How tall was Clint Walker

Clint Walker's Height

6ft 6 (198.1 cm)

American actor best remembered for roles in Cheyenne, Sam Whiskey, More Dead Than Alive, The Great Bank Robbery, Yellowstone Kelly, Send Me No Flowers and The Dirty Dozen. In Evening Independent (9/7/63) he said regarding his stature, "I'm 6 feet, 6 inches tall and that means adventure role are best for me"

Clint Walker Angie Dickinson Cheyenne 1957
I stand 6-feet 6, and to make a fair fight of it, I either oppose a heavy who meets me eye-to-eye, or they toss in three shorter actors to sorta even the odds.
- 1957

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6ft 5.83in (197.7cm)
LePeisens said on 24/Apr/24
In Snowbeast Walker was 50 years old, I think he wasn't at peak.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Dec/23
Walker looked about an inch and a half taller than Bo Svenson in Snowbeast (1977) in one scene where it was easier to tell. Odd as I had Bo Svenson at a strong 6'5". There is a possibility though that Clint has slight ground advantage as it was outdoors.
Hong said on 1/Dec/23
Click Here as a matter of interest here's Ely's footwear.
Hong said on 1/Dec/23
Click Here As you can see his footwear looks pretty normal here.
Hong said on 1/Dec/23
Click Here This is Clint with 6ft4.5 listed Ron Ely, considering both guys are past their peak's we will allow for a bit of shrinkage to them both,with Clint being 11 years older maybe a bit more.Still let's say Ely is a flat 6 ft4 ,Walker is looking know more than 6ft2 in comparison,that's a massive 4inches height loss, sometimes I'm about suspicious about Walkers 6ft6 claim because he was always in those 2inch heeled cowboy boots and didn't look 6ft8 with them on.In my second pic you will see that at that event he was indeed wearing a normal looking shoe,maybe it's part of the reason why he was not looking so tall?Maybe Walker was the Dolph Lundgren of his day and was not 6ft6 but more 6ft4 range in reality?Big heeled boots and camara angles can create the illusion of being a giant on the big screen, having said all that I would still say Walker was probably a good 6ft5 but I'd rule out 6ft6.
Leone_Fan said on 2/Sep/23
I'm surprised by the video linked to previously where an actor by the name of Will Hutchins mentions that Walker wasn't overly tall unless he was in his cowboy boots. Clint Walker always looked huge to me a genuine 6'6'' guy. Yet this guy knew Walker personally so should have a good idea of how tall he was.

This would help to explain why Ron Ely looked taller than Walker in that picture of them together in later life. Also I think there was an old comment from someone who claimed to be a friend of Walker and said he was 6'4'' in reality.

Against this is the fact that Walker always looked massive on screen even next to tall guys like Donald Sutherland, Lee Marvin and Lee Van Cleef. So unless Donald Sutherland was 6'2'' and Lee Marvin 6ft even I think 6'6'' for a prime Clint Walker is fair.
Tom Johnson said on 27/May/23
Clint with the 6'5" Rock Hudson
Click Here
joe### said on 1/May/23
6'6 flat
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jan/23
Yeah Walker could have been a little under 6ft6 at worst. Arness should really get 6ft6½. Might’ve measured a fraction either side of that at different times and that’s why claimed both 6ft6 and 6ft7. Definitely a bit underlisted at a flat 6ft6 but the full 6ft7 is pushing it a little as well
berta said on 11/Jan/23
the scenes with peter graves listed at 6´3 flat is very intersteing. It hard to argue muthc over 2 inches beetween them. Clint could have been 6´5 3/4. Graves 6´3 1/2. James arnes was taller than clint. It could have been almost 1 inch beetween them. This guy just over 197 and Arness just over 199 at peak. CLint held his height well and was still close to 6´4 when he was old. Arnes shrunk down to maybe 6´3 at the end.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Aug/22
Could look a little ungainly at times onscreen...
Elkin said on 15/Jul/22
How tall is Todd ARMSTRONG
Said at the top 6'4 193'5
What do you think
Editor Rob
I don't think Todd was as tall as that.
Hong said on 11/Apr/22
Click Here In this movie Clint looks more 6ft5 with 6ft3 Peter Graves.
Hong said on 4/Apr/22
I think his cowboy boots gave him a bit of a lift,he was quiet found of wearing them.
Tech noir said on 2/Apr/22
Just under 6-6 peak imo.
Hong said on 26/Mar/22
Click Here Here's Clint with 5ft7 Lucille Ball.
Hong said on 10/Mar/22
Click Here @Duhun Here's another pic of Ali and Clint from a different angle.
Duhon said on 9/Mar/22
Ali and Clint Walker correct link Click Here
Duhon said on 8/Mar/22
Walker with Muhammad Ali Click Here
Hong said on 23/Feb/22
Click Here Here's and interesting pic,Walker aged 85 next to 74 year-old Ron Ely.Ely is listed as 6ft4.5 and Walker 6ft6,Walker looks to be a couple of inches shorter than Ely.At 74 Ely would most likely have lost a bit of height and is probably 6ft4 flat or a bit less there,that would mean Walker aged 85 was in and around 6ft2 range that would be a height loss of 4 inches from peak.So it looks as though both Clint's have lost a chunk of height as they aged,I'm referring to Eastwood of course.
Hong said on 26/Nov/21
Click Here Here's an intresting interview with an actor named will Hutchins,from 5.55mins he mentions his height as 6ft1.5 more importantly he comments that Walker was not too tall only in his cowboy boots,and the tallest guy he worked with was James Arness.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Nov/21
Weaker 6ft6 I suppose isn’t impossible. Arness would edge him
Ian C. said on 24/Aug/21
The man in the photo with Walker, Duhon, is Walker's stand-in. He stood in for Walker while the cameraman and lighting technician framed the shot. He had to wear the platforms on his shoes to bring him up to Walker's height.

If you watch movies with very tall actors, you notice that shorter actors seem taller in close shots with the tall guys. This is because they have to stand on platforms to bring their heads up into the frame.

Walker was truly an amazing physical specimen, because he displayed none of the proportional abnormalities common among people with pituitary giantism. He does seem to have a too-small head, but that's about it.
Duhon said on 16/Aug/21
Illuminating photo Click Here
Tall Sam said on 4/Aug/21
I think he was wearing matching military boots in The Dirty Dozen and his considerable height advantage over the likes of Donald Sutherland, Jim Brown and Lee Marvin could not be missed. Also I'm unsure of his footwear there, but his height advantage even over Rock Hudson was notable.
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Aug/21
My reservation re Walker has always been the ever present cowboy boot heels even in non westerns.

However, if best quality evidence outweighs all else, the classic line up photo from THE DIRTY DOZEN has Clint looking a good 2” taller than Donald Sutherland and it appears he is wearing the exact same military issue boots. Based on that evidence an estimate of 6’5 1/2” seems a fair call.

As to height loss, perhaps weight lifting and an extremely large body lent itself to same. Clint was also also involved in a serious accident (skiing?) which may or may not have also been a factor. I can’t recall the exact details of same.
Tall Sam said on 30/Jul/21
Older Walker looks to have had several inches loss, not much over 6’2” with Carradine.
Hong said on 28/Jul/21
Click Here Here's an older Walker next to 5ft11.75 listed David Carradine,Walker is in boots Carradine barefoot.
Canson said on 30/Jun/21
@Dr Decker: yea at worst 6’5.5” afternoon/evening
Dr Decker said on 29/Jun/21
Weak 6-6 probably. Genuine big guy
lorraine bobo said on 3/Jun/21
I was a horse woman all my life. Now in my senior years I am so thrilled that Cheyenne is back in the public eye. What a clean-cut gorgeous man.wish I could have met him
Ian C. said on 1/Jun/21
Cheyenne was the first hour-long TV drama with a recurring star, and the reason the show was a hit was mostly due to Walker's appeal. That was 1956, so, like Milton Berle, Clint Walker sold his share of TV sets. He didn't get his due as one of the great stars of American television, which was unjust. If he had broken in in the movies, he would have been a movie star.

No one in the movies has ever matched him in heroic appearance. He beats out everybody, including modern movie strongmen like Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had a handsome face, a deep, big guy voice and he could portray dignified courage and strength.

There are still websites and YouTube videos dedicated to his memory. If you were to show a ten year-old who had never heard of him a few pictures of him, that kid would probably be fascinated by him. Vastly underrated.
Vincent Caleb said on 13/Apr/21
Maybe Clint 6’5.75-6’6” and Arness solid 6’6.5”
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Apr/21
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Mar/21
So he make it 6'6 through out his whole life?

Toward the end closer to 6ft4 I reckon
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Mar/21
So he make it 6'6 through out his whole life?
Dozer Jockey said on 28/Nov/20
First met Clint at a gun show, 1994ish. He was easy tallest guy there a good 6" above anyone else. Looking at the Tall in the Saddle pic, which is not great as a reference. Arness is stooped how ever Clint's eyes are above Arness hat brim by at least 1-2". Clint almost always leaned forward at the neck. If picture is believed, Clint is standing a bit back of Arness. Clint was humble and in group pictures would try to blend in He would bend down etc, not to out shine others. Normally he wore a Sante fe style hat,his words, because it had a lower crown. Due to his humble nature I'd say he was every bit as tall as Arness if not taller. He is longer in the leg than Arness and shorter upper body, so sitting down would be shorter. So if Arness is 6' 7" standing then so is Clint. And as others have stated who cares? But 6'4" someone has an agenda.
Dozer Jockey
Tall In The Saddle said on 24/Nov/20
Clint Walker with James Arness Click Here

Not the perfect angle but I think Arness still appears clearly taller. I think Walker also conceded that Arness was taller by 1". Maybe Clint was simply fitting in to their respective claims 6'6" vs 6'7" or maybe he truly perceived a 1" difference between them.

Both Clint and Arness are listed as 6'6" on this site but IMO, those listings can't co-exist. Arness was taller as per the above photo and for whatever its worth, Clint himself said Arness was taller. I've always had doubt that Clint was a full 6'6". He always wore big heeled boots, westerns or not, onscreen or not. The best back up for 6'6" IMO would be the DIRTY DOZEN in which he appears to be wearing equal army issue boots. Next to Sutherland etc. he appears very close to 6'6" but perhaps still not quite there.

