How tall is Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash's Height

6ft 8 ¾ (205.1 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 9 ½ (207 cm)
American Wrestler and actor (The Punisher, Magic Mike). He said in the past "I'm 6-10", "Six-Eleven barefoot" in 1999 and in 2014 "6-10 6 weeks ago" and in 2016 "I'm 6-9 barefoot".

How tall is Kevin Nash
5ft 8 Rob and Kevin @ Collectormania 2013
[Height Comparison Video]

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Average Guess (379 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 9.59in (207.2cm)
Current: 6ft 8.67in (204.9cm)
Big ed said on 5/Jan/21
Nash was 6'10 at his tallest he was listed that when playing college basketball so no billing plus you are made remove your shoes in a police station and appears close to 4" taller than the 2m measurement I'd say 6'9 now
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 2/Jan/21
@Vincent nah he forgot the bit where everybody clapped
Canson said on 2/Jan/21
@Vincent: lol I wonder if he was joking around or trolling
Lava said on 2/Jan/21
2013ㅡ203 cm / peakㅡ205 cm
Vincent Caleb said on 1/Jan/21
Tarinator 7'0.5 said on 15/Dec/20 Banned
I grew 10” after the age of 21 from 6’2.75” to nearly 7’1” in just a year.

Let me guess, Aliens also abducted you and took you to the moon? Lol, no more trolling for you.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 31/Dec/20
Your 196 friend may be a bit too conservative for most people, but I totally respect how he feels. I have a 6'2.5" friend that's similar, but he believes that one should only claim the exact height they measure. He doesn't believe in rounding down or up. He told me that it's fine for me to claim 6'5.5" since I'm around 3/8" though. The opposite end of the spectrum would be my 5'11.5" friend, who knows he's not 6'1" but regularly claims it anyway, and believes that height claims basically aren't a big deal. He says that since people like to lie about a lot of things, height should be no exception.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 30/Dec/20
@Christian my dad also insists I’m 6’3 but that’s cause he’s 5’8.5, so he can get away with 5’9 if I round up. I get guessed 6’4 more often than 6’2, strange cause I’ve never claimed 6’4, only 6’2-3 (I said once that I’m 6’4.5 in studs, but that’s, y’know, in studs)
Canson said on 29/Dec/20
@Christian: that’s interesting. I claimed 6’4.5 back in the day and maybe 6’5 a few times when I played ball but usually was quick to clarify the roundup. Now a days exclusively 6’4” or 6’4.25 or a hair over 6’4 when specific, My parents and wife refer to me as 6’4” still but I do have a friend or two that say 6’5 simply because of the claiming of that half while my other taller friends all refer to me as 6’4”. But my friend who is around your height doesn’t believe in rounding up and he is 6’5.25 and claims 6’5” then the others all claim their afternoon heights too. The 6’5 and change friend is similar to where I fall 6’5.25 usually is his normal low (he’s not usually over that mark although he has longer legs and a shorter spine after we measured them) and he was measured 6’5.5 before when he played ball and listed 6’7” from what he told me. He said that he only wakes up to a solid 6’6 best case. He’s even gotten the occasional 6’6 billing at the doctor but after he measured closer to 6’5 that’s what he went with as he also said it’s pointless. Then again he and my 6’6 friend were friends before we met them and he’s always been slightly shorter. I mentioned before i stopped with the half specifically because i don’t consider myself 6’5” and it almost came across to others like I was trying to hard with the half when I’m already 6’4”. As a matter of fact they were the first two to say that to me. If I were more inside of 3/8 to 1/2” or 1/2”-5/8 maybe even 2/3” then I’d still go with half though or just claim 6’5”. The thing that bothers me is when my 6’5 range friend claims 6’5” that would be obvious I’m not as tall as him and he also refuses to claim taller than he really is and I have to respect it being I’m if that mindset too
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Dec/20
Mine's 5'11"-ish but she's always thought of me as 6'6", although me claiming 6'6" back in the day could be a reason why. Obviously it depends from person to person, but in general, the more height difference between two people, the harder it is for them to guess each other.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 25/Dec/20
@heighmaster anything over 1 foot taller is difficult to estimate. I asked my mum (5’0 on the nose, measured 152.5cm for passport) to guess my height as if she didn’t know me, she said “6’3. 6’3.5 I would’ve guessed. Your mates guessing you as 6’4 aren’t that outrageous”
heightmaster said on 22/Dec/20
You say your mother is 4'10" and estimates you are 6'9-10"? Most people are not good at estimating the height of people 2 feet taller than themselves. Why not try "measuring" your height?

Also, you claims to have grown more than an inch from Dec 1 to Dec 15. In the unlikely event that this is true, you should see a doctor.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/20
I’d love to test drive 7ft for the day
Arch Stanton said on 15/Dec/20
What's it like being over 7 ft Tarinator and still growing???, must be an absolute pain in the arse banging your head on the door frame everywhere, not being able to fit into cars. So you grew 10 inches age of 21 from 6’2.75” to nearly 7’1” in just a year". WOWWWZZZAA!!! You must look like stretch Armstrong growing that much so late!!! Not many get visited by the height fairy after 20, but at 21 a WHOPPING 10 inches, you must have sold your soul haha!! :-) :-)
Tarinator 7'0.5 said on 15/Dec/20
I am over 7’0” tall, now. My mom says I look 6’10”. My brother says I look 6’8”. But all I know is that I am growing at a rapid pace like no other and it is astoundingly shocking at the rate I am growing in height. I stand at 215 cm tall, personally. I grew 10” after the age of 21 from 6’2.75” to nearly 7’1” in just a year. My legs are 43” long.
Editor Rob
🤔 🤥
Dred said on 6/Dec/20
How tall do you think is Kevin nash here next to Sting ?
Click Here
He seems near 6ft10 here in my opinion
Editor Rob
considering his head size over 6ft 9 is possible that moment
davemil said on 3/Dec/20
Well thats insane, i know cases (including myself) i’m 6’6” my dad was at his peak 5’7” and my mom is 5’0” flat and i was a late bloomer at 18 i was 5’10” and i had no beard, at 19 - 20 i had the growth spurt and i finished developing at around 23, anyways a cousin of mine is 6’5” and a late bloomer too so i guess i have his genes. but 6’10 considerating your parents height, is gigantic
tony t. said on 1/Dec/20
I would like to see that backstage picture with Kevin Nash looking taller than Big Show. I couldn't find it.
Tarinator 6'10.25" (209 cm) said on 1/Dec/20
I wonder how tall I would look to Kevin Nash. His peak height is my evening height. I am usually around 6’11” in the morning and 6’9-9.5” in the evening. I am otherwise 6’10” in the afternoon. I measured myself barefoot at that height. My mom said I looked 6’9-10” range, though. As she is 4’10”, herself. My dad is 5’8” and I am around 13-14” inches taller than him, at least.
Resurrection of Edward said on 28/Nov/20
big show 6’9. 1/4
kevin nash 6’8 1/4
kane 6’6 1/2
undertaker 6’5 3/4
ced said on 25/Nov/20
There is a backstage photo of Big Show, Nash and Taker at Undertaker’s farewell on WWE’s website. Without boots, Big Show now looks shorter than Nash
Bensim1993 said on 23/Nov/20
At the survivor series taker farewell segment Kevin looked a bit taller than big show
Canson said on 15/Nov/20
@Vincent: agreed!
Vincent Caleb said on 15/Nov/20
If he stood well he could get 6’9 and a smidge, like 1/4 over at most. 1/8 is possible also.
J2Frenzy said on 14/Nov/20
I read a book called Sex Lies and Headlocks. It’s a good book and anyone who wants to know about pro wrestling should read it, or anyone who want to find wrestlers heights. It mentions Kevin Nash was 6’9, as well as calling Hulk Hogan 6’5 and Andre the Giant 6’11. Interestingly it calls Vince McMahon 6’3 and Bret Hart 6’1.
Canson said on 13/Nov/20
I believe his 6’9” claim in his prime. Maybe he cleared it by a little at a low but not enough for 6’10”. I could see 6’9.5 or weak 6’10” for the early morning physical
James Brett 172cm said on 29/Oct/20
no way 6'10 prime if sid was 6'6
J2Frenzy said on 29/Oct/20
A 6’9+ 300+ pound man is gonna lose an inch from their peak
OriginalAnon said on 27/Oct/20
I could believe 6'10'' prime and he probably isn't that far off of that now. He might still be 6'9'' when he's stood stiff straight underneath a stadiometer.
Matt logan said on 27/Oct/20
6'7.5 nash dosint look a full foot taller in that picture
recapa said on 24/Oct/20
6ft9.25 peak and 6ft8.25 now i think
Resurrection of Edward said on 19/Oct/20

