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8ft 11.77in (273.7cm)
Hiram said on 15/Jun/09
Robert was nearly nine feet, no doubting that. There have been other characters mentioned in books, such as Hans Brau or Braw and Nicholas Keating,
Who were said to be taller than nine feet. There was a woman in Holland about
the twelfth century about nine feet according to some old books, not only tall,
but of a prodigious poundage. She might have been bigger than Robert. I know Robert had feet like jf puts it tennis rackets. But I am certain Harley Davidson, whoever he was, took a larger size again.
Old Oak said on 15/Jun/09
My Father was in Germany, just after the war. He went to Aachen Cathedral, where the Emperor Charlemagne is laid to rest. According to tradition Charlemagne "Charles the Great" was a giant. Father also visited many other places, whilst over there. He once told me he had seen a pair of enormous women
exhibiting themselves. I think that this was in Dusseldorf, at the fair known as the Rheinkirmes. Father measured 5 ft 11 in his prime, and these women he says made him feel small. I do not know who they were. Would anyone here, have any idea.
Rand Hobart said on 15/Jun/09
Robert Wadlow's height was monitored regularly. Your Grandfather must have been mistaken.
A Nonny Mouse said on 15/Jun/09
jf - I don't wish to be offensive, but your grandpa was deceiving himself. Estimating height from photographs can be difficult (look at all the discussion about Stadnyk), but in Wadlow's case there is such a sheer number of photos that it is possible to get a very good idea of his height. If there is a photo of your grandpa standing beside Wadlow, it's evidence. His subjective guess is not.
Big Show said on 15/Jun/09
jf says on 14/Jun/09
My grandpa met him in St. Louis in like 1939 and said he was "maybe 2 feet taller than me. That's it, though." Well my granpappy was a legit 6'5", so this puts Wadlow's claim of 8'11.1" as utterly false. 8'5" MAXIMUM, in my grandfather's opinion. He did say he had the "hands of a 9 foot man." and... "it was astounding to see his feet, they looked like tennis rackets. This man is a legit 8'5", no doubt about it." he would add "...this man is one of the tallest men in Illinois, perhaps even the entire USA. Top 10 in the world, and I should know, I'm a legit 6'5"."

How many 9 footers did your grandfather met to be making the claim 'he has the hands of a 9 foot man'?
Honestly, Wadlow has been officially measured at 8'11" and I'll take that measurement over an estimate from a guy who's 2.5 feet shorter than him.
Alex5 said on 15/Jun/09
jf: that's ridiculous. Wadlow was measured at his given height. I'd pick that over your grandfather's word. Then again, Wadlow was 8'11" when he DIED, perhaps he was shorter when he met him.
Poker Portal said on 15/Jun/09
If Wadlow was a legit 8'5" that would make him almost as tall as Stadnyk!
Let's all go back to reality.
Duhon said on 15/Jun/09
I'll take your grandpas words obviously he would have been able to decipher between a man being 8'11" or 8'5".
Boxerwhiteray said on 15/Jun/09
There was a Scottish Giantess called Victoria Hall-who must have been alive at the same time as Ginny. Victoria was about 7 ft 6. Therefore the tallest known
Women from England and Scotland were around during the same period.

Johnny C
That just reminds me that Ginny is not on your alias list.
Known variously as
The Birmingham Giantess
The Bartley Green Giantess
The Cadbury Giantess
jf said on 14/Jun/09
My grandpa met him in St. Louis in like 1939 and said he was "maybe 2 feet taller than me. That's it, though." Well my granpappy was a legit 6'5", so this puts Wadlow's claim of 8'11.1" as utterly false. 8'5" MAXIMUM, in my grandfather's opinion. He did say he had the "hands of a 9 foot man." and... "it was astounding to see his feet, they looked like tennis rackets. This man is a legit 8'5", no doubt about it." he would add "...this man is one of the tallest men in Illinois, perhaps even the entire USA. Top 10 in the world, and I should know, I'm a legit 6'5"."
SomePerson said on 14/Jun/09
Rand Hobart: Rita said that it was size 22 EEE
Brumber said on 14/Jun/09
Ginny Bunford was Britain's tallest woman during her lifetime. Does anyone know of any other true giantesses alive ib Britain, during Ginny's life.
Clancy said on 14/Jun/09
The recent postings about Robert Wadlow, have been plain ridiculous. I do not know, why people want to sully his memory. Robert in life was a sensitive soul.
Never mind rolling in his grave, he will be spinning in it.
Rand Hobart said on 14/Jun/09
An article, I was reading regarding Chris Greener, stated that he had weighed up to 30 stones otherwise 420 pounds. I had not realised Chris had ever weighed that amount. The Guinness book and TV documentaries always gave his weight as less.

Whilst thumbing through an old copy of Guinness, it indicated Sandy Allen wore a
size 16 EEE shoe. Having read Rita's postings and seen Sandy on TV talking about her shoes, I know it was a much bigger size.
aram x said on 14/Jun/09
lol Bisad claiming 8,6". that's ludracious!
Beowulf said on 13/Jun/09
re johnny c's comment of 12 th june about chris lister, has any other giant so gone off the rails?
Anonymous said on 13/Jun/09
Fingleton is Europe's tallest person, though Bissad is now claiming 8-6.
Fred said on 13/Jun/09
Isn't Neil Fingleton Britains tallest man, in that news article they state Chris Greener Britains tallest man, that Johnny C posted. I may be wrong.
Rand Hobart said on 13/Jun/09
II have not been able to attend The Giant Bradley Event for the last couple of years, I wish I could have made the last years event when Chris Greener was in attendance. Click Here

A few years back there was a tall woman there, who was quite a height. Well above six feet tall. Though the tallest and biggest woman I have seen was in The Blackpool Pleasure Beach, a lot of years back. She was extremely large and
sounded very like the woman Cramphorn described at Hull Market. The woman I saw had to be about 7 feet. She wore a continental style garb with an apron over a dress. She was huge.
aram x said on 13/Jun/09
If you stand out of the crowd by that much, burglary or any civil crime would be hard to get away with especially in broad day light.
Metetron said on 13/Jun/09
Johnny C
Youm ommited Wadzilla VS Godzilla


Big Bob is invited to tour Japan. He is also in vited to meet one of the world's foremost authorities on growth. But a mad scientist imposes as the doctor and injects Bob with a growth serum. He begins to grow rapidly and goes on the rampage. The authorities send for godzilla, from monster island.
after a titanic tussle Godzilla chases Wadzilla(Bob) away.

Though beaten and bruised Bob lives to fight another day.

King Kong VS Wadzilla
A Nonny Mouse said on 13/Jun/09
Anonymous (12 June) - that question is a lot more complicated than it might seem at first sight. It wouldn't be enough simply to find an 8 footer who lived to a greater age than Wadlow. You'd need to know at what age he reached 8 feet. Some pituitary giants have spurts of growth well after becoming adults. I'll tell you what - Leonid Stadnyk didn't "reign" for long!
kking Aarfur said on 13/Jun/09
A Nonny Mousse: Hello . I daresay you know a few things about giants. But I believe you really need to consult someone who is a real master. A man whose expertise on giants is beyond question. My first impression was to refer you to
Johnny C. Now Johnny knows his stuff, but then I realised that whilst he is good, I mean very good, he wouldn't mind me going over his head and passing you on to another. There is after all another resident on this planet, who
could just be the world's foremost authority on Robert Wadlow and inded giants in general. If you are a man who is quick on the uptake, and I believe that you are. You should know who I mean.

Barnaby Joyce: It was good to hear from you. Good Luck for your journey abroad.
I hope you will keep me posted on how it goes.
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/09
Qn: Who was the lomgest reigning 8-footer? It certainly wasn't RW.
Johnny C said on 12/Jun/09
Great to see my local giant in the news Click Here
A Nonny Mouse said on 12/Jun/09
Johnny, in your rundown on Wadlow's film career, you mention his award for Best Visual Effects. Would that be for the movie in which he played a midget?
Rita said on 12/Jun/09
Johnny C:
Thanks for the laugh and the wry humor!
Johnny C said on 12/Jun/09
Barnaby Joyce: What can I say? You're simply star quality!