All things equal, I've got the feeling that Chuck Connors would've edged Clint. Connors himself also said that Arness was taller than himself having starred in an episode of GUNSMOKE in which Connors wore lifts (as per his character) to appear taller than Arness.

As a tribute, they had old western celebs appear on stage years back, Connors, Wayne, Walker etc. They appeared on tiered steps but Connors eventually stood down on the main stage with Wayne and absolutely towered the Duke. Unfortunately, Walker remained on an upper step so a direct comparison didn't present itself.

Later in life, with height loss expected but still wearing cowboy boots, Walker can be seen in photos dropping clear height to normal heeled guys like Selleck and Ron Ely. Walker did have a serious ski accident in 1971 but I've not read that it impacted his height.

Finally, there was a newspaper article early in Walker's career describing him as 6'4.5". Strange understatement if he was a true 6'6". Maybe about 6'6" in ever present cowboy boots?
Canson said on 23/Nov/20
@Vincent: 6’5 7/8 or 6’6 is possible. I would’ve gone 6’5.5-.75 as an afternoon but the extra fraction is definitely a good possibility
Vincent Caleb said on 22/Nov/20
Canson said on 30/Oct/20
Weak 6’6 peak

I still think if measured at his peak he could get a full 6’6” or 6’5 7/8”.
Canson said on 30/Oct/20
Weak 6’6 peak
prokrabsgod said on 27/Oct/20
Huge guy. Made Lee Marvin, Jim Brown and even Donald Sutherland look average in comparison.
James Brett 172cm said on 30/Sep/20
someone like clint eastwood has not got dark enough features to play superman unlike christopher reeve
Arch Stanton said on 19/Sep/20
Well, I would probably give the edge to Arness, I think he has more of a chance of 199 than Clint. With Vincent Price though you can't argue even Joshua type of height, I think overall he looked an honest 6'6.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Sep/20
He did look like a comic book figure and a Superman type, certainly looked more like one than today's actors do. He was a very wooden though, and looked rather clumsy. He looked more like a guy who worked on a Texas ranch than a movie star. I think I read 240 pounds for him Tall Sam, I agree he could look about 18 stone range in the 70s though, maybe 240 was when younger. Keeping in mind even Clint Eastwood was 215 at one point!
Ruben mejias said on 1/Sep/20
Talk about playing the perfect Superman. Height. Build. Forget it no one comes close only Christopher Reeves. Clint Walker was a Natural in Cheyenne. RIP Mr Walker..6 ft 6
Tall Sam said on 29/Jul/20
While searching around for Ossie Davis height evidence, found a funny picture of Walker clowning around and apparently lifting Davis in one hand and Burt Reynolds in the other. He was a truly massive figure. I think his weight might've been more than 250 pounds.
movieguy12 said on 14/Jun/20
To add to my statement below, the fading into obscurity bit after refusing to act dumb in the Dirty Dozen was the opinion of the journalist who wrote the article. Walker still had and has a lot of fans I guess. The internet helped to keep his reputation alive with a younger generation.

Its surprising he didn't become a bigger star though as he was probably the most physically impressive of all the Hollywood stars of the 50s and 60s. Even Rock Hudson didn't look so striking standing next to Clint Walker.
movieguy12 said on 26/May/20
A big, handsome giant. I messaged him via his website once and got a very polite reply. By all accounts he was a very nice man. It's funny to see the very tall Rock Hudson looking up at him in Send Me No Flowers as Rock usually dwarfed other actors

There is a story that Walker refused to play the part of impersonating a General in the Dirty Dozen as he considered it insulting to his Native American heritage to act the fool. An exasperated director asked Donald Sutherland to do it and Sutherland became a star. Walker faded into semi-obscurity after this according to the article.
Peisens said on 24/Nov/19
198 cm, 6'6 for sure, most impresive body of an actor ever
Ian C. said on 23/Oct/19
Y'know, Joe Weirder, I too have always thought that Jimmy Dean was referencing Walker in Big Bad John, which was written when Walker was a national TV star on Cheyenne.

As to your question, has anyone in the movies ever topped Walker for sheer heroic looks? No. The guys who are close are still way behind. Charlton Heston, Rock Hudson, Steve Reeves? All extraordinarily large, muscular and handsome men, and none even close to Walker in impact. And Walker had a personal appeal that was extra to his size and strength and beauty. He had a wonderfully calm, dignified personality befitting a hero.

The only actor I can think of equals Walker in good looks is Robert Conrad, who was almost a foot shorter.

Warner Brothers had a series of handsome cowboy tv shows: Bronco, Lawman, Maverick, Colt .45, and Sugarfoot. You look at the starts of those series and it looks suspiciously as if all the leads were cast in an attempt to find another Clint Walker, because they all have the same general facial type. Clint Eastwood might have got the nod for Rawhide because his first name was Clint. (Walker's real first name was Norman, but the studio made him use Clint, because I guess Norm was not a very heroic cowboy kind of name.)
joe weirder said on 21/Oct/19
i always thought of clint walker whenever i heard jimmy dean's big hit from the 60s, BIG BAD JOHN...dean's description of 'big john' seemed to fit clint walker to a T...can someone name any other actor or even someone you met who looks even close to what clint walker looks like??
Ian C. said on 11/Sep/19
As I keep trying desperately to make clear, Rampage, I am a committed Clint Walker fan, because he was spectacularly heroic looking, and actually quite a good actor. He just wasn't very athletic (apart from being extremely strong) and I challenge you to find a sequence in a movie or TV show where he can be seen to move quickly and gracefully. Consider how Steve McQueen moves in The Magnificent Seven, or Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson. Those lads were nimble. The big muscle guys like Arnold and Steve Reeves and Walker, were slow andlumbering in comparison.

Connors had been a professional athlete. (Basketball and almost professional baseball.) He was long and strong, but his muscles didn't have that inflated look that you get from weightlifting. Watch The Rifleman, and Connors is spectacularly fast with the rifle.

Also, smoking does not in any way impair athletic ability in youth. In the 1950s, cigarette companies were sponsors of baseball telecasts, and probably more active players smoked than didn't. Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's home run record on beer and cigarettes, and Ruth established the record in the first place on beer and cigars. Smoking will kill you if you do it long enough, but it doesn't even slow you down for the first twenty years that you do it. (No, no, you shouldn't smoke. Okay?)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Sep/19
Ian C., Chuck Connors smoked like a chimney throughout his entire career until he got lung cancer. Yeah Walker was a weightlifting finatic and had considerable mass for that time....but to say that he was gargantuan and clumsy is just silly...
Ian C. said on 8/Sep/19
According to L.Q. Jones, who worked with Walker on some of the early Cheyenne episodes, Walker was a compulsive bodybuilder. Jones claims that Warner Bros finally ordered him to go easy on the weightlifting, because he was becoming muscle bound.

And I'm telling you, Walker did not move well. He looked heroic, but he was clumsy. He moved like Godzilla. Compare Walker's moves on Cheyenne to Chuck Connors' on The Rifleman. Connors was also heroically tall and strong, but without that gargantuan bulk that was Walker's trademark. And of course Connors appeal on The Rifleman was his quick, agile athleticism.
movieguy12 said on 5/Aug/19
Looked at the Dirty Dozen again recently. Walker is noticeably taller than the very tall Donald Sutherland. Walker looks a genuine 6'6'' to my eyes.
avi said on 2/Aug/19
@Editor Rob

Why does Clint Walker look 4 inches taller than Dan Blocker ?

Was this guy 6'6.5 and Blocker maybe 6'2.5 at most?
Editor Rob
I think there's a case for Dan being weaker 6ft 3, and walker a strong 6ft 6
KATHLEEN A KOURIAN said on 15/Jul/19
Clint Walker would have been a perfect Superman.
Allie said on 30/Apr/19
Tbh im shocked he only passed away (RIP) in May 2018. I always assumed he was gone years before that.

I'd say around 6'6 during his prime.
Carol M said on 3/Mar/19
I’m curious as to the shoe size of James Arness. Also, Clint Walker.
Both icons in the western series. 💪🦶👊
Ian C. said on 12/Feb/19
The problem with Walker in Cheyenne, movieguy, is that you can't imagine anyone walking around looking like that in real life without people remarking on it. In Cheyenne (and I have two seasons of it on DVD), other characters don't seem to notice that he's in any way unusual. Bad dudes who weigh thirty pounds less than he does attack him without guns, which probably never happened to Clint Walker the man even once in his entire life. It's annoying.

I've met hundreds of extremely good looking men and women, and seen thousands in passing, but I've never set eyes on anyone as striking looking as Clint Walker. He's like Richard Kiel. You can't just drop him into a movie and then have all the other characters in it treat him just like another man.
Ian C. said on 9/Dec/18
Okay, okay. Clint Walker was a genuine star from the mid-fifties to the early sixties, and you could make a good case for the proposition that he was the most naturally heroic looking man to ever appear on film. He beats out guys like Charlton Heston and Rock Hudson without too much trouble.

But six foot six is too big. You're up there with Ted Cassidy and Hulk Hogan. I've got two seasons of Cheyenne on DVD, and Walker's height is a constant distraction. Look at the picture above with Angie Dickenson. He makes her look like a child.

I'm a big fan of Bronco, with Ty Hardin. A lot of the Bronco episodes are just remakes of Cheyennes, so you can see a Cheyenne episode again, only this time with the lead played by a handsome, athletic man who is also human sized. The stories play better because you don't have the constant and faintly ridiculous situation that the lead character is a giant, and nobody seems to take much notice.
Mark D said on 25/Aug/18
Easy Ian C. 6'6" is tall but not freakish. That's an inch shorter than the average basketball player and about the same height as the average defense football player.
Clint Walker fan said on 3/Aug/18
I know we are not supposed to feed trolls but I giggle and cannot help myself... ( see any post which has esteemed Clint Walker and the replies) ... Funny, the "big fan of Clint Walker" likes to cut him up. The preference for Lee Marvin and Richard Boone lets me know something right there. Personal preference. Great. For someone who is "looking for imperfections" in Clint Walker, I'm sorry there aren't any visible ones. A perfect physique like Clint Walker is up to the challenge of slicing and dicing with your word saw; because somehow he is still perfect :) Too bad, huh? He is not clumsy. He does drench you with perfection with his good looks in the first ten seconds. AND I dare say he could have beat Ty Hardin with the same ten seconds' time in any challenge.
Ian C said on 16/Jul/18
Easy, Clint Walker fan. I too remain a big fan of Clint Walker. If he had been introduced to the public in movies instead of being overexposed on television, he would probably have been a movie star for about ten years. He could actually act pretty well, too. He had a strong baritone voice.

