How tall was Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

American actor and former President of The United States. He is best remembered for roles in films such as Santa Fe Trail, Kings Row, Knute Rockne All American, Cattle Queen of Montana, Dark Victory, Desperate Journey, Bedtime for Bonzo, The Winning Team, That Hagen Girl and Hellcats of the Navy. In 1982, when asked for a description of himself, he said: "I'm 6 feet 1, 185 pounds, have brown hair and still have my own teeth...and I do not wear makeup nor do I dye my hair."

Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981
[In Junior year] I suddenly sprang up. I was five feet ten and a half, weighed about 135 pounds or so, and that was the year I made varsity. I was a late bloomer as to growth. As a matter of fact, I was still growing a year after I finished my college football.

How tall is Ronald Reagan
Ronald and Clint Eastwood

How tall is Ronald Reagan
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Ronald (circa 1984)

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6ft 0.55in (184.3cm)
Slim1.75m said on 17/Sep/23
@Rob what was his weight though his presidency I think more than 185lb as he says maybe closer to 200ibs
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Aug/23
A prime Reagan I don't think was far off 6ft1.

Rob, maybe 6ft0¾?
oren metser said on 11/May/23
1.85m-A weak 6'1,next to a 1.88m or 6'2 Arnold Schwarzenegger . About an inch and change or and a half difference: 3-4cm. 6'0 and 3/4
Jazzy3000 said on 6/Apr/23
Saw him in person once in Sacramento. He was no more than 5’11”, pompadour-assisted.

And, what’s up with him claiming he didn’t dye his hair? In his 70s?
Jtm said on 1/Apr/23
he really towered over james dean. definitely no less than 6'0 when he was younger but probably 5'11.5 max when president. he was consistently 3 inches shorter than Bush.
affidavit David said on 27/Mar/23
Looked 2 inches shorter than Juan Carlos, king of Spain who really was 1.87m, that was in 1985, when Reagan was 74 years old, definitely 1.84m peak height, 1.82 during his presidency.
James.B 172cm said on 9/Mar/23
Clint looks more like 6’2 than 3 with Ronald Regan
alanliev78 said on 21/Feb/23
all Leaders are just 6 feeters ..(Bibi Ping Reagan ALL MAJORITY) maxima 6'4" (Lincoln..Kohl.) minima 5'8" (Mitterand...Gorby) i never see a trueTall guy like Ganz or Comey or at opposite a dwarf lead a great powerfull country .. except Bengourion..(4'10" and half) but at era of no nuclear israel. 1m48 for a state born in 1948 hes favorite sentence in europa
5'7 and a fraction said on 20/Feb/23
Sure, saw him billed at 6'2 and some point but never looked that tall to me.
ZDA said on 30/Sep/22
184cm peak
182cm during his presidency
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 15/Sep/22
Must of been near 6ft 1, he could look over prince Charles head
T.M. said on 30/Aug/22
RIP Mikhail Gorbachev who died at 91 today. Peak: 5'9"
Katherine Bridle said on 31/Jul/22
Mikhail Gorbachev is 5ft 8 ¾ peak (or 5ft 5 ½ currently)
Abdulrahman176 said on 7/Jun/22
184 cm
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
Arnold is closer to the camera in this pic
Sinclair said on 2/Mar/22
Rob, how tall would you say Mikhail Gorbachev was at peak? 5’9”?

