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6ft 1.41in (186.5cm)
Ali183 said on 18/Mar/18
Really nothing more than 185 cm . I would personally give him 184
Kingu said on 16/Mar/18
Logan Paul in sneakers was no more than 3" taller than barefoot/boxing flats KSI. KSI is about 5'9 to 5'9.5 (weak 177 cm max) and taking into consideration LP's footwear advantage would place him a little under 6'. Which makes sense because often young men claim to be 6' when really they're only 5'10, while short men (less than 5'8) claim 5'9/5'10. Therefore 6 footers/near 6 footers like Logan Paul can claim 6'2 and still be believable since they're clearly taller than guys claiming 6' and towering over 5'9/5'10 (actual 5'7) guys.

Logan Paul: 5'11.5 to 6'

KSI: 5'9 to 5'9.5

Kimmel: 5'10
Yello said on 16/Mar/18
He looks like a giant compared to four feet tall Evan.
Johan said on 16/Mar/18
If you look at Logan's haircut it doesn't give him justice in the staredown, it give's the illusion that he's shorter than he actually is, while KSI's haircut does the opposite, not to mention the footwear, and the fact that Logan was not standing in a good posture until later in the video when he told KSI to look up to him, so to the people who say Logan is around 6'0 or 6'0.5 is ridiculous. My guess would be is:
Logan = between 6'1 and 6'1.5
KSI = 5'10/5'10.25
We will see the actual height difference between them in the press conference or in the fight if it happens.
Khalid said on 16/Mar/18
After seeing the face off between him and KSI I can safely say this guy is 6ft at the best maybe 6ft.5 on a good day
5'10 king said on 15/Mar/18
If you see the logan paul video you can clearly see that ksi is wearing some adidas ultrabost (1 inch) and logan is wearing some flat shoes (.5 - 1cm) so there's why ksi looks a little taller.
my pick is logan: 1.86
ksi 1.78
cparkes92 said on 15/Mar/18
There's no way Logan Paul is 6'2". I'm guessing around 6'1" or even 6'0.5"
Jack 6'4" said on 15/Mar/18
A lot of people on here are bringing up stupid points, that face off KSI and Logan had Ksi was standing up straight stiff as board it's clear Logan is craning his neck where as JJ was angling it up he appaeared taller due to his bandana pushing his puffy hair up as well Logan's forehead is clearly not in line with KSI's it's higher up look st where there face is positioned rather than ksis hair this is just common sense. Rob I think stick with your 6'1"
Jack 6'4" said on 15/Mar/18
A lot of people on here are bringing up stupid points, that face off KSI and Logan had Ksi was standing up straight stiff as board it's clear Logan is craning his neck where as JJ was angling it up he appaeared taller due to his bandana pushing his puffy hair up as well Logan's forehead is clearly not in line with KSI's it's higher up look st where there face is positioned rather than ksis hair people Jesus Christ this is just common sense. Rob I think stick with your 6'1" don't listen to the Ksi fans
Massimo The Height God said on 15/Mar/18
And at 3:05 in the same video Rob KSI says he’s not that tall and that vitaly or something was taller idk what he said it sounded like Vidal?
arron said on 14/Mar/18
Joe weller is 5ft 9 (he said himself on twitter) but on your site it says 5'8 1/4 but for now we will just use 5'9

In the KSI vs Joe weller face off Click Here we can clearly see ksi is 1 inch taller at best, so we can safely assume KSI IS 5'10.

In this Click Here recent video you can clearly see Logan Paul IS taller than KSI but not by a mile, we can safely assume he is at least 2 inches taller.