I'd almost forgotten about those of Robert Wadlow's incredible exploits to which your latest posting refers, as I seem to have been overly concentrating on his height alone.

Yes, that was a tense deciding set at Wrestlemania 3, when the 69-year-old, 13 ft 10 inches tall "Big Wad" touched down that slam dunk to win the Superbowl versus the tag team of Andr
Big Show said on 12/Jun/09
Barnaby Joyce says on 12/Jun/09
Kking Aarfur

It seems we are kindrid spirits. As you say, RObert lives on in our hearts. I am visiting Japan later this year on political business and hope to upgrade my autograph collection with some Japanese celbrities such as Bao Xishun, Jet Lee, Chow Yun Fat etc. Besides being an authority on our tall friends I am an aved collector of autographs and currently have signatures that once belonged to Margaret Thatcher, Heath Ledger and Aquaman, among others in my collection. I first found out about Robert Wadlow (or The Big Wad as he preferred to be called) during Wrestlemania 3 when he battled Andre the Giant for the Superbowl and was victorius in five sets. My favourite story about the Wadster was that time he caught that guy and that other guy trying to steal that fish and he turned them into a pillar of bread. And they never stole fish again. As you say blind freddy can see that Nig Wad could have grown to ten or elven feet or more if he hadn't left our worlkd. He was the tallest man who ever lived and he lives on in our hearts.

What in God's name are you talking about? Robert Wadlow at Wrestlemania 3? Robert passed away 47 years prior to Wrestlemania 3.
Is this the same Barnaby Joyce that posted below or is someone using his username to discredit him?
Barnaby Joyce said on 12/Jun/09
Kking Aarfur

It seems we are kindrid spirits. As you say, RObert lives on in our hearts. I am visiting Japan later this year on political business and hope to upgrade my autograph collection with some Japanese celbrities such as Bao Xishun, Jet Lee, Chow Yun Fat etc. Besides being an authority on our tall friends I am an aved collector of autographs and currently have signatures that once belonged to Margaret Thatcher, Heath Ledger and Aquaman, among others in my collection. I first found out about Robert Wadlow (or The Big Wad as he preferred to be called) during Wrestlemania 3 when he battled Andre the Giant for the Superbowl and was victorius in five sets. My favourite story about the Wadster was that time he caught that guy and that other guy trying to steal that fish and he turned them into a pillar of bread. And they never stole fish again. As you say blind freddy can see that Nig Wad could have grown to ten or elven feet or more if he hadn't left our worlkd. He was the tallest man who ever lived and he lives on in our hearts.
A Nonny Mouse said on 11/Jun/09
Here is a great article
Click Here
The subject is movie monsters, but there is much fascinating discussion of the natural limits to the size of various creatures including man, and said information should convince anyone that an eleven foot man is an impossibility.
Boxerwhiteray said on 11/Jun/09
Johnny C
Thanks for including my submissions on giants and their aliases.
Two others I omitted were.
Maria Schubinger"The Alpine Giantess" and
Amalie Schulte"The Amazing Amazon"
A Nonny Mouse said on 11/Jun/09
Kking Aarfur - in heaven's name what are you on about? You don't have to be a doctor to know that a human being could not grow to ten or eleven feet. All you need to do is read a little in the fields of biology and biomechanics.
As I've pointed out before, Wadlow's death was due to the fact he couldn't feel his feet. How on earth do you think that same overworked circulatory system would have coped with an eleven foot body if it was inadequate for one of nine feet?
Johnny C said on 11/Jun/09
Boxerwhiteray: Giants and their Alias now includes your additions Click Here (theTallsite free)
Boxerwhiteray said on 11/Jun/09
Johnny C

Enjoyed reading through your list of Giants/Giantesses and their alises.
Here are some others.

Sandy Allen"The Shelbyville Giantess"

George Gracie"The Gentle Giant"

Hugh Gracie"Huge Hugh"

Eleanor Wagner(Londy)"The Wonderful Giantess" and "The Dreamland Giantess"

Ruth Duncan "The Magnificent Giantess"

Nellie Smith "Britannia" also "The Great Brittania" and "The Brittania Giantess"

Annie Haase and Dora Helms-amongst their many other aliases were sometimes called Elsa and Hilda van Droysen and Elsa and Hilda Dorryson.

I am also going to try and obtain a photograph of the booth in which George Gracie appeared in-and where I met him many times. Hope to be able to scan this and send on via email sometime in future.
Kking Aarfur said on 11/Jun/09
Barnaby Joyce: Why does a man of your intellect, waste his time bandying words with these fellows. After all, what do they know.

Robert Wadlow was a hero to many, he's up there with Big John Wayne and Bruce Lee. You say he's alive in the hearts of people and rightly so.

How did you find out about him. For me it was The Guinness World Book, that brought him to my attention. What a man. One christmas morning, I opened the book, and there he was.

You also tell us, that potentially in your opinion, that Robert may have reached ten or eleven feet tall. Can you expand on that, as there were some doubting Thomases. I mean what do these fellows know, you would think they were all doctors.

What we need is people with a real opinion on this forum. People with your sort of perception and intellect.

Could you tell us more about your proposed visit to Japan. That sounds very interesting. Have you got a large collection of autographs, perhaps you could illuminate us more. Who are your other heroes. Robert was a great hero and an inspiration to millions.

Ignore the fools, but dont dissapoint the people who want to be inspired.
Johnny C said on 10/Jun/09
B7f3: I don't know.
A Nonny Mouse said on 10/Jun/09
mytg8 - I don't think we need pay too much attention to that somewhat unethical doctor. If Wadlow, resenting being treated like a lab specimen, was rude to the doctor, good for him. I think I remember that the doctor also claimed Robert was of limited intelligence, which is clearly nonsense. As for the "moodiness" in private, he mostly looks cheerful in the private family photos.
mask said on 10/Jun/09
Ghulam Shabbir and Mohammad Riaz:
Click Here
B7f3 said on 10/Jun/09
Johnny C, I look forward to your response now that I am no longer Anon (there are several other Anons). Regarding the high concentration of giants in NE England, it seems that it might be simply that interest is higher there, possibly due to yourself (you are from the Market Weighton area, I guess).
mytg8 said on 10/Jun/09
Oops! I of course meant defamation of character in my earlier post.
ABC123 said on 10/Jun/09
Barnaby Joyce
Thank you for ignoring me, however it was you who began all this rubbish.
All I did was make a few comments and you had a go at me.
Anyway enough is enough.
mytg8 said on 10/Jun/09
My mother saw Wadlow when she was a young girl, during one of his many tours in the late 1930s. She said he was very friendly; everybody called him Bob.

However, it appears he had a public and a private face. A doctor specializing in giantism examined him about the same time and he published his paper in a journal he said(paraphrasing here) Wadlow privately was moody and somewhat of a brat. Wadlow's parents sued for infamation but lost the case. In his defense, 'tho, he really was just a teenager.
Clancy said on 10/Jun/09

Have never heard of Mister Wadlow called Bob, Bobby or Robby, just Robert.
As you observe, he was rather conservative in his outlook and attitude. That of course was his choice. I believe he wanted and tried to be as normal as possible, though it would have been impossible to be so, for obvious reasons.

In jest Jack Earle made some comments to Robert. Though I do not remember the exact quote, I believe he said Hello Lofty and the usual weather jape. This was something that Jack had endured most of his life, and learned to take in his stride. Apparently Robert was deeply offended, though the comments were only meant as a joke. Robert did not see the funny side.
Barnaby Joyce. said on 10/Jun/09
Anonymous u talk big for a fool who don't even got the guts to have a username. Try saying that to my face not onlne and see what happens. Ur a keyboard warrior, internet tough guy who thinks hes all that.

