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20 April
Greg on Avicii
It’s a shame he just died earlier today, R.I.P to one of the greatest Dj’s who ever lived!
Truthteller123 on Jesse Wellens

I always thought this guy was quite tall, like 6'1-2''. Perhaps the bulky upper body makes him appear bigger than he actually is? I don't know, but something about him made me think he was quite big. Just looking at the photo, I'd thought he'd be a 6 footer.
Editor Rob
Maybe he could pull off looking taller in videos than he eventually admits to being!
5'9 dude on Tom Cruise
@JB, I completely agree , I think 172 area is still within a sort of average range I guess , but because it is under the actual average height in America , articles and media would poke fun at it ,because they can't poke fun at anything else and obviously the fact he's a massive Hollywood actor.
Hexada on Avicii
Ben on Avicii
Holy moly it's been confirmed that he died earlier today... :'(

Rest in peace man.

He used to live 5 min away from me when he lived in Sweden.
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Hulk Hogan
RONSTER said on 18/Apr/18
If you care to look instead of replying unintelligently you would see that the 6’1” Beltzer only comes up to Hogan’s mouth or less, Hogan has a giant head which is at least 10-11” which means he was 6-7” taller at least.


Yo Mr. Intelligence... you should´ve realized that I didn´t talk about the actual gap but only commented the statement... got it big brain???????

Hogan was no giant and he had no giant head. It´s been proven for years that his head was very close to 25% smaller than ~12.5" Andres giant head, so about 10" wich is very tall.

Click Here

Beltzer comes up to Hogans raised eyeline, so anyone who thinks this is more than 5" should never talk about others intelligence again...
Bard on Avicii
mike on Avicii
RIP. good dude, sucks to die that early.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Tim Tebow
Tebow is 6'2 nothing more.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jimmy Fallon
@Jimmy I did say yes before Rob comment to you. Fallon look more like a solid 5'11.25" guy.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jimmy Kimmel
Thought he look 5'10 with Kobe Bryant at first but i watch again the clip it could be the camera angle rolling the tricks and when the two standing face to face with full frame look more solid 6" different. Kobe is 6'4 3/4 so Kimmel is not under 5'10 3/4. Added someone like solid 181cm Fallon look half inch taller than Kimmel on stage then say just 1/4.
HeightcrazyRed6ft on Kane
Ced said on 17/Apr/18
blablabla... ;)

Why not regard my post from:

Clear to see why Kane looks only 2" shorter to the untrained, footwear not regarding eye...

Regarding inring heights:

Nash was 6´10" in standard soled wrestlingboots
Kane was 6´9.5" in his 2.25"-2.5" munsters
Big Show was 6´11.5" in standard soles from KOTR1999
Big Show was 7´0.5" in his giant sized soles he wore with Nash

Here´s your 6´8"lol Kane with 6´4-4.5" Jack Swagger Click Here
MAYBE 6´7" there but thats it.

Here´s Kane with 6´4 7/8" morning measured Ben Roethlisberger and Kane is very likely in his second biggest ringboots. Click Here
fff on Nargis Fakhri
looks 176-176.5 to me.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Jared Padalecki
Most of 6'4 listed actors met by Rob were still listed 1/4 too high. Jared look like a guy could walk on a street in the morning easily look abit over 6'4, when i watch him with Conan O'brien who had about 1/2 inch shoe advantage and look like a fraction taller Jared. Conan to me look like a good 192cm guy.

Click Here I would give 192cm for Conan and Jared just a decent 6'4 consider the footwear difference.
miko on David Hasselhoff
He's held his height so well, still looks 6'4 range. Can't rule out him being a bit over 6'4 in his absolute prime but he seems like the guy that would have claimed 6'5 if he was near it.
Zampo on General Height
@Canson: hahaha, I don't mean to sound worked up, I just found it fascinating that height could vary randomly from day to day as I am relatively new to understanding the complexities of height. I have on weekends measured 183.5 cm but not on a weekday. Truthfully, I don't really think about height aside when on this forum as I quite enjoy reading the discussions. Whether I'm 5'11, 5'8 or 6'4. I'm not particularly bothered at all. There are far more important things to in life. Regardless, thanks for the words.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Joe Manganiello
@Jordan87 Joe had a nearly 5" eye level if consider he is 6'4 7/8 with about 1cm adavantage footwear than Rob so he is not under 6'4.5" at lowest and i believe if Rob met Joe few hours earlier he would have look like 6'5 guy. 6'5 Peyton Manning look at most half inch taller than Joe.

Click Here: Joe is closer to the camera. Peyton Manning was measure in earlier morning drafted at 6'5 1/4 (196cm) came down the day by a noon time he did be at his lowest 6'5.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Justin Timberlake
@Agent Orange JT most likely measure in the morning 5'11.5" (1-2hrs out of bed) 181cm low and 6'0 straight out of bed. 90% human lost 1.9cm upon out of bed in the morning untill a bed time measurement and some people claim they lost an inch that could usually because they could have busting a gut gain 7mm standing out of bed measurement and didn't notice that and by looking straight did a measurement is our true height. Rob had a video clip from youtube showing example how he could standing tall and busting gut gain an extra 7mm on a stadiometer measurement. Most of the listing in this site are given 1/4 more but is consider accurate.
haxxx on Donald Trump
6'0.5 now. That 6'3 claim is a big joke. Almost like a guy who was 5'5 would claim 5'8 lol
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Gwyneth Paltrow
Paltrow 5'8 3/4 and Diaz is 5'7.5".
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Cameron Diaz
5'7.5" nothing up.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Lance Reddick
I think 6ft2⅜(188.9cm) could be spot on for him
viper on George Clooney
5-9.5 max
Ruben Bosco on Andrew Lincoln
First of all in this photo andrew is wearing a cap, wich can fool the perception of his height and then his head is tilted upward : he's 5.9 3/4
miko on Bret Hart
He's held up pretty well height wise considering he's 60.

6'0 peak clearly, if he's lost anything its barely noticeable. Still looks near 6 foot standing well.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Luke Mitchell
Luke Mitchell: 6ft1⅛(185.7cm)
Brett Dalton: 6ft1⅞(187.6cm)
berta on Roddy Piper
his proportions made him ook 184 peak. with cena before his death he really looked 173 cm( taller if he could stand tall) could he have lost about 10 cm? he was like 60 years old.
berta on Keith David
he cant really have been 186,5 pek he looks at best 183 now and could be closer to 182 that is about 4 cm to loose at a age where some guys havent lost anything. i think the listing is fine but piper cant have been taller than 184 during the shooting of the movie.On the other hand piper was like 176 cm when he died so there is a big chanse he had lost half inch already in 1988-89
berta on Liam Neeson
yeah liam is for shore one of the guys that looked the 6 fot4 1/8 at peak he practically calimed that to.
Gracian on John Malkovich
So Malkovich was officially described as a just over 6 feet. Rob, do you think that the peak height 6'0.25" and the current height 5'10.75" is possible for Malkovich?
Editor Rob
It's an argument, it sounds like that is the kind of height he has given somebody, just over 6ft...I think he qualifies for a 1/8th actually.
Myself on Rey Mysterio
A topic i am interested in aswell...How tall are your parents?
My father around 6ft or under it(when was young), my mother 168/169 (at 59 years old i measured her +/- 167,5 at night, but i am 194.2/194.3 morning 192/192.3 night (sometimes 191.7 when my spine hurts a good amount, because of my herniated dicscs). I don't know any pretty tall relatives other than maybe 185 cm russian grandad, but still this is a very rough estimation of my mother....

