How tall is Randy Orton

Randy Orton's Height

6ft 4 (193 cm)

American Professional Wrestler.

How tall is Randy Orton
Randy and Big Show
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (409 Votes)
6ft 4.09in (193.3cm)
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 24/Jan/21
@Rampage yeah there was a steroid scandal around that time. Edge, Orton, Snitsky, Mysterio they all lost mass after the scandal
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/21
Orton has never looked 250-260lbs ever....heaviest I'd guess is maybe 240lbs at a push. 2007-08 he looked bulkier/ticker compared to now
Luci paura said on 18/Jan/21
A very solid 6'4 guy.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 14/Jan/21
@rikashu if Randy Orton is 255lbs Cesaro is pushing 260. I do not believe he is 25 pounds lighter. Plus McIntyre is 265, there’s easily 25lbs between him and Orton
rikashu said on 13/Jan/21
@ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 4/Jan/21

You're joking? you thought 230-240lbs? Randy Orton is a solid guy. Very thickly built. Cesaro can pass for 230lbs, and there is a huge difference between him and Randy Orton.

I remember people estimating Luchasaurus' weight as 230lbs last year. Except that was his old weight from 2015. He was and still is very clearly much larger than that also. For their match with SCU using the WEigh-in stats, Jungle Boy at 150 and Marko at 102lbs, Luchasaurus wasn't accurately measured, but the Physician scale looked like it had him at 270-275lbs.

Their announced weight was 552lbs, making Luchasaurus 300lbs, probably not accurate there, but his weigh-in in the Indies was 276lbs.

Sometimes weight can be deceptive. A lot of people thought they were smart with Buddy Murphy being announced at 203lbs, until the next week he was announced at 196lbs and looked bigger. During the 2016 combine, the after performing 27 Reps, the trainers said "Pretty good for a guy who's only 206lbs".

During his Cruiserweight time, he admitted he was actually 215lbs, saying it was too hard to keep cutting his weight every week. Other Weigh-ins on the shows were mostly legit weigh-ins, like the time he weighed 203lbs, 202lbs, and 207lbs.

Thing about Wrestlers is that the small wrestlers are bigger than people think. The Big ones can be smaller than you think.

@Fotine said on 4/Jan/21

It can be the difference between whole Weight Classes for many athletes. 5lbs is 2.2kg. May not sound like a lot, but it makes up that weight all together. 2.2kg isn't easy to gain in muscle, and it isn't easy to lose in fat.

2.2kg with a highly strict diet can mean all the difference to someone in 1 week. A very dedicated person can put on or take off that weight in 1 week.
Mikester said on 13/Jan/21
one ninety three
Lava said on 8/Jan/21
Batista 1,87m Triple H 1,84m Randy 1,93m
K.A said on 5/Jan/21
I do Not think he has lost anything in terms of height ,because unlike John Cena or Bautista he is not the type who carries wresltlers and f5 or FU big heavy guy all the time .

His gimmick of the viper suits him well ,because he relies on a rapid and clever quick and deceitful type of wreslting moves ,no doubts he is a strong guy but he plays it safe.

Still 6ft4 on the dot today he is just 40 after all ,and as had a shoulder surgery and no neck or back related issue unlike the Edge ,wish him the best ,I am pretty sure before the end of this decade which 2030 he will be inducted in the wwe Hall of fame he definitely deserve it,crazy how time flies I can vividly remember the first time I saw him on tv, it was summer back in 2005 or 2006 during his baby face legend killer fase when Undertaker was frightening him all the time by appearing in the reflection of the rest room toilet .
Just how gullible I was as a kid
Fotine said on 4/Jan/21
It was funny that he was annoyed with his billed weight, like 5 pounds make such a difference.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 4/Jan/21
If I were to guess I’d have said he looks 230-240 pounds nowadays
Fotine said on 4/Jan/21
@ChaosControl Heavier than you thought?
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 2/Jan/21
I wouldn’t have guessed Randy is 255
Vincent Caleb said on 1/Jan/21
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/20
Show looks closer to 6ft8 with Randy!

How do you only see 4 inches there? Show is dropping a bit of height seeing as he is tilting himself to the side a bit, and his eye level is 5.5 inches easy. Albeit, he is a bit closer to the camera. Straightening up he still looks minimally 5 inches taller there.
Fotine said on 30/Dec/20
Randy weighs 255 pounds.

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Graysonn said on 29/Dec/20
I’ve met Orton in Walgreens in St. Louis, and literally asked him how tall he was he said he’s “about 6’5” so 6’4-6’41/2 is very accurate. I also asked him about Kane and taker and he said they have 3-4 inches on him. True Story
Graysonn said on 29/Dec/20
I’ve met Orton in Walgreens in St. Louis, and literally asked him how tall he was he said he’s “about 6’5” so 6’4-6’41/2 is very accurate. I also asked him about Kane and taker and he said they have 3-4 inches on him. True Story
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Dec/20
Yeah, 6'8.5"-6'9" range is what he looked in the particular pic. (assuming Orton's 6'4")
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 26/Dec/20
Maybe show looks 6’8.5, but you can’t see footwear
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Dec/20
Nah, more like 6'9". It's a solid 5" difference visually between the two, though in actuality I don't think Show would be under 6'9.5" even today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/20
Show looks closer to 6ft8 with Randy!
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 25/Dec/20
I can’t see him under 192.7. Really he is 6’4
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Dec/20
Rob, would you rule out Big Show mid eye level to head as a standard of 5.25"?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/Dec/20
Can't see him under 192 though.
LeoP said on 22/Dec/20
191 cm max barefoot

