How tall is Big Show

Big Show's Height

6ft 10 (208.3 cm)

Peak height was 7ft 0 (213.4 cm)
American wrestler Paul Wight. He has said "I'm 7 foot and Andre was about 7ft 1, 7ft 2" and when somebody claimed he was 6ft 7 and 325 pounds - he retorted with his real weight: "Actually I am seven feet tall. I weigh 452 pounds". He also claimed to have "Always been a little over 7 feet tall".

Real height of Big show
Big Show with Kelly Kelly
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (739 Votes)
Peak: 7ft 0.06in (213.5cm)
Current: 6ft 10.4in (209.3cm)
Return of G said on 21/Apr/24
I used to think he was 7'1 but even in his peak I think he's hit about 6:11 and a half. He has always worn huge boots with lifts. When I saw that Street clothed video of him and Shaq I know he was never 7 ft or more
ConnorS-6'0 said on 30/Nov/23
Was Big show ever really 7’0 Rob? He looked closer to 6’11” with the 7’1” Great Khali. Maybe i can buy 6’11.5” or 6’11” 3/4 at the absolute maximum for his peak height, but no more than that. Today he looks 6’9”.
Editor Rob
I think in his 20's and early 30's he had a decent shout of being that tall...can't see him a flat 6ft 11 guy.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 15/Sep/23
Big show 7ft0 kevin nash 6ft10 Taker kane both 6ft8.5 sid 6ft7 1/4.
trin said on 11/Sep/23
7' or maybe a bit over peak and 6'10.5" current
5'7 and a fraction said on 9/Sep/23
7'0 max peak, 6'10 flat today.
miko said on 28/Aug/23
I went to the AEW show at Wembley last night.

Show/Wight looked about 4 inches shorter than Satnam Singh, who is absolutely huge, I'd guess 7'2 range, certainly taller than Khali ever was.

Show was looking 6'10 tops, but his knees looked absolutely shot like he couldn't straighten them out, they've gone like Khali's are, bending inwards and atrophied. That only seems to have happened in the last few years.

I still think Show is over 6'9 but I'd suspect he's clinging onto the 6'10 range at present.
ReturnofG said on 3/Jun/23
I'd say about 6'11 peak barefoot.
JT said on 27/May/23
miko, in that video with Jericho, Big Show looks to have a full head length (~ 12 inches) plus a few inches on Jericho. Recently, he still has more than a full head length on Jericho Click Here although we can’t see the footwear

Here’s a video from the WCW days when he stood really straight, which was rare. Click Here

For guys like Big Show and Andre with proportionately long torsos, bending at the waist takes off more height as compared to guys with proportionately short torsos (e.g., Nash, Sid, etc.).

Here’s a rough idea how much height he gains by straightening his torso at the point where he bends at the lower back Click Here
Jordan87 said on 24/May/23
@ Dewie 5'9

I think Taker was said to have bee 280 pounds during his American badAss Return. I can tell you in the early 90's he was around 265, def thinner then his American Badass era.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 22/May/23
Taker 6ft8 280 pounds the greatest wrestler of all time.
Robbe said on 19/May/23

Show looks 6'10 with Jericho Click Here
Jordan87 said on 18/May/23
For wrestlers say over 6'8 and 350 pounds in that combination ( Big Show, Andre, Studd, Omos, Khali, Giant Silva, Giant Gonzales)....Big show is BY FAR The Best Athlete. He really makes the rest Just Mentioned look boring in comparison. Yokozouna ( 450-500 when he started) and Vader ( 375ish) also were agile but I'm talking strictly guys over 6'8 and 350. Big Show puts them all to shame.

Andre when younger could move ok ( no Where near Big show as far as Move set and Mic Skills). Khali, Omos, Giant Silva, and Giant Gonzales had only half of Big Show's In Ring Talent as well as Mic Skills.

Now mind you I still don't think Show was over 6'11 ever !...But want to take this opportunity to appreciate his in-Ring work, b/c again...Puts the other Guys ( 6'8+ and 350 Plus) to Shame.
miko said on 17/May/23
It'd be interesting to see what Show would measure if he stood in the same posture he does in this video about 17 seconds in with Jericho. We rarely ever see him standing like that in military posture.

I know this is 2009 and he was about 37 at that point, when you consider he has roughly a 11.5/12' long head (it's huge) and a few inches his chin on Chris, he looks around 14 inches taller than him there. If Jericho is in the 5'9.25/5'9.5 range, Show is looking a solid 6'11 a that point and certainly no less.

Click Here

Show's posture was sloppy even in staredowns over the last decade, he didn't stand bolt upright even when going toe to toe with Shaq in 2016, so it'd be interesting to see how much more height he could squeeze out for a measurement.

The one time he did seem to really force his posture in more recent times he looked around 4.5' inches taller than 6'6/6'6.5 Braun Strowman:

Click Here
viper said on 17/May/23
Just physically speaking Show looks 7-0 in that college basketball photo
Peter hung said on 16/May/23
6’10 is spot on
miko said on 15/May/23
Theres no way Shaq is 3 to 4 inches taller than Show today when Show wasn't that much shorter than 7'2 Omos in a photo backstage from a few years ago standing pretty much side by side, if you accounted for Show being slightly closer to the camera it was 2.5/3 inches.

The difference between them in the video did look bigger than expected but we never saw a proper angle to compare them at. The last time we saw them was in the 2016 Andre the Giant match and it looked about 1.5/2' between them depending on posture.
Alex 6'0 said on 13/May/23
In 2009 he held up vs shaq well. Looked a solid inch difference and peak shaq was at worst 6'11.75. Show still cleared 6'10.5 there. Shaq looks to have 3-4 inches on big show few years ago. Big show i see at 6'9 nowadays
Vmoejs said on 11/May/23
Jordan87 said on 10/May/23
@ Robbe,

I see your Point. Rob Has Mane at 6' me he looks around there, maybe a bit shorter but this makes Kane around 6'6?.. Taker Looked 6'6 in your Pictures you posted with the Fabs....Taker was around 50 or high 40's I think in those pictures.

Maybe Prime Taker is 6'6.25" and Prime Kane ( without his lifts- which were a good 75" extra early in his career) is around 6'6.5 .Mane def Looks taller but to me ( and ROB too) is not over 6'7.

Very Interesting Find !!!!
Robbe said on 10/May/23
Here's another pic of that 5'7 fan with Tyler, compared to Kane Click Here

Tyler's peak was 6'8, and looks still a strong 6'7. Visible taller than Kane there.
Robbe said on 10/May/23

To me Tyler Mane has always looked taller than Taker and Kane, and still edges them clearly i believe. Tyler actually looked pretty close to Kevin Nash height in the -90's.

Same fan here with 6'11 Joonas Suotamo and Tyler Click Here
JT said on 9/May/23
Screen shot of Big Show and Nathan Jones from the early 2000s Click Here Rob has Jones at 6’9 ¾”

miko, I think Khali would still edge Big Show unless his lower legs are continuing to angle inward. Interesting that Big Show looked to have the same problem around a year ago and was wearing knee braces Click Here Maybe he’s had surgery to remedy the condition?
Jordan87 said on 8/May/23
@ Robbe,

First thing that Shot out at me is Why does Tyler Mane look taller than Undertaker and Kane.....
Robbe said on 7/May/23
Same fan with:

Taker, Kane, and Show Click Here

Taker, Show, and Kevin Nash Click Here

Taker, Kane, and Kevin Nash Click Here

Take, Kane, and 6'4.5 listed Jack Swagger Click Here

Taker, Kane, and 6'7 listed Tyler Mane Click Here

Taker, Kane, and Sid Click Here

Taker, Kane, and Hulk Hogan Click Here

Taker, Kane, and Big Cass Click Here

Show, Kevin Nash, and Kane Click Here

There you go 😜
Return of G said on 5/May/23
I used to think Big show was a legit 7 ft peak but now I don't think he quite stood 7 ft even at his tallest right out of bed maybe in shoes but I figure somewhere about 6 feet 11 in or about a half inch taller than that. Just my opinion. Like even when in WCW he was wearing very thick healed and lifted boots almost as bad as Kane. Which one I met Glenn Jacobs he didn't admit that they had him wearing lifts in his boots to make him clearly taller than undertaker
miko said on 5/May/23
I'd be intrigued to see Show and Khali go face to face present day and see if their was any change.

When Show stood to his maximum in 2008 it looked on average a 1 inch difference, it could look more to the untrained eye due to Show having a low eyeline.

