How tall was Fess Parker

Fess Parker's Height

6ft 5 ½ (196.9 cm)

American actor, best remembered for the TV series Daniel Boone and films such as films like Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, Old Yeller, Hell is For Heroes, The Light in the Forest, The Hangman, Springfield Rifle and Battle Cry. In a 1955 news article he was quoted saying: "I'm six feet five. The real Crockett? Well, as nearly as I can make out, he was a little under six feet."

Fess Parker 1968
I was too tall to be an aviator. I was already 6-5. I couldn't scrunch down at all.

How tall is Fess Parker
Fess, Daughter Ashley, Ronald Reagan

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6ft 5.43in (196.7cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Sep/23
Still around 6ft5 with Reagan...I think Chuck Connors holds up slightly better in his photo with the president though
alen said on 22/Nov/22
199cm in my opinion
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Aug/22
Very strong 6ft5 guy like somewhere between 196-196.5cm range...Chuck Connors edged him so maybe a more solid 197cm for him
Sinclair said on 18/Mar/22
6’5.5” seems a fair compromise, considering Clint Walker edged him out and how he still had at least a couple of inches on Clint Eastwood.
Hong said on 14/Mar/22
Click Here Here's Fess with Ronald Reagan,this pic was taken in 1985 making Fess around 61 years old.
Hong said on 23/Feb/22
Click Here Fess Parker at 6ft5 flat leaves Clint Eastwood 6ft2 flat a clear 3 inches in height between the two,also Clint with footwear advantage,Clint and Buddy Ebsen look similar in height,judging from this video Fess was easily 6ft5.5 while Clint Eastwood is looking like 6ft2.5 not 6ft3.5 or even 6ft3 flat.
Hong said on 23/Feb/22
Click Here Here's Fess aged 85 alongside Cameron Ely the son of Tarzan actor Ron Ely,Cameron is listed as 6ft5 as you can see aged 85 Fess is not looking much shorter still close to 6ft4,if indeed Cameron Ely is 6ft5.
Ian C. said on 27/Oct/21
What I mean about attractive heights, Chaoscontrol, is not the actual heights themselves, but the numbers. You know how most people have a lucky number? Well, it's that kind of thing.

Six foot four is a more appealing number than six foot five, or six foot three. I realize this sounds wildly whimsical (which is to say, there is a very good chance that it's wrong), but the reporting of heights could sometimes be coloured by this kind of thinking.
Chaoscontrol. said on 26/Oct/21
@Ian what makes certain heights attractive? I find 6’5 to be a really good sounding height
eduar said on 23/Oct/21
Ian C. said on 23/Oct/21
Parker was usually pegged at six foot six, but may have been a bit shorter. I suspect that listed heights are sometimes inaccurate because some numbers are subliminally more attractive than others. Six foot six is an attractive number so, if a man is close to that height, he will claim six foot six.

Six foot is a threshold height. A man who is five foot eleven might claim six foot, because he wants to be at the threshold. An actor who claims to be five foot eleven will often turn out to be as low as five foot nine. He wants to exaggerate his height, but flinches from claiming six foot, because that would be to put him in a height class that he can't plausibly fake.

Six foot four is such an attractive number that men both shorter and taller than that height will claim it. Six foot four is actually more of a category than a real height. Six foot four is a sort of shorthand for "really tall guy."

Expanding on this theory, actors who claim to be six foot three or six foot five really are those heights. These are unattractive numbers that no one will fraudulently select as their heights.
Tall In The Saddle said on 18/Aug/21

I agree that Chandler was likely midway or closer to 6’3”. Interesting that Fess appears to have footwear advantage. Both guys postures are compromised but Fess more so. A bit to account for but I’ll take a punt and say all in all Chandler is standing better next to Fess than Clint did.
Hong said on 16/Aug/21
Click Here Here's Fess with 6ft4 listed Jeff Chandler,if Chandler was 6ft4 as listed Parker looks to be over 2 inches taller 6ft6.5,I don't think Chandler was 6ft4 more like 6ft3.
Tall In The Saddle said on 23/Jul/21
Fess Parker was a man, yes a big man........but, exactly how big, is the question.

