How tall was Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow's Height

8ft 11.09 (272 cm)

American, who became famous as The tallest man to have ever lived. Wadlow was a celebrity in his short lifetime and worked as a spokesman for a shoe company. At age 13 Robert measured in at 7 foot 4 inches, weighing 250 pounds. By the time of his 18th birthday, he clocked in at just under 8 feet and 4. In February 1939 his official measurements at Washington University were 8 feet 8 1/4 inches barefoot, weight 491 pounds. Robert's physician measured him in February 1940 at 8 feet 9 and 1/4 inches (also reported as 8ft 9 1/2), then his last measurement was on June 27th 1940, where he was recorded as standing 8 feet 10 and 3/10th's, which was reported in numerous newspapers at the time of his death.

However, a figure of 8ft 11.1 inch surfaced from Guinness Records, who have reported that height since the 1980's, contrary to what was being published at the time of his death. This figure seemingly originated in a 1943 letter from the Physician to Wadlow's father, which stated rather than the reported 8ft 10 and 3/10ths figure from June 27th, that his last measurement was in fact 2720mm (8ft 11.09).

Robert Wadlow Official height
July, 1940

Robert Wadlow postcard

How tall is Robert Wadlow

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8ft 11.82in (273.9cm)
5ft 11 3/4 said on 25/Sep/23
Arshavir Grygorian, Jerry Sokoloski, Dalibor Micić, Abdramane Dembélé, Kewal Shiels, Ivan Höger, Saad Kaiche

Click Here
5ft 11 3/4 said on 25/Sep/23
Saad Kaiche, Jerry Sokoloski, Arshavir Grygorian, Dalibor Micić, Kaliova Seleiwau, Ivan Höger, Kewal Shiels

Click Here
5ft 11 3/4 said on 25/Sep/23
Kaliova Seleiwau, Dalibor Micić, Erika Ervin, Arshavir Grygorian, Kewal Shiels, Martine Balster, Saad Kaiche, Brahim Takioullah, Sultan Kösen, Bob Wegner, Neil Fingleton, Abdramane Dembélé, Rob Bruintjes, George Bell

Click Here
5ft 11 3/4 said on 25/Sep/23
Rob, Abdramane Dembélé is 232, 233, 234, 235 or 237 cm?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I couldn't tell exactly.
5ft 11 3/4 said on 23/Sep/23
At 1:37 of the video they mention in German the height of Caroline Welz at 2.04 meters (6ft 8 ½)

Click Here
Darksol64 said on 21/Sep/23
Appreciate your input Rob! When I first saw him on the show and looked him up online I immediately felt the 7'4 was too much, just wasn't sure how much.

To anyone curious about the episode, it's actually pretty hilarious. That picture I posted is them having a standoff. What led to that is that the other guy (Tayback) owns a Diner and Bloom was a customer. He was complaining about how much the food sucks and how he's not paying and a waitress gets upset because the cost of the food will now come out of her paycheck. Bloom says who cares! Then Tayback comes out aggressively to yell at Bloom and has an oh **** moment as soon as Bloom stands up and realizes he's a giant. Then they do the face off, go back in the alley to brawl and then it shows bloom carrying tayback back inside the Diner and throwing him down on the booth like a featherweight. (And he's not a small guy, at least 220-240 lbs)

Funny episode and pretty funny show overall if anyone's not seen it.
5ft 11 3/4 said on 17/Sep/23
So the tallest actor who played the Frankenstein's monster is Roger W. Morrisey at 7ft 4 and not John Bloom who was around 7ft
dontwannatellya211 said on 17/Sep/23
Ah the Gentle Giant who'll make even tall people feel short.
Darksol64 said on 15/Sep/23
@ Rob 5ft 11 3/4

John bloom....I knew I recognized that name from somewhere!

An old TV show called "Alice" has an episode with him on it. It has some really good shots of him and Vic Tayback; a guy that's listed at 6'0 but was definitely 5'11 at the most on the show.

Anyway, I have the episode and I took the best screenshot I could of them both standing tall... and he was about 41 years old at the time. link:

Click Here

Looks like his shoulders should be around 6'0 based on my best estimation. So that probably puts him at around 7'1 to 7'2? What would your estimate be for his height be based on what you've seen, Rob? Surely at least a legit 7 footer?
Editor Rob
I don't think I'd go over 7ft 1
5ft 11 3/4 said on 13/Sep/23
Rob, do you think John Bloom could be 7ft 4 or would that be too much for him?
Editor Rob
Seemed too high for John.
Jafof said on 1/Jun/23
Nippu said on 1/Jul/22

4. John Rogan Lack of evidence
5. Zia Rasheed can be but pictures dont make it sure case. Dont know single person who stand beside him. If he would be 8footer he probably would be photographed people who height we know. I mean he is a lot of public.
6. Dharmendra Pratap Singh Looks to be around Naseem Soomro height but picture evidence cant rule him out
8. Kentacky giant was around 220-222cm.
10. Parimal barmal did not find any photo there he look even close to 8ft. Even corrected. Only googled him but he was already at his last breath those photos
11. Ramazan Karageyik Camera is not making tricks he is just much better position than Kosen and Kosen dont stand 8´3. Way under 8ft imo. Internet gives 233cm. Hardly giants downgrade themself. I think he was just honest. But he can be moving up? In photo Sultan stands around 10cm taller even a bit lost of height of Karageyik. I guess we can see how this ends up sooner or later. Pretty much soon if he is even close to 8ft.

Yeah seems about right. Basically most of reports on 8 footers are obscure and unreliable
anyways I found 12-14 of them can be conceivable true cases.

BTW Don't believe the sixth guy I listed, he seems to be just our country legend. Same w Carroll guy.
Jafof said on 1/Jun/23
How tall does this giant guy around Sultan stand? I seen somebody claiming, 8 ft for him, but I have doubts regarding this, even corrected legs. I can easily tell that he is few inches less than this. He looks like to be standing about 7 inches nearer the camera, than Sultan. But how tall he would be then? Is his claim of 7 ft 7.75 barefoot legit?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Based on his position, I did think a few inches shy of 8ft...maybe he really got measured near his claim.
Jafof said on 30/May/23
List of 8 footers.
1. R. P. Wadlow 270.3cm
2. John F. Carroll 263.5cm
3. Vaino Myllyrinne 253cm
4. Sultan Kosen 251cm
5. Koehler 248.5cm
6. Jonah Muntea 247cm
7. Patrick Cotter 246.3cm, skeleton 241cm
8. Brahim Takiouallah 244cm
9. Julius Koch 246cm
10. Gabriel Monjane 245.7cm
11. Anton de Franckenpoint 244cm, 235cm possible
12. Morteza Mehrzad 243.8cm
13. Muddasir Gujjar 243.8cm, stand usually 238cm
14. Jinlian 248cm ( if skeleton actually belong to her)

There are serveral other Asian cases as well African.
The examples are Zia Rasheed, 251cm? and Soomro 244cm? and Vikas 248cm? there is high chances for all of them. Even though I'm not convinced if they are legit. Mr Zia is possible case although nothing is sure. We can rule Sir Naseer Soomro by image of Wahid Hannan posted before but is it real? Floor level seems to be changing, also angle seems to make fool, he could've reach more than Koehler standing straight. I doubt people like Vikas too but that's just opinion. Need to be clear. are those tapes clear enough to show that
Sup said on 23/Apr/23
Rob this is another head size comparison between him and shaq who probably have at least a 10 inch long head
Click Here
Here is a quick comparison between big show and shaq for reference
Click Here
The difference between show and wadlow head is huge and big show problably have a 11-12 inch long head
Editor Rob
Maybe almost 3 inches longer than Shaq's.
Sup said on 20/Apr/23
Rob how big is Robert head?
Here is a picture with average guy head size
Click Here
Click Here
Hard to say but looks huge with average people. It seems easily over 12 and probably even over 13 inch
Editor Rob
In some photos of him with other men I looked at again this moment, the figure of 13 inches does seem possible for the head length of Wadlow.
Xeaonittyy said on 23/Mar/23
7’9.75 for Ajaz
Nippu said on 20/Mar/23
@Toby Its ok. We calculated Ajaz much shorter allready like 10-15 years ago. My friend even met him and said he is not that tall at all. But he is of course tall. Just not an 8 footer.
Toby Barrett said on 18/Mar/23
Ajaz Ahmed claimed to be anywhere from 8'1" to even 9'3". But it's obvious he wasn't that tall. (Sorry if I sound like Sotiris Gravas)

Ajaz with maybe 5'1.5" Jejomar Binay: Click Here

Binay with legit 7'5.5" Yao Ming: Click Here Click Here

Ajaz with maybe 3'8" Ali Zaman: Click Here

Ajaz with maybe 5'8" (not 5'11") Fizo Omar (on tip toes): Click Here

Omar with Nazim Othman (claims 5'10.5"): Click Here

Zaman with 7'7" Zafarullah Satti: Click Here

Ajaz with a man who claims 5'9": Click Here

Here's 8'1" standing (8'3" corrected) Sultan Kosen with 5'9" Georg Wessels: Click Here

And finally, here's Ajaz with a height chart: Click Here

I hate to sound like Sotiris Gravas. But it doesn't take a genius to understand Ajaz Ahmed was shorter.
Nippu said on 9/Mar/23
Click Here

What u guys think about this. I know his hands were measured bigger than Wadlow but im still not 100% sure. Also it could have been same size as Wadlow. They use different method to measure hand in Finland so that makes it difficult. They use atleast his handspan and that is greatest to ever measured. Atleast his hands were much bigger than Kosen etc. Only Wadlow i doubt a bit.
Editor Rob
Compared to that other gentleman's head, his hand does look enormous.
Nippu said on 2/Mar/23
@Emil I know. It has also something to do with covid era. I could not train as much as i wanted. I bet i get that back when i got my muscle training better. But im not worry. In eye test i really cant even see it.
Emil said on 27/Feb/23

I saw your comment further down the page about your 1 cm shrinkage.
I honestly wouldn't worry if that was height loss if I were you. There can always be some variance, even at the same time of the day, especially for someone your height.
Emil said on 27/Feb/23
@Daniel Lee

You're seriously arguing about 2 cm for a guy who was almost 9 foot lmao
Emil said on 26/Feb/23
I wouldn't be surprised if Wadlow lost 3 inches of height throughout the day.
Nippu said on 26/Feb/23
I do also belive that Wadlow was out of bed 9ft. Even to me it does not matter because i use metric system. 3 meters would be next goal for me =)
Joe Ponce said on 24/Feb/23
Do you believe it was possible for him to have been a weak 9 ft at some point in his life, Rob? I still have a hard time accepting he was only a 272 cm at his best. I do generally believe he could've hit or at least been very close to the 9 ft mark out of bed during the last 18 days before his death, when he was measured by doctors at 8 ft 11.1 in at the start of that time span. Do you also believe he could've still been growing during those 18 days?
Editor Rob
Out of bed he probably was over 9ft, given the length of his spine.
Xeaonittyy said on 24/Feb/23
@Guest 123 are you Japanese?
Xeaonittyy said on 24/Feb/23
@Guest 123 What are you talking about?
Research. The same doctor measured Wadlow since he was many years. There are tons of images of Robert, around his father through years, also images around him and few people and some with few hundreth people. He also meet Primo Carnera, Governor of Alton at the time, etc. I believe, Wadlow also said in court case, with Dr. Humberd, that his height is 8 ft 9 at the time (age 21). He was aso examined by Dr. Charles Humberd at age 18, at 8 ft 3.75. let’d not forget that the same man measured other giants like Erlich, Mullens, Johnson, etc.

