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8ft 11.78in (273.8cm)
Oanh said on 2/Dec/16
Rob, do you think he was 9'0 or over out of bed, and with shoes on?
Editor Rob: Oanh, that's one thing that is intriguing - exactly how tall out of bed and at the end of the day he was...I think he was for a portion of the day was a good 9ft.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 1/Dec/16
Click Here

That guy looks huge in this photo. (Guy of the left of course)
Sarah said on 10/Nov/16
Is the guy next to him about 2 1/2 feet shorter, maybe 6'5" or so?
Editor Rob: Sarah, I wouldn't guess under 2.5 feet
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Nov/16
Rob, maybe he cleared 9ft out of bed?
Editor Rob: it's something I haven't been able to read about, what his out of bed height really was! Would love to have found out...
Borats Chicken said on 5/Nov/16
rob, you reckon bigfoots or yetis are real?
Editor Rob: not seen any real evidence, although in the distant past it is very possible similar types of creatures existed. Given that life has been on this planet in many shapes and forms for many millions of years, there's probably a lot of species that existed for a relatively short period that we will never know existed.

Also the size of the Universe is incomprehensible...I doubt this is the only planet with life on it.

I'm absolutely sure there's a blue bug-eyed version of Justin Bieber somewhere out there who is being argued to death.
Robert Broome said on 1/Nov/16
I regularly see a guy in Charlotte, NC named Chase Methaney that is 7'4". There are a hand full over guys in my building that are 7' and and a few that are 6'9"-6'10". They all look short compared to Chase. I can't even imagine what 8'11" looks like.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 2/Oct/16
He had something of spinal curvature, 8'11.25 my guess
Marianito10 said on 25/Sep/16
What about the guy at the left? He must be tall I guess, obviously for human standards.
Editor Rob: I don't know if it's a relation, could be?
Danimal said on 24/Sep/16
Duhon said on 8/May/15
Britain's tallest man 7'7" Neil Fingleton next to a statue of Robert Click Here

haha. That's incredible! Must have made this guy feel good knowing someone else in the world was once almost a foot and a half taller than him!
Danimal said on 24/Sep/16
Rob did you ever wonder how tall he could have grown to had he not died, considering he was still growing until the very end.
Editor Rob: if he was still gaining then he may well could have cleared over 9ft comfortably. Will a human ever be his height again, I don't know!
travis said on 22/Sep/16
damn everyone is short to him
That guy said on 1/May/16

he is if he wore shoes
Damian said on 22/Apr/16
Damn almost 9ft, but not quite.
shortpeoplearecool said on 28/Mar/16
consider him 9 foot tall, he is like a 7 foot person to a 5 foot guy to a 7 foot person if you understand what i'm saying
mrtguy said on 15/Dec/15
Rob, I've been wondering if Sultan's wife is 5'8'', I wonder how tall...let's just say his son is going to be 6'10''-7'0'' range ? can you agree Click Here
Editor Rob: Sultan's height is the result of pituitary tumour. His genetic height is different.
mrtguy said on 22/Nov/15
Rob, what would you say the difference between being a 7 footer and 8 footer?
Editor Rob: hitting your head on a helluva lot more doors!
M. Murdoch said on 3/Nov/15
There was a woman who lived at or near Whitley Bay, who was very large and I think had the condition acromegaly. They say she stood six feet seven and weighed 350 pounds. Having seen her a couple of times, I would say that was about right. Her feet were very large and she wore shoes that must have been specially made for her. Probably the largest woman I have seen in real life.Having said that, I did see a woman in Carlisle who just might have been taller, but nowhere near as big in build.
RoelC said on 17/Sep/15
gary neale said on 2/Sep/15
hi, theres a model of Robert wadlow in the uk, does anyone know where exactly?
theres pics of people stood next to the statue, near what looks like a shop entrance, when you google him. would like to take my kids for a look.

There's a statue of Robert next to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in London.
Click Here
gary neale said on 2/Sep/15
hi, theres a model of Robert wadlow in the uk, does anyone know where exactly?
theres pics of people stood next to the statue, near what looks like a shop entrance, when you google him. would like to take my kids for a look.
Bandjoe said on 24/Aug/15
I think giants like this were put in this world to put some people's egos in check, and realize height isnt everything. I dont mean that he was just a freakshow though, he seemed like a very nice guy, i watched a documentary where it said people use to walk up to him and kick his legs to make sure they are real, not very fun to be that tall at that point.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 31/Jul/15
I really doubt that he was that tall
Maybe 8ft 10.75 sounds better so weak 8ft 11 HAHAHAHAA
*I'm kidding
Jed said on 25/Jul/15
During that hot summer in the 70s I visited Whitley Bay and saw a huge woman at the Bus Station. I am 6ft and about 200 pounds and a woman who stood behind me was much larger. A friend reckoned my head was about level with the bottom of her ears. She must have been over 300 pounds.
Adrian said on 12/Jul/15
I have heard of these giant women in UK.
1. A Woman from London area about 7 ft. Probably born late 40s/early 50s alive during late 1970s.
2. A Woman seen in Brentford area early 1980s. App 7 ft. Possibly same person as
No 1?
3. A Woman called Christine. Alive 1970s. Near or about 7 ft.
4. A Woman from North/possibly North east of England. Said to be 7ft 2 and wearing size 15 shoes. Born 1920s/30s?
5. A Woman from Gloucestershire area alive in 1990s. Thought to be at least 7 ft tall.
6. A Woman from North Wales alive in late 1960s. 6 ft 10.
7. A Woman from Scotland possibly called Lorraine. Said to be 7 ft tall. Alive in 1970s.
8. A Woman from around or near Coventry area. Born 1953 or 4. Said to be 7 ft tall and of medium build.
[Editor Rob: never seen any 7ft women yet, most I think is 6ft 5-6 range close....]
Oak said on 5/Jul/15
How high is a modern telephone kiosk? A good few years ago there was a woman in UK said to be 6ft11 and 245 pounds.
Gunther said on 29/Jun/15
Kep. The giant you mention may have been Henry Mullens. He had several brothers and sisters. I believe one of his brothers and a sister were very tall. It may have been him.