ABC123 I have decided that I will not lower myself to ur level and I am thus ignoring you.
Diamond Cut said on 10/Jun/09
Uncle Amos
We thought the tall woman we saw in Bridlington was approximately 6 ft 8.
Her weight was perhaps in the region of 400 pounds. My shoes are size fourteen and the tall lady mentioned was wearing a larger size, maybe size seventeen or eighteen.
Barnaby Joyce. said on 9/Jun/09
He was the tallest man who ever lived.
Johnny C said on 9/Jun/09
Anonymous: Create a username please, and I'll respond to your questions.
Johnny C said on 9/Jun/09
Giants and their Alias Click Here (theTallsite free)
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/09
Barnaby Joyce: you sound just like tallbillet86, who was on this forum a while ago. heroworshipping Wadlow.
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/09
Johnny C
That's an interesting set of links. Why are there so many giants in north eastern England? Was it a Nordic settlement?
ABC123 said on 9/Jun/09
Barnaby Joyce
I have not come here looking for conflict. I did not say anything about the infirmities of others are fodder for public amusement, you have. Okay I said that you would be suited to a clown's outfit. That is because your comments are
absolutely ludicrous and your spelling is awful. Primitive indeed, take a look at yourself. I have not set out to offend anyone, though if I have offended you, then you brought it on yourself.
Uncle Amos said on 9/Jun/09
If the top of a 6 ft 2 inch man's head was level with the bottom of a woman's ears as described by Diamond Cut. Then what height, would the tall woman have been?.
Barnaby Joyce. said on 9/Jun/09
Why do you come here seeking conflict?
This is a family forum. You obviously believe that the infirmities of others are fodder for public amusement and I for one find this attitude both primitive and offensive.

He was the tallest man who ever lived and he lives on in our hearts.
ABC123 said on 9/Jun/09
Barnaby Joyce
Tell me how do you actually talk to a man, who is no longer alive.
Many giants appeared in military or other costumes in sideshow
I was not showing Robert any disrespect, only making some comments.
You, however sound like the kind of person, who would be suited to a clown's outfit.
Barnaby Joyce. said on 9/Jun/09
Show some restecp ABC123!

He was the tallest man who ever lived.

Why should he degrade himself by appearing in a costume liek a type of clown? You wanna disrespect him try sayin it to his face I dare you.
ABC123 said on 9/Jun/09
Without being disrespectful, It seems to me that Robert Wadlow, appears to have been a rather conservative, and a somewhat stuffy sort of individual. He refused to appear in costume in the sideshow. Instead he came into the circus tent dressed in a business suit. I have never heard of him being called Bob or Bobby or Robby(wonder if he ever was). Can anyone answer that?.
Silver Link said on 9/Jun/09
Whilst travelling up north, I had to change trains in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. An extremely tall lady walked past me. I am 6 ft 1, and this woman absolutely loomed above me.
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/09
This is an international forum, right? Why do so many messages come from the Yorkshire/East England, a very small area. Is it just one person posting most of the messages?
Monsoon said on 8/Jun/09
Some contributor's have recently mentioned several women of exceptional height.
A while back I visited The Trout Hotel, Cockermouth,Cumbria. Here I saw a woman, who towered above everyone else present. The tallest man in the room,
who may have been 6'3 or 6'4 stood back to back with her, and she was way taller. She was large in the build (not fat) but would have been some weight.
This woman was not british. I think she was from somewhere in europe. The impression I got, was that she was a genial sort of person.
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/09
Click Here
Clancy said on 8/Jun/09

Regarding Mister Wadlow.
What more can anyone say about him, that has not been said before.
We know his height and weight.
His other statistics, eg shoe size are known.
Hundreds of photos, of him exist.
We know how he died.
What more can we say.

People keep on bleating on about how much taller he would have grown, had he lived longer.

I've heard it all before.

If the whole forum, was only about him, it would get stale and boring.

There are many other giants and giantesses, we need to know more about.

Willow Tree said on 8/Jun/09
Anonymous(Wish people would give themselves a handle)
I just did comment on Robert Pershing Wadlow. The comment I made, somewhat controversial. Robert is the tallest person we know of. Though I have wondered if any taller people have existed. The countless individuals, who have lived over many centuries. Surely if there were no others taller, there still could have been some who got close, who have gone unrecorded. But someone might just have been even taller.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/09
Please someone talk about "Robert Wadlow" Hell, he'll be rolling in his grave....poor guy.
Rita said on 7/Jun/09
TLC will air the program on "world's tallest kids" tonight (Sunday, 6/7) at 8 p.m. EST. I hope this post gets put on the forum in time ..... my last post from a few days ago hasn't made it yet. Where is the moderator???
Silver Link said on 6/Jun/09
The anecdote mentioned by Rolling Thunder reminds me of "A Brief Encounter", pardon the pun, which I had. Again a railway station, though this was at Doncaster. Whilst waiting on a platform, a really tall woman walked past me and absolutely loomed above my height. I am 6 ft 1, but it was a case of what's the weather like up there. This woman whoever she is, is considerably taller than I am.
Sandman said on 6/Jun/09
Click Here
Article on Mills Darden.
Willow Tree said on 6/Jun/09
Robert Pershing WadlowClick Here
is universally acknowledged to have been the tallest human being, who ever lived. But how can we be 100 per cent sure. Many historians and explorers, and others speak of individuals, who they describe as taller than Wadlow. How can we know for definite.
Cramphorn said on 6/Jun/09
A good number of years back, I saw an absolutely huge woman in Hull Market. She was a great block of a woman. Her head, face, body, hands and feet were extremely large. I am 6 feet tall, but I reckon this lady was about a foot taller. Her clothing suggested she was not british. I remember that she wore a blue dress with an apron over it. Perhaps it was a national costume. Lots of people were pointing and gaping. The tall lady was talking to a man of about average height, who was dressed in what I would describe as a continental style suit and an unusual looking hat. They seemed to be aware that people were looking. Some of the bypassers walked close to the tall woman and her companion, yet they just carried on talking and did not appear in the least bothered.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/09
Exactly why is the Robert Wadlow section never about Robert Wadlow?? Shouldnt there be a seperate section for people wishing to waffle about other people and their opinions?
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/09
Liang is wearing regular clothes. He can't possibly be anywhere near 8-5.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/09
Mask - Great movies. The first (Juncai) is surely the most Wadlowesque person in the world. The second (Liang) is the new Stadnik (7-5 ish). He even speaks in the same moaning manner. I bet Juncai could armpit him if they ever met.
aram x said on 5/Jun/09
btw, Mask how do you know he's only 7,5"? I am skeptic too, but at least in this vid, he seems taller than 7,5". Maybe the doorway he walked through is also shorter than average like everything else in China?
aram x said on 5/Jun/09
That 7,5" Chinese guy looks like he suffers from some bad spinal curvature. He would definitely be taller if he stood without that hump.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/09
Barnaby, it would be a bit easier to contact Bao Xi Shun if he happened to be Japanese, but he ain't,and I never heard that he'd emigrated!
Mask - those are some nice pics of Max Palmer, but it's painful having to scroll down through all that loony and very American religious dreck.The Steve Quayle site is bad enough in that respect.
mask said on 5/Jun/09
Click Here (would have been truly about 8'1" if he could have been able to stand up straight)
Click Here (judge by yourselves to me he is not more than 7'5")
Click Here (funny giants Viktor "Nicolay" Zabolotny and Bao XiShun)
Barnaby Joyce said on 5/Jun/09
Wassup peeps I'm going to Japan at the end of this year, does ne1 know where I can get in touch with Bau Xishun for an autograph?
Diamond Cut said on 5/Jun/09
During the summer of 1981 my then girlfriend and I had a holiday in Bridlington.
One day we went into a department store and saw an enormous woman. My girlfriend said afterwards, do you realise the top of your head only reached the bottom of that big womans ears. This woman was massive, I bet she would have
weighed 400 pounds or more. Her shoes were huge and extremely wide, much bigger than my size fourteens. My height is 6 feet 2 inches.
Rita said on 5/Jun/09
ere's a strange little story.... Click Here|main|dl8|link4|
Toby Twirl said on 4/Jun/09
I am 6 ft 1 and have seen some ladies taller than me. The tallest was probably about 6 ft 6. It would be interesting to compare heights with women like Dydek and Semenjova. I would probably make shoulder level, with these two.
Click Here
Click Here
mask said on 4/Jun/09
Click Here(scroll down)
OXO CUBE said on 4/Jun/09
MisterSil: The woman you mention as "Aviemore giantess",6'9 tall is probably the same woman I saw. It was in a place called Carrbridge, that I came across
her. Carrbridge is only a few miles from Aviemore.
MisterSil said on 4/Jun/09
@Conal Cochrane, no doubt I know who is Pina Tufano, who is well known here. I saw her by chance many years ago in London, but I never met her recently. She used to have her personal website and a yahoo group, but now both are closed down. Let me say she is much more beautiful now in her forties than in her twenties. An ugly duckling who mature in a graceful swan.
Conal Cochrane said on 4/Jun/09
I was sure that you mentioned an Italian tall lady about six eight and something like 280 pounds in weght. It may have been this lady Guiseppina Tufano
Click Here
or otherwise Milena Boteva, or perhaps Eva Giauro, both six eight and a half.
MisterSil said on 4/Jun/09
@oxo cube, just wondering if you're talking od the so called "Aviemore giantess", 6'9 tall. There is only a small pic on theTallsite. Anybody has more news about her?
OXO CUBE said on 4/Jun/09
Whilst on holiday, in the Scottish Highlands some time ago, I came across a very tall woman. She must have been in her mid thirties, with dark hair and was attractive. My height is 6 ft 0. The tall lady had to be 6 ft 8 or 9.
MisterSil said on 4/Jun/09
@Conal Cochrane, yes I got close to Semenova on a tramway and she was almost touching the ceiling with her head. Even seated she was still gigantic.
Actually I don't remember the italian woman you talk about, but I met several tall women between 6'5 and 6'8.
Conal Cochrane said on 4/Jun/09
Did you actually get close up to Uljana Semenova. I remember her participating in the 1972 olympics. I believe she takes a size 21 shoe. A while back you sent a posting, regarding an Italian woman you met. I believe she is about six eight
or six eight and a half. Have you met many or any other really tall women ?.
Rolling Thunder said on 4/Jun/09
2 or 3 years back, I made a train journey from Nottingham to Derby. I looked out the window at Long Eaton station, and saw a woman who was tremendously tall.
This woman absolutely towered over everyone else. She appeared to be in the height range Tom Boller and ANON describe. There cannot be many women of that stature living in Britain. Is it possible, that this was the same person. The profile seems to fit.
MisterSil said on 4/Jun/09
In the 70's I saw a couple of times Uljana Semenova and she was really gigantic. Tall and big. Everybody was tiny near her. At that time she was in her twenties and even you can't call her a beauty, she was feminine.
aram x said on 3/Jun/09
Actually what I meant to say was I've never seen a woman remotely that size. I've seen a few men that height or even taller (the tallest I've seen in recent memory was the 7,4" Shagari Alleyne guy). I can't imagine seeing a girl that tall though. Quite intimidating I meant say!
Tom Boller said on 3/Jun/09
The lady ANON mentions.

