How tall is Carice Van Houten

Carice Van Houten's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

Dutch actress best known for roles in movies like Black Book, Valkyrie and Repo Men. On TV she has a memorable role in Game of Thrones, playing Melisandre. On her agency resume, she had her height listed 1.68m. In this photo I'm wearing 1 inch Nikes, whilst Carice's heels looked like they gave her around 3 inches of height.

How tall is Carice Van Houten
5ft 8 Rob and Carice @ LFCC 2015

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Average Guess (28 Votes)
5ft 4.46in (163.7cm)
Jdubbz 6'6 1/4" said on 14/Sep/22
Elene said on 6/Aug/21
Looks shorter here,maybe 5’4?

Keep in mind that her heels are 3". That doesn't mean she has a 3" footwear advantage over Rob.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/22
@ snake - There are plenty of short, medium, and tall people in all counties but the average height varies from country to country! Carice is the equivalent to a woman of 5’2” in America or the UK, she is equivalent to my good self too! She is on the very top rung of the short ladder!

I like your name!
Valentin 007 said on 30/Jun/22
I asked in Instagram how tall Is she and she answered me :medium heights,in her country the average height in a girl is between 167 or 170 depends the source
Elene said on 6/Aug/21
Looks shorter here,maybe 5’4?
Anonnymous said on 19/Jul/21
She could be even shorter, considering the fact that you are more than an inch taller than her, even with her having a 2-inch bonus to her height.
shweta said on 14/Jun/21
Dmeumyer said on 3/Jul/20
The shoes she has with Tom are bigger than the une with tom and Tom has 3cm type no bulge at all hard to see Tom much smaller than rob
khaled taban said on 5/Sep/19
Quite 5'4.75".
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 16/Aug/19
Good listing!!! Actually her height is average height for women in USA while Asian Womens average height is 5ft 3 half or so.... but considered to be below average height in her country. You know many Dutches(but not all of them) are known to be tall other than Nordics.. Dutch women average height is 5ft 7 half and 5ft 8 or so....
Nik said on 13/Jun/18
I have no problems with this listing!
Mimi said on 26/Aug/17
Rob you're the same age as Carice but you look 8 years younger.
Hans Meiser said on 25/Jun/17
Very beautiful lady. 164-165 seems right, but nothing over that mark.
anthony said on 8/Jun/17
looking those heels, she is 1.63 max, and I think I'm still giving her an advantage.
5'2 said on 13/Dec/16
she is probably no more then 5'3"
Asa said on 5/Oct/16
according to the cv on her agent's site she is 168cm

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Sam said on 9/Oct/15
Not every dutch person is tall, their average is roughly a couple inches taller than us so its no different than Rob meeting a 5'3 US/UK woman.
snake said on 8/Oct/15
wow! thought dutch women were very very tall like say 5.8, 5.9
Sam said on 5/Oct/15
I forgot was she listed at 5'5" before you saw her in person?
Alex 6'0 said on 4/Oct/15
Ok so taking into account she's getting 3 inches from her heels I see a good 1.5 inches difference still. 5'4.5-5'5 range is good
Editor Rob
she will have roughly 2 inches advantage, I thought up close she looked near 5ft 7, not as low as 5ft I wasn't sure she'd be only 5ft 4.5...I'm certain I read on her site 169cm.

this is also why I find sub 5ft 7 estimates for big Tom to be hard to believe. He's got Normal shoes with her, at least shoes with no bulging at the front...certainly wouldn't have much lift in those.
Alex 6'0 said on 3/Oct/15
Rob, 2.5-3 inches she's gaining from those heels?
Editor Rob
they will give comfortably 3 inches of height, it's a pretty high angle side on: Click Here
littlesue said on 1/Oct/15
I would say 5ft 5 at most.
Hypado said on 1/Oct/15
Carice Van Houten's Height is 5ft 5in (165 cm)

Beautiful actress. Yes, she looked this next to Seth Meyers.
Andrea said on 1/Oct/15
How much do those heels give? Around 3 inches? Near 5'5 seems a good guess...
Rifle said on 24/Jun/15
Rob, Don't you think she looks 167 cm?
Editor Rob
it depends, With Tom Cruise she has a good 2 inch footwear advantage and still looks shorter.