When someone is as seemingly perfect as Walker was, you start looking for imperfections just to see if there are any. Walker seems a little sway-backed to me. That is, he walked with his pelvis slung forward, which gave him an odd, awkward look. Also, his face was too generic-handsome. He looked like a magazine illustrator had imagined him. I would rather watch guys like Lee Marvin or Richard Boone, whose beauty kind of snuck up on you, rather than drenching you in the first ten seconds.

Also, his height may have been a handicap. Six foot six is just freakish. You're into Darth Vader territory at that point.
Clint Walker fan said on 14/Jul/18
I say what is wrong with working? The fact that he was born into the depression may have a strong bearing on his focus on making a living. MR WALKER worked many jobs and THAT is where he maintained his muscles. He said himself he is not a body builder. Going to the YMCA when he was a teenager doesn't put him in the bodybuilder category.
He worked at his career and made a successful life by being smart enough to utilize his God-given beauty and his assets, which are too many to name here. (How many people went to college, played football and then didn’t know how to do real life?)
As far as not being athletic, well you only have to see him in the action on Cheyenne shows to know that is not true. HE WAS ATHLETIC and quick as a man half his size. "clumsy" NO.

Click Here

THIS IS REFERENCE/ REGARDING THIS COMMENT: Ian C. said on 30/Mar/18- “Interestingly, Walker seems to have no record of participating in any sport. He left school early and never in his life donned a football uniform for example. You would think that somebody who looked so magnificent would have shown himself to be skilled at something, but this doesn't seem to have been the case.”
Clint Walker fan said on 14/Jul/18
I say what is wrong with working? The fact that he was born into the depression may have a strong bearing on his focus on making a living. MR WALKER worked many jobs and THAT is where he maintained his muscles. He said himself he is not a body builder. Going to the YMCA when he was a teenager doesn't put him in the bodybuilder category.
He worked at his career and made a successful life by being smart enough to utilize his God-given beauty and his assets, which are too many to name here. (How many people went to college, played football and then didn’t know how to do real life?)
As far as not being athletic, well you only have to see him in the action on Cheyenne shows to know that is not true. HE WAS ATHLETIC and quick as a man half his size.
THIS IS REFERENCE/ REGARDING THIS COMMENT: Ian C. said on 30/Mar/18- “Interestingly, Walker seems to have no record of participating in any sport. He left school early and never in his life donned a football uniform for example. You would think that somebody who looked so magnificent would have shown himself to be skilled at something, but this doesn't seem to have been the case.”
movieguy12 said on 17/Jun/18
There is a clip on YouTube of Walker alongside James Coburn and Lee Van Cleef in an episode of Cheyenne. Both Coburn and Van Cleef are big men over 6ft. Walker looks much bigger than either. A handsome giant of a man. Difficult to cast alongside though as the bad guys were always smaller than Walker so it never looked like it was too difficult for him to come out on top in a confrontation. Heroes are meant to overcome the odds but Walker's size always made it look as if the odds were in his favour.
VicLions said on 26/May/18
RIP to Mr. Walker. You were an amazing actor and human being. There is not many like you.
movieguy12 said on 25/May/18
The only guy who made the very tall and physically imposing Rock Hudson look like a mere mortal in comparison. In the Dirty Dozen there were other 6ft plus guys like Donald Sutherland, Lee Marvin and Jim Brown. Walker was taller and broader than any of them. A really nice guy by all accounts and a shame about his passing but he had a long life. There are so few of the old Hollywood and TV stars from the 50s and 60s left nowadays.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 23/May/18
RIP to the man. Definitely lived a lot longer than most people his size...
Editor Rob
RIP indeed, 90 is a long life.
audrey said on 22/May/18
Clint Walker died May 21 2018.His wife and daughter were by his side.
Caesar said on 26/Apr/18
Didn't Vincent Price lose height towards the end of his life? And what was the footwear of these two?
Robbe said on 25/Apr/18
Easily 6'6. Here with 6'4 Vincent Price Click Here
Caesar said on 13/Apr/18
Looks nowhere near 6'6...I would've guessed somewhere between 6'4-6'5. Probably around 240lbs at best.
Ian C. said on 30/Mar/18
Interestingly, Walker seems to have no record of participating in any sport. He left school early and never in his life donned a football uniform for example. You would think that somebody who looked so magnificent would have shown himself to be skilled at something, but this doesn't seem to have been the case.

Most professional athletes do not have Walker's basic shape. He does not look like a soccer player or a baseball player or even a football player (which might be his best match). He just looks like a comic book hero, like Superman. I suspect that his unusually small waist and large chest would have left him prone to back injuries. Most professional athletes have thick waists, because running sports put a lot of stress on the lower back and hips, and you have to be stronger in the core than Walker was to tolerate it.
Hotlips said on 28/Dec/17
Ian C.: wrong clint walker is the humble and handsome. He has reason left the show because he is so tall and make him star, plus hr works longer. Ty Hardin is only 6'2 tall and handsome? Just okay.
Ian C. said on 27/Dec/17
Not that I actually can read or speak Spanish, Elkenny, but I take your point to be that Hardin couldn't have been more athletic than Walker. Certainly Walker had great size and strength, but the man was slow and clumsy, as people that size frequently are. And Walker was a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding produces distorted muscles that look impressive but which don't work efficiently. Very few professional athletes (other than professional bodybuilders themselves) lift weights to produce muscular hypertrophy, which is the point of bodybuilding.

Ty Hardin played college football, and it is very difficult to make a college football team. Only the quick and the strong can do it. Hardin had a thick, powerful torso and shortish arms and legs, and he is something to see, riding a horse and punching out bad guys as Walker's understudy. He could really move.
Elkenny72 said on 25/Dec/17
Coincido con Ian C excepto en " Mucho mas atletico " las fotos estan ahí, simplemente imposible. En su zenit facilmente 1.98 mt salvo que siempre actue con gente pequeña.
Ian C. said on 22/Dec/17
Walker quit Cheyenne in a dispute over money, and Warner Brothers promptly hired a replacement cowboy named Ty Hardin (and underpaid him too.) Hardin was even handsomer than Walker, much more athletic and, at slightly over six feet, human-sized. Hardin become a star in his own right, but he never really equalled Walker in popularity, because Walker had the advantage of being a superman.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 23/Nov/17
I'm surprised the average guess has him at a mere 6'5. He was definitely over that in his prime
Ian C. said on 22/Nov/17
Actually, Rampage, everyone is a genetic freak. Walker is an unusually gifted genetic freak, and in fact most people who become movie or TV stars are. Everybody who becomes a professional athlete is a gifted freak. Anybody who can play championship darts is a gifted freak. I, on the other hand, am an ungifted freak. But, nevertheless, a freak.
VicLions said on 19/Nov/17
Either 6ft5.75 or 6ft6 at his peak. He appears 4 inches taller than Lee Marvin and Jim Brown in the Dirty Dozen
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Either 6ft5.75 or 6ft6 at his peak. He appears 4 inches taller than Lee Marvin and Jim Brown in the Dirty Dozen
joe### said on 4/Nov/17
maybe 197 because James arness looks taller.
Allie said on 1/Nov/17
The Clints from old Hollywood must be very tall!
berta said on 2/Sep/17
i think the average guess is to low for him i cant see him shorter than 197,3 peak and was possible really about 198cm
Ian C said on 13/Jun/17
Clint Walker has just turned 90, which is rare among men so tall. He had a huge torso, which suggests excellent heart and lungs. My own theory is that the best predictor of longevity is a high ratio of thorax size to body weight. Long-lived people tend to be big-chested without also being fat.
Arch Stanton said on 29/May/17
Very strong genes I think Rampage, it's very rare to have that sort of height, physique and looks as well. He looked extremely believable as a cowboy, the shoulders on the guy made it look like he spent all day working in the fields! He spent a lot of time in the gym but had a look about him which made it seem it was all from natural farmhand lifting and labour! He made guys who could look pretty big in most films look small. The truth is though he wasn't a good actor, he was wooden, but he certainly looked impressive on screen.
Arch Stanton said on 28/May/17
Rob can you add More Dead Than Alive, The Great Bank Robbery, Yellowstone Kelly and Send Me No Flowers.
Valhalla said on 23/May/17
How many inches is that between them? 14 inches?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/17
Walker was a genetic freak
Arch Stanton said on 13/Mar/17
By 1969 Price could have lost half inch though of course, approaching 60 by then.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Mar/17
Rob what would you guess for his weight peak? To me he looked easily 240 pounds. He was built like an oak tree. I would guess 17 and a half stone. 240-50 range?
Editor Rob
yes Arch, I'm sure I've read something like 245 pounds for him in the past.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Mar/17
Rob can you add More Dead Than Alive.

Click Here Check out 42:57, nothing under 6'6 with Vincent Price, in fact he can look 199cm there!
Editor Rob
he can look a big fella there.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Mar/17
Click Here Check out 20 minutes, looking every inch of 6 ft 6 with Burt Reynolds.
James said on 13/Feb/17
The Lone Ranger was the first TV western series.
Turbo said on 3/Feb/17
I was in the Sacramento Airport in 1988 standing by the luggage pickup when I heard a voice say, "You pick up the small bags". The voice sounded very familiar. It was Clint Walker!! Let me tell you, that guy is huge!!! Not so much the height, but he is massive, even at age 61. Cheyenne Cody, the character that started the TV western! I loved Saturday morning westerns.
movieguy said on 29/Jan/17
Walker is huge. Click Here. Compare with Click Here. Some have said that both Walker and Hudson were the same height 6'6''. The fact that Walker had an inch or two on Hudson when they stood next to each other in Send Me No Flowers was down to footwear it is argued. No chance Walker was taller and much bigger built.
Esther J Bilbrey said on 22/Jan/17
He is not only a huge man with long legs, which women call a tall drink of water, but he gorgeous and has an amazing voice. I just love to hear him talk. And to have him tower over you must be an amazing feeling. All my love to you, Esther
jervis said on 7/Nov/16
Why not give a peak and current height for Walker Rob?
Editor Rob
jervis, since he's been retired essentially for a while, I left him at his peak height.
jervis said on 7/Nov/16
with a loss of 3inches from peak that would make his height loss at 89 almost as much as Clint Eastwood at 86.So if you live long enough it looks like you can't escape inches of height loss.
James said on 2/Nov/16
I'm surprised he didn't have a better film career. Perhaps it was because he was already 40 when "The Dirty Dozen" was released.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/16
Rob, would 6ft3 be closer today for him?
Editor Rob
he might have lost about 3 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Oct/16
He looks 6ft4 these days
berta said on 8/Oct/16
was maybe 197-98 and is still tall about 6 foot 4 is he stands up straight
jervis said on 9/Sep/16
look at the Tom Selleck page there is a pic of Selleck with Walker.Walker has footwear advantage yet Selleck is the taller man.
Sixseven said on 18/Jun/16
Watched Cheyenne these days .He is 193 cm even.
Ian C. said on 21/May/16
Oops. Wait a minute. I just posted that Clint Walker walked down the ski hill after being stabbed in the heart by a ski pole. He didn't walk anywhere. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, and an ordinary man would have been, but Walker survived and lives today.

