How tall is Sun Ming Ming

Sun Ming Ming's Height

7ft 9 (236.2 cm)

Chinese basketball player. In film he appeared in Rush Hour 3. Guinness World Records recognised his measured height as being 7 ft 8.98 in (236.17 cm).

Sun Ming Ming

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Average Guess (112 Votes)
7ft 8.99in (236.2cm)
Bcxkso said on 8/Mar/23
A real 7'9 man
Joanis said on 1/Jan/23
This man is colossal. I would say 236-237cm
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 17/Nov/22

How tall looks Ry in the picture? Click Here
Editor Rob
A head plus a couple of inches taller than Rodman, he could look 7ft 8!
Xeaonittyy said on 29/Aug/22
@5 ft 11 3/4 Zhan Huan grew since the metting of Huang Chang Chiu. He is now 7 ft 9 in (236.2cm) Click Here
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 6/Aug/22
Guan Tao, Wang Tongxin, Zhang Mengyong

Click Here
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 5/Aug/22
Guan Tao, by the end of the first grade of primary school, he was reported that he reached a height of 1.6 meters. Up to the sixth grade, everything that reached 1.8 or 1.9 meters in height at the age of 12 is reported. In 2003 at the age of 14 he reached 2.05 in height. In November 2006 he reached 2.06. Until 2009 he had grown to 2.25 meters in height, and from 2017 until today stands at 2.28 meters.

Click Here
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 4/Aug/22
The tallest chinese people with their billed heights

(319 cm) Zhan Shi-Chai, however, the photographic evidence shows that his actual height would be close to 2.36 meters.
(255 cm) Wang Feng-Jun, but he was a bit taller than Zhao Liang who is 227 cm tall.
(248 cm) Zhang Jun-Cai, he was measured on a TV show at 2,42 meters tall, but some believe that his height with better posture would be 2,48 meters.
(246 cm - 247 cm) Zhao Liang, but he is a bit shorter than Bao Xi-Shun who is 236 cm tall.
(240 cm - 243 cm) Xu Fu-Hai, This Chinese man has a serious problem with the curvature of his spine. In 2015 they reported him with a height of 235 cm and in 2016 with a height of 240 cm. A few years later he was reported to be 243 cm tall.
(240 cm - 242 cm) Huang Chang-Qiu, but he is half a head shorter than Zhang Jun-Cai who is 242 cm tall.
(238 cm) Zhang Huan, he is slightly shorter than Huang Chang-Qiu who is 231 cm tall.
(236 cm) Yao De-Fen, she had been measured lying down at 236 cm. But the people at Guinness had measured her at 233.3cm after standing and lying down measurements.
(232 cm - 235 cm) Wang Tong-Xin, but he is a little more than half a head shorter than Huang Chang-Qiu who is 231 cm.
(230 cm - 232 cm) Kang Jian-Hua, but he is half a head shorter than Huang Chang-Qiu who is 231 cm tall.
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 3/Aug/22
The 7ft 3.8 (223 cm) Kang Jianhua with the 6ft 10 (208 cm) Yuan Mingyuan (the shortest in the club) from the chinese giants club.

Club Members:
Huang Changqiu 7 ft 7
Zhang Huan 7 ft 6.5
Mu Tiezhu 7 ft 5.75
Kang Jianhua 7 ft 3.8
Wang Tongxin 7 ft 2.5
Yuan Mingyuan 6 ft 10

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King Spattan said on 9/Nov/21
Are you familiar with Broc Brown and do you think he's really 7'9", he definitely does look over 7ft??
RJT said on 27/Sep/21

Not so short cause they're separated by only 4", Sun's tophead would reach Brahim's eyebrow level.

You on other hand would be dwarfed by both of them :)
King Spattan said on 24/Sep/21
I can imagine him standing next to Brahim and would look really short plus Brahim has a very long forehead, bigger than Sun??
Editor Rob
figuring out head sizes of these tall guys is trickier because of how often their head is further upwards in the frame compared to the average height folk head which in many photos is nearer centre of the frame
RJT said on 22/Sep/21
What happens when guy this size catch your glimpse
Click Here

Those guys who checked on his feet made sure he's not on some kind of heels/taller platform first! lol
Duhon said on 28/Aug/21
Yao reached his height genetically, Sun Ming Ming has a pituitary disorder, that's the real reasons for the difference in bone structure.
FMExTREME said on 19/Jul/21
This guy is 7'9 end of. Wider bone structure than Yao Ming and taller than Yao ming, if he made it into the NBA he would have been a record height for the organisation but it wasn't to be.
thatmanoverthere said on 11/Jun/21
Guys, he was measured at 7’9 basically, so that is the listing he deserves. End of story.
Alex 6'0 said on 6/Jun/21
Looks more like 2.5 in the pic but including footwear its over 3 inches. If Yao is 7'5.5 then Sun 7'8.75
Chris Junior Hernandez said on 30/May/21
Click Here It looks 3" between Yao and Sun but look carefully on footwear. Bingo. Sun wear slipper or a flip flop which is about 3/8 less than Yao (it could be 1/2" less) so i reckon now Yao 7'5.5" is legit listed by Rob.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/Apr/21
Could be Yao 7'5.5 and Sun Ming 7'8.75
Alex 6'0 said on 1/Apr/21
Even if hes 7'8.75 no less he still looks 3 inches taller than Yao and Yao has footwear advantage.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 25/Feb/21
See this is the height I wanna be. High end of the 7-8 ft range
Nippu said on 23/Nov/20
I`m happy how Rob use heights. To me very accurate.
Canson said on 11/Nov/20
@J2Frenzy: I meant I’d just stop
Canson said on 7/Nov/20
@Fried Chicken: it’s at absolute minimum 3” between them. Perhaps more. If what he’s saying is true about variance (and it may well be with a guy that size) it just confirms Yao’s original measurement of 7’5” being the afternoon measurement and 7’5.5 being earlier in the day. That’s if he’s 7’8.5 or 7’8 and Rob has a 3.5” difference between them. And I’ve guessed him sub 7’5 (as did Julian) simply because he measured 7’5.75” earlier in the day and did not grow beyond that.
FriedChicken said on 5/Nov/20
You think Ming Ming is only 2 inches taller..?
Nippu said on 31/Oct/20
My final list of this topic.

Ming ming 7`8 top height 7`9
Muresan 7`6 top height 7`7
Bradley 7`6 top height 7`6`5
Yao Ming 7`5 top heihgt 7`5 Yao also have biggest shoes
Canson said on 25/Oct/20
That’s at least 3” not 2”. To say it’s less than 3 is lying
RJT said on 12/Oct/20
@Canson @Editor Rob

As listed, solid 3" taller than Yao considering Yao had footwear advantage.
Click Here
Canson said on 24/Sep/20
@Editor Rob: why not 7’8.98 since you gave Wadlow a decimal point listing?
Editor Rob
I think for Wadlow it was a one does throw off the guessing when you veer away from a 1/8th, so I just did it once.
stefank said on 21/Sep/20
I took that photo
Nippu said on 28/Aug/20
Well never did buy his claimed 8`5 inch but with Wesselland several others he look to be that 7`7 range.
Nippu said on 23/Aug/20
I know that photo. That is odd becuase we have other people`s height comparing him and they are mostly making him 7`6-7`8 tall? But to me also Leonid look around 7`4 compare to Viktor. Maybe Vikor use elevator shoes etc.
Nippu said on 12/Aug/20
Leonid was just about 7`7 tall.
Nik Ashton said on 17/Jun/20
You can’t disagree with Rob and the Guinness World Records! He’s 1’81”!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jun/20
Depending what time they were measured. One could be measure 236.2cm morning and the other one 236.1cm in the evening that makes bigger difference we wouldn't know that. Bao is still the tallest man for awhile before Leonid Stadnyk took over it then proceeded by Sultan Kosen. During Bao Titled for Guinness world record there is atually a taller guy name Zhang Jun-cai who was 242cm taller than Bao, too bad the Guinness must have miss out him for some reason or not recognised for his height. Click Here 1:24-1:29 i feel that if Zhang able to stand straight he did be taller than Sultan Kosen.
Dream said on 13/May/20
Rob, I really this listing is fine. 7’8.98” is like arguing with something smaller than ants! That’s essentially around 7’9” flat.
Dream said on 13/May/20
It’s hard to argue something less than 1/16ths of an inch. It’s like look at something smaller than ants.

At this point, this is a fine listing. If it was like a quarter of an inch, okay, but something less than 1/16ths of an inch, or less than a mm? Just put 7’9” flat. No one has x ray vision.
Dream said on 10/May/20
He was measured 7’8.98”. That’s basically 7’9” flat.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Apr/20
Guys that are Sun's height, will lose a lot more than just an inch.
Canson said on 28/Apr/20
@Junior: my thoughts too. Maybe even 7’8 1/4” or so. Someone his size will lose serious height
Canson said on 28/Apr/20
@Junior: my thoughts too. Someone his size will lose serious height
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Apr/20
By the way i think Sun is more 7'8 1/2 probably was 7'9 1/2 out of bed or more.
Matt logan said on 16/Mar/20
7'foot 7
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 26/Feb/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Footwear wise we don't know but quite close enough to 187cm, maybe 186.5cm to be rule out 187cm is a mid day measurement.
Canson said on 9/Jan/20
@Editor Rob: I agree with Alex Katch esp since GBOWR measures 3 times so likely that one of them was around what he said. We don’t even know what time the 3 measurements occurred but 7’8.98 is prob an average that included a morning height well over 7’9”. 7’8.75 seems more like the truth based on your honest standards on the site
FMExTREME said on 15/Oct/19
3 inches taller than the height loving Shawn Bradley, wouldn’t surprise me if Bradley wears lifts even at his 7’6 height so he can appear to be the tallest NBA’er ever, Shane this guy didn’t make NBA as it would have claimed the record height, however Yao is still better than all the other giant NBA players.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Oct/19
Obviously she's not 6'1 5/8", going by the pic with Thor.
tree said on 6/Sep/19
His wife next to Thor Bjornson Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Jul/19
I read up that Sun's wife is 6'1 5/8 (187cm)
Nippu said on 1/Jul/19
Shawn Bradley was taller than Yao Ming and was measured a bit more than 7`6 at 60 minutes. Daytime and standing height. So Bradley was more like 7`7. He actually look taller than Muresan and Bol. Atleast was same height. And so Yao was close to 7`6 but not right there.
cmillzz said on 14/Jun/19
I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a video of him once being measured 7’9” in sneakers.
abc123 said on 4/Jun/19
Yao Ming is 228 cms tall barefoot. Sun Mingming is 235.5 cms tall barefoot.
ImAlexandros said on 14/May/19
Tallest Chinese people

(8' 1¾" / 248cm) Zeng Jin-Lian
(7' 11¼" / 242cm) Zhang Jun-Cai
(7' 8⅞" / 236cm) Bao Xi-Shun
(7' 8¾" / 236cm) Zhan Shi-Chai
(7' 8¾" / 236cm) Sun Ming-Ming
(7' 8½" / 235cm) Wang Xin-Feng
(7' 8½" / 235cm) Xu Fu-Hai
(7' 7¾" / 233cm) Yao De-Fen
(7' 7¾" / 233cm) Wang Feng-Jun
(7' 7" / 231cm) Huang Chang-Chiu
(7' 6½" / 230cm) Liu Fu-Ying
(7' 6½" / 230cm) Liu Jun
(7' 6½" / 230cm) Zhang Huan
(7' 6" / 229cm) Liu Yu-Qing
(7' 5¾" / 228cm) Mu Tie-Zhu
(7' 5¾" / 228cm) Wang Wei
(7' 5½" / 227cm) Zhao Liang
(7' 5" / 226cm) Yao Ming
(7' 5” / 226cm) Zhang Meng-Yong
(7' 4½" / 225cm) Guan Tao
(7' 4¼" / 224cm) Wang Qiang
(7' 4¼" / 224cm) Zhou Zhen-Jun
(7' 3¾" / 223cm) Kang Jian-Hua
(7' 3½" / 222cm) Liu Wen-Zhe
(7' 3” / 221cm) Sun Fang
(7' 2½" / 220cm) Wang Tong-Xin
(7' 2½" / 220cm) Liu Xing-Guo
(7' 2½" / 220cm) Wei Quan-Jia
(7' 2¼" / 219cm) Zhang Zhao-Xu
(7' 1½" / 217cm) Sun Zhe
(7' 1” / 216cm) Zhou Qi
(7' 0¼" / 214cm) Wang Zhe-Lin
oRiOn said on 9/Mar/19
Sun, himself, stated he stands 7'8
Shashank-6'3 3/8 said on 7/Feb/19
I sure this guy would easily tower above shaq 7'9 for him!
Dream(5'9.5") said on 25/Sep/18
Rob, out of curiosity, where would a 6’7” guy land compared to Sun Ming Ming?