KSI = 5'10
Logan Paul 6'0
5ft10guy said on 14/Mar/18
6ft.5-6ft1 flat sounds better.Still taller then ricegum.
Jaragon2k said on 14/Mar/18
Odd that he didn't look really even close to 6'1.5 in the video with KSI recently, with everyone else he seems to be around that range. Maybe KSI hadn't been out of doing much at all that day while Logan may have been up and moving for a lot longer so he dropped much more height? Only thing else I could imagine is Logan didn't get much sleep the night before and didn't retain a lot of his morning height.
Sean5 said on 14/Mar/18
Do you think KSI had some sort of thicker footwear? I was shocked myself at the height difference, was expecting KSI's eye level to be looking at Logans mouth
Johan said on 14/Mar/18
Rob, would you consider downgrading him to atleast a flat 6'1?
Click Here
I know The Rock has the camera angle advantage in this picture but if they we're side by side i would say Rock would be 1.5/1.75 inches taller.
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 for Jake and 6ft 1.25 for Logan may well be a good possibility...
Christopher said on 14/Mar/18
Evidence to support Logan being 6'.5" MAX with Jimmy Kimmel with 5'11" Kimmel. Click Here
Christopher said on 14/Mar/18
Rob, if Logan is 6' then what does that make Jake?
KSI looked closer in height to Logan than Jake...
Editor Rob
Logan isn't as short as 6ft, that seems unlikely based on all that is out there of him, although I can see how people might give him 6ft 0.5 or 6ft 1 rather than 1.5!
Jackson28 said on 14/Mar/18
Just saw that standoff as well
Based off that I’d say KSI is 5’10.5 and Logan is 6’0.5
6’1.5 in shoes so rounds up to 6’2.
KSI also comments about it again at the end of the video saying google says he’s like 6’4 but he’s not very tall in person.
Tommy said on 14/Mar/18
I think 6*0 is the right number after seeing Logan and KSI face off at mayweathers gym
Lenny said on 14/Mar/18
He only looked 6”1 next to kSI. And he only looked a weak 6”1 tbh
JB - 5'9 said on 14/Mar/18
@Editor Rob: what do you mean ‘there’ ? People don’t shrink according to places. They were both standing straight so there should be a 3 inch gap. KSI needs and upgrade.
Editor Rob
They could be anywhere from 2-3 inches apart, how much footwear difference I don't know, but if it was half inch then it's still believable Logan is somewhere in 6ft 1 range.
Marcos said on 14/Mar/18
Ksi recently uploaded a video in which Logan was at max 2 inches taller. I would say ksi is 5”10 and Logan is 6ft
Levi said on 14/Mar/18
I'd be very interested to see the footwear in the face off between Logan and KSI. KSI can't be really any taller than 5'10". He was barley taller than 5'8.5" listed Conor McGregor.
Matt99 said on 14/Mar/18
@AccurateHeight, I was thinking he’s lower than the listing too. I’d give him 6’1 overall.
AccurateHeights said on 14/Mar/18
Logan is not 6ft1.5 Look at this video next to 5'10 KSI. He only looks 1-1.5 inches taller. Ksi needs an upgrade or Logan needs a downgrade. Go to 0:22 in the video and look at them face to face. Even ksi notices saying ''You're not as tall as people say you know'' Click Here I'd give logan 6 feet not an inch above
Editor Rob
You could argue he isn't that much over 6ft there.
Camerom said on 14/Mar/18
KSI uploaded a video having a mini faceoff with Logan and KSI looked about 2 inches shorter
Dream(5'9.5 said on 4/Mar/18
I do hope he finds more meaningful things like @Rampage said.
jonas henriks said on 4/Mar/18
under 6"1 is laughable, Joshua had no more then 4 inches on him and I just se 1 inch difference or maybe 0.75" between him and DJ, Dwayne Johnson knows how to used angle on camera.
APersonWhoIsTall said on 3/Mar/18
He looks like a few inches taller than Jake Paul
Simon said on 27/Feb/18
Rob I think you should give logan a tiny downgrade to 6ft1.25 because he looks 2 inches taller than jake but jake wears Yeezys 1.5in and logan wears nike 1 inch so 61.25
Bruce Wayne said on 19/Feb/18
He could look shorter than Garrett Hedlund who is listed 6ft 1 ¼ (186.1 cm)
philippe said on 14/Feb/18
looked about 6'1 next to micheal strahan
Ozzym9 said on 6/Feb/18
Rob he doesn’t look this tall with the rock
Dee420 said on 6/Feb/18
Looks like a solid 6’1-2 guy nothing over 6’2 and nothing under 6’1 I’d say to be honest looks a few inches taller than jake who’s about 5’11.
Syka blyat said on 22/Jan/18
Jimmy kimmel 181, logan 184.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jan/18
Tarinator, it was disgraceful but I think it's given him a healthy dose of reality in how the real world actually works. Maybe he'll find something more meaningful to do career-wise.

Still think this mark is fair for him though
Tarinator 6'2 said on 15/Jan/18
What this guy did was disturbing and wrong but I have seen much worse. Things like this happen but it is best that this behaviour is avoided and fixed upon. He is 22-23 years old though so let’s see where things go from here. He’s quite popular and that is what happens when people reach that height of popularity. Hopefully this is his first and only offence of this kind he made. Otherwise it will be hard getting back from this controversy. I honestly believe this is a lapse in judgement from him unlike people like Sam Pepper who are repeat offenders and are not remorseful. I am not a fan of either of them but I can tell when someone is serious about something or not.

