How tall is Sultan Kosen

Sultan Kosen's Height

8ft 3 (251.5 cm)

World's current Tallest Man. According to Guinness world records, Turkish Farmer Sultan measured in at 251cm (almost 8ft 3in).

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Average Guess (63 Votes)
8ft 3.23in (252cm)
Nippu said on 3/Jan/21
8`5 never. We have calculated his height pretty much 8`1 out of bed. Stands 7`10-7`11. Corrected lying down 8`2. Max perhaps that 251cm. But true 8 footer.
Lins 5'11.25 said on 2/Jan/21
8ft 5 out of bed?
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 1/Jan/21
Why is Grant Austin listed 5ft 11 ⅞ based on estimation while he's the full 8ft 3 when measured near 8ft 2 ⅞?
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 26/Dec/20
8ft 2 7/8
Sipuli said on 18/Dec/20
Met him. Stand around 7´10 with bad posture. Taller of course if corrected. But could not walk over 8ft tall. To me i give "only" 8´1 because i think 8´3 is his max. height not avarage. No matter what guinness said. Guinness has make and still make so many mistakes all the time. I trust more this website and late
Aj06 said on 17/Dec/20
would have to say a weak 8'3 an almost 8'3 seems right giant dude. seems cool though.
6'3 Julian said on 15/Sep/20
@Nik or 1’87”!
Andy5'93/4 said on 28/Aug/20
Hey Rob His wiki lists him as 8 ft2.875 maybe a few mm downgrade?
Editor Rob
The figure he was supposed to measure was 251cm, so it is just shy of 8ft 3, but I'd kept him at that mark of 3
Nik Ashton said on 22/Aug/20
@ 6’3 Julian - Or 3’63”!
6'3 Julian said on 21/Aug/20
I always think of him as 5’39”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jun/20
The Pakistan guy name is Zia Rasheed. In the clip i posted the caption mention him as 243cm but they measured him with shoes on 2:10 clearly at 8'3 which means he is likely 8'1.75" barefoot so close to Kosen. Hope the Guinness will 'hunt' for his measurement soon. Maybe he would be the next Tallest person in e world titled.
Hanov said on 28/May/20
He is about 8'3 counting the corvature, he walks like a 8'2 man at most
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/May/20
Click Here Pakistan new giant. Interesting he was measure 8'3 with shoes on not sure if is real.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Mar/20
When he’s been measured legitimately at 8ft3...outta here with that 8ft1-2 rubbish!
S E said on 18/Mar/20
Matt logan said on 16/Mar/20
Probably 8'1" to 8'2" for sultan
Daycringeothon said on 17/Jan/20
Rob, you probably knew already but Sultan is also ethnic Kurd. The Kurds have ethnic populations in modern Syria, Turkey and Iraq.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jan/20
I thought the other guys were sitting down. Then I read that Sultan was the World's tallest man!

Silly me - I should have recognized him from the telly!

8ft3. Blimey - that's TALL!
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jan/20
@ Rob - Where would a five footer come up to on him?
Editor Rob
A 5 footer wouldn't be much over his belt height.
Alex Katch said on 6/Jan/20
Kösen is 8 feet 2.82 inches or 8' 2⅞" 251.0 cm
Nik Ashton said on 5/Jan/20
@ Rob - Where would you come up to on him?
Editor Rob
Probably not much above his belly button.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Jan/20
Click Here It's crazy when a 6'10 max looking guy claiming 7'8. Lol big time.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Dec/19
@ Rob - Where would Peter Crouch come up to on him?
Editor Rob
Several inches under his chin I'd presume
Nik said on 26/Oct/19
I would love to see a photograph of him with Rob and my good self!
Nippu said on 5/Sep/19
Actually V. Myllyrinne stand taller. Lying down heights might be more similar. Myllyrinne stand around 10cm more than Kosen.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 25/Aug/19
@Christian, Actually. Robert Wardlow was even taller than sultan.... so number 1 tallest men ever lived on Earth would be Wardlow, 2nd one is this guy... I would put Yao as tallest men on earth with 7ft category, put wardlow and sultan as tallest men on earth with 8 ft category or so.. If you know what I mean...
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 25/Aug/19
@Christian, Yes. Yao is one of the tallest men in the earth at least along with his brother who is 7ft 8 tall..
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Aug/19
Yao's one of the tallest pro basketball players in history, but certainly not one of the tallest men. Everyone knows that.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 14/Aug/19
You can't really deny the fact that he is one of the tallest men on the Earth!!! Not Chinese basketball player Yao Ming!!!!!
avi said on 1/Jul/19
@Editor Rob