I’m sure he would still get towered 🤣🤣🤣
Bwk said on 17/Jun/18
Isn't he a little under 7'9" if he was measured at 236.17cm though Rob?
Editor Rob
technically a few mm's, but I think giving him the 7ft 9 is ok.
Nik said on 26/May/18
He is supa dupa tall!
Lkk said on 24/May/18
7'9.5 Similar role in height to Sultan Kösen (tallest living male) though if he is not there.
Rami said on 8/Apr/18
Is he strong 7’9” or a weak 7’9”?
Editor Rob
Given how much some very tall people might shrink, he could be both!
tree said on 17/Mar/18
If Sun Ming Mings head is 12 inch than he is not more than 7ft8,he has a almost full head on 6ft8 Thor Click Here
He looks 7ft7 next to this guy who claims 7ft2 Click Here

Maybe he is 7ft10 out of bed,7ft9 at lunch and afternoon 7ft8,a tall guy like that can loose much more than an average guy,Guiness probably went with the average 7ft9
Dream(5'9.5 said on 9/Mar/18
Rob, I’m lmfao’ing at Rock’s footwear with Sun Ming Ming!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Editor Rob
Just looks normal.
logan said on 17/Jan/18
Sun Ming Ming was measured 7'8" 3/4 without shoes
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/17
Rob, is this guy currently the 4th tallest person in the world?
Editor Rob
I'm sure in top 5.
Logan said on 21/Dec/17
He is 7-8, he dose not look a full 4 inches taller than Yao Ming
Junior said on 24/Oct/17
@hunt said on 8/Jul/17 @editor rob

I don't think a person over 7.65 foot tall had an eye level nearly 6" but maybe a full 5.5" just close to the 1st and 2nd world tallest men Sultan Kosen and Brahim Takioullah both their eye level to top of head look under 15cm but 14-14.5cm zone. Maybe someone like Robert Wadlow nearly 9'0 tall will had a full 6" eye level.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure if there are head metrics taken of Robert Wadlow, it would be interesting to see exactly what his dimensions were....or any 7ft 6+ man
Height Sky said on 20/Sep/17
In the team with Gheorghe Muresan he was listed 7'8, he claimed 7'8 in Jimmy Kimmel and he was listed shorter than Bao Xi Sun. He should have a downgrade
Oanh said on 16/Sep/17
I remember when I first heard of Sun, and he was listed as being 7'8"
even said on 20/Jul/17
7 feet 9 out of bed , 7 feet 8 before bed
hunt said on 8/Jul/17
If Tysons eyelevel is 12cm then Mings is only 13cm? Click Here
Editor Rob
Tyson might have 5 inch, Ming maybe near 6...
hunt said on 8/Jul/17
Rob what do you think is the distance between the top of his head and eyes?
Logan said on 15/Jun/17
I would say 7,9 looks about 3 inches taller than Yao Ming but maybe he is 7,8 but I will still stick with 7,9.
mrtguy said on 10/May/17
Rob, are you going to add Brahim Takioullah 8'1''?? a page
Gunner said on 9/May/17
Rob, you think Brahim Takioullah is worth a page??
Editor Rob
I am not sure, I might think about it.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 1/May/17
He makes the Rock look like a little child.
Hans Meiser said on 19/Apr/17
Sorry, but I'd prefer to be a good looking 6'3 The Rock instead of a 7'9 guy with weird proportions.
Canson said on 31/Mar/17
Lol look at the infamous Rocks lifts. He isn't fooling anyone. Sun was 7'8-7'9 prime
S.J.H said on 8/Feb/17
Sun ming ming himself claim on a chinese national tv show that he was only 232cm
mrtguy said on 4/Jan/17
well Rob, you proved me wrong and I believe you know, Sun Ming Ming definitely has a head of 12 inches or very close compared to Tyson, but I wonder how'd he match up against Big Igor??
mrtguy said on 2/Jan/17
Rob, I disagree with you Sun's head is probably not much over 11 inches here is next to Muresan who's head definitely close to 12 inches, {Sun head looks small}.
Click Here

Sultan definitely has a bigger head by how much I don't know Click Here
Editor Rob
mrt, when you compare big Sun to Tyson, who has a big head, a solid 10 inch range, I think he's got to have close to 12 inch Click Here
mrtguy said on 1/Jan/17
Rob, looking at pictures of Sultan and Sun who would you say appears to have a bigger head??
Editor Rob
it's tough to say, I would say Sun's head looks a solid 12 incher. Sultan maybe not much different.
Oanh said on 2/Dec/16
I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel Show, and he said he stood 7'8"
T13 said on 24/Sep/16
235cm accurate for this guy
Danimal said on 24/Sep/16
S.J.H said on 22/Sep/16
No BS. I have read up an acticle described Sun at 2.3m tall lowest and he have claim his height saying about 7'8 in a chinese show in china. I think his been honest that he could be 232-233cm barefoot and 236cm with shoes

Guiness measured him, so that's what he is. They are VERY accurate. They measure someone at least 2 or 3 times in one day and take the average I believe.
Ice said on 23/Sep/16
He was 6'7" at age 15 . That is a insane ammount of growth from age 15 on .
S.J.H said on 22/Sep/16
No BS. I have read up an acticle described Sun at 2.3m tall lowest and he have claim his height saying about 7'8 in a chinese show in china. I think his been honest that he could be 232-233cm barefoot and 236cm with shoes
Johan said on 22/Sep/16
Thats a nice pic with it to how Dwayne Johnson measures up and Thor can look 5-6 inches taller in comparison.

6'7.75 -5 = 6'2.75" max for Dwayne since okt 14'.
@HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 9/Sep/16
Towering the Mountain

Click Here
Anshelm said on 13/Sep/14
According to Guinness World Records 2015 he was measured 236.17 cm by doctors in the presence of judges at his wedding on 4 August 2013. At the same time his wife Xu Yan was measured at 187.3 cm, making them the world's tallest living couple.
george555 said on 3/Sep/11
on the Jimmy Kimmel show, he claimed he was 7'8-he is actually 7'9 according to multiple sources
Brooklyn Boy Born and Raised said on 4/Jul/09
i have actually met him in person i myself am 6 foot 3 and this guy literally towers over me he is 19 inches taller than me almost 20. i saw him in person at a basketball game and they were doing some measuring on some of the basketball players. when sun ming ming was being measured he was definitely taller than than 7 foot 8.75 inches they said he was 7 foot 10.25 bear foot with shoes he is about 8 feet and a quarter inches tall i mean this guy towered over every body else on the court by at least 18 inches. this was about 2 months ago early may of 2009 so this guy is probably still growing.
aram x said on 23/Jun/09
Click Here
Sun Mingming in the making of Rush Hour 3.
aram x said on 21/Apr/09
Yeah but Sun Mingming has little to no interest in being in Guinness. I bet he could be the current record holder too, but he has other things on his mind at the time (several years back) and is now playing bball in Japan.
Akirum said on 20/Apr/09
Sun Ming Ming looks every bit as tall as Xishun, and if he's taller I wouldn't be at all surprised-- he is much younger after all.
aram x said on 19/Apr/09
I actually wouldn't be overly surprised if Sun Mingming is actually taller than Xishun because I am not sure if his 7,8 3/4" was measured right after waking up (when you are at your tallest). If that wasn't the case,then his peak height may actually be a little over 7,9". But even if that was the case, Zhang is still taller.
aram x said on 11/Apr/09
Not surprisingly a lot of people still believe that Stadynk is 8,4". Then again, the public would pretty much blindly anything the media tells them.
Chaz said on 8/Mar/09
Ming Ming'Stadnik is no taller than 7'6.25''Chris Greener.
aram x said on 6/Mar/09
Chaz are you talking about Sun Ming Ming or Stadnik? Just making sure...
Chaz said on 4/Mar/09
I think 7'7.75''is more likely,and maybe only in he's boots.
aram x said on 17/Jan/09
Who wants to bet that Mingming is taller than Stadnik? I am pretty certain he is. Stadnik is clearly a fraud as we already realized.
Anshelm said on 12/Jan/09
I've seen as low as 233 cm (7'7
aram x said on 18/Dec/08
6,11" for Dwight Howard? Maybe with his shoes on but barefoot he's probably no taller than 6,10". But his Standing Reach is an impressive 9,3.5" which is what really matters.
baguhan said on 15/Dec/08
Can you make a page for dwight howard because I think there will be so much to argue about. Sometimes he looks a legit 6-11 but he is 2 inches shorter compared to tim duncan. So it will make tim duncan 7-1 tall?
aram x said on 31/Aug/08
An inch difference can be hard to tell for somebody who's over 7 1/2 feet tall.
Clay said on 28/Aug/08
I doubt this guy is as tall as Bao Xishun, and he said 7'8'' flat on Kimmel.
Kenny said on 20/Aug/08
Here's a direct comparison of Gheorghe Muresan (7,7") and Sun Ming Ming (7,8 3/4")
Click Here
As you can see they both look the same height...when there's only an inch of difference (especially for people so tall) it can be hard to tell. In that pic, Muresan for some reason actually looks taller than Sun although Sun is taller...maybe it's because Muresan was standing closer to the camera and he's wearing higher heel shoes.
aram x said on 14/Aug/08
I've seen pics of Sun standing next to Muresan (7,7) and they looked virtually identical in height. Muresan, however, has a much longer face and head than Ming so his shoulder level is noticeably lower.
Guru said on 12/Aug/08
Just you think Gheorghe Muresan's ugliness was the result of his acromegaly or just that he was born that way? His browridges and jaw way too heavy, and nose and lips enlarged. So I guess part of his ugliness came from acromegaly.
Kenny said on 8/Aug/08
^Atoadaso says on 16/Jan/08
Yeah Wadlow was was 8'11.1". In his giant shoes i'm sure he passed the 9' mark... that is just crazy. I wonder how much further he would have grown before his height debilitated him, as opposed to an infection. I bet he would end up past the 9'6" mark... and maybe make it to 10' if he stayed healthy. I don't think anyone will grow taller than him for a very long time, considering the circumstances of his time in which the medicine was enough to keep him relatively healthy, but not advanced enough to deal with the pituitary gland. Today, the tumour would be treated well in advance of age.^
I agree. Wadlow could have easily passed the 9 foot mark (barefoot) if he had not gotten the foot infection. But already at that height he had to wear leg braces to walk (which meant that his body already had difficulty handling the stress of his height and ironically it was the leg braces that were responsible for that fatal infection). I doubt he would even reach the 9,6" mark even if it wasn't for that foot infection. The human body simply isn't suppose to be that tall/big. Lastly, I find it surprising that Wadlow even grew to that height because most pituitary giants don't even grow pass the 8 foot mark without their height taking a toll on their lives.
Kenny said on 8/Aug/08
Taran says on 15/Jul/08
Sun Ming Ming is not taller than Stadnik! He's only 7,9" at most whereas Stadnik is around 8,4".
Stadnik claims that he's 8,4" but even from photographic evidence I doubt he's that tall (even if he might still be the tallest man alive). I am certain he's 8 foot max! And only slightly taller than Ming Ming or Bao (by an inch or two at most).
Shaq said on 7/Aug/08
baguhan says on 20/Jul/08
Who is taller Jermaine Oneal or Dwight Howard? Although they are listed both at 6-11 but it appears that they are not that tall compared to a legitimate 6-11 guy.