(btw i'm more than 20 and a half years old and it looks like 1 week ago i grew about 2 to 3 mm; i used to be 194 or 194.1 on very good mornings, 193.8/9 on very bad mornings without enough sleep and so on and when i came back to home i was usually from 191.8 to 192, and 192.3 if measuring myself at night while sitting or being physically inactive all day....one day i came back and measured myself at 192.3/192.4 and was quite surprised....i rested maybe half an hour or 1 hour and i measured around 192.5/192.7, a mark i never managed to reach while resting on my chair, only when laying for more than 1 hour maybe)
Leno on Alex O'Loughlin
A can see him as a weak 6'1, but a strong 6 footer on a bad day.
Layla on Auli'i Cravalho
5’2”.5-5’3” seems accurate. She was on Kelly and Ryan, and looked slightly taller than Kelly Ripa.
Tall Sam on Claire Coffee
Yeah, Claire's in this height range and is lovely with good acting range (from bad guy to hero) in Grimm alone, so hope she gets some good parts in her career.
Tall Sam on Timothee Chalamet
His posture is really atrocious so I think Rob has his listing based upon if he ever stood straight, but yeah he often photographs as a no more than strong 5'9" guy (not saying he's that short, but I couldn't swear he'd be a mm over 5'10" standing ramrod straight either). The six foot claims are pretty ridiculous.
Adnaj on Luka Modrić
The 175cm listing on google was silly. After taking a close look at him with Marcelo/Carvajal who are 172-173 guys I thought he'd be around Rob's listing. He could possibly stand 169cm because he looks very weak, as in built. Maybe a tad taller than Messi. In Croatia he would be very short I believe, if the average is around 181cm there(not taking the Dinaric Alps where the average is about 185cm).
Tall Sam on Andy Richter
One of the few guys whose honestly a strong 6'1" and he could seem a taller a decade or two ago compared to actors who overlist himself. Standing his best peak, I do wonder what difference there'd be between he and someone like Chris Pratt. Yeah, 239 lb sounds like a pretty low weight for him, I'd buy about 15-20 pounds more.
viper on Tom Selleck
My 70 year old 6-0 dad hasn't lost anything
QM6'1QM on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Guys, I think Dwayne just does not know his height. He demands that horrible.
In addition, I conducted an analysis and, for sure, was convinced that Rock never was 6'3. Never.
Well, just take a look at his photo with Joe ... It's easy 2.5-.75 inches, very easy. And this is in view of the fact that Rock is closer to the camera. Perhaps, 6'2.5" at the peak and 6'2-.25" today, this is the maximum, because it is slightly taller than Obama, quite a bit. 6'2" range is the best guess.
P.S. I do not think that the Rock has lost more than 1 cm. The fillet is 0.25 inches or 1 cm.
Sandy Cowell on Phil Lynott
@ Rampage Clover - I can see him hitting FAR more, what with the huge platforms they wore those days! (The Seventies)

My six-foot friend was never less than 6ft4 (show off!) and often more! He hung around with rock groups and did session drumming with one.

So there you go! 😱

Sonnecker on Josh Hutcherson
He looks solidly taller than 164 cm Radcliffe....maybe it's for body proportions Rob, do you think Josh could reach 166cm?
Ebis5'8 on Anushka Sharma
@shantz, Lakshmi rai may be around 5 ft 10 or more, probably taller than a legit 5 ft 10 Anushka Shetty. Btw, here are some tall Indian actresses I could remember: 1.anuska shetti 5 10 or perhaps taller 2. Lakshmi rai at least 5 ft 10 or perhaps 5 ft 10.5 ins 3.anushka Sharma 5 9 ( relatively taller than an average Indian woman ) 4.karisma tanna 5 ft 9 (~) and very sexy too btw 5.deepika padu - 5 ft 8 or little taller, 6.katrina kaif 5 ft 8.5(~), And regarding the height of lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez she might be around 5 ft 7, even though namitha, another Indian actress is said to be 6 ft tall, she looked no more than 5 ft 9 mark, perhaps she's the Indian actress with largest boobs I've ever seen
Sonnecker on George Peppard
In the A-Team he never looked under 181-182 with his co-starrings and other known charachters. He was 55-60 years old, and he didn't care too much his health. So, in the '60s he was comfortably a good 6 footer.
Nik on Jesse Spencer
5'9.75" - 5'10"!
FIint on Dale Winton
Interestingly, Jeremy Vine said on his radio show (on 19th April 2018) yesterday that Dale was taller than him, and suggested 6’4”. Maybe Vine is shorted than 6’2”, or Dale was imposing and gave off a larger than life impression.
Nik on Jennifer Tilly
@ Sandy Cowell

I agree, she looks about 5'6.5" to me or slightly less!
Ebis5'8 on Sonam Kapoor
5 ft 9 seems to be true, but who knows, she's very slim which may give us a tall impression, but she may be shorter than that even tho she looks taller because of her slim body. As far as sonam's height is concerned, she didn't look relatively very tall in the movies even though she was slim and most of those co-actors were themselves not tall at all either, so highly possible to be shorter than 5 ft 9 mark, too.
Nik on Anthony Bourdain
Maybe slightly less nowadays!
Nik on Nargis Fakhri
She appears nearer to 5'8" than 5'7"!
BilboBaggins on Olivia Wilde
Squarest jawline I've seen in a while, Christ. She does look about 5' 7" though.
Ebis5'8 on Priyanka Chopra
Katrina kaif 58.5~, Anushka Shetty ( Not Sharma, but indeed very beautiful in the same way as Sarma ) 5 ft 10 or more, but the funny thing is she has once told herself that she is not that tall and only 5 ft 6 which is ridiculous considering the fact she looked as tall as or taller than 5 ft 10 actors, Lakshmi rai - another tall woman probably taller than Anushka Shetty around 5 ft 11 or 10 1/2 (someone in this site has asked about her height, but I can't remember the guy's name)
Nik on Abbie Holborn
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Yes, she says what she means and means what she says!

If you want to see more of that visit Emma Atkins' page!

Your English teacher had a good sense of humour and yes I agree that we should all use words like a**e a lot more, it is a legitimate word and it is not insulting, so why not?

Abbie is at least 5'6", but she isn't 5'7"!
BilboBaggins on Jessica Jane Stafford
All the botox in her face makes her look shorter.
Nik on Scottie Pippen
@ Sandy Cowell

Yes, I had an apple the day after you wrote that comment! 🍎!

Here's to Scottie Pippen and Pippa Middleton!

He gets 6'7" from me!
Nik on Clive Owen
@ Canson

Yes I agree!
Nik on Colin Ferguson
I think 5'11" is a bit high to be truthful!
Ebis5'8 on Deepika Padukone
She may be 5 ft 8 but nothing more (at least to my eyes). But however, she is a very talented actress and somewhat resemble aishwarya rai too. These are my guessings about the heights of Indian actresses:- madhuri dixit 53.5?, juhi chawla 56?,Sri Devi 56(.5)? (Rip), rani mukharjee 53.5?, bipasa basu 57.5?, aishwarya 57.5?, preeti binda 54?, kareena kapoor 55??, karisma 55???, Btw these are my favorite actresses whom I consider very hot and sexy ( this is my personal opinion and preference, people may agree or disagree with me ) 1.Anushka Sharma - 5 ft 9? - Very beautiful round and chubby face, 2.Priyanka Chopra - 5 ft 6.5~ - Beautiful full lips, 3.Bipasha Basu - 5 ft 8~ - Beautiful eyes, and probably the sexiest actress in South Asia according to most of sources and most of the people. (I'm sorry if I'm wrong)
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Brian Littrell
@lee168cm No they are not the same height if you look closely at their face level and top of head and Brain look a little bit standing behind next to Howie. But i believe t most 0.75" between them not a full inch.
tree on Bud Spencer
He was taller than 190,with 193cm Wayde Preston,the guy in the brown coat Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Nick Carter
I read a 90s teens magazine from my older brother that i recall back Nick was listed at 179cm when he was 17. Probably he was 5'11.5" not 6'0. Most people don't grow that much after 17 and Nick seriously look alot in the solid 5'11 range.
BilboBaggins on Dale Winton
Yes, I always assumed Dale was at about the 6' 1" mark, or thereabouts. In photos with his friend David Walliams (listed here as 6' 2"-and-a-half), Dale appeared to bea couple of inches shorter... Dale and Supermarket Sweep were part of my childhood. He was always entertaining to watch and he seemed like such a kind, warm and genuine man. May he Rest In Peace.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Amy Smart
5'5 1/4 but the average guess pushing 5'6 is impossible.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Christina Applegate
Def 5'4.5 to 5'5.
Dmeyer on Scott Eastwood
Some boots arnie wears give 4-4.5cm est but many have à la normal thik 3cm heel
Nik on Gal Gadot
Good listing!
Nik on Dale Winton
R.I.P Dale Winton. He was such a lovely man.
Nik on Erika Jayne
5'7" is fair do's!
SteveIvy on Andre The Giant
niceguy82, Don Lane was 6'4, Andre actually had footwear advantage with his big cowboy boots and had his big afro, so he had a hair advantage. Remember the larger the shoe, the larger the heel (naturally) as they have to be in proportion. So the host, Don may have worn size 12 shoes which logically could not have the same sized heels as Andre's size 22 or so.

