How tall is Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain's Height

7ft 1 (215.9 cm)

American former Basketball player and actor (Conan the Destroyer). He was measured in his 40's at 7ft 0.5 inch. On his passport he listed his height as 7ft 0.
Wilt was exactly 7ft 1 and 1/16th. We had a special apparatus built by a scientific team at Temple University Hospital to measure him and all subsequent players....luke jackson was 6ft 9. Wilt made Luke look like nothing.
- Wilt's Physician

Wilt Chamberlain3
"I'll bet anyone I'm not 7-1...I guarantee it. I'll lie down over there [on a long polished wood table] and I'm willing to have you measure me"...[A 76ers official produces a measuring tape while Wilt took off his shoes and laid down...It measured 84.5 inches from head to toe...."84½ inches! That's 7-½! I told you I wasn't 7-1. You all didn't know I've been this little for so long."
News Journal, 1980

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Average Guess (137 Votes)
7ft 0.91in (215.7cm)
Adam Cornwell said on 13/May/23
I think if you're under 6 ft you might lie and say you're 6 ft. If you're 6 ft 0 - 6 ft 2 you want to be a little taller. Wilt's quotes suggest what it's like to be 7 ft 1 - you want to be the magical 7 ft 0!
Canson said on 13/Feb/23
@Eighthwonder: that’s interesting and Nice find. It’s interesting that he calls Chamberlain 5” taller when Russell rounded down to 6’9” when he was at least 6’9.5”. Wilt May have had 3” on him in reality.
Eighthwonder said on 12/Feb/23
Started watching Bill Russell documentary and when wilt came into the league they were first calling him 7’2”. Just thought it was interesting.
Also Russell said Wilt was 5 inches taller
Iceman1990 said on 6/Oct/22
7ft1 in his 20s and 30s he was taller than prime shag O’Neil he was probably measured at 7ft.05 in the evening in his mid 40s
edge said on 26/Aug/22
There are several pictures with Wilt taller than Shaq by an inch.
Eighthwonder said on 21/Aug/22
Click Here
Canson said on 18/Jul/22
@Shane: very interesting. Good question
Shane Gray@ said on 7/Jul/22
Why are all of Wilt's measurements "weird"? The first is from a "special apparatus". Did we ever find out what that was? Was he laying down for that, too? And the second one with the laying down and using tape measure is laughable. There's no way to make that accurate. So we really don't know how tall Wilt even was. Why don't we have any where he just stands against a wall and is measured normally ?
Nikktop said on 10/May/22
I m sure it was 7ft 1 1/16 like the measurements. Probably 7ft 0.5 at his forties.
Nikktop said on 10/May/22
I m sure it was 7ft 1 1/16 like the measurements. Probably 7ft 0.5 at his forties.
John moss said on 29/Apr/22
I would say he's between 7'0-7'2
nites07 said on 9/Feb/22
Wilt here looks about 2 inches taller then Shaq here and Shaq looks 3 inches taller then Russell. Shaqs around 20 years old here.
Tunman said on 3/Dec/21
You would expect a guy his height to have a head like 10.75 well somewhere in that 10.5-11" range,but while Wilt's head is small,it's probably a good 10".It's more likely to see that on a 6'6 than on a 7'1.Also another example of a small head for a giant is that of Karim Abdul Jabbar,also 10" like Wilt.
Canson said on 16/Nov/21
@Duhon and Seal: it may have been because his height was always attributed to him being as dominant as he was when he played since the taller players were Bill Russell and other 6’9-6’10 guys when he played. So he was an outlier like Duhon said. I recall Russell didn’t like being referred to as 6’10 and rounded down to 6’9”. I remember a time when 6’5 was considered too tall and 6’7 was freakish (think James Cromwell being 6’6+ not wanting to claim 6’7”). Now you have 6’3 or so guys claiming 6’5 or in the Rock’s case a weak 6’3 peak maybe solid 6’3 peak. As for Wilt’s height I’m not sure if he didn’t measure that when he retired and lost height. He could’ve still measured under 7’1 but by less of a margin. And he did an airline commercial with Kareem once and claimed 7’1 and Kareem said or a little taller when he referred to himself.
Duhon said on 12/Nov/21
In todays day and age someone 7"+ who looks remotely mobile will probably be assumed to be a successful professional athlete if not an actual NBA player and will get respect from that. In Wilt's time growing up, someone that size would have been viewed as a sideshow freak, so it's understandable he would have been self conscious of his size.
Seal said on 11/Nov/21
I have a feeling Wilt doesn't like being tall since he seems like he was a little bit mad in his claim when he said he was 7ft 0.5
recapa said on 11/Oct/21
he looks shorter than someone like dikembe mutombo who is in the 216-217 range.
viper said on 8/Oct/21
The 7-1 1/16 measurement was probably midday I assume
recapa said on 8/Oct/21
i belive that peak wilt was at least 2cm taller than shaq if not a full inch.if he dipped under a full 7ft1 (216) then he did by nothing crazy by a 1/2 cm or so .215.5-216 before bed peak and 218.5-219 out of bed.
Sharuyan said on 17/Aug/21

Wilt was in fact very tall, but his head is very small (compared to body) really not much over 9 inches and at times looking at pictures his head is no longer than the average man.
Editor Rob
With some really tall guys over 7ft, we have to be careful with head sizes because sometimes their head size can be shrunk a fraction or more in photos due to how far away from the center of the photo (or smaller sized person's head) it is.

saying that, from looking at Wilt, his head is smaller than what you'd normally expect on a 7ft range guy.
Canson said on 26/Jul/21
I wonder when he got the 7’0.5”. Wonder if it was at the end of his career?
Sjane6 said on 10/Jul/21
Weird that Wilt wanted to be measured lying down. Never understood that.
viper said on 21/Jun/21
The guy did measure 7-1 1/16
Chaos 6'2 1/2 said on 17/Jun/21
Maybe he claimed 7’0 because he thought 7’1 made it look like he was padding an inch and trying to lie about it
Chris Junior Hernandez said on 30/May/21
Rob, maybe you can consider to drop 1/2" off from Wilt claim?
Matthew Lean said on 26/May/21
@Rob Paul What is the height diff between Ali and Wilt in this pic? Click Here
Editor Rob
the low angle might be making Wilt look more than 7ft 1 there
FriedChicken said on 7/Mar/21
For someone who kept on insisting he was 7 ft flat, i wonder how he reacted to being measured at 7 ft 1.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 19/Feb/21
@Arch you might need a wee bit more than basketball shorts to conceal that
Arch Stanton said on 17/Feb/21
Did look it, 7 ft 1, and put it this way, he was one of those guys you would most suspect of having at least an 11 incher haha!! :-)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Feb/21
Taller and physically more impressive than Shaq
Hill 1968 said on 4/Jan/21
Strong 7ft1 peak he was taller than a prime shaq
Canson said on 21/Nov/20
Meaning Carmelo Anthony. I would put LaMelo at max 6’6”. He could really look more kawhi Leonard’s height to tell you the truth but 6’6 is possible. I really think Lonzo is over listed here though which throws things off
Canson said on 21/Nov/20
@Vincent: excellent listings! Melo is possible at 6’6.25 but 6’6 is a Chance too
Vincent Caleb said on 19/Nov/20
Basketball player heights-
Yao Ming 7’5” peak(not 7’8”)
Wilt chamberlain 7’0.75-7’1”
Garnett 6’11” peak
Bill Walton 6’11” peak
Tim Duncan 6’10” peak
Shaq 7’0” peak
Rodman 6’6.25” peak
Lebron 6’7” flat
Joel Embiid 6’11.75”
Carmelo and Lamelo 6’6”
Durant 6’9.5”
Draymond 6’5 1/8”
Jordan 6’4.5”
Kobe 6’4.75”
Barkley 6’4 5/8”
AD 6’9.75”
FriedChicken said on 10/Nov/20
7'1 1/16 prime
7'0 1/2 40s
7'0 60s
recapa said on 2/Nov/20
solid 7ft1 peak at low.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Sep/20
170 half-inches!
Canson said on 27/Sep/20
How is Kareem 2” taller than Wilt? You said yourself that Wilt was 7’0.5. Kareem measured 7’1 7/8”. How is that a 2” difference? It’s funny how 7’0.5” is rounded down to 7’0” for Wilt but “7’7+” that you believe Yao is is rounded up to 7’8”. And you say you’re unbiased? That’s called trying to fit narratives
Canson said on 24/Sep/20
6'3 Julian said on 23/Sep/20
I don’t watch enough basketball to know why a forward shouldn’t be 7’1
He’s right. A traditional forward over the years wouldn’t have been but now you have 6’5” guys playing center lol like Draymond Green. The new NBA is positionless
6'3 Julian said on 23/Sep/20
I don’t watch enough basketball to know why a forward shouldn’t be 7’1
viper said on 22/Sep/20
I do watch basketball.

