How tall was Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow's Height

8ft 11.09 (272 cm)

American, who became famous as The tallest man to have ever lived. Wadlow was a celebrity in his short lifetime and worked as a spokesman for a shoe company. At age 13 Robert measured in at 7 foot 4 inches, weighing 250 pounds. By the time of his 18th birthday, he clocked in at just under 8 feet and 4. In February 1939 his official measurements at Washington University were 8 feet 8 1/4 inches barefoot, weight 491 pounds. Robert's physician measured him in February 1940 at 8 feet 9 and 1/4 inches (also reported as 8ft 9 1/2), then his last measurement was on June 27th 1940, where he was recorded as standing 8 feet 10 and 3/10th's, which was reported in numerous newspapers at the time of his death.

However, a figure of 8ft 11.1 inch surfaced from Guinness Records, who have reported that height since the 1980's, contrary to what was being published at the time of his death. This figure seemingly originated in a 1943 letter from the Physician to Wadlow's father, which stated rather than the reported 8ft 10 and 3/10ths figure from June 27th, that his last measurement was in fact 2720mm (8ft 11.09).

Robert Wadlow Official height
July, 1940

Robert Wadlow postcard

How tall is Robert Wadlow

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Average Guess (185 Votes)
8ft 11.84in (273.9cm)
Mr height said on 25/Oct/20
Rob how do we know this isnt his morning height? I think theres every chance it was and for most of the day this guy was an 8’9.5-8’10 guys
asdl30555 said on 20/Oct/20
This picture is the one with the biggest gap between Robert and his father
Click Here
Andy5'93/4 said on 12/Oct/20
@rampage pretty sure the average guess goes up everyday. I mean i think its only wanted to give credit to wadlow for making it so close to the mark
asdl30555 said on 10/Oct/20
If the second picture is 1940, it should be early 1940, because the gap between Robert and his father is similar to that in 1939
@Tall in the Saddle
The first picture in the link, I noticed that September 27, 1937, I think is wrong, Robert and his father's comparison, as well as Robert's dressing, the photo should be 1939
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Oct/20

The first photo you linked is actually dated, 27 September 1937, so RW 19 yo. Nice photo.
smileshy22 said on 9/Oct/20
@asdl30555: I believe so! The second pic was on eBay not too long ago and the date was 1940 (although I've always thought it was '39), so it could be from that year instead. ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/20
People clearly want the average guess to be over 9ft
asdl30555 said on 7/Oct/20
Are these two photos both in 1939? Photos of Robert and his father
Click Here
Click Here
6'3 Julian said on 7/Oct/20
@Mr Height nope. He was still growing at the time of his death. Had lived another few years, he may have hit a solid 9 foot, but he most likely didn’t ever get that big
6'3 Julian said on 4/Oct/20
I don’t know exactly but Im pretty sure he’s somewhere between 4 and 17 feet tall. Don’t know exactly though
David 5'10 said on 3/Oct/20
Rob, Can you help me?
At 3:25 min of the video, In your opinion, how tall is he? in feet and inches? Thanks!
Click Here
Editor Rob
Maybe someone else can help you, I got the "Video unavailable
The uploader has not made this video available in your country" message
Mr height said on 1/Oct/20
Robert paul could he have 9 foot peak and shrink to 8’11.09 before death
6'4'' Guy! said on 27/Sep/20
Here Robert is listed 6 ft 5 at 10 years old in 1928: Click Here

So in the December 1928 video he was very close to his 11th birthday and he was possibly very close to the 6 ft 6 or 6 ft 7 range.
Click Here
Click Here
Canson said on 24/Sep/20
Wow Rob gave him decimal points. Never seen any other celebs listed like this!
6'4'' Guy! said on 22/Sep/20
@smileshy22 Oh OK! I got confused, I thought it was from 1930.

Thanks again! :)
smileshy22 said on 21/Sep/20
@6'4'' Guy!: That's from the same day as the other one. :)
6'4'' Guy! said on 19/Sep/20
@smileshy22 And this footage? Click Here

Thank you! :)
6'3 Julian said on 19/Sep/20
In that clip he looks at least over 5 feet tall
smileshy22 said on 18/Sep/20
@6'4'' Guy!: That footage is from late 1928 and he was about 6 ft 10. Here's the rest of it: Click Here :)
6'4'' Guy! said on 16/Sep/20
This rare footage is from 1930? How tall he looks here?? Click Here
Nippu said on 16/Sep/20
Sadly now. Usually extra tall people have not much power. Some do Like Myllyrinne and couple others.
6'3 Julian said on 13/Sep/20
Imagine how powerful he’d have got if he was more active and lifted weights! He’d be benching cars!
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Sep/20
Thanks! I appreciate and respect your opinion.
smileshy22 said on 1/Sep/20
@Tall In The Saddle: Comparing the standing one to other pics, they seem to be from 1936 or '37. :)
smileshy22 said on 31/Aug/20
@6'4'' Guy!: The guy who originally posted the footage on YouTube (Warnie from the old TTM forum) said it was taken in 1939. You can tell by Robert's classic cane! :)
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Aug/20
Here's a couple of rare photos of RW being examined by physicians. Not sure of the year. Smileshy22?

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Aug/20

Good info and I agree that it indicates all measurements were barefoot.

You might like this. RW at 12 yo photographed back to back with HW Primo Carnera listed as 6'5 3/4". RW was about 6'11" at that time.
Click Here
Primo had just arrived in the States, justifiably touted as the new HW Juggernaut. Formerly a circus strong man. So the story goes, Primo agreed to the photo shoot without properly realizing RW's immense size. They say Primo wasn't too happy to find himself being snapped with a mere Kid of 12 yo who appreciably outsized him. After all, Primo was supposed to be the new giant in town but obviously he had nothing on RW. LOL.
6'4'' Guy! said on 30/Aug/20
Rob, At 6:05 minutes of the interview, Robert says he was 6ft 7 at 11 years old. Click Here
6'4'' Guy! said on 30/Aug/20
Home movie footage that was thought lost for decades has now reemerged and appears to have been taken during one of Wadlow's personal appearances in the late 1930s:

Click Here

Here's a very rare Robert Wadlow interview from 1937:

Click Here
6'4'' Guy! said on 30/Aug/20
Rare footage show the world tallest man Robert Wadlow in 1936.

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 29/Aug/20

You would guess given the obvious logistics involved due to his size and impacted mobility, as much as he could've tried for his best early morning measurement, it would've taken RW that much longer than the average bear to get himself to hospital for his medical. Also, reasonable to assume that RW would also lose more height and more quickly in a day than the average Joe. With all that, for him to still rate 8'11.1" by the time he did present, I agree it's more than fair to project a 9'+ measurement straight out of bed. They should've organised a home visit for exactly that purpose.:) Were they aware of height loss throughout a day back then?
Editor Rob
I'm certain they were aware of variation from morning to evening, but the practicalities of testing height accurately out of bed would have needed maybe a hospital stay.
Maybe at one point some Doctor's thought they could have measured him first thing in the morning, but sadly he never lived long enough for his peak height to be discovered.
asdl30555 said on 29/Aug/20
@Tall In The Saddle
I re-read the medical report. Robert was thirteen years old and measured 218cm in February, and Robert was thirteen years old and measured 221.5cm in July. Both were barefoot, which indirectly indicates that hospital measurements were all barefoot
Andy5'93/4 said on 28/Aug/20
Hey rob seeing as some 7’0+ giants have lost a full 2 inches robert has 12+ inches on them is there a chance robert dropped as much as. 4 inches throughout the day maybe even near half a FT
Editor Rob
It's something that is unknown, but 4 inches seems a stretch. Over 2? I could believe that.
asdl30555 said on 28/Aug/20
@Tall In The Saddle
Robert's 13-year-old Medicine reports that barefoot is 219cm and then 221.5 is for shoes. Here, his measurement is not always barefoot
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Aug/20

TOTALLY agree. Why inflate? The 2720 mm measurement is perfectly objective, exact and medically authenticated.

Not sure how anyone wouldn't find this listing as THE most desirable expression of height, accurate to a mm, with medical verification in tow. It doesn't get any better than that.

Expressing Robert's height in mm is simply because that's exactly how they measured him for absolute accuracy. Certainly not to make him seem even taller. All other unit expressions of Robert's height are merely conversions from the orig. metric measurement.

People are fixated on numerical thresholds. Artificially, many may view 9 feet as sounding so much better than 8'11.1" than it actually is, even though there is a scant .9" difference. Similarly, running 100 meters in 9.9 secs as opposed to a flat 10 secs "sounds" so much better despite the tiny difference in times.

As to rounding, some may opt for 8'11" while others will prefer 9'. The exact measurement as listed here leaves no arbitrary wiggle room for personal preference.


The assumption is that Robert was uniformly measured in bare feet and there are photos of a barefoot Robert being examined by doctors, including, I recall, a photo of doctors measuring his arm span.

I don't believe 2700 mm and 2720 mm represent two separate measurements for barefoot and shoe height. Rather, I believe the first measurement was simply an incorrect reporting of the TRUE final measurement of 2720 mm, the latter measurement confirmed absolutely in the Physician's letter without any qualifications.
Editor Rob
One thing is sure...out of bed he sure at one stage could have cleared 9 foot, maybe the only human who has lived (or will ever) and reached that figure.
Van Halen said on 23/Aug/20
Even 6'6 isn't a human height, imagine 2.5 feet taller than that.
asdl30555 said on 22/Aug/20
Is 270 cm barefoot, 272 cm shoes? Is there such reasoning
6'3 Julian said on 21/Aug/20
I love how one of those says 2720 mm, because measuring somebody so tall you can’t compare him to anybody is best done in millimetres. Also give him 9 foot. Making the tallest ever man 8 foot 11 and some inches just seems silly
Editor Rob
I think going with what the Doctor measured is fair, rather than inflating him.
smileshy22 said on 17/Aug/20
The first pic is from 1938, the second is '39 and the third is '36. :)
asdl30555 said on 7/Aug/20

How old is this picture of Wadlow

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Jul/20

8'10.3" along with 439 lbs were first reported in newspapers upon RW's passing. They were described as RW's last recorded stats as per his medical on 27 June 1940. RW's weight had topped out previously to at 495 lbs but toward the end of his life he had lost close to 60 lbs due to ill health. RW was previously ill between the ages of 16 and 17, losing about 50 lbs. This resulted in a net weight gain of only 17 lbs from age 16 to 18 vs a 6" height gain during those same years.
asdl30555 said on 14/Jul/20
I'm sure that the 8-foot-10.3-inch 495-pound figure was from the end of 1939, which matched the picture taken by the wadro family. The newspaper information was obviously lagging behind. In 1940, the weight was 439 pounds
Tall In The Saddle said on 13/Jul/20

Thanks for the link to some nice photos.

Upon his passing, most newspapers reported RW's final measurement (as at 27 June 1940, which coincided with the fitting of new brace I believe) as 8'10.3" and based on same, RW's height used to be listed as such on this page a little while back. Some others newspapers incorrectly reported 8'9.5" upon RW's passing which was actually RW's second last measurement in Feb40.

Physicians actually used the metric system to record RW's height in the first instance, then converted to inches, then converted to feet and inches, as indicated in the Physician's letter at the top of this page.

RW's final barefoot measurement was an exact, irrefutable, medically verified 2720 mm which basically converts to an imperial 8'11.09" (often rounded up to 8'11.1"). My guess is that RW's final height reported in the newspapers at the time was converted from an incorrect metric base of 2700 mm to 8'10.3". Perhaps a typo error, misread, illegible print or what have you but it short changed RW by 20mm.

The Physicians letter was written some 2 1/2 years after RW's passing. It seems the letter was requested by RW's father Harold for inclusion in a biography on RW published in 1944 by Frederic Fadner. With the presentation of this letter as primary source evidence, RW's height was changed back to his rightful 8'11.09" on this page.

Smileshy22 has put together an awesome site on RW. Not trying to steal her well deserved thunder but here is the link to same. Click Here I think her site also includes a link to order the above book though I could be wrong. I might order same myself at some stage.
Tall In The Saddle said on 12/Jul/20
Hey smileshy22

Thanks for your reply and info! It's nice when things add up after cross ref. As per most height charts, RW was pegged at 8'8" in Feb39 on his 21st birthday. Your own calculation of RW being just under 8'8" in the photo taken sometime in 1938 is very much corroborated by RW earlier measurement of 8'7" in Feb38 and upcoming measurement of 8'8" in Feb39.

