How tall is Ian Whyte

Ian Whyte's Height

7ft 1 (215.9 cm)

British Actor from Alien Vs Predator, Prometheus, Solomon Kane and Hercules. He said during a talk we were listening to that "I'm 7 feet 1." He also gives his weight as 260 pounds. This photo was taken at a Collectormania event.

How tall is Ian Whyte
5ft 8 Rob, Ian, 5ft 8 Jenny
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Average Guess (86 Votes)
7ft 0.61in (214.9cm)
Lanky said on 18/Sep/20
In fact, now that I think about it, with the exception of a boxing journalist who’s maybe 6’9”, I can’t remember the last time I even met someone who was close to eye-level with me. And I live in a heavily-populated part of the country.

I believe the population of my city is something like 250,000, and I have lived here all my life, so I think it’s fair to say I have probably been at least within visible distance of every one of that 250k at least once.

Not once have I seen someone else of what I would call ‘similar’ height.

So, 1 in 125,000 seems the absolute lowest feasible figure.
Van Halen said on 12/Sep/20
I see 7'1 exactly
Allie said on 9/Sep/20
Hi Rob! I'm just wondering, is Ian the tallest man/celeb in general that you've ever taken a photograph with? Have you met/seen anyone taller, famous or not?

Seeing your photo with Arie Dekker made me curious to see all the people over 200cm that you've been photographed with haha.
Editor Rob
Ian is still tallest yeah.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Sep/20
I have a stronger feeling Ian would be measure solid 215cm not less or more if is lowest.
thatmanoverthere said on 21/Aug/20
Since he is leaning and still manages to look above 7 feet, I would say there is a pretty good chance he measures at least near 7’1 when standing up straight. He seems to be losing height in his legs in this photo, and since his legs are much longer than the average man’s, he’s definitely losing more height than the average man when leaning like this. I think people are underestimating just how much he is losing here
Kan said on 22/Jul/20
Is 10.75 inch head possibile for this Guy? Do you think he’s a full 7ft1 ? He seems more 7ft
Editor Rob
Yeah it could be near that mark if measured. He could be 7ft 1 or just under it in person...

the stadiometer stops almost 6ft 11, but when you add on the black stabiliser to the top and if I'm barefoot and include the thickness of the base, I have a good idea of what 7ft looks like from my perspective...and I feel he could be over it.
Nik said on 3/Jul/20
Don't forget Rob and Jenny are both taller than the average adult!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/May/20
@Canson Yes indeed he look 7'0 flat but maybe a half inch dropping of height there. Possible he isn't over 7'0 1/4 by worst.
Canson said on 1/May/20
@Junior: he looks 7’0 range with Rob but not 7’1”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/May/20
@Dream If we look again the picture Ian is much closer to camera with Mayhew. Might be less than 1" in reality between them, that picture was taken in the 2003-2006 which Peter Mayhew was in his late 50s to early 60s indicate he lost a half inch from strong 7'0 peak, might be 6'11 3/4 in that picture. More chance that Ian could be 7'0 1/2 round up a full 7'1. Yes he might drop a bit height to look 7'0 flat with Jenny and Rob.
OriginalAnon said on 29/Apr/20
He looks every bit 7'1''.
Dream said on 3/Apr/20

He's slouching with Rob. It's very likely he's near 7'1" when measured. It's obvious Ian isn't standing straight, looking at his legs.

Mayhew's eyes are also well under Ian's nose, which indicates more than an inch, really.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Mar/20
Peter Mayhew in his late 50s is closer to 6'11 only look 1-1.5" shorter than Ian Whyte here Click Here Bare in mind that Ian is closer to camera. 7'0 tops for Ian.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Mar/20
Really did not look over 7'0 with 5'8 peak Jenny and 5'8 1/8 Rob. I did have some check on him on google image and some website still did not see him 7'1 not even a proper 7'0 1/2. I did say 7'1 was out of bed height and 7'0 before bed or he just claim 7'1 with shoes on.
joec said on 24/Feb/20
Rob, shouldn't Ian be added to the Game of Thrones category?
Nik Ashton said on 10/Feb/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Very true! This shows that someones weight should be a weight that’s good for their height. People need to be fully clued about the healthy weight range for their height and if they are not able to find out themselves they should find this out from a trusted source. We should also listen to people like healthcare professionals and doctors, they are the people who are in the know.👌👌👌
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Feb/20
If he weighed 12/13 stone Nik, he'd be starved out. ☠️ Of course he needs to weigh more because of his stupendous height!
Canson said on 8/Feb/20
He looks 7’ range
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
@ Sandy Cowell - It’s amazing to find out that Ian is 18 stone 8 pounds! 👌

The reason why he may weigh more than average may be partly due to his enormous height and partly due to muscle but I dunno!
Dream said on 8/Feb/20

Not necessarily 7’3”. Wilt Chamberlain had higher shoulders than Kareem, but Kareem had a longer neck, which made him edge out Chamberlain.

The guy I saw had a surprisingly short neck, so I can’t saw anything like 7’3”. However, my initial guess of him being 6’11” was a catastrophic travesty. He is easily over seven foot flat for sure. How much is debatable. Maybe 7’1”, at least.

All I can say is, he’s really colossal looking, in person, without question.
Dream said on 8/Feb/20

Not necessarily 7’3”. Wilt Chamberlain had higher shoulders than Kareem, but Kareem had a longer neck, which made him edge out Chamberlain.

The guy I saw had a surprisingly short neck, so I can’t saw anything like 7’3”. However, my initial guess of him being 6’11” was a catastrophic travesty. He is easily over seven foot flat for sure. How much is debatable. Maybe 7’1”, at least.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Feb/20
18 stone 8 pounds might seem a lot to me or even the average person, but Ian is as slim as a whippet hound with it!

Seven foot one.

SEVEN FOOT something, I ask you... wow! That's some height! 😲
cmillz said on 7/Feb/20
He had to be taller than 7’1 by the way you’re describing him. More like 7’3 or something.
Dream said on 7/Feb/20
@Rob, actually, off topic.

I'm beginning to think the guy I saw was maybe a solid 7'1"er, now.

There's a friend who mine in real life, who edged out Obama (top of their heads) in several pictures I saw of them, standing straight and together. The guy's shoulders was well above the top of said friend's top head.

For reference, Here's Obama and current 7'1" Kareem.

Click Here

The guy, I saw, is visibly taller than current Kareem, for sure. his shoulders were higher than Kareem, and i was standing on higher ground, meaning he could've been taller for sure. Plus, the guy seemed like he was wearing sandals or just very light footwear and I was in runner shoes.

Sorry about this Rob. Trying to figure out Seven footers is a big puzzler!
Editor Rob
Maybe the guy you saw was over 7 foot. It is still quite rare to see men that height, even in a huge city like London, it is quite rare to see.
Dream said on 25/Jan/20

Definitely! 6'5"+ (Like Bo Burnham, Howard Stern, and Wladimir Klitschko) are definitely getting noticed. Richard Osman, who could be 6'7.25", gets a lot of comments about being tall. Let alone the 7 footers, we've seen, so far!
Dream said on 24/Jan/20

Actually, curiosity sake, for two questions: how would that guy, I saw, far with Ian Whyte?

Is it inconsistent to base someone’s height, on shoulder levels?
Editor Rob
He probably would look close to Whyte in person. Seeing any six footer is a surprise.

Interestingly, when I talk on here about noticing height. I was at the hospital today with Jenny and my Mother and a Consultant walked out - I noticed Jenny and my Mother specficially look and then comment on his height (he was 6ft 6) and most other people in the outpatients room looked at him.

People really do notice very tall guys. If you are 6ft 5+ you will be noticed far far more than you realise. At 7ft, goodness knows how often people notice you.
Nik said on 20/Jan/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Give me a clue! You can do this by text if you wish!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Jan/20
Ian just came up as a Random Celeb.

I thought that Rob had disappeared! 🤭

Seven one!
Dream said on 16/Jan/20

He’s probably 7’0.75” at worst, then. This listing is fine too. He edged out a peak Peter Mayhew, comfortably.
Dream said on 11/Jan/20
Rob, was Ian Whyte’s shoulders, over six foot flat?

I remember telling you, Christian, and Nik, that I encountered such a guy, who’s shoulders were above six foot flat, likely 6’1”, mainly because I was standing on higher ground, for sure.
Editor Rob
Pretty close to 6ft, maybe a tad under.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Dec/19
@ Oh, yes! So they can! My former height could also be found, but only if you unscramble it!
Nik said on 13/Dec/19
@ Sandy Cowell - The incredible thing is that his height at the age of 17 (which is his peak height too!) is written out within the year he was born (1971) and the incredible age he reached this huge height (17 of course!) is written out in the day part of his date of birth!

