How tall is Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

American Professional Wrestler and MMA Fighter. Brock himself stated his height in a 2008 NY Times article as "I'm 6-3 and 277 pounds" but when (briefly) at Minnesota Vikings Football team he was given a 6ft 2 listing.

Brock Lesnar in March 2015

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Average Guess (387 Votes)
6ft 2.23in (188.5cm)
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 15/Oct/18
@Canson For me inflaters and downgraders or whatever you want to call them are equally bad. As I said originally evidence should be provided otherwise it seems people are talking out of their rear end. What's worse aswell is when people guess someone a lot higher or lower, and then provide poor images to illustrate it. It comes across as either being biased or just not having a clue.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Oct/18

You're absolutely right! The people who generally estimate higher are rarely ever condemned or criticized, yet guys like us, Viper and Sotiris get called downgraders a lot of the time. And what I like about Viper and Sotiris a lot, is that even though some of their estimates are a bit too low (in my humble opinion), at least they own up to it and admit their faults when they think that they're wrong. You don't see guys like Johnson and Wiles do that. And you're also right that a lot of the times, the unpopular estimates tend to be accurate or at least closer to the truth. Like Burn It Down said, some people here just believe what they wanna see. But there are more people here that wanna see a celeb as taller, than those that wanna seem them as shorter.
Canson said on 13/Oct/18
@Viper: we have all made some questionable estimates before. I don’t think what Christian was saying to you was anything to ping your character. You’ve even admitted before to estimating a few people too low and revised such as with Padlecki when you mentioned he may only be 6’2”. I disagree and can tell he’s 6’4 but you also acknowledged that you may have misgauged him. Nothing wrong with that. On the flip side, you’ve made some low ones (against popular vote or Rob’s listings) that have turned out to be correct so it just goes to show that nobody is perfect and I will piggyback off of what Rising said about you and that sometimes the unpopular vote is the correct one. But Christian was making a point, not attacking your character as a poster or a person because I actually agree with a lot of your estimates more so than some of the other posters who inflate
Canson said on 13/Oct/18
@Burn: I do agree that they guess lower in many cases. However, if I were to break down the posts alone, the majority of people either guess higher, inflate, or they use Rob’s listings. When using Rob’s listings, if one celeb is over listed by Rob and another “about accurate”, people tend to inflate the one who is listed accurately in many cases. One example of a person who guesses lower regularly is Sotiris. However, I respect him as a poster and I believe that he is an honest and genuine poster. He even admits his faults and comes around when he realizes that he’s wrong which I respect even more.

Then, on the other hand, you have other posters like one who inflates everyone he comments on (usually soccer players). This particular poster makes excuses and makes up details which are erroneous half the time just to make his arguments sound more convincing. It’s easy to tell he is full of it and likely is a fan boy and a spammer (I don’t want to use the word troll so I’ll be polite). He also claims that he bases his estimates at “morning heights” which this site does not generally do. Rob’s listings are supposed to be at afternoon heights. Sure Rob often uses pre draft and combines when he has nothing else which results in massive inflation in many cases but this other guy in question inflates the combines and always “claims” that every player grew after they were measured. Again combines are held in the early morning. This is the type of poster I’m talking about. Then another who inflates everyone and uses phrases like “well so and so is usually right as a poster” so this celeb is this height. He also belittles those who guess below his estimate and has admitted to posting under the influence and to “his dad hacking his username” during one of his diatribes he unleashed on other posters who didn’t agree with him. And The person this guy is referring to (who is “usually spot on with his estimates”) is viewed by some on Celebheights to overestimate people as well (even though I have nothing but respect for the person he’s referring to as I also think he just like the guys Christian mentioned, genuinely believes what he says and sees). I don’t always agree with that person but he is a very respectful poster “the one who is usually right”. However, the other two I mentioned are great examples of inflaters who nobody gets on about their estimates and they inflate a lot more than the guys Christian mentioned downgrade.

So my point is that Everyone is so quick to cram it down Sotiris’s throat or attack Viper or Bobby3342 (and even Christian and me over the years have been regularly attacked and we aren’t even as extreme as what Christian referred to). Both of us tend to estimate lower than Rob but typically we are within half inch to an inch of Rob’s listings and provide reasoning. Christian does so even more than I do and I firmly believe Christian is one of the top posters here and has some of the best estimates, reasoning, logic, and evidence. He is one of the best with being able to gauge differences in centimeters and one of the few to use the height charts when they are available

So my point is that While people feel those four downgrade, nothing is ever said about posters like the two I mentioned who inflate everyone and have no evidence to support it other than “so and so measured this”
viper said on 12/Oct/18
Von Miller measured 6-2.5 twice. He generally looks 6-2, though I did see that 6-1 listing once.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Oct/18

In SJH's case, one time he accused Rob of purposefuly inflating celebs that he had met, like with Andrew Lincoln. And while both Bobby and SJH have made some estimates that are higher than Rob's, most of the time they're much lower. It doesn't mean that Rob's estimates are perfect and always right, nor does it mean that I disagree with all of Bobby and SJH's estimates though.


Maybe I shouldn't have called it "insane", but some of your estimates are very hard to believe. I'm not gonna act like Andrea and bash you or anything like that though. I still respect you as a poster.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 11/Oct/18
@Canson It seems you may have misunderstood me. I think you're under the impression I implied that the majority guess celebs lower than higher which is not the case. I said 'some people seem to downgrade' meaning I've seen it on certain pages specifically with wrestlers. When the majority are inflating or guessing celebs higher it's easy to miss some posters who do the opposite which is just as bad I would say. The examples I gave you are just some of the pages I've seen it done on when it comes to wrestlers I'm also familiar with the people Christian named and they do it although in their case he says they are being honest which if true is fair enough. On the other hand I get what you're saying aswell and there's no denying the majority guess celebs higher. I was just pointing out that 'some people' seem to do the opposite aswell without any evidence. The fact is I think some people just see what they want to see.
juggernaut said on 11/Oct/18
One thing that has always had me guessing is Brock Lesnar looked taller next to both Triple H and The Rock..Here I mean Lesnar slightly edged out trips but The Rock was a bit taller than Lesnar.. Goldberg on other hand looked shorter compared to Lesnar next to both Trips and Rock.. Goldberg and Trips were equalin height but Goldberg was almost an inch shorter than Rock..then how the hell did Goldberg looked half inch taller than Lesnar at wm20.. Did Goldberg wore lift in that match
FMExTREME said on 10/Oct/18
I don't get why a lot of people now are saying Reigns is taller than Lesnar, in all the stredowns and close ups between the 2 I'd say on most occasions Lesnar has the edge, maybe they should be swapped around with Lesnar 6'2 1/2 and Reigns a flat 6'2. Remember the end of the 2015 Royal Rumble The Rock was with Reigns at the end and The Rock looked clearly taller yet on here they're billed almost exactly the same, Rob do you think Lesnar actually looks shorter than Reigns then?
Canson said on 9/Oct/18
@Christian: yes I hate the term too. Funny rarely anyone calls out people who inflate but always people who they perceive downgrade
Canson said on 9/Oct/18
@Athlete: 1/4” is not noticeable In person. You would have to be looking in a mirror to tell that degree of difference and even then you still may not be able to
viper said on 9/Oct/18
I once saw a 6-1 listing for Von Miller
viper said on 9/Oct/18
What insane estimates have you seen from me Christian
Canson said on 9/Oct/18
@Christian: I can’t say it about S.J.H as much and to Bobby’s credit, he’s guessed a guy like Jeremy Lin higher than Rob has him listed and has also placed Brady at a solid 6’4 minimum when a lot of people insist he’s lower than his listing
Canson said on 9/Oct/18
@Burn It Down: that’s actually not true at all. A lot of people think Conan is 6’4 or over here (many of the tenured posters) and he clearly is not. That’s my point about the “popular vote”. It is usually higher than someone’s actual height. A half inch inflation here and there will yield a domino effect
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 9/Oct/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" For me if someone guesses celebs a lot lower than they are regularly it usually comes across as trolling but I can't always say for sure. Although I'm not referring to specific people, I'm aware of the ones you mentioned and their guesses are usually off which makes me think their height perception is really off. The images Sotiris provides are not always good for judging height so I don't usually take them seriously. I've even read someone say they met Randy Orton and that he's 6'2 which is ridiculous. All in all I have seen people do it and it almost seems like they guess celebs low just so they can think of themselves as being taller but who knows. Sometimes height can do funny things to people mentally.
Athlete said on 8/Oct/18
1/4th an inch isn’t noticeable? That’s all anyone on this page is arguing the difference in height over “He looks 6’3.25”... No he looks 6’3”

Demaryius Thomas is 6’2” nothing more nothing less... theres plenty of nfl players who’ve had their height boosted or measured incorrectly. I’m a hair shy of 6’2” barefoot when I was looking eye to eye shaking hands with Demaryius Thomas.

