiming that Hogan's skeleton shrank by 3 inches, come on! Actors and athletes adding inches to their heights? Who would think that?? ROFL.

@Miko,RP,Hotspots, etc. How do you explain Kareem Abdul Jabbar being 70+ years old with multiple surgeries and health issues and still looking taller than Ralph Sampson, Shaq, Chamberlain, and other centers? Kareem has a lot more height to lose than Hogan. So according to your wild theories, Kareem should at most be 6-11 by now, yet Kareem is not much off his peak height of near 7-2. Stop with the wild guessing. Hogan was 6-3ish peak and his skeleton did not shrink by 2 or 3 inches, get off the meth already.
The big lul on Big Show
Personally big show in the last 4 years hasn’t looked a legit 6’10 guy. Looked about 3.5 - 4 inches shorter than 7ft Shaq, 2.5- 3 inches taller than 6’6.5 max Braun Strowman and looked 4.5- 5 inches max taller than 6’4.5 drew mcintyre. So I think it’s about time that big show gets a downgrade to 6’9.25 to max 6’9.5
Vibram on Bobby George
Bobby has a stoop and walks with a cane as of 2020. He looks 5ft10 in 2020. 6ft1 peak is believeable.
The big lul on The Undertaker
Both Taker, Kane , Corbin and Strowman look very similar in height with each other in the documentary strowman probably had him by .25 to .5 max cause taker in the first two to three episodes taker looked a max 6’5.5 to 6’5.75. Then in the last two looked at max 6’6 maybe 6’5.75 . It’s probably like this now

Taker and Corbin : 6’5.75- 6’6
Kane 6’6- 6’6.5
Strowman: 6’6.25 - 6’6.5
And just for the heck of it
Big show: 6’9-6’9.25 max
Alir?za on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Click Here

I think that is good photograph. Two men's chin and eyes at the same level. The distance to the camera is the same. Both guy have very similar height
Andy5'93/4 on PewDiePie
I thought it was just one video at first but from lover thorn3s posts its clear roomies taller. I think pewdiepie really could be a solid 5’8 barefoot
Andy5'93/4 on General Height
Asking for a family member waking up at 5’9 1/16 and going to bed at 5’8.4 he claims 5’9 would you consider that too high a claim
Tunman on Lance Armstrong
Whether he could really be considered one of the greatest athletes is a subject upon which people will probably never find a consensus.
The fact is that everyone cheated at that time and in fact even before (Roche,Indurain,Riis,Ullrich,Pantani and many others definitely took EPO and other drugs,that's obvious,don't be fooled by anyone trying to claim the opposite).That he was the only one stripped of all his titles was something I couldn't understand.Maybe the reason behind it was that he was one of the rare athletes who built a mafia-like system around himself,going as far as corrupting,blackmailing,threatening and so on...all things that made the public opinion especially in France turn completely against him.
Regardless of cheating,he's indeed a hero to all people who suffered from cancer.He could be anywhere from 5'9 to 5'9.25" with 5'9.5"being a possible measurement earlier in the day.
Yao is 7-8 on Ming Yao
Mickie said on 6/Aug/20
@Yao is 7-8 - And you think what, Lebron is a full inch taller or something?
Response: than who? Kevin Love? Correct, Lebron is 1" taller than Love IMO.

@Mickie, so explain how Larry could be 6-9 and shorter than 6-8 1/2/6-9 Detlef Schrempf?

@Slim 6'1, are you talking about Shawn Bradley at 228cm? Cause Yao ain't lanky, dude is over 300 lbs, and some Chinese fans estimate Yao's true height to be 233cm (7-7 3/4) to which I agree.
Canson on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
@RJt: seeing Baywatch, I find it hard to believe he’s sub 6’2” but find it harder to believe that he’s 6’3”.
Sullivan on Paul Rust
I thought he'd be a bit taller. He looks taller than Gillian even when she wears those 6" heels in a few scenes. Could she be shorter than listed here?
Canson on Michael Jordan
He’s not taller than Kobe was
Canson on Ming Yao
Yao is 7-8 said on 7/Aug/20
@Canson, Mickie, No way no way. Are you saying Commissioner Silver failed in his integrity campaign for NBA heights? While I agree that some players' remeasured heights were false, Lebron's 6-9 is for sure real. Even before the re-measurement watching some of the games I was wondering how at supposedly 6-8 with shoes Lebron was looking eye to eye with 6-10/6-11 centers such as Kanter, Kendrick Perkins, etc. His 6-8 1/2 barefoot height explained it. And what's with this morning/evening height nonsense? If you touch a height during any part of the day, you are that tall. If you are 6-6 at 8am and drops to 5-10 by 8pm, then you can still say you are 6-6 IMHO.

You don’t sound intelligent with that last sentence you just wrote.The standard on this site is afternoon heights. So if you’re going to use afternoon for some then you need to use it for everyone. You can’t choose one just to make Lebron the height you want him to be. And Kendrick Perkins only measured 6’8.25” and Kanter 6’9.75 (morning height). Perk is clearly shorter than 6’9.5 Kevin Durant. Durant is also shorter than Anthony Davis who was measured 6’9.75 so it’s debatable Durant was measured earlier in the day. Durant has Lebron by minimum 2”. Anyone with a brain can see that. And Commish Silver didn’t fail anything. It’s impossible for him to witness all 450 players in the league get measured. Even if he had someone else witness it there would be errors and blatant cheating if someone inadvertently placed a shoe height in the barefoot column.
Canson on The Undertaker
@Big Lul: id give Sid 6’5.25-,5 range still. He doesn’t look a solid 6’5”
Canson on Donald Trump
@Viper: peak 6’1.75 or 6’2” but today he’s over 6’0” still. He has over 3” on Pence. 6’0” and change. Rob has him pegged
Canson on Rob Paul
@Christian: my view is anything over 1/4” maybe into that 1/3” range then you could consider a claim of 1/2”. 1/4” or less round down. Even in mine I’m slightly over the 1/4” some days at 6’4.299 and I round down because I’m at the solid 1/4” probably 4 days per week along with being asked why I claim it instead of 6’4” or why don’t I claim 6’5”. It’s too much work for me when I’m already tall as is
slothee on Drew Carey
Was he 5’10.25” at one point?
Editor Rob
for a while, but he claimed 5ft 10
Canson on General Height
Slim 6'1" said on 8/Aug/20
chrsitian, i mean when willes made me side with u n canson or him. sorry man its all cool as promised

