How tall is Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor's Height

5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)

Irish Mixed Martial Artist, UFC featherweight champion. On his website he has his height and weight as 5ft 9/145 pounds.

How tall is Conor McGregor
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5ft 8.49in (174cm)
Trevor Long said on 5/Dec/18
5'9 flat for khabib. 5'8.25 for mcgregor
Fed said on 4/Dec/18
Solid 5’9, he looks much taller than guys of his division. Against Floyd his punches were clearly going down to Mayweather’s body...

He can go to 5’8.75” after a hard fight (against Nate Diaz for example). Solid 5’9 for me.
Zimi said on 27/Nov/18
Conor is marginally taller than his Dad as seen here - Click Here and Kanye West who describes himself as 5’8 is also marginally taller than Conor’s Dad as seen here - Click Here. I think 5’8 - 5’8.5 is the most accurate height for Conor and his listed height in Cage warriors would back this up as seen here - Click Here I think his long reach gives him the impression of being taller than he actually is.
Banga said on 21/Nov/18
@Looon if Conor was 5’9.5 that would make Nate Diaz close to 6’2 which we all know is not the case. Conor’s a strong 5’8 / weak 5’9 - Click Here
hide ardana said on 15/Nov/18
In this interview with Chad Mendes,Conor said he was 5 foot 9.Look at the video
Click Here
Looon said on 23/Oct/18
Khabib and Conor looked like they're almost the same height in the cage and some people claim Khabib is a legit 5'10. After each fight I'm more convinced that McGregor's closer to 5'9.5 than 5'9, let alone 5'8.5. He was confirmed to be 171 pounds in the cage by his nitrutionist and he looked very skinny. He can't be just 5'8.5 or even 5'9. Let's not forget he was once measured 5'11 barefoot by an UFC staff on record. There was even a video about it.
buut said on 21/Oct/18
I think 5'8.5 is fair I think he could wake up 5'9 or a touch over just like myself and has a low of 5'8.25
Justin Kubo said on 19/Oct/18
He’s a solid 5’9
maaa said on 18/Oct/18
Rob do you think that you would edge him out? He is probably a 5 ft 8.25 guy, same as you....I believe you two look the same size.
Certainly barefoot you would edge him out after his training
Editor Rob
The more I saw of Conor over the years I feel the closer to 174 than 173 he might measure
Gaspergoo said on 16/Oct/18
Khabib clearly was taller by at least 1-1/2 inches.....
SBanno said on 16/Oct/18
Id say hes bang on 5'9 myself, also have to mention he doesn't weigh 145 pounds he weighs 170 pounds but dehydrates to make weight. Which might factor into peoples opinions.
Myself said on 12/Oct/18
I think he is closer to 173 cm aswell.
ConorFan. said on 11/Oct/18
I agree with @Mario6' Conor is closer to 172cm than 174cm as listed especially since Khabib himself is 175cm in comparison. Conor also did used to get listed as 5'8 back in his CageWarrior days and Sherdog still got him listed like that, which is proof. Imo Conor needs to be downgraded to 172.8cm or 173cm.
Canson said on 10/Oct/18
5’8.25 was fine. That was closer to the truth
Legit 6'2 said on 10/Oct/18
Rob please
He is clearly 5.7
Too many unnecessary upgrades
Levi said on 9/Oct/18
In the cage when barefoot, looked very similar in height to Khabib. No more than half an inch between them barefoot.
Mario6' said on 9/Oct/18
Another upgraded celebrity Rob. He is 172 cm.. Why all are 2 cm upgraded? come on. He is clearly shorter than this listing. Not fair for honest and legit 5'8.5 guys
Brah said on 8/Oct/18
He was not barefoot with Floyd. Floyd put on his sneakers for that staredown, McGregor barefoot. Wtahc the actual weigh in video
64cm said on 8/Oct/18
here is conor and floyd... Click Here:
42cnm said on 8/Oct/18
5 7 max, in that picture conor is barefoot while floyd got shoes with lifts on..
meezemaker said on 8/Oct/18
same eyes level than Floyd who is barely 5'7. No more to say. this men is 5'7, which explain the difference with Khabib. These fighters are always cheating their height...all of them.

They confound the size of their ego and their tryst and trist reality even.
5 7 max said on 7/Oct/18
Hello. Connor cannot really be 5 8.5 cause he doesn't seem taller barefoot than floyd who is barely 5 7. if Floyd is 5 6.75 then Connor is max 5 7.5 Click Here how can this Connor be even 5 is ridiculous..everyone knows that connor wear inserts lifts in his shoes..and all the time he wears trainers with thick soles..and next to dana white who is 5 10 he looks at least 2.5 inches shorter
Lava said on 6/Oct/18
Frank Mir: 6'0"-6'1"
JDS: 6'2"-6'3"
JPE9214 said on 5/Oct/18
Seriously though... 5’81/2 & 5’9 are the exact same thing lol cmon... I personally don’t think he’s 5’9 barefoot, he def looks barely over 5’8. No shorter though - I think what throws people off is he looks like he has no neck. This guess is pretty accurate.
MarcAE said on 2/Oct/18
@Loon McGregor is wearing 1.5 inch heel dress shoes while Khabib is wearing sneakers which probably give him half an inch - 3/4s of an inch boost, and McGregor is still a half inch shorter. McGregor is definitely around the 5'8.5-75 range. Nowhere near 5'10.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Sep/18

That pic is a bit tricky, but Khabib still looks taller. You can tell that Conor has a noticeable camera advantage.
BT said on 28/Sep/18
@Lew: I put the line where the top of his head is, as that's where you measure from, not where the hairline is placed on the forehead. Have another look at the picture of his shaved head from a straight angle, and not one where he is standing very close to the camera and the angle is low. In your picture the line for the top of McGregor's head is simply too low, and still, it's from a low angle. I have no bias, but it seems like maybe you do.
Lew Alcindor said on 27/Sep/18
@BT the picture you added of mcgregor's shaved head is irrelevant since it's a different angle where his chin is down and tilting his head forward. no need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you tilt your head forward the back of your head is more prominent, and if you tilt your head all the way back your forehead would be the highest point. since, in the original picture, his head is in a neutral position neither forward or back, your comparison makes no sense. and you're adding an invisible inch on top of his head that just isn't there
Lew Alcindor said on 27/Sep/18

in my original picture Click Here i put the line on mcgregor's head exactly where his hair starts and head finishes, about 1 cm above his hairline, as is shown to be accurate here. Click Here . again, you putting the top of mcgregor's head an entire INCH above his hairline is just laughable bias
Lew Alcindor said on 27/Sep/18

are you aware that hair is not part of someone's head ? I'm asking because it doesn't seem so , look at mcgregor's forehead and where you drew the line. it's absolutely laughable
Loon said on 27/Sep/18
I think McGregor's actually taller than Khabib who people claim a legit 5'10 but I don't know. I feel like Conor's around 5'9.5 and in this photo you can see their footwear. McGregor's leaning on straight Khabib and he still seems tiny bit taller.

Click Here
Levi said on 26/Sep/18
Lew that is still a bad angle and your line isn't the top of his head. You should choose pictures from the video stream where you can see both their whole body and therefore stances and where it is from the side on.

The angle is very deceptive, from the side it was clear the difference in height was minor. This is again demonstrated by the eye level difference which is at most a cm.
BT said on 26/Sep/18
@Lew: You've basically shaved off a chunk of McGregor's head, and chosen a moment from the staredown where he's leaning forward and the angle is low. Khabib never changed his posture, but here McGregor is standing straigh as well: Click Here. That's about a 0.5 inch difference. I've also added a picture of McGregor's shaved head to illustrate that the top of his head isn't just above his hairline.

Footwear is still a big question for me though... does one of them have an advantage or is it pretty much equal? Have you had a chance to look at it Rob?
Lew Alcindor said on 25/Sep/18

face to face. really ? 1 cm ?