Dwight Howard was measured 6'9" without shoes at the 2004 pre-draft camp at 18 yrs old and claimed to be 6'9.5" in 2006.

Jermaine O'Neal looks 6'11" to me.
Lg69 said on 24/Jul/08
I saw Sun on a late night talk show, and through is interpreter admitted he's 7'8 1/2". As far as some of the comments about Stadnyk...I agree he doesn't apprear to be 8'5" or whatever he's listed at. I've seen the videos of him and at most I think he looks 7'11"-8'0.
baguhan said on 20/Jul/08
Who is taller Jermaine Oneal or Dwight Howard? Although they are listed both at 6-11 but it appears that they are not that tall compared to a legitimate 6-11 guy.
Taran said on 15/Jul/08
Sun Ming Ming is not taller than Stadnik! He's only 7,9" at most whereas Stadnik is around 8,4".
XIANG said on 2/Jul/08
I think he's taller than Stadnyk, I don't think Stadnyk is even close to 8ft0 (as he is listed on this site)so he may be the tallest man in the world as we speak.
Aram x said on 26/Jun/08

being 10 feet is seriously going to a big pain in the ass. lol. i can't imagine a curse bigger than being 10 feet tall.
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/08
there's somebody around the area that i live who's around 7,6" and yeah he appears to have gigantism and isn't just a naturally very tall dude. he appears to be in his 50's and his in very bad condition; he can't walk anymore and sits on massive wheelchair. i feel very sad for him.
Mohammed said on 18/May/08
I don't see him playing in the NBA anytime soon, but he at least has a chance to be productive in some other not so good leagues. I feel sorry for this guy's height because he even with the tumor removed, I am not sure if he's going to live to a very old age.
Rocky said on 24/Apr/08
Better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep, Markus!
ADRIAN said on 1/Mar/08
I see you at the ymca you are really tall i have Rush hour 3
Markus said on 6/Feb/08
One thing i have never understood about ridiculously tall basketball hopefulls like yao ming and sun ming min, how can people of this size expect to be that athletic? Surely they get tired quickly and have limitied running and jumping ability, plus i imagine these poor sods would have joint problems and probably osteo artheritis come the age of 40. Being this tall isn't a gift from god, it cuts your life drastically short and isn't healthy at all.
Atoadaso said on 16/Jan/08
Yeah Wadlow was was 8'11.1". In his giant shoes i'm sure he passed the 9' mark... that is just crazy. I wonder how much further he would have grown before his height debilitated him, as opposed to an infection. I bet he would end up past the 9'6" mark... and maybe make it to 10' if he stayed healthy. I don't think anyone will grow taller than him for a very long time, considering the circumstances of his time in which the medicine was enough to keep him relatively healthy, but not advanced enough to deal with the pituitary gland. Today, the tumour would be treated well in advance of age.
nick said on 13/Jan/08
lol at stadnik being 8'6. If you look at pics of wadlow you will know what between 8'6 to 9 feet looks like. Wdlow was about 9 feet tall. Think about it like this if your 5'11 you can be called 6 foot. If your 6'11 your even more prone to say 7 foot, when your 7'11 you even more prone to say 8 foot and you can imagine at 8'11.

I dont know where 8'6 came from, the man is closer to 6'8 than 8'6
Atoadaso said on 7/Jan/08
If you think Stadnik is 8'6" then you are just an idiot. Go take a look at his page on this site or any picture of him really. The man would have to be wearing elevator shoes and a top hat just to scrape 8'0".
Massimo said on 3/Jan/08
Sun Ming Ming said himself he is 7'8" barefoot.
arjun( new comer) said on 2/Jan/08
stadniks height is 8ft 6inch this condition is caused by abnormalities in pituitary glands(giantism)i feel its possible for people to grow till 10ft high. in stadniks case he is 8.6 ft people who dont agree i feel like blowing a conch on deaf ears. so arjun if u dont know any thing about giants or tall people shut your mouth u curry muncher.
jane said on 11/Dec/07
is sun ming ming 7ft9 with shoes or without??
hirise said on 17/Nov/07
Is Sun Ming Ming still living in the U.S. I think he packed it in for a Mexican league. Not sure of this. I feel his NBA chances are over. He should have made the league by now. Too bad. It would have been nice to see him.
Carl said on 29/Sep/07
I've met Sun personally. He was really, REALLY huge compared to me and I'm a 6'3 guy. I think being that tall must be amazing, homever I would not be that tall myself.
hirise said on 28/Aug/07
just for the information on this thread, 99mvp was gone from the wadlow thread and probably from this one. Good riddance!

As for Stadnyk, I still doubt the guy is over 8 ft.
5'11.75 guy said on 16/Aug/07
Check out the latest pictures of Sun Ming Ming at the Rush Hour 3 Premiere. The man is easily taller than Stadnyk.
99mvp said on 15/Aug/07
kshutchins- It is YOU who is the knucklehead!! A reliable article in the Orange County Register yesterday includes this tidbit- "Stadnik was declared the tallest living man based on measurements made by Prof. Michael Besser, an endocrinologist for The London Clinic. But while Besser did meet with Stadnik last year for a medical examination, he denies ever measuring him."

In your face, kshutchins!!!
kshutchins said on 10/Aug/07
I posted this yesterday but don't see it:
For the Stadnyk doubters who were so tough on me a few months ago: Click Here

Richard, it looks like I've saved you some $$$$$$. Wish we would have been able to take you up on your wager.
kshutchins said on 9/Aug/07
FYI for Richard and all of you knuckleheads who ripped into me during the discussion of Stadnyk's height:

Click Here

Richard, I saved you 10 grand by ignoring your insipid bet.
Chris said on 31/Jul/07
Well do you really have to 'debate' over this man's height? He said it himself he's 7'8 and 3 quarters in one of the interview on youtube(the geometry interview) and that's final. He can be 7'9, maybe 7'8 and a half, but he'd tower over most NBA players let alone us 'little' guys. So just leave it at that. People over 7 feet do not need this kind of 'debate.'
wfs said on 19/Jul/07
Click Here
Vegas said on 5/Jun/07
Sun Ming said he was 7'8 on Jimmy Kimmel, don't know how long that was recorded though Click Here
BigBen said on 1/Jun/07
He is sooo huge! I saw him in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, were he almost brakes the rim in a 2 on 2 contest. The clip is at
5'11.5 guy said on 30/May/07

My original statement was never intended to be some kind of factual claim. If I'd have said, "I believe Sun is 8 feet tall exactly barefoot" you would have a reason to rant. Brad Garrett has been described as a "7 foot Jew" by people who know his actual height of 6'8. It's said to emphasize this individual's height, instead of saying "hey, look, it's that 7 foot eight and three quarters giant Sun Ming Ming". Get it?
Vegas said on 30/May/07
depends some sites and references say Bol is taller, some Muresan, when they are that close its always going to be tough to tell though. Bol's pre NBA listed height is 7'6.75 but Muresans is just 7'6.5" if memory serves me correct. Yao's pre NBA listed height is apparently 7'5 but i am not sure if anyone has been able to prove this, either way he is somewhere in between 7'5 and 7'6.
99mvp said on 30/May/07
Vegas- It is well established that the three tallest NBA players in history are: Muresan 7'7", Bol 7'6.75", and Shawn Bradley 7'6". By the way, Yao Ming's height is unclear- he is either 7'5" or 7'6". I lean towwards 7'6". And Chuck Nevitt follows at 7'5".
Vegas said on 30/May/07
I'm surprised to see that Johnny C has Muresan at 231.14cm especially seeing as he was listed at 230cm at age 22 playing in Europe. I think Manute Bol may have been slightly taller than Muresan, has anyone got any pics of the two together???
Bendy said on 30/May/07
Duhon: 'Only' is a word you shouldnt use when referring to giants. Xi Shun overtook Radhouane Charbib as the worlds tallest KNOWN man, yet Charbib was 'Only' 2mm shorter than Xi Shun.

5'11.5 guy: Anyone who is 7'7" or above could easilly pass for 8feet to the general public, but when talking on a board with people who know a lot about giants, saying that Ming Ming is 8feet is silly, As 99mvp said there have only been a handful of legit 8footers on record, and 3.25 inches away from 8feet in giant terms is a lot. In 1998 I went to see a basketball game at the Wembley Arena, I was fairly close to the action, in the first 5 rows, There were 2 players that stood out to me, I remember thinking to myself these 2 players have got to be over 7'4", However when looking in the program from the game, they turned out to be 7'0 and 7'2, Also during one of the intervals, I went for some refreshment, and saw a huge man waiting to get a drink, I politely asked him how tall he was, and he replied "I'm 6'11" barefoot" He could have said he was 7'3" and I would have believed him, So its easy to believe that a giant is taller than what they really are.
99mvp said on 29/May/07
5'11.5 guy- You are responsible for your own words. You wrote "the looks on people's faces as they pass the eight-feet giant are priceless." You are thus stating that Sun Ming Ming is 8'0" tall with that sentence. Your initial sentence does not relate to the PERCEPTION that people would have that he is 8'0" tall. Thus, your subsequent sentence that "to most people who see this guy, he is eight feet" is a DIFFERENT sentence. Get it??
Oh, and by the way- You have no idea what people would speculate as to how tall Sun Ming Ming is. They might think he is 7 feet tall, or 7 1/2 feet tall. Or they might think he is 9 feet tall. People are very poor at guessing the heights of really tall giants.

Duhon- NO. "Only 3.25" amongst giants is HUGE! There are VERY few giants who have reached the milestone height of 8 feet tall, even accounting for assumed normal spinal curvature. Those who have actually STOOD 8 feet tall you can practically count on your fingers.
Duhon said on 27/May/07
Well he's only about 3.25 inches away from 8 feet, compared to the 2 feet+ the average man has. i'd say that's comparatively close.
5'11.5 guy said on 26/May/07
Um, I know his height. It's at the top of the page. Do you think most people are going to see Sun Ming Ming and estimate him as "7 foot 8 and three quarters"? No way. To most people who see this guy, he is eight feet. Get it?
99mvp said on 23/May/07
5'11.5 guy- You refer to Sun Ming Ming as the "eight-feet giant". He is 7'8.75". That is NOT close to 8'0".
5'11.5 guy said on 19/May/07
I've seen a video of Sun Ming Ming walking around in public. The looks on people's faces as they pass the eight-feet giant are priceless.
Viper said on 4/May/07
"I will then of course spill the beans and let everybody know just how close short ass is to 7'6 or 7'5.5 which I believe is his true height"

Short ass, hahahahah
mikeV10 said on 3/May/07
very interesting page :
Click Here
LV said on 14/Apr/07
Vegas its not about growth's about acromegaly and his wasn't treated until after he joined the NBA. He could have easily been growing in his early 20's.
Richard said on 14/Apr/07
Ming Ming is certainly between 7'8 & 7'8.75 because he has very close to 1.5in on Muresan.

