How tall is Logan Paul

Logan Paul's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

American Internet personality, who has around 14 million Instagram followers and 22 million Youtube subscribers. He once claimed "I'm 6'2" and 200 pounds".

How tall is Logan Paul
Logan and Jake
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Logan Paul
Chloe Bennet and Logan
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (542 Votes)
6ft 1.41in (186.5cm)
Sagenn said on 1/Dec/23
He looked ~6’1 beside KO tonight.
187 sounds like a bit of a strech
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Dec/23
187cm is possible but I’m not as convinced he should get 188cm. Has looked shorter than solid 6ft2 guys
viper said on 1/Dec/23
He's 186cm
5'11james said on 30/Nov/23
I think 6'1 5/8 is arguable for Logan
(Hicqs) said on 28/Nov/23
berta said on 25/Nov/23
at worest 186 and at best 187,5. I think 186,5 is fair. He is doing incredible jumps when he is wrestling so i would assume if he does that a couple years he will be down to 186 flat when he is 40.
Ben - 186cm said on 26/Sep/23
Similar in height with Terry crews Click Here

6’2 with hair.
Ben - 186cm said on 24/Sep/23
Yeah feel like he’d edge me out too. Just has that look about him of a tall guy like you said.

Even if Logan and I were really close to the point that it’s hard to tell a difference, I’d still be looking up a bit due to the differing eye levels. My eye level is 174cm, whereas Logan’s has got to be at least 175, maybe closer to 176.

Could be why he gives off a taller impression than just a strong 6’1.

No chance he’s under this listing though imo.
5'7 and a fraction said on 20/Sep/23
To be fair, I have a hard time believing a guy like Chris Pratt would edge Logan back to back. Logan looks physically taller than Chris imo.
Matez said on 19/Sep/23
Safwan Pervez said on 17/Sep/23
Either Jake Paul should get downgraded, or Logan should get upgraded, there is no way there's a 2.5 inch difference between them, it's more surely.
Hyper said on 7/Sep/23

I definitely think Wade is over 6’3”. Question is whether he is closer to 6’4” than 6’3”.
Hyper said on 6/Sep/23
Rob, what do you think of this?

Wade (Minion777) — Click Here

Logan Paul with Markiplier — Click Here

Curiosity, who do you think has the edge, comparing them to Markiplier?
Editor Rob
Minion looks taller. He claimed 6ft 4.
Ombsi said on 5/Sep/23
Ben - 186cm said on 5/Sep/23
Do you agree that Logan has KSI by more than 3 inches, Rob?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Is it fair to say Logan is closer to 6’2 than 6’1?
Editor Rob
Can look near 3.5 on a few occasions.
Benzerious said on 4/Sep/23
Logan next to Ksi Click Here
You can pause it at the point when they're standing tall. 3 inches taller?
Abdul 5'10 said on 2/Sep/23
186 cm.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 31/Aug/23
He is the bare minimum for the start of tall in the USA. I will stand alone on that hill if I have to, but Logan is 6'1.5 at worst (like this listing might be near his absolute low). He can pass for 6'2, which is tall, while Jake is a solid 5'11 (no more than 180-181), which is above average / tallish. Also, half-inches aren't that discernible, and I'd say Logan's much closer to a 187-188 afternoon listing (6'1.75-6'2)
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Aug/23
Not really understanding the 6'2 arguments here tbh. Sure he can look it at times, but other times seems more likely under with guys like Dwayne Johnson, MrBeast and Terry Crews. Bare in mind that a 6'1 1/2 guy is gonna pass for 6'2 on mutiple occasions, nothing unusual in that. Especially with a high eyelevel like Logan does.
Ben - 186cm said on 28/Aug/23
Logan Paul with Derek Chisora Click Here

Derek Chisora with weak 6’2 David Haye Click Here

Given that Derek has proved himself to be a solid 6’1 throughout his boxing career, it would be hard to imagine Logan being anything below a flat 6’2 anymore, in my opinion.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Aug/23
I think 6ft1½ might be a low range for Logan. Easily pulls off 6ft2 range in some of these photos.
tony t. said on 27/Aug/23
6'1.75 with Roman Reigns
Hyper said on 10/Jun/23
I saw the clip of Miniminter and Logan.

Simon really did beat out Logan and it was obvious in their clip.
Ryback said on 9/Jun/23
Hey rob, another example

Taller than 6’2 listed Andrew Schulz although footwear is unknown for Andrew but that’s a respectable gap

Click Here==
Skip to the last slide
viper said on 8/Jun/23
He only looks 6-1 with 6-2 Reigns
Malcolm Oliver said on 8/Jun/23
He’s making a case for taller considering how he looks next to legit 6’2 guys

A quarter inch upgrade might be fair
Into said on 8/Jun/23
Hey Rob here’s 6’2 listed Andrew Tate with 5’11 jake Paul

Click Here

And here’s 6’1.5 listed Logan Paul with 5’11 jake Paul

Click Here

Lol with all respect please make it make sense. Logan being shy of the 6’2 mark literally downgrades a lot of the guys he’s been looking taller than
AAAA said on 7/Jun/23
He also has a small head for his size. Accentuates his bulk and height I think. Look 6.15-6’2 with Izzy
Ryback said on 7/Jun/23
Hey Rob, as a follow up to your last response, I believe there’s just too much evidence recently that suggests a full 6’2 and not a hair less for Logan. Please review all the recent pictures and videos coming out against other 6’2 listed or over 6’2 listed people.

Here’s him with 6’2 listed edge

Click Here

Here’s the latest pic with Israel where Logan does have the advantage being closer to the camera and standing tall but there’s no way he’s much shorter

Click Here==
7272 said on 6/Jun/23
I believe Adesanya is 6'2.25 to 6'2.5
Into said on 6/Jun/23
Solid 6’2 for sure or slightly over is the argument

Taller than 6’2 listed edge and there’s no way edge is any lower than 6’2
Click Here

Very close to solid 6’2.5 Roman reigns maybe a half inch difference here
Click Here==
Adrian 6'0.9" said on 6/Jun/23
great angle for him with Izzy. Probably about an inch difference. likely all are barefoot.

Click Here==
Ryback said on 5/Jun/23
Hey rob, here’s a closer shot of the pic.

