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7ft 0.61in (214.9cm)
avi said on 1/Jul/13
[Editor Rob: the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone (whether due to disorder/tumour) resulting in exceedingly tall heights. ]

This makes sense Rob but do you think Ian has a disorder like acromelagy or another pituitary disease? I doubt he has a tumor... but who knows medical issues are normally kept very private.
avi said on 27/Jun/13
All in seriousness how dies someone become this tall? It just isn't natural. Actually for anyone (a human) to be over 76 or 77 inches is not a good thing especially after age 50. Its mind boggling. Could it be a fluke? Extra human growth hormone in his youth?
[Editor Rob: the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone (whether due to disorder/tumour) resulting in exceedingly tall heights. ]
Sam said on 25/Jun/13
Ian Whyte with Michael Fassbender and Guy Pierce, who look like children next him, although this picture gives a proximity advantage.
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Connor 184cm said on 20/Jun/13
Oh of course rob i remember now i believe you told me before that ian played as one of the predators on the monster heights page yeah that was it i have a terrible memory im such an idiot
Connor 184cm said on 19/Jun/13
Rob this may sound like a stupid question but did ian play the predator in avp? i cant remember exactly.
[Editor Rob: yeah he was one of them]
Balrog said on 17/Jun/13
Let's give him 7'1''.
Thor/Johno said on 30/May/13
Let's give him 7'0
vegas said on 30/May/13
jimmy says on 7/Apr/13
i think Julian Glover looks more like 6'1". Are u sure he was only 6' flat in person?

i met glover in person a couple of years ago, 100% he is not 6'1 these days, he was a little taller than me but only a little
jimmy said on 25/Apr/13
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jimmy said on 25/Apr/13
Nairn looks around a foot taller than 5'9" Sophie Turner.I think 6'9"-6'10" is more his range,but he can look shorter a lot of times.
Mark said on 11/Apr/13
Rob is he dropping height here?
[Editor Rob: not much]
Sam said on 8/Apr/13
Whyte's got a long thin neck and head, no question he's a less imposing physical presence than Conan Stevens, who looked like he would dominate The Hound in a hand-to-hand fight which is not necessarily true of Whyte. On this profile, there is a bunch of random shirtless pictures of Whyte and he looks like a leanly muscular rather than giant bear-like mound of muscle like Stevens. On GOT so far, Stevens had a lot more to do in his one scene than Whyte has had in his 2 or 3 scenes so far from last season.
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jimmy said on 7/Apr/13
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Rob what do u think of this? I think Julian Glover looks more like 6'1". Are u sure he was only 6' flat in person?
[Editor Rob: in person last few times I've thought he was about 6 foot range, on GOT he drops even more posture for his role.]
Duhon said on 5/Apr/13
Sam, he wore a prosthetic body muscle suit in prometheus not his natural physique. I think conan stevens was much better in the role of the mountain.
Sam said on 3/Apr/13
While Whyte is less effectively menacing than Conan Stevens in the role of The Mountain from Game of Thrones, although he is not as rail thin as everyone made him out to be when Stevens was first replaced. He looked quite ripped as the Engineer in Prometheus and we shall see how effective he looks sword fighting at some point in the series.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Apr/13
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Funny thing is that in this photo he gives a similar impression to a guy I know who is around 6'6"! The guy on the right must be at least 6'2".
Arch Stanton said on 2/Apr/13
I've been around 16 stone at my heaviest, and to think that this guy only weighs 18 and a half at about a foot taller!!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Apr/13
Rob, you think he's be a likely 7'3" out of bed. Do you really think he loses 2 inches at least in a day? Do you think 7'1" is the very least he'd be? I'm getting the impression you thought he looked at least this listing and might have guessed him a little higher than this, although it is very tough to estimate somebody's height who is this tall, don't exactly get much practice!
[Editor Rob: I think he'd lose close to 2 inches yeah.
jimmy said on 27/Mar/13
In photo comparison the line drawn from Kingma's head is actually about an inch over the top this guy's head.That's why he looks closer to Ian Whyte than to Cudmore.Who has a longer head Rob?This guy or Kingma?
[Editor Rob: probably very close, kingma has a bit more acromegalic look to him]
george said on 21/Mar/13
I saw Kristian Nairn a few weeks ago and in person he looks somewhere between 6'7-6'8 in person.No way he is 6'11.I havent seen Ian in person but he obviously is a legit 7-footer.This guy has amazing posture for a guy that tall.He must have a very lean and athletic body.How much do u thinks he weighs?
[Editor Rob: he is about 18 and a half stone, around 260 pounds.

