How tall is Randy Couture

Randy Couture's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American MMA fighter, and actor known for Scorpion King 2 and The Expendables. When someone mentioned to Randy how UFC had him at 6ft 2 he replied "ya they fudge on everyone ! I don't know why ! I'm 6'1""

How tall is Randy Couture
Photo by PR Photos
He’s [Jon Jones] a big guy, he’s a tall guy. I think he’s taller than I am. I think he’s 6-foot-3, I’m only 6-foot-1.

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Height of Brock Lesnar
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6ft 2 (188 cm)
Height of Jon Jones
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Height of Dolph Lundgren
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Height of Conor McGregor
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Average Guess (78 Votes)
5ft 11.49in (181.6cm)
Abdul 5'10 said on 9/Sep/23
5'10-Abdul. said on 13/Mar/23
182 peak / 181 today.
Abdulrahman said on 17/Jan/23
Legit 181 cm.
Ben - 186cm said on 15/Jan/23
The quote about Jon Jones is pretty funny when you consider that Jones would have near 5 inches on him. “He’s 6’3 and I’m only 6’1!!!” Yeah mate, 6’1. For sure. 😂

Height inflating is a disease on society and it must be squashed.
Abdulrahman said on 13/Jan/23
180 cm.
Chaoscontrol 6'2.75/190cm said on 26/Dec/21
randomdude2021 said on 2/Jan/21
Rob how tall do you think Cro Cop is,

many people think he is 6'0 flat, but I really doubt that, here is 6'1 1/2 Frank Mir with Cro Cop, Mir looks to me a solid 2-2.5 inches taller. Click Here

I have Mirko at 5'11 and possibly 5'11 1/2 at the absolute max.

Although in his peek in the pride era I think he may have hovered around the 6' mark.
Editor Rob
I had briefly looked a while ago and thought he might be 6ft but not really looked for years

Cro Cop looks taller compared with 5’10.5 Wanderlei Silva than 5’11.5 Rampage Jackson does, I would’ve said he’s at least 6’0
Chaoscontrol 6'2.75/190cm said on 25/Dec/21
Click Here Royce Gracie (to Couture’s left) is billed 6’1 and Kimo Leopoldo (the guy to his right) is billed at an outlandish 6’3. Would you say Gracie looks 6’0.5 and Leopoldo looks 5’10.75 here?
Michael187BarefootInTheMorning said on 3/Dec/21
Rob, do you think Randy in his prime would edge out Kurt Angle in his prime?
Editor Rob
I'm sure he does
Daycringeothon said on 8/Jul/21
Frank Mir always look 6’1” range. Sometimes he could look a flat 6’2”. UFC on the tale of the tape had him at 6’3”. Going by stills of him and Tim Sylvia I see 4 or maybe 5 inch difference.
He held up well next to Lesnar. Looked virtually the same as 6’2”-6’2 1/4” Lesnar.
randomdude2021 said on 3/Jul/21
I can't see Randy at 5'11 1/2, even peak I doubt he was much over 5'10 1/2

these days probably closer to 5'10

I think Randy needs a downgrade.
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 25/Jun/21
I can see him losing height from 182-182.5 down to 181-181.5
Daycringeothon said on 23/Jun/21
Tim Sylvia has an easy 7 inches over Couture in most pictures of them. Considering he might be losing an inch with being overweight. Sylvia doesn’t look the full 6’8” maybe 6’7.5” rounded up. His posture always was bad fighting his shorter opponents.
Daycringeothon said on 21/Jun/21
Any idea about the 6’8” listing for Tim Sylvia? Doubt he had any more than 7” on Couture in their fight stare down. Sylvia’s posture is poor. The Couture vs Toney stare down Couture posture is lol poor giving the illusion toney is 5’10”. Toney is 5’9.5 ish. I don’t know if couture was ever more than 181cm 5’11.25” ish even for peak height. Tim Sylvia looks marginally under 6’8” the UFC likely rounded his height up.
Editor Rob
maybe 6ft 8 in shoes, he did claim to be 6ft 8, 250 pounds
Duhon said on 27/May/21
@Rob 5'11.75" peak perhaps?
Danimal 176.7cm said on 10/May/21
Rob, Randy is almost 60 years old. He has definitely lost height since his prime. Even back in his prime he was getting 6'0" (183cm) listings at times, when even then he appeared slightly shorter than that.
Editor Rob
If he's lost anything, I wouldn't think it was more than a fraction.
randomdude2021 said on 2/Jan/21
Rob how tall do you think Cro Cop is,

many people think he is 6'0 flat, but I really doubt that, here is 6'1 1/2 Frank Mir with Cro Cop, Mir looks to me a solid 2-2.5 inches taller. Click Here

I have Mirko at 5'11 and possibly 5'11 1/2 at the absolute max.

Although in his peek in the pride era I think he may have hovered around the 6' mark.
Editor Rob
I had briefly looked a while ago and thought he might be 6ft but not really looked for years
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Oct/20
Rob, how likely is 6ft peak?
Editor Rob
Outside chance
Vieana said on 14/Sep/20
Rob here another photo of couture with khabib I think he might have lost 1/2 inch
Click Here
Editor Rob
He might have lost a little bit, I suppose by 57 that's a distinct possibility for some fighters.
Vieana said on 14/Sep/20
Click Here
Definety doesn't look over 5 ft 11 here with khabib
Guest66 said on 5/Sep/20
For all I know he edged out a guy like Fedor, who is not under 180cm, so Randy can’t be just a flat 5’11” and anything under 5’11” seems to be straight up nonsense.
Nik Ashton said on 20/Jun/20
Randy is 5’11.5” yet he claims to be 6’1”, like Vin Diesel! Randy is gettin’ his 250th comment!
Ren Michael said on 19/Jun/20
I see your guys arguments, and Randy probably used to be around 5'11 in his prime, and I also understand he's slouching in this photo, but there is just no way that Randy is still this height: Click Here
Jam Cherry said on 7/May/20
He never looked 6 footer in expendable series, I would say 181 cm is about right
Daycringeothon said on 2/May/20
Nobody his height can shrink over 1.5" so the 5'10" nonsense is silly. Everyone has a standing naturally tall height, Randy's might be a half an inch less than most. He has a wide upper body and big shoulders which probably work against him to his heights perception. Any leaning will automatically make someone like him appear less.

If Couture busted a gut I'd say 5'11.5"-5'11.875" in bare feet.

If Couture really was a flat 5'10" then what Liddell, 5'11'', Fedor flat 5'9", GSP 5'8", Matt Hughes 5'6", nonsense.
500cm golem said on 10/Apr/20
Either Randy needs a downgrade, or Khabib needs an upgrade. I think both.

Click Here

Randy only looks 3/4ths of an inch taller than Khabib in this picture.
Matt (182cm) said on 23/Jan/20
Hey big Rob. I've found a great resource for the height of mma legend Fedor Emelianenko. Couture and Fedor were set to fight for the promotion company Affliction and they had a photo shoot facing off barefoot. You can see they are barefoot at 0:20 in this video: Click Here here are two photos resulting from it at slightly different angles: Click Here and Click Here I personally see a 0.5-1 inch difference in favour of Couture. Fedor has always been listed as 6ft with a 76 inch reach besides his time at the promotion Strikeforce where he was listed as 5ft 11.5 with a 74.5 inch reach: Click Here I think Fedor would be a good addition as he was so dominant for a long period while usually being the shorter man, thanks.
Editor Rob
Fedor at 5ft 11 was always possible for him
frank burjan said on 28/Dec/19
I have stood next to mirko crocop filipovic by chance. Im 178cm or 5'10 in bare feet. Mirko was no more than 5cm or 2' taller. My cousin was next to me and remarked mirko is between 1 and 2 inches taller than me. No more than an even 6'0.
Mirko has a very muscular body. Very big thick legs and big shoulders and smaller waist.
Fedor is at most 5'10 although i would say 5'9 or 5'9.5 at most.
truthteller25 said on 14/Dec/19
I say 5'11
maa said on 9/Jul/19
Evening heights, give or take a cm

Randy Couture - 181.5 cm

Fedor - 181 cm

Mark Hunt - 177 cm

Mike Tyson - 178 cm (peak)