6’ 5 1/2” seems a fair call. However it’s interesting to see Fess alongside guys like Ebsen and Eastwood. He looked huge. Also, compare him by one degree of separation to Cooper and Wayne, using Mike Mazurki as the go between. Mazurka clearly taller than Cooper and Wayne but then Fess himself clearly taller than Mazurki that much more again. Even in older age Mazurki still looked about even with fellow actor Cliff Osborne in Batman. Osborne was a legit 6’5” and he is also appeared in an episode of The Rifleman with Chuck Connors and fellow guest guest actor Jeff York who was 6’4” himself. No clear scenes with Connors but Osborne looked to have a clear 1 inch on York. Early in the episode York stands back to back with Connors for what appears to be even measure but Connors can be clearly seen bending his legs to allow for same.
Lamont Cranston said on 30/Apr/21
My brother was in a wine club, and Fess (who owned a winery) came by as a featured owner. He was all of whatever height he is listed at (6'5" or so), my brother was impressed. Apparently a super nice guy as well...

At least no one here is claiming they "saw him in a mall, he couldn't be more than 5'8"...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Dec/20
Hyper, hard to place Fess next to those guys...
Hyper said on 6/Dec/20
Rob, who would you say is the tallest out of the bunch:

Fess Parker, Metta World Peace, Yung Gravy, or Bo Burnham?
Editor Rob
really hard to say for sure, a lot of heights you can argue fractions above or below....sometimes Metta World can seem nearer 6ft 6 than some of the others.
Hong said on 2/Dec/19
If he was 6ft5.25 then by comparison Eastwood was no more tham 6ft2.5.
Canson said on 30/Nov/19
@Joe: always a chance he rounded down from 5 1/2. The average guess surprises me too. I’d expect more people to think he is taller than he is. I could buy 6’5.25 too but a rock solid or even strong 197 isn’t out of the question
joe### said on 27/Nov/19
yes, he always looked close to 6'6 sometimes he probably rounded it down.
joe### said on 27/Nov/19
no way he's 194cm he's relaxed in the picture and looking down and clink walker has a perfect posture.
Hong said on 26/Nov/19
There are some good pics of Walker next to Ali during the making of the dirty dozen.Walker looks a good 3 inches taller than Ali,also he looked a solid 6ft6 next to Dinald Sutherland and was wearing the same footwear.I personally believe Walker was no less tha 6 ft5.5.
Hong said on 26/Nov/19
In that pic he looks 6ft4 range with Walker,and he looks 3 inches taller than Clint Eastwood in the Danny Kaye show clip,that would put Eastwood in the weak 6ft2 range,that pic must be just a bad angle or something.
Canson said on 25/Nov/19
joe### said on 8/Nov/17
fess parker measure taller than howard stern.Parker huge is probably look in 6´5.5-6´5.75 in cawboy bots over 6´7 and maybe 6´5.25 at night.

I agree with you now. He may have been 197 peak
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Nov/19
@MihaiG in the photo you linked Click Here Fess Parker appears impossibly shorter than Walker. If the shot was square, the ground even and one accepted Walker as 6'6" then you would have to be guessing Parker to not even be quite 6'3" when in reality Fess was a good 6'5.5". The fact is Walker is standing on higher ground which I think can obviously be seen in the full length shot. In addition to that Walker often wore cowboy style apparel (note signature cowboy style bolo tie) and that apparel included mainstay boots with a very generous heel. Check the huge heel Clint wore in SEND ME NO FLOWERS which also starred Rock Hudson who was only wearing normal shoes. IMO an always well heeled Walker actually stood no taller than 6'5" max (and was even listed as 6'4.5" in some instances) and all things being equal Parker would have the edge on him.
MihaiG said on 23/Nov/19
Compared to Clint Walker, Parker looked significantly shorter in the picture below, maybe posture plus height loss? But Clint was only 3 years younger. Parker Looked no more than maybe 194 there, even with angle and slouching. I am guessing also that Clint is always standing so well. What else can explain this in your opinion, Rob? Click here Click Here
Ian C. said on 16/Nov/19
The real Daniel Boone was said to be five foot eight. Fess looked more like Boone than Boone did.
Hong said on 5/Nov/19
If George Kennedy was 6ft4 Parker looks the full 6ft6 in comparison,if you check out a video on YouTube titled miracle at whisky gulch, from 1962 at 25mins,you will see.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Oct/19
Parker: 196.5cm
Connors: 197.5cm
Walker: 198.5cm
Arness: 199.5cm