Anyways, looks about the same height as me. Maybe 6’1.5”-6’1.75” (187 cm range).
Don Julio said on 15/Jan/18
@Kevin wtf does balding have to do with any of this, this site is about height, yeah I heard what happened to him and what he did wasn't cool but your going to far blaming Logan for what he has and his baldness man that isn't cool doesn't serve anyone right. I was mad for like a day at Logan Paul but some people just want to tear him apart for showing some dead guy who is a stranger to everyone serious get over this, he said sorry twice. Btw I think Logan is 187 cm.
Kevin said on 10/Jan/18
@Psychedelic Earth 187

Indeed. Fortunately though he is balding severely at just 22 due to poor genetics. If his sociopathic behavior in Japan (his whole trip btw, not just the one video) gets swept under the rug he will be a nobody in a couple of years anyway when he's completely bald and 11yo fangirls find him repulsive. Considering his reckless personality he will probably spend all his money on Rolex watches and luxury cars and be broke, too. Serves him right.
jonas said on 10/Jan/18
Right now he looks 215
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
6ft 1 3/4in
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 9/Jan/18
Very disgusting actions as of lately.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 8/Jan/18
6'5.75" listed Anthony Joshua has him by almost 5 inches accounting for Logan's footwear advantage. I wouldn't put him above 6'1" Click Here I used to think 6'1.25" was a possibility but after seeing more pics and clips of him I think 6'1" flat is better.
Keemstar said on 8/Jan/18
Well, he is an egotistical maniac, so I doubt he isn't above 6'. Ego tends to increase with height, you should that as a variable when trying to determine someone's height.
I'd say 6'1
Peter175 said on 6/Jan/18
The Rock has him by at least an inch.

So no he's not talling than a strong 6'1
Jory said on 6/Jan/18
Logan Paul is 6’2 which makes sense as he’s about 1.5 inches shorter than Dwayne Johnson.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 6/Jan/18
I don’t know, standing next to The Rock, Logan Paul really did look a full 6’ 2.”
Dude 173 cm said on 5/Jan/18
Bin Laden is part of the universal history and deserves a page, this "man" not deserves
Wolf said on 5/Jan/18
“American Internet personality and a sick a**hole”. There I fixed it :D

Anyway, as for his height...
Click Here Either Charles Melton is 5’11” or Logan Paul is a strong 6’2”. Any thoughts?
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 5/Jan/18
Just as most people thought Logan was the wiser of the bros... NOPE! I'm pretty sure everyone took their words back.

Also, he's not a full 6'2". Will Poulter, Adam Driver, Lance Reddick, and Ryan Reynolds will certainly beat this guy out.
LeBlanc said on 4/Jan/18
Even though his latest vlog caused much controversy and hatred, I believe he stands at 6’1”- no more.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 3/Jan/18
Though I absolutely detest this guy, I can believe the full 6 ft. 2” claim. He really looks taller than 6 ft. 1” in his blogs. His latest blogs have caused some serious controversy. 6 ft. 1 1/4” is the absolute lowest he could be and 6 ft. 2” is the absolute highest he could be. He’s probably 6 ft. 1 3/4.”
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 2/Jan/18
Rob.... if you seen his recent vlogs... This guy is beyond sick.
Editor Rob
yeah, talk about lapse in judgement!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 29/Dec/17

Football heights are often exaggerated as well, especially high school and college.
Raz said on 27/Dec/17
I remember some time ago there was papers from his football days where it Said he was 6’2
Rangel said on 23/Dec/17
I think he is a little taller but not worth the upgrade. Rob, do you think 6ft 1 5/8 or 187 cm is his spot on exact height because I think Jake is more of a 3/4 guy than Logan.
Anonymous said on 22/Dec/17
6'1.25 seems fair
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
186 cm surely, I love his vlogs
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 16/Dec/17
6'1" seems fair
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Dec/17
He can't be under 6ft1
Notsea said on 13/Dec/17
Logan is nothing under this listing. His average height is a little over 187 cm. This listing, 6ft 1.5in, is his minimum. 6ft 1.75in would be a good upgrade for him
LeBlanc said on 28/Nov/17
Rob, I really don’t think Logan is this tall. He looks 6ft to 6ft0.5 with Terry crews and also looks 6 ft 0.5 with the rock. Both guys are a solid 6’2”. He also mentioned in his videos twice that he’s 6 ft.
Editor Rob
he certainly can look a few inches taller than his brother.
Peter181cm said on 24/Nov/17
Brenden claim 6'3
He look little bit tallet than Logan 6'1.25 so I think clear 6'2 ;)
Anonymous said on 30/Oct/17
How tall is brenden
Edimar1.84 said on 28/Oct/17
With 5ft11 Jimmy Fallon he looks only 1 inches taller... And with The Rock 6ft2.5 he looks 1.5 incher shorter... I agree 6ft1 for him, I dont a risk of claim 6ft1.5.
Gnaw said on 23/Oct/17
this dude look like the bully from 80s karate kid. he could be his son. logan closer to 6'2 than 6'1. probs 6'1 3/4
Peter181cm said on 20/Oct/17
Rob, Logan next to 6'2.25 Terry Crews
Click Here
Just Logan look 1-1.5in shorter! ;)
This is makes him 6'1 - 6'1.25 ! :-)))
Click Here
- Look at 6:20 part..