nairn at 6ft 11, maybe his bulk/weight can make him look shorter or poor posture knocks an inch off him, i don't know]
jimmy said on 20/Mar/13
Rob how tall do u think Kristian Nairn is? He is listed as 6'11, but i don't think that he is only two inches shorter than Ian.I was watching a vid in youtube with Ian Whyte,Kristian Nairn and Julian Glover.Julian looks like a dwarf next to Ian Whyte,and Ian also towers over the other guy.
[Editor Rob: I'll try to get him at a con, I am sure he's down as 7ft on his agency]
LG69 said on 11/Mar/13
7'1" at least...maybe 7'2"
gavros said on 1/Mar/13
Do you see this guy edge Shaquile Rob?
[Editor Rob: probably very similar, although ian's frame might make him look bigger]
Dmeyer said on 21/Feb/13
Rob you mean hé could be 7 ft 3-3.5 morning
[Editor Rob: yeah 7ft 3 out of bed would be likely]
Arch Stanton said on 4/Feb/13
Peyman says on 21/Dec/12
oh my god , thats huge !!!
the tallest guy I've ever seen was around 6'10''& he was a super giant .
Wow this guy is three inches taller!!!
& lol at any estimation under the listiing above for this guy
yeah he probably looks a bit shorter than kareem abdul jabbar but I believe kareem was easilly 7'2'' at his peak.

I've met a rugby player who I know is listed at 6 ft 10 and looked it, but he didn't look a super giant. He stood out a mile and looked absolutely massive but he just looked huge. But I saw a guy at an airport once on a flight to Amsterdam who was around this guy's height and there's a big difference in the !! giant alert factor. I'm sure Rob would vouch for that there is a major difference between a big guy who is 6'8"-6'10 and a true giant who is 7 ft 1.
[Editor Rob: you do start to really stand out, 6ft 8-9 guys definitely look extremely tall, but watching someone like ian whyte wander about, he makes 6ft 5 guys look short.]
Balrog said on 20/Jan/13
Rob, a guy at this height could lose close to 2in in just one day?
[Editor Rob: it wouldn't surprise if he lost anywhere from 2-2.5 inches.]
Peyman said on 21/Dec/12
oh my god , thats huge !!!
the tallest guy I've ever seen was around 6'10''& he was a super giant .
Wow this guy is three inches taller!!!
& lol at any estimation under the listiing above for this guy
yeah he probably looks a bit shorter than kareem abdul jabbar but I believe kareem was easilly 7'2'' at his peak.
Tall Joey said on 30/Nov/12
This kinda reminds me of what my brother looks like next to normal people.
Connor 184cm said on 20/Nov/12
Oh my God, he is huge!!! he is 7ft 1 without a doubt
Richard said on 23/Oct/12
I met him a couple of weeks ago, someone asked about his height at the Q & A, he answered "I'm two meters-sixteen" and he looked it. He was about a head taller than me.
thorterr said on 14/Oct/12
im looking up but cant see how tall he is
jasperwazap said on 30/Nov/11
I think he has been quoted as saying 7' in interviews before i will try to find where it was said. he kind of looks like jim sturgess or whatever his name from the movie 21 is in this photo particularly.
Shaun said on 2/Nov/11
@ LAN Jiao why the hell do you downgrade EVERYBODY by a few inches even when our resident height experts stood just inches away from them? 6 ft would be around his shoulder level and he has a long head so easily 13 inches from there to the top of his head. He looks 7'1"-7'2"
LAN Jiao said on 25/Oct/11
I guess. if get measure he could be accurated at 213.5-214cm , not quite big as kareem 216-217cm. Look like
Alex said on 22/Oct/11
When someone is that tall its tough to say how tall he exactly is but def over 7'0 for sure and 7'1 looks right
Triplescrew said on 16/Oct/11
By Request:

