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6ft 5.83in (197.7cm)
Myrrh said on 18/May/09
bObO: There is a memoir in the works, called When Hollywood Smiled on Me. He's working with a writer who has done other books on Hollywood. Can't recall her name at the moment. David--yep, his voice is as amazing as all the rest of his 6'6" frame, and his manner and personality too! A wonderful man.
David Saunders said on 18/May/09
Clint's voice was absolutely amazing. It was a perfect fit to his gorgeous face and magnificent physique. His birthday is May 30...82 years young.
bObO said on 18/May/09
Does any one know whether there has been a biography pulished in book form about this tall, 6 ft 6 in Clint Walker?
Apparently, if I don't mention his height, my comment will not appear.
michael said on 17/May/09
Henry Wilson was known for having sex with his up and comers. Did Clint have to perform on Henry?
Myrrh said on 14/May/09
Hey Wally: I really appreciated your thoughts on Clint
Bob said on 13/May/09
Hi Cindy! Clint does have another recording out. He sang Silver Bells on an all tv western star christmas album. You can find the cd on the WEB.
debco said on 12/May/09
For those of you who are like me and can't get enough Clint, would you please join me in an email campaign to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences asking them to interview Clint Walker for their Archive of American Television? I don't know if any of you have ever seen some of these video taped interviews on You Tube but they are in-depth and it's like having the actor over to your house for a personal interview. As the star of the first hour long Western, its only fitting that Clint Walker be recognized and included in their archive of the interviews. Please email the Archive at
David said on 12/May/09
There was only one Clint walker...and there will Never be another! God broke the mold after he made the "PERFECT" man. Watch him on Cheyenne...he was pure perfection!
Bob said on 12/May/09
FYI, The Great Bank Robbery will be available on DVD from the Warner Bros. WEB site on May 19th.
Nikki said on 11/May/09
Hi to everyone who has written about Clint Walker. I have been a fan of his for years, but I'm not as lucky as some of you guys, I live in Tasmania, Australia and so I don't get the opportunity to see the re- runs of Cheyenne. I have got his CD and some of his films. I have so many questions going back years about him I would love to be able to communicate with some one. This site is on my favourites and I will check daily any news on him. Please keep writting
Bob said on 10/May/09
Hi everyone! Just thought I'd let you know I just spent a little over an hour on the phone with Clint! Lucky me! All the Best!
David Saunders said on 9/May/09
Clint walker was not a mere mortal! No one ever looked like Clint nor spoke like him. He had no physical imperfections. From the top of his magnificent wavy hair, clear blue eyes, cleft in his chin, magnificent physique...he was as perfect a human specimen as God has ever created. He was more beautiful than the leading ladies that he starred opposite.
Wally said on 6/May/09
What an surprising coincidence! After watching "Cheyenne" several times over the last few weeks, I found a renewed interest in Clint. As a 10 year old boy, I idolized him as a straight-shootin' cowboy. Of course, in 1961, all the guys watched all the western series they could before bedtime .... shoot, their dads did too. We still played a lot of "Cowboys and Indians" back then ... I don't think it was politically incorrect yet! I remember how surprised I was when my best fiend's mom was telling my mom about going to Lancaster, 15 miles away, to see Clint acting as marshal of a parade. She was so girlish as she described how, while getting an autograph, if she could feel his muscles, to which he replied "I'm sorry ma'am, but I can't, ... they're padded." Then they giggled. It made me feel funny that these two matronly women were gushing this way. After all, they were old, married women with children ... now I realize they were only thirty! I remember watching Clint in the "Dirty Dozen" when I was in high school. He seemed to dominate every scene he was in ... with his sheer stature. He absolutely dwarfed my football hero, Jimmy Brown! I always went out of my way to watch any and all of my western heroes in anything they did in later years. The funny thing is, it seems to me that 99% of the time, they were cast in good-guy roles. It now occurs to me that film makers knew that we weren't sophisticated enough to appreciate them any other way. In my old age, I have come to realize that I am a very simple man. I like corners ... I wouldn't do well in a teepee or an igloo. I like black and white ... but the realities of life are painted all in shades of grey. I don't remember when it was that I first witnessed bad overcome good, but I'm sure it upset me. I do know that, in college, I made the mistake of going to see "The Exorcist". That was the first time I witnessed evil overpower good. I've always liked scary films ... but it wasn't scary ... it was frightening! Wow, sorry about the ramble ... ADD is a very real problem.! Returning to Clint: I have a new appeciation for the way he approached his character. I think he was a minimalist before it was cool. His movements, facial expressions, almost soft-spoken line delivery, and the beauty of his voice ... all artfully understated which only served to magnify the strength of character and phisicality. I wonder how many truly appreciate just how unique his voice is? The consumate bass! Of course its depth is rare, but the quality and unmatched resonance is like none I've heard ... and now to find out that he was a singer ... I'm amazed. As a voice major and hasbeen singer, I can tell you that, as a rule, the more beautiful the singing voice, the more average the speaking voice and vice versa. It's strange but true. What a unique man ... in so many ways. I've been trying for nearly forty years to convince my wife that 5'9", tenor, and paunchy is a real man ... to no avail. I wonder if John Wayne or Tom Selleck ever watched Clint and thought "now there's the man all women want and all men want to be"! Thanks Clint, God bless.
Patrick said on 6/May/09
This man is definitely more than a "mere" actor: he's a myth in what we can see in him the values he stands up for. Look how many women rightly write about him to show what Clint arouses even today! The conjunction of his "male" expression and an outstanding complexion make of him an "off-norm" person.
It's not normal to be as Clint the best way of course! As says Dave J, being 6'6 and built as a Grecian sculpture, "it's to make you feel sick" as we say in French (implying "not being like him ever"!)!
Cindy said on 6/May/09
Dear Lisa,
I can understand your excitement having been able to get a picture with our hero! However, it saddens me even more to learn that he did allow pictures to be taken with him when he told me he couldn't allow one person to do it and not all the others as there just wasn't enough time. I guess I let my expectations get out of hand. I did feel badly that we spent literally a couple of thousand dollars just to go see and meet him, and I didn't even get a picture with him. I do have the memory of meeting him though and I still watch him every evening on "Cheyenne". I'm happy to hear someone is writing about him. I can't wait! I wish he'd made more musical recordings - I love his voice also, Dave J., - speaking and singing! Maybe one day I'll get another chance to meet him! I won't let him get away without a photo next time! I hope you all keep up the chat - thanks!
Dave J said on 26/Apr/09
I'd love to meet Mr Walker before he goes home. I think he's a class act. Hollywood would better if there was more people like Clint. I am so sick of the current types of movies. Australia was a great movie,Tom Sellek as Jessie Stone another good actor. When I get to feeling old, I look back at a time in american cinema, when right and wrong where clear. Movies were made for all viewers, big and small. I say to people that say believe we are more sophisticated now, and that todays actors are better than the 50-60s actors, not so, todays actors rely on special effects, foul language, sex, to hold the veiwer. What makes Clint so appealing was that you could relate to him in the true sense. There was a love of him because you knew he was good. And in his personal life he's also a good man. that's why we love him. I personally reaaly like his voice, being 6,7 and 275 pounds I don't know how he could have had that perfect build. When I was 26 I was 230 pounds and pretty big, but not like that . Well maybe if Clint comes to the midwest for some show I'll come and see him and compare size. He's still a bigger man than me. I love him.
Kim said on 25/Apr/09
Hi Lisa...Thanks a bunch for letting us hear about your experience meeting Clint & his wife, Susan. They sound wonderful! I'm so happy you got the chance to go to this event. Myrrh & I are both hoping to attend the festival in Kanab in Aug. so we'll get to say hello to our hero! I'd actually like to ask you some other questions but dont want to take up alot of space on this board since this is mainly about how tall a guy Clint is & the questions I have are not pertaining to that. If you'd like to email me, it's I'd truly love to hear from you! I'm from the south & have never been out west either. I've also never been to any of these Western events. Anyway...hope to hear from you!...Kim
PS...Hi Patrick...I finally remembered to change Anonymous to my name! LOL!
Patrick said on 24/Apr/09
Wow, I am positively delighted in seeing how, all of a sudden, so many women are writing on this page. That simply speaks for itself regarding how Clint despite being about 82, still can be attractive!
Ladies, THANK YOU!
Lisa said on 21/Apr/09
Hello Myrrh,
This event was 4 days long Thursday -> Sunday. I went that Saturday, and ran right over to his booth by 10:15am, (the gates opened at 10am). There was a big sign posted
Myrrh said on 17/Apr/09
Lisa, how did you manage to get a good shot without a flash? Were you outside? And what were your impressions of him? Please tell us! I love what you said...that it was like standing in line to see Santa! I'm glad these gatherings are such 'feel good' affairs.
And Deb....YES, let us know when you get more info, especially if it's from the Man himself!
debco said on 17/Apr/09
Myrrh, I've not been able to get any more information on the when Clint's memoirs might be published. I emailed Clint's website. If I get a response I'll post it here.
Lisa said on 16/Apr/09
Hi Cindy,
I too met Clint Walker at the Festival of the West show this past March. Like you mentioned his line was by far the longest of all the stars and everyone (men and woman) were all in a great mood telling their childhood memories of the show,, it felt like waiting in line to see Santa! Sorry you weren't able to get a picture,,, I asked him and he said yes but not to have the flash on, it is now my permanent screen saver on my laptop.. What a thrill!
Myrrh said on 16/Apr/09
Allow me to join in the Clint reverie. I agree, Patrick: Clint inspires a gentle but heartfelt goodness in people, I think....totally aside from his obvious ability to win any fistfight or throw any opponent out the window! He seems to be a good, committed, intelligent and simple soul of extraordinary capabilities (not to mention physical perfection), who appears to embody the same principles that Cheyenne did. As you say, a true superhero. And for those who still maintain their lifelong appreciation of him, he really has gone way beyond what a hero or a star are, in the current sense of those words. I just feel that he's a treasure. How wonderful for you, Cindy, to have met him!! THANKS for sharing that story. Someone is writing his memoirs with we have that to look forward to!! Check this out, Clint fans: Click Here How fabulous is that?! Love that man. Oh, and yes, he sure is TALL.
Patrick said on 15/Apr/09
Something's telling me that "Anonymous" actually is Kim! Am I correct in assuming that?
Anonymous said on 15/Apr/09
Hi Cindy...Thanks for telling us about getting to meet Clint Walker. I think that's so great! I admit I'm a bit jealous since I'm such a big fan of his. I knew he'd be a truly wonderful man based on everything I've ever read or heard about him. He's just amazing. I'm hoping that my husband & I will be able to attend the Western Roundup in Kanab in Aug. & I'll finally get to meet MY childhood hero. You mentioned that due to an eye ailment, you couldnt take flash photos of him. Did he mind photos without use of the flash? I just wondered if it would be possible to take one that way? Or if it was a no photos at all sort of thing? It would be so great to have a picture taken with him. I can certainly understand why he draws such large crowds since everyone is still so in awe of him. I know I sure am! I've loved him since I was a little girl & I always will! Thanks again for posting this!
Cindy said on 14/Apr/09
I met Clint Walker at the March,2009 "Festival of the West" in Arizona and he seems as wonderful as you all have commented on. My husband is 6'4 in bare feet and Mr. Walker was taller than my husband. His lovely wife Susan told me they still actively work their ranch and are both very active. He does suffer from an eye problem which prevents flash photos from being taken. I traveled from Virginia to Arizona just to meet Mr. Walker and was heartbroken when I couldn't get a photo taken with him, but I understood why he couldn't do it. Of all the celebrities there, Clint Walker drew the largest crowd and is still clearly a star to many! I enjoyed reading your comments posted on this site. There is very little information about this man and so many are interested in his life. Thank you for sharing.
AJ said on 13/Apr/09
If you want to compare Clint's height next a an average sized man go to click on images and type in Clint Walker,keep going "til you get to page 10(?) and in the middle of that page is a tall bare chested Clint Walker with pants that are to small and an average man standing in the picture.I giggle everytime I look at the picture.
Patrick said on 7/Apr/09
Yeah David Saunders, things have change for about 40 years and especially since the 70ies. Do you what Robert Mitchum replied when asked "what do you think of the new stars of today?"
He said "they all are short". Funny as always with Bob!
David Saunders said on 3/Apr/09
When Clint was 28 to about 32 he was already more manly and macho than the "girliemen" who try to pass themselves off as leading men today. Clint should have been a MAJOR star in Hollywood. No one ever looked better!
Patrick said on 3/Apr/09
Anonymous n
Michelina said on 31/Mar/09
I too saw Cheyenne at an early age, when I was 10 and watched it with my sister who would have been 20; that's where I learned how to gush. Recently both my sisters (me now 60 and they 65 and 70) visited me and I'd recorded all the Chyennes since 1/1/09 and we sat together and gushed all over again. My question is this: In early episodes, Cheyenne is not drinking or smoking and refuses all offers of such. Later, he takes a drink, "just to get a bad taste out of my mouth." I think I also saw him accept a cigar. I recently heard him give an interview that was given maybe last year (it concerned the recent presidential election) and he seemed to have the same morals and fortitude as his character Cheyenne. Was the Cheyenne character written and he fell into place, as it were, or would it be a case of he not wanting to give up his morals, etc. and insisted on the Cheyenne character not drinking, smoking, etc. Thanks. P.S. My husband also does not mind my fascination with Clint and even encourages me by asking what episode I watched that day. Truly a moral, upright character. I wish my boys (now ages 26, 30) had him available as a role model in addition to their father, of course. We had to rely on superheros i.e. Spiderman,
Carla said on 31/Mar/09
I have been reading this site and enjoying it except people who have been giving Bob a hard time! I just sent Clint an e-mail yesterday (3/30) wishing hima Happy Birthday - DUH - mixed up 5/30 with 3/30, and he actually replied that his real birthday is May 30 and that he had just been to my state of Arizona! Our Tribune is not published any more and I had no idea he was going to be in Scottsdale for one of those western shows. I told him I would have been there definitely. He said he was putting me on the list as the first person to have wished him a Happy Birthday this year! Kind of a dubious honor since I feel like such a dunce for getting the dates mixed up. Myrrh sounds just like me - I am in my 50s and have just rediscovered Cheyenne and Clint Walker and I want to watch everything he has been in! I haven't told anyone about it because they would probably think I was nuts. Anyway, Myrrh, I wrote down your e-mail address and will be writing you! Bob, I hope you keep writing because you are a close friend of his and, of course, can't get too personal but it's great to hear things about him.
Linda C M said on 29/Mar/09
Anonymous you said Russ McCubbin was a stunt double for Clint Walker for most of the Cheyenne espisodes lives in West Virginia. Do you know were he lives in West Virginia. I live in West Virginia and I would like to ask him about Clint. If you know his E-Mail, address or phone number let me know. Thanks.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/09
camera angles, camera angles. In green mile Mr. Duncan looks like he is about 6"9" or so. He is 6'4 1/2". Camera angles can work wonders and make a person look about 30 to 40 pounds heavier than they really are. What did Clint do? Shrink 2 to 3 inches? He's the greatest at any height! Who cares anyway.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/09
I just watched the Dirty Dozen last night, and anybody who thinks he was not at least 6'6 needs their head examined. how much taller do you have to be than 6'2-6'4 guys to be 6'6. He was so bulky to, to have that bulk and be 6'6, I don't see how he could have been less than 250. And the most amazing thing of all is that he was 40 in that movie!! that is actually years past ones prime. Has anyone ever looked as good at 40. When I first saw the movie years ago I would have guessed him to be about 27.
Anonymous said on 27/Mar/09
The name Clint was given to him by his first Hollywood agent,Henry Wilson. It was used for the credits of the Ten Commandments but not before that. I've never heard anyone call him Norman. I think the last person to call him by that name was Cycil B. DeMile, he called him "Norm." His real name is Norman Eugene and he is still very comfortable with it. And don't worry ladies, you'll not get any negative comments from me. Bob
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/09
Hello Myrrh! I'm also a huge Clint fan & can totally relate to everything you said. I'm not sure if this is the best place to gush though. These guys on this board are pretty serious about their debates over how tall Clint is & I wonder how well they will take to the ladies ooohing & ahhhing over the wonders of Clint! I'm guessing you're a totally smitten female fan like me? Of course, there are lots of smitten DUDES too! I've been smitten since age 3 so we have alot in common & my poor hubby has tried to be as understanding as possible but even though he likes Clint, he's kind of baffled by my adoration for a man who is older than my daddy! LOL! So...since we are both driving our friends & family crazy, maybe you'd like to email me & we can both gush to our hearts content without stepping on anyone's toes on the height board? Let me know what your email addy is & I'll be happy to Oooooh Ahhhhh & gush right along with you! Oh & to answer your question as to his name...I read that he was called Clint as a childhood nickname & he liked it much better than Jett Norman which is what the studio wanted to call him. He was even billed as that in The Bowery Boys Jungle Gents movie before becoming "Clint" Walker. At least that's something I read so it may or may not have been true about Clint being a childhood nickname?? I certainly prefer it to Jett Norman! LOL! It's a nice masculine name for a nice masculine man!
Anonymous said on 26/Mar/09
Clint uses the name "Clint" but still has the name "Norman" on his personal transactions.
Myrrh said on 26/Mar/09
Bob, I have a question: Does Mr. Walker ever let anyone call him Norman or Norm?
Anonymous said on 25/Mar/09
Hi Susan....Warner Bros. contracts required stand ins and stunt men to mitigate the potential for injury of their stars. Russ McCubbin was Clint's stunt double for most of the Cheyenne espisodes. Russ stands 6"5" tall and had a similar build. Russ and Clint remain friends although they don't see each other much. Russ now lives back in his home state of West Virginia.
Myrrh said on 25/Mar/09
Hello everyone. I'm new here. I've been scouring the internet for Clint Walker for the last week, since I began re-viewing old Cheyenne episodes via Netflix. I had a crush on Clint/Cheyenne from the time I was about 7 years old...from watching Cheyenne, which became one of my all-time favorite TV shows (the Rifleman and Bonanza are others). Now I suddenly find myself smitten again! I need someone to rave to! My close friends think I'm crazy. I am 58 years old and acting like a teenager with this. I've ordered the entire Cheyenne series, and an autographed pic of Clint. I do wonder if he goes by "Norman" to his closest friends, or has Clint become how he thinks of himself? Maybe Bob knows? I didn't read all the way down the page, because I'm not in the mood for strife! I'm in the mood for the way Clint Walker made/makes me feel, with his wonderfully generous and kind personality. We can all tell that's how he is in real life, right folks? Somebody respond so I can share some gushing fan moments! :) Thanks, all.
David Saunders said on 25/Mar/09
When you look at Clint Walker, it's almost frightening. How could anybody be so absolutely perfect! From the hair, the face, the nose, the chin, the eyes, the body, and even that magnificent voice.
susan said on 24/Mar/09
Need some help. We have been watching some Cheyenne reruns (happily..reminds us of our youth). We have been noticing that Clint has a standin on some of his stunts and riding. Why and does anyone know if he had been hurt or something?
Linda C M said on 24/Mar/09
I think Clint is 6 ft 6 in tall. Photos can always be made to look the way you want them to. It dose not matter to me how tall he is, I have loved him from the age of 8 and I still do.
Loren said on 24/Mar/09
What a hunk of a man, that Mr. Clint Walker! If wishes were horses, beggars would ride! I am currently watching Cheyenne on dish network, encore 342 channel everyday at 5:00 pm est. Clint Walker's eyes were and still are haunting, mesmerizing and beautiful all at the same time...yep he's caught my heartstrings!
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/09
Adam, FYI, Kim now has some photos of Clint and I together taken a couple of years ago. Ask her how tall she thinks Clint is now. But that wouldn't matter to you anyway would it? Have fun and stop being a jerk. You could have had copies of those photos also otherwise. Enough said!
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/09
Hello me it`s me again! Kim, I have a size 32 waist and it fits me perfectly! How nice is that? See you again! ... Ki.. krhm.. Bob
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/09
Hi Bob! Oh, wait..hang on...this bit is for ADAM...I'm confused by your last posting. Are you asking if I am BOB? I'm not sure why you would think that but no...I'm Kim! I'm a little Alabama gal who is a HUGE Clint Walker fan & I stumbled upon this site while searching for info on my favorite actor. Just wanted to clarify! Now you know who Bob is & who I am! Anyway, back to Bob, thank you for your kind reply. I honestly wasnt sure if you visited this site anymore but I'm glad you did & I appreciate you taking the time to respond. And for those of you who may think I'm being naive to believe that Bob is who he says he is, well...who am I to say he's NOT? I have no reason to think that he's just pulling my leg & everyone elses. I would hope he would have better things to do with his time! My sister was married to a former professional baseball player for many years & if I had ever posted anything on a baseball message board, I would have hated for people to say I was lying about being his sister in law when it was absolutely true. So, I have no reason to think that Bob is being less than truthful about being friends with Clint but that's just my opinion. If you choose to think otherwise, that's totally up to you. Anyway...BOB...thank you for your kind reply to my posting on this board. I think Clint would be a wonderful friend to have since he's such a great guy. And I do think you're fortunate to call him a friend. Based on everything I've ever read about him, he's a wonderful man in every way. I've been pretty crazy about him since I was a little bitty girl! When I told my mom that I was watching Cheyenne again, the first thing she said was "oh gosh, you've been in love with him since you were about 3 years old"! LOL! True! And I DO have to give him some credit with my choice in a husband. I married a really great guy but Clint set the bar pretty high! I could have easily chosen the wrong man but I went for the one who was sweet & honorable & treated me very well. He's a gentleman like Clint & Cheyenne! It sounds like Clint is a very generous friend to have given you so many great things. Does he play harmonica? I think I saw him playing one in a film...maybe Sam Whiskey?? And to have his motorcycle jacket...very cool. My husband has a Harley he LOVES so he'd be quite impressed that you have Clint's jacket. As for attending the Western Film Festival in Aug., I'm really hoping to be able to. I've never been out west & have always wanted to go. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'd love to see some pix of you & Clint & I suppose the other folks on this board might be getting tired of having me rave about how great I think Clint is instead of debating his height since that's the topic! Sorry about that everyone! Based on what I've been reading here, I'm just one of his many many fans so maybe you guys will cut me a little slack! Anyway can reach me at & we can take this conversation off the board. I'd love to hear some of your Clint stories & look forward to hearing from you & seeing your pix. Thanks for the offer & for taking the time to reply. And to everyone else on this board...thanks for your kind patience with a newbie! ...Kim