I think Logan is just "Only" 6'1.25 (1.86m) :)))

Jake must be 5'10.25 - 5'10.5 !!
I don't see Jake Paul over 5'10.5
He is 5'10.25 more than 5'10.5 !! O_o
Jerry184 said on 19/Oct/17
Rob do you think he grew after he became famous?, because in some pics of 2013 he looks shorter than 6'1.5, maybe at that period he was 6'1 or 6'0.5
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
Yep, I agree with 6'1.25 (1.86m)

Jake look 2.75in - 3in shorter!!
I thought difference was 2in
But no, without Yeezy Jake..

Logan 6'1.25 (1.86m)

Jake 5'10.5 (1.79m)

Antony 5'11.25 (1.81m)

Chance 6'0.5 (1.84m)
PPPeter said on 10/Oct/17
btw.. their heights..

Logan 6'1.25

Jake 5'10.5

Anthony 5'11.25

Chance 6'0.25

Some pics:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Logan next to 5'11 Jimmy Kimmel
Look 2 - 2.25in taller
Logan is min. 6'1

You can compare heights Here:
Click Here
PPPeter said on 10/Oct/17
I agree with 6'1.25 (1.86m)
And Jake is 5'10.5 (1.79m)
travis said on 8/Oct/17
he doesn't even look 6'2 he about a half a inch off
Peter181cm said on 7/Oct/17
Logan: 6'1 - 6'1.25 (185-186cm)

Jake: 5'10.5 (179.1cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 (181.1cm)

Chance: 6' (183.1cm)

With Yeezy (1.5in) Jake, Anthony, Chance Are taller!

Chance is 6'
With Yeezy he is 6'1.5
That's why he claim 6'2 - 6'3

Anthony is 5'11.25
With Yeezy he is 6'0.25
That's why claim 6'1 - 6'2

Jake is 5'10.5
With Yeezy he is 6'
That's why he claim 6' - 6'2

Logan usually wears normal shoes (+-1in)
Peter181cm said on 7/Oct/17
Logan: 6'1 - 6'1.25 (185-186cm)

Jake: 5'10.25 - 5'10.5 (178,5 - 179cm)

Anthony: 5'11.25 - 5'11.5 (181-182cm)

Chance: 6' - 6'0.25 (183 - 183,5cm)
Peter181cm said on 7/Oct/17
Logan is 6'1 - 6'1.25 (185-186cm)
Click Here:

- Next to 5'11 Jimmy Kimmel ;-)
Ref said on 5/Oct/17
Logan was slightly crouching while shaking Kimmel's hand. Look at Kimmel's other interviews, he has 1 inch shoe.
Jerry184 said on 5/Oct/17
I saw him on jimmy kimmel.. He looks only and 1 inch taller than jimmy but Idk i think he is 6'1
Peter181cm said on 5/Oct/17
OMG.. with 5'11 Jimmy Kimmel
Logan look like 6' - 6'1 !!
How he can be 6'1.5 - 6'2 ??
I believe he is 6'0.5 - 6'1
because if he was added half inch, I would be surprised!!
He must be 6'0.5 - 6'1
Under 6'0.5 is impossible!
And Over 6'1.25 is impossible too!!
Chris said on 4/Oct/17
Click Here with Jimmy Kimmel doesn't look an inch taller.
Peter181cm said on 1/Oct/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8
- Click Here

Yeah, he can be 185-186cm tall ;)
When I see the picture with The Rock..
He look 5-6cm shorter :D
And Dwayne is 189-188cm ;)
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Sep/17

Then explay why 189cm listed Dwayne Johnson looks easily 3cm taller than Logan Click Here also this pic shows their footwear when they met each other that day, so hardly no footwear advantage/disadvantage Click Here And even 189cm for Dwayne is generous I think, because people who met him in person said he looked 6'2" or 188cm, also looks around 6'2" next to many celebs. I can't see Logan being any taller than 186cm best case and I believe he's around 185.5cm
Peter181cm said on 25/Sep/17
Logan 6'1.5 (186.7cm)

Jake 5'10.5 (179.1cm)

George 5'7 (170.1cm)

Mark 6'3 (190.5cm)

Evan 3'6 (106.6cm)
Peter181cm said on 25/Sep/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8

It's your choose..