Apart from being an inch taller than 5’8” Henry Kissinger, Gorbachev was about three inches shorter than Reagan when in office. As today marks Gorbachev’s 91st birthday, I feel now would be a suitable time to create a page for him.
Editor Rob
with Reagan he was close to 5ft 9
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/22
184.5cm peak to 182.5-183cm in office seems plausible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/22
I’d still place Clint at roughly 6ft3 in that photo and Ronald at 6ft
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 9/Jan/22
weak 6'1. 184,5-185
T.M. said on 22/Nov/21
6'0 3/4''. Weak 6'1''.
Ben Kaufman said on 25/Oct/21
I have a photo we took standing next to each other from late 1979. We are the same height. I am 6’1”. The photo was taken by a Los Angeles newspaper.
ViperPilot said on 22/Oct/21
5’11” flat.
diavolo said on 22/Sep/21
He looked close to 6'1" next to Gorbachev who's about 5'8".
viper said on 19/Sep/21
The pic with Arnold is really great proof that Arnold is 6-1 minimum
ViperPilot said on 18/Sep/21
5’11” guy.
David Tang said on 5/Aug/21
6'0 flat
Corb said on 16/Apr/21
Definitely shrunk by his later years.
berta said on 25/Mar/21
if he was 184 and maybe had shrunk to 183 in the pic above, then clint eastwood look almost 6´2. another evidence that clint never was taller than 6´3
Sinclair said on 12/Mar/21
Rob, how tall would you say the former US Secretary of State, George P. Shultz was?
Editor Rob
maybe in prime around 6ft
Almost 180cm guy said on 20/Feb/21
Unfortunately, the link does not work so I am sending a photo of Reagan next to Burt Lancaster from 1950 again: Click Here
I found a few more photos of him with Jane Wyman from 1943: Click Here Click Here Click Here
And a few others from 1939: Click Here Click Here
And one photo of Reagan next to Cloris Leachman from 1950: Click Here
After all, I'd say Reagan was close to 6ft 1. Rob, I think an upgrade to almost 6ft 1 would be fine.
5'10 Dude said on 19/Feb/21
I agree with your listing of 6'0½. As president, especially in his second term he could not have been over a flat 6'0. With a young solid 5'11 George W Bush he's hunched over, but doesn't really have a huge height advantage: Click Here
I know it's not necessary for the listing since it's only peak height.I just found it interesting.
Almost 180cm guy said on 15/Feb/21
Hi Rob! Is there a chance that Reagan's peak height was closer to 185 cm? Here is photo of Reagan with Burt Lancaster from 1950: Click Here
Reagan in this shot from movie set doesn't seem like a shorter than Lancaster. Rob, maybe 6ft 0.75 would be closer to truth than 184 cm?
Editor Rob
Weak 6ft 1 isn't impossible
slim 6'1 said on 20/Jan/21
I reckon he would’ve been eye to eye with the likes of Stephen amell and David tannant
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jan/21
@Rob I've emailed you. Arguably the most presidential of all presidents. Just shy of 6'1 peak seems accurate.
Editor Rob
I just saw your email, though got a 'fright' as there was a big yellow warning banner.

See here.

I have changed your name, don't worry.
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
Weak 6’1” area 👍
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Dec/20
184-184.5 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Dec/20
186cm peak is a stretch but 184-185cm zone isn’t impossible. Could look a weak 6ft1 in his movie career. By the 80’a was struggling to look 6ft. Eastwood still looked about 6ft3 there though
Peter193 said on 17/Dec/20
Clint Eastwood and Ronald Reagan in 1987: Click Here

Eastwood: 6ft 2 7/8 190cm

Reagan: 6ft 1/2 184cm
Peter193 said on 15/Dec/20
1940s: 6ft 1 1/4 186cm
1980s: 6ft 1/2 184cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Dec/20
Clint may have dropped half an inch by the late 80’s
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Dec/20
Clint Eastwood look 2.5" on Ronald Reagan. Clint is probably 6'3 in 1987.
Rory said on 14/Dec/20
If Reagan was 182-3 in 1987, which I think he was, then Clint doesn't look much over 6ft2 in that picture. In the video though Clint looks at least 3 inches taller than Reagan. Peak Clint 6ft3.5,1987 Clint 6ft3. Peak Reagan 6ft 0.5-0.75, 1987 Reagan 5ft11.75.
Reaganfan84 said on 4/Dec/20
6' 0.5" inch peak for Reagan, but during his presidency he was 5' 11.5" or a smidge shorter. Bush Sr. who was 6' 2 and change looked close to 3 inches taller than Reagan during his presidency.
RJT said on 25/Nov/20
Younger Biden was taller than him in 1984, probably Reagan shrank by that time?
Click Here
Sinclair said on 30/Sep/20
Rob, how tall do you think Gerald Ford was at peak? 6'0"?

6'0.5" is a reasonable peak height listing for Reagan. By the time of Reagan's presidency, Gerald Ford seemed to edge out Reagan, so Reagan may have started dipping under the 6'0" mark.
Ian C. said on 22/Sep/20
But JustJohnny, Reagan didn't dye his hair. He paid somebody to dye it. He did write all his speeches though, and he won the Cold War all by himself. He told Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, and Gorbachev immediately complied. He was present at the liberation of Belson (or maybe it was Auschwitz). Army records show that he spent World War II in San Francisco, Culver City and New York, which shows you how poorly the U.S. Army keeps records.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Sep/20
Weak 6ft1 peak
JustJohnny said on 13/Aug/20
Seen him up close. He looked more like 5’11”, tops.

