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5ft 10.62in (179.4cm)
Adam Williams said on 30/Oct/17
He is taller than that. Logan Paul is 6โ€2 and Jake is almost the same height.
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/17
In videos, Jake looks way too shorter than Logan (around 10cm)If Logan is 188 cm(6'2")....Jake must be around 178 cm (5'10")....
Matt said on 25/Oct/17
Logan is a legit 6'1'', but Jake seems 5'10''.
Gnaw said on 23/Oct/17
Jake paul is on here wow, couple months back i looked both paul brother heights and def knew jake was lying bout the 6'2 claim, logan idk seems more believable. i randomly guessed 5'11 1/2 for this guy before this page existed and always thought jake was my random guess but i wasnt too far off. i think more 5'11 though. not a fan but this 5'10 stuff was like his Vine days. people gotta see the newer pics of him
Jessica said on 22/Oct/17
Jake is 6ft 0.5in
Peter181cm said on 20/Oct/17
Still believe Ray Diaz is 6ft ?! -_-
Click Here

- Next to 5'7.75 - 5'8 King Bach..
He look under 5'11 -_-
More like 5'10.5 - 5'10.75
Edimar1.84 said on 17/Oct/17
179/180 very Strong 5ft10, close a weak 5ft11.
Jim said on 17/Oct/17
Stop obsessing over his height and repeating your guess. Jake is like a weak 5'11 move on
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Oct/17
@ PPPeter - Hey, you have absolutely nothing whatsoever to feel embarrassed about! I thought it was extremely funny!
I remember the stress of studying myself, years ago. Most nights I would come home from school to 5 - 6 hours more studying! I went down to less than 80 pounds at my worst (fully grown in height) and my hair fell out! That is NOT good! It is much, much healthier to do it in enjoyable moderation. Exams are all very well, but your health is precious and besides, you have your whole life to learn!
Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
Logan 6'1.25 (1.86m)

Jake 5'10.5 (1.79m)

Anthony 5'11.25 (1.81m)

Chance 6'0.5 (1.84m)
Nik said on 13/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hey!

Our so called autocorrects do seem to actually make things we have done incorrect , like you say, maybe the incorrect, and sometimes coarse,words are correct in the mind of this daft application! - Correct simply in making us look daft on a busy and popular website and thus making us spend a lot of our lives in the well at the bottom of our gardens due to the embarrassment! Ice cream with syrup on seems the ultimate reward for this little fella for k**k**g this corrupt device! It should be gassed into submission so that it leaves our correct word's alone and only offers sensible alternatives to our errors! Or maybe we should invest in an axe to smash our autocorrects to smithereens!

๐Ÿฉ! went back to Huddersfield on the morning of the 9th, I hope you liked my diagram explaining her late morning departure to the less rainy eastern fringes of the Pennines! We were sorry to see her leave us though.

Well it's nice to see PPPeter calling you bro! I can tell you that Gladstone thinks that I am sis! We don't mind though!

PPPeter said on 12/Oct/17
@Sandy Cowell

I'm so sorry! ๐Ÿ˜จ
- it's embarrassing for me..
btw Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š
Studying is good, but sometimes it's hard ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“˜
I hope you will enjoy weekend ;)
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/17
@ Nik - Don't EVER be embarrassed by something your autocorrect is responsible for!
Mine has become completely reduntant of late, and it doesn't even correct my spelling mistakes! It makes them more than corrects them! Poor Jaffa is exhausted by the end of the evening some days! He's completely run out of gas and his spanner is showing signs of wear and tear, and I only bought it for him recently! He has requested a hammer for Christmas, but I've told him to stick to his gassing alternative as a means of punishment for my failing autocorrect! Then he will continue to get his ice creams!!!

Have a nice day! ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/17
@ PPPeter - Hello! It's always good to expand your mind and better yourself with study! It's great to hear from you! Thank you for taking the time and trouble to respond!
I am not a bro! I am a sis! It's easy to get that wrong as Sandy is a boy's name as well as a girl's!
Cheers! Have a great week!

๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ“—๐Ÿ“˜๐Ÿ“™๐Ÿ“‘๐Ÿ˜‡
PPPeter said on 10/Oct/17

Logan 6'1.25

Jake 5'10.5

Anthony 5'11.25

Chance 6'0.25
PPPeter said on 10/Oct/17
@Sandy Cowell

Nothin' bro ๐Ÿ˜‰
Just you know, I have to learn.. ๐Ÿ“š
I want to graduate, and be succesful ๐Ÿ˜‰
btw how are you? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š
What's is new??


Jake Paul is this tall..
Morning: 5'10.75
Daytime; 5'10.5
Night; 5'10.25

So his height is between 5'10.25 - 10.75
But under 5'10.25 is impossible.. ;)
Nik said on 9/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

My damn autocorrect, and you noticed the error in your name! I too noticed it and I was embarrassed so I sent you an amended comment later in the day! I just wish there was a hole to jump into! - or a well!

It's no wonder that Jaffa was shattered after the day he had in trying to k***k my autocorrect! I hope he enjoyed his warm bath! Here's something for you:

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿš— 'Uddersfield! ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿ’จ โ›ฐ โ˜”๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฆ!
travis said on 8/Oct/17
he 5'10 he aint even that tall that decent height
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Oct/17
What's happened to PPPeter?๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Ooh look! Jake is due another vote now! What would you like, Jake? 5ft10.75 sound good to you? It does? OK then! You can have that this evening! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Peter181cm said on 8/Oct/17

Yes, Yeezy's are tall shoes.. ;)
I think it's 1.5in (4cm)
1in it's normal sneakers..
Maybe Yeezy's are 1.75in
Because Yeezy are really tall shoes ;-)
(Yeezy = 3-5cm boost to your height)
Peter181cm said on 7/Oct/17
Logan: 6'1 - 6'1.25 (185-186cm)

Jake: 5'10.25 - 5'10.5 (178,5 - 179cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5 (181-182cm)

Chance: 6' - 6'0.25 (183 - 183,5cm)

This is their real heights!
Peter181cm said on 7/Oct/17
Logan: 6'1 - 6'1.25 (185-186cm)

Jake: 5'10.25 - 5'10.5 (178,5 - 179cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5 (181-182cm)

Chance: 6' - 6'0.25 (183 - 183,5cm)
Peter181cm said on 7/Oct/17
Logan is 6'1 - 6'1.25 (185-186cm)
Click Here:
- Here next to 5'11 Jimmy Kimmel

This makes Jake 5'10.25 - 5'10.5
So I don't see Jake over 5'10.5 !!
Nik said on 7/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell


That's good to hear!
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Oct/17
@ Nik - Your autocorrect has given me a new name and I don't like it!
I'll send Jaffa round to sting him and introduce him to his favourite implement of torture!

i) ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿš• ii) ๐Ÿ’ป ๐Ÿ”ง๐Ÿ

iii) ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’จ ๐Ÿ’ป iv) ๐Ÿš• ๐Ÿ

v) ๐Ÿก ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ vi) ๐Ÿ๐Ÿšฝ vii) ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ›

viii) ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’ค ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Nik said on 7/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

But it's knowing when Rob is going to do a comments page that's the tricky part! I will tell you, I went into the google custom box on this website and typed in "Comments page" and clicked on the resultant link which took me to today's comments page dated the 6th October! I then clicked on the comments page link in the normal fashion and there was the old comments page dated the 4th October! I could see a comments page coming today and I was right and so I tried this out and it appeared a few hours quicker using the method I explained! In terms of individual comments I try this out when I see that Rob has started moderating and I do it with comments of my own that I have sent and on popular pages where there is likely to be quite a bit of activity. It is all fascinating stuff! Well Sid Owen and Nick Berry are here, and I still haven't answered your comment on the page of Inga Swenson. I am looking forward to going on this page shortly and answering your comment, with relish!

Have a great weekend Sandy!
Nik said on 7/Oct/17
@ Samdy Cowell


That's good to hear!
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 7/Oct/17
He's above average, but he's still shorter than the real 6 feet range people like @Slim, my two friends, and other people.
Anonymous said on 6/Oct/17
He looks to be 2.5 inches shorter than his brother. Probably 5'11 but could very well miss the mark
Yeet said on 6/Oct/17
Does yeezy really give the height increase of 1.5 inches? If so that's like a timberland boot. I was expecting more of the 1.1 to 1.2 inch range. If someone can find evidence that it gives that much please show me. Thanks
Slim 6' said on 6/Oct/17
Peter181@, agreed on the broad shoulders part, they make you feel very imposing. Because width> height tbh, I'd rather be 6' and toned than be a 6'1" skinny fat guy.
Slim 6' said on 6/Oct/17
Lmao @peter181, you're taller than your dad already?
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Oct/17
@ Nik - Hi! That's interesting! I'll certainly be giving that one a whirl, you can be sure about that! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Peter181cm said on 6/Oct/17
OK, what you think..

Logan 6'1 - 6'1.5

Jake 5'10.5 - 5'10.75

Anthony 5'11 - 6'

Chance 6' - 6'0.5

I just think this!

Logan 6'1.5

Jake 5'10.5

Anthony 5'11.5

Chance 6'0.5
Nik said on 6/Oct/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I will tell you what else I have noticed, that is when you bring a page up by typing something into the Google search box new comments can appear quicker this way than if you went into that page via any other method! Also if you go into this box and type in "Comments page" you can sometimes see a new comments page much quicker than if you navigated the comments page by the normal method!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 6/Oct/17

Kimmel's about 5'10.5" or 5'10.75", he looks 6 inches shorter than 6'4.75" measured Kobe Bryant. Click Here Also a user named S.J.H met Kimmel and thought he looked about 5'10.5" That puts Logan in the 6'1" range and Jake about 5'10"
Ref said on 5/Oct/17
Logan is 6'1.75. I watch Jimmy Kimmel a lot and has studied his footwear. Kimmel is for sure 5'11.25 and usually wears a solid 1 inch dress shoe. Logan's footwear often puts him just above the 6'2 area. He tends to wear .5 inch shoe and that is what I saw watching Jimmy Kimmel full interview. Jake is 5'11. Got to see the newer pictures of him he is between 5'10.75 to 5'11. For those who see those 5'10 claims, those are way old. In centimeters, Jake is definitely 180 cm no doubt.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Oct/17
@ Nik - Hi! Yes, I have noticed that before myself, even with my own comments! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Peter181cm said on 5/Oct/17
Everyone lie about height!!