Rob, how do these sit with you?
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Apr/19
Parker and 6'6" Arness w/ the same woman... Click Here

Parker (in slippers) and Arness in the 1954 film "Them"... Click Here , Click Here

W/ 6'4.75" Mike Mazurki... Click Here

W/ maybe 7'1" Richard Kiel... Click Here
Kiel and 6'1" Carl Weathers... Click Here
joe### said on 8/Nov/17
fess parker measure taller than howard stern.Parker huge is probably look in 6´5.5-6´5.75 in cawboy bots over 6´7 and maybe 6´5.25 at night.
Canson said on 8/Nov/17
Keep in mind he wears boots a lot too. No reason not to believe he’s closer to 6’5” than 6’6
Canson said on 8/Nov/17
@Joe: could be same As Howard stern. 6’5.25 and rounded down. A 6’5.25 and 6’5 don’t look that much different really neither does a 6’5.5 and 6’5.25. But most people inflate their own heights and guess others as being taller rather than actual or being shorter because of optimism. So a guy who is 6’5.25 or even 6’5 will edge out even an honest guy who believes he’s 6’5. You could have a guy who measures 6’4.75 or 6’4 7/8 be told he’s 6’5 by a doctor an hour out of bed and be closer to my height then a guy like him measure afternoon height of 6’5”-6’5.25 and he will be told he’s 6’5.5 or maybe even 6’6”. I get it all the time where I’m 193.9 on a normal day yet a guy who is maybe 191 claiming 6’4 because he thought he was will tell me I’m 6’5. My perspective on it is that the afternoon height is the more accurate of the two because you carry it longer and average it longer than a morning height. And if I measured someone at 3pm or 6pm and they are 6’4 1/4 or 3/8 (my height) I wouldn’t even take them saying they are 6’5” seriously or they were measured at 6’5” seriously because there is no way for me to verify it. Anyone else who measures someone at that time that isn’t on celebheights would have the same attitude and outlook on it and would just take what they measure. I don’t even entertain the morning height argument as honestly I’ve only maybe heard few people say it outside of this site that you are taller in the AM when you wake up but even one or two have still said they’re so and so (true height) and mention well in the morning when you’re “half inch taller” not referring to their morning height just making a general statement
joe### said on 7/Nov/17
look he with Mike mazurki I seem to be 6'5.5
joe### said on 4/Nov/17
this listing is right strong 196 men
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Aug/17
I actually think there's a greater chance that he rounded down to 6ft5…
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/17
Rob, how likely is 6ft5?
Editor Rob
a chance of course, he did claim it...but did he round down? You could see a 6ft 5.5 mark for him and maybe he went low rather than round up?
Scott said on 23/May/17
He almost never stood straight, but when he did he was a solid three inches taller than Buddy Ebsen in the Davy Crockett movies. He didn't look a full two inches taller than Jeff York, however, in Davy Crockett and the River Pirates.
Editor Rob said on 14/Aug/16
I found an early quote with Fess claiming to be 6ft 5...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/16
Rob, who do you think was taller in their prime Parker or Walker?
Editor Rob
can be hard telling guys this size apart at times.
Sam said on 7/Mar/16
Parker for sure pulls off looking a solid 6'6" next to the recently added 6'3" Buddy Ebsen.
SHORTY said on 16/Jan/16
It would've been interesting to see a film or t.v. show that featured both Fess Parker and Clint Walker, another 6'6" actor.
Shadow2 said on 30/Oct/15
Yes, I agree with jervis, there's always a clear three inches between Buddy and Fess, especially in personal appearance photos they did while not in their "Davey Crockett" costumes. Buddy often claimed he was over 6' 3" (and that Fess was not 6' 6") but the various images show otherwise. Rob, how are we going with a page for Buddy Ebsen, definitely a 6' 3" but no taller. I look forward as well to pages on Robert Reed (6' 2.5") and Mike Connors (6' 1.5"). Thanks.
jervis said on 23/Aug/15
Clear 3 inches on 6ft3 Ebsen.If Ebsen was 6ft3 then Parker was an easy 6ft6.
Sam said on 25/Jun/15
I remember watching them and knowing about Arness's height but not Parker's so I was shocked that it had such a towering guy in another role.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Feb/15
Rob can you add a photo and TV series Daniel Boone films like Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, The Light in the Forest, The Hangman, Springfield Rifle and Battle Cry and also add an entry for Dorothy McGuire, also from Old Yeller, Swiss Family Robinson, Friendly Persuasion and Gentleman's Agreement etc..
marcus said on 31/May/14
Saw a Disney Show on Youtube with Buddy Epsen and Fess Parker talking about their Davy Crocket show. Buddy said that when the show began in 1954 he was 6'3 and 1/4" and Fess was 6'5 and 1/2"
VC said on 24/May/14
I guessed Fess is somewhat 6'5 because Jim Arness may be listed at 6'7 because he was listed with shoes. My opinion is Jim is actually 6'6. Most tall chaps in Hollywood are measured with shoes so an inch here & there is pretty common.
Ian C. said on 17/Feb/14
I'll tell you the truth, daddy cool, you may have got me there with superior research. And good for you.
daddy cool said on 28/Nov/13
There's quite a difference between Arness and Parker in "Them" movie.