JT given how do you think they'd stack up these days? Both have looked similar next to Kevin Nash in recent times. Khali's legs do seem to have bowed badly in the last 5 years and Show's height has looked a bit all over the place.

Nash and Khali: Click Here
Nash and Show: Click Here
Robbe said on 5/May/23
Khali's peak was 7ft range, but due to his curved legs he struggles to look over 6'9 nowadays. In 2007 he looked 6'11 with Bautista Click Here

Left to be seen how long he can walk. His legs look pretty awful, really..
JT said on 5/May/23
6’8” Nash….. Click Here
miko said on 4/May/23
A 6'9 range Khali puts a peak Batista at well under 6 feet tall. Click Here

Click Here And would put a peak Kane at 6'4.5 range.
Jordan87 said on 4/May/23
Guys Hold up,

Khali at 6'9.5"?

Nash has a better Chance of 6'8 than Khali has of being as short as 6'9.5.

Nash is closer to the camera in the picture with Khali.

Kahli was Shaq's height ( 7'0 ish, may Dip under it). Nash is 6'7 to 6'8 nowadays, closer to 6'7 to me.

If Khali was 6'9,5, then Big Show is 6'8".

IMO ( My Very Humble " O"....Like always :):):)

Prime heights
Khali - 6'11.5 - 7'0 ( Taller than Big Show and Around Shaq's height)
Big Show - 6'10" ( PROVEN Shorter than 6'10.5 to 6'11 Dirk- Not sure how many more times I can say it, was Easily over 2" shorter than Shaq- who is not 7'1 we all know)
Kevin Nash - 6'8 ( Older looks 6'7 and some change with Rob TOPS, Looks Shorter in 1/2 pics with Rob)
Vegas' said on 4/May/23
Khali 6'9? Ortons struggling to look much over, 6 foot so especially in that second full length shot Click Here

As far as Wight goes 6'10 peak is pretty much impossible as JT pointed out. A ~6'10 Wight in 1991-92 would mean the starting centre for an NCAA Division 1 team was barely 6'5. This was time period in basketball where huge guys dominated, same year Shaq played in college e.g
Robbe said on 4/May/23
If Brock is 6'2, then Khali looks 6'9 there. Now, if we compare Kevin to 6'9 Khali:

Click Here

Kevin's eyeline is under 6'3 on the chart, which should mean he is under 6'8 there. He also looks to be slightly closer to the camera, so practically he isn't much over 6'7 there.
Williamm said on 3/May/23
@Jordan87 Yes, I went by his listing. I didn’t give my opinion on his height. Although 6ft7 is too short for Nash, even though he has lost height. Look at photos of him next to 6ft9.5 Great Khali (Dalip Singh) Click Here , for example. Nash is 6ft8, in my opinion.
Duhon said on 3/May/23
@Jordan87 Rob tends to list the heights of celebs he's met based on how they looked to him in person and not just how they appear in the photo that's taken (correct me if I'm wrong Rob). There are a couple listing where they look taller in the photo with him and he subsequently lists them lower. Look at the page for Rockstar Spud as an example of that.
Jordan87 said on 2/May/23
@ Williamm

Nash at 6'8.75"?..Thats what Rob lists him at but I disagree . Nash looks no more than 6'7 with Rob and that was 10 years ago. Nash is likely shorter now.
Jordan87 said on 2/May/23
@ Canson,

Issue I have is Dirk was listed at 6'10.5 and 6'11 at different points Pre-Draft and is factually Taller than Show. There is no way around that. I say in some pics it was close to 2", Others say 1" depending on the angle.

So we know Dirk is not taller than 6'11 ( he may even be shorter based on some listings) so Big Show can not by taller than 6'11", or at least not when he took the pic with Dirk.

To Me, Dirk makes Big Show ( At that Time- Look 6'10, or 6'9.5 at a mInumim). Maybe in his prime he was taller but I think he was around 39-40 when he took that Picture with Dirk.

I personally have Nash at 6'8 ( He looks not taller than 6'7 with Rob) and Big Show at 6'10.5 if we are going by Peak heights.
miko said on 2/May/23
Here is a photo straight on of Nash & Show. Just shows how deceiving camera angles can be at times.

Click Here

Nash still looks over 6'8, and Show is at maximum posture here, looks over 6'10.
Williamm said on 30/Apr/23
Recent pictures with 6ft8 ¾ Kevin Nash and others. The camera angle may not be in his favour. Click Here
Canson said on 30/Apr/23
@Robbe: I’ve also long doubted that Conan was 6’4 flat. 6’3.5-.75 peak perhaps
Canson said on 28/Apr/23
@Vegas, JT, and Jordan87: I can split the difference and call Show 6’11,5 peak meaning 7’0.75 in Basketball sneaks. I can see an argument for 6’11 peak that Jordan has but I can see 7’ at times although I’m not so sure he was a solid 7’. If he was, means he’s lost 2” already and he already looked 1.5” maybe 2 shorter than Shaq years ago. Maybe Show was 6’10.5 when that encounter occurred like Robbe alluded to and Shaq is 7’
Robbe said on 28/Apr/23
Show looks 7ft range with Conan there Click Here

Question is how much height Conan is dropping with that posture?
Jordan87 said on 27/Apr/23
@ Toby barret,

You mean when Conon is leaning in as they shake hands ? LOl

@ Vegas,

Dirk is 6'11 ( tops- Some reports have 6'10.5 but lets say 6'11") ......I think in some shots there are 2 inches of height. IF there is only 1" of height....Big show still doesn't make it over 6'' do realize that ? ..... My Argument is Show was never over 6'11 and it appears to be True, Especially with Dirk. Not sure how else to say it. Dirk makes Show sub 6'11 very very easily, Hard for him to break 6'10 with him in some shots.
Kunoichi said on 25/Apr/23
A sumo wrestler's height is measured barefoot, but generally includes a topknot on top of the head. The actual height is about -1inch of the published value.
Ben Bell said on 24/Apr/23
Meeting show at a wrestling con this weekend. Will put my pics on the gram. Will measure myself on Saturday morning and see what I’m measuring.
I’d go with 6’10 for Show.
Can’t believe it’s 20 years, I was very close to the ring in 03 and Show didn’t look that big. It was the Insurexion show at Newcastle. He was terrible shape.
Slamo said on 21/Apr/23
6-11.5 peak. Now 6-10 range
Vegas' said on 21/Apr/23
Jordan we are well aware the difference between listed and measured height. There is no need to remind JT...

There is not 2 inches between Dirk and Wight in that photo, not one either and Dirk is closer to camera negating any posture issues.

Dawkins eyeline is at Wight shoulders so difference is more than ~6 inches. That's 7 inch difference for comparison sake Click Here
JT said on 20/Apr/23
Jordan87, a 6’11” Big Show (~7’0.25” in b-ball shoes) means No. 32 was sub-6’6” barefoot, which ain’t happening for a starting center on two NCAA Division I basketball teams circa 1990s. Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 19/Apr/23

Then how come Paul has 8 or so inches on 6'4 Conan O'Brien.

Click Here (~ 0:35).
Andrew Lawrence said on 18/Apr/23
Jordan87 said on 18/Apr/23
@ JT

"No. 32 was listed at 6’8” and played center at Wichita State and later at Virginia Commonwealth, No. 15 was listed at 6’7” and was a forward, and Big Show was listed at 7’1” and obviously center"

Listed...Listed..listed..... Doesn't mean they are that height. NBA, College all inflate height man. This is not news. Show has never been over 7'0, he has never been over 6'11.

Many Things point to show never breaking the 7'0 mark, I don't have to repeat them, they have been covered to death on here.
JT said on 15/Apr/23
Assuming Big Show is ~ 7’1 ¼” in his b-ball shoes Click Here

No. 32 was listed at 6’8” and played center at Wichita State and later at Virginia Commonwealth, No. 15 was listed at 6’7” and was a forward, and Big Show was listed at 7’1” and obviously center. With the higher camera angle, No. 32 might gain a bit of height in the photo if he lined up with the other two although it's hard to tell.

This is if Big Show has posture more like like Akebono’s. Click Here Rob has Akebono at 6’7 ¾” although he reportedly measured a little over 6'8" in sumo. Akebono looked pretty tall with 6’4”ish Bob Sapp from around this same time period Click Here
Jordan87 said on 14/Apr/23

Not sure if they loose height faster, but their bodies go through hell.