No more
juggernaut said on 29/Nov/20
Orton might've dipped down to 6'3'7/8 today but I still feel he wakes up 6'4'. In his younger days, he might've been a little over 6'4', looked even taller than 6'3' prime Batista by an inch in equal footwear.
Roderick said on 27/Nov/20
Randy Orton wouldn't measure 6'4" barefoot. He's a bit lower, 6'3.5".
Stanley Simmons said on 27/Nov/20
I’d say randy is a legit 6’5
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Nov/20
Me neither. Worst case could be something like a few mm's but not anything noticeable.
Vincent Caleb said on 10/Nov/20
Those are pretty much identical to mine, except I have Kane at 6’6 1/4” rather than 6’6 1/2”. Also have Lesnar 1/8 taller. Fantastic guesses.
James Brett 172cm said on 10/Nov/20
well he looks slightly shorter than he did in 2005.
J2Frenzy said on 10/Nov/20
I don’t think he’s old enough to have lost any height. He’s 40 and didn’t do any hardcore stuff
OriginalAnon said on 9/Nov/20
Maybe 192cm now but during his prime definitely a good 193cm.
Joshbrecker said on 9/Nov/20
In 2008-09 in the WWE he was listed as 6’4 and in the annual 2009/10 if u like at super star bios he’s at 6’4 there aswell but in 2011/12 got upgraded to 6’5 for some reason
J2Frenzy said on 1/Nov/20
@Mondontidae I don’t think Randy Orton is 250+. It’s his billed wrestling weight but if you look at him, he’s packed lots of muscle onto a slimmer build. 230-235 probably and about 6’4
Mondontidae said on 1/Nov/20
6'4.5 250-255?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 31/Oct/20
That's his WWE billed height. He's not 6'5" in actuality.
Moon Goodman said on 29/Oct/20
Seems like 6'5 ishh to me
J2Frenzy said on 27/Oct/20
@Lor Jay Jay can you tell us some of your other wrestlers guesses if you think Orton is 6’5
Lor Jay Jay said on 27/Oct/20
He’s 6’5 🤦🏽‍♂️
Canson said on 23/Oct/20
@Edwards: those are all reasonable. They can look those heights
Halen 5'8 said on 19/Oct/20
@6'3 Julian

I referred to 81.5 cm exactly (32 inches)
Resurrection of Edward said on 18/Oct/20

dude,i have kane at 6’6 2/4 ,strowman at 6’6 1/4,corbin at 6’5 7/8 and taker at 6’5 3/4 considering afternoon heights.but that’s my personal estimation though.
Canson said on 18/Oct/20
@Edward: I don’t rule out 6’6.25 for Strowman. That looks as good as 6’6.5 for him. It’s just good that he was reduced from 6’6.75 as he clearly didn’t look that tall
6'3 Julian said on 17/Oct/20
@Halen it’s not too low, just under 32”. I know a guy who’s 5’10 and had a waist that size at his peak
@James no way a guy that short is gonna be healthy at 220. Especially is he’s inflating. He’s either obese or on steroids and neither is good for your heart
Halen 5'8 said on 16/Oct/20

Calcuworld isn't legit. That says i need 81 cm of waist for a 13-14% of body fat. That is too low even for a 5'8 guy.
James B 172c, said on 16/Oct/20
guys I just need To mention this

I know someone who claims 5ft6 and he currently weighs 221 pounds at 27.9 percent body fat

Would you say that’s still healthy or not?
Resurrection of Edward said on 16/Oct/20
@christian and canson

thanks dude.


thanks dude,we can all agree to disagree on particular opinion.

@canson,christian and julian

i agree with everything canson said.tbh,i doubt strowman is 6’6.5 but that’s the absolute highest i can argue about braun.i will still lean towards 6’6.25 for strowman.i might be wrong but i personally feel that strowman isn’t much taller than corbin.strowman had his construction type boots that might give him 1.5/2 inches but then again,corbin boots might give him an inch.i feel corbin is one of the few legit tall wwe superstar that i doubt wears a boots like strowman,taker or kane.i had corbin at 6’6 7/8 afternoon and and strowman at 6’6 1/4 but as i said,i could be wrong.i think barefoot wise i doubt corbin is even noticeably shorter than strowman.corbin looks to be relaxed and i doubt his boots are that thing i might add is that every time i see corbin and strowman,strowman had footwear advantage everytime over corbin and still looks only half inch at most taller than corbin.i know a guy who saw corbin and strowman out opersonally can see Corbin being anywhere from 0-1/4" taller than the undertaker today.i wouldn’t be surprised if corbin was a full 6’6 even till afternoon, as for taker i doubt he is even full 6’6 today especially after looking his lastride documentary lately.most of the time,taker looks 6’5 flat or 6’5.5 in the documentary but that might be due to his bad posture.even standing fully in military posture,taker looked shy of 6’6.i can buy 6’5 3/4 for taker today and 6’5 7/8 for corbin considering afternoon.everytime taker steps in the ring,he always looks much shorter than he was before.i think taker loses 1/4 every year.corbin does give me a taller impression than taker considering today.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Oct/20
Why is he there instructing you if you're constantly winning? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Lol
Canson said on 15/Oct/20
@Edwards: nice estimates! I’m wondering for Strowman if I had him overlisted on my end. I had 6’6.5 like listed but he barely looks taller than Corbin and some people who’ve met him said he looked 6’6”. Maybe where you and Christian have him is more accurate. Corbin and Taker I can agree. Both are max 6’6” or maybe 6’5.75”. I would give Corbin the slight edge too if one edges the other out but they could be the same. I know with Gronk he didn’t look shorter than him but perhaps the same or taller. A peak Corbin provided the 6’6.5 was accurate at the combine could be a good fit at 6’6”. At least it’s a very strong lunchtime and he may dip to where you have him. I agree on Reigns too. Lesnar can look 6’2 To me but I’ve heard other say he looked 6’1 range at times. I’m intrigued by Goldberg’s listings. I’ve gone back and forth on his height
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Oct/20
Those are very fine estimates.
berta said on 14/Oct/20
i believe he is little closer to 194 than 193. looks very legit 6´4
6'3 Julian said on 14/Oct/20
@Res of Edward I think a couple of your guesses could stand to have a quarter inch added but that’s on me
6'3 Julian said on 13/Oct/20
@Halen true. My jujitsu instructor recently told me he’s 80kg (175lbs) but prefers to be 78kg. He’s 5’11. I’m 92-95kg (205-210lbs) and a lot stronger so I normally win
Halen 5'8 said on 12/Oct/20
When someone is 8 kg (17-18 pounds) heavier than you... then he has an advantage over you for a fight.
6'3 Julian said on 12/Oct/20
@Chrostian I eat a lot of protein, fruit and vegetables. I mostly drink milk and water. I personally value exercise more than diet and have jujitsu 1x a week, rugby 2x a week as well as 2-3 5km walks with my dog per week
Resurrection of Edward said on 12/Oct/20
my honest personal opinion/ estimation on wwe superstars offense but that’s my personal opinion.just saying.afternoon height.

big show 6’9 1/4
kevin nash 6’8 1/4
dubba kato 6’8 1/4
kane 6’6 2/4
braun strowman 6’6 1/4
baron corbin 6’5 7/8
undertaker 6’5 3/4
syco sid 6’5 1/4
drew mcintire 6’4 1/4
randy orton 6’3 3/4
hulk hogan 6’2 7/8 or “max 6’3”
roman reigns 6’2
brock lesnar 6’1 3/4
gold berg 6’1 2/4
triple h 6’1 1/4
seth rollins 6’ 3/4
keith lee 6’1
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Oct/20
I always believe in the philosophy of quality over quantity when it comes to diet, along with many other things. I try to buy organic and non-GMO/non-pesticide products as much as possible, and I tend to avoid processed junk as well. I know it's relatively costly, but knowing that my body will thank me for it in the long run, I don't worry about it much. I rather have 2,000-2,500 calories of brown rice and whole wheat bread, grassfed meat, and organic fruits and vegetables, instead of 3,000-3,500 of hamburgers, pizzas, and ice cream.
6'3 Julian said on 11/Oct/20
@Christian 2100-2200 normally.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/20
Mostly twice, but sometimes I snack between the two meals. I don't know if a snack counts as a legit meal though.