Btw, funny quote at top of page about him ‘not dyeing his hair’.
Cla said on 16/Apr/20
Rob, when referring to reagan’s peak height at for example 6’0.8” do you mean that is his morning height?
Editor Rob
In office Ronald might have lost some height, and have been more 6ft at most.
Jm said on 12/Apr/20
Rob, what do you think is the height of the guy next to Reagan?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Looked a couple of inches smaller.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 12/Dec/19
So, Reagan still looked about six feet tall in the early 1980s when he was president of the United States. Maybe I wouldn't go as high as a full 6'1" in Reagan's case but I don't rule out 6'0.75" in his prime. I found his photos next to the Polish politician Antoni Macierewicz from 1982: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Macierewicz was 34 years old at the time, so he was definitely at his peak height. In Poland it is known as 178 cm but I'm not sure if he really was as low as flat 5'10" in the 80s... Rob, how tall could Antoni Macierewicz be in your opinion?
Editor Rob
No less than 178cm range
Yang (5 footer 8, 173) said on 27/Oct/19
This former republican US President in 1980 era even b4 I was born was about 6ft quarter range when he stood next to George H W Bush with 6ft 2 during their peak years. Yes, He was one of US President whose taller than 6ft at least.. Peak height was similar range with US actor Christopher Pine. His height b4 his death back in 2004 was probably around less than weak 5ft 11 I can guess cause people in 80s and 90s age height loss and shrinkage is rapid than 50s and 60s and 70s.....
Peak height - 6ft quarter similar range with Chris Pine.
His height b4 his death in 2004 like Early 2000s - 5ft 10 3/4 like some canons guessed.

PS. He was one of US President with Irish Ancestry like JFK.
Ian C. said on 20/Jul/19
About an inch shorter than Errol Flynn, which would make his listing here correct.
avi said on 12/May/19
During the presidency he seemed to be 5'11 zone.
He was in his 70's.
I think 6'1 was shoe height. At peak was maybe a hair under 6'0.5
SnerhagAip777 said on 30/Mar/19
Rob, do you think Reagan lost a lot of height? How tall was he in the 80's?
Editor Rob
Maybe a half to 3/4 inch, he didn't shrink a huge amount really.
Angus said on 12/Jan/19
5'11" or6'0"
Williambookins said on 24/Dec/18
6ft in the 1930s
5ft 10in in the 1980s
superlucio said on 28/Sep/18
In this photo with a famous italian politician of the last century ,Bettino Craxi (1,90):

Click Here
DarkPower729 said on 16/Jun/18
Ronald Reagan did look like a tall guy with good proportions. He usually looked around 1.5-2.5 inches shorter than Bush Sr (who’s said to be just 6’2” but looks about 6’2.5” or just shy of that). That’d put Reagan at the 6’0”- 6’1” range. I reckon by his presidency that he dipped to near the 6’0” flat mark.
haxxx said on 6/May/18
After his presidency he didn't look much more than 5'11: Click Here:
berta said on 29/Apr/18
i think he may have been under 6 foot 1 but in the john cena range. that he was a " barely 185" man fraction over this. he still looked 6 foot when he was over 70 years old
Marky said on 27/Apr/18
I met the gipper in 1985, I'm 6 foot and he was an inch or two shorter. I would say 5"10 as President and 5"11 in younger days.
Javier said on 3/Aug/17
I'd say 6'1" in his prime. And 5'11.75" or a weak 6'0" during the Presidency.
Tom said on 22/Jun/17
I had the pleasure of meeting Reagan shortly after he left office. He was just under 6'. So 6'1'' in his prime is probably correct.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jun/17
Flynn at 186-187cm and Reagan at 184-185cm could be spot on
Johnson said on 28/Apr/17
You guys should see more pics of Reagan and Bush Sr. They were close. Reagan was just a weak 6'1.

Click Here
Andrew said on 26/Feb/17
I just watched Desperate Journey from 1942. In every scene, Errol Flynn looked 1-1.5 inches taller than Reagan. I see only three possibilities: 1) Reagan was less than 1.84m. 2) Flynn was more than 1.86m. 3) They added lifts of at least 2cm to Flynn's boots. Rob, which do you think is most likely?
James said on 29/Dec/16
Reagan was clearly no more than six foot. He was a great president, although his support for the UK during the Falklands War violated the Monroe Doctrine.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Dec/16
Rob, do you think he'd dipped below 6ft by the time he left office?
Editor Rob
yes Rampage, I think he probably fell into almost 6ft range.
andreea said on 5/Dec/16
Hey rob how tall do you think he was when he was in the office? Please I'm waiting for an answer.
Editor Rob
I don't think he'd lost much height when he took office, a bit over 6ft maybe.
Truth said on 1/Dec/16
5'11" as President, genuine 5'11-6' in his day - perfect height for world leaders
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/16
Looked near 6ft1 at peak
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 24/Mar/16
6'0" right on the dot, especially next to 6'2" bush
Jug said on 10/Mar/16
GHW Bush was 6'2, and Reagan looked about two inches shorter. He was probably 6'0.5 in his youth, closer to 5'11 as pres. He was 69 when elected, 77 when he left office.
Len said on 7/Mar/16
5'11" former actor doing the traditional "add 2 inches" thing.