But Christian was never involved though. He never had a direct spat with Willes. And Willes really can’t “make” anyone side with anyone. He imposed his opinions on others though which he still does That today. He often calls certain guesses people make ridiculous etc. the evidence is on Conan’s page and others. Along with him forcing political views on others when this isn’t a political site Willes is still the same person he was years ago and apparently won’t change
miko on Tyson Fury
Tyson will obviously measure 6'8.75/6'9 in footwear, but barefoot that is impossible.
2pacalypse wow on Jake Paul
@Jim Beam, you can't really argue below 5'10" for Jake, there's too much going against it. I would guess Ryan Garcia to be 5'8" range but I'd give him 5'8" and change.
Allie on Doutzen Kroes
Her agencies have also inflated her height to 5'10.5/1.79M.
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Ian555 on Ben Affleck
Rob would it not be so much of a shock if Affleck measured 6' 2 3/8" on the stadiometer? He never really seems to look under 6' 2 1/4" but no higher than 6' 2 1/2". Also would he have a greater chance of measuring slightly taller than Morgan Freeman?
Editor Rob
He's got a chance of that mark...maybe moreso than flat 6ft 2.
Renee Bowen on Gary Sinise
I stood literally inches from him waiting for a table at the Chili's restaurant on Ramstein Airbase in Germany. I am 5'10" and he is definitely 5'8", no more no less. He also smells really good!
Allie on Ana Beatriz Barros
6'0 is too much for Ana, but I think a flat 5'11 is too low as well. 5'11.25-5'11.5 (181-182CM) seems right for her.

In the Karlie photos, she had platform heels on. In other pictures none of the models look like they're wearing platforms and she doesn't look so drastically shorter than her.
Click Here
She's not that much shorter than Toni Garrn, who listed here as 6'0.5 (184) and claims to be 6'1. I don't think either of their posture is the best though.
Click Here
And she's taller than model Abbey Lee Kershaw, who listed as 5'11 (though I wouldn't rule out 5'10.75 for her).
Click Here
No name no fame on Gwyneth Paltrow
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
naked brad pitt photos prove shes in the solid 5'8" range nothing under 172 but nothing over 175

Slim 6'1" said on 3/Aug/20
Such a nice guy but she needs a slight downgrade, 174cm

How can u say that she's every bit of 5'9" 175 cm minimum possible height
Ben Bell on Courtney Henggeler
Beautiful lady
Mike O on Jerry Seinfeld
Saw him about 20 years ago walking down the street in Manhattan and he was taller than I expected, very close to if not actually at 6'. Solidly built guy and a booming (if distinctly nasal) voice, lower than it sounded on TV. Back then, probably a solid 5'11" to 6', now likely more 5'10" to 5'11".
Miss Sandy Cowell on Eric Bana
🎁🍀🎂 Many Happy Returns Eric! 🎂🍀🎁

Congratulations to Eric Bana on his 52nd Birthday; have a great family day with your wife, your son and your daughter!

6ft2 and 3/8ths 😉👌🎈

Mike O on Harry Styles
He's a nice size, a solid 5'11".
Miss Sandy Cowell on Melanie Griffith
🎁💐🎂 Happy Birthday Melanie! 🎂💐🎁

Many Happy Returns to Melanie Griffith on her 63rd Birthday.

5ft8 😁👍🍀 I found a little less on the Birthday website, but I know who I believe! 😉👌🎉

Miss Sandy Cowell on Gillian Anderson
💐🎂💝 Happy Birthday Gillian! 💝🎂💐

Many Happy Returns to Gillian Anderson on her 52nd Birthday. XXX

5ft2.5 😁🍀🎉

181guy on General Height
@Greg Ok precisely 180.34, my bad, I was quite close. I don't pay attention or care about morning height that much, if that's what you go by...or anything in-between, we all 'shrink' to our evening height, that's why I think that's a persons real height, (that's just my opinion). Also I.e. If you were 5'10.75 at night... then claiming 5'11 is better and 'closer to the truth' (this is just my opinion) but you can claim what you want, just like any person can. I haven't saw any measured data that says Swedens are 5'10 but who knows, I don't live there. I was just trying to give you some friendly advice on what I think is being 'completely honest' but that's also because I use and say my evening/night height. Individuals don't need to get heated about height (not saying you were)
Also I think your 179 at night if I'm correct?
littlesue on Paula Wilcox
Sally was around 4ft 10
Slim 6'1" on Ed Harris
in weak 5'8" are today
Slim 6'1" on Anthony Hopkins
175 is actually good but now hes shrunk to strong 5'7 area 171 172
Slim 6'1" on Ben Kingsley
Slim 6'1" on Don Cheadle
Slim 6'1" on Mark Ruffalo
Slim 6'1" on Chadwick Boseman
lets establish that hes nearer 5 11 than 6

Slim 6'1" on Jesse Eisenberg
quarter inch downgrade
Slim 6'1" on Tom Holland
Slim 6'1" on Tom Sizemore
could even be 179cm
Slim 6'1" on Tom Wlaschiha
184 range
Slim 6'1" on Tom Pelphrey
something 184 about him
Slim 6'1" on Tom Welling
i would say 189.5 listing needed much like brandon routh
Slim 6'1" on Tom Hanks
flat 5'11 today
Slim 6'1" on Tom Hanks
hes got something 182 about him

5'11.75 max
Slim 6'1" on Denzel Washington
182 today is good but he was 184 peak
Slim 6'1" on Brad Pitt

visit egypt & israel
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 on Scott Lawrence
6'0 is peak height. He look around 5'11 1/2 now.
Public Enemy on Rob Paul
@Editor Rob
You wake up pretty early so in the afternoon you are probably at your low. How much taller are you at 12 pm as opposed to say 2 pm in the afternoon assuming that you wake at 5.30 am.... and do you measure 5’8 3/8 at 12pm.
Editor Rob
Some days I can still be 5ft 8 3/8th at lunch, depends just what I've been working on through the morning. And from 12 to 2, there could be very small shrinkage...sometimes mid-day and evening height is only a couple mm apart.
Blanc on Eddie Murphy
Looks to have very good proportions
ajax509 on General Height
Greg said on 8/Aug/20
@AJax Lol 5'9 is 175cm 177cm is 5'9.75" For your information but your buddy C-mo would have an issue with you saying 5'9 ;) This Yoga instructor is okay with your lesson and you should come back to class soon we miss du.
I'm aware but in this way I avoid fractions and to fall short of the marks.
Reece on Vitali Klitschko
Claimed 6 foot 7 but Wlad said he is 6 foot 6.
Olympian on Rob Paul

I simply mean to highlight Tall's impeccable use of writing versus what I commonly see elsewhere on forums. It is most unfavourable to have disagreements with somebody if they can barely read above a 5th-grade level which is surprisingly the average literacy rate for Americans.