Logan: He claim 6'2 !
Real height: (6'0.5 ~ 6'1)

Jake: He claim 6' - 6'2 !
Real height: (5'10 ~ 5'10.25)

Anthony: He claim 6'2 !
Real height: (5'10.75 ~ 5'11)

Chance: He claim 6'3 !
Real height: (5'11.75 ~ 6')

Jake, Anthony, Chance wears Yeezy (1.5in) And maybe lifts!! -_-

My dad is 5'9.25 tall!
And he look little bit shorter..
Logan, Jake, Anthony and Chance
Are muscular!!
And muscular people look taller!
But they're smart, they know how to look taller!
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Yeah, they look tall with these things:
+ Wide shoulders
+ Yeezy
+ Camera angle
+ Lifts (maybe)
+ Muscle
+ Skinny jeans
Peter181cm said on 4/Oct/17
Click Here
Logan next to 5'11 Jimmy Kimmel look like 6' - 6'1
But i believe Logan is 6'1 ;)
But I don't know if he is over 6'1
And Jake must be 5'10 ! ;-)
Next to 6'2 - 6'2.5 he look 6'1 - 6'0.5

Logan: 6'1 - 6'1.25
Jake: 5'10 - 5'10.25
Anthony: 5'10.75 - 5'11
Chance: 5'11.75 - 6'
Peter181cm said on 4/Oct/17
No, he is close to 5'11
But not strong 5'11 !!
He is 5'10.5
5'11 maybe in morning ;)
But not over 5'10.75
Itsspider said on 4/Oct/17
6'2 My ass hes 5'10 basically My height except im only 16
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/17
Heโ€™s 5โ€™11. Not much over 2 inches shorter than Logan. He grew in the past year for sure.
Peter181cm said on 2/Oct/17
If I should do range:

Logan: 6'1.25 - 6'75

Jake: 5'10.25 - 5'10.75

Anthony: 5'11 - 5'11.75

Chance: 6' - 6'0.75

I feel this right, what you think??
Peter181cm said on 1/Oct/17
Check this out:
Click Here

Look at 12:18 - 12:27

Jake had Yeezy (1.5in)
Anthony had some boots (+-1in)
Chance had some boots too (+-1in)
And Logan had boots (1.25in)

And Jake, Anthony, Chance are much shorter than Logan ;)

So I don't know why Chance claim 6'3
Anthony claim 6'2 or 6'1
And Jake claim 6-6'2

And so why they are much shorter than Logan ?!

Chance' height:
Min. 6' (183,1cm)
Max. 6'0.5 (184,1cm)

So his height is between 6' - 6'0.5 ;)

Anthony's height:
Min. 5'11 (180,3cm)
Max. 5'11.5 (181,6cm)

So his height is between 5'11 - 5'11.5

Jake's height:
Min. 5'10.25
Max. 5'10.75

And Jakey is between 5'10.25 - 5'10.75

Logan' height:
Min. 6'1.25 (186,1cm)
Max. 6'1.75 (187,3cm)

Logan's height is 6'1.25 - 6'1.75 ;)
Peter181cm said on 30/Sep/17
Yo, wtf Is this?!
Click Here

- Logan and Jake they had same boots!

Yo, this is you can see in Jake's vlog
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I thought Jake is 5'10.5 - 5'10.75
But without Yeezy and lifts -_-
He is 5'10 - 5'10.25 !!
He look 4-6in shorter than Logan!

I don't know..
But I know he is not 5'11 or 6' guy!!
He is 5'10.75 max.!!
But more than 5'10.75 ? Impossible!

Now I think he is 5'10.25 -_-
How 5'10.25 - 5'10.5 guy claiming:
6' - 6'2 ?? (1.83m - 1.88m) ?!
Peter181cm said on 30/Sep/17
Jake: (179cm - 179,5cm)
(5'10.5 - 5'10.75)

Anthony: (181cm - 182cm)
(5'11.25 - 5'11.5)

Chance: (184cm - 184,5cm)
(6'0.5 - 6'0.75)

Logan: (186cm - 187cm)
(6'1.25 - 6'1.5)
Nik said on 29/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I have a very long comment waiting in Rob's in tray! I agree with what you said on Dylan Sprayberry's page, the long 'iuns do sometimes take longer to get published, it seems that Rob has certain methods for moderating! (Nowt wrong with his methods!) Small comments often get put on early as do comments on certain pages, I also find it intriguing when Rob puts on 2 comments on a page with different dates and then at a later time slips in a comment from the earlier date in between them both!

Nik said on 28/Sep/17
@ PPPeter - Hi!

No problem, thanks for that!

I am fine thankyou, I am away on holiday in Whitby!
Nik said on 28/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I was in the land of nod when you wrote that comment Sandy, and I saw on the comments page that you had even posted comments after that! I hope you slept OK after you had turned your phone off.

I like the emoji you have posted in your comment, the telescope! Do you or Christopher have a telescope at home? It's a shame the black star is missing!

We have had some great conversations on this page, on the 1sr August I sent you 5 comments and you sent me 4! Rob must have been at his desk regularly throughout the day!

Also I am sorry for not answering your comment on the 3rd August, I have just read it now and I have found it very interesting!

My Mum and I went into Whitby yesterday at about 11:00 am and we looked around the shops before having fish and chips for our dinner in a cafรฉ, we then arrived back at where we are staying at about 2 or 3 o' clock in the afternoon.
You said about the Dad of the nurse who measured you for the blood test being proud of his daughter, too true he will be as will our former neighbours who have got a daughter who is a nurse and a son who is a doctor, a very interesting double don't you think?
With your nurse being tall she probably will have tall siblings, it will be interesting for you to find out when you see her again, get her asked!
I think it was fantastic when you put a mark on the wall at the 6 foot level, the men who were about would have thought you were very devious if they had known what you had done, and they wouldn't have been very happy to see themselves under that mark if they claimed over 6 foot. Without you actually saying so I would have imagined that most of the guys claiming 6 foot or more would be under that height! - The vast majority!
I know that you are a big fan of Liv Tyler and it is great that to hear that you are too, people like Liv deserve popularity! As far as the journalist who was bitchy towards her goes, all I can say is that the press fabricate things and make things up to create a story and sadly they can sometimes be spiteful about it too, it's the sort of thing that can bring some journalists a bad name. Liv showed her caring side by getting a dog before she had her son and having dolls as well showed that throughout her life she was a carer, I also think that Neil is a great name for a dog!
I certainly think that an average male height of 5'9" is and should be considered a more solid height in terms of tallness by more people than it actually is, but again as we both know, and many other people know, all human heights should be celebrated and in an ideal world everyone would be happy with their own and everyone else's height because that's how it should be. So many people add on extra inches and lie about their own height and it ain't just men that do it, instead of accepting themselves how they are so many men claim to be 6 foot when in fact they are often 2 or 3 inches smaller but still a more than tall enough height anyway, and many women too who claim to be 5'6" fall a few inches off that mark in reality. Therefore it is great to see People like Tony Robinson OBE happy with the way that nature made them and truthful about it too, I also think like you that the same can be said for Liv Tyler. You are right in saying that a high average height of 5'9.5" is a great male height, but unfortunately many women and men have been led to believe it is a smaller height than what it is and this is because of the many guys of this height that lie and give them selves an extra few inches.

Cheers! (it's 1:39 pm!)
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Sep/17
@ Nik:
(2nd attempt to reply! It's 1.38am!)

Oh yes! You're talking about those emojis which appeared and weren't really funny, but because of their pointlessness, they ended up being very funny indeed!

AND just the thought of them is beginning to stir up a bit of laughter again!

So let's have some more!


No good! My black star is definitely missing! I've searched numerous times but to no avail! I will have to leave the telescope there in its place to hunt around in the night sky for it!
Personally, I think it's gone out for a crafty smoke....
PPPeter said on 26/Sep/17
U think Jake was not at 16 5'10 tall..
If you look at his old vines..
He look like 5'8.5 - 5'9 ;-)
Now he is 5'10.5 ;)

Ohh.. I will be 5'11 - 6'
Because I'm 15 yrs old (5'8.85)
And I was born 08/06/02

And I look like Jake at 16 years old..
But he is heavy, and I am slim :D
PPPeter said on 25/Sep/17

Oh, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰
- btw how are you?
Nik said on 24/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi mate!

I was going through Jake Paul's page this Sunday afternoon and I have just seen your comment dated the 20th September! I had not seen this comment until now and yes I do remember those emojis, I am glad you liked them!

Well here's one to you - ๐Ÿฉ - she's gone back home!
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Sep/17
@ PPPeter - Hi again! I do hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Guess who is throwing herself at my door again? She seems to want to do that every time I decide to drop you a line! ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ธ

๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜†โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜‰
PPPeter said on 23/Sep/17
Do not Argue! lol

Logan 6'1.5 = (187cm)
Jakey 5'10.5 = (179cm)
Tony 5'11.25 = (181cm)
Chance 6'0.5 = (184cm)

The reason's why Anthony look taller..

1. Jakey have bad posture..
And Anthony have perfect posture!!

2. Angle of camera ..
He can look like 1-2 inches due to camera angle!
the same thing happened to Logan and Jake side by side and they looked 1-2 inches apart

3. Anthony is skinnier than Jake!
and Jake is very heavy..
if you compare:
Jake 202lbs vs Anthony 172lbs
And skinny people look taller..
Peter181cm said on 23/Sep/17
look at this man!
- Click Here

Look at 1:03 - 1:25 part...

- Jake and Anthony was stand platform that is flat
- And they look about the same tall

+ they was without boots
+ they both stood straight!
+ I think you already know why I wrote Anthony's height like 5'11.25 (181.1cm)

Logan: 6'1.5 (186.7cm)

Jake: 5'10.5 (179.1cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 (181.1cm)

Chance: 6'0.5 (184.1cm)
PPPeter said on 22/Sep/17
Yeah, you're a funny guy bro ;)
- But I have cat too! :D
She is nice, but sometimes she is evil..

Have a nice day ;)
Nik said on 22/Sep/17
@ PPPeter - Hi!

I like your name too!

Nik said on 22/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Oh another thing, we are going to Whitby tomorrow too!
Nik said on 22/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

You sound like Victor Meldrew!

That is just the way to describe the name :), ridiculously good!

I have a comment for you on Dylan Sprayberry's page! It's come back to haunt you Sandy!

Peter181cm said on 21/Sep/17
Rob, in this vid he claim 6'
6'1 in good days..

- Click Here (8:23)

But next to 5'8 MMA Fighter he look 5'10.5 -_-

Why he claim 1.5 - 2.5in more than he is??

In my country we use meters and centimeters..

I'm 1.81m (5'11.25)
If I claim 1.84m/1.85m nobody will trust me..

- I think he is 6' in Yeezy! (1.5in)

Don't you think Rob would be better to use centimeters and meters?
not feet and inches..
PPPeter said on 21/Sep/17

It may be the camera angle, shoes, Anthony could stand on tiptoe don't see it well, or Anthony wears lifts!

The same here: Jake looks next to Anthony 5'11 ;)
Click Here
btw perfect pic to compare: Jake vs Tony

Or this....
Click Here
Next to Chance 6'0.5
- You can say Jake is 6' guy..

Compare here:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Or you think Anthony is 6'1 or 6'2
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Here some vids:
Click Here (25:52)

Jake: (5'10.5) - (179.1cm)
Anthony: (5'11.25) - (181.1cm)
Chance: (6'0.5) - (184.1cm)
Logan: (6'1.5) - (186.7cm)
Peter181cm said on 21/Sep/17
If Anthony really 6'2 Guy..
Logan need extra upgrade!

Logan: 6'4 (193.1cm)

Jake: 6'0.5 (184.1cm)

Anthony: 6'2 (188.1cm)

Chance: 6'3 (190.5 - 191.1cm)

Is it right ? Huh?!