Anonymous said on 17/Mar/09
Hi Kim...Clint would be glad to know that devoted fans like yourself are still around and plentiful. Yest, he is indeed one of a kind and a wonderful friend. Believe me I do know how fortunate I am. I have numerous personal gifts from Clint that I treasure including an Harmonica he gave me when I stayed at his home, he bought me a musical saw that he taught me how to play, I have his leather motorcycle jacket, a sheath knife he bought me a few years ago, one of my greatest treasures is a beautiful silver western belt buckle he had engraved from him to me as a birthday present a few years back. And of course I have one of his shirts from the Cheyenne series. A while back I stated I wouldn't say anything more on this site and this will now be the last message. However, your sincerity brought a little more out of me. Give me your email address and I'll send some photos of Clint and I that I wouldn't share elsewhere. Hope you make it to Western Legends Roundup later this month. If not Clint will be in Kanab, Utah at their Western Film Festival in August. Maybe you could make that one. If you get the chance to meet him, tell him I said that he would introduce himself as Cheyenne Bodie to you and see if he goes into character for just a moment or two. He has done it before for me. All the Best to You! Kindest Regards and Adios! Bob
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/09
Hi guys...seems to be mostly fellas on this site! Is it ok for a little southern gal to put her 2 cents in?? I'm a devoted Clint Walker fan from way back. I first saw Cheyenne when I was about 3 or 4 years old (around 1960 I guess)& I decided right then that I was going to marry him when I grew up! Didnt quite work out that way! But he definitely had a positive affect on my choice of men...the KIND of man I was looking for & it wasnt ALL physical! LOL! I was searching for my own tall, handsome (duh) strong, solid, dependable, kind hearted Cheyenne. I finally found him in my early 20's & we've been happily married for quite some time now. I KNOW Clint is a very tall guy. He's got the longest legs I've ever seen in my life! WOW! And he's still the most beautiful man I've ever laid eyes on (don't tell my sweet hubby I said that!) But he's so much more than 6' 6" of TOTAL perfection. Based on everything I've ever read about him, he's a truly wonderful man. He's a good upstanding guy with a real sense of honor & he's stayed true to what he believes in. He navigated the dangers of Hollywood with all his morals intact! You can't ask for more than that. I'm still in total awe of this guy! I'd love to meet him one day & let him know how much I admire him. In fact, I'm trying to talk hubby into attending the Western Legends Roundup this year for the first time. Wish me luck! But Clint is truly one of a kind! I dont expect God to ever make any others like him! And for ANONYMOUS're very fortunate to be friends with Clint. I truly envy you. Please dont ever take that for granted! Not alot of us get the chance to befriend someone we idolized in childhood who had such a profound affect on our lives, so you're a very lucky dude! Please tell Clint for me that I'll always be a huge fan & I'm so happy to have grown up watching him in Cheyenne & then later in the wonderful films he did. I watched Sam Whiskey just today. He was great in that! But I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for MY Cheyenne & I feel I'm a better person for having had the opportunity to watch him play that role during my early childhood. Makes me feel kind of sorry for all those little brats that came along after the show ended! LOL! Oh & since this is basically a "height" page thingie...I dont really care just exactly HOW tall Clint is....he's always going to be the tallest, most lovely man...inside AND out that I've ever seen. Still love him!!! Always will!...Kim
Patrick said on 13/Mar/09
Anonymous, Clint, as far as I know, never played the part which was only 4 times adapted for the screen, starring 6
Dav id said on 12/Mar/09
As far as I know, Clint never was in a form of Lil Abner, although he would have been terrific. I could also see him as the perfect actor to have portrayed "Superman," with all due respects to the late George Reeves. Clint was truly the perfect male specimen, and was better looking than the women who starred oposite him.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/09
Greetings! I recently became a fan of Clint Walker. I saw him in movies here and there for years, but one day, my wife and I were watching the movie he starred with Vincent Price, when my wife blurted out
\\_-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-_/ said on 11/Mar/09
Yeah 6ft6 for sure and one mountain of a man.
Doug said on 24/Feb/09
There was an inch difference between Walker and James Arness as also claimed by the men. If Walker was a full 6'6" barefoot then Arness was 6'7" etc. Personally again I think these heights were taken in shoes/boots and are slightly exagerrated. In my view these were both huge men but I believe 6'5" barefoot for Walker and Arness 6'6" barefoot peak heights are more accurate. He stood an inch shorter than those actors listed at 6'7" but surely these listings are not barefoot measurements.
Ryan said on 23/Feb/09
Clint Walker has the build that nearly every man would like to have. 6'6" 240 in his prime during the 1950's. Heavy arms and chest, wide shoulders etc. Very few men near that height have a build even remotely close to Clints.
Dan Maloney said on 23/Feb/09
I met Mr.Walker in Utah 2 years ago, he stood up and walked to a microphone
and was built like a brick house,wide shoulders,very narrow waist and 6'7"easy.
He was very unpretentious in conversation,I had to drag it out of him about his workouts with weights.
Clint looks better than 90% of today's 18 to 35 males---by far.
adam said on 22/Feb/09
Clint Walker was probably slightly taller than Hudson. No more than an inch -if that. Walker was just built as hell. So was Hudson but Walker was a lot more!
Bob H. said on 16/Feb/09
A man 6'4" would not dwarf Marvin, Sutherland and Brown. That height is out of the question for Walker in the 60's. Walker may never have been exactly 6'6"....
but he had to be very close to ALWAYS tower over ALL other cast members. Have you seen him in the bar sceen in "The White Buffalo". He's a head taller than EVERYONE. And it's a huge crowd. He was taller than Hudson.. and just an inch shorter than Don Magowan (6'7") in a Cheyenne episode. He had to be very close to his advertised 6'6" height back in the 50' and 60's. He had good posture, shoulders back... huge chest... and a longish neck. Would have been interesting to have seen him with Chuck Connors. No one seems to have a problem with him claiming 6'5" 1/2.
Shortie said on 26/Jan/09
Bob. So much for what you said about putting your last entry, I believe you will still keep making comments. It is a free country and you can comment whenever/whatever you want. I took another look at the photo of you and Clint W. and the shirt sleeve length looks a bit long for you. You must have noticed that you had your elbows bent and see the noticeable crease around the elbows. If your arms were straight, it would show the sleeves probably covering part of your hands. To be fair, some people of varying heights do have the same sleeve length too. My group enjoy reading the '' website and remain amused with your comments, especially that you are such good friends with so many tall actors and even able to speak on their behalf on what they approve or disapprove. Also, congratulations on beating Clint W. (a man 20 years your senior) in an arm wrestling match.
adam said on 25/Jan/09
I just bought a shirt, a black shirt, and it fits me perfectly. Im 6-2 and a little over 200lbs and I
adam said on 22/Jan/09
Bob. You say that James Arness was 6-7 but Walker only 6-4. Clint wasn
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/09
No hard feelings, just have other things to do. On travel a lot. Clint looked huge in "More Dead Than Alive!" Great quote in the movie on Clint's size by Vincent Price when he was measuring Clint for his costume. Let's just leave Clint at 6'6", that's fine with me. I met Vincent several years ago in Ogden, Utah. He had a wonderful personality. Same with Burl Ives who did "Baker's Hawk" with Clint. I'll be checking once in a while to see what is on here, but most likely will just observe for now. Clint will always be the greatest in my book! Cheyenne is on every night on the Western Channel. What a great tribute that is to him. PS: Just keep in mind, in that photo I have Clint's shirt from the Cheyenne Show on, and it fits me just perfect including the sleeve length. And Clint does have very big hands. Someone mentioned that his hands were small for his size. That's a joke. Keep up the great conversations. I'm sure Clint approves. I'll mention you folks to him the next time we talk. Watch episodes of Cheyenne closely, you'll notice his height next to other actors. Clint is tall, period, doesn't matter how tall now does it. Same with me, I'm 6'4" at about 210lbs. If my size wasn't about the same as Clint's when he did Cheyenne, I wouldn't be able to get that shirt on. Adios! Bob
JW said on 18/Jan/09
Bob--Sorry to see you go. It is not the photograph of you and Clint Walker that makes me skeptical of his peak height being only 6'4.5". During the 1960s, Clint did look to be the 6'6" that was claimed. In addition to the Dirty Dozen and the Lucy Show, I recently saw a video clip of the movie "More Dead than Alive" starring Clint Walker and Vincent Price. Clint seemed to be at least 2 inches taller than Price. Maybe Vincent Price wasn't 6'4" as supposed although he certainly looked like he could have been. For me it is not a matter of wanting to believe something. I don't want celebrities to be any more or any less than what they really are (were). Here is a link to famous article which lists Clint Walker as being 6'6":