Of course, Sakz, you also write incredibly well and I respect you for that.

You can check the link here: Click Here

It is quite sad. People are more educated than they have ever been in the past and yet refuse to exercise the tools they have been granted to improve their own literacy.
ajax509 on General Height
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Aug/20
How is 6 feet too short for football and too tall for soccer? I guess people like Deion Sanders and Cristiano Ronaldo don't exist, lmao.
In general. Of course there are exceptions with any sport.
Greg on General Height
@Sakz I agree with what you said because I’ve also had some kid who used to be in my friends, friend group ask me if I grew taller when I didn’t. And I wasn’t wearing any thick footwear just my regular sneakers. But on two different occasions he asked me if I had gotten taller, it was funny I jokingly told him that he gotten shorter he’s about 5’6 range. It also might have to do with posture like some people have worse postures than others kind of like myself. I also recall a 6’3 friend say I was almost his height back in high school which was a bit weird seeing I was like 5’10-5’11 I guess I give off a taller impression or something.
Slim 6'1" on Tom Cavanagh
182cm area max
Slim 6'1" on Tom Cavanagh
i feel he needs a grant gustin downgrade, they look same
Slim 6'1" on Danny Trejo
old man now give him a peak n current
Greg on General Height
@Nik I like your “how tall?”!
Willes190 on Abraham Lincoln
@Canson: He agreed with me that Lincoln was a brilliant man, which happens to be a historical fact. He’s not “sucking up” either, but rather being polite, which I in turn am towards him.
Sakz on Rob Paul
@Tall In The Saddle Quite the storytelling there aswell which I forgot to mention. Maybe you can write a book about me and Greg since you're so infatuated with us. Don't think it would sell much mind you!
Greg on General Height
@Christian In theory I have claimed anywhere from 5’10-5’11 seeing it’s a round up, on celeb heights I will usually say almost/around or about 5’11 to show I am a bit short from the mark. I know most people here claim their low. Unfortunately if I could gain some more height and be like 5’10.75” at my lowest or something that would be fine. We will see though how the exercises work in correct my back tilt so far I’ve managed 1/8th of an inch recovery with the help of glucosamine. I’ve also claimed 5’10 and 5’10.5 before generally I’ll be pretty close to it in the noon so like 179.5cm I just round up 180cm or 5’11 you know?
Sakz on Sam Robertson
@Rob Correction. It was actually Shayne Ward and he called him 'a little boy'. Not the tallest man going around so the point still stands haha. I don't think Sam got it either way!
Slim 6'1" on Joe Pantoliano
from seeing him in matrix and memento. about 174cm
Greg on General Height
@Ajax509 Whoa Take it easy man, who said anything about me getting pregnant? First off you have to take me out before we do all of that. And he isn’t a member, just the head coach at the Yoga place. However we don’t discriminate for interns of all shapes or sizes you should come by they like big cute Germans 😉.
Bradley on Sylvester Stallone
I haven't met Willis 20 times,however; I have met my astronaut....he has a Volvo but doesn't use it as bed to get some added height in the Great Scot measure. Meat locker with Chuck Taylor's on is a nice shot.
Slim 6'1" on Joaquin Phoenix
if not just the flat 5'8"
Slim 6'1" on C. Thomas Howell
a bit shorter than bernthal my money is on 177cm
Sakz on Sam Robertson
@Rob Hahaha he was called a 'small man' by a 5'7 Chris Gascoyne of all people! Can you imagine reaching the big golden height of 6'0 and still being called small? And by a short man at that. He would have been better off yelling 'I'm 6 foot and a half!' at him. Every little helps after all...

@Sandy Hi hope you're well! It's interesting you mentioned those points, especially about height. Soaps tend to sacrifice realism for the storyline they're trying to portray and the narrative they want to push. I found that particular scene with Sam interesting since height is rarely mentioned in soaps as you said, and it got me thinking about his own height. I still think he's slightly under 6'0 since Rob Mallard (Daniel) seems to edge him out. Can't fault him for rounding up though. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Editor Rob
I can see why he shouted "SIX FOOT" back to a guy a few inches smaller!
Comment95j on General Height
Here is experiences:
The overall average for me felt like 5'10 for all ages (male) and more like 5'10-5 for younger generation(18-30).
the whole UK average is still stabile at 5'9, for younger guys: 5'9.5-5'9.75
USA averages depends on states and its really wide: The shortest state for me was Hawai with 5'8 5'8.5 for younger guys. But I heard on of my friend who is 5'7 saying that the shortest average is in New Mexico. Tallest states are Minnesota, Wisconsin: the average here was pretty tall for my suprise. It was like 5'10-5'11.
miko on Simon Cowell
He's been looking a tad shorter in recent years and he's just broken his back.