There are hardly any 7-1 forwards, lol
viper said on 1/Sep/20
7-1 forwards?
Sal said on 20/May/20
Where is Bill Russell's page Rob. 6'9.5" or a tad more is my peak guess
viper said on 18/May/20
Yeah, Wilt is another example that foot size doesn't correlate with hand size.

Just a size 15 foot at around 7-1 yet absolutely insane, monster sized hands.

You can see them compared to Ali's hands.
viper said on 18/May/20
Depending on time of day for the 7-1 measurement, he still might have been a legit 7-1?
Aidan strong 5'10 said on 10/Apr/20
his shoe size i heard is only 15, awfully small for being over 7 foot!
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
@Viper: I’ve never really done it accurately. But I did have someone tell me once that they did that. This is a person who claims a shoe height though or at least morning height

@Editor Rob: maybe he wasn’t a true 7’1” all along being he said what he did below
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
@Viper: I’ve never really done it accurately. But I did have someone tell me once that they did that. This is a person who claims a shoe height though or at least morning height
viper said on 29/Feb/20
Just did it now and I think I didn't have my height positioned right.

Measured a tad taller
viper said on 29/Feb/20
Either way really
Canson said on 26/Feb/20
@Viper: do you mean immediately after you begin laying or while your laying? I measured taller then times I tried
viper said on 13/Feb/20
For some reason I measure a bit shorter laying down
Dream said on 7/Feb/20
Rob, curiosity sake, how would a 7’1 1/8” guy or a 7’2 5/8” guy, compare to Wilt?
Editor Rob
I think in person you wouldn't really notice much difference, as your eyes are further down and the difference will look a bit smaller than if you were up higher and your eyes could see the difference better.
Dream said on 24/Jan/20
@Christian and @Canson

I’m curious. I wonder how that guy, I saw, would far against Wilt.

@Canson, if you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s a random guy, I told Rob, Christian, and Nik, about. His shoulder level is well above six foot flat, despite me standing on well higher pavement than me.
Canson said on 17/Dec/19
@Christian: I could believe maybe 7’0.75 in his prime or perhaps the 7’0.5-.75 range. You’re right that his height will vary more than even someone our size since you and I are only about an inch apart
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Nov/19
He may have measured 7'1" but it doesn't necessarily mean he was 7'1" at night, as people's heights vary throughout the day, and especially in Wilt's case because he was extremely tall.
kostas dim said on 27/Nov/19
kareem 218-219
wilt 216
shaq 213-214
hakeem 208-209
russell 206-208
walton 212-213
Canson said on 25/Nov/19
He was easily minimum 7’0.5. Maybe 7’0.75
viper said on 23/Nov/19
I doubt he was just 7-0.

Measured 7-1 and then 7-0.5 in his 40s
Nik said on 1/Nov/19
64 voters think he is 7 foot 1 1/8! That is 7 foot 1 2/16!
Roderick said on 20/Oct/19
Am I the only one who thinks Wilt was always just 7'0"
198 cm e Asian boy said on 13/Oct/19
He is uncontroversial 7'1" or 216 cm and chinese pres xi jin ping is 183 or 184 cm tall
Canson said on 28/Sep/19
@Nik: Not sure what time of the day but it was after he retired as it was when he was in his 40s. He may have lost some but then again maybe never a full 7’1” at a low. Someone that size could wake near or even at 7’2” and go down to weak 7’1” pretty easily.
Nik Ashton said on 27/Sep/19
@ Canson - That’s so very true! I wonder what time this measurement was taken.
Canson said on 26/Sep/19
@Nik: I also saw 7’0.5” for him
Nik said on 14/Jul/19
It's amazing that Wilt's physician claimed that Wilt was exactly 7ft 1 and 1/16th!
Pappy said on 26/May/19
I stumbled across a couple of images of Wilt being measured whilst on a table rather than standing up, and thought that some of you might like to see it if you haven't already:

Click Here


Click Here

The first isn't the clearest, but you can read the text if your eyesight is good.
Stephen Ronald said on 21/May/19
We met him in 1982. He was no way less than 7 foot 2.
Daycringeothon said on 4/May/19
Sorry about the last comment. Mohammed just comes up to the chin. Wilt’s posture still isn’t that good. Honestly never looked at Mohammed’s current listed height. Wilt has about a 9.5”-10” head. So Mohammed is 6’3” in regular shoes puts Wilt at 7’ 0.5”-7’1” in shoes. Wilt barefoot 7’ 0.25”
Daycringeothon said on 9/Apr/19
Surprisingly a peak height Mohammed Ali doesn’t look that short next to a loose postured Wilt. The two met on one occasion Ali slightly roasting Wilt. Ali came up to Wilts upper lip. Mohammed my guess was 6’3 7/8” minus the shoes. Wilt that day only looking 7 foot and a bit.
wishbone said on 14/Oct/18
The tallest mystery guest at 7'1" in What's My Line's long history. (4'11" Cathy Rigby was the smallest WML mystery guest of the show's long TV run.) Intimidating center who NEVER in his 15 year NBA career NEVER fouled out of a game! Despite just 2 NBA titles,he was a superb center! But is he the all time GREATEST NBA player EVER? It's your guess. But he is AMONG the greatest NBA players and along with Bill Russell made the NBA the great sport it is!
Canson said on 19/Sep/18
Max 7’0.75 peak. 7’1 1/16 was laying down. 7’0” when he passed
RoelC said on 14/Aug/18
@Pappy, that claim from Five Feet Eleven and a half...but it's a big half! is from the Conan O'Brien show.

And the Conan interview is a typical Wilt interview. The first question he gets asked is how tall he is. That's the way it went in the majority of his interviews. That had to be annoying for him. He was one of the greatest sportsmen that ever lived, but somehow reporters were always more interested to ask him about his height, rather than talking about his accomplishments on the court.

Maybe that's why he conjured up that 1/16th of an inch. Maybe he believed by giving such a precise number, reporters would back off and stop asking how tall he was or that he was really taller than his listed height. Obviously that didn't work.

As for what stage of the day he was measured, I really can't tell about his prime measurements. But the 7'0.5" had to be an afternoon measurement, as it was taken at the end of an hour long media session which was held in the afternoon.
Pappy said on 8/Aug/18
@RoelC - Over things like his height or freethrows Wilt was self-deprecating for sure (though maybe "light-hearted" would be a better word). I did get a laugh when he described himself as being something like "Five feet ten and a half.......but it's a big half!".

I think that being measured down to 1/16th of an inch seems a very exact measurement indeed, although that quote is attributed to his physician and involves a specialist machine being built, so who knows? What it seems to me is that we have his physician stating that he was 7'1" and 1/16th when he was in his 20s, and Wilt stating that he hadn't been that height for a while when he was measured at a later date. There is actually a picture of Wilt being measured, but I can't seem to find it.