Click Here

is he slouching on this one maybe ? or is the angle too straight and you would prefer to pick up from below them that doesn't show the top of their heads ?
Beej said on 25/Sep/18
A 5 '8 guy claiming 5 '9 basically.
Guest66 said on 25/Sep/18
Khabib was about 1in taller, pretty much as expected. Conor’s reach of 74in might be an exaggeration, as he also got “measured” once at 5’11” if I’m not mistaken, he has visually long arms for his height though, I’ll give him that.
Original said on 25/Sep/18
174 McGregor vs 176 Khabib.
Levi said on 24/Sep/18

You chose a poor picture to compare Conor and Khabib, Conor is leaning forwards and Khabib standing straight. When they were stood straight face to face, Khabib had a cm on Conor. This fits in with 177cm Daniel Cormier being at least a cm taller than Khabib. If Conor is 174cm Khabib is at best 176, but more likley is Conor is 174-175 and Khabib is 175-176.
BT said on 24/Sep/18
@Lew Alcindor: I'd say they were quite close after looking at footage from a few different angles. In that exact screenshot perhaps there's a 1.25 inch difference, but that's not the impression I got after looking at all the footage. A lot depends on the angle, and of course footwear. Conor's dress shoe looked pretty standard, and Khabib was wearing some kind of trainer. Someone with more knowledge about footwear should have a look at that, but I believe it's possible that Khabib had a slight footwear advantage.

I feel Conor is good at 5'8.5, but I can see a case for 5'8.25 as well. We will see them barefoot toghether soon enough, if Khabib then looks comfortably taller I'd think about downgrading Conor, because I can't see Khabib much over 5'9.
Animus said on 24/Sep/18
If McGregor is 5'8½, I'd say Khabib is 5'9¼. What do you say, Rob? 5'9 flat is also possible for Khabib.
Editor Rob
I'd say somewhere around 5ft 9, not as tall as 5ft 10
Walmart Ca$$ier said on 24/Sep/18
more likely 173-174
add_khabib said on 24/Sep/18
Hi Rob,

I definitely think that you must add Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dana White. On October 6th there will be the fight, thousand of people will search for Khabib height on the web; so more visitors for you.
I strongly believe that Khabib is around 1 in taller than MAcgregor; Conor is generally a lift wearer.

Conor 5 ft 8.25
Khabib 5 ft 9.25
Dana White 5 ft 10.25
add_khabib said on 24/Sep/18
Hi Rob,

I definitely think that you must add Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dana White. On October 6th there will be the fight, thousand of people will search for Khabib height on the web; so more visitors for you.
I strongly believe that Khabib is around 1 in taller than MAcgregor; Conor is generally a lift wearer.

Conor 5 ft 8.25
Khabib 5 ft 9.25
Dana White 5 ft 10.25
Lew Alcindor said on 23/Sep/18

Click Here

1 cm ? really ? looks closer to 4. Conor is a 5'8 man
jonas said on 23/Sep/18
There is no way he is under 5"8.5 with that reach and looking so close in height with KSI
Lew Alcindor said on 22/Sep/18

so the press conference faceoff happened. and they weren't really close in height

Click Here

it looks like a 1.25 inch difference to me, and khabib is certainly no taller than 5'9.5.

compared to 5'10 Mike Tyson

Click Here

Click Here

compared with 5'9.75 listed daniel cormier

Click Here

compared with 5'10 listed georges st-pierre

Click Here
BT said on 21/Sep/18
Khabib edged him out at the presser yesterday, pretty much how I imagined they'd compare. Click Here Click Here Click Here
@Editor Rob: Does one of them have a footwear advantage?
Drewsmsk said on 21/Sep/18
Rob Connor Mcgregor looks like he is around 175 cm to me in all the pictures and especially after face off with Khabib, who is lifted as 178cm but most likely around 176 and Connor Mcgregor only looks about 1 cm shorter if that
BT said on 10/Sep/18
@Editor Rob: Will you add Khabib? Think Conor and him will be pretty close in height when they finally face off, maybe Khabib with the slight edge.
Animus said on 8/Sep/18
Tyron Woodley has admitted to being 5ft8in, even though he claims 5ft9in. It's not unreasonable since almost everyone, including athletes in the UFC, claim a taller height of about 1in.
Lew Alcindor said on 1/Sep/18
could be shorter than most think. With former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta's son Nicco, looks maybe 0.5 inch shorter

Click Here

Nicco is listed 5'9 now by Notre Dame, but they also previously listed him at 5'8.5 and 247sports has him at 5'8.25, which is a bit too precise to make me think it's not from an actual measurement

Click Here

imo, conor is 5'8 flat
TheAlien said on 13/Aug/18
Click Here

Barefoot with Eddie Bravo (5;8") and Geo Martinez (5.7.5" I think)

I think Conor is 5'8" - 5'8.5"
ConorFan. said on 2/Aug/18
Hey Rob what do you think about the height difference between Conor McGregor and his long time teammate Peter Queally? (Pic Link: Click Here | Click Here | Click Here ). Peter is commonly listed as 176cm on various websites, but when asked on instagram he said "i'm 5'10 with a 74inch reach".
Editor Rob
He might be close to his claim...177cm possible.
sb said on 2/Aug/18
I think this is dead on. He has very long limbs and impeccable posture, I don't even think about his height when I watch him, even when he fought Nate Diaz who is a tall guy I didn't register much size/height difference.

Sometimes this makes me think he's taller than he is, along with his pictures alongside GSP, Tyron Woodley and Yoel Romero. Though their height is probably overrated, as is the case with many MMA fighters. I'll go with 5'8 and 3/4.
hotdogeater said on 1/Aug/18
Rob, how tall do you see Tyron Woodley being? He looks to me to be around 5'7.5, maybe 5'8.
Editor Rob
Well he does claim 5ft 9, but I ain't sure about that. 5ft 8-8.5 sounds believable.
6'0" said on 21/Jul/18
I'm inclined to say that he's closer to 5'9" than 5'8". He wears flats alot of the time which distorts his percepted height. Very confident compared to Most 5'9" guys who wear thicks and claim 5'11". Conor is probably 5'8.75" barefoot and rounds up.
Monkey knees said on 16/Jul/18
Watching him walk to the ring more than once he really does float around 5'8. Its a pretty average height for UFC fighters etc. At least UFC dont add 4 inches to their fighters heights like WWE etc...
Deee said on 15/Jul/18
5'8 guy.who claims 5'9
Leno179 said on 29/Jun/18
5'9 would be more accurate for him.
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 19/Jun/18
Click Here

Rob, how many inches would say Mcgregor has on Paddy Barnes?
Editor Rob
Can look 5 inches taller, Paddy claimed 5ft 4.
187.5 cm said on 11/Jun/18
Out of bed : 175-175.5 cm
Before bed : 173.5-174 cm
saltyfish said on 11/Jun/18
Amir could be 171-172cm, and Conor 173-174cm
Xyzmeister said on 10/Jun/18
@canson I disagree, Conor looked 2 inches taller than floyd in the ring and Floyd is no lower than 5'7". However I'll be hard on Conor and give him 174.5cm.
Musa Awais said on 10/Jun/18
Hello Rob,

Recently Conor met boxer Amir Khan. You can find two very short video of them together here (one is at the top of the page and the other is near the bottom) as well as pictures (at one point in the video they stand face to face and at another point they stand side to side): Click Here

The angle in both videos is a bit weird, but even taking that into account I think that Conor seems to be at least half an inch taller than Amir if not more. You have Amir at 5'8.25" and Conor at 5'8.5". It seems, given these new videos, either Amir is a flat 5'8" or else Conor is a weak 5'9" (5'8.75").

What do you think?
Editor Rob
It's possible Conor is about half inch or so taller...without knowing if they have similar sneakers on.
ConorFan. said on 1/Jun/18
Rob if you put 5'8.5 as his evening height then its to high imo. Conor is definetly shorter than 5'8.5 in the evening. More around 5'8 flat i believe. Here's a pic of Conor and 176cm Peter Queally (pic link: Click Here | Click Here ) both guys are barefoot also. Conor's closer to 173cm imo. 174cm in morning Max.
Canson said on 22/May/18
This seems high. Maybe a strong 5’8” but not as high as 5’8.5. Looks 1.5” taller than Floyd who’s weak 5’7. So 5’8.25 could be a better listing to start
5'9 dude said on 10/May/18
Rob do you think a solid 5'9 (175) guy would edge him out ?
Khaled Taban said on 24/Apr/18
Mcgregor is 5'9" at morning and 5'8.5" at evening .
Zineddine said on 20/Apr/18
Hello big rob ☺
Here's a pic of Conor listed 174 cm and Taylor lautner listed the same :

Click Here:
hafeez said on 18/Apr/18
What conor lowest height rob?
Editor Rob
I think he probably doesn't fall much under 5ft 8.5, I think the lowest 8.25 is what I thought in the past, but overall I feel 8.5 is a fair shout for him.
Myself said on 11/Apr/18
Rob, you said in USA the average height is 5'9, but that is without taking into consideration the race; Connor is a white male, and in USA he should be 4 cm under the average height (5'10), a category he wouldn't completely fall in anymore...
But if still talking about average height, do you think the figure that is usually used to estimate it is obtained by morning or shoe measurements, at least partly? (Or maybe this is a factor more in "self reports"?)
Editor Rob
According to those CDC papers, average white is like 177cm, so a decent 5ft 9 5/8ths range. Connor would be about 1 inch or so smaller than average white, but the average American is 5ft 9 and 1/8th range.

