How tall is Jake Paul

Jake Paul's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American Internet personality and actor, who has gained over 8 million youtube subscribers and played Dirk Mann in TV show Bizaardvark. At age 16 he said he was "5'10". At 20 on his imdb.Resume he upload his details as being "Height: 6 feet 1 in, Weight: 175 lbs", and he has also claimed "Six Two" and "Six foot, Six one on a good day" in youtube videos. In 2022 he wrote "Height: 6'1, Arm length: 76 inches."

How tall is Jake Paul
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Average Guess (790 Votes)
5ft 10.61in (179.3cm)
Motobeslide said on 1/Dec/23
Apologies if this one has been posted before, but there's a nice range of heights here. I think Jake is within the realms of a weak 5'11, I think I'm definitely seeing 180cm at most especially with other photos where he's a fair bit shorter than logan. Click Here
7272 said on 1/Dec/23
I think it's time to add Jake in the boxing category
5'11james said on 30/Nov/23
The afternoon heights for these 4:

Tommy: 181-181.6 (a bit taller than flat 5'11/solid 5'11 Jake.)

Jake: 180-181 (somewhere in the 5'11 range, hes probably flat 5'11 or a solid 5'11 at the absolute max.)

KSI: 178.8-179.1 (confirmed as 5'10.38 or 5'10.5 at best.)

Logan: 186-187 (looks 3 inches taller than KSI, and 2.5 inches taller than Jake, dosent look a flat 6'2, and can sometimes look close to a weak 6'2.)
Guest66 said on 29/Nov/23
@5'7 and a 1/4, Agree, I think he's been his adult height for a long time now, way before he even started his boxing career. He got a little tricky when he started doing his face offs and what not.
Abdul-5'10 said on 28/Nov/23
5'7 and a fraction said on 27/Nov/23
Not too sure I've seen any evidence of him taking HGH. Think he's simply got good with wearing clunky footwear and hair advantage to "appear" taller. He's not 6'0.
Jakepaulis6ft said on 27/Nov/23
I'd put him at 181-182, it's possible he grew half an inch from taking HGH
(Hicqs) said on 27/Nov/23
berta said on 25/Nov/23
its stange he looks taller now than 5 years ago. i wonder when he stooped growing. A couple years back i would have said 179-180 but today i think closer to 180-181.
Ben - 186cm said on 27/Sep/23
My grandfather had Muhammad Ali.

My dad had Mike Tyson.

I have Jake Paul.

6’ morning for the GOAT Click Here
Vertical fact said on 27/Sep/23

I Hear what you're saying Ben. And he can look the range you're claiming, but I think he's a very height aware guy, so likes to play around with his footwear and hairstyle to give the illusion of added height. Could be wrong, but it's just my opinion

180cm for me, can exceptionally look a little taller at times
Ben - 186cm said on 26/Sep/23

He’s probably just a guy whose standing height is significantly less than his maximum height. When he’s standing straight he can look like weak 6’ guy, but when standing casually can look an inch less than that.
Ben - 186cm said on 26/Sep/23
To be fair in the video he’s standing weirdly with his chin tucked in in an attempt to be funny. Not really a fair comparison.
179.9guy said on 26/Sep/23
bro ... in that video he's not even standing straight you can clearly see it smh
Ben - 186cm said on 25/Sep/23
@5’7 & fraction

I’m not saying that only 5’11 isn’t possible, I’m just saying that he could be a bit more than that, especially since Logan is probably 187cm.
Vertical fact said on 25/Sep/23
@5'7 and a fraction
The second picture you provided where the full bodies are visible really puts into perspective that jake is under 6 foot, he even has slightly bigger footwear, I still don't get how his height seems to fluctuate so much though. Maybe he loses more height than the average person during the day? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Matez said on 25/Sep/23
@5'7 and a fraction

Jake Might be 6'0 in shoes.
Ben - 186cm said on 24/Sep/23
Jake with 6’1 listed Robert F Kennedy jr Click Here
unkn0wn said on 24/Sep/23
Any chance he put on height after 20ish Rob? He could've been 5'10 range before then became 5'11ish. It's not unheard of to gain a little extra height at that age and a extra fraction or 2 really isn't a lot
unkn0wn said on 24/Sep/23
He looked the same height as 5'10 3/8ths KSI post-fight in boxing shoes meanwhile KSI had been sat down for an hour and was wearing thick trainers. He also looked within a quarter of a inch of Tommy Fury meanwhile KSI is noticeably shorter. Overall 0.5-0.75 inches taller than KSI is believable, at least 180cm
5'7 and a fraction said on 24/Sep/23
That's very close to what I have him at, agreed.

Does this look like a weak 6'0 guy to you in this video beside Logan? (bare in mind, Jake has a cap on)
Click Here

Full shot with their footwear.
Click Here

I'm seeing at best a 5'11 guy here, never mind a weak 6'0 or 182.
RetroBaron said on 24/Sep/23
I'm convinced Jake grew an inch, or at least very close to an inch sometime from late 2020 to late 2022. It's eitther that or he's doing some magical stretching exercise that makes you taller. Because looking at pre late 2020 photos of him, it's very clear he's taller now than he was back then.
Matez said on 23/Sep/23

Jake is probably 6'0 with shoes on and without them weak 5'11 range like 5'10.5-5'10 875.
Matez said on 23/Sep/23
@5'7 and a fraction

I think Jake Height is this

Morning 5'11.5
Mid Day 5'10.75
Evening/night 5'10.5
Ben - 186cm said on 23/Sep/23
179 is such a horrible estimate. That’s literally the same height as KSI.

Compare Tommy Fury to Jake Paul and then compare Tommy Fury to KSI, then come back and tell me with a straight face that Jake is the same height as measured 179 KSI.

Seriously getting tired with some of you. You’re wrong, end of.
viper said on 23/Sep/23
Ben, Jake is closer to the camera there.
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Sep/23
@ Ben - Hi! I’m waiting to leave hospital as I fell down the stairs yesterday - TWICE! 🤣🤣🤣

It wasn’t very funny at the time though!


Sandy XXXXX 😹😹
Vertical fact said on 21/Sep/23
@5'7 and a fraction
Agreed, his range is 179-181cm respectively. He couldn't be 6 foot or above as there's too many pictures of him around that depict him at 5'11 maximum or below it, unless he somehow hit a growth spurt in his mid twenties which is extremely unlikely
Gagavanga said on 21/Sep/23
Ben why can't you accept that jake is 5'11?, your constantly inflating his height and picking the best angles for pictures to suit your narrative, honestly I don't mean to be bad but have a day off mate or even concede you might be wrong or maybe it's Jake Pauls burner account, who knows
Ben - 186cm said on 21/Sep/23
@5’7 and fraction

For Jake to be 179 so many people would need to be downgraded. It’s just not practical.

A 5’10.5 Jake would mean:

Eddie Hearn = 6’2.5
Francis Ngannou 6’2.5
Stipe Miocic = 6’1.5
Evander Holyfield = 6’0
Mike Tyson 5’8.5

It just doesn’t make any logical sense dude. Sorry, but you’re just wrong. It’s not even arguable. Idk what else to say really.
Ben - 186cm said on 21/Sep/23
I have an obsession with the truth Mr Fraction, indeed.

Either dispute my evidence, or keep it moving. 👍
Matez said on 21/Sep/23
Jake Paul is not 6'0 at all best case is 5'11 flat and worst case is 5'10.5. 5'10.75 would be a perfect listing.
Matez said on 20/Sep/23
Jake Paul looks 179-180
Ben - 186cm said on 20/Sep/23
About 4 inches shorter than Eddie Hearn Click Here
179.9guy said on 20/Sep/23
the evander holyfield face off takes the cake for me. He looks an inch shorter with boxing shoes and after a workout .. im literally done commenting on the subject.
Ben - 186cm said on 20/Sep/23

Logan isn’t 3+ inches taller than Jake when they’re both standing straight Click Here
Emil said on 20/Sep/23

Holyfield is 6'1 max these days and he clearly got around 2 inches over Jake. 5'10.5-5'11 range is a perfectly fine listing for him
5'7 and a fraction said on 20/Sep/23
@Ben - 186cm. I think your being a bit unrealistic with Jake's height. No one is downgrading the dude because they hate him, it's just simply the fact that the sensible range of 179 - 181cm at the absolute max is what he looks in general. I don't understand your obsession with trying to convince everyone here that Jake is 6'0 or near it barefoot because he isn't and never will be.
Ben - 186cm said on 19/Sep/23

Yeah, some people on here would rather downgrade everyone Jake’s ever met before conceding that he might be a little closer to his claim than they thought.

Oh well. Here’s an interesting video of Jake with Evander Holyfield, after about 8 seconds you get a great view of them facing off Click Here

Looks closer to 6’ than 5’11 there, and Jake’s in wafer thin boxing flats so there’s no clunky footwear excuse to be had either.

@Sandy Cowell


I'm good. How are you?
Matez said on 19/Sep/23
5'10.5 to 5'10.75 next to Logan Paul and Tommy Fury
Duhon said on 19/Sep/23
Ben providing the receipts, you love to see it.
Mickie said on 19/Sep/23
Lol. No, he's not a weak 6'0". I'd be kinda surprised if he was the full 5'11" to be honest, especially since rumor is his medical exam had him at 5'10". Click Here
viper said on 19/Sep/23
"Strong 5’11-weak 6’ is his range, and it wouldn’t be up for dispute if it weren’t for his distasteful character."

Maybe In shoes. Compared to his 6-1.5 brother he looks 5-10-5-11
179.9guy said on 18/Sep/23
my boy ben coming in clutch haha but im sure that someone here will just say "hes wearing lifts" or "anderson silva is only 6'0"
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Sep/23
Hello Ben!