Poor Andre. Big Show got surgery on his Tumor earlier so he is much healther but still.

I hear it's supposed to weaken joints but I have a hard time seeing Big Show and Andre ( in their Primes) not being able to manhandle other non- acromegalic giants like Strowman, Kane, Taker.

Strowman was def a monster ( much smaller now) but Prime for Prime...a year 2000 Big Show would make Strowman look " slight".

I don't think Show was ever over 6'11 but if you look at around July of 2000 ( after WM 2000) he was completely massive, but still in shape. That version of Big Show would make Strowman look like a normal person.
Robbe said on 14/Apr/23
Akebono's height is debatable, but if he was 6'7 when he met Show, then Show looked 6'10.5.

Click Here

If Show is 7ft in this team photo, then other players appear like this Click Here

Do we know any of those players real heights?
Duhon said on 12/Apr/23
I wonder if acromegalic giants like Andre and Big Show shrink at an accelerated rate compared to natural giants? Both of them seemed to peak in height at a young age and start to shrink at ages most people don't yet.
Jordan87 said on 12/Apr/23

There are 2" between them....Dirk is the one loosing posture and dipping his head lol

And Dion Dawkisn was combine measured at 6'3-7/8 * Morning height) . Big show would have a 6'5" eyelevel with him tops ( even AFTER he is tilting his head up whereas Dion is not ) LOL

Try again. Why do I have to point these things out about pictures you are referring to?

1. Big show eye level is 6'5 with a measured 6'3-7/8" man ( with Show tilting his head up heh heh :)
2. Big Show is FACTUALLY Shorter than a 6'10.5-6'11 measured / listed man.

You need anything else?
JT said on 11/Apr/23
Big Show’s taller next to Rodman than ~ 6’10” John Salley is Click Here
Vegas' said on 11/Apr/23
Rockaway the two best examples of peak Wight in photo form are probably these two

1991 college basketball Click Here

1995 barefoot Click Here
Vegas' said on 11/Apr/23
Wight does not look ~6'9 with Dirk, there isn't 2 inches in that full length shot.

Also doesn't look ~6'9 with Díon Dawkins

Click Here
Rockaway said on 10/Apr/23
Not sure I can buy a legit lunch time 7 foot at peak. What picture is the best evidence of this? Agree with Alex 6’11 looks more likely.
Jordan87 said on 10/Apr/23
@ Robbe,

He think he Shrunk but no more than 1" by the time he was Pictured with Dirk and Rodman.

Show looked 6'9.5 with Dirk and 6'9 with Rodman. He was around 40. can't see him shrinking more than 1".

Its's hard for me to see show breaking through 6'10.5 in his prime ( which would have to be before the early 00's.
Robbe said on 10/Apr/23
I wonder when Show started to shrink? This picture with Dennis Rodman is taken 16 years ago, and Show looks no more than 6'9 there Click Here
JT said on 9/Apr/23
Click Here Lesnar/Big Show is from around 10 years earlier. The height difference doesn't look like it would be that much with Omos if Big Show straightened up.

Fairly recent photo of Big Show with a guy (Ned Rolsma) who claims to be 365 lbs. and was listed as 7’1” in college basketball. Click Here He is a big guy – with Dustin Rhodes
Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 9/Apr/23
Peak big show in late 90s definitely looked at least 6'11
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 7/Apr/23
Big show is over 7ft0 7ft0.5 takers head measures at big shows eye line that makes undertaker 6ft9. Big show even looks 7ft1 there.
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Apr/23
Big show looks 6'9 ramge nowadays and has in recent years
JT said on 7/Apr/23
It’s hard to imagine a prime Big Show being only 6’10” range, notwithstanding a decent-sized heel, seeing how he measured up to guys like Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon, whose heights are pretty much agreed on (~ 5’10” and ~ 6’1”).
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

IIRC, this photo with Hogan (~ 6’7” in his yellow cowboy boots) and Mr. T is before Big Show started wrestling.
Click Here
Vmoek said on 6/Apr/23
Jordan87 said on 5/Apr/23
Click Here


These are NOT Going away....Sorry ;)
Jordan87 said on 3/Apr/23
As Previously Shown, Big Show was Shorter than 6'10.5-6'11 Dirk.....Show was never over 6'11.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 2/Apr/23
I have seen a shocking thing big show is 3inches shorter than 7ft0 Dirk show is no more than 6ft9 flat.
James B 5ft8 said on 31/Mar/23
Yeah Miko at sold out 98 as well there was no more than 2 inches between Nash and Big show.
Robbe said on 28/Mar/23
With Floyd Click Here
miko said on 26/Mar/23
Show might've fallen short of a full 7'0 at his peak. it's debateable, but he certainly had to have been over 6'11. Sure he had decent sized boots at times in WCW but they weren't THAT big.

If he was a flat 6'10 he would've barely edged out Kevin Nash who was likely 6'9 or maybe even a hair over it in the mid-90s given he a very solid 4 inches on Hogan and Hall.

Show tended to look around 3 inches taller than Nash in most of the staredowns, if you subtract a small footwear advantage, then maybe you'd get a 2.5 inch difference. Nash at 6'9/6'9.25 and Show at 6'11.5/6'11.75 could be the range.
510 said on 17/Mar/23
I flew on the same plane as he and he did not look 6’10” but I was probably 20 ft away. I think it must just be his proportions. He seemed very genuine and friendly.
Jordan87 said on 22/Feb/23
@ James.B 172cm

I would agree with Sid being up there as well. Sid was taller than 98 percent of the roster and had a large, athletic frame. He also had a scary looking mug.

When I was younger, and First Saw " Viscera" for the first time, I thought he was very scary. Later on they made him a joke ( Like they did for Kane, Big Show and many others....bad Move)
James.B 172cm said on 19/Feb/23
Jordan87 said on 14/Feb/23
@ Alex,

Yeah Dude, And to be honest....When Big Show was feuding with Shayne McMahon in the early 2000's....He got mad on one occasion and to be honest Big Show ( while legit angered ) would be the scariest looking man in the WWF History.

Not saying Lesnar and Shamrock couldn't take him in a fight ( With a risk) but as far as Intimidation, Angry, In Prime Big Show was the scariest looki

Scariest looking wrestler was Sid in my opinion even though he wasn’t 7ft
Jordan87 said on 14/Feb/23
@ Alex,

Yeah Dude, And to be honest....When Big Show was feuding with Shayne McMahon in the early 2000's....He got mad on one occasion and to be honest Big Show ( while legit angered ) would be the scariest looking man in the WWF History.

Not saying Lesnar and Shamrock couldn't take him in a fight ( With a risk) but as far as Intimidation, Angry, In Prime Big Show was the scariest looking wrestler for me.
Jordan87 said on 14/Feb/23

Big Show looks Shorter than Measured athletes like Dirk and Shaq and looks very much Sub 7'0 on both occasions - In his late 30's.....That guy who is listed 6'8 could be 6'6. Its College Ball brother.

6'10.5 is what Big Show looked with Dirk and Shaq from what I can see.

late 30's, ok maybe he is 6'11 during his teenage years in college, but that means he had to have srunk by late 30's 1/2" for me.
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Feb/23
Jordan, i met big show twice. 2003 and 2009. Both times he was sitting. Couldn't stand for photo unfortunately. Just a massive man in person. Easily around 450. In 06 he actually peaked at 530lbs his biggest ever.
Vegas' said on 13/Feb/23
6'10.5 is ~6'10.

Wight looks taller than 6'10.5 in that basketball photo considering the guy to his immediate left was listed at 6'8.
Jordan87 said on 13/Feb/23
@ Vegas,

Vegas' said on 11/Feb/23
~6'10 is too short for peak. That's an NCAA Division 1 team and their second tallest player would be ~6'5 if Wight was ~6'10 back then Click Here
Jordan87 said on 8/Feb/23
Alex 6'0,

I agree with the fact that someone as large as Big Show ( I personally have him at 6'10.5" in his prime) with a frame of normally 450 pounds, people would just be in awe as he walked psat them.

In his prime, which I would put around 2000-2001, his shoulders were legit 4 feet wide. His head was massive. His hands, Literally a monster of a man. Prime Big show was a much larger man than Strowman.

Omos, Is taller then big show to be honest is pretty solid but his movements are nowhere near as good as Show in his prime.

