How tall is Elon Musk

Elon Musk's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

South-african born Entrepreneur, Business leader and inventor known for Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Paypal. He claimed on his twitter that "am def 6'2"" and in a 2018 video "Six-One and a Half"

How tall is Elon Musk
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Average Guess (172 Votes)
6ft 1.1in (185.7cm)
Abdu-5'10" said on 27/Sep/23
Roger The Pirate said on 19/May/23
in a photo with the former president of brazil jair bolsonaro he appears to be 2/3 inches taller than him (bolsonaro is 6'1)
oren metser said on 12/May/23
Easily between 1.87m-1.89m 6'1 and a half to 6'2 and a half

Morning: 1.89m or 6'2.5
Late morning or midday:1.885m 6'2 and change
Early Afternoon:1.88m or 6'2 flat
Evening 1.875m or a tad under 6'2.
Night usually his extreme low would be 1.87 or 6'1 and 2/3. A full 1.88m 6'2 from me
shoelifts said on 28/Mar/23
Wears lifts
i would rank him as 6ft
5'10-Abdul. said on 4/Mar/23
184 cm.
400R said on 21/Feb/23
He wears lift. He’s 6.0 flat. 183cm
Abdulrahman said on 20/Feb/23
Abdulrahman said on 14/Jan/23
185 cm.
James G. said on 5/Jan/23
Good listing. 186-187 range.
Abdulrahman said on 31/Dec/22
185 cm, max.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Dec/22
The problem is Malcolm, how do you judge what is "crazy" and punishable in times such as this? One side could say "how dare you put out vaccine misinformation?", the other side can say "how dare this man with a tallywhacker claim to be a woman". Who decides what is crazy and what you can't say? Some things called "misinformation" could be partly true depending on what sources you look at, and the man who wants to change sex may genuinely be in a lot of pain and feel better living life as a woman, who are we to judge? Unless it's obscenely bad, racist and violent or death threats etc, who is the authority on deciding? It tends to come down to your own political viewpoint and beliefs and Twitter was based in San Francisco, one of the most far-left cities in the world. I think free speech is very important for society, and am of the opinion that if you don't like what somebody is saying, ignore it. Twitter is hardly a true free speech platform now anyway, David Icke and Ye wouldn't have been banned if it was. Personally I'm very centrist and see a lot of stuff which is crazy to me on both sides of the political spectrum but it wouldn't be my place to want to cancel either side for their views, as I know that other people have different perceptions of the world and may genuinely believe what they say.

It's difficult to see Musk as 6'1 flat or lower with Jordan Peterson, if anything he looks nearer 6'2 with him, though how much Jordan loses with posture at times is questionable.
Ian Momoshiki said on 27/Dec/22
@Arch Stanton MBS maybe 6'1 with the spain prince, he also look near 2 inches shorter than prince charles, which pretty much settles it

Musk got 6'1,5
Malcolm Oliver said on 4/Dec/22
@Arch Stanton
Freedom of speech don’t mean freedom from consequences. And from what I’m seeing, Twitter now isn’t holding people accountable enough for some crazy things they’ve said. It’s only worsened.
The funny thing is that’s not even the half of what’s wrong with it now that Musk is in charge.

Strong 6’1 guy with a need for a strong ego check.
Arch Stanton said on 29/Nov/22
My first thought was that Musk's brother looked near 6'4 with Prince Charles but then I realised Charles is little over 5 ft 8 today. Kimbal looks a solid 6'3 guy I think.