Also, I regret that snide dig at Donald Trump. It is not funny to even imply that someone should suffer a mortal injury. Sorry about that.
Ian C. said on 20/May/16
Walker's Cheyenne was the first Warner Brothers television hit. After that it seemed as if all the ones that followed (like Maverick and Bronco) were cast with male leads that looked as much like Walker as possible. Clint Eastwood may have been cast in Rawhide because his first name was Clint and he was tall.

Walker was incredibly strong. He fell on an upturned ski pole when he was in his forties, and it pierced his heart. He pulled it from his chest and walked down the hill. Not even Donald Trump could do that, although I'd like to see him try.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/16
Walker made Hudson look 6ft4 tops but I think he may have had bigger shoes...
movieguy said on 19/Apr/16
Massive guy, Roger Moore mentions in his autobiography that he was a giant having worked with him. In Send Me No Flowers he has a supporting part as a childhood friend of Rock Hudson's wife who is played by Doris Day. His character makes Hudson insecure. Difficult role to cast as Hudson was physically very imposing at least 6'4'' possibly taller. Walker was one of the few actors at that time even bigger than Rock and hence believable as someone who could make the Hudson character feel he is being out manned by a rival. His career seemed to fade off in middle age though which I suppose sometimes happens to action type stars.
Hameed said on 7/Apr/16
America has some big ass Cowboys. In the old country our cowboys are no taller than the guy that yells "the plane, the plane" lol Tatoo
Sam said on 7/Mar/16
I doubt Connors was taller but they could've been close in height.
Sixseven said on 2/Mar/16
195(6)cm Chuck Connors is taller than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/16
I reckon 6ft4 range now
Dana Bleitz-Sanburg said on 15/Feb/16
Clint Walker's Cheyenne, is still one of my favorite western series. I have always wondered how broad his shoulders measure. I can't think of any other actor that even comes near his physique. His shoulders seem broader than even those of Charlton Heston's. Is there any site that lists those measurements? I'm enjoying watching Mr. Walker in Cheyenne on Encore Westerns. Haven't been able to watch these episodes since I was a kid! :)
Debbie said on 1/Nov/15
Tall in the saddle with a beautiful body all around. Sure wish he was still young. He was born too soon.
Gerry said on 24/Sep/15
Clint was a big guy and in great shape but i doubt he had 20" upper arms.
S.J.H said on 24/Sep/15
Like clint eastwood he shrink at large nowadays.. Maybe 6'4 range or lower
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/15
While I agree on him being possibly the most impressive actor physically of that period, I have to disagree on Walker being a great actor. People say Peck was wooden. Well if Peck was wooden, Walker was an oak tree.
movieguy said on 19/Sep/15
Watched him In More Dead Than Alive with Vincent Price. Walker does look 2 inches taller than Price who was himself a very big man. This guy's height is genuine.
VC said on 8/Sep/15
I have to agree with that, over the years of watching countless leading men; Clint is the biggest of them all. I recalled he was weighing above 250, over 50" chest, under 35" waist and a pair of 20" biceps. He would have been awesome in adventure flims.
movieguy said on 4/Sep/15
I think Walker was the most physically impressive of all the old time Hollywood movies stars. Rock Hudson was a huge guy but standing next to Clint in Send Me No Flowers did not look so imposing.. The stuff about footwear advantage is rubbish Walker looks taller and bigger. For some reason his career seemed to fade out in the last 60's and onwards so he never quite made it to superstardom like Eastwood and Hudson.
VC said on 31/Aug/15
Jim Arness was 6'7 when he was younger but due to his knee injury, he lost an inch so he stood 6'6 in Gunsmoke. And, Clint met Jim in a private party during Gunsmoke and years later; Clint said he is an inch shorter so Clint is 6'5, period. Clint is my favourite but like Clint, I go with Clint's respond.
Loves BBC said on 7/Aug/15
In many interviews, he states 6-6. He did not wear typical high heeled boots, only standard shoe-type heels. He is a humble man and has stated that his height was already enough. He specifically stated that tall western heels would have drawn too much attention to his height and created a negative shift of focus from the acting.
jwwjr. said on 21/Jul/15
Clint Walker was on a political radio talk show in may 2015. the host asked him how tall he said. Six ft. six. I guess that settles it.
VC said on 30/Jun/15
Clint Walker is almost 6'6" because he stood beside James Arness whom was 6'6"-6'7" and they looked similar in height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/15
People don't give enough props to this guy. Absolute mountain of a guy and a great actor. Rock Hudson as great as he was had nothing on big Clint.
elkwnny72 said on 19/Jun/15
Looks Clint and 6´3" John Russell:
Click Here
elkenny72 said on 12/Jun/15
Quest the study pics with John Russell (6'3'') in Yellowstone Kelly and the pic with Peter Graves (6'3''), James Arness (6'7'') and othe cowoys actors. He looks 6'6'' to 6'7''. If Clint is 6'4'' Russell and graves are 6' - 6'1''.
elkenny72 said on 12/Jun/15
Quest the study pics with John Russell (6'3'') in Yellowstone Kelly and the pic with Peter Graves (6'3''), James Arness (6'7'') and othe cowoys actors. He looks 6'6'' to 6'7''. If Clint is 6'4'' Russell and graves are 6' - 6'1''.
movieguy said on 24/May/15
Watched Send me no Flowers last night. Walker and Rock Hudson stand close. Walker looks taller and much bigger built although Hudson was himself a big guy. I realise Walker may have had a footwear advantage as someone has already posted but he does look bigger. Walker 6'6'', Hudson 6'4'' to 6'5'' in my estimate going on this film and quotes online.
TonyD said on 9/May/15
Clint with Gary Cooper
Click Here
Sam said on 5/Jan/15
I don't see him as low as 6'5"...he look at least 2 inches taller than Donald Sutherland & at least 4 inches taller than Jim Brown & Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen.
dietmar said on 31/Dec/14
Clint Walker was peak 6'6. Here's an interesting photo Click Here Click Here
grannygoose said on 29/Dec/14
is he still alive.It seems as if everyone is talking in past tense
Lebensdorf said on 7/Aug/14
I think he may have been 6'5. 6'6 in his boots. He was a beautiful human being. Amazing body. And a great head of hair.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/12
Dunno, but a legit 6 ft 6 guy who is well built will always looks massive.
patrick said on 4/Sep/12
Thing quite strange, facing Rock Hudson in 1964 or so, Clint dwarfs the latter and looks huge as a mountain. Looking so before such a big guy as Rock means you are a mountain! I yet saw Rock almost alike James Arness and i am sure Rock was easily 6'5. He is a good inch taller than 6'4 Robert Ryan in 1952. How all of that is possible? That is why this wonderful exists...'height is a mistery'.
Jake T. said on 31/Aug/12
Clint could have been between 6'5 and 6'6 back in the sixties, now being 85 years old he still gets close to 6'5 but he always looked big so 6'6 prime for sure.
grannygoose said on 31/Aug/12
If you go to youtube and type in quest for treasure with clint walker you will see his wife GiGi.There is a young man that looks an awful lot like him,the boy calls him uncle.
Gabe Iker said on 7/Aug/12
Clint Walker is huge, it's easy to see that when he is so much bigger than most of his co stars.
patrick said on 5/Aug/12
Clint is a presence prior to anything else. He is superman alive and built as even bodybuilders are not and much more naturally. he is so broadshouldered that his horses yet bit always seem as mules under him. Who can doubt he was for veyr, very long 6'6 all the more so Clint is no liar, no boasting man. If he says i am 6'6, that is enough for me and it is so visible in off-shots pics. He told once that only Janes Arness, a friend of him, was one inch taller than he.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/12
Another man was there who said he was 6'5". Being 5' 5" inches I not argue.
Patrick said on 7/Jun/12
Sure he must be 6'5 or so, even now at what, 85? A wonderful man, who embodies the motto: "mens sana in corpore sano" if any! The complete motto is "Orandum est, ut sit mens sana in corpore sano". That means "pray to get a sane, sound soul within a sane, sound body. No doubt Clint did both all along his life; as a result, he still is what he alwas has been: a larger than life man.
Anonymous said on 6/Jun/12
Just saw Clint at the Memphis Film Festival. He is still close to 6'5". Tall indeed.
I also see on his site where Night of the Grizzly is going on sale June 26th. Can't wait.
Deb said on 10/Jan/12
Warner Bros has released Season 3 of Cheyenne today. It is a 5 disc, 20 episode set. Clint has the DVD's on order and autographed copies will soon be available for purchase on his website, Click Here in about another week.
gadget said on 7/Dec/11
i love love clint walker. i think hes the most sexiest man i've seen.
Silverminx said on 28/Oct/11
Sorry folks, the ID on that last post should read "Silverminx", is there anybody out there?....howabout a "Howdy" once in a while....this was a great forum once and could be again...all for the great Clint Walker!
Si;verminx said on 28/Oct/11
Also looking forward to the "Gathering Of Guns" festival in Memphis TN next Spring.....and for the first time checking out the great Mississippi River! We can only hope the Walkers consider this appearance also. From all we've read online, this Festival was a big fan favorite also. Memphis looks like a great place to visit.....The Peabody Hotel(quack quack)...Graceland....Beale Street....and last but not least, that great Southern Hospitality we northerners look forward to.
Hummingbird said on 15/Sep/11
Hello. I plan to go to "Western Legend's Roundup" in Kanab Utah next 2012.
I pray and hope to meet Mr. Clint and Susan Walker. I am a big fan.
Silverminx said on 12/Aug/11
Hey, great news! Clint and Susan will be at the Ray Court's Hollywood Celebrities Show in Chicago on Oct 1 and 2. There's a link that tells a little about the show and where it's located. I won't add a link as it doesn't seem to work here so just search engine it: hollywood celebrities show should pop up.
Silverminx said on 12/Aug/11
Tall, Handsome Western Star Icon Clint Walker will be one of the Hollywood Heros appearing at this year's "Western Legend's Roundup" in Kanab Utah on August 18 thru August 20th. Check out the website for all the exciting goings-on in Kanab, itself city with a rich history of having many movies filmed there. The Walkers will have their own meet-and-greet-fans booth where Clint's fans can shake his hand and get autographed Clint Walker memorabilia. The website is Click Here or one can google it.
Coolerking said on 10/Aug/11
Clint Walker was the pharoah's massive bodyguard in the Ten Commandments. Looking at him there and into the Sixties, he would have been ideal not only as Superman, but especially as Conan the Barbarian. Reading Robert E. Howard, I always pictured him as the character. Now if we had also had Mike Henry as Batman, that would have been one unbeatable DC Universe.
Kim S said on 3/Aug/11
Meet Clint last year in Kanab, Utah at the Western Legends Roundup....I was on my honeymoon (and I planned my wedding in Las Vegas just so I could go and meet him)...As luck should have him I meet him on the street the night before the roundup started....telling him I was on my honeymoon...he was so so kind and nice to me....took picture's with me and the next day gave me a wedding present of his inspirational music....signed for my wedding....his wife is also very kind and sweet.....if you can go to the western round up is the nicest place I ever visited in my life....and I travel a lot.....
jeanschmitt said on 1/Aug/11
I would love to meet clint walker someday. I know just by watching cheyenne, and his movies, that he is a warm and very handsome individual.
regina said on 24/Jul/11
i have loved clint walker for a very long time since i was a kid and i am 58 years old now good luck and many blessing to mr walker.
Redhead Cowgirl said on 24/Jul/11
We're watching it also....Terrific...Our sincere thanks to Encore Westerns also!!!!!!
Cowgirl said on 24/Jul/11
I hope all you Clint Walker fans tune into Encore Westerns and watch the Clint Walker Six-Gun Salute. Thank you Encore Westerns and Jeff for making this happen. We Clint Walker fans appreciate this. :)
doug said on 11/Jul/11
I have enjoyed watching Clint for years, like him best in westerns, he is a great actor, would like to meet him in person.
dawnie 7/10/11 said on 10/Jul/11
i sure wish clint walker could come east, south carolina. i would love to meet him and his wife. maybe get a signed photograph from him. im olny in my fiftys . have lives through a lot for being sure make herat so happy.
Pamela said on 7/Jul/11
I had the honor of meeting Mr. Walker and his wife, Susan last year at the Western Legend celebration in Kanab, Utah. He is still very much the polite and courteous gentleman he portrayed on Cheyenne. It was a thrill to meet him.
Darlene said on 4/Jun/11
We discovered Cheyenne on Netflix.My husband watched the show when he was a boy. I never saw it until this month and our 17 year old son loves it! The show reflects ethics and morals....standing up for what is right...Clint Walker's personality shines through...he obviously is a sincere and caring man. I am thrilled that my son can be blessed and encouraged by a tv program!I wish my son could meet mr. Walker! I would like to thank him for his contribution of a wonderful show. We just love Cheyenne! This is the kind of hero our young people need today! GOD BLESS you Mr. Walker!
Martha said on 31/May/11