Andre looks at most 6'10 - 6'11, this is in his prime as well. I can imagine those who want Andre at 7ft and over will always argue he was not in his prime in that video.

I find the 'Andre in his prime' arguments funny on here. It appears his prime was so short according to some and then he suddenly shrunk a lot for no apparent reason. That video in Australia was in 1978. There is no reason or evidence Andre would lost any height by 1978! If anything, he was in his prime in the mid to late 1970's.
Ebis5'8 on Anushka Sharma
She looked slightly taller than Shahrukh khan in the film Rab ne bana di Jodi. So, 5 ft 9 is Possible. Btw, she is a very cute lady too, and probably the sexiest Indian actress i have ever seen, i think people would agree with me.
Ebis5'8 on Priyanka Chopra
I think "Jilmil" or Priyanka Chopra is a strong 5 ft 6ish and a weak 5 ft 7ish. I also think she is very beautiful especially her lips, and indeed looks very sexy in the picture above, a little bit childish or baby like face in the pic - a look I haven't seen in her films.
Zampo on General Height
@Canson, it's obvious that some are insecure, not satisfied with their heights. It's sad that one would ever have to feel such way but I don't think it's helping calling them out, naturally this would cause one to be defensive. These arguments have been going round and round, it is clear that there is not/never going to be an agreed consensus. Everyone is entitled to their on own opinions on the subject as I said there is no "Gold Standard" definition/terminologies hence their is technically no right or wrong (this also applies to those that are adamant that rounding down by 1/4 inch for a claim is downgrading and insist on their standard). Frankly, I am finding the whole topic tedious and wearing. If I was you I would just ignore. There are many posts that I read that are frankly senseless that I don't even bother replying to e.g. Arthur's "5'9-5'10 is a sad range". I don't have the energy/time to entertain unproductive statements.

What I completely disagree with twisting facts such as, a 4 hour measurement is the majority of the day. This factually incorrect, there is no need for such. All one should say is e.g. I claim 5'10, this is a 4 hour measurement and be done with it.

Take note of Rob, if you notice not once has he suggested his standards regarding assessing height are correct and only to be used, only that one should clearly state, time of day if a morning height is what you would like to claim.
Tom Paul on Johan Cruyff
5'10" solid
Tom Paul on Sergio Ramos
He is 6'0" at morning , 5'11.75" at evening
Ebis5'8 on Amitabh Bachchan
Amithab 71 maybe 72 in prime, Jackie Sheroff 6?, Shahrukh 59~, Salman 58/7.5, Amir khaaaaaan 57?, Hrithik 511, Sanjay Dutt 6/511, Govinda 67.5, Rajini 59, Kamalaasan 58.5?, Arnold 61, Bruce Lee 57.5, Jet lee 56.5, Jackie chan 58.5, Danush 59, Arjun Kapoooo 510?, Ranbir Chung 57.5, Barfi 510?, Jilmil 56??, Thangabali 66??, Raani KUKUR Chee 43?, Aisoria 57?, Anupom ker 59?, Anil kapu 611, Rajesh Khanna 58?, Risika Pooh 59?, Johney Liver 54.5?, Mithun 511 Sotti --- Type Korla Korla Mage Angilith Ridhenavaa (I hurt my fingers since I am typing so long) To be contd....
Tom Paul on Luka Modrić
172cm at morning.
Tom Paul on Daisy Bevan
Daisy looks 5'10" atleast , she is tall
sarita on Lisa Haydon
she looka legit 5'10.
Paul Warner on Ben Shapiro
Idk why everyone around here is pretending it's a big deal how tall he is. I'm just here because Google doesn't have a listing and I need it for a meme.
Kree on Paul Joseph Watson
He looks really, really tall in photos where you can see his height.
Thunderfin on Armie Hammer
Dejavu said on 16/Feb/18
He is 4 inches taller than Chris Pine who is arguable a weak 6’1

Lol.. Chris Pine barely breaks 6'... he IS NOT a weak 6'1.
Sandy Cowell on Caroline Dhavernas
Caroline is only ever in high heels, as are all the female cast members, it seems! Well, they are all professional women and not marching about on the streets as detectives or FBI agents. That's why Gillian Anderson looks so much taller in this than she does in the 'X' Files!

I'm agreeing with the 5ft1 for Caroline then!
Thunderfin on Stephen Amell
c-mo said on 17/Apr/18
in the perfect height range for a man (180-185cm)

Girls are that tall these days. Perfect height for a guy is 6'3.5 in the morning, 6'2.5 by the evening. Would love to be that height.
Tirth(15yo 5'7.5) on KSI
I think ksi is 5'10.25 and Logan paul is 6'1.25
Dmeyer on Dwayne Johnson The Rock
In nils2 vidéo next to Conan you could argue 6'1.5
Mimi on Elisabeth Moss
She's a foot shorter than Gwendoline Christie
19 April
YounqBoiiz on Jesse Wellens
Always looked 'tall' to me. Good to see he's the average height and still looks tall.
YounqBoiiz on Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
There's no way he's 5'10" or even near that, he looks 5'5- 5'8" at max. Here's a picture with him and listed (by you @Rob Paul) 5'5.75" Danny Trejo 'Click Here' and with listed (by you once again) 5'7 Justin Bieber
'Click Here'
Editor Rob
Well he looks at least 3 inches on Trejo with less footwear and losing more height, I'm sure he's over 5ft 8.
Kevin on Jesse Wellens
Looks taller than a flat 5'10
Canson on Marlon Wayans
Looks about accurate. Shawn is the taller of those two brothers. However it may be a full inch difference. People don’t realize that Marlon is thin so he looks taller than he actually is
Canson on Rob Gronkowski
@Rob: interesting!
Canson on Tom Brady
@Viper: I certainly agree with RP about Brady. He’s not under 6’4” unless it’s maybe 6’3 7/8 at night if he even gets that low. He’s a legit 6’4” guy. As far as Moss, you may be right that he’s only 6’3”, but RP could be right, as well. I would say Moss looks 6’3” range. Maybe it’s a solid 6’3 or perhaps a stronger 6’3”
Samir Yusuf on Andre The Giant
niceguy82 said on 18/Apr/18
Forget the 7+ feet myths, at least on this timeframe: Click Here