I once knew a guy about six feet seven and I was told his Mother was a lot taller than him. She had a special extra long reinforced bed apparently. I did see a woman in the midlands area of the Uk, who was almost as tall as a modern BT Kiosk. She probably weighed around 350 pounds.
kio said on 21/Jun/15
height: 8'11.1" (272cm) weight: 439lbs (death) (492lbs (heaviest)) hand size: 12.75" (32.4cm) foot size: 18.5" (47cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/15
Rob, surely he'd clear 9ft at of bed?
[Editor Rob: I don't know if they ever did an out of bed measurement on him? It would be interesting to see how much he shrank during a day...]
120 said on 29/May/15
So Rob, How long do you think his skull size is?
[Editor Rob: it could have been near to 13 inches long.]
OneNamePlease said on 13/May/15
That man is ahead of Robert Wadlow and has a big hat on his head and too the british is ahead of Robert Wadlow
Duhon said on 10/May/15
delvin says on 9/May/15
Would a 8 feet man look short compared to him

This is how a 8'1" man would look like next to him Click Here . That man is Brahim Takioullah the 2nd tallest man in the world.
delvin said on 9/May/15
How big is his head ?
delvin said on 9/May/15
Would a 8 feet man look short compared to him
Duhon said on 8/May/15
Britain's tallest man 7'7" Neil Fingleton next to a statue of Robert Click Here
184.3cm (Night) said on 8/May/15

Better not tell French guy about this! He will start thinking average height in France is 7 ft .
Sultan Kosen really does stand out there doesnt he?
delvin said on 6/May/15
Did they measure his height in shoes
[Editor Rob: would have thought they did it without shoes.]
G said on 5/May/15
Hello Rob, I was with a friend at the supermarket and saw a huge man. My friend who is 5'11 was an inch lower your shoulder, and I got to his mouth. What do you think is the height of this great man?
RoelC said on 4/May/15
This past week there was a 'giant' event in France, that assembled some of the tallest men in the World. Here are a few pics.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

The shortest giant in that picture is Rob Bruintjes (who was 7'3 in his prime, but probably 7'1-7'2 today). Normally when you're over 7ft tall you're the tallest man in the room. Imagine how it feels when at that height you're the shortest guy in the room.

Sultan Kosen (tallest man alive) is of course the tallest. He was measured a little over 8ft tall on the same event. Measurement took place late in the afternoon and was performed while the person was barefoot and standing up.
Emil 182 cm said on 2/May/15
A gentle giant and true legend. He died because he did not discover an infected blister on his ankle in tim, since his sense of feeling did not function proproperly. But even if had survived that, his body would have collapsed sooner or later. There's a limit to just how much your center of gravity can stabilize.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/15
It's astounding that there are guys as low as 6ft3 who moan about being too tall. How do you think this guy felt everyday both physically and emotionally?
Chron540 said on 20/Apr/15
You must be proud, there is no man taller than Rob!!
Chron540 said on 20/Apr/15
Rob, how thick do you think his shoes is? It probably might depend on what shoewear he wears, considering he wears a size 37AA.
[Editor Rob: I looked at some of his shoes and the heel wasn't that big really...probably many of his boots where between 1 and 1.5 inch...just extremely long.]
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 24/Mar/15
9 feet 1 in his shoes , 8 ft 11-1/10 inches barefoot.His rate of growth was 2-1/2 inches a year when he died, and may have reached 9-1/2 feet, almost 3 meters tall had he survived his late twenties. He was known as a fine young man, and gentleman to his friends and family.
Bishop said on 28/Feb/15
His exact measured height was 8'11.1".
mike m said on 31/Jan/15
Madzeek he never stopped growing he was 8 ft 8 when he was 21 and was 8 ft 11.1 when he died at 22 so he still was growing he would have easily eclipsed the 9 ft mark if he would have made it another 6 months
Chuck said on 10/Jan/15
George 6' 7.5 says on 7/Jan/15
Shaq is 7'2 in the photo, but is 7'1

I'm sure his shoes give him an inch
George 6' 7.5 said on 7/Jan/15
Shaq is 7'2 in the photo, but is 7'1
Judd said on 4/Jan/15
Would be interesting to know if 8'11" is a barefeet or shoes measurement and if he had bad or good posture when measured...

I remember time ago that at GWR they measured the current tallest man of the world (he's chinese) and the measurement was really horrible: he kept shoes on bud because he had back problems he couldn't stay straight with his back...
Clay said on 5/Dec/14
That can put to rest this 6'11'' garbage for Shaq.
Duhon said on 29/Nov/14
Shaq and Robert Click Here
Icehole said on 20/Nov/14
After looking at some pictures of Leonid, I think in some he can look a good 8'. He definitely looks taller than 7'7" but not 8'4". RIP big man.
Sonic said on 23/Oct/14
Makes me wonder what height he could pull off in person to a random stranger. They would probably estimate to be at least 10 feet tall.
Nathan said on 21/Oct/14
Tallest man in modern history at least. There definitely could have been taller people in the past whose heights were not recorded. If you believe in David and Goliath, Goliath was presumably about 9 feet tall.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 15/Oct/14
Rob do you think there will anyone taller than Robert Wadlow one day like in the future his record hasn't been broken but never say never maybe in 20 years time someone out there could reach the 9ft 0in mark I don't think Robert Wadlows record will be broken anyone soon will have too wait and see in the future.
[Editor Rob: I really don't know]
Madzeek said on 7/Oct/14
Some of u are wrong if u sayin dat robert could grow more if he lived longer coz at 20 he stopped growing coz he grew his tallest of 8ft-11 inch then he died 2 yrs later.
Clay said on 22/Sep/14
Was Stadnyk 7'9'' after all? His family is still claiming 8'4'', but those on here that were saying 7'5-6'' were also off.
DesuMaiden said on 19/Sep/14
@Gunther_M: Since when was Stadnik officially measured? Do you have any source on this?
Gunther_M said on 25/Aug/14
Stadnick has died and we finally have an accurate measurement of 231.6cm.
6'4.5 said on 16/Aug/14
Robert Wadlow at 26 years is 300 cm
Oanh said on 12/Aug/14
Chappie says on 8/Apr/13
Grady Patterson was almost as tall as Robert> I think he died young also.

Grady Patterson was a fabricated giant...never existed. There is some articles on the net that reveal the hoax.
Oanh said on 12/Aug/14
rpic says on 4/Nov/13
Robert wdlow culd have bee over 9 eet in shoes and some resources said that Robert could not stand up straight all of the time when he was being measured. Robert could have reached 9ft 2inches if you think about it?

I read something about that years ago. I don't remember exactly what the article said verbatim, but Wadlow was 8'11" in his stockings. With his shoes on, he was easily 9'0.
Sam said on 6/Aug/14
Even though I've seen a cut-out of Wadlow, I'd think it would be something else to see a living person of this height. Plus he seemed like a sweet individual who got dealt an unlucky hand in terms of health. I'm 6'5" range and feel impressed by the one or two times I've seen a guy 6'9"-6'10" in person. The tallest individuals I normally see walking in big cities are usually only an inch or two taller than myself and more often than not I'm the tallest guy in most crowds.
Chaos said on 19/Jul/14
Hmmmmm, four and a half months passed since I brought it up here, and almost 3 years since it was brought up on the Stadnyk page and still no Kosen. Interesting..
Tall Sam said on 23/Apr/14
I got to sit in Robert Wadlow's chair. Despite being 6'7", I looked like a dwarf!
Click Here
Chaos said on 19/Apr/14
[Editor Rob: it is the reason, I forgot and until you mentioned realised he never got a page, now it is on my list to look at and see what his final height was.]

That answer makes it seem like you're stalling. His height has never been in doubt or disputed (2.51 m, 8 ft 3 in). It's been the same since 2009 when Guinness first measured him. In almost 5 years you've never thought to add him? Stadnyk was added the moment he made the Book, so obviously you keep up to date on the record. I'm really curious about the snub, maybe one day we'll find out. The Turkish prison theory seems the most logical at this point.

Click Here
Anarchy (Chaos, Dilemma) said on 17/Apr/14
John Middleton (9'3 feet) and The Giant of Castelnau (11'6 feet) were the maximum tallest. Even taller than Wadlow.
Chaos said on 20/Mar/14
[Editor Rob: I forgot about even adding him!]