Whatever you think about free speech, Musk has recently nuked a huge number of peedo accounts on Twitter, which people should be be very grateful for. But interesting how many celebrities are still attacking him and institutions are cancelling him after having done that..
Arch Stanton said on 23/Nov/22
Nah from what I've seen 6'1.5 is a good listing. He was looking noticeably taller than Jordan Peterson.
Matt Thomas logan said on 19/Nov/22
Lol no musk is like 5'11.5 🤣 🤣 or maybe 6'0" flat
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jul/22
Yeah Kimbal is probably around 6ft3. More than an inch on Elon in photos. He’s a successful entrepreneur in his own right but seems more laid back and doesn’t take himself too seriously...operates on a different wavelength to Elon...they also have a sister Tosca whose a filmmaker....they all have that distinct jaw
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jul/22
In some photos Maye does look tall range and about 5 ft 8. Odd that she looks that short there though. I think Elon's brother is close to 6 ft 3.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jul/22
Click Here Scroll down on the left, the family photo there. 5 ft 8 for his mother?? She's 7 or 8 inches shorter than Elon when wearing big boots. His sister Tosca Musk might be 5 ft 8-9.
Editor Rob
His Mother could be giving her 5ft 8 peak height and shrunk a bit, though in some photos from years ago I can believe this mark for her against Elon.
186guy said on 7/Jul/22
He does look a solid 187 , i dont see him Any lower
Daniel Lee said on 1/Jul/22
Poor guy he isn't 6'1.5 or 6'2... poor guy
borat1 said on 15/Jun/22
Hey rob!! How tall do you think his mother maye musk is ??
Editor Rob
On her model agency, she was 5ft 8
Joe Paige said on 12/Jun/22
Whether Musk is 5’10” or 6’3” tall or what anyone else thinks of his height, I doubt being the richest man in the world that he doesn’t give a crap.
Cold Water said on 9/Jun/22
181.7 cm
Ethan Reed said on 27/May/22
You're welcome Elon! :)
Eric W Tam said on 27/May/22
Honestly, doubt he's under 6', could be anywhere between 184-186 throughout the day and inflated that up an inch or two to 6'2 like most would. I'd say at best he stands at 186 nearly 187 in the morning, and at his shortest, Elon will be just the slightest of hairs beneath 185 at night.
Arch Stanton said on 26/May/22
Mathias Döpfner could even be a Peter Crouch 6 ft 7 see here with Obama : Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 26/May/22
Yeah somewhere in 230s range I think. He was looking easily this with Bolsonaro who must have dropped to nearer 6 ft nowdays, I think he was 6 ft 1 in his prime. Looked small recently with Mathias Döpfner of Welt though, who is listed at 6 ft 7 and genuinely looks it.
Shamarr said on 25/May/22
6’1 he’s probably pushing 230-240 lbs
Sandi said on 6/May/22
Rob, how tall do you reckon his mother is? Click Here
Editor Rob
Might be about 5ft 8, and taller 30 years ago.
Jdubbz said on 3/May/22
@6’4 Leprechaun:

More like a 4” difference in the picture, plus she is wearing high heels.
6'4" Leprechaun said on 30/Apr/22
6'1.5" sounds honest though why is his 5'7" wife only 2.5 inches shorter? Musk could be under 6'.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Apr/22
He has a taller brother, saw the pic with his family recently at the Tesla factory launch.His brother Kimbal might be close to 6 ft 3.
vY said on 13/Apr/22
His head size definitely affects him to make him appear shorter I always thought he was 6 feet flat or something. Do you think his head height is 9 and 3 quarters?
Wehrmacht180 said on 5/Apr/22
184.2 cm
Arch Stanton said on 4/Apr/22
His height does vary a bit sometimes 187 seems a bit high, but others like in that Rogan and Peterson pic looks fair. Elon did a poll on Twitter asking if Twitter respected free speech enough, 70% out of 2 million off said no. A week later he forks out 2,888,000,000 odd on a 9.2% share of Twitter, three times as big as Jack's share. Hard to comprehend it's worth $30 billion odd!
IceCold said on 29/Mar/22
Physically he looks at most 6'1
Rapha said on 17/Mar/22
Hi Rob

I think he has not lost any height yet, possibly he has even gained some height since he went into space :)
Editor Rob
Yeah if he spent a couple of weeks on the ISS he'd be nudging 6ft 3.
Crypto139 said on 14/Mar/22
Some guy on Twitter replied to him showing Elon's height as 184cm and Elon didn't correct him....... I feel he is taller than 184 though myself. Probably bang on 6 foot 1?
Editor Rob
I believe Musk when he said the 6ft 1.5 mark, I can't see him ever as short as 184cm.
Autop5y said on 7/Mar/22
My friend just posted a pic of him with Elon Musk on Instagram, I know my friend is 6’0 flat and Elon looks about 1 cm shorter than him
Editor Rob
Would be interesting if you linked to the instagram.
Cold Water said on 25/Feb/22
182-183 cm and 186-187 No Way
Danielb12 said on 30/Jan/22
Rob look at the pic with Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson, and Joe Rogan.