Keep in mind, Omos is 28 years old and moves pretty slow already.
Alex 6'0 said on 4/Feb/23
Peak big show could definitely pass 7'0 but a guy 6'10.5-6'11 will pass 7'0 easy to the public. I got big show 6'11 peak. Today 6'9 max
Alex 6'0 said on 4/Feb/23
Robbe, he looks 6'7 range amazingly there
Robbe said on 29/Jan/23
Show looks surprisingly short with 5'9.5 Norman Reedus Click Here
Jordan87 said on 27/Jan/23
@ Gerald Evans 5'8.25"

I understand there are alot of posters on here that sort of post and keep it moving.

I personally loved Big show when he was doing heel runs from 1999-2003 ( didn't favor him as a baby face), but at this point I don't see him even being over 6'10.5.
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 27/Jan/23

Okay dude, I get what you're saying and understand also. But it's a "no" from me dawg. I don't debate nor try and make my opinion be taken seriously. I just post and be done with it.

We just have two different views. 👍
Jordan87 said on 25/Jan/23
@ Gerald Evans ,

Ok, But it helps your Opinion if you provide pictures. If not, its usually not taken that seriously. Also people who posted pictures ( AKA Not you) can easily revert back to them and squash your statement ( which I do take pride in doing on the site, not going to lie to you ).
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 19/Jan/23
Aw Naw, Dude I don't prove anything to anyone I just go with my opinion and post the opinion because this is public platform. Didn't know I had to prove something to you, because I did not imply I wanted to DISCUSS this. I just wanted to share my opinion.
Undertaker Frank said on 11/Jan/23
I believe Paul Wight wore Wrestling Boots with lifts early in WCW He toward Hulk Hogan who was about
6ft 3ish @ the time I believe he was about 6ft 11 peak
Jordan87 said on 9/Jan/23
@ Gerald Evans 5'8.25"

Actually around age 40 he was noticeably shorter than a 6'11 man ( Dirk ). Leads me to think he was never 7'0. He was 6'10 around age 40. if you think he was 2" taller than that around age 30, I think your nutz.

Yes a Large person can Drop more height in a day, and wear and tear , but he never looked over 7'0.

You offered no Pictures of any kind, just your statement which doesn't mean much.
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 8/Jan/23
You all seem to forget his body and physical stature is that of ours, but larger and more complications. I'm sure at his heaviest weights and certain ages, his height can fluctuate from his highest to a very low measurement.

I have determined it's best to say he was 7'0 at one point in his life, and after years of wear & tear struggling to be 6'10, when he can be lower at times. It's really easy to determine instead of arguing over it, I'm just saying.
Robbe said on 25/Dec/22
Show looks hair under 6'9 with Dean Cain Click Here
Undertaker Frank said on 22/Dec/22
I dont Believe Nash was 6ft 10 He was about 1.5 inches taller than The Undertaker who was about 6ft 6.5 to 6ft 7 peak
Jordan87 said on 21/Dec/22
@ Danimal,

Nash is 6'8 with Rob, Was Never 6'10. Big Show was never over 6'10.5.
Danimal said on 20/Dec/22
Big Show looking over 7'0" (he claimed 7'0.5" and was listed 7'1" in college basketball) with a young 6'10" Kevin Nash in 1998:
Click Here
Click Here

Big Show looking MAX 6'8" with 7'0" Shaq in 2016 in street clothes: Click Here
Jordan87 said on 12/Dec/22
@ 184guy2,

I don't Think Show Lost that much. He was an easy Inch Shorter than Dirk, you think in his prime he was Taller than him? Dirk is not above 6'11, likely a bit below it depending on who you ask.

I don't see Show loosing that much height by his late 30's ( When he was pictured with Dirk). Maybe 1/2".
Frank R said on 12/Dec/22
I met Paul Wight at a WWE event in 2015. His boots were as thick as my shoes, and he appeared all of 6'11".
184guy2 said on 8/Dec/22
Dirk was taller than an early 2010's version of Paul Wight,but that doesn't change the fact that he was already far from his peak that time. I think Show stayed at his peak height until 1998, before Kevin Nash botched a powerbomb on him.

At very worst he was 6'11.25 but had to be somewhat close to 7' on a few circunstances
Jordan87 said on 29/Nov/22
@ Duhon,

Yeah, I mean Its possibly Dirk is pushing the 6'11. My Man Point with Him was to show everybody that a

6'11 man was easily taller than Big Show and that seemed to crush folks dreams ( Vegas, Phillip Mc whoever) here. Unsure why, hopefully we all can find out soon.
Duhon said on 25/Nov/22
Dirk is extremally close in height with strong 6'11"+ Kevin Garnett Click Here
Jordan87 said on 18/Nov/22
@ Vegas

Yes, There is 6'11ish Dirk looking taller than Big Show ( Even While Leaning lol ). Was my Original Point.

Caman is taller than Dirk, who is taller than Big Show. Caman is 6'11.5 ,Dirk is 6'11, Big Show is 6'10.

JT said on 17/Nov/22
Strowman’s footwear is suspect, as he can look anywhere from 6’6”ish to 6’8” or even taller
Click Here
Vegas' said on 17/Nov/22
Click Here
Robbe said on 17/Nov/22
Strowman looks 6'6 with Omos Click Here

Show looks 6'9 with Strowman Click Here

Show having though more footwear than Strowman, so he is favored there.
Jordan87 said on 16/Nov/22
Also Vegas, Kaman has a lean to the left in your picture while Dirk is Straight. Jesus Christ man you screw over your own opinion. Dirk would still be under 6'11 there if that's what your trying to use. My God lol
Jordan87 said on 16/Nov/22
@ Vegas,

6'10? .... Or 6'11......You do release Dirk has a page on this site, and on that page posted are pre-draft numbers. Most people on there think he is not even 6'11, BUT LETS ASSUME HE IS.

HOWEVER....You have missed the point again. Dirk is taller than Big Show ( FACT).

For some reason that's that part that drove you nuts in the beginning. Not sure why. Big Show was one of my Fav. Attitude era guy's, especially as a Heel, but he's shorter than Dirk ...... Not sure what else to say. If that makes you angry, that's on you.
Vegas' said on 15/Nov/22
Jordan87, listing on the web are NOT evidence of measurements. If there was evidence of an actual measurement for Dirk it would have been posted here years ago..

Chris Kaman was actually measured at 6'11 1/2 without shoes Click Here

Dirk and Kaman, I think we can rule out 6'10 for Dirk!!

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 14/Nov/22
@ Phillip McMullin,

Obviously I don't care, All I sad was Big Show was Shorter than Dirk ( who has 6'10 and 6'11 measurements), for some reason that insulated everyone. Sorry , go cry.
Jordan87 said on 14/Nov/22

Some Think Dirk is 6'10 b/c he also has 6'10 Listings. The Links I posed show 6'11 listings for Dirk. Did you miss that? You serous dude?? well its there, for anybody who knows how to use Google, yes Dirk's measurements are all around ( Including the 2 Links I posted- there are tons more for everybody except Vegas.

Angles Aside, Dirk is factually taller than Big Show and people are going to have to deal with that in whichever way they see fit. Dirk has 6'11 and 6'10 Draft measurements and Pre-NBA Measurements.
JT said on 13/Nov/22
Dirk with a similar posture next to Yao Ming
Click Here

Big Show and ~ 6’1” Vince from 1999
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Big Show and 6'4" Conan O’Brien from around that same time period
Click Here

Omos and Braun Stroman had a few staredowns recently.
Click Here
Click Here
The latter is a combination of screen caps from the same in-ring encounter when both were standing straight
Vegas' said on 12/Nov/22
The other photos from that event are terrible for height comparison, as bad as this one of Wight and Durant Click Here

I posted photo of Wight and Dirk side by side where we can see ground/stance etc and you are trying to move the goalposts now. I met Paul Wight number of times in person so I have know for sure he isn't 6'9 or at least wasn't as late as 2010.

The links you posted do not show measurements at all sorry. I mean the web has Wight listed at 7'1 during his basketball days Click Here

Click Here
Philip McMullin said on 11/Nov/22
@Jordan87 You don't have to come across as a patronizing ass! Makes you come off worse tbh.
Jordan87 said on 17/Oct/22
@ Vegas,

Look at all the pictures from that Event, its not Hard. Dirk is taller in all pictures. Has a Lean back in some and is still taller , Show is clearly looking UP In Them. If you are one to maintain Show is taller than Him, then your Fan-boy is through the roof right now. Take it down bo.