Not short, but certainly not tall either.
Andrew said on 5/Mar/16
Rob, Reagan'a son --also named Ron -- described his father as "6 foot 1 and a half" at peak in a memoir of his father. I've seen a couple films he was in from the early and mid 1940s and he looked more like 6' flat (albeit lean and long-legged). Is his son possibly right that (without shoes) his dad was 6' 1.5" during his prime?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/16
I will say this though...I was originally surprised to hear he was "only 6ft1". He had the presence of a much larger man.
Bill said on 8/Jan/16
I have a question for you Rob, why is my name listed under that comment from 12/Nov/15, and also...why am I listed as "Cantchooseaname"? I'm using the name Bill.
Editor Rob
It seemed you couldn't stick to a name.

Since then you've used Bill, Anthem, coatguy, Randy, davis, morrisons, racingjamie, Mike07, Ladylesh

It's a lot easier to stick to the one name :)
MIKESOWELL said on 24/Dec/15
To be fair though... In that photo Reagan is a bit more to the foreground than MJ is. If peak Reagan was 6 feet and a half, then Reagan here (I think he was 73) was probably 5-11.75. He still looked like a six footer even as a septuagenarian.
Cantchooseaname said on 12/Nov/15
wow, he really does look like he has no more than 2 inches on jackson.

maybe michael's peak height was 5'9.5" and reagen's office height was 5'11.5"?
Cantchooseaname said on 3/Nov/15
Looked only about 2 inches taller than 5ft 9 listed Michael Jackson!

Click Here

Plus, Ronald Reagan actually had more heel than Jackson! Either Jackson's 5ft 11.5 minimum, or Reagen's 5ft 11 max.
Rey said on 30/Sep/15
5' 11 3/8' w/o shoes when president.
Steve said on 28/Sep/15
Reagan was probably at or near 6'1" in his prime. But by the time he was elected president I think he was under 6' by parhaps half an inch. After all, he was 70.

George H.W. Bush was much younger so he hadn't lost height.
james said on 28/Sep/15
Bush Sr was 6'2 and towered over Reagan when they walked side by side..he was never 6'1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Sep/15
The White House listed him 6ft1.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Aug/15
He did look this in a lot of roles though, but I guess you could argue te same for Cary Grant.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Aug/15
You could still argue 6 ft 1 at times though, with John Payne Click Here who was definitely a solid 6 ft 2 guy (with Van Cleef Click Here)
SportsHeight said on 2/Aug/15
Rob, how tall do you think Reagan would've been around his first presidential election/inauguration in 1980-1981? He was almost exactly 70 years old at the time.
Editor Rob
I think he could still look near 6ft
kevin said on 22/Jul/15
his wax statue in NYC looked 6'3" to me
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/15
Looks near 6'1 in Knute Rockne All American this is about right. He was only 29 at the time yet had the presence and command on screen of a guy twice his age. Just a special sort of person, a natural leader, a very popular guy, the sort of guy everybody likes.
Judd said on 1/Dec/14
yeah, next to bush father (6'2") he does look 5'11.5" at best, but he was quite old...i would put him at 6'0.5" as peak height for sure
Arch Stanton said on 13/Nov/14
A pity we can't squeeze in This Is the Army here, a great WWII morale booster film.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/14
Yeah he looks about 184 in The Winning Team opposite Doris Day.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/14
Probably the most commanding actor I've ever seen on screen, he was just a natural born leader. You could see it even in his earlier films.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Sep/14
Rob can you add a photo and update with best remembered for roles in films such as Santa Fe Trail, Kings Row, Knute Rockne All American, Cattle Queen of Montana, Desperate Journey, Bedtime for Bonzo, The Winning Team, That Hagen Girl and Hellcats of the Navy.
avi said on 8/Feb/14
@Arch Stanton
its safe to say Reagan was more like 6'0 flat and strong 5'11 by the early -mid 90s
jonas said on 25/Jan/14
Reagan was a bit shorter than Gerald Ford (183cm) so i would say 182cm for Reagan. George H.W. Bush is 188cm, there's moore than just 4cm difference there.