You have a site about famous people's height, yet you forgot to add the most famous tall person on the planet for the past 5 years? Even now that you're aware of the "oversight" he still doesn't have a page.

Come on, give us the real reason, people here are very understanding.
[Editor Rob: it is the reason, I forgot and until you mentioned realised he never got a page, now it is on my list to look at and see what his final height was.]
Humberto said on 15/Mar/14
John Rogan... Height?? Please ROB . Is 2.68 or 2.67 or 2.69
2.32 m 125 kg said on 8/Mar/14
WOAWWWW! Is a true giant O.O
Chaos said on 4/Mar/14
Is Rob ever going to explain why he hasn't listed Kosen? He had Stadnyk up for years but for some reason refuses to list Sultan. This exchange is from 2011 on the Stadnyk page:

Ras says on 13/Nov/11
When are you listing Sultan Kosen, Rob?
[Editor Rob: I should retire this page and replace it with the real giant Sultan, and consign Leonid to the celebheights garbage bin.]

Yet here we are, almost 3 years later and no Kosen. Care to explain?
[Editor Rob: I forgot about even adding him!]
176,2Tunman said on 2/Feb/14
He could probably have ended somewhere between 10and11 feet had he reached 50years old.
Peyman said on 16/Nov/13
Alex says on 22/Apr/13
Rob I'm starting to think you have a problem with Kosen. I can't think of any other reason why you wouldn't list him. Did you spend time in a Turkish prison or something?
I was drinking tea when reading this post. but I couldn't stop laughing
honestly it was near to die. I couldn't breathe for one minute!!!
I guess kosen recently got married by the way.
rpic said on 4/Nov/13
Robert wdlow culd have bee over 9 eet in shoes and some resources said that Robert could not stand up straight all of the time when he was being measured. Robert could have reached 9ft 2inches if you think about it?
mag67 said on 22/Oct/13
"Chappie says on 8/Apr/13
Grady Patterson was almost as tall as Robert> I think he died young also. "

Grady Patterson didn´t exist. se Click Here
Gunther_M said on 19/Oct/13
Since the hand print at Brasenose is now known to have been drawn long after Middleton died, it is time to acknowledge the Childe of Hale as the true tallest man.
Click Here
Mr. Goldfish said on 18/Sep/13
That is more than twice your height Arielle, his tallest measurement was just over 8'11" I read that he died of an infection caused from a knee brace at age 22. This guy potentially could have been 10' tall had he lived longer.
Arielle said on 29/Jun/13
Would have been amazing to meet this guy, he was literally twice my height (I'm 4ft 3)
Josephina said on 28/Jun/13
I think it's amazing that he reached that height. Also, a picture said that human beings were as tall as Robert Wadlow and taller. Dang it! Should've saved the photo!
Emil said on 12/Jun/13
Anyways, how much could Wadlows height have fluctuated during one Day?
[Editor Rob: I've not read anything about a straight out of bed or at least within a few minutes measurement for him. It is possible he varied up to 3 inches, although that's my guess.]
Emil said on 8/Jun/13
Emil says on 7/Jun/13
Do you believe in ancient giants? It is likely that there could have been men from ancient times who were taller than Wadlow
[Editor Rob: I think G might be descended from the ancient giant Goliath.

I don't know about anybody ever being taller than Wadlow, there's only really been maybe 10 or so known 8ft+ giants...a lot of stories about monstrous men might have been cases of 7ft guys being called 9 foot etc.]

Yeah G is a true giant lol.
Of course, all that about skeletons being 36 ft is complete bull, but it isnt impossible that there have been people in the past measuring 9 ft
Emil said on 7/Jun/13
Do you believe in ancient giants? It is likely that there could have been men from ancient times who were taller than Wadlow
[Editor Rob: I think G might be descended from the ancient giant Goliath.

I don't know about anybody ever being taller than Wadlow, there's only really been maybe 10 or so known 8ft+ giants...a lot of stories about monstrous men might have been cases of 7ft guys being called 9 foot etc.]
Kep said on 3/May/13
there was a giant who was quite slender, with a bald head and wore spectacles and was quite a height. he had several brothers and sisters. one of the sisters
was perhaps very tal. a brother may have been six feet seven. anyone got a
clue who, this giant was.
Alex said on 22/Apr/13
Rob I'm starting to think you have a problem with Kosen. I can't think of any other reason why you wouldn't list him. Did you spend time in a Turkish prison or something?
Joe said on 15/Apr/13
And how is Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton celebrities but their height is listed on this site.
wiltonstilts said on 12/Apr/13
I wouldn't really classify this guy as a celebrity.. But none the less he's a GIANT!
Javiyon said on 11/Apr/13
Wow that dude was tall his height was 8'11 inches almost like 9'6 inches goliath
Chappie said on 8/Apr/13
Grady Patterson was almost as tall as Robert> I think he died young also.
IOld Mucker said on 7/Apr/13
It is Robert Wadlow not Waldow. Mind you, I have heard of someone being exhibited as Waldow or Waldo.
Joe said on 5/Apr/13
I don't know how anything you people are talking about have to do with Robert Waldow.
Pedro said on 3/Apr/13
Have there been any women from Spain, about or above seven feet tall. I have not heard of any?
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/13
I think he was more in the 8'10.9999 range:)
Roberto Lartoria said on 28/Mar/13
I hear of an Italian giantess called Rosalia Giacopelli who is said to have attained a height of 7 ft. Another Italian giantess called Isabella Pieroni according to some sources stood 7 ft 3 and weighed above 400 pounds. Yet another Italian tall woman Angela Dimascio, who came from the Naples area was believed to be well over 7 ft. This woman had been measured at 6 ft 10 and weighed about 308 pounds and her feet were very large.
Grootenberg said on 22/Mar/13
Have any of you learned chaps got any information on Rosalia Giacopelli or is it Giscopazzi? I gather this Italian giantess was either Venetian or exhibited in Venice during 17th or 18th century. Her height may have been seven feet three inches?
Captain Conrad said on 17/Mar/13
Not 100 per cent certain Rising Smoke - but the lady you mention was perhaps Amaleen Baker aka Miss Long Legs.
Rising Smoke said on 15/Mar/13
There was a lady, I saw many many years ago in Greenwich village NY, who was perhaps part Native American and in the region of 7ft. It would be interesting to know her identity.
G B Slee said on 24/Feb/13
Yesterday, I saw a woman in Bold Street, Liverpool, who was uncommonly tall. My own height is six one, but I was dwarfed by this lady.
Alex said on 29/Jan/13
Well, hoe much can one debate about height when the man in quistion is close to 3 meters?!
Beowulf said on 28/Jan/13
its seems very quiet here now!
SAK said on 22/Jan/13
Need 1 more inch to be 9ft. I think 9ft would have sounded much better.
Beowulf said on 17/Jan/13
Been away for (long) while friends. Apologies if this has been aleady discussed here before, but the GWR is now NOT citing the UK tallest, which was Neil Fingleton. What do they know that we dont? Or have they completely gone for absurd 'records' only!
JT said on 7/Jan/13
Has anyone got any information on Glenda Brougham "United States" said to be about 7 ft 1 or thereabouts, born around 1949? to 1952? and Audrey Hamilton of
US or Canada, who was reported to be about 7 ft. I am not sure if she came to Canada from US?
Rothwell said on 4/Dec/12
Margaret Harvey was born about 1949 and is/was seven feet one.
Kit said on 2/Dec/12
I have heard of Margaret Harvey born late 50s. She was said to be over 7 ft and lived in London/Berkshire.