i agree with everything you too,it wouldn’t surprise me today if he’s a bit lower than he’s listed. Maybe 6’8.5 or even 6’8.25 at a low.peak kane didn’t looked much shorter than nash.looked 1.5 inch shorter if i’m not mistaken.
Canson said on 18/Oct/20
@Edward: actually I agree after seeing more pics. It’s not quite 2”. Maybe 6’9” for Nash the more I see but he’s not over the mark. It wouldn’t surprise me today if he’s a bit lower than he’s listed. Maybe 6’8.5 tops
James Brett 172cm said on 16/Oct/20
rob sorry i know i have asked this saught of question before but is 6ft9.25 possible for a peak Nash?
Editor Rob
I think there is a greater chance of that than 6ft 10 range...however that might be a lowest range I'd estimate for him.
Resurrection of Edward said on 14/Oct/20
Canson said on 12/Oct/20
@Edward: I can agree on both. Kane could’ve been 6’7” or a touch over and Nash 6’9” peak height is a given. He could’ve been a bit over too


agreed dude,i personally dont see a 2 inch difference between a peak nash and a peak kane.there would have been 1.5 to max 1.75 difference between these guy’s excluding boot.kane being just 6’7 and nash being 6’9.5 is just unbelievable and that’s a 2.5 inch gap..nash at flat 6’9 would put peak kane around 6’7.25.
Canson said on 12/Oct/20
@Edward: I can agree on both. Kane could’ve been 6’7” or a touch over and Nash 6’9” peak height is a given. He could’ve been a bit over too
Resurrection of Edward said on 10/Oct/20
i personally can see peak nash being 6’9 and peak kane 6’7.25 but then again,i will still lean towards 6’9.25 for nash and peak kane 6’7.5 for peak kane.i just don’t see 2 inch difference between a peak kane and peak nash.i don’t see anywhere near that.
Resurrection of Edward said on 9/Oct/20
Kan said on 6/Oct/20
Considering the differece of footwear between nash and Kane, is possible 6ft7 1/4 the same as taker for peak kane ?
Editor Rob
Of course a chance of that mark...would it be a greater chance than say a full 6ft 8 though?

@Editor rob
nash is struggling to look more than an inch taller than a peak kane.both big show and nash are struggling to look much taller than kane.correct me if i’m wrong but kane boots looks about or say kane looks to have half inch footwear advantage over nash but that doesn’t discount the fact that nash is also not barefoot or say that doesn’t mean nash is barefoot there.nash looks 1” taller than a peak kane there.kane’s claim of “6’8” would have been valid if peak nash is 6’9.5,i don’t see a 2” difference between these guys.more like 1.5 difference between nash and peak kane.i have 50/50 chance of kane measuring both 6’8 and 6’7.25 respectively.rob,that look most an inch difference between nash and kane.there looks 3 inch difference between show and kane and i can see both of those guy’s big show and kane’s boots looks awfully similar and the 90s,a peak kane really did look near 6’8 or say 6’7.75 .rob,would you rule out or doesn’t rule out the possibility of peak kane measuring near 6’8? would you?
Lava said on 6/Oct/20
Peak: 205 ㎝
2013: 202 ㎝
Kan said on 6/Oct/20
Considering the differece of footwear between nash and Kane, is possible 6ft7 1/4 the same as taker for peak kane ?
Editor Rob
Of course a chance of that mark...would it be a greater chance than say a full 6ft 8 though?
JT said on 2/Oct/20
Rough idea how Nash and Kane would have measured up. Click Here Kane would be around 6'9.5" in those boots. Nash looks at least an inch taller.
Editor Rob
Nash about an inch taller...big show in comparison can look over 6ft 11
6'3 Julian said on 1/Oct/20
@Seb most of the heights you listed could stand to have half an inch added. Except Nash, HHH and Barrett, they could stand to have 1” added
Seb Tucker said on 28/Sep/20
Nash was 6’8. Scott Hall was 6’4” max. Most wrestlers get their height bumped up 3-4 inches. For example Shawn Michaels was never taller than 5’10”, but he was consistently billed as a 6’1” guy. Big Show was never above 6’11”, but he was consistently billed as 7’2” throughout his WCW and WWF days. Undertaker was never above 6’7” but was never billed less than 6’10”. Wade Barrett was 6’3-6’4” and billed as 6’7”. Triple H was 6’1” and billed up to “6 foot 4 and a half” by JR. We are seeing consistently 3, 3 1/2, and 4 inches of difference between real height and billed height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Sep/20
2in on Taker, easily this peak
James B 172cm said on 27/Sep/20
A peak of 6’9.5 is suspect when you see him next Sid unless of course psycho Sid wore lifts?
Canson said on 27/Sep/20
@Editor Rob: haven’t you met him in person multiple times?
Editor Rob
Yes at Blackpool, Collectormania and Wales comic cons...I do think he did a Mick Foley, with surgery and regaining some height at one stage.
6'3 Julian said on 19/Sep/20
Looking at him I’d guess 140kg (309 pounds)
Mo Obeidallah said on 17/Sep/20
What is the real weight of Kevin Nash? 280-300 pound?
6'3 Julian said on 27/Aug/20
I think a 6’9, 300+ pound man would shrink a bit more than 3/4 of an inch. His current height is probably lower
FrankR1 said on 15/Aug/20
Tall, heavy people tend to shrink faster in middle age than their small-to-average cohorts do. Back and knee injuries can cause even more height loss. Kevin Nash has probably lost at least 1 full inch from his peak height. I'd say that 6'9.5" is a fair estimation of his minimum peak height. He had at least an inch on the legit 6'8"+ Undertaker back in the day.
Canson said on 3/Aug/20
I think his peak height was 6’9”-6’9.25. His current is strong 6’8” to 6’8.5”
SeanR said on 1/Aug/20
The video Khaja just posted with Morgan and Nash they look the same height there. I’d say the footwear is practically the same for both. Nash definitely has a bigger head though.
Khaja Qadaruddin said on 31/Jul/20
Click Here.. Pause at 0:24..u r welcome.
Kan said on 23/Jul/20
I'd like to know... Watch him in various interview seems to have a very big chin, but next to you doesn’t seem much bigger. If you are 1.5 inch long chin, how big do you considerer nash chin ? In my opinion is bigger by about 1/4 inch but not 1/2 inch
Jean83 said on 23/Jul/20
He looks every bit of 6'10" and could easily pass for 7 in the past.
Kan said on 13/Jul/20
We were talking about it on the big show page..
You have 9.5 inch head so do you considerer definitely 10.5 inch for Nash ?
He has Half inch longer top-eye range than yours and considering how big is the rest of his head respect to yours, if he has a same nose length then can make Nash a 10.5 inch in a very worst case because seems more 3/4 to an inch longer than yours.
Click Here
Kan said on 11/Jul/20
It’s seems to me or Nash have a really small nose and for this a longer nose-mouth range.. you are a common nose length, think about 2 inch, but Nash seems to have even a fraction under than yours
Editor Rob
I don't think it's really much different than mine, mainly because his eye-chin is like a good half inch longer to begin with.
Kal Mar said on 10/Jul/20
Kevin Nash was between 6ft 9 and 6ft 9.25 inches tall peak height, having been mugshot at 6ft 8.25 inches into his early 50s.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jul/20
💪😁🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Kevin! 🎁🎂💪😁

Many Happy Returns to wrestler Kevin Nash, who celebrates his 61st Birthday today!

6ft9.5 peak 😉🎈
6ft8.75 today 😄🎊

Aaron colton said on 7/Jul/20
He looks more than 6ft 9 1/2 for peak rob I think he could of been 6ft 10
Guy Pacitto said on 4/Jul/20
Hi Rob, in the recent picture of Kevin Nash and Khali, could Nash still be 6"9, as he looked only 2 - 2.5 inches shorter than a 6"11.5 Khali, because thats how it comes across to me, when having alook at that picture of them, regards
Editor Rob
Khali's had the same issues with his knees as Nash did, though Nash may have fallen in height, then actually regained half an inch...Dalip's current height is still debatable.
FriedChicken said on 2/Jul/20
I think nowadays he's 6'8 /2
SeanR said on 19/Jun/20
I’m wondering if Nash was only 6’9” peak. The face offs with 6’6”/6’6.25” Sid back in the mid to late nineties could have some merit to it.