I do not know if the research does proper proportions for any of the racial classes they used. Given the Hispanic and Mexican-American population is increasing, it means (given their averages are 171cm) the overall American will possibly shrink under 5ft 9 in the future.

From what I understand, the data is properly recorded to 1mm using digital stadiometers.
ConorFan. said on 8/Apr/18
@ 6 foot 1 guy - Do you mind sharing the picture, blanc out your brothers face if he doesnt want to be on the site, it would be interesting to see.
Zineddine said on 8/Apr/18
In American police wouldn't bother writing 5 ft 8 and half inch they would just rounded to 5 ft 9 because they just take approximate measurement
Quarterback1995 said on 8/Apr/18
Seen him before near the MGM and definitely is a 5 foot 8 guy. Don’t let his long arms and legs throw you off.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/18
He's easily above 5ft8. I don't think he drops below this mark. Really could measure near 5ft9 on a good day. He never looks short when standing with others
Shaq said on 7/Apr/18

the arrest report also stated he is 155 pounds.. they just took his official measurements and didn't bother. There is a video of him getting a dexa scan and he is 165lbs
Angle said on 7/Apr/18
Don't know how legit it is but i saw an arrest report on twitter stating he was 5'9. Lets assume he was wearing shoes during this that puts him anywhere from 5'7.75 - 5'8 depending on how thick his shoes were.
6 foot 1 Guy said on 6/Apr/18
I’ve come across him with my brother who’s 5ft 81/2 and they appeared to be the exact same height
Blake said on 6/Apr/18
Rob, I wonder how tall he’s feeling right now...
Editor Rob
Probably wishing he was leprechaun-sized.
Shaq said on 3/Apr/18

rob himself wakes up at nearly 175 cm, measured on the stadiometer on video, and claims 172.7 cm (5'8), which he doesn't even ever fall down to. The heights on the site are evening/lowest heights, which is your true height.
Zineddine said on 31/Mar/18
Hey rob, do you think Conor can drop under 174 cm after a match or game or hard training ? If yes
d how much
Editor Rob
Maybe after a 10 round fight he can drop 1/8th to 1/4 under 174cm.
ConorFan. said on 31/Mar/18
@Shaq I'm roughly 5'9 (174cm / 175cm tall) and my height never really changes during the day. Some days im 175cm some days its closer to 174cm but never much off that mark. So i dont buy that Conor losses over an inch of height in the evening, doesn't seem logical. Btw i dont know about all these height listings being evening heights on the site, im not aware of that so could Editor Rob plz confirm if its true.
Shaq said on 29/Mar/18
@big little

we use evening heights here. so conor's supposed evening / night time height is 5'8.5 according to this listing, and we assume he wakes up at 5'9+. if you are 5'8.5 on a good morning, you're more than likely 5'7.75 or around it using this standard
ConorFan said on 29/Mar/18
@Shaq - you mean theres at least 4 or 5 inches between Conor and Chad. Because no way in hell is that 3inches lol, Chads gotta be like 5'4 at best.
ConorFan said on 29/Mar/18
@big Little - Conor is around the 5'8.5 mark maybe a little shorter or taller, who knows. But one thing i realised is Conor's reach was listed as 72inch the shortest and 74inch the longest, i believe Conor's reach is 73inch because he has big hands (along with his wide shoulder's and long arms) which affects overal reach. He even said in a old interview that he has a 73inch reach, so thats what im going on. Plus 74inch just seems a little ridiculous tbh too big, although not impossible. Also there could be numerous reasons why you dont look your height could be posture, or maybe you have a really small frame. Or maybe you're not as tall as you think you are, you know a lot of people dont measure height accurately or convert cm to Feet correctly, Just sayin.
Big little said on 27/Mar/18
Like the comments, most people seem on. IMO Conor is definitely 5’8.5” or better. Most likely better, I am 5’8.5” on a good morning, have a 72” reach @ 170lbs walking weight (I train as well) and I get called short all the time. People always refer to me as 5’6 or 5’7 which I have to prove often I’m 5’8. Conor doesn’t really seem short or like he gets this feedback. Gotta be as tall or better
Shaq said on 26/Mar/18

conor's personality may give the illusion of him being taller, but to his chin ? he's barely taller than aldo

Click Here

3 inches between him and 5'5 mendes

Click Here

siver's a true midget
ConorFan said on 23/Mar/18
@GaryG - Very true, i agree with you, all those short guys in the division that lie about their height (Cub, Frankie, Aldo, Mendes and Siver) all got exposed. And when it comes to height some people can be straight up in denial, so if someone rounds up half an inch thats not really a problem for me either.
GaryG said on 20/Mar/18
5' 8 1/2" seems right on the money. His 5'9" claim isn't really even an exaggeration, just the logical way of rounding to the nearest whole number. The funny thing is that by being (relatively) honest about his height he blew the whole lid off of all of the 5'4ish guys in his division who were claiming 5'7 (Mendes, Aldo, Siver) but only came up to about his chin.
Animus said on 16/Mar/18
By his own admission he walks around at 165lbs. He's got wider shoulders than Cristiano Ronaldo at 6ft1.
Downtown said on 9/Mar/18
I've walked past mcgregor in Soho, NYC about 2 years ago. i'm 5'9 flat, i was wearing normal sneakers 1/2 inch heel, Conor was same height as me, if not slightly taller. I didn't notice his shoes, he's been known to wear shoes with bit of a heel. legit 5'9 is about right.
Beej said on 22/Feb/18
Some forget he is slim but muscular, often only walking around at just over 11 1/2 stone at his height. I go 5' 8.
Leno said on 21/Feb/18
Can't see Conor below 175 range.
Fisticuffs said on 12/Feb/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8, you think so? Even at your height only 5'6.5 is considered short to you? Well maybe my 5'9" stature ain't so bad after all.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 8/Feb/18
A hair below average in US UK and Ireland but in no way shape or form is he a “short” man. That’s only for guys 5’6.5” and under IMO.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 5/Feb/18
I meant in america rob ....
Editor Rob
Considering the average is barely over 5ft 9 in America (and stagnated), Connor is pretty much going to be an average man when he swaggers about the cities.
ConorFan said on 1/Feb/18
@Shaq Daniel is taller than 176 - 177cm Khabib (cant be asked to find pics) i also think the pic with Dustin must of been either at an angel or a big difference in shoe size, Dustin is a good 2cm shorter than 174cm Conor who was much shorter than DC to. I think DC is like 5'10.5 (178 or 9cm)
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 1/Feb/18
conor mcgregor is short rob ??? ... I think 174 is average and you rob ???
Editor Rob
Connor is within average range in Ireland.
Shaq said on 31/Jan/18
how about a page for Daniel Cormier rob ? current light heavyweight champ and well-known figure in MMA. listed 5'11 everywhere but doesn't look it, looks closer to 5'9