Click Here

Parker is tho wearing slippers in this scene and he allways slouched in his movies. I truly believe Parker was a legit 6'6 guy. An inch shorter than Arness.
Ian C. said on 5/Aug/13
Fess Parker never looked an inch less than six foot six. You can see him in a bit part in the giant ant movie Them where he stands next to James Arness (credibly listed at six foot seven), and there is little difference between them. Or you can see him in the Adventures of Davy Crockett with Buddy Ebsen (six foot three),and Parker is easily three inches taller. When he stands with Steve McQueen in Hell Is for Heroes, he looks like a tree.
Gary said on 26/Aug/12
I think how a shot is framed automatically calls attention to the height of people. Unless a lead man can give being shorter an edge, as Cagney did, we lend more focus and more pure rooting to the taller actor. Victor Mature knew this and blew up at directors who positioned him either with taller actors or ones standing on higher ground. John Wayne began to see, as he got older and was less the romantic interest, that his being "the big man" ensured the continuance of his stardom, so he wore lifts. So from the audience's viewpoint this is understandable, and the actor is thinking in business terms.
Shaun said on 10/Feb/12
They certainly don't make em like they used to!
Shaun said on 10/Feb/12
Good call Rob, if he was eye to eye with Napier must be this.
AZmink said on 24/Aug/11
We went to his hotel in Santa Barbara and saw him and then to his winery in the late 90's I believe. He was 6'6" and a very nice and friendly man. I will always remember him as an American Hero from the Walt Disney movies, Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett.
mstock said on 17/May/11
Fess Parker was every bit of 6'6". Buddy Ebsen was 6'3" and he was at least 3-4 inches taller. Ed Ames is at least 6'3" and Fess was at least 3 inches taller maybe 4". He was about 4" taller than George Sanders who was the same height as John Wayne. Robert Logan is a true 6'3" and again Fess was "AT LEAST" 3" taller.
Yes,Fess Parker was at least 6'6" tall. And he was a great actor and person
Clay Siwell said on 21/Jan/11
Fess Parker was a great actor and his height had nothing to do with his success. We live in a superficial world filled with shallow people. Fess new this and that is why he never focused on his height at least that is what I got from our conversation.
Shadow2 said on 6/Dec/10
Rob, thanks for upgrading Fess. Almost every contributor on this page is unanimous that Fess was a legit 6'6" during his movie and TV career. But typical of the humble man he was during his lifetime, Fess never emphasized his height to others.
There is a 1954 science fiction classic called "Them" (giant ants on the rampage) where Fess appears in one of his very first roles, coincidentally in a scene with fellow extremely tall actor (and future TV legend) 6'7" James Arness.
Sam said on 18/Nov/10
Fess was 6 ft 6 in, when he was young. 6 ft 5 in, later in life. FACT.
Shadow2 said on 2/Nov/10
Further to The Jayhawkers, in several scenes Fess was paired with legit 6'6" Don Megowan so as to divert attention from Fess towering over everyone else in the cast. Megowan was one of the actors who played the Creature from the Black Lagoon in those movies. Henry Silva and Leo Gordon, both 6'2", looked short next to Fess. Even legit 6'4" Jeff Chandler seemed to be at times three inches shorter than Fess. In one scene Fess is barefoot and still looks 6'6" alongside one of his co stars.
Tom said on 5/May/09
O' Daniel Boone was very tall. 6 ft 5 sounds spot on.
Manitobaboy said on 18/Apr/08
Those are fair to impressive heights based on today's standards. In the 19th C. they would have been notably tall. What's you source for this?
larry said on 3/Apr/06
Frank2 - Sorry about the late reply. "Camping out" with slaves... er, I mean: GRADUATE STUDENTS in Montana now. Oh, post DIVORCE ire, huh! :-) Dan Daily?! That's a SCREAM!!! And Daily was a dancer too (unlike Jeff). Yep: saw a screening of the new THE ALAMO IN San Antonio with my daughter. OK, it was more historically accurate AS FAR AS ANYONE KNOWS. It didn't play well in San Antonio EXCEPT with the historians BECAUSE (in this version) David Crockett was taken alive, then executed. I liked it, BUT I like the John Wayne movie too (even though I know some of the history was dubious). Of course I grew up with Fess Parker (all 6'5" plus) swinging away at the end! But Billy Bob did (IMO) a good job of portraying the man BEHIND the bigger than life legend. BTW: "Col" Crockett NEVER believed his own BS - he was supposed to have been a funny guy. He also was probably about 5'10" to 6' tall in real life. Don't know HOW tall Billy Bob Thornton is. In MY opinion as a South Texan AND a history buff the best movie version was THE LAST COMMAND with Sterling Hayden, Richard Calson, and Ernest Borgnine. Just to kind of stay on topic the heights of the main participants in the battle of The Alamo are NOW thought to be:
David Crockett - 5'11", 180 pounds
William Travis - 6'0", 170 pounds
James Bowie - 6'1", 190 pounds (though much thinner at the time of his death)
James Bonham - 6'2", 185 pounds
Santa Anna - 5'10", 175 pounds (yes, he was described as that height many times)
Frank2 said on 2/Apr/06
I'm not saying he was a crossdresser. Actress/swimming star Esther Williams made that charge in her book. I still find it hard to believe. I do know that Dan Daily would go out in drag. In fact supposedly he got arrested wearing women's close at some gay bar in Hollywood. MGM had a hell of a time covering it up. And Daily like Chandler was 6'3"!