But Jakey is
Min. 5'10.25 (178.4cm)
Max. 5'10.75 (179.6cm)

I think he is 5'10.5 (179.1cm)
I don't see him like strong 5'11 (180.3)
But I don't know if Jake is under 5'10.25 (178.4cm)
He often wears Yeezy (1.5in - 1.75in)

Logan is 6'1.5 (186.7cm) Guy..
He is tall.. ;)
Min. 6'1.25 (186.1cm)
Max. 6'1.75 (187.4cm)

Jake 5'10.5 (179.1cm)
Logan 6'1.5 (186.7cm)

But there Is a big difference between them..

I think their father is 5'11 - 6'
He is taller than Jakey..
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 23/Sep/17

Where were you when there were people who inflated Logan and Jake to 6'3" and 6'0"? Not once have I seen you call those people upgraders, but as soon as I guessed Logan and Jake just 1cm shorter than what Rob list them as, now you want to call me a downgrader?
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 23/Sep/17
Sorry Peter181cm and Anonymous, but I don't really see Logan and Jake being as tall as 6'1.5" and 5'10.75" Me putting them at 186cm and 178cm is hardly downgrading. I swear, "downgrading" is the most misused term on this site. I guarantee that no one will accuse me of upgrading if I put Logan at 190cm and Jake at 182cm though.
Peter181cm said on 22/Sep/17
Logan 6'1.5
Jake 5'10.5
Anthony 5'11.25
Chance 6'0.5
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
186(6'1.5" is perfect for this guy.

The worst I'd even try to argue is 185(flat 6'1")
Peter181cm said on 19/Sep/17
Ohio boys:

Logan: 6'1.5 (186.7cm)

Jake: 5'10.5 (179.1cm)

Anthony: 5'11 (180.3cm)

Chance: 6' (183.1cm
PPPeter said on 19/Sep/17
Logan is 6'1.5 (187cm)
Jake is 5'11 (180cm)

I see only 2-2.5in between them
But without shoes..

With Jake's Yeezy and Logan's Nike
A see 1-1.5in between..

But I know Yeezy's are 1.5in tall
And Logan's Nike is 1-0.5in tall!

But I know Jake's claim 6'1 or 6'2 is sh*t :DD
Peter181cm said on 17/Sep/17
You can compare here:
Click Here

Copy this code:

Logan 6'1.5

Jake 5'10.75
Peter181cm said on 15/Sep/17

George Janko is 5'6 or 5'7 (1.68-1.71m)
5'6.5 up to 5'7 is good for him ;-)
Peter181cm said on 15/Sep/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8

Logan is legit 6'1.5 (1.87m)

- Jake is not 5'10 (1.78m)
He not look like 5'10 guy..
- He is min. 5'10.5 (1.79m)
He is weak 5'11

- He is 5'10.75!! (179,5cm)

5'10.75 everyday height!
No more, No less.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/17
@ Christian-6'5 3/8 You're downgrading their heights.
Logan Paul -187
Jake Paul 179-180
Peter181cm said on 14/Sep/17
Logan is real 6'1.5 (1.87m)
And Jake is 5'10.5 (1.79m)

Jakey look taller because he wearing Yeezy...
He is with Yeezy 6'0.25 (183.5cm)
Maybe in good days 6'0.5 (1.84m)

That's a reason why Jake look taller ;)
Sup said on 12/Sep/17
Could you do one for his friend George Janko? He has claimed 5'9 and 5'10 but looks 5'6-5'7 max. He was shorter than King Bach and Alissa Violet who are both listed as 5'8.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Sep/17
Anwhere 6ft1-2 range is arguable I think
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 12/Sep/17
Logan 185.5-186cm

Jake 178cm
Nik said on 11/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Like you said on Pamela Anderson's page, the best way to deal with the idiots who make other people's lives a misery by bullying them is to shame them and have them explaining why they did such a terrible thing to the victim, and making them do this in front of the cameras is the ideal way to make them feel guilty for what they have done wrong. Hopefully broadcasting such things nationally will also have the effect of making other bully's think twice about what they are doing to other people. It is also great that the girl victimised over her nose has decided not to pay for cosmetic enhancement because it would send a message to the bully's that they had won if she had done that, plus the other good thing about her not opting for this cosmetic enhancement is that it shows everyone that she accepts herself the way she is, and that her husband does too. Hopefully this programme will also show that people can be accepted by themselves and other people for how they are to those who may struggle to believe this.