Floyd Mayweather jr - 171 cm

GSP - 178 cm

Kahbib Nurmagomedov - 176 cm

Daniel Cormier - 177 cm

Dana White - 178 cm

Conor Mcgregor - 173 cm
c-mo said on 22/Feb/19
Editor Rob:
Randy can look not that much over 5ft 11 with him.


my guess for him is 180-181cm . nothing more

he is listed as 6'2 and claims 6'1 ? . hilarious . just lol
c-mo said on 18/Feb/19
eerm...Rob ...

you should either downgrade randy or upgrade james toney because they are almost the same height . randy couture is maybe 2-3cm taller than toney so if toney is 177cm then randy is nothing over 180cm

I think james toney is 5'9.75 and randy couture is 5'10.75

Click Here

Click Here

one of the pics is their fight night as you see and both are barefeet for the fight as you know

your opinion ?
Editor Rob
Randy can look not that much over 5ft 11 with him.
Randomdude9099 said on 15/Jan/19
Cro Cop in my opinion has been very much overlisted, Mir is about 6'1 and he looked ATLEAST 2 inches shorter than Mir

I would estimate Mirko at about 5'11 could have been taller at his peak though during the pride era.
1999 said on 31/Dec/18
Dear Rob, how tall is Cro Cop (billed at 6ft 2), he looks 6ft at most in my eyes, but u're the Expert so is it possible that u could add him?
Editor Rob
6ft 2 seems quite impossible for him, I would be surprised if he was over 6ft.
Animus said on 13/Nov/18
Rob, what's your opinion on Bas Rutten's height? I think he looks to be in a similar range to Couture - above 5'11 but not quite 6'0.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Oct/18

I don't see Khabib being 3cm taller than Connor.
maaa said on 23/Oct/18
Evening heights, give or take

Randy Couture - 181.5 cm

Fedor - 180.5 cm

Mark Hunt - 177 cm

Mike Tyson - 177.5 cm

Floyd Mayweather jr - 170 cm

GSP - 178 cm

Kahbib Nurmagomedov - 176 cm

Daniel Cormier - 176.5 cm

Dana White - 178cm

Conor Mcgregor - 173 cm
Guest66 said on 23/Apr/18
He has looked 1.5-2cm taller than Fedor, who is every bit of a flat 5’11 guy I’m sure. So listing is quite fair.
Bork said on 15/Apr/18
He looked about 5’10.5” in staredown with 6’2” Lesnar in UFC fight
c-mo said on 9/Jan/18
I have analyzed many fighters height by comparing them . I used also weigh-in videos and photos where the fighters are barefeet

what I did was basically a snowball effect kind of thing . I took mike tyson who rob has met and listed as 178cm and compared him to mark hunt . then I took mark hunt and compared him to gsp . I also took mike tyson and compared him to khabib nurmagomedov and also khabib nurmagomedov to gsp . and gsp to fedor . fedor to dan henderson . dan henderson to daniel cormier. also ricky hatton next to mayweather . mayweather to conor mcgregor . conor to gsp . and the list goes on and on .I really compared many people with each other and am pretty content that my listing is reasonably accurate for the fighters :

evening heights . rough estimation . give or take a small fraction

Randy Couture - 182cm

Fedor - 181-182cm

Mark Hunt - 178cm

Mike Tyson - 178cm

Floyd Mayweather jr - 171cm

GSP - 177cm

Kahbib Nurmagomedov - 176cm

Daniel Cormier - 178-179cm

Dan Henderson - 178-179cm

Dana White - 178-179cm

Conor Mcgregor - 174cm

James Toney - 177cm

Gennady Golovkin - 177cm
Animus said on 30/Dec/17
He can definitely look shorter than nearly 182cm, Rob, are you still satisfied with this listing?
JJAK said on 24/Oct/17
Yeah machida is taller had him by maybe half an inch at weigh in maybe less as machida had more hair.
His low wrestling stance is what lost him the fight, if he fought up and back like say jones he would not have gotten hit.
Animus said on 20/Sep/17
5'11½ looks right for Couture. I saw some photos of him with Fedor Emelianenko and Couture generally looks slightly taller, which means Fedor is 5'10¾ or 5'11. The fascinating thing about Fedor is he has a tremendously large frame. He's got extremely wide shoulders, long arms and seemingly long legs - he even has rather long fingers. This all points to a uniformly large skeleton, which enabled him (in conjuction with his great speed and kinesthetic awareness) to compete as a heavyweight despite his vertically limited stature. Arguably he could have been a light heavyweight, but he was great enough to compete against the best fighters in the world at heavyweight.
RisingForce said on 7/Jul/17
Rob, how likely are 181 or even a flat 5'11"? We went over Sly's Hogan shoes giving him maybe 2.5"-2.7" with lifts and Sly seems at least as tall as Couture wearing them in multiple full body shots: Click Here Click Here and videos: Click Here Click Here

With posture advantage Sly can look taller. Couture's shoes look thin, is he wearing 0.6"-0.7" type? If so that'd still only be 2" taller than Sly barefoot. I'm also not sure there was only a 2.5" difference between Randy and Brock Lesnar.
Original said on 24/Jun/17
IMO according this video == Bellator NYC Official Weigh-ins

Mitrione: 6'2.5"
Ryan Bader, Chael Sonnen : both around 6'1
Fedor Emelianenko, Phil Davis: aroung 6'(could be 5'11.75 also)
Wanderlei Silva: 5'10.75
James said on 16/Jun/17
5'11 & 1/2 seems right. He was Fedor's height or a tiny bit shorter but looked taller given his stance.
Tufty said on 29/Mar/17
The photos of the octagon stare down still surprise me. I knew the ufc could exaggerate heights but we were supposed to be looking at a 1 inch height difference. Brocks eyeline is almost at the top of randys head. I'm seeing 4 inches. If brock isn't a full 6'3 then randy could well be under 5'11.
Dmeyer said on 20/Mar/17
With Sly hé CAN look 179 even counting lifts
somedude said on 12/Feb/17
Met him today 5'11.5 seems right he was probably a little over 6 feet in his prime. The reason he looks smaller at times is because he slouches a lot most likely due to his wrestling.
Yas said on 11/Dec/16
Nah. Machida was easily taller. Listing looks right.
josh jeffords said on 9/Oct/16
Ive seen every fight hes done in ufc and several movies.
Barefoot in his prime randy was at least 6 1 likey shrunk some but towers over the annoying rapper 50 cent who claims 511.
He was a Grecco Roman wrestler so he isnt going to be standing straight up much.
He looked the same as stone cold and towered over most of cast of Expendables except the always understated Dolph.
travis said on 5/Oct/16
5'11.5 isnt close to 6'1 naw he could be almost 6 feet
randomdude said on 20/Jun/16
5'10.5 in my opinion was about 3 inches between him and 6'2 Lesnar
Johno said on 6/Feb/16
Although you could argue 5'9.75 - 5'10 for couture aswell but i believe he averages tad less then 5'10 in a day.
Johno said on 6/Feb/16
There is no chance that he was taller then a bare footed James Toney, who looks around 5'9.25-5'9.5 with Rob and he was a solid 4 inches or more shorter then Brock Lesnar. These 5'11 and 6'0 estimates on the internet are far out and hilirious. Incidently, Mike Tyson, Fedor and Dana are the same height to one another.

