How tall is PewDiePie

PewDiePie's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Felix Kjellberg is a Swedish Youtube Star, who has amassed a colossal 90+ million subscribers on the platform. On twitter, he claimed to stand tall at "180cm".

How tall is PewDiePie
PewDiePie and Marzia Bisognin
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5ft 9.25in (175.9cm)
Andy 5'91/2 said on 30/May/20
Roomie himself claims 1.74M and he looked taller than pewdiepie in the video they did mention roomie was wearing shoes but a full 1.2inch shoe? Roomie done the measure with a single thumb and the top of his hair heres my guess for a lot of their heights
Pewdiepie 5’8 3/4
Jacksepticeye 5’7
Dave (boyinaband) 6’0 1/2
Roomie- 5’8 1/2
I dont know about mark
Ambiguous J said on 28/May/20
Click Here

Can't really see how these two are the same height? I know angles are a thing in height but Mark genuinely looks like he has 5'7 proportions.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 28/May/20
@Jani he got measured 177 with more proper measurement than that 178cm measurement, you can see that jacksepticye guessed it from way further off his head than in roomie's video. He is over 5'9 but not 5'10. I would love to see a stadiometer measurement and see how tall he really is. Would be like 176-77cm. And im not underestimating, thats just how it is. + Keep in mind that its not sure what time of the day it was measured, if it was at afternoon, then he would be a legit 176-7cm, if not,then around 176cm.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 28/May/20
@Jani he got measured 177 with more proper measurement than that 178cm measurement, you can see that jacksepticye guessed it from way further off his head than in roomie's video. He is over 5'9 but not 5'10. I would love to see a stadiometer measurement and see how tall he really is. Would be like 176-77cm. And im not underestimating, thats just how it is.
sammy long balls said on 26/May/20
In Roomie's vid, he was 177cm and then in Jack's, he was 178cm so I'd give him a 5'10
Jani said on 9/May/20
I would give Felix close to the 180cm mark. Felix wasn't really standing as tall as he should've been when Roomie measured him. When Jacksepticeye measured him without shoes Felix was 178cm. Those obviously were not accurate measurements but if Felix would stand up tall he would probably get 179cm.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 5/May/20
@Kian Kavoosi yea but 177cm in a video with Roomie. He isnt 178cm that was a ty measurement honestly
Kian Kavoosi said on 2/May/20
I’m sure he is 178 because in a video with Jacksepticeye they topic of height came up and he took his shoes off and jack measured him at 178 which is 5ft 10
Victor 180 said on 1/May/20
He's somewhere between 5'9" and 5'10". I'm thinking 176 cm is about right.

Although, in the picture you provided, it doesn't even look like he's got the proportions of a 5'9" guy; his legs are very short, and in the video where Roomie measured him, it was done with one thumb. Not proper at all.
Arch Stanton said on 23/Apr/20
Facially he has the look of a very tall Skarsgard type Swedish guy, surprised he's only this. I know some super talented Youtubers with only 15,000 subscribers, no idea how this guy got over 100 million!
mark thompson said on 21/Apr/20
@Battery2000 every video i've seen felix and jack in together, felix is always taller. he gets measured at 177cm or 178cm i think because of his hair, which makes his exact height hard to pinpoint. i think felix is 175-176cm and jack is 171-172cm, but there is no way felix is shorter than jack, not by any tad bit.
Kinan Abuawad said on 9/Apr/20
Google just listed him as 177cm/5,9 3/4 Which is probably because when roomieoffical measured his height which turned out to be 177 cm
Nicholas 5'9.25" said on 9/Apr/20
Battery2000, you're an idiot. Jack is 5'8", Markiplier is 5'9", and Pewdiepie is 5'9" to 5'9.25"
Battery2000 said on 5/Apr/20
Ok I've found out Felix's real height. He's almost 5'10, more specifically 5'9.7

He stands just a tad bit shorter than Jacksepticeye who's 5'10.1

And then at last Markiplier is 5'10.5
Greg said on 3/Apr/20
@Battery6565 of course he is, I agree many people now a days are deluded about their height. Its why people think 5’10/5’11 and even 6’0 are short because guys 2 inches under them claim it. Many 5’9 guys just love to say they are 5’11. I have a friend who swears he’s 5’11 but if measured he would realistically not be much over 5’9 in fact I think he looks similar to how Pewds does.
OriginalAnon said on 21/Mar/20
He could be slightly over 5'9'' but chances are he is a flat 5'9''. He is definitely no taller than 5'9.5"
Battery6565 said on 12/Mar/20
He's claiming 181 CM nowadays.

And his online friend even said "you're only 5'11" to him".

These people are so deluded about their heights.

But he could be a fraction over 5'9". Not quite 5'10" though.
cmillz said on 28/Feb/20
Not buying anything over 175cm for him.
the thing said on 22/Feb/20
Click Here 2:33 cames he was very short when he was young i don't think he is anywhere near his 180cm claim nowadays
Murtuza said on 18/Feb/20
@Deep Purple | Robert Wadlow was measured at 8’11.1”
Jkiller said on 18/Feb/20
Gapi said on 16/Feb/20
Click Here in this vid he is measured to be 177 cm (2:08)
Click Here and in this one, more (not as precisely) 178 cm (12:05)

so I'd say about 177cm, maybe a tiny bit more so I say 5ft 9 and 3/4
Roderick said on 3/Feb/20
I can actually believe 5'9.25" for an exact measurement.