Inroducing some 'hard rock' to the thread (by challenging Stadnyk believers to a 10000 US dollar bet) was an inspired move.... I will continue to do it and am considering the arduous task of ploughing through the forums in an attempt to convince people of my confidence.
I am also considering a trip to Stadnyk's Ukranian village where I will offer him 2000 US dollars for a private measurment. I will then ofcourse spill the beans and let everybody know just how close short ass is to 7'6 or 7'5.5 which I believe is his true height.
Arjun said on 13/Apr/07
I agree Vegas, with all the publicity that Ming Ming is getting, surely the joint tallest man (or even THE tallest if he is only a couple mm taller than Xi Shun, that's all he needs) title would'nt hurt.
Vegas said on 13/Apr/07
231cm listing for Muresan Click Here it also mentions about 10 lines down that he was 230cm however and that he was drafted by Washington at 230cm so the 231cm thing could just be the usual nba inflation.

Either way, 7'6.5" or 7'7 Muresan was still huge. Thing I trying to get at is, that if Sun Ming really was 7'9 as he is claiming surely Guinness would have proclaimed him the joint tallest man alive by now. Its not as if he lives in the hills somewhere in Siberia or is a herdsman etc. He is very famous and in the public eye. I don't think he is over 7'8.
Arjun said on 13/Apr/07
Sun Ming Ming could be anywhere from say 7'7 1/2" at the least to 7'9" at the most. Still TALL either way.Let's just give him a solid 7'8".
zas said on 12/Apr/07
Muresan is 7'7" ,even listed 7'7 1/4" (2.32 m)when he played in france (season 2000-2001) Click Here , his weight is 303 pounds. Sun Ming Ming is 1"-1.5" taller than Muresan, then Sun Ming Ming is between 7'8"-7'8 3/4". His weight is 387 pounds, btw he doesn't looks nearly 400 pounds like Arjun said, I don't see big difference between Ming and Muresan (387 vs 303). Maybe Ming has heavier bones.
Vegas said on 12/Apr/07
That is the link I mentioned. No proof Muresan grew any more after his european listing because if he did surely his NBA listing would have reflected that growth. Dont you think 7'8 looks better than 7'7?? if he grew 0.5"-0.75" as that site is claiming the Bullets would have proclaimed this immediately, but they didn't.

BTW Muresan wasn't drafted by the NBA till after his 22nd birthday in 1993. He was still playing in the French league at 22 in 1993. Growth spurts after 22, very questionable imo.
LV said on 12/Apr/07
Not true Vegas. Check out this link (Click Here). He was 7'6 1/2" and grew before entering the NBA. I'll never forget going to watch him play in Indiana his rookie season against 7'4" Rik Smits, but he wasn't with the team because he was having pituitary surgery. If he didn't have the surgery to stop his growth until after he entered the NBA, its likely he was still growing.
Vegas said on 12/Apr/07
Just found out that George Muresan was listed at 7'6.5" while playing basketball in Europe which is more than likely his correct barefoot height. Now seeing as Sun Ming is approx 1" or max 1.5" taller than Muresan; this means that Ming is max 7'8" making him ~1" shorter than Xishun imo.
99mvp said on 11/Apr/07
Arjun- You are totally right about Stadnyk's lack of credibility in anything he has to say. To be so deceptive regarding the only thing that separates him from normal peeople ( his height ) is to call into serious question his entire "story".
But actually MORE disgraceful is the kshutchins family, presenting themselves as sensible people without an agenda and coming across as rational people who are soley interested in the truth, whatever it may be. But in actually the kshutchins family is trying to con the public along with Leonid Stadnyk. They tried to convince the more naive members on this message board that they PERSONALLY witnessed his measurement at 8'4", that the son stood on his tippy-toes and couldn't reach over Stadnyk's head ( and the father telling us that his son can reach heights of 8-feet and beyond on his tippy-toes ), they mocked Richard's irrefutable architectural analysis, and of course they have failed to come anywhere near Richard's challenge of betting $10,000 ( is that US dollars, pounds, or Euros?? ha ha ) that Leonid is not even an 8-footer, let alone 8'4".
Arjun said on 11/Apr/07
zas, cool pic of Muresan and Sun. Sun is very close to his claimed 7'8.75", no doubt. But somehow, he does'nt quite look 400 lbs , what do you think?
Arjun said on 11/Apr/07
Richard,99mvp and others - the funny thing is that there are still many forums elsewhere on the net where all the people genuinely think Stadnyk is as tall as he claims and go on wowing all day about his "8 feet 4" height and his "problems". As his 8'4" height is total bulls***, it is reasonable to suppose that all the stories about his "growth spurts" and "problems" are also, by and large, bulls***. The very fact that he is not only not 8'4", but nowhere near it, just kills off all credibility to anything else he has said.
Arjun said on 11/Apr/07
Wolverinejoe, the Shun-Stadnyk photo is pretty cool. Shows Stadnyk to be 7'7" tops barefoot. There is no way he is as tall as or taller than Xi Shun. He's not that much shorter than Xi Shun, but shorter ENOUGH to be ineligible for the record. Very near 7'6", as Richard also says.
Arjun said on 11/Apr/07
Wolverinejoe, you're right. If Robert is 8'3" - 8'4" in that pic, Eugene does'nt look any more than 2 1/2 feet shorter to me. Making him a solid 5'9". It was said that Robert's siblings were all of "normal height". Since Eugene's dad was 5'11" , it's very possible for him to be around 5'9" or a bit taller.
Richard said on 10/Apr/07
Your not wrong Viper....I am confident..and with good reason.
wolverinejoe80 said on 8/Apr/07
Click Here

eugene does look like 5ft 9. look at his long legs. also i don't think xishun's wife is wearing 3 inch lifts. also i don't think she is 5ft 6, asian woman always lies about their height. my GF is korean and she thinks she is 5f 4, but she is acutally 5ft 1 3/4. :D
wolverinejoe80 said on 8/Apr/07
zas, here it is
Click Here

xishun and stad photochopped. i have no idea what kinda of footwears these girls are wearing, so non of these are accurate. but it's safe to say stad is not a 8fter. i would say he is 7ft 6-7ft 9
zas said on 8/Apr/07
another picture of Sun ming ming and Muresan Click Here
Richard said on 8/Apr/07
I will challenge anybody to a bet (money is no issue) who is stupid enough to think Stadnk is 7 10 or over. This is a good way of shutting inexperienced rock heads up.
neil ....$10 000 says Stadnyk is less than 7 10 ..... All we have to do is go to The Ukraine ... I will pay for your air fare ...I offer Stadnyk $2000 for a private measurment with my 3m measure then you give me $10 000 if he is less than 7 10 ?????????? If he is 7 10 or over then I obviously give you the money....... This is how confident I am
I am so tired of people exaggerating stadnyk that I will make a bet with anyone.
I have actually proved that Stadnyk is less than 7 10 ...... That door would have to be 6 10 which is totally impossible;......impossible....... he is very close to 7'6. We are starting to go round in circles a little like the Undertaker thread. Stadnyk is very close to 7'6.
Ok Neil ..... ??
Arjun said on 7/Apr/07
Wolverine, that comparison is interesting. Stadnyk looks only 5 odd inches shorter than 8'3.5" Wadlow - 7'10.5"??? Somehow, Wadlow does'nt look as tall in that particular photo as he should , seeing his other photos - was his brother taller than 5'8"?? Either that or this is an earlier photo from earlier than 1936.
wolverinejoe80 said on 7/Apr/07
99mvp- yup, stadyk wears a thick sole. i would say it's at least 2 inches thick.
zas said on 7/Apr/07
wolverine, Stadnik is stretching his body, but Xi shun in relax position. Stadnik has bigger shoes. Don't forget the shun's wife shoes, maybe 2 or 3 inches, 5'8" or 5'9" with shoes on.
99mvp said on 7/Apr/07
Neil- The Wadlow photo is indeed from 1936 when he was 18 years old and at most 8'4". The man standing next to him is his brother Eugene, born in 1922 making him 14 years old in that photo. I'm not sure how tall Eugene would be at that age ( Arjun mentioned 5'8" or 5'9"- really? ) but remember the woman is supposedly 5'7" in those heeled-shoes. It certainly doesn't look like she is taller than Eugene in that comparison photo. If so, that would raise Leonid's height. But again I reiterate- Leonid is wearing shoes that lift him up significantly from bare-foot status. Stadnyk is NOT at least 7'10".
99mvp said on 7/Apr/07
wolverinejoe80- Excellent job lining up Robert Wadlow with Leonid Stadnyk. I have the Wadlow photo with a caption that he was 18 years old at the time, which would make him 8'3.5" ( according to his growth chart ) in that photo. He was 8'5.5" at the age of 19, according to his growth chart.
Also, this is important: Look at their shoes- Leonid is wearing thick boots in that shot ( he is outside in the snow ) which raises his height as opposed to Robert's shoes in that photo. That is obvious. So the shoes are helping Leonid versus Robert in that comparison shot. No doubt about that.
Neil said on 7/Apr/07
Pretty good wolverine. If the first one is correct then it would mean Stadnik is atleast 7'10. I disagree with the second one, the man looks extremely small and I think the lady standing next to Stadnik would be taller than him.
wolverinejoe80 said on 7/Apr/07

what is your take on this pic? i photoshopped 8ft 4 wadlow(19 years old) and stad together. i know it's not perfect, but i think it's pretty close.

Click Here

stad is indeed a rare giant, but we just can't believe he is 8ft 4. i know you are not a blind homer and i believe you are a reasonable person. i think this clearly proves he is not a 8fter. what do you think?
Viper said on 7/Apr/07
Muresan was pretty clumsy and slow and he made some money in the NBA. It was hillarious when he tried to run down the court. He could barely pick up his feet. I think Ming has more upside than Muresan, thats for sure.
mask said on 6/Apr/07
JT I agree with you on everything you said
JT said on 6/Apr/07
Nice video, Mask. Unfortunately, Sun Ming Ming looks way too slow to ever play in the NBA. It's amazing a 7'9" guy is even that coordinated.
99mvp said on 6/Apr/07
wolverinejoe80- You respect kshutchin's faith that Leonid Stadnyk is 8'4". What exactly about this do you respect? His genuinely believing in a fact that is not a fact? That is not something a sane person respects. You can respect an opinion, because that is a personal preference. There is no right or wrong when giving an opinion about a non-factual matter, like favorite movie or color. Having faith ( associated with religion ) is defined by something which CANNOT be proved one way or the other. So you take a leap of faith to accept the truth of the belief. But to respect someone believing wrongly about a tangible fact is absolutely absurd. I guess you do not have the respect for the cold-hard truth of a tangible fact. It doesn't ultimately matter to you whether you are right or wrong about something that is proveable one way or the other. That is pathetic. To admire/respect a person who is wrong about a factual matter is a joke. There are many people in insane asylums who genuinely believe in things which are obviously false. What is so admirable about that??? You are best served to CRITICIZE those who wrongly believe in a fact that is not an actual fact, rather than being an enabler who perpetuates the lie.
Viper said on 6/Apr/07
How could Stad be so far off from his own height?
wolverinejoe80 said on 5/Apr/07
i said that because there are too many hatorades going on in this discussion. kshutchins geniunely believes stad is 8ft 4. he is wrong, but i respect his faith.
mask said on 5/Apr/07
Look at the video in this site:
Click Here
Richard said on 5/Apr/07
kshutchins...... I have only just read the posts from 2 - 6 April due to being genuinely busy BUT now let me turn you into a bag of piss and wind; I want to make a bet with you:

$10 000 says that Stadnyk is less thqn 7'10 ...DEADLY serious

Where do you live

If u dont live in the uk can U come soon cos want to bring it on and shake hands?.?? I live in you wanna meet ?????;....