Click Here
spaniard68 said on 7/Dec/13
I have seen pictures of him and the King of Spain, those pictures were taken between 1981 and 1985.The King once stated he was 1.86 in his youth, maybe he was downgrading his height and was just a bit taller, I don't know.King John Charles looked about two inches taller than Reagan at that time,maybe a tad more...Reagan coulda been around 6' when he was a young man.
Rey said on 21/Jul/13
His daughter Patty stated he was never 6"1"--she said he was between 5'11' and 6'.
Arch Stanton said on 12/May/13
Reagan was about an inch shorter than 6'1.5" listed Gene Evans and about an inch taller than 6' listed Jack Elam. I'd say Elam was more 5'11.5" and Evans was really 6'1.5".
Arch Stanton said on 11/May/13
24:58 is probably the best comparison. Reagan looks taller than Jack Elam and shorter than Gene Evans who is leaning a bit, he was listed at 6'1.5" I think 184 looks about right.
Arch Stanton said on 11/May/13
Watching Cattle Queen of Montana. Pause at 5:55. Click Here

Oddly he looks shorter than the guy on the right Jack Elam who was listed at 6ft!
Arch Stanton said on 11/May/13
Yeah I think that's more accurate. I'll watch Cattle Queen of Montana later on today and see how he looks in that. Flynn could have been 189 peak after all, but I'd need to see more comparisons.
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/13
Pause at 1 hr 29:16, Flynn has a good 2 inches on Reagan.
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/13
Rob, I'm watching Santa Fe Trail, Havilland easily looks 5 ft 4 next to Flynn but one thing strikes me is that Reagan doesn't even look close to 6ft 1 when stood next to Errol Flynn, at least 2 inches shorter. Tiny url isn't working at the moment but on the tube Errol Flynn Ronald Regan Santa Fe Trail Full Movie 1 hr 29 range. No way is Reagan only an inch shorter than Flynn.
Arch Stanton said on 9/May/13
Rob, I'm watching Santa Fe Trail, Havilland easily looks 5 ft 4 next to Flynn but one thing strikes me is that Reagan doesn't even look close to 6ft 1 when stood next to Errol Flynn, at least 2 inches shorter. Tiny url isn't working at the moment but on the tube Errol Flynn Ronald Regan Santa Fe Trail Full Movie 1:29 range. No way is Reagan only an inch shorter than Flynn.
Editor Rob
yeah he could have been shy of that mark, maybe 184 is a better shout at the moment
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/12
185cm movie career
183cm office
181-182cm post presidency
Stephen said on 3/Nov/12
Definitely 6'0
Shaun said on 7/Sep/12
Acro says on 31/Dec/11
Reagan was c. 5'11'' in the years of his presidency. I have a picture of him about 1981 with Australian Prime Minister Malcom Fraser, who was 6'4", and Fraser towers over Reagan - 5" difference is my guess.

He could look 5'11" a lot agreed. He looked a very similar height to Leslie Nielsen to me who I think was 5'11.5" by his later years and like Reagan a whisker under 6'1" peak. I think 5'11.5" would be a good guess for him in office.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 6/Feb/12
5'11.5" MAX when he was in office. I could buy 6'0" flat at peak though.
Acro said on 31/Dec/11
Reagan was c. 5'11'' in the years of his presidency. I have a picture of him about 1981 with Australian Prime Minister Malcom Fraser, who was 6'4", and Fraser towers over Reagan - 5" difference is my guess.
Demiere said on 22/Oct/11
Ronald Reagan, one of the greatest presidents in American history, is about 6'0-6'1.5. Tall men like short women because it doesn't make them feel shorter. In the 1957 movie Hellcats of the Navy Ronald Reagan is much taller than 5'4 Nancy Reagan. He's not 5'11.75 no way jose! He's at least 184 cm.
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
Short man says on 1/Jan/11
Most politicians tend to be tall Ted kennedy was 6'2.

Unless your Russian and serving in the 21st century...
Shaun said on 13/Aug/11
6'1" prime. Weak 6' in office. looked a weak 6' in office, 5'11.5" is my estimate for then.
BlueBoy said on 18/Jul/11
He was never 6'1", the admired conservative William F Buckley was at leas one inch taller than him:
Click Here
Buckley himself was between 6' and 6'1", but not over, compare him to 6'2" Charlton Heston in the same picture. End of history, do your math!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/May/11
6ft0.5 I think peak
leonidas said on 21/May/11
My friend is about the same height as reagan could be even taller and me being 169 on a good day is around the same level as michael maby 1 inch shorter so that would make michael 5,8 on a very good day. i would say 5,7 r.i.p king of pop
avi said on 13/Mar/11
yes solid 6'1 . 6'1 1/4 tops. 4 inches on MJ whos strong 5'9.
Demiere said on 8/Mar/11
Reagan is six feet two inches approximately. His wife, Nancy is 5'4-5'6.
Asera said on 13/Jan/11
Here's some pictures of Reagan and MJ :