Click Here

While this article seems fairly accurate on some of the western stars, it has James Garner listed as being 6'3" when he was probably only about 6'1" and Richard Boone at 6'2" even though he was unlikely even six feet. If Clint Walker was only 6'4.5" then it doesn't seem likely than James Arness was really 2.5 inches taller.
adam said on 18/Jan/09
Bob Atwater! You are a chicken? Did you ever meet Sterling Hayden?
Anonymous said on 12/Jan/09
Hi Shortie.....this will most likely be my last entry on this site since I don't have time for let's just say this kind of conversation any more. I've known Clint for some time. I guess with all of the excuses anyone can come up with we will all shrink down until our heads are lower than our shoe tops. Neither Clint or I could care less about a debate on a couple inches of height. No, Clint doesn't lie nor do I. I making reference to measurements in bare feet, Clint makes reference to his normal every day height in mostly western boots. That's how most people see him. So like I said, we are both 6'6" then aren't we? Regarding my waist size, I responded to your questioning it my good man or I would have not mentioned any furher on the subject. Like it or not all of your commenting will not make my waist any larger. Believe what you will and be happy about it. Adios! PS: FYI, I did win that arm wrestling match with Clint, but only because I caught him off balance. He is a very strong man indeed. Enough from me so don't expect any more! I'm sure you will be glad to hear that. All the best to you! Bob
adam said on 9/Jan/09
Shortie, good point indeed. Bob needs some attention -he has a 34" waist after all!
Shortie said on 8/Jan/09
To Mr 34" waist (aka Bob), Is it not possible that Clint W. was 6'6'' during his prime? The photo of you (Bob Atwater) and Clint was taken in 2003 (when Clint was 76 years old) and he probably has shrunk a couple of inches. The photo shows both of you waist up. Were you both wearing shoes/boots of the same height? Vietnam vet Mel R. wrote that he met Fess Parker and Clint W. and Clint was maybe an inch taller. You said Fess Parker is a CONFIRMED 6'5.5". That would put Clint W. at about 6'6". Clint W. has been quoted few times saying his height at 6'6". If Clint W. is indeed your friend, is your friend lying? I find it amusing you keep mentioning your waist size and weight over and over again on the Clint Walker commentary website.
adam said on 7/Jan/09
Rob, what do you say about Bob Atwater`s opinions here? Could the man be right about these things? If he is that would certainly change the whole page, wouldn
Bob said on 6/Jan/09
Hi JW. To settle all of this in the most amicable way, lets just say that Clint and I both are 6'6" that way the photo speaks for both of us. That shirt I have on fits better now than it did back in 2003 when I weighed about 230lbs. At present, I've got my weight down to about 208lbs with a 34" waist. The shirt looks like leather but actually is made of a very soft felt with a zipper going up the left side so it can't be seen. All the best to you for the new year!
JW said on 5/Jan/09
Since the link to the picture of Clint Walker and Bob Atwater no longer works, I am posting it again:
Click Here

If that link ceases to work, the picture can also be found at the main page here:
Click Here