Do you know of any "naturally" tall people 7'11 to 8'0+ area?

Brahim Takioullah has acromegaly I know.
Editor Rob
Off-hand I can't...I mean, a guy like neil fingleton looked 'naturally' tall at 7ft 7-8.
Nippu said on 2/Jun/19
Wadlow´s corrected height would have been 9´1-9´2. There is a lot of pictures there u can see that his actually was quite big spinal curvature. At his height it make even more difference than Carroll´s case because Wadlow was so much taller than anybody else. Carroll is such a "short" compare to Wadlow that even small curvature cost him a more. U can take any picture about Wadlow and compare to any other giant and there is no match (height) for Wadlow. Still there are of course few giants who are same or almost as impressive as Wadlow was. But they were more mobile and bigger other ways than Wadlow.
cmillzz said on 12/May/19
Case in point, there was some evidence that Wadlow had some slight curvature in his later years. If so, then his “corrected height” may very well be over 9 ft.
cmillzz said on 27/Apr/19
“corrected height” doesn’t really count in my opinion. The height that the person actually measures is what their true height should be listed as.
Daycringeothon said on 10/Mar/19
So Sultan has slight kyphoscoliosis (two deminsional spinal curvature). Others that come to mind John Francis Carroll, Don Koehler, Zeng Jinlian all well over 8 foot with corrected height posture. John Francis Carroll’s corrected height of 8’7.75” is still up for debate but still entirely possible. Zeng Jinlian was 7’10.5” before she died and 8’1.75” if her spine was completely straight. Koehler shrunk to 7’9” from 8’2”.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/Feb/19
Click Here: This 220cm indonesian giant had a head length greater than Kosen.
Baitistataker said on 27/Oct/18
Definitely less than Robert Waldow.
Gretz said on 11/Sep/18
Rob it`s obvious unfortunatley that this guys health keeps getting worse an d it seems from a show I watched about him even after surgery he is still growing.this is a bad thing for a guy who`s health is dwindling his spine is crooked and it will only get worse.i hope they can decrease his gh levels or he won`t make 50 God forbid,do you think if he could straighten out his spine he would be 8'5" Rob?that is inching him close to Wadlow Territory,but i think his health would betray him before he even got to 8'8".Wadlow could at least walk sloppily at 8'11".Vicky was the last guy who could walk good at 8'0").Vaino Myllyrinne reached at one point had a growth spurt he was 7'4"but sometime in his late 30`s grew to 8'3" he is by far the most healthy 8 footer I have ever seen.he also had the greatest hand measurment ever even bigger than Wadlow,this guy on steroids would have probably been the strongest man of all time at least in the dead lift.these guys have to move the bar to far to have the best bench press(5'8" barrel chested guys had to much of a leverage advantage,think paul Anderson but 600+ would not have been out of the picture.if he was taking 5000mg. of test propianate,cypianate,and enanthate and d-ball throw in inulin and more gh he might have benched a 1000lbs without those super shirts that add like 300lbs. to some guys benches.
Editor Rob
I don't know how many years more Sultan will be able to walk at all.
mrtguy said on 21/Aug/18
Rob, when you look at Sultan's face from eyes and up it looks totally normal like those of an average man, I really doubt his eye level is over 4 inches
MAD SAM said on 14/Jul/18
8’3” at 252 cm
Gretz said on 30/May/18
vicky uppal was probably 8'0" before he passed and was much more impressive than this guy.
Gretz said on 21/May/18
i am not picking on this guy he is obviously the tallest man in the world ,but talk about nothing big that impresses me exept his height .He does not have giant features,a very weak physic not overly big hands or feet that would stand out at least,and looks like he can barley walk.Very unimpressive for an 8+ footer.
mrtguy said on 10/May/18
Rob, Sultan does not have a big eye level for his height
mrtguy said on 30/Apr/18
Rob, I know this sounds weird, but Sultan has a small eye level and Brahim on the other hand has massive one, just like Andre (who has small eye level) and Big Show has massive eye level. You can agree or understand what I'm saying right??
Editor Rob
I'm not sure how much difference there might be between their eyelevels.