There is many evidence that Wadlow’s case is reliable.
Guest 123 said on 23/Feb/23
Was he actually 8’11 Rob? Or was it a lie?
Editor Rob
I think from the Doctor's who measured him, the measurements seem legit.
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Feb/23
@mask good to hear that Muddasir meet Wessels, I knew him for like 2 years. I trust him and think that hes anywhere from 7 ft 10 - 8 ft. Wessels himself claimed 7 ft 10, but I got no idea if it is old info, but with Arif Mehmood who is 7 feet 4 he look 8 ft, which is interesting to look clear because even if anybody would dispute Arif, he meet Elif Kocaman who was measured by Guinness at 2 ft 5, as shortest women at the time and meet Kosen.
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Feb/23
Very tall man of Lebanon Click Here
This gave me new thoughts about Carroll’s heigh, as in clip we can see that his crutches aren’t even up to his armpit, but he is still using them. The same thing could be for Carroll, but I got no reliable evidence for that, however I saw in medical by Prezio about John Carroll that people around him at one photo are 5’11? Which would make him nearly 8 ft. There is a lot of conflicting things about his true height but who knows maybe one day more proof will be discovered and posted somewhere? I hope so..
mask said on 21/Jan/23
I forgot to post the link to the article:
Click Here
Nippu said on 17/Jan/23
@Xeaoinittyy Abiodun Adegoke. He would be taller but he has lost height bc of his spine. He has many heights. Tallest mention is 7´11. He really does not look like it? He look supertall but i dont know about 7´11?
Xeaonittyy said on 16/Jan/23
@Nippu who do you mean?
Nippu said on 16/Jan/23
If he has been 238cm he has lost some height. 221cm Boban any many player over 7´3 can dunk without jumping. I personally put him near 230cm with bad posture.
mask said on 14/Jan/23
A few time ago you May recall we heard speaking about two differenti Giants: Mudassir Gujjar from Pakistan and Abiodun Adegoke travelling from Nigeria to Usa trying to become a basketball player. At a certain point he was said to have reached 7'11" as he could easily dunk without jumping and sponsored even by Shaq but in this article they call him 7'7 1/2" or 232 cm while the other one from was sai ti be 7'6" and now 238 cm or 7'10". What do you think about?
5ft 11 3/4 said on 8/Jan/23
8ft 2½ Ring Kuot from South Sudan

Click Here
Nippu said on 7/Jan/23
@Guinness i dont trust. I trust photo evidence and that doctors document. I think it is not even corrected height. I belive he was 9ft+ with corrected. He is so superior tall that nobody comes even close. Carroll and Rogan are just tall tales.
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 6/Jan/23
@Nippu Its my guess, dont believe in Guinness, they have bad rules for the measurements
Toby Barrett said on 5/Jan/23
@Daniel Lee 173 cm

How am I manipulating you, when he was measured at 272 cm.
Nippu said on 5/Jan/23
I think we can ignore daniel lee. He is a troll. He just showup and claim like he personally was measured Wadlow but not taken any proof =) This is first and last post where i take any part of his trolling. We know Robert´s height. If it was something it was more than 272cm.
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 4/Jan/23
@Toby Barret

You look like a manipulator
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 3/Jan/23
8'10.2" i wanted to say
Toby Barrett said on 3/Jan/23
@Daniel Lee 173 cm

Provide evidence, otherwise you just sound like a troll.
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 2/Jan/23
@Toby Barrett

Wadlow must be 8'2.2" 5 hours out of bed, just under 270 cm or probably a good 270 cm like the measurement
5ft 11 3/4 said on 27/Dec/22
Theodus Crane 6ft 7 and 350 lbs (Big Tiny) from the Walking Dead Season 3

Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 25/Dec/22
Anders Gustaf Högberg/Anderson (7'6") compared to Elisany/Elisane da Cruz Silva (6'9.5") (Inspired by @5ft 11 3/4). Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 23/Dec/22
@Daniel Lee 173 cm, have any proof for that statement?
Nippu said on 23/Dec/22
@ft 11 3/4 Why in earth Carrol is 8´7 or something. His crutches has been measured 180cm tall. They still exist and are good shape. In the comprision they are around 7´4. Carroll stand in that photo only 7´2 with poor posture. But could be 7´6 to 7´8 if corrected. Anyway nice job i like people doing these so we can argue about heights =)
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 22/Dec/22
There is 0% chances he was 272 cm, 270 cm is the real number
5ft 11 3/4 said on 22/Dec/22
My Comparison with giants

Part 1
Click Here

Part 2
Click Here

Part 3
Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 20/Dec/22
Click Here tallest man in Chad.
Nippu said on 12/Dec/22
Tallest people in the world who has been born in 1996. Winner is Netherland. Behind comes Estonia, all Nordic counrys (Finland, Sweden, Danmark, Norway, Iceland), Germany, France and some of Balcan countrys.

Shortest people come froma Africa, south America and Asia.

100 years ago Sweden had tallest men and women but they policy for open doors for immigrants has lower they height. Same as Finland has our native Saame people who live only Lapland. They downgrade whole country. They are pretty short and tough people. Still many living in old traditional ways. Go to Lapland and u can see it and its really cool place to ski etc. See like Santa Claus.

As u can see basketball Balkan countrys produce a lot of tall basketball players. Same goes by Lithunia and latvia. Even that avarage height is not that tall. Sadly basketball is not big in the other countrys so really tall people dont come here often. Finlands only NBA player Lauri Markkanen is 7´0 in the morning and 6´11 at evening. So he is about 212cm tall avarage i guess.

His father played college in USA (Kansas) and was long time member of Finnish national team. He had great year there but wanted somehow to come back in Europe. Pekka also face ranked nro 2. best college team and there was player who name was Shaq O´neil. Pekka did limited shaq only 10points and they took suprise win. He was master of defender and very agile and fast for his size. He could probably make in NBA for good role player. Pekka is 6´10 (listed 6´11 but i know better i trained a same place with him like 10 years) and his shortest brother is 6´7. He is professinonal soccer/football player. They dont come much taller anymore in that sport. Football needs too much stamina and speed. Tall people can be handy some places and sometimes in the field but usually they dont be good overall players at all. And for photo evidence his other brother is around 6´10 also like his dad Pekka. Mother was also member of Finnish national Basketball team and is 5´10 tall.

I have some photos of Myllyrinne but cant share them. Dont know how to do it here?
I have no some page there i can just add them and send link for you guys. So i need information how i can add them here. Pictures are in my laptop now.
5ft 11 3/4 said on 10/Dec/22
Click Here
My height comparison chart with some giants (part 2)
5ft 11 3/4 said on 8/Dec/22
Click Here
My height comparison chart with some giants
Xeaonittyy said on 3/Dec/22
@Toby Barrett I also seen other photo on Instagram. It turns out that Joelison is actually 7 ft 9.5!
Toby Barrett said on 2/Dec/22
Click Here

Joelisson Silva & Morteza Mehrzad
Toby Barrett said on 13/Nov/22
Click Here

Ajaz Ahmed with Ali Zaman compared to Ali Zaman with Zainab Bibi and Zafarullah Satti.
Xeaonittyy said on 7/Oct/22
Click Here
Emil said on 7/Oct/22

You think he could have lost 2 inches from out of bed till evening low?

Almost 9 feet holy smokes
Editor Rob
If anybody could lose 2 inches, Wadlow is the prime candidate for a big shrinkage in that range.
Nippu said on 6/Oct/22
In Finland there are really tough laws. Even Vainos nephew can´t get his medical information. Gladly i know the doctor who measured him and he was also my doctor when i was a kid. And i mention before his house is opposite to our house. And his mind is razor sharp even thathe is over 80 years now.
Nippu said on 5/Oct/22
@Toby i dont remember was it 252,8 or 6. But i will ask it again. My first post somewhere give the right height. 2mm is not much. I go my hometown like 2 or 3 weeks. I will visit the doctor who did measured Vaino. And i just found out Vaino was measured standing heihgt 248cm before his death. I will find a link. That 252,6 or 8mm was his lying death height. Is it important was he 258,6 or 8? No it is not. His height must be early morning his max and that height he must lose like 1 or 2 inch of height before sleeping. He was just amazing Big man. Even if he would have been "only" 240cm he still would shadow 99% of all giants. But i will get that information. 212cm is not 7ft still. I spurt my grow just before army. 15 months i got 15cm heihgt. It was really i dont know. Scary a bit. I was so glad that there was no illness behing it. Gladly Finnish army has hundred of beds tall people. My bed was 240cm. it was pretty nice. But people taller than me have 250cm beds. But there are not many off them. Mostly 7footers dont serve normal army. They must go army but mostly do office things.
Toby Barrett said on 3/Oct/22
Also can you send proof of Vaino being 252.8 cm?
Toby Barrett said on 3/Oct/22
@Nippu you've claimed that Vaino was 252 cm 252.6 cm and 252.8 cm. Which is correct?
Toby Barrett said on 3/Oct/22
212 cm is 6'11.5"
Nippu said on 3/Oct/22
@Daycringeothon In Finland avarage young man is 182cm. If u are 40-49 year old you are 178,6cm. If u are over 65 you are only 173,7cm. Wich is more than avarage man in the world. Avarage man in the world is 173,0cm (all ages) Finland total avarage all ages is 180,0cm. Its because there are so many young man compare to +65 men. Tallest people by large groups come in Europe. Especially Netherlands, Lithunia and Latvia. Finland, Sweden, Danmark and Norway are all tall people countries. Some parts of the world u can find tribes who can be tall but numbers are too low to make it country or even city. I think it would not be ideal if people come taller than today. World is made man who are 160-195cm tall. After that u start to find troubles to find good shoes, clothes, doors etc. At my height i found trouble to find shoes, clothes etc. But cars are not hard to find. Of cource i can not fit smallest cars. More u get height and weight more difficult and expencive it takes. But i think its not REALLy hard in Finland. There are many shops for tall/big men. But if u go like Thailand u must use a tailor. But it is cheap and u get what u want. Even in Finland has areas there are talle people and shorter people. Lapland drop Finlands avarage quite a bit. In middle and southern Finland people are taller especially Turku area.

Typically North American (USA) is 175cm tall. But there are different heights in many areas.