I just can’t see more than a 2.5/3 inch difference between the two.
Monkey knees said on 16/Jun/20
Walked past/down the aisle at a house show in 95/96, if memory serves, and dwarfed 5ft 10in Shawn Michaels. Easily 6ft 9in plus at peak.
Hanov said on 9/Jun/20
It's very possible 6'9 flat for Nash, with Show at 213, Sid around 199 cm and Taker 201 cm
Hanov said on 28/May/20
Nathan Jones 6'9.5", now 6'8.5"
Kevin Nash 6'9.25", now 6'8.5"
Robert Maillet 6'8.75", now 6'8.5"

These three monsters are 6'8.5 now
Nik Ashton said on 22/May/20
Look at this:

Click Here

I am delighted to give Kevin Nash his 3400th comment!
Pierre said on 19/May/20
184guy2 said on 9/Mar/20
Eddie Hall could be anywhere in the 6'1.5-6'2 range , even Rob admits . I haven't take a good look at Ben but he looked damn close to his claim with Urban . Unless we see both barefoot , we all could be way off , INCLUDING YOU . And yeah , my real name is 184guy , of course ....

Click Here =here is Eddie Hall with max 6"1.5' Mark Henry,in fact here he looks shorter than Mark ...

Click Here = here Eddie standing on the highest step of the podium,Hafthor shrinking (big space between his feet ...etc) .By the video on Hafthor's height the scale give the start of his ears at around 6"0' . Click Here
Vegas' said on 15/May/20
During his bodybuilding days he hadn't skinny legs. Towards end of his WWE run I agree Click Here
Roderick said on 14/May/20
@Pablo Not true. Look at photos of him in his bodybuilding days. His legs weren't small at all then
Pablo13 said on 14/May/20
Vegas: Khali always had skinny legs, it always looked funny
Vegas' said on 11/May/20
It's possible I guess. Never saw a video or photo where he looked 363 or even close though. That's about heaviest Shaq was playing basketball and Shaqs 3-4 inches taller

Khali weighed 350 on Indian Big Brother and he looked bigger then than Nash ever did as a wrestler
Roderick said on 9/May/20
On Instagram Nash claimed his heaviest he had ever been was 363lb.
Djg89 said on 5/May/20
6ft 9 no doubt. Had me by nearly a foot. I was around his chin level.
184guy2 said on 3/May/20
yeah , nash is probably taller now than a few months ago
Public Enemy said on 24/Apr/20
Nash regained height after surgery. Click Here
Johnny John said on 23/Apr/20
I recently seen two past interviews with Nash, where he said that he was 6'10 & 6'11 barefoot. He was listed at 6'10 in college basketball. So I would say he was 6'10.5 or close to it & just said 6'10 because it was easier. But it still little strange if he was that tall barefoot, then why didn't he look any taller then 6'8 Tyler Mane back when they teamed up? And if that's the case he should've looked as tall as The Big Show. But in recent pic's with 7'1 The Great Khali he only looked 2 inches shorter. So who really knows for sure?
Roderick said on 11/Apr/20
@lemmuel Strowman isn't 6'8" though. He's like 6'6.5" max.
Jack Barrett said on 10/Apr/20
Idk why people estimate so short. Paul Wights college basketball stats measured him at 7'. I believe that height and Nash was at an inch or so shorter. Athletes, especially pro wrestlers do have a lot of spinal compression, and therefore lose an inch or so (or more in Hulk Hogans case), but NO WAY is Nash as short as 6'8". I've met Sid Eudy (Vicious/Justice) and he said he was between 6'8" and 6'9". I think Nash is now 6'9/10. There are plenty of pics of big men standing face to face, and its clear to see that Sid and Taker are both about 6'9" and Kane and Nash are both 6'10 (maybe 6'9").
James B 172c, said on 3/Apr/20
Didn’t look a full 6’10 compared to Sid
lemmuel said on 31/Mar/20
he was 6'10 cause if he's 6'8 he should be braun strowman height and kevin nash is way taller than stowman
James B 172cm said on 26/Mar/20
interesting rob a guy his height has lost a lot less than shorter wrestlers like hulk hogan and undertaker though.
Editor Rob
Yeah I think he probably has lost a fraction less than some other guys.
Shaka12 said on 26/Mar/20
6'8 or bit taller at best right now.
SeanR said on 23/Mar/20
Hi Rob,

Sorry to put you on the spot but rikashiku posted a very revealing pic back on 3/16 with Nash and NXT star Babatunde.

Nash looks to be the shorter of the 2 men. Babatunde got a football listing of 6’8”, 351 pounds. But have heard as high as 6’9”.

I personally think Babatunde is around 6’8.5”. Could Nash these days be at 6’8” or below that today? Can’t see the footwear of the 2 but Nash is looking at least close to an inch smaller (even if Nash tilts his head straight).
Editor Rob
nash height might have went back up a bit in last few years after fixing his knee/leg issues.
rikashiku said on 21/Mar/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Mar/20

Pretty much all of those guys you mentioned are likely shorter than you guessed them as

If they are, then it can't be by more than an inch. Kushida for instance really surprised me. I assumed 5'7" or 5'6". He's taller than Bobby Fish(billed 5'11" LOL, but just taller than Ishii 5'6") He measures up well with 6'1"-6'2" Nakamura and 6'1" Will Ospreay.

Keith Lee I can't guess very well. He looks like a mammoth, but with Lesnar, maybe very similar in height? 6'2"?

Dio MAdden was listed at 6'6" long before he got to WWE. The most reliable listing is 6'6" as of the 2012 Combine. He was also listed at 318lbs. Even if he is 6'5", Babatunde wouldn't be less than 6'9".

Strowman at 6'7" or near it seems right to me. Even with their boots on.

Lio Rush in the Indy scene was always listed at 5'4" and 160lbs.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Mar/20
Pretty much all of those guys you mentioned are likely shorter than you guessed them as, except for maybe Lio Rush. 5'4" for him seems too low next to Bobby Lashley.
rikashiku said on 16/Mar/20
@Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Feb/20

Babatunde's football stats had him at 6'9" 355lbs. I've said before, those stats aren't reliable, or are less reliable, unless measured at a combine.

He is currently billed at 6'10".

On an angle, next to 5'9"(possibly legit) Kushida, and 6'2"? Keith Lee. Click Here

Face to face with 6'6"(billed 6'7") Dio Madden. Click Here

Looks to be a bit more than 2" taller than 200cm or so Braun Strowman Click Here

5'4" Lio Rush. Interesting he's being billed at 5'6". Click Here

6'3"? Scott Hall and Kevin Nash Click Here
184guy2 said on 16/Mar/20

I'm not sure but probably discovered around that time . Comments and fully activity just about early 2015
Roderick said on 16/Mar/20
Nash looks like a giant still.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Mar/20
Do you mean that you first discovered the site on December 2014, or do you mean your first post? I've discovered the site in the summer of 2013, but didn't care to comment for years.
James B 172c, said on 9/Mar/20
He looked taller in the 90s that’s for sure.
184guy2 said on 9/Mar/20
Eddie Hall could be anywhere in the 6'1.5-6'2 range , even Rob admits . I haven't take a good look at Ben but he looked damn close to his claim with Urban . Unless we see both barefoot , we all could be way off , INCLUDING YOU . And yeah , my real name is 184guy , of course ....

I'm here actually since december 2014 , but I wasn't commenting back them and used a few others nicknames before staying with the actual one .
ced said on 9/Mar/20
I don't know if all the surgeries Nash recently had has helped his height, according to him it has, as he was taller "by an inch again"..

On SmackDown!, he looked way taller than Braun Strowman.. 3-4 inches for sure.

I think Nash is probably 6'9.25-6'9.5 still. I have Strowman around 6'6, in gear about 6'6.5, and Nash was at least 3 inches taller.
miko said on 9/Mar/20
Given his knee replacement straightened his leg out, and with extensive physio to correct his tilted pelvis. I wouldn't rule out him being a full 6'9 again. He still looks huge.
Khaja Qadaruddin said on 8/Mar/20
Agree with @seanR..looked noticably taller den braun this week..his current listing looks fine.
SeanR said on 7/Mar/20
Last night on Smackdown Nash looked several inches taller than Braun Strowman.

It was hard to tell though because of camera angles and other factors.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Mar/20
This guy looks like a man mountain!