Re My last post 7 July 2020.

I forgot to paste the link to the photo that confirmed that the photo was taken in 1938. I went back but couldn't find the same link but found some other links for the same purpose.

Here's the pic signed on the back by RW on 9 Aug 1938 and also detailing his height and weight as 8'8.5" and 480 lbs respectively. Interesting since most height charts indicate RW to have been measured slightly less at 8'8" in Feb39, some 6 months later, on his 21st birthday.

Click Here

Another copy of the same photo signed on the back by RW on 19 Dec 1939 detailing height, weight and shoe size as 8'9.5" 491 lbs Size 37 Shoe respectively. Interesting again since RW was measured a few months later as either 8'9.25" or 8'9.5" in Feb40 on his 22nd birthday.

Click Here
asdl30555 said on 11/Jul/20
The newspaper said wadro was 8 feet 9.5 inches in 1939, which is the height in shoes

8 feet 10.3 inches, 495 pounds, is wadro's height at the end of 1939, which matches the photo below
Click Here
asdl30555 said on 11/Jul/20
Friends, I made a sticker to record wadro and his father at different times and heights
Click Here
asdl30555 said on 11/Jul/20
This 1938 should be in the late period. I took a closer look and it was 8 feet 8.25 inches in line with the height in early 1939.
smileshy22 said on 9/Jul/20
@Tall In The Saddle and asdl30555: I don't know the exact date of that pic, just that it's from '38. Making Harold 5 ft 11 in the height chart makes Robert just under 8 ft 8, so the year matches with the height! :)
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/20
There was a question on 'The Chase' just now as to the height of the tallest man that ever lived, Robert Wadlow.

I got it right - because I visit Celebheights, of course!

8ft11.09 😀👍
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Jul/20
asdl30555 said on 3/Jul/20
Is this picture from 1939? Wadro and his father

Click Here

This link states that it was taken in 1938 as part of a Shoe Promo Tour. It doesn't state what month. RW was measured at 8'7" in Feb38 and 8'8" in Feb39 so he was standing somewhere within that range.

Smileshy22 is an expert on ALL things RW. She might be able to enlighten us as to a more exact date if one is available.
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Jul/20

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, RW measured 8'9.25" at the least on his 22nd birthday Feb1940. Some sources also suggested 8'9.5".
asdl30555 said on 3/Jul/20
Is this picture from 1939? Wadro and his father
Click Here
asdl30555 said on 25/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle

In late 1939, the picture looked at least 8 feet, 9.25 inches
asdl30555 said on 25/Jun/20
Hello, rob. The newspaper reported that it was 270 cm and 495 lbs. that's not right. It's 199kg on the height data sheet
Hanow said on 24/Jun/20
Rob, why not 8'11 1/8? Its more simple to read and put our vote
Editor Rob
I was trying to give the exact figure.
Tall In The Saddle said on 10/Jun/20

Nice photo you linked Click Here. His Dad appears a bit over Robert's belt line. Is it 1940? Not necessarily contending otherwise I just couldn't see a date ref. for it.

Vid of RW 20th Birthday 1938. Go to 1:36 for vision of RW height relative to his family (sans his father Harold Snr). Click Here

Another photo which I am pretty sure was taken on RW 21st Birthday 1939 when he was measured at 8'8".Click Here I think you can see that Robert's youngest brother Harold Jr is that little bit older than the previous photo linked by me and perhaps, given his own height relative to his Dad, slightly older than in the photo linked by asdl30555. Otherwise, maybe about the same age.

Basically, the photo linked by asdl30555 and Robert's 21st photo 1939 maybe reasonably close in time and if pushed, I might guess the 21st photo as the later of the two as Harold Jr appears slightly older and Robert's father Harold Snr appears to be dropping that little bit more height again to his son as compared to the asdl30555 photo.

If correct, then we're basically still only looking at an 8'8" Wadlow at best with another 3" in height left in him.

As far as footage goes, this vid was taken in Apr40 about 2 months after RW was measured at 8'9.25" or 8'9.5" on his 22nd birthday in Feb40. This may be the last known footage of RW. If there is anything more recent I haven't seen it. It's possible we're looking at RW at around 8'10"+ here, his final 8'11.1" measurement only a few months away. You can see that his posture is very compromised whilst still appreciating how tall he would stand when fully straightened which I think he could still manage for a measurement but likely not without a good measure of discomfort.

Click Here
asdl30555 said on 7/Jun/20
Hello Rob, is this 1940 photo the difference between Wadlow and his father? Is it the real gap?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks close to fullest height there.
Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Jun/20

Awesome. Looking forward to the addition about other giants!
Andy5'91/2 said on 4/Jun/20
Considering certain giants who still would look much shorter next to robert (7’6-7’7-7’8 giants such as manute bol and shawn bradley) Saw gains of 1.75-2 inches straight out of bed is it possible that robert could have gained maybe 2.5-3 inches? If posible that would make him well over 9 feet!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Jun/20
His legs don't look too out of place though. You can obviously tell based on his proportions alone, that he was an extremely tall man, but his legs seem to be inproportion to the rest of his body. He just has that "long" look about him, similar to 7'0"+ basketball players.
smileshy22 said on 3/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle: I'm glad you like the additions to the site. I have a few more coming like a page about other giants! :D
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jun/20
Look at this:

Click Here

It’s great to give Robert his 2222nd comment!
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jun/20
@ Rob - How long were his legs?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/May/20
Robert look to have the ratio of 3:7 on upper body and legs which is extreme long legs.
Tall In The Saddle said on 24/May/20

Appreciate the estimate on RW Dad height.

After he was first examined I believed RW height was medically recorded on each successive birthday at the least so 8’5” might’ve been accurate as at Feb37 while above photo was taken in Jul37. Not normally a big deal except RW was still growing at a good rate - from 19 to 20 yo some charts indicate he grew from 8’5” to 8’7” so possibly he was close to 8’6” 4 months into his 20th year. Such an adjustment might bring Harold to about 5’11”. Also in RW first or very early examination report his Dad was described as about 5’11”.

Also I recall an article associated with RW 22 yo measurement reported as either 8’9.25” or 8’9.5” and the article suggested RW growth had slowed and prob near peak.

But then there was the Jun40 measurement and RW had grown another 1.6” at least in the preceding 4 months. So on average it’s possible that RW could’ve grown another .3” to .4” up until he passed putting him at about 8’11.5”.

Btw, have to say again the site you have for RW is awesome and I noticed your addition of profiles on family members. Great stuff.
Nik said on 17/May/20
He could carry his Dad at the age of 8!
Nik Ashton said on 16/May/20
He was 8’4” by the time of his graduation from high school.
smileshy22 said on 15/May/20
@Olympian- Putting Robert at 8 foot 5 on my height chart (three yardsticks on top of each other) makes Harold 5 foot 10 and a half. With the photo of Robert with his family and the cane, Harold's height was about the same.
Nik Ashton said on 14/May/20
At the age of 8 he was 6’2”.
Nik Ashton said on 13/May/20
He was 5’4” by the time he was in kindergarten.
Olympian said on 13/May/20
@Chris A.

I can see what you mean now, but I don't think that's Wadlow's dad there. I think it's fairly reliable to assume that Wadlow's dad was 5'11-6'0, but anything less than 5'11 seems contestable as well. It's possible the man in the picture was somebody else as he looks a great deal shorter than Wadlow's dad.

Another possibility, if the photo above is an earlier representation of Wadlow, is that he grew much taller. But I think it also boils down to camera angles too.

According to Wikipedia, the photo above was taken before 1937. Now, the letter above which Rob placed dictates that Wadlow was 8'5 in 1937, so I would reasonably estimate that Wadlow was still over 8'0 when the photo was taken, possibly around 8'5 but it means he grew half a foot between 1937 and 1943.

I'm gonna assume Wadlow was between 8'0 to 8'5 when the photo was taken. So, I think you might have a point about Wadlow's father being below his waistline height in the photo you linked to me. The photo above is indeed much earlier and doesn't display Wadlow at his listed 8'11.1 stature before his death.

PS: Ah, I also found this link here Click Here where the original photograph was taken for the Wikipedia source. Under item description it reads: "The tallest documented human being of modern times, Wadlow (1918–1940), who reached a height of 8´11?, made his living as a touring novelty attraction and shoe company spokesman before dying at the age of only 22. Vintage glossy 3.5 x 5.5 postcard photo, signed on the reverse in pencil, “Robert Wadlow,” with “19 yrs old, July 22, 1937,” written under his signature, perhaps in Wadlow’s hand."

The webpage also features the postcard which is dated for 1937. I am going to just assume that Wadlow was 8'5 in the photograph to make life easier.
Chris A. said on 13/May/20
@Tall In The Saddle

I had read that RW Dad was around 5'11" and seen some early photos of the two RW and his Dad together and it looked about right, but the two pics that I came across makes his Dad seem way below his waistline and id did not make sense to me that his Dad could be 5'11". But if you are saying that the person in the pic is not his Dad then that makes more sense. I'm a very short guy at 5'4" and was blown away to see his Dad at 5'11" way below his waistline and was thinking Damn, I would reach his crotch. LOL.
My curiosity got me to find out if anyone would have a guess as to what his waistline height would be. Olympian made a good assumption here by approximating his waistline at around 5'6" off the ground but he based it on the picture posted above which I think is an early picture of RW and his Dad and you can clearly see in photos together at later dates the difference in height is greater between them. That's why I was wondering about that picture or if anyone would have a guess.
Nik Ashton said on 13/May/20
He was the tallest Boy Scout ever at 7’4”!
Tall In The Saddle said on 11/May/20
@Chris A

In your first pic, although he looks a bit similar I don’t think that is RW Dad on the left. I’m pretty sure I’ve read the guys identity before but can’t recall it now.
RW Dad has been described as either 6 ft or 5’11.5”. Perhaps RW Dads height might’ve been referenced in early diagnosis of RW condition as part of the overall medical analysis. Possibly they only went as far as stating parents to be of normal height. However near 6 ft was quite tall for that era but clearly still normal unlike the catalyst for RW growth. Otherwise can’t vouch exactly for the Dads height outside accepting general description and/estimating for yourself.
The pic of RW standing with a cane with his family seems to be the tallest standing height captured. It may be his 21st birthday 1939 otherwise 22nd birthday 1940. Pretty sure it’s the former. Still more growth to come but that’s the tallest and straightest I’ve seen, there is also footage of the same event on Ytube. The height RW was reaching in the latter stages of his life was quite surreal.
Tipperary said on 11/May/20
@Chris A. The man in the 1st picture looks too short to be Robert's dad.
Chris A. said on 7/May/20

Sorry about that, But if you google his name and click on images then you will see tons of images of Robert and his Dad. The ones I was talking about is of them in the same spot as the picture above was taken But his dad is standing on his left side, you can see he looks much shorter there and another one that I have seen which I will try a link again at the bottom of this post is of him and his dad and you can see his dad is way below his waist line. Does not seem accurate.

Click Here

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 7/May/20
His parents and siblings were all of normal stature.
Olympian said on 6/May/20
@Chris A.

Unfortunately, your link doesn't work. I am assuming it has expired. Which photograph were you meaning to show me?
Daycringeothon said on 5/May/20
I never got the impression Wadlow's Father was a flat 5'11'' at least not without shoes. His father's proportions example arms, legs, neck are not impressive either. 5'11.5'' is way too generous for his height. He could have been 5'11"-5'11 1/4" on a good day for his low shoeless. Technically 5'11.5" back then for a grown white American would be like 6'1", 6'1 1/4" for today.
Chris A. said on 21/Apr/20

I think this phot above that you are basing your calculation is much older photo of them or Earlier photo, I have seen photos of them at much older dates before he passed and you can see his father is barely at his waist line.

copy and paste
Click Here
Olympian said on 18/Apr/20
@Chris A.

Well, his father is cited as being 5'11.5 and looking at his proportions I see no reason to dispute his father as being anything less than 5'11 or over 6'0.

And his father definitely surpasses Wadlow's waistline height. Based on the picture above, it looks like his father is about eye level with his elbows there, and if he was 5'11.5, let's say so, then Wadlow's elbows had a height of 5'7. Although he appears to be slouching somewhat, so let's say no more than 5'8-5'9 at the elbow. Assuming he's got standard human proportions, then from the waist to the elbow is commonly around 3 inches. So, I'd say Wadlow's waistline height is, this could be incorrect as it's conjecture, 5'4 from the ground up, and adjusting for his posture we could add a couple of inches, so around 5'6 off the ground.