Happy Birthday Clint Walker! He is the biggest, most handsome and sexiest man alive! He's honest, moral, and kind. I wish he would travel to the East so I can see him, but that isn't going to happen. But I still think he's the greatest and I'm a HUGE fan of his! I just love to watch him in Cheyenne and his movies.
Kim said on 31/May/11
As for just how tall Clint is.....I dont know that he's a full 6'5" now. People tend to lose a little bit of height as they age. I know I have! And hubby has too. But I've stood right next to Clint on a couple of occasions & I'm not sure that he's actually a full 6'5" NOW but he's still VERY VERY tall! He totally towered over me & I remember being surprised at just how tall & BIG he is. He's VERY impressive...let me tell ya! Yep....I was amazed at what a great big fantastic looking fellow he is. He's also still amazingly handsome & very youthful. I can only hope to age as gracefully as he has & his wife Susan. She's a very nice lovely gal too. So yeah...HE is one great BIG dude!!! LOL!
sharon mervine said on 14/May/11
I've loved clint since i was twelve. he'sixteen years older then me. i don't care if he's 6feet ten inches or five foot rwo. he;s the greates biggest, sexiest man alive. and for his horse brandy my mare kay reed out of little joe reed was 17 hands high and a gorgous seal chestnut. or from a distance you would swear she was black. anyway clintd's b-day is coming up. so happy birthday big guy and susan you are one lucky woman.
Snausages said on 3/May/11
Every bit as tall as Bo Svenson in Snowbeast. Have seen Svenson listed as high as 6'6.5 - 6'7
Silverminx said on 15/Apr/11
Couldn't agree with you more, Mystica, Clint Walker is a true living Western Icon, still sittin' TALL in the saddle, shootin' straight and talkin' true, as the old cowboy saying goes. I know I did (somewhere) see your photos of your lovely-self when you attended one of the events where he appeared to meet and greet his many fans. And there's always long lines waiting to shake his and his lovely wife, Susan's hands. I hope you got the chance to do so too.
I see he won't be attending the upcoming June Memphis Film Festival which is a big disappointment but understandable since nowadays TALL men don't fly well no matter how hard they flap their arms stay with me, just threw in a little levity. Anyone over 6 feet has a lot of trouble flying in these new "˜updated' airplanes. My beloved at 6'5" always flew first class for the leg room but that was then and now...?....I don't know if there still is a first class anymore. My son, tall as his Dad, travels a lot and has the same problem. IMHO, only TALL folks should be designers, we all would benefit.
mystica said on 14/Apr/11
Hey Silverminx, Yup, there's a picture like that somewhere. I didn't post it though. Maybe someone else did. ...BUT there sure are those crowds wherever our hero goes! Clint still has that magnetism that just pulls those folks in. He is one awesome man, in more ways than one!
Silverminx said on 13/Apr/11
Yo mystica...wasn't it you that posted a photo of the chalk-line to control the crowds waiting for a up close and personal fist-bump with our TALL dark and handsome hero at a recent event..??'s truly amazing that Clint Walker is still riding taLL, shootin' straight and speakin' the truth!
mystica said on 12/Apr/11
Silverminx, interesting what you say about voting for Clint for President. Whenever I tell folks about the huge crowds Clint attracts at these festivals they always comment, "He should run for President!" ...He's got my vote! ;)
Silverminx said on 11/Apr/11
While there were gunfighters that carried two pistols, the average cowpoke wouldn't have been able to afford two pistols since one was about three or more months pay. There were various kinds of guns that cowboys used. They fell into two categories: hand gun and rifle. The most common handguns were the Derringer and the Colt .45; as for rifles there was the Winchester. Most of the time guns were used for shooting animals for food. Occasionally, a cowboy might have to use one against Indians or rustlers.
The star of old westerns, and the gun most often hung in the gun belt of western pioneers was the Peace Maker from Colt. The official name was the "Colt Single Action Army .45" or the "SAA". The historical masterpiece of Colt first went on sale in 1873, and was just as valued as the Winchester M1873 rifle, The Gun That Won The West. TaLL handsome Clint Walker is selling his own on his website with beautiful artwork and trimmed in 24K gold, it's a beauty. Gotta be handled with cotton-white gloves and it's worth it.
Silverminx said on 10/Mar/11
If it waz possible...even better news....both TALL man Clint Walker and James Drury will be appearing this month at the Festival Of The West in Scottsdale up those silver spurs and mozey on over.
Silverminx said on 1/Mar/11
Great News! James Drury will be at Western Legends Roundup in Kanab Utah in August! Check out his updated schedule on ""....what an rip-roaring event it will be! Nuttin' holding this cowboy back...!
Silverminx said on 23/Feb/11
Update on James Drury...his August, 2011, appearance schedule is now "pending" with no commitments so scratch that Western Legends appearance until further notice. He certainly had an active year in 2010 appearing all around he country and may just need a breather or two...all our best wishes to him and it's worth visiting his website for his great videos...!
Silverminx said on 22/Feb/11 get back on subject......Don Megowan was on many "Cheyenne" episodes. He stood around 6'5"or 6/6"...ditto Clint Walker. In different scenes Don looks a scooch taller than Clint and then in other scenes he looks a scooch shorter....and then in most scenes they are eye to eye tall......interesting... we think it has to do with "˜perspective' i.e., which man is closer to camera in a particular scene. Either way they both were truly taLL and good looking men. Sadly Dan has passed but Clint, Bless him, is still the tall handsome man he ever was. Being in his early 80's hasn't stopped this cowboy and it looks like it's a-go for his personal appearance at this year's Kanab annual Western Legends Roundup. And what a time it will be with "The Virginian's" James Drury and cast members also scheduled! U can check it out at the Western Legends Roundup website....!
Anonymous said on 21/Feb/11
This is my favorite webpage of all time! Click Here -Louis I.
V.C said on 10/Feb/11
I think Clint is 6'5" & Jim Arness is 6'6" on socks. Most of us are measured with shoes anyway.I recalled watching Ron Ely next to Big Clint & Clint was probably an inch taller & Ron is a solid 6'4". Loved watching him when he played Tarzan & Doc Savage in the seventies.
Silverminx said on 6/Feb/11
Clint Walker/Cheyenne....handsome and taLL in the saddle with his speedy Colt pistol and Winchester rifle kept the peace...we say "Cheyenne For President". We'd vote for him...!
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/11
The pistol Clint carried in Cheyenne looked like a Colt 45.
Silverminx said on 30/Jan/11
Mr. Walker is selling, on his website, a("Cheyenne") Tribute rifle that is a working Model 92 rifle that I believe is a replica of the one he used in the show. As for the handgun...I have no information on it.
tim said on 27/Jan/11
what kind of gun did clint walker carry in the show the cheyenne show?
Autry Herndon said on 11/Jan/11
I have read what most of the men are saying about Clint's heitht, they basically can't believe it. You know what, the man was 10 feet tall in. It is not so much his actually height but the way he carried himself. I have a cusin that is 6'7" tall and he could never meet or excell Clint Walker's height. So the actual number means nothing. I will always love him and what he represents in a man. I only wish that 1/2 the men in the world could be a Clint Walker.
Davy said on 7/Jan/11
Just watched an old Cheyenne show and it showed a clear shot of Mr. Walker standing beside Don Megowan (listed at 6'6") who is clearly at least 1 1/2" or 2" taller than Mr. Walker. I have always admired him though whatever his height and he will always stand head and shoulders above the majority of actors in pure decency and credibility.
Kim said on 4/Jan/11
I read somewhere that Clint actually designed his hat band with the silver arrowheads. Might even have been on here! I didnt feel like plowing through all of these posts to see though. I assume that's true! Pretty cool, huh?
PatB said on 31/Dec/10
The movies are like the army. When I was in the army I was the second tallest guy in the regiment. That was because they wouldn't take you if you were 6'7" or taller. The really big guys weren't allowed in. Some of that was because the regular aremy chothes wouldn't fit but most of it was because you wouldn't look right - you'd be too tall in formation, your head would stick out above the others. Similarly Clint Walker was just about at the very top of the informal height limit Hollywood has for male actors. There are bigger guys in the movies of course but not in actual acting roles. In "Troy" for example Tyler Mane and Nathan Jones are both much, much bigger than Walker but they are only on screen to look big, not to project a character. Clint Walker and Chuck Conners were just about as big as a leading man man can be in the flics. Even so they both would have probably had bigger careers if they had been an inch or two shorter.
Silverminx said on 31/Dec/10 could make one yourself. There are online sites selling arrowheads which you could order and put on a band custom sized to your pal/fan's hat size. I'm sure Clint's had was also custom made for the series as was all the great shirts he wore. Don't think you'd find those neat silver ones though...
Kay said on 28/Dec/10
I have a friend who is a die-hard Clint Walker fan. He has been looking for a hat band like the one he wore on his hat in the Cheyenne tv series. Anyone have any idea where I could find this item and make my friends day?
Silverminx said on 25/Dec/10
Merry Blessed Christmas Clint Walker fans! As a special Christmas present for his fans, Clint and Susan are now selling the complete Second Season of "Cheyenne", and the new "Fort Dobbs" DVD, on their website...and for a big bonus Clint will sign them himself. What a great way to start the New Year.
Dan said on 9/Dec/10
To Bob who bragged about being taller than Clint Walker.Clint is 6ft.7"tall and his physique was perfect in 2009 in Kanab.Clint is a great man who is confident enough to have self-deprecating humor BOB.
You, on the other hand,seem to be insecure,very much so.You are attacking Clint because you are inferior.I do not think anyone on this site needs your negative false bravado.
Bob,why don't you go elsewhere and leave Clint and his fans alone.
Deb said on 8/Dec/10
That link works great, Cowgirl. Thanks!
Cowgirl said on 5/Dec/10
Don't know why that link doesn't work either. See if this link works. Try Click Here
Deb said on 5/Dec/10
Not sure what is going on with the link I posted but to get to the fan club site, type in Click Here in your browser's address line and then add .COM at the end.
Deb said on 4/Dec/10
There is already a fan club. It's at Click Here Clint keeps his fans informed through both the fan club and his web site. Please come join us, it's a great group of people and I'm sure you'd find it interesting.
Johnny G said on 3/Dec/10
still would be nice if the Walker's would add a fan club on his site - just maybe respond to a few question per month - he still is and will be my favorite actor - it was a great era the 50's & early 60's - when men were men
Angeline said on 30/Nov/10
I am 55. I have always admired Mr. Walker, even before I found out he was from Hartford, IL a small town a few miles from my hometown. I didn't like westerns when I was a child but wheni moved to Mesa in 1975, I fell in love with all of it. I am watching 'the Imposter' of Cheyenne now. I visited the Festival of the West two years ago in Scottsdale and was pleased to meet Mr. & Mrs. Walker. He signed my drawing of Mr. Walker beautifully rendered by Buck Taylor. I will cherish it forever. I miss an era I was not old enough to enjoy. My heroes will always be the western stars, next to Jesus.
Steve said on 26/Nov/10
I've been a Clint Walker fan since the Dirty Dozen, and own most of his movies. I've also been a huge Superman fan for the past 20 or more years, and own all of his movies and hundreds of his comics. The Clint Walker from the late 60's would have been the perfect Superman...he had it all...the lantern jaw, the thick black hair, the deep voice, the tall muscular frame (watch him in Dirty Dozen, or Night of the Grizzly), plus his acting was perfect for the role. In all of his movies, he came across as humble and honest, but willing to fight if he needed to...just like Superman. I'm telling you guys, there has never been anyone more perfect to play Kal-El than Clint Walker. We just need a time machine to bring the late 60's Clint to present day.
Bob Reeves said on 11/Nov/10
I met Mr. Walker and his wife at a Hollywood collectable show in Chicago around 2004.I remember them being very warm and down to earth.As Clint was greeting some of his fans at the table set up for him,his wife and I walked around the huge room looking at collectables and talking about all sorts of things with her.Clint autographed my "Night of the Grizzly" movie poster and I was lucky to get my photo taken with him and his wife!They were very humble and gracious to me and I will always cherish the chance of meeting them!!! Thank you so much for the memory Mr. and Mrs. Walker!! Sincerely,Bob Reeves 11-11-10
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/10
You can buy the Great Bank Robbery from Warner Brothers. They have it on their website.
Clint fan forever said on 4/Nov/10
I have loved Clint Walker all my life, and will until I die. I am collecting the movies and have the first season of Cheyenne. It saddens me that the subsequent seasons are not going to be available. What a shame. Something should be done about that. I cannot find films such as Hardcase or the Great Bank Robbery. Hopefully, VHS or DVDs of these films will show up soon.