Sometimes when you photograph these guys from an average man's height, their eyelevel can seem shorter...but if they were sat on a chair and photographed beside a normal sized man, you'd then see their eyelevels were lower than you might have thought looking at them from a height of say 5ft 10!
star69 said on 30/Mar/18
mrtguy said on 25/Jun/15
Rob, I thought he would weigh at least 400 lbs given that he is over 8 feet tall. Sun Ming Ming weighs 370 lbs and he is "only" 7'9", so someone at least three inches taller than him should easily weigh 30 lbs more or at least 400 lbs. I guess Sultan Kosen must be rail-thin given that he barely weighs 300 lbs despite being over 8 feet tall.

Just because somebody is taller doesn't mean they will way more than a shorter person. LOL
star69 said on 30/Mar/18
Duhon said on 19/Jun/17
Jerry is probably at least 7'2". Saw him in the crowd of a popular street festival in Toronto a few years back and yeah he stands out as much as a giant would among a crowd of normal sized people. Which sort of makes him continuing to claim 7'7" infuriating. 7'2"-7'4" is considered giant by anyone, especially being as fat as is he is too.

Yeah, when he was claiming 7'7" I knew immediately he wasn't close to that. He does look 7'2ish...maybe 7'2.5
MaryAnne said on 25/Nov/17
Svetlana Pankratova the woman with longest legs needs a page
mrtguy said on 20/Nov/17
Rob, in all honesty Sultan and Brahim most likely dip at least 2-2.5 inches at night especially with that stature
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Rob, the left guy here is listed at 196 cm and the right guy 222 cm (tallest man in France according to medias)
Click Here
Click Here
What do you think ?
Editor Rob: sultan looks about 8 inches taller than the guy on his left
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/17
you seems insecure zloduh. This website is the proof than most people are upgrading themself. Also in the case of Sultan Kosen, he is clearly this height when he walk because his posture.
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/17
how tall is his brother ?
zloduh said on 1/Oct/17
I hate when everybody here downgrade people's real height. Are you all dwarfs who actually downgrading other's people height by force or what!? Guinness measures 3 times a day! So these are not evening or morning heights! This is average height! Stop downgrading! I'm almost 6'8' out of bed (maybe 202.7cm) but I cannot stay long at such enormous height :)...after 30 minutes or so, I'm 6'7''and a half (202cm)...My average height during a day is 6'7'' and a quarter (201.3cm) so yes, I'm tall like hell! Tall people really exist(!) and can't be downgraded by force, so stop doing this!
Johnson said on 27/Sep/17
Legs measuring 126 cm according to intertet

It can't be true. It is too little

Ekaterina Lisina has 133 cm lenght legs with 2.05

What do you think guys and Rob???
even said on 20/Jul/17
morning : 251 cm , night : 250 cm
DRK said on 8/Jul/17
Leonid looks taller than usual in that photo comparison. Around 8' or a tad under. Most of the times he looked 7'7"ish.
mrtguy said on 6/Jul/17
Hey Rob, doesn't Sultan look like store mannequin they display at stores?? Click Here
Editor Rob: I don't know, sometimes a photo (and lighting) can certainly make things look weird!
S.J.H said on 21/Jun/17
@176cm guy said on 25/May/17