It's also jolly interesting that there are only 1’s, 7’s, and 9’s, in his date of birth (17/9/1971) even though it is made up of 7 digits, well spotted! These three numbers are all odd too!

Ian Whyte was a Basketball player extraordinaire and it is great that he has a long term acting career to look forward to, careers in sport can be so short.

It’s fabulous that there are acting roles available for the tallest people about and it is fabulous that acting roles are also available for the shortest people about too.

Do you want to know another absolutely amazing coincidence? Our heights can be found in our dates of birth too! Write ‘em both down and you’ll see!

As you know I ain’t 7’6” though! 😂😂😂!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/19
Ooh, nice, Nik! Loads of sevens, nines and ones in his birth date, so was he pre-destined to reach 7 foot 1?

That Ian went from basketball to acting was an absolute MUST! There aren't many guys out there with his height and, coupled with the very short, acting positions are always available for actors with extreme heights.

😁📺🎬 "TAKE (7 foot) ONE!"

Ian gets 7ft1.
Nik said on 9/Dec/19
Ian Whyte is a former professional Basketball player and he won 80 caps for England!

Ian was born on the 17/9/1971 and he was 7'1" at the age of 17, also I have seen him listed as 7'5" online!
Ian C. said on 3/Oct/19
Wow. This gent is as tall was Richard Kiel, but without the obvious facial deformities that accompany pituitary disorders.

I've always thought that being extremely tall would be a greater social handicap than being, say, four foot five, because people aren't afraid of small people, as they often are of the physically huge.

Thinking back, I can remember knowing only one man who was less than five foot tall- probably about four foot ten. He was one of my professors in university, and he had a friendly, confident personality, and was well-liked. On the other hand, I've met a few guys who were right around five foot four, and they tended to be angry and unpleasant.
Nik Ashton said on 24/Sep/19
@ Sandy Cowell - I am 2 but only after I have said one thing, Ian is a giant and we’re all average!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Sep/19
I'm keeping my mouth shut, Nik!

Nik Ashton said on 22/Sep/19
I make him look even taller!
Nik Ashton said on 22/Sep/19
Rob and Jenny make him look tall!
Ian555 said on 6/Sep/19
Rob this is something I’ve never understood but how come people like this guy are able to manage to grow to this tall? This is just insane to me. He just dwarfs you and Jenny. Is he the tallest actor you’ve ever met?
Editor Rob
Gene combinations could result in very tall people (if they don't have pituitary disorder).

I don't know what height Ian's parents are though, it would be interesting to find out. I haven't had a photo with anybody as tall, just a handful of people 6ft 8 to 7ft range.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Aug/19
Agreed, anywhere from 7'0" to 7'0.5"
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Aug/19
More i look at Ian with comparison to others height my estimate went down lowest at 7'0 also slight chances he could be 7'0 1/2 def not 7'0 3/4-7'1 a low.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 15/Aug/19
He is one of 7ft human being like Shaquill O'Neill plus he worked in Harry Potter film sets for giant characters in Goblet of Fire 2005 movie named Olympe Maxime aka one of giant characters in HP other than Hagrid.
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Aug/19
@Robbe You can't just draw a line like that; it doesn't work that way. The pic w/ Ian is taken w/ an upward angle, not w/ Joonas -- not the same thing. If they were similar angles, the height difference would be less pronounced. I was actually going to not post the pic b/c I knew ppl would automatically jump to the conclusions you did.

We don't know what time of day they each took those pics, who was on their feet longer, and there could have been a footwear advantage. All variables.
Canson said on 5/Aug/19
@Robbe: Rob staTed that he could be 7’0” - 7’0.5” next to a 6’11” guy. Remember someone his size could lose more than an inch in a day
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Aug/19
I don't wanna say that he was lying, but you're right, it's pretty difficult to fully believe what he said. I don't think that he lied about meeting Devon Larratt, but it's likely that he isn't as tall as he claimed he is.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Aug/19
A downgrade to 7'0.5" is a good start. He just doesn't look the full 7'1".
Robbe said on 5/Aug/19
7ft is too low for Ian. He is easily 3in taller than Joonas Suotamo, who is a strong 6'10. If you look at this fan next to Ian, and Joonas, you can cleary see his head reaches nearly Joonas chin, but a good 3in below Ian's chin.

Click Here

Rob's listing is spot on, 7ft 1in he is.
Canson said on 2/Aug/19
@Junior and Sotiris: I’ve always had 7’0” for him. That’s very difficult for Rob to estimate him that high and he is also a candidate for losing probably 1.5” during the day
Canson said on 2/Aug/19
@Junior and Sotiris: I’ve always had 7’0” for him
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/Aug/19
Fan and maybe 7'0" Whyte (2019)... Click Here

Same fan w/ 6'10" Joonas Suotamo... Click Here

Another fan w/ Whyte... Click Here
W/ maybe 6'8" Kevin Nash... Click Here

Robert Maillet and Nash... Click Here
Maillet, Whyte, and 6'10" Peter Mayhew (2011)... Click Here , Click Here
Maillet and Whyte... Click Here
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Jul/19
Rob, do you feel that he could be as low as 7'0 barefoot? I'm just curious about the 7'1 claim which could turn out to be a height with shoes that we don't know it.
Editor Rob
You know there is a possibility of 7ft to 7ft 1/2 inch range, from seeing him with another big guy who claims 6ft 11!
Canson said on 20/Apr/19
@Christian: yea I don’t believe the latter either especially with the claim of his height loss pattern. A guy that size will lose at least 1/4” minimum after the first hour and to be honest I only know that because you lose that. I lose just about a full cm in an hour and usually after two hours it’s aboit half inch. I’ve never lost much over an inch in a full day as I generally wake up to 195.7 and the lowest I’ve measured in the almost 4 years I’ve been on here is 193.1 maybe twice. Only way it’s much over an inch is if I wake up a bit taller than 195.7 as a result of extended sleep. I did measure right at 196 one day recently on extended sleep but still came down to 193.8 at a low that day not going to the gym. His claim may have sounded more convincing if it had not included inflating someone else (the celeb) In the process. Just like there’s another poster claiming to have met saying someone and saying they’re taller than they’ve measured or look. Of course the poster says “I’m x’xx” in shoes. It’s hard to take someone who prefaces their height in a conversation with shoes especially when they’re inflating a celeb in the process
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Apr/19
You have guys like Colberto who's 6'1.25" and he loses around 1.5", and Christian Almost 6'6" who claims to lose around 1.25"-1.5", although I would take his claims with a tiny grain of salt. On the other hand, Berta is a strong 6'5" like me but he only loses less than a half inch.
Canson said on 17/Apr/19
@J-Dog: I think it’s even more so for a guy like Yao Ming or Shaq especially being he’s well over 300lbs.all of those guys can lose over an inch imho
J-Dog said on 17/Apr/19
Just a tongue-in-cheek comment to a fellow old-timer. I got love & respect for you Viper and I respect your observations as they are often on-point. :). Viper I think we agree on guys like Vin Diesel 5'10" max. No longer a height upgrader, LoL!

I agree Canson. I lose 3/4ths of an inch in a day form 190cm to 188cm. I think Ian Whyte and guys at this size who have somewhat long torsos can loose 1" to close to 2" in a day.

My friend is 6'9" his height can range a full inch+ in a day easily. He can even dip to 6'8.5"
K.A 188 said on 10/Apr/19
@Canson i agree
Canson said on 9/Apr/19
I doubt he’s noticeably under 7’0” but for a guy that size losing more than a full inch throughout the course of the day isn’t unfathomable so it’s very possible he could be a hair over 7’1 out of bed and be 7’0 at a low
viper said on 8/Apr/19
Why would I say he's 6-5.

I see jdog the upgrader is back
J-Dog said on 8/Apr/19
That equates to about ~2,800 people globally being 7' or taller....
J-Dog said on 8/Apr/19
I bet that Viper would put Ian Whyte's height at only 6'5"....LoL.