I hope you had a good weekend Sandy!
Midget Stomper said on 10/Sep/17
Not much shorter than the rock. I'd say 6'2".
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
1.87m or 6'1.5 is good for him..
(His brother is 1.79m or 5'10.5)
- Jake look taller because he wearing Yeezy.. ;-)
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Sep/17
@ Nik - I was watching a programme last night called 'Celeb Trolls: We're Coming To Get You' and it was clear that one of the victims was being picked on because of her nose. It was a really infuriating revelation, and I was pleased to see that the programme culminated with one of the trolls (no oil painting by any stretch of the imagination!), being tracked down and collared after work. He was then made to explain himself to one of his victims, who was a different girl to the one victimised for her nose.
The one picked on because of her nose can clearly afford to pay for cosmetic enhancement, but she must be of the opinion that if she does, they have won! Besides, I am almost certain she recently got married, so if her husband loves her nose the way it is, then why should she fork out for a painful operation?

Have a great weekend, Nik! 😉
Peter181cm said on 6/Sep/17
Logan Paul 6'1.5
Mark Dohner 6'3
George Janko 5'8
Evan is 3'6
PPPeter said on 29/Aug/17
Logan Paul - 6ft 1.5in
Jake Paul - 5ft 10.75
Greg Paul - 6ft
Anthony Trujillo - 5ft 11.25in
Chance Sutton - 6ft 0.5in
Ray Diaz - 5ft 11.75in
Tristan Tales - 5ft 11.5in
Uncle Kade - 5ft 11.5in
Chad Tepper - 5ft 11.5in
Nick Crompton - 5ft 8in
Martinez Twins - 5ft 7in
Nikola193cm said on 28/Aug/17
He did a video with Banks, you can do a page for him!
Nik said on 27/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi Sandy!

It very much is in the eye of the beholder. I am not even sure if I have a pretty nose or not, I don't want to ask people in case they say "not really"! Then I would be kinda upset!
I agree with you, some noses suite some faces better than others, and I think it's great when people accept how they are. However I also think that if people can find and afford some treatment to change their appearance then they should do it if it really is the only way to make them happy, because after all being happy is so important for people.

Alfred Pennyworth said on 26/Aug/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8

Master Wayne already called out people like PPPeter Mr. Christian.
Sandy Cowell said on 26/Aug/17
@ Nik .... that's because, like beauty, a pretty nose is very much in the eye of the beholder! Some people prefer the quaint, upturned variety, while others go for a larger gormless nose. Many might feel relaxed in the company of port nose owners, especially if they feel they are heading that way themselves....
Personally, I think there is an ideal nose for every face! A fuller face needs a bold nose, whereas a dainty, heart-shaped face looks great with a cheeky little number, but one thing's for sure: there's a nose to suit every face, rather like a love match, and if someone's nose is not to his or her liking, I'm in full support of getting it fixed. After all, we only live once, or so they say!
Omar 6'2 said on 24/Aug/17
FaZe Banks - 6'3.75"
RiceGum - 6'1"
Alissa Violet - 5'8"
Sommer Ray - 5'6"
Jake Paul - 5'10.75"
Logan Paul - 6'1.25"- 6'1.5"
Chance Sutton - 6'0.5"
Anthony Trujillo - 5'11.25"- 5'11.5"
Nik said on 22/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Too true, there's nowt like having a pretty nose! I don't know if I've got one or not!
Sandy Cowell said on 21/Aug/17
@ Nik - You can't beat a 'Prettiest Nose Contest'!
👃💐🏆 👏👏👏👏
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Aug/17