with 6'4 Don Lane Look @ 10:32 or 9:25 Both have similar footwear too

Andre doesn't look over 6'8 here.
Bri on Luka Modrić
Johno on Tyra Banks
She said she was 5'9 on that Youtube interview hotwing eating show.
MJKoP on Ariane Rinehart
in b4 the obligatory 'female G' comment. :D
MJKoP on Will Estes
Wow, Donnie looks unusually tall here.... *scrolls down*
joe### on Rupert Young
6´3 flat is not impossible but he looks taller than routh
joe### on Brad Pitt
I seem to look at the maximum 178 barefoot, over 6'0 in their lifts lol
joe### on Joel Kinnaman
Rob is right gustaf is 6´2.5-75
joe### on Josh Hartnett
joe### on Brandon Routh
189 is right
joe### on Matt Morgan
samson on The Undertaker
Ebis hogan was never 6'7 not 6'6. 6'5 TOPS sid had 3 inches on hogan
aknawkneemoose on Jesse Wellens
totally always looked like a 5'11 guy to me this makes me feel weird
Cig on Jesse Wellens
Barely edges out Casey Neistat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jesse Ventura
He had an easy 2in on Arnold in Predator
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Jesse Ventura
I can't find the clip but I swear that he said on Howard Stern that he used to be 6ft4 and is now 6ft3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Russell Westbrook
Rob, what made you upgrade him?

Nothing wrong with that by the way, he can pull this off
Editor Rob
He looks often enough nearer a solid 189 than a weak one.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Dale Winton
Sad loss to television. He was always entertaining. I think 186cm is arguable at worst
Mimi on Andie Macdowell
She's really about 5ft8 tall. She played Selena Gomez's mom and Leighton Meester's stepmom on Monte Carlo and she was evidently taller than them by at least 3 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on Conan O'Brien
Agreed but I wouldn't rate him as a solid 6ft4 like Neeson or Goldblum
Mimi on Andie Macdowell
She's really about 5ft8 tall. She played Selena Gomez's mom and Leighton Meester's stepmom on Monte Carlo and she was evidently taller than them by at least 3 inches.
joe### on Chris Hemsworth
Junior Hernandez 1990
I agree
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover on James Cameron
I doubt under 188cm peak. Could pass for 189cm at times, actually.

Really does look around it in that photo w/h Arnold
Thunderfin on Chris Evans
No one's asking for a flat 5'11 downgrade. We're asking for a 5'11.5 downgrade.
Thunderfin on Cristiano Ronaldo
Rory said on 11/Apr/18

Would you ever consider a 6ft 1 1/8th listing for Ronaldo or are you happy with 6ft1 flat ?

Seriously Rory... who cares. It's an eighth of an inch.
joe### on John Cena
now you have to agree that boris literally ended up with 6'3 flat, I go with 6'3.5 to boris and cena with Ali baba look weak 6´0
Thunderfin on Nathaniel Buzolic
5'11? Lol, what an insult to real 5'11ers. I'm 5'11.5 and would definitely appear much taller compared to him with Rob. Most I'd give this guy is 5'10.
5'10 lad on Will Estes
Toms looking a little short there Rob? Donnie looking quite tall, looks 3 inches bigger than Will? Strange photo
Editor Rob
Well Will is doing the rising up on one foot trick for an extra couple of cm and Donnie is having a laugh using the cushion for an extra bit of height 😂

Rare to see 2 guys trying height tricks in a photo...
Sal29 on Hulk Hogan
Beltzer was looking way up to look Hogan in the eyes and thats why his his nose was chin level to Hogan. If Beltzer looked straight ahead instead up, he would be looking at Hogans collar bones, not his eyes.
Lawrence on John Cena
@Canson...then why would cena himself say maybe 6'1" with cool shoes? He's stressing the point and made an effort to say "maybe 6'1" . if he was just a bit over 6 feet he surely would know he is very well over 6'1" with cool shoes on let alone regular shoes. ..my point is where is everyone getting this 6'0.5" from???? Wwe always upgrades wwe stars 1" and up. Come on people lets get this height thing right
Lawrence on Bradley Cooper
In the movie midnight meat train he consistently looked 3 inches taller than Leslie bibb which is listed here at 5'8.5"... He's no taller than 5'11.5"
Lawrence on Bradley Cooper
Does not look this tall to me..i dont see him past 5'11.25" when comparing/corollating to other actors and actresses
Floky on Luka Modrić
He looks 168/169 to me
Canson on Boris Kodjoe
@Junior: with Kobe and Barkley, he honestly looks 6’3” flat imho, especially taking into account the footwear advantage he had on Kobe
Sandy Cowell on Dale Winton
What a terrible shame - I can't believe it. He was such a chirpy, cheerful fellow and always appeared happy, which rubbed off on everyone else.

One can still watch Supermarket Sweep on the 'Challenge' Channel sometimes, in case anybody is interested.

6ft1.5 for him. 😢

RIP Dale xxx

Sadly missed.
Canson on Ryan Reynolds
@Junior: if he’s 6’2” range at a low it’s likely, at least in my opinion, no higher than a flat 6’2”. It’s hard to see 6’1” range to be honest. However, if he claimed it, it’s possible. It just shows that other celebs here are overlisted. Most are by half inch but some as high as 2” from what I’ve seen
Canson on Cristiano Ronaldo
@James: yea that would be more strong 6’0 or weak 6’1”. A weak 6’1 is more of 6’0.5-.75 at a low, at least my definition. Rob classes it more 6’.67-.75 I think. I can agree that 6’0” may be a bit low for him too

@German: you think Renaldo is a weak 6’1”?
RoelC on Andre The Giant
KenC said on 18/Apr/18
Studd used massive lifts. There are some pictures of him and Andre out of the ring and you can see how much taller Andre is over him.
The rumour that Studd wore lifts, were debunked at Wrestlemania 2, when he stood face-2-face with a 6ft5 NFL-player and barely looked taller.
Click Here
Click Here
If there was one night he should've worn lifts, it would've been that night, as he was in the ring full of football players whose heights weren't exaggerated by inches. He was clearly exposed that night for not being anywhere near the 6ft10 he was billed at.

He also didn't wear lifts next to Ladd as they both wore the same type of boots. And when they were a tag-team, they billed Studd at 6ft9 and Ladd at 7ft. So it makes no sense that Studd was the one who wore lifts.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

It makes even less sense that he wore lifts in matches with Andre. Who were they billing as "The Giant" in the WWF again???