I still have a problem believing that Clint Walker's peak height was only 6'4.5". While it is obvious that most actors exaggerate their height, Clint Walker actually looked as tall as he was supposed to be (6'6"), unlike John Wayne.
Bob said on 5/Jan/09
Hi Mell....I'd be glad to bring up your kind words to Clint the next time I call him. I'm sure he will appreciate them very much. You are right on regarding both of those gentlemen. I wish we had more like them in Hollywood these days.
Mel R. said on 3/Jan/09
In 1967 I was in a field hospital in Viet Nam. We got a visit from Clint Walker and Fess Parker. As they entered our ward, each had to duck down a bit to get thru the doorway. I'm 6'1 and couldn't have hit my head jumping thru there. Both of these guys were rawboned and of similar size. Walker was about 6'6 and had maybe an inch over Fess Parker and was possibly 20 pounds heavier as well. They both had big hearts and seemed sincere in wishing each man in the ward a speedy recovery. They also had huge hands and in shaking them I wondered if I'd get mine back. Class acts -- both of them.
Bob said on 2/Jan/09
Thanks Belle...l agree with you on every count. Yes, I always feel fortunate to have so many of my childhood heroes as adult friends. So many of the actors who played the heavies on screen are in real life some of the kindest people I've ever met. In contrast, some of those heroes that are worshiped are in real life, well I'll just say in my opinion less than heroic. That is why I appreciate the true gentlemen of hollywood like Clint Walker, Chuck Heston, Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood, Fess Parker, Bill Smith, Dale Robertson, Greg Palmer, Niell Summers, James Arness, and so many others. I have numerous autographed books, photos, etc. from all of them. But my greatest possession is being fortunate to call most of them friends. Bob
Belle said on 2/Jan/09
I can't believe all the arguing over how tall or short these great actors were/are; or whether or not someone did or did not know a famous person. Anonymous, I believe you do know these men and that your facts are correct. I can only say I wish I was as lucky as you to have met these men. And whether or not they were/are 6'6" or 3'0" they have entertained me through the years so I thank them.
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/08
If clint walker was only 6'4 then alot of famous hollywood actors heights are going to have to be seriously racheted down. 6'2-6'3-6'4 actors like Alex Karass-Jim Brown-Dan Blocker had to look way up at him. They looked like they were standing in holes next to clint.
Anonymous said on 29/Dec/08
Shortie, FYI that sounds like a name Clint would use to check this site out! Bob
Anonymous said on 28/Dec/08
Hi Shortie! You know what, I really don't care if you believe me, so what do yoiu think of that? Also, my waist is 34" and my chest is currently 49". Just because I like to keep in shape at age 60 doesn't mean I'm fat and lazy like many americans these days. Adam, Christmas was fine, thanks for asking! Actually I did meet Robert Mitchum in 1967 while I was in the Marine Corps. I was on a Med Cruise and the film crew for the movie "Anzio" used us as extras. Robert and Peter Faulk the co-star were simply outstanding people and treated us very well. They were both a lot of fun. I don't recall how tall Mitchum was. I know he wasn't exactly short though. Hope you Christmas went well also. Bob Atwater PS: Anonymous is what the computer puts in there not me. I couldn't care less who sees my name. By the way Clint doesn't have time to verify the pettiness of negative people nor do I thank you Shortie! My friendship with Clint is personal.
adam said on 28/Dec/08
Bob Atwater! How was your Christmas? Did you ever meet Robert Mitchum? How tall was he?
JW said on 20/Dec/08
Anonymous: based on this photograph of Clint Walker I can accept the idea of him being 6'4" although I thought he was taller considering how he appeared on TV.

Click Here

You are right about John Wayne being 6'2". This is verified in an article written about him before he became a celebrity.

Click Here

I have never seen the TV series Cheyenne so the only estimates I can make about Clint Walker are how he appeared on the Dirty Dozen and the Lucy Show. He looked like a giant compared to Lucille Ball who was supposed to be 5'7". John Wayne was also on an episode of the Lucy Show but didn't seem nearly as imposing as Clint Walker. On the Dan Blocker page, someone mentioned an episode of Cheyenne in which Blocker actually looking short compared to Clint Walker. Dan Blocker is usually listed as being 6'4" and some websites even have him at 6'4.5". For him to be dwarfed by Clint Walker, he would have to be around six feet tall.
Shortie said on 19/Dec/08
Anonymous, I do not believe you even know Clint W. or you would put your real name and have Clint W. confirm this on his website. I do not believe you have a 34 inch waist. Maybe you just want to boast of your shortcomings. Also Clint W. is in his 80s now and people do get shorter as they get older. But you probably will still claim a 34 inch waist regardless of age. Merry Christmas. I did find your comments amusing.
adam said on 19/Dec/08
Anonymous, merry Christmas to you too! You are right: Walker has the build to look taller than what he is. 6-4
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/08
Brad, I understand the stand you take. Like I mentioned before, I was a little surprised that Clint is not as tall as Hollywood makes him out to be. Most of the time Clint wears western boots with 2" plus heels. That puts him into the 6'6" to 6'6.5" range. In addition, camera angles can do wonders in making actors look bigger and taller than they really are. Lastly, there is nothing wrong with Clint's height of 6'4.5" now is there? Not exactly short. He has an extremely large bone structure that adds to the way he looks compared to others who are of a similar height. With that narrow waist and wide shoulders it's hard to picture him as anything but huge because he is. Sometimes I wear Clint's fringed shirt from the old "Cheyenne" show. It fits a little tight on me in the chest and waist. I'm 6'4" and weigh 210lbs with a 48.5 inch chest and 17" arms and a 34" waist. The sleeve length is a perfect fit for me. Again regarding heights, all of those other folks have heights that are overblown by Hollywood also with the exception of probably James Arness and Fess Parker who are 6'7" and 6'5.5" respectively. Clint, Fess and James are three of the finest people I've had the opportunity to meet. I still haven't taken Fess up on a standing offer to pay him a visit at his winery out in CA to, as he put it, "Swap Some Conversation." Hopefully someday I'll get up enough sense to make that trip while Fess is still with us.
Happy Holidays to all! (I get to receive Christmas Cards from Clint, nice huh!)
adam said on 17/Dec/08
Brad, Anonymous here is a friend of his, I think he knows better than you. And he says that Clint was and is 6-4
Brad said on 17/Dec/08
He's still 6' 6", anything less is ridiculous.
Anonymous said on 16/Dec/08
It doesn't really matter now does it? I have some nice photos of myself with Clint, Bill Smith (who is about 6'2"), Jay North, Chuck Heston (he was 6'1.5")but appeared bigger, Clayton Moore (he was a very close friend a very kind man and a lot of fun to talk to), Dale Robertson (another very nice fellow who in the last couple of years his health has taken a turn for the worse, Chris Mitchum (Robert's son and another very nice fellow who is fun to talk with, Tom Selleck (who is about 6' 3.5", Robert Carradine, who has a lovely wife from Switzerland and are a fine couple and good friends. They both think I'm Clint's son, and many others like Leo Gordon, Leo was a good friend of Clint's and did some of the best Cheyenne shows and of course the Night of the Grizzly. I like Leo a lot. Also Claude Akins, another one who liked Clint a lot, Claude was another very nice fellow. Well enough of that for now.
adam said on 15/Dec/08
Yes. Anonymous, you see that it`s pretty hard to believe that in the first place since that would change this whole page and everything about heights! So John Wayne was only 6-2? And what about Roger Moore? Was Moore taller than Wayne?

Also you said that Rock Hudson was only around 6-3!!

With all due respect: Those are hard to buy. Anonymous, since you seem to be a close friend of Clint`s then you have probably seen the film, The Dirty Dozen. Clint looks a lot taller than Donald Sutherland and Lee Marvin. How tall were they?

I hope you`ll post some more in the future!
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/08
I know how tall John Wayne was and let's just say that the Duke liked to use lifters in his boots and always rode a horse that was no taller than 13 hands to make him look taller. The Duke was a hero of mine also. If you want to know his actual height then check out the height of his son Patrick they were the same height. As far as Clint goes, he went along with what his agents wanted him to go along with. Hard to change something in the minds of others once it is set. Clint is not short by any means but he is 6'4.5'
adam said on 14/Dec/08
Anonymous, I respect your opinions but come on man: Why did Clint claim 6-6 then? How do you explain that he was taller than let`s say Vincent Price and Donald Sutherland? Vincent Price was clearly taller than Charlton Heston and Gregory Peck, Price was 6-4 if not more! And Clint was still taller.

How tall do you think John Wayne was?
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/08
I think it interesting for someone to believe the Hollywood hype about the size of actors when if I'm standing with someone who is shorter or the same height as me and I'm barely 6'4" and still believe they are 6'6." But believe what you will if it makes you feel better for some reason. Clint is not only my hero but my good friend so to me he is 8' tall anyway!
KennyI said on 5/Dec/08
Definitely 6'6", big man indeed, he towered over Lee Marvin, Sutherland and Jim Brown who was no small man himself in "The Dirty Dozen", an excellent movie too BTW. I used to be addicted to the series "Cheyenne Bodie as a young kid growing up in the late 50's.
adam said on 1/Dec/08
Yes, Ed. Perharps Sutherland was a little less than 6-4. He was also more than an inch shorter than Christopher Lee in DR TERROR`S HOUSE OF HORRORS.
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/08
I met Roger Moore several years ago when I worked at INTERPOL in Lyon, France. Roger was there representing a United Nations Organization. Again, I'm a little over 6'4" and I towered over Moore. I'd say he is about 6'2" if that. Roger is a wonderful gentleman and had a lot of nice things to say about Clint and the filming of "Gold of the Seven Saints." You can read some of his thought on the matter in his recently published autobiography available at any book store.
Ed T. said on 28/Nov/08
Adam, I agree that Clint Walker appears to have three to four inches on Sutherland in some scenes in "The Dirty Dozen". That is one reason that I have a hard time believing that Sutherland was a true 6'4" barefoot guy.
Bob H. said on 28/Nov/08
Clint was a very very good cowboy. Looked super. Rode a horse as well as anyone.In fight sceens he looked like he could whip any two or more big guys with ease. I absolutely loved his TV and film work. He could even sing well. But he had limited acting range. He could definately show emotion, but I suspect producers and casting folks could not see him in comedy or police stories or other genres. It is a true shame. He was so excellent in "The White Buffalo", "Fort Dobbs", etc. I wish we had more movies with him. A real man's man!! As a teen in '56 I wanted to be just like him. Did not grow to his size, but then how many do?
adam said on 24/Nov/08
In DIRTY DOZEN I was truely amazed: Clint Walker had around FOUR inches on Donald Sutherland. Yes, please, watch the film and you`ll see. Sutherland slouched a hell of a lot but still!
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/08
Clyde Howdy was a very close friend of Clint's. Clyde stood about 6'1" tall. Clyde spent a lot of time with Clint riding motorcycles off road in the desert country. Clyde died in 1968 or 69 of cancer of the prostate. I never met him but Clint spoke about him a lot.
AS said on 20/Nov/08
Check out the boots Clint Walker's stand-in is wearing. They are some big lifters!
Click Here
Patrick said on 30/Oct/08
adam: I agree with you about those actors, including Hudson. Clint was what we call in French a "vedette" which is not the same level as "star" in English. Let's say that Clint was a "vedette" and Hudson a star. That's probably why the latter couldn't claim being that tall. Even at this time, being "that" tall meant "too tall". Clint was seen in "better" a bit as Peter Lupus was: they showed him as a colossus and talked up his calibre, a bit like they did with the Charles Bronson
adam said on 17/Oct/08
Yes, Patrick: Moore was never 6-2
Patrick said on 13/Oct/08
In their western, Roger Moore who (sorry Anonymous!) never looked short nor narrow shouldered, appeared as kid next to the monumental Clint! I remember how I was surprised in seeing "the Saint" looking boyish int that film! It was many years after having been first released.
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/08
I think people get confused with peek height. Age 25 is a good age for peak height. Clint would have been 25 in like 1952. That was really before he was even started, the oldest picture I have ever seen of him was from 1955. He's like 81, people shrink up 30 years before that even. I hear people say that he looks 6'5 even now!
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/08
Clint Walker 6'4.5 and Roger Moore 6'2.5. Come on, That means that Moore would have actually been a little TALLER than Clint if Moore had cowboy boots on! Moore barely looked taller than some of women he acted with, Clint made 6'2-6'3 men look sawed off.
David said on 7/Oct/08
As an aging baby boomer who spent many hours watching Cheyenne, I don't care if the great Clint Walker is 6'6" or 5'6". He will always be a giant to those of us who grew up watching him. Clint was an under rated actor and should have become a major motion picture star. Was there anyone better looking and more imposing than Clint back in the day? We are lucky to remember Clint in his prime and can only wish him many more years of good health.
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/08
You sound like you really are serious. Clint "only" 6-4
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/08
Enough said about Hollywood Heights! If people want to believe the heights given by Hollywood are any more true than the scripts the actors use to create a character, then so be it. I've met most of those people and stand by what I say. If you want Clint to be 6'6" then so be it. Just remember that most of the time when these guys were measure they had 2" healed cowboy boots on. People have to believe want makes them most comfortable and I'm fine with that. Adios! I would share more trivia but I've had enough thank you!
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/08
You are correct, Clint will always be a giant compared to most other actors. I don't think Clint has shrunk though. If so, very little (maybe a half inch or so). He still works out with the weights. Actually when I first met him I was a little surprised he wasn't taller than he his, but it doesn't really matter. He's a great man and a just a fine decent individual. What an exceptional example he was and is for all of us who grew up watching "Cheyenne" and his many movies. By the way, 6'4.5" is not exactly short now is it? Here's to "Cheyenne Bodie" the biggest, baddest, kindest, western hero from the TV Western era! Others may have been taller, but not bigger and certainly not more imposing than Clint!
adam said on 5/Oct/08
Anonymous says on 12/Sep/08
On another note, Bo Svenson is just a little over 6'5", Fess Parker 6'5", Don Megowan 6'7", James Arness 6'7", Roger Moore 6'21/2", Vincent Price 6'21/2", Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck are both a very short 6'31/2", and my old friend Chuck Heston was 6'2".

