How tall is Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

American Professional Wrestler and MMA Fighter. Brock himself stated his height in a 2008 NY Times article as "I'm 6-3 and 277 pounds" but when (briefly) at Minnesota Vikings Football team he was given a 6ft 2 listing.

Brock Lesnar in March 2015

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Average Guess (460 Votes)
6ft 2.22in (188.5cm)
juggernaut said on 14/Sep/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Sep/19
Lol, Rollins isn't nowhere near a full inch taller than Cena. It's more like 1/2".
I've seen them face off multiple times and I thought they were an inch apart..I can't see Rollins anything below 6'1'
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Sep/19
Looks around 6'1" next to 6'4" listed Billy Gunn for some odd reason. Click Here If Gunn's 6'3.5", that makes Lesnar look only 6'0.5"
Roderick said on 12/Sep/19
@Christian I think Goldberg is max 6'1.5" now, definitely not 6'2" anymore. He might just be 6'1" now.
Xpac99 said on 11/Sep/19
Goldberg was list at 6ft2 andai think he looks 6ft2 the same of lesnar. But if you see the footwear i think goldberg is in footwear advantage.. Goldberg at 6ft1 3/4 seems very possible
Click Here
miko said on 4/Sep/19
I'd certainly be surprised if Reigns was anything under 6'2

Its about half an inch between Rollins & Cena although Rollins has fantastic posture.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Sep/19
Lol, Rollins isn't nowhere near a full inch taller than Cena. It's more like 1/2".
edwards said on 3/Sep/19
still looks 6'2 with good posture.he maybe187 or 187.5 at worst.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Sep/19
What about 6'1.75" for Reigns? I can see him being that but no less.
juggernaut said on 2/Sep/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Aug/19
I've never seen Rollins being any taller than Lashley, and Lashley doesn't even look a full 6'1" next to Rob mind you. Rollins edged Cena but Cena's more 6'0".
I saw Lashley and Rollins in a face off and Rollins clearly had the edge.. Lashley would be close to 6'1' though but not 6'1', Rollins is an inch taller than Cena no doubt.. an inch shorter than Lesnar again who I've at a solid 6'2'1/4
Roderick said on 2/Sep/19
@miko He is not over 6'2". I personally have him at a max height of 6'2" with a good chance of 6'1.75".

@Vegas Goldberg looks almost as tall as Roman and his posture is horrible there. He looks 6'1"-6-1.5" nowadays
Roderick said on 2/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan Dude I've posted something like that before and dude I completely agree. But remember not every wrestler claims their billed height. Kane claims 6'8", Daniel Bryan claims 5'8", John Cena claims 6'0", etc.

I think John Cena is the only 100% honest wrestler.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Sep/19
I agree, 6'1" is too low. Worst case for him is 187 but I put him at around 187.5
miko said on 1/Sep/19
We all know Reigns is 6'2 or over but as certain posters need to downgrade others (not sure if its an inferiority complex) it wouldn't add up for them.
Vegas' said on 1/Sep/19
Considering Reigns consistently has mainevented Raw at 11pm and mainevented Wrestlemania 33 which finished after 12am he should be at his low quite often on TV.

If low is 6'1 like Space claims then a guy like Goldberg is how short these days? Click Here
Wrestling Fan said on 31/Aug/19
I don't really understand that why people behave so immature when a professional wrestler is given a height more than his real height.

Professional Wrestling revolves around kayfabe and characterisation.

That's what happens in pro wrestling business.
Pro-Wrestlers have to claim their listed attributes to be real otherwise the business will get exposed and they are not supposed to let that happen.
They are not supposed to kill kayfabe in the public like "Hey My Name is not HHH,actually my name is Paul Levesque and I was never 6'4",I'm barely 6'2" "
Do you really expect a pro-wrestler to be that way?

I frequently see people here writing down comments like "LOL,this wrestler claims to be 6'2" when he's only 6'0" " or "It's a shame that this fellow 6'2" wrestler claims himself to be 6'4" and giving legit 6'4" guys a bad name".Comments like these are nothing but utter nonsense and stupidity.Because when you already know that how pro-wrestling works then why have to write such comments?
randomdude20019 said on 31/Aug/19

he is saying at a low, but to be honest 6'1 for Lesnar at night height is too low in my opinion, he measured at 6'2 1/4 by the NFL note this is probably a late morning height, so I could buy Lesnar dropping to 6'1.75 by the end of the day on a busy day at an absolute low. I think Lesnar's night height is between 6'1.75 - 6'2
Hooter said on 31/Aug/19
Tazz once wrote that Brock was 6-5 in wwe magazine. When he debuted he was mentioned as 6-3 and 6-3.5 by JR. He later was consistently billed as 6-4 and then 6-3 when returned in 2012 which was what he was billed in the UFC. He was listed as 6-2 during his short time in the NFL and when he made his MMA debut. Back during his first stint in wwe I thought he was really 186cm or a strong 6-1
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Aug/19
How can they only be 6'1" when they measured over 6'2" in football?
Space said on 30/Aug/19
@ jack

No I don’t think lesnar and reigns dip to 184cm that’s under 6’0.5”... I believe they are legit 6’1” for a low.
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Aug/19
Hopping hopper said on 30/Aug/19
Billed at 6-5 at one point hahaha


When was that? I always remember him getting billed 6'4" or even 6'3" in WWE
Hopping hopper said on 30/Aug/19
Billed at 6-5 at one point hahaha
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Aug/19
I've never seen Rollins being any taller than Lashley, and Lashley doesn't even look a full 6'1" next to Rob mind you. Rollins edged Cena but Cena's more 6'0".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Aug/19
If Reigns and Lesnar are only 6'1"-6'1 5/8" range, then their respective 6'2 5/8" and 6'2.25" football measurements would have to been errors.
Jack strong 175cm said on 28/Aug/19
Today 184 185cm
juggernaut said on 27/Aug/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Aug/19
Seth is said to be 6'1" by who? I don't think he's quite a solid 6'1", as he's more than just an inch shorter than 6'2" Roman Reigns. More like a 1.5" difference.
Rollins is 6'1' there is no doubt.. he is even listed the same here, dude is taller than Lashley and Cena by atleast half an inch..
miko said on 27/Aug/19
My personal view on some of these guys (I've met/seen a few in recent years). I'll put a star by the ones I've seen up close at some point.

Orton: 6'4/6'4.25 *
Jinder Mahal: 6'3.5 *
Cesaro: 6'3.5 *
Rock: 6'3 peak, (6'2.5 today)
Batista: 6'2.75 peak (6'2.5 today)
Goldberg: 6'2.5 peak (6'1.75 today)
Sheamus: 6'2.5 (big boots so looked 6'3.5) *
Roman Reigns: 6'2-6'2.25 *
Brock Lesnar: 6'2
Triple H: 6'2 peak (6'1.5/6'1.75 today)
Shane McMahon: 6'1/6'1.25
Ryback: 6'1 *
Rollins: 6'1 *
Dean Ambrose: 6'0.75 *
Cena: 6'0.5 *
Miz: 6'0 *
CM Punk: 5'11.75 *

I'm 6'0.25 and wear 1.25' Nike Shox, so a pretty useful height to judge the guys I've seen up close, luckily most I've met have been around my height, although I could be out on some of them as you never know what could be inside someones boots, Sheamus is the only one I've seen in bulky footwear.
Space said on 27/Aug/19
6’1 5/8 - 6’1” range for Lesnar and Reigns is more like it.
Johan 185 cm said on 27/Aug/19
If he is under 6'2" then its a fraction at most 6'1.75" at a low.