Where were those lifts at Wrestlemania 1 Click Here
Look like standard wrestling boots to me.
Canson on Ed O'Neill
At his peak, there isn’t much of an argument that he’s much less than the mark. Worst case is he could be 6’0.75 at a low or measure similar to Christiano Renaldo
Canson on Conan O'Brien
Agree with Christian. 191 today and that’s a best case which is why he claims 6’4/6’4.5 as that is a shoe height
Canson on Conan O'Brien
@Rob: you may want to see him next to Barkley or Kobe and take a hard look. Kobe may be the full 195cm at a low but doubt Barkley measures that at a low. People who meet Barkley guess him as 6’4” more often than not so it’s likely he’s more 6’4.5 at a low. In addition, you have Neeson listed 6’4” flat and he’s clearly taller than Conan as Conan acknowledged when he told Neeson he was 6’5” before. Conan also called Selleck 6’4/6’5 and Wlad Klitschko 6’6/6’7. Something has to be said when the guy inflated all of these celebs by an inch or more and also claimed a height of 6’4/6’4.5 himself when he’s not even as tall as a guy who claimed 6’3.5 (Selleck) or a guy who claimed 6’4 and a wee bit (Neeson). He’s also not as tall as Hasselhoff or Haysbert who are both 6’4”. That almost points to his claim being a shoe height. Wlad would be 6’6/6’7 in some shoes even at a low, especially if he’s a strong 6’5”. I honestly feel a good 6’4 is reasonable out of bed but he would dip to 6’3.25 maybe at very best 6’3.5 at a low and the latter would be at his peak. Take into account how long his hair is, as well. That makes him look taller than he really is.
Canson on Russell Westbrook
@Viper: Russ may have grown but it’s no higher than what Rob has him listed here. Even this seems high assuming Carmelo Anthony is a full 6’6.25 at a low. He may be a hair below as I was told by 5 people 1.5-2” difference. Nevertheless, Melo would still measure 6’6.25 near a low and the NBA doesn’t do 1/8” increments so he could’ve even been 6’6.05-.1 and been rounded up to that if it were a low. I’d bet money though that he isn’t less than a full 6’6” at a low and looked more along the lines of 198.5ish imho
Canson on Russell Westbrook
@Viper: Merriman needs a professional measurement in my opinion. I simply don’t agree with 6’4 3/8. Rob is the professional of course. I guarantee you that if Rob were to stand next to him that Merriman would no longer be listed 6’4” here. Even if Rob were generous it wouldn’t be higher than 6’3 on this site.
Canson on J.J. Watt
@Dream: I actually have heard from a few sources and have a friend who is my height maybe a touch shorter that is similar to me out of bed, from what he claims at least. He says he’s 6’5 out of bed but dips to 6’3 7/8 some days others 6’4. He’s 300lbs. Also Bobby3342 a poster mentioned it i believe on Nonzo’s page that he saw first hand. Rob may have said it as well. I can definitely see Watt at that stage but he has a lot of muscle as well
Canson on Larry Bird
@Micky: agreed
Canson on Shawne Merriman
@Viper: that comment where I said @Merriman was actually a post to you
Paleman on Mark Moses
Quite recently, on Homeland, he looked as tall as Rupert Friend even though he wasn't standing properly. So yeah, 6'1" seems about right... Looks that height in his other work as well, many times he can pull off looking even a bit taller.
McMurphy on Larry Holmes
Holmes with Gerry Cooney and Klitschko.
Both gerry and Wlad leaning a bit. I can see Klitschko having like 2 inches on Holmes, but not more.

Click Here
Sandy Cowell on Kevin Costner
Six feet and an inch tall is somewhat hard to swallow in the film I'm chewing over whether to see out! Kevin was just walking rather like Hannibal Lector just now, but then I noticed that, being a severely disturbed prisoner, his feet are chained, so making him appear much, much shorter! Now who feels like a silly girl? Moi!

The film is called, quite simply, 'Criminal' and it boasts a pretty steller cast, including Gary Oldman! For that reason alone, I am going to stick with it! I might buy it if I think it's good enough!
They are doing something along the lines of brain switching, hardly a subject that's new to the silver screen though, is it?

Oh, dear! Kevin is showing his prowess now, beating a fairly large specimen of manhood to a pulp! What a nasty piece of work, but it shows that he's OUT of those chains, fully mobile and fighting fit!

I was going to opt for just over 6ft, but he looks as fit and well now that the film is fully underway as he did in his 'Dances With Wolves' days.... only he's not as nice!

Kev can have 6ft0.75!
Dream(5'9.5") on Henry Cavill
Here’s the problem.

We aren’t sure of Gracie’s height. Michael Jordon’s listed at 6’6,” yet he’s really 6’4”-6’5”.

Kobe Bryant same thing and yet, he’s shy of 6’5”.

We can’t always trust google itself.

Also, there has been websites where Roger Gracie is listed at 194 cm.
MaskDeMasque on Ryan Kwanten
I thought he looked 5'9 flat on Eric Andre.
Jordan87 on Andre The Giant
@ DIcksock,

Andre while suffering from his disease, was still strong as a bull. One of those guys that is so naturally big , they do not need to work out or lift weights and they can knock your lights out with a half of a punch.
Johnson on Russell Westbrook
my predictions are just what I believe, let the people believe what they want, they are not facts, they are opinions

I was the first one who predicted 1,72 for Coutinho before measuring him, the day arrived, the video measuring and he marked 171,9. He breathed in and he market 172.2. So I just ask a little bit of respect for the users

Call a troll a person like me whose database of celebs of basketball/football players shows that are normally under the official listed height???

That is nonsense
Ali on CM Punk
@JoeyB33 nice pic dude, would love to meet Punk myself. By any chance did you see what footwear Punk had on that day and what you were wearing at time? Punk looks taller than most people have estimated him to be and actually looks his listed heigh dare I say.
viper on Ryan Reynolds
He may look it, but even he admits he's 6-1 range
Greg on Vitaly Zdorovetskiy
There’s no way Vitaly is 5’9, he is a weak 5’11.
viper on James Van Der Beek
He's 182cm only in shoes.

Barefoot he is 5-10
viper on J.J. Watt
He was measured at 6-5.3 in the morning. Lol at clearing 6-6 with ease
Istv?n on Per Mertesacker
Just compare him to his (former) teammates like Boateng (6ft3.5/192cm), Neuer (6ft4/193), Čech (6ft5/196cm) or Naldo, (6ft6/198cm). He is definitely taller than them (yes, even 6ft6 Naldo) and in some pictures he even seems to tower over Boateng, Hummels and Neuer (between 191cm and 193cm) by about 4 inches. There is no way he is shoter than 200cm. He looks like a legit 6ft7 to me. If you don't belive me, look at him standing next to Peter Crouch.
Click Here
lee168cm on George Ezra
Looked shorter than this next to ant and dec on Saturday night takeaway
lee168cm on Kevin Weisman
Megan boone is 5'5 though
Greg on Jesse Wellens
Knew he wasn’t the full 5’11, Vitaly edged him out with horrible posture and snoop towered him. Might even be a weak 5’10, Jake Paul also edged him out quite a bit.
Dracula on Bruce Willis
5'10.5" peak height, now like 5'9.5". Stephen Colbert is 5'10" and he has an inch on 60yo Bruce Willis. Look at the end of the video.

Bruce Willis and Stephen Colbert vid: Click Here
Moheez Iqbal on Kane
Rob, Would you say kane peak height was 6"8.25/204cm he looks about 0.5 inch taller than undertaker 6"7.75 not that much smaller then big show 6"11.75 peak height what do you think?
Sandy Cowell on Patricia Arquette
😤 Correction Time! 😤

That should have read, '... the manner in which she acts them out IS quite unbeatable!' and certainly not ARE, the subject being 'the manner' which is singular!
miko on CM Punk
Punk arguably looks 6 foot with Joey. Those saying 5'11 and under... lol
viper on Shawne Merriman
Merriman was listed at 6-3 his first 2 years. He was listed at 6-4 in high school, at least his last 2 years.

Common sense tells you hes 6-2
Sandy Cowell on Rosanna Arquette
Fantastic to see you made her a page, so thanks Rob! 👍

Well, when I saw her written up as 164cm, I did wonder! I remember seeing 'Desperately Seeking Susan' - on the big screen at that - and I didn't believe she was the same statistically as Madonna! She looked more petite, certainly in those days! Both girls were meant to be 5ft4.5 and 110lbs. Madonna was then around 119lbs, but soon to slim down like mad!
Rosanna was naturally petite, and perhaps 5ft4 or just under back then. The year was 1986. I saw it when it first came out.

I will happily go along with 5ft3.75!

👆 Fascinating Fact Time! 👆

I wonder how many people know
that the song 'Rosanna' by the rock group Toto is about Ms Arquette?
Editor Rob
She can look sometimes 2.5 inches taller than her sister...but then she can look shorter than someone like madonna a bit too.
Dream(5'9.5") on Jeremy Brett
Strong 6’1.
Sandy Cowell on David Bowie
@ Pox - I really did LOL at your name! 👍😂


As this is the page of the great David Bowie, I must leave a guess, and it is 5ft10!
Khalid on JR Bourne
I think he should be 5’10 if Tyler posey is 5’91/2
Sandy Cowell on Tony Blair
@ Nik - Why, thank you very much! I still have it somewhere, I'm sure I do!