Logan: (6'1.5) - (186.7cm)
Anthony: (5'11.25) - (181.1cm)
Jake: (5'10.5) - (179.1cm)
Chance: (6'0.5) - (184.1cm)

Everyone in Team 10 wears Yeezy (1.5in)
And Logan wears (0.5in - 1in) boots!

I have a lot of proofs..
That Anthony is 5'11.25 (5'11.5 max.!)
Peter181cm said on 21/Sep/17

- I don't know why Jake look 3in shorter
In this video.. :/

But everywhere I see
Jake 5'10.5
Anthony 5'11.25
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Why here Jake look like tallest member?!
Click Here

Do you think Anthony is 6'1 or 6'2 guy?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Anthony is a lot of shorter than Logan
Logan is 6'1.5 !
Peter181cm said on 20/Sep/17
- OMG.. When I see this..
Click Here

- Jake have Yeezy (1.5in)
- And Logan have his Nike (0.75in)

- Logan is 6'1.5 (186.7cm)
So with Boots he is 6'2.25 (188.5cm)

- Jake is 5'10.5 (179.1cm)
So with shoes he is 6' (183.1cm)

- And Jake look 2-2.5in shorter..

- So Jake is really 5'10.5 (179.1cm)

- I thought Jake is 5'11
But no.. :/
And he is heavy!
So he can look (5'10 - 5'10.25)

Logan: (6'1.5) = (186.7cm)
Jake: (5'10.5) = (179.1cm)
Anthony: (5'11.25) = (181.1cm)
Chance: (6'0.5) = (184.1cm)
Qwertz said on 20/Sep/17
Logan: (6'1.5) - (187cm)
Jake: (5'10.5) - (179cm)
Anthony: (5'11) - (180cm)
Chance: (6'0.5) - (184cm)

ยฐLogan and Chance are right!

ยฐBut Jakey and Anthony are close to their heights!

If Jake is 5'10.5, Anthony is 5'11
If Jake is 5'10.75, Anthony is 5'11.25
If Jake is 5'11, Anthony is 5'11.5

But Jake is 5'10.5
So Anthony is 5'11 (maybe 5'11.25)
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Sep/17
@ Nik - ๐ŸŒž!โ˜€!

Do you remember these?
I was going through Rob's page yesterday when I came across these! And they were from you! No rhyme or reason for them, oh no, they were just there!


But I didn't half laugh! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜น
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Sep/17
@ PPPeter - I'm enjoying life as much as is feasibly possible! I hope you are too!
Excuse me! There is a cat throwing herself at my door, making an astoundingly loud noise! I have to go and answer it for her... just a minute!
Right then! I let her in (Cordercelia), had a quick trip to the loo (the bathroom in America!) and when I came back, she shot out again, the naughty pussy!
Here are some nice emojis for you - recycled of course!

Sandy Cowell said on 20/Sep/17
@ PPPeter - I'm enjoying life as much as is feasibly possible! I hope you are too!
Excuse me! There is a cat throwing herself at my door, making an astoundingly loud noise! I have to go and answer it for her... just a minute!
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Sep/17
@ Nik - I don't believe it! You've picked up on it too!
:) is a ridiculously good name!
I was going to ask him how he pronounces it!

@ PPPeter - Thank you for all the happy smiling emojis! I was going to send you some back but I am far too stingy!
I love you too, of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
The full 5'10", not sure why he claims 6'2".
Peter181cm said on 19/Sep/17

It's hard to say...

Sometimes he look 5'10.5
And sometimes he look 5'11.5

But Yeezy are 1.5in (maybe more)
But not 1.18in ! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

I agree with Rob that he is:
5'10.5 - 5'10.75 (179.1cm - 179.6cm)

Because he wear Yeezy (1.5in)
And he look taller!
But with 6' Neels he look 5'11 ! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Here pic:
Anthony and Jake
Click Here

He look close to Anthony height!
Or he seems to have the same height as Anthony..
- I think they both have the same boots

And Anthony is legit 5'11 (180.3cm)
Maybe Anthony is 5'11.25 (181.1cm)
And 5'11.5 (181.6cm) max. !!

- But when you look at them..
Anthony is skinny, and skinny people look taller..
And Jakey is heavy!

Jake: 5'10.5 - 5'10.75 (179.1cm-179.6cm)
Anthony: 5'11 - 5'11.25 (180.3-181.1cm)
joji said on 19/Sep/17
Click Here Can someone explain this to me? 9:26 jake and anthony standing straight next to each other, if jake is 1.79 and anthony is 1.81 why jake looks like 3 inches shorter??
Peter181cm said on 19/Sep/17
Jake 5'10.5

Anthony 5'11

Chance 6'

It's real because they wearing Yeezy!

Jake Paul: 5'10.5
And with Yeezy (1.5in)
He is 6' !

Anthony Trujillo: 5'11
And with Yeezy (1.5in)
He Is 6'0.5

Chance Sutton: 6'
And with Yeezy (1.5in)
He is 6'1.5

Yeah, it's true!

Morning: 5'11 - (180.3cm)
Daytime: 5'10.5 - (179.6cm
Night: 5'10 - (178.1cm)

Morning: 5'11.5 - (181.6cm)
Daytime: 5'11 - (180.3cm)
Night: 5'10.5 - (179.6cm)

Morning: 6'0.5 - (184cm)
Daytime: 6' - (183cm)
Night: 5'11.75 - (182cm)

If you compare them with Logan Paul!
You can see nobody is tall as Logan..
And they wearing Yeezy, Logan his low boots..

Chance and Anthony look taller..
Because they are skinny!

Look at Rowan Atkinson..
I thought he is 6' or 6'1

When I found out he is 5'11 or 5'11.25
I was shocked!!

and modern times..
young people wear skinny jeans..
And they look taller!!

Jake 5'10.5 (179.1cm)

Anthony 5'11 (180.3cm)

Chance 6' (183.1cm)
PPPeter said on 19/Sep/17
OMG.. look at this ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Click Here

Anthony is 5ft 11.25in (181cm)
And Jake must be 5ft 11in (180cm)

And I don't know but I think Anthony have Yeezy or not?
Jake have some normal low shoes...
Peter181cm said on 19/Sep/17
OK, when I saw this pic..
I'm pretty sure Jake is 5'11 (180.3cm)
Click Here

- I think Anthony had Yeezy (in pic)
And Jake had some low boots!

Jake 5'11 (180.3cm)

Anthony 5'11.25 (181.1cm)

Maybe is Anthony 5'11 too
- Because they both claim 6'2 ! ;)

And Jake can look shorter..
1. Because he doesn't get much sleep..
2. And Jakey have bad posture..

I have question for you guys ;)
Can Chance Sutton have 6'1 ? (185,1cm)
Chance Sutton claim 6'3 :DD
But he is minimum 1in shorter than Logan
And Logan is 6'1.5 ;-)


Jake: 5'11 (180.3cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 (181,1cm)

Chance: 6'0.5 (184,1cm)

Logan: 6'1.5 (186.7cm)
PPPeter said on 18/Sep/17

Yeah, I think too ;-)

Logan - 6'1.5
Jake - 5'10.75
Anthony - 5'11.25
Chance - 6'0.5

I think it's a real daytime height..

if I should make a range:

Jake: 5'10.5 - 5'10.75
(179cm - 179.5cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5
(181cm - 181.6cm)

Chance: 6'0.5 - 6'0.75
(184cm - 184.5cm)

Its between their height!
No more, No less.
PPPeter said on 18/Sep/17
@Sandy Cowell

Ooh.. thank you! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š

- I hope you enjoying your life! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š

Love you! ๐Ÿ˜˜
Nik said on 18/Sep/17
@ :)

I like your name!
Peter181cm said on 18/Sep/17
Yeah, he is exactly 5'10.75 ;-)
I look at pics with Jake and Justin Roberts..
Justin Roberts is shorter than 5'8 Zach King..
So Justin Roberts is 5'6 or 5'7
Click Here
Click Here

5'10.75 - 5'10.5 is legit for Jakey ;-)

But this is not all..
Ohio Boys:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Jake is 5'10.75 - 5'10.5

And what about Chance and Anthony ? ๐Ÿค”

Anthony is little bit taller than Jake.
Anthony is 5'11 - 5'11.25
But what about Chance?!
Sometimes he look 6'
And sometimes he look like 6'1 ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

In this pic are Jake and Anthony without shoes..
Click Here

- Jake look 5'10.75
- Anthony look 5'11.25

Click Here

Compare Chance and Anthony
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Yeah, Chance is weak 6'1 guy
I think he is 6'0.5 ;-)

Jakey 5'10.75 (179.6cm)

Anthony 5'11.25 (181.1cm)

Chance 6'0.5 (184.1cm)
Anonymous said on 18/Sep/17
Strong 5' 10"
Peter181cm said on 17/Sep/17
Logan Paul - 6'1.5 (186.7cm)

Jake Paul - 5'10.75 (179.6cm)

Anthony Truj - 5'11.25 (181,1cm)

Chance Sutton - 6'0.5 (184.1cm)
berta said on 17/Sep/17
it seems like his 6ยด2 claim was not really seroius they all laughed and stuff
Peter181cm said on 17/Sep/17
Finally... :DD
Jake's height is 5'10.75 ;-)
Because if he is 5'11
Chance must be 6'1

- And.. Chance sutton Is not 6'1 guy..

So I think this:

Jake 5'10.75

Anthony 5'11.25

Chance 6'0.5
:) said on 17/Sep/17
his claim makes me laugh. he is clearly shorter than his brother.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Sep/17
@ Peter181cm - Re: Your comment 'I take it back'!
The times I've had to swallow my pride and do just what you did!

@ Midget Stomper - Funny name! I'll join you!

@ PPPeter - Hello! I hope you are well and enjoying the weekend! ๐Ÿ™‹
179 said on 16/Sep/17
Max said on 16/Sep/17
Rob jake needs an upgrade in that picture where he looked atleest 3 inches shorter than logan he was still growing an even in his videos he claims he started puberty very late i think he should be upgraded to either 5ft11 or 5ft11.25 because you saw that video with post mallone jake was wearing yeezys that make you 1.18 in taller and an post mallone is 6ft.05 and he wasnt wearing any shoes and if you look there are no angles and they were exactly the same height and in one video called yoga with neels visser in the beginning they are both standing straight and both wearing yeezys and no angles neels was measured at exactly 6ft and looked 1inch taller than jake so he looked 5ft11 with neels and 5ft11.25 next to post mallone
Peter181cm said on 16/Sep/17
The difference between Jake and Anthony:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Jake: 5'10.75 - 5'11
(179.6cm - 180.3cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5
(181.1cm - 181.6cm)

Chance: 6'0.25 - 6'0.5
(183.6cm - 184.1cm)
Peter181cm said on 16/Sep/17
Logan: (6'1.5)

Jake: (5'11)

Anthony: (5'11.5)

Chance: (6'0.5)

I don't know why people says that difference between Jake and Logan is minimum 3inches O_o
Yeah, I know Jake wearing Yeezy (1.5in)
But with Jake's Yeezy and Logan boots is difference shorter..
But without boots I see 2-2.5in difference..
Minimum is 2in
Max is 2.75in
Normal difference without boots is 2.5in

Second thing..
you all say Jake is an idiot because he claims 6'1 or 6'2
But Anthony claim 6'2 !
And Chance claim 6'3 !!