A Scottish woman called Lorraine born early 50s was said to be about 7 ft. She
may hace been living in London during the early 70s.
Lowdowner said on 14/Nov/12
Does anyone remember London during the 1970s and early 1980s when there were so many very tall women around? There were two in particular, at least 7 feet, who I would see during late night shopping in Oxford Street. One was about 40 years of age with very striking aristocratic looks who I believe was Scottish and the other was a young girl in her late teens/early 20s who I discovered was an arts student at the Regent Street Polytechnic. Since those days I guess the internet has largely wiped out shopping trips by such towering women which has made our world a much poorer place!
Chad. V said on 8/Nov/12
Yes, The Giant of Castelnau if real easily tops Robert.
Tall Joey said on 7/Nov/12
Click Here
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 15/Oct/12
The Giant of Castelnau was supposed to be 350cm...unbelievable.
Bert said on 5/Oct/12
Yesterday, I saw a seriously tall woman at Long Eaton in Debyshire. This woman must have been about 7 feet high or pretty close.
Garret said on 28/Sep/12
My wife is six one. She once saw a woman in Scotland, who must have been seven feet or thereabouts.
Hackenback said on 21/Sep/12
I have seen about half a dozen women in my entire life in the six feet five to seven height range.

The only taller ones I have seen are photos in books or pictures on the web.
shortguy said on 19/Sep/12
well in my country people are quite short the tallest guy i have ever seen is around 6'3 (191cm)
lolo said on 19/Sep/12
would he be above average in Netherlands?
Rob C said on 18/Sep/12
I was just wondering if any of you guys have visited the Lanky Men's Board site. They show several pictures of people who are 7'2" 7'3" 7'4" etc. So I don't know if those pictures are real or fake since I thought that people of such height were very rare. I mean some of those pictures you can recognize the person for example there are pictures of Igor Vovkovinskiy, Paul Sturgess, Shawn Bradley, etc., but there are some unkonwn ones. So do you guys think that those are photoshopped?
anon said on 17/Sep/12
"I've seen two 6'10 range (one I know is 6'10" as he was a rugby player and he looked every inch of it in the flesh) and 3 maybe 4 6'8"-6'9" rangers. So about 6 or 7 men I've ever seen 6'8"+. Extremely rare I think."

Are you sure about that? I live in a major US city and see someone 6'8"-ish about every day. I've even seen a woman who was near that range.
Coriolanus said on 14/Sep/12
Can anyone divulge any information on a giant called Gregor, Grigor or Grigori?
He may have been a Russian? He was alleged to have been of incredible height?
Braid Logan said on 13/Sep/12
S T. Wall mentions a 6 ft 2 former girlfriend, who saw a woman near 7 feet. A number of other sightings of women near or about 7 feet, have also been reported. There is even a woman in the Gloucestershire area said to be above 7 feet.
Shaun said on 12/Sep/12
Blyman says on 28/Aug/12
One day in the late 70s, I encounterd a bloke who was well above 7 feet high in
the north east of England. I am six feet and came nowhere close to the shoilder level of this guy.

This man was very slim with a bald head and beard. Who was this? Anyone got a clue.

Michael Stipe on stilts? Tallest guy I've ever seen was 7'-7'2" range at an airport once. He was wearing like a three quarter length green mac or something which if a normal range guy wore it would be dragging on the floor like a wedding gown! That height in public will get people staring wherever they go. I've seen two 6'10 range (one I know is 6'10" as he was a rugby player and he looked every inch of it in the flesh) and 3 maybe 4 6'8"-6'9" rangers. So about 6 or 7 men I've ever seen 6'8"+. Extremely rare I think. The tallest guys are usually 6 ft 7 beanpole Peter Crouch or huge Challenger #15 types. I've lost count how many guys I've heard say "I once knew a 6ft 7 guy". Or "I know a guy who is 6 ft 7". The tallest guy I know is 6 ft 7 too. It definitely appears to be a cut off point on the percentile thing I think.
S T. Wall said on 11/Sep/12
Robert Pershing Wadlow, was the tallest "known" person in medical history. He was properly measured and verified. But I do feel that there may have been taller persons, who were alive further back in time.
G Gurney said on 10/Sep/12
A former girlfriend of mine, who is six two, told me she once saw a woman of almost seven feet. This was somewhere in the North East of England.
Booster said on 4/Sep/12
Oliver Stone, 7"4.5 and 231 pounds, who took a UK size 13 shoe, may have been the UKs second or third tallest person during the 1970s. I have no other information.
Styles said on 29/Aug/12
Blyman. He must have been one tall bloke. Got no idea, who he was/is.
Blyman said on 28/Aug/12
One day in the late 70s, I encounterd a bloke who was well above 7 feet high in
the north east of England. I am six feet and came nowhere close to the shoilder level of this guy.

This man was very slim with a bald head and beard. Who was this? Anyone got a clue.
AEGON said on 11/Aug/12
"According to the Bible", you say, Firemane. The Bible also says that Joshua conquered Jericho, though in fact the city had been completely abandoned for at least a century or two, walls and all! The Bible is not history; it is a miscellaneous collection of myths and legends.
On the subject of Goliath's height, the oldest manuscripts "” the Dead Sea Scrolls, the first-century historian Josephus, and the fourth century Septuagint manuscripts "” all give his height as "four cubits and a span", 6 feet 9 inches. Later manuscripts increase this to "six cubits and a span".
Even if he had been 9 feet 9, no way would he have been as strong as the myth has it. Just look at the video evidence of how hard it was for Wadlow merely to walk. Some might say God created Goliath specially, but if that is true, he was not properly human, and doesn't belong in a discussion of real giants.
firemane said on 1/Aug/12
In case you're wondering, the Bible lists Goliath as 6 cubits and a span. A cubit is generally accepted as the length from elbow to middle fingertip, or an average of 18 inches then and now. A span is the length from thumb tip to little fingertip with fingers spread as wide as possible, averaging about 9 inches. Thus, according to the Bible, Goliath was about 9 feet 9 inches, just under a foot taller than Robert Wadlow.
Gunther_M said on 17/Jun/12
Nacken - tallest man US?
Click Here
Clay said on 16/Jun/12
Jack says on 9/Jun/12
Rob how the hell did he grow this tall? :) It's just very unusual...