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

As you can see the clear obvious height difference shows Michael is only about 171-172 cm tall and can not possibly be ANY more than that!Reagan wasn't even at his peak height back then and MJ was standing as tall and straight as possible with GREAT posture. It's time to admit everyone who still claims Michael was some kind of a giant or taller than 5'8 you are just simply WRONG.This site has MJ's REAL height all wrong and it's been proved many times already!
Jesus said on 13/Jan/11
michael jackson 5'8?
give me a break...
Short man said on 1/Jan/11
Most politicians tend to be tall Ted kennedy was 6'2.
Spence said on 6/Dec/10
He looked about 6 in his early years in office..I think he was 6'1 when he was younger tho
jtm said on 7/Nov/10
reagan looked no more than 5'11 next to michael jackson who i think was around 5'8.
Larry Jessee said on 30/Jun/09
I met President Reagan in 1984 at the Olympic Traning Center in Colorado Springs. I think he was 73? He seemed a bit taller than me at 6'0". Probably 6'1? What was most impressive was his youthful looking skin, he looked all of about 55. The most charismatic person , that I have ever met!
Hugh 190cm said on 27/Jun/09
6ft1 i can buy in the 50's. 5ft11-6ft in Office.
Mike said on 25/Jun/09
Look at him in this movie about in the end, where he is standing in uniform in a row besides others. You see that the majority is taller.Can a 6-1 guy be smaller than so many people?Unless those guys are all basketball players. In addition,the average height at that time was less than the average height today.

Click Here
Frank Stallone said on 24/Jun/09
Reagan during his presidency always seemed to have been an inch or two taller than people around him, on average. He was about 6' during his later years.
Frank2 said on 21/Jun/09
Nonsense. I met Reagan after he left office. He was strolling through the Century City shopping mall with his Secret Service detail. I walked up and shook his hand and we spoke. I had recently worked with his wife Nancy when she came onto the Fox lot to record her anti-drug radio spots for the Kiwanis Club. Reagan was a solid 6'. He was taller than me by an inch and I'm 5'11". He was 6'1" in his prime. So I'd say he was every inch of 6" while serving as president. Since I'm the only one here who's met him and spoken with him (I did on another occasion when he was in the Fox Plaza Building), I'm the one to confirm his height. I still have two letters from Nancy thanking me for handling the recordings sessions. There were two of those sessions. Later, I saw Nancy at the Grill in Beverly Hills and we had a nice chat, By then Alzheimer's had stricken Reagan. As we spoke she took my hand and held it. I'll never forget that day.
Tom said on 20/Jun/09
Reagan May have been 6 ft when he was younger but he was 5 ft 11 in the 1980's ...Photos don't lie and I don't think Reagan was vane enough to wear shoe lifts. George Bush Sr. was 6 ft 2 and Reagan was a full three inches shorter. FACT.
Doug said on 20/Jun/09
I've seen tons of photos of Reagan next to celebrities who I know the height of and every time he seems to look 5'11", barely 6'.
Doug said on 20/Jun/09
6'1 is bull in office. Why is it in every picture he looks 5'11" compared to Arnie (who was 3 inches taller) and other men who are known to be in the 6'1"-6'2" range and they all have 2-3 inches on Reagan? Peak height 184 cm. In office 181-2cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 6/Jun/09
Slightly over 6ft when in office. 183cm-184cm
F. H. Pigg said on 19/May/09
I'm pretty sure Reagan was 7' 6" tall and weighed close to 300 pounds, all rock solid muscle.
T. Kelley said on 22/Apr/09
I met Ronald Reagan. I saw him in person many times. I am 6'1", and he was exactly the same height as me. I don't see a listing for George H. W. Bush. He may be a little shorter now, but in the 1980's he was 6'3". His son George W. is 4 or 5 inches shorter.
Anonymous said on 19/Mar/09
I watched the same show, and I myself am baffled at the statement of having to remodeled for President Reagan. I wonder if that was a "uh-oh" .
Doug said on 23/Feb/09
Strange but Reagan seemed 6 ft max in office. Perhaps this was his peak height but he was no taller than 6 foot flat while president I'm sure.
Mike said on 18/Feb/09
I watched a show on TV about the history of the White House and they talked about the desk in the Oval Office which has been in there for about 150 years or so. It was modified several times for presidents......for example FDR had a door put on the front to cover his legs so you couldn't see his wheelchair he was sitting in....there is a famous picture of JFK Jr playing as a little kid peaking out of this door. They then said that they had to modify the desk and raise it up about 2 inches for Ronald Reagan because of his height. He must have been tall.
aram x said on 24/Jan/09
Then how tall is Nancy Reagan?
MHouillon said on 23/Jan/09
6'1 is def. too tall. Peak height: 183cm (6'), later years 5'11 (180cm).
Zabulun said on 8/Jan/09
He was 6 ft to 6-1 as a young man. He wore a size 10.5 D shoe.
Unknown said on 26/Nov/08
George, Ted was much taller than what you say. He towered over Michael Jordan on a picture.
Dude, he never was 6-2. That's nonsense. Look at some pictures of him besides others, and you will see that he never was. He was 5-11 at most.
George H. said on 25/Nov/08
Prime Ted Kennedy was a little over 6'2". My cousin (6'2.5") used to work for him and he said he was almost literally a hair taller than Ted K.
Unknown said on 24/Nov/08
Reagan can never be 6-1.
I saw pictures of him, standing beside Ted Kennedy, who does not seem to be very tall, 5-11 at most, and Reagan is about 2 inches shorter.
So far under 6-1.
Paul said on 1/Nov/08
I know it is a wax museum, but at Madame Tussauds in Washington, D.C. the model of Regan was a legitimate 6'1". The other models like JFK, Clinton and so-on seemed right on the money, and if the model of Reagan is anything to go by then the height this site lists would be bang on. Just something to keep in mind.
Lebensdorf said on 17/Aug/08
He looked about 5'11'' or even 5'10'' whilst in office, especially toward the middle to the end of his tenure. He definitely lost height.
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/08
His Daughter said in her book 'The Long Goodbye' that her father had lost height, that he shrunk from his peak of 6'0 to 5'10
Mr Mayfair said on 15/Dec/07
Six foot tall when a lifeguard and at the start of his film career.
Five eleven when became President, but probably an inch or so shorter when he passed :(
Mike said on 17/Oct/07
Compared to Sunny Bono, who is 1,66cm.
Reagan does not have that much height difference in order to be 6-1.
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Mike said on 12/Oct/07
There is no way on earth that Regan ever could have been 6-1, even in his younger days.
I would give him no more than 5-11 for his presidency time.His slim body type made im appear taller. Maybe he was a maximum of 6' in his prime, but I doubt even that.
Miguel said on 24/Aug/07
Rossano Brazzi was 5-11. I met him in 1958 in Rome at his home, Via Sistina 57 .I took a picture next to him and he was at least 1 inch taller than me (5-10 at that time).
MHouillon said on 14/Jul/07
At the end of his life 5'10 ? Are you crazy ? He never lost 7cm! He was 185cm (6'1) at most and later maybe 181-180cm (5'11.25-5'11).
Paul said on 20/Dec/06
No, Reagan was never 6'3" nor did he claim to be. He did have very good posture and a commanding presence which probably made some think he was bigger than he was. I still maintain that a young Reagan was closer to 6'1". Middle aged at 6' and by the end of his life he was about 5'10".
George H said on 13/Dec/06
The highest I heard for him was 6'1", in his prime. 6'3" is crazy.
Robert said on 12/Dec/06
Reagan can never be way
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
I know a guy who says he's 6'3" who says he met Reagan and they looked eye-to-eye.
Paul said on 27/Aug/06
In watching some Reagan movies on DVD recently I think he looks like a solid 6 footer, but not much more. There's a long shot of Pat Neal and him walking where she is wearing 2" heels and he only looks a couple of inches taller. Later in the movie there's a close up of the two and the difference is much greater. Perhaps she had taken off her shoes?