- all of Youtubers are adding up to 2 - 3 inches to height..

Probably only Logan added only half a inch..
PewDiePie fan said on 15/Sep/17
Rob can you change the picture you can't see his full body you should put a recent picture that shows his full body and what do you think his maximum height is and his least height is
Editor Rob: the most I would try guessing is 5ft 11.
Chappy said on 15/Sep/17
Oh yeah and to the editor Rob, can you put this guy named Ethan Klein from H3H3 productions, a popular YouTube channel.
Chappy said on 15/Sep/17
I messed up that comment a little. I meant good not "goo" and "like Jake" I meant unlike Jake because I see him wear shoes that got thick soles.
Peter181cm said on 15/Sep/17
People in comments think he has 5'10.5 - 5'11.5 so he is somewhere between this height! if you do the average you will find it is 5'11 and I think it's true ..but he does not sleep long also goes down at the heightand also has a bad posture..
That's a reason why he look 5'10.5
Peter181cm said on 15/Sep/17

Yeah, I've been thinking about it and I think you're right!

- Jake can be 5'11 with 8-9hours sleep time..

At morning: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5
At the daytime: 5'11
At night: 5'10.5

- I don't know how long he sleep, but I think about 4 to 5 hours a day..

Normal sleep is 8-9 hours!

But he have bad posture..

At the daytime:
- If he 8-9 hours slept - 5'11
- If he 4-5 hours slept - 5'10.5

That's my opinion ;-)
Martin said on 15/Sep/17
I think Jakey is 5'10.75 ;-)
But if you look at Ohio Boys:
Jake, Chance, and Anthony

Chance and Anthony have perfect posture
- Jake and Ray too bad posture..

Jakey - 5ft 10.75in
Anthony - 5ft 11.25in
Chance - 6ft 0.5in
Ray - 6ft
Jason said on 15/Sep/17
Click Here
- In this pic without boots he look 5'11
With this boots he can be up to..
6'0.25 - 6'0.5
- I think he is 5'10.75
I hear he's not sleeping for a long time
- He can be minimum 5'10.5 (at night)
But if he sleep (8-9hours)
He can be legit 5'11 ! ;)

1. He doesn't get much sleep..
2. He have bad posture!

Morning height - (5'11.5)
Normal height - (5'11)
At night - (5'10.5)

But with his posture and time sleep..
He is in the daytime 5'10.5 - 5'10.75

His brother is good example!
- He sleeping well
- He have good posture
And he is legit 6'1.5!

But big difference between them..
(5'11 vs 6'1.5) is a big difference..
(Between brothers!) (2.5in)
Deadpool said on 15/Sep/17
Jake is weak 5'11" ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

He is 5'10.75

- Look:
Click Here:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

His brother is legit/real 6'1.5 !!
Logan Paul is tall ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š
Click Here

I have 3 questions.. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€

1. They are stepbrothers or own brothers?

2. why is a big difference in height between them?

3. How tall are their parents?

BTW Jake is close to 5'11
But not strong/legit 5'11 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jake's best friend's is Anthony and Chance..

Look taller than Jake ๐Ÿค”

Anthony is 5'11.25

And Chance look like weak 6'1 ๐Ÿ˜‰
Maybe 6'0.5 is good for him!
Click Here
- Jake, Anthony, Chance have Yeezy

Figure 1 - Chance 6'0.5
Figure 2 - Anthony 5'11.25
Figure 3 - Jake 5'10.75
Click Here

Apply this code:
Figure 1|male|184.2_Figure 2|male|181.0_Figure 3|male|179.7

Figure 1 - Logan
Figure 2 - Jake
Click Here

Again apply this code:
Figure 1|male|184.2_Figure 2|male|179.7

Some pics:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Logan Paul: (6'1.5) - (187cm)
Jake Paul: (5'10.75) - (179.5cm)
Anthony Truj: (5'11.25) - (181cm)
Chance Sutton: (6'0.5) - (184cm)
Chappy said on 15/Sep/17
In interviews he says he doesn't get much sleep, probably affects his height. Little under 5'10.5 minimum and little over 5'11 max with good sleep. 5'10.75 area is where Jake would be with a consistent goo sleep schedule. 6'2 is a claim probably because his brother is close to that area and he wants to get there beside him. Logan is like a little over 6'1.5 and he usually doesn't wear the thick shoes like Jake so 6'2 with shoes. 3 inch difference between those two, but 2 inch when it comes to footwear.
Peter181cm said on 14/Sep/17
I take it back!!

Jake is legit 5'11
But no more, no less.

- Here next to 6' (1.83m) Neels Visser:
Click Here:
Click Here:
Click Here

- He look legit 5'11 (1.80m)

-Next to legit 6'1.5 (1.87m) Logan Paul:
Click Here:

- He look 2-2.5in shorter (5-6cm)

Click Here:

- He look 2in shorter (5cm)

- Next to Ray Diaz 6' model/YouTube:
Click Here
Click Here

- Jake have Yeezy - 1.5in (4cm)
- Ray Diaz have Converse - 0.55in (1cm)
Click Here:
Click Here:

Jake look 6'0.5 - 6'0.75 (1.84m - 184,5)
And Ray is in pic 6'0.5 (1.84)

- Next to Anthony 5'11.25 (1.81m)
And Chance 6'0.5 (1.84m)
He look 5'11 (1.80m) ;-)

Click Here
- I don't know what to say :DD

Click Here
- In this pic..
He look taller than a lot of people
Who claiming 5'11-6' ;-)

He is a legit 5'11 guy!

If you look on Ohio Boys..
You can see Jake posture is very bad..
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

- If jakey will have good posture..
He will be legit 5'11 !!
But with his bad posture he is 5'10.5

- Jake and Logan are heavy!
Chance and Anthony are Skinny!!
And skinny people look taller..

- The reason why there is such a high height difference can be because you can see that Jake has a late puberty and Logan has premature puberty..

Logan: 6'1.5 (1.87m)
Jake: 5'11 (1.80m)
Anthony: 5'11.25 (1.81m)
Chance: 6'0.5 (1.84m)

My opinion ;-)
What you think ??
Max said on 14/Sep/17
Rob if you go to YouTube type jake paul 9ft teddy bear and skip to 9 minutes 38 seconds and jake claims that he an his freind are atleest 6ft so can you add that on the top and what do you think his maximum heignt is
Peter181cm said on 14/Sep/17
Rob, is this a joke ?
Click Here

Cole Sprouse don't have same height as Jake Paul..

If Cole really 5'10.5 (1.79m)

Jake is legit 6'-6'1 (1.83m - 1.85m)

And Jake is not 6' or 6'1 guy..

Cole Sprouse need downgrade..
To 5'9 - 5'9.75 (1.75m - 1.77m)
Peter181cm said on 14/Sep/17
Yep, you can see here:
Click Here
Click Here

Jake is little bit taller than Ray Diaz
(Jake have Yeezy, And Ray Converse)

Jake with Yeezy is 6'0.25
And Yeezy is 1.5in - 1.75in
So Jake's real height is between:
5'10.5 - 5'10.75 (179cm - 179.5cm)
Peter181cm said on 13/Sep/17
If this guy can claim his height between
5'10 - 5'11 (1.78m - 1.80m)
Click Here
(BTW his real height is 5'9 - 5'9.5)

I don't see reason why Jake Paul can't
claim 6' - 6'2 ;)

- Yeah I know he is 5'10.5 ;)

People don't know how look real 5'11 guy
I mean (1.80m - 1.82m) (5'11 - 5'11.5)
Anthony Trujillo - 5'11.25 (1.81m)
Click Here
Click Here

Martin (YouTuber) - 5'11.25 (1.81m)
Click Here
Click Here

Sebastian Stan - 5'11 (1.80m)
Click Here
Click Here:
Click Here:

Jimmy Fallon - 5'11.25 (1.82m)
Click Here
Click Here:
Click Here:

What you think ? ;-)
Max said on 13/Sep/17
Rob in the video were he says he is 6ft 6ft1 on a good day he claims 190 pounds and thats more recent then the 6ft1 175 claim so do you think 190-195 because thats what i think
Editor Rob: our weights certainly are far more variable than height, so he probably has gone up and down a bit over the last year.
Peter181cm said on 12/Sep/17

In one video said he is min. 6'

But 1.79m or 5'10.5 sounds good for him!

But he usually claim 6'2 or 1.88m
6'1 or 1.85m was on imdb

His brother is 6'1.5 or 1.87m
And Jake look 2-3in shorter
Jake wearing Yeezy (1.5in)
So he look taller...
Peter181cm said on 12/Sep/17

Jake is 87Kg or 192lbs ;)
Peter181cm said on 11/Sep/17
Click Here

Jake is 1.79m or 5'10.5
Min. 178,5cm or 5'10.25
Max. 179,5cm or 5'10.75

Anthony is 1.81m or 5'11.25
Min. 1.80m or 5'11
Max. 1.82m or 5'11.5

Chance is 1.84m or 6'0.5
Min. 1.83m or 6'
Max. 184,5cm or 6'0.75
Midget Stomper said on 10/Sep/17
He's at least 2 inches taller than his brother at the top of his head. He looks closer in height because he has a big head/long face compared to Logan, but he's well shorter.
Rick said on 10/Sep/17
This guy is a narcissist, so that explains why he claimed 6'1 and 6'2.
Andrew said on 10/Sep/17
How much you think he weighs?
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
At this pics Anthony look like 5'11
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

- And Chance in last pic look 5'11.5
Not like 1.84m or 6'0.5

But i believe...
Anthony is 1.81m or 5'11.25
Chance is 1.84m or 6'0.5
Jake is 1.79m or 5'10.5/5'10.75

Click Here
Click Here
PPPeter said on 9/Sep/17
5'10.75 look good for him ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰
Leandro said on 8/Sep/17
Jake is 180 cm. At best he could touch possibly 181.5 cm. He wears shoes that give 3-4 cm more of height so roughly 184.5 cm in the shoes he wears. So that would be between 6 feet 1/2 inches and 6 feet 3/4 inches tall. Logan looks like an exact 187 so Jake could never get there. Only if he wore thick elevators.
MM said on 8/Sep/17
Rob could this guy be only 5'10?
Editor Rob: I don't think quite that low, seems to be over the mark.
Davemils said on 8/Sep/17
Peter181cm said on 6/Sep/17
If Jake was 5'10 at 16yrs..
He must be now 5'11 - 5'11.25 ! ;-)

I'm 5'11.25 And, I was at 16yrs 5'10
Dude I was 5'3 at 16 and now I am 5'10 So that logic doesn't work
PPPeter said on 8/Sep/17
Yep, you can see here:
Anthony - 5ft 11.25in
Chance - 6ft 0.5in

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Peter181cm said on 8/Sep/17

It's really hard to say:
How tall is Jake Paul..

Min: 5'10
Max. 6'

He never was,be,will 6'1 or 6'2

People often lie about height..

