How tall is Clint Walker

Clint Walker's Height

6ft 6in (198.1 cm)

American actor best known for roles in Cheyenne, Sam Whiskey, More Dead Than Alive, The Great Bank Robbery, Yellowstone Kelly, Send Me No Flowers and The Dirty Dozen. In Evening Independent (9/7/63) he said regarding his stature, "I'm 6 feet, 6 inches tall and that means adventure role are best for me"

Clint Walker Angie Dickinson Cheyenne 1957
I stand 6-feet 6, and to make a fair fight of it, I either oppose a heavy who meets me eye-to-eye, or they toss in three shorter actors to sorta even the odds.
- 1957

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Average Guess (13 Votes)
6ft 5.25in (196.2cm)
berta said on 2/Sep/17
i think the average guess is to low for him i cant see him shorter than 197,3 peak and was possible really about 198cm
Ian C said on 13/Jun/17
Clint Walker has just turned 90, which is rare among men so tall. He had a huge torso, which suggests excellent heart and lungs. My own theory is that the best predictor of longevity is a high ratio of thorax size to body weight. Long-lived people tend to be big-chested without also being fat.
Arch Stanton said on 29/May/17
Very strong genes I think Rampage, it's very rare to have that sort of height, physique and looks as well. He looked extremely believable as a cowboy, the shoulders on the guy made it look like he spent all day working in the fields! He spent a lot of time in the gym but had a look about him which made it seem it was all from natural farmhand lifting and labour! He made guys who could look pretty big in most films look small. The truth is though he wasn't a good actor, he was wooden, but he certainly looked impressive on screen.
Arch Stanton said on 28/May/17
Rob can you add More Dead Than Alive, The Great Bank Robbery, Yellowstone Kelly and Send Me No Flowers.
Valhalla said on 23/May/17
How many inches is that between them? 14 inches?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/17
Walker was a genetic freak
Arch Stanton said on 13/Mar/17
By 1969 Price could have lost half inch though of course, approaching 60 by then.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Mar/17
Rob what would you guess for his weight peak? To me he looked easily 240 pounds. He was built like an oak tree. I would guess 17 and a half stone. 240-50 range?
Editor Rob: yes Arch, I'm sure I've read something like 245 pounds for him in the past.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Mar/17
Rob can you add More Dead Than Alive.

Click Here Check out 42:57, nothing under 6'6 with Vincent Price, in fact he can look 199cm there!
Editor Rob: he can look a big fella there.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Mar/17
Click Here Check out 20 minutes, looking every inch of 6 ft 6 with Burt Reynolds.
James said on 13/Feb/17
The Lone Ranger was the first TV western series.
Turbo said on 3/Feb/17
I was in the Sacramento Airport in 1988 standing by the luggage pickup when I heard a voice say, "You pick up the small bags". The voice sounded very familiar. It was Clint Walker!! Let me tell you, that guy is huge!!! Not so much the height, but he is massive, even at age 61. Cheyenne Cody, the character that started the TV western! I loved Saturday morning westerns.
movieguy said on 29/Jan/17
Walker is huge. Click Here. Compare with Click Here. Some have said that both Walker and Hudson were the same height 6'6''. The fact that Walker had an inch or two on Hudson when they stood next to each other in Send Me No Flowers was down to footwear it is argued. No chance Walker was taller and much bigger built.
Esther J Bilbrey said on 22/Jan/17
He is not only a huge man with long legs, which women call a tall drink of water, but he gorgeous and has an amazing voice. I just love to hear him talk. And to have him tower over you must be an amazing feeling. All my love to you, Esther
jervis said on 7/Nov/16
Why not give a peak and current height for Walker Rob?
Editor Rob: jervis, since he's been retired essentially for a while, I left him at his peak height.
jervis said on 7/Nov/16
with a loss of 3inches from peak that would make his height loss at 89 almost as much as Clint Eastwood at 86.So if you live long enough it looks like you can't escape inches of height loss.
James said on 2/Nov/16
I'm surprised he didn't have a better film career. Perhaps it was because he was already 40 when "The Dirty Dozen" was released.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/16
Rob, would 6ft3 be closer today for him?
Editor Rob: he might have lost about 3 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Oct/16
He looks 6ft4 these days
berta said on 8/Oct/16
was maybe 197-98 and is still tall about 6 foot 4 is he stands up straight
jervis said on 9/Sep/16
look at the Tom Selleck page there is a pic of Selleck with Walker.Walker has footwear advantage yet Selleck is the taller man.
Sixseven said on 18/Jun/16
Watched Cheyenne these days .He is 193 cm even.
Ian C. said on 21/May/16
Oops. Wait a minute. I just posted that Clint Walker walked down the ski hill after being stabbed in the heart by a ski pole. He didn't walk anywhere. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, and an ordinary man would have been, but Walker survived and lives today.

Also, I regret that snide dig at Donald Trump. It is not funny to even imply that someone should suffer a mortal injury. Sorry about that.
Ian C. said on 20/May/16
Walker's Cheyenne was the first Warner Brothers television hit. After that it seemed as if all the ones that followed (like Maverick and Bronco) were cast with male leads that looked as much like Walker as possible. Clint Eastwood may have been cast in Rawhide because his first name was Clint and he was tall.