I hope you are well and enjoying yourself,

All the best to you,

Sandy XXXXX 😁👍🏼

Jake gets 5ft11.
Ben - 186cm said on 16/Sep/23
For reference here’s Silva with Daniel Cormier listed 176cm on this site Click Here
Ben - 186cm said on 16/Sep/23
The face offs with Anderson Silva are the most telling for me. Silva is as decent enough 6’1 as you can get and Jake is within 2 inches of him. Click Here
Click Here

Strong 5’11-weak 6’ is his range, and it wouldn’t be up for dispute if it weren’t for his distasteful character.
Ben - 186cm said on 14/Sep/23
It’s only above his mouth because he’s tilting his head up lol. If he’s looking straight forward it’s below his mouth.
5'7 and a fraction said on 14/Sep/23
How is that evidence showing Jake not being 5'10 1/2 with 5'9 Casey Neistat, when he looks barely any taller. That's the smallest 2 inch difference minimum I have ever seen tbh.
Jtm said on 14/Sep/23
barely 5'10 with Logan. he should do some time for claiming 6'1 -6'2 lol.
179.9guy said on 13/Sep/23
Click Here

(4th slide) Jake Paul with 5'9 listed Casey neistat .... you guys gotta stop with the 5'10.5 talk he clearly is 2 inches taller at the minimum ....
5'7 and a fraction said on 13/Sep/23
That's clearly not a 4 inch difference in the first two photos considering how Woodley's eyelevel is above Jake's mouth. Bare in mind Jake's big wad of hair doesn't count as "height".
5'7 and a fraction said on 13/Sep/23
Nate looks 6'0 1/4 max. I think he's just 6'0 tbh. Same height as Michael Bisping who many agree doesn't really look much over 6'0 either.
Ben - 186cm said on 13/Sep/23
@Vertical fact

Barely taller? That’s like 4 inches lol. 171cm vs 181cm. Looks fine to me.
Ben - 186cm said on 12/Sep/23

I wouldn’t go as high as 6’0.5, Trump looks taller next to Jake than Nate. Nate’s probably a solid 6 feet, but probably not more than that.
Vertical fact said on 12/Sep/23
@7272 He looks barely taller than woodley there. But when he fought Tommy he looked close in height. I do think he's a fan of big footwear to be honest
Ben - 186cm said on 12/Sep/23
Inch shorter than Trump, who was probably still around what he’s listed here (6’0.5) at the time Click Here
179.9guy said on 11/Sep/23
Nate Diaz is 6'0.25 - 6'0.5.
7272 said on 11/Sep/23
Jake and Tyron Woodley Click Here Click Here Click Here

I think Woodley is 171.5
Guest66 said on 9/Sep/23
You could easily tell who was the taller guy between him and 183.5cm Nate Diaz.
Joooisus said on 9/Sep/23
‘Fought one round mate calm down it wasn’t a 12 rounder . Weak 6ft Is crazy
Ben - 186cm said on 7/Sep/23
Jake is hard to pin down but I’d go with 181cm at midday as a final guess. But we need an actual measurement now that we’ve seen him with so many people and still can’t agree on how tall he actually is.
5'7 and a fraction said on 6/Sep/23
@Ben - 186cm

Jake is closer to the camera throughout the entire video. That's not good evidence to use to suggest he's 6'0. There are a few occasions where Adin moves closer to the camera and in line with Jake and the height difference suddenly doesn't look as big as before.

Anywhere from 179 - 181 max seems like a sensible estimate for Jake. I personally place him in the weak 5'11 category.
Ben - 186cm said on 5/Sep/23
Jake with strong 5’7/weak 5’8 Adin Ross Click Here

Can look 6’ ish here. Political influencer “Sneako” is also in the video, and is thought to be around 6’2.
5'11james said on 4/Sep/23
Hope Jake gets measured on a stadiometer in the near future so his height can finally be put to rest like KSI...

flat 5'11 range for him
Alex 5'11 said on 3/Sep/23
Funny he claims 6’1 tho 😂
Alex 5'11 said on 3/Sep/23
I think he’s slightly under 5’11
Alex 5'11 said on 3/Sep/23
I think he is 5’10.5- 5’10.75 he edged out ksi but had bigger footwear
Abdul 5'10 said on 2/Sep/23
Nile Song said on 2/Sep/23
Interesting that Rob changed his mind from having Jake Paul at 5'10.5 to now thinking he's 5'11 at a minimum.
It was probably partially based on the photos of him next to KSI that showed a minimal height difference between the two, which was later attributed to a footwear disadvantage / additional physical activity on Jake Paul's part.
179.9guy said on 1/Sep/23
5´7 and a fraction you right I apologize. Blessings my guy.
Ben - 186cm said on 1/Sep/23
@Big T

You’re aware Garry is barefoot though, right?

If Jake was barefoot too it wouldn’t be close.
Vertical fact said on 1/Sep/23
@Big T, don't forget on top of his enormous head is his massive hair too, I honestly think he counts it as part of his height 😂, looks to be around 2.5 to 3 inches shorter than his brother
5'7 and a fraction said on 1/Sep/23
179.9guy said on 31/Aug/23
the 5'7 dude always low ballin people haha I wonder why ....

You obviously don't look around this site a lot because if you did, you would know that 90% of Rob's listings I agree with and I will call out height inflators (like yourself) and height downgraders when necessary. The large majority of people here would agree that near 6'0 for Jake is absurd, but you felt the need to irrationally target me as the one "lowballing people". I would advise you to not be so immature in the future.
7272 said on 1/Sep/23
I think Nate Diaz deserves a page

Nate and Jake Paul Click Here

5'8 ½ Listed Connor and Nate Click Here

Nate Diaz and 5'11 ¾ listed brother Nick Diaz Click Here

He definitely clears 6'0, but by how much??

I think he's 6'0.25.
Big T said on 31/Aug/23
I wouldn’t even say 1.5” with Garry, there’s a video of that face-off from a better angle and they look close. Jake always looks proportionally shorter than he is because he’s stocky with an enormous head, but the top of that enormous head tends to not be too much shorter than lanky 6’+ guys.

Anyway, I’m happy with the listed 5’11”. Just surprises me so many people still want to downgrade a guy who so consistently looks taller.
179.9guy said on 31/Aug/23
the 5'7 dude always low ballin people haha I wonder why ....
Ben - 186cm said on 31/Aug/23
@Vertical fact

Garry is barefoot while Jake is in shoes. If Garry had shoes too he’d have over 2 ins on Jake, maybe nearing 3.
5'7 and a fraction said on 31/Aug/23
Nah, he most likely claimed 6'0 but like a lot of men he's insecure about his height. There's no sense that can be made from that claim tbh.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 31/Aug/23
My last comment on this site, apologies for the dumb arguments I had earlier with Viper and co. Hope everyone here has a great life godspeed

Jake Paul = 5'11
Ben - 186cm said on 30/Aug/23
When he said he was bang on 6 feet in the Wade livestream it could be that he measured that earlier in the day. 6’0 morning and strong 5’11 night is certainly not out of the question imo.
Vertical fact said on 30/Aug/23
Ian Garry is not 6'3, looks more 6'1 ish, was only 2 inches taller than the schmo who's about 5'11. Also keep in mind jake likes a thicker than average shoe
7272 said on 30/Aug/23
Jake is 5'11
Tommy is about 5'11 ¼ maybe ½
And KSI is 5'10 ⅜
Weak5'11james said on 29/Aug/23
My Height range of Jake Paul throughout the day:

Out of bed: 182-182.5

Afternoon (4-5 hours after waking up): 180.7-181

Evening: 180-180.5

5'10 3/4 - 5'10 7/8 at his extreme low
Ben - 186cm said on 29/Aug/23
Found a pic with Garry actually. Maybe 1.5 inch instead of 2. Click Here==

Garry 6’2 and Jake 5’11.5?
Ben - 186cm said on 29/Aug/23
KSI measured 179cm (5’10.5) and looks a good inch shorter than Tommy Fury.

Jake and Tommy are about the same height.

0% chance Jake is 5’10 range. 0.
Ben - 186cm said on 29/Aug/23
5’10.5 is criminal for Jake at this point. 5’11 is the absolute bare minimum by any stretch of the imagination.

Disagree that he only looked an inch shorter than barefoot Ian Garry, looked more like 2 but the only clip we have is not from a good enough angle to be sure.
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Aug/23
Strong 5'11 / weak 6'0 for Jake is silly. He's clearly not in the same range as guys like Benedict Cumberbatch and Justin Timberlake. Still seems like most people put him from the range of 5'10.5 to 5'11.25 max.
Big T said on 29/Aug/23
With barefoot MMA fighter Ian Garry, listed 6’3”, he looks like an inch shorter in shoes. All things considered he looks over 6’ if Garry is really 6’3”. Even assuming Garry is only 6’2” he looks this listing.
179.9guy said on 28/Aug/23
been saying for a long time that this dude is a strong 5'11/ weak 6'0. Glad people are finally seeing it.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 26/Aug/23
He also passes for just above average here in the USA, while his brother Logan, being 6'1.5 at worst is the start of tall. I wanna see a Logan Paul vs Tommy Fury match
Height Analyzer 2 said on 26/Aug/23
Jake is 100% a 5'11 dude. He might be sub 5'11 at his absolute low though. But whether he wears lifts or not, he def wears chunky shoes to help him reach 6'0. His girlfriend, Julietta, is probably a 179 gal that wears 3 cm sneakers to claim 182
Duhon said on 26/Aug/23
Jake Paul is a classic 5'11" guy who wears big style shoes to pass for 6'. Don't believe he actually wears lifts though.
Ben - 186cm said on 26/Aug/23
But saying that Carl Froch is listed 6’0 here and looked a similar amount shorter than Usyk.
Ben - 186cm said on 26/Aug/23
I think footwear is similar but solid 3 ins there. If Usyk is 6’2.5 then Jake is max 5’11.5
Weak5'11james said on 26/Aug/23
Rob, is 5'10 7/8 possible for Jake? or is that most likely is evening height, and that he's a solid 5'11 in the afternoon??
Editor Rob
At this point, I don't think I would argue sub 5ft 11 for him.
Big T said on 25/Aug/23
Looks 3” or so shorter than Usyk. Every bit of 5’11”.
JohnB said on 25/Aug/23
Jake Paul and listed 6’2 1/2 oleksandr Usyk. Looks like more than a 3.5inch difference considering Jake foot ware advantage.