5'7.5 today.
Slim 6'1" on Will Poulter
189cm is a bit too high but 188.5 is a doer
Slim 6'1" on Bill Paxton
yeah that 181.5-182
Slim 6'1" on General Height
@Greg, Also i can provide manipulation aswell. but willes is smarter than i'll ever be
Slim 6'1" on General Height
@Greg, so yeah were u gonna gro to 181-182 but stunted your growth?
Slim 6'1" on General Height
@Greg, Willes is a different person. but i still respect him as a good friend. he does mind control manipulation. just let him do it please
Slim 6'1" on Paul Rudd
174cm downgrade necessary
Slim 6'1" on Gareth Bale
183.8cm at his low
Slim 6'1" on Andy Whitfield
really close to manu bennet
Slim 6'1" on Andy Whitfield
178 5'10, rip andy whitfield
Slim 6'1" on Manu Bennett
178cm range 179 a bit too high
Slim 6'1" on KSI
Blake on Alyssa Milano
Rob, are you going to put her height quote at the bottom of her image in a bubble or box or something, I think it would look better like that.
Editor Rob
it was meant to be in the quote, just a missing starting tag 👍
Slim 6'1" on Austin Butler
Slim 6'1" on Michael Jai White
same build and height as amell
Slim 6'1" on Luke Evans
182-182.5 max
Slim 6'1" on Chris Evans
6'1Adam said on 7/Aug/20

3 inches between evans and hemsworth not 2

just missed out on mighty 6' at 182
Slim 6'1" on Hugo Weaving
Slim 6'1" on Ryan Gosling
i agree rob,

183.5 gosling
188.5 reynolds
Slim 6'1" on Ryan Reynolds
188.5 better he'll edge ben affleck, hugh jackman, but he'll get edged by chris hemsworth
Slim 6'1" on Rupert Graves
he does have that 179 impression to him but might just be 178.5
Slim 6'1" on Lars Mikkelsen
cmon, lets gather evidence for a 192 upgrade
Slim 6'1" on Eddie Redmayne
182 cm is possible
Slim 6'1" on Cillian Murphy
Slim 6'1" on Gary Oldman
yeah solid 5'8" in true romance

171-172 today
Slim 6'1" on Tom Cruise
Slim 6'1" on Scott Eastwood
Slim 6'1" on Clint Eastwood
191 prime is good
183 today
Slim 6'1" on Wes Anderson
i would say give the 184.5 listing over this
heightcheck34 on Lance Archer
Don't watch AEW, so I have no idea on this guy, although from the comments below, anywhere between 196-199 seems reasonable. I just came to post, that I am happy, big guys are making a comeback. From WWE's Strowman and Corbin to AEW's Brodie Lee, Jack Swagger and now Lance Archer, its refreshing to watch and I can take the sport a bit more seriously now.
Slim 6'1" on Ben Affleck
no more than 187.5 andy murray
Slim 6'1" on Hugh Jackman
will, jackman is tall but proably same heigt as andy murray 187.5 before spine degeneration
Slim 6'1" on Karl Urban
184 over 184.5
Slim 6'1" on Lamonica Garrett
189 area
heightcheck34 on Drew McIntyre
Heath Slater is 6 ft. He is slender, so he gives the impression of being 6'1. But if you compare him with most wrestlers between 183-185 cm, he is closer to 6'0. He looked the same height as Christian in a training video in 2010. Still yet to see any proof of Jinder being over 6'4. He looks a weak 6'4 at best. Drew can measure anywhere from 6'4-6'4.75, he does wear big boots, but in other pictures outside of wrestling, he can hold his own close to the 196 mark. So for now 6'4.5 is fine.
Slim 6'1" on Peter Stormare
Slim 6'1" on Rowan Atkinson
sandy, 182 for rowan is a step but i respect ur opinion

i still have him at 181 max
179 today
Sakz on Rob Paul
@Greg Well I have no clue how old he is but a lot older than us clearly. Hahaha how ironic was it that he called me 'old' when I'm probably about 10-20 years younger than him. It's good you pointed that out as it further exposes the projection we've been talking about. Oh and the ego tell me about it. Something else I've mentioned countless times and he keeps proving us right everytime with each response.
miko on Hulk Hogan
It's obvious that he was around the 6'5 range at his tallest.

Anywhere from 6'4.5 to 6'5.5 is realistically arguable, but more often that not he'd look a solid 6'5, and near 6'6 when in cowboy boots.
Sakz on Rob Paul
@Tall In The Saddle Hahaha I see your little getaway did nothing for that ego. Aww you ok there? An awful lot of projection once again. Accusing me of it AFTER I already called you out for it in the first place pretty much says it all unfortunately for you saddle pop. Literally nobody has called me out for the false things you said about me there, so you're on your own. Every interaction I've had with posters has been positive. You, however, can't say the same so clearly trying to convince yourself through more projection in typical ol saddle fashion. That or maybe convincing the other two posters you suddenly mentioned for some much needed support and recognition. Dishing dirt which just reeks of desperation.

Anyway, I've told you to ride away in your deluded bubble but you haven't done that, which tells me you want to continue going around in circles with self-validation. I think you should look up the definition of insanity. You've not achieved anything other than attract Rob's attention with your insult (yes your post not Greg's), as well as baffle two other posters with what it is you're trying to accomplish. Carry on painting me and Greg as the big bad monsters out to get you as you're clearly doing. It's pretty funny and sad I must say!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
That being said I’d add a fraction to his peak and leave his current height alone
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Pierce Brosnan
Slim 6’1’, i don’t think it’s fair
Mark Allan on Rob Paul
Rob, I hear a lot of football commentators nowadays say that goalkeepers and Defenders that are 6’0 to 6’2 aren’t the biggest do you think it’s a matter of their perceived view of the players Cause to me 6’0 to 6’2 is tall nonetheless
Editor Rob
The average height of keepers/defenders has increased with time, maybe a few inches since the 60's, so today 6ft defenders aren't tall guys, 6ft 3-5 is a big defender and goalkeeper nowadays.