I know this hurts, that's apparent. . But you will be ok. You also apparently can't use google to search for Dirk's stats, that's another problem you have apparently.

Click Here
Click Here
Vegas' said on 13/Oct/22
Jordan87 are you going to ignore Nowitzki closer to the camera..

Here Nowitzki in similar stance next to Durant. Wights clearly taller than Durant next to Nowitzki so 2 inch difference between Wight and Nowitzki or even 1 inch is incorrect Click Here

Btw can you post Nowitzkis measurement stats please because I have never seen evidence...
Jordan87 said on 12/Oct/22
@ IceCold,

He doesn't look 6'11" With Dirk even. Those pics with Dirk are not new by any means, its just people don't want to talk about it ( Those who want to maintain show was 7'0, or close to it).

That's Show next to a Measured 6'11 man looking noticeably---- shorter.

Now as far as Big Show being an Impressive specimen, Um Yeah, he would Break Dirk and Shaq in half in his prime. Prime big show IMO was a bit over 6'10" and 400 pounds ( 1999-2000) and had athleticism.

He was not however over 6'11. Thanks to the Dirk Pictures, that's a pretty clear indicator. Not to mention literally all the Shaq pics.
Jordan87 said on 11/Oct/22

Yeah you Straighten up Dirk and he has show by nearly 2" in your picture . He has him by 1", and is literally leaning back! LOL.

Dirk was measured at 6'11", Sorry Folks.
IceCold1 said on 11/Oct/22
I wonder if he was 6'11 peak, as he was shorter than Shaq Click Here
Vegas' said on 9/Oct/22
Click Here
Jordan87 said on 3/Oct/22
@ Alex Cecere Jr.,

Show was 1.5" Shorter then Dirk if you look at those pictures. Yes taller man looses more height and a man who weighs 400 + may also.

But Big Show was not 2" Shorter in 2010 then he was in late 90's.

Dirk ( Who is shorter than Shaq measured 6'11 and has Show by at least 1.5").

Show being 7'0 is not possible anymore.
James B 172cm said on 28/Sep/22
I don’t think James Avery was over 6’4 flat by the time of that photo with Big Show
Duhon said on 27/Sep/22
Looks like a true giant there next to James Avery, who himself used to dwarf 6'1.5" Will Smith.
Alex 6ft said on 27/Sep/22
Jordan, with shaq yea he looks around 1.5 inches shorter in 2010 that's obvious. I'm saying his peak in late 90s he looked more than he did years later. Someone that tall and huge can lose height faster than anyone else.
Alex 6ft said on 26/Sep/22
Big show really did look 7'0 or very close in late 90s.
Alex 6ft said on 26/Sep/22
With 6'4.5 James Avery

Click Here
Iceman1990 said on 26/Sep/22
The only time paul has seen 7ft is in his dreams i don’t think he’s lost that much height either I just think now his career is winding down he’s stopped wearing shoes with lifts in to make him look taller he’s never been taller than 6ft10.5
Sharuyan said on 23/Sep/22
Met a woman with Acromegaly who was short though her face was really long, deep voice, big hands. Does the effect of Acromegaly make a woman bit masculine?
Editor Rob
With bone structure changing, I think the condition can have that effect.
James B 172cm said on 12/Sep/22
At his peak 7ft and in the late 90s probably 6'11.75.
Jordan87 said on 8/Sep/22
@ Alex,

Click Here

Of the Men in the Pics is 6'11. One is not. Dirk was measured at 6'11, listed at 7'0. Where is Big show at 6'11"? I don't want to hear he lost 2" of height by this time. ( age 39 in 2012 when these Photos were taken).

Show was Factually Shorter than Dirk. Show was never 7'0. He's about 6'10.5 Max. Shaq and Dirk make him look just shy of 6'11.

C'mon lets hear it.
Alex 6'0 said on 5/Sep/22
Big show peak was no less than a solid 6'11.
Jordan87 said on 16/Aug/22
@ Most Legit 6'3,

Anything is possible but IMO that is very unlikely.
Riccardo 899 said on 16/Aug/22
I doubt he was ever 7ft, but more 6'11".
Probably he Lost 2 inches, or around that.
He Always had 4 inches on Taker in the past, recently looks 3.5.
Most Legit 6'3 said on 15/Aug/22
@Jordan87 if someone has a growth disorder, like Andre and Big Show, they may start loosing height as young as their early twenties. It’s unfortunate, but possible.
Jordan87 said on 15/Aug/22
Most Legit 6'3

Loosing height in your late 20's, No.
Most Legit 6'3 said on 14/Aug/22
Much like Andre, he was somewhere better 7’ and 7’1 at his peak, but started loosing height in his late twenties. He’d always edge out Kevin Nash, Kane, Undertaker and other guys in the upper 6’ range. Unfortunately, weighing 400+ pounds fir most of your career speeds up the height loss process. He was barely scraping 6’10 back in the early 2010s, although he hasn’t lost much height since then due to his weight loss. A once strong 7’ that looked a solid 6’11 most of his career that now stands about 6’10.
184guy2 said on 8/Aug/22
I just put an link where he CLEARLY lost height before he was 30
It was 1998 and he was only 26yo
If you wanna a peak and healthy Big Show take a look in his 95-96 era
SeanR said on 4/Aug/22
Trying to dissect some of the staredowns between Big Show and Shaq over the years.

In 2009, in this segment Shaq looked 1 inch taller than Big Show: Click Here & Click Here; Show had the footwear advantage (cowboy boots vs dress shoes).

Later that evening in 2009 looks like Shaq and Show had equal footwear and Shaq looking 2 inches taller: Click Here & Click Here

2016 Espys, Shaq had 3 inch height advantage and both with equal footwear (dress shoes): Click Here.
Shaq’s footwear: Click Here; Big Show footwear: Click Here.

2009 barefoot heights:
Shaq: 7’0 1/4”
Big Show: 6’10 1/4”

2016 barefoot heights:
Shaq: 7’0 1/4”
Big Show: 6’9 1/4”

Bottom line, Shaq is still probably 2 inches taller than Big Show today because Show looks like he is back up to 6’10” after his 100 lb weight loss in 2017.

Would have loved to see these 2 face off back in 1995, probably would have been too close to call.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/Aug/22
Rob, so you think big show began to lose height in early 30s?
Editor Rob
Yeah I think it's quite possible. It's the impacts on the joints and spine that some guys his size will suffer with.
miko said on 1/Aug/22
He's had his hips sorted out so it's not out of the question that he may have regained a little height, he did appear at times like he had one leg slightly shorter than the other when standing well.

He's not had a staredown of note in the last few years so it'll be interesting to see him against someone 6'5+.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 31/Jul/22
Rob big show solid 7feet but andre the giant looks 3inches shorter than a 7ft1 black guy from the movie conan. So he was 6ft10 at best 6ft11.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 31/Jul/22
Sharuyan said on 29/Jul/22
You might as well change his celebheights page under his real name Paul Wight instead of Big Show

He is known worldwide by the name of Big Show, very few people know him as Paul Wight, he is what he is now known by the name of Big Show since he started gain fame, Big Show is everything, what's your point?
Mincer said on 30/Jul/22
Rob, who do you think would of been taller in their prime, Big Show or Andre?
Editor Rob
Sometimes I think a 28 year old Big Show might have been a more solid 7ft
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 30/Jul/22
Matt logan even andre the giant was no more than 6ft10.5 6ft11 big show the same height. 6ft10.5 6ft11.peak.
Matt logan said on 29/Jul/22
6'10.5 peak now 6'8.75 today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/22
I wonder if he could still manage a little over 6ft10 if measured.
Sharuyan said on 29/Jul/22
You might as well change his celebheights page under his real name Paul Wight instead of Big Show
Matt logan said on 27/Jul/22
6'10.5 peak back in wcw now 6'8.5
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 27/Jul/22
I think he was 6'11½ max in the early 2000s. Can't see 7 as his peak.
6'5/ 195.58 cm said on 27/Jul/22
Since 2013, he has been struggling to even look more than 6'9, Lesnar looked only about 6 inches shorter than him, whereas Cena has looked about 8 inches shorter, no more than 6'9 these days.
184guy2 said on 23/Jul/22
Here in 1998 Kevin Nash failed to Powerbomb Wight and instead Paul landed on his neck (instead of his back) and legitimately broke it. He was 26 and probably just over 400lbs. Do you think he already could have lost a fraction caused by these move, like half inch by his mid 20's ??
Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah, there is a chance he could have lost a fraction from early impacts like that which do serious damage.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 3/Jul/22
Big show claimed 7ft1.25 back in 2001 in that same year taker climed 6ft8.25 kane said in a video interview l am about 6ft8.
Alex V. said on 30/Jun/22
I agree with ASC, he dwarfs Conan in that video, easy 7 foot.
Zuber said on 22/Jun/22
He was unbelievably mobile and athletic,when he was younger,for such a huge guy. He could jump over the top rope and perform a dropkick,thats insane. Vince McMahon told him to stop performing these moves because he wanted a more traditional giant.
Iceman1990 said on 20/Jun/22
He did a interview with Richard blackwood in around 2001 I was 11years old and remember big show claiming to be 7ft1.25 so that been his shoe height so he’d of been 7ft barefoot or just a little over now he be around 6ft10
SeanR said on 16/Jun/22
Hi Rob,