Somehow Musk towers over both of them.
Nick stanos said on 30/Jan/22
Elon and Jordan are listed at the same height. Here’s a new pic that shows Elon looks much taller than Jordan.

Click Here
'''' said on 24/Dec/21
needs 1/4in downgrade
Toby Barrett said on 5/Dec/21
read somewhere he was 6'4 or 6'3 and i belived it till i saw him with kanye west
Cassandra Lee said on 4/Dec/21
Solid 185cm imo. He is one of the best looking billionaires around. Even without his wealth, he will have no problem getting a pretty girl. He is not one of those skinny and short nerds for sure.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Nov/21
Huh! Since a certain few of my cats seem determined to stop me from concentrating on my horror film, I took to Celebheights again and found your comment. Very funny, especially the arrangement of letters:


With a little bit of rearrangement and ingenuity, those letters look as though there could be a slight insinuation that he has a personal problem elsewhere! 😆
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/21
PMSL Sandy!! Haha!! I hope he uses a hi-tech deodrant to "Musk" that BO LOL!!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Nov/21
@ MaskDeMasque - You should have a go at having a go! You could sign yourself off as MaskDeMusk! 😄
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Nov/21
That's a bit of a smelly name! 🤢

I don't suppose I'd say that to his face though....

6ft1.25. 🌹😀👍🌹
cyzoonic said on 1/Oct/21
That is a lot of platform Click Here
MJKoP said on 30/Aug/21
Rob(or anyone reading this), how tall would you say John Carmack is?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Carmack looks at most 5ft 7
BalticGuy said on 11/Jul/21
Daniel said on 22/Sep/16
Rob curious question, how many inches would a 6'2" person eyesight level stare at on a measuring tape?
Editor Rob
5ft 9-9.5 range, anywhere amongst that would cover 95% of 6ft 2 men.

-speaking as someone who, in the morning, is knocking right on the 6'2" door,, 5'9" is definitely below eye level if I break out a tape measurer. I'd say 5'10"-5'10.5" depending on posture and head position because I have a shelf in my place that I have measured at exactly 5'10.5" high, and when I stand square on with it in the morning I am able to actually see the top surface of the shelf without any trickery or craning my neck -almost exactly flush with the surface In other words, I can look clear over the head of a 5'10" guy if I'm standing behind him in a crowd. At 5'11" I'd have to go up on my toes a little bit to see over the top of his head if we're both in equal footwear. I'd say upper eye level / lower brow to top of head distance is about 3.5" most times. But even late at night with a compressed spine I'd say looking over 5'9" if you're over 6'1" is no issue.

That said...Elon DOES wear a lot of pretty substantially heeled dress shoes so I might be hesitant to put him over 6'1" - he may be an example of the barely 6'0" man who wants that extra edge for the visuals of it when he does photo ops. Then again, if Richard Branson is 5'11" for real and Elon's coming in easily a good deal taller than him despite Branson having shoes on and Musk not...he might get close to 6'1" barefoot. I'd say 6'0.5" most likely if you caught him with his pants down and demanded that he stand for measurement right away at 3 PM, maybe 6'1" in the morning.
Spider-x said on 23/Jun/21
Rob, Elon deserves a downgrade to 6'1 flat.