I have met Alistair Overeem in person and he was his 190 claim just under 6'3". Brock held up well next to him in their staredown .
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Aug/19
Maybe, but losing 3/4" from a combine measurement is rarer than the typical 3/8" or 1/2". I can see a 3/4" loss in tall guys with long spines. Here's my theory, if you lose a full inch throughout the day, then you can potentially measure 3/4" higher than your low. If you lose only 3/4" like the average guy, then 1/2" or 3/8" is more probable.
Creeper said on 25/Aug/19
Ya same i doubt 6'1 but 6'2 is his height
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Aug/19
Any idea on how tall Goldberg is today? I have him at 6'1.25" like HHH.
Canson said on 25/Aug/19
I agree with Roderick and Christian both

@Christian: 6’1.5” is possible for him if he measured 6’2.25 in the early morning. Assuming maybe it was not a full 1/4” over 6’2 and was rounded up, and considering that some players do lose 3/4” from their combine height to afternoon
Wrestling Fan said on 25/Aug/19
@Christian 6'5⅜"
My Estimates:-

Brock Lesnar:-6'2"-6'2¼"(no way under 6'2")

Roman Reigns:-same as Rob listed him

The Rock:-same as Rob listed him(he'll be for sure taller than Roman even if it's just by ¼ inch)

Triple H:-6'1½"

Batista:-(atleast 6'2½",can't guess exact height but definitely under 6'3" at present)

Rollins:-same as you said

I really feel that Rob needs to meet either Rollins or Ambrose in person.Because then and only then we can know the real height of any of them.
Ambrose and Rollins are equal in height as much as I've observed.
Riccardo 5'7" said on 25/Aug/19

Wgat a perfect estimates, I agree with all 6 of them.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Aug/19
There's a poster on CH long time who claimed to have met Lesnar and said he looked just 6'1". And according to Danimal's friends, they met Lesnar and said he looked around 6'1.5". I seriously doubt he's low as 6'1" but weak 6'2" is very possible.
Roderick said on 24/Aug/19
My current day estimates are
Lesnar: 6'1.5"
Reigns: 6'1.75"
Rock: 6'2"
HHH: 6'1.25"
Batista: 6'2.25"
Rollins: 6'0.5"

We pretty much agree Christian
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Aug/19
My estimates
Lesnar 6'1.75"
Reigns 6'1.75"-6'2"
Rock 6'2"
HHH 6'1.25"
Bautista 6'2"-6'2.25"
Rollins 6'0.5"-6'0.75"
Creeper said on 23/Aug/19
Someone I was playing Ps4 with actually seen Lesnar in person and said he looked 6'3. So take away the shoes and you get 6'2.5 for Lesnar. Maybe just only 6'2
Wrestling Fan said on 22/Aug/19
I had one question to ask.
Why we cannot put the morning peak on the list?
Because in the end that's what the actual length of a particular person's body is.
Replies are welcomed,please give me your opinions
Space said on 20/Aug/19
@ Christian
The only correction I would make to those estimates I have are Batista at maybe 6’1.75” instead of 6’1.5”, and HHH at maybe 6’0.75” instead of 6’0.5”. I think reigns at 6’1.5” is fair.
Roderick said on 20/Aug/19
Brock Lesnar might be down to 6'1.5" today. 6'2" prime
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Aug/19
Seth is said to be 6'1" by who? I don't think he's quite a solid 6'1", as he's more than just an inch shorter than 6'2" Roman Reigns. More like a 1.5" difference.
randomdude9991 said on 19/Aug/19
Rock was easily half an inch taller at least than Brock at their summerslam 2002 staredown

Rock is about 6'2 1/2
juggernaut said on 18/Aug/19
Brock Lesnar was about an inch taller than Seth Rollins in their match..Seth is said to be 6'1' so Brock is very much a solid 6'2', I'd say Roman is exactly the same as Brock and both Dwayne and Roman would have only a hair difference in height..
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Aug/19

Those estimates are a bit low IMO, especially Reigns, Bautista and HHH. Reigns could maybe be 6'1.75" worst case, but Bautista and HHH are at least a half inch taller than your estimates IMO.
Space said on 8/Aug/19
6’1.5” 265lbs Lesnar
6’1.5” 230lbs reigns
6’1.75” 245lb Rock
6’1” 245lb Goldberg
6’1.5” 245lb Batista
6’0.5” 235lb HHH
Roderick said on 4/Aug/19
@viper It's really hard to tell but he looks like a weak 6'1" to me. So like 6'0.5"
Roderick said on 3/Aug/19
@edwards Well guess what, I do. It's only by like a quarter inch though, they're pretty much the same height.
viper said on 3/Aug/19
Roderick, how tall do you think Montez Ford is.
Canson said on 2/Aug/19
@Edwards: hell no. Kane is taller than Strowman even today. Strowman May be 6’6.5 max Kane 6’7” max. There’s a chance at 6’6.75 for Kane today but no less
edwards said on 1/Aug/19
I dont think kane is shorter than strowman lol
Roderick said on 27/Jul/19
The list for me goes: All current heights

John Cena: 6'0" MAX

Roman Reigns: 6'2"

Sheamus: 6'2.5" (I hear he's shorter, but I haven't looked into too much.)

Cesaro: No idea, 6'3"ish?

Batista: 6'2.25"

Triple H: 6'1.25" MAX

Brock Lesnar: 6'1.5"

The Rock: 6'2" MAX

Randy Orton: 6'3.75"

Bobby Lashley: A VERY questionable 6'1"

Braun Strowman: 6'6.5"

Big Show: 6'10.25"

Kane: 6'6.25"

Undertaker: 6'5.5"

Drew McIntyre: 6'4.75"

Shane McMahon: 6'1"

Seth Rollins: 6'0.25"-6'0.5"
juggernaut said on 26/Jul/19
Brock and Roman are the same in height, Dwayne only a cm taller at most or 1/2 more..6'2' for both men and Dwayne 6'2'1/2
maa said on 25/Jul/19
John Cena- 6'05'
Roman Reigns-6'2'
Dave Bautista-6'2'25
Triple H- 6'1'5
Brock Lesnar-6'2'
Dwayne Johnson-6'2'5
Randy Orton-6'3'75
Bobby Lashley-6'0'75
Braun Strowman-6'6'25
Drew Mcintyre-6'4'5
Shane O mac-6'1'
seth rollins-6'1'
viper said on 25/Jul/19
Anyone have any opinion on Montez Ford?
Yomama said on 24/Jul/19
Overeem was 6’2”-6’2.25” when he fought 6’1.5”-6’1.75” Lesnar in 2011-2012

They were both early 30s then and peak height.
juggernaut said on 24/Jul/19
According to my estimation these are the heights of these wwe stars today-
John Cena- 6'05'
Roman Reigns-6'2'25
Dave Bautista-6'2'25
Triple H- 6'1'5
Brock Lesnar-6'2'25
Dwayne Johnson-6'2'5
Randy Orton-6'3'5-6'4'
Bobby Lashley-6'0'75
Braun Strowman-6'6'5
Drew Mcintyre-6'4'5
Shane O mac-6'1'
R truth-6'0'
seth rollins-6'1'
Big dave said on 21/Jul/19
Looked slightly shorter than peak 191 cm Dwayne Johnson, I can see 189cm for peak lesnar
Roderick said on 15/Jul/19
It is said that he got measured at 6'2.25" in the NFL so that would make his actual height 6'1.5"-6'1.75".
viper said on 11/Jul/19
Is Montez Ford a legit 6-1?
juggernaut said on 11/Jul/19
I'd still day 6'3' for Dwayne Johnson in his prime, he was taller than Lesnar by almost an inch.. He was taller than Goldberg similarly, he looked same height as Batista and obviously an inch taller than Triple H..
Canson said on 5/Jul/19
Rock doesn’t look over 188
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 4/Jul/19
I mean The Rock was always 2cm taller than Lesnar.
Alex 6'3.25 said on 3/Jul/19
I'd say 186 cm max
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/19
Didn't The Rock always had Lesner by cm from past. I don't think Brock Lesnar is solid 6'2 more chance he is strong 6'1 1/2 than over it. 187cm tops. The Rock is a bit under 189cm now.
juggernaut said on 26/Jun/19
Great khali uploaded a pic of him and Lesnar, and Lesnar doesn't look any less than 6'2' with khali..
BrockPartyDayz said on 26/Jun/19
6’1” max Lesnar
Canson said on 16/Jun/19
6’1.5-.75 peak
Johan 185 cm said on 7/Jun/19
Click Here

Reigns and Lesnar are almost identical. Both around the 6'2" flat mark.
Vegas' said on 6/Jun/19
Why are people comparing photos of Shaq with Curry (is there even a decent one out there) with Brock and Shaq and Rock and Shaq?

Try something a little closer. Jimmy Fallon is a good one; with Brock skip to near end Click Here
With curry 1:30 minute mark Click Here
Blahhh said on 6/Jun/19
@ canson
Ok so 6’1.5” curry is nonetheless slightly taller than Lesnar.
Canson said on 5/Jun/19
Curry isn’t a full 6’2” in the afternoon. He’s max 6’1.5. The 6’2” was early morning for him which is evidenced
Blahhh said on 4/Jun/19
@KA 188
Lesnar still doesn’t look over 6’2” even if Shaqs sneakers give him an extra 1/2”

6’2” Steph Curry looks slightly taller next to Shaq, compared to Lesnar next to Shaq. That’s what I’m saying.

6’1.75” max height for lesnar, and probably dips to 6’1.25”-6’1” range by the end of the day.
K.A 188 said on 3/Jun/19
@BLAHHH honestly anybody would look small close to a 7footer not just in height but proportion wise to...
So you comparing or trying to guess his height with a 7footer is not really fair, btw. .. I wouldn't be suprise if Shaq's shoes a close to 2inches maybe 3-4 cm because their custode made shoes for a 7footer.
Blahhh said on 31/May/19
Click Here

7’0” Shaq with Lesnar.
Lesnar is not over 6’2” by any stretch of the imagination.