I honestly have no idea if this is accurate or not, but his father was well above the average height of a man already, so we could tentatively assume that Wadlow's waistline height is about the equivalent of the average height of a man which would've been around 5'8 at the time.
Tall In The Saddle said on 16/Apr/20
It's interesting to wonder if Robert Wadlow was hypothetically measured at an irrefutable 9' or a touch over, would people still worry about guessing an extra inch or so to get him over the line?

Of course it's valid to speculate even greater height for Robert straight out of bed - the literally described tallest man ever should be appropriately afforded his tallest ever height in a day. Imagine if Robert had an equal at both their "lows" for the day but had the slight edge first thing in the morn - then technically he would still be the tallest standing man ever - however many hours that advantage lasted.

We fixate on numerical thresholds. Yes, 9 feet does sound that much more impressive than 8'11.1" but it isn't really so much more impressive than the mere .9" Robert fell short by - and Robert definitely had some curvature but there is no evidence to suggest that his final measurement comprised any "corrected" height - as was the case with John F Carroll whose corrected height was to the extreme and so much more than he actually ever stood.
Chris A. said on 9/Apr/20
Looking at His pics Specially the ones without his jacket on, Most people barely reach his waistline. I wonder what his waistline height was. Seems he had longer legs than upper torso.
Anyone knows?
Olympian said on 5/Apr/20
@Rob Paul

Hey Rob, how much height do you think Robert Wadlow would've lost into his old age? He already has an extreme height, do you think that would've scaled up proportionally for lost height in old age? He might've lost more than the average tall man if he had lived longer.
Editor Rob
It's a mystery...but I think with bodies of that size, the risks are greater for some huge losses.
J-Dog said on 2/Apr/20
If anyone in history deserved to round up, it's Robert Wadlow....I'm giving the man 9' in height.

He must've lived not only a short but very painful existence. 8'11" is so beyond optimal human height, I would wager that few if any humans would be proportionally and medically normal at that height. Not possible. I would not envy that at all.....
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 29/Mar/20
i think he might have measured just a fraction taller the day he passed away. possibly closer to 9 foot
Matt logan said on 16/Mar/20
8'11.09 sounds right
Nearly 180cm guy said on 16/Mar/20
I'm not sure if the 8'11.09" list is correct. Personally, I think that it should be improved to 8'11" and 1/8 inch.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Feb/20
Robert Wadlow was born 102 years ago today. Famous for being the tallest man ever, he lived a tragically short 22 years.


RIP Robert XXX 🕯️
smileshy22 said on 7/Feb/20
@Rob- Robert's dad would usually call ahead to let hotel staff know that Robert was coming (although a few were still surprised by him). One time, a hotel prepared a bed for Robert although he changed plans and stayed at a different hotel in the same town. Robert appreciated the kind gesture. :)
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Feb/20

I'd guess his bed would have to be at least 9'6" long. When he stayed at motels I think they simply put two normal length beds end to end. Everything would've had to have been customised though I guess some things he just had to put up with. Like, not to be crass, but how would someone of Robert's size deal with normal sized restroom facilities? Possibly he never used them.
Editor Rob
Sometimes his trips out and about might have been more planned than we'd have thought.
Tall In The Saddle said on 3/Feb/20
@ROB, thanks for the info.

I don't know ROB, be careful. Jenny might take a sneaky peek at this site one day and then you will be wondering what's with all the passive aggression out of nowhere AND the entire bed all to yourself. LOL.
Editor Rob
I wonder how long Wadlow's bed was
Tall In The Saddle said on 2/Feb/20
Fair question to ask if Wadlow was measured lying down.

However, I think the most reasonable assumption is that Wadlow was measured standing up. If we take the physician's letter as being literal and technically correct in its expression then I would guess he was measured standing up as the term used in the letter is STATURE which means height in an upright position.

Additionally, not sure Wadlow would gain anything if he was to only lie down temporarily for the measurement. Different story if he was lying down for an extended period before being measured which would lend itself to a morning height type measurement.

There's a question for ROB. After an average day on your feet how long might one lay down at a MINIMUM for the spine to fully decompress and equate to a morning height?

Any, for what their worth here are a couple of photos of a young Robert being examined by physicians barefoot and standing up.

Click Here
Editor Rob
I feel you need 6-7 hours to get close, but 4-5 hours I've tested that and been 2mm off my usual range...but then a full 9 hours on my back with 1 pillow and proper hydration levels, that's when I can get nearer to 5ft 9 flat. It's rare though, Jenny takes up more than half the bed 😂

It's ok, she doesn't ever read the site 🤔 😘
5ft 11 7/8 in said on 1/Feb/20
I have a question, maybe wadlow was 270cm then lying down and measuring 272cm?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure they'd have measured him lying down.
5ft 11 7/8 in said on 1/Feb/20
Giant of castelnau was around 11ft 6in.
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Feb/20
Awesome! A scan of the physician's letter detailing Robert's final height. Irrefutable medical evidence for all to see.

Best guess is that newspapers reporting Robert's final height as 8'10.3" were basing same exactly on 2700 mm instead of 2720mm. Perhaps a typo, misread or what have you but the crucial 20mm was left out resulting in an incorrect imperial conversion. Some newspaper's even reported Robert's final height as 8'9.5" which was clearly incorrect as Robert measured that height on his 22nd birthday in Feb 1940. Obviously, their information wasn't up to date as at the time of the ever growing Robert's passing.
Eric C said on 26/Jan/20
I wonder if Wadlow had a lot of muscle mass. He's 222 kg so I wonder how much he could bench press!!
Eric C said on 26/Jan/20
It also amazes me that Robert could've been 9ft7 in in high heels! And I'm sure first thing in the morning with perfect posture and with hair and thick shoes wadlow I'd say was easily 9ft1 or 9-2 standing completely straight in shoes.
Eric C said on 26/Jan/20
It's insane to me that even though Robert Wadlow is in the 271- 275.5 cm range that he would still be towered by other animal giants living and extinct such as ex Alaskan Brown Bears (9.8ft high), Polar Bear (304 cm), Palaeoloxdon Antiquus, Stegomastodon, Columbian Mammoth, Cervacles latifrons, Aurochs, Bison Latifrons, Elasmotherium, Embolotherium, Asian Elephants, Masai Giraffe, Paraceratherium Orgosense and others etc. And he's not even a match against the marine creatures of Earth's history (Sharks, Ichthyosaurs, Stingrays, Crocodiles) It's crazy! And not even close to the massive Brachiosaurid dinosaurs and titanosaur Sauropods.
Tall In The Saddle said on 24/Jan/20

LOL - so you also go under the moniker britishchick09. Cool.

That's why, when addressing you re Robert, I try to always preface "as you would likely already know" and maybe now should add "as you may well have posted/uploaded yourself". Ha.

Seriously, you are the foremost expert on Robert which is great because the priceless stuff you bring to the table could just as easily be "lost" over time. Thank you again for preserving and perpetuating the facts of Robert's life. Particularly the letter from Robert's physician specifically detailing his final height of 2720 mm aka 8'11.09" As far as I have read that is the ONLY document upon which we can faithfully rely on Robert's final and medically verified height.

PS Thanks for the article links.
Wilfred said on 24/Jan/20
Rob, I have the 1943 letter from the Physician to Wadlow's father, who clearly record Robert last height as 272cm. how can send it to you, can I sent it to you by email?
Editor Rob
Yeah email robpaul at gmail and make sure celebheights is mentioned else I might not see it.
smileshy22 said on 23/Jan/20
@Tall In The Saddle: I sure have listened to that interview before. I was the one who uploaded it! :D The year is 1937 since there's an article from a '38 issue of Radio Guide that says Robert's first interview was Ripley's when he went to New York and he was on Postal Telegraph Theater (the video) shortly after. Robert was prone to slurring (a side effect of gigantism), which is another part of why he's tough to understand. His voice was surprisingly high compared to other giants like Sandy Allen or Sultan Kosen, which is sweet. The rest of the interview is sweet, too. Just like you said, the interviewer was a nice guy who cared and respected Robert.
Here's the Radio Guide article if you're interested:

Click Here

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Jan/20

I agree. A kind, intelligent, gentle guy, particularly so given his obstacles.

I'm pretty sure you would've listened to this before as I have done but I am linking a radio interview described as being from 1937 which gives a deeper insight into Robert the man/boy. The interviewer apparently knew Robert on a personal level and it translates in his highly respectful treatment.

Of course he mentions the unique stats on Robert at the start but he doesn't accent on that thereafter, he simply treats him like a normal human being and asks questions as you would of any normal person. Great interview.

Not to be nit picky but he announces Robert to be 8'7" at age 19. Most growth charts indicate that Robert was 8'5" at 19 and 8'7" at age 20. Perhaps the year given for the interview is wrong. Also, the uploader has considerately typed out a tele-script of the conversation. Robert's voice is heavy as you would expect and that combined with the old audio he can be difficult to understand at times though I will say I've heard Robert speak on other recordings and he is articulate and clear. IMO it's more about the age of the recording and not coping with such a heavy voice.

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 10/Jan/20
@ Rob - How far above the ground would the top of his legs have been when he was stood up and with nothing on his feet?
Nik Ashton said on 10/Jan/20
@ Rob - Where would Peter Crouch have come up to on him?
Editor Rob
Here is how Crouch might measure up beside Wadlow in person...also that might give an idea of how high his legs would be (to answer the other question)
smileshy22 said on 8/Jan/20
@Tall in the Saddle- He truly was just a kid. A very smart, kind and gentle kid at that :)
Daycringeothon said on 7/Jan/20
Alex Katch said on 12/Dec/19
True heights

?' ?" John Bloom (please rob find his real height!)

I heard of him as well. He did stunt work on Harry and the Hendersons. Appearing along side fellow giant Kevin Peter Hall who was probably 6’11.5” in reality. Not quite at the level as most Giants who stand 7’3”+.Even so many in the movie Industry thought he was much taller. John Bloom towered over Dan Aykroyd in the Great Outdoors. The 94 oz. Paul Bunyan steak sitting. It’s a closeup shot that doesn’t help much with estimating his real height.

There was another tall actor from Canada who appeared in B movies named Gary Robbins (1957-?) . He was listed at 7’5” and formerly Canada’s tallest man until his death?
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Dec/19

Thanks. Sounds like Cliff was more like 6'10" at best and lost some reasonable height in later years.

Thanks for the article. Due to his size it would've been easy to oversight that Robert was just a kid - even up to 22 years of age.
cmillz said on 24/Dec/19
Cliff may have been at least 6’11 in that pic with Wadlow.
smileshy22 said on 24/Dec/19
@Tall in the Saddle: When I put them on the chart, Cliff was only 6 ft 5 and putting him at 6 ft 10 made the wife was 5 ft 4. Since Christmas is tomorrow, here's a little holiday gem from my Robbie clipping collection:
Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 23/Dec/19

Awesome find. Absolute gold. The article was great read also.

So Cliff was 72yo at the time of the article in 1968 which would've made him 42yo in 1938 when photographed with Robert. Your estimate was basically bang on - based on Robert at 8'6" in 1937 you figured 6'9" so with Robert actually at 8'8" that pretty much equates to 6'10" for Cliff as at 1938.

Interesting that Cliff states that he originally stood about 7'3" and had shrunk to about 6'10" by the time of the article. By age 72yo one would suspect some height loss though Cliff is suggesting a loss of 5". He was much taller than average which might lend to greater height loss with age but the implication is that he was even taller than 6'10" in 1938. Perhaps exaggeration on his part. Not sure that Cliff looks quite 6'10" as the time of the article.

On average a 6'10" individual is calculated to have a standing reach of 9'1.5" - given Robert was 8'8" at the time, Cliff's standing reach appears to reach that approximate mark. Cliff did state he could touch the top of Robert's head but found no dollar coin, LOL. Most of the time it was safe bet that no one would be able to reach high enough to know if the dollar coin was there or not.

@smileshy22 - Cliff states that his wife was 5 feet flat - that's a pretty good photo of them together. Do you think you could use your height chart to estimate Cliff's height relative to his 5ft wife?