You may have commented on this picture before, but does Show look about 6’11” here with 6’6 1/2” Dennis Rodman? Click Here

This pic is from 2007 and I think it has been mentioned before that Show’s forehead could be close to 5 inches.Maybe Show is a fraction over like 6’11 1/4”
Editor Rob
About 6ft 11
Andrey200 said on 11/Jun/22
Has probably lost roughly the same amount of height as André had at the time of his death
ASC said on 24/May/22
On Conan O’Brien in 2000, Big Show said he was about 7’1” and went on about being inexact about height when you’re over seven feet. Then he said “on TV” he’s 500 lbs, but he’s actually 430, slimmed down.

He looks very tall next to Conan, who’s also quite tall. I suspect he exaggerated but was a strong 7’ at the time, even though he barely looks 6’10” at times now. Giants have more size to lose than most people.
Daniel Lee said on 23/May/22
Show 213 cm
Andre 212.4 cm
Nash 206 cm
Hogan 197.2 cm
Hall 194.3 cm

In Imperial System:


Show 6'11 7/8
Andre 6'11 5/8
Nash 6'9 1/8
Hogan 6'5 5/8
Hall 6'4.5
Daniel Lee said on 23/May/22
Show started his career in 1995, how much height lost until 2008 (end of the ruthless aggression era) 1/4 inch, 1 cm, 1/2 inch? how much?
Editor Rob
could have been 1/2 at least by then
Canson said on 23/May/22
@Daniel Lee: I think Nash at 6’9 or a hair over afternoon fits and Show at 6’11.5 maybe a hair over fits. They can look 2.5” apart. That’s how Rob had them listed in their primes too 7’0 and 6’9.5”. I would say I agree with most of your list. I’d say at least lunchtime heights based on your numbers

weak 6'9

Show 213 cm (I would say lunchtime 212) 211-12 afternoon
Andre 212.4 cm (I’d say 210 range lunch) 209-10 afternoon
Nash 206 cm (206.5-207 lunch)
Hogan 197.2 cm I’d give him maybe 196.8-.9 lunch and 196.5 afternoon
Hall 194.3 cm maybe right for his afternoon
Canson said on 23/May/22
@Daniel Lee: I think Nash at 6’9 or a hair over afternoon fits and Show at 6’11.5 maybe a hair over fits. They can look 2.5” apart. That’s how Rob had them listed in their primes too 7’0 and 6’9.5”
Daniel Lee said on 22/May/22

If Big Show was 6'11.5, then Nash was a weak 6'9

Show 213 cm
Andre 212.4 cm
Nash 206 cm
Hogan 197.2 cm
Hall 194.3 cm
Canson said on 9/May/22
@Vincent: those numbers look very good and realistic
Vincent Caleb said on 8/May/22
6’11.5” peak, 6’9.5” current
Alex 6'0 said on 2/Apr/22
I wouldn't rule out 6'9.5 but could still measure a solid 6'10.
Alex 6'0 said on 2/Apr/22
He definitely passed as 7'0 range peak. Who knows what he really measured. 6'11-6'11.5 possibly but no less.
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 23/Mar/22
I agree @Average Friq people don't believe he can lose height with illusions, weight, or photo angles.
Average Friq said on 22/Mar/22
I was referring to size, not moves.
Paul Wight certainly lost height. I feel a peak 7' 1" but he probably did not stay very long on that height as his weight increased over career. Nowadays perhaps 6' 11" when he can keep good posture (when he's down to say 340lb) but may look 6'9"+ at times when he balloons up to 400lb.
Mike voorhees said on 15/Mar/22
6-11.75 peak. Now 6-10 range
ChristianPerkins said on 14/Mar/22
@Average Friq
Not true. Wrestlers "oversell" their opponent's moves quite often to make the moves seem more devestating that they actually are. It has existed since the inception of the industry.
Toby Barrett said on 7/Mar/22
big show was 6'2 at 12 which is giant for a 12 year old
Average Friq said on 6/Mar/22
@Gerald Evans 5'8.25

Each wrestler to his own. There is no one willing to sacrifice to make others look bigger and stronger.
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 24/Feb/22

To compensate his billed height, Nash would most likely have to be as short as possible to make Paul look as if he was even close to 7 feet. I feel his barefoot peak height was 7'0.00, of course taking in account his bad posture and shrinking throughout the day to 6'11 3/4 or 6'11.00
CookieCutter said on 22/Feb/22
@Gerald Evans 5'8.25

So who also wore lifts? That's confusing because he was barefoot with Akebono and that was past what looked like his peak. So what do you think his peak height barefoot was then? I really don't buy anyone claiming this man was under 6'10 in his prime. Look at Nash next to Rob and that wasn't prime Nash. Now show had 2 inches on Nash in his prime and I doubt he was the only one wearing lifts or else Nash would be too.
James B 172cm said on 20/Feb/22
rob is 6'9.5 possible in 2022?
Editor Rob
Not sure he's quite that low. He might look it at times, but would he really measure sub 6ft 10 under the stadiometer?

Actually he would struggle to measure on the stadiometer as many go to about 6ft 9-10 and then stop.
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 17/Feb/22

As a Professional Wrestling Fan,I have known that Wight's lifts were doubled in size during his 11' - 15' run when he was very heavy. It was noted that he was 6'11 7/8 in his lifts before and after matches. The lifts I've seen him were had to be anywhere from 1'- 1.5' inches. Final Opinion, he was definitely a case of posture, I believe he held the 6'11 from 95' - 10, and shrunk an inch and had to wear lifts.
CookieCutter said on 15/Feb/22
In my opinion 7'0 peak out of bed in his prime. In the mid/early 90's he was huge. He looked around 2 inches taller than Nash and around 3.5 inches taller than Kane and Undertaker. Not sure if he was a lift wearer but anyone saying he was under 6'10 prime is being facetious.
Nick D said on 10/Feb/22
Here is a great Big Show and Andre (x-ray) hand comparison from Most Wanted Treasures.

Click Here
Sharuyan said on 7/Feb/22

I have this t shirt of Big Show hand print (Back) for a very long time almost 18 years... I measured his hand and it's not much over 9 inches long, but his fingers and palms are very thick sausage like. I can imagine his hands next to Sultan Kosen it would be much shorter in length from middle finger and down certainly it wouldn't look small in terms of density and thickness right?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah, his fingers are thicker which will add to the appearance of size.
Gerald Evans 5'8.25 said on 7/Feb/22
Editor Rob, do you think if he were to slim down to 285lbs - 300lbs he would hold his body up better? like stand a little more straighter.
Editor Rob
Yes, he may find it easier to stand closer to his measured height if he lost that amount of weight to get to that range.
GS1981 said on 4/Feb/22
i think about 6ft 9 now, about 6ft 10 1/2 in his prime
Sharuyan said on 25/Jan/22
Robbe said on 23/Jan/22
@Daniel Hammad, Click Here

That looks more legit without shoes and height listing
Undertaker Frank said on 25/Jan/22
Robbe i seen Pictures of Shaq in front of a Height Chart he look about 7ft 2 with Sneakers on
Undertaker Frank said on 25/Jan/22
Robbe i seen Pictures of Shaq in front of a Height Chart he look about 7ft 2 with Sneakers on
Editor Rob
Accounting for any angle, I think he'd be under 7ft 2 in sneakers.
Robbe said on 23/Jan/22
@Daniel Hammad, Click Here
Daniel Hammad said on 21/Jan/22
Rob how many inches would you say Shaw has on the big shoe here because I can’t tell if that’s a 2 or 3 inch difference Click Here?
Editor Rob
At least 2 inches there, could it be a touch more?
Puma said on 20/Jan/22
So, do you think Big show lost 5 cm?