Walker was incredibly strong. He fell on an upturned ski pole when he was in his forties, and it pierced his heart. He pulled it from his chest and walked down the hill. Not even Donald Trump could do that, although I'd like to see him try.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/16
Walker made Hudson look 6ft4 tops but I think he may have had bigger shoes...
movieguy said on 19/Apr/16
Massive guy, Roger Moore mentions in his autobiography that he was a giant having worked with him. In Send Me No Flowers he has a supporting part as a childhood friend of Rock Hudson's wife who is played by Doris Day. His character makes Hudson insecure. Difficult role to cast as Hudson was physically very imposing at least 6'4'' possibly taller. Walker was one of the few actors at that time even bigger than Rock and hence believable as someone who could make the Hudson character feel he is being out manned by a rival. His career seemed to fade off in middle age though which I suppose sometimes happens to action type stars.
Hameed said on 7/Apr/16
America has some big ass Cowboys. In the old country our cowboys are no taller than the guy that yells "the plane, the plane" lol Tatoo
Sam said on 7/Mar/16
I doubt Connors was taller but they could've been close in height.
Sixseven said on 2/Mar/16
195(6)cm Chuck Connors is taller than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/16
I reckon 6ft4 range now
Dana Bleitz-Sanburg said on 15/Feb/16
Clint Walker's Cheyenne, is still one of my favorite western series. I have always wondered how broad his shoulders measure. I can't think of any other actor that even comes near his physique. His shoulders seem broader than even those of Charlton Heston's. Is there any site that lists those measurements? I'm enjoying watching Mr. Walker in Cheyenne on Encore Westerns. Haven't been able to watch these episodes since I was a kid! :)
Debbie said on 1/Nov/15
Tall in the saddle with a beautiful body all around. Sure wish he was still young. He was born too soon.
Gerry said on 24/Sep/15
Clint was a big guy and in great shape but i doubt he had 20" upper arms.
S.J.H said on 24/Sep/15
Like clint eastwood he shrink at large nowadays.. Maybe 6'4 range or lower
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/15
While I agree on him being possibly the most impressive actor physically of that period, I have to disagree on Walker being a great actor. People say Peck was wooden. Well if Peck was wooden, Walker was an oak tree.
movieguy said on 19/Sep/15
Watched him In More Dead Than Alive with Vincent Price. Walker does look 2 inches taller than Price who was himself a very big man. This guy's height is genuine.
VC said on 8/Sep/15
I have to agree with that, over the years of watching countless leading men; Clint is the biggest of them all. I recalled he was weighing above 250, over 50" chest, under 35" waist and a pair of 20" biceps. He would have been awesome in adventure flims.
movieguy said on 4/Sep/15
I think Walker was the most physically impressive of all the old time Hollywood movies stars. Rock Hudson was a huge guy but standing next to Clint in Send Me No Flowers did not look so imposing.. The stuff about footwear advantage is rubbish Walker looks taller and bigger. For some reason his career seemed to fade out in the last 60's and onwards so he never quite made it to superstardom like Eastwood and Hudson.
VC said on 31/Aug/15
Jim Arness was 6'7 when he was younger but due to his knee injury, he lost an inch so he stood 6'6 in Gunsmoke. And, Clint met Jim in a private party during Gunsmoke and years later; Clint said he is an inch shorter so Clint is 6'5, period. Clint is my favourite but like Clint, I go with Clint's respond.
Loves BBC said on 7/Aug/15
In many interviews, he states 6-6. He did not wear typical high heeled boots, only standard shoe-type heels. He is a humble man and has stated that his height was already enough. He specifically stated that tall western heels would have drawn too much attention to his height and created a negative shift of focus from the acting.
jwwjr. said on 21/Jul/15
Clint Walker was on a political radio talk show in may 2015. the host asked him how tall he said. Six ft. six. I guess that settles it.
VC said on 30/Jun/15
Clint Walker is almost 6'6" because he stood beside James Arness whom was 6'6"-6'7" and they looked similar in height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/15
People don't give enough props to this guy. Absolute mountain of a guy and a great actor. Rock Hudson as great as he was had nothing on big Clint.
elkwnny72 said on 19/Jun/15
Looks Clint and 6´3" John Russell:
Click Here
elkenny72 said on 12/Jun/15
Quest the study pics with John Russell (6'3'') in Yellowstone Kelly and the pic with Peter Graves (6'3''), James Arness (6'7'') and othe cowoys actors. He looks 6'6'' to 6'7''. If Clint is 6'4'' Russell and graves are 6' - 6'1''.
elkenny72 said on 12/Jun/15
Quest the study pics with John Russell (6'3'') in Yellowstone Kelly and the pic with Peter Graves (6'3''), James Arness (6'7'') and othe cowoys actors. He looks 6'6'' to 6'7''. If Clint is 6'4'' Russell and graves are 6' - 6'1''.
elkenny72 said on 12/Jun/15
Quest the study pics with John Russell (6'3'') in Yellowstone Kelly and the pic with Peter Graves (6'3''), James Arness (6'7'') and othe cowoys actors. He looks 6'6'' to 6'7''. If Clint is 6'4'' Russell and graves are 6' - 6'1''.
movieguy said on 24/May/15
Watched Send me no Flowers last night. Walker and Rock Hudson stand close. Walker looks taller and much bigger built although Hudson was himself a big guy. I realise Walker may have had a footwear advantage as someone has already posted but he does look bigger. Walker 6'6'', Hudson 6'4'' to 6'5'' in my estimate going on this film and quotes online.
TonyD said on 9/May/15
Clint with Gary Cooper
Click Here
Sam said on 5/Jan/15
I don't see him as low as 6'5"...he look at least 2 inches taller than Donald Sutherland & at least 4 inches taller than Jim Brown & Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen.
dietmar said on 31/Dec/14
Clint Walker was peak 6'6. Here's an interesting photo Click Here Click Here
grannygoose said on 29/Dec/14
is he still alive.It seems as if everyone is talking in past tense
Lebensdorf said on 7/Aug/14
I think he may have been 6'5. 6'6 in his boots. He was a beautiful human being. Amazing body. And a great head of hair.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/12
Dunno, but a legit 6 ft 6 guy who is well built will always looks massive.
patrick said on 4/Sep/12
Thing quite strange, facing Rock Hudson in 1964 or so, Clint dwarfs the latter and looks huge as a mountain. Looking so before such a big guy as Rock means you are a mountain! I yet saw Rock almost alike James Arness and i am sure Rock was easily 6'5. He is a good inch taller than 6'4 Robert Ryan in 1952. How all of that is possible? That is why this wonderful exists...'height is a mistery'.
Jake T. said on 31/Aug/12
Clint could have been between 6'5 and 6'6 back in the sixties, now being 85 years old he still gets close to 6'5 but he always looked big so 6'6 prime for sure.
grannygoose said on 31/Aug/12
If you go to youtube and type in quest for treasure with clint walker you will see his wife GiGi.There is a young man that looks an awful lot like him,the boy calls him uncle.
Gabe Iker said on 7/Aug/12
Clint Walker is huge, it's easy to see that when he is so much bigger than most of his co stars.
patrick said on 5/Aug/12
Clint is a presence prior to anything else. He is superman alive and built as even bodybuilders are not and much more naturally. he is so broadshouldered that his horses yet bit always seem as mules under him. Who can doubt he was for veyr, very long 6'6 all the more so Clint is no liar, no boasting man. If he says i am 6'6, that is enough for me and it is so visible in off-shots pics. He told once that only Janes Arness, a friend of him, was one inch taller than he.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/12
Another man was there who said he was 6'5". Being 5' 5" inches I not argue.
Patrick said on 7/Jun/12
Sure he must be 6'5 or so, even now at what, 85? A wonderful man, who embodies the motto: "mens sana in corpore sano" if any! The complete motto is "Orandum est, ut sit mens sana in corpore sano". That means "pray to get a sane, sound soul within a sane, sound body. No doubt Clint did both all along his life; as a result, he still is what he alwas has been: a larger than life man.
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/12
Just saw Clint at the Memphis Film Festival. He is still close to 6'5". Tall indeed.
I also see on his site where Night of the Grizzly is going on sale June 26th. Can't wait.
Deb said on 10/Jan/12
Warner Bros has released Season 3 of Cheyenne today. It is a 5 disc, 20 episode set. Clint has the DVD's on order and autographed copies will soon be available for purchase on his website, Click Here in about another week.
gadget said on 7/Dec/11
i love love clint walker. i think hes the most sexiest man i've seen.
Silverminx said on 28/Oct/11
Sorry folks, the ID on that last post should read "Silverminx", is there anybody out there?....howabout a "Howdy" once in a while....this was a great forum once and could be again...all for the great Clint Walker!
Si;verminx said on 28/Oct/11
Also looking forward to the "Gathering Of Guns" festival in Memphis TN next Spring.....and for the first time checking out the great Mississippi River! We can only hope the Walkers consider this appearance also. From all we've read online, this Festival was a big fan favorite also. Memphis looks like a great place to visit.....The Peabody Hotel(quack quack)...Graceland....Beale Street....and last but not least, that great Southern Hospitality we northerners look forward to.
Hummingbird said on 15/Sep/11
Hello. I plan to go to "Western Legend's Roundup" in Kanab Utah next 2012.
I pray and hope to meet Mr. Clint and Susan Walker. I am a big fan.
Deb said on 13/Aug/11
Hi, everyone. Just wanted to let Clint's fans know there is a facebook campaign to get Clint's favorite movie (and the one most requested by his fans) 'Night of the Grizzly' remastered and released on DVD. If you are on facebook, just type in "get night of the grizzly on dvd" in the search box and when it comes up to that page, click 'Like'.