Elon Musk / Shinzo Abe
Shinzo Abe / Donald Trump

Elon Musk / John Oliver
Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 12/Jun/21
He doesn't have a short man's body but I can see why many would be surprised he was near 6'2, I would have thought of him as a 5'11-6 ft sort of guy if I didn't know.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Jun/21
Short man's body?? Doesn't look like it to me, he just looks like a heavy set guy to me. He's got to weigh a good 230 lbs I'd have thought, 16 stone range. I don't know where he gets his energy and mental focus from, he doesn't seem like a guy who spends much time exercising.
Xosrow said on 10/Jun/21
He's got a short man's body
Editor Rob
he's got a decent sized head to him, maybe that effects perception of Musk
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 31/May/21
184 cm max in my opinion
xHysteria said on 29/May/21
Lava said on 27/May/21
6ft 0.9.
Ralle said on 15/May/21
Exactly 1.84 cm peak 6 ft 1
Ian C. said on 14/May/21
This one was a surprise because he doesn't look like a tall man to me. He must weigh at least 200 pounds.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/21
186cm minimum. 182cm is silly
Incognito324 said on 19/Mar/21
he looks strange. His proportions max 182-183 cm.
recapa said on 2/Mar/21
186-186.5cm range guy.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Feb/21
Rob, not worth adding Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman??
Editor Rob
A lot of world leaders or similar royalty that would be in a "maybe" bracket, like him
The Count said on 9/Feb/21
In his biography Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future book's author Ashlee Vance claims that Elon is 185 cm tall, but often looks taller because of his bulky build.
Tone said on 4/Feb/21
Eric W Tam. Elon is severly spread in that picture of kanye, also he could be standing behind Kanyes position.
5 said on 4/Feb/21
What would his eye level be, Rob?
Editor Rob
not quite 5 inches.
John Mickey said on 3/Feb/21
Logan Paul claimed on his podcast Elon Musk is 6’4 and looked 6’5 when he saw him 10:05 Click Here
Must’ve been on higher ground or something lol
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jan/21
Speaking of the super rich, Rob any chance of adding Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, he's a pretty prominent figure in Asia. Looks quite a big heavyset guy, with the 6'5 Spanish prince Click Here With some of the Asian prime ministers he can give the illusion of a 6'3 250 pound type guy but is probably around 6 ft seeing him with Trump Click Here , Obama and Prince Charles.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Jan/21
186 is possible I think. The world GDP as of 2019 was around $87 trillion, yet only about $37 trillion is actually in circulation. Elon is personally worth about 200 billion dollars which is one fifth of a trillion. So he's worth about 0.23% of the total world's GDP lol, Tesla is worth around $835 billion so about 0.96% of the total GDP. Insane figures, and the amazing thing is that he doesn't seem interested in wealth, it's just a means to an end, put life on Mars!
johnnysidgursson said on 18/Jan/21
Musk's height it's very confusing, like Donald Trump's height, both use "gain height" shoes, with big lifts,

I will say between 6 and 6'1 for Elon.
Aj06 said on 8/Jan/21
6'1 max for tesla space x founder
TW2 said on 11/Dec/20
He looks around Donald Trump's height.

Click Here
Paul Dirac said on 10/Dec/20
In the Youtube videos, he looks comfortably big.
Vincent Caleb said on 28/Oct/20
Agreed, I would have guessed like 6-1.25 minimum. I am not sure how it is sub 6-1.
recapa said on 28/Oct/20
average guess is way too low
Errol said on 18/Oct/20
I'd say around 186-188cm(ish).
Errol said on 18/Oct/20
I'd say around 186-188cm(ish).
Errol said on 18/Oct/20
I'd say around 186-188cm(ish).
Mike Sui said on 7/Oct/20
Perfect 6'0, 1-look at his shoes.
Slim 6'1" said on 4/Oct/20
Slim 6'1" said on 4/Oct/20
Wow Christian, Jews really run the world
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Sep/20
*Cough* Rothschilds *cough*
slim 6'1 said on 26/Sep/20
186cm, gonna be the worlds 1st trillionaire! or he already is
Eric W. Tam said on 29/Aug/20
How thicc must Kanye's shoes be in this pic next to Musk?

Click Here

Anyway, in case I didn't leave an estimate for the one and only Elon Musk, 6'1 and a bit should do. 6'1 flat at night 6'1.5 at day.
Mickie said on 22/Jul/20
The Kanye picture can be explained by a low angle and Kanye being nearer to the camera.

Elon is probably 6'1" - 6'1.5" range.
the name's Sam said on 20/Jul/20
The real life Tony Stark !
He seems to fit in the 186-186.5 cm range easily
Canson said on 4/Jul/20
6’1 not 6’2
Donofan22 said on 2/Jul/20
Only looks 4 inches taller than 5’8 Kanye, maybeeeee 4.5.
Editor Rob
Elon might be standing a bit behind Kanye.
ADAM VARCO said on 2/Jul/20
Looked only 4 to 5 inches taller than Kayne West in recent photo. Maybe Kayne West had on big sneakers. But musk looked 6'0" next to 5'8" Kayne West in that picture.
Big T said on 1/Jul/20
Pictured with Kanye West today on Kanye’s twitter, both wearing Yeezys...why does he barely look 5’11? Kanye’s eyes are easily above his mouth and Kanye almost has more relaxed posture....Elon is standing further from the camera but that also creates the illusion of him being on higher ground. Almost impossible to see him within 2” of the estimate in that photo?
Keejay Speed said on 1/Jul/20
He doesn't look much taller next to Kayne West in the recent picture and Kanye is like 5'8 or something?