7´9 Soomro gives me also 8ft impression and he is "only" 7´9. Then u go over 7´7 it really hard to tell without meeting the guy. Pictures gives 8ft impression but really would like to see. I can make roughly measurement. If i stand up and put my arms straight my hands (both) reach height of 268cm. So i can mark my hand 250cm spot. Marker is my hand not arm. Handsize i have around 24,5-25cm. Its hard to get it right were my hand actually start =) I mean we are talkink millimeters here. If i hang out morning in bar and do some chin-ups or just be there i might reach 213cm early morning. Never try that. I can not measure myself and even morning measurement i have been up atleast hour or 2. But i dont see me real 7footer. 7ft is actually more than 213cm. And i dont get taller so even i could perhaps get a bit more i will not reach 7ft. I just know that. Im 6´11 but could easily round up 7ft but it would be cheating because we use centimeters here and im like 2 or even 3cm too short to be that. And trust me it does not bother me at all. All extra height would be minus for me and could cause health issues. Like angles, knees etc. And i love to sport so i rather be healty than taller.
Toby Barrett said on 1/Oct/22
Click Here Soomro also meet Hannan, @Xeaonittyy find.
Xeaonittyy said on 1/Oct/22
Click Here
Nippu said on 1/Oct/22
I have no idea Rasheeds height. All i know that he is much closer to 8ft than 7ft. I would like to see offical measurement. And offical i dont mean his family or friends. Have seen enough those =) But he sure can be. He is not gigantic in his frame and his face looks really kind. I want to know more about him. And if he is 8ft our duty is find out that. Sadly he lives very far from Finland.
Daycringeothon said on 30/Sep/22
Nippu potentially get up to 213cm next visit possible in
afternoon with extra excercise. At 211cm-212cm previous measurements lockdown had something to blame. Average young man (18-34)in Finland is close to 179cm-181cm? Sweden maybe 2cm more.
Xeaonittyy said on 28/Sep/22
Do you consider Rasheed as 8 footer?
Toby Barrett said on 27/Sep/22
Video of Liu Yu-Qing

Click Here
Nippu said on 25/Sep/22
Thanks Xeaonittyy for the post =)
Xeaonittyy said on 23/Sep/22
For reference I wanna tell you that Wahid Hannan also meet one of famous Pakistani cricketers, and that can prove his height as well.
Nippu said on 20/Sep/22
It silent. Too silent..
Nippu said on 15/Sep/22
Yep. I have seen a lot of photos about him. Not even close to 7ft. Just big guy.
Xeaonittyy said on 11/Sep/22
Click Here 50:48 Alain got no chance for 7 ft 6.5 in (230cm), unless if guy around him is like 7 ft. He also never impressed me on other photos. Probably 6 ft 6 or something.
Toby Barrett said on 20/Aug/22
Zia Rashid - 8'0" (243.84 cm)

Click Here
Sharuyan said on 19/Aug/22
Haven't you noticed that Robert Wadlow does have a bigger head than Sultan Kosen and Brahimi Takioullah thought it doesn't standout as much because his body proportion looks normal?
Editor Rob

Because of Robert’s extra height, yeah proportionally it might not look as big as it really is…when you see the life size statue or Robert with other people it’s far more obvious.
Xeaonittyy said on 14/Aug/22
Film about Vaino Myllyrinne: Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 10/Aug/22
Mudassar Gujjar is somehow more impressive than Ijaz Ahmed
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 6/Aug/22
曾金莲 Zeng Jinlian 2米48 (1964-1982) Hunan
张俊才 Zhang Juncai 2米42 (1966-) Shanxi
孙明明 Sun Mingming 2米36 (1983-) Heilongjiang
鲍喜顺 Bao Xishun 2米36 (1951-) Inner Mongolia
詹世釵 Zhan Shichai 2米36 (1841-1893) Fujian
王新峰 Wang Xinfeng 2米35 (1968-) Shaanxi
徐福海 Xu Fuhai 2米35 (1990-) Shandong
姚德芬 Yao Defen 2米33 (1972-2012) Anhui
王峰军 Wang Fengjun 2米33 (1976-2015) Henan
黄长求 Huang Changqiu 2米31 (1968-) Hunan
张欢 Zhang Huan 2米30 (1986-) Shandong
穆铁柱 Mu Tiezhu 2米28 (1949-2008) Shandong
关涛 Guan Tao 2米28 (1990-) Hubei
赵亮 Zhao Liang 2米27 (1982-) Henan
姚明 Yao Ming 2米27 (1980-) Shanghai
張子宇 Zhang Ziyu 2米27 (2007-) Shandong
张梦勇 Zhang Mengyong 2米26 (1987-) Anhui
周真军 Zhou Zhenjun 2米24 (1983-) Hunan
王强 Wang Qiang 2米24 (1982-) Chongqing
康建华 Kang Jianhua 2米23 (1964-) Henan
刘文哲 Liu Wenzhe 2米22 (1977-) Hubei
孙方 Sun Fang 2米21 (1987-)
任柯宇 Ren Keyu 2米21 (2006-) Sichuan
王同心 Wang Tongxin 2米20 (1971-) Zhejiang
张金国 Zhang Jinguo 2米20 (1970-2011) Taiwan
刘兴国 Liu Xingguo 2米20 (1980-) Hubei
孙喆 Sun Zhe 2米20 (1990-) Tianjin
张兆旭 Zhang Zhaoxu 2米19 (1987-) Shandong
李慕豪 Li Muhao 2米17 (1992-) Guizhou
周琦 Zhou Qi 2米17 (1996-) Henan
王治郅 Wang Zhizhi 2米14 (1977-) Beijing
王哲林 Wang Zhelin 2米14 (1994-) Fujian
易建联 Yi Jianlian 2米12 (1987-) Guangdong
陈月芳 Chen Yuefang 2米08 (1963-2000) Ningxia Hui
袁明远 Yuan Mingyuan 2米08
郑海霞 Zheng Haixia 2米04 (1967-) Henan
Xeaonittyy said on 5/Aug/22
5 ft 11 3/4 Huang Chang-Chiu grow to 7 ft 10, and I have many photos which proves this claimaint. I also can see difference between him and Wang Tong-Xin posing, many years ago, and him with Huang in newest photos. Camera tricks or bad angle aren’t included.
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 4/Aug/22
7ft 8.95 Bao Xishun with 7ft 4.6 or 7ft 5.5 Zhao Liang, they stand side by side

Click Here

And Zhou Zhenjun, another chinese giant

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 3/Aug/22
@180cm/5'11 Shaq is 6 ft 11.75 inches (212.73 cm)
180cm/5'11 said on 2/Aug/22
incredable makes 7'0 3/4 shaq elementary size 8'11 1/4 mabe jst under 9ft morning height
Xeaonittyy said on 30/Jul/22
@Nippu thank you for sharing your experiencez
Xeaonittyy said on 30/Jul/22
@Toby Ahmed is 7 ft 5 barefoot, his small head, high shoulders, high shoe, and small people for reference (easy to figure out) make him look like 8 ft. TTM stated that 7 ft 10 which I disagree, though he need minor correction.
Xeaonittyy said on 30/Jul/22
In fact Barman femurs were broken which made him impossible to stand up. I just looked at picture from TTM, where he was estimated to be 8 ft 3 corrected, and I noticed that he got serve scoliosis, curved knees, also I mention that his femurs were forward, and broken, which make him look waaay shorter, that nurse around him appear to be normal height by proportions, as well compared to other nurses around giant Barman.
Xeaonittyy said on 30/Jul/22
@Daycringeothon I agree with you, Barman’s case is another unsolved one.
Toby Barrett said on 29/Jul/22
Ajaz Ahmed is 7'7"

Click Here
Nippu said on 29/Jul/22
I lost 1cm. I was just measured 211cm. Am i shrinking? Or was it just bad day? Anyway im shorter than last time i was measured. My doctor like to make those things. It was afternoon but so was 212cm. I blame covid because could not sport at all in winter time. Only cross-country skiing but 2 winter it have been mostly like -35 Celcius like 3 months and its not fun if gets too cold. And i was getting lazy also. But i have trained allready like 4 month or So I bet i was 209-210cm in lowest. I know i never reach 7ft but i dont even want to. I want to be healthy more. My 206cm friend lost also 2cm in covid time. Be active and u stand taller. He just make those 2cm back.
Daycringeothon said on 29/Jul/22
Barman though barely able to stand in the video he probably was still growing. Guinness said he suffered from severe malnutrition and had (daddy-long legs syndrome) eunuchoidal gigantism. Julius Koch's legs look way longer in comparison and he may never have been a true 8 footer. Barman's legs look somewhat crooked and very emaciated. He could have been between 7'8''-7'9'' although maybe he was more. This case seems very hard to solve.
Toby Barrett said on 29/Jul/22
@Xeaonitty I can believe he was 8'3" because he needed big correction
Xeaonittyy said on 28/Jul/22
Only if Barman would be agreed as 8 ft
Xeaonittyy said on 28/Jul/22
Rogan was max 8 ft.
Xeaonittyy said on 28/Jul/22
Actually tallest Asian probably had Proteus syndrome, as well Gigantism both
Alex 6'0 said on 27/Jul/22
8'11.1 is 8'11 1/8 i believe
Xeaonity1 said on 20/Jul/22
Sorry, for not adding ranks to my list.
Xeaonity1 said on 20/Jul/22
Crutches are made for 7 ft 5 guy.
Xeaonittyy said on 20/Jul/22
Carroll were standing 7 ft, in shoes, because Prezio's height is also exaggerate, I noticed it, while assuming the crutches, on photo, and on comparison. If you will compare him, to crutches, in non-properly position, it can be seen, that he is the same height, those assumed would be 2 inches longer, that in position, at the photo. I give 5 ft 9 barefoot, for Prezio, and 6 ft 9, for barefooted Carroll, perhaps if he wore shoe lifts.
For more evidence, I may put Carroll, in the chart in that position, to just look at it.
Xeaonittyy said on 20/Jul/22
@Nippu FiveFootNine says in post, that post is made, to solve Carroll's height, he also mentions "New photo give rise to scepticism on Carrolls height", what would be the point, by making it anyway, if not estimating true height?
Nippu said on 20/Jul/22
Fivefootnine made that chart just to show how it would be if Carrol would be that 8`7. And it looks impossible. He was not claim that he was. If i remember right. Anyway Carrol was stading 7`2 and corrected more like 7`7 or more. But not mch more bc 8ft man would need much longer crutches.
Xeaonittyy said on 19/Jul/22
John Francis Carroll - the first traces, of lie, that can be easily noticed.

John F. Carroll height was always very dubious, even the fact, that Guinness stated once, that he was second tallest man of all-time, and no reliable photos (now third). I were always skeptic about his standing height.
Here is some evidence, that he never reached more than 7 ft 6, standing height

Let's start, that Carroll went to hospital, in October 1959, due to broken ankle. By that time he was supposedly 8 ft, but no photos exist, where he pose with somebody else.

New photo, where he stand with his crutches, was released, on 7 November 2015. Click Here

would be a new evidence, right?

ONLY, if Francis would stand properly.

Few later a known estimator, HeightDetective, or FiveFootNine estimated Carroll’s standing heigh, if legs would stand straigh Click Here He found it, as 8 ft 2, in shoe, while normal standing height, in weird
position is about 7 ft 0.5, in shoe. It was also claimed, by him, that Carroll was half-sitting, in that new photo. (Which I disagree, based on photo, as well assuming his legs)
If you will look at image listed below, it can be clearly seen, that Carroll's legs are ALMOST straigh, only just curved.
Click Here

We also could notice, the fact if he really would stand up to 8 ft 2 in (in shoe) (248.9cm) his crutches would be too short, so those wouldn’t touch even shoulder, which would make it impossible to walk, for guy, with broken right leg, and ankle. We know, that person who have broken leg, or something else broken, under torso level, crutches should help walk, and not just hold Click Here
I estimated, that if he really would stand 8 ft 2 (248.9cm) in shoe, he would need crutches, which would be 6 feet 7 in (200.6cm), but in reality those are about 5 ft 11.5 (182.2cm). Click Here
Other photo shows younger Carroll, at age 22, at height 7 feet 5 in (226.1cm) and 7 feet 6 in (228.6cm).