There are currently DVD's out on the market but they are bootleg copies made from the VHS tape. They are faded and the quality is not that good.
Silverminx said on 12/Aug/11
Hey, great news! Clint and Susan will be at the Ray Court's Hollywood Celebrities Show in Chicago on Oct 1 and 2. There's a link that tells a little about the show and where it's located. I won't add a link as it doesn't seem to work here so just search engine it: hollywood celebrities show should pop up.
Silverminx said on 12/Aug/11
Tall, Handsome Western Star Icon Clint Walker will be one of the Hollywood Heros appearing at this year's "Western Legend's Roundup" in Kanab Utah on August 18 thru August 20th. Check out the website for all the exciting goings-on in Kanab, itself city with a rich history of having many movies filmed there. The Walkers will have their own meet-and-greet-fans booth where Clint's fans can shake his hand and get autographed Clint Walker memorabilia. The website is Click Here or one can google it.
Coolerking said on 10/Aug/11
Clint Walker was the pharoah's massive bodyguard in the Ten Commandments. Looking at him there and into the Sixties, he would have been ideal not only as Superman, but especially as Conan the Barbarian. Reading Robert E. Howard, I always pictured him as the character. Now if we had also had Mike Henry as Batman, that would have been one unbeatable DC Universe.
Kim S said on 3/Aug/11
Meet Clint last year in Kanab, Utah at the Western Legends Roundup....I was on my honeymoon (and I planned my wedding in Las Vegas just so I could go and meet him)...As luck should have him I meet him on the street the night before the roundup started....telling him I was on my honeymoon...he was so so kind and nice to me....took picture's with me and the next day gave me a wedding present of his inspirational music....signed for my wedding....his wife is also very kind and sweet.....if you can go to the western round up is the nicest place I ever visited in my life....and I travel a lot.....
jeanschmitt said on 1/Aug/11
I would love to meet clint walker someday. I know just by watching cheyenne, and his movies, that he is a warm and very handsome individual.
regina said on 24/Jul/11
i have loved clint walker for a very long time since i was a kid and i am 58 years old now good luck and many blessing to mr walker.
Redhead Cowgirl said on 24/Jul/11
We're watching it also....Terrific...Our sincere thanks to Encore Westerns also!!!!!!
Cowgirl said on 24/Jul/11
I hope all you Clint Walker fans tune into Encore Westerns and watch the Clint Walker Six-Gun Salute. Thank you Encore Westerns and Jeff for making this happen. We Clint Walker fans appreciate this. :)
doug said on 11/Jul/11
I have enjoyed watching Clint for years, like him best in westerns, he is a great actor, would like to meet him in person.
dawnie 7/10/11 said on 10/Jul/11
i sure wish clint walker could come east, south carolina. i would love to meet him and his wife. maybe get a signed photograph from him. im olny in my fiftys . have lives through a lot for being sure make herat so happy.
Pamela said on 7/Jul/11
I had the honor of meeting Mr. Walker and his wife, Susan last year at the Western Legend celebration in Kanab, Utah. He is still very much the polite and courteous gentleman he portrayed on Cheyenne. It was a thrill to meet him.
Darlene said on 4/Jun/11
We discovered Cheyenne on Netflix.My husband watched the show when he was a boy. I never saw it until this month and our 17 year old son loves it! The show reflects ethics and morals....standing up for what is right...Clint Walker's personality shines through...he obviously is a sincere and caring man. I am thrilled that my son can be blessed and encouraged by a tv program!I wish my son could meet mr. Walker! I would like to thank him for his contribution of a wonderful show. We just love Cheyenne! This is the kind of hero our young people need today! GOD BLESS you Mr. Walker!
Martha said on 31/May/11
Happy Birthday Clint Walker! He is the biggest, most handsome and sexiest man alive! He's honest, moral, and kind. I wish he would travel to the East so I can see him, but that isn't going to happen. But I still think he's the greatest and I'm a HUGE fan of his! I just love to watch him in Cheyenne and his movies.
Martha said on 31/May/11
Happy Birthday Clint Walker! He is the biggest, most handsome and sexiest man alive! He's honest, moral, and kind. I wish he would travel to the East so I can see him, but that isn't going to happen. But I still think he's the greatest and I'm a HUGE fan of his! I just love to watch him in Cheyenne and his movies.
Kim said on 31/May/11
As for just how tall Clint is.....I dont know that he's a full 6'5" now. People tend to lose a little bit of height as they age. I know I have! And hubby has too. But I've stood right next to Clint on a couple of occasions & I'm not sure that he's actually a full 6'5" NOW but he's still VERY VERY tall! He totally towered over me & I remember being surprised at just how tall & BIG he is. He's VERY impressive...let me tell ya! Yep....I was amazed at what a great big fantastic looking fellow he is. He's also still amazingly handsome & very youthful. I can only hope to age as gracefully as he has & his wife Susan. She's a very nice lovely gal too. So yeah...HE is one great BIG dude!!! LOL!
sharon mervine said on 14/May/11
I've loved clint since i was twelve. he'sixteen years older then me. i don't care if he's 6feet ten inches or five foot rwo. he;s the greates biggest, sexiest man alive. and for his horse brandy my mare kay reed out of little joe reed was 17 hands high and a gorgous seal chestnut. or from a distance you would swear she was black. anyway clintd's b-day is coming up. so happy birthday big guy and susan you are one lucky woman.
Snausages said on 3/May/11
Every bit as tall as Bo Svenson in Snowbeast. Have seen Svenson listed as high as 6'6.5 - 6'7
Snausages said on 3/May/11
Every bit as tall as Bo Svenson in Snowbeast. Have seen Svenson listed as high as 6'6.5 - 6'7
Silverminx said on 15/Apr/11
Couldn't agree with you more, Mystica, Clint Walker is a true living Western Icon, still sittin' TALL in the saddle, shootin' straight and talkin' true, as the old cowboy saying goes. I know I did (somewhere) see your photos of your lovely-self when you attended one of the events where he appeared to meet and greet his many fans. And there's always long lines waiting to shake his and his lovely wife, Susan's hands. I hope you got the chance to do so too.
I see he won't be attending the upcoming June Memphis Film Festival which is a big disappointment but understandable since nowadays TALL men don't fly well no matter how hard they flap their arms stay with me, just threw in a little levity. Anyone over 6 feet has a lot of trouble flying in these new "˜updated' airplanes. My beloved at 6'5" always flew first class for the leg room but that was then and now...?....I don't know if there still is a first class anymore. My son, tall as his Dad, travels a lot and has the same problem. IMHO, only TALL folks should be designers, we all would benefit.
mystica said on 14/Apr/11
Hey Silverminx, Yup, there's a picture like that somewhere. I didn't post it though. Maybe someone else did. ...BUT there sure are those crowds wherever our hero goes! Clint still has that magnetism that just pulls those folks in. He is one awesome man, in more ways than one!
Silverminx said on 13/Apr/11
Yo mystica...wasn't it you that posted a photo of the chalk-line to control the crowds waiting for a up close and personal fist-bump with our TALL dark and handsome hero at a recent event..??'s truly amazing that Clint Walker is still riding taLL, shootin' straight and speakin' the truth!
mystica said on 12/Apr/11
Silverminx, interesting what you say about voting for Clint for President. Whenever I tell folks about the huge crowds Clint attracts at these festivals they always comment, "He should run for President!" ...He's got my vote! ;)
Silverminx said on 11/Apr/11
While there were gunfighters that carried two pistols, the average cowpoke wouldn't have been able to afford two pistols since one was about three or more months pay. There were various kinds of guns that cowboys used. They fell into two categories: hand gun and rifle. The most common handguns were the Derringer and the Colt .45; as for rifles there was the Winchester. Most of the time guns were used for shooting animals for food. Occasionally, a cowboy might have to use one against Indians or rustlers.
The star of old westerns, and the gun most often hung in the gun belt of western pioneers was the Peace Maker from Colt. The official name was the "Colt Single Action Army .45" or the "SAA". The historical masterpiece of Colt first went on sale in 1873, and was just as valued as the Winchester M1873 rifle, The Gun That Won The West. TaLL handsome Clint Walker is selling his own on his website with beautiful artwork and trimmed in 24K gold, it's a beauty. Gotta be handled with cotton-white gloves and it's worth it.
Silverminx said on 10/Mar/11