Click Here

Click Here
weew said on 27/Jan/18
those fractions are certainly harder to see compared to decimals.
Levi said on 26/Jan/18
Original. Lee looks just as tall as Khabib in the stare downs with Ferguson. Conor was a cm taller than Poirier in a face off as well. So Conor has to be a cm taller than Pettis and Poirier.
Original said on 25/Jan/18
McGregor - 174cm
Khabib - 175cm
Lee - 172cm
Ferguson - 177cm
Dos Anjos - 171cm
Pettis - 174cm
Poirier - 174cm
Diaz, Nate - 184cm
Diaz, Nick - 183cm
Woodley - 172.5cm
Alvarez - 171cm
Quixote said on 20/Jan/18
I would say strong 5'8.25 - 5'8.75". And for Floyd, i'd say 5'6 - 5'7.5".
ConorFan said on 20/Jan/18
@Jb - 5'9 Yeah, a lot of people think Conor is taller than his listed height, but its only because he's fought shorter guy's who claim 5'9 or 5'10 but in reality are only 5'6 or 5'7. Conor is also quite slim but top heavy muscular with long arms which gives a taller look especially on pictures.
JB - 5'9 said on 18/Jan/18
I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to look taller in all his pictures on his instagram...I’m not sure if it’s the way he stands? Does anyone else agree?
Don Julio said on 14/Jan/18
174 so accurate kind has bad posture at times
BT said on 12/Jan/18
@Editor Rob: Are you going to make pages for Nate and/or Nick Diaz?
Editor Rob
They may well get added eventually, I have only had a brief look at them.
c-mo said on 8/Jan/18
I just posted a faceoff between 5'6 ricky hatton and mayweather . both barefeet . mayweather seems like 171cm . and then I looked at mayweather vs mcgregor faceoff . mayweather has some thick sneakers on it that give probably about 2.5cm . maybe 3cm . and he was very similar to mcgregor heightwise who didnt have any footwear on that particular faceoff . and on other faceoffs of the 2 where I guess both have shoes on mcgregor looks 2-3cm taller . so this listing is very fair I think . anything below 173cm is impossible for mcgregor but anything above 174cm I think is not likely either
Levi said on 8/Jan/18

The pics you pistes had one where Kevin Lee is walking towards Ferguson and looks a lot shorter than he is mid stride, so don't complain that my pictures are bad. My pictures are the most comparable because they come from the same timeframe of face off, the last presser before the fight.

I suggest you watch Kevin Lees fight with Ferguson. If Lee is 5'7" Ferguson is 5'9" at a absolute stretch, probably closer to 5'8".
ConorFan said on 7/Jan/18
@levi - the pic of Kevin and Tony you posted is clearly at an angle which favours your point, even Editor Rob would agree with me im sure. You're clearly wrong on this, Kevin is no taller than 5'7. The pics i posted werent at an angle and were even.
popo said on 7/Jan/18
Bull **** max height is 5.8 ft not more than that
Levi said on 6/Jan/18
No more than a inch between Tony and Kevin Click Here

Lee has to be within a cm either way of Khabib Click Here
saltyfish said on 6/Jan/18
his normal divison of 145lb everyone is under 5'7. against nate diaz whos 6foot he looked more then 3 inches shorter
ConorFan said on 5/Jan/18
@Levi Tony is way taller than Khabib who is 5'9.6 (face off with Tony and Khabib pic link: Click Here ) and here's Kevin and Tony's face off, (pic link: Click Here ) Tony was also a lot taller in the octagon barefoot (pic link: Click Here )
Levi said on 4/Jan/18

Lee is leaning down a whole lot there, and the footwear is unclear. Lee is very close in height to Tony Ferguson, and clearly taller than Khabib as well. What are you going to put Khabib who is shorter than Lee at? 170cm. Khabib is taller than Conor McGregor, so what's Conor? 169cm.

You are basing everything off of one picture with unclear footwear, compared to Lees multiple face offs with fighters we know the general height of. Tony Ferguson is taller than Lee, who is taller than Khabib, who is taller than Conor.
ConorFan said on 3/Jan/18
@Levi - 176cm for Kevin Lee is a joke. The guys barely 5'7, here take a look at this pic with him and 5'10 Gsp [pic link: Click Here ] (keep in mind yeah we cant see if they're wearing any shoes but even if they were their wouldnt of been such a height difference between a supposed "5'9" and 5'10 guy, also keep in mind that GSP is leaning into Kevin because Kevin's shorter)
Levi said on 2/Jan/18
171 and 172 for Lee are crazy listings. In the face offs with Ferguson he looks just as tall as Khabib, if not bigger. Khabib does not have 3cm on Conor, they actually came face to face backstage at UFC 205, Khabib might have 1.5cm or so on McGregor, but the difference is very small.

McGregor - 174cm
Khabib - 175.5cm
Lee - 176cm
Ferguson - 179cm
Dos Anjos - 171cm
Pettis - 174cm
Poirier - 173cm
Diaz, Nate - 184cm
Diaz, Nick - 183cm
Woodley - 172.5cm
Alvarez - 170cm
Jay said on 2/Jan/18
Legit 5'9" guy.
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/18
I would guess 176 for Tony Ferguson and 172 for Kevin Lee.
ConorFan said on 31/Dec/17
Here's my opinion. Based of research.
Conor - 174cm max (5'8.5)
Khabib - 177cm (He's shorter than DC) (5'9.6)
Tony Ferguson - 180cm or 183cm (5'11 / 6ft)
Eddie Alvarez - 168cm (5'6)
Kevin Lee - 171cm (5'7)
Dustin Poirier 172cm (5'7.7)
Tyron Woodley - 168cm or 171cm (5'6 / 5'7)
Daniel Cormier - 178cm or 179cm (5'10 / 5'10.5)
Nate Diaz - 184cm or 185.5cm (6'0.5 / 6'1)
Nick Diaz - 182cm or 183cm (5'11.6 / 6ft)
GSP - 177cm or 178cm (5'9.6 / 5'10)
Yoel Romero - 177cm or 178cm (5'9.6 / 5'10)
Robbie Lawler - 178cm (5'10)
RDA - 170.2cm (5'7)
Tonyx said on 30/Dec/17
saltyfish, what division is that? Tony, Edson, Khabib, Nate, Justin midgets? I don't think so.
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 30/Dec/17
@saltyfish everyone in his division is short* have you ever considered talking like an adult & not a spiteful 12-year-old child?
saltyfish said on 29/Dec/17
@Leno everyone in his division is midgets
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 28/Dec/17
Click Here

I don't know much about MMA or the heights, but for anyone asking about Kevin lee, here he is with Jeff Mayweather who is about Floyd's height, I wouldn't guess him as tall as 5'9 here.
Leno said on 28/Dec/17
I give him a solid 5'9(175 cm), he over towers everyone in his division
sherdog said on 27/Dec/17

I would guess for Tony 5'10.75 or 5'11 (179cm-180cm)

People who are saying Kevin Lee is 5'7 is crazy lol, my guess would be 175cm on the dot. I can see why they think he wouldn't be because he is stocky for lightweight but its only because he cuts a lot of weight.

Tyron Woodley a lot of times looks short on camera because giant legs give an illusion of being closer to the ground. My guess is that he would be very similar to conor. Probably 173.5cm

Also im not too sure about aldo,sometimes to me he looks like he is the full 5'7 or even maybe 5'7.5 and other times he looks 5'6.5 lol. He just doesnt look that short to me for some reason.
Tonyx said on 27/Dec/17
Jules, because Hamilton wears boots with lifts, while Conor wears thin soled loafers and dress shoes. Yes, I'm serious.
Jules said on 26/Dec/17
How is it possible for Connor to be 174 when in pics he looks shorter than Lewis Hamilton, whom you listed 171,5? Judging according to their height difference Connor is 170.
Tonyx said on 25/Dec/17
sherdog, ye, nice name buddy.
I think Canelo Alvarez is a bit taller then Pauly Malinaggi, also GSP is 5ft10in flat. I agree with your other listings.
What is your opinion on Tony Ferguson, Tyron Woodley and Kevin Lee?
Josh said on 25/Dec/17
Hi Rob! Happy Holidays & a New Year!
Would you post a page for UFC fighter Nate Diaz?
Editor Rob: I haven't found what he personally claimed yet, unless somebody posted it and I missed the memo, I was curious to find his own claim if it matched his ufc listing.
sherdog said on 24/Dec/17
After looking through a bunch of faceoffs and fights, I think these heights are the most accurate.