Also I disagree being 7' and above actually puts you in the 0.000038% percentile globally. Much, more rare.
K.A 188 said on 6/Apr/19
I think once someone is 7foot+ it gets harder to gauge is height I mean this giant probably looses 3cm after an active day and as lanky as he his a full inch loss (2.5cm) is not noticeable because people this tall are very very rare less than 0.5% of the world population are up to 7 foot.
Oneiroi said on 1/Apr/19
He is the tallest man you have met Rob? How is he?
Anonynon said on 8/Dec/18
you both look like children here... meanwhile, you are both taller than me lol
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Nov/18

I've never seen someone that was a foot taller than me, so I can't say how hard it is to guess someone a foot taller. The tallest I've seen was a 7'0"-7'1" guy, and even he was only around 7" taller.
Canson said on 8/Nov/18
@Christian: I would have a very difficult time with someone a foot taller than me. A foot shorter maybe but that much difference for me is even tough
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Nov/18

On the flip side, it's difficult to guess people who are a foot or more shorter standing next to you. I can still tell the difference between how a 5'0" and a 5'1" woman would appear, but it can be a bit diffucult at times.
Canson said on 4/Nov/18
@Sotiris: he honestly looks 7’0” but not 7’1” like Rob has him listed which is what I’ve maintained all along. 6’11.5 looks low for him to be honest but Of course the difference between 7’0 and 7’1 or 6’11.5 and 7’ is not all that noticeable. But to be fair, Rob to have guessed him as close to accurate as he did is impressive being there’s nearly a foot and a half between them.

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve had a much harder time estimating someone who’s up around that mark myself. I recently posted about meeting Mike Mardesich a former college basketball player. I estimated him to be 6’10.5ish or so yet Viper pulled reference of 6’10 barefoot at the combine. To me he looked a good half foot taller if not more. It’s much easier if the person is 6’0-6’6 range or even if they are say 5’10-6’8 for that matter.
Sotiris Gravas said on 5/Aug/18
He's not standing at attention, but neither is Rob. I see 6'11.5". NO way he's over 7 feet.
MAD SAM said on 14/Jul/18
He’s changed the meaning of tall and handsome at 216 cm !
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Jun/18
He's taller than Peter Mayhew.

No reason to doubt 7'1."
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Jun/18
He's taller than Peter Mayhew.

No reason to doubt 7'1."
ImTall(6'6) said on 23/May/18
Easily 7'1" I'd say
Yht said on 28/Apr/18
7'1 out of bed
Bobby said on 1/Mar/18
Looks to have a 10.5 inch long head, maybe 10.75.
:)_ said on 14/Dec/17
Looks like flat 7ft here
kurtz said on 27/Nov/17
legit! and the the only 260 pounds without steroids 😀
Nik said on 19/Nov/17
Less than 7'1" but above 7'0"!
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Is it the tallest guy you met Rob ?
Editor Rob: yes, the only person in 7 foot range I got a photo with.
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/17
I would say 7'5"
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/17
I would say just short of 7 Foot
Junior said on 21/Oct/17
Must be legit 10.75" head length next to rob big 10".
Johnson said on 11/Oct/17
@Rob why does he according to mugshot is down the mark of 7 feet tall? Did he have bad posture in the picture
Editor Rob: he could measure I think half inch at least taller, at least over 7ft flat
Bard said on 22/Sep/17
Legit 7 footer
Aswin MK said on 13/Sep/17
Editor Rob:
there's 16 inches between 5ft 8 and 7ft 😉

the scale was based off my head size

Oops my bad! But I am sure you would agree with me that Ian Whyte is a clear 7 foot 1 tall giant and not 6 foot 11 as suggested by some of the posters here. I can understand people downgrading celebrities based on pics in the news and on the web, however, what I fail to understand is some people trying to refuse the obvious. For example, one comment in this page states that Ian Whyte is clearly 6 foot 11 just because some of his friend said so. What bugs me is that the photo in this page is emphatic proof to signify the height of Ian Whyte is a well-justified 7 foot 1.

Why do you allow such comments to get away? I also see some "brilliant geniuses" here downgrade the celebrities height by 0.25 cms. For instance, if you state the height as 6 foot inches, they come and say, "Hey Rob, I don;t think he is a full six footer, more like 5, 11.75" - Like as if we can measure the 0.25 difference by just looking at pics? Why do you allow such trolls to comment here is beyond me. No offense to people who make guesses, but please be practical and dont indulge into comment-wars stating that a celebrity would never be above/below such a certain height until you have really measured him/her. This only spoils the credibility of the site.
Aswin MK said on 13/Sep/17
@Bigman69 - I am not sure about your friend Neil's claim. Here, right in this photo, he clearly looks 7 foot 1 and maybe an inch taller. I am not worried about the lines describing the Height as below 7 foot. Here is why:
7 footers like Ian always have a large head - here his head is a minimum of 11 inches (I am 5 foot 7 and my own head is around 9.5 to 10 inches so I can easily say that Ian's is much larger).

Secondly, there is no way in hell that there is only 4 inches difference between the bottom of Ian's head to the tip of Rob's head - if you say yes, you gotta be either blind or kidding - There is a minimum of six to seven inches.

So, I can easily state that the claims of a 6 foot 11 height for Ian is ridiculous considering he is towering above Rob - who is measured at a definite height of 5 foot 8 inches or 173 centimeters. I can easily find a minimum of 1 foot and five inches height difference here

Rob - do you agree with me? Please do state your opinion - it is one thing to make a guess, but another thing to contradict clear photographic evidence of Ian's height.
Editor Rob: I wouldn't estimate Ian under 7ft, he claimed 7ft 1, and in person certainly looked several inches taller than 6ft 8-10 range men.
Aswin MK said on 12/Sep/17
Dear Rob, I know I shouldn't be saying this, but I really don't want that image-measuring scale of yours to damage your credibility. I am sorry to say that scale is woefully wrong. There is no way on earth that there is only 14 inches (The scales shows Ian's height to be 7 feet) between the top of Ian's head and your head.

Here is a simple calculation. 7 footers have a very large head, keeping Ian's head as 11-11.5 inches as a conservative mark. There is definitely a solid 6 inches below his head. Therefore, I think the scale is woefully wrong and shouldn't be used because it gives a misleading height. - check
Also, you have listed Tyler Mane as 6 foot 7 and Kevin Nash as 6 foot 8 despite the fact that they are almost the same height - check their earlier pics during their WCW days here:
Click Here
Editor Rob:
there's 16 inches between 5ft 8 and 7ft 😉

the scale was based off my head size
Bigman69 said on 22/Aug/17
He might have been 7' even in sneakers but I'm still going with Big Neils 6'11" height calculation. When you are extremely tall and have played Ball with other extremely tall guys you get a feeling for their height. Neil also said that Yao Ming was under estimated on height. He played ball against him in 2001'. So Whyte isn't in the 7' club guys; just gotta learn to handle these things. Life goes on...
Mimi said on 22/Aug/17
That is one giant bloke. I wonder how tall the kid would be if he and Gwendoline are the parents? Probably 8 foot.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 9/Aug/17
Ruling out 7'0" flat. He looked and is taller than a Peak Peter Mayhew.
Canson said on 4/Aug/17
While I do feel 7' footer but at the same time in fairness I bet had Bigman69 mentioned he were taller than his listed or claimed height that it would simply be accepted
Canson said on 4/Aug/17
I stick with my original estimate of not being over the 7'0" range Sure he could be 7'0"-7'0.5 doubt he's under 7 and doubt as high as 7'1
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 3/Aug/17

I wouldn't go as low as 6'11", but not high as 7'1" either.
Duhon said on 3/Aug/17
@Bigman69 so Neil measured Ian? otherwise his estimate is not much better than anyone else who were to eyeball him. It's easy to underestimate the height of someone who is at least a legit 6" shorter than you. I'm sure many a 5'10" guys could/would mistake a 5'4" guy to be even shorter than he is.
Bigman69 said on 3/Aug/17
A friend of mine was also a good friend of Neil Fingleton. Neil filmed two series of Game of Thrones with Ian Whyte and also flew on the same flights to Belfast for the filming. Neil also sat next to Ian on the flights (in the exit seats of course!).
When my friend asked Neil if Whyte was a genuine 7'1"
Neil replied 'No' and stated that he thought that he was 6'11" tall. Neil was 7'7" and measured by Guinness World Records and has met an array of other Super Tall people in the past like Yao Ming, Manute Bol and knows his stuff. It's much easier for a 7'7" guy to work out how tall someone is than a smaller person. So there you have it guys and girls, Ian Whyte is a genuine 6'11" tall.
even said on 20/Jul/17
hes 7'0" , it can not be more obvious .
Canson said on 1/Jul/17
@Jordan87: agreed. It's over. I got hot because of all of the all over the place. Like when someone is fishing for a reason to insult or argue. I answered the first accusation. "Well you do this" ok well you did this.and I don't like BS and the hypocrisy. but yes I went over the top with it.
Canson said on 1/Jul/17
@Insomniak: you did not say that. You said "that I only want people to be my height or shorter". that implies to me that I am doing that on purpose but all I said was that the I believed the guy was 7'0" tall. Nothing about him being 6'11" like you mentioned. That was Johno that said that
Canson said on 1/Jul/17
@Insomniak: you were trying to insult me. But it is what it is. Don't play the persecution card here and say I do things that you do. Look at yourself before judging what someone else does no matter what degree that person does it
Jordan87 said on 1/Jul/17
I have been Involed in quite a few insults with other posters on this site , I'm not going to front.