Jerry Sokoloski is probably 7'2.5-7'3 range barefoot. Maybe he grow a little like 7'4 will be maximun. Claiming 7'7 is just ridiculous idea..
Ice said on 20/Jun/17
he has a slightly disfigured look to him .
Duhon said on 19/Jun/17
Jerry is probably at least 7'2". Saw him in the crowd of a popular street festival in Toronto a few years back and yeah he stands out as much as a giant would among a crowd of normal sized people. Which sort of makes him continuing to claim 7'7" infuriating. 7'2"-7'4" is considered giant by anyone, especially being as fat as is he is too.
Alfred said on 7/Jun/17
About Jerry Sokolowski, he seems to have a short giant complex. He incessantly tries to show he is too huge for a world outfitted for relative pixies. He cranes his neck and stretches for the sky in those photos with the other giants but is still dwarfed. Jerry is at least as tall as Shaq and prob 40 lbs heavier; he is a giant but he seems to desperately want to be bigger than Wadlow!
Editor Rob: Jerry looks like he enjoys being very tall, maybe even wishes for a few more's not exclusive to average or short guys wishing they were taller, even tall or very tall might like even more height!
mrtguy said on 28/May/17
Rob, I don't like to pester, but what makes you not want to add Brahim at this moment (not to be rude), I think he deserves a page as well since he's 8'1''??
Editor Rob: I've not dismissed the idea, I may well add him!
YG said on 12/May/17
Rob, why does Brahim always look taller standing next to Sultan??
Editor Rob: I'm not so sure about that, I've seen a few photos of Sultan trying to stand tall and looking taller than brahim.
mrtguy said on 18/Apr/17
Rob, do you think Brahim Takioullah is the only 8 ft to ever exist giant without any deformities and well proportioned??
Editor Rob: I can't think of many other like him at 8ft range.
Bard said on 16/Apr/17
John, I feel like you posted on the wrong page.
Gunner said on 13/Apr/17
Hey Rob, why do you have him listed at 8'3''?? please he's more like 8'0.5''-8'1'' midday than 8'3'', that's just like saying Big Show is 7 feet through out all the day clearly when he is 6'11'' range??
John said on 23/Mar/17
6'5-6'6. He was a foot shorter than Yao Ming. Not sure where 8'3 came from.
6'0 said on 9/Mar/17
@Captain YG

I don't know about the "strength" part.
Wadlow was strong enough to carry his father (sitting in a living room chair) up the stairs when he was 9.
Slon said on 3/Dec/16
Hi Rob, any chance you think he's going through growth splurge reverse growth spurt??
Editor Rob: he could be shrinking!
Captain YG said on 4/Nov/16
Rob, what would you say the difference between Andre/Big Show and Sultan/Wadlow, all of them suffered from pituitary problems, but Big Show and Andre grew in width, thickness, strength and height(but not much), Sultan Kosen and Robert Wadlow just grew upward rapidly??
Editor Rob: I think the pituitary issue might effect rates/growth differently. Wadlow had kind of proportions which meant his head on his body didn't quite look as big, but if you compared Wadlow's head to a normal man it is massive.
S.J.H said on 20/Oct/16
The have full of arguement suspecting he was measured with shoes at 8'3 , probably 8'1.75-8'2 was his real height.
Editor Rob: would be surprised if they included shoes for measurements!
mrtguy said on 16/Oct/16
Rob,oh sorry about that here's the pic, but the difference in the head is much
Click Here
Editor Rob: probably about 3-4 inches under his head there for the women.
mrtguy said on 15/Oct/16
Rob, is this how 6'9'' is really supposed to look next to 8'3'' guy?? but then again look at the difference in the head size
Editor Rob: couldn't see a link, a 6ft 9 man would come several inches under the head of Sultan (if standing tall, which he rarely can manage).
Leonardo 1.73m said on 10/Oct/16
8'1.75 at midday for Sultan
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Oct/16
Rob, will this guy keep growing like Wadlow did?
CaptainBeast2.0 said on 23/Sep/16
Rob, will there ever be a time you will meet Sultan or Brahim Takioullah in person??
Editor Rob: unfortunately I think quite unlikely unless I could earn more.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 9/Sep/16
Brahim Takioullah is 8'1 according Guinness and counting the spinal curvature ( this he says in a interview)
Ice said on 9/Sep/16
Seems to have way more health issues than Waldlow had ..
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
I doubt he's a lift wearer at that height. And if Guiness book of WR measured him they do so with an avg of 3 usually. If he's not a full 8'3 at his lowest he's def in the 8'2 range still and still prob has the record
Captain Beastxx said on 8/Jul/16
Rob, it would be cool if you got to measure this guy 3 times a day, he is 8 ft 1 Click Here
Editor Rob: it certainly would be interesting to find how much guys like these actually shrink in total.
Thierry said on 8/Jun/16
Being 1m93 (6'4") tall I had my picture taken with him recently. Wow. He was extremely tall, I was just under his shoulder and looked like a child. Lol.
His hands and feet were huge.
Bard said on 14/May/16
8' 2.9" MAX