How many calories do you take in a day, on average? I get around 2,500, which is a bit below average for a guy my size.
Public Enemy said on 8/Oct/20
@Christian 6’5 3/8’
I don’t fast 18/6 but only eat twice a day meaning I eat brunch at 12pm and dinner at 7.30 pm. A good friend of mine does something similar to you and in addition for at least 4 days in a month has no food and just drinks water which I might consider doing. How many times do you eat during your 6 hour window if you don’t mind me asking?
6'3 Julian said on 8/Oct/20
I just don’t eat much. I have breakfast of usually a couple sandwiches and/or an apple if I eat breakfast at all, I skip lunch and have a small snack at about 3.30-4pm. I have dinner (usually chicken/fish and vegetables) at 5.30-6.30pm and might occasionally have a snack in the late evening. I also drink about 2 litres of water and a bottle of skimmed milk a day
James B 172cm said on 8/Oct/20
Christian-no have not tried it yet.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Oct/20
@James Brett
Have you ever tried intermittent fasting? It might not be for everyone, especially those with very high metabolism, but it's one of the best dieting methods for muscle gain and energy/testosterone boosting. I've been doing IF for over 6 years, and I feel a lot better than I used to. There are many different eating windows, but I personally do 18:6 on most days, meaning I fast for 18 hours and only eat within the 6 hour window.
Public Enemy said on 6/Oct/20
@6’3” Julian
That is an interesting calculator. Your body fat % means you classified as an athlete . I checked mine which came out at 16.5 which is fitness classification .

I think Orrin is 6’3.75 tall.
James Brett 172cm said on 5/Oct/20
hey guys i workout with free weights at home a lot but only weigh currently 165 pounds in the morning without clothes on.

do i need to workout more intensly if i want to gain more weight in muscle?
Greg said on 5/Oct/20
@James Brett 172cm No they are not, shorter guys who are well built get just as much recognition. Look at Jeff Nippard.
6'3 Julian said on 4/Oct/20
You measure waist size about an inch above the bellybutton apparently. Also do your neck cause some calculators (like require that too. I’ll use myself as an example. I’m 6’3. My waist circumference is 35”/2’11. My neck is about 19”/1’7. This gives me 9.4% body fat. As I also weighed 209 pounds the day I did that, I have a lean body mass about 192lbs and a fat mass around 17lbs
James Brett 172cm said on 4/Oct/20
well julian the shorts i wear are a size 32.

does that mean my waist size is 32? if my waist is 32 that would mean my body fat percentage is 15 percent
6'3 Julian said on 4/Oct/20
@Christian restarted training in August. Haven’t played yet
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Oct/20
So are you currently in off season?
6'3 Julian said on 3/Oct/20
@Christian I play for the Belper rugby club. Obviously we haven’t had many games this year

@James there’s plenty of online calculators that take height,waist and sometime neck size into account
6'3 Julian said on 2/Oct/20
What about tall muscular guys. I have a build/physique kind of like Edge/Adam Copeland
James Brett 172cm said on 2/Oct/20
i will say though its a shame that short guys who work hard on there physiques are always overlooked compared to taller guys
James Brett 172cm said on 2/Oct/20
i never understood how you measure body fat percentage?

i workout but my abs are not visible. i probably need to cut down on how much alcohol i drink
6'3 Julian said on 2/Oct/20
@James probably 8-13% if they’re visible. I’m almost exactly 10%, and I can see them easily when tensed and a bit when relaxed
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Oct/20
Are you in some kind of club? (I don't know too much about how amateur rugby works, sorry)
Canson said on 1/Oct/20
@James B: I have visible abs but am not a guy who wants for much mass. I built sort of like Joe Mangianello or Michael Jordan. Somewhere in between there
6'3 Julian said on 1/Oct/20
@James what’s his waist size? Measured around bellybutton level FYI
Kan said on 1/Oct/20
In your opinion it’s possible a solid 10 inch head for randy orton ?

A comparison with strowman
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Editor Rob
Close to 10
James Brett 172cm said on 30/Sep/20
canson-my 190cm friend does have quite visible abs (no homo) but not sure on his body fat content?
6'3 Julian said on 30/Sep/20
@Christian really as a hobby
6'3 Julian said on 29/Sep/20
@Christian as a hobby. I sometimes do matches for Belper but I’m by no means a professional
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Sep/20
Do you play rugby professionally, or just for a hobby?
6'3 Julian said on 28/Sep/20
@James 195-200 range can look great on a leaner body type at 6’3
Canson said on 28/Sep/20
@James B: it can be. Depends on the body fat content but 200 lbs for 6’3” is not thin either. I’m 215-220 at 6’4”
James B 172cm said on 27/Sep/20
6'3 Julian said on 27/Sep/20
@James it’s great that your friend is 198 pounds, but I have 10-11% body fat so I can’t really cut much and I need to keep some weight on for rugby (already lost 22lbs this year

Why is it great? 198 pound ain’t that muscular for 6’3
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Sep/20
You could be right. A 1/4" height loss for Orton certainly isn't impossible, given that he's in his 40's now. Not sure about his peak, but I have Orton at 6'3.75" currently as well.
6'3 Julian said on 27/Sep/20
@James it’s great that your friend is 198 pounds, but I have 10-11% body fat so I can’t really cut much and I need to keep some weight on for rugby (already lost 22lbs this year)
Resurrection of Edward said on 25/Sep/20
i can see 6’4 peak and 6’3.75 currently.