In all honesty, this just doesnt make sense. No way. No possible way. Anonymous, I dont want to be disrespective but... that`s BS. Those estimates cant be humanily possible. Why? I`ll tell you...

Those First seem to be pretty much correct. But then you have VINCENT PRICE standing 6-2
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/08
I am quite surprised to read that Clint is "only 6'4". Every article that I have ever read about him states that he is at least 6'6". It's possible that he might have "shrunk" a bit with the passage of the years. Regardless...Clint will always be a "giant" among men...especially compared to the actors of today who are nothing but little boys compared to him.
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/08
Well Anonymous that was real polite! I go by what I know from being with the man and not camera angles that moview can produce! However, believe what you want. I could care less about Clint's actual height. I'm 6'4" and I'm about the same height as Clint if you would look at the photo I refered to in one of my last messages. Sorry to burst your bubble!
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/08
Clint Walker 6'4.5, are you nuts. He was about a half a head taller than 6'2-6'3 jim brown in the dirty dozen and 2.5 inches+ taller than 6'4 Donald Sutherland. And dwarfed 6'2 Alex Karras in a 1969 movie.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
Clint has one daughter, Valerie. Yes indeed Val was a commercial airline pilot (Captain)for Delta working out of Salt Lake. She retired a few years ago. A great lady at that. Patrick, like you so very well put, Clint Walker is a one of a kind individual. An exceptional friend and just plain fun to be around and talk with. He always has been and always will be one of my great inspirations. I've made many friends from the old TV Western era because of my friendship with Clint. I very much realize how fortunate I am. I will always get a kick out of my initial reaction when I hear that Cheyenne voice on the telephone. I spoke with Clint a few days back and he is doing fine however very busy with his WEB site. He and Susan usually do the Kanab, UT Western Film Festival every year. If anyone is interested they may want to check out the festival WEB site for next year. It is held at the end of August in Kanab. I've been to the old movie fort near Kanab were Clint filmed Fort Dobbs back in 1957. It is still there however in bad shape. The fort was blown up for the Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, and was never repaired. Also regarding the movie White Buffalo, the reason Clint was filmed mostly sitting at that bar table was due to a requirement in the movie script set down by Charles Bronson. Bronson wanted Clint seated for his scenes because if he was standing Clint would dominate the scene and Bronson wanted no part of it. Nice story Clint told me one time. Although he and Charles were good friends and had already filmed the Dirty Dozen together. Well enough trivia from me for now. Until next time. Take Care and may Clint be with us for many years to come. Bob A.
David said on 1/Oct/08
As one of my fellow Clint Walker colleagues said it God made Clint Walker He gave Clint all the "marbles:gorgeous face, thick black hair, piercing blue eyes, magnificent physique, and a voice so smooth that it could melt butter. How greatful I am that I am old enough to have grown up watching Cheyenne and to see Clint in his prime!
Johnny G said on 1/Oct/08
I one time spoke to Clint's brother-in-law Paul Westbrook from Bellville Ill. and he said that Clint was very proud of both of his daughters and that the one was the first female commercial airline pilot - if that is true then that is too cool !!!
Patrick said on 30/Sep/08
I don't Daniel (about his daughter) but I can say I loved reading your comment!
Great guys incites us to go further than just the height issue and allow us to consider it as the mark of real great men as Clint was and still is
Daniel said on 28/Sep/08
When I was a boy my idol was Clint Walker---or more specifically his television incarnation in the form of Cheyenne Bodie---and I wanted to grow up to be just like him. Well, I peaked out at five feet nine inches, so I didn't quite replicate Clint's physical presence, but then again, who did? Funny story about Clint Walker. He was in his first film playing a Roman guard in some epic, I think it was the Ten Commandments, and the director tells him, "Clint, I hate to do this to you but I have to cut your scenes out of the film. You're standing next to my stars and you look like a tree standing next to tree stumps." He may have been the only film actor ever to have his career hampered by being TOO GOOD LOOKING AND TOO PHYSICALLY IMPOSING. Early stats on Clint Walker give his physical dimensions as having been 6'6" tall with a 48" chest and a 32" waistline, a nearly impossible physique for any mortal man. I remember a scene from The Dirty Dozen where former football pro Jim Brown and Clint Walker are straddling tough guy Charles Bronson. Brown literally dwarfs Bronson and Clint Walker dwarfs Jim Brown. Clint was a pretty good actor, too, but never made near as many films as I'd like to have seen. I only saw him play a heavy once and that was in a small supporting role in a Bronson film called The White Buffalo. Clint walks into a bar, walks up to some guys sitting down and says "You guys have been sitting at my table for too long." He then lifts them up each with one hand and tosses them across the room. I'd have liked to see him in a starring role as a bad guy. Probably too late now. He's about eighty-one years old and retired from films. Still has that head of thick black hair though and those piercing blue eyes. He's a great guy and I hope he lives to be a hundred. (I read once that he has a daughter who is an airline pilot....anyone out there know anything about that?)
Patrick said on 26/Sep/08
Johnny G, you just made my day! Got a lump in my throat reading you! I am French and always dreamt of what the US were in the 50ies, so far from my grey, black and white country at the time! (Even though I would give a thousand of today's France for what "she" used to be in the 50ies!).
As for Clint, he was and still practically unknown in my country where, for instance,
Johnny G said on 22/Sep/08
Regardless if Clint was 6'4'' or 6'6'' he was a big man - I recently obtained the complete Cheyenne series all 107 episodes and not only did Clint look great he also carried himself well in Cheyenne - I envy Robert Atwater because like most of you I have been a fan of Clint since I was a child in the 50's - Clint and so many of his comtemories knew how to carry themselves as men - Robert if you do get back on this site tell Clint that I still have a birthday cake for him every Memorial Day at my sister's house - I emailed Clint about this and he found it amuseing - he was and is my first TV hero - thanks all for letting me bend all of your ears about Clint Walker - p.s I'll make sure all my 4 grand kids know about him and that era- Johnny G
Patrick said on 17/Sep/08
Anonymous, Clint would have been a fantastic Joshua but probably too impressive, regarding his size as well as his charisma!
I respect your words even though I still see him above 6
Anonymous said on 12/Sep/08
Patrick, you seem to be a major fan of Clint's. He would appreciate your kind words I'm sure. Henry Wilcoxon was 6'21/2" and was one of Clint's best friends. He was the individual who discovered Clint and got him his interview with De Mille for the Ten Commandments. Henry wanted Clint for the part of Joshua but a contract dispute involving John Derrick put an end to that idea unfortunately. Clint would have been an outstanding Joshua. On another note, Bo Svenson is just a little over 6'5", Fess Parker 6'5", Don Megowan 6'7", James Arness 6'7", Roger Moore 6'21/2", Vincent Price 6'21/2", Clint Eastwood and Tom Selleck are both a very short 6'31/2", and my old friend Chuck Heston was 6'2". Clint did and still does lift weights, I know I've stayed at his home and lifted weights with him. I'm probably the only person other than his wife Susan currently who has seem him with his shirt off. He still looks muscular and strong, as he always was. Very minor scars from his skiing accident and follow-up heart scar tissue surgery. Clint and Steve Reeves were under contract at Warner Bros. back in the late 50s and worked out together at the studio. Steve was number one at the box office in 1959 and Clint number one on TV. I met them both many years ago at the same event and was fortunate to develop close friendships with both. Clint did have jaundice in 1959 and lost a lot of weight. He also had a very bad back problem. That is why he was lighter in Yellowstone Kelly. Although he still looked just great at about 225lbs. His usual weight was around 235lbs to 245lbs at 6'41/2" without boots and about 6'61/2" with cowboy boots. When people see me with Clint they believe I am his son or was his stunt double. Just a good friend who is very proud to know him. FYI, Clint's birthday is May 30th. Hope you enjoy these notes. Regards! Bob A.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/08
FYI, Hollywood and the big screan always make people look bigger and taller than they really are. And remember western heoes always wore 2+ inch heals on their boots. If people want to think Rock Hudson was 6'5" that's fine with me. He was more approximately 6'3". My buddy Steve Reeves was 6'1" and wore a 3" platform sandle for Hercules that made him look much taller. I was recently out at his old ranch in Valley Center, CA attending a tribute to him. What a fine example both Clint and Steve were and are to all of us. I've been fortunate to become friends with many of my childhood heroes. What is important is not their physical height, but the example of goodness they provided for us through their films and TV shows. Hope you enjoyed the photo of Clint an I. Yup, I have that shirt and other items here at home. Bob A.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/08
Steve Reeves was a very good friend of mine also. I was very fortunate to know both of these men. I'm 6'4" and weigh about 220lbs. For a photo of Clint and I together go to the Fess Parker Winery WEB site and look under his photo page he put together from his fans. (Fess is another friend by the way) In there look for a photo of Clint and I at Tombstone, AZ. I have Clint's fringed shirt on from his "Cheyenne" Show. Enjoy! Bob A.
David said on 11/Sep/08
You arm wrestled with the GREAT Clint Walker!! I would give anything just to shake his hand and tell him how much he means to my generation of boomers!
JT said on 11/Sep/08
6'5 1/2" right out of his mouth on a talk radio show today. He did not qualify it by saying that this is his current rather than peak height.
adam said on 17/Aug/08
Wasn`t Arness 6-8 or even 6-9 Frank2? You seem to have a lot of different estimates depending on the day, yes?
Frank2 said on 14/Aug/08
Maybe he was 6'7" like Jim Arness and perhaps he's lost an inch with age. After all, Walker is now in his eighties. He made 6'5" Rock Hudson look shorter in SEND ME NO FLOWERS and that was a difficult thing to pull off.
Brad said on 13/Aug/08
I think he still is 6' 6", at least when I met him a few years ago. He's gigantic. I'm the same height, but I got Snoop Dog's body.
Frank2 said on 13/Aug/08
Walker was at least 6'6" in his prime. A mountain of a man. I saw him when he showed up for autographs at a celeb function. He still looked close to 6'6". He was on average a head taller than just about any man there.
Patrick said on 13/Aug/08
Very interesting
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/08
I've known Clint for many years, one of my closest friends. Clint is was and alway's will be about 6'4 1/2" and had a 34" waist while on the Cheyenne Show. He has lifted weights since the mid 50s and still does. Very heavy weights at that. He is still very strong, I know, I've arm wrestled with him. Just thought I'd let you know.
patrick said on 27/Jun/08
Many comments of me have also been deleted too soon Jason!
One thing's sure Jason, Clint never got rickets!