Could this lady, I saw three times be the same one.
Came across her in Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester.

Description and age would fit.
I measure six three and I would say the lady I saw was at least six ten, though
probably more.
My weight is around 240 pounds and the lady in question would be at least 280, but perhaps more, difficult to say.
Her feet were a lot bigger than my eleven's.
She had long fair coloured hair when I first saw her, but the last time the hair was shorter and greying.
People generally consider me large, though I felt anything but in comparison to the lady mentioned. Never seen another remotely near her size.
Pierre said on 3/Jun/09
My height is 6ft4 and I have never seen a woman of the height ANON describes. I have seen a few though, who might have been say an inch or perhaps 2 inches taller than myself at most.
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/09
Hmmm - can't think of anyone who fits the bill. She'd have been born about 1950 and from your description might be one of many nationalities. Of course someone seen in a main street in London could be a visitor from abroad. Today, in such a situation, you could craftily snap a picture!
ANON said on 3/Jun/09
Anonymous/Aram X
I saw the tall lady I mentioned yesterday in London, this was in the Strand and near the Savoy Hotel. I would approximate this to be 1973. The woman in question was then probably in her early to mid twenties. Her hair was fair and longish and her build was medium, and yes 7 feet tall is a good approximation.
she was taller than a guy I knew who was 6'8 thats for certain. At that time platform shoes were fashionable and several friends of mine who were six footers
also wore them. Once I saw a woman about 6'2 who was wearing boots about 4 inches high, making her about 6'6 with them on.
Highman said on 2/Jun/09
This Zhang Liao is probably not even taller than Boa Xishun much less Zhang.
Anonymous said on 2/Jun/09
Anon, that's an interesting anecdote, but you don't tell us where this took place, so we can't try to guess who the woman was. By the way, why ever would a six-footer wear platform shoes?
aram x said on 2/Jun/09
ANON, that must mean she's at least 7 feet tall if a 6' person only comes up to her shoulder level. To be honest, I don't recall seeing anyone that tall in my life.
Poker Portal said on 2/Jun/09
Click Here
ANON said on 2/Jun/09
I am a six foot tall male. Back in the 1970s I used to wear platform shoes with three or three and a half inch heels. One day I was wearing some real high ones
and passed this woman in the street, she was wearing a regular heel and she was
towering above me. My head may have been a little above her shoulder, though I think if I had removed my shoes, would have probably only been about level with her shoulder line. WOW. Wonder who she was.
Siegfried said on 2/Jun/09
Did you make it to this years Giant Bradley Event?
aram x said on 1/Jun/09
26 stones sounds just about right for Neil. 360 lb is actually a pretty thin for somebody his height because some obese weigh that much but are at least a foot shorter!
Michael S said on 1/Jun/09
Calvin Coolidge's son died from an infected blister, Highman. You are simply wrong.
Brumber said on 1/Jun/09
A Ginny Bunford day Siegfried, good idea. You know what, a lot of people in Birmingham dont know who she was. Someone ought to write to the Birmingham Post
or contact the local authority and suggest that. She was the tallest british person and should merit more recognition.
Pontoon said on 1/Jun/09
I am 6 ft tall and take size 12 shoes. Once I encounterd a guy who is so tall, my head did not even reach his shoulder level. This man was slim to the build. I just happened to glance at his feet and I swear his shoes looked no bigger than my own.
Anonymous said on 1/Jun/09
Highman, anyone would think you were a doctor! "People don't die from blister infections". Well, Wadlow did. He got blood poisoning and penicillin hadn't come into use yet. If someone had been shot with a South American poison dart, no doubt you'd say "people don't die from little skin punctures."
Mocho Bunterro said on 1/Jun/09
Please anyone here know of Angelique of Chile mayhap tallest lady in world. She very very tall indeed. Neil Fingleton very very tall man indeed. Heem awful big. Please what 26 stone mean. Me no comprende.
Barnaby Joyce said on 1/Jun/09
He was the tallest man who ever lived
Siegfried said on 1/Jun/09
Thanks for supplying details of Neil Fingletons current weight. He sure has a massive appetite, althouugh that's to be expected. I have heard of the Giant
Bradley Day in Market Weighton.