A 6ft to 6ft 1 keeper is below average even for that position!
Honest5'11" on Adam Levine
Just LOL at 6'0" comments. 5'11" max.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Donald Trump
It’ll be interesting to see Trump and Biden stand toe to toe. People still think that Trump is 3in taller! At peak wouldn’t have been much more than an inch...today maybe 2cm tops, Rob?
Mimi on Jacob Elordi
Rob if I'm wearing the same heels as Joey in the photo above and I'm 172cm how would I appear next to Jacob?
Editor Rob
maybe between nose and eye range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Joe Biden
Yeah I think B is even arguable. But A is pushing it, that’s more Obama territory
Slim 6'1" on Barack Obama
rampage, i disagree, look at obama next to 5'11" range dicaprio and donald trump whos 184cm today

185-185.5cm peak no 186-187 thats a bit too high
Mickie on Ming Yao
"Are you saying Commissioner Silver failed in his integrity campaign for NBA heights? While I agree that some players' remeasured heights were false,"

Yes, Lebron is one of the some players. The guy is not 6'9" like Larry Bird was.
Slim 6'1" on Carrie Anne Moss
tob, downgrade to flat 5'8"
Slim 6'1" on Patrick Swayze
rampage i agree hes actually 178.5cm.
Slim 6'1" on Rob Lowe
Slim 6'1" on Chamillionaire
i would say 178.5 now hed have no reason to lie 5'10
Slim 6'1" on Hopsin
Slim 6'1" on Quavo
179cm area
Slim 6'1" on Vanilla Ice
Slim 6'1" on Charlie Hunnam
Please add a home page link on the top left corner of the page
Slim 6'1" on David Duchovny
actually 183cm
grizz on General Height
ajax509 said on 7/Aug/20
6 feet is too small for most sports (basketball, swimming, tennis, american football) and too tall for many (gymnastics, soccer), I guees it's far from perfect. Average bodies are rare at the Olympics. Decathlon might be sport for a 6 feet fellow.
I've referenced 10 MOST POPULAR sports in the world. Of course you'd be too tall or too short in some specific sports. However, my point is that even in some height-specific sports (such as basketball) there is a chance you might be a solid basketball player. One of the best? Highly unlikely, but solid yes. There are NBA players 6 foot or shorter.
Too small for swimming? Really now? Ryan Lochte is 184 tall, former greatest American swimmer of all times Mark Spitz is 183 cm tall.
The greatest tennis players at the moment (Đoković, Federer, Nadal) are in the 184-187 range,how is that too small?
6 feet is a perfect height in football if you wanna be a quarterback.

I agree that 6 feet is tall for gymnastics, but there's still a chance you might grab a medal or two in some national or local competitions.
Too tall for soccer? L . O . L Ronaldo is 6'1, Zidane almost 6'1, Johan Cruijff 5'11, Beckham 5'11. Even basketball height like 6'5 are perfectly fine for soccer (like Zlatan Ibrahimovich), especially defense or goalkeeper.
Blanc on Rob Paul
@Ethan99 Obviously
Black Noir on Rory Kinnear
More 183.3 cm then 182 cm,
Sakz on General Height
@Oloche I used to have that feeling a lot, before I was height aware. It's all based on your perception really. The other day a friend of mine who is around 5'4 said I seemed 'smaller' than he remembers me. However, he was referring to my school days where I had thicker footwear so that could explain it. I then told him it's all in perception because even though I tower him and a mirror would clearly show that difference, I somehow didn't feel 9 or so inches taller than him. There is also the fact that I was lowering my head and eye level when talking to him, both of which play a role. That wouldn't be the case had we been standing straight next to each other looking into a mirror. In your case though it could also be that people are taller where you live, therefore 6'1 isn't quite as tall as it would be in other places.

@Willes190 I would choose 6'5 over 5'5 simply because I would rather gain a few inches as opposed to lose around 8, which is quite a big difference. For the other two options I would probably choose the shorter heights because the differences start to become less drastic for me, and I'd rather be short without all the drawbacks of being too tall in daily life.
rikashiku on Lance Archer
Always seemed around 6'6" or 6'7" to me. If Davey Boy Smith Jr is 6'4", Archer is definitely 6'6" or even 6'6.5".

As Lance Hoyt he would be announced at 6'9". I'd guess only because Abyss was only an inch shorter, billed at 6'8", actually 6'5.5".

Next to Karrion Kross 6'3.5", he definitely doesn't look 6'7".
Mark O' Connor on General Height
@Curious guy Are you Luca with another account? As I said I was around 184cm at a low until 22 years old. And then I gained 5 cms in the next 2,3 years. @Jdubbz gained 7 cms at 22, and we have a similar growth chart, but I am not here to justify myself. If you don't believe me is ok , but what you are posting is not true and you are hating me for no reason. Maybe you are not as tall as you want? Or you didn't have a late growth spurt? Doesn't mean anybody else can't. You are sounding immature not me.
Hotpots on Scott Hall
Basically wwf billed any wrestler in the 6-4/6-5 range 6-7/6-8 lol.
Hotpots on Steve Borden
6-1.5 peak. Now 6-1.
Hotpots on Triple H
I met him and was actually taken back on his height. I’d say 6-1. Maybe under. Thought him taller as billed.
Hotpots on Mick Foley
6-2 peak imo
Hotpots on Chuck Palumbo
His billed height is ridiculous. 6-3.5
Hotpots on Superstar Billy Graham
6-2.75 peak. Absolutely no more. 6-4 claim is silly.
Hotpots on Big John Studd
Here’s the problem. Watch him with hulk Hogan,he’s absolutely taller. So how the hell is hogan 6-6 peak?? Hogan was 6-5 peak imo
Hotpots on Shelton Benjamin
6-2???? Wtf. He’s a strong 6-0. Period.
ajax509 on Anthony Joshua
@Canson Did you find a source for Wlad claiming 6ft 6 out of bed?

For me AJ and Wlad are virtually the same height, solid 6'5.
the name's Sam on Debby Ryan
She has become incredibly hot in her youth 165 cm fits her well I personally think 5’3”-5’6” is an ideal height for a woman
the name's Sam on Sofia Carson
163 cm fits her well and this is an ideal height for a woman
Almost 180cm guy on Vincent Cassel
I think 6ft 1.5 is ok for Cassel. But I wonder if Reno was actually taller than him! Here are some of their photos together from 2000: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
At the time, Reno was 52 years old so he could still be close to his peak height. Rob, do you believe that Reno was really taller than Cassel?
Editor Rob
Reno might have been the bigger 187 guy, Vincent is a more slouchy kind of guy compared to jean.
the name's Sam on Sabrina Carpenter
4’11” I can’t see her above 150 cm and that makes her incredibly adorable
Benjod on Peter Capaldi
6ft peak 5ft 11 now
the name's Sam on Jane Levy
155.5 cm fits her well
the name's Sam on Jessica Lucas
168 cm fits her well she’s very pretty btw
the name's Sam on Katie Holmes
Yes her avg height has reached 175 cm 👏👏👏👏👏
Realism on Jamie Dornan
This guy is not short at all, but not a giant. He's about 5ft10/177cm
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hello Rob and everyone,

My beautiful blue boy cat has passed on after a long illness with his liver, which turned out to be cancer. It spread to one of his kidneys. The last time he went to the vet, at the end of the week, he had painkilling injections. I knew it was just a matter of time.