Editor Rob
there was a batch of comments from one day that got deleted by mistake.
Jason said on 17/Jun/08
Hey, Patrick. I was meaning to reply to you guys, then didn't come on the site for a while. Now, I finally do and find our conversation has been deleted! Blah. :P

Yeah, I actually know about vitamin D deficiency. What you said is, of course, why they started fortifying milk (and some other things) with Vitamin D. Nothing was really fortified with it here in Australia, though, because of our abundant yearly sunshine and UV. But the mistake in that is there's nowadays - with more medical knowledge - thought to be widespread Vitamin D deficiency in some people even here. It's an issue that doesn't get the attention it should, here or in America. Probably Europe, too.
patrick said on 2/Jun/08
Exactly AS! contrary to what some people claim, actors, above all "stars" used to be much taller in the prvious decade, expecially in the 50ies.
Chuck Heston always looked very tall to me (6'3). In off shots he always looks much taller than everybody else as in the planet of the apes behind the scene documentary. Nice to have sent a birthday e-card to Clint! I really appreciate!
Happy to read that there still are real "true" actors amateurs!
AS said on 30/May/08
You're very welcome Patrick. I do see the popeye look on the trampoline!
Roger Moore was usually a pretty big guy in his movies-- but not next to Clint.

Just watched Omega Man and Charlton Heston certainly was a tall fellow. Its surprising, he didn't look that tall in the 50's-60's, probably due to so many tall co-stars.

It seems the large hollywood along with big cars have indeed become a thing of the past. I'll tell you though, with gas prices as they are I can't complain too much about downsizing the latter.

I too sent Clint a birthday note. I sent it to I'm not sure if this is an official address.
peter said on 28/May/08
I just watched an episode of Cheyenne with Clint Walker. There was a short chubby guy in the episode with him. I was amazed to see Dan Blocker made to look small next to the huge Clint Walker. Talk about perfect genetics! Clint had it all.
patrick said on 27/May/08
AS : here I go again ! Thanks for thinking of me and for these wonderful pics ! The one he
patrick said on 23/May/08
AS : here I go again ! Thanks for thinking f me and for these wonderful pics ! The one he
David Levin said on 21/May/08
To send Clint a birthday card...May 27 is his 81st, go onto his and you'll see his e mail address. He has some terrific autographed memorobilia for sale.
David Levin said on 10/May/08
Clint was better looking than all of his leading ladies. It was probably difficult to find actresses to work opposite him for that reason. His birthday is May 27 (81). Make sure to send him a birthday card.
AS said on 10/May/08
heres a couple pics that I came across. They are mostly shots from around his house/working out. Its been a while since I've seen Patrick on here. I know he likes these!
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I'll try to get some screenshots from some films. There is a scene in Send Me No Flowers where he gets out of and stands next to a jaguar. He makes the car look like something from the Shriners.
Da Man said on 24/Apr/08
I doubt he was 6'7". Didn't look quite that tall, IMO.
Anonymous said on 20/Apr/08
I don't know if he was quite 6'7, but if anybody was, it was him.
David Levin said on 17/Apr/08
He certainly towered over Burt Reynolds in height, acting and looks. Clint should have been a movie super star.
Da Man said on 17/Apr/08
I just saw Sam Whiskey for the first time the other day, and Clint looked like a beast in that movie. Definitely gave the impression of a 6'6" guy.
Anonymous said on 3/Apr/08
He was huge. He stood as tall as Bo Svenson and Svenson was measured at 6'6 1/2.
patrick said on 25/Mar/08
WAOO! What oculd I say AS? Thanks again? It's common but sincere!
I am just rewatching the dirty dozen and just regret one thing: Clint is not present enough!
Lee Marvin whom looks here more 6'3 than 6'2 (almost matching R.Ryan, Sutherland and huge George Kennedy)is really dwarfed by Clint whom not Superman alike but "is" Superman!
AS said on 24/Mar/08
You're very welcome Patrick!
I've come across alot of interesting pics that are then only to be taken down. I'll link a couple more photos for you:

Originally prints from an article on him:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Promo posters:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

From the dirty dozen:
Click Here
Click Here
And a recent one:

Click Here
patrick said on 19/Mar/08
AS, just two words: THANK YOU!
You made my day in diving into what I consider as something so nostalgic!
I feel past-sick because save what Clint looks, was and still is, fortunately (!), these pics show
AS said on 13/Mar/08
You are right David, Clint sure did look bigger as he got older.
Heres a couple earlier photo's of him:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Compare that this later photo with Mr. Miller:
Click Here
Mr. Miller with Ryan o'neal
Click Here

I was reading up on some old hollywood books that have since been uploaded to the internet. While searching around I saw a few interesting pics (some funny):

Clint with the Beatles (zoom in, its a news clipping):
Click Here

Clint with mustache:
Click Here
Click Here

Clint with beard:
Click Here

Clint with plane:
Click Here

Clint "sticking out":
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
David Levin said on 6/Mar/08
To see the Clint Walker, Alex Karas contrast, click on the link that AS prvides, then click on the photo of Clint. It will show you his bio, along with a picture of Clint standing next to Karas. Alex Karas looks like a little boy next to mighty Clint.
AS said on 28/Feb/08
Whats interesting is that Alex Karras was in Paper Lion with Alan Alda. If I recall correctly he was "the big guy", i.e one of the heaviest of the players and physically dominated over Alda.

Funny to see him with a 45 y/o Clint! Karas is still a massive guy, but clearly doesn't "fill" the picture. We see a similar phenomenon with Jim Brown.
patrick said on 27/Feb/08
Too bad! I just could not see the photos you were referring to!
I just saw many other actors but I am sure of what you suggest.
AS said on 25/Feb/08
Lol David, yes the clip with Jack Benny is quite funny. Clint looks completely floored by it.

Heres an interesting photo:
Click Here

The actor there is former detroit lion offensive lineman Alex Karras. He is listed around 6'2" and 240. Maybe the angle is off, but Clint looks MUCH taller.
David Levin said on 11/Feb/08
Just go to youtube/clint walker and get ready for a special treat. There is a terrific mini bio of Clint, as well as a hilarious skit that Clint did with Jack Benny back in 1963.
patrick said on 8/Feb/08
Maturity is phenomenon linked to genes history; I knew a big natural development after 24/25 and many people who were thin become sturdy when not adult but mature, that's to say after 32/35.
What matters here is the potential men have or have not.
The current Clark Kent, Tom Welling was rather slender while being muscled but a bit as Clint was at 20 or so.
Now, Tom is very bulky even though he does not work as bodybuilder as do people like Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Cruise.
That is up to how basically those men are built.
The Sly potential though being very high has never been the one of Arnold for example who had
David Levin said on 7/Feb/08
Interesting thing about Clint is when you see him in the Youtube tribute as a young security guard, probably about 21 or so, his physique looks no more than average...even on the thin side. Yet, a mere 5 or so years later, and he looks like a Greek God. Check out the tribute and I think you will agree.
patrick said on 7/Feb/08
Thanks AS: what you write is not only very interesting but also very rare to read! I long thought being alone in considering all what is said here and I feel better in observing I am not after all!
I am happy to see that "grown up - mature" people still exist. I met some if only just right here, in this site.
We definitely live from now on, in a too virtual world and that goes along with a loss in all what concerns "huamn material". Hard to explain; I think those who "can" figure out what I mean will do and won't need any further details. After an "up", there is a "down" as the one we are now in; so, I am sure there will be another "up" in taste and feeling which will be able to put up to the top people as Clint was. I'll probably not here any longer...
AS said on 30/Jan/08
Patrick- The first link I sent contained a letter from author bill adler from 1966 (the hyperlink should take you to the exact page). In it he jokingly listed a "dream team" of justice league characters, which includes Conrad for green lantern and Clint for Superman. I just thought it was an interesting contemporary reference.

I think you are spot on about Rock Hudson as a 60's superman. I have to try to find the link, but there was a book recently published in which DC cartoonists were interviewed. They brainstormed who would been good as superman on a hypothetical TV show and narrowed it down to Clint, Rock and Peter Lupus. Again it was just done more out of bemusement than anything else, nevertheless confirms what many fans have thought.

Patrick I agree with your distinctions of natural big and bulky guys vs that almost artificial "pumped" look. Guys like Pitt or Bale (while I like them as actors) have a curious habit of being muscular in one movie and slight in another. A guy like Clint was naturally big and probably just as strong. Imagine what genes like that could do on a modern day athlete!

To your last point- the target movie audiences sure have changed. No longer do they make the great "all out" pictures that they used to. How many movies today that are geared for adults aren't automatically "R"? Seems like the distinction between "grown up" and "adult" audience is lost.
patrick said on 29/Jan/08
AS, thanks a lot even though I could not see in your attachments anything related to your words (R.Conrad for example); Anyway, I always thought Bob Conrad was the only real one super hero (along with Guy Williams as Zorro) when acting as James West.
He would have been a fabulous Flash or some other else being too short to arguably play tall guys as Superman or Batman.
Look at his head and how he was built: a perfect comics hero alive!
The same with Rock Hudson whom I often said he probably, at least for a while, inspired Curt Swan, the official 60
AS said on 27/Jan/08
I have heard numerous references to Clint and Superman. I guess they never gained any traction, at least when it would have mattered.

Patrick, it is funny you mention justice league
here is a fan letter from what i gather the '60's as an actor wishlist:
Click Here
Clint is there, among Robert Conrad!

I'll have to try to dig up the interview I read with DC comics. It was a contemporary interview but it discussed a theoretical '60's superman movie. Included in the discussion was Rock Hudson.

Heres just a google link to such discussions. Unfortunately the contents of some of these pages are restricted due to copyright, but a cursory glance at what the search yields should give us an idea!
Click Here
Lots of people seem to see the connection

But like you say the industry used to attract a different kind of man and I agree. Remember there was a time before TV's-- acting was a hobby then. It was an activity for the everyman, even if it is in just church plays. Today's actors by and large come from a pretty narrow lot.
patrick said on 25/Jan/08
Mike, this is very interesting and shows how so-called professionals are often utterly blind for the best! Not considering Clint as a possible G. Reeve
Mike said on 23/Jan/08
I wrote Clint last year via his website and asked if he knew people thought he looked like the perfect Superman(I included a jpeg of an Alex Ross Superman painting) and he said he'd NEVER heard that before. Too bad they didn't find him when they were casting in the 50's.(or thought to try Supes again in the 60's)
David Levin said on 24/Dec/07
Clint did not look very well in the kenny Roger's "Gambler" movie, but actually looks much better in the Annie Liebowitz photo of the Cowboy heroes taken about ten years ago for Esquire Magazine. Also, he is interviewed in the DVD release of Cheyenne, the first season, and for an 80 year old man, looks terrific.
Fred Lang said on 17/Dec/07
I live in Rodeo, California where I believe Mr. Walker's mom use to live. I heard he was in town one day and though I had never seen nor met him then, I was told he walked into the local UCB bank downtown and had to duck the door way because of his height. Wish I had met him then but I have been a fan of his every since the Cheyenne series on TV.

Also, does Mr. Walker have an eye condition? I saw the movie he made with Roy Orbison during the later part of Walker's carrier and noticed an anomoly in one of his eyes. Hope he is OK. God bless you Clint Walker.