If it waz possible...even better news....both TALL man Clint Walker and James Drury will be appearing this month at the Festival Of The West in Scottsdale up those silver spurs and mozey on over.
Silverminx said on 1/Mar/11
Great News! James Drury will be at Western Legends Roundup in Kanab Utah in August! Check out his updated schedule on ""....what an rip-roaring event it will be! Nuttin' holding this cowboy back...!
Silverminx said on 23/Feb/11
Update on James Drury...his August, 2011, appearance schedule is now "pending" with no commitments so scratch that Western Legends appearance until further notice. He certainly had an active year in 2010 appearing all around he country and may just need a breather or two...all our best wishes to him and it's worth visiting his website for his great videos...!
Silverminx said on 22/Feb/11 get back on subject......Don Megowan was on many "Cheyenne" episodes. He stood around 6'5"or 6/6"...ditto Clint Walker. In different scenes Don looks a scooch taller than Clint and then in other scenes he looks a scooch shorter....and then in most scenes they are eye to eye tall......interesting... we think it has to do with "˜perspective' i.e., which man is closer to camera in a particular scene. Either way they both were truly taLL and good looking men. Sadly Dan has passed but Clint, Bless him, is still the tall handsome man he ever was. Being in his early 80's hasn't stopped this cowboy and it looks like it's a-go for his personal appearance at this year's Kanab annual Western Legends Roundup. And what a time it will be with "The Virginian's" James Drury and cast members also scheduled! U can check it out at the Western Legends Roundup website....!
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/11
This is my favorite webpage of all time! Click Here -Louis I.
V.C said on 10/Feb/11
I think Clint is 6'5" & Jim Arness is 6'6" on socks. Most of us are measured with shoes anyway.I recalled watching Ron Ely next to Big Clint & Clint was probably an inch taller & Ron is a solid 6'4". Loved watching him when he played Tarzan & Doc Savage in the seventies.
Silverminx said on 6/Feb/11
Clint Walker/Cheyenne....handsome and taLL in the saddle with his speedy Colt pistol and Winchester rifle kept the peace...we say "Cheyenne For President". We'd vote for him...!
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/11
The pistol Clint carried in Cheyenne looked like a Colt 45.
Silverminx said on 30/Jan/11
Mr. Walker is selling, on his website, a("Cheyenne") Tribute rifle that is a working Model 92 rifle that I believe is a replica of the one he used in the show. As for the handgun...I have no information on it.
Autry Herndon said on 11/Jan/11
I have read what most of the men are saying about Clint's heitht, they basically can't believe it. You know what, the man was 10 feet tall in. It is not so much his actually height but the way he carried himself. I have a cusin that is 6'7" tall and he could never meet or excell Clint Walker's height. So the actual number means nothing. I will always love him and what he represents in a man. I only wish that 1/2 the men in the world could be a Clint Walker.
Davy said on 7/Jan/11
Just watched an old Cheyenne show and it showed a clear shot of Mr. Walker standing beside Don Megowan (listed at 6'6") who is clearly at least 1 1/2" or 2" taller than Mr. Walker. I have always admired him though whatever his height and he will always stand head and shoulders above the majority of actors in pure decency and credibility.
Kim said on 4/Jan/11
I read somewhere that Clint actually designed his hat band with the silver arrowheads. Might even have been on here! I didnt feel like plowing through all of these posts to see though. I assume that's true! Pretty cool, huh?
PatB said on 31/Dec/10
The movies are like the army. When I was in the army I was the second tallest guy in the regiment. That was because they wouldn't take you if you were 6'7" or taller. The really big guys weren't allowed in. Some of that was because the regular aremy chothes wouldn't fit but most of it was because you wouldn't look right - you'd be too tall in formation, your head would stick out above the others. Similarly Clint Walker was just about at the very top of the informal height limit Hollywood has for male actors. There are bigger guys in the movies of course but not in actual acting roles. In "Troy" for example Tyler Mane and Nathan Jones are both much, much bigger than Walker but they are only on screen to look big, not to project a character. Clint Walker and Chuck Conners were just about as big as a leading man man can be in the flics. Even so they both would have probably had bigger careers if they had been an inch or two shorter.
Silverminx said on 31/Dec/10 could make one yourself. There are online sites selling arrowheads which you could order and put on a band custom sized to your pal/fan's hat size. I'm sure Clint's had was also custom made for the series as was all the great shirts he wore. Don't think you'd find those neat silver ones though...
Silverminx said on 25/Dec/10
Merry Blessed Christmas Clint Walker fans! As a special Christmas present for his fans, Clint and Susan are now selling the complete Second Season of "Cheyenne", and the new "Fort Dobbs" DVD, on their website...and for a big bonus Clint will sign them himself. What a great way to start the New Year.
Dan said on 9/Dec/10
To Bob who bragged about being taller than Clint Walker.Clint is 6ft.7"tall and his physique was perfect in 2009 in Kanab.Clint is a great man who is confident enough to have self-deprecating humor BOB.
You, on the other hand,seem to be insecure,very much so.You are attacking Clint because you are inferior.I do not think anyone on this site needs your negative false bravado.
Bob,why don't you go elsewhere and leave Clint and his fans alone.
Deb said on 8/Dec/10
That link works great, Cowgirl. Thanks!
Cowgirl said on 5/Dec/10
Don't know why that link doesn't work either. See if this link works. Try Click Here
Deb said on 5/Dec/10
Not sure what is going on with the link I posted but to get to the fan club site, type in Click Here in your browser's address line and then add .COM at the end.
Deb said on 4/Dec/10
There is already a fan club. It's at Click Here Clint keeps his fans informed through both the fan club and his web site. Please come join us, it's a great group of people and I'm sure you'd find it interesting.
Johnny G said on 3/Dec/10
still would be nice if the Walker's would add a fan club on his site - just maybe respond to a few question per month - he still is and will be my favorite actor - it was a great era the 50's & early 60's - when men were men
Angeline said on 30/Nov/10
I am 55. I have always admired Mr. Walker, even before I found out he was from Hartford, IL a small town a few miles from my hometown. I didn't like westerns when I was a child but wheni moved to Mesa in 1975, I fell in love with all of it. I am watching 'the Imposter' of Cheyenne now. I visited the Festival of the West two years ago in Scottsdale and was pleased to meet Mr. & Mrs. Walker. He signed my drawing of Mr. Walker beautifully rendered by Buck Taylor. I will cherish it forever. I miss an era I was not old enough to enjoy. My heroes will always be the western stars, next to Jesus.
Steve said on 26/Nov/10
I've been a Clint Walker fan since the Dirty Dozen, and own most of his movies. I've also been a huge Superman fan for the past 20 or more years, and own all of his movies and hundreds of his comics. The Clint Walker from the late 60's would have been the perfect Superman...he had it all...the lantern jaw, the thick black hair, the deep voice, the tall muscular frame (watch him in Dirty Dozen, or Night of the Grizzly), plus his acting was perfect for the role. In all of his movies, he came across as humble and honest, but willing to fight if he needed to...just like Superman. I'm telling you guys, there has never been anyone more perfect to play Kal-El than Clint Walker. We just need a time machine to bring the late 60's Clint to present day.
Bob Reeves said on 11/Nov/10
I met Mr. Walker and his wife at a Hollywood collectable show in Chicago around 2004.I remember them being very warm and down to earth.As Clint was greeting some of his fans at the table set up for him,his wife and I walked around the huge room looking at collectables and talking about all sorts of things with her.Clint autographed my "Night of the Grizzly" movie poster and I was lucky to get my photo taken with him and his wife!They were very humble and gracious to me and I will always cherish the chance of meeting them!!! Thank you so much for the memory Mr. and Mrs. Walker!! Sincerely,Bob Reeves 11-11-10
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/10
You can buy the Great Bank Robbery from Warner Brothers. They have it on their website.
Clint fan forever said on 4/Nov/10
I have loved Clint Walker all my life, and will until I die. I am collecting the movies and have the first season of Cheyenne. It saddens me that the subsequent seasons are not going to be available. What a shame. Something should be done about that. I cannot find films such as Hardcase or the Great Bank Robbery. Hopefully, VHS or DVDs of these films will show up soon.