Von Miller his teammate is like 1/4” - 1/2” shorter. And then you see 6’1.25” wwe star Bill Goldberg on the football field talking with Von Miller and they are the same height. Think about it.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Oct/18

Not all "downgraders" (which I disapprove of that term) are trolls though. Four people who I'd say often estimate celebs a bit too low, are Sotiris Gravas, Viper, S.J.H and bobbyh3342. I don't think they're doing it purposefully, and they seem genuine and honest, but I've seen some insane estimates from all four of them.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 5/Oct/18
@Canson Speaking of Roman I've seen someone say he's barely 6'0 and another say he's 6'1 over on his page. Another example of some of the downgrading I was referring to although the first just seems like trolling.
Canson said on 5/Oct/18
@Athlete: 1/4” isn’t noticeable. Nobody can guess someone down to 1/4”. Maybe 1cm but that’s the extent of being able to guess someone’s height difference with you. He may have had a footwear difference as well. That isn’t a 3” difference between Manning and Thomas. It’s about 2 maybe a little more. A forehead itself is usually around 4” so if he came to eyebrow level that’s 4” there. Thomas is way above Manning’s eyebrows. I don’t doubt Manning being slightly under 6’5” today as he’s had multiple surgeries although it won’t surprise me if he measures 6’5 standing straight either. Thomas looks taller than 6’2 imho. He looks closer to 6’3”. Maybe 6’2.5 or 6’2.25 worst case but that’s a stretch. 6’2.5 like Christian said is about as low as I see him
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 5/Oct/18
@Canson Yeah but in this case 6'1 flat is too low there's no evidence supporting that which backs up my point so it comes across as downgrading. If he's 6'1 Cena is 5'11 range which he never looks. Lesnar is closer to 6'2 and there's plenty of pictures showing that in his face offs with Roman Reigns. They're close in height with only a fraction of a difference.
Canson said on 4/Oct/18
@Burn It Down: sometimes the unpopular vote is the one that wins is what I’m saying. Just because everyone says someone is 6’2 doesn’t mean he is. And with Lesnar at times he can look that. Although I believe he’s 6’1.5-6’2. People have to remember that Rock and Reigns are both 6’2” not over 6’2”
Athlete said on 3/Oct/18
I’ll correct myself, I’d say Peyton is 2.5” taller than Demaryius in that picture. If Demaryius Thomas is truly 6’3.25” in that picture (which he is not, he’s a weak 6’2”) then Broncos Peyton Manning is 6’5.75” in that picture which I do not think is accurate. I’m not sure I’d put Peyton Manning at 6’5.75” even when he was younger on the Colts.
Athlete said on 3/Oct/18
Peyton has more than 2” on demaryius in that picture. Almost 3” looks more accurate, which would make Peyton about 6’4.75” and Demaryius 6’1.75” I promise you demaryius was not 6’3.25” when I met him. I’ll even round Demaryius to 6’2” even thought he was exactly my height 6’1.75”. Most people ask me if I’m 6’3” in person and I tell them I’m 6’1.75”..
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Oct/18

Based on that pic with Manning, Thomas is no less than 6'2.5", but what you said about the measurements is very true. Not all measurements are accurate, and even when they are, you have some players who'll cheat by wearing lifts under their socks.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 3/Oct/18
@Canson I'm not necessarily referring to Rob's listing. I'm talking generally when the majority agree a celeb is no lower than a certain mark (and there's evidence), sometimes someone will claim they're lower. Lesnar for example is listed at 6'2 and people say he comes down to 6'1.75" which is fair if you go by a late measurement, but then you have people say he's 6'1. With Cena aswell I saw some 5'11 claims for him. I've seen it on other pages aswell.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 3/Oct/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Yeah I don't know where people are getting 6'1 from. Even if he drops below 6'2 which is likely he's still closer to 6'2. That aside if you look at him with other superstars of a similar height you'll see there's no way he's 6'1.
viper said on 2/Oct/18
Thomas at just 6-1.75 is very interesting. He was supposedly measured at 6-3.2. Click Here
viper said on 2/Oct/18
Lesnar only has an inch on 6-0 Cena
Canson said on 2/Oct/18
@Athlete: I’m not sure how tall Manning is these days since he can look 195cm at times but Thomas looks roughly 2” shorter than him. What Christian said could be right

Click Here
Canson said on 2/Oct/18
@Christian: could’ve been an error or that he had socks stuffed like many others. I’ve seen a lot of NBA players who are nowhere near their listings barefoot
Canson said on 2/Oct/18
@Burn It Down: I’ve seen more people claim a celeb is taller than they actually are or that they are listed as Rob lists them when they aren’t. I’ve seen fewer instances of someone downgrading than upgrading here honestly. By downgrading, you mean Rob’s listing for that celeb? Because most of Rob’s listings are higher than the person would measure being Celebheights is based off Afternoon and evening heights as opposed to morning. That’s evident when basketball players such as Steph curry and Blake Griffin and James harden measured within an hour after waking and are still listed with their pre draft measurements here. Ditto for the football players. And this is if those measurements were accurate to begin with. I can look at Shawne Merriman as a good example. No chance he’s 6’4 3/8 even early morning as he would be closer to 6’5 out of bed. The guy looks 6’2 range honestly
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Oct/18

6'1" is low for Lesnar, no offense to Viper, Jason and Danimal's friends. Lesnar's no less than 6'1 5/8" or 187cm.
Athelete said on 2/Oct/18
I guess I’ll go around saying I’m 6’3.25” then.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 2/Oct/18
@Canson Lol yeah that's also the case aswell. But I've noticed when a celeb is listed a certain height and many agree that person isn't lower, there'll always be someone downgrading them without reasonable evidence. Lesnar is an example and many others I've come across. It's like they try hard to see something that just isn't there.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Oct/18

But Thomas was measured 6'3.25", meaning that he can't be under 6'2.5" worst case, unless if the measurement was an error and it meant to say 6'2.25" Click Here
184guy2 said on 30/Sep/18
@Viper if he is just 6'1 , than Cena is under 6' , taker is 6'5 and everybody in WWE is 1inch shorter than the listed here
Athlete said on 30/Sep/18
Lesnar might only be 6’1”. The nfl ufc wwe can exaggerate height. I met Demyrius Thomas the WR for the Broncos in person who’s listed at 6’3” by nfl standards, and he was only my height 6’1.75”.
Canson said on 30/Sep/18
@Burn It Down: it’s actually quite the opposite in many cases. I’ve seen many people inflate celebs. Especially when a celeb they like is listed a certain way by Rob and they don’t want to downgrade that person, they will upgrade someone else in a pic
viper said on 29/Sep/18
Danimals friends said he looked 6-1 in person.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Sep/18

For every tall guy, there are like 5 small guys around. You even have a whole cruiserweight division where none of them are probably over 5'10". No way that the average is 6'2.75", especially today. And Big Cass isn't even in the WWE anymore.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Sep/18

1/4" is a bit noticeable if you zoom in in a pic and pay attention very closely. I say a 1/4" difference between Reigns and Lesnar, because sometimes the two can look exactly the same height.
Dogg said on 28/Sep/18
Lesnar is 6’2 flat.. He probably hits 6’1.5” after suplexing 300lb people all day. I really don’t think anyone is saying he is only 6’1”. As for the average wwe men’s roster, the 6’2.75 doesn’t seem far fetched from the truth. If you factor in guys like the big show, big cass, Braun Strowman, baron corbin, and all the other giants, it kind of makes sense how the average is over 6’2”...
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 28/Sep/18
@juggernaut I agree considering a lot of people may not be good at judging height differences and some people on here just seem to downgrade celebs. I don't always take their word for it unless it's a logical estimate. I don't know how people can think Lesnar is 6'1 it's either overanalysing on their part or just poor height judgement.
viper said on 28/Sep/18
Not when Brock looks 6-1 with 6-0 Cena.

