How tall is Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie's Height

6ft 3 ¼ (191.1 cm)

English actress best known for playing Lady Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones and Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Her agency lists her as standing 6ft 3 and with a weight of 168 pounds.

How tall is Gwendoline Christie
5ft 8 Rob and Gwendoline @ Starfury Throne Con 3 (1st Mar 2014)
[Height Comparison Video]
I've never seen my height as being anything other than positive and a unique selling point.
I'm certainly really rather tall at 6 foot 3, and I've been this way since I was 14, but for years, women who are even 5 foot 10 have come up to me in the street and said, 'Oh, it's so nice to see a woman who is taller than me. I've always felt like a giant.'
- Rolling Stone Magazine, 2013
Many people can't see past my height, and it's been very difficult to be considered for parts simply because I'm six foot three. - SFX Magazine
I am 6'3" or 6'4 1/2", depending on when you measure me. My parents treated my height as a wonderful thing to be celebrated, but also normal. I love being tall as you literally look at life from a different perspective: it's easier to breeze through life's turmoils.
- Independent Newspaper, 2008
At 12, I was 5'7". At 14, I was 6'1". Then I grew another couple of inches after that when I was around 18. I'm now 6'3" and a quarter. Either I'm still growing or my posture has improved. I'm hoping I'm still growing.
- Vogue, 2015

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Average Guess (296 Votes)
6ft 3.31in (191.3cm)
Mimi said on 28/Sep/23
I believe she would've lost an inch by the time she's in her mid50s. Taller women are more prone to early height loss.
Robbe said on 26/Sep/23
Same fan with Gwendo and Joonas Suotamo Click Here
181cmguy said on 29/Aug/23
She does have a fairly large forehead. At first her eye-level threw me off, I can see 6'3 for her but nothing more. I doubt she's as tall as someone like Paul Pogba, even Rio Ferdinand might edge her.

I gtg ask though @Rob, how close would Debicki's eye-level be to Gwen's? I feel like it'd be quite close to hers given that Debicki has a fairly small head, and I also think she is under listed by 1/4 of an inch whereas Gwen is over listed by a 1/4, I don't see more than an inch between them.
Jdubbz said on 22/May/23

I don't think the average woman does (eyes are probably right in the middle of the average woman's head), but it's definitely way, way more common than it is in men. Lack of testosterone means smaller jaw and lower third area in general, but according to Rob the average female eye level is only a quarter inch or so smaller than the average man's.

Having a bigger forehead and smaller face is also a very neotenous trait (adults having childlike features), and woman are much more neotenous than men.

That matches what I've seen irl and on photos Rob has with other female celebs of various heights. Similar or slightly smaller eye level than Rob, but much smaller lower third area. Often over an inch smaller.

Gwen definitely does have a big forehead, which is exacerbated in this pic. It's a lot more difficult to tell exactly how tall she is without the height charts (not sure why Rob removed them, almost every celeb photo had that), but I agree she's no less than 6'3. As you said in your previous comment, she's extremely tall and not all that far off of "giant range" for a woman.

Definitely taller than my female height equivalent. I've seen very few 6'3 women in my life, and zero women who were my height. If I did, it would probably shock me even more than seeing a 7 foot tall dude. At least that has happened to me before, lol.
Darksol64 said on 21/May/23

Had no idea eyes-to top of head was more height than eyes-to-chin on average for females. It just looked small in general so I thought she would maybe barely scrape the 6'3 mark. Hey, hanging around on here you learn something new about height all the time!

I see how much forehead height she really has now in the picture. Definitely a strong 6'3 no less than 6'3 1/4 as listed.
Jdubbz said on 21/May/23

She is tilting her head down and she has a bigger eye level than eye to chin level (many females do). She could very well have a nearly 5" if not 5" eye level despite having a small head for her height.

Rob had a height charts of celebs a few years ago, and the top of her head (not just her hair) was slightly above the 6'3 mark. 6'2.5 is ridiculous for her. She's much more likely a strong 6'3.
Darksol64 said on 10/May/23
6'4 absolutely not.

Looks 6'3 with Rob, or pretty close to it at least. I think a 6'3 listing/claim is fair.

For females, she is probably within 3-4 inches of "Giant" territory as the odds of meeting a 6'3 girl in the USA is about 1 in 30,000 already.

I'm a weak 6'2 guy and have only once in my life come across a girl above my height in person. I would of estimated her at about 6'3 like Christie as I was only a little below being eye-to-eye. It felt funny standing next to her. Kinda like the reaction 6'6 guys would have when they come across a 7 ft guy. They're just not used to feeling shorter than anyone.
Jordan87 said on 11/Apr/23
She barely has a 5'10 eye level. She is not over 6'2.5 with Rob.

People saying 6'4"? Rob has provided a picture in front of everybody, and people are saying 6'4"?
Batpat said on 8/Apr/23
I think she is around 6'3-6'4 maybe 6'3.5
Mickie said on 2/Mar/23
I guess 191 cm for a woman could be described at "freakish", but that depends how easily one is freaked out. It's certainly an extreme height, but it probably wouldn't be the tallest you've ever seen if you live in a big city and you get out on a regular basis. It's probably equivalent to something like 206 - 207 cm for a man.
Emil said on 1/Mar/23
@Jackie Lee

I assume you don't live in Europe
Jackie Lee said on 21/Feb/23
191cm is freakishly tall for a woman I have never seen a women that tall except for maybe one or two European female tourist in months.
Emil said on 10/Feb/23

191 cm, let alone 188-189 cm is not freakishly tall for a woman at all. Extremely tall, yes, but go to downtown Copenhagen and you'll encounter a few women that height every once in a while.

As for Christina I don't think she's anything below 6'3, except maybe at an extreme low she could fall slightly under.

Her head is tilted downwards, which makes her eye level lower than if she looked straight ahead.
BalticGuy said on 4/Feb/23
She DEFINITELY needs to be taken down at least an inch - if Rob is 5'8" and assuming average sneakers, there's absolutely no way that's a 6'3"+ person *especially* since she almost always wears some form of heels. Why do I doubt it? Well...because the top of Rob's head is exactly lined up with the start of her nose, about 1" to 1.5" below her mid-eye line. This is important because it's a height I'm extremely familiar with: I'm pretty close to 6'2" in the morning and this is EXACTLY what my 5'8" sister looks like next to me, both of us barefoot - I've personally measured her so I know precisely how tall she is, and the top of her head comes right about up to my nose too. Meanwhile our just-over-5'9" friend has the top of his head come just about to the bottom of my eyes and 5'9.5 is pretty accurate for an eye-level height. I guarantee you that if I stand next to you, Rob, I'd look precisely the same as she does here except that I have considerably wider shoulders so it may make me look less "stretched". I don't see a 7" height difference here, which is what there WOULD be IF she were really over 6'3" - consider that the average man's head is between 8 and 9 inches in length from top to bottom. Head height doesn't increase dramatically with a handful of inches so even if you scaled that up and said she had a 9.5" tall head, given the proportions of her head - she has a very high forehead relative to the lower portion of the face - eye level would be right around the halfway point or, given a 9.5" head height, this would be a 4.75" distance from her chin to her eye level.

Now, given that, the top of your head comes up to about the first 1/3rd of her full head length - or about 3.16 inches - let's round to 3.2 inches for the sake of simplicity. 4.75" (halfway point) minus 3.2 inches = 1.55 inches - which is RIGHT AROUND EXACTLY what I just told you the height disparity between the top of your head and her eye level was.