6’1.75” morning measurement Lesnar
6’1” evening measurement Lesnar
Randomdude9999 said on 30/May/19
@Juggernaut Cena is more than likely 6'0 flat, also agreed though I do think Lesnar is taller than 6'1, could he be 6'1.75 by the end of the day? I wouldn't rule it out but I doubt anything lower, he was measured at 6'2 .25 by the NFL which was an early day mesaurement, so night height he is probably around 6'2 flat
juggernaut said on 28/May/19
Brock Lesnar being 6'1' is an absolute joke, even today on RAW he looked a solid inch taller than 6'1' Rollins.. both he and Reigns would be the same height.. Bobby Lashley is shorter than Rollins at 6'0'75 probably.. Cena at 6'0'5 Lesnar was always almost 2 inches over Cena..Lesnar is 6'2'-6'2'25
viper said on 23/May/19
6-1 Lesnar is only an inch taller than 6-0 Cena
Space said on 22/May/19
Look at pics of 6’1.5” StephCurry and Shaq together, there’s less of a height difference between them than compared to The Rock and Shaq. I personally look more of Steph Curry’s height next to a 7footer.
Also, the picture of 6’2” Lesnar and Shaq has more of a height difference than Curry and Shaq together.

If you think curry is taller than 6’1.5” look at pictures of him with 6’1” Obama.
Space said on 21/May/19
I have a friend who’s legit 7’0” barefoot, as tall as Shaquille O’Neal (maybe a half inch shorter than Shaq). When I stand next to my 7’0” friend I come up to the bottom of his chin. I’m only 6’1.5”.

When The Rock stands next to legit 7’0.5” Shaq in that picture, The Rock only comes up to Shaq’s shoulder. Rock only looks 6’0” at the most in that photo, as does he in a lot of recent photos/videos. I’ll give the Rock the benefit of the doubt and say he’s 6’1.5”, which would make Lesnar and Reigns 6’1.25”...
juggernaut said on 21/May/19
Heisenberg89 said on 18/May/19
Lesnar 186cm
The rock 187.5 cm
Reigns 187cm

if Brock Lesnar is actually as low as 6'1' then Cena isn't even 6 foot, and Taker cant be more than 6'5'..Lesnar is nothing short than 6'2' he is always an inch taller than 6'1' seth, Triple h might be 186 cm
Canson said on 21/May/19
The Rock can have poor posture at times but I think he’s an honest 6’2” today. 6’2.5 peak
Heisenberg89 said on 18/May/19
Lesnar 186cm
The rock 187.5 cm
Reigns 187cm

juggernaut said on 18/May/19
I don't think The Rock is 6'2' barefoot, I think he is still 6'2'5 he has a poor posture and for Lesnar he is 6'2' no doubt.. nothing more, there are chances the Rock is no more than 6'2' due to heavy amount of lifting he has done throughout the year..I really wanna see Rock, Brock and Reigns barefoot together..
Canson said on 17/May/19
@Rampage: I remember 6’4 but I can’t recall him getting 6’5 listings
Space said on 16/May/19
If Brock is 6’2” barefoot then The Rock is like 6’2.5” which is off. The rock is maybe 6’2” barefoot. Brock at 6’1.75” barefoot max.
Space said on 16/May/19
How can lesnar be 6’2” barefoot when he’s 1/4” shorter than The Rock who isn’t even a full 6’2”. Lesnar is 6’1.75” at the very most barefoot.
Ironman092289 said on 14/May/19
6'2" barefoot.
Space said on 14/May/19
He’s 6’1.75”
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/May/19
WWE gave Lesnar 6ft4 when he first broke in and I vaguely remember reading 6ft5 somewhere aswell. They also did that to Goldberg and Triple H...I believed it wholeheartedly until I saw them up close and was stunned to be looking at them...serious width on them though...for those three guys their mass will stand out more than their height. 6ft2 in wrestling is mid-range stuff
Canson said on 11/May/19
Lesnar is max 6’2 not 6’3
juggernaut said on 10/May/19
Brock Lesnar is a guy who may look shorter than he is due to his build,but this same build of a short torso, broad shoulders and long legs would make him look taller than the average 6'2'.. Lesnar I believe wakes up at 6'2'25 and remains a flat 6'2' throughout the day..
Manpreet Singh Virk said on 9/May/19
Lesnar billed height in wwe as 6'4, real height is 6'3.
maa said on 7/May/19
Shane Carwin, billed at 6 ft 5, showed, in the staredown with Mir, that he prefers to cut height rather than weight like many other UFC figheters do.
He decided to cut 5 inches to his height to be ok at the weight in.
maa said on 7/May/19

Adding 1 in to your lowest height is not a complete filthy claim I said, even if is not fair. Adding 1.25 in and over is a complete filthy claim for me.

You could claim whatever you want, does change how really short/tall you are; if I was you and I was in WWE, I would claim 6 ft 6, as I would be similar to 6 ft 6 Batista
Space said on 6/May/19
@ maa
A filthy claim is adding 2 inches to your height as far as I’m concerned. If that’s not a filthy claim then I’m saying I’m 6’3.5” instead of 6’1.5”, which is by the way pretty accurate as most people I look eye to eye with claim 6’3 or so.

Lesnar looks 6’1.75”
Randomdude9999 said on 4/May/19

I think Lesnars build actually makes him look taller than he actually is

long legs short torso, long arms, traps and shoulders are very high( a lot higher than the average 6'2 guys ) and very large head.
Annonymous said on 2/May/19
Well his stature and frame is also impressive, he has an 81 inch reach, which is truly other world territory.
maa said on 2/May/19
If you met Lesnar you would't be surprised by his stature, but by his massive built. He claims 6 ft 3, which is probably his closest height out of bed. Not complete filthy claim, like guys that add 2 in to their height.
The man can hover at 280 pounds and 6 ft 2
maa said on 2/May/19
If you met Lesnar you would't be surprised by his stature, but by his massive built. He claims 6 ft 3, which is probably his closest height out of bed. Not complete filthy claim, like guys that add 2 in to their height.
The man can hover at 280 pounds and 6 ft 2
Terry said on 2/May/19
He is chunky which makes himself look shorter.
Johan 185 cm said on 20/Apr/19

Actually he now gives his height as 6'4" since moving to the US. The 190 claim was on dutch tv and he never was a guy who cared about height more about weight. 115-116 kilo at his best not the 120 on UFC records.

I agree with Reigns and Lesnar being very close in height both guys around 6'2". 188

The Ufc now has him at 6'5" lol.

He was asked about the fight with Lesnar and he said that he was an imposing figure but that he wasn't very impressed by that :) So Lesnar is a big guy.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Apr/19
I'm not sure if he has lost any height or not. The full 6'2" at peak wouldn't surprise me.
James Brett 172cm said on 19/Apr/19
Rob the majority of votes have Brock at 6’2.25

Do you think it’s a possibility he is that tall?
Editor Rob
Of course there is a chance of it, but I cannot see 6ft 3 as being possible.
James Brett 172cm said on 18/Apr/19
Nah Reigns edges out Lesnar there
Randomdude0000 said on 18/Apr/19

watch the weigh ins between Lesnar and Overeem Lesnar is standing with one foot posted which can give half an inch to an inch in height (Rob did a video on this before proving it can give you extra height)

Overeem is about 189 cm

Click Here

If I was to guess Reigns and Lesnar are very similar in height sometimes Lesnar looks taller sometimes Roman does, I think Roman is probably slightly taller than Lesnar maybe 1/4 inch
Johan 185 cm said on 18/Apr/19
Click Here

Nothing in it with Roman Reigns, who is a clear 6'2
Johan 185 cm said on 18/Apr/19
Click Here

Can't believe people are arguing 6'1 for this guy. Here he is next to my countryman 190 cm measured Alistair Overeem. UFC gives him 6'4 but on dutch tv he claimed 190.
Crane said on 16/Apr/19
Lesnar is one of those very few guys in Pro-Wresting Verse that can hold his height through out many years no matter how heavy he's been lifting, how hard he's been working and training.

He still managed to hold the 6'1.6/6'1.75 187 cm of his every bit intact.
K.A 188 said on 15/Apr/19
@James Brett 172cm : Brock lesnar looks like someone who naturally never weighs below 100kg (225 pounds) even if he does hit the gym or take roids for one year.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Apr/19
Nah, Lesnar's definitely taller than Rollins. He has around an inch on him.
rawdshaq said on 13/Apr/19
I think Brock Lesnar might be under 6'2" now. He isn't taller than 6'2" but I believe he is similar in height to 6'1" Seth Rollins
James Brett 172cm said on 13/Apr/19
What do you guys think Brock Lesnar would naturally weigh if he didn’t take steroids but still lifted weights?
Canson said on 12/Apr/19
@Christian: the worst thing is when some of these posters call others trolls particularly those who tend to estimate lower and only slightly lower. Then they are the ones who regularly suggest that a person is taller than their listing
Canson said on 12/Apr/19
@Space: a legit 6’1” means they don’t dip under the mark at all. I could say 6’0 7/8 at a low is still a textbook 6’1” but the former would wake up 6’1.5-.75 more toward the top of that range
Space said on 11/Apr/19
I don’t hit 6’1” or 6’0 7/8 until the evening. I’m basically downgrading myself all day by saying I’m 6’1” during the day.