Click Here
germophobe said on 27/Jun/20
Looked very tall with DiCaprio.
Editor Rob
Musk saying 6ft 1.5 does look a believable claim when he was with Leo in that video.
Arch Stanton said on 31/May/20
Mmm I couldn't see 3 inches between him and Jay Leno, looked nearer 2 though Elon's posture wasn't the best. More chance of 186 than 188 anyway.
Kitbit said on 28/May/20
Rob, I’m just curious have you seen his footwear? I think he looks 6’2” because he wears bulky black and thick sneakers. Also the red carpet dress shoes he wears look extra thick and custom built. Don’t you think he needs a downgrade? Say 6’1” or 6’1.25” at most
al001 said on 8/May/20
@5.9 legit guy
Dude in that picture he looks taller than Obama. The listing is still accurate.
Lamont Cranston said on 6/May/20
Whatever height you think he is, lower it by at least 5 - 7 cm..check out the heels"

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/20
185cm is too low, easily looks 186-187cm
Jam Cherry said on 1/May/20
He’s a big guy no doubt and he’s slightly taller to Obama and trump too I would say 186 cm at least
OriginalAnon said on 1/May/20
This guy is no taller than 185cm. I think you have all been duped. A lot of people seem to eat out of this guy's hand, so that may be part of it. He could even be under that. I don't think he is lower than 183cm.
Damburudharapaik said on 26/Apr/20
They are furtunate since childhood. So may be somebody want to do as like them big and somebody keeps big to do as this.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Oct/19
He does wear sus looking shoes from what I've seen but looks genuinely tall range. He looks heavy, Rob's guess of 230s range is what I'd guess too Rampage, I'd guess around 16 and a half stone.
Trsm said on 1/Aug/19
He usually has his "magic" shoes... (Source: Check any photo were you can see his shoes.)
AnonymousThomas said on 15/Jul/19
Has always looked 6'0" flat, and no more.
SnerhagAip777 said on 23/Mar/19
It's ridiculous how low the average guess is on this one.
SnerhagAip777 said on 22/Mar/19
Elon's head looks to be HUGE in some pictures. Would you say it's at least 10 inches?

@editor rob
Editor Rob
I'd estimate it looks around that size.
TheBat said on 12/Mar/19
@Alex M.

ROFL! Do us all a favor by stop being an annoying troll. You know well enough that both Elon Musk and Chris Pratt are strong 6'1" guys.
Alex M. said on 20/Feb/19
Muskster Height Hukster... 5'10" TO 5'11" max! Plays same height game as Chris Pratt. Same bare foot height as Pratt, 5' 10-11" and with external stacked heels, some internal lift action and fluffed hair... boom! we now approach six foot range for The Muskster and Prattster show!
TB said on 16/Jan/19
Elon musk is 183.8 cm tall.
Bard said on 12/Oct/18
He doesn't seem to be trying to lie about his height. 6'1.5 could be a morning measurement.
Marquis said on 27/Aug/18
Looks 6'0", 6'1" at absolute most.
Hammad Ali said on 18/Aug/18
Elon is very honest about his height, he claims 6'1.5 which is exactly what's listed here. At 10:10 Click Here
Ryann said on 14/Jun/18
Not over 6 foot. With big soles he can give a 6'2 impression.
steveoz said on 14/May/18
186,7 cm is too much. Elon is not over 185 cm. I met him in Palo Alto. I am a technician with a height of 6'4 and I was much taller than Elon.
Carlvonlor said on 6/May/18
I read a book about elon musk, there it was written by the journalist that Elon is 6'1 or 185 cm. The author of book is Ashlee vance.
Markz said on 3/May/18
Elon musk was once listed as 181cm by Google. Maybe that is his real height. With big heel shoes he can come to 186-188cm range.
Bard said on 11/Apr/18
He looks Obama's height, so 6'2 is prob with shoes. He's 6'1 range
QM6'1QM said on 11/Mar/18
Such as Obama or 0.25 taller.
Absolute max. 186 cm/ 6'1.25".
JordanG said on 24/Feb/18
"Mr S said on 11/Jul/17"