peak 6’4
currently 6’3.75
James Brett 172cm said on 25/Sep/20
cristiano ronaldo is an athelete in great shape and he only weighs like 175-180 pounds at 6'1
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Sep/20
@Julian & James
The BMI chart is only for couch potatoes or bedridden people IMO. It doesn't really even apply to moderately active people, let alone athletes。
Scott 5'6 said on 24/Sep/20
6ft 6
Scott 5'6 said on 24/Sep/20
6ft 5
James Brett 172cm said on 24/Sep/20
julian-one of my friends is 190cm and 198 pounds.

hes into martial arts
James B 172cm said on 23/Sep/20
Although I have orton at 6’4 max to be fair next to Kane he could pull of looking slightly over 6’4 flat
6'3 Julian said on 23/Sep/20
@James I’m 210 and somewhat buff, but lean cause I mostly do bodyweight stuff. I’m around 10-11% body fat and considered 10 pounds overweight, but I play rugby and train in jujitsu
James B 172cm said on 22/Sep/20
6'3 Julian said on 22/Sep/20
@Annonymous yeah BMI doesn’t work for people who work out. I don’t think James B realised that

I am 171-172cm and currently weigh near 168 pounds and I workout a lot to so according to BMI I am overweight as well
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Sep/20
TBH, the BMI system isn't that reliable for anyone, regardless of their fitness lifestyle. I'm no pro athlete or a bodybuilder, but I'm considered "overweight" at 225-230lbs, but I don't look it whatsoever.
6'3 Julian said on 22/Sep/20
@Annonymous yeah BMI doesn’t work for people who work out. I don’t think James B realised that
Canson said on 21/Sep/20
TheBat said on 20/Sep/20
I agree that Randy’s 6’4” flat. Nothing below 6’3.75”.

I would go with 6’3.5-.75” range. He doesn’t look the full 6’4” next to some legit 6’4” guys not to mention Vegas saw him out of gear and said he looked slightly shorter than another 6’4” wrestler side by side
TheBat said on 20/Sep/20
I agree that Randy’s 6’4” flat. Nothing below 6’3.75”.
Annonymous said on 20/Sep/20
uhhh James B he's obviously not obese so what a silly comment that is.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 20/Sep/20
I come from a slightly tall family though (particularly on my 5'11" mother's side), but even then I'm considered relatively tall. The only family members that are known to be taller than me, is my strong 6'7" cousin and my grand uncle who was allegedly over 6'6".
6'3 Julian said on 18/Sep/20
@Christian my dad is 5’8.5. My grandpa used to be 5’7 and is now 5’5.5. My grandma is like 5’1. My cousin is 5’9 155. I’m a genetic anomaly at 6’3 and 210ish pounds
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Sep/20
I don't think Rollins is a solid 6'1" though. Maybe a weaker 6'1" like 6'0.75" or even 184.5cm.
Kan said on 17/Sep/20
I really doubt because for me Seth Rollins is a good 6ft1 flat Guy amd triple h always looks taller, at least half inch between this two. I think orton still looks a decent 6ft4, even next to Seth Rollins seems easily 6ft4
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I think 6ft4 1/8 or 1/4 is very possible to give to him
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Sep/20
It's Triple H who needs a downgrade, not Orton needing an upgrade. 6'4" is more than good enough for him.
Kan said on 15/Sep/20
Any idea how tall is wrestler Tyson tomko ?
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Next to randy seems taller, but he has a small head than randy, so i Don’t know if he is really taller
Editor Rob
Tomko looked taller than Edge back in the day, so near 6ft 4
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Sep/20
How tall is your father? He must be a tall guy himself, since your mother's short yet you ended up tall.
Kan said on 12/Sep/20
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Triple h looks 6ft1 flat next to randy. I think a slightly upgrade even today is bang on
6'3 Julian said on 11/Sep/20
@Christian I agree with 6’1 for Keith Lee, my mum is 5’0 flat and can’t guess height. I was just saying Lee doesn’t give off a small impression
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Sep/20
I said shorter, not smaller. Of course, Lee is a big guy in terms of weight and body size.
6'3 Julian said on 11/Sep/20
I’d have guessed 6’4, 235 pounds for Orton, assuming he stands up straight and ears normally
James B 172cm said on 10/Sep/20
If he’s 240 then he’s not far of being obese for his 6’4 height
Canson said on 10/Sep/20
I think 6’3.5/.75 range but A 6’4 claim for him is much better than some of the guys such as Hogan claiming 6’7”. At least he would be within about half inch of it and would simply be rounding up. A guy like Hogan is shoes plus a morning height or basketball listing
Kan said on 9/Sep/20
Next to Seth rollins and triple h looks very big
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Is it possibile a 6ft4 1/8 list for orton ?
Editor Rob
6ft 4.25 is a figure many would give him.
6'3 Julian said on 8/Sep/20
@Christian I don’t think Keith Lee gives a smaller impression. He does look like a big man to me and my Mum (who is admittedly awful at guessing height from her 5’0 perspective) had him at 6’4! I personally think he gives a larger impression of anything
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Sep/20
@Van Halen
My guess is that he's around 186cm as well, or maybe flat 6'1". He obviously gives a shorter impression often because of his weight. Btw, I'm 225-230 ATM.
Kan said on 6/Sep/20
Is possible upgrade Randy as a strong 6ft4 ? I mean 6ft4 1/8 seems very reasonable, considering he doesn’t looks shorter than jinder mahal and after 15 years of wrestling he still looks not less than 6ft4
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Kan said on 6/Sep/20
I think orton is around 100 - 110 kg anywhere in that range. So Maybe 240 pound isn’t impossible but i doubt over than that. He’s very tall, taller than most other wrestler, so even if he’s 40-50 pound less than lee certanely he doesn’t look skinny considering his body frame
6'3 Julian said on 6/Sep/20
Even if Big Show has an 11” head, Randy’s halfway up it making Show 6’10 next to him
Van Halen said on 5/Sep/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8

How much do you weigh?
Van Halen said on 5/Sep/20
Randy looks 236 pounds, but he has big legs in comparison to his body... 241-242 pounds is very possible in my opinion.
Van Halen said on 5/Sep/20

i think he is 186 with his classic posture but 6'1.5-75" if he stands straight. So... 317-318 pounds. But remember, he has big shape and even Orton didn't look skinny next to him.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Sep/20
But how massive are we talking though? It can't be more than maybe 11-"11.5" at the very most.