Click Here==
jokey said on 6/Jun/23
@Rob do you think he is still 5'11 before bed?
Editor Rob
Nowadays, I think he's got to be quite close to that whilst eating dinner.
Glacierr said on 3/Jun/23
Jake Paul is in shoes and is still shorter than Logan Paul who is not wearing shoes in this video. 5’10.5 - 5’10.75 would be my guess for Jake, but 5’11 flat is the highest I would go.

Click Here==
Ice Spice Munch said on 3/Jun/23
Jutta and Jake are within 1 cm or a half-inch at most of each other, making it difficult to discern who is taller. If Jake is 180, Jutta might be 179. I'd say Jake is the closer of the two to a flat 5'11, but he did mention that his gf is slightly taller than him (though, ofc he might be exaggerating this from all the pics I've seen). Nevertheless, it could very well be that Jake is under 5'11, and Jutta is closer to it.

Jake's listing is fine - no need for an upgrade. And I hate 3/4 listings since someone could easily hit the next quarter inch by fixing their posture or doing the 'bust a gut' thing all nurses/docs tell us to do

My guess: Jake is 5'11, Jutta is 5'10.5
Soarwen said on 1/Jun/23
Just compare ksi and jake next to logan, plenty of photos there, jake is by no means 5’11. Ksi is a solid 5’10.5, Jake is a solid 5’10.25. Jake just has thicker shoes, and longer wider hair that spreads up high making him ever more taller than people think he is.
The real one said on 31/May/23
Jake Paul’s shorter than his girlfriend and she’s 181 so Jake is 179cm max
Glacierr said on 30/May/23
@mazdah Jutta is wearing platform shoes in the face to face but without them she is shorter than Jake Paul
Ben - 186cm said on 29/May/23
Jutta - 182cm
Jake - 181cm
5'10 Abdul said on 26/May/23
179 cm.
Johan 185 cm said on 25/May/23
mazdah said on 24/May/23
Click Here
Saw this, nice comparison since they are standing very close face to face, downside is the different shoes. I think Jutta is a tiny bit taller though


There is the nail in the coffin for Jake being above 5'11". Jutta is 181 cm so 5'11.25" max and draw the lines. Her head goes through his hat that isnt on his head. He is high 179 range, maybe 5'10.75"
Emil said on 24/May/23
@Maximum Pyrus

I don't think Jutta is 181 cm barefoot. I've even seen 183 cm listings for her which is absurd. I think she's 179 cm barefoot. Looks a fraction shorter than Jake
mazdah said on 24/May/23
Click Here
Saw this, nice comparison since they are standing very close face to face, downside is the different shoes. I think Jutta is a tiny bit taller though
Johan 185 cm said on 23/May/23
179.6 said on 11/May/23
This is a random comment, but for my work medical I measured 179.6cm (stadiometer) 3 hrs after I woke up. Is this a legit height? I don’t know my height straight out of bed / at night. What should I claim? I cringe at people who inflate / lie about their height so I wanna know lol


So you use metric in your country? Then just say 180 cm, morning height is straight out of bed, I am guessing you did something in those three hours?
Maximum Pyrus said on 22/May/23
Is Jutta Leederman really 181 cm barefoot? Bc there are photos where Jake looks taller than her with similar footwear, and I have a hard time believing he's anything over 180.3 (flat 5'11). I think Jutta is a strong 5'10/weak 5'11 and Jake is weak 5'11 or 5'11 flat, at best

I give that relationship 2-3 months tops btw
Maximum Pyrus said on 22/May/23
No one can tell the difference between 179.4 and 180.3, people here really think they can tell a 1 cm difference, it's laughable. I'm 191 and look essentially the same as someone who is a weak 6'3 (190)

Just say 5'11 @179.6. If you're 179.5+ in the afternoon, you're closer to 180 than 179 anyway

As for Jake, I think he's 5'10.75 because Tommy Fury edges him by almost half an inch. Tommy is slightly underlisted while Jake is slightly overlisted
Alex Schoenberger said on 22/May/23
Hey rob , lots of people keep saying it’s so unlikely that Jake could of grown in his 20s , but I grew from graduating high school at around 5 11 when I was 18 to now at age 22 to 6ft 1 3/8 so I grew quite a bit ! But when I tell people this they freak out I didn’t go through puberty till junior year in high school so I was always a late bloomer now I’m 22 broke my foot and got an X-ray and my growth plates are still open for a tiny bit longer maybe a year they said , my question is how rare is that cause the doctors seemed in shock ❗️
Weak5'11james said on 19/May/23
@179.6 I would claim 179cm (5'10 ½) or 179.4cm (5'10 ⅝).

Definitely go for 179cm or 179.5cm range...
5'7 and a fraction said on 18/May/23
179.6 said on 16/May/23
Would I get away with claiming 5'11? If someone asked me what my height was I'd feel obnoxious saying "I'm 5'10.5".. I think my absolute low is like 179. I measured this 10 hrs after waking up. Would it be obvious that I'm not 5'11 by then?

Just claim 5'11. It's not like you're going to get in serious trouble all of a sudden by rounding up. Or you could say "5'10, 5'11" instead of 5'10 1/2. It really doesn't matter.
Theorm-179 said on 18/May/23
I don’t know where him and Nate being the same height is coming from - I don’t think they’re wearing the same shoes, adavantage seems
To Jake and Nate still seems 0.75” taller. On you tube look at 0.29 of the mac life video. Am I also the only one who thought Fury looked slightly taller in all the face offs ? That being said I think Jake is 5’11 .
179.6 said on 16/May/23
Would I get away with claiming 5'11? If someone asked me what my height was I'd feel obnoxious saying "I'm 5'10.5".. I think my absolute low is like 179. I measured this 10 hrs after waking up. Would it be obvious that I'm not 5'11 by then?
7272 said on 15/May/23
UFC listed Nate Diaz as 183 cm multiple times
oren metser said on 14/May/23
@1.79.6 claim 1.79m-1.80m about/almost/just under/ fractionally shy of legit 5'11 or 5'10.5.

By laws of rounding rounding up to the next inch should kick in cause u r just about 1.80m at about midday which is 5'10 and like 2/3.

It's up to you ,if u like stating your height in whole inches or in halves.. Your prerogative completely.
Guest66 said on 11/May/23
It was clear as day that Nate was taller than him, Jake must've forgot to bring his "special" sneakers I guess, which is weird. Nate can't be more than a hair above 6'0", I think Jake looked like a weak 5'11" next to him. Nate is a proper six footer, unlike someone like Tommy Furry.
Jawilder said on 11/May/23
@UEDO Wrong. Nate looked taller. Nate is a legit 6 footer, I wouldn’t go anything over. Making Jake 5’11 probably.
5'7 and a fraction said on 11/May/23
179.9guy said on 10/May/23
jake and nate had the EXACT SAME FOOTWEAR (Jordan 1 Phantom) and they looked almost the same height. A strong 5'11.05" for Mr.Jake Paul and possibly 6'0.25" for Mr. Nate diaz. No lift excuse please.

No there looked more an inch difference between Jake and Nate (who imo is just a good 6'0). Also Jake has hair advantage so 5'11 1/2 for Jake is an exaggeration.
179.6 said on 11/May/23
This is a random comment, but for my work medical I measured 179.6cm (stadiometer) 3 hrs after I woke up. Is this a legit height? I don’t know my height straight out of bed / at night. What should I claim? I cringe at people who inflate / lie about their height so I wanna know lol
179.9guy said on 10/May/23
Click Here picture of the faceoff with nate diaz. Full body shot with same footwear.
179.9guy said on 10/May/23
jake and nate had the EXACT SAME FOOTWEAR (Jordan 1 Phantom) and they looked almost the same height. A strong 5'11.05" for Mr.Jake Paul and possibly 6'0.25" for Mr. Nate diaz. No lift excuse please.
Discord said on 10/May/23
Can we get Nate Diaz page, Rob?
Johan 185 cm said on 10/May/23
If Nate is legit 6'0" which the UFC surprisingly lists him at then Jake is 5'11" as listed.
5'7 and a fraction said on 10/May/23
He looked shorter than Nate Diaz to me based on shoulder height, eye level, chin level etc. It's only Jake's curled up hair as Rob mentioned that's pushing his height to appear "almost the same height" as Nate. Nate looks like a 6'0 guy and Jake looked 5'10 3/4 - 5'11 with him.
Not sure about footwear.
UEDO said on 10/May/23
Jake & Nate wore the same exact shoes in the press conference. They looked almost identical. Jake possibly 181?
Zander - 6'6" said on 9/May/23
After the face off with Nate Diaz today, Nate looked about 0.5-0.75 of an taller than Jake, and that could be exactly an inch difference or slightly more, as Jake was likely wearing the bigger shoes.

I have Jake at 5’11.25”-5’11.5” barefoot, and Nate is about 6’0.25”-6’0.5” barefoot, imo. Could very well be a full inch difference.
UEDO said on 9/May/23
Based on the face offs, Jake looked exactly the same height as Nate Diaz. Idk about their footwear though.
Glacierr said on 9/May/23
He looked clearly shorter than Nate Diaz, I don’t see him being over a flat 5’11 but could still possibly be around 5’10.5-5’10.75
Jdubbz said on 9/May/23
@ Johan 185 cm:

Refer to my previous reply to Hyper. Chances are that they didn't turn your brother down for being "too tall". but they were unattracted to something else about him, be it his personality, looks, etc. and said too tall to spare his feelings.