Many people on here have said he looks 6-1 in person over the years.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Sep/18

I agree. But you gotta realize that not every celeb wants to get pics taken, or sometimes that the person who met the celeb didn't have enough time to take a pic. Plus, there are lots of people here that don't want their face being shown for anonymity.
tree said on 27/Sep/18
If somebody is guessing Brock at 6ft1 he is lying or bad at guessing height
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Sep/18

I have a hard time seeing Lesnar as low as 6'1". That Jason guy probably lowballed him a bit. Sometimes people can be off by about a half inch when meeting someone.
Canson said on 26/Sep/18
@Christian: 1/4” may be too little. Only because it’s not as noticeable. Maybe 3/8” is feasible. Reigns may be slightly under 6’2” if Rock is only 6’2” but you’re right he’s prob 6’2” and they could be same height. Back to back they looked it honestly. Maybe 6’1 7/8 but 6’1.75 May be low
juggernaut said on 26/Sep/18
If people say that they've met any celeb of that page, they should come up with a pic together rather than downgrading and upgrading the height..
viper said on 25/Sep/18
Canson, what Jason posted.

Jason said on 15/Feb/06
meathead320 (who posted a while back on the Big Show board) told me sees Brock Lesnar all the time (he's from Minnesota, too) and there's no way he's anything over 6'1''. He said Lesnar owns a shop that puts grip flooring on the beds of trucks.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Sep/18

Yeah, 6'2.75" for the average wrestler is a joke, especially nowadays, since wrestlers are getting smaller.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Sep/18

I don't see more than a 1/4" or a cm difference between Lesnar and Reigns though. If Lesnar's 6'1.5", that would put Reigns at about 6'1.75", which I can't really see.
Canson said on 21/Sep/18
I know that Danimal mentioned before that some friends of his met Lesnar and said he’s closer to 6’1” than 6’2”. Wouldn’t surprise me if he is with how he looks with Reigns the more I see them
boss_big said on 21/Sep/18
Average men’s wwe roster: 6’2..75” 258lbs ??????
Cena always looks average and he is not even 6 ft 0.5!!! Average in WWE is around 6 ft... Lesnar and Reigns are both shorter than 6 ft 2.75 and they always look big guys, standing both at 6 ft 2....
juggernaut said on 19/Sep/18
@Christian 6'5' 3/8 there are no available pics of them together in a standing pose in the event, though I thought Lesnar looked taller If I get a pic I'll post it here..
God said on 19/Sep/18
Average men’s wwe roster: 6’2..75” 258lbs
Average ufc heavyweight: 6’2.75” 253lbs
Average nba player: 6’7.25” 225lbs
Average nfl player: 6’2.25” 247lbs
Average mlb player: 6’1.75” 210lbs
Average nhl player : 6’1.75” 200lbs
Average mll player: 5’11.75” 191lbs
Average man: 5’9.50” 195lbs
Cormier said on 18/Sep/18

He’s not getting up to 290lbs anytime soon. The last time he was 290 was in his most recent fights with Goldberg. He’s looks to have lost like 25-28lbs since then because he’s been off the juice for some time now training for his ufc return. That’s why I said he’s 280lbs on a good day, I’m averaging his weight fluctuations. Also Lesnar is 187.5cm or (6’1.75”- 6’2”). Most people in this thread agree that with me that Lesnar is (6’1.75”-6’2”). Alistair Overeem was a strong 6’3” in his K1 kickboxing in 2007-2010. He shrunk to about 6’2.5” when he fought 6’2” Lesnar in 2012.

Any 187.5” or (6’1.75”-6’2”) guy in cowboy boots can walk up to a 5’9” Daniel Cormier in a steel cage and look 6’3”-6’4”...
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Sep/18

I agree. His 286lbs listing by WWE doesn't seem far fetched.
Siddharth Dwivedi said on 17/Sep/18
He looks the same height as riegns..Considering that reigns wears more heel than lesnar
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 16/Sep/18
@Animus And they fight barefoot in the UFC so you'd think they'd be more realistic with their listings. It's not like wrestling for example where they have different footwear to make up for height differences.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Sep/18

Can you link me the pic or the clip of it?
Animus said on 15/Sep/18

Lesnar can get as heavy as 290lbs. He also definitely taller than 187½cm.
James B 172cm said on 14/Sep/18
rob how tall does john laurinites look here compared too brock lesner and tripl h?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Somewhere in 6ft 3 range could be possible
Animus said on 13/Sep/18
It's crazy the UFC listed this guy at 6'4, 6'5.
juggernaut said on 13/Sep/18
@Christian 6'5' 3/8 In their last meeting Lesnar actually looked taller but I'd say they are the same height..
Cormier said on 10/Sep/18
On a good day 187.5cm 280lbs for Lesnar
Alex B said on 10/Sep/18
This is a tough one. WWE said 6.4 ft, UFC had him as 6.2 ft then when he returned to the UFC he was 6.3 ft.My guess is 6.2 ft tall
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Sep/18

There are times when the two look the same, but I haven't seen a case where Lesnar looks taller. Mind you that Lesnar has thicker hair than Reigns.
juggernaut said on 7/Sep/18
@Christian 6'5' 3/8 actually in their last meeting Lesnar looked a little taller than Reigns..don't know but I think Reigns has the footwear advantage when he stands with Brock in a faceoff.. Brock might fall at 6'1'75 in the evening at the worst but I doubt that.. still 6'2' for Lesnar.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Sep/18

He looks under 6'2" with legit 6'0" Cena and 6'2" Reigns.
Rough said on 5/Sep/18
He looked like a Computer Graphic CG cut out from a movie at ufc 226. He’s so big it’s histerical and everyone hates him because he’s better at life than everyone.

6’1.75” 280-265lbs
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Sep/18

I can pretty much agree with that.
juggernaut said on 1/Sep/18
@Crane He always looks a legit 6'2', I don't know when and where did you find him below that mark..
Crane said on 29/Aug/18

Lesnar wasn't even 6'2 to begin with. Like I've said before and many times, he always looked just 6'1.5 - 6'1.75 even his debut in early 2000's.
Canson said on 20/Aug/18
We can’t verify Colin’s height and don’t know if Brock has footwear advantage. He appears to in that shot with them.