Fred Lang
Rodeo, Ca
patrick said on 10/Dec/07
I really never heard of that AS ! Neither a "Superman" project in the 60ies or, that Clint was ever chosen to play "him"! Amazing!
Wow, I always thought Curt Swan took his Superman after Rock Hudson (look at him and "that's it"!) and Clint Walker.
Anyway, thanks a lot, all of you, for what you say about actors like Clint I am so happy to observe they are not forgotten!
Jason said on 6/Dec/07
He does resemble Sid's frame in that photo. You can tell Sid is gym/steroid-made, though, where as I would agree with Patrick that Clint just seems naturally big.
AAAA said on 5/Dec/07
Clint didn't look tall in the sense of have disproportioned limbs or lankimess. IMO he doesn't look 6'6 here Click Here Click Here he could be any height b/c of how well he was built. A typical 6'6 guy will look "really" tall standing alone b/c their proportioned start to get skewed.

Clint just looked like a natural thlete....and when compared with the average man

Clint looked massive!!!! but not awkward
Click Here
Jason said on 5/Dec/07
It does ... usually extreme mesomorphs have big ass jaws and **** like you said lol. Primo actually had acromegaly ... that can cause the musculature to enlarge, as well as the bones.
patrick said on 5/Dec/07
But Primo looked a "giant" too (heavy jitted jaw and disproportioned members); Clint was handsome, what is very rare for a man of such a stature and that's makes him kind oif unique, no?
Jason said on 4/Dec/07
Yeah, naturally big guys have a different look to weightlifters & bodybuilders ... you can tell. Primo Carnera was another big guy from way back when who wouldn't have lifted weights at all ... I've seen a pic of him where he looked like Arnold S.!
patrick said on 4/Dec/07
"The pole he was using was too short"
Jason said on 4/Dec/07
Patrick is exactly right. I think Clint lifted weights, but it wouldn't suprise me if he didn't for much of his career or something. Some guys are just naturally big and put together.
AS said on 3/Dec/07
Okay, in essence Clint was skiing back in '73. The pole he was using was too short. He fell, and the handle went down first. This stuck into the snow. Clint fell on the tip of the ski pole and the point went into his heart. He got back up and walked down the mountain (Supposedly he left it in place to keep the wound less open). Upon arriving at the base he was rushed to the hospital. It was there that he was pronounced dead. They moved him to another room to clear his paper work before finally taking him to the morgue. A doctor noticed something about him and began taking a closer look. At this point he told the doctor something to the effect of "not now".

This case is actually a noteworthy one often cited by people who discuss "crossing over". Since this event Clint has become more spiritual, as far as I gather.
patrick said on 3/Dec/07
Ed.Rob...I was joking!
I know who you are and you deserve thanks, gratitude and respect from all of us.
that aside, I wish someone would be able to tell me when and how Clint was wounded.
In advance, "thanks"!
patrick said on 30/Nov/07
Ed.Rob, I don't find my messages anywhere. Am I bannished from Celebrity heights ?

Editor Rob
of course not, there is 1 message on here from yesterday and on comments page I see you had comments on routh/schneider aswell.
patrick said on 29/Nov/07
AS, Thanks for passing that on but I can't open it (don't now why); Could possibly you "sum it up" in writing: what injury (where), when he got it or them etc.
To think that I met him in 2006! Much more "Indian" now, pysically, than younger! A great and still tall man for sure!
AS said on 16/Nov/07
Patrick- if you're wondering about Clint's injury, just here it from himself:
Click Here

Clint did a radio interview this summer. Around 12 min he discusses the accident.
patrick said on 12/Nov/07
Thanks for understanding and appreciating my words guys!
I'd add that I now and then, meet in the USA, men, not especially young but with Popeye forearms, huge necks, large face, seeming being more related to bears than to humans. They often are fair hair, Nordic type and
Da Man said on 9/Nov/07
Excellent post, Patrick.
Brah said on 9/Nov/07
John Goodman is an example of a naturally strong guy. Huge everywhere.
patrick said on 9/Nov/07
Film Fan: "You don't develop proportions like that without lifting": sorry, you're wrong in being so "positive". In most cases, I agree with you and you just have to read what I am always writing about that very point to be convinced. Most of current actors are so visibly "iron pumped" (so much they melt after their film as butter under sun!). Some people are naturally very strong and so are all of the "strongest men in world". Those are mesomorphic type, more or less mixed with ecto or endomorphic type.
Very bulky ones are real and rare, mesomorphic. I happen to come across some, and it is visible those guys are "simple" men, working in a daily routine, not more.
They all have big bones, big necks, broad shoulders and big hands and wide wrists. Such men could become monsters but they are normal guys, "the strongers of their classroom" when children.
I met big bodybuilders, I mean, "champs" and they recognized some of them were so: Paradoxically, they rarely become the firsts in a contest precisely because they do not have to force, to over training to get a mass of efficient muscle they already have.
Lou Ferrigno and even Arnold were not especially muscled when children, on the contrary. Charles Bronson always was for example.
A natural muscled guy will be less attracted in getting what he has just in simply feeding!
That Clint was less bulky in the 50ies (his 20ies) than after, ok but that does not mean he was not very muscled.
He never denied he worked out with weights but there is a big difference with what did real pumped iron men.
Some guys are grizzlylike built but they often are a bit fat
FilmFan said on 6/Nov/07
Clint definitely pumped iron. You don't develop proportions like that without lifting. I just saw a tribute to him from YouTube which shows some pics of him from his days as a merchant marine and a sheriff, he was considerably thinner then. In fact, with his genetics, he could have gotten far more massive had he readlly gone all-out as a bodybuilder.

I see some comments that seem to say he wasn't that great an actor. I totally disagree. I thought he came across very well. Particularly impressive since as I understand it, he had -0- training prior to his Cheyenne role.

I imagine his skiing accident hurt his career as much as anything. I got the impression that he never really fully recovered from it. In subsequent roles he just doesn't look the same. From what I understand, he suffered a series of health maladies after that. I read where he appeared on some televangelist's show to seek a "cure". Sad both that he was hurting physically and I'm assuming did the appearance for money - if anyone knows otherwise please correct me. I noticed his one eye looked "funny" when he made his appearance in the Kenny Rogers "Gambler" movie, apparently he developed a tumor that robbed him of sight in that eye. Kind of a shock to see the state he was in at that point - overweight, disheveled - hair too long and unkempt. Looked like they'd thrown a coat and hat on him and stuck him in front of the camera. He didn't look great in some dog food commercials he made some years before that. He looked off, his speech sounded slurred, I assumed due to pain meds.
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/07
I think that Clint was about 6'6.50. As far as weight, he was given the 235 back in the 50's, he was so much heavier in the late 60's. He was kind of basketball player lean in the 50's so I think the 235 was probably right. But by the late 60's, in the Dirty Dozen and Sam Whiskey, he was football player bulky. If he was 235 in the 50's then he must have been 255+ by the end of the 60's. If you compare still shots from 55' and say 69' must be 20 plus lbs more.
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/07
He was the same height as Bo Svenson, 6'6+
patrick said on 11/Oct/07
Just one other thing: Clint does not have "big hands" like John Wayne's or Dean Martin's!
He has relatively, all things being equal, "thin hands" even thogh thin is definitely NOT the right term anyway!
patrick said on 27/Sep/07
I am watching "Yuma", a good 1971 TV film and frankly, it is funny to see Clint on his horse because...though it is a quarter horse, thus a big one, he really seems be sitten on a ...mule!
As for his confrontation with Peter Mark Richman as the county sheriff, that one looks a child. I know well that actor for having been so used in the most popular 60ies TV shows. I never noticed he was particularly small or "narrow shouldered"! They nevertheless, tried to not make Clint dwarfing other members of the acting crew and managed to make him appear "normal" in most of the shots. But now and then, they failed and the difference becomes obvious to the detriment of his co-stars!
Patrick said on 17/Sep/07
Very nice words Paul: I 100% agree with you about how we all need people like Hollywood and out there!
Some people are higher than simple human beings; they can be actors, plumbers, carpenters or politicians as were Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill AND, Ghandi. Whatever they are we recognize them as models, examples. That is why I wish he had embodied Superman which sums up all the Clint's values.
Tall and great and high Clint!
John said on 16/Sep/07
Somebody mentioned Clint as having ladies lined up all the time, the rumors were that he was quite popular with women and had his pick in and out of Hollywood. It's plain to see why. I'm sure he had fun back in the day.
PAUL said on 14/Sep/07
I met Clint in Costco a couple of weeks ago. What a class guy! Definately down to earth. He talked to me and my father for probably 15 minutes and would have probably talked longer. Just a great human being. Doesn`t think you have to use profanity and vulgarity to make a good movie. Wish there were more people in hollywood like him.
David said on 3/Sep/07
It's hard to believe thatr during

It's hard to believe that during Cheyenne Clint could ever be referred to as a "mixed up kid." He comes across in all his interviews as simply a terrific guy. Those of us who have been fortunate to converse with him can tell you that his stardom never reached his head. If he was angry at Warner Bros., he had every right to be due to the poor way he was treated by them.
AS said on 21/Aug/07
Some of it appears to be morals- he only wanted family friendly movies. Chevy Chase has taken a similar road.

In addition though Clint walked off on his contract as he wanted more movies and less TV. Understandable but in those days the bigwigs ruled hollywood. You were either a team player or not.
MT said on 19/Aug/07
Could you maybe think that the man had morals and he stuck to them no matter how famous he became. So the principals and morals he lived by probably made him labeled as hard to work with.
A lot of other men with Clints looks now days would have been naked on the net before they got where he was.
I probably do only know of him because I was allowed to watch what he did as I grew up. I never knew he was s tall until recently but I always remembered how habsome he was or is.
AS said on 18/Aug/07
Well, Clint was rather big in addition to tall. He was far more massive than Rock. So he has more tendancy to tower over stars.

A more obvious reason for his limited career is due to his difficulty to work with. I hear he's a nice guy, but a bear to direct. He refuses to do any work that isn't family friendly- he even forced a script change on Dirty Dozen due to offensive language. Read this article:
Click Here
Most of the celebrities have a positive description. His reads:
"But unfortunately, Clint, according to the people he works with, is "a mighty mixed-up kid." He is a nature-food crank, demands The Star Treatment at all times"

He probably got blacklisted. Still, his health "crank" may explain why he's still up and running.
HeightObsessed said on 17/Aug/07
The problem with the argument that Clint was too tall is that one of his most successful contemporaries was also very tall... Rock Hudson was 6'5" and his height didn't inhibit his success. It must be something more insidious... say talent. These days I think he'd be more successful, when you consider that talent isn't such a big deal, case in point: Arnold Schwarchenegger and the "Rock"
Viper said on 15/Aug/07
This guy would have been a beast as a tight end in football.
Norma said on 14/Aug/07
Clint Walker was the original poster boy (MAN) for Hunks. Not only was he georgeous to look at, his voice was music to listen to. The wimps and weirdows of so called stardom today are a joke compared to him. The reason he never made it big is because he had great character, high morals, and as I understand he also loves his Creator and His Word. I'm a spirit filled Christian, and I can makes these comments without shame, because I respect Clint as a true man.
Anonymous said on 2/Aug/07
C;int was too big to make it as huge star if that makes sense. It was very difficult to cast him. Also he was a really nice guy and most Hollywood stars to be honest are pretty self centred.
Bob H. said on 29/Jul/07
Walker was also quite graceful for a very big man. In Yellowstone Kelly he has a scene where he rides up to the camera and dismounts his horse and pivits around backwards and drops to one knee on the ground to fire his rifle. It is very graceful. Not many big actors could look so athletic.
David said on 20/Jul/07
I could never understand why Clint did not become a superstar in the movies. aside from a magnificent body and a face like a greek god, he had a voice that was so smooth that it would melt butter. He was a "man" while today's actors are simply boys.
Patrick said on 1/Jul/07
How I appreciate what you say about that magic actor and great man Clint was (and still is) but as I wrote it right here, I do not think that he would be more successful nowadays. He already was too tall at his time while tall and very tall actors were starring like John Wayne, G.Peck, J. Stewart or Cuck Heston and so many others. It was before the Hoffman, Pacino and De Niro's 7°ies era. Vince Vaughn knows ths most exterme difficulties in acting because of that; only his immense talent allows him to star but mainly in comedies, which is very different as you know. Canons and criterions have changed in in a way, "Europeanising". Too bad indeed.
Another very well built and tall actor (6'6)was Fred Dryer (Rick Hunter) but not like "him", indeed no!
AS said on 28/Jun/07
Wasn't Clint a lifter? I'm not sure how much he did but this link includes two photos from a workout:
Click Here

I agree he did have that superman look, almost on every point. He's probably one of the biggest guys who, while standing by himself, isn't an obvious giant.