His 2-dimension spinal creature don't give effect, of
John F. Carroll's medical document, made mainly by Joseph A. Prezio: Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 19/Jul/22
@Robbe I know it, so that's why I added an inch, to Jyoti's height, even though I think it was not enough. @Toby Barrett Dharmendra photo didn't supported even 8 foot.
Toby Barrett said on 18/Jul/22
@5 ft 11 3/4 Parimal Chandra Barman grow more to 8'3" (251.46 cm)
Robbe said on 17/Jul/22
Jyoti is further away from the camera there, but anyway, Dharmendra looks nowhere near 8ft next to others.

Click Here
Xeaonityy said on 16/Jul/22
Dharmendra Pratap Singh is actually exposed.
2022 photo, and estimation: Click Here
Dharmendra stand 7 ft 4 in to 7 ft 4.5 in, in shoe, because Jyoti is 2 ft 1 in, in shoe.
Although he need correction, based on his foot. My guess is 7 ft 6 in - 7 ft 7, corrected.
Robbe said on 16/Jul/22
Click Here
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 15/Jul/22
A list of tallest indian people

Asadulla Khan
Balbir Singh Bhamara
Dalip Singh Rana
Dharmendra Pratap Singh
Gitika Srivastava
Gursimran Singh Bhullar
Gurvinder Singh Malhotra
Jagdeep Singh
Jitendra Singh
Karan Singh
Maruthi Hanamanth Koli
Polipaka Gattaiah
Poonam Chaturvedi
Pradeep Srivastava
Rajesh Kumar
Saniya Kulkarni
Santhosh Kumar
Satnam Singh Bhamara
Siddiqa Parveen
Sharad Kulkarni
Short Kashmir Giant
Sukhwinder Grewal
Sunil Kumar Chaudhary
Sunil Kumar Panda
Svetlana Singh
Tall Kashmir Giant
Tanveer Bhullar
Vikas Kumar Uppal
Yashwant Raut
Xeaonityy said on 15/Jul/22
I just estimated, that Dharmendra's height, based on Jyoti Amge's height (2 ft 2, in shoe).

even though Dharmendra would stand at 7 ft 6 mark, if straight, and 7 ft 5 barefoot. He need a small correction, which would be 7 ft 7 - 7 ft 8.

Note: Estimation will look less clear, than my other estimation, but program for background removal had a problem.

Estimation: Click Here
Xeaonityy said on 14/Jul/22
@Nippu Nashnush reached his 8 ft 1 in, two years before he died, as Guinness claim, that they last 8-footer measured before Kosen, was measured 20 years ago, at a height of 8 ft 1.
Xeaonityy said on 14/Jul/22
@Nippu Click Here
This claim, that Rogan was 8 ft, but it is likely measured in Amsterdam foot (28,3cm), because hands and foot length is exaggerated, but I'm not sure, since it got deformed a big before Lackey measured him. But now it's almost sure, that he ever wasn't 8 ft 9 in.
I'm also sorry, for calling you a fraud.
Nippu said on 13/Jul/22
John Rogan is one of the most doubtfull giant, we have not really evidence he was more than 7`7. And he probably was not even close no 8ft. Nashush looks like 7`7 in the video. Pretty good find. He looks like muresan, bradley bol heihgt.
Nikos K. said on 13/Jul/22
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover, As many newspapers as I saw from that time, none mentioned him as 8 ft 9.5 tall! All the newspapers had mentioned him as 8 ft 9 in or 105 inches with arms outstretched 110 inches. Crotch to knee 31 inches, knee to heel 28 inches, feet length 16½ inches, hands in length 12 inches.
Xeaonityy said on 11/Jul/22
Hi there Rob!
Will Bernard Coyne, and Don Koehler have a page? They both were mobile, and as well celebrities.
Koehler was salesman.
Coyne was candidate, for World War I.
Both were 8 ft 2 (248.92cm).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jul/22
Rob, could you add John Rogan?

Second tallest person in history (tallest before Wadlow came on the scene). Supposedly measured 8ft9½.
Xeaonittyy said on 9/Jul/22
New archived video, of Suleiman Abdul 'Ali' Nashnush - Click Here
Nippu said on 8/Jul/22
Julius koch had a same syndrome as did Manute Bol etc. his legs were really tall but torso was "almost" as normal size man. I mean his upper body was more like a 6´8 persons body. Only his legs make him 8footer. If i rememrer right his femurs were even taller than Wadlow. Wadlow also have huge legs. Long daddy syndrom. But still Wadlow was gigantic every way. That is why he is only 9footer. Koch has really weak torso.
Xeaonity1 said on 7/Jul/22
Good idea, Nippu!
Xeaonity1 said on 7/Jul/22
My fandom wikia, about Tallest People - Click Here
Nippu said on 7/Jul/22
@Xeaonity1 Great u have this page and most of pictures. Yes! They are not all lost as i think. Now i can do litte effort for u guys and send this month some amazing pictures about Vaino. And perhaps some other giants.
Xeaonittyy said on 6/Jul/22
Julius Koch height estimation, based on femur length.
Click Here
If his femurs are really 2 feet 6 inches, or 76cm them he would be 8 ft 6-7 in, with skin.
Nippu said on 6/Jul/22
@Xeaonity1 It is very much possible that Trung was still growing. But he dont give u Wadlow effect. Not even his height. Im sure he could been that 8´4 to 8´6. But in photos Wadlow looks much taller. Wadlow did armpit to Jack Earle who was around 7´7. As for other giants i like giants who are healty as possible. Mostly they have some issue why they are so tall. Parimal Chandra dont look like 8ft tall at all in that video. More like 7´2 to 7´7. And poor guy could not even stand. Those are cases wich i dont like. Some point u mention im lack of emphaty. But i have it too much. I want to see shorter giants who have decent life. I dont wont to watch sick people. These giants could also have height stopped treatment in country with better healtcare. They should have better medical treatment. So more we find them we can perhaps send hospitals these news. Many of high level hospitals can make they life better and longer.
Xeaonity1 said on 5/Jul/22
Photos which are usually linked to Angus MacAskill, and (Bihin?) may actually belong to Captain David Van Buskirk, but they claim for him 6 ft 10.5. Other source say for Bihin 6 ft 8 and 6 ft 11.
Click Here
Xeaonity1 said on 5/Jul/22
Click Here
Xeaonity1 said on 5/Jul/22
Who else doubt Angus Macaskill?
I read once, on TTM forum, debate about one photo, who allegedly belongs to Angus, photo they posted is postcard, which claim, to show Angus. TTM members claim, that man on photo is Jean Bihin, but its unlikely, because back of the postcard claim ‚6 foot 7’, which is likely height, of photographed giant. Also I will mention, that 79 inches to actually 6 ft 7 Click Here, and 7 ft 9 was height, which they claimed, for Angus. His story is also suspecious, or even impossible for 7 ft 9 guy. I also figured out, that General Tom Thumbs height is also less, based on few photographs he pose.
Xeaonity1 said on 5/Jul/22
I believe trung was 8 ft 3 to 8 ft 6.
Xeaonity1 said on 4/Jul/22
I wonder, if Zia Rasheed have chances for 8 foot.
Xeaonity1 said on 4/Jul/22
Driver look like 170cm, likely because of camera angle.
Xeaonity1 said on 4/Jul/22
At the end of video, from may 2019, Trung stand, and he appear to be close to 260cm. Although i’m not sure, how is tall, driver, of car, but i’m guessing, that 165cm, which is about average height in Vietnam.
Toby Barrett said on 4/Jul/22
Parimal Chandra Barman Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Jul/22
Screenshot, from video, made in May 2019 -
Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Jul/22
@Nippu Trung was measured, at 250cm, and photos, which I send before shows this. In May 2019 there was announcement, by people, who hospitalized him that he grew, since his last measurement, so few days later known socialist, and blogger made a video, showing, how close he is to his bed, which was measured at 260.5cm.Click Here They claimed, that he is already 257cm, but I have minor doubts, because he were looking on about 254-256cm.Click Here
Nippu said on 4/Jul/22
Sure Trung is to me over 8ft now. I use centimeters and would be great to find his exact height. Perhaps we dont have that but i can also take inch accuracy.
Xeaonity1 said on 3/Jul/22
@Toby Barrett Me too, If Wang Feng-Jun standing height likely hasnt increased, since his 7 ft 8 measurement. Talking about Trung - He was 8 ft 5 - 8 ft 6 in, so opinion don’t mean, that it change the thing, so we need to accept, the truth.
Toby Barrett said on 3/Jul/22
@Nippu you don't have to believe Trung, it's opinion based. But if you do believe Trung is over 244 cm, that's great. one thing I must say is, I can agree that Wang Feng-Jun wasn't 254 or 245 cm.
Nippu said on 3/Jul/22
I am serious. U force me to take Trung seriosly. Thank u and Toby for that. I just was not aware eneough. I bet we will find more 8footers in future. Hopefully healty ones.
Xeaonity1 said on 1/Jul/22
If you’re being serious, IMO great list. I agree, with almost every height.
Nippu said on 1/Jul/22
Sure. I might forget few. It is roughly who is the tallest. But there is no time machine how we can make all the facts right. I Round up all heights. And i dont use corrected heights.

1. King Wadlow 9´0
2. Trung? I guess. There seems to be poor but good enough evidence 8´4-8´6. We cant see his exact height but we see enough to give him that. Just dont like how they give him 1 or 2inch extra standing height because ruler is not straight.
3. Myllyrinne 8´4 was never corrected
4. Kosen 8´1 to 8´3 (does not stand 8´3)
5. Don Koehler 7´10 but 8´2 corrected (he did lose all his neck as he did get older) in young pictures he stand 7´7 mostly.
6. Bernand Coyne 8´0 to 8´2
7. Zeng Jinlian 8´2 Skeleton photo make me beliver. Before that it was impossible to compare him short chinese people
8. Brahim 8´1 but stand more like 7´10 Still really impressive and healthy giant
9. Morteza Mechrzad was measured 244cm not 246cm member of TTM. Reza was a guy who visited him and make very good photos about him. So 8footer his longer leg.
10. Vikas Uppal 8ftooter
11. Gabriel Monjane 8footer
12. Franz Winkelmeier 8 footer
13. Anton De Franckenpoint 8footer probably a hint more or hint less

Special mention. Zhang jun cai would be but even bad posture he is 7´11. So he is seperated in my list. Could be easily 8´1 or more corrected.

So now more intresting session. Doubtfull cases.