The interesting point that hasn't been brought up as far as I can see, is at what stage of the day he was measured, both times. I'm sure that a 7'1" and 300lbs man must have quite a bit of spinal compression over the course of a given day.
RoelC said on 6/Aug/18
@Pappy, Wilt was anything but self-deprecating.

And I didn't suggest that Wilt wanted to portray himself as being taller than he was. I just posted a quote from his own biography where he claimed he was measured laying down to get his true height. As he was aware that the body tends to compress a little when standing up.

"Are you suggesting that the NBA and/or Wilt added an inch to his height to make him seem taller? Did his Dr at Temple University Hospital also lie in order to pretend that Wilt was taller?"

I added that claim to show you that Wilt himself also claimed a shorter height than 7'1 1/16" when he was already in his early 20's (highly unlikely he was still growing at the time). Many people seem to be claiming that 7'1 1/16" is his minimum height, but that seems unlikely. It looks more like his max height.

Plus, and I might get flamed for this, I don't think he ever measured down to a sixteenth of an inch. I think that was more of an inside joke on Wilt's part as he was constantly asked by reporters how tall he was. In the many interviews he was asked about his height, he always seem to be joking a bit. Or avoiding the subject by pretending he didn't know how tall he was. It wasn't until 1980 that he finally agreed to a public measurement to end the discussion if he was really taller than 7'1 1/16". And apparently he was pretty confident he wasn't!
Pappy said on 1/Aug/18
@RoelC - "All day long" is a saying, not a literalistic claim.

"And Wilt wasn't exactly the guy who would downplay anything about himself"

Fundamentally untrue. Wilt was very self-deprecating. As for suggesting that Wilt wanted to portray himself as being taller than he really was, that makes no sense given that Wilt famously hated being defined by his height.

"And might I add, that before he made his NBA debut in late 1959, he was listed at 7'0 1/16". When he started playing for the Philidelphia Warriors that changed to 7'1 1/16""

Are you suggesting that the NBA and/or Wilt added an inch to his height to make him seem taller? Did his Dr at Temple University Hospital also lie in order to pretend that Wilt was taller?

For me:

Peak height - 7'1" and a bit.
After surgery - 7'0.5" or so.
Canson said on 31/Jul/18
@Pappy: I guess it’s possible but a guy who measures at 40 won’t be much different than he was at 30. Maybe he lost 1/4” but what you said is speculation as well. He could vary more simply because of his height being In excess of 7’. Meaning the 7’ 1 1/16 while laying down
RoelC said on 31/Jul/18
Pappy said on 28/Jul/18
Wilt was over 7'1" tall, all day long. As for him being measured laying down to "appear taller" because he "wanted as tall a measurement as possible" that makes no sense if you know anything about Wilt who HATED being defined by his height. There is virtually zero chance that Wilt (or Bill Russell) would want to fudge their height to be taller than they really were.
Wilt obviously wasn't 7'1" tall all day long, as he was measured below that height while laying down!
The measurement wasn't a fluke as Wilt himself even claimed he wouldn't measure over 7'1" before he took that bet. And Wilt wasn't exactly the guy who would downplay anything about himself.

He was measured laying down because he considered that to be his true height. That's a direct quote from his 1973 autobiography.

And might I add, that before he made his NBA debut in late 1959, he was listed at 7'0 1/16". When he started playing for the Philidelphia Warriors that changed to 7'1 1/16".
Pappy said on 31/Jul/18
@Canson: By 1980 Wilt was in his early-40s and had already undergone reconstruction to both knees. Given a combination of major surgery to both knees, plus age it is entirely likely that shrinkage had occurred. However, peak height, Chamberlain has always been measured at 7'1" in his bare feet, and listed as the same (aside from a few rare occasions at 7'2", or simply being called "a 7-footer").
Canson said on 29/Jul/18
@Pappy: if that’s really the case then why was he measured at 7’0 1/2?
Pappy said on 28/Jul/18
Wilt was over 7'1" tall, all day long. As for him being measured laying down to "appear taller" because he "wanted as tall a measurement as possible" that makes no sense if you know anything about Wilt who HATED being defined by his height. There is virtually zero chance that Wilt (or Bill Russell) would want to fudge their height to be taller than they really were.
Canson said on 21/Jul/18
@RoelC: I can believe he did that. As far as “true” measurement tho that’s not any more true than standing but he believes it is.

@Rob: you should add that quote about the 7’1 1/16 being “laying down” and the reason he gave
Shane said on 20/Jul/18
@RoelC I tend to agree. Otherwise just use a tape measure and a chair. But as others said maybe they had another reason perhaps but our idea is certainly within reason.
RoelC said on 14/Jul/18
Shane said on 4/Jul/18
@Canson @Rob Why did he like to get measured lying down? I would think that would be to get a slightly taller reading. No compression. No tightening. It had to be done intentionally for that purpose otherwise you just go standard and measure against a wall. Makes me think his height meant a lot to him and he wanted as tall of a measurement as possible.

In his 1973 autobiography he claimed he was measured laying down to get his true height.
Click Here

Maybe that's the reason why he was measured laying down.
Canson said on 13/Jul/18
He actually looked close to 7’1” at a low to be honest
Duhon said on 8/Jul/18
It was an impromptu measurement by some journalists. It's possible/likely the only way these journalists could have measured him head to foot was for him to lie down.
Canson said on 5/Jul/18
@Shane and Rob: may have also been because back In those days there weren’t as many people that were that tall. The technology and mechanisms, other tools etc have come a long way since he played
Shane said on 4/Jul/18
@Canson @Rob Why did he like to get measured lying down? I would think that would be to get a slightly taller reading. No compression. No tightening. It had to be done intentionally for that purpose otherwise you just go standard and measure against a wall. Makes me think his height meant a lot to him and he wanted as tall of a measurement as possible.
Editor Rob
It was probably easier in the boardroom to do it like that?
Dingus said on 21/Jun/18
Perhaps the greatest basketball player ever.
Canson said on 9/May/18
@VicLions: I think the 7’0.5 measurement was taken in his 40s. I think at his prime if he wasn’t a full 7’1”, he wouldn’t be less than maybe 7’0 7/8 or a mm or two less. He looked a full 7’1” to be honest
VicLions said on 6/May/18
Its a confusing one, some occasions Wilt was measured at 7ft0.5 (214 cm). However he looks taller than that. I would stick with the 7ft1 listing.
Sal said on 18/Mar/18
How are you going to have a Lonzo Ball page and not a Bill Russell page! I love ya Rob but come on! And Wilt's height is pretty spot on maybe a fraction taller as he claimed.
Pappy said on 13/Feb/18
I don't think that people realise just how big and just how strong Wilt Chamberlain was. When he did Conan The Destroyer with Arnold he was around 320lbs, with clearly very little body fat, despite being 48 at the time of filming. As you can see from the picture below, he was massive:

Click Here

Closer to the camera, for sure, but you can see by his dimensions just how large he was. As for his height, he famously tried to play it down, because he didn't want to be known just for being taller than virtually everyone (that's one of the reasons why he hated the nickname Wilt the Stilt). He was certainly 7'1" and 1/16th, as measured by scientists.