Larry, what did you think of the recent film on The Alamo starring Billy Bob Thornton as Davy Crockett?
larry said on 2/Apr/06
Thank you Frank2! :-) a 6'3" cross-dresser? Must have looked like Tugboat Annie!!! The Thimblerig character Conreid played played was based on a historical character: James Erastis Stewart. He was played by Denver Pyle in John Wayne's THE ALAMO. SUPPOSEDLY he was an ancestor of ours. But EVERYONE in Texas claims they had an ancestor who died at the Alamo! :-) If they'd had that many men they would have won!
Frank2 said on 1/Apr/06
Jeff Chandler was 6'3". (not in heels! Hahahahahaha!) Buddy Ebson was also 6'3". I met him on the set of The Beverly Hillbillies. Hans Conreid was a good friend of my family and I saw him frequently. He was about 6'2". And for those who still think Danny Thomas was nearly 6', please check out one of the episodes of Make Room For Daddy where Conreid played Danny's Uncle Tonoose and you'll see quite clearly that Thomas was just 5'10" Conreid is a good four inches taller.

I'd say that Fess Parker was closer to 6'6". He wasn't much shorter than James Arness in Them.
larry said on 1/Apr/06
That movie was called THE JAYHAWKERS. Fess looked 2-3 inches taller than Jeff Chandler, but how tall was Jeff Chandler? Where's Frank2? Also Fess looked at least 2" taller than Budy Ebsen and Hans Conreid in the DAVY CROCKETT series. Weren't they both 6' 2 or 3"?

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