How tall is Gheorghe Muresan

Gheorghe Muresan's Height

7ft 7 (231.1 cm)

Romanian former Basketball player. he also appeared in the film My Giant. During his basketball career he was typically listed 7ft 7 or 8, weighing 303 pounds.

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Average Guess (74 Votes)
7ft 7.13in (231.5cm)
Vmsowsj said on 9/May/23
Nippu said on 15/Mar/23
Shawn Bradley late teen measurement was 7´5´5. Damn feets. Around 228cm but later he was measured 7´6 and 1/4 at standing middle of the day so no out of bed. I think he is the tallest NBA player ever with Muresan and Bol. I think it was only matter of the day who was tallest of them. We are talking so small difference that we can not say here who was the tallest? And When? We can only rule Yao out if this discussion.
mask said on 21/Jan/23
In this article dated June 10th 1993 his height is stated to be 7'5 3/4" or 2.28m by his own admission, so he could very well have been 7'7" with shoes on, by the way very close to Bradley who measured 7'5 1/2" barefoot and Bol with some sources having him also at 7'6".
After all it makes sense to me.

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Joanis said on 1/Jan/23
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Dec/22
I meant Muresan, while I was writting.
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Dec/22
@Space that’s because he already strunk. Bradley was also straighten. There are couple photos of Muresan and Sun Mingming who is 7 ft 9, and we can tell that he is at least 7 ft 6.5. For reference Sun Mingming meet also Yao Ming who meet Bradley.
Toby Barrett said on 24/Nov/22
Manute Bol would edge him.
Space said on 8/Jun/22
Shorter than Shaun Bradley in that photo of them. Yet looked 8 feet tall on the court
Canson said on 24/May/22
@Daniel Lee and Duhon: I doubt it’s fake. But GBOWR measures 3 times within 8 hours. That could mean when they first wake up and with a guy that size they could easily lose close to 2”. I’ve never seen 7’6 flat for Manute Bol but I don’t rule it out. As for Ming I could believe that being close to accurate. As for Sid, I think what Rob lists him is his low for the day. That’s probably his afternoon/evening. He looks taller than that at times so he’s probably a legit 6’6 and change or a strong 6’6” equivalent to how I measure 6’4 1/4 at my normal low (I am 6’4 flat at my extreme low though which is rare but it’s my absolute low)
Duhon said on 22/May/22
@ Daniel Lee your comments about Guinness are libelous and Guinness is a British based company. I'd caution you to examine the UKs libel laws for your own sake.
Daniel Lee said on 22/May/22
@Rob Guinness is only a business, they are fake news. They try to list with taller heights for generate money. I think your page don't need pay importance to their terms.

There are a lot of contradictions with their listings and terms, i think you need downgrade a lot of giants in Tallest Men Category, including Brahim Takioullah, Robert Wadlow or even Olivier Richters.

Sun Ming Ming was measured 7'8.75 and he claimed 7'8
Giant Gonzales was measured 7'7.25, but he looks solidly shorter than that with 6'6 1/8 Sid and 6'7 1/8 Taker
Muresan 7'6.5"
Bol was measured 7'6" flat barefoot, Bussiness Guinness measured him 7'6.75"
Shawn Bradley was measured 7'5.5" and 7'5.75"
Yao Ming is half inch shorter than Bradley.

Businness Guinnes is fake.
Canson said on 11/Jan/22
@Editor Rob:

Says here that Muresan measured 7’6.5”

Click Here
Editor Rob
That could well be true.
Nippu said on 23/Nov/20
U can judge people heights only if u see full body, also feet.
Matt logan said on 27/Oct/20
Yao is about 7'5 realistically
Canson said on 24/Sep/20
@Christian: no worries!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/20
Sorry, I made a post right after on Sep 2, acknowledging that I mistook Yao's MMA post for yours, but it still doesn't show up for some reason.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Sep/20
Sorry if this is off topic, but I had no idea you train in MMA. Do you do it for fitness or self-protection reasons? Or are you interested in it for a pro career? Either way, that's pretty cool.
Nippu said on 23/Aug/20
This is such a silly topic. They are bacically same size. Well now Yao heavier. But in height. We are talking only 1 inc here.
Nippu said on 17/Aug/20
Well, Yao fan as i `m loving Yao but he is hint shorter than Bradley, Bradley is taller was taller than his NBA height. I`m almost 7ft tall. 212cm actually. Yao is tall anf big but 7`8 is absurd. I know Bradley or Yao do n`t care about this topic. Both are huge but Yao was better playing ball. Bradley was gazy good shotblocker at his best. . Easton was only better than him. Keep it cool no reason to fight inch or two. They still are both only semi giants compare to 8ft + giants.
Nippu said on 13/Aug/20
Late the tallest man site we actually calculated heights pretty accurate. Forget photo evidence i have met Yao and Bradley in person. Muresan from distance. Bradley was and is taller than Yao who is around 7`5 Perhaps hint over but nowdays also big. Muresan was around same size as Bradley. If u trust only one picture u have no idea. Muresan keep pretty poor posture usually. He has always done that even he could stand taller. But today they migjt be same height compare to Mr. Ming ming. Have not met them in 10 years.
Nippu said on 10/Aug/20
I give Bradley 7`6 and half because he was measured that in 60 minutes. Standing height and daytime. Yao 7`5 and muresan is as tall as Bradley but not taller. Yao/Bradley photo is not perfect but you can Bradley being taller and that is not only picture. Muresan/Yao picture we don`t see feet at all and Yao look taller than Yao ming ming and that is not true. So probably Yao is standind a bit higher ground.
Canson said on 29/Jul/20
Height said on 29/Mar/18
Rob, seems that he is shorter than Shawn Bradley: Click Here
Editor Rob
In that photo it can seem it, though I'm not sure whether bradley has a little camera advantage enhancing his height.