Now this is IMPORTANT because since we've established that you are 5'8" and the top of your head covers the first 3.2 inches of her roughly 9.5" tall head (anything taller than that would be really bizarrely long for even a very tall human's head height - my head is ABOUT 9.5 to 9.75 inches tall and I have a very long chin and an oddly long face - so a 9.5" head height estimate is very likely RIGHT on the money or extremely close.

SO since you cover 3.2" of her 9.5" head length, that leaves a 6.3" difference in total height between you are her. If you are 5'8", then, that puts her at a touch over 6'2", NOT 6'3.25" as listed here. In other words, I'm saying she's overlisted by an inch like MOST people - and this would explain why she barely looks much taller than Nikolaj Coster Waldau on screen despite her tending to have heftier footwear - and he's listed at 6'1.5" - if she's around 6'2" to 6'2.25" then the disparity makes perfect sense.

Note that in almost ALL of their publicity photos together, she's wearing heels. Some are a little odd and make him look much smaller but those tend to be ones where she's closer to the camera and there's a bit of an odd warping effect from the lens - NOTE HERE how when they are standing right next to each other, her in rather large heels and him on tiptoes to emulate her pose - in other words, this is what HE would look like in similar heels - his feet are positioned as though he were wearing heels because heeled shoes like hers effectively DO put you on tip toes - they are VERY similar in height.

Click Here

She's around 6'2", maybe very slightly over - but she IS overlisted by roughly an inch. I bet very good money IF you were to catch her flat-heeled and MAKE her stand in a neutral pose and have a doctor measure her in their office, she'd be around the 6'2" mark, MAYBE a bit over.

188cm, 189 max - the only way she's approaching 6'3" is early morning and craning her neck like mad. That doesn't change the fact that she's BIZARRELY tall for a woman but if we're interested in accuracy...then she should not be overlisted. The interesting thing here is that women USUALLY don't tend to overstate their height but I've noticed taller women often do it more often than shorter women, ironically enough - they get inflated perceptions of their own height because many of the men around them, feeling threatened, will lie about their height and say they're an inch taller than they are - so the 6'2" already-very-tall woman thinks they're 6'3" because the 5'10" men around them say they're 6 foot and her perception of her height is warped as a result. Also, she could be going with shoe height which MANY people - male and female - do. By that logic though I could claim 6'3" too since that's what I am in my boots.

Overlisted, due for a downgrade, but still freakishly tall for a woman either way.
Canson said on 31/Jan/23
She def is 6’3.5 earlier in the day
Mike O said on 30/Jan/23
I've had a few different friends who've seen her in person and can confirm that she really is a massive human being. A full 6'3", perhaps a bit taller. I love how she doesn't have a complex about it. I've known several 6' women who have all kinds of weird triggers and insecurities about their height but Gwendoline seems to embrace it and celebrate it. :)
Abdulrahman said on 29/Jan/23
she could even be 6’3.5.
berta said on 24/Jan/23
she have always pulled of atleast 6´3. sometimes 192 seems possbile. But tihs is the best listing. Would be interesting to measure her out of bed and before bed and see how mutch she shrink.
Caleb 178.7cm said on 6/Dec/22
@Emil nah I know a whole lot of tall women who inflate their heights by unacceptable amounts.
Emil said on 2/Dec/22
Really awesome that she's proud of her height and not trying to claim shorter than she is.

I think it's a pity so many tall women tend to do exactly that. Be proud of who you are.
Abdul-DK said on 23/Nov/22
191 cm.
Jordan87 said on 13/Oct/22
@ Andrey2000,

No...4.5" is the average. If she has an Eyelevel of 5'10, she about 6'2.5
Jdubbz 6'6 1/4" said on 27/Aug/22
Leighton Tang said on 13/Jun/22
@Jdubbz Really? According to another page on this site, the reason why 5'9 women looked taller than 5'9 men was because they had longer legs instead of a longer torso. (Forgot which celebrity page it was)

They definitely look longer because of what I mentioned before and the curvature of the hips, but I think the main reason 5'9 women look taller than 5'9 men is that women generally have smaller heads than men of the same height.
Rory said on 21/Jul/22
If she really is 6ft4.5 out of bed and falls to 6ft3 at worst then she should be listed 6ft3.5 at least for me,but then maybe the 6ft4.5 measurement was actually in footwear.
5 ft 11 3/4 said on 20/Jun/22
Rob, how tall do you think her parents were?
Zuber said on 19/Jun/22
Alex Nassar 5'10"
I am 6ft 5 and a half and i dont hate it,the other way arround actually,neither i would change it. I would suggest to your friends to hit the gym.
Zuber said on 18/Jun/22
Alex Nassar 5'10"
I am 6ft 5 ½ and i dont hate it neither i would like to be shorter.I got used to it since me early 20s.
Chaos's Other Throwaway said on 14/Jun/22
ChristianPerkins said on 2/May/22
I'd say more 6'2.5"-6'2.75" for males, but females will have smaller heads on average, so maybe more 6'2.25"-6'2 3/8"

I’d agree with that, I’m 6’2.75 and a friend of mine is pretty much exactly 5’10 and whether I can see over his head depends entirely on if he keeps his hair short and if I stand up straight
Leighton Tang said on 13/Jun/22
@Jdubbz Really? According to another page on this site, the reason why 5'9 women looked taller than 5'9 men was because they had longer legs instead of a longer torso. (Forgot which celebrity page it was)
ChristianPerkins said on 2/May/22
I'd say more 6'2.5"-6'2.75" for males, but females will have smaller heads on average, so maybe more 6'2.25"-6'2 3/8"
Jdubbz said on 30/Apr/22
@Jordan87: she’s tilting her eye level down, which will make it look longer than usual.
Jdubbz said on 30/Apr/22
@Leighton Tang:

Females don’t have relatively longer legs. It’s actually the opposite. They seem longer because they can wear longer inseam pants (they don’t have to account for 3” of junk hanging below their pubic bone) which gives the illusion of longer legs.
Andrey200 said on 30/Apr/22
@Jordan87 5’10” eye level would on average be around 6’3”
Leighton Tang said on 1/Apr/22
@Celebheights 6'1.5" If people with longer torsos shrink more than people with longer legs, then wouldn't females shrink less because they tend have longer legs?
Jordan87 said on 22/Mar/22
Wait, I have not been back to this page in a bit, however Looks like Her Eye Level is about 5'10" with Rob. How is she getting to over 6'3?
Canson said on 20/Mar/22
@Christian and Celebheights 6’1.5: yea a full inch is what I can see. 6’4 out of bed 6’3 at her afternoon. To be fair, I can see 6’3,25 could very easily her lunchtime
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 20/Mar/22
“ ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
A 1.5" loss throughout the day for her height and weight is excessive. But women on average tend to lose a tad more than men, so I can see her losing an inch or close to it like Canson said. If it was an average 6'3" guy at her weight, he'd lose something like 3/4".”