I am so chuffed to give him his 3370th comment!
Hanov said on 3/Mar/20
Kevin Durant edges him in a peak, 1/8 or max 1/4
Canson said on 27/Feb/20
@Sotiris: 184guy has been posting here for quite some time (probably close to as long if not as long as I’ve been here). 4-5 years
Sotiris Gravas said on 25/Feb/20
184guy2 said on 23/Feb/20
Lol the guy clearly looks 6'0 range with Karl Urban ( who's Rob has met )

For my good friend, 184guy2:

1) 6'1.5" Eddie Hall (head tilted down) w/ max 5'10.5" (Rob has him at 5'11") Arnie (2016):
Click Here , Click Here

Eddie standing straight w/ Arnie... Click Here , Click Here

Arnie w/ max 5'11" Jimmy Kimmel... Click Here (Kimmel wants ppl to believe he's 6'1", lol.)

2) Eddie w/ listed 5'10" Jujimufu... Click Here

3) Eddie w/ the illustrious Ben Bell... Click Here

Ben Bell looks nothing like his claim of 6'0.25".

So, yeah, "184guy2," if that is your "real" name... LOL, indeed. If I'm not mistaken, Ben Bell used to say he was 6'0.5", later changing it to what he says now... Click Here

In other words, AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.... something tells me Benny Boy will be wearing extra-big boots for pics from here on in...
184guy2 said on 23/Feb/20
Lol the guy clearly looks 6'0 range with Karl Urban ( who's Rob has met )
Riccardo5'7 said on 23/Feb/20
He was 6'9" at his peak, and 204 cm today but not taller in my opinion.
He had about 2 inches on Undertaker who was a 200cm guy at his peak.
Riccardo5'7 said on 23/Feb/20
@Ben bell

I’ll be wearing my boots that put me at 6’1 and I’ll stand tall in my Nash pic and see what’s what.

Sorry man, but if you are 6'0.25 barefoot, with a pair of boots you don't have only 0.75 advantage.
You should be comfortably over 6'1".
I think your height could be in the 5'11" range but not high. Reason why you know to be 6'1" in boots..
I say this in my opinion and with all the respect.
Sotiris Gravas said on 22/Feb/20
@Editor Rob

Not to sound like a broken record, but... Nash and 5'11" Christopher Lloyd (2016):
Click Here

Again, Ben Bell (claims 6'0.25") w/ Nash... Click Here

In other words... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 21/Feb/20
@Editor Rob

Ben Bell w/ max 6'0.5" Carl Weathers (to compare w/ Karl Urban)... Click Here

Bell's pal (who Ben once said was 6'3", now says 6'2.5") w/ Weathers... Click Here

Carl Weathers and 6'1" Philip Winchester (2017)... Click Here , Click Here

Weathers w/ another fan, Dale Lindsay (2019)... Click Here
Dale w/ 6'2.5" Sam Jones... Click Here
Dale w/ 6'2.5" Brandon Routh (2019)... Click Here

I'm tired of this Ben Bell guy. He's not the height he claims and neither is his friend.

And I can assure you that if he ever looks taller than MAX 5'11.25", it's 100% thanks to a footwear advantage.

His claim of 6'0.25" is absolute nonsense.
Ben Bell said on 21/Feb/20
I’ve met Nash twice and I’ll be getting a pic with him again on a few weeks and I have him still 6’9 minimum.
I have a family member who’s 6’7.5 and Nash is noticeably taller. Having been around him at conventions over the last few years he hasn’t suffered the height loss that Taker and Sid have.
I always find with big wrestlers if you’re 20ft from them they don’t appear that tall but when you get close up you realise how big they are.
I had Taker at 6’6 when I met him last year, I have a colleague at work who’s tall but nothing remarkable. He said he was 6’5, I said said 6’3. We measured him and he was 6’4.5 barefoot.
It really is hard to tell accurately. I guess even the best of us could be 1” either way.
I’m going Nash 6’9
Taker 6’6.5
Sid 6’5.5.
No way Sid is under 6’5 but he could be about that, Nash I could obviously be wrong but you’re near him he’s significantly later than taker, even from a distance he really stands out unlike Taker and Sid who just look tall.
I’ll be wearing my boots that put me at 6’1 and I’ll stand tall in my Nash pic and see what’s what.
Me with Nash Click Here
Me with taker Click Here
Karl Urban, a 6.025 actor (same as me bare foot) for reference Click Here
MikeV10 said on 21/Feb/20
Click Here

Sorry , there is a better picture on Kahlis page where you can see there Feet. Khalis legs are in terrible shape. Nash has perfekt posture and dress shoes.
SeanR said on 20/Feb/20
To follow up on an earlier post, Great Khali legs are bent below the knees so it’s possible he can still get to 7’0” if he straightens out his legs. (See Great Khali Instagram for better photo)

I am referring to a recent pic with Nash and Khali
SeanR said on 20/Feb/20
Check out Kevin Nash instagram. There is a photo of him and Great Khali there taken recently. If Nash is 6’8.75” today Khali doesn’t look more than 6’11” these days.

You can’t see footwear or it Khali’s legs are bent but he looks shorter than his current height of 7’0” , Rob possible downgrade?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Feb/20
Babatunde is not 6'9-6'10 and Nash still over 6'9 is a joke. He was probably never over 6'9 a low, 6'8 1/2 now is clear.
Mahesh said on 20/Feb/20
In Khalis Instagram page, there is a great pic of him and Nash together..2 inch difference..6'8 and 6'10 current height I thnk
MikeV10 said on 20/Feb/20
Click Here
rikashiku said on 16/Feb/20
I'd say he's still over 6'9". He's close in height with Babatunde recently. Babatunde ranges around the 6'9"-6'10" area.
Tom123 said on 12/Feb/20
David Wolberg

He was max two inches taller than Undertaker at his peak, Undertaker was 6'7.25-6'7.5, Nash 6'9.25 or 6'9.5 at best, 1'75 - 2 inches between them, hard to tell cuz of boots.
viper said on 7/Feb/20
I've seen a 6-1 listing for Duane Jones, years ago
5ft 11 7/8 in said on 5/Feb/20
Tallest actors from zombies movies

6ft 9½ Kevin Nash (Colonel Crookshanks)
6ft 8 Theodus Crane (Big Tiny)
6ft 5 Ken Foree (Peter)
6ft 5 Tony Todd (Ben)
6ft 4½ George A. Romero
6ft 4 Jason Douglas (Tobin)
6ft 4 Corey Brill (Pete Anderson)
6ft 3¼ John Carroll Lynch (Eastman)
6ft 3 Tom Towles (Harry Cooper)
6ft 3 Vincent M. Ward (Oscar)
6ft 3 Austin Nichols (Spencer Monroe)
6ft 2¾ Steven Ogg (Simon)
6ft 2 S. William Hinzman (Zombie)
6ft 2 Duane Jones (Ben)
6ft 2 Eugene Clark (Big Daddy)
6ft 2 Pedro Miguel Arce (Pillsbury)
6ft 2 David Morrissey (Philip "Governor" Blake)
David Wolberg said on 3/Feb/20
I would place Kevin Nash's peak height at 6 foot 9 and a half, as he had a solid 3 inch height advantage over The Undertaker. Currently he appears very similar in height.
I would guess that he is currently exactly
Deathvalley99 said on 16/Jan/20
Can you help me. I’m looking for the pic of king Mabel (viscera) staredown diesel (Kevin Nash). if anyone has it, could publish it.
Deep Purple said on 10/Jan/20
Nathan Jones 6'9.5"
Nash 6'9.25"
Matt Morgan 6'8"
Tyler Mane 6'8"
Cass 6'7.75"
Kane 6'7.5"
Taker 6'7.5"
Sid 6'6.75"
Heidenreich 6'6.5"
Viscera 6'6.5"
Strowman 6'6 3/8
Corbin 6'6.25"
Snitsky 6'6"
Roderick said on 6/Jan/20
Nash could have maaaaybe been 6'9.25"

I feel like with Undertaker he could look like a super strong 6'9" like sometimes even 6'9.5" but I still doubt he was ever that tall due to how he looks today.

6'9"-6'9.25" peak

6'8" now
MBR said on 29/Dec/19
Wow he used to be way taller than Tyler Mane
Roderick said on 23/Dec/19
So if he looks 6'6.5" (imo) with the lean, which takes away 1", then he is 6'7.5" without the lean.