Johno said on 5/Feb/16
Randy is at best 5'10 and most like 5'9.5, he was the same height as James Toney. Fedor is 5'9.5, he was not any taller then Tyson nor Randy.
joe joe said on 8/Oct/15
@Kourosh Rich franklin is listed at 6'1 by the UFC which can be wrong sometimes but looking at him next to Randy here, He is scanning about 185 or so
Jbee said on 3/Oct/15
My cousin trained with Randy and my cuz is 6'.. randyis not 6', he is shorter at 5'11.
jim said on 23/Sep/15
lol theres no way hes 5ft 9, hes a strong 6ft
Kourosh said on 5/Sep/15
can someone tell me whats the real height of UFC fighter rich franklin? here is he with randy :
Click Here
191 said on 18/Aug/15
here with paul daley, who is genuine 5'9. id call that only 1 inch between them.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/15
Still listed 6ft2 in UFC
zedrein said on 2/Aug/15
"Height183", are you out of your mind!? Randy on a VERY BAD day is still a very strong 5' 11"
Eric said on 25/Jul/15
No more than 6 foot
Height183 said on 16/Jul/15
5'9.25'' to me. Looks nothing but average height.
Rollin said on 15/Jul/15
he is 100% 183cm plus a bit. Do question I have pics standing right next to him and I can measure myself every 30 seconds if I felt like it.
Dmeyer said on 29/Jun/15
Strong 5'11 flat
Onrey96 said on 3/Jun/15
Bruh ... I don't what you have to say
ChuckTheSchmuck said on 26/May/15
"onrey96 says on 27/Dec/14
6'1" or 6'2" in my opinion"

More like in your dreams...
N said on 13/Apr/15
Seen pictures of him recently with Triple H. Comparable to Shawn Michaels in height
Dingus said on 6/Feb/15
About 5'11"
Onrey96 said on 10/Jan/15
Oh my god he's 6' with shoes or not, he's 6'. Not 5'11" or 5'10"
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 1/Jan/15
Click Here

Looks at best 5´11.25" next to 5´9.5"-5´10" Kurt Angle
onrey96 said on 27/Dec/14
6'1" or 6'2" in my opinion
randomdude said on 25/Dec/14
with shoes off on a good day Couture is 5'11 evening height 5'10.5
Clay said on 22/Dec/14
Yes it was an extreme size difference. Rob, you've got something out of whack with Lesnar at 6'2 and Couture as nearly 6'0'', it was a greater difference than 2.5''.
Onrey96 said on 1/Dec/14
He's not 5'10" or 5'11"
Clay said on 24/Sep/14
If Lesnar was changed back to 6'2 why is Couture still at 5'11.5 when it was minimum 3 inches between them..
DMEYER said on 18/May/14
5 ft 11.5 looks closer
jasperwasup said on 14/May/14
Anderson silva has got to have arms and legs of a legit 6'3'' guy just saying. So if Anderson silva hovers in the 5'11'' range he still got legs like a taller person. Jon Jones is probably 6'3'' at night but has very legs also probably like a legit 6'5'' guy.
Clay said on 2/May/14
Rob, spot on. He had about 1.5 over 5'10 James Toney in their MMA match.
ufc34 said on 5/Apr/14
Idk its hard to beleive any height any organization lists their fighters boxing or mma, there is always some kind of boost by an inch or even more. randy was listed at 6 ft 2 vs lesnar and lesnar toward him.
somebody new said on 9/Feb/14
def. not his claim... Rob, how tall would you estimate Fedor Emelianenko to be? I think in pictures together Randy appears a little bit taller?
Editor Rob
fedor could be 180 range
ufc34 said on 3/Feb/14
Yea mma fighters get a boost on there real heights. This guy at my gym is listed at 6 ft tall on sherdog, but he even told me hes 5 ft 10 on a good day.
Brad said on 20/Dec/13
5' 10" next to a 5' 8" Stallone. His 6' 1" is as laughable as Bieber/Wahlberg lines.
nick said on 29/Aug/13
5'10 max lol just compare him with 5'9 stalllone...
tommy said on 3/Aug/13
Click Here
Balrog said on 10/Jul/13
Next to Lundgren and Crews he looks 5'11''.
scott said on 5/Jul/13
I met him at the arnold classic and I am 5 11 he is 5 10 and not too big either nice guy for sure 510 and I would say 210lbs
JJ said on 7/Jun/13
I've met him and shook his hand I'm 5"11 on a good day and he is shorter then me . Or at least he appeared to be to me not allot 5"10 maybe 5"11 but deffinatly no taller
Johno said on 10/May/13
I used to believe about 5'11 but seriously, he only was taller then fedor by 0.25 inches barefoot (identical heights) fedor himself is often described as 5'10 on alot of mma forums and comparing him to the weak 5'10 mike tyson, he is the same height as him meaning, fedor himself could dip into the upper 5'9 range in the evening and couture just about above the 5'10 at 5'10.25

Tyson 5'9.5 - 5'10
fedor 5'9.5 - 5'10
randy 5'10.25
Original said on 6/Apr/13
5'9, 5'10 for Couture HAHAH.
In night minimium 5'11.25", probably 5'11.75 or 6' in mourning. 6'0.5 peak.
Dmeyer said on 29/Mar/13
He looks easy 6'1 NeXT to 6'2 vinni Jones in a movie
Knight92 said on 23/Mar/13
ok . it's too much . Goldberg is legit 6 feet 3 inches .. we all know Brock is little shorter than Goldberg .. eye to eye happened at wm .
so brock probably 6 ' 2.25 " it's okay ..
& here
Click Here

clearly at least 3 inches shorter than brock ..

Randy couture is not even 6' .. no matter what he says .
Barefoot 5' 11" - it's perfect for him .
Mike 181 said on 17/Feb/13
Rob trainer is in the middle is a legit 6"2 all are barefeet training go to that site the pic is right when u enter tell me what u think.please answer...
joe joe said on 15/Feb/13
I would say 6 ft is spot on for couture. he is billed a 6'2 in the ufc but always comes up looking a full inch shorter than 6'1 guys like machida check this video and go to 9:04 and see the face off. it's quite obviouse that couture is giving away at least an inch to machida. plus we know they are both bare foot Click Here
SAK said on 4/Jan/13
Are MMA fighters usually corrected listed on sherdog?
John Smith said on 5/Dec/12
Lmao Randy Couture is NOT 6'0'' tall barefoot
mId said on 3/Dec/12
GodfatherJr: If you are the same height as Couture, then I'm sorry to break it to you.. you are maybe 6' in the morning standing at your tallest ;) Your estimate of ken shamrock at almost 6' is off also. Click Here
Here you have couture with belfort both barefoot after their fight where belfort split couture's eyelid. Click Here
And here you have brock and belfort.. that has to be more than 2 inches. Click Here And here you have couture with wanderlei and dana. wanderlei is wearing shoes but he is(barefoot) ~5'9 and taller than a barefoot couture. And this was some years ago now. Have you seen when close to, if not LEGIT 6' people like 50 cent visits some of these fighters and dana white? I guess not. Because THAT makes all of their 6'1-6'2 claims laughable. And how can James Toney be close to 5'10 by your estimate when he's shorter than Mike Tyson who most people see as 5'10 tops?
Spiffysteve said on 28/Nov/12
FACE says on 10/Aug/12
Click Here
5'11 (180 cm)

Yeah, I think there's a bit more than 3 inches difference between Crews and Couture here...
mId said on 20/Nov/12
Arch Stanton: Because he(Randy) is.. he's ~5'10.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/12
Watching Setup, why does he look shorter than 50 cent??
Dadang said on 18/Nov/12
is saw he's bio randy is 5'10'' with shoes that's it.. :)

anderson silva is a solid 5'11'' barefoot not 6'2'' i saw his video in Rumble on the Rock 8

also GSP 5'7½-5'8'' interview with 5'9'' ariel helwani
mId said on 14/Nov/12
5'9.5 or 5'10 for Randy is right on the money these days. 5'9 James Toney(1 inch shorter than 5'10 ken shamrock) is taller than randy in shoes with randy barefoot. just watch their staredown on the weigh ins at ufc 118.
Alex said on 1/Nov/12
What's Benson Henderson height? He is listed 5'9 but looks exactly the same height as Anthony Pettis ( listed 5'10).Ben is 5'9.5 or 5'10 or Pettis is shorter then his listed height? Sorry for my bad English
JJ said on 14/Oct/12
I've met Randy 5"10 max it was the talk of the club he is one of our heros and we where all kinda surpized.
Junior31 said on 15/Sep/12
Just seen a stare down between him and Brandon Vera when they fought. Vera listed at 6'2 completely dwarfed randy by 3' plus if I wasn't computer iliterate I'd post it. Please someone do so rob u gotta see this!!!
Junior31 said on 30/Aug/12
Hey rob I think he needs a downgrade. If you look at James toney vs coture toney in instances seems taller then coture and he's a weak 5 10 toney his entire career was listed 5'9 5'10 also randy next to legit six footers has always been shorter . The sly pic is telling as well. Say sly is 5'11 6'0 w his lifts, even then he's taller then coture.