I could definitely believe she’d shrink a full inch throughout the day, but I’d be surprised if she shrunk anything more. I lose about that much, which is sort of uncommon for someone who is my height. I’ve noticed that people who have the majority of their height in the torso seem to shrink more compared to the ones who have their length in the legs. I’m not sure how accurate that is.
ChristianPerkins said on 15/Mar/22
A 1.5" loss throughout the day for her height and weight is excessive. But women on average tend to lose a tad more than men, so I can see her losing an inch or close to it like Canson said. If it was an average 6'3" guy at her weight, he'd lose something like 3/4".
ChristianPerkins said on 14/Mar/22
She'd be as rare as a 6'9" male according to, with both being 4 SD's from their respective gender's average. (99.997 percentile)
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 13/Mar/22
I’d guess she’s 6’2 3/4”, given how she looks to be a weaker 6’3” next to Rob. I’d bet several paychecks that Zachary Levi, who Rob has also met, would edge her out.
Daniel Lee said on 25/Feb/22
@Jordan i said she is 6'4.5 with shoes in the morning
Canson said on 24/Feb/22
@Jordan and Daniel Lee: probably an inch. I can see 6’4 out of bed and 6’3 afternoon. She may be 6’3.25ish at lunch given she is equivalent to a male who’s probably 6’7 or taller
Canson said on 24/Feb/22
@Jordan Lee: probably an inch. I can see 6’4 out of bed and 6’3 afternoon. She may be 6’3.25ish at lunch given she is equivalent to a male who’s probably 6’7 or taller
Jordan87 said on 23/Feb/22
@ Daniel Lee

She looses 1.5" in a day? No, Just no. Stop.
Daniel Lee said on 26/Jan/22
Could be 6'4.5 out of bed and with shoes and a hair under 6'3 at night
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 1/Jan/22
strong 6'3, with heels i think she could manage 6'6-6'7 look (4 inch+ heels of course)
Jayk said on 28/Dec/21
Tall even among men im 180cm I usally feel above average not next to her, though what strikes me she is not even the tallest female I have heard of. Still tall lady cool height @191cm
Mohammed-170cm said on 26/Dec/21
@Rob- Do you think that someone like Thabiut Courtios would edge Gwendoline out if she wears 3" heels?
Editor Rob
Going to be hard to tell them apart
5'10 1/4 Asian guy said on 23/Dec/21
Her eyelevel is around 5inch,wow!she's a woman
Robbe said on 20/Dec/21
Same 6ft guy here with Gwendoline, Chris Hemsworth, Joonas Suotamo, Tom Hopper, and Dave Bautista. Click Here
toddd0461 said on 12/Dec/21
She's roughly in the top 1% for men.
Jesica said on 6/Dec/21
King Spattan said on 16/Nov/21
Easily 8 inches taller than Rob and she has a huge forehead!

Nah...that's closer to a 7" difference.
Jpp said on 17/Nov/21
@Football fan - Just over 6'3 is like, top 98% for men
King Spattan said on 16/Nov/21
Easily 8 inches taller than Rob and she has a huge forehead!
Nik Ashton said on 21/Sep/21
@ Football fan - If she was a man she would be considered to be very tall!
MichaelMyers said on 19/Sep/21
Wait no I change my mind, 6'3.5" lol.
MichaelMyers said on 19/Sep/21
6'3" & 2/5 an inch. Or in other words, 6'3.4".
Football fan said on 19/Sep/21
If she were a man she'd be considered normal. I've seen many men who are 6'3-6'4". My maths teacher was 6'4" and looked it.

Women wear heels which gives them an advantage over men. Men only wear normal, comfortable shoes.
Cansont said on 16/Sep/21
definitely above 6'3, what's the fraction can be debatable. i would go with 6'3.5
Keep Walking Tall Like Rop Baul said on 4/Sep/21
6'3 ish, tall and honest lady
Stinky 186 cm said on 29/Aug/21
6’ 3 1/4” very very tall lady
Mimi said on 28/Aug/21
I think by her early 50s, she would be under a solid 6'3 and more like 189cm.
RJT said on 11/Aug/21
If I were to pull a measurement tape on her, I'd say she is max 190.5 cm

Rob's hairline starts at 171.5cm from his latest experiment video, and Gwen's upper lip hit just that. If using my measurement from upper lip to tophead as parameter, add extra 19cm which would make her 6'3 top. It could be even lower since not all people have 19cm from upper lip to tophead, could be 18cm or so.
Elene said on 5/Aug/21
Strong 6’3,looks a lot taller than Nicole Kidman.
Max warwick said on 19/Jul/21
Hey rob what do you think her wingspan was? Was she long limbed?
Editor Rob
well I noticed her legs more than her arms, and she has very long legs
David Tang said on 16/Jul/21
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jun/21
Yeah she probably wakes up at least 6ft4, a woman this height will shrink more through the day than a guy would...
Max warwick said on 27/Jun/21
Does that mean you disagree with the average guess for Gwen?
Editor Rob
No, I think a fraction over 6ft 3 is perfectly fair for her.
Max warwick said on 26/Jun/21
Do you think it’s suspect that people think her height is 6’4 but she lists her own height at 6’3. It’s unusual for actors to not exaggerate their height, let alone list it at what it actually is.
Editor Rob
if she wakes up near 6ft 4.5 and at night was 6ft 3 then it's easy for many to probably guess her near 6ft 4
Max warwick said on 22/Jun/21
Wait, is the 6’3.25” height listed above supposed to be her “out of bed” height?
Editor Rob
out of bed I think 6ft 4.5 is possible
berta said on 3/Mar/21
would be funny seing her beside dwayne johnson and he cliames 6+4-6´5 and she 6´3 when i expect her to be atleast half inch taller than him
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 23/Feb/21
Gwedoline Christie is half an inch taller than John Mayer because John Mayer is 190 cm and Gwendolyn Christie is 191 cm tall.
Mimi said on 7/Feb/21
Actresses who are in 5ft9 range i.e. Laura Dern , Maggie Gyllenhaal looks the same height beside Gwendoline as Rob is.
Vincent Caleb said on 6/Feb/21
6’4.25” out of bed, 6’3.25” afternoon. Flat 6’3” extreme low.
slim 6'1 said on 22/Jan/21
As listed 191cm, you don’t grow taller in your 30’s+ unless you have acromegaly
Jkiller said on 20/Jan/21
Don't see more than 6'3.
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 19/Jan/21
Oh wait I meant I feel, I never use the stupid U instead of you thing
Luci paura said on 19/Jan/21
Same height as the Hound.
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 17/Jan/21
Legit 6’3 U feel, not sure how far over
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
As listed, super tall for a woman!
Aj06 said on 10/Dec/20
asumming rob next to her she looks 7 or so inches larger rob is 5'8.25 so i'm going to have to give her a 6'3.25
RJT said on 5/Dec/20
Could it be because of her slender body due to being a women and smaller head fool you into thinking she's 6'3.25"?

IMHO doesn't give off tall impression as much as legit 191cm ish guy like Emmet Skilton.

Gwen does give taller impression than 6'2.5" guys such as Welling/Routh so she is taller than 189, but not as tall as 191cm either.

I'd say best case is 6'3 flat, but won't be surprised if 190cm flat either.
James McMichael said on 20/Nov/20
Gwendoline Christie is 6’3.5” in her bare feet.
Canson said on 12/Nov/20
I agree with Julian
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Oct/20
Click Here Gwen in 3.5" heels standing next to 6'7 1/2 Peter Crouch. She might drop a fraction of posture but Crouch look 2" on her. If Crouch is at least 6'8 1/2 with dress shoes then Gwen is 6'6 3/4 if standing straight.
6'3 Julian said on 24/Sep/20
I think she looks more flat 6’3, you look the same next to her that 5’8.25 guys do with me
RJT said on 21/Aug/20
Hi Rob in your Youtube video about her, you have her chin under 5ft 6 maybe 3/4 shorter than 5ft 6, nosetip at 5ft 8 and eyelevel around 5ft 10...

I actually have similar chin level and nosetip level with her at same 5ft 5 3/8 and 5ft 8 1/2 respectively but my eyelevel is fraction lower, 5ft 9 7/8 if I stand at my best afternoon at 2pm, yet Im only 6ft 2 3/4 at best and you estimate her full 1/2 taller than me...

Why do you think that is?? Is it cause she has longer head? In person do you think we'll look similar and hard to tell apart??
Editor Rob
The camera lens the guy is using accentuates height towards edge of frame. When you also tilt your eyelevel down half inch or so, that too elongates your head a bit more.
RJT said on 11/Aug/20
When she was pictured with fans in that convention, out of 10, how many mens were at least as tall as her or even taller?