It's much easier to tell someone they're too tall or too short for you than they are too ugly or boring or poor or whatever. Not saying any of that applies to your brother, I'm just speaking in general. Too tall only becomes a legit problem for most women after 6'8 or so (maybe even more than that). 6'5 is a very favorable height for women and is a huge attractiveness multiplier.
Jawilder said on 9/May/23
Jake looked 5’11, maybe a fraction under, with legit 6 footer Nate Diaz.
Emmanuel Brodericks said on 9/May/23
How tall does nate diaz look next to jake paul you think rob?
Editor Rob
Not really that much in it going simply by the top of their hair. But of course Nate basically has a couple of mm, whilst Jake has a ruffled thicker style that could well be closer to an inch.
James (179cm) Jones said on 8/May/23
And Joe Fournier also claims 6'1
James (179cm) Jones said on 8/May/23
Here's a rough height comparison (a few poor camera angles and jake has a hat on) with Jake and Joe Fournier who is allegedly a flat 5'11...

Click Here
Discord said on 6/May/23

Not tall but definitely taller than average. With right proportions however you can look tall. I have a friend who is 181 cm range and looks very lanky and tall, someone at his height would easily claim 6'1, since he looks it.
179.9guy said on 6/May/23
question for the height experts at this site: Is 5'11 tall? asking for a friend ...
Johan 185 cm said on 4/May/23
viper said on 3/May/23
6-2.75 is the lowest I shrink

And 6-3 isn't as attractive to women as
6-0-6-2. Most male models are 5-11-6-2


My brother is a legit 6'5" and has been turned down for being too tall. Most women think he is 6'7" !
They did a survey in the UK and that was the preferred range 5'11-6'2" but surprisingly 5'11" came out on top as most desirable height for a man.

I would say a couple of inches over average in each country is most likely true. Nowadays women no longer seem to want the giant like they did a generation ago.

So here in The Netherlands 6'3" is probably most desirable.

Jake is around 5'11" maybe a fraction shorter but seems to have zero issues attracting very tall women.
Jdubbz said on 4/May/23

They probably told him it was because of his height to spare his feelings. Stephen Merchant isn't exactly super attractive, so that's a great excuse.
viper said on 3/May/23
6-2.75 is the lowest I shrink

And 6-3 isn't as attractive to women as
6-0-6-2. Most male models are 5-11-6-2
Hyper said on 2/May/23
@Height Analyzer 2

You’d be surprised. 6’7” Stephen Merchant said that he got turned down on dates, despite his height.
viper said on 2/May/23
Where did I claim 6-2 on this page? Lol
Jawilder said on 2/May/23
@ Height Analyzer 2 Viper clearly said early college… it’s pretty obvious that’s implying he grew. I don’t see why a poster like viper would lie about something like that.
Johan 185 cm said on 2/May/23
I have to give it to him. He snared Jutta Leerdam and broke alot of dutch guys hearts. Will be interesting to see them together.She is 181 cm so 5'11.25". She has already shown he skips leg day.
Ben - 6'1 said on 2/May/23
@Height Anaylzer

A persons height varies throughout the day, so maybe he’s 6’2.5 at night but is comfortable with rounding up a bit. I mean I’m 6’1.5 most of the time and used to have that as my height on here but I’m happy to round down to 6’1. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future; it’s not that deep.

You’re the only one being “degenerate” on here. Everyone else was just guessing heights of celebrities like this site is made for, and then you came in out of nowhere imposing your wisdom about what heights are tall and what heights aren’t like you’re an expert when nobody asked for it. The fact you’re a Reddit user says a lot.

Also I’ve only seen like one or two women who are 6’0+ in my adult life, so even if you do find them more attractive you’re gonna have a hard time finding them. The average height for western women is 5’4 for a reason. They’re supposed to be short. But I still wouldn’t say 6’5 is “maximum perks for dating them” since if they’re the same height as you in heels then their eyes may wander up to the 6’8 guys who are still taller than her in heels lol. But 6’8 guys are just as rare as 6’0+ women, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much ;)
viper said on 2/May/23
"I think height analyser is just another user under a different name expressing his grievances with anonymity. I mean, he’s been around long enough to know Viper’s claims lol."

viper said on 2/May/23
I agree Rob's video on me was funny
Verisimilitude Trumps Precaution said on 1/May/23
I wonder if Rob ever reads these comments and chuckles with all the trolling and height deflation (or inflation) that goes on. Imagine being so insecure as to lying about your height on an anonymous forum smh 🗿

Wonder if Rob Paul is related to Jake and Logan Paul? Maybe a long lost family member or something lol!

Jake is a 179.5-181 range guy, he can have 5’11. Meanwhile, Logan is a 186-187.5 guy, I think he’s just a half-inch under 6’2. Both brother are fairly tall, despite their horrendous personalities. How any girl can like them is beyond me
Editor Rob
I try to read every comment submitted (including all that end up deleted), but unfortunately my time at the moment is stretched. I have responsibilities which have become more demanding and are now a priority, which means I have to sacrifice something.

So unfortunately I'm going to have to take a break from reading/replying to comments on this site and Youtube for a while.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 1/May/23
Also @Ben

Viper commented he was 6-2 earlier on this very page, a quick ctrl + F reveals that

More people should check out r/tall for perspective, very sad that everyone here thinks I’m trolling when half the sub on reddit thinks these forums are degenerate and people here try to one-up each other on height contests
Height Analyzer 2 said on 1/May/23
Taller woman are more attractive imo, being 6’5 gives maximum perks to dating them. I don’t feel the need to inflate my height, given that I’m already taller than 99% of the people that visit this site.

Pretty sure I’ve only been here for 2 months Ben, but go off I guess. You’re the person who keeps on inflating everyone’s height the most. Meanwhile, Rob made a whole video on viper which was hilarious to watch
Hyper said on 1/May/23
There are some people who are 6’5”+ and some of them want to be shorter. 6’5.5” Bo Burnham once stated that he wanted to be 6’1”-6’2” because he couldn’t fit in plane seats. 6’5.25” Dan Snow even mentioned that it’s hard to fit in cars. 6’6.5” Rhett McLaughlin mentioned that 6’2” is the perfect height. 6’7” Steve Merchant mentioned that 6’4” is the best height because he didn’t have to worry about doorframes and that he’s been turned down on dates before.

There’s nothing wrong with those heights. However, the only thing to being very tall is one could adjust Basketball, better. Otherwise, it would be a hassle for some of everyday activities.

As for height, I would guess Jake Paul at 179 cm.
Qadar said on 1/May/23
178 cm max no more
Jayson Tatum Stan said on 30/Apr/23
Last comment got cutoff, but I think Jake is 5’11 at best. This listing is fine. Great height and fairly tall too
Jayson Tatum Stan said on 30/Apr/23
@Qadar Yea I legit think Jake Paul puts lifts in shoes or something, his height isn’t consistent. I trust Rob’s estimate the most, he is

@viper & height analyzer: Stop commenting and derailing the whole point of this thread. Both of you act like petulant fools. Viper you’re 41-42, gotta stop feeding the troll and touch grass
Height Analyzer 2 said on 30/Apr/23
Viper you clearly have no life outside this website and you’re not 6’3, keep inflating that height bud 😂 I’m willing to bet every penny you’re not even 6’2, but at least we both know I have a much better eye for height than yourself. Sucks to be shorter than a legit tall dude, but keep coping

Someone who is 6’0 is not tall, sorry to break it. You can say tallish or above average, but it makes no sense to call that height tall when it’s above average by only 1.5-2 inches in the USA. I didn’t come here to troll, just to shut down ludicrous guesses made my Ben and a few others claiming that Jake is 6’ when the guy is a solid 5’11 at best. His gf also is like a whole cm taller than him and she’s not even 6’0, so how could he be?
Ben - 6'1 said on 30/Apr/23
@Height Anaylzer

Barely any guys want to date women who are 6’0+ so I’m not sure why you’d even bother to bring that up like it’s important that you’re taller than 0.1% of women.
Ben - 6'1 said on 30/Apr/23
I think height analyser is just another user under a different name expressing his grievances with anonymity. I mean, he’s been around long enough to know Viper’s claims lol.

I doubt he’s 6’5 irl. Probably just trolling. Would take what he says with a pinch of salt.
Qadar said on 29/Apr/23
Jake Paul is around the 178-179 cm range I don’t think he can pass 180 or 181 he looks way too short next to a legit 6”0 or 5”11.75
viper said on 29/Apr/23
Other people here telling height analyzer he's kinda wacky 🤭

"I like the CDC's definition the most, and since my eye level is above 6'0, I find it hard to list someone that's around that height range as tall (but tallish is fine)."

Now you are basing your analysis on your own 6-5 height which is way out of the norm? Oh geez
viper said on 29/Apr/23
Height Analyzer...imo you just came here to troll.

And that chart has Maryland at a laughable 5-10.9 when it's 5-9.9

I never claimed just 6-2 here when I first started, I claimed 6-2.5 because that is what I measured at my extreme low when I was 24 posting here in 2005.
From the Lou said on 29/Apr/23
Honestly, I pity all the people here that try to argue and one-up each other about height, as if it were some pssing contest. Don't you all have better things to do with your lives?