@Rob How tall would you say he looked in person?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Dec/19
6'6 1/4" minimum, not max.
edwards said on 22/Dec/19
he was 2" taller than the undertaker when they met for very first time in the early or mid 90s and both of them guy's were at peak.say undertaker was 6'7 or 6'7.25 and kevin nash 6'9 or 6'9.25
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Dec/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

Nash height is indeed mystery. Top right picture shows him 6'7 1/2 but left 6'6 1/4 max like you say. Wrestling fans who met him some exaggerated him to be 6'9-6'10 some telling truth say not much over 6'8 and i even heard of 6'7 on a worst case.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/19
Even discounting the lean, he looks minimum 6'6.25" with Rob in the left pic. I don't see 197cm at all.
ced said on 19/Dec/19
Click Here

a comparison of Kane in his lifts and Kevin Nash (Tried to get the images as close as possible but we can see from the top rope how similar they are)

What do you guys think? Who is taller, Nash or Kane in his lifts?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Dec/19

Matt Logan base on the picture on top left next to 5'8 1/8 (173cm) editor Rob does make him look 6'5 1/2-3/4 but he tilt down his head a little bit and shoes were unknown so we don't know if Nash is over 6'7 1/2 in real.
Roderick said on 14/Dec/19
@Matt Logan

So Triple H is about 5'10", Big Show is about 6'6.5", Scott Hall is 6'1", and Undertaker was maybe 6'4" peak...

Nash isn't lower than 6'7" I'd say. Can still be 6'8"
Matt logan said on 13/Dec/19
I'll give nash 6'5.5 today
Caldonio said on 11/Dec/19
6-9.5 peak now 6-8.5
Johnny John said on 11/Dec/19
Nash is a tough one, sometimes he can look taller, then shorter. But 6'9 peak would seem about right. Given his college BB days, rounded up to 6'10. And with Tyler Mane (who has always claimed 6'8 from what I seen on the net) in the early 1990's there wasn't much of difference. But then again Nash was also in the U.S Army & you cant be over 6'8 too join, But then again if he was over by one inch, at 6'9 they probably let slide. But one thing is for sure Nash & Mane in the early 1990's were the roughly the same size, And Andre the Giant was a lot bigger, & few inches taller then both Mane & Nash
ken6-3 said on 3/Dec/19
And that was a busted up hunched over Andre

"Undertaker Frank said on 30/Oct/19
Tyler Mane to me looked to me about 6ft 7 with Ali Baba, Andre looked close to 2 inches one Mane"
ken6-3 said on 3/Dec/19
And that was a busted up hunched over Andre

"Undertaker Frank said on 30/Oct/19
Tyler Mane to me looked to me about 6ft 7 with Ali Baba, Andre looked close to 2 inches one Mane"
Roderick said on 30/Nov/19
@Mikey97 No offense, but you're 5'6". No way can you accurately guess a guy in the 6'8" range. He could have looked just 6'8"
Canson said on 30/Nov/19
I can believe 204-205 with good posture. He’s definitely not 6’9” today.
Mikey97 said on 29/Nov/19
I've met Kevin Nash at a meet & greet and my god he is massive. He's a 6'8.5" minimum guy as of 2017
Canson said on 28/Nov/19
@Junior: Mane told Ali Baba he was 6’8 when they met. And with Ali he was barely hitting 6’7”. Looks 6’7 with Rob all things considered
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Nov/19
There is no way Nash is 1.75" taller than Tyler Mane now. Chances are Tyler Mane downplay his current 6'7 1/4 a low as 6'7 and Nash is closer to 6'8 1/2 than 3/4.
Carls110 said on 18/Nov/19
Nash is 6'8.25 at most right now.
maybe even 6'8, he was 6'9.25 at his peak
Roderick said on 17/Nov/19
@ced I see less. He's further from the camera
Roderick said on 17/Nov/19
If that guy is 7'3", Nash looks 6'8.5" to me which I don't buy. Maybe that guy is 7'2.5" which puts Nash at 6'8", maybe.
Vegas' said on 17/Nov/19
Nash and 7'3 college basketball listed Jordan Omogbehin. He is currently signed to WWE

Click Here
ced said on 16/Nov/19
Kevin Nash is no more than 6’7.25 today.

He took a picture w WWE’s new giant, his name escapes me, but he’s 7’3.

There was about 7-8 inch difference in height.
Roderick said on 16/Nov/19
If Nash's son is 6'4" then Nash looks 6'7" range at best in those pics. I still think he's 6'8"
Xpac99 said on 3/Nov/19
Click Here
Click Here
How tall is his son ? 6ft4 range ?
Roderick said on 27/Oct/19
@James B That's only if you think Taker was 6'8" peak.

I like to say 6'7", which puts Nash at 6'9".
James B said on 26/Oct/19
Strange next too Sid he looked under 6’10 yet with undertaker and big show could pull of looking 6’10 at times.
Nik said on 21/Oct/19
@ Roderick - Very interesting!
Johan 185 cm said on 21/Oct/19
Roderick said on 19/Oct/19
I would bet $100 that he's not over 6'8".


I would take that bet. Still looks 6'8.5" to me
Sotiris Gravas said on 20/Oct/19
Isaac Hempstead Wright w/ max 5'11" Jimmy Kimmel (2019)... Click Here
His footwear... Click Here

Isaac w/ max 6'8" Nash (2019)... Click Here
5'11" Christopher Lloyd w/ Nash (2016)... Click Here
Fan w/ Lloyd... Click Here
Same fan w/ Nash... Click Here

Kimmel w/ 6'5" Howard Stern (2019)... Click Here
Stern's footwear... Click Here
Another look at Kimmel/Stern... Click Here

Kimmel w/ 6'7" Magic... (2017)... Click Here , (2014) Click Here
W/ maybe 6'6.75" LeBron James... Click Here
W/ maybe 6'7.75" Blake Griffin... (2015) Click Here , (2013) Click Here
W/ maybe 6'9.75" Anthony Davis... Click Here

No way in hell is this guy over 6'8".
Sotiris Gravas said on 20/Oct/19
Sorry, I screwed up when posting the Fabricio Werdum/Cristiano Ronaldo pic (2012). Here they are from two angles... Click Here , Click Here

Ronaldo w/ Usain Bolt... Click Here
W/ Klay Thompson (2014)... Click Here
W/ Luka Doncic and Willy Hermangomez... Click Here
W/ Magic (2013)... Click Here
W/ Enes Kanter and Steven Adams (2016)... Click Here
W/ Shaq (2015)... Click Here
W/ Sun Mingming... Click Here
Roderick said on 19/Oct/19
I would bet $100 that he's not over 6'8".
Sotiris Gravas said on 19/Oct/19
W/ 6'3.5" Jinder Mahal and Scott Hall (2019)... Click Here

Fan w/ Nash (2019)... Click Here
Same fan w/ maybe 6'3" Goldust... Click Here
W/ 6'2.5" Dolph Lundgren... Click Here
W/ 6'1" Mark Henry... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 19/Oct/19
W/ his 23-year-old (done growing) son, Tristen (2019)... Click Here I'm assuming that's a very recent pic.

W/ maybe 6'2.5" Larry Holmes (2019)... Click Here
Fan and Holmes... Click Here Same fan w/ Nash... Click Here

Holmes w/ 6'5" Wladimir Klitschko (2011)... Click Here , Click Here
W/ 6'4.5" Joe Manganiello (2012)... Click Here
W/ 6'4" Daniel Dubois (2017)... Click Here

Holmes w/ Kevin Laue... Click Here
Laue w/ Kareem... Click Here
Laue w/ Big Show (2014)... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

Just for fun... old pic of Nash w/ King Kong Bundy... Click Here

W/ 6'0" peak Gerald Ford... Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 16/Oct/19
I’ve seen him listed as 7’1” on an online site!
Nik Ashton said on 16/Oct/19
@ Rob - Is he currently taller than his son Tristen?
Editor Rob
Yeah he looks taller than Tristen.
Sotiris Gravas said on 15/Oct/19
Maybe 6'3" (listed 6'4") Fabricio Werdum w/ Nash (2013)... Click Here

W/ listed 6'7" Alexander Volkov (2014)... Click Here

W/ mabye 6'6.5" (listed 6'7.5") Brian Shaw (2014)... Click Here

W/ 6'3" Jon Jones (2012)... Click Here

W/ 6'1" Cristiano Ronaldo (2012)... Click Here

W/ listed 6'5" Tony Robbins (2019)... Click Here

W/ 6'7" Magic (2014)... Click Here

Robbins w/ listed 6'5" Justin Tuck... Click Here
W/ 6'4" Tom Brady (2017)... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/Oct/19
5'11" Adam Rodriguez w/ 6'8" Nash... Click Here

W/ max 6'7.75" Blake Griffin (2017)... Click Here

W/ 6'7" Ike Catcher (2019)... Click Here
Rifle said on 22/Sep/19
Is 2 cm height loss at the age of 60, too much?