They should have a Ginny Bunford day in Birmingham, after all she was Britains tallest citizen.
Mark D. said on 1/Jun/09
He had a pituitary tumor, causing giantism. In his day there were no treatments like there are today, from drugs to surgery, to fix that.
Ghost said on 1/Jun/09
Yep, Wadlow would have possibly grown a little past the 9 foot mark, but he probably wouldn't have been able to stand or walk
Danimal said on 31/May/09
I don't know how much his height was actually tapering off, considering the last year and a half of his life he grew 3", going from 8'8" to 8'11". Had he lived 2-3 more years, he would surely have well surpassed that 9 foot mark. Can you imagine how much of a rarity Robert was? No man has ever grown to that height before, or since. What was so special about Robert that he achieved a height of 9'0"?
Highman said on 31/May/09
Who are these so called doctors opining to Wadlow's possible height? Hasn't this topic been beaten to death already resulting in a poster being banned from this site? Geez. Wadlow's height was the proximate cause of his death. People don't die from blister infections. His maximum height was 8-11 and he reached it. RIP RW.
aram x said on 31/May/09
There's a biological limit to how tall humans can grow, and while Wadlow obviously grew much more than the humans are suppose to, he could have kept on growing until height completely disabled him. And he was already at that point since he required leg braces to walk!
Conal Cochrane said on 31/May/09
Danimal: The question of how tall Robert Wadlow may have reached, had he lived
longer has been debated here before. We cannot be sure, but I think he may have reached 9 feet or a little over. An expert on growth, gave the opinion that Robert had nearly done growing at the time of his passing.

Barnaby Joyce: I would say that 10 to 11 feet would not have been possible.
Anonymous said on 31/May/09
Please, Barnaby! The human circulatory system has evolved to deal with a body within a normal height range. Wadlow's death was caused indirectly by his height, because he couldn't feel his feet and hence was unaware of the advanced state of the foot blister which became infected. If he'd grown another foot or so, surely the circulation would have given up the struggle and his feet would have "died". Then, it would have been gangrene that killed him.
He'd have reached nine feet, but that would have been length, not height, because he'd have been bed-ridden.
Barnaby Joyce said on 31/May/09
I would say that if Robert had lived on past his time of death that ten to eleven feet was completely possible heights at which he could grow to.
mjv said on 30/May/09
if he had lived maybe 9 foot 5.
chris said on 30/May/09
an old article about Neil, touting the benefits of his tiny size 15s

Click Here
Gretzil said on 30/May/09
John Wain was not the writer or poet. He was a traveller of sorts and went around by horse and cart/caravan. It is probable that he came from or had a connection to Ireland, he did travel around towns in Yorks and Lancs probably in the 1930s or before that. This man was very tall, maybe 7 feet and they say he somewhat resembled Abraham Lincoln. He was reckoned to be an excellent cobbler and also mended other things. His shoe was size 17. A friend of my grandfather was 6'4 and wore size 12 shoes and he was considered a big bloke.
The only bloke grandfather knew bigger than his mate Fred was John Wain.
OWEN said on 30/May/09
Siegfried, Neil Fingleton now tips the scales at 26 stones. Apparently he may be appearing at the annual event 'The Giant Bradley Day' at Market Weighton East Yorkshire tomorrow. Sun 31/05/09. He will be walking around the streets happy to talk to anyone interested in tall people. I met him and Chris Greener (the former tallest man in Britain before Neil) at the event last year. Unfortunately Chris is mostly now confined to a motorised wheelchair.
Indrid Cold said on 30/May/09
Neil Fingleton is approximately the same height as Sandy Allen was. However Sandy had much better proportions, her head and feet were larger than his.
Though whilst Sandy was acromegalic, Neil certainly does not appear to have that condition.
Curly said on 30/May/09
Although it's impossible to determine with absolute certainty, most medical professionals, using Wadlow's growth charts and medical history as a basis, opined that he would have continued growing until about the age of 25, at which point he would have stood about 9' 2.5". His rate of growth had begun to taper off during the final 2 years of his life and he wwas exhibiting the early stages of acromegalic changes, which meant that his growth plates were starting to close. Unfortunately, had Wadlow lived, he probably would have been confined to a wheelchair within a few years. Also, with his history of foot and leg infections, he might even have wound up a double amputee like Cecil Boling. Hope that sort of answers the question...which is not so silly.
aram x said on 30/May/09
Yeah, he could have very well reached or surpassed 9,6" although his arm span could still be longer than his height.
Danimal said on 29/May/09
Silly question, but can anyone give an estimate as to how tall you believe Robert Wadlow would have grown to had he not died at 22 years of age? How many more inches could he have grown? I read that his wingspan was 9'6". Perhaps that was what his ultimate height could have been? Any thoughts?
aram x said on 29/May/09
Rita, Manute Bol shockingly only weighed around 240-250 lbs at 7,7". He must be physical anomaly!
Road Gaffer Dixon said on 29/May/09
Who was/is John Wain. The only person of that name, I have come across was a writer and poet. Was that him.
Siegfried said on 29/May/09
Has anyone any idea what Neil Fingleton weighs now.
mask said on 29/May/09
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 28/May/09
Soomro seems somewhat clumsy and uncordinated in his movements.
For a comparison, according to the BoxRec website, Manny Pacquiao is 5 feet 6.5 in (169 cm)tall.
Rita said on 28/May/09
I loved the Fingleton story -- he sounds so much like Sandy Allen, who also refused to exploit herself and had fun with her size. But a 14 shoe? He's the same height as Sandy and she wore a 22/23. I think 14 would be very small for a man of that size.Also, as a comparison, Sandy weighed between 380 and 425 most of her adult life, at 7'7". She looked and felt better at the lower weight, and anything lighter would have made her too skinny for her height.
aram x said on 28/May/09
"Siegfried says on 27/May/09
In general a size fourteen shoe is large, though not for a man of seven feet and seven inches tall. Also me thinks his hat size, would not be very large for a man of his size. Does anyone agree."
Yes, somebody his height I would expect at least a size 17 or 18 shoe. And Neil's head is rather small for his height too. I guess he's a relatively small framed person. This 7,3"-7,4" guy, on the other hand,
Click Here
has a size 9 hat size and size 21 feet!
Indrid Cold said on 28/May/09
The actress Blanche Payson who appeared as Formidable Woman in Laurel and Hardy short Below Zero, when comparing her to Hardy seemed about the same height as John Wayne. Wayne and Hardy were in the Fighting Kentuckian together. Having looked at both films, Payson and Wayne seem roughly about the same amount taller than Hardy.
mask said on 28/May/09
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
mask said on 28/May/09
Click Here
Conal Cochrane said on 28/May/09
Regarding your statement about Neil Fingleton, I tend to agree that his hat size would be small in relation to his body size.
Gretzil said on 27/May/09
Indrid, the man you called John Wayne, was I think John Wain. This man I have been told was about 7 feet high. He wore a size 17 shoe, not size 7.
Siegfried said on 27/May/09
In general a size fourteen shoe is large, though not for a man of seven feet and seven inches tall. Also me thinks his hat size, would not be very large for a man of his size. Does anyone agree.
Anonymous said on 26/May/09
Highman, this guy (Zhao Liang) was discussed a while ago, when most people here didn't believe he's an 8 footer. Once again we're up against an apparently reliable report ("measured by doctors") which is probably NOT reliable. It's irritating. Mind you, I don't ever think we should attack the giant. These people have medical problems, and if they can improve their life by a spot of scamming, good luck to them, howvever frustrating it may be to investigators!
Highman said on 26/May/09
Click Here

This sounds like another giant scammer. On one hand he takes an interview talking about his life but then he won't be measured on-camera for ostensibly privacy reasons. He also simply doesn't look that tall. I thought for a second it would be Zhang Jun Cai but it wasn't.... he is the guy to measure!!
Johnny C said on 26/May/09
Indrid Cold: That's the best message I've read here for months! You're STAR quality! MORE!
Highman said on 26/May/09
Mask: Do you know what the video commentator said about Zhang?
Indrid Cold said on 26/May/09
A man I met in Barnsley claimed there was a guy called John Wayne (not to be confused with the actor), who he claimed was seven feet in height, yet only wore a size seven shoe. Personally speaking, I think he was talking a load of bull and I told the man I did not believe him. This John Wayne supposedly lived in Lancashire, but near the Yorkshire border.