However reading the comments below, it's amazing how bad the insults get over disagreeing over an 1" of height . I myself am gullty of that in the past here but now that I look at it from an outside perspective, it's pretty bad.

In the end of the day gentleman , it's an inch disagreement on a very tall man. If you were standing in front of Ian, neither one of you would know if he is 6'11, 7'0, or 7'1. The only thing you would be thinking of is how short he would make you feel. I myself am not even over 6'0 so I would as well.

Also if you were In front of each other the argument wouldn't go past 5 mins and I doubt it would be this insulting.
insomniak said on 30/Jun/17
@ all I did was say you downgrade him, which doesn't sound like a reasonable excuse to berate someone I never started the convo berating your personal life, you initiated that.I retaliated and I'll continue to do so if you all you do is cast aspersions.
insomniak said on 30/Jun/17
When did I admit to attacking Arthur? All I did was make a joke which he didn't even take that serious.
Canson said on 30/Jun/17
@mark: I crossed the line I won't lie but to call someone a hypocrite and accuse them of doing what they do? He even got on me about how I attack (in retaliation usually) and then just admitted well I attacked Arthur because he does XYz". Then it's one thing after another after he started the argument. My whole thing is if you do it yourself you really have no room to chastise no matter what degree they do it or you do which has been my argument the entire time
Canson said on 30/Jun/17
insomniak said on 30/Jun/17
First off, What I said to Arthur was valid not to mention he goes around inciting arguments so that's a terrible example,secondly, weren't you married yet you spend more time on this website than me you're a joke. I've avoided you which is difficult because, you've commented on inordinate amount of pages, even incredibly obscure pages.. you're so sensitive and constantly bring up age but let's be honest you're probably younger than me and not married at all. I could go grabbing comments from this site from all the asinine crap you've posted on here but I don't have the time for it. Also seriously with the insults. Lol.
They make me laugh keep acting like a child. If you truly are as old as you say you are then I hope you can one day mature.

Serously with the insults Insomniak? You started this argument LOL.... You sound dumber and dumber with every post. I'm actually almost twice your age and married yes. You're the pot calling the kettle black. Everything you keep saying to me or keep saying I do, you clearly do. Unless you are just that dumb to realize it LOL. Please stop posting back to me. Just take yourself out of your misery.
insomniak said on 30/Jun/17
First off, What I said to Arthur was valid not to mention he goes around inciting arguments so that's a terrible example,secondly, weren't you married yet you spend more time on this website than me you're a joke. I've avoided you which is difficult because, you've commented on inordinate amount of pages, even incredibly obscure pages.. you're so sensitive and constantly bring up age but let's be honest you're probably younger than me and not married at all. I could go grabbing comments from this site from all the asinine crap you've posted on here but I don't have the time for it. Also seriously with the insults. Lol.
They make me laugh keep acting like a child. If you truly are as old as you say you are then I hope you can one day mature.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 30/Jun/17

He's obviously not 7'1". The top of his head doesn't reach the 7'1" mark on the height chart when you click the photo.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 30/Jun/17
I apologize for getting involved though.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 29/Jun/17
did I also mention that Rob met him vs everything saying 7'0"? Unless you all see the guy in person, I suggest we keep it civil.

Don't underestimate Rob's judgement just because he's a steel solid 5'8". He's met many tall celebrities. A guy well over 7'0" wouldn't boast or do tricks. He's simply near or right on 7'1".
Mark(5'9.25") said on 29/Jun/17
Ian Whyte would measure taller than Shaq
Canson said on 29/Jun/17
insomniak said on 28/Jun/17
You're just a yes man to some people and an instigator with others.

I'm an instigator?? Go look at your posts with Arthur and tell me who is. Oh by the way look at your post to me that precipitated this and the post below:

insomniak said on 29/May/17
@Tahlia h well if your sister said so than i guess rob better change his listed height you know since your sister is some onmiscent height connoisseur.

Again, don't go critiquing someone else's house when yours isn't clean, you hypocrite.
Jordan87 said on 28/Jun/17
Doesn't Seem Ian Is at his Straightest. And THe arguing here is intense( I am guilty in the past of Insults). Keep in Mind it's a lot easier to figure out if a Guy is 6'0 or 6'1 then 7'0 or 7'1.

And Inch between a 5'10 and 5'9 guy will be more Noticeable than an inch between guys like Wilt and Shaq.
insomniak said on 28/Jun/17
@Canson dude of course I initiated something,you've commented on about every page it's hard to evade you which trust me I've done. Don't worry I no longer take you to serious, considering you just agree with whatever SJH or Christian says maybe that's why I take umbridge with you because you don't even explain why you feel their a certain height. You just agree with all their estimates. I respect them more because they have reasoning. You're just a yes man to some people and an instigator with others.
Canson said on 27/Jun/17
insomniak said on 27/Jun/17
@Canson you say "from someone else who tends to downgrade" that statement alone means you admit to downgrading celebrities and that you have been keeping tabs on my guesses and that you're fixtated on me and have some personal vendetta


Like Christian said, I tend to estimate lower than Rob. However, me saying to you was because you claim I "downgrade". I don't. I challenge if I don't believe their listing, which is what I suspect that you are doing as well as is the case with most others on this site. But for you to call me the Ultimate downgrader means you obviously have kept tabs on mine. You are acting hypocritical and that statement says it better than any other one you just used. you started this argument. Bottom line, if you do something yourself, don't go criticizing someone else or falsely accusing someone else of wanting make others there "height or shorter". That's exactly how you said it below so know need to get into this again. If your house isn't clean, do go critiquing someone else's. You do the same to Arthur as well and others.

and Vendetta?
insomniak said on 4/Dec/16
Canson the ultimate downgtader you just want everyone to be you're height or shorter

You initiated this. So don't go using the persecution card now and saying I name call and chastise you when you're only 18 years old. If you're old enough to start this the way you do everything else, you're old enough to hear about yourself from someone else too. I think you have the vendetta against me honestly. That comment that you made was nothing but to insult me that was it. Bottom line is, you do everything you accuse me of. You downgrade (Christian is correct with what he said on Big Daws TV's page), you belittle people (The way you have talked to Arthur and a couple others as well), and you always make excuses for what you do. In addition, when someone answers you directly like I did below, you try to change the subject and pick and pick for something else to complain or insult the person about when you know you're caught. You clearly said here you just want everyone to be you're height or shorter I answered that directly then, an excuse, it became something completely different. and even when I answered that, you bring up predrafts, etc. You cant even stay on topic. What does a pre draft have to do with Ian Whyte? He didnt play pro ball. That's exactly what I am saying. Because I answered you back, you started Looking for something else to insult about that had nothing to do with this topic here. And to say it's I thought it was all subjective on your part. You said it. Youre attacking others just like anyone else does. Some of it is in a joking way but there are other times where it isn't. So you say you've seen how I respond to others, yes when they post BS like this to me, that is how I have responded, and every time that someone takes a stab like that, this will continue to happen especially when it is in this context. If someone challenged me, it would be a different story, especially if it's someone who does it respectfully. Christian has questioned something respectfully and I respond respectfully. You on the other hand don't.

Let's move on from this.
insomniak said on 27/Jun/17
@Canson you say "from someone else who tends to downgrade" that statement alone means you admit to downgrading celebrities and that you have been keeping tabs on my guesses and that you're fixtated on me and have some personal vendetta.
World Citizen said on 16/Jun/17
I think the height chart on this site isn't always the right thing to determine someone's height if this guy is really 7 ft 1.
Canson said on 13/Jun/17
@Mark: he also started the argument for no reason other than to belittle. He's done that more than once on this site but hey I have too so I'm not one to talk. Most everyone else here says he's 7'0" but my guess at 7'0" was downgrading him and this all coming form someone else who tends to downgrade people himself
Lee168cm said on 7/Jun/17
Rob, would the top of his shoulders be 6'1" or is from shoulder to top of his head over a foot?
Editor Rob: I think more 6ft at the tip of his shoulders.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 2/Jun/17
I actually agree with @insomniak for most of the argument.
insomniak said on 13/May/17
Wow youre quite the hypocrite to say im belittling you and than proceed to argue with an 18 year old calling him a virgin..classy. And your back to the same argument about why you would downgrade him its to make him seem less tall compared to your height.that's why so many people downgrade tom cruise or justin bieber it's pure jealousy. its not that hard of a concept to grasp canson and also calling me mad when you wrote 2 comments ridiculing me,its the pot calling the kettle black.anyways I'm going to refrain from commenting in this page as you're becoming to enraged and having to result to insults its probably best to end it here.
Editor Rob: yes, let's draw a line under this.
Canson said on 11/May/17
@Insomniak: you ever heard of bust a guy measurements? Or shoes? You said I downgrade everyone to be my height or shorter. Explain how I'm making a guy 7' tall my height or shorter than me. Also explain how I've downgraded every person I've commented on here. I haven't commented on every page here clearly and I haven't downgraded every person I've commented on if you look closely enough. But you're too into attacking people because your a self righteous POS. Why don't you go grow up and mature before spewing anymore of your crap out of your mouth because you don't like what someone else says on a free site where everyone is allowed to have an opinion. My opinion of you is you're a self righteous immature troll
insomniak said on 11/May/17
He said a few comments down that nba players or the people measuring perform tricks to make the nba players taller during their measurements which is essentially faking a measurement. Maybe you should pay attention to the conversation before you comment next time.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 9/May/17
insomniak said on 7/May/17
So just cause we're not talking about my height specifically doesn't mean I'm not allowed to comment in saying I think you're wrong about a certain height. If everyone were to do that than there'd barely be any comments in celebheights it's called this for a reason. And I target you because you make ridiculous claims such as the nba faking measurements, it's a bit paranoid.