I am absolutely obsessed with Clint Walker. I can't get enough of him. His sincerity, honesty, masculinity, and charming humbleness make him one in a million.

I listened to an interview with him where he talked about the horse, Brandy, standing 16 hands high (4" is a hand). Clint said Brandy never let him down. Clint definitely needs a tall horse to handle his big frame and weight. I have a 15-2 hand quarter horse and have difficulty mounting (I'm 5'6") and my stirrups do not go below his barrel. Clint's feet and stirrups hang below Brandy's barrel, and Clint mounts so easily. For me, a horse that I could mount that easily would have to be 14 hands. Clint also said that he didn't know how to ride when he first became Cheyenne, and he was told he'd either become a great rider, or a dead one. Well, it's obvious he became a great rider - a natural. He was always kind and gentle with the horses - I know what to look for in movies and western shows to see if the animals are treated right. And Clint never mistreated any animal. Clint's voice, speaking and singing, is magnificent. He puts such emotion and feeling into his songs - you know he really feels the words and music. Those blue eyes are mezmerizing. To dream of a man like Clint being in my life is something that will never come true - but I can still dream. Thank God that Clint's skiing accident didn't take him from us. God didn't want him yet - God had plans for Clint on this earth awhile longer. Gossip and scandal have never been heard about Clint Walker. He has lived, and still does, a life of honesty and dignity. God bless you Clint. Please know that you are greatly loved and admired by people like me, who were children when you first became an actor and captivated us with the good you taught by example on the old TV sets we had. Stay healthy and happy and let the Son shine in your life every day.
AML said on 28/Oct/10
Clint Walker as Superman. I wish that was a historical FACT. Perfect profile for being raised on a farm and his physique? Just right-not overly cut. Would undoubtly have had him fill out the costume right. Strong voice. Now if he were as capable of the Clark/Superman persona/character transitions as Reeve was... Superman? Oh YEAH! Batman? Oh NO! Can't agree with Saunders on that statement. A tad(just a tad) to large for Bruce Wayne.You have to remember-That those two are NOT physically interchangeable. Supes has at least two inches on Bats and about twenty pounds. Superfan 380 mentioned Dwayne Johnson. Not to go off subject, but he should get back in the gym and try out for the role of Prince Namor. Just LOOK at Him!
patrick said on 11/Oct/07
Just one other thing: Clint does not have "big hands" like John Wayne's or Dean Martin's!
He has relatively, all things being equal, "thin hands" even thogh thin is definitely NOT the right term anyway!
patrick said on 27/Sep/07
I am watching "Yuma", a good 1971 TV film and frankly, it is funny to see Clint on his horse because...though it is a quarter horse, thus a big one, he really seems be sitten on a ...mule!
As for his confrontation with Peter Mark Richman as the county sheriff, that one looks a child. I know well that actor for having been so used in the most popular 60ies TV shows. I never noticed he was particularly small or "narrow shouldered"! They nevertheless, tried to not make Clint dwarfing other members of the acting crew and managed to make him appear "normal" in most of the shots. But now and then, they failed and the difference becomes obvious to the detriment of his co-stars!
Patrick said on 17/Sep/07
Very nice words Paul: I 100% agree with you about how we all need people like Hollywood and out there!
Some people are higher than simple human beings; they can be actors, plumbers, carpenters or politicians as were Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill AND, Ghandi. Whatever they are we recognize them as models, examples. That is why I wish he had embodied Superman which sums up all the Clint's values.
Tall and great and high Clint!
John said on 16/Sep/07
Somebody mentioned Clint as having ladies lined up all the time, the rumors were that he was quite popular with women and had his pick in and out of Hollywood. It's plain to see why. I'm sure he had fun back in the day.
PAUL said on 14/Sep/07
I met Clint in Costco a couple of weeks ago. What a class guy! Definately down to earth. He talked to me and my father for probably 15 minutes and would have probably talked longer. Just a great human being. Doesn`t think you have to use profanity and vulgarity to make a good movie. Wish there were more people in hollywood like him.
David said on 3/Sep/07
It's hard to believe thatr during