@Van Halen
How much do you think Lee weighs? He's billed at 340 but I think more 310. He was previously billed 320 back in his NXT days.
Kan said on 4/Sep/20
I met Randy orton back 2009 in a live event. I was very near him
, when he stepped into the ring. I’m 5ft8 1/4 and i was in converse and ramdy looked near a full head on me. I think i was at most an inch over is chin, so 6ft4 seems fair, i doubt Randy was under 6ft4 unless his boots gave him more than 2 inch and i really doubt.

However I hadn't noticed that randy had a big head in person. Of course not as big as big show, but after i rewatch several match vs undertaker, Randy doesn’t seems to have it much smaller... probably a fraction at most, but i doubt half inch or so. He is a tall Guy, but for his height, it’s probably over the average
Kan said on 4/Sep/20
Big show probably looks 6ft9 1/2 but 6ft8 next to randy i really doubt
Van Halen said on 3/Sep/20
He is a big guy, he didnt look skinny next to Keith Lee. He looks cool in the ring
6'3 Julian said on 1/Sep/20
I’d like to remind everyone that Big Show has a massive head
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Aug/20
He can seem under 6'10" with 5'9" Ric Flair these days though. He was no more than around a full head taller than him on Raw last month.
6'3 Julian said on 28/Aug/20
@Christian I understand your point, but I wouldn’t put it past Randy Orton to stand on his tiptoes to make Big Show less scary
Ben Bell said on 27/Aug/20
He looks 6’4 to me.
A good guy to judge others heights from.
Canson said on 25/Aug/20
@Rampage and Christian: I would also add that Show is disadvantaged by the camera in addition to his head being a bit down. If both had the same angle I could easily see closer to their actual heights. But that’s before we address footwear. I would say with all things considered maybe Show could be 6’10” still and Orton more like 6’3.5-6’4” range than a full 6’4 which is what I’ve always had him
Space said on 22/Aug/20
Nah Orton looks 6’4” and Show looks 6’9” easily there
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/Aug/20
You make a good point about footwear, but I highly doubt that Orton was on his tiptoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Aug/20
Well he’s looking nowhere near 6ft10 with Orton
6'3 Julian said on 21/Aug/20
You can’t see his feet. He may well be standing on tiptoes or wearing thick boots to Show look smaller, otherwise he’d look tiny.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/20
Rob, could Show be under 6ft10 now?

Orton should not going above his eyeline
Editor Rob
With Big Show, it's always going to be a guy who has bigger potential to measure taller than he looks half the time.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/20
He’s making Big Show look only 6ft8!
Jkiller said on 5/Aug/20
Honestly anything between 6'3.75-6'4
Wrasslinfan said on 11/Jul/20
Same height as Edge aside from footwear.
Mikey97 said on 8/Jul/20
Funny how a lot of people view Orton as a relatively thin, skinny guy.

In person he is the complete opposite. Never got close enough to determine height (he's very tall) but he is a really, really big dude.
Canson said on 7/Jul/20
heightchecker34 said on 6/Jul/20
Canson, I don't know whether the last sentence of your comment was directed at me... but I compared all those guys to Orton and they all look in the 6'3 range. I didn't just inflate everyone because of one height change. Anyhow, I am not seeing 6'2 range for Masters, he still looks comfortably taller than Cena/Lashley types (184 cm range guys). He only looks 1/4-1/2 inch shorter than Orton even though he had hair advantage.

@heightchecker34: not at all. I was simply agreeing with most of what you said but was saying most would assume that a guy who is 6’2.5 that claims 6’3.5 is the latter and would inflate others to keep up. I wasn’t saying you do it, however
heightchecker34 said on 6/Jul/20
Canson, I don't know whether the last sentence of your comment was directed at me... but I compared all those guys to Orton and they all look in the 6'3 range. I didn't just inflate everyone because of one height change. Anyhow, I am not seeing 6'2 range for Masters, he still looks comfortably taller than Cena/Lashley types (184 cm range guys). He only looks 1/4-1/2 inch shorter than Orton even though he had hair advantage.
Canson said on 1/Jul/20
Mikey97 said on 30/Jun/20

I've met Masters. No way is he 6'3.5". More like maybe 6'2.5" max.

That’s how people usually overestimate too. If they guess someone at 6’3.5 who’s really 6’2.5 they inflate everyone else along with that person said on 30/Jun/20

I've met Masters. No way is he 6'3.5". More like maybe 6'2.5" max.
James roy said on 15/Jun/20
6 foot 3.75
heightchecker34 said on 15/Jun/20
I wonder who would be the tallest in this group: Randy Orton, Cesaro, Chris Masters, Damien Sandow, Mason Ryan, or Jinder Mahal? My guess is probably Orton. All look strong 6'3 range in their matches against Randy.

Randy Orton 6'3.75 (still possible 6'4 early-mid 2000's)
Jinder Mahal 6'3.5-6.3'75
Damien Sandow 6'3.5
Mason Ryan 6'3.5
Chris Masters 6'3.5
Antonio Cesaro 6'3.25-6'3.5
Alex 6'0 said on 27/May/20
I always thought 6'4 but thats a stretch i think. 6'3 to 6'3.5 i see now
Andy 5'91/2 said on 24/May/20
Orton: 6’4 1/4 drew McIntyre: 6’4.9
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 20/May/20
6ft 4 tall wrestler indeed... Another famous April 1st aka April Fools birthday person like Matt Lanter.
miko said on 15/May/20
Orton is an easy 6'4.

McIntyre is 6'4.25/6'4.5 range, but likes to wear a bigger boot so regularly looks 6'5 in the ring.
Canson said on 13/May/20
@Christian: that’s a good estimate or Orton could be 6’3 5/8 and Drew 6’4,25”. May be 5/8” between or max 2cm but nothing more
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/May/20
@lethal leke
Drew's 6'5", but Orton's only 6'3.5"? Lol, they were only like a half inch apart. My guess is Orton at 6'3.75" and Drew 6'4.25"
Canson said on 11/May/20
@Lethal Leke: I agree on Orton. Vegas has seen him and said he looked slightly less than another legit 6’4”
Mehmet said on 10/May/20
I think he’s looks to be 1m93-1m94
lethal leke said on 10/May/20
Hi I can tell you this for a fact I have met a few of the WWE guys in 2000's and now the height of a lot of them this is going off my actual height. I'm 6'5.5 barefooted and 6'6.5 in Trainers and 6'7.5 in my wrestling boots. I know this because I have had my height and weight checked before all of my MMA fights and barefooted I was measured my height ranging from 6'5.5 -6'6, so fix this page and put this guys height.