Coture peak height 5'11 1/2
Coture now after a long long career and being close to fifty 5'10 1/2

They guy recently has been dwarfed I'm sorry
marc said on 21/Aug/12
not sure he's even a 5'11. Check his photos next to Stallone. Ok, everibody knows Stallone uses to wear lifts, but anyway.
FACE said on 10/Aug/12
Click Here
5'11 (180 cm)
AS said on 3/Aug/12
i've never seen shogun in real life but looking at him in video and picture next to other people there is absolutely no way he is only 5'10. guy is a solid 6 foot
Joker said on 1/Aug/12
To the guy that claimed Shogun Rua is 6' check out his stats here Click Here dudes five ten.
jasperwazap said on 5/Jan/12
Randy can't be 183cm he's 182cm max. i know it's old but the staredown with brock Lesnar in their fight proves this watch this video. Lesnar is 6'2'' 188cm but can look taller because of the huge forehead he has. Couture was 3'' shorter so he is 181cm in the staredown but possiblely 182cm if fully straight but not 183cm.
jasperwazap said on 29/Dec/11
Machida is a solid 6'1'' guy most def. and even got listed as 6'1.5''sometimes in his earlier fights before the ufc. he totally dwarfs his family literally.
Why lie said on 15/Dec/11
If Randy Couture is 6'1" then Brock Lesnar is 6'7".
Yaspaa said on 24/Nov/11
I think Machida is a genuine 6'1 with Shogun being 6'0, maybe a smidge under.
Click Here
Tman said on 30/Sep/11
Rob could this listing be off by a full 2 inches? He was a solid 3,5in shorter than lesnar barefoot
Editor Rob
always chance 182cm but lesanr 189 I think is ok.
Original said on 26/Aug/11
Lyoto Machida: 6'1"
Randy Couture: 5'11.75"
Fedor Emelianenko: 5'11.5"
Minotauro Nogueira: 6'3"
Mirko Filipovic: 6'0.5"
George Saint Pierre: 5'10"
Anderson Silva: 6'2"
Jon Jones: 6'4.25"
Mauricio Rua: 6'
Clay said on 10/Aug/11
Rob you should adjust this to 5'11.5.
Legend said on 23/Jul/11
Fedor is 5'10.5
Luke said on 12/Jul/11
Randy looked about 6'0 when I met him, I'm 5'6.
Click Here
jake said on 11/Jul/11
Agree with Rampage. 5ft11.75 for Couture or a weak 6ft.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jul/11
Couture is just under 6ft. 182cm probably
James said on 31/May/11
no way machida is 5'11 , hes taller than couture and had an inch on shogun , they would have to change couture to 5'9
Patrick said on 27/May/11
I've met Randy 3 times during fights weekends and expos. I am exactly 6'0.5" in my bare feet. With shoes I am about 6'1.5" or so. I've had shoes on both times every time I've met him and so has he. He is about 2" shorter than I am. Making him about 5'11.5" with shoes. Without shoes, I say he is 5'10.5".
Yaspaa said on 15/May/11
Randy hasn't lost 1.5", the guy is only in his 40s.
Ali said on 10/May/11
5'10.5 nothing more. Same height as Fedor.

Crocop 5'11.5
Lesnar 6'2
Nogueira 6'2.5
Frank Mir 6'1
Anderson Silva 6'1
Machida 5'11.5
Shogun 5'10
mma fan said on 3/May/11
Orginal great listing, Randy is still taller than Fedor, refer to the promotional video and pictures couple years ago,Randy is still 6',Fedor is 5'11.5 and Miroc is listed 186(6'1.25) he is shorter, prbably 6'0.5, he is about an inch taller than Fedor
Original said on 1/May/11
Lyoto Machida: 6'1"
Randy Couture: 5'11.5" now, 6'1" peak
Fedor Emelianenko: 5'11.75"
Minotauro Nogueira: 6'3
Mirko Filipovic: 6'1.25"
George Saint Pierre: 5'10"
Anderson Silva: 6'2"
Jon Jones: 6'4.25"
Mauricio Rua: 6'
Chuck said on 30/Apr/11
Randy looked 2 inches shorter than 6'1" Lyoto Machida at the weigh ins for their fight taking place tonight (in my time zone at least). Anyways, I think Randy is 5'11". His limb proportions look roughly the same as mine, as I am about 5'11" myself. So coming from a 5'11" guy, I say Randy is about 5'11".
PJ said on 25/Mar/11
Randy said before his last fight he weighed 218 as he prepared for the cut to 205.
Clay said on 12/Mar/11
Again, I dont know why I have to repeat myself...he weighed 220 pounds when he fought Brock Lesnar in 2008.

Today he may be 205-215.
andre said on 21/Feb/11
clay then why guy like him with 5ft11 with 220looks tiny then how can you explane me a guy like eddie guerrero that was 5ft7.2(172cm) with shoes with 220lbs monsters

a good legit 5ft8 men bedeside 5f11 is about the same so why the huge diference my father that is 5ft11 with 220lbs is huge that guy randy is a monster two but about 205 to 215at most.
Clay said on 14/Feb/11
185 to 205? He has fought as a heavyweight at 220 and he cuts water to make 205 pounds. Try knowing what you're talkinjg about next time.
andre. said on 30/Jan/11
guys and the wheight of randy couture with 5ft11 is not 220lbs more like 205lbs at most.

randy couture looks like a old shawn michaels but they have wheight listed at 221lbs but are 185lbs to 205lbs.

guy with 5ft11 like couture with 220lbs will look a monster like eddie guerrero was in built and randy look big and muscular but a bit tiny but if you compare to normal people he is huge.

randy couture 5ft11-185lbs to 205lbs not 220lbs
Clay said on 3/Dec/10
Givve says on 1/Dec/10
Peter I don't agree that Randy feels huge, I thought he didn't look that imposing at all, Fedor is about 5'10.5-5'11 and so is Randy.

Yeah, a 215-220 pound guy in person really isnt that imposing. Brock Lesnar now that is an imposing frame...
Clay said on 3/Dec/10
maximus says on 28/Nov/10
5'11 for both Couture and Fedor. Its some what annoying when they list these guys taller than their actual height. I have seen Fedor listed at 6' which actually isnt so bad but I have seen Couture listed at 6'2" which is obvious when he fights someone who is a legit 6'2" and they clearly have a 3" advantage.

It's funny because right before his fight with boxer James Toney the announcers said Couture is 5 inches taller yet when they came together to touch gloves the height difference was like 1 inch, LOL.
Givve said on 1/Dec/10
Peter I don't agree that Randy feels huge, I thought he didn't look that imposing at all, Fedor is about 5'10.5-5'11 and so is Randy.
Peter said on 30/Nov/10
I met Randy and Fedor... I'm 5'10 185... these guys felt huge like silverbacks... Fedor 6' and Randy 6.5. They weren't tall but there combination of weight and built was very imposing.
maximus said on 28/Nov/10
5'11 for both Couture and Fedor. Its some what annoying when they list these guys taller than their actual height. I have seen Fedor listed at 6' which actually isnt so bad but I have seen Couture listed at 6'2" which is obvious when he fights someone who is a legit 6'2" and they clearly have a 3" advantage.
Clay said on 23/Nov/10
Brock - 6'2 3/8
Cain - 6'1
Cro Cop - 6'0.75
Rampage - 5'11.5
Randy - 5'10.75
mId said on 15/Nov/10
I knew before I clicked wich picture you were posting crazy bob :) but it's the way they are standing or shoes or something because randy is taller than wanderlei. about 1" taller. Click Here
Givve said on 14/Nov/10
Crazy Bob, we can't see their footwear, maybe wand was in runners while couture was barefoot or in flip flops, Wandy is short though, around 5'9. Couture is like 5'10.
Dj said on 11/Nov/10
Im willing to bet couture is around 5'10 bare foot. He was basically an inch mabey 1/5in taller than 5'9 james tooney (Click Here). And that picture crazy bob posted is pretty clear, he does look about an inch shorter than wanderlei who's listed at 5'11.
crazy bob said on 10/Nov/10
PICTURE, Couture shorter than Wanderlei

Click Here
mId said on 28/Oct/10
yeah randy I can't see being more than 5'11 these days.. same as rampage. I would love to meet just one of these fighters and then I could pretty much tell exactly the other fighters heights. only american celeb I've met as is talked to was pablo fransisco.. the stand up comedian. he is listed 6'1 but he was more 5'10.5-5'11. it seems to me that us swedes commonly add 2cm but americans add 2". hope I'm not offending anybody ;)
Givve said on 27/Oct/10
Yep he is definetely taller than Randy, a friend of mine was at the UFC fan expo in England two weeks ago, he is 6'0.5 and Randy was way shorter than him, according to him Randy was a weak 5'11, maybe even 5'10.5.