I’d categorize 6’1” as someone who’s 6’1 1/4 in the morning and drops to 6’0.75” in the evening. Especially considering most people who say their legit 6’1” usually only hit 6’1” flat in the morning.
K.A 188 said on 10/Apr/19
188.5 peak and 187 today, back in early 2000s he looked similar to goldberg who was 189.
Canson said on 9/Apr/19
@Rampage: I think textbook 6’1” fits him. Like in your case 6’3 7/8 at a low is a textbook 6’4”
Canson said on 9/Apr/19
@RP: do you measure that out of bed or is that an hour out of bed? That seems very minimal. I ask because I remember you mentioned once that you measured some time after waking. I lose probably 1/4” just in the first 30 minutes. Never really measured within but I lose .9cm sometimes a full cm or as low as .8 after a full hour. Usually .9 tho. I would’ve pegged you at minimum between 5’11.25-.5 directly out of bed if you came out at 5’10.75
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Apr/19
If they're purposefully upgrading celebs by several inches, then many of them might be trolls, but most who tend to "upgrade" by like a fraction of an inch, aren't. Same goes for "downgrading". We all should be careful when to call someone a "troll", since that word is often very misused.
juggernaut said on 9/Apr/19
That pic of Lesnar with The Rock was when The Rock was raising up his chin as much as possible, Rock has always been only half an inch taller than Lesnar nothing more. Lesnar is 6'2' and Rock 6'2'5..
rawdshaq said on 8/Apr/19
Last night at WM 35 he looked 6'2" range. He looks 4-5 inches taller than Paul Heyman, who I believe is about 5'9" or 5'10"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/19
Space, it sounds like you’re a textbook 6ft1. However if you also measured 6ft1¼ you’ve every right to claim that aswell
RP said on 8/Apr/19
Space, I say yes...take the average ...IMO,
If you’re 6’1.5” early morning height & 6’1” late evening height...then I would give my exact height @ 6’1.25”

Example: my morning barefoot height is always either 5’11-1/4” or 5’11-1/8”...depending on whether or not I got a full night’s sleep vs a short poor night’s sleep. And my late evening height is always either 5’10-7/8” or 5’10-3/4...depending on whether or not it’s a long hard work day or a heavy leg day @ the gym. And I always give my barefoot height @ 5’11”. I’m 43 years old now, and have had these exact same height measurements since age 17. Though, I have noticed since entering my 40’s...I know longer hold my peak morning height as long as I used to. I used to hold 5’11-1/4” to 5’11-1/8” from 7am all the way up to around 3pm-4pm...and I wouldn’t actually dip below 5’11” typically until after 7pm-8pm, and then I’d bottom out at 5’10-7/8 to 5’10-3/4” around 10pm-11pm. Now, in my 40’s...I’m now dipping under 5’11” & hitting 5’10-7/8” by 1pm-2pm...and I’m typically bottoming out @ 5’10-3/4” now around 5pm-6pm.
Canson said on 7/Apr/19
@Space: at that stage, a solid 6’1” around lunch which would be his average.
viper said on 7/Apr/19
I've called others trolls for what I have perceived as "upgrading", especially If it's more than what Rob had them at.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Apr/19
Space, I think 6ft1 on the nose is your legit height if those are your morning and evening figures.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Apr/19
You're averaging out your morning and evening heights, but by CH standards, we don't do that. By CH standards, you'd be considered 6'0 7/8" or maybe 6'1" at the most, but not 6'1.25"

That's very true
Annonymous said on 6/Apr/19
Someone thinks lesnar is a hair under 6'1 evening but now? Lol lol.
viper said on 6/Apr/19
Heck Paul Walker was listed at 6-1 in the first fast and furious movie
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Apr/19
Viper's certainly not a troll, although there are some estimates he made where I strongly disagree. But believe it or not, a few of his estimates were even higher than mine. I forgot which celebs though. And I wish posters here would quit using the terms "downgrader" and "troll" so loosely. I've seen terms like those being used more frequently than "upgrader" and "fanboy".
Space said on 5/Apr/19
If my morning height is 6’1 1/2 and my evening height is 6’0 7/8 what would you say your height is if someone asked? 6’1.25”?

I think Lesnar is this height range right now, with the wear and tear on his body. I am noticing he was slightly taller in the early 2000s, probably a solid 6’2” back then. I think he’s my height now.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Apr/19
My opinion would be 6'1 5/8" at the lowest for Lesnar, but I guess 6'1.5" isn't impossible since it's only 1/8" of a difference and that's not detectable to the eye.
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Christian: Viper mentioned before that one or two posters here have had friends who’ve met Lesnar and that he was 6’1” all along. Not sure if he isn’t standing straight in that picture with the Rock but he does look 6’1” in that particular pic. I have a peak Rock at around 6’2.5-.75 max. Probably 6’2.5 peak at a low and probably a hair over 6’3” out of bed. Now Viper did provide an estimate here that many scoff at. And of course, it’s unpopular on this page but I will say, taking a page out of Rising’s book, that sometimes the unpopular guess is the right one. What’s funnier is that no one says anything to the other gibberish such as him having to be 6’3 but there’s a problem with Viper’s estimate. But I come to expect that especially having been on the site for almost 4 years. And Viper has given some estimates like that in the past that have turned out correct despite going against the grain. One of which is how he saw Merriman in person and Merriman can look that, at least, with Martellus Bennett. I still believe he’s A full 6’2” maybe even a hair over but Viper is much closer than Rob or most other posters that have posted on the page and Rising also mentioned that’s how he looked in the video near 4” shorter along with you and me and it wouldn’t surprise me if Merriman is sub 6’2” after all. While I respect Rob a ton, I agree that he whiffed on Merriman and that is easily one of the worst listings on the site. And Rising is also a poster who has a lot of credibility on the site and is well liked and respected. Viper also provided one for Paul Walker that is how he apparently was in his prime. Now while I also thought Lesnar to be taller than 6’1” flat (initially 6’1.75 maybe settling for possibly 6’1.5 now), at least the estimate Viper provided isn’t as bad or outlandish as people here think. People really need to not criticize him for low estimates and call him a troll because while he may or may not be right on Lesnar, his estimate has merit and he really has provided reasonable estimates for some of the celebs that he has guessed. That along with the fact that he doesn’t actually lowball every celeb he estimates. He actually had Magic 6’7.5 Scottie Pippen over 6’7” and Conan as a full 6’3.5 and a few others that aren’t listed here as near their listed barefoot heights such as Kyle Kuzma. So he doesn’t downgrade everyone. We also have to remember that Cena came out on his own and said that he’s 6’1” in cool shoes. While he doesn’t look it, I have never ruled out a hair under 6’0” at a low such as 5’11.75 although I think he’s one of the easiest 6’0” on the site. Lesnar doesn’t have a full 2” on him. Around 1.5”
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Christian: I don’t think it’s too low. I do think it’s as low as he would be however. I don’t think he’s only 6’1” flat like Viper said. He can look a tad shorter than Reigns and Rock
Crane said on 4/Apr/19
@Space That's great! Although, there's still many folks who really believe he is a FULL 6'2.

He always looked just 187 cm flat, whether it's 20 years ago or now.

The mark right between 6'1.5 and 6'1.75

187 cm means 6.1351706 feet (6 feet 1⅝ inch)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Apr/19
He did look 6'1" next to near 6'3" peak Rock in the pic CZV posted though. Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Apr/19
If Lesnar's 6'1", then that means he's not 6'1.5". It's either one or the other, unless if you're basing the 6'1.5" on a morning height.