Conor- 174cm
Floyd- 170cm
Eddie Alvarez- 170.5cm
Jose Aldo- 168.9cm
Cody Garbrandt- 169.5cm
Frankie Edgar- 167cm
Chad Mendes - 164.5cm
Urijah Faber- 164.5cm
TJ Dillashaw - 167.5cm
Dominick Cruz - 171.5cm
Demetrius Johnson-160cm
Canelo Alvarez- 170.2cm
Nate Diaz- 184cm
Nick Diaz- 183cm
Pauli Malignaggi-170.5cm
Tonyx said on 20/Dec/17
Something that has always bugged me.
Why do people keep saying that Conor is 2 or almost 3 inches taller then Eddie Alvarez?
Eddie is 5ft7in tall, but because he is an American from that part of the country that is close to New York City he gets over-listed like all the other italian/irish/puertorican/hispanic/african-americans from that area. There is no more then 1.5in difference in height between Eddie and Conor when they are both barefoot standing as straight as possible, not when McGregor is standing with military posture and Eddie is moving around being all nervous.
Tonyx said on 19/Dec/17
Some guys on this site are saying McGregor is 5ft8in tall with a 72in reach.

So if Conor is a flat 5ft8in guy with a reach of 72in, but over listed by the UFC(because he is a star) as being 5ft9in tall with a reach of 74in, he fought two weight classes up above his usual fighting weight class, against a guy in Nate Diaz, who edges out his brother Nick Diaz in photos/videos and Nick is listed at 6ft tall and genuinely looks it and nobody really doubts that. So Nate is a legit 6 footer even on his worst day... late at night. That means that a 5ft8in tall 72in reach featherweight willingly fought a guy 4inches taller then him, a guy who had a 4 inch reach advantage on him, 2 weight classes higher, fought a guy who is known for his cardio, iron chin, good boxing skills(for mma) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a guy who has a longer torso, bigger heart and lung capacity, Nate Diaz, who to this day, in his 30 professional fight career has been TKO'd only once in his life from a head kick by Joshua Joseph Thomson who was a champion in Strikeforce.

Conor got chocked out on national television, everybody laughed at him, people started turning on him, then he came back the same year, fought the same guy, under the same rules. Except he didn't fight the same guy. He fought a better prepared Nate Diaz, heavier Nate Diaz, a Nate Diaz that knew exactly what he had to do in order to win, an aggressive Mexican warrior, pushing forward no matter what. Conor mauled Nates face. Period. Nates face never looked that bad. Ever. And it wasn't some scar tissue. It was pure damage. McGregor won a fair decision, injured his leg, healed quickly and went on to beat Eddie Alvarez to become the UFC lightweight champ. Then he fought the greatest defensive boxer in history, went 10 rounds and got paid a 100 million for his first professional boxing bout. All that while taking care of his family, remembering his roots, sticking by his team and his woman, who were there from the start.

The way i see it, the shorter Conor is, the more of a man he is, the bigger his achievement, the more respect he should get.

But hey, maybe Conor will end his fighting career and become a full time movie star, maybe then he'll star wearing those lifts/elevators some of u talked about and you will finally have your proof. Then you guys can be like:"Tonyx we told you so!"
P.S.S.(ehm... Pe Es Es? :( idk)
Still don't know the exact height of Tony Ferguson an Tyron Woodley.
Oh, and still, Harry Styles, Steve Carell and Tom Ford have occasionally worn lifts.
ee said on 16/Dec/17
@Tonyx: AGREE.
security said on 16/Dec/17
as someone who has stood next to Conor I can tell you all for a fact that he is 5'9 at least and maybe 5'10.5 in shoes. I am 5'11 and worked backstage security for him in Toronto for the MayMac tour.
Gaz said on 15/Dec/17
LOGAN Alvarez gets listed 5'9 but he's more 5'7. He has been the same height as 5'7 fighters he has fought in the past
LOGAN said on 12/Dec/17
@ Rob eh, hard to tell if he is a strong or week 5'9" at times due to his posture and whether his opponents lie about their heights. For example Conor looked 2-3 inches taller than Eddie Alvarez who was listed at 5'9" as well. Either Alvarez lied or Conor had lifts in. When Conor got beat up by Diaz it looked more than a 3 inch difference. Only thing I could come up with is that Conor was 5'8" 1/2 with Nate Diaz being 6'0" 1/2. Conor appeared to be a little more than an inch and a half taller than Mayweather who is probably a weak 5'7". 5'8" and a half seems to fit Conor like a glove, but idk for sure.
Editor Rob: I think there is too much footage out there of Conor looking more than a flat 5ft 8, most visitors seem to agree that he can look over 5ft 8, but maybe not a full 5ft 9.
Tonyx said on 9/Dec/17
Rob, please add Francis Ngannou. He is going to be a huge star. I think he is a legit 6ft4in guy.
Listed at 6ft5in(196cm) on wikipedia and google. Click Here
Listed at 6ft4in(193.04cm) on sherdog. Click Here
Listed at 6ft4in on the official UFC page. Click Here
Who is Francis? Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Boxing has Anthony Joshua. MMA has Francis Ngannou.

As for McGregor. 5ft8.25in-5ft8.5in. If anybody thinks Conor wears lifts/elevators you are out of touch with reality.
ee said on 7/Dec/17
@papa_bless from Editor Rob's post you can see the weird length of his calves. Even though he's wearing elevator shoes there must be something in those to boost height as well. Just look at where his knees are.
That is pretty insecure for a guy who's not even short...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Dec/17
Can look 5ft9 a lot. I don't see him shorter than this listing...
Levi said on 6/Dec/17
In the pictures win Hamilton, Lewis was wearing massive elevator boots. They are visible in some of the photos of the event. From Robs "Big Rob" photos, I'd estimate the boots are giving Hamilton at least 3 inches.
Editor Rob: I am not sure the boots he is wearing are custom elevators Side on, just a solid 1.5 inch boot, giving him possibly 3/4 inch more than McGregor's under 1 inch shoe.
papa_bless said on 6/Dec/17
instagram post with hamilton who is 171cm. conor looks 3 cm shorter.

Click Here

dont mind the hair, look at eye levels.

conor is no more than 5'6,5. he's a manlet and that explains his massive ego.
ee said on 6/Dec/17
All I'm saying is, half an inch taller listings don't bother me. It's heights like CM Punk and Bisping that gets annoying.
ee said on 6/Dec/17
@ConorFan we all know organizations do not have accurate stats, before he was 5'9, then he was 5'8? I'd rather believe his actual height is somewhere between those two than just say the shortest must be the right one. Faber is barely 5'5 and they have him at 5'6. Ngannou is listed the same as 6'3 Overeem (both listed 6'4) yet in their pics together Ngannou was more than an inch taller, almost as tall as 6'5 Kobe Bryant. Bisping is listed as 6'2 yet a real 6'3 guy like Rockhold towered over him. Whittaker is listed at 6'0 yet the guy can't be even 5'11. Probably close, but def not 6 ft.
If I were to guess, 5'8.5 is perfect for him. I think my original post implied I thought he's 5'9, nah, the average guess and celeb listed is perfect.
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/17
@ee Conor was listed at 5’8 at the age of 24 for his last fight with cage warriors, then after signing for the UFC he got listed at 5’11 (hilarious exaggeration) and then 5’9 (still a slight exaggeration) and to this day the UFC still list him as 5’9.
Conor is 5'8 max said on 5/Dec/17
Conor looked shorter than Lewis Hamilton who’s been measured at 5’7.5. If we give him the benefit of the doubt and assume his posture in the photo is bad I would still say he’s only barely taller than Hamilton, Conor is 5’8 max.
Click Here
Gaz said on 5/Dec/17
Yeah this is interesting Click Here but it can be difficult to judge on these types of pictures.
Dillinger said on 5/Dec/17
Hamilton is not a good yardstick, since he is used to play a bit with his shoes..
SHH said on 5/Dec/17
Lewis Hamilton listed at 5ft7.5 looked a good inch taller than McGregor at the recent fashion awards. 5ft 8in at the absolute maximum.
ConorFan said on 4/Dec/17
@ee I literally copy pasted what i wrote down below from my previous comments, because you're to lazy to scroll down a bit (we've already shown proof of Conor's early stats) people don't just grow in they're mid 20's. He was around the age of 24/ 25 back then.

Conor Cage Warriors stats link: Click Here i want to add also that he seemed to be significantly shorter than his then 5'9 (176cm) listed opponent Ivan Buchinger.