@Viper: he may have lost height. Perhaps at his peak was 6’1.75 kinda along the lines of what Christian mentioned as 6’2.25 would be morning height. Today may be 6’1” and change still but closer to 1 than 2 these days
juggernaut said on 19/Aug/18
can't decide as to who is taller between Reigns and Lesnar, Sometimes Reigns looks taller while other times Brock edges him slightly but one thing is they both are a solid 6'2' no doubt on that..
Wayne said on 18/Aug/18
Click Here

Colin Cowherd claims to be 187 cm, how tall would that make Brock Lesnar ? he looks confortably taller than him
viper said on 17/Aug/18
Christian he was never measured at 6-2.25. if he did get measured 6-1.25 imo
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Aug/18

I can see Brock's 6'2.25" being a morning measurement. Just like Roman's 6'2 5/8" also being morning. I don't think they're 3/8" apart though. They're nearly identical, maybe a 1/4" difference.
juggernaut said on 14/Aug/18
@viper what's actually laughable is you thinking Brock to be as low as 6'1' Dude still looks a solid 6'2' and you guess him under a full inch..
juggernaut said on 14/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" lol I didn't mention Brock to be 6'2'5 but earlier I definitely thought he was.. 6'2'25 is what he was measured apparently..
viper said on 13/Aug/18
Much more likely he was measured at
6-1.25, If he was even measured at all. The 6-2.25 stuff is laughable since nobody can reference a source
juggernaut said on 13/Aug/18
Brock Lesnar with Cain Velasquez. How much is Cain? 6'0'5 or 6'1' Lesnar looks 1.5 inches taller
Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Aug/18

And you saying Brock's 6'2.5" doesn't mean he is either. In fact, that's impossible since he measured 6'2.25" in the NFL. He's much more likely to be 6'1.75" than 6'2.5"
juggernaut said on 13/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8 I actually thought Cena was closer to 6'1' back in 2003 but I don't think he is anything below 6'0'25 probably 6'0'5 in his prime.. Lesnar can't be below 6'2' may dip down to 6'1'75 in the future.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Aug/18

Cena's not 6'1". No 6'1" wrestler in their right mind would claim 6'0" twice. It makes no sense. I could give him the benefit of the doubt and put him at 6'0.25" but no more than that. Cena looked an inch shorter than Lesnar in their staredown in 2003 but Cena had a bit of footwear advantage so Lesnar looked 6'1.5"-6'1.75" max.
Agent Orange said on 11/Aug/18
He’s not 6’1 lol.
juggernaut said on 11/Aug/18
@Viper You saying Brock is 6'1' doesn't mean he is..Brock still looks a solid 6'2' to me and Brock always had atleast 1.5 inches on Cena if not a full 2..
viper said on 10/Aug/18
Lesnar has never had more than an inch on 6-0 Cena. Lesnar is 6-1
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Aug/18

And what's wrong with that? Like I said, some people's opinions on height changes over time, and it doesn't mean I'm purposefully "downgrading" celebs. Rob's listing for celebs change all the time too (and most of them get lowered rather than raised) but I don't ever here you whining about that. And before I thought The Rock was 6'3 1/8" peak and 6'2 5/8" today, but now I believe he was 6'2.75" peak and 6'2" today. After seeing pics of him with guys like Brandon Routh and Michael Clarke Duncan, I realized he was never the full 6'3". As for Brock, I never said he was 6'1.5". I just said I'm almost conviced he's 187 which is 6'1 5/8". But I still have him at 6'1.75".
juggernaut said on 10/Aug/18
Brock always looked close to 2 inches taller than Cena ever since returning in 2012.. Even back in 2003 Lesnar looked a solid inch taller than a supposedly 6'1' Cena.. Lesnar is still 6'2' It may take 5 more years for him to dip down below that range..
miz said on 10/Aug/18
@ Christian 6'5 3/8 1 year and a half ago you wrote:

Overeem 6ft3
Cain 6ft0.5
Arlovski 6ft3.5 (he is listed as this on Wikipedia)
Jones 6ft3.5
Browne 6ft5.5
Sapp 6ft4.25-6ft4.5
Brock 6ft2.25

Christian today:
Overeem 6ft2.5
Cain 6ft
Arlovski 6ft2.5
Jones 6 ft 3
Browne 6 ft 4.75
Sapp 6 ft 4
Brock 6 ft 1.5
Am I right ? Through years you downgraded every your prediction from 0.25 to 1 in...Not a single upgrade... I will look for what you wrote on THE Rock page 2 years ago...Maybe you thought that he was a full 6 ft 3 :)
viper said on 10/Aug/18
Don't know why people said he was measured at 6-2.25. Nobody ever provided any evidence. I can believe Brock measured 6-1.25

Cena has never been more than 6-0 that he claims. Rock has never been more than 6-2ish.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Aug/18

People's opinions about height slightly change over time, plus I wasn't as knowledgeable about height at that time compared to now. Overtime I've realized that celebrities' aren't as tall as advertised or as they appear on screen. Also the majority of the celebs I've seen listed here, tend to be a bit overlisted rather than underlisted.
mix said on 9/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8

The funny thing is that on december 2016 you wrote comments on Bob Sapp's page saying that Lesnar is 6 ft 2.25 in and now you think 6 ft 1.5...Maybe in 2020 you will give him 6 feet....
juggernaut said on 9/Aug/18
@Viper Lesnar is not 6'2'?? He wasn't measured 6'2'25 in NFL?? Then why did so many people post that measurement stat here?? Were they lying?? Or did you actually measure Brock yourself?? Again, Cena was closer to 6'1' in his prime.. Rock was closer to 6'3' or actually a solid 6'3' in his prime as well..Brock is every bit of 6'2' man..
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Aug/18

At this point I'm almost convinced Lesnar's 187cm. He looked about 6'1.5" next to 6'0.5" listed Cena. But 6'1" may be a bit too low for Lesnar though.
Wonderio619 said on 9/Aug/18
Lesnar looked really big because of thick athletic body, but as records said 6ft2.5 - 6ft3.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Aug/18
@ Poemyboy - And are you a bit of a poemy boy? I do like the name, I must admit!

Big Brock can have 6ft2.
viper said on 7/Aug/18
Jason said on 15/Feb/06
meathead320 (who posted a while back on the Big Show board) told me sees Brock Lesnar all the time (he's from Minnesota, too) and there's no way he's anything over 6'1''. He said Lesnar owns a shop that puts grip flooring on the beds of trucks.
viper said on 6/Aug/18
Brock was never measured at 6-2, lol.

Stop that nonsense
viper said on 6/Aug/18
Canson I see at least 2.5 inches between Merriman and 5-11.5-6-0 Derek Fisher.

It's a great pic because Merriman is standing as tall as possible. No slouching that Rob says which makes him think that's what makes him shorter.
viper said on 6/Aug/18
If Lesnar is 6-2 Cena is 6-1 and Rock is 6-3.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Aug/18

No he's not. At the very most the two are equal but Roman has the edge IMO.


Corbin himself was measured 6'6.5" at the Combine so he's most likely 6'6" lowest as listed. Click Here And a 6'6" Corbin made Lesnar look around 6'1.5"-6'1.75" if you count the footwear advantage Corbin had over him.
juggernaut said on 6/Aug/18
Lol at Lesnar not being 6'2'.. you have to be kidding me, it's true that Lesnar does tip-toe when he stands across taller guys but Brock is every bit of 6'2'.. He stood nose to nose with Peak Rock, Goldberg and Batista and was only but a hair shorter than all three.. and him being measured 6'2'25 in the NFL can't be false..
Poemyboy said on 5/Aug/18
Brock Lesnar is definitely a bit taller than Roman Reigns even though Reigns was wearing boots. So I don't know how Lesnar is shorter than Reigns.
Canson said on 4/Aug/18
@Christian: it wouldn’t surprise me if Lesnar never was even 6’2” barefoot. I saw where guys who have met him here on the site called him 6’1” range which makes me question the validity of the NFL combine. I mean they also had guys an inch taller there than they’re listed
Randomdude18 said on 2/Aug/18
@Axel S?rensen

he is tip toeing on one foot which would add about half an inch

looks atleast 4 inches shorter than Corbin who isn't even standing with straight posture
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Aug/18

6'6" listed Corbin easily has 4" on Lesnar even with Lesnar standing up on one foot. He makes him look around 6'1.5"
Axel S?rensen said on 31/Jul/18
Brock lesnar did a staredown with baron corbin where he is leaning on his right foot.
He looks like a solid 6'2'' 1/2 here.