Carls110 said on 18/Sep/19
He's 6'8.5 or 6'8.25 right now.
6'9.25 peak.
Creeper said on 18/Sep/19
He's definitely over 6'8 still and Im leaning more towards like 6'8.5 or 6'8.75 the 6'7 comments are ridiculous
Sotiris Gravas said on 15/Sep/19
Here's 6'4" Jeff Dye w/ Nash (2012)... Click Here
W/ Scott Hall and X-Pac (2012)... Click Here

Dye w/ 6'10" peak height Randy Johnson (2018)... Click Here , Click Here
Roderick said on 13/Sep/19
@Riccardo Same dude. I think he is at the most 6'8" now. At his peak he consistently looked 6'9" so I would be ok with giving him 6'9" range peak.
edwards said on 10/Sep/19
he was 6'11 or almost 6'11 at peak in boots.
Riccardo 5'7" said on 5/Sep/19
I see 6'8" max today and around 6'9" peak, in shoes 6'10"/6'10.25 peak, easily to Bill at 7'.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Sep/19
Another way to say. Tyler Mane downplay 1/2 was still 6'7 1/2 because it's easier just to say 6'7 when people asked and def 6'8 peak, so Nash is what Rob have already downgraded 6'8 3/4 at best and lowest 6'8 1/2. I strong feel they're still 1/2 apart.
ken6-3 said on 2/Sep/19
Remember, Nash is 60 while Tyler is 53
I'm sure Nash has more height loss
"Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Jul/19
Tyler Mane look 1-1.25" shorter than Nash during both their peak if Tyler had lost 1" then Nash would be -the same. 6'8.25" is the lowest i go with Nash since Tyler Mane had call himself 6'7 not long ago.

@Canson 6'8.25" could be the lowest for him since Tyler Mane is a strong 6'7 guy could be 1/8 over."
Roderick said on 25/Aug/19
@Sotiris Brodus Clay was also billed at 6'9" for a good amount of time. I think he's 6'5.5" max
Sotiris Gravas said on 24/Aug/19
Brodus Clay (billed 6'7") w/ Nash... Click Here
Clay w/ maybe 6'9.5" Winston James Francis... Click Here

Clay w/ 6'3.5" Jinder Mahal... Click Here
Jinder w/ 6'9.25" Enes Kanter... Click Here

Clay w/ maybe 5'10.5" Mike Epps... Click Here
Epps w/ maybe 6'9" Derrick Coleman... Click Here
Epps w/ 6'2" Shawne Merriman... Click Here
Epps w/ 5'9" Anthony Anderson... Click Here

Clay and a fan... Click Here
Same fan w/ Jackson Andrews... Click Here
Same fan w/ Eli Cottonwood... Click Here

Clay w/ max 6'2" Lou Ferrigno... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here
Lou w/ 6'3.5" DeMarcus Ware... Click Here
Roderick said on 20/Aug/19
@Sotiris Now pics like that just confuse the hell outta me. Now I know Kevin Nash ISN'T 6'5" but I just don't know why he looks it there. Still think 6'8" is his current height
SeanR said on 19/Aug/19
Current height 6’8.75”. Exactly 4 inches taller than Joe Manganiello who is 6’4.75”. Peak height was 6’9.25”. I’m surprised with all the injuries Nash has had and knee surgeries he hasn’t lost a lot more.
Sotiris Gravas said on 15/Aug/19
@Roderick Yeah, I've seen those Nash/Magic pics, which have already been posted here. Nash had the advantage of being closer to the camera, though.

Here's Nash looking "short" w/ mabye 5'10.5" Matthew McConaughey... Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 14/Aug/19
He looks over a foot taller than Rob!
Roderick said on 13/Aug/19
@Sotiris There is actually a picture of Nash and Magic where Nash looks about 2 inches taller. I still agree with 6'8" for Nash today
Monkey knees said on 12/Aug/19
Peak 6t 8.5in peak. Solid. Only post 1/2 inch in 25 years. 6ft 8in now.
Sotiris Gravas said on 12/Aug/19
Just a reminder:

Nash w/ Ric Flair (2018)... Click Here

6'7" Magic w/ 5'8" Flair (2019)... Click Here

Given that Nash looks max 6'7" w/ Flair, I doubt he's really more than 6'8".
Sotiris Gravas said on 10/Aug/19
Big Sexy w/ max 6'5" (billed 6'8") Abyss (2018)... Click Here
Roderick said on 7/Aug/19
I really doubt he's much over 6'8".
Sotiris Gravas said on 7/Aug/19
Recent pic of Nash w/ Mick Foley and Jesse Ventura (both maybe 6'2")... Click Here

Another recent pic of Nash w/ Sid Eudy... Click Here

Sid w/ (listed 5'9") DeAngelo Williams and (listed 6'6") Gary Barnidge (2016) Click Here
Barnidge might be in sandals.

Barnidge w/ (listed and billed 6'5") Quinn Ojinnaka (aka Moose)... Click Here
Video footage... Click Here

Barnidge w/ billed 6'2" Ernest Miller (L) and Stevie Ray (R)... (2018) Click Here
There's profanity-laden YouTube video of this.

@Editor Rob Would you prefer we not link videos that aren't Rated G?
Public Enemy said on 7/Aug/19
Click Here
Canson said on 4/Aug/19
I doubt Nash is under 204. Probably not 6’8 3/4 but still around 6’8 1/2” today
Sotiris Gravas said on 2/Aug/19
When trying to decide how tall Nash is, keep in mind that Robert Maillet is max 6'8" (not the 6'9" Rob has him at).
Canson said on 1/Aug/19
He’s over 6’8” still. Agree with Junior. I have him around 204cm
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/Aug/19
Fan w/ Nash... Click Here

Same fan w/ maybe 7'0" Ian Whyte (2019)... Click Here

Robert Maillet w/ Nash... Click Here

Maillet, Whyte, and 6'10" Peter Mayhew (2011)... Click Here , Click Here
Maillet and Whyte... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/Aug/19
Fan w/ Nash... Click Here

Same fan w/ Kristian Nairn... Click Here

Fan height confirmation: w/ 5'5" Henry Winkler (2018)... Click Here
W/ 5'8" AJ Styles... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/Aug/19
Fan w/ Nash... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

Same fan w/ Baron Corbin... Click Here

W/ Braun Strowman... Click Here

W/ Viscera... Click Here

W/ Kane... Click Here

W/ Matt Morgan... Click Here

Same fan w/ 6'7" benchmark height Tyler Mane (2013)... Click Here

W/ Big Cass... Click Here

W/ Eli Cottonwood... Click Here

W/ Big Show... Click Here

W/ Khali... Click Here

W/ Giant Silva... Click Here

Fan height confirmation : w/ 5'9" Finn Balor... Click Here

P.S. I already posted lots of pics of this fan w/ other wrestlers on Big Show's page (27/Jun/19 and 25/Jun/19).
Roderick said on 30/Jul/19
@Chris I mean he can look like a weak 6'8" in some photos. I would say for a measurement he still might be 6'8" but I don't think he's over that. Sotiris is right. 6'8" max today, down from 6'9".
edwards said on 30/Jul/19
I personally think heis not lessthan 6’8.5 today,noway under that.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Jul/19
@Roderick Def he is over 6'8 but 6'8.25-6'8.5" not over it. 205cm is out of question.
Roderick said on 24/Jul/19
Maybe still 6'8", dude towers everybody and looks like a giant in the ring.
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
6’8.5 barefoot today max
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Jul/19
Tyler Mane look 1-1.25" shorter than Nash during both their peak if Tyler had lost 1" then Nash would be -the same. 6'8.25" is the lowest i go with Nash since Tyler Mane had call himself 6'7 not long ago.