I recall reading in an interview that while shooting the Dirty Dozen he would go on jogs with Jim Brown. Impressive considering Jim was a running back and ten years younger.
patrick said on 27/Jun/07
Dear 5'11.5 guy, happy you join me about Clint; I just would add a little thing about Tang: I work in health services andI can assure you that Tang definitely has the gigantism facial characteritics even though much less than Kiel. There is another famous basketball player Billy Cristal hired to play with in a funny movie: this guy was also a athlete and had the same characteristics.
You will see that later, Tang will get many health problems; Of that, I am 100% sure.
You know, it is not that rare in America to have big and very tall men; it is genetic as it is in Norway, Swede (Dutch are different because when Americans were already much taller than the others, in the 19th century, Dutch used to be very small!) In a certain way, Clint is nothing but "the American ideal" while Chinese are by and large rather small or at least average, as Algerians are even if the today's tallest man on earth is an Algerian!
5'11.5 guy said on 26/Jun/07
Tang can;t be compared to Richard Kiel, he never had acromegaly. He's atheltic and fast enough to play basketball well. And he is definitely well built. A froce to be reckoned with on the court.

I agree that he's a giant whereas Clint isn't though. Clint would have been healthier, and was much better looking.
patrick said on 26/Jun/07
Dear 5'11.5 guy, ther is a BIG difference with Clint because that Chinese basketball player actually is a giant, I mean in the medical way of saying it.
Clint was not, even less than James Arness who definitely has "something" in his face of a giant.
Tang is not well built, he has the proportions of a someone being “too tall” and does not give the impression to be a superman.
So is Richard Kiel and if you carefully look at both of them, you will see they have that so peculiar shape: high broad shoulders as Cassidy, another giant actor, had too.
Clint is just a normal, very well built man but much taller than the others.
He is not much of a giant. Otherwise, there are tons of guys taller and heavier than him!
What makes Clint so unique is he was not a “steroïdic athlete” and not even a bodybuilder!
I never got his match in any category because even Peter Lupus , so impressive and Supermanlike was a power lifter.
Even though Clint would have only raise his pen to write sissy novels, he would have been twice stronger than most of men!
Another big natural and very tall actor was Sterling Hayden but he was just below in height and width Clint Walker.
I met in November, a friend of him near the place Clint lives and he confirmed all what I have told you about him: a natural superman!
5'11.5 guy said on 25/Jun/07
Walker's build reminds me of Chinese basketball center Tang Zhengdong, who also has massive shoulders and very narrow waist/hips. Tang is 7 inches taller and way heavier than Walker was, though.

His pic. Click Here
patrick said on 19/Jun/07
Jason, I agree with you but the man was a "mass", with bear bones and sinews and articulates (articulates are very meaningful about real strength and capacity of naturally getting muscles).
Indeed, the comparison, easily visible just in looking at him, between his incredible thin waist and the rest of his trunk enhanced that spectacular effect, however, I can assure you this guy was anyway HUGE! I repeat: He was the only one REAL superman, if only they would have had the good idea of making such a film in the 60ty decade!
AAAA: sure I remember it! I know very well Grecian as Romanian and Renaissance sculpture art and, actually, Clint would have been Heracles or Hercules (depending you prefer Greek or Roman mythology!)!
Viper, once more, I agree with you about his genes: do not forget what we wrote about Tom roots: Cherokee type. So, Clint happens to partially come from that tribe: ¼ exactly!
He besides felt embarrassed in embodying a rude guy in “the dirty dozen”, just in the name of the Natives he felt being deep down; as result he asked Robert Aldrich to change a bit his part.
That was done, making Posey much more human and clever than initially planned.
Very happy to notice sucha man and actor is not forgotten today!
After all, you all are much younger than I am!
AAAA said on 18/Jun/07
Just look at the guy. He was an andonis and a mountain, and he had that perfect all american glint in his eye, the million dollar smile, and he never looked awkward at a towering 6'6.
Viper said on 18/Jun/07
Seems like Clint had some incredible genetics.
AAAA said on 16/Jun/07
Hey patrick, do you remember the Dorophyus statue we discussed the proportions of a few months back, and how it emboided the ideal human proportions. I was reading something about clint needing special tailoring for movie clothing and costumes. It was some site online that stated his measurements, and aside from his 32 inch waist, he was almost dead on the build of the ideal Grecian male as set foward by Doroyphus. He was actually .25 inches taller than the statue. But aside from that and the waist, everything else was perfectly in proportion.
Jason said on 15/Jun/07
He was stated as being 235lbs in 1959 at age 32. He had a ricidilously tiny waist and hips for a 6'6'' 235-pound man (32'' and 36'' respectively), so that means way more of his size was in his upper body than a normal fit man of that height and weight, and would have made him appear heavier than he actually was by looking at it.
patrick said on 14/Jun/07
No doubt he was closer to 250 lbs than to 235; 235 at 25 maybe but mcuh more after!This man was the biggest star ever; For me, he is a star.
Yes, even Jim Brown, yet so big and tall, looks "normal" beside him! Donald Sutherland is far smaller than him, not mention "shoulders" width!
It seems amazing, incredible that an actor could ever be "like that"; Usually, men of that ilk are either not really handsome nor looking you know, "very clever", with that "special" glint in the eye. An almost 200 cm guy as braod as tall is usually more physical than anything else.
Clint was as handsome as any other great star and even more BUT in addition, he was "superman"! That didn't help him alas, in his career, on the contrary!
Jason said on 28/May/07
Clint weighed 235 according to the publicity of the time. Maybe he was heavier when he was older. 6'6'' seems right.
Anonymous said on 27/May/07
Clint had to be 6'6+ and about 250+ he stood next to 6'3 230 Jim Brown in the dirty dozen and made him look like he was standing in a hole.
patrick said on 1/Feb/07
Yeah, he was SUPERMAN as i said here! Look: even his head and his hair!
all the other tall and strong actors look like bodybuilders or noticeably thinner than him.
I think like Charles Bronson or Robert Conrad (but they were much much shorter) Clint was one of these guys who do not need any working out to be very strong and broad from any side: arm; chest, hands , neck and legs!
Charles Bronson was even at 15, also a "pack of dry muscles" with fantastic arms;
Besides, they both play in "the dirty dozen" and though the huge difference of size, never Charles seems ridiculous next to Clint;
In a way much less than (the great and late) Lee Marvin, a narrow boy in front of the giant oak Clint.
6'2 Jim Brown looked like a bodybuilder, i mean, not natural bulky guy.
Clint, never even though he worked out also!
I was in last november next to him and he now looks really like an Idian; with getting on in age, people whow have indian blood as Clint, turn more and more towards "this" origin; It seems that people having indian blood are often in very good shape and strong; so is Tom Welling for example.
Daniel said on 31/Jan/07
That is an amazing photograph of Clint and Burt Reynolds. It is from the movie Sam Whiskey when Burt challenges Clint to a fight, which is really hysterical. Can you imagine that? Clint makes Burt look scrawny, which he wasn't. The picture is not exaggerated either. Clint is that much taller than Burt. Clint has to have one of the best physiques ever.
patrick said on 26/Jan/07
ALAS Dee, i did not find Clint next to Burt Reynolds but a site i know with many actors!
agree with you at 100% about Clint Walker! He was "superman" for real!
Anonymous2 said on 22/Dec/06
Walker was an incredible physical presence and i agree with previous Anonymous that his looks probably kept him from expandig beyond westerns and war movies. He actually could bring quite a bit of delicacy to a portrayal, and it's kind of a shame that the very thing that got him his breakthrough part kept him so typecast.
Brad said on 5/Nov/06
Same height as me but made me look small because he is wide around his shoulders. He's one big hombre with a handshake that could crush.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/06
I think Walker's size held back his career though. Although it was what got him started it must have made it difficult to cast him. Even Rock Hudson looked small compared to Walker and Hudson was massive. I don't know if there was too much different in height between the two but Walker was much bigger built.
JIM DOWN said on 20/Sep/06
JD Felcher said on 16/Sep/06
According to an article on TV westerns in Time Magazine (March 30, 1959), Clint stood 6' 6" tall, weighed 235 lbs, and had chest-waist-hips measurements of 48-32-36.
Alex said on 16/Sep/06
6'6" as he himself has always said. In response to Mikex, Clint DID use weights (Steroid free though!) and bodyweight exercises too. There are quite a few photos of him in old magazines (and on the internet) lifting Barbells and working out. One of my favorites is of him doing chin ups from the rafters with a large plate attached to his belt/harness.
Mikex said on 24/May/06
He did a film with 6'4'' Vincent Price and was about 2 inches taller. Walker was an incredibly impressive looking guy though. Not a guy you'd barge past to get served at the bar.
Gonzalo said on 17/May/06
He was much taller than 6`4 Donald sutherland in Dirty dozen. Maybe he was taller than 6`6.
Daniel said on 11/Apr/06
Both Clint and Rock were big, strong guys. Clint always played a tough guy. Rock had much more diverse roles, but he could play a tough guy as well. Don't sell him short. Both guys were strong enough to literally hoist guys up in the air. I remember Rock hoisting Robert Stack (not a small guy either-over 6'0 tall) over his shoulder and carrying him up a flight of stairs. Written On The Wind was the movie. I think Clint could have lifted Rock over his shoulders, , but I doubt Rock could have done that to Clint. I think Clint was about an inch taller than Rock, though probably a lot stronger.
Charlie said on 10/Apr/06
Agreed, Clint was one well built guy. Rock wasn't as muscular, but certainly was very well built. That was the reason Clint and Rock were shirtless in most of their films. Both showing off their physiques. Honestly, I don't think many guys would pick a fight with either one. They were both huge. Both Clint and Rock looked awesome in their movie fight scenes.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/06
Hudson was himself a well built guy by the standards of the day but he looks skinny next to Walker. Not a guy you'd pick a fight with, unless you happen to be Lee Marvin in the Dirty Dozen.
Mikex said on 22/Feb/06
In an interview on the net he says James Arness was abount an inch taller.
A Fan said on 12/Feb/06
I think Clint is about 6'7" inches tall. I don't think he was much taller than Rock Hudson. Just a lot broader and more muscular.
Gramps said on 9/Nov/05
Not just that, but the guy's shoulders were about ten feet wide!
sage said on 8/Nov/05
I believe Clint is actually about 6'7".
Gramps said on 26/Oct/05
Clint Walker was AT LEAST 6'6" tall. Compare him here with Rock Hudson, who is dwarfed here by Walker!
I think fears of seeming "freakish" may have kept him from revealing his real height of greater than 6'6".
WildBill said on 24/Oct/05
Walker appeared about an inch taller than Hudson. I think Walker is a confirmed 6'6".

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