(just kidding obviously)
mrtguy said on 18/Jan/16
Click Here
TJE said on 13/Jan/16
It would be equally interesting to see how much height he will lose in the next 30 years or so.
mrtguy said on 5/Dec/15
Rob, Click Here 8'1'' measured Brahim Takioullah, I'm quite impressed he looks as tall as Sultan in most pics Click Here and he doesn't have any crutches, Do you think Brahim and Sultan can lose up to 2 inches in one day give or take?
Editor Rob: it would be interesting to find out exactly how much they lose when 8 feet tall, I don't know if he's had out of bed height taken?
YG said on 3/Dec/15
Rob, Sultan probably suffers from scoliosis Click Here , you can tell very easily,but do you think 8'4-5'' could be his height after all if he had surgery for his spine? University of Virginia measured him at 8'4'', while Guinness had him at 8'3'' according to sources. Poor Sultan that Disease! it is indeed very difficult to be that size, a lot of people have recognition for height more than his health.
Editor Rob: I don't know if he would have such surgery, but if he was fully straight maybe he would be 1-2 inches taller.
mrtguy said on 23/Nov/15
Also, it's quite scary that he is taller than my room and christmas tree
mrtguy said on 19/Nov/15
Who'd you say is more imposing Sultan or Big Show?
Editor Rob: maybe Big show could seem more imposing because of his width/features, even though sultan is quite a few inches taller...he though uses crutches to help him, which might effect how others felt?
mrtguy said on 29/Jun/15
Rob, If Sultan's spine was corrected wouldn't you agree he will stand 8'5'' or at least that mark out of bed?
[Editor Rob: he would measure taller yeah, he has a fair bit of curvature]
mrtguy said on 25/Jun/15
Rob, I thought he would weigh at least 400 lbs given that he is over 8 feet tall. Sun Ming Ming weighs 370 lbs and he is "only" 7'9", so someone at least three inches taller than him should easily weigh 30 lbs more or at least 400 lbs. I guess Sultan Kosen must be rail-thin given that he barely weighs 300 lbs despite being over 8 feet tall.

I was expecting someone over 8 feet tall, with normal proportions, to weigh at least 400 lbs, given the cube law of volume/weight to height. Taller people are overall bigger than shorter people. They are also thicker and wider, in addition to being taller.