He was just a freak of nature. Period. Makes you wonder how tall people have gotten, but were just never documented. There could have been some 10-11 foot giants thousunds of years ago we just never will know about them.
Jack said on 9/Jun/12
Rob how the hell did he grow this tall? :) It's just very unusual...
Alex said on 7/Jun/12
He Is Not The Tallest Person Of All Times It Is A French Person Who Is 3.50

Link: Click Here
LG69 said on 14/Feb/12
@chris, trust met, i don't believe everything that i read or hear about. I certainly never believed the Stadnyk claims of over 8 feet. I have always thought and said that he was about 7'7"-7'8" at best. I'm 5'9.5" barefoot, with my low profile sneakers I'm 5'10.1/4". That's a 3/4" lift with a low profile(puma).
LG69 said on 13/Feb/12
@chris, go look at Robert's shoe on Wik(not allowed to mention the full name) There is a close up shot of his shoe. It clearly has a 1" heel. I'm inclined to believe he was slightly over 9'0 with his shoes on.
chris said on 13/Feb/12
@LG69 you shouldn't believe everything you read... didn't we all read that Leonid Stadnyk was 8 ft 6? Further, 1 inch heels don't add 1 inch to standing height. The heel adds about 70%.... for instance, a woman wearing 4 inch heels stands about 2.75 inches taller than barefoot...
LG69 said on 12/Feb/12
@chris, sure it's possible. He was almost 9 feet in his barefeet. You can't tell me that he couldn't have had 1" from the heels of his shoes. Besides, this is what I read. I certainly believe it.
jasperwazap said on 9/Feb/12
tallest guy i saw in my lifetime well so far was 6'10''-6'11'' without shoes. at an HMV in a Mall back in 1996. I was 5'9'' at the time. oh yeah saw a 6'7''-6'8'' guy looked (middle-easternin)in line at the theatre in the summer of 1999.
G9 said on 7/Feb/12
There was reference to a woman of Nine feet tall mentioned in Notes and Queries
magazine. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of her height. All I know was that was in Britain and think in either 18th or 19th century.
chris said on 2/Feb/12
@LG69... that's not possible. Robert topped out at 8 ft 11.1 inches right before his death....all of his shoes that I've seen had very small heels, the same as any man's shoe of that he would have been just shy of 9 feet in shoes
LG69 said on 30/Jan/12
Robert was "still growing" up until the time of his death. He most certainly would have surpassed 9 feet. In fact, i read an article years ago, that said Robert with his shoes...was above 9 feet--around 9'1"!!
ramiz said on 27/Jan/12
.There are hormone disorder.he was even until the age of 30.he would be 10 feet
ramiz said on 26/Jan/12
he is 6'2 at 7 years old.12 years old 7 ft 4(2.24 meters) and 10 years old 6'6
Drew Carswell said on 20/Jan/12
During the early 70s whilst on holiday in the Lake District, I saw a young womam
who was somewhere around 7 feet tall and well built. This was in Keswick. Maybe the woman Kutron mentions. Same county.
Kutron said on 13/Jan/12
I met a young woman from Cumbria who was seven feet high. If still alive would be in her late fifties. She weighed something like 20 stone and wore these massive baseball boots.
chris said on 10/Jan/12
it could be Jessica Pardoe, allegedly still a teenager and supposedly 6 ft 10 inches tall
Mexbro said on 6/Jan/12
Does anyone know who current tallest UK woman is?
Reg W said on 20/Dec/11
A giantess named Linda Copeland fl 1819 from Leek or thereabouts in the county of Staffordhire was 7'3" and had shoes so large that men could get their booted feet inside. She exhibited at a number of fairs and was said to have gone to America to seek greater fortune. Any further information would be welcome.
Jasper said on 16/Dec/11
I never gave it a thought to mention the condition of the book. Had there been mention of a name for the giantess, then I would have furnished that information.
Civet said on 13/Dec/11
L Paynter. If you are six feet then that woman in london must have been at least seven feet tall.
AEGON said on 10/Dec/11
"The book was battered and tattered and had no cover. The giantess was not named."
Fair enough but WHY did you not say so in your original posting?
L Paynter said on 9/Dec/11
Without shoes I am an even six feet tall. Over thirty years ago in London I saw a woman who was a full head and shoulders taller and obviously a lot heavier than my 238 pounds. Her age was about forty and her hair was dark brown. She would have needed a large hat size and her feet were very large in length and width.

Roughly thirty years back in York I saw a wan whose shoulder level was six or seven inches above my head. He must have been close to Chris Greener in height.
His head was bald and smallish. He wore a short beard. He might have been around thirty five. His shoes were about the same size as my own twelves.