And did you take a look at her shoes? Could it be possible she wear lift? Since she's quite aware of her height and seem to enjoy being tall, it's not exactly impossible...

She does have tall proportion though, I give her that, but if measured, possible that she is under 191cm imo.

Click Here

Standing tip toe, Nikolaj Coster Wandau is about the same height with her and you list him at 6'1.5, tip toe give about 3 inches so that'd make him 6'4.5 (194cm) or so, and Gwen also wore heels which give the same 3 inches boost and they look about the same. Maybe her posture was more relaxed, but even if she stands tall, maybe only an inch taller which would make her only around 6'2.5 barefoot.
Editor Rob
There was one guy who was taller than Gwendoline, most other men were shorter that day. And she had tights on and a basic shoe, no heel.
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
i would rather be below average than this way too tall
RJT said on 6/Aug/20
Who gives taller impression, prime John Schneider you met in 2007, Gwendoline or Zachary Levi?

From your pic with all those persons, I'd say Levi seems the tallest judging from your top head to his nosetip which is still further away compared to yours with Schneider and Gwendoline.

Maybe Gwen has higher shoes because usually women wear them?
Editor Rob
Gwendoline up close does give a taller impression I feel than those two...

But last time i saw Levi, he could pass for 6ft 3 and change too...
Allie said on 26/Jul/20
Its not the ideal photo, but regardless Gwen does make Karlie look much smaller lol.

I hope the link works.
Click Here
Nik said on 16/Jul/20
@ Matt Logan - Higher!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jul/20
Gwendoline look 160 at her lightest and the heaviest 176 i think depends the role she played needed some weight gain or lose a little bit down, she generally does look like 168 lbs most of her appearance.
Nik Ashton said on 7/Jul/20
@ Onabill Choudhury - You were taller than most adult men when you were 14!
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
@ Anna 5'8.5 - I agree, short people (all genders) are beautiful too.
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jun/20
@ Hanov - Yes, kitten heels!
Nik said on 25/Jun/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Jam Cherry said on 24/Jun/20
191-191.5 cm very tall indeed
Anna 5'8.5 said on 12/Jun/20
I think tall people are beautiful, both men and women. But I honestly wouldn't want to be that tall. I would love to have between 1.78 or 1.80 at most.
Canson said on 5/Jun/20
@Jordan87: I think 6 3.25 may be something she measured earlier in the day maybe lunchtime or before. Looks too high to me. I would say that she could be a solid 6’3” especially because some celebs look shorter or taller with Rob. 6’3” flat all things considered may be ok
Jordan87 said on 4/Jun/20
She looks Sub 6'3 next to Rob and Rory when she isn't wearing any type of heel. Not sure why, but people have this attitude like she " must be" 6'3". She doesn't look it with a measured 5'8 man, or with Rory. To me that enough to say she likely will fall short of 6'3 slightly. She has a small head as well giving the Illusion she is even taller.

She is a TALL Woman, but the fact she looks under her claimed height with a Measured 5'8" man really points to me not thinking she is the full 6'3" She doesn't look it quite a few other times.
Alex 6'0 said on 19/May/20
At first she can pass as 6'2.5 with Rob but i can still see her a legit 6'3
Nik said on 7/May/20
It's great that she is taller than her partner Giles Deacon! This fine lady so deserves her 500th comment! 😀👌
Nik said on 5/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I certainly don't think that 1-3" is a great deal of difference and 4" is not a vast difference, what is seen as a towering difference is all down to personal opinion but a 6-8" difference sure is a towering one to me and the majority of people too! In my opinion someone towers over someone else if the person they tower over doesn't come up to their forehead.
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/20
I bet if Eddie Hall met Gwen he'd say "I'm 6 ft 3, you must be 6 ft 5!!"
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/May/20
@ Nik - I used to think that a towering constituted more like 6-8", but that, I suppose, is down to my height.

In more normal and commonplace circumstances, 4.5" is a great deal of difference. Cheers Nik! 😀👍
Nik Ashton said on 2/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - That’s so true, she is bigger than him! In fact Gwendoline would tower over Rowan Atkinson and a 4.5” difference certainly would represent a towering!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Apr/20
@ Nik - I can't see Edmund Blackadder being able to throw Gwendoline Christie into any cubby holes, darkened or otherwise! She's bigger than he is!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Apr/20
I'd say 6'3" afternoon/evening as well.
Nik said on 28/Apr/20
@ Sandy Cowell - That's very funny, Blackadder is a cheeky *a**a**! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Let's play hangman to find those **ss*** letters! L? M? N? V? W? C? F? G? H? J? I? O? K? P? X? Y? Z? Q?

It's cool that Gwendoline was about as tall as I am now when she was 12, I'm a modern man you see!

The average guess is 6'3.24" (189 votes) and there are 492 comments on Gwendoline's page!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Apr/20
Wasn't Gwendoline the name of Tim McInnerny's girlfriend in 'Black Adder II', in the episode 'Beer'? It certainly was you know and she was invited by Tim-Tims to a drinking contest where she was thrown into a dark little room out of sight, where the only drink she had was thrown over her by the naughty, cheeky Blackadder himself - and she shrieked!

This very tall Gwendoline gets 6ft3.25 from me - infinitely taller than the Gwendoline in 'Black Adder'! 😄
Canson said on 3/Apr/20
@Bobby: maybe she’s the full 6’3” afternoon height. Great to still see you here from time to time brother and hope you’re staying safe!
The hamburger said on 20/Mar/20
How tall is with those Click Here
Editor Rob
Over 6ft 7 is likely.
Gh22 said on 6/Mar/20
So @Rob so take it 6'3. So 6'6 height and 1.98 metres thats unbelievable for a woman she is a monster.
Gh22 said on 6/Mar/20
Hey @Rob she is 6'2 and a half. So with heels i think her height will be solid 6'5 and she wears 4 inch heels.

Click Here

In this picture with heels she is looking taller then 6ft 5 rory.What do you think Rob
Editor Rob
Her heels might give near 3 inches, but I doubt more than that. I'd still give her 6ft 3 range, I would be surprised if she really measured sub 6ft 3.
Krusher said on 4/Mar/20
I always thought of Brooke shields as a tall beautiful woman, one of the tallest in Hollywood. Then i saw Gwendoline make Brooke look small.
Canson said on 17/Dec/19
@Christian: when he stands straight he’s clearly still 6’6”. I think it may be getting older but he’s only 40 and it could be him purposely not wanting to be as tall as he is. My 6’7 friend hates his too but rarely slouches. Maybe once in a blue moon. He also has a build similar to Lebron James and would probably measure close with him
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Dec/19
You're 6'6" friend should either go to chiropractor, or get some other type of physical help, if he's looking under 6'4". I've personally never met anyone that loses over 2" in height compared to when standing upright.
Vitto said on 14/Dec/19
Sometimes I wish I was this tall. She is tall and beautiful IMO!
I guess 6'3!
Canson said on 17/Oct/19
@Alex Nassar: I have a 6’6” and a 6’7” friend who don’t care for their heights either. The 6’7” friend has good posture despite that but the 6’6” friend has never had perfect and it’s gotten worse since he hit 40. At times I can feel the same height or taller than him even if I have a footwear advantage just due to his posture and there is almost 2” between us.
Alex Nassar 5'10" said on 15/Oct/19
I know a woman who's 6'7.25" (201 cm). She absolutely hates it and wishes she was 5'2". Yet she somehow manages to be one of the most adorable people I know despite being a head taller than me and barely being able to skim under a doorway barefoot.