Click Here
juggernaut said on 30/Jul/18
Very rare to see The Rock tip-toe with Brock Lesnar here.. makes me wonder if the Rock was actually a solid 6'3' or closer to 6'3' have a look Rob

Click Here
juggernaut said on 30/Jul/18
Saw a match between Brock and Batista in OVW, and both had similar footwear. Brock and Batista looked similar in height,Batista only looked a hair taller maybe because of his greater head length. Also saw Batista w 6'3'5 DDP and Dave still looked 6'2'..Batista peak height was closer to 6'3' and actually 6'4' in boots..
Deee said on 28/Jul/18
His build can easily make this guy look 6'3 especially if he were to claim it but in reality he's only a little over 6'2.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/18

I disagree. He's not as tall as 5'9.75" like Rob lists him at but he's flat 5'9".
UFO said on 24/Jul/18
DC is not 5’9” he’s about 5’8.5”- 5’8”
UFO said on 24/Jul/18
To all of Lesnar’s page.. If Lesnar fights as well as he did against mark hunt then he can compete with Cormier and it it will go the distance. Lesnar got way stronger taking time off and he also transformed his punching ability against mark hunt. He’s like the only guy that can possibly toss around Cormier. He just has to really prepare on defending Cormier’s constant breaking haymakers and close up uppercuts .
Lesnar is over 6’1.75” probably 6’2” at his tallest right now. He looks more 6’4” in more recent ufc appearances but he’s more 6’2” 265lbs for ufc 270-280lbs for wwe
James B 172cm said on 23/Jul/18
Deee said on 15/Jul/18
Just your average six two guy.

Hes hardly an average human being is he?

I mean would honestly say that too his face?
juggernaut said on 23/Jul/18
Jones is 6'3'25 and Cormier always looks a head shorter than him,Cormier also looks a little shorter than Dana White who himself might be 5'10' so Cormier may be anything in between from 5'8'5-5'9' I'd say he is closer to 5'9'.. Lesnar a solid 6'2' morning height may be 6'2'25
6'0" said on 21/Jul/18
6'2" on the dot or 6'2.25". Legit 6'2" guy.
Canson said on 21/Jul/18
Agree with Christian. Jones is 6’3” and DC 5’9” (worst case 5’8.75). DC would edge Connor McGregor who’s around 5’8-5’8.25
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jul/18
DC is no 5'8" guys, that's too low for him. That would make Jon Jones only about 6'2". DC's more 5'9"-ish.
Randomdude18 said on 18/Jul/18
@Zack no they gave him more than 3cm did you see a picture of them?? lol they were cowboy style boots, they gave him probably close to 2 inches so we are talking about 5-6 cm,also as you mentioned DC was barefoot
Zack said on 18/Jul/18
@randomdude12 Ok let us say the boots gave him 3 cm at max, still DC did not even reach Brock’s chin if he is 5’10 he would at least reach to Brock’s mouth or nose. DC looks no more than 172 cm barefoot and with normal shoes he would be 175 cm.
Deee said on 15/Jul/18
Just your average six two guy.
juggernaut said on 15/Jul/18
Anything below 6'2' for Lesnar is an absolute joke,The guy is huge as well as comfortably tall in accordance with his size..
juggernaut said on 15/Jul/18
@Christian 6'5'3/8 Yeah Brock was in boots and DC was barefeet, even without boots Brock would tower over DC who is like 5'8', Brock towered over 5'10' Mark Hunt..
Randomdude12 said on 14/Jul/18
@Zack if Brock was 190 he would have measured 190 at the NFL combine he is not 190,in those huge boots he was wearing he was well over 190 cm but that's the only way he can be over 190 cm in boots
Randomdude12 said on 14/Jul/18
@Zack Brock was measured at 189 cm he is not 190cm

yes if you read my previous post DC is about 5'10 tops plus Lesnar was wearing HUGE heels on his boots,just look at the boots themself I would say they added close to 2 inches so Brock probably was almost 6'4 in the boots and DC was 5'9 3/4 barefoot in the cage,that is a big height difference but

Brock is still 188-189 barefoot
Xpac99 said on 13/Jul/18
Listed by wwe 183 cm... in this pic he seems 6 ft
Click Here
But in this pic taken after 5 seconds
Click Here
He looks 6ft 1 and half... Why ??
Zack said on 12/Jul/18
Brock Lesnar is perfectly 190 cm, I mean look at DC barefoot, he didnt even reach Brock’s chin, I think DC is no more than 172 cm barefoot and Brock would atleast be 190 cm.
Tallbeefedguy said on 12/Jul/18
Saw in the cage DC and Brock...Let's say that DC after that fight was at his absolute lowest height while Brock could be a little higher due to the fact that he has been sat for all the evening ...DC I think is 176.5 cm at his lowest...Brock looked a real tall guy...A real 6 ft 2 with 1.25-1.5 in shoes...

DC 176.5
Brock 188 cm
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Jul/18

You do realize that Brock wore boots while Cormier was barefoot, right?
Crane said on 11/Jul/18
@viper 6'1 flat for him seems too low, but one thing for sure, he was around 6'1.5-6'1.75 ever since 2000.

The reason he looks 6'3+ in the staredown pics against DC is because of his massive boots and DC's 5'9.5 barefoot.
Canson said on 11/Jul/18
@Viper: he does have a NFL combine measurement at 6’2.25 supposedly but that may be a morning measurement or a discrepancy just like Merriman’s. However, that’s some type of evidence at least whether accurate or inaccurate.
viper said on 10/Jul/18
No evidence Lesnar measured 6-2.

He's 6-1 imo
Randomdude12 said on 9/Jul/18
we can't even compare the staredown from these two,Brocked TOWERED over DC but lets disect this a little

first of Lesnar was wearing boots with massive heals almost like the one Dog the Bounty Hunter wears to add inches to his height,I'm guessing these boots probably gave him close to 2 inches.

second DC was barefoot,and even without being barefoot DC is 5'10 at best

so yeah Lesnar 6'2 maybe 6'2.25 on a very good day, Cormier 5'9 3/ to 5'10
Jordan87 said on 9/Jul/18
I loved the Security people that were between Cormier and Lesnar this weekend. They were all shorter than Cormier. Dana White def put that touch in and if anyone thinks that Lesnar was there by chance and this was not in the cards needs a brain adjustment.

Cormier cracks on how old he is, yet Lesnar is actually older. Lesnar should have never called Stipe a POS, b/c Stippe has beaten guys that merked lesnar in 1 round.
Canson said on 8/Jul/18
I’m willing to bet that the 6’2.25 was a typical combine measurement, which is held early morning. He’s likely less than that In the afternoon. Perhaps only 6’1.75 or 7/8”
RP said on 8/Jul/18
Daniel Cormier is right at 5’10”...5’9-3/4” at worst.
However, Brock was also in dress style Cowboy Boots & Cormier was barefoot. All that factured in, Brock 6’2.25” & Cornier 5’9.75” is what I’m going with. We’ll get to see these two men battle in about 6-9 months.
Vlad_Fyodorov said on 8/Jul/18
Just watched UFC 226! and man... Lesnar has the broadest torso i've ever seen! and his hands are ****ing HUGE!
juggernaut said on 8/Jul/18
Saw Brock getting called out by Cormier after the UFC 226 main event.. Brock towered over let's say 5'8' Cormier or 5'9' possibly.. Brock still looks a solid 6'2' big as a house and looked quite tall in that cage..
James B 171.5cm said on 27/Jun/18
wasnt much at all between orton and lesner (heightwise) at summerslam

maybe lesners massive bulk makes him look bigger/taller?
tree said on 27/Jun/18
Not more than 6ft2 with 6ft1 Rikkishi Click Here
Leno179 said on 12/Jun/18
Hey Rob, in his mma debut, his height was also claimed as 6'2, so I think this is the perfect listing
PrinceBulletClub said on 31/May/18
I think it’s time for a downgrade, Cena did always appear a quarter or so shorter then Lesnar. Seth Rollins even looked to appear the same but Lesnar a just a lil taller plus his hair for add height making him look 6’2, he’s 186cm no doubt.
Agent Orange said on 31/May/18
He’s shorter than Reigns so 6’2 or slightly under this but not by much at all. If he claimed 6’2 no one would question it.
Robinson said on 30/May/18
Well..Football measure is safe I guess.
188.5cm prime.
Today 188 I believe.Can't believe he lost full cm.But no way hes under 187.5.Long arms goes for him surely.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 7/May/18