still feel so confident

didnt think so

If you do, I live in England and will be back in uk in approx é weeks France now

What do u say???
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
99mvp, Wadlow's legs looked like real live stilts, thats how freaking long his legs looked. Wadlow was just totally out there. You can easily tell hes got over a foot on the tallest guys living today.
Arjun said on 5/Apr/07
That's right Viper. Stadnyk looks around 7'6", to be quite reasonable and fair. I would say he could be anywhere from 7'4" - 7'7". Certainly a very tall fellow, but nowhere near the OUT OF THE WORLD tall that 8 foot plus looks like.
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
Arjun, what made me realize Stadnyk wasnt close to 8-4 was that they showed a clip of Wadlow on that TLC special. Wadlow just had that CARTOONISH look to him. I mean just out of this world tall. Stadnyk just doesnt sppear that way. Not saying 7-6-7-9 isnt cartoonish as well but compared to Wadlow, it doesnt look even close to his height of 8-11.
Arjun said on 5/Apr/07
wolverinejoe, there is no way Stadnyk is taller than Xi Shun. I agree that none of us other than kshutchins have met him, but FULL-BODY photos taken from decent angles blatantly show the truth. It's not as though we are arguing a range of 1-2 inches. As an example: I think Shaq is 7'0" max, some others think he is 7'1". I can accept people saying he's 7'1" as it's not completely absurd, even though I personally think he's a few cm less. You can play around with anything from 6'11" - 7'1" in his case.
In Stadnyk's case, there is NOT A CHANCE IN HELL that he is even NEAR 8'4". This is NOT an arguement of 1-2 inches. Forget 1-2 inches, if he was within even FOUR INCHES (around 8'0"), we would'nt be bothering to argue and make such blatant statements. If he looked even REMOTELY close to 8'4", we would accept that we could be wrong with our estimates. He is SO FAR from this height that I don't need to meet him to say this. I , Richard, 99mvp - we KNOW that we are right on this issue.
Once again I say it - THERE IS NOT A CHANCE that he is 8'4". Yes, we are that sure.
Arjun said on 5/Apr/07
Neil, the " 6'4" " doctor is more like 6'1" at best, comparing him to a 5'4" girl in 3 inch heels. He looks 7, 7.5 inches taller at the very most. Add 1.5 - 2 inches for the footwear - and you have 6'1".
How can Stadnyk be "well above 7'6" " if he has 18 inches AT THE VERY MOST on a 6'1" man?
wolverinejoe80 said on 4/Apr/07
at the end of the day, we will never know how tall these people really are until they get measured in public. we aren't any closer to the truth than kshutchins. if anybody offended him, you should apologiz

if, somehow, stadnyk is 7ft 11, then your 7ft 6 estimate is equally bad as his 8ft 4inch claim.
99mvp said on 4/Apr/07
LV- I saw the documentary as well. And yes, Greener did seem similar in height to Stadnyk in relation to the doctor. Stadnyk has him by a few inches, certainly not a foot! ( 8'4" versus Greener's current 7'4" ).
Neil- This just in: The world is round, not flat. Ha ha.
Neil said on 4/Apr/07
I dont know how you can possibly say Stadnik is 7'6, his shoulder height is atleast 6'8, so how the hell can he be 7'6?
LV said on 4/Apr/07
At the beginning of that documentary, Greener is shown with the supposed 6'4" doctor. Does anyone remeber how big Greener looked next to the doctor is comparison to Stadnyk? I doubt Greener is 7'6" anymore with his bad posture. He's about 7'4". but seemed similar in height to Stadnyk.
Arjun said on 4/Apr/07
As far back as 2004, I reme,ber seeing a post on a certain forum filled with otherwise "Wow! 8'4"! Cool" non-doubting posting. It stated "Leonid Stadnyk: 7'6" or 8'4"???" Doubters don't exist only on Celebheights. Any person with half a brain who has seen enough photos CAREFULLY will doubt Stadnyk's 8'4" by a lot, and trust me, even if he was like 8'0" and looked around that, we would'nt be doubting him. He's SO far from 8'4" that any sane , clear-headed person who has'nt been duped will doubt it.
99mvp said on 3/Apr/07
Neil- If you have seen recent pictures of Chris Greener, they are misleading. He has shrunk over the years. As for the 7'6" mark for Stadnyk, take a look at Johnny C's website. He shows Leonid at 7'6". Do you have the guts to tell him point-blank that he is not just wrong, but SIGNIFICANTLY wrong? Because he will expect proof, and he will refute any attempt to place Stadnyk at 8'4".

And why do you address me specifically? Every person here who has not been conned has placed Leonid's height at around 7'6", give or take a few inches.
Neil said on 3/Apr/07
So mvp, what your saying is that Chris Greener is as tall as Stadnik? Absolutely no chance! I've seen plenty of pics of Greener and plenty of pics of Stadnik and there is no way Greener is as tall as Stadnik.
99mvp said on 3/Apr/07
To those on this message board- I have been accused by a self-declared nice intelligent person of behaving with indignity and childishness. Let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR to the kshutchins family and everybody else: I will berate and insult anybody who obscures/misleads ( even if not purposely ) me or others in the quest for truth. In this particular situation, Stadnyk is either 8'4" or he is less. There is NO gray area. It is NOT opinion. The various posters/contributors to this board have shown with brilliant clarity that kshutchins and his family have been duped. Am I to sit idly by and allow this public deception? NOT A CHANCE. I would berate my own mother if that was the case. NO ONE is spared my barbs if they keep the truth from being revealed. So tough luck kshutchins if you find my negativity unflattering. I am only negative to lies and deception. To that I plead guilty.
So kshutchins has left the board. How pathetic. He couldn't stand the heat of the truth. By the way, he once wrote that he found more intelligence on a sports message board. Let me make this clear- I have forgotten more about sports than he will ever know. I am a sports junkie and the top collector in the world ( THAT is the truth ) in something sports-related. Anyone astute enough can guess what that is from my ID name on this board. Oh and by the way...this message board is filled with people who ARE more intelligent that the sports message board people.
99mvp said on 3/Apr/07
Richard- I know you are busy. I know the feeling. I am buried by tax season, working until at least 2am every night. ( But that does not stop me from questioning the kshutchins family who are clearly being used by the Stadnyk-duping-machinery to trick them into attempting to dupe us into accepting the absurd claim of 8'4" ).
But when Richard gets the chance, it will be interesting to see how he responds to two concepts:
1. Both Richard and his friend Anne (the experienced 38-year-old architect) who confirmed his architecural analysis have been BLASTED by kshutchin's son when he states that Richard's "absurd architectural theories of height estimation" are useless since the "construction methods and materials in villages are shoddy at best and irregular in whatever home you are in." Thus, he concluded that he doubted that "you could possibly come to a reliable standard based on the height of a wall or door or brick."
2. We all know from the Robert Wadlow thread that Richard is very impressed with the 7'11" Zhang. Who wouldn't be? Well, the kshucthins family is clearly asserting that Leonid Stadnyk is a whole 5 INCHES taller than Zhang!!
kshutchins said on 3/Apr/07
Well, 99, I know one thing for sure. You've never ADMITTED to being wrong about a factual matter.

I found this message board purely by chance and foolishly thought that the folks here would be interested finding out that someone I know had actually seen Stadnyk measured and could verify his height. Little did I know that instead of being greeted with curiosity, I would be berated and insulted.

Your negativity is extremely unflattering. Save yourself the trouble of hurling additional insults my way. I won't be back to read them. So you can now do a little happy dance and satisfy yourself with the knowledge that you've behaved with sufficient indignity to cause a perfectly nice, intelligent person to flee your childishness.

Pats on the back all around.
Arjun said on 3/Apr/07
kshutchin's son - Stadnyk is indeed an impressive large man, with a big head and big hands. NO ONE on this board doubts that. But as far as height goes , he is nowhere near 8'4".
As 99mvp said, have you ever met any legit 7+ footers to compare with Stadnyk?
sure looks enormously tall. Are you trying to tell me that legit measured 7'6"+ more guys like Manute Bol, Gheorge Muresan or Xi Shun DON'T look enormously tall? Or that Stadnyk looks FAR taller than them????
Impressions are not the truth. Photographs are far more revealing than impressions.
As Big Show has already said, your wife was wearing 3 inch heels that day in the photo with Stadnyk.That would make her max 5'7", probably less as 3 inch heels do not give 3 inches of height - but let's just take 5'7". Stadnyk looks just over 2 feet taller than her by SIMPLE SCALING so roughly 7'7.5" - 7'8" IN HIS SHOES, for god's sake. Subtract 1.5 - 2 inches for his soles = you get around 7'6" barefoot. I agree photos can be deceiving, many people look shorter (or taller) in the odd photo, but unfortunately for Mr. Stadnyk, there is not a single photo where he looks anywhere close to 8'4". One photo can be deceiving - ALL OF THEM CAN'T BE. You have been duped badly.
Big Show said on 3/Apr/07
99mvp says on 2/Apr/07
And it appears that Big Show has been snared in this deceptive net when he seems to suggest that Vaino Myllyrinne and Leonid Stadnyk are identical in height.

Where in my post did I state that they were identical in height? I stated that the height difference between Stadnyk and the girl and Vaino and the man was the same. Not the height itself. In proportion they pretty much have the same height advantage on the person they’re standing next to. The chubby man is roughly 73% of Vaino’s height. If Vaino is 8’2 in this pic, the chubby man comes out at roughly 5’11. Vaino is not standing completely straight so the chubby man might be a little bit shorter than that. Kchutchins DIL is also roughly 73% of Stadnyk’s height. If she’s 5’7 in heels, Stadnyk comes out at 7’7.5 (in his shoes). This is btw a rough estimation, but it’s probably close to the truth.
So even though the height difference is almost the same in terms of percentage the height itself is not.
Big Show said on 2/Apr/07
Just for the record: The anonymous guy was me!
99mvp said on 2/Apr/07
Big Show- In disputing my assertion that Guinness has declared that Leonid is a fraud, you wrote: "Guinness never actually stated it as a fact that Stadnyk was a fraud. They only suggested the possibility that he might not be the height he claimed 'cause he refused to be measured by Guinness."
Big Show- The actual quote is: "...we can only conclude due to previous experience that he refuses to be measured officially by us because he is not the height he claims to be". You are not an attorney like I am and therefore not as adept at reading between the lines. You are not as fluent in deciphering "artful" writing. So let me make this crystal clear for you: Guinness is declaring him to be a fraud.

kshutchins- Your son has spoken and displayed the same traits of gullibility as you. But his post does shed some light as to how he was so easily fooled. He states that Leonid's "head and hands in particular are enormous" and that he was "actually very impressed by how enormous his head is when I met him." Inadvertently, your son has shown that Leonid's condition has FOOLED him into believing that he is taller than he actually is. Eddie Carmel was also enormous yet topped out at about 7'7", even though he was billed as a 9-footer! And of course Andre the Giant was an enormous man as well and we know that he was at most 7'4".
His post reveals no wisdom as to Leonid's ACTUAL HEIGHT. He does state with authority that Leonid "is by far the tallest man I have ever met". So what??? That gives us nothing without context. Maybe he has never met any 7-footers. Not too many people have actually met 7-footers, let alone 8-footers! If he had stated that "Stadnyk is by far the tallest I have ever met and I have met Manute Bol, Muresan, Xi Shun, etc" then that would have been a VERY powerful statement. But I notice a pattern- the kshutchins family always stops short of writing things like that. They avoid addressing the comparison photos of Wadlow with his brother versus Stadnyk. That is quite revealing.
By the way- when he writes that he stood on his tippy toes and reached all the way up to reach the top of Leonid's head, this gives us no context. He may have short arms. I am 5'11" and have done the same thing with the 7'6" Shawn Bradley and I was not able to reach above his head, so I guess I just proved that he is taller than 8-feet!!