When did Canson ever say that NBA measurements are faked? If you can find the specific comment, screenshot it and send the link, please do so.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 8/May/17
I believe he's would measure taller than Shaq.
insomniak said on 7/May/17
So just cause we're not talking about my height specifically doesn't mean I'm not allowed to comment in saying I think you're wrong about a certain height. If everyone were to do that than there'd barely be any comments in celebheights it's called this for a reason. And I target you because you make ridiculous claims such as the nba faking measurements, it's a bit paranoid.
Canson said on 5/May/17
@Insomniak: I didn't misconstrue a thing. You said that as an attack because you stereotype me as a downgraded which is fine can care less. But I said nothing about 6'11 I said 7'0" tall. That he's no more than that. So when you attack me like that I spect the response I gave you back. Yes I do comment back to people but that is generally when they send fluff like that to me attacking me first. I admit I have before but your intent was to belittle me. That comment was proof of that. And when we say nba pre drafts. I don't trust them because I've met many NBA players and can look at some and tell how tall they actually look and have talked to people who have met them as well as a scout who is in the NBA who says that they do some of the tricks they do. Either way why does it matter how I comment? I don't see you saying that to people who constantly upgrade people an inch or two? Sounds like you have a personal problem with me. Why do you care what height someone listed a perfect stranger as anyway? We aren't talking about your height or you.
Canson said on 5/May/17
@Insomniak: I didn't misconstrue a thing. You said that as an attack because you stereotype me as a downgraded which is fine can care less. But I said nothing about 6'11 I said 7'0" tall. That he's no more than that. So when you attack me like that I spect the response I gave you back
insomniak said on 4/May/17
Canson again you misconstrued what I originally said,firstly,I didn't claim that you were his height I said you downgrade people so their closer to your height 7'1 to 6'4 is a greater difference than 6'11 to 6'4 hence why you downgrade all the people who are way taller than yourself. You downgrade nba players who've been measured,claiming their all morning measurements,but do you really think they all sleep in the building and than get woken up and measured the next day? No they've probably been up a couple of hours and lost most of their height.most normal people wake up at 6am so even if they got measured at 9 am that's a 3 hour difference by than I've already lost half an inch maybe even more if I'm doing strenuous activity. I suggest you look at robs YouTube video it was morning but Jenny was already at her usual low because of the arduous job she does. And don't act all high in mighty saying these are all guesses let's please stray away from comments disagreeing because I've seen you do that to a lot posters here you hypocrite,I thought it was all subjective man.
Canson said on 4/May/17
@Insomniak: we're all making educated guesses here. Fact is none of us has measured many of these or seen. But what's not to say he isn't right or I'm not or you're not? We could all be wrong or right. Doesn't really matter. But to say someone downgrades to make them their height etc that's just sounding like because you don't like their estimate that you are basically trying to take a stab. Funny how the people who upgrade every listing don't ever hear that when I can flat out say they are wrong. It's common knowledge that many of these people are overlisted. Having met some here and putting up pics of others next to them makes sense. Having others that have met them as well same thing
insomniak said on 3/May/17
Christian said that you and his guesses were pretty accurate as if he'd measure them before which is why I said that in the first place.
Canson said on 2/May/17
@Insomniak: this is all debatable of course but what you're saying is I haven't measured them neither have you. Everyone else is saying 7'0" too here
insomniak said on 1/May/17
Christian just because your agree with his height listings it doesn't make it accurate,unless you've measured all these celebrities and he's probably taller than 7 feet cause he's stooping he has a longer spine therefore would lose more height than Rob.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 1/May/17
I'm very sure this guy is over 7'0" flat comfortably and roughly 7'1" like Rob said. 6'11.75" is too low let along under it.
Canson-194CM (6'4 3/8) said on 29/Apr/17
@Christian: thanks! And I also definitely agree with most of your estimates! As you said easier for us to tell guys in that very tall 6'3-6'6" range as we're both only minimally different
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 24/Apr/17
He may be more 7ft than 7ft1, but 5ft8 guys like Rob couldn't tell the difference between a 7ft guy and a 7ft1 guy, unless if the two stood side by side. I don't blame him though. The more gap there is between your height and the other person's height, the harder it is for you to guess their height. I literally cannot tell the difference between a 4ft11 or 5ft woman when I walk past them, both look the same height to me, but it's very easy to tell apart a 6ft4 and a 6ft5 guy, as I'm close to their height myself.

And as for @insomniak, what you said about Canson is false. He tends to estimate celebrities at a lower height than Rob's listings, but he's usually pretty accurate and I believe his estimations more than other visitors.
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
@Insomniak: well I'm not 7'0" tall so how the hell would I. "Want" him to be my height? You're a troll. I don't see you saying that to anyone else here who said he's 7'0" tall not 7'1"
Canson said on 16/Apr/17
@Insomniak: well I'm not 7'0" tall so how the hell would I. "Want" him to be my height? You're a troll
Nik said on 7/Apr/17

He makes you and Jenny look really diddy!
Mark(5'9.25 said on 28/Feb/17
Rob, would this guy be an honest 7'1", a weak 7'1", or a strong 7'1"? I would have said an honest one, nothing less of it.
Editor Rob: I'd say he probably did measure roughly 7ft 1, over 7ft.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 15/Feb/17

That's the thing about real 7'1"ers like Ian Whyte (who would be taller than Shaq, a true 7 footer as well). They make everyone look very tiny. If you notice, Ian in the photo isn't standing up straight either, making his claim more than honest or even slightly downplaying it.

I'd expect this guy to hit near 7'2" or 7'2" flat in the morning.
Nasir said on 14/Feb/17
Omg, you look like kids near him!
NIck said on 4/Feb/17
typical 210cm guy Ive seen few around here being in Finland obviously the 216cm makes him more marketable :)
Mark(5'9.25 said on 28/Jan/17
Rob, out of the blue, what was Ian's personality like when you met him?
Editor Rob: we were at his talk that day, he seemed quite humble.
mrtguy said on 17/Dec/16
Rob, how tall do you think Nairn looks next to 5'7'' guy?? Click Here
insomniak said on 4/Dec/16
Canson the ultimate downgtader you just want everyone to be you're height or shorter
184-182 said on 27/Nov/16
My guess is 215cm. Probably has a large height range cause of how tall he is. I bet he loses at least 3cm in a day.
mrtguy said on 9/Oct/16
Rob, was Michael Kingma originally the tallest man of the site before Ian Whyte??