Look at the innacuracy in his early stats (link: Click Here )

Sherdog also shows 5'8 for Conor.
ee said on 3/Dec/17
Yeah do more UFC fighters. This web has not been updated for a while.
@ConorFan, what all other promotions? When he was 23 and fighting Dave Hill, they listed him as 5'9. Fighting Steve O'Keefe he was 5'9. That was when he was 22. IF he was listed as shorter before (and there is no evidence because many of the fights he had before didn't even have commentary much less stats) he was around 20 years old to 21, he could've easily grown at least half an inch or more. That is IF. I am not even a Conor fan. It's easy to do research and find out the lies the people who do not like him but pretend to be fans say.
Anyways, Eddie Alvarez is not even 5'7, he's like barely 5'6 or something. Next to RDA he was diminutive.
tr said on 27/Nov/17
do more ufc fighters, especially nate diaz, nick diaz
ConorFan said on 27/Nov/17
Conor's always been listed as 5'8 in all other promotions apart from the UFC, but when he joined the UFC he magically went from 5'8 to 5'9 (5'11 at one point) and his reach grew from 72inch to 74inch. Plus sites like Sherdog are proof of his old stats. 5'8.5 (174cm) is very reasonable and is closer to his real number i feel. And anyone shorter than Conor listed the same height or taller are shorter than their listing so you must use your judgement to figure it out because the UFC stats are inaccurate.
Animus said on 23/Nov/17
He's listed as 5'8 on Sherdog, which basically means it's impossible for him to be 5'9. He does look like a very strong 5'8, so 5'8½ seems reasonable.
Levi said on 16/Nov/17
Conor being 172.5 is a stretch. Look at him next to Ronaldo.
Anonymous said on 15/Nov/17
Connor looks smaller than everyone around him... Imo 174 looks decen if not average. Connor is 172.5.
ConorFan said on 14/Nov/17
Conor is 5'8.5 which i think is accurate and very reasonable compared to his 5'9 claim (plus he was put as 5'8 literally everywhere before the UFC). Btw its the UFC's fault he looked taller than he actually is, Jose Aldo is around 5'6, Eddie Alvarez is also about 5'6, Tyron Woodley is in the 5'6 / 5'7 range, Dustin Porier is around 5'7, Chad Mendes is probably like 5'4 but the UFC had them all of them taller than they are. Inaccurate stats.
Gaz said on 13/Nov/17
Aldo is definitely not 5'8 lol
Tom said on 13/Nov/17
Hey rob you should add sage northcutt on this site. Also how tall do you think he is. Does his 6 foot claim hold you think. If you need and references you can look at Micky hall vs cm punk. Because gall faced sage as well. I would love to know your opinion.
173 cm (5'8) McGregor said on 12/Nov/17
In his mid 20s when he wasn't famous he was listed as 5'8 everywhere...I doubt he grew in his late 20s.
He looks really small around average height guys and looks big around 5'5 to 5'6 guys and most of the guys he fought have been this height.
Original said on 9/Nov/17
max 1cm between Garbrant and Cruz imo.
Noize said on 8/Nov/17
Cruz 172, Garbrandt 169, Aldo 168, Dillashaw 167, Edgar 165.5, Faber 164
Tonyx said on 7/Nov/17
Original said on 7/Nov/17
TJ Dillashaw 167, Faber 164, Garbrandt 169.5, Aldo 169.5, Mendes 166, Edgar 168, McGregor 174, GSP 177/178, Bisping 183, Nate Diaz 183/184, Cruz 169.5.
I agree with everything, except Cruz.
I don't think he is as low as that.
Dmitri said on 7/Nov/17
Rob, could you do Jose Aldo? At times he looks to be 5'8 despite all sources saying he is 5'7.
Editor Rob: not sure he looks 5ft 8!
Original said on 7/Nov/17
TJ Dillashaw 167, Faber 164, Garbrandt 169.5, Aldo 169.5, Mendes 166, Edgar 168, McGregor 174, GSP 177/178, Bisping 183, Nate Diaz 183/184, Cruz 169.5.
ConorFan said on 28/Oct/17
@Keshav Prove it. Show proof that Conor's 5'9 on the dot. A picture or something in writing. Conor was also measured as 5'8 by a sports scientist theres an article to it in the comments down below. Plus 5'8.5 is very fair i could see the UFC rounding up half an inch, or Conor rounding up a bit. Plus he was working on the rings and stretching a lot which also improves posture so i could see him gaining half an inch from that type of exercise.
Keshav said on 27/Oct/17
He is exact 5f 9in
Canson said on 27/Oct/17
mike johnson said on 26/Oct/17
Conor is 5ft 8 or slightly over 5'8 he was listed 5'8 in cage warrior and that's what his real height is
jim100 said on 17/Oct/17

Frankie always looked like a 5'5 and a half guy to me or even 5'5.25, which makes it even more impressive of how succesful he was at lightweight and featherweight.
BT said on 16/Oct/17
Looks close to 6 inches between Max and Frankie there. Holloway could be between 5'10.5 and 5'11, he looks 2 inches taller than McGregor. Frankie is clearly not 5'6.
Levi said on 16/Oct/17
Rob, how do you think you'd measure up next to McGregor personally?
Editor Rob: I think we'd be within 1/4 inch range of each other.
jim100 said on 13/Oct/17
Rob, is this picture what a 5 inch difference looks like? Frankie is listed at 5'6 and Max is listed at 5'11, do you think this listing by the ufc is correct?

Click Here
Editor Rob: it might be between 5-5.5 range.
Tonyx said on 11/Oct/17
Kourosh, i agree.
I still think 5ft 8.5in (174 cm) fits Conor perfectly.
Kourosh said on 10/Oct/17
Joe rogan can stretch all he wants in that photo to appear taller, but once he goes back to normal posture there would be no noticeable difference between him and cody in heights.

what a cracker :P
boxer1992 said on 27/Sep/17
i think cody is 169.5cm,mendes is around 164cm,joe is 170cm, aldo is 169.5cm
Gaz said on 26/Sep/17
But after seeing Cody with Joe i'm not so sure Click Here Click Here
Gaz said on 25/Sep/17
Bill45 Chad Mendes has claimed to be 5'5 twice and Cody is a probably 5'7 range
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/17
to me he look 5'10
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/17
Either McGregor is the full 5'9 or GSP isn't 5'10
Bill45 said on 21/Sep/17
How tall would you say Cody garbrandt and chad mendes are? I would guess 5'7 and 5'5.5 for mended
Short Gothic Peruvian said on 20/Sep/17
I think 5'9 sounds right on him
ConorFan said on 19/Sep/17
@TonyX Kevin Lee must really be 5'7, because he looks a legit 3inch shorter than gsp.
Original said on 15/Sep/17
GSP is 5'9 3/4
Tonyx said on 15/Sep/17
Rob, do you think Conor McGregor has ever worn lifts/elevator shoes?
Editor Rob: doesn't seem like he has, I think he wears normal footwear.
Tonyx said on 13/Sep/17
McGreogr and GSP.
Click Here
Click Here
Tonyx said on 13/Sep/17
Kevin Lee and GSP after 2 hours of wrestling. GSP listed at 5ft10in by Rob.
Click Here
Levi said on 7/Sep/17
I would have thought Conor would have gotten an upgrade and Floyd stay the same. Floyd doesn't look 5'7" flat next to 50 cent.
Tonyx said on 7/Sep/17
Guys, how tall is Kevin lee? He is listed at 5ft9in.
Johan said on 6/Sep/17
Click Here

Link didn't work last time hope this one does.

Just to compare here is Cristiano with 5'8.75" listed Statham as well.

Click Here
BT said on 5/Sep/17
@Tonyx: I agree with much of what you're saying. Of course it isn't impossible he's about 5'7, he can pull it off at times - like here with Tyson you could argue he was near 5'7: Click Here. But if I was a betting man I'd put my money on Garbrandt measuring around the 168 cm mark, maybe 169. What do you think Rob?