He looks a couple inches taller than Robert Cummings who was probably around 5'10" and several inches taller than Pat O'Brien who I'd guess at 5'9" or so at age 40.
Frank2 said on 9/May/06
For what it's worth, I'm watching the film Night Unto Night and Reagan is about an inch taller than 6' Broderick Crawford. I met Crawford twice, once in the late 1960's and later in the late 1970's and he was definitely taller than me by an inch. I used to watch Crawford's TV series Highway Patrol. Crawford was spposedly such a big drunk that they finally pulled his driver's license so the driving he did in that patrol car was the only driving he did, period.

Editor Rob
I will add Broderick at your estimate!
Gonzalo said on 8/May/06
I think he was 6`1. I have seen a pic of him and Burt Lancaster and Reagan appeared to be taller
A-Bomb said on 20/Apr/06
Conservative hey. I'd be what you American's coin as a "liberal". However, I've always had a soft spot for Reagan - not the policies mind you, but the person and the icon. I liked Clinton too, but he came across as arrogant too often - Reagan had a very humble approach and his speech giving abilities were spectacular. I'm glad to read from you that he was genuinly friendly. I got the 5'11 height at the time of him taking office from Lou Cannon's "Role of a lifetime", but I hadn't read it for years and only remembered that I came across this height at some time and thought it may have related to that. On rereading it didn't say anything of the sort - it only mentioned that Reagan at 16 was 5'11" (in context of him being a footballer I think).
Frank2 said on 13/Apr/06
When I worked at Fox I was given the job of handling Nancy Reagan coming onto the lot and recording her anti-drug campaign commercial spots for the Kiwanis Club. Since I was almost the lone conservative there they handed me the task of coordinating everything with the Secret Service and with Nancy's assistant. This was after President Reagan left office and had his new office in The Fox Plaza Building (used in Diehard) along with Nancy. I did this a couple of times. Nancy was a wonderful woman. Several years later when I spotted her seated across from me at a restaurant in Beverly Hills I walked over to say hello and to inquire as to how her husband was doing battling that awful Alzheimer's disease. She took my hand and held it the entire time I stood there. I'll never forget it as long as I live. Seeing her bent over her husband's casket during his funeral really tore me up. He was really the light in her life and now it's gone out.