I wonder who that guy and the woman are/were.
Jasper said on 6/Dec/11
The book was battered and tattered and had no cover. The giantess was not named.
It was stated that she exhibited in a room in Bristol and wore a blue dress. The head of the woman was almost touching the ceiling and a 6 foot tall man looked like an infant beside her.
Esray_MTA_Kool said on 4/Dec/11
Someone I know once saw a very tall person.
Rita said on 2/Dec/11
Jasper: Surely you can provide more info than that! Name of person? Name of book?
Jasper said on 1/Dec/11
An old book mentions a 9 foot woman in Britain in 18th century. Even taller than RPW.
Mort said on 22/Nov/11
I do not know the exact height of the structure at Long Eaton. But it has to be at leat seven feet at a guess and probably a bit more.
Esray_MTA_Kool said on 19/Nov/11
Hey Mort. The structure is exactly how high?
Mort said on 15/Nov/11
Recently when making a journey between Derby and Leicester, I saw a very tall lady. She was on the opposite platform and she was standing beside the shelter.
The top of her head was about three inches below the top of the structure and she was not in high heels.
danrezania said on 14/Nov/11
in fact Morteza Mehrzad (with 244 cm-8 feet)is the tallestman of Asia AND Middle east
danrezania said on 13/Nov/11
i am from iran and my english is very bad but i have met a giant called morteza merzad then i measured his height at 244 cm or 8 feet tall you can see the photos in although ttm listed him at only 241 cm tall i saw 244 cm with my eyes!
Aegon said on 13/Nov/11
George555, you should bear in mind that Eadlow was not measured as 8'11.1. He was measured as 272 cm(scientific measurements have used the Metric System for about a century) and the 8'11.1 is merely a conversion. It's also silly, because you cannot measure a person to a tenth of an inch. Anyway, the conversion really works out as 8'11.09, which is even sillier.
Ewan Craig said on 11/Nov/11
My wife used to measure and weigh patients in a Hospital. She once measured a woman called Lorraine or Lorna who was a full seven feet and said was 287 pounds. I wonder if this lady was tallest in UK, Britain or Scotland.
george555 said on 9/Nov/11
8'11.1 is almost 9 feet!
Alissa Snape said on 4/Nov/11
Very incredible- sad as well since he did not live for very long.
Bubba said on 4/Nov/11
Mills Darden was 7-6 and over one thousand pounds weight. Carson Ward was near as big at 7-4 and 990 pounds. Guinness did not list Ward, though they have missed out on others.
george555 said on 2/Nov/11
Mills Darden was 7'5-7'6.
Greengage said on 2/Nov/11
Lottie Dryden a 7'2" giantess from Indiana (19th century) was supposed to be some weight. An old poster proclaimed her to be 8'0" and 800 pounds.
Hank said on 25/Oct/11
Trying to get some information on the rather mysterious giant Carson Ward who was said to be near as big as Mills Darden. He was said to live in Georgia and may have hailed from Meriwether, Coweta or one of the neighbouring counties. Legend has it that he wrestled an Ox to the ground.
george555 said on 24/Oct/11
@Chaz:This guy looked between 7'5-7'7, not exactly 7'6. he could've even been only 7'3-7'4. he was very tall from the distance I was standing when I saw him.
Chaz said on 23/Oct/11
george555,unless you went to a place were you know a person of that height was,like I did with Chris Greener,you have allmost no chance of seeing one,there are only about 50 people in the world claming to b 7'6''or over and you can bet a good few of them are lieing.
george555 said on 22/Oct/11
Rob, I once saw a man that looked only 2-2 1/2 ft., have you ever seen people that short?
[Editor Rob: someone like kenny baker (when he could walk) was under 3 foot, I don't think I've seen anybody shorter than him.]
george555 said on 19/Oct/11
Rob, do you think it would be possible to see people 7'5 or 7'6 once or twice in your lifetime? I have never seen anyone over 6'8 since him.
[Editor Rob: it's possible yes, but you could just as easily not see anybody that height in your life either. ]
george555 said on 12/Oct/11
there are a couple people out there who are 7'3 or taller, it is just very rare to get to see them.
annie said on 12/Oct/11
as i was doing my science homework working on these project made me think about about of things this man was the tallest man that what got me wow another thing is nobody can break the case of the next best tallest man smh- by annie (7.5in )
Kooley said on 11/Oct/11
A Chinese woman, whose name I do not recall was born in 1961 was said to have overtaken Sandy Allen by about half an inch. She died young as did the even taller Zeng Jinliang.
george555 said on 10/Oct/11
Rob, he was very slim though and I was standing pretty close to him-he could've been more like 7'2.5-7'3.8, is that more common?
[Editor Rob: it's still very rare to see people that size.]
george555 said on 9/Oct/11
Rob, I once saw a man who looked like around 7'5-7'7 in height, is this possible? He was REALLY tall
[Editor Rob: it's very rare, how many men exist that height? Not many!]
Rita said on 8/Oct/11
That's true Mark. Some of it was bad marketing, some of it was not being surrounded by people who could guide her finances. She came from a poor family and poured a lot of her money back into that, like fixing up her grandmother's small but shabby house. She never lacked for anything, though, and she certainly was rich with friends.
mark said on 5/Oct/11
I believe only 2 women have been confirmed as having been taller than Sandy.... 8 ft 2 Zeng Jinliang and 7 ft 9 Yao Defen.... then again, after the Stadnyk disaster and then this year their recognition of sex change amazon eve as the tallest FEMALE model, can we ever believe Guinness again?
Kooley said on 4/Oct/11
Sandy Allen was really tall and really famous, but not rich. It is a shame that she was living in poor circumstances. There were 3 Chinese women whose heights
were greater than Sandy, during her own lifetime. I have heard of a woman said to be living in America, who was as near tall. Do not know name or if this person is still alive.
Rita Rose said on 29/Sep/11
Hi, love this forum -- very informative despite the occasional spammer. Just thought I'd take this opportunity to plug my book on my friend Sandy Allen, who was 7'7.5" and in the Guinness Book for many years. It's called "World's Tallest Woman: The Giantess of Shelbyville High," about her difficult high school years, with themes of bullying, tolerance and acceptance. You can order it through or cheaper from me directly -- and I'll also sign it. Contact me at if interested and put GIANTESS BOOK in the subject line (I get a lot of spam). Thanks.
Mamun said on 27/Sep/11
SULTAN'S height has been upgraded to 8' 3" in the latest Guinness Book 2012 !


Bushcutter said on 20/Sep/11
Dorothy Hunt fl 1956 7'2" may have been the tallest Aussie sheila.
Choo Tayh said on 6/Sep/11
Trying to get some information on Japanese lady giants. One was called Mimi and do think she live in Hokkaido during early 20yh century, and seven feet two. the other one taller and called Michiko.
Zahid said on 5/Sep/11
Here is the pic of Sultan Kosen and George Bell together:

Click Here

Looks like there is at least 6 inches difference between the two.

Here is a pic of Zhang and Bao:

Click Here

Zhang is closer to the camera and seems to have Bao by 3 inches at most.
Hansen said on 2/Sep/11
just don think Leonid Stadnyk 8"6 claim was taller than former world tallest men real7"9 Bao Xi Shun. even Leonid tries claims 8ft is a huge fraud.
LOZZIEPOO!! said on 31/Aug/11
Robert Wadlow was 6 foot 8 at the age of 11 and 5 foot 3 at the age of 4
LOZZIEPOO!! said on 31/Aug/11
Robert Waldow was 6.7 at the age of 11 and 5 foot at the age of 5 Pretty tsll right?
brandys said on 30/Aug/11
i read that he never wenth through puberty. maybe that means he never had a growth spurt, but never stopped growing.
george555 said on 25/Aug/11
Robert Wadlow is the tallest man for which we have evidence (8'11) he may have reached 9ft to his death
A Nonny Mouse said on 8/Jul/09
Water Buffalo - remember the person called "jf" who, back in June, posted a story about his grandpa meeting Wadlow and thinking him shorter than his reported height? I take it your anecdote is real? When "jf" admitted he was "having fun" I attacked him and he predictably told me not to be so serious. But here is an example of how pernicious his attitude was - I don't know whether to believe you or not.
Chris said on 8/Jul/09
Kimberly Diamond only made one appearance anywhere, and that was in a magazine decades ago. No other evidence exists. It is believed that the name was a made up name, as many women in magazines go by pseudonyms to protect their real identity. Also, some measurements have been extrapolated from those photos, with Kimberly compared to the woman next to her, and to the motorcycle, and it is believed that she is quite a bit shorter than 7 feet tall. I believe the text of the magazine stated that she was "almost 7 feet tall", which could mean she was 6 ft 5, and with heels 6 ft 8, which to many is "almost 7 feet tall".....
Live and in person, I've seen 6 ft 10 Ellen Bayer with normal height women next to her, and I have to say that she looks way taller than Kimberly Diamond does in those magazine photos....
Boxerwhiteray said on 8/Jul/09
The TallKid

Kimberly Helga Diamond has Been listed on several sites and listed at 7 feet.
I believe the name is an alias (Kimberly Diamond Mines). My mate Willard - currently overseas - had heard a rumour that Kimberly and Linda Bruno listed at 6 ft 11 - may have been the same person.
Water Buffalo said on 8/Jul/09
Sue Silver Moon was supposed to be 7'3 and 350 pounds. She was Cherokee and was in Springfield . Mass. sometime in the thirties. Grandpop told me about her. He was 6'7 and she was the only woman he ever had to look up at. This woman toured around Niagara, Boston and Salem, and probably many other places. I was told she sometimes rode a very large motorcycle. She threw knives, was a sharpshooter
and could juggle as well as do firetricks and swallow swords etc. Grandpop was born just before the twentieth century began and he figured Sue's age to be about the same as his, give or take a year or so.
Rand Hobart said on 8/Jul/09
Zainab must be one of the tallest ladies now living in Britain. It would be excelent if we did get verification of her true height.
TheTallKid said on 7/Jul/09
I found out that Kimberly Diamond is from Texas, America. and she is listed as 7 feet.
Click Here
TheTallKid said on 7/Jul/09
I've heard of a woman that was 7 feet tall several decades ago from America. I think her name was Kimberly Diamond and was known as the tallest beauty queen. Haven't heard anything about her. Not even sure if she really was 7 feet. Has anyone else heard about her.
Johnny C said on 7/Jul/09
Is everybody on vacation?
TallWomenFan said on 7/Jul/09

I have read several height accounts for Zainab Bibi ranging originally from 7'2 down to 6'10. I think she claimed 7'2 herself when she was actively attempting to get her name recognised as the world's tallest woman (which even if she was exaggerating her height, it still wasn't enough as she falls way short of Sandy Allen who was still alive at the time and now Yao Defen).
It then appears after a while she was claiming only 7ft. In the British newspapers her height was reported in different papers as either being 7ft or 7ft 2in. I read online accounts of her height several years ago as being only 6ft 10in 9which came AFTER the original 7'2 claims so not a case of growth), which is what I personally believe she's closest to, as to me she doesn't look quite seven feet tall.