He'll be playing with his identical twin brother, Fletchley, now. They'll be young and sprightly again and both free from pain and very happy to be reunited.

RIP Ulercy XXXXXXXXXXX (He was 11)

My love always and forever,

Meowmy, Jim, Christopher, Melazier, Banana, Banana Junior, Erramius, Pixie, Felinia, Porkipine, Ottica, Cordercelia, Livielia and little Manelia.

Always in our hearts. 💕💗💖💙⛪
Editor Rob
Sorry to hear of your sad news 😿
Pdoggy on Magic Johnson
Far too many people would need significant downgrading for Magic to be under 6'9". Larry is 6'9.5.Kevin McHale 6'10" and Robert Parish 7'1".
Black Fish 123 on Miniminter
Oh sorry, I was referring to Lachlan being 6'3 for the two inch difference but that's not true haha. In fact, they could be same height. Would have been interesting if Lachlan claimed a height though.
Sinclair on Ernest Borgnine
I recall Borgnine looked very similar in height to Montgomery Clift in From Here to Eternity, Borgnine could have been taller than Clift. I agree 100% with the 5’9.5” listing for Borgnine. Borgnine could look over 5’10” but I cannot see any reason why he would lie about being 5’9” when he could claim so much as 5’11” and possibly get away with it. I thought Borgnine seemed taller than both Spencer Tracy in Bad Day at Black Rock and Roddy McDowall in The Poseidon Adventure.
Sinclair on Tony Shalhoub
Tony Shalhoub gets the complete 5’10” from me, for his peak height. In early episodes of Monk, Shalhoub looks very similar in height to Ted Levine, in fact, I see Shalhoub appearing as the slightly taller man in scenes! However, I think Levine was taller than Shalhoub in real life, maybe Shalhoub had advantageous footwear for Monk. In Barton Fink, I got the impression that Shalhoub was no less than a full 5’10”.

However, I suspect Shalhoub is closer to 5’9” than 5’10” today. Rob, do you think Shalhoub could only measure a flat 5’9” now?
Lava on Cristiano Ronaldo
their out of bed heights:

Casillas: 181 ~ 182 cm
Raul: 182 ~ 183 cm
Lover_thorn3 on Markiplier
Rob how do you feel about this

Click Here

He looks about a 1/2 inch taller than Pewdiepie if Pewdiepie is staying listed 5FT9 should Mark maybe be upgraded back to 5FT9?
Editor Rob
not sure what the photo was as the link didn't seem to show anything on reddit. However, they can look very close at times, then sometimes depending on angles, one might edge the other out.
Yao is 7-8 on Hulk Hogan
Riky said on 7/Aug/20
I don't think he was as short as 6'3" prime. Undertaker, who was 6'6.5 to 6'7" was no more than 2"/2.5 inches taller. So 6'4".5 to 6'5" sounds better.

Response: No way Riky. Just google pics/videos of Hogan meeting 6-5 Peyton Manning. Peyton was at least 2 inches taller and looking down at the Hulk. 6-4 1/2 would make the Hulk same height as Peyton, that is impossible. That's why Hogan fans had to invent the excuse that Hogan lost 2 to 3 inches due to age and surgeries, which is ridiculous.
Miss Sandy Cowell on Rob Paul
Hi Canson,

I do have back trouble, but the sudden height loss came as a result of hip trouble. That's when I had my hip replacement, and I was able to regain some of my lost height. Alas, I don't think there are many, if at all, back operations in existence which would result in an increase in height, but having said that, there was a girl in my class at school who needed a back operation and it corrected her posture. It must have been agony. She was off school for months. We all went to see her in hospital post-op, and she was very brave and in good spirits.

She took her 'O' levels the year later - and excelled. Yes, she was clever, witty and deserved her success. She had the most infectious laugh I've ever heard! 😂🤣

Cheers Canson and have a great week,

Sandy XXX 😄👍
Yao is 7-8 on Olivier Richters
@RoelC, Brother I appreciate the detailed analysis in your response. Your success in the WWE depends a lot on how the company markets you. Richters has immense strength and could even be a contestant in the World's Strongest Man. The only men in WWE who can approach Richters' strength are Mark Henry and Braun Strowman. 7-6 Jorge Gonzalez was on the cusp of superstardom before injuries hit that derailed his career and the hyper giant's health declined rapidly after that. Giant Silva had the size but lacked strength and athleticism. He even tried MMA and but would lose badly to 5-8 Japanese fighters who just wrestled him to the ground and apply joint locks, lol. Show and Khali were big and strong, but very slow, as was Andre, but WWE marketed them to be superstars anyways. Omogbehin (Omo) is big and athletic, as is Saitnam, but both are relatively weak due to lack of weightlifting. Only Richters is big, strong, and athletic, therefore very marketable as a future WWE champion and make millions. That photo of Richters/Big Show I can't figure out because Show is 6-10 and clearly shorter than 7 foot Shaq/Khali. Richters should be about 4 inches taller than Show, so my guess would be that camera distortion was involved or Richters was barefoot. Olivier is only 31 this year, so there is plenty of time left for him to join WWE, but like you said maybe the motivation is not there. I think if Omo works hard, lifts weights, and get jacked, he definitely could be a future WWE champion. As one famous coach said, you can't teach 7 feet, and the sky's the limit for Omo in WWE.
Hotpots on Hulk Hogan
Far too many pictures suggesting he’s more a 6-5 guy than a 6-6 one. You must remember he worn high heeded cowboy boots most of the time in public. Seriously peak cannot not be more than 6-5.5.
Hotpots on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Next to Lewis Hamilton he looks under 5-11.
Hardik Sharma on Hrithik Roshan
He is same height category as vivdk oberoi, akshay kumar, vidyut jamwal, randeep hooda and so on
Click Here