6'1.5" seems a bit low for Lesnar IMO, but I wouldn't rule it out. There are quite a few athletes that measured 3/4" taller than their lows, you're right.
viper said on 2/Apr/19
I've always maintained that Lesnar is
6-1 and Rock is 6-2
Canson said on 1/Apr/19
If he’s 6’2.25 early morning how is 6’1.5 out of the question?
Space said on 1/Apr/19
@ crane
Your absolutely right lesnar is a solid 6’1.5” today. He may reach 6’1 7/8” in the morning and dip to a legit 6’1” by the evening.
juggernaut said on 1/Apr/19
Brock Lesnar is a solid 6'2' guy..nothing less or more, he could be 6'2'25 early morning, no way is Lesnar as low as 6'1'5 or even less than that..
Crane said on 30/Mar/19
There wasn’t any prove to begin with that he was measured 6’2.25. It was just a made up story for ordinary people who know nothing about REAL “Height”, otherwise, I’d have find it on the internet already. Let’s end this once and for all. He was always and still a 187 cm tall. The middle mark between 6’1.5 and 6’1.75. That’s it. Why is it so hard, guys?! I knew his height right away once I looked at him with someone like Orton, Batista, Rock and Taker.
rawdshaq said on 29/Mar/19
Tbh, I'm beginning to realize he's probably no more than a 6'2" barefoot guy. Today he might be a strong 6'1". I'm sorry to the people who get annoyed by my estimates that make absolute zero sense. I really wanted Brock to be 6'3" and my story wasn't adding up! Haha
CZV said on 29/Mar/19
Rob what about this pic Click Here
Editor Rob
At that moment the rock looks nearly 6ft 4!
Canson said on 27/Mar/19
@Christian: if that measurement is close to valid for Brock, the lowest I could buy for him is 6’1.5. Some players that I’ve seen have actually lost as much as 3/4”. Lamont Jordan is an example. Was supposedly measured 5’10.25 combine 5’9.5 senior bowl from what Viper provided. Another example was Jason Witten who was 6’5.75 at the combine and 6’5” flat at another measurement that he received with the Cowboys. That measurement was included in the listing of measurements that Viper provided for Martellus Bennett on Merriman’s page. Witten wasn’t as tall as Bennett and looks at absolute most 5” taller than 6’0” Booger McFarland on MNF. Brock most of the time can look something like 6’1.5-.75 more so than 6’2”. He doesn’t look as tall as Roman Reigns and The Rock who are both around 6’2” themselves
Canson said on 27/Mar/19
@Christian: if that measurement is close to valid for Brock, the lowest I could buy for him is 6’1.5. Some players that I’ve seen have actually lost as much as 3/4”. Lamont Jordan is an example. Was supposedly measured 5’10.25 combine 5’9.5 senior bowl from what Viper provided. Another example was Jason Witten who was 6’5.75 at the combine and 6’5” flat at another measurement that he received with the Cowboys. That measurement was included in the listing of measurements that Viper provided for Martellus Bennett on Merriman’s page. Witten wasn’t as tall as Bennett and looks at absolute most 5” taller than 6’0” Booger McFarland on MNF
Canson said on 27/Mar/19
Assuming his 6’2.25 measurement is accurate he would not be 6’3. Only question is how tall would he be in the afternoon since the measurements all take place in the morning?
viper said on 26/Mar/19
We don't know If that was in shoes.

It's not like he was measured at a combine or pro day
Canson said on 26/Mar/19
@Juggernaut: being that the combine takes place early morning, I think Rob would be most accurate (assuming the measument is correct) being Celebheights is based on afternoon measurements
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Mar/19
There were old articles online of him being described to be measured at 6'2 1/4", but those articles don't exist anymore unfortunately. I wish someone had archived them.
Jumanji said on 26/Mar/19
6’1 7/8” morning height
6’1 1/8” evening height
juggernaut said on 26/Mar/19
What @Viper claims is wrong as much as what @rawdshaq's claim is.. Brock is not 6'1' and neither is he 6'3' he is 6'2'1/4 nothing more or less..
viper said on 25/Mar/19
Nobody can come up with any proof he was measured.
viper said on 25/Mar/19
Random dude, you have no proof he was measured by the Minnesota Vikings.

I've never heard of any NFL teams measuring players.
viper said on 25/Mar/19
We can't find data online of his measurement, but he did measured 6'2 1/4" nevertheless. He's not 6'3".
viper said on 24/Mar/

How do you know this?
Canson said on 25/Mar/19
@Rawdshaq: the NFL (along with Rob) wouldn’t list him at 6’2 if he’s really 6’3”.
Randomdude0000 said on 25/Mar/19
@rawdshaq 6'3 is impossible

clearly if he is shorter than 6'2 3/4 Wiz Khalifa and close to the same height as 6'1 Colin Coherd then he is not 6'3

there was proof of him being measured he was measured exactly at 6'2 3/8ths by his NFL team, it was in the late 2000's, I am avid Lesnar fan I've got all his books all his DVD's and follow pretty everything he has done since 2003 and I can tell you he was 100% measured at 6'2 3/8ths by his NFL team,this info was released on PWI(pro wrestler insider) but has since being taken down, if you go back using the waybackmachine to his wiki page after the measurement was taken his wiki page changed his height to 6'2

and K1 seem to be pretty spot on with their heights and they also listed him at 6'2(probably because they measured him)

he was also about 2cm taller than 186 cm Min Soo Kim in his k1 debut, conincidence? I think not

Lesnar is not under 6'2 no doubt but without a shadow of a doubt he is not 6'3 either
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Mar/19
We can't find data online of his measurement, but he did measured 6'2 1/4" nevertheless. He's not 6'3".
viper said on 24/Mar/19
6-1 max. Always been
Duhon said on 23/Mar/19
Brock next to 6'2 3/4" Wiz Khalifa Click Here
rawdshaq said on 23/Mar/19
Yeah there is no evidence he was measured at 6'2 1/4" so 6'3" is still possible for him.
Heisenberg89 said on 23/Mar/19
A good 6'1 3/4, about same height if not a hair under Roman Reigns.
About 10/11cm shorter than Undertaker.
Preston Trotman said on 22/Mar/19
He always looks about half an inch taller than Goldberg I’d say 6’2 and a quarter
Space said on 22/Mar/19
@ Christian
I thought we all agreed that Lesnar was 6’2” max today? I’m trying to convince people that he and reigns are not 6’2+ guys because it’s blatantly obvious.

His morning height is 6’2”-6’1.75” no doubt
viper said on 22/Mar/19
Lesnar is 6-1.

He was never measured at 6-2 because nobody can show any evidence of it.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Mar/19
I used to often claim 6'6" a long time ago, especially before posting on CH, but even then I occasionally switched to 6'5.5". But these days it's exclusively 6'5.5"

6'1.75" in the morning would mean he'd be around 6'1" at evening. I don't see him being that low at all.
Crane said on 21/Mar/19
20+ years ago, when he woke up and measure immediately, he might be able to get 6'2.5/6'2.25

Nowadays, he would be around 6'2 when he wakes up, down to 6'1.5 at 12:00-17:00 PM and 6'1.25 before go to sleep.

Average human beings can get up to 1 inch taller when they wake up especially if they've been sleeping for over 8 hours.
juggernaut said on 21/Mar/19
Lesnar is 6'2'3/4 in the morning and probably dips down to a flat 6'2' in the evening..
Canson said on 20/Mar/19
@Space: some here have seen him at around 6’1” but I still think the 6’2.25 may have been an early morning. But we’ve seen some nfl players lose 3/4” from their combine to another measurement such as senior bowl or pro day and have even seen more if the measurement wasn’t right to begin with. I would not be surprised if Lesnar were only 6’1.5 at a low when he measured what he did but I don’t think he’s a solid 6’1” today. He doesn’t look any shorter or at least noticeably shorter than he did in his prime
Space said on 20/Mar/19
I really don’t think Lesnar is 6’2.5” at any point in the day, especially at age 42 or whatever he is now. Also take in consideration the nfl measured him at 6’2.25” back in his prime, as did k1 measured him at 6’2” max back then.

6’1.75” in the morning for Lesnar today.
cmillzz said on 19/Mar/19
@Christian, what do you usually claim these days? Didn’t you used to claim 6’6 in the past? That’s not an unbelievable claim tbh since you do clear it by 1/8 inch in the morning.
maa said on 19/Mar/19
@ Crane
Most peolple? the average on 427 votes is over 6 ft 2.25 !!
Canson said on 19/Mar/19
I think 6’2.5 out of bed peak and 6’1.75 at a low maybe even 6’1.5 if he loses an inch (weight and lifestyle/activity)
Crane said on 19/Mar/19
It's great to know that most people in this site have finally realized that Brock Lesnar is not 6'2/6'3 but 6'1.5 - 6'1.75
syro said on 18/Mar/19
I think Brock Lesnar is 6'2" 3/4 in the morning, and in the evening he is spot on 6'2". IMO good listing Rob.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Mar/19
6'5 3/8" is my evening height, not morning. That would be 6'6 1/8". But yes, people have guessed me at 6'7" plenty of times.
Space said on 16/Mar/19
@ rawdshaq
His 6’2” 262 listing was on point for his mma debut there in 2007 with 6’1” Min so kim. Yes everyone goes back and forth on who’s taller between Roman and Brock. Roman and Brock are pretty much the same height probably both 6’1.75”-6’1.5” for a morning measurement today. A lot of the wwe roster is under 6’2” believe it or not.
People will ask me in person if I’m 6’3”, when in reality I’m 6’1.5” flat during a morning measurement. I’m basically the same height as Roman and Brock who are considered 6’3” by most people’s judgement. I’m sure people would assume @christian 6’5” 3/8” is 6’7” even though he’s only 6’5 3/8” for a morning measurement.
juggernaut said on 16/Mar/19
Brock Lesnar is 6'2' and so is Roman Reigns..sometimes Lesnar has looked taller and sometimes Reigns edged a bit.. I'd say both are equal.. only Dwayne would be 1/4 taller than both of em..
Space said on 13/Mar/19
They look the same height basically within 1/4” of each other. The question is whether they are 6’2”
rawdshaq said on 13/Mar/19
What about when Brock Lesnar looks taller than Roman Reigns here? (they stand up at the end) Click Here