Cro cop is maybe 6'0, but sure didn't look like it against 6'1 Frank Mir =)
mId said on 8/Jul/09
I have a relly hard time seeing wandy at 6' morning.. I mean.. a fan who said he was 5'11,5" had him by 2-3 inches. was he barefoot or was he wearin his Nike Shox as usual? 5'9 is too short but 5'9.5 - 5-10 is more what I belive him to be in the evening.. he looks shorter than tops 5'11 dana white.
dave said on 6/Jul/09
yeah i agree with Michael I live in vegas to and ive met some fighters... they are a lot smaller than what they are on tv or on the net dont get me wrong they are big but All of them are off by a few inches
mma fan said on 5/Jul/09
I met Wandy yesterday @ revolution gym in Toronto, very humble and nice guy. He was not very big. He should be walking around 205 nowadays. I can assure you that 5'9 claim in nonesense. He looked about 5'11 to me. Just compare his height with other fighter you should get around 5'11. He is an inch shorter than Rampage(fought 3 times), he was about 2.5 shorter than liddle in thier staredown in the octagon and he was about 1.5 inch shorter than 6'0-6'0.5 Rich Franklin
Clay said on 28/Jun/09
Brock is 6'2 or 6'2.5, and he has Randy by 3 inches there. Funny thing is UFC listing Couture at 6'2, LOL.
mma fan said on 26/Jun/09
GSP is not under 5'10 not even a hair, but I can believe Randy being 5'11.5 nowadyas. He has lost about an inch in the last 5 yeras. Rich Franklin should be about 6'0.5
Leung said on 24/Jun/09
I agree Clay, it
Quintus said on 24/Jun/09
looks under 6'0 compared to brock lesnar at 9:54 Click Here
mId said on 24/Jun/09
well.. I just said what danimal posted. not stating any FACT's and just because you say FACT doesn't make it so either. mma-fans who met couture are really arguing over if couture is 6' or 5'11-ish.. and he was really short (just a bit taller than 5'10 tops wanderlei) when standing next to rich franklin and wanderlei (pictures from germany). rich is 6'1 tops. most say 6'. and couture was visibly shorter than franklin so it's not a FACT that couture is a full 6'. It is a fact however that couture is taller than GSP, but we can only speculate their height's.
Clay said on 23/Jun/09
mId says on 3/Jun/09
GSP's website says 5'10.5" I belive. I can only belive that as morning height for him. I think he would be 5'9.5 tops before bed. Danimal who posts on this site said GSP was a little shorter than him when he met him. I belive Danimal says he himself is 5'9.5 in the mid-day/evening? right? It's posted here on the Frank Trigg page I belive.

Danimal was also hitting the cold ones when he met GSP and even if he percieved himself as taller, it doesnt mean he is. I sometimes think Im 2 inches shorter than someone based on where our eye levels are but when we stand next to eachother in the gym there is like a .5-1 inch difference. GSP is 5'10'' because Couture was only 2 inches taller. FACT.
mId said on 23/Jun/09
why don't you learn to read tony before you bring that attitude? am I missing something.. you say Danimal said he was an inch taller than GSP.. And that's exactly what I posted. I said quote - Danimal who posts on this site said GSP was a little shorter than him when he met him. end quote. now english is not my first language but I'm pretty sure that means that GSP was shorter than Danimal when they met. So I'm not sure what you think I'm wrong about or don't remember. but please feel free to correct me if I'm missing something.. but please ditch the attitude.. because in this case you look like a fool.
Tony said on 23/Jun/09
"mId says on 3/Jun/09
GSP's website says 5'10.5" I belive. I can only belive that as morning height for him. I think he would be 5'9.5 tops before bed. Danimal who posts on this site said GSP was a little shorter than him when he met him. I belive Danimal says he himself is 5'9.5 in the mid-day/evening? right? It's posted here on the Frank Trigg page I belive."

Wrong Danimal said he was about an inch taller than GSP, If you cant remember right then email him or contact him through the website.
mId said on 11/Jun/09
I would say kimbo is 6'1-6'1.5.. there is a pic of him and ken (faceoff) where it looks nothing more than an inch between them and then there is the video of kimbo looking really short next to arlovski.. but I'll give him around 6'1
steveo said on 8/Jun/09
i just wana bring thia into consideration if shamrock is 5'10 apperently how tall is kombo?? Click Here
mId said on 3/Jun/09
GSP's website says 5'10.5" I belive. I can only belive that as morning height for him. I think he would be 5'9.5 tops before bed. Danimal who posts on this site said GSP was a little shorter than him when he met him. I belive Danimal says he himself is 5'9.5 in the mid-day/evening? right? It's posted here on the Frank Trigg page I belive.
mmafan said on 3/Jun/09
GSP should be 5'10", if you compare him with people he have fought. 1.5 to 2 inch on Penn and huges. Aslo Randy had about 1.5 to 2 inch him. 5'10" looks very reasonable for him
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
GSP is my hero and I would love to KNOW his true height. My guess would be that Matt Hughes inflated his height from 5'8" to 5'9" so when GSP fought him he had to inflate his to 5'10" because he's taller. Does anyone KNOW GSP's height with confidence and evidence?
mId said on 25/May/09
ANON: hehe.. I've seen that thread on sherdog. he posted some info in other threads also after that. He measured again and I belive he was 6'1 IN Nike Shox in the morning-early afternoon. I don't think he knows about shrinking during the day. so he could be lower even. you can't see but shogun is also wearing shox in that pic. he loves his shox.. same with wanderlei. most fans will agree that fighters are almost always overlisted by 1-2 inches. fans who met ex. shogun says he is around 5'11-6' (he's been listed 182cm before in brazil). I think that is his midday-height. damien maia who is listed 6' both in UFC and in brazil before has him by 1'. /greetings from sweden
ANON said on 24/May/09
A 5'11.75 guy has pictures of him with Wandy and Fedor, both shorter than him.
Click Here
mma fan said on 24/May/09
I guess Matt Serra is around 5'5 ,after watching the fight last night, Hughes had 3 inch on him. Lyoto looks 6'1 to me , I remember some people said he is not even a 6 foooter
Anonymous said on 23/May/09
I saw a TV special where they said that Dana White was 6'0" but after seeing him standing next to 6'1" Lyoto Machida and 5'6" Matt Serra, on the UFC 98 video blog, I have to say Dana White is really only about 5'10". Also I noticed that Dana does not seem to have much of a neck, his head is really close to his shoulders and since he has a wide back it makes his lack of neck be more noticeable.
thekiddd said on 21/May/09
Fedor is nothing close to 6'. He's about 5'10" or 5'11" but is billed at 6'.
mId said on 21/May/09
wanderlei 5'9.75", dana 5'10.5", couture 5'11", rampage 5'11.5". fedor 5'10.5".
mma fan said on 20/May/09
Dana and wandy both 5'11, Randy is 6'0, considering that Dana and Wandy are with shoes on and Randy is barefoot in that pic
ANON said on 24/Apr/09
Couture with Wanderlei and Dana:
Click Here
mId said on 21/Apr/09
yeah.. michaels estimates sound right.. it's not a question if randy and rampage are 6'1.. it is are they even under 6'. and dana is not even 6' morning height in my eyes.. 6' 50 cent has him by 2 inches and bisping at around 6'1 towers over him.. same goes for 5'11 listed rashad evans.. dan henderson who is listed at this site at 5'11 (listed at one fight 5'10) has him by 1-2 cm.. dana was also listed 5'11 for the tito-boxing fight and they were probably giving him an inch extra too ;)
Michael said on 21/Apr/09
I live in las vegas and have met randy couture on multiple occasions.