5’11 listed jake
6’1.25 listed Anderson Silva
6’1.5 listed Logan Paul

Click Here

I’d say Anderson does look the full 6’1 compared to jake and Logan most definitely looks the full 6’2 if not more
Ryback said on 5/Jun/23
Hey rob, here’s 5’11 listed jake and 6’1.25 listed Silva standing with Logan. Silva does look 6’1 at least if Jake is a full 5’11 so how tall does Logan look here?

Click Here

I’d say he looks a solid 6’2 please review my previous comments too I think he should be upgraded
Editor Rob
Whilst there is a chunk of footage/photos that suggest 6ft 2, I still would say he falls shy of it overall. Question is if it's a full half inch or less.
Malcolm Oliver said on 4/Jun/23
He has mass on top of being near 6’2 so that adds to the illusion of a more imposing frame. That’s why he can pass for such and claims it, even if he is a half inch short of it
Ryback said on 3/Jun/23
Also jake recently got an upgrade to 5’11.

Click Here==
And you’re going to tell me that’s not at LEAST a 3 inch difference??
Duhon said on 2/Jun/23
Unlike his brother, Logan is very close to his stated height. If he's not a solid 6'2", he's just under.
Adrian 6'0.9" said on 2/Jun/23
Love to see Logan, Musk, and Tate together barefoot
Glacierr said on 2/Jun/23
Hi Rob judging by this face to face that Logan Paul had with KSI how tall would you say he is:
Click Here (0:30)

KSI was in boxing shoes but Logan Paul footwear is unknown but I’m pretty sure he was in boxing shoes as well.
Editor Rob
I thought Logan also had boxing shoes on...I'd say at most 3 inches in that clip.
5'7 and a fraction said on 2/Jun/23
A 6'1 1/2 guy is going to be able to pass for 6'2 a fair amount of times though. That doesn't mean he is one. He doesn't need an upgrade, Rob's listing is perfect.
Bob Coolen said on 1/Jun/23
I really do believe Logan isn’t 6’2, i mean A LOT of celebrities inflate their height it’s a common thing. Recently we’ve seen the picture with Adesanya but he’s standing a bit wider with his feet and is further away from the camera, id give Adesanya 6’2 on the dot and Logan just under at 6’1.5, makes sense. And the picture with Chris Hemsworth is a bit weird but the camera angle isn’t perfect and Chris Hemsworth is probably not the full height he claims but just a bit under with Israel Adesanya having a little bit of footwear advantage as well.

I’d say:
Logan Paul: 6’1.5 (187cm)
Israel Adesanya: 6’2 (188-189cm)
Zander - 6'6" said on 1/Jun/23
After more inspection of the two photos I posted the other day with Izzy and Logan, I really think Logan is a legit 6’2” now. At the absolute WORST he’s 6’1” 3/4, and that’s probably later on in the evening after a long day for him. He could be 6’2” 1/4 out of bed, and maintains being slightly over the 6’2” mark throughout most of the day.

Honestly he’s a deceptively tall dude, definitely needs an upgrade to 6’2”.
Big T said on 31/May/23
Hard to believe he isn’t at least the listing and probably a bit more, barefoot with Adesanya. Only slightly shorter.
Glacierr said on 31/May/23
@Zander - 6'6" The second photo has a better angle than the first one
Glacierr said on 31/May/23
Ksi who was measured under the stadiometer at 5’10 3/8 and Logan Paul face to face
Click Here (37:40)

Click Here (5:00)

Logan Paul is definitely 6’1 range
Ryback said on 31/May/23
Forgot to mention.

Izzy with 6’3 listed Chris hemsworth
Click Here

Izzy with “6’1” Logan Paul
Click Here

LOL rob please review this I believe an upgrade makes a lot of sense. Solid 6’2
The real one said on 31/May/23
Izzy ain’t 6’4”, poatan is likely 6’4”and is 2 inches taller than Izzy. So Izzy a weak 6’2” and logan is a weak 6’1” nothings new!
Glacierr said on 31/May/23
Hi Rob, how tall would you say Israel Adesanya looks next to Logan Paul:
Click Here==
Editor Rob
Very similar in height, although Logan seems a little bit closer. Whether that is adding more than half inch is harder to tell.
Ryback said on 31/May/23
Solid 6’2 there’s no argument
Ryback said on 31/May/23
Time for an upgrade for sure. I’m tired of people just downgrading everyone’s height claim. Logan is as 6’2 as you get. Held up great with 6’2.5 Roman reigns almost the same height just a half inch shorter at most. TOWERS hhh in some pics and just close in a few where is still edges him. Taller than 6’2 claiming silva which he’s maybe 6’1.5 or 6’1 at the very least now. And latest pic with a 6’3 claiming 6’4 listed Adesanya he seems to be edging him but could have an advantage being slightly closer to the camera they seem the same height at the closest (BOTH BARE FOOT). So either Israel is 6’1 1/2 as well or Logan gets an upgrade. Also Israel recently had a pic with 6’3 Chris hemsworth maybe had a slight footwear adtantage but that does not seem like a guy who’d be 6’1 and a bit but would edge a 6’3 guy with a slight footwear advantage. My guess a clean 6’2 or even 6’2 1/4.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Ben - 186cm said on 30/May/23
Logan with weak 6’3 listed Israel Adesanya Click Here

“Logan’s 6’1!” 🤡🤡🤡
Zander - 6'6" said on 30/May/23
Weird photo where him and weak 6’3” Israel Adesanya look the same height:

Click Here==

Different photo where Izzy looks at least a full inch taller, maybe a little more:

Click Here==

Honestly I still have Logan at 6’1.5”, but that first photo had me questioning things lol.
Hyper said on 23/May/23
Logan is similar to Seth Rollins.

Click Here

However, 6’3.5” Cesaro is visibly taller than Seth Rollins.

Click Here

And Rob has met Cesaro. This really puts Logan at 6’1.5”, max. Even if you want to argue that Logan is somehow an inch taller than Seth Rollins, Cesaro looks like he would be 2 inches taller than Logan, comparing them to Seth Rollins.
Verisimilitude Trumps Precaution said on 1/May/23
Logan is 186-187.5 range, so his current listing is fine. Try to avoid eights listing in general, I wouldn’t go any higher than 187 for him anyway. A fairly tall guy that sadly has an awful personality 😭
Hyper said on 30/Apr/23
I posted the picture before but I will do it again.

Click Here

Logan is nowhere near 6’2” with Hafthor. His hat is just under his eye level. Take away the hat and hair and he’s just in the 6’1” range. Logan does have a disadvantage in footwear but even considering that, the most he can be is 6’1 5/8”, but that’s it.