WOW! Doesn't something look off in that picture? Like, if not for the bottom part of his pants, it almost looks like he's just floating there!
Eagle9 said on 12/Feb/18
Edged by 6'1" Obama, even with a superior camera angle: Click Here
Garrett188 said on 9/Feb/18
I've looked into this guy's height quite a bit and it has become increasingly clear to me that he is probably closer to 6'0.5''/ 184cm and wears 1 inch lifts to appear about 6'1.5'' / 187cm compared to others in more average footwear. Evidence of this is quite abundant. I've actually had quite a hard time finding photos where he looks like he's wearing shoes that do not appear to have lifts or odd bulges in the lace area. This is no coincidence. It is also not too atypical as I know several people 6 foot+ who wear lifts to get an extra inch or so in.

You can see here a very bulgy appearance to his shoe, making the top of his foot look very steeply angled and oddly voluminous:
Click Here

Then in this photo he has his foot angled upwards in a way that certainly would be uncomfortable without a wedge inside his shoe:
Click Here

His knees appear very high off the ground while his proportions of his femur and upper body look like a guy much closer to 6 foot.

And in images like this next to Erdogan of Turkey, he appears to have similar proportions but somehow he is lifted above the ground in a way that looks more like a 6 foot guy standing on a step then a 6'2 range guy:
Click Here

Another photo where he is of similar proportions to someone who looks to me somewhere around the 5'11-6'0 range yet looks like he's standing on top of a platform:
Click Here
This is also a guy who got hair plugs and denies it. As some mention on here, a very appearance-aware guy. I struggled to find any photos where he's wearing anything but a bulgy dress shoe/boot with pants long enough to cover the top. Anecdotally, my best friend is about 6 feet and has told me on multiple occasions that he wishes he was 6'2''. Remember, all a 6'0.5'' guy needs to look 6'1.5'' is an inch extra in his shoe. What do you guys think?
Razor said on 7/Feb/18
Obama is clearly taller in every picture on Google images, except one.
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/17
Hey Rob,what is Erdogan height ? with Musk.
Click Here
Editor Rob
in the past Erdogan could look anywhere in 5ft 11 to 6ft range, sometimes pulling off 6 feet flat.
Mike said on 14/Dec/17
Considering he rarely gets sleep, 6'1.5" at least.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Nov/17
187cm looks closer
Starlo said on 21/Nov/17
Assuming Talulah Riley is like 5'11-6'0 here, he still holds his own well... He does have a decent heel lift... but still, he'd have to be at least 6'0-6'1 barefoot. He looks like he has big feet.
Editor Rob
6ft 1.5 for Musk is probably a good fit, he certainly was no shorter than someone like Obama and taller than Trump.
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/17
also if that model is really 5ft8. then he has to be surely over 6ft...
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/17
how the hell are people guessing him as low as 5ft11 so frequently and rob thinks he's about 6ft2...
Heightster said on 5/Sep/17
Met him twice. Big, thick dude with his thick soles and lifts. 5' 11" barefoot +/- 1/2" so with all the height boosting he can pull off over 6' for sure.
Dan said on 1/Sep/17
Quite frankly, I don't think this guy is taller than 6ft... he probably wears lifts. He made a hair transplant and lied about it so it wouldn't be surprising he lies about his height as well. He's very smart and he's a businessman, he's very aware of the importance of appearance in the industry.
Mr S said on 11/Jul/17
To me he looks 6'1'' when standing with Obama, Trump

Also looks 6'1'' when standing with 6'5'' Kevin Systrom (tall dude next to musk) Click Here