I'm a solid 6'1" and he is definatley shorter than me. (I didn't note his footwear, but I'm always wearing flat vans.... so).

Hes 6'0 flat if not less.

I used to have a picture with him and my 5'10.5" friend Jake.
Randy couture wasn't that much taller....

I mean hes a huge man. Just not an incredibly tall one.

The UFC exaggerates stats. I've met Forest Griffin (at the starbucks I work at), Rampage Jackson (at the Las Vegas Speedway), and Randy Couture (once in a casino, and once at the airport).

All of them are off by atleast an inch.

Rampage was shorter than me.
Griffin was about 1.5 inches taller than me.
Couture was shorter than me.
Joe257 said on 19/Apr/09
For whoever wants to know, Dana White is supposed to be 6'0" tall and 210 pounds. Heard it on a TV news special.
mId said on 16/Apr/09
eh.. I (mId) posted that last comment about fake promotional-stills etc.. not MMAFAN.. I just noticed that my name-cell had MMAFAN in it?!? anyway.. have a nice one.
mmafan said on 16/Apr/09
My opinion: there is more than 1cm between fedor and randy.. the affliction promotional was made so they would look eachother more in the eye.. (almost all posters and such are fake, like the tyson-spinks promotional stare-down.. they were looking at manican-dolls(spelling?) and pasted in together) about the affliction.. I saw some behing the scenes thing when they did it and and they angled the camera a little and made randy tilt back a little bit. fedor is 5'11. maybe even 5'10.5. he sure ain't no 6' I think Dan henderson at about 5'11 is little taller than him.. there is a photo floating around of them together full body shot.
mmafan said on 10/Apr/09
fedor is 5'11.5(182cm) and Randy is a legit 6 footer, there is a slight difference between them. Tones of peictures form a Affliction promotional video(they were supposed to fight)
mId said on 30/Mar/09
Matt.. fedor is probably not 6' he's more likely 5'10.5 - 5.11... I have yet to hear from one fan who has met him say he's over 5'11. fighters themselves say he is not 6'.. fedor even said so himself. but you are right couture is taller by half and inch to an inch. they are both barefoot in the pic but you can't see it.. Click Here /greetings from sweden
Matt said on 30/Mar/09
Couture is very clearly taller than Fedor, and Fedor isn't shorter than 6'0''. I'm convinced people using this site are here to make themselves feel better for being average.
Jordan said on 21/Mar/09
Lesnar is 6'2 tops.
mId said on 6/Mar/09
dana is 1.5 inches shorter than listed 5'11 rashad evans and about 6' 50 cent. looks like a barefoot hendo is a fraction taller than dana in sneakers too. he's not 6'.. maybe 5'11 tops.. I belive 5'10.5" for dana.
thekiddd said on 5/Mar/09
Lesnar is not 6'3"!
Clay said on 5/Mar/09
Dana is easily 5'11 if not 6'0.
mId said on 5/Mar/09
ok.. now I'm really confused.. I was expecting couture and rich franklin to be the same height but rich looks 1 - 1'5 inch taller than couture (video and pics from germany promotion couple of days ago).. and couture looks about the same height as wanderlei silva. most fans say he's 5'10 TOPS) I'm beginning to belive randy has shrunk from 6' down to 5'11 now.
mId said on 2/Mar/09
Click Here kid rock and couture
mId said on 18/Feb/09
wasn't dana supposed to be 5'11 when he was supposed to box tito.. I doubt he's even that.. 5'10 for dana if you ask me.
Joe257 said on 16/Feb/09
Even though the UFC list Randy at 6'2" I always thought he looked only 6'0". Dana White is 6'0" (presumably) and him and Randy look the same height. And Brock Lesnar must be 6'3" from his stare down with Couture at UFC 91.
mmafan said on 8/Feb/09
the pervious comment was mine, I forgot to write my name
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/09
he looked taller than 186cm crocop, but was not much taller than 6'0 randy couture, probably 6'1.5(187cm)
mma fan said on 29/Jan/09
UFC does not measure its fighters. There are some messed up listing there, Diego Sanchez is listed 5'11, he looked 5'9 in staredown next to 5'11.5 Joe Riggs.
Jim said on 26/Jan/09
Why the hell does the UFC lists Couture at 6'2?
Clay said on 18/Jan/09
Ken Shamrock is 5'11 give or take a quarter inch.
mId said on 17/Jan/09
I can't see ken over 5'10.. and the rich franklin henderson staredown just showed it to me even more.. dan is 5'11 max and there wasn't that much of a difference in height with him and franklin compared to ken and franklin.
mma fan said on 16/Jan/09
lol, why would Dan Henderson fight a grappling match???? he is not that good on the ground, Frank should be around 5'9, ken is not that short, he is 5'11, and yes Royce Gracie is in 6'0.5 range, he is much taller than people think. He towered(barefoot) over Joe Rogan who is more than 5'9 in his shoes
mId said on 16/Jan/09
mmafan: frank shamrock.. it was a long time ago.. and it was a grappling fight I belive.. it was in an octagon but I belive there was no striking.. just you tube it my friend. and dan is a bit taller than frank shamrock.. but I just saw ken barefoot pretty much towering over frank (frank had shoes or socks I belive) in a staredown. (promo for their fight) and ken is not tall man.. I can show you pics of 6-6'1 royce gracie towering over ken.
mma fan said on 13/Jan/09
when did Dan fight Shamrock???? whcih Shamrock you mean? Frank or Ken? was it mma match or grappling or wrestling? it could be a very good comparison if these 2 ever foght!!!!
chris said on 13/Jan/09
Clay and rad.. wow.. you're spending so much energy trying to knock an inch off someone's height. Your ego's unbelievable..
The Ben said on 5/Jan/09
He's just been anounced in the new stallone film the expendibles with Dolph lundgeren, jet lee and jason statham so that should give us more insight into the heights of all 4.
The Ben said on 5/Jan/09
Ive just randys book (its a good one) and he seems very truthfull as regards to all aspects of his life, weight and height included, he even says how shocked he was at his 1st ufc when they did the weigh ins on normal home style scales, he seems like an athlete who knows his height and weight and has no need to lie, I believe he's 6'1.
Big respect to him as well for everything he's accomplished...
Clay said on 1/Jan/09
Ok ok b rad87 i guess ur right. After watching the videos i see it too... Randy really is no more than 5 ft 1 0. Thank u 4 enlightening me. Geez, u must really be a great guy b rad
mma fan said on 31/Dec/08
lol, B_rad87
I suggest you see more pics and read more comments before calling everyone an idiot, Randy is at least 6'0
mId said on 10/Dec/08
henderson 5'10 I can buy (he was listed as this whem he fought shamrock).. but there is not 3 inches between hendo and randy.. one inch the most.
jake said on 9/Dec/08
I met Randy Couture when he was still at team quest in Portland. He's every bit of 6'1". Most of the other MMA guys I've met do pad their heights however. Henderson is more like 5'10" and Ralph Gracie, though listed as 5'9" is more like 5'6".
mma fan said on 9/Dec/08
B_ rad87
you better stop posting and reading if you think, this site is funny. I am sure there are more places for you to have fun, just surf more. your estimation of Randy, GSP and Matt does not make any sense. Randy is a legit 6 footer
Roger said on 8/Dec/08
I think 6 ft straight makes sense because we know Chuck Liddell is 6'1.5''. If you check out photos of the two, Chuck has a good inch on Randy.