Daniel Cudmore (6'7") vs Michael Kingma (6'9.5") vs Ian Whyte (7'1")

Click Here
lan jiao said on 6/Sep/11
estimate ian shoulder tip should be look about 6ft1 if he is 7ft1, but rob tip head look 3inch apart. maybe 7ft1 w shoe 7ft barefoot.?
noel harris said on 3/Jun/11
well he is a good friend of mine and believe me he is one of the most graceful and agile humans i know. he has amazing skills as an actor and is one of the most naturally intelligent people you could ever meet. As for his height, it is his fortune. He is a happy man. And healthier than anyone i have ever known.
TruebloodFan said on 20/May/11
haha they should cast this guy to play William Wallace in 'Braveheart' remake! when someone says 'William Wallace is 7 feet tall!' he should stand in front of him and say 'I am William Wallace!' lmao
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening, 17 years) said on 20/May/11
He looks nothing like Richard Kiel. He has a very typical tall British man face, with no signs of acromegaly. I'm sure he's lanky and awkward, but it would be nothing short of awesome to be his height for a day.
Avi said on 27/Apr/11
Strong 7'0. Looks like Richard Kiel. Can't be a very healthy height at all.
Matt said on 27/Apr/11
Rob, do you feel dwarfed here?

[Editor Rob: seeing Ian walking about that event he dwarfed everyone, the nearest to his height was a 6ft 9 guy.]
coco said on 7/Feb/11
i'm 6ft9 and weigh 255lbs, even at my height its rough.
Jake T. said on 25/Jan/11
Ian can be 214 cm at his shortest but 7'1 is ok I guess.
Sam said on 11/Jan/11
His height is so enormous, he'd weigh a minimum of 260-280 lbs. He looks of medium build to me, just on a very tall scale.
xyz.reg said on 10/Jan/11
These r the kind of heights that will make even a 6ft person look like a dwarf..!
klem said on 10/Jan/11
Anyone know his weight? He looks slender yet at that height he must be around 110 kg at least.
MARKO said on 9/Jan/11
he looks 7 ft 1
Mathew said on 7/Jul/09
That's a 7-footer. 7'1" sounds reasonable.
J.J. said on 9/Jun/09
'Rob' He actually looks 6'11" on this picture but I can tell he isn't standing straight so an inch more possibly. So nothing more than 7'0" for this Guy. Still genuine cos 7'0" - 7'1" is nothing at all. Honest guy.
177cmmmm said on 8/Jun/09
he played the predator right?

[Editor Rob: in avp yeah.]
Anonymous said on 13/May/09
I played Basketball with Ian in the UK and yep, he's over the 7 foot mark.
A great Guy!
aram x said on 15/Apr/09
Yeah he looks about 7,1" assuming that your 5,8" and 5,8 1/2" listings are correct.
Anonymous said on 14/Apr/09
this is towering. Makes the others look short
Anonymous said on 13/Apr/09
That Jenny looks shorter than 5ft 8 Rob.
Anonymous said on 6/Mar/09
i still personally don't buy him as a legit 7footer. if he was standing next to 6 footers then it'd be easier to tell the true height of him.
yoyo said on 28/Feb/09
huge guy! def over 7ft tall..
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/09
yes rob, that is what i was trying to say. thanks for the image.

rob don't you think based on this he should be changed to 6'10?

[Editor Rob: in the photo he is no less than 6ft 11, that's the absolute worse you could argue.