Wilt could do it all, and it is a shame that he played so long ago, because there is not a single player in history who could dominate him. He was an Olympic level high-jumper, and a state champion in the Big 7, as well as being almost certainly the strongest player to ever shoot hoops. Heck, he was running marathons when he was in his 50s, and ran a 4.6 40 yard dash in his bare feet when weighing 290lbs! This is what none other than Kareem said of Wilt Chamberlain:

"One time I can remember like a photograph: His head was almost above the rim; there were players draped all around his neck, and it looked for all the world like the end of Moby Dick, with Gregory Peck lashed to his prey, beckoning his crew to join the quest. Wilt Chamberlain as the White Whale"
Canson said on 27/Jan/18
7’1 peak

Shaq was at best 7’
logan said on 17/Jan/18
Shaq is 7'1" and Wilt took a picture with him and appeared to be at least 0.5 inches taller. but Wilt was wearing big dress shoes and was closer to the camera. Still, I think 7'1" is slightly below his real height. In my opinion he is about 7'1" 1/4 and 7'1" 1/2 at his peak.
I also read that he weighed 275lbs, not completely sure if that is true.
JJStyles said on 14/Jan/18
yeah i agree with you rob i always wonder how much he weighed
Anonymous said on 17/Dec/17
Wilt Chamberlain took a picture with Shaquille O'neal and Patrick Ewing, he was 0.5-1 inch taller than both ; even with his age. Maybe it was his big dress shoes if not Wilt is either 7'1"-7'2"
Blake said on 15/Dec/17
Rob, I watched a Howard Stern interview with Wilt and he said his father was 5 ft 8.5, his mother was almost 5 ft 10 and his maternal grandfather 6 ft 8.5! Your father is 1.5 inches taller than his and you ended up 17 inches smaller
Canson said on 28/Oct/17
@Junior: agreed! He could’ve been higher at his peak too. May have been something like 7’0.75 at his low or 7’1
Junior said on 24/Oct/17
Wilt Chamberlain must be about 7'1.5" out of bed and 7'0.25" before bed and get measure 7'0.5" in an early afternoon.
even said on 20/Jul/17
a legit 7'1"
Dave B. said on 12/Jul/17
@Christian: Although I'll agree in principle that shorter basketball players are more agile and versatile than taller players, Chamberlain was a special case. He ran track and high jumped in high school, Also look at the picture above. When he was with the Globetrotters, he played POINT GUARD. You don't do that with the Trotters unless you have some moves and speed.

Easily 7'+, although he claimed that 6'11" Nate Thurmond was "effectively taller" because he had longer arms, and therefore a higher reach than Wilt.
Mirko said on 10/Jul/17
In are Croatia metric system i am 213 cm thats 7 feet but wilt is 3 cm taller
Canson said on 23/Jun/17
@Height: I agree. I can't question Wilt's height. He looked 7'1. To me even if it were earlier he's still at worst what he measured in his 40s at night in his prime. I used to think Shaq was 7'1 when I was younger but now next to Kareem he's not even close
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/17
Taller than Shaq in the 90's
Logan said on 12/Jun/17
He is 7,1 and 275 lbs no less he is a tall dood
Canson said on 10/Jun/17
@SJH: hard to tell with someone his size. He looked a decent 7'1" to me but at that height you're right. He could wake up almost or at 7'2" and in his 40s dip to that. He did look about an inch taller than Shaq tho. I think shaq dips below 7'0" at night but not anything crazy prob 6'11.75. Back in his day they didn't measure in shoes as much as they do today. That was an appropriate measurement that he got its more likely that just a bit earlier in the day
S.J.H said on 9/Jun/17
I strongly believe he measure 7ft 1 and 1/16th in 0.6-0.7' with converse sneakers in the 70s/80s draft. He was measured in his 40's at 7ft 0.5 inch was the real barefooted height.
Logan said on 29/May/17
Looking at the picture with Andre The Giant which is 6,11 and Shaq which is 7,1 I think he is 7,1
mrtguy said on 23/May/17
Rob, How tall would he be today if he was still alive??
Editor Rob
maybe near 3 inches under 7ft if near 80.
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Christian: funny part is you would be a 3 possibly even a 4" under some cases depending on your body. I've met Caron's butler and he may only be a hair shorter than you I'd give him about 196 flat not any higher and draymond green not sure who is taller between you two. That 6'5.75 I know Alvin gentry and steve Kerr both said he's closer to 6'5 than 6'6 (the former) and the latter said he's 6'5. He honestly doesn't look much taller than Kobe does. If anything 1/2" is all he has on him
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Christian: great question!

MJ 1 the Goat
Magic, Bird, Cap, Wilt, Russell, Big O, Dream, West Duncan

Lol next 10 some of which could make the 10 honestly as it's always up for debate

Shaq Kobe pip Lebron Malone Barkley Dr J Stockton admiral

Lebron is probably in the top 10 I just don't list him because he still plays and don't feel that the era he competes in is as strong as the one that the others played in even Kobe when he came in. Lebron at 6'7" 250 easily manhandles guys

Honorable mention Zeek and AI lol they should be in and may be .
Canson said on 24/Apr/17
@Christian: great question!

MJ 1 the Goat
Magic, Bird, Cap, Wilt, Russell, Big O, Dream, West Duncan

Lol next 10 some of which could make the 10 honestly as it's always up for debate

Shaq Kobe pip Lebron Malone Barkley Dr J Stockton admiral Baylor
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 18/Apr/17
Who would you say are the top 10 of all time in NBA?
Canson said on 17/Apr/17
Well said Christian. Most of the guys you mentioned are shorter than you as well. Most under 6'5" except magic and Lebron. Then three under 6'1-6'4 wade Curry Allen
Christian-196.8cm (6ft5.5)Noon said on 17/Apr/17
I honestly believe his 7'1" height had hurt his career a bit. Not saying he was a bad player by any means, but there's a reason why the majority of the best NBA players of all time were between 6'2" and 6'8". Namely Jordan, Bryant, Barkley, Magic, Lebron, Ray Allen, Curry, Wade etc. The "taller the better" theory in basketball is a myth. Once you are maybe around 6'4"-6'6", the theroy is no longer in effect. The only advantage of being Chamberlain/Kareem/Yao's height is that one can dunk without any effort and one can block the ball a bit better because of the longer reach, but 7'+ guys are almost always slower and less agile, so it gives them more disadvantages than advantages. My opinion, but if Chamberlain was at least 5" shorter he would be in the top 10 of the greatests of all time no doubt.
Canson said on 29/Mar/17
7'1 barefoot and agree with Rampage on KAJ 7'1.75-7'2 mac
Canson said on 28/Mar/17
@Joe: Ewing is/ was 6'10" prime. Maybe he's lost height today looking at him but he's taller than Hakeem. I can believe maybe 6'9.5 or 6'9 and change for Hakeem but Ewing looked 6'10" prime imho
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Mar/17
Wilt was 7ft1¼ and Kareem 7ft1¾
Canson said on 23/Mar/17
@Joe: id say he's 1/2 taller than bird or so. Maybe 6'9.5 and bird was only 6'8.75 although the looked 6'9 for the most part. Mario elie said himself that Deam was 6'9"
joe### said on 23/Mar/17
also Ewing is only 6´9 but he is 6´10
Canson said on 22/Mar/17
@Joe: he was only 6'9" barefoot. Look at him next to Ewing
joe### said on 20/Mar/17
Olajuwon over 6´9 Click Here
Click Here
Canson said on 18/Mar/17
@S.J.H: I agree with you. Here's my guesses for the bigger players centers specifically