I like 5'11 for Jake - a great height for anyone. His girlfriend's platform Jordan's make her 1 cm taller than him, but barefoot they're probably both around 5'11
Height Analyzer 2 said on 29/Apr/23
At some point, I feel Rob should just delete all the comments that don't provide/contribute anything to estimating Jake's height, like some of mine and most of viper's. I'm done visiting this site and arguing over trivial things, I've posted some statistics and a calculator, which I hope you all enjoyed reading. Have a great day!
Editor Rob
Sometimes pages do need a bit of tidying up!
Height Analyzer 2 said on 29/Apr/23
Anyway viper, it seems your whole life has been dedicated to this site. I applaud your commitment to being so charismatic and passionate. I wish to no longer engage in an argument or conversation with you, though I do find it somewhat funny that you listed yourself as 6'2 earlier on this page and now inflated to 6'3. Whatever floats your boat bud. I'm not going to ask you to prove your height, but you really should learn some manners instead of crudely insulting people that are taller than yourself :)
Height Analyzer 2 said on 29/Apr/23
@viper: In what universe is 6'3 considered more attractive than 6'5? Once you're out of the "golden" 6'0-6'2 zone, they're all the same, being taller just has more daily inconveniences at that point. I suggested you were coping because you have continuously name-called and bashed me, acting like a petulant child. 6'3 and 6'5 are tall heights, except 6'5 confers more advantages when it comes to dating taller women (6'0+). When a 6'0-6'1 woman wears some nice high heels (3-4 inches), it's comforting to know that she'll be around my height in shoes, rather than being taller than me. I couldn't say the same thing at 6'3. Simply put, 6'5 stands out more than 6'3 does, just as 6'1 stands out more than 5'11. Everything is relative. They're all equally attractive heights.

In the fraternity I used to be in, the shortest guys were weak 5'10 range (177), and most of the guys were 5'11+ (180). Perhaps I should visit more college campuses to get a better idea of heights, but at least at my university, guys currently are well within the 5'10+ range on average. Notice how I wrote back previously that "colleges that are especially athletic (like Miami, OSU, etc.) have higher average heights than other colleges. I'm not claiming every college in Florida has a super high average male height, but UMiami certainly does."

Click Here.

This is exaggerated a bit (I highly doubt any college has an average height of 6'0+), but I do believe that the average height of males at some of the Big 10 universities clears 5'10-5'10.5. Until I go visit, of course, I have no proof - but it's not like I can measure every single person I see. Neither can you. As someone who is tall and has a keen eye for height, I can infer from what I see. That's how I inferred Jake is not 6'0 because he's not tall enough - the best range I can give him is 180-181.

Here's what I believe: There'll be a lot of short and tall people as Gen Z finishes growing, but I think the difference will be drastic - enough to push the average up, rather than down. Recently, children have been getting less sleep due to electronic devices and their uncontrollable urge to use them past bedtime (if their parents give them a bedtime).

Nutrition is way more accessible right now, but eating a lot and not moving around much will limit their maximum potential (lack of movement due to post-pandemic).

My hypothesis is short gen z children will be shorter than short millennials (say someone 5'8 as a millennial might be equivalent to a 5'7.5 Gen Zer) and tall gen z children will be taller than tall millennials (6'0 millennial = 6'1-2 Gen Zer), but the taller gen Z'ers will push the average up. Notice how the percentiles for the CDC are changing, so much so that I've seen 6'0 in the USA be listed as low as 79th percentile in some sites - when it used to be 81st-84th in others.

@Glacierr: When worldwide most people consider 180 to be the start of tall, and in the USA, 6'0 (183), it comes down to a matter of semantics. Logan Paul is what I consider the start of tall (as he's a weak 6'2). I have ranges as follows: under 5'6 (short), 5'6-5'9 (below average), 5'9-5'10.5 (average), 5'10.5-6'1.5 (above average / tallish - depending on proportions), 6'1.5-6'5.5 (tall), and 6'5.5+ (197+) very tall.

r/tall is a minority, but gives perspective from legitimately tall people - what's tall to me, might not be tall to someone else. I like the CDC's definition the most, and since my eye level is above 6'0, I find it hard to list someone that's around that height range as tall (but tallish is fine).
viper said on 28/Apr/23
Why would I need to cope when 6-3 is regarded as a more attractive height than 6-5? See, you lose the argument right there.

I've been to more college campuses than you in the last few years. For you just the University of Miami.

Jawilder was a student at LSU recently and felt tall at 6-0.5. Even If you were right about Miami specifically there is no hardcore data Gen Z is taller, or people will be taller in 20 years. The obesity rate in the United States imo is making the overall Gen Z population shorter than millennials. If anything in 20 years it may get even shorter. We are talking about the United States here.

I'm not going to say you are lying fraud about being 6-5 but none of your story adds up.

You need to travel to other college campuses across the United States to get a real sense of how tall the average caucasian student is. You're just running with the University of Miami as gospel which is quite frankly...absurd

As a millennial when I was in college...not just my school but many others millennial Caucasians at the time truly looked a bit taller.
Vertical fact said on 28/Apr/23
This comment section on this guys height has turned into a show 😂
Philip550 said on 28/Apr/23
@Height Analyzer 2

r/tall is a sub with literal giants across the whole world. The average height (according to the user flairs, which are not validated) is 6'5. Close to NBA average. These people take just 0.005% of world population. You can't take any credit or any valuable information about average college male heights.
Where I went to college, the average is around 5'9 ½ or 176 cm. I live in a pretty tall country too.
Tall starts from 5'10 and above in most countries in Europe, US and Canada. Exceptions are some Scandinavian and Balkan countries.
Anything over legit 6'0 is tall, over 6'2 very tall and once you reach or pass 6'5 you're entering the giant category.
I'm 29 and I've never saw anyone over 6'7 in real life my entire life. 6'7 was the tallest I ever saw. A good friend of mine. He was that height in his mid 20's. He's 44 today and 6'5.
Jawilder said on 28/Apr/23
I went to LSU, and I always felt well above average on campus. Average felt like 5’9. I live minutes away from Tulane, and I definitely noticed the average is higher for guys there.

As far as Jake, I wouldn’t go above 5’11. Anything below 5’10.5 is ridiculous, but I wouldn’t rule out 5’10.75 at all.
5'7 and a fraction said on 28/Apr/23
@Height Anaylzer
The only thing that r/tall on reddit seems to consist of is a group of insecure really tall guys who have gone as far as claiming you need to be as tall as 6'5 to actually be considered "just tall". They are far from a reliable source.
Glacierr said on 28/Apr/23
@Height Analyzer 2 Logan Paul barely passes as tall? Even though people who meet him states he is tall and not to mention he is taller than almost every guest on impaulsive. I would definitely consider Logan Paul as tall.
Glacierr said on 28/Apr/23
People actually think she is taller than Jake Paul even though she is wearing platform shoes: Click Here=
Qadar said on 28/Apr/23
177-178 cm Jake Paul doesn’t look 5”10.5 next to his girlfriend loll she towers him look at the head difference
Qadar said on 28/Apr/23
he looks 178 cm max lol 😂 next to his girlfriend who’s 181-182 he looks shorter by 4-5 cm
Height Analyzer 2 said on 28/Apr/23
To end this discussion on a positive note, the average height of males in college campuses across the country is definitely within the upper end of the 5'9-10 range, and more athletic colleges with a majority of Caucasian and European-descent students are nearing the middle end of the 5'10-11 range. The whole point of bringing this up was to demonstrate that Jake is just above average in height when compared to his demographic (Caucasian Male in 20s). Even if he was a true 6'0, he still would not be tall - only above average (around the 80th percentile). His brother, Logan, barely passes for tall - and he's at least 2.5 inches taller than Jake. More people here should check out r/tall on Reddit to get some actual perspective.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 28/Apr/23
Here's why I know you are full of bunk Height Analyzer. I've been on the campus of Maryland a million times, a much larger, diverse University than Miami with probably even more of a European descent.

The average isn't more than 5-10 at the very max just with Caucasians.

6-1 is tall and stands out a bit

And Gen Z is absolutely a bit shorter than millennials. I never saw this many 5-5-5-6 Caucasians when I was in school as a millennial.

It's not genetics, it's the diets

@viper: Your name-calling isn't appreciated, though I understand why you may feel the need to cope given that I have a couple of inches on you. If you can show and prove to me on the latest CDC chars that Gen Z'ers are shorter than average, then I'll continue this argument. Otherwise, it really seems like you're coping
Height Analyzer 2 said on 28/Apr/23

I don't get why you feel the need to argue with me so much. I attended the University of Miami, you did not. I have seen a fair amount of guys formulate that height, feel free to visit sometime. People are getting taller due to better nutrition, diets, etc. I understand you may find it hard to believe that kids are taller these days, but it is what it is. Keep in mind that people who are from higher SES backgrounds have access to better resources + environment, which also shapes someone's genetics. As someone who is a solid 6'5 (196), I can easily say the average height of a male at my alma mater is in the 5'10-5'10.5 range (178-179). That number is going to increase to close to 180 within the next 10-20 years. I don't consider someone tall until they're 6'2-range (187-188); it's why I feel calling someone 5'11 above average but 6'0 tall ludicrous when they're not even 85th percentile in height. Being tall is something that comes down to perspective. I don't consider myself extremely tall, but tall.


Idk what a strong 5'11 means, Jake's either 180-181, which is what I call a solid 5'11. I don't doubt Jake is close to 182 first thing out of bed, I just don't think he's 6'0 like so many overly optimistic people on this site keep on claiming.
Ben - 6'1 said on 27/Apr/23
@179.9 guy

Boxing listings are like UFC listings, they’re very rarely accurate. I don’t think Daniels is 5’11 bro; Jake looks 2 inches taller.