1. Wang fen jung was same height as Yao Defen (234cm) then they meet. Perhaps he was growing. In photos they look almost identical compare to people around them.
2. Suleiman Ali Perhaps later in his life or not. Photos Max. 7´9. But could have reach 8ft really end of his life
3. J.F. Carroll not even corrected. His crutches are 6feet tall
4. John Rogan Lack of evidence
5. Zia Rasheed can be but pictures dont make it sure case. Dont know single person who stand beside him. If he would be 8footer he probably would be photographed people who height we know. I mean he is a lot of public.
6. Dharmendra Pratap Singh Looks to be around Naseem Soomro height but picture evidence cant rule him out
8. Kentacky giant was around 220-222cm.
9. Ghazi is also uncertain
10. Parimal barmal did not find any photo there he look even close to 8ft. Even corrected. Only googled him but he was already at his last breath those photos
11. Ramazan Karageyik Camera is not making tricks he is just much better position than Kosen and Kosen dont stand 8´3. Way under 8ft imo. Internet gives 233cm. Hardly giants downgrade themself. I think he was just honest. But he can be moving up? In photo Sultan stands around 10cm taller even a bit lost of height of Karageyik. I guess we can see how this ends up sooner or later. Pretty much soon if he is even close to 8ft.

Must keep upgreade more. I lost a lot of intrest about this since highly worked TTM site did go down.
Xeaonity1 said on 30/Jun/22
@Nippu Can you list your 8-footers list??
Xeaonityy said on 29/Jun/22
Kaliova Seleiwau, and Sultan Kosen.
Click Here
Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 22/Jun/22
@Nippu it's a WIP so some heights may not be accurate so i will send link when it look better.
Nippu said on 22/Jun/22
Robbe. I really like your pictures. But u did give other giants they max. height and also with shoes. Robert would be over 9ft with shoes =) Just want u notice that. Anyway wonderful comparision. Just make Robert talles. In shoes 9´1 and bit more perhaps. @Toby sure i can help what i can. Mostly i can help with European giants.
Robbe said on 21/Jun/22
😁 Click Here 😁
Xeaonity1 said on 18/Jun/22
Sorry. In last comment I written “June 2019”, but I meant “January 2019”.
Xeaonityy said on 18/Jun/22
Libyan Archives C5
Suleiman Ali Nashnush - tallest Libyan ever was born on January 1940, at B. Ashour street, Tripoli. At year 1960 he went to hospital, 2 years later his height began to grow again, so he went to one of local hospitals, in Rome. The women, who was hospitalizing Nashnush, is likely alive. Her name is Maria, and she described Nashnush, as a happy, and lazy person. They measured him once, at a height of 240.3cm or 7 foot and 10.5 inches, and weighting a bit over 186kg, he stayed in Italy, for 4 years, since 1960. Later he driven, to Libya. His father was multi-billionaire, even though he is sometimes forgotten, to be mentioned, his value was build in shops, of bicycles, and marketing. Nashnush has one of them, which were specially made. He also played in two movies, Fellini Satyricon, and Tobruk. He played, in local team, named "Gibo Basketball", and 2 other teams, before, as a attacker, they described him, as a very strong man. He weighted at the time 192kg, and staying at 241cm or 7 foot 11 inches, or a bit more. He was touring, by the world, when he was measured, by Guinness, as 8 foot 1 inches, or 246.3cm. He died, of diebates, also caused by heart attack, at the age, of 51.
Toby Barrett said on 18/Jun/22
@Nippu I have a site that is a TTM restoration that u can help find photo for I can send link here if u want.
Robbe said on 18/Jun/22
Suleiman looks nowhere near 8ft Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 17/Jun/22
Nippu. I have no problem, with sending those videos, IDC, if somebody gonna say again '7 ft 7', even 8 foot is too short. I just know, that he died at height over 2.56cm. There are also way more photos.
Click Here= Back them 246.7cm
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here = His coffin measured 2.8 inside, 3m outsite.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Please compare.
Click Here - October 2018 (pls check out, his knees, and spine)

Click Here - June 2019
Click Here - ?
Nippu said on 17/Jun/22
Im so pleased all new pictures because at some point i was pretty sure we dont see them. I bet there are a lot more but just not in internet. So maybe we can solve Suleimans real heihght someday? Atleast i like to know was he close to 8ft or not. Now i cant be sure. In pyjama pictures i was sure he was not 8ft at the time. If someone have time to make new TTM type of site for pictures i would really help for photos. i dont know why but there are also plenty of Vainos photos dissappear in internet. I know they exist. But not here anymore. And im not against Trung. Im mostly sad that if he was sometime really world tallest man its shame that he was not found. He could have much better medical treatment and better last years or maybe he could have lived like 10 more years in good medical care. Basically all the giants need help at some point.
Nippu said on 17/Jun/22
Xeaonity1 Lies? I can chance my opinion if i see more proof. Its simple. I have done this like 20years now. I never lie. But my truth is not always truth. Its just 1 opinion just like you have 1 opinion and they are not always true. I cant remember what i have wrote past 20 years but i change my opinion when i see evidence. As i say im always skecptic. Before internet we were almost blind and get our poor information basically Guinness. I have been much more right than wrong. And i have even solved several giants real height just to be sure. And been part solving a lot of giants true heights. Like J.F. Carrol case. He is still mentiod 8´7 or what ever he claimed. I never bought it. And we did find a truth. Or atleast close to it. It was not easy to do it. And i did not do it alone. Here is J.F Carroll with his crutches. If i remember right they were 180cm tall. Click Here And there are 4 pictures. Crutches still exict and its really easy to tell he was not even near to 8ft standing. I could need that tall crutches. But of course he was much taller than i am. He just lack a lot of poor stature. Sulemains final height i guess will be mystery. Or not. I have notice that we are after TTM getting more and more people to do this.
Daycringeothon said on 16/Jun/22
Suliemen Nashnush appeared in Satyricon that was filmed in 1968. He would have been 25 or 26 years old. The surgery he had in 1960 at age 17-18 was not a success other then he didn’t die from it. Those photos of him in pajamas he was 7’5”-7’7” even though it’s old news. But the new ones he looks 7’9” minus the shoes. The surgery didn’t fully stop his growth but slowed it considerably.
Xeaonittyy said on 16/Jun/22
Nippu, you have low empathy + lies in everyday comment.
Xeaonity1 said on 16/Jun/22
I just wanna true heights, unlike you, the only one, who think, that there are only 3-5 '8-footers'. You cannot understand difference between 8 foot, and 10 foot, in my opinion. Watching this situation, for years. You once claimed that Zeng Jinlian was 7 ft 2 in, until [...] *something that changed your life*, and though to 'make her' 8 footer again, those photos were on internet for decades. You also claimed that Coyne need more info, I understand with photos, and small amount, of medical data, but he was from USA, so that change our perspective - right, Nippu?
Also why you now claim that Jinlian is 8 foot 2? Chinese people back them were like 2 foot shorter, back them, as you said, that, *for example*, in the time, when Winkelmeier lived, people were like 20cm shorter, which is not true, because likely 5-7cm, ofcourse, I know, he pose with people who were like 5 foot, but 228cm is too less, in TTM forum people extimated that about 7 ft 11 to 8 ft 0.75.

I also live in Europe, and I understand, what you try.
Nippu said on 15/Jun/22
Just by eyesight and long history of Hoax giant cases. He dont look gigantic that is one thing of course. He look really tall but weak and ill. I have been travelling everywhere in the world also a lot in asia countries. People are much shorter there so its hard to make comparision in pictures. So when is see poor measurement i always first become skeptic. It was not only poor it was also terrible quality. I wish i would been there i could do it like it should be done. Or someone who can take real measurements.

And my trust with 3rd world doctors with poor hospitals are really low. Leonyd Stadnyk was one case wich i was absolutely against his claimed height (8´5) and i was right. Usually i am these things. Not always. I have met enough these giants and been tall enough that i can say if someone is 7´7 or 8ft in person. But never met a Trung. Btw. Great new pictures about Suleiman. Not many of them around. Still i dont buy his 8ft because he was around as tall as Sandy Allen (7´7) or bit more then they make film. Later perhaps if he did grow a lot more? Suleiman was cutted out but Sandy has a part. It was Fellini movie if i remember right. For Toby. I still have same doctor my neighbour who measured Vaino. He did also double check it to me. 252,8cm and 175kg. His final day. So u belive me and this doctor of his or Guinness who never met him. I have met a lot of people who have been around Vaino. It´s up to you. I dont mind how tall u think Vaino was. 247cm is basically as tall than 253cm. His pituary tumor was activated again if i have not share that information? I have tryid Vainos clothes and shoes. I have EU size 52 shoe and Vaino had 58. His shoe was of course enourmous but not like his clothes. I also tried his bicycle. I could not use it. It need atleast 7´7-7´9 tall person to even someway to ride it. I also have seen his other stuff. I think there a more but people collected them. Living same area there Vaino lived its really easy to visit places there u can see his stuff. They actually find his sister´s old house new Vainos belongs year or two ago. 2 pair of shoes, skiis etc.
Xeaonity1 said on 14/Jun/22
@Nippu. Why did you 'estimated' Trung once at 7 ft 7 in to 7 ft 9 in, later 8 foot, and 8 foot 1, and them again 7 ft 6?
He was offically measured, by his doctors, and other people, there are even more photos, which shows tape how he getting measured.
Click Here - ?

Click Here - in November 2018.

/K2yOSlClick Here - In october 2018.
Xeaonity1 said on 13/Jun/22
Suleiman Ali Nashnush new photos (Credits, for finding goes to Toby Barrett):
1. Click Here
2. Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 13/Jun/22
Nippu, your comment is long. Remember Birriel was estimated to be 7 ft 11, but you claim 7 ft 9 is max for being healthy. I know, really, ever 8 footer isnt healthy, except Vaino, and maybe Nashnush, since news images seems interesting. Nashnush died due to Heart attack in Latvi, while being 50, which is a bit much, for giant over 7 ft 7 in. Now I can agree, with you, that Carroll would stand 7 ft 6, non corrected, after research, also his crutches would have to be 6 ft 7, if he really would stand 8 ft, barefoot, also there isnt even a single pucture, of him standing normally, while being 'supposedly over 8 foot'. Also, I can agree, that Ijaz wasn't 8 footer, his peak height was 7 ft 10.5, after few years, he stand 'only' 7 ft 5.5 to 7 ft 7, in shoes. I can also agree, that Wadlow probably wouldn't stand, after reaching body lenght of 9 ft 2, or less. In 1938 he walked critically. But I can disagree, about few giants height, which you claim to be shorter, because there is many evidence. If you need proof, and names, ask me.