Thanks again, you've provided priceless information on Robert.
Nippu said on 22/Dec/19
Nice! Great find.
smileshy22 said on 21/Dec/19
@Tall in the Saddle: I found a clipping with the photo in it! The guy is Cliff Maynard (6 ft 10) and the photo was taken in 1938, when Robert was 8 ft 8. The article is quite an interesting read. :)

Click Here
cmillz said on 21/Dec/19
That guy definitely looks taller than 6’6. 6’9 seems more likely
Nippu said on 18/Dec/19
@Alex Myllyrinne was measured 252,8cm after his death. So 8ft 3 almost. It was not corrected height. So he was probably bit more. I know a doctor who measured him. My moms neighbour. More than 80years now but razor sharp mind. He said that he will never forget Vaino and how big he was. I talk to him atleast once every month.
Tall In The Saddle said on 17/Dec/19

Thanks for fixing the link.
Gave me cause to actually read some of the reddit comments. I have to pay this one, someone wrote "The find Wadlow books weren't really a success".
I think the lack of success was obvious because Wadlow clearly didn't wear the signature red and white shirt and bobble hat. LOL.
Tall In The Saddle said on 17/Dec/19
Thanks for the date of the photo and calculation.
So readers understand the photo in question I will relink it here Click Here
So as I understand you the photo was taken in 1937 with Robert reasonably assumed to be about 8'6" as per his medically verified growth chart. As such, you calculate the guy reaching up to be about 6'9". Perhaps I got it wrong in recollecting that the guy was described as 6'6". I can buy 6'9" and even so the guy is still well dwarfed by Robert. Also, for further comparison here is a photo of 7'1" Shaq standing beside life size full height Robert Wadlow figure Click Here
Editor Rob
I was wondering why the link didn't work, then I read the sub reddit 😄 I manually corrected it so it works now.
smileshy22 said on 15/Dec/19
@Tall in the Saddle: In the original eBay listing, the description said the photo was from 1937 (when Robert was 8 ft 6/7). I did some measuring on the pic and putting Robert at the 8 ft 4 mark made the guy 6 ft 7 (and 6 ft 9 when Robbie was 8 ft 6). My height chart is just 9 photos of a ruler put together, so it's not as accurate as the ones people used on TTM, but it gives a rough estimate.
Alex Katch said on 12/Dec/19
True heights

8' 1¼" Väinö Myllyrinne
8' 0¾" Gabriel Estêvão Monjane
7' 10" Ajaz Ahmed
7' 9½" Albert Johan Kramer
7' 9¼" Alexander Sizonenko
7' 8¾" Zhan Shi-Chai
7' 8½" Xu Fu-Hai
7' 8½" Ted Evans
7' 7" Huang Chang-Chiu
7' 7¾" Wang Feng-Jun
7' 7" Leonid Stadnyk
7' 6½" Zhang Huan
7' 6½" Jean-Joseph Brice
7' 6" Jorge González
7' 5¾" Mu Tie-Zhu
7' 5½" Max Palmer
7' 5½" Zhao Liang
7' 5½" Daniel Gilchrist
7' 5" Dharmendra Pratap Singh
7' 4½" Sergey Illin
7' 4" Jerry Sokoloski
7' 4" Lock Martin
7' 4" Mike Lanier
7' 3¾" Kang Jian-Hua
7' 3½" Martin Van Buren Bates
7' 3½" Viktor Zabolotny
7' 3" Jon Elmo Harris
7' 2½" John Aasen
7' 2½" Wang Tong-Xin
7' 2½" John Lebar
7' 2" Muhammad Riaz (Raja Lion)
7' 1¾" Kurt Zehe
7' 1⅜" Édouard Beaupré
7' 1" Garry Robbins
7' 1" Ron Reis
6' 10" Bolaji Badejo
6' 9¾" André Roussimoff
6' 4" Glenn Strange
6' 4" Andrew Bryniarski
6' 4" Terrence Evans
6' 3"? R.A. Mihailoff
?' ?" John Bloom (please rob find his real height!)
Alex Katch said on 12/Dec/19
Édouard Beaupré is 7 feet 1⅜ inches!!!

Joseph Edouard Beaupre was born on 9th January, 1881 in Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan. He was 8'3'' tall and weighed 375 lbs. He was a giant of the 'pituitary' type and was known as the 5th tallest giant. During his short adult life, Beaupre was employed by a circus, and attracted attention by his feats of strength. Edward Beaupre died on 3rd July, 1904, in St Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., at the age of 23 yr. His body is embalmed in the Department of Anatomy, University of Montreal. After more than half a century it still has a fairly normal appearance. The body now measures 7' 1 3/8'' in height. The reduction is mainly due to a loss in thickness of both the intervertebral discs and the articular fibrocartilage of the lower limbs to a point where, on radiographic examination, they are no longer evident.
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Dec/19
@smileshy22: Nice photo!
If I recall correctly in the Texas photo the tallest guy in the shot standing by Robert was said to be 6'4". In the photo where the tall guy is reaching up I am pretty sure also that he was said to be 6'6" which in my estimate puts Robert at about 8'4" at that stage. As tall as he was Robert was often surrounded by not so tall people though they were probably average for the era. It's interesting to see Robert standing with and dwarfing relatively super size people of the day and people who would still be considered tall today. Suffice to say also that Robert isn't standing at his straightest nor had he reached his maximum height.
smileshy22 said on 3/Dec/19
@Tall in the Saddle:I remember when those photos on eBay. The Texas ones were quite a find! :D There are a lot of great photos on Worthpoint, with this one being my favorite:

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 2/Dec/19
@smileshy22 - thanks for pointing me to the Worthpoint site. I actually figured if anyone knew where the barefoot shots could be found that it would be you.

It also allowed me to also locate the other pics I was referring to:-

Texas photos - Click Here

Guy reaching to top of Robert's head - Click Here

Some great pics on that site, several of which I hadn't seen before.
smileshy22 said on 29/Nov/19
@Tall in The Saddle: I remember that barefoot photos. I think he's in his boxers. Both of those are on Worthpoint, which I'll put a link to. I don't remember the Texas pictures, though.

Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 27/Nov/19
A while back I located on the internet some very rare pics of Wadlow barefoot in just shorts or towel wrapped around the waist, both sitting and standing being examined by doctors. He appeared quite young so perhaps taken early to mid thirties.
I also found some other pics of Wadlow visiting Texas in which he is standing alongside some of the taller residents including a guy who was said to be either 6'4" or 6'6" but I can't remember which. Another pic I saw was another guy said to be 6'6" holding his arm directly up palm open to measure against Wadlow. It appeared that his finger tips were only slightly higher than Wadlow's head. Wadlow is wearing a hat.
I plugged 6'6" into a standing reach calculator purposed for basketball and the reach given was 8'8.1". I can't find these pics currently but if I locate them I will link same.
Daycringeothon said on 20/Nov/19
Between his 9th and 10th Birthdays Robert Wadlow was sick more often (maybe only rumoured) causing his height to slow down. A Doctor having studied him claimed this on a Discovery channel Broadcast. The Doctor’s bent was that Wadlow would have surpassed his already impressive growth at an earlier age. Wadlow was sick to an extent at a much earlier time in his life. Guinness does mention he suffered a hernia at around 2 years old then soon his growth accelerated. He reached 6’2” before his 9th Birthday. He grew only 2.25” by his 10th birthday. Every other year his growth was the same about 3-3.5”. This Doctor also talked about his ‘foot drop’ condition (affecting his leg movement and ability to feel discomfort around his lower limbs and feet. ) this unfortunately kept him from going to a doctor for any pain caused by the blister on his ankle.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Nov/19
Thanks Rob.
This is probably Wadlow's greatest height captured on film - Click Here - at a shoe promotion in April 1940. He was measured 8'9.5" on his birthday in Feb 1940 and of course his final height in July 1940 was recorded as 8'11.1". I think it's reasonable to estimate that he was at least 8'10" in this clip. Extraordinary vision and has to be seen to be believed.
Editor Rob
And he was losing a lot of height at times there.
Tall In The Saddle said on 18/Nov/19
Hey Rob - without any knowledge of Robert's medically recorded height how do you think you would've fared if you only had the available vision to estimate his height?
Do you think you might've come in lower, higher, within an inch or so etc.?
I think it would've been somewhat difficult to gage since he was so far above the pack - but potential references would be comparing him to the known height/size of fixed structures/objects from the era.
Because he was so uniquely tall and unparalleled I tend to think that his height would be over-estimated more often than not.
Editor Rob
I think the margin of error would be much greater when you have a person well over 8ft, it's not something you would normally guess.

I think just up to 7ft I've looked at or tried to get an idea in person how it looks from my perspective, but above that I haven't considered it much.
Editor Rob said on 17/Nov/19
Here is a height comparison of how I'd look if I ever met somebody of Wadlow's stature:

Click Here
smileshy22 said on 15/Nov/19
viper- He sure is a towering sight. That's a good photo! :D
viper said on 13/Nov/19
Wadlow looks like he's over 10 feet here.

Click Here
viper said on 13/Nov/19
I wonder what Wadlow's out of bed height would have been
Editor Rob
It's a shame it was never documented, but I would be surprised if not at least 1.75 variation between morning to night, maybe 2 full inches is possible.
Tall In The Saddle said on 12/Nov/19
Nippu - good info.
At least back in the day such "giants" weren't often photographed together if at all - I would guess to avoid comparison and protect the myth of their generally exaggerated heights.
If Leonid and Igor did meet and no photos were taken I would say that would've been the wish of Leonid to bar photos due to his own exaggerated height.
There was a court case in the 30s involving Robert Wadlow and fellow giant Jack Earle touted to be as high as 8'6.5" by the circus had to testify to his true height which was 7'7.5" (almost a whole foot less!!) - true or not it was said that it was demonstrated that Earle could walk under Wadlow's outstretched arm - suffice to say there appears to be NO photos of the two men together - again, likely to protect Earle's generally publicised claims, not Wadlow's which were medically verified.
Most individual's of truly extreme height have a stretched out, thinned out appearance - so guys like Leonid and more significantly Vaino really stand out - giants in every sense of the word.
Nippu said on 11/Nov/19
The tallest man site we did compared a lot of people who height we did known. Stadnyk was 7`7-7`8 tall. Around same size as Igor himself. If they met there must be photo of them together. But reason why Stadnyk overrated his height was publicity. He did a lot of intervievs and that is how he could get money himself. It was important because he needed medicine But Stadnyk was big boned and was really impressive for his height.
jordanft19 said on 10/Nov/19
8'11 1/9th is my guess.
Daycringeothon said on 9/Nov/19
Interestingly fellow Ukrainian tall man Igor Vovkovinsky (Tallest American citizen 7’8.33”) met Stadnyk while he was still alive. He even thought he was huge. Implying he was heavier and possibly several inches taller than himself. Stadnyk’s hands for instance were huge. There’s no official measurements taken but 7’8”-7’10” is not entirely unlikely. Don’t know if he really had any curvature reducing his peak size. Yes some photos he looks 8 foot ish but his mother was quite small 5’2” or so. I think 7’7” seems a bit low for Stadyks ‘s Peak height. He looked anywhere from 7’7+ to max 7 10 range. Not over 8 foot but still very impressive in size.
Tunman said on 8/Nov/19
Rob,any idea about Leonid Stadnyk?He was said to have measured 257cm but apparently he refused to undergo a measurement.Ukrainian Book of records mentioned he was only 244cm.So any reliable figures?
Editor Rob
I think he was likely several inches shy of his claim, I don't think his true height was ever really known.
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Oct/19
@175cm - Agreed. Why guess Wadlow to be taller than his medically verified 272 cm? So close to 9 feet IF there was any way they could fudge or get Wadlow over the line I think they would have - as it is, I think it screams the legitimacy of the medically verified measurement. I also agree that fresh out of bed would likely see Robert 9 feet let alone allowing for some more height in view of obvious curvature - which as per medical report was not factored. Wadlow's authenticated height really is as good as it gets.
175.0 cm said on 17/Oct/19
I don't know how people could guess him to be a different height than 272.0 cm, this is the most reliable measurement we have of his height. That said, however, we don't know what time of day he was measured and he could very well have hit the 9 foot mark out of bed, he probably also had some spinal curvature just due to his immense size. It's as if his height is what killed him, he is said to have still been growing at the time of his death and sadly he only stood at this listed height for 2-3 weeks before he passed away.
Assass1nK1dd said on 11/Oct/19
I'm going to go with the documentry in 1975 which said he was 8'11.9" so I PLAN to level it out
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Aug/19
Funny, I was thinking the other day how Wadlow would compare to a grizzly or even a polar bear.