Not really relevant to the guess, but I figured I'd share. Most women taller than average male height tend not to like their height, and I'm yet to meet someone taller than 6'5" who doesn't wish they're shorter (I know eight people who are 6'6"+, idk why I know so many). Gwendoline's a real rarity in being confident in her 6'3" height, especially as a woman.
engin said on 23/Sep/19
Hi Rob,
In last night Emmy Awards, she looked at least 6'7" (couldn't see her heels, covered by her long robe) next to her co-star who is 6' 1. How tall do you think she looked.
Editor Rob
She certainly wasn't wearing Jesus sandals. She did manage to look at least 6ft 6 range with some of the other cast.

I'm not sure what she was wearing, if anybody can find a photo of what's beneath her robes it would be interesting.
Canson said on 5/Sep/19
Xpac99 said on 24/Aug/19
Click Here
At Times she looks shorter or maybe mccann is more 6ft5 3/4

Gwen doesn’t always come out to 6’3.25” in pics. at times she can look 6’3” or even a hair under. My money is on a full 6’3” at her afternoon height and if Rob insists Rory is more than 6’5” the listing would be the most he would be. He does not look a 6’6” guy anywhere really. I’ve seen some pics where he wears some thick footwear too
Xpac99 said on 24/Aug/19
Click Here
At Times she looks shorter or maybe mccann is more 6ft5 3/4
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 16/Aug/19
She should rather be beautiful blonde female basketball player based on her giant physique!!! 6ft 3 women We know so far!!! She reminds me of really tall female Dutch model somehow!!!!
K.A 188 said on 24/Jul/19
@Slick she is pretty imho....
Although i rearly see women this tall maybe twice or thrice in a year .Everybody has is preference though...
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
If she claimed 6’3.25 then she’s not 6’3.5
Slick said on 16/Jul/19
She looks 20 years older than she is. 6'3 1/2
Eileen Stuart said on 17/Jun/19
Thank you Gwendolyn for being an actress! I am 6ft & achieved this height at age 11 in 6th grade. It is heartwarming to see a tall lady playing such a strong character as a positive role model in a hit series. I admire you greatly!
Onabill Choudhury said on 11/Jun/19
Is there a possibility that she is 6 ft 3 3/8? Because 1.5 Inches of height is quite a a lot height to loose during the day
Editor Rob
It's a fair amount, but some people who are 5ft 7-9 could shrink a full inch, so 1.25 for a person 6ft 3-4 isn't unheard of.
K.A 188 said on 31/May/19
I rarely see women who are 185+ barefoot.
She is beautiful though and with heels she is in the 6ft6- 6ft7 range.
Hong said on 26/May/19
There is a pic of her standing next to Peter Crouch, she has about 3 inch heels on and looks about 2 inches shorter, so about 6ft6 in the heels.
Public Enemy said on 15/May/19
191cm normal low.
Canson said on 13/May/19
Not over 6’3” flat at a low
ajax177 said on 13/May/19
Probably equivalent to a 6'9" guy.
My Guess: 6ft 3
DantheRed said on 8/May/19
Love this actress and glad to see she is proud of her height. If you are unused to seeing women are this tall, check out womens college volleyball! I saw a couple 6’9” women there! They are few and far between but they do exist! And to my eyes are in no way less feminine for it.
Shashank 6'4 1/8 said on 7/May/19
Ya season 8 is the worst of all but there is still hope for a final plot twist. It may not seem to be moving in the right direction but still possible.
Me:What do we say to story writing.
D&D:Not today.
Ndomingu said on 22/Apr/19
I thought season 5 was a mixture of A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons material. Season 6 is supposed to be about A Winds of Winter book that Martin hasn’t written fully yet. Just something I read from the web though, but I don’t know fully how accurate the information is. I’ve heard various responses about it.
I wasn’t a fan of Season 5 as much too, but I thought Season 6 was one of the best ones. Season 7 was kind of mediocre. Season 8 we will see, but so far I like it.
Jdubbz said on 21/Apr/19

Agreed. Seasons 5 and 6 were bad, and the last one was just awful. Everything was so predictable. I hope this last season is at least somewhat better.
Myself said on 19/Apr/19
The show stops following the books at season 4; season 5 and onwards is D&D ty, boring and incoherent writing nowhere near the talent of George.
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
Nothing under 6'3" .
Ndomingu said on 13/Apr/19
@Johan 185 cm

I started using audiobook for it and it got me really far pretty fast. I’m just about finished with reading clash of kings now. I have read about Brienne and I think she’s like 6’6”, same height as book Robert Baratheon. Oh, interesting factoid about the fight with the hound only being a thing on the show and how they filmed that. I noticed there were plenty of things I read in the books that weren’t on the show at all and even Yara being named Asha. Wow, I believe in the books it was estimated the hound is like 6’7”-6’9” range. Rory and Christie aren’t too far off of the book physical appearances.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Apr/19
Her weight was listed at 185 pounds, i doubt it and could see she look at most 170.
Canson said on 1/Apr/19
I doubt she shrinks 1.5” in a day. The part she said about depending on when is likely a shoe height vs barefoot. And she did say before that she was 6’3.25. Maybe she comes down to 6’3” for her low but losing 3cm for some is not completely far fetched. It’s possible that she’s 193.5 out of bed and 190.5 or maybe 6’4 1/8 and 6’3 respectively
Damon Blank said on 1/Apr/19
I don't think it's possible to shrink 3cm in a day, especially if she's says she's presumably 6 ft 4 and a half in the morning, which is 194cm. I don't think she's anywhere above 6 ft 3 and a half in the morning (192cm). 6 ft 3 is about generous.
Johan 185cm said on 28/Mar/19

I hope I don't spoil you but in the books Brienne never fights the Hound. I remember her saying that they used camera angles and she trained hard to try and make it look realistic that she would win that fight.

She referred to Rory as being 6ft 7 !!!.
Ndomingu said on 26/Mar/19
If Gwendoline met the office cast, she definitely would size up and probably edge out Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski. I don’t think it’s all that surprising that she would be just under 170 lbs either since if men and women are a similar height men usually will weigh more than women due to having greater muscle mass. On Game of Thrones she is really amazing, she beat Rory in single handed combat. I almost thought Osha in the books referred to Christie’s show character since that book character was described to be really tall, but I feel like Brienne will make an appearance later in A Clash of Kings (I’m currently on this book) or definitely by A Storm of Swords (next book in the series I’ll read). The first book, A Game of Thrones was a wonderful book I read in the series so far, but I don’t recall Brienne being mentioned in it.
rawdshaq said on 8/Mar/19
@Jdubbz I believe it, but wow she's thin
Jdubbz 6'4 3/4" said on 21/Feb/19
@rawdshaq: It's not too unbelievable. When I was 6'3, I was 178lbs at my lightest.
rawdshaq said on 15/Feb/19
I just realized she's a little over 6'3" and barely 168 pounds? Lol?
Film Fan said on 3/Feb/19
Yeah, she is most certainly a legit 6’ 3.” She has looked it consistently throughout her career. She is probably around 6’ 3 1/4.” Probably 6’ 3 1/2” in the morning.
Jdubbz said on 26/Jan/19
@Canson: I remember Rob mentioning that she wakes up at 6'4.5, and I'm starting to believe it. Women definitely lose more height than men with age, so maybe they shrink more during the day as well. 1.5 inches of shrinkage kind of makes sense for an extremely tall woman like her.
Editor Rob
There have been some people on here over the years saying they could shrink 3-3.5cm, so I don't think a full 1.5 inches is impossible.