For reference, here’s Rory McCann with Hafthor.

Click Here

Rory is holding much better with Hafthor and his eye level is 6’0 1/2”. Hafthor is still taller but a 2 inch difference is definitely smaller than a 6+ inches difference.
Height Analyzer 2 said on 29/Apr/23
186-187 cm - the start of tall for this young fella
Qadar said on 28/Apr/23
187 cm
Glacierr said on 28/Apr/23
Around 33:38 in the video Logan Paul and Josh stand side by side
Ben - 6'1 said on 23/Apr/23
Josh is standing behind Logan so you can’t really compare them unfortunately.
Cooper Clarke said on 21/Apr/23
@Britney Spears fan 2000 5’8-5’9 for Jake is a joke. He's never looked that short. He's definitely around 5’11 range and taller than KSI.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Apr/23
6ft2 in the morning is fair. Looks a comfortable 2in+ taller than Jake. Overall I think Tate has an edge over Logan though
Glacierr said on 19/Apr/23
Look at Logan Paul next to Josh there is no way he is not 6’1 range:
Click Here Some Timestamps are 8:53 and 10:22
Glacierr said on 19/Apr/23
After seeing KSI’s measurement Logan is in the 6’1 range for sure:
Click Here
Joopa said on 15/Apr/23
Jake isn’t 5’8 or 5’9 , he’s around 5’11 give or take a 1/4
He was the same height as Ksi with a disadvantage.
We know Ksi is a little under 5’10.5 after his barefoot measurement
This puts Jake within an inch of ksi . Nothing more as that’s ridiculous Jake just wears big footwear your standard air force 1s give u 1.2 inches of height if your 5’11 or even 5’11 and a bit your looking six foot or over but Jake even wears bigger than that sometimes looking 1.5 to nearly 2 inch heels so naturally he’s going to look over 6 foot possibly close to the 6’1 hee claimed for years but barefoot I’d say max 5’11.25.
5'7 and a fraction said on 14/Apr/23
Andrew Lawrence said on 13/Apr/23
He's much taller than Jake who is 6'0.

No Jake isn't. I think you need new glasses.

@Britney Spears fan 2000
We seem to have gone from one extreme to the other. Jake is nowhere near 5'8 - 5'9. The absolute worst I can except for him is a fraction below 179cm but that's it. Jake looked shorter than 1/2 an inch shorter than 5'10 1/4 - 5'10 1/2ish KSI because of just being in a fight and a slight shoe disadvantage. He would definitely edge KSI by around a fraction.
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 13/Apr/23
Ok my eye level is about 3 inches shorter than me Logan seems about 10 cm taller than jake and jake is shorter than 5"10.5 ksi? This Jake boys a liarrrrrrrrr because if jake is is 185 cm logan paul is like 195 cm i do think logan is 6"1 amd a half but jake is like 5"8-5"9
Andrew Lawrence said on 13/Apr/23
He's much taller than Jake who is 6'0.
sreesmith said on 13/Apr/23
Rob, Logan paul can look 6ft 2 flat most of the time and looks 6ft 2 with jake than Andrew Tate did
Height Analysis said on 10/Apr/23
Yea anywhere in the 186-187 range is alright. Listing is fine as is
Jake Paul is 5'11 said on 9/Apr/23
Flat 187
The Truth Hurts said on 6/Apr/23
Logan Paul is comfortably in the 186-187 range. He is always at least 6 cm taller than his brother Jake (when they're wearing equal footwear with no lifts). Jake is somewhere in the lower end of the 5'11-range (180-181), so Logan isn't any higher than 187 (his current listing). This is a perfectly fine listing, he shouldn't be upgraded to anything higher because I doubt he maintains 6'2 (188) for more than an hour after waking up.
Jawilder said on 5/Apr/23
If Logan is 6’1.5 then Jake is 5’11 max. I think the two brothers listings are good. I mean there would only be 1/4 difference at worst for their actual heights.
Robbe said on 3/Apr/23
Easily 0.5in difference there Click Here
viper said on 2/Apr/23
No taller than 6-1 1/4
Ben - 6'1 said on 31/Mar/23
Idk what you guys are playing at but Rollins definitely has a heel to his shoes Click Here

Seth Rollins 6’1-6’1.25
Logan 6’1.5-6’1.75
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 30/Mar/23
If Jake is 5"11 Logan is like 6"3 but that's not the case he's about 6 foot 1.75 he probably measures 6"2 in the morning
Vmooej said on 30/Mar/23
Robbe said on 30/Mar/23
Like said earlier, looked about the same as Seth Rollins Click Here

Logan had about 0.5in more footwear there.
Mystery Solved Today said on 28/Mar/23
Logan Paul can pass as a weak 6'2, but I wouldn't go any higher than that. The listing here is fine, but I could see an argument for 6'1.75 max. He definitely wakes up over 188 cm though
Ben - 6'1 said on 27/Mar/23

I’m not defending anyone I’m just pointing out delusional comments regardless of who it’s about.
noelgally said on 27/Mar/23
He looked the same as Seth Rollins even with a footwear advantage.
Hyper said on 27/Mar/23

Truth can be a cruel thing, mate. When someone is taller than them, he tries to make it seem smaller while it’s a bigger difference.

Especially when Mr. Beast looks 1.25-1.5 inches taller than Logan.
186guy said on 26/Mar/23
@ben why u keep defending the Paul brothers un every single comment
Ben - 6'1 said on 26/Mar/23

His eye level is normal just not for his height. It’s still over 4in. If it wasn’t he’d look like an alien.

Floyd barely comes above his lips. There’s clearly near a 7 inch difference there. In the pic he looks at least this listing, and on your chart his head comes halfway between 6’1 and 6’2.
Hyper said on 25/Mar/23

Definitely more than an inch for sure.

I wonder where that leaves Chandler since he beat out Mr. Beast in the laser video and Chandler and Beast were in socks.
Ben - 6'1 said on 25/Mar/23

You are one blind man. One very very blind man.
Robbe said on 25/Mar/23
If Floyd is 5'7, and Logan's head is 9in, then Click Here

Logan's eyelevel seems to be around 5'9. That would normally mean 6'1.5, but Logan's forehead is lower than average, so he appears no more than 6'1 there. Camera angle also seems to favor Logan there. Not much, but slightly anyway. Some tend to believe Floyd is only 5'6.5 which would make Logan under 6'1. Im not so sure about that though, to me Floyd doesn't look under 5'7.