I used to love watching Pewds before he blew up into what he is today. I still love the guy, even though he can be a goof for what he says during his streams sometimes.
Aldebaran said on 1/Feb/20
Look for me a weak 5'10. 1,76,5.
5'11Guy said on 31/Jan/20
I honestly think 5’9 is too low for him, I think he should be upgraded to 5’9.25
Deep Purple said on 17/Jan/20

Peppa Pig is 7'1, all internet listed her at 7'1. Daddy Pig is 8'11 and taller than 8'10 Wadlow
6footTom said on 5/Jan/20
Doesn't look over this listing if Jacksepticeye is only 5'8".
Peter175 said on 2/Jan/20
He's not 5'10, but I think 5'9-5'10 is way more likely than 5'8-9". I think 176.5 is probably his realistic height.
lensy said on 6/Dec/19
174 cm
taylor22 said on 28/Oct/19
Sometimes he use thick ass shoes and insoles to boost his height 1-2 inch taller.

In this pic : Click Here he explained in a video that mark is in the higher ground.

In this video : Click Here He looks an inch taller than 172-173cm Jacksepticeye.

But he doesn't look like a 175cm person next to 162cm marzia so i will give him 176.5cm 177cm max
Roderick said on 21/Oct/19
5'9" is ok
AMWF cute euro girl said on 13/Oct/19
Roomie used to measure Pew's height in a vid and said he was 177 cm.
herio said on 12/Sep/19
he's measured 177cm and 178cm tall in both jacksepticeye and roomie's video
Peter175 said on 8/Sep/19
Rob, can you add his wife Marzia? I think she would be a good page to add and would bring in a lot of viewers. I think she's at least 5'3.5 maybe 5'4. I still think Felix would be above 5'9 even before bed, so I'm taking her height into account with him at 5'9-5'9.5
Diallo said on 21/Aug/19
He was measured in a video 177 cm
cmillzz said on 10/Aug/19
Thing is, Mark probably isn’t quite a legit 5’9. I see him more as being a weak 5’9, and Felix at best a solid 5’9.
Skeletor Mode said on 5/Aug/19
He is definitely below 5'10" but I think 5'9" is too low for him. If you want me to be really specific I see his legit night height as being in the range of 175.7 cm - 176.1 cm. He might go down to 5'9" on a very rare low. 5'9.25" would be the most plausible listing if you ask me, especially because he consistently appears to have a very slight edge on Markiplier who is listed here at 5'9" as well.
wifikidd said on 1/Aug/19
He is 7 feet 1 or 2 compared to peppa pig
Peppa the pig said on 29/Jul/19
He clearly is 7'2" as he said in his last video.
Now im sad cause hes taller than me :(
Dvhh said on 28/Jul/19
He is 7.1 feet as stated in his recent video
Greg said on 13/Jul/19
@Peter he wasn’t measured at 5’11 in shoes he wouldn’t be much over 5’10 if at all. 5’10 is out of the picture for Felix.
Greg said on 13/Jul/19
@cmillzz lol he won’t ever do that even a tape measure he’s not Jake Gylenhaal after all.
cmillzz said on 13/Jul/19
Wonder whose sock kamb246 is, probably some previously banned poster on here who I’m unfamiliar with and do not care to know about. Dumb trolls lol.
kamb246 said on 12/Jul/19
@cmillzz yes because what you think, thats the true, thats sense.
i think you should say everyone's height
cmillzz said on 9/Jul/19
Rob, you need to invite Felix over to your house and measure him under your stadiometer to put this 5’10-5’11 nonsense to rest.
michael breen said on 8/Jul/19
guys he is178 cm Sean measured him in a video

Click Here

time stamp : - 12:08
khaled taban said on 6/Jul/19
No, he simply isn't 5'10", 5'9" and 5'9.25" are possible.
He is average in America, short in Sweden.
cmillzz said on 4/Jul/19
He barely looked 5’9 next to Conan O’Brien.
MD said on 3/Jul/19
Yes, he is obviously neither 177 nor 178. That is out of the question.
cmillzz said on 1/Jul/19
175cm at most, Rob has the right idea.
PeterTheCurious said on 30/Jun/19
First time he was mesured 177 cm, second time he was mesured 178 cm, I think it depends how well he was hydrated or which time was he mesured and also the tape can bend so it not accurate, but clearly not 175 cm, definetely taller. Maybe in school he was mesured with a 2 cm regular shoes 180 cm and he stick to it.
heightdude said on 28/Jun/19
in videos, he has been measured barefoot at both 178cm and 177cm. Not accurately though.
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Jun/19
Grinch said on 12/Jun/19
Felix was measured in a video with Jacksepticeye were he was measured 5'10 1/4, 181cm.

5'10 1/4 is 178 cm, 5'11 1/4 is 181cm.
TheBat said on 13/Jun/19

That would be hilarious if his fans thought that lol!
cmillzz said on 13/Jun/19
Lol, so many naive, clueless people... What’s next, 185cm for Felix?
Royce Cyril G. Ramirez said on 12/Jun/19
Wrong Felix is 1.80 cm or 5'11
Grinch said on 12/Jun/19
Felix was measured in a video with Jacksepticeye were he was measured 5'10 1/4, 181cm.
Jaemss said on 11/Jun/19
Click Here 12:02