Also. Another giant who could be 8 footer, is Karageyik, since he look taller, than Kosen, comparing images, when he stand with Georg Wessel, and he hasnt really strunk that much. Remember, that Karageyiks knees arent stamding straight, and he need help to walk. I seen two other pictures, from other perspective.
Toby Barrett said on 13/Jun/22
also vaino was 247 cm tall and not 251.46 cm tall
Toby Barrett said on 13/Jun/22
@Nippu Vaino has no proof of barefoot 8 ft 3, giants like Sultan Kosen, and Zeng Jinlian are taller
Eli Shahar said on 13/Jun/22
Definitely 272 cm. Spot on listing I mean there’s nothing to argue about because this was his exact height before he died. Just imagine how much height he would drop in the night from exercise 😳 crazy .
Robbe said on 13/Jun/22
Jack Earle real height Click Here
Daycringeothon said on 12/Jun/22
Jacob Erlich aka. Jack Earle he was a circus performer who claimed 8’6” lived in same era as Robert Wadlow and Väinö Myllyrinne. Erlich was max 7’8”. Wadlow wanted to meet and prove him wrong because he knew he was exaggerating. In reality Erlich would barely touch Wadlow’s shoulder. Then there were others George Auger 7’3”, Aurelio Tomaini 7’4”. Tomaini was a big boned giant but nowhere near 8 foot.
Toby Barrett said on 12/Jun/22
@Nippu who refuse to meet Vaino?
Nippu said on 11/Jun/22
Vaino was not claimed 8´3. He was measured 252,8cm. So almost 8´4. And we have calculated his heigt near still exist objects and people who height we know. Vaino himself said he is 247cm tall. But he was still growing and did not make any public shows. Even he was offered a lot of money about that. In that era all other giants refuse to meet him because they know that he was taller than them. And bigger. Vaino was huge. Big boned 175-200kg guy. But he was grown more. He was really modest and never weat boots or tophats. He did not have to. He make his last tour 1947. After that he just wanted to live quiet normal life. He had been touring most of his adult life and had eneouh money. He later said it was bothering because everybody just was stearing him.
Robbe said on 11/Jun/22
Giants often poses with short people to look taller, but this guy next to Lauri Moilanen looks above average height Click Here

Lauri i think was not under 7'9. He was probably taller than Winkelmeier.
Robbe said on 11/Jun/22
I doubt Winkelmeier was that tall. He looks 7'8/9 range compared to Wadlow Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 9/Jun/22
Top 10 Tallest People In Europe.

1. Franz Winkelmeier (Austria) 8 ft 5½ in (2.58m) - Museum In Austria Measurement.
2. Christoffel Münster (Germany) 8 ft 1½ in (2.47m) - Documents support 8 ft 1½ in (2.47m).
3. Väinö Myllyrinne (Finland) 8 ft 1¼ in (2.47m) - Claimed 8 ft 3 in (2.51m).
4. Patrick Cotter (Ireland) 8 ft 1 in (2.46m) - Skeleton measurement confirm 8 ft 1 in (2.46m).
5. Julius Koch (Germany) 8 ft 0⅞ in (2.46m) - Estimated height as legs amputated.
6. Jane Bunford (England) 7 ft 11 in (2.41m) - Measured officially at 7 ft 11 in (2.41m).
7. Ivan Stepanovich Loushkin (Russia) 7 ft 10¼ in (2.39m) - Height estimated from bone evidence.
8. Alexander Sizonenko (Ukraine) 7 ft 10⅛ in (2.39m) - Likely 8 ft (2.44m) corrected.
9. Feodor Machnow (Ukraine) 7 ft 10 in (2.39m) - Tallest living person in his lifetime.
10. John Middleton (England) 7 ft 9 in (2.36m) - Height estimated from hand print.
Xeaonity1 said on 9/Jun/22
My list of Tallest People
1. Robert Wadlow - 8 ft 11.1 in (2.72cm), USA
2. John Rogan - 8 ft 9 in (2.67cm), USA - Minor doubts
3. John F. Carroll - 8 ft 7.75 in (2.63cm), USA - Hard doubts, his crutches would be 6 ft 7 in (2m), if He would really stand 8 ft. Also there is very small amount of evidence, and photos.
4. Ho Van Trung - 8 ft 5.7 in (2.58cm), Vietnam
5. Vaino Myllyrinne - 8 ft 3.5 in (2.53cm), Finland
6. Sultan Kosen - 8 ft 3 in (2.51cm), Turkey
7. Parimal Barman - 8 ft 3 in (2.51cm), Pakistan - Stand 7 ft 4 in, corrected about 8 ft, but according to Guinness and medical info 8 ft 3 in, still dobious.
8. Ramazan Karageyik - 8 ft 2 in? (2.49cm), Turkey - Him standing around Sultan Kosen and George Wessel (for comparison) looks sightly taller, but camera tricks, and on other photos he looks shorter, useless if people are tall. Corrected likely a a bit taller.
9. Bernard Coyne - 8 ft 2 in (2.49cm), USA
10.Don Koehler - 8 ft 2 in (2.49cm), USA
11. Zeng Jinlian - 8 ft 2 in (2.49cm), China - Corrected most likely few inches more, her skeleton evidence says it, as well photos.
12.Brahim Takioullah - 8 ft 1 in (2.46cm), Morocco, France - Corrected height.
13. Julius Koch - 8 ft 1 in (2.46cm), Germany - May have been taller.
14. Morteza Mechrzad - 8 ft 1 in (2.46cm), Iran
15. Patrick Cotter O'Brien - 8 ft 1 in (2.46cm), Ireland - Minor doubts.
16. Vikas Uppal - 8 ft 0.5 in (2.45cm), India
17. Gabriel Estevao Monjane - 8 ft 0.8 in (2.46cm), Mozabique
18. Wang Feng Jun - 8 ft 0.5 in (2.45cm), China - Likely no, but in his later life he had spine, and estimated to be 8 ft 2.5 in (2.50cm)
19. Franz Winkelmeier - 8 ft 0.5 in (2.45cm), Austria - Not sure, but possibly even more, but less is also possible. (TTM forum members claim this height)
20. Suleiman Ali Nashnush - 8 ft 0.4 in (2.45cm), Libya - Most likely 7 ft 8.5 in (2.35cm), even new photo evidence says it (Contact me: Xeaonity#2325, on discord, for more info. Credits for finding photos: TobyTinker1)
21. Anton De Franckenpoint - 8 ft 0 in (2.44cm), Germany
22. Sa'id Muhammed Ghazi - 8 ft 0 in (2.44cm), Egypt - His exact height may be dispute.
23. Suparwono - 7 ft 11.5 in (2.42cm), Indonesia
24. Jane Bunford - 7 ft 11 in (2.41cm), United Kingdom
25. Felipe Birriel - 7 ft 11 in (2.41cm), Puerto Rico
26. Ivan Stepanovich Louskhin - 7 ft 10 in (2.39cm), Russia
27. Alexander Sizonenko - 7 ft 10 in (2.39cm), Russia - When he was measured by GWR, he was a bit shorter.
28. Feodor Machnow - 7 ft 9 in (2.36cm), Ukraine - I know, that this is heavily disputed. Documents say 7 ft 9, 7 ft 10 in, and 7 ft 11.
29. Ajaz Ahmed - 7 ft 9 in (2.36cm), Pakistan - corrected likely more.

Few other uncomfirmed cases.
Zia Rasheed - 8 ft 1 in (2.46cm) ?, Pakistan
Dharmendra Pratap Singh - 8 ft 1 in (2.46cm) ?, India
Kentucky Giant - 7 ft 11 in (2.41cm) ?, United States
Robbe said on 9/Jun/22
Confirmed 8'0.75 Gabriel Monjane Click Here
Xeaonity1 said on 9/Jun/22
Click Here
Xeaonity1 said on 9/Jun/22
Estimation o Huang Chiang-Chiu, Zhang Juncai, and other Chinese giant. Click Here

Huang Chiang-Chiu - He estimated to stand 7 ft 11 in (2.41cm), in shoes, although he is closer to camera, which make him around 7 ft 10 in (2.39cm), 7 ft 9 in (2.36cm) barefooted.

Zhang Juncai - stand nearly 7 ft 8.75 in (2.36cm), although not properly -
the knees aren't in an equal position, so if he would stand properly, them probably around 8 foot (but for me it's hard to estimate, since I used height chart, not other technique), also we need to mention lordosis, which would make him 1 - 1.75 inches, which is about (2.5cm - 4.4cm) taller, if corrected (8 ft 1.75 in?).

Other Chinese giant - Stand 7 ft 3 in (2.21cm), also mentioned in TTM, at this height.
Xeaonity1 said on 9/Jun/22
Ho Van Trung was estimated twice, that he stand there about 8 ft 1.75 in (2.48cm), or 8 ft 0-1 in :(2.44-46cm), because estimation may have been a bit rought, due to his father (5 ft 9 in, barefoot), don't stand properly.
Robbe said on 9/Jun/22
Not confirmed yet, but Zia Rasheed is a possible candidate for 8 footers club Click Here
Xeaonity1 said on 8/Jun/22
There is image of Ho Van Trung standing 2m5.
Click Here

Other Photo: Click Here
Robbe said on 7/Jun/22
Yeah, it would be interesting to know how tall Broc's mom really is. She is standing slightly further away from the camera there, so she might be even taller than 5'10. Her shoes could be thicker than Broc's though.

What comes to 8ft club, i think Bernard Coyne is a valid member. He looks pretty close to Väinö's height Click Here
5'7 and a bit said on 6/Jun/22
Can't help but feel sorry for the guy. Being 8'11 is not the best.
Always came across a really friendly, gentle and quiet guy
ChristianAnthonyPerkins said on 5/Jun/22
And that's assuming his mother's a legit 5'10". She could very well be under that, who knows.
Robbe said on 4/Jun/22
Broc is said to be 7'8 in this pic Click Here

His mom appears 5'10 range there. Picture is taken 6 years ago, when Broc was 19. So he has grown only an inch since then? Seems like he never gets into the 8ft club then..
ChristianAnthonyPerkins said on 3/Jun/22
No, Guiness measured him at 8'11.1" at the time of his death, and there's a chance he was shorter than that at his normal height, because of spinal decompression due to lying down after death.
Toby Barrett said on 29/May/22
Anyone else doubt Broc Brown is 7'9"? i think he is closer to 7'6.55".
Skull crushing Final said on 28/May/22
He had to be at least 9'0 tall I doubt he was 8'11 Rob any proof he was 8'10 or 9'0?
Joe Ponce said on 14/May/22
I always thought he was a legit 9 ft; I still have a hard time accepting he was only a 272 cm at his best.

At some point in his life, he had to be at least a weak 9 ft out of bed, right?
Robbe said on 14/May/22
Of all the pics of Väinö, this amazes me most Click Here

That radio host claims 5'7. Väinö looks just huge there 😵 😵 😵
Nippu said on 13/May/22
I have seen different photos of same evening and only 1 of those. Dont know how 🙂 I try to make effort and so u new ones.
Robbe said on 11/May/22
@Nippu, i have seen those pics before, im surprised you haven't? 😮

If Väinö was 8ft range at the time, the other people look average height. The guy on the right looking at the camera is bang on editor Rob's height. So that's how you would look next to Väinö, how about that Rob 😁 Click Here
Nippu said on 9/May/22
Toby Vaino was like 8ft at the time or bit less? He did grow all his life. Just not fast pace like some others. Harry Lawson is hoax. We found the photo where it was photoshopped. Like 15 years ago. Also same as grady patterson. Dont know who do these but it is totally waste of time =)

For Vaino he was 222cm tall when he joined army and was 226cm when he was relased. But it took like 10 year before he did stand 8ft. He was close but not there yet in those photos. He did grew only like 1 to 3cm a year. That is a reason why he as healthy giant. He was a bit taller than Kosen but has 40 to 60kg more weight. In his death he still weight 30kg more than Kosen. And those are normal people not midgets. It was just normal party. But as u can see Vaino look already pretty big in his 27year.
Toby Barrett said on 6/May/22
@Nippu those look like before he reached 8 ft 3
Toby Barrett said on 6/May/22
@nippu if I were to never trust Guinness I would doubt Robert Wadlow's Height
Nippu said on 5/May/22
Click Here

Actually found 5. Year is 1936 and Vaino is 27 year old in pictures.
Nippu said on 5/May/22
Click Here