Anyway, i think Logan is slightly overlisted. 6'1 more likely. Maybe 6'1.25 on a good day.
186guy said on 24/Mar/23
Lets be honest Mr beast Is clearly 2 inches taller than logan not just an inch
Hyper said on 24/Mar/23
@Harris Ahmed

I guess Mr. Beast is a Jotunn, since he beats out Logan Paul by a very strong inch. (0:43 seconds). — Click Here
Glacierrr said on 23/Mar/23
Rob how tall do you think Logan Paul looks next to this 60 inch box ?
Click Here=
Harris Ahmed said on 22/Mar/23
He looks like a giant next to every celebrity. He has to be atleast 187cm
Original said on 21/Mar/23
6'1.5" seems to be correct.
Hyper said on 19/Mar/23

Even if you want to say that’s 3 inches, only makes Logan 6’1”.

And Kobe usually looks an inch taller than Michael, despite being measured 6’4.75”
Ben - 186cm said on 18/Mar/23

You’re judging it off the screen capture where Strahan has just taken a stride forward rather than the actual clip of them walking together. In the clip it’s obvious that it’s about 3 inches, which would make Logan about 6’1.5, like you said.

Also he’s very close in height with Crews when he’s standing well Click Here

He has less footwear with Crews too. Flat Vans-style shoes vs dress shoes Click Here
Discord said on 16/Mar/23
@Ben - 186cm

Literally 4 to 5 inch range there, i know it's the matter of angles, but that definitely isn't 3 inch difference there. Logan Paul is 6'1.5 max, otherwise he won't be shorter than Terry Crews who is textbook 6'2.
Ben - 186cm said on 16/Mar/23
Hyper, I never said anything about Michael’s eye level. You’re getting lost mate.
Hyper said on 16/Mar/23

Yet 6’4.75” Kobe Bryant is taller than Michael Srahan.

Click Here

And Kobe has a 6’0” eye-level.
Ben - 186cm said on 14/Mar/23

You’ve captured a still of them walking, where height varies constantly. If you watch the clip you can see what I mean. You’ve basically chosen the moment he looks the absolute shortest in, but with every footstep his head comes up to a different point on Strahan. Click Here

It’s about a 3 inch difference, so he can look 6’1 range there.
Robbe said on 14/Mar/23
With Michael Strahan Click Here

Same distance from the camera and angle is good. There you go 😛
Ben - 186cm said on 13/Mar/23
If you seriously think Joshua’s eye level is 6’0.25 then you’re really clueless. That would make Logan 6’0.25 which is ridiculous. Joshua is a weak 6’6 minimum (which Rob can confirm since he’s met him), and it’s well known he has a higher than normal eye level for his size.

I’m done arguing with you, it’s a lost cause. Goodbye.
5'7 and a fraction said on 13/Mar/23
I can't see Logan measuring anything less than 6'1.25 at a low and anything over 6'2 1/8 out of bed.
Hyper said on 13/Mar/23

Yet, 6’2.5” Mr. Beast has 1.25 inches on Logan and Beast had a camera disadvantage. Care to defend that?

Daniel Cudmore has a 6’1.5” eye level and he’s taller than Joshua, even with less footwear.

6’5.25” Wladimir Klitschko has matched Anthony Joshua (even without his lifts) in height and 6’5.25” range folks have a 6’0 1/4” eye level.
Discord said on 12/Mar/23

Leave him alone, he's just Paul fan
Hyper said on 12/Mar/23

Still can’t deny that Triple H has no hair advantage and it’s so close in the picture you sent.
Ben - 186cm said on 11/Mar/23

AJ has a high eye level for his height though. Gotta be weak 6’2 eye level easily, and like you said Logan just about reaches it. You’re confirming Logan is closer to 6’2 than 6’1. He looks the same as Usyk does with Joshua, and Usyk is listed at 6’2.5 here.
Ben - 186cm said on 11/Mar/23

The top of his head is not higher than Logan’s hat. I’m baffled that you’d say that to be honest. You must be using a 2004 Nokia flip phone or something.
Hyper said on 10/Mar/23
To put this to rest,

Logan is shorter than Mr. Beast by a strong inch.

In the video, Logan barely reaches Anthony Joshua’s eye level. Logan also expressed how big Joshua is in person. 6’6.5” measured Daniel Cudmore is taller than Joshua and Cudmore has a 6’1.5” eye level. (Both people, Rob has met.)

Logan is a lot shorter than Cam Newton. Logan even had to force his posture in their video and he even had bigger footwear. Cam Newton was edged out by 6’4.75” measured Kobe Bryant, in their pictures of them.

Also, Logan was also towered by a slouching Yung Gravy.
Hyper said on 9/Mar/23
Agreed. The top of Triple H’s head is higher than Logan’s hat.

Also, Mr. Beast beats out Logan Paul by 1.25 inches and he’s listed 6’2.5”.
Ben - 186cm said on 9/Mar/23
A cap adds nothing lol. It’s like 0.1 inch thick if that. If anything it just flattens his hair, when usually hair makes you look taller.

He’s hardly slouching either, he’s standing the same as Logan, which is a normal stance.

Logan looks to have near an inch on him.

He’s like a weak 6’2.

I’m not trying to inflate anyone, I’m just stating the truth. Too many people wanna low ball them because they don’t like them. I’m just trying to balance things out.
Hyper said on 8/Mar/23
Logan is barely at Anthony Joshua’s eye level in this video, even though I am not a fan of Joshua.

Click Here

0:39 seconds.
Mickie said on 7/Mar/23
6'1.25" - 6'1.5". He is tall, and would pass for 6'2" to most people.
5'7 and a fraction said on 7/Mar/23

The photo shows quite clearly that Logan is barely edging Triple H and bare in mind Triple H is slouching and Logan has a cap on. He's clearly not looking 6'2 there. Why are you so obsessed with inflating with Paul brothers?
186guy said on 7/Mar/23
How can Logan be 6 2 if hes literally about 2 icnhes shorter than weak 6 3 Wiz khalifa, hes just a strong 6 1
Ben - 186cm said on 7/Mar/23
If Triple H is 6’1 then Logan looks 6’2 tbh Click Here

I feel like Logan might be the most lowballed guy on this site.