He is 50 years old yet.

In Big Rob, we trust.
Toby Barrett said on 9/Jan/22
@Keegan Guyer he lost height
Keegan Guyer said on 6/Jan/22
Met Paul once. No where near 7 foot tall. Look at his photo at the top of the page. With Kelly Kelly who is maybe 5 foot 5 and in 3 inch heels. She is an inch shy of his chin... lets say his head is a full foot. Hes 6 foot 9, and he's slightly on his tip toes. WWE inflates heights big time.
James B 171.5 said on 20/Dec/21
akebeno was probably 6'7.5 at that stage.

I have little doubt big show was 6'11.5-6'11.75 range back in 05.
Guanzo said on 19/Dec/21
With 6'8" good posture Akebono in 2005

Click Here
mojeime said on 8/Dec/21
legit 7' barefoot in his peak, this dude completely dwarfed Taker and Kane who had lifts on and they are prob around 6'8 barefoot
Chaoscontrol. said on 8/Dec/21
Omos is a lot leaner than Shaq, plus you’re using his heaviest weight. Omos I’d say is 350 as an upper limit
King Spattan said on 7/Dec/21
Do you still think Big Show can wake up at 7 feet in the morning??
Editor Rob
Might be a chance of that after a 9 hour sleep
Duhon said on 7/Dec/21
@chaoscontrol I don't buy Omos being 400 lbs but you don't think he's bulked up from his basketball days? Shaq who's likely an inch or more below Omos was ~370 lbs at his heavyset weight when in the NBA, granted that was not his ideal playing weight.
Jimbo Lee said on 6/Dec/21
I changed my guess from 7'0 peak to 6'10 peak, because I honestly feel he loss 2 inches throughout the day. Personally, He was either 6'11 or 6'10, and 6'9 ½ - 6'8 ½ now.
King Spattan said on 6/Dec/21
Jimbo Lee said on 5/Dec/21
As said, 6'10 peak. 6'9 ½ current.
Chaoscontrol. said on 4/Dec/21

That's too far fetched he was 7 foot peak and still is around 6'10" at the least!
Jimbo Lee said on 5/Dec/21
As said, 6'10 peak. 6'9 ½ current.
Sharuyan said on 5/Dec/21
So you think Big Show's eye level is 5 inches at most right?
Editor Rob
It could be a bit over. With these big guys, the top area of their heads are sometimes at a disadvantage and it can look like their eyelevel isn't quite as big as it would be if their head was sitting average height off the ground.
Chaoscontrol. said on 4/Dec/21
@Rampage Omos is listed varying from 315-330 by his former basketball teams and most of them have him at 7’3 (one pushed it to 7’4) hilarious how they bill him as 400lbs
King Spattan said on 3/Dec/21

Do you think Big Show has a 6 inch eye level/forehead??
Editor Rob
No, it doesn't look that big...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Dec/21
James, unfortunately that is the case with a lot of these dudes...Andre and Giant Gonzalez didn’t make it to 50. They’re hearts are so enlarged that eventually they can’t take anymore. Show is doing ok even though his weights been yo-yoing for years, so is Khali...and that Nigerian guy whose 7ft2 is actually a bit under 300lbs which is very lean for his height...far more nimble and athletic in the ring...I’m excited to see how he evolves
Monkey knees said on 28/Nov/21
Peak 7ft dead.
Current 6ft 9.75in
Chaoscontrol. said on 27/Nov/21
It does look like Big Show has worse posture in that clip and he likely outweighs Shaw by around 100 pounds. He might be 207 range today
James B 171.5 said on 27/Nov/21
I think the question is rob will he still be around in 15 years?

Apologies for being ignorant but these big guys often dont live as long....
youngin98 said on 24/Nov/21
@Editor Rob

How tall do you think he will be able to stand at 60?, considering he loses weight and retires from professional wrestling.
Editor Rob
Retiring and trying to look after your joints could delay losses, but sometimes the damage is already done.
youngin98 said on 21/Nov/21
@Editor Rob

Do you see 6'9.5 or 6'8.75 for 60 to 70 year old Paul Wight?
Editor Rob
Sometimes there are periods in life which shrinkage slows or accelerates.

Hopefully Show can hold onto his current range, but in 15 years I would expect he'd lose another inch at least.
youngin98 said on 20/Nov/21
I feel like Wight wears a gigantic lift during his wrestling appearances, Wight isn't a very talented wrestler anymore and isn't very mobile. I feel he wears at least a 3.5 or 2.5 inch lift in his wrestling boots. Because He personally to me looks 6'11 - 7'0 range on AEW.

I reckon he is more so of 6'8.75
Alex V. (5'10'') said on 20/Nov/21
Show, IMO was 7' and a bit, nowadays maybe 2m10.
Alex V. (5'10'') said on 19/Nov/21
Click Here

03:50 - 06:35

Shaq taller?! Doesn't really seem...
Editor Rob
Some of the position and angle in the video actually didn't help Big Show, but considering those factors he wasn't that much shorter than Shaq...
Jimbo Lee said on 18/Nov/21

I personally disagree that Show was 6'10.5 or 6'10, but I would say he was definitely 6'11 ⅞, slowly and gradually going from that to at a low of 6'11.5 in his youth.

For some reason I personally think after he had his surgery he slowly shrank to regular size for his height, if that makes any sense. I feel before his surgery he was 7'0 flat, and slowly began to dip after weight gain and terrible posture went into effect.

After seeing him Transition from WCW to WWE in the 1995 - 99 era, the weight gain after his transition from WCW look humongous making him lose his slim appeal.

Final guess:
Peak:6'11 ⅞ to 7'0
Current: 6'10 - 6'9 ½
Jordan87 said on 17/Nov/21
@ SeanR,

No, Big Show is closer to your Camera in the pic. HE was 6'10-6'10.5" in his prime. Shaq crushes any 7'0 Shot by Show.
James B 171.5 said on 15/Nov/21
Miko-nash could look sub 6'9 at times if sid was as low as 6'6....
SeanR said on 14/Nov/21
More proof of Big Show being minimum 7’0” back at his peak. He looks massive here with Rock again in 1999: Click Here

Both are in ring boots
King Spattan said on 14/Nov/21
youngin98 said on 12/Nov/21
@King Spattan

Show has terrible posture, and when he is at his worst most likely after a match I guarantee he is 6'8 7/8. He already has been shown with an ESPN reporter looking 6'9.75 I'm sure he can look 6'8. nie as far as him lookin 6'8 as a constant I doubt it, cause dude just needs to straighten up. He already has legs like Khali.

If you seen his legs they're huge and not frail looking like Khali, If Paul is 6'8" that would make everyone else shorter than they actually are clearly your delusional!
miko said on 13/Nov/21
If he wasn't 7'0 prime he was very close to it.

A 6'11 WCW Wight would put Nash below 6'9 which would be insane and throw everything off. It looked like barefoot it was around 2.5' between them and in footwear closer to 3'.

It's hard to know exactly what he'd measure today. Standing completely straight he can still look 6'10 or over at times, but it's rare. I think he'd measure barefoot at 6'10/6'10.25 today, but I can't see him under that, posture aside.
youngin98 said on 12/Nov/21
@King Spattan

Show has terrible posture, and when he is at his worst most likely after a match I guarantee he is 6'8 7/8. He already has been shown with an ESPN reporter looking 6'9.75 I'm sure he can look 6'8. nie as far as him lookin 6'8 as a constant I doubt it, cause dude just needs to straighten up. He already has legs like Khali.
King Spattan said on 12/Nov/21
1999-7'0" (7'1" in boots)
Do you believe he has lost an inch every ten years of his career??
Editor Rob
That timeframe might make sense. Whether he now stabilises any losses, is another matter.
King Spattan said on 10/Nov/21
youngin98 said on 9/Nov/21
Definitely a 7'0 average guy in his prime, 6'8 now.