People who are under 5'9 claim 5'10
People who are 5'9 claim 5'11
People who are 5'11 And more..
Claim more than 6' ;-)

Let's back to Jake:
Sometimes he look 5'10
And sometimes he look more than 5'11

You can only estimate how tall is Jake..

Some man said: Jake with yeezy is 6'0.5
And yeezy is 1.5in tall
So Jake height is can be strong 5'11
And his brother is legit 6'1.5 ;)
And Logan is 1-2.5in taller ;)

Click Here:

With 6'3 man ;-)
Jake look 5'11 - 5'11.25

Click Here:
Click Here:

-in this pic he look 5'11 - 6'

Click Here:

What you think Linke ?

I don't know how tall is he..
But I think He is legit 5'11
Peter181cm said on 7/Sep/17
Click Here

- You can compare Anthony and Chance
5'11.25 vs 6'0.5 ;---)
Linke said on 7/Sep/17
5'10.5 guy claiming 6'2?

In terms of exaggeration, does he top the list here?
Peter181cm said on 6/Sep/17
If Jake was 5'10 at 16yrs..
He must be now 5'11 - 5'11.25 ! ;-)

I'm 5'11.25 And, I was at 16yrs 5'10
PPPeter said on 6/Sep/17
Jake = 5ft 11in
Click Here

Chance = 6ft 0.5in
Click Here

Anthony = 5ft 11.25in
Click Here

Logan = 6ft 1.5in
Click Here

Another one:
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
- There is taller than Erika 5'6 - 5'7
And Erika have heels ;)
Peter181cm said on 6/Sep/17

Your friend must be 5'10 ;)

Logan is here too:
Click Here

Logan = 6'1.5

Jake = 5'11

Chance = 6'0.5

Anthony = 5'11.25

I think Jake is not retarded..
He know if he under 5'11
He can't claim 6' or 6'1
Peter181cm said on 6/Sep/17

Your friend must be 5'10 ;)

Logan is here too:
Click Here

Logan = 6'1.5
Min. 6'1.25
Max. 6'1.75

Jake = 5'11
Min. 5'10.75
Max. 5'11.25

Chance = 6'0.5
Min. 6'
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/17
Jake= 6"0

Logan= 6"2

Chance= 6"1

Anthony= 6"0
My friend is 5"11 and met Jake Paul and Is a bit shorter
PewDiePie fan said on 5/Sep/17
Rob I don't know how to link stuff but in one video jake wrestelse an mma fighter and when asked how tall he is and how much he weighs he says 6ft 6ft1 on a good day and 190 pounds
Editor Rob: yeah here is the Link.
James said on 5/Sep/17
Rob, I think Jake Paul is 5'10 at best. He even claimed it on twitter that anonymous has previously posted. His brother seems to be at 185-186cm. Solid 6'1.
Editor Rob: I had mentioned the 5ft 10 in the description when he was added to the site, but as I mentioned, it was when he was younger.
Peter181cm said on 5/Sep/17
Why can't be Jake 5ft 11in - 6ft Guy ?!
He look like tall man

Check this:
Click Here
- Jake look like the tallest member :D

Click Here
- Look only 0.25in - 0.5in shorter..
Than Chance Sutton - (6ft - 6ft 0.5)

Click Here
-Jake look taller than Anthony (5'11.25)

Click Here
- Yep, Ohio boys next to each other
(Chance is) - (6ft 0.5in)
(Anthony is) - (5ft 11.25in)
(Jake is) - (5ft 11in)

Logan Paul: (6ft 1.5in)
Greg Paul: (6ft)
Jake Paul: (5ft 11in)
Chance Sutton: (6ft 0.5in)
Anthony Trujillo: (5ft 11.25in)

That's true bro ;)

I think Jake needs upgrade on 5'11"
Max said on 4/Sep/17
Rob what month was it when jake claimed 6ft1 175 pounds
Editor Rob: it was present when he was added to the site, on the imdb.Resume (uploaded either by himself or agent), although it seems to have been removed now.
PPPeter said on 4/Sep/17

Click Here

How can Team 10 members claim they are 2-3 inches taller than they are..!

Jake Paul: claim 6ft ?!
(Real height: 5ft 10.5in)

Chance Sutton: 6ft 3in?!
(Real height: 6ft)

Anthony Trujillo: 6ft 2in ?!
(Real height: 5ft 11.25in)

Kade Speiser: 6ft 1in ?!
(Real height: 5ft 11.5in)

People who are 5ft 11in claims 6ft 1in
People who are 6ft claims 6ft 3in
People who are 5ft 9 claims 5ft 11in

People ! Don't lie about your own height!

I am 15yrs old
And I'm 5ft 8.75in - 5ft 9in
So I can claim 5ft 11in huh ?! -_-

It's sad..

And don't lie about your height ;-)

Have a nice day! ;)
PPPeter said on 4/Sep/17

I look at video..

all the heights in this video lie!

Jake Paul: (6ft ?) - NO!!!!
Chance Sutton: (6ft 3in ?) - NO!!!
Anthony Trujillo: (6ft 2in ?) - NO!!
Kade Speiser: (6ft 1in ?) - NO!

Everyone in video lie... -_-

Jake Paul: 1.79cm - 1.79,5cm
(5ft 10.5in - 5ft 10.75in)

Chance Sutton: 1.83cm - 1.84cm
(6ft - 6ft 0.5in)

Anthony Trujillo: 1.81cm - 1.82cm
(5ft 11.25in - 5ft 11.5in)

Kade Speiser: 1.81cm - 1.82cm
(5ft 11.5in - 5ft 11.75in)
Anonymous said on 4/Sep/17
Jake paul is 5'10 no less no more, here is the proof Click Here
Monley said on 4/Sep/17
Wow I have never seen this cite before. I just looked up Jake Paul height because I heard he said 6'2 before and I wanted to find something that said he wasn't that tall and I looks like a came to the right place. I do think he is more like 5'11 though because I am 5'11 and he wears yeezys which give you more than and inch of shoe but I sometimes wear those kinds of shoes and I reach 6'0.5 with them. Should just say 6 foot Jake not add 2 inches. I have actually never said 6 foot always been honest and I think Jake should too. Btw cool site I will check this out more often
MM said on 3/Sep/17
Editor Rob: yes, I will append the fact he also claimed 6ft 2.

Do you really think he is under 5'11? I haven't looked at him much but 3.5 inches inflation is insane.

You might be interested in adding to the top another claim of his though, he lists himself as 6 foot in this video, which is more recent:

Click Here LOL.

This guy is so full of sh*t. Claims, 6', 6'1 and 6'2 when he's barely even 5'11. At least stick to one claim!! You look like an idiot giving multiple different heights, so obvious his pulling everything out of his @rse.
PPPeter said on 2/Sep/17

Yo, you're agressive ! :D

Let me fix it:

Jake: (179cm/5ft 10.75in)
Chance Sutton: (183cm/6ft)
Anthony Trujillo: (181cm/5ft 11.25in)
Ray Diaz: (183cm/6ft)
Chad Tepper: (182.5cm/5ft 11.75in)
Kade Speiser: (181.5cm/5ft 11.5in)
Nick Crompton: (173.5cm/5ft 8.25in)
Martin twins: (171cm/5ft 7in)

Now I will agree ;---)

- but you didn't notice this:
Chance is 6ft
But Ray is 6ft too ;-)

The tallest members are Chance and Ray!
MM said on 2/Sep/17
Rob, he claimed 6'2 in this video which is pretty recent, only from March. Click Here

Either this guy is retarded, or this listing is wrong, can't be claiming 3.5 inches more than he is!!!
Editor Rob: yes, I will append the fact he also claimed 6ft 2.
JP said on 2/Sep/17

Jake Paul - 179
Chance Sutton - 183
Anthony Trujillo - 181
Ray Diaz - 183
Kade Speiser - 182
Chad Tepper - 181.5
Nick Crompton - 174
Emilio/Ivan Martinez - 171cm
Erika Costell - 168
Tessa Brooks - 168

- Nobody in Team 10 is not tall as Logan
The tallest member is:
Chance Sutton - (183cm/6ft)

- I don't know why lie at their height!

- Everyone in Team 10 wears Yeezy
That's a reason why they look tall

Sandy Cowell said on 30/Aug/17
@ PPPETER - Cheers and good wishes to you too! I hope you are enjoying studying English. Learning something new every day is incredibly satisfying, isn't it? Be proud for having ambitions and going out of your way to better yourself and getting what you want from this precious thing called life!

Omar 6'2 said on 30/Aug/17
Hey Rob, is there any other page where I can ask you questions. That is because I can't comment on your page.
Editor Rob: I'm trying to focus on the celebrities themselves.
Sorry, I can't really answer questions about random people's heights anymore. I think it took away focus and time which is best spent maintaining the site.
PPPeter said on 30/Aug/17
Rob, will you add the other members from Team 10 like YouTube star? Please ๐Ÿ‘

Chance Sutton - 6ft 0.5in
Anthony Trujillo - 5ft 11.25in
Ray Diaz - 5ft 11.75in
Kade Speiser - 5ft 11.5in
Chad Tepper - 5ft 11.5in
Nick Crompton - 5ft 8in
Martinez - 5ft 7in
PPPeter said on 30/Aug/17
@Sandy Cowell

Thank you Sandy ๐Ÿ˜‰
Cheers ๐Ÿท๐Ÿป
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Aug/17
@ PPPeter - Oh, the they certainly are nice! I have thought that since I was a kid!
Have a lovely day yourself!
Enjoy whatever you get up to!
Cheers PPPeter mate! ๐Ÿ˜†
PPPeter said on 29/Aug/17
@Sandy Cowell

Maybe yes
- I hear the Americans are nice
And I believe they are ;)


Have a nice day Sandy ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Aug/17
@ PPPeter - I'm sure they'll welcome someone with as much love for their country as you have with open arms!

PPPeter said on 27/Aug/17
@Alfred Pennyworth

- Maybe is Jake sad because his brother is much higher

- And Jake's father is taller than Jake too

Logan Paul: 6ft 1.5in
Jake Paul: 5ft 10.75in
Greg Paul: 6ft
PPPeter said on 27/Aug/17
@Sandy Cowell

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‚

- Maybe it's bigger motivation to live in LA

- Enjoy your week too! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Aug/17
@ PPPeter - It doesn't matter if you weren't born in the USA, you can still live there!
You'll probably appreciate it all the more if you go and live there having it as a fresh, new, breathtaking location! I know I would! If you were born there, you'd be used to it, whereas if you make a special effort, the way you are doing, it will mean all the more to you!

Enjoy your week! ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alfred Pennyworth said on 26/Aug/17
@Max and PPPeter

Mr. Max, Master Wayne 6ft

Mr. Peter even their friends are laughing at his height claims.

Master Wayne, I prepared the supper by the way.
Sam said on 25/Aug/17
He looks like a younger version of Dolph Lundgren
PPPeter said on 25/Aug/17
@Sandy Cowell

Yeah, Los Angeles is exciting city ;)
I love USA ๐Ÿ˜

- I envy all who was born in USA ;)

Have a nice day Sandy Cowell
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Aug/17
@ PPPeter - You're very welcome!