His claim is fair.
5'7 and a fraction said on 6/Mar/23
@viper Agreed
Hyper said on 6/Mar/23
Mr. Beast and Logan Paul

Click Here

0:43 seconds of them together, Beast look at least an inch taller than Logan. Maybe even 1.5 inches, considering Beast is further from the camera at times.

And Mr. Beast is listed 6’2.5”. 6’2” doesn’t add up for Logan.
Hyper said on 6/Mar/23
Mr. Beast and Logan Paul

Click Here

0:43 seconds of them together, Beast look at least an inch taller than Logan.

And Mr. Beast is listed 6’2.5”. 6’2” doesn’t add up for Logan.
viper said on 4/Mar/23
Better chance he's 6-1.25 than 6-2

His brother isn't taller than 5-10.5, Rob had him right
5'7 and a fraction said on 3/Mar/23
I can't see 6'2 for Logan in comparison to other 6'2 guys like Terry Crews and Dwayne Johnson.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/23
Rob, what are the chances of 6ft2?

At times he pulls it off
Editor Rob
Of course there's a chance of that figure. I believe the 6ft 1.5 came from a rough measurement, holding a tape beside him.
Gman42 said on 2/Mar/23
From what I have seen I like 6'2 for Logan, and 5'11 for Jake.
Joy Krish said on 2/Mar/23
He always has 5-6 cm on his brother, so I'd say if Jake is 181, Logan should be 186-187, listing is perfect as is.
Glacierrr said on 1/Mar/23
@noob Radio Rahim is probably under 6’1
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 28/Feb/23
6ft 2 is a good claim for him, definitely more realistic than vin diesel 6ft 1 claim… I heard that Americans like claiming shoe heights ( I may be wrong)
noob said on 27/Feb/23
I think he has grown. He used to be the same height as radio rahim, who's 6'1, probably 184.5 - 185. Now however, he looks significantly taller than him.
Udow said on 24/Feb/23
Linke said on 23/Feb/23
If his brother is actually 5'11", Logan must be easy 6'2.

I feel Jake is slightly over listed and Logan can be strong 187
5'7 and a fraction said on 20/Feb/23
Two pictures from the same event, where Logan looks shorter than Crews.
Click Here
Click Here
Logan is shorter so 6'1 1/2 as listed, I wouldn't try and argue higher than that. Lowest I would argue is 6'1 1/4
Ben - 186cm said on 7/Feb/23
Although here with Terry crews in thin shoes he looks roughly the same height Click Here

He can look anywhere from 6’1 to 6’2, so it’s gonna be pretty hard to pinpoint exactly how tall he is without a barefoot measurement. He gives off a pretty tall impression though, so I wouldn’t go any less than this listing tbh.
Ben - 186cm said on 7/Feb/23
Wiz is tilting his head up which exaggerates the difference, but I can see 1.5 inches without knowing the footwear. If Wiz is weak 6’3 then Logan can look strong 6’1.

He also only looks a tad taller than Cody Rhodes who is supposed to be a weak 6’1. Maybe 6’1.5 is the max he could be. Click Here=
viper said on 6/Feb/23
I think 6-1.5 is a little high.

Think he's 6-1.25
5'7 and a fraction said on 6/Feb/23
Out of bed = 188.2
before bed = 186
186guy said on 5/Feb/23
Yes whiz khalifa looked like 2 solid inches taller than logan
Ben - 186cm said on 4/Feb/23

I never claimed he was 189cm, did I? I’ve consistently said that I think he’s 187cm, and given that Hafthor is a weak 6’8 and Logan is nearly at his eye level I think a 6 inch difference is fair, and therefore 6’1.5 pretty accurate like Rob has him listed. That’s hardly “no where near 6’2” is it? He probably wakes up at least 6’2.
Hyper said on 4/Feb/23
Oh and 6’2.75” listed Wiz Khalfia looks more than an inch taller than Logan

Click Here

And Wiz is slouching.
Hyper said on 4/Feb/23

Also, Yung Gravy makes Logan look 6’1”, lately.

Click Here

And Yung is slouching with Logan while Logan is standing with military posture.
Hyper said on 4/Feb/23

Hey, I’m not the one who tries to make excuses for Logan. He never reaches 189 cm with Hafthor. Comparing Logan and Spencer with the Rock, Spencer is still larger than him. Hahahaha!

I’m not jealous at all. Again, I am trolling at this point. I’m enjoying trolling, so long as it doesn’t go far.
Hyper said on 4/Feb/23

Hey, I’m not the one who tries to make excuses for Logan. He never reaches 189 cm with Hafthor. Comparing Logan and Spencer with the Rock, Spencer is still larger than him. Hahahaha!
Ben - 186cm said on 3/Feb/23
You’re a really bad troll, Hyper. Nobody is going to take you seriously if you call a 6’1.5 guy a “shrimp” when he’s taller than like 90% of men in America, and 95% worldwide.

You’ve clearly got some inferiority complex going on. I hope you get the help you need.
Andrea said on 2/Feb/23
Even assuming he's wearing lifts (and not just standing on something which he is most definitely), I don't see how that would rule out 6'5-6'5.5 for Wilding, but okay Hyper...
Ben - 186cm said on 2/Feb/23

Yeah, here’s “shrimp” Logan with 6’6 Anthony Joshua Click Here

You’re a moron, and probably just jealous because you’re 5’6.
Hyper said on 1/Feb/23
Also, Logan doesn’t even reach Hafthor’s eye level. His cap and hair are under it.

He’s nowhere near 6’2”.
Hyper said on 1/Feb/23
He’s still a shrimp, comparing him and 6’6” Spencer Wilding with the Rock. Hahahaha!

4.5 inches is a lot more than just edging someone.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 31/Jan/23
Jake Paul is actually 6'2" and he weighs 205 lbs.
Hyper said on 30/Jan/23
At the same time, I couldn’t any other pictures of Spencer Wilding with the Rock, at the premiere, so the movie clip is what I went by.
Hyper said on 30/Jan/23

I honestly wanted to troll him because he seems to like to make Logan taller than everyone else, so I found something.