Another thing: When he writes that he "would certainly not be afraid of unmasking a hoax on this discussion board if I believed one was being perpetrated upon you. There would be no reason for me to hide the truth", that merely shows he is not purposely misrepresenting the truth. I have never meant to imply that we are being lied to by the kshutchins family. They are being deceived, just as many others have been by this fraud. In fact, the fraud is more insidious when those who defend Stadnyk actually believe that he is 8'4". Good people can be misled.

And it appears that Big Show has been snared in this deceptive net when he seems to suggest that Vaino Myllyrinne and Leonid Stadnyk are identical in height. He states that "the height difference between Stadnyk and the 5’4 girl (5’7 in heels) and Vaino and the chubby man looks around the same. The question of course is: how big is the chubby guy. Looking at his posture I doubt he would be very tall. Vaino is 36 years old there so probably his full 8’2 (or 8’3)." Will someone please explain to Big Show that Vaino was taller than Stadnyk??
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/07
Arjun in which Guinness edition has Andre ever been recorded with a height of 7'4. In not one edition I've seen has Andre been credited with a 7'4 height listing as an official record. His 7'4 height was mentioned as a sidenote with the record he was listed for: namely being the highest paid wrestler. Guinness just carelessly took over his billed height. If Andre would've been listed in Guinness for being the tallest wrestler he would never be credited with a height of 7'4.

Kshutchings son, you say Stadnyk is as tall as you when you stand on your tip toes and reach all the way up. You're 6'1, well I'm 6'0.5 so pretty close to your height. When I stand on my tip toes and reach all the way up, I still can't touch the ceiling of my house, which is 8 feet high. So probably my total body height would be 7'10 or so. If you claim your total body height is 8'4, you have pretty long arms.
kshutchins said on 2/Apr/07
First off, this is KSHutchins's son writing. Obviously that means I'm married to the "daughter-in-law" whose moral fiber you've been calling into question. I have come to settle this once and for all. I have nothing to do with the production of the documentary you saw, and I would certainly not be afraid of unmasking a hoax on this discussion board if I believed one was being perpetrated upon you. There would be no reason for me to hide the truth because my wife is not currently employed by the people who made that film, nor does she plan on being employed by them in the future. So, all other disclaimers aside, allow me to settle this matter.

Leonid Stadnik is 8 feet 4 inches tall. He is by far the tallest man I have ever met, and I have no difficulty believing that he is the tallest man in the world. His head and hands in particular are enormous because of his acromegaly. Because of this I have serious doubts that anyone anywhere could accurately estimate his height based on his own physical proportions. I was actually very impressed by how enormous his head is when I met him. I was also impressed by the fact that even in a room with taller than normal ceilings he had to bend over in order to stand up. I am personally 6 feet 1 inch tall, and if I stand on my tip toes and reach all the way up as high as I can, that is how tall Stadnik is, 254 centimeters.

As for your absurd architectural theories of height estimation, having personally lived in Ukraine for a year and a half, I can tell you that construction methods and materials in villages are shoddy at best and irregular in whatever home you are in. Therefore I doubt you could possibly come to a reliable standard based on the height of a wall or door or brick.

As to Mr. Stadnik and his refusal to be measured by the Guiness book of world records, well, that baffled me too at first. But if you carefully watched the documentary about him you would see that this man, a veterinarian by trade, is a Gentle Giant, and that he knows enough about the world to know that he is more comfortable living at home in the village in peace than in a big city where everything is built for "normal people" and everyone wants to see you and points at you. At least in the village he can ride a horse cart if he wants to go somewhere (because he's too big to fit in a car) and he can walk around in nature if he wants to (because there the proportions of him to his environment at least feel more normal). He is one of the kindest and most modest people I've ever met, and the fact that you think he's at the center of a hoax is pure lunacy.

My advice to you is to either accept that you're wrong or accept that you'll never convince KSHutchins that you're right. Because you never will. Because she is right.
Arjun said on 2/Apr/07
As for your BS about Stadnyk "being officially measured by the Ukrainian Branch of the Guinness Book of World records", well let me tell you that Andre the Giant was also "officially measured" and listed at 7'4" by a "branch" of Guinness Book of World Records. It's laughable. Heck, Andre was way closer to 7'4" than BSer Stadnyk is to 8'4".
Arjun said on 2/Apr/07
Ok kshutchins. Your daughter-in-law was wearing heels of "atleast 3 inches" IN THE PIC WHERE SHE IS WEARING A BLUE SWEATER AND STANDING NEXT TO THE DOC.
So if she is wearing 3.5 inch heels (that's being generous even by your assumptions) they boost her by roughly 2.75 - 3 inches. Check out the "heel height truth" page on this very site if you think otherwise. That gives her a MAX 2 inch advantage over the doctor, who is wearing standard 1 inch shoes as we can see in the pic.
Now, you say "the top of my head to the tip of my earlobes is 7 inches". Well, your daughter-in-law REACHES the bottom of the doc's ears. So she is 7 inches shorter than him, as he has an average sized head of probably 24 cm (9.5"). 7 + 2" footwear advantage = 9". So where is "6'4" " doc? (yes, he's the very same doc ,introduced as Bessler in the next pic who was billed as 6'4" on Stadnyk's show) 6'1", MAX 6'1.5" assuming your daughter-in-law IS wearing 3.5 inch heels.
Now look at the next photo which CLEARLY shows Stadnyk right next to this doctor, and we can see their feet. If you think that Stadnyk has 2 feet 3 inches on the doctor, then I am sorry, you are braindead. So
Assuming doc to be 6'1.5" + 18 inches = 7'7.5". This is actually too high, as the difference neither looks 18 inches, nor does the doc look 6'1.5". A much more likely scenario is 6'1" doc + 17" = 7'6". And we ain't even getting into Stadnyk's chunky shoes here.
As for "top-of-head to tip of shoulder" Stadnyk does have a long head of nearly a foot, but his neck is so short and shoulders so square that his chin is not very far from his shoulders. Richard never said that top-of-head to tip-of-shoulder of Stadnyk is 3 inches more than your DIL's. He said that Stadnyk's HEAD is 3 inches longer, but your DIL's longer neck and more sloping shoulders make up for that partly, making the overall top-of-head to tip of shoulder for Stadnyk MAX 13", not 14.5" or more as you say. Which part of this are you not following? Do you even bother to fully read Richard's (or other people's) posts?
As for that door pic, the camera angle favours Stadnyk BIG time as it is very low. That door has 3 bars above it. HOW DO YOU KNOW that the distance from the floor to the lowest bar is as high as 6'8"????? It could be anything, seeing as your page says that "Stadnyk's house was not built according to standard construction practices, so it should not be relied upon to provide scale" As Richard said, the doorframe could very well be near 6'8", but does that include or exclude the 3 bars on top??? It's impossible to say. Even in standard places, it is dubious to estimate height from doorway pics, and in Stadnyk's old house, no way can it be taken as even weak evidence.
The pic of Stadnyk next to a billed 6'4", but actually MAX 6'1" doc looking no more than 18 inches taller is enough evidence for me, Richard, 99mvp and anyone else with brains that Stadnyk is nowhere near 8'4" and is nothing more than a very chunky, well-built 7'6". If you think he looks 8'4" in that pic - like I said earlier, you would have to be BRAINDEAD to think like that.
Big Show said on 2/Apr/07
99mvp says on 1/Apr/07
Guinness has addressed the Stadnyk claim SPECIFICALLY. They have dealt with fraudulent claims throughout the years and have stated that Leonid is one of a long line of fraudulent giants.

Guinness never actually stated it as a fact that Stadnyk was a fraud. They only suggested the possibility that he might not be the height he claimed 'cause he refused to be measured by Guinness.

kshutchins says on 1/Apr/07
99mvp, you contradict yourself. You say that Stadnyk has never been OFFICIALLY measured yet Guinness has declared him a fraud. How can they declare the man a fraud if they've never measured him?

You can still declare someone a fraud without measuring him. You didn't have to be height expert to see that guys like John Aassen and Eddie Carmel were nowhere near the height they claimed (close to 9 feet). With Stadnyk it's a little bit more difficult, but the pic with your DIL (who would be around 5'7 if she's wearing 3" heels)

99mvp says on 1/Apr/07
kshutchins- How could those comparison photos that Bendy posted not convince you of your nonsense??? While photos can be misleading, we KNOW FOR A FACT that the Wadlow photo is absolutely 100% legitimate. Since that photo is impervious to challenge and Robert is 8'3" and much clearly taller in relation to his brother versus Stadnyk in relation to a woman who is even smaller than Robert's brother, is that not clear visual proof that Leonid is smaller than his claim or "official" measurement? Plus, it is obvious that Leonid is wearing bigger soled-shoes than Robert was.
So kushutchins- HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN/RATIONALIZE THAT???? I want an ANSWER from your son and daughter-in-law!!
The photos CLEARLY show that Leonid cannot be the same height as Robert in that picture, so I want you to go on record as telling all of us on this message board that somehow magically that the two giants in those two Bendy-posted photos are the SAME height!!
It is one thing to initially accept the word of your son and daughter-in-law. I can understand that. It is quite another matter to look at those two photos and maintain the position that those two giants are the same height. Do you DARE?????

About a year ago when no one was really debating Stadnyk’s height and most assumed he was somewhere around that 8’4 area, I posted this same pic to show that Stadnyk doesn’t seem to tower over anyone the same way Wadlow does in this pic. But Wadlow towers his brother in a huge way. Let’s compare Stadnyk to another confirmed 8 footer: 8’2 (some say 8’3) Vaino Myllyrinne.

Click Here

And compare it to this pic of Stadnyk and the 5’4 girl (5’7 in her heels)
Click Here

The height difference between Stadnyk and the 5’4 girl (5’7 in heels) and Vaino and the chubby man looks around the same. The question of course is: how big is the chubby guy. Looking at his posture I doubt he would be very tall. Vaino is 36 years old there so probably his full 8’2 (or 8’3).
richard.. said on 2/Apr/07
kshutchins....ha !!!! i never saw that picture on the top of your blog....well that just proves it ... the camera angle obviously favours him big time ,,, his eyes are below the ledge...and his eyes to top of head is either 4.5 or 5in.... his shoulder is below the top of door .... he is only approx 3in above you really are finished ......
richard.. said on 2/Apr/07
..neil,kshutchins...busy but read!!!! stadnyk is very close to 13in from shoulder to top of head making his shoulder just 2in from top of door whenhe is wearing hisapprox 2in soles!!!! i only used my architect friend for confirmation....believe me she knows what she is talking about and so do I....this is not a personal thing but you really need to wise up.... I have proven that he is in the mid 7 range. arjun.....i am so busy ...deawith them please....
99mvp said on 1/Apr/07
kshutchins- Do you understand English? I NEVER contradict myself. I stated quite clearly that Stadnyk has never been officially measured and I stated that Guinness has declared Stadnyk a fraud. How is that a contradiction? I did not state that Guinness has ever measured Stadnyk. THAT would have been a contradiction. I suggest you consult a dictionary before you post a public message. Because what I wrote was not at all contradictory. They are two separate points. One: that Stadnyk has never been officially measured and two: that Guinness has declared Stadnyk a fraud. Now one might assume that in order for Guinness to make such a declaration that they would have had to measure him. But that assumption would be erroneous. And I never made that claim. Guinness has not measured him ( because Leonid has refused ). Which might then lead one to wonder how is it possible that, without measuring him, Guinness would reach such a conclusion. That is a fair question to ask and the answer is rather simple- In the absence of an OFFICIAL measurement, Guinness made its conclusion through deductive reasoning and seeing the photos. They are quite experienced in fraudulent claims. Guinness believes Stadnyk is a fraud. ( Gee, I wonder how they could have come up with that outlandish conclusion? ). You may choose to reject that conclusion, which is your right to do so. But resist making a fool out of yourself by EVER posting that me 99mvp has contradicted myself. There is very little that aggravates me more than being accused of sloppy intellectual reasoning. And one who has contradicted himself is indeed lazy intellectually.