I've been starting on the Spring cleaning, and I can't move now! I overdid the lifting, but then that's typical of me! I don't do anything by halves!

Cheers Matey!
JacksonK on Adam Saleh
I thought he was 5'2" well he isn't as short as he makes himself out to be sometimes
Gracian on NeYo
Rob, please add Ne-Yo to the pop singers category. As for his height, I think that the downgrade to 5'7.75" can really be agrumented for him. Rob, do not be fooled by the fact that sometimes he can wear a high headgear and, as a result, give the impression of a higher one, please look at his pictures from Pitbull, Shaggy, Kanye West, Michael Jordan and Adam Levine: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Ultimately I think that the full 5'8" is a little shy character for him... Rob, will you give him downgrade to 172 cm?
Editor Rob
The 172cm figure has always been a real possiblity for him, he generally looks over 5ft 7 but sometimes he does seem to struggle to be 5ft 8.
Faza on Santan Dave
Seen bugzy malòne listed 6ft he might be a weak 6ft guy like 182cm then also the young rapper Ramz looks pretty tall aswell no idea how tall but looks over 6ft
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Aidan Quinn
Could have lost a fraction now. 5'11.5" peak.
Cj on Will Poulter
Height at 16-5'4
Height at 17 6
Height at 18 6'2.5
haxxx on Rob Paul
Rob do you agree that a 5'11 guy who has bad posture and is slouching a lot can look the same height as a 5'10 guy or even a 5'9 guy with good posture?
Editor Rob
Yes, he might look 5ft 9-10 if he stoops and kind of drops height in his back.
Nik on Beth Riesgraf
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Not only does 5'7" look totally believable but it looks probable, at least!

This is a lovely photo of Rob, Jenny, and Beth, and compared to 5'7.75" (at least) Jenny the 5'7" - 5'7.25" range is likely!

Blake on Brutus Beefcake
Bobby, fortunately for him, his actual name is Ed Leslie.
Gracian on Ryan Reynolds
Rob, many people writing comments on your website want to argue about a downgrade for Paul Walker to 6'1.75" or upgrade for Ryan Reynolds to 6'2.25". What is your opinion Rob? Do you think Reynolds could be taller than Walker?
Editor Rob
I don't think the figures are unreasonable...Walker could look a weak 6ft 2 at times, while Reynolds can look a solid 6ft 2 range too...
Anon91 on Rob Paul
There are various of estimates what the average height in Sweden may be. Anywhere from 179.8 to 181.5 cm. What do you think is the correct avg height of Sweden? Also i live in the second largest city Gothenburg. The city has a large population of foreign ethnic backgrounds (middle eastern, asian, slavic). 35-40% of the population. When walking downtown in the city I actually feel average tall with my 175 cm. Is it possible the multi ethnical population of Gothenburg actually drags down the national average? If so by how much? Thanks for taking your time analysing all questions.
Bobby on Sookie's Den
@Rob, that's interesting that you wanted to go into sports. I had the aspirations upon high school graduation and even earlier, to become a detective either through local constabulary or as a private investigator but things didn't quite work out that way for me and now I am pursuing investigative journalism. Though even as an investigative journalist, I can still start a business on the side as a private investigator but one thing at a time right now.
Editor Rob
That sounds like an interesting career to have.
Jackiecat on Dana Perino
Said on the View today that she is 5feet.
Jakob on Tobias Santelmann
Do think this is an actor who might have rounded down a height, Rob? There's a series called Borderliner and he looks very tall in it (granted 6ft 2in is quite a tall height), he can pull off 6ft 2.5-6ft 3 at times.
Editor Rob
I don't think he looks above 188cm
Blake on Sookie's Den
Interesting, I wouldn’t have expected to you to be the athletic type! It’s just that sport is almost the polar opposite to your career now. I hope for your sake, that you still kick a football around from time to time.
Editor Rob
Here is an old report sheet from third year, it's true the bit about lacking motivation as I remember being rather annoyed that they removed football from the P.E. curriculum and gave us Badminton instead! 😡 3rd year High School in the UK is usually ages 14 through 15.

In Scotland we have:

Primary School 1 - 7. Most folk refer to the years like P1, P2, P3 etc.

For primary school most kids would be aged 4 or 5 starting the school term (August). I think the cutoff was March. So the youngest would be somebody born in February and starting in August they'd be aged 4 and a half...some parents could try to get deferral for kids born in Jan-Feb so they'd start primary the next year and be aged 5 and a bit more developed.

So Click Here Big Dawn is currently in P7 so in August starts High School and Big Rose is in P5.

High School (Secondary) 1 - 6. We'd refer to them as 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd year etc.

You could leave after 4th year exams (Standard Grade) and not bother about taking Highers (5th year). I only remember a handful leaving at 4th year (age 16) to go into the workforce or maybe do a college course...then some more leaving at 5th year, but the majority hung around for 6th year...you could do another few highers or take Sixth Year Studies in final year.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Vin Diesel
It's difficult to give an exact number for guys like Diesel because we don't exactly know the amount of lift they stuff inside their shoes/boots. My estimate for him is 5'10"-5'11" range.
Goran Pavlovic on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rob, Arnold looking the same height as Sergi here Click Here
Sergi is listed as 185cm, could it be that his height listing is incorrect ? This is strange.
Editor Rob
I think Sergi looks taller there...how much is debatable though, but I've not seen much of the guy to comment on his true height.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Dwayne Johnson The Rock

I disagree with that. In the 90's and early 00's he looked nearly 6'3", nowadays he looks 6'2" solid.
hoverrover on Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ian555 said on 18/Apr/18
Yes right he was 6'2 or 6'3 . That's absurd and hilarious we know he was 6'1 max
Dmeyer on Scott Eastwood
To me he looks shorter than à Guy like jude law
Robbe on David Price
Im not saying Price is 201cm, i was just stating he looks only 6'7 with Povetkin, for some reason. Maybe he is not standing at his best there. The point was he cant be moore than 203cm, just like i said in my previous post. His 6'9 claim is most likely his morning height. He shrinks easily a good inch during the day.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Rob Paul

It goes to show you that a true 5'8" is undervalued. I have a 5'8" friend and he often gets guessed at 5'9" or 5'10".
Garrett188 on Tyra Banks
In this most recent Hot Ones interview she states "I'm 5 foot 9" (at 22:40).
Click Here

I'm not sure why should would claim that so ecstatically if she was actually 5'10. Seems that almost everyone has been overestimating her this whole time, me included.
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if she was only a 5 foot 9er, she always looked taller.
Garrett188 on Tyra Banks
In this most recent Hot Ones interview she states "I'm 5 foot 9" (at 22:40).
Click Here

I'm not sure why should would claim that so ecstatically if she was actually 5'10. Seems that almost everyone has been overestimating her this whole time, me included.
Bradly on Pamela Anderson
As listed in '18, inch taller peak.
Tall Sam on Height Request
Well Duryea looks six foot range in my still with Rory Calhoun, but is edged comfortably by Lloyd Bridges, maybe 3-4 inches under Gregory Peck, shorter by a good margin than John Payne and looks to be roughly somewhere between Fredric March & John Dall's height in the walking picture. I could be wrong though because sometimes he does look six foot range at times, maybe 5'11"-5'11.5" standing well, and maybe measured 6'1" in shoes, but I personally can't see him over that.
Christian-6'5 3/8 on Russell Westbrook