Also, a lot of the scenes in the clip show Spencer standing on normal floor. Obviously, Spencer Wilding has lifts in his footwear. Of course, no one’s going to deny that. What I am saying is 6’5-6’5.5” can easily be ruled out for Spencer Wilding.
Andrea said on 29/Jan/23
No offense, Hyper, but why do you keep posting that clip of Wilding with The Rock, when it's pretty obvious that they made Wilding stand on something to look like a giant, like Ben said? Surely you won't believe this is how tall MCD was with Hanks and Morse Click Here ? LOL
Bob101 said on 29/Jan/23
Cody Rhodes was taller than Logan in the rumble.
Their heights on here like 1000s of others aren’t right
Ben - 186cm said on 28/Jan/23
@Hyper yeah he looks like a head taller because they wanted the bad guy to look like a giant so that it’s more impressive that Rock beats him. It’s not rocket science mate. You can’t use movie clips as a reference to height because they’re distorted for entertainment purposes. We gain nothing from that picture.

Also Dwayne had footwear advantage with Logan. Logan is 6’1.5 and Rock is 6’2. Wilding is maybe 6’6. 4.5 inch difference wouldn’t make Logan look small. He held his own with Hafthor who is like 6’7-7.5. Logan is big and Spencer is bigger. That’s all that needs to be said really.
Bjska184 said on 28/Jan/23
Big mike messured 6’2.5 in shoes
Jawilder said on 28/Jan/23
6’1.5 is perfect for Logan.
Matt logan said on 27/Jan/23
6'0 flat
Hyper said on 26/Jan/23
@Ben 186 cm

Once again, Rock with Spencer Wilding (Who is falling down) — Click Here

Logan with the Rock — Click Here

Hardly small you say? I’d say the bare minimum between Spencer and the Rock is a strong 4 inches. Sure it’s a movie. However, it’s live-action. I know Spencer has lifts but no amount of lifts would make him look that gigantic next to the Rock.
Ben - 186cm said on 24/Jan/23

It’s a movie lol, they’ve made him like a foot taller than Rock to make Wilding look like a giant. In reality there’s like 3.5-.75 inches between them. That’s not “dwarfing” lol. Wilding is maybe scraping 6’6 or a weak one, and Dwayne is a strong 6’2.

Again, here is Logan with Anthony Joshua who is the same height as Wilding. Click Here Even accounting for the lean he’s not a guy who towers Logan, just like Spencer wouldn’t either.
Hyper said on 23/Jan/23
Again, Spencer Wilding and the Rock, at 0:58 seconds. — Click Here

Logan Paul with the Rock, at 9:21 seconds.— Click Here

Yeah, ‘hardly’ small. I know Spencer has specialized shoes but even without them, he’s would still tower the Rock, if not dwarf him. (It’s obvious, going by how Spencer is leaning and falling, backwards.) The Rock is taller than Logan, already.
Hyper said on 22/Jan/23

@Ben 186 cm

Wether you want to admit it or not, Spencer is gonna be so much taller than Logan Paul. Spencer has the tendency to slouch a lot, especially in his photo with Rob. Rob even explained it, himself.

Oh, Spencer Wilding already made ‘Dwayne Johnson’ look small, even when he was falling down while Dwayne was standing up. Dwayne Johnson is taller than Logan Paul. How much more someone like Darth Vader.
Hyper said on 22/Jan/23
@Ben 186 cm

Wether you want to admit it or not, Spencer is gonna be so much taller than Logan Paul. Spencer has the tendency to slouch a lot, especially in his photo with Rob.

Oh, Spencer Wilding already made ‘Dwayne Johnson’ look small, even when he was falling down while Dwayne was standing up. Dwayne Johnson is taller than Logan Paul. How much more someone like Darth Vader
5'7 and a fraction said on 21/Jan/23
I think Logan is 6'1 1/2 ROUGHLY. I wouldn't say he's anything more than that though. NOT 6'2.
Ben - 186cm said on 20/Jan/23

Looking at Rob with Wilding and then imagining a solid 5-5.5 inches on top of Rob, I find it hard to believe Logan would look “small” with Wilding.
Philip550 said on 20/Jan/23

Nobody grows after 21.
Ben - 186cm said on 19/Jan/23

He held up really well with Anthony Joshua who’s about the same heightas Spencer, so I doubt it. Weak 6’2 guy. Click Here
Hyper said on 18/Jan/23

I agree. However, what I am also saying is that even without those special footwear, Spencer Wilding would absolutely make Logan Paul look small, in comparison. Gotta hand it to a Darth Vader, actor.
iLogic7 said on 17/Jan/23
Hey Rob how tall is Logans friend Mike Majlak tall? He seems to edge Logan a bit could be a strong 6 ft 2
Editor Rob
Yeah he might be more of a solid 6ft 2 than Logan.
185vietnamese said on 15/Jan/23
Logan is probably like 21-22 at the time and probably could still grown half an inch till now but i'm not sure. But Logan does make The Rock looks strong 6'3 there and i feel The Rock is 6'2 more than 6'3.
But a little over 6'1 still possible for Logan or maybe just 6'1
Nobleyute said on 7/Jan/23
cant be under 6'1.5 next to KSI. Had a near 4 inch advantage which would put KSI at 5'10 maximum.
Sean Forrest said on 4/Jan/23
Logan can certainly pull off the full 6 foot 2 next to Jake and not much shorter than the Rock 6-7 years ago. Definitely not under 6'1.5.
5'7 and a fraction said on 3/Jan/23

I think you missed the point I was trying to make. What I was trying to imply was Jake Paul's recent upgrade to 5'11 doesn't make any sense considering that he appears around 3 inches shorter than Logan here who's listed at 6'1.5. So either Logan should be upgraded to 6'2 (which i dont believe he is) or Jake should be downgraded like you suggested. To me, Jake looks closer to 5'10 1/2.
vY said on 31/Dec/22
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Dec/22
I suppose Logan should be upgraded to 6'2 now, seen as Jake has been upgraded to "5'11". There has always been a consistent 3 inch difference between the two (when footwear is even) and the photo above shows exactly that ...

There is no way in hell Logan is a legit 6’2. His own team listed his height as 6’1.5 for his fight stats in a boxing match last year. So if anything Jake needs downgrade
186guy said on 31/Dec/22
Logan 6 2 Is a joke, he literally looks an inch shorter than real 6 2 guys like terry crews and the rock, Jake Paul Is only 5 10.5 thats why he look 6 2.
Hyper said on 30/Dec/22
Another thing to point.