Even if Kingma isn't the tallest he certainly has the biggest head
Editor Rob: tallest I had met yes...
Grant said on 6/Oct/16
Is he the tallest person you have ever seen/met, or just the tallest on this site?
Editor Rob: I've seen a few guys near, but nobody who would stand out as taller than him.
Brandon said on 18/Sep/16
7'0" on the dot with loose posture
So 7'0.5" is probably his actual height.
Christian-196cm (6ft5.25) said on 29/Aug/16
214cm is more like it.
Leonardo said on 27/Jul/16
7'0 3/4 in the afternoon, the giant king of Celebheights until nowadays.
Peter 179cm said on 8/Jul/16
Nearly 7 feet tall with lose posture.
He's 215cm minimum.
Ice said on 3/Jul/16
Extremeley tall men often have a very heavy bone structure , therefore not "looking" their real weight . Of course there are some giant dudes who are built extremeley skinny , like Manute Bol was , who are just underweight from ectomorphism and rapid growth phases in their teens , they are very light for their height , but giant guys like Ian Whyte who are just normaly built can be very heavy , even for their height , without looking it .
Derek said on 30/Jun/16
Time for a downgrade Rob?
Editor Rob: really hard to say if he is only 7ft...I think I will leave his height steady, although in the future I might see him again.
Canson said on 28/May/16
@Johno: I doubt he's taller than Shaq. Prob the same height. If he is its maybe 1/2". But I agree with Rampage as well. He isn't over 7' flat at all
Grant said on 6/May/16
How can u tell how tall someone is compared to you when your under their chin
Editor Rob: you can maybe use someone else beside a person to get a better idea
S.J.H said on 30/Apr/16
Over 7'0 is no way
Johno said on 15/Apr/16
I believe Mr Whyte would be taller than Shaq.
5'13.5 said on 4/Apr/16
@Moke If there are people this guy's height then it is proof we haven't reached our natural maximum of average height (yet), just give it time, (if there is enough resources that is) for future population to grow to such a height average slowly enough to adapt properly to such a height difference (Strength of the whole body etc and how gravity and other factors affect that), it would take a while, but if we have abundant resources (e.g, food) for everyone in the world it would be possible. The world's population would keep the average height lower due to the ratio of resource to populace, or at least that is what seems logical to me. My point is if you have a low population density with abundant resources there would be a higher average height (I don't want to go into the specific economics of this factor, I am assuming you understand); and we can see it in certain select countries, at this very moment in time. What is left is how the Earth it self and it's gravity would hinder such growth. It's just Evolution, pretty much.
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 19/Mar/16
He could rest his chin on a 6'2"er.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 3/Mar/16
He comes right up around the 7'0" mark on the height lines but I can believe he could measure 7'1". Not any taller, though.
Bard said on 20/Feb/16
Nice scale. Looks a weak 7 ft here, but his posture isn't the best. Note how tilted his legs are. His claim still seems pretty honest.
mrtguy said on 17/Feb/16
Johno said on 16/Feb/16
I did have him at 6'11.5 years ago, waaaaay down below on the page.


Seems as if Mr. Whyte isn't standing in his full position. He's def. taller than 6'11.5''.
Johno said on 16/Feb/16
....But if ever a scale was needed, it was certainly for this page !!!
Johno said on 16/Feb/16
I did have him at 6'11.5 years ago, waaaaay down below on the page.

mrtguy said on 6/Feb/16
Rob, don't you think Ian would have 4'' on this guy who claims 7'1'', Click Here that's him next to a standee of football player who was measured 6'6''?
Editor Rob: he would definitely have a few inches on him.
Johno said on 29/Jan/16
He is about 7-foot.
mrtguy said on 20/Jan/16
Rob, do you really think angus macaskill was really 7'9''??
Editor Rob: it seems he was supposed to have been measured that range.
Grant said on 6/Jan/16
How long would you guess his head to be?
Editor Rob: it is possibly in the 10.5 inch range
Tunman said on 3/Jan/16
One source gave Russian youngsters an average of 176,4 so about 5'9.5 although you can assume that the average in a city like Moscow could be around 5'10-10.5".
Yeah some comments are laughable.Do people realize that there is no more than 500,000 people over 6'5 worldwide,possibly less.Now finding someone much taller is almost exceptional wherever you live,even in Netherlands.That's the beginning of the exceptional range,generally when you're taller than this it's more that the tall genes are running in the family.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 13/Dec/15
@mrtguy said on 4/Dec/15
Thats a prime Show.In the 90's he was in the 7ft range likely 7ft 0.5
Nowdays more like a weak 6ft 11
mrtguy said on 4/Dec/15
Rob, to be honest, I don't think he's 2'' taller than the Big Show. Ian can easily get the impression of being taller because he's helluva lighter than Big Show. At some rate they could be the same height? Click Here
mrtguy said on 20/Nov/15
Rob, how tall would you say Alain is in the film Calvaire, based on watching this clip? Click Here
Editor Rob: dancing with the other guy he didn't look that massive.
mrtguy said on 16/Nov/15
James B said on 15/Nov/15
This guy medically speaking ain't slim at all

Look on the bmi scale and you will see that 260 at 7ft1 is actually slightly overweight

BMI doesn't prove anything this guy doesn't look overweight at all he looks quite slim and well proportioned for someone who is 7'1''
James B said on 15/Nov/15
This guy medically speaking ain't slim at all

Look on the bmi scale and you will see that 260 at 7ft1 is actually slightly overweight
Captainyg said on 12/Nov/15
Rob, Ian looks 7'2" with you and Jenny, as for delay noise be heading to 7ft territory
mrtguy said on 12/Nov/15
Rob, Click Here what would you say the height gap between Big Ian and Alain?
Editor Rob: in that comparison you could say he was no more than 6ft 10.5
mrtguy said on 9/Nov/15
Rob, Face to face do you see him edging out Alain Delaunois?
Editor Rob: I think big Ian would beat out Alain
mrtguy said on 24/Oct/15
Click Here
Ice said on 19/Oct/15
I saw Ian White , hes a big big guy . However , Ive seen a african man in the underground in Vienna numberous times , who would dwarf Ian White . Im not kidding . That man has to duck like over 1.5 feet in order to walk around in the underground train . Im shocked every time I see him . There are men out there who would be known internationally if they decided to make there height public . That african black guy would be 1 of them ; for sure . He must be close to 8 feet tall .
mrtguy said on 7/Sep/15
I doubt Ian would lose height when he is older, he looks very slim and proportional.
mrtguy said on 2/Aug/15
Rob,Would you say that claimed 7'1'' guy is similar to Big Show?
[Editor Rob: mrt, they might go eye to eye today...I think big show losing a bit of height is highly likely by now after his wrestling years taking their toll.]
mrtguy said on 31/Jul/15
Rob do you think the guy who claimed 7'1''and 435 lbs, is actually more in the 6 ft 10-11 range.
[Editor Rob: he could be nearly 7ft, but 7ft 1 barefoot I'm not sure he looks that big.]
mrtguy said on 30/Jul/15
Oh Sorry Rob, here's the second link do you think he is 7'1'' with the claimed 5 ft 8 guy.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe he measured 7ft 1 in a sneaker.]
Moke said on 20/Jun/15
@ Aizenkur
I don't think russian men are taller than european men. I couldn't get data over the internet about heights in russia. But the tallest people on this earth live in the balkan region and the netherlands, followed by scandinavians and icelander. Of course you will see many tall men (and women) on the streets of every big city. And as a (tall) man I think, taller men just happen to pop up in your visual field. What's more: people in the western hemisphere are done growing in height for some years now. We've reached more or less the natural maximum. What's more - it's not very healthy to be over a certain height since we are a species that walks upright.
Aizenkur said on 11/Jun/15
I live in Moscow. In public places (like underground stations for example) I often see people with my height and taller (more people mean more possibilities meet people from different standart deviations of height). I almost don't get comments about height (people usually don't care). And when I talk about rare tall this mean that people will reacted on height other people if they ~205cm+ (this is my expirience for place where I'm live). Amoung young generations enought tall people in these days.
hal said on 10/Jun/15
Are you for real? Where you live, men who are 6'5" or taller aren't a uncommon site? And rare-tall starts at 205cm? What do they feed the men in your country?
Aizenkur said on 9/Jun/15
Most tall people are 6'2 or 6'3. Sometimes 6'4. But you very seldom see people 6'5 and more-
I'm disagree. I live in large city and everyday see people with same height as me (my height 196cm) and taller. This is not big deal. People's height started be rare when they noticeable taller than 2 m. (205cm+ or so).
@ Arch Stanton
You could go five years and never see a guy this big even in city.
This can be correrct only for small towns and villages or for Asia countries. For the past year I have seen at least 2 mans head taller than me (they was more than 215cm) at underground stations.
Aizenkur said on 9/Jun/15
Nick says on 18/May/15
Lol Mike, this guy is 1 feet and 3/4 inches taller than the average men. So yeah he is absolutely gigantic, not just "a little taller than usual tall men." Most tall people are 6'2 or 6'3. Sometimes 6'4. But you very seldom see people 6'5 and more-
I'm disagree. I live in large city and every day seen people with my heigh (196cm) and taller and don't care about it. This is not so rare thing. In past year I have seen people head taller than me at least twice (215 cm or so) in the underground stations. So hard believe that people can't see such height several years (somebody post about 5 years). This probably only if you live in very small towns or village.
Arnoldo said on 4/Jun/15

No, he's not. I live in Germany and saw him a few times times.
He is now 7'4 he said.

It's the guy on the left
Click Here

He is listed here as 7'3 based on a newspaper article.
Rifle said on 4/Jun/15
@arnoldo Thats Igor V he is 7'8.33"
Arnoldo said on 31/May/15
Rob have you ever seen somebody taller than Ian Whyte?