Just above these guys are sid malhotra, jòhn abrahim, Ranbir kapoor

They are all 178-183

Can you please add siddart malhotra, akshay kumar, sanjay dutt. They are all famous guys , so many of these people u have, I barely even know who they are
Alir?za on George Foreman
Click Here

This guy said very confidently Foreman was 6'3.5. This may be true considering his other claims.
Sinclair on Brian Dennehy
Brian Dennehy was a really big man, but I thought he looked more of a weak 6’3” or a strong 6’2” as opposed to a solid 6’3”. My guess for Dennehy’s peak height is 6’2.75”.
Blanc on Rob Paul
@Rob Click Here
Editor Rob
An interesting site, though a topic I've never read that much about.
RJT on General Height
Hi Rob, to back up my claim that I'm about 6'2 5/8 to 6'2.75 afternoon height, I want to show you my measurement again, this time with improved posture and standing tall but I still tried hard not to tilt my head or eye upward, would you take a look please

Click Here
Taken today at 9am

Click Here
Taken today at 1.49pm

Click Here
Taken 2 days ago at 19.08pm

I purposely show you the date and time as these pics are direct screenshots from my phone album.

As you can see, nosetip measurement is 175cm/174cm/173.5cm in order from morning to night, eyelevel is 178cm/177.5cm/176.5cm same order morning-night

And I maxed the tape at 191cm for morning/afternoon and about 189.5cm at night, and to be honest, I look like I can clear those marks?

Since I cant really pinpoint my tophead with objects, I really dont know my exact measurement to the closest mm, but judging from these pics and stats I've shown you, what do you think is my height Rob? And what should I claim?

Thank you!
Editor Rob
180 is just above your eyebrow there, so it's safe to say you are near your claim.
Canson on Rob Paul
@Sandy Cowell: well said and that’s what we’re here for
Canson on James Avery
Alfonso Ribeiro claimed that Avery is 6’4”
Canson on Alfonso Ribeiro
I doubt CP is really 5’11.75. Likely a morning height.
Canson on Height Request
@Editor Rob: how about Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns? Or Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson?
Canson on Abraham Lincoln
@Slim: lol why are you sucking up to him like that on every page? And if you read his comments, he isn’t all that brilliant. Just telling the truth. Anyone who has to brag about their IQ etc clearly is overcompensating. You rarely see someone like Greg or Dream or Rampage or Christian or Arch or Rising Force brag about how good they are as an estimator or about their IQ
Karin Marie on Harry Melling
He looks a lot taller than 5'9.25", in the photo with Rob. Depending on his shoes, he might be 5'10".
Canson on Evander Holyfield
@Slim: peak height I would go 6’1.25” like Rob has him
Canson on Will Ferrell
@Slim: maybe 6’2.75” but I could see 6’3” too
Canson on Zachary Levi
@Slim: maybe 6’2 7/8” worst case. He looked max an inch shorter than 6’3.5” Conan but Conan had Footwear advantage of 3/8”. I could see 6’3 flat but Baldwin is an inch taller and struggled with 6’4”
Hunter on David Guetta
Getta looks at least 179

176.5 is too short for him
Canson on Ben Simmons
@Viper: you think the 6’8.25 is a morning height? I don’t. My guess is 6’9.25 out of bed perhaps and maybe 6’8.75ish to 6’9 at combine time. He would lose an inch easily to get to 6’8.25. He also measured 6’9” at LSU which was like rounded up to that mark and that was likely a morning measurement. I don’t see him under 6’8” afternoon. My guess is at the combine he would be 6’8.75 or 6’9”. He skipped the combine. But He has at least an inch of not more on Lebron.

@Editor Rob: it says in the last article that he measured 6’9.5 in shoes. The shoe height is likely what they used this season so he’s 6’8.25 maybe 6’8.5 would fly. But the former is more likely. He’s not 6’9.5 or 6’8.75”. Simmons has not grown since he was drafted

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
The 6ft 9.5 in shoes was from the 2015 Nike and the 6ft 10.25 shoes from a later event, it's interesting about the 10.25 though, that seems a high value in sneakers.
Canson on Magic Johnson
Conan is not 6’4” for starters more 6’3.5” but Magic is 6’7” range next to 6’9”ish Larry Bird and 6’4”/6’5” Michael Jordan. Conan doesn’t have 5” on Conan it’s more 4”

Click Here

Rob has all four listed within 1/2” of where they would measure at their peaks
Canson on Bill Skarsgard
Willes190 said on 7/Aug/20
189-190cm is out of the question.

How come you don’t respond out of the question to someone who guesses someone to be over Rob’s listing only under?
Canson on Ming Yao
@Yao is 7-8: Bird is clearly taller than Magic. Bird was not 6’7” range in his prime. He was 6’9” or very close to it.

Click Here

My guesses are what Mickie provided:

Bird: 6’8.75-6’9”
Magic: 6’7.25-.5”
Jordan: 6’4.5-.75 range
Clyde Drexler and Chris Mullin Are both somewhere around 6’5” maybe slightly under as well
Stockton was max 6’ at times looking 5’11
Canson on Conan O'Brien
FriedChicken said on 8/Aug/20
"I'm about Six-Four...but I'm not"

Was he making a joke or was he implying he was a little under it kinda like the Abraham Lincoln quote?

He said it in response to Selleck giving his claim of 6’4”. Selleck has also claimed 6’3.5 Twice btw. But if you watch the show, Conan said “what are you 6’4/6’5? Meaning he thought Selleck was taller than him. Selleck had a footwear advantage so maybe that’s why but that shows Conan is not even 6’4” if a guy who is under 6’4” in his prime edges him slightly regardless of the footwear
Canson on LeBron James
Yao is 7-8 said on 7/Aug/20
@Canson, etc. Viper just said Lebron can look as tall as 6-10 Simmons? Not naming names, I did notice that some posters here will shamelessly boost celebs' heights if he likes them, and vice versa, irregardless of common sense, just sayin...

Do you have a reading comprehension problem? Or are you just dense? Viper believes Simmons is 6’8” which is also what he is. He measured that at the pre draft. See Simmons’s page. You’re sounding worse and worse with each post you make now. Please stop while you are behind
Canson on Wilt Chamberlain
Yao is 7-8 said on 7/Aug/20
@Canson, how do you measure taller standing up than lying down? Laws of gravity don't apply? Lol. If Wilt was 7 1/2 lying down, standing up he is closer to 7 1/4 or 7 flat. The one time he shook hands with Shaq on the court, they looked the same height. I'd give Wilt 7 1/2 as peak, but not over that mark.