Now I know this for a fact and am guna list some height compared to me:





surmila singh said on 6/May/20
He might be 6 ft or 6 ft 1 inch beacuse if cm punk is 5'10 and chris jericho is 5'9 i have seen multiple pic of the. Standing together and randy is only a few inch tall so i think no i am sure he is 6 ft or 6 feet 1 inch
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/May/20
Around 6'5" in his wrestling boots, as wrestling boots give no less than a solid inch.
Michael186 said on 1/May/20
195cm in wrestling boots
Ffhj said on 19/Apr/20
Rob,how tall does triple H look here 4 inch difference maybe ?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Can make Triple look 6ft 1 flat at times
OriginalAnon said on 16/Apr/20
Could be 192cm these days but could still be 193cm
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Mar/20
I agree
Roderick said on 6/Mar/20
JBL was also an amazing heel
Roderick said on 4/Mar/20
@Christian IMO, Orton is one of the best heels in the history of the business. He does bad things, simply because he is a bad guy.
TheBat said on 4/Mar/20
6'4" flat for Randy seems accurate.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Mar/20
I think Orton's much better off portraying as a heel (bad guy). It fits his cunning "viper" persona.
Roderick said on 18/Feb/20
I don't mean to sound like a douche but I just don't get how people place Kane over 6'6". His Instagram is full of photos of him looking 6'5". An estimate of Kane at 6'6.5" is just ridiculous.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jan/20
I wouldn't really put Kane higher than 6'6.5", but almost certainly no lower than 6'6".
edwards said on 25/Jan/20
@ Roderick

Just because he looks 6'5 means he is that height ? Vaughn was maybe 6'4.5 when that picture was taken,he didn't look much older.kane still looks 1.5/2" taller.
edwards said on 25/Jan/20
@ Roderick

When the photo was taken,Vaughn wasn't that old and wasn't losing or shrinking height.he looks 6'4 there and Kane looks 2" angles can surprise you or anyone.kane looks 6'6 with Vaughn

@ canson

Agreed dude.
Deathvalley99 said on 25/Jan/20
Click Here
Is randy orton 192 cm today ?
Roderick said on 22/Jan/20
@Canson Kane can't be over 6'6". He looked max 6'5" with Vince Vaughn and with 6'6" LISTED Lee Smith, he actually only looked 6'4.5"... so best case scenario he hits 6'6" with perfect posture.
Canson said on 20/Jan/20
@Roderick: he can look strong 6’6/weak 6’7 at times but I wouldn’t go under 6’6 for him either. He is 6’6-6’6.75 range
Roderick said on 29/Dec/19
Kane has perfect posture and looks 6'6" generally
edwards said on 21/Dec/19
@ christian

i agree on that dude but most of the photo posted in ch are kane not standing straight.i noticed kane has problem in his kness unlike taker who has problem in his knees and also hip.i still feel 6'5.5/6'6 is too low for kane.maybe like you said 6'6.25 is possible.still dosent look much shorter than big show.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/19
I think guys like Undertaker and Hogan fit the description more than Kane. Kane's posture isn't as bad as those two.
edwards said on 20/Dec/19
@ roderick

you might be surprised how much hidden height do guy's like kane may have.he may look 6'5.5/6'6 to some folk's but they havent seen him in military posture.tho,i agree that he is no longer 6'7.kane may look 6'5.5/6'6 but when measured he may creep inch or two and measure tall than most of rhe people have expecred and guessed.that's the problem with guy like kane.he measures taller than how he stand's and walk.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Dec/19
Obviously he looks under 6'7" in more pics than he does over it, but there are a few. Btw, who are you referring to, when you said the two dudes who claimed 6'6"?
Roderick said on 16/Dec/19
What I meant by people who want Kane to be taller is when people meet him in person and over estimate him by an inch just because their brain wants him to be 6'7" so badly.

I can see how a peak Kane looks over 6'7" frequently but not a current Kane.
Roderick said on 16/Dec/19
@Christian Thank you, but when does Kane look over 6'7" nowadays?

@Canson I'm the same way as both of you guys. I just simply state how tall I feel someone is. I agree with you guys that Orton is a weak 6'4".

Also I want to clear things up and say that I don't think Kane is 6'5". That does look too low for him as he looks noticeably taller than two dudes who both claimed 6'6". I could be wrong and Kane is really more like 6'6.5" but that's the max for sure. I still say 6'6" because sometimes he looks 6'5.5" as well.

Kane has looked 6'9" before with Big Show but that was in his ridiculous boots
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Dec/19
I don't think that Roderick was malicious or anything like that in his reply though. Besides, I've accused posters of wanting to make a celeb taller, on a few occasions myself (whether the accusation was warranted or not), so I can't really get mad about it.
Canson said on 12/Dec/19
@Roderick: Having known and interacted with Christian for as long as I have, he is not the type to “want” someone to be taller. He’s not a fanboy. He has a point because on occasion he can look 6’7+ like he said. I can’t see him as low as 6’5” just as you can’t see him as high as 6’7”. And I’m a lot like Christian when it comes to my estimates. I often estimate below Rob’s listing for a celeb, not above the listing. An example is Randy Orton who I believe is a weak 6’4”. Sometimes I estimate right at the listing or within 1/2” of it but rarely over. Maybe because Im a traditional (afternoon) 6’4” albeit a strong one, and I get asked if or told I’m 6’5 or 6’6 on occasion by people who lie about their heights or because of someone else lying about their height causes the bad perception and even after I tell someone 6’4” barefoot it sometimes is still an argument which can be frustrating.
Roderick said on 6/Dec/19
@Christian When does Kane look 6'7+" nowadays?!?!?! He usually appears 6'6" in dress shoes, tops. And overestimating a huge guy by an inch especially when you want him to be taller, is VERY common.

6'6" max for Kane.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Dec/19
Kane's height is bit hard to pinpoint precisely because he seems to fluctuate depending on pics. Sometimes he can look 6'7"+ and others as low as 6'5". Several posters here allegedly met him and said he looked 6'7" range though. I'd currently put him at 6'6"-6'6.5" range.
DEBANJAN SHOME said on 3/Dec/19
I think Randy Orton's real height may be 6'3.5" to 6'4"
Roderick said on 22/Nov/19
@Canson Not to me. I can't see Kane taller than 6'6". 6'5.5" isnt even ruled out
Canson said on 20/Nov/19
@Roderick: Kane can still look 6’7”. But Much less than 200cm looks low. 6’6.5 is possible but I doubt low 6’6” or 6’5.5. Big Show looks 6’10 still on occasion. I remember him being slightly taller than Kevin Durant before but it was years ago.
Roderick said on 19/Nov/19
@edwards Big Show is probably 6'9" today and made Kane look 6'5.5".