He's 178cm or 5'10 and a little bit
redisanepicgamer said on 11/Jun/19
pewdiepie & jack measured it in his last video. (YOUTUBE FEUD W/Felix) on jacksepticeye's channel.
khaled taban said on 31/May/19
I don't think he is taller than 175cm.
Y07 said on 29/May/19
@IWishIWas6Foot2 Where is Keemstar?
IWishIwas6Foot2 said on 18/May/19
Ranking of most insecure YouTubers:
1) KSI's little bro
2) Jake Paul and Pewdiepie
3) KSI
cmillzz said on 13/May/19
he could be near 5’11 in those shoes though
cmillzz said on 13/May/19
He’s probably barely even 5’9, let alone 5’10.
Jk said on 12/May/19
His shoes are these I believe Click Here
Editor Rob
They look similar to that kind of shoe, which seems around 2 inch
TheBat said on 8/May/19

Agreed. That would make KickThePJ 6'4" if Felix was 5'11" and that would make me 6'0.5" as well.
6footTom said on 5/May/19

He cannot be over 5'10" when he gets consistently dwarfed by 6'2" KickThePJ.
Thijmen5 said on 27/Apr/19
I think he is 5'11.
Cameron Brown said on 26/Apr/19
As measured
Hijoputamus said on 26/Apr/19
This lad is 180 with huge lifts and standing on a box.
Another Mario Lopez bull ting us.
What a joke
Kristian 5'11 said on 23/Apr/19
All I can say for certain is that Felix got measured by Roomie in a rather comical video
(Don't know if I'm allowed to post links for videos here, but here it is anyway.)

Click Here

TO sum up Pewds isn't more than probably 5'10 or 5'9 but it's fun to see him joke about his height, cause that is clearly what he's doing.
Think this is possible Rob?
Editor Rob
It's a shame they never put him under a stadiometer, that would have been great - still time for him to do it, if he's short of cash, I'll send him a spare one 😂
Greg said on 19/Apr/19
@Magda@TheBat well he started off at 6’1 than to 5’10 than 5’11, 5’9. Look now he’s at 5’11? They must be smoking something. A lot of guys I know need to have their claims down the drain.
SickMyDuck said on 19/Apr/19
"He is listed 181 cm on google now. In a few months later he might be listed 183 cm. I think 177 cm is the maximum height for PewDiePie. Famous people often lie about their height."


He edited his own page to make it appear like this.

That's right. You fell for his goofs :')
yanis sushasnky said on 19/Apr/19
from his latest video he has clamed 262 cm,which i think i very reasonable so no more arguments please
#FiveElevenSquad said on 19/Apr/19
His legs look very short, 174 cm/5'8.5.
TheBat said on 16/Apr/19

He definitely seems to be joking about that now that you mention it. His original 180 cm claim is still pretty bad.
J-Dog said on 16/Apr/19
5'8" Maximum....Does not look 5'9" without massive heels. I attempted to be as un-bias as possible as I don't personally care for him.
6footTom said on 15/Apr/19

I think it's pretty clear that he's joking about his 181cm claim when he says, "reality can be whatever I want."
TheBat said on 15/Apr/19

Google in a nutshell! Whoever puts those heights down is way off like 70% of the time. I'm 5'10.5" (or 179 cm) and I would love to put Felix's claims down the drain.
Magda said on 13/Apr/19
He is listed 181 cm on google now. In a few months later he might be listed 183 cm. I think 177 cm is the maximum height for PewDiePie. Famous people often lie about their height.
TheBat said on 13/Apr/19
Felix maybe one of the most insecure YouTubers when it comes to height. Due to his newest claim, he would think that a strong 5'10" guy like me would be close to 6'1". Absolute BS is what I call it.
Ben said on 12/Apr/19
I saw the model for the shoes some tine ago. They're quite expensive and it gives him 5.5cm.
cmillzz said on 11/Apr/19
Now I’m really starting to question if he’s even over 174.5 cm...
Christian Almost 6'6" said on 10/Apr/19
Did anyone see the video with Pewdiepie and Roomieofficial (joel berghult) who has said on twitter once, on video once, and has been listed at 5’8” but Pewdiepie and him look the same height! It’s kind of odd! Lol
6james94 said on 10/Apr/19
was he measured in shoes if that's the case he's definitely 5'9" though barefoot could be 5'9 1/4 that video could of been earlier in the day and maybe he measures 5'9 1/2 on a lazy day. Do you think 5'9.25 is possible
6footTom said on 9/Apr/19

He's got quite a few full body pictures of himself in those exact elevator shoes on his Instagram so I don't think he's trying to hide to them. He's probably like Robert Downey Jr. in that regard, he wants to feel taller but doesn't hide the fact that he wears extra footwear and admits that he isn't that tall.
HeightMythsBreaker said on 8/Apr/19
PewDiePie seems quite insecure about his height, he's just been spotted wearing elevator shoes: Click Here
I'd go for 174-175.
Editor Rob
They've got to be some Gucci or expensive style, if anybody can find what make/model those are it would be interesting.
Oneiroi said on 6/Apr/19
Will you add Nate Garner sometime in the website Rob? He have more than two million of followers in instagram, almost 700.000 in Youtube and 46,428,103 views.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure on him.
earl said on 5/Apr/19
How much height does pewdiepie gain from the shoes hes wearing in this picture? it looks like 5 inch elevators to me.

Click Here
Editor Rob
They are called 'Portmans', a well known model worn predominantly by New Yorkers.