The question is.....was Bart the Bear's measurement irrefutably reliable as Robert's? LOL. Point being statistics in the animal kingdom can sometimes be just as prone to exaggeration as the human world - of course that again comes back to human exaggeration. I've seen Bart, could've been that tall...looked tall even for his bulky size.

We often read "can grow up to...." re animals but the thing is they often quote the biggest and/or longest ever recorded details which are an absolute one off and possibly embellished anyway. If we were to say conversely humans can grow up to 8'11" it clearly wouldn't be telling the whole story.....such as that height being about 3 feet (50%) greater than the average, about 8" taller than the next tallest reliably measured human and the growth being under abnormal circumstances.

Great whites were often reported as growing up to 20-21 if that was a somewhat frequent measurement..but I've only see footage of one Great White - Deep Blue credited as 20 feet...sometimes described as 23 feet!...and if you see the size of this thing you just might buy 23 ft but I think 20 feet is most accurate. Otherwise the next longest shark recorded was a touch under 20 feet. Trivia note I think the shark in the original JAWS was supposed to be 25 feet.

Polar Bears. As acknowledged are clearly taller/bigger than grizzlies. The largest was apparently a polar bear shot in Alaska in 1960 - standing a bit over 11 feet tall as per mounting...and it looks surreal.
smileshy22 said on 4/Aug/19
@HHugo I've heard of Jane, but I've never looked into her story much. What a neat video full of mystery!
Erik C. said on 2/Aug/19

Does this site only consist of celebrity humans, or, could it include celebrity animals like Bart the Bear (a 9 foot 6 inch kodiak bear)? I was also just curious where robert wadlow would come up to on such a bear.
Editor Rob
This site is exclusively for famous people :)

A bear like Bart would be taller of course on his tip toes with Robert, though the bear may get a fright at first if he saw Robert coming through the woods! He's probably used to 5-6ft humans, not 9 footers!
HHugo said on 29/Jul/19
Stumbled upon this. Bunford has no page, however.

Click Here
cmillzz said on 5/Jul/19
I think over 196 cm, and especially once you hit 2 meters and over is when problems start happening generally.
Nippu said on 5/Jul/19
Yes, i agreed that Palmer was also quite big. Not just tall. But have to say he was not that bulky when he did wrestling. And he was allready really slow at the time. But when he did play with J.Lewis and D. Martin he was qrazy big. Age catch up giant earlier age. We always have to remember that human body is not best if it gets too big. I think best height for human man is around 170-190cm.
Daycringeothon said on 2/Jul/19
I know he was only about 7’7” but the American wrestler Max Palmer should maybe go on the list. He was healthy for many years considering he had Gigantism. He was pretty strong for a pathological giant. I have to look up his stats but I would include him after Wadlow, Väinö, Igor, Stadnyk.
Heck even Jorge Gonzales 7’7” who was a WCW and WWE wrestler should maybe get listed.
smileshy22 said on 2/Jul/19
@Tall In The Saddle - I have to agree. The second article is a joy to read. :)
I can also imagine seeing Robert from almost 9 feet up, but seeing the statue in Alton really made me realize just how big he was. It was amazing to look that far up and actually see him (well, a statue version). His hand was also really cozy to hold (despite it being hot outside).
Nippu said on 1/Jul/19
To me most impressive giants are Wadlow, Myllyrinne, Igor and Stadnyk even he was only around 7`7 at height. Maybe 7`8. Tall in the saddle i mean 6`2 pro atletic. Not avarage man. I ate 6000 calories when i was doing sport for living. I did train 5-6 hours every day. Still i eat around 4500-5000 calories but only train 2 hours x 5 times a week anymore. I have to be careful not to take extra weight =)
cmillzz said on 30/Jun/19
No disrespect to Kosen, but the only thing impressive about him is his height. The poor guy can barely walk.
Daycringeothon said on 29/Jun/19
Most impressive 8 footers are Robert Wadlow, Väinö Myllrinne, Sultan Kosen. Bernard Coyne isn’t mentioned much. He was an eunochoidal giant. He didn’t reach puberty due to it. He had the classic Acromegaly features. His legs were longer then Kosen probably and about same as Väinö. He was supposedly 8’2”+ and still growing a bit,but it’s very unlikely. Probably measured 8 foot and a fraction standing. You could argue 8’-8’2” lying down.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Jun/19
@smileshy22 and Nippu - thank you. Very interesting. I don't disbelieve but I'll admit it is still hard to reconcile individuals of such enormous size not eating much more than the average person.

@smileshy22 - my bad for not scrolling down for the first article. That second article was great - Waide Hughes description of his impression of Robert was fantastic - as good as it gets without having met the great man - but as Hughes suggested still ultimately an indescribable experience that one could only understand if they did actually meet Robert. I've sometimes looked up at points in the air that are about 9 feet high and then try to imagine a human - Wadlow himself actually - standing that tall - in my mind's eye I can reasonably imagine it but it's still mind boggling nonetheless.
cmillzz said on 26/Jun/19
I truly think Vaino was by far the healthiest and most mobile 8’0+ giant. Wasn’t he a soldier too? Truly impressive stuff.
Nippu said on 25/Jun/19
Extreme tall people don´t move much so they don´t use so much energy. So mostly they have diet which is around same as 6´2 pro atletic. Depence of the sport of course. There was legend that Myllyrinne in wartime eat 3 times more than avarage person. Truth is he ate only 1,5 or max 2 x more than avarage person. Younger age Myllyrinne did eat more when he was growing and still doing sport stuff. But Wadlow and Myllyrinne needed a lot of water. That part is true. Big people need a lot of water. It is more important than food. I think Wadlow did not have much muscles. So he did not have to eat much. I bet Yao Ming and Shaq needed much more food than Robert. If u are giant atleast don´t be overweight. Igor is probably biggest man today. Too big. Diet would be great for him. He has trouble to handle his weight. Anybody have any idea what is his weight? Igor might be biggest giant ever? I mean i don´t really know but he must weight more than 250kg??? Anyway he must be heavier than Andre was. I would said 30-40kg or more. There is such a big height difference. Around 8-9 inches. Leonid was also very big. And please don´t mention Mils Darden because we have not much solid information about him. He was 7´2-7´6 tall and weighed 500-800lbs depence a source. I Think he was around Andre´s height and even perhaps weight? Well we will never know about that so i only speak modern era giants.
smileshy22 said on 25/Jun/19
Tall in the Saddle- Clicking on 'Show Page 15 article text (OCR)' shows the text of the article, but I'll copy his menu here:
'Wadlow eats no more than the average-sized person, a check at the restaurants where he had his meals Saturday revealed. For breakfast Wadlow had ordinary servings of ham and eggs and toast and coffee. For lunch he had halibut, shrimp salad, three deviled eggs, green beans all regular portions. For dinner he had a bowl of tomato soup, a shrimp cocktail, scallops, hash-brown potatoes, head-lettuce salad, strawberry cream and devils food cake.'

I read in another article that he had 'digestive difficulties' but I haven't found it anywhere else, so I'm not sure if it's true. (Click Here)
Tall In The Saddle said on 23/Jun/19
smileshy22 - Interesting - thank you. Unfortunately I couldn't access the full article.

Without knowing exactly how much Robert ate I would've assumed Robert would've needed to eat a lot more than the average sized person - proportional to his height/size of course - not as if he was a glutton or anything - just a relatively normal intake for his size. Guinness suggest his peak daily food consumption was 8000 calories - 3 x that for average sized males - sounds somewhat fair for a guy around 485 lbs but possibly exaggerated a bit and likely a deductive guess working back from Robert's gneral weight. Perhaps in public Robert just ate as much as the normal person to keep it normal and avert any publicity re how much he ate - just a guess though I could be wrong.
smileshy22 said on 22/Jun/19
@Tall In The Saddle- Robert actually ate about as much as an average person. His drinking, however, was the well above average part. At one restaurant, he had 25 glasses of water and a few other newspaper articles note him drinking more water than average.

This article actually has what he ate (and drank) at one particular restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa: Click Here
Nippu said on 22/Jun/19
As To me i belive Zeng jnglian was around same height as Yao Defen. 236cm about Click Here . Must remember that every photo she is surrounded very short people. Shorter than Yao´s case. 30 years and people are taller in china also. Yao might have be even taller but probably around same height. I think Jinlian was not 8ft even corrected height. My opinion is that she was standing around 7´5-7´7 and corrected 7´8-7´10. Avarage chinese woman was (at that time) around 150cm tall and men around 163cm tall. Today women are 158cm and men 167cm. So it is easy to say we have no picture there she is 8ft or more even corrected height.
Tall In The Saddle said on 21/Jun/19
@smileshy22 - thanks for the article - nice find. Interesting that Robert Wadlow hated references to his own well above average food intake - Aside from his impossible to hide height I guess it might've been because Robert preferred that he be viewed as normal in all other aspects of his life - and normal people aren't generally fussed having their eating habits sprayed out to the masses.

@cmillz - yeah, Wadlow condition was an enlarged pituitary gland producing abnormally high levels of HGH. I've read that Wadlow did exhibit some entry into puberty but at a much slower rate than normal - never full blown. His height chart indicates his greatest growth in a single year was between the ages of 10 at 6'5" to age 11 at 6'11" - a whopping 6". However, the rate of growth did appear to be slowing over a few years - from age 19 to 20 he apparently only grew .75" and from 20 to 21 another .75" - so just 1.5" over 2 years - but then from 21 to 22 he grew 1.5" and, as you said, in just 4 months from age 22 he experienced quite a spike adding a further 1.5".

I also think you're right about Jinlian - likely a corrected height - poor girl was very contorted. I'm not a fan of corrected heights but Jinlian still appeared very tall at any rate - but one should factor the average height in China when considering Jinlian's relative advantage of her own country people people in the few photos that can be found of her.
cmillz said on 20/Jun/19
@Tall In The Saddle
I thought I read that Zeng Jinlian had severe scoliosis. That 8’1.75” was probably a “corrected height”. As in, that’s how tall she would have been without curvature (even then I’m skeptical of that). She probably never stood anywhere near that tall in reality.
cmillz said on 20/Jun/19
What medical condition did Wadlow have? I don’t think he had acromegaly as he didn’t have any of the features, and he literally never hit puberty which is why his growth never stopped. If anything, his growth was speeding up towards the end. He grew 1.5 inches in a span of four months in his last year I believe.
smileshy22 said on 18/Jun/19
Tall In The Saddle- I did some digging and found an article from '81 that tells more about her.

Click Here

A couple interesting things are that she loved reading and was slightly shy. She sounds a lot like Robert! :D
Tall In The Saddle said on 17/Jun/19
Well, I've been a bit gender specific.

To the ladies.

What do we know about Zeng Jinlian?
I recalled her name but there isn't a lot out there on her that I can find. Quick stats are the poor girl only lived to 17 yo but was claimed to have grown to an incredible 8'1.75" - and in the tracking of her growth at different ages it's claimed she wasn't far behind the rate of Robert Wadlow - well they actually claimed she was taller by the same age of 17 yo but Wadlow's height chart indicates that he was 8'3" by age 17.
Apparently she was listed by Guinness - I don't know what verifications they made - she passed away in 1982.
Daycringeothon said on 12/Jun/19
Another giant from Egypt. Mohammed Ghazzi. News reports claimed 8’10”. He was measured by Egyptian medical staff at 7’10.5”. He was mentioned in the Guiness book in the 60’s-70’s. Filipe Fernandes Birrel of Puerto Rico. Don’t know if he was measured by Guiness but supposedly 7’11” tall. He lived into his early 70s.
David Moss said on 12/Jun/19
wow I thought I was tall (6' 7)
Tall In The Saddle said on 11/Jun/19
Cmillz - GREAT question - a pic showing RW at his tallest.

Wadlow was measured 8'9.5" (1.6" off max.) in Feb 1940. At a quick glance I found this pic - a visit to Campbellsville - year 1940 but month not given - Wadlow looking VERY tall - which 8'9.5" is anyway - so really need a month to guess what height Robert might've been in the pic.

Click Here

As far as video goes - this is an April 1940 shoe promotion - Robert has to be very close to his max. height - clearly he is having great difficulty in walking and his body is somewhat twisted, poor guy nearly tripping behind car - sad to see

Click Here

Re corrected height- Don Koehler was another guy who I doubt ever actually stood his listed 8'2".