I'll say again, the first time I seen Christie was after dinner on the Friday of this event and she didn't look as tall as she did in the morning, I think there was a difference. She may well have measured 6ft 3.5 the moment I seen her...
Canson said on 28/Dec/18
I think a full 6’3 is fine.
Jordan87 said on 10/Dec/18
Smaller head makes her look a lot taller than she is. She is not over 6'3.
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 26/Nov/18
She is definitely 6’3”, Gwendoline is obviously a very tall lady. She was taller than Adam Driver and Domhall Gleesson in a picture they were in together. Look it up in Google, if they’re like 6’2” and 6’1” respectively, then she is undebateably 6’3”. I mean, look at how she looks next to Rob who is a legit 5’8”. It’s too bad we couldn’t see her face in the Star Wars movies, she kicked ass as Brienne of Tarth in GoT though. She is a legitimate 6’3”, hands down. I could buy a touch over that height too, I think she could look as tall as 6’3 1/4” as listed on this page in that picture.
Film Fan said on 26/Nov/18
It’s so cool that you get to take all these pictures with celebrities.
Editor Rob
It is useful meeting actors to help the site and an interesting experience.
Tall Sam said on 15/Oct/18
That's a big leap it seems but she's trying to get some extra income there from fans, maybe she's getting worried as GOT wraps up.
Tall Sam said on 12/Oct/18
Hard to say for her a flat 6'3" versus a fraction over it, I could see either way, but I'd say she's definitely over the 99% female percentage. BTW, IMO, The Star Wars roles (and I generally liked those two movies) wasted her cool presence.
Editor Rob
This must be the only actress who has done cons and has went from basically Poundland to Harrod's type pricing.

At her first con 4-5 years ago she was £10 for an auto/photo.

I didn't get one that day. Believe me, I wanted one but wasn't allowed one...I had to wait till the starfury event to get her, she had only went up to £20 by then.

Now I see she is about $100 for a photo at conventions...
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 28/Aug/18
""The ONS said the average man in England was 5ft 9in (175.3cm) tall and weighed 13.16 stone (83.6kg). The average woman in England weighed 11 stone (70.2kg) and was 5ft 3in tall (161.6cm).""
(copy and pasted from google)

The weight is a too inflated for a 5'3 women which is overweight and over shapes, let alone that but jump to height that would be 6 inch difference between men and women in the Great Britian standard so Gwendoline is literally a 6'9 equivalent as a men. That is a giant.
Paul Wood said on 23/Aug/18
Further to my previous comment, I've just checked on the CDC height percentile calculator, and 191cm is showing as the 100th percentile for a woman and the 98th percentile for a man. I'm surprised it was such a high percentile for men but then I thought of it in terms of 1 in 50 of men being 191cm or over which is probably the case. You do see 6ft 3in men around, but most men you pass in the street aren't that height.
Paul Wood said on 23/Aug/18
She must be above above the 99th percentile. Not many women are as tall as her, most men aren't either.
Canson said on 7/Jul/18
@Andrea: well said. That’s my angle as well when I was telling Junior that the language is ambiguous. Saying when she is measured may not refer to time of the day. It may be her measuring in shoes. I wouldn’t rule that out
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Jul/18

Good point. Or it could be that she measured 6'4 1/8" in the morning and rounded that up to 1/2" as well.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Jul/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Very true. But lets believe shes only 1/8 less than this listing before bed so maybe she measure with her bathroom slippers which is 1/2 inch thick and the rest of height is 2.2cm gain out of bed.
Andrea said on 4/Jul/18
To be fair, if someone like Jenny regularly loses an inch from morning to evening, I wouldn't completely rule out the chance that a very tall girl like Gwendoline can lose as much as 1.5 inches, considering that the taller you are, the more chance you have to shrink more, although that certainly would be a pretty big amount.
That being said, I still don't think her claim is that specific. She just says that she's 6'3 or 6'4.5, depending on when you measure her. And that could mean a lot of things, IMO. Even that she's 6'3 barefoot and near 6'4.5 in shoes...
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Jul/18

Even if she's as tall as listed at 6'3.25", I still have a hard time believing she's 6'4.5" out of bed. Most likely either a shoe measurement or measured 6'4" and rounded up half.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/18
@Canson I think her 1.5" loss is a wrong reading or count up with some hair. I atually think shes like 6'4 out of bed and 6'3 1/8 before bed. I'm not quite convince shes over 2.2cm out of bed even for a very tall women. My tallest female cousin was 189.1cm out of bed and goes to bed at 187cm at her absolute low i feel the gap of out of bed height should be similar with Gwendoline. An inch i'm not so sure.
Canson said on 30/Jun/18
@Junior: I think she can come to 6’3” flat to be honest. She may lose an inch. I still don’t know if her 6’4 1/2 is really a morning claim or if she meant in shoes (whenever she’s measured). I have a hard time seeing 1.5” loss for her even at her equivalent to a taller guy
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Jun/18
I believe her absolute low at 190.8cm and 77kg after a meal for her dinner.
Zampo said on 24/May/18
Anywhere between 190-191 cm. 190-190.5 cm may be more likely.
TrulyYours said on 24/May/18
Gwendoline is 6ft3 flat for me
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 20/May/18

I disagree. Worst case maybe 190cm but she looks right at 6'3". Probably not 6'3.25" though.
Nik said on 10/May/18
6'3", as she says!
Canson said on 9/May/18
@Christian: it’s possible too
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/May/18

She could've measured 6'4 1/8" out of bed and rounded that up to 6'4 1/2".
Mimi said on 24/Mar/18
Rob in 30 years time do you think big Gwen would be 6ft2ish?
Editor Rob
It will be interesting to see how long she holds 6ft 3 range. I think by mid 50's she might lose a half inch or so.
Canson said on 13/Mar/18
Solid 6’3 at her low. 6’4 out of bed not 6’4.5
Animus said on 13/Mar/18
In the UK, a 6ft3¼ woman is equivalent to a 6ft9½ man, according to Medscape. There are far fewer very tall women than very tall men, so the height difference between equally tall (relatively speaking) members of the male and female populations keeps increasing.
Nik said on 25/Feb/18
She is probably 6'3", as claimed by her agency!
Adnan said on 14/Feb/18
6.2.75" or 190 cm flat
Jordan87 said on 9/Feb/18
@ Mimi ,

She would be equivalent to a 6'8" Man. So I would still say that is classified as Extremely tall.....Last time I saw a Guy over 6'7" in Person was in 2014.
Junior Hernandez said on 9/Feb/18
Loss 1.5" a day is bs. She must have counted her hair up or atually an inch max lost in a day. 1.9cm lost is average for most human whether tall or short people they lost within same amount. She probably stand 6'3 in the afternoon/evening. I hardly believe she can be measure 6'4.5" barefoot not without her hair.
Mimi said on 7/Feb/18

Sorry but my question was about her being considered very tall/ extremely tall for a woman even in the Netherlands or in the Dinaric Alps. I do know she's tall whereever in the world you put her. Peace out 💜💜
Jordan87 said on 31/Jan/18