Youre starting to sound like an absolute retard. Where did I write that you measure taller standing than laying down? Point it out to me please. Don’t make up stuff. You’re response to Viper isn’t much better
Canson on Magic Johnson
Rob says at the top of the page for Charles Barkley that Magic is closer to 6’7”. And Pat Riley has claimed that Magic is 6’7” as well. So because he says he’s 6’9, he’s 6’8-6’9 range?
Sinclair on John Goodman
I would agree that Goodman appears to be approximately one inch taller than both Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski and Richard Jenkins in Sea of Love. I would give Goodman the flat 6’2” for his peak height.
Sinclair on Ellen Barkin
I’d say 5’6.25” for Barkin, she was basically the same height as Al Pacino, it is hard to tell their heights apart in Sea of Love. I think Barkin was just a hair taller than Pacino, I recall Pacino wears shoes for longer than Barkin does in some of their scenes together in Sea of Love.
Sinclair on Al Pacino
After being exposed to many conflicting accounts of Pacino’s true height, I’d currently give Pacino 5’6.25” peak height, although Pacino certainly gave a realistic 5’7” impression to me in Carlito’s Way and even in Scent of a Woman,

However, in Sea of Love, Pacino has trouble edging out Ellen Barkin. Lee Strasberg is close to Pacino in height in ...And Justice For All and in The Godfather Part II. Pacino looks more 5’6” than anything else in Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface, Insomnia and Righteous Kill. Hilary Swank and Pacino look very equal in height in Insomnia and I feel 5’9” Andy Garcia looks over two inches taller than Pacino in The Godfather Part III.

Consequently, I wouldn’t buy anything over 5’7” or under 5’5.5” for Pacino, at peak. Today, Pacino may be struggling with 5’5”, he didn’t look much over 5’5” in The Irishman.
Tiger joe on Robert Wagner
He's probably 6 foot in the morning and 5 11.5 afternoon.A perfect height range for life.Bob kane said that his height and build were ideal for batman.100 percent true for superheroes.anything shorter or taller would not be that good.
Yongkulai on General Height
I am like 5'7½ in the morning but falls to 5'7 at night... What shall i consider my height to be in centimeter... Someone please reply
Sinclair on Peter Sellers
The height of Peter Sellers is difficult to pinpoint. In most of the Pink Panther films, he could pull off 5’8” easily and looks more 5’8.5” than 5’8” in The Return of the Pink Panther and The Pink Panther Strikes Again. Sellers looks taller than 5’8” listed Colin Blakely in the latter film. Sellers really didn’t look much over a flat 5’8” in The Ladykillers or in Revenge of The Pink Panther but I recall Sellers seemed taller than Herbert Lom in all of their films together. Sellers could have worn lifts in all of his films, but I still suspect at peak, Sellers was a true 5’8.25” barefoot.
Pradip on Cynthia Addai Robinson
After having the 2 inch footwear advantage,she is your height twin rob.
RJT on Jacqueline Mckenzie
Just curious Rob how did you get this rather intimate pose with her? did you ask or was it just instant reaction at that time? Did she do it with anybody else or because youre Scottish like her heritage I presume? nice pic tho hehe
Editor Rob
just asked her, I had lost the original one from before (though found again).
187 manguy on Gareth Bale
Bale 185 185.5
Ronaldo 186 187
Benzema 184 184.5
Ramos 183.5 184
BT on Andrew Garfield
Agree with the average guess. 5'10 5/8 would be a good listing for Andrew.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Sookie's Den
Rodeo Drive is basically the premier fashion and brand clothing shop district in Los Angeles. Been there plenty of times, and it's nice, but not too crazy about shopping there. Most items aren't quite worth the price in my opinion. Virtually everything in LA is overpriced, not just clothes and accessories. Fortunately, I live in a suburb, so it's not too terrible.
Wanessa on Shawn Mendes
I’m 165 and he was extremely taller than me when we meet.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Rob Paul
Did physical therapy help you regain your loss, or some special kind of surgery?
Sinclair on Joe Pesci
I honestly think Pesci just scraped 5’4” at his peak, but that is the absolute maximum. He could have been as low as 5’3” range at peak, but I would not believe anything lower. Anything within the parameters of 5’3”-5’4” could have been argued for. Pesci looks taller than Martin Scorsese in many of their photos together, in some photos they look the same height. I think Pesci was a shade taller than Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.
8 August
MD on Jeremy Strong
He always stands so straight in photos; sometimes you can tell he's pulling himself up using the other folks in the photographs. For that reason, I'd say he's just a flat 5'8" and appears taller because most people are trying to stand ram-rod straight like he is in most pictures.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height
Greg has the right to claim what he wants, even though if I was in his shoes (5'10 3/8" at night), I'd claim 5'10.5", but that's just me.

Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
with all due respect the latest comments just dont get updated often enough
I think the reason why is because pages like this and Rob Paul's are very busy (meaning many users post all at once), so it gets "flooded", and so it may take a while for the posts to finally show up.
Sinclair on Curd Jurgens
I have seen Jürgens in And God Created Women, The Longest Day, Battle of Britain and The Spy Who Loved Me. Although these films came in the later part of his career, in none of them did Jürgens ever strike me as someone much over 6’3”. In The Spy Who Loved Me, I would have estimated he was only 6’2.75” or 6’2.5” but I think he had started to shrink by then. My peak estimate for Jürgens remains 6’3.25”, I would only vote 6’3.5” for his peak height if I was feeling really generous.
Keith 5'10 on Steve Carell
In Little Miss Sunshine he looked like a strong 5'9 with Paul Dano:
Click Here (2:00)
Christian 6'5 3/8" on General Height
How is 6 feet too short for football and too tall for soccer? I guess people like Deion Sanders and Cristiano Ronaldo don't exist, lmao.
Christian 6'5 3/8" on Lance Archer
But I don't think Zayn is quite Cody's height though. He could be max 6'0", while Cody's more 184 range IMO.

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