I know a few tall people. One of them is 6'11 the other one is 6'9,
I also met one guy who was 7 feet tall.
They all seem very very tall but not gigantic like one man I saw once.
Click Here You can not see his face, so i think it's okay that I took a picture from him and upload it here.
He is the inoficially tallest man from germany with 7'4.

...and here is what I dont understand it.
If I should guess somebodys height who is 7 feet, maybe I would guess him somewhere around 6'10 to 7'1 but the one guy seemed like he was 3 meters tall.
He seemed so tall I really thought he must be more than 8 feet.
Everyone looked after him and the people started to talking that he must be 2,50m and there was one woman who told me that he is 7'4 and I couldnt believe it even though I know so many tall people for scale.

Where do you think is the limit from very very tall guy (people usually dont recognize them) to abnormal giant?
[Editor Rob: at airports I have seen some euro basketball players who were near Whyte's range, but I couldn't tell if they really were taller or not.]
Arch Stanton said on 22/May/15
@Mrtguy You'd have to be pretty nuts to genuinely want to be as big as this. Do you realise just how difficult it would be every day at 7 ft 1 in public and basic things like cleaning/DIY etc? I can understand 6'5-6'8 but over 6 ft 8 or 9 is definitely into excessive territory. Bigger does not mean better, there's definitely an optimum. Over 6 ft 9 is definitely into unfortunately tall territory IMO.
mrtguy said on 21/May/15
Rob I am defiantly that guy who has an Obsession with the likes of Big Show, Ian and other Big guys on this page you obviously realize it.
Anyways do you think he can shrink to 6'11'' barefoot w/o shoes if he gained good chunk of weight like Nairn.
[Editor Rob: if he went up to 350-400 pound range for years it might effect his joints more.]
hal said on 19/May/15
Some of the comments on this site make me laugh. Like Mike's.

Actually, most tall people 6'0" or 6'1".

And Ian may have been the tallest actor to portray the Mountain, but he was too skinny. I'm glad they replaced him with Hafthor.
Nick said on 18/May/15
Lol Mike, this guy is 1 feet and 3/4 inches taller than the average men. So yeah he is absolutely gigantic, not just "a little taller than usual tall men." Most tall people are 6'2 or 6'3. Sometimes 6'4. But you very seldom see people 6'5 and more-
mrtguy said on 16/May/15
Rob, How was he like in person? quite intimidating just kidding
[Editor Rob: he had an interesting talk that day...I think only a few of us were getting a photo with him so he was relaxed.]
Bard said on 14/May/15
His chin level looks to be at least 6'2, no chance he's below 7 feet.
Wow said on 14/May/15
Rob, is this the tallest celebrity you have a pic with??
[Editor Rob: yes I never got anybody taller so far.]
mrtguy said on 13/May/15
Well Rob, isn't ironic that his name is similar to Paul Wight and there both physically tall in person.
mrtguy said on 10/May/15
I would like to see him next to Big Show
Jason said on 8/May/15
Hey rob is he the biggest person youve taken a picture with so far?
[Editor Rob: yeah I've not met any over 7ft like him.]
Lillo Thomas said on 7/May/15
Mike this guy is a little longer than most very tall people ? What the heck are you smoking ? The tallest guys you can see in crowded places are between 6'4 and 6'5 tops. I'm 6'5 and this guy is 8 inches taller than me. I will feel short next to him. Mr white is a giant period.
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/15
@Mike Because you NEVER see guys out and about this tall that's why. Even in a big town you'll rarely see anybody over 6 ft 8. You could go five years and never see a guy this big even in city.
Mike said on 5/May/15
Why is everyone freaking out just because he's huge? Hasn't anyone been around big people before? I see 6'+ women and 6'9"+ men walking around pretty frequently in New York, LA and other big cities. This guy looks a little longer than most very tall people but he's hardly out of range for what men can be.
Rifle said on 25/Apr/15
Any plans of adding Britain and Europe's tallest man Neil Fingleton?
Also do you think he is a natural 7'7.5" like he and Guiness WR claims? It's possible though as Albert Kramer measured 7'9.25" when he died at the age of 79 and his height was natural and not due to acromegaly/gigantism.
Charon540 said on 23/Apr/15
Dear lord, he makes average-size adults look like children. Now that's scary!!
Moke said on 22/Apr/15
Damn he's huge. Looks like a day with his 8 year old kids.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/15
I'd love to see him on Game of Thrones
[Editor Rob: he was in it briefly.]
The Tall Kid said on 25/Feb/15
Here's Ian Whyte with Peter Mayhew Click Here
Tunman said on 15/Jan/15
only 10" head?his head seems at least 1"taller than Rob's which gives at least 10.5",and since he's thin his cheeks give even the impression his head is longer.Anyways for someone at this height 10.5" is quite average
Tunman said on 10/Jan/15
How many persons are taller than him worldwide?I would have thought certainly less than 4000,any idea?
[Editor Rob: that becomes harder to say, but I wouldn't think there was more than a couple thousand at his height or above it.]
Clay said on 5/Oct/14
Larry Hess says on 12/Mar/14
Hello Rob,

How tall do you think these two gentlemen are standing with Ian Whyte's replacement, 6ft9 Hafthor Bjornnson

Click Here

How tall do you think they are? The left must be 7ft4 and the right 7ft0
[Editor Rob: if he's that tall, and certainly he can look 6ft 8 range, so they make him look average!]

I thought they were liek 6'4, 5'10, and 6'1 without knowing any of them! Little guy in the middle is 6'8-6'9 400 lbs OMG.
Lee said on 17/Sep/14
so rob would you say he was taller or shorter than Kevin Peter Hall the guy who originally played the Predator? Or roughly the same height
[Editor Rob: they would probably look similar range to people in person, but I think Kevin Peter Hall would have been a bit taller.]
yenz said on 12/Aug/14
Rob is this the tallest celeb you've gotten a photo with?
[Editor Rob: yes Ian is the tallest]
194cm or 194.5 said on 11/Aug/14
Looks 217 cm. Is giant?
Kostas said on 7/Aug/14
Nick says on 10/Jul/14
He looks about a good 14 inches taller than Rob and Jenny.

Only 14 inches?? Are you blind? At least 16. This guy's head is almost 11 inches long.
Bud said on 26/Jul/14
Brian Shaw claimed 202cm and Bjornson is 2cm taller than him,so he is MAX 204cm Click Here
robert said on 26/Jul/14
Bjornson said he is 6ft8 himself
Concerned 181 cm said on 17/Jul/14
Speaking of Bjornnson, I personally doubt that he's anywhere near 6'9. There's some easy to find pictures of him standing next to Lena and Arnie, and going by those he's only around 6'7, maybe a hair higher.
Andy said on 10/Jul/14
Nonetheless He only looks a hair taller than Big Show
Andy said on 10/Jul/14
Click Here
Nick said on 10/Jul/14
He looks about a good 14 inches taller than Rob and Jenny.
Njp said on 14/Jun/14
I'd say there's a good 15 inches between the tops of their heads and his. Seems pretty accurate.
jasperwazup said on 11/Jun/14
After really looking closer at the above picture 7 foot and change is fair. he can stand around 7'1'' in normal .5''-1'' heel.
Concerned 181 cm said on 10/Jun/14
Have you considered adding Hafthor Bjornnson Rob? He claims 6'9, but the actor playing Oberyn Martell referred to him as being 6'8.
[Editor Rob: maybe, yeah he said 6ft 9 as his height]
jasperwazup said on 9/Jun/14
his shoulder height looks 5'11'' range next to 5'8.25'' Rob. Whyte is probably wearing flats or .75'' sandals. his head is no more than 10.75'' so his height is 6'11'' range.
Sam said on 9/Jun/14
This is the giant of many faces on Game of Thrones, I guess he played a White Walker in makeup in the very first episode, the Mountain for a couple episodes and I guess he's doing the motion-capture acting for the wilding giants now. The CGI giants looked pretty nifty in last night's episode.
176,2Tunman said on 23/May/14
Rob,he seems thin in this pic,look how the bones are appearing in his face how much does he weight?around 250?I would have liked to stand at this height for a week.
[Editor Rob: yeah 250-60 range for a guy like him. ]
Balrog said on 15/May/14
Rob, on season four of GOT he got replaced by icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, what would be your guess for him? He definitely is shorter than Whyte but the guy is massive, he's listed at 2.05m and over 400 pounds!
[Editor Rob: he says he's 6ft 9]
Alex 6'0 said on 30/Apr/14
Comparing this pic to the Cudmore pic Whyte looks to have a good 6 more inches on you than Cudmore had!
Alex 6ft 0 said on 4/Apr/14
Rob, Id agree with 7'1 but when guys start getting nearer 7'0 and over it becomes harder and harder to gauge height unless you are in their height range. Some years back saw a guy at the bank. looked anywhere from 6'10-7'0 range but can't get a good guess when someone is so much taller than you
[Editor Rob: it can be harder to judge the further away the height.]
176,2Tunman said on 15/Mar/14
OMG!Never seen a 6'9 looking that small.They would look like a 5'9 with a 6'5 and a 6'1 if one didn't know their heights.
LOL,Rob maybe should delete this pic,or we will have some who will argue average is 6'11 or 7'.
Larry Hess said on 12/Mar/14
Hello Rob,