Even if she is only 6'10, then when she arrived in Britain from Pakistan a couple of years ago then this would have made her one of, if not the tallest woman in Britain.

The generally recognised tallest woman is a tie between Sarah Roberts and Sarah Foley (both 6ft 8in), and if there is any British woman currently taller, there is little evidence or verification of them.
Bibi is still taller than both these women at her shortest speculated height. At her tallest claimed height she would tower over both of them and easily take the title from either of them as Britain's tallest woman, though she is from Pakistan.
Pontoon said on 6/Jul/09
Zainab Bibi is living in Stockport area. She must be one of the tallest women currentlly living in Britain. At least we know what she looks like.
Mortlake said on 5/Jul/09
Johnny C: Gwen Bachman was a good deal older than thirteen when Delores Pullard died.
mask said on 5/Jul/09
Click Here
Conal Cochrane said on 4/Jul/09
As you state, it would be good to have some evidence of Linda Bruno's existance.
Boxerwhiteray said on 4/Jul/09
Click Here
In one of the pics of Ricki Covette-shown here-she stands in a doorway and is not quite so high as the door frame. The fact that she is wearing high high heels enforces your theory that 6 ft 4 without shoes could be about right.
A while ago after seeing that pic of Ricki - I did wonder if her billed height of 6 ft 8 was correct. But door frames can vary and some are higher than others
I reasoned with myself. So I dismissed those thoughts from my mind again.
The evidence you are presenting seems convincing. So doubts have crept in again. Tall peoples heights are very often exagerrated as we know.
I would like to see that To Tell the Truth tape myself - not because I doubt your word - but because I would find it very interesting. As you are saying...
stll tall and more so considering the time perod. I thought she was very attractive in appearance. Do wonder if she is still alive.
Goldminer said on 4/Jul/09
That Bartley Green link has not been any good. Hoped to see picture of Ginny.
Think someone has pulled our legs.

Mlle Royal. Nothing forthcoming here either. Bet it was same "Anonymous" joker
who posted that.
The Fugitive said on 4/Jul/09
Amaleen Baker may have been one of the tallest ladies in United States. She was
seven feet tall. My family and I saw her at Aurora Downs racetrack in the late forties. In the mid fifties I visited Lewiston, Maine and she was on show there in a roller rink. My sister had a cabinet card of Amaleen and kept it for many years. Amaleen came from someplace in Arkansas.
xei said on 3/Jul/09
the syrian U19 basket player (2.17m - 7.1ft) Abd Al Wahab Al Hamowi
Click Here
Arj said on 3/Jul/09
I haven't seen this pic of Zhang Jun Cai before:

Click Here
chris said on 2/Jul/09
Boxerwhiteray: I understand that Ricki Covette was billed as 6 ft 8,...but I have tape of her from an old To Tell the Truth episode, and she's standing next to a man who say he's 6 ft 10, and she's clearly 3 - 4 inches shorter, but wearing high heels. I'd put her actual height as roughly 6 ft 4 without shoes...clearly tall, and more so considering the time period, but no where close to 6 ft 8...
Edgar said on 2/Jul/09
Click Here
Does anyone know if Zainab Bibi is still living in thr UK?.
Clearwater said on 2/Jul/09
Thanks Johnny C for compiling that list.

A Nonny Mouse. You are a true cynic.
Johnny C said on 2/Jul/09
Boxerwhiteray: Great tallest US women info. For now, however, I'll consider as unverified ("mystery") the heights of "South Carolina Giantess", Eliza Simpson and Carmelite Horn.
Boxerwhiteray said on 2/Jul/09
Johnny C

Tallest Woman In The World site list Gwen Bachman as born 1958.
Believe data incorrect. I think 1950-1952.
I heard of Gwen before I knew of Sandy Allen.

American Giantesses

South Carolina Giantess
Public Ledger Sept 5th 1826
18 year old 7 ft native of South Carolina.
Exhibiting at Bourke's Dancing rooms. Cornhill. London.
also mentioned page 215 E.J. Wood Giants and Dwarfs.

Eliza Simpson
The Quaker Giant.
Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania.
Born around 1820-believed alive in 1850s.
7 ft 2. Engraving with Robert Hales suggests this height may well be correct.
mentioned in Annals of Norfolk.

Carmelite Horn
Was born San Diego. California.
Later in Detroit. Michigan.
Was billed as an 8 footer,
Circus World indicated her true height was 7 ft 2 1/2.
Believed still alive 1930s.

Ricki Covette
World's Tallest Showgirl
6 ft 8. still living 1964.
May have been tallest or certainly one of the tallest women living in America
during 1950s and into 1960s.
A Nonny Mouse said on 2/Jul/09
Anonymous (1 July), never mind the photos you looked at. How about the medical report I quoted on 30 June, not to mention the registration card? When we have precise measurements apparently made by reliable authorities, we don't need to do estimates from pictures.
chris said on 2/Jul/09
Johnny C - Gitika Srivastava is also 6'11", has lived in the USA for many years now
Mamun said on 1/Jul/09
I can give you an opinion if I see more and better pictures of him standing
next to normal people ! But I only see a picture of him and a child ! Even
I could pass as 7' 6" if I was only standing next to a baby !