I agree that Jake is strong 5’11 but if Daniels is 5’11 then that would make Jake easy 6’1 which he obviously isn’t because his brother Logan only claims 6’2 himself (listed 6’1.5 here) and has a good 2 ins on Jake.
Jawilder said on 27/Apr/23
Jakes girlfriend makes him look under 5’11. Maybe 5’10.75 at best.
5'7 and a fraction said on 27/Apr/23

I have never heard nor seen of robert daniels before and I have also never heard no seen him next to anyone who's height I roughly know except Jake's. So using using an obscure person like him with an obscure height listing pictured next to Jake in favour of Jake being 5'11 1/2 - 6'0 means nothing to me. Rather than posting pictures of Jake next to people who 99% of the population have never heard of before, how about posting pictures of him with more well known people and in particular ones who have a celebheights listing?
179.9guy said on 24/Apr/23
Click Here Jake Paul with 5´11 listed Robert Daniels Jr (boxer). Keeps looking strong 5'11.
viper said on 24/Apr/23
Sorry height analyzer, I've been on more college campuses than you probably.....not just Maryland. The average at Miami is not quite as tall as you say because I've been on campuses just like Miami. Caucasian Gen Z is not any taller than honestly looks more 5-9 range.

I don't know If you can't tell height or you are being obtuse.

And Gen Z Caucasians look slightly shorter than millennials due to bad diets, it's not genetics. I've seen more 5-5-5-6 Caucasian college students lately than I saw when I was in school, or at Maryland, or at Duke, UNC, NC State, ECU.
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 23/Apr/23
If jake is 6"2 than im 6"5 lol hes like 5"10-5"11 yall im 5"11 and he looks my height
viper said on 20/Apr/23
Here's why I know you are full of bunk Height Analyzer. I've been on the campus of Maryland a million times, a much larger, diverse University than Miami with probably even more of a European descent.

The average isn't more than 5-10 at the very max just with Caucasians.

6-1 is tall and stands out a bit

And Gen Z is absolutely a bit shorter than millennials. I never saw this many 5-5-5-6 Caucasians when I was in school as a millennial.

It's not genetics, it's the diets
179.9guy said on 19/Apr/23
Click Here-/ yet another picture this time with Robert Daniels jr (boxer) listed at 5'11. Jake looks at least half an inch taller. Im telling yo guys I see strong 5'11. Another pic with him here: Click Here
Duhon said on 19/Apr/23
Not sure why college is brought up when gauging height in the US? Only a little more than a third of Americans attend higher education. Gen Z does not refer solely to college educated white Americans, that category is a minority. So statistically no, Gen Z Americans as a whole are not taller than past recent generations.
179.9guy said on 19/Apr/23
@heightanalyzer2 bro .. if Jordan Poyer got measured at 5'11 7/8 it means he is 5'11 and 7/8 haha. 5'11.5 would be a low for him. That makes jake paul at least a 'strong' 5'11.
5'7 and a fraction said on 19/Apr/23
179.9guy said on 18/Apr/23
Click Here in this pic he is standing next to Jordan Poyer (NFL player) he got measured at the draft combine at 5'11 and 7/8. Jake looks and least 5'11.25 to 5'11.5. Please to use the lift excuse haha.

So many things wrong with that picture. First of all the photos taken from far away and is fairly hard to gauge the height difference but if I had to guess it looks around half an inch. And second of all Jordan clearly isn't even standing up straight in that picture. He's leaning to the side a bit. Look at the tilt. Nice try, but no.

@Height Analyzer 2
Jdubbz said on 19/Apr/23
viper said on 12/Apr/23
Jdubbz, 6-3 may not be quite 99 on a college campus but close enough. 6-0-6-2 is obviously tall on a college campus. Not sure If height analyzer is trolling or what.

If what he said was true college campuses would resemble the Nordic area 🤣

5-10 is the absolute highest I see on many college campuses. That UNC-Charlotte example was just 1 example

For sure 6'0-2 is still tall on campus. I don't think he's trolling, but considering 2SD above average as the minimum for tallness doesn't make any sense to me. That's more like the start of very tall. He says he's nearly 6'5, so that could be why his standard is so high. I've got an inch and a half on him so I can relate, but stats are stats regardless of how tall you are.

I only have experience with two universities (UT Austin, Boston University), and my impression is that both of them average around 5'10. To be completely honest though, it's difficult for me to discern 5'10 from 5'9.5 or 5'10.5 unless I'm very close and paying a lot of attention, so you could be correct about that.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 19/Apr/23

If Jordan Poyer got measured near 6' during the draft, it means he's 5'11.5 range on CelebHeights. If Jake looks a good half-inch shorter than him, that puts him in the 180-181 range. I don't understand the obsession with making this dude 6'0, he's 5'11 at best.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 19/Apr/23
@viper If you came to U Miami, you would see the vast majority of students are of European descent, and a solid portion is mixed. That probably explains why the average height of males is close to 5'10.5 there. At UMiami, you are not considered truly tall until you're around 6'3 (although, I can let 6'2 slide so as to not stir up another argument)

Not sure why you can't seem to fathom that colleges that are especially athletic (like Miami, OSU, etc.) have higher average heights than other colleges. I'm not claiming every college in Florida has a super high average male height, but UMiami certainly does.

And the Caucasian portion of Gen Z is certainly taller than previous ones, if only due to genetics rather than nutrition and diet.

Jake is no more than a rock-solid 5'11
179.9guy said on 18/Apr/23
Click Here in this pic he is standing next to Jordan Poyer (NFL player) he got measured at the draft combine at 5'11 and 7/8. Jake looks and least 5'11.25 to 5'11.5. Please to use the lift excuse haha.
viper said on 17/Apr/23
Gen Z looks a little shorter tbh.

I think it's the bad diets
Glacierr said on 17/Apr/23
@Alex Schoenberger Growing in your 20s is rare and Jake doesn’t look over flat 5’11
ppc said on 16/Apr/23
Gen Z isn't magically getting taller. If you live in a developed Western country average height's probably been stagnant for the past few decades. The only reason certain countries experienced growth spurts in the past is because they were underdeveloped, and their populations weren't able to reach their genetic potentials due to malnutrition.

The idea that every generation keeps getting taller and taller is just false in developed countries
179.9guy said on 15/Apr/23
@alex schoenberger finally someone with common sense !!!!
Height Analyzer 2 said on 15/Apr/23

At the most, he's low 182-range right out of bed. Which is about 5'11.75ish. Then, loses about 1-1.5 cm during the midday, results in a 181ish measurement. I have him anywhere in the 179.5-181 range, depending on his posture. He's almost 6' right out of bed, might even hit it if he "busts a gut."

I really wanna see a picture of him standing next to his new gf
viper said on 15/Apr/23
You can grow in your early 20's but that doesn't change the fact that Paul certainly isn't more than a flat 5-11....I think he's under it
viper said on 15/Apr/23
Jawilder, very believable

Height analyzer must be attending college in the Nordic region, not Miami
5'7 and a fraction said on 15/Apr/23
@Alex Schoenberger

Even if we raise the bar of height growth to 21 and say Jake grew 1, 2 or 3 inches at that age, to make sense of him "appearing" taller today, we can't discount the fact that at 22 - 24 by which point would mark his adult height was still looking 179 - 180. I think he's simply become very good at standing with good posture and wearing bigger footwear to give the appearance of 5'11+ these days.
Philip550 said on 15/Apr/23
@Alex Schoenberger

Dude, Jake was 5'11 at 22. Nobody grows after this. He looked 5'10 next to 5'8 Nate Robinson.
Alex Schoenberger said on 14/Apr/23
Ok let’s get this started I’ve seen a lot of comments saying Jake couldn’t grow in his 20s but I did I was 5 10 in high school now I’m 6ft 1.25-5 range and honestly I got most that height at 21 ! So it’s definitely possible and tbh it’s happened to most my uncles ! So ima guess Jake was 5ft 10.5 at 19-20 and is now 5 11.45 range he had 5ft 10 Mike Tyson by over an inch looks 2 inches shorter then his brother now or maybe 2.25 inches different held his own next to slim and nfl players tbh he looks easy 5 11 plus next to fury and his Jordan who was measure at combine ! 5 11.45 is my guess and bet he wakes up 5 11.85 range in morning !
Jawilder said on 14/Apr/23
@viper I went to the Ole Miss vs. LSU game last year and sat in the student section. I felt surprisingly tall walking around. I felt 85-90% easily. I was thinking I’d feel under 80%, but that wasn’t the case at all.
5'7 and a fraction said on 14/Apr/23
@Viper, yeah I know several 5'5 - 5'6 guys that are my age, give or take. I'm not too sure what the other guys are saying with the large amount of gen z being over 5'10. Maybe they've had different experiences. I've never come across a scenario where the vast majority young guys are 5'11 - 6'1 in public. It varies from 5'8 - 5'11 at best. There are times where at 5'7, I feel average height. The small amount of young guys I encounter in public that are 6'1 - 6'2, most definitely stand out in public, whether that's queuing or being in a public surrounding. So you definitely do not need to be as high as 6'3 (which I would class as very tall) to be considered tall.
RoyzDaBoi said on 13/Apr/23
179-180cms maximum I'd say.
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 13/Apr/23
5"9-5"10 177 cm for jake
Andrew Lawrence said on 13/Apr/23
Much smaller than his brother!
Emil said on 13/Apr/23
@Height Analyzer 2

Fair enough, mate. And yes, Jake is 5'11 range for sure. Personally, I think he's a smidge under at midday. He's above the average American man, but not by much.
viper said on 13/Apr/23
When I was 6-2 early college I was definitely taller than 99 percent on campus it seemed
viper said on 13/Apr/23
5-7 and a fraction dropping the truth

When I was 6-1 in high school I was taller than most of the white kids in the junior and senior classes, in a well off large private school. I'd say 99 percentile for sure there.
viper said on 13/Apr/23
Jordan87 said on 11/Apr/23
@ Height Analysis

I agree. I can tell you Most white males and black males I encounter in NY , NJ and PA that are Gen X or Millennial are taller than 5'10". Most people ( men especially) inflate their height by 1 to 2" but I know my height and I know alot of these younger folk are over 5'10. White Men and Black Men under the age of 40 now are most certainly taller than 5'10 on average. If folks tell you otherwise, they are likely manlets.