5'10.5'' max for Randy, that's another of those BS posts here, like the "Arnold was 5'10'' peak" stuff. Not be taken seriously at all.
mma fan said on 8/Dec/08
thanks Leung, hope to hear more from you
there you go, now Randy is 5'10 and GSP is 5'8, Are you really sure matt hughes is a legit 5'6??????????????, I think he just pushing itttttt(lo), B_rad87, you downgrade everybody by 2 inch, the think is Brock is taller than 6'2, not Randy shorter than 6'0. Brock is at least 6'2.5
B_rad 87 said on 5/Dec/08
Ok anyone who thinks randy is a 6 footer, just watch the pre fight staredown between randy and brock. Brock at most is a strong 6"2 and he easily had 4 to 4.5 inches on randy. There was no camera trip, just the truth bout randys height. Hes at most 5"10.5. And thats being gracious. And st. Pierre is a 5"8 guy just compare him to a legit 5"6 matt hughes. So stop trying to make these dainty men seem so much bigger.
B_rad 87 said on 5/Dec/08
U need to downgrade randy. Next to a 6'2 brock. Randy easily was 4 inches shorter. Hes 5'10 at the most
Tony said on 24/Nov/08
Rob I know you would change it , why ? cause your a smart man . Thats Why . I think this listing is accurate on point this guy is 6 barefoot I can buy that . I also Can buy Lesnar is 6'2 because of a more realistic accurate height assesment with Randy this will put all into prespective ....... hopefully
Leung said on 23/Nov/08
mma fan has demonstrated that he knows his stuff. His posts are accurate, straight to the point, and they make a lot of sense in this discussion of UFC fighters. Good stuff, keep it up buddy.
mId said on 21/Nov/08
no worries mma fan, like I said I listen to all posters here but there is a limit as to how low and how high I think they can be. less than 5'9 from GSP no.. but 5'9.. maybe. I just saw a picture of GSP and rashad evans some fan took while at the hard rock cafe pool or something.. they were in shorts and everybody around barefeet so I assume they were too. rashad (listed 5'11) was leaning in big time in the picture and was about as tall as GSP. I have a lot of pictures saved.. and I wish I could post them all.. some funny ones making fedor 5'10 if frank trigg really is 5'8 as listed here. and then that would make couture 5'11 too. and then one were mike swick is taller than couture and about as tall as liddell :) and brock lesnar..well.. let's just say that he is easily 6-5 6-6 if wanderlei is 5'11 :D bu the weirdest one is a fan pic from the liddell horn weigh-in staredown where you can see that they are both barefeet and even though it's not the best angle.. you can tell that horn is obviously taller than liddell and that can't be right.. like I said to a poster below.. even weigh-in eye-level pics can play tricks with you. I have bisping and hamill eyelevel weigh-in pics.. bisping looking 2 inches shorter. both claim 6'1 though. but when hamill is next to lesnar.. lesnar is like 3 inches taller :/ if bisping really is 6'1 wich he can look.. then hamill is 6-2 -> 6-3 making tito ortiz 6-4 and lesnar 6'5 -> 6'7.. but that CAN'T be right.. what's going on with some pictures.. I'll post them soon.. don't worry ;D
mma fan said on 20/Nov/08
mId , I was not trying to insult you or something. I appreciate your contribution and I definitely gain from your knowledge and other people as well, the only thing bothers me, you just believe someone says, that he saw this fighter and they were this or that, and you always go for the lowest, like someone says GSP is less than 5'9, which is totally impossible. I and other people are looking forward to hear more from you
mId said on 20/Nov/08
mmafan.. I don't want to argue with you. but I wanna tell you were I'm coming from. take away fan pictures, claimed 6-foot fans opinons training with them and other stuff away. Alot of fans say that wanderlei silva in reality are 5'9 and change.. and if you look at pride 10 it says .. wanderlei silva is 5'9,6".. this is pretty acurate with his 177cm in his vale tudo fights in brazil. there are plenty of other fighters to compare to aswell.. but lets just take wanderlei.. if this height was true. do you see 2,4" between him and rampage and between him and shogun.. I don't. I see max 1,5". that's just one of the reasons I belive rampage and shogun to be under 6 foot (legit). and to me both rampage and couture sure looks more than one inch shorter than self-claimed 6'1 michael bisping in pictures too so.. But like I said.. if you or the others here don't want to hear my opiniun anymore.. I'll stop posting.. no worries man :)
mId said on 19/Nov/08
do you want me too post more pics and hear my take on it or do you want me too shut up.. like I said.. I don't care if I'm wrong or right.. I don't win a cookie if he's 5'11 :) and I respect everybody's opinion. And I hear you anonymous.. you are right about camera angles. but sometimes those weigh-in staredown photos don't make sence either.. I know it sounds crazy cause it is as clear as day.. but I did say if you ask me I would say silva is taller than irvin still :/
mId said on 19/Nov/08
well.. all that we all can do is speculate.. we don't know what these peoples heights are. everywhere I go I see some people say for example couture is 6'2.. liddell is 6'4.. then some say randy is 5'11 and liddell 6 - 6'1. if it was just me who says it then I'd probably be wrong.. and I'm not saying I'm right. I'm the first to admit that I don't know for sure. but I listen to what some people say and look at their pictures and then pictures off fighters or fighters with other celebs and then I say what I think. And I don't mind if someone diagrees with me. If I would meet randy and know for sure.. measure him even.. and say for example 5'10.. people would still say I'm crazy and that he is 6'2. and that is fine.. listen man (mma fan).. I belive you and me are "arguing" over 1 inch man. and I can say that I'm pretty sure he's between 182 - 184.. you say 6 feet I belive and I just say that there is a possibility he's a little under. when it comes to randy other fighters I just say what I think and then often provide some pics so people can see why I think so. and let people make up their own mind. I'm not trying to convince anyone.. I don't care if people listen to me or not.. I don't take it that seriously :) but if you can say that you are sure that they are NOT a hair under 6 foot.. you have proof? why can't I say that I think they are under? no point in having comments here then.. just a picture of glenn or rob and then their estimate. comments are for other people too say what they think and debate. If people like you think that they are not a hair under 6 feet then it doesn't matter what I say here anyway :) and the last thing I want is for exaple rob too change something for what I say. like I said.. I'm the first to say.. I don't know for sure. I read all comments and if someone say they met him and say he's 5'11.. and then say no, 6'1 when I met him.. I belive both in a way.. 6'2 though I can say is not right unless all others are taller than listed etc.
mma fan said on 19/Nov/08
mId , you broght up some good evidence and argument, but you see everybody short,it has been awhile that you try to convince people that rampage and rand and some other legit 6 footer are 5'11, they are not, these guys are not even a hair under 6 foot.
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/08
mId,with due respect,there are height variations between the pre fight or in the cage images simply because of the angles those photos were taken.Is obvious that in the cage , they use strange angles so even 5.9 guys look 5.11 at minimum.I think that the Tonys photo of silva and irvin was taken eye level , barefoot and same ground level for both , so we can give that pic a lot of credit if you ask me. The rest of the images taken by UFC and the in the cage images are not a reliable source they are taken from low angles to diminish the height differences between fighters ,that obvious specially when the fight is about to begin and the ref calls the fighters to the center of the cage.Inmediatly the camera lowers it angle so the height differences are less noticeable and people can swallow the heights they put in their website.
mId said on 18/Nov/08
Tony,, I know anderson looked shorter than irvin at the weigh-in staredown but he was taller than irvin when they fought and the pre-fight staredown if you ask me. I know it's some weird ****.. same thing happened when bisping fought hamill.. bisping says he's 6'1.. hamill is listed at 6'1.. weigh-in staredown there is an inch at least between them with hamill being the taller of the two. but in the fight bisping looked taller.. sometimes you have to look at more than one pic. not saying you are wrong but just what it looked like to me. but you are right about randy beeing 5-11 -> 6'0. //greetings from sweden
nick said on 16/Nov/08
well rob, with 100 percent certainty couture is shorter than 6'1 there was a 3 inch difference between him and brock barefoot. 6ft
Sean said on 16/Nov/08
Just watched UFC 91 there, Couture against Lesnar. On the tale of the tape Couture is said to be 6' 2" and Lesnar 6' 3". When standing face to face before round 1 Lesnar had at least 2 inches on him. I think he is on the 5'11" to 6' range
AceC said on 16/Nov/08
Don't take this the wrong way, but how do you have Brock Lesnar at 6'2" and Randy Couture at 6'1". It is literally impossible for Couture to be ONLY 1" shorter than Lesnar. Lesnar is at the very least 2+" taller than Randy. I think Randy needs to be downgraded or Lesnar upgraded. Maybe you just didn't get around to it...
Doink said on 15/Nov/08
Looked about 6-0 at the UFC 91 weigh-in if Lesnar is a legit 6-2.