He was described 7ft...he says 7ft 1 himself, he seems from listening to him a genuine guy.
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/09
i think he's 6'10. take one of robs heads above rob, that's 10" right? so at that level its 6'6 since rob's only 5'8. now there's 4 inches left from the top of the seond rob head because the top of it lines up with this guys eyes and eyes are 4 inches from the top of head
JesseDaniel said on 20/Feb/09
Not a flaterring picture of Ian... he's looked better. Still, he's shorter than Hall as the Predator, but man. I'm currently 6'1.25", at age 15-and-a-half, which isn't bad, but this guy is huge. In some ways I'd love to be that tall, in others, not so.
Emmy said on 17/Jan/09
Wow. Big guy. I wonder how it must feel to look over everybody's head!
junior assunacao said on 3/Jan/09
He would scare me to be frank.
Jordan said on 23/Nov/08
He is leaning a bit too. Yeah 7'0 or 7'1.
miser said on 21/Nov/08
Good pic. Lol.
Josh said on 10/Nov/08
Holly Damm he looks 7'0!!!
lillo thomas said on 10/Nov/08
wow this guy is huge !!!!!!! The guy is atleast 7-0 for sure and
Ian said on 10/Nov/08
Wow he's a giant. Time you updated your height Rob, for the umpteenth time, you're as tall as Jenny or more and you are not even standing as straight as Jenny. Give yourself a 5ft8.25" at least.
JT said on 9/Nov/08
At first glance, it does look like around a 5 inch difference. However, if Rob
Denis said on 8/Nov/08
WOW! he definately looks above 7ft to me... A real giant...
Alex said on 8/Nov/08
Rob is really 6 inches under his chin.
ZT said on 8/Nov/08
212 i think
Danimal said on 8/Nov/08
Vegas says on 6/Nov/08
Roy says on 6/Nov/08
he looks more 200 cm in this pic maybe something above but not 216 cm.

lol, you have no concept of height, the big guys head is probably 11 inches in itself and the top of robs head is 4-5 inches below the big guys chin

Neither do you Vegas if you think there is only 4-5" from the top of Rob's head to the bottom of the "big guy's" chin. Try minimum 7-8" right there alone.

BTW Rob, you look taller than your girlfriend (Jenny).
Alex said on 7/Nov/08
Rob's head is at least 5 inches below his chin. Could be 6 inches. And the guys head I think is 11 inches long. 17 inch difference.
dave said on 7/Nov/08
roy must be on crack.... this guy is MASSSSSIVE an every single millimetre of 7'1.... he could say hes 7'2-3 and no one would really argue, theres nearly a foot and a half difference in height!!!!!!!
Lenad said on 7/Nov/08
Makes Tim Robbins look small
Vegas said on 6/Nov/08
Roy says on 6/Nov/08
he looks more 200 cm in this pic maybe something above but not 216 cm.

lol, you have no concept of height, the big guys head is probably 11 inches in itself and the top of robs head is 4-5 inches below the big guys chin
Alex said on 6/Nov/08
6'7 for him is adsurd. That makes Rob like 5'2, LOL. There is close to a 1 1/2 foot difference in the picture.
Roy said on 6/Nov/08
he looks more 200 cm in this pic maybe something above but not 216 cm.
runt said on 5/Nov/08
Come to think of it, Mamun comes up to a little above mid-shoulder on Kareem Abdul Jabar (see the Jabar page) and Rob and Jennifer are nearer to the top of Ian Whyte's shoulders. I think Kareem is more than an inch taller than Ian Whyte.
JackDaRippa said on 5/Nov/08
Thats a Big Dude, Easily 7 foot!
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/08

that is one huge dude. how does it feel being with someone so much taller? he's a giant
Alex said on 5/Nov/08
When they get that tall its tough to estimate in person but I'd say he looks easily over 7'0.
Derek said on 5/Nov/08
Damn, that guy is huge. What was he like in person Rob?

[Editor Rob: huge. He seemed an articulate and pleasant chap.]
runt said on 5/Nov/08
I see 7-1.25, it's obvious.
nick said on 5/Nov/08
7'1 t is, at first i thought to myself at the homepage why you took a picture without you guys in it haha. Is this the tallest man you ever met rob?

[Editor Rob: yes, the tallest I met so far.]
miko said on 5/Nov/08
A tilt on the pic Rob? Your looking 1" taller than Jenny here.

[Editor Rob: not an inch. He took a normal and vertical shot, vertical looks better. Here is normal horizontal shot. But jenny was probably more 5ft 8.25 this day than 8.5...

for conventions she wears (since we've been going together) 0.6 inch sneakers and me just about 1 inch sneakers...whyte incidentally has a typical dress shoe.

sometimes depending on exertion and hydration levels we could both be near 5ft 8.25...

In fact I just took a photo at 1.30pm today after Jenny came home from work (which involves physical work) and we are pretty much identical in socks here, both up about 6 hours.

Rob and Jenny]

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