Muresan 7'6-7'7
Bol 7'6-7'7
Bradley 7'5.5-7'6
Yao 7'4
Eaton 7'3
Smits 7'3
Kareem 7'1.75-7'2
Wilt 7'0.5-7'1
Admiral 6'11.5-7'
Shaq same as Admiral
Ewing 6'10
Olajuwon 6'9" (by Mario Ellie's admission as well as someone I know who has seen him)
S.J.H said on 15/Mar/17
7'0.75 might be his lowest in the day and 7'1 morning. He was measured in his 40's at 7ft 0.5 inch that would be extreme lowest before he pass on.
Canson said on 20/Dec/16
He was flat 7'1" peak at his lowest maybe saw 7'.75
Canson said on 20/Dec/16
He was flat 7'1" peak at his lowest.
joelvaldez said on 8/Nov/16
Probaley 7'1 and a half a peak this Guy seemed to downgrade himslef like Walton does that possible, rob?
joe### said on 26/Oct/16
Bill russell page
Ice said on 11/Oct/16
taller than Shaq .
Wallace said on 10/Sep/16
Never saw him in person in all my years as a fan maybe too young but looked about inch shorter than Cap and an inch taller than Shaq. I believe he was at least seven one as his true prime
Canson said on 5/Sep/16
@Tunman: agree with everything you said below. Easy he'd be 7'2 out of bed in his prime and Kareem prob 7'3 and change and 7'1 7/8 later in the day
Tunman said on 4/Sep/16
Rob,since he was measured 7'0.5" maybe list him at that mark?btw if he was that tall in mid 40's maybe losing 3-4mm isn't impossible but no more.215 could be perfect.After all there is no doubt this guy easily cleans the 7'2 mark out of bed.the point is that unlike most people who would have roughly 2-3mm to lose if measured in the afternoon,someone like Wilt who probably loses about 4cm might have a good cm to lose yet.Nevertheless a true giant and an amazing athlete
Boss said on 12/Aug/16
Click Here
Boss said on 12/Aug/16
Click Here
Boss said on 11/Aug/16
WILT is the closest to the camera. Look at Wilt's feet. The angle of the shot favors Andre but Wilt is definitely closer to camera as you can clearly see here by switching their positions in the photo.
Click Here
Chaz said on 8/Aug/16
Boss said on 7/Aug/16
Here is the original of the black and white altered photo of Andre and Wilt provided by Meltzer. There is an altered color version of this that JT provided.
This is the actual photo taken and Andre looks taller and he does have an inch or so footwear advantage.
Click Here

Yes and he's side on and nera the Camara,
Boss said on 7/Aug/16
Here is the original of the black and white altered photo of Andre and Wilt provided by Meltzer. There is an altered color version of this that JT provided.
This is the actual photo taken and Andre looks taller and he does have an inch or so footwear advantage.
Click Here
mrtguy said on 6/Aug/16
Rob, when you take a look at Wilt's physique and Big Show's who do you think is Wider??
Editor Rob
Big Show certainly looks wider.
mrtguy said on 24/Jul/16
Click Here
Shus said on 20/Jul/16
Hi my name is shus. I'm 7 feet and 7 imches. My mom says I will easily go pro. Although easily going pro sounds nice it's not, being this tall is really awful.
Ian C. said on 15/Jul/16
I have read that, in a basketball game, an individual player can travel five miles. They run, sometimes backwards and in curved paths, they pivot and jump and execute astonishing feats with their arms and hands and eyes. All this would be amazing in a man who was six feet tall, but Chamberlain did it, usually better than anyone else, when he was over seven feet, This was astonishing athletic competence.

What I've always wanted to know about basketball giants like Chamberlain is, what else could they do? Could Chamberlain have played table tennis with any competence, for example? Could he have thrown a baseball from the outfield to home plate? Could he have been a Greco-Roman wrestler, or shot a decent round of golf?
Dawkins said on 15/Jul/16
218 cm out of bed, 215.5 cm at night.
mrtguy said on 6/Jun/16
Rob, I have no problem believing WCW Big Show with footwear was taller than a late Chamberlain
Canson said on 28/May/16
@Ice: it is triple standout height! Once you hit about 6'7 it's Just standout. But I would never want to be that tall (6'7 or 7'1 or even 6'6 barefoot) even if I played pro ball. Rampage said it best that 7' is hazardous height and he is right! I'd be just as happy being a guard!!
Ice said on 18/Feb/16
IMO 7'1" is the begging height range that shocks people when they see you on the street
Duhon said on 8/Feb/16
Wilt was a big man Click Here
Duhon said on 21/Jan/16
Imagine comparison of Wilt and Deandre Jordan using the basketball as the template to compare size. Click Here
Oanh said on 25/Feb/15
Kareem is taller than Wilt. He's not much taller, about 1" at most. Back in the 80's, Kareem and Wilt made a commercial for TWA(airlines) about having more room for your legs. In it, Wilt says something like "Plenty of room to stretch, even if you're 7'1"...Kareem then replies "Or a little taller."
Duhon said on 4/Feb/15
james says on 4/Feb/15
Both wilt and Kareem measured 7'1 barefoot but yet in side by side photos Kareem looks about an inch taller than wilt

That is not quite correct. Wilt measures at 7'1.06" while Kareem as per this site was measured at 7ft 1.875". So there is near an inch difference and to be honest I think that is a lower end listing for Kareem.
james said on 4/Feb/15
Both wilt and Kareem measured 7'1 barefoot but yet in side by side photos Kareem looks about an inch taller than wilt
MickyMike said on 24/Jan/15
Arch, at the end he got sick very quickly. He had a bad ticker which isn't necessarily going to show up in how you look. Check out his last appearance at KU shortly before his death. One of his last public appearances and he definitely looks not quite right. I believe he ended up dying of pneumonia at the end. Everyone I've talked to who ever met him (about 5 people) said he was a legit 7', probably 7'1" to 7'2" at his prime.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/15
So Arch women are the cause of his death?
Arch Stanton said on 12/Nov/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Jan/14
Rob, would you say it's just natural that 7fters have a lower life expectancy?

Because I actually saw Wilt Chamberlain at a restaurant in Bel-Air just a few months before his death and I was amazed by how well-built and in great shape he was for not only his height but his age. He was 63 when he passed away. It just blew my mind.

Well, given his height and reported bed conquests I'd be very surprised if he could still stand straight by his later years :-)
hassan said on 8/Nov/14
7ft 0 is the best guess as he is shorter than 7ft 2 jabbar
jasperwasup said on 15/Jul/14
Wilt was same height as Kevin Peter Hall who claimed 7'2''.
Alex 6'0 said on 23/Jun/14
Rob, yea even with tape measure how do they come up with 7'1 1/16. That's such a rare fraction to see. Yea of course could have been a bit off
Alex 6'0 said on 23/Jun/14
Rob, 1/16 inch isn't even on most stadiometers that I seen. they go by 1/8 increments like yours. Would 1/16 inch be just 1 MM?
Editor Rob
this guy wasn't really measured on a stadiometer :) More of a tape measure being used...I think there is room for error in how he was measured though.
176,2Tunman said on 22/Feb/14
Looks every bit of 7'1 and Kareem may have been taller than 7'2 but he was measured at 7'1.625, so let's stick to it.LOL,did Wilt really had 20,000 women or was he joking?
SWINDE said on 11/Feb/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Jan/14
Rob, would you say it's just natural that 7fters have a lower life expectancy?

Because I actually saw Wilt Chamberlain at a restaurant in Bel-Air just a few months before his death and I was amazed by how well-built and in great shape he was for not only his height but his age. He was 63 when he passed away. It just blew my mind.
james said on 28/Nov/13
So with shoes he was 7'2" ..theres a vid on youtube with wilt shaking shaq's hand and wilt was clearly an inch or 2 taller..shaq is 7'0 max with shoes
the shredder said on 4/Nov/13
Rob , what is .06 of an inch?
Editor Rob
7ft 1 and 1/16th
LG69 said on 25/Jul/13
Wilt was 7'1" case closed. He was about 1-1.5" taller than Andre the Giant.
Mr. R said on 2/Jul/13
I saw him once in Berkeley. When he stood up, he looked close to 10 feet tall!
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/13
Shaq only 6'10??? Doubt it, he has 5 inches on Phil Jackson who ALWAYS looks a legit 6'8" guy.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/13
Legit 7'1 guy, not even disputable, and is the best evidence we have of Andre the Giant being around 7'0.
drummer777 said on 4/Nov/11
Well if Shaq is truley 6'10 barefoot that would put Paul wight in the 6'foot 9 range same as Andre when he died, Still puts wilt at 6'11. That would mean Kevin and Tyler mane are really in the 6'7 range with labron James. Puts Sid at 6'5 1/2 to 6'6.