She can go anywhere in the world at her height of 6'3 and would tower over the men and WOman. Dinaric Alps Included which the average man is 6'0 and the woman are 5'7. So Yes use logic a Woman who is 6'3 is going to be tall anywhere.
robbieraeful said on 30/Jan/18
I may be taller than Luke Evans and Dan Stevens, but I am definitely not Gwendoline's height yet.
Mimi said on 26/Jan/18
I think if she's in the Netherlands or Dinaric Alps she'll still be a very tall woman?
Agent Orange said on 25/Jan/18
I can buy 6’3 for Geendoline .
Oliver said on 19/Jan/18
Rob,who is the tallest woman you've ever seen?(other than Gwendoline Christie and Amazon Eve).
Editor Rob
The tallest female I've seen in recent years is a 6ft 5 or 6 women.
Canson said on 18/Jan/18
@Charlie Evans: there are a few guys like that who have measured people on their shows such as Conan and Kimmel. Neither one of them can be taken seriously (the latter even more so) in terms of height. Conan is similar in height with Gwen. He could edge her by a hair if he even does but he looks 6’3” so does she
namespace said on 18/Jan/18
I have a cousin who's 6'3 and she basically underwent the same growing pattern of Gwen Christie.
MAD SAM said on 18/Jan/18
She’s definitely 191 cm, a guy of her height would claim himself as far as a 6’5”
Charlie Evans said on 14/Jan/18
Im confused on her height. From what Rob said in a earlier post both of them were wearing similar shoes. So i did a google image search of her and Jake Gyllenhaal who was argued of being 5'10 to 5'11 all though some say Jake was a bit shorter than 5'10 and Conan's measuring methods were off with the measuring tape being bent which would give Jake a taller advantage. Any how Jake and Gwendoline were standing side by side jake in dress shoes and Gwendoline in high heels. There was 4 inches between Jake and Gwendoline meaning if she had on the same footwear as Jake she and Jake would be the exact same height. 5'10 to 5'11. As confused as i was seeing this photo of her and rob and seeing her in heels posing with Jake i assumed Jake was wearing shoe lifts but then i see many men standing 4 to 5 inches shorter than her while shes in heels given the fact the average male is any where from 5'7 to 5'9.Iam still confused to her height. Here she does look 6'3
Editor Rob
Not seen a photo of them together, would be interesting to see it.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 8/Jan/18
She’s very tall. I’m a tall guy and she’s about 3” taller than me. She’s also about the same height as my brothers.
checker said on 5/Jan/18
When I have a measuring tape next to me and my finger is perpendicular to 5'8, the tip of my nose hits my finger just as it shows hers to be.
VicLions said on 25/Dec/17
She is definitely the 6ft3 she claims to be
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 18/Dec/17
the flat 6'3", 190.5 at her lowest.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 18/Dec/17
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 1/Dec/17
Rob, what would the difference look like between like a 6'3.5" guy (like my character in my story, Lark Falcon) and Gwendoline Christie (both barefoot)?
your character would edge Gwendoline. i guess a half inch difference is the shorter person would be looking just literally under the taller persons eye level.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 16/Dec/17
She shrinks 2 or 3 Cm throughout the day, 4 Cm is insane.
Monkey knees said on 15/Dec/17
6'3.5 is perfect.
Jason said on 14/Dec/17
@Canson. Maybe very tall women tend to lose more than men. That being said, 1.5 inches sounds quite extreme. I'd say she loses 3cm at the most.
Johnson said on 11/Dec/17
Jade Parfitt is supposed to be 6'1 and she is close to Gwendoline's Christie height
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 6/Dec/17
Rob, did she wore high heels when you met her, or did she have regular footwear?
Editor Rob
both around 0.75 inch footwear this day.
Jordan87 said on 5/Dec/17

Gwen would be about an Inch SHorter than your Character if you go by the top of their heads but her Eye Level may be close sicne she has a Small head. Not sure the other physical Attributes of your Character, but assuming he would have a regular sized Human Head, Gwen may be able to nearly look him in the eye.
Canson said on 4/Dec/17
I doubt 6’3.25 is a low for her. I can see her getting down to 6’3 or a hair less and maybe she wakes up 6’4 but highly doubt 6’4.5. When you measure her can also mean when she is in shoes or when she is barefoot may not just be morning vs evening
Mark said on 2/Dec/17
@michael: actually, he's a fashion designer, and he's around the same height as her.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 1/Dec/17
Rob, what would the difference look like between like a 6'3.5" guy (like my character in my story, Lark Falcon) and Gwendoline Christie (both barefoot)?
Michael said on 1/Dec/17
Her partner must be an NBA player standing over 2.0m.
Alex 6'3 said on 28/Nov/17
I think she could be like my height: 192 cm in the morning, 190,6-8 in the mid day. She could have given her lunch time height, which could be around 191,1-191,3 cm. Most of the time people get measured during late morning, at time when the height is a little under the morning height (7-8 am) but a little above the average height (3-4 pm). I think she's a weak 191 cm..
Oliver said on 20/Nov/17
I'm just 5ft 7(in the afternoon,usually 5ft7 ⅛-¼). Out of bed,I'm 5ft 7.75-8. But there are times when I shrink to 5ft 6.8-6.9. So,I come to believe Gwendoline shrinks from 6ft 4.5 to 3.25 over a day.
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Why people here are like "6'2"5, NO WAY" while it's clearly possible.
Canson said on 18/Nov/17
@jordan87: she seems very proud of her height tho remember she said she wishes she were taller. I can buy anywhere around the 6’3” mark but don’t believe she wakes up to 6’4 1/2. That seems odd that she would lose that much. Granted I’m a male but i don’t lose 1.5 and I’m a little over an inch taller than she is at my lowest. Even the taller guys that I’m friends with that are 6’6 and 6’7 as well as the taller guys here on this site aren’t losing but max 1”.
Jordan87 said on 16/Nov/17

Agreed, I think She is likely slightly Under 6'3 via the Height chart. 6'4.5 I find very funny and not possible on any level. Weird that an Abnormally tall woman would inflate her height. I have seen 5'10 Girls say they are 5'8. Then again I have seen 5'8 guys say they are 5'10.
Canson said on 5/Nov/17
@christian: yep and she has her head tilted down which can actually increase height if the crown is more upward. She’s max 6’3. I still don’t buy her losing 1.5” even as a very tall woman and equivalent to an extremely tall or giant male. I see maybe 6’4 out of bed maybe a small hair over or she didn’t or wasn’t measured right when she was out of bed but I do believe the 6’3.25 measurement maybe late morning or so
Jason said on 1/Nov/17
Flat 6'3, no taller.
Bennett said on 28/Oct/17
The tallest women I met without heels was a legitimate 6ft3. Look close to how gwendoline look next to 5ft8 robb
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 22/Oct/17
6'3" flat is a much higher chance than 6'3.5" In fact 6'3" is what I guess her at.
Csimpson 6ft said on 16/Oct/17
@Ted yeah 6ft 3.5 is certainly possible for Gwendoline
Mimi said on 15/Oct/17
I wanna be Gwendoline's height but then again that is 15 inches taller than the average Filipina and I would look like a total skyscraper. I'm a big 7 inches shorter than her.
Ted said on 2/Oct/17
I would argue 6' 3.5''
MJKoP said on 1/Oct/17
"Many people can't see past my height, and it's been very difficult to be considered for parts simply because I'm six foot three."

Well, at some point there's going to be the inevitable Janet Reno biopic. :)
Nik said on 30/Sep/17
This pretty random celeb is about 6'2.75"!
Ice said on 25/Sep/17
@Jordan87 Im about Gwendolines height , 20 years old and I weigh 175 ilbs , and let me tell you that I'm a lot stronger than the average male . Im able to bench press 220 ilbs even though I only do bodyweight exercises and boxing regulary . Ive also never lost an armwrestling match since I turned 17 .
Concerned 182 cm said on 24/Sep/17
185 pounds? Wow. Gwendoline, despite what the costuming department projects, is a pretty skinny gal. Makes sense, since she is a model and actress, not an athlete or anything.
MisterManletMick said on 23/Sep/17
Editor Rob: you could be up to the chin of a 6ft 3 person if the camera angle was favourable to the taller person...

true when there is a 7 inch gap can between two people the taller one can look waaay taller that the shorter person, for example I am around 177 depending on the time of the day and this guy I met who was a real estate agent during a rent inspection some time ago and he would've been around 6 ft 1 or 6 ft 2 and when we were standing normal while the height gap was noticeable but we were still "in range" and looked almost the same height but when he stood on a higher ground the height gap was all of a sudden very obvious and he looked closer to 6 ft 5.
Nik said on 22/Sep/17
@ MisterMsnlet!Mick - Hi!