Huh? In New York City the average seems to be only 5-8-5-9, even with the younger population thrown in . Most white and black men under 40 are over 5-10 in that area?

Bro, put down the pipe. If what you said was true it would resemble to near Nordic levels.
viper said on 13/Apr/23
5-7 and a fraction, do you think height analyzer is trolling?

The average height at the University of Miami is no more than 5-10 max.

And I think Gen Z has gotten a little shorter overall. I'm an older millennial and I see more 5-5-5-6 guys than back in the early 2000's at college
5'7 and a fraction said on 13/Apr/23
Height Analyzer 2 said on 12/Apr/23
I'm nearly 6'5 (195) so all good, I just know Jake isn't near 6'0 from all the evidence I've seen. Ben, it just seems you're the only dude who tries to inflate this kid's height beyond reason lmao, almost like you're a Jake Paul simp or something LOL

Yeah, its a height guessing website, but people should try and stick to a person's height range based on pure facts and evidence, whether that be 179 - 181 range or 176 - 178 range etc. But that doesn't mean we should start inflating or downgrading people to unrealistic levels based on faulty evidence or warped perceptions. Like unrealistically claiming Jake might be 6'0 tall 🤦. I agree, Jake looks at the absolute best, 181 but I would put him at that height out of bed.
GERAD HOKJH said on 13/Apr/23
If KSI is about 5’10 ½ then Jake is definitely 5’11.
Philip550 said on 12/Apr/23
@Height Analyzer 2

I mostly agree with you, but one thing I need to point out is, the border between average range and tall is 5'10. Anything above that is tallish until 6'0, from 6'0 and above it's tall range, from 6'3 and above it's very tall, and once you pass 6'5 you're entering the giant category. It's been like this, and still is, in most countries across Europe, UK, US and Canada. Exceptions are some Scandinavian and Balkan countries with local regions averaging up to 6'1.
I've been monitoring Jakes height since early 2018 when he had a fight with Deji, and watched some of his videos during Team 10 era. He always ends up between 179-181 cm as you said. Clearly 5'11 range. This guy is insanely good at height manipulation with various footwear. He often likes to wear thick shoes, sneakers that add at least 1.25 inches and boots with at least 1.5 inch heels.

Also, I would like to point out the phenomenon of 5'10. This is the perfect height for manipulation. Take a pair of Air Max LTD's and you will appear as a typical 6 footer in public. Take a pair of Tims and you will be even slightly taller, with good athletic body, you would appear as a typical 6'1 guy.
Jake appears indeed tall in public, even though he's 5'11. So I can see how he managed to fool so many people by thinking he's actually 6'1 as officially listed.
I can't wait for this guy to confront KSI once again when he's going to fight him. KSI has been measured at around 5'10 ½ (without hair) on a stadiometer. So now we can guess him more precisely. I'm sure Jake is just a fraction taller than him though.
DaVinki said on 12/Apr/23
Can't we all get along and be nice?

I'm genuinely curious to see his height next to his new smoking hot gf! They're probably within 1-2 cm of each other
viper said on 12/Apr/23
Jdubbz, 6-3 may not be quite 99 on a college campus but close enough. 6-0-6-2 is obviously tall on a college campus. Not sure If height analyzer is trolling or what.

If what he said was true college campuses would resemble the Nordic area 🤣

5-10 is the absolute highest I see on many college campuses. That UNC-Charlotte example was just 1 example
Height Analyzer 2 said on 12/Apr/23
But suffice to say, Jake Paul is at best 181, reasonably 180, and arguably 179.5. Any further discussion of his height being less than 179 or more than 181 is pointless imo. Rob has nailed this listing perfectly! A young man of above average (tallish) stature :)
Height Analyzer 2 said on 12/Apr/23
I'm nearly 6'5 (195) so all good, I just know Jake isn't near 6'0 from all the evidence I've seen. Ben, it just seems you're the only dude who tries to inflate this kid's height beyond reason lmao, almost like you're a Jake Paul simp or something LOL
Ben - 6'1 said on 12/Apr/23
Lol I go off this site for one day and this dude has gone on an absolute rampage. I’m sorry if it’s my fault for triggering this by thinking Jake might be taller than this listing, but your responses here really aren’t necessary.

I never claimed that if Jake were 6 feet it would make him tall - I just think he might be that height, and since this is a height guessing website I don’t see why that’s an issue. Maybe you really hate Jake for whatever reason and are mad at anyone who you think is implying that Jake might be a taller guy, or maybe you’re short and want to make yourself feel better by lumping taller guys (6’0+) in the same category as you. Or maybe it’s a bit of both. But you really need to chill man. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you but that really wasn’t my intention lmao.
Mr. Potato Head said on 12/Apr/23
I also find it funny how all the “tall” arguments allowed this thread to be saved from Ben’s constant claims that Jake must be at least 6 foot 😂
Mr. Potato Head said on 12/Apr/23
Now the real question is how big is Jake’s head? It seems to be a fair bit bigger than his brother’s?
Gian 181cm said on 12/Apr/23
In this case it wasn't arbitrary but there was a choice, they could have put another height like 6ft3.
The essence of the argument is still valid, it's not because they defined the minimum height to be considered tall that they are right.

@Height Analyzer 2
Interesting, I'll read more about it, overall I think your comments are good.
I won't go any further either.
You're right about 1.80m, , although 180cm isn't tall either.
It is a height that visually "distances" from the average, 17xcm to 18xcm, as well as 5ftx to 6ftx.

And of course Jake Paul is 5ft11 and no taller than that lol
Height Analyzer 2 said on 12/Apr/23
@Emil I’m only talking about height in the USA. Of course, anything greater than 1.80 M (5’11ish) is considered quite tall worldwide. That study is a bit outdated though, having last been updated in 2019. But nevertheless, your point still stands.

Jake is no more than 5’11-range, let’s call it a day at that
Height Analyzer 2 said on 12/Apr/23
@Glacierr As someone who knows plenty of math and statistics, i think I know a fair bit more about height than most people ;)
Height Analyzer 2 said on 12/Apr/23
All this boils down to semantics and assuming height is normally distributed (which it isn't).

If we consider the average height of a male to be around 5'9.5, with anything 4.5 inches above to be the minimum cutoff tall (2 SD above the mean), then I would normally agree that anything 4.5 inches below (2 SD below the mean) would be short. But the thing is, the distribution of height isn't symmetric or normal - it's log-normally distributed and slightly skewed, which is why the logic of symmetry doesn't quite work. At the end of the day, almost no one (except people very near that height range) is debating whether someone under 5'7 is below average or short; it's all arbitrary. People start debating whether 6'2 is tallish or tall because it's a "desirable" height.

I think the minimum height that's required for someone to be tall should be 2 standard deviations above the mean, but the minimum height required to be short doesn't necessarily have to be 2 standard deviations below the mean because height isn't symmetrically distributed (we only approximate it as that so as to derive these percentiles more easily).

To not derail this thread anymore, I'll just say this: even if Jake Paul were 6'0, 6'1, or 6'1.5 like his brother Logan, it still wouldn't mean he's tall - just taller than average (or tallish, if you will). I don't see why so many people are trying to list his height as higher than 5'11-5'11.25 when he's clearly not any taller than that in midday/afternoon or evening. An above-average height (of 5'11ish) is still quite tall; as Gian pointed out, he's taller than ~70% of men in his age demographic.

tl;dr It's all relative. Many people in the world consider 180 cm (5'11) or 6'0 to be cutoffs for tall
5'7 and a fraction said on 12/Apr/23
Height Analysis said on 10/Apr/23
@5’7 and a fraction:

I wouldn’t consider anything under 6’2 to be tall for someone in Gen Z.

I must respectfully disagree with your statement there. Whilst I agree with you on Jake's height, I cannot agree with you on your analysis of gen z height, coming from someone who is part of that generation themselves. Most of my friends I went to primary school with are today either 5'8 or under (with the exception of 2 who happen to be "the tallest", 5'11 and 6'2 respectively). Also the tallest guy in college is around 6'3 and literally looks massive around everyone who's of average stature and many guess him taller, like 6'6. I'll also say most of my college friends are on average around 5'9. In general, 4 of them around 5'7 - 5'8, 5 of them around 5'9 - 5'10 and only 2 actually surpass 5'11 flat, with the tallest one of the group, I've actually measured at 6'1 1/4. And what does he look around them? Tall. He literally towers over all them in the group and they consider him "tall". There is only like, 3 guys in my college year who as tall as 6'1 range and are the tallest of the year being taller than everyone else in there and thus tall. You do not need to be as high as something as 6'3 in gen z to truly be considered tall🤦.
Jdubbz said on 11/Apr/23

6'3 99th percentile on a college campus? Either UNC Charlotte is the shortest campus in the US, or more likely, you overestimate how tall you are relative to to other people. College campuses in the US average 5'10 at least, so 99th percentile is 6'5+.
Duhon said on 11/Apr/23
There's no real data to back up that American Gen Zs are taller than previous generations. Also focusing on "white american" Gen Zs is silly as only about 50% of American Gen Zs are white.
Gian 181cm said on 11/Apr/23
@Height Analyzer 2
6ft2 is a height arbitrarily chosen by a club, its statement is an appeal to authority fallacy, it is not because tall people determine a minimum height to be tall that makes it correct.

The CDC does not define tall stature from what I've researched, but to be fair, a height percentile calculator does consider tall stature 95, but note that it says "more stringent definitions of short or tall stature are used" and so it may be that the 97th or 99th percentile may be considered due to BMI and pharmacotherapeutic issues.
Click Here

However, tall stature and short stature are antagonistic concepts, right? Something tall can only be tall because it has something shorter to compare it to, it seems reasonable to assume that the same criteria used to define tall stature also define short stature, in this case 2SD, if you consider 97º to consider tall stature should also consider 3º for short stature, so 5ft5- 5ft6 (under 5ft7) which in your criteria would be short is still considered normal stature.