The real John Wayne "Marion Michael Morrison" was reckoned to be six four and a half, though I am not sure if this was true. A woman who appeared in one of his films(not sure which one) seemed as tall as him.
aram x said on 25/May/09
Yeah at least Zhang will eventually get recognized by Guinness, but why not SOONER!
mask said on 25/May/09
Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/May/09
Fingleton show size is still 14 (15 US size). Tiny feet. No wonder his balance is off.
aram x said on 24/May/09
252 lbs sounds extremely light for 7,5". But I suppose Fingleton is a relatively small framed person especially given that his shoe size is a 'measly' size 16 at 7,7". Right now, he probably weighs in the high 300 lb range or possibly even the 400 range (if he's a little chubby), but it's hard to tell since we never see him in too much 'revealing' clothing.
Conal Cochrane said on 24/May/09
What weight is Neil Fingleton now ?. At 18 years of age he was 7'5 and weighed 252 pounds. His shoe size was then 14. I think he takes a 15 now.
Anonymous said on 23/May/09
Fingleton should watch his diet! At his height, he'll get leg problems before long if he puts on weight the way he seems to be doing.
mask said on 23/May/09
Click Here
mask said on 23/May/09
Click Here
Conal Cochrane said on 21/May/09
Click Here
aram x said on 19/May/09
Man it must be inconvenient being that tall!
mask said on 19/May/09
Click Here
Conal Cochrane said on 19/May/09
Click Here
aram x said on 18/May/09
yeah those photos on the 3rd page clearly show Stadnik's true height. His head is about 3 inches short of the 7,11-8' ceiling of his house.
mask said on 18/May/09
Click Here
Click Here
aram x said on 17/May/09
Yeah but acromegaly sadly doesn't make you grow taller. It totally sucks as a result. If I had gigantism early in my life (so that I can literally reach incredible heights) and then I have the necessary medical intervention to prevent the onset of acromegaly, that would be great imo.
Anonymous said on 16/May/09
Sorry, I don't think that link was sufficient. At the home page, go to "Motives/Themes", then "Society/People", then "Eccentrics", then "Giants".
THEN scroll right down. Phew!
Anonymous said on 16/May/09
Johnny, if you want to see an example of the tragic effects of acromegaly, go here
Click Here
and compare this pretty girl with the later pictures of "Mariedl"
aram x said on 16/May/09
A 7,4" Harlem Globetrotter (Shagari Alleyne). Click Here
Whoa that guy is absolutely towering!
Andrew M said on 16/May/09
Click Here
Click Here
mask said on 15/May/09
Click Here
Anonymous said on 14/May/09
I've been looking at the "official" Johan Aasen website (who decides it's official?) and there is an interesting discussion of his height, with, for once, a real attempt to establish the truth. They come to the conclusion he really was an eight-footer (which I for one still don't believe), but as I say, it's interesting. One thing I learned - what in Britain is called a skirting board, is a "mopboard" in the USA. Another example, dare I say, of the imprecision of American English!
Conal Cochrane said on 14/May/09
Click Here
Bernard Coyne. I think he was the tallest eunuchoidal giant. His bodyweight was around 222 pounds. I am not sure of his foot size, though an article that I read some time ago, suggested he had enormous feet.
Sanchez said on 13/May/09
Sanchez says on 12/may/09 aram X I think Shaq had dress shoes on that had a couple of inches of heel
and brandon just had tennis shoes on
ssx said on 13/May/09
Man, Shaquille showed what a class act he really is. Props to him.
aram x said on 12/May/09
From that vid, it doesn't actually look Brendan is 3 inches taller than Shaq. He looks to be only 7,3" max and he looks very frail and thin.
Johnny C said on 10/May/09
Re: Shaq and Brenden Adams (Click Here): What a nice fella, Shaq. Well done sir.
mask said on 10/May/09
Click Here
aram x said on 10/May/09
ok, Chris the fact that this guy has a first-time-diagnosed genetic disorder is enough of a contribution to medical science. The fact that they attempted to cure him is another worthwhile feat! I think the point you accidentally tried to imply is that this kid's medical disorder shouldn't have been cured--which obviously sounds sadistic! But I know you were just saying that as a 'what if' question out of curiousity, so I didn't take any offensive in that.
A. Nonny Mouse said on 9/May/09
Chris, that is such an extraordinary farrago of tortured argument I hardly know what to say. But I will seize on the phrase "let nature take it's (sic) course"
So a child born with spina bifida will have a short and painful life if it's up to you. Lovely! But of course he will, lucky kid, be "unique".
chris said on 9/May/09
here's what I meant.....99.99 percent of people in the world are ordinary, unremarkable, undistinguishable from the others.... when someone has a chance to be so unique, so different, so world famous, of such historical importance, it's a shame that medical science has to get in the way to disrupt that.

If it becomes possible with future technological advances, should medicines and doctors get involved so that every single person in the world is between 5'8" and 5'11" tall, and between 160 and 185 lbs? Think of the benefits !!! The manufacturers of everything will be able to standardize...... the size of cars, airplane seats, chairs, clothing, shoes, etc. Imagine the billions of dollars that will be saved !! Stores would only have to carry 2 or 3 sizes of everything, from shirts, to shoes, to pants, coats, etc. Stockrooms would be much smaller, less store space needed...

How preposterous you say? That's exactly the point I was trying to make.

To say nothing of the fact there's a strong argument to be made that whatever way we were made (by our God, creator, whatever term you'd like to use to not offend anyone) we should stay that way and let nature take it's course.
Boxerwhiteray said on 9/May/09
Andrew M

I am definitely sure the reference I made to the premier of Cast a Giant Shadow
had nothing at all to do with the Britain's tallest man contest. The film I mentioned was an american production-made in 1966. If memory serves me right-
I sourced the reference regarding the film premier from an edition of Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable under the section Giants. The Britain's tallest man contest-as you say was won by Chris Greener. He was listed by Guinness as Britain's and England's tallest man. George Gracie who had held the Britain's tallest man title for a while was still Scotland's tallest man. A few years ago-I saw some clips from that event on a tv documentary about tall people.
Highman said on 9/May/09
Chris: Thats a sad statement to make. The kid would die if he wasn't on medications. The Oprah show was like last year, fyi.
aram x said on 8/May/09
The origin behind his growth is what makes him so interesting imo. His is due to an one-of-a-kinda (literally) genetic disorder rather than a pituitary tumor which is usually associated with gigantism. Brendan,imo, also looks little disproportionate imo.
A. Nonny Mouse said on 8/May/09
Chris, it may be hard for you to grasp, but Brendan is a human being who does not exist for your entertainment or amusement.
Andrew M said on 8/May/09
Boxerwhiteray - Never heard of that film premier. Are you sure it wasn't the Britain's tallest man contest that Greener won? If you search for Frederick Kempster on google books FULL VIEW, an article from Popular Mechanics appears. It has some info on teh Parade, incl a photo of 'youth' Kempster. Also, An empire on display by Peter H. Hoffenberg includes an account of the Parade of Giants.
SomePerson said on 8/May/09
chris: I'm just curious why you want Brenden to grow taller. Yes, he was on a higher growing track than Robert Wadlow, but I'd rather have him stop growing and become healthier that him dying as a result of continuing to grow.
Boxerwhiteray said on 8/May/09
I seem to recall hearing something about A Parade of the Giants.