That being said I know someone that studied with him and they described him as bigger than me, I am 6'1'' but with a very slender frame (long legs and small torso)
Matthew Robinson said on 4/Jun/17
He can look about 185 cm to me, perhaps he can stretch just over it on measuring. I'll guess him at 186.
Dan said on 5/May/17
I don't think Musk is over 6 feet, frankly. He looks tall, but he also wears very thick shoes, probably with lifts in them.
Kaneff 6'0.25" said on 5/May/17
6'1.25"/186cm is what he looks, no more no less. Probably got measured 6'1.5" early in the day and rounded up.
Alex said on 24/Apr/17
Does somebody know his shoe size?
Peter said on 2/Mar/17
I think he's around 6 feet. 1 inch shorter than Obama and wears lifs so he could be even shorter like 5'11. That would still make him a tall guy.
Slothee said on 4/Feb/17
6'1.5" tops in my opinion.
Animus said on 30/Dec/16
He looks 6ft2 (or close to it) next to Leonardo DicCaprio in the following video: Click Here

There is a caveat, though, since DiCaprio sometimes wears thin footwear and Musk has taken a liking to boots and other thick shoes. He still has to be at least 6ft1½.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/16
Rob, how likely is 6ft1 flat?

That's the current average guess...
Editor Rob
I think he can look over 6ft 1, but he may fall a bit under 6ft 2.
Rubio said on 3/Oct/16
Wow I never thought he was 6 ft 2. He looks pretty 6'.25 6'.75 to me.. maybe 6'1 in the morning if lucky
Tom said on 29/Sep/16
A time ago Elon was listed 5'11 everywhere and I always thought he was taller. But 6'2 seems too much for him, I usually thought he looked around 6'0.5. I think he is 184 cm. That's what a looks next to Obama. And by the way, he wears lifts, lots of people have already noticed this. He could be 6'2 in shoes, but definitely nit barefoot in my opinion. He's a 184 guy who wears some small lifts in his dress shoes which puts him at 6'2.
AAAA said on 27/Sep/16
A friend of mine works at Space X and has met him personally. One of the first things he said is people don't realize how big he is. Steve put him at 6'3, which would mean a likely height of 6'1-6'2. He said his persona in combination with his size creates and intimidating presence
Jon said on 27/Sep/16
6ft if he's lucky, shorter than Barack Obama
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/16
Really 230lbs range? I'd have thought more 210lbs
Daniel said on 22/Sep/16
Rob curious question, how many inches would a 6'2" person eyesight level stare at on a measuring tape?
Editor Rob
5ft 9-9.5 range, anywhere amongst that would cover 95% of 6ft 2 men.
HonestSlovene said on 22/Sep/16
6'2 sounds about right, looks 6'1.5"-6'1.75" next to John Oliver though. Oliver is at the mid 5'11 range at least.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Sep/16
Rob, might have been measured at 6ft2 mid-morning?
Editor Rob
yeah it's not impossible he drops a bit under 6ft 2.

At least he's no Richard Branson though, claiming 6ft 2 with a serious face.
Daniel said on 21/Sep/16
Rob this is very confusing but does 6'2 tower over 5'11, where would 5'11 see from a 6'2 person?
Editor Rob
usually the 5ft 11 guy would be looking into the mouth of a 6ft 2 fella.
Animus said on 21/Sep/16
What do you reckon he weighs, Rob?
Editor Rob
230's maybe
Thomas6ft1 said on 21/Sep/16
HEY Rob, Are you sure he's really 6'2" barefoot and not 6'1" flat? The 6'2" claim could be in shoes.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have guessed a flat 6ft 1, but I can see a 6ft 1.5 argument for him...the fact he says 'definitely' 6ft 2 means he must have measured near it, of course he might have been in a shoe.
A2Z said on 20/Sep/16
Funny enough this guy use to get listed 181cm on every site and now he's 6'2" all of a sudden? maybe wearing lifts, surgery or a sudden growth spurt lol.
Editor Rob
maybe just somebody guessed him wrong and other sites used the dodgy height?

Has happened a lot over the last 15 years.
MD said on 19/Sep/16
With 5'11.5" John Oliver:

Click Here
ly said on 19/Sep/16
Maybe hes 6ft2 with his transplanted hair but no way over 6ft1.5 without it,he barely edges Obama.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/16
Does look close to this
James said on 19/Sep/16
Yes, looked to have a solid inch on Obama.
Editor Rob
I think it is arguable Musk can look 6ft 1.5 as well, but he seems not to be a ramrod postured guy.

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