Kane at 6'7" or even high 6'6" is too high
JamboD said on 19/Nov/19
Rob,how tall do you think orton is in his boots ?
Editor Rob
6ft 5-5.5 depending on the type
edwards said on 16/Nov/19
kane looks sub 6’7 now,dont know whether it’s his bad posture or he really has shrink that much but measuring on a stadiometer,he may surprise everyone and still be 6’7.that is problem with guy like kane,when measured he may creep cm or two.
Roderick said on 6/Nov/19
Rob, wouldn't you agree that a 6'7" guy should look taller next to Orton? I think Kane should be lowered

@jron I hope that's for Kane....
James B 172cm said on 6/Nov/19
rob could kane have been 6'6 range all along?
jron said on 4/Nov/19
i think he's 6'6 just saying
JamboD said on 2/Nov/19
Rob , Click Here Randy orton next to Kane here maybe looks 6'5? Maybe footwear is a factor but still not a big difference between them ?
Editor Rob
Kane still seems somewhere in 6ft 6 range, though maybe not 6ft 7
Callum Parry said on 30/Oct/19
Anyone seen his picture with Fury looks about 2.5-3 inch difference.
Mikey97 said on 27/Oct/19
He's 6'4" legit
Roderick said on 19/Oct/19
@Christian I didn't even know that was possible..... I had always thought 5% minimum
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Oct/19
@James B
Some bodybuilders during competition season get to as low as 2%. That's only temporary though.
Roderick said on 11/Oct/19
@Christian Yeah but those charts mean nothing. I have a good amount of muscle.
James B 172cm said on 11/Oct/19
i heard that a lot of muscle is bad for your heart health.

not sure if that is accurate or not though?
James B 172cm said on 11/Oct/19
christian-some bodybuilders get under 7 percent body fat for competetion reasons
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/19
@James B
I think it's ideal aesthetic wise, but having too little body fat is unhealthy. Of course, 10-12% isn't too low to be considered unhealthy though.
James B 172cm said on 10/Oct/19
roderick-i'd say 10-12 percent is ideal
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/19
But the BMI chart will still consider you as overweight, lol.
Roderick said on 9/Oct/19
Just jumping in the conversation Lol, but I have 15~% body fat roughly and I weigh 190 pounds, at a height of 5'10". I feel good about it. Don't feel too fat or too skinny. Just right.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Oct/19
I doubt that me being just an inch taller than you makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to muscle, fat and weight.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Oct/19
The average guess justifies the listing!
Canson said on 5/Oct/19
@Christian: I didn’t look fat per se but looked heavier for sure. But you may not have had quite as much muscle then but you have an extra inch in height which balances out more than me when it comes to weight. It sounds like you have more muscle now than I do tho. I have a good amount but I’m not really big when it comes to build
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Oct/19
My peak weight was 245, but I didn't have as much muscle as you, and my body fat was higher than 18%. I wouldn't have really described myself as looking "fat" though, just average.
Canson said on 3/Oct/19
@Christian: I was probably 250 more like 5 years back. Maybe 225-230 range in 2016 I believe. I’ve been 215-220 since probably then. I had significantly more body fat then. I was around 18% when I was 250ish
Roderick said on 3/Oct/19
@fred He's billed at 6'5".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Oct/19
Orton today is billed 6'5" though, and has been for probably a decade. He was only billed 6'4" in the early to mid 2000's.
fred rosser said on 3/Oct/19
Randy Orton is one of those rare cases where WWE did not inflate the height. Randy Orton i always knew was no less 6'4" when he stands tall with perfect posture.

He's almost forty now. So I don't know if years and years of lifting weights and doing pro wrestling has knocked some height off of him.

I remember Randy back in 2002. He looked 6'4 ish with Test.

Peak young Orton 6'4-4.5 (not under 6'4 flat).
Now I don't if he lost any height .
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Oct/19
Weren't you once nearly 250 about 3 years ago? Was that just because you had more BF?
Blahhh said on 1/Oct/19
Snoop is a full inch shorter than Orton. Do the math...
Canson said on 1/Oct/19
@Christian: maybe when I was younger. Today it’s magnified being this old lol
fred rosser said on 1/Oct/19
I don't know how tall he is. But one thing for certain. A young prime randy Orton is no less than 6'4"
K.A 188 ! said on 1/Oct/19
6ft3 flat is a laughable joke. ..

The absolute lowest I can see for Randy is at 191.5 after gym and a tough wrestling match .
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Oct/19
I think if you gained an extra 20 lbs and still be at 10-11%, you'll look like a beast, lol. Gaining 20 lbs only by muscle takes time and dedication though.
Canson said on 30/Sep/19
6’3 looks too low
Canson said on 30/Sep/19
@Christian: it may be more like 11% in reality.

@Roderick: I think 6’3.5 or .75 or in between. I’d agree he’s a weak 6’4”. Probably would be half inch or maybe 2cm shorter than me whereas Swagger may be my height
Canson said on 30/Sep/19
@Christian: it may be more like 11% in reality.
fred rosser said on 29/Sep/19
EVERYONE here - what do you think of a peak young randy being 6'3 flat.
fred rosser said on 29/Sep/19
he getting old.

prime, young Randy looked no less than 6'4, possibly 6'4 1/4-1/2 (max 6'4 1/2)
now i think he's still no less than 6'4.
Roderick said on 29/Sep/19
@Canson I have settled on 6'3.75" as a final all-time height for Orton. A tad under 6'4" always seems to be his figure even in the early 2000s.
Canson said on 29/Sep/19
@Christian: I have a decent amount of muscle. I’m not like an Arnold tho lol. I do have more athletic build tho
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Sep/19
218 with 10% BF is quite impressive. Certainly more impressive than me, lol. I'd say I'm a bit more muscular than the average guy, but I wouldn't call my self an "athlete" or have an "athletic build".
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan
6'5 3/8" is my low height, meaning either evening or late afternoon. During noon (5-6 hrs out of bed) I'm more 6'5.5". And I estimate celebs based on what I think is the true height, which is at your low. Rob bases them on noon though.
Canson said on 28/Sep/19
@Roderick: maybe 6’3.5 now if he has lost height. Vegas said Orton gave a shorter impression than Swagger and while he has Swagger 194 another poster that met him said 193. Maybe he’s more my height 6’4.25 which could go either way in appearance with some. But Vegas alluded to 6’4 or half inch lower being possible. What’s more likely is that someone like Triple H is not as tall as he’s listed and may just be 6’1”. Ali Baba claimed to meet him and said he’s 6’1”. Triple H was likely taller when he was younger though
Canson said on 27/Sep/19
I have Orton more than strong 6’3”. I would say 6’3.5-6’3.75
Roderick said on 26/Sep/19
The height loss on this site is honestly so exaggerated, talking to myself as well. Orton is THIRTY-NINE years old!