It's hard to believe that during Cheyenne Clint could ever be referred to as a "mixed up kid." He comes across in all his interviews as simply a terrific guy. Those of us who have been fortunate to converse with him can tell you that his stardom never reached his head. If he was angry at Warner Bros., he had every right to be due to the poor way he was treated by them.
AS said on 21/Aug/07
Some of it appears to be morals- he only wanted family friendly movies. Chevy Chase has taken a similar road.

In addition though Clint walked off on his contract as he wanted more movies and less TV. Understandable but in those days the bigwigs ruled hollywood. You were either a team player or not.
MT said on 19/Aug/07
Could you maybe think that the man had morals and he stuck to them no matter how famous he became. So the principals and morals he lived by probably made him labeled as hard to work with.
A lot of other men with Clints looks now days would have been naked on the net before they got where he was.
I probably do only know of him because I was allowed to watch what he did as I grew up. I never knew he was s tall until recently but I always remembered how habsome he was or is.
AS said on 18/Aug/07
Well, Clint was rather big in addition to tall. He was far more massive than Rock. So he has more tendancy to tower over stars.

A more obvious reason for his limited career is due to his difficulty to work with. I hear he's a nice guy, but a bear to direct. He refuses to do any work that isn't family friendly- he even forced a script change on Dirty Dozen due to offensive language. Read this article:
Click Here
Most of the celebrities have a positive description. His reads:
"But unfortunately, Clint, according to the people he works with, is "a mighty mixed-up kid." He is a nature-food crank, demands The Star Treatment at all times"