He looked no more than a cm or so shorter than Lesnar. You're right, he's 186 at worst.
Juggernaut said on 5/May/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8 Go to 7:36 and Lesnar is actually a little taller..but I guess he is at least 186 and is certainly underlisted though his hair may add to his height..
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/May/18

What's interesting is that his 185cm listed opponent is the same height as Lesnar if you go to 7:35 Click Here Maybe that guy was underlisted.
1337 said on 3/May/18
In mma he is listed as 6'2.
Click Here
Canson said on 2/May/18
He was measured 6’2.25 at the combine which likely wasn’t his low height. He was likely no higher than flat 6’2” (best case) at his peak. There’s even a chance at 6’1.75-6’2 at a low or even 6’1.75 depending on the time of the day his 6’2.25 was taken
Randomdude3 said on 2/May/18
@Lawrence no it was 6'2.25 to be precise it was a little over 6'2 and i/4
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 1/May/18

Well he was listed 6'2" when he played football like the description says.
Canson said on 1/May/18
@Christian: yea a 6’2.25 combine was likely a morning height as well. My guess is peak could be 6’1.75- 6’2 but maybe around 6’1.75 today
Lawrence said on 30/Apr/18
@ christian
I remember reading somewhere that brock was measured at 6'2 3/4" and even one source stated 6'3" in his football career
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 29/Apr/18
Lesnar was measured 6'2.25" in the NFL Draft so 6'2.5" is impossible.
Lawrence said on 29/Apr/18
Brock looked 3/4"-1" taller than 6'1.5" HHH. So 6.2 1/4-6'2 1/2" for brock. Or else if HHH was 6'2" then that would make brock 6'3"? ..NAH. Brock is 6'2.5" and HHH 6'1.5". Google and u will see, people
Lawrence said on 29/Apr/18
IMO judging between several photos of Lesnar with other wrestlers he is more than just 6'2" he looks 6'2 1/2" IMO. Brock always loos taller than 6'1 1/2" triple H
y2flu said on 29/Apr/18
Brock was measured 6'2.25" at the NFL combine.
Juggernaut said on 27/Apr/18
Saw Brock playing volleyball or football with Orton and Cesaro in Saudi Arabia, and looked only like half an inch shorter than Cesaro and almost 2 inches shorter than Orton..Brock is bigger than both though, all tall guys and barely shorter than each other from certain angles..
Randomdude3 said on 25/Apr/18
difference between Holly and Brock looks half an inch to an inch at most and Bob Holly is 6'0,some say 5'11 but I would give him a strong 6'0,Holly probably had more of a lift advantage in his boots
Randomdude3 said on 25/Apr/18
I don't even think Vince is a full 5'11 these days to be honest maybe even 5'10.5
Juggernaut said on 24/Apr/18
Once again Brock and Roman stood face to face and looked exactly the same in height, So they are easily 6'2'.. During the Bruno Sammartino tribute all the superstars lined up and stood with Vince on the ramp.. Vince looked 5'11' Bobby Lashley looked 2 inches taller then Vince, Reigns looked a solid inch taller than Lashley while Titus O Neil stood behind Lashley and Still looked 6'3' Based on this observation-

Brock Lesnar- 6'2'25
Roman Reigns- 6'2'25
Vince Mcmahon- 5'11'
Bobby Lashley- 6'1'
Titus 'O' Neil- 6'3'
Strowman- 6'6'5
Seth Rollins-6'1'
176cm guy said on 23/Apr/18
Hey Rob, how much difference do you think Brock has over Hardcore Holly? An inch? Almost an inch? Click Here
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Apr/18

I doubt it's a 1 inch advantage. I can see 0.5" advantage though.
miko said on 20/Apr/18
Brock can look anywhere from 6'1.5 to 6'2.5

He does sometimes raise himself up on one foot during staredowns but he is always in thin footwear, in his matches his UFC type boots basically look like he's wrestling barefoot, they practically have no sole, and his other trainer/sneakers are very thin too. At times he might have an inch disadvantage in footwear.
Canson said on 19/Apr/18
@Christian: yea I meant like 6’1.5-6’2 range. Weak 6’2
Jerronu said on 18/Apr/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8"
Keep in mind Strowman has 1 inc of footwear advantage
Bork said on 18/Apr/18
Lesnar looked 6’1” next to 7’1-7’0” Shaq, but looked 6’3” next to 5’10”-5’9” Mark Hunt
Juggernaut said on 18/Apr/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8 Then maybe a 4.5 inch difference at most..Lesnar has a footwear disadvantage too So we can agree at Strowman being from 6'6'-6'6'5.. And Lesnar at 6'2' I don't see Lesnar shorter than that by even a little..solid 6'2' imo.. same for Reigns..
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 17/Apr/18

That's more than just 4 inches. Keep in mind that Strowman has a low eyelevel because he has a huge head. So his eyelevel is easily 5 inches long, and Lesnar barely comes above his eyelevel. On top of that Lesnar also has pretty thick hair.
Juggernaut said on 16/Apr/18
Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman face off..

Strowman looks a good 4 inches taller than 6'2' Lesnar

Click Here
Juggernaut said on 16/Apr/18
@Christian6'5 3/8 Strowman always looked a good 4 inches taller than Lesnar to me..Only Undertaker looked a little over 4 inches taller than Lesnar, now I don't know if Strowman is above 6'6' but could certainly be closer to 6'7' but not 6'7' He is shorter than Kane who is supposed to be 6'7' ..Lesnar still looks a solid 6'2' to me maybe he'll dip down to 6'1'5 in the near future just like Goldberg has ..
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 16/Apr/18

Sorry but I don't know how you can say Lesnar's a strong 6'2" and in the same breath say Strowman's only 6'6". There's at least a 4.5" difference possibly 4.75" between the two if you look at pics of them. If Lesnar's 6'2.25", Strowman's around 6'7". If Strowman's 6'6", Lesnar would have to be 6'1.5" max.
Juggernaut said on 16/Apr/18
Brock Lesnar still looks a strong 6'2' after all these years, Triple H certainly not 6'2' anymore probably 6'1' range but that'd make Bobby Lashley 6'1'5 since he was half an inch taller..Reigns also a solid 6'2'..Undertaker a little above 6'6'..Strowman is 6'6', Jeff Hardy is 6 foot and Cena may just be a hair above 6..
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 16/Apr/18

6'1" range is too low for him, unless if you mean very upper 6'1" range like 6'1.75"
Canson said on 14/Apr/18
He really does not look a legit 6’2”. 6’1” range
Depressed Schizophrenic said on 13/Apr/18
guys like Undertaker , Brown Strowman and Kane make Lesnar seem troll - like short
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 12/Apr/18

You're the blind one if you think Lesnar's an inch taller. Click Here
Juggernaut said on 12/Apr/18
@Smoosh Lesnar and Reigns looked equal during the face off..but in the entire match Reigns looked slightly taller..I know Roman has the footwear advantage this is why I said they are equal in height..
Bork said on 11/Apr/18
Brock and Roman are both 6’2”. I’m 6’2” and I can tell you most pro athletes are around 6’2” except for basketball. I think all the 5’9”-5’10” little man syndrome men should go jump off a cliff.
berta said on 11/Apr/18
the average guess is about right as ususall.
tree said on 10/Apr/18
Never more than 6ft2 Click Here
Smoosh said on 10/Apr/18
@Juggernaut......yeah if youre blind. Brock looked an inch taller. Roman in boots.
Juggernaut said on 9/Apr/18
Brock and Roman looked exactly the same tonight during their staredown at the match..head to head
Em98 said on 9/Apr/18
186cm for brock, Never been over or under that in his whole career
Crane said on 19/Mar/18
@Danimal Those are solid evidences!