I remember as a kid seeing a 1974 Guinness Book of World Records program hosted by David Frost - very tall to be sure but he just didn't seem to come up to the proclaimed mark - even when younger. I am guessing Koehler's height was corrected also - as a younger man Koehler bore some resemblance to Wadlow - and sometimes images of Koehler have been mistakenly labelled as Wadlow - facially similar yes but well off the pace as compared to Wadlow's extreme height.
Nippu said on 8/Jun/19
Brahim actually stand around 7’10 but his corrected height is 8’1. Sultan stands around same but then they met Sultan can stretch himself taller and his corrected and lying down height is 8’3. At Sultan’s case they basically use him max. Height. Same goes Brahim.
smileshy22 said on 7/Jun/19
It's neat how Nippu is a Vaino expert. I'm a Wadlow expert myself. :)
cmillzz said on 7/Jun/19
Does anyone have a picture of Wadlow at his tallest? Most pictures I’ve seen were taken when Wadlow was still a few inches short of 8’11.
cmillzz said on 6/Jun/19
yeah, Vaino was the 2nd tallest after Wadlow in my opinion.
cmillzz said on 6/Jun/19
is Brahim really 8’1? Thought he seemed shorter than that.
Nippu said on 6/Jun/19
Vaino just look bigger than many other 7´10 giants because he was so "normal". And his posture is perfect. And his hands were perhaps bigger than Wadlow´s? But his feet were relative small for his height. "Only" 58 size. Wadlow have is i remember 72. Well Brahim also have 58. Brahim just visited Finland last week Click Here
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Jun/19
Many thanks Nippu - great info. So about 7'10" at age 26 yo in 1935 then. I feel good that my guess was pretty good - lol. Extreme heights aren't easy to estimate without some support info - that's why back in the day so many "giants" could greatly exaggerate their heights without anyone questioning them - like what's another 6" when you're already standing well over 7 feet? Hard to argue for the average mere mortal straining to look up. Many giants enhanced their height with hats, extra heel, deceiving clothing etc. and even then they still stood well under the height they claimed. For as much as I know and what you've related re Myllyrinne - Vaino is the real deal - and a very strong argument for 2nd tallest man after Wadlow. Hope more footage comes to light.
Nippu said on 4/Jun/19
Tall in the saddle. I have get my information different places. Straight to Kalervo his nephew. Lot of people who knew or atleast have met him. My grandfather met Vaino several times in wartime against Soviet union but i don´t remember anymore why they met but i remember just what he told me about Vaino. Also i saw then i was just a kid early 80´s document about Vaino with some video material what i have been able to find after that. Also document showed a lot of pictures. I have also seen Vaino´s bike and his clothes and other stuff what u can also see he was using many of his pictures. And of course his bike. His clothes were HUGE as his bike also. I have seen his measurements and Vaino did not have any growth spurt. He was about 220-222cm then he join army and around 226cm (7´5) when he get out. He just never stop growing. In that video Vienna he was not 8´2 yet. He was around age 26 238cm tall in my opinion. Because he was later measured very soon 238cm and 243cm 1-3 year after that. He actually reach 8ft quite young but after that he still did some growing but really slow so it was hard to even notice that. That also might saved his life. 1 time he was measured 245cm and what i know sure he was over 252cm when he died. Correted height more because his knees did not go straight. I have said that doctor is still alive and live my moms neighbour and i have knew also this doctor all my life. But around 2-3 years ago i just knew he was a one of doctors who measured him. He is bright older man. He said he never forget that height. I did but it was 252,8cm or something like that but not fully straight. I have been planning to give Kalervo this information becauce he might like to talk this doctor but i guess been too "busy" to contact him. Well i´m quite busy actually. I have my own company and have to travel a lot. I think at best Vaino did stand atleast 248cm but corrected height might have been 255cm. Lying donwn 253cm. Who knows because they did not use corrected heihgt. When he had his rheumatism i think he did stand around 243cm last years of his life. U can se he bend his knees and also don´t stand tall as he could. He never try to look bigger than he was. He never wear silly hats or boots. His shoes are actually really slim. Yes i have seen them too. There was no need to try look bigger. He was just big enough. If u are 7´7-7´8 and try to tell u are tallest man in the world u will need hats and boots to do that. So my answer is that Vaino was about 7´10 at that time in Vienna. And not any grow spurts after that =) Just slow and steady growing. That is why his heart and other organs could keep pace to be healthy. Atleast healty as 8ft+ man can be. One thing is what i´m not sure. Did they try to stop Vaino´s growing. Never even think about that... Now i must.
viper said on 2/Jun/19
I figured Andre to be the largest human ever
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Jun/19
In the clip linked below Vaino is described as twenty six years old, an eight feet two inches tall Finnish giant, visiting a restaurant in Vienna, Austria and then boarding a river boat.

Now if we just took the description on face value - we just might buy Vaino being 8'2" as at that time - he has already grown so far beyond practical relative comparison to other humans and he looks huge all round. In reality they've quoted near enough to Vaino's max. height which he had not yet achieved in 1935 - I guess he was somewhat less at this point.

I've read that Vaino was already 7'4" at age 21, grew steadily but experienced another growth spurt in his 30s - so not sure what height he actually was at the time of this 1935 clip - 7'8"- 7'10" maybe? Hard to say.

Height detective, where are you?

Also, perhaps Vaino expert Nippu knows the exact height as at 1935.

Imagine if they ever thought to organise Wadlow and Myllyrinne to stand alongside each other when both were still alive? - say around 1940 - now that would've been something!

Click Here

Perhaps Nippu can help out on this.
Daycringeothon said on 31/May/19
Mills Darden was supposedly found by a Negress woman (sorry for the colloquial outdated term) as a baby. Then raised by her. That’s one such story. As a grown man his loudest shout could be heard from many miles away. Another tall tale perhaps. 1000 pounds on a 7’6” man is just massive. There most be a drawing of what he looked like. At least representation of his massive proportions. Walter Hudson the man with the largest waist 10 feet in girth. Largest chest measurement Robert Earl Hughes.
Nippu said on 30/May/19
There are plenty of "pictures" about Mills Darden. Sadly probably there is no picture about him. There were several pictures about him inn TheTallestman site but we figured all them to be hoax at the time. Sadly the site is gone... don´t know why? We lose a lot of information there. Well i know site and all the information was copied somewhere but haven´t seen new site? Some reason people make fake photos of giants. Most of u remember Grady Patterson. U still can find those fake photos about him if u just use google. My opinion is around 85-95% of giant heights has been exaggerate. Older the case easier to exaggerate. Even Sultan Kosen has to use corrected height. Actually he is standing around 7´10-7´11. But he can strech himself to over 8ft. But he can not stand 8´3 as he is listed. Jerry Sokoloski is good expample modern giant who exaggerate his height. He claim he is 7´7 (still) and he is quite if u compare him real 7´7 giant. Jerry is 7´2+ anyway but max. 7´4. Late Neil Fingelton (7´7) darws him easily. Neil was measured like should be as former record holder G. Greener.
cmillzz said on 29/May/19
Ever heard of Mills Darden? He was said to have stood 7’5” and possibly weighed 1,100+ lbs, pretty crazy. He would have made Andre look tiny.

This is an alleged photo of Darden. Whether it actually is him or not, I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t say there’s a zero chance that it’s him. I remember seeing that photo in TheTallestMan forum, and was supposedly taken circa 1847.

Click Here
Fidus said on 28/May/19
Slightly random trivia, perhaps, but I've seen a few past commenters mention the biblical Goliath. The Masoretic Text version of the Bible gives his height as roughly 9 feet 9 inches (2.97 metres), which would indeed make him remarkably huge. However, the Masoretic Text in many ways represents and older and more corrupted version of the Old Testament. All other more ancient references, including the Septuagint, to Goliath's height have him at 6 feet and 9 inches (2.06 metres), making him an indeed imposing figure, especially in an ancient setting, but still perfectly "realistic", height-wise on par with the typical modern NBA player.
Nippu said on 28/May/19
We all know few facts. Height of the doctor (5´11) and height of Carroll´s Crutshes (6´0). So Doctor Prezio is around same height as Wadlow´s father was. Now u can watch Difference between Wadlow vs his father and Carroll vs Prezio. No matter how hard i try to imagine i can see only around 7´2 man and corrected height max 8 ft. Carroll´s features don´t also support his claimed height. His hands are not huge for example. And he does not look gigantic. He look like NBA center with really poor posture. But of course we can see that Carroll has lost a lot of his height but not 1 and half foot. 8´7 would make him almost as tall as Wadlow and i can´t see that. In that picture it is impossible. But perhaps he did grew later even when he was not able to stand anymore. But picture is showing that he was corrected height in that era. 7´7 to max. 8 ft. I belive my eyes mostly and facts what we know 100% sure. There is no way that Carroll was taller than Myllyrinne or Kosen. Not even corrected height. He just is too small for that in any picture. And my opinion u are as tall as u stand. No more. Corrected height is odd. Every giant lose inches of height. Carroll just lose more than most of them. But we know Carroll was standing 7´6 atleast. So that 8ft corrected height might be true later? Just compere the pictures and u can see what i mean. Click Here
Daycringeothon said on 17/May/19
Carroll’s 8 foot measurement in 1959 was that later in the day or late afternoon?

Guiness by that time would have done the measurement no doubt. I think his height could vary easily by 2-2.5” throughout the entire day. Guiness at that time weren’t as strict.Thus he probably averaged a lower height 7’10-7’11” range in 1959. So his corrected height would drop to maybe 8’4” range. Still very tall but nothing next to Wadlow. Carroll head size was nothing on Wadlow’s scale.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/May/19
The average guess is just silly...clearly hoping gets an upgrade to 9ft
Nippu said on 12/May/19
I have been this site ”member” since beginning or so? I`m not a troll. Guinness have really poor information about giants. As i mention i don`t know how tall Carroll and Rogan there. Photo pevidence about Carroll give him something like what i said. Rogan it is impossible to say. So many giants were much shorter what newspapers said.
Daycringeothon said on 11/May/19
Rogan was measured at 8’9” that was a lying down measurement (not officiallly by Guinness). He was listed at 259cm 8’6” in many early Editions of the Guinness Book. Then 264cm 8’8” measured (in a sitting position) can’t take that as being reliable. just my opinion. John F Carroll had bad spinal curvature and was measured at 8 foot in 1959. He stood barely 7’1” with his 6 foot crutches in color pictures near his death. The corrected height was 8’7.75” which is still possible but also up for debate.
Adolf Demison said on 8/May/19
Rob, how do you think, if he wouldn't die, he would be still growing?
If yes, how his growth plates could be open at 22 years old
Editor Rob
His plates may not have been closed, so he probably would have exceeded 9ft
Harry Sachs said on 7/May/19
@Nippu Rogan and Carroll were 7'7 because you typed it right? I am pretty sure since Rogan and Carroll are in the Guinness Book as being confirmed 8'9 and 8'7 3/4 then those are their heights.I will assume you are a troll just looking for attention. I will ignore anything else you type.
Nippu said on 1/May/19
Nobody really has any proven information Rogan or Carrol`s height. My opinion is that they were 7`7 to max. 8ft. U do remember that doctor was ”measured” late mr. Stadnyk 8`5 and real life he was ”only” 7`7 max. Carroll look like 7`6 in picture evidence. His standing height was around 7`2 at that colorpicture. With very bad postery. Vaino was max 255cm lying down no more. If i remember it right his dead height was 252,8cm. But was not totally straight because of his knees. Andre the giant would look really tiny compare to Vaino. He would not reach even his shoulder height.
Nippu said on 29/Apr/19
Tall in The Saddle i have seen all Vaino´s videos. One is missing there Vaino is actually measured. Bacically every nurse and a lot of doctors take photos with Vaino. We have only seen few of them. Because they are old pictures and people find them time to time. And some are so old that they don´t use internet.
cmillzz said on 27/Apr/19
Is there any evidence at all that Rogan was anywhere near 8’8 though? I mean he couldn’t even stand from what I’ve read about him.
cmillzz said on 27/Apr/19
I have to admit Vaino almost seems taller than 8’3 in some of the old pics I’ve seen of him.
cmillzz said on 27/Apr/19
Vaino is the most impressive giant imo. I’d even argue he was in better shape/more healthy than Andre the Giant for most of his life.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Apr/19
Nippu - I'm totally on board re Vaino's "presence". No disrespect to other "giants" but despite his immense height, Vaino appears as a well proportioned, exceptionally mobile, strong, broad shouldered well featured man. Of course I didn't know him but the photos appear to depict a man of amiable disposition even given the pitfalls of his size.