I did found for me new photo of Vaino.
Toby Barrett said on 3/May/22
Click Here this still amazes me appears to be an 8 footer or more in height if true
Toby Barrett said on 3/May/22
@John 6'11.8 All Of Those Have Been Debunked
Toby Barrett said on 1/May/22
@Nippu its like how they list Rumeysa Gelgi as tallest living woman at 7 ft 0.7 but siddiqa parveen measures 7 ft 3.5 laying down and atleast 7 ft 8 corrected
Toby Barrett said on 1/May/22
Edouard Beaupre Claimed 8 ft 3.5 in (2.52m) and death certificate have that height but then 1992 Guinness book say 7 ft 9 (2.36m) surely he is taller than that but I'm not sure men were shorter in the 1900s
Nippu said on 30/Apr/22
@the tallest man isure do know that. But they would do that if they someone taller than Wadlow for sure. Or Sultan. Well Sultan is still mobile. At one time Bao Xi shun was tallest man 236cm and we always knew that was not even close to tallest. We found a lot of people over or near 8ft after that. And seems like will continue founding. But guinnes dont wanna see anyone taller than Kosen who can not travel. And measuring how they do it change. Now they use Sultans max. Height not avarage.
Toby Barrett said on 28/Apr/22
Click Here Bernard Coyne was 7 ft 8 in real not 8 ft 2
Toby Barrett said on 26/Apr/22
he wants a Guinness world record for biggest living hands 11.5 inches which means if he would apply he would be measured too. maybe he is an 8 footer height difference is big enough for it and measuring over it in shoes lets there be a bigger possibility. and he for sure is taller than Leonid Stadnyk who we know was max 7 ft 8 maybe tiny bit taller. personally i think Mr. Rasheed is an 8 footer and if not he is very close to 8 ft
Toby Barrett said on 26/Apr/22
Click Here Whats everyones thoughts on this? Zia Rasheed 8 foot tallest man pakistan looks about 8 foot in photos even measured 8 ft 3 in his shoes on video Click Here is he another 8 footer? or is he shorter
Editor Rob

Hard to tell in the clip what he might measure using that bendy tape
asdl30555 said on 26/Apr/22

I believe Vaino barefoot 8'2, shoes 8'3.25 in photo evidence 3D simulation
Nippu said on 26/Apr/22
I say it again. Never trust Guinness. They are happy with Wadlow. Lesser giants are not they priority. And yes photo evidence dont support even 8ft.
Daycringeothon said on 25/Apr/22
5. Parimal Barman - 8 ft 6 (2.59cm) - 8 ft 1, corrected?

Parimal Barman’s stature wasn’t very impressive with the few photos taken of him. He was never officially measured by Guinness. The 1991 and 1992 books did consider him the tallest living person at 8’3”. Why they did that is anyones guess. He was severely malnourished. He was estimated to have been more near 7’7”. On the old TM site there were pictures of him surrounded by nurses and a doctor in London,England. He may very well have been losing a fair bit of height. He was somewhere between 7’7”-7’11” corrected height.
Toby Barrett said on 25/Apr/22
robert wadlow would be able to dwarf 7 ft 7 leonid stadnyk and 7 ft 9.7 feodor machnov
Toby Barrett said on 24/Apr/22
Click Here vaino always looked over 8 ft
Nippu said on 23/Apr/22
Yes he was. He was at young age boxer and wrestler. But he grew too tall and just start using his height to get money. And Vaino was not a poor man. He was humble but not poor. He did have a big car. Of course front seat was removed and he was driving in back seat. Have seen only one photo. And hi did help his relatives with money. Buy house etc.

Topic to imo is that we try to find more and better documents of those "new tall guys". Im sure that there must be because its year 2022.
Toby Barrett said on 22/Apr/22
vaino was amazingly mobile which is rare for people his size
Nippu said on 21/Apr/22
This topic is not Vaino. Was he 8´2 or 8´4 he was twice a size and healt with most giants. Including Sultan. He was a most mobile 8ft or more ever. Easily. That is why i with him. And my grandfather also knew him. So i had many storys about his size. It is still possible to go and make measurement like 2meter object if someone want to travel there. I say this because 98% of giants heights are untrue. Even NBA centers shrink when they really start make real measurements. Rogans doctor evidence u can throw at toilet. I was one of the most active members in TTM and also "founders". We did had a lot more evidence there with Vainos height near people who height we know. It was his later years even poor posture that 8´3 with shoes. Rogans Doctor should have been really really tall if he would have been that tall. Like 6´6. And he dont look like 6´6 tall. More like 5´7 to 5´10. And that was tall in those days. Someone in TTM help me and find all lost evidence what we made =D
Toby Barrett said on 20/Apr/22
this arguement is stupid i think vaino was 8 ft 3 now because those 3d estimates and to be fair most giants have disputed heights 8 foot tall or not
Daniel Lee said on 20/Apr/22
8'10.5" (271 cm) for Celebheights standars.
Toby Barrett said on 20/Apr/22
hey Rob will Chandra bahadur dangi get a page eventually?
Editor Rob
At the moment I don't think so.
Xeaonityy said on 19/Apr/22
Comment to Toby's list commented by Nippu.

1. Robert Wadlow 8 ft 11.1 (2.72cm) - Agree, corrected about 9 ft 2
2. Ho Van Trung 8 ft 10.5 - (2.71cm) - Maybe not, but atleast 8 ft 3.5 in
3. John Rogan - 8 ft 9 in (2.67cm) - Possibly, but photo evidence says that 7 ft 10 - 8 ft 1
4. John F. Carroll - 8 ft 7.75 in (2.63cm)- Hard to tell, even with those 3D estimations, but according to some TTM members - 8 ft
5. Parimal Barman - 8 ft 6 (2.59cm) - 8 ft 1, corrected?
6. Franz Winkelmeier - 8 ft 6 in (2.59cm) - Always posed with dwarfs, maybe 8 ft
7. Bernard Coyne 8 ft 4 (2.54cm) - 8 ft 4, after he died. Real height 8 ft 2 or 8 ft 1.
8. Ijaz Ahmed 8 ft 4 (2.54cm) - 7 ft 8-10 was standing height, but corrected probably 8 ft
9. Vikas Uppal 8 ft 2 in (2.49cm) - I can finally agree with Nippu - 8 ft, max 8 ft 1, if corrected
10. Sultan Kosen 8 ft 3 in (2.51cm) - Maybe an inch shorter, but atleast 8 ft 1
11. Don Koehler 8 ft 2 in (2.49cm) - Standing 7 ft 10.5, corrected 8 ft 2
12. Zeng Jinlian 8 ft 1.75 (2.48cm) - Standing 8 ft 1.75, but corrected probably 8 ft 6 in, due to lordosis and kyphosis
13. Christopher Munster 8 ft 1.5 (2.47cm) - No idea about this man, only one note support 7 ft 4, and metal stela
14. Vaino Myllyrinne 8 ft 1.2 in - Can agree, because 2.53cm is exaggetion, in my opinion

? Mamadou Diallo 8 ft 2.5 in (2.50cm) - Possibly, but knees bones small
Toby Barrett said on 19/Apr/22
i think trung was 8 ft 10.5 a week before he died because he never stopped growing. ijaz ahmed was 8 ft 4 in correction ttm owner agree with that also i love how you went from claiming jinlian is 7 ft 9 max to agreeing with 8 ft 1.75 you contradict with what you say. and john rogan measure 8 ft 6 by his doctor and theres medical proof on ttm. every giant taller than 8 ft 1.2 except from wadlow gets called disputed from you just because you want the tallest man from your country to be 2nd tallest and deny other people to be taller.
Nippu said on 18/Apr/22
Toby i dont want to argue with you. But for me these are old news. U are late. But i notice that u buy every height what interner is offer. I make my last correction. Mostly those giants are so old case that we never know. I only stay top giants.

1. Robert Wadlow 8 ft 11.1 (2.72m) YES corrected more
2. Ho Van Trung 8 ft 10.5 (2.70m) NO. Not even close. Dont make you a fool. If u a right im first to tell u so. No proof at all. Also u every week give some giant more heights. What kind of proof do u have even this case.
3. John Rogan 8 ft 9 (2.67m) No never. And he was never measured. Just estimated.
4. John F Carroll 8 ft 7.75 (2.63m) NEVER. He was standing 7´2 in his final pictures but poor perfomance. We did calculate how much correction he would need to be that tall. And his clothes also tell that he was max. 8ft but probably 7´6.
5. Parimal Chandra Barman 8 ft 6 (2.59m) PROOOOOOF. Probably 7+ something. Photos are not impressive.
6. Franz Winkelmeier 8 ft 6 (2.59m) No proof. He looks tall but in that era people were 20cm shorter than today and they did not use tallest people beside him. 8footer perhaps and thats a lot.
7. Bernard Coyne 8 ft 4 (2.54m) 8´2
8. Ijaz Ahmed 8 ft 4 (2.54m) 7´10 in his longer leg less with his shorter.
9. Vikas Uppal 8 ft 4 (2.54m) Some said a bit less and some a bit more. I did some search and find that he was around 8ft. But not more. Little people beside hinm make him look taller.
10. Sultan Kosen 8 ft 3 (2.51m) YES. Corrected height. Stand under 8ft mostly. Also shirinking.
11. Don Koehler 8 ft 2 (2.49m) YES. Corrected height stand 7´9 or 7´10.
12. Zeng Jinlian 8 ft 1.75 (2.48m) YES. But could not stand straight even.
13. Christopher Munster 8 ft 1.5 (2.47m) I DOUBT A LOT
14. Vaino Myllyrine 8 ft 1.2 (2.47m) Measures 8´4 with no corrected height. Dont make speculations with corrected height. Was measured half sitting position 7´6. That give u idea how tall he was. And how BIG he was. Most of modern giants are handicaps. Vaino was just supertall and Superbig. That is why i like him. Also another Finnish giant Louis (lauri) Moilanen was probably only 7´9 or so. He looks in picture 8footer but it is easy to look like 8footer on pictures if u are 7´9 or bit more.

But dont stop. I like what u are doing. Atlest we finally have some talk about these giants. In late TTM it was more reliable information than here. This is also free site to everyone who wanna talk. Just miss our 3D guys who actually could tell peoples real height. U only need 1 object in picture wich height u know. Also those Asian giants have not keep in touch in Guinness like did not Leodid Stadnyk who claim 8´5 but was actually 7´7.
Toby Barrett said on 16/Apr/22
Top 20 All Time
1. Robert Wadlow 8 ft 11.1 (2.72m)
2. Ho Van Trung 8 ft 10.5 (2.70m)
3. John Rogan 8 ft 9 (2.67m)
4. John F Carroll 8 ft 7.75 (2.63m)
5. Parimal Chandra Barman 8 ft 6 (2.59m)
6. Franz Winkelmeier 8 ft 6 (2.59m)
7. Bernard Coyne 8 ft 4 (2.54m)
8. Ijaz Ahmed 8 ft 4 (2.54m)
9. Vikas Uppal 8 ft 4 (2.54m)
10. Sultan Kosen 8 ft 3 (2.51m)
11. Don Koehler 8 ft 2 (2.49m)
12. Zeng Jinlian 8 ft 1.75 (2.48m)
13. Christopher Munster 8 ft 1.5 (2.47m)
14. Vaino Myllyrine 8 ft 1.2 (2.47m)
15. Dharmendra Pratap Singh 8 ft 1 (2.46m)
16. Brahim Takioullah 8 ft 1 (2.46m)
17. Lauri Moilanen 8 ft 1 (2.46m)
18. Patrick O Brien 8 ft 1 (2.46m)
19. Morteza Mehzrad 8 ft 1 (2.46m)
20. Julius Koch 8 ft 0.9 (2.46m)
Toby Barrett said on 16/Apr/22
Alex182 said on 14/Aug/21
Rob Paul, this is my list of the tallest people. What is your opinion on this list?