Again, I cannot stress enough that your position that you "consider his doctor official enough for me" is meaningless drivel. All this shows the public is that you are as gullible as the day is long.

Of course, your post ignored the dilemma you face which is to look at those two comparison photos that Bendy posted and to declare that Stadnyk is as tall as Robert was in that 1936 photo. Why will you not state for the public record that the photos prove your claim that Stadnyk is indeed 8'4"? Could you keep a straight face while doing so?
May I suggest a little experiment for you? Show the pictures together to any of your friends and co-workers. Everybody. Let them know the girl is 5'4" and the man is about 5'8". Point out the big-soled shoes that Leonid is wearing. Or ignore those aspects altogether and let them figure it out themselves. I challenge you to find ONE person who would tell you that Leonid is as tall as Robert is in those pictures.
Matt Thomas said on 1/Apr/07
Kschutins I cannot comprehend why you actually think stadnyk is 8'4'' maybe your biased towards him because you live in or near Ukraine or because of that stupid photo.
joblo said on 1/Apr/07
kshutchins, so he allows his mother, his doctor, and people from the ukrainian record book measure his height but he won't let guinness? it just doesn't make sense. if he hates publicity why did he allow himself to measured for the ukrainian record and why did he do the show on discovery channel? a quick question about the show, did the 6'4 doc ever reveal his own height, cause i can't remember that, and did he ever measure stadnyk on camera, cause if i remember correctly they never revealed his height on the episode.
kshutchins said on 1/Apr/07
99mvp, you contradict yourself. You say that Stadnyk has never been OFFICIALLY measured yet Guinness has declared him a fraud. How can they declare the man a fraud if they've never measured him?

You consider Guinness the only reliable "official" measurer. I happen to consider his doctor official enough for me. He was also "officially" measured for the Ukrainian record book. (Which is how he got all this attention in the first place.)
99mvp said on 1/Apr/07
kshutchins- You are acting like a complete buffoon. Stadnyk has NEVER been officially measured. This is a simple math equation:
1. It is impossible to fool official measurers.
2. Stadnyk is in fact nowhere near 8'4".
3. Math conclusion: Stadnyk has never been OFFICIALLY measured. Those who claim that they measured him at that height are not official measurers.

Guinness has addressed the Stadnyk claim SPECIFICALLY. They have dealt with fraudulent claims throughout the years and have stated that Leonid is one of a long line of fraudulent giants.

kshutchins- How could those comparison photos that Bendy posted not convince you of your nonsense??? While photos can be misleading, we KNOW FOR A FACT that the Wadlow photo is absolutely 100% legitimate. Since that photo is impervious to challenge and Robert is 8'3" and much clearly taller in relation to his brother versus Stadnyk in relation to a woman who is even smaller than Robert's brother, is that not clear visual proof that Leonid is smaller than his claim or "official" measurement? Plus, it is obvious that Leonid is wearing bigger soled-shoes than Robert was.
So kushutchins- HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN/RATIONALIZE THAT???? I want an ANSWER from your son and daughter-in-law!!
The photos CLEARLY show that Leonid cannot be the same height as Robert in that picture, so I want you to go on record as telling all of us on this message board that somehow magically that the two giants in those two Bendy-posted photos are the SAME height!!
It is one thing to initially accept the word of your son and daughter-in-law. I can understand that. It is quite another matter to look at those two photos and maintain the position that those two giants are the same height. Do you DARE?????
kshutchins said on 1/Apr/07
joblo, Stadnyk's been "officially" measured many times. Just because you didn't see it happen, doesn't mean it isn't so.

BTW, I didn't even think of the possibility that my DIL could have been wearing heels in the picture of her with the blue sweater. When I asked her about it, she said she WAS, in fact, wearing heels of at least 3 inches.
kshutchins said on 1/Apr/07
Hey, Richard, I am only repeating what YOU said. YOU estimated my daughter-in-law's (I have legal documents and PICTURES to prove THAT.) shoulder to top of head measurement as about 11.5 inches and I agreed with you because I actually measured her. (Did you measure your girlfriend?) YOU estimated Stadnyk's head-shoulder measurement at about three inches larger than hers. I'm pretty sure that 11.5 inches + 3 inches = 14.5 inches. What does that do to your calculations of the brick size? A difference of 1cm per brick over a run of thirty bricks is nearly a foot. (Which would make your estimate of his height compared to the bricks off by quite a bit.) I happen to think you've underestimated the difference between Stadnyk and my DIL, but I'm not going to press the point.

Apparently it isn't YOUR door analysis, it's Anne's. (Interesting that you should have to ask someone since you've claimed to be such a genius at estimating measurements from photos.) If it were so easy to estimate height vs. door frame, then banks and convenience stores wouldn't have little markers by the door so security cameras could help determine the heights of robbery perpetrators. But I digress.

Let's ASSUME you are correct and the height of the actual door is 6ft 8inches. I'm going to add an inch for the door sill, making it 6 ft 9 inches from the floor in front of the door to the top of the door itself (not including the frame around the door.) YOU estimated Stadnyk's shoulder to top of head measurement at three inches greater than my DIL making his measurement 14.5 inches by YOUR calculations. (Again, I think you have underestimated.)

6 feet 9 inches + 14.5 inches = 7 feet 11.5 inches

Keep in mind THIS measurment: On ME, the measurement from the lower tip of my earlobe to the top of MY head is 7 inches. I refer back to your post stating: "I can actually prove Stadnyk is less than 8'!!!!!!!!
stadnyk is MAX 3in above the concrete ledge which is 6in above the door...."

Look again: Click Here

My point is simply this: You can't precisely determine height from a photograph without a LOT of PRECISE information to help with scale. There are so many variables from brick size and thickness of shoe soles, to posture and units of measurement, that the slightest differences defy precision. Therefore, I choose to believe Stadnyk's medical records, which state he is 253-257 cms tall as verified by my daughter in law, who was clearly there, and who saw him being measured.
Neil said on 1/Apr/07
Richard have you ever seen Stadnik coming through that very same door? I have seen a pic of him coming through that doorway and his shoulder height is higher than that very same door. So if you say ,even though it would be more, that his shoulder to the top of his head is 13in, that would make him atleast 7'10.
joblo said on 1/Apr/07
arjun, i can't believe anything until the fool gets himself measured. it's strange that he lets his mamma measure him while someone takes a picture but he won't let anyone officially measure to verify what he's already claiming. it's not like he's keeping his height a secret, so what's the difference if kshutchins and his family are measuring him or some bloke from guinness, assuming he's not hiding anything. i only pointed out the girl's heels because it was missed in the original analysis of the photos.
kshutchins said on 31/Mar/07
Richard... so you are saying that her shoulder to top of head measurement is 11.5 inches (Very good.That's exactly right.) And that her measurement is a full three inches less than his. (I would estimate slightly more than that, but I'll give you the three.) That makes his shoulder to top of the head measurement at least 14.5 inches. Would you agree? I'm interested in the height of the door. You'd say the door height is around 6ft 9 inches? Would you agree to 7 ft?
99mvp said on 31/Mar/07
Bendy- Great comparison photos of Robert Wadlow with his brother ( he was 18 years old and 8'3" in that photo ) versus the fraudulent Stadnyk next to kshutchins' daughter-in-law. This just piles on to the MOUNTAIN of proof that Leonid is a punk who has misled good people like kshutchins and some others on this message board on a path that has made them look foolish and naive. Those comparison photos put the final nail in the coffin constructed by Arjun and Richard.

joblo- Talk about ridiculous comments- You wrote concerning Stadnyk that "I don't care if the guy's 8'4 or 5'4, ain't gonna change my life either way". What type of an absurd comment is that????? Does the world revolve around you? It doesn't matter whether Leonid is perpetrating a fraud on the public ( the Stadnyk claim has been reported as truth worldwide ) unless it personally affects joblo? How narcissistic of you. How obnoxious. How arrogant. So let me throw your words right back in your face- that is "one of the dumbest responses i've ever heard to anything - ever". Let me remind you- this is a message board ABOUT TALL PEOPLE. It PRESUMES that the participants care about such matters. If you could care less, then take a hike! Don't try to pull any holier-than thou crap on us. That is quite insulting to all of us who very much do care about the truth concerning the heights of giants. People spend a good deal of time researching these things and then constructing arguments to unravel the lies being foisted on all of us in this particular area. Your attitude is deameaning to those people whose efforts should be applauded and commended for challenging these frauds.
I had to get that off my chest.
Bendy said on 31/Mar/07
kshutchins: Most of the people who post on this board, IE Arjun,Richard,99mvp, have posted on the Robert Wadlow board in depth regarding Stadnyks height, myself included, I think we all came to the conclusion that Stadnyk is probably looming somewhere around the 7'6" mark, some think a little less, some a little more. Hope that helps you see it a little clearer kshutchins.

Compare these two pictures.

Click Here Stadnyk with your 'daughter-in-law' this term is applied loosely! And now compare it with this Click Here picture of Robert Wadlow with his brother of average height prob about 5'8" or 5'9", Taken in 1936 when Robert was 18, and roughly 8'4" the height Stadnyk claims to be, I have chosen these two pictures inparticular as they both have roughly the same camera angles,you study them, line them up and you'll see the plain simple truth is that Stadnyk isnt 8'4".
Richard said on 31/Mar/07
I have a little more time now- I have been involved in an epic business meeting all day.......Although her head is a full 3in shorter than Stadnyk's ,she has a 'swan neck' a little like Audery Hepburn's which gives her about 3in from shoulder to chin as opposed to Stadnyk's 1.5in. he actaually has a 'Tutankahmun chin' and short neck but i am the first to admit that his head is long (relative in size to his great height)- approx 11.5in. So, I can certainly see 11.5in from HER head top to shoulder. Her head is certainly a full 3in less than the big mans.
Thanks for praising my architectural knowledge; My roof rafter observation sent ripples of applause through the thread and immeadiatly provoked a response from Arjun.
Arjun said on 31/Mar/07
joblo, surely you don't believe that Stadnyk is 8'4"?
Arjun said on 31/Mar/07
Making a more reasonable assumption - even if the girl IS wearing heels, they are unlikely to be more than 3 inches (therefore giving her a 1.5 inch or so boost over the doc's footwear) AND the doc struggles to look even 8 inches taller than her, she's a little above his mouth. So let's say 7.5 + 1.5 = 9 inches over 5'4" = 6'1". The " 6'4" " doctor Bessler is max 6'1", that makes Stadnyk MAX 7'7", as Stadnyk in turn struggles to have 18 inches on him. And we ain't even getting into Stadnyk's (dubious) footwear here.
The whole thing is a well-crafted fraud. 6'1" MAX doctor billed at 6'4" to make Stadnyk appear closer to 8'4". The funny thing is , he STILL would'nt look anywhere near 8'4" even if the doc was a legit 6'4", which he is far from.
That should give you an idea of how far Stadnyk actually is from his claimed 8'4".
Arjun said on 31/Mar/07
By the way, a 3 inch woman's heel does not give a 3inch boost - more like 2.25 - 2.5 inches. So, making the VERY generous assumption that the 5'4" girl is wearing around 3.75 inch heels (which is what would be needed to give a 3 inch boost) that still gives her only a 2 inch footwear advantage on the doc, who is likely wearing 1 inch standard shoes. EVEN THEN, the doc looks MAX 6'2".
Arjun said on 31/Mar/07
kshutchins:In the 4th photo, I will say that Stadnyk looks 7'7" IF the girl is 5'4" - it's not clear whether she is the same girl in the 6th photo or not. If it's a different girl, she may be shorter??7'7" is the absolute tallest Stadnyk
can be barefoot, even 7'9" is too high for him, are you saying that he is as tall as Xi Shun, let alone taller? Nope. If he was within millimeters of Shun, trust me, he would get measured. The man is UNDER 7'9" FOR SURE, just by how much is the question. My estimate: anywhere from 7'4" - 7'7" barefoot, most likely around 7'6". kshutchins: He MIGHT be 7'7" if he's very lucky, but there is absolutely no way in the world that he is 8'4" or even close, accept it.
kshutchins said on 30/Mar/07
Arjun, the people in the photo are standing a couple of feet in front of the door, creating the illusion that it is smaller than it actually is. Maybe Richard can use his architectural knowledge to tell us the likely height of the door.