So you want to live in LA! What a great choice for your new home town as it means you will see loads of exciting celebrities - HOPEFULLY! If that is the reason you want to live there, then it is a very good one! ๐Ÿ™† ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐ŸŒŽ ๐Ÿ—ฝ
PPPeter said on 25/Aug/17
@Mr. Wayne

- I did'nt say you said Jake is 6 ft ๐Ÿ˜‰
I just said is not strong 6ft Guy ๐Ÿ˜Š

He look 180.3 - 181.6 cm

Check this:
Click Here
Look at 4:13

He said 6ft 2in ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ lol
Max said on 25/Aug/17
Thank you mr wayne by the way how tall are you โœŒ
Mr. Wayne said on 24/Aug/17
Max, I will look into his vids and send you.

I think it was from his New York vlog with Alissa.
Mr. Wayne said on 24/Aug/17
Did I say he is 6ft? I said he stated he is at least 6 in a video

I know your first language is not English so all cool Peter. I already stated my point. Jake is min 180.3 max 181.6

I believe that you think the same way.
PPPeter said on 24/Aug/17
@Mr. Wayne

Jake is not 6ft
Check this out:
Click Here

- With model Neels Visser 6ft
Jake look 5ft 11in

What you Think ?
PPPeter said on 24/Aug/17
@Sandy Cowell

Thank you so much ! ๐Ÿ˜„

I love USA too ๐Ÿ˜

- And want to live in LA ๐Ÿ˜‰
Max said on 24/Aug/17
Mr wayne what is the vlog called where he said atleast 6ft
Max said on 24/Aug/17
what is the vlog called
Mr. Wayne said on 23/Aug/17

He said he is at least 6ft

in a couple of vlogs, he did some basketball vids in which he showed his stats. If I recall the height stat was 6ft.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Aug/17
@ PPPeter - Hello! Thank you very much for your reply! It's good to read about young people having such positive plans for their future lives.
I think watching English and American films is a terrific and exciting way of learning the language! You get to broaden your mind at the same time, which is great and will keep you interested.
Two of my brothers have moved to the States and they love it there. They live in Atlanta, Georgia.
Good luck with your future!
Cheers PPPeter ๐Ÿ˜Š
Jamie said on 23/Aug/17
@SpacedOut Idubbbz is more 6' 0" range. An inch shorter than 6' 1" Joey Salads.
PPPeter said on 23/Aug/17
@Mr Wayne

I study IT in my country
- I want to work with computers

- I often use YouTube and Facebook
And sometimes I watch movies in English

Have a nice day Wayne ;-)
SpacedOut said on 23/Aug/17

I hate to break it to you but Ethan is nowhere near 5'10. He's 5'7-5'8 I'm sorry but it's true. Click Here nowhere near 5'10 (here he is compared to 6'1-2 Idubbbz). He looks barely 5'7 in this picture. and no Idubbbz doesn't wear lifts, typically the taller a person is (naturally) the more likely they are not wearing lifts.
Max said on 23/Aug/17
Can anyone link me a video of jake paul claiming his height
Mr. Wayne said on 22/Aug/17

What do you want to do in the future?

Do you use social media?
GWmack said on 22/Aug/17
Hey Ethan is 5'10 area. Khaled wears elevators, jake Paul wears elevators and Ethan always is a flip flops guy. He also is bending down a lot. Ethan Klein is 5'10 and nobody here gonna say 5'8 about my favorite YouTuber. Jake Paul is 5'11. Yeezys make him 6'.5 Khaled looks 5'8 range, possibly 5'9. If you truly know Ethan Klein and seen almost all of his videos you know what I mean. Almost everyone wears 1 inch shoes but not Ethan, he is 5'10. Jake Paul is 5'11
PPPeter said on 22/Aug/17
@Sandy Cowell

Thank you so much! ;)

I TEACH myself because I want to live in USA :-)

I must finish my education, and earn some money :D

- Then I will live in the USA ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I never come back to my country..
Jamie said on 21/Aug/17
Ethan Klein's 5' 11" claim might be the most absurd claim I've seen. He looked the same height as DJ Khalid who's 5' 6".
PPPeter said on 21/Aug/17
Sorry no :)
But I live near to him ;)
He is 5ft 7in - 5ft 7.5in
He is small ;)
Average Height in our state is:
5ft 11.25in ;---)

Have a nice day! :D
Mr. Wayne said on 20/Aug/17

Jake wears Yeezys
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Aug/17
@ PPPeter - Don't worry about it! You made just one mistake and that was 'I LEARN MYSELF', which should have been 'I TEACH myself'.
Many people make that error in their home countries, where English IS their country's Mother tongue! One small mistake, not to mention zero spelling mistakes, is very good going!
It looks as though You Tube has its uses after all!
SpacedOut said on 20/Aug/17

I personally believe Jake's 5'11 too however Ethan Klein is NO WHERE NEAR 5'11. I would place him at 5'7-5'8. sneakers don't give that much height lol.
In the video where Klein states his height at 5'11 I'm pretty sure he's joking to make him self appear taller to the blind person. But if you look at him and compare him to others he's no where near 5'11. Rob, if you ever put Ethan Klein on here I beg you not to list him as anything above 5'9 haha.
Chris said on 19/Aug/17
PPPeter? are you the dude from Youtube? The guy who did the Casey Neistat video?
How tall are you if I may ask? ahah
Chris said on 19/Aug/17
Looks more 5'11 - 5'11.5. I'd put my money on 180-181. He never looks more than 2.5 inches shorter than Logan. He must have had a late gain as he went through puberty late.
Here he is with 5'9 range Ethan from H3h3. Click Here - the dude in the middle isn't below 177cm.
SW - 183cm said on 19/Aug/17
Click Here Jake is here with Ethan Klein (youtuber) who has also met Steve O who is around 5'9.75/5'10 on here and Ethan looked at least 1 inch shorter than Steve O so maybe Jake isn't 5'10?
Click Here (video of Ethan and Steve O
Kenneth said on 18/Aug/17
Hey Rob check this Click Here
I am pretty sure Jake is a solid 5'11. The guy in this picture is a YouTuber named Ethan Klein and he says 5'11 and he mainly wears flip flops. Jake wears more athletic shoes so that gives him 1-1.5 inches. You should put Ethan on here because I believe he is 5'11 or almost 5'11, he is pretty popular too.
PPPeter said on 18/Aug/17
@Mr. Wayne

I apologize for my grammar, but I'm not from America or England, I'm from a small country where we don't speak English, I learn myself from YouTube videos or from school ;)

Have a nice day Wayne ;-)
PPPeter said on 18/Aug/17
Guys, I found interesting page about height.. ;)
- You can compare height between two person

Check this out:

Chance (6ft) vs Jake (5ft 10.75in)
Click Here

You can see here:
Click Here

Chance (6ft) vs Anthony (5ft 11.25in)
Click Here

Check this:
Click Here

Anthony (5ft 11.25) vs Jake (5ft 10.75)
Click Here

Click Here

And brothers Jake and Logan :DD

Jake (5ft 10.75in) vs Logan (6ft 1.5in)
Click Here

It's interesting, huh ? ;)
PPPeter said on 18/Aug/17

Logan is here too:
Click Here

Jake often wears Yeezy..

Jake is 179-180cm (5ft 10.5in - 11in)
Yeezy are 3-4cm (1.25in - 1.5in)

Jake is - 182-184cm tall with yeezy
(5ft 11.5i. - 6ft 0.5)

And the difference between Jake and Logan is no more than 3 inches ;)

The difference between them is 2-3inches
PPPeter said on 18/Aug/17
@Mr. Wayne

- My Accounts: PPPeter, Christ
And Christ is for joke :D

But I'm not @Thomas Angello ;-)
- This can be confirmed by Rob..
I Think he can see IP adress ๐Ÿค”
Jimmyjack said on 17/Aug/17
Jake Paul is 5' 11 range at best, never will touch 6' only with shoes. 5'10.5 is night height, nothing less than that. Logan is a lot taller by like 3 inches minimum
Meme Dude said on 17/Aug/17
Wow Jake is on here too and I'm even more shocked I actually thought 6'2 from google but wow looks like another 2 am type tweet where you don't care and add 4 inches to your real height. This site is interesting...
PPPeter said on 17/Aug/17
After a long look at photos and videos, I finally think this:

Jake Paul: 179-180.5cm
(5ft 10.5in - 5ft 11.05in)

Chance Sutton: 183-184cm
(6ft - 6ft 0.5in)

Anthony Trujillo: 181-182cm
(5ft 11.25in - 5ft 11.5in)

Logan Paul: 186-187cm
(6ft 1.25in - 6ft 1.5in)

Ray Diaz: 182-183cm
(5ft 11.5in - 6ft)

I don't change my opinion from today ;)
Mr. Wayne said on 17/Aug/17
PPPeter is the Christ and Thomas Angello

smh stop erasin your history cause its noticeable (your grammar and the way u write things) that you come here everyday and write with different names please stick to one identity.
Christ said on 16/Aug/17
Don't Fight!
I am Jesus Christ and I will give you Height! ;)

Ohio Boys:

Jake Paul: 179-181cm
(5ft 10.5in - 5ft 11.25in)

Anthony Trujillo: 181-182cm
(5ft 11.25in - 5ft 11.5in)

Chance Sutton: 183-184cm
(6ft - 6ft 0.5in)

Logan Paul: 186-187cm
6ft 1.25in - 6ft 1.5in
PPPeter said on 16/Aug/17
Chance is - (183-184cm)
(6ft - 6ft 0.5in)
He don't look like 6ft 1in ;)

Anthony - (181-182cm)
(5ft 11.25in - 5ft 11.5in)
I agree with you ;-)

Jake Paul - (179-181cm)
(5ft 10.5 - 5ft 11.25in)
I'm agree with you again xD

Logan Paul - (186-187cm)
(6ft 1.25 - 6ft 1.5in)
sometimes he look 185,5cm for me :D
Thomas Angello said on 16/Aug/17
Chance is - 183-184cm
He don't look like 185cm Guy

Anthony is - 181-182cm

Logan is - 186-187cm

Jake is - 179-180cm
JESUS said on 16/Aug/17

Chance is 184-185

Logan is 186.5-187

Anthony is 181.6-182.2

Jake is 180.3-181
PPPeter said on 15/Aug/17
oh.. Guys you don't believe, what I am found!!

Check this out!
Click Here
Stop video at 16:51

Here you can see that Chance is not:
6ft 1in or 6ft 2in ;)

Logan is taller than Chance!
and Chance has Yeezy in video..

Logan is 6ft 1in - 6ft 1.5in

Chance in This video have Yeezy - 3-5cm
And Logan has low shoes - 1-2cm

Logan height with shoes:
(186-187) + (1-2cm) = 187-189cm

Chance height with Yeezy:
(182-184) + (3-4cm) = 185-188cm!

Chance real height is:
Min. - 5ft 11.5in (182cm)
Max. - 6ft 0.5in (184cm)
I think he is 6 foot!

Why does it look higher?
- He is slim and muscular
- He has a good posture
- he has high hair
- He has wide shoulders and a narrow waist
- He always wear Yeezy

6ft 1in or 6ft 2in ?!