I like your posting and there are a lot of well balanced and admirable points that you have made!

Nik said on 22/Sep/17
@ MisterMsnlet!ick - Hi!

I like your posting and there are a lot of well balanced and admirable points that you have made!

Nik said on 20/Sep/17
@ Anonymous

To be honest if you are a 5'8" male you are ordinary! Nothing has to be difficult, nor does it if you are even smaller than that.
MisterManletMick said on 20/Sep/17
Rob I honestly can't believe that at 5 ft 8 you made it up to her nose I would've expected you to be under her chin if not up her shoulder in comparison because 5 ft 8 and 6 ft 3 and a half sound lightyears away on paper and it just shows that 5 ft 8 although is not considered a "impressive height" isn't quite as short as its cracked up to be (probably because a lot of 5 ft 5 actors claim 5 ft 8 and it alters our perception of how tall people over 5 ft 8 really look in person).
Editor Rob
you could be up to the chin of a 6ft 3 person if the camera angle was favourable to the taller person...
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/17
I think most 6.2 men don't like tall women,it's rare if you see a 6 foot woman and a 6 foot male together.You usually see a 6 foot male with a 5.8 woman.
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/17
It's strange if ur 5.10 and a man you are considered average height.But if ur a woman your already tall.Most women who r 5.7 to 5.8 r considered tall.That's why it's difficult if your a 5.8 man.
Jordan87 said on 15/Sep/17

I want to believe you the reason being most Females I meet that are over 5'10 actually display postures to make themselves look shorter. Gwendoline at 6'2"+ giving herself 1.5" in a Inflation claim would be very weird to me.

HOwever, If this is the case Guys Like WIlding, Lundgren, even taller guys like Joshua should be shrinking like 2", b/c not only are they taller than Her, but exceptionally heavier. Still sounds FIshy, then again not sure why a woman as tall as her would claim they loose 1.5".
Nik said on 15/Sep/17
It's great we can celebrate women of Gwendoline's height pictured with men of Rob's height! (I am slightly south of Rob!). It's a shame the photographer hasn't taken a picture of me and Gwendoline!
Alex said on 14/Sep/17
Do you think she wears heels a lot? I've seen a couple of pictures of her dwarfing Adam Driver and Domnhall Gleeson by at least 6 inches
Editor Rob
yes, she likes to wear heels to events, and isn't afraid to do so and I'm sure some tall men are probably taken aback by looking up several inches to her!
Jordan87 said on 13/Sep/17
I cannot bring myself to believe she shrinks 1-1/2" In One day. At 185 pounds that's not really that heavy. I am well over 180 pounds and Don't Shrink more than 1/2" During the Day.
Editor Rob
well for comparison, Click Here

They took readings for 50+ days.

One of the participants who is 59 shrank on average 1.1 inches. The man starts at the same height as me out of bed, but come 10pm I'd be 1cm taller than him, he shrinks to 172.

It's not unbelievable if a guy under 5ft 9 can shrink 1.1 that a women with a longer spine and 7-8 inches taller might shrink more than 1.1 inch.
Nik said on 13/Sep/17
@ Mimi

I'm more like Rob's height! I am a man like Rob too!
Jordan87 said on 13/Sep/17

While She is Certainly Tall, and In My opinion Attractive, I'm Not sure how many males she is stronger than. Think about it, a 6'3 Female that weighs around 180. right? OK A Guy of 180 pounds would be stronger than her despite what height he is, since Male's carrie moore muscle. I do not see many guys under 180lbs, and To be honest she is lucky to be "Stronger" than 1/10 grown Men.

Any Males she is stronger than are likely not even 16 years old yet ( even then I was stronger at 16 then she is I would bet all the money in the world on that, and a lot of my friends were stronger than me) or they are really old and past their prime.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Sep/17
@Editor Rob

How?? I'm taller than her and even I lose about 0.75-0.88", as do the majority of folks in the 6'3"-6'7"-ish range.
Editor Rob
some people do lose more. I'm not sure why she'd lie about it.
Matthew Robinson said on 12/Sep/17
Agree with Canson on this. I mean, I shrink by about 5/8 of an inch on an average day. Maybe 3/4 of an inch on a very physical one. I don't see why she'd shrink twice as much as me on my longest days, particularly as I'm about the same height as her, maybe just a fraction less.
Mimi said on 12/Sep/17
6ft3 is like the ceiling of being nice looking tall woman. I feel like anything above that is definitely an attention grabber but people would look at you as abnormally tall.
Canson said on 4/Sep/17
@Rob: that's hard to believe for me. 1.5"? I can see her as 6'4" out of bed maybe 193.5 and dipping to 6'3 possibly
Canson said on 3/Sep/17
I used to think 6'3.25 but now maybe a flat 6'3" tops. Looking at how she stacks next to rob. She can look sub 6'3" actually
Editor Rob
I can believe Christie's shrinkage from 6ft 4.5 to 3 at night...
hardguy said on 2/Sep/17
Looks stronger than some males aswell LOL
Mimi said on 25/Aug/17
Rob how do these heels make her taller?

Click Here

Editor Rob
Yes she would measure around that
Mimi said on 6/Aug/17
Jordan87, you are right. I based it on my calculations of her body mass index if Gwen is around 185lbs and she'd still be at normal weight. Her being close to 170lbs would make her look really skinny but she's not.
Jordan87 said on 4/Aug/17

Yes You are correct however Gal Gadot was 148 for Wonder Woman. She is 6" Shorter than Gwendoline. There is more than 20 Pounds between them. Gwendoline is listed at 185 pounds on Some more recent Bios. The 168 is utter BS. More Recent bios have her at 176 and 185 pounds. 185 is more Accurate. Gal was Still rather Skinny as WW and was 148 at around 5'9. Big Gwen has her by an easy 35 Pounds based on height alone. 6" Of height should around 30 pounds alone, then Take into account Gwen is a bit thicker anyway than Gal, Big Gwen is not 168 dude.
Mimi said on 4/Aug/17
Rob where do you think the top my head will be beside Gwendoline? I'm about 172.4cm tall
Editor Rob
not much less than how I look...but if you had a taller person photographing, a 5ft 7.75ish person would be around her mouth.
Sam said on 3/Aug/17
So, she's about the same peak height as James Stewart who undoubtedly was super thin but many people do not question he was only 138 pounds going into the Air Force, but you guys think Gwendoline weights 185 pounds? I don't think she'd be that much heavier than Stewart (even though I doubt the 138 lb. figure, maybe closer to his average was around 160 lbs).
Canson said on 2/Aug/17
@Jordan87: 190 would make her appear thicker than normal even at "almost 6'3". Women have a diff body type than men. I am 6'4and change and 225lbs and would look a bit thicker if no definition, but look thin (athletic) but because I have more muscle and muscular shoulders along with Muscle around the chest and abs (not extreme but a fair amount which lets let get away carrying a bit more weight if I wanted and still look thin).
Animus said on 2/Aug/17
Watching Game of Thrones I would probably guess 6'2½" or a weak 6'3", especially in comparing her to Coster-Waldau, but they are on uneven ground quite frequently. Definitely a uniquely built specimen and a fine actress!

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