Canson wasn't wasn't arguing with Rob's listing or anything like that. He was just making a point of how some people whine about me "downgrading" celebs. Several people here including Ray, PPPeter and Junior guessed Logan Paul to be 6'1" or 6'1.25" as well, yet I don't see anyone calling them out, only me.
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Aug/17
@ Nik - Ah! It has just occured to me that both the boys feel theirs is by far the prettier nose!
So convinced of this are they that neither boy would have the vaguest idea what we're on about! 😥👃😙
Anonymous said on 19/Aug/17
If he is 6'1.5" then The Rock is for sure not over 6'2.5" today. Wasn't more than an inch between them.
Matt said on 19/Aug/17
@ Canson we are taking about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch here...who's not like he was listed an inch or two under or higher his actual height. Robs listing is perfectly plausible and accurate to his real height.
Kenneth said on 18/Aug/17
Logan is a little over 6'1.5, almost 6'1.75 but not quite, that could be morning height but I would like to stick with 6ft 1.6in because that's what it looks too me
Kylett said on 18/Aug/17
Hey rob how about brendan hs camera guy hi looks 6'3.25 with kogan
Jamie said on 18/Aug/17
@Meme Dude There's no way there's only three inches between Ethan and Idubbbz. Ethan is definitely not 5' 10". He looked similar in height with DJ Khalid if not a bit shorter.

Click Here

Idubbbz looks about 7 inches taller in this video.
Jaragon2k said on 18/Aug/17
@Meme Dude, Ethan is not 5'10, maybe 5'8. Watch videos of him with 5'9 Pewdiepie and he's noticeably shorter.
Junior said on 18/Aug/17
This dude on his Instagram getting so popular nowadays but doesn't seem like a big 6'2 and more like 6'1 to me.
Meme Dude said on 17/Aug/17
I just saw this guys vlog cause he is popular and I though 6'5 because of his tiny fans and found this site says not even 6'2. You guys should put my favorite youtube Ethan Klein from h3h3 productions and iDubbbz AKA Ian Carter. Ethan is like 5'10 and iDubbz 6'1. Want to see what this site has to say about those guys because they are for sure legit dudes. ;)
Lmeister said on 17/Aug/17
This guy could have a body of young Arnold Schwarzenegger. He needs to bulk up 30lbs :) He has already a great base for getting massive.
Nik said on 16/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi'

He may be browned off that his brother is taller than him but I would rather be the smaller brother with the prettier nose!

176cm guy said on 15/Aug/17
@Kylett Most people can guess something that is pretty close to their weight like let's say within a 50 lb range. But if he claims something like 400 lbs. Then that would be a BS claim.
176cm guy said on 15/Aug/17
@Kylett It is basically almost impossible to guess accurately how much someone weighs. Did you know the organs inside of your body can gain fat too? But to me, he definitely looks like he can weigh anywhere around in the 200 lb area since he is definitely jacked.
PPPeter said on 15/Aug/17
He is 6ft 1in - 6ft 1.5in ;)
(185cm - 187cm)
He don't look smaller od taller..
In Teen Choice He looks only 1-2 inches taller than his Brother Jake :D
Maybe Jake grow Up! :DD
Canson said on 14/Aug/17
@Sam: Christian does not downgrade people for no reason. He does it because most of the listings here warrant it. Most celebs here are overlisted some more than others. As for this guy the average guess is 6'1.45. That's slightly below Rob's listing and with 26 votes he wasn't the only one who guessed him lower. And let's be real Christian said 6'1 and 6'1.25. A 6'1.25 and 6'1.5 guy will not look remarkably different in person or in pics. He could've claimed 6'1.5 and only be closer to 6'1" really but I know in Christians case he actually takes the time to make his assessments by using pics and analyzing them properly and making better comparisons and he is one of the few who regularly uses the height chart here so his estimates are typically more accurate than a lot that just leave them what they claim or who inflate every celeb. I also tend to estimate lower than Rob but 1/4" or 1/2" isn't really downgrading someone like dropping them 2-3"
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Aug/17
@ Nik - Yes, I had to blink a few times, I can tell you!
Jake (my autocorrect tried to put Jaffa! 🐝) is probably a little browned off that his bruv is that much taller than him, but he needn't be! He has the prettier nose!
Aza said on 14/Aug/17
He looks a strapping 6'1.5 inches!
Jaragon2k said on 14/Aug/17
@deathstroke I don't see him being more than 6'2, he looks at most considering footwear .5 inches taller than Logan
HonestSlovene said on 14/Aug/17
@Koala Mostly because a lot of people tend to add about 1-3 inches to their height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Aug/17
186cm lowest
Nik said on 13/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

He's a spitting image of him, isn't he? There's a little bit of difference In height between them but their faces are very similar.

I didn't address with you like I normally do with the symbol and your full name so it was easy to miss that I was speaking to you in the comment.