I certainly wouldn't be listing them 169 and 170 as I'd struggle to try to justify it ;)
Pedro said on 16/Aug/14
Wow, I didn't recognized her in this picture compared with her role in "Game of Thrones".
Sam said on 27/Jun/14
Could you add Game of Thrones to her known fors, her best known role in America I'd think...she is very hot and quite despicable on GOT.
Dan said on 13/Jan/14
Seemed a little bit taller than this in "Repo Men", although I couldn't tell what kind of footwear she had on. She also looks a bit over 5'6 in Game of Thrones.
footballed28 said on 20/May/08
Sharapova no taller than 186?? wtf? I would say she looks even taller than her listed 188cm
glenn said on 8/Dec/07
i was out of breath running for her in a crowded street,when my photog spotted her.stressed.
H said on 7/Dec/07
Glenn, your expression says you are a bit upset with the photographer. Nice photo anyway.
rick said on 5/Nov/07
I always thought around 181. She's looks exactly 3 cms taller than Mary Pierce who's 178...and looks, for me, 3 cms smaller than Venus Williams. Gramps, Anonymous (06 sept) is right , Yankovic is very far of 177. I'd say around 173 cms for her. And again and again, Sharapova is not more than 186.
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/07
How tall is Jelena Jankovic? She doesn't look 177.
amy said on 29/Aug/07
I am bad a height guessing but I would say shes over 5'11 by now. Judging from "gramps" photo she looks about 6'0, since venus is 6'1 and i dont see davenport at 6'2.5 for some reason, she looks shonrter.
Gramps said on 10/Jun/07
vandal, at 20 years old, I think Maria's done growing. My estimate is 6'1.5" to 6'2".
vandal said on 10/Jun/07
Gramps, I wouldn't judge anybody against Sharapova because she's a growing girl.
tallgalslover said on 9/Jun/07
Not sure abt footwear
Gramps said on 9/Jun/07
So check this out: if Lindsey Davenport is 6'2-1/2", would you still say Elena is 5'11"???
Click Here
Gramps said on 6/Jun/07
Dementieva is definitely over 183cm: The evidence...

Maybe less than a 2" difference here between Elena and Maria:
Click Here
Here Maria has at least a 2" heel advantage on Elena:
Click Here
Check where their heads are relative to the horizontal wall markings, noting that Maria has the heel advantage on Elena by at least 1":
Click Here
Elena with 3-4" on the 5'9-1/2" Jelena Jankovic:
Click Here
Finally, Elena looks as tall as a young Clint Eastwood here surrounded by five "normal" people:
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Viktoria said on 1/Mar/07
I really think, that Dementieva is 182 cm and Sharapova is 186/187.
anonymous said on 23/Feb/07
Hmm... In those pictures, M. Sharapova looks 4 cms over her, if she is 182 cms precisely, then Sharapova is 6'1.25 (186 cms). Though since she's listed as 180 or if she is 181, then Sharapova could indeed be 6'1. I don't think that's an 8 cms difference.
Gotxo said on 1/Jan/07
Dmeyer i had a lot of fun reading your post.
Yep Dementieva loosk at least 5'11" comparede to Glenn, wich is my height but she could be even a bit taller, she's bowing a bit in the pic.
Yeah, most of my friends under my height are constantly increasing their official height, even mine to fit theirs. I know a couple of fairly tall guys that lie a bit, but most of them don't.
And, on the contrary spent a lot of time slounching, when they rise their structure high you realize how really tall they are.
dmeyer said on 31/Dec/06
she could be 181 most women round down when the are over 5'11 like a 5'11 girl that i know that was around my height she could be 181 but i thaught i was 182 at the times so 5'11 like me she didnt apear taller more like the same most woman who claim 5'11 are either my height or 0.5 in shorter wish is close to the mark but most men that claim 5'11 are aleast 1 inch shoter than me even taugh i am myself 5'11 men round up a lot i almost dont know anybody who claim his real heigh my roomate claim 187 he looks nearer 183 184 my boss claim 5'11 he looks closer to 177 178 my other friend claim 184 and looks closer to 180 11 i have a co worker who claim 6'2 and look 187 188 he is the only guy that claim his real height i think people from 6'1 and up claim theyr real height because people ask me evry day are you 6'1 when i am 5'11 maybe a hair over it means people have a faulse idea of theyr height
Cheryl said on 18/Dec/06
HERSELF, Rob!!!! My mother-language is Russian, so...:-))))
rick said on 15/Dec/06
Hmmm. She said 182 ? I thought around 181 but 182 it's always possible. But 185 it's simply impossible.
RRR said on 15/Dec/06
I agree with Cheryl, Elena looks 182cm
Cheryl said on 15/Dec/06
I just can tell you, that I have heard an interview, where Elena himself said she was 182 cm - this is her actual height and all the pictures confirm that! In heels she is especially tall.

Editor Rob
crikey, I know tennis gets the testosterone flowing in some of these women, but Elena 'himself'...
rick said on 14/Dec/06
No! In the first pic Elena was 23 ! And Venus is not 6'2".
Aljona said on 14/Dec/06
Rick, these pictures were made 7 years ago - Elena could grow since then (women can grow till 21 y.)
Aljona said on 24/Nov/06
Hm... According to the photos, it seems, that Dementjeva is like 185 cm, because Maria I think is 188 - 189....
RRR said on 23/Nov/06
Click Here
unless 6
U.N. Owen said on 10/Nov/06
My goodness! Another growing Russian tennis chick. Just what are they FEEDING them?! :)
Glenn said on 29/Sep/06
I think it was sneakers.
dmeyer said on 26/Sep/06
i had a girlfriend that was 5'11 for some reason they look as tall as six feet man because men are rounding up and weman down
TNTinCA said on 26/Sep/06
Glenn, what was her footwear like when you met her? The picture looks like there is a good 4-5 inches between you too. Likely she is between 5'11" and 6 foot. And I will concur; she is QUITE the honey. :-)
Glenn said on 25/Sep/06
5-11ish,maybe 6ft.yes,pretty.
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/06
She looks taller than 5`11. She is also very pretty.

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