During the 1960s A film was mads called Cast a Giant Shadow. The film itself had absolutely nothing to do with giants-however they advertised for very tall people to appear on stage at the film premier. As far as I recall they ranged in height from 6 ft 7 to 7 ft 3.
Nippu said on 8/May/09
It´s better that Brendan Adams can have right treatment for his condition. I don´t like to see sick giants. 7´7 and heathy is better than 8´7 and sick. Hopefully they find cure for him.
chris said on 8/May/09
shame they put Brendan Adams on medications...he might have been a true 8 footer, or even challenged Wadlow, who knows??? At 12 Robert was 6'11", and at 14 he was 7'5"...Brendan was right on track !!!
aram x said on 7/May/09
Brendan Adam is 7,3" o 7,4"? And I think he has finally stopped growing or at least his growth as been put under control. I am guessing this is the most popular forum on this site btw.
SomePerson said on 6/May/09
Brenden Adams was just on Oprah. (yesterday) He spend a day with Shaq and got new clothes
MAMUN said on 6/May/09
My friend johny C ROB just said yes to our proposal ! Please contact me
through ROB to know further !


aram x said on 5/May/09
Parade of the Giants? That sounds rather interesting. A tour of bunch of uber tall (presumably 7 footers) in the former most important city in the world.
MisterSil said on 5/May/09
Click Here
Andrew M said on 4/May/09
Does anyone have information on the 'Parade of Giants', which took place at the Empire Festival, Crystal Palace, London in 1911? I know Kempster was there, but who else?
Michael S said on 4/May/09
Another picture of Ralph Madsen: Click Here
A. Nonny Mouse said on 4/May/09
Johnny and Aram - thanks for the tip, which is indeed obvious. I think one reason I was just giving up was that I thought maybe my postings had been blocked. But I was still dumb.
What a magnificent pic of Madsen, Michael. It seems to identify other "tall cowboy" images I've seen online, as the decorated chaps he wears are distinctive.
As for the Chinese giant situation, I don't think we should too readily blame the individuals, or Guinness. This is China we're talking about, and they might not want us to find out the exact heights. The giants themselves might be pressured to avoid Guinness - who knows?
Oh, and I've saved this one!
Michael S said on 3/May/09
Ralph Madsen: Click Here
Highman said on 3/May/09
Look at that arm span...he probably can grap an NBA hoop no problem. Nice tailored suit and tie!
Johnny C said on 3/May/09
A. Nonny Mouse: Yes, it is annoying when our messages fail to appear here, and I don't know the reason for that. Stung by that in 2006, I quickly learned to copy and save my comments before adding them here, in order that I may simply paste comments that did not initially materialise.
In defence of the work done by Editor Rob, I'm grateful for CelebHeights message boards being spam-free and for the blocking of offensive contributors.

Here's another of my comments that has failed to appear here:
English language version: Zhang Jun-Cai visits hospitalised Yao Defen Click Here
aram x said on 3/May/09
A. Nonny Mouse, maybe this might sound obvious, but I think it might be good idea to actually save some of your hardwork on your computer in case if something like that were to happen. That's what I do sometimes....
Andrew M said on 3/May/09
Highman - You are right. I was confusing Zhang's case with Ahmed's. It is indeed a mystery why Zhang does not seek official (GWR) recognition. Guinness awarded the title to Stadnik based seemingly on hearsay. In Zhang's case there are comparison photos with Bao Xishun and even a video of both of them walking around together. Zhang is clearly the taller.
Highman said on 3/May/09
Andrew: That is Ajaz Ahmed of Pakistan who I really thought was tall years back...but I think Zhang is still taller.

What is so curious about Zhang is that he has show up to Giant events and made a public appearance bed side with Ms. why not just get medically or independently measured now? GWR should be all over this guy.
A. Nonny Mouse said on 2/May/09
So now johnny has posted a message which didn't appear! On almost all internet forums, when you post a message, it appears within seconds. Why is this one different? As someone said not long ago, it's annoying to type out a couple of paragraphs only to have them vanish into thin air.
Johnny C said on 2/May/09
C.J. Phillips: I missed your 25/Apr comment at the time. Welcome. I'm interested to know which tall basketball players have an extra joint in their fingers?
Johnny C said on 2/May/09
English language version: Zhang Jun-Cai visits hospitalised Yao Defen Click Here
Andrew M said on 2/May/09
Wasn't Zhang disqualified by Guinness because he has one leg longer than the other?
aram x said on 2/May/09
But hasn't Zhang been measured on TV with Bao Xishun and he was clearly taller? I think that's enough proof for me, but medical verification would just confirm this even further.
Johnny C said on 2/May/09
Although I too believe Zhang Jun-Cai to be the world's tallest widely-known living human being, legitimacy can't apply until his height has been medically authenticated.
Johnny C said on 2/May/09
(First posted this message yesterday, but it wasn't added to the message board.)
MisterSil: I remember you well, as you're great at identifying "mystery giantesses". I also recall your e-mail concerning the photograph of 6 ft 11 inches (210.82 cm) Gwen Bachman, but I thought I did reply, and I now apologise for not getting back to you on that matter.
Please contact me again, as the Tallsite project would welcome on board someone with your specialist expertise.

Beowulf: Thanks. Yes, let's hope G.W.R.'s now planning their trip to China, to visit Miss Defen and Mr. Jun-Cai.
A. Nonny Mouse said on 2/May/09
Highman - even if Uppal had been "medically measured" you (and I) wouldn't have accepted it. After all Stadnyk was supposedly endorsed by some bunch from his own country,and Zhao Liang is said to have been measured at the hospital. Although they are not as respected as they were, Guinness are the best authority assuming they make a measurement. Since Uppal is dead, that's out, so we'll never know about him for sure. BTW you want to watch that phrase "I cannot count..." - you are not the arbiter of all the world's claims!
Highman said on 2/May/09
Zhang Jun-Cai is the only legit tallest man in the world. The others are also rans and liars. Uppal was never reliable measured and I cannot count angled photos. If he was even close to the record he would have been medically measured and would have been the toast of record-crazed India.
Johnny C said on 1/May/09
MisterSil: I remember you well, as you're great at identifying "mystery giantesses". I also recall your e-mail concerning the photograph of 6 ft 11 inches (210.82 cm) Gwen Bachman, but I thought I did reply, and I now apologise for not getting back to you on that matter.
Please contact me again, as the Tallsite project would welcome on board someone with your specialist expertise.

Beowulf: Thanks. Yes, let's hope G.W.R.'s now planning their trip to China, to visit Miss Defen and Mr. Jun-Cai.
Beowulf said on 1/May/09
Congrats to Johnny C that GWR have acknowledged your work. Perhaps we can now see an accurate listing in the 2009 edition, for both men and women. New claimants have been poping up every which way of late. The Net is useful tool after all.
MisterSil said on 1/May/09
@Johnny C, I was just wondering about your no answer, but never mind.
My Best Regards
Rita said on 30/Apr/09
ick here:

Click Here|main|dl3|link6|
MAMUN said on 30/Apr/09
Thank you My gentleman friend Johny C ! I will do as you ask !

Kind regards

Johnny C said on 30/Apr/09
MisterSil: How may I help you?
MisterSil said on 30/Apr/09
@Johnny C, sometime ago I sent you a mail about a Gwen Bachman's pic you have in the front page of the "Tallest living women" section of your website, telling you I've been the first one to publish it on Intwerent, when and where I found it. Never had an answer :-(
Johnny C said on 30/Apr/09
Further to the theme of world's tallest children......
Elisaveta Philipovna (alias
Johnny C said on 30/Apr/09
Giants, including Robert Wadlow, who died tragically young Click Here
Johnny C said on 30/Apr/09
Mamun: Great to hear from you again. Your photographs are legendary, and your years of dedication to this area of mutual interest definitely merits the privileges I can offer. Please do contact me via Editor Rob (if he's in agreement) or via the Tallsite, and I'll set up an account for you.
MAMUN said on 29/Apr/09
Oh yes if it is OK with our boss ROB too ?

KInd regards

MAMUN said on 29/Apr/09
Hey johny C how can Supermun comtirbute to your site ? Would you like to
use my pictures of Alam Channa and other tall people for your list of over
7 feet tall people ? Will you grant me free access too ? Just a suggestion
my friend ! Hope you don't get offened ?

Kind Regards

mask said on 29/Apr/09
Click Here
Click Here
Johnny C said on 29/Apr/09
Many thanks to all the people who support, encourage and participate in the huge efforts that are being put in daily to update the Tallsite project: far and away the most comprehensive and best-researched body of work ever published on the subject of the tallest people. Such detractors as Highman are few, and their remarks are not a concern to us, as they too are free to compile and publish their own projects (please note Highman: your bitter comments addressed to me here will be ignored, and I trust other contributors here will also see how Highman's comments adversely affect the tone of the forum).