That photo of Vaino in hospital posing with the nurse is insane - outside of using a particularly small person for the shot - the size difference really upholds how big Vaino was. His existence, stats and life story should be more popularly circulated - I wasn't aware of him until I read about him on the now defunct TallestMan site.

PS - tried to open a vid on the FB page without success. Any heads up as to where one might find more vids on Vaino - I think I read there is a documentary on him but it might cost some money to watch.
Annonymous said on 23/Apr/19
How far can we go back because a third century Roman Emperor named Maximinus Thrax was reportedly 8'6", just absolutely massive and freaky strong.
cmillzz said on 17/Apr/19
He could have topped out at least 9’6” anyhow, possibly 10 feet... For his own sake though, it’s probably a good thing he passed before ever reaching such ungodly heights. Would have been bedridden eventually.
Luckycharm said on 16/Apr/19
Gretz if he had lived another 5 to 7 years he would have cleared 10 feet , there were posts by others here indicated he was well on his way to be just that tall
Rob what do you think his maximum fully grown height would be had he properly live until he stop growing ?? I’ll say around 10 feet tall ..... give or take an inch ..... also notice his growth started accelerate a year before his death meaning there was still plenty of growth left in him ..... also he was in enough good shape to grow a great deal of kink without endangering his own health
Editor Rob
I think he would have slowed down, but reached high 9 feet range.
Gretz said on 13/Apr/19
Rob would it be possible that Wadlow right out of bed could have been 9'.025" out of bed near his passing,I know that people only 7 foot can lose two inches throughout the day.In the doctors reports do thay ever say what time he was measured?And if this guy lived another 5-7 years could he have topped 9'2"?
Editor Rob
I think it is very likely he cleared that 9 feet mark, but exactly how much will always be a mystery I suppose.
Daycringeothon said on 31/Mar/19
Wadlow’s wingspan near his death over 9’6”? Vaino Myllyrinne’s wingspan at peak height any guess 8’9”-9’0”? These 8 footers had disproportionately long hands and arms even for their respected heights 8’11”, and 8’3”. Read somewhere Constantine aka. Julius Koch the eunuchoidal giant had 14.5” long hands I’m about 99% sure.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Mar/19
@smileshy22 - Love the site. A height chart with the letter included would be an added bonus.
khaled taban said on 27/Mar/19
I think he is full 9 feet
smileshy22 said on 26/Mar/19
@Tall in the Saddle- I could make a height chart page and include the letter there. I don't know if it's under copyright, but I'm sure I could put it on the site. I'm glad you enjoy it! :)
Nippu said on 26/Mar/19
Rogan and Carroll´s height are so doubtful that it is really hard to give them own page. Both were probably under 7´6-7´8 tall? But there are other giants who might deserve it Like Brahim Takioullah. We know his height. Proven 8ft deserve own page. My opinion.
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Mar/19
@cmillz - totally agree.

I would say after Wadlow it would be a tie for 2nd - Vaino Myllyrinne and Sultan Kosen both at 8'3" (I think this was Kosen's measured standing height and not height corrected)
cmillzz said on 21/Mar/19
By far the tallest in recorded history. I believe Vaino Myllyrinne was probably the second tallest in standing height. Rogan and Carroll’s “measurements” are very dubious in my opinion.
Daycringeothon said on 20/Mar/19
The tallest brits in UK in the 1970s
1. Terence Keenan 7’6”
2. Chris Greener 7’5”
3. Oliver Stone 7’4.5”

Not much is known about Terence Keenan other than he lived in the Rock Ferry,Merseyside area. He was born in 1942 and was technically short as a teenager until a huge growth spurt in his late teens. He was mentioned as 7’6” in the 1968 Guinness Book in the list of men over 7’4” from 31 countries. He probably is long passed since he couldn’t walk by the mid 70’s. Sadly Greener took the title from him in the early 70s as ‘Tallest fully mobile man’ in The UK.
Gtod said on 16/Mar/19
Rob you should put the second tallest guy on here too
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Mar/19
@smileshy22 - I was the one who enquired about the physician's letter on TTM and you were so kind to provide it in no time at all. Thanks again.

It answered the BIG QUESTION as to where 8'11.1" came from.

Upon Robert's passing contemporary newspapers reported that the final measurement made on 27 June 1940 was 8'10.3". Early editions of the GBWR first listed 8'9.5" as Robert's final height (this figure was actually Robert's 2nd last measurement made in Feb 1940), then later 8'10.3" (newspaper reported upon Robert's passing) and then finally locked on to 8'11.1" (as per physician's letter) some time during the mid 60s and held on to it ever since.

It seems that Robert's father must've expressly requested the letter from the physician re Robert's final height so as to include in the biography - and that letter detailed Robert's height to be exactly 2720 mm - which converted to 8'11.09" and then was rounded up to 8'11.1" by the GBWR.

Still not sure where the newspapers got 8'10.3" from - even though they said it was the final measurement made on 27 June 1940. I was surprised that they actually measured in metric way back then -so perhaps 8'10.3" was simply an errant conversion from the metric measurement.

2700 mm actually converts to 8'10.3" My guess is that somehow the final figure of 2720mm was perhaps misread/typed as 2700 mm leading to an incorrect imperial conversion of 8'10.3" which was generally reported.

The site you have put together is brilliant. I had previously searched for a copy of Gentleman Giant but whatever was available was a bit pricey. You've linked to a really cheap price - thanks.

Unless I have oversighted it doesn't appear that you have included a copy of the physician's letter on your site - do you think you would be able to include the letter for future qualification as to where 8'11.09" was sourced from - or is the letter still under copyright protection?

As it stands, aside from the medical files which I hope are still intact, that letter is the only primary source document for Robert's final accurately recorded height. If that isn't preserved future pundits might refer back to the contemporary newspaper reports and over time misreport the final height as 8'10.3"
Nik said on 6/Mar/19
@ Rob - How long were his legs?
Editor Rob
I've forgotten the figure.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Mar/19
The average vote is very high considering there have been no reports of him being so tall!
smileshy22 said on 4/Mar/19
I'm a big fan of Robert (probably his biggest) and I'm the one who posted the physician's letter on TTM. When the site shut down, I came up with the idea to make one of my own, but this one is dedicated to just Robert. I'm really proud of it and I hope it fills a little part of the hole that TTM left behind. :)

Here's the site: Click Here

As for the height estimation? I'd say it's good ol' 8 ft. 11.09. ;)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Mar/19
Rob, I would think close to 9ft1 out of bed?
Editor Rob
One of the unsolved mysteries, just how tall he might have measured within 2 minutes of wakening up. I think most probably agree over 9ft, but just how much? Could he shrink 2-2.5 inches? Very likely!
Nippu said on 10/Feb/19
John F. Carrol was never even close to 9ft. Probably not even 8ft. There are no such photo where he is more than 7´6. 8ft corrected height is his max. There are a lot bigger and taller giants than Carroll. We should have tons of photos of him to proof that but there are not even one.
Tall In The Saddle said on 23/Jan/19
To each his own but personally I don't subscribe to height correction - it kind of defeats the concept. The wonder is not only for a body to grow so long but also withstand curvature and still stand so very tall - the term height speaks for itself. That Wadlow could grow so long and still stand so tall is to date incomparable by far.

Also it seems height correction is only reserved for those suffering severe cases of curvature - if you look closely Wadlow himself appeared to have some curvature - if that was "corrected" on paper I'm pretty sure there would've been no problem estimating him to be over the 9 feet mark - I prefer it the way it is - standing a perfect and actual 8'11.1" tall. Also, given his size and logistics I wouldn't necessarily assume that Wadlow could hightail it to the doctors as easily and quickly as we might - and it's anyone's guess how much height a man of Wadlow's stature could lose in even just the first two waking hours - especially when you consider the higher level of effort to move a body of such size around even if only for several steps.

I've always been somewhat sceptical of John F Carroll's corrected height - greater invitation for errors in such calculations than a straight up height measurement. Anyway, here's a particularly in depth examination of Carroll's corrected height - the article notes that there isn't much photographical evidence on the man:-

Link - Click Here
Ellis 6'7.25 said on 16/Jan/19
Definitely over 9 foot in shoes, or the typical shoes he always wore. I think the most interesting thing to think about is if he hit over nine feet at anytime in the day barefoot. Usually, doctors measure closer to the morning though. My guess is that Mr. Wadlow was measured after an hour or two out of bed. Considering his massive height, I would say his height out of bed is 8'11.75. Besides Wadlow, the only other person that could make a case for 9 feet was John F. Carroll who at 7'8 and 1/4(last measured height) had very severe spinal curvature. At 8'0 his height was corrected at 8'7 3/4, who's to say at 7'8 1/4 he didn't hit the 9 foot mark or was very close.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/19
I think everyone who is at all interested in height has heard of Robert Wadlow!

My brother used to get a new Guinness Book of Records every birthday, and it perusing through them that I first read about him - as the tallest man ever!
Gretz said on 20/Dec/18
Maybe they where unaware of such variations at the time,it was the early 20`s.But it would have been great to measure him after 10 hours sleep.guess we will never no but I don`t doubt a 9'0" max at one point for Wadlow.
Editor Rob
Wadlow certainly would have been the only known man to have at one point measured 9 foot tall...first thing out of bed potentially over that mark.
Gretz said on 16/Dec/18
Rob I think thats some kind of circus float,do you think Wadlow right out of bed could have been 9'0" I mean how much does a man of such unprecedented height could have lost throughout the day,I think 2.5 inches is not out of the realm of possibility.He was very awkward and unsteady to begin with,and 9'5" if he would have lived 5-7 more years is not unreasonable.
Editor Rob
I'm surprised that his out of bed height never seemed to have been taken. It was a golden opportunity to record his height variation, but I don't even know the time of day he was measured at his tallest.
Oliver said on 10/Dec/18
Click Here
Hello, Rob.
What do you think of this?
Thank you.
Editor Rob
I think it's unlikely for that genteleman to be truly that size.
David Curtin said on 7/Dec/18
Robert died due to a poorly fitted leg brace which cut his ankle that got infected he died two months before Penicillin was widely available which could have saved his life ...
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 3/Dec/18
Robert Wadlow was 8’11.1” when he was last measured before he died, so he was definitely 8’11” shortly before his death at the very young age at 22. God bless that man, I hope he’s in heaven. He must’ve went through a lot of suffering being that tall and having the conditions he had at his height. Robert’s record will never be broken, he was and always will be the tallest man in recorded history.
Joe sunday said on 25/Nov/18
There is no way that Robert Wadlow was 8,11” tall I think more like 8,7” tall more likely
Dream(5'9.5 said on 22/Nov/18
Rob, I'm curious: what would a 9'5.25" person look with Robert?
Editor Rob
Wadlow would be looking at the chin of such a man.
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Nov/18
Too bad about THETALLESTMAN - an interesting and unique site.

It was a poster from that site who upon my request kindly provided a scan of the physician's letter contained in the 1943 bio on Wadlow - the letter confirming Wadlow's final height to be 272 cm - the only official first hand source for that height - which took some time before it was popularly circulated. It appears the information was requested by Wadlow's father for the very purpose of including it in the bio published several years after Wadlow's death.

ROB - did you obtain a copy of that letter from the TALLESTMAN site? I may still have a copy if you're interested in including same in your introductory images for Wadlow - the source document might get lost in time again otherwise.
Editor Rob
I didn't save it, but could link to it if you still have it and upload it to imgur or email it.

If Arjen isn't bringing his site back, it is worth somebody who is interested in continuing to try to contact him and seeing if he has a backup and wanted to pass it or sell it on.
Wilfred Yeung said on 26/Oct/18
thetallestman website which have a tremendous amount of valuable giant information including Robert Wadlow is blocked by STRATO for unknown reason for months. Is Anyone able to fix it here pls?
Editor Rob
The we host has either stopped showing it due to not being paid or something to do with privacy if it’s hosted in Germany there is more issues. I know some German forums quit after gdpr was introduced. The webmaster Arjen has another site so maybe worth trying to contact him via that....though I forget it’s name!
Kawair2 said on 19/Oct/18
I think He was about 6 ft 1,5 inches because he wore high heels, sorry bout that. :(
Editor Rob
Wadlow was waving goodbye to 6ft 1.5 when he was barely into High School...