Also interesting video Brock is described as 6'2" before match and weighed in at 262 Click Here
Randomdude0000 said on 12/Mar/19
@rawfshaq here is both men standing straight - Click Here
Reigns is about 1/4 - 1/2 inch taller and of course they are accurate, they use stadiometers, it's an NFL team it's about as accurate as you are going to get lol
rawdshaq said on 10/Mar/19
@maa I'm actually a little bit under 5'9" im like 5'8 1/2" or 5'8 3/4". Brock Lesnar is taller than Roman who was measured at the same height so who knows if they are even accurate.
Canson said on 8/Mar/19
@Randomdude0000: they’re actually done early morning. It’s been that way for quite some time too. Remember last week we knew Kyler Murray’s measurement around 9am and they were just coming in that day. But you’re absolutely right that they aren’t lows for the players. Usually around an hour (at most) out of bed.
Randomdude0000 said on 7/Mar/19
he didn't get measured at night NFL combine or team workouts are done during the morning to late afternoon.

The height measurement was therefore his measurement before the combine or workouts started(measurements will be first) so it was a morning to afternoon measurement certainly not a night measurement

and now you are going back on what you said,you acknowledged in a previous post of yours that he probably drops to 6'1 3/4 at night now you are saying he is a full inch taller at night,make up your mind?

Also when he returned he did not look 3 inches taller he looked at most 1.5 inches taller,please provide a picture or video where he looks 3 inches taller.
juggernaut said on 7/Mar/19
Lesnar is 6'2' nothing more, I don't know why people are arguing over this here. He looks almost 2 inches over Cena, an inch over Rollins and the same as Reigns and maybe a hair shorter than Rock..
maa said on 7/Mar/19

Yeah Brock is definitely 6'2 3/4" exactly, as you are 5 ft 10 :)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Mar/19
How can you acknowledge that he was measured 6'2 1/4", and that it was a morning measurement at that, and then later say that he's 6'2.5" and 6'2 3/4"? You're making zero sense.

I've just about ran out of patience with him. He's a lost cause at this point.
rawdshaq said on 6/Mar/19
When he returned in 2012 he looked 3 inches taller. He's 6'2 3/4" exactly for sure but got measured at night maybe I don't know but I think he's 6'2 and a half.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Mar/19
You're exactly right. It's just always best to be honest, no matter what it is or what situation you're in.

When has Lesnar ever looked 3 inches taller than Cena? It always looks around 1.5" between the two.
maa said on 6/Mar/19

Wow, rounding up with elevator boots on, probably even morning, you must feel so sincere and proud of yorself when you claim that height.
Every female would think 'this guy is so cool because he is 5 ft 10 and not 5 ft 8, i would want to have children with him'
rawdshaq said on 5/Mar/19
Also yeah you guys are right, we are trying to guess his exact height here so my reasoning really doesn't make any sense.
rawdshaq said on 5/Mar/19
Well somebody here said that claiming 5'10" and being an inch away from it was "disgusting" or something like that, lol. I'm pretty much 5'9" and already said I should start claiming 5'9" but lots of people add inches to their height. I know I'm not 5'10", does the Rock who claims 6'5" acknowledge that he is (insert your height for the Rock here)? No, but he's still a legend.
Randomdude0000 said on 5/Mar/19
also @Raw Lesnar does not look a flat 3 inches taller than Cena the difference isn't that much actually 1.5 inches at the absolute most
Randomdude0000 said on 5/Mar/19
@raw it was not an evening height it was a morning measurement or afternoon measurement at latest
Sakz said on 4/Mar/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8" A lot of people will lie about certain things either to make themselves feel better or come across as superior to others. That could include lying about their height or their job and how much money they make just to name a couple. I find it funny because at the end of the day everybody is different and nobody is perfect so lying makes no difference, aside from showing they really are insecure about themselves and damaging their credibility. Accepting these things takes more character I would say and can tell you a lot about someone.
Canson said on 4/Mar/19
@Rawdshaq: obviously the former. But you’re getting worked up over this when in reality it was said to you because we are on a height related site. Therefore accuracy is what we strive for. But to Christian’s point before when we are trying to determine Lesnar’s height he isn’t 6’3” if he measured 6’2.25 and likely earlier in the day which is what the response was to. Then you mentioned you being 5’8.75 and claiming 5’10” to justify why Lesnar is 6’3” or should be able to claim 6’3”. Doesn’t matter what he’s able to claim or decides to, we are gauging his true height. And You’re now coming up with other things to take the attention off of what you said about adding an inch to your height. Like everyone said, whatever floats your boat but fact is you did say it. Since you did, I would just acknowledge it (which you already did) and move on. You’re not a bad person for doing it and that’s honestly your perogative but on the same token it is not something that should be projected onto someone else just because you think it’s ok and do it yourself
Canson said on 4/Mar/19
@Rawdshaq: obviously the former. But you’re getting worked up over this when in reality it was said to you because we are on a height related site. Therefore accuracy is what we strive for. But to Christian’s point before when we are trying to determine Lesnar’s height he isn’t 6’3” if he measured 6’2.25 and likely earlier in the day which is what the response was to. You’re now coming up with other things to take the attention off of what you said about adding an inch to your height. Like everyone said, whatever floats your boat but fact is you did say it. Since you did, I would just acknowledge it (which you already did) and move on.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Mar/19
You're taking this way too seriously. None of us are even saying that you're not allowed to claim 5'10". All we're saying that it's inaccurate and dishonest. If you wanna keep on claiming 5'10" then by all means do as you please.

The 6'6" claim was only a round up from 6'5.5" for me too. Ever since I stopped growing, I always knew that I was more 6'5.5" range than 6'6".
Myself said on 4/Mar/19
Wow, rounding up with boots on, probably even morning, that must feel so sincere.
rawdshaq said on 3/Mar/19
You guys are right. Claiming 5'10" isn't honest, but claiming 5'8 3/4" sounds weird. It's better to claim 5'9".

I think Brock Lesnar is actually 6'2 3/4" when he wakes up and got measured at 6'2 1/4" in the evening, which is fine for claiming 6'3' in my opinion. He always looks 3 inches taller than 6 feet John Cena, about an inch taller than Roman Reigns, 4 inches shorter than 6'7" Undertaker, but on the other hand he only looked an inch taller than legit 6'1" Seth Rollins, so 6'2 1/2" is a safe bet for him.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Mar/19
According to him, he wants to "keep up" with other height liars. He even says that he's not afraid to lie about his height. He compares lying about height to women downplaying their weight or age, or people exaggerating their income and salary. I have an another acquaintance, my 5'11.5" friend who claims 6'1", and his reason is because he feels that 6'0"+ "sounds cooler" and also he wishes he was 6'1" because that's what he believes is the ideal for a guy. I told him that I consider 6'3" as ideal but I don't claim 6'3" do I?
rawdshaq said on 2/Mar/19
@maa What do you find worse, killing a box full of kittens, or adding 1 inch and a quarter to your height? Just curious
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
@Christian: only when I played ball did I claim 6’5” and that was really only because I was rounding up. Even then I mostly said 6’4 1/2”. But for either one of us there is no benefit with 6’5 over 6’4 or 6’6 over 6’5”. I just claim 6’4” for the most part these days. Even if I go with a bit over 6’4” assuming the person is honest or doesn’t try to argue it they just say back to me that I’m 6’4” which is really all I would want to be. It’s only .25 over so not much
rawdshaq said on 1/Mar/19
I really don't get asked my height much anyway... it doesn't really matter. I just find it weird to talk about height in public. The only time I like talking about it is on this forum and that's about it. I am 5'9 1/2" in my boots so claiming 5'10" isn't even that bad. There is no reason to ask a fat somewhat short dude for his height in public, it makes no sense. I have been asked how tall I am by my friends, and I did say 5'10". Nobody even questioned it. Would it make a difference if I said 5'9"? No. It wouldn't.
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
@Maa: he definitely knows it’s a lie and I’m not defending him. I’m just saying people won’t be able to tell all the time but you know that I’m not one to do that with my own height
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
@Christian: well you know with me that I’m sorta a height police myself. I hate people who lie. And I have an acquaintance or two or three that I know who lie and also inflate others. 2 of the 3 do. One is the infamous 6’5.5-6’6 former teammate that claims 6’7” then the bartender who is at best 6’3” throws the 3/4” on to make himself 6’4”. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised with 6’2.5-6’3 for him at an extreme low at least. Then another one that claims 6’3” but is 6’1.5-6’2. He’s a coworker but he doesn’t inflate others at least unlike the 6’3 coworker that claimed he was 6’4/6’5 and said he measured 6’4.5 when I went down to the nurse and showed that I was only like 6’4 3/8 at most and edged him. For your coworker I don’t know what is his problem being he is still very tall. That’s like being greedy honestly
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Mar/19
As a matter of fact, I did claim 6'6" a long time ago, especially before joining this site. And the only one who called out my claim was my 6'2.5" friend. I used to switch between 6'5.5" and 6'6" claims but now I only stick with 6'5.5"
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Feb/19
Right. "Some" people lying about their height shouldn't be used as an excuse to lie yourself. My coworker (6'3" but claims 6'5") is guilty of this. So is my 5'11.5" friend who likes to claim 6'1". But like Rawdshaq, at least they admit that they aren't as tall as they claim they are. Btw, my coworker toned it down by now claiming 6'4", which is a good start. I don't wanna sound like I'm taking credit, but I think I've talked him out of claiming 6'5". He still doesn't wanna claim 6'3" though.
maa said on 28/Feb/19