@Liam Lesnar was never "6'2" let alone anything higher. He always looked just 6'1.5 - 6'1.75 even at his best (2001-2004).

Plus, he loves tiptoe, like in those staredown pics with Hulk Hogan and Overeem.
Liam said on 14/Mar/18
I still think he would be measure a solid 6'2", 6'2-6'2.25. in his prime he could have been 6'2.5"
Danimal said on 13/Mar/18
Vince barely shorter than Brock Lesnar in the early 2000's: Click Here
Vince in recent years after a lot of height loss next to Brock: Click Here

Vince from the 1980's/1990's would have been around the same height as Brock.
Juggernaut said on 13/Mar/18
Brock in his recent WWE live matches looked 4 inches shorter than Kane and almost 2 inches taller than Miz..Brock eventhough has a footwear disadvantage still looks a solid 6'2'..
Lawrence said on 12/Mar/18
@MS ..those were the famous 3 stripped black boots Cena use to wear and if you google "Cena's black boots" will see a photo/photos of a closeup up of Cena signing the boots. high def pic shows the boots heal to be roughly 1 1/4" thick sole. So this is why cena appears only 1" shorter than lesnar (lesnar is in tad less than 1" runners. 1/4 inch more heel Cena is in boots. Therefore Cena in those boots is standing 6'1.5" and brock is standing 6'2.5" minus their respective heel highs= 6.0.25" cena and 6'1 3/4"brock
Canson said on 10/Mar/18
6’2.5 out of bed
6’1.75 at his lowest
MS said on 10/Mar/18
Lesnar was less than 1" taller than Cena in 2002 (no footware advantage for anyone): Click Here
The same pic, closeup: Click Here

Cena has stated in the past to be 6 feet tall, this is obviously wrong. Cana was taller, more like a good 6-1 at peak height and Lesnar was a good 6-2 at peak height, both at max (!).
miko said on 9/Mar/18
He likely wakes up at 6'2.75 range and drops to a flat 6'2 at his very lowest. So he'll probably be a fraction over 6'2 through most of the day.

He's always at a disadvantage with footwear in the ring too, his wrestling boots have practically no heel at all compare to some who have a 1/1.5 boot on.
RandomDude2 said on 8/Mar/18
why @berta? we have never seen Brock beside Will Smith and Arnie is about 5'11 these days

also he was measured at 6'2 and 1/4 by the nfl and that was years ago and was probably an early measurement
berta said on 7/Mar/18
1/4 upgrade
Mayfield said on 7/Mar/18
Click Here

Lesnar was listed 6'4 here, and I think in his early WWE days too. Obviously he doesn't crack that mark, but it's an interesting find
berta said on 6/Mar/18
1/4 upgrade rob? i can never believe brock lensar is only half inch taller than will smith jim carrey and arnold schwarzenegger!!!!! Close to 1 inch taller is more believable.
Elliott said on 23/Feb/18
Rob how is Brock listed 6ft 2 and Roman reigns is listed 6ft 2 1/4 when Lesnar is clearly taller than reigns?
Editor Rob
Sometimes either can look a bit taller, they may well Be same height.
RandomDude said on 21/Feb/18
Joes about 5'11,and to be towering over someone you would need 4 inches on them
Shivam said on 19/Feb/18
Lesnar's a strong guy so I will say that he's a 6'2 ( 188) because if Samoa Joe is 6'0 so Lesnar is for 6'2 sure because he towered him by atleast 2 in
RandomDude said on 18/Feb/18
now 188
peak 188.5

I just can't see anything over it
abdun noor said on 13/Feb/18
now - 188cm
peak - 189-189.5cm
RandomDude said on 8/Feb/18

UFC over list their heights and I have plenty of proof
Tadas said on 7/Feb/18
Lesnar was listed as 190.5 cm in UFC.
Canson said on 7/Feb/18
I still agree with Christian here. Brock hardly looks more than 6’2 and looks a touch shorter than Reigns and Rock who are legit or over it by maybe 1/8 max. Lesnar looks 187-187.5
Canson said on 7/Feb/18
I still agree with Christian here. Brock hardly looks more than 6’2 and looks a touch shorter than Reigns and Rock who are legit or over it
RandomDude said on 7/Feb/18
I wouldn't go as high as 6'2.5 for Brock in his prime he was measured at 6'2.25 in the mid to late 2000's so he was still in his prime and that was probably an early day measurement probably out of bed for an hour or two
Frederick said on 6/Feb/18
Rob, Lesnar is 40 now and still looks a solid 6'2. A fraction over 6'2 is not impossible. I saw a match between Brock Lesnar and Mark Henry in 2002, Lesnar was extremely strong, he was throwing around Mark Henry. Henry and Mark looked same height. 6'2.25-5 for Brock in prime
Juggernaut said on 6/Feb/18
Brock and Gettis looks the same..But look at the size of the fist of Lesnar compared to Adam's..Lesnar is scary huge. But I'd say Brock is still a solid 6'2'
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/Feb/18

Adam was measured 6’2 3/8” Click Here and had a bit of footwear advantage, but it was most likely an early measurement. Let’s say Adam’s 6’2” lowest, that would make Brock 6’1.75”.
Anonymous1 said on 5/Feb/18
With 6'2" Adam Gettis

Click Here
Danimal said on 4/Feb/18
Brock with 5'10" Kurt Angle: Click Here
juggernaut said on 1/Feb/18
That knee by Strowman to Lesnar was carelessness and accidental but i am sure it hurt Lesnar like hell,might've stunned him this is why i think Lesnar returned the favour with a big right hand to the side of Strowman's head lol..It was a receipt by Lesnar to Strowman
Jordan87 said on 31/Jan/18
@ represent,

Lesnar would have turned anyone else's brain into a pink mist if he hit them like that. Strowman I'm sure felt it, but a Guy like CM Punk, Jericho, The Hardy's would be out cold.
Represent said on 30/Jan/18
Funny to see strowman accidentally give lesnar a real knee to the face so lesnar broke wrestling character and went ufc mode in return with the punches.
Juggernaut said on 22/Jan/18
@Christian-6'5 3/8 I didn't deny that i said Goldberg looked a bit above 6'1' to me which I still think he is..After watching his documentary I am more than sure that he cannot be 6'2' at all.. 6'1'5 at best..He was half an inch shorter than 6'2' Lesnar even with thicker footwear..
Shubo said on 15/Jan/18
Rob. How about adding UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. Also you could add Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez and Francis Ngannou. Stipe is listed 6'4, I think he might be a legit 6'4, he has a very big head. JDS is listed 6'4 but was listed 6'3 before. JDS looks about the same height as Lesnar, maybe taller, so I think about 6'3. Cain Velasquez is listed 6'1 but looks shorter, cain is 6'0-0.5
Shubo said on 15/Jan/18
Rob. Is 189cm possible for a peak Lesnar. And do you think he would be 187 cm right now. I think he's still 188-188.5
Editor Rob
It is possible a little bit over 6ft 2 for Lesnar...has he lost some height? If he has it's minimal, within 1/4 inch.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Jan/18

I'm just pointing out that you were contradictory when you claimed you never said Goldberg could be a flat 6'1". You clearly said on Goldberg's page that "I'd say 6'2'.25 for Goldberg at his absolute prime and 6'1' today" I don't know why you're denying it.
juggernaut said on 13/Jan/18
Christian-6'5 3/8