PPPeter said on 15/Aug/17

Some your arguments are wrong, bro ;)

Logan height: (186-187cm)
Click Here
It's between: 6ft 1in - 6ft 1.5in ;-)

Jake Paul: (179-181cm)
Jake is 5ft 10.5 - 5ft 11.25in
It looks his height is close to Anthony height..
(5ft 10.5 - 5ft 11.25)

Anthony: (180-182cm)
It's look little smaller than Chance
(5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in

Chance: (182-184cm)
He's a little taller than Anthony ;)
with Yeezy he is 6ft 1in - 6ft 2in tall
But without shoes he is:
(5ft 11.75in - 6ft 0.5in)

With Kade and Tristan I agree ;)

Have a nice day Joji ;)
John183cm said on 14/Aug/17
PPPeter scroll down my friend Big Rob already stated that there could be a 5ft 11in argument for him.
John183cm said on 14/Aug/17
Guys check this out this has to be discussed.

Click Here (Anthony and Chance)

Why does Chance look huge? Is he wearing lifts? He looks like 6ft 1.5in in that pic(WITH SHOES). Could be the angle but he looks taller than 6 IMO.

More like a weak 6ft 1in
Joji said on 13/Aug/17
Chance is 6'2 he is the tallest of team 10. I know that because i add him in snapchat before he was famous, jake put his snapchat like 2 years ago and in one of his snaps he said it
With That being said i think
jake is 1.78 - 1.79
Anthony 1.80 - 1.81
Logan 6'2
Tristan and kade 6'0
John183cm said on 13/Aug/17
@PPPeter your friend is 6ft

Click Here

Chance appears taller cause he is skinnier than your friend, your friend is ripped, huge and appears shorter but they are most likely around the same height.
John183cm said on 13/Aug/17
@Big Rob,

Rob look at this new video that Logan uploaded. I don't see 3 inches. Jake is wearing Yeezys like always and Logan is wearing an air max type of sneakers. I think Jake is 5ft 11(MIN) to 5ft 11.5(MAX) or Logan is 6ft 1in

Click Here (Start at 8:04)

Edit: Really curious about this one Rob please check it out if you could.
PPPeter said on 13/Aug/17

How tall do you think is: Ray Diaz, Anthony Trujillo, Chance Sutton?

I think:
Ray Diaz: 6ft
Anthony Trujillo: 5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in
Chance Sutton: 5ft 11.25 - 6ft

And you ? @JESUS
PPPeter said on 13/Aug/17
Rob, I think real Jakes height is between 5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in

Because in this video, it looks like he's the same height as Anthony..

Click Here
Look at 6:24 - 6:30

And Anthony height is between:
5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in

Both of them have yeezy, and they also look like they're the same height!

I think Ohio Boys height:
Jake Paul: 5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in
Anthony Trujillo: 5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in
Chance Sutton: 5ft 11in - 6ft

What you think Rob ?
JESUS said on 12/Aug/17
Don't think Ray is 181,5 because in that pic he is wearing converses and Anthony is wearing yeezys. Keep that in mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

And 5ft 11.5in is 182.2 keep that in mind too @PPPeter

His posture is exactly like Christian Bale's. Same with Chance as well.
PPPeter said on 12/Aug/17
@The Man

Look, My friend is 5ft 11.75in tall, And look taller than Chance ;)

Compare it:
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Chance look taller, than he is, because he always use Yeezy or high shoes..

I don't know why people lie about his own height :(

I think Chance height is between 5ft 11in - 6ft 0.5in, 180-184cm ;-)

Have a nice day! ;)
PPPeter said on 11/Aug/17
Real heights of Team 10:
Jake Paul: 5ft 10.5in - 179cm
Chance Sutton: 5ft 11.5in - 181,5cm
Anthony Trujillo: 5ft 11in - 180cm
Ray Diaz: 5ft 11.5in - 181,5cm
Martinez Twins: 5ft 7in - 171cm
Tristan Tales: 5ft 10.25in - 178cm
Nick Crompton: 5ft 9in - 175cm

And Logan Paul: 6ft 1.25in - 186cm
Yeah, I know Logan Paul not in Team 10..
But He Is Jake's Brother! ;-)

Click Here
If Chance and Jake stands straight..
You Will see Chance don't look much taller..
He is 2-3cm taller than Jake Paul!

Click Here
Chance height Is 181-182cm, but Anthony looks 1-2cm shorter, So Anthony's height is 180cm!

Click Here
Get Ray and Anthony without shoes and you will see Ray height is between 180-183cm, I'm sure Ray Diaz Is not strong 6ft boy..

Click Here
Tristan look 7-8cm taller than Martinez twins..

Click Here
Nick look 4-5cm taller..
Martinez twins height Is 5ft 7in
And Nick height Is 5ft 9in

And finally Logan Paul xD
He Is between: 6ft - 6ft 2in
I think his real height is 6ft 1.25in
(185,5 -186,5cm)
Jaragon2k said on 11/Aug/17
@marcus Definitely not 5'8, look at any video or picture or Jake and his brother Logan together you can see that at most he's 3 inches shorter, can look less than that sometimes also. I'd say 5'10.75
The Man said on 11/Aug/17
Big Rob, I had to address it to you

Click Here (STOP THE VID AT 6:24)

Jake has Yeezys and he is with Post Malone who is listed 6ft 0.5in They stood the same. You can keep watching the vid for a couple of more minutes you'll notice their height in different angles as well.

He is 5ft 11.25in (181cm)

Editor Rob: you could make a 5ft 11 argument yes.
The Man said on 11/Aug/17

Chance doesn't appear as a 6ft. He looks more like 6ft 1in.
Nick said on 11/Aug/17
Rob please add more team 10 members (chance, Anthony, Martinez twins..)
marcus said on 10/Aug/17
More like 5'8, too much shorter than his big brother Logan
PPPeter said on 10/Aug/17
Rob, do you agree??
Jake Paul - 5ft 10.5in (179cm)
Logan Paul - 6ft 1.25in (186cm)
Chance Sutton - 6ft (183cm)
Anthony Trujillo - 5ft 11.25in (181cm)
Ray Diaz - 5ft 11.25in (181cm)
Tristan Tales - 5ft 10in (178cm)
Martinez Twins - 5ft 7i.5n (171cm)
Nick Crompton - 5ft 8.75in (174,5cm)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: I can see how some of the estimates match up, but a few of the names I'm just not as familiar with.
The Man said on 9/Aug/17
in tippy toes, he'll be at 6'2

but I think he is 5ft 11.25in in tippy toes he becomes like somewhere near 6ft 3.

He says he is at least 6ft in a video. But when he is measuring his height he is adding his shoe height. Which makes him 6ft 0.5in. He stood the same as Post Malone who is listed 6ft 0.5in. Post was barefoot and Jake had Yeezys.
Sudad said on 8/Aug/17
Rob are you going to make a page for Logan Paul I think 6 foot 1.5 is a good listing
Editor Rob: yes around that mark is believable, he seems near 3 inches taller than Jake and is I suppose as popular.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 8/Aug/17
He might have listed his 6'1" claimed height in 'tippy toes.'
Mark(5'9.5") said on 8/Aug/17
He might have listed his height in 'tippy toes.'
Nik said on 7/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Being disabled is only one part of me, as you and many other people would testify. I am fortunate enough in other ways for my life to be deemed in the positive! Thankfully the epidermolysis bullosa that I have got is mild and doesn't impact on my life massively.

The next thing I will tell you and Rob... Well! It will be interesting when you both find out. I

Nik said on 6/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I am OK about everything I have talked about on Leslie Ash's page. I am grateful for many things in my life and enjoy most things!

I have something even more interesting tell you and Rob soon!

Nik said on 6/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I got yours from the 3rd July early in the morning on the 5th July. I will answer it shortly but as I have been suffering from bad nerves I have found it difficult in the last few days. I have noticed there is only one page for certain letters, I being one of them.

I hope everything is OK and that you get your back problems sorted out ASAP.

Right now I am watching Leeds beating Bolton on SKY so things aren't bad!

Have a great weekend!
Anon2 said on 6/Aug/17
his brother looks a lot taller, maybe 6'1.5''?
Joji said on 6/Aug/17
Jake paul is always using yeezys (4-5 cm boost height) thats why he looks like a 6ft boy 1.79 + 4 = 1.83 and i wouldnt be surprise if he use heels
AJ said on 5/Aug/17
Rob, why do people often feel the need to lie or inflate their height? I'm just curious of the psychology behind this interesting phenomenon. Is it to appear more attractive or healthy? To appear more superior? Especially for men that are on the shorter side, they tend to claim higher and exaggerate their height. Like I know his one guy who is 5'6.5 range but always claims 5'9 or sometimes higher on dating profiles and for licenses. And even in general, when people ask him how tall he is.

Not just men do this, women tend to do this a lot too. It seems to be the norm nowadays.

On average, how much height do you think people add to their real height, and claim that height?
Editor Rob: it can be a bit of insecurity and people generally like to project a better image of themselves...we are brought up in a society which views 'taller=better'.

With celebrities, image is part of their job and Enhancing or bending the truth may help them at times.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Aug/17
@ Nik - Just got your comment from the 4th... on Saturday, 5th at 23.02!
I don't have to go into Bromley for a while, just my immediate town nearby, which is where I get my painkillers, now just twice a week!
I am seeing the doctor on Monday for my X-Ray results! I am quite interested!
I do hope you are having a fantastic weekend, Nik! Today I did a few celebrities beginning with the letter 'I'! Surprisingly, there is only one single solitary page of them; I covered four! I don't know whether any are YouTuber stars like Jake here, but I'll find out in time! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ‘
DaveMills said on 5/Aug/17
If Rock is his listed 6'2.5 then Logan Paul is 6'1.25(186 cm) atleast and that puts Jake at around 5'10.5 (179 cm). Don't know why he claims that absurd 6'1?? May be the family that inflats together , stays together.
Lana said on 5/Aug/17
Rob, then what do you think about Alissa Violet's height? How tall is she, I think she's not even close to 5'9" that she claimed.
Click Here
Click Here
Bruh 2.0 said on 5/Aug/17
Hey Bruh,

No, his posture doesn't strike me as a 5ft 10.25in lad.

Click Here (Jake with 6ft 3in Lewis Howes) (He looks 5ft 11in or 5ft 11.25)

Think Ben Affleck and Matt Damon when you're checking that picture. But consider that Jake is 1.25in-1.5in taller than Matt Damon.

Click Here W/Ray Diaz who is 6ft (barefoot) (Ray is wearing converse which is 0.4in, Jake has Yeezys on and his heels are 1.18in and that makes him 6ft with shoes)

Bruh said on 5/Aug/17
Click Here Cameron Dallas (5'9") and Jake Paul. I know it's a street shot but you can tell he is nowhere near as tall as he claims to be.
Click Here Another one. Notice that Cameron is wearing Vans and Jake has boots.