8ft 11.09 Robert Wadlow (United States)
8ft 8 John Rogan (United States)
8ft 7.75 John Carroll (United States)
8ft 4.50 Hồ Văn Trung (Vietnam)
8ft 2.82 Sultan Kösen (Turkey)
8ft 2 Bernard Coyne (United States)
8ft 2 Don Koehler (United States)
8ft 2 Vikas Uppal (India)
8ft 1.75 Väinö Myllyrinne (Finland)
8ft 1.75 Zeng Jin-lian (China)
8ft 1 Patrick Cotter O'Brien (Ireland)
8ft 0.97 Brahim Takioullah (Morocco)
8ft 0.85 Morteza Mehrzad (Iran)
8ft 0.80 Julius Koch (Germany)
8ft 0.75 Gabriel Monjane (Mozambique)
8ft 0.25 Suleiman Ali Nashnush (Libya)
8ft 0 Anton De Franckenpoint (Germany)
7ft 11.30 Zhang Jun-cai (China)
7ft 11.30 Suparwono (Indonesia)
7ft 11 Jane Bunford (United Kingdom)
7ft 11 Felipe Birriel (Puerto Rico)
7ft 10.50 Sa’id Muhammad Ghazi (Egypt)
7ft 10 Feodor Machnow (Belarus)
7ft 10 Ajaz Ahmed (Pakistan)
7ft 9.50 Albert Johan Kramer (Netherlands)
7ft 9.30 Frederick Kempster (United Kingdom)
7ft 9.30 Yoshimitsu Matsuzaka (Japan)
7ft 9.30 Alexander Sizonenko (Ukraine)
he list vaino at his real height of 8 ft 1.75 he was 8 ft 3 in his shoes not barefoot
Nippu said on 14/Apr/22
Ruler they use is not totally straght and give perhaps 1 inch more.
Toby Barrett said on 14/Apr/22
jinnat ali was 7 ft 7 in reality not 8 ft 2 Click Here
Xeaonityy said on 7/Apr/22
of course, in november 2018 he was 7 ft 10, but look on this: Click Here One of his legs is still 2 inches shorter, but his spine corrected, and knees also. He stands there 8 ft 1.7, next to his dad.
Toby Barrett said on 7/Apr/22
@robbe trung suffer spine curvature and he never stop growing he was 7 ft 8.5 standing but laying he was 8 ft 2.4 lying down in 2018 but 8 ft 3 atleast in 2019 standing and 8 ft 5.7 lying down
Robbe said on 7/Apr/22
@Toby Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 6/Apr/22
also @nippu when u said trung is max 8 ft you'd be wrong
Daycringeothon said on 3/Apr/22
Disputed Heights. Men over 7’4” in 1968 Guinness book.

Poolad Gurd (1927-1951)tallest man of Iran during his time. A TIME article issued Aug 1950 did say 8’2”.
He may have measured 7’8” at one time but kyphosis reduced it to 7’3”. Picture evidence Supports this.
Hans Schelechter (?-?) Yugoslavia 7’7” Maybe.
Pedro Cane (1772-1794) Peru 7’5.25” Maybe. not enough evidence no photographs
Bernardo Gilli (1736-1774) Italy 7’6.5” possible but lacking evidence
Fernand Bachelard (1923-?) Belgium 7’8.25” photo evidence Yes.
Taluka (1921-1949) Burma 7’5” no evidence.
Balahu (1910-1936) Ethiopia 7’5” Evidence Yes.
Toby Barrett said on 3/Apr/22
i estimated trungs corrected height to be dead on 8 ft 6 (259.2cm) because his bed was 8 ft 6.5 (260cm) and he looked no shorter than his bed.
Toby Barrett said on 2/Apr/22
that inspires me to make a top 7 disputed 8+ footers list

1. Siah Khan (Iran) Claimed 11 ft 10 in 361 CM Real Height 7 ft 2.6 220 CM
2. Zhan Shichai (China) Claimed 10 ft 6 in 319 CM Real Height 7 ft 8.75 235 CM
3. Feodor Makhnov (Ukraine) Claimed 9 ft 3.5 in 283 CM Real Height 7 ft 10 239 CM
4. John Middleton (England) Claimed 9 ft 3 in 282 CM Real Height 7 ft 8 234 CM
5. Eddie Carmel (Israel) Claimed 9 ft 0.6 in 275 CM Real Height 7 ft 5 in 226 CM
6. Leonid Stadnyk (Ukraine) Claimed 8 ft 5.5 in 257.7 CM Real Height 7 ft 7 in 231 CM
7. Al Tomaini (USA) Claimed 8 ft 4.5 in 255 CM Real Height 7 ft 4 in 224 CM
Mads Nielsen said on 31/Mar/22
Now this is the real "Big Rob" haha
Xeaonityy said on 31/Mar/22
Toby, Ho Van Trung was standing, in november 2018 most likely from 7 ft 8 in to 7 ft 9 (2.36cm), while they claimed 8 ft 2.5 in (2.50cm), but he had extremly bad posture, and spine (estimating 3-4 in/7cm-11cm) before his spine corrected, one of his legs was also closer to camera, than other, so that made him standing a bit shorter, than being. BUT the photo, that you founded was most likely done few months later, by the time his spine corrected (probably because he was laying on his bed for long time), and he was standing about 8 ft 1.3 (2.47cm), as the authors of photo claimed, as I written. The diffrence between height, of father, and trung, since november 2018 and few months later (when his spine corrected), was easily to see, he was most likely standing in november 2018, 7 ft 9 in (2.36cm) but later about 8 ft 1.3, but remember that his other leg was shorter more than 3 inches, so this is most likely why, when he was laying, was taller
Toby Barrett said on 31/Mar/22
hey rob the persian giant siah khan claimed 11 feet 10 (361 cm) but was later measured 7 feet 2.6 (220 cm) whats your thoughts on how ridiculous his claim was
Toby Barrett said on 31/Mar/22
waittt those are the ones from the video
Toby Barrett said on 31/Mar/22
where are the images of trung being measured without the lines? and also he grew after november 2018 cause he died in november 2019 and by that point he was 8 feet 5 but only when laying down
Xeaonityy said on 31/Mar/22
Looking on images from november 2018, of trung being measured, standing next to his father, and comparing the other image (from later, than nov 2018) image that Toby Barrett discovered (where e also stands to his father), Trung appears to be way taller. That's probably because, when he was standing (as of nov 2018), he has spine (but when laying not), also his one leg was standing closer to camera, and probably few months later, his spine corrected, also his knees, so he was standing at a height of 8 ft 1.3 in (2.47cm) - But his one leg was still shorter, probably about 3 in.
Xeaonityy said on 31/Mar/22
I guess that the person who posted the photo, Ho Van Trung being measured, meant, that he was standing 8 ft 1.3, but corrected about 8 ft 2.5
Toby Barrett said on 30/Mar/22
not my image but i posted here cause its more proof of trung being over 8 feet but does anyone here have that image of trung being measured without those lines cause i find those annoying
Xeaonityy said on 30/Mar/22
Thanks, for research!
But remember, he was standing at least 250cm (8 ft 2.4 in), but his other leg was few centimiters short, than other. You could see than on TvTv1 video.
Also, I can see there a minor spine. He is standing to his father, who stands at his shoes about 180cm.
Toby Barrett said on 30/Mar/22
Click Here trung was atleast 8 feet 2
Nippu said on 27/Mar/22
Max. Standing recorded. Giants like Myllyrinne or Wadlow never did get corrected heights. And everybody lost height. Giant or not. At morning IF you were sleeping u are taller a bit. At aging people can lose a lot of height. Also poor posture can lose a lot of height. But u are as tall as u stand. So no corrected. Just what u can stand in your Max. Position. Corrected Wadlow would be over 9ft and Vaino atleast 8´5. We must stick real heights. And max. standing heights.
Toby Barrett said on 27/Mar/22
does anyone know what zhan shichais real height was casue every source has a different height 1 says 8 foot another 1 says 10 foot 6 which is defo disputed and another one says 8 foot 6 and another one says 7 foot 8.75 and if i were to go by one of them i would say the 8 foot to 8 foot 6 height cause he looks to tall to be 7 foot 8.75
XeoN said on 24/Mar/22
Maximum height recorded count, not the last measurement. Thats my opinion.
Toby Barrett said on 23/Mar/22
also i have noticed people want to push the average guess to be 9 foot i wonder which troll started it
Toby Barrett said on 23/Mar/22
@XeoN Felipe Birriel's height is most likely 7ft11 (241cm) peak but when he got old he shrunk down to 7ft7 (231cm) judging by images
XeoN said on 22/Mar/22
A short question -
Is Felipe Birriel's height already debunked, or just still unconfirmed?
Caleb ~179cm said on 21/Mar/22
Tallest living men in the USA:

Broc Brown 7'8
Brendan Adams 7'8
George Bell 7'8
Bob Wegner 7'8
Kenny George 7'7
Daniel Gilchrist 7'7
Shawn Bradley 7'6 on celebheights
Jim Lanier 7'6
Chuck Nevitt 7'5
Aurangzeb Khan 7'5
Matt van Komen 7'5
Will Foster 7'5
Andy van Volkenburgh 7'5
Calvin Lane 7'5

Most of the listed heights here aren't correct. Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 21/Mar/22
i wanna see a real image of musutaman cause the one claiming to be him is rajan adhikari from nepal who is 7 ft 3
Toby Barrett said on 21/Mar/22
Zia Rasheed has to be the most mobile living 8 footer from what i have seen of him and he has slightly bad posture so i would argue 8 ft 1 corrected
XeoN said on 21/Mar/22
Just watched the clip from Rang De Basanti, where Vikas Uppal appears, he isn't even close to 8 ft 2 in (2.49cm), more like 7 ft 8 to 7 ft 9. compared to many people, he was acting, as wrestler.
XeoN said on 21/Mar/22
Just watched the clip from Rang De Basanti, where Vikas Uppal appears, he isn't even close to 8 ft (2.44cm), compared to many people, he was acting, as wrestler.
Toby Barrett said on 21/Mar/22
bol bol would look short next to his father manute bol Click Here
viper said on 21/Mar/22
Manute's son Bol Bol is 7-1
Toby Barrett said on 19/Mar/22
also about zhao liang if he was 8 ft 0.7 in then the doctor would be 6 ft 1 in and the nurse 5 ft 4 in which is realistic Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 19/Mar/22
Bol Chol was a natural giant too at 7 foot 10 and was Manute Bols grandfather
Toby Barrett said on 19/Mar/22
someone said zhao liang doesnt have gigantism and is in proportion i agree with proportion part but no gigantism? doubt it

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