Cheers mate!
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Aug/17
... and Logan really is the tall height he says; 6ft1.5 from me today.
teez said on 13/Aug/17
meh 186cm is fine for him
PPPeter said on 13/Aug/17
Rob, Why Logan look 1-2 inches smaller than Rock?

Rock is 6ft 2.5in - 6ft 3in

Click Here

And Logan look next to him:
6ft 0.5in - 6ft 1.5in
I think Logan height is max. 6ft 1.5in
He Is between: 6ft 1in - 6ft 1.5in

And Logan Brother Jake look 1-2 inches smaller...

Real Jakes height is for me:
5ft 11in - 5ft 11.5in

What do you think Big Rob ?
Editor Rob
anywhere between 6ft 1-1.5 is possible for Logan.
PPPeter said on 13/Aug/17
Rob, what do you think?


A) 189/187
B) 188/186
C) 187/185
D) 186/184
F) 185/184

I think it's C ;)

And you ?
Kylett said on 13/Aug/17
Rob do you think he weighs 200 pounds? He looks really athletic like he has made for sports
Editor Rob
I can believe his weight being around that range.
Ray said on 13/Aug/17
No more than than this probably more like 6'1-6'1.25
Deathstroke said on 12/Aug/17
How tall do y'all think his ex-roommate Mark Dohner is? He has claimed 6'3" and 6'4" but clarified he is 6'4" in shoes :D But he does look an inch taller than Logan, I would guess he is almost 6'3" like 6'2.5" or 6'2.75" :) But 6'1.5" for Logan seems accurate.
Sam said on 12/Aug/17
Christian stays downgrading people for no reason. He's an easy 6'1.5.
John183cm said on 12/Aug/17
@Big Rob,

Rob look at this new video that Logan uploaded. I don't see 3 inches. Jake is wearing Yeezys like always and Logan is wearing an air max type of sneakers. I think Jake is 5ft 11(MIN) to 5ft 11.5(MAX) or Logan is 6ft 1in

Click Here (Start at 8:04)
183 cm said on 12/Aug/17
6'1.25 is a better shout imo. Looks this all the time. 6'1.5 is the max he is and 6'1ish is lowest
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Aug/17
@ Nik - Yes! He reminds me of his brother!
My first comment for him isn't up yet, but I expressed that fact then!
When I wrote that comment yesterday, I hadn't noticed that you had asked me anything in your comment, which I only discovered minutes ago!
berta said on 12/Aug/17
hm i think he could be closer to 186 cm flat.anywhre from 185-187 is possible. this is max what he can look
Koala said on 12/Aug/17

Also notice how The Rock still feels the need to claim "6'4" and a half" at 7:13 in that video LOL.

In my opinion, The Rock and Logan are both guys who can get away with claiming several inches above their height if they are standing by themselves or with shorter people simply because of their large frames (And especially if they are wearing shoes).

But once they stand near people around their own height, it's easy to see how tall they actually are (Logan with The Rock here, The Rock with Charles Barkley and Shaq)

The Rock is somewhere between 6'2" and 6'3" and Logan somewhere between 6'1" and 6"2'
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Aug/17
I was going to start on the lines of, "Look! We have another person with the surname of 'Paul' AND he doesn't half look like Jake, only a taller version!"
Then I found out from marcus's and Realist's comments, both dated 10th August, that they ARE indeed brothers and fellow Instagram personalities!
Logan looks appreciably taller and I will have no hesitation giving him 6ft1.5!
Bryan said on 11/Aug/17
Logan only looks 1-2 inches taller than Jake here
Click Here
Editor Rob
he looks about 3 inches taller I thought there...
Bryan said on 11/Aug/17
Can you give ricegum a page? He seems 6'1-6'1.5
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 11/Aug/17
6'1", perhaps 6'1.25" but nothing more.
The Man said on 11/Aug/17

Don't be absurd smh

5ft 8in really???!!
aknawkneemoose said on 10/Aug/17
no way i'm 189 i thought this guy was at least my height
marcus said on 10/Aug/17
this is a legit tall guy, his brother is shorter, like much shorter, about 5'8
Realist said on 10/Aug/17
This should put an end to Jake Paul's ridiculous 6'2" (😂) claim. Their height difference is at least a good 3 inches
J-Dog said on 10/Aug/17
I believe Rob has this spot-on with Logan. I could see give or take .25".

The Rock looks ~6'2" maximum near Logan within this video below. Though there are many angles.

Click Here
Nik said on 10/Aug/17
It looks like he has rounded up his own height! He could be 6'1.5" but that is the very maximum that he is.

Does he remind you of somebody Sandy?

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