Facts should always outweigh opinions though. For example, despite Johnson saying that Derrick Rose's 6'2.75", it's a fact that he was measured 6'1.5" so we know he's not taller than that. Same thing with Lebron, he was measured 6'7.25" so 6'8" is out of the question.
Editor Rob
Unless you are of the opinion - like Johnson - that they grew a bit taller. He seems to believe that, though yourself and others (myself included) don't hold that same opinion.
Bobby on Brutus Beefcake
What kind of name is Brutus Beefcake? Can you imagine this guy in elementary every time during the P.A announcements? "Brutus Beefcake, please report to the principal's office after the following announcements." He must have been dying of embarrassment throughout his school years. Brutus ain't bad, it's obvious his parents had a Roman fetish, but Beefcake? Where do folks come up with names like that? Oh yeah, his height, he looks 6ft, maybe 6'1.
James Murray on John Cleese
in 1976 my dad and John took a picture together i still have the picture till this day, my dad is 6ft 4 1/2 John Cleese is about 1 inch taller I wont be surprised if he was slightly over 6ft 5 mark. anyways I remember in 1976 John Cleese spoke to me with my dad I was 13 years old and 6ft 1. I remember John clearly saying to my dad that i will be taller than both of them when i got older and he was right am 6ft 8 1/2 barefeet. sometimes it sucks being really tall living in london and taking tube everyday is annoying and the same old question i get, "how tall are you" and stares ......
Jordan87 on Andre The Giant
In the newest Andre Documentary you see the 6'9 and 6'10 Listings. They are even spoke about and a board is shown with a 6'10" listing for promoting on of his early events ( Very early in Andre's Career).

Poor guy lived a pretty crappy Life. Traveling 300 days a year when you cannot fit comfortably in planes and Cars? Nope
Micky on Michael Jordan
The description above should mention that Pat Riley said: "Did you know that when Jordan was measured he was only 6-4 and a half, not 6-6 the way he's listed?"
Micky on Larry Bird
Reggie Miller said in an interview "when you walk up to Larry Bird, it's not like he is a small 6'9". He's a BIG 6'9" with long arms."

Says to me he was 6'9" without shoes for his peak height. Today, maybe more like 6'8" - 6'8.5" range.
lee168cm on Adam Saleh
He does look shorter than Ellen in that video and she's 5'6"
Vek on Robin Lord Taylor
He's 5ft6
Christopher Weatherill on Emily Bett Rickards
Just out of curiosity, why only add the picture now if it was taken back in 2016?
Editor Rob
I spread them out over time, if they were put up all the same time it would mean big gaps.
Leno on Kevin McKidd
Solid 5'11
Leno on Justin Chambers
177 cm, btw, has he ever claimed something ? I see that google gives him 180 cm, but I never seen the man say it.
Leno on James Pickens Jr
Solid 6's guy, great posture for his age, don't see him below 183 cm
Willes189 on Conan O'Brien

First of all I'm a student at Umeå University the third biggest in Sweden, 2nd my IQ is well above yours, I've done 3 IQ test all of them resulted in 125-135 range. You are what we call a pseudo intellectual, you always think you are correct and anyone who doesn't agree with your twisted logic and self reflected agenda is apparently not as "smart" as you...

How do you explain these pictures, it couldn't be that the rock is shorter that 6'2.5 could it? Oh wait he is, you are so predictable it's laughable.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Keep in mind that Conan is 55 yo, he most likely has lost a fraction of height.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Craig Fairbrass
Rob def over look on Craig height. Martin Kemp is quite legit 6'0 in this site so no way Craig could even pass for 6'2 and Colin Salmon would be 6'5.5" if he is 6'3.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Toby Kebbell
Just 185cm or 6'0 3/4 and the average guess 185.9cm is pushing 6'1 1/4 that he don't look this unless Gerrad Butler is 6'1.5"
JJL29 on Height Request
What height do you think actor Niall Buggy is? He's known for making appearances in films such as Hellraiser and Alien 3, but also British and Irish television.
Editor Rob
He's down as 5ft 11 on Spotlight, so that's the most he could be...
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Judge Reinhold
185.5cm peak and lost a little fraction now.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Michael Caine
He atually look more like just a decent 6 footer nowadays. I believe 6'1.75" peak and 6'0 now than a strong 6'2 peak.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Mark Strong
Average guess 6ft 1.61in (187cm) sounds legit now. I would throw out 6'1 5/8th for Mark.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Chris Hemsworth
Two taller Hemsworth brothers look half inch between each other. I guage out their lowest below.

Liam 191.3cm
Chris 190cm
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Chris Evans
Atually not just Chris Evans looking weak 6'0 but i realise alot of 6'0 listed guy literally look to hover 5'11 5/8th (181.9cm) range than saying 5'11.5" or 5'11.75", they might be 182cm flat and measure at the doctor office in the morning between 182.7-183cm range.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Brody Hutzler
Maybe i'm wrong as i look more on Brody's work can see why Rob put him at 6'2.5" quite reliable listing.
Hunter on Luka Modrić
Morning: 171,5
Afternoon: maybe 170.8 (5ft 7.25)
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Tom Selleck
My dad 63 had lost a full cm from 182cm peak and 181cm now. I believe a few mm over half inch lost on Selleck will be closer at 73.

Peak 192cm, now 190.5cm
Dinho101 on Colin Ferguson
Definitely around 179.25 on his low id say. It'd be respectable if he claimed 5'11 no problem with that but come on six foot, deary me.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Boris Kodjoe
I believe 6'3.5" if Boris stand straight although he can look 6'3-6'3.25" with Kobe and Barkley. 6'3.5" literally 191.7cm not a full 192cm so is hugely possible and he don't look only 6'3 with 5'11 Bruce Willis. Added Conan O'brien look the range as Boris to me.
Finn on Richard Dean Anderson
Average people would lost height about an inch or so by the age of 70.

I think he was about 185cm to 186cm in McGyver days and about 183cm today
Dream(5'9.5 on Joe Alwyn
Keep in mind, 187.96 cm is 6’2 flat out of bed. 188 cm is barely over 6’2.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Rick Fox
@Canson It's strange that Rob still put Rick at 6'6 despite we all could see him 2cm max taller than legit 195cm guy like Kobe, just like Boris Kodjoe being about 6'3.5" but get upgrade to 6'4.
Dream(5'9.5 on Brett Favre
Rob, are you planning on giving Brett Favre a peak?

He did have quite a lot of surgeries.
Editor Rob
Doesn't look like he's lost anything noticeable yet.
Dream(5'9.5" on J.J. Watt
@Canson Oh no doubt! He’ll clear 6’6” in the morning with ease!

Out of curiousity, how did you know that the more weight one person has, the more height loss occurs? Was that something you and Christian experienced, or did you find it in an article? I would love to read about it!!
Dream(5'9.5" on J.J. Watt
@Canson Oh no doubt! He’ll clear 6’6” in the morning with ease!

Out of curiousity, how did you know that the more weight one person has, the more height loss occurs? Was that something you and Christian experienced, or did you find it in an article? I would love to read about it!!
Esme on Taylor Swift
I stood behind her in a checkout line near her beach home. I'm 5'10.5" on the dot, and I had a clear view over her head. We were both in flip-flops, so pretty equal. My sister got a good comparative look at us from the side and said Swift looked about 2" shorter than me. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and cut it down to a 1.5" difference between us, which would make Swift 5'9". In any case, she's nowhere near 5'11".
Zampo on Rob Paul
Hi Rob,

When you use the description "a fraction" taller, shorter, more sneaker etc, are your referring to 1/2 inch and less?