They give 3 and 1/3rd of an inch of height.
Almost 180cm said on 1/Apr/19
Rob,He's Listed 181cm now man he must realy have an Issue With His Height The Youtuber that Measured him is 174cm and they looked almost the same,he's no taller than 5'9" i wish you could get a picture with Him,people should just accepte their real heights and move on
Editor Rob
He should do a proper measurement video, I mean a stadiometer costs nothing really!
Jonas Gutierezz said on 31/Mar/19
In his video he said "Reality can be whatever I want". He was clearly just kidding about 181. He is 5'9.50 max
Greg said on 31/Mar/19
@Damon Blank 5’10 is too much for pewds, wouldnt go higher than 5’9, 5’9.25 is pushing it same with 5’9.5 though not impossible but I can’t see him measuring over 5’9.5 in the noon.
SnerhagAip777 said on 31/Mar/19
Appearantly Felix has made a new claim which is 181cm. Maybe you should add that, Rob.
Damon Blank said on 30/Mar/19
I don't think he's taller than 5 ft 9, 5 ft 10 to be honest.
Comment said on 30/Mar/19
In his newest googling myself video he changed his height to 181 cm. xD He's no more than 176.
Prudvi Kamtam said on 30/Mar/19
Y'all are wrong his actual height is 181cm
TheBat said on 26/Mar/19
No way in a million years is Felix 5'11" at all, more like 5'9".
cmillzz said on 14/Mar/19
174-175 cm is more like it after seeing more of him. same height as Mark.
RyannoF7 said on 13/Mar/19
I have seen YouTube video and it's about his height. He has been measured by Roomie and that height that Felix has reached 'bout 1m77 but he also wearing shoes.So i think his height at least is 1m75
JD 5'9" said on 27/Feb/19
@Sophus Vaino Not sure about footwear, but it looks like that guys hand moved up slightly. I'd guess he's more 175-176 range.
Y07 said on 26/Feb/19
I'm disappointed he still believes he is 180cm not too long ago. Definitely a extremely rough measurement in that video (i would never use that method if i want to measure someone), but at least it wasn't far off from your opinion. If this was filmed not too long after he got out of bed, then probably likely he'll get 175 or 176cm if he was measured like that later in the day. Either way i'm still putting my money on 175 or 176cm for his minimum height.
Michael Christman said on 25/Feb/19
Yeah, I had a feeling he wasn’t 5’11”, he looks closer to 5’9” in videos standing next to people. He’s an average height guy. This sounds right for him.
Kimblemur said on 17/Feb/19
His claim of 5’11 is audacious hahaha, 5’9
rawdshaq said on 17/Feb/19
177cm measured yep
Liten said on 16/Feb/19
Rob, he is 177 cm and its confirmed
Editor Rob
It seemed a very rough estimate, would be interesting to see him get a proper measurement to see if he still got above 5ft 9.
Angus said on 16/Feb/19
177 cm measured
Peter175 said on 15/Feb/19
I feel like he would be taller than me and I'm 175.5cm.

His measurement looks to show that is at least not below 175. I don't think 178 works for him at all or his claim of 180 or joke claim of 185, but 176-177, totally not impossible, especially not 5'9.5 ish. He just has a long skull and a small frame so he looks kinda like he's built like a teenager but he's every bit an average height male globally, but probably 2 inches short for a young swede.
Niks Kuzis said on 14/Feb/19
Credits to: RoomieOfficial on Youtube
Sophus Vaino said on 13/Feb/19
He is about 177, he was measured in this video Click Here
But I do think he measured him to his advantage. He is about 176 in real life I think
Editor Rob
Some of these youtubers need a proper measurement 🤔
Thomas Burgos said on 12/Feb/19
He was measured in this video: Click Here

He's around 176-177 cm. At least 175 cm. Full 5'9"
Carl170 said on 12/Feb/19
How tall would Roomie be based on this video? 5'7"-5'8" range?
Click Here
Editor Rob
It depends on what height you have Pewdiepie at...but from what I've listed, that 5ft 7-8 range seems fair for Roomie.
Greg said on 12/Feb/19
There's a photo of Daquan standing next to Dr.Disrespect who claims to be 6'8 and he generally looks close to the mark maybe slightly below I think Daquan can look near 6'3 next to him.
Greg said on 12/Feb/19
@Fisticuffs Personally I think Daquan has a chance to be a weak 6'3, he's always with shorter people and dwarfs them in photos. I know Sypher is around 6'4 and looks it in photos. Daquan can look very similar to him so I'll settle for like 6'2.75-6'3 for Daquan.
@Christian yes well I would be surprised if he was only 6'2. Im going with around 6'2-6'3 for Daquan probably give him 6'2.5 I haven't seen him claim 6'2.
Johannes said on 11/Feb/19
In a recent video another youtuber (Roomie) measured his height and said that he measured 177
HauteCouture97 said on 11/Feb/19
True. He seems like 5'9-10 range (near 9) but he has really short legs and large bone structure, this it makes me think. Because if you have short legs+large bone structure= you look so taller (%90) or shorter (%10). This is a illusion of human anatomy. Maybe he is 5'7 or 5'10-11.
Nugzar said on 6/Feb/19
Pewds 178sm - morning, 176sm - evening.subcribe to pewdiepie.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Feb/19