You don't have to defend him, It's a lie, and very easy to spot. If someone like Christian claims 6 ft 6 only very few people can spot, but an average man that adds 1.25 in is very easy to detect. That's why I was sarcastic and said instead to lie bad, lie big and claim 6 ft. People are generally insecure about their height and that's basically why an honest claim should be much more appreciated today. Why add an inch? Does that makes you taller in life? No, it is like a mental game, to swindle other people in order to makes you much more appreciated. But you will be the same short guy under the stadiometer even if you add 3 inches to your height. For me it's ok if you claim your morning/ mid day height (1 cm over your lowest) but a 174 cm guy like @rawdshaq that claims 178 cm is absolutely filthy. If we were in the same group of friends and a 174 cm guy claims 178 cm I would probably said:"You are 178 cm only in platforms, you little midget"
Canson said on 27/Feb/19
@Maa: to his defense “some” guys lie as well so some men and women wouldn’t tell he’s sub 5’9” at a low claiming 5’10”. But it’s a lie because he knows his height and claims that deliberately. I don’t look at what the other liars do either. I look at what the honest person would do. I don’t see the personal gain lying about your height though. Doesn’t change who you are. And speaking of Rawdshaq, he is one of those bashing Sotiris on Taker’s page for “lowballing” people. Yet he’s inflating Lesnar to 6’3” in essence by saying he can claim 6’3”. Anyone can claim what they want but in reality, he acknowledged he may dip to 6’1.75 like others have so he’s closer to 6’1” than he is 6’3” at that stage. Yet Sotiris claims a celeb is an inch or two less than listed and he’s rocked for it. So people really have no room to critique or ridicule Sotiris being he’s inflating him and openly admitted he lies about his own height. To each its own but at that stage being we are on a height related site, it’s best not to attack someone that way when he’s clearly just as guilty of doing the opposite of what he’s saying Sotiris does.
Canson said on 27/Feb/19
@Maa: to his defense “some” guys lie as well so some men and women wouldn’t tell he’s sub 5’9” at a low claiming 5’10”. But it’s a lie because he knows his height and claims that deliberately. I don’t look at what the other liars do either. I look at what the honest person would do. I don’t see the personal gain lying about your height though. Doesn’t change who you are.
maa said on 27/Feb/19

You are not a super villain, you are just insecure about your self. You are really average height, most men are your same height and will notice your fake claim for sure. People will realise that you are a liar and will probably judge you as a person with low self confidence that try to magnify things.
To be honest, if I was you, I would define myself as a weak 5 ft 9....Or as a really strong 6 footer to makes them laugh even more than the 5 ft 10 claim
Canson said on 26/Feb/19
@Rawdshaq: nobody is saying you’re a Bad person for claiming 5’10” but you are on a height related site discussing heights and we are all making estimates based on facts. Fact is he measured 6’2.25 so he is not any taller than that. And if you even acknowledged it’s in the morning then how would he be 6’3” by that logic? I’m just saying that factually he isn’t 6’3” but he could claim what he wants of course
Sakz said on 26/Feb/19
@Canson Exactly. I think some people struggle to separate this site and real life.
rawdshaq said on 26/Feb/19
Haha! I'm actually 5'8 3/4" but I claim 5'10"! I'm a super villain! :D

Okay I know Brock isn't actually the full 6'3", he probably is 6'1 3/4" by the end of the day if the 6'2 1/4" measurement was in the morning. I only claim 5'10" because it sounds a lot better than 5'9" and most people don't notice anyway. I never even get asked my height in the first place.

In shoes I'm for sure over 5'9" so saying 5'10" isn't even that bad anyway. Relax guys, it's just height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Feb/19
Like I said, you can claim whatever you want, and it doesn't necessarily make you an evil or bad person. And I get that a lot of celebs lie about their height. But all I'm saying is don't pretend that claiming 5'10" at 5'8.75" isn't lying, because it is. If you wanna lie about your height, fine, but at least admit that it's a lie instead of making excuses.
Canson said on 25/Feb/19
@Sakz: I’ll give him 6’2” since he measured over at the combine as far as a claim but in reality he could be under the mark by a bit since it’s early morning when he measured. But I agree with everything you said here that he could claim whatever he wants but for this site he’s no more than 6’2”. The NFL wouldn’t make him 6’2 if he’s really 6’3
Canson said on 25/Feb/19
@Christian: even in my case, I’ve never claimed 6’5” solely because it’s a morning height. I only claimed it when I played ball and because I measured 6’4 1/2 so I rounded up but if someone challenged it or anything I would come clean at 6’4 1/2. Even back then it was usually “about 6’5” or almost 6’5” or even 6’4 1/2”. I have always known that I’m not 6’5” however, even back then. But Since I’ve been out of college and no longer play ball at that high a level I just claim 6’4” especially since coming on this site and measuring myself lower later in the day at 6’4.25. And in my case 6’4.25 is a normal low and extreme low of 6’4” for me whereas if Brock measured that at the combine it’s not a low. But since I understand height much better now and how it works, I tend to lean more toward claiming what you’re nearest at the low versus simply taking any measurement. I agree with what Sakz said as well since we are on a site dedicated to height, and we know the standards, I don’t see why we would be calling a guy with a known combine measurement 6’3”. Id believe that he’s 6’1” range before 6’3” since some guys lose a lot from their combine in the morning. If that’s the case, we would inflate everyone else and Rob’s database would be all screwed up. On the flip side, what Rawdshaq said is correct that guys can round up but to me that’s not rounding since he’s closest to 6’2” regardless of when it took place. It’s safe to say a guy measuring 6’2.25 at any point in the morning whether early or late is not gonna be over 6’2” at a low. And saying 6’3” or 5’10” when you know that you’re 6’2 or 5’8.75 is like saying the sky is black when it’s blue. It’s lying or needlessly saying something for no reason whatsoever is what I was trying to say. And even in brock’s case that’s what he is in shoes and many athletes claim shoes as we know
rawdshaq said on 25/Feb/19
Does lying about your height make you look like a super villain? I am 100% positive that being barely 1 inch away from 5'10" and saying you are 5'10" isn't that bad. Who can notice a 1 inch gap? lol. You realize that 99.99% of celebrities lie about their height. Rock claiming 6'5", Kevin Hart claiming 5'5", and Floyd claiming 5'8", does it all the sudden make them bad people? During some ice bath conversation between Kevin Hart and Floyd, Floyd joked "How do you look taller than me?" and Kevin told him because he was sitting up straighter than he was, and Kevin asked how tall Floyd Mayweather was and he responded "5'8"" and he said, "You ain't no damn 5'8"! They announced you and Five-Six and half!".
#Natty #Natural 928 said on 24/Feb/19
Rawdshaq lol then I can theoretically claim 6’0 if I’m 5’10 then. Gotta confuse the stadiometre, right babe?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Feb/19
If you admit that it's closer to 6'2", then why do you still have him at 6'3"? At this point I'm convinced that the only reason you're giving him 6'3" is to justify your false 5'10" claim. I'm not saying you can't because it's your own choice, but like Canson said, you damaged your credibility here.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Feb/19
The issue here is that you're conflating someone claiming or giving an impression of a certain height with someone actually being a certain height. Brock may claim 6'3" and may give a 6'3" impression to some people, but that doesn't mean that he's 6'3" in actuality. He measured 6'2.25" at the combine so he's not any taller than 6'2.25", regardless of his "6'3 impression". And 6'2.25" is only 1/4" close to 6'2", whereas it's farther to 6'3" which would be 3/4" away. I don't know whether if you're not understanding this, or being disingenous on purpose to try to justify your 5'10" claim.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/Feb/19
Yeah, it's one thing if he wakes up at a full 5'10" but he doesn't even wake up that tall. I've never claimed anything higher than my morning height which was 6'6". You've mentioned that you never claimed taller than 6'5" either.
Sakz said on 23/Feb/19
@Rawdshaq In public of course he wouldn't be questioned since he's a lot bigger than the average person and would be in footwear. On here though it's a different story since it's a site based around height so everyone is judging to the nearest fraction and barefoot. In this case he is closer to 6'2 as others have said, but you're right that 3/4 inch isn't a lot which is why he just claims 6'3 and a lot of people outside of here probably would aswell.
Canson said on 23/Feb/19
@Christian: I guess he can claim whatever he wants but that last statement significantly damages his own credibility when he just openly admitted that he lies about his height like he did.
Canson said on 23/Feb/19
@Rawdshaq: you claim 5’10” at 5’8.75? That’s not rounding that’s lying like Christian said. Whatever floats your boat but that’s dishonest especially when you know how tall you are. 5’9” is fine because that’s what you are but you are not 5’10” barefoot. And mathematically 6’2.25 is nearer 6’2 than 6’3 so I don’t get what you’re saying. Just because you feel that lying about your height is acceptable doesn’t mean that it’s legit or accurate or right. This site is based on Standards and a 6’2.25 guy especially when that’s not even his low is not 6’3”. And I don’t understand what you said. If you told your wife 5’10 then on another occasion said 5’9”. If I told my wife 6’4 then said 6’5 she would question it because the two don’t add up. She would either say I’m lying or that I’m trying to inflate my height which consists of lying. And if perception is that important then everyone could lie. I could say I’m a pro basketball player or make up any other lie about myself but it would be just that, a lie and I know as do others that it isn’t the truth
rawdshaq said on 22/Feb/19
It is closer to 6'2", but it's also only 3/4 of an inch away from 6'3". Who is gonna notice a 3/4 inch difference? That 6'3" mark is sweet and if I was exactly 6ft 2 and a quarter then I would say I'm 6'3". I'm sure some 6'2" guys claim 6'4", lol. It's just 2 inches so really nobody can notice. I've reached the height of "5'10"" since I was about 20 or 21 and I've never had anybody question my height ever. I've never been called short, either. Height conversations never happen in public, unless there is a dude who is 7 feet tall lol. If you start arguing about it it makes you look like an idiot. You are forgetting that height, is just simply height. It's how tall you are. It's not a big deal.