@Canson 6'8.25" could be the lowest for him since Tyler Mane is a strong 6'7 guy could be 1/8 over.
Sotiris Gravas said on 19/Jul/19
Nash w/ 5'10.5" Jay Leno (1999)... Click Here

Show w/ Leno (1998)... Click Here Footwear: Click Here

I can't see him being more than 6'8" today. Peak was 6'9" IMHO.
edwards said on 18/Jul/19
@Canson i think 6'8.5 seems reasonable today
Canson said on 7/Jul/19
6’8.75 seems high. I doubt more than 204 today
Roderick said on 7/Jul/19
@Stormcoach No they don't. Show had Nash by around 3" during WCW. 7'0" vs 6'9"
Stormcoach said on 6/Jul/19
When u watch him fight show, they look almost the same height. 6'10" ish...
Roderick said on 5/Jul/19
Kevin Nash is one that really confuses me. I don't know if it's just me but his height seems everywhere. Like, he will go from looking 6'6" in one pic and then 6'10" in the next, like honestly. I have tried to come up with a conclusion and I just can't. Any help?

My guesses for him are 6'9" peak and 6'7.5" now but I'm likely wrong.
Sotiris Gravas said on 25/Jun/19
Nash and Marc Mero... Click Here

Mero (barefoot) w/ Big Cass... Click Here

Mero and 5'8" Mean Gene... Click Here
James Brett 172cm said on 19/Jun/19
Still is a huge guy
miko said on 11/Jun/19
It's possible he was over 6'10 out of bed, so in a pair of decent boots he could have theoretically pushed 7 foot.

He's still huge today, and can still look close to 6'9 at times.
Big ed said on 5/Jun/19
He was 6'10 at his tallest no question, probably 6'9 or just under nowadays
K.A 188 said on 4/Jun/19
6ft8 flat today
6ft9 peak
Philip McMullin said on 3/Jun/19
Nash is no way over 6ft8 nowadays... 6ft7.5 max!
Sotiris Gravas said on 31/May/19
Brendan (who Ben Bell claimed was 6'3", now 6'2.5") w/ max 6'1.5" Eddie Hall Click Here
Ben Bell claimed Brendan was the exact height as Hall, both 6'3", back in 2018 on Eddie Hall's page. (Bell said that he, himself, was 100% 6'0.5" last year -- 6'1.25" before his back surgery), but now says he's 6'0.25". That's Bell w/ Brendan... Click Here

Brendan and Nash... Click Here
Brendan w/ Sid Eudy... Click Here
Brendan w/ Taker... Click Here

Eddie Hall and 6'5.75" Anthony Joshua... Click Here
Hall and max 6'7.5" Hafthor... Click Here
Stormcoach said on 25/May/19
Nash 6'9.5" peak, ft6'.8.5"now.. Take it to the bank.ive seen him.
Stormcoach said on 24/May/19
Nash 6'10" peak out of bed .. Ft'6"8.75 now
MikeV10 said on 22/May/19
Taker and Nash face to face

Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 19/May/19
Taker and Nash (and others)... Click Here , Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/May/19
Aw sweet! So that's what over a foot looks like! I know the feelin'! 😝

6ft8.5 now;
6ft9.5 then.
Vegas' said on 11/May/19
Edge looks more than ~2 inches taller than Christian in the late 90s/early 2000s prior to his multiple neck surgeries so 6'2 max peak seems a bit low. Edge was taller than Robs 6'2 friend in recent photo so photos can't be trusted where we can't see feet or stance Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 10/May/19
Nash and Shane McMahon... Click Here
Shane and 5'10" Kevin Owens... Click Here

Shane and Glenn Jacobs (Kane)... Click Here

Shane and Undertaker (backstage)... Click Here

Nash and Flair... (2018) Click Here
W/ Flair, Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase, Christian, and Booker T (2019) Click Here

6'7" Magic Johnson and Flair... Click Here
James Brett 172cm said on 9/May/19
DDP looks 6’2.5 with Edge
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/May/19
@Vegas Here's DDP and Edge... Click Here I met Edge back in 1997. He looked max 6'2" and I believe he's now 6'1", tops. No offense to Rob, but 6'4" current height for DDP is a joke.
Editor Rob
Today ddp at 6ft 3 flat is arguable.
Canson said on 8/May/19
Malone still looks 6’8” today
Vegas' said on 8/May/19
I saw Jericho from a few feet away at book signing. When he stood up wearing ordinary dress shoes he looked more than 5'8 (5'9 in shoes). Alex from NY who was a frequent visitor here and was measured 6 foot barefoot by Rob said Jericho looked solid 5'9 barefoot when he walked past him and taller in person than Rob.

How can you prove DDP is lift wearer or indeed Jericho? I saw DDP on recent All Elite Wrestling clip on youtube and looks in phenomenal shape. He is obviously obsessed with health and fitness and his yoga but he still looks tall as in over 6'3 close to Cody Rhodes who I saw behind velvet rope in hotel lobby. Never met DDP in person it must be said.
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/May/19
Max 6'8" Nash and Chris Jericho (who's probably 5'8" w/o lifts)... Click Here

Now 6'10" Khali and Jericho... Click Here

6'10" Randy Johnson and Jericho... Click Here

Maybe 6'7.5" Big Cass and Jericho... Click Here , Click Here

Dennis Rodman (6'6.5" peak height) and Jericho... Click Here

Jericho and 6'6" Braun Strowman... Click Here

Jericho and 6'6" Baron Corbin... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/May/19
Just a reminder:

Here's 5'8.25" Mamun and Robert Maillet (aka Kurrgan)... Click Here
Mamun and Kevin Nash... Click Here

Maillet and the lift-wearer, DDP (2013)... Click Here

Once again, Maillet and Nash... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/May/19
Kevin Nash and DDP (2018)... Click Here , Click Here

DDP and Big Show... Click Here

DDP and 6'9.25" Enes Kanter... Click Here

DDP and 6'6" Deontay Wilder... Click Here

Keep in mind that DDP is a lift-wearer who's not 6'4". Here he is looking shorter...

DDP w/ 6'5 JBL (and 6'1" Ron Simmons)... Click Here

DDP w/ 6'4.75" Cam Newton... Click Here

W/ 6'3" Titus (2019), footwear visible... Click Here

W/ 6'2" Roman Reigns... Click Here

W/ 6'2" Mick Foley... Click Here

W/ Adam Carolla (claims 6'2")... Click Here
Carolla w/ 6'4.5" Pete Holmes Click Here
Carolla and 6'5.5" Brian Posehn... Click Here

W/ now max 6'1.5" Mark Henry... Click Here

Here's DDP w/ a young 6'3" Sebastian Bach... Click Here
Bach and Carolla now... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 6/May/19
Nash and 5-9 Charlie Sheen (2019)... Click Here

Recent pics of now 6'6" Dennis Rodman and Sheen... Click Here , Click Here

Ryan Stiles (6'6" peak height) and Sheen... Click Here , Click Here , Click Here

Stiles and 5'8.5" Jon Cryer... Click Here , Click Here

Kevin Nash and 5'8.25" Mamun... Click Here
Johan 185 cm said on 2/May/19
He has at least 6 inches on that Brendan Hood fella. I wouldn't go under 6'8.5" there thats the minimum. Anything between 6'8.5"-6'9" thats his range.
Ben Bell said on 30/Apr/19
@Hunior Hernandez
He could be 6’’9 still. Noticeably taller than Undertaker and Sid who could both have been 6’6. Sid maybe slightly shorter.
Taker and Sid both shorter than expected. Nash not so much.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Apr/19
@The Ben
Nash look 14cm max taller than Brendan.
The Ben said on 29/Apr/19
6'2.5 Brendan and Nash Click Here
Ali Baba said on 29/Apr/19
@Ali Baba Were you a flat 6'6" when the pic w/ Lou was taken, and in what year? Did you have a footwear advantage?

Would have been right at 6’6” there. This was in October of 2012. We were both wearing a running type shoe so foot wear was probably pretty even.
Vegas' said on 27/Apr/19
If they are same guy Samuelsson looks similar height to Nash there (a younger Nash too than with Rob) yet Samuelsson looked "small" next to Nathan Jones in the 1990s Click Here

Proves comparing photos with other photos isn't always best strategy Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 25/Apr/19
Nash and a guy (Alex Wilkie)... Click Here

Same guy and Ben Davidson (listed 6'7" and 6'8") in 2010... Click Here

Same dude w/ 6'7" Amazon Eve... Click Here

Same dude and 6'6" Magnus Samuelsson... Click Here

Nash and Editor Rob's friend, Dale Lindsay... Click Here

Dale and 6'4" Daniel Dubois... Click Here

Nash and Reggie Jackson (2016)... Click Here

Jackson w/ 6'5" Mark McGwire from back in the day... Click Here

McGwire and 6'10" Randy Johnson... (1998) Click Here , (1984) Click Here

Johnson and 6'8" Gene Conley... Click Here

Johnson w/ Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho (2001)... Click Here

Just for fun, here's McGwire and Bill Goldberg (1998)... Click Here

I say Nash is max 6'8" now. There are times when he looks as low as 6'7". What do you guys think...?