Anonymous said on 1/Jul/09
i think Aasen was about 7 ft 3 in. based on all the photos i looked at.
Rob C said on 1/Jul/09
So what do you guys think about the basketball player from Syria Abd Al Wahab Al Hamowi. Do you guys think he is 7'1" or 7'6" estimating his height from the photographs? I have seen him being listed from 7'1" (2,17 m), 7'2" (2,18 m), 2,28 m and (7'6") 2,29 m tall.
MisterSil said on 1/Jul/09
@Johnny C, great work as always, but there are doubts about Linda Bruno. Never seen pics or news about her. It's also a pity Gwen Bachman disappeared years ago
Johnny C said on 1/Jul/09
Boxerwhiteray: Gwen Bachman was age 13 when Delores Pullard died, right?
Boxerwhiteray said on 1/Jul/09
Johnny C
Gwen Bachman aka Gwen Haines was recognised as America's tallest woman after
Delores Pullard "Johnson" died and before Sandy Allen overtook her.
Johnny C said on 1/Jul/09
Clearwater: Maybe we can fill in the gaps in this listing of USA
A Nonny Mouse said on 1/Jul/09
Clearwater,you must know all those national lists are on Johnny's website, but you want to get a free look at them. Crafty!
Pierre said on 1/Jul/09
Rand Hobart
Are you sure that woman in Blackpool was really 7 feet or thereabouts. I have been around for 55 years and in all that time have never seen one woman in Britain remotely close to that height.
Clearwater said on 1/Jul/09
Johnny C
could you do a list of tallest women from united states.
Boxerwhiteray said on 1/Jul/09
Some old editions of GBR list Aasen at 7 ft 0. At best-I think he would have been 7 ft 2.
A Nonny Mouse said on 30/Jun/09
Ghost - further to my remarks on Aasen: I forgot to mention that some while ago someone posted on this forum the text of a medical report on the man. The report was published in 1937, the examination having been done the previous year when Johan was 46. His height is given as seven feet and nine tenths of an inch.
A Nonny Mouse said on 30/Jun/09
Aasen's registration card, dated 1917, when he'd have been 27, gives his height as seven feet one inch. Presumably they measured him. Even if they didn't bother, and just asked him how tall he was, why would he understate the height which earned him a living?
Rand Hobart said on 30/Jun/09
I saw a woman in Blackpool during the late fifties and she was extremely tall.
Have often wondered who she may have been. By my reckoning, she must have been
about 7 feet. Anyone got any suggestions.
mask said on 30/Jun/09
Click Here
Ghost said on 30/Jun/09
What is the common opinion about the height of Johan Aasen?

On his website they measure him as 8'2 based on the picture with Harold Lloyd.
Was Lloyd really 5'10?

I've read that he wasn't much over 7 feet but he certainly looks taller than that.
Red Dragon said on 30/Jun/09
The Llantrisant woman you mention. Probably Margot Vaughan. Height 6 ft 6 and was about 30 stones or otherwise 420 pounds. Possibly born in 1870s and still alive into the 1920s.

Cardiff Woman. Probably Megan Reece. Was not certain of exact height, though Reece was according to several people about or near 7 feet. 6 ft 9 is probably about right.
Rand Hobart said on 29/Jun/09
Wonder if there could be more than one 7 footer (female) currently alive in Britain right now.
Boxerwhiteray said on 29/Jun/09
Click Here
Johnny C/Anyone interested
Amongst the Abomah pictures is a man called J.G. Gilbert. He is not a negro-but one of the Shields brothers blacked up. I read about that in a book about sideshow exhibits. Just a gaff.
mask said on 29/Jun/09
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Goldminer said on 29/Jun/09
I had believed that Abomah was an American giantess. I thought she had toured
Britain, though not originated from there. It would be nice too see some substantial evidence.
Conal Cochrane said on 29/Jun/09
It would be very interesting to find out any more details regarding Julie Till,
better still a photo. You would think the press would pick up on a woman of 7'3.
I have not heard of any women in recent years alive in Britain that were 7 feet or more, until reading some postings left here.
Johnny C said on 29/Jun/09
Garth: Wonderful accounts of tall Welsh women. Thanks for sharing.

A Nonny Mouse: Tom Hernandez ( has always been open for correspondence.

Anonymous people: Again, please create a username. Aside from the confusion caused with several "Anonymous" people posting comments here, I, for one, am disinclined to exchange comments with people of no identity.
A Nonny Mouse said on 28/Jun/09
Johnny C - Regarding the quasi-modo entry for Abomah, I have a bit of a problem with that website. There are lots of splendid pictures, but a serious shortage of references. It's all very well for Tom Hernandez to say "there is strong evidence" that Abomah's real name was Grigsby (a delightful thought), but what IS that evidence?
Goldminer said on 28/Jun/09
The Darden photo must have been rigged. But Johnny C, would not have any part
to this. He only deals in authenticity.

The Bunford/Bartley Green link is not bringing up any results for me. I have tried a few tines and got nothing.
Garth said on 28/Jun/09
A man called Daffyd Jones told me some very distant relative of his was a gigantic woman. She was called Florence Jones and lived around Neath. According to Daffyd, her height was 7 ft 2, but people thought her near 8 ft.
Her feet were massive, Daffyd thought size 16. She was alive in the 1860s
and probably in her 40s then. Some fellow wanted to have her go on exhibition,
though Daffyd was not sure if she did.

Another very tall woman was seen around Llantrisant about the 1890s, though I have no further information.

Bronwyn Davies, I was told was 6 ft 8. She lived around Maesteg and this was about the early 1940s. Later on I believe lived in Tonypandy and Mountain Ash.
A Great Aunt of mine had been aquainted with her.

In Cardiff during the mid 1950s, I had heard of a woman perhaps 6 ft 9. Though I never saw her, I did see one who was about 6 ft 5.

In the 70s and 80s I did hear of an unusually tall woman seen around Llandudno, Prestatyn and Rhyl, where I used to take holidays. Several people spoke of her. Estimates of her height varied from 6 ft 7 to 7 ft.
Anonymous said on 27/Jun/09
Andrew - yes, it's a fake all right. I gave the details on 25 June, though someone else had posted the pictorial evidence. If you want to know if he's removed it, go and look!
Andrew M said on 27/Jun/09
A Nonny Mouse:
Has Johnny C removed the "Darden" photo from his site? Is it definitely a fake?
Johnny C said on 27/Jun/09
Rob C: I scrolled down this page and noticed a time lag in the posting of a number of comments, including your reference to the tall Colombian.
Johnny C said on 27/Jun/09
Andrew M: Thank you.
A Nonny Mouse said on 27/Jun/09
Whoa, Andrew, Johnny's not gonna like that! Why do you assume he faked it himself. If we actually believe he'd do that, we might as well all give up and abandon the forum.
Andrew M said on 26/Jun/09
So Darden is a fake photo. It is very good Johnny C. How did you do it? Photoshop?
Johnny C said on 26/Jun/09
Rob C: To whom does your 25/Jun/09 comment refer?
"I searched his name in Google and it looks like he is 23 years old by now and 2,30 m tall (7'6 1/2"). He is collecting money to have a surgery to treat his gigantism which is going to be done in Cuba."
mask said on 26/Jun/09
Tallest man in Colombia:
Click Here
Clearwater said on 26/Jun/09
Johnny C. Thanks for that information.
I believed Abomah to be Afro-American.
Rand Hobart said on 26/Jun/09
Has anyone got any other information on Julie Till. Is she really 7 ft 3.
Johnny C said on 26/Jun/09
First tried adding this comment 25/Jun/09......
Clearwater: Tom Hernandez ( believes "Abomah" was born in England Click Here
Barnaby Joyce said on 26/Jun/09
Abomah was as limey as they come.

She was so British, she once got invited to elevenses with the queen.
ANON said on 26/Jun/09
On 24/Jun/09 a posting by Marskeedy mentions a woman called Margaret Harvey.
The description of a height of 7 ft 1 and born about 1949 matches a woman I saw
around 1973. This was in The Strand, London. I am 6 ft and back in those days wore the then fashionable platform heels, in those I was near 6 ft 4. The woman
was so much taller, I was astounded. She had to be at least 7 ft and her age was
approx 23 or 24 years old.

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