He probably got blacklisted. Still, his health "crank" may explain why he's still up and running.
HeightObsessed said on 17/Aug/07
The problem with the argument that Clint was too tall is that one of his most successful contemporaries was also very tall... Rock Hudson was 6'5" and his height didn't inhibit his success. It must be something more insidious... say talent. These days I think he'd be more successful, when you consider that talent isn't such a big deal, case in point: Arnold Schwarchenegger and the "Rock"
Viper said on 15/Aug/07
This guy would have been a beast as a tight end in football.
Norma said on 14/Aug/07
Clint Walker was the original poster boy (MAN) for Hunks. Not only was he georgeous to look at, his voice was music to listen to. The wimps and weirdows of so called stardom today are a joke compared to him. The reason he never made it big is because he had great character, high morals, and as I understand he also loves his Creator and His Word. I'm a spirit filled Christian, and I can makes these comments without shame, because I respect Clint as a true man.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
C;int was too big to make it as huge star if that makes sense. It was very difficult to cast him. Also he was a really nice guy and most Hollywood stars to be honest are pretty self centred.
Bob H. said on 29/Jul/07
Walker was also quite graceful for a very big man. In Yellowstone Kelly he has a scene where he rides up to the camera and dismounts his horse and pivits around backwards and drops to one knee on the ground to fire his rifle. It is very graceful. Not many big actors could look so athletic.
David said on 20/Jul/07
I could never understand why Clint did not become a superstar in the movies. aside from a magnificent body and a face like a greek god, he had a voice that was so smooth that it would melt butter. He was a "man" while today's actors are simply boys.
Patrick said on 1/Jul/07
How I appreciate what you say about that magic actor and great man Clint was (and still is) but as I wrote it right here, I do not think that he would be more successful nowadays. He already was too tall at his time while tall and very tall actors were starring like John Wayne, G.Peck, J. Stewart or Cuck Heston and so many others. It was before the Hoffman, Pacino and De Niro's 7°ies era. Vince Vaughn knows ths most exterme difficulties in acting because of that; only his immense talent allows him to star but mainly in comedies, which is very different as you know. Canons and criterions have changed in in a way, "Europeanising". Too bad indeed.
Another very well built and tall actor (6'6)was Fred Dryer (Rick Hunter) but not like "him", indeed no!
SK said on 29/Jun/07
Clint Walker has to be the most perfectly built actor, no human in all of history. Talk about having perfect genetics!!!! The guy's physique and proportions were perfection, not to mention his looks were amazing. Damn the guy most have had the women lining up in droves to be with him. Why on earth was he not a bigger star in his day?? If he were acting in his prime today, I think the ladies would soon forget about Brad Pitt.
AS said on 28/Jun/07
Wasn't Clint a lifter? I'm not sure how much he did but this link includes two photos from a workout:
Click Here

I agree he did have that superman look, almost on every point. He's probably one of the biggest guys who, while standing by himself, isn't an obvious giant.

I recall reading in an interview that while shooting the Dirty Dozen he would go on jogs with Jim Brown. Impressive considering Jim was a running back and ten years younger.
patrick said on 27/Jun/07
Dear 5'11.5 guy, happy you join me about Clint; I just would add a little thing about Tang: I work in health services andI can assure you that Tang definitely has the gigantism facial characteritics even though much less than Kiel. There is another famous basketball player Billy Cristal hired to play with in a funny movie: this guy was also a athlete and had the same characteristics.
You will see that later, Tang will get many health problems; Of that, I am 100% sure.
You know, it is not that rare in America to have big and very tall men; it is genetic as it is in Norway, Swede (Dutch are different because when Americans were already much taller than the others, in the 19th century, Dutch used to be very small!) In a certain way, Clint is nothing but "the American ideal" while Chinese are by and large rather small or at least average, as Algerians are even if the today's tallest man on earth is an Algerian!
5'11.5 guy said on 26/Jun/07
Tang can;t be compared to Richard Kiel, he never had acromegaly. He's atheltic and fast enough to play basketball well. And he is definitely well built. A froce to be reckoned with on the court.

I agree that he's a giant whereas Clint isn't though. Clint would have been healthier, and was much better looking.
patrick said on 26/Jun/07
Dear 5'11.5 guy, ther is a BIG difference with Clint because that Chinese basketball player actually is a giant, I mean in the medical way of saying it.
Clint was not, even less than James Arness who definitely has "something" in his face of a giant.
Tang is not well built, he has the proportions of a someone being “too tall” and does not give the impression to be a superman.
So is Richard Kiel and if you carefully look at both of them, you will see they have that so peculiar shape: high broad shoulders as Cassidy, another giant actor, had too.
Clint is just a normal, very well built man but much taller than the others.
He is not much of a giant. Otherwise, there are tons of guys taller and heavier than him!
What makes Clint so unique is he was not a “steroïdic athlete” and not even a bodybuilder!
I never got his match in any category because even Peter Lupus , so impressive and Supermanlike was a power lifter.
Even though Clint would have only raise his pen to write sissy novels, he would have been twice stronger than most of men!
Another big natural and very tall actor was Sterling Hayden but he was just below in height and width Clint Walker.
I met in November, a friend of him near the place Clint lives and he confirmed all what I have told you about him: a natural superman!
5'11.5 guy said on 25/Jun/07
Walker's build reminds me of Chinese basketball center Tang Zhengdong, who also has massive shoulders and very narrow waist/hips. Tang is 7 inches taller and way heavier than Walker was, though.