Orton has always been in that weak 6'4" range. 6'3.75" is a safe bet for him, at worse case 6'3.5".
Blahhh said on 26/Sep/19
I’d say Orton looks 6’3.25”-6’3.5” for a low today. He may have been 6’3.75” with Shaq in that picture from years ago...
Canson said on 25/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan: I’m about 218 at a hair over 6’4”. I have a very athletic build with a decent amount of mass but I wouldn’t call myself a body builder. A typical athlete is what I would be classified as. I’m about 10 or 11% body fat. I’m also still very active as I play pickup basketball again and still hit the gym
184guy2 said on 21/Sep/19
Randy and Shaq :
Click Here
It's a bit hard to see Randy under 6'4
Wrestling Fan said on 21/Sep/19
Yeah I 100% agree on that
Now you tell me your body type

I wanted to ask you 2 more things:-
First,that whether 6'5⅜" is your average height or is it morning peak or afternoon height?
Second,whenever you estimate somebody's height here,is that your estimate about their average height or it's your estimate of the lowest possible height of that person?Because I saw you once saying that Miz is a 182 range guy but it's pretty much hard for me to see that so I thought that maybe your estimates are more towards the person at its low during the day.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 20/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan
Not always, 6'0"-ish Cena's buff and muscular yet he's billed 6'1". And 6'2"-ish Reigns is only billed at 6'3". WWE could've easily billed them at least to 6'2" or 6'4" respectively, especially being that they are/were the top stars of the company. Then you have slender guys like CM Punk billed at 6'2" or Dean Ambrose billed at 6'4".
But to answer your question, I'm 225-230lbs with around 15% body fat ,so I'm not really buff or slender, more like in the middle.
Canson said on 19/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan: I think it depends more on the Sport than it does the body type. In football or basketball it may even vary. Christian at his size and based on the time of day those guys measure would likely either get 6’6” or 6’5” (depending on which he chooses) in football and 6’7” in basketball perhaps. I mentioned dependant on which he chooses because some guys that measure that size may choose the lower of the two since more height isn’t going to help. Christian is closer to 6’5” than he is 6’6” as he even goes below 3/8” at his normal low in some cases and even less at an extreme low. However you do have some guys that are his size who are listed at 6’8 in the NBA like Jimmy Butler or Kenneth Faried. Both are his size or even shorter than Christian (for Butler at least). Butler doesn’t look more than 6’5” flat. In wrestling maybe he would get 6’8” though.
Wrestling Fan said on 19/Sep/19
@Christian 6'5⅜"
That pretty much depends on the body type.
For example you're 6'5⅜" but you're slender or athletic(like Diamond Dallas Page or Randy Orton) you'll be billed no more than 6'7"
But if you're but you're a freak(like Batista back in the day) then you can get billed upto 6'8" very easily

That is the sole reason that 6'3"(peak height) Batista got billed at 6'5" and then at 6'6" but Randy Orton who's around 6'4" got billed till 2010 at 6'4" only and at 2011 got upgraded by an inch and got billed at 6'5"(which is his billed height till this day)

By the way what's your body type?
Riccardo 5'7" said on 18/Sep/19
Click Here
Edge batista Orton
Roderick said on 17/Sep/19
Orton is NOT 255 pounds. He looks 235 max, a 6'4~" 255lb man is MUCH bigger than Orton.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Sep/19
@Wrestling Fan
It's crazy to think that wrestlers my height can be billed at 6'8". Sorry but 6'8" just sounds freakish. I'd much rather be billed at just 6'6" or 6'7" if I was a wrestler.
Excess4 said on 16/Sep/19
Orton is 255 pounds.
Orcasrock said on 15/Sep/19
Randy orton mouthed he weighed 255 lbs tonight.
Wrestling Fan said on 15/Sep/19
His name is Dan Rodman
He's from Tough Enough 2004
He's around 6'5¼"-6'5½"
He was billed at 6'8"

In the picture where none of them both are standing straight and also Rodman is wearing running shoes instead of wrestling boots.
So it's quite hard to see him around 6'5" range but trust me he is.
He was good heel but didn't get the push
Xpac99 said on 14/Sep/19
Click Here
How tall is the blonde guy?
Sotiris Gravas said on 14/Sep/19
Joeyb33 w/ Orton... Click Here
Wrestling Fan said on 10/Sep/19
Yeah pal you picked up right!
His name is Joeyb33.
He did meet Randy and I don't know on which page but he also posted a picture of himself with Randy.
Randy was pretty much 6'4" in that picture.
Riccardo 5'7" said on 9/Sep/19
I saw some pictures of him with Cena not in wrestling gear, he looks to have 3.5/4" on 6'0" Jhon Cena but sometimes even less maybe because of Cena's footwear.

In my opinion he was 2.5 inches shorter then Undertaker when they had a rivalry 15 years ago (Undertaker 6'6.5 back than)

I also saw this picture that i found funny, everyone looks short here.
Click Here with triple h looking 6'0.75 next to Cena.
Hogan's head tilted up, Ortons head down. Hogan footwear advantage.
Orton looks 6'3.5 next to barely 6'2.5 Hogan.

Btw he is closer to 6'4" then 6'3" obviously, I say 6'3.75 barefoot
Riccardo 5'7" said on 9/Sep/19
I saw some pictures of him with Cena not in wrestling gear, he looks to have 3.5/4" on 6'0" Jhon Cena but sometimes even less maybe because of Cena's footwear.

In my opinion he was 2.5 inches shorter then Undertaker when they had a rivalry 15 years ago (Undertaker 6'6.5 back than)

Just for fun, everyone looks short here.
Click Here with triple h looking 6'0.75 next to Cena.
Hogan's head tilted up, Ortons head down. Hogan footwear advantage.
Orton looks 6'3.5 next to barely 6'2.5 Hogan.

Btw he is closer to 6'4" then 6'3" obviously

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