Goes to show you how tall 6'2" really is. I'm assuming he gets 6'3" or 6'4" guesses a lot.
rawdshaq said on 5/Feb/19
@editor rob If you are the one who owns this site then yeah you would be honest, what are you 5'9"?
Editor Rob
An honest 5 foot 8. I think PewdiePie has a chance of 176 range, but anything like 178-9 I just cannot see it.
Fisticuffs said on 5/Feb/19
@Greg, I agree. I also thought Daquan was 6'3"-6'4" range. Maybe he measured wrong or he's just guessing? Can't see him that low.
rawdshaq said on 4/Feb/19
Why do 5'8" - 5'9" guys always say 5'11"?
Editor Rob
Greg said on 3/Feb/19
Pewdiepie is around my friends height who also claims 5’11 LOL 😂
Greg said on 3/Feb/19
@Fisticuffs, is he only 6’2? No way I would have at least thought 6’3 for Daquan If not 6’4, he’s always standout tall in his photos.
Renato:) said on 2/Feb/19
177 cm for me
Kava said on 30/Jan/19
This site estimates that Markiplier is 175.3, PewDiePie is clearly shorter than him and 174cm roomie so there is something wrong with 175.4 value here. You have to consider that he is wearing really "tall" shoes too. When I see his pictures and posture he looks like 170-171cm.
Agush said on 23/Jan/19
Pewdiepie said in an interview that his height was 1.79 meters.
Click Here time: 1:10:33
176cm 15 year old said on 23/Jan/19
Definitely 5'9". He looks exactly the same as me.
John Smitten said on 22/Jan/19
He seems to be an inch or two shorter than Stephen Colbert, who is around 5'11. Click Here

Next to Ryan Reynold's, who is 6'2", Felix looks 4-6" shorter (Ryan is leaning over). Click Here
Angus said on 30/Dec/18
5'8" or 9"
Colbert said on 6/Dec/18
His friend Markiplier gives him 5'10, 155 pounds. 'PewDiePie, a man unlike any other. Tall; a staggering 5 foot 10, an immense 155 pounds.'
Click Here
Jack Gould said on 27/Nov/18
He's clearly shorter than Roomie, another swedish youtuber that claims to be 1.74m tall.
I believe PewDiePie is around 5'8.
Click Here
Fisticuffs said on 26/Nov/18
@greg, Daquan clamined 6'2", Ninja claimed 6'2.5".
Greg said on 25/Nov/18
@JD 5’9 I think Ninja is like 6’1.5-6’2, Sypher is a legit 6’4, Daquan is like 6’3-6’4
Dank memer said on 25/Nov/18
How tall do you think he is in this video?
Click Here

He looks around 174 compared to 183 boyinaband. They also commented in the video that he wears really thick shoes in public. I think he's 175 at most
Fisticuffs said on 19/Nov/18
@Cameron Brown, yes he does. He's struggling for 5'9" there.
Cameron Brown said on 21/Oct/18
doesn't look 7 inches smaller than Conan, Click Here
anders said on 9/Oct/18
pewds is 5'7.5 no more. looks short
JD 5'9 said on 21/Sep/18
What do you think about Ninja's height? He seems to have the reverse PewDiePie effect. I.E, he looks shorter when sitting down but tall when standing.
Editor Rob
I am unfamiliar with him.
durk said on 20/Sep/18
felix is 5'8
Dream said on 27/Aug/18

Derp19 said on 24/Aug/18
If Felix is taller than Jake Paul, he has to be 6'
Jessica said on 22/Aug/18
People keep saying "short for a swedish guy", that's only because your impression of Swedish people is pretty dumb and stereotypical. Stop fantasizing about some 6'5" vikings. Most Scandinavian countries are 5'10", 5'11" not much taller than the average White American. Stop acting like Nordic countries are the Netherlands or the Dinaric Alps. Pewdie is just below the Swedish average, not drastically below it.
Stfugokys said on 11/Aug/18
Poods is a soft 5'9. Markiplier 5'9 1/2 a tiny bit taller than Felix.
Sacred said on 11/Aug/18
175 cm no more
Meloz said on 2/Aug/18
Looks tall due to his slim appearance, but is only 5’8” and three quarters or basically 5’9” in shoes. You can also see in the picture above, he only looks 3-4 inches taller than her; which would make her 5’4”.
jonas said on 31/Jul/18
Short for a swedish guy, but think he is 5"9.5 at least.Click Here
Looks 4 inches Shorter then Boris Becker who used to be 189cm, he still over 6"1
Bwk said on 27/Jul/18
Lol, hes listed at 5'11" again on both his imdb resume and google. I don't understand that.
ADRA said on 20/Jul/18
@Alex 6'3 said on 5/Jan/18

Why do you all inflate your own country average height? Sweden average height is MEASURED to be 177.6 cm.
6footTom said on 19/Jul/18
@Jorge Wyles I find it funny that you picked the one photo where they don't look that far apart when PJ who is supposedly 6'2" easily towers over Felix in all of their videos together. If Felix is indeed 5'9" then PJ certainly looks the 6'2" mark.
cmillzz said on 15/Jul/18
5’11 is a joke for Felix.
Finn who standts 5'10" said on 10/Jul/18
lol,Google Has Him Now AT 180cm 5'11" He's Barely 175cm he's Oviously Shorter Than Fousey How's 177-178cm Himself ,Hey Rob how do u think he got that measurement of 5'11"?im 5'10" Myself and never claim 1cm more than my Height.
John L said on 25/Jun/18
Not sure why so many are saying 5'10" to 5'11" when some comments here actually met him and stood next to him and are saying definite 5'8/5'9

PewDiePie has proportions that make him look tall. I was surprised when I saw his height on here as I always thought he looked like a 6'0" guy
Jorge Wyles said on 25/Jun/18
He is easily 5'10, Click Here Kickthepj on the far left is 6'2 and only looks about 2 inches taller, of course his claim maybe rounded up, but still PewDiePie is certainly not as low as 5'9
khaled taban said on 21/Jun/18
5'9" is too low . He looks around 5'9.5"
Dream(5'9.5") said on 10/Jun/18
175 cm is a bit too low. We would be similar in height though I might be a bit taller, but it wouldn't be much.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/18
I agree 175cm looks a little low for him. Maybe 176-177cm zone but I think 178cm might be pushing it
Bwk said on 9/Jun/18
I wouldn't put him this low. He looks more around 176cm-177cm than 175cm flat. Hell, he might even be 178cm.
Vantage said on 3/Jun/18
He claims to be 5'7 in this podcast at 1:09:30, he then says he is "5.87" at 1:10:30 but it's not clear if he means 5.87 feet (178.9cm) or 5'8.7" (174.4cm).