His pic. Click Here
patrick said on 19/Jun/07
Jason, I agree with you but the man was a "mass", with bear bones and sinews and articulates (articulates are very meaningful about real strength and capacity of naturally getting muscles).
Indeed, the comparison, easily visible just in looking at him, between his incredible thin waist and the rest of his trunk enhanced that spectacular effect, however, I can assure you this guy was anyway HUGE! I repeat: He was the only one REAL superman, if only they would have had the good idea of making such a film in the 60ty decade!
AAAA: sure I remember it! I know very well Grecian as Romanian and Renaissance sculpture art and, actually, Clint would have been Heracles or Hercules (depending you prefer Greek or Roman mythology!)!
Viper, once more, I agree with you about his genes: do not forget what we wrote about Tom roots: Cherokee type. So, Clint happens to partially come from that tribe: ¼ exactly!
He besides felt embarrassed in embodying a rude guy in “the dirty dozen”, just in the name of the Natives he felt being deep down; as result he asked Robert Aldrich to change a bit his part.
That was done, making Posey much more human and clever than initially planned.
Very happy to notice sucha man and actor is not forgotten today!
After all, you all are much younger than I am!
AAAA said on 18/Jun/07
Just look at the guy. He was an andonis and a mountain, and he had that perfect all american glint in his eye, the million dollar smile, and he never looked awkward at a towering 6'6.
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
Seems like Clint had some incredible genetics.
AAAA said on 16/Jun/07
Hey patrick, do you remember the Dorophyus statue we discussed the proportions of a few months back, and how it emboided the ideal human proportions. I was reading something about clint needing special tailoring for movie clothing and costumes. It was some site online that stated his measurements, and aside from his 32 inch waist, he was almost dead on the build of the ideal Grecian male as set foward by Doroyphus. He was actually .25 inches taller than the statue. But aside from that and the waist, everything else was perfectly in proportion.
Jason said on 15/Jun/07
He was stated as being 235lbs in 1959 at age 32. He had a ricidilously tiny waist and hips for a 6'6'' 235-pound man (32'' and 36'' respectively), so that means way more of his size was in his upper body than a normal fit man of that height and weight, and would have made him appear heavier than he actually was by looking at it.
patrick said on 14/Jun/07
No doubt he was closer to 250 lbs than to 235; 235 at 25 maybe but mcuh more after!This man was the biggest star ever; For me, he is a star.
Yes, even Jim Brown, yet so big and tall, looks "normal" beside him! Donald Sutherland is far smaller than him, not mention "shoulders" width!
It seems amazing, incredible that an actor could ever be "like that"; Usually, men of that ilk are either not really handsome nor looking you know, "very clever", with that "special" glint in the eye. An almost 200 cm guy as braod as tall is usually more physical than anything else.
Clint was as handsome as any other great star and even more BUT in addition, he was "superman"! That didn't help him alas, in his career, on the contrary!
Jason said on 28/May/07
Clint weighed 235 according to the publicity of the time. Maybe he was heavier when he was older. 6'6'' seems right.
Anonymous said on 27/May/07
Clint had to be 6'6+ and about 250+ he stood next to 6'3 230 Jim Brown in the dirty dozen and made him look like he was standing in a hole.
patrick said on 1/Feb/07
Yeah, he was SUPERMAN as i said here! Look: even his head and his hair!
all the other tall and strong actors look like bodybuilders or noticeably thinner than him.
I think like Charles Bronson or Robert Conrad (but they were much much shorter) Clint was one of these guys who do not need any working out to be very strong and broad from any side: arm; chest, hands , neck and legs!
Charles Bronson was even at 15, also a "pack of dry muscles" with fantastic arms;
Besides, they both play in "the dirty dozen" and though the huge difference of size, never Charles seems ridiculous next to Clint;
In a way much less than (the great and late) Lee Marvin, a narrow boy in front of the giant oak Clint.
6'2 Jim Brown looked like a bodybuilder, i mean, not natural bulky guy.
Clint, never even though he worked out also!
I was in last november next to him and he now looks really like an Idian; with getting on in age, people whow have indian blood as Clint, turn more and more towards "this" origin; It seems that people having indian blood are often in very good shape and strong; so is Tom Welling for example.
Daniel said on 31/Jan/07
That is an amazing photograph of Clint and Burt Reynolds. It is from the movie Sam Whiskey when Burt challenges Clint to a fight, which is really hysterical. Can you imagine that? Clint makes Burt look scrawny, which he wasn't. The picture is not exaggerated either. Clint is that much taller than Burt. Clint has to have one of the best physiques ever.
patrick said on 26/Jan/07
ALAS Dee, i did not find Clint next to Burt Reynolds but a site i know with many actors!
agree with you at 100% about Clint Walker! He was "superman" for real!
Anonymous2 said on 22/Dec/06
Walker was an incredible physical presence and i agree with previous Anonymous that his looks probably kept him from expandig beyond westerns and war movies. He actually could bring quite a bit of delicacy to a portrayal, and it's kind of a shame that the very thing that got him his breakthrough part kept him so typecast.
Brad said on 5/Nov/06
Same height as me but made me look small because he is wide around his shoulders. He's one big hombre with a handshake that could crush.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/06
I think Walker's size held back his career though. Although it was what got him started it must have made it difficult to cast him. Even Rock Hudson looked small compared to Walker and Hudson was massive. I don't know if there was too much different in height between the two but Walker was much bigger built.
JIM DOWN said on 20/Sep/06
JD Felcher said on 16/Sep/06
According to an article on TV westerns in Time Magazine (March 30, 1959), Clint stood 6' 6" tall, weighed 235 lbs, and had chest-waist-hips measurements of 48-32-36.
Alex said on 16/Sep/06
6'6" as he himself has always said. In response to Mikex, Clint DID use weights (Steroid free though!) and bodyweight exercises too. There are quite a few photos of him in old magazines (and on the internet) lifting Barbells and working out. One of my favorites is of him doing chin ups from the rafters with a large plate attached to his belt/harness.
Mikex said on 24/May/06
He did a film with 6'4'' Vincent Price and was about 2 inches taller. Walker was an incredibly impressive looking guy though. Not a guy you'd barge past to get served at the bar.
Gonzalo said on 17/May/06
He was much taller than 6`4 Donald sutherland in Dirty dozen. Maybe he was taller than 6`6.
Daniel said on 11/Apr/06
Both Clint and Rock were big, strong guys. Clint always played a tough guy. Rock had much more diverse roles, but he could play a tough guy as well. Don't sell him short. Both guys were strong enough to literally hoist guys up in the air. I remember Rock hoisting Robert Stack (not a small guy either-over 6'0 tall) over his shoulder and carrying him up a flight of stairs. Written On The Wind was the movie. I think Clint could have lifted Rock over his shoulders, , but I doubt Rock could have done that to Clint. I think Clint was about an inch taller than Rock, though probably a lot stronger.
Charlie said on 10/Apr/06
Agreed, Clint was one well built guy. Rock wasn't as muscular, but certainly was very well built. That was the reason Clint and Rock were shirtless in most of their films. Both showing off their physiques. Honestly, I don't think many guys would pick a fight with either one. They were both huge. Both Clint and Rock looked awesome in their movie fight scenes.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/06
Hudson was himself a well built guy by the standards of the day but he looks skinny next to Walker. Not a guy you'd pick a fight with, unless you happen to be Lee Marvin in the Dirty Dozen.
Mikex said on 22/Feb/06
In an interview on the net he says James Arness was abount an inch taller.
A Fan said on 12/Feb/06
I think Clint is about 6'7" inches tall. I don't think he was much taller than Rock Hudson. Just a lot broader and more muscular.
Gramps said on 9/Nov/05
Not just that, but the guy's shoulders were about ten feet wide!
sage said on 8/Nov/05
I believe Clint is actually about 6'7".
WildBill said on 24/Oct/05
Walker appeared about an inch taller than Hudson. I think Walker is a confirmed 6'6".

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