The Rock Spencer Wilding (who is falling down), at 0:57 seconds — Click Here

The Rock with Logan Paul, at 9:30 seconds. — Click Here

Rob has also met Spencer Wilding in person.
5'7 and a fraction said on 29/Dec/22
I suppose Logan should be upgraded to 6'2 now, seen as Jake has been upgraded to "5'11". There has always been a consistent 3 inch difference between the two (when footwear is even) and the photo above shows exactly that ...
berta said on 28/Dec/22
it would be interesting to see him and ronaldo back to back. Goind be how they look, they probably could be identical. Both 186 cm. But logan looked taller than 186 cm flat with roman reigns.It could look like only 1 cm at best 2 cm beetween them. Roman 188-189 and Logan at 187 did look right. But maybe 188 vs 186 is possible to. 6´1 flat doesnt seem possible. I used to think 6´1 flat or 186 if you would have asked me 2 years ago. Today i Feel anything beetween 186-187,5 is very possible and like i said beside roman its har dto argue muthc under 187. But like with most wrestler, are roman shorter in reality? Maybe he is a weak 188 guy?
7272 said on 25/Dec/22
How tall does JiDion look with Logan? (YouTuber with 6 Million Subscribers) Logan is wearing Air Force ones that give him 3 cms and JiDion is wearing crocs that give him 1cm. Click Here

Flat 5’11?
Ben - 186cm said on 18/Dec/22

A 6’7.5 guys eye level will likely be over 6’2. I’m gonna say 6’2.5. His eye level is not half a foot long. Logan is a little below, maybe an inch, which makes his 6’1.5 listing spot on.
Hyper said on 16/Dec/22
Rory McCann and Hafthor — Click Here

Rory is standing with bent knees and he’s looking not much shorter. Hafthor is taller for sure but Rory holding his own.

Rob has met both guys yet people insist on saying Rory is only 6’4”, which is ridiculous.
Hyper said on 16/Dec/22
It’s more than 6 inches, considering Logan’s hair is under Hafthor’s eye level.

A 6’7”-6’8” guy’s eye level is usually at least 6’2”.
Glacierr said on 15/Dec/22
What are your thoughts on this photo Rob? Logan Paul looks slightly shorter than Wiz Khalifa who is listed at 6’2.75

Click Here

I believe that Logan Paul is in the 6’1 range
Editor Rob
Wiz doesn't seem under 6ft 3 there
Ben - 186cm said on 15/Dec/22
I’d say Logan is slightly closer to Hafthor than Floyd. He had 6.5 inches on Floyd at least, where as with Hafthor it looks like just 6 inches.
Malcolm Oliver said on 14/Dec/22

Difference between Logan and Hafthor is same difference between him with Floyd.
Darksol64 said on 14/Dec/22
I agree with Hyper that 6'1.5 is a good general guess, arguing a max of around 6'1.75.

It's not impossible he measures 6'2 at a low but that's less likely than 6'1.5.

He's not shorter than 6'1. His body proportions are way too big to measure 6'0 range. Very similar build to Ashton Kutcher who is a pretty strong 6'2. (IMHO) I don't think Logan would be edged by more than half-inch.

Put him on his feet for 5 hours and I'd bet money the measurement is between 6'1.25-6'2.
Hyper said on 14/Dec/22
Keep in mind, Hafthor’s eye level is at least 6’2” or more, since he’s 6’7.75” at least.

Logan’s hair and cap are under his eyes, so 6’2” is unlikely.
186guy said on 14/Dec/22
@ben 186, you spend all your Time defending the Paul brothers on the comments?
Ben - 186cm said on 14/Dec/22
6’1 Ronaldo would not be taller than Logan. Stop talking nonsense. I’m convinced you’re just trolling at this point.
Canson said on 13/Dec/22
Cam wasn’t shorter than Kobe. Cam was noticeably taller than Charles Barkley in their video. Cam at worst is what Kobe was as heightwise 6’4.75 and the 6’5 May have been 2 hours after waking. And I wouldn’t be surprised if cam was closer to 6’5” now
186guy said on 13/Dec/22
6 2 are you joking? If Logan Paul Meets Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo would be taller...
Ben - 186cm said on 13/Dec/22

He hardly looked “small” next to Strahan; he was a few inches shorter at most.
Hyper said on 13/Dec/22
Click Here

Looks small here, especially when you consider Logan’s hairline.

Eddie Hall held much better than Logan, against Hafthor.
Hyper said on 13/Dec/22
Oh and he looked like a dwarf next to Hafthor in a photo of them.

Hafthor was standing relaxed in their photo.
Hyper said on 11/Dec/22
@Peter 180cm

Logan looks 6’1” at most with Cam Newton, who is slightly shorter than Kobe Bryant.

He also looked small next to Michael Strahan.

He’s also shorter than current ‘Rock.’

He’s also clearly shorter than Mr. Beast in the video I sent.

188 cm is definitely too high. I wouldn’t argue as low as 185 cm but 6’1.75” is the absolute max I’d argue.
Peter 180cm said on 10/Dec/22
@ Hyper I don't know,he looks too tall to be anything less than 187.
Hyper said on 10/Dec/22

Like I said, 188 cm is too high. That would put Mr. Beast at 6’3.25” which is impossible except out of bed.
Peter 180cm said on 9/Dec/22
How does his brother claim 6 foot and 6'1 when he looks like a midget next to him? Lolz. 187 is the minimum i would buy for this guy,188 is definitely possible.His brother Jake?Maybe 178cm, possibly 177.
Hyper said on 9/Dec/22
6’1” would be the lowest I would go but 6’2” is too high.

Click Here

0:44 seconds, Mr. Beast beats out Logan Paul.
Glacierr said on 6/Dec/22
Hi Rob I feel like the camera angle in the impaulsive photos are not good when it comes to comparing heights
For example here is Logan Paul and Faze Banks:
Click Here=

I also noticed that Mike looks a lot taller than Logan in this photo which isn’t right
Emil said on 19/Nov/22

I think you could be right!
Public Enemy said on 11/Nov/22
He looked same height as Roman Reigns in the ring at Crown Jewel with equal footwear.
Space said on 10/Nov/22
Logan never dips below 6’1.25” even after a match with Roman..

6’0” flat guesses for Logan are lowballing.