Remember here's Nash and Ferrigno... (2014) Click Here , Click Here

Ali Baba and Ferrigno... Click Here

@Ali Baba Were you a flat 6'6" when the pic w/ Lou was taken, and in what year? Did you have a footwear advantage?

YouTube footage of Lou Ferrigno (in shoes) next to 6'4" John Larroquette from "Night Court":
Click Here Lou was max 6'3" peak height.
James Brett 172cm said on 23/Apr/19
Ali Baba said on 22/Apr/19
James Brett, Tyler Mane is not 6’8”. He’s 6’6” to 6’7”.

He doesn’t look much shorter than Kevin Nash though
Ali Baba said on 22/Apr/19
James Brett, Tyler Mane is not 6’8”. He’s 6’6” to 6’7”.
62B said on 16/Apr/19
Not the best for determining height, and I'm sure this photo has been posted before Click Here 6'7ish Magic looks a lot closer to Halls height than Nash's. Anyone know if there are any better pictures with Magic?
James Brett 172cm said on 15/Apr/19
If Tyler Mane was 6’8 Nash looks 6’8.5 in some photos beside him
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 10/Apr/19
Kevin nash peak 6ft9.5 207cm taker looked 2cm shorter 6ft8.75 205cm back stage 6ft7.5 fore undertakers peak height is to low.
Sotiris Gravas said on 22/Mar/19
Recent pic of Nash and max 5'11" Christopher Lloyd... Click Here

Lloyd was always the same height as 6'0" Andy Kaufman (who played Latka Gravas on "Taxi"):
Click Here Don't let the big hair fool you... Click Here

Nash was never more than 6'9" and currently looks to be 6'8", max. Both aging men look to have lost only about 1" of height. Remarkably, Lloyd is 80 years old, compared to Nash's 59 years of age. The thing is, I question whether Nash wears lifts now.

The 2015 Nash/Pete Rose pic that I already posted has him looking shorter... Click Here

2016 pic of maybe 5'9.5" Tyson and Rose... Click Here

6'6" Dennis Rodman and Rose... Click Here Rodman and Nash look to be the same height when compared to Rose, who's shorter than 5'9.5" Tyson.

Rose w/ Christian and Kane (2010)... Click Here
Qadaruddin said on 22/Mar/19
Click Here intresting pic..nash seems to have atleast 3 inch on legit 6'6 corbin
Qadaruddin said on 22/Mar/19
Click Here intresting pic..nash seems to have atleast 3 inch on legit 6'6 corbin
Sotiris Gravas said on 20/Mar/19
Flair and 5'8" Ludacris (2018)... Click Here

Flair and Nash (2018)... Click Here

F and 6'7.5" Calais Campbell (2019)... Click Here

F and Magic, poor posture (2019)... Click Here

Does Nash look taller than Calais...? Of course not. He was never more than 6'9" peak height. His current listing is farcical, even w/ the downgrade.
Sotiris Gravas said on 17/Mar/19
Henry Cavill and 6'1" Will Smith... Click Here

Cavill w/ 183cm poster named Kieran (2cm footwear)... Click Here

Cavill and Roger Gracie (claims 6'4")... Click Here

Cavill and Robert Maillet, aka Kurrgan... Click Here Maillet looks to have thicker soles.

Kurrgan and Kevin Nash... Click Here Nash looks to be the shorter man.

I used to think Cavill was 5'11.5", but I see now that he might be lower, definitely not the 6'0.5" Rob has him at... which means Maillet is not as tall as ppl think. The same, it seems, can be said of Kevin Nash. When Cavill looks taller, it's thanks to footwear.
James Brett 172cm said on 14/Mar/19
Well Nash probably wasn’t as active as other wrestlers hence less injuries and height loss
JT said on 13/Mar/19
Click Here
miko said on 13/Mar/19
Nash has been fairly lucky. Nearly 60 and only a small amount of height loss.

6'9.5/6'9.75 peak range down to 6'9 or a hair under is pretty good going.

He said his recent knee replacement has helped him to stand straighter too, as his knee was a mess after so many surgeries.
Sotiris Gravas said on 13/Mar/19
@Ben Bell Last I checked, on planet Earth, when ppl take selfies, they're almost always from the waist up. It's not easy to find pics showing ppl in their entirety, footwear and all. Posters here submit what's made available to them online -- yes, sometimes w/ weird angles. Would you rather ppl post nothing instead...? When Rob the editor takes selfies w/ wrestlers/celebrities, it's never a full-body pic... Your "virtually irrelevant" comment is both inane and unwarranted. Not to be antagonistic, but the word ridiculous comes to mind.
Ben Bell said on 12/Mar/19
The site is now being peppered with photos from the waist up or with bad perspective. They’ve virtually irrelevant.
tree said on 11/Mar/19
So Nash is nowadays 205? Loosing 2cm at 59 especially for a 6ft10 range wrestler is great.
tree said on 11/Mar/19
Why?if nash was 6ft9 there Kap looks 6ft8
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Mar/19
Nash and a guy (1991)... Click Here

Same guy and Big Show (1997)... Click Here

Same guy and Bryan Clarke in flip-flops (1994)... Click Here

W/ Hogan (late 90s)... Click Here , (1997) Click Here

W/ The Rock (late 90s)... Click Here

W/ Fred Ottman (1991)... Click Here

W/ Bart and Billy Gunn (1994)... Click Here

W/ Mick Foley (1998)... Click Here

W/ King Kong Bundy (RIP)... Click Here

W/ Bautista... Click Here

W/ Edge... Click Here

W/ RW Hawk... Click Here

W/ Sting (1997)... Click Here

W/ Curt Hennig... Click Here

W/ Bam Bam Bigelow (1993)... Click Here

W/ Piper... Click Here

W/ Stone Cold... Click Here

W/ Cena... Click Here

W/ Orndorff (1998)... Click Here

W/ Flair... Click Here

W/ Mean Gene... Click Here

W/ Eddie Guerrero... Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 11/Mar/19
@Junior Hernandez As you know, both John Kap and Quinton Aaron are 6'6" guys that have a 6'8" listing... Click Here

Aaron and 6'4" Jared Padalecki... Click Here
Aaron and 6'4.5" Joe Manganiello... Click Here
A and 6'5" Omar Benson Miller... Click Here
A and 6'5.5" Ron Artest... Click Here
A and 6'7" Magic (poor posture)... Click Here

John Kap looking taller than Douglas Tait... Click Here
Tait Looking taller than Kap... Click Here

Tait and 6'5.5" James Cromwell... Click Here
Tait and 6'3.5" Adam Baldwin... Click Here
T and 6'2.75" Doug Jones... Click Here
T and 6'2.75" David Harbour... Click Here

Kap and Nash... Click Here
Kap is the same height as 6'6" Baron Corbin... Click Here

Kap and 6'4" Luke Gallows... Click Here
Gallows and Nathan Jones... Click Here
Jones and Nash... Click Here
Kap and Big Show... Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Mar/19
Click Here John Kap 6'8 listing was a big scam.
viper said on 6/Mar/19
How much height has Pete Rose lost
Canson said on 5/Mar/19
@Sotiris: Nash with Reggie Miller isn’t gonna tell you much because of the camera angle and the lean. I guarantee that Nash would look close to 3” taller still. Miller I agree may be shy of 6’6” peak like 197cm range
Sotiris Gravas said on 3/Mar/19
Looking at the pics of Nash and Rodman that I posted w/ Pete Rose has me wondering how it is that a 6'6" guy like Rodman was looking taller than Nash. Even the pic w/ Lou Ferrigno... Nash doesn't look as tall as he should.

Nash and 5'8.75" Michael Rooker... Click Here
Ali Baba and Rooker... Click Here
Ali Baba and Lou Ferrigno... Click Here Baba looks more 6'6.5" to me than just a flat 6'6". I'm thinking there was a footwear advantage here.
Lou and Rooker... (2014) Click Here , (2015) Click Here

When I do see Nash looking taller, maybe it's b/c of lifts... He will be turning 60 this year.

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