Editor Rob
a 1/4 inch or so.
Esme on Matthew Rhys
Based on last night's S6E4 episode of "The Americans," in which we got to see plenty of side-by-sides of Matthew with 6'4" Costa Ronin, I'm guessing 5'9.5". He's adding an inch, which is pretty typical for men.
berta on Josh Peck
with chris hemsworth he doesnt look a mm over 180 cm with josh holloway i get weak 181 wibe. his claim is standing on his tip toes with boots on :P
German Beryozkin on Cristiano Ronaldo
184-185 cm is his height, shorter than Kaka by 1-1.5 cm
Sully on Rob Paul
Hi big Rob,im 21 years old , i normally wake up at 177.4-5 cm range but this morning i woke at 178.5 cm. What could this mean.
Editor Rob
In Scientology terms, you've achieved OT Level VIII

But seriously, it sounds a big difference! Check again the next few days, that way you'll know for sure if you grew, or if somebody chopped a cm off the end of your tape measure!
berta on Kurtwood Smith
this guy was not a legit 185 guy peak. i think barely 184 and aroun 182,5-183 on that 70 show and today he is 181 ish
berta on Kristian Nairn
he only looks about 195 in thet clip where he is walking with that posture. he cant really be taller than the current listing. the guy must weight about 180 kg mosty fat so in his case i can understand heightlos at this age.
berta on Peter Jackson
was he listed as 173 at the start :O?
Editor Rob
No, somebody is asking me about James Blunt.
berta on James Cameron
i think cameron was 188 ore 1/4 under at peak and around weak 187 today.
Arnold was weak 186 peak and 180-181 today
Robert patrik weak 181 peak and 179,5 today
Blake on Sookie's Den
Why would you have rather placed your energy in to sports, instead of academic pursuits? Also, what sports did you play?
Editor Rob
Yes, because I liked sports and feel I could have had a possible career in Athletics or football.
Ian E on Dale Winton
RIP. I liiked watching his Supermarket Sweep show from the 90s. pictures in Daily Mail - investigation into his death - today with David Walliams, shows Dale to be about 6ft perhaps 5ft11 , He looks three inches shorter than Walliams and Walliams is leaning in to. Walliams could be talker than his claim of 6ft2 he always looks taller.
Martin 6'2 on Kane
Just curious here, and this is still height related, just wondered if anybody has heard about stretching to get taller, and if anybody has proof or evidence of this?
If so, could they not use this in wrestling, at least to help with their posture, this would increase their heights by at least an inch surely?
Canson on General Height
@Greg: you just proved my entire point that I’ve been making here, especially regarding the double standard. C-mo can claim whatever he wants just like anyone else here, including Blazer can claim what he wants. But How is it “technically” ok for him to claim 178-180 if he’s only 178.4 out of bed when Blazer measures 5’10.25 on a normal day in the afternoon and he’s receiving grief about him downgrading himself? Even if that were Blazer’s extreme low, it is still a valid measurement because, after all, he measured it just as C-Mo measured 178.4 out of bed. Yet C-Mo doesn’t measure 179 let alone 180, so how is it any more approrpriate for him to claim that height than it is for Blazer to claim a height he actually does measure day in and day out? And that isn’t Blazer’s extreme low as he has mentioned that he falls below the mark at an extreme low. But even him claiming an extreme low is just as valid a measurement as an out of bed height despite that you may not measure it every day, because after all, it is a valid measurement. He did measure it at some point in the day. However, the latter is always neglected or swept under the rug because it discredits the height that someone wants to claim. Of course it does though because some people think making themselves sound taller is more impressive. In addition, I’m sure people are mismeasuredon a regular basis. However, the lower number is, for some reason, quickly dismissed especially if it’s a guy. So if someone is inaccurately measured by a doctor or nurse and is told that they are taller than they are, you will see that the person will never admit that they were mismeasured (at least in this case). The same applies to a morning height. Let’s say someone is not a regular visitor here at Celebheights and is unaware that height varies. If someone measures in the morning at 5’11.75 an hour out of bed then measures in the afternoon at 5’11.25 (let’s assume both measurements come from a physical), the person being measured will not admit that they were mis measured. Instead, he will say that the 5’11.25 was an error because he measured closer to 6’0” once, so that person will continue to say that they are 5’11.75. They will use the higher number of the two because they think it sounds more impressive and it suits them better along with their ego. You will never hear them say “hmm, well maybe it was a mistake, and let me get measured again to see if it really is”. The same applies when someone, specifically a male, is improperly measured. They will assume that the lower number is not accurate and will go with the higher of the two numbers. Of course if someone is measured in the afternoon, then next time the morning, it is the same principle. So that’s my point here is that in this particular forum, certain people, as I’ve mentioned, will make a claim that an out of bed measurement or one earlier in the day is valid but will disregard anything later in the day. As you said, to each it’s own, but that’s a double standard. It’s especially so when people claim their lows and are told that “there’s no way that they are that short” or “they are downgrading themselves”.
Boba Fett on Stephanie Beatriz
Started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently, it's a great show, bit like the US Office. Stephanie looks to be a strong 5'9" in the footwear she wears, very close in height to Samberg.
HonestSlovene on Luka Modrić
Yes I agree Rob that's why I think he never looked near 5'8" (172 cm) but at the same time I think the 5'6" (168 cm) listing on IMDB is underselling him a bit.
Editor Rob
At times he certainly might look closer to 168cm, but he has a head/hairstyle actually that makes him look shorter. I'd be surprised if Real were lying by 4cm about a player...
Boba Fett on CM Punk
@Joeyb33 Awesome pic, man! Punk's jacket is cool.
Canson on General Height
@Greg: you just proved my entire point that I’ve been making here about a double standard. C-mo can claim whatever he wants just like anyone else here, including Blazer can claim what he wants. But How is it “technically” ok for him to claim 178-180 if he’s only 178.4 out of bed when Blazer measures 5’10.25 on a normal day in the afternoon? Even if that were Blazer’s extreme low, it is still a valid measurement because, after all, he measured it just as C-Mo measured 178.4 out of bed. And that isn’t Blazer’s extreme low as he has mentioned that he falls below the mark at an extreme low.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Chris Pine
@Rampage You give it the guess all i think it too :)
berta on Katey Sagal
dont think she was 175 prime. back in 2004 with terry o quinn she looked way shorter than 9 cm. she looked 175 with ed o niel but sha had very high heels on in that show?
Anon2018 on Height Request

Please review YG, a rapper. He is decently popular, like the song PROUD with 2 Chainz.

About 5'10.

Junior Hernandez 1990 on Brandon Routh
In celebheights.com the more perspective people thought an actor a 1/4 taller which turns out to be legit listing. Routh i always thought 190cm when i watch him in a tv series Fear Itself that impression keeping me before i found out he was listed at 6'2.5" and met by 5'8 1/8 Rob in person. Rob had insist Routh a legit 6'2.5" in person so i wouldn't go above the range.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Luke Mitchell
I think of the footwear making Luke Mitchell look 186ish with rob, but he def hit 185cm lowest of the day than greater. Brett Dalton more i look at him kinda 187cm guy not a full inch taller than Mitchell.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Demi Harman
Shes full of sexiness but i'm not sure is she really 5'8.5", but i'm guessing her more like 5'8.25" thats how she look.
berta on James Van Der Beek
rob this guy is never taller than 182.
maan on Nargis Fakhri
in my honest opinion she looks 5.9 1/2 to me
FanLikeFanNotLikeFan on Logan Paul
Logan 6'1 - 6'1.5
Jake 5'10.5 - 5'10.75
Anthony 5'11.25 - 5'11.75
Chance 6' - 6'0.5

They don't look taller than other guys in this height..
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Tom Everett Scott
Tom look similar height and proportion as 6'2 Morgan Spurlock.
Junior Hernandez 1990 on Johnathon Schaech
Look a solid 179cm guy in his movie.
Birch_girlie on Gwyneth Paltrow
Ugh...wow? I can't believe there's actually people who think she's 5'5". She is most definitely above that. 5'5" is average and this woman is tall.

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