Look at one of my previous posts on Goldberg's height today

juggernaut said on 16/Nov/17
Was watching WWE24 documentary of Goldberg and got some pretty interesting info about his as well as many others height,He was the same as 6'1'5 Triple one scene however with camera advantage he looked taller and bigger than Triple H..They are similar in height,Also looked 2 inches taller than Vince Mcmahon in every scene who might just be closer to 6 foot tall..However Undertaker towered over him like 5 inches in a scene..Awesome work though..So,i believe Goldberg is 6'1'5 to be exact,Solid 6'2' in his prime similar to Triple H who i think is a bit shy of 6'2' these days..
juggernaut said on 13/Jan/18
Christian-6'5 3/8 I said a slight above 6'1'..not 6'1' could even be 6'1'5 right..
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 11/Jan/18

Not true, you explicity said he's 6'1" today, take a look at Goldberg's page. You also said "slight above 6'1" which means 6'1.25"

Juggernaut said on 10/Aug/17
Well sure that Goldberg lost height due to performing various power moves over the years,but while there are guys like Lesnar and Lashley who were miles stronger than Goldberg over the years didn't lose height..well,they both have longer legs w small abdomens so they've minimal changes of losing height even if they hit 50..I'd say 6'2'.25 for Goldberg at his absolute prime and 6'1' today maybe a slight above 6'1'
juggernaut said on 11/Jan/18
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/Jan/18

Goldberg's only like a half inch shorter than Lesnar today. You said that Goldberg's about 6'1" yet you say Lesnar's 6'2"+, which I don't get.
I said Goldberg is 6'1'5 today..i never said he could be a flat 6'1'..and i still think 6'2'+ for Lesnar tbh..comparing him to tall guys like kane and strowman..
Canson said on 5/Jan/18
@Juggernaut: only thing is we don’t know what time of day the combine took place. Could’ve been early am. Meaning he’d be 6’1.75
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/Jan/18

Goldberg's only like a half inch shorter than Lesnar today. You said that Goldberg's about 6'1" yet you say Lesnar's 6'2"+, which I don't get.
juggernaut said on 4/Jan/18
My view point on Brock Lesnar's height is that if he was really measured 6'2'25 in the NFL then even in 40 years if he has lost a bit of height(which i don't think) he can't be less than a flat 6'2'..Maybe nearing 50 he may lose height just like Bill Goldberg and Bautista..
Canson said on 3/Jan/18
The video Christian provided actually isn’t that bad. It’s hard to tell the extent of how much taller Wiz is than Brock Lesnar but he is taller for sure
JJStyles said on 3/Jan/18
Yeah i agree he does look 6'2ish
JJStyles said on 2/Jan/18
Yep he looks about 6'2
Juggernaut said on 2/Jan/18
I'd never judge Lesnar's height from that pic w Wiz Khalifa..Wiz is closer to the camera and has such a upward posture,looks like as if he is on his toes ..Lesnar on the other hand has a very relaxed posture,Lesnar ain't even standing straight even a minimal w Wiz here..Bad pic to judge height IMO..
RandomDude said on 1/Jan/18
looks about an inch taller than 6'0 Hardcore Holly here
Click Here

Lesnar is 6'2 and probably 6'2 morning(ish) height as measured by the NFL

but clearly no more
Vegas said on 1/Jan/18
Photo is useless as he could be on his tip-toes too. We have seen Lesnar next to a 6'2.5 measured guy and just a little guy and next to a 6'2 measured guy and looking same height
Annonymous said on 31/Dec/17
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 29/Dec/17
Looks way shorter than 6'2.5" listed Wiz Khalifa who wore maybe 3cm sneaks. Click Here Click Here

lol, look how much closer to the camera Khalifa is. Smarten up, theres not a height difference between them. The same thing happened with the Billy Gunn and you had people going ''OMG Lesnar is dwarfed by Billy Gunn!!!''.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/17
Lesnar's height is quite deceptive because he's so wide
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 29/Dec/17
Looks way shorter than 6'2.5" listed Wiz Khalifa who wore maybe 3cm sneaks. Click Here Click Here
tree said on 28/Dec/17
Didn't look more than 188 cm with max 200cm A Train Click Here
Atrain looked 1inch shorter than Taker
He also had a match with Bob Sapp
Juggernaut said on 25/Dec/17
@christian-6'5 3/8 Don't know IMO The Rock was a solid 6'3' in his absolute prime but I don't think he lost height in his early 30s..I've always believed Lesnar to be 6'2'5 until people here said Lesnar was measured 6'2'25 in the NFL which i still didn't find on the internet..But honestly I've never seen a full inch difference between Rock and Lesnar..more like half an inch..In that pic below it indeed looks half an inch difference between the two..So I still don't know if Lesnar is simply 6'2' or above that.. Certainly looks a bit above 6'2' to me these days.
Canson said on 25/Dec/17
@Christian: he may have always only been 6’2.5 as well. But peak I could see him close to 6’3
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 22/Dec/17

It's not impossible that The Rock could've dropped to 6'2.5" by 2002. He looked about 1.5"-2" shorter than 6'4.25" listed Michael Clarke Duncan around that time.
Juggernaut said on 16/Dec/17
Lesnar/Rock 2002 The Rock looks half an inch taller
Click Here

Lesnar/Hogan 2003 Hogan looks almost an inch taller
Click Here
Juggernaut said on 15/Dec/17
IMO Lesnar is still a strong 6'2' as is Reigns who I believe might just be a hair taller,But at times I've also seen Lesnar taller than Reigns ..The Rock was absolutely 6'3' at peak but not a bit more taller as he was shorter than 6'3'25 Batista..The Rock and Roman Reigns have to be equal today...
James B said on 14/Dec/17
Brock lesner 6'2.25 and the rock 6'3.25 in 2002.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 13/Dec/17

Makes sense that he was an inch taller in 2002. I have Rock at 6'2.75" peak and Lesnar 6'1.75" but today Rock is about 6'2"
Vegas said on 10/Dec/17
Rock is taller than reigns and has always had an inch on Lesnar. I was ringside fir Summerslam 2002 and could touch both when they spilled into the crowd at one point.

Davis picture with the Rock is of no value
Canson said on 9/Dec/17
@Erik and Jordan87: a poster here on celebheights Joeyb33 has a picture with Reigns where they are identical. Joey is 6’2.25 at his normal low so reigns is not taller than him and he also mentioned his posture may not have been as good. One of my best friends is 6’3 on the dot (190.3-190.4cm) at night and met the Rock a year or so ago and said that the Rock is shorter than he was by about an inch. The pic looked more than that that he showed me but he conceded he had him by an inch. That much is backed up with another poster here who met the Rock on Miami Beach and said he’s 6’2-6’2.5. Also adds up with Vernon Davis as I posted a pic on his page with the two. I’ve met Davis before living in DC area and stood right next to him. I’m 6’4 1/4-3/8 in the afternoon and evening and he was an inch to inch and a half shorter than me. Davis is a solid 6’3-6’3 1/4 max but for sure not under 6’3 either. Davis has Rock by 1”. Reigns and Rock are the same height roughly. Lesnar is shorter than both but no telling if Lesnar lost height. Today doesn’t look over 6’1.75 honestly. Keep in mind Lesnar was 6’2” in the NFL. they would not underlist him if he really were 6’3
Erik said on 8/Dec/17

I'm aware that Reigns probably isn't 6'3, I was just stating at his peak he could potentially neared it but if you knock that out of validity, then you have to re-estimate Brock Lesnar because Reigns is taller than him. How do you account for that? Is it footwear? Because I doubt it's camera angle because I've seen them stand head-and-head to one-another. Than you have to give Reigns like a 6'1 1/2 and Lesnar a 6'1 or a 6''.75.
Represent said on 7/Dec/17
6’3.5” was given to lesnar in early wwe which they exaggerate. 6’2” was given to him his first mma bought which seems like they made a thorough measurement of him. he was 6’2.1/8” in nfl. He was 6’3” in ufc which they exaggerate. He’s a strong 6’2” but no more majority can agree.

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