Again, Brock can have 6'3". He's really close to it, and he also can give a 6'3" impression very easily. If he claimed 6'3" in public, will anybody question it? Don't think so
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Feb/19
Of course, the perception of a real 5'10" is distorted due to all the inflating, so usually people won't question your claim. But someone who's honest about height or height aware will call you out. People not questioning your claim shouldn't be a reason to lie about your height. As for Lesnar being 6'3", you're completely wrong. 6'2.25" is mathmatically closer to 6'2" as I said. It's only 1/4 of an inch away from 6'2". I don't know why you're being disingenuous about it.
rawdshaq said on 20/Feb/19
Nobody is gonna look at me and be like "wait hold on you're not 5'10"!!!" if I ever get asked and I never ever get asked anyway. The rare times I was speaking with my friends or my wife about it and I say I'm 5'10" they don't question it.
rawdshaq said on 20/Feb/19
@Canson Hello? 6'2.25 is 3/4 of an inch away from 6'3". its super close. I'm sure most guys in that exact height region claim 6'3". im 5'8 3/4" and hell i claim 5'10" sometimes.

he can have 6'3"
TB said on 20/Feb/19
More like 6ft1.5
Bill wats said on 19/Feb/19
6’1. If he’s really 6’2.5 you’d think wwe would bill him at 6’5 like they do with most guys that height..especially since he’s big..
Intergalactic said on 18/Feb/19
I think Goldberg was more the 6’2.25” guy back in the day, Lesnar was 6’2” flat. Lensar is about 6’1.75” today, while Goldberg is 6’1” today.
Canson said on 17/Feb/19
That’s foolish. How in the hell is a 6’2.25 guy close to 6’3”? He’s 6’2” that is not rounding down because he’s closer to it not to mention he likely falls to that if not less
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Feb/19
At that stage, that's called exaggerating or inflating. Rounding up 5'8.75" to 5'10" isn't just a simple round up, that's lying. And what do you mean that he's "pretty close" to 6'3"? If he measured 6'2.25", then that means he's "pretty close" to 6'2", not 6'3". Jeez.
viper said on 15/Feb/19
Can't buy it unless I see it
rawdshaq said on 15/Feb/19
@Christian Nobody is going to round down. It's normal for someone a tad over the 6'2" mark to round to up to 6'3". He can have 6'3". He might not be exactly 6'3" but he's pretty close to it. I'm 5'8 3/4" and I round up to 5'10" sometimes lol (I completely skip the 5'9" lol)
Canson said on 15/Feb/19
@Christian: I’m beginning to wonder about the validity. Aaron hernandez has all of his measurements in the 6’2” range yet he was listed 6’1”

@Randomdude9099: He was firmly 6’2.25 in his measurement if I recall. Not over but that could mean 6’1.75 at a low since some guys drop 1/2” from their combine. With just slightly poor posture he could easily be mistaken for 6’1”
Canson said on 15/Feb/19
@Christian: I’m beginning to wonder about the validity. Aaron hernandez has all of his measurements in the 6’2” range yet he was listed 6’1”

@Randomdude9099: He was firmly 6’2.25 in his measurement if I recall. Not over but that could mean 6’1.75 at a low since some guys drop 1/2” from their combine. With poor posture he could easily be mistaken for 6’1”
Randomdude9099 said on 14/Feb/19

he was measured by the NFL and he was measured in at over 6'2 25 or 6'2 3/8s

it was a morning measurement so by the evening he is probably around 6'2
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Feb/19
No NFL player gets measured in shoes, at least not to my knowledge. Maybe some football leagues outside the NFL do, but I'm not sure.
viper said on 13/Feb/19
We still have no evidence he was measured at 6-2.

Rob doesn't mention it either
Canson said on 12/Feb/19
@Christian: yup that’s how things work around here. It’s funny that he is nowhere near 6’3” yet people ridicule Viper for calling him 6’1”. Viper could probably post some pics to where he may look it and still the pics would be defective or some excuses would be made. In reality, if the 6’2.25 is his actual combine measurement he is closer to 6’1” for a good part of the day than 6’3” being he would likely only be 6’1.75 max 6’1 7/8. I wouldn’t rule out something like 6’1 5/8 even. I still think 6’1.75 is ok for him but I would say that I see 6’1” range more than 6’3”. Essentially he’s a 6’2”ish guy in my opinion. And You’ve said it many times with regards to how a person measures lol. If they measured 6’2.25, then they can’t be taller than that. You should coin that phrase lol because it’s something that is so relevant here on this site and is so straightforward that most people don’t even realize it. But oh of course the “well he may have grown since the measurement” or “did he measure at night” for someone like Kobe Bryant, and now 6’2.25 being rounded up to 6’3? The normal excuses when someone doesn’t measure how people would like to see them or envision them being. i mean if we’re talking about someone measuring at night then it is far more accurate gauge than they height they measure in the morning since it’s the height they measure the majority of the day. But People don’t even use it correctly. I see several people say a night height is much lower than an afternoon height which is not true. I remain the same height under normal activity after I’ve been awake for about 8 hours or so unless I’ve been on my feet for a couple hours straight or unless I recline and gain some back. I’ve even reached a normal low after 5-6 hours like Rob said he does if I’ve been on my feet consistently and active for 5-6 hours.
Public Enemy said on 12/Feb/19
Current 188 cm
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Feb/19

You're absolutely correct. Viper gets heat by posters for estimating Lesnar at 6'1" but those same posters say nothing to all those who estimated him at 6'3".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Feb/19

So now the excuse is gonna be that Lesnar should be rounded up to 6'3"? Btw, 6'2 1/4" is closer to 6'2" than 6'3" so it's not even mathmatically accurate to round it up to 6'3".


You're right about some NBA measurements being jacked up. Some measurements have a 2 inch disparity or even more between shoes and barefoot, so obviously either they were errors or the players wore lifts, since no basketball shoes give 2+ inches of height.
Canson said on 11/Feb/19
@Randomdude: I’ve only ever heard of him measuring 6’2.25. I think he could be 6’1.75 or 6’1 7/8 but he can look the weaker version of 6’2 to be honest. Best case 6’2”
viper said on 11/Feb/19
At this point I'm willing to pay money to see this mysterious 6-2 measurement.

Hell people can't even agree on what it was!!
#Natty #Natural 928 said on 11/Feb/19
Wouldn’t be surprised if he were 186-187cm tbh. Wouldn’t rule out a weak 6’2

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