As for Brahim Takioullah, I think he weighs some where between 300 to 400 lbs. I'm inclined to say he weighs close to 400 lbs given that he is 4 inches taller than Sun Ming Ming, who already weighs 370 lb.
Andrea said on 21/Jun/15
Rob, how big do you think his head is?
Here he is with the italian tallest man (who is a basketball player), who has been accurately measured at "2 meters 19 cms 96 mms": Click Here
The woman between them is pretty tall herself, like 5'9 range (plus big heels she must be near 6'1), just to say...
[Editor Rob: her head will appear a bit smaller in that photo, but his head might be a foot long.]
mrtguy said on 4/Jun/15
Rob, don't you think he can drop a fraction under 8 feet at night (7'11.75)?
[Editor Rob: for Guinness I thought they had taken a few measurements and it's the average...which may well mean he dips a bit lower than this mark.]
GUY said on 13/Oct/14
AlexMahone says on 10/Oct/14
Dear Guy, this is ridiculous. Do you see perfectly from a photo that he's one inch shorter than 8'3? LOL Lifts??? Seriously? Yeah, he wears cowboy boot...:((
But isn't that what you see on every other listing here. There's always someone who has an angle to downgrade for the sake of downgrading.
AlexMahone said on 10/Oct/14
Dear Guy, this is ridiculous. Do you see perfectly from a photo that he's one inch shorter than 8'3? LOL Lifts??? Seriously? Yeah, he wears cowboy boot...:((
GUY said on 7/Oct/14
No way I buy 8'3". Maybe 8'3" out of bed, but he's closer to 8'2" evening height. He has big hair, and his shoes are always suspect. Lifts?
Dionicio Rojas said on 2/Oct/14
Amazing, He is as tall as bigfoot is supposed to be!!!
184.3cm said on 28/Sep/14
Amazing that the tallest man is Turkish. The ones sho emigrated here seem to average 168 -172cm. They are very short people.
Emmett said on 11/Sep/14
Haha Gonzalo, wouldn't that be a great twist if he actually was a lift wearer.
Gonzalo said on 10/Sep/14
He is a lift wearer. No more than 2`48 in the morning
Sthan 184cm said on 8/Sep/14
Emil 182.5 cm said on 8/Sep/14
I have a theory that Sultan is G's long lost twin who took away his genetic potential to grow to 5'8 :D
[Editor Rob: you wouldn't rule it out. Stranger things have happened.]
Connor183 said on 7/Sep/14
Rob if Kosen loses 3 inches in the day then he is no where near a legit 8ft 3 guy, just 8ft? but he is huge anyway and wasn't he measured 8ft 1.5 before?
[Editor Rob: I don't know when he stopped growth, but if Guinness measured him then I think that is fair enough to go with what they got.]
truth178cm said on 7/Sep/14
I agree Tunnman, 6ft1-6ft2 is ideal, but good is at least over 175cm or 7/10.
AlexMahone said on 7/Sep/14
Yes Clay you're right, but first, he needs a downgrade immediately. Shaq O'Neil is taller, so Sultan Kosen height is max 6'11...or better his height would be 6'11 but he wears lifts and cheats with his hair, so minus 3 inches...Sultan Kosen height is max 6'8. :)))) LOL (I'm joking of course...:)))
Clay said on 6/Sep/14
Im waiting for Viper to show a pic next to a measured athlete and claim he's 8'0.5. :D
Amaze said on 5/Sep/14
@Arch Stanton If anyone wants to be near 7ft then they need help. But 8'3"? Dear lord

I hope your joking.
Chaz said on 5/Sep/14
176,2Tunman says on 4/Sep/14
Sultan is one of the rare persons who may lose near 3" during the day so I wonder if he's not 8'1.5-2 if this site lists evening/night heights.

Guinness measured him 3 times over the day,that is he's avarage height from the 3 measurements after he had the operation to stop him growing.
Arch Stanton said on 5/Sep/14
I was joking 176, I doubt even Mid 190s would want to be this tall if it meant walking around on crutches..
176,2Tunman said on 4/Sep/14
Sultan is one of the rare persons who may lose near 3" during the day so I wonder if he's not 8'1.5-2 if this site lists evening/night heights.
176,2Tunman said on 4/Sep/14
Would he really be jealous?a 6'5 wanting to be taller is very rare and 8'3 is a hateful height (unless for one day maybe),more inconvenients than advantages.6'1-2 is the dream height for many although sometimes 6'4-5 could be tempting but more?unless one wants to be a real standout...
Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/14
Mid 190s says "Wow, I'm so jealous"...
Andrea said on 4/Sep/14
With an italian presenter, who is around 6'...
Click Here
Amaze said on 4/Sep/14
He married someone 5'8
Yep guys tallest man
Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/14
I thought he had an operation to have the pit gland problem removed? Last I heard he was 8'0.5 or 8 ft 1 or something.

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