Romero gets listed 6ft but looks far off the mark, generally I get the impression he's around 5'9.5, but I'm not sure. Whittaker has been listed from 5'10.5 to 6'0. I'd say 5'10.5 is a decent shout. Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Romero is barefoot in the weigh in pics and Whitaker is in sneakers, here's the video: Click Here. Whitaker's talking to Rogan around at the middle of the video and looks near 4 inches taller, a little harder to gauge Romero's height relative to Rogan as he's slouching. Romero with Shaq: Click Here.
Editor Rob: he could be 5ft 7
Tonyx said on 5/Sep/17
BT, I just think that comparing people to Joe Rogan is not that reliable. He has a huge head for his height, long muscular arms with big hands, likes to stand straight, put the arms over the other guys shoulders and raise his eye level in photos. He still claims 5ft8in as his height. Joe Rogan indeed is no taller then 5ft7in, i agree. Looking taller and being taller are two different things. Posture does wonders. I still think Garbrandt is 5ft7in. Maybe I'm wrong. Luckily Garbrandt is a champ and we'll see more of him barefoot, tired after 5 round fights and Rogan in his shoes, closer to the camera, standing straight, putting an arm over his shoulder, as always.

On a side note,
how tall are Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker(morning height and evening height)?
Sammy Derrick said on 4/Sep/17
Based off his face offs with Floyd Mayweather,he sometimes looked like a full 5'9(175cm) Click Here and other times 5'8Click Here one of the main reasons is that white people have longer skulls than other me look it up.
Johan said on 4/Sep/17
To me he looked 5'9" or at least 5'8.75" next to Christiano Ronaldo barefoot and I think instead of Floyd getting a downgrade Connor should have had a 1/4 upgrade.

Mayweather getting downgraded affects Bieber as well for instance, I don't see Bieber 1/2 inch taller than Mayweather.

Click Here
BT said on 3/Sep/17
@Tonyx: Joe stands a little better, yes, but his sneaker gives a little less than Garbrandt's in that photo. Believe he is 5'7 if you want but Joe Rogan is not over 5'7 and generally has looked taller than Garbrandt.
Canson said on 3/Sep/17
@Tonyx: sorry I didn't get it! Now I do! You're a RFG! Real funny guy 😂
Realist said on 3/Sep/17
I am 176.6 cms tall and could be barefoot and taller than both of these guys one 5'6.75 the other 5'8.5 you guys make 4 cms or the length of a pinky big toe seem like a huge advantage.
Tonyx said on 3/Sep/17
I think Garbrandt is 5ft7in-5ft7.25in. Ofc not 5ft8in.
Joe Rogans posture is different in the pics u posted, BT.
Canson, i was trying to make a dirty joke, seems like I've failed. But i believe you.
Junior31 said on 2/Sep/17
Tonyx said on 1/Sep/17
Duhon said on 31/Aug/17
The best gauge of height between Mayweather and McGregor was when there were in the ring in flat soled boxing shoes. Because I believe both wear lifts in their regular shoes.
Regardless in the ring Conor looked about 1.5" easy over Mayweather.

Please show me the pictures of Conor McGregor wearing lifts or elevators.
Oh wait, you said BELIEVE... Well, what is your belief based on?

Original, i think we will never truly be sure how much Floyd weighed in on fight night. He always used to cut weight. My guess he was anywhere between 150 and 153 pounds. That 149.5 meant only that he wanted people to believe that there was a huge weight disadvantage on his part compared to Conor. Just so that people would remember that Mayweather weighs 140-something and McGregor came in at 153 and yapped his mouth how he would be 170 pounds in the ring. Turned out he wasn't. Conor looked slimmer at 153 then when he fought in the UFC at 155. I think Floyd was 153 pounds while Conor was 163 pounds.

No way. 10lbs? Conor was north of 170 and Floyd maybe 150-152 There's was atleast an 18-20lb difference.
Duhon said on 2/Sep/17
One of the platform shoes Mayweather wore for the 2nd press conference Click Here
BT said on 1/Sep/17
@Desciglio: Cruz can look similar to Rogan: Click Here, other times I've seen them I'd say Cruz could be about an inch taller than Joe. I'm not quite sure, but somewhere around the 5'7.5 mark maybe for Cruz. Dillashaw I'd say was nothing over 5'5, quite possibly closer to 5'4.5 (with Cruz): Click Here. And after looking some more at Garbrandt I'd say he's likely closer to 5'6 flat: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/17
He looks near 5ft9 w/h Floyd
Canson said on 1/Sep/17
Agree with Duhon Connor had Floyd by 1.5" consistently even during staredown. Connor likely rob's height or fraction taller Floyd maybe 5'6.75 at his lowest or weak 5'7 5'6.5-.75
Canson said on 1/Sep/17
@Tonyx: thereabouts yes. My wife at night is 172 cm solid that's her lowest. He had a good two maybe a hair over who knows. Looking st Tyson with rob vs her with Tyson it looked close to the same although we are talking prob a cm between rob and my wife. Not something I can easily see in a pic esp not knowing or remembering posture or footwear. Either way I doubt he is less than 5'9 3/4-5'10 worst case evening. That is legit 5'10 in my book
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/17
Agreed with Puma, I thought Conor looked about 5 ft 9 with Floyd!
Tonyx said on 1/Sep/17
Duhon said on 31/Aug/17
The best gauge of height between Mayweather and McGregor was when there were in the ring in flat soled boxing shoes. Because I believe both wear lifts in their regular shoes.
Regardless in the ring Conor looked about 1.5" easy over Mayweather.

Please show me the pictures of Conor McGregor wearing lifts or elevators.
Oh wait, you said BELIEVE... Well, what is your belief based on?

Original, i think we will never truly be sure how much Floyd weighed in on fight night. He always used to cut weight. My guess he was anywhere between 150 and 153 pounds. That 149.5 meant only that he wanted people to believe that there was a huge weight disadvantage on his part compared to Conor. Just so that people would remember that Mayweather weighs 140-something and McGregor came in at 153 and yapped his mouth how he would be 170 pounds in the ring. Turned out he wasn't. Conor looked slimmer at 153 then when he fought in the UFC at 155. I think Floyd was 153 pounds while Conor was 163 pounds.
5'10.25 / 5'10.5 said on 31/Aug/17
173 - 173.5 max
ConorFan said on 31/Aug/17
@Markus if there was a chance Conor was really 5'10 do you really think he would say that he's shorter than he really is? I dont think so. Conor claimed 5'9 because thats the most he can exaggerate his height without his claim being seen as unbeilable or ridiculous. Conor is only really around 5'8.5 thats the truth. Look at pictures with him and legit 5'9 (176cm) Peter queally and look at the difference. Look at him with 5'10 Charlie Ward. Floyd is 5'6.5 most.
Frost said on 31/Aug/17
Markus you're probably not as tall as you think you are. Why would come list himself an inch shorter and why hasn't that discrepancy shown itself when he matches against men taller than him?
Duhon said on 31/Aug/17
The best gauge of height between Mayweather and McGregor was when there were in the ring in flat soled boxing shoes. Because I believe both wear lifts in their regular shoes.

Regardless in the ring Conor looked about 1.5" easy over Mayweather.
Sam said on 31/Aug/17
@Markus, you're clearly not 5'11.5 then. If you're an inch and a half taller than Conor then you're more likely to be 5'10. Floyd is also not 5'8, he's 5'7.
Puma said on 31/Aug/17
Rob, did you watch to boxing match?
Do you see a minimum 4 cm?
I can see strong 5 cm.
Flody is 169 cm and Mcgregor is 174, maybe weak 175.
In Rob, we trust.
Editor Rob: I didn't watch it, only a few clips, it's hard to argue there was any less than at least 4cm between them, I could see the argument for nearer 5!
Original said on 31/Aug/17
@Markus You're wrong, Floyd is not 5'8 and McGregor isn't solid 2' taller, more like 1.5 to 2' (imo 1.75"), now take it a account that Mayweather is at max 5'7" flat and probably bit less than that like 5'6.5 to 5'6.75".
So McGregor is between 5'8" and 5'9" (5'8.5" sounds perfect imo). That's why Nate Diaz is ~4' taller than him (and Nate isn't 6'2 but at max 6'0.5", imo 6' to 6'0.5").