He's 5'10,25" tops
Chris said on 4/Aug/17
@I'm Kaden and I'm 6'3.75

Yeah, there's an issue with selfie camera judgement as it's hard to tell who's gaining / losing more height as distance can ether devalue or increase height. I saw that particular video, and I wouldn't call Jake over 5'11. He 100% doesn't surpass 5'11 based on him with Cameron Dallas and similar. Anything from 179-181(max) is possible.
banana said on 4/Aug/17
i'd say 5'11,5
Nik said on 4/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Have a great day!

We choose to do our talking on this website and there are a few things I want to tell you and Rob soon.

Are you going into Bromley today?

The Man said on 4/Aug/17
@I'm kaden and I'm 6'3.75

You could be right, need to see a proof tho so we could discuss
Revisionist said on 3/Aug/17
I think that some of the posters here one up Jake for silly claims. At least Jake is claiming his own height and isn't inventing fake heights for other celebs just to boost his own ego:

Rock is 6'4.5?
Jacksceptic is 5'9?
Rob's estimates tend to be fairly generous when he hasn't met them, quite often giving them a 1/4" more than they probably deserve. I doubt that Jack is even 172.72 at night, and that Rock doesn't drop to 6'2" flat before bed. If The Rock is 6'4.5, then Jake Paul must be at least 6'1, and I'm a monkey's baboon.

Thomas, you must be judging people's height shoe heights because actual MEASURED young white male height is 5'10 in the morning-afternoon. They're not even 5'11 straight out of bed, nevermind in the evening.
sumdude said on 3/Aug/17
Seems 178-179.5 in most photos and videos. Over 180cm? No way.
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Aug/17
@ Nik - Ha ha! The last thing I am meant to do is drink on top of my painkillers! The reason I spilt the stuff was because even half a can of cider was too much on top of my two very strong painkillers! It is also dangerous and stupid of me to have done that and I won't be doing it again! Well, not for a great many weeks, if I am wise!
Now I'm back on a healthy diet.
I am about to eat some grapes and later I will have cherries,
but very important is that I start eating high protein foods again to regain my lost height! Lately, I have often been too knackered to eat! ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿด๐Ÿถ ๐Ÿ‘

@ The Man - Hello! It has been suggested before that we exchange numbers, but as we both hold a great fascination for height and celebs, not to mention we are equally fond of celebheights, we choose to write to each other here. We try to keep it as interesting as possible for the many other visitors, and admittedly we do go off-topic from time to time, and it is always useful when guys like you give us a jolt when we do!
You're very welcome to join in, of course! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘
I'm kaden and I'm 6'3.75 said on 3/Aug/17
This false Jake is 6'0.5 look at him next to 6'5 Michael Jordan no way he's 5'10 3/4 in a video he looks not even 5 inches smaller than Michael Jordan rob should at least change his height to 6'0
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Aug/17
@ Nik - Hello! I'm bursting with excitement because today AND tomorrow I don't have to stagger off to the chemists for my painkillers, or get a cab there and stagger back as is more often the way, because I've been reduced to a twice-weekly pick-up at long last!
If ever there's been a crash course in height reduction for me anyway, my money would be on what I've had to do for the past couple of months, and I don't recommend it!
I saw the same nurse on Tuesday as the one who measured me, for a blood test ๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ’บ this time round, and I was close to joking about her measuring me again ๐Ÿ“ to see if I'd 'maintained' (pah!) my 150cm, but I didn't want to waste her time! She is a lovely, tall cherubic nurse with gorgeous Afro hair, which is one of my favourite natural hair types! It was her Dad's birthday, which was a far more exciting subject to talk about than height-loss! I bet her Dad is proud to have a nurse for a daughter; next time, if the subject of family arises, I will ask her if she has any siblings - and how tall they are! They are probably on the tall side, like she is! She seems the sort who'd be only too delighted to talk about her family!
Ah, you mentioned what you consider to be your favourite 'ideal height'! I think a comfortable tall-average 5ft9.5 is a great male height. One has to bear in mind that it's a whole lot more than many short to average sized women, who seem to have been lied to a good deal more than they realise, have so far been led to believe! I once wrote about a secret 6ft mark that I etched into my wall when I was 22, and the guys who actually made 'the mark', as it were, who claimed to be 6ft+, were few and far between! If I remember rightly, the comment was written on Harrison Ford's page, should you wish to read it!
I'm beginning to think that I'd be more than happy now to be 5ft4 or 5! I used to think 5ft7 would be my favourite height and before than even 5ft9 or 10, but reading about how irksome Liv Tyler has found it to be that tall, it did make me think! I read an interview of hers in a 'Bazaar' magazine in Autumn of 2008 and some stuffy old journalist wrote a bitchy remark in a tabloid newspaper about her being ungrateful with the way nature made her, which was what gave her her career! What utter nonsense, as firstly, every person, male or female, famous or otherwise, yearns at some stage for the opposite to what nature gave them, be it in the height department or anything else! This journalist should remember that Liv comes from a show-biz family, has been on the catwalk since she was 14, and started her acting career very shortly after, at 16! She has one of the nicest personalities of all the celebrities, is loving and caring and that is why I am so fond of her! Before she had son Milo, she even bought herself a little dog ๐Ÿ•, whom she called Neil, because she wanted someone to care about and she used to tuck her dolls into bed at night when she was a kid! That doesn't sound like a person who lets height hang-ups so much as darken her doorstep now, does it Nik?
To pop back a few lines to wanting to change yourself, you can change practically everything apart from your height! As we've just been chatting on Jake's page about fashion advice ๐Ÿ‘– and the likes, ๐Ÿ‘• and enlisting the help of websites, I can't think of a sounder one than this for youngsters, celebs and everyone else , to come to so that they can read about the heights of the others in their business and feel that they 'belong' whatever height nature made them. Any fashion tips that can be picked up along the way are an added bonus and a tremendous boost to making the most of themselves, regardless of their height!

Cheers Nik! ๐Ÿ™‹
Have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜Š
The Man said on 3/Aug/17
JOJI look bro

Click Here (Neels with Gigi Hadid who is currently listed as 5ft 9.25in)

Click Here (Gigi's shoe wear)

It's clear that Neels is 6ft 1in which shows that Jake is min 5ft 11.25in - 6ft.
The Man said on 3/Aug/17
Big Rob, Click Here (Jake next to 6ft 1in Neels Visser).

Jake looks 5ft 11.25in - 6ft to me in that video. Thoughts?
Everyday bro girl said on 2/Aug/17
Jake I watch all your videos you are better than Logan who cares what the haters and he says
The Man said on 2/Aug/17
Nik and Sandy not trying to be rude or anything but why don't you exchange numbers to communicate?
Joji said on 2/Aug/17
Here is a video of jake barefoot standing next to neels visser (6 ft model) and you can see clearly that jake is not a 6 ft boy Click Here
Nik said on 2/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

The cider may have helped you get a good nights sleep, I haven't had any cider for some time now and I probably would still drink this and other alcohol if I wasn't on medication..
There are a few YouTube kids who have found their way onto this site and yes, there is a lot of encouraging advice to be had on here. We don't pull the celebrities apart but we merely try to offer them positive advice. Of course we having a bit of fun when we rib Jake Paul over his shirt hanging out, most of us have done it!
I have never been a very encourageable person even though most people tend to be like this, I prefer to go my own way and I have never been the sort of person to give in to peer pressure.
I would prefer to be about 5'9" or 5'9.5" if I could choose, the thought of being super tall has never really appealed to me! Again I am just thinking about it from my own point of view, as I am sure you are. My advice to people who think other people aren't happy with their height is don't involve yourself with those people.
Are you at home today, or are you out and about with errands and shopping?

Sandy Cowell said on 2/Aug/17
@ Nik - Hi! It's another day now and I slept rather well last night! The nightie had to be changed as I saturated it in cider - about half a can, so an even longer one went on afterwards!
Yes, I think the YouTube kids would certainly read what is being written about them as soon as they found where to look! Wouldn't you? I think the advice here is a lot more genuine than that offered by insincere websites and magazines. Whether they would take more than a fleeting interest is a whole different matter!
I was as encourageable as any at that sort of age! Though if I would have thought that something could have made me a better height, I would have pounced on the idea, I can tell you! ๐Ÿ‘
MelonMan said on 1/Aug/17
Woah! 5'10.5 that's an extremely exaggerated height. Jake says he is 6'1-6'2 area but that's probably from Twitter where all celebs lie about their height. 6'2 is hard to not notice and Jake Paul is certainly not at that level, Logan is. His recent claims are 2.5 to 3.5 inches than his real height. I do agree with this height listing, but maybe more towards early 5'11 range, 5'11.5 is max.
Editor Rob, about how many celebs on here exaggerate at least 2 inches more than their real height. I am trying to find more of these celebs.
The Man said on 1/Aug/17
Min and most likely 5ft 11.25in

his posture is like DiCaprio's

for max. will say that this kid is 6 but not sure.
Nik said on 1/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Yes it most certainly is so his way of dressing is self defeating! I wonder if he will ever read our comments and take notice of them?
I am not really a fan of social media to be honest and generally stick to this website, in the past I have visited and been on a few football forums, nothing beats this website with so many good people on here, including Mr Rob Paul who is at his desk right now in East Kilbride!
Enjoy the rest of the evening!

Sandy Cowell said on 1/Aug/17
@ Nik - Seriously, don't you think his mode of dressing is dragging down his height?
I'm not suggesting that these young boys should dress like boring old ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ's! Perish the thought! But there are some hard and fast rules which add to one's height on the fashion front and equally many which distract from it! Seriously, they are all fairly basic and all you need to see what is working for you is a full-length mirror!!

Have a good and chilled evening! That's exactly what I have planned - and I'm going to spend it in my lilac and white floral nightdress, which comes way past my knees! ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ˜น
Nik said on 1/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

No problem, thanks for that!

It's a triple bill of soaps this evening!

Rob won't be on Jakes christmas card list!

Nik said on 1/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

He is down as being 6'2" on the internet, I have googled him now and found out!

Have a great evening, take care!
Sandy Cowell said on 1/Aug/17
@ Nik - That's fantastic to hear! It's so cheered me up!

I don't know when my surgery takes place yet, but the sooner the better! ๐Ÿข ๐ŸŒ

Thanks again for that! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Nik said on 1/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

You have a great sense of humour!

When are you having surgery?
Sandy Cowell said on 1/Aug/17
Ha ha ha ha ha! That is just exactly as scruffy and by no means worse, that my habit of rolling up my trouser or jeans lengths in order that I don't trip up when I slither off down the road!
G 5'11 said on 1/Aug/17
I would say he is most likely 5'10.5-.75" that is closer to the truth. 5'11 isn't out of the equation but he isn't a strong 5'11 though.
Nik said on 1/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

It most certainly is Sandy! - That is young boys being lazy and lethargic!

I will tell you what I see a lot of, that is young men with jeans that are not down to the bottom of their legs, is that really fashion?

I have been guilty of having my shirt completely out before and as we have said this cuts the perceived height of that person, so Mr Paul (Jacob) should bear this in mind as he wants people to think he is 6'1" or 6'2"'!

Yes, you want to do everything possible to rid yourself of your back problems and I am glad that you are so determined to sort it out. I am sure you will regain some height as well.

Take care!

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