The same calculator site you listed leaves the term open ended
Click Here but it is said that in the medical field the percentile can vary.

However, I also see no problem with considering the 97th percentile and the 3rd percentile to define tall and short stature, but what I want to leave open is that this is not an end point of the discussion.
Glacierr said on 11/Apr/23
@Height Analyzer 2 Wow, you really don’t know what you are talking abou,
179.9guy said on 11/Apr/23
In his latest Youtube video Tommy fury referred to Jake paul as: " A big guy he was 14 stone and a half, 6'2 in the ring with me". HAHAHA Lets just ty and meet in the middle guys. Jake gets a strong 5'11 vote from me.
Emil said on 11/Apr/23
@Height Analyzer 2

What you're alluding is 'tall stature' which medical professionals use as a benchmark to assess if there are any underlying causes for the tall height that could raise concern - such as marfan syndrome i.e.. You're still considered tall by most people even if you're "just" 1 SD above average height.

I think globally, 6'1" is closer to the 97.5% percentile, whereas 6'2" is around the 99% percentile, and 6'4" is 1 out 1000 men territory. The global average height for young men is 5'7.5 according to this study: Click Here

It's vastly dragged down by third world countries where people have lived under wretched conditions, such as malnutrition and hard physical labour.
Approximator said on 11/Apr/23
Click Here

For the mathematically minded (Gian 181), this is a pretty cool read.

tl;dr Cutoff for "tall" begins at 6'2 assuming a normal distribution, 6'3 assuming a log-normal distribution. Doesn't really matter, we know neither of the Paul brothers fits the bill, though I'll let Logan get the "tall" pass and Jake get the "6'1 but really 5'11" pass ;)
Height Analyzer 2 said on 11/Apr/23
0 SD 1 Above Average
1 SD 2 Kinda Tall (Tallish)
2 SD 3 Tall
3 SD Extremely Tall

Assuming a normal distribution, this is how the CDC designates their height classification. To be considered tall, at the minimum, you have to be two standard deviations above the mean (which would be 95th percentile if you assume a normal distribution, but is actually closer to 97.5 percentile since height isn’t normally distributed and slightly skewed). Thus, the cutoff for tall begins at 6’2 (if you assume a normal distribution) or 6’3 (if you work with the slightly skewed distribution that height really takes). One thing to note is these heights may very well be morning heights, as opposed to mid-day measurements, which is when most people are measured when they visit the doctor.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 11/Apr/23

To be considered tall, if you consider heights to be closely normally distributed (it’s not but go with me), then a height that’s 95th percentile is two standard definitions above the mean. That height, as you listed, is 6’2 - which is the minimum start of tall. Of course, the CDC lists 6’2 as tallish, but that’s a matter of semantics really. Regardless, any height in the 5’11-6’1 range would be considered above average. Since Logan is a weak 6’2, you could make an argument to call him tall, but tallish would be more accurate :)
Height Analyzer 2 said on 11/Apr/23
As someone who is a flat 6’4, I can guarantee 6’3 is closer to being taller than 97.5% than 99% of students. Students at my campus, are much taller than previous generations (due to the influx of European students coming from Baltic and Nordic regions).

Schools with stronger athletic departments tend to draw in taller than average students as well.

Click Here
Height Analyzer 2 said on 11/Apr/23
@viper, 6’3 is the cutoff for being tall in the USA, if you’re between 6’1 and 6’3 (185-190 cm) that’s tallish (kinda tall). Not that it really matters, but these are the stats posted by the CDC - to be considered tall, you have to be taller than 97.5% of your gender + age demographic. Right now, that height happens to be 6’3 in the USA and 6’2 worldwide - it’s not some arbitrary number made up, it’s the height that correlates to over 2 standard deviations from the mean height of 5’9.3-5’9.5 (mind you, a caucasian white male in Gen Z is closer to 179 cm or 5’10.5)

Look at the calculator posted, or more easily, take a look at this:

Click Here (Internationally, the cutoff for men to be tall is 6’2, which I can agree with is fine).

If you want some perspective on height, check out r/tall on Reddit while you’re at it.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 11/Apr/23
Click Here

@Ben 6’1 - Idk where you live, but most people are don’t overestimate their height by two inches or more - unless we’re talking about online dating lol. Where I’m at, most people around my age (20s) usually state their morning or afternoon height.

If you look at this calculator, which has the latest statistics posted by the CDC, you will see that the height bins posted are consistent with what was posted previously. In other words, 6’1 is not tall; it’s taller than average though (tallish). You have to be somewhere in the strong 6’2 range to be considered tall - though I suppose it really doesn’t make a difference at the end of the day.

But please stop calling Jake 6’0. Maybe your perception of height is skewed, but the dude barely passes for 181 on a good day. Until and unless he’s measured on a stadiometer like KSI, there’s no point trying to list him any higher than 5’11-range. Even if Jake were 6’0 or 6’1, he still wouldn’t be considered tall - only tallish at best, which is fine.
viper said on 11/Apr/23
Sorry height analysis but I don't think you have an eye for height.

Most students at Miami at the max I could maybe buy 5-10-5-11, maybe.

Most being 5-11-6-1 is outlandish. That would be borderline Nordic
viper said on 11/Apr/23
The younger generation looks shorter, not taller. I went to a college football game earlier last year at UNC-Charlotte and at
6-3 I was taller than all the students I was walking with towards the stadium, and it was a lot of them.

6-3 is taller than 99 percent on a college campus. Lol at just "tallish"
viper said on 11/Apr/23
I definitely disagree with you on the average height of Gen Z. Most college campuses I've been on the average looks at the very maximum 5-10. More 5-9 on other campuses. A legit 6-0 barefoot is tall, and to me I see more 5-5-5-6 Caucasian students than I saw when I was in college.
viper said on 11/Apr/23
IMO Rob had him right at 5-10.5
Gian 181cm said on 11/Apr/23
@Height Analysis

I think your sample size is small and without a formal research, therefore biased, mostly with confirmation bias and hasty generalization.
By the way, even with a formal research, it is not free to be biased and of course not necessarily when I say biased I mean that it is something intentional.

Don't get me wrong, your comments are good, but the more we discuss, the closer to the truth we can get.

I can agree with the premise that Gen Z is taller and 5ft 11-6ft 1 is a relatively common height range, however the premise that only 5% of people would earn the tall label needs more support.

First we have to define what it means to be "tall", according to the dictionary it is a descriptive adjective of "above average height", we have 4 categories, 75th, 90th, 95th and 97th percentiles and an average of 176.8 cm for young people of 20 years (based on the CDC USA that concluded this average and these percentiles), and from there it is possible to discuss these categories. The 95th percentile is curiously 188.5cm, the 75th percentile is 181.6cm and the 90th percentile is 186cm
I tend to consider the 80-85th percentile as the start of tall height, probably somewhere around 6 feet.
Perhaps for white youth the average is higher, like 177-178cm, but overall 176-177cm seems believable to me.

I would put Jake Paul in the above average range, 70th percentile I think, and his brother is in the +90th percentile, so his brother is tall in my opinion.
Jordan87 said on 11/Apr/23
@ Height Analysis

I agree. I can tell you Most white males and black males I encounter in NY , NJ and PA that are Gen X or Millennial are taller than 5'10". Most people ( men especially) inflate their height by 1 to 2" but I know my height and I know alot of these younger folk are over 5'10. White Men and Black Men under the age of 40 now are most certainly taller than 5'10 on average. If folks tell you otherwise, they are likely manlets.

Now as far as physical strength..I will tell you we are taller and heavier than we were in the 80's but alot of those Folks back then were naturally stronger. More Manuel Labor jobs...They were tougher also. We are " bigger" and " taller" now....But not stronger or healthier my friend.
randomdude2021 said on 11/Apr/23
I have to agree with Ben here, @height analysis, most men including gen z have a warped perception of how tall a legit 6 foot person is. In reality only 20 percent of men in the US(maybe less) are 6 foot or taller. Most men inflate their height by 1-2 inches either wilfully or unintentionally. I can attest to Bens claim, I’m about 6’0.5 and I’m taller than about 7-8/10 men I see on a daily basis including gen z
7272 said on 10/Apr/23
I could argue Jake is 181 after KSIs listing of 178.8
Glacierr said on 10/Apr/23
@Jake Paul is 5’11 where did those statistics come from?
Height Analysis said on 10/Apr/23
@5’7 and a fraction:

I wouldn’t consider anything under 6’2 to be tall for someone in Gen Z.

I suppose it boils down to age demographics, but younger men in their late teens and early 20s seem to have an average height of around 5’10.5+ (in the 179-range), at least here in the United States. In my college for example (U Miami), most young men are somewhere in the 5’11-6’1 range. I don’t think it’s fair to consider 6’1 tall when that’s barely above average in some Nordic countries. Even the worldwide tall club has a cutoff at 6’2 for men.

Most people in my age demographic would agree the tall cutoff starts at 6’2, but for white men like Jake, you could argue it’s even higher than that (closer to 6’3 or 190 cm). Only about 5% of the population should be designated as tall.

For men of my age demographic (Gen Z) in the USA, I consider anything shorter than 5’7 to be short, 5’7-5’9 to be below average, 5’9-5’11 to be average, 5’11-6’1 to be above average, 6’1-6’3 to be tallish, and 6’3+ to be tall.

Jake would probably fall in the above average range, while his brother Logan would definitely be in the tallish category. As long as you’re in the upper end of average or above, height isn’t much of a factor anymore when it comes to dating haha

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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