and Floyd is 169,5 cm not pounds, he is probably at 150 pounds no more, McGregor around 170/172 pounds with 174cm.
Markus said on 30/Aug/17
None of you are even close. Conor is 5'10" I met him and im 5'11" 1/2" with a 74" Reach and he's only about an inch shorter. Look at him in front of Floyd in the ring. Hes ****ing huge compared to Floyd at 5'8". And Conor walks around at about 165, not 175 He weighed in at 168 against Nate Diaz. He probably walked into that ring at about 170 perfect. And Floyd is not 169.5 hes 155 Max in the ring.
Gaz said on 30/Aug/17
After seeing them in the ring together with boxing shoes on and the staredown right before the fight it looked clearly more than 1 inch difference between them.
Original said on 30/Aug/17
IMO McGregor is 174 and Floyd 169,5.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Aug/17

Probably neither would edge each other. Both Rob and Conor might be right at 5'8 1/8" (For Rob we know for sure he's 5'8 1/8")
KH said on 29/Aug/17
Lots of photos of McGregor and Mayweather floating around and I have to say I don't see too much between them. I think Rob would edge him out. 5'8 to 5'8.25 for Connor.
Tonyx said on 29/Aug/17
I think McGregor is 174cm tall with a reach of 185-187cm, while Mayweather is 171cm tall with a reach of 184cm. Floyd wore sneakers, pants and a hat even to the final weigh-ins, while Conor was only in his underwear. At the post-fight presser Floyd wore thick soled sneakers(but not lifts/elevators, cmon now), while Conor wore slippers, not loafers/espadrilles but slippers... with a suit and still looked taller.
You have to wonder though, was Mayweather wearing thick soled shoes because he was insecure or because he knew McGregor didn't like it. At the final weigh-ins it looked like Conor was going to murder and sexually assault him right then and there. Seriously.
Canson, so you are saying that Tyson had your wife by 2" ... XD
dd said on 29/Aug/17
173.5cm in the evening
A man said on 28/Aug/17
Mcgregor 173.5 Floyd 169 is my guess with those two
Canson said on 28/Aug/17
Mcgregor is not 5'8.75 he's 5'8.25 max Floyd could he 5'7" mad but that could be a stretch looks weak 5'7".

Looks prob 3" or so with Tyson of course not the best pic but doubt Floyd is anything above 5'7" most likely could be under. Tyson had my wife by 2" when we met him and she's 5'7.75 so he's still around 5'10 near it at least if he's not right on

Click Here
Canson said on 28/Aug/17
Mcgregor is not 5'8.75 he's 5'8.25 max Floyd could he 5'7" mad but that could be a stretch looks weak 5'7".
Big T said on 28/Aug/17
McGregor 5'8.75". Floyd 5'7" or a fraction more (not less). Height difference significant but not as dramatic as some are making out.
Fisticuffs said on 28/Aug/17
@Daniel, more like 170 maximum.
Daniel said on 27/Aug/17
174 is perfect.
Floyd is 171 minimum.
robin said on 27/Aug/17
looked like an inch and a half taller than mayweather....due to his longer head is probably why he looks a bit shorter...if it was normal he would probably be 5-7 3/4
feder said on 27/Aug/17
looked like an inch and a half taller than mayweather....I would say 5-8 1/4 to 5-8 1/2 at the most....probably the same as Khan
Canson said on 27/Aug/17
@Original: I agree on Floyd because of how he was listed when he fought Pacquiao at one of those two numbers. However Connor I see being a hair shorter than how rob has him listed. I'd say at best he's a 5'8.25 or maybe 5'8". He looks 1.5" taller than Floyd.
Cameron said on 26/Aug/17
Earlier today McGregor looked exactly the same height as Mayweather while barefoot and Mayweather had shoes.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 26/Aug/17
McGregor 173cm
Mayweather 169cm
louis said on 26/Aug/17
hi rob did you watch the weigh in? when they faced off mayweather had 1 inch shoes on and when they stood face to face he had half an inch on mcregor, that means conor is 5 foot 8.25 (173 cm) at the absolute max. Click Here view from 9.09 . what are your views rob?
Editor Rob: From all I've seen I think it's harder to see less than 1.5 between them
Desciglio said on 26/Aug/17
@BT What do you think about Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw?
blazer said on 26/Aug/17
I hate seeing the stats. Mgregor 5'9 and Mayweather 5'8. In reality it's Mgregor 5'8.3 and Mayweather 5'7.25. they must be counting their shoes!
Deaan said on 26/Aug/17
today at the weigh ins he was taller than 5'8 floyd while barefoot and floyd had big shoes
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/17
Today at the weight ins, Floyd was wearing lift while Conor was barefooted & they both looked the same height. I think Conor edged him out by a cm
5'9 said on 25/Aug/17
Does look 5'9" next to Floyd. Not sure about footwear. We should get a good idea of the height difference between the two tomorrow.
XYZmeister said on 25/Aug/17
I think it's time to call a spade a spade here Rob, Conor needs an upgrade because when he was barefoot he was a half inch taller than floyd when floyd was wearing thick soled sneakers at the weigh ins...your call but either floyed is 5'6.5 or Conor is 5'9.
Original said on 25/Aug/17
Yes 5'8.5" for Conor, probably flat 5'7 for Flyod or even 5'6.5/75".
Ly said on 25/Aug/17
At least a weak 5ft9 for Conor
Levi said on 25/Aug/17
Based on staredown photos is a Conor upgrade or a Floyd downgrade more likely? More than 1.25 inches between these two it seems Rob.
Big T said on 24/Aug/17
In the latest staredown photos I've seen the difference in head size is truly extraordinary. Floyd is tilting his head up slightly but still....their chins are almost at the same level and the height difference looks almost 2 inches. It seriously looks like a 1.5" difference in head length. Any thoughts Rob? What's the maximum possible difference in head length for May/Mac?
Editor Rob: mayweather does have a smaller head than Conor, maybe nearly an inch difference, though it probably looks more because of tilting his up and Conor tilting his down slightly...with equal footwear it's hard to see any less than 1.5 range.
Im 171CM said on 24/Aug/17
Looks about 68.5 inches to me...
BT said on 24/Aug/17
Conor is very clearly around 2 inches taller than Floyd after watching them face off quite a few times now, and I don't know if Conor is much over 5'8.5 - so Floyd must be under 5'7.

As for some of the other MMA fighters that has been discussed here: Woodley mostly looks somewhere around 5'7.5, maybe 5'7.75. Holloway at 5'10.5 (2in taller than McGregor) makes Bisping look nothing over 6ft, possibly even a little under: Click Here. Nate Diaz is taller than his brother Nick by a little, he is also taller than Bisping and not quite 4in taller than Conor, so 6ft flat maybe 6'0.25 for Nate, perhaps 5'11.75 for Nick. Poirier looks roughly 5'8. Lawler - 5'9.75, MacDonald - 5'11.75, Aldo - roughly 5'6. Garbrandt can look anywhere between 5'6 and 5'7 at times. Nurmagomedov - roughly 5'8.5, Ferguson - roughly 5'10, Dos Anjos roughly 5'7.
Levi said on 24/Aug/17
At last nights presser Conor looked 2 inches taller and Floyd seemed to have the edge in footwear. It's pretty consistent with what we saw in the previous pressers. Conor in loafers and Floyd in custom made elevator boots were very close in height with Conor edging him out. Floyd is either sub 5'7" or Conor closer to 5'9" flat.
XYZmeister said on 24/Aug/17
Last night presser stare down with floyd, Conor looked 2 inches taller in similar footwear.
Test111 said on 24/Aug/17
172-171 cm. carreer scores boosts all his fake stats he doesnt have 72 inch reach ffs he cannot have such reach at that height max 180 cm reach aka 71
datguy said on 23/Aug/17
how much of a height difference is there in the face off from today? do you think a 1.5 inch difference is possible?
Editor Rob: yes, he looked a good 1.5 inches taller.
khan 177 cm evening said on 23/Aug/17
Hey rob, do you think Conor's head/forehead is considerably larger than the average man his height? He seems to me like a 5'8.5" guy with the eylevel of a guy 5'7"-5'8".
ConorFan said on 23/Aug/17
@NickNate Nate was a lot taller than 6'1 listed Mike Bisping (6'0.5 listed on here) and he wasnt even standing straight up like Mike was, and still edged him out by quite a bit. So this could only mean 2 things 1: Mike is really 5'11 or 2: Nate is taller than his listed height which would make more sense.

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