Anyway, right after I handled the logistics of getting her onto the lot for the first recording session I ran into Reagan at of all places the Disney Store located in a mall in Century City. I would occasionally walk to the mall for lunch since it wasn't that far from the studio. I went up to him and we spoke. I told him I had worked with his wife and he was quite grateful saying all sorts of nice complements. We parted and then from time to time I'd see him coming and going from his office at The Plaza since I had business in that building. He was always cheerful and very friendly.

When I met Reagan he was slightly taller than me so I'd say close to 6'. I'm sure he was 6'1" when he was younger. And Bush is definitely 5'11". I have distant relatives who know him and his dad. I've seen photos of him with the husband who's 5'10" and Bush is taller in every shot. I mean just look at how tall he is next to Arnold Shwarzenegger! And Arnold is certainly over 6'. I've met him and he's not the short guy who people some believe wears lifts. No way!

One year I was attending the NAB convention in Las Vegas and got to hear Reagan speak. He was still President then and he gave a spectacular address. He had people standing up and cheering!
Paul said on 12/Apr/06
That's a very interesting photo Frank2. Thanks. I've other photos where Flynn is noticably taller than Reagan. I recall Reagan once said Flynn made himself look taller in an outdoor group shot by kicking some dirt in a pile and then standing on it. Flynn, being the bigger star, probably got extra special boots whenever they appeared in one of their war films together.

If you don't my asking, what were the circumstances of you (Frank2) meeting him after he left office? That must have been quite a thrill. I saw him give a speech (outdoors in blistering heat) when he was 80 and it was remarkable how fit he looked and his voice was clear and strong. It was just a few years later when he gave a speech at his 83rd birthday party that one could tell that he was starting to have problems.

I've only been face to face with one President. That being George W. Bush. Despite claims to the contrary, he is approximately 5'11" no more and not much less. I wasn't close enough to Reagan to get a good estimate, but he was still noticably taller than medium height, but not more than 6 foot either. Then again, he was 80 years old at the time.

Editor Rob
ah, the old 'kicking dirt in a pile' trick...a classic
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
That's correct. Van Johnson was about 6'2" when he was young. Robert Taylor was no more than 5'10" as you can see in both photos. He's at least five inches shorter than 6'3" Jimmy Stewart. Rossano Brazzi wore huge lifts in all of his films. He was about 5'8". Reagan was at his full height of 6'1" when that photo was taken.
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
Here's Reagan with Bob Hope and Gerald Ford: Click Here
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
Here's Reagan standing next to 6' Gerald Ford: Click Here
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
In that photo with Clinton, Reagan is slightly behind him with the camera shooting up. I believe if you were there in the room you'd see that Reagan was only two inches shorter. Look at how he compares to George H W Bush in this shot:
Bush senior was 6'2". And please notice how short Nixon is compared to 6' Ford and 6'2" Bush and tell me he was just under 6' tall. Also, check out this shot of Reagan with Bush:
Frank2 said on 26/Feb/06
Nope. I met him after he left office and he was at least six feet. I'm 5' 11" and he was taller than me.
A-Bomb said on 6/Feb/06
A very interesting President. He was 5'11" when he took office. Maybe 5'10 1/2" by the time he left. He looks 5'10" in this photo next to Bill Clinton taken 5 years after he left the Presidency.
Paul said on 16/Dec/05
In her book about her Dad's declining years ("The Long Goodbye") she wrote that one of the things she noticed the most was that he was shrinking. She noted that he was a 6 footer as a younger man but by his late 80s he was about her size: 5'10".

From pictures I've seen of Reagan as a younger man, he does look like a 6 footer. But he was in his 70s by the time he was President so some shrinkage had probably already taken place.
EJ said on 13/May/05
I suspect 6'1" might have even been generous for his youth, but I'm not totally sure. Definitely 5'11" by 1984 (look at him standing next to 5'10.5" Mondale, it's a famous picture)

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