I am absolutely obsessed with Clint Walker. I can't get enough of him. His sincerity, honesty, masculinity, and charming humbleness make him one in a million.

I listened to an interview with him where he talked about the horse, Brandy, standing 16 hands high (4" is a hand). Clint said Brandy never let him down. Clint definitely needs a tall horse to handle his big frame and weight. I have a 15-2 hand quarter horse and have difficulty mounting (I'm 5'6") and my stirrups do not go below his barrel. Clint's feet and stirrups hang below Brandy's barrel, and Clint mounts so easily. For me, a horse that I could mount that easily would have to be 14 hands. Clint also said that he didn't know how to ride when he first became Cheyenne, and he was told he'd either become a great rider, or a dead one. Well, it's obvious he became a great rider - a natural. He was always kind and gentle with the horses - I know what to look for in movies and western shows to see if the animals are treated right. And Clint never mistreated any animal. Clint's voice, speaking and singing, is magnificent. He puts such emotion and feeling into his songs - you know he really feels the words and music. Those blue eyes are mezmerizing. To dream of a man like Clint being in my life is something that will never come true - but I can still dream. Thank God that Clint's skiing accident didn't take him from us. God didn't want him yet - God had plans for Clint on this earth awhile longer. Gossip and scandal have never been heard about Clint Walker. He has lived, and still does, a life of honesty and dignity. God bless you Clint. Please know that you are greatly loved and admired by people like me, who were children when you first became an actor and captivated us with the good you taught by example on the old TV sets we had. Stay healthy and happy and let the Son shine in your life every day.
AML said on 28/Oct/10
Clint Walker as Superman. I wish that was a historical FACT. Perfect profile for being raised on a farm and his physique? Just right-not overly cut. Would undoubtly have had him fill out the costume right. Strong voice. Now if he were as capable of the Clark/Superman persona/character transitions as Reeve was... Superman? Oh YEAH! Batman? Oh NO! Can't agree with Saunders on that statement. A tad(just a tad) to large for Bruce Wayne.You have to remember-That those two are NOT physically interchangeable. Supes has at least two inches on Bats and about twenty pounds. Superfan 380 mentioned Dwayne Johnson. Not to go off subject, but he should get back in the gym and try out for the role of Prince Namor. Just LOOK at Him!
Patrick said on 7/Jul/09
Johnny G says on 29/Jun/09 : I think Clint is a good actor it was a shame the Hollywood went after misfits to be our new also amazes me to see so many tall actors back in the old days as well.
I 100% agree with you and even then, when you consider the actors you
Cindy G. said on 5/Jul/09
Dear BoBo - I say your May comment asking if Clint ever smoked? I read that he never did, but as for what was in his pocket? one episode I saw him remove a small Bible from that pocket and have seen what appears to be that same Bible in other episodes. I can't ever recall seeing an actor carry a Bible with him like that in the past or the present. It endeared him to me even more.
Silverminx said on 30/Jun/09
Regarding those eight seasons of "Cheyenne" on DVD, and it is not my intent to step on anyone's toes, or to make a judgement on anyone, but those 'complete season' "Cheyenne" DVD's are foreign imports and not subject to US copyrite law. That means if any star or artist is due a residual from any sale of his product, he's not getting it from what is made outside of the country. Unfortunately, there is this glitch in the copyrite law. And as our friend, Johnny G has said, they're not in pristine condition anyway. I have noticed, Clint Walker has copyrited the items he sells on his website; there's a good reason for this. Unfortunately, I've also noticed on various internet selling sites, that a few of these same photos are being copied and sold. Like I've already stated, I make no judgments on anyone's decisions, but at the same time, a find star like Clint Walker deserves what's righty his due.
Bob said on 29/Jun/09
The last time I visited Kanab, UT with Clint I had the opportunity to visit the old movie fort site where Fort Dobbs was filmed. The old fort is still there however in a fallen state for the most part. The same fort was used in the Apple Dumpling Gang with Don Knotts. During that movie they blew the fort up and left it that way. It is currently on private property and can only be accessed by personal invitation. Still a beautiful location just outside Kanab.
Johnny G said on 29/Jun/09
CM, you might want to checkout some sites on the net to see if you can obtain more of Cheyenne TV shows - I was on a site and bought all 8 seasons...they are were not in presteen shape, but was pleased enough to have most of the series...Warner Bros. seem to be dragging their feet in releasing the Cheyenne series...Also checkout other stuff of Clint's like Fort Dobbs, Night of the Grizzly, None but the Brave, Gold of Seven Saints,Sam Whiskey, Dirty Dozen and The Great Bank Robbery...Like so many actors who really began their careers in TV is that they get typed cast and it follows them in Adrian Paul who starred in Highlander the TV series...I think Clint is a good actor it was a shame the Hollywood went after misfits to be our new also amazes me to see so many tall actors back in the old days as well
Bob said on 29/Jun/09
A little trivia regarding Clint, the Cheyenne Show was not cancelled. Clint was offered a 5 year extension contract in 1963 in addition to a large pay raise and pretty much anything he wanted to enhance the show. For various personal reasons, he told Bill Orr, the executive producer and Jack Warner's son in law, where he could put the show and moved on. Cheyenne was the first hour long TV Western and started shortly after Gunsmoke and Wyatt Earp on television in September 1954.
CM from Illinois said on 28/Jun/09
I just happened onto this site a while ago and just love reading all the interesting tidbits about Clint Walker. My grandmother was a BIG fan when Cheyenne was first aired on TV and I used to watch with her when I was small. I have been a fan since I was 8 years old! Of course, I didn't realize that my granny had a huge crush on Clint until I got older :0) We just love the reruns on Encore and haven't missed one yet. I also ordered the first year DVD's from Clint's website as an anniversary gift for my hubby. I am also reading his book. My husband and I are both die hard Cheyenne fans. We are hoping to see him in Utah this summer. Sure wish someone would put him back on the Big Screen again!
Silverminx said on 27/Jun/09
@Bob! Was Brandy a light to medium chestnut (reddish/brown) with four white feet, a white roundish spot on his right hip (remember I'm a tenderfoot with little knowledge of horses, lol)and a white streak down his face? If so, he's a beauty alright: tall and strong like his rider. I recently acquired a great shot of Cheyenne on this horse in a set of genuine 1957 Cheyenne memorabilia and was seriously thinking of sending it to Clint as a kind of belated birthday present, but then figured Clint probably has scads of his own photos of him and Brandy. As for how strong Clint looks at 82, let me tell you from the photos online thar I've see of him and his lovely wife,and that great one of you and Clint, I couldn't agree with you more. Clint Walker is still the strong, tall and handsome man he ever was and in my eyes, always will be. All your words about him are music to this fan's ears. Many thanks.
Bob said on 26/Jun/09
Clint's horse was named Brandy. Brandy was 17 hands in height. Clint mentioned that in all the years he rode Brandy the horse never threw him and was a joy to ride. I was with Clint and Tom Selleck at Clint's induction into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2004. Presently Clint and Tom are nearly the same height with Tom just a little taller. Tom was very cordial toward Clint and is a fine gentleman. Regarding Clint, some people seem to believe because he is in his 80s his fitness is lacking a little. Let me reassure you that Clint Walker at 82 is very strong and healthy. Still a very powerful man and can outlift most men half his age.
Reen said on 26/Jun/09
I don't understand why Pixar or Disney has not cast Clints voice for any of the movies they have been pouring out. His voice is wonderful and with his musical ability he would be perfect.
sunshine said on 26/Jun/09