@Editor Rob: he is shorter than Bradley and Bradley even alluded himself that He’s 2” taller. Maybe it isn’t that much but he’s still taller. Bradley measured 7’5.5” and 7’6.25”. 7’5.5 is too high for Yao
Andy5'91/2 said on 4/Jun/20
I think the NBA rounded up and he was 7’6.5 also rob who do you believe wins the height battle of manute bol george and shawn bradley i personally think manute shawn george
Dream said on 3/May/20
He looked taller than Shawn Bradley, in this picture. Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Apr/20
Click Here Possible he was never a full 7'7 and lost some height now to 7'6. Bare in mind his son is 6'8 and 6'9 and i understand Gheorghe posture isn't as great back to ten years ago seeing his picture.

@Canson Possible 7'6 now and 7'6 1/2 peak described a round down by Chris Webber at 7'6.
Canson said on 9/Jan/20
I’ve never seen him listed 7’8”
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 7/Aug/19
Keep in mind people as gigantic as him can lose a lot of height through the day as well, and gain it too
Canson said on 6/Aug/19
@Junior: it’s possible that he is 7’6 barefoot 7’7 in shoes. Webber was actually trying to indicate how massively tall he is so I doubt he was undercutting his height
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Aug/19
@Canson Chris Webber short playing Muresan by 1". I believe he is at least 7'6 1/2. 7'6 3/4 to 7'7 i buy that too. Gheorghe Muresan is lucky to hit 6'8 now at least not so gigantic as his dad. 6'7-6'8 is like the start being a giant and a big giant dad at 7'7 sounds scary to imagine when they walk out their home together in crowded places especially walk into a mall. Everyones took their sights on them as a normal daily basis. Lol.
Arslan 6'10 210 CM said on 26/Jul/19
The only reason Bradley looks taller is because he is moving his head upwards and also has footwear advantage.

Gheorge is a solid 7’7 barefoot at the least
Ellis 6'8 said on 22/Jun/19
7'6 and some change, should have been listed at 7'8.
Daycringeothon said on 10/Mar/19
Peak height Muresan: 231cm (7’7”) average day measurement (barefoot)

Current height Muresan: 230cm (7’6.625”) average day measurement (barefoot)
Canson said on 28/Feb/19
@Junior: Chris Webber said he was 7’6”. That’s possible
MAD SAM said on 14/Jul/18
7’7” or 2.3 metres !
Height said on 29/Mar/18
Rob, seems that he is shorter than Shawn Bradley: Click Here
Editor Rob
In that photo it can seem it, though I'm not sure whether bradley has a little camera advantage enhancing his height.
Canson said on 17/Mar/18
@Viper: from another fellow native I say the same! Mitchell Butler calbert cheaney Muresan Webber Howard Strickland Tracy Murray even when they had the Wallaces
viper said on 16/Mar/18
Those late 90s Washington Bullets teams. What could have been
Canson said on 15/Mar/18
Chris Webber called him 7’6” here. 7’7 maybe a shoe height. Even having seen him hard to tell the difference between 6’4” and chance and 7 1/2 feet

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Conan said on 24/Feb/18
I guess his height is about 7 ft 6 1/2 in (230 cm)
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/17
Click Here
here is Rudy (214) with Cyril Hanouna who is about 5'7
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/17
Predraft is giving Rudy Gobert at 7ft0 1/5 so about 213-4 cm !
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Watching him with Dennis Rodman I don't see 32 cm between them. Click Here
also you can add Rudy Gobert, 215 (self claim) player. There is a lot of pic of him with Mark Easton and he looks a bit Under him
Canson said on 21/Jul/17
@Even: funny thing is I've met him in person before living in the DC area and have no idea because he's over a foot taller than I am. I don't know anyone his size to compare him to other than on TV I agree he's gotta be 7'7" or in the vacinity
even said on 20/Jul/17
real height = 7 foot 7
mask said on 2/Jun/17
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Slon said on 29/Sep/16
Rob, how big do you think his head is??
Editor Rob
you'd think near 12 inches
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/16
Rob, maybe 7ft7§?
Editor Rob
I don't know, the guy must have been measured but exactly I haven't seen.
Royal Giggs said on 24/Jun/14
Who is more tall Gheorghe Muresan or Manute Bol?
Massimo said on 13/Aug/07
I think Sun Ming Ming is 7'8" barefoot and in their picture together Gheorghe looked MAX 2 inches shorter. So I think he is at least 7'6".
celmal said on 30/Apr/07
well...welll... look who is talking... some freaking people that, you probably are like 5 feet some, and you talk crap about Muresan? When you guys arre capable to have his career than talk crap. until then... shut up. he is the tallest 7'7. No matter what you guys u said. He got in draft for quit saying crap.

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