4 inch loss seems too much jeez that would make sense if he's in his 80's but he's not, so Paul is probably around 6'10-611" Range.
youngin98 said on 9/Nov/21
Definitely a 7'0 average guy in his prime, 6'8 now.
SeanR said on 7/Nov/21
Show is looking 7’0” with 6’3” Rock back in 1999:
Click Here
King Spattan said on 7/Nov/21
Either way isn't 6'10"+ in the 99th percentile in world when it comes height and being taller than everyone else??
Editor Rob
yeah it's well into 99th range, and even if he lost another few inches in 20 years, he'll still be towering above most men.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Nov/21
Fairly decent 7ft in his prime
SeanR said on 4/Nov/21
Hi Rob, which scenarios are more likely for Show peak/current:

a) 7’0 1/8”
b) 7’0”
c) 6’11 7/8”

a) 6’10 3/8”
b) 6’10 1/4”
c) 6’10”
Editor Rob
Still go with B and C, although maybe at times he could still scrape just over 6ft 10 today.
Michael Vardy said on 4/Nov/21
Show is still 6'10 range so of course they will still bill him at 7'0.
Jimbo Lee said on 2/Nov/21
@Alex 6'0

I understand what you're saying, I feel 6'11 billing would basically be what someone his size wihtout Acromeglic features would be billed as.

For example, If Big Cass were his height he would have been billed at 6'11, giving the Wight the much more monstrous 7'0 listing.

I feel as of Wight being in AEW, 7'0 shouldn't be his listing He should just be a Giant or The Giant Paul Wight. He's barely 6'9 some days, and sometimes looks 6'10. On his worst days, He can look 6'8 ⅞ or 6'9 ¾.

Another question is what would his billing even be?
Alex 6'0 said on 31/Oct/21
Big show getting billed at 6'11 just doesn't sound as good as 7'0 no matter how you look at it
King Spattan said on 31/Oct/21
When you look at Big Show doesn't it make you think that his overall giant features (head, hands and feet) stands out more than his height??
Editor Rob
His proportions can make him seem shorter, but when he stands tall beside average height men, it becomes obvious he is a huge guy in width and stature.
Doexinator said on 27/Oct/21
My best friend is near 6 foot10 barefoot and we passend the big show by 10m. He semed the same height but he was hunched over a bit. Hard to 6 feet and feeled like a midget
Duhon said on 26/Oct/21
Do you think this was a life size (7'1") Shaq cut out Show is posing with? because is so...Click Here
Young Man 5'8.5 said on 26/Oct/21
Someone on Elevation (AEW Show) a commentator billed him at 7'4, and retracted his comment. He looks like a 6'11 guy in his wrestling gear and isn't really mobile probably around that 6'10 mark if not he definitely can look significantly lower like 6'8 or 6'9.
Jimbo Lee said on 25/Oct/21
Editor Rob, do you think Paul Wight getting billed at 6'11 as far as professional wrestling outside of WWE is more fitting towards his character & stature?
Editor Rob
It would be a surprising billing for a peak Big Show if he received 6ft 11, though nowadays if they called him that, most would think he looked under 7ft.
miko said on 24/Oct/21
Until we see him in a staredown with someone around the same height it's hard to tell what he is at this present time.

Nobody in AEW is anywhere near his height, so unless Shaq comes back for a match, or if they sign Braun Strowman, we won't be able to gauge him for a while.

He's likely still around 6'10 fully stretched out.
Z! said on 21/Oct/21
Paul Wight is definitely one of my favorites. I feel as if age and wrestling while being at a very large mass of weight is taking a toll on his current status as far as height and capabilities.

When he returned in 2017 with phenomenal weight loss he looked very well and could definitely reach the 6'11 mark in his professional wrestling boots, meaning he had to have 6'10.

Now, He looks as if from imploding to 407 from 385 he looks to be in horrendous shape. I feel as if depending on his weight, as of 2021 in this moment he is more then likely 6'10 ½, resorting to a 1 inch loss throughout the day dropping him to 6'9.
Nippu said on 18/Oct/21
Show being 6´9 sounds absurd. If he is that short i know tens of people much taller than him. He is big of course. But with shag pictures there i see feet he is only 1 inch shorter. Normally i dont care peoples height under 7´2 but i hear 6´7 or so. That is not even possible. I give Big show atleast 210cm at military posture. But he can be less without that. Or Shag is under 7ft.
Johno said on 17/Oct/21
@Roboc94, here is the thing. I can see why some have estimated Show in the 6'9-range very recently however in the comparisons Shaq, Shaq usually always has the the favourable angle.

Big Show's shoes look to be approaching 1.5-inches however, Big Shaq's feet size are US 20+, he has massive feet and on top of that he often favours thick basketball shoes. The heels of shoe therefore are often 1.5-inches considering his exceptional foot size. He by default always has a footwear advantage.

With Show, in the ring, I hear of these 2-inch+ differences very often but to me, the difference is no more than an 1.5-inches, possibly less. Shaq himself, realistically is not 7'1, granted but his quotes are usually around 7'0.25, 7'0 and 6'11.75, eitherway, with Shaq at least, more often than not, Show doesn't appear below 6'10 or at least at the time. If he indeed in the 6'9-range, 6'9.75 is a realistic shout.
King Spattan said on 16/Oct/21
For real though how long does Paul Wights head look??
Editor Rob
it can vary, I just added a photo to Floyd's page and both head titled up a bit, but Show's head looks over 11 inches that moment.
Sharuyan said on 14/Oct/21
Do you think Big Show's head is closer to 13 inches or 11 inches??
roboc94 said on 13/Oct/21
He is definitely not 7 foot in 2021, maybe he was near that height in his WCW days, but now he is struggling to look 6'10, next to some Athlete (Forgot his name) who claimed to be 6'10 Paul Wright was distinctly shorter than this Former NBA player. Next to Shaq without his wrestling attire and boots, he looked maybe 4' shorter than Shaq. I think his boots give him a solid inch and a half in height. Barefooted I reckon Paul Wright would be 6 foot 9 1/2 at most.
Johno said on 9/Oct/21
I remember 95', 96' he was billed at 7'4 and 350ilbs and all of a sudden 400ilbs+. 7'4 was obviously an exaggeration but he definently looked 7'0. It might have been his relatively slender weight at the time but he looked like a strong 7-footer and even upto to very recently, I am not very sure about these 6'9 estimates but he has looked 6'10 at least. I say he can still get measured at 6'10+ if he stretched out.
FriedChicken said on 9/Oct/21
That's the tallest 6'7 1/2 dude I've ever seen in my entire life
Robbe said on 9/Oct/21
Everybody can believe in whatever they want to, even santa claus, but saying debate is over by 6'7.75 claim is pretty hilarious. Show here with The Sun reporter (5'9) Click Here

This debate has been going on for 30 pages and will continue for years and years more im sure. Show can look only 6'8 range when slouching, but he can look also over 6'10 in military posture, like in the photo with that 5'9 reporter. Anyway, 6'7.75 is way too low for current Show.
ChaosControl 189.3cm said on 8/Oct/21
If your estimates are as you say beliefs, why did you say “the debate ends here”? That’s usually a pretty absolute statement used in confidence when there’s proof
ChaosControl 189.3cm said on 8/Oct/21
Young Man 5'8.5 said on 7/Oct/21
@ChaosControl 189.3cm

Please don't address me anymore. I have what I believe, do not attempt to say my estimate is wrong when it is what I believe.

Show me one picture where Big Show looks 6’7.75
ChaosControl 189.3cm said on 8/Oct/21
Young Man 5'8.5 said on 7/Oct/21
@ChaosControl 189.3cm

Please don't address me anymore. I have what I believe, do not attempt to say my estimate is wrong when it is what I believe.

King Spattan said on 8/Oct/21
If Big Shows head is 11.75-12"long, what would be the head length of The Undertaker I mean he's got bigger forehead than Big Show??

Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't think it's as long, although maybe you really need to find more comparisons to work it out.
Canson said on 7/Oct/21
Young Man 5'8.5 said on 6/Oct/21
Peak: 6'11.5
Current: 6'7.75

The debate ends here.

Lol Chaos is right if you think he’s 6’7.75 today. He’s still a 6’9.5 guy minimum if not a bit closer to 6’10 today. Peak height maybe that though but 7’ is arguable
Young Man 5'8.5 said on 7/Oct/21
@ChaosControl 189.3cm

Please don't address me anymore. I have what I believe, do not attempt to say my estimate is wrong when it is what I believe.
ChaosControl 189.3cm said on 7/Oct/21
Young Man 5'8.5 said on 6/Oct/21
Peak: 6'11.5
Current: 6'7.75

The debate ends here.

No it doesn’t. Those are wrong. 6’11 7/8-7’0 peak. 6’9.5 current

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