There’s a visible difference between a 6footer and Logan.
185vietnamese said on 10/Nov/22
Logan definetly can pull 6'2 looks a lot but i think he's the same height as me. I'm a strong 185cm as my lowest and almost 188cm at highest.
albert suris said on 7/Oct/22
met him in person. I'm the most 6'2 you could be. He was definitely smaller than me and was a lot skinner than I thought when recalling his WWE photo. No way he was 200 when I'm 20 below and still built more.
Malcolm Oliver said on 28/Sep/22
Roman and Logan recently: Click Here=

Looks about an inch difference, though a lot of factors could be accounted for there. A case could be made for Reigns being 6’2.5.
Jake's shoe lifts said on 24/Sep/22
Nobody in the wwe is their real height. Logans 6 foot range max. Most people don’t actually know their real height or just straight up lie about it. Doesn’t look over 6 that’s for sure. Legit always a guy his size and he wears bulky footwear. Which leads me to believe he isn’t taller than 95% of the world’s population which 6’2” is.
Jawilder said on 24/Sep/22
He claimed 6’2 again recently in sidemen video.
Duhon said on 22/Sep/22
Slightly below Roman, not as short as some people here were hoping.
bgh said on 22/Sep/22
He seems slightly shorter than Roman, footwear uncertain/
Glacierr said on 19/Sep/22
I couldn’t see Roman Reigns footwear but I did see Logan Paul’s footwear which were AirForce Ones
186guy said on 19/Sep/22
Calm down fans, look at the top of their heads Logan with the massive hair and still looked 1 inch shorter, and Logan like to wear big shoes just like His brother Jake
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 19/Sep/22

He edges Silva but the difference isn’t as much as I initially thought. Maybe 6’1.5 is fair.
Linke said on 19/Sep/22
Can be added to Pro Wrestler category now. Was pretty decent in the ring despite limited wrestling training. Looked bit smaller than Reigns. 6'1.5 maybe.

Don't see him winning the championship anytime soon. That will take wrestling back to Arquette era :)
Smoosh said on 18/Sep/22
186 guy…..why re you talking about? He looks taller than Roman in every shot
Polychrom said on 18/Sep/22
@186guy Click Here this looks like 2 inches to you? Mate you need to get your eyes checked because i don't see more than half an inch there. Logan might have footwear advantage which then makes him look the 6'1.5" I think he is. Claiming Logan looks 6'0.25" in this face off is delusional
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 18/Sep/22

2 inches!? My guy you are actually blind. It’s like half an inch or so Click Here (1:21)
Glacierr said on 18/Sep/22
Next to Roman Reigns he doesn’t look 6’2
Glacierr said on 17/Sep/22
@Ben-6’1.5 They look around the same height in the video:
Click Here
186guy said on 17/Sep/22
Rob he literally look about 2 inches shorter than Roman reings in the face off
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 14/Sep/22
Looks 6’2 with Anderson Silva Click Here=

I think he deserves a little upgrade, Rob.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/22
Solid 6ft1 up to almost 6ft2 is what he can generally pull off. The full 6ft2? Less frequent. He’d really need to look over it more to make the case for it
berta said on 13/Sep/22
hm i really thought he was weak 186 some years ago but i really start to wonder beside triple H and beside his broither that didnt lok that mutch shorter than 186 anderson silva. maybe this guy really isnt that far of his claim. But by just looking at his body i would have guessed 186.
Bsis said on 13/Sep/22
Glacierr said on 12/Sep/22
Here is a video of Logan Paul claiming 6’2:
Click Here=
Glacierr said on 12/Sep/22
Which camera angle is more accurate for determining the height difference Rob
Photo #1:
Click Here=
Photo #2:
Click Here=
186guy said on 2/Sep/22
Yes hes over an inch shorter than mr beast
186guy said on 2/Sep/22
Yes hes over an inch shorter than mr beast
Hyper said on 2/Sep/22
He’s clearly shorter than Mr. Beast. He looked tiny next to Hafthor.
Jawilder said on 27/Aug/22
At best, he’s what he’s listed by Rob. The average guess is what he measures before bed more than likely
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Aug/22
Minimum: 186cm
Max: 187.5cm
recapa said on 25/Aug/22
@Ben,why would be at least that if he listed himself as 6ft1.5 in his fight against mayweather Click Here ?
Glacierr said on 12/Aug/22
@Ben 6’1.5 sorry I got Miz mixed up with Triple H
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 11/Aug/22
He might be what Rob lists him as but definitely not any lower.
Glacierr said on 9/Aug/22
@Ben 6’1.5 to be fair Miz did lose a lot of height though
FriedChicken said on 7/Aug/22
Yeah I can't see how he could possibly be 6'2 because of how he looks with Simon. They're most likely the same height.
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 6/Aug/22
Looked significantly taller than 6’0 Miz. I’d go 6’2 ish.
viper said on 31/Jul/22
At best 186-187cm guy
Yao said on 29/Jul/22
Shorter than miniminter
186guy said on 25/Jul/22
Logan Paul Is barely taller than 6 foot guys and clearly shorter than 6 2 guys, over 186 ish for him its a joke
So if who said on 24/Jul/22
Rob in recent Sidemen video they have many shots together I think mini edges him .
Editor Rob
Could be very similar height range.
Berk said on 24/Jul/22
Click Here
between 8:48 and 10:03 miniminter seems taller than Logan. Camera angle seems a bit tricky but I don't think Logan has the edge on Simon. I haven't watch the whole video yet.
Mint77 said on 24/Jul/22
miniminter looked taller than logan paul in every shot in the latest sidemen vid
FriedChicken said on 23/Jul/22
I still think he has the edge on Simon just by a fraction though
Glacierr said on 21/Jul/22
Logan Paul next to 6’1 miniminter
Click Here=
Hyper said on 21/Jul/22
Mr Beast definitely looked at least an inch taller than Logan Paul.
184guy2 said on 20/Jul/22
Logan Paul is a definition of 6'1.5 guy
Anything under is ridiculous
186guy said on 20/Jul/22
Lol, u are really a fan of Logan
186guy said on 20/Jul/22
Lol, u are really a fan of Logan
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 20/Jul/22

He’s one inch taller, and Beast might be 6’3.
186guy said on 19/Jul/22
Yes mr beast is 2 inches taller than Logan, and mr beast Is 6 2.5
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 19/Jul/22

2 inches? You need to check your eyes buddy 😂
186guy said on 19/Jul/22
Yes mr beast is 2 inches taller than Logan, and mr beast Is 6 2.5
Hyper said on 18/Jul/22

I wouldn’t argue that high. Mr. Beast is taller than Logan at 0:44 seconds, in this video. — Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jul/22
He’s gotta safely clear 6ft1 but the full 6ft2? I suppose you can’t entirely rule out 6ft1¾
Duhon said on 14/Jul/22
They will probably still list him at 6'2" in WWE as that's his public height now and he's already very famous.

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