Getting away from such unpleasantness, of the numerous organisations and individuals with whom the Tallsite project is working (note: the project has granted free lifetime access to our website to 300+ significant contributors, including seven CelebHeights contributors - this ratio reflects research starting-point input to the project as derived from this forum since November 2006, largely provided by one person, mask), our efforts have finally made a breakthrough with the people long regarded as the world authority on the subject of the tallest people, Guinness World Records. Our correspondence with G.W.R. (note: G.W.R. initiated the correspondence, recognising the credibility of the Tallsite project) includes such tall people as Leonid Stadnyk, Zhang Jun-Cai and Yao Defen, with the following matter forwarded to me c/o G.W.R.'s Editor in Chief:
"From research into the world's tallest woman it is clear that China's Yao Defen stands above the rest. However, she is very ill and although we still intend to measure her (when she is healthy enough) we would also like to look into the next tallest women should anything terrible happen."

Hopefully, the vast and diverse daily work of the Tallsite project is going some way toward informing the world's public as to the facts, as opposed to the "fantasy land" data that has recently been published and accepted.
A. Nonny Mouse said on 29/Apr/09
Wasn't it Highman who, when he was first complaining about Johnny going to a pay-site, said he was going to start posting stuff himself, and make all the material available to everyone free? That project seems to have fizzled early!
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/09
hey highdude quit disrupting the board man. we have peace here 3 month. then you come back and get personall. and you aint giving nothing here. your trashing when other peeple give there estimate but you dont lay no hights on the line. you dont give no links and no new stuff. just quit hasling us. you just pointed out about a angled photo. yeah right. all i see is you have a angle man. and it aint a sweet angle. drop the personall comenting dude
Highman said on 28/Apr/09
Anonymous: I should get off Johnny C's case? I just pointed out that using angled pictures is very amatuerish and naive at best. But if we are talking about being respectful, maybe you should ask Johnny C about all the pics he collected from all of us and then created his fantasy pay-per-view site without notifying us? Thats respectful - NOT!
Highman said on 28/Apr/09
Anybody who uses Indian angled photos for measuring is not just being unscientific, but just wrong and silly. Please. What a joke.

Don't you think if he was that height he would have been medically confirmed -- which he wasn't. He is right up there with Ajaz Ahmed who I also thought was tall before I put the marbles back in my head. Fantasyland, huh?? You are insane if you measure angled photos. Remember Russian Markoff and don't forget it!!!!!!!
aram x said on 28/Apr/09
Well there isn't argument over Zhang's height because it has been confirmed without a doubt that he's 7,11 1/2".
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/09
and another thing for you high is you aint bringing nothing to this table. fantasy land is where you make comitments also
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/09
hey highdude get off johnnys case already. we have a respectfull board when you was away
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/09
Highman, have you measured from the picture of Uppal with Reddy? The crucial point is the truth of Reddy's height. The page giving the 5 feet 7 height is devoted to adulation of the man, so I don't think they'd understate his size. I blew up the picture so that Uppal's image was 15 cm high, and Reddy's then came to 10.5 cm, which made Uppal 95.7 inches. If anything Uppal's head is craned forward a little, so he could be a bit more. The page about Reddy is unconnected with the Uppal article, so there can't be a conspiracy!
Highman said on 28/Apr/09
Johnny C: Those pics of UPPAL are even worse. Those men could be all of 5 foot 2 or he could be on a raises step. The best footage we have is the movie with him next to the SUV. He is no where close to 7-11... I think you are in fantasy land. India is always overstating their supposed "record-holders" and Uppal is no exception.
aram x said on 28/Apr/09
upgrading him to 7,7"? well he certainly doesn't look much taller than that--if any taller. he's about the same height as Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan, but no more than that.
Johnny C said on 28/Apr/09
7 ft 7 inches (231.14 cm) Leonid Stadnyk Click Here
Johnny C said on 28/Apr/09
Longest-lived giants Click Here
aram x said on 27/Apr/09
Looks like Vikas is another height exaggerator like Stadynk. Vikas definitely isn't anywhere near the height he claims, but according to you guys, from the good visual evidence you have of him, he does to be taller than Stadynk? Broadering the 8 foot mark like Zhang (but probably not as tall)? He's still impressively tall I have to say!
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/09
I wonder if Uppal was measured after he died. Since that picture with Dr Reddy was taken at least six months before his death, in view of his age he might have grown another inch or so in the interim, and hit eight feet.
Johnny C said on 27/Apr/09
Highman: No thank you.
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/09
Humble apologies! I had another go at that picture of Uppal and Reccy, and yes, 7 feet 11 and a bit, it is. Maths was never my strong point.
Johnny C said on 27/Apr/09
7 ft 11.28 inches (242.00 cm) Vikas Uppal, September 2006 Click Here Click Here
Highman said on 25/Apr/09
Mask and Johnny C: Please don't use that angled photo to estimate a thing about Uppal. If anything the film of Uppal next to a car might be the best way to photo measure him. Thats the problem with India being so record crazed as they are....they are also prone to a bit of BS.

Again, Zhang is the real deal. Great guy, seemingly, too. Classy for him to meet up with that poor dying lady.
Alex said on 25/Apr/09
I believe this guy may have hit 9'0 or damn near it out of bed.
Poker Portal said on 25/Apr/09
Mask: I estimate Vikas Uppal's height between 7'10" and 7'11".
C.J. Phillips said on 25/Apr/09
What a great forum. Just stumbled upon it. Involved in the world of hoops for 40 years the world of height is presented on centre stage. Be it as a former player, coach, organizer, fan and journalist I have had the opportunity to meet Manute bol, 7-foot-7; Gheorghe Mureşan and Shawn Bradley 7-foot-6. What amazes me about their height is not their height but the size of their hands! Some even have an extra joint in their fingers.
mask said on 24/Apr/09
The tallest man in Saudi Arabia:
Click Here
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/09
If Dr Reddy is definitely 5 feet 7, then Uppal is no more than 7 feet 6, though at a glance 8 feet seems plausible. Can't see how you get 7 ft 11, Johnny.
JT, have you any details about Assen (or is it Asen?)Ivanov Giorgiev? I've never heard of him.
Bull Stroud said on 24/Apr/09
Click Here
Welsh Wrestler Orig Williams aka El Bandido took on some giant some forty odd years ago. Any clues who. ???
Big Guy said on 24/Apr/09
A long time back I posted info about Vikas and I felt then he an 8 footer. I got a lot of flack but I still believe he was an 8 footer or very very close. It is a shame there is no measurement of him that I am aware of.
a real shame there is no measuremnt fo him that I am aware of
aram x said on 23/Apr/09
Sun Ming Ming is every bit as tall as Bao Xishun imo. 7,8 3/4" and possibility a little over 7 foot 9 if his 7,8 3/4" wasn't measured during his daily peak.
Johnny C said on 23/Apr/09
Pictured here with Vikas Uppal is Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Dr. Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy Click Here
The following profile credits Dr. Reddy with a height of 5 ft 7 inches (170.18 cm) Click Here
Accordingly, I estimate Uppal stood 7 ft 11.28 inches (242.00 cm).
mask said on 23/Apr/09
Yo guys look at this:
Click Here(scroll down a bit)
Click Here
I just wanted to ask everybody what you think about Vikas Uppal real height because I'm still not convinced on it. Sometimes he looks over 8 feet sometimes he looks under but always around that mark according to me. I know the man with him in the pic I posted is listed at 5'7" and for Vikas indian media claimed 8'2.5",8'3",8'4",8'5" and 8'9". Now I also posted a pic of Bao next to his wife (who must be about 5'7" on heels in that photo) to see how a 5'7" person looks like next to a 7'9" person. After watching these two pictures I think Vikas may very well have been taller than Bao but maybe not quite 8 feet. There are also some people who are guessing for him a height of 7'10" and I think it could be close to the truth. I'd like very much to know your point of view on that question. Thank you.
JT said on 23/Apr/09
Click Here Assen Ivanov Giorgiev
ssx said on 22/Apr/09
I wonder if Zhang is at 8' tall by now??? All these others claiming the title of Worlds tallest, while Zhang who obviously is the tallest doesn't get enough attention.

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