Anybody have pics of Glenn Jacobs and Kevin Nash together. The True 7 footer being Kareem Abdul Jabar.
marcus said on 23/Oct/11
heard shaq admit on howard stern that he was only 6'10" Wilt is not standing erect in photo below
Ras said on 24/Jul/11
Wilt seems to have like 3 inches on Andre in thatpicture, if he is 7 ft 0.5 in as some of you say, then Andre should have been no more than 6 ft 10.
Fern said on 8/Jul/11
The fact of the matter is..... wilt was measured (almost certainly) after being up for likely around 4-8 hours.... In that time he could easily lose 1/2-3/4 of an inch. The truth is.... in almost all professional sports (nba,nhl, la liga for soccer, mlb, etc.), the players are assessed right at the beginning of the day (so the morning) which means that almost all heights in the nba and most other professional sports are likely pure monrning height measurements which means that even in the 80's wilt still could have stood maybe even over 7,1 out of bed!
Jake T. said on 10/Jun/11
He looks a whole foot taller than Schwarzenegger in Conan and with Shaq was almost the same height so 7'0.5 for Wilt is the least I can see him even in his later years.
gregory lehmann said on 17/May/11
The biggest "What's My Line?" "mystery guest." (4'11" Cathy Rigby was the smallest.) The first "TV basketball" superstar. Very intimidating. An NBA icon.Dick Clark guessed him.
Hot Jack said on 12/Mar/11
Dude that photo at top has to be photoshopped, otherwise Arnie is 5 ft 9 and 190 pounds! That is ridiculous, he's easily 15 inches shorter in that photo, imagine a foot ruler on top of Arnie's head, and it would reach just above Wilt's eyes. And Wilt, in the photo, is tilting his head down an inch or two. I remember that Conan movie, lot of scenes with both Arnie and Wilt. Wilt looked a solid 9-10 inches taller, but Arnie was huge then, probably 230 pounds, and they didn't look that different in terms of body mass. I'm telling you, something is fishy about that photo, not only is Wilt 15 inches taller, he looks 70 pounds heavier. Can't be right. But no doubt, Wilt is an honest 7 feet tall. Always was.
the carl said on 12/Mar/11
the stilt was always super tall. at least 7 ft. i can believe 7-1, barefoot, in his prime.

as far as comparing him to shaq, they are about the exact same height. i bet they are not a centimeter apart, in their respective primes. shaq however is much bigger, a lot more body mass. at least 60 pounds heavier.
Viper said on 5/Feb/11
jtm, Shaq was supposedly measured at 7-1 and he had 6 inches on 6-7 Lebron James.
Vegas said on 3/Feb/11
rob should you not make a mention on here that wilt was measured at 7'0.5 barefoot in 1980 by journalists (the evidence has already been posted by big show)
jtm said on 15/Dec/10
that proves that shaq is not 7'1.
Mamun said on 13/Dec/10
Anonymous , have you also taken into account Shaq's closeness to the camera , his
age and footwear advantage ????


Anonymous said on 11/Dec/10
3 inch heel lol, shaq is taller in that photo, top of heads Click Here
d wade said on 7/Dec/10
shaq looks taller in the pic than chamberlain but he has the foootwear advantage.i think both are 7,1.
aram x said on 28/Jun/09
But in that pic Wilt is standing much closer to the camera than Arnie thereby making their height comparisons somewhat difficult.
Vegas said on 23/Jun/09
another shot of arnie and wilt Click Here
Daniel said on 21/Jun/09
Hey Rob, something's wrong with this photograph on the link on top of this page. There seems to be at least 40cm diffrence between Wilt and Arnold, besides Arnold looks tiny there. My guess is that photo is not real at all.
aram x said on 20/Jun/09
I didn't say he had relatively short arms. I said relatively narrow shoulders which his wingspan wasn't as long as some of us might think. Anyways, scroll down to the seventh paragraph of the following link for definite proof of Wilt's freethrow line dunking ability! Click Here
Doug said on 20/Jun/09
Relatively short arms? He had a wingspan of 7 ft 2 inches!!!!
Doug said on 20/Jun/09
Apparently he could reach 9 ft 6 flat feet stretch. I'm British so am clueless about basketball but isn't the rim 10 feet?
aram x said on 16/Jun/09
Here's the proof...just scroll down to the 7th paragraph!
aram x said on 16/Jun/09
This is unrelated to Wilt's height, but many rules were changed because of his presence on the court. One of those is that you must stand and shoot a freethrow. Before Wilt, you could shoot a freethrow however you like. But thanks to Wilt, that is no longer the case. That's because Wilt could DUNK from beyond the freethrow line from behind the key (with hardily any running start unlike MJ and the other freethrow line dunkers)!
aram x said on 29/May/09
It's hard to say, but I wouldn't be surprised if he could touch the rim without jumping. However, the camera angles in that pic are kinda distorted making it hard to tell. Imo, Wilt's wingspan wasn't as long as some us might think because he has relatively narrow shoulders (bone-structure wise)rather than have relatively short arms.
joefalk said on 23/May/09
Click Here
pls someone could estimate wilt's Standing Reach?
imho is about 9'6 or 9'7''
aram x said on 13/May/09
Yeah size 13 sounds absurdly small for somebody his size, but keep in mind, everyone has different proportions. I am 5,9" and I only wear a size 8 American Men's, so 7,1" with a size 13 is about the same foot to height proportion as me.
MIKESOWELL said on 2/May/09
ANONYMOUS, Bill Walton has gone on record to say he was 6'11". So Wilt being 2 inches taller would make him 7'1".
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/09
I'll eat my hat if Wilt Chamberlin only had a 13 shoe. I'm a runt and I have an 11.
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/09
Wilt was huge in his prime in the 50' early 60's, not 1978. He was 7'2 I saw a picture of him Standing next to Bill walton who was huge and was 7'0 An I could't believe that wilt was 2 inches taller.
Halb said on 7/Mar/09
Wilt is 7'1, and his moccasins may have heels, similar to AhNolds boots, but they are not similar in size to Andre's large shoes. Andre is shorter than Wilt even with the heel advantage, which in my estimation puts Andre at around 6'11ish.
iClarke-93 said on 10/Feb/09
Andre 7'0.25
Wilt 7'1
Tom said on 9/Feb/09
You guys have way to much time on your hands arguing about the dumbest stuff
Anonymous said on 7/Feb/09
Come on, Wilt is definatly taller than Andre in the picture, he is a full step further away from the camera which takes at least an inch away! if you walk far enough away from the camera your going to look about 3 feet tall AND Andre has big heeled shoes on. And Wilt still just plain has a good inch on him anyway. I think that at this time Andre was no more than 6'10.
MIKESOWELL said on 29/Jan/09
Was slightly shorter than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (7 Ft 2 in) Probably 7 Ft at time of death peak height 7 Ft 1.5 In
aram x said on 21/Jan/09
why would wilt be in Guinness in the 1st place? he was never the tallest person on earth...maybe for the most points scored in a single game?
aaronrus said on 29/Dec/08
wilt was measured by the guiness book of world records to be 7'1.5"
aram x said on 19/Dec/08
Well neither Wilt or Andre were over the 7,6" mark. Then that would be GIGANTIC!
Tony said on 8/Dec/08
omg the pic with wilt arnold and Andre

The giants make arnold look like a kid LOL
aram x said on 16/Nov/08
Andre may not be as tall as Wilt but he's certainly heavier.
Jordan said on 8/Nov/08
Again, Andre's shoes are thicker than Chamberlains. Wilt has him by an inch at least with out Andre's huge boots.
Shaq said on 1/Nov/08
Look at how much closer to the camera Andre is as well as his footwear advantage. Despite that Andre still isn't taller in the picture so I'd say Wilt easily.