I wonder how often as a 10-12 year old he got mistaken for an adult!
Gretz said on 26/Sep/18
Oh and Jt in that pic with Arnold and Andre he does look taller in the pics when they are together with Wilt.Something must be wrong there,as I they think they measured him twice in his prime at 6'1.5".I mean these guys look about 7'2.75" if Arnold is that tall.I think he was never over 6'0" otherwise nothing makes sense.Thats why perspective height and direction can change things A great deal we can`t take all pics at face value,even if taken from the ring if they are looking up can scew things.In 1984 when Andre is dumpin champagne on Hogan to me he looks a solid 6 inches taller than Hogan,everything is level it is better than an in ring pic.And Andre is probably 6'11.5" at this point to me.i will try to find a pic with him and billed at 6'4" dutch savage although probably 6'2" Andre is in his prime and very tall next to him.I posted it over 10 years ago you may even remember it.
viper said on 21/Sep/18
You could play Wadlow in basketball in certain situations. He doesn't have to move. Just have him right under the basket.
Gretz said on 18/Sep/18
Thanks for your response Rob,i always like to here your input you are unbiased and very accurate I.M.O on determining a person`s height.I was curious as to how tall Andre the Giant may have peaked at?Out of bed in 1972 i think he could have been as tall as 7'0.75".and as far as Wadlow I think right out of bed right before his unfortunate demise he could have well hit that 9'0" mark.Not that it matters when you reach close to that incredible height,the only two people that are maybe taller are john Middleton(9'3") and Goliath of Gath(9'9").Don`t have any evidence to verify so it`s like spitting into the wind.I would really like to hear your opinion rob.
Editor Rob
I think you can only go with what is documented, so Wadlow is the tallest known man.

His out of bed height may well have been over 9ft comfortably, but how much over it is one of those unknowns. Considering the length of his spine, you would think 2-2.5 inch shrinkage was possible from rising till evening.
Gretz said on 17/Sep/18
Myllyrinne at 8'3" as tall as Kosen is by far the most athletic of the 12 or so people known to have reached 8'0" fact kosen might even be taller his spine seems to be crooked and he needs crutches to get around.but Myllyrinne seems to be athletic even with the great height,he could have been a basketball player or even a pro wrestler.He is like a one in 5,000,000,000 person extrodinary.
Gretz said on 23/Aug/18
Rob whats your opinion on Eddie caramels height?there have been claims that he was close to 9'0".In that famous pic with his parents he looks almost that tall but his parents both seemed under 5'0"(you could tell they where very tiny.then i see pics of him from giants and girls that no longer exist and he can`t be more than 25 and I see no evidence of spinal curvature,this is outside a bar and one guy looks 6'4"-5 and he is no way a foot taller than him.if i had to bet i think his peak height would be maybe slightly taller than andre the giant 7'0" but not as tall as richard Kiel 7'2.5".and why did some of these guys have to jack their heights up to ridiculous levels?Jack earle visited the circus and was taller than the guy who was supposed to be the tallest man in the world.He was 7'7.5" and this guy looked it,like I said I seen a postcard with him and Al tomani and they where billed at 8'8.5-and 8'4.5.take a foot off each guy and that`s still dame impressive.i mean i have people swearing mills darden was 7'6" 1020lbs.,now that could be true but other than a fake pic floating around on the net 10 years ago,we have no proof to back that one can agree on andre`s height and weight and we have 1,000+ video pics of him.
Editor Rob
At best I think 7ft range, he had a big frame and obviously progressed features from the gigantism.

The old photo with parents he certainly seemed extremely tall.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Jul/18
Wadlow was measured exactly by physicians on a periodic basis - last measurement just 18 days prior to his death. He was measured in metric at an exact 2720 mm which was then converted to an exact 8'11.09" and rounded to 8'11.1" - his growth rate at that stage did not suggest that he would've grown to 9 feet in his final 18 days. Personally I don't need Wadlow to be 9 feet at all- he was a scant .91" shy of that mark anyway. However, it is plausible that if he were measured immediately upon rising he might've hit that mark - I mean potentially how much height might a man of his incredible height lose in the first 1-2 hours let alone first 5-8 hours? Anyway if Wadlow could've been measured at his maximum high I think it would be fair to claim the maximum high as his height - since the title is the world's tallest man after all - the tallest a man ever stood at any time. Like the fastest man ever - he only ever hit that record time once whatever his peak averages were otherwise but it still holds as the fastest time ever recorded in it's own right.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Jul/18

People here do that all the time. They purposefully vote higher than what a celeb was measured at. Waldow obviously wasn't the full 9'0" since he measured 8'11.1" but some people here vote 9'0" or more probably as to pay homage to him for being the tallest recorded man in modern history.
Colberto said on 21/Jul/18
Hey rob how can you guess how tall he is within the weird fraction of an inch you have for the voting options let alone in inches. How could anyone measure him. Most houses don't have 10' ceilings. You'd need a ladder. There's a 9' clearance in McDonald's driveways. I'd imagine he'd hit his head on it in shoes. I think he'd have a complex how close he was to 9'. I don't understand why the average guess is 9' do people on this site just want to say there was a 9' tall man. He's 8'11.1".
Editor Rob
Well in a University, they would be able to measure him against a wall easy enough.
MAD SAM said on 14/Jul/18
I would say he’s over 9 feet tall at 275 cm
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Jul/18
Personally I don't think Wadlow's record is protected simply because of earlier medical intervention in modern times or that Wadlow's own height necessarily represents and intermediary point to even greater human height.
I think Wadlow's height actually represents near enough to human height at it's full potential. Even back in Robert's day there was no one close - save for heavily corrected height claims due to extreme curvature - even then, Wadlow, still standing reasonably straight, exceeded those corrected heights. It's a wonder that Wadlow's own body didn't badly twist and curve as he grew through to 8'11.1" - though there were signs that was beginning to happen at the very later stages.
Note that anyone else recorded around 8 feet or a touch above (there haven't been many) already appear severely compromised - see Wadlow at that same height and above - he still looks quite healthy with the capacity to grow a good deal more without any kinks.
Wadlow's growth rate had slowed in later years - the last measurement 27 June 1940 was about 3 weeks prior to his passing. It's possible that he perhaps grew some fractions of an inch since -the growth rate wasn't necessarily uniform- I would guess that if he were measured in state laying down he would've likely exceeded 9 feet. However, the family forbade any examination post death - which, as it should've been, was correctly and respectfully observed.
Howtallcouldwadlowgrowhadhelivedlonger said on 22/Jun/18
A lot of interesting finds and brain storming here
But have any of you ever wonder how tall could wadlow have reached had he lived into his 30s ?? Could early hyperpituitarism permanently halt his bone maturation process thus result in his continue growth in adulthood where it should have resulted in acromegaly ..... a stage where epiphyseal plate was closed and bone increase in thickness instead of length

How come none of the doctors ever predict his final full grown height ?? What is his final height and how tall do you guys think he could have potentially reached ?? I say he could have reach close to 10 feet tall or close to it taken his growth rate and human structure limitation ..... what do you guys think (how about you editor rob ??)
Jesse said on 20/Jun/18
No one will ever take this record from robert with easy diagnosis of his condition in western world where of course its easier for a giant like himself to live a "healthy" life.
Gretz said on 30/May/18
Just watched the brain that wouldn`t die over the weekend,Eddie Caramel even had special effects appliances added to his head.This guy was no taller than a prime Andre(maybe7'0")big frame but not on Andre`s level he would be nothing incredible today.
Gretz said on 15/May/18
And while i`m at it I would like to reduce (Jack Earle who really was a very tall man)and Al tomani in a post card the claimed a height of 8'8' and 8'4' respectivley.In reality it seems 7'7.5" for Earle and 7'4 for Tomani.Is this not tall enough already,it`s really laughable that you would have to make these guys taller.
Gretz said on 15/May/18
also as regaurds to Eddie Carmel,i feel like i should try to expose the sham of some of these giants.He is out front of the crown room and still young enough he is not bent over at all.there is a guy there in the 6'4"-5 range and considering the other people with him i would be suprised if A peak Andre was not as tall as him there or at least within an inch.this guy is lucky if he is 7'1".and pics with his 4'8"-10 parents aside he is no where near 9'0".Wake up people!
Gretz said on 15/May/18
would John Middelton ever get any consideration for worlds tallest man ever?He may have reached the mark of 9'3" i know he died 395 years ago but why should he be rejected just from that fact Rob,these people where not idiots i am sure they documented his fact i heard a story where he placed his hand which i think beat out Wadlow`s size and it was high enough where you would have to consider him being that height
Editor Rob
It's unverifiable, so unfortunately we won't ever know if he was 9 feet 3.
Gretz said on 11/May/18
would John Middelton ever get any consideration for worlds tallest man ever?He may have reached the mark of 9'3" i know he died 395 years ago but why should he be rejected just from that fact Rob,these people where not idiots i am sure they documented his fact i heard a story where he placed his hand which i think beat out Wadlow`s size and it was high enough where you would have to consider him being that height
Editor Rob
The further back in time you go, the harder it can be to find verifiable or several sources that still exist and could be believed to be accurate.
Conan said on 4/May/18
I think his morning height was 9'0" (274 cm). So I give him at 9'0" (274 cm)
Bobby said on 16/Apr/18
The average guess has him at roughly 8'11.75, weak 9ft then. He was massive. Imagine if he was built like Superman at that height, that'd be godlike.
sulu2018 said on 3/Apr/18
How come he was listed here as 8 ft 10 3/8 before you changed him to 8ft 11.09?
Editor Rob
Most newspapers at the time of his death were reporting his final measurement was 8ft 10 and 3/10ths...the other figure came about later...but since it's in a letter from a Doctor, it's best to go with it
slothee said on 29/Mar/18
No fractions for this one? Shouldn’t he be listed as 8’11 1/8” or even just 8’11”?
Editor Rob
Well I put it back to the exact figure the Doctor wrote down in the letter.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Mar/18
The addition of Myllyrinne is great. Thanks.

I don't necessarily agree with the methodology in determining the "heights" of both Rogan and Carroll (both corrected heights in view of spinal curvature I believe) but that's just my opinion - I still think their additions to the site would be good also.

Side note - re the veracity of newspapers. I checked contemporary reports for Wadlow's 20th and 21st birthdays. The newspapers in question were dated Feb 1938 and Feb 1939 respectively. Though separated by one year both papers gave Robert's height as 8'8.5"! Online growth charts indicate Wadlow to have been 8'7" at age 20 and then 8'8" at age 21 but growing a further 3.1" from age 21 to age 22.4. For some reason the charts omit Robert's height as at age 22 which was generally reported to be 8'9.5".

Again, the medical files would be invaluable to obtain his exact year by year metric measurements to ascertain the exact rates/trends in his growth. Online charts indicate a slowing in growth from age 18-21 but an apparent rate increase thereafter thru to his passing. The exactness of those charts may be as questionable as many of the newspaper reports have been be found to be.

I've read that Wadlow's puberty was a relatively slow process, the cessation of puberty normally sees the halt of growth with the fusing of the bones growth plates. It has been said that he was growing right up until his passing. His pituitary gland was apparently pumping out huge amounts of HGH - far above normal. So a slowing in growth may've been related to his actually nearing the cessation of puberty. Otherwise, I would guess the continued production of HGH notwithstanding, the potential growth of the human skeletal frame has to have a finite point it can grow to.

But I'm no expert on this. Hypothetically, if there was no puberty or at least permanently delayed cessation of puberty along with continued high production of HGH I still can't a imagine the human skeletal frame having limitless growth potential - but I could be wrong.

PS - subject to the veracity of the growth charts it's interesting to note that Robert was highlighted as sick upon his 17th birthday dropping nearly 60 lbs since his last birthday BUT in the following year thru to his 18th birthday his body came back with a vengeance claiming back the lost weight and then some and piling on a whopping 4 " in height - his greatest growth between any two given birthdays.
viper said on 27/Mar/18
So the 8-11.1 is correct If he also measured 8-11.09
Nippu said on 27/Mar/18
Rob. Yes that was right picture. I can open it??? I am the ones who are seriosly doubtfull about Rogan´s height. And also Carroll´s. Just lack of evidence nothing more.
Editor Rob
This link should work.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/18
Rob, could you add John Rogan?

He’d be the second tallest man who ever lived at 8ft9 and was the tallest before Wadlow surpassed him. He died in 1905 aged 37
Editor Rob
Well I've added the other 8ft 3 giant, but I'm not sure about Rogan.

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