Click Here
Editor Rob
He could have plugged in 179cm in feet and got 5.87.
Gloria Borger said on 1/Jun/18
Do we have any evidence at all to speculate his height? I mean, is there a picture of pewds next to someone who is 5'8, 5'9 or 5'10?
Talisman said on 14/May/18
PewDiePie was absolutely dwarfed by Rhett (6ft7) and Link (5ft11-6ft). He looked like a child next to them. He's not more than 5ft8 and Marzia is not anywhere near 5ft6 as she claims. Since PewDiePie towers over her like that, she's no more than 5ft2-5ft3.
cmillzz said on 25/Apr/18
Lol Pewds isn’t 5’11 and is comfortably under 5’10. Keep dreaming guys.
John (180 cm) said on 25/Apr/18
PewDiePie is 5'10. Upgrade time
Pinger said on 24/Apr/18
In his video about star wars prequel memes one meme came up joking how girls see the dofference between 6' and 5'11" as a massive gap and pewdiepie comments on it saying "Marzia teases me for this exact same thing!" suggesting that he and Marzia belive he is 5'11"
cmillzz said on 23/Apr/18
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he was 5'9.5"

I think a flat 5'9 is a bit too low for him Rob.
sad124624a said on 10/Apr/18
I don't think he's lying, he is definitely around 180cm
Adnan said on 7/Apr/18
5'7" next to link and rhett
Pierrot said on 10/Mar/18
I think, he has a very bad posture, I never saw him stand tall, this is his style and he always wears flat shoes or flip-flops or sandals. Her girlfriend Marzia mentioned in a vlog, that she is 166 cm, if Marzia 166, but if she is only 165 or just 164 cm, PewDiePie looks a 15 cm taller, than her, so I give him at least 178 cm.
Lenny said on 7/Mar/18
Pewdiepie looks a lot taller than this listing thanks to his body, he’s one of those guys that has the type of frame that makes them look bigger/taller in pictures.
Cameron Brown said on 7/Mar/18
Click Here pewdiepie is easily an inch taller in this photo than Jacksepticeye, who is listed as 5 foot 8.5
NiBBBBa said on 27/Feb/18
An upgrade wouldn't be a bad idea. He has never looked flat 5'9" in my opinion. 5'9.75/177cm would suit him a lot better. He isn't still as tall as he claims.
Lenny said on 21/Feb/18
A lot of people do add some inches to their heights, but sometimes it always isnt intentional. Pewds is a great content creator.
Josh9 said on 20/Feb/18
Time for an upgrade don’t you think Rob? It seems like he could be at least 176 cm and possibly even 177 cm.
Editor Rob
176cm for PewDiePie wouldn't be outrageous.
Cameron Brown said on 17/Feb/18
He wouldn't lie about his height, he's not that sad, if he said 1.8m as a peak height, he must be at least 1.78m in general
Lenny said on 9/Feb/18
I am quite surprised that he is only this tall because he did can look a lot taller at times imo
Dee420 said on 6/Feb/18
Looks about 5’10
Adnan said on 4/Feb/18
JJJ said on 23/Jan/18
I would have said he's more of a 176-177cm guy. I believe Jackseptieye looks more like 172-3 imo.
Jake94 (5'9 said on 22/Jan/18
@Cameron Bronw Jack's slouching more, and in most shots he's further form the camera. Although I do think Pewdiepie is 176cm and Jack might be slightly above 173
namespace said on 21/Jan/18
If you google Conan O'Brien Pewdiepie there's a photo of the two standing next to each other where Pew wears a checkered shirt and Conan a red blazer. What do you think? There's a noticeable difference between 6'4 Conan and him but I can't say how much.
Cameron Brown said on 20/Jan/18
In this video, Click Here at about 5:12 Jacksepticeye looks at least about 4cm smaller than PewDiePie, as Jacksepticeye is listed at 174cm surely PewDiePie would be more like 178cm?
Tarinator 6'1.75 said on 18/Jan/18
Looks a good 177 cm range in his videos.
Jake94 (5'9 said on 16/Jan/18
Looks 176-177cm range, he might just edge me out.
Robban said on 8/Jan/18
Im a bit over 186cm and when I met him in stockholm last year he seemed more like 177-179cm to me
Dee said on 6/Jan/18
I’ve met him once and towered over him and I’m just over 6 foot 1,I’d say he’s about 5’8-5’9
Alex 6'3 said on 5/Jan/18
The average height in Sweden is around 180-181 cm, so, for being tall in Sweden you must be 6'3.
hambubger said on 4/Jan/18
180cm is "tall" in Sweden? Heck, I'm 185 and don't feel "tall" most of the time, merely "above average".