The saying " Tall, dark and handsome " was made to describe Clint Walker ! His broad chested / 33 " waisted / big armed / long and muscled legged physique on that 6 ' 6 '' height is as close to male perfection as nature can come ! add to that the blue eyes, cheekbones , cleft chin , perfect ears and forehead, long neck, gorgeous thick and straight black hair, shy sideward smile and great teeth ---what a package ! not even yet mentioning his personality, character, humor---or that voice !!! he has been a "giant" person in all the best ways to me since 1956 when i was 8 and remains so today. -----(do hope my 6/24 comment with questions is printed here so my queries about Clint are answered --thanks)
Patrick said on 22/Jun/09
What you write Johnny G is just wonderful. Thanks for "us" anf for hima, Clint. Thanks for what i know being the heart of the American soul.
Johnny G said on 18/Jun/09
Patrick, I more then understand that their is an interest in heights on this site, and I'm just as curious as the next person and I'll give an example - Clint was with Tom Selleck at a Western Writers and Poet Conference 2004 just a couple of years ago and Clint was as tall as Tom if not taller...Now I know we all shrink some, but Clint is still at least 6'4'' at 8o+ years of age...I remember seeing him a couple of years ago in a movie and he did not look that good, but just very recently I seen Clint on YOU-TUBE and he looks really GREAT..All I can ask if the good lord will allow me to look as well in my 80's....I will tell all of ya that I'm tickled pink to see so much interest in Clint..I would bet my bottom dollar that there is no other celebrity on this site getting as much reads and comments as Clint Walker..And to Thomas, your boys are lucky kids..take care all..p.s. Cheyenne was the first 1 hout TV western even before Gunsmoke
Thomas said on 17/Jun/09
We, too, have been enjoying the Cheyenne episodes on Encore. Even though the episodes are in black-and-white, we don't miss the color. But, then, that was Cheyenne, black-and-white, no in between. I have been trying to teach my boys to stand-alone, not follow the crowd, establish their convictions and live by them, etc.; Cheyenne is a great example of that. TV could use more Cheyenne-type programming. Thank you Encore for bringing back this great hero.
Patrick said on 17/Jun/09
You know Johnny G, "height" is just for me and many others, a pretext to be able to talk about people we admire and love as Clint is. The fact is in his cae, height sounds really an appropriate topic if any!
I wish I'd be able to watch Cheyenne and the western you are referring to very soon!
David said on 16/Jun/09
One of the best moves I recently made was to drop HBO and to pick up the Encore channel. Cheyennne followed by Maverick...what more could a Western fan ask for!!
Silverminx said on 16/Jun/09
Speaking about "tall", Clint looks average size on that horse he's riding in Cheyenne....that was some tall horse! At least that's the way it looks in some of the pictures of them both that I've seen on various sites.
Johnny G said on 16/Jun/09
thanks Kim for the kind words - one thing for sure when it comes to Clint Walker and that is (Big Dogs don't bark at small dogs) he never pounded his own drum like so many prima donna actors do today(Christian Bale)- he went about his business and that speaks more then if he was 6'6'' or 5'6''- Clint was & is my first TV & movie hero when growing up in the 50's & 60's, I'm just really glad that he wasn't a jerk
Kim said on 15/Jun/09
Hey Patrick & Johnny G!I totally agree with what both of you said! Patrick, SO true that the Hollywood producers & directors must have been blind not to see what what a magnificent man Clint was. And Johnny are so right...we ARE craving a TRUE HERO & Clint Walker IS that! He's a beautiful man & a fine actor as well as being a fine human being & a "gentleman". Dont you love how that word breaks I feel that Clint was & is a gentle man! And that's why his fans feel the way they do about him. He's special. It's up to us to let WB know that we feel this way & we want his films released & ALL of the Cheyennes released as well. And please let starz/encore/western channel know that we have LOVED being able to watch Cheyenne (& please let them continue!) & we want them to show his films too. He deserves a great big SALUTE befitting this great big wonderful guy!! Let's see if we can make that happen.
Johnny G said on 15/Jun/09
So much discussion on how tall or how much Clint Walker weighed, but name me just one TV actor ever that looked as impressive as Clint Walker name me one - He was the most fit TV star of his era for sure or even in today's era as well and this is was an era were bodybuilding was not excepted - he was a gentleman on and off the screen- really to bad that he was type cast because he was a very good actor who knew his lines and was really true professional-So glad finally to see that so many are now enjoying Clint's series Cheyenne...I hope that Starz Encore Western show (Fort Dobbs & also Gold of Seven Saints)great movies as well- not really surprised to see so many people getting turned on to Clint Walker...I guess their is a craving for true HEROS again, about time!!!
Patrick said on 15/Jun/09
Well said dear Kim! I watched again a not that good movie called the treasure of the seven saints which really did not deserved such a man and I insist on underlying that without him, I would have
Kim said on 14/Jun/09
Hey yall...thanks for going to the starz/encore/western channel & letting them know that Clint deserves a movie salute too! I hope we can do this for him. And Silverminx...good idea to also let WB know that we want ALL of Cheyenne to be released as well as the films he made for them. The link to the starz/encore/western website is in one of my postings below. For those of you who have been there yet, please check it out & let them know that we want to see MORE of Clint! He certainly deserves it! And WE deserve it too!
Bob said on 14/Jun/09
Clint was working as a Deputy Sheriff at the Sands Casino. Actor Van Johnson liked the way Clint looked and put him in touch with agent Henry Wilson who did little or nothing to further his acting career. Henry Wilcoxen interviewed and set up an audition for Clint for the role of Joshua in the Ten Commandments although it was done in Western Garb. The role went to John Derek due to a contract committment that had little to do with Clint being too large for the role. DeMille who also interviewed Clint, did say he was much taller than his main stars of the movie and promised Clint another role in his next movie. The role that brought about that comment by DeMille was neither the Joshua or Sardinian Captain, it was the role that Henry Wilcoxen himself ended up doing. Where when the green fog like curse was creaping through the city and Wilcozen says "Look! Some Devil's Curse" that's what Clint was suppose to say but was too tall standing next to Wilcoxen and Heston. DeMille said he look like an Oak Tree next to a couple of stumps. DeMille passed away before another role was ever given to Clint. Warners saw the audition and asked him to audition for the Cheyenne role. His role in the Ten Commandments was as the Sardinian Captain of the Guards. A non-speaking role. DeMille had two on-site artists who did several paintings/drawings of various scenes to be shot during filming. I have one of those by artist Johnny Jensen that I received from Clint several years ago.
David said on 14/Jun/09
Clint was working as a security guard in a Las Vegas casino. He was approached by many celebrities recommending that a guy who looked like he did...a GREEK GOD...should give the movies a try. Next thing you know...he auditioned for Cheyenne and the rest is history!
Silverminx said on 12/Jun/09
OOPS! Reen, I made a boo-boo. It's the Western Legends Roundup in Kenab Utah, not what I said below. Sorry for the mix-up. The site is Click Here Guess I had another 'senior moment'...Lol
Silverminx said on 12/Jun/09
Well, Reen, when you get to be our (ancient) age, one never can make too many future appointments. We can try but sometimes we're swimming against the tide -so to speak. We can only hope Clint and Susan will give that Western Heritage event in August a try. Many fans have traveled there in the past just to see him. Heck, sometimes I'm just glad to git-up-in-da-mornin' myself! funny.... ITMT, I hope you voted for the tribute for him on starz/encore/western/Clint Walker the one they gave John one guy deserves it more! Kim has the connect below...your vote is needed to persuade the powers-to-be for the tribute and also for releasing the rest of the Cheyenne seasons on DVD. How great would THAT be!!!!
Reen said on 11/Jun/09
I checked out his site, and ordered the show. Was surprised he didn't have a schedule of events he will be attending so we fans can make plans to attend.
Silverminx said on 11/Jun/09
Yo "Kim" - thanks so much for the link. We visited, registered and joined in the fight. Besides a well-deserved "Salute", we'd like to see more than one year of "Cheyenne" released on DVD. That would be the ultimate salute!