I'm still waiting for Richard to answer my question about the measurement on the girl (top of the shoulder to the top of the head). I did not estimate the girl's height at 5' 4"; I measured her. She is my daughter-in-law and is currently living in my home.
Richard said on 30/Mar/07
joblo - Even at 2in they will be very similar to Stadnyk's. I was not talking in absolute terms anyway - I said "I seriously doubt...." which is a reasonable comment because we have seen an incredibly small number of people wearing heels when flanking giants especially in staged photos.
AND- I do know some things about Stadnyk: he is certainly in the mid 7' range, he is a liar, his mother is below 5', zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
joblo said on 30/Mar/07
if u look at her left foot in the 3rd pic u'll see a little white gap in middle of the sole, meaning her shoes/boots have heels, at least 2 inches by the looks of it. keep in mind guys i'm not taking sides in this discussion i just thought i'd point this out cause it seems to have been missed. also, someone mentioned uneven ground which is strange, cause obviously i'm not talking stilletos, haven't u seen women's boots with heels? the comment about stadnyk not allowing a member of his 'crew' to wear heels is one of the dumbest responses i've ever heard to anything - ever. i don't care if the guy's 8'4 or 5'4, ain't gonna change my life either way, i'm just fascinated by how seriously u seem to take the subject that u'd make such a ridiculous comment about someone u know nothing about.
Arjun said on 30/Mar/07
And the girl standing next to Stadnyk in the snow in the 3rd and 4th photos - is she the same girl in blue sweater in the 6th photo???? If she is, even then Stadnyk looks max 7'8" next to her in the 4th photo, assuming her to be 5'4" - which is the one in which he looks the tallest. Therefore, 7'6" barefoot is the most likely.
Arjun said on 30/Mar/07
Richard, the door is no more than low 6 foot range, I estimate, as 6'4" doctor (BSer whose barely 6' as we have discussed) is basically as tall as the door in the last photo.
Big Show said on 30/Mar/07
I agree with LV, even if the woman is in heels (which I doubt, as Stadnyk lives on a farm and it's not very practical to be walking around on heels there with the uneven ground, mud, etc.) that would put her height at 5'6 or 5'7. Even then the doc doesn't look 6'4. But the pic is not enough evidence to pull Stadnyk down. The woman is estimated by a friend to be 5'4 and I don't know how good of a height estimator he is. As this site proves, some people are really bad at it.
LV said on 29/Mar/07
Joblo, good point, but we're not arguing about 1 or 2 inches...we're arguing he may be lying about his height by nearly 1 foot! Probably less, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt from the pictures where he looks taller, but I'm guessing about 7'6". Could be 7'4" or 7'8"?!
kshutchins said on 29/Mar/07
Bear with me. Take a look at the pictures here: Click Here
Take a look at the girl in the blue sweater and consider the distance between HER shoulder and the top of her head. By comparison, what would you estimate that distance to be on her?
Richard said on 29/Mar/07
joblo (and later Arjun) It would make no sense------- I SERIOUSLY DOUBT Stadnyk would allow a member of his crew to wear heals. Also, on the third photo down, they do not look like heels, just chunky snow shoes like those of the big mans.

Arjun, take a look at the rusty roof rafter above stadnyk's head on one of the doctor photos....follow it round to the wall (easy) then follow the wall round to above the door.....stadnyk does not tower the door by much... i am so busy now but you check it out if you have time---.... I don't even have a spare 10 mins today.
joblo said on 29/Mar/07
still not sure what's what, but i wanted to point out that since alot of the arguments are based on the 5'4 girl and the supposedly 6'4 doc, no one has considered the possibility that the girl's shoes or boots have heels, cause they certainly seem to in the third pic and u can't even see her feet in the pic with the doc.
Richard said on 29/Mar/07
Kshutchins - 12.5 -13in - about 4.2-4.5 brick courses ; where the mortar joints are about 1cm the 'mortar centres' are very close to 7.5in. The bricks are very close to 6.5cm - the close up of the bricks clearly shows this. His total head lenght is about 11.5in and top of shoulder to chin is only about 1.5in.
The photograph is taken from a very low angle which makes Stadnyk look about 1in taller. On 8 of the bricks the mortar joints are about 2in. the double brick is close to 13cm. If we measure 4 courses on any point on that wall the height will vary between 12in and 13.5in depending on the mortar size. One of the mortar joints above his shoulder might be close to 1.5cm but I was kind on him when I only gave him 4.5cm for his soles so the photo puts him at 7'4.5. Not an exact science but 7'8 for example is a complete impossibility.
Stadnyks family are deplorable builders but atleast they managed to get their hands on standard 6.5cm bricks. They had no choice really unless they demolished an old building and got some paper thin 2in bricks.
Why did you ask that question??? Are you slowly coming round to the fact that Stadnyk might be fraud?? I think its time to be honest- what have you got to lose??
kshutchins said on 28/Mar/07
The photo of Stadnyk with the bricks is at this site: Click Here
Given your calculation of the size of the bricks, what is your estimate of the distance between the top of Stadnyk's shoulders (beginning at the bottom of the double brick) and the top of his head?
Richard said on 27/Mar/07
Big Show and later Arjun

Big Show - I partly agree with you; I think Stadnyk only looked 7'9 from a gut instinct point of view in inconlusive photos. When we have analyzed the better photos he always came up in the mid 7' range. Now, I hope you beleive that Georg Wessels could well be less than 5'11 after the doctor bs!!!

Dear Arjun,
Our effortless ability to deconstruct photos reached its stratospheric peak with the revelation about the Doctors height. We brought kshutchins to his/her knees, won deserved praise from former greats such as 99mvp and most importantly of all, killed the hype surrounding Stadnyk.
Our collaboration was worthy of mention in the same breath as Scorsese/DeNiro and Leone/Eastwood. I look forward to working with you again, in the future.
Yours sincerely (and humbly)
Arjun said on 27/Mar/07
I agree Big Show, Stadnyk looks taller in some pics as compared to others. But not in ONE pic has he appeared to be anywhere near 8'4" LOL.
asfasf said on 27/Mar/07
i would see stadnik compared with 8 foot zhang. stadnik is 7'6 max
Big Show said on 26/Mar/07
Arjun, I haven't seen that documentary of Stadnyk on Discovery, but if the doctor in the pics is the same one as in the documentary it's obvious they're bull s***ting again. If that woman is 5'4 that doctor is struggling with 6 feet himself. I'm 6'0.5 and my mother is 5'4 and I have more height on my mother (nearly a full head) than he has on that woman. Take into account that the doc is standing further behind, I would say he's around my height max. The pic of Stadnyk and the 5'4 lady in the snow is a reasonable picture for the MS Word pic. That would put Stadnyk at 7'3 if the woman is 5'4. Take into account that Stadnyk is standing further behind and pic favours the woman a little bit. Stadnyk based on that pic can't be more than 7'6. I must say that Stadnyk has appeared various heights in more pics than anyone else during the last few years. His height could be anywhere from 7'5 to 7'9.
Arjun said on 26/Mar/07
Xi Shun has the world's longest hands at present , I think. His are 11".
And the longest hands ever, well, that goes to a certain giant we all know of - THE TALLEST MAN EVER. His were 12.75". Heck, that's longer than the foot of most people!!!
Arjun said on 26/Mar/07
Yeah Richard, most women,even taller women, have relatively smaller hands. My hands at 7 inches are small for a guy even at 5'8", but they are still bigger than those of many girls my height.
Arjun said on 25/Mar/07
Thanks 99mvp. I still cannot understand how anyone with eyes and half a brain can still believe Stadnyk to be 8'4".
Richard said on 25/Mar/07
Arjun - The sheer quantity of photos that give Stadnyk ABOUT 7'5 is incredible. kshutchins obviously underestimated the ease with which we can analyse photos - there is no substitute for experience!
As we have discussed, the 6'4 doc is now possibly as low as 6'(that girl is way to relaxed to be on toes).....which is exactly what I said to you a few days ago EVEN THOUGH I did not see the documentary. As I explained to Big Show, we really need to get inside their heads as well as study the photos- and boy ..are we good at studying?!!
We both picked up on the same things and as a result, the Stadnyk case has been brought to a close.
Just one more thing -My hands are 8.6in long and I am 6'2.5 (6'3.0 early morning) so my hands look truly enormous compared to pretty much every 5'4 woman. AND I know several guys who have slightly longer hands than me and are pretty similar in height!! So, a guy in the mid 7' range is well capable of having staggeringly big hands.
zas said on 25/Mar/07
Arjun, Stadnik isn't on his tiptoes in the 6th photo, but look carefully the ground level in his side, look the rug in the 7th photo. That's the reason he stand up in that side, the ground level favours him. Probably he is 7'5".
99mvp said on 25/Mar/07
Arjun- Great analysis of the faker Leonid Stadnyk. kshutchins must be quaking in his shoes, having been exposed as almost as big a fraud as Stadnyk himself!
kshutchins- Do you even bother to read what Richard and Arjun write regarding the photos you produce and then study those photos in light of the clear analysis? If so, you would swallow your pride, chastise your son and daughter-in-law for making you look like a fool on this public message board, and then apologize on this message board accordingly. Then all would be forgiven. You would not the first person, nor the last, who was gullible. We are all entitled to make mistakes, although in all honesty I cannot remember the last time I made a mistake (excepting some typos on this message board), I say humbly. Ha ha.
But I do hold out the possibility that you are quite aware of Stadnyk's misrepresentation and are simply purposely agitating us just for the sport of it. I have been known to do that in the past to stir people out of their complacency. ( Like Richard does with me when he claims non-existent victories over the undefeated champion- ME ). Although he was vaporized on the Robert Wadlow thread ( much of his own doing ), Richard's input here to shoot down kshutchins is certainly appreciated by all seekers of the truth about the supreme fraud Stadnyk.
kshutchins- Time to admit that you have been exposed and your "evidence" shattered. Let me assure you, if this went to a jury you would be convicted as an accomplice to the crime of misrepresentation and fraud.
Arjun said on 25/Mar/07
Richard, I said "almost CERTAINLY" instead of "CERTAINLY" in the last post, because of one last possibility:Is the 5'4" girl on her tiptoes with the doc in the 6th photo, since we can't see their feet???Possible, but I think very unlikely. If she is'nt tiptoeing, the doc is no more than 6', and Stadnyk is no more than 7'6". If anybody is tiptoeing in that photo, it's the big man himself.
Arjun said on 25/Mar/07
Richard, you saw just what I saw!!! Yes, from the 6th photo, the doc is max 6' as he's only max 8 inches taller than the 5'4" girl. And in the 7th photo, the same doc is stated to be Stadnyk's doc (The man in the middle is his doctor, I believe his name is Bessler) so he is really the very same " 6'4" " doc. From the 7th photo, it is clear that Stadnyk has only 17 inches or so on the " 6'4" " doc who's actually 6'. Making him clearly 7'5", when there is no BS like tiptoeing (which I think he's doing in the 6th photo where we can't see his feet, he towers over the doc in that photo more than in the 7th one where we can see his feet) So the entire thing IS a fraud. Stadnyk is clearly struggling with 7'6" barefoot. Those last two photos almost CERTAINLY prove Stadnyk to be no more than this height.

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