I can only go by the photo, but he looks taller than 175, even just going by head size. I'd say closer to 178.
jjj said on 4/Jan/18
He's probably 5'10 in shoes so he thought an inch addition would be believable.
176cm guy said on 2/Jan/18
@HowToCameron Well that was 4 years ago. Judging by his latest video when he saw his Google listed height. It is possible he probably agrees in a way that he is 175cm. But maybe he still wants to stick with that 180cm claim. But either way he probably doesn't really care about his height. Either he is easily influenced in a way so he agrees with his friend or family's opinion on his height or maybe the doctor got him at 180cm, so he probably got stuck to believe he is really 180cm without being aware that it could be a improper measurement, etc. But then again that's just a guess.
John said on 30/Dec/17
Typical 5'9 guy.
HowToCameron said on 27/Dec/17
Click Here no.21, it says in the description that wrong and that he's 1.8m, why would he lie about his height?
cmillzz said on 26/Dec/17
Strong 5'9 IMO.
Greg said on 19/Dec/17
@Anonymous he actually did, he was like "STOP" as in he believes he is still around 5'10.75/5'11 lol.
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
Rob I think Pews is 176 cm atleast
Cameron said on 12/Dec/17
@Aonymous Where is that video? That is interesting, considering Jacksepticeye tried to proove his 174cm listing wrong.
Editor Rob: This is the bit in the video.
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/17
His new video that he just posted on youtube is interesting. He confronted his google listed height and he didn't seem to comment on it. What do you think this means, Rob? Maybe he's just not bothered?
Editor Rob: when you're pulling in 5-figure earnings a day, you might just not bother...I suppose he had a chance to say "Hey I'm not 175cm, I'm 180!" or something.
Dillonvillan96 said on 3/Dec/17
PewDiePie is definitely 179cm
Jackie said on 2/Nov/17
5'8.898 or 1.75m
John said on 31/Oct/17
Typical 5'9 guy trying to claim 5'11.
Midget Stomper said on 25/Oct/17
He looks shorter in his videos, I had always assumed he was 6 foot or taller but he's definitely under 6 foot, and I think under 5'10".
Grill said on 25/Oct/17
Marzia is 5'5'', and she is wearing shoes of a tad bit higher than Pewd's dress shoes. I'd say if Marzia wasn't lying, PewDiePie is a solid 5'11.
MJkoP said on 24/Oct/17
Jonathan said on 23/Oct/17
He surely knows his height better than us

Doesn't mean he's being honest.
Cameron Brown said on 23/Oct/17
He said he was 1.8m
Jonathan said on 23/Oct/17
He surely knows his height better than us
Slim 6' said on 20/Oct/17
Weak 5'9" would suit him better.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 17/Oct/17
Actually, Tom Hardy would beat this guy out.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/17
marzia is 5,5. so pewdiepie looks about 4 to 6 inches taller than her. he seems about 5,10.
Paul166cm said on 15/Oct/17
He is about 178 cm for sure, maybe a little less or more. He has a bad posture, which makes him look like around 175... that's my opinion.
Kentopoto said on 12/Oct/17
Looks 5'8 - 5'9.
Slim 6' said on 7/Oct/17
agree with dreampuffe. Lol at his 180/5'11" claim 😂
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 7/Oct/17
I would have been 5'10.75" if he really was 5'10".
Jake said on 6/Oct/17
def i 5'10
NiBBBBa said on 5/Oct/17
He is around 5'10. Not 5'9.
Peter181cm said on 4/Oct/17
Solid 5'9/1.75m
But not over 5'9! ;)
Slim 6' said on 4/Oct/17
WeeburaiJones said on 17/Sep/17
5'10" seems accurate, as in his cringemas stream, he seems close to an inch taller than markiplier, who is probably closest to 5'9".
Peter181cm said on 12/Sep/17
Peter 179cm it's not my account/name

I'm new here ;-)
Edimar1.84 said on 12/Sep/17
Looks 5ft10 to me
Greg said on 11/Sep/17
@Johan yeah I hate when people boost themselves and try to inflate others, even if you boost no need to inflate others, let them catch you on that bull shizz.
Greg said on 11/Sep/17
@Peter 181cm I'm curious are you the same as Peter 179cm? If so I'm shocked you're claiming 181 now, when before you refused to even claim 180.
@Johan But yeah I agree he's a typical 5'9 following the so common " adding 2 inches Policy" lol. I see so many 5'8/5'9 guys doing this, even sometimes 6'0ers+ boosting. At one point I did think he was a kinda tall guy but that was before he had a listing on here.
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
1.75m or 5'9 is good for him! ;-)
Not more.
Not less.

Typical 5'9 Guy
Peter181cm said on 8/Sep/17

Yeah, you're right ;-)

I agree with you! ;)
Johan said on 7/Sep/17
Typical 5'9" guy trying to claim 5'11" , huge number of those guys. They then tell the legit 5'11" guys that they are 6' or 6'1".
Peter181cm said on 5/Sep/17
5ft 9in is good for him ;-)
No more.
No less.
5'9 said on 31/Aug/17
Recently he actually did claim 177. I think that's closer to the truth.
!? said on 29/Aug/17
He claims to be 1.8m on Twitter
Abe said on 18/Aug/17
5 foot 9 seems to be right.
5'7 15 y/o boy said on 18/Aug/17
He could defenetly be 5'10"... 5'9" is minimum for him.
Junior said on 18/Aug/17
Good listing. 5 foot 9 tops.
Jimmyjack said on 17/Aug/17
Looks like a very strong 5'9 but he could lose that with posture. Never 5'10 but always in 5'9 range
Meme Dude said on 17/Aug/17
Never knew Pewdiepie's height so I guess this seems right
Yassine Mazouze said on 16/Aug/17
Im 5'9 175.3 Cm, i'd say he's around 174cm maybe a weak 5'9,What do you Think ROB,i mean ur 173cm ur self right?
marcus said on 10/Aug/17
Does anyone have a picture of him next to someone the same height or slightly taller/shorter?
His pic with conan makes him look 5'8.5-5'9.5 range
Cameron said on 31/Jul/17
@Mark, assuming Tom Hardy is the most 5'9" guy ever, Pewdiepie might just edge him out. I'd still put Felix a bit under 176 though.
Logan said on 31/Jul/17
5,9 maybe 5,10
Mark(5'9.5") said on 29/Jul/17
This guy would probably beat out Tom Hardy or at least he wouldn't be shorter than him in any way.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 28/Jul/17
Actually, this guy could be a solid 5'9". He'd beat out Markiplier.