He is nearly 46, so he could be shrinking some at this point.
mId said on 2/Nov/08
sorry.. It was further down on the tito ortiz page they talked about him measured at a party once.
mId said on 2/Nov/08
I wanna hear more from the guy further down on the page that said they measured ortiz at a party once at 6'1 and a half. that would make so much sense.. then chuck would be 6'1 and randy 5'11 - 6'0 same as rampage and shogun.. shogun was listed as 182 cm in old vale tudo fights.. wanderlei at 5'10 and rampage own website said 183 cm. this I what I think they really are (max) but you never know.. they might just be what they say they are... at least in the morning.. If you go by crocop's I'm exactly 186 cm (6'1) words.. then it makes sense. /greetings from sweden.
thekiddd said on 1/Nov/08
No video or site that says he says it. Until then, it is not true.
WS said on 30/Oct/08
Randy has admitted to people I have spoken to that he is JUST UNDER 6'1". I met Ortiz in Vegas after a fight and doubt Tito is all of 6'2", over 6'1" for sure. It is VERY common in the UFC to round up fighters' heights by 1" - 3".
thekiddd said on 23/Oct/08
Not Necessarily. Ortiz is exactly 6'2" and is also listed as 6'2" in the UFC.
nick said on 18/Oct/08
5'11 1/2, he needs to be downgraded, you have to understand that if he was a legit 6'1 that they would peg him at 6'2 or 6'3
Hmmm said on 8/Oct/08
People who excersise alot and those who fight can gain height late in their lives, due to the healing of micro fracture that occur in their feet and, lengthening of their spine(depending on their excersise)
unknown said on 6/Oct/08
he kinda looks 6 -flat
mma fan said on 4/Oct/08
I would like to see, where he decribed himslef as 5'11, and how did you see him 3 inch shorter than Anderson Slive
Click Here
Rich was about 1.5 shorter than Silva, not more than that
Roger said on 3/Oct/08
mma fan, Franklin is a legit 6 footer??? That's quite a surprise, as he said himself in an interview he's 5'11''.

You seem to know his height better than himself.
Anonymous said on 13/Sep/08
Roger,and also when silva is near okami there is quite a difference
Click Here
Which is strange since okami is listed everywhere at 6.2. Could be 6.3 ?Or is that silva is 6.1 1/2...The thing with silva is that hes so long and long limbed that he gives the illusion of being 6.4 on screen.
Silva and henderson
Click Here
Roger, im wondering how tall is franklin.When you say that he described himself at 5.11 when was that ? Do you mean he said it on tv or interview ?He was listed at that height at the beginning of his career.The problem when you compare his height with other fighter is that you dont have the security that that other height is real too.On his official site , there is a photo of him and robert patrick ,both looking the same height. patrick is listed here at 182cm.
So silva should be 6.1 and a half and rich 5.11 and a half , i cant see okami at 6.4 lol.
Franklin and Lutter
Click Here
He looks slighty taller than 5.11 lutter , i dont know if lutter is 5.11 for real though...
Clay said on 13/Sep/08
Franklin looks 6'0. When did he say 5'11?
Roger said on 13/Sep/08
Clay, thanks for posting this, Liddell is a legit 6'1.5'' at least, prolly 6'2'' straight. I also now believe slightly less than 6'2'' for Silva because of the Sandman staredown. Also, Rich Franklin, who described himself as 5'11'' did not seem to be 3 inches shorter than Silva.
Clay said on 9/Sep/08
I think Silva might be 6'1.5 because he was slightly shorter than Sandman James Irvine. And I have changed my opinion on Rampage the guy is at least 6'0 he held his own against Liddel who is at the very least 6'1.5 my buddy ran into Liddel and Matt Hughes at a club in Vegas. He's 5'11 (my friend) and Chuck had an easy 3 inches on him. Hughes was looking 5'8.5/5'9.
Dave-o-Clock said on 6/Sep/08
If you guys go here you can see a couple of pictures with him and Bobby Jackson Click Here Bobby looks slightly taller than Randy, but Bobby is also wearing shoes. This means that Randy is roughly the same height as Bobby, whatever that is. I'm inclined to believe 6'0" because I seem to remember Randy being listed as 6'0" in his early UFC fights.
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/08
Charlie , if you have met all those fighters , i think that you would have some photos to probe your height estimations , otherwise all what are you saying is not more than hot air ,simply because obvioulsy wanderley is not 5.11 or the shortest 5.11 I ever seen, may be you dont know you real height (quite possible) and if you still think he is 5.11 compare him with rampage and shogun there is more than an inch difference in height , plus If franklin is 6.1 why hes the same height as robert patrick listed here at 5.11 1/2 ?
If anderson silva is 6.2 then Okami is 6.3 because on sherdog both okami and silva are doing the staredown barefeet and okami has a good inch or more over silva.
You have to be a complete illiterate in mma to think that the height fighters say or is listed is the true , some yes most not if not check henderson ,rampage diego sanchez ,koscheck all listed 1 inch or more over their real height.
mma fan said on 2/Sep/08
you are right with your estomation in my opinion. Many people think MMA fighters all lie about their height.
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/08
GSP's website has his height at 5'10.5". I seriously doubt he is taller than this. No one's own website would have their height as less than they really are.
MurderAxe said on 1/Sep/08
I'm a big fan of W.Silva, i watched almost every fight of him, and i used to see his introduction back in the times of "vale tudo" in Brasil when he fought without any gloves, and he was introduced with 5'10, this days they say he is 5'11
Charlie said on 31/Aug/08
Also guys Wanderlei Silva is a legit 5'11" honestly cause he is slightly taller than me and I am a little over 5'10" so he isnt 5'10" also Dan Henderson is a legit 5'11" not 6'1" like is sometimes posted, Rich Franklin is a legit 6'1" no shorter and Anderson Silva is at least 6'2" NO LESS, Forrest Griffin to me looks over 6'3" he is tall for a LHW, Kazuo Misaki is a legit 5'11" also, I have around 370+ pictures with MMA fighters on my myspace so check em out if you want and feel free to leave me a message, comment or ask to be my friend, later.
Clay said on 28/Aug/08
He looks 6'0 flat next to George there.
David said on 28/Aug/08
GSP is a legit 5'10, heres him with Couture, taking into account GSPs slight lean/hunch, how tall does Randy really look there? He's pushing pretty hard to be 6'.
Click Here
David said on 28/Aug/08
Don't just look at the height though, look at head size, shoulder width, where the elbows begin and end. Wandy looks to have very similair frame to Couture. If Wand was 5'10 what makes Couture what, 5'11 MAYBE 6 if Wand was wearing some strange shoes.
Anonymous. said on 27/Aug/08
absolutely anonymous.Wand is more like 5.10 not more , i know this because he was shorter than rampage by a good inch and a half in their staredown in Pride.I posted a picture about this in the dan hendersons page.He must wears big boots or something cuz i saw a pic where he is close in height to jardine also.
Tony , interesting what you say about franklin. I figured out he was shorter specially with a pic of him near robert patrick looking the same height , go to his photo gallery and watch it in his official site. By the way ,anyone have saw him on the flesh to confirm this ?
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/08
Wanderlei must be standing on something because I don't believe he is over 5'10. He looked 5'10 compared to Chuck in their fight. No way Randy is that small.
David said on 27/Aug/08
Wanderlei Silva is listed at 5'11 and heres a pick with him next to Couture, roughly the same height, even taking into account funky camera angles.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/08
I remember that about Franklin Tony. I always figured him to be 5'11.5-5'11.75.
Tony said on 21/Aug/08
"Tony says on 14/Aug/08
wow ufc always billing people taller than they are"

Not always- they billed Anderson Silva at 5'11" in his first fights, when he is clearly 6- 2 minimum. I think theyre just really inaccurate generally.

They deflate height or add height to make there fight cards more even

Anderson silva is only 6'1 clearly looks an inch shorter than "James Sandman Irvin" in there toe to toe pre fight weigh in Click Here
And even in there fight Irvin was still clearly a inch taller

This would also explain why rich franklin was an inch and half shorter than Silva when they fought

If infact Rich Franklin is 5'11 and half cause all of his old fight cards and Bio's Stated 5'11
Mattiew_- said on 19/Aug/08
to mma fan :

He was talking with CC pre UFC 70 fight in London backstage ( prolly during the weigh in , looked like they were in an hotel hall ) ...

The pics were on sherdog .

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