How tall do you think these two gentlemen are standing with Ian Whyte's replacement, 6ft9 Hafthor Bjornnson

Click Here

How tall do you think they are? The left must be 7ft4 and the right 7ft0
[Editor Rob: if he's that tall, and certainly he can look 6ft 8 range, so they make him look average!]
mitsos said on 2/Mar/14
He looks several inches taller than someone like Kevin Nash. Isn't he Rob?
[Editor Rob: yes, he's at least 4 inches taller in person, once you get to that height you stand out even more ]
176,2Tunman said on 23/Feb/14
Arch Stanton,I often agree with your comments butI should disagree with your last one.
Manute Bol was from the Dinka tribe and the average in the 50's was 182,6 which was about 3in taller than most European countries at that time for this tribe,now it's only 176,4 due to malnutrition and war consequences probably.Your 6'5 is really a joke,no way could an average be that high except perhaps in basketball.Most common height at Bol's youth was probably 5'9-6'3 there, and a good number of guys may have been around 6'6.Another legend of super tall people that you should forget.YES, they were tall but being in average like Michael Jordan,NO WAY. Also worth saying that the Tutsi tribe was nearly in the same range
176,2Tunman said on 22/Feb/14
Rob,I noticed that Celebheights had too many giants,out of roughly 6600 celebs.It seems that it's height that makes these people in particular famous.I mean,how many 7'+ is there worldwide?I would have thought about 10,000 maximum,honestly,I would hardly be convinced by a superior number.
[Editor Rob: yes there is a disproportionate amount of tall and extremely tall listings. If you took a random 6000 people from the street there would likely be no 7 footers and a lot less 6ft 6-10.]
JuanPaWärthon said on 21/Feb/14
If the other two are 5'8" then he can't be 7'1", there's too few difference
mitsos said on 15/Feb/14
How long do u think his head is? 11"?
[Editor Rob: for his height I think it is a fair size, certainly not quite as dominant looking as say a Giant Khali size head...I'd believe Ian's is more 10.5-10.75 inch range.]
Sam said on 21/Jan/14
Oops, producers got an idea that Whyte didn't make a strong impression as The Mountain in Game of Thrones since they cast a new guy, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, in the role. He's the shortest yet at 6'9", although is hugely muscular. They're going to have to make The Mountain a "skinchanger" (is that the right word?) at this rate, I guess.
Joe257 said on 4/Jan/14
Hello Rob!

Do you think it could be possible to eventually get a picture of you with the Current World’s Tallest Man, Sultan Kosen (8’3”)!? Or for him to get his own page on Kosen was supposedly 8’1” on 2010 (when he was 27) and now on 2014 he’s grown to be 8’3”, seems real suspect to me that he would grow 2” taller well into his 20’s! Also, I don’t know if he really looks a WHOLE Foot Taller (plus 2”) than Mr. Ian Whyte on the picture above! Attached is an article on him from 2010 that shows Sultan Kosen with the Second Tallest Man in the USA, George Bell (supposedly 7’8”), and a bunch of men of average height. Thank you for your reply!

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I don't know if I'd ever see is possible with extreme gigantism to grow later than normal, but I've not looked at anything to see if he was remeasured at 8ft 3]
lelman said on 3/Jan/14
It must be annoying as hell being this tall, seriously do you think there's a car he can sit comfortably in? Imagine him flying business class!
John said on 18/Nov/13
Tall Joey,
That remeinds me how I felt in Thailand.

Yes you are about one inch taller than me when I was your age. Now I am 17 and I am 6'6". I think you may well outgrow me.
To be tall has certain advantages, I can tell you. As a whole I think I enjoy being tall. When I was verry young I didn't like that much, but now I am quite happy.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Nov/13
Yeah g image Neil Fingelton, 7 ft 7.5 and a natural giant.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Nov/13
Yeah Manute Boll came from a Sudanese tribe where the average guy is 6'5" or something, most of them are super tall and long limbed. I know a Somali guy who is of a similar caste and he's 6 ft 6 and probably 160 pounds or so. Rake thin and long looking. Obviously 7'7" is still an extreme even for Boll's tribe but with two extremely tall parents or extremely tall genes on both sides that sort of height can sometimes occur naturally. Neil Fingelton is actually a bit of 7 ft 7 I think and his height is natural too, but most of his brothers are like 6 ft 8 or 9 or something.
John said on 11/Nov/13
Nice to know that you are just 15 and you are already 6'5. I am 17 and I am 6'6. when I was your age I was only 6'4.
It is great to be tall, even if there are obvious inconvenients.
In fact you are absolutely right: we see many people that get us by the armpit, sufice they are 5'1 /5'2.
Now I am at ease with that but when I was your age I found myself a bit embarraced with some of my friends.
John said on 11/Nov/13
I am 6'6" at 17, which means i may well grow. Now I am happy with that but when I was young I felt quite embarraced with my height.
This is certainly genetically fixed. My mother's family has several men of my height and evven taller. My father is just 5'5"... He does not even reach my shoulder now.
Now it is preaty funny but not when I was 11 and I out grew my father. And at 15 when I was 6'4" and my father and my brother moved before me in front of the looking glass like two little boys, very much below my eyelevel.
Even at 10 I used to put on my father's clothes and was almost same height as him, and I remember I had mixed feelings about that situation. I loved being taken for a 16 or seventeen year-old and being addressed 'Sir' but i felt it too heavy a responsibility. Basically i felt unprotected and vulnerable as my father and my brother and my mother looked so small to me. I was the family big man and most adults were about my height, which gave me the sensation that I was the only one able to deal with them as equal.
Now it is different because I am so much above everybody in public transports, streets etc... and I got used to it.
avi said on 18/Aug/13
@Ice says on 8/Aug/13
7'1 is a great height if i could choose id make myself 7'3

hows that great height? its not actually..
Blaze said on 14/Aug/13
that... is... tall... that's how I felt in high school last year in 9th grade. I'm 15 and 6'5, I hope I can be at least 6'8. Love being the tallest one at least a couple of 17-18 year olds (like 3). ian whyte with 5'8 ppl = me with 5'1 ppl
Arch Stanton said on 13/Aug/13
Rob, LOL, Pierre on the Brad Pitt page says he's 6'4.5" and Pitt is just above his shoulder level at 6 ft!!!! I said he'd have to be Ian Whyte's height range or only have a 4.5 inch high head!! This site is wonderfully entertaining at times ;-] Yeah I think Ian is just a genetically extremely tall man. It happens. Neil Fingelton is 7'7" and a bit I think and he's a natural giant. A lot of men in Fingleton's family are 6'8"-6'10 I think he said, he just far exceeded his height potential that's all.

Rob, I met a very tall guy at the wedding the other day and my Aunty asked him his height as she was surprised to see a guy noticeably taller and bigger than me. He said he was six four and easily looked it and probably around 17-18 stone and similar sort of build and appearance to Peter Schmeicel. I guessed him at 194-95cm range before he said and I think he was under-cooking his actual measurement a bit, he looked more a weak 6'5" to me. Anyway, we got talking about height and he said that his mother was 6'2", father 5'10", with uncles who were 6'8" and 7'2"!!! I said to him that he's lucky he isn't bigger, and that the average height on his father's side is probably why he also isn't at least 6'8". So yeah, somebody like Ian Whyte could have similar genes on both sides of the family like that guy I met, extremely rare, but it happens. I'd have been interested to ask Ian how tall his parents/relations are.
Ice said on 8/Aug/13
avi says on 1/Jul/13
[Editor Rob: the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone (whether due to disorder/tumour) resulting in exceedingly tall heights. ]

This makes sense Rob but do you think Ian has a disorder like acromelagy or another pituitary disease? I doubt he has a tumor... but who knows medical issues are normally kept very private.

No , People can get this tall or even taller genetically . Hes this tall because of his genes . Manute Boll was 7'7 and didnt have any disorderes . The tallest Person without any sicknesses or Tumors was angus mc askill at 7'9/236 cm . Manute Boll said that his great grandfather was 7'10 but theres no evidence for that - but I can well imagine ist the truth so he must be the genetically tallest Person ive ever heard of of whom theres no evidence .

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