To be fair, I did buy his 5'11" claim 'only' because he was Swedish.

He probably got that measurement in boots. Still.

Pewdiepie: 5'9.25"
Markiplier: 5'8.75"
Jacksepticeye: 5'8.5"
Mark(5'9.5 said on 28/Jul/17
Actually, this guy could be a solid 5'9". He'd beat out Markiplier.
Daryl said on 22/Jul/17
@Arch Stanton Yes this guy is quite obnoxious since he kind of lied to his fans about deleting his youtube channel(coz he only deleted his secondary channel instead of the main one becoz of money) and I dont get how a mediocre person likes him can earn that much and become the most popular guy on youtube.Thats really ridiculous and unfair to all those unpopular youtubers who are more talented than him
Btw 1.75m sounds about right
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jul/17
Amazes me that this guy is the most popular person on YouTube as twice as popular as Bieber, he seems a bit obnoxious to me. Don't care how tall he is but I probably would have guessed tall range from what I've seen of him and him being Swedish.
lasla said on 15/Jul/17
rob, do you think that pewdiepie could drop to 174cm at night?

Anyway, i always thought that he was at very least 180cm, very surprised to see he listed at 175cm here.
Editor Rob: I think he is probably more of a 5ft 9 guy than Markiplier is, possibly would measure taller...there is more chance Markiplier hitting a low of 174 than PewDiepie I feel.
Felix said on 1/Jul/17
I thought he was like 6'1
Wizo said on 26/Jun/17
He's now listed as 175cm on google thanks to your website topping searches about his height. Should happen the same with Bieber
Guest66 said on 26/Jun/17
@John Davis 5'9" with good posture and thick footwear can look above average.
John Davis said on 23/Jun/17
Really 5ft 9? He gives off a taller impression. Surprising how tall 5ft 9 can be in certain circumstances
Eric said on 23/Jun/17
My height is 5 ft 10 in (178 m) in the morning and barefoot, Average Swedish men's height is 5ft 10.5 in (179 cm) so I guess Pewdiepie's height is about 5 ft 9.5 in (176 cm)because real height is measured on barefoot, not any heels
S.J.H said on 21/Jun/17
I did buy his 180 cm claim. Until I saw him standing next to Jack and they looked close to the same height. Now I think 176 cm is the max for him and 175 is the most likely.
Wingsuit Wally said on 18/Jun/17
In the Official Podcast episode #21 where Felix is a guest, towards the end (1:09:15) they start talking about height. Cr1tikal (Charlie) states that he is 5'6 (also erroneously stating that it converts to 172cm later in the podcast), which spurs Felix to say that he is 5'7 - but could be false due to a running joke on the show that Charlie is always outdone by someone who is still 'short' but yet an inch taller than him. However, Felix makes a seemingly confident claim that he is "5.87" - which is a talking point as he doesn't state unit of measurement, and the other hosts appear to fall into the same conversion trap from feet to cm so take their claims with a pinch of salt. Using this "5.87" claim as 5.87 feet tall, it converts to 178.9 cm tall (or 5'10/11). But if we are to take 5.87 as a measure of feet and inches then he comes out as 174.5 cm - in my opinion, more plausible. Personally, I would shoot slightly lower at perhaps 174/173
Canson said on 16/Jun/17
@Christian and Johan: what Christian said makes sense. That's how I feel a lot of people who especially Morning measures get a certain height claim because they're measured AM say 6'2.75 counting hair and in person look nothing over a clean 6'2 but claim 6'3. Blake griffin is a good example he never looks over maybe 202cm (on a good day maybe 6'7.75) near any NBA player like deandre Jordan etc yet he's got a pre draft of 6'8.5 or .75 even at 630 am when he's walked a bit he's probably lost a small fraction 1/8 maybe 1/4" depending on how long he was in line waiting and what drill he did before that (if any)
Canson said on 16/Jun/17
@Christian and Johan: what Christian said makes sense. That's how I feel a lot of people who especially Morning measures get a certain height claim because they're measured AM say 6'3.75 counting hair and in person look nothing over a clean 6'2 but claim 6'3. Blake griffin is a good example he never looks over maybe 202cm (on a good day maybe 6'7.75) near any NBA player like deandre Jordan etc yet he's got a pre draft of 6'8.5 or .75 even at 630 am when he's walked a bit he's probably lost a small fraction 1/8 maybe 1/4" depending on how long he was in line waiting and what drill he did before that (if any)
Suvi_05 said on 12/Jun/17
I am 170cm/5'9, and im 12 years old girl 😂😂
sb said on 9/Jun/17
I'm amazed. I don't watch his videos much but every time I did I got the impression that he was at least 6'2 or something. Possibly because he has a very athletic build? or that he is from a nordic country? Anyone else thought this?

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