I believe the 6'9 3/4" measurement for Andre and the 7'1 1/16" for Wilt.
aram x said on 21/Oct/08
Hard to say who's taller but it seems that Andre the Giant has a much larger head than Chamberlain which makes him look taller, but I still think Chamberlain is taller than Andre.
Big Show said on 16/Oct/08
With credits to Chris for posting this pic on the Andre board, here's another pic of Andre and Wilt.

Click Here

Just curious, who would you guys say is the taller man: Andre or Wilt?
Big Show said on 16/Oct/08
zugmy says on 20/Aug/08
Ted Cassidy(Lurch) was taller than Wilt. There is a commercial of a beer. Cassidy is the bartender.

Ted Cassidy was standing on a box in that commercial. There's no way he's taller than Wilt as Ted is 6'9. If you're implying Wilt is shorter than 6'9, than we might as well downgrade Schwarzenegger to 5'8 or something.
aram x said on 5/Oct/08
i still find it hard to believe that head height and neck length can vary that much between people of the same stature...and i believe dwight is probably more closer to 6,11" (even barefoot ) than only 6,10". so dwight howard's head is an inch-an inch and a half shorter than expected for his frame size? that means dwight would be a legit 7 footer if he had a more proportioned head i guess but dwight's shoulder level is par with somebody 7 feet exact? can anyone here post me a pic of dwight standing next to somebody 7 feet but with the same shoulder level?
zugmy said on 20/Aug/08
Ted Cassidy(Lurch) was taller than Wilt. There is a commercial of a beer. Cassidy is the bartender.
Shaq said on 19/Aug/08
lsualum you don't know anything. I drew a line to prove Shaq was taller. I already have proved that Shaq is 7'1". You haven't even proved he was measured at LSU. Besides I don't need to upgrade other players to prove Shaq is 7'1". I have Dwight Howard at his actual height of 6'9"-6'9.5" not his 6'11" listing, I've said Hakeem Olajuwon is more like 6'10" and not 7'0", Patrick Ewing is closer to 6'10" than 7'0", Tim Duncan is only about 6'10" ect.
lsualum said on 18/Aug/08
arum x,shaq is an expert on height,at least in his own mind.dont u know by now all his estimations are to provr that oneal is 7'1".AN AGING WILT WAS STILL TALLER THAN ONEAL,EVEN WITH ONEAL WEARING HIS ELEVATOR SHOES.
Shaq said on 18/Aug/08
Yes Wilt and Dwight have small heads. Dwight is only 6'9.5" but his wingspan is about 7'5" and his reach is 9'4" which is better than many 7 footers.
aram x said on 17/Aug/08
^Shaq says on 12/Aug/08
I agree Guru, measuring with shoes is just stupid.^
Yeah but I am pretty sure Chamberlain's 7,1" height was measured barefoot. And like you mentioned before, even though he's slightly shorter than Shaq Chamberlain's shoulder and eye level are higher. If he had a head that's proportionate to his body he would probably be 7,2" instead of only 7,1". Same goes for Dwight; he would be a legit 7 footer if he had a head proportionate to his body! I am 5,10" and my head is probably the same size as Dwight's or Chamberlain's!
Click Here
It's kinda awkward imo how a 7 footer can have the head size of somebody who's not even 5 feet. Don't you think?
zugmy said on 17/Aug/08
There is a commercial with Ted Cassidy(Lurch) and Wilt Chamberlain. Cassidy is taller.
Shaq said on 12/Aug/08
I agree Guru, measuring with shoes is just stupid.
Guru said on 11/Aug/08
The with shoes and without shoes measurements makes things so confusing? Why not measure all the players without shoes because sole height can affect height measurements as well?
Shaq said on 8/Aug/08
It's well documented that Russell is 6'9.5". I do know a lot about basketball players heights and don't talk about my intelligence. Last I checked you've been caught in several lies and you don't even know the difference between "your and "you're". You've made that mistake several times.
Shaq said on 5/Aug/08
My bad I meant Russell has stated that he is 6-9.5 barefoot, maybe he is 6-11 in basketball shoes? Either way by todays standards of NBA listings Russell would be listed 6-11.

Many people thought Ralph was 7-4 but I always thought he looked 7-2 and Mark Eaton's claim backs that up.
Mr. R said on 4/Aug/08

I was only repeating what has been written. I have seen Bill Russell at 6-11 and ralph Sampson at 7-4. I believe that Wilt note Ralph's height in his autobiography.
Shaq said on 2/Aug/08
Mr. R

Bill Russell was listed at 6-9 and 6-10 during his playing days and has stated that he is 6-9.

Former Utah Jazz center Mark Eaton who was measured 7-3 3/4 said Ralph Sampson is 2 inches shorter than him.
Mr. R said on 2/Aug/08
I actually met Wilt on the day his book came out and he claimed sex with 20,000 women. Unfortunately, it was also the day that Magic Johnson made his announcement of his HIV infection, which was hugely ironic. I saw him stand up and I followed him to his limo. He was HUGE! In his book he claims 7-1. He also shares a story about walking into an elevator to find several taller men, including former NBA star Ralph Sampson. I knew Ralph in Oakland and he was 7-4. Wilt explains that it was one of the first times that he understood why people were so preoccupied with height. (Incidently, I crashed his funeral in LA in 1999, and sat behind former NFL star Jim Brown, who is now just over 6 feet, and former Celtics star Bill Russell, who was listed at 6-11 during his playing days. I really could not tell!)
Aram X said on 23/Jun/08
i don't know if the Standing Reach was with or w/o shoes (probably w/ on because 9,6" for somebody 7,1" with only a 7,4" wingspan just seems a little bit too high), but the reason his Standing Reach was so high is a similar story to why Dwight Howard's Standing Reach is so high. People of the same height can vary in shoulder height (because of neck and head length): wilt chamberlain apparently has a very small head (from the looks of pictures) for his height like Howard (his head was about the same size of a 5 or 6 footer apparently but attached to the frame of a lanky 7 footer) nor was his head long so if chamberlain had a head that was more proportional to his frame he would actually be more like 7,2-7,3" rather just barely 7 feet in height. But how tall your top of head is doesn't really matter in basketball because i don't think you can do anything useful in basketball with the top your head i.e. scoring from the top your head like a sea lion lol.
Shaq said on 23/Jun/08
Is that Standing Reach with or without shoes? Shaq's Standing Reach was 9'5" without shoes at 7'1" with a 7'7" wingspan so if Wilt had a 7'4" wingspan and he was the same height and had a 9'6" Standing Reach in shoes that would make sense.
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/08
i've heard chamberlain has a ridiculous 9,6" Standing Reach at a height of only 7,1" with only a 7,4" wingspan. kinda doesn't make sense at first glance but i guess that could be possible because he appears to have a very small head for and not-so long neck for his height and shoulders were probably very narrow too.
Shaq said on 5/Jun/08
DraftExpress has Laettner at 6'10" flat. That's 1 inch below his listed height.

The difference with Garnett's claim is he hates the 7 foot label so I doubt he'd claim he was taller than he really is. Plus he often looks atleast 6-11 3/4. No reason to doubt him.
lsu alum said on 5/Jun/08
just in case you dont realize it,people's claims about their heights are often wrong.most people tend to say their taller than they actually are.its human nature.until recently i beleived ewing to be a legit 7'0",i now think he could even be as short as 6'10".by the way how tall do you think laettner is.i see your draft express says hes 6'10.5"barefoot,i always beleived him to be 6'9.5"barefoot.
Shaq said on 20/May/08
I actually agree with you about Ewing and Wilt. The Jordan and Kareem estimates are close enough too. You are overlooking two big things when estimating Kevin Garnett's height.