Yo "Reen", The Big Man Himself, along with his wife, Susan, have their own official website. Check it out; Click Here Some great tributes to Clint are also on Youtube.

His fans not only love this man, but they're totally loyal to him! There doesn't seem to be any point in his life where he wasn't drop-dead handsome!
Reen said on 10/Jun/09
Since seeing Cheyenne run on Starz Encore channel I have been reminded of my ture enjoyment of the show. Is this the offical fan site for Clint Walker? I haven't seen anything else and this is as close to a truely respectful site I've come across. Heres hoping some agent remebers as well and finds him the perfect roll to bring him back out where we can enjoy and others can discover.
Kim said on 10/Jun/09
Ok Clint Walker fans...a friend of mine has started a Poll on the Starz Encore Western channel board to see who all would like for them to do a Salute to Clint by showing his movies like they've done for other stars. I think it's a great idea! I would LOVE for them to do this for him. If you're a fan, you should feel the same way. So...go to this website & sign up so you can post too.
Click Here
Let's do what we can so we can see more of this tall handsome talented guy! Get posting!!
Bob said on 6/Jun/09

Clint doesn't and never has smoked. WB allowed Chesterfield to use his image at one time for their cigarette comercials in the late 50s. Clint was not pleased to say the least. Obviously those adds did not last long.
Silverminx said on 6/Jun/09
Clint Walker is that rare multi-talented star that has given us a lifetime of enjoyment. We shall keep him in our thoughts and prayers every day.
I, also, have ordered (signed) items from Clint and Susan's website. I prefer to do this directly from them - no middlemen - as my way of showing appreciation. I had an author once tell me that that (purposely unnamed) amazingly big-seller-of-books online website, takes a big chunk of his profit.
I've enjoyed reading this forum (I'm a newbie here)about how tall Clint and other stars are, etc. This year I'll be married to my 6'5" sweetie for 50 years. (I'm really not so ancient - just 'seasoned') And over these years I've watched all the trials and tribulations you tall guys encounter: squished into bus and airline seats. New York City theater seats are out completely! Go to a doctor's office for an exam and you're hanging off the table. Heaven forbid you have to stay in a hospital without a prior 'reservation' for a long bed. Lying catercornered on any bed is a trial. There hasn't been a chair in any public place that we didn't have to scrutinize for safety, since weight goes along with being tall, and I'm sure all you tall guys out there have your own tales to tell.....! Many (((O)))hugs to you all and especially to Clint and Susan.....and Bob too, a great webmaster.
AJ said on 5/Jun/09
Clint wrote a book along with Kirby Jonas.I have the book and it is a very good book.I case you would like to order one you can go to Kirby jonas's site on the internet and order it from there or you can go to Clint's site and see if you can order it from there.The name is Yaque Gold.I think I spelled Yaque correctly.
charlotte said on 4/Jun/09
Hi Bob
Just wanted to say I think Clint Walker is the greatest. I resently purchased his CD.I love it he has such a great voice .I know he sang other songs to I wish he would put all the other songs on another CD and sell it I sure would buy it When you talk to him tell him that.
Bob said on 4/Jun/09
Clint has had an autobiography in mind for several years now. He likes things done right and will continue to work on this issue, however, only if it meets his high standards. His time is taken up by many important matters. This subject is only one of many. I expect the project to move forward at the right time. Other than that, it wouldn't be right to comment further on this.
Silverminx said on 4/Jun/09
I'm wondering if Mr. Walker ever thought about writing a memoir of his many years in the entertainment business...? From his unique perspective and long history in TV, movies, etc., it could turn into a wonderful read. I'm hoping that Bob, with his connection to Mr. Walker, could comment on this?
Carla said on 2/Jun/09
I agree with Myrrh, Bob, thank you for taking the time to send comments about Clint. You are probably our only link as someone who really knows him. I also sent him a happy birthday e-mail and I am so glad he had a great day! I do wish he had done a few more years of Cheyenne, especially since I heard he did some of the writing to improve the show - I am impressed! We would love to hear any of the funny stories he has from Cheyenne or his movies!
Myrrh said on 2/Jun/09
Bob, thanks for popping in here regularly and giving us updates on Clint; it's great to hear he's doing so well. And please DO sometime share some of those bloopers he told you about! I'm glad he had a wonderful birthday; I sent him an email card. I really really hope WB releases the rest of the Cheyenne series; I emailed them to that effect not long ago. If you dig around on their website you can find a contact email. Anyway, thanks to ALL Clint fans for their ongoing support and love. Love ya very much, Clint!!
"Silverminx" said on 1/Jun/09
Happy Birthday to "The Big Guy Himself", Clint Walker. What a pleasure it has been to discover, online, your classy website. Presently, I'm waiting for all the signed items I ordered. Also I see that "Starz Encore" is again, reshowing your terrific "Cheyenne" series - this week! can bet I'll be there watching. And another thing, being a Septuagenarian myself, I would like to add that after seeing the photos of you and your lovely Susan, that even today, you're still a remarkable handsome (and a little tempting...wink!) man! You look so wonderful's heartwarming. God Bless you both and continued Happy Trails as you both go forward...Much love and thankfullness from one fan of many; Patti from New Jersey
David Saunders said on 31/May/09
Happy 82nd birthday Clint! Your fans will always love and respect you! May you have many more healthy years.
charlotte said on 30/May/09
I think Clint Walker is the best actor of all time.He never was give the recognition he deserved he was a very moral man in his movies.People just don't like that anymore that is so sad.I think it is such a shame today is Clints birthday and none of his movies were shone on tv.They wait until somebody dies then show their movies.Don't wait until they are gone regonize them whil they are still alive.
Bob said on 30/May/09
Happy "82nd" Birthday Clint! Just called him a few minutes ago. He's had a wonderful birthday today.
bObO said on 29/May/09
Hi Bob.
You seem to be the guy that knows Clint Walker. Do you know if he ever smoked cigarettes? Just curious about that because while watching an episode of Cheyenne on the Western Channel recently, I noticed his left front shirt pocket appeared to contain something about the size of a pack of king-sized cigarettes.
Just wondering. Nothing against Clint. In those days, it seemed just about everyone smoked cigarettes.
Bob said on 28/May/09
Clint could have been a major movie star, he walked away from it. WB offered Clint another 5 year contract for the Cheyenne Show and promised to give him a raise and budget to along with it. He turned them down. Clint was never motivated by money, only by the highest moral values and quality programming. I've read scripts to Clint at his home, he still hasn't found another one that met his high standards. I'm glad The Great Bank Robbery is now for sale on the WB WEB site. Someday maybe I'll share some funny bloopers about that movie Clint shared with me.
Mary said on 28/May/09
Just started watching Cheyenne on Encore Western channel. What a show and what a Man!! There is no one that comes close to him. Loved his interview with Mark Levin (recently heard it on Sirius)Can't get enough of Clint and hope to be going to Utah in August to meet him. Just bought The Dirty Dozen off of Clint's website, as well as a couple autographed pictures. Looking for Night of the Grizzly on DVD. Hope someone does his biography and gives this man the credit he greatly deserves. He's a great Patriot also.
Bob said on 23/May/09
Just returned from a visit with another friend of Clint's and mine who Clint introduced me to several years ago in Tombstone, AZ while we were there for a film festival. He has another of Clint's shirts from the Cheyenne series in a shadow box on his wall. Apparently Clint had found it a few months ago and didn't realize he still had it. The blue/greyish shirt Clint wore when he wasn't wear the fringed leather looking shirt that I have. It's only missing one button and is in outstanding shape. Thought you would all like to know that Clint is doing well and appreciates all of the kind comments on this page. Wynona, I can't give out his phone number, however I would suggest that you try contacting him through Susan at the email address on their WEB site. That is the only way you'll get through unless you send something by mail to the address on that site. They will receive it for sure, may not respond though. They are extremely busy. Hope this helps. Several of us, including Clint and Susan are trying to get Warner Bros. to release the remainder of the Cheyenne series on DVD.
wynona said on 22/May/09
i guess almost everyone loves clint walker. there are so many good things that has been said about him, i can,t think of any more to add to it. i,m from alton,ill the same town as clint. i can,t seem to get through to him on his e-mail,or get his phone number.maybe i,m doing the e-mail wrong.i wonder if someone could help me.thank you very much.
Myrrh said on 20/May/09
Yes, bObO, a strange thing comes over women when they lay eyes on Clint Walker... But you're right, Cheyenne was a great series. Well written and produced, and Clint's acting was really good. He was a novice when the series started, but really got his chops in shape in short order! He has an understated style I really appreciate. Not that he doesn't know how to show anger, or spring into action! He certainly does. He also rides a horse really well, which I'm sure you've noticed. So yes, I agree, whether walking or riding into a scene, the viewer's eye goes right to him. He has a commanding presence.
bObO said on 19/May/09
Myrrh: Thank you. I will keep an eye out for it. As a mid-to-late teenager in the late 1950s, I was impressed with Cheyenne. I thought it was the best TV western series going. When Clint Walker rode or walked into a scene, he was riveting. No doubt all attention was on him. Such an imposing figure. His acting performances were definately better than good. After more than 45 years of not seeing a Cheyenne episode, I re-discovered this series on the Western channel. I'll be darned. It holds up very well. It's still the best western TV series ever. I've decided to record the whole series because I know I'll continue to love it. Y'know what? My wife likes it too. I wonder why. She's not into westerns. Hmmmm.....

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