1.He was measured 6'11" in 1995
2.He has claimed to be 6'11.75" twice. Considering that Garnett hates the 7 foot label he wouldn't lie to make himself seem taller than he is.
lsu alum said on 20/May/08
wilt 7'1",garnett 6'10.5",kareem 7'1.5",jorden 6'4.5",ewing 6'10.5"
Shaq said on 20/May/08
lsu alum, 5 people on the Shaq page agreed with you. Most(over 20) agree with me including Editor Rob.

By the way I'm 5'9.5" midday.

Out of curiosity how tall do you think the following NBA players are?

Kevin Garnett
Michael Jordan
Patrick Ewing
lsu alum said on 19/May/08
you still havnt answered the tall are you?i would be very suprised if your any taller than 5'6".by the way i havnt lost the arguement about shaqs height,theres still a lot of people who beleives hes under 7'0".hurry back to your job at mcdonalds.
Shaq said on 17/May/08
lsu alum you're just mad because you lost the argument about Shaq's height.

As for Wilt he was 7-1 1/16 peak and he shrunk to 7-0 1/2 in his late 40's.
Shaq said on 16/May/08
lsu alum everyone is sick of you in general you loser. Post some evidence or stop posting.
lsu alum said on 15/May/08
everyone is sick of you shaq on every page talking about think your an expert o tall are you?
Shaq said on 7/May/08
Wow Calvin has 4-5 inches on Shaq. He looks taller than Yao.
Shaq said on 2/May/08
Yeah most players heights are listed in shoes. I'd say atleast 75-80% of them. I think Durant is so tall for a perimeter player that he'd rather be listed at his barefoot height because 6-9 doesn't sound that unusual for a swingman but 6-10 or 6-11 does.

Something most NBA fans doen't know is Dwight Howard measured the exact same height barefoot and in shoes that Durant did but Dwight is listed 2 inches taller. I bet if you asked 50 regular NBA fans most people would never guess that. Even more surprising is Durant has a longer wingspan than Dwight. He is as tall and longer than the best young center in the league yet he is playing shooting guard
Ip said on 1/May/08
I know Kevin Durant's agent personally and have so for over 10 years. The team lists the players at the height that they decide on, unless the player insists otherwise, which is rare because most players prefer to be listed in their shoe height.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 28/Apr/08
Just look through many pre-draft measurements that are officially listed as pre-draft measurements and then compare them to the listed heights. Some players actually are listed barefoot.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 28/Apr/08
Ip players are given the options of choosing their barefoot heights or height in shoes. Kevin Durant did that last year. He measured 6'9" barefoot and 6'10.25" in shoes but was listed 6'9". However Greg Oden measured 6'11" barefoot, 7'0" in shoes but he gets listed 7 feet.

Here is Shaq at 7'1" w/o shoes. This is not another newspaper article
Click Here

Do you realize that Shaq's shoes add more than 1 inch too? Shaq has among the biggest shoes in the league. Pencer Hawes also showed up to the 07' pre-draft camp with 2.25" sneakers.

The NBA listings aren't as simple as you think. It's not just everyone is listed at their height in shoes. Most players are but some are listed their barefoot heights or even under them. For example Desmond Mason measured 6'6" barefoot, 6'7.25" in shoes but he gets listed 6'5".
Shaq is 7'1" said on 27/Apr/08
I believe the 7'0.5" measurement from 1984 but I have to wonder if he was measured 7'1 1/16" earlier in the day or if he had shrunk a half inch which isn't impossible considering Wilt was in his late 40's at the time.
Ip said on 27/Apr/08
Look Shaq is 7'1''. i was trying to defend u against LSU alum who claims that Shaq is 6-11.5. The NBA hires independent doctors to conduct physicals on the players before the draft. These are not team doctors and so they have no reason to lie about a players height. U using a newspaper article as a reference is stupid because newspapers writers go by what the listed height that the teams use. Every team that Shaq has played for dating back to college has listed him at 7-1, why ? Because if u measure him in sneakers he is 7-1 and in my mind that is his correct height because the game is played in shoes. I work in sports management and I work primarily in the NBA and our company's clients all get measured in socks and in shoes at the predraft camp which is now held in Orlando as opposed to Chicago when Shaq got drafted. If u look at the link that I sent LSU alum it is from the telecast of the 1992 draft and it clearly shows Shaq's height and weight at 7'0" 303 lbs which were the measurements taken from the predraft camp. By the way Tom Gugliotta measured at 6-8.5 barefoot that same year. I will give u a perfect example of what i'm talking about. One of our former clients Francisco Garcia who plays for the Sacramento Kings is listed at 6-7 because that is his shoe height. However at the predraft camp in 2005 he measured in at 6-5 3/4 without shoes in his shoes he was right at 6-7. If u go to any article online about him it will list him at 6-7 because that's what the team list him at, no writer is going to go back and dig up a players predraft measurements to write an article when they get that from the team website or media guide. Shaq is 7-1 just not barefoot, unless u have some info that proves that he's grown since this video. Click Here
Shaq is 7'1" said on 26/Apr/08
That isn't Shaq's pre-draft measurement. This is.
Click Here

Aside from Shaq's 7'1", 303 measurement it also shows former all star Tom Gugliotta at 6-9 1/2

Click Here
At 7-foot-1 and nearly 300 pounds, he's probably the most physically dominating player to ever draw a quadruple team. ... Shaq already has a reach of 9-5 and an armspan of 7-7. He's a good leaper, too, and can touch a point on the backboard almost two-and-a-half feet above the rim.

O'Neal measured 7'1", 303 pounds with a 7'7" wingspan and a 9'5" Standing Reach. There are the links to prove it.

Players are given the option of choosing to be listed their barefoot height or their height in shoes. Shaq I guess chose his barefoot height.
Ip said on 26/Apr/08
Hey LSU alum. Go to this link. This is video from the 1992 NBA Draft and it clearly shows Shaq's pre-draft measurement to be at 7ft without shoes. He is listed at 7-1 in shoes because u play the game in shoes. These measurements are done by independent doctors that the league hires to conduct physicals and not by individual teams who want to make a guy seem taller than he really is. Click Here
Shaq is 7'1" said on 25/Apr/08
What a loser I am? hahah...burger boy??? lsu alum you are the loser. You follow me around to every single page and you start a debate over Shaq's height here and I prove you wrong...AGAIN.
lsu alum said on 25/Apr/08
again burger boy this page is about wilt,but anyway 6'11.5"is only a half an inch from 7'0".what a loser you are.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 24/Apr/08
Wilt may have been taller by 1/16 at his peak but I think Wilt could have been more like 7'0.5".

Rob explained that he has Shaq at 7'0.5" because he thinks he could be argued at 7'0" or 7'1". Besides that's a 9/16 of an inch difference he has between Shaq and Wilt which is much different than the 2 inch difference you are claiming. I have no problem with some people thinking 7 feet or 7'0.5" for Shaq or even 7'1.5". All are reasonable estimates. Afterall the 7'0.5" Rob has Shaq at is just half an inch short of what I'm claiming he is so not exactly a big difference.
lsu alum said on 23/Apr/08
well shaq is 7'1",editor ron apparently doesn't beleive that shaq is as tall as wilt,look at each ones i hope you can see ron has wilt taller.why?because wilt is taller you mental giant(sic).hurry back to your job at mcdonalds,the burgers need flipping.
Shaq is 7'1" said on 20/Apr/08
lsu alum you are the loser. Most people think Shaq is 7'0" or 7'1". Almost nobody is dumb enough to think he is under 7 feet.

Your life is so pathetic that you come on here and pretend to know Shaq personally and pretend to have gone to college with him. I